Frank Reade, Jr., and his electric team: or, In search of a missing man

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2 FRANK READE, JR., AND HIS ELECTRIC TEAM. The subscription Price of the FRANK READE LIBRARY by the year is $2.50: $1.25 per six months, postpaia. Address FRANK TOUSEY; PuBLISHER, 34 and 36 North Moore Street. Box 2730. Frank ReadeJ Jr.J and His Electric Team; OR, IN SEARCH OF A MISSING MAN. By "NONAME," Author of "Across the Contineat on Wings; or, Frank Reade, Jr.'s Greatest Flight," "Frank Reade, Jr.'s 'Sea Serpent:;' or, The Search for Sunken Gold," etc., etc. CHAPTER I. Mrs. Reade crossed to Frank's side and praced ttc information that your cousin and his party had PBANX BEADE, JB.'B LAST INVENTION. her hand upon his shoulder, while she bestowed a. been by a. band of Afghan robbers delightful smile upon the good doctor, who was m Central Asta.," answered Frank. "WELL, doctor, it is agreed, then, that we go to ever the pink of gallantry. "Indeed, I was not aware that Richard Carlyle, Central America.," said ::!'rank Reade, Jr., one day Now, Dr. Vaneyke honestly thought Frank, Jn, whose works of travel are among the most entersome four mouths subsequently to the safe return ought to remain at home for a time, and now findtertaining and reliable volumes In my llbra.ry, was of himself and his comrades from their a.dventurhimself appealed to by the beautiful lady, despite a. relative of yours, doctor," said Mr. Reade, Sr. ous journey through South the fact that he was anxious to explore Centra.! "Yes; as I ha'l'e said, he Is mr cousin. True, The celebrated young Amertcan inventor, and A:nerica, the doctor voieed his honest opinioa, sayhowever, he Is only my third coaem, but wejul:ve his old friend, Dr. Vaneyke, the scientist and lng: been trlends from boyhood, and we are explorer, were seated on the veranda a.t Frank Jr.'s "Certainly, the lady Is right. Let's put otf our of 'The and residence In Beadestown. journey for the present. Ties of kindred and home Hl8torlcal Asso.clatwn. Poor he was cut "Y::>B," replied the doctpr, "I will accompany are sacred you know Frank" down in the pnme of life, and JUSt when he ha<>ut. -r:ou know I "I am interested in the fate of Richard Carlyle Frank's assistance," said Mr. Reade, Sr., coming do not like to exhibit my unttl,they are almost as much as though he had been a friend. out of the house in time to hear the last remark all,. complete and In good workmg order. Indeed, I feel a3 if I knew the man, through his made by Frank, Jr. and, therefore, none save your self and the books. But what was he doing In Asia at the time The old gentleman was accompanied by Frank, macht.nlst you have employed to assist you of his death?" said M;r. Reade, Sr. Jr.'s, beautiful wife. Mrs. Frank Reade, Jr., ftlly !\bout the wonderful Electric Team, re"In company with two European companions, shared her father-in-law's opinion that Frank plied Dr. Va.neyke. une of whOID, Tom Moreland, the brilliant young should remain at home for a. while. In fll.ct, the "You must except Pomp and Barney. Those artist and journalist Of New York, Richard Carlyle lady W81l heartily weary of her beloved husba.nd'& two fa.lth:ul fellows worked with me-doing was making a. journey through Asia fn ordS!' to long absences. some of the rough part of my task-and they are gather the necessary facts and dates for his proNever while Frank was away was she entirely quite as enthusiastic about it as I am," said Frank. posed geographical and historical work," replied at ease anxiety and solicitude for her husba.nd's "By the way, where is Pomp? I was just the doctor. safety in the midst of the perils which he was going to ask you to allow him to carry a letter "And Tom Moreland perished, too!" exclaimed to encounter during his travels, colll!tantly tron-over to poet-office for me. I have written! Frank, Jr. bled the fond wife. the English Resident of Cabul, Afghanistan, ask"Yes, poor fellow." She had been trying to make Frank, Jr., promise lng him for farther p& regarding tile un"Poor fel!ow, Indeed, I knew Tom Moreland that be would not undertake another journey for timely death of my friend and cousin, Bichla.rd He was a ccllege chum of mine, and one of five years, and she had not as yet abandonad the Carlyle, the celebrated geographer and traveer," most brilliant men I met a.t Yale," said Frank Jr. hope of keeping him at home for that period of said the doctor. with feeling. time, a.t least. "Pomp. is down a.t work-sh?,Pi but he Is at ."And who was the other European In Mrs. Reade, Jr., now hastened to support the your servtce, a.nd I Will call him, replied Frank, Wtth Carlyle and 'Moreland at the time of thr opinion of the old gentleman, saying: Jr. massacre?" asked Mrs. Reade, Jr. "Father is right, Frank. Your duty Is clear "Thank you," said the and as Frank, "C.aptaln Jack Conway the Yetera.n wild anima.! Your father and your wife certainly have the most Jr. l pclled a bell-wire which communicated with hunter and traveler. He went to Asia as an agent .earnest desire and need for your presence a.t home. the bell lnthe work-shop he continued: for Barnum, hoping to secure strange animals and Doctor, will you not take our side, and advise "I have spoken to you a. bout my Cousin Blebcuriosities 1n the unknown regions of Asia which Frank to abandon his proposed trip to Centra.! ard before, Frank.'' no European has ever penetrated," said the docAmerica and remain a.t home?" "Yes, you told me that you had received authen-tor.


