University of South Florida yearbook. (1965)

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University of South Florida yearbook. (1965)

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University of South Florida yearbook. (1965)
Alternate title:
Aegean. (1965)
University of South Florida
USF Faculty and University Publications
Place of Publication:
Tampa, Fla
University of South Florida
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9 v. : ill. ; 32 cm.


serial ( sobekcm )


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 1, no. 1 (1963/64)-no. 9 (1972).
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Vol. for 1972 lacks enumeration.

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University of South Florida Library
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University of South Florida
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LD 1799.8 .A44 1964/65 v.2


Aegean U nive rsity of South Florida Tampa, Florida Volume Two 1964-65




Table of Contents Opening section . 6 Academics . . 52 Organizations. . 82 Graduates . 148 5


Accent on Learning But ...


Sa nta and his helpers bedeck Tampa in lights ...


th( donnitorits turn on their dwrm (liS nellas their li!!ht s ) liS Christnu1s nears


First 1 lonteconzin!{ 1964 10


Singing, swimming, food and fun,. a first for South Florida 11


12 production used for Tempest'-Douglas Watson, Brof.Ulway actor plays Prospero


Stzulents at tvork in the fine arts 13


... tltJtlzitztl. itz tlze lftJrlll ( 16




Dor111 C(lll. be ju1z sometimes -'(;;' ,-, I I I


20 studetzls rall y around the p:irls in a riot aidell by troopers llll(l l'a rious adtninistrators




All students are subjected to a chaos known as registration 23


In a flurry of energy, freshmen are introduced to the rigors o J the Physical Education Department


Freshmen are allowed to vent their frustrations under the guidance of physical education instructors 25


First intercollegiate soccer team plays a fast moving game


Games are played at any tLme




... ... ; '!-J(eeping our bodies active and fit while enjoying ourselves


32 The perils of a thrilling skateboard or a dangerous pie throw are -fnet by fearless students




34 n I. Greeks play and race and have slwving cream battles --for fun .... ;;


I 36


From pool watching to far out dancing students find ways to keep busy 37


It was time for politics and USF campus was treated to a debate between governor candidates Robert J(ing High and Haydon Burns




The Four Freshmen give two performances


More showmen on campus: 42 Count Basie and his big band also the Platters


MacKinley Kantor Sargeant Shriver Pearl Buck are still more personalities at USF


1'---..j Campus abounds with comel y coeds 46




Students relax with a cigarette, with food or with drums /


The campus suffers with rain and minor flooding at the riverfront property 51






President John S. Allen 54


State Board. of Control: Dr. Charles R. Forman, Chester E. Whittle, Chairman Baya M. Harrison, Jr., James L. King, Gert H. W. Schmidt, Executive Director J. Broward Culpepper, John C. Pace and Dr. Wayne C. McCall. The Administrators forming a team effort to insure quality education Gov. Farris Bryant


56 French retires, becomes first dean emeritus. Harris Dean heads Academic Affairs Dean Harris W. Dean Dean Sidney J. French


. I Preparing students for the world of big business, the College of Business Administration gives students a broad foundation in general and liberal education Dean Charles Millican Dr. Louis Jurgensen William D. Heier


58 College of Engineering, newest of the University's undergraduate colleges Dean Edgar Kopp


-----Dr. Thomas Stovall, secondary education Dr. Donald Lantz, professional ed ucation Dean Jean Battle First graduate level courses offered at USF are in Education 59


60 Dr. Donald Rose, functional mathematics Dr. James Parrish, fun c tional English The College of Basic Studies -two years trairting lays a fourtdation for upper division / work Dr. Clarence Clark. physical science


Dr, Charles Mi c arelli, foreign languages Dr. Leslie Malpa ss b e ha v ioral sc i e n c e D e an Edwin P. Martin Dr. James Ray, biological science 61




English, behavioral science, natural science, mathe1natics, foreign languages, A1nerican idea, physical ---------education, hzunanities: common to all graduates of USF 63


College of Liberal Arts; continui Dean Russell Cooper 64


tg the liberal education begun in basic studies Dr. Theodore Ashford, natural science Dr. William Cameron, s o c ial science Dr. Robert Zeiter, language & literature 65


Wide area of learning in Liberal Arts


Offering courses in astrono1ny, botany, chemistry, physics, geology, lnathentatics and zoology


Richard Hunter. coordinator. admissions Ironing out the burdens of students, sending out grades, prepar'tng schedules and IBM cards just a few of the tasks of the Office of the Registrar Dr. Frank Spain. rt>[ristrar


Merle Slater, Cecil Brooks, assistant registrars Ronald K e ll er, assistant registrar


72 A chance to show one's physical skills and to learn others -:--------------;-. > .. : ..


KTWwledge being assimilated in rates ranging from leisurely to cramming is characteristic of the Library. Here, students congregate in the lobby discussing topics ranging from world politics to last night's date while others study in the quiet solitude of the reading roo1ns. Elliot Hardaway director of the Library


Arts and Exhibits Committee tries creativity 89


Bottom row: Fred Jenkins, Joe Beckham, Dennis McGarry, Top row: Tim Claringer, John Hogue, Ridge Jones, Beau Rogers, Woody Owen, Ken Mullis, John Braley, Tom Eure, John Reber, Dan Hersey Bob Cole, Dick Darman, Tal Bray, Ben Earnest, Karsten Mikalsen, Frank Gallant, Tony Fioreto. Second row: Dave Duk es, Sam Roberts, Joe Sullivan, Steve Nail, Dave Don Walker, Dwyght Clark, Robin Kirk, Steve Dennis, Buddy Taylor, Gary Prophitt. Par ks, Ernie Sneel, Tom Oldt, Dave Licktenfels, Don Wright. The motto of A rete is truth, wisdom and courage. The accent is on service, but the brothers remember the Chevalier Ball, pledge party and the Coffee House with pride of accomplishment.


Dave Pulliam, Dean Tomlinson, Glen Ellis. Fourth row: Charlie Humble, Gary Williams, John Bear, Ri c k Br own, B o b Gadsden, Jim Coplon. Top row: Pete Belstram, Dan Grothiu s Richard W eis1_, Mike Talbert, Bobby Dick, Pete Doyal. ;


The colors of Enotas are black and gold. This year will be remembered with enthusiasm by the brothers. lntramu rals and social functions, for leadership in college life is Enotas.


FIA was founded in March, 1961. The motto is friendship, integrity and achievement and the colors of FIA are gold and white for richness and purity. The girls of FIA have had a busy year. Their dedication to friendship, integrity, and achievement has been honored with their participation in intramurals, service projects, money-rarsmg projects and parties.


Kneeling: Genie Parnell, Sherry Sears, Linda Rushing, Cheryl Beckner, Judy Harris, Betty Lou Oliver, Paula Paster, "AI" Smith, Pam Morales, lane Campbell, Holly Gwinn. Standing: Alice Crownover, Kathy Rhyne, Lou Jean Hackney, Eva 100 Waldron, Sherry Cornwall, Shelia Savage, Anita Garcia, Carol Phitzer, Marilee Clapp, Jeanne Shea, Janis Bell, Patsy Well s, Roni Lerner, Toni Spoto, Sally Edgerton. Seated: Mary Hill, Jackie Korb, Merrily Miller, Jeanie Sims.


Faith, oath, honesty that is Fides. The girls can look back on their service projects, Fun 'n Fancy weekend, Parents Weekend, intramurals, and the bicycle race. They received the All-University lntramurals Trophy, first place in the Greek Sing. These are memories for Fides girls.


'102 Kappa Iota Omega --founded in 1961 with the viewpoint of brotherhood, and mutual helpfulness, allowing each man to assist his brother on the way to becoming a better man. KIO is not just a fraternity, but a way of life.


Bottom row: Marvin Propes, Joe Loudermilk David Bassett, Tom Grimmer, H e nr y Rissman. S tairs: Jim McLaughlin .John Sullivan, L e o Perrozla Bob Ro se AI Smolty, Frank Marinus, Jim Whatl ey, Fred Dudley, Ken Vagts, Ken Godi n W es Tyle r Bob Focht. Bob Gower, Carro ll Wright, Terry .feA' erie s, S t e ve Scr iven er, .Jim Kitchens, G. L. Bartlett, Murphy Osborne and Dr. Robert Pas t erna k advisors. 103




Charles Wildy Dean of Men 76 Raymond King student organizations Robert Egolf student health center Margaret Fisher Dean of Women


Kermit Silverwood financial aids Gilman Hertz physical education Thomas Rich developmental center Herbert ]. Wunderlich Dean of Student Affairs Student A if airs -someone ready to help Ln any area, anyttme 77


78 L Dennard. Robert .dmini stratwn dean of a C Eichholz Gerhar_d .l resources educatwna Cl 'fford J n se rvices evaluatw


Administrators performing a host of important duties to keep the University running smoothl y Andrew Rodg ers a i s tant business manager 1 ohn Egerton news bureau J o hn Goree auxiliary services Clyde Hill physical plant 79


80 In addition to regular classroom and laboratory exercises, Co-operative Education Program acquaints the student with the world of work and a professional environment ......,............_ I








Executive Board: Phyllis Marshall, advisor; Duane Lake, UC director; Rena Antinori, administrative assistant. UC Program Council: Ed Coris, public relations; AI Soriano, hospitality; Ray Fleming, recreation; Bobbi Sironen, fashion and talent; Bob Whisnant, vice-president; Dave Duk es, presi-dent; Charlotte Amman, secretary; Diana Humphreys, dance; Jim O'Connor, special events; Donni e Nelson, personnel.


