Frank Reade, Jr., and his electric coach; or, The search for the Isle of Diamonds. Part II.

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Frank Reade, Jr., and his electric coach; or, The search for the Isle of Diamonds. Part II.

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Frank Reade, Jr., and his electric coach; or, The search for the Isle of Diamonds. Part II.
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Frank Reade library.
Senarens, Luis, 1863-1939
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New York Frank Tousey, 1893
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1 online resource (30 p.) 29 cm. : ;


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Inventors -- Fiction ( lcsh )
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University of South Florida
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"N ona:rne's" Latest and Best Stories are No 59 { 0 } FRANK TOUSEY. Pqnr.rsnER. 31 & 36 NOR'l'H MooRE SrnEE'r. NEw YoRIC. { 5J'cl t 1, r NCTEs.} Vol. III C 1\IPLI!;TE. Ne w York, 1893. IssuED WEEKLY. Ente.ed acco1dino t o t he Act of Congress, in yettr 1893, by FR.4.Nl( TOUSEY, in the o.(fice of the Librmian of Conmess at Washington, JJ. C. FBJNK HEJDE. JR., AND HIS ELECTRIC COACH; OR, The Search for the Isle of Diamonds. P.ART II. By "" N oname." The coach was upset for the first time A thrill o f dis may shot 't"hrougfl and h e shut off the power He scrambled out through a window and reached the ground.


2 READE, JR., AND HIS ELECTRIC COACH,. Pal't II And His Electric Coach: OR, THE SEARCH FOR THE ISLE OF DIAMONDS. By "NONAME," Author of "Frank Reade, Jr., Exploring a River of Mystery," etc., etc. P .A. ::Fl. T II. CHAPTER XXVI. its formidable teeth, and its roaring grew deep Nor did be flinch, or move an inch. M.AN AGAINST BEAST. er and hoarser, poor Fitzgerald kriew that tlie He held his knifegraspeq tightly in his hand, "PITY me, oh merciful God, or I shall per time had come for him to say his prayers. drawn back and mentally calculated the mo s t ish !" The beast had recoiled a short distance f{om vital spot in the creature's body in which to It was a wild appeal, in weak tones, that him, but never once were his vici ous round eyes plant the keen blade. came through a great cavern in the rocks, and r emoved from the prostrate ranchman, and On came the snarling beast with stubborn the supplicating voice had hardly died away then it came for him at a lumbering trot. courage, and its shaggy paws were h eld in rea when there sounded the trumpeting roar of a Instinctively Fitz,scrald knew tbat it was diness to strikel at J frank a powerful blow, or bear near the speake r, who was wedged in a now intent upon killing him as soon as pos embrace him in a death dealing clutch. narrow crevice in the wall. sible. One step more, and Frank sprang into its The beast could not get in the cleft at the The bear r eached him-stood over himarms. man but it inserted one of its massive .Paws to and--The sharp knife darted forward pierced the the full. of its leg, and by and Crack-b11:ng! hairyneck,waswitbdrawn, and as the creature' s scratching, 1t managed to book the mans }aCk It was a rifleshot at the cave entr ance. blood poured from a gaping wound and its et on its claws,_ and strove to drag its v 1ctim : Hurrah! We are in time! He yet lives!" paws came together, :!frank darted back. out to devour btm. the marksm!\'n. He just escaped annihilation. The man was. Gerald F1tzgerald, whom. Fra:s ReM;e! gasped poor F1tzgerald, recOnce in those massive arms, and th' e breath cuelo, t h e band1t, bad left a bound capt1ve m ogmzmg the v01ce. of life might have all been squeezed out of his the cavern and he had wedged himself in t h e And into the cavern dashed Frank, while the body. crev. ice in the wall by the utmostdifficulty, upon wounded bear with a horri!Jle fell down, A terrible cry of agony esca ed th b b t finding that the cave was a bear's den. and rolled over and over w1th pam. t did d P e ear, u His sufferings for the past two days had been With one s lash of his knife Frank released 1 not go own upon all fours as Frank cal awful, a.s not a drop of water had he to quench the young Englishman, and be was about to culTahted. his intolerable thirSt, nor a morsel of food to arise, when the bear got upon its legs again ere was a moveJ?lent of 1ts liD satisfy the cravings of his hunger. and made a rush for him. mense body, and 1t accelerated rts pace toward Discovered and attacked by the huge bear, Before it could reach him, Frank sprang be Frank. despite his efforts to conceal his pres ence tbere1 tween the ferocious beast and the ranch:i:nan the inventor of the electric it seemed at last as if all was in vain, and that with his knife in his band. coach had h1s ody interposed between Fitz his earthly career was at an end. He had laid his rifle down to liberate Fitz-gerald and the animal, .so that t h e ranch man The long, sharp nails of the sleek, black beast gerald and did not have t ime to recover it, if C?uld nop g_et a shot at it without running the were caught :firrilly and the unresist. ing ranch he wanted to aid his friend. nsk of h1Uing Frank himself. man felt himself being _dragged out of the The bear recoiled for an instant, surprised at stood n ea r the the entrance to the cavern, aperture inch by inch, while at last the bear bad encountering an opposition in Frank, and went outs1de of which stood Barney, Pomp, Vaneyke its entire paw upon him. UI>_ on its haunches. and Panchita. Then he emerged rapidly. Roar after roar of anger pealed from its The moment the bear was near enough to A groan of horror }>ealed from his lips as be mouth, echoing through the big cave like thun Frank again he made another rush and drove rolled over upon the floor beneath the monster's der, and then it advanced upon Frank, its eyes his knife in his throat. bead. glaring like balls of fire. This time the beast caught him. "But after all," he thought, bitterly, "it is "Run, or it will kill you, me boy I" groaned He was drawn close to the animal's body. much better to die this way. A cove cawn't Fitzgerald, arising. 1 .Its gaping mouth was opened wide, and it sufferlong,asi'ave,beJove. Lettbebruteeat "No! I am not afraidofitr dauntleaslyan-madeamot10n as if it was goin@: to bury its me, and that will be an end to my misery, don't swered Frank. teeth in Frank's head and tear it m two, when _you know." "Then I'll take your rifle and shoot the begtbe knife was thrust again and again in its He was resigned to his fate. gar!" eyes, mouth, neck and body, causing it to try As a cat toys with a mouse ere its cruel fangs "Get over near the door, then, and keep our to _get away. -are buried in the hapless victim, the bear snuff friends out of the way. Its snarls, whines and roars were terrible. ed at Fitzgerald, rolled him, pawed at him, and There was no time to say any more. Its body was soaked with its life fluid. ke.Pt up a muttering; growl For just as Fitzgerald grasped Frank's rifle, Frank was covered with it, the walls were Confound you," 1m patiently exclaimed the and slowly made liis way toward tb,e door, the spattered and the floor looked like that of a desperate man, "why don't you set to work on bear started toward Frank. slaughter. bouse, and still the inventor kept me1 The anticipation is far worse than tbel He had met almost every pecies of these stabbing it strong and rapid blows deed. Hey! Boo! Set to--set to!" beasts in every land, in every B:ind of battle, He knew that every ounce of blood the crea-He blew at the struck it with his and under every condition ture lost was r ondering it weaker, and that was knees, and did all he coula to urge it on to end Therefore he knew bow dangerous a fight be so much in his own favor. his life. bad before him. Thus far the beast did not have an opportu But the bear was a titi:e getting mad. He caught the beast's eye with his steady nity to bite him, but its claws ribboned Frank's When it finally bared 1ts gums, d1splaying glance, and held it. clothes, and the convulsive movements of its


Part II. FRANK RE.ADE, JR., AND HIS ELECTRIC 3 :urns g a ve him some squeezing that was far quantity, in ten huge earthen jars, which for he had followed Pomp from the from pleasant. found in the remains of one of the fallen buildoach. He did not attempt to get away from the ings. The coon arose to h1s feet and glared baleful-beast, a nd it was perhaps due to that iact that By the end of the week therr lab.9r..)Yas-fin ly at Barney. A 1 'd h d kl the bear b e came afraid of him as well as from ished. ,,_. "G'wa:ydar, way. sa1 e ar Y the f act that every contact it had with him A late dinner was partaken of, and _atgwme ter cut yer-;-1 !" caused it the pain of a fresh wound. tired in a new suit, Frank h1s r1fle on, ye gortlla, advtsed from ;Frank it fell down upon its and started toward the moun tam to find a place Fatth1 1t s not meself_ as Wrk at gathermg as much several oval top windows cut through the solid "Man to of the magmficent diamonds together _as we rock foundation by which the place was ilium"No-man to beast." can .. The vast tre!l-sure can be safely htdden, ina ted. "Ah I I comprehend, senor." an_d tf w_e ever agam encounter Isaac, the whole In the center of the vast apartment was an "Ifl yonder huge box with apertures, are a thmg_ wtll .revert to me. You remember that arena fenced in by stone, around which were pair of savage pumas formerly kept by Isaac satd so 1 numerous tiers of seats like a circus. no doubt, and I will let them loose, half starved Perfectly well. The arena was strewn with the scattered as they doubtless are, so that those two picaros Then you kno;w we own th1 s 1sle of skeletons of human beings and at one side of may fight them for their lives!" a!ld all on 1t. it there stood a box of stone, with aper' "Bravo Frascuelo I It shall be capital sport." There wtll be no trouble to secure the rtphes, tures and a door in 1t which could be reached "Like the gladiators of old went on the Frank." from the audience gahery. bandit, with an evil look, '1 they shall defend They all among the rums, saw Wondering what kind of circuses the giganthemselves with their hands alone. You can that not a Sl!J-gle .edtfice was left standmg; all tic tribe witnessed in the huge .amphitheatre, see that they are weaponless. For awhile they was a chaot1c rum. Pomp was about to retreat, when some' one may successfully resist the pumas, but inevit It easy matter to the him from behind by the legs, gave him ably they must fall victims to the savage faro Jewels, had been cut w1th sktll, by atv10lent shove, and as a whoop of fearpealed cit! of the wild creatures." these pnmitive people, that outr1valed the from his lips down the stairs he slid head Bravo I" yelled all the men in chorus dework of the finest 1ap1daries in !livilization. first. lightedly. All that day they worked ass1duously among went "Take yoU! seats, gentlemen," continued _fallen ptllars,_ sto!les and _ornaments, ly-poor Pomp, each step thumpmg h1m on the Frascuelo, w1th a most hideous grin, "and I mg m the dust whwh htd from vtew what must face and body barking his shins and scratchwill loosen the beasts from their stone cage so have been a grandeur 6f architecture without ing his hands; as he went skating down on his that we may be amused while we remain here. paralleJ. stomach. To judge by the human bones lying in the arena b1,1t upon heaps of debr1s re-When he reached the bottom he set up a wild now, it looks as if our friend Isaac and his upon whiCh workeq, and. as the howl of agony. frie!J.'ds lnd-qlged in the same sport with their were but loosely thetr crude "Fo' de Lawd sake, who done he roarenemies," settmgs, they were raptdly dts l odged by the ed, pulling a face and tenderly rubbing his He flourished his hand and as his men seated treasure-hunters' kmves. Sa,;y-, done dat, hey!" themselves around the arena, he went over to Fully'!week passed uneventfully by, and its meself that don't know," came the stone cage to open the door, liberate the mg the mterval they collected every precwus the vowe of Barney accompanied by a terrific pumas and let the beasts spring into the ring stone that was t o be seen, amassing a vast explosion of laughter, as he descended the and attack Barney and Pomp. /


READE, JR., .AND HIS ELECTRIC COACH Part II. The two victims shuddered, for they uniter tearing and snarling at each other, the sight from four .or five feet hiSh to thirtJy, of the stood what was said in Spanish. thrilled the spectators through. fine sand m the shape of huge cigars, up They were unarmed. It was appalling. from the ground all over the place, It was And could not get out of t}le arena. Then down they fell and over and over they toward tqe largest of them that the giants car-Indeed had they made III attempt to, no rolled, throwing_up the dust in clouds, tearing ried Frank. doubt rifle in the place wouJd be aimed like maddened fiends at other until their The m!Jde

Part II. FRANK READE, JR., AND HIS ELECTRIC 5 The ants had eaten thousands of holes of the three unfortunates, and Frank saw surrounding the arena_, under through the cloth. six giants speeding away from the .fire,_gomg P!!-lace whwh Isaac once occupied, the But he had more clothing in the coach, and up the mountain, ever and anon at ba:ndits were eagerly leamng over to see the had saved his life, which was all he cared the thundering from the electnc _m)l;' and n!lgro appear. about. chinery of 'Jliich lurid. blue flashes. ttl It IS no he excl_a1med ImWithin rlve minutes he turned a spur of the So he waited until the blaze was over. yet I am. positive, that mountain, and a sudden thrill passed over him The fire burnt itself out in due course, and the there lS a passage this den, and when he beheld a glaring lurid light ahead gloomofnightfell with a starry sky, and Frank the.two men have discovered It and thus m a d e dart up to the sky. himself. tJ;Ietr escape. It stand s to reason sev e n It came from a forest fire and made him feel He had plenty of rope sand blocks in the coach, pistol shots could not blo w them to n o r suspicious. and having found a charred tree trunk that )las. man got the power to make htms e lf The coach went up on an elevation, high would stand the strain, he put up his tackle, abo v e the fire and glancing down he saw that and making a triple purchase to lessen the Let the rest of us search, said one of th e a small cluste'r of dead trees had been ignited, weight, begot the noosed end of the rope around men. and were burning like tinder. the car. "By all m e ans. Come in. We ought not to In a glen amid the trees he saw the doctor, Then he gradually hauled the roof up, and as let them e scape for as the rest of their friend s the ranchman and the girl, bound to three of all the weight was on the bottom of the coach must be n ear, they will no doubt warn the m o f the tree trunks, surrounded by the fire. when she arrived at the angle of balance, the our presence here if they can get away, a nd Within a few minutes their doom would be weight of the wheels threw her over, and she that would put an end to my hope of taking sealed. stood righted. them by surprise." "I must save them I" gasped the horrified Frank removed the tackle, examined the coach "You told us to-day of an object you had in Frank, "but to do it I will have to drive the again, and having placed everything in order, view, of trying to {;et their electric coach in c oach in the midst of that fearful chaldron of he was about to start off in the midst of the your possession," s aid one of the men, as the r est flame, and perhaps sacrifice m,Y own life I" burnt out timber, when he heard a gunshot. crowded into the puma's den and eagerly b e g an He saw a mass of out rocks, and a It sounded close by, and he peered 'out the to examine the walls to find an outlet. small stone house in amid the timber, in back window of the coach. "Yes, and so I have," asserted Frascuelo. I o f the three captives, which he would have to As he did so he number of shadowy may as well explain it to you now as late r o n a void, in the rush of the coach down the hill. figures flitting in amid the charred tree trunks, Far down on the Isthmus of Panama the r e is Firmly grasping the wheel, and having his and saw several more shots fired. the daughter of a rich whom I love an d bearings all taken, he started the Whirlwind "I cannot look for the r emains of my friends wi s h to gain for my a t breakneck speed. now muttered Frank, grimly. "There is hot Bosh, senor, bosh! Why let your love inA way shot tlie coach like a streak of lightwork !l;Oing on the re, and I'll see what it interfere with our work? ning I means. Hold on, my: friend, until you hear all. Th e The road was fearfully. worse, And starting the coach, it dashed in amid the beautiful senor1t a hates me, and once b e for e r e m fact, than Frank 1magmed It wa s ; and as bUrllt trees. pulsed me. But the romance of my life i s not the fiyi)lg Whirlwind went along t!J.e rocks ended, !1-nd I sworn to have h e r by f oul and hollows bounced and swayed It hke a rubCHAPT:J!]R XXIX means 1f not by f a ir. Then to abduct h e r is my ber ball. pl!l-n, and her b e ing thrice a millionaire Down down, C.own 1t shot, straight for the RESOUED FROM THE FLAMES. will gladly p a y a million pesos ransom for his awful blaze, and Frank glanced at the s-hutTHE strange emotion Frascuelo, the bandit only child, for he adores her to the verge of holy t ers, and saw that they were all closed and chief, underwent after firing into the pumas' worship. would protect the glass al!-d keep out the h!lat. den to kill Barn e y and Pomp was caused by Ha that sounds much b ette r. Proceed." On, on, on went the terr1fic race for the hves what seemed som ething supernattlral. The proud and haughty Don shall have h e r


