University of South Florida yearbook. (1967)

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University of South Florida yearbook. (1967)

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University of South Florida yearbook. (1967)
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Aegean. (1967)
University of South Florida
USF Faculty and University Publications
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Tampa, Fla
University of South Florida
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Vol. 1, no. 1 (1963/64)-no. 9 (1972).
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Vol. for 1972 lacks enumeration.

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1967 Aegean University of South Florida Tampa-St. Petersburg Volume 4




WHAT USF in its year rome of age. It u a umverslly that A WAY has grown from a windblown acreage to a full-fledged and u:e/1 To rounded institution of learning-a uni versity grown up and still g rou : ing, uith its GROW and throu g h them. There are man) visual embodiments of a CSF rome of age-new classroom buildings and Jormi torUs, more courses and academic programs neu fraternities and nationalized ones, a neu soccer championship, and of course, more students. New and more. But L"Sf has alu ays meant "ncr(. and more." It has had, in a sense, a tradition of grordh. In a more real sense, USF has come of age not through sheer numbers of buildings, organi::ations, and studenls, but through the spirit that hilS accom plished this growth. This spirit demands new and morr bill most of all better. The spirit of USF is studentJ 10,000 stuJenls growing tou.:ard 10,000 indivulual goals in 10,000 different ways through ckmes, organizations, activities, and friendships. Yet these 10,000 have one thing in common: each comes to L'Sf to grow, each is part of the spirit of growth. Every student finds that it takes a lot of go to grou with L'SF. And that there's plenty to go to and after. lie may take rush ueek hinls and go Greek, for example, or for SA legislature or any of the service, sports, or honor organizations. llc can go with the crowd-to a weekend dance, a game, a performan ce of the Bay Players or entertainers like lack and Sally Jenkins. Or with a few friends-to enjoy a and .wme coffee shop philosophizing to shop in town for a mod suit or a paisley tie, to pkJy an impromptu game of football on the dorm lawn. Or he can go alone to the library to cram for finals or to Crescenl //ill to sit and reflect on his world, himself his guitar. This book is dedicated to all those who have come to grow with l.JSF. 3


Student life Academics .. Greeks .... Organizations ports .. Graduates




.. -;. 6


Now It all sturtJ 11ith ont> hectic uek. IT lulrdly time to mur,. into tht dorms, unpack more than into the BEGINS ::: .. :;e the mailbox for the first lrtter from home before it's time to keep an appointmenl for that mad crush called registration. Then, if any sections u ,.rp still open, it's off to round up texts to the bookstore for the less adventurous, otherwise, to the bulletin bourds to look for cheap or third hanclers. After a ruck of for da.ssrooms and hemoaning fate for having got him of all profs, time to unuind with old fri end and meet nu onrs to the blare of an Open dunre band and the satiric l)'ri<.s of the .\I itchell Trio. 7




STATE Tlw and the grort of C.'iF is nouherr morr apparent them in the Brahmans' CHAMPS I .wcccr ttcmt. /1)66 State Champions, the undefeated ( 10-0-/ ) tram rpitomi::rd thr .1pirit of thr unit ers ity. A ncl that spirit tnl.\ rduwd /,)' tlw crouds of .Hudents u ho came to sit of! tltr slopt'.l b) thr fidel a11tl .1re each gamt. Tlw stwlcnts .wmr. by an unfamilitiT sport, all fascinated /,y .lkil/ful pia) and fierce com petitioTI and chrrrcd. And tht)' he('(/ me afic iof!ados of the sport that grcrt uitlt t'."F. 9


10 66 For somr it is the thrill of rdurning to an alma mater nou full grou n, ful others, thr. thrill of being part of a grvtdng school. The student msvciation, sponsor of Homecoming '66, capturtd this in the thrme R eaching for the Stars." And the spirit of tht' heightened the e:t:citemenl -dorms tcnr decorated, "Ileal Fl ori(la" banners the stw.lents sported "Go lfrahmans" tags, and rnthusiastic fraterniJies rreatrd c1 mountain of u ood so big that the fire munhall had to limit it and relocate the bonfire. The exciJement of 1/omrcoming often tuok the form of cheers. It all began "ith a pep rally uhere stude nts chanted cu TI\E's huge, flashing-eyed llrahman orc,au a Gator burned in effigy in the mountainous fire. 1'hese chants u ere rchord by the franlic c heering of supporters al tht Arr.te-Enotas 1-.\1 championship game. And tttn more thunderous cheers resounded cu /Jrahmans stomped Florida in tht 1/omrcoming game to maintain an unbealt n re cord and to boost the chee rin g rxcit t menl thai rn1s Homecoming '66.




12 WEEKEND With the excitement 0 F and surrounded by it is the activity of Homecoming. And at ACTIVITIES there u;as pknly of activity to come home to-or slay home for. Besides the bonfire and the games, there u;as a picnic dinner on the wwn behind Argos and there was entertainment. Students su:ung out to the beat of the /esters in the opened gym. (And the warped floor didn't seem to cramp anybody's styk.) But the highlight of the weekend's activities was a program featuring CluJrlie Byrd and the Highwaymen-Q.n activity both created by and creating the excitement of Homecoming '66.