The University Center-bridging the gap between acad emic and non-academic life, assisting students in becoming responsible, social-minded citizens of the USF community. 85


86 Fashion and Talent Committee, Recreation Committee, plan activities well





PAGE 100

How-to-do-it courses aid students -UC Lessons Committee

PAGE 101

Hospitality Committee gives that l h" persona touc

PAGE 102


PAGE 103

Co-ordinating extra functional activities on campus 93

PAGE 104

Bottom row: Nanci Lewis, Greer Krajicek, Alene Yarrow, Geraldine Garcia. Second row: .Janice Higgins, Rosemary Waisman, Marie Murdock, Margaret Mason, Carolyn Robert, Mary Kay Posey, .Janie Rogers, .Judy Garcia, Sylvia McGinity, Gini Dowling. Third row: .Jeanni Bageard, .Janice .Jordan, Marsha Hoffman, Sandra .. .Joyce Fowler, Karen Little, Kaye Williams, Carolyn Walker, Diana Little, Barbara Warren. Top row: Edwina Eubanks, Yolanda Martinez, Phyllis Tarr, Susan Gray, Monica Harty, Kathy Ladd.

PAGE 105

Seated: Frances Stahlbush, Karen o:Grady, Sue Stelzer, Carol Spencer, Angie Molina, Guyla Harrison. Second row: Betty Pearce, Janice kang, Margaret Burlington, Nancy White, .Tan Vail, Carolyn Kaiser. Top row: Vicki Lancaster, .Tune Peronto, Ruby Ann Murphy, Cynthia Vigo, Margaret Cruz, Marta Fernandez, Ara Cauvel, Lynne Taylor, Kitty Graham, Jane Achbach, Diane Wilderotter, Eleanor McCarthy, Colleen Bowen.

PAGE 106

Paideia girls look back on the Greek Week trophy, homecoming trophies, workshops, picnics, parties, hayrides, carwashes, and red blazers with a red rose. Paideia is: self-enhancement, self-discipline and self realization

PAGE 107

Summer was: Talos beach week, preparation for the fall trimester and rush plans. In the fall fourteen men pledged Talos. There was pie throwing, car washing, homecoming, pledge party, Hawaiian party and the Halloween party. The brothers will remember camping together and the pledge-brother football game. As fall ended there were fourteen new brothers for Talos. Bottom row: Ted Gose, Larry Hilker, Andres Tartler. Second row: Kent Mikalsen, Mike Shea, Charles Coflin, Terry Re, Eugene Turner, Charles Haile, Bill Thompson, Tom Brown. Standing: Mike Curr, Lou Ambrose, Andy Hamrick, T e rry Chapman, Dave Crawford. Seated: John Zeien, Pete Rowe, John Shofi, Bob Claussen.

PAGE 108


PAGE 109

In another year for Tri-SIS, they were the first recipient of Scholarships for International Students (Suzanne Chung), had a full social whirl all year, the ski-lodge party by moonlight, the Topaz Ball, mother-daughter teas, picnics, dinner at-six, camping trips, and slumber parties. For Tri-SIS there is a tradition of service, integrity, and sociability.

PAGE 110

Bottom row: Suzanna Chung, Carol Diamond, Sue Smalley, G e rry Coto, Carol McCorma ck, Joyce Humble. Second row:. Pat Dav i s, Ann Hensen Aileen Castellano, Dian e Fucarino, D o nna Trawick, Maxin e Levine, Sandy Pryty ka. Third row : Janell e Patric k, Marjorie Br o ad street, Liz Outten, Lauri e Bamberge r Cheryl Ficke, Emma Gonzalez, La Donna Coggins, Cynthia Clarkson. Fourth ro\1": Margarita Alejo, Genelle Fernandez, Barbara Bates, Fran Wilson, Ola .lea n Cason, Cecilia Todd, Anna Yeabower. Fifth row: Mary Jane P e na, Linda Haefn e r Patti Roberts, Roseann Garc ia, Jennifer Albritton, Kelda Fountain, Laura Scoggin s, Patti Co plon, Kathy Guye r Annette Mason. Stair s : A nna Marie Gibso n, Maxine Mocabee, Sandy Lucido, Virginia Grizzaff e, Rosalie Rodriguez, Sally Bakalar.

PAGE 111

E P hl D l Packar, Mike Doliton, Bob Jacobs. Standing: Andrew C. M k Bob Leonard, ric a a e John D_obhi?-, Ron rozShaw TimHuselton,RayWilewsky, Rodger s advisor. 0 1 Knight, Mike Otto, Barry Denm s S1lver, ar 1ege Verdandi was begun in October, 1963. Since then there has been the work at the Tampa Children's Home, lake parties, the Las Novedades initiation, the summer convention, the Greek Sing (champs}. 110

PAGE 112


PAGE 113


PAGE 114

Zeta Phi Epsilon is a young, growmg fraternity striving for social, moral, and intellectual character, giving to campus and community. Social and athletic activities for the development of a whole person in spirit, mind, and body this is Zeta Phi Epsilon. Their knight symbolizes courage with honor as a goal. B o ttom row: Al Spencer, Ri c hard Harold, Maurice Rakes, Carl Johnson. Second row: Raymond L ong, Ronald B. Alvarez, Sam Williams, Ed Brackett, Tom Demmo, Bob Dale.

PAGE 115

Bottom row: Henry Diamond, Bill Strouse, John Holmes, Paul Harvey. Second row: Buddy Bawnbauk, Hobdy Edmondson, Fred Bayless, Gary Ragan, Bob O'Leary. Third row: Richard de Avero, AI Mathis, frank Caldwell, Les Muma, John Brownlee, Jon Axford, Greg Nichols, Jc)e Scott, Ralph Daniel, Phil Keys. Top row: Tom Gates, George Naze, Link Walther. Cratos: on the move with a rapidly growLng membership, varied backgrounds and abilities. r-r-Maroon Marauder" Indicative of rapid growth.

PAGE 116

Interfraternity Council: seated, Steve Scrivner, Dave Puliam, Clausen, Joe Beckham, Ralph Daniels, Les Muma, Tom Demmo, Fred Dudley. Standing: Ralph Vasquez, George Bartlett, Bob Bernie Quinn, Bob Leonard, Raymond C. King, advisor. Interfraternity Council, Council of Fraternal Societies, Council of Sororities Governing the Greeks Council of Sororities: seated, Karen O'Grady, Mary Hill, Sally erton. Standin Shel Lewis, Vicki Lancaster, Nelda Fountain, Sally Bakalar, Monica Frances Stahlbush. Council of Fraternal Societies: Andy Tarlter, Kathy Ladd, Mary Hill, Fred Dudley, Karen O'Grady. 115

PAGE 117

Ron Johnson, vice-president Bob Ashford, president

PAGE 118

Carol Wedel Cherry! Day Student Association

PAGE 119

Officers: George Salmon. vice-president; Judy Garc ia, secre. tary-treasurer; Clif Suddarth, president; Tiny" Geiger, out going president. The Racquet Club sponsors tennis demonstrations and various tournaments. One of the club's feature events is the studentstaff tournament which is held every trimester. Kneeling: George Salmon, Judy Garcia, Kermit Silverwood, advisor Vicki Wade, Clif Suddarth. Second row: Billy Knight, Chuck Levin, Jeanne Minnich, Sue Paterson Rosemary Connolly, Bill Mathes, Phil Bickers, Dennis Schaub. Top row: David Bauer, "Tiny" Geiger, Mike Hilley, Gary Reynolds, George Orfely, Tommy Jacobson, Bruce Moore, Larry Goodman. ,_.,,.....-.,.-USF RACQUET ClUB

PAGE 120

Bottom row: Tom Shetter, Erni e Ciarrocchi, Glenn Brosch, advisor George Thomas, Jac k Parks, Steve Nall Jay R a msey, David Bower, Clif Suddarth. Second row: Richard Bower s Mick Nash. Sports Club Council serves as the governing body of the sports clubs

PAGE 121

Bottom row: Donald Bush, Bruce Pettyjohn, Victor Nye, Wayne Merriwether. Top row: Rennie Osborne, Shirley, Ric hard Bano. Second row: Barbara Landley, Frank Powers, Carolyn Robert, Carol Braxton, Jerry Mary Starn es, Cheri Lemons, Bernadine Beringia, Bob Morris. The Windjammers: one of USF's most active sports clubs.

PAGE 122

Dedicated to the betterment of motor sports -The Sports Car Club. Steve Nall, Douglas Metcal f R .T. Welz, John Oswalt, Henry Cordova, Mike Minardi, James Tedwell, .Tames Megronigle, Henry Hollman Peter B. O Sullivan, advi sor.