6 F P.E.ADE, JR., AND HIS ELECTRIC CO.ACH. Part H. back when he has paid us the amount e descared tones. "I d'wanter stan' up befo' no A sharp, spiteful crack pealed out from thE> mand." mo' tager-cats an' git shot at by dem yere out-weapon, and as Frank's body was thus inter" And, then 'I'' laws when dar amn't no chance ob 'fendin' yo'posed between the Mexican and the doctor, the "Nay, nay, before then." self." bullet hit him. "What 'I'' "Folly me, ye coward!" said Barney. "Faith, He uttered a stifled cry and reeled back. She shall be my lawful wife." it's this pas'lage lades ter, an' that's "You would steal the maid, and return her to betther'n gain! at all, at all." CHAPTER XXX. the Ilarental roof a He crept along the dark passage, followed by Exactly so and thus we shall all consumPomp, and they presently into a vast IN THE HANDS OF THE ENEMY. mate our desu!es." fissure made by some convulsiOn of nature, THE bullet from Frascuelo's large-caliber re" Bravo, Frascuelo, bravo!" down through the top of which the light almost knocked Fl'ank. down, a?-d "Will you all go with me or not, now 1" streamed. Mexican uttered a shout of tnumph, thmkmg Ay i.y Every one of us, since the object There was a stone door in the wall at one that he killed him. is side but as they could not get it open they By his heroic act Frank saved Vaneyke's life, "And fight for me, my friends, and carry out the fissure a great distance, and finally for the Mexican could not have missed the doc-our plan 1" found that the opening of the top closed, and tor at such short range as he stood from him. "To the death !"came a chorus of eagerly asleft them going along a dark passage again. But fatal as the shot seemed to be, Frank was sentingvoices. Frascuelo smp.ed sardonically. awhile tJ;Iey were brought to a by uninjured. I am satisfied 1" he exclaimed. You all runnmg up agamst a wall, and Barney ht a He had on his shirt of mail. have brave hearts." match, and they found themselves in a square The bandit's bullet shocked him, but could not "But dull eyes, senor." cellar containing a wooden flight of stairs. penetrate the woven steel wire of which the No, no 1 I deny it. Why do you say "It's undher a house we must be," said Bar-armor was composed. "Because we fail to find the means of your ney, snapp_ing his fingers and droJ;>ping the Before Frascuelo fro!TI_his astonish two captives' escape." match, which burnt them. "There s no way ment to see Frank standmg unmJured from a "Then let the matter rest, and we will lose fer it now, me schwate rosebud, but to go up shot at not three paces distance, our hero fired no time to anticipate them, for by finding their thim same." a ball at the Mexican that took off his hat. friends before they are warned, who knows but "Yo' go fust," said Pomp, lag!ling behind. It was followed by another that went through what we may t:ake them by surprise and not "I will, but if it's an imp well mate above, the big rascal's side, andelicitedahowlofagony onl' capture them, but gain possession of their shure it's yerself I'll git l:iehoind, ye tarrier. from him. coach oy means of which we can easily cover Git a grip on me coat-tails now, an' I'll jerk yez "Fire on them I" shouted Frank, as the ban the hundreds of railway travel we might other-black hoide up in the air as quick's ther hang-dit chief ran away. "Give them hot shot, and wise have to undergo on horseback." man's a-goin' ter to do it fer yez, whin we gits get on board the coach." They left the pumas' den, jumped into thP back ter Readestown." A volley from the doctor, Fitzgerald, Barney, arena, and by climbing upon the shoulders of They went up the stairs and entered a small and Pomp followed, and Panchita made a dash the tallest guerrilla, they got up in the audi-house, by means of a door, and found that it for the coach, when down from the hills rushed torium, and pulled the tall man up after them. contained only one room. the six men of giant stature who had tried to Then ascending the flight of stone stairs, and There was a door at one side, and Barney have Frankdevouredaliveon the white anthill. passing through the trap door, they came out flung it open. Armed with spears, bows and arrows, the amid the ruins of the city. A yell of horror pealed from his lips. savages, to avenge the destructi"n of their once Close by they beheld the electric coach stand-He sprang back, followed by a sheet of flame beautiful city, fired a volley at both Frank's and ing unguarded. and a cloud of smolre. Frascuelo's party, and one of them caught the The savages had taken Vaneyke, Pancbita, "Begorra, we're in ther middle av blazes!" girl and daslied in amid the rocks with her. and Fitzgerald away few moments he 1,elled. He knew that Isaac, his chieftain, was in Jove previously, for Isaac's men had found them De house am on fire 1" gurgled Pomp. with the girl, and would be thankful to have weaponless, and stunned them with their clubs. "Divil a bit, but ther house is in ther middle her in bis power. A second glance showed the bandits tbe ten av afoire." Both the bandit's and Frank's party1 now at-jars of diamonds, and a shout of joy pealed from "Help, help 1" tacked by a common enemy, had to jom forces, their lips. The wild supplication came from out in the after a fashion, to repel the savages. "The peo_Ple are gone," cried Frascuelo, mad flames. It made them both mad to have to do it, but with a delirious joy at thus finding the vast "De doctah's voice I" roared Pomp. there was no other recoursei for if they didn't treasure all ready for him to take away. "Be-"Save us 1 Oh, for God's sake, save tiS!" the giants would kill them al fore they come back, we must have these ten It was another agonized voice. So, foes as they were, they mingled together jars of diamonds hidden down in the am phi"An' that, bedad, is Fitzgerald," said Barney. and fired shot after shot after the giants, who theater where we just came from. Then we Together hey rushed out the door;and just sheltered themselves behind the rocks, and will return to get the coach. Heaven be praised ahead of them they saw the three bound cap-then sent their spears and arrows whistling for this gift. Set to work now with a will, tives in danger of being roasted to death. down from their elevation at the Mexicans and and, po r dios, we will soon have everything Out flashed their knives, and blinded, burnt coaching party. our own waYi To work I To work!" and choking, they rushed up to the half-faint-The moment Fitzgerald saw the girl of his And setting the rest an example, he seized ing ca:ptiveshcut them free, and fairly choice carried away, he dashed after the upon one of the huge jars, and began to roll it them mto t e stone house, the door of whwh who held her, resolved to save her or die at-over to the open trap door. they slammed shut. tempting the feat. The others followed his example, and they They were not a moment too soon. The abductor left his friends and fled from soon had the vast trea9ure of the isle of diaThe unfortunates were hastily revived, and the island with the girl, Fitzgerald in hot pur. monds hidden down in Isaac's palace cellar. as the heat from the burning timber became so suit, his English blood boiling ; and yet It was while they were all underground dis-great about the house, they retreated down into he was afraid to fire at the giant for fear of posing of the' that Frank came back, and the cellar, where they exchanged stories. hitting the girl, with whose body the man pro-went away wtth the coach. Night had fallen before they found that the tected his own. The wrath of the bandits was intense when fire was out, and that they could venture away It was unfortunate that Fitl!:gerald left they found the Whirlwind gone, upon emerging from the stone house. Frank's party as his absence weakened it in again, and with the determination of stealing "Let us return to where we left the coach, case they had to turn on the Mexicans when it they. went up the mountain under Frascuelo's for Frank must have come back, and will be the siege with the giants was ended. lead to find out in which direction it had gone. exposed to great danger from the bandits and Shower after shower of hissing arrows and In the meantime Barney and Pomp had found the savages," said the doctor. "If Frascuelo's whistling spears came flying from amid the a d?or in the wall of _the puma's den, quite by II!en have t)le coacJ:I1 and. found the r

Part II. FRANK REA.DE, JR., .AND HIS ELECTRIC 7 "Have any of you seen where they:disappear-we will have to go along, whether we want to the doctor entered the pilot-house ed asked Frank. or not." and and Pomp remained where they Nobody answered. "It is just as well," assented Vaneyke. "You were They were all mystified. see, it will be hard for us to find out where they followed the inventor. Hurrying over to the coach, they entered by put the treasure unless we are with them." /'Start de coach!" he exclaimed. "We go the back door. My opinion is that the jars are amid t)le southward. If you play de treachery I kill you But only to find Frascuelo and his men all ruins of the White City." .. ..,-both lika de rats !" crowded in t.qere, and each one with a pistol in "Why do you think they are not somewhere He tapped the butt of his pistol meaningly, his hand aimed at their heads I and Frank grasped the wheel, started the coach They were caught in a trap. "Simply because they are too heavy to take and they left the island. "Hands up I" ordered Frascuelo, sternly. any distance without help." Far to the southward they traveled, our They had to obey. "That seems to be a sensible theory." triends wondering what had befallen Panchita "Drop your weapons." "Now we must plan a means to get the best in the hands of the giant, with Fitzgerald furAgain they complied. of them." suing them, and by nightfall they went ou on "Resist," said the grim Mexican, "an' I killa "Have you anything to a rolling plain. you all!" "Yes. It must appear to occupy four of us For several hours the coach thus went along, They saw that he meant it. to run the coach a long way." Frascuelo dozing on the settee in back of the The Mexican stripped them of their weapons. Ah I It is your scheme to have us all at two prisoners. "Bind them hand and foot," he said in Span-liberty." Then Frank suddenly descried the dark shad-ish to his men. "By that means we would stand an easier ow of a growth of timber, called an "island" Our four friends felt very glum when they chance to escape." in the prairies. found themselves lying upon the floor, bound "Then you arrange it to suit yourself with Amid the trees he saw the twinkle of camp hand and foot, at the mercy of a cruel bloodless the outlaws." fires, and presently he turned on the search enemy, who was thirsting for their iives, and "Leave that to me; all that the rest of you light, the brilliant shaft darting upon the the electric coach in his power, to do with it as must do is to assent." 1 trees. he pleased. "Careful, Frank, careful! Frascuelois watch-By its light he saw that it was an .encamp-They bitterly reproached themselves for noting us." ment of cavalry. attributing the mysterious disappearance of the 'I' he doctor's timely warning put Frank upon He glanced at F:;ascuelo, but the bandit was Mexicans to their entrance in the coach. his guard fol"' he could not see the bandits, yet dozing, and then quietly steered toward the However, it was then too late to give away to owing to his back being turned toward them. camp, the wild hope arising in his bosom of getregrets. Frascuelo came in from the next compartting help. "Why don't you kill us, as you are so bitter and at them., The doct?r It, too, and could scarcely for all we have done to asked Frank No conspmng, senors, warned he, with an suppress his exCitement. tauntingly of the robber chief in order to draw sc!?wl. On rushed the coach, Frank mcreasmg speed him out. "We don't want to live in this con01:!-, carelessly sa1d Frank, we were Just every moment. dition" planmng to get the best of you." But a tap on the back caused him to glance That shall come in de good time," quietly ".Candid," the outlaw. "But I around. replied the dark-faced fellow, pulling at his beNeve you, senor. stood J;>ehmd pale and furwus, flowing black mustache, as he fixed a keen and we to remam bound captives all the With a revolver pomted at his head l penetrating glance upon the inventor. "But tllf.e ., --for de present I keepa you all dat you suita my DeCidedl:J7, Frascuelo. Do you purpose, carramba !" me for de CHAPTER. XXXI. "Ah-you wan't to make use of us, eh 1" I do And I am glad you hke this THE KEG OF POWDER. "I makayou drive dis coach for me down to ., de Isthmus growled Frascuelo sharply. "TuRN aroun' de coach, or you are wan dead "What for'/" "Because won't be able to move out of maJ?-1" the Mexican, a dangerous glit" Dere is wan beautiful senorita dat I must it, unless--term his Jet black eyeskas he saw what Frank take from home for de ransom" "Unless what!" intended to do. "Quic -turn or I fire!" "Ah And then 'I''' "We are all liberated to work the-coach for "Foiled I" exclaimed Frank, bitterly. "I marry de lady myself Ha ha ha !" you." The doctor nudged him encouragingly, and "But suppose I refuse what 1" "It shall be done," quietly replied Frascuelo, quietly twisted tlie screw of a binding :post "See de knife in my I take it out I a meaning look sweeJ!ing over his coarse severing connection so that with a cut your friend's head off." tures, after posting a guard, th!J bandits br?J>:en Clrcmt no power would operate the "Fiend 1 Beast I" turned mto the berths, and Ieft our fnends the dr1vmgwheels. "You do try to foil me again 1 cut off de hard floor to sleep on. The Whirlwind began to slacken speed. head of anoder wan too." It was late next day before they were all Frank realized at once what the doc" And you would murder each one until I up and. had the1r brea:kfast, and Frascutor had done, and gave the wheel a turn that obey 'I'' elo whispered somethmg to one of his men. sent the coach off at an angle with the course "Si, senor 1 Refuse for de last, den you go de ?;he fello"Y and went she had been pursuing. same way!" I am togiva you all de hberty now, The gong-lever was in reach of the doctor's "Heavens, what a foul wretch !" the hand, al!-d he turned it withou_t permitting Frascuelo grinned and chuckled a moment Are dryly questwned Frank, who the bandit to see w _hat he was domg. then he growled : dete?ted a meaning the sinister a fearful ringing clatter pealed out. "You will do what I say or not j'l on h1s enemy s face. "That iS good news. Yet It was scarcely necessary. "Under compulsion-yes." "You not do need somebody to help you The glaring streak of electricity .from the "Bueno! Now I tell to rou wanting" work de coach!" search light had alarmed the bivouacked sol" Go on; I am listening.' ;; It needs four us!::<> it." ., diers and they were heard to give bugle calls "I have de ten jars of jewels an' we hide anddrumrollsofalarm,thatarousedthewhole dem !" "Oh, quickly sa1d Frarik, "that was because camp. "Ah 1 Then they m t t b th' 1 d, everything was in readiness. It takes one man Moreover, the search light had showrt them us ye eon lS IS an to steer, another to operate the levers and keep to be U.S. troops. Frank. ., a lookout, one man to lubricate, and another Frascuelo was wild. we I get dem, to watch the dynamo and machinery on a long What is dat savagely asked. the chief1 an I dem on d1s coach, trip. Two men could manag;e on a short "A gong," demurely replied Frank. MeXIco, an dem., journey. Now, how are you "Stop it." "So we are '!ut of It, eh I ''You an' de old man steer, eh ?' "I can't l I am not ringing it." Alia time, senor. Now remember"Generally. My other two friends usually 'Who is den!" remember. remain in the coach Th 1 t t He shoo'k his knife at Frank and turned to e e ec riC curren his companions In Spanish he addressed the Den d9-t 1s de way we now will do It. Frascue_lo looked puzzled, as he could not un, 'th. m Just then the man whom he sent out re-derstand it. WI turned. '"Den put on more speed" said he "Now, boys, there must be the best in the In his hands he carried some heavy shackles "You saw how I did it didn't 1" queried land to eat and drink on this curious machine. of pure gold which he had found in the cellar Frank Find the food and _wine, and a merry feast Isaac's palace. De: lever No. 1 you turn aroun'--" revelry we Will hi'. oe to-1!1ght after our Without saymg a word, he Frank "Then see, to increase speed, the further it is fatlg!!.e, and to-morrow we will start on our and the doctor by their wr1sts and turned the faster the machinery works and the long Journe{'.'' ankles, a short stout gold chain of curious coach goes. There it is turned, Frascuelo s men needed no second workmanship linking them within two feet of The coach made a little spurt. ahead, usinl> up but scatte:ed all over the coach, a0;d it made each other. all the current there was left in the copper wires Fr.ank wr1the to see. them rummage mto ever:yBarney and Pomp were served m the same then it stopped. thmg, and Pomp fairly groaJ?-ed to. observe his manner. Hello I What does this mean'1 Has the rna larder ransacked of the choiCe edibles he had One key locked the antique padlocks, and chinery broken cried Frank feigning prep!l-re_d. when they were thus secured, Frascuelo took the utmost amazement. W1thm a few mmutes the table was spread the key and severed their first bonds. "Holy Virgin !" yelled Frascuelo franticall with the food, all the best drinkables, "You are free!" he exclaimed. "Arise an' Start it I Make it go I De soldiers are comiJg and. the laJ?-d-pirates fe!Lsted an.d made go to your running dis way !" late m the mormng, leavmg our fnends The four prisoners got on their feet gladly "I can't! There is something the matter.'' ly!pg upon floor. !lnough, as they were cramped by their fasten "Move on I 1\<(ove on, or I'll kill you!" It IS evident that they have stolen the d1a-mgs. roared Frascuelo wildly and hidden them, as FrascueJ? boasted," 9ne ?ould not walk without taking the other I tell you again I do anything." wh1spered Frank to the do?tor. must With him.. The bandit drew a bead on Frank threatenfind out where t)ley are. tbat, it seems They might JUSt as well have been m prison that they are gomg on a long )Ourney, and as as to be fastened that way and their hopes of li Dis is -de las' chance!" he hissed they want us to manage the coach for them, freedom rapidly diminished. Oh, don't fire. It will go against you if