SLRPRISED at tht> announl'ernent that she was selected as \1iss Atgcan 1967 Jill Young is 0\'tnom" trnot ion Zuro, last year's M iss A egea n givt!S Jill Young, a soronty sister, a big hug of congratul a ti on,;. 14 Ml Ss AEGEAN .. s biggest socwl oJ 1967 : the year, the annual Mus Aegean flail in ber, b rought to a YoUNG climax the anxiety, and expecta tion of many of excitement. The highlight of the ball the moment Linda Zuro, L'Srs JILL first Mus Aegean, stepped for wa r d lo pass her on ) ill Annette l'oung. As the new .\Ius Aegean )ill r e presents the ideal coed of South Flor ida. Jill, a twenty-ye ar old junwr majoring in chemiJtry, uas chosen from thirtyJour entran ts each sponJo r ed by a campw organization. Tu.:o sets of judges members of USF faculty and staff and prominent p ersonaluies of the Bay area, scored c andidates on scholarship, personaluy, suvice, a ctivuies, and appearance after extenJive individual interviews. The result? An intelligent, poiJed, attractive young u..oman active in the growth and betterment of her universitythe ideal coed


Semi-finalists Jean Bageard ponsored b y Cniver ity Center Carolyn Lawson Sponsored by Panhelleni c Council Harbara Ann Molinari Sponsored by Kappa Delta of the l%7 Aegean contest are Barbara Molinari first runner-up, Jill Young, Aegea n and Gail se<"onci runner-up. Mary Anne Gilbert Sponsored by Alpha Tau Om ega Gail Reeves S p o n sored by S igma Nu Fran Wilson Spo n sored by Tri-SIS Bettie Ann Huff Sponsored by Inter Hall Residents Jill Young Sponsored b y D e lt a Delta Ddta IS


16 a junior majorin& in En&lish, Ali a IJ. ALICE CROWNOVER BEST Girl on campw uut choun by a pond DRESSED stall in a conUst by Unitf!'rsiJr fashion and The for ju.dgmg, sd up by Glamour not only llulj, buJ aLto a of acussory make-up, and g rooming. The of U 'f' H,.st /Jrtsud Girl had hard l y to Aliu a gram It U.OJ from Gl4mour And iJ to inform thDt lLOJ of tht winners, from all IM country, in thear


FOR!'fER Miss Tampa, Carla Cloture. Aegean contestant, Leslie Horton FIRST runner-up, Miss Aegean, Barbara Ann 17


18 HERE USF expanded phy$ical plant in 11 continuing program WE of growth uilh a $ix-bui!Jing$ reJidence complex and thru new GROW c/a$sroom buildings in 1966. ThiJ opened A GAl N I the univer$ily to many new $tudenl$ and opened new educatwnal facililie$ for the $tudent$. A total of $3,700,()()() uent into the corutructwn of the five dorm$ and Andro$ Complex which OTJ'-ned in 1966. The Engineering, Physical Educatwn, and the award-winning Bwine$$ AdminiJtration building$ con $tiluted a 5.8 million dolUJr expamion in educational facililie$. And the growth doe$ not end there: another 1.8 milUon dolUJr$ are inve$ted in the Colkge of 80$ic StuJie, and Education building' under con$truction.


Business Administration building 19




REGISTRATION It sta;ts with ?n m GROWING mail, GU>ng with a of PAINS course to out a Ul advance to try for. And when the appointment comes, rush is on-down CTR for pocket; up fire escape to second floor, filling out cards all way; into the advisors' rooms for a on the worksheet; on to ballroom for the cards. are to stand in, to at, table.s to on, and, at 1, triumph of fifteen hours of un-conflicting classes. 21


, 22


LIFE This is how they who come to grow wilh IN USF. Life in the dorm.s is a mogni/Ud life ofluJrd .study, luJrd THE pU.y, luud .skeping, and luJrd wok.s at one.self DORMS 5/tt, world. live big in tluir .smoll room.s, room.s packed wilh book.s, clotht!.s, .souvenirs, music, and emotion. And they .spill out of tluir room.s into the holl.s, tlu campus, the city a.s if they are aboul to outgrow the cubick.s in which they live. 23


















. STUDENTS came to hear and to cheer at the SA'l! Bullsession A The Student Association to grow wilh the expanding University. A record number of GROWING UJent ta the poUs to elect SA officers SA and Senators in 1966. And these students were more informed about the candidates than ever to an institution dubbed "The RullsesJion," during which all candidates were abk to state their qtuJlifications and their pkuforms. Another institution was introduced in the '66 campaign: party system came to USF in the form of the Students for (;overnment The party virtiUllly took election, putting John Hogue and Don Gifford in the presidency and vicepresidency and filling four of the five Senate seats. MEMBERS of both camps total voting machine scores in a close eledion. 32 CANDIDATES solicit student support and answer their questions at the Bullsession.


SRG celebrates a sweeping victory for their newly elected members. -... ; .,, /J4' /Js .. l ,,.., f J)(i lflt l II II uJ f.f .. s '117 4:;-,, G? 33


1\'EW challeng! in intelledual College of Engineering Oa location with tomorrow's Einstein 34


ll FE There are 17UUlY ways to grow wilh USF. But the prinuuy way, the way tiUJl I N studenU come /or before the others, is to grow inulkctually. T H E And where else does one wok for inlelkctiUil growth but the universily CLASSROOM comes in many forms-lhe mass kcture audilorium, the sculpture studio, the lab, the stage, the broadcasting studio. And there are many teachers in that classroom--the profs, the books, the e:cperimentJ, the fellowstudenls. And the classrooms, teachers, the students aU exist for one reason. TIUJl reason is to grow and to help grow. They aU exist to broaden the knowledge and the of the individual-they all exist so tiUJl ufe need not be a matter of mere existence, but a of living big intellectually as well as physically and emotionally. Because of this, there is ufe in and of the classroom. R .ECIPE for mental growth; books, slide rule, student. and will. EXPERIME!"'ITS and experience in the acience aftermath. 35


INTELLECTUAL and vocal diecipline--interlude. 36 AN opportunity to experience cultural growth-Teaching Auditorium-Theatre.