FRANK READE, JR., AND H[S ELECTRIC TEAM. 3 "A trio of brave and learned men," said Mr' "Oh, yls, sir, they wint away. But, begorra., I "What do you wish, my friend&?" Reade, Sr. heard one big blackguard say he'd be afther .havln' "For God's sake tell me is not that man Dr "Yes, Captain Jack Conway has been all over a glimpse av the Electric Team yet before the show Va.neyke?" cried the stranger, who looked like 1 the world, and he bas bunted wild animals in every left town." European. {and," assented the doctor. "A mere Idle boast, Barney." As he spoke he pointed -at t he doctor. "Here comes Pomp," said Frank, Jr. "I don't know about that, begob. Sure, an' At the sound of his voice Frank started 111. As the young inventor spoke, the jolly, reckless, thlm circus tellers could make a fortune wid an though he had received a sudden shock. black marksman, came around the corner of the Electric Tame lolke yours In their show." His eyes dilated as they became lxed u-pon the house. "Well, lock up the shop carefully when you are other's face. Pomp looked as fat and happy as ever. through work for the day." "Thank Heaven I You are Frank Reade I" crie41 His open countenance, covered by a b7oad grin, "Yis, sir. An', bedad, It's at noon we'll knock the stranger, as he now looked at Frank, Jr., in-which disclosed a. double r ow of ivories, from ear off for the day, if yez pla.ze, Master Frank." tently. to ear, was a<> comical in its expression as when "Oh, you want to go to the show?" "And you are Tom Moreland I" exclaimed we first knew him. "Pomp an' the other workmin do. But,, bedad, Frank, Jr. J:fe pulled off his hat and it's mesel' as Is only goin' on account av me wager, Dr. Vaneyke leaped from his seat and bounded "Heah. I Is, boss." wid the na.gur. bad luck to his eyes." to the gate as:he heard Frank, Jr., pronounce the "All right, Pomp; the doctor wishes you to run "Tnt, tnt, I hope you and Pomp haven't been name ot one of his ceusins, Richard Carlyle's over to the post-office for him," said Fra.nk, Jr. quarrelihg again." comrade who was to have perished "Yes, here is a letter I would like you to p!Jst." "Well, I .niver knock under to a nagur, Master in Asia. The doctor placed the letter in Pomp's hand as Frank. Oi'm an Irishman, long life to me, an' be-The good old doctor tre.mbled from head to be spoke, and the good-natured darky hastened gorra, I kin bate any nagur at his own game. An' foot. away_ wilh it." fot did lhe black villain stale me fiask for, I For once he was surprised out of his habitual The conversation between the friends was then dunno?" equanimity, and he said: resumed, and the doctor went on to say: "See here, Bnrney, you know I have forbidden "Can it be, sir, that you are Tom Moreland, the "The last message our received from your quarreling with Pomp a l:undred times. artist, who accompanied Richard Carlyle on his illCarlyle was dated from a camp In Turkestan. Don't let me hear of any trouble between you now. fated journey to Asia?" This message came by caravan to India. You understand?" Meanwhile Frank, Jr., and Tom Moreland were "And since nothing has been heard from the ex" Yis, sir. But be the tall of Biddy Dolan's goat wringing each other's bands in a grip ol true friend plorer himself since then !'fear that it will be dif-that rached unto ould Ireland an' rang St. Patrick's ship. ficult to locate the scene of his death or secure his bell, Oi'll not stand an' have the nagur call me a "Yes 1 Richard Carlyle's eomrade In Asia remains for Christian burial," added the doctor, !" replied 'Moreland. '1 after a pause. I shall reprimand Pomp If he has done any"And your companion?" t ..-. "T!ue; and it will also. be as difficult-one may thing of the .kind. You may tell the mechanics "He is called Mohammect the Faithful.' :e:e 'is say Impossible-to puniSh the murderous Af-that I am w1l!ing they sho'.lld stop work for the an East Indian and my servant" ghana.'' day at noon.'\ And and I scarcely dare' ask the question no hope of that." "L<;>ng life till yez, Masther an' if what of Richard Carlyle? You must know that in! Frank, Jr s., eyes dilated, brightened, wip me lave to bate the nagur Jist ?.nee fa1th, telllgence, {n whlcn I placed the most complete and he started UP: But hiS wife drew him down to an;, yez ll ';Oe a happy lad the day. confidence, Informed me that my cousin Richard his chair, and sa1d qu'lekly, drowning a rllmark Go along w1th you, you foolish fellow. Yon and all his companions }Vere massacred by the .Uwhich Frank, Jr., to utter: know well enough if Pomp e,ver butts ron ghana? Tell me that Richard livos?" Now you are getting exClted, Frank:. that cannon-ball head of his its all day w1th you. "Richard Carlyle was living when I left Asia.." In a whisper she added: "But not all ntght, be dad," muttered Barney, as "Thank God I" "Now, do not forget your promise, Frank.'' he turned back to the work-shop. The old man dashed tearS of joy from his eyes as 'l' little by-play was not lost on tbe_ good docA few momente later. Pomp returned. The darky he heard the glad tidings, and uttered his hllartfelt tcr,\thougb he seemed not to observe it. seemed somewhat exe1ted. exclamation of gratitude. Just then the sounds of band music in the town "What's the matter?" asked Frank, observing .. was heard. this, as Pomp began to stutter a trlfie in the at-Come Into the hcu, se, yon and your \!Elrvant, "What does that music mean, I wonder?'' asked tempt to say somet .hlng hurriedly. Tom, and partake of and then you Mr. Reade, Sr. "Dar am two wild m,en after de doctor I" said shall tell your story, and how "Oh, there's a circus iO. town. The band we Pomp. here In _your wild costume, said Frank, linkmg bear belongs to .the show. They are making a "What do you msan ?" den::anded Frank. arm m of his old college parade," replied Frank, Jr. what 1 sa'{, sah. Dar am two wild men All right, Frank i I do tr1fie as "Yes. And that reminds me that all the servants afU!r de doctor. s'pecs dat da am 'scaped from we used to say at Yale after a nlght olf, repiled Indoors have askea leave to attend the circus tode clrkis show; sab.'' Moreland, cheerfully. day," said Mrs. Reade. "You ridiculous fellow. How In the wo):'ld have Mohammed, the East Indian, did not utter a "And Pomp and Barney have also determined you reached the conclusion that the wild creatures W

