Mystery of the Arctic Circle, or, The robbers' round-up

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Mystery of the Arctic Circle, or, The robbers' round-up

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Mystery of the Arctic Circle, or, The robbers' round-up
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American Indian weekly.
Dair, Spencer
Place of Publication:
Cleveland A. Westbrook, c1911
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1 online resource (29 p.) 28 cm. : ;


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Robbers and outlaws -- Fiction ( lcsh )
Dime novels ( lcsh )
Fiction -- Arctic regions ( lcsh )
Serial ( sobekcm )

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University of South Florida Library
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University of South Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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D14-00518 ( USFLDC DOI )
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, / . r ,. r " ..... y •• i. .•.• ' . . .... _" ' J , I , ' . ' .' .... ' .. " < > , , , .. _ ... . 4,," . ; . . . " " , ... , e -, . , . . , " .:" . " " . • c ," ' . • : ' -I i , "t " f ' .. ' r ".,." ..... , I -..1' " . " ' : . ",."'l'"""" ..... •••• :... :-;:-' lOt .... " ,,' ' " , " ".i .. .$:. , . . ' t • It. . . .. , . , . ' . . ;, . I-" . ' , • . . . ' . .. . 'I .. . ... , . ._1' .. .. ' \ l .... , ".


BY COLONEL S -PENCER THE ARTHUR WESTB R OOK COIPANY/'CLEYRLJID, 'OHIO, U. S . I. Published Weekly. By Subsc ription, $2.50 per' year; $1.25 for 6 months" Copyright, 1911, by The .A:rthur 'Westbrook Company: J , ' & , " ..... ,Jo, " , .i", ' .. • .. ,'" --; { " r ' " , ' ", SUHMC>NS 0 I, j....;f; "Jr r' ", , . ,\:. ,,.' " / ' ,_ ".Jl.4(ither of the camp, the' 'ag' some seal or So I I te, n , ' , \1; empties ' intp I BeaUf<,>rt Sea" " ' ( . 'I.; , • they were carried awa I ' " .,' .' . . . ... Ay, but I too ) , was on I heard And as the ,ten men and womeD:)' assembled m the th f th Wh' t Ref t th f " ; , \ . , I,: ' ' . f ' 'fbI h d ' . " d h . e cry 0 e , 1 e UDners ar 0 e me, 'mam camp, heard It, theIr aces anc e an t eJi t d B' ' ( A d ' I h . d f . 1 ,',',' . ." , re urne lram. ' urrIe (m IllY camp , eavat one ' alilother m iterror. ' . th' "t-nrn: 1 " I h d h ' t ' ril ' • h If kun I th ,," ,',' , ',.' m , g e YVV sea s a s I) 0 y as. n e ' :It's th. e r , " murmured a I vrep.t out again-and the pelts .were gone!" " t ,rappe:c", hIS VOlce seemmg to from afar off . "It was the 'White RUnners that took Tod and , , • t t ".\0 ' { :: .. '''But ,what should the y uS?') ' wailed one of Enah!" , .. " . "1:(,'.: 7 :. I , wringing her' hands. "We've got : n6 gold The positiveness of the old a 'I' . , ;' "', ' , ",', \ appointed leadel.' among cQlorii..)Qf , ( always " gold the"y w'ant," ' declared men and WGmen who dan• .., , . -:


THE AMERICAN INDIAN WEEKLY. -f"' gers and h a rdships of the far N ,Qrth in -their. effort to cap,ture t he Vialuable ' skins of polar bear, walrw; ) was accepted by the others as the truth and , ." . . \ .... they down into their, furs as though they ,v;ould<, eff J ctual1y , ',' " grant not comir!g moaned one of t he w omen. ' " C , , \ \. ' . . But scarcei y had the prayer left her lips than again the cry,.rang out , m Qre shrill and terror-inspiring becaus e ' Q its ' I ,', .. ......... ,,\ . , ' c , mritngr 'They're" comihg!" . moaned an", " \ ' , '" o " . Ailp., \t Qf groans fr01:51, c , ompanio:r;s nounced their with him. . '" : to some . ;n , yste f Y f!lems ' elves with andend, tlie ,ir t>f terrpr , ., • .. :":t '. cl' i ed specitrre,n: of y;oung marihdod, " " , "\ I " .. • • • • ',: ..:. ing ,':'. ' ' . CHAPTER II. , ( w V A'IN RESISTANCE, " ,'. , the tn,en and womEln in the' camp cowered from the dread their D;lingled with amazement at the p ersons sUJ:ri'moned .by the White RUimers ; two of whom women, Wanok sprang forward, > rifle in hand. " listened "Get." ' T en;-'and' , s tand, :by me"--':o the White leaj:l!" " ; . man , " _ 'I;1'le lis:fword's \ :J!@usedi. a 4! "the reader of th, e White , : Runners 'stagg,ered' slowly to' 1 • . ' '" t (iV I ...., ,< T:"!" , ,1 several: of ' 'the men and women and they rose ward the ' door. < . feet " goi'1!fg : rifle . . ' -" '.', ,J 'j" Brit before they reach e d it, Wanok leaped in front ' W e for an' of them! I ',h 'I <,' fectual ',*, • " ,', " ,r;-" \ , \ "Are 'you crazy?" . he . ,.' Will let a • f f:N rl,a x , . mak e no attempt to thwart them!" , foolish tradition lead. to not' what-J>rob-warned Biram: " The y have the 'charm: of the North' ably your death? ' . buUets I , 1-" " , human, t lills'-:"'and " Keep ' quiet, Will c u, you old foo11" roared the Quick, VSe the piles ' of l'lll'S as 'r.tail). , " trappe r to defend ' himself ,nd. your rifles on the door! Whe;n. I open it-shoot!" y-, a ' gai nst the :terf or-inspiri:q.g raider Of !li e ' "Don't listen tOI, him!" ,J3iram.. ' nWe l}.aV'e ' regio s : ' .. ; . beeP. called":",:,,.e must ' go t' Once thel Wliite ' :ij...1mners "Nay, at I "win not, Wanok," called, 'they follow their victims to d'eath! "I am 01 er than Y9u-and kno :vv better. From myl' Come!". ,, ' ",f ," , ' , ' f. • J '. • fat h e r ' m y have I heard, tales about . The oth e r s who had, :were the , Whit e Runners-,how'they have , a far off on 'not so ready to lay down lives in' blind obedi.enc e the Sea which is filled with,tre}lS-, to fea:r,. of t p e . ' II " . "':: ' ' , _ : . "And I know ,they, nE\ver good people-so:rq.e , lI ves t o save \them" tp;;ey grabbed thew " ' rIfleS'jt ' on e ' has d oPlm:\'fited a t e rrible crime. ASlthe'r,:-threw themsel vs" , oeliind , th most convenient pi1es' It ',,. 1'" \ ;.t • • :. \I' <,:;' \ " .,l eade r , o'f. aem.and the , g gilty persons go p elts and' , op ' e:ning of the door by" Wanolt, f?rth, a t oilee ".lhat "t}1e 'res of us may be saved the muzzles weapons trained upon the case. the aveng ing ,Of 'the White -Runners '!" ." ment. . , , A s Qe spoke, th< e aged trapper sprang to his feet and '(Fools! , Fools! . hissed Biram. , " In your' rash! raise d his fl1r-encased right arm, pointing toward tne nes s , are bririgin? , the Curse of Fhe N door 9f the ca m p, I. ..... yourselves.:..".and a:ll wlth w.hom lYou may come in' con"Go-whoever of yo1,l is guilty, go-beforE' it is too tl!-ct. late!" , " • "As one who kiiows .of what he spe,aks, I bid I But ere any , one could move -or even there offer no let those us wp,o have lieen ''l-' on the door .and a vo' ice called, go!" , . . crIed : ' : ' "'. ' . His ansW:er, the sudden qpen of t h,i 1 , 'Bi ram, • Sliela, Tama-k, Cora-come forth! In the door by Wanok. n a m e I command YOl]: ! " As of t , r e e to the '-,. J: 11 ' ... • f ' p " . "


, . THE AMERICAN INDIAN WEEKLY. camp after much toil and hardship! swung inward, the young trapper bounded back, ' dropped to the floor and then cried : ' . . , I . "Firel" ,. _ ( _ , , . " . I Crash 1 went the voney , ' f!om the rifles, -the, intensity of the reports being all the greater because of their shooters being in the camp. But instead, of being greeted .by shrieks of .pain; there was the terrible silence , of the North afterthe revery • berations had died away. " Amazed-and rendered uneasy....." the failure of :their 'bullets to find lodgemel}-t in any of the White Runners, the trappers stared at one another. " "I told Ye.0U lead would not injure gloated '$osh 1 They've got frightened and rup. off!" re-torted Wanpk. . " ". . . ; .AB he . spoke, the young trapper, w1\'e-had' so defiecl. the traditions of the North; . leaped to hit feet. "Come on, men! We'll give chase-and follow the devils to of mystery)" , . .And without waiting to note whether or any of hi!!! companioI?-B were at heels, Wanok stepped across , ,the thr{lShold. ,'. . But ere his foot ' touched outside, sOllle ob ject, like the paw of a polar bear, felled him in a heap!' > "No mortal can escape the White Runners!" cried the voice. "Biram, Shela, Tamak and Cora, come forth I" , " , .And all thought of resis , tance banished by" 'the fate 'that had overtaken their rash companion, the four members of the ca:. mp filed solemnly through 'the door t9 the accompaniment of ' wails and lamentations ' from those left inside! ' , .And as the last victim demanded by the white Run ners passed from the camp, a paw l.'eitehed inand closed ' the door! HELEN'S STORY. men crept to the door and, with infinite ' caution, opened it" a few inches. ' . _ "Wanok's gone!" he gasped, then shut the. door and a second period of awe-inspired sile)1ce followed . How it wou).d J1av-e taken .tlle members of the colony to recover theIr usual composure a;td resume their dangerol1s tasks of stalkfug ,the polar bears , and the seals and walruses will'never be knOwll -f0r,"some three hours after the raid of the White Runners .,upon the' camp, " there again sounded knock• ing upon the door! Z "They've come back! W anok the Curse of 'the North ullon us by his resistance, as said he wailed . one of the women. " But such ' was n o t tHe case. Surpriseq.' at receiving ' no response, those on the out side tried tlie09.r, But sene. in&ide,{limed ' , a VOIce, "You call to them f" , ' I ' . . ,. .""" Thus 'One the trio who stood. before the camp cried: .. ' . .' . , are you . , m'side1 L;f us in, It.'s . I ".: , . ';'"" ', • . Aniazed to a woman's 'Voice,. the 'occupants of the gazed at ' one Y:".-., ':., -, . "It's' a ' trick!" asserted ; But man who had the a:coveted that the body of the young hunter had' been removed , did not the opinion. "" anok 's ' not here!" he called, in answer . . . ' , Then let us in, just the same, can't you?" responded the woman. " , " r . Who are you? , , ' demanded ' the trapper. "Helen, Trainer, W anok 's sister!" . This statement produced a ' tremendous sensation among the campe!s, its announcement to drive ' way all memory of the raiders in the tbpugbt tbat the young , bandsome and rash hunter, who so r . eticent about himsel f , should have a , who wo'uld brave the dangers 6f the Arctic circle to cOple to. him. Bpt ' the girl's story was to t thy em .even more amazement! • "For several moments, however , the men and women inside the camp debated whe ther or not the y , should admit the newcomers. But at last they did. welcom " ing a tall girl, the be auty 6 her countenance hidden Too terrified by this di$play -of" seemingly superbecause o f her wearing her raven black hair hanging natural power t '<;> the m ' embers , of the trapping over her face " as a protection against ' tbe icy blasts &1fihimting colony who had been spared the ' mysterious from the Beaufort Sea , a young l;1unter who might have ' fiat m6tiocless some half then curiosit y been a brother of Wanok, so closely did he resemble to learn whether or-not Wanok had also been carried him in physique and a trapper, just past off ;by the White Runner!! lJegan to assert itself . . "" . middle age. . • For several . minutes, the men and women exchanged With mutual curiosity, the newcomers and the memopinions, in hushed, tremulous voices, t'!len oue of the, of the trapping colony gazed at one anqther an4 , ,


. ! as Helen brushed , back ner tres!)es ' :o;om her fa:ce: disclosing her ( exquisite beauty, beauty such ' as neith ,er , the ;women 'nor the men had seen b'efore seen, 'the, ' excHtimed in, admiration ... ,' \', \ ;' '>11 . . 1, .. \' It \ . J)' ;I3ut ' the girl , seemed not to heed either their glan ces' or their

THE :AMERICAN INDI!(N WEEKLY. .,' " I "Do you; knqw about their carrying father?" I thought you s 'aid Biram was the one who sug-asked the gid, quickly, her 15'lanchingt' :and her that. Wanok was guilty crime, " exin spite of her effort to contrOl her-" , '" ' ..self. 1/';, r:. .-; , , ,,' • . , ,', I "J'" ' I.' _ "RJl di<1dlOt as' guilty perS'on." "We do not!',>' retU>l'ned the" , "Bl}t we,.. (lAnd I).'O harm would have befallen:Wanok had he know White unners carrled away the 'man not sought ,td, protect' Biram and the 9thers from you call your b)'other I" /, the White 'Runhers In ejaculated one .of the women., '"Tltat';, like try to aid , :!he girL Then slie turned upon the J others: "Yet you sit here like' cowardS, never: JUtjng a hand to your p,eople! What mamler -0 men I and "\fIonym are you?" ' \ Fe.aring' ,TlLtU Intel'posed' . " , "Tell -qs how long Wanok..1las been pmDllg you l' i . . . :rH' E PURSUIT. " " ):;-', , ,. \With '81 ery 'girl burled her face in h'8iD.ds Rnd'l"ook-ed to and fro. ,-"Y..ou, too,my b , roth'6l'''I'' mbiDed, piteously. it Ito be f . Rte ef my !fami'ly tn,at we sha'll' all. .'tP:)S band " , "Not while Tutwand I have the breath in our bOOles to -Prevent springmg' t-o his f-eet a1ild. walking ip 'the creatur;e ' s.o T/l; ekeii W1.itili grief, and laying a hand on ber shoulder as ' th.ovg ' h it0 soothe and dispel her :f.ear's '0 sYlch a ' QlI(l)()lIl: "[Right you '$re, boy!" the ])14 tr'apper. turning to the ,campers, he demanded 'mid, Wanoik fall prey 110 the lfiiehds At ilihe Helem. 'raised ker 8!t 1n;a1ii 'to "lWho'Il(l her gnaqme , appealed.. \' Less than, f.our h.ours -ago,!" he :annpililln'eed. ; if: , • ' " we ' lIl'ay stl.'VIe ICpred :nt). 1hM'l "jE[t(I)W lD.IDi1Yi01! lVOOlIi1'lbran..<>i fHfwl1.' l .l!I!.Ijlll1!l, l,s,{!>ewl1. • ,1B.utt , 0 ruG!., tirn:llm-p&sedi, • • ' , (-.-' , , ' 2'iIJ)01i1.\t 'RTesS ,: ' " , ; , lb0Y.' ['11 . R.llllWer . I MUM . 1,::;'E' 1J) , I • t ,1 "!l".) .... J.."\I I V !J soul gone in purl:iuit!" . ',i.'\ , '\ " . . , • , . "'Wllrat,rfotJ>;t" b09-ied 'nl'en Sl1'0;W .o:rie,d.f\thcir' nu:m-THE TER'RlaI;E :SN.mW 'SLEEP.A 3".DmSL1ERS. ,be , cariie(tL: ' oif :s!ll1i n&t , ltr:y; 1to ' latirii him.Y''' , ' , ' , . ' Helen, her .mingled ' aslOllishiment land -This ruwersion the l1e,Putatiooi .and fair .name .01 )' ,:.:. ',' . . ' ' ' '.' her .Hel-en .sp. eechiess :]01' • . Ij."Yon t d:on " t ]fno>W-'Y.(!)Il:UCBJ1il't':eV'.eu :tel'the mament, 'and .her face w.eni; de.athl;y: " pa1e, . tho.ugh '''''' to t .... _ \' • • ... ror in wh.jch people of the ace' h c old White, :Rnn-her eyes flashed like coals of :fire. .', , n-i tlite ,.,t ,nEl1J!;lpe!I"I-1 .,an {lim.ea.. ,;y.Oll w.hW my tOdk the name ,0:1: , .him , arid , he' , gRickl:y:, : ," W,ere , yv anok!!' sh.e ",'!t iW;RS 15ea.alilSe 1e :fear.ed that . . others ,.of your , a.",ay my father :hacl. falJ.en victim to'some

