Frank Reade, Jr., and his new electric air-ship, the "Eclipse;" or, Fighting the Chinese pirates

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Frank Reade, Jr., and his new electric air-ship, the "Eclipse;" or, Fighting the Chinese pirates

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Frank Reade, Jr., and his new electric air-ship, the "Eclipse;" or, Fighting the Chinese pirates
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Frank Reade library.
Senarens, Luis, 1863-1939
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New York
Frank Tousey
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1 online resource (15 p.) 29 cm. : ;


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Latest and Best Stories are Published in This E ? teed as Second Glass Matte at the l\"ew York, N. Y .. Post 0./Jice, October 5 1892. No. 86. { COI\IPLETE.} FRANK Tousgy_ Ptmr.rsHa:R, 3! & 36 NonrH MooRE srnEET, NEw YoRK. { )''Inc..: } Vol IV New York, July 27, ISSUED "\VEICKT Y 5 0 Ente1ed acco1ding to the Act of Cong1 ess in the yeur 189!, by FRA.NK 'L"O USEY, in the o _(Tic e of the Lib arian o.{ Cono e s s at TVa shington, JJ. C Frank Beane, Jr., and His New Electric .3hip, the "Eclipse;" or, FIGHTING THE CHINESE PIRATES. PART II. BY .. NONAME.". Too late our friends saw the treachery cit the move. In an instant they were in the grasp of the deadl.v foe. The pirates overwhelmed them and gained the deck of the air-ship. In a twinkling the voyagers were prisoners and the Eclipse in the possession of _Wing Ho and hia pirate crew.


FRANK READE, JR., AND HIS N EW ELECTRIC AIR-SHIP, THE "ECLIPSE. P:1rt II. T!lc subscription Price of the FRANK R EADE LIBRARY by the y ear is $2.50: $1.25 per six months, po s t-paid. Address FRANK TOUSEY, PUBLISHER, 34 and 36 North Moore Street, New York. Box 2730. \ I FRINK BEA.DE, JR., And J:Iis New Electric Air-Ship, the "Eclipse;" OR, Fighting the Chinese Pirates. ::Sy "NONAME,': Autho r of "Frank Reade, Jr. With His Air-Ship In Asia; or, A Flight Across the ,Steppes,'' etc. :I? .A.:R.. T II. CHAPTER Then he proceeded to detail the thrilling laugh. J;'recious little law ye'll find in these IN THE PIRATEs' DEN. story of his underground swim. Squeers lisparts Wing Ho's word is all the law that's CALEB. SQUEERS was for a moment unable tened with the deepest interest. about here. But, by the Mikado's soul! you to believe his senses. Certainly the foremost "Your adventures are fully as exciting as are as pretty as a picture. I'd like a kiss from one of the party approaching him looked like mine," he declared. "It is a miracle that you those lips of yours, and, by Jove, I'll have it!" Frank Reade, Jr. have survived, Mr. Reade." Wing Ho sprang forward and clutched. "Impossible!" he muttered. "He could not Then Squeers detailed his adventures. Frank Myrtle' s arm. She screamed and Mortimer, her be here H e is with the airship." listened with interest. All the while the mem brother, ,sprang forward to her protection. Yet it certainly was the perfect counterpart bers of the Daisy's party had been standing by, But before he could reach her Jack Clark had of the famous inventor. Squeers rubbed his deeply interested listeners. let out with his fist in a sledge-hammer blow eyes and looked again. Frank now introduced them to Squeers. The and Wing Ho went to the ground like a log. The others were undoubtedly the members reporter shook hands with the young men and "Bravo!" cried Squeers, pulling out his note of the Daisy's crew who were held ft>r ransom. bowed gallantly to the young lady. Then he book. "Round No. 1, in favor of the light-The tall, dark young man was certainly Mor drew his note-book from his pocket. Time!" timer Osborne, the banker's son, and the young "As we are all prisoners in this place," he Wing Ho was upon his feet in an instant. girl was Myrtle, his sister. The light haired said, "our cause would seem to be a common There was a light of fury in his eyes and he young man, on the other hand, was, beyond a one . Ah, what material I shall have for storushed toward Clark. Myrtle had fallen into doubt, Jack Clark, the merchant's son. ries when I once more get back. to New York." Mortimer's arms. They seemed to enjoy _perfect freedom of "I trust you will give a truthful reP.ort of Jack Clark would have laid down his life for movement in the outlaws' stronghold, having, this affair," said Myrtle OsborJ:\e, with a witch Myrtle Osborne, for she was his betrothed. He as Wing Ho had declared, no chance for escape. ing smile, which made Squeers bow to the clenched his fists and awaited Wing Ho's on Indeed, no guard whatever seemed to be kept ground. "Newspaper reporters have the re coming. Clark was a boxer of no mean ability over them. putation of being far more subservient to sen and there was little doubt that he could handle Yet the reason for this was -very apparent. sation than actual prosaic facts. the pirate leader with ease. Every possible outlet from the place was guard "Indeed,, you do our an injustice, I asBut Wing Ho suddenly paused. He quiver ed by the Chinese guards. sure you," replied Squeers, with a deprecatory ed with passion, but he seemed to have gained Frank Reade, Jr., for he it was, was not a gesture. "Reporters, to the contrary, are sworn excellent control of himself. He stood for a little surprised as well as pleased at sight of to tell the truth and nothing'but the truth." moment glaring at Clark with deadly hatred. Squeers. . Everybody laughed at this. Then he gritted, huskily: The famous inventor had not seen Squeers "I will vouch for Mr. Squeers' veracity," said "Curse ye! that will cost ye your life. To since the memorable night of his disappearance Frank, with a laugh. morrow I will show you what it is to feel the from the air-ship. Indeed, as the reader knows, "Well, you people seem to be a pretty vengeance of Wing Ho." the eccentric reporter of news bad been believed jolly time of it," said a harsh voice in their Then be turned and called to half a score of dead. rear. All turned to face the pirate leader, the Chinese pirates who were by the water. In another moment Caleb bad grasped Frank's Wing Ho. 1They came up and laying bands upon the pris band_ and was shaking it vigorously. "Why noM" retorted Jack Clark, coolly .'oners they were marched away. "Upon my soul, I am glad to see you, "We know that our stay here is only a queil1 "Put them into the big chamber," command Squeers!" cried the famous inventor. "Glad tion of time." led Wing Ho in Chinese. "Place good guards to know that you are alive. We had thought A curious light shone in Wing Ho's eyes. latthe door. We'll see if solitudewon'tfix'em. you dead." "I sincerely hope that," be grit. ted, malicious-The prisoners were led into a long chamber "Great Jericho!" muttered Squeers, with a ly. "If that ransom money isn't forthcoming hollowed out of the rock. Iron doors closed -prolonged whistle. "It ain't you, Mr. very quick, we'll shorten our expenses by it, and here they were left. Jack Clark yet quiv" It is nobody else," replied Frank. ing you ;til out there in the bay. Only on pay-ered with rage. "But," exclaimed the reporter, unable to ment of ransom can any of you go from here "This is unfortunate," said Mortimer. It overcome his amazement, "what on earth alive." was a noble blow you gave, Jack, but I fear the are you doing here?" "Monster!" exclaimed Myrtle, with flashing consequences." "I can assure you that I am not here of my eyes. "The law shoul d deal with you." "If I was to die the next moment I would own free will," replied Frank, with a laugh. Law!" exclaimed Wing Ho, with a scornful give it over again," cried Clark, resolutely. 1


, Part ll. FRANK READE, JR., AND HIS NEW ELECTRIC AIRSF.II.J;', 'l'HE 'ECLIPSE.'' "It may cost me my life, but I am not afraid Will Deane ann Sam Hop were at the ran; "Can you have your men ready to die. I only wish I had killed the wretch." Dr. Vaneyke was in the bow, and Pomp was at asked the doctor. "Oh, Jack!" cried Myrtle, as she went, to his the wheel as the Eclipse descended. "I can," replied Pei Ho. But he did l'lide, "I fear the villain do you some Like a huge bird the air-ship settled down, further. ,At that instant a tragic series of deadly harm." and finally rested upon the earth at a distance cidents were inaugurated. "I will die like a man," declared Clark. of one hundred yards from the fort and but tZ From the woods back of the air-ship The situation was now a serious one. It was few feet from the dense forest. suddenly came a wild, hoarse meuley of hard to tell what Wing Ho might not conceive The gates of the fort opened, and, to the All of the crew of the air-ship were at the in the machinations of his evil nature. It was music of Chinese drums; a guard marched out. with Dr. Vaneyke. not impossible that he would order the whole At their head walked, with stately tread, the Instantly they turned to be confronted with party put to death. commandant of the fort, a tall, heavy-featured an awful peril. "There is only one observation I have to Mongolian, wearing a dress richly trimmed From the woods there came a li1;1e of pirates, make," ventured Squeers, in his dry manner, and bedecked with gold braid. A long sword, armed to the teeth. They reached the rail of "and that is, that it is highly necessary for us after the Chinese pattern, was stuck in the the air-ship and came aboard in a twinkling. to plan' an escape at once." sash about his waist. Surging o;er the rail by dozens the air:ship "We are with you!" cried Mortimer; "but The guard advariq.ed until within twenty-five was almost instantly at the mercy of the how can it be yards of the air-!hip. fiends. "Ah, that is the conundrum,'' said Jack Then,drawnupinline,thedrumsceased,and Dr. Vaneyke and Will Deane raised their Clark. a salute was fired. The regiment cheered, and rifles and fired. Sam Hop did the same but All looked to Frank Reade, Jr. He was a then the commandant advanced and made a Pomp was quick witted enough to dodge into of superior mental caliber and inventive low bow, with bare'\ head. the genms. But Frank was already at work. All of the aerial voyagers were now at the In an mstant he had shut the steel door and He had been the walls ?f the cav rail. Dr. Vaneyke descended the gang ladder charged it. He c?uld have turned the lever ern very attent1vely. He was sufliclCntly well and doffed his hat. and sent the Eclipse aloft but he saw at a versed in matters of geological formation to Salutations were exchanged in French, which glance that this would be a fatal move. conclude that tbis cav-ern had not been made the commandant spoke fluently. Fully fifty of the foe had gained the' deck of by "You can tell me of our noble Prince the Eclipse and Dr. Vaneyke, Will Deane and It was certamly the work of nature. More was the first question Gen. Pei Hoasked. "He Sam Hop were,swept back before them. over, he was able after a careful examination has been with you in your wonderful flying Indeed in the open, and unprotected as they of the strata of rock to judge how the cavern sampan." were, they were obliged to desert the deck and was formed, that is, to guess fairly at the dif "I 1 d D V k "A d I retreat to the fort under cover of a fife from the f t 1 can, rep 1e r. aney e. n am d b h b p H ferent o 1_1a ure. a rcsu t he desorry to inform you that I fear he is dead." squa roug tout Y e1 o. . clared to htmself wtth conviCtiOn: Th d t f ll h' f d t It was a catastrophe of the most serwus kmd. "There is no reason to doubt but that this t de taut e _upoCnh' IS aceWanh muh The air-ship was practically in the possession ere an mean a wn m mese. en e cavern was once the bed or tunnel of a tnck arose, he continued: of the . ling stream of water f:om_ the above. "The empire of China will mourn for Prince bo?y themselves behmd In that case, commumcatwn wtth the upper K S h' d db d 'I'' the a1r-sh1p, usmg 1t as a breastwork a;d ex surface to be easily established unless tha:V yDou VIS eak 0 1Y,. d 11 th changed volleys with t -he soldkrs in the fort. 1 IS r. aney e re aue a e ex Th h h 1 thts tunnel has been wholly stopped up. Per th h h' h th E 1 h d d e eavy cannon on t e ramparts wou d haps only t'he mouth of it has stopped up. If routgh wf 1tc G e a 1.pat ssed have quickly dispersed the foe but these could smce eavmg e or en. e1 o 1s ene d so-there ts a . with the deepest interest. Then a li&ht broke not be use. for_ fear of ha_rm to Eclwse. All watched h1m wtth mterest. Carefully h. ll f In a twmklmg the ptrates mvaded the enFrank traced the action of the water upon the across IS ye ow ace. gine-room an

I FRANK READE, JR., AND HIS NEW ELECTRIC AIR-SHIP., 'l'HE : ECLIPSE." Part II. the cabin; but fortunately the part and they were knocked off the than pleased, and would gladly have accepted part of the air-ship was locked, and in a flash. the same peril again for sake of the praise. secure nothing of great value. Alarmed, those on deck began to beat a re-But further conversation on the subject was tJhere was a greatchance.that they might treat. But as quickly as they went to clamber cut short by a wttrning cry from the breast damage in the engine-room. Pomp over the rail, they were shocked nearly into in works. this and was greatly alarmed. 'sensibility. This was followed by the crash of fire-arms. delicate machinery of the Eclipse could This was something which their ignorant To the surprise of our adventurers, it was seen quickly ruined by the vandals. Pomp was natures could not understand. Number-that the foe had returned to the attack with practically powerless to avoid this calamity. less were the victims of the mysterious and redoubled fury. He heard them descend into the engine-room. invisible force. It was plain that the pirates were meaning The darky was trying in vain to think of some Maddened by this result, pirates set up to capture the fort, if such a thing was possible. scheme of circumventing them, when a tre-yell of rage and began to throw missiles at They had coni!) 'out of the woods again in a mendous explosion rent the air and shook the Eclipse. solid line, and advanced with great resolution air-sh.ip from stem to stern. was the danger that Pomp had feared, upon the double-quick. T)le Chinese soldiers he was equal to the emergency. had barely time to meet the attack. CHAPTER XXX. was but a moment's work for him to turn "Upon my word!'' cried Dr. Vaneyke, in ouTwrrTING THE FOE. No.7, and the rotascopes began to move. amazement; "those villains show good pluck FoR an instant Pomp feared that the air-ship wild cheer went up from the fort as it was in face of the treatment you gave them, Pomp." was blown up. He rushed with chattering there how cleverly Pomp had circumvent"Golly sakes! I jes' fink dat same fing teeth to the window in the pilot-house. pirates. Dr. Vaneyke iR particular was m'sef, Marse Vaneyke," cried Pomp. "It am The explosion had given the air-ship a vio-himself with joy. jes' propah to give. dem some mo' ob de same lent' rocking. Indeed, things were all thrown went the Eclipse, and when fifty feet sort." about on the deck and Pomp beheld a startling the .earth, Pomp adjusted the lever to "You are right!" cried the doctor, as he sight. the ship stationary, and seizing some sprang. toward the air-ship. "It is well to The grountl. between the air-ship and the he rushed out on deck. beat them off before actually carry the wood was deeply furrowed and mangled bodies The pirates in dismay had retreat

Part II. FRANK READE, JR., AND HIS NEW ELECTRIC AIRSHIP, THE "ECLIPSE.'' Jack Clark, as he went t.o the door and peered but the gal. I'm goin' to put her in my harem. "No," replied the famous inventor, out through the grating. To the victor belongs the spoils, ye know. Ah, ly, "I am the last." He could see nothing of any of the pirates, ye 're a beauty, ain't ye, my little spitfire. Upon At that instant the yells of the pirates and communicated this fact to the others by my word, you grow prettier every day." heard outside, and a horde of them threw signs. The villain advanced toward Myrtle. The weight upon the door. It seemed to oe At once Frank Reade went back to his work young girl shrank back in terror, and with a ing in. of. enlarging the aperture which was to furnish stride Jack Clark stood between them. The them a means of escape. young Ioyer's hands were and lightCHAPTER -XXXII. As the famous ,inventor worked he became ning leaped from his eyes. THE AIR-SHIP ONCE MORE. satisfiecl that they had really found an avenue "Don't dare to insult this young lady," he THERE was not an instant's time to lose. of escape. He discovered a large passage trend-said, sternly. "If you lay a hand on her it will For a moment it did not seem possible for the ing upward and through which a man's body be the worse for you." three remaining ones of the party to escape. could easily pass. Wing Ho's face was livid with wrath. Squeers was the first tq pass through into the Making this investigation, he turned to the "Ohol" he gritted. I can see how it is. outer cavern. Jack Clark followed him and others and said: You are the lover, eh, and I'm treading on your Frank Reade, Jr., was last. "I believe we are sure to escape." corns. Well, I'll tread on them with a venge-Myrtle and her brother were far advanced Uop "You don't mean it1" cried Mortimer Os-ance." the steep passage-way. In a short whtle a excitedly. He turned to the three guards and addressed gleam of seen ahead. The gods are wtth us! .crted Jack Clark. them in Chinese. In an instant like wolves The thtee men m the rear now came "I feel sIre of that." they threw themselves upon Jack Clark. a?-d puffing up. As Myrtle's strength baa As for Caleb Squeers, out hts note:book The young American was crushed beneath out Jack Clark and Squeers togethoc and he began to draw the outlmes of an mter-that attack to the cavern floor. But Mortimer earned her. es:,ing Osborne came to his rescue, and seizing one of "Do you it for us to escape, The the guards, hurled him against the cavern wall Reader Morttmer, pnce for thts, he muttered, Jubilantly. I with such force as to render him insensible. We must, declared Frank, determmedly. shall come out top_ of the heap Won't my A second was struck senseless by Frank Upward they still struggled. The gleam of brother reporters m GoLham be Jealous when Reade with a well directed blow from a heavy light grew stronger every moment. They were I return covered with glory and wealth!" stone. The third Jack Clark hurled aside like nearing the outer world. As for Myrtle, she was quite pale and calm, a puppet and his feet. Indistinct sounds were heard below. Frank and her lips moved in an inaudible prayer. To This lively little scrimmage was in process of Reade was in the rear and he knew that these ber the danger had only just begun. execution but a very few moments. Wing Ho were made by the pirates in close Frank Read!l had the hole large was so utterly dumfounded that he could not Would they ne;er reach the world 1 enough to enable a mans body to pass through make action until it was all over. It seemed slow, toilsome progress. Myrtle was safely. Escape seemed certain. Then his fury knew no bounds. His villain-an incumbrance and the party was much de But at this moment a dismayed cry came ous face was black with wrath, and he fairly layed by her fJl-inting spell. from Jack Clark at the door. shrieked : Every moment the sounds in the rear became "Take care!" he cried, in a low tone. "Be on Wh t h 1 h 1 1 d 1 b th G t D more distinct. dl" a o e p guar s y e rea rag"H fr' d 1 d F nk "W your guar. . on I'll have ye all drawn and quartered for urry up, ten 8 crte ra e "What IS 1t ?" crted Frank Reade, Jr., appre-th' th' t, must make double effort." h 1 ts, 1s very momen M t' d F k r d J k ens1ve y. B t 't h d tb t f tb t or tmer an ran now re teve ac "Wing Ho himself, with three guards behi .nd 'thu' 1bc a:nce A ad 0 1 e Clark and Caleb and with increased speed the WI 10 earmg. ar10g reso ve setze ran d htm, IS commg. What sh11ll we doW R d ;j party presse on. "Lost!" groaned Squeers, dismally, ;ah 6 r. to h d d bt b t tb t Every moment they drew nearer the light of "N !" d M t' e 0 b 't dl e amous mven r a no ou u a day Soon the passage broadened a tr'fte d 0 crte or tm r orne, exct e y. the villain would carry out his fierce threats 1 .an -"We can escape yet. Barricade the door and d kn tb t 11 ld b 1 d 'then wtth an extra effort they emerged mto an ew a a wou e up un ess a esh come on. If we can get out of the cave before te d t e open atr. they get in, we shall be all right." move e. They were upon a high bluff overlooking the "No!" interposed Frank Reade, Jr., authori"Se spranthg orwart crybmg 1 : D 'th th sea. A fringe of trees protected them from the t t I "Th t 'II t b 'bl A etze e mons er, oys own WI e b t' f b d b d th k a tve y. a WI no e posst e. ny t K'll h' d 'd th ld f o serva IOn o any o yon oar e JUn s m b tt t .ll d d ptra e 1 tm an r1 e wor o tb b lo sue a emp ts 1 -a v1se . 1i d e cove e w. "What shall we do then 1" asked Mortimer, a en All were completely exhausted by their rapid impatiently. "If be comes in upon us in this Could Frank have had the use of a weapon at climb. Jack Clark and Frank Reade, Jr., sank manner be will discover our attempt at escape that moment be would surely have ended the panting upon the ground. and all be up." life of Wing Ho. He would not have hesitated They could not have gone on at that moment "It is our only chance," decided Frank a moment through any compunctiol!s of con-had the world depended upon it. Reade. "We must trust to fate." science, for it could scarcely be called a mur-Yet Frank knew that the peril which over-As the famous inventor spoke decisively, der. shadowed them was deadly. The pirates were nobody ventured to gainsay him, and the mat-But unfortunately the great inventor had coming up the passage. In a few minutes they ter dropped. But all stood upon their guard, but his fists, Jack Clark ha:d would be in the outer air. and when the door suddenly opened and Wing tl.eprtved one of the 1llsenstble guards hJ.S It seemed again as if the daring attempt at Ho stood upon the threshold, all were uncon-long sword. escape was about to fail. cerned and quite self-possessed. The third guard had incontinently fled through If Wing Ho and his minions should reach the The pirate leader gave the prisoners a critical the into the outer cavern no": outer air, it would be almost a certainty that glance, and then a hideous grin contracted his Ho, seemg that the odds agamst htm, like the prisoners would be recaptured. It was a features. the coward that he was, dtd the same, all the most disheartening reflection. "Ah!" be exclaimed, in a grating voice. while shrieking for help. But Frank Reade was desperate. "You all look quite reconciled to your fate. If Instantly Jack Clark rushed to the door and It must not-it should not happen, and in that you knew what was in store you might look shut it. Quickly he placed a barricade against instant a daring plan came to him. Near to different, I may venture.'' it. the mouth of the passage there were quite a "You can have no fate in store for us which In the meantime, Caleb Squeers bad bound number of tremendous bowlders. we are not prepared to. meet bravely," said the two insensible pirates,hand and foot. Mor-Why not roll these down into the passage 1 !!'rank Reade, Jr., sternly. timer was engaged in assisting Myrtle through and block it up 1 They could never be removed "Ah, so I should judge. As independent as the aperture into the inner cavern. by Wing Ho's men, and would present an ever, ain't ye! Ah, well, I'll take that out of ye There was not an instant's time : to be lost. effectual barricade to the foe. to-morrow. I'll promise that." It was a most daring coup-de-main and its sue-No sooner bad the idea occurred to Frank Nobody ventured a reply to this remark. For cess depended wholly upon quick and prompt than he hastened. to carry it into execution. A a full minute nothing more was said. Wing action. few words sufficed tol acquaint the others with Ho seemed to be deliberating. The three Mortimer and Myrtle had already gone into the design. guards stood respectfully at his back. the inner Jack Clark and Caleb mo"W'itb a cheer all joined Frank in the daring "Ye shall all die!" he gritted, finally, "all tioned to Frank Reade to do the same. plan. WiLh their combined strength the