PAGE 123

KARATE CLUB: In Action, John Sullivan, Jack Parks. Kneeling, Mark Morey, Clay Steffee, Bob Rubin, William Callahan, Oiff Canter, Fred e rick Elson, Darrly M. Weiler, Howard Harris, John D e mi, David Tucker, Carl Smith. Stand ing, Mark Siegel, Enrigue Marcet, Wayn e Abare Ead Archer. SOCCER CLUB: Kneeling: Steve Dennis, Frank Nitezy, Darrell Dyal, Steve, Bob Nye, Hank Murphy, John Braley, Roman Sinchet, Allan Knight, Mike L augh ery Standing: Bob Cold, Bob, Sam Black, Richard Byrd, Bill Dreye r, Dean Amad e n, Russ e ll Avery, Del Rio Christianti, Ray Price, Jim Black. Charles Schrader advisor Phil Boller Ted Knowles, Steve,

PAGE 124

FENCING CLUB: Tom Drake, Judy McKown, Canlisle Smith, Janet Klein, George Thomas, Barbara Lott, Bi]] Kuhn, JoAnne Young, advisor. Competition with an oriental or 1 I a continental flair for these sportsmen GOLF CLUB: Dr. Frank Dudley, Dr. Norman Smith, Ed Whidden, S. A. Mendoza, Dr. William Garrett, advisor, Toni Walker, Dennis Cliffe, Bob Newbern, Dr. Don Harkness, Roger Costello, Mike Nash. 123

PAGE 125

BARBENDERS: Bottom row, Paul Fetscher, Ernie Prentize, Jay Ramsey, R. E. Dutton, advisor. Second row, Junior Austin, Tom Nelson, Mike Fowler, Ken Magid, Dick Fahey, Miguel TRACK CLUB: Bottom row, Dennis College, Phil Flater, Alan Hill, David Bower, Geor ge Hearne. Second row, Dean Corral, Dan Heard. Top row, Kit Scruggs, Jerry Union, Pat Minnox, Gordon Clement, Dennis College, Eugene Schmidt, Bryon Webb.

PAGE 126

BOWLING CLUB: Ron Alvarez, Bob Haverstick, Ken Mathewson, Mary Hunt, Morry Rakes, Pam Damm, Ernie Lease, Bob Burkhardt, Kathy Rhyne, Ciarrucchi, Alan Cooper, Peter Silver, Gerald Locastle, Terry Kurima, John Carol Wedel, Blake Tyler, Wes Tyler, Sullivan, George Clark, Linda Hoffman, Pat Hayhurst, Jim Smith, John Hester, Clotie Cunningham, Dave Fleer, Dave Chester Kotake, Dan Ochrenider, Nancy Bunch, Bobby Combes. Whether it's bowling, weight lifting, running or practicing judo -we've got it here JUDO CLUB: In action, Glenn Brosch throwing David St. Mike Merrill, Ellen Gahan, Bill Meaaows, Cliff Canter, Carl John. Kneeling, Phil Boller, Bruc.e Goorland, Suzanne James, Dorigan, Roger Taylor, Bob Jennings.

PAGE 127

Bottom row: Mary K. Bowman, Trudy Borkman, Joan Napoli, Gerri Coto, Anna Marie Gibson, Karen Hall, Mary Penn. Second row: Bernard Zaidman, Barbara Ann Koon, Aida Giglio, Emma Gonzalez, Sarajean McArthur, Mary Ellen Hicks, Cosmo SFEA officers: Cheryl Brumme t, Joan Napoli, R e. Third row: Dr. Carol Douglas, advisor, Linda Sewindall Louisa Tietz, Cheryl Brummett. Top row: Ernie Ciarrocchi, Carol Sue Moore, Carol Williams, Phyllis Masters, Joe Capan. Trudy Borkman Sara1ean McArthur, Mary P enn. Student Florida Education Associationforming ties to lead teachers into their profession 126

PAGE 128

Seated: Lee Felt, John Oxford, Sally Bakalar, Merrily Miller, Ed Wagner, Sherry Wood, Leo Perrilia, Holly Hendriksen Andrea Gregory. Standing: Cheryl Hammons, Bob Claussen, Leon Aubel. Lutherans --promoting religious fellowship

PAGE 129

Tom Gates, Mike Talbert, Steve Moreland, John M. Cattimer, Dawna Lynn Falden, Carol Starke, Glenda Kay Shavers, Linda Jim O'Connor, Dennis McGarry, John Re b er, Judy Miller, Zur o Joan Cullman. 128 Inter-Hall Council go v erns life of the dorms

PAGE 131

Raleigh Mann, editor -Joe K e mpster editorial page Steve Yates, advisor

PAGE 132

Campus Edition--putting professional standards to practice on student newspaper Jay Beckerman, feature editor Charles Ennis, sports e ditor Pat Pulkrabek, executive editor

PAGE 133

WUSF-FM, WUSF-TV Broadcasting daily programs of wide interest 132

PAGE 134


PAGE 135

Music expressed ln varwus creative forms

PAGE 137

In class, on stage students perfect their musical talents 136

PAGE 138


PAGE 139

PAGE 140

The Theatre: where professional standards count

PAGE 142

Rigid Discipline with intense enjoyment

PAGE 143


PAGE 144

Painting, sculpturing; just two aspects of Visual Arts 143

PAGE 145

The Aegean--and the task of creating a new approach to yearbooks in magazine f ormat Sun Nucciu, editor lt4 --....... Larry Hevia, layou t editor Dr .. A. T. Scroggins, adVIsor

PAGE 146

Michael Foerster, managing editor Kathy Man etta, senior editor 145

PAGE 147

Ted Case. photographer Cal Sparks, photographer Kathy Guyer, club and fraternity editor 146

PAGE 148

Ann-Marie Gibson, Ruth Orendorf, typists The Job: Capturing the students at work or having fun 147

PAGE 149


PAGE 150


PAGE 151

Robert Adair Theodore Albert Karen Anderson Robert Arango 160 Annette Albrecht Ronald Aldrich Roland Alfonso Yvonne Alfonso James Allen William Allen Robert Andersen Jr. Joyce Ash James Albritton Clyde Atkisson Jr

PAGE 152

Frederick Atterbury Larry Bailey John Bell Richard Banos Herman Barber Robert Barber Jr. Joan Barrentine Thomas Beasley Cheryl Beckner Barbara Bennett Clinton Baker Douglas Baker Robert Bickel Peter Bicke r s 151

PAGE 153

Ellis Biddle Jr. Darrell Blackburn William Blalock Jr. Robert Blayney Doris Bliss Ernest Boger 152 Lewis Bower Jr. James Breslin Jr. Evelyn Britt Julia Brock Terrance Brogan William Broughton

PAGE 154

Katharine Brown Pasco Brown Robert Brown Walter Browning Judith Bryan William Burkhardt Janet Byrnes Jennings Campbell III Carlos Cano Joseph Capua Charles Carlton Thomas Cardinale Carol Carpenter

PAGE 155

Charles Carranza Sarah Ann Clark 154 Rebecca Carveth Martha Cerra Gail Chadwick Pasco Chancey Jr. James Chapman Alexandra Childs Ethel Clark Mary Clayton Joseph Castellano Rosanne Castro Katherine Coleman Lenora Collins

PAGE 156

James Conner Jr. Kay Copeland James Dawkins Jr. Emerson Day Stanley Corces Alton Couturier John Cross Richard Curtis Norman Cutson Miriam Davis Patricia Davis Henry Dee Margaret Corrales William Dew 155

PAGE 157

Donnell Diamond Joseph Diorio Robert Dubay Ralph Durante 156 Merle Dilworth Carolyn Draughon Alexander English Rose English Donna Epstein Jane Ertzberger Frank Falero Jr. James Felter

PAGE 158

Doris Ferlita Frances Fernandez Henry Fernandez Vivian Ferraro William Ferree Leslie Ferris George Foltarz James Ford Jr. Frances Freeman Gail Ford Ann Francis Frederick Frey III 157

PAGE 159

Diane Gaddy Dennis Garcia Judith Gillis Sara Giunta 158 Diane Garcia Joan Garrott Norma Gause Gordon Gibson Aida Giglio Courtland Gildrie Louise Gill George Glossman Rosann Garcia Robert Gonzalez

PAGE 160

Vilma Gonzalez Janice Harper Donald Gordon John Gruetzmacher Richard Hamilton William Hampton Jr. Frank Hancock William Haney Jr. John Hardy Marie Harrell John Grant Jr. Myrle Grate Jr. Carlton Hart III Esley Heath 159

PAGE 161

Ronald Heinz Ruth Hiatt Roberta Hughes Joel Jackson 160 William Hersey Carol Hitchins Lorne Hunsberger James Jeter Anders Johnson James Judy William Key II Don Kilgore Arline King Sandra King

PAGE 162

Omar Kinkennon Mary Kintigh Frederick Kirsch Jr. William Klay Barbara Klein Roy Kotsch Karen Leach James Leininger 161

