University of South Florida yearbook. (1966)

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University of South Florida yearbook. (1966)

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University of South Florida yearbook. (1966)
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Aegean. (1966)
University of South Florida
USF Faculty and University Publications
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Tampa, Fla
University of South Florida
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9 v. : ill. ; 32 cm.


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Vol. 1, no. 1 (1963/64) - no. 9 (1972).
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Vol. for 1972 lacks enumeration.

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University of South Florida Library
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University of South Florida
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Tampa St. Petersburg volume 3


4 What Happens During a School Year? Everything. A school year is crowded with the activities and emotions of 8500 students-8500 students who lose their identity when massing together at dances, soccer games and lectures; who become five digit numbers at registrations and CB exams; who blend together to clutter the mall between classes and jam the cafeterias at the free hour. 8500 students with long hair, striped shirts, paisley ties, high waisted dresses, short skirts and many colored stockings. All of this shows they are studentsvisible symbols of conformity to their unique role. So they wear shrunken levis and become greeks, or walk barefooted around campus and become self-styled authorities on philosophy and religion. They act this way but seldom are imprisoned in their role, for in each student crossing the mall there is a vibrant, individual spirit compelling him to a certain task. In the darkened Teaching Auditorium an active mind is choosing alternatives, while in a seminar class students examine degrees of freedom. Yes, despite the superficiality and anonymity found in a campus, there i s also found contemplation and individualism. In each student there is a dream -a task waiting to be accomplished, an idea needing clarification. And the student comes to USF to learn, to understand, so he may make this dream a reality. This book is dedicated to all dreamers. They are found throughout the 248 pages in well over a thousand photographs. They are found doing what they always doseeking to know much concerning their lives-and their world is an active sometimes turbulent place where often are fulfilled.






.. Table of' Conterits Student ljfe 8 Academics 88 Greeks ....... 126 Organizations 150 Graduates .... 188 7


8 Start with a city ... And find hundreds of students in downtown Tampa on weekends. Seeking fun, enjoyment at the Florida State Fair, catching the latest James Bond thriller at the theatres, shopping for a last minute Christmas gift. More important, finding a place to be alone, to let the city become an island and a quain t little restaurant provide a haven for young romantics. It is a place where one can escape for a while before facing the work on Monday. ...








1 2 But not all weekends are spent in town ... Esp ecially if the weekend is called Autumn Antics. It means barbeques on the hill, a concert on the mall, dances in the street and a fierce soccer game at the field.


14 MISS AEGEAN semifinalists are, seated: Cheryl Koch, Bettie Ann Huff, Virginia Grizzaffe, Nancy Maginness, Joy de Bartolo. Standing: Annette Mason, Linda Zuro, Alice Crownover, Ann Scarbro, Mary Fox, Connie Culp. Linda Zuro USF's first Miss Aegean Twenty-year-old Linda J. Zuro, senior majoring in psychology, became USF's first Miss Aegean in a November Ball. Miss Zuro was chosen the University's !deal coed over 27 other contestants. Miss Aegean runners-up were twenty-oneyear-old Virginia Irene Grizzaffe, a senior in elementary education, and Chery l Koch, nineteen-. year-old freshman.


USF's ideal coeds are Virginia Grizzaffe, Linda Zuro, Cheryl Koch. 15


16 Dorms come alive as new school year begins Nothing reflects life molle than the first day residence ha h open as students prove how they can stuff into a small cubical of space called a. dorm room. Unbelievably quiet durmg the day, activity picks up as night nears and students return to study, play cards, listen to records or s leep.












Registration brings usual problems "Why are only two sections offered in SH-321 ?""Just look at that long line for education." Two of the many comments heard during registration. The moods are many, the expressions unique as students maneuver from line to line, trying to finish registration in time for lunch. Many don't, and are left in the ballroom until the late afternoon, still trying to juggle their schedules. When it's all over, it's time to buy books, go to the dorm, and relax before classes begin. 23








Classes help probe wqrld of ideas To manage the currents of the intellectual world students learn to analyze ideas and consider and employ the that continuously change the elements of the world. Each class can help toward discipline and the facility gained from forming strategies. The class itself is an immense environment that must be mastered. Intelligent questioning and discussion are skills that are the minimum necessary for keeping the individual from being confused, swamped and intellectually relocated. Classroom strategies become the first mature calculations for the students' lives so that they may become patriots in a world of their own intellectual integrity. 28




















Behind the scene at USF theatre Many months of work go into making a two-hour play a success. That is what is found at theTA, where professional standards are met in the hectic weeks of a trimester. 40 And there is usually more action backstage than under the lights as actors watch for cues, stagehands change scenery and lights, and directors worry about last minute details.




42 UPPER left-Tartuffe ; Actor Paul Massey and Barbara Parker. Above. -Dark of the Moon; Barbara Kinsey, Jim. Wharton, Bud Kline. Backstage preparation for Tartuffe. Left-The Fantasticks; Holly Gwinn, Michael Beach, Tom Eure.


LEFT-Oh Dad; AI Sanders, Holly Gwinn. Below-Dark of the Moon; Nita Laca, Cita Raguse. Waterfront scene for View from the Bridge. Lower left-summer repertory presentation. Full theatre season 43


Fatiguing direction and practice enlarge student appreciation and evolve toward an individual involvement in music and, for some, toward solo virtuosity. Practice leads to appreciation 45




Viewing art with keen perception 48 Exhibitions frequently display contemporary and retrospective works of art. For most artists it is an event that is at the very ed g e of existence and where one witnesses the most acute perceptions.




50 Athletics for all Vigorous physical experiences let students develop a sense of physical extension that relates to all physical activities and to all enthusiasm for them. Athletics for all interests are provided as a means of acquiring the fundamental skills.




. 52














Many moods of a dance hectic, pulsating, gyrating is the rhythm of the dance. But it can also be slow, quiet and close as the melody takes a softer sound. The weekend means a dance somewhere and that's the place most students will be found-doing the frug, watusi or some slow step, just wanting to be close to someone else. 59


60 Time-out for a picnic Students take time out from classes for a picnic on the mall. This summertime outing was sponsored by the student association.




62 Greeks plan busy week Every week seems to be greek week as fraternities and sororities are always busy with dances, parties and worthy service projects. Rush takes up most of the first month of the trimester as the greeks recruit more members with smokers, skits and rush parties. ---:;:-.., -.1


63 ---


Campus celebrates Christmas The traditional tree on Crescent Hill, Christmas dinner and open house to view dorm decorations-all part of the University's observance of Christmas, scheduled a little early to avoid exams, but none the less cheerful as the last campus celebration before the end of the trimester. 64






A growing student association The student association continued to grow with the expanding University, even though quorums were still hard to find. December elections saw John Harper and John Hogue win the presidency and vice-presidency for 1966 in the largest balloting to date. 67


Count Basie Poet John Ciardi 68


The Flamingos Outstanding guests visit USF campus Author Richard Powell Congressman Sam Gibbons 69


70 I CLOCKWISE are Strunz and Sullivan, Jr. Walker and the All Stars, Julliard String Quartet, Poet Robert Wallace, Commentator Daniel Schorr, New York Woodwind Quintet.




72 S h d d t t At graduation the seniors chide t l emors C 1 e a IDllllS ra lOll benevolent authorities with high and low comedy, and injustice is momentarily routed in releases of laughter.




74 Folk-songs mirror the intensity of life ure they arc about joys, and the mourning of lo\'e They ure from all and share the minor keys and The audience is often or the are the auclience, a for civil rights a spintual that evokes and They are a release for the intensity of the and unity with the of all men. Here too, though, they arc voiced l4omehow with the newness of students' lives






That irresistable sandpile Take a sandpile, sprinkle it with rain, add a few USF students. The obvious result is some very dirty but, for some reason, happy students. It is not known in what condition the cafeteria trays-rather, skim boards-were returned, but showers were in order for the ardent sandlot players. 77


78 Many faces ... happy, sad, thoughtful. Students reflect their feelings through their faces. They are all emotional, vibrant spirits who change their feelings hundreds of times a day as the world about them also changes.


I I 79










84 Bond money sparks building boom USF's share of the state's 75 million dollar bond issue for education can be seen in the new buildings being constructed. Scheduled for a September, 1966 completion are the new Business Administration, Engineering, Physical Education and dorm buildings.








' .' -' -.. ---' '-; ',I" !li'J T .. : ; '\, I' 89


90 The Administration Governor Haydon Burns FLORIDA BOARD of Regents-seated, Dr. Wayne C. McCall, vice chairman; Chester H. Ferguson, chairman; Mrs. E. D. Pearce, John C. Pace. Standing, Clifton G. Dyson, Floyd T. Christian, Dr. Louis C. Murray, Dr. Menser, Henry Kramer, Dr. J. Broward upepper, chancellor


USF President JohnS. Allen Chancellor J Broward Culpepper Dean Harris W. Dean, academic affairs 91


92 Dr. Robert A. Warner, american idea Dr. James D. Ray, biological science Henry M. Robertson, coordinator of advising


Dr. Jack H. Robinson, physical science Dean Edwin P. Martin Basic Studies The College of Basic Studies was established to supply a core of formal education for all students. Courses offered by the college are of four kinds. First are the lower division courses in seven major areas. A second group of courses are four junior level courses. These are seminar courses based on lower division Basic Studies The senior seminar, which is required of all University seniors, is a third aspect. Finally, the College offers courses leading to a major in basic studies or h urnanities. 93


94 Dr. James A. Parrish, functional English Dr. Donald C. Rose, functional mathematics Dr. Hans J uergensen


Peter Cr Wright Dr. H. Christian Kiefer, humanities 95


Dr. Thomas A. Rich, behavioral science Dr. Sue Saxon Bruce C. Flanagan 96


Frank M. Dudley 97


Dean Charles N. Millican 98 William D. Heier, coordinator of advising Dr. Robert W. Morrell, management and marketit DEAN MILLICAN breaks ground for new Business Administration building.

PAGE 100

Dr. Richard E. Neel, economics and finance Dr. Louis C. Jurgensen, accounting Business Administration The College of Business Administration emphasizes that its students learn to understand the challenge and opportunities of the rapidly changing environment in which they will work or operate a business. Students are given a broad foundation in general and liberal education, as well as technical skills and the ability to apply these to business problems. Students are also given a desire to continue learning in the business community after graduation. In these ways, graduates are well prepared to enter the American business scene. 99

PAGE 101

100 Dr. Elmo E. Moretz, elementary education Education Many outstanding teachers are graduates of South Florida's College of Education. Between one-third and one-fourth of the students at the University are enrolled in the teaching program. Students are educated to teach about the past and to help their pupils grapple with problems of this new age. Emphasis is placed on many different areas of study, as well as the basic education core of required courses. Dr. Donald L. Lantz, professional education

PAGE 102

Dr. Thomas F. Stovall, secondary and graduate education Roy E. Kinnick, student teaching e x perien ces Dr. Raymond A. Urbanek, coordinator of advising 101

PAGE 103

Dr. Llnua F. Scott. heat and energy conversion Dr. John E. Griffith, structures, materials a nd fluid s 102 Engineering The College of Engineerh;g is. newest of the Umvers1ty s professional colleges. Activities in today's engineering effort .are grouped into three areas-d.esign, research, and. the operation of complex engineermg The program has been the student may explore mdiVIdual interests with professional assistance and, at the same time, pursue in traditional engmeermg programs. Dr. Robert J Wim mert, e ngine ering systems Dr. Merle R. Donaldson, ele c trical phenomen

PAGE 104

8i Dean Edgar W. Kopp John F. Twigg, pre-engineering RAIN FAILS to mar groundbreaking of College of Engineering. 103

PAGE 105

Dean Russell M. Cooper Liberal Arts The College of Liberal Arts continues the general and liberal education begun in the College of Basic Studies. It is organized into four divisions: fine arts, language-literature, natural sciences and mathematics, and social sciences. The College emphasizes individual projects, laboratories, field studies and the opportunity for credit through independent study and examination. 104 Edward Preodor, music Russell G. Whaley, theatre arts Alvah A. Beecher, director of fine arts

PAGE 106

Harrison W. Covington, art Dr. Gordon Johnson, music Charles Fager, art 105

PAGE 107

106 Dr. James E. Popovich, speech Dr. James A. Gould, philosophy Dr. Albert M. Gessman, classics and linguistics

PAGE 108

Division of Language and Literature Dr. Robert L. Zetler, director Dr. Charles N. Micarelli, modern languages 107

PAGE 109

Dr. Knut J. Norstog, botany Dr. P. Calvin Maybury, chemistry 108

PAGE 110

Dr. Heinrich K. Eichhorn-Von Wurmb, astronomy Dr. Guy Forman, physics Dr. FrankL. Cleaver, mathematics Division of Natural Science and Mathematics Dr. Theodore A Ashford, director 109

PAGE 111

110 Dr. John C. Briggs, zoology Dr. Wendell J. Ragan, geology

PAGE 112

Dr. Roger T. Grange, anthropology Division of Social Science Dr. Anne E. Kelley, political science Dr. William B. Cameron, director 111

PAGE 113

Dr. Alfonso Gonzalez, geography Dr: Paul R. Givens, psychology 112

PAGE 114

Dr. Donald E. Allen, sociology Dr. Henry Winthrop, interdisciplinary social sciences Dr. Robert A G ol dstein, history 113

PAGE 115

George H. Miller, director 114

PAGE 116

Cooperative Education Program The Cooperative Education Program is open to all students who have the minimum requirements of 24 hours of academic credit, and a 2.0 average. The program consists of alternating periods of training and study. Students are paid during their training period. (However, this program is not a financial aid program, and no student is placed because of need.) 115

PAGE 117

116 Cecil C. Brooks, admissions Office of the Registrar The Office of the Registrar has one of the most complex jobs on campus. Divided into two basic areasadmissions and records-the office is responsible for information on about 20,000 students. Some of the more specific jobs are class roles, all changes in schedules, all admissions to the University, transcripts of grades, selective service classifying, and maintaining the permanent records of all students. Gene L. Roberts, pre-admissions coordinator

PAGE 118

Ronald L. Keller, office manager Frank H. Spain, registrar Merle V. Slater, records 117

PAGE 119

118 Margaret L. Chapman, special collection librarian Library The University of South Florida Library becomes a familiar place to every university student. The Library has about 100,000 volumes for study and recreational reading, and subscribes to 2,200 journals. The collection is made available to faculty and students by an open stack system. Gerald B. McCabe, acquisition librarian Louise Ward, reference librarian

PAGE 120


PAGE 121

120 Robert L. Dennard, dean of administrative affairs Administrative staff Robert E. Richmond, assistant director, finance and accounting Andrew C Rodgers, business manager

PAGE 122

John P. Goree, auxiliary services John J. Bushell, data processing William H Taft, sponsored research 121

PAGE 123

Dean Elliot instructional servic Clyde B. Hill, physical plant Raymond C. King, housing 122

PAGE 124

Jack A. Chambers, personnel services William Dan Deibler, information services T. Wayne Keene, planning and analysis Calvin C. Miller, continuing education 123

PAGE 125

Phyllis P. Marshall, student organizations Dr. Gilman W. Hertz, physical education and intramurals _,. .r;, "" Dr. Edward L. Flemming, developmental center 124 Margaret B. Fisher, dean of women Kermit J. Silverwood, financial aids

PAGE 126

Charles H. Wildy, dean of men Drs. Robert Egolf and Donald Brusca Dean Herbert J. Wunderlich Student Affairs Student Affairs is a personnel service program for students, which comes under the office of the dean of student affairs. The particulars of the program include orientation of new students, residence hall programs loans, student activities, student organizations, class attendance, disciplinary action and personal counseling. 125

PAGE 127


PAGE 128


PAGE 129

Inter Fraternity D Abel R Alvarez F. Caldwell B. Dale T Demmo B. Dick J.Griffin J. Kane J. Laek .. nd D. IJkenager J. Malatronte F. Martinua G Raider D Searle D. Walker J. Williams 128

PAGE 130

J. Bell N. Fountain 111. Fox V. Grizzaffe M.Hartr B Johnaon J. Jordan K. O'Conner J. Perrone C. Smith C Spencer C. Todd J Vall C. Walker D Wilderotter L. Wript J. Young L. Zuro Pan Hellenic Council 129