}'RANK READE, JR., AND HIS NEW ELECTRIC AIR-SHIP, THE "ECLIPSE." Part II. were easily dislodged, and tilted over wild cry to the wanderers. The effect was by the passage, or, at least, except by under the mouth of the passage. magical. ground, for there were several underground was sufficient descent so that they were Pomp cut a pigeon-wing on the deck. Will means of exit and entrance to this admirable of themselves, and after reaching a Deane whistled gaily. Sam Hop began a Chiretreat. part of the passage there they lodged nese song, and Dr. Vaneyke leaned over the For the enlightment of the reader it may be in weight. rail and waved his arms in frantic joy. well to explain that this was the retreat of Li One after another of these was tilted over "Go to the pilot-house, Pomp. Let the Ching, one of the most daring Chinese brigands into the passage untii it was comp letely blocked Eclipse go down so as to let them on board. I of the Crystal Mountain. up, not the smallest kind of an aperture being say, Mr. Deane, are not those your friends with Here ad_roit Li Ching 'had his headquar left. Frank 1" ters, and sallied forth to waylay unsuspecting 1'hen the escaped prisoners sent up a rousing "Every one of them!" cried Deane, joyfully, travelers, or even :the Emperor's miners, many cheer. The foe were defeated and they were "safe and well Oh! it is wonderful." a sacred crystal finding its way into his hands. safe. Down went the Eclipse. Resting finally Li Ching was credited with being a merciless What the sensations of Wing Ho were when up?n the ground, the escaped of uncompromising .. His deeds of he found the passage blocked they could but 'Ymg Ho rushed aboard, an_d excited explan_ a -crime were m a mighty category, imagine. But they were by no mea1;1s entirely t10ns followed. The meetmg between Will and a large pnce bad been offered by the Em-out of peril. Deane and the o_ther members of the Daisy's peror for his Finding it impossible to get through the were affect:ng. . But the Chmese the Impenal passage, Wing Ho would undoubtedly go back Bress de, Lor I .Frank, dis mg mamtamed_ hiS robber pur-to the main cabin and send a searching party reckoned yo was allbe an would turn up yit, smts without stmt and restramt. over the cliff. cried Pomp, joyfully. When the bandages were removed from Bar" You hit it right," replied Frank. "But ney's and Prince Kong's eyes they saw a mot-Knowing this, Frank Reade made no delay. where is J3arney 1" ley and villainous crowd of masked Celestials A consultation W held, and it was decided to Dr. Vaneyke hastened to relate the mysteri-standing about thew. push forward as far as Fort Kiang Chu. ous fate of Barney and Prince Kong. The The walls of the small valley rose grim and There they might find asylum at least until young inventor listened with horror. forbidding to the height of many feet. Near some news of the air-ship was learned. F k t th ht h "They must be rescued before we go a step by torches were stuck: in crevices and lit up the se e t':ur:e as near as e further!'' he cried, excitedly. "All the memvicinity dimly. co;t d guess, e s _art was u;a e. 1 bers of the Daisy's party may remain here safeOne of the villains, who seemed to be the Wh ahtfalloriOus l 11urney 0 hmanhy mitesd. Jy at the fort while we must go on and rescue leader, and who was in reality Li Ching, ad-en mg a came a were muc ex a us e B d h d d fr t d th particularly Myrtle and they were glad to arney an t e prmce. vance an con on e e th th 1 th d d 1 "Your orders shall be obeyed!" declared Dr. "Who are yo u 1" he asked Prmce Kong m row emse ves upon e groun an s eep V k "B t-'' th Ch' 1 1 d b k aney e. u e mese anguage. f tb th The savant had not time to finish the senThe prince drew himself up with acommandI e tahwn anoF erh(lay they wk. eret tence. A rattling volley of rifle balls came ing air of dignity. With withering force here-once more on e move. or ey ep f th d f 11 d b h f 1' d 1 1 rom e woo s near, o owe y a c orus o p I e : on tire ess Y . wild yells! "lam one to whom you should do homage.-It The afternoon was wearmg rapidly away, All were standing upon the air-ship's deck at is the price of your worthless necks to thus in when peculiar sounds were heard in the disthe moment, and three of the party fell, struck suit me. I am Kong, the son of your Emperor. tance. It sounded like intermittent peals of with the bullets. I demand that you at once me at liberty, or thunder, so peculiar was the state of the at-you shall die!" J::llOSpbere. CHAPTER XXXIII. Even Li Ching himself winced at these brave But Jack Clark a tree. When he had IN DURANOE VILE. words. But the villain's hardihood quickly re-reacbed a goop. height a wild cry broke from his BuT we must now return to Barney and turned. lips. Prince Kong, both of whom, as we have seen in A mocking laugh of triumph escaped his lips, "There is the fort," he cried, "not more than a previous chapter, were attacked by mysteri-and he replied jeeringly: five miles to the eastw?.rd_see a ous assailants while getting water for the stor"What a prize we have bagged. So you are host of men upon the plam m front of It. It age jars of the Eclipse. the son of the Emperor, eh 1 So you are Prince looks to me as if a battle was going on there." So sudden was the attack and withal so unKong1 By the Sacred Dragon you shall he W:ith renewed spirits, all pressed on again expected, that neither had a chance to defend well paid for or you will neve1: go from here rapidly. One mile more and the firing was himself or even offer the slightest resistance. alive. Half the Imperial Government's ex easily heard. Still another m_ile was covered. Brawny arms thrown about them and chequer alone will set you free, my noble But at the end of another mile, Frank called in a twinkling they were disarmed and carried prince." a halt. bodily away into the gloom "Hound!" shrieked Prince Kong, angrily. "It is necessary now to proceed with great Bandages were placed over their faces so How dare you treat one of the royal family in caution," he declared. "It is evident that the that they could not very well see where they this way1 Why, you shall be cut limb from foe have attacked the fort, and must be in force were going. In this manner they were carried limb to pay for this. I demand that you set us very near us. If we are not careful, we shall fon a long distance. free." stumble upon them." From the hollow sound of their footstep' s "Easy, prince," replied Li Ching, coolly. All agreed that this was true, and once more Barney divined that they were traversing some "You cannot afford to dare me too far. I hold they pressed on, with redoubled speed, but underground passage. This premise proved your life in my bands." greater caution. correct later. "A prince of the royal family, a lineal de. The firiug soon sounded quite near, and it Not one hundred yards from the position of scendant of Confucius is not afraid to die," re was evident that they were in close proximity the Eclipse there was a secret cavern, which torted the prince, bravely. to the fort, which could not be seen for the belt was blocked by a huge bowlder. But Li Ching turned away, giving a few lowof trees. When the bowlder was in place so cleverly toned orders to his men. In an open space in the forest Frank Reade, was the mouth of the cave concealed that the "Pwbat the divil does the squint-eyed sar Jr., had called a halt, when a wild and thrill sharpest eye would have been deceived. dine say 1" asked Barney of Prince Kong, for ipg cry broke from Caleb Squeers: But passing behind the bowlder one would the Hibernian had not understood a word of ''The air-ship!" he cried. "Thank God! we enter a long, underground passage, trending the conversation. are saved!" slightly upward. "We are in a very bad box," replied tj:Ie prince All instantly glanced upward, thrilled by the After a long tramp through this passage, all in English. "I hardly know what we shall do. exclamation. Sure enough, floating tranquilly the while climbing upward, the party suddenly We shall pian an escape in some way. You several hundred feet above, was the Eclipse. cam\ out again into the open air. have fertile ideas, Barney." A wild shout went up from the throats of High walls of rock, many hundreds of feet "Begorra, I don't know ph were the divil we all. But they had been s-een even before high, hemmed in a little green valley. It was are," replied the Celt, in utter amazement. Squeers bad caught sight of the air-ship. nothing more nor less than an extinct crater, "It luks to me loike the cinter av the airth Just as Dr. Vaneyke had been about to and wibh an area of something m&re than an or the n;iddle 1)-V ther moon." launch an electric bomb down among the piacre. "We are in an extinct crater, of which this rates, Pomp bad called his attention with a Entrance could not be gained otherwise than mountain has several," replied Prince Kong.


Part II. FRANlr READE, JR., AND HIS NEW ELECTRIC AIR-SHIP, THE 'ECLIPSE.'' "There are several pMsages leading from here, and Caleb Squeers. The latter, however, I canndt think of returning home and as I have been informed. This mountain is instantly upon his feet, and stripping up Barney here in the power of the foe." honeycombed, and that is the reason why it is pantaloon leg, showed where. a bullet "Of course not, Mr. Reade," replied almost next to impossible to bunt out the robglanced along the shinbone. Deane, with deep fervor. "We owe m hers who seek a hiding-place here." It was only a trifling scratch, yet the you for your kind services thus far. "Bejabers, if that's the case," said Barney, bad knocked him down. for you and your wonderful air-ship none of confidently, "we'll not be shmart but we'll The others, however, did not escape so would have lived to leave China." find some way av crawling out av the place ily. Will Deane suffered from a wound Then the arrangements were made. 'l'he unbeknownst to ther skulkin' divils." the head, which had resulted in a simple of the air-ship now consisted, besides Before Prince Kong eould make reply one of cussion but none the less painful.. himself, of Pomp and Dr. Vaneyke. the outlaws advanced and led the prisoners into Mortimer Osborne had been shot through and Sam Hop. All were deter-a cavern near the passage by which they had calf of the leg. It was a flesh wound, and find 'Barney and Prince Kong alive, if entered. fatal, but would necessitate careful within human power, and to rescue them. This cavern seemed to come to an end ten just the same. As darkness was at hand, nothing could really feet beyond its entrance. Some rugs were Frank Reade, Jr., and Dr. Vaneyke, gained by starting that night. thrown down for the prisoners to sleep on, and Jack Clark, had sprung to the aid of the the storage jars bact only been half a guard placed before the entrance to the place. ed ones. at the last stopping place, by the lake at Both prisoners sat down on the 'rugs. The But Pomp in an instant was in the of the Mountain. It would be situation was a dreary one. He opened lever No.7 wide, and the an opportunity as could be gained to "I don't see howiver our frinds will foind us sprang into space. to this, and also the oiling of the ma,.here," reflected Barney, after some moments of Up went the E<'lipse two hundred feet in silence. "Be me sow!, I belave we're in a bad air. There Pomp held the air-ship So Frank decided to rest for the night under box, Misther Kong." Caleb Squeers was practically as well as of the fort. Accordingly things were "There is one consolation," declared the after applying a bit of plaster to the ship-shape for the night, and all retired prince, "they will not he apt to kill us until well upon his leg. Will Deane quickly to rest. satisfied that they can get no ransom. the but Mortimer was removed to the Cliobin It was Pomp's watch the latter half of the meanwhile, we can plan for an escape. If we Myrtle remained with him, while Dr. Vaneyke and as Barney, of course, was not on fail, we can no more than die." the wound skillfully. to take his turn, Frank decided to ap" That's thrue enough," replied Barney. While he was doing this those on deck Sam Hop to watch the first half of the "Phwat doyez think ava plan to I inteachingthepiratesalesson. can' t think av a bloody wan. Frank the Eclipse down mie hundred The Chinaman was quite inflated with the "First of all let us examine every inch of this feet lower and then began to throw the electric prospect of being given such a responsibility. cavern," declared the prince. "There may bombs. The result was terrific. He shouldered his gun and paraded the deck some way of getting into another cavern and The foe were scattered like sheep and fled, pompously. of making an escape in that manner." leaving scores of dead and wounded behind. "Me watchee allee light," he declared, eonfi-It was so dark in the cavern that the guard When the rest of them in the woods had been dently. "Likee allee samee blackee man. outside could not see what the prisoners were thoroughly cleaned out Frank turned his attenSam Hop n0 'fraid, fightee pilate, heap kill ." about. tion to the fort. "All right, Sam," said Frank, re-assuringly. Prince Kong and Barney, on their hands and The conflict there had been a bitter one. The "If yqu see or hear anything wrong, just touch knees, made an exploring tour of the cave. pirates seeing that the air-ship had for a time that little button by the .cabin door. It will But search as they might, they could find no disappeared, tried to take advantage of the op-ring an electric bell in my state-room and we crevice or any suggestion that the cave might portunity to carry the fort. will be able to give the foe a hot reception." lead into another. H was not unlikely that they might have "Allee light 1" replied Sam, earnestly. "Me After a tfme they were compelled to desist. succeeded, being in great numbers and fighting do it likee tellee. No fail." Both were extremely worn out, and sinking desperately. But the air-ship suddenly return-An hour 1ater all had retired to rest. Dark down upon the pile of rugs, they were soon ed to the scene of the action. ness settled down thickly over the country. fast asleep. 'be result was by no means favorable to the Sam patrolled the deck faithfully and keenly When morning came they were brought food pirates. The first bomb thrown made a gap in enjoying the task. by one of the guards. This cQnsiste.d of plain their ranks. Three more drove the .advance It yet lacked an hour of midnight. At just; rice with a couple of chopsticks to eat with. guard back in confusion from the palisade. that hour be bad received orders to call Pomp, Both were hungry and the rice was cooling Those mighty th1mderbolts, dropping from who would take the latter half of the watch. and refreshing to the palate. After the meal the clouds, carried a sum total of destruction But the Chinaman had decided they felt refreshed. with them, which was beyond human power to upon a plan of hlsQwn. But that day passed and an another night. withstand. The pirate force broke rank and "Blackee man 'he tired," he averred, confi Then in the latter part of the second day Li began a disorderly retreat. dently. "Sam watchee allee night-let blackee Ching appeared with a file of armed men. And right into their midst were hurled those man sleep Sam no tired. Heap 1ikee keep In the Chinese language he gave them sharp destroyers akin to the bolts of Jove. In watch. All sleep. Sam watcbee allee time." commands, and Barney was led out into the minutes not a pirate, other than the dead So the Chinaman paced up and down the open crater. Straight to a high rock he was and wounded, was within three hundred yards deck until long past the midnight hour, and led, and stood up with his back to it. of the palisade. Pomp continued to siMp the sleep of the just. Then the guard marched back twenty yards The repulse was signal and effectual. The No doubt Sam Hop's Intentions were of the and stood in line with their guns at pirates were dispersed over a larg(l tract of kindest, but the result was not a pleasant one. shoulders. Li Ching himself stood at the country, and satisfied with the punishment he The good-humored Chinaman paraded the of the line. had given them, Frank Reade, Jr., directed air-ship's deck. He began at the bow and Barney's blood nigh congealed with horror that the airship should return to the fort. walked,clear round the ship, following the rail. he comprehended the situation. The Eclipse once .more settled d.own upon the all the way until he bad again arrived at the It was evidently the purpose of the ruffian, plain before Kiang Chu. The Chinese soldiers bow. By so doing, part of the time his view Li Ching, to summarily execute him in came out on dress parade and cheered like vetwas obst.ructed upon one side by. the bull of the horrible manner. The brute stood at the erans as the crew of the airship alighted. ship. of the line with the word of comm'tnd upon Through Sam Hop as iuterpreter Frank told This gave a watching foe an admirable chance lips. the garrison that their prince was in the hartds to creep up and seek shelter in the shadows, It looked certainly as if that was certain of the enemy, apd that hewasaboutto!et forth just :under the hull of the Eclipse. And un-be poor Barney O'Shea's last moment on earth. upon a trip of rescue. seen by Sam, dark forms slipped from the cover Arrangements were easily made for the stay of the thick woods and ensconced themselves CHAPTER XXXIV. of the Daisy's crew at the fort until the return in these shadows. s..u.r HOP PLAYS WATCH. of the air-ship. The pirates were far from disconcerted by THE dastardly volley fired fromthe woods "When I return," said Frank to Will Deane, their defeat of tbe day before They had even had stricken down three of the party upon the I will undeYtake to carry you to Hong Kong dared to concoct a plan to surprise and capture deck of the Eclipse. place you safely aboard a U. S. man-of-the air-ship by night. These were Will Deane, Mortimer Osborne Then my mission will he consummated, A large number of them had been concealed


FRANK READE, JR., .AND HIS NEW ELECTRIC AIR-SHIP, THE "ECLIPSE." Part II. woods near. It was easy enough for back to the cave. Prince Kong had already re Then the bandit chief withdrew. When they to see Sam Hop parading the deck, and turned there and was standing near the engone, Prince Kong drew a deep breath, and had but to watch their opportunity to trance with folded arms and an air of stern turned to Barney: up and secrete themselves in the shaddignity. "We have at least gained time," he declared. "Begorra prince I owe vez me loife in "Now if there was only a way of escape." Unsuspectingly Sam continued to keep his way, I don't know' howl" exclaimed Barney. "Begorra, we must foind wan,:, declared te around the Eclipse's deck. Thus far h e "I don't know what yez sed to the blather"We must be afther lukm for that seen nothing to excite his suspicions, and skites, but I'm of the moind that ef yez hadn't an' moighty quick, too." was not dreaming of danger when suddenly sphoke to thim, they'd have made an ind av The two prisoners sat down and began to. two pantfller-like forms came gliding over the Barney O'Shea iri quick toime." think of a feasible plan of escape. Both re rai! in his rear in an instant they were upon "Very likely, Barney," said Prince Kong, in lapsed into a brown study. Barney was the him he could make an outcry, his English. "It was a narrow call for to hit upon'an expedient. gun\vas from him and rough hands Thank your stars for the escape!" "Begorra, I have it!" he excitedly. were pressed over his mouth. "Bejabers, but what did yez say to the "Sure, we'll be as free as the a1r before an In the twinkling of an eye he was a helpless ler-skinned omadhouns1" night or me name ain't Barney O'Shea." prisoner. "I told them that I would ransom you "Indeed!" exclaimed the prince. "What is A gag wa.s thrust into his mouth, and his Barney's jaw fell. plan, Barney 1" arms and legs were bound. Then he was left "Ransom mer he exclaimed, in amazement. Celt drew from h1s pocket a of helpless in this position, while the foe swarmed "Begorra, how would yez do that same whin Then he also _a s_mall ph1al, noiselessly over the rail and tilled the deck yez can't ransom yersilf1" contained some peculiar liqUid, ;room: "Ah, but I can do that. I have only to this at arm's length he poured some Several of them crept into the cabin. Frank word to the emperor to send the necessary the cigars. The prince watched him Reade, Jr.'s state-room door was open, and the in gold, and both of us will be set free by young inventor could be seen lying upon a Ching." richly-furnished couch. "And will yez do tbat 1" His breast was bared, and his head thrown "I am going to make Li Ching back. It was a tempting target. The pirates Look!" whispered a moment, then one of them with a Prince Kong drew a slip of long, terrible-looking knife in his hand started paper from his girdle. He held it up to to enter the state-room. If he reached Frank's light "Ahl" exclaimed the prince, excitedly. "But side death would be the portion of the famous Upon the outside of it was written ad will need to wait until night for that, inventor. upon the royal exchequer for a large money, to be paid for the ransom of "Shure, I know that," declared Barney. CHAPTER XXXV. Kong and Barne y O'Shea. Of course this "But it ain't so very far off, I kin tell yez." BARNEY's SHARP DODGE. in Chinese characters, which Prince Kong "You are right," agree d the prince. "ButLI CHING 's file of bandits stood in line with terpreted to Barney. are you sure the drug will work 1" rifles aimed at Barney, waiting for the word "Thisi.shallgivetoLiChing,"saidthe "Ami sure av it1"exclaimed Barney, conof command from the lips of the Chine erobber explanatively. "He will send it with "Well, av I ain't I don't think chief which would launch the soul of the unof his men to the emperor." is. Jist wait a bit an' hould yer pa-fortunate Hibernian into eternity. "I see," cried Barney, "an' thin the That's all Bamey O'Shea will ask.'' It was a moment of awful suspense. Poor will sind back the money, I suppose 1" "agreed Prince Kong. "I am pa. a.rney began to murmur fragments <'f a "No, he will not do that.'' Barney. But have reckoned all the rayer and waited in agony, every instant ex"Phwat 1" 1 Anhough we disarm this guard there l'Jecting to rece ive the bullets which would put The prince held the paper up to the light. others in the valley.'' an end to his existence. 1 Barney gave a start. Niver moind. I'll sphoil thim, too," averred In the mouth of the prison cave Prince Kong "You see that I have written yet confidently. "Lave it to me.'' stood overwhelmed with horror. He could not message on this paper,'' declared Prince With some suspense the coming of night was bear the thought that his companion should die "It is executed with an invisible ink used awaited. The afternoon wore away and soon in such a fearf;u manner. by the emperor and his court officers. darkness o'erspread the earth. For a moment he struggled with inward handwriting is not visible unless one Not until well satisfied that most of the ban emotions. Then he made action. the card so as to see through it. The dit camp were asleep did Barney venture to Rushing forth from the cave, he cried in a the emperor sees this paper he will offer the guard at the cavern entrance the manner half pleading, half authorjtative: ie." cigar. To the Celt's gratification he accepted Hold-don't shoot him!" "The divil!" ejaculated Barney, in surprise. it with avidity. Of course the prince spoke in Chinese and "Phwat the divil does it say 1 I don't know a s Barney was very obliging, even furnishing a Barney did not understand him. But Li Ching I kin iver rade thim hyroglypbics." light. The guard puffed away at the cigar. did and turned about. "It reads thus :"pursued Prince Kong. "'Bereturned to Prince Kong. Five minThere was an evil, sardonic smile upon his bead the three bearers of this. SEnd a waited, and then Barney crept to the lips. force of men to the Crystal Mountain. "And why not, prince of the realm 1" he ask for Li Ching's den in an old crater. Do not lay the guard insensible. The drug ed, in-a sarcastic tone. lay if you would save the life of Prince done its work. The coast was clear. Both "You must not-you shall not! Why do you Barney was astounded at this glided out of the cavern. seek to take his life?" plan of the prince. He had not given saw lights, which they belie'Ved guard; "We know that no ransom will be paid for Kong credit for such shrewdness. the entrance to the passage by which they him," declared Li Ching, coolly. "He is there-But before he could make comment, Li Chin entered the crater. But at this moment fore of no value to us. Those who are not himself appeared in the entrance to the cavern. ce Kong clutched Barney's arm. ransomed can never go from here alive." Three men were at his back. "We are discovered!" he gasped, in thrilling "Then set him free!" cried Prince Kong, with The bandit l eade r bowed suavely, and said: a wave of his arm. "I will ransom him.'' "Most exalted prince, have you the order "Ha, then you will come to my terms!" cried the ransom yet?" Li Ching, in accents of triumph. "Well and "!have," replied Prince Kong, in an good. His life is spared." manner. "Here it is. Take it directly to THE position of Frank Reade, Jr., was apeThe bandit leader turned and gave sharp or emperor.'' y thrilling and dangerous one. A cruel ders to his men. They lowered their rifles and Li Ching took the slip of paper and read the[acss.asi>in was creeping upon him while wrapped two of them advanced and cut Barney's bonds. inscription upon it. He never dreamed of A deadly knife was clutched in the The Celt was not a little surprised. He had ing for anqther message on the same right hand. not been able to understand the talk between He bowed with a smile of content. this knife into Frank's breast was \ Prince Kong and Li Ching, for it was in Chi "It is well," he said. "This shall be sent the purpose of the murderous nese. the emperor at once. With the return of The guards now proceeded to lead Barney answer and the money you shall be set free.'' CHAPTER XXXVI. THE' FIGHT IN THE CABIN. There seemed no power at hand to save the /


I II. FRANK READE, JR., AND HIS NEW ELECTRIC AIR-SHIP, THE "ECLIPSE" 9 1amous inventor. Everybody in the cabin of]denly made a lunge forward to strike the kn. ife But the foremost of their number encouraged the Eclipse's crew was asleep. 1 into Frank's breast. them by loud words, and they fired a volley at Nearer crept the would-be assassin. The ex-In an instant, as he encountered the netting, Frank and made a rush for him. pression upon his brutish face was devilish. he received a terrible shock. It was if giant The charge was a terrific one, and could tpey Now he was upon the threshold of the state-arms had seized him and hurled him the whole have reached the great inventor it would have room. length of the cabin. been the ending of his career. But fate had not prepared so summary an At the same moment an electric gong began But the netting, frail as it seemed.' ending of Frank Reade, Jr.'s career. Even at to clang, arousing everybody on board the ship. ':1th power hundred giants. the eleventh hour as it were the assassin's plans In an instant Frank Reade, Jr., sprang up, W1th terrific force the p1rates were hurled were overthrown. and to his amazement saw the cro .wd of pirates back. Having in mind just such an exigency as the in the cabin. At the same moment Dr. Vaneyke, Pomp present, Frank Reade, Jr., had devised a unique He comprehended the situation at a glance. and Squeers opened t).re differe,nt parts of The gates of the fort opened, and, to the music. of Chinese drums, a guard marched out. At their head walked, with. stately tread, the commandant of the fort, a tall, heavy-featured Mongolian, wearing a dress richly trimmed and bedecked with gold braid. m eans of defense. He was really e n t irely saft> The pirates, with yells of rage, fired a volley at[the cabin. This was too much for the pirates, from t h e knives or bullets of ene mi e s. him. and they broke ranks and fled. B etween his couch and the door there was But, to their amazement, the bullets never Up the cabin stairs they went. Frank Reade, stretched a partition of network of the finest reached the target. Of course the netting, Jr., sprang from his state-room now, and but toughes t of stee l cobweb-like, and in the which was invisible to them, had stopped shouting to the others, sprang up another stair-dim light quite invisible to one in the cabin them. way which led to the hurricane de ck. without the state-room. This was not seen by Frank realized that the air-ship bad been in-But just as he did this he presse d a button, the pirates. vaded, and that the guard must have been overwhich charged the m ain cabin stairs w ith e l e c B t th' t -'bl t k b 1 powered. Quick action alone would save thetricity. Thiswastopreventthefoefromagain u 1s a mos mvlSl e ne wor wa:s u -ship. invading the cabin. l e t proof and more t h a n th1s was so adJuste d . . th t t' F k ld b tt So the _young mventor, Without a word, piCkUpon the hurncane deck one had the coma d uhpon Irmg 1 rtanl c?tuh thpress at u 011 ed up his rifle and thrusting the muzzle plete rang e of the lowe r deck. H ere the a erial a n c arge 1 comp e e y w1 e mos power-th h 1 . d f 1 1 t t roug a oophole m t h e nettmg, opened fire voyagers poure d a de a lyvolley mto the p1rate u e e c ric curre n upon the pirates horde _A shot fired at the young inventor. could do A s fa s t as he could work the repe11-ter Frank The foe had had enough. Satisfied that an him no. harm. Any attet_npt to reach him would fired into the horde The result was destruca!Jrial dragon favored thos e of t he air-ship, be repell e d b y the h eayi!y charged network of tion in the hi ghest sense of the term. the y brol>:e aud fle d with superstitious yells of stee l. For an in stant the pirates wavered and seem-terror. Not knowing this, the pirate assassin sud-ed about to r etreat. Until the woods hid their dimly visible forms