THE AMERICAN WEEKLY. , . , , amount of money he witH him, robbed him and _ North, passed. 'out' from the' camp never evenlooking then kmed him-and lie did not to his back to or not the others'were watching , chance revenge by u ,sipg his , own ' nallle, .... the1;Il.But they were and inany were,their ('" would. h;ave , disclosed his , :relationship to Ol!1r f.ather, ' as N etJ. and Tuh1 quickly s , tow;ed lI4a;a's belongings on lest he be murderea by the villains : wha1had done the' the sled. " • • I 01./ :1.; ,9ther Tramer to death, as a lll;a.tter of sel-prot. ection !" ' Declaring that ..they wished to walk, the two girl!! Under the scorn and fury of-the ' ;yoice of the, enraged ahead with Ned while the old trapper seized be:auty, the man and woman but girl the handles of cracked ,his Whip and started who had praised the bravery of Jack in trying ta the dogs. , , save his coniritdes. ' " But, they wer, e soon ,to be made to realize the peril to her' feet, app!:oached Hehm. . of ,the pursuit! ' . ' ,-,. " '''If you will let me,-,I go with 'yop. t\ trail the . "I: ye hea:rd some ()f ,the old trappeJ!i:l ,say': that the fie:t;lds who ' have carried' pff .Wan'O)!;,'? she exclaimed. " cave ,of the' w,hite Runners was to 'the East, on an iIl" It was on the point girl'i s tongue,to land covered with huge mountains' ' of ice,H .... declared 'the reason -for 'such an offer and in her anger .at Mara, as they,trugged along. ",', ' tlie hunters she ab 'out to the offer with . .' "Whereabouts 7" Tutu, for had soon caught bitter words when. beheld a .light in the up with the trio:..,. '.... , eyes ' which ' she read'ily undellstood ' . . "That I can't tell you-but there is an Esquimau "Surely, I shall' he to will he coinpahy,village thirty miles up the shore ' qf Beaufort Sea and f " H 1 • , we can probably leaql from some of' " or me; , 1,e . en exc C1.Ime.u, at tIre same time reaching' .out her hand and ,'placing it 6'n the other's shpulder. When the hall light' descended-for in the land of Ned and Tutu ,had been abaut. to protest tnat' the midnight sun it is never dax:k-the qu:artette aid of a woman would b"e. of, smaH serv:ice but'Helen's to eat. tl;Hit she .< "How aho , t camping , here for the night, and the. sil'enced • . the words on their'lips.... ' . pushing on bright and early in the morning?" sug"what kindly. gested Ned : . ' ' ; ' "J "Mara " ' . "H 'm, I don: ' , t like the of t h e clQudS," returned , " Mara, make' readY " your pack 'for we can,the trapper-guide, after a,. s'urvey of the sky. not delay th' e 'longer," commanded Tutu. j ' "But I think we'd make better tirp.e--in the end. And the girl went about, the task pf getting" Helen has had such a shock that she needs rest. ;It '11 her rifle, s.ome of the dri-ed meat called pemmican : to-:ax her str:ength to keep going-and she may fall ill gether with other food, such as hard-tack and flour and Just at the time when it is of the, greatest importance 'extra furs • , that she be well." ' At that ' she wjshed to the In the face of this Tutu 6ffered ,no 'further pursuing party., " se , yeral of the women 'Objection to, sl , eeJ?ing where w,tlre" and neck-tying : mouths to protest, only to b ' e s ' ilenced ,by a gruff word, the dogs, the men removed theIr canv3ts :from the sled from the spokesman and' holding their peace, they fol: and the tent.. I.' low ed her preparations with dour glances. ' , This they all got, into their huge sleeping bags But when at last she was ready, the woman .who and laid them down on the heavy funiwb,ich they had had refused to allow her husband togo, snarled: ' over the snow, and soon 511!' fo'QI' were asleep. "Mara, you're a fool! Even if you should find But the sleep game nigh to being the sleep that never . d " \ , Wanok, WhICh you won't, he neverwould marry yo-q. as en s. . " (I. 'you expect-he's too fine l+, gentleman ! ' You'11 only (lie ,As Tutu hali said, the sky: was ap.d .afte! trampihg the, or freeze to 1 death ! the.,purs, uers b,ad been ' are other husband!3 you could get-my boy will the SP.OW( suddeply began to fall 'It came, there be here in ,the spring-and you can--" arose a mighty wind. ' "Be still, you dId vixen!" the girl. "w..ere Growing in force each m , oment, a sudden gust, it that hulk or a Fedor of yours the last .man in the swooped down upon the tent of the,. brave 'little band world, I would not'marry him to save my soul!" and ,carried it,! ' , "Besides, she :won't have to Walk, "interposed The howl ot.the blizzard thEl old an9 ' Helen, "W e a dog sled and Mara and I wm take he sprang to his, ' feet, as well as he could, encumbered , turns riding ,on it." , oy .the sl'eepiI!.g bag as )1e was. As , tfe girl had' finished collecting her So dense w;ere, , snow ' flakes, hdwever, ' and driven Tutll opened the

-. . , AMERICAN INDIAN WEEKLY. " -' Fop the moment, he thought of .-the others, then' he decided that it would do no good as ' there '"., . ' ;r no ' more on the sled , and to change the " • • '1. I . • t pOSItIOn a ilie only ' be to get them covered with snow ab,d the inside of their' ' bags wet with it, to the already increasing cold, and he dropped down agan:. Restless was his , sleep, however until at last he ,felt a numbnes stealing over him. , \ . With l all . his , will power, he .forced himself to' open his eyes, then loosed the lacings of his .bag. and got to his feet. " , Covered by some three inches . of snow lay his com. so were they that -the white mounds suggested so much as the snow-mantled lev ations of new:made graves! As the thought':fl.ashed to his mind, he shuddered , . , then hastened to rouse them. But \though he shook ' each violently, he" could not them! "The snow;,sleep," he THE MYSTERIOUS FI9URE. tions. Undo 'Helen's head covering and hold her mouth open while I pour , b.randy down it!" " , ks the trapper',was issuing these , commands, he was drawing liis flask from his pdcket and quickly, he poured a -great dose of the powerful , down the' fJir girl's throat. ' f ) , . , "Now shake her, throw her about-anything to wake her up!" he ordered as, going to Ned, lie repeated the , " process of forcing brandy down his , throat and then ,him. Frantically the trapper .and the girl but with , I • no appreciable resUlt. " " . "More bl'andy," called . Mara: ' .' I can hardly Uelen brea'tlre ! " ' at the words, futu dropped hurriecUy ' administered a sMond )l.lld {'It ill more sizeable dr,aught of the to th, e -beautiful girl, and a:gain Mara resumed lier shakj.hg: ; "! ' A t last, while the two who were working so desperately to save the New Yorkers ",ere discussing the ad' of pricking the victims of :the terrible sleep, Helen murmu,r ,e?-: . , "Go away-I wan,t to sleep!" "Thank she's save

THE AMERICAN INDIAN WEEKLY. . j . . . ,. t. . ming! tfo l one p ould have his ,arm ihrougl;t 'that ' of the.'Sightless so q:mckly:. ,'and fact that he> j , umpe ,dba, ck'waids '.;, Wandere r, 'the Vapper led him to sled whe:ce a cold shows that , he 'saw itl ! The man is ... aI;l: b;npost9r! He has ' breakfast was qu i ckly made ready 'aal d eaten the , dogs, 1 11 .' \ fl.' • '''' • , • • t, ., , , sent PI). to detain by fed. tlm,e, and soon the me3Jl wa talk until .his ' c o m panio n s can up an-d kg!' us , ! . finished, iTut{{ harnessed u p dogs. . " . ' See, he / wears , white wager'he, is',,one: : 'of "Banta ahd r goirigto walk wit;h the ieader, "' .he , • • "" • ,,', ,_.' .... '" ." , ,It-, f... ,I J , " \ . " " , " " :.t you and Mara' , can take turns' Tb,is spe,ech seemed to .anger the trapper, guide .. ' while ' rilling on t1:l:e s led, SYKes, you'll have to hold 'the hanat, the. sou'nd of the Ilingryv'Oice,'th'e blind man;.r!1ised ')\ dIes.,',':: J ','. .,\. .' ' " his right hand toward the sky, talking r!lpidly.,. As ' though , i t were not t.,? show his anger at , . "What' s he saying ? " tlemanded Helen. . ' 1. the y oung fellow / b y calling hini by .last name, when , ''',That I .';m no't tell would ' ';i1ot " they' h&d :been 'su, ch good c o m t ades " u i t to the time . of . And,' t hen ' turning ,full upon ,the 'scoffe r ; ' h e Banta's coming, his order' for him; t ' o , hold ,the'han dles e i Claimed, w ith. a: vehemence ) which his ,. of the sled while it bumped and ' slewed the, ice was:' "'If I known . Y our I " never ' proo! positive " of his changep. feelings-for the task ouid have ' allowed 'y,o;u to b , s a member Gf any party ' j s op.e' w.hiG h require s -training, . and skill. 'l[ was gui'liing : i s it is , ,'I ha:v e g i v en word 'to'take '.. : Realiz { ng'this, Mara w a s about to whe:n 'Tutu \ . "', (" ... you to the cav . e of the White Runners-an ,,),,( .' ion , Tutu turhed to Hel e n. ' , " This statement, ut.tered i n t he simpl i city one who " "WI tp. ;our Wf;l ' this " man s ' ome" is repeating' a ' wen . , imp , ressed thing t o ea , t a n d then set out on our journe y to the as f O amount of argumg or dIscussIon "of. the, " Esquimau vill age . B a ntl'L' that's 'wha t he' tells me his ;' , plmd man could done and he lapsed mto' name f s ' ; t h i n k s that' we EihaR have b a d ".; :,' " ,'; .'," ' , v .ery soo n proceed with all , pos' . and ask :,' sible . , " ",,'" ',t ". < " w ? rp.i), ; ' at " .i'" ' . ' .,"" : " \ ':. " ,That IS, If , wIll',.taketlle' " " ;,., .UlJe l y j we -little:, "1'1. 1 I , were 't, ,and som e cO, ffee. , """", ,...', . them,"" retnrned1tr\'lllJra . . '., '. ' , :nusn't. ,'We sh a ll,;.need the 'fe'w . "B:ht why ,&s 'wton,ge '?tl;te. ip'an,wh" y . F e a t h a r e than we ,d.o now,", prQ ", shoul I :Q.? t tel f 1':J?1 7", . > 'teste d Tutu. ','Whe n w e get the vill age, ' w e can b u)' w o men':""'of' the Nornh. ... are diffrom them.:' . f erent from you ' of ' t li e Southh i nds. Truth is the one . Jj j (,. ,1' \ r


/' THE AMERICAN INDIA,N WEEKLY. '" ': I thing they, cherish-that is, all but the ES,l'k your maga zines I" TrYing control their excitenient and ariXiety, for! neither of t)Ie New Y had ever seEm any big game before, let alone shilt at any, their hands trembled' as they held their guns at a ready. " A lot of help they'll to me!" .growled Tutu, under his breath. < " I wish Banta could see to uSe a gun-but perhaps Mara will be of some account. ,. If she isn't and .. , . 'I master.cqllar takes it into his head to , ;rush me after I've shot at him, ' I 'm afraid I shall be in a bad way. " . Not lopg d i d the trapper-guide have to worry the fact ,that the whole responsibility for protecting 'the party lay upon him, however! Less than three hundred yards. away was the ter t "J r. he drew nearer and nearer to the spot the odor of bloo'd was wafted to' his super-s e nsitive ,:n:dJ;-, trils, hi's speed to l , , Straight upon Ned was he bearing; down 'and as chap realized the fact, he lost all control liimself and"',' blazed awav with his rifle! .