PAGE 163

Albert Lima Larry McCain 162 Anita Lindsay Samuel Looney Jr. Gloria Lopez Yolanda Lopez Joan Lowrey Jeanette Lucido Mary McAvoy Thomas Little Douglas MacCaskill Donald McCormick Geraldean Long :.... Donald McCrimmon Jr

PAGE 164

Owen McCullen Emilee McEver Judith Marsh William Marsh Arthur !\lcFarland Kaney MacGillivray Dorothy McGinnis Karen McKay Barry Mallinger Lamar ::\larchese Mary Marrone Yolanda Martinez Anne :\lcGee Charles Massey III

PAGE 165

Phyllis Masters Eugene Mathews James Mims Miriam Minor 164 Susanna Matthews Charles Merkle Jr. Richard Metcalf Paul Metts Jeanne Miller June Miller Sandra Miller Bonnie Mitchell Frank Meiners Jr. Robert Mitchell

PAGE 166

Ralph Mizrahi Philip Morron Huston Moffitt William Moore Anthony More Charles Morgan Lana Morgan Sandra Morgan Nancy Morley Nancy Morrow James Moger Beverly Moore Ina Murdock Jeanne Murgado 165

PAGE 167

Helen Murrah Michael O'Brien 166 Richard Murrell Jr. William Muth Charlie Myrick Jr. Elaine Navarro Dennis N azak Roy Nelms Lynn Nichols Charles Norman Robert Ochsenhirt Jr. Jo Ann Oliveri Richard Oppel

PAGE 168

George Orfely Rose Overstreet Joseph Powell Phillip Price William Oyler Joyce Peacock Betty Pearce John Pelley Stephen Perrone Evelyn Pointer JoAnn Porter Simon Price John Parrino David Priest 167

PAGE 169

Dick Puglisi Zinia Ramos Ernest Rhamstine Ann Ring 168 Arthur Pyatt Carlton Reichert Dianne Richard Arthur Robbins Denni s Roberts Elizabet h Roberts Kathleen Rodger Joe Rodriguez Mariano Rodriguez Geoffrey Rogers

PAGE 170

James Rogers Kenneth Rogers Sievert Rohwer II Ken Rollins Jr. Robert Rose Harvey Rosen Janice Rothbauer James Sackett Leslie Salter Evelyn Sanchez Priscilla Salemi Armando Sanchez Robert Savadge 169

PAGE 171

George Schmidt Lee Schofield Judith Shelton Marian Sheppard 170 Carole Schultz Joseph Scolaro Jr. James Scott John Sessums Bonnie Shaffer Stephen Shannon Dwight Shatto Ronald Schultz Vaughn Shoemaker Michael Sierra

PAGE 172

Patricia Smith Roger Sutor Jr. Connie Snyder Jolee Stamper Marilyn Stanaland Eileen Stanton Charles Stuart Dwight Stuckey Ronald Sumpter William Sweat James Spina John Springer Anthony Tantimonaco Sharon Tarson 171

PAGE 173

Mary Taylor Annie Tuzzolino 172 Angelo Telese Lawrence Thompson Robert Thompson Louisa Tietz Elba Torres Ronald Trost Bernadette Trottier Harry Uhl Myra Terrill James Vas tine Michael Vigue

PAGE 174

Edmund Vollrath Floy Walker Kay Watkins Deanna Watson Wen dell Wall Lincoln Walther Jane Ward John Ward Jr. Estelle Warfield Jon Warrington James Waters .James Watson Miriam Walter Alfred Watton 173

PAGE 175

Dorothy Wedel 174 Gerald Weeks Harry Whidden Sr. Charlotte White Mary White Harold Wickersham Priscilla Williams Charles Welch Marilee Wells Marthe Wilson Robert Windi sman

PAGE 176

John Winnie James Woods LarryWium Phyllis Wolberg Glenda Wood Marguerite Wood Terry Woodcock James Woodroffe III Lafayette Woolwine Frederica Zachow Carol Wolfgang Diana Zangmaster 175

PAGE 178

Seniors --1WW graduates and 1WW expenencLng goals they dreamed of as freshmen

PAGE 179

178 Senior Directory ADAIR, ROBERT W.; August, 1.964; B:A. H .istoryEducation; Fine Arts Council, president, Social Organization; Geography 91ub; Club; .Student Association Executive Committee; Theatre. ALBERT, THEODORE M.; 'December, 1964; B.A. Mathematics; Math Club; Math Department, dent assistant; University Math Tutor; Russian Language Club. ALBRECHT ANNETTE E.; April, 1964; B.A. Elementary Education; Ethelontes So ciety; Pan American Club; Cathohc Club. ALBRITTON, JAMES D.; April, .B.A. Acc.ounting;. Senior Accounting vice-president, treasurer; Busmess Admmistration Club; In tram urals. *ALDRICH RONALD R.; April, 1964; B.A. E cono mics 'Business Administration Club, president, vice-president, treasurer; Civic. tative, College of Business Admimstration. ALFONSO RONALD C.; December, 1964; B.A. Soci ology;'Judo Club. ALFONSO YVONNE; August, 1964; B.A. Elementary Education; University Band; Siges Fraternal Society. *ALLEN, JAMES R.; April, 1964; B.A. Zoology ; qold Key Honor Society; National Science FoundatiOn, research in Chemistry; Degree with Honors. ALLEN, WILLIAM R.; December, 1964; B.A. Ac counting; Business Administration Club; Intramurals; Work-Study Program; Student Assistant. ANDERSEN, ROBERT E., JR.; April, 1964; B.A. Accounting; Kappa Iota Omega Fraternal ciety, social chairman, vice-president, rush chairman; Social Coordinating Council; Council of Fraternal Societies, Rush Committee; Senior Ac counting Organization; Student Association Leg islative Representative. ANDERSON, KAREN C.; April, 1964; B.A. Zoology; Interim Steering Committee; Civic Unit Representative; Young Republicans Club, vice-president; Zoology Research and Teaching Assistant. ARANGO, ROBERT M.; December, 1964; B.A. Psy-chology. *ASH, JOYCE H.; April, 1964; B.A. Elementary Education; Gold Key Honor Society; Degree with Honors. ATKISSON, CLYDE E., JR.; December, 1964; B.A. Education. ATTERBURY, FREDERICK, R.; December. 1964; B.A. Sociology; Talos Fraternal Society, secretary; Council of Fraternal Societies, treasurer; Student Polling Committee; Upper Class Coun celor. *BAILEY, LARRY D.; April, 1964; B.A. Marketing; Business Administration Club, chairman of Introduction Committee for Business Opportunities Conference. BAKER, DOUGLAS R.; December, 1964; B.A. Man agement-Personnel Administration; Business Ad ministration Club, president; Student Associa tion, civic unit chairman. BANOS, RICHARD; December, 1964; B.A. Astronomy; Windjammers Club. BARBER, HERMAN E.; August, 1964; B.A. History. ROBERT E., JR.; August, 1964; B.A. EngIs *BARREN'flNE, JOAN S.; April, 1964; B.A. Studies-Education; Gold Key Society; Student Florida Education Assocmbon. BEASLEY, THOMAS M.; Decembe:r;, 1964; B.A. Accounting ; Circle K, charter president; Arete Fraternal Society. BECKNER, CHERYL A.; Deceml?er, 1964; B.A. ciology; Fides U. C. Hospitality Committee; Library Assistant. *BELL, JOHN P.; April, 1964; B.A. Gold Honor Society Enotas Fraternal Society; Circle K ; Student Degree With Honors. BENNETT, BARBARA S.; ASu. gu.stt, B.A;, manities; Gold Key Honor o<;Ie y; egean Editor Athenaeum, women s honorary, president; 'All-University Book Ar!l'os Residence Council secretary ; Resident Assistant; U. C. Hospitahty Committee; "Campus Edition" staff; Press Club; University Chorus. *BICKEL ROBERT D.; April, 1964; B.A. Personnel and 'General Administration; Beta Hall, president Argos Residence Council, Beta Hall, vicepresident; Speech Association, president, vicepresident; Debate, president; Creator of USF mascot, "Golden Brahman". *BICKERS, PETER W.; April, 1964; B.A. Divisional Natural Sciences; Degree with Honors. *BIDDLE, ELLIS R., JR.; April, 1964; B.A. Marketing ; Kappa Iota Omega Fraternal Society; Westminster Fellowship; Business Administration Club; U.C. Personnel Committee. *BLACKBURN, DARRELL R.; April, 1964; B.A. Psychology; Degree with Honors. *BLALOCK, WILLIAM R., JR., April, 1964; B.A. English; "Campus Edition," Editor; "Amicus Curia." *BLAYNEY, ROBERT G.; April, 1964; B.A. Political Science; Arete Fraternal Society; Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship; Religious Council; Theatre. BLISS, DORIS M.; August, 1964; B.A. SpeechEnglish. BOGER, ERNEST P.; December, 1964; B.A. Psychology; University Band; University Chorus; Russian Language Club ; Jazz Lab Band; Intramural Basketball Championship Team, 1964. BOWEN, FREDERICK N.; August, 1964; B.A. Accounting; Senior Accounting Organization. *BOWER, LEWIS H., JR.; April, 1964; B.A. Accounting ; Senior Accounting Organization; Business Administration Club; College of Business Administration, student assistant; Golf Team. *BRESLIN, JAMES, JR.; April, 1964; B.A. Science ; Argos Residence Council, floor chairman, treasurer, president; "Amicus Curia"; Young Republicans Club, secretary, president; Florida College Federation of Young Republicans, vice-chairman. BRITT, EVELYN D.; December, 1964; B.A. Speech; Collegiate Civinettes, charter president; Gamma Hall, president; Argos Residence Council, secretary; U. C. Hospitality Committee; Golf Club; Civic Unit Representative. *BROCK, JULIA R.; April, 1964; B.A. MathematicsEducation. BROUGHTON, WILLIAM E.; December, 1964; B.A. Political Science. BROWN, KATHARINE J.; August, 1964; B.A. Spanish-French ; Le Cercle Francais ; In tram urals.