PAGE 131

130 P. Agdamac J. Braley A. Corraln s. Dennil D. DeWin!Do D.Dukeo L. Edce A. Enpl B. GrlndeU J. Hoeue J. LaBruno B Lanlrfonl D Llchtenfelo M. Lochory B. Mitchell R. Nueman C.Opp W Owe"" B .Parb D. Phillipo R. Pien:e G. Prophitt G. Raider A Reader J. Reber D. Rlndy B. Skillen J. Sullivan J Symeo D. Taylor D. Walker M. Ward

PAGE 132

Arete Fraternity The motto of Arete is truth, wisdom and courage. Arete has two major service projects. Twice each year the brothers travel to Live Oak, Florida, to work at the Florida Sheriffs' Boys' Ranch. Once each trimester the fraternity has a blood drive to benefit the Arete student blood bank. Blood is made available to all students and their families free of charge. Socially Arete has many events, the most spectacular being the annual Cheva lier Weekend held each spring. Offi cers for the year were: Donnie Walker, president; Tim Cloninger, vice president; Robin Kirk, secretary; Tony Fiorito, treasurer. 131

PAGE 133

132 F Bayless D. Beatty B. Boglio J Brownlee F. Caldwell J Canfield T. Coate E Correia L Cranor C. Dann R Daniel J Egan J. Fntwell P. Harvey C Jaoklon B .Kecl< C. Kotake C Luaiter D. Lawless A. Mathes J Moffett B Moore G. Naze G. Nichola B. O'Leary J. Shearer B Strouse C Willett J. Williams

PAGE 134

Cratos Fraternity Cratos enjoyed a prosperous year of social, athletic, service and academic activities. On the social scene Cratos will remember the pledge parties, Founders Day Ball, Lions Den and numerous informal house parties. Cratos held u car smash and donated $250 to the USF scholarship fund. Also the brothers worked at registration and in February sold cokes at the parade. 133

PAGE 135

134 J Ileal B. Ellis T Hazel P Helstrom G. Ellis J. Hillier P Benz C Fielding J Jordan C. Belton R Brown B. Goddard A. Gough M. Kannensohn J Lackland 1). College E. Gracie J. LaRue A Cooper M. Griffin N.Lawn D. Crowe D. Groothius R Lindsay R. Diamond J Harper H. Lindsley Enotas Fraternity B Dick B Harmon S Lively During the spring trimester Enotas inaugurated the Buccaneer Revelry which parallels Gasparilla weekend. The formal invitation banquet followed. Throughout the year 44 new brothers were initiated. Other parties to remember: the Halloween Party and the Fall Ball, where the Sugar Beats entertained. Enotas won the 1-M championship in athletics. Off!cers for the year were: Rell Lack land, president; Bob Dick, vice president; John Harper, secretary; Rick Brown, treasurer.

PAGE 136

D. McCaffrey M Polo D Shobe V. Masters L Pritchard 8. Tilley R. Metcalfe L. Scott R Vasque:t P. Mullen D. Searles G Williams T. Nelson J Shirley G. Woodard

PAGE 137

I r 2 sc: 136 FIA Sorority Upholding the ideals of friendship, integrity and achievement, FIA Sorority initiated a first on campus by sponsoring a series of intersorority socials. Within the sorority, activities such as slumber parties, camping trips, doughnut sales, car washes and intramural participation created bonds of oneness. Highlight of the year was the traditional White Rose Ball held in honor of graduating seniors. Officers are Carolyn Walker president; Janice Higgins, vice president; and Susan Gray, secretary.

PAGE 138

c......_ .. 8oUor &.CoM G. Dowii..L.HJ.Jordu J.J..W. G.Jtrajleoll LIMW N.Wwt. D Uttlo G. Garda J.Guda &.Gra, L l..lw. ... .._ ......... A.. PWIIIIIO .. ,_,. G .a..II H&nJ' H .H....tnUn J HiniDO II Holfaan II. Shea C Smith P TarT R Waiaman C Walkor J Walt.or A Yanow 137

PAGE 139

138 P All e n M A l ver s on 8 B as il J. B e ll C. C i cca rell o S. Cornwall A. Crownover D Evans I. Evans P. Fallon M.Fox M. Freeman L. Gallagher G. Garrett B. Gibbs K. Georgias Fides Sorority The girls of Fides participate in activities within all areas of campus life, as well as in sorority activities. During the year, Fides plans Fun and Fancy, Parents' Weekend, a pledge party and Spring Frolics. Folding bandages for the American Cancer Society, working afternoons at the Tampa Day Nursery are service projects undertaken. The Fides Five won the Folk Sing Award for the second consecutive year. Officers are: Linda Zuro, president; Pam Ripple, vice president; Sherry Sears, secretary. II I

PAGE 140

H.Gwlu L J.llan1o II HtU D. H..,._. T.J.._ JJ[-P ......... J.Hite c. Odlto C.Pftt.r P.Rtpplo J.--.. ,..,.._ J.YLZ.....

PAGE 141

140 Kappa Iota Omega B. Ballagh J. Loudermilk H. Rissman J. Bradley M. McKenna D. Sohol J. Griffin M. Marlin K. Vagts T. Grimmer Jo'. H. WisE> J. Kitchens L. Perrelh1. KIOwas well represented in all areas this year. Socially they held the Torchlight Ball, Founder's Day, Fiji, Goul's Groul, Blazer Ball and the Pledge Party. Several times this year KIO brothers donated their time to entertain Hillsborough county orphans. For the second year KIO has won the Lew Sarett Memorial intramural speech award.

PAGE 142


PAGE 143

142 C Bowen D. Hutchinson J. Lang A Cauvel J Kaiser F. Lata J. Drane V Lancuter R. Murphy

PAGE 144

K O'Grady J. Perrone C Vigo S. Pantlinll C. S pencer S. Villareal J Perrolla J. Vail D. Wilderotter Paideia Sorority Paideia, the oldest sorority on campus, was founded on friendship an<:l service to the University. Recent service projects aid the TB Association and the USF Women's Club, but the sisters find time for picnics, parties and formal balls. Officers are: Carol Spencer, president; Vicki Lancaster, vice president; Susan Villareal, secretary; Ara Cauvel, treasurer. 143

PAGE 145

144 1 Anderaon L. Ambrose B. Blunt c. B<>ri H ll
PAGE 147

146 J Albritton B Bakalar L. Bamberger B. Batea M.llerpn K. Bernard J Buckley S Caldwell s.cb ..... P. Coplon G. Coto C. Diamond L. Fernando C. Fiehe N. Fountain D. Fuearlno V Grlzzatfe L. Haefner A. Hlnaon. M. Levine L. MeClendon S. Martino A Maaon N Olaen L. Outten M. Pena s. l?eytyka R. Rodriguez B. Bandera L. Scoggins S. Smalley C. Todd M.Tumey J.Valentl J. White F. Wlloon L. Wright A. Yeabower TRI SIS Sorority Sharing diversified interests, yet united by the bonds of sisterhood, the sisters of Tri-SIS strive to uphold their three goals, service, integrity, and sociability. Members participate in intramural activities, and have twice won the Woman's 1-M trophy. Competition during Greek Week netted the girls first place in the Greek Sing and Greek Skits. The sorority's one main service project is the scholarship for international students. Sisters sell shares to help finance the education of a foreign student. Social events include a fall camping trip, a ski lodge party, the Topaz Ball, Mardi Gras, and a Mother-Daughter tea. Officers are: Nelda Fountain, president; Fran Wilson, vice president; Jennifer Albritton, secretary.

PAGE 148


PAGE 149

148 J Coppens J. Enright R.Estes G Hartig J. Kane J Morton R Shaw D. Silver S Trent A. Vedner C. Weiland D Weiler W .Woocl V erdandi Fraternity V erdandi has always had a variety of social activities ranging from formal dinners to beach parties and camping trips. This trimester's functions were highlighted by a dinner at the Hawaiian Village and a Christmas dance at the Thomas Jefferson Hotel. Verdandi believes in doing its part and has made service projects a part of its overall program.

PAGE 150

J. Birkenmaier B. Bolesta C. Flora D. Flora E. Fuller G. Gillum B. Johnson B. McGraw B. Martin M.Neill K. O'Conner I.. Pyler C. Wheeler Zeta Tau Sigma Sorority Zeta Tau Sigma was formed in April, 1965, with a goal of concordance. It strives for informality in parties such as the Halloween Masquerade and a square dance party. In service, the sisters helped with registration and put on a show for the children at the Tampa Tuberculosis Hospital. 149

PAGE 151


PAGE 152


PAGE 153

Ken Rollins, assistant program advisor 152 Rena Antinori, program advisor Duane E. Lake, UC director Jackie Eichelberger, reservations secretary

PAGE 154

PROGRAM Council, standing, Char lotte Amman, Bob Whisnant, Carolyn Parkins. Seated, Andra Gregory, Jerry Canfield, Jean Beageard. The University Center Dawn Smith, secretary to director Deanna Bates, activities secretary Jim Blackwell, recreation room 163

PAGE 155


PAGE 156

Social area A costume party featuring the prize winning "Jolly Green Giant," the Valentine Ball and all other weekend dances were sponsored by the UC dance committee. Fashion shows, Best-Dressed Girl on Campus Contest and "South Florida Showcase" were all presented under the direction of the fashion and talent committee. Family night is perhaps the biggest activity for the hospitality commit tee. Children of married students, staff and faculty members enjoy an evening filled with spooks, goblins and ghosts. In addition to this event, committee members also serve as of ficial campus hosts and hostesses for visitors to the University. 155

PAGE 157

156 .. I

PAGE 158

Cultural area The Folk Sing Contest was the biggest success of the music committee during the first trimester. They were also responsible for the stereo listen ing hours, the Pitchfork Singers and the jazz and poetry hours Events sponsored by the arts and exhibits committee included "The Face of Viet Nam," "The Seminole," and "United States Progress in Space." Famous Florida authors Richard Powell and Frank G. Slaughter were among some of the favorite presentations of the special events committee. Soundsations, featuring the classic al and flamenco guitarists, Strunz and Sul livan, was also a credit to this com mittee. 157

PAGE 159

158 Recreational area "How to" lessons included bridge, knitting, photography and charm of fered by the lessons committee. Friday, Saturday and Sunday entertainment was provided weekly by the movies committee. Attractions such as "Bridge on the River Kwai," and "Under the Yum Yum Tree" were favorites. Four-time world's billiard champion, Jimmie Caras, was brought to the University by the recreation committee. Other events were the ice skating party and the Stag Series, whose main attraction was Larry Libertore, manager and head coach of the Florida Brahmans semi-pro football team.

PAGE 160


PAGE 161


PAGE 162

Functional area Dial 400 was the campafa'n alop.n of the public relationa committee. Thil electronic secretary, which an report of UC activi ties, was originated by this committee The personnel committee wu responsible for recruitin and orientina members to do UC work. It alao spon sored the annual awards banquet. 111

PAGE 163

John Reber, president 162 Student Association The student association includes all regularly enrolled students of the University. Each student carrying seven or more credit hours per trimester is a voting member of the organization. Through its councils and elected officers the association directs, under supervision of the dean of student affairs, many student activities. Elections for membership on councils, executive positions within council and the student association are held annually.

PAGE 164

Bdl/ 163

PAGE 165

John Alston, editorial page editor Laurence Bennett, editor, trimester III '65, trimester II '66 Steve Yates, advisor Lee Sizemore, copy editor The Campus Edition Published every Monday in conjunction with the Tampa Times, the Campus Edition provides up-to-date coverage of campus activities, feature stories and editorial opinion. 164

PAGE 166

Mary Ann Moore, SA reporter Julian Efird, reporter Polly Weaver, reporter and secretary Jay Beckerman, editor, trimester I '65 165

PAGE 167

Manny Lucoff, TV coordinator. 166 WUSF television and radio An educational tool for the University, WUSF provides actual experience to students wishing to make a career of broadcasting-. WUSF is staffed by students except for acting Radio Coordinator Paul Koenig and Secretary Shirley Delk. The program director is Torn Hornung; production director, Gerald Martin; news director, Mary Frances Koenig; fine arts director, April Kalinowski.

PAGE 168


PAGE 169

GOLD KEY Officers are Evelio Alvarez Jr., Charlotte Fiel!fs, Mary Alyce Brooks, Alfred Crews, Margaret Burlington 168 E. Alvares M Brooks M. Burlington J Cute llano A. Crewa G Ferrara C. Fields D. Greene D. Greene S Haley S Johnson M. Leoiak L. Man d ell S. Pardo B Warren G Wabb A. Wineh Gold Key Honor Society Gold Key Honor Society was established to recognize and encourage scholarship, to stimulate leadership and to develop a spirit of service. It attempts to evaluate the needs of the campus to decide which projects will best serve the University. Membership is by invitation only of students obtaining a high grade point average.

PAGE 170

Athenaeum Athenaeum honors upper class women of outstanding scholarship and leadership. Membership is limited to 25 students and is by invitation only. Any woman having completed 60 hours with a 3.0 or better is eligible. During the first trimester Athenaeum sponsored a conference on graduate studies. A. Bernette M. Besenbach M. Brooks M. Burlington J. Eckneas L. Erickson G. Ferrara S. Johnson G. Kohrt K. Ladd L. Mandell B. Nickenon S. Pardo A. Winch L. Zuro ADVISOR Margaret Fisher checks over Athenaeum projects. DR. HENRY M. Robertson talks to Athenaeum members about advising basic studies students. 169

PAGE 171

COLLEGE of Engineering members are, first row, Jim Farmer, Frank Skillen, Frank Henderson, William Cooper, Bill Thompson, Luis Cowan, Wayne Carroll, Charles W. Jackson, Ray Fleming, Bob Landley, Peter Van Parys. Second row, John Nielson, Charles Evans, Ed Walker, Nicklas D. Andrea, Jr., Donald Higgins, 170 Richard Fifer, Tony de Varona, Eugene Ferris, Ralph Musale, William R. Opp. Third row, Bruce Kinney, Jerome Kane, John Petrick, Stan Blank, Luis Sastre, Bob Lane, Howard Vedner, Rell Lackland, Dave Winter, David Hurkett. Fourth row, Ernie MacFerran, Jr., Bill Schulz, Ray Reynolds. Engineering Association The Engineering College Association was founded in 1964 to provide each engineering student at South Florida with an opportunity to supplement his formal education through frequent communication with professional engineering functions. Activities which sup. port this concept include or ganized meetings with outstanding leaders of engineering and outside visitations of industrial corporations. The success achieved by the association this inaugural year is largely due to the generous cooperation of the practicing engineers of the Tampa Bay community.

PAGE 172


PAGE 173

I .. '. :tJ ... OFFICERS are Kathy Rhyne, secretary; Barney Ross, treasurer; Sam Gordon, parliamentarian; Tom Hazel vice president; Ken Locke, president. BUSINESS Administration members are, kneeling, Richard Charlton, Joe Zucchero, Charles Dougherty, Sam Gordon, Earl Cunningham, John Carlson, Gerald Union, Dave Lockwood. Middle row, Bill Wight, Pete Peters, Alan Benware, Kathy Rhyne, Barney Ross, Ken Locke, Tom Hazel, Mike Duling, Doug Barr. Top row, Ken Keene, AI Schroeder, Richard Walfish Bill T_homas, George Kruger, John DeNisco, Bill Whitworth, Jim Coppens. Business Administration Club

PAGE 174

Baptist Student Union The BSU seeks to promote the religious growth of individual students through Bible study, worship and fellowship. BSU members tutor students at the Colored Juvenile Home, hold exchange programs with other BSU's and help sponsor international forum dinners. Each summer a number of students serve in missions throughout the United States and abroad. BSU members are, seated, Bob Roath, Nancy Gray, Jane Hall, Tom Jacobs, Dennis Roebuck, Bobbi Parkinson, Kay Cates, Doug Way. Second row, Rev. Ed Lilly, Donna Britt, Linda Long, Carolyn Gorman, Jane McGinnis, Donna Spinks, Phyllis Feagle, Pat Eaton, Carole Rags dale, Barbara Yost, Bob Yost, Murphy Osborne. Top row, Ronnie Walker, Jim Farmer, Dennis Johnson, Jim Britt. 173

PAGE 175

174 RELIGIOUS Council members, seated, Judy Ballenger, Denny Grady, Nadine Schmidt. Standing, Peter Grossman, Rick Byguist, Joy White, David Hoy, Cecil Brooks, Bobbi Parkinson. University Chapel Fellowship UCF members, top row, Doug Greene, Richard Lawrence, Elaine Fisher, Linda Grund. Bottom row, Anne Wilkinson, Rogers Magee, Ruth Schoch, Rev. Allan Burry, Rev. James Keller. Religious Council

PAGE 176

JSU members, seated, Roberta Chiprut, secretary ; Herb Schainholtz, president; Darryl Weiler, vice-president; Karen Reiter, trea surer. Standing, Jeanne Brown, Marjorie Schreiber, Harvey Frank, Vicki Roussman, Betty Schainholtz, Barbara Mitchell, Bernard Zaidman, Lois Kramer, Anne Bergman, Sharon Lemo, Phyllis Googel, Tom Golden son, Dr. Albert Gessman, Allan Friedman. Marine Biology Club I Jewish Student Union MARINE Biology Club members, standing, Dr. Clinton Dawes, Russell Watrous, Dr. Joe R. Linton, Charles Carranza, Andre Benson, Arthur Brand, Jon Bell, Jim Brickey, JoAnn Birkenmaier, Dr. Frank Friedl. Second row, Janet Chatham, Gary P. Howland, Robert Dein, Gene Walton, Michael Tincher, Mary Lytle, Irma Schmitt. Bottom row, Mary Starnes, secretary-treasurer; Frank Hoff, presirlent; Clifford M. Wright, editor of newsletter. 175

PAGE 177

SYRINX members are, seated, Chantal Ruilova, Betsy Higginbotham, Corry Wodward, Joy de Bartolo, Mary Ann Adams, Kathy Fink, Martha Rearick. Standing, Linda Robinson, Beverly Sever, Joyce James, Linda Bay Players 176 Syrinx Ketcham, Evelyn Barchard, Vicki Elmore, Elizabeth Hammond, Kathy Manetta, Susan Kingcome, Tina Yanchus. BAY PLAYERS are, seated, Carol Frank Morse, Karen Sanders, Joey Ruth Meadows. Standing, Elizabeth Strmger, Sherman Hayes, Charles Saul, Robert Wolff, Bob Erwin, James Scott, Brion Black.