THE AMERICAN INDIAN WEBKLY. . , ',.' < n' . " .\ • I 1 I jo " . ; h 1.... ' . ' " ,I . ,.. , Suppressing his com1I).ent until he had.seen whether t :racted by dogs----'-and taking o f -the fact. or not th,e 'shot went wild, o f the awfuIrrisk he ran, the guide, the. bear su,ddehly stop and make fl gl'ab 'for 'one ,oI, 'his rushed upon' the. struggling mass of, dogs and' j bear then of'.a}lget l oudanp. wlihiq, four the that it distinitly audibl.e .to {helittl:e ' g:mup . ';,mvzzle .at the monster's heart"and pumped " "I htm! I hit him!'" \ <" .,hiI,'magazine, empty! "-, , ; " , , ' , ' wf: luck!" 'retorted : ,For the ?ear s:agge:req. as buI "Instead of,having a hungry bear to deal. with, we've let Its way his thflnwlth a snort of 'got a pain maddened de.vil1 Why' Qottid,n " t 'you wait ' :rage, for , ne:w : . (' until I gave the word to -fu.,e as I told you? !'. ; ( T.he Instant he had emptIeq hIS rIfle, Tutll had Jumped , ,Of' back, n'owever, drawing his pistols, as he did, sO-rand "All of you take aim, train. The of your rifles -!(, ' th th, e . monster could reach him, the dose' of upon) e brute., he rises, raise yoilh guns and lead pro"ed too' much and he pitched -to ,the snow, the then fire at the left slq.e of his close to !" J " ! , 'J " r , dog .. leaping upon him as he fell! , ' ::A:gaill how'ever; Sykes disobeyed! . , 'f' ,'-, \'.0 , "\' '"' I " al,l'd sparling in bloodcurdliu.'g" fashiop, ;the Wfurilj.t d monster toward the groupi()but olft fising to his hind legs. ,And as be.EO-r, e, he was headed for Ned."'" -:,. '\. '.I-U):).a.ble, to bell! the strain, ,when tl).e hrute' lome fOJ:ty feet aWay from l:Lim, ;the fellow fired. , the s ' ec" ..:I +' I I ... i " 'I. .,..l..' I 1 Ql\v, '>, " >"'1' _ '" -,' ' , _ _ FORCES 'fHE TO LE;':V,E ' ,F9l'-some 're,ason:"the: its.,he;ad jY1'lt , " A ' VALTYAB; E 'PELT ' ", " \ I( ,til ,,-;J: " ' 1 ,f. I 'I .. , I L \,LJ • t • • plOllghed, a ,; , ,', "" '{' . 1 ! ;Ii' , ' fu'rrow1 ac os , s .. i " J .' "/; 'to' taKe ' p -t ll J killina, Ne' d dashl!.d , I .. n !.. ',. , • b' r-'" 10".' '1., Buttb, e 'shot' ef' giving thern",thi chance knife in ,ha:Il'rrf "evidentJy.aeterrliined to plunge ,it into I I ,. i. \..' 'i I • , . ' '.' .' . t I. \i'" , TUtu tn:em: ,t@',waitI' ,J,' , _ th pear's hide t,ill , he had sJ;lcceeo.ed in cutting hill " 0' I'" . \, .". 1 • _ I , " 1 W1th ater:r(i).f"strl;lring roar, re'ared 0n: " , , ' , , ' , ' '""" his h,.il!l& , 'legs : strivmg te , wipe-tlie ptood'whieh' gUshed ' 'But before lie coUld rea\lb. thIJ m onster, Tutu upon, ' !trom ' tbe away hom, his Nostrils. : :',\, -',' by the nape of the neck 'and' , I, ' , • ' . '". , i1 :1.., .. ; I it "Now, the jerked him:'ward! ,,; t ,,: ,''', " , 911al1lh the to " :y,(i)U fool, rOJ?-t ,you kno.w the woUig. tear tIle deligA,t o,fj all',ElJll,e-the"puliets t}}:e,hme>'s to shl'e(ls before you could so mucl) :as, stick y'our knife I I I.' , _ f. f. I.'.... 'Il I ,I" t •• I' I i" t i' f'0i it to' h ,is. t,',' into hlm.'l' rut, the. way, he'SI ' m:rrping up , \ J}llt' :', .Ii I' " , --, \ ", ';' . '.', ' " Gjrowli1ag ndt ram 01Fb>F(!)0aaJ.iIf ahe'1ll, n ,iim,Wittln. lois };)l}Im_ eb:1ring cmt@, snow io small, on his 'and' 1151 tft'e 1tlile-h 'awi1l1W" ,r.ecner.ed the .he> to, }fj' e &f hIS l!JlIlIW" :trqs'e to hiet 1Ii11illmlakeal and" inf a , l, ' ''Fiw& ag: am.!"' ;" Thitm.'-I:l:nar desperate! ruttemp ;tt 1tal wl"eaIt S'0!IlIle, lnJitmy' JilPOE! hliSI vsn-' barltze0l ' I l ' , ' ' geize'ci:, 'lillie!! :i;berlml J:e'aXfutr hi1ll' to To all a ppearances, OOW6Vel', Bot a Ii'ad ta;l!;en ' siIrJ'P' hmt , llaxiC :1t.e ' ttrreru, lle Cqlilcl., OOt,;:hllllv.-e1,:celilG; ertfd. $em " wa,y......,i;&w..e're I utOOi l'allP1e; 'in, the:> te-ann: trul:irrM :!tOl.-' the , . mitht monst&r! hi's . we.:lli ka-ve 'IDJln# o:lr.1ll1emto ,.' I.ol1wa;rere , that, di)J "C . .' !' I . 1 \ ".it • " \ ,'. oft..l .\ , '"t l',.,. qmelbadr., oh, co ,me,15&<,e

.THE AMERICAN INDIAN -WEEKLY. • .( 11 • r ' , , ,f" I .., which had 'brought ,the m,onste f .... "Wl,ty, I can see at least five big yellow things movthem Until they " could, at reach the ;,Esquimau ing aloAg!" . ," , ' village, ,they might, be , able to'. up other ' "Exactly-polar ' bears 'f" ann'Otmced the guide, siganimals, ' Tut;u each dog carefully : " '.. , ' nifiCl:\ritfy..' • ;; are therE\ we can 'lse 1" ara, who", ;"But what' hal'm can they do us?" demanded Ned. of those watchingj'understood the seriousness of ' : Simply eat uS up!" retorted,JUtu, drily. "They've their position. , .' . , , been attracted by the smell of blood ' from the collared '.'N o t than not but-three!" bear and the dogs, possibly' from the deer meat, though ;, What 'll you do with the others?" demanded Ned. I dount if the odor stand much ' show again,st the other and stronger. But whichever it is, the polars have scentest it-and they're coming ' as as they th-em out ' of their' risery," grimly ' ret;ui:ned the And, his ' actions to his words, lie sent a b:ulIet from his revolvers into ' each of th6 dogs . until oDly f our r ' emamed. f 'By taking tllis ' ,9ne on. the sled and nursing it, I thipk I can bring it round, " , can. t' he declared. ' , "But where will you put Helen 1" prutested "On her feet!'; ,Tutu, "She'EI 'w ell and sound-and ' even if we don't move more than .half a mile a day, she'll be oblig e d to , walk. , I'll n e e , d this . \ dog!" , Thel ' y'omig New Yorker was about t , o mroke a vig0"l'ous' when the beautiful girl };lerself prevented by exclaimipg: ,', I • I " • , . " 01 course, T'll. walkLand gladly. If ,Mara is able " \ . ''i1 ... , to, I slIfely: ought , t p b , e because I'm tauer 'than she! ' : ':j)lie folly ' of' r:ating one's abili'ty to ,withstand the rigors and difficulties of 'trudgin' g Qver Mctic ice by size w;-as passed the trapper ,and the woman from } lie camp ' anp-,qUi ckly both busie\l them selves putting salve on . the injured dog's wounds, then :them a1};d fin ally cov ering him with Ms. ,"ll you a fuss ' over a dog, w};lat -w;ould ;vou . do if lit had, been one of 'US who had been injUTed 1" askea. srlee'ringly, ' '. ," (' ' "I've' seen times when a dog's iife was w?rth four ',' • i" '. t I wa!1 nece ssary to run to a settlemen,t to get grub and h elp! '! retorted the trapper-guide significantly and the .yOllUg , fellow did not press his ques. ' 1 1"',. tlOD,. ' , ' , 'f ' , , Going to 'take the pelt 1 " asked Mara, when th, e dog had''qeen made as comfortable ' as possil?le. . • "0h I'd like it ever so ;much!" excl a imed Helen. J , ' 'I.,T9-en we '11 it-no, I reckon w e , wop.,'t, 'Riter:: a1'1!'! annop.1lced "Tutu; ' t li e ice , t o ' . "But why not, H e le n wants it 1" de c l a r e d N ea.. ".And I' d no thing better than t o get it for her....'..:. ' if circum stances were J' r eturned the gltide . "I've had'alUhe bear fighting I want for o-ne day, ea-r ,I ,. pecially when the odds are five polars to one white man! but we "ll get it, if we don't leave in, a hurry!" , " \ The thought of another encounter with the of the North, even though they were less ferocious than thE!' brute just killed, was no more welcome to the others , than' it was to the guide and willingly they lent theih ands getting the ' dogs into harness and the sled , under way again. " .. From time"iio time during t , he fight with the, collared bear, Tutu had announced its progress to the Sightless 'j • 11' Wanderer,ang: when all was ready:to start, he moved over to ' where 'the guide was stan ding, the dog-harness over his shoulders : , ) I . 6. , "I am better fitted for such a task than you," he exclaimed in h is native tongue, ,Tutu translated for the b e nefit 'Of his compani p ns, ' as before. ' "I cali hear and smyll the dangers in the footing. Be quickand put the h!l., rness over 'mIIJ shoul , ders!'" Tutu, refUsed, emphatically, however, saying: "I am yonnger, aBd ' stronger than y{)U, Banta, and . 1 .' canl give me the advantage , of 370ur knowledge by walking ahead of me." ...,. And, with Hel{ln walking at the side of tJie Sightless Wanderer and with S y k , es at the "handles and Mlll'!i ,trudging beside first one then' another, the little b an d o f av engers once more resumed tlieir way-and wn en they paused, at the' end of some twenty ,minutes, I a+ld looked back,; they beheld five huge polar bears tear ing t h e carcass of the collared, at times ' fighting am;ng themsel v es ! , • • ' , '\ I • .. .. "But if we don' t get ' of here qUfckly , w e shan' t , ,,; liv e , even to talk about it." ,', ,",. . ,," , \ .. "What do you mean?" asked ,the fair,'girl, turning T UTU S AVES ANEMBARRASSING ) "j " • j ". 4. to ' look direction, the gtpde. , . , " > , , ' , I Take .i a lt d 'Ypu , u.:nderstand, " , So , une; en , w;as t h e ice, now a mighty, " 50ine

,-THE AMERICAN INDIAN WEEKLY. , \ were required by the .. i.ittle parrd to traverse the than his companions, then declaring his u;tention of ' going .out to greet' them. , thirty miles to the Esquimau village. With all these facts, Banta acquainted Tutu as soon as he had rtljoined the little band of avengers, ad4i,ng: ' covered ice, nothing went wrong and on the morning I ' cWheIi you ' get to 'the hut of do you of the sevtnth day, ,witJ:!. th( aid of Sykes', glasses, first and your man companion give a small package of to Tutu and the others of the band, of course, bacco to all the, men in the hovel. Tell 'the wOlllen to Banta, beheld the mO"lilld-like the blubber eater, s. give candy, -if they have any, to the ' females. I:will go . But before the hardship of trudging over the snow -tet it was a good six hOl!lrS after' they-had seen thj:lm in and 'act as interpreter, 'but do not stay ' long. We th, e y reached them and when they . . were still some must build our ' own hut. It will ensure our being able to c are for possessions better." . ' quarter of a.. mile ' aw.ay, a score or so of the inhabitants . t " that they were in danger of being robbed starte d toward them. Quickly Tliltu announced this action t9 the Sightless by the very people upon whom he had depended to be them and lend every assistance in continuing , WandeJ;'er. . " their journey to the island .of the "W:rute Runners filled , 'Are they 1" he asked. . . . Tutu with 1;Llarm,.-and wisely refrainea.from transr ' Yes, I J lan see some t'lpears." ! • I 'lating thatpart of Banta's statement to his compan"Any ' bows and arrows 11 ' Banta continued, am(iously. ., ','! the Esquimaux examined the sled, the dogs, "Not that I can Wait, they've stoppe ' d, drawn and the rifle o ' f Tutu but when they beheld the heautiap in sort of a battle line : No, I cap.'t see bovy and ful girl, they forgot all else and, pointing to her, began arrows----=but they p.ave dropped, the points of tb.eir to jabber among themselves like magpies . . spears until they about waist high." _ .' But as he .heard their words, an' expression of deep-At this s tatement, the two men exchang , ed words est alarm s .ettled upon the face of the blind-man! .. I which the trapper did not interpret for his compan"Is one of the women in your party very handsomeT" , i6ns, ,:fi.Ilally; declarrng thl'j.t Banta would proceed to talk he hurriedly asked. with "the EsquimauX and assure them the visit was " Yes . " , '" friencUy while they wafted where they were . ',' "'Then do not let her out of your sight for an instant I • "There's something gone ,wrong that you iWon't tell I should have thought to ask you before. The , men are us ab 'out," ' declare , d , Helem, as Tutu, ceased ' speaking. saying that never before have 'they beheld such a ' crea , Bending oyer 0:Q.e of tne d,ogs, guide pretended ture and they are arguing as to which shall have the not to have heard her question, saying: .' honour of entertaining her in their huts!" , ";Banta wants us 'to be busy about something and ..At the words, the trapper his rifle firmly, not to watch what' passes between him and the men vowing tohimself that he wollld put a bullet into the lined up in front of us." first man who dared so much as to lay a hand upon the ,"He may want us to, but I won't," declared exquisite girL ' . "Well, pretend, to, at Sit q.own, or lie down, Fast and furious' grew the argument among the on the sied, :fiX yourself so as to see ,what is . and two Of them raised their SpeSl'S a.. transpiring, 'bitt do'n 't' seem to pe them. " though they would engage in combat ' Helen . .• )Villing to accede this much to ,the guides, Ned made But there was evidently a Solomon among ' thempimself , a place among the furs whence he could comfor,at a few words from the oldest, the stopped mand very action of both tIle aged blind man and t , he their quarrelling and he turned himself to Banta. Esquimau oeside him he seated Helen and Mara. "He says being unable tQ . among them:' E v en Tutu" s watching," laughed the oeautiful girl, selves as to whom the honor of entertaining the young , as she chanced to glance at the trapper. '1 woman shall go, they have left it for her t o choose But any comment was forgo tten in the interest of among them," ' he translated to Tutu, ' who in turn rewhat was happening :at the edg e of the village. peated the words to his companions. . As Banta re , ached the line of people, the "Pretend to be looking them oyer as though you points of the spears were dropped to the ground and w ere trying to de.cide," added the trapper, "Wen shrug queer grunts were at. the s , ame time. your shoulders . I'll make . answer ' ,f.or you. I'll say , ,"Must be some form of welcome," exclaimed that you find them all so agi"eeabll? you cannqt-de Then "and it seems be right. , and, that ypu. may not injure"'any ?f their}eel ta's talkmg to them now. Hello, he's commg back Wlth y mgs, ;you have deCIded that ' we , shaU build a h ,ut for foull' ''!:)i" them while the others are returning to their . ourselves. ' That ought to please them-and relieve .. " ,, ' you from an embarrassing pre dican;tent . '" ' I his surmiSle ' was corre _ ct. _ "By Jove! Tutu, you surely have got' a clever think-! .fs s00l?-as the Esqu?naux. ha, d the. ven-ing . N in ' of. the manblmd man, theIr sh<;>VY. of hostI11.ty . vamshed, _ ner m which gUlde proposed to solve the dIfficulty. ough they of him who the people were with But if he heard the cOl;npliment froJ:ll<'.the ma,n whom whorm he was travelling. -he" had cast frqm as-a' :fi.iend, the trapper did not . But the , -aged wanderer was wiley. I;nstead of anshow i'Ll!o:nd began to state his plan' s ' to the nouhCing the purpose of the party, he told them that Wan.derer . : ,1 . ' " they had come to , purchase some pelts and walrus .And as -the lattet ,translated the' into ' the teeth, ' whereupon the. headm /an 'had bidden hini fetch ' language of the Esquimaux, the members pf the little