10 .Fl'tANK READE, JR., AND HIS NEW ELEC'I'RlC AIR-SHIP, THE "ECLIPSE." from view the voyagers fired upon them, and drew nearer, and somewhile later hovJguard, the ingenious Irishman began to study the deck and the ground was strewn with ered over the mountain. a plan by which he could overcome bar-dead pirates. 1 All were at the rail scrutinizmg the surface rier to certain escape. Thus, by promp action, the foe was. repulsed of the country below, when suddenly a wild cry, To rush out and attack them openly would and the air-ship saved. burst .from Frank Reade, Jr.'s lips: hardly admit of a successful result. The a:larm Of course the firing had aroused the fort. "Slacken speed on the PoiiJP," would be given, and undoubtedly before they Lights werefiashingon the palisades, and drums he cried. "Let her down quickly." could make good their escape, the foe would were Pomp hastened to obey. What Frank had be hot after them. Frank consulted his watch and then seen was also seen by others. Two men in the Barney abandoned this plan. to Pomp. crevice 'of tjle cliffs were valiantly defending "If I only cud separate the omadhouns," he "Look here, Pomp, this was your watch, was themselves against a force of several hundred. muttered, "I'd thrust to luck in running up it notr' Their position was a desperate one. behindt wan av' the divils an' lay him out "Fo' goodness sake, Marse Frank," sputtered with the swoord. But if I thried it now wan the astonished darky, "how wur dat1 No-CHAPTER XXXVII. av' thim wud see me an' give the alarm.'' body eber call dis chile, an' I sleep all dis time. A CLEVER ESCAPE. But Barney was not the sort of a genius to Dat Chinaman he was to call me, sah.'' THE thrilling whisper of Prince Kong that long remain in doubt. Decision was one of his "You are right," said Frank, excitedly. "He they were discovered gave Barney a mighty attributes, and in this case a rare stroke of for is the only one who can explain this affair. start, The Celt instantly cast a terrified tune. aided him . Where is Sam Hop 1" glance about him. He saw the two guards pause in their walk "All descended to the lower deck. The bodies But he saw in the same moment, with a and hold a conference. The shrewd Irishman of the dead pirates were thrown from the deck. breath of reliE>f, that the prince's fears were guessed at once what it meant. Suddenly Pomp flashed his lantern upon one utterly unfounded. Presently one of them laid down his gun and prostate form and a wild cry escaped his lips. Several torches were flashing in the gloom skulked a way into the gloom. Shrewd tel- Fo' goodness sake, Marse Frank, yer am at the other end of the crater. But it could be lows! They were well aware of the fact that dat Chineeman all tied up an' gagged.'' seen in their light plainly that they were car-their chieftain was at that moment sonnd It was Sam Hop, still lying where his captors ried hy several. of the bandits who made an asleep, and quite insensible to this little laxity had left him. The Chinaman's bonds were cut entrance into one of the caverns, and disapof duty. and he was set upon his feet. A more excited peared, torches and all, from sight. Could Barney have understood Chinese he washee-washee the world never saw. "Aisy, me hearty," said Barney, 'with a deep would have heard one of the guards propose "Come now, sir," said Frank, sternly, "what breath of relief. "It's all roight we are yit, going in quest of an opium pipe. It seemed as does this mean 1 You are left on guard and the and d,ivil a wan of thim need we fear. Come if one guard was enough for the place and first thing we know the air-ship is invaded and along, me gossoonl" time. Two was plainly a superfluity. nearly captured by the pirates.'' "Sure enough!" breathed the prince, with A thrill of triumph pervaded Barney's frame. "Waitee, me tellee. 'Melicap. man hear. Sam deep relief. "I feared that we were lost. Now He believed that it would not be a difficult Hop, he no fault, jumpee on him when he no for the guard at the passage of exit.'' matter to handle one Chinaman. The question know it, hittee on head, knockee down. Sam "Lave them to me," said Barney, confidentnow was how to do it without raising an alarm. Hop no hab use ob lilly tongue, no talkee, tie ly. "Ye'll foind that I kin handle thim to the After the departure of his companion, there up. Sam Hop heap no good.'' queen's taste.'' maining guard paced slowly up and down, but In flpite of the seriousness ofthe affair Sam's "I am perfectly willing to do that, whisper-pausing at intervals 'to liste and watch for the words and mahner was so comical that all ed Prince Kong, \and I have perfect confidence return. were obliged to laugh. Thus the affair ended, in your ahiliFY Lead on!" It was plain that his mind was distracted by but it was decided, much to the Chinaman's Barney did lead on. In a cautious manner this proceeding. Barney saw (n it his oppor chagrin, that Sam,Hop should no longer be put the Celt crossed the space to the vicinity of the tunity. on,as night watch. passage of exit. Suddenly Prince Kong, from his -hidingOf course there was no more sleep that Barney had trailed Indians on the prairies of place, witnessed the enactment of" a thrilling night, but as morning was not far distant the far West with Frank Reade, Jr., and had scene. Frank Reade, Jr., began work on filling the learned well the art of strategy. He saw the guard standing at the end of his c>torage jars and taking leave, of the fort. He was very skillful and adroit in accom-beat, watching for the return of his opium-A stream of water was near, and a rubber plishing his purpose. Like a shadow he made hunting companion. Next, he saw a crouching pipe being placed in its the electric his way through the gloom. form just behind the sen tty. pump was put to work. In a very short time At an angl e in the cliff he paused and turned It was Barney. the air-ship's jars and tanks were filled. to the prince. The Celt held his clubbed rifle in his hand. Then Frank held a conference with the com Just ahead a small watch-fire could be seen. With a lightning move he swung it ) mandant of the fort. Two armed bandits were by it and guarded the brought it down upon the guard's head. With It was decided that the refugees or the mouth of the passage of the exit. out a groan he dropped insensible. Daisy's party should remain at Kiang.Chu for "Now, I'll tell yez," said Barney, in a stage The move had been made-the pass was won. the present, while the air-ship went in quest of whisper. "If yez will sthay here for a jiffy Barney drew himself up and turned a jubilant Barney and Prince Kong. I'll thry an' paralyze thim baythins." countenance toward Prince Kong, first snatch As soon as they were rescued it was decided What do you asked the prince, ap-ing up the torch the guard had carried. that Frank should return to Kiang Chu, and prehensively. "Surely you are no match for "Whisht now, me dear friend," he called, in the refugees should be taken to Hong Kong those two armed men." a hoarse whisper. "For the love of Riven, and placed aboard an American steamer. After Barney elevated his nose in a knowing and come quick!'' which the mission of the Eclipse would be over comical manner. In another instant Prince Kong was by his and she might return home. "If yez will jist hear me," he said, confident-side. Just at break of day the Eclipse began to ly, "I'll tbry an' illusthrate 'to yez what I "My brave Barney!" he exclaimed, with deep rise. Pomp had set the rotascope in motion. mane. Will yez sthay here an' don't move a feeling, "this is all owing to your pluck. Only Like a mighty bird of prey the air-ship soared finger or a toe till I get to think that I should stand there all this aloft. Of course," agreed the prince. "I will do while and be no help to you.'' Dr. Vaneyke set the course as nearly as pos-as you say.'' "Don't spheak av that," said Barney, bur sible for the Crystal Mountain. The Eclipse "All roight. Kape yure weather eye open, riedly. "We must be off, for the other divil under full speed sailed away in that direction. an' whin I say whist, pow l jist come roight may show up at any Bejabers, yez For hours she kept on, and it was in the la:t-along like a good mon." bad betther take this chap's gun.'' ter part of the day that Dr. Vaneyke, who was "All right,''. agreed the prince, with only a "You are right!" on the hurricane deck with a glass, shouted to vague idea of Barney's meaning. Prince Kong haste n e d to remove the uncon Frank Reade, Jr.: The Celt had deprived the drugged guard of scions sentry's cartridge belt a:nd took his gun. "Yonder is the Crystal Mountain," he cried. his weapons. These were a rifle, a lon g sword Barney took a fresh torch from a near and "Two points to the westward.'' and two pistol8 with a cartridge belt. \.Vith lit it. Frank turned his glass in that direction. The the sword in his hand Barney crept along Then both plunged into the passage of exit. cone of the mighty extinct volcano was plainly toward the mouth of the cavern. It was a downward course and they pressed visible with the naked eye. Every moment the Hovering in the shadows, unseen by the forward on the run. There was need of haste,


! Part II. FRANK READE, JR., AND HIS NEW ELECTRIC AIR-SHJ P, THE "ECLIPSE'' 11 for at any moment their escape might ,be disCrystal Mountain quickly swallowed up the the pirates could be seen rushing about the covered, and the rElsult would, no doubt, be whole body of them. decks and apparently much excited over the serious, if they did not speedily get beyond The air-ship descended, and Barney and the re-appearance of the air-ship. pursuit. prince'were quickly taken on board. They were hastily trying to weigh anchor and So they dashed on at a rapid rate. They The reunion was .a joyo Is one. To say that put to sea, probably to escape if possible the heard nothing of sounds of pursuit in their qoth Barney and Prince Kong were to get deadly bombs of which they had good reason rear. After what seemed an interminable hack to the Eclipse wo1,11d be inv. idious. to expect and to fear. length of time, they emerged fi'om the cavern The prince with tears in his eyes wrung Frank Reade, Jr., smiled grimly as he noted :and were near the shores Qf the Jake. ;Frank's hand. this. "Bejabers, fhwere is the air-ship 1" cried "I tell you that this realq1 would have been It was his flrlli purpose to if possible blow to Barney, in dismay. without its prince but for you and your airpieces every one of the pirate junks. With It is gone!" ship, Mr. Reade,'' he declared. "I had no idl)a this purpose in view he directed Barney to At first Barney could hardly reconcile that such lawle!!S bands of robbers really exist-bring him some bombs. self to this thought. Then it occurred to him ed in these parts. The emperpr certainly does "Hold the ship steady,'' he directed Pomp, that, after all, he could h11-rdly expect those on not dream of it, or the proper scavengers would who was in the pilot-house. the air-ship to remain in this one spot all the have been sent here long ago." Presently Barney came with the bombs. The while. It seemed as if the mission of Frank Reade, search-light made all below as plain as day. I have it,'' he cried, with inspiration. Jr., and the electric Eclipse was at an end. On one of the junks Frank saw a gang of pi "Shure they hove bin Iukin' fer us all around 'The Daisy's party had h,een rescued and were rates trying to elevate the muzzle of a cannon an' we'll have to wait for daylight to be shure safe at Fort Kiang Chu. All that was necessaso as to send a shot up to the air-ship. to see thim at all-at all." ry now was to take themto a safe point. The great inventor smiled and then held one "That is the proper agreed "Then we will sail for home, friends,'' deof the bombs over the rail. Prince Kong. "Well, it will be hardly safe to clared Frank. "Our journey has been a sue-He held it 'steady until a favorable moment. remain here long." cessful one, as we may believe." Then he allowed it to drop. Down it went like Daybreak found them far up am,ongthe crags "I have enough material of an exciting sort a flash. of the mountain. Barney scanned the sky in to write a book as bulky as ,Webster's UnIt struck fair in the middle of the junk's vain for some sign of the air-ship. abridged!" declared Squeers, with an air of deck. The result was feaTful. To add to their they lost satisfaction. _W"on't I be the of the press There was a mighty upheaving of the tim among fastnesses and It was late m the when once I strike York agam. I am the hers, the air was nlled with a vivid glare, the afternoon when Barney suddenly clutched the only newspaper man m the world to take a air-ship even at its altitude felt the force of the prince's arm and pulled him into a crevice in trip aboard Frank Reade, Jr.'s air-ship!" vibration, and the junk' was in a twinkling a the clifl'. I wish that money was an object," said drifting wreck. "Bejabers, the divilsare comin'l" he declared, Prince Kong, disappointedly; "the air-ship Water poured into the wreck, and in three excitedly. "Don't yez see thim1" and Mr. Reade would remain in the Chinese minutes from the dropping of the bomb it 1;his was true. Fully hundred of the kingdom until every pirate from here to the sunk. bandits, a legion of them, swarmed down over Ladrones had received punishment." Prince Kong watched the result with a pe-the rocks and charged upon the two unfortu-"Indeed, they deserve it!" declared Dr. Vanculiar fascination. nate escaped prisoners. Barney and the prince eyke. I Wonderful!" he cried. "Mr. Reade, you were both resolved to die rather than yield. "Me: go back b? 'Meliky with Yankee man!" could whip the navies of the world." So they sought refuge in the crevice behind declared Sam Hop, jubilantly. "Workee for I will admit that I could give them a hard the cover of rocks, and began to fire at their 'Melican man. Washee shirtee, cookee allee lrub declared Frank. "One of the death-ships foe. samee be his slave." is ;ut of the way." It was c ertain, however, that they would It seemed! as Kong almost envied "Right!" cried tbe prince, with much joy. have been quickly overwhelmed, had it not Sam his engagement. He had a deep "By all means destroy the others.'' been for an unlooked for and welcome devel-liking for Frank Reade, Jr., and would have "I will." .opment. much liked to remain aboard the air-ship inFrank now gave orders to Pomp, who shifted Barney suddenly gave a wild yell of delight definitely. the position of the air-ship They were now and pointed upward. But this was impossible. Prince Kong was just above another of the "Look, prince!" he cried, wildly. "Be me a prince of the blood, and would some day, no Once again Frank went to. the rail ith one sowl, there's the air-ship at lashtl" doubt, be the of the Flowery of the bombs. Allegiance to h1s p_eople forbade adoptmg This one somehow missed its mark. It CHAPTER XXXVIII. a new country as liui home. Besides, Frank t k th te 1 b th k . s rue e wa r c ose y e JUD IN PURSUIT OF WING HO. Reade, w:as not desirous of formmg a In a moment a column of water one hundred THE two men ,fighting against several hunpartnership With any one. feet high rose over the junk. The vessel heeled dred Chinese bandits, as seen from the airThe great inventor seemed to read the mmd t"l "t 1 f . 1 t 'd th B h d t dd 1 over un 1 I ay a1r y upon I s SI e. ship's deck,_ were no others of course an arof _t e prmce, an ac mg upon su en I mpu se The waves rushed. over it like a devouring ney and Prmce Kong. said : monster and when they subsided it drifted a They were instantly recognized all, and "Prince, I did not c?me_ to your to hopel ess' wreck. The water could be seen to be Pomp leaning over the rail gave a w1ld yell. wage a war of extermmatiOn upon the pirates f ll f t r f d I D ' b 'f 'd W h inf t t b t I h e s I u 0 5 rugg mg orms. "Ki yi, ar 'ish. on yo e rm e se w o es your coas s, u er Imp Y One more bomb blew the third junk into gwine fo' to 'sabe yo'. Done glad yo' amn't and solei! to rescue Daisy s party. fragments . The. waters of the bay were cov-dead ever, I will tell you this. Before I leave Chma d 'th th fl t' d b t w H d d ere WI e oa mg e ns. Whurrool" yelled Barney, loud enough for I Will pay a VISit 0 mg 0 en an Wipe Scores of the terrified pirates could be seen an on the air-ship to hear him. "The blissin,g out murde\?us . endeavoring to swim ashore. Frank might av an Oirishman's heart on yez naygur. Its Will you 1 cried the prmce, delightedly. h t t d th h 1 f th h' hI I aveexermmae ew oeo em. happy I am to see yez handsome face wanst "It will favor w IC can assure you A less scrupulous conqueror would have done more." shall appreciate." so but the wo:ddfamous inventor was not of At this moment the bandits caught sight of "I will do merciless kind. the air-ship. It was the first time they had Frank went mto the p1lot-house an at once ever beheld the Eclipse and as was common set a course for Wing Ho's den. The air-ship ndot h 1 eredto they were

12 FRANK READE, JR., AND HIS NEW ELECTRIC AIR-SHIP, 'l'HE "ECLIPSE." Part how to act, but an idea presently occurred to Barney glared at the darky savagely, but this Of course the pirates had no means of knowhim. little spat was brought to an end by Franking how the Eclipse had tired the deadly bomb himself, who began at once to hastily issue with such certainty into the cavern. In this CHAPTER XXXIX. orders as to what should be done. retreat they had deemed themselves safe. INTO THE LION's JAWS. The steel wires were brought from the cabin, But it seemed as if they were no safer there FRANK wasted but a very few moments in and one of them was fastened to Pomp's waist than in the open waters of the bay. This could thought a" to a new course of action. The First, hdwever, the darky&nned one of the, not fail to produce consternation in their search-light's rays carefully swept over the rubber swimming suits, which were an inven-midst. waters of the bay, and Frank saw that by this tion of Frank's. These were so constructed Frank Reade, Jr., was highly elated. Thus time most of the swimming pirates had either one could travel any distance in the water far the plans were working well. succumbed or had reached the shore. without any danger of sinking from exhau s"They cannot defeat the Eclipse," he deIt would have seemed an easy matter for the tion. clared, confidently. "I tell you, Prince Kong, air-ship also to have entered the cavern where Then Pomp was lowered over the rail. Down you will shortly have nothing more to fear the three junks were. he went in the darkness, until a 'jerk on the line from Wing Ho." But it required but an instant's reflection told those on board the air-ship that he had Wonderful!" cried the prince, with ex upon Frank's part to conceive that this would reached the w ,ater safely. uberance of feeling. "Surely, Mr. Reade, with be a fatal move. For an instant Frank withdrew the slide to your inventions you need not fear armies They would be almost sure to get a volley the search-ligllt and threw its penetrating rays or navies of any country on the of the from the guns of the junks and such a fragile into the mouth of th11 cavern. This was td en-earth. China could never afford to make an vessel as the Eclipse would be easily wrecked. able Pomp to set his course. enemy of you." A battle at close quarters was one never to Of course there was a possibility that the "I will confess that I have great power in be sought by the air-ship. None were better pirates in the cavern might see Pomp swim-the Eclipse," replied Jl'rank, modestly. "But aware of this than Frank Reade, jr, ming in the water. He was seen from I will it in an oppressive way, except But the plan he had hit upon would clearly the deck of the air-ship for one brief instant. in the defense of law and obviate any such contingency. He proceeded Then t.he search-light was shut off and dark-But these congratulations, it soon proved, at once to carry it into execution. ness was the order. I!reathless with suspense, were early made. A crisis, all unsuspected, "Pomp I" h e said, sharply, "you are a good those on board the air-ship stood by the rail was near at hand. swimmer, are you not r paying out the line and returning Pomp's sigOnce more Pomp was lowered over the rail. "Golly, Marse Frank, I am jes' yo' chile fo' nals by jerking on the line. Once more, under cover of darkness, he swam dat," replied the darky, eagerly. "What am By means of this sy!tem of telegraphy, Frank into the cavern. More than the expected space de racket now r was able to follow Pomp's course into the of time elapSed and no sign came from him. "Begorra, don't yez thrust anything of the cavern, and was even advised of the moment "That is queer!" muttered Frank. kind to the naygur, Misther Frankl" cried Bar-when he affixed the torpedo to the hull of one He resorted to the system of signaling. No ney, eagerly. "It's mesilf as could swim acrost of the junks. answer came back. Fil).ally, becoming thor the Chinayse Say.'' The famous inventor was thrilled with the oughly alarmed, those on board the air-ship "Shut, up yo' mouf, !'ish!" shouted Pomp, ansuccess of his plan. He knew that the mission began to draw in the line, grily, shaking his head in a pugnacious way at entrusted to Pomp was a hazardous one, but Long before it assumed the perpendicular Barney. "I jes' break yo' jaw fo' yo' if yo' tells he had full faith in the darky's discretion and they knew that Pomp was not at the end of i t. me any mo'lies." strategic ability. What did it Certainly it looked as i f "Bejabers, no ape-faced son of an African To be seen by one of the pirates would have harm had come to the brave darky. can talk to Barney O'Shea iJl that manner fet been a fatal thing for the plucky darky. He no thin' I" roared Barne y, flinging off his coat. would never have lived to get out of the CHAPTER XL. "Dance up here, me gossoon, an' I'll tache ye tavern. POMP A PRISONER. the Tipperary dance in half vf no. time. Whur-But he was not seen by the foe, and presUPON reaching the water Pomp had as before roo! have at yel" ently the signal came for the return. swam fearlessly into the cavern. He could see But for the interposition of Frank Reade, Jr., Soon they were pulling in the steel line over the lights of the two remaining pirate junks the two belligerents would then and there have the airship's rail. The n the perpendicular line and easily located them. indulged in a social mill. But the famous inwas evidence that Pomp was just underneath. Through the pile of debris which filled the ventor put up his hand. All hands now took hold, and the darky was water his way toward the nearest of "Stop1" he said, sternly. "No more of that. quickly hauled aboard the air-ship. As he the junks. If you don't behave yourselves neither 'of you came over the rail Frank Reade, Jr., sprang He had the bomb already in his hand to affix snail go." forward and said: to the hull of the ship. His position in tile This had the desired effect. Both sobered You succeeded in your purpose, did you water was in total dar knells, so that he felt per-down at once. not, Pomp 7" fectly secure. He never dreamed of such a 'What am it yo' wants me fo' to do, Marse "I jes' reckon I did, Marse Frank," replied thing as capture. asked Pomp. Pomp, coolly. "An' dis chile am a'ready fo' The darky swam leisurely toward the nearest "It is a feat which is dangerous in the ex-another try.'' junk. As he drew near its stern, he saw the treme, yet I believe it can be safely worked by "You have done well," cried Frank, excitevidence of considerable disturbance upon the using care and judgment." edly. "Turn on the search-light, Barney. deck. All were listening intently. Stand back, everybody." The crew were running excitedly about and "We shall let you down to the water by a The glare of the search-light was thrown the beating of a Chinese drum was heard as if steel line," declared Frank, it will be down into the cavern entrance once more. The the crew were being called to quarters. fastened to the }lubber swimming suit which steel wire could be plainly seen. .Then suddenly a greab light filled the cavern. you will find in my cabin. There will be two Frank had hastily connected his end of the Some of the ship's crew had gone ashore and of these steel wires or lines. One of them, wire with the largest dynamo in the engine-lit a pile of inflammable material there piled after swimming into the oavern, you must room. up, and the light was sufficiently strong to dis fasten to the hull of one of the junks there an Then he pressed a key and the current was pel the gloom for a wide distance about. chored, and also attach> to it one of my electric on. Synonymous.with that act came the terriPomp at the moment was not twenty feet torpedoes. Then swim out again, and Wt) will ftc explCJion from the hull of the junk in which he had in draw you aboard. I want you to make this It came from the cavern's mouth like muflled tended to place the bomb. trip .three times, or until we have blown to thunder. Pieces of blazing wood, debris and a So sudden and unexpected was the appear perdition every one of the junks in the cavern.'' cloud of objects of all sorts came flying out and ance of the light, that the darky was taken Pomp ducked his head and grinned, showing spread upon the boiling waters. completely by surprise. There he was, plainly his ivories as he did so. But all was over in a few seconds and there visible upon the surface of the water. "A' right, Marse Frank. I jes' do what yo' was good reason to believe that another of the And in that instant he was seen by those on tole me.'' death-ships had gone to destruction, Slowly board the junk. Wild yells were uttered, and "Bejabers, it's partiality yez are gettin', naybut surely the Eclipse was wiping out of existPomp saw that he was covered by tlie rifles of gur," declared Barney, lugubriously. ence the fleet of Wing Ho. the pirates. "Marse Frank jes' knows who am de bes' Wild yells and cries of consternation and terThe darky was completely dumfounded, man," declared Pomp, with a grin. ror no w came from the cavern. and for a moment hardly knew how to act,