PAGE 178

SPORTS Club Council members are John Bedingfield, Dave St. John, Morry Rakes, Ernie Prentis, Alan Marder. Sports Club Council 177

PAGE 179

178 BARBENDERS are, bottom row, Eugene Schmidt, Ernest Prentis, Paul Fetscher. Middle row, Mike Bagby, Herbert Carlton, Gary Ulman, Kit Scruggs, Hank Murphy, Harry Windson, Herman Smith, Jim Robert-Fencing Club FENCING club members are, bottom row, Karen Meadows Mike Fuller. row, Greta Zielke, JoAnne Young, George Thomas. Top row, Richard Saeger, Charles Rodgers, Alan Marder. Barbenders Club son, Frank Luncton. Top row, Robert Dutton, Larry Babor, Bill Morrow, Jim Henderson, Bill Dew, Dave Fleer, Jim Kerwick, Jim Perkins, Charles Keathley, Fred Atterbury, Bryon Webb.

PAGE 180

Judo Club JUDO club members are, bottom row, Lynn Miller, Barbara Ann Meixell, Arleene Gaumer, Ellen Gahan, David St. John, Phil Boller, AI Marshall, Ken Alton. Top row, Richard Mayley, John Furman, John Y erick, Bernard Fusaro. Bowling Club BOWLING club members are, bottom row, Susan Stierwalt, Connie Graham, Pat Hayhurst, Pam Damm, Martha Kerr, Virginia Speights, Laura Schwartz, Andrea Helleis. Middle row, Ray Cooper, Dave Bates, Ken Lavicka, Phil Jackson, Jim Cunningham, Don Johnson, Alan Cunningham, Tom Murphy, Morry Rakes. Top row, Chester Kotake, Gloria Grovatski, Stuart Lawrence, David Bunch, Barry Pasetti, John Wholeben, Doran Cushing, Bobby Combs, Stephen Skaggs, John McCullough, Paul Flasher, Jim Johnson, Rick Smith, Guy McGahey, Bob Goodemote. 179

PAGE 181

180 II KARATE club members are, bottom row, Fulton Barker, David Fink, Earl Archer, Bob Duning, Major Salter, Bart Birdsall, Clay Steffer, Dave Elman, Jim Robertson. Middle row, Paul Norris, Herbert Bryant, Jim Sears, Bill Callahan, Brian Douglas, Stephen Bloom, Karate Club Although three years old the Karate club is the largest sports club on campus. The club's emphasis is on kata-formal exercisesand controlled sparring. In this way each member may advance at his own rate. Because of the stress on individual improvement with no competition a person can be "good" at karate rather than "better than" someone else. David Grundy, Cleve Watkins. Top row, Fred Zerla, Rick Marshall, Bob Condon, Frank Wierdson, Roger Doyle, Jim Moses, Larry Thomson, John Dunn, Dave Lehman, Paul Murphy, Dale Case, Bill Coleman, Bob Benton, Ralph Smith, Marty Sweeton, Warren Marless.

PAGE 182

Sailing Club Sports Car Club SPORTS Car club members are Chuck Seibold, Bob Laubach, Jay Goldman, Dave Gadd, Robby Johnson, Graig Peroutka, Don Robertson, Henry Cordova, Bob SAILING club members are, seated, Bernice Beringer, Frank Brice, Bruce Zeller mayer, Mary Starnes. Standing,Judy Moss, Riley Winans, Lloyd Stahl, Mary Anne Ceconi, Jim Jordan. Wujick, R. J. Welz, Peter O'Sullivan, Ken Parks, Jim Spence, Steve Saperstien, Mike Minardi, Bill Didson, Ray Jirikowic. 181

PAGE 183

182 OFFICERS are Elesa Nelson Sue Patterson, Bill Mathus, Dennis Caltagirone. Racquet Club RACQUET club members are, bottom row, Debbie Garrison, Sue Patterson, Dennis Caltagirone, Elesa Nelson, Judy Garcia. Middle row, Kermit Silverwood, Pat Adams, Jackie Adams, Bill Mathus. Top row, Bob Gaskin, Tom Allen, AI Blevins.

PAGE 184

Water Ski Club WATER ski club members are, bottom row, Jim Griffin, Greg Poston, Cynthia Attaway, Vicki Johndrow, Monica Harty, Constance Culp, Trudi Price, G. Hartley Mellish, Bill Holbrook. Top row, Steve Bruske vage, Jim Beboer, John Bedingfield, Robert Broeske, Rick Gordon, Jim Clayton, Graig Peroutka. 183

PAGE 185

184 VARSITY Soccer team members are, bottom, trainer Tony Janitas, manager Harvey Buckmaster. Second row, John Braily, Andre Fernandez, Helge Velde, Darel Dyal, Andy Boris. Third row, Roman Synchek, Bill Varsity Soccer Team Upson, Bob Drucker, Max Nielsen. Fourth row, Frank Glowaski, Dave Afguar, Bill Dryer, Gary Houge, Pedro Gomes. Top row, Jim Houck, Weldon Corbitt, Chuck Keathly, Todd Tanberg, Brian Holt.

PAGE 186

Coach Dan Holcomb 185

PAGE 187

186 CROSS Country team members are John Williams, Lindsey de Guehery, Ed Woodstuff, Bill Keegan Dave Bower. Varsity Cross Country

PAGE 188

Varsity Golf GOLF team members are Bob Oblin ger, Bob Sitch, Rick Ragnitt, Jim Britt, Bill Dykeman, Mike Curtin, Rick Lehman, Bob Stricklin. Varsity Swimming SWIMMING team members are, foreground, Mike McNaughton, and Jim Morton, Bill Kelley, Dave Naffzinger, Pete Kenning, Steve Steele. 187

PAGE 189


PAGE 190


PAGE 191

Mrs. Mary Alcorn Mrs Bobby Allen Joseph Anderson JoAnn Angle Harold Ashford Mrs. Mary Atterbury Mrs. Barbara Baldwin Manuel Balseiro, Jr. Charles Beamer Diana Bellamy Ignacio Bello Howard Berry Philip Bickers Anthony Boatman Mrs. Mary Bowman David Brewer Clifton Bridges Olen Britnell Guy Buell Barbara Buerke 190

PAGE 192

April '65 Mrs. Barbara Bush Judy Cadenhead Richard Cadwallader Donald Cambas Michael Carpenter David Chadwell William Christian Jr. Laurence Christman, Jr. 191

PAGE 193

Ernest Ciarrocchi William Cirocco John Clancey Linda Cohen Jimmy Coplon Terry Cozort Jay Cross Margarita Cruz 192

PAGE 194

Joan Cullman Shirley Curtis Roscoe Davidson, Jr. Richard De Aguero Mrs. Jean Del Torto Kenneth Delarbre John Dion Joyce Dixon John Dobbin Pete Doyal Mrs. Jo Ellen Duke John Duncan, Jr. Salley Edgerton Judy Edmondson Leona Ehlert Kenneth Ehrenberger Mrs. Diane Fernandez Ronald Fernandez Foster Finley Peter Fisher 193

PAGE 195

David Fleer Charles Frey John Gallagher Anna Gibson Emma Gonzalez Arthur Gose, Jr. Patricia Groves Mrs. Leila Hadley George Hall, Jr. Norma Harper Katherine Harris Michael Hess Ella Hibbs Donald Higgs James Hightower, Jr. Richard Hill Linda Hoffman Cecil Holladay Pierre Jean 194

PAGE 196

Arthur Johnson James Johnson Frederick Joiner Mrs. Susan Keeney Anna Kemp James Klueh Jack Knight Sharon Knight 195

PAGE 197

Kenneth Kuykendall Thomas Lackland, Jr. William Lariscy John Lattimer Lucion Lawrence Mrs. Betty Lemanski Roni Lerner Audrey Limberg 196

PAGE 198

I.Aanrtr Rttte Olt,tr Jo:otph Olatan 197

PAGE 199

Paul Ouellette Pahl Mr11. Marie Panarelli Newton Parker Rodney Patrick Theresa Pete111 George Pfeiffer Robert Poole, Jr. Thomas Pulliam Joee Ramirn Lois Ramsey Linda Revelll Marshall Ridge Carolyn Robert Patricia Roberta Dennis RodrilfUez Peter Rowe Mrs. Carol Rowland M111. Sheila Savajle 198

PAGE 200

Marjorie Schenk Ruth Schipfer Mrs. Noretta Sheffield Buford Shiver Nancy Siebert Albert Sierra. Jr. Smith Dudley Smith 199

PAGE 201

fo:liz.abeth Smith James Smith William Smith Stahlbu!lh Shennan Steadman, Jr. Phyllis Stephenft 200

PAGE 202

William Terry Julie Tholl Villa Ken Waibel Randy Wall Thomas Ward, Jr. Mrs. Rarbara Wl'bh Richard John Jr. Raymond Wilensky Katherine Philip Mr!!. Carolyn Wolfe Kathleen Wood11rd William Yeaw M111. Alice York John August Zilkie, Jr. David Zinnamon David Crippen, M.A. 201

PAGE 203

Adamll Muriel Allen l'atril'ia Allen Mrs. :Mary Jane Ambrose Homer Hallen Walter Bauer l..e11nn Raxter Mrs. Janill Heyer Summer '65 202

PAGE 204

Dorene Diane Bockrath Freda Bradbury Paul Bradley John Brewer Delana Brown Hoy Brown Max Bunner Miriam Butcher Charlene Butler John Chapman Raymond Charlton Raymond Cobb Gayle Cogan IA>retta Corces Joseph Coyne 203

PAGE 205

Thomas Croft Mrs. Beatrice Davidson Judith Davis Stephen Davis C..arole Demkier Richard Dorman Katherine Eby Irene Elias Linda Enter Robert Fechner James Gant Sandra Garcia Mrs. Mildred Hawk William Haynsworth William Henderson Mrs. Patricia Hitchcock 204

PAGE 206

Mra Clella Holt Mrs Jeanette Howse James Huffman Ronald Jaudon 1-' rank Johnson Mary Johnson Robert Jones Samuel Kempster 205

PAGE 207

Dorothy Laker William Lancaster C J .MacDonald K Kay MacKay William Matthews Mrs. Patricia Maxey Gary McBride Carol McCormack 206

PAGE 208

Catherine Metziere Merrily Miller Hugh Moore Mrs Judith Moore Pamela Morales Kenneth Mullis Robert Nall Harry Neuhauser Roy Norria Mn1. Barbara Patterson Raymond Ray Craig Reynolds Jack Scannell Warren Shaub Gregory Smith James Snell 207

PAGE 209

Joel Stevenson Ronald Sykora Johnny Taylor Robert Taylor Melvin Tucker William Turner Jerome Ulman Joseph Vaccaro Ruben Valdes Joseph Vetrano Ronald Waldhour Stephen Mrs Jean Whitman Mrs. Catherine Cody, M.A. 208

PAGE 210

Montra Hart, Dourla Ann Whtlltnll'ton Hnb ltnda Zuro Hob Dtrk Davtd GrHrw Aegean selects outstanding seniors The Aegean, with faculty consultation. hal' c1t.ed these mne for the1r outstanding work and l'ervice to the University. Not limiting themselves to scholarship alone, they have demonstra remarkable ability and dedication in non academic areas to enable a weJI.balanced campus community The Unive"itv profited by their presence 209

PAGE 211

Esther P Airey Jennifer L. Albritton John R. Alfson Harold W. Allen Patricia G. Allen Barbara S. Alvare& Charlotte J. Amman Richard L. Anderson Roger L. Ang5ten Elizabeth Francia E. Albell Gilbert R. Bailie Sally J Bakalar Brooke C. Ballagh Lillian Bandes James T Bardin Augustin J Barreiro Helen C. Battle Robert Bauer John P Baumann 210

PAGE 212

Michael H. Beach Doug Becker Jay H Beckerman Joseph C. Beckham Mrs. Anne Bell Thomas G. Bellino Mrs. Jo'elicia Benjamin Barbara A. BerKer Stephen Jo:. BerKer Kathryn R Bernard Damon Beyer II Mrs Marilyn Birkel Clarence T Bird Beverly J. Bissell Louise !II. Black December '65, April '66 211

PAGE 213

Robert C. Blunt Frederick F Boette Theo A. Bolint Colleen Bowen Arthur Brand Carol Braxton lin. M&r7 A. Broob Cheryl Brummett Cheryl Buch Donald Balpr Marpret BurlingWn David Bush 212 William N. Bonilla Bernard Brenanahan Jack Buck Donald Bush Gertrude B. Borkman Mrs. Beverly Broderson William Burdett ; ;; ."' Mary Cagaina

PAGE 214

Calderon Kathryn Campbell Gerald Canfield Joyce Castellano Amelio Castella William Chaitow Tyrone Clayton Heverly Code Meta Coffman Charles Coflin David Coleman Anthony Cole Donald Connick Craig Conrad John Cook Wyman Cook Alan Cooper Guyla Cooper 213

PAGE 215

Robert Cooper Wallace Cormier Geraldine Coto John Countryman Robert Craie Warren Critc:hlow, Jr. John Critz Harrison Cronic Mrs. Sandra Crow Maria Cueata Earl Cwullncham. Jr. Bobby Daniela Lydia Daubar Mrs. Anne DeLong John DeNiaco lin. Bette Diekena Alan Diehl Greta Dixon Mary Dowlin&' Norma Dunn 214

PAGE 216

Manuel Doran, Jr. June Ecknesa (;lenn Ellis Albert Engel Charles Ennis Ronald Estes Melva Farwell Larry Felix Irma Fernandez Ana M. Fernandez: John lo'ernandez Joseph Ferolito Betty Fetty Cheryl Ficke Charlotte Fields Linda Flenker Robert Flynn 215

PAGE 217

Michael Foerster Phyllis Folsom Charles Fornes Nelda Fountain Mrs Martha Frakes Mary Freeman Ann Freta John Fretwell Lurlene Gallagher Mrs. Jeri Gammage Anita Garcia Geraldine Garcia Thomas Gat.ea Raulette Gaudreau Gordon Geissler Linda Gerson Lucille Robert Glenz Richard Gold 216

PAGE 218

Carmen Gonules Gary Goreo Ozzie :M. Grayes David (;rE>ene Douglas Greene Linda Griffin Iktty Grimes Virginia Grizzaffe Daniel Groothius Bruce Goetzloe Linda Haefner David Hall :Mrs. Julia Hall Keith Hall Marcia Hall William Hancock Gary Harke Joseph Harms 217