THE AMERICA:N INl)IAN WEEny. I ' CHAPTER XTI. "Tell the fools tbat the goddess is so rich ' she does re-not need their offerings but that none may be deprived of the ' pleasure of seeing he1:, because Q,f their poverty, she will sliow hersel1 to all six hdurs from now, standingin front of Her hut. ... I _ _, "Tell them also, that if they wish ,to win the good will of the godd,ess, they will .hasten to erect a spa cious hut forher, big enough to hold the sled as well as ,the five of us." , With shouts , of joy, -the simple people ' re ceIved the announcement that they would be ' perA NEW DANGER THREATENS HELEN. rutted to g , aze upon the :fiair skinned -beauty without , parting of their possessions and, having been For a moment, the faces of the Esquimaux were put in rare good humor by the ;words, .,when Banta told absqlutely expressionless, " as Banta finished ' speaking, of the that a hut be built, thetmen to work then they suddenly broke into smiles and tbe men with a celerity that was laughable. ' pointed to Helen, laughing loudly. ' the sled and dragging'it t'61 a leve'l spot at "Thank heaven;, that's settled so easily!" exclaimed the head of 'what seemed to be the widest street in the, Ned . , , ' village, they pulled out their knives and cut a circle But his rejoicing was premature, as he was desen'ough .to sUrFound with room to spaTe. This tined, to learn ere twenty-four had Pl!S..sed. , done, . !"iries were drawn from to circum-ln ignorance of what was ' in store for them, how-'ference and then the blocks.... of snow: were lifted out, ever, the members of the little band congratulated the 'just as thoug!f th, ey were bricks, and laid, layer-after trapper on his resourcefulness and, at signs from the layer; one on two of the other, with eag,h layer over Esquimau, they resumed their advance 'toward' the lapping toward the interior of the !fut uiitil they finally village which was already. swarmIng with fur-clad met when a big block of snow was pla' ced on to)? figures. . , In a sU,rprisingly short time the task was finished, but "How would it be for me to drop my hair oyer my when Ned and Mara tried to enterl theyfOl,md 'the aper face asked the exquisite gil'l, in evident dread bf the ture ' which had been left for a door was so small that undisguised curiosity .her aroused among the they 1!ad to get down on their bands and knees , and people her ' wriggle with might and main to 'force their way "Too late now-,-it would probably start a riot which Apprised by the Esquimaux'tl),a; t the hut had . been miglit end disastrously for us!" returned the trapper. completed, Banta called for Tutu,\vhoc'had sat on the dBut as soon as we stop, you' can copceal yourself sled to guard,Helen while theIr hovel . was being built. ' among ,the furs while we are erect 'ing our hut." "Now is hme for the men to ma;ke their presents And glad, indeed, ' Helen to avail herself ' of this of tobacco to headman, " 'he announced. "I, myself, will method of avoiding the stares that were ' levelled at take them to him, he was asleep when WQ arrived and. her-for while the men sim)?ly stood at a distance of a ' I gave commands that no one should arouse him, and few feet and admired her; the women crowded close, . will then bring him , t'ci the hut where you can talk. with some of , those . nearest trxing to touch her skin. him and make your, bal'gaip.s for wb,atever articles with their pudgy hands. . _ , you think you will need." .'. ' But as she , sank dow:p. among the furs, there were , ' " All right, go ahead. Will , have to show howls of prote!lt from the EsqU:imauxi... . herself when he comes to call , on a 'sked the trap,. "Banta:, tell tliem that the girl wonderJul goddess per, emerging from the hut and giving the generous .of the .... white men:'in tlie 'States and that she can only portions of tobacco to the blind man. show herself for , fifteen minutes at a time, resting six "On no condition-I have told them that she is a • hours between times," hurJ:iedly commanded Tutu. go ddess greater than any of theirs and so she must Willingly"the Sightless Wanderer obeyed. At first not let herself be seen until the siX hours are up, not his words were gr,eeted with angry protests which made even by the headman!" . the four men and women clutch th-eir revolvers , tightly, And as Tutu went inside the snow house. the blind then some of , the" male ' Esquimaux '. began to man shuffled off on his mission, in. due , court'le returnproduce , all s ' orts of curios ' wrought from w , alrus' teeth, ing with a waddling so stout that it was ' fish and bear bones, , offering them witb.-excit , ed . words necessary to \lnlarge the entrance before , he -,could to the blind man, while-scurrie9'away to their crawl :within. '. . " , huts, returning:with magnificent skins, knives, spears, Liyely, indeed, }Vas the interest he twinced in the shields and many other pieces 'of property. beautiful creature who had come among his people "They.'re bidding" for a chance to see the goddess and he commande.eginning risf) , between those who til he had devoured the last one was it pc;>ssibie for Tutu ,*,ere 13idding a'rJ.d as ,their yoices grew louder

THE AMERICAN INDIAN WEEKLY: , I ' drag it to the frozerrisland "'ihstru:ctcd the trapper of But in the ' general joy, the headman touched a note the blind man. ,-" -, , ,'of that sent the shivers down Tutu's spine I .As put to him, th'e headman grunted' l ' " She. must, stay ':he're-;-,if she sltoUld ' journey West then spoke. " I , . ' ( . • ' ' w?uld ,\get her!" declared the ryler "He wants to knowwllat yc;m pay hIm for a bpat of the 'Yllla, ge. and fprltwenty' dogs " , whicb. he says 1\ t, interrupted Banta. ' \ "What does he want 'I'" I, 'Gumd1;ops! " " Teturned the :waIiderer, ' the 'Ets-.. quinlau pointed to the eI:l}pty. bag Ned had given him and shook it. ' .., /' \ "How many' II '.. ' , CHAPTER XIIb "Ba.g full twice.', , ,-' , , THE HEADMAN'S PLOT. " ,Full once for;; dogs ': 'haH full .for bal"galtted '. '" Tutu ; I ',' ;, I ,l .\. . " , j • , : ' , ,-. ; ' h , .1", ' d , ' b k . d ' ':,Ask him , what 'him think they -Will 1 " For e / Waxe ae Btl , claImed soon as the words of the,headman had' but trapp;er f!tood firm-and; finally head ' been to him. \ gaye m. Tutu, ,then Quickly was the question put. and as quickly ' came SUlts. of pbla,r WIth for had. , the answer:' . \ t d t k ' h " t amd sleds a mconspICU ' ' , ermme ? e l,S par y , : _ s . ' , ' "He says that seven of the White Runners passed as' tl:J.e hope the.y mIght esca:pe , the village three days ago." . , . of espeCIally, "'DId'they have any prisoners-or wIlatever-yo1:l call themsel ves" paymg for m gumdrpps. ,'them-'-in their party,"," " But he had not, b , een , able these from the " the:t;e an oJ. wqrds in low man and as the; a:mopg , tpe vo! .ce ,Hf the vll'lage ( and ime . b , ets. of the for, less W :t' . 't ' . ! ' , ' l became .o.:ro:r;neJ,l, boys , _ and gIfl , s , ' " He', says there were five, -tp.en, !lond two I b;Q.t, "'1tp., thatt,they ' ,t'" ,I" ;', :" .• , possessed ,tooth\. ,At ' this news, the guide coU'ld,,;not",restrain his emosome candles. ',; tions and jumping,up and down, he to hil;l comAmazed at the favor they metwith the E$quimaux, panioits' : -.( ,.,' " '. '. . Ned was, however, oblig,ed to husband his resources"W anok ' is safe! Wanok is safe!". . for he had only, brought. a couple of bushels 'Of them"How do yo u demand,ed Ned. and he belleved they ntight come in stead at' "The head1ll,an says that seven" of the 'uev ilish White some tIme than when among the villagers , who Runners pB:Ei$ed through the three days ago :"" ' , ' and that they. had tive people with them, three men ' Bit"hi , s ref.usal to part ,with ,any was cost the. , aIild two Wome:q-which ' tlia,t "have , carried.', ' ip,trepid little band Of avengers ' .' ,",Wanok with them, iItstead . of killing him as I feared : With talking' a:p.d, bargaining, " the' six hoUrs set fpr they' had, cil.o:Q,e. " , ;,,':', -", the ',r , est , which,)tlM gop.d , ess must ' enjoy , before showing , The gladsome < tiqings brol,lght a:n of such passl3d none of the' little band wpuId ' , to tJt , e face of , Helen, ctIlat even comhav:e I.thought of " the fact had there not,' suddenly pamons mat:velled. , " ' , soun,ded , a lou<;i babeL outside ,the hut. " ,.' , let us start right. aw.ay : on tlie trail'-we may' , Springing to theirri:flesl Tutu, Ned'and Mara gil.zed he .. in time td rescue Jack and ,the others," ' she c ried. apprehensively at the, opening in the, wall bqt "Tut,u' , B.anta tell the men who are going with their fears of trouble were qu.ickly by Banta, . us to drive the , dogs to make ' sleds ready at: \ ' who after speaking , with the headman, announced that to load the b,oat on one of .. them and tliatwe will start the time limit would expire in teb. minutes. , immediately! '''' , . I I • . tell bj.m hEl,must' nlltt swiftly to carry',out ' these iqspructions,+ the' dess herself,'? the , """ , , , tra:pper surprised a look of infuiite CUl;J:llmg on 'the face , ThIS 'Qrought a ',laud from the EsqUl, of the headman. " ',. ,," , I, If. "':' ,',. " .mau -but,' ,'was ' lei)gth -persuaded to go :'I'AJ.ta,' Yi?u.\ vant \tp keep n'Ot because You')!" when the b1fud man a:r:m.ounced that Tutu, Ned hImself fear the WhIte Runner,s but'that .you may h)ve her! ,.., must ' also go, leaving Helen alone . with Mara. " he murmured to And, , tho:ug)i he deter, , " on ' , yom: new polar bear furs,'? suggested lAined ' 'to urge, delitY' 'in setting" out, 1 'In :View. of this Sylies : "The contrast' witli ' your r ed cheeks and black he even to tb,e wOJ,',ds of the beautiful hair will give th,e "lubbers something to tllink , and t!ilk . g}rl, demandiJ,lg the sleds ' be made 'ready at onde . 3.'QQut for many a day, I venture." • , :l-' , ' • 'But Banta his demands, they when the beautiful girl emerged from the sn?w were .1l!et With loud. protests from 'all the house and stood erect, the young fellow's words were I EsqUlmfJ,ux. . . '... ' /' _ ,,' , eonfirn;ied. , , J , ' .,_ .. \" , I' :',' I, A feast for the goddess, ' she ' From theffhundred oda inhabitants o r the village, re:t;n"ain, ' arid of jt.W',replieq. "the Jea!;lel'. '''I'' , there, a mighty: ,shout' of praise' and rest' of tYQu v( " Play . ;'" But the gq,C!.4ess , many 0f the;m droppmg on theIr knees, and liftmg, theIr Q1}J,' \ " • '(, \ " I, ' , hands to her, as she were, indeed, a goddess ; "Tell them that slie ' not. sta,Yr"here !",


THE AMERICAN INDIAN WEEKLY. I ,Tutu. "Bribe the drivers to. make ready at once by and tltat' at her' command, balls of fire will jump 'the, promise gurhdrb,Ps every meal 'until we get I" " t . to the frozen , island ! " . \" I J ' , ,And without giving Banta, time to ask any questions, ; "H&en, go ! into the liouse, 1 Mah" you and " Sykes the ,trapper drew hlm through the o;peni:r:g in $e stone t k t 'fl' ' h -l_ • 1:. houSe. . . a e up rour sea s, 1'1 es m your anws, one at mtller ! ' A ' . f " " . ' 1 ide of th' t a ' D 't 1 t ul' '1' t the sIght 0 the member of the htt e party, the s . e en, I' nee., on . e a so m. m EsquiIDflux .loweted their spears a , s though they WQuld gQmg .t? the headman shut Wltlt Banta! charge fiim and 'rutu, nQticed that the PQints were . '. W at the sudden change in, their guide, the different frQm those Qn the weapQns theY .had rusplayed New Yorkers wQuldhave pressed , him fQr an explanauPQn their arrival, being fQrmed of long and sharp tion had he the opportunity but, divining of bone. /; . _ their IntentiQns, he , moved away fr01p. them and 'they .. Ere. the men could makeany hostile mpve, however, , 11 . . , ., tlie. Slghtless Wanderer had repeated the I WQrds told were coIr).pe , ed ;to mSlde the snow hOl?-se -"gumdrops!" ".' . r men tep. the fair girl. . , _ . , ' " , 'No. SOQner was the 'bargain made than the Esqui"'Well, itlsl,iQO late. to ' be sorry now--'-the thing "', mau. PQured Qut a of . words. " Q , us to do is ge f1way J,ll here 'and at t;he s ' am ' e time . , "!:Ie the headman , has decided to' take Helen ' to. scare the Esquimaux into the belief that you have , for hi,s wife and that he is planning to surround the the power to. bring a curse down UPQn their 4eads 1''' hut, batter,it to pieces , kill the rest of us, if necessar y , as.serted the trapper. " .' " ' that he ' may obtain his desire.",' \ , "True enough"':"'but \low can we do it?" demanded At the',hQrrible thQught Qf the beautiful girl aJ,ling Sykes. . into the clutch e s of the f a t monster, the fac e s of the , ,.' 'rhe first thing to q,o is , to try. to scare . them. , litt le band blang hed. . ' Qut a cQuple of the , Roman. candles we brought along But while they gaz e d at one anQther in helpless dis .... for signals in case we gQt in a fog 1 : ' ' ' may, M ara spoke . . " Inlltantly Ned, ':Vent to "o.:q.e,.of phe boxes , on. the sled "Send th, e d .river Qut and then list e n to. me," she ' e x 'and p r oduced the pieces Qf fireworks . ' , claimed. And when tlie man had been given hls , gum-GrE).spin:g1 them, Tutu ... .once gain grabbed the blind

THE AMERICAN , change clotl;tes and everything with me. We can send the comillg of the others. .Ai; soon as tMy\\ ready, word to headman t , hat' shl3 has ilgreed to ' wa:it fp.r me1;l will ' coflle t,o carry the iurs a ,nd baggage from the the feast but that the rest of us 'must go on at once: , hut' ' to tli 'e , sleds 'for the headman has 'pl'epared a sled , "The leader opportunitytd carry out h , is ' in exchange }ar the one in snow house,,': reJ?,eated,' fclul think' to follow . Qu,ick" Helen, ,Banta;"L' " , "',:, ' " , make the '. ""Go' od, tell the leader tq 'send ' his men, at once.'.! I, But t can't leave you' here to,that rq,onster '!" gaspe'}l And as Tutu turned to Sykes: the beautiful girl: \ " "You w;ill remain h ere in the hut until all the goods "Oh, yes you c ,an-a-nd 1JQu ' must! I shaU be able to, beenremoyed, 'then follow : I would stay oply take care of m y self among these don't it is 'wore necessary thiit I go to the sleds to, protect stop to argue ! You're losing time that 'may make even Helen-'-and we must-not permit her to remain the C my impossible!" "'. , :,'O'i", "', hut an instant longer than necessary." ' /"fnat's the only, way we clm save you!" declared 'While thet!, tr'apper was speaking, the two/ women Tutu. "M,aral , ,are }mive , girl. I'll not desert' locked a S0W-t':l'Jing embrace, kissed you! As soon as I nave started: Helen and, the sleds ,th,e' 'beautiful' girl leaving the snow ho , use uader the ,safelf on , t!t,eir ' w , a Y , Vl}if I "'CE-n't ,of 'Futu while the woman ,'\\rha ,had made , sne,IKmg luboe:r: m th1s viilage 'beftil;re they can ' so noble a sacrifice that the'sister of her JoveI' might , -stab 'il mis my g tie13s-( , '" ";; be spalJechang,ed the face of the beautiful do girl'irito one of dark hue. ' , "I'understand enough: theil',', language to be , able , ,I That color , will fool anto tell what they are ta.lking about." " ' the ,back vlewmg1her '''And you'v e 'Understood ail that B 'anta ha..J' said 'to handiwork, ' , \", , . ' t:i f ,. But I can l ,et you make.' this sacrifice ' for me, a , I;l., "and the 1 Co sur, ,I' d H ' l ' 'It' .1':-, t.t -.. l\iara! "pro teste ' e ' en. '" '( , " ": ,'" j , - • "You. not only can-but' you will! I _' "y.;es : , " < r' \ "" , " , " I loved Wan0lf! .He been taken :' di<4t't you tell you coul,d , with the from me-do ,yop. th:iI:lk life holds any, more charm for b,!:utes-it' would ,have saved using' and the , me 1 Can you imag,il!e ; anything. more tlian, ,blind ma' n , so much." , .' " . -priveti of my to' giye my, life 'to save that of his ' "In plade, I didn't want the villagers ta sister1" < know that you had anyone' with you W!lO' co:p.ld converse,' in their, tongue---:.:and in the ' second, I Wished to learn whether o , t not Banta waiil dealing ,fairly withl us." , , \, , ' ,'Was lie? ' Has he taken of us in iufy way 9 ' ! ,. .... .:-' i. t ".1, • . I JYr' r )' • " f ':o... 11" , . "; " l -Not for an insta,nt. He has even pleaded, using his .,' " " own as a reason for t:reating us: with con ,', '", " ' , ",,; , " sider.ation; ' :when the men :We,re ,determined to; kill you UNEXPECTED ASSISTANOE COMES 110 MARA : ", , ". ",', ' I " and' T1!tu.'? , ' , ' , , II W4y didn't Y9U tell us of the,fact 1 ' . ' " .At the words : revealing as they did a ' glimps , e iRtd "Never rp.ind, no}\'. Just go 'to the bO,x in. which you her yery soul, 'the others looked at Mara in admiratiorr keep the Row-an candles and get out for me!" and sorrow:" ' , "What da :you proposll to',do?" " " ' Of a sudden, the beautiful Helen rushed toward "Don't waste time by asking as I say. seiied }fer ip. arm!\ and kissed her.! . ,', 'The" Hves of both, of wr play depend upo n 'our 'having ere a word could be there sounded tile fireworks!'" >.l. ...' ,,..,' ' other hail from without the snow house. r Thus adjured,. ,tqe NevY,; Yorker lost no tiine , in getting ""The he ' adnlan is rejoiced that ,the goddess is to. share . out the candtes , which such t error amollg his ' feast and is willing to guard,her until. the return of the spearmen ;he 'handed them t o ,Mara ,just ' companions, if she wisI:es. The are. awaitin' g first of tbe E ;quimaux Qrawleril. thro'!lgg. tlie opening . , v ..., , \" • , ' ...