USTEN and learn-audio-visual aids. TilE unworkable problem. the undemanding professor -result: insight. 37


38 MR. Jack Oay, director views Cosi Fan Tutte reheanal. NATIONALLY acclaimed 1966 Summer toire Festinl-Peter O'Sullivan, Maryon THEATRE It wa.s a year of tM : salrn! new thing for tM SAME tMatre department, with more opportunities for studenl.s in NEw and interested in theatre to experience tM cultural growth THING of USF. The.year broughl not only an in facuhy and in theatre courses, but also new productions and production types. Directors in residence, interncuionally known personalities MirUun Goldina and Mesrop Kesdekian, enriched the theatre program. And further enrichment came in the form of Cosi Fan Tutte, the univusity's first operalic produciion, and the experimentalthecure under Mr. Jack Belt. The UJlter program provided a for student talent in acting, directing, and technical design and exposed il.s audiences to new pl4ys in unusual environment.!. Thue were, of course, production.! of a more conventional nature. Yet even these, a.s all theatrical productions, were the end productJ of research and experimenkJlion. Herbert O'Dell, Jack Clay and Russel Whaley chairman, theatre


MR. Peter O'Sullivan, distraught director Theatre USF-'66 Spring Cosi Fan Tutte The Poker Session Summer Festival Charley's Aunt Ernest in Love Arms and the Man The Boyfriend Fall Six Characters in Search of an Author The Good Hope HERHERT O'Dell, technical designer !WARYON Moise, costumer, in her natural habitat 39


A play grows : a set is built. CAROL Oditz, Jerry Peeler Anne Guice, three characters rehearse for Six Clulracten 40 COSTUMINC..-research talent patience IN Search of an Awhor-Brian Black and Betlly Lynch


REHEARSAL-tension builds as a character grows. ATION, analysis--to become a poli!!hed pro duct ion. Phillips receives coaching for the Summer Repertoire Festival's Arms and the Man. 41


CURTAIN call-"What Mad Pursuit" SUMMER Repertoire cast: Don Moyer, Lynn Parker, Don Sadler, Anne Phillips, Jerry Peeler. IN "Mad Pursuit," Mary Ann Bentley, Claudia Jergensen, Frank Morse, Harlan Foss, Carol Tsavaria, Alan Bouverat 42 GOOD HOPE CHARLEY'S AUNT


THE POKER SESSIO."V THE GOOD IIOPl: Phillip!! and Harlan Foss in Arms and the Man THE Good Hope with Carol Relt and Gil Hertz 43


I MUSIC-A doubled enroUment of mUJic TTUJjors at USF this MAJ 0 R year reflects the expansion of the mUJic GAIN department--a department which specializes in constant improve ment of ils educalional to its students and the university community. To this end, the department ils academic efforts and its production program. The many new mUJic majors found available to them specuuists in virtually aU instruments and the opportunity to study in the new Opera W orkslwp. And the community gained through programs by student and faculty including the 11e1c Choir and studf'nt String Quartet, as u:ell as concerts by the USF Hand, Orchestra and vocal groups.


Concerto-Professor Preodor conducts the USF orchestra. 46 PERCUSSION-practice and perserverance toward a perfect performance. UNIVERSITY Chorale performs under the direction of Dr. Gordon Johnson.


USF Christmas Concert with th! St. John's Episcopal Church Boy's Choir 47


ARTIST((: growth-the construction of a colle,ze painting. AND then the finished product 48 / I the tabaret-the tools to build an art work.


ART-The new Master of Fine Arts degree in studio A HIGH arts now offered by the art department DEGREE exemplifies the kind of expansion characteristic OF GROWTH 1e;:;t-ment throughout this year. The addition of three new rooms, for sculpture, graphics, and ceramics, and of a new faculty member enabled the department to offer such new courses as lithography. And these new facilities and courses were taken advantage of by a record number of students. The result was the successful participation by both USF students and faculty in art exhibits and competitions at the university and throughout the state. PRINT in process-inking the plate. STUDENTS create "Life Drawings" in class. 49


TilE Mk III jazz trio, Spring Soi ree 1966 SALLY Jenkins: Let me entertain you JACK Espinosa, MC, Homecoming '66. JIM Fair speaks for the Political Union. 50


CAMPUS USF.student.s 1uul tM oppor GuESTS tunilr this rear to attend an unprecedent e d number of qiUilily conceru by popul4r and clauical artist.s and kcture.s and forums featuring natioru.Jly known penonalilie.s. Tu Univer.silr Center'.s SoundJatwn.s preunted Strun.z and Sullivan, ckusical and flmnenco, and lack and Sally lenlciru. 1M Univer.sily Center aLso brought tu verJatik David, della and Brook.s to Spring Soiree and pop-folk Jatirist.s tu MilcuU Trio to Fall Optm HoUJe. Tu Highwaymen and the Charlie Byrd Trio enUrtained .studentJ during Homecoming '66. TM fine artJ department's serie.s broughl to campw Juch noted vocalisu a.s AJkel Schiotz and Shirley V erreU and in.strumentalUt.s Leonard and Claudio Amw. Bill Mauldin, cartoonist, and artist lo.sef Alber.s were among tu noted .speaker.s in tu depart ment'.s kcture .serie.s. And .such polilical notabks a.s lim Fair and gubernatorial candidau.s Ckwde Kirk and Robert King High .spoke to Jtudent groups and rallies. POPU LAR songsters Jack and Sally Jenkins. CHARIJE Byrd, Homecoming '66. STEEL Katz entertain at a pool party 51