PAGE 219

Marion Harria Mrs. Eliubeth Harrison Thomas Hart Hartlage Monica Harty Thoma Hazel Barbara H ef'f'el finger Richard Hernandez John Hester Raymond Hettericll L1nne Hollowa1 Billie Hollowell Charles Holmes Dennis Houff Drew Hurley Irene Hutchena John Hutchinson Howard Jamieson, Jr. Robert Jaquay Evelyn Jean 218

PAGE 220

Suphachai Jeeyangkatin Terrance Jeffries Jo'red Jenkins Daniel Jimenez Marjorie Johnson Susan Johnson James Jordon Thomas Jordon Karen Kadel Jerry Keeney Kay Keller James Kerwick Roland Jr. Robin Kirk Raymond Kirschner l.enia Kiss Mrs. Koenig Ben Knisely 219

PAGE 221

G,_r Krajicek Kathy l.add Scott. l.ahte Janice Lang Jacob L. LaRue Sharon La1lca Christine Lazzara Dianne Lewis l':ellie Lewis Kenneth Licke Hull'h Lindsley Diana Little Sharlene Lloyd David Lockwood Louia Lopea John Lopez Adelle Love Phillip Lucas Laura Mandell 220

PAGE 222

:'tfarl{'&ret Marsh Steve :'tfarahall Hetty :'tfartin Frank Martinua Annette Mason Ellen Mason Albert Mathes, Jr. Stephen Maxwell McAfee June McAleer Hazel MeCatty Wayne Meriwether David Merriam Henry Messer Meyer Barbara Miller Lynne Miller James Minewiser 221

PAGE 223

Carol Moore Gail Moore Manuel Morales Kristine Mortensen Joseph Morton RJehard Mueeiano Myers Frank Neitzey Marleta Judith Niee Mn. Opal Nleholla Gregory Nichols David Nicholson Karen O'Grady Nancy Olsen Clifford Opp John Ouelette Thomas Overman Sue Pantllng Sarah Pardo 222

PAGE 224

Kenneth Parka Mr!l. Patter!lon Joseph Patton Sandra Peck Dominic Pelle!Crino John Perry Carl Plaskett Henjamin Plowman Leah Pollock Ralph Powell Raymond Price Erma Pullara James Pullin II DPnnis Raitt Maurice Rakes :Miriam Rankin Betty Ratliff Ronald Realer 223

PAGE 225

Gai'J Rhoden Barbara Rhodes Ernest Rice, Jr. Lindsay Richards Rosalie Rodriquez Coleman Rutkin M il dred Salyer Dennis Sanchez Silvia Sanchez Santangelo Joe Saunden Sharon Scally Barbara Schmitt Mark Scruggs Dennis Silver Barbara Slronen Joaepb Smith Mrs. Nancy Smith Lealie Smou t Jean Snider 224

PAGE 226

Frederick Soderstrom Carolyn Sparks Sandra SpraKUe Carol Stau!f'er Alan Jonita Step David St. John Charles Stokes Charlotte Stokes James Strohmeneer John Sullivan Nancy Summers Richard Sutherland Barbara Swisher Richard Sykes Randall Talley Phyllis Tarr Andrew Tartler 225

PAGE 227

John Taylor George Thomas Vincent Thurn Cecelia Todd Glen Traweek Mn. Carol Taanria Shirley Tucker Mrs. Emma Turner Russell Turner Jack Upton p J .. -' ., ._ ... ,.-:;: ..r ., JoAnn Vail Lydia Vernon Charles Voight Mrs. Oneta Wakeford Richard Walfiab Carolyn Walker Joan Walter Charles Ware John Washburn Charles Webb 226

PAGE 228

Geoffrey Webb Mrs. Arlene Wells :'lfn. JoAnn West.afer James Whai"Uln Coralee Wheeler Leta Whittington Julia Wilderotur Carol Williams Mrs Ann Winch Joan Wood Mrs. Aileen Worley Alene Yarrow Anna Yeabower Ronald Young Leroy Zemke Joseph Zucchero 227

PAGE 229

228 April '65 AGUIRRE, MRS. IRMA, B.A. Education. ALCORN, MRS. MARY B.A. Education/Liberal Arts; honors con vocation, upper class c oun c il ALLEN, MRS BOBBY, B.A. Liberal Arts; Gold Key literary so ciety, poetry in i.e. ALLEN, GARY B.A. Education. ANDERSON, C LIFFORD, B.A. Liberal Arts. ANDE RSO N, JOSEPH, B.A. Liberal Arts; math honor society RA, residence council, intramurals chairman. ANGLE, JO ANN, B.A Education. ARES, ROBERT, B.A. Liberal Arts. ASHFORD, HAR OLD B.A. Liberal Arts; Gold Key, NASA fel lowship, Woodrow W ils on fellowship math honor society, SA p r e s ident I.e. editor, university ba n d s e n ior aatire author, athletic c ouncil. ATTERBURY, MRS. MARY, B.A. Liberal Arts. AUSTIN, MRS. PRISCILLA B.A Liberal Arts. BALDWIN, MRS. BARBARA, B.A Education/Liberal Arts. BALSEIRO, MANUEL JR., B.A. Bualneu Administration; sen i o r ac countinc club treasurer. BARBABELLA, JAMES, B.A. Liberal Arts. BARCO, MRS. EVELYN, B.A. Education. BART LE'M' GEOR GE, B A. Business Admi nistration. BAUCOM, WARREN, B A. Education/Liberal Arts. BEAMER, CHARLES B A Liberal Arts. BEHNKE. CARL, B.A. Buainesa Administration. BELDING, ANN, B.A. Education/Liberal Arts. BELLAMY, DIANA, B.A. Education/Liberal Arts. BELLO, IGNACIO, B.A Liberal Arts. BERRY, H OWARD B.A. Liberal Arts; math h onor society treasurer, .veterans club vice presi dent, Ruu1an club. BEST, MRS. T HELMA, B.A. Education. BICKERS. PHILIP, B.A. Liberal Arts; chorus student art ahow. BLESSING, R OBERT B A. Education. BOATMAN, ANTHON Y B A Education/Liberal Arts Young Democrats, RA. BOBIER, R OBERT B.A Liberal Arts. BOGER, ERNEST JR., B A Liberal Arts. BOWMAN, JUDI T H B.A Education. Senior Directory BOWMAN, MRS. MARY, B.A. Education. BOYER, EDWIN, B.A. Education/Liberal Arts. BRADY, MYKEN, B.A. Education/Liberal Arts. BRAY, CLAUDE, B.A. Liberal Arts. BREWER, DAVID, B A. Business Administration; bus. ad. club. BRIDGES, CLIFTON, B.A. Liberal Arts. BRITNELL, OLEN, B.A. Liberal Arts. BROADSTREET, MARJORIE, B.A. Education/Liberal Arts. BUELL, GUY, B.A. Liberal Arts; Gold Key, SA rep. sailing club, photography club. BUEHL, MRS. ROSAMOND, B.A. Education/Liberal Arts. BUERKE, BARBARA, B.A. Education/Liberal Arts. BUSH, MRS. BARBARA, B.A. Education; BSU. CADENHEAD, JUDY, B.A. Education ; Civinettes president, SFEA, Christian Life Fellowship. CADWALLADER, MARY, B.A. Business Administration I Liberal Arts. CADWALLADER, RICHARD, B.A. Business Administration; senior class president, SA, bus. ad. club. CAIRNS, BABETTE, B.A. Education. CALAFELL, MRS. AIDA, B.A. Education/Liberal Arts. CALLAHAN, ETHEL, B.A. Liberal Arts. CALVERT, MRS. MILLICENT, B.A. Basic Studies. CAMBAS, DONALD, B.A. Education/Liberal Arts; Gold Key. CAMPBELL, MARY, B.A. Liberal Arts. CAPLINGER, VICKI, B.A. Education. CARPENTER, MAREESA, B A. Education. CARPENTER, MICHAEL B A Liberal Arts; Gold David, B A. Busmess Administration senior ac-counting club. CHAPMAN, RICHARD B A Liberal Arts. CHRISTIAN! WILLIAM JR., B.A. Education/Liberal Arts SFEA RNEA, Canterbury Club, Civil oundtable. LAURENCE JR., B.A. Liberal Arts; Civitan Club. ERNEST, B.A. Educ;ation; SFEA, bowling club president! Epsilon hall social chairman, _Umversity choir; sports club council. CIROCC O, WILLIAM, B.A. Busmess Administration bus ad club; WUSF. JOHN, B.A. Busmess Administration; dorm floor goAve1rnor, dorm athletic chairman S eg., bus. ad. club. CLYATT, OSCAR JR., B.A. Liberal Arts. COATES, JANET, B.A. Education/L,beral Arts. COHEN, LINDA, B.A. Education; JSU. COLLAR, JAMES, B.A. Liberal Arts. COPLON, JIMMY, B.A. Liberal Arts; Bay players Hamlet The Imaginary Invalid, A' Trumpet Calling, J. B., Man with the Oboe Enotas, intramural football, softball' volleyball, basketball. COWAN, ROBERT, B.A. Liberal Arts. COZORT, TERRY, B.A. Liberal Arts. CROSS, JAY, B.A. Liberal Arts; Shaw festival. CROWELL, ALLEN, B.A. Business Administration. CRUZ, MARGARITA, B.A. Liberal Arts; civic unit chairman international student organization senior class committee, Paideia' Young Democrats. CULLMAN, JOAN, B.A. Liberal Arts; Delta hall president Aegean activities editor, senior commencement chairman, senior satire, Catholic organization, University-Community Chorus, Argos residence council. CURTIS, SHIRLEY, B.A. Education/Liberal Arts; SFEA, NEA, Civinettes vice president, Young Democrats, Canterbury Club, intramurals, RA CUTLER, WILLIAM JR., B.A. Business Administration. DAVIDSON, ROSCOE JR., B.A. Liberal Arts; SA president and vice president, business leaders organization president, UC movie committee, geography club DAWKINS, JAMES JR., B.A. Education/Liberal Arts. DEAGUERO, RICHARD, B.A. Education/Liberal Arts; Cratos recording secretary, vice president; RA. DEAN, JOHN, B.A. Education. DELARBRE, KENNETH, BA. Business Administration; bus. ad. club executive v ice president; SA civic unit. DELTORTO, MRS. JEAN, B.A. Basic Studies; Gold Key, Athenaeum. DIAZ, DORIS, B.A. Education/Liberal Arts. DION, JOHN, B.A. Liberal Arts; sports car club, fenc ing club. DISHAROON, MRS. ALICE, BA. Education. DIXON, JOYCE, B.A. Education. DOBBIN, JOHN, B.A. Liberal Arts; Verdandi, bm. ad. club DOYAL, PETE, B.A. Liberal Arts; SA leg Enotas trea surer, IFC, intramurals. DUBOIS, QUENTIN, B.A. Liberal Arts.

PAGE 230

Ut:KE, MRS. JO ELLEN, B.A. Eduration/Liberal Aru. IH.::-.ICAN, JOHN JR., B.A. Liberal Arts; SA leg. DURHAM, CAROLINE, B A Liberal Arts. EO(;ERTO!IO, SALLEY. B.A. Education; SA, UC dance committee, Fides, council of sororities, intramurals, ski club EDMO!IiDSO!Ii, HOBDY, B A Education/Liberal Arts.>SO!Ii, Jt:OY, B A f:ducation; SFEA, BSU, senior dinner-dance committee chairman, FlA. EHLERT, I.EONA, B.A. l:iberal Arts; uper class counselor, hterary society, i.e Campus Edition. EIIRE:"iHERGER, B.A Liberal Arts. EU.IOT'f, V ASCE JR., B.A. Business Administrati on ERWIN, THOMAS, B.A. Liberal Aru. MRS. SHIRLEY, B A. Education. 1-'ARRISGTON, ELIZABETH, B.A Business Administration. FAVATA, RAY, B.A Education. FER:-.IANDEZ, DIANF.., B A. Educati on. 1-'ER:-.IA:-.II>EZ, GE:-.IELI.E, B.A. Education. FER:-.IANDEZ, JOSE, B.A. Education/Liberal Arb. B.A L iberal Arts. B.A. Liberal Arts. 1-'ESSENDE:S, MRS BEVERLY, B A Education/Liberal Arts. FISLEY, FOSTER, B A. Business Administration; bus. ad club, senior accounting club president, Young Republicans secretary. FISHER, PETER, B.A. Business Administration. FITCH, JAY, B.A Liberal Arts. 1-'LEER, DA VII>, B.A. Liberal Arts; Canterbury club, cy clopaths cycling team captain, religious council, amateur radio club. sports car club. FLETCHER, MRS Sl'SA!Ii, B A. Libera I A ru. 1-'LOWERS, UA VID, B.A Liberal Arts. FREY, CHARLES, B.A. Business Administration, SA leg bus. ad. club. GAITHER, ROY, B A. Business Administration. GALLAGHER, JOII!Ii, B .A. Liberal Arts; SA, UC coun cil chairman, Arete, IFC. GARFINKEL. Jl'I.ES, B.A. Liberal Arts. GARROTT, JOA:-.1, B.A. Education. GIANCARLO, FRA!IIK, B.A. Education/Liberal Arts. GIARDISO, IIESRY. B.A Liberal Arts. GIBSO!IO, B A Education. GONZALEZ. EMMA, B.A Education. GORDY DO:SNA, B A Education. GOSE, ARTHL'R JR. B.A Educat1on ; communications committee, residence council, work-study, Aegean photographer, Educational Resources photographer, Talos vice president (pledge class), Fides mascot, sports car club bus. mg-r., skin diving club, IFC. GRAF, FRANCES, B.A. Liberal Arts. GREBIN, JOEL, B.A. Education GROVES, PATRICIA, B.A Education SFEA. Gt:REY, IIELE!Ii, B A. Liberal Arts. Gt.:YEH, BA. Education/Liberal Arts. HADLEY, LEII.A, B.A Education/Liberal Art11. HA(;(N, Jl:DY, B.A Education HAI.I., GEORGE JR., B .A. Business Administration. HASST, UONALD, B A. Business Adm:nistration. IIAROI.U, RICHARD, B.A. Liberal Arts. IIARPER. B.A. 1-;ducation/Liberal Arts. IIARRIS, B.A Edu<'ation ; RA TIMOTHY, B.A. Liberal Arts. IIAYtlt.:RST, GERALD JR., B.A. Education HERBERT, B.A. Liberal Arts. tii-:!IIDRY, SANDRA, B .A. Education HERKI!IIS JIM, B.A. Liberal Arts. HERMS, GERALL>, B A Liberal Arts. HERMS, MRS. SALLY, B.A Liberal Arts. Business Administration. HESS, MICHAEL, B.A Education; Young Democrats, Campus Edition, Civil War Roundtable HIBBS, ELLA, B.A Education. HARRISON, B.A. Liberal Arta HWGS, DON ALD. B.A. Liberal Arts. HIGHTOWER, JR .. B.A. Education. HILL, MALCOLM JR .. B A. Business Administration. HILL, RICHARD, B A. Education/Liberal Arts; Young Re publicans, SEFA, WUSF, jazz lab band. HILTON, MRS. NANCY, B .A. Education/Liberal Am. HOEFT, MRS. REBECCA, B.A. Education. HOFFMAN, LINDA, B.A. Liberal Am; UC personnel committee secretary, leadership traininr, senior class torch light chairman, bowlinr league. HOLLADAY, CECil., B.A Liberal Art.; BSU president, rellrious council, intramurals. HOLLAND, LYSNE, B.A. Education/Liberal Arts. HOt;GH, MRS. VELDA, B.A. F.ducation/Liberal Arts. HOWARD, B.A. Business Admin :stration. HUGHES, PETER, B.A. Liberal Arts. HUGHES, B A. Business Administration. JACOBS, MILTON, B.A. Business Administration. JEAN, PIERRE, B.A. Liberal Arts; SA, student arts coun cil president, symphony orchestra concertmaster. JOHNSON, ARTHUR, H.A. Education. JOHNSON, CARL, H.A. Liberal Arts. JAMES, B.A. Liberal Arts. JAMES, B.A. Business Administration; bus ad club. I.Ot.:IE, H.A. Libera l Arts. JOINER, fREDERICK, B.A. Liberal Arts; Gold Key politics club, Civil War Roundtable Italian club, history club, intramurals. JOSES, B.A. Business Administration/Education. KEENEY, SUSAN, B A. Liberal Arts. KELLY, Ill, B .A. Liberal Arts. KEMP, ASNA, B A Education/Liberal Arts. KEYS, PIIIUP, B.A. Business Adm inistration. KIFFJ-:R, JAMJo:S, B A. Liberal Arts. KIFFER, MRS. NANCY, B A Education KING, JAMES, B A Business Administration. KLINGEl., WALTER JR., B.A Education /Liberal Arts. KLEUH, JAMES, B .A. Liberal Arts; RA, inter-vanity Christian Fellowship president. KNIGHT, JACK, B A. Liberal Arts. SHAROlll, B A. Liberal Arts; Gol d Key. Kl'YKE!IIDALL, KENSETH, B.A Business Administration; senior ac counting club. LAFORCE, WILLIAM, B.A. Liberal Arts. I.ACKLA!IID, THOMAS JR., B.A. Liberal Arts; Enotas vice president and pledgemuter, student orientation leader, intramurals. LARISCY, WILLIAM, B.A Business Administration; Talos, bus. ad club, water ski club, judo, workstudy. LATTIMER, JOHN, B.A. Liberal Arts; SA exec committee, Civitan, residence council, Beta hall Congress LAWLER, NANCY B A Business Administration. LAWRENCE, LUCION, B.A. Business Administration; senior accounting club publicity chairman and recording secretary. LEASE, CHARLES JR.., B.A. Education. LEBER, LARRY, B A. Business Administration. LECKEBAND. GISELA, B.A. Liberal Art. 229