1, .,' THE AMEF-ICAN INDIAN WEEKLY. '1' I • • , \. Getting, to , his feet, he looked a,bout as though exI, Arid all the while the tr3:ppings }Vere being brought , pecting to see tb,e $ightless .• : ' 'out and carried to the waiting, sleds, the headman, from , With, her hands, the woman ! iIidica,ted that all ,the ' a point of vantage behind ' a big piece of ice was , :watch-others, had taken departure ' aBd then made the ing operations I I; , , " -fellow understand by signs that he was td lose " no time N 0 had he ' seen' the of the carriers depart i6. the' trappj,ngs and fro m slep.. . from, the h ,ut; than he ,waddled' froIll his lookout and AB, the ma:p. slouched to the pile of provlSIOns and' started toward snow hut. / I , he b egan to search an;l.Ong them aJ;ld as he was " :Sut before l:!.e " h ,ad gained the entrance, three men thus 1 occupied, another andl anothe!' Esquiril ,j1u en-,. 'threw themselves across his patli. ' the hut,. quickly engaging ill speech with the' ,,"What do JOu mean by stoppi.p.g ,my progress?" ,he first man, i ;' ,,', cried to' them, angrily, ill, .language. " , For several moments Mara listened then turn.ed to "Stepan says that-y ou are not to enter the. hut of -Ned and, in a ;voice so iow that it was !not hea1,'d aQove he intends to take her his . own the arguing ' tones 0f the natives asked:, , brIde I announced, one of those who disputed the , '.' Can tney get at the gumdrops?" 's passage. , .r. .', " '!. '" " , , " A moment ,the headman stoO'il, ills 'face ex" No. 'They re ,l,n sealed are fastened, by pressiBg the .fury that ;,vas" in llis heart. . Why?' " ' , " " dog' of a ,man that ,I will 'have.1}.is life" s Because they 1!-dVlsabilIty .of blood l o r his b Q ldness m attemptmg to thwart the purseizing the candy and making off, us to J3hift pose of his headman I" he finally tp.undered. "Stand fo! ourselves, or 'you, the headman aside and let me pass!," _ -< " will be for me ill a short whIle. ,But the thi' ee villagers , :ql.ade no move to ... 1?eterml?ed -that the brg.tes sho?!-d not!" succeed ill "Stepan laughs at your' threats I" the'lr purpose, Sykes sprang to hlS feet, approached " Too long have we of the villaO'e slaves ......... the .nearest whifped out his revolvers ,and and we are ready for a new I" _ poking them, illtO the man s back, by means 0f SIgns , A s he heard the treasonable words the leader of the and grunts t? him he hurry and villagers placed a: bon, e whistle to his lips an "blew the 1f he wlShed to live. ' loudly on it fi\re trines, the I. signal to his sUbjects that TerrIfied by the ,slght of the strange weapons, the he w a s in dire danger and that .they must rally, to his villagers quickly ,what they tpe support. ' ! " furs and b ' oxes ,and" squr , med to -the openmg, through And' as he finished 'the summons he snarled: which they' pushed them: ' . , " Stepan is not here-you dogs a;etryipg to frighten, "You'd better go outslde and accompany tne devils, me I" , they're lih:ely t'o

20 THE'AMERICAN lNDIAN WEEKLY. then, at hl,s flight, they burst iuto loud peals of laug'h ' The , distance ' which ' him from her p'ur-tel.'. suers was agoQd two hundredy-ards-but the guide ) :fearing, however, that she _ had but changed one determin>ed , tq risk a sh-ot, trustin.g ' that it would at from Mara hUrriedly lighted anotbier . terror to tbe '4ea-r'ts 6 the' vjliagers .' can<;lle from t!li.e embers -Of, the stalk she he l d , in her First, howevJ3r, he i-aised his "'6i.Ce in a mighty shout hand and, ere the' astonished Esquimau:x: could gather to let the t:Jra'V'H'Mara know that aid was ne ar. their wits, she was sendiig , the little, poppmg ba il1s of But the'Esqnimaux heardit as ' well 'Rs the girl-and fire inro their .Iaces ! ' . '" taeir answers were ner(!e hGwls df angry defiance ! And as the hea,dman., so they brek-e into flight, -shriek -Little 'lfui.d Tutu 'll'eek ' for them, h'ewoever, and thro wing and noW-ling : as tliey r'ushe ' d aloni. ,)! ing hi.s rifle to . .bis sh01uder, he trained it up<;m. the top, The cries had -?<>used the othel" in.b.abit-ants of the 'Vil.-of a hummock, only a few feet in front of the leader lage and as fast as theyeould, they were sw'arming bf 'the pursuers. from their huts-having s{)'Ilght Tefuge inside -them at Dmsh ' ] ' wen.t the gun"and a1Inost at the same time, the byhest of their when he had decia,ed. to carry hundreds of pieces of j,ee hounded into thoe air! off , goddess to become one of. his wives. ' f' • . • At, the sig1J.1i, the pu3:suers , l:rtqppeg, terrifrl'ld! ' " As ,tney out iIilto the open, thl?,Y' , :ron h,ad which cOllld aIilother, " all questions" and josdidg---:,. cany a < dIstanc!3-anc1 the\thought that th.eY'we:re and as one sj:lmed able to say what hadhapp-ened, . at the mercy of a man who could strike them when the wildest confusion "'ensued. ' " . five times , as far as th-eir arrows would, 'carry took all ID;y time!" murmured the. bra'\1'e Mara; to the heart out of them. ' .', , herself. 'And while the' atteJ;l.tion 6I . the viHagel'S was l-, ' , The white ' men were right! , The white men were momentarily distracted ITom her, ' she broke into r as 'fight! The womaIil is a goddess-'-:she is sendillg her' a run as ner ,furs would permit and hastened off charms against us!" . howled some of the villagers. in the directio n she had learned the ' sleds to be. ' . As she heard the wo:rds, the, light of , ho'pe leaped Some two yards had she covered! and the mto Mara's ey;es! '., sh'e had. op.twitted her , woiil4:be , captors "Fire :rutu! down man, if was , growmg stronger and witnin her' breast she sl:j.outed, l the '.same tl:me taking care not to be .when her hopes ,wete sudden1y flashed by. hearing' tray; ' fact she understood 'the of the behind shouts " , I "<,,, . ' -, , "There she goes! There ' goes! To the' West! To ' Elated. the success of the first 1lhot and realizWest!" ,:'. " ,ing that he ' haa" scared the villagers half out of their ' . And the yells ottriumph 'Were wits-if, trapper had advan gree'ted told her that the , EsqUllDaux conSidered her as tage or theIr pamc"cause d halt to ' rush 'Still nearer to good as overtaken, ' ,.' ," them; , . ' ' But tbe girl had not gained her liberty by such desCons,eql?-ently, when he heard Mara's plea, he was perate and courageous methods to give up without furwell Wlthm range. • ther ' effo:,t and; summoning all her strengtp., she dashed , , .,' orie bring down Y" he' back . • ahead WIth what speed she ' could . ,,' . We ve theIr!-gOlng , ! Just seem to pomt out sev' The WaS, hllmmockv and 1er 'eral 'and finally decide on , one: Have him in the 'front, " was slo'Y;-so ' f:>low'that, being , 0'; better gOIng her drop 'him W J , I ' .... , " ptirsuers traversed tw, o yards while she advanced one.:, the of a ,ddipg tb the fright of the Quick ' were thevillagel'S to realize ' this fact" and, EsqUlmaux .. oy seemI9-g to select a map. :from their num redou"bling their snouts, :th, ey soon addep, ' to her danger ,upoD:,;. whom to _,inflict punisliment for to by shooting al:rows 1ft p,er . ' , . \' . \ the goddess, : Mar: a ' raIsed,her FOJ.'tl.mately f ,Qr Mara, however, the , men were too finger, pomtmga't'l' four men, finally ;picking out excited to be able to aim true and, the terrible weapon s the one ' n ares , t and waving her hand at him'thr ee tiples. bearing points ' of triangular walrus teeth, so f:>harp that As both and Tutu intended, the , action had been they would cut like ste!)l knives, fell hartnlessly upon ; seen by t , he villagers and" wondering was next in the ice about her. , :, ' , . . the!ll, they, gaz , ed at the man and woman as But 'there the cha .nc.e 'that a,t any one of thO,ljLgh \ to ) t}le, ice. r ,:,)' ' . ' /' the death-dealmg , shafts accIdentally ' strike [ Bl1 t ROt , long :were they , m bi -w}lat the a n d this danger became greater witn each moment ,I as ' O . f the p,ointing waf:>! ,'''' , ,. , tbe men gained llpon her. , " , Again throwing bis rifie to his shoulder Tutu took Yet just' when the , possibility of ,the success of her aim at the right leg of the Esquimau 'and fued. ' seemed the, aiP:, 1V,as ' ' . With I i of. thro.r, :the ,leaped ' rhe Instant Ned had arrlV ' e . d withm hailmg t mto the ,am, tben fell fiat on the Ice-;-wbile his ij1com of the sleds where , Tutu and the others ' were awaiting panions . turned tail and dashed for the village at top him, he had shoutea the commands of the girl to the speed, .leaving their fellow to whatever fate might be trapper with' a word . of courage to Hel . en, the in 'for him L ' . . I' • ,brave gmde , and started ];Jack toward the village on . " , . , , .. ' The roughness of tne ice impeded his ' pro-gress, how" CHAPTER ,m. ev er, just' as it bad Mara 's seemed to him that ,": " ! "i • it required bours for him to advance a foot . THE RIVAL CLANS, OF ESQUIMAUX But, atlast he caught sight of the girl stumb ling and '"", '" , . ' ,". 'I,' . ';, staggering ahead while showers of arrows fell about: Overjoyed . at )lis s H ccess putting the band of Elsher. . to' rout, hurried.,: , ,