FRANK READE, JR., AND HIS ELECTRIC TEAM. means at h i s command to bri ng about the rescu e F o r a m o m en t Frank h es itat e d, a n d then h e Arrah li ste n til the j e w ell S u r e ; an' i t' s bet of the o th e rs. said : S tlil as h as th e n ate a n plasin w a y w id h e r a v "I kn e w that you, Dr. Vaneyk e was d e v o ted "You f o rget my prom i se, d octo r. But I a m sure jokin' d ye m o in d, s aid B a rn e y, looking to Ri chard Carlyl e, and that you w e re a F e ll o w my w i f e d oes n o t It w o uld b e th e g r ea t es t pleas s h eepish. of the Interna tion a l G P ographi ca l and Hist oical ur e o f m y life t o rus h t o the re sc u e o f Ric h a rd Car" N o w de n you Irishwo man y o u d o n e s ee wh a t Ass oc iation, o f whi c h Carlyl e is a l ea din g m e mb e r. l y l e with my new e l ectr ic c o nveyanc e but you a fool d a t husb a nd ob y o u rs am. H e d o ne 's uit "I said to mx se lf, Dr. Vaneyke I s the m a n to a pkn o w I n e v e r br ea k my w o rd. Porn pus r ig ht yar Whe n he say h e s t ole d e b ot-pea.! t o H e will r ende r me assistan c e and h el p me Dr. V a n ey k e ut te r e d a d ee p groa n. ti e y o u was de thi e f B a rn e y Iris h e r, s a id to find the missing e xpl o r e r. I say ex plor e r, u s T o m Mor e land a n d Mohamm e d, n o t cl eatly Mrs. Pomp who had b ee n w as hi ng a t th e .Reade log the s i ngular numoe r, b eca use I beli eve th a t understanding e vin ce d by th eir e x p r es sion som e r es id en ce th a t d a y and now c am e run ning from Captain J ac k C onway pro mise made a butt at B a rney. Th e darky struc k B a rn e y ever known had taken its finalll..i g ht." to r e main at hom e for five yea r s, a nd y o u canno t IJl the pit o f th e stomac h and h e turne d a b ack. Tom Mor e land p ause d. His stro ng, cl e ar, manly hav e f o r go t te n that ther11 was a s a v in g clause in s om e rsault, and kn oc k e d ov e r M rs. O She a and voice broke a trill..e and hi s friends s a w that h e tliat promise," s&id Mrs. R e ade, Jr. the brunette as h e f ell Th e three were decid edly was: deeply mov e d. Mohammed did not utte r a Yes, y es ; Frank s aid he would r emo.fn at mix e d for a moment, and Frank and the do ctor sound, but his g reat blaok e yes were fixed upon h o m e f o r five y ea r s unl es s you b a de him go. fairly roarsaid Frank, Jr., lightcan't rest easy. any length of time without 'II. alder how we can best carry it Into execution. You ly, and then he proc e eded to explain something fight or a' bit av a ruction,' as he says, and so if must know that the greatest dangers and obstacles about his latest Invention. When he had conclud there Is no one else han!I.Y he Is sure to pick are in the way of him who seeks to explore the:aled Moreland expressed himself as convinced that a quarrel with Pomp," repltl!d Frank, Jr. most unknown regions of Asia," said Moreland with the Electric Team they could s!lfely make a On rejoining Moreland .and the others in the further. ourney through Asia, though he a1Ilrmed: house Dr. Vaneyke said: "Yes, I grant you that. There are perils from "I foresee, however, that we shall have some "How long dld you say It TTOuld take you t() savage men and wild beasts at every step. Yet we desperate ll..ghts and some thrilling adventures." complete the Ele c tric Team, Frank?" must overcome them," replied the doctor. As Moreland spoke, Mohammed silently bowed "I have calculated that It will be llnlshed In It will be necessary to organize a strong cam-before Frank, Jr., until h'ls forehead touched the just four weeks from tc-day noon," replied Frank. 7an, and the news of Its movements will be known ll..oor. It was an oriental salaam expressive of his "Oh, yes. And so we shall have to walt that >y the natives ahead of us fifty miles. So they will profound admiration. length of time before we.can start for Asia." lave plelfty of time to assemble and give us battle "Is your eervant speechless?" asked Frank, Jr., "Yes." >r get out or the way. No, no, I was too smiling. "Well, we must wait as patiently as possible, b.asty. A caravan will not do," said Moreland. "Oh, no. But he Is a singular character. When since In the Electric Team reposea all our bopes ol "Then what do you advise?" asked Dr. Vanhe speaks he always has something of. great lm success," said Moreland. portance to say. Mohammed has been a great That Is quite true,'' assented the doctor. "A small party. We must proceed secretly. But Asiatic traveler and he speaks many of the Jan-"Who will compose:our party? asked Frank Jr ... no disguise can long conceal the Identity of a Euguages of the different races in Asia. He will acand he turned to the doctor as he spoke. ropean from the wild men of the Caucasus. No, company us, and he will be of great service as an How many persons will your electric convey. that will not do. A small party would be massacred. interpreter, while his knowledge of the country ance carry?" aske d the doctor. Indeed, doctor, I am at my wit s end. If we only will he o f exceeding value," replied Moreland. "A doz e n {lersons, it necessary." had the means at proceeding swi!tly In Asia, and Just at that moment a shout was h eard from the '"In additi o n to the supplies which we shalt at the same time the ability to repel an attack we direction of the worksh'lp, and Barney was heard have to take along?" might succeed. But I am unable to think at this to yell: "Yes." Urr.e of any expedient that seems f e asible,'' r e plied "Who op I Bad luck -til the nagur