PAGE 231

230 LEMANSKI, MRS. BE'M'Y, B.A. Liberal Arts; Le Cercle Francais, work-study. LEONARD, MARSTON, B.A, Liberal Arts. LERNER, RONI, B.A. Liberal Arts; SA corresponding secretary, CFS standa.rds committee, residence balls council secretary, UC fashion and talent committee secretary, Fides LIMA, MRS. JUDITH, B.A. Education. LIMBERG, AUDREY, B.A. Business Administration/Education. LIMOC.ES, LANCE, B.A. Liberal Arts. LOPIANO, MICHAEL, B.A. Liberal Arts. LOMBARDIA, LEANDRO, B.A. Business Administration; SA leg., pres. pro tempore, president; Lew Sarett speech. LOVELESS, MRS. SHAARON, B.A. Education/Liberal Arts. LOWE, WILLIAM, B.A. Liberal Arts. LOWREY, JOAN, B.A. Liberal Arts. LUCAS, JAMES, B.A. Business Administration. LUTER, THOMAS, B.A. Business Administration. MACALPINE, WILLIAM, B.A. Business Administration. MAGGIO, VINCENT, B.A. Liberal Arts. MANN, RALEIGH, B.A. Liberal Arts; Gold Key, Campus Edition editor, press club president, Wesley foundation, choir. MARCIANO, JANET, B.A. Liberal Arts. MARSEE, HOWARD, B.A. Education/Liberal Arts. MARTENS, JAMES, B.A. Business Administration; bus. ad. B.A. Business Administration; bus. ad. club, veterans club president. McCANN, ROSEMARIE, B.A. B.A Liberal Arts. McGINITY, SYLVIA, B.A. Education/Liberal Arts. JEANNE, B.A. Education/Liberal Arts; Gold Key Young Democrats corresponding retary. MEGRONIGLE, JAMES, B.A. Liberal Arts. MEISEN, DANIEL, B.A. Liberal Arts; geology club, intramurals all-star team. MERRITI', DAVID, B.A. Liberal Arts. MIKALSEN, KARSTEN, B.A. Liberal Arts. IIILES, GLENDA, B.A. Education/Liberal Arts. MILES. RICHARD, B.A. Business Administration. MIMMS. LOUIE, B.A. Education/Liberal Arts. IIITCHBLL, JOE JR.. B A Liberal Arts. MOBLEY, MRS. MYRTLE, B.A Education/Liberal Arts. MOLINA, ANGELA, B.A. Edueation/Liberal Arts; SFEA, Paidfa a.cretary. MONTGOMERY, MRS. MARCIA, B.A. Liberal Arts. MOORE, JAMES JR., B.A. Education. MOORE, MRS. SHIRLEY, B.A. Education; SFEA. MOORE, WILLIAM JR., B.A. Liberal Arts. MOREDA, IRENE, B.A. Liberal Arts; Gold Key, Young Democrats. MORRIS, MARK, B.A. Basic Studies; UC program council, lab band director, u .niversity band, chorus. MOSS, MRS. LEE, B.A. Education/Liberal Arts. MURPHY, JOSEPH, B.A. Liberal Arts. MURRELL, FLOYD JR., B.A: Education; SFEA, SNEA. NORTON, BONNIE, B.A. Liberal Arts; art club. OBERER, MRS. ELLENJO, B. A. Education; SFEA. OLIVER, BETTE, B.A. Education; UC, League of Women Voters, Fides. OLSIAN, JOSEPH, B.A. Business Administration; bus. ad. club, sports car club. OSTEN, GERY, B.A. Education. OUELLETTE, PAUL, B.A. Liberal Arts; commencement com mittee, billiards, bridge. OWENS, ROBERT; B.A. Liberal Arts. P AHL, ERICH, B.A. Liberal Arts; Verdandi secretary and vice president, IFC, CFS, Young Democrats, concert band, jazz lab band, religious council, Wesley foundation president. PANARELLI, MRS. MARIE, B.A. Education. PARKER, NEWTON, B.A. Business Administration. PASTER, PAULA, B.A. Liberal Arts; SA secretary, -JSU, UC, Campus Edition, Fides. PATRICK, RODNEY, B.A. Liberal Arts. PENDARVIS, LAWRENCE, B.A Liberal Arts. PENNINGTON, LYNDA, B.A. Education. PETERS, THERESA, B.A. Education; SFEA, NEA, BSU Uni-choir. PFEIFFER, GEORGE, B.A. Liberal Arts. PITISCI, GILBERT, B.A. Liberal Arts. POOLE, ROBERT JR., B.A. Liberal Arts. PORTIS, RAYMOND, B.A. Liberal Arts. PRESSTMAN, EDNA, B.A. Liberal Arts. PULKRABEK, MRS. PATRICIA B.A. Education/Liberal Arts Edition editor. PULLIAM, THOMAS, B.A. Liberal Arts; Enotas vice president parliamentarian. PUTT, EARL; B.A. Liberal Arts. RACKLEY, JAMES, B.A. Liberal Arts RAMI_REZ-MENENDEZ, JOSE, B.A. f:Iberal math honorary so. ciety, chemistry club, physics club foreign students club: RAMSEY, LOIS, B.A. Education/Liberal Arts. RANSOM, MRS. ELIZABETH B A Education/Liberal Arts. REED, MRS. SHARON, B.A. Education. REVELS, LINDA, B.A. Education/Liberal Arts; RA Cam-pus Edition. RICHARDSON, MRS PATRICIA B A Education. RIDGE, MARSHALL, B.A. Business Administration ROBERT, CAROLYN, B.A. Liberal Arts; Athenaeum, RA FIA chaplain, concert band, UC special events committee. ROBERTS, DAVID, B.A. Liberal Arts. ROBERTS, PATRICIA, B.A. Education; Tri-SIS. ROCHA, RICHARD, B.A. Liberal Arts. RODRIGUEZ, DENNIS, B.A. Liberal Arts; math honorary society vice president. RODRIGUEZ, GAYLE, B.A. Liberal Arts. RODRIGUEZ, NOELlE, B.A Liberal Arts. ROLLINS, JANICE, B.A. Education. ROWE, PETER, B.A. Liberal Arts; Gold Key, Talos, Le Cercle Francais, Newman club. ROWLAND, MICHAEL, B.A. ROWLAND, MRS. CAROL, B.A. Liberal Arts; math honorary society, orientation student leader SANDERS, MRS. MARY, B.A. Education/Liberal Arts. SAVAGE, MRS. SHEILA, B.A. Liberal Arts; residence hall presi-dent, auxiliary services committee, interim steering committee, .Fides president, social chainnan. SCHAEFFER, CAROLE, B.A. Education. SCHENK, MARJORIE, B.A. Education/Liberal Arts. SCHIPFER, MRS. RUTH, B.A. Education/Liberal Arts; SFEA, poetry festival, Man with the Oboe, focus debate, readers theatre council chairman, intercollegiate debate tournament, water ski club, parliamentary debate, senior class play. SCHMID, ALFRED, B.A Education/Liberal Arts. SCHNEEGOLD, BARBARA, B.A Education. SCHULZ, ROBERT, B.A. Liberal Arts. SHACKELFORD, SUSANN, B.A. Business Administration. SHAFER, JAMES, B.A. Business Administration. SHEFFIELD, MRS. NO.RETTA, B.A. Education; sFEA. SHERMAN, SHARIA NN, B.A. Education. SHIFLETT MRS. PATRICIA, B.A. Education/Liberal Arts. SHIVER, B.A. Business Administration; SA !eg., bus. ad. club, senior class elections chairman.

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SIEBERT, NANCY, B.A. Liberal Arts; Delphi, Le Cercle Francais treasurer, geography club, bicycle club president. SIERRA, ALBERT JR., B.A. Education/Liberal Arts; Enotas, SFEA, SNEA, national council for social studies, intramurals. SINES, RUSSELL JR., B.A. Business Administration. SMITH, CARLISLE, B.A. Liberal Arts; Gold Key treasurer and charter member, fencing club, karate club. SMITH, CYNTHIA, B.A. Liberal Arts. SMITH, DUDLEY, B.A. Education/Liberal Arts; SFEA, Catholic student club, Delphi. SMITH, ELIZABETH, B.A. Education; exceptional child club, UC hospitality committee. SMITH, JACQUELINE, B.A. Education. SMITH, JAMES, B.A. Education/Liberal Arts; Ripieno club president, orchestra, jazz lab band. SMITH, MARGARET, B.A. Education/Liberal Arts. SMITH, WILLIAM, B.A. Education/Liberal Arts. STAHLBUSH, FRANCES, B.A. Liberal Arts; Paideia president, pan hellenic council, Young Democrats STEADMAN, SHERMAN JR., B.A. Liberal Arts; Enotas corresponding sE>cretary, IFC, physics club, intramurals. STEBBINS, SARA, B.A. Liberal Arts. STELLMACH, DIANNE, B.A. Education. STEMBRIDGE, LYNDA, B.A. Education/Liberal Arts. STEPHENS, PHYLLIS, B.A. Education; Siges, CFS, BSU secretary, religious council. STONESIFER, MRS. CHRISTINE, B.A. Education/Liberal Arts. STRAHM, GEORGIA, B.A. Liberal Arts. STRICKLAND, MRS. FRANCES, B.A Education/Liberal Arts. STUART, MARIAN, B.A. Education/Liberal Arts. SUMNER, MRS. CAROLE, B.A. Education/Liberal Arts. SWINDALL, LINDA, B.A. Education. SYMES, SHARYN, B.A. Education. TARTAGLIA, JOHN, B.A. Basic Studies. TERRY, WILLIAM, B.A. Liberal Arts; Enotas treasurer, Amicus Curia, Circle K, residence hall council. TERSHANSK Y RONALD, B.A. Liberal Arts. TESSEM, SUSAN, B.A. Liberal Arts. THOLL, JULIE, B.A. Liberal Arts. THOMAS, LYNWOOD, B.A. Education/Liberal Arts. TILLIS, CECIL, B.A. Liberal Arts. TOLEDO, VILMA, B.A. Education. TORRENS, RICHARD, B.A. Liberal Arts. TOWLER, RAYMOND, B.A. Education/Liberal Arts. TRANTHAM, WILLIAM, B.A. Liberal Arts. TRUAB, DONALD, B.A. Liberal Arts. TREMOR, MICHAEL, B.A. Liberal Arts. TRICE, WILLIAM, B.A. Liberal Arts. TRIGGS, MRS. GEORGIA, B.A. Education. TROUT, JAMES, B.A. Business Administration. TRULUCK, LINDA, B.A. Liberal Arts. V ANDERIPE, AVERILL, B.A. Education/Liberal Arts. VECCHIO, GAY ANNE, B.A. Education. VEITH, PHILIP, B.A Business Administration. VERNER, BARBARA, B.A. Liberal Arts. VILLA, RENE, B.A. Liberal Arts. WAHLBERG, SHARON, B.A. Education WAIBEL, KEN, B.A. Liberal Arts; judo club WALL, THOMAS, B.A. Liberal Arts; chemistry club, track club, national science foundation undergraduate research fellowship. WARD, THOMAS JR., B.A Business Administration. WEAVER, GERRY, B.A. Education. WEBB, MRS. BARBARA, B.A Liberal Arts; Gold Key, Athenaeum. WEBB, KAREN, B.A. Liberal Arts. WEHINGER, MRS. THERESA, B.A. Education/Liberal Arts. WEISS, RICHARD, B.A. Business Administration; Enotas chaplain, intramurals. WELLS, MRS. CAROLYN, B.A. Education. WELLS, PATRICIA, B.A. Education. WERNER, JOHN JR., B.A. Liberal Arts. WEST, GEORGE JR., B.A. Liberal Arts. WHISENHUNT, THOMAS, B.A. Business Administration. WILENSKY, RAYMOND, B.A. Liberal Arts; Verdandi, RA, geography club president. WILKINS, KATHERINE, B.A. Liberal Arts. WILLIAMS, KATHERINE, B.A. Education; FIA RA. WINANS, CAROLYN, B.A Education/Liberal Arts. WINITSKY, PHILIP, B.A. Education/Liberal Arts; physics club. WOLFE, MRS. CAROLYN, B.A. Education; Paideia. WOODARD, KATHLEEN, B.A. Business Administration/Education. YEA W, WILLIAM, B.A. Business Administration; senior accounting club. YORK, MRS. ALICE, B.A. EducationaljLiberal Arts; League of Women Voters chairman, Le Cercle Francais. ZEIEN, JOHN, B.A. Liberal Arts; Taios, soccer club. ZILKIE, AUGUST JR., B.A. Education; SFEA. ZINNAMON, DAVID, B.A; Business Administration; senior ac counting club, fine arts chorale. ZWOLINSKI, PETER, B.A. Liberal Arts. CRIPPEN, DAVID, M.A. Elementary Education; graduate assistant. June '65 ADAMS, MRS. EMILY, B.A. Education. ALEXANDER, MRS. LILIA, B.A. Education/Liberal Arts. AMBROSE, MRS. MARY, B.A. Education. AMON, RICHARD, B.A. Liberal Arts. BAKLANOFF, WLADIMIR, B.A. Liberal Arts. BALLENTINE, RALPH II, B.A. Liberal Arts. BARRASS, JAMES JR., B.A. Liberal Arts. BELCHER WILLIAM, B.A. Liberal Arts. BEYER, MRS. JANIS, B.A. Education/Liberal Arts. BRESLIN, MRS. MARIE, B.A. Education. BRYAN, JIMMY, B.A. Liberal Arts. CALLAHAN, ETHEL, B.A. Liberal Arts. CARR, MRS. MARY, B.A. Education. CATALANO, MARY, B.A. Education. COIL, MRS. SHARON, B.A. Education. CONNER, MRS. PATRICIA, B.A. Education. COWAN, ROBERT, B.A. Liberal Arts. DEOPERE, MRS. DARLA, B.A. Education. DOMANSKI, T. E. JR., B.A. Business Administration. FAUST, WALTER, B.A. Liberal Arts. FERNANDEZ, G. H B.A. Education. FISHER, MRS. DEBBIE, B.A. Education. FOX, HARRISON JR., B A. Liberal Arts. FURLOW, FRANCES, B.A. Liberal Arts. GENDLER, PATRICIA, B.A. Education. HAGAR, JAMES, B.A. Liberal Arts. HAIMOVITZ, ALLEN, B.A. Liberal Arts. HEADLEY, HEIDI, B.A. Liberal Arts. HESTER, JOHN JR., B.A Education. HICKS, MRS. MARY, B.A. Education HITCHCOCK, MRS. PATRICIA, B.A. Education. HOFFMAN, DIANA, B.A. Education/Liberal Arts. 231