FRANK READE, JR., AND HIS NEW ELECTRIC AIR-SHIP, THE "ECLIPSE" 13 "Golly sakes!" he gasped, rolling up the had been dug out of tbe solid rock. This had a What did it mean 'l Where was the darky 1 whites of his eyes. "Now I am in fo' it fo' door of iron in which was a grated window. What had happened to him 1 suab! What am eber dis nig gwine fo' to do 'l Into this dungeon Pomp was Jed, and an oil All ,gazed agh!l.St at each other and for a mo l clar' fo' goodness dey'll shoot dis chile fust lamp was placed upon a shelf in one corner. ment silence reigned. Then Frank Reade, Jr., ting yo' knows." Then armed guards began to pace up and down said: Pomp's teeth chattered like castanets. He in front of the door. "Great heavens} Harm has come to Pomp. was well warranted iu his fear. Pomp was in a curious state of mind. He What shall we doT' But he was not fired at by the The naturally wondered what would be the sensaThat was indeed a problem of no mean sort. captain of the junk who stood upon the poop-tions of those on board the Eclipse when it was What could be done under the circumstances 'l deck gave a ringing command and the pirates discovered that he was captured. Certainly the Eclipse could not enter the cavern lowered their rifles. "l done fink Marse Frank will try to' to res-to effect a rescue. A cannon shot from the At the same moment, from across the junk cue me," he concluded, hopefully. "An' if dese junks might wreck the frail air-ship. bows, a long sampan, propelled by six stal-yere debbils don' kill me afo' dat time, I jes' "But something must be done!" cried Dr. wart oarsman, shot into view. gwine fo' to lib aftah all." Vaneyke, excitedly. "Pomp must not be given .Straight down upon Pomp bore the sampan. While thus engaged in soliloquy the door up. He is too valuable a man to lose." All was done so quickly that the darky had suddenly opened. The tall form of Wing Ho "Begorra, that's phwat I say mesilfl" cried really no chance to offer resistance. The next crossed the threshold. Barney. "Shure he's only a naygur, but i's a moment powerful arms had seized him, and he In the dim light of the miserable oil lamp, white man's heart he's got." was lifted out of the water, swimming suit and Pomp could see that there was a hunted light "Is there no plan r asked Caleb Squeers. all. in the villain's eyes, an anxious expression Prince Kong looKed his sorrow, and Sam Hop In doing this the hook attached to the steel upon his face. wiped the oblique corners of his eyes and wept wire slipped off, and the wire vanished in the He closed the door after him, and then look-in Chinese fashion. _gloom Thls wall unnoticed by the pirates, ing about as if anxious that no eavesdropper All felt bad for Pomp. But Frank Reade, who sawonly the form of a man in a rubber should be about he approached Pomp and with Jr., would not give the brave darky up. swimming suit. an affectation confidence said: "I shall not believe that he is dead until I Into the sampan and the midst of the ex"Look here, m.y friend, I want to have a talk have seen his body!" he declared.. "And there -cited crowd of pirates Pomp was pulled. with must be a plan devised to rescue him." The rubber suit was pulled off him, and in a "Well, sah 1" said Pomp, coolly. "Bejabers, it's mesilf as has a plan!" cried twinkling his arms were bound behind him. ''Now, I'll tell ye how I'm fixed. I'm an Barney. The excited jabbering of the pirates nearly American the same as you and your master All eyes turned upon the Celt. -crazed the darky. Frank Jr. I left York some "What is it" Gorramighty !" he gasped, with cold beads ago under a cloud. Since then I've been knoek Jist le,t a swimming, s_uit, Misther of sweat breaking out upon him "dis chile am ing about in this God-forsaken part of the Frank, an I 11 JISt go down an Ill not come in a bad scrape. I done fink d'ey jes' kill me world. But I'm gettin' tired of it. See r back_ until I've found the naygur." fo' suah. Neber see Marse Frank nor de Eclipse "Yes," said Pomp, vaguely. Thts wns offer. But Frank Reade, agin!" "I'm willin' an' I'm anxious to quit it. Now Jr., shook hts head. II k th t 't f t 1 t In course it won' t do for me to go back to "That would never do," he declared. I 'h e llnews.k'a 1 too no Suseh o do America But I want to reach some Englishcan't afford to lose both of you. But I'll not e ye ow mne cap rs. o e ma1n e p d il speaking country. I've thought of Australia. g1ve omp up yet. Turn the search-light a eep s ence. d d tb te b 1 f 1! ,, The sampan was quickly rowed to the shore. I think I could turn over a new leaf and begin an exam me e wa r e ow care u y. At th t h th b' bl l't th life anew there a:1d be a. better man Th1s was done and the waters of the bay e 81P0d.w eadlg aze 1 up e Pomp nodded his head and w"nwere carefully scrutinized. But all without cavern a an 1ng m e. "' A great crowd of the pirates were there dered what the fellow was driving at. avat . th ed d p b ht b 'ow I did think of having my men stand There were ptles of floa.tmg wreckage and ther pedas f omp ;ou!tro as ye up for a target nigger" continued Wing Ho timbers from the ruined junks, and eYen dead oi emws PH orwar an co n m. curtly "but I've'gob a better plan I'm goin: bodies floating about, but no live man wns to t was 1ng o. be . to yer life on one condition." seen. The pirate cb1ef was the of Pomp rolled up his eyes. Of course, one of the floating bodies might be fury He Pomp w_tth sav"What am dat?" he asked eagerly. Pomp, but th!l Eclipse's voyagers would not age talon-like fingers workmg con"That ye'll go toyer master-Frank Reade, entertain that idea. Finally the search was vulstvely ltke the claws of a hawk. J te ced { If h ''ll to 1 d reluctantly abandoned. "W 11 .. h 'tted r. an Ill r e orme. e agree an .e e gn ye ve run yer me safe an' sound in Australia. I'll surrender But what was to be done W This was a prob-head mto a mce scrape haven't ye So 1 f d" t B t b f th my whole army an' everythmg I've got here. em o no or mary sor u e ore e quesone who blew, up II}Y best Cur:;e ye, That's fair enough.'' tion could be answered, or any plan devised, tt 11 be the last ye 11 ever blow up! "W 11 b I j t 11 h t I fink .. 'd a thrilling incident occurred. "A' ht h" d p 'th h d' e sa es e yo w a sa1 rig sa sat WI mu? m tfPomp, plainly. "I fink Marse Frank won't do There was a sudden, mutned report ference, born of grtt. It makes no such a fing, but I'll tell him jes' de same if like thunder, which came in billows through so berry much diffrunce to dts chile. I hab 1 ts f .. the dark atmosphere. d bt b 'M F nkk in'tfi d yo e me go ree. one my pa sa an arse ra -a n "But he won't refuse" said Wing Ho with a It was followed by a series of heavier rever-no fault whateber." crafty gleam in his "I know that he berations, and the air-ship began to pitch wiLh I wish lt was yer master I had instead of won't. I am a countryman of his. I mean to some violent agitation of the air. you," roared WingHo, savagely. "He'd never lead a. new and better life. If he's a Christian Also, in the light of the search-light, the build another air-ship. Curse him! Why he'll help me to reform.'' waters of the bay below were seen to heave should be come he.Te meddling with mer Before Pomp could make any reply an asand toss in a violent manner. "What fo' yo' catch American people an' tounding thing occurred. There was a dull, Nearly every one on the air-ship's deck were keep dem prisoners1" retorted Pomp. "Jes' thunderous roar the walls of the cavern shook at first prostrated, but they quickly regained like enuff Marse Frank ueber come to dis coun and Pomp and Wing Ho were prostrated. their feet, and Barney cried in terror: try at all ef yo' hadn't done dat.'' When they gained their feet the shock was "Ocb hone! pwba.tiver has happened now 1 :Yes, it unluc, d!I'Y that l meddled over, but they were in total darkness. But all Is it the worruld to an ind r w1t h the Datsy s cre,v, growled the pirate was not over yet. The first shock was succeed-But Dr. Vaneyke cned: chief. "I m_ight have kno,vn better. Whoever ed by another, and the walls of the cavern "It is an earthquake! I think we bad better I runs up agamst Sam or any of his people seemed likely to fall ill. change our base, Frank. We will hardly be will get the worst of it." safe here." Wing Ho made a motiol) to his men and CHAPTER XLI. "An earthquake!" Frank Reade, Jr., Pomp was led away into the cavern. To the BLOWN OUT TO sEA; "You are right, doctor. Barney, start the da.rky's surprise his life was spared. IT was a startling conviction that dawned rotascope at once. We must get out of here in For a few moments the darky was unable to upon Frank Reade, Jr., and the other voyagers double-quick time." fathom this move on 'Wing Ho's part. But an on board the Eclipse, when it was found upon Barney sprang to the pilot-house. But just explanation came soon after. drawing in the line that Pomp was not at the as his hand was upon the lever the Celt chanced In the cavern wall, a. small square chamber end of it. to turn his head and beheld a terrible sight.


FRANK READE, JR., AND HIS NEW ELECTRIC AIR-SHIP, 'l'HE "ECLIPSE." Part II. The blackness of the night was suddenly stanch and noble craft to have outridden that "There is one way," said Prince Kong. obliterated by a vivid lightning flash. The gale. It was, howe ver, no doubt owing to Bar "What?" country beyond the cliff cavoern could be seen ney's presence of mind in having set the rota-"To besiege them." as plainly as if under the glare of noonday. scopes in motion. "Ah!" said Frank, dubiously, "that would And it presented a terrifying aspect. 'l' rees These had carried the air-ship above the tor require too much time. But I will soon find were seen to be bent double, the air was filled nado, which had passed beneath, and was a way to chase the rat out of the trap. Ah, with flying debris, and a mighty, thunderous probably ere this far out to sea. what is roar was heard. But where were In what direction had Caleb Squeers was in the bow of the air-ship. That one vivid moment of brilliant light r e they been carried, and how far? This was a A loud and startled cry suddenly went up from veale d a horrifying and comprehensive truth question quite impossible to answer. All was his lips. to all on board the air-ship. darknifoS most dense. It was quite impossible "Look! look!" he cried. "Is not that our "A tornado!" shrieked caleb Squeers. "My to set an accurate course, and there seemed no man God! We cannot escape it! We shall be lost.' other way but to wait for the coming of dawn. Sure upon the verge of the cliff The earthquake carried in its wake a f earful So the air-ship was held in suspe nsion, wait-there stood a personage, who, iE not Pomp typhoon, and in another instant it must strike ing the ap:pearance of daylight. It came at himself, was certainly his prototype. He was _the air ship. last, and as the mist cleared before the sun, waving his arms excitedly and shouting to It would seem as if the frail vessel must be the blue sea was seen far beneath them. those on board the air-ship. dashed into fragments by that terrific blast. Its broad bosom lay calm and placid below. "It is Pomp!" cried Dr. Vaneyke. Ancl those on board seemed powerless to preBut as far as the eye could reach, no sign of "Be me sowl, it's the naygur himself!" shout vent the catastrophe. land was to be seen. ed Barney, wild. with delight. "Whurroo! Only for an instant did the lightning reveal Where were they! How far had they been shall I let do-yvn the ship, Misther the approach of the typhoon, then carried by the typhoon? These were questio.ns "Of course!" replied Frank, who was himself and uncertainty succeeded, but only for anoth-to be answered at once. overjoyed to see his faithful servitor once more er instant, when the storm came in all its fury. alive and well. Barney's hand had been upon tqe rotascope CHAPTER XLII. Barney sprang t o the rotascope lever and lever. Instinctively he turned it. The next A DARING COUP DE MAIN. switched off the current. The air-ship settled moment the air-ship was seized by a mighty FRANK READE, Jr., began at once to take down like a great bird and soon rested upon force and hurled through space. as well as he could. In a short while the ground on the very brow of the cliff. But the turning of the lever was the saving he announced his belief that the typhoon had Pomp rushed to meet his friends. of the Eclipse. What followed was ever after carried the air-ship fully one hundred miles out We left the darky in the cavern dungeon cell a jumbled mass of nightmare events. over the Yellow Sea. with Wing Ho at the close of a preceding Every one was hurled to the deck and obliged Course was at once set for the return to the chapter, and just as the first shock of the earth to cling to the nearest objects, while all was starting point, or the pirate's cavern. quake came. a roaring void of chaos and all about The air-ship was soon en route, and the spirits Both Pomp and Wing Ho were prostrated by them. The air-ship seemed whirling through of all arose as they felt the glorious sunlight the shock. It seemed for a moment 1\B if the space like a top. and the fresh, morning breeze. very walls of the cavern were about to fall in. No one on board expected to outlive that hor"We will bring Wing Ho and his crew to But they did not, and the earthquake shock rible experience. How long it continued they terms to-day," declared Frank, confidently. was soon over. But Wing Ho was quickly never knew, but suddenly the air-ship became "I hope to be able to set our course for Hong upon his feet and rushed from the cell. steadier and finally ceased rocking and pitch-Kong in three days.'' It required but a glance at the waters of the lng altogether. "It's roight glad I'll be to see dear ould bay in the lightning's glare to see that a violent The rotascopes were revolving at a terrific Ameriky onct more," cried Barney. "But I'd 11torm was in progress. Then the pirate leader rate, and of course the air-ship was shooting Joike moighty well to have the naygur go back returned to the cell. upward through space. It would s_pon have with me. Rest his sowl.' "It is a typhoon!" he said, explanatively to entered the upper atmosphere, where life could "Don't give up hope, Barney,'' cried Frank. Pomp. "Do ye believe it will wreck yer air-not be long supported, but fo1 the prompt work "Pomp may turn up yet all right." ship 1" of Barney, who sprung to the lever and revers As the air-ship could easily sail thirty or forty Pomp trembled as this fear swept over him, ed it. miles an hour, it was reckoned that land would But he remembered that the Eclipse had surThe Celt had been hurled across the pilot be sighted in less than three hours. If this vived a previous storm of the same kind-, and house and had lain half insensible in one corner became a fact. the pirates' den should be reach-he believed that it would this one. during all. But he quickly recovered now that ea. before the hour of noon. [done .fink de Dclipse am good fo' mos' any the danger point was passed. Barney gave full speed to the propeller and storm; he declared. "Marse Frank he look Barney renewed the electric lights and the the Eclipse swept through the air like a mighty out fo' dat.'' deck was made as plain as day. Rather a com-bird of prey. "Well," said the viliain, curtly, "then you ical sight was there All kept a good watch of the horizon, and will agree if I spare your life to talk with your It could not be seen that air-ship was sure enough, before the three hours were 'up, a master in my favor?" materially injured, but from vanous corners of cry from Barney caused all to rush to the rail. "Yes," agreed Pomp, reaqily, "I jes' do dat, the deck and outof-the-way places the terrified There, dimly visible upon the distant horizon, sah, an' I fink as how as Marse Frank only voyagers now began to creep. was a line of coast. jes' cares fo' to break up yo' gang of pirates an' Frank Reade, Jr., had clung to one of the roThe Eclipse now rapidly drew nearer to the no mo', sah. I don't fink he wants fo' to kill tascope standards through all. A number of land. Very soon the high promontory was yo', sab, nor any other man." times he had narrowly escaped being carried seen which sheltered the bay leading into the "Good!" cried Wing Ho, with a peculiar sin away by the blast. cliff cavern. ister smile. "Well, we will wait for daylight, Prince Kong had clung to another standard. As the air-sh ip approached nothing was seen and then we will make terms with Mr. Frank Sam Hop emerged from a heap of debris near of any of the Chinese pirates. The wreckage Reade, Jr.'' the fore-cabin. The Chinaman was badly shak of the dismantled junks were seen floating in With the coming of daylight Pomp was led en uy, and much terrified. the waters of the bay. up through a passage to the face of the cliff. of The other junks were concealedin the He:e he stood as seen by those on water. high-arched cavern. The place looked d1smanwhile covered bi half a score of niles m the He emerged completely saturated and sutied and deserted. mouth of the passage. premely disgusted, and his appearance was "It looks sort of desolate down there," said Barney was the first to meet Pomp, and the greeted with roars of laughter. Dr. Vaneyke. "Do you suppose they have fled two friends embraced ardently. Dr. Vaneyke had taken the precaution to the place, Frank 1" "Shure, it's good fer sore eyes to luk upon spring into the main-cabin. There he had "I hardly know what to make of it," said yez wanst more, me gossoon," cried Barney, wrestled with chairs and tables ana. received Frank, thoughtfully. affusively. "I'm overj'yed to see yez." many bruises. "If so, where can they have Everybody crowded around Pomp, but he But on the the whole, all had good reason to "I imagine. They could not hide in pushed them aside, and said hurriedly : congratulate themselves upon a very narrow a safer place." "I mus' see Marse Frank on berry important eticape from death. "You are right. It is a question in my bizness." Certainly the Eclipse had proved herself a mind how they could ever be dislodged.'' "Well, Pomp," said Frank, coming forward.


t FRANK READE, JR. AND HIS NEW ELECTRIC AIRSHIP, THE "ECLIPSE" l5 Pomp hastily recited hi& adventures and told impossibility. This time I am top qf the heap, "Never moind me a bit," said Barney, in a of the proposal of Wing Ho to surrender. and I mean to keep there." stage whisper. I'll fool thim yit." Frank listened intently and his face cleared as "I will admit that you seem to have the best Wing Ho heard this .and he turned with a he made ringing reply: of the situation j'* now,'' said Frank Reade, mocking laugh. "Go back and tell Wing Ho that we will Jr., quietly, "but it is never impossible for ta"No power on can save ye," he said accept his terms of surrender. He must march bles to turn, you know, Mr. Chester Wing." jeeringly. "Say yerprayers, Irish." all his men out here upon the cliff and compel "Villainy will never prosper," declared Dr. "It's yesilf as will need to do that same afore them to lay down their arms." Vaneyke, confidently. "You may kill usall ye die, retorted Barney. "An' if ye sheulJ These words. were heard by Wing Ho, who and destroy the air-ship, but you will firld out pray all the rest av yer loife Saint. Pether niver was in the mouth of the passage at the mo-in the end that ruin and defeat will overtake wud take yez into the gate yez kin be sure. ment. He instantly stepped out and said: you." "Lead the .Prisoner up to the line," cried : I am glad you accept terms, Mr. Reade. "Destroy the cried Wfng Ho, with Wing Ho, savagely, Chinese. Bemg a countryman of mme, I lelt sure I could a triumphant flourish. "No never! I mean The order was quwkly obeyed and Barney throw myself upon your mercy." that it shall be my vehicle of travel-my palace was led up to the starting line. "You can," replied Frank. "But you must of the air. I will lay Hong Kong in ashes with He stood facing the horrible line of death. march your men out and have them lay down the air-ship. First of all, I will make a hole in It seemed as if his certaJn end was near at their arms here upon the cliff." the ground where Fort Kiang Chu now hand. "It shall be as you say!" declared Wing Ho, stands." But the wary apd quick-witted Celt had not with a low bow. body looked aghast except Frank been slow to size up the situation at its best, He returned to the mouth of the passage. Reade Jr. It certainly looked as if there was and accept the best chance for his life. r Soon the pirates began to file out and draw at present to hinder the rascal from In hie rear was the brow of the cliff, with the up in douBle lines upon the brow 'of the cliff. carrying out his purpose; waters of the bay nearly two hundred feet be They laid their guns down upon the ground "Villain!" cried Squeers, excitedly. "You low. Before him was certain death . at their feet. will never dare do such a thing!" Frank Reade, Jr., averted his head. The It was like the surrender of a vast army, and "Won't I 'I'' cried the pirate chief jubilan.tly great inventor felt faint and sick at heart. He Frank felt that it was no light conquef:!t he had "What is there to prevent could not see his faithf!ll servitor go down to made as legions of the pirates swarmed out of "My soul!" Prince Kong. "Cannot such a terrible death. The others were deeply the cavern. something be done to thwart the rascal's pur-affected. The voyagers of the Eclipse stood by the pose 'I'' Barney's bonds h .ad been cut. He .!!tood, freed gangway and watched the scene. M th Bl' d v 1 d from them and facmg the gantlet hne. "B J 1 1 d S h h d ay e 1sse argm preserve us. cr1e "A d d w H y up1ter. exc a1me queers, w o a B 0 1 ht I h d th re ye rea y cne mg o been busy with his note-book. "There is no ar:ey. on Y kWIS 1 a .1 e "Yis, I'm ready," cried the brave Irishman. end to them." d e wan ess VI yan m ma Then, quick as lightning he turned, and letting So it would seem. The pirates still came a ?.rGe t111 ds. p ..h d out with his fists knocked two of the pirates t f th l'k b t f o y cne omp, Wlo ancmg eye!!. d l'k . swarmmg ou o e passage 1 e ees o a W ld 't I l'k f t h b l'"tl d' t' own 1 e nme pms. ou n Jes 1 e o o a a '" e 1sruc wn W'th 1 h t d th 1' h1ve. 'f d f b t t I b t 1 a eap e sprang, no. owar e mes Th d d bl 1 d d w1 e gemmen o a ou a mmm Je,; e f b t th b f th l'ff ey were rawn up m ou e me, an rna e 1 h t d t h bb d h t' d o men,. u e row o e c 1 . my o e a a e ne er o sec a mg as at, d d a formidable array. an' yo' kin jest gambol on i.t.;. The was so sud en an unexpected Frank had conversed w1th Prince Kong, and ,, M r 1 ch' H that the pirates were dumfounded. Not one of had decided to march the prisoners to Kiang d e IC:' fay eaph moved. Chu, when suddenly there was a most astoundee. ff uc Straight toward the cliff's edge ran Barney. ing turning of tables. ee :ec f 1 pu m am The next moment, to the surprise and horror of The cunning Wing Ho had conceived a most Bop,twth1 cffeetr uf 1 t 1 all, the daring Irishman leaped over the verge d d d 't 1 f th h'. f u e e ec o a IS was on y o e aoe d t t f ht t kl' armg an a ro1 p an or e vanqms mg o w H ll th d h 1 h d an wen ou o s1g m a wm mg. his enemies. Fully one hundred of the pirates b 0 e more, an e aug e most Then the pirates were aroused. With hoarse were upon the cliff now, when suddenly Wing ms rous Y cries they r-ushed to theedge of the cliff and Ho brandished his sword and sprang in front Ha, ha, ha!" he roared. What fine talk looked over. of his men, yelling .fierce orders. for the whole of yer. Why, confound it, I Barney was not in sight anywhere. Before Frank Reade, Jr., or any of the voy-could all hung as high .as in Of course he must have struck the water be-agers of the Eclipse had fairly time to grasp ten mmutes if I wanted to Ye d better beg fore the reached the verge of the r the situation, the pirates had picked up their for mercy rather defy me." cliff. But if he had come up again, he was not I arms and made a tumultuous charge upon the "Better death, said Dr.Vaneyke, scornfully. now in sight. air-ship. "Amen!" said Caleb Squeers, resolutely. The voyagers of the Eclipse were all thrilled Too late our friends saw tl,le treachery of the "Oh! that is the way ye look at it, eh cried with a wild hope that Barney had survived the move. In an instant they were in the grasp of the villain, jeeringly. "Well, we; n test your fall into the water. the deadly foe. The pirates overwhelmed courage and see. how you can face death. :aut Wing Ho; with savage gle!l, yelled: them and gained th. e deck of the air-ship. He turned and spoke to his men in Chinese. "That was a suicidal leap! He's done for. In a twinkling the v 'oyagers were prisoners Then he pointed to Barney. Now for the next one!" and the Eclipse in the possession of Wing' Ho Instantly two stalwart Mongolians sprang "I pray Heaven Barney will escape with his and his pirate crew. forward and cut the Celt's bonds. In another life," muttered Dr. Vaneyke. instant the ranks of the Chinese split, "He will!" declared Caleb Squeers, confi making a long lane between them fully a yard dently. "I am sure of it." wide. "If he does, perhaps he will be able to effect CHAPTER XLIII. IN THE POWER OF THE ENEMY. It could be seen in a moment what was the our rescue," said Prince Kong, hopefully. "He So sudden had been the treacherous move of purpose of the pirate chief. Barney was to be )Vill likely go to Kiang Chu and get a force of Wing Ho that our voyagers of the Eclipse had forced to run the gantlet. men to help him." not even time to gain the deck of the air-ship. Two long rows of Chinese pirates, full fifty But Frank Reade, Jr., shook his head. The They were overwhelmed an'd made prisoners feet long, were drawn up around with their outlook to him was dubious indeed. in a twiulding. swords. It was not likely that the victim They were all in the power of the unscrupu-With wild cheers the Chinese pirates surged could go twenty feet through that death line lous villain, Wing Ho. He might at any roo-aboard the air-ship and took possession. Into and Barney's fate seemed sealed. inent order them to be massacred. the' cabin they rushed, and began to plunder It was like looking into the jaws of certain Indeed., this seemed to be the villain's pur and loot it, but suddenly Wing Ho's stern voice death to glance down that line bristling with pose. Frank divined it in the expression of his recalled them. short swords. face, and stepping forward he said in a full Every one of the air-ship's crew were bound Aghast, the other prisoners watched the provoice: hand and foot. vVing Ho stood by and watched ceedings. But Barney was cool as could be, "Chester Wing, you have us all at your the operation, the while speaking taunting and when he went to the line to make the,mercy. The air-ship truly is in your possession, words. start, he actually winked at Frank Reade, Jr. but remember that it will never be of any ser" Ha, ha! you thought to outwit Wing Ho!'' "May Heaven help you, Barney!" .said Dr. vice to you if you kill us." he cried, jeeringly, "but you will find that an Vaneyke, huskily. asked the villain. J