I Oi'll have his "We ll, then, I should say our party would con. Moreland. blood. It's massacrein' me, the dhirty blackguard sistot;yours e lf Mr. Mor e land, Mohamm e d,.Barn e y, Frank Reade Jr., had listened to all this wtth is afth e r tryln' to do I" Pomp and I." feelings of Intense excitem e nt, which he found it Frank ran out of the h o use, saying: "Six all told?" di1Ilcuit to exproos. His wif e read his thoughts "Barney a nd Pomp are at it again sure!" "Yes So we shall have room for six more If "" trom the exprEiSl!ion of his countenance and &he The doctor follow e d Frank, Jr. C o ming to the any time we sho uld increase our f o rc e ." knew that he was thinking of his wonderful Elecshop they saw Pomp :standing In the do o r, whil e "Yes. But I do not anticipate that It will b& trlc Team, and that with his last surprisin g inB a rney was dancing about before him in his shirtnecessary to add to our number." ventlon, he <:ould journe y anywhere through Asia, sleeves and brandishin g his shlllalah thr!liJ.te nlng" Probably not. But It's best to be on the safe and bid dell..anoe to all the savage tribes and f aro ly while he shook his l e ft hand as If It p a ined him side. By thP way, Frank, are you sure Barney clous beasts. "Come on, ye naguc! Com e on an' see an Irish and Pomp will go?" Mrs. Reade's heart beat fast. She knew that a glntleman b a te the map av Ireland In bl ac k an' "Gh, yes I had told them of my proposed trip noble wish was in her husband's heart. She was blue on yez u g ly mug tu the tune of St. Patrick's to Central America and they were both anxious t() moved herself In sympathy for the missing ex day In the mornin' I Bedad, I had a foln we e drop accompany me. They have beoome so Inn urad plorer, whose fate was an unsolved mystery. of the ould stuff In a fiask in m e coat, whi c h I l e ft to a life of travel and thrilling adventure that I And now Dr. Vaneyke turned his fine old face hangln' In the shop. The nagur stole it, an' call e d really think they are quite unhappy if tqey are upon Frank, Jr. His very soul was in his eyes. me a loiar whin I told him av it. Ol'm a paceful obliged to remain at home d ug in peace and The glances of the two friends met. They under-long-suff e rln' mon, bedad, an' I let that pass, out quietude. Though lllrs. Barney makes it rather stood each other's thoughts, and the docter exav resp ect til yer orders, Masther Frank. But lively for Barney at times." claimed: ust now, be me soul, the nagur is afther addin' "Well, the brave fellows will be of the utmost "The Electric Team, Frank!" in sult til injury. Faith, an' he brought the sledge value as members of our searching party." "Yes. The Electric Team could take you d o wn on me hand whin I wm:: houldln' the chisel "Certainly. We have tried their courage and de through Asia in spite ot all the dangers and obsta for him Bedad, it's to murder me h'e's afther tryvoti o n In almost every land, and never found them c1oes In the way ,' assented Frank. In ', and so I ax ye to l e t me give him Ulan. Jist wan wanting." "Will you-will you go?" go o d Donnybrook soakel." "Indeed no. Two more reliable men oould not In the mtense mental excitement of the momen t Barn e y made the e xclamation as he saw Frank, be found." the good doctor almost shouted the thri!llng ques-Jr., and the do('tor coming. "Now, Mr. Moreland,'' said the doctor, turnlll!: tlon. "Dat Irishman done tc.le aile, sab. I dQ8Jl know to the r eturned Asiatic traveler, "will you not give He realized that the fate of the missing man nli1Ilin bout his whisky,'' s a id Pomp. us some Idea of the beat route to take to Asia. hung upon the decision of the young Inventor. Just then Mrs. Barney O'Sh e a came around the Where shall we land?" Frank wished to RSsent. Every prompting of corner of the shop with a whisky fiask In her hand. "Yes, and ih what direction shall we !lrstexplore his chivalrous nature appeale d to him to do so. "It's mesel' as took the flask out av yer pocket, the country. Asia embraces suck a vast He felt that he could In the name of humanity an' not the nagur, Mr. O'Shea. Sure, an' Is that I am a trifle Interested to know where we shall be soa.rcely refuse. And yet he could not forget that the ways yez are aft her kapin' your promise to likely to venture," salli Frank, Jr. be was bound by a promise-that he had passed drink no more? Faith, an' whln I g e t yez home I think we should proceed by steamer from his word but an hour ago that he would remain at Mr. O Shea, I'll comb yer hair fer yez so I will, wid New York to Calcutta, India. There we should home for years. the broom stick!" land, and then proceed in a northeasterl;v diree-f


FRANK HEADE, JR., AND HIS ELECTRIC TEAM. 5 tlon across Hindostan to the Afghan state. As f cus, more senses than one, but Pomp had the A hammer of steel rested on a silver globe over the last we know of Richard Carlyle, he was in the trick mule foul, and after making plenty of fun for the batteries, and Frank, Jr., said: neighborhood of the Af9,han mountain range, call-the audience, he succeeded in riding him safo3ly "This is our bell, see how I ring it." the "Hindoo-Coosh, we should direct our first around the ring. Thus speaking, he touched an electric button naturally enough to where he was Then Pomp went for Barney, and demanded the marked B" and the hammer was lifted on a lefl by me. There at l eas t we may be fortunate wager he had won. But B a rney refused to pay it. pivot, and it b ega n to fall upon the silver globe ugh to obtain some clew which will serve to "Sure, an' look at the imperdenoe av the nawith regular strokes until Frank removed his fin guide us aright. The savage band by whom Rich-gur! Do yez think it's green Oi am? Faith, an' ger from the butt o n. The tone of the bell was ard Carlyle was taken a rrisoner Is of nomadic yez didn t roide loike a Christian. It's no money singularly loud and clear. It could be heard for a