8 those soldiers enter the coach, COf.I!Se on the floor!" coolly You are right "panted dey must not get in. I know how to doors and windows up 1" He shouted to his men to be upon and closing the doors and windows, two of his men to:guard the prisoners drawn knifes. If dey speak a word to betra1. us, wind pipes!' was his fierce order. 'De "n'"""'"'''' bullets cannot penetrate de coach, an' try parley with dem. RemembeJ:, you fellows, word will cost your lives, an' rmean it too!" Frank saw that he did. JR., H I S E LECTRIC COACH. Part II. with their rifles, and with a detuface, showed him how m uch Frascu elo dreaded the officer yelled: his situation. don't explain the mystery of this elec-His swarthy face was twitching, and he kept I'll drive you out with bullets and looking down at the floorhand uneasilr. lifting do as I say 1" first one foot and then t e other, as 1f he al felt confident that they were not in ready felt the ignited keg of powder ready to and retained silence yet, as he did burst under him at any unexpected spot and what reply to frame moment. 1'he officer waited fully five minutes. "Make de terms with me 1" groaned the ban Then he turned to his men. dit desperatel,r "Fire!" he exclaimed. Certainly, assented Frank. "You are al, volley pealed out, and a dozen bullets to leave the coach." the coach. "No!" said Frascuelo, in decided tones. they rebounded without doing it any "You will have to, or you will get blown to and when the lieutenant saw what litieces." With a rush the coach came upon a solitary thR.t vvas stanrling athwart their path, and, although Barney tried to avoid it, the long, sharp ram over the cow-catcher struck it. There came a terrible shock. And decided to keep still. tle use it was to thus waste his cartridges, "I sooner die dis way dan have de soldiers Could the troops but see us chained up this Frank heard him shout to one of his men: arrest me way, would suspect foul play, and demand "Bring me a keg of powder. I will plant it "Very well," Frank1 serenely. "We will a reason, he cogitated. under this coach and blow it to pieces. There all get blown up together.' A man came and stood over the two with his is something queer about matter. If its He sat down, as if thoroughly satisfied to drawn knife and another one served Pomp and inmates were honest men, they would not be await his fate in quietness, and the Mexican Barney the same way, while outside they could afraid to answer and give an account of them-glared wildly out tJre winrlow again. hear the pounding of horses' hoofs and knew selves, and since rifle bullets cannot open a way "Dios miol" he asped, turning an agonized that the soldiers were fast approaching. to the interior, I will employ a means that will. look upon Frank, dey are fetching de keg now Frascuelo walked over to one, of the windows. Hurry up, boys hurry up 1" -hear it-hear it 1" Outside, he saw a number of soldiers mount-Frascuelo looked frightened. Two voices below the coach began to speak. ed on circling around coach, and "'Holy Mary!" he panted, turning to Frank "Plant it right }n the said one :oice. then a man m tne costume of a lieutenant adimploringly. "Start de coach!" "The;e, tha;t do. Here IS the five mmutil .anced up to the cow-catcher, and shouted : I'd rather not replied the inventor calmly fuse. Ill fix 1t. Hulloa 1 Is there any one on" Since we four a're doomed to certain death al: ::Got a match 1" board 1 ready, we may as well all go together: "Yes. There. I 11, light 1t now. Frascuelo d1d not answer. "No no 1 Ave Maria! I spare you. I swear Look out. There s fifty pounds of powder "Open the door and come out!" shouted the it!" there. officer. "y 1" I ldn't t t 1 "Run I The fuse is lit!" 'fhe only sound that came from the coach was ou re a la_r. wou rus Frascuelo sank down in the settee, as the two the steady sputtering hiss of the search lif!;ht, good dear Thmk of the men dashed away completely overwhelmed while now and then a livid blue glare of hght hornble fate a waiting us. with fear. belched out from the wires at the sides and "Don't get too endearing, Frascuelo. It don't He now believed that FranK could or would under the coach. become your brutal nature." not move the coach on, but did not see him Th.e lieutenant rode off a few yards, and call-Frank saw that he had. his enemies at his connect the circuit again, and did not know ed hiS men. mercy now, and the look of abject terror delin-that a simple tu r n of the lever would send the A file of soldiers at his command took aim at ated upon every lineament of the bandit chief's coach on.


FRANK RE.ADE, JR., AND H I S ELECTRIC 9 As the rloctor kept the coach running close to and even with the cab, Frank reached ove1 the railing, and sei.zing hold of Panchita, h& lifted her off the engine onto the Whirlwind. "Four muttered Frascuelo in hor-Frank glanced at his friends, enjoining them the sentence, pointing skyward with rather a ror. to remain behind. significant gesture. Frank's friends did not say a word, for they Frascuelo shook his fist at Frank as he was The others looked solemn and then laughed. knew what he was designing, and were satis-going. Pomp glanced out a window, tied to trust their lives to him. "Remain, you dog, and get blown to death I" "De so'diers hab licked de Injunsl" he exBelow the coach they heard a faint hissing he hissed, malevolently. claimed. sound. The outlaws dashed into the carriage, and "A.hl And our friends 1 queried Frank It was the slow match burning down to the Barney and Pomp came hastily into the pilot with a look of relief. powder keg. house. "Dey am off de mustang sir an' wif de ossi Frank glanced out the window, and saw that "If we attempt to follow them off the coach," fier atalkin'" the soldiers retreated in a)Jlong the trees, said Dr. "they will fire upon us and "Good! They will all be taken care of new." and were lookmg that way. settle our fate. -., "Isaac an' de yudder giant am gone another sight met his view that filled "There is ?O sai!'l "'Yith a laugh. "And the Indians 1 h1m w1th alarm. The machmery IS all r1ght, ana 1n a moment "Runnin' like blazes sah .Around timberland swept a band of In-I will start the coach. W:e have got two min,; "What are the d1ans, and m front of the mustang-mounted utes yet, before _thefuse:w1II reach powder, "Some ob dem am pursuin' de Injuns an' they_drove a _horse, upon the back of he added, glancmg at 1)1s watch. Now brace some is arter us." wh1ch Panch1ta and F1tzgerald were bound. up yolll'-nerves." The Indians were flying from two "Shure, an' they must be off be this time," We will retur!l to presently. But who were moun ted on ponies and commg on nervously said Barney listening and hearing where are the MexiCans 1 after them full tilt. no sound, for they could not see, as the retreatIt needed but one glance to show Frank that ing bandits had closed the door after them. Eh 1 the pursuers were Isaac and the man who had Frank grasped the lever, turned caught "Here!" repeated the voice-Frascuelo's voice, staten Panchita from the woods where the doc-hold of the wheel, and the coach glidea ahead, as the door that communicated w1th the coach tor had been bound with the two prisoners. when, with the roar of thunder, the keg of opened with a bang. Too late to retreat, the Indians saw the solP,Owder burst. "Shure they didn't lave ther coach at all, aij


10 :..Ill" cried Barney, '.'but ther oHcll""" been in ther next room all What the Irishman said was Frascuelo and his men were doorway, the bandit chief wearing a uuuuHc<>wLte lower part of which was graybeard. A look of alarm and amazement overJspreadllfra.scuelo, his face upon observing the cattle actions, for they were getting away own property, and it was evident that drunk and desperate. He turned hastily in tlie saddle and a young girl, who accompanied him, to go back amid the bushes from which they had just rid den, but the beautiful white mare upon wh ichiSpimiin,g the girl was riding had been scared at the made by the rascally cowboys, and became un-1u.u.utta Indeed, it had fairlJ; reached black stallion bestrode by the before the beautiful young girl, mate courage and skill, managed more under control. Enraged at the despoilers of his stock, the gentleman suddenly turned again to the and cried: Go back to the plantation and summon as-Is sistance, Juanita1 and I will endeavor to their marauding. "Oh, papa, I fear for your life!" cried frihtened girl. Have no was the stern reply, "but go and do as I tell you !" The girl could not quell her fears, her father, and the moment the """u"'-""'an left alone he _put spurs in the lion and dashed up to the cattle "Stop !" he shouted, pulling a vers from his sash, and covering the cowboys. "Let that cattle be, or as there 1s a Heaven above us, I shall fire upun:1an u you!" Don Ramon de Castro !" yelled one of ranchmen, reining in. The name passed like wild fire from mouth mouth, and one after the other the reined in their_ mustangs. The leader of the gang had a broncho seemed filled with fire1 and the beast sped and came up behind tne Don with a rush, out of the man's hand there whizzed a the folds of which dropped over the old !l"u"'"-I''"J : : man's head. l As the noose fell over him, and the twwh.nv''QI -:! broncho dashed on, the old man's 1 pinioned to his sides, and the weapons hands Were rendered useless, While With a OW, V shall be gratified," said Frascuelo throbbing though with un: at the ease with which his plans this stranger, papa, for he has singularl;y evil face-that makes with dread. "Bosh I it is pure nervousness, my dear child." "Oh, I do not forget the obligation we are ---,_--,---for what he has done, but I distrust is so repulsive and yet me about h1m, but I cannot place the coarse voice, the wicked glance er,e, the swaggering walk, or the lurking rascality in every gesture he makes." You ar,e morbid, and do him an injustice, You will see-you will do well Frascuelo !" he exclaimed drn.wing up. father and daughter uttered ejacu of terror upon hearing that dreaded -!'"''.'""'' "'" name. protect us, we have been dup ed! Don, flinging an arm around his and fee1inj\ of his sash for a both pistols were lost when he from his stallion back by the lasso thief. in a trap, senor!" Frascuelo den jerk he was torn from his saddle. Down upon the ground h!Ol was hurled great violence, and a shout of derision from the cowboys, as they saw the to the gronnd as the electric pause, and advanced, bowing, and his daughter. treacherous cur !" cried the girl drive your cattle to market for fellows we drove off," pro You are defenseless, and this coach at our present rate tlying out of his hands. The broncho scarcely had time to Ramon, when under the lasso steer, and the old man was jerked back by the rope catching on its short He clung to the shaggy hair of the beast, hope we arrived in time great injury'/'' the soft, polite tones of vutu'"'"'!V have saved my life, sir, gratefully. "I have but done my dut,r, senor." "Allow me to thank scorned my love, and repulsed Ill;Y iutute advances to marry her. Now it .1s intention to hold her for ransom. It will


Part H. cost you one million posos senor I" Abominable wretch !" shouted the perated man furiously. "You know my disposition too well agine I am jesting," the bandit "Soon we will let you go. This noon. To-morrow night, at J o'clock, I shall expect to see church of the Deserted City ransom in bank-notes which must come alone, and plar, no And were I to ''Your daughter's mutilated be sent to :l'ou-'' "Oh, God help me I" "If you comply, as soon as Ill(. hands, shall ha yotJI cuuglllct:l' This is teJrrit>l--teJrnt>Je "Now that you know the conditions, -which shall1t be 1" "Give me time to consider, I implore "No I Is your daughter's life worth less money to you 1" "Good Heaven, no! But this crime-humiliation. Oh, it is more than lean ly bear. Accursed dog, I will.kill strangle the life out of you!" And so saying, the desperate man fiercely at the bandit, and caught him throat with both hands. A hoarse cry of rage escaped Frascuelo, as he recoiled, while Juanita screamed, and fainted from excess of terror. jpar!'rnEmt For an instant the two men Then Frascuelo dealt the infuruited Don blow on the head with the butt of his that rendered him senseless. The coach was stopped, they carried him out, and laid him on the ground to recover alone. Then the coach went off toward the settle ment, in order that the bandit might see success his men had with the cattle. CHAPTER XXXIII. THE D -ESERTED CITY, WHEN the. coach reached the town, rascueH> found that his men had disposed of mon's cattle without much trouble, bandits divided theproceedsoftherobbery, AND HIS friend; his daughter is in enter the coach you will fastened to an cannot get away suspicious, and was about bandit chief doubled the struck it with his heel, and terrific jerk, it broke where he shot ahead suddenly, and around. was intense to see what hap-from the coach !" he shouted to his coach, and with a a mile ahead of the bandits and his friends. ensued. one our friends were coach It may break other the four adventurers were swift going coach, and they fell torn, stunned and shocked. the quartet none of their bones a state of affairs that Frank did and h e might have continued the Ln1cun v'"'sa1cwn had not a priest suddenly emerged bushes where he had been gath to make medicine. questioned him about the Deserted


12 JR., AND HIS ELECTRIC COACH. Part II. C d t d th f t th t t behind his back and was so weak from but it was doubtful if the bandits had any,'fo! weset of blood that he scarcely stand up. deserted city afforded nothing to eat Ot' hills. They are going to hang him!" cried Frank, dr,t,nk. ., A rich man had founded a city, built anflrily. "Hear them yell." They cant long, satd Fran);: factories and stores, and for many years ,y Ah;-whata pity!" the doctor, fintshto the w1ll starve them out, if place throve until a terrible chagres fever broke the broken w1re. we cant get at them. out among the inhabitants, and swept them Lord!" roared Barney\ enter!Jtg there no other.mode of escl!-pe .for them away like chaff before the wind. of hand grenades ana dashmg thl!-n an_d wmdows on th1s stde of the Since then the place was deserted unhealthy platform. Go for thim bastes, bmldmg questwned the doctor. and had fallen to decay. or be me sow!, it's clane inter "None that I beheld." Such was the brief history of the place and me carry me in wan minute ter Frank had scarcely made the last remark the riest went away. them hoo wid these grenades!" there sounded a thunderous crash over not do for us to remain here," said De brushes am on!" announced Pomp, com therr heads that shook the coach from roof to Frank, "for the priest will tell the authorities in. truck, and they glanced out and saw a huge of the town that we are here, and they may Then away we ,f$0 save that poor fellow stone fall.. come to arrest us for the cattle robbery." the lynchers! cned Frank, turnmg the It J;lad h1t on top of the pnot-house. You can depend that the soldiers will be at starting lever and grasping the wheel. Thts roof was made of corrugated steel the Deserted City to-morrow night too," said And away shot the Whirlwind on its errand plates. the doctor, "for you told the old fellow that of mercy. : They are,?n oftliechurhh bombarding us you expected to meet Frascuelo's bandits there, The bandits heard it coming and glanced w1th rocks 1 cned Frank. and secure Don Ramon's daughter from them." around. He started the coach forward at full speed. "So much the better, doctor. If we need help Instantly a dozen revolvers were aimed at Scarcely had he done S? when a perfet showwe will then get it." Barney. er of rocks came thundermg down on the spot ""Where shall we go-to Don Ramon evacuated by the coach. "It will do no good. He may not HAPTER XXXIV One glanee upward showed the bandtts yet. The best plan for us to follow, in C on the roof of the church hurlmg the broken avoid suspicion is to go directly: THE DUEL IN THE CHURCH. masonrr. down at them. serted City and carry enough frrut "HAUL away on the rope and hang him!" "By Jingo 1 Ftank, they might have firnshed to last until to-morrow night. We can It was this.stern command that peale_d from us then," the doctor. "We did not leave ourselves in the church, and thus be on Frascuelo's !tps as he saw Frank steermg the ani': too soon. spot where the bandits are to meet Don Ramon captured Whiriwind toward the cross beside Send a few shots up at them, boys, called in e:ood season." the church, upon an arm of which they had Frank. l"'But suppose the rascals have gone slung a rope to lynch the captain of the guard Barney and Pomp setzed the1r nfi!'ls, there themselves." who had oeen impaled. the began peal out, the bandtts raptdly "We can avoid them by exercising some care The bandits had their weapons pointed at vamshed from vtew. until we get a chance to aet on the coach and Barney, who stood out upon the platform. in r,rank brought the to a pause. secure our weapons." front of the pilot-house, and they were taking We are at a safe dtstance from them now, "Only give me ther loikes av wan hand gren-aim to fire, when the Irishman let fly a grenade. he remarked: ade" said Barney "an' be heavens I'd clane It struck the foot of the cross. They remamed there until the ntght was far the' worruld av tni greasers who ain't got no There came a terrific explosion. advanced. roight in it." Up in the air flew a mass of dirt and stones Then they descried Don Ramon approaching They left the timber, and after an while the white cross was tor)l to pieces, and through one of the streets mounted uponed travel came to the Deserted City. the remains of it flew in all directions. mu,stang. It was a mere village-everything The unfortunate soldier was killed outright, He cautiouslv drove up to the church, dis adobe bricks, the roofs tiled, and the and although many of the Mexicans were mounted, left his horse standing and entered narrow as those in most Mexican wounded by the flymg missiles, none received the crumbling edifice. the sewer troughs running any fatal injuries. Fra;nk sent the coach near the church. middle. They scattered, uttermg the wildest cnes; As 1t came to a stop agam, there suddenlJ A scene of desolation was spread before "Give them another!" shouted Frank. sounded the hoarse voices of men shouting in four. "Wid me best regards!" roared Barney, as side, mingled with Juanita's voice screaming,, Not one house remained standing in its entire-let anotller drive. and a volley of pistol shots. ty, the crumbling walls being festooned with Boom 1 went bursting dynamite shell in There is a row !" muttered Frank. creeping vines and moss, while the gaunt re-the midst of the flying horde, who were head-He impetuously snatched up his repeating mains of the huge factories and stores, with ing for the church door. rifle, sprang from the Whirlwind, and was caved-in roofs, demolished walls and weedOne of the ban

FRANK READE, JR., AND HIS ELECTRIC faith, -since it cost me such an effort to and drive them to this IJlace for you, of some care and attention!" the gang drew out his knife, a group some distance away


I I I' AND HIS ELEC'l'RIC COACH. Part II. a strange assertion. I do not under "To whom do you affinity and her fr,iend." Panchita and The soldiers saved them from the In done gone," said Pomp, niggruh mighty s uar' dough, do any good, you simpleton. I How yo' 'spec' Frascue l o weight ter liide de big jugs rest of his men ha' ter h e lp doubt that part of it," said Frankl Frascuelo is such a sly, cunning rasca would not leave any one know where treasure is hidden. He don't trust hi s out of his sight. He don't wan t by them. They would do it to all for themselves." spec1 den 'I'' got hts men to help him hide the But I'll bet he returned alone to the spot, removed the diamonds from the jars, and put them in some other hiding place."