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BROWN, PASCO P.; December, 1964; B.A. Political Science; Veterans Club, treasurer; Young Demo crats Club, vice-president; "Amicus Curia," president; Judiciary Committee, chairman; United Student Party; vice-chairman; Student Association Legislative Representative; lOth Congressional District, Young Democrats Clubs of Florida, vice-president. *BROWN, ROBERT K.; April, 1964; B.A. Biology I Chemistry-Education; Fencing Club. BROWNING, WALTER E.; December, 1964; B.A. Speech. BURKHARDT, WILLIAM E.; December, 1964; B.A. German; Foreign Language Club; USF Bowling League. CAFARO, VICTOR F.; August, 1964; B.A. Psychol ogy; Intramurals. *CAMPBELL; JENNINGS B., III; April, 1964; B.A. Chemistry; University Religious Council, presi dent; Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship. CANO, CARLOS J.; December, 1964; B.A. Spanish; Instructional Material Services, student assistant. *CARDINALE, THOMAS A.; April, 1964; B.A: Chem istry. CARLTON, CHARLES L.; December, 1964; B.A. Education; Young Democrats Club. CAROL J.; April, 1964; B.A. Education-Business Administration; Gold Key Honor Society; U.C. Personnel Committee, chairman; Young Democrats Club; Athenaeum, women's honorary; Peninsular Players; Bowling Club. *CARRANZA, CHARLES H.; April, 1964; B.A. Divi sional Natural Sciences; Westminster Fellow ship; Kappa Iota Omega Fraternal Society. CARVETH, REBECCA J.; December, 1964; B.A. Ele mentary Education; Student Florida Education Association; Student Associ!J,tion Representative. CASTELLANO, JOSEPH A.; August, 1964 ; B.A. Music. CASTRO, ROSANNE L.; August, 1964; B.A. Elementary Education; University Chorus; "Streetcar Named Desire." *CHADWICK, GAIL D.; April, 1964 ;.B.A. Humanities; Argos Residence Council ; Resident Assistant ; Pre-Medical Club. CHANCEY, PASCO A., JR.; December, 1964; B.A. Physics/Mathematics-Education; Wesley Foundation; Student Florida Education Association; National Education Association; Physics Laboratory Assistant. CHAPMAN, JAMES R.; August, 1964; B.A. History. CLARK, ANN R.; June, 1964; B.A. Elementary Education; Paideia Fraternal Society; Student Florida Education Association. CLAYTON, MARY L.; August, 1964; B.A. LatinSpanish: Gold Key Honor Society, corresponding secretary; Athenaeum, women's honorary; De gree with Honors. CONNER, .TAMES C., JR.; December, 1964; B.A. Political Science. *COPELAND, KAY W.; April, 1964; B.A. Business AdministrationEducation. CORCES, STANLEY R.; December, 1964; B.A. Ac counting; Senior Accounting Organization; In tramurals. CORRALES, MARGARET C.; August, 1964 B.A. English-Education; Gold Key Honor Society; De gree with Honors. *COUTURIER, ALTON J.; April, 1964; B.A. Psychol ogy. *CROSS, JOHN W.; April, 1964; B.A. Physics. *CURTIS, RICHARD J.; April, 1964; B.A. Psychology. DAVIS, PATRICIA M.; December, 1964; B.A. Humanities; Tri S.I.S. Fraternal Society; U. C. Dance Committee. DAWKINS, JAMES E., JR.; December, 1964; B.A. Social Studies-Education. *DEE, HENRY L.; April, 1964; B.A. Psychology; Gold Key Honor Society; Degree with Honors. DEW, WILLIAM A.; December, 1964; B.A. Social Studies-Education. *DIAMOND, DONELL J.; April, 1964; B.A. Market ing; Circle K; Business Administration Club, vice-president. *DILWORTH, MERLE A.; April, 1964; B.A. Elementary Education; Student National Education As sociation. DIORIO, JOSEPH A.; December, 1964; B.A. Account ing; Senior Accounting Organization, committee chairman; In tram urals. DRAUGHON, CAROLYN K.; August, 1964; B.A. English-Speech. *DUBAY, ROBERT W.; April, 1964; B.A. History; Verdandi Fraternal Society; Argos Residence Council, Dorm Council; Resident Assistant; "Campus Edition" staff; "Amicus Curia." *DURANTE, RALPHS.; April, 1964; B.A. Marketing; Business Administration Club. ELLINGTON, KEITH R.; August, 1964; B.A. Geology; Zeta Phi Ei Fraternal Society; Council of Fraternal Societies, representative, rush chair man. *ENGLISH, ALEXANDER N.; April, 1964; B.A. Humanities; Math and Science Club; Zeta Phi Ei Fraternal Society. *ENGLISH, ROSE J.; April, 1964; B.A. Language Arts-Education; Gold Key Honor Society; Ath enaeum, women's honorary; Degree with Honors. EPSTEIN, DONNA L.; December, 1964; B.A. Elementary Education; Student Florida Education Association: Jewish Student Union. *ERTZBERGER, JANE A.; April, 1964; B.A. English/ Speech-Education; Fia Fraternal Society, presi dent; Council of Fraternal Societies. *FALERO, FRANK JR.; April, 1964; B.A. History; Gold Key Honor Society; Alumni Association, Executive Committee; Degree with Honors. *FARNUM, .JOAN E.; April, 1964; B.A. Elementary Education; Fides Fraternal Society, vice-presi dent, treasurer; U. C. Cultural Committee; "Campus Edition," Activities Editor. FELTER, JAMES W.; August, 1964; B.A. Fine Arts; U.C. Program Council; U.C. Arts and Exhibits, committee chairman; U.C. Public Relations Committee; Fencing Club; Young Republicans Club; Botega Art Club; treasurer, vice-president; "Campus Edition," art critic. FERLITA, DORIS M.; August, 1964; B.A. Education. *FERNANDEZ, FRANCES; April, 1964; B.A. Elementary Education; Tri S.I.S. Fraternal Society; First Annual Space Conference; In tram urals, softball, swimming, volleyball. FERREE, WILLIAM 1.; August, 1964; B.A. Chemistry. *FERRIS, LESLIE K.; April, 1964; B.A. Elementary Education; Student Florida Education Associ ation. 179