r I l I Hl FRANK READE, JR., AND HIS NEW ELECTRIC AIR-SHIP, THE "ECLIPSE." "A simple reason. You do not know the "Very well," said Frank, coldly. "Just as "You had better tq to come in here, Chessecret of operating it." you please." ter Wing!" cried Frank, defiantly. "It will be A cloud came over the villain's face. The pirate chief was silent a moment. He the worst. task you ever undertook. The You shall tell me," he hissed, "or you shall glanced at the young invenn in a covert way, are turned, my fine villain, and I have the updie." as if to try and fathom whether he was playing per hand at present." "Will you spare the lives of us all if I will a game of bluff or not. "We'll see whether they've turned or not," teach you how to work the asked This was really what Frank was doing, but, gritted the villain with a mad yell. Frank, quietly. of course, he did not care to make it evident. He made a rush and threw his weight against A cunning light shone in Wing Ho's eyes. Wing Ho, however, was astute enough to di-the pilot-house door. Luckless fellow! "I will," he satd, suddenly. Show me the vine this fact. He turned to his men, and cried Frank had charged the steel door with elec-secret of the air-ship and you shall all be given in Chinese: tricity, anticipating attack upon it. The result t your lives.'' "Stand the prisoner up against the rail by was that Wing Ho experienced a sensation like "Come aboard the air-ship, then," said Frank, the cabin there. Measure off ten paces, and that of being_kicked by a score of mules. quietly. Cut our bonds and set us free.'' shoot him." He was flung half across the 'deck, and with "Easy!'' exclaimed the villain, with a cunning The order was obeyed in part with ,alacrity. such force that he lay unconscious. Then leer. "I'll set ye free only after ye've shown Frank was led to the position by the rail. The Frank opened the door of the pilot-house and me the secret of the air-ship." guard retired ten paces, and began to unsling ran boldly out upcn deck. their carbines. He seized Wing Ho by the heels and dragged CHAPTER XLIV. The famous inventor knew that it was a him back into the pilot-house. Not one of the THE TRICKSTER OUTTRICKED. critical moment. The whimsical villain, Wing terrified pirates made a move to prevent. WING Ho evidently feared a sharp game upHo, might take it into his head at any moment Shutting the pilot-house door, Fran'k quickly {)n Frank's pal't. The famous inventor could to direct his men to fire. bound Wing Ho hand and foot. His enemy not help a smile. Frank glanced about him quickly and de-was hors du combat and was his prisoner. "As you please," he said, coolly. "Kill us cided upon an instant and daring move. It was certainly a triumphant victory for the all, then, and go without the secret." He was not ten feet from the door of the famous inventor, and he had good reason.' to A sudden evil light emanated from Wing pi)ot-house. He was free of his bonds and had feel jubilant. He had decided upon a plan of Ho's eyes as an idea seemed to strike him. the full use of his limbs. With him to think action and immediately reversed Lever No.7, "Will he cried, jeeringly. "We'll see was to act. and the air-ship began to descend. about that, my fine inventor. Ye shall know The carbines were partly unslung from the Frank selected a hillside as a good landing that I am master an' if I choose I can force ye shoulders. There :was not a sec6nd to place. The air-ship settled down and rested to show me the workings of the air-ship." Quick as a flash Frank made a sudden side leap upon the ground. "That is out of the question," replied Frank, and darted into the pilot-house. Then Frank threw open the pilot-house firmly. "No threats of death can force me to Crack! door, and with comprehensive gestures to en-do that." Wing Ho's revolver. cracked. The bullet force his words, cried to the terrified Mongo We will see!" cried the pirate chief, savage struck the jamb of tl;le d.oor. It being of steellians: ly. Then in Chinese: "men, take the other the lead simply flattened there doingno harm. "Be'tff, every one of you, or you shall die. prisoners into the cavern below and hold lhem "Seize him! seijle him!" yelled the infuriated Leave the air-ship-lively I" under close guard." pirate leader. For a IQOOJent the pirates hesitated. Then Instantly two lines of guards led the prison-The pirates rushed toward the pilot-house as the meaning of Frank Reade, Jr., became e r s into the entrance to the cavern. In a few door, but quick as a flash Frank shut it in their plainer to them, they made a break for the moments they had filed out of sight. faces and barred it. Th(ln with a swift move-rail. Frank Reade, Jr., was left with Wing Ho and ment he turned Lever No.7. Frank had discharged the curre t from the a score of the pirates. The, pirate chief gave In an instant the air-ship shot up into the rail and the pirates easily passed from the orders to l;lis men, who sei !ed hold of Frank a ir. Up, up it went until a thous,and feet deck to the ground. and began to drag him the air-ship. But there they suddenly halted. It was as if Over the rail he was carried and onto the For an instant both Wing Ho and the guard they had suddenly bethought themselves of deck. Then Wing Ho drew a pistol and said paused in amazement.. H waR a new expe-their leader. Frank saw the move, but before in a grating voice: rience for the pirates and they were terror-he could withdraw into the pilot-house the Will ye show me the secret of the air-ship stricken. crack of a pistol sounded upon the air. or will ye Rushing to the rail, several of them appeared Frank Reade, Jr., with a gasping cry, sank While all this had been going on Frank's about to throw themselves overboard. It was in a heap in the pilot-house doorway. With a 1 brain had been active devising a plan of action. Frank's opportunity. wild yell of triumph the pirate crew started to Like a flash an inspiration had come to him. With a swift movement he turned a small rush back upon the air-ship's deck. Steadying his nerves as best he could he thumb-screw, which brought into contact a made reply quietly: live wire from the dynamo and a wire connectCHAPTER XLV. "Life is dear to every one. Upon the condi-ing with the rail. In an instant the rail was BARNEY usES HIS FISTS. tion that you will spare the lives of my friends charged. BuT what of the fate of brave Barney, who I will show you how to make the air-ship rise." The effect was startling. With the force of took the daring leap from the Did he go "All right," cried the villain, e!tgerly. "I'll the current sent through the metal rail, those to his death, or was his life spared 1 agree to that." who were in contact with it were hurled vio-It is a pleasure to write that the latter was "Then call them back.'' lently to tl;le deck. the case. Stunned and startled beyond measure, they The daring Irishman shot down through "My friends." scrambled to their feet with yells of terror. space like a rock out of a catapult. But he hat for r asked the pirate chief. Then, unable to unfathom the mystery and knew well the secret of leaping from great "I want them aboard the air-ship to show shivering with terror, they huddled together heights into water. your good faith." about amidships with chatt!jrlng teeth and Involuntarily he placed his hands by his side But Wing Ho shrugged his shoulders. trembling. and stiffened his body. He struck the water "No, no," he declared. "I'll not agree to Wing Ho even was a victim of the same feel-feet foremost, and went to the bottom with l that. But they shall be set free after you have ing of fright. The mysterious, invisible and a slight concussion. showed me how to work the air-ship." deadly force of electricity was something far For a moment he was stunned, but he came "How am I to know thatr asked Frank. beyond their power to grapple with. quickly to the surface and instantly dove "I give you my word." There was little wonder that they were again. He was not twenty yards from the "Humph!" decJared the famous inventor, "I fright struck. Ignorant fellows that they shore. decline to take it." were, benighted heathens of the lowest type, By means of repeated dives he avoided being Wing Ho's face turned purple with wrath. all the strong superstitious element of their seen by any one in the cavern. "You do, eh ?"he hisse d. "Well, those are natures was appealed to most strongly. Barney was a fine swimmer, and striking out, my only terms. Take 'em or not as you choose. "Curses on ye, wizard!" yelled the infuriated he very soon reached the shore. B e fore I'll give in to anything further I'll have pirate chief, "I don't know what kind of a The bold Hibernian crawled out of the water the whole gang of ye executed, and tear the devil's power ye have, but if ye don't come out and instantly struck out into the interior. He air-ship all to pieces." of there and giveyerself up, I'll have your life!" knew well that the shores of the little bay


Part II. FRANK READE, JR., AND HIS NEW ELECTRIC AIR-SHIP, 'l'HE "ECLfPSE" 17 were infested with pirates, and a moment's But seemed to be armed. Barney/tered. "Well, I'll kape up the 'reputation of lingering there might mean recapture. noted this fact and seemed re-assured. Invol-me own country, Fermanagh, as shure as me Liberty was a vital matter just now, not untarily he began LO roll up his sleeves. name is Barney O'Shea. Whurrool ye wild only to him but to his friends. He must rescue There was no way to avoid the meeting. The haythins, cum on an' I'll break the faces av them in some manner. He felt that their lives walls of the pass were high and steep. Barney yez." depended upon him. knew that it would neveJOdO to go back. There The Mongolians were coming on. The next Even in that moment Barney had conceived was but one way, and this was to go ahead and moment they made a rush at Barney. The Celt the idea of going to Kiang Chu for troops. risk an encounter. was an expert boxer. This was just the opIn the crippled state of the pirate stronghold . . portunity he wanted. it would seem an easy matter for the emperor's The Irishman paused, watchmg his foes m a He dodged the attack and let out with his troops to easily win a victory and capture the wary manner. right fist with lightning rapidity. He struck whole gang. Barney believe

r 18 FRANK READE, JR., .AND HIS NEW ELECTRIC AIR-SHIP, 'I' HE "ECLIPSE. Part Ir; \ Barney was having rare sport. It was only furi heap. Blood covered his face and he seemed ye got any grit at am Come on, an' make a for him to polish of!' the unscientific lVIongolian, dying. break for it an' ye'll win." who at close quarters would have been giant The pirates had nearly reached the rail. But this exhortation could not overcome tLe enough to have squeezed him to death. Wing Ho, who was lying bound in the pilotwholesome fear and aversion experienced by The result was that the Mongolian was comhouse, had come to and gave a yell of encour-the gang. pletely knocked out and sank half insensible agement to his men., They replied to him in Chinese, which only upon the ground. Barney was the exultant But a kind of fate had d ec reed that Frank made the brute more furious. victor. Reade, Jr.'s career was not to be thus untime-Frank had thought of sending a bomb mto "Don't yez ive r thry to do up an Irishman ly ended. the crew and blowing some of them up, but be agi.n until !,ez learned how to use yer fins, The faintness he overcame by a effort r efrained for a certain politic reason which Chmayser, cned Barney, tauntingly. "Av of the will. The bullet had grazed his skull had occurred to him. yez iver :vant satisfaction ; jist come over merely producing a concussion-nothing more: He turned to the bound and helpless villain t o Amertky I II be glad to do yez the same Seeing the deadly peril menacing him, he upon the floor and said: favor at any time.': . sprang. up and pressed one of the lever keys. "Chester Wing, you want to die, I But the other Clunaman was now commg to, Instantly the air-ship's rail was ag11-in charged know. You have as great a love of life as and, moreover, at the lower end o f the defile with electricity. "What do you growled the villain, Barney saw several more of the foe coming. The pirates, thinking to once more get the with a shrewd glitter in his eyes. It was clearly time to get out, and the Hiberair-ship into their possession, sprang for the "Just what I say!" nian having now a clear course before him, prorail. "An' what's that?" ceeded to do so. He started for the open counThe next 0 t th h t'l h d th t "If you'll do one thing for me I'll spare your try beyond as fast as his l egs could carry him th h d 'tm mThen t ey ear d 1 ydwtsdle f !1'. life.'' . . ey a n e s range an ea y orce Thts ttme he met wtth no obstacles. Soon he which they could not understand hu led th Wing gazed keenly at Frank. felt safe from pursuit. He kept on for some back like puppets. r em "What?'' he asked, tersely. until he came to the foot of_ a hill They were scattered in all directions, and friends are prisoners of yours. You whiCh was uncrowned by anythmg like a some of them did not escape ith t 't must liberate them.and allow them to return---.. fo St w ou qm e b d th' h' 0 th t a r e serious injuries. It was not altogether a serioar IS an-s, tp. n a con ltion I Barney conceived the idea of climbing this ous 1 nct'dent but ludt'crous. th t w1ll spare your life.' d t k' f tl m e ex reme. "y 'II h ?" mg a t It a Even Frank himself, though his head pained "y e ';. 1 'e tresome c liD u e na y accomplishhim terribly, could not help but laugh.. Th es .. ll d e 1 . But the pirate leader; bound and lying on the e VI am seeme deliberating for a mo. _The summit of the htll was reached. The pilot-house floor, burst out with a series of ment. had no difficulty in reading his v1ew was a:n extended one and the C!llt gave a terrific oaths. He that the cunning rascal shout of triumph as, looking to the eastward, "Curse y F ank R d h h' d 1 S\mply medttatmg a safe plan to circum-h h 11 fi e, r ea. e, e tsse ,savage y, th' t e saw t e ye ow ag of Chma over the pali-"ye' got th b d b t 1 k ven IS cap or. d f t f K Ch ve er upper an now, u uc "Wh d k d sa e or. o tang u. won't always be with ye.'' ao o. you say? as e, Frank, tersely. The dtstance seemed less than a dozen miles. "It t's 'tb me t t, 'd F k I have no time to fool away. B t k h. b . w1 a presen sat ran ,. I'il t d 1 arney oo IS earmgs and made a bee-hne coolly ; "that is quite sufficient for now:" no o It for the fort. "Jest wait until I git you inmypoweragin.'' won'tT' It was a long, hard climb rough ground, "That will never happen," said the famous through deep forests andmtghty morasses. inventor, decidedly. "We shall see!" But at length as the day began to wane Barney The pirate's face was ILShen hued. Frank took up a wire from the lever bench. came out upon level ground one hundred "Why 'I'' he asked, sharply. He one end of it ,between the discs of the yards from the fort. "You will not live until that time.'' electric conductors. Then )le donned some inGuards were pacing the parapet. The roll of "What1 y don't mean to k'll me?" gasp d sulated gloves and held one end of the wire in a d;rum was heard within the fort. Barney th ill e 1 e proximity to the soles of the villain's feet. made a rush for the fort, his ar;ns. e v am. I He turned on the current. A yell like one "Wburrool" he shouted. "Call out the "Why should I spare :rou asked Frank, gone mad came from Wing H o 's lips as the inajor-gineral an' all av the military. Now is sternly. wire gave him a shock. the toime to foight the pirates an' bate thim .,, "But it would be murder!" Three times Frank gave the villain this sort His cries caused the gul!.l'ds to give the "lVIurderl" cri.ed Frank, "It of a douche and then said very quietly : and the next moment out oJi the fort rushed a would be a blessmg upon mankmd Ill general. Will you come to my terms now?" young man with pallid face and disheveled a.pThe would be rid of a fiend in human "I'll do it, if-if--" pearance. shape. . . "No equivocation. You know my terms. I It was Wtll Deane. He rushed up to Barney, That the vtllam coward 1 t was plam will not change them a particle.'' crying: to see. He trembled like a veritable aspen Once more the .wire was held up to the vii-" Barney-it's you, eh Where is the airle7,f. . lain's agonized gaze and he yelled: h. ?" Spare mel he v. hmed. I Will do anytbmg y -yes! I'll do anything." s ip k I l'f I" lVIercy presarve us!" cried the breathless you as -on Y spare my 1 e . All right." "but the omadhans av pirates have capt Frank bad ?een engaged m the Frank laid the wire on the bench The vii ured the whole av thim an' I've only escaped wound upon hts bead. As the vtllam made lain was quite bumble now. with me loife.'' this last statement, swift as a flash an idea oc "What do yer want me to Barney hurriedly told his story. Will Deane curred to him. I told you. I want you to set free my listened with horror. He tied a bandage quickly about his bead friends." "Of course, the commander, Li Ching, will and stepped to the pilot-house window. "All right!" said the villain, a light breaking send the troops at once!" he declared; "but my The discomfited Chinese pirates bad retired a across his face. "Jest cut my bands an' feet soul! I've bad news also, Barney.'' distance of one hundred yards, and were refree, and I'll go down in the cavern an' have "The divil ye say!" gasped the Celt. "Phwat garding the air-ship at a safe distance. 'em brought right up.'' iver may it They did not dare to' attack the Eclipse "No,you won't," said Frank, steadily. "You "Some miserable wretches have abducted again. can't play that kind of a game on me.'' lVIyrtle, and though we have scourea the coun-One r epulse like the last one was quite suffi-"But what do ye w .ant m!l to do 'I'' try, we can find no trace of her and fear she is cient for them. They did not care to risk an-"Your men are in earshot out there. Speak -lead !" other. to them and order them to go down and get the Yet they were solicitous as to the fate of prisoners. Their bonds must be cut and they CHAPTER XL VI. their chief. must be allowed to walk safely aboard the airTHE cuNNING OF A VILLAIN. 'Wing Iio could see them through 'the pilotship. Then I will cut your bonds and set you lr seemed that with the firing of that shot bouse door, and be began to rave arid curse at free.'' Fra:n.k Reade, Jr., must be either dead or badly them in the Chinese tongue. The villain scowled deeply. 'W<>Unded, and that the pirates would again "Curse ye I" he roared, savagely. "Why "But that ain't a fair deal," he growled. "Is gain possession of the air-ship. don't ye come to my rescue? What are ye your word any better than mine? Ye won't rhe famous inventor bad sank down all in a standing there for like a lot of sticks? Hain' t trust me to go down an' set them free, an yet I


II. FRANK READE, JR., AND HlS NJ!]W ELECTRlC AlR-SHlP, 'l'HE "ECLIPSE." 19 ye want me to trust you until ye get yer friends Round and round the pilot-house they And every moment the air-ship was shooting on board. Ye might tell me to whistle for it whirled. Against the partition and over the up into space. Every moment the air was bethen." benches they went. Frank suddenly tripped coming colder and more and more unbearable. "I am not that kind of a man, Chester and went down. The breath of each came short and quick. Wing," said Frank, sternly, "And you know Wing Ho imagined that he now had his foe Indeed, they were almost gasping for want of it. You must trust me. You are in my power, at a disadvantage, andayelloftriumph escaped good air. anyway. If not, I will take you to Hong Kong his lips. Wing Ho glared savagely at his foe who held and deliver you up to the authorities there. But Frank exerted all his strength, and by a him tightly. You know what sort of a fate it will be to fall dexterous trip of the foot threw the pirate chief "Curse yel" gritted the villain. Let go of into the hands of the Chinese also. Together, locked in each other's arms, me!" t Wing Ho shivered. This was a shot which they rolled about the pilot-house floor. "Not if I know it," replied Frank, coolly. told. Outside the Mongolians were watching the "That is too much of a favor to grant. Give t ) He drew a deep breath, and said: struggle intently, yelling and cheering wildly. up, Chester Wing. You know well enough "Y e'll give me yer sacred word of honor that But they did not venture to cross the be witched that I am top of the heap." ye'll do ther fair thing by rail. "I know that yer can't get away no more nor "I do," said Frank. How the affair would have terminated, had it I can." "All right. It's a bargain, then." not been for a sudden happening which sud"Then why don't you surrended" The villain partly turned himself upon his denly put a new face upon the matters, it is "Why should I, any more than sneerside, and shojlted to his men in the Chinese hard to say. ed the villain. tongue. In whirling about :the pilot-house, Wing Ho's "Because my chances are better than yours," As be did so he experienced a thrilling shock; shoulder struck one of the lever bars. replied Frank. He felt the bonds which bound his wrists beln an instant it was switched, and sparks "Are hind him suddenly lo osen and one of his 11ands began to :(:ly from the discs. There was a quick "Yes." slipped out. shock, and the whir of the rotascopes outside "I don't think so." In an instant a daring move occurred to his could be heard. "Well, I-do," replied the young inventor, desperate mind. The air-ship had suddenly sprang up from confidently. "You are not as well used to rare-the earth like a huge bird, and was shooting fled air as I am." CHAPTER XL VII. up through space with meteoric rapidity. Wing Ho turned a shade paler. A M 1 G H T Y A L T 1 TuDE. Frank realized this at once an experienced "What do you mean r he gritted. WING Ho's hands were certainly fJ7ee. A a queer thrill. "I mean that you are nearer heaven now devilish delight seized the villain. He knew that the rotascopes were literally than you ever will be again. We must be many Of course Frank Reade, Jr., never flying at full speed and that at this rate the thousand feet from the earth." of this, and as )le was watching the Mongolians air-ship would speedily attain a frightful alti"What!" gritted, the villain, evincing terror. outside his gaze was averted. tude. "Is that what it so all-fired Upon the bench lay a knife. As the daring And he was powerless himself to remedy the "Yes." villain began his palaver with the Mongolians, evil. "An' can't we breathe in this kind of his right hand went up and seized this. Fiercely the two foes were struggling now in "Not very long." One slash at the rope which bound his feet one corner of the pilot-house. The air-ship Wing Ho was already gasping. Frank did and he was free. swayed and rocked the tremendous not mind the change so much, The cold was Frank Reade, Jr., turned just in time to see speed of the rota.scopes. stiffening their very joints, so intense 'was it. his foe about to spring to his feet with the Of course every moment the air became rarer. Frank felt his fie h slowly freezing. deadly knife in his hand. Frank felt it and knew what it meant, "I cave!" gasped Wing Ho, suddenly relax-The famous inventor s astonishment and dis-Beyond a certain altitude life could not be inghis grip upon Jr. "Let-the. may 'Can be more easily imagined than de-maintained. There was every reason to believe air-ship go-down-quick-ughl" scribed. that the air-ship was speedily gaining that The villain fell back in an inanimate heap. "Ha, hal" shrieked Wing Ho, rushing upon height. Reade tried to gain his feet, but Wing Frank Reade, Jr., like a fury. "Th'e tables The air began to grow frightfully cold. AlHo's right hand yet clutched his wrist. He have turned as I warned ye. Ther game is most in an instant's time moisture on the glass tried to free it but could not. It was like a. mine. Die, ye fool!" windows began to congeal into white frost. death-grip. Just in time Frank threw up his right arm Wing Ho, in spite of the earnestness of the And every moment he felt his breath leaving and caught the wrist of the hand which held struggle, experienced the effects of this won-his body in that rarefied atmosphere. Great the knife. derful change and was astounded. He involheavens! would he free himselt in time tore-A deadly struggle followed. untarily glanced over his shoulder, and for the verse Lever Of couse, this was seen by the Mongolians first time saw the rotascopes revolving and outside. The effect upon them was electrical. knew that they were shooting up into space. CHAPTER XL VIII. They began to dance and yell furious,y. The effect upon him was demoralizing. He Several of them once more ventured to attempt wavered and seemed to lose his grip. THE ATTACK. the rail, but were forced back in dismay by the It was Frank's opportunity. BARNEY listened to the declaration of Will electric current. He exerted his strength and threw the villain Deane with a thrill of horror. Frank Reade, Jr., had been placed in many a heavily. "Phwat's that yez say?" he gasped. "The thrilling position during his eventful carem:. In falling, Wing Ho struck fairly upon his divils 'av' sthole Miss Myrt)e Well, be But never in his life had he experienced such back, and there the young inventor him me sowl, I'm thinkin' it was a bad day whin a struggle as that which he now had with firmly. iver we came into this haythin country!" Wing Ho. In vain the pirate chief endeavored to break The gate of the for-e opened now, and out Frank was light, but extremely supple and that hold. came the others of the Daisy's party-Morti-wiry, and, moreover, used a great deal of head Frank had got the right sort of a purchase, mer Osborne and Jack Clark. work in wrestling. The struggle was hand to and he held his enemy tightly. But though he They were followed by the commandant and hand and close. had his enemy down, he was almost in as bad quite a number of the Chinese garrison, Bar-Now one was up, and then down, and for a a position, for he could not free himself from ney's story was interpreted and the greatest time neither held a great advantage. the grip which Wing Ho had upon him. excitement prevailed. Wing Ho was the heaviest and strongest, There the two combatants were, each holding "Of course we will go to their rescue!" cried but Frank was the most skillful and scientific. tightly to the other. Li Ching, the commandant, in his own tongue. The young inventor resorted to every possible It was a somewhat ludicrous although very" Muster five hundred armed men. It is .near trick to down his opponent. desperate situation. sunset, it is true, but we must make the start Wing Ho cursed in a frightful manner, and Frank tried in vain to break his foe's hold. at once." tried to use the knife upon his antagonist. But this he was unable to do. The commandant's orders were quicklY' obey-But Frank twisted his wrist so violently Wing Ho, seeing that this was his only pointed. With the roll of the Chinese drum the men that he finally compelled him to drop it. The of vantage now, held on with a death-like defiled out, and were drawn up on parade and in struggle then became a mere question of physi-termination, Thus they lay, glaring at each spected. cal endurance and superiority, other. Then officers were given their instructions,


.. 20 FR.A.S.K READE, JR., AND HIS NEW ELECTRIC .A.IR-SHIPr THE "ECLIPSE." and Barney was deputized to lead the way to armed soldiers. A charge was made up the hill the shore and were concealed by rocks. The the pirate cabin. and they were routed. junk's guns were booming, and altogether a Will Deane, Jack Clark and Mortimer OsBut this little encounter was a warning for large-sized battle was in progress. borne walked by Barney's side as the small the invading party to be on their guard. "Whurrool bad cess to thim. We kin whip army set out on the march. They were in the enemy's country, and the thiml Ould Ireland foriver!" cried Barney. For a time it was hard climbing through the foe were all about them. Promptness of move-Then be came to a sudden pause, and a great rough, swampy country, but ten miles was ac-ment and quick action were what was needed, cry of amazement escaped his lips as he pointcornplished before it became too dark to pro-as well as caution and some strategy. ed to the entrance the harbor. ceed further. This little. skirmish had its beneficial effect. Then a camp was made, sentries posted, and It clearly proved that enemy had not by CHAPTER XLIX. all the precautions usually employed by a any means as yet lost their strength, and that DOWN FROM THE ZEN.ITH. marching army in au enemy's territory were great care must be exercised. An advance FRANK READE, JR., had withstood the rare adopted. skirmish !ina was thrown out, and the march fled atmosphere much better than Wing Ho. The tl:iree youths of the Daisy's party and was resumed. He was more accustomed to it, which easily ex-Barney camped by themselves at the foot of a For a time not!bing further was seen of the plained this. large oak. They sat up most all night discussfoe. Then suddenly the skirmish line was Wing Ho had dropped back inanimate and ing the situation in its entirety. heard having quite a hot fight. to all appearance dead. Frank knew there was "Bejabers, it's me private notion that if we cliffs of the were n? time to lose. His own strength was leaving strike the omadhouns roight now we kin whip now m sight. One Qf the b1g Junks wh1ch had him, thim out av their boots," cried Barney, confiescaped the air-ship's bombs had just come out The air-ship was still shooting upward. At dently. of the cavern. a certain altitude life could not be supported Why do you feel so sure of that Barney l" Its guns were trained to cover the heights, for even a moment. asked Will Deane. and suddenly it began to throw shells over the Frank Reade, Jr., kne'w this well enough. "Bekase the thaves have jist had a tremen-heights and into the thick woods where the He realized the deadly risk and .knew how to jus good bating from Misther Frank an' nearly attacking party were. avert it. all av their ships 'av' been blowed up by the "Bejabersl" cried Barney, as he narrowly He had sprung forward to reverse Lever No. air-ship and 1 don't belave there's many a wan escaped going up in one of the terrific explo-7. A deadly faintness was upon him, and he av thim' as wants very much to foight bad cess sious caused by these shells, ''.if I sthay around could not see the lever switch. to thim!" here it's a d Irishman yez will be afther But he knew it by the sense of touch; and in-ta . 1 1 . h t B findin', I'm thinkin'. Ah, bejabers, if only stantly switched the current off. !nan instant "There is cer my ogte m w a arney M' th F k d 1 th h' 1 t t d th b says," declared Jack Clark, positively. "Very IS ran wu _come a ong now. e .ar-s 1P os momen um an en egan likely the foe are in quite a demoralized condiMortii!ler and Will Deane, Jack and to smk. . t' d f uld b t h' Barney aU sought the shelter of a ridge near But Frank Reade, Jr., knew nothmg of this. han '0 t?ourse, wot e easiefr 0 wb P, and watched the skirmish of the Chinese He had swooned. e ques IOn seems o me one o num ers, t .th th te Th h' 1 d said Mortimer. I notice that in Chinese war-roops WI e pira s. air-s P sett and gracefully. fare numbers counts for half the battle." It w_as that tr?ops were_ But It was at a frightful d 1stance from the "Th t t d wll D "N to whip the pirates thi'il t1me, or d1e m the at earth. b ha IS -:e 'th1 d b tempt. They certainly had evinced great pluck It was a long while before the earth came into ers as_ o o WI ec1 mg a a e thus far. sight. l than positiOn . But Barney was thinking of the prisoners in But the air was once more mild and life-giv-Jack Clark began to pace up and down. His the pirates' cave. He was filled with many ing. The frost began to disappear rapidly face was wan and desperate plans of rescue. from the metal work of the air-ship. ?h, If we Myrtle! he groan-He even thought of leading the troops to the Down-down settled the air-ship, the rotaed, m a despairing way. I _fear-?h} underground passage by which some of the scopes revolving only slowly. that we never see :u life agaml prisoners once escaped. But he suddenly re-Nearer the earth it drew every moment . Ah, now, don t _take .. on lOike that_ now, membered that this had been closed by caving Now it was scarcely a thousand feet from the cr1ed Barney, cheerily. Ther fust thmg yez in. surface. knows she'll pop all roight and happy agin. "Bejabers, there's no other way but to foight Down it still went, and now scarcely a hun!?e spalpeens hurt her, for, be_ sowl, our way roight into the stronghold av ther dred feet intervened, s ,a ransom they 11 be afther thrym for; to bloody Chinaysers," he growled. "If I was an A moment later it struck the earth and glt, officer in that company, the first thing I'd do, there rested. But as yet no sign of life had "And Barney is right," cried Will Deane, I'd just sail roight into the divils, an' I'd win been manifested by the voyagers within. cheerily, "Come, pards, cheer up. You'll find the ruction or I'd go home with my head done The air-ship had alighted in the lonely valley that Myrtle will turn up all right yet. We will up in Yankee shin-plasters." in the heart of a mighty range of hills. How surely find her." Everybody laughed at this. But the firing far this spot was from the pla