"THE AMERICAN INDIAN WEEKLY. , , , Y0li. g:oing to shoQt at them. agai.J.l.?J ' she < flight ahd > trapper dropping bullets 'noting that the ' guide /made no m.otion as. _ anlObg them. • " ' " I' I' " , ' ,,",' ',And as they heheld',the. and, Ned cheered , .J use ' ? I We,rvel go:ll t'hern:' Gin ,the run I lustity. ' ' , " " , , P(i}wder I a:t:l.d! ear:trnidge are too , }1ll'eci@lrs to wast.e em the' a t'" hea.i:ing voices from this new direction .devils : " ",, '" "", '> , " ( Tutlil " and Ma!I'a turned ta le:am Mara, . ho.w,eve;r; unde1!stf>od , the. 1!l.atlJtl'e 'of, th.e ruwell'Wey at the sighti , . their friends; they toO' 'ers the North,better than,di, d . traime:r; apsl h;astily , s;hfJp.ted with! ;irQr-o' ' .'" " ':re;l?!led : , • I'.' " " . ' But thoug!i they had &lIC'ceeded in dXiving .. Y0U my' ' a:dvice, ;you Will , dr'bppjn,g melli of members of bullet!' them, as long as: ,they aTe In range--lt the 'lDrUe.Pl' little band OI avengers had no , t . es,caped , wir1ll aifld to t1;teir 'teri'or and it does:n't make any difall dang,et at. the hands of the villagers. " .ference , whether:-yI:ougli the air, post':haste to the village .. l?--e inquired the cause--and landing-in the midst o.f 3; grouJl ' of five ' of the villagers when: h.e it, up-hrdided the-m mercilessly for ' ,and snoi\'Vering , them. with ice. .Aild the rep.e:we'd hqwls their timidity! . \ ;l, " of fea'!" which ,broke ,from theiu lips /told :him;; " ,My people, you have .j:>efore Y@'U eridence.' that, act, was a wise, one--'-and " according-ly, ' he shells neither-thehe;adman Jtor his .supporters are longer fit into ' v,arious p0xtions O:E the fleeing Esquinlaux. as. long to lead you. They fle4 from a man and a womaIJ! .as hel coul d make his pullets reaCh ,them. ' " ' , '''Bec-a"use o this cowarruce, I, Stepan, proclaim myAll' w:b.ile" however, be' and the gjrl wer hastenseU leade-'Ir , pf you and hei;ldnian / of ,the village! M , ing; wtth they could towaJ!d t ,heir c@mpan-'Flj.i&-aJm:(;)UIlC'ep1ent, was greeted with mingled cheers 'at' the' . . ' ,',' ".;', , " , and. derision by heard it. ' And in As the 'latter heard the they Were seiZed , WIth tlie llildst of the pandem0-.D.1):lm, the headman whose rule .alari;n : ' for 'the the guide and the braive' girl. was appeared li.pon the scene. ' ,back to them-oh, do , go ba,ck to the;m, please, r " We fight fo'V th, e he ' NeaL" ;pleadea Helen, ' tlie c3luse ().f the uproar had been explamed to' hiIp. . • &f the the, tiii:pper to; :;>tay ) " Stepan, do you line U]j> your men to the West (),f the by the, be3luitJi:fl:u1 'girl", no , mattror what: occurred, the village',ancil. .r win line UJl mine witli -the backs to t11e', stlilil'dily re:lJused. , .,', huts-as' befits the warriors of a leader' ;when the safety "But think What ' would be( lome ous if, any harm of his village ' a:nd his peo,Ple are e11ld'an:gered by an 1l4buld , be:liall Tutwl" she p:rotested. , ,enemy-and becaiUse you bye pl!ociaimed yo-:u-rself as ' ,vii rea1:it"e ,that 'as'!' 38,' yo u " Helen," retnirned Sllceess'(')'l', to my you-are an enemy of all Ned. '" But tki11llli, oE, wW mig1at ha:ppeJ1 were' I to" Freoplie!' >: , , , ,...,.' J . , yOU! m'tJ? 'these two. ' drivers, anat, the gum' " This announcement, being in stri,ct accord-pro drops! ' • '1 ,... " " ' '\ eooure-among the Esqu:imaux when the rule I of a 'The, doml);i.nati'01iI; and-the,. hvJng, leader is oifel:'ed p:,o, nerves , of as e-xeeediingly 1iunny commeht. -4nd hurrIedly the men who slded the and! she; bll'oke ".jm 0 , h.,ysteri'Cal langh. ' .I' 1i>"' newcome'll' amd those who ' upheld' the-rule of .the ''' 1' tie: is mmol1c, iht3llilt' I am.-"-. man separated, making, their vr'ay to' the designated, besiqes ; and I , ou 'ght to, be to , seene Q eonfl:i.c.t as quicklY" as' theY" could. " , take , 'c'3.'lIe 'om mysel:li"with them. >" 1" .As: they went, the men chanted' wild soogs of defi, "Ne.ve21theless, . not gomg to leave you":"so ' there's ance amd blood, wh..itle noW' and then the Shrill 'aln enru. tOl it ! ll}esJ4eSj.. 'Flltl!!! is amply able to, take\ care voices . of the women" enCQuragmg one side or the other , '01: tt\.nd, as ; } gai ve Mara a dozem r@ln'an, canilles. ' rose aID@ve tile the :fighting , hl{loct of ' the. it'ds my that,l>6th tlrem will sOon ,'( men wa!> arou.seoi :the man \ 'terrible 1mi'ves )!lade from polished 'and sharpened;... , mig:M-cb,aJ?ce j;'0' e scape ' from ' . bo-ne 's, with which we e all familiar, they . , clni1lcMis, 0& the heal :man of tlle Esquimau viliage and welcomed 'the' fray! ' , , ' ofa she ", ' ' 1,1' ': Stationing themse lves in front of', their respective )." Oan l't go baclt' ' see wb;at :,is going on 1" " armies" the headman an' d cStepan glowered at 9ne ' an-mo'meIil.t Sykes pondered o-.;:e1' this request. other. ,I , • , l'I"c;i.op't see n 'ot." he' finally The , 'i "Are you ready"!" 'at 18.!>t asked the challenger. 'drivers;won't leaY e ; ,that ' certwin : and from the toud,'''OY es!' , : oj \ , ;0' -reports, I )don; t , t1llnk Tutu can,"be 'very .i ,ar" "Instantly" the two lea der.s raised ,the!r , away." , ,c",' " ',' , , ' -, 'mighty shouts-and the armIeS fell upon one , another. the 1I).a.n an'(h girl, s ,et out, to' return to First, the bow and arrow men shot their wicked shafts the'ir 'fri\:l'/:lds and! arrived on a ridge they could at one another, then, as _the contesta,nts came to closer " 0 , . 8:, of, ice quarters,' men dropped\ to the rear and the sp ,ear and,'41tne to s ' e e , ;the ' w;arrlOrs n n ' fril l men took thelr p1aces , " ' , , < '. 1 ,.J .. • • r. j ,. IJ 'j I Il ' 'J; '\, :I '. h, ' 'J. ;:


\ ' 'II,. ","'., • ,'" "THE A'M'ERIC.A.N INDIAN , I \. \he \ dead 's upon all who woUld ", allegiance to him. .J At, ' anmnincement, with that fickleness for which I" -, I I l .... • ;-the dwellers ' in the Al,'ctic regiens are famous, the EaTerrible were the wounds inflicted by the wicked quimaux -e eaUlllan a , ',' ,. : ' • . l .', " , ' '.', :first drove bac1( those of , But each inch of the the frUlts ?f, hIS VIctory. " retreat was stubbornly fo .ught until the men Teached ,.after glvrng orders .that a feast for every man, a,: too ftnl 'to' cli:rnb, woman and in the village , be prepaned:, he, making a stalld, willy-nilly" . called two of hIS m n to h}1lh ,.. Noting ' this ' fact, the to his , men, "The winning of the title is as nothing to me c . om-alternately ahd he had pared )Vith' the winning oI.._the l{eautj ,u..! creature, who t1;, em to pitcli , o , f , verjtable was in the village (o-day, as !ll! wif, e , ! --;' E _ elievrng that the wlctory was ,already the ,_ "'Qmckl : collect some food and 'Jorn ,m,e at the rldge men of of the village , rlJSlled u:pen the wait. wb:el'e:-we maae , our stand. rt is my illtent'ion .to pur: ing ", _ sue the band of trappers and, ; to seize the gIrl who But, tH:ey were soon apprised of , t11eir mistake! ", , c , alls herself a g0ddess.", . ' \ t' , Stepan ha' d formed his plan o'f Qattle by ord,eving his " "But she fights with balls of fire and her, companions and arrOW'1I!en to drop ' on their . knees behind the afar, 'Off and hurl things you ya;nnpt see I" pro" spearmen, whom ranged in f:r:ont rank; With tested: of the men.--Ii , ," ar:uows fittea to' their , bows, ,the , ihidden m,en -w;lre "Nonse)1se! Are we . able to stalk , fools , like them aW8li,t th.e, command . -f ,their leader-and , when came ; Who do not .know -the country and the ice Y" '" t:pe spea ' rmen were to leap aside while 1Jhe ' others dis"But they ' do know the ice-'-that is ,they are led' by clillrged "the -voHey of their death-d ; ealing arro;ws. one , does!" ,'" y , ... With that ' was r$J,arkable,Stepan stood "'whoois' ' I '." in' front , of his meu, ' arrows and spears ' from the ad< The Sightless Wanderer!". ' vancing c warrioJ:S falling " alb out , )lim harmlessly,' as . ' At the name of the man whose bodY' was considerell he ,bor' e ' a cliar:ned life. :, • 1 " • Stepan b . ecame gloomy-'-but B:t, last he said: Nearer, and nearer came the enemy. ' , "It is well-,-tlie woman, must he a goddess w;hen he , , . W , llen. at lafjt they within "t.w0" rods ' 9f his men, guides her. l We' wi)1 not to her. r must' the ' brave challenger shouted his order. a wife elsewherb Leave me, and allow no ' ohe 'to en-Swiftly to one side , and before 'ter my hut 'until ' r give the command!" . the band of realize what was , , Marvelling , at the slldden : ' chang . in their leader, on, the' bow ahd arrow: men ' 1vere pouriri;g a deadly ftre"', ,IDS :trusty companions withdr!lw-;-YElt coulcl',jthe:5ll have into them! . , , read w,hat was passing in his mind, they would have , .A:h I instant, . the others ' stood '''their i , ground, thell been still more amazed. " ,', _ , turned .and ' despite 'th'e fr1,tntic 'iyells , of ' their K'n ow;ing the resp , ect ana adoration in the leader to stanq, ' thei;r grounq. , . Sightles!f Wanderer was held by all who . , ',', W 'v:e' We -, won! " .. the sho1'e oi BeaufOl ; t Stepan, ,da!:i:la not his i' ()harge them; men, \ drIve them' back to ' the village. plan' e.ven to the men ' whom i he had created, Ilis counGive ' them no quarter untg the headman surrenders. sellors. \ ;', : --'--"'rherr : he .J?a.Qhimself -that if man -and then there won't be any cowaI:q.s who run from all ,tnat stood between , him and tlie beauty, he man and a woman among , (,', woUid remo'ye obstacle-and Or that lle , ';WiJth [ howls', of , wildet g.lee tliese : wc,>rds decid ed, 'tic,>, set ; put ,a,t' oJ:lce and ... W. aitihg only "to '-and, fl'h shing with their sen,se: of victory, Stepan's' make sure that his ' had' ta:lfen their! positions war1;iQrs. leaped frOm the ridge against which they in; front of his snow palace" the new headman stole out aNd, : oier ice feated foes the Ice to, the village. _, , m ' pursUlt. of the .lIttle band pf a'Vengers. Because of his bulk, the headman not able to' by the events o ' f the d;ay, after the baud had , r1!l.n as fast hjs ,,11,e soon fell , .,captiv;e " to , some nv , e.rp.iles fIrm .the, they made Stepan. '. ' camp. In a natuTal hollow " wlilchwas protected on three . "Will you surrender yoUr title to me ,and save the. si'c1es'by high iCf) and, :were soon fast alseep. slaughte'l:. of 'your demliJ.nded the victor. ,I ',-;With 'rare"cunning',Stepan fOlWdhis qarry. ", "Never!" screamed the vanquished purple .' AS he entered the" camp" several of the dogs roused rage and disl!-ppointment. " 'Y-ou have , beaten me, themselves but ,befo:ue they colild give the , alarm, he yAJn my' title 'and weaith \but 'You shall p.ever ' rule 'SP0Ke' -tol them, " anCb, in as he ' rraa often driven i fel" , ' " ' , ' .. " , them,,'they qu:lchly quieted down attb:e soup,d ' of .... his , .And as concluded th'ese proud words, t4e deposed v,oice. " ,,'" " . . headman drew a wali'us ,dagger romhis po ,cket" and":! Having succeeded in quelling their excitement, he plunged it" into his heart! ' ,.. . , turJ;l,ed to' the sleds. But' before he reached them, heil' This act was quickly reported to the'rest , of the vilcame upon ' the body pf,the' Wand-erer. lagers, together with :the WQuld divide ,f: "This ' is. luck!" told himself' . "With him 9ut of the - • I" , j. ..1 . , }, 'J ('l \ .. \ ...... ,-( ,


, THE AMERICAN INDIAN WEEKLY. -..: way, I shan 'have no difficulty in disposUig . of ' the' Stepan had dropped when Tutu's first shot had struck others and capturing my bride!" ' . " him..,; . ." , Anl even as he spoke, the fiend, wp.o inte.p.ded to defy .-W:ith the purpOJle, ,doubt.of ,ali the traditions the' North by inurdering a blind "hIS mt.entlOn : killing, the blmd, man ,ne longer man; raised his hand ... in the air, holding'il]. his clasp a , 'gered ill of any of the:n-and as , Ban,ta anwalrus dagger. , . , , nounced hlS to the dog they shuddered,' But wonderful sense of danger came 'to his calling down 'upon 1Ike head of the man who rescue and he sat up, snrieking! ' would defy: 'all ,Esquimau traditions. .' '" , , CHAPTER XVIII. AN'IMPORTANT CAPTURE. 'Panic-stricken to' think .he had oeen caught .in the act of attempting to kill the Sightless Wanderer, ' ,Stepan leaped backward' just , as Tutu, aroused by the shout of a1arm, emerged from beneath the pjle of fur'! which.he had chosen as his sleeping place instead of his usual bag. . ,"" 'And as he behelQ. the form of the prowler, he whipped out his revolvers 'and poured the contents of.. their cyl ,'indel's at the figure, Howling with mingled pain and rage' at the frus tratIon of his plans to carry off the beautiful girl, the Esquimau dropped to the g r oui).d! The reports of 'the .shots, reverberating with ;uncanny intensity in the ice-wailed refuge had awakened the others and quickly they were on theIr feet. _ , -"I've just 'dropped a fellow . I found sneaking , about!" exclaimed Tutu. ThEm he turned to the dog drivers and to them that they' should ex amine the bo 'dy to see ' if they recognized it. ? Cautiously the men ,aproacheq-and as they' arrived within a yard ' of it, the' figure to its feet and made a dash 101' ,the open side of the camp! ' ' i'It's Stepan 'It's Stepan!" shouted: ":the amazem 'dog ' urivers. ' , ' "., ',-The name was , ail that the trapper and his compan ions ,could understand=-but they remembered $e story, Mara had 'told them of the words she had heard outs ,ide the house back in the village and ,they , realizeq. -that he 'had come for the purpose of carrying off Helen. , "What I don't understand is why your shoj;s didn't kill the mnrderQus fiend! ' J exclaimed Ned. , "That puzzles me, too, , " admitted the trapper: And quic)dy he the blind man, who in turn asked tb,e dog drivers if they knew of any reason Which would render Stepa,n immune from , For several'zID.nutes, the two men talked.together in low vo i ces 'and -then one of'them said: _ " 'Stepan"always wears a coat of mail. lIe ;found it in one of ,the wrecks near the frozen, island. His furs and this suit of' armor must have stopped the bullets." ,!) "I reckon that's the explanatiun," declared, Tutu. , 'But let's get put of here. The fellow may come back with spme of his companions!" " . Readily' did the agree,'t6 the resumption of the march and as soqn as the dogs c6'uld be harnessed, the party set out again. , ' Soon after the"hour that corresponds to dawn, Banta suddenly raised his head and sniffed. . ' ,:Polar bears somewhere close b y !" he exclaimed. , Taki,h ' g 'the glasses fronl ' Sykes : Tutu 1nli'ried to a hummock of ice some three rods to the' North and was just lifting his head cautiously over the-top when he ducked back again, put down'the glasses, clasped hiS rifle and again creeping to 'the top of the hummock, pointed the weapon over the further side of the ice mound and fired. But that greeted the ,or the rifle was not that of a polar bear! • ' "It's one of the White Runners!" shouted the trapper, after his victim. r'l ' , CHAPTER XIX . . ....! :} SYKES IS I N S N OVf,: ROTTED ICE. "Qui cl!:; after bim!." bellowed Tutu.... " , ' , Hav in g.,recovered composure with remarkable' rapidity, Banta the command to the drivers' b:gt they refused,to join in the and though the, Instantly all 'but 'Banta\ and t;he dog, ;an I(md' 'the ice all aboiit the' camp, ' to the hummoclCas ' as they\, could, aITIVlllg lllBt they weJ,le' unable to dlscover the man who had oome • as Tutu was uncovermg the. face of the man he had , so 'near to mu:rdering .the bliond man. ' shot. ' '. Disappointed, they returned to their fellows where And as he gazed upon it, he cried out in amazement r they' heard from .the lips of the , Sightless Wanderer ,," So tbat '8 became of you, J em Scott!" he exhe had suddenly felt a ,.sense ,of greatest danger ' claimed. ' , and had sat up, , shouting. " "Who was Jem Scott?" asked Helen, arriving at the "'I,'hat's a time when you must adlnit Banta's powers m o men t that t he trapper pronounced the name. '.; sayed uS Sykes," exclaimed 'Tutu. "If it hadhn beet;l , " A robb e r and 'murderer wb'o:r;n we drove out him 'we all ')mght ' be lying dead in our blood this" settlement along: the . Mackenzie River. But I ne'V,er . l' very Esquimau;K work quick;ly are thought he would .have tM nerve to the murdering ! . Runi).ers!'" j , , ' " ,While t ; he traR,per was spe&king , the dog rdrivers had All the , while he was speaking" the ,trapper was goheen searching tne floor of the refuge ,all:d,,,.with ing through the clothes worn !he of _ a cry, ;,.one of them picked up the walrus, that the 'Terror of tb,e Nortll-:b tlt a dId he find ,