lULL Denton, Tim Phillips, Barry Sims-1932, first place in the professional category. 52 of ceremonies Rick Norcross. TM Cenlt'r mwic fifth annual Folk Sing Contest wa.s one of the most popular et>t>nt.s on campw SING OUT yt>ar. And why not? For wluu but folk mu.sic expre.ue.s the CoUege .students' interue of change? And uhat reflect.s the phenomenon of growth experienced by t>tery .student at South Florida (JtJer the year? It is all there, through il.s rhythms and il.s lyrics the joy am/ the .wrrow, the humor and the pathos, and through il all the inten.sily of life. Folk music-and the folk idiom, more than any other mode of expreHion, mirror the qualily of growth in the neu f.Cneration-the new perspective. TRI Ddta's "About Four," second place nonprofcssional.


BOR Fisher, fir!t place non professional MISSY Belsito TilE New Culpeppcrs Consolidated Corn Crushin' luggers 53


FOCl:S on folk-courtesy of St. Petersburg's Beaux Aru. FOI.K 11inger Barry Sims, on guitar, entertains TIM Phillips and Bill Denton with their own brand of folk.


WAY 0 UT The University Center Mwic Committee COFFEE provided summer students with an old-new program, the HOUSE Way Out Co/lee HoUJe. With a Jew tables covered with checkered cloths, a little candlelighl, Jome wine bottle candleholderJ, the but in folk mwic and jazz, and a lot of lwrd work, committee members tramformed the CTR Ballroom into an eJpresso pal4ct. And they added more atmoJphere by dresJing "beat" to urve espreuo to their patronJ. Thu kind of atmoJphere and the traditwnal folk entertainment wert the old elements of the Way Ow Col/u Howe. The neuneu of the co/In howe was most obvwwly the fact tlwt no Juch program had ever been preJtnUd at USF. But there was a deeper kind of newntu-lhe newntJJ of the program of the Mwic Committee and the entire UnivtrJity Center and the spirit of the Jtudents who nuJiu up the Center. TOM Eure. campus f avorite. JAZZ piano, W-G plus 3. EI\'TERT AINERS played to an engrossed audience. 55


56 \I ore than one thouJand faculty, ltaff memberl, and their children participated in the Center'$ family Night thil yt>ar. The entire and the energy of all committee member$ ual turned over to the children of the FAMILY NIGHT unherlity community for that October night Cnder the direction of the llolpitality Committee fe.divitiel began uith a family dinnn in the carnival atmlHphere. Follordng the dinner, there ut>re man)' e.viting to take in-everything from the p,arnel of lkill and "chance" in the dance carnival game room to the cartoon 1 offered by the moviel committee. There tare booth.s for fortune telling, golf cart and hay ridel, rideJ mt the elevator-carou.sel, complete with ringl, a IAHt Clcun Corner for wayward children And after taking in all there ual to lee and do, the children gathert>d for the parade and judging. Then, llurping on their thry u ere off to the molt t:xciting )'et : the culmination of a fa.scinating everting for the "children of all agel' wa.s an outdoor performance by the renowned Sara.sota Sailor Circu.s Such wa.s Family Night '66-a fabulcu.s night dedicated to yet another kind of grouth at ('SF. :\IUSIC Committee members award prires for the best costumes. AI.EX Reina of special events committee chauf feurs and clowns for the children.


HAY ride around Crescent Hill with personnel committee. GYPSY :\lelba Jenkins, fashion and talent committee, has a fascinating fortune for thi!! little dPvil. 57


KAPPA Oclta!' tum on 10 thf' Grk Wnk racn. 58


Go TM year 1966/uu been tM b!UieJt year ever for u sr j GREEK Of!d fraurnilies. Besides tM&r wiUJl AND bwy scMduks incfuding rwh, service projects, GROW mhktics, and parties, tMre was, of course, Greek Week. It was a week of Greek Uni Jicmion packed wilh ils own brand of frolic--tM chariot race, the skils, the bike race, tM Greek Sing, tM dance. But tM really big word among tM Greeks this year u:aJ "nalionalizalion." Nine fralernilies and three sororilies uent naliorwl with yt!l another fralernily and two more sororilies now petilioning. And, symbolizing the kind of grouth wilneued in every aJpect of college life al USF, two new sororilies and two fralernilies organized in '66. 59


SIGliA Nu. Cratos colony, George Naze and Sam Nuccio in "Blunder-Bust," for the Greek skit. 60 TRI Sis !latirizes other Greeks in their !!kit. HA:\11\IING it up with ATO, Talos colony


USF personalities get spoofed by Tri Delta. KAPPA Delta tells a fairy tale. 61


62 WS Antiquos and Dr. "Knocky" Parker entertain at the Christmas Dinner. STUDE:'IITS enjoy a delicious Christmas buffet. UNIVERSITY unter director Mr Duane Lake helps hang staff stockings. COMMITTEE members help decorate the Unter.


DECK Chrutma.s comes early to the campw, but not wilhout real spiril: THE students go aU out to ceubrate. The sea.son brings much activily-H A L Ls the tkcoratWTU, the dances, the delici.ow dinner. The decorating began this year wilh the Universily Center's Chrutma.s Decorating Party, during which commiltee members trimmed the Center wilh the tradilwnaltree, the nativily scene, the Fuhbowrs sroined gla.u windows. And the fever spread to the wlure residents decked the halLs wilh decoratwns that captured spiril of the season. Tlure waJ alJo the "Snow BaU," the annual Christma.s semi-formal. And, of course, the big night, UC Program Council and Inter-Hall Residence Council's Deck the HallJ program, featuring a bulfet dinner, the tree lighting ceremony, caroiJ on hill, and an open houJe for students to view tlu dormiloria. MISTLETOE-VC committee members get the Christmas spirit. THE annual Christmas dinner offrrs quite a spre.d. 63


USF's own Santa Clau!l, "Knocky" Parker. A !!prcad!l good cheer. CHRISTMAS on CrC!!CCnt Hill-the traditional songs of the season.