habits. They are wanderers, and we may be av mine yez will get,'' said Barney. long distance. obliged to follow them a great distance. Our The next minute Pomp grabbed him, and the 1'urning to a handle In the wall of the coach fri e nd, moreover, may have b ee n sold into slavery two rolled over and over among the seats, but the Frank, Jr., slowly depressed It, whereupon a by his captors." circus men promptly put them both out. ing sectional polo3, like a fireman's sliding sec-Thus replied Moreland We will pass over the events of the time which tiona! ladd e r, ran up from the top of tile coach to "Ah, then we shall have a chance to explore the was required for the completion of the Electric a h eight of fifty feet, one section above the other. wonders of India," said Frank. Team, saying only that Moreland and his servant At the top of this was an electric globe and a "Yes, and as Hindostan is a country full of Mohammed remained at Frank, Jr.'s house, and light could be displayed from that globe that could wonderful for a European, the journey tl:at the doctor was a gueSt there every day. be seen for miles, even when interve ning objects will no doubt b e an Interesting one, and not withFinally the day arrived when Frank, Jr., an-shut out the main light on the front of the coach. -out danger,.'' said the doctor. nounoed that the Electric Team and the conveyUpon the top of the vehicle, placed on a pivot Then ensued a further conversation relative to ance it was to draw was entirely complete. near the rear seat over 'l'!'hioh it could be pointed the supplies needed .(or the expedition, and the The entire household went out to the shop to was a small cannon, to which Frank lr .. next friends conversed fot a long time. Finally, after see the wonderful c onveyance and witness a trial called attention. noon-day luncheon ha'd been served, Moreland, of its merits. Surroun1ing tbe exterior of the vehicle was a wh,o had consented to. at Frank They beheld before them two splendid steeds of double row of D?etalllc bands, which olrered tbe Jr: a, home as a guest t.ntll they for As!a metal caparisoned with a metallic harness, and only hold by which any outside party could lal .said that he was so wot"ll out and fatigued With attached to a vehicle that was in some respects upon .the coach. long travel that he woiJl.J like to sleep away the like an ordinary coach, and in others like an En-With these. bands wires connected the electrical afternoon. glish tally-ho battery, so that a current could be sent around th Accordingly he was shOIVI?to an apartment, and The coach was constructed so that at will the vehicle like a and deal a terrible shook 11 Mohammed acoOJ;npanied him, windows could be clvsed by mean11 of metallic perany person or thmg In contact with the met "The East Indian makes me thmk of a faithful !orated slides which insured ventilation. bands. He scarcely ever leaves his master," The top of the coach was provided with seats "You will observe," said Frank, Jr., when h stud Mr. Reade, Sr. beside the driver'll box. One of these was at the had e1:plained this last feature, "that the entir True. He is as devoted to Moreland as Correar aL.d the other at the front of the remarkable coach is bullet proof. And now we wiU more purrajo, the gaucho, is to Dr. the vehicle. ebserve the Team.'' way, doctor, why not take CorraJO to Asia with The driver's box was quite high and directly un-The wires from.the electric battery run through us," said Frank, Jr. derneath the footboard was a great globe for the the metal traces and made connection with the I would like to do S? But only last week he electric lig\lt. When this light was turned on a machinery placed inside the. metallio bellies of the went back to South Arr.erwa. He to!d me should flood of the most brilliant illumination would be horses. The intncate mach1pery occupies a great In about two months and bnng a bnde with reflected over the wonderful metallic team and far P!'rt of the space between .he forelegs and the him,_ answered the doctor. ahead and all around hmd ones. The power is applied, of course, b:t ".1 bellbve we decided to attend the circus this means of the jointed Iron rods running up and .afternoon," remarked Mrs. Frank Reade, Jr., pres?'he vehicle was constructed with wonderful down the hollow limbs, which give in every re ently. "Of oeurse, I don't care to go on my own skill Ill eyery part. was placed upon four spect a natural motion. In fact, these electric account. It's only to please you aged children, whee:s whwh wero provided with v_ery broad steel horses move just like live ones, only the electric she added, smiling. tires so that they could not easily smk Ill soft soil. battery is the life In this case, and they never tire. ',_ "All right. It' s time we were moving," assented box of the coach upon massiVe "I see y0u all grasp the idea of the mechanical Frank, Jr., ned half an hour later our friends found sprmgs of tempered steel placed directly over the parts of the invention, and so I will not trouble -themselves In the circus tent. front and rear axles. you with much more minute description. But I At the door Frank, Jr., met Pomp, who volunThllre was a r_ow of port-holes In each Side of the must add that in the heads of the horses I have teered to say: and also m the back. TJ;Iese port-holes were arranged a clockwork machine that feed mag" I'se heah for to won seben dollars ol! frum dat and could be readily closed when de-nesium wire to a lamp that is set between a pol-Irlshe r, sah.'' srred. ished reflector and the glass eyes of each hClrse. llow is that?" The hubs of the wheels w ere fitted _With f'hort, So if I desire I can at any time flash a powerful Why you see the oirkis folks hab ol!ered a sharp double -edgod steel s'!Vords, wh;oh be light from the eyes of the team. reward ob ten dollars to any one dat kin ride de removed by Simply unscrewmg them. this re" The animals are sharp shod so