Part II. FRANK READE, JR., AND IJIS ELECTRIC lf> Pomp laughed long and loud, for the notion From where?" struck him comically. "It was caught in the church yard." "Reckon yo' ain't got no confidence in Fras" But whither are you car:.;ying it 1". cuelo and his men said he. To the town, to present 1t to a fr1end meantime holdins a. dagger con flowing sleeve of his vestment[ finished his work and drie< of cotton-wa3te, asked "Not a Ah there is the coach will kill it, and stuff the skin for me, as around the bend in the addicted to a collection of natura-l eu!Tio)sifie:s. While conversing they had been riding slow" 'Why didn't you kill the reptile yourself ly ahead and now saw the Whirlwind,standcauturing it?'' you will be so kind and conde ing beside the trees. t. Because I would thereby have spoiled thollsc:eniling. In the pilot-house stood Dr. Vaneyke, Barney skin, no it is run by electricity." Juanita and Don Ramon all of whom waved "Ah, I see, sa1d the MjlXJcan, as he what use do r,ou the coach?" their hands to Frank and the darky when they drew a tiny vial from his have utilize it to run down a saw them riding up. there no danger of the snake wnth1ng The moment our friends were within the and bursting off the lid of your basket, coach, and ex:anations followed, tho two In usfather?" tangs were chased away, and Frank turned ; I have a dread of it, I must confess the doctor and asked h1m curiously: Then let me stupefy the creature w1th "How did you happen to get on my track up drug in the vial I carry." here when the last t1me you saw me was when Most What is the nature of Fras'cuelo pulled me into the little churchlcc>mpounca in the Deserted City1 I forgot to ask Pomp about the matter." "We returned to the church to see what bepour the contents of came of you," the doctor replied, "and found a vial on the lid. If you will lean trap,-door in the floor open--" you will hear it affects the serpent. ; and you have doubtless captured rusgu1se : a Mexican could with difficulty but he managed to con huskily: creature done with the The one I fell through." The priest complied, when instead of "Yes, for descending into the vault beneath, ing the drug upon the basket, the Mex'[cinlt>ancdit we found your knife there. Soon we discov-poured it all over the priest's head I ered tracks in the dust that led us to an under"Father of mercies, why did you do ground passage, and we followed it out to this demanded the holy man starting up in road. Here we found the Mexicans' trail. ment, and staringattheMexican who It was easy to guess that you was their prison-laughing immoderately over what he er, and we followed the trail. Pomp was sent "Pardon me-ha, ha, ha I It was it on ahead to reconnoiter the ground, and we sli:p of the hand, senor." came to a pause here." And it may cost my life I I am. "An' I done find d-e ruin an' sneak in dar," -smothering-choking I My mind f, chuckled the darky. "Den I git 'hind de idol brain reels....:.! lose my senses-!-! oh I" "Howwhile de greasers wuz atalkin', an' I cut yo' Overwhelmed by the.drug the priest fell nrDS-tll.nll bonds. Golly, dough, I done fink dat dey'd trate. stick yo' wid deir knives." He laid stupefied Don Ramon then expressed a wish to be taken Mexican dragged him home with his daughter, and Frank turned the the bushes, where he coach around, and sent it flying along the road, ing with him. Then he emerged, back toward the plantation. basket. They soon rea.chedit. "A fair exchange is no robbery," m11tterE>rl A large door in de Castro's house was opened the man. "And as my face is clean but it was so dark I could not see any will turn on the arc-lights." necessary, senor." by a porter, and wat<:l:led curiously by his large and the excellent man's big hat hides retinue of servants, the Whirlwind ran into that I have not got the c;rown of my the great court yard inclosed by the building. shaved, I be able this disguise to The house was square in shape, one story for the reverend gentleman." high, with tiled roofs and the sides were He walked down the road, carrying reached up, however, but as he did so stepped on the rock-snake which had out of the basket, and he lost his bal the yielding, curved back of the reptile pierced by numerous iron-barred windows. basket. Upon the Don's invitation our friends re"It wil.J. be several hours before thefriest solved to remain a few days with him, to rest covers," lie mu-sed, "and ere does, themselves ere going back to Mexico to un-at Don Ramon's house, where earth the white savages' treasure which Frank use for the serpent, while I now owned. knife in the heart of Frank The favor they had rendered the Panama rescue my noble Captain Frascuelci grandee had won his friendship, and nothing in power I Ah, truly I am a devoted man, liis house was too good for the four hardy ad-faithful friend." ventures while they remained his guests. He was Manuelito, one of the bandit's "We shall have to take our departure to-lowers, and when he reached the Don's morrow though," Frank told him after the sec-deuce he knocked, and was admitted, with ond day of their stay was coming to a hat pulled down to conceal his features. for we have a long journey before us, ana He made no remark to the porter, but pacssolOimcve. many things to do." into the cout-yard. fearful pressure was brought to bear upon In that case," responded Don Ramon, strok-Night had fallen, and the lamps -were lit that squeezed the breath out of him, ing his white beard complacently, "I will give the flowers and foliage of the garden, and gasp. you an entertainment to-night which shOuld beheld the coach standing there. started from their sockets, his have been delayed a week hence. My daughter A swift glance around failed to to swell as did his lips, and while was to nave been married to a neighbor 's son one looking at him, and he boldly with arrested next Wednesday, but the wedding shall take the Whirlwind, and entered by the in h1s ears b e o-an place to-night mstead. Frascuelo might have Frank was alone in the pilot-house, deadly fol8s became prevented it, if you had not interfered with his ting the wheel. plans, and saved my child from a living death. A satanic smile crossed the It is therefore proper that you should see the face, as he opened the lid of happy ending of what might have been a fatal in the room and glided through disaster." into the pilot-house. will give me more pleasure," said Frank smilmgly. CHAPTER XX,XVII. The old gentleman then left Frank, to apprise his friends of the news, and sent two servants THE WORK OF A FIEND. out, one to call in a priest, and the other to INTENT upon his work, Frank did not see summon the bridegroom. disguised man standing behind him, until The man who went for the priest met the pseudo priest uttered a cough. reverend gentleman on the outskirts of the Then, with a violent start, he town, directing a swarthy Mexican to an hotel, around. and paying no attention to him, the servant "A priest I" he exclaimed in amazement. addressed the priest with : Senor, pardon this intrusion," affably "Don Ramon de Castro Q.esires your presence plied the Mexican 'changing tones of to-night, to unite his daughter to Alfonso voice adroitly. "I was summoned here Santa Cruz, instead of next week, good father." officiate as clerlfyman for the wedding of "Tell him I shall ne there early, Joaquin," Ramon's child. the priest replied. "Ah, yes," replied Frank in Spanish. The servant hurried back home with the "Prompted by curiosity,' I ventured in and the Mexican pointed at the basket to see what this is." the pnest carried, and remarked : Oh I I understand. It is an electric : You ca:ry that basket very gingerly, I per-trivance for traveling." ce1ve, senor.' "And a marvelous invention, "So would you, if you knew what it conword." tained," laughed the priest. "I have an em" Of my own construction." blem here of monstrous size, of Satan I" "Indeed! May I examinejt1" "A snake!" "Most assuredly.'' "A huge rock snake." The man made a pretext of looking He felt as if he must die. "Help !" he gasped, feebly. Then he saw the snake's head curve around front of his face from the back of his the beady, fascinating eyes were fastenea him like twin balls of fire, while the fork tongue darted in and out of the mouth with 9.uick motion. Help I Help 1': he gaspefl again, with a feel of horror. his strained vision the size of the ser magnified a hundred fold, while its aspect seemed to augment until no darkness ever dreamed of seemed half mc>ment the great head swayed to and graceful, undulating motion in front face, the hiss that escaped the men louder and louder each moment, seemed d e afening. Frank that his sens e s were leaving him. He could not stand the strain any longer. The Mexican merely laughed remorselessly. His plan suited him. "The serpent will kill him," he muttered "and Frascuelo will be avenged. This coach fall into my hands. I will steal it and go to Mexico to get the j ars from the cellar the fallen palace of Isaac, and all the dia thelnH>r>iiQ will be mme." \


/ The magnitude of the immense him.,eu It incited him with cupidity. And. it lent him unlimtted courage. He watched the snake closely, and saw gaping mouth raised, its head drawn back, knew that it was about to dart forward bury its teeth in Frank's shoulder. The sight made even the stoic rascal shiver. He turne d aside his head. "I cannot witness it!" hll muttered. But just at this critical moment a movement of Frank's body brought the the;make against a live wire .from which JR., HIS ELEC'l'RIC COACH. Part II. Wfth the greatest agility the Irishman ducked his head, and the beast flew over it, and landed on top of its com panion! Then a vast surprise awaited tha eagar Mexicans. rubber insulation had broken off, and it receiv the Irishman, while the startled Barney glared well, and as soon as he saw the big doors go ed a terrible shock of electricity. at the priest in equal amazement. open, he turned lever No. 1 around, and as the A spasmodic contraction of the body ensued. Manuelito quickly recovered his wits. machinery got in motion, he grasped the wheel. Then it relaxed. "The snake!" he cried, pointing at it, and "Howld on I Stop that !" yelled Barney, see Uncoiled. speaking in Spanish. ing the coach going. Fra_nk was .free. '' Wuz it proddin' Masther Frank yez wor His suspicions of the priest had been aroused, Reheved of the. awful he revtveq. growled Barney. and he ran after the coach at the top of his The snake wrtthed, sqmrmed and twtsted "No. The serpent enfolded htm and squeezed speed upon the floor, its coils lashing and banging ;!,t him." to th d !" th d 1' hted M everything in its way. "But ther position I caught yez in, bindin' e euce e e Ig e:ucan The Mexican uttered a cry of chagrin. over h .. 1 He did not know what occasioned the snakel "I was in the dark to kill the reptile !lP e l roared Barney, furt?US Y ; to let Frank go, and as hard as he peered into to save him, senor." 1 He JUSt had ttme to grasp the hand rail and the room, he could scarcely see anything save "Oh l So that's ther way ther wind blows'?" eap upon the rear steps, when the coach shot the dim outlines of Frank's prostrate body. queried Barney, who spoke in !ish, and ob-out He dared not go in f(lr fear of the snake, and served that although each used hts native Ian-HlS cr1es brought every one into the court he was afraid to strike a match for fear of atguage, they perfectly understood what each yard. tracting the attention of any one in the garden other said. Dr. Vaneyke saw the Whirlwind rushing to the spot when he might get in trouble. "Yes, senor," replied the priest, humbly. away down the road, and asr the scared Pomp What to do, he did not know. Barney saw that was reviving. came out, he exclaimed: In the interval of thinking, Frank was fast "It's around he do be comin' now," said he. "Some one has gotten off with the coach!" reviving. "Thank heaven for that. I thought he was "Ain't Massa Frank on The snake had lashed itself to the other end doomed," hypocritically answered-the dis"No. There he lies, sleeping or sen,seless, on of the compartment, and its spasmodic convul guised Manuelito. : Carry him out in the air." that settee!" sions created a loud noise. The snake was in the kitchen by this time. "Den de Lawd help us sah Whar am Bar "If this goes on much longer some one may Barney picked Frank up in his arms and ney1"


Part H. PRANK READE, JR., AND HIS ELECTRIC CO 17 "Clinging to the rear steps of the Whirl-jyard. Besides, now t'lat I know his story Manuel _W6, clad in the priest's robe, about which wind!" about the rocksnake in the basket, I can see the sulike was coiled, with its fangs buried in "Oh, golly I" groaned Pomp, in dismay. th_at designedly made a victim of me throat. !ust the door porte:.; came rushing in 1t, : --' The Mexican was dead. w1th Manuehto had 'I he Jilrlest satd that chloroform whtch Frank sprang into the carriage, with one slash clothes and Don Ramon recogmzed htm. the Mextean poured on h1s head only stupefied of his kmfe he took btl' the reptile's J;leaC' and "Father ueiest!no !" amazed Don. him for a little and that as soon as he the writhing body began to unwind and 'dash "What means th1s dtsgmse 1 r:eco_vererl; he foul on account of the corpse around by its powerful convulsions. Rapidly the priest explained what happened findt!J-g htmself m the s and The doctor and Frank the human to htm, and Frank, having recovered in the burned to reach Don Ramon s house, sat a. the and the serpentine bodies out of the coach, while meantime, heard all he said. 1 doctor. Pomp glided forward, toward the spot from "Now I remember the man "he cded ex-"Unfortunately he arrived too late to be of whence the sound of digging proceeded. citedly. '"He is one of Frascueio's baud any se!-'vice. Still, all hope of recovering the Peering through the cactus bushes, the coon his mustache shaved off." ,coach IS not lost, as long as you saw Barney beheld a man standing n eck deep in a hole in The coach was upset for the first time! A thrill of dismay shot through Frank, and he shut off the power. He scrambled out through a window a.nd reached the ground. "And he nas stolen the coach," groaned the hanging on to the rear steps when Manu eli to the ground, which he was excavating, using a doctor. drove it out of the courtyard." pick. "Then come., We must followitwbile the "You say he questioned you closely as to HerecognizedhimasBarneyatonce. trail is fresh, or we may never the Whirl what became of Frascuelo r There was a dirt-heap, with a shovel sticking wind back again, lX\Y frienqs I' cried Frank, "Very. And now I presup1e he bas stolen in it beside the hole, and gliding up to it behind and with a hasty farewell to their host the the coach in order to return to the isle of dia ithe Irishman's back, Pomp grasped the imple three dashed away on the broad, well defined monds, and thus secure the entire treasure for 1 ment, and rapidly began to shovel the dirt into trail of the stolen coach. himself. The priest can wed Juanita to her the hole upon and around his friend. lover, for whom Don Ramon sent, just as well "Hey 1 Mother of Jingo! Schtop that, ye CHAPTER XXXVIII in citizen's clothes, as he can in his clerical spalpeen !" yelled Barney, popping up his head vestments." and making a wild effort to get out of the tilT WHICH BARNEY AND POMP COME TOGETHER. Conversing thus the two hurried on through hole. "DR. V ANEYKE, I have been badly tricked," the moonlight, and covered several miles, the There was a broad grin upon the dusky face -jaid Frank, as Pomp and the old scientist ran broad wheels of the electric coach leaving a of Pomp. along with him on the trail of the Whirlwind distinct trail that was easy to follow: He kept right on shoveling in the dirt as fast after they dashed out of Ramon de Castro's It presently led them in amid a dense cluster as he could work. house on to the road. of cactus, through which a path had been mown Barney's feet and legs, half way to his "Didn't you recognize the face or voice of down by the keen-edged cow-catcher and the knees, were buried, and it made him stick fast Manuelito 1" queried the professor. four scythes attached to the hubs of the wheels. despite his wildest efforts to extricate himself. "He changed his voice and had his mustache In the midst of the prickley spines stood the "Murdher in Eytalian I" he roared, craning shavedooff; moreover, he wore the priest's bat coach. his neck around. "Will yez schtop, or I'll come and gown, concealing his features and figure." They hastened up to it, but did not see a soul up out av this an' make yer I" "But as soon as you saw the worn by through the open windows, although there came But just then he saw who was burying him Father Celestino you recognized tt 1" a distant sound as of some one digging. alive, and gouging the dirt out of his eyes, ears "Manuelito's were made in such a Frank opened the rear door. and red ha1r, lie yelled d e lightedly: peculiar way I could not fail to do so, as soon A frightful scene met his view inside. "Be jabers, it's Pomp I Howld on ye ace av as the hall porter brought him into the court-Upon the floor laid the stiff and rigid body of spades, it's me yer buryin', bedad I Is this I