FRANK READE, JR., kND HIS NEW ELECTRIC AIR-SHIP, 'fHE "ECLIPSE." 21 Fortunately a. bottle of stimulant was upon a. importance without the advice of their leader. The young inventor went out of the pilotshelf near. He crept to it and imbibed some of It was not at all likely t!lat the prisoners bouse a.nd closed the door. He leaned over the its contents. would he harmed at present. rail. and studied the face of the country below. This revived him very much, and enabled Yet it was very necessary that their rescue Then he made up his mind to a somewhat him to stand on his feet. be quickly effected. Frank decided to go at risky move. He staggered out upondeckand looked about once to Kiang Chu, get reinforcements, and Returning 'to the pilot-house be sailed the him. make a descent upon the pirates' den. air-ship over to the place where he bad seen The air-ship rested securely upon level It certainly looked plausible for the place to Myrtle Osborne. Here be selected a good spot. ground in the very heart of the lonely valley. be easily destroyed if attacked by the emper-and allowed the air-ship to rest upon the Not a sign of human habitation was near. or's soldiers with the aid of air-ship. ground. Darkness was coming on rapidly. Frank "I will do it," muttered Frank. "It is cerHe threw out the anchors, so that in case of to quickly made up his mind as to apla. n of action. tainly the only way out of the scrape." any accident or high wind the ship could not He returned to the pilot-bouse and bent down With his mind made up to this, the great in-depart of itself. over Wing Ho. Straightening the villain's ventorstartedtogointothepilot-bouseandsee Then be descended into the Eclipse's hold. form out, Frank began work to resuscitate him. bow his prisoner was. Here he opened a small door in the hull. This was not a difficult task. In a few mo-But before he could reach the pilot-house He stepped out into the open air, taking ments be began to show signs of returning door, he heard a shrill feminine scream break care not to come in contact with the heavilyconsciousness. Frank now took the precaution upon the air of the valley. charged steel hull. He was armed with a Win-to again bind him, and this time more securely. "Oh, Mr. Reade! me-save !Del" chester and small arms. Presently Wing Ho opened his eyes and Astounded beyond measure, Frank turned, It was a risky move, but Frank could see no looked about him. His gaze rested upon Frank and, glancing upward, beheld a thrilling sight. other or better one. He was deterrr;ined, if blankly for a moment. Then a light of com Far up on the mountain wall was a projectpossible, to rescue Myrtle Osborne. prehension burst over him, and he ga..sped: ing ledge of rock. Upon this ledge was a youngl Accordingly, be crept up to the rocky shelf "Where are we Y Y e don't mean to tell me girl, fair as a lily. where he had seen her. that this is She was struggling in the grasp of a. giant Fortunately, here the soil waa very soft and yet," said Frank, with a smile. "You Mongolian. One moment only she visible, yie lding, and foot-prints were easily visible. given a little more respite, Chester Wing. and then she was dragged from sight. Frank bent down and examined them. But I have no doubt you will get there in time." "My God! that is MyJ:tle Osborne!" gasped To his surprise, be saw that there were marks "EM By the great dragon!" gasped the vil-the amazed and horrified inventor. "What is of many feet. lain, looking about _him, "we're on earth she doing What can it mea.n In fact, a well-trodden path led up through again. The last thing I remember, we were There was only one answer. She was in disa growth of pines. He quickly scaled it. dying, and at an awful height in the air." tl:'ess, and he must without question fly to her Ascending fully two hundred feet, he came "So we were now!" replied Frank, "but for ald. to the face of a high cliff which was completely tunately I managed to summon strength covered with ivy. The path ended right at the enough to :reverse the air-ship's engines and we CHAPTER L. base of the cliff. came down. We are on earth once more and RESCUED FROM A CREW. For an instant Frank was puzzled. Then he you are in a fair way to expiate your crimes in FRAN.K READE,. JR., was quiCk to act. He lifted a portion of the clinging vines and gave the manner you deserve!" sprang.mto t?e pllothouse and set the rota a sharp cry of surprise and gratification as A hiss escaped the villain's lips. He writhed scopes m motiOn. 7 well. in his bonds. The air-ship arose and sailed up the mountain The mouth of a cavern was revealed Howl "Oh, I'll trip you up yet, Frank Reade!" he side. The place where the-young girl had been far it extended into the mountain had gritted malevolently. "I'm not hung yet an' see n was but no sign of her or her cap no means of knowing. Satan will help me out of this scrape. He bas tors was VISible B t b h d t th l hte t d bt tl t t d th b 1 t 'd 'tli' u e a no e s Ig s ou 1a 1 stood by me well so far Frank scoure e w o e moun am s1 e WI t th' tb t M tl b a b th h' was m o IS cavern a yr e a een Frank p1cked up a cush10n and some blan,kets e 1p. dragged by the Mongolian ruffian, At once which be had brought from the cabin. These Sa1lmg over the tops of the trees 1t was not d 'th t t' 1 f f F k t d h' t t' t an w1 ou a par 1c e o ear ran en ere be placed beneath the prisoner. a difficult matter for 1m o mves 1ga e every tb 1 Then he drew some wires across that corner of the forest. But his quei}t was unre-I et p ace. 1 d k tl 1 d . was a ong, ar passage, apparen y ea of the room and connected them with the w1re warded. . . ing into the hill. Frank crept into it boldly, which came from uhe dynamos. The current Not a s 1gn of tbe youog g1rl was VISible. She d ft t 1 1 1 ht d 11 d Wh t d'd an a e r urmng severa ang es saw a 1g sent through them was a powerful one. d1sappeare as 1f swa owe up. a 1 ahead. "There, Mr. Chester Wmg," he said, quietly, It . "I would advise yo u not to move from your Frank could think of no method by which the It was and the odor of burnmg pme ))osition toni,il:ht So long as yo u remain quiet Mongolian eould have traveled any great discam:to his nos.nls. Frank saw shadowy forms you will rest comfortably, but if you attempt tance in that length of time with his fair prize. movmg about a cavern chamber se. veral hun-to escape you will get the worst of it. Touch "He is in hiding somewhere, be muttered. dred feet fur.ther on. . one of those wires and you will wish that you "There is undoubtedly a .cave or some retreat The great mventor was now all agog With m badn't direlltly." near here." tt:rest. Such a thing as fear did not trouble Wing glared at Frank savagely but made no For a time the young inventor was quite at bJiil. . comment. a loss as to what it was best to do. But while He crept on cautiOusly, keepmg m the shad-Then Frank closed the pilot-house door and thus deliberating he heard a voic e just behind ows close to the wall of the passage. Soon he retired to the cabin. him. had reached a from which he could He did n t fear any invasion from a foe in It was Wing, Ho. gaze upon a scene. that desertedlocality. The rail and steel hull The villain had arose upon his elbow and al A fire the. center of the ca.vern of the air-ship was heavily charged and an together presented quite a ocusheci and humil-chamber. _This du;nly ht up the invader would be apt to get the worst of it. iated appearance. All of his former defiance About this fire SIX The famous inventor was extremely worn seemed to have fled. grout?ed, m excited talk or gib out and exhausljed, and feJ.I; the need of sleep. "Frank Reade, he said, in a very humble while several pieces of were cook So he retired at once to his couch and gave voice, I am ready ter surrender. Do with me mg m .the embers. But Franks gaze rested himself up to slumber. jest what ye will." upon them. a.moment, to be transferred to The night passed uneventfully The next "Oh, you are, eh said Frank, coolly. a more thrilling Sight. morning Frank arose much refreshed. "That is most kind of you. I don't see how a A large iron ring was fastened into the He bad formed a definite plan of action. His man who is already a prisoner is going to sur-wall of the cavern, and to this, with a heavy great desire now was to rescue his fellow voy-render, however." chain about her slender anK l e, was fettered the agers from the pirates. "Well, I mean that I'll agree to anything ye fair girl captive, Myrtle Osborne. How to do this single-handed was a conun say," amended Wing Ho. She crouched, a figure of abject terror and drum. Yet Frank was bound to admit that be "Ah! then you come to my misery, against the cavern wall. Frank's heart bad the best of the situation, for Wing Ho, the "Exactly." went out to her and his blood boiled in his pirate leader, was in his power. "Very well," said Frank, brusquely. "We'll veins. The pirates could hardly make a move of any talk that over very soon." Ruffians!" he muttered. They evidentl,y I


22 FRANK READE, JR., AND HIS NEW ELECTRIC AIRSHIP, 'l'HE ''ECLIPSE." intend holding her for ransom. But lwill cheat not seem to have any serious effect upon the the pirates retreated slowly into the them of that." pirates, however. which lea up to the cliff above. Yet this was not so easy a thing to do, as the The reason of this became apl>arent later to Here, however, they made a desperate stand young inventor was soon prone to admit. our friends. The truth was t he Chinese war-and could not be dislodged. No effort could Six Mongolian giants pitted against t very formidable, and any one of the pirate junks Leaving the scene of battle, Barney and the .likely to be easily would not hesitate to cope with her.. three young men began a quest for the pris. But Frank was determined not to be beaten. Therefore the pirate junk continued to throw oners He had come into the place to rescue Myrtle shell until the war-ship came about and gave In a cavern chamber, guarded by six pirates, and he would risk his life to do it. her a broadside. armed to the teeth, they were confined. The But fortune favored him. No damage was done the junk, however, be-guards, however, with lack of valor, fled at ap-Time passed, and finally, after dispatching yond the, loss of a yard, which spoke well for proach of the rescuem. their meal like savage gourmands, the giants the emperor's gunners at that short range. The next moment Barney and his com-stretched themselves out about the fire. It A wild yell went up from the pirates, out panions burst into the chamber, and a great was evidently their purpose to go to sleep. from the cavern came a second junk, and both cheer went up !rom the prisoners. Frank realized this with a thrill of joy. It opened fire upon the war-ship. In less time than it takes to tell it their bonds seemed like a golden opportunity. Mercy! how the shot and shell whizzed were cut, and mutual expressions of joy were The Mongolians evidently had no fear of foes across the water. exchanged. ., invading the place, for none remained on guard. "Bejabers, the war-ship is no good!" cried Barney and Pomp, in the exuberance of their In a short while Frank bacame assured that Barney, excitedly, "Wud yez luk at that, joy, embraced each other, and together danced they were all asleep. now. She's thryirlg to escape." a regular war dance. Feeling sure of this he stepped boldly out in-This was the truth. The war-ship had evi"Bress yo' heart, !'ish!'' cried the black man, to the firelight. dently come to the conclusion that it was most delightedly. "Yo' am jes' as handsome At sight of him Myrtle Osborne sprang up too:warm a hole for her and was trying to beat eber yo' was. I'se done glad to see yo', honey, and a glad cry was upon her lipl!, but out of the harbor. 'deed I is." Frank, with a motion of his hand re.But the second pirate junk had been edging "Begorra, I've been thinkin' of yez a strained it. around and now cut her off. The war-ship day, me gossoon," cried Barney. "An' if ye The next moment he was by her side. It had been entrapped. was me own brother or me. cousin, I couldn't was but a moment's work to the shack-The excitement of our American friends can have felt worse whin I heerd yez was in the ling upon her ankle and then she fell, half be better than described. inimies' hands." fainting, into his arms. If tha,t is the kind of the em per-Will Deane, Jack Clark and Mortimer shook "You must be strong;" whispered Frank. or's ships do, I don't see what is to prevent hands warmly with Dr. Vaneyke, Prince Kong "All depends on you for our escape." the pirates from capturing Hong Kong itself," and Caleb Squeers. "Oh, Mr. Reade," she whispered in reply, cried Will Deane, with disgust. Sam Hop was engrossed in watching Barney "you cannot know what I have suffered. But "The Chinese navy always was weak," de and Pomp. I will be strong, have no fear." clared Mortimer; "the Chinese are better fight"Ilishman an' blackee man belly glad to see Regaining her composure now, Myrtle suffer-ers on land than on water." each other. No glad to see Sam Hop 1" he ed herself to be led out of the circle of firelight Th y're no good anywhere," declared Jack cried. 1 by Frank Reade, Jr. Soon they were travers-Clark, sententiously. Barney swooped down upon him like a thun-ing the cavern passage. The fight was now waxing hot about the warderbolt. Catching the diminutive Celestial by What a merciful Providence brought you ship. Her crew had evidently come to the con-the pig-tail, he gave him a swing which sent to my rescue," said Mrytle, as they hurried on. elusion that their lives depended upon the reSam revolving like. a top. "Oh, I think those monsters would have mur-sultand they were doing better. "Bejabers, I niver was so glad to see any dered me very soon!" Shot and sheli flew about promiscuously. one in all me loife!" cried Barney, with roars of "No doubt of it," replied Frl).nk. Suddenly a wild cheer went up from the em-laughter. "If ye was only a leetle pootier, Then a chilling sound came to his ears. peror's soldiers on shore. Chinayser, I'd hug ye for very delight." "Come, Myrtle," he said, in a voice Of steel. One of 'the junks was seen to be sinking. The Pomp nearly split his sides with laughter. "You must run as fast as you can. They liave war-ship had got in one effective shot and it had "I jes' tole yo' we'se bery glad fo' to see yo', discovered our escape!'' scuttled-the junk. Chinee!" he cried, witht ears rolling down his The angry cries of the Mongolians could be But the other junk had come alongside and black cheeks. "Don' yo' fink we is berry glad 1" heard in their rear. But they were now at the grappled with the war-ship. The pirates could "Stoppee-stoppeel" shrieked Sam Hop, mouth of the cavern. be seen boarding the war-ship and a desperate wildly. "Ilishman killee Sam Hop. No likee Frank believed that they would succeed i.n hand-to-hand conflict was in progress. datpullee pig-tail no good. Ilishman-me 1 escaping. He knew it was but a little ways to But suddenly it occurred to Will Deane that blakee head, no stoppeel" ,; the air-ship. They would surely reach it. they were losing a mighty opportunity in 'reThen Sam began to lay about him lustily . Now they were in e open air. Down maining here watching the sea fight. He was no slouch in a rough and tumble, if he through the pines they rushed. The next mo" Why, now's our chancel" he cried. Let was small, and Barney and Pomp were fain to meut Frank looked for the air,ship. us make a strike for the cavern and clean it beat a retreat.' He stopped as if struck a sudden blow. out. The pirates won't have the junks to help But at this moment a cry of dismay escaped There was the spot where it had alighted, but them now." the-lips of Will Deane. it was not there now. The air-ship was gone. This was certainly a proper move. It was in"Great heavens!" he cried. "What does that terpreted to the Chinese lieutenant from Kian It looks like defeat. The emperor's CHAPTER LI. Chu, who at once gave the order to go forw11rd soldiers are being beaten back. The war-ship A SEA FIGHT-RESCUED. on the charge. has been sunk, and the junk is coming up here As Barney pointed to the harbor entrance Now that the shelling from the junk was dis-to give us a dose. I tell you we are doomed if Jack, Will and Mortimer looked in the direc-continued, it was an easy matter for the em-we don't get back over that ridge in double-tion indicated and beheld a thrilling s1ght. peror's soldiers to clear the pass. quick time!" A large ship was seen coming into the harbor. They pushed through and reached the sandy This was true. It was built after the Chinese pattern, with beach beyond. The eltlperor's soldiers were retreating in lateen sails and hand rudder, but its sides fairOf course they were met with a heavy fire wild confusion. If the junk should get into ly bristled with guns. from pirates concealed along the shor'e, but position to rake the beach, the emperor's sol Every masthead and yard was hung with the!!e were dislodged and driven back to the diers would be wiped out of existence. yellow flags. It was plain to any one that the cavern. It was a critical moment. new-comer was a Chinese ship-of-war. On went the victorious soldiers. At the cav1 Our friends took the cue at once and began to What did it mean 1 Had the Emperor of' ern entrance a desperate fight ensued. beat a hasty retreat. Out of the cavern they China sent it? It looked possible that such The pirate's made a determined and desperate rushed, in the van of the fleeing soldiers. was the case, and the mission of the war-resistance, but the emperor's soldiers displayed The one hope of salvation now was in gaining ship was to assist in destroying Wing Ho's great valor and slowly but surely drove them tne protection and cover of the ridge about the gang of pirates. back. waters of the bay. But it seemed as if they The appearance of the Chi11ese war-ship did The fight was carried into the cavern, and never would have time for this. m -


READE, JB.., AND HIS NEW ELECTRIC AIR-SHIP, THE "ECLIPSE." 23 The junk had come about in position to rake Quick as a flash he fired again. The aim The rotascopes were revolving rapidly. He the beach when a thrilling cry went up from was deadly and another Mongolian bit the could swear that this had not been the case Barney. He pointed upward into the air. dust. when he left the Eclipse. Everybody looked up and were thrilled. Two only were'left. But Frank had not time .A. chilling thought struck him. Had some There, not one thousand feet above them, float-to again reload his rifle before they upon strangers. got possession of the Eclipse, who had ed majestically, like a mighty' bird of prey, the him. an understanding of its air-ship. Fortune aided the brave inventor. They were But if so, they were not visible. There was near a precipice, and as the giants rushed upon no evidence of life about Lhe Eclipse. This was CHAPTER LII. him, Frank skillfully dodged, threw out his very strange .A. p L u c K y FIGHT. foot and sent one of the giants over the edge. Frank stood a moment gazing at the air FRANK READE, JR.'s sensations upon maJCDown went the brute to a frightful death on ship in a peculiar frame of mind. l ing the appalling discovery that the air-ship jagged rocks below. Then he turned and beckoned to Myrtle. The was gone cannot be expressed in words. The sole remaining giant halted. He had young girl was quickly by his side. She gave He was literally stupefied for a moment. seen the fate of his comrade and now turned to him an inquisitive glance. What did it mean 7 What awful trickery was see where his other companions were. "I think we are all right,!' said Frank. "In this 'l Was it the work of Wing Ho 'l Had the He sa.w them all lying dead on the mountain some manner the air-ship has dragged her pirate chief succeeded in liberating himself and path. He glanced at them in stupefaction and anchor. I think you had better remain here sailed off' with the Eclipse1 then at Frank Reade, Jr. until I return.'' It was too horrible a thought to entertain. It was all too much for his ignorant, super"Very well, sir," replied Myrtle. But there was no further time to dwell upon .stitious.nature. He gave a hoarse _grunt and "You are not afraid 7" the subject. then turned and incontinently fled. "Oh, Exigencies of the present demanded atten-Frank Reade, Jr., made no move -to pursue "I will return directly, and once you are tion. The foe were corning in hot pursuit. him. safely on board the Eclipse, I think your The six Mongolian giants were coming down He drew a deep breath of most ineffable re-troubles will be over for one while.'' through the pines. They were 'furious with lief, Indeed, it was a wonderful battle which Myrtle's face flushed joyou sly, and she re-rage. he had fought,. and he had certainly collie off plied fervently: Frank knew that it was to be a life or death victorious. "I hope so; but the others--" struggle. He gripped his Winchester, and said He felt jubilant indeed, and satisfied that he "We will find them in due course," :said to Myrtle: had nothing more to fear, he. hastened up the Frank. "Crouch down behind that rock, and keep mountain side to rejoin Myrtle. Then he started down the hill 'towards the perfectly quiet. If I can whip them we are The girl had sPen the whole affair with Eclipse. He reached the anc-hor cable and saved. If not--" sensations of a thrilling sort. placed his hand upon it. Frank's teeth shut with a snap. He would Her prayers of course had been with Frank There seemed no to reach the ship ex not think of death at thfs supreme moment Reade, Jr., and now in great joy she rushed to cept by climbing up this rope. when he had gone through so much and had meet him. Frank did not hesitate. 1 actually succeeded in rescuing Myrtle. "Oh, God has answered tny prayers!" she At once be beian to make his way hand over He faced the Mongolians like a lion at bay. cried, wildly. "We are saved! Indeed, it was hand up tf.e cable. But he was not ten feet The brutes were Yelllng with fiendish tri-your great bravery, Mr. Reade.'' from the ground vhen a thrilling thing hap umph and rage as they came leaping down "Do not think that," .replied Frank, modestpened. the hillside. ly. "It was my exceeding good fortune. But The anchor cable beneath the tremendous It was folly to think of coping successfully it is very strange what has become of the air-strain of the rotascopes parted near the ground. at close quarters with these giants. ship." With a lightning bound the air-ship leaped Frank knew it well and he made quick ac"Did you leave it here 1" asked the young into space. tion. girl. Up it went like a rocket, and there at the "May God help us!" he muttered. "Indeed I did, and safely anchored, too. It end of forty feet of rope hung Frank Reade, Jr., He threw his rifle to his shoulder and took seems very strange how it could have taken dangling between heaven and earth. quick aim. There was an instant of waiting legs and walked away.'' It was a critical position indeed, and it did and then-"Perhaps some foe .came along and took it not seem as if his life at that moment was Crack! The rifle spoke sharply. The aim was away," ventured Myrtle. worth a straw. true. One of tnt! giants fell in a heap. "No," replied Frank, decidedly; "that would "My God!" he groaned, with horror. "What Five were left, however. But the JOUng in-be hardly likely, for they would not know how shall I ventor pulled the lever quickly, which threw to make the thing rise.'' It was no easy matter now to climb up that a fresh cartridge into the breech of the re"Indeed, then it is a mystery," said Myrtle; slack rope. When it bad been' taut the feat peater. "but can you find no way tosolve it 1" wa.; much easier. Once more he aimed. "I will try.'' Up, up shot the The earth was Crack! Frank started at once to climb the eminence. hundreds of feet below. Another giant fell. Only four were 'left. But His purpose was to reach the highest point, It seemed for a time as if Frank must lose the) were every moment drawing nearer. Closfrom which he could comman!l an extended his grip and fall. The swaying of the air-ship er quarters would be fatal. Only lightning view. caused him to spin about in mid-air, until it action would save him. 1 The air-ship was not in sight in the heavens. seemed as if the awful dizziness must overcome Frank Reade, Jr., knew it well and acted Either the had gone' too far to be him. Once the young inventor closed his eyes Quick as a flash another cartvisible, or he was' keeping near the earth, be-in expectation of falling. ridge flew into the breech. hind some of the many hills around. Had the giants been other than the ignorant, But Frank noted one fact which was partialCHAPTER LUI. unreasoning brutes that they were, they WOuld ly explanatory, as he made his way_ Up the IN MID-AIR. have been impressed with the fatality of that mountain side. H4-D Frank Reade, Jr., been Jess the daring rifle in Frank's hands.. There were uprooted shrubs and broken sap-spirit that he was, and less accustomed to ex-But they were wholly impervious to fear. lings, all of which would well indicate that the periences of the sort, he would certainly have They never deviated in their course. Again Eclipse had dragged her anchors. lost his grip and been dashed into eternity. the repeating rifle spoke. The thought gave him increased hope, and Straining every muscle, he made his way .A. third giant threw up his arms and fell. Frank kept on rapidly until he reached the. top slowly up the sWinging, gyrating rope. Only three were left. Frank now changed his of the eminence. Already the air was growing so chilly that tactics. There a sight met his gaze which gave him a his fingers were becoming benumbed. Frank { He started down the mountain side on a mighty thrill. The mystery was explained. knew that unless he could reach.the deck very run. Of course the giants came on all the faster. There, not two hundred yards below, was the soon he would succumb to the rarefied air. They gained on him at every stride. air-ship, rocking uneasily in the air, fully,flfty But lle was every moment drawing nearer. Nearer they drew. But Frank's purpose was feet from the earth. Already the rail was almost within his grasp. to if possible gain time to reload his rifle. He It was plain to see that the air-ship had He rested a moment, and then put all his managed to extract a cartridge from his belt dragged her anchors. But one thing puzzled strength into the final exertion. It was the and tlirust it into the breech. Frank. last effort. Upon result hung his life.