that they cantrick mule around de ring, and dat Irishman done spect the remarkH:ble coach was not unlike an an-not slip, and I can back or turn them at will. bet ma dat he could ride de mule roun' de ring and meTnht Rotmanfcthhanot. h d d "th Moreover the rear axle works on a pivot to faclli1 couldn t. So we is bol! a gwlne for to hab a try e op o e coac 'vas surroun e WI a tate rapid turning. at wlstah mule, sah.'' rail, and. there '!'n open space between the "We shall carry a suit of chain armor for each "Hal ha I ha! There is fun In the air now,'' seat the .dnver s box and rear seat. member of our party, and the armor will be worn laughed Frank, Jr., and he was right. The circus ThiS _open space "\'as really a sliding-door, and when we expose ourselves on the top of the coach performance went ol! smoothly until the trick by pullmg a lever placed directly the two In dangerous localities. The steel armor is !ropermule was brought into the ring. He was a small, seats the of the coach could thus be vious to bullets and arrows." vicious looking ani. mal, and kept kicking and opened, and If on. the top, one could readily de-Frank paused and after all had expressed their bucking In a way that iniormed the spectators scend to .the intenor. admiration he.c .dded: what one who tried to ride him might expect. .Frank threw one of the Side of the "The motive power from the battery can be lm" I am authorized by the management to state, coach, and his friend 8!'\W that the interior was parted from the driver's seat by depressing the ladles and gentlemen, that he will give ten dollars ne&t}Y padded and cushwned, and that there 'Yas bar which rises at the side of it. But the power in gold to any person who will ride our celebrated also a storage playa which would hold everythmg can be controlled from the Inside of the vehicle trick mule around the ring. Now, who'll be the f.or a long JOUrney. The wheels were very also.'' first to have a try for the tenner,'' said the clown. high, ar.d the great body of the th_a.t hung Frank's friends were now mostan.xlons to start, No sooner had he spoken the last 'words than betwee_n them, under the floor of the was and so, after a trial of the new IQventlon, which Barney shied hls hat into the ring, and followed a spacious storage CO';Dpartment, to wh:ch proved that It was indeed a complete success, It over the ropes with a whoop. access could be obtamed by means slidmg was taken apart, securely packed In cases especial "Sure 'an it's an Irish lad kin ride the baste! doors. ly made for It, and shipped to New York. Many's the wan I've drove til a jauntin' oar in the The seats of the coach, moreover, could be an-The exploring party followed by rail, and In New ould sod. Barnev O'Shea is the boy to claim that folded, thus forming excellent bunks, and there York they were fortunate enough to secure pas ten spot I" cried Harney, and he leaped upon the was a small water tank in boot behind the rear sage for Calcutta on an American trading sleP.mer, mule which at once started on a gallop only to sudwheels. which was to sail in a few days. The great lnvendenly halt, depress his head, and send Barney The body of the coach directly under .the driver's tion was placed on board, and on the day of sailing head first Into the sawdust, while the audience seat was a closed iron-plu.ted compartment, and a large crowd assembled on the wharf to bid the roared. there were stored the powerful batteries which explorers Godspeed. The "International GeoBut Barney was pure grit, and he tried It again generated the electricity, which was the motive graphical and Historical Association" turned out and again but It was no use. The mule would power of t .he Electric Team. These batteries n ee d In full force, and amid ringing cheers and the wav buck, bite: lay down, and roll over, and do every not all be in use at a time, for they were three in ing of Innumerable handkerchiefs, Frank, Jr., and trick known to throw his rider, and finally he number. In case one was destroyed another could his friends steamed away down the baJl. chased Barney out of the ring kicking and bit-be promptly connected with the mechanical atThe events of the long voyage to calcutta were tng.' taohme!lt.s of the_Eleotrlc Team. not of a particularly natur.e. No stora Be dad I don't want tin dollars bad enough to A series of polish e d lever handles numbered so occurred, and the American party arrived safe! ride the baste. Faith, it's the devil he Is in a mule that no mistake could be made by oue who at Calcutta, having made a remarkably quick voy akin I" er!ed Barney, as he ingloriously fled from the meaning of the figures, was placed in a metallic age. the ring. shelf over the electric magazine. Barney and Pomp were delighted to set foot 01 Frank: and his friends, as well as the rest of the These levers controlled the motive power of the land again, as, Indeed, were all the others, anc ji.Udience had laughed until their sides ached a!invention, and by means of them the mystic ourthey lost no time in putting together the coach anC. ready, bJt there was more fun ahead. Scaro,.ly rent of miraculous power could be sent to the the Electric Team. Tiley had prought with them bad Barney got out of the ring when Pomp enterelectrio_team of metal. a large variety of supplies, scientific instruments, ed If. Runmng from the batteries were a number of flr-arms, ammunition, and almost everything "Here I'is sah. I'se agwlne to ride dat mule, slender wires and small steel rods which connectthey thought they could possibly need, so there sah," said quietly, and he was permitted to ed with the Intricate clock-work like machinery were but few purchases to make in Calcutta. In mount. But Pomp had once worked for a horseplaced further forward. five days the explorers were ready to start on their breaker