PAGE 233

HOLLAND, LYNNE, B.A. Education/Liberal Arts. HOWARD, JOHN, B.A. Business Administration. HUDGINS, SUE, B.A. Liberal Arts. HUDSON, CAROL E B.A. Education. HURLEY, NINA, B.A. Liberal Arts. HUTTO, ANDREA, B.A. Liberal Arts. KELLEY, MRS. MARTHA, B.A. Education. KIPLE. KENNETH, B.A. Liberal Arts. LANCASTER, W ILLIAM II, B.A. Liberal Arts. LEE. MRS. CRYSTAL B.A. Education/Liberal Arts. LEIFESTE, DALE, B.A. Liberal Arts. MacDONALD, C. J., B.A. Liberal Arts. MacKAY, ELEANOR, B.A. Liberal Arts; Gold Ke y Athenaeum president, SA rep., senator, treaaurer; French Club president, International Club, U niversity-Comm u n Ity Orchestra. McCLUAN, MARTHA, B.A. Liberal Arts. McLELLAN, LINDA, B.A. Education. METZIERE. M RS. C. H., B.A. Education. MORALES, PAMELA, B.A. Education/Liberal Arts. PORTIS, RAYMOND, B.A. Liberal Arts. ROBERTS, PATRI CIA, B.A. Education. RUEBELING, MRS. NEDRA, B.A. Education. SALTZ, MRS. JEAN, B.A. Education/Liberal Arts. SCHMI'M', MRS ANN, B.A. Liberal Arts. SHOFI, JOHN, B .A. Liberal Arts. SIEGEL, MARK, B.A. Liberal Arts. SILVER. PETER, B.A. Education. SLESNICK, F AITH, B.A. Education. SMITH, JACQUELINE, B.A. Education. STELLMACH, DIANNE, B.A. Education. SULLIVAN JAC KSON JR., B.A. Liberal Arts. V ACCARD, JOSEPH, B.A. Education/Liberal Arts. VALDES, RUBEN, B.A. Liberal Arts. VALIN, JAMES, B.A. Liberal Arts. WALDHOUR, RONALD, B.A. Liberal Arts. WESTERFIELD, STEPHEN, B.A. Liberal Arts. WRITE. NANCY, B .A. Liberal Arts. WILLIAMS, K J., B.A. Education. WRIGHT, DONALD, B.A. Liberal Arts. YEDVOB, ELEANOR, B.A. Education. 282 August '65 ADAMS, CHARLES, B.A. Liberal Arts. ALLEN MRS. MURIEL, B.A. EdJcation/Liberal Arts. ALLEN, PATRICIA, B.A. Liberal Arts; RA, Civinettes, UC. ANDERSON, JOHN, B.A. Liberal Arts. AREGOOD, CHARLES, B.A. Liberal Arts. BACHMAN, MICHAEL, B.A. Liberal Arts. BALLEW, HOMER JR., B.A. Business Administration. BARNARD, GEORGE, B.A. Business Administration. BARRASS, JAMES JR., B.A. Liberal Arts. BAUER, MRS. SARAH, B.A. Education. BAUER, WALTER. B.A. Business Administration. BAXTER, LEANN, B.A. Education. BELCHER, MRS. NANCY, B.A. Education. BIGGERSTAFF, JAMES, B.A. Liberal Arts. BISHOP, DORENE, B.A. Business Administration. BOCKRATH, DIANE, B.A. Basic Studies. BOLEY, WALTER, B.A. Liberal Arts. BONEBRAKE, MRS. MARION, B.A. Education. BOYER, ROBERT, B.A. Business Administration. BRADBURY, MRS. FREDA, B.A. Education. BRADLEY, PAUL, B.A. Business Administration. BRADY, MRS. CAROLYN, B.A. Education. BREWER, JOHN, B.A. Education. BRIDGES, MRS. GLENDA, B.A. Education. DRIEST, ROBERT, B.A. Business Administration. BRILLHART, BARRY, B.A. Business Administration. BROWN, DELANA, B.A. Business Administration/Education. BROWN. ROY, B.A. Liberal Arts. BRYAN, JIMMY, B.A. Liberal Arts. BUNNER, MAX, B.A. Liberal Arts. MARTIN, B.A. Liberal Arts. BUSI, RONALD, B.A. Liberal Arts. BUTCHER, MRS. MIRIAM, B.A. Education; Christian Science, SFEA. BUTLER, MRS. CHARLENE 8 A Education. CHAPMAN, JOHN, B.A. Business Administration bus d club. a CHARLTON, RAYMOND 8 A Liberal Arts. CLARK, MRS. NANCY, B.A. Education. COBB, RAYMOND, B.A. Business Administration b d Club. us. a COGAN, GAYLE, B.A. Liberal Arts. COLBURN, DENVER JR., B.A. Liberal Arts. COLE, MARGO, B.A. Education. COOPER, MRS. ANNE, B.A. Liberal Arts. CORCES, MRS. LORETTA, B.A. Liberal Arts. COW AN, ROBERT, B.A. Liberal Arts. COYNE, JOSEPH, B.A. Liberal Arts. CROFT, THOMAS, B.A. Liberal Arts; psychology club. DANN, MRS. BARBARA, B.A. Education. DAVIS, JUDITH, B.A. Business Administration/Education Fides. DA VJS, STEPHEN, B.A. Liberal Arts; Verdandi chancellor, Young Democrats, WUSF, Circle K JSU, Campus Edition cartoonist: IFC, intramurals. DAVTSON, MRS. BEATRICE, B.A. Liberal Arts. DEMKIER, CAROLE, B.A. Business Administration; Delphi, UC dance committee. DIDIO, STEFANO, B.A. Business Administration. DORMAN, RICHARD, B.A. Business Administration; SA rep., A rete. DOUGLASS, WILLIAM III, B.A. Business Administration. EBY, KATHERINE, B.A. Liberal Arts. ELIAS, IRENE, B.A. Education. ENTER, LINDA, B.A. Liberal Arts. FAUST, WALTER, B.A. Liberal Arts. FECHNER, ROBERT, B.A. Business Administration; bus. ad. club. FINKELSTEIN, JACQUELYNE, B.A. Basic Studies. FOWLER, MRS. YVONNE, B.A. Education/Liberal Arts. GANT, JAMES JR., B.A. Education/Liberal Arts. GARCIA, SANDRA, B.A. Education; FEA. GATEWOOD, GEORGE, B.A. Liberal Arts. GEE, BILLY', B.A. Education. GENTRY, DOROTHY, B.A. Basic Studies. GERRETS, MRS. MONA, B.A. Liberal Arts. GLENN, JOHN, B.A. Liberal Arts. GONZALEZ, EDUARDO, B.A. Liberal Arts. GOODPASTER, EDWARD, B.A. Education. GUTIERREZ, ARMANDO, B.A. Liberal Arts. RAESLY, RONALD, B.A. Liberal Arts. HALLING, GAIL, B.A. Liberal Arts. RA WK, MRS. MILDRED, B.A. Education/Liberal Arts; Interna tional club, League of Women Voters. HAXTON, JOHN, B.A. Liberal Arts.

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HA WILLIAM, B.A. L1beral Arts; math club, work-study. HENDERSON, WILLIAM, B.A. Liberal Arts; BSU. HERZOG, DONALD, B.A. Liberal HICKS, MRS. MARY, B.A. Education. HICKS, ROY JR., B.A. Business Administration. HISEY, DIANA, B.A. Education. HOERER, ROBIN, B.A. Liberal Arts. HOLT, MRS. CLELLA, B.A. Education. HORMUTH, DONALD, B.A Liberal Arts. HOWSE, MRS. JEANETTE, B.A. Education; SFEA, SNEA. HUFFMAN, JAMES, B.A. Business Administration. HUTCHINSON, NEUMAN, B.A. Liberal Arts. HUTZLER, RICHARD, B.A. Liberal Arts. JAUDON, RONALD, B.A. Education/Liberal Arts. JOHNSON, FRANK III, B.A. Education; Gold Key, Wesley foundation president, religious council SFEA. JOHNSON, MARY, B.A. Education; residence hall president SA leg., SFEA, national council social studies, UC program council cultural committee. JONES, ROBERT, B.A. Business Administration. JORDAN, MRS. SANDY, B.A. Education/Liberal Arts. KARR, DIAN A, B.A. Education. KEITH, THOMAS, B.A. Liberal Arts. KEMPSTER, SAMUEL, B.A. Education/Liberal Arts. KIM, MRS. IRENE, B.A. Education. KNIGHT, MRS. BETTIE, B.A. Education. KOENIG, PAUL, B.A. Liberal KUTZ, JOHN, B.A. Liberal Arts. LAKER, DOROTHY, B.A. Liberal Arts; camera club. LANTZ, MICHAEL, B.A. Business Administration. LA VINSK Y, IRA, B.A. Education/Liberal Arts. LEPLEY, SHARON, B.A. Liberal Arts. LEWIS, JOHN, B.A. Liberal Arts. LEWIS, MILTON, B.A. Liberal Arts. LINDALL, WILLIAM JR., B.A. Liberal Arts. LIPPINCOTT, LEON JR., B.A. Liberal Arts. MARIANI, RAFAEL, B.A. Liberal Arts. MARINE, ULRICH, B.A. Liberal Arts. MATTHEWS, WILLIAM JR., B.A. Business Administration; Talos. MAXEY, MRS. PATRICIA, B.A. Education/Liberal Arts. McBRIDE, GARY, B.A. Education/Liberal Arts. McCORMACK, CAROL, B.A. Education/Liberal Arts Tri-SIS, League of Women McKAY, DONALD, B.A. Liberal Arts. McMURRY, MRS. PEGGY, B.A. Education/Liberal Arts. MIJARES, MARGARITA, B.A. Liberal Arts. MILLER, MERRILY, B.A. Liberal Arts; Fides president coun cil of sororities, RA, SFEA, Lutherans, religious council. MINEWISER, JAMES, B.A. Liberal Arts. MOBLEY, MRS. MYRTLE, B.A. Education/Liberal Arts. MOORE, BRADFORD, B.A. Liberal Arts. MOORE, HUGH, B.A. Education/Liberal Arts. MOORE, MRS. JUDITH, B.A. Education/Liberal Arts. MULLIS, KENNETH, B.A. Business Administration; Gold Key, Arete, bus. ad. club. MUNSON, SCOTT, B.A. Liberal Arts. MURPHY, MRS. MARY, B.A. Education. N ALL, ROHERT, H.A. Liberal Arts; SA leg., Arete treasurer, student orientation leader, pre-law club, UC program council, sports car club president, water ski club vice president. NEUHAUSER, HARRY, B.A. Business Administration. NICHOLSON, JOSEPH, B.A. Business Administration. NORRIS, ROY, B.A. Liberal Arts; Gold Key. NOVAK, ROBERT, B.A. Liberal Arts. OELRICH, ROSEMARY, B.A. Liberal Arts. OVERCASH, B.A. Business Administration. PARKINSON, TRAVERS, B.A. Liberal Arts. PATTERSON, MRS. BARBARA, B.A. Liberal Arts. PELHAM, REGINALD, B.A., Liberal Arts. PHILLIPS, DENNIS, B.A. Liberal Arts. PHILLIPS, MRS. KAREN, B.A. Liberal Arts. PIETY, MICHAEL, B.A. Liberal Arts. PONSARD, PAUL, B.A. Liberal Arts. POTTER, MRS. FAY, B.A. Education/Liberal Arts. RADLOFF, JOHN, B.A. Business Administration. RAMON, BONNIE, B.A. Education. RAST, GEORGE, B.A. Liberal Arts. RAY, RAYMOND. B.A. Business Administration; Enotas. REARDON, ROLAND, B.A. Business Administration. REECE, JOHNNIE, B.A. Liberal Arts. REYNOLDS, CRAIG, B.A. Business Administration. ROBERTS, LEFFIE, B.A. Liberal Arts. ROE, JAHNA, B.A. Education. SAHM, SUSAN, B.A. Education. SANDERS, ALBERT, B.A. Liberal Arts. SANTO, WILLIAM, B.A. Liberal Arts. SARVER, OTTO, B.A. Liberal Arts. SCANNELL, JACK, B.A. Liberal Arts. SCHEIDERER, MRS. MARGARET B A Education. SCHMIDT, ERIC, B.A. Business Administration. SCHMITT, MANFRED, B.A. Business Administration. SCHULTZ, RONALD, B.A. Education/Liberal Arts. SHAUB, WARREN, B.A. Arts; racquet club, UC speCial events committee. SHIFFMAN, REUBEN, B.A. Liberal Arts. SMITH, GREGORY, B.A. Liberal Arts. SMITH, LEILA, B.A. Basic Studies SNELL, JAMES, B.A. Business Administration; SA leg., Arete, residence hall board of gov ernors, Civitan, bus. ad. club. SPENCER, ALBERT, B.A. Liberal Arts. STEVENSON, JOEL, B.A. Liberal Arts. STOTTLEMYER, MICHAEL, B.A. Liberal Arts. SYKORA, RONALD, B.A. Business Administration. TAYLOR, JOHNNY, B.A. Education/Liberal Arts. TAYLOR, ROBERT, B.A. Education/Liberal Arts. TAYLOR, ROBERT E., B.A. Business Administration; Enotas residence hall chairman, senior counting club corresponding secretary. TENNIS, MRS. JOAN, B.A. Liberal Arts. TERSHANSY, RONALD, B.A. Liberal Arts. TESSEM, TERENCE, B.A. Basic Studies. THURN, VINCENT III, B.A. Liberal Arts. TIPTON, DENNIS, B.A. Business Administration. TOUCHTON, DAVID, B.A. Business Administration. TOWLER, RAYMOND, B.A. Liberal Arts. TUCKER, MELVIN, B.A. Business Administration; KIO, bus. ad. club. TURNER, WILLIAM JR., B.A. Business Administration; senior ac counting club. ULMAN, JEROME, B.A. Liberal Arts; Zeta Phi Epsilon, psy chology research assistant. UNDERHILL, MRS. DONNA, B.A. Liberal Arts. USHER, ELAINE, B.A. Education USSERY, JEAN, B.A. Liberal Arts. VAN ECK, MRS. NANCY, B.A. Education/Liberal Arts. VETRANO, JOSEPH, B.A. Education/Liberal Arts. WALTHER, LINCOLN, B.A. Education/Liberal Arts. 233