24 FRANK READE, JR., AND HIS NEW ELECTRIC AIRSHIP, THE "ECLIPSE Part li. His fingers closed over the rail. With a have gone to attack the pirates in At once went to Frank Reade, Jr., and mighty effort he drew himself up and then den. It would be a favorable t. ime." said: sank down upon the deck. Satisfied of this, Frank sprang into the pilot"Mr. Reade, the Chinese government will He was safe. He had accomplished the terhouse and set the Eclipse flying toward the pay -you any price in gold if you will co-operrible feat. pirates' stronghold. ate with theiD,. with your aiJ'-ship for the total The strain made him sick and faint for a mo It was at the moment when the victory of Li extinction of the pirates on this !'lntire coast." ment. But he quickly recovered, and Ching's soldiers had been turned into defeat. "Prince," replied Frank, warmly, "I deeply crawled toward the pilot-house. With the junk ready to open :her guns upon appreciate the kindness of your offer, but I the fioor with contorted feet lay Wing the fleeing soldiers, the result would have been must respectfully decHne." Ho. At a glance Frank saw that he was dead. a terrible massacre. "Then you will not acceptr' He had managed in some manner to stretch It is doubtful if one of the party would have his bonds sufficiently to reach Lever No 7 and escaped to tell the tale. They were in a fear"Whyf' f turn it. ful trap of death. "My mission to China was not to extermin--But in the very act he had come in contact Barney, looking up, gave the wild cry which ate the pirates of Chiga but to rescue my im-with a live wire, and the powerful electric cur raised the hopes of all: prisoned countrymen. I have performed my rent surging through his. body had stopped the "The air-ship! We are saved!" mission and now duty demands that I go to action of the heart. It was like being called back from the grave. my home. For a moment Frank was quite overcome Certainly rescue was now certain. "I am very sorry," said the prince, disap-with the reflection. And Fra11k Reade, Jr., at the rail of the airpointedly, "but you will stop in Hong Kong But he knew that his own life depended upon ship, saw the whote critical s,ituation at a and allow me to present the emperor." prompt action. glance. "I will be glad to accept the honor," replied He hastily reversed Lever No. 7, and at once Into the cabin he sprang and came out with a Fran:Jt. the air-ship ceased its upward flight and began handful of the electric bomb's. The subject dropped with this. to descend. One of these he sent whizzing down to. the The body of Wing Ho was bur1ed on the b1ufl'. Frank in the pilot-house held the wheel, and deck of the junk below. Then Li Ching and his soldiers returned to as near as possible judged the locality where he There was a terrific explosion and the whole Kiang Chu. had l eft Myrtle. deck :was literally blown up. The junk careen-They fired a parting salute to the air-ship and When one hundred feet from the earth, as edin the water and the affrighted pirates be-Frank exploded !!on electric bomb. good luck had it, h e saw the young girl stand-gan to leap overboard in dismay. Prince Kong accepted Frank's invitation to ing on a pa.rt of the cliff. One more bomb Frank sent hurtling down return to Hong Kong on board the air-ship. At onc e l!'rank lowered the Eclipse to the through the air. Arrived there after a swift voyage the whole earth. When the air-ship rested upon the Another explosion followed and the junk city was decorated as for a fete. ground he secured the lever, and then lowering was seen to sink rapidly beneath the' waves. Chinese bands paraded the streets, everybody the gang-ladder, went out to his fair pasA great cheer went up from the emperor's was in high spirits and a regular gala time en-,senger. soldiers. sued. Myrtle, with pallid face and excited manner, Infused with new ardor and cour!l-ge they By the emperor's orders, one of the public came a board. rallied and turned upon their pursuers. It squares before the Pagoda Mi was cleared and "Oh, I prayed for you!" she exclaimed, with was a complete turning of tables. a cordon of soldiers encircled it. emotion. "I so feared that" you would lose Pen cannot describe adequately the triumph Here the air-ship alighted and the distin your hold and fall. Was it not of the emperor's soldiers. guished inventor, Frank Reade, Jr., met the "Well, it was a ticklish experience admit-They cheered themselves hoarse and behaved emperor of the Flowery Kingdom. ted Frank, "but I pulled through all right. more like wild men than anything else. The emperor proved to be quite a jolly old Now, Miss Myrtle, if you will make yours elf The air-ship settled down upon the sandy fellow, and with Prince Kong for interpreter, comfortable aboard the Eclipse we w ill return beach and in a moment the Americans were examined the wonderful air-ship. at once to Kiang Chu and your friends." rushing aboard. The great of the pigtails was deeply im" I thank you," replied the young girl. "Ah, The meeting was a joyous one. pressed, and, through Prince Kong, made a. we all owe very much to you, Mr. Reade.'' Handsome Jack Clark clasped Myrtle to his magnificent offer for the Eclipse as an aerial "You owe me nothing," cried Frank, w.arm-breast. Will Deane and Mortimer Osborne, coach for himself. ly. "I am too glad to servP. you. the young girl's brother, followed. But Frank, of course, promptly declined jt. Frank went at once to the pilot-house. At Dr. Vaneyke and Barney rushed forward and Two days were spent in Hong Kong. once he set his course for the Chinese fort. embraced Frank Reade, Jr. Pomp came in his The Daisy's party here took leave of the air-When at length, after a swift voyage, Kiang turn. ship and its crew, going aboard a Pacific Mail Chu became visible, Myrtle came on deck and Caleb Squeers, Prince Kong and Sam Hop steamer for San Francisco. went to the rail. were on hand, and altogether it was a most The parting was a sad one, for dear, indeed, The young girl looked eagerly for some sign joyful reunion. was the friendship formed. But all promised of he. r friends as the air-ship settled down over Through many thrilling adventures they had to visit Frank at Readestown. the fort. all passed, and ties of the warmest sort had Caleb Squeers was right in his element. But only a handful of men were upon the been formed. He maile most voluminous notes, and de-ramparts. But alas! ties are made in this life only to be clared, with confidence: Frank was surprised at this. But l:lolding broken. "I tell you, mybookwill electrify the world." the air-ship suspended within speaking dis-No sooner h A d the reuniting occurred than Barney and Pomp could not resist a golden tance he went to the rail and hailed the fort. talk of separation was immediately begun. opportunity to play a prank upoll Poor Sam "Hello!" he shouted in English. "Where Now that the Daisy's party were all safe out Hop, whqm Frank had engaged to _return to are the of the clutches of' the Chinese pirates they natAmerica with him as a cook. But not one of the soldiers could understand orally began to think of home. It was the custom of every Celestial of low English. They shook their heads and gesticu-It was decided to start at once, and prepara-degree to fall upon his face in the presence of Jateil. tiona to that end were at once made. the emperor. "This i s queer!" exclaimed Frank, in deep Barney and Pomp knew this well enough, concern. "The place seems practically desert-and before Sam awoke from his nap that morned. I wonder where everybody CHAPTER LIV. lng, they skillfully doctored the knees of hi s At length Frank resorted to signs. In this WHICH IS THE END. trousers with sharp brads. he was more successful. PRiNoE KoNG was the most deeply gratified Accordingly, when the emperor came aboard All that Frank could gather from the sign of anybody with the result of the battle with Sam Hop rushed forward and threw himself talk, however, was the information that the the pirates. upon his knees . The next moment with a yell commandant of the fort, with his. force of solOne most deadly nest of the vipers which are of agony he sprang up. diers and the Americans, had gone somewhere. the curse of the Yellow Sea had been wiped In an instant two of the emperor's guard had Where, was a puzzle. Bu. t one of the sol-out of existence. poor Sam by the scruff of the neck. They dlers pointed to the eastward ll d a light brol'e The prince was fully cognizant of the fact would no doubt have killed him on the spot if across Frank's mind. that all this could not have been so easily done it had not been for Prince Kong. "Ab, I have it!" he cried; "doubtless they without the aid of the air-ship. Poor Sam, disg_raced and terrified, crept


, FRANK READE JR., AND HIS NEW ELECTRIC AIR-SHIP, THE "ECLIPSEE." 25 away ido the galley, while the mischief mak-ries of San Francisco to a trip in the air. The young inventor retired to his own home, ers, Barney and Pomp, laughed themselves Finally leaving San Francisco the final flight to enjoy for a time the comforts and joys of do-hoarse over what they reckoned a brilliant homeward was made. mestic life. joke. In due timetheEclipseappearedoverReades-And Barney and Pomp assumed their oldTwo days late'r, the Eclipse had been taken town.' A great crowd was in attendance to time about the machine shops. All in apart and "'as stm;ed safely in the hold of a welcome the return of the air-ship from its sue-the Daisy' s party were heard from frequently, home-bound steamer. ; cessful trip to China. and Caleb Squeers went back to ew Yl?rk the In due time Francisco was reached. The Down into the great yard of the machine lion of his profession. fame of the Eclipse had preceded it, and the shops settled the And here we will leave them a:ll :with the pre Golden Gate city was in a furore over the com-The dynamo cut off, the generating jars sumption that possibly at some future day, ing of the airship. emptied, and the Eclipse stowed away care-Frank Reade, Jr., may again appear with a The Eclipse was once unloaded and put fully, and thus came to an end Frank Reade, new invention and afford the chronicler fresh together. Jr.'s and most famous trip. material for a story even more exciting than Then treated the mayor and 'dignita-Frank's wife met him with tears of joy. this one which we now bring to (THE END.) MULLIGAN' S BOARDI;NG HOUSE. By "BRICKT.OP." Profusely illustrated by 'l.'HOMAS WoRTH. 'l'his book illustrates the Comic side of Life, full of funny Ad ventmes and Novel Situations, abounding in Jokes and Original Sayings Price 10 cents. 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-OF THEJAMES BOYS STORIES BY W. STEVENS. Published in -------DEIECTI'VE LJBRIR Each Number in I1;self. Priee 10 Cents Bach .. No. 142 Chasing the James Boys; or, A Detective's Dangerous Case. 1'8 The James Boys and the Detectives. 1166 The Jruhes Boys; or, The King's Last Shot. 158 Sam Sixkiller, the Cherokee Detective; or, The James Boys' Most Dangerous Foe. S69 Old King Brady and the James Boys, by a. New York Detective The Man From Nowhere and IDs Adventures With the James Boys. A Story of a. Detect;. ive' s Shrewdest Work. !168 The James Boys as Guerrlllas and the Train Robbers. 1'13 Old Saddle-Bags, the Preacher Detective; or, The James Boys in a. Fix. m The James Boys in New York; or, Fighting Old King Brady. 182 The Double Shadow; or, The James Boys Ba.f fied . JeBSe James and Siroc; or, a. Detective '!! Chase for a. Horse. !18'1 The James Boys in Boston; or, Old King Brady and the Car of Gold, by a. N. Y. Detective 189 The James Boys in Texas; or, A Detective's Thrilling Adventures in the Lone Star State. 1!13 The James Boys and the Vigilantes and the James Boys and the Ku Klux. 196 The James Boys and Pinkerton; or, Frank and Jesse as Detectives. .00 The James Boys Lost; or, The Detective's CuriousCase. W Je!586 James' Last Shot; or, Tracked by the FordBoys. i09 The Last of the Band; or, The Surrender of Fraak James. 410 The James Boys Captured; or, A Young De tective's Thrilling Chase. i1S The James liloys Tricked; or, A Detective s Cunning Game. v19 The James Boys in Mexioo and the James Boys in Calllornia.. The James Boys Afioa.t; or, The Wild Adven tures of a. Detective on the Mississippi. No {25 Thirty Days with the James Boys; or, A Detect;. iva's Wild Chase in Kentucky. 426 The James Boys' Cave, and the James Boys as Train Wreckers. 428 The James Boys at Bay; or, Sherlfl' Timber lake's Triumph. 430 The James Boys in cOurt and the James Boys' Longest Chase. 433 After the James Boys; or, Chased Through Three States by Day and by Night. 433 The James Boys in No Man's Land; or, The Bandit King's Last Ride. 442 Mysterious Ike; or, The Masked Unknown. 446 The James Boys in Minnesota., and the James Boys and Timberlake. 453 JeBSe James' Pledge; or, The Bandit King's Last Ride. 461 The James Boys Trip Around thE) World; or, Carl Greene, the Detective's Longest Chase. W The James Boys in New Orleans; or, Wild Ad ventures in the South. i66 The Life and Death of Jesse James and Lives of the Ford Boys. !187 Frank James, the Avenger, and His Surrender. 470 The Man on the Black Horse; or, The James l'loys' First Ride inJ41ssouri. 47' The James Boys in Deadwood; or, The Game Pair of Dakota.. 484 The James Boys Blunder; or, The Fatal Mistake at Northfield. 491 Pinkerton' s Boy Detectives ; or, Trying to Capture the James Bo;ys. 492 Young Sleuth and the James Boys; or, The Keen Detective in the West. 496 The James Boys on the Road; or, The Bandit Kings in a. New Field. 499 The James Boys Baftled; or, A Detective s Game of Blutr. 5M The James Boys' Shadows; or, The Nemesis of the Ba.ndi ts. 605' The James Boys in the Saddle; or, The ,Iugh waymen and the Haunted Mill. 506 The James Boys' Band of Ten; er, The Red Light OB the Blu1J'. No. 508 The James Boys League; or, Ba.ftled hT a Keel'll Detective. 511 The Ja'ies Boys in Arkansas; or, Attet-Coa. federate Gold. 512 Jesse James Avenged; or, The Death 11'( 1lob Ford. 514 Qua.ntrell's Old Guard; or, The James Boy!' ill Missouri. 518 The James Boys' Knights of the Road; or, TL ive's Desperate Game. 538 The James Boys' Raid; or, Sherlt. Timberlake's Blind Trap. 539 The James Boys and the D;warf 1 o r C!lri Greene's Midget Detective. MO The James Boys Ride For or, Chased Dr Five Detectives. Ml The James Boys in a Trap; v, Carl GreelUI'e N ea. test Trick. M2 The James Boys' Fight For Millions; or Cllii'l< Greene the Detective s Richest Case. 543 The James Boys Dea.dShotJ or, 'll'l9';o. RUDDing Fight on the R..'U'der. The above books are for sale by all newsdealers in the United States e.nd Canada, or sent to your !pOBtpaid, on re.ceipt of price. Address FR..A..N""K: TO"'ITSE'Y, Pu...blishe:r, Box 2730. 34 and 36 North Moor New Y o rk. I 1


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THE FIVE 883 'l'he "MILBtOO.on'e Cave; or, Two Wide A Boys In the Far West ............ by Percy B. St. John 884 The Boy Stage Driver; or, The Hero of Rocky Pass ...... . ........ by_Paul Braddon 835 From Newsboy Up; or, .A. New York Boy in Business ................................. .. by N. S. Wood (The Young American Actor) 836 Alone ln the Wild West; .A. New York Boy's Search for Buffalo BW.b;r R. T. Emmet 837 Tba Secret of the Sealed Gold Mmes .... by", 838 Little Blondin, the Tight Rope Walker, ... by C. Little 1!39 .From New York to San Francisco In a Cata-maran ....................... by .John Sherman 84C A Young Jay Gould; or, .A. Boy .Among the Money Kirige ......... by H. K. Shackleford 841 0n11 an Errand Boy; or, Getting Up in the Vl'orld ...... ........ ,' ........ byR.T.Emmet .842 Jaok Relldy's School SCrapes-comic .... by Peter Pad 843 The Ice-Boat Boys; or, Crulelng on Frozen Waters In the Northwest ......... by C. Little 844 Little Blind Joe; or, The Sharks of New York ..................................... .. by N. S. Wood (The Young American Actor) 845 Young Ironclad, the Boy Gunner ......... by John Sherman 846 The Boy Gold Hunters; or, Young New York In California .......... by R. T. Emmet &7 The Shortye In the Wlld Westi-comtc .... by Peter Pad 8.Y Peter Pad 91.3 Out In the Streets. .A. Story of J:i1gh and Low Life In New York ................. . . by N. S. Wood (The Young American Actor) m4 The Swamp Demon; or, Lost For Two Years ......................... by R. T. Emmet 911i Denver Dan1 Jr., the Stage Driver; o!J The or Golden GulCh ...... by" .Noname" oi6 Mu1doon s Brother Dan-comic. by Tom Teaser 917 Buffalo Bill's Boy Broncho Breaker; or, The Youngest Hero on the Plains ........ . by Paul Braddon 918 .A. Sailor at Fifteen; or, From Cabin Boy to Captain ........................ by J. G.Bradley 919 Benpeoked-ilomio ................. J>y Peter Pad 920 Homeless Hal; or, .A. Poor Boy's Life in a Great City .... ........ by Will Da:yton 921 Wild Bill's "Boy Partner; or, The Redekine Gold Secret ............ by Paul Braddon 922 Muldoon's Chrletmas-eomlo. .. by Tom Teaser 923 C!l.Ptain Jack the Pirate's Foe; or, The Devililsh of the Indies .... by Roger Starbuck 924 .A. Bad Boy at School-ilOmio ........... by" Ed" 925 Mr. McGinty-ilomio., .......... by Tom Teaser 9"26 Lineman Joe, the Boy Telegraph Climber .. by c. Little 927 Shlppeci to China; or, The Life of a Runaway Boy ...................... by J. G. l3radley 928 Searching for Stanley; or, Tom Stevens' .Ad ventures in Africa. ............ by R. T. Emmet 929 Boarding Schoolj or, Sam Bowser at Work and Play-ilOnno ............... by Peter Pad 930 Magic; or, The Boy With a Charm ed Life ....................... by Paul Braddon 931 Muldoon Out West-ilomio .... by Tom Teaser 932 The Boy Treasure Hunters; or, Searching for LOst Money .............. by John Sherman 933 Senator Muldoon-comic ....... by Tom Teaser 934 Sam Johnson, the Negro Detective .. ...... by Harry :Kane 935 Frank Reade, Jr., in the Far West; O!J The Search for a Lost Gold ; Mine .. by ".Noname" 936 The Waif of M]'stery_Island; f>!t The Ad ventures of a Boy Who Was .tUdnav!>ed .. by Roger Etarbuok 937 The Mystery of the Sealed Door or The Oldest House in New York ... by ItT. Emmet 938 Island No.7; or, The Pirates of Lake Mich igan ......................... by Geo. W. Goode 939 Our Landlord; or, Life In French Flatscomic ............................. by Peter Pad 940 From Jockey to Judge; or, the Boy Who Was Always Ahead ............... by C. Little 941 Alone in New York; or, Ragged Rob, the Newebo;r ................................... by N. S. Wood (The Young American Actor) 942 The Boy Eroress Messenger or Fighting the Train Robbers .... ..... by John Sherman 943 Next Door; or, The Irish Twins-comic .... by Tom Teaser 944 The Limbless Hunter; or, Si Slocum's Revenge ...................... l?_y Roger Starbuck 945 The Boy In Red; or, The czar's Masked Messengers ................... b;r:R. T. Emmet 946 Adrift in the .Antarctic; or, Two Years on a Continent of Ice. ................... by C. Little 947 The .A.ldermen i Sweeneys of New Yorkcomic ........................... by Tom Teaser 948 Pawnee Bill; or, the White Chief's First ..... ............... by Paul Braddon 949 The Boy Showman; or, AI Circus Manager at Sixteen ................... by John Sherman 950 Till the Young Foretopman or, Four Years Before the Mast. by J. G. Bradley 951 Mrs. Brown's Boarding-HoUB&-Comic ..... by Peter Pad 952 The Boy Sherift'; or, The Regulators of Peoo Valley ......................... by R. T. Emmet 953 The Buried Gold Ship; or, The Sailor Bo;v:'s Ghost ............................... by C. Littlt 954 Our Future President; or, The Oak 'l'hat Came From the Acorn-comic . by "Peter Pad. 955 General Crook's Boy Guide; ortThe Great Indian Fighter's Black Hills rail ...... by Paul Braddon 956 ThreeYankeeBoyein.A.frica; or, the Giants of the CQngo .............. by Percy B. St. Jolm 957 The Boy Sm.veyor; or, Running Out a road m the Indian Cotintry by John Sherman 958 Rob Rounds, the Young F!i-eman .. by C. Little 959 Muldoon's Base Ball Club-comic .......... by Tom Teaser 960 Fair-Weather Frank, the Dashmg Sailor 961 'Oi by Paul Braddon 962 Captain Lewis, the Pirate ......... .. by C. Little 963 Muldoon's Base Ball Club inBoston-ilomio by Tom Teaser 964 Harry Horton; or, From a Waif to a Mil lionaire ............... by Captain Will Dayton 965 The Prairie Post Boy; or, The Scalp Hunters of Apache Land ...... by Paul BraddoJ> 966 Chums to the Death; or, The .Adventures of a Boy Marine .............. by Roger Starbuck 967 Muldoon .A.broad-ilomic ....... by T9m Teaser 968 An Engineer at 18; or, The Boy Dr1ver of the Lightning Express ........... by R. T. Emmei 969 Hardpan Harry, the Hunted Boy; or, .A. Young New Yerker;Among Western Outlaws ................................ by c. Little 970 The Property Boy; or, Before the Foot lights and Behind the Scenes .. by: N. S. Wood 971 Muldoon's Base Ball Club In Philadelphiacomic .... ....................... by Tom Teasst-'1 972 The Mystery of the Fire Ship; or, .A. Brave Boy Salllng Master .. by Roger Starbuc.l' 973 The Boy Bicycle Scouts; or, On the Wheel Among the Redskins. .... b;r Paul Braddon 97' Rob Rider, the Circus Equestna.n; Years Under the Canvas ... w. Goode 975 The Shortys' Minstrels; or, Working the Same Old Ra.ckets-ilomic ....... by Peter Pad 976 The Tunnel Under the Sea; or, The .A.dven tures of Two Drowned Boys. by R. T. EmmeJ 977 Pawnee Bill Doomed; or, The Great Scout in No Man a Land ........... b;r Paul Braddou 978 The Buffalo Hunters; or, Wild Life on the Plains .................... by Robert Maynard 97S Little Tomn'ly Bounce; or, SOmething J.J'.ke His Dad-ilomic .. ............... by Peter Pad 980 The Treasure Trove; or, The Buccaneers of the Gulf ...................... by J. G. Bradlet 981 .Alone on a Wreck; or, The Myetery of a Scuttled Ship ................. IJy R. T. Emmet 982 DanDarling'aCrulse; or, Three Boys' Lucky Vacation ................ by H. K; Shaoklefor() 9S3 Muldoon'e PicniC-ilOmiC ........ by Tom Tea.AA 984 Luke LinEl;l!, the Boy Stage Driver; Four-inJ:1BJld of Keno Camp. by Paul J:ln.dnu 985 Jockey Jin;h, the Daring Boy Rider; or, Wlnnlng .we Fortune in the Saddle . ... by R.obll!'t 986 The Lost Boy Captain; or, The Seci'etof the Hidden Whirlpool ......... by Starbuck 987 Honest Jack Jarrett; or, How He Made His Money ................. by H. K. Shackleford 988 Rob Rivers, the Ra.ft Boy; or, Log__Driv!ng on the Missouri River ....... by R. T. Eriimel 989 Muldron the Cop, Part Tom Teaser 990 Muldoon the Cop, Part ll.-ilomic ......... by Tom Teaser 991 The Boy Wrecker; or, The Young Pilot of the Breakers ............... by Roger Starbuck 992 Born to be Rich; or, .A. Boy's .Adventures in Wall Street ............ by H. K. Shackleford 993 Frank Reade, Jr., and His Clipper of. the Clouds-Part I ............. by "Noname 994 Frank Reade Jr., and His Queen Cllp,per of the Cloud.&-Part n .... ........ by N oname. 995 The Boy Lawyer; or, Fighting For a Stolen Million ........................ by R. T. Emme 996 Little TOlllii17 Bounce on HIS Travels-comic: ............................ by Peter Pad 997 The Little Black Rover or, The MYsterious Privateer of New Yor\ Be .............. . by C6rpor8.1 MQrgll.ll Ra.ttleJ 998 :Pawnee Bill's Oath or, The Oklahoma Scout's Lost Gold Cache ... b:V Paul Braddon 999 Jimmy Grimes Jr.; or, The Torment of the .............. by Tom 'l'ea.ser 1000 The Pirates of the Black Cave; or, The Mystery of the Hidden Lake ......... by Roger Starbuck 1001 Through Thick and Thin; or Our Abroad ........ .............. by Barton Bertren 1002 Jack and Jim; or, Rackets and Scrapes at School-ilotnic .............. 1Jy Tom Teaser 1003 Little Quick Shot; or, Bu1fa.lo Bill's Wild West In Europe .............. by Paul Braddon 1tm The Mysterious Light The Smug_glers of the Death Coast .. oy J:Wger Starbuck 1005 Muldoon's Grocery Store-ilOmic. Part I. by Tom Teasel 1006 Muldoon's Grocery Store-ilOmle. Part IT. .:.. '\ by Tom Teaser 1007 Frank HeMe, Jr., and His Monitor of the Air; or, Helping a Friend In Need ........ by"Noname" 1008 Gerald O'Grady's Grit; or, The Branded Irish Lad ........ by Corporal Morgan Rattler 1009 Denver Jr., the Sliver King; O!J The Richest J.JO