6 FRANK READE, JR., AND HlS ELECTRIC TEAM. had seoured a passport from the English author!" replied Mohammed, smiling. "It is the bodies glistened in the moonlight, sao wing tht.t ties which gave him liberty to travel anywhere in cry of a monkey you hear." hey were smeared with oil. "British India." Sure and Oi'm glad to hear that. It's dyin' Oi Each man carried a curved dagger of native At the close ot the Jl.rst day's journey through a am fur a bit av a ruction. But, be the harp av manufacture in his girdle, and their faoes were fertile country, our explorers found them-Tara, Oi draw the line at tigers. But Mister Moalight with an expression of expectancy and selves in a jungle on the old Nagpoor road. The hammed, would yez have the illegant politeness to ferocity. young inventor had just turned oft electricity jine me in a bit av 11: toast?" said Barney, drawing thought of the stranglers, the dreaded and brought the team to a halt, intendmg to camp forth a bottle of whisky. Phans1gars who made traveling in that part o! where they were, when Pomp and Barney, who "No I no I" replie.l Mohammed, for like all good India so dangerous, and he fancied the night had been absent in the jungle for a few moments Hindoos, he abjured all intoxicating liquors. prowlers or the jungle meditated a secret attack in search of game, came bounding back uttering grinned as he said: on his party. cries of alarm. They reached the coach and gain"Faith, au' there's no accountin' for tastes. Be But still remaining perfectly silent, Frank coa edits top just_ as two enormous full-grown tigers the powers av turf, it's the milk av human kindness tinned to observe the movements of the mysterious bounded out of the jungle. For a moment the is a wee drryp av rale ould mountain dew." trio. splendid animals crouched before the metal team And Barney drank with a relish anti gusto which Suddenly one of their number glided forward to as if about to leap upon them, and so galu the top proved that he was quite sincere. ward the coach as stealthily as one of the deadlt of the coach. Pomp was engaged In removing the skins of the East Indian serpents could have done. The electric light fell full upon the great East tigers. But the smell of the whisky made his The other three remained where they were. lnd!a!l tigers as they crouched for their leap, and mouth water, a_ nd_he .. ntly as :Sar-"I'll capture this fellow when be gets near the danger, Frank, Jr., snatched up a ne1 smacke. d his bps after dnnk1_ng. llut the JOlly enough," thought Frank, and he peqnitted thecantle, wh1ch was on the top of the coach, and levInshman d1d not seem to hear him." tive to approach until he was close beside the eled it over the front seat at the jungle terrors. "Gollie, it s a mean man dat drinks alone. Dat's coach. At the same time, Pomp, th" black dead shot, what' s de matter," muttered PomtJ. "I shall see if my brothers were right. Ah, Kalsprang to Frank's side rifle in hand and also took "Fat's that I Begob, is the nagur spakln' lolke lee has sent him into our power if he is here,' mutaim at the tigers. that av anUrish gintleman? Sure, it's a foight yez tered the native in the faintest whisper, which was are a!ther. Be me soul, Oi'm a paceful mon, but really an almost Inaudible murmur, bu' which wbln yet. insult a Clonykllly lad, it manes a bit av Frnnk's exceAdingly acute sense of hearing en v a shindy. Whoop 1 Pale yerse!f, nagur, an' It's a bled him to hear. CHAPTER I mesel' o.s will wipe the turf wid yez 1" cried Who can the fellow mean? Whom does be DANGER ON THE JUNGLE ROAD. throwing off his coat. seek?" thought Frank, mystiftad and wondering. Fon an Instant the two magnificent tigers re"You'll do nothing of the kind. Go and bring Not a sound save the heavy breathing of the mained crouching before the Electric Team, slowly I!Ome dry wood for a camp-fire,'' said Frank, sleepers inside the coach came to the native's ears, 'waving their tails to and fro while they Imparted sternly. and reaching up he secured a hold upon the win'll sinuous movement to their great, muscular Barney went off muttering, but suddenly be be-dow sills, which enabled him to draw himselt up bodies. The great size and brilliant markings of thought himself that he had left his flask in his until his eye came upon a level with the open the gold and bl&Ck monsters told that they were coat, and he turned around just in ti:ne to see Pomp ing. full grown, and the Jl.erce, hungry lighl in their draining it. '!'he darky had promptly secured the Then he looked searchingly into the coach, but ftashing yellow eyes would have informed an Gld Jl.ask while 13arney's back was turned. Frank was now leaning back as though sound jungle hunter that they were" man-eaten; "-that Then Barney was mad, and he gaYe a real Donasleep, and the shadows prevented the spy disthe! had previously tasted human blood. nybrook yell and tushed at ?omp. Tbe-two came covering that his eyes were half open. F mnk Reade and Pomp had time enough to take together before Frank could Interpose, and thdnext The moonlight fAll full upon the face of Mohama deliberate aim at the tigers, but Frank cried: moment the darky "ducked" his head and butted med, and as the glance or the native fell upon the "Jump off back of the coach and secure tbe Barney in the pit of the stomach. face of the sleepiilg Hlndoo he gave a start, while breech-loader I left on the ground, Moreland. Over went the belligerent fellow, and he did not a look of exultation and satisfaction came upon Dmw a bead on the lefli hand tiger." want to fight any more. his dark and evll features. Moreland had come to Frank's side, and the sueA was soon kindled, and as the travelThen he silently dropped to the ground. eeedlng moment Frank and the young traveler si-ers were provided with cooking utenslls aud all "It Is he-It is Mohammed 1 1 will return with nultaneously pulled the triggers or t!Ielr weapons. kinds of food a savory meal was Roon J?repared, my' brothers, and we shall strangle all these men of But the tigers leaped at the same, tlme, and only which all partook of with excellent appetites. the race who have wrested our native land from S'mnk's weapo!l was discharge,d. At a late hour all hands retired !nside us, and Mohammed shall become our prisoner," The trusty nfle in Moreland s hand had failed, They were pretty well tired out with tra\el, and so murmured tb.e native almost under his brooth ll'hile the tiger at whieh Frank had aimed fell it was decided that they would spend the night Frank was about to cover him with his 'rifle shot through the brain, and tore up the where they were. and order him to stand when Mohammed sud\ungle turf with h!s great claw .. in the .last des-Frank said he would stand watch the Jl.rst part denly awoke from a troubled dream, and >erate th_roes. Wh_lie he uttered an awful roar of o_f the 1!