18 F READE, JR., AND HIS ELEC'fRIC COACH. Part H. 1 thank ye, Barney, fer me a capturin' The harder he tried to throw it aside the you can force it back t<;> this _shore. is an an'.schtoppin' it afther ther tough worse it stuck to him, and it required the old,_ very old style yet m use m places ill the Iliad wid Manuelito an' aputtin' him inter united efforts of Frank and the doctor to get it Umted States." ind, room wid ther so that ther baste away, calm his agitation and dig him out of the is ,Pl.enY,y large enough to hold the m.l!light ind him!" hole. Wh1rlwilld, 1sn t tt! Pomp paid no attention to him, however, but The moment he was free1 he grabbed the "Why, yes. We will up the ferryman. kept nght on. shovel and made a rush for tne coach. I what makes the ttde of th_e iiO Barney gl:mced up into the darky's face "Faix it's demonsthriationin' what moind is swift! There must be a reason for 1t! and a look of fear came over his own, for the over matther, as I'll be after doin' whin I begin The coach rolled down a wagon to t_he coon was endeavoring to suppress a grin, and ter shovel out me vingeance agin that nagur's shore, where there was a post, to whwh a tm the effort was so severe that. his features wore back!" he howled, as be dove into the Whirl horn was attacJ;Ied. d bL 1 d b a most diabolical expression. wind. The doctor alighted an ew a r_aymg "Be heavens, he's crazy!" gasped Barney, utIn Pomp's berth laid a dark figure, and Bar blast on the horn, when an old ?Dan m a b1g bat terly aghast. ne_y.spit on his hands. came out of and stared m The horrible twist of Pomp's face grew worse, B1ff-bang went the shovel agamst the the coach, while Vaneyke told h1m ill Spamsh wanted to laugh so bad. figure. that the;r wanted to cross. "Help!" yelled Barney making motions to "Take that wid me congratulationin's," said "It w11l cost you half an onza," sa1d the man. ward Pomp. off when dbwn came a clod of Barney. "The farm and cane on}y J!ay' a dirt all over the to]J of his head, raining And then there came a crash of broken glass, few reals. But this queer locomotive IS differdown his back stuffing up his mouth, plug and a tremendous smell of whisky. ent." ging up his ears'and wadding up his nose. He gave one look, and his heart failed him. "Here is your payment," returned the doctor, He sputtered and gagged, 'spit out some mud Pomp had wrapped Barney's private demi-giving him the toll. and howled. john in one uf his coats, put it to bed with a "Then get on the boat." Buried up to his hips he waB unable to move. hat on and then concealed himself in the pilot The doctor boarded the coach, and1trolledon it' s rocks the gorrilla :u be aft! house. board followed by the old ferryman, who J?Ourin down me troat next!" wa1led the 1m. The moment Barney saw what he had done, off the shore anchor, slacked off the stern-hne, prisoned Irishman. "Git out av this ye terrier! be flung down the shovel, gave it a Jdck that tightened in the bow-line, and the tide caught Float off, or it's mush I'll make of yer body im nearly paralyzed his toes and ran out of the the boat. mejitately1 'pon mesowl!" coach, begging Pomp to appear and kick him Out it went upon the stream, with a swift, He up a stone and fired it at Pomp, across the Isthmus. gliding motion, the tide grntgling and rippling hitting htm on the nose. Frank and the doctor buried the Mexican in at the side and the wheel on the cable creakiug The coon uttered a roar of pain, and almost the grave Barney had so charitably dug, and as it rolled along the top of the wire line. dropped the shovel. returning to the coach, they found the coon and The old ferryman was anxiously watching the Then he grabbed hisj nose. the Irishman rapidly getting up a gar and fescable, for there was an extraordinary strain Good Lawd amassy!" he said. tive "jag" on the remains of the whisky in brought upon it, and it was old and rusted, "Catch me dacent graves fer imitathe unbroken end of the demolished bottle. Just as they reached the center of the stream tion praists an' d1vil's imps av snakes agin an'I'll They were at peace with each other and all it ]Jarted with a loud report. give yez a bouquet an' a free invitation ter me the world, regardless of the fact that they were The flat boat spun around with the tide, and suicide," said Barney, as he let fly a volllly of swallowing enough particles of broken glass to went whirling down the stream. stones that made Pomp think he was victimtzed kill an ord$ary elephant, and getting rapidly "Great heaven!" gasped the bo:J.tman in bor by a cyclone. "Ambulate on, ye kinky-headed into that ribald state where a man wants to ror, "we are lost!" son-av-amonkeyl I feel the Eyetalian blood skate on his top knot and use his feet to think "What is that 'I" quickly demanded Frank, in me veins a-boilin' loike loime, an' if wanst it with. through the open window. gets ter the terrid zone av ther thermometer Frank left them to strugl'le the matter out "Look ahead, down the river, and see what I'll scorch yer wid me glance!" between them, locked up ill a compartment, makes the tide so strong!" Pom.P flung down the shovel and ran away. and started the coach off to the northward. "A waterfall!" exclaimed Frank, in startled Cam't fool wid dat ole bog-trotter wifout Tlie Mexican had done no damage to anything, tones, as he obeyed. he done hab ter g;it mad, an' me as jl.'entle wif and everything seemed to be in good working "Yes, senor, and we will go plunging over it him as a kitten!' grumbled Pomp, heading for order about the machinery. in a faw moments. .the coach. "Wish I bad a hose to on "A two days' trip northward will bring us "Can nothing be done to stop the boat, old him. He near took the nose offer me!' back to the isle of diamonds now, doctor," said Frank and the doctor had the Mexican's and the inventot, "and then we must begin our "Kothing, God help us!" snake's bodies out of. the coach by the time search for the treasure which Frascuelo. con-"Ob1 doctor, I fear then that the coach will Pomp returned, and the inventor asked him: cealed." l be dasned to pieces." "Did anything up againl'lt your nose, "I wonder what became of Isaac and the "Worse than that!" replied Vaneyke. "We Pomp! bandit chief, Frank 'I" cannot swim and breast this swift current, and "Yo' spec' I'se been bittin' de bottle, sah !" "That is a mystery; but depend that Fras we will all go over the fall, and lose our lives, indignantly questioned the coon. cuelo's men won't remain here in Panama to tool" "Judging by the size to which your nose is trouble Don Ramon, now that their leader is ---swelled, I should say the bottle hit you." gone." CHAPTETI XXXIX "Mus' be l'se got a rush ob blood ter de bu Isaac's vow of vengeance upon Frascuelo gle, sah." will be swift and sure." THE TWO GIANTS RACE FOR LIFE. "Haveyou.seenanythingofBarneyyet!" "Allihopeisthatbewill discoverwhatthe THE peril of the boat was extreme, as it !'Reckon da.t be am dead an' buried, Massa bandit did with the diamonds before he makes went whirling al6ng, each mpment its rapidity Frank." away with the Mexican, as we are almost cer of flight getting greater as it neared the edge of The deuce! Has anything occurred to tain to n:ieet Isaac again, for be said we would." the fall, over which an enormous body of When morning dawned the Whirlwind was water was pouring. 'Curred ter him dat he am off de earth, I going through the mountainous district of Hon-There were numbers of jagged rocks along th> reckon." duras, in Central America, in the vicinage of shores. "It is evident that you and Barney have had TE'guzigalpa, as she had to go far out of her As the doctor noticed them, he exclaimed: a run in.' way, to skirt the headwaters of the Wanx river "Should the boat strike those rocks, it would "Dunno nuffin' 'bout dat, but I'se gwine ter th&.t ran athwart the course it had been follow go to pieces!" run in de coach an' cool off, sah." ing. "By jove, tl!iey shall be our salvation!" cried Frank and the doctor winked at each other Frank thought he would then have no trouble Frank. t.ignificantly, as Pomp entered the Whirlwind t;r, proceed, but unfortunately a broad tributary "How can it be out of humor and vamshed. vf the river soon loomed up ahead which would "Hand me a rope, and I will lasso one of "He has evidently gotten the worst of it," carry them still farther to the westward, in the them!" doc. tor. .. cbainoftheSierras. If Frank could do it, the flight of the boat Still, I d to see Barney hurt," rer,liP.d "If we examme the shores closely, we may would be stopped, and the doctor hastened Frank smilingly. find a bridge," the doctor suggested. You to get a line which he passed out to Frank, who Rats! Rats! Rats\'' yelbd llat recoll_ect when we Q!tme .dovyn from it had made his way down upon the front of the ney at th1s Juncture. was m the moun tam d1stnct, by whiCh we punt, near the old. boatman. "There.he is now," said Vaneyk<>, o-;erhecring avoided streams." Swiftly the was rushing toward the crest the outcnes. Frank pomted up the embankment. of the fall, and Frank coiled the noosed rope, "Foirel Police! Police! PoliC'd" tontinued "What is that 1" he asked. "A cable stretched whirled it around his head, and aiming for a the Irishman's voice. across the high jutting rock, he let the lasso fly. "He must be in a fix!" excl'\iiPt>d :Frank. The doctor keenly eyed it. It whizzed through the air, uncoiling rapidly, Thieves! Help! B''"lpt Eelp!" came the On each bank of the stream stood a tree, with and fell. distant voice frantically. the branches cut off, and stretching over the Into the water. doctor, ali.d see what's the c _urrent, _one tru?k to the other was a thick Short of the matter, sa1a Frank. lille lookmg hke a w1re cable. A groan of d1sappomtment escaped the sp e c "I'm up ter me neck; I'm full av bugs! I'm Upon a nearer approach be saw that a huge tators, and Frank turned pale, but be rap1dly schl<:>wly doyin' feet forst!" howled Barney. flat-bottomed punt was moored to the shore drew in the linehand made another effort. "W 1l.l some wan get a derrick an' take me out they were on, near a small but. By this timet e boat was close to the top of lltv th1s, l\ven in pieces! Will some sucker bit From both ends of the flat boat a similar wire the fall. the nagur wid a barn, an' hand me a poisoned ran up to the cable where they were joined toIn one minute more it was bound to go over gumdrop, till I take me own gether on a grooved wheel, which ran along the unless Frank's effort proved more successful Fran)>: and the doctor soon found him. top, of the cable. than the first. Endeavoring to get out of the hole, the unfor 'It is an old-fashioned ferry boat," said Van The rope was stiff and kinky from being tunate Barney had fastened his fingers upon a eyke, takirig in the details. The river has a soaked in the water but it shot through the cactus bush it down on himself. tremendously strong curreJ?-t1 and as the boat is air with a whistling and it fell over an He felt as 1f a bee-h1ve exploded all :Jver h1m shoved off at an angle w1tn the current, the other rock, where the noose was pulled tight. when the spines b_egan to him; and then strength of the tide carries the boat over to the "Hurrah!" cried Frank, delightedly. "I've he began a wrestlmg match w1th the bush. other shore. By reversmg the slant of the boat, done it!"


I Purt II. FRANK READE, JR., AND HIS 19 He fastened the end of the line to a cleat on While I was bringing him back to stream that owed among some rocks, and alii the side of the .(lUnt, and it came to a pause he chafed open his bonds while I slept, and flea turned in 9 t Frank, who kept watch. within a few yards of the top of the fall with to a nearby town, where he procured his He m the pilot-house on the settee, and the water boiling up over the bow as the stern mount." j.Uu.l a reverie. swung around. "And passed -by, during which he failed toA shout of approval arose from the others. "I awakened, followed, and got this horse to hear a soft noise made by1Frascuelo, "Come down here, boys, and help me to haul pursue him." who was sawmg and rubbing his bonds against In l" cried .Frank. "You will have a long ride." the rough ring bolt to which Barney tied him Out of the coach leaped his three friends. "That matters not to me. But I have news in the kitchen. The next moment they had hold of the rope for you." As continual drops of water will wear a, hole with Frank, and were tugging at it, pulling "Indeed l What is it!" through iron, so did the Mexican's perseverance the_punt over to the rocky shore. "He confessed the hiding place of the ten wear out his bonds, and one binding parted. When it got to the rocks it came to a pause, jars of jewels." It was then an easy matter to get off the rest. and Frank lassoed a t:cee branch on shore with "Good. And they Once free, he drew Pomp's carving knife from another rope, when the big flat boat was hauled "In the cellar, under the ruins of my palace." the rack on the kitclien wall, and with it held around the rocks, across the intervening space "I know where it is located." in his mouth, he crept on all fours into the next to the bank. "There is an arena flagged withstone." room to the pilot-house. There it was made fast. "Yes, my friends told me about it." The four sleepers were breathing heavily. All you will have to do," said Frank to the "In the middle is a trap door, covering a He dared not disturb them then. old boatman, "is to remain on the boat, pole \t -subterranean room." All his hatred was concentrated upon Frank. away from the shore, and we will run the coach The inventor had his back turned to the Mex-along the embankment, with a towing line at"The room was used to receive the dead ican, and was so wrapped up in his thoughts, tached, by means of which we will drag the bodies of menslain In the arena." he did not expect foul play. boat up to the ferry landing. You can then re"What has that got to do with -Frascuelo arose softly to his feet, his black pair your cable and be none the worse for what "The ten jars were put in this room." eyes gleaming with a demonical expression, and ha.(lpened." Yes, yes." dre.w back the knife,. ,aiming to stab Frank beThe old man was grateful, and said so. .., But the diamonds were subsequently retween the shouldet:-blades. Frank then made the towing line fast to the moved, and hidden by Frascuelo. ---boat and the end of the coach, ran the latter off "Just as I suspected the treacherous dog CHAPTER XL the former, and as the old man did as he was would do." directed, they soon had the punt back to the "He feared the dishonesty of his men, and FORCINGTHE BANDIT TO TERMS. ferry on the side of the river opposite to that was caring only for himself." "RASCAL l I have caught you!" where they embarked. "But where did he transport the diamonds "Oh l Ave Maria!" Some moneywasilanded to the old ferryman "Good Heaven I What is this '/" for the exwa trouble they had given him, and "He will not tell, but swears that he will The first speaker was Isaac, the giant, the sec everyone being on board; the coach made off. show me when -we arrive at the isle of diacond was Frascuelo, and the last startled ex-A distinct wagon road was followed to the monds where I intend to sacrifice his life as clamation proceeded from Frank Reade Jr. northward, but fate in the afternoon they left Abraham did attempt In ages past, save that A long bladed carving-knife fell ringingly it and went out on a plain covered with little no voice or hand but that of the Almighty to thepilot-house floor of the Whirlwind as the hills, fnhabited by an army of jack rabbits. shall stay my obsidian knife from piercing his white savage clutched the bandit's wrist when These little creatures stood up<;m their hind heart I" was in the act of stabbing the engrossed intheir enormous ears straight in the air, "Let me stop his horse and make a pris'6ner ventor In the back. and their front paws together, distrustfully of him. You can then come on board tlie coach An instant afterwards the Mexican was watching the great coach as it went rumbling and we will return to the isle together in a struggling fiercely in the hands of hill enemy, bY'. shorter space of time than the horses could do and FranK: having bounded to his feet, and Taking frie;htatthe least thing, theywould it." turnedaroundsa,wthatthegianthadawakened dart into thetr holes and disappear, leaving no "That is an excellent plan, and I agree." just in time to save his life. sign of life-about, only to emerge when all cause Frank attached an electric wire to a binding Isaac only requirted one minute to subdue for alarm was removed, when they post in the base of the long ram and threw a Frascuelo. about, leaping with wonderful agility from strong current in it. He caught the bandit by the shoulders, place to place, chasing each other, and am usWith a fearful hiss a streak of fire shot out pressed his knees against the swarthy ruffian's mg themselves like so many innocent children: of the end of the rail?,. and zig-zagged over to back, pulled him over, and with his spine fairly Barney shot a number of them for supper the Mexican's horse liKe a ligl:itning flash. cracking, the Mexican dropped the floor of that night, and when Pomp got to work upon The streak touched the poor beast. the coach. them, they had one of the most savory and It gave a wild, pathetic neigh of agony. Isaay fell on top of him. tasteful dishes the coon had ever prepared. The light scorched its spine. It was no trouole to hold him down. The electric coach came to a pause for the With one fearful bound it arose in the air. The noise of the scufile aroused the three night in a cluster of t:rees on the plain, and An exclamation burst from Frascuelo's lips. sleepers, and as soon as they saw that Frasaftl)r posting the doctor on the watch, all hands Down came the horse, and when it struck the cuelo had burst his bonds, and had been up to turned ln. ground it was dead. some mischief, Barney opened a locker, and tt was an hour after midnight when the doc-The fearful electric shock killed it. took out a pair of handcuffs. tor aroused Frank ,to relieve nim, when there Frascuelo f>prang from the saddle ere it sank "Begorra, he won't get those off so aisy I" sounded the distinct pounding of horses' hoofs down, and Frank. shut off the current and said he, snapping them on the bandit's wrists, outside, and they glanced out a window. stopped the coach. behind his bac:K. "Now it's a chain I'll be A thrilling r,ace for life was observed. The first im.(lulse of the Mexican was to run, afthe1: using, ter kape .ther spalpeen held ter Two horsemen were by, one In pursuit but Isaac da,;;hea up like a thunderbolt and ther ringbolt, an' Samt Moikel an' farty jack-of the other. sweeping alongside of him he caught hold of asse s wouldn't be able ter break it, be ther "Frascuelo and Isaac !" exclaimed Frank. the bandit by the neck. powers!" "The bandit chief has made his escape from Exerting his wonderful strength he. lifted Frascuelo was then secured again, and they the white savage," replied the doctor, "and just Frascuelo off the ground bodily with one arm saw how he had chafed off his first bonds by see what beautiful big beasts they_ are mounted and flung him across his saddle bow. rubbing them against the ringbolt. on! They go like the wind. Neither of the Before Frascuelo could recover himself "YounotwiHholdme carramba,widdesel" men are armed. It is a trial of endurance be-Isaac's horse dashed up to the now stationary exclaimed Frascuelo with a scowl, as he rattled tween them and their horses. Both are grand coach, and with one flirig the bandit shot in the chain, and showed his teeth. riders. Neither has any advantage!". through the open rear door from the giant's "Guess yo' dunno dat I'se heah," answered In a minute the flying horses were nearly a hand, Pomp, sitting down with a potato-pounder in mile away going like the wind, the riders urgmg Barney and Pomp has been aroused from his fist, and shaking it at the man. "Might on their mounts by every means. their slumbers by the motion of the Whirlwind jes' as well hab a bull-dog awatchin' yo', ole Frank walked into the pilot-house. and were ready for Frascuelo. yaller face l" "I am going to foaow them !" he exclaimed. Ere he could get upon his feet they seized "Are you going to guard him 'I'' queried Dr. "Do," replied the doctor1 "for I am curious him. Vaneyke. to see the end of the race." And bound, his arms behind his back. "Reckon I is, sah. It am dis chile's turn to Frank nodded, and turned the lever, when And secured him to a ring bolt in the wall. go on watch, ain't Den yo' all turn in again. the coach got in motion, and presently increas-Isaac dism{)unted1 struck his horse, sending rse gwine ter stay right heahi an' if dat greaser ing speed, began to overhaul the riders. it galloping off, ano entered the coach, whicn done try ter open his mouf, I'l slam dis pounder Within a few minutes the Wirlwind ranged Frank started again. in de cavity, an' ram de teef down his bronchial up to them, when Frank regulated speeC. to "Is Frascuelo safe!" he asked, briefly. tubes, fo' shuah." keep even with the men. "M;v, friends have him bound in the end Satisfied that the darky would watch the Both had looked back, and seen the coach said Frank. man well, they all turned in and finished their coming. when do you expect to reach the isle of dianight's repose in safety. There was a expression of fear upon Fras-monds The next day tbey were aroused by feeling cuelo's rugged, swarthy face, and a set look of "To-morrow," answered Frank. the coach go tearing across the country, and stern determination on Isaac's. "I will rest myself. I have not slept in a saw Pomp at the wheel. Neither of them said a word, and their week." His rifle was up to his shoulder, and he pointmo-q!lts did not betray a;ny of the coach is a bed in there for you." it the open window, took steady desptte the blue flashes of.electnClty that darted Wtth a haggard, gloomy look, the gtant enatm for an mstant, then fired a shot. and glowed at the machinery driving the tered the sleeping-room, and turning into a "Ki, dar!" he yelled, lowering his weapon wheels. berth he sll).mbered at once. and eagerly seizing the steering apparatus. "Shall I stop h(m, Isaac," shouted Frank out He was evidently much exhausted. "Done hit him plum in de bull's-eyeJ' the window "Poor fellew," said Frank. "He must be What are :y:ou firing at!" demanded Frank "No, not unless I fail to overtake him," nearly dead." entering sleepily. grimly replied the giant in Spanish, as he "No ordinary man could stand the fatigue he "Looker dar-ain't dat wuth de eaglanced up. "He cannot escape me though!" underwent," said Vaneyke. gerly asked Pomp, pointing. "How is it he got a The coach came to a pause again near a "A fine stag I" --