To :Do :E;1ectrica1 Tric:k..s. Containing a Large Collection of Instructive and HighlY" Amusing. Electrical Tricks, Together With :tllustrations. By A. Anderson. Price 10 Cents. For sale by all newsdealers, or sent, post-paid, upon receipt of price. Address Box 2730. FRANK TOUSEY,. Publisher, 34 & 36 North Moore Street, New York. tatest Issues of .THE. 5 CENT WIDE AW.AKE LIBRARY: 1063 Backbone Rob ... Ehe Boy of Pluc)!:J.!lr Mak hoo The Boy ................... by N. S. Wood 1151 The Parson's Boy; or, The Innocent One of ing His Own way Through the world.... 1107 Muldoon in Ireland; or, The Solid Man on the Family-comic ............ by Tom Teaser by C. Little the Old Sod ..................... by Tom Teaser 1152 The Game Cock of Deadwood. A Story of 1064 The Specter ot the Pueblo; or, the Phan1108 Frank Read!4, Jr., With His AtrShip in the Wild Northwest ......... by Geo. G. Small tomHand .. ................. byPau!Braddon Asia;or,AJ With DAath .................... by" Noname" War-Sloop of the Ladrones................ School .................... by George G. Small 1072 Go-Ahead Harry, the Boy Who Got There; by Roger Starbuck 1163 Boardi11g School Scrapes; or, The Racketa or, Where There's a Will, There's a Way. 1116 The Boy Firemen; or, Stand by the Ma of a Young Ventrtloquist. Part I.-by C. Little chine ...................... by Howard DeVere comic .......................... by 'l'om Teaser 1073 Old Sixty-Nine; or, The Prince of Engi-1117 The Young Diamond Seekers; or, Rough 11&! Boardi11g School Scrapes; or, The Rackets neers ...................... by Howard DeVere ing it in the Carolina Mountains.......... of a Young Ventriloquist. P.Y J. G. Bradley Peddlers-comic ......... ..... by Sam Smiley 1167 On a Sinking Island ............. by Kit Clyde 1077. Dandy Dan of Deadwood and His Bo 1121 The 'Forty-Niners; or, The Pioneer's 1168 Muldoon's Flats-comic ........ by Tom 'feaser n anza ........................... by "N oname" Daughter .......... ,. ...... b;y '1'. w. Hanshew 1169 tpin FSwteamp; or, TbheRMystel' y 1078 The Lost Diamond Ship; or, A Sea1ch for 1122 Dick Deadline the Young Revenue Cap o. a ercy s a ......... y T. Emmet an Unknown Lake .... B .. 1.bykRofgethr Sta0r 1bduck tain; or, The Pirate of the Gun-Brig. . ... 1170 NBickdand Jed, the King"Trbapl'ers of the 1079 Benny Bounce; or, A oc o e bl,: Roger Starbuck or er ...................... Y P. T. Raymond Chip-comic ...................... byPeterPad 1123 Young King Crusoe; or, rhe Treasure 1171 Clear the Track Tom; or, The Youngest 1080 Nozzle Ned, the Boy Fireman of Madison. Trove of Falcon Key by c L 'ttle Engineer on tbe Road ..... by Albert J. Booth by Robert Lennox 1124,HookandLadderNo.'i::J)Y.'iiowardDefere 1172 'l'he Demon of the Deep; and 1081 Tbe Two Boy Cattle Kings; or, An Indian 1125 Sam Sureshot, the Skeleton Marine; or, Beneath the Sea. ... ... by Howard DeVere Mail Carrier's Oath ......... by Paul Braddon The Lost Frigate of the Demon Isles...... 1173 Larry the Life Saver; or, A Born Fireman 108'2 Nimble Nick the Boy of Nerve or Fight by Roger Starbuck :by Rooert Lennox. I ing His Own Battles ............ ... by c. Little 1126 Billy Button, the Young Clown and Bare-1174 The leland of Mystery; or, Adventures 1083 From Pole to Pole; or, l!'rank Reade Jr.'s back Rider. A Story of tbe Circus....... Under the Sea., .. ... : ... bY Howard DeVere Strange Submarine Voyage ... by" Noname" by Lieut. E. H. Kellogg 1175 Goldburn, the Gtrl Guernlla ..... ....... 1084 The Two Boy Clowns; or, A Summer 1127 The Orphans of New York. A Pathetic I . PY Morns With a Circus-comic .. ........ by Tom Teaser Story of a Great City ......... by N. S. Wood 1176 Mtzzen; or, The C.rmse of' the Cor1085 The Mark of Mystery or Saved by a Car11128 Young Cap _t. Perry, the Hero of 1812. An sau .. ...... by Rtchard R. Montgomery rier Pigeon .. ........ .' ... .' .... by Paul Braddon Exciting Privateer Yarn. by. George G. Small 1177 Yankee Bob, the Young Scout of the Rap1086 Steadfast Sid, the Boy Who Never Surren-1129 Among_ the Fire-Worshipers; or, Two New pahann9ck ... : .by Ralph Morton dered; or, Standing Up for a Square Deal York Boys in Mexico .... .. by Berton Bertrew 1178 Po1;name 1139 Red Ltght Dtck, the Engmeer .. . the Sea ...................... by Gus. WilliamR 1097 Rob Ready, the Life Saver; or, The Prrate by Albert J. Booth 1192 Under the Gallows ....... ,by aU. S. Detective Wreckers of the Bahamasb "Jio" er.Starbuck 1140 AdrifF in the Tree:Tops ....... by Allyn Draper 1193 'I'he ,G;old Hunters of Mexico; or The Y g 1141 Lost m LabradoF; or The Search for the Prame Phantom .............. by H. 6. Emmet 1098 Captain Tom Seymour, the Game Cock of .Frozen Pirate ....... : ............. by C. Little 1194 Drifting Harry; or, Hoeing His Own Row, the Coast ... ................ by Ralph Morton 1142 The Mysterious Man of the Mountain. A by J. G. Bradley 1099 or, The L Story of the Hudson River. by P. T. Raymond 1195 A Trip to the Center of the Earth ........ Vultures of Montana ....... ... by" Noname" 1143 In the Sea of Ice ........... by Albert J. Booth by Howard DeVere 1100 The Black Fiend of the Red Sea; or, The 1144 The Young Deserters; or, The Mystery of 1196 Custer's Last Shot; or, The Trailer of Lost Girl of the Coral Cave................ Ramsey's Island ........... by Berton Bertrew the Little Horn ......... by Col. J. M. Travers by Hoger Starbuck 1145 "Special" BoJ>; or, The Pride of the Road 1197 Shady Dell School; or, Haps and Mishaps 1101 Muldoon's Hotel. Part I.-comic......... by Albert J. Booth of Schoolboy Life ...... by Capt. Will Dayton by Tom Teaser 1146 Adrift in a Haunted Lake; or, The Mys 1198 Dick Wright and His Band of Cannibals .. 1102 Muldoon's Hotel. Part 11.-comic........ tery of a Lost War Ship .. by Roger buck by J. R. Scott by Tom Teaser 1147 The Arkansas Scout ......... by Paul Rraddon 1199 Sawdust Charlie, the Pet of the Ring .... 1103 Dandy Dan of Deadwood in Texas; or, 1148 The Wolf Boys of Michigan................ by An Old Ringmaster .The Silver Moon Mystery ..... by" Noname" by Jas. D. Montague 1200 The Blasted Pine; or, Three Boy Scouts .. 1104 Fergus of the Flail; or, Fighting For Land 1149 The Boy Nihilist; or, Young America in by Capt. Will Dayton and Life ......... by CorJJoral Morgan Rattler RuSsia .. by L'.aptaln Geo. Granville, (U.S. A.) 1201 The Boy Trapezist . bra Former Professional 1105 Pawnee Bill's Boys; or, The Young Boom1150 Daniel Boone's Best Shot; or, Tbe Perils 1202 Little Nugget, the Pride of Leadville ..... ers of Oklahoma ..... ....... by Pa'ul Braddon of the Kentucky Pioneers .. by John Sherman by Major J. Anderson For sale by all newsdealers 'in the United States and Canada, or sent to your address, post paid, on receipt of the price, 5 cents. Ad dress P. 0. Box 2730. FRANK TOUSEY, Publis.her. 34 36 North Moore Street, New York. 1


frapk Tousey's Jiapd Books. Containing Useful. Information on.Alniost Every Subject Under the Sun, Price 10 Cents Per Copy. No. 1. No. 15. 1 No. 28. Napoleon's Oraculum and Dream Book. HOW TO BECOME RICH. HOW TO 'l'ELL FORTUNES. tile great orAcle of human destiny; alsQ the Tb18 wonderful book presents you ttith the example and Eve ry one is d esirous of knowing what his future life wiD life experience o f Som e of the m os t n oted and wealthy men bring forth, whether hanpines or misery, weulth or po""' pJ.,te b o ok. Pric e 10 cents. boT;il -the presenL age, wbo s u own examole is in itself guide unes of your fri ends. Price 10 cents. No.2. enough for tho se who aspire t u fame and money, The IIOW TO DO TRICKS. book will give )'OU the secret. Prioe10 ceute. No. 29, The grea t b o ok of magic and card tric ks. containing full No. 16. HOW '1'0 BECOME AN INVENTOR. in struc ti o n o f all the ina c ard tric k s or t h e d11y, ahto HOW TO KEEP A WINDOW GARDEN. Every boy should k11ow how orieinate. Tbil tbe mo s t popu la r nutgicttl iliu s i onb aa, p e rf o rm e d by our book explains them all, giving examples in electricity, bJ leading magi c ians; e v o ry b O y a copy, as it draulica, magnetis m, optics pneumatics, mecbanice. eto.. will bothawus e and instruct. Price 0 cent.a. methods for r&ising beautiful flow e r s at home. etc. 'fhe mott instructive book published. Price 10 oenta. No.3. complete book of the kind ever published. Price 0 ceuta. No. 30. HOW TO l'LIRT. No. 17, JIOW TO COOK. lf.Te HOW '1' 0 DRESS. One or the most instructive books on cookinaever pub-Containing full instruction in the art of dressing aud ap-pastrr,, and n. grand colie o tion of recipes by one of our mo1t Je interesttng to everybody, both old and young. You can .. popu ar cooks On1>: 10 c ents per C5JP1 DO& be bappJ without one. Price 10 cent&. cents. No. 31. No.4. HOW TO BECOME A SPEAKER. HOW TO DANCE No. 18. HOW TO BECOME BEAUTIFUL. Containing fourteen illustratiens, giving the different po. Io the title of a new and handsome little book juat iaaued <ionl requisite to b&come a good speaker, reader and One or the brightest and most valcable little book eve1 elocutionist. A1s o containing gttms from all the popular to the world. Everybody wishes to know how to moat. aimpl oft in all popular become beautiful. both male and female The secret is simvle, and almost costless. Read this book and be con-viuced h o w to become beautiful. Price 10 centa. No. 32. No.5. HOW TO RIDE A Bit'YCLE. HOW TO MAKE LOVE.t I No. 19. FRANK TOUSEY'S Handsomely illu.etrated, and containing full directtona f A oomrelete guide to loved and marriaae. United States Distance Tables, Pocket Com aensib e advice, rules an to he observ ed, Wit many curious and interesting thtnga not aeneralb known. panion and Guide. a machine. Price 10 cettts. Prtce10 centa. official distances on all the railroads ot the No.6. United tit&t e s and Oanad a. Also, table of di stances by No. 33. HOW TO BECOME AN ATHLETE. water to foreign ports. bac k fares in tlte princifal citie"i HOW TO BEHAVE reoorts of the censusb eto . etc., making it one o the moe Giving full in struction for the use of dumb-bells, lndiu complete and hand7 ooks published. Price 10 cepts. Oontainiu3 the rules and etiquette of good soclet7 and clubs, bars, horizontal bars and various oths easiest an moAt approve d methods of appearina to go metho s of a 'ood, healthy mus cl e ; No.20. advantage at partiAS, balls, the theater, church, and in th thil How to E.ntertain an Evening Party. dra"ing room. .Price 10 cents. lttle book Price 10 cents. A very valuable little book just published. A complete No, 34. No.7. compendium of games, eports, ca;rd-diver s ions, com i c HOW TO FENCE. recteations, etc. f o r parlor or drawing-room enHOW TO KEEP BIRDS. tertaioment. It contains more for the money than any Containing full In struction for feqciog and the use of thl book published. PricelO c ents. broads word; also instructio n in arobeJiy Described with Jla ndsomely illustrated, and full instrnctloua twenty-one practical illustrations R i ving the best positioN f o r the m&hAJ:e m ent and training of the canary, mookiJ!g No. 21. in fencing A complete book. Price 10 cents. bird bo b o link, blackbirf)., ptuoque, parrot.!tc . etc. Pr1ce HOW TO HUNT A.ND FISH. 1 0 cttut s. No. 35. No.8, Tb moJt complete bunting and floblng guide ever pubHOW TO PLAY GAMES Jished. It contains full instructions about gutas, huntin& HOW TO BECOME A SCIE:NTIST. with dooorip A complete and u s eful little book, containing the rnlee and regulations of billiarde, bagatelle, ba.ckaammon, oro-A userul and instructive book. giving a complete treatise quat, dominoes, etc. Price 10 cent& on cheJlli&t.ry: also, experiments in acoustics, mechanics, No.22. mathematics, chemistry. ant! directions for makina fire. No. 36, works, colored fires, and gas balloons. This book HOW TO DO SECOND SlGHT. be oqnaled. PricolO cenu. Heller's second explained by bis former assistant, HOW TO SOLVE CONUNDRUMS. No.9. Fred Hunt, Jr. how the secret d'alogues were (!ontaluing all the leading conundrum of the day, amualn HOW TO BECOME A VENTRILOQUIST. carried on bet,veen t e m&li{iCian and the boy on tbe stage; r1ddles. curious catches and witty sayiu&'s. Price 10 cent1 also giving a.ll the c odes an

r u FRANK TOUSEY'S HAND .BOOKS. No. 5 2 HOW T O PLAY CARD S A complete and bandy little book, the t"ules and full dU:eotions for playing Eucbre. Cassino, FortyFive, Roup.ce, Pedro Saocbo, Draw Poker, A nction All / ours, and man y other popular games of c ards. Pnce 1 0 cents. No. 53. HOW T O WUl'f E LE T TE R S A wonderful little book, telling you bow to "rite to your Eve;. ,. young man and every young farty in the land should ba e this book. Price 10 cents. No. 54. HOW TO KEEP A N D MANAGE P ETS kinde of pets; also giving full instruction s for waking caae!, etc. Fully explained by 28 bandeowe illustratiov-., nutktnl it the most complete book of the kind ever put;,.;. lshed. Price 10 cent&. No. 55. HOW 1' 0 C O L LEC'f S'l'AMPS AND C OI:SS. Oon\.aining valuable i nformation regarding the collecting and rranging of stamps and c oins. Handsomely IUustrated, Price 10 cents. No. 56. HOW T O BECO M E A N E NGINEER O ontaini og fuU instructions how to proceed in order to become a locomotive en&'ineer; also directions for building a model locomotive; together with a full d88criotion of 'every tbing ar-engineer should know Price 10 cents. 58. HOW '1'0 UE A DETEC'l'IVE. By Old King Brady, the world known detective. In wbicb. he lays down some valuable and_ seosil>Je rulet' for begm ners, and also relate sou'e adventUres and e.xperiences of Wtill-kuowu detdctives. cents. 59. HOW T O M A K E A. MAGIC LANTERN Containing a de,cnption of tbe lantern, together with it,s history and invention. Also full directions for its uee and for pAinting slides. Ha.n d sowoly Hlustrat.ed, by John A Hen .Price 10 cents. 61. HOW '1'0 BECOME A BOWLER. A. complete manual of bow lin g."/ Co ntaining fu ll i nstruction! for pbying all the standnrd American and German togethel' with ru)es and systems of &porting in u se States B7 63. HOW T O BECOM E A NAVAL CAD ET Complete instructions o f bow to aain admission to the Annapolis Naval Academy. Also containina tbe cooree of descr ipt10n& of erounds .and buildings his torical sketch, a.nd ever7thing a boy should know to b e Wes t Point Military Cadet." Price 10 c ents. 6 4 H ow to Make Elecirica} Machines Oont&iniua full directions for making Electrical Mach i n N Induction Coils, lJynamot, and many Novel 'l'of's t.o 1M By .R. A R. Jiennett. Fu lJ 65 Muldoon s J o k e s This is one of tbe moSt original joke books ever p nbliebed and it is brimful of wit and humor. It. co ntains a laree collection of songs, jokes. conundrums, eto., of T e r e nce of" Muldoou.'' for the 8 1 nall sum of 10 centa. Every boy who can enjoy a good oubstantial joke obo u ld o btain a co p y immdiately. 66. H o w To Do P uzzl es. By A. Anderson. Pric" 10 cents. 67. Hllw To Do E l ec t l'ir.a l Tricks Containing a lArR;e collecti o n of instructive and hia hl y amusing. e leotrical t r ic k s, together with ilhistratiou s. B7 A. Anderson. Price 10 cents. 68. How To Do C h e mi ca l T ricks. Containine Over one hundr ed highly amnai n e and i n structive tricks witb cbemicals. By A. Anderson. Hand somely illustrated. Price 10 cents. 69. H o w T o D o S l e i g h t o f Han d Containing ove r fifty of the latest and best tricks u s e d Mulligan's B o ard i ng House. M r s B rown's Boarding House. HUNTING FOR A WIFE By "Bric);:top." Profusely Illustrated by Thos. Worth. This l)ook illustrates the comic side of life, full of funny adventures and novel situations, abounding in jokes and original sayings. Price 10 cents '10 EU ltOPE HY .MIS TAI(E. By "Brick top:' Telling all about how it hap pened. Containing twelve illustrations by the great comic artist, Thos. Worth. Price ..-By" Bricktop." A-comic tale of tbe life of an By" Bricktop." A humorous description of the old bachelor in a New York boarding house-. many tr.ials and vicissitudes of a bachelor in Illustrated by Thos. Worth. Price 10 cents. search of a wife. Handsomely illustrated by Thomas Worth. Enclosed in a beautifully decorated cover. Price 1 0 cents. ::a::: e::o.. -r'")eck:e d By "Dricktop." A humorous description of the trials and tribulations of a henpecked husband. Handsomel y by Thos. Worth Pri ce 10 cents. Mrs. Snoodle's Curtain Lectures. 1 o COLUMBUS THE DISCOVERER OINING THE FREEMASONS. o n By "Bricktop. Containing a humorpus a c count of the 'l:!.uarrels, ad ventures, and laugh able situations of Mr. & Mrs. Snoodle. Em bracing 12 full-page illustrations, by Thomas Worth. Enclosed in a beautiful and ive cove r Price 10 cents. T h e Trial s o f an Old Sea Dog DODGING :A CREDI'l10R. initiating, passing, and o f the can By Duke Ragbag. An acco unt o f the voyage didate, together w ith the grip s and signs. of a n adventurous barber in search of a new By "Br icktop." A humorous description o f Fully lllustrated b y Thos. Worth. Price 10 land. Containing facts and fancies never be -how it was done. Abounding in f u n, humor l B y "Brickto p A h u m orous acc ount of the --cents. fore made public. Handsomely illustrated ari d interesting exneri ences. Fully ilQUR SERVANT @IRLS byThos.Worth. PricelOcents. lustrate Thomas W:orth . . : A BAOHELOll'S LOVE-SCRAPES. 1u an 11ummated cover. B y "Bricktop. This book cannot be sur-- GOING TO THE COUNTRY. passed for fun, interesting situations, and . h the humorous side of home life Abounding By1 Brtckt

) To :Co E:1ect_rica1 I Tric:k..s. 1:: Containing a. Large Collection of Instructive and Highly Amusing Electrical Tricks, Together With Illustra.tious. By A. Anderson. PrJce 10 Cents. F o r sale by all newsdealers, or s ent, post-paid, upo n recei p t o f p rice. Addre s s I Box 2730 FRANK TOUSEY, 34 & 36 Moore Street, New. York. Latest Issues of Latest Issues of J,ates t I ss ues of the rrDMIITHELIBRARY. Fraqk Reade Library YOUNG B y "NON AME.'' No 22 Shorty Jumor on HJa Ear; or, Always on a Racket, by Peter Pad Zi Jiin Jame: or, Jaclt of All Tradee, by 'J'om 'reaser 24 'l'ommy Dodd: o r, Bounced Everywhere, by Peter Pad by Pete r Pad on 'l'easer by !;nm Smiley 29 London Bob; or, An ll:na:lish Boy in Ameri ca, by 'l'om Teaser SO Ebenezer Crow by Peter Pad Sl Bob Sho rt; or, One of O u r Boys, by Smiley = 34 Stutte rl a g l::;a.m by Peter Pad Pad by Torn Teaser 37 'l'ommy Bounce, Jr.: or, A Chip of the Old Bl o ck by Pete r Pad S8 Twins: or, Whic h Was the Other? by 8!.111 Stnil e y 39 B o b R o lli ck; or, Wbar Wa. s He Born ForT by Peter Pa.d .0 1'be Short.ys ?t1arried and S ettled Dowu, by P e t .er P a d l' ommy B ounce Jr. in C ollege, by Peter Pad 42 The Shortys Out for Fun1 bY. Peter Pad 43 Hilly Bnkkuo the Boy Wtth Ah-Look '4 "Whiskers:'' or, One Y ear's Fun at Belltop A cademy, by Sarn Smiley 45 The Shortys Out l<' i shiog, by P eter Pad Peter Pad by Peter Pud 48 or. A Bootblack's Around the W orld. by UoUlmodoro Ab f..ook 61 Dand y Dick, the Doctor's Son; or, 'l'be Villa.sce '!' e rror. by Tom l 'easer 62 Sass)' Sam Sumner. A Sequel to" Sasa.t Sam by Commodore A h-Look t\.'i The Jolly Travelers; or, Aroand tbe 'VorJd for Fun, 64 l he :::Jhortye in the Wild West, gi 155 Muldoon. the Sport, by Tom Tease r 66 ()he eky and Chipper; or, TbrouR'b Tbfak and '!'bin, 67 T"o Hard Nuts; or. A Term gf Am'e Academy, by Snm Smiley = Store, by Left. 82 Joseph Jump and His Old Blind Naif, by Peter Pad 63 'J.'wo in a Boxi o r The Long and Short or It. by Tom Teasdr IU The Shorty Kiague ot the. Seve n Demons. \Vorking for the U S. M a iL 6 1 Young Sleut h s Big Contr&Cti or, Olean i ng Out t b & 61 or, Lost In the 62 or, T h e l f als e Detective's Vil62 Frank Reade .Tr.'a Electric Ice Boat; o r, Lost in the l ainy. Land of Crimson Sno.v Part II. 63 Youn g Sl euth's Terrible Test; o r Won at the Risk o f 63 C louds; or, 64 S leuth and t h e M a n W ith tbo D iamo n d E .' & Frank Reade, Jr:s E lectno 0)' clone; or, T hrilli n g A d 65 Youx.g Sleuth Accused; ot, lield tor Another e 'lJrime .. 65 Thrilling A d ve ntures in No Man' s Land. Part II. G reatest Rnse. 66 Th: Jr., i n Searoll of 68 Femal e Smuggler; or, Workin g 67 Air-Boat; or, Hunt-69 Ohan geo; t>r 'rile G ol d Bri?k 68 The \ lack Range; or. Fian k Rlad e Jr, Among the 7 0 Youn,: S leuth and the Owl s or Owl l\1ou n t aln; or, Th& 69 of Frank '11 The Keen DeU!ctiv&'di 7 0 Schoo n e r ; 72 or. Sharp Work Among Sharp. '11 the Lakes; 73 tieven Signs; or, 1'he Keen A Journey TbTough Africa br Wa.ter. M R rked 'l'rail. 72 Arift In Africai,or, Frank Reade. Jr. Among the Ivo ry 74 Y ou nr, !;l e uth o n the Stege; or, An Act N o t on t h & 73 Jr.'s Air75 at Mo nte Oarlo; or, The Orime o f t b & 74 or, Around the '16 and the Man with the 'l'attooed Arm; Globe in 'fbirty Days. Tracking Missing Millio n s. '15 Frank Reade, Jr and Hie Fl_ying Ice Ship; o r, 77 Young S leuth 1n Demi / "ohn O it7; or, Wa.ltzio Wil-Driven Adrif t in the Frozen Sk,Y. Schoo 76 or, '18 a Young Americ&D '17 Frank Reade, Jr. Exploring a Submaraine Mountnin; '19 l oung Sleuth Almost K n ocked Out; or, Nell 78 or, l'hrilling EK) the Kid Number Two; or, Th& Adventures in Nnrtb A ustralia. Hidden Ranch of the Panba.ndie. 79 Serpent; or, Sil: 8 1 Stroke; or, The L a dy Deteo80 Frank Reade, Jr.'s Desert Explorer; or, The Under 82 Murdered in a Alaak ; or, Young Sleuth at tbe French ground City of the Sahara. Ball. 81 Frank Reade. Jr.'s New Electric Air-:Sbip the Ze-83 Young Sleuth in. Paris; or, The Keen Detective a nO or, From North to South Around the Globe 64 Brigands: or,l'he Keei> 82 Fra.r1k Reade, Jr.'s New Electrio Air--Sbfp the ZeDetective's Grentest Rescue. pbyr;" or, From to South Aroun d the Globe. 85 Young Sleuth and & Dead Man's Secret; or, The !Ilea-Part II. . s a go in tho HJ


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