IIET,\ Hall-Christmas in the city. VISITORS \'iew Santa's reindeer in their dormitory ST. Nick sleighs through Alpha lobby. l'SF Choir members lead off the carol sing. 65


Chapel Fellow&bip, the newest religious center building on campus. HAPTIST Student Union, one of four union buildings now on campus. 66 STUUENT Vestry offers fellowship at an informal luncheon


STUDENT-faculty supper at the Episcopal Center SPIRITUAL GROWTH ce!'ters l?rovided slunul6lum for tM spiritiUJl growth of students this year through services, sociols, study programs, and speakers Working togetMr in tM University Religious Council, promoted the use of the centers' facililks by presenting programs geGTed to tM students of a growing and ever-clwnging world-tM Spring Spectacular F olJc Service, the summer jazz service, tM seminar on sex, and spealcers including tM originator of tM ucod Is Dead" tMolcgy, Dr. Thomas /. Altizer. And not only did they help grow, but they also grew themselves in the form of tM newly opened University Clwpel Ft.Uowship and tM Catlwlic Student Union now under construction. 67


of thr tornado's 600 mile an hour winch. 68 APRIL 4 The gray quiet 1 of what began as 1966 any other day at USF ua-' suddenly shattered a..' a killer tornado ripped throuf{h the north end of the campus leat : ing behind it destruction and darkness. Jfemben of the campus community found themsrltes dranded in buildinf{S without lif!hl!, on streets littered with debriJ, in the remains of homes. ReleaJt'd from cla.sses, students bu.sied themseltt's unscrambling tangles of cars in stricken parking lotJ, hdping their friends sal v age belonginf{s from demolished homes, and viewing the damage on campwthe smashed construction shacks, tht' rrumpled roof of Epsilon, the tangle of stu[ on the Andros construction sile, the rubbk that once wa.s art under the toppled sunscreen-wall in the fine arts humanities buildiflg. Such was April 4, 1966 REMAINS-a has-been construction shaclc: rests against one of the many trees uprooted by the twister.


GIRLS in Epsilon spent the da) mopping up the that came throuf!h this huge hole in the> roof. U:\!\1:\GE to their cquipme>nt rna de>nnup 1'\'t'n harder for Plant. STUDENTS turned out to !Iff and to help order to the chaotic campu!l conditions 69


THE one of the most popular House dance, fall, 1966. campus hands out! STl dance to the soundr; of the Velvets at the npt>n house street dance. 70


SPIRIT of a street dance DANCES There is a go spirit in USF students to match the THE grow spirit of the university. It is a spirit that is everywhere, but Swl N G 0 U T nowhere as concentrated, as keen, SPIRIT as as _at the campus with gyratmg crowds and loud, pulsating music. It may be any weekend anywhere on campus-the Ballroom, the Argos lounge, the new gym, the street-and if there is music, there are students to dance to it. A dance means a time to relax, a time to let go, a time to forget the pressures inherent in university life. It is a hectic way to relax for students who play as hard as they work. It is yet another statement of the "live big" philosophy-the go and the grow-of the student '66. It is the swing out spirit of campus dances. BAD Boys supply the beat at the Sadie Hawkins Dance. 71


STUDE:'IJTS unwind with the wild sounds. LIVELY and loud--catchwords of the Bad Boys. 72


,. UNIVERSITY Center dance committee'!! wf'ektnd dances are the most frequented ac-tivities of the year. CO-ED catches the of the bil! beat. 73


74 A VERY At USF it was a very good year. It was a good year for G 0 0 D wearing your hair long and dressing in the Carnaby Street YEAR fashions-mod prints and miniskirts, textured stockings and slacksuits. And it was a good year for reading Capote's In Cold Blood and the new campus paper, The Oracle. For listening to records by "The Mamas and the Papas" and by Senator Everett Dirksen. And for seeing movies like Virginia Woolf and Doctor Zhivago. It was a good year for debating the issues-LSD, the draft, Vietnam, the Red Guard, Manchester's Death of a President, the Kirk-High gubernatorial campaign. And for mourning the passing of the trimester system and the passing of the Wild Boar. Yes, at USF it was a very good yeara good year to learn, to love, to live-a good year to grow.












80 STt:DE,TS rhrcr for the fire \ell as thr firemen as the Argos cafrtrria smokes .. STUDENTS for Kirk n g-ubernatorial viclory for Republicans.


niPRO:\IPT l: folkfegt-it took no more than a to trigger this spontaneous folk sing between Alpha and Gamma. TilE TKE brahman rallying students at the bonfire, Homecoming '66. 81


Patricia Allen Jean Bageard James Barrett Lettie Doughty Joanne Hansell John Harper Carolyn Kirby Joan Lindsey Carol Richbourg Robert Trebes Walter Truitt Margaret Tumey 82 Lynne Borus 9 Marsha Hoffman Claude Scales Ronald Watson Bob Carpenter Barry Hopper Dave Searles Fran WilsoD