PAGE 235

WAN AMAKER LINDA, B.A Education. WARE, CHARLES JR., B.A. Business A d ministration. WELLS, MRS MARY B A. Liberal Arts. WHEATO N, J AME S JR., B.A. Liberal Arts. WILSON, FREDERICK, B A Business Administration. WINSETT, MR S. JOAN, B A. Education. WITMAN. MHS. J EAN. B .A Education. WOLF, ROBERT, B A. Liberal Arts. WOOD, MRS. ELIZABETH, B.A Liberal Arts. XIDES, VIK E B.A. Liberal Arts. ZWOLINSKI, PETER, B.A. Liberal Arts. December '65 ALLAN, M R S. MARY B.A. Education/Liberal Arts. ALMERICO, SANDRA, B.A Liberal Arts. .-UVAREZ, M R S BARBARA, B.A. Education. ALWIN, MRS. SHIRLEY, B A Education. AMBROSE, LOUIS III, B.A. Business Administration. ANGSTEN, ROGER, B.A. Business Administration; senior ac counting club. ARMSTRONG, MRS. ROBERTA, B.A. Education. AVERY, MARIO N III, B A Liberal Arts. AXELBERG, RICHARD, B A. Business Administration. BAKALAR, SALLY, B A. Education/Liberal Arts. HA TTLE, HELEN B.A Education. BECKER, MRS. JANE, B.A Liberal Arts. BELL, MRS. ANNE, B A. Education. BALLAGH, B R OOKE, B.A. Business Administra tion. BARRIOS, RENE, B.A Education/Liberal Arts. BELLINO, THOM AS, B.A Liberal Arts. BENJAMIN, M RS FELICE, B.A. Education/Liberal Arts. BERTA, WILLIAM, B.A. Liberal Arts. HEYER, DAMON II, B A. Liberal Arts; Young Americans for Freedom chairman. BI.AKE, PHILIP, B.A Business Administration. III, B A Busmess Admmtstration. BROOKS, MAR Y ALYCE, B.A. Baste Studtes; Gold Key vice president, Athenaeum secretary-treasurer Campus Edition. Bt;CH, CHERYL, B.A Arts; band, orchestra water skt club. BURNSTEIN, M ARTIN B A Liberal Arts. BUSH, DAVID, B.A. 234 Arts; aviation c lub vi c e prestdent. CAMPO, DONALDA, B.A. Education. CAPELLE, KENNETH, B.A. Liberal Arts. CARR, JOHN, B.A. Business Administration. CARSON, PETER, B .A. Liberal Arts. CASTELLS, ARNELIO, B.A. Liberal Arts. CLAYTON, TYRONE, B .A. Business Administration; SA rep., bus. ad. club treasurer. COGAN, MRS. GAYLE, B.A. Liberal Arts. COGAN, JAMES, B.A. Liberal Arts. COGGINS, LADONNA, B.A. Education/Liberal Arts. COKER, JERRY, B.A. Basic Studies. CONNICK, DONALD, B.A. Liberal Arts. COOK, JOHN, B A. Liberal Arts. COOPER, ALAN. B.A. Business Administration; Enotas, bowling club secretary-treasurer, senior accounting club. CORMIER, WALLACE, B.A. Liberal Arts; Cratos. CROZIER, JAMES, B.A. Liberal Arts. CROW, MRS. SANDRA, B.A. Education; work-study secretary. CUNNINGHAM, GEORGE, B.A Business Administration. CUTCHIN, LINDA, B.A. Liberal Arts. DAY, MRS. AGNES, B.A. Education/Liberal Arts. DEAN, ROGER, B.A. Education. DICKENS, MRS. BETTE, B.A. Education/Liberal Arts; band,chorus, orchestra. DIXON, GRETA, B.A. Liberal Arts; Catholic student club co-founder, first vice president; Young Americans for Freedom, Campus Edition, band. DOMINGUEZ, IVO, B .A. Liberal Arts. DUGGER, MRS. JACQUELINE B A Education. DURAND, MRS. MARIA, B .A. Education/Liberal Arts. EDGAR, LINDA, B.A. Education. ELLIS, GLENN, B.A. Education/Liberal Arts Enotas sec-retary. ELPH_ICK, HAROLD, B.A. Ltberal Arts. FERNANDEZ, ANA, B.A. Education/Liberal Arts. MAYNARD, B.A. Busmess Administration FLEN_KER, LINDA, B.A. Arts; Fides chaplin, Chrisban Sctence club windjammers CHARLES, B.A. Busmess Administration. FOWLER, _MRS. YVONNE, B.A. Educatwn/Liberal Arts FRANKLIN, MAVIS, B.A .. Education/Liberal Arts FRETS, OLA, B.A. Education; FAHPR PE majors GALL_AGHER, LURLENE, B.A. Ltber!ll Arts; Fides cor. sec. Aegean co-edttor GANDY, ROY, B.A. Liberal Arts. GEORGE, MRS. BRENDA, B.A. Education. GIGANTE, LUCILLE, B.A. Education/Liberal Arts; Zeta Tau Sigma, SFEA. GONZALEZ, FRANK, B.A. Liberal Arts. GRECO, SAMUEL, B.A Business Administration. GUETZLOE, BRUCE, B.A. Education/Liberal Arts. HACK WORTH, MRS. MARGARET B A Education/Liberal Arts. HAEFNER, LINDA, B.A. Education/Liberal Arts. HALEY, STEPHEN, B A. Liberal Arts. HALL, MRS. JULIA, B A. Education. HANCOCK, WILLIAM, B.A. Business Adminis tration; senior accounting club. HARDY, ROBERT, B.A. Education/Liberal Arts. HARKNESS, ROGER, B A. Education. HARRIS, MARIAN, B.A Liberal Arts. HART, THOMAS, B A. Liberal Arts. HARTLAGE, MARY, B.A Liberal Arts. HARWELL, MARLENE, B.A. Education. HAZEL, THOMAS, B.A. Business Administration; Enotas bus. ad. club vice president. HEDERVARY-KONTH, MRS. CHARLOTTE, B.A. Libe ral Arts. HEDGE, JOANNA, B.A. Basic Studies. HERMS, MRS. GLORIA, B.A. Education. HETTERICH, RAYMOND, B.A Business Administration; senior accounting club HIGHBAUGH, S U SAN, B.A. Education. HINES, MRS. BILLIE, B.A. Education/Libera l Arts. HIRES, LARRY, B.A Liberal Arts. HOLLENBECK, SHIRLEY, B.A. Liberal Arts. HOUGHTALING, DANIEL, B.A. Liberal Arts. HOWZE, MYRA, B.A Education/Liberal Arts. HOWZE, THOMAS JR., B.A. Education/Liberal Arts. HUGHES, MARYJO B A Education. HUTCHINSON, JOHN, B.A. Education/Business Admin is tration HUTCHINSON, NEUMAN, B.A. Liberal Arts JEEYANGKATIN, SUPHACHAI, B.A. Libera l Arts; Int ernat ional students organization JENKINS, FREDERICK, B.A. Liberal Arts; SA senator, Arete charter member, president; work s tudy, UC program council, president regional c onference chairman and delegate, a ssistant program advisor. JIMENEZ, DANIEL, B A. Education/Liberal Arts; B a y Play ers, Italian club secretary-treas ure r ; UC movie committee.

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JOHNSON, MARION, B.A. Education. JOHNSON, NEIL, B.A. Education. JOHNSON, SUSAN, B.A. Liberal Arts; Gold Key, Athenaeum. KEENEY, JERALD, B.A. Liberal Arts. KELLER, KAY, B.A. Liberal Arts. KIRKLAND, BONNIE, B.A. Education/Liberal Arts. KIRCHNER, RAYMOND, B.A. Business Administration. KLAUS, MRS. JEAN, B.A. Education/Basic Studies. KOENIG, MRS. MARY, B.A. Liberal Arts, Athenaeum, WUSF, readers theatre guild. KNIGHT, MRS. BETTIE, B.A. Education. KORB, JACQUELINE, B.A. Education. KROEGER, DONALD, B.A. Liberal Arts. KUHN, JANE, B.A. Business Administration. KUNDE, MRS. KATHLEEN, B.A. Education/Liberal Arts. LAHTI, EDWARD, B.A. Liberal Arts; Talos, UC committee. LAMER, NORMAN, B.A. Business Administration. LANE, KENNETH, B.A. Business Administration LANG, JANICE, B.A. Education/Liberal Arts. LA VINSKY, IRA, B.A. Education/Liberal Arts. LAWHORNE, JOHN, B.A. Liberal Arts. LEIBY, CLAUD, B.A. Education. LESIAK, MARIE, B.A. Liberal Arts. LINDSAY, GEORGE JR., B.A. Education. LOGAN, WAYNE JR., B.A. Education/Business Administration. LOMBANA, ALFRED, B.A. Business Administration. LOOPMAN, FREDERICK B.A. Liberal Arts. LUNDQUIST, RAYMOND JR., B.A. Education. LYONS, MRS. DELORES, B.A. Education. LYONS, GEORGE II, B.A. Education/Liberal Arts. MANISCALO, JACK, B.A. Liberal Arts. MARSH, MARGARET, B.A. Education; SFEA, work-study. MATHIEU, MARCIA, B.A. Education/Liberal Arts. McBRIDE, GARY, B.A. Education/Liberal Arts. McCAFFREY, DANIEL, B.A. Liberal Arts. McCATTY, HAZEL, B.A. Liberal Arts; Campus Edition. McREYNOLDS, VYNA, B.A. Education/Liberal Arts. MERIWETHER, PHILLIP, B.A. Education/Liberal Arts. MILLER, MRS. SHIRLEY, B.A. Education/Liberal Arts. MITCHELL, BRUCE, B.A. Liberal Arts. MOBLEY, KENNETH, B.A. Business Administration. MOCKABEE, MAXINE, B.A. Education. MOFFETT, JAMES, B.A. Education MOORE, CAROL, B.A. Education. MORALES, MANUEL, B.A. Liberal Arts. MURPHY, MRS. MARY, B.A. Education. NELLIS, DAVID, B.A. Liberal Arts. NELSON, WILLIAM, B.A. Business Administration; bus. ad. club. NICHOLSON, DAVID, B.A. Liberal Arts; Young Democrats, Russian club. OLDRIDGE, WILLIS, B.A. Liberal Arts. OLSEN, NANCY, B.A. Liberal Arts; Tri-SIS social chair man, panhellenic rep.; UC hospitality committee, Neuman club, Delta zupes, best dressed girl contest. OPP, CLIFFORD JR., B.A. Liberal Arts; SA leg., Student Affairs committee, Arete secretary and historian, senior class treasurer, United Fund chairman, Circle K. OUELLETTE, JOHN, B.A. Business Administration. OVERMAN, GARLAND, B.A. Liberal Arts. PARDO, MRS. SUSAN, B.A. Business Administration; Gold Key, Athenaeum, math honorary society secretary-treasurer senior accounting club PARKS, KENNETH, B.A. Business Administration; SA leg., Arete, band, sports car club. PATTERSON, MRS. NANCY, B.A. Education. PECK, SANDRA, B.A. Business Administration. PLOWMAN, WILLIAM, B.A. Business Administration PLUTA, JOHN, B.A. Liberal Arts. POST, WALTER, B.A. Business Administration. PUTNAM, MRS. KAREN, B.A. Education/Liberal Arts. RAMSAY, JAMES, B.A. Liberal Arts. REBER, JOHN, B.A. Business Administration. REECE, JOHNIE, B.A. Liberal Arts. REYNOLDS, MRS. LOIS, B.A. Education/Liberal Arts. RHODEN, GARY, B.A. Education/Liberal Arts. RICE, ERNEST JR., B.A. Liberal Arts. RINDY, DONALD JR., B.A. Education. ROBERTS, WILLIAM JR., B.A. Business Administration. RODGERS, MRS. PATRICIA, B.A. Education/Liberal Arts. ROSS, MERILEE, B.A. Liberal Arts. ROUNTREE, RODNEY, B.A. Business Administration RUMORE, GRACE, B.A. Education. RUSSELL, WAYNE, B.A. Liberal Arts. SANCHEZ, MRS. MARGARITA, B.A. Liberal Arts. SANSBURY, SARACHARLES, B.A. Education. SCHOENBORN, MRS. MARION, B.A. Education/Liberal Arts. SCOTT, JOSEPH JR., B.A. Education/Liberal Arts. SCRUGGS, MARK, B.A. Liberal Arts; physics club secretarytreasurer. SEA Y, CAROL, B.A. Education/Liberal Arts. SHAUB, WARREN, B.A. Liberal Arts. SHELTON, HARRIS, B.A. Education/Liberal Arts. SMITH, JOSEPH, B.A. Education. SMITH, NANCY, B.A. Education/Liberal Arts. SPARKS, MRS. CAROLYN, B.A. Education. STACKHOUSE, ROBERT, B.A. Liberal Arts. STEDMAN, ALAN, B.A. Education/Liberal Arts; University band, Westminster Fellowship, re ligious liberals. STEPELTON, JULIA, B.A. Liberal Arts. STEWART, ROBERT, B.A. Education. STOKES, CHARLES, B.A. Liberal Arts; Arete, Civitian. STOKES, CHARLOTTE, B.A. Education; BSU, Christian fellow ship, work-study. STUDEBAKER, MRS. DORIS, B.A. Liberal Arts. SUAREZ, YVONNE, B .A. Education/Liberal Arts. SULLIVAN, JOHN, B.A. Business Administration; KIO, senior accounting club, judo club, karate club. TARTLER, ANDREW, B.A. Liberal Arts. TAYLOR, VERA, B.A. Education. TEMERSON, TIMOTHY, B.A. Business Administration. THOMPSON, ELIZABETH, B.A. Education. THURN, VINCENT, B.A. Liberal Arts. TOCZYLOWSKI, ANTHONY, B.A. Education. TSA V ARIS, MRS. CAROL, B.A. Education. TURNER, MRS. EMMA, B.A. Education. VACHER, MRS. HELEN, B.A. Liberal Arts. VICKERS, LAURENCE JR., B.A. Liberal Arts. VOIGT, CHARLES, B A Liberal Arts; Talos, band. W AKEFORD, MRS. ONET A, B.A. Liberal Arts. WELLS, MRS. ARLENE, B.A. Education. WHARTON, JAMES, B.A. Liberal Arts; UC program council, USF theater productions. WHATLEY, JAMES, B.A. Liberal Arts. WIGHT, WILLIAM III, B.A. Business Administration WILLIAMS, CAROL, B.A. Education; SFEA, georrapher's club. 235

PAGE 237

WILLIAMS, WALTER, B.A. Liberal Arta. WILSKY, MRS. JANICE. B.A Liberal Arts. WILSON, ORRIN, B.A. Liberal Arts. WITMAN, MRS. JEAN, B.A. Education. WORLEY, MRS. AILLEN, B.A. Education/Liberal Arts. ZEMKE. LEROY, B.A. Liberal Arts; guild president leadership traimng program, festival, intramural speech activities. ANDERSON, MRS. MERCEDES, M.A Education. HAYGOOD, MRS. JEAN, M.A. Education. April '66 AIREY, ESTER. B.A. Liberal Arte. ALFSON, JOHN, B.A. Business Administration; senior accounting club. ALLEN, HAROLD, B.A. Liberal Arts; physics club. ALLEN, PATRICIA, B.A. Education; UC hospitality committee, Aegean organizations editor, University Chapel Fellowship. AMMAN, CHARLOTTE. B.A. Education; UC hospitality chairman, UC program council secretary. ANDERSON. RICHARD, B.A. Liberal Arts. ARMSTRONG, ELIZABETH, B.A. Liberal Arts. ASBELL. FRANCIS, B A. Business Administration. BAILIE. GILBERT, B.A. Business Administration; Circle K BANDES, LILLIAN, B.A. Liberal Arts. RANMANN, JOHN, B.A. Busine11 Administration; senior accounting club. BARDIN, JAMES, B.A. Liberal Arta. BARREIRO, AGUSTIN, B.A. Liberal Artie; national acience foundation research, fencing club. BEACH, MICHAEL. B.A. Liberal Arts; theatre productions. BECKER. DOUG, B.A. Liberal Arts. BECKERMAN, JAY, B.A Liberal Arts; Campus Edition feature editor, managing editor, editor. BECKHAM, JOSEPH, B.A. Arta; secretary, court of revtew chief justice, Arete president. BENNETT, CLAUDIA, B.A. Liberal Arts; chorus, fine arta chorale, chamber music ensemble, student arta council-. BERGER, BARBARA, B.A Arts; Gold Counterpoint, UC hospitality committee best freshman award. BERG.ER, STEPHEN, B A. Liberal Arts; honors convocation RA, chairman, IM footbad team captaan. BICKEL, MARILYN B.A Education; SA BIRD, CLARENCE. B.A Liberal Arts; 236 BISSELL, BEVERLY, B.A. Education. BLACK, B.A. Education. BLUNT ROBERT, B.A. Lib;ral Arts; SA president pro tempore Talos chaplain, parliamentarian; 'IFC, senior class president BOETTE, FREDERICK, B.A. Liberal Arts; Beta hall scholarship chairman, standards chairman. HOLINT, THEO, B.A. Liberal Arts; math honorary society, Fides. BONILLA, WILLIAM, B.A. Liberal Arts. BORKMAN, GERTRUDE, B.A. Education; SFEA treasurer. BOWEN, COLLEEN, B.A. Education; SA, Paideia. BRAND, ARTHUR, B.A. Liberal Arts; marine biology club, intramurals, residence hall judiciary. BRAXTON, CAROL, B.A. Liberal Arts; SA leg., literary soci ety book exchange chairman, studen't affairs committee, Windjammers, FIA treasurer. BRENNEMAN, JEAN, B.A. Education. BRODERSON, BEVERLY, B.A. Education. BROWN, FRANCES, B.A. Education; residence council, UC hospitality committee, SFEA. BRUMMETT, CHERYL, B.A. Education, SFEA president, vice president, secretary; SA. BUCK, JACK, B.A. Liberal Arts; concert band, orchestra, Ripieno, jazz lab band, Bay players. BURDETT, WILLIAM, B.A. Liberal Arts; Gold Key, math honorary society, physics club, Russian club, work-study. BURGER, DONALD, B.A. Education; Arete, band, orchestra, Ripieno president, brass choir, SNEA, jazz lab band. BUSH, DONALD, B.A. Afro-Asian Studies. CAGNINA, MARY, B.A. Education; Paideia. CAMPBELL, KATHRYN, B.A. Education. CANFIELD, GERALD, B.A. Liberal Arts; student orientation leader, Civitans state treasurer, IFC treasurer, Cratos best pledge, 'Pledge president, rush chairman; UC procouncil chairmait, UC public relations committee chairman Epsilc;m hall vice president, Edition. CODE, BEVERLEY, B.A. Education. CHARLES JR., B.A. Liberal Arts; Talos, work-study. ANTHONY, B.A. Liberal Arts; honor code committee, SA .leg., UC photography committee chairman. COLEMAN, DAVID BA Liberal Arts; RA, COOK, WYMAN, B.A. Education. COOP_ER, GUYLA, B.A. Liberal Arts; Paideia, readers theatre council. COOPER, ROBERT, B.A. Education. COTO, GERALDINE, B.A. Education; Tri-SIS, SFEA. JOHN, B.A. Liberal Arts. CRAIG, ROBERT, B.A. Liberal Arts. CRITZ, JOHN II, B.A. Liberal Arts. CRONIC, HARRISON, B.A. Liberal Arts. CUESTA, MARIA, B.A. Education. CUNNINGHAM, EARL, B.A. Business Administration; bus. ad. club, golf club. DANIELS,. BOBBY, B.A. Liberal Arts. DAUBAR, LYDIA, B.A. Education. DIEHL, ALAN, B.A. Liberal Arts. DOWLING, MARY, B.A. Liberal Arts; FlA. DUNN, NORMA, B.A. Education; Gold Key, Athenaeum intervarsity Chrietian Life fellow: ship secretary-treasurer, Florida poetry festival. DURAN, MANUEL, B.A. Education. ECKNESS, JUNE, B.A. Liberal Arts; Gold Key, Athenaeum. EGAN, JAMES, B.A Business Administration; Cratos, intramurals. ENGEL, ALBERT, B.A. Liberal Arts; Arete, IFC recording secretary, Circle K president, char ter member; orientation group leader. ENNIS, CHARLES, B .A. Liberal Arts; Campus Edition sports editor. ESTES, RONALD, B.A. Liberal Arts; math honorary society, Verdandi physics club, IFC judi ciary committee FARWELL, MELVA, B.A. Education. FELIX, LARRY, B.A. Liberal Arts; physics honorary society, Sigma Pi Sigma, physics club, International student organization, community chorus. FERNANDEZ, JOHN, B.A. Liberal Arts. FICKE, CHERYL, B.A. Liberal Arts; Tri-SIS, UC fashion and talent committee. FIELDS, CHARLO'ITE, B.A. Liberal Arts; Gold Key secretary, psychology club, USF Women's Club, Mensa club. FLYNN, ROBERT, B.A. Liberal Arts; peninsular players, Bay players president, theatre arts, University -Community orchestra. FOERSTER, MICHAEL, B.A. Education, Liberal Arts; Edition editor, Aegean managing editor, editor. FOLSOM, PHYLLIS, B.A. Education. FOUNTAIN, B.A. i Education; Tn-SIS pre!1 dent Council of Soronties, panh1 SArues lenic Miss Aegean nommee, d orientation group lea er, Delta hall vice president. FRANK, BA. A sena Business AdmimstratiOn, .s b tor, student affairs com!Dlttee, us. ad. club.