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180 *FOLTARZ, GEORGE J.; April, 1964; B.A. Acc_ount ing. FORD GAIL G June 1964; B.A. 'ron Student Fiorida Education Association; sis. Fraternal Society; University Chorus; U.C. Dance Committee. *FORD, JAMES W., JR.; April, 1964; B.A. Physics; Karate and Judo Club. *FRANCIS, ANN M.; April, 1964; B.A: Politic::'-! Sci ence-History; Gold Key Honor Society ; T!I S.I.S. Fraternal Societ;v; U.C. qouncil; enaeum, women s honorary; League of Women Voters; Alumm Association. FREEMAN FRANCES A.; August, 1964; B.A. EngGold Key Honor Society, secretary; "Aegean" Editor-in-Chief; Athenaeum, honora;y; "Campus Edition" Chorus Press Club; Argos Residence Council; Residen't Assistant; canterbury Association, retary; Speech Association; Reader's Theatre. *FREY, FREDERICK J., III; April, 1964; B.A. History; Kappa Iota Omega Fraternal Society, president Student Association, vice-president; Stu dent' Association Legislative Representative; Council of Fraternal Societies. FROELICH, CAROLEE J.; August 1964; B.A. Busi ness-Education; Student Florida Education As sociation; Student USF Foundation; Young Democrats Club; Catholic Student Union. *FUHRMAN, DANIEL K.; April, 1964; B.A. History. *GARCIA, DENNIS W.; April, 1964; B.A. Accounting. GARCIA, LEONORA D.; August, 1964; B.A. LatinItalian; Tri S.I.S. Fraternal Society, charter member; U.C. Dance Committee; Foreign Language Club. GARCIA, ROSANN G.; August, 1964; B.A. EnglishJournalism; Student Florida Education Associ ation. GARROTI', JOAN E.; December 1964; B.A. Elementary Education; Student Florida Education As sociation. GAUSE. NORMA D.; December, 1964; B.A. English; Gold Key Honor Society; Degree with Honors. GIBSON, GORDON December, 1964; B.A. Psychology. GIGLIO, AIDA .J.; December, 1964; B .A. SpanishEducation; Foreign Language Club ; Student Florida Education Association. GILL. 1964; B.A. Elementary Education; Paideia Fraternal Society. GEORGES.; April, 1964; B.A. Account;_ U.C .. Hospitality Business Ad n;nmstratwn _Club; Semor Accounting Organization; USF Library, student assistant. *GONZALEZ, ROBERT 0.; April, 1964; B.A. Spanish; Enotas Fraternal Society; Foreign Language Club; Le Cercle Francais. 0.; August, 1964; B.A. Social Scie1_1ces; Tri Fraternal Society ; Student Flonda Education Association. DONALD L.; August, 1964; B.A. Political Science-Psychology;. Gold Key Honor Society; Arete Society, chaplain, corresponding U.C. Program Council, vice president functlonal.area cabinet member, presi dent ; U C Recreation Committee chairman Honors Convocation; Student Assoc'iation utive Council; USF Mascot Contest, chairman; Association of College Unions, delegate; Chinsegut, delegate; Council of fraternal_Societies, resentative; Interfratermty Council, rush charrman; Intramurals 880 Champion, 1962; Apollo Award, best fraternity pledge, Spring 1962; Resident Assistant; U.C. Night Supervisor. GRANT, JOHN A., JR.; June, 1964; B.A. Political Science; Student Legislature; honors recognition; "Amicus Curia"; Young Democrats Club, president; Florida Young Democrats, executive committee; U.C. Special Events Committee. *GRATE, MYRLE R., JR.; April, 1964; B.A. Divisional Natural Sciences; Collegiate Civitans, vice-president, treasurer; Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship; Student Legislature, president pro-tem, representative; Student Association, vice-president; Mock Political Convention. GRUETZMACHER, .JOHN H.; August, 1964; B.A. Mathematics; Kappa Iota Omega Fraternal Society, president; Mathematics Honorary Society; Work-Study Program. *HAMILTON, RICHARD R.; April, 1964; B.A. Accounting; Business Administration Club, treasurer; Senior Accounting Organization, vicepresident. HAMPTON, WILLIAM F., JR.; August, 19e4; B.A. Accounting; Senior Accounting Organization. *HANCOCK, FRANK J.; April, 1964; B.A. Accounting; Kappa Iota Omega Fraternal Society; Council of Fraternal Societies, representative, president, treasurer, parliamentarian, rush chairman, fraternal policies committee; Senior Accounting Organization; Student Association, Executive Council, elections chairman; Interim Steering Council. HARDY, JOHN H.; December, 1964; B.A. Accounting; Business Administration Club. *HARPER, JANICEK.; April, 1964; B.A. Sociology; Delphi Fraternal Society, president, vice-president; Council of Fraternal Societies, corresponding secretary; Fraternal Policies Committee; Student Association Executive Committee, corresponding secretary; Speaker's Bureau; U.C. Recreation Committee, co-chairman; U.C. Movie Committee; U.C. Planning Council; "Pipeline," Editorial Staff. *HARRELL, MARIE B.; April, 1964; B.A. BiologyEducation. HEATH, ESLEY 0.; August, 1964; B.A Business Administration; Business Administration Club. HEINZ, RONALD H.; August, 1964; B.A. Education. HERSEY, WILLIAM R.; August, 1964; B.A. Business-Accounting; Business Administration Club. HUGHES, ROBERTA M.; December, 1964; B.A. English. HUNSBERGER, LORNE W.; December, 1964; B.A. Kappa Iota Omega Fraternal SoCiety; Senior Accounting Organization. JACKSON, JOEL D.; August, 1964; B.A. Geology; Kappa Iota Omega Fraternal Society. *JETER, JAMES J.; April, 1964; B.A. Marketing; Christian Science Organization. JOHNSON, ANDERS W.; December, 1964; B.A. Finance; Business Administration Club. JUDY, JAMES S.; December, 1964; B.A. SpeechEnglish ; American Shaw Festival, director, publicity chairman, actor.

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*KEY, WILLIAM P., II; April, 1964; B.A. Economics; Business Administration Club; Windjammers Club. KILGORE, DON C.; December, 1964; B.A. Sociology; Sports Car Club; Young Democrats Club. *KING, ARLINE T.; April, 1964; B.A. Art-Education; Botega Art Club; Work-Study Program, USF Library. KINKENNON, OMARA.; June, 1964; B.A. Political Science *KINTIGH, MARY A.; April, 1964; B.A. Accounting; Senior Accounting Organization; Degree with Honors. *KIRSCH, FREDERICK E., JR.; April, 1964 ; B .A. English/Speech-Education; Argos Residence Council. *KLA Y, WILLIAM E.; April, 1964; B.A. Political Sci ences; Gold Key Honor Society; Kappa Iota Omega Fraternal Society; treasurer, social chairman; Social Coordinating Council, vice-chairman; Resident Assistant; Baptist Student Union; Apollo Award; Degree with Honors. KLEIN, BARBARA S.; August, 1964; B.A. Social Studies-Education ; Gold Key Honor Society; Can terbury Association; Religious Council; Athenaeum, women's honorary; Resident Assistant. KOTSCH, ROY E.; December, 1964; B.A. Geography., KURIMA, TERRY Y.; December, 1964; B.A. Accounting; "Aegean" staff; Bowling Club; Intramurals; Judo Club; Senior Accounting Organization. LADD, ALEXANDER H.; December, 1964; B.A. Physics; Gold Key Honor Society; Physics Club; Civitan Club, president; Degree with Honors. *LASHBROOK, JAMES E:; April, 1964; B.A. Accounting ; Business Administration Club. LEACH, KAREN D.; August, 1964; B.A. Elementary Education; Young Democrats Club, treasurer; Canterbury Association; Collegiate Civitans; Fia Fraternal Society *LEE, MICHAEL V.; April, 1964; B.A. Personnel and General Administration; Senior Accounting Or ganization; Business Administration Club. *LEININGER, JAMES S.; April, 1964; B.A. Music Education; University Chorus, president; Uni versity Community Chorus; "Belle Lamar"; Student Music Educator's National Conference LIMA, ALBERT P., December, 1964; B.A. Accounting; Senior Accounting Organization ; Foreign Language Club. LINDSAY, ANITA G.; December, 1964; B.A. Soci ology; U.C. Hospitality Committee. LITTLE, THOMAS D.; December, 1964; B.A. lish / Speech-Education; Arete Fraternal Society; Sports Car Club. *LOONEY, SAMUEL L., JR.; April, 1964; B.A. Ac counting McAVOY, MARY L.; August, 1964; B.A. Elementar;y Education; Fia Fraternal Society; Argos Residence Council. McCAIN, LARRY; June, 1964; B .A. History; Christian Life Fellowship, vice-president; Resident Assistant. MacCASKlLL, DOUGLAS C.; April, 1964; B.A. His tory; Kappa Iota Omega Fraternal Society, president; U.C. Movie Committee; Resident Assistant for Student Affairs. McCORMICK, DONALD W.; August, 1964; B.A. Dis tributive Education; Distributive Education Club of America; Business Club. McCRIMMON, DONALD A., JR.; August, 1964; B.A. Psychology; Gold Key Honor Society; Argos Residence Council, president; Collegiate Civitan, president; Sports Car C lub; Student Association Executive Committee *McCULLEN, OWEN B.; April, 1964; B.A. English; English Department, student assistant; "Amicus Curia". *McEVER, EMILEE M.; April, 1964; B.A. Elementary Education; Paideia Fraterual Society, president; pledge president; Christmas Formal Dance Committee: Council of Fraternal Societies, rush chairman; Greek Week Program Committee; Canter bury Association; Degree with Honors. McFARLAND, ARTHUR D.; August, 1964;B.A. Elementary Education; Student Florida Education AssoCiation; Student Association, representative. *McGEE, ANNE F.; April, 1964; B.A. Social Sciences; Wesley Foundation. *MacGILLIVRAY, NANCY; April, 1964; B.A. Soci ology; Fia Fraternal Society; Westminster Fel lowship; Athenaeum, women's honorary; Degree with Honors. McGINNIS, DOROTHY L.; December, 1964; B.A. Elementary Education. MALLINGER, BARRY"L.; August, 1964; B.A. Psy chology ; Literary Society; Psychology Club; South Florida Wombats, charter member. MARCHESE, LAMAR V.; December, 1964; B .A. Social Science; U. C Dance Committee; Student Legislature, representative. *MARRONE, MARY J.; April, 1964; B.A. English; Paideia Fraternal Society. MARSH, JUDITH A.; December, 1964; B.A Elementary Education; Student Florida Education As sociation; Fides Fraternal Society. *MARSH, WILLIAM R.; April, 1964; B.A. Elementary Education. MARTINEZ, YOLANDA; December; 1964; B.A. Math-Education; Student Florida Education As sociation; National Education Association; Fia Fraternal Society; Library student assistant. *MASSEY, CHARLES M., III; April, 1964; B.A. Mathematics; Baptist Student Union; InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. MASTERS, PHYLLIS E.; December, 1964; B.A. Elementary Education; Baptist Student Union; Stu dent Florida Education Association; Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship. *MATHEWS, EUGENE D.; April, 1964; B.A. Geology; Geology Club. *MATTHEWS, SUSANNA B.; April, 1964; B.A. Po litical Science; League of Women Voters; Young Democrats Club; Degree with Honors. MEINERS, FRANK, JR.; August, 1964; B.A. Mathe matics ; Student Association, president, vicepresident; Enotas Fraternal Society, vice-presi dent; Circle K; Intramurals, record-high jump. *MERKLE, CHARLES W., JR.; April, 1964; B.A. Social Science; Florida Historical Society *MERLEY, NANCY C.; April, 1964; B.A. Social Studies. *METCALF, RICHARD D.; April, 1964; B.A. Person nel and General Administration. *METTS, PAUL E.; April, 1964; B.A. Accounting. 181