James Coppens Larry Cranor Loretta Jacobe Barbara Kalman David Shobe Rolwrt Starks NOT PICTURED Gay Ferrara Donald Grotegut John Hogue Carolyn !\fcF arland Jill Young WHO'S WHO This year for the first time USF students were selected to be included in WHO'S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES. Thirty-one students were chosen by a commilke of students, facully, and admini.stralors /rom those nominaled by the university's variow academic and activities counciU. Members selected represented South Florida on the basi.s of scholarship, citizen.ship, participalion and leadership in academic and exlracurriculor and general of future we/ulness to bwine!s and society. And, in recognition of their out!tanding performonce and, each received a certi/icale of achievement from WHO'S WHO a! weU a! the advantage of placement services maintained by the organ izal ion. AI.I.EN, PATRICIA: Sociology major, recordin1 aecretary Tri Delta, member of athenaeum, honors convocation. BAGEARD, JEAN: President of UC proKJ"am r.ouncil, member of SA executi\e board, planning board of Sprinp; Spectacular, FlA. BARRETI, JAMES: Manap;ement major. BORUS, LYNNE: Education major, Gold Key, SFEA. CARPE.VTER, BOB: major, pre.idt-nl Sipa Nu colony, member IFC, committee chairman of UC, USF'a President' Scholastic AchieYement Award. COPPENS, JAMES: Mana1ement major. CRANOR, LARRY 1 Political acience major, Yicepresident and treasurer of IFC. Si,ma Nu colony, homecomin1 committee. DOUGHTY, LET11E: Sociology major, prmdent of Gold Key. FERRARA, GAY: Political science major, President Athenaeum. GROTEGL'T, DONALD: Manar;ement major. HANSELL. JOAN: Education major, Phi Theta Kappa, SFEA, Elk' scholarship. HARPER, JOHN 1 Psychology major, president Student Aaaociation, Enotaa. HOFFMAN, MARSHA: Social science major, Kappa Delta, Athena eum, resident aaaiatant. HOGUE, JOHN: Vice president and president Student AMOCiation, rush chairman IFC, Aretl'. HOPPER, BARRY: Music major, pre.ident of Ripieno, Coacm Band, Symphony Orche.tra and Studio Band. JACOBS, LORETIA: Education major, Delta Delta Delta. SFEA. KALMAN, BARBARA: Education major, C.old Key, Delta Oil Delta and AM Ubrary Aaaiatant. KIRBY, Buic studie8 major, Kappa Delta, UC per aonnel committee. LINDSEY, JOAN 1 Baaic atudie11 major, S.A., Panhellenic repnt aentathe, Kappa Delta. McFARLAND, CAROI.YN: Education major, Gold Key, SFEA. RICHBOURG, CAROL: F.ducation major, honors conocatioa, SFEA. SCALES, CLAt:DE1 Politiral science, S.A., m!'lnber of Student Affaira Committee. SEARI.F.S, DAVID: Financf' major, President Enotu, aecretary of finance S.A., resident a&lliAtant. SHOBE, DAVID: Prelaw major, Treasurer of Enotu, cabinet ICC retary of S.A., resident uaiatant. STARKS, ROBERT: Industrial management and economica major, busineaa administration club, Sip;ma Nu coloay. THEBES, ROBERT: Political science major. TRUITI, WALTER 1 Industrial mana1ement major. TURNEY, MARGARET: Muaic-educatioa, Ae1eau ataff, Tri SIS, S.A. repreaentatie. WATSO."'', RONALD: Accounting major, Senior AccoUDtiq Organization. WII.SON, FRAN 1 Spanish major, president TriSIS, UC commit tees, repreAenlative, senator, S.A., chairman external affaira, athenaeum. YOt;NG, Jill: Olemiatry major, reaident uaillalll, Gold Key, homecoming committee, Miaa Aegean, Delta, Delta, Delta. 83




86 1-'0R:\IER Gov. Collins presents his papers to Pres. Allen to be kept in the library Administrat i on USF's President Dr. John S. Allen received his bachelor's degree in mathematics from Earlham College, Richmond, Ind .; his master's degree for work in astronomy from the University of Minnesota ; and his Ph.D. degree from New York University. He also holds an honorary LLD. degree from Earlham College and an honorary Sc.D. degree from the L'niversity of Tampa. Prior to his appointment as USF President in 1957, Dr. Allen served as vice president, acting president, and executive vice president of the University of Florida. He was director of the Division of Higher Education of New York State and served as a member of the faculty of Colgate University. Dr Allen has written several books, bulletins and more than 75 articles in professional journals.


EVERY year Dr. and Mrs. Allen gi\e a reception to tht> faculty members and their wives Allt>n pr>sent!l a citation for outstanding service to tht Tampa TimesTampa Tribune for service to the community GOVERNOR H a ydon Burna, 1964.-1966. 87


Dean Edwin P. Martin Basic Studies The college of basic studies fortll8 the core of formal education at USF. The college organized to supply the fundamentals for all the colleges, has on the upper and lower levels. The lower level is comprised of all the requirements needed to enter the upper division. These courses are in seven major areas. The upper level is made up of four junior level courses. The college offered this year, in cooperation with the humanities department, a grad uate program leading to a degree in humanities especially designed 88 to be taught o n the junior college level. 'Dte assistants play an im portant role, not only in helping the university with needed addi tional teaching staff, but also in the development of a richer basis on which the university is fostered. With the new quarter system soon to arrive, additional faculty mem bers are expected. Not only will the college depend on the graduate assistant program, but also on the new faculty members to handle the large increase in student population. Henry M. Robertson, advising Donald C. Rose, functional mathematics


Thomas A. Rich, bf.havioral scienct! Edward Caldwell, C\'aluation servkes 89


Jack H Robinson, physical science 90 James D. Ray, biological science II. Christian Kiefer, humanities