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FREEMAN, MARY, B.A. Education; Fides, standards board, ERASE. FRETWELL, JOHN, B.A. Business Administration; Cratos, UC dance committee, work-study. GAMMAGE, JERI, B.A. Education; dorm president. GARCIA, GERALDINE, B.A. Education; FIA, racquet club. GATES, THOMAS, B.A. Liberal Arts; Cratos, IFC vice president, CFS president, Alpha hall president, Campus Edition sports editor, Nauticos, SA leg., SFEA, exceptional child club, chorus. GAUDREAU, PAULETTE, B.A. Education. GEISSLER, GORDON, B.A. Education; intramurals, floor soeial chairman. GERBER, MARTIN, B.A. Business Administration; Enotas, senior accounting club, JSU. GERSON, LINDA, B.A. Education; SFEA, Catholic student organization. GLENZ, ROBERT, B.A. Liberal Arts; UC dance committee. GOLD, RICHARD, B.A. Liberal Arts; physics club, Civil War Roundtable, BSU, work-study. GONZALEZ, CARMEN, B.A. Liberal Arts; readers theatre. GOREE, GARY, B.A. Business Administration; senior accounting club president, vice president; Young Republicans treasurer, intramurals softball. GRA YES, OZZIE, B.A. Liberal Arts; NEA. GREENE, DAVID, B.A. Liberal Arts; Gold Key, SCOHR secretary, SA leg., Civitan, Christian fellowship, University Chapel Fellowship, religious council. GREENE, DOUGLAS, B.A. Liberal Arts; Gold Key, SCOHR president, SA leg., Campus Edition reviewer, Civitan, Christian fellowship. GRIMES, BETTY, B.A. Education. GRIZZAFFE, VIRGINIA, B.A. Education; Tri-SIS, pan hellenic executive board, senior class elections committee, Miss Aegean runnerup, UC model, best-dressed girl contest. GROOTHVIS, DANIEL, B.A. Business Administration; Enotas, projects chairman, intramurals, floor social chairman. HALL, DAVID, B.A. Liberal Arts. HALL, MARCIA, B.A. Liberal Arts; exceptional child club. HALL, WARREN, B.A. Liberal Arts. HARKE, GARY, B.A. Education. HARMS, JOSEPH, B.A. Liberal Arts; RA. HARTY, MONICA, B.A. Liberal Arts; FIA, pan hellenic president, CFS president, senior class vice president, upper class counselor, UC special events committee chairman, Catholic student organization, Russian club, water ski club. HEFFELFINGER, BARBARA, B.A. Liberal Arts; Gold Key. HERNANDEZ, RICHARD, B.A. Liberal Arts; Young Democrats president. HOLLOWELL, BILLIE, B.A. Education. HOLMES, CHARLES, B.A. Liberal Arts; marine biology club, sports car club. HOUFF, DENNIS, B.A. Liberal Arts; psychology club, Catholic student organization, Campus Edition. HURLEY, MICHAEL, B.A. Education; BSU, Christian fellow ship, SCOHR, Young Republicans, Civil War Roundtable. JAMIESON, HOWARD, B.A. Business Administration; Talos, senior accounting club, work-study. JAQUAY, ROBERT, B.A. Business Administration; RA, senior accounting club. JEAN, EVELYN, B.A. Liberal Arts; Athenaeum, International student organization president. JOHNSON, MARJORIE, B.A. Education. JORDAN, THOMAS, B.A. Liberal Arts; Arete vice president, IFC. KADEL, KAREN, B.A. Liberal Arts; RA, symphony, string quartet, fine arts council. KERWICK, JAMES, B.A Liberal Arts; rifle club president, Beta social chairman, barbenders, psychology club. KING, ROLAND, B.A., Liberal Arts. KISS, LEN A, B.A. Liberal Arts; French club, German club. KNISELY, BENJAMIN, B.A. Liberal Arts. KRAJICEK GREER, B.A. Education; Gold Key, FIA, Canterbury club, SFEA, University-Community chorus, dorm floor officer, senior satire. LADD, KATHERINE, B A. Liberal Arts; FIA pledgemasster, SA leg., student affairs committee, Gamma hall vice president, CFS parliamentarian, secretary. LARUE, JACOB, B.A. LASKA, SHARON, B.A. Education. LAZZARA, CHRISTINE, B.A. Education. LINDSLEY, HUGH, B.A. Education; Enotas, PE majors. LITTLE, DIANA, B.A. Liberal Arts; FIA vice president, upper class counselor. LOCKE, KENNETH, B.A. Business Administration; bus. ad. club treasurer, president. LOCKWOOD, DAVID, B.A. Education. LOPEZ, JOHN, B.A. Education. LOVE, ADELLE, B.A. Liberal Arts. MANDELL, LAURA, B.A. Liberal Arts; Gold Key, Athenaeum, religious council treasurer, JSU parliamentarian, president; UC hospitality committee, SFEA secretary, Campus Edition. MARSHALL, STEPHEN, B.A. Business Administration. MARTINUS, FRANK,. B.A. Liberal Arts; KIO president, IFC, SA leg., debate team captain, RA, Young Republicans, law club, poetry festival. MASON, ANNETTE, B.A. Liberal Arts; Tri-SIS social chairman, spirit chairman; RA, upper class counselor, Campus Edition, floor officer, Miss Aegean nominee. MAXWELL, STEPHEN, B.A. Liberal Arts; Gold Key, math honorary society, Russian club president. McAFFEE, NELSON, B.A. Education. McALEER, B A. Education. MERRIAM, DAVID, B.A. Education; SNEA, Alpha hall coun cil, exceptional child club. MESSER, HENRY, B.A. Business Administration. MEYER, BECKY, B.A. Liberal Arts; residence council. MILLER, LYNNE, B.A. Education; SNEA, SFEA. MINEWISER, JAMES, B.A. Liberal Arts. MOORE, GAIL, B.A. Education. MORTENSEN, KRISTINE, B.A. Liberal Arts; Catholic student organization vice president. MORTON, JOSEPH, B.A. Liberal Arts; Gold Key math honorary society, Verdandi, IFC rush committee, Young Republicans. MUCCIANO, RICHARD, B.A. Liberal Arts; senior class treasurer, dinner-dance committee chairman, graduation committee, physics club. NEITZEY, FRANK, B.A. Education; SFEA, PEM president, RA, water ski club, soccer team, intramurals. NICE, JUDITH, B.A. Education; Fides. P ANTLING, SUE, B.A. Education; Paideia chaplain-histor ian, second vice president; UC publicity committee, SA leg., SFEA. PATTON, JOSEPH, B.A. Education; PE majors, intramurals outstanding official. PELLEGRINO, DOMINIC, B.A. Business Administration; Talos outstanding pledge, UC hospitality com mittee. PERRY, JOHN, B.A. Business Administration; SA leg., Christian Life fellowship vice president. PLASKETT, CARL, B.A. Liberal Arts. POLLOCK, LEAH, B.A. Liberal Arts; Gold Key, Student Lab assistant. POWELL, RALPH, B.A. Liberal Arts; math honorary society, KIO, NSF research grant, F ACS award for outstanding chemistry major, outstanding sports official, Woodrow Wilson candidate, floor vice president. PRICE, RAYMOND,. B.A. Education; soccer club, bowling club. PULLARA, ERMA, B.A. Business Administration; Tri-SIS. PULLIN, JAMES, B.A. Education; UC dance committee. RAITT, DENNIS, B.A. Liberal Arts. 237

PAGE 239

238 RAKES. MAURICE, B.A. Buainess Administration, Zeta Phi Epsilon, Bowling club president, homecoming committee. HANKIN, MIRIAM, B.A. Liberal Arta; Wesley foundation, experiment international living, French club, orchestra, chorus. RATLIFF, BETTY, B.A. Education; SFEA, exceptional child club, floor officer. HE. COSMO, B.A. Education; SA leg., Talos president, secretary, social chairman; standards committee chairman, Court of Discipline and Appeals, exceptional child club, SFEA, water ski club. RESLER, RONALD, B.A. Education; jazz band, concert band. RHODES, BARBARA, B.A. Liberal Arts; math and science club, aviation club, sports car club. RICHARDS, LINDSAY, B A. Liberal Arts; scholarship chairman. RODRIGUEZ, ROSALIE, B.A. Education; Tri-SIS first vice presi dent, SFEA, SNEA. RUTKIN, COLMAN, B.A. Liberal Arts; i.e. editor, Aegean CODY writer. SALYER, MILDRED, B.A. Education. SANCHEZ, SILVIA, B.A. Liberal Arts. SANTANGELO, ANGELA, B.A. Buainess Administration; SNEA, UC hospitality committee. SAUNDERS, JOE, B.A. Liberal Arts; Civitan. SCHMI'IT, BARBARA, B.A. Education; C1vtnettea, Catholic student organization, water ski club. SHOKES, ROBERT, B.A. Business Administration, accountinr club treasurer. BARBARA, B.A. Eduration; Wesley foundation SA leg UC fashion and talent 'com mittee chairman, lessons committee hospitality committee; SFEA. SMOUT, LESLIE, B.A. Business Administration. JEAN, B.A. Liberal Arts. SODERSTROM, FREDERICK, B.A. Business Administration; SA leg., bus. ad. club vice president, orientation student leader, Beta hall social chairman. SPRAGUE, SANDRA, B A. Liberal Arts; Epsilon standards board. STAUFFER, CAROL, B.A. Education; UC hospitality commit tee, SFEA. ST. JOHN, DAVID, B.A. Liberal Arts; judo club president. STROHMENGER, JAMES, B.A. Liberal Arts; NSF grant assistant, Catholic student association. SUMMERS, NANCY, B.A. Education; Fides Five folk sing group, UC program council, water ski club, all-University folk sing. SUTHERLAND, RICHARD, B.A. Liberal Arts; BSU. SWISHER, BARBARA, B.A. Education; Catholic student organization. SYKES, RICHARD, B.A. Liberal Arts; TALLEY. RANDELL, B.A. Liberal Arts; BSU, physics club. T ARR, PHYLLIS, B.A. Liberal Arts; FIA, press club vice president, CFS rep., Campus Edition greek editor, Aegean greek editor Tribune correspondent. T ARTLER, ANDREW, B A. Liberal Arts; SA leg., Talos president, treasurer; Civitan president vice president. TAYLOR, JOHN, B.A. Liberal Arts; physics club. GEORGE II, B.A. Liberal Arts; fencing club president. TODD, CECELIA, B.A. Business Administration Tri-SIS, pan hellenic council. TRAWEEK, GLEN, B.A. Education. TUCK.ER, SHIRLEY, B.A. Liberal Arts. TURNER, RUSSELL B A Liberal Arts. UPTON, JACK, B.A. Liberal Arts. VAIL, JOHN, B.A. Education; Paideia, Delta hall exec board, floor officer, U. of Mass. change student. W ALFISH, RICHARD, B.A. B'!lsiness Administration; Phi Sigma XI, bus ad. club, JSU. WALKER, CAROLYN, B.A. Educ.ation; FIA best pledge, correspresident; pan he_llemc .council, UC hospitality committee, mtramural officer. WALTER, JOAN, B.A. Education; FIA, Delta hall vice president, social chairman. W ARR, CHARLES, B.A. Business Administration bus. ad. club, SA leg. WEBR. CHARLES, B.A. Liberal Arts; Gold Key, BSU. WEBB, GEOFFREY, B.A. Liberal Arts; Gold Key, math honorary society president. WEST AFFR, JOANN, B.A. Education. WHEELER, CORALEE, B.A. .zeta Sigma, PE maJors parhamentanan, intramural manager. WHITTINGTON, LETA, B.A. Education; Gold Key, Athenaeum Sli'EA, religious council president' Wesley foundation. WILDEROTTER, JULIA, B.A. Education; Paideia, pan hellenic, SA leg. WINCH, ANN, B.A. Liberal Arts; Gold Key charter member, Athenaeum. WOOD, JOAN, B.A. J. bora) A ,.s. YARROW, ALENE, B.A. Liberal Arts; FIA, SA, residence hall council, debate t<>am, UC hospitality committee, SFEA readers theatre council. YEABOWER, ANNA, B.A. Liberal Arts; Tri-SIS historian, choreonova, Russian club, student exchange program. YOUNG, JOHN, B.A. Business Administration; bus. ad. club "ice pr('s;dent. ZUCCHERO, JOSEPH, B.A. B-1.1siness Administration; bus. ad. club exec. vice president.

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The Aegean staff Dr. Arthur M. Sanderson, advisor Michael Foerster, editor Larry Hevia, associate editor

PAGE 246

Dianne Terry, Renior edito1 Patricia Allen, organizations editor Kathy Manetta, academic editor Phyllis Tarr, greek editor 245

PAGE 247

Barbara Brazeal, copy editor Cindy Campderros, senior section Ruth Orendorf, Colman Rutkin, copy 246

PAGE 248

Photo)!raphers Cal Sparks .. Jim Sehwabe. Teet Gose and their press car J ulie FiE>Idinl!. senior editor Ed Smyth. Andy Fernandez, sports editor 247

PAGE 249

A Recollection You wilJ read this book now, or thumb through it, because it is new. But some day in April, 1976, you might decide to look through this book again -finding it in the attic or closetand it will stilJ be new. It won't be the youthful expression of your senior portrait that will make you pause and daydream. It will be the other recol lections of a myriad of things and events in a campus life now will be the past and the past is always sentimental. You will remember that history professor who always made the room tremble with his loud voice; you will remember that roommate who you'd swear never took a bath during the entire freshman year. It would be so many other things to you -things you would not really be able to share with anyone any more, only recall very privately and very nos talgically. When you do this, our purpose will be achieved and the work we have put into this book will have meaning. the editors.


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