THE AMERICAN INDIAN WEEKLY. in to daggers and revolvers except ' a piece of free lirimmocks ridges and they made remarkbone ' with three ho' iIil. it. ' '. able for four days : . ' d 'Wonrl'er if that!s a badge ;howing his :membership ,,But Ion the ID;orning of the fifth, . h Wb.. R . ' "Gd> ' care:l!ully ! There's sno , w 'rotte d , . dce near at' lp t e ' , pnne , lls," ' ,hand ! . ? ' catled the , Sightless Wanderer and as , I Can't tell, shoril w ere ! Hele];).. ,', "-" H" , tily' added: ., 1;(' , ',/' ' ; po Y Q u thi s dead , is ' on l e of the " Drop ':on , y@u' ha:r;tds Tutu. ' the ban! who have done Y@Ul' father to death and are . bOY$ bring you :the oars from ' t'he bOat. Take .one in eve?;l (it tJ;tis mOII\en't' carrying! y,o;ur ):vothe;e away, to' " h and and wor-k yourself I • , s ' ome awful fate? " demanded . the trapper, iknoring W;hile these ilis,tructi'ons were being deltivered 'and' the girl's and seeking to rouse .her vengeance. carhed'qut, Ned ! s head had above ice st'art she gave : as , he spoke told hi'm he had suc-and fraNtically " he ' s t ruggled to :find' a hold by ceeged, and his thoughts 'were . confirmed oy her exhe could dni g himself from the water; at, the cJ.amati9n , as she turned away: , .: , same shouting for " ) ;,. ' , "Well/ you know best, of course : " , TWIce he , succeeged m drawmg hImself half way of them desiring to see a dead. body cut that opto the it again gave., way with ):lim, plung-it might. attract' aU except Tutu hiI;U back . started ,back to the slec;ls and;were , quickly jo-ined 'by "Save" your ' st:i:ength ' ! Just keep your', .p.ead above ' the hel . . performed , his ' water in f'1 , I. ' ) DId you fint l anYtHmg . 0n the , askedil the trapper. " : ' '" • , '. r Banta, eagerly" When the party reached the sleds. But his task of :r:e!tching a spot close en ough to the "Yes, ' a " 'l'ourid ' . iece of bone with--" , imme ' r , sed with the difficulty , ," Any holes in it?" eagerly interrupted the Sightand danger! , r , ", , _ " , less Wanderer. '.' ' ." " Several tFnes as he placed his oar ahead ,and st,arted "Three, Do you know wh,at -they mean?" to draw fo ( ard, tbe ice ga'veway beneath' him The : announce1lJ,ent of the number o f holes evokedl alid it all his strength and agjlitY-to g ,et back an exclamatiol! 0f j . oy fr9.Iil the blind, man' to the ' sol \

. THE AMERICAN INDIAN WEEKLY. , r . " , ' gave way to ch,eei:'s as th' ey the brave trapper move hiiI).self 'a; yard nearef the hole an!! make a second cast. :< ,they watched

. " \ the, sleds, being helpless. We'il carry an enQugh flQes to. mQve in the' brQad expanse-harpQQn with us , and plenty Qf tJlOJilgS. )n case , and there is always danger. tha.t they';ill meet!": " ttappens, we d orrt want to. be riapping , as h(!nv terrible this danger:, the members Qf the we ,were befQr.e'." mtrepld band, of avellgers were SQQn to., -learn! , . Qill,chly , were the adjustments Ipade and QnCemQre "Then what. are w:e t ' Q 'do. 1 . HQW can we ever reach the little partYQf perSQns set Qut. ' ' the frQzen ' i'sla-nd if we , can't use Qur bQat1" demanded every nQW ang, then to. listen, Banta"led' E!elen. ' - • the way, th:qanping the ice with' his spear butt. Quickly the trapper put the questiQn to. Banta. SQme, five hours had they when he ,r, "The"dQg diivers advise , gQing ' alQng the as far cried;" ",', 'I ,.", '.1 as PQssiblE! and then launching the bQat frQm the "There's a crevice ahead! A flQe is cQming ! , Tutu, do. nearest PQint to the island we can reach.'" - • "Let's be starting then!" cried beautiful girl. yQU and one Qf the dQg go. and find AI,0 withQu. t J'1,;trtb,er delay,' , the sleds ' were started. the -'crevice. ' ' ! ' ' ";' ,. ' J WithQut delay, tl},e men QUt and, after t;av-'. But in their calculatiQns, bQth the Esquimaux and ,the Sightless Wanderer we;e mistaken-as they were eiling abQut a mile; suddenly' paused 0.11 the brink Qf a , -I < . ." SQon to. find! ' ' ' " . ridge-belQw them was clear water! :0'\ ' l' . ' • " . ' ' . StQPping ' fQr' only intervals for' sleep and fQbdJ . It,. ;t};le st.rel}gth 'by to., liqUId stimu , WS , b:andsM . a bli R the band scurried f,Llong the ridge, frQm SQp.l, th,?trappe,f nQt make Qlit what I time ,to. time Qne Qf the Esquimaux going to. "the summit , h.e to. tell and, WIth a turned and recQnnoitering . .. and back tQ.the SPQt where they );lad left Mter Qne Qf these trips, the dQg driver annQunced CQmpamQns and the . . ., " . " " • . ,that there w , as ' a brQad expanse Qf clear ice extending , BUt IQng was he in ignorance , Qf miles tQward the whQse massive ice peaKs were th;e dQg driver's meaning. ' ",'" j", ,', /' risible. < J \ " I AlmQst befQre they ha:q CQme within, speaking disImmediatelY,Banta, Mara, the'trapper and the two. ' . ' tanQe " Qf friends" , had into. cQ;tilicil"" exchanging Qpini9ns as , • , jabbering andn-Qm.'$e actio ns Qf the,Sightless tQ the, adv:isability ventu.ring QUt'. UP-Qll this field 'Wimderer and the Qf the , "-rctic, instead Qf talbng the' IQnger rQute along I the tidge. 'the rest cow-a UJ.tderstand that something ,Qf J tremen'IWe' knQW frQm the piece Qf bQnes with the 'three dous impQrtance ItO. tp.em had been discQvered. "'f: hQles in'it that the White Runners have been summQned '''Oh, Tutu, dQIi't let them"talk aU day! Ask Banta in qQnclave-but we don..Jt knQW hQW \Qng their Qrgy " wh,ltt ),' . 1 . . ' will last!" exclaimed T .utu. : "FQr < this ' reasQn, and l' " BefQre: the !Tapper CQulC/.' do. so, Mara that'r. voice th, of Sykes, I ' I'Hel says "if we c l m fQllow , the passage between the' ' belie ve that we sllQuld brllve the danger and get to. the it Willi, take 'us to fro zen isiand!" ...' island iIi the least PQssible time.'" ' to. express wQnder that the, .. WQman I 1\i[Qre, prlidept, the dog , d:rivers urged the dangers Qf understQQd -vvhat the' Esqu, imamr. , w ere talking abQut" ,field prea-kirtg frQ:g:J-its pJ,Q, orings "a.D.-d, ,splitting, Ned had :r:efrained frQm " telling Qf her" a 'bility -to. smaller floes. But the Sightless Wanderer, be',' I r ' / t speak in thei r language, the Qthers began to. ply the ing o,n the PQint Qf realizing the' dream Qf his IQng, trapper w ith questiQns which he put to. Sightless " blind . y ears ? in, the :fiends when they ,. Wanderer as rapidly as he CQuld. ' be the l e ast able to. (iefend themselve,S, . drunk' as they . " dQg tell rp.e, '.'. Bantal,after'having pro. ably be, ca;t his ' ;vQte "with that Qf, Tutu I ",.,. " x" \" 'tl ed till he liad Q , btaine<\f1Hthe in[OI' m atiQn pO, ssible, " akin' g the ap:d /M:a1?a, a:fite ,with the hQpe Qf H . ' , r 'I' ...... l! • • ' ... I . l) II ".It.-"ifiha..t ab out , this time Qf the' ,year, IS s ina. to. be ' bein g in time to. rescue her lQv er, even'thQugh she cgul'd .a passage that is.,Qpen clear '1:6 thg ; e never ' be his wife because Qf the great 'Social differe'nce _ "It is extremely dangerQus to travel, hQwe;vet, bebetween them, decided the questiQP by vQting to. take cause it to be a SQrt Qf current, like the Gulf. their 'CQurse across the ice-field. : r." , .' . that flQws, tremendo-qs , : 'PQ"(er '. Whe:n this decisiQn was 'l-eacl\ed , the' t';Q 'frequently brings dQwn huge "piece.s Qf -ice which , Esquima:-ux declared ' emphaticall y that they WQuld nQt" grind the bQat 'we" h a ve---:.Qr C?ther-into , party and' it, IQng ar-.\ :Dra1:'c h WQQd. . '.' ' ,1 gumerit and finaUy an entire c a n Qf gum-q,rQPs to. . ' [ ' ,It varies ' wic1th 'fr;om : s J a r ' cely mQre " thaiI a change mm.d.s. ", "',' ," .. !' , , as boy it ',At 'last, . howeve:r:.the were uPQn 'ilie eX . twO., miles ' III Wldth....:...3-h'1, It IS m the WIder panse 9f Ice lJ,nG III tb,e thQpght. that they WQuld SQQn .J , .parts tha t t h e

THE AMERICAN IN'DIAN WEEKLY . ... • weariness and:trudged along with amazing speed. Tutu, however, had scanning ,the broad expanse 'Abo'!lt half ayross the field had they.travelled ' wl1en of , water about'them for some si,gri , ,of the other memth. ere suddenly descended upon them that bogie of ' all of the part '-whom they had been Arctic expe4,itions,fog. ' 1{y the breaking of the ice fie)d but "as far-as his ' eyes Oaused by the ' shifting of the 'Yind to the south could reach, theirs was the only bit of floe 17) be seen! blowing over the snow IJ.nd ice, it becomes nigh "The poor devils must have gone to the he impenetrable:-and 'the only wise course, when over1 murmured. But a sudden cry from 'the -Esquiman taken, by it, to rest in the spot w:here the traveller is drew his mma. back to his surroundings. , overtaken JJy it and wait until the wiIid shifts. Looking toward where ' the' fellow was pointing, . he though the. little band of intrepid avengers beheld ' a cr-ackin the' ice: .; , .', .' halted the moment the fog enveloped tl;l.em, they .were "Quick, unload the boat!" the' trapper shouted, not .to remain still! . springfug toward the sled. '('Throw in some food. We Helen, Sykes and Tutu together with one of the haven't a IQ.omep,t to lose. The floe we're on is bedriv.ers assembled abou , t the'/ sled which carried the ,ginning to break up ! , " ' , ,'. boat while the others took their positions, two rods I . With a will the others tugged and hauled at the . away, .about the remaining sled. I , • until 'they liad it on the ice, then threw in amNow and then the par, ties exchanged hails but so munition and some 'Qoxes of food, after they was the sense of direction that they dared pusJ;ted it to. the edge and it. . ,,'" not attempt to ..pass from one sled to the other. "Tell the to get in, and come with u.s I" Jj _!. • I , Of a sudden however Tutu and his companions heard commanded Helen of the trapper .... , , , , r''a shout of despair. ' ,But the native of the North pointinlt back "The fiel(f.has broken!" yelled "Keep,your the, direction of the. ridge. . . wits about you!. If you the island remember " Well, if b,e doesn't 'want 'to come; ' he .. needn exBanta's wife and daughters!" claimed , Tutu and holding the boat while Helen and J ' ;Whether Sightless Wanderer ever uttered further Sykes' stepped into it, he quickly followed and "oon wor:ds or the little band by the boat did know' they were over the )Vater towa!d the for the air was rent with deafening crashes as great of th.eir long journey. , . pieces of ice, submerged mountains, ground against As' they reached the base of the frozen island, they " gazed up'!ard in horror I "How big do you sJlPpose the piec ' e is on which we are 1" asked Helen, her, voice trembling with fe ,ar. "Heaven only knows!" exclaimed Tutu. "We can't talk with the dog d,river and I've no idea;" , '. Wracked by the thought were . going to death when at tb,e very threshold o ' f victory, the ,party Isat in gloonly silence, each (with his own thoughts. . 'pHAPTER xxp:. THE 'qIAMBER OF HORROR. The crashing of the:Lce was incessant and' time and Seated in a throne carved from the sheer ice, as again the' upon which they were quivered as though the of silent sentinei though it *ere' jelly. and terrible warnipg to all who should venture near But at last, when they were almost crazed with des-the mysterious haunt of the White Runners was a ' I pair, the fog lifte, d as 'suddenly, as it came . . ' skeleton, one ' arm o , titstretched. Looming stern and awful, yet with marvellous grand-, " ,What's ,that, thing'in his hand 1" asked Heien, in a ,1eur'an' d 'th!e light_ was :re, fieGted from t1t,e . .rnyrill;ds of ice whisper, a ,fter a sHence I . prisms rose "the fr:ozim island-less -than , a mile ahead , " Can ' i 'see," returned Tutu. , " Sykes, 'let , me take of them. ' " " . . ' your gJasses." , "Ca that be it1'? murmured Helen, after' a silence , was the young man going to protest of several minutes. ' " against giving up the binocula,rs when he was prevented "It must be!" returned the 'trapper. See , how the " by the beautiful girl he had escorted from so many: EsqUlmau , acts. u ,,', miles away in New York. ;.( .And turning their eyef\. to him" the others saw that "Let him take them, Tutu knows' more abou't . ' he was \J.P' and own, waving arms and jab' things , here Ath. an, you ':SHe will be to if ; "(';. :,',', • ' , • of the fiends are, "', '.' ,i Then . unlQad the boat and put just' soon Realizing that be -vain, . . ; . as , possibly e ' claimed the !?eautifUI girl, ex-handed over the .tOJ.1l!-trap,{>er.. " . • ditedly. "That's a key the h oldirtg in its hand!" p' 1 ' , ..J ' .. Y '. ,I. 0"'