20 VRANK READE, JR., AND HIS ELECTRIC CO.A.CH. Part II. "Wot means a fine breakfas', sah..'' and would not hesitate long about putting on Isaac, the monarch of all this once beautiful "It is wounded-" the full force of the battery. SJ?Ot, stood up and glanced at the of his "An' dar it falls dead!" "Wait!" remonstrated Frank covertly, dart-kmgdom a fearful look crept over h1s face. "Hurrah, Pomp; you're a dead shot.",_ \._.. in$ a meaning glance at the big' fellow. "You body tremble_d, and of "Dat's why de stag's shot dead, Massa m1ghtlet ;rour liand slip accidentally and put !1-n ag1t!Ltwn that went over h1m was pitiful, yet Frank end to h1s life ere we learn where the d1a-terribleto see. h b ht to d p monds are Only one agonized moan pealed from his lips. Thte coac das :hpause, an f 0ili_P "Very reluctantly answered Isaac. His bosom heaved, his eyes flashed and his 'bvent and lid e carcass 0 e "Now your answer!" said Frank, grasping nostrils dilated, then he broke down com. eas s mne an resse th 1 pletely and covering his face with his bands he J A breakfast of vemson steak followed. freef::;tened a uestioning glance upon Fras-gave away_ to a of bitter. tears. Each one took 'l. turn at the wheel, as cuelo and the began to cry and groan "Ml kmgdom 1 s gone! he whiSpered. coach had to be kept on tJ;le move at flrap1d and be for mere with all the eloquence he Gods will be d

Part 11. FRANK READE, JR., AND HIS ELECTRIC 21 friends until the great Jehovah calls me to "Will you go to civilization with. us iii the his not very high, for the reign again over my people in the mystic land fellow had a .villamous fa.ce. beyond the skies. But come. Enough of sen "No. I would die, out of my element, which .They thetr work unttl far m the timent. To work. First, I will draw the caris 'this isle." and leavti?g Barney on guard they turned cass up and fee d it to the carrion birds and "Then I bid you adieu, for we are."'oiiig." out. beasts who will now infest this beauteous isle." The last farewells were spoken, an& the coach .l!'rank s suspwwns the mail-carrter were "In the meantime I will smok!l out the rolled awaY.' to the main land over one of the well founded, for the Irtsl!man hag not been tate that sne could n0t the dead bandit, and conveying the spur of a mountain and descended a sloping run far before the whee l would fall9ff and the and bloated corpse with several of the pOison-grade on the other side toward the plains. coach have to pause. ous reptiles still adhering to it, over to one of "We have gained what we set out to get," The got. away :Vttho';lt bemg seen. the windows, the savage let it fall out a dozen said Frank, "and now we can start for home He varushed silently m amtd the bushes, a,nd yards. afiain, sell the diamonds, and once we reach several hours .Passed.. : Below the windows was a steep dechvtty m Civilization, collect the government reward we Barney sat m pilot-house whtstlmg a hve-, the eartn that once served as a sewerage for bv breaking up Frascuelo s counterfeit-lY tune and thmkmg d e eply of home, yvhen the white city, the grasl;l and herbiage all, mg den.'r there sounded a pts tol shot outstde. a foul odor arising a slimy pond covermg "I h d 1 t f tt' th $50 000 d t The Jmgle of broken glass followed. the bottom a a mos orgo en e ue 0 A bullet screame d past the Irishman's fa01e. Isaac fastened the end of the rope to the usl; the doctor. "Be heavens, it's an assassin!" p.e yelled, window Shure Its nabobs .well soon Fomv., bounding to his feet. The hung down over the pond swaying chuckled Barney, nudg!ng the darky m the nbs He saw that one of the windows was broken, with the wind, and a prey for the ''Quzzards so hard that made hrm grunt,. "Och,, but we and peered ou,t to see who fired at him, but it that were flying the foul trench; wor born fer It. Luck the aristocratic blood was a dark night, and his e yes could not pene It was a fearfp..l ending of Frascuelo's crimi-we has! Shure, wan av IDE! own trate the gloom and see the score of dark forms nallife. ancesthors wl;w wuz.n t born Widout a sprtg av lurking in amid the bushes from whence the Frank and his friends had not been idle in shamrock .a let alone a golden shot came. the meantime. lwle m hts Aroused by the nois e, Fr(lnk and the rest They collected a lot of inflammable material Dunno nu:ffin bout yo:use satd rushed into the pilot-bouse. and di-oppedit down the well upon the burning Pomp, "but dar wuz a kmg m Daho:;ney, or "What is the demanded the in torch, w1iich set it afire, when a dense smoke else souf ob de J ordanl starte4 de. fambly ventor. began to arise and fill the well. I done come. D;om; an Its, no more n dat "Shure, an' we are attacked," replied Earney Then the flames burst forth. I be gom to yo come .fr?,m, an buy hastily closing the shutters., Fiercely raged the fire for fully an hour and a title ter start up de agam.. He had hardly done so, however, when there the walls of the well became so hot and the ln truth they could not fail to realize an sounded a volley of rifle shots outside and a aperture so choked up with smoke, it becall),e the treasure of the sav-rain of bullets against the sides of the coach. manifest that the reptiles must be dislodged. ages would give each one of for It was Frank rushed to the rear door to lock it and There were a number of large boxes in the the greatest they ever had the windows, when in through the door and coach capable of holding the treasure and havT}:iey paused for the mght upon reachmg the windows swarmed a band of armed men. ing had them brought into the celiar with a plams, and after. a hearty meal, the four s!l-t __ 'j' ...f!mall shovel a rope ladder and some ropes, down around thell' camp fire and began to disFrank waited until he could get down into the cuss the route to northward. CHAPTER XLII. well in safet It was deCided to remam where they were for When alllhe smoke was out the ladder was a day two and count and ":eigh the A STRUGGLE FOR THE LOST WHEEL. fastened at the top and let down in the hole. monds, In order to form an estimate

READE, JR., AND HIS ELECTRIC COACH. Part II. watch was J>Osted, then they all turned when day finally broke, it was clear half-breeds had stolen away under cover night. breakfast, our friends readjusted the with a new nut, and finding the knife, it put on the hub, when th(ly all boarded the and Frank started the Whirlwind off for northward. CHAPTER XLIII.


Part 11. READE, JR., AND 'HIS / 23 were not long at passing through the and with a level beyond, the Whtrlwind at full speed, with the wheel. an hour they came to the foot hills of moun.,a,mts and were passing through a ""'"-rorvA. came upon a large toward the howitzers


24 READE, JR., AND HIS ELECTRIC COACH. Part II. It made them shudder to look down the an :even distance behind the coach, as the was crossed in safety arid the Whirlwind dash eO: dizzy height, and soo tht half the of Whirlwind made but slow progress going up on to a broad path again. th 3 left wheels was on the ledge, and the o'ther the steep hill. The doctor was intently glancing ahead. half the edge, wh1le the gravelly llarney and Pomp saw them pause again. "Frank," said he nervously, "tliat shot has dirt was breakmg from beneath them, and rat-One of the was shoved on i_n ad vance, loose;11ed the .of the sid:e of the wall ahead. tling down into the gulf below. and a shot was a1me.d at the coach w1th the gun and 1t looks as 1f 1t was gomg to fall out from This narrow path extended about one hun-on its back. the face of tlle cliff, and strike down upon the dred feet before the ledge broadened again suffi"Luck out, they're ago in' foire !" expath." ciently to give them ample room and despite claimed Barney. "A land slide doctor !"' the fact that Frank crowded the coach agamst "Watch dis chile drap dat mule !" said Pomp Something like one. Ha, look at that dirt the wall until the hubs grazed it; it seemed aiming at it. falling now!" every moment as if the coach must lose its Before they could prevent it the Mexicans "How far ahead is it.1" balance, and fall over! fired. "At least fifty yards." The nerves of the travelers were fearfully With a scream a bomb came flying toward "Can we pass it before it falls1'' strained. the coach. "I hope so." The officer waited fully five Then he turned to his men. "Fire!" he exclaimed. A volley pealed out, and a dozen bullets struck the coach. They held their breath, hardly daring to It exploded with a fearful intonation. "There is a little more power. I'll put it on." speak. Far ahead of the Whirlwind. Frank turned the lever and the rapidity of eyes protruded, and the color forsook And harmlessly revolutions of the wheels was increased as the then drawn faces. "Kape yer o:ye on ther mule!" cried Barney. Whirlwind plunged ahead. Several momenta of suspense fol"It am fallin offer de ledgde, chile," chuckled They reached the spot where a shower of slate !owed, the last_.rays of declming sun lightPomp. gravel was falling down upon the ledge, an.d mg up the awful scene w1th a golden splendor The recoil of the gun overcame the firm foot-Frank beheld a large mass bulging !JUt as 1f that wa!l almost a mockery to them. ing of the little beast, and sent it flying down to come down and sweep them mto eter-The m1ddle of the path was reached. into the gaping gulf to its death. Suddenly loud report shook the coach. A cry of disappointment escaped the soldiers f?h,ure 1t s th1m MeXJcan s It was a rtfle shot. which our friends faintly heard, but they had ter. f01:e! the Ir!shman L e t Pomp had fired at the1r enem1es,. :whom several more animals, and another one was m?, g1ve th1!ll ,Jt>St wan Wld me rmtle! he saw preparmg to fire at them w1th one forced on in advance so they could fire the gun No-wa1t! shouted Frank. of the how1tzers. on its back A fearful, grinding noise ensued over the "Stop !" shouted Frank. Don't shoot again "A d 1 1 1 coach. for heaven's sake, or the oscillation will throw mJss IS as goo as a mJ e grimY Said It seemed to fairly leap ahead when down the coach over !" came the immense mass of dirt and rock, pitch Couldn' :qeip it, sah !" responded Pomp savWlll fire agam though, the professor ing right over the coach. agely. reP.hed; with impish precocity it seemed to have Faix they'd a hlowed us to glory if he hadn't An dey am at 1t now, sa1d Pomp overhear-waited unti the coach got right under it so afoired," said Barney," an' that'd abe'n worse mg them. that it might overwhelm the travelers. nor quoitly dhJ:Oppm' down beyant, widout "Can I foire at ther baste Masther Frank 1" "We are gone!" gasj)ed the doctor. thim spalpeens havin' a hand in our funeral." pleaded Barney. "Murdher!" roared Barney. "Ther moURtain The coach rolled slowly ahead. "Wait a moment till we get more traveling be's a-fallin' down!" I In back, commg up the inclined path, there room," said Frank. The coach made one lurch forward. were a large number of the soldiers who kept A minute later the dangerous narrow strip The dirt slide shot over it.


Part II. FRANK READE, JR., AND HIS COACH. 25 And missed the rear end of the Whirlwind. Frank explained to them what the trouble "Come on board, then, and we will make the She rushed ahead uninjuredhand left behim,l was, and while they were awaiting the doctor's trial." a thunderous noise as crus ing mass str!lck rep,urn, The doctor complied. the ledge and went .J?Ourmg over the edge m a Shure, an I don t see how 1t wuz that th!m Frank started the coach, and kept 1 t close up perfect cataract of dlrt and stones. BOJeN left ther fort at Vera Cruz afther we dld, arc 'nst the wail of the precipice as he sent it "Heavens, what an esca:pel" muttered Frank. an' yet so far beyant us." al d h f "Dar am a barrier behmd, sah," announced "Oh, lt is easy to guess," replied Frank. s owly and carefully aroun t e curv,e, or as Pomp. "You know how we went over the rustic the J:>ody of the coach couJ.d not bend 1t had to 'Ca n the soldiers cross bridge, and it fell as we proceeded on to the run be!ore Jt go. around. "No, sahl" woods where one of the wheels got stuck iiiJthe A smgle .tnal that 1t could not "Then we won't be bothered any longer with rocks which we had to blast 1 Well, while we be done Wlthout drlvmg the _wheels off thent doctor." were busy there, the soldiers must have started of them, he backed agam. "For which I am truly grateful." in pursuit of us. Finding the bridge gone, they Now what lS to be done i blankly asked "Shure, I have a wasted charge in me roifle," doubtless crossed the stream somewbere else, Vaneyke. savage ly said Barney. and by dint of fast traveling while we were in "If a few feet of the bulge was taken off the Don laid half senseless on the ground, and as the coa