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182 MILLER, SANDRA R.; August, 1964; B.A. Physical Education Women's Student Intramural dinator; Physical Education M3;jors vice president; Residence Hall, athletic chairman. *MIMS, JAMES D.; April, 1964; B.A. Kappa Iota Omega Fraternal Society; Baptist Student Union, vice-president. MINOR, MIRIAM E., December, 1964; B.A. Sociology. *MITCHELL, ROBERT D.; April, 1964; B.A. Psychology. MIZRAHI, RALPH; December, 1964; B.A. Accounting. p l"t" 1 MOFFITf, HUSTON L.; June, 1964; B.A. o I Ica Science Talos Fraternal Society, charter ber rush chairman, :pledge mas er; Association, treasurer; Circle K, member; Student Legislature, chief clerk; es Mascot; All-Star Softball, Council of Fraternal Societies, representative. MOGER, JAMES C.; December, 1964; B.A. Mati?-ematics; Gold Key Honor Society; Honor Society; Veterans Club; Degree With Honors. *MOORE WILLIAM B.; April, 1964; B.A. Mathematics' Gold Key Honor Society; Siges Sweetheart; Baptist Student Union. MORE, ANTHONY A.; August, 1964; B.A. Chemistry ; Circle K. *MORGAN, CHARLES R.; April, 1964; B.A. Personnel and General Administration. MORGAN LANA S.; August, 1964; B.A. Sociology; Inter:Varsity Christian Fellowship; Ba:ptist Stu dent Union; Argos Residence Council; Intramurals. *MORGAN SANDRA A.; April, 1964; B.A. Account ing; Tri S.I.S. Fraternal Society, secretary, chaplain; Senior Accountmg Orgamzation, recording and corresponding secretary; U.C. Fashion Shows. *MORROW, NANCY L.; April, 1964; B.A. Mathematics-Education. MURDOCK, INA M.; December, 1964; B.A. English( French-Education; National Education Associ ation; Student Florida Education Association; Fia Fraternal Society; Civic Unit Representative; College of Basic Studies, student assistant. MURRAH, HELEN W.; December, 1964; B.A. Speech English. MUTH, WILLIAM F.; December, 1964; B.A. Business Management; Business Administration Club; In tram urals; College of Business, student assistant. *MYERS, JIM E.; April, 1964; B.A. Business Adminis tration; Business Administration Club, executive vice-president. *MYRICK, CHARLIE A., JR.; April, 1964; B.A. Biol ogy/Chemistry-Education. NAZAK, DENNIS G.; August, 1964; B.A. Spanish. NELMS, ROY; August, 1964; B.A. Business Adminis tration. *NICHOLS, LYNN L.; April, 1964; B.A. Elementary Education; Fia Fraternal Society, secretary, historian; University Chorus; Univer Sity Community Chorus; U.C. Hospitality ComCouncil of Fraternal Societies, program chairman, Greek Week; Student Florida Educa tion Association; Resident Assistant. NORMAN, CHARLES 0.; December, 1964; B.A. Accounting. *O'BRIEN, MICHAEL W.; April, zeta Phi Ei Fraternal Society, VICe-president; Council of Fraternal Societies, treasurer, representative; Weightlifting Club. *OCHSENHIRT, ROBERT U., JR.; April, 1964; B.A. History. OLIVERI, .JOANN V.; August, 1964; B.A: tary Education; Paideia Fraternal Society, vicepresident. OPPEL, RICHARD A.; 19(_i4; B.A. Political Science; "Campus Edition Editor; Student Association, senator; Kapp3; Iota O.mega. Society; Press Club, VIce-president, Curia"; Intramurals; Student-Staff Conference, chairman; Speaker's Bureau, chairman. ORFELY, GEORGE P.; 1964; .B:A sonnel Administration; Bus mess Admimstration Club; Tennis Club; Intramurals. *OVERSTREET, ROSE A.; April, 1964; B.A. Botany; Ethelontes Fraternal Society; U.C. Cultural Committee; Dean's List. OYLER, WILLIAM H.; December, .B.A. Physics; Rifle Club; Canter).:mry Association. PEACOCK JOYCE H.; December, 1964; B.A. AcBusiness Club, secretary; Senior Accounting Orgamzabon, secretary; Horse Fanciers Club. PEARCE, BETTY A.; December, B.A. Science; Paideia Fraternal Society, president; Theatre, make-up and props department. *PELLEY, JOHN W.; April, 1964; B.A. Zoology. PERRONE, STEPHEN L.; December, 1964; B.A. Accounting; Gold Key Honor. Society; counting Organization; Bus mess Admmistration Club; Student Legislature; lntramurals; Degree with Honors. POINTER, EVELYN C.; December, 1964; B.A. Zoology ; Gold Key Honor Society; Skin and Scuba Club; Student Association Legislature. PORTER, JOANN; June, 1964; B.A. Elementary Education; Gold Key Honor Society, recordi!lg retary; Tri S.I.S. Fraternal Society; Chorus; U.C. Dance Committee; Student Education Association; Fine Arts Council; Degree with Honors. *POWELL, JOSEPH C.; April, 1964; B.A. Sociology. PRICE, PHILLIP W.; August, 1964; B.A. Accounting; Business Administration Club; Senior Accounting Organization; Work-Study Program. *PRICE, SIMON G.; April, 1964; B.A. Chemistry. PRIEST, DAVID G.; December, 1964; B.A. Chemistry *PUGLISI, DICK J.; April, 1964; B.A. Political Science; Student Association, representative; Circle K; "Amicus Curia". PYATT, ARTHUR D.; December, 1964; B.A. Social Studies-Education; Photography Club, Photo Committee; Sailing Club; Sports Car Club. RAMOS, ZINIA R.; December, 1964; B.A. Education; Siges Fraternal Society; Language Club; Florida Education Associati?n; National Education Association; Student Assistant. *REICHERT, CARLTON R.; April, 1964; B.A. Marketing. RICHARD, DIANNE M.; August, 1964; B.A. Sociology. *RING, ANN C.; April, 1964; B.A. Spanish/EnglishEducation.