THE AMERICAN INDIAN WEEKLY . he exclaimed. "Let's get it and find out what it opens -':"'we :qtay need it." "Are there any of the devjls watching us asked N:ed, before pufting f@ot on the icy shone. ' Carefully the ,trapper swept the walls of ice with the glasses. , , "None that I can see," he I1elDlied. ., So 'startling was the suggestion that the trapper -,.-" I merely looked at the gi17l for an .instant-but; heedless ' of whatller .companions were doing, Helen had mounted to the throne and, with ruthless hapds. p;U.shed the grim watchman to one side, while she poked and , pushed : with the other, . " i' Of a sudden, she uttered a scream and",would have fallen had Bot the t;ra:plDer ,sprung forward just in tiJ:n,e ' to catch he ; r, ' , ... : ' Then let's begin O'llr hunt for the cave as soon as we can!' ' exclaimed Helen, 3ft the same time g.etting from the Doat. • ' As she had given a par1Ji0ula;dy vicious poke at the Picking up their rifles, ' kni;ves and ainmnnition .and block of ice on which the, skeleton was sitting, it taking several pieces of rope, Tutu f0llowed quickly dropped out of , sight!. , . ' making fast the boat. Carrying the girl in his armtl, appr()ached the The throne of the grim watchman. was but a few feet th'l'one 'Bind pee1'ed d0W>l1 nito the @'pening-below .him above 'the edge of the water and as she 'stepped ashore, ' he beh-eld ' a , broad flight of stairs hewn from the ice. Helen for it, quickly taking the key its hand. "Give Helen some . brandy., qu-iek!" he commanded In amazemeht, hoer companions gaied 'at' her-but '( of 'Sykes. And when it had been. done, he ' tnrlTsta revol before they could voice any objectil?ns, she ver into her h , ands, Temoving the key which she held, , "We, have the key from this ha1?-d and we "Com' e , ' bn! 'We.'ve found the lair) ' Be prepared to will now solve t)l:e horrible mystery'!" 'the instant I give the whatever you For several moments, her two comp ' anions ' stoqd in see, c()ntrol yoursel ves. Sykes, you'd better give Helen silence, then the trapper took the keY from her and your flask. She'il more likely need it than you!" examined it 'ClGsely: , But the girl spumed the' offer. "It bears signs of having been used I" he ex' "I 'n wager I can bear wh'at find better' citedly. ( either of you 1" she f1asbed. "Then go' as we are. forw,ardl" yomAnd readily her companio.ns gave their assent. manded Tutu.' " . "Where . do you asked Sykes. . And, with raised, ready' f q:r any "We ca:r;t' t find o:ut by staI).ding tiere and staring gency, the brave trio stepped down into 'the unknown about' us 1" snapped the trapper. "Get busy, both 01 depths of the' island . ' ' ' you , amd see .. if you ca,n find any path 1eading 'llP the But had they known it, tbey n!3ed not, have been cliff of ice :;' . afraid, all , the members of the White Runners were But though they searched for more than half an hour helplessly drunk I ' for even so much as a sp ' ot where they could get a At the end of twenty passag.eway turned foothold, th' ey failed to find one. ' to the le'ft and the little "band of avengers paused in "We've probably struck wrong side ; of the is-mute a:d'miration as they beheld a long corridor cut I'and ; " declared , Ned. '''1 say , we go 'bable , to the ,boat the ice, lighted by,"three lamps Wihose and row arQund it. " . rays were refle ,cted cOlmtless sparkles . "Guess , ;that's the best ' plan-in fact it seems to be Gl'iding forwaFd witp. all caution , of which he 'was the only thing we can do, " returned the trapper. "Come master, Tutu ' ap,vanced, after having signifie d that he , on Helen." And he started toward boat. wished his companions to wait where th{!y I _' But th' e beautiful girl refused to go with them. From both sides Of the passageway , they could see "It's not for that' this skeleton is put on that there were openings-and as the,trapper gained guard here," she exclaimed .. '" My intuition tells me-" the first of these ' , he paused in, ' aIlfazement, then beck"Oh, your intuition!" snapped N ed. ' oned to his companions to join hOO' . ' it you that if Tutu and I try, we can walk Stretched out , on ,the f10dr which was covered with • right up that wall of ice, finding it give way' as we ' exquisite , 'rugs lay six , mel?-," t , h i flagons standing 'and place our hands and feet." lying on their sides proclaiming that they were un FIushing at the sneer in her companion's tone, Helen cons6ious from' drink . . turned toward the 'Waiting only an instant whhe his , " ou 'n listen to me, anyho erea: from tEe shock, Tutn exclaimed. ' , .' "You two stand by with ;our r ' eady . I'm . , J I ' "Surely." going to bind the fiends I" 'Ari.d unwinding one of the ! 'Then what I w thongs he he quickly boUnd it about the near-I the entranc e to the c vme,where about the throne est man's ankles then drew the rope to his 'wJ;'ists, makon which the skeleton IS ' jng the two fast on the same thong. f \' ,.; 1 ,,' f ,;,I \ .. ,I, I ,'" . . ,


AMERICAN vVEEKLY. Fourlothers he served in th, same way-but a-s he The expressions on their faces were terrible to see--approftched the :fifth andi touched his handsthe man sat and he turned from the awful sight, as though he would up .. ' keep the beautiful girl from gazing at it. At the sight of the strangers, he blinked, then burst I But as , he did so, an agonized shout reaehed his ears! into a furious jabberiI).g, yelling and shrieking. "Who are he called. ' . But not long did the trapper allow him to sound the "Wanok-J ack Trainer!" a ,larm. , ' " Where 1" Picking up' flagon which lay close at hand, he dealt "Under where you are standing, being frozen to ,him a terrific blow over the head which effectually si-death-like the poor, devils you see all abouU" lenced \him after which. Tutu hastily bound him. . Amazed, the trapper dropped to his belly and peered "Evidently there are only six 'of the men over the edge of the ice. , if were, ' tkey'd be in response to those Standing in the water, which was dropping over him cries.!" he exclaimed. "Come on to the next room." from a narrow,slit in the ice, his feet and hands'bound Ere the it, however, were amazed to' . by stout steel chains to staples driven into the wall ;,lee several heads peep cautiously from behind the last of icel stood t4,e man fO, r whom the beautiful girl had door on the left. < ' braved so many ,dangers. . . "Shall we shoot 1" asked Ned, raISIng hIS revolVer. "Have good courage! We'll release you!" cried they're women!" Helen. ' sister's with me!" "Jmpossible !" snapped Sykes. "I'm going to Then he sprang to his feet. shoet I" ,"Helen, keep away! You l1lustn't look !It's too dread-But before he had the chance so to do, a voice ' !ried: ful I But we're in time to save your brother! Sykes, take "The tady is right-we are women, slaves to the the girl l>ack to the women and tie bel' IT necessary to devils who call themselves the White Runners. " kcep her there." Y Gasping in amazement, Helen and Ned looked at one Reali""ing that it would 'be useless to protest, Helen, a"nother. Blft rfutu called: ' allowed to led away while the trapper quickly "Tell us how ma:n,y of the White Runners there are! rigged up a ,rope and, with the aid .. of the wOJnen, liber-I've just bound six of themI We are your friends! M.ted Trainer. , . We've come to rescue , you :I" ,And the mystery of the Arctic Circle was solved. "There are' only seven I" replied the first woman. Eventually all,the women were restored to their famiI "Then we've settled for them all-counting the one lies and the'Wbite Runners were given summary justice we got on the ice I" declared the trapper. ' the moment they arrived at a white settlement. But,of ' Recov.eripg fr:,om the shock of finding anyone of her Biram, Shela, Cora and famak no trace was' found, the , sex in the ice cave, Helen walked down to thein. Runners declaring that they had been drowned. "Have 'you seen, anYthing of a man called Wanok who Good fortun\J had favored the oth' ers of Helen's party must have been 'brought 1+ere within a few days?" she on the floe,which had been driven against the solid ice, asked, her eyes bjg mingled hope and fear. • tmd _ they their way to an Indian village where "Yes-if you HuJ'1'Y'You may save him'!" they were found by Helen, Tutu, Sykes and Jack-and "Where is hl??" the daughters of, the Sightless Wanderer were restored "In the Chamber of Horrors I" to him. "Where is iU" cried Tutu, hastening forward. ' \ "At the en d of the passageway-but you can't get to it without the key." ! "Where dan I find that Y' " "One o the Run.ners has it." " ' "why not try the one we f.ound in the skeleton's hand " Helen. Quickly' the sprang to do so and as he placed the piece of brass in the hole in the iron door and exerted his 'strength, he felt it turn I . ",fIhrrah I 1'"e found it I" he cried. "Come on I" B1\t as he turned to what sort 6.1 place he had dis covered, he staggered back in horror! \ I'n a room which was brilliantly lighted and , lower'tpan the level on ,,:hich he "\fas stand ing; 'he' beheld the forms of a score of men and.(women f1'ozcn into the ice! The next issue will pe American Indian Weekly No. 20. \ I entitled


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' , Advellt,yre . .t ','" , 74 . . The ShadGWs of New YoTi<; or The American MonteCristo's Winning TIle Sileot 1';' A Narrative of Genuine Detect:i .. e ' 'St:raregy. Hanel. . 'rile V ei Ja ,!' ,B:ea,l \ t y ; or ,The ili!rstery of the ,Caliiorn' a Briness. 75. 'irh:<; Olel Weird A 1 :ale of ,Marvelou .Hrtppenings Sp'a"iatt'd s Vendetta; or ',A '" 76. 10 IndIa. '" , " ' " lvlqrvc lou Strategy. ' , ' . '" J\ Mys t e ri ous ,Dis appearance; A Singularly Strange, Narrative. ';rhe Great Bond' Robbery ; "or Tracked by a Female Detecli .. e.'. , 77. The Ree l Detective; A Great Tale of Mystery. . Old' Sleuth's Greatest Case; or ea1 -of the RC,ckies." • , Trailed qy the wan Street 'DeteJ'tive; or .l3adge r 'st!l'idir"ight<.Q t. -Long Shado\\Y';t!le D etecUve; A T a le of Indian Tli D e t e d:.ive's Greates t ease; or The Strategy of.' , en." 8_. The Disguise Detective; The ""ierd Adventures of a " 'Trans-.McDarnagh. " . ' ; .• ,. . , form." , 16. 'The GreateSt A'1ystery of the Age; or Saved by tbe Gipsy 83. Young Detective's Great Sha'dow; A Narrative of Extraqrdinary 17. 1'>'a'l'ping Moonshiners; or Strange Adventure. of a GOlferfl,ment ' , ' J;>etect ive Devices. . ' Detec\iVi! in ,Tennes s e e Mountains. ".' ,... . Sil. Stealthy Brock, the Detective; or Trailed to their Doom. 18. ',The J:;inrit DetectIve Among the Cowboy'l>; 'Veird 1'. .sIi. Old Sl e uth to the Eescue ; A Startling Narnitrve o f Hidden Treasure. , . ' a Lost " .' , ,;. ,. 86.. Old the ?venger; being the se • 103. The Lus t oE Hate; b e in g the seque l tt;> .. b ' y all A ss assin." Jaws . , , " ".Ar; . .. _# G d C f S . ,,' Kidnapped ill New Xork; or The Dangers 0 1 'ilGreat, e,ty. 104 . . A 01 en urse; or n'e Harvest 0 in. , Lnre d . bl' a 'Siren; orlIn the Clutches of a Beauti!ul :Blackmailer. 105 . . The Hotel Tra",c , d y ; d r Manfred's Greatest D etective Adventure. o 01 '51 on " 'b,' Th G B II' J06. The Mystery o ' f Room 207: b eing 'the seQuel to The H otel . . , . d e u 5 , numjl ... .,or e reat ronx . ' ]'07. Garcl e m o r e , th e Detecti ve : or the King of t h e " Shadowcrs," , . :{R f Traif fBlood;, Bemg: ,the seaue l to "Old S l euth's Triumph." Jon TI F I C " I ' I I t G dID' . . ,'.' Thet , Band o r the ""Re!! 'Oath; ,J or Run to Cover b y a Government l e ' a t a . <1alr; ,elOg t l e gOo']u e 0 a r emor e , t le e t ectlve. Sp".' " • ,109. The Ma. k : of My.t e r y : o r The .... rler. , • ' " J 110. The Twis t e d Trail :'being th e , c ( '\1el t o the Mask ' o f Myster y . . ', Tempte.d .b y a.. WOj!1a.n i The French Detect;ve's'Narri:,w E scape. 11J. Booth n ell: ' o r The P rince o f De(ective< ,\ ,.,Olll\' t h e Indians . • 41 . The Mill,on D o ll at ConsIP'l,c.v; .. or Old Sleutb'to the R escne. 112. The Beau t iful Cal'ti ve ; h e irg th e con tin u a t i on o f Booth Bel!. 4;2. Accus ed , from the . Coffin; .or The F r u stration of a -Dastardly Plot 113. ,Booth B ell's :Twis t e d T rail; . b e ing; the seq u e l to The ... 4:1. Co?lness Traile d QY "Faithful"'M ike." . ' CaotivC'. . .. • " ' . FOIl e d o y L nve; o r ,The "Mollv Maguires'" Last ,114. The \V all Street , Deleeti"r : 0" H"'rv W ei". the Lip'h t nin g Trailer . .' , 45. TInder a Millio\l Disgn;ses; or Manfred the Met aQ;!otplio 'slst. 115. The B anker's bpi .. " the e M v.l e r v n f a L .... ot Co o k e t. , 1 se"lue! to Und! r a D,sg-ti,ses. " .. 117, The H Olloe of My.teh-: b<:irg the oeq qel to) The 'it{izard's Tmil. The Human" . j3lood Hounq; or The B owcry Detective on the Trail: llR. Old Sl r ,, 'th in YNk' : o r T"" ili n .!i[ a G"cat C"imina!. M al l fr ed's Strang e s t Case; or' F oile d b y the Weird'Detective: ' , 1;19. M anfr ed, ' th e ,IVe"tril o,.., i < ! D e tective; .or Wonderful ilI id night M onteCristo the Ever Ready D e t tctive" A Narrative of Re ." Sh' a rlow o " i n }'!ew York. " . . . Cllmplications. . ' , " '.,., ''Ylld iHn dgc: or 1 bp F en"le Drt ectlve . \ 00. Oldr'fernble, the Iron Arm Detectlve; or The Mystery o f , The Beauti r " C)ld lClec{r i ci ty i n N e w York.; o r ''Ya y n e WinthrllP's T r ail of a fu1 fIe ire!?s l ' ,->1" De:lc S e c ret." ,) 51'. The Stai n of Guilt; or "Old P'lritan" to tbe Rescue. J 2 2 : G a m n l t h e HI'llchhack: p r The A dvert u rc, of ,{Ventriloouist. 5 2 . A , C Q ns piracy' of C r ime; or F,oiling the ' 12r!. ""th P,,,,, d. o r the ,,{ (;I" Old Ma,n5 ion . :' Old in F rance ; or :rd ile!i by the Giant Detective. 124. G alloway . the D e t e c t i ve : or Rupnin:;o: Ihe C rooks to Earth. ,)4. fhe 'fi eaut lful Mystery o f Pans : b emg the sequel to "Old Iron12;; , Old S l euth's Quest : o r A F .ir F a te. " sides/J _ i n France. , 1211, Prest o Qbick ; fJt' Thp. ,;\J('ird ?I. .... ;t gir:"n DMfOctive. 55. 1 : h o Gypsy o n the Trail; o r !,'lo l v in g a Great' j::rime r 127. (lI d T on", or Th .. Giant n e / p c ' iv<: (lilt W es t . fiG. 1he Half13ree d 5 S ecret; A N arrative o f Phenomenal Adventures. l2P.. F o r giol< th e Lin k " h e in!? th .... p, d t o O ld Tron ,i ' IJ-IE ;lillO, !J. s. A. J I '/,''-'\ .. . 1.1 . !,,", ., ..... \ the 'continuation 6f "The AmeriCan M.nte


'. :-:." I . , " , ..... . .. • ! . '0 • . > . . ........ . . .. " , . ( ; ? , , \ ) . .-I ... -:"" ! ' . . : . i ... '.' ... .'\: to " . .tt' .


... : Standing Alone at the Head of Its Class . ... .. . . ...... The . . -.,;.i:;}:'. Indian 'l Q . . • .. . . , " . ' \ . , . . ' . r;. ThiP6 gre a t w e ek l y is a rad i c f l .departure from all o t her five -c ent we e k l ies pub l i s h e d'" ... -.;, . . I . . .;, It h a s the gre ate s t s t ories of frontier life, o f Indian s a11d of the .far Wes t th a t have e ve r b eell .. i ss u ed. . .' ,. . .;.: ,


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