26 FRANK READE, JR., AND HIS ELECTRIC COACH. Part II. '' Our course now is down on the north side "Hand over those diamonds or die said Houses were set fire to, a;d missiles to of the mountain" said Frank "and we must Frank. darken the sky, shouts and threats mmgled get up toward and dispose of dia Pale, trembling, and bathed in a cold sweat, with the discharge of fire-arms, and barricades mondS, so as to return to Readestown. the old Hebrew complied, just as his outcries were thrown up across the streets, behind "Such a vast quantity of the gems excites brought the two soldiers running in. which the maddened populace took refuge. suspicion of us" said the doctor. "The best They saw Frank in the act of taking the dia-Frank and his friends were amazed. way to do is them in small q_uantities." monds, and, holding his pistol pointed at the "What in thunder are they fighting for, any The coach was started on a trail Frank obhead of the Jew, imagined that he was a thief asked the doctor. served, and in due course it reached the prairie who was robbing the diamond dealer, and aim"It. looks like a civil revolt," replied Frank, : again, without accident, when the knives were ed their rifies at nim. entermg tlle coach. again screwed on the hubs of the right whee13 "Help 1 Help!" c:r:ied the in Spanish. "AnarcHI.stsl" S!Lid. Barney, at the A run along the coast to Tampico followed. "Hands up, AmeriCano!" cried one of the solfires were sprmgmg up rapidly mall parts There\ was a sullen air overhanging the city diers. of the mty. for it was beset by the terrors of anarchy, and "What for 'f' hotly demanded Frank, turning "An' heah come mo' ob de sojers,' said a fearful riot was then dormant in the regular, around. Pomp. even which was upon the point of "He is a thief, and has robbed me," said the The rolling of drums, the blare of bugles, and bursting fortn. Jew, whininfl"ly. the martial strains of music came echoing The Whirlwind was driven straight into the "You lie 1' indignantly exclaimed Frank. through the city. city, for Frank was determined to have the "We caught you in the act," said one of the A few moments afterward& they heard the coach near him, in case of any more trouble. soldiers. f roaring of cannon. Throngs of armed men were passing to and "It was he that wall doing what he accused "It's a rebellion of some sort," said Frank fro, and paused to stare in wonder at the coach me of." "Let us get out of here. We are needlessly as it rolled through the streets. "Oh, senores, protect a poor man," cried exposing ourselves to a lot of risk," said the A citizen informed Frank where he could find the broker. doctor. a jeweler, and when the coach came to a pause "You must go io the jail with us," said the "I am assured that we cannot do any busi-in front of his store, Frank ali15hted with some soldier. ness here," said Fran.k, and he told his friends of his gems, and started to go m. "I won't do anything of the sort." what passed in the store. Two armed soldiers stood at the door. "Resist us, and you are a dead man." A few moments afterward they started t o There was somethingso sinister about the "This is an outrage." leave the city, when a peculiar scene met their general appearance of the city that Frank began "I had you sent here to protect me against view UIJOn turning a corner. to feel uneasy. the anarchists!" the jew exclaimed, running The old Jew was standing in a cart to which He glanced at the soldiers hesitated at the over to the two soldiers, "and as this man is a team of burros was harnessed, and was lash door, looked at tbe coach, and then resolutely one off them, I demand your protection as a ing the flying beasts to get away from a crowd passed into the diamond dealer's. citize:6. of Tampico." of men, women and children wlio were chasing "You shall liave it," assuringly said the sol-him. CHAPTER XLV. dier. What the cause of their animosity toward the THE JEW OF TAMPICO. "He has got my diamonds, and I want them man was our friends did not know, unless i t THE diamond dealer behind the counter was back." was that they wanted to infiict punishment a Polish Jew. "Oh, the scoundrel!" gasped Frank in dig-upon him for starting the riot. He wore a shabby suit of grease-spotted nantly. "He wants to make out a faise case Frank sent the coach out of the city. clothes, an unkempt gray beardl no collar or againat me in order to swindle me out of my It then shot across the bridge spanning the cuffs, and a filthy, frayea. shirt bosom. jewels." Panuco. His nose was his hair was bushy, his "Do not believe him!" cried the broker hypo-Hardly ha:d it reached the other side when skin was IP"easy, he han dirty finger nailS and critically. out of the city rushed the Jew on foot, followed sharp, twmkling black eyes. "Come !" said one of the soldiers sternly. by the howling mob. "Do you speak asked Frank, sizing "Out of this store with you!" He had lost the burro cart by some accident. him up. "But I am the injured one!" remonstrated "Helb mel" he yelled, waving his arms to" Only a leedle replied the diamond dealer, Frank, angrily. ward the coach. "Vat yer vand r1 "The Alcalde will settle tb,at, senor AmeriA shower of missiles came fiying through the "I've got some, diamonds to sell you." cano. March!" air toward him, and a large billet of woocl "Vell, vy don'd yer show 'em to "I'll fix that Jew for this-" caught him on the back of the head, knocking; "Do you buy them 1" "Ahead of us 1 We will fire on you, if you him down on the bridge, andherolledover an d "Alvays, ven yer offer me a \ attempt to escape." over. "What are these worth1" questiOned Frank, "Very well," quietly replied Frank. Before he could get upon his feet the foremo s t lying a dozen on the counter. He saw his friends in the coach windows outmen in the mob caught hold of him and adjus t-The Jew picked them up, closely examined side watching all that was transpiring, and ed a noosed rope over his head, when he was them and a.Sked: knew that they would aid him. jerked upon his feet. "Vere did yer git 'em 'f' He walked past the soldiers, out to the street. The:y: mean to hang the beggar!" said Frank, "That's makeSlllO difference to you. Do you The Jew followed after the Roldiers, and lock-looking back. \vant to purchase ed his door to go to the court and swear to a "What could he have queried the Holy Moses, have you got any false charge against Frank, in order to swindle doctor, frowningly. "Bushels of them." him out of tlie diamonds which he saw were "Started the not by trying to cheat me, that's "H;ere 1" valuable stones. evident." "No." Out on the sidewalk Frank beckoned to his "Poor wretch-see how scared he looks." "Vere did you git friends. The:y: are dragging him over the side of the "Let me repeat it's none of your business." Barney and Pomp sprang to the sidewalk bridge, doctor." "How much do you want for 'em a glided up behind the two soldierS, and snatched "Then depend u'P.on it they mean to suspend "What are they worth to/ou the rifles from their hands. him over the river. A sly, cunning look crosse the shrewd face of Then they pointed them at the guardsmen. "Mean ashe wasihateto see him perish that the Jew, for he saw that Frank did not know "Hands up, Mexicanos !" said Frank sarwa7,." the value of the diamonds. castically to the two men. Let's_io back and see if we can't save his Moreover, it occurred to him that the AmeriThey recoiled, amazed, wheeled around, and life." can had come by the diamonds nefariously, and stared down the barrels of their own weapons, "Just what I was going to suggest myself." he p,ut them in his pocket. while the startled Jew ran up the street yelling "Then go on!" Come around termorrer und I'll dell yer," frantically: Frank turned the coach around and ered i t he said, with a grin. "The riot 1 The back on the bridge. "Are you steal those Instantly his cries brought out thousands of By this time the mob had hauled the shriek Hush 1 Der soldiers outsite will hear yer." people, all of whom were ripe for the struggle ing Jew out to the middle of the structure tied ",Answer my question!" they had begun before the coach entered Tamthe end of the rope to one of the hand rail;, and "Don't say a word. Ve vill vack ub on 'em." pico. were endeavorin$ to push the old fellow off. Ah, you take me for a Brazilian smuggler The diamond dealer's cries almost seemed like "Once they swmg him free of the rail, tbe fall or a thieH" a signal to the revolt afresh against the will break his neck," said the doctor, keenly "Don'd ('ief yerselluf avay. I'm mum. Ve government. watching the tragedy. vill fix it.' The two soldiers were terrified to find them"No! He has got hold of the ro.I>e above .Frank saw that the old ro>;ue wanted t? bi.Jk selves thus menact;d with their own. weapons, where .it is tied around his neck," said Frank, out of the stones, and With a look of mdigand on e of them cned hoarsely: "and if he hangs on tightly enough he may ht; :. "For God's sake, spare our lives!" prevent his neck being broken by the fall.'' I. see 1t 1s impossible to sell thos.e stones m "Then run after the Jew as fast as you can," "The rope must be fastened tightly around for .every

Part II. FRANK READE, JR., AND HIS COACH. 27 The doctor grasped the spokes as the Whirl"Shure they looked loike a maSquerade fall, the other's leg was brok;n, and the shaft wind shot up to the spot from which the Jew party." of the coach was demolished. hung and !!Cattered the crowd. "I will go out and investigate the !)latter." Up on his seat the driver stood bent over, Out on the platform rushed Frank with a "Lord iove yer, I'll go along too, fer it lucks with the reins bound areundhishandshhisfaee knife in his hand, and with one agile leap he dangerous." red with rage and alarm, while out oft e dusty was off the coach and beside the ropll to which "Come on then." coacl:j window a young Mexican gentleman had the old Jew was hung, the coach went on. Arming themselves, Frank and Barney left head thrust, and Franjt saw two ,ladies "I'll return good for evil!" shouted Frank. the coach and made their way to the border of With terrified faces behind hlill, clasped m each "Can you the woods, along which the roa.d ran, and other's arms. "Yes!" gasped the Jew. glanced keenly up and down. Down the road there sounded the trampling "Then down you shouted Frank, and Nothing of the masked band was visible. of many horses' hoofs and they saw the road with one slash of his knife he severed the But the keen eyes of Frank detected someagents dashing toward the coach, brandishing rope, and the old man plunged down in the thing else. their arms and yelling like madmen. river. It was a strong wire stretched across the "We can do nothing here," said Frank. A terriblexell of escaped the mob, and road each end tied to a tree on either side. "Begorra we can in ther coach, an' here it do a:' the Jews boc;Iy disappeared beneath. the Fu'rther along the road there were. f!everal come." r1ver they closed m around Frank on all sides. similar wires at even intervals apart, nsmg no "Vaneyke sees what IS going on. He IS a more than six inches from the ground, and of a trumJ?." CHAPTER XL VI. color resembling the dust. "Git aboord1 Masther Frank, git. a.boord I" Do. you see those wires, Barney?" Frank The Whirlwmd rushed up to them, paused, THE SEVEN MASKED RIDERS. asked, at them. and in a twinkling the two adventurers wer& FRANK faced the infuriated mob, who were "Herfoa! an what do they mane on the front platform. s.ngry at him for severing the rope)Jywhich the "They were put there to trip up horses." "Which way, Frank'l''_queried the doctor. old J'ew had been hung from the hand rail of "Bad cess ter ther blackguards as did it." to the road, V aneyke. Do you see the the Panuco. '.rhe masked men are the guilt;v; parties." all that Is--" shot ahead. "Shure it could be no wan else.' "Everything. Pomp, get your and go pulled out a pistol, and "They 'design to rob the stage-coach, no to the rear." doubt." "Golly, can't yo' Iemme git up on de of TampiCO I he ex"Ah now I sees through ther plan. Let's "Of course ; _you would make a better target "I brook any trifling with cut thim woires" up there than down here." me. The first to offer any violence will get shot "Of course i will. But hark! Don't you "Reckon I'll stay: heah, den." down in his tracks I" hear voices?" With a rush the Whirlwind flew out on the The crowd fel\ back. They listened intently for several moments, road just asthe band of masked men dashed Just then Vaneyke drove the coach back. and soon the faint murmur of conversation up to the stage coach, and covered the driver As it came rushing into the midst of the reached their ears coming from amid the trees and the inmates with their rifles. crowd, they scattered, and before they could do i'n back of where they stood. "Hands up, pilgrim !''the leader of the band him any harm, Frank leaped on board. Shure that must be thim," said Barney. was yelling at. the driver, who no'f had dropped -:\-head shot the coach, and she cleared the "Wait here. I'll creep forward and see." the reins and pulled a big navy revolver out of bridge. Frank glided in among the trees as he spoke, his belt to defend his Down m the river the old Jew, With the noos-and after cautiously advancing several hun "Come, thar, shashay off,' growled the Jehu ed rope around his neck, was swimming for dred yards he came to a scattered ma s of angrily, as he drew his herculean figure up. shore. rocks. "Ye may riddle old Tom Briggs, but gosh durn From the city came the dull sounds of the In a clearing among them he saw the seven my skin ef I'm goin' ter 'lowtyouse ter play a riot. masked horsemen, yet mounted, clustered in a lone hal).'." Frank pointed ahead.' group and holding a conversation in unrestrain"Might's as well drap yer _gun an' hustle, pil "On, for Texas !" he exclaimed. ed tones of voice. grim. We've got yer plumb dead-wooded, an' "We cannot sell the diamonds in Mexico," The man on the black mare seemed to be. the therLord help yer soul if yer kick." said the doctor. leader of the band, and as Frank discovered I ain't no sneakin' coyote, pards, an' I won't "Not without a good deal of trou.ble." them he was saying: cave." A yvay_ raced the coach, Tampico was "It won't be five mmutes longer afore der "Then shmn;r, up ter ther happy huntm' m the fast gathermg shadows of tw1-stage comes along, an' der team goes a-tumblin' groun's. boys 1' light. over der wires." Several rifles were pomted at the driver when League after league was covered by the coach -I "Americans!" thought Frank, judging by the Whirlwind shot out from the midst of the until at last the liour pf midnight came, ana this talk. trees and dashed toward them she came to a pause in a woods. "Are :yer sure as der Monterey jeweler is The rumbling of its wheels and the buzzing of Barney mounted guard, and the rest turned a-comin' mit, cap!" asked a brawny fellow who its machinery startled the road agents' horses, m. was riding near the first speaker. and made them prance. Not far from where the coacl! came to a pause, "I seen him start from Victoria myself." In fact, the thieves were as much startled as there wound a path across by "An' did yer see much jewelry wid their mounts, and the leader of the band, who the stage coach that ran between VICtoria al!d "He's got a case of it.'' was pulling the youngMexicanoutof the stage off to the l!lft arose a "How many odder passen!?ers is dere '?" through window oy his head, was forced to range, ana several mtles to the nghtwas Lm-''Only two-a woman an her darter, 'sides let go as horse reared upandp_lungedaway. ares. der driver." The dnver. was no less astomshed, for the It was not many.leagues ahead to the Rio "It'll be a eas7 job den," search lights and arc lights were now blazing Grande on the Texan border. "Fer certain.' about the coach and lent it a 9.ue!lr, super All the lights on the coach were extinguished, "Hark! Wot's dat 'I'' natural appearance that was mysti.fymg. and the moon shone down bright' and silvery Back in the direction Frank came there Frank and Barney fired several shotS at the on the road as Barne_y sat in the pilot-house. sounded 'the pounding of horses' hoofs, the ratHe was thinking deeply of home, when sud-tling of wheels, and a man's tones: That gave them to understand that the OCCll denly his attention was attracted toward the "0-it up tharl G'lang now!" pants of the coach were bent upon the rescue of road by seeing a horseman go gal-Crack! went a whip. the stage passengers. At the .same time the lopmg by on a fine big black mare. The merry jingle of bells on the barnes!;! was stage passengers realized that our friends were The man was clad in red shirt, pants that heard. going to their assistance, and their hopes at were tucked into the tops of his boots, a felt "Here comes the coach now!" said the leader once revived, for at first they expected nothing hat and carried a rifle. of the masked band. "Foller me, boys. Them but destruction. 'Upon his face there was a black mask. ere bosses '11 be down soon." The cowcatcher of the coach struck the wires The latter circumstance aroused Barney's Out of the rocky rendezvous galloped the and the sharp, triangular knives with which it curiosity. horses so quick that before Frank could interwas armed cfrove them up on the central piece "Shure an' he must 'be ashamed av his face ceP.t them they gained the high road. where they were severed like threads. ter hoide it so_/' the Irishman cogitated, as the The wires ain't cut yeti" gasped Frank. The road agents had scattered to the right rider vanishea in among the trees. He saw that he had no time to stop the road and left and the coach made a circuit of the He was just wondering who the fellow was, agents who were then prepared for action, and stage. when there burst upon his view six more horse-with his mind filled with misgivings, he hur"Hello, thar !" bawled Tom the men, riding two abreast, all dressed, armed ried back to Barney. driver. "Wot in thunder are that thmg, an' and masked as the first one had been. Shure I can't cut thim woires,'1 gasped the wha' d'yer mean ter do, pards 'I'' They rode silently by like so many ghosts, Irishman. "Get on board here, and we will help you !" and vanished among the where the first "Why not 'I'' grumbled Frank. rer.lied Frank. one had-disappeared. "They are all in wan piece, an' I have nothin'. 'Much obleeged. Wimmin fust. I ain't no By this time Barney was upon his feet at a ter cut 'em wid." sneakin' coyote." jump. "Back to the coach with you, and get a pair Frank shouted to the Mexican to bring the "Be heavens! it may be us they're goin' ter of shears to--" ladies into the coach, and while the young man tackle wid their guns," exclaimed the startled Crash! came a fearful noise from the road, in-was so engaged, the outlaws recovered their and amazed Irishman. terrupting what Frank was saying. wits, saw that they were being thwarted by the The circumstance was so peculiar as to aroube It was instantly followed by a s-plitting noise, natural agency of a mechanical contrivanc e his suspicious, and he at once proceeded to the scrambling of hoofs, the of horses, under control of a few level-headed men and at awaken his companions, to whom ne explained the swearipg of the driver, and feminme shrieks once became so chagrined and that _he had seen. of affri_ght', mi?gled with several expressions of they to fight. Did you say the men vamshed m these alarm m Spamsh. "Tamtnuthin' but a blamed machine" sl\out. WO?ds!" asked Frank, after hearing the man's "The horses of the stage coach have hit the ed the leader,-" an' yerkin hang an' qultrtetme through. wire and are down," said Frank, pointing afore I'll 'low 'em ter win game." Ivery wan av thlm." through the trees. "See there, Barney." A sl;iout pealed from the rest and they fired a "Didn't they notice the coach f' He pointed through the trees. volley at the occupants of the stage and the "Not be look or action." A sad spectacle met Barney's view. Whirlwind. i "My opinion is that they are road-agents." One of the team had broken its neck in th11 The shutters were down, and by