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ROBBINS, ARTHUR H.; December, 1964; B.A. Marketing; Business Administration Club; American Marketing Association, standards chairman. *ROBERTS, DENNIS M.; April, 1964; B.A. Psychology. RODGER, KATHLEEN L.; August, 1964; B.A. Elementary Education; Fides Fraternal Society; Student Florida Education Association. RODRIGUEZ, JOE M.; August, 1964; B.A. Social Studies. RODRIGUEZ, MARIANO; December, 1964; B.A. Chemistry; Epelta Fraternal Society; Circle K; National Science Fpundation; Undergraduate Re search Program. ROGERS, GEOFFREY S.; December, 1964; B.A. History; Arete Fraternal Society; U.C. Committee. *ROGERS, JAMES D.; April, 1964; B.A. Music Education; University Chorus; University Community Chorus; Student Music Educator's National Conference; "Belle Lamar". *ROGERS, KENNETH M.; April, 1964; B.A. Finance. *ROHWER, SIEVERT A., II; April, 1964; B.A. Zool ogy; University Chorus; University Community Chorus. *ROLLINS, QUINTON C., JR.; April, 1964; B.A. Political Sciences; U.C. Program Council, vice president; Top Ten Club; "Amicus Curia"; terim Steering Council. ROSE, ROBERT C.; December, 1964; B.A. Sociology; Kappa Iota Omega Fraternal Society. ROSEN, HARVEY; June, 1964; B.A. Mathematics; Gold Key Honor Society, charter member; Jewish Student Union; Math Club; Alpha I West, vice chairman; Degree with Honors. ROTHBAUER, JANICE E.; December, 1964; B.A. Elementary Education; Student Florida Education Association; CollegiAte Civinettes; Westminster Fellowship; Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship; Fia Fraternal Society. SABELLA, THOMAS, JR.; December, 1964; B.A. Business Administration; Business Administration Club. SACKETT, JAMES W.; August, 1964; B.A. Sociology; Intramurals, football, basketball, softball, USF track team. *SALEMI, PRISCILLA I.; April, 1964; B.A. Music Education; University Chorus; Fides Fraternal Society; U.C. Program Council, dance chairman, social area chairman, secretary; Top Ten Club; Syrinx Music Sorority, charter member; University Symphony Orchestra, soloist. SALTER, LESLIE M.; Dec(lmber, 1964; B.A. Physics. SANCHEZ, ARMANDO J.; August, 1964; B.A. Education; Debate Team. SANCHEZ, EVELYN F.; December, 1964; B.A. ArtEducation. ROBERT F.; December, 1964; B.A. Poli tical Science; American Institute of Planners ; American Academy of Political and Social Science. LEE N.; December, 1964; B.A. Mathemabes. *SCHULTZ, CAROLE L.; April, 1964; B.A. Elementary Education; Volleyball Club. SCHULTZ, RONALD L.; December, 1964; B.A. Per sonnel Administration; Business Administration Club. *SESSUMS, JOHN Y.; April, 1964; B.A. History; Civic Unit Representative; Circle K, president; "Ami cus Curia"; Business Administration Club. SHAFFER, BONNIE J.; December, 1964; B.A. Music Education; Syrinx Music Sorority; Band Social Organization, secretary. *SHANNON, STEPHEN R.; April, 1964; B.A. Physics; Gold Key Honor Society; National Science Foun dation Research; lntramurals, track; Woodrow Wilson Fellowship; Degree with Honors. SHATTO, DWIGHT A.; August, 1964; B.S. Personnel Administration. SHELTON, JUDITH M.; August, 1964; B.A. Fine Arts ; Fine Arts Council, secretary ; Fia Fraternal Society, treasurer, historian; Horse Fanciers Club, president. SHEPPARD, MARIAN J.; August, 1964; B.A. Sociology. SHOEMAKER, VAUGHN M.; August, 1964; B.A. Personnel Administration; Business Administra tion Club. SIERRA, MICHAEL; December, 1964; B.A Account ing; Senior Accounting Organization; Business Administration Club. *SMITH, P A 1'RICIA C.; April, 1964; B.A. Art-Education. SNYDER, CONNIE L.; December, 1964; B.A. Eng lish/Speech-Secondary Education; Delphi Fra ternal Society, secretary; U. C. Fashion and Tal ent Committee. *SPIN A, JAMES R.; April, 1964 ; B.A. Marketing; Business Administration Club. SPRINGER, JOHN F.; August, 1964; B.A. Physics; Degree with Honors. STAMPER. JOLEE D.; August, 1964; B.A. Elementary Education; Gold Key Honor Society; Uni versity Chorus. STANALAND, MARILYN R.; August, 1964; B.A. Fine Arts ; Fine Arts Council; Botega Art Club. *STANTON, EILEEN M.; April, 1964; B.A. SpanishEnglish; Fia Fraternal Society. STUART, CHARLES L.; August, 1964; B.A. Account ing; Kappa Iota Omega Fraternal Society; Senior Accounting Organization. SUTOR, ROGER P., JR.; December, 1964; B.A. Chemistry; Chemistry Department Research Assistant; Work-Study Program SWEAT, WILLIAM A.; August, 1964; B.A. History. *TANTIMONACO, ANTHONY T.; April, 1964; B.A. Anthropology. *TAYLOR, MARY A.; April, 1964; B.A. Latin-Educa tion; Gold Key Honor Society, charter chairman; Student Association, recording secretary; Stu dent Association Legislature Representative; Fia Fraternal Society, offiCer; Athenaeum women's honorary ;Freshman Women's Leadership Award; U.C. Hospitality Committee; Student-Faculty Academic Standards and Registration Commit tees; Student Representative, United Fund; De-gree with Honors. 183

PAGE 185

184 TELESE, ANGELO J.; August, 1964; B.A. Elementary Education; Young Club; U.C: Hospitality Committee; Penmsular Players Choreo-Nova Club. *TENCH, LOUISE M.; April, 1964; B.A. Business Administration Club, secretary; Semor Accounting Organization. *TERRILL, MYRA S.; April, 1964; B.A. Business. Administration-Education ; Siges Fraternal Society; Business Administration Club; Baptist Student Union. THOMPSON, LAWRENCE E., III; April, 196_4; Accounting; Senior Accounting Orgamzatlon; Business Administration Club. THOMPSON, ROBERT D.; December 1964; B.A. Economics. TORRES, ELBA J.; August, 1964; B.A. ChemistryMathematics; International Student Organization. TROST, RONALD C.; December, 1964; B.A. Psychology; Psychology Club; In tram urals TROTTIER, BERNADETTE 0.; April, 1964; B.A. French; Judo Club, treasurer; Archer y Club, secretary; Sports Car Club, secretary; In tram urals; Photo Club. TUZZOLINO, ANNIE M.; august, 1964; B.A Elementary Education. UHL, HARRY L.; August, 1964; B.A. Psychology. VASTINE, JAMES P.; August, 1964; B.A. History; Sports Car Club, president, business manager; Photo Club; Work-Study Program; Beta Hall, floor chairman. VIGUE, MICHAEL A.; August, 1964; B.A. History. *VOLLRATH, EDMUND M.; April, 1964 ; B.A. Mathematics. WALKER, FLOY M.; June, 1964; B.A. Elementary Education. WALL, WENDELL E.; April, 1964; B:A. Botany; Baptist Student Union; National Science Foundation, Undergraduate Research Program. A.; August, 1964; B.A. English-N.; December, 1964 ; B.A. Social Studies-Education; Cratos Fraternal Society vice-president, secretary. WARD, JA!IJE S.; August, 1964; B A Elementary Equcation; Student National Education Association. WARFIELD V.; December, 1964 ; B.A. Semor Accounting Org anization, resecretary; Student Association, representative. JON M.; December, 1964 ; B.A. Social Sc1ence. WATERS, JAMES A.; August, 1964 ; B.A. Social Sciences; lntramurals, softball. WATKINS, B.; December, 1964 ; B.A Elementary. Education; University Concert Band University Orchestra; Pianist in first F:aeulty Chamber Concert; Fia Fraternal SoCiety, charter member. WATSON, DEANNA S.; 1964; Busi ness Education; Student As sociation National Education Association; Flor ida Education Association. WATSON, JAMES D.; August, 1964; B.A. History. WATTON, ALFRED W.; December, 1964; B.A. Social Studies-Education. WEDEL, DOROTHY L.; December, 1964; B.A .. So_cial Science Student National Education Association; Student Florida Education Association. *WELLS, MARil-EE M.; April, 1964; B .A. Humanities; University Chorus. WHIDDEN, HARRY L., SR.; August, 1964; B.A. So cial Science. WHITE, MARY V.; December, 1964; B.A. Sociology. *WICKERSHAM HAROLD; April, 1964; B.A. Mathe matics; Key Honor Society, trea,surer; Mathematics Club; Abstract Algebra Club; Degree with Honors. *WIEPERT BEVERLY A.; April, 1964; B.A. Psychol ogy; Pre-Med Club ; Canterbury Argos Residence Council, dorm chalriilan; Resi dent Assistant; Civic Unit Representative. WILLIAMS, PRISCILLA K.; December, 1964; B.A. Elementary Education; Student Florida Educa tion Association. WILSON, MARTHE J.; December, 1964; B.A. Sociology. WINDISMAN, ROBERT F.; December, 1964; B.A Marketing; Business Administration Club; American Marketing Association. WINNIE, JOHNS.; August, 1964; B.A. Mathematics; Gold Key Honor Society; Mathematics Honor So ciety; Degree with Honors. *WOLBERG, PHYLLIS J.; April, 1964; B.A. Social Science-Education; Gold Key Honor Society; Jewish S tudent Union; Student Florida Education Association ; Young Democrats Club; Degree with Honors. WOLFGANG, CAROL D.; Aug ust, 1964; B.A. Soci ology; Fides Fraternal Society, historian. WOOD, GLENDA L.; August, 1964 ; B.A. Elementary Education; Baptist Student Union; Student Edu cation Association. WOOD, MARGUERITE G.; August, 1964; Elemen tary Education. *WOODCOCK, TERRY E.; April, 1964; B.A. Physical Education ; University Chorus; In tram urals; Ex ecutive Council; Physical Education Majors Club. *WOODROFFE, JAMES H ., III; April, 1964; B .A. Ac counting; Student Association, charter president; Arete Fraternal Socie ty, vice-president. *WOODS, JAMES A.; April, 1964; B.A. Mathematics/ Physics-Education; Student Florida Education Association. M.; August, 1964; B.A History-Egucat10n; Talos Fraternal Society. ZACHOW, FREDERICA H.; December, 1964; B.A Psychology. *ZANGMASTER, DIANA E.; April, 1964;. B.A. Soci ology; Delphi Fraternal Soc iety, president Council of Sororities, president. *Asteri sk. d enotes charter m e mb e rs of the university com mumty.


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