Charles !'i ic:arclli, functional foreign languagt: s Robert A. Warner, American idea 91


Dean Robert S. Cline 92 Business Administration The newest structure on our campus is the business administration building The College has programs to offer not only the USF stu dents but the business com munity of Tampa and the surrounding area. The Col lege p r e s e n t I y offers an advanced degree only in Business Administration, but plans are in the making for in ceo nom1cs, finance, manage ment, marketing and accounting. The College of Business Administration can boast of one of the largest increases in graduate stu dents, growing from +0 to 200 in less than three Richard E. Pasternak economics and


Ernest E. iller Robert W. management-marketing W Davey, coordinator of advising, economics Louis C. Jurgensen, accounting 93


Dean Jeari A. Battle Charles C. Manker, Jr., assistant dean, instruction and research 94 Robert L. Shannon, director, division of laboratory program development Education The College of Education is one of the oldest established colleges on this campus. The college is now in the process of building a new structure that will house the Dean, faculty, classrooms, a 200 seat auditorium, and an instructional materials center. The college offers a center for the study of exceptional children and adults, and is presently engaged in the development of a research and development program in this area. The college now offers an advanced degree program leading to the Master of Arts degree in elementary education, in most secondary and K-12 areas, and for junior college teachers. The master's degree program now offered will be expanded in the near future to other areas of education, and there are long range plans for a doctor's degree program in some areas.


Raymond A. t;rbanck, assistant dean, advising and certification William P Danenburg, assistant tlt>an. atlministration 95


Sidney J. French, dean emt"fitus, continuing education Samuel D. Miller, music education 96 Douglas E. Stone, research Leadore D. DuBois, curriculum and instruction


I..aler W. Tuttle, director of foundations and related areas Christian E. Anderson, social Donovan R. mathematic!! 97


Ot-an Edgar W Kopp 98 Engineering :"
PAGE 100

John F. Twigg, pre-engineering Linus A. Scott, energy conversion systems Robert J. Wimmert, industrial systems John E Griffith, materials, and fluid systems 99

PAGE 101

Liberal Arts Gale L Sperry, music 100

PAGE 102

Fine Arts The division of Fine Am has had a busy year. An art auction, just ini tiated, of student and faculty works, the proceeds of which into a scholarship fund, brought in 13200. The Opera Workshop went into full production with the presentation of Mozart's Cosi Fan Tutti, and the Bay Players mounted a production for the Children's Theatre Guild of Fort Myers. Fourteen student art works were exhibited at the florida State Fair, and the number of faculty and students with the Tampa Philharmonic Orchestra now totals 27. That this department will be just as busy next year is testified to by plans for a new building behind the theatre to house dance. opera, and theatre players. Gordon A. John.'IOn, choral program 101

PAGE 103

Fine Arts Alvah A. Beecher, director 102

PAGE 104

Russell G. Whaley, theatre arts Harrison W. Covington, art 103

PAGE 105

Irving Deer, Associate Dean and Director LanguageLiterature The Language-Literature Department act1v1t1es this year included the formation of the English Club and the presentation of another successful Poetry Fest ivai. The English Club holds programs with such interesting topics as "Words Agaimt Art" and the Poetry Festival in March featured Robert Wallace and Archibald Macleish. The speech department has been busy with the productions "Endgame" by Samuel Beckett and "Orestes" by Euripides. English professors who ha,e had work published this year include Professors Iorio, Moore, and Davis. 104 James A. Parrish, English James A. Gould, Philosophy

PAGE 106

James E. Popovich, Speech 105

PAGE 107

Arthur M. Sanderson, director journalism 106 Albert M. GeMman, classics and linguisties Edwin S Yates, general manager ORACLI::

PAGE 108

Guy Forman, physics Natural Science The department of Natural Science is growing at a rapid rate. It now offers a master's degree in astronomy and astrology and hopes to initiate a Ph.D. degree in marine biology. It hu placed on order a reflecting telescope, and hu received a $780,000 grant from the department of Health, Education, and Welfare toward a science center building. Professors in the department have been hard at work this year, Dean T. A. Ashford having served as a U:";ESCO specialist advising the Syrian government on the establishment of a college, and Dr. John C. Briggs having given an invited paper at the International Oceanographic Congress in Moscow. Jerome D. Krivanek, zoology Theodore A. Ashford, associate dean and director 107

PAGE 109

108 Robert W. Long, botany and bacteriology TOP: Heinrich K. Eichhorn von W unnb, a.stonomy

PAGE 110

TOP: John C. Brigg!l, oceanographr Wendell J. Ragan, geology TOP : P. Calvin Maybury, chemistry John E. Kelley mathematics 109

PAGE 111

Alfonzo Gonzalez, geograph y Robert A. Goldstein, history 110 Henry Winthrop, mterdlSCJphnary social scienees William Bruce Cameron. Associate Dean Social Sciences The division of Soda! Seitmccs offers this year for the first time a graduate program leading to a master's degree in Psychology and Sociology. Dean Cameron said that with the plan11 for the new social science building completed, the undergraduate and graduate programs will be expanded to cope with the heavy influx of new students in the coming years. Along w ith this new master's de-gree program, the Social Science division offers this year for the first time an international studies program headed by Dr. Mark Orr This program is designed for over seas studies in the social aciences. This division also has a new program in graduate assistants. They are placed in the Psychology department with emphasis leading to an advance degree in psychology.