Part II. 28 FRANK READE\ JR., .A.ND HIS ELECTRIC COACH. the time the shots were fired the had "My friend, I have recovere d your valuables," the men who leaped from the coach, which had politely put the two frightened females on said he to the young Mexican, whohad revived come to a pause, to make prisoners of them. board of the coach. the two 'women. As soon as the captives were they wete None of our friends were exposed to the bul "May Heaven bless you, sir!" fervently ejac-conyeyed on.board the coach, lind laid with lets. ulated the Mexican. their companiOns. -Old Tom Briggs alone suffered for his hero "Is the package so very "'hat IS the last of that band!" remarked ism in sticking to ,his post until his passengers "It is worth over fifty thousand dollars, seFrank. were safe, for a bullet winged him"' and he fell nor!" Praise ther Lord for that, pilgrim I" fer. to the grqund from hisseat'wounaed. "You are a jeweler of vently said Briggs. Instantly Frank sprang out to his aid. "My father has there the largest jewelry busi"You can have all the satisfaction you want "Lordy,Tm pugged in ther gizzard," said the ness in Mexico." now." old driver\ faintly. "Does he purchase diamonds 1" "An' by go!, I'll take lt, too." Is It a oad wound T' asked Frank. "Millions of dollars' worth annually. I am "I'll aid you all I can, so I'll tow your stage "Dunno, pilgrim, but reckon it hurts like soon to go down to Brazil for him, to make a to Monterey." blazes." large purchase of them." "Wot 1 With this consarn we're a-ridin' on f" Here, I'll carry you into my coach." "You need not go. Buy of me." "Certainly. Both of your horses are dead did so, and the doctor sent the Whirl"Senor, you have saved my life :Qroperty. now. You can have those of the road agents, wmd ahead after the road agents who were up I am very grateful to you, and will gladly favor as they caused the death of your team." th3 roac;L ,. you in any manner that lies in my power. If : PtJgrim, tip us yer flipper. Put it thar. W&t.senores1 cried the young Mexican m you have fine diamonds for sale, go to Monte Mmeshonest, an' you are thersquaresttencter. alarmed tones. I have a case of diamond jew-re-y with me and we will buy them at a fair foot as ever I see, gol durn me if yer ain't." elry I left in the stage while I assisted price. But I doubt if you have on.1 hundredth While the_grateful old fellow was shaking the ladles in here out of danger." of the enormous quantity we need for our own hands with Frank, with a hearty zest, the doc. "Yourcourtesymaycost dear," said Frank, use, and to sell to all the leading jewelers of tor drove the coach to the stage, and aline glancing back, "for two of the thieves in the Mexico who buy of us." was made fast to it. rear have secured the case, and are parrying it "I have got enough in this coach to supply Frank then towed the broken stage to Mon. away." the whole of Mexico, the United States, and terey, the thieves' horses fastened to the rear -Canada." end of it. CHAPTER XL VIL Impossible." Tom was left at the coaching office In care of, "Then let me show you." his friends with the broken stage and the five CONCLUSION. While Frank was exbibiting his diamonds to horses, and the Whirlwind passed into the city As soon as Dr. Vaneyke heard what Frank the jeweler, Pomp went outside, and made arousing everybody's wonder, and put the cap. said, he turned the coach around, and, aban-prisoners of the two outlaws, and Barney aided t.ive road a_gents in the hands of the authorities doning the men in front, he sent the Whirl him to stow them in the dining-room. to whom the facts of their misdeeds were re: wind fiying after the two masked men who The doctor then atFrank'ssuggestion, drove cited. were 1 awar. like the wind in possession the coach back the way came from, in After that the Whirlwind proceeded to the of the Jewelry. order to get in the right direction for Monterey Mexican jeweler's, and ran into the great court. "Follow them until we recover: the stolen and at the same time try to make a. capture of yard where it was hidden from the view of the ease," said Frank. the rest of the band of road mquisitive public. _De robbers am gwine ter fire at us 1" an Vlhile the coach was di!Slimg back, Frank Through the mediation of the young jeweler, Pomp. te ac covered the ci!Se and carried it back into the were, and the rest so badly bruised and batter-comp1IShed, and regretfully say eoach ed that they could offer but little resistance to (THE END.]


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HOW TO BOX. No.24. HOW TO BECOl\IE YOUR OWN DOCTOR. 'll'it e art of self-defense made ea':f. Oontalaing over tlllrty HOW TO WRITE 'LETI'ERS TO GENTLE A. book. containing .useful and practlcallofolb im&Tllatration of luards. blows an the d.ift'erent poaitions of MEN. mat1on 1n tne treatment aPPIDe&l In lt. HOW TO RECITE AND BOOK OF RECI whbout this wonderful little loook. Price 10 otfnts. No. 14. TATIONS. No. 42. HOW TO MAKE CANDY. the moat rpnlar seleotlono In nsei comprlslnll The Boys of New York Stump AIIOmplele bandbook for ma1<1n11 ali li:lndo of ealldJ, '"dta eat, Freno dialeot, Yankee and rlsh d!aleot Oontaln!D/narfed aeaortmentofStampSpe. es NM: Jlnam, orrnpo, enosa. teO., eto, PrloelO oe"ta. with ID&IIJ otandard readiuaa. Price ID Dutcb an Irlab. Also End :Mea' jokoo. Joe the ne lor home a111aaement and amatenr ohoWI. Price,ID oena l!'or sale by all newadealera fD the United States and Canada, or sent to JOUr addresa, poat.pald, on receipt of prlee. Actdresa 'Bot 2710. ---._-FBANK Publisher, It & 18 North laoro Street, Now York.


/ !"RANK ND l300KS. 43. HOW TO BECO'l'IE .A.. lli.GICUN. eantations, etc Price 10 cents. For sale by all newsdeAIPrS, or sent to your address, postage free, upon receipt of Price. Address Frank 'rousey, publisher, 34 and 36 North Moore street, New York. Bex 2730. 45. THE BOYS OF NEW YORK MINSTREL GUIDE AND JOKE BOOK f Something new and very instructive. Every boy should obtain this book, as i costains full instructions for a.n amateur minstrel troupe, and will cos!{eou but 10 cen:i Foo: Tousey, publii:>er, 81. and l North Voor& stre&t, New Yorll. .... 2731 46. How to Make and Use Electricity. A description of the wonderful uses of electricty, and e1ectro-ma gna.t.ism; together with fpU instructions for making Electric fays :Batteries, etc. By Geol'ge 'l'rebel, A.M M. D. Containing over fifty illustrations. Price 10 cents For eale by all newsdealers in the United States and or Now York. Box 2730. 47. HOW TO BREAK, RIDE, A.ND DRIVE A HORSE. also valuable recipes for diseases peculiar to the horse. Price 10 cents. For sale by aH newsdealers, or sent, postm 48. HOW TO BillLD AND SAIL CANOES. A book for boas, containing full directions for coneale by all newsdealers in the United States and Canllda. New York. Box 2730. 49. HOW TO DEBATE. sr:t: Now York, Bo" 2730. 50 HOW '1'0 STUFF BffiDS A.ND ANIMA.LS. A. valuable book, giving instrucMons in co11ecting, pre. :::l:.g, post-paid, on receipt of _price. Address 'l'ousey oublisher, North Moore street, Now York. Box2730 51. HOW TO DO TRICKS WIT:ui CARDS. Containing e.xplanations of the general principles of sleight of-band applicable to card tricks; of card tricks with. or dinary cnrds, and not requiring of tr1cks 0! I 10 cents. For sale by all newade1\leTR, or sent, post-paid, to any address on receipt of price, bv Frank 'l'ousey, PubJisb er, 34 &; 36 North Moore St., N. Y. P. 0. Box 2730. 52. HOW TO PLAY CARDS. th:. Rounce, l'edro Sancho, Draw Anct1on Pitch All .r ours. and :nany other popular games of cards. Price '10 cents. For sale by every newsdealer in the United States and or we wiH send it to your address, free of postage, on receipt of the price. Frank Tousey, publlslier. 34 and 36 North Moore street, New York. Box2'130. 58. HOW TO BE A. DETECTIVE. By Old King Brady, the world known detective. In whiclt be lays dow& some valuable aod sensible rules for begin .. ners, and also relates some adventures and experiences of well-kn .own detectives. Price 10 cents. For sale by a U newsdealers in tbe United States and Canad.a., or sent to No" York. Box2730. 59. HOW TO ::ti.AKEA. MAGIC LANTERN. Containing a description of the lantern, together with itt, history and invention. Also full directions for its use and for painting slides. Handsomely illustrated, by JohD Allen. Price 10 cents. For sale by all newsdealers in tha United States and Oanuda, or will be sent to your addresa,. 60. HOW TO BECOME A. PHOTOGRAPHER. 53. Containing useful information regarding the Oaniera. and HOW TO WRITE LETTERS. A wonderful little book, telling you bow to write to yom illustrated. Hy Uaptaiu W. DeW. Abney. Price 10 centa zweetheart, your father, mother stster, brother, employer: For at all or on receipt and, in fact, everybody and anybody you wish to wrtte to of prtce. Address Frank I ousey, Pp.bhsher, 34 and 3t Every young man and every yoUng lady 1n the land should Norttl Moore street, New York. Box2186. have this book. It is for sale by all newsdeS.:.ers, price lQ cents, or sent from this office on receipt of price. Ad t 61. dress Frank Touse_y, publisher; 34 and 36 North Moon] HOW 'I'O .A.. BOWLER street. New Yol'.;.. P Q. Box 2130. ... A comf!lete manuel of bowling. Cont&1ning full instruo t!Ons for playing all the standard American and German 54. games; toa-ether with rules anJ sys'tems of spotting in us& by the principal bowling clubs in the United States. B1 HOW TO KEEP A.ND MANAGE PETS. 1 Bartholomew .llatterso.n Price 10 cents For ale by all Grv1ng complete information as to the manner and newi:i.dealers tn the Untted SLates &:nd Canada.. sent to method of raising, keeping, taming breeding, and manyour address, posta2'& freeLon rece1pt of the pnce. Ad1 o.ging alJkindsof_i)ets; also giving fuilinstruetionsf

.. A:FI.E::= =fhe Boy$ The best weekly story paper boys published. Send us your name and address for a, package of sample copies FREE. It con-tains better stories and better illustrations than I any other boys paper in the world. __, Read the following array of b rilliant writers who contribute to its columns: SAM SMILEY-GUS WILLIAMS:_ROBERT MAYNARD-ALBERT J. BOOTH-GASTON GARNE-"ED" J. G. BRADLEY-P 4-UL BRADDON-R. T. EMMET-C. LITTLE-" NONAME "-POLICE CAP TAIN HOWARD-N. Y. DETECTIVE-N. S. WOOD-ALEXANDER DOUGLAS, (Scot land Yard Detective)-TOM TEASER-H. K. SHACKLEFORD-D. W. STEVENS-FRANK FORREST-CAPT. GEO. GRA:N'VILLE, (U, S .li.)-JAS. D. MONTAGUE-AND MANY OTHERS. REMEMBEa' that of yo_ur name and addree.s, we will send you a package of THE BoYs OF NEW YORK containi ng the opening chapters of mterestmg stor1es. Address P, 0. Box 2730. FRANK TOUSEY, Publisher, 34 & 36 North Moore Street, N.Y. Latest Issues of Latest Issues of the Latest Issues of the THE 5 cENT Frank Reade Library YouNG SLEUTH LIBRARY. IT 0 M LIBRARY 'By "NO N-AME.'' No. Price 5 Cents. No. Price 5 Cents. 19 Shorty Junior; or, The Son of his Dad, by_ Peter Pad No. 20 Mullig_!\n's Boy, by Tom r rea.ser 25 Frank Reade. Jr.'s New Electric Terror the'' Thunder .. -21 The H azers of Hnstleton ; or, The Imps ot the 1 er:" ol,', The Sea ob for t .he Tartar's Captive. Academy, b y Sam Smiley 26 Frnnk Reade, Jr and His Air-t:Sbip. 22 Shorty Jumor on His Ear; or, Always on a Racket, 27 Frank Reade, Jr.'s Marvel; or, Above and Below Water. by Peter Pad Ji'rank Reade, Jr.'s IJatest Air Wonder the Kite;" or, 23 Jim Jams; or. Jack of All Trades, by 'J'om 'l'eaB"er A Six Weeks' }flight Over the Andes. 29 Electric Tricycle, and What 2G :Short;r and the Count; or, The Two Great 30 "War-' Nip and Flip; or, Two of a Kind, \)y_ Tom Teaser 31 Franlt Reade. Jr., in the {)Jo uds. 28 Not a lJent; of, Across the Uontinent on Wind, 32 Frank Reade, Jr Wil:h His in Africa. by Sam Smiley 33 Frank Reade. Jr.'s" :Serpent;'' or, 'fhe Search for 29 London Bob; or, An English Boy in Ame r ica, Gold. by Tmn Teaser 3( Across the Continent on Wina:s: or, Frank Reade. Jr/s 30 Ebenez(;'r Orow. by Peter Pad Greatest Flie-bt. M g; 35 Jr., Exploring Mesioo in His New Air-33 Shorty in Seo.rch of His Dad, by Peter Pad S6 Fighting the Slave Hunters; or, Frank Reade, Jr., in 34 Stuttering S a m, by P eter Pad Central Afdca.. 35 'fbe Shortys Trip Around the World by Peter Pad 37 The Electric Man; or, Jr., in Australia. :i6 RiJdebra.ndt lfitzgum; or, My Quiet Littte llous io. 38 l'be EJeetric Horse i or, Frank Reade, Jr., and H. as Fa-. by Tom Teaset ther in Search of the Lost Treasure of tbe Peruvians. 37 '11om my Bounce, Jr. : or, A Chip of thO Old Block, 39 Reade, Jr., and His Ele c tric 'J'eam; or, In 38 Twins; or, Was the Othe'r? 40 Waterj or, The Wonderful 39 Bob Rollick; or, Wha1 Was He Born For? by Peter Pad Cruise of a Boat. Down, g: Workf2 1'be Shortys Out for Fun1 by Peter Pad ing: for the Governtr:ent. 43 Hilly Bakkus, tbe Boy Wtth AhLook 43 Fue; or, Across the Pampas In the 44. or, One Year's Fun at BelJtop Academy, 44 Frank Reade, Jr., and His Queen Clipper of the Clouds, by Sam Smiley Part I. t5 Tbo Sbortys Out Fishing, by Peter Pad 4li Funk Reade, Jr., and His Queen Clipper of the Clouds, 4 S 'l'he Short.ys Out Gunnin.r, by Peter Pad Part II. 1 47 Bob Rollick, the YAnkee Notion Drummer, 46 Six Weeks in'the Great Whirlpool; or,l:;trange oy Peter Pad ures in & Submarine Boat. 48 or. A 47 of the Air; or, 51 Dandy Dick, the Doctor s Son; or, Tbe Villaa'e of a Lost People. Terror, by rom Teaser 50 Chased Across the Sahara; or, The Bedouin's Captive. 52 Sassy Sam Sumner. A Sequ6l to" Sassy Sam. 51 Frank Reade, Jr and His Electric A1r,; or, '.fbe 53 The Jolly .rraveters; or, 152 .. of the Air; or by Peter Pad tbe :Search for the Mountain of Gold West, 53 or, Frank Jr.'sStra.nge Sub-56 Oheeky and Chipper; or, Through Thick and Thin, 54 The Mystic Brand; or. Frank Reade. Jr., and His Over by Commodore Ah-Look land Upon the Stakea Plains 57 'rwo Hard Nuts; or A Term of Fun at Dr. Oraok-56 Frank Reade, in the in the Far West; or,"l'he Search Atn'e Academy, by Sam Smiley for a l.ost Gold i\lline. 25 Job; o/ Beating tbe 26 YounJr :lleutb and the Sa.nd-BaggeTB of New York; or Running in the Silont 'J'bulls. HO\ 29 Working as Three at One Time. 30 Baltimore-Game; tor. Shadowing Stolen 31 Young Sleuth's Uoston Haul; o.r, The Keen Detective's Great l f i nd. 32 De&l; or, The Keen D e -33 Denver Divide: or, For a 34 Young Sleuth th Lady Ferret: or, 'i'ho Girl Detect ive in Peril. 35 Young S l eu th's Cincinnati Search; or, Working a Stran: Keen Detective's Girl Decoy. All.the above libraries are for sale by all newsdealers in the United States and Canada, or sent to your address, post-paid, on receipt of price. Address p. 0. nox 2730. FRANK TOUSEY, Publisher, 34 & 36 North Moore Street, New York.


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