-ight, for, although they were not In a hos-an exclamation in the :J!indoo tongue as he turnlgony, hiS mate gamed the back of one of thfl elect1le neighborhood, they were that danger ed over and closed his eyes again. tic steeds. always lurked upon the lonely jUngle Like a. Jl.ash the native darted away. "Worra 1 worm 1 It's goners we are, sure!" yell. Bands of native robbers, _and the ternble PJ;lanHe gained the jungle, and vanished into Its ed Barney, and he leaped forward, srrung t)le !Jig9.!'S, or of the h1ghcover with his comrades before l!'rank door in the top of the remarkable vehicle and disways of travel1n that porllon of Indm, and despite reallzed that he was gone 11ppeared inside, where Dr. Vaneyke and Moham-the eft'orts which the British aut.horitles had. made Frank did not awaken his comrades. med were when the appeared. to stamp out the secret assassms of the JUngle, "Let the rascals go When Barney relieves me Barney had discharged the shot In his t!Iey still perpetrated their from time to at midnight I'll tell to be particularly watc 'h before he and Pomp came runnmg from th.e t1me In the part_s of the provmce remote frpm t_he ru!;" 'thought Frank. gle, pursued by the tigers, and he dropped ms1de centers o! Enr::hsh po'Yer. But the night passed, and when morning ceach to reload. The young mventor s party had encountered no dawned Barney who had watrofoundlv. scene did not fail to Impress the young Inventor, asked h. m? Yes. But he evaded an explanatiOn, -"Sure an' It's right yez are. Bedad the ugly while he fell into a reverie of the future, and wonsaying the had been the enemies of his !tastes chased Pomp an' mesel' out av' the woods dered If he should succeed in llndlng the missing for years. beyant loikethey was afther makin' a faste av' us," San, who was lost In Central Asia: A"?;d you obtained nothing more explicit from said Barney. All at opce Frank was aroused by seeing a movhim? Then all the party descended to the ground and lng shadow on the edge of the thicket. "No, I saw that he did not wish to talk upon the examined the dead tigers. Instantly he grasped his repeating riJI.e, and subject, and so I did not preas him further." "They are Bplendid specimens certainly,'' said without a sound he drew further back !rom the "It's a strange affair. By the way, how did Mothe doctor in admiratlou. open window, and watched the shadow as it glided hammed Jl.rst come to enter your service?" "So they are," assented Frank, "and we'll realong until it paused opposite the Electric Team. I found him a fugitive in Central A!lia far move their skins and preserve them as trophies." A moment elapsed, and Frank's lntert

---------.. ....... F HANK READE, JR., A N D HIS E L ECTRIC TEAM. 7 "Yes, and I found him devoted to me. I had are to hav' a bit av' a ruction wid the blackguards his swarthy adversaries had him at a decided are anxious for a shot at them." at last. Shudes av Donnybrook, but if there's one advantage. "All right," assented Frank, and presently he av the greasy divils that will tread on the tall av me But Barney knew how to use his fists though he reversed the electric lever and stopped the team. coat, O'ill bate the head av' him 1" prefered his shlllalah1,and he struck out straight -"Doan you be so previous 'IJout a row ; I oebber from the shoulder In uvely style. CHAPTER v. seed sich a Irisher. Some day you'se agwlne to git Two of the natives went down, and then the youtle own cocoanut smashed, I done tole yer." others closed with the brave Irishman. TRE HIDDEN TEMPLE. Creeping stealthily forward, followed by Pomp, But theil almost naked bodies were smeared IT was wonderful how those :'3arney presently parted tue bushes of a with oil to such extent as to cause Barney's steeds of gradually came to. standstill, Jung!e-growth, and glanced aheP.d through themha!Jds to sllv every time he tried to grasp them, precisely as though they were really breathterst!Ces. and they were dragging him down, when he ing horses. Then, upon the Irishman's vision dawned a shouted: Frank slowly turned of! the mystic current from singular scene, and one which he and Pomp be"Lind a hand here, Pomp. Bedad, the heathens the batteries, and with the gr
Frank Reade, Jr., and his electric team: or, In search of a missing man

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Frank Reade, Jr., and his electric team: or, In search of a missing man
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Frank Reade library.
Senarens, Luis, 1863-1939
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New York
Frank Tousey
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1 online resource (15 p.) 29 cm. : ;


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Science fiction ( lcsh )
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"" N Latest and Best Stories are P ublished in This Library. No. 39. { COI\IPLETE.} FRANK TOUSEY. P UBLI SHER, 3! &. 36 NORTH MOORE STREET, NEW YORK. New York, June 17, 1893. I SSUED WEEKLY { J 'ltiCE } 5 C E NTS. Vol. II Entered accordino to t h e Act of Conoress in t h e 1Je

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