PAGE 112

Roger T. Grange, anthropology Anne E. Kelley political science Paul R. Givens ps)chology Donald E. Allen sociology Ill

PAGE 113

Eugene L Roberts, usistant registrar Registrar The growth in the number of students here can best be seen by the Registrar's Office. Here is the connection between the outside world and the university world. :\lr. Frank Spain explained that the office tries to stand betwt.-en the institutional philosophy of the university, and the every day practice. The expansion in this office can be summed up in the two terms "volume" and "variety." With the tremendous jump in enrollment of freshmen and transfer students, and the larger variety of new programs and expanding graduate study, the job of admitting and main taining records for all these individuals has grown to new proportions. The office itself is being enlarged and new staff members have been added. Throughout this period of rapid growth, the Registrar's Office maintains its policy of detailed permanent accuracy. 112 Frank H. Spain, registrar James E. Lucas, assistant registrar Howard L Sinsley, coordinator, admissions

PAGE 114

George H. Miller, director Cooperative Education Designed to meet the needs of working students and provide valuahle onthejob training, the Co operative Education program combine!! work and study in an alternating pattern. According to Director Miller, the program no; ha!! approximately 275 students placed in this program. Job placements are throughout all M.-ctions of the Cnited States. Students may join after their freshman year, and will then alternate work and study periods until the senior year, which is fulltime study. 113

PAGE 115

Dean Elliot Hardaway instructional services Claudia J. Carter, serials librarian 114 William L Stewart, Jr., acting acquisitions librarian Library With the recent campus expansions, the library is now close to the geographical center of the campus. Serving its students with resources of 3,000 journals and an approximate total of 150,000 volumes expected by April, the library is also the academic center of the campus. Approximately 100,000 people gravitate to Lhe library per month, and arow1d 20,000 volumes are circulated in one month. According to Elliot Hardaway, dean of instructional services, USF is hoping for a research library in the not-too-distant future. The library, as is the rest of South Florida, is vitally concerned with growth.

PAGE 116

Dennis E. Robison, aclifl8 reference librarian ...Margaret L. Chapman, special collectiom librarian Mary Lou Barker catalog librarian ns

PAGE 117

Alfred H. Lawton, Assistant Dean ll6 Harris W. Dean, Dean Academic Affairs Academic Affairs The Dean of Academic Affairs reports directly to the and is his representative in charge of the academic activities of the University. These include the five the registrar's office, continuing education, sponsored research and cooperative education. He over the Senate Council and represents academic affairs on the executive committee.

PAGE 118

William H. Taft, Director, spon.'IOred re!learch Richard J. Urightwell, Director, continuing education 117

PAGE 119

Administrative Affairs Robert Ih Dennard, Df'an Jack A. Ch11mbers, Assistant Dean JMeph Gomez, internal control Ward Hancock, procurement 118

PAGE 120

Clyde B. HiJI, Assistant Dean Andrew C. Rogers, business manager Richard D. Hunter, Director of development 119

PAGE 121

Robert E. Richmond, finance and accounting T. Wayne Keene, planning and analysis John J. Bushell, data processing 120

PAGE 122

Dean Herbert J. Wunderlich A few of the varied jobs of the office of Student Affairs are the orientation of all new students, !ltud!nt health, activities, disciplinary action, recreation, and student publieations. In this area are the offices of the Dean of Women and the Dean of Men. These offices arc concerned with helping all students on campus. They also offer counseling and advice to fraternities and This office is continually concerned with the social and emotional maturity students gain from participating in extra-curricular activities. Student Affairs Margaret B. Fisher dt:an of women Charles H Wildy, dean of men 121

PAGE 123

Linda E. Erickson, usistant dean of women Kermit J. Silverwood, financial aids Raymond C. King, housing Edmund E. Allen, developmental center 122

PAGE 124

Duane E. Lake, University center director Phyllis P. Marshall, student organizations Richard T. Bowers, physical education Donald I>. llru.'Ca, Robert L Egolf, physicians 123

PAGE 125

124 :\1. Bodlcr, supenoor, graphics Educational Resources The division of Educational Resources is established under the Dean of Instructional Services. Se\eral of the departments incorporated into this division are photography, graphics, which does posters and lettering, as well as producing a variety of teaching aids, a film library with filDl!l available on request to instructors, and an instructional materials center which includes a curriculum library, a collection of audio-visual aids, and a preview area for staff and faculty to view materials. WUSF Channel 16, and WLSF nt radio station also operate under this division. Kenneth D. Stanton production coordinator Gerhard C. Eichholz, director

PAGE 126

Sara Howell, a!ISi!ltant Wellington F.. Estey. supervisor, audio recording Richard C. St!'ck, coordinator John W. Raile, chief engineer Margaret G. Gardner librarian, instructional materials 125

PAGE 127

126 Frank E. Spear, publications coordinator Jerry D. Kirkpatrick, news coordinator Information Services The office of Information Services is composed of three main divisions: news bureau, publicity office, and general public relations department. The news bureau serves as the official university source for news releases to local and state news media. The publicity office supervises all publications put out by the university excepc student publications and instructional materials. The public relations department coordinates public relations between the university and the community William D. Deibler, director

PAGE 128

Bay Campus Co-eds at Bay CampWl inspKt their new home Students are able to enjoy life near Bayboro Harbor Leaving for a well deserved weekend at home Bay campus leaves its mark for posterity 127

PAGE 129

Bay Campus Adrian Cherry, foreign languages Tim Reilly, basic atudies coordinator 128 t:SF's Bay Campus for freshmen atudenu is located in the old Maritime Service Training Station on Bayboro Harbor in St. Petersburg. This campus is growing and expanding into one of the major parts of CSF. Their academic program is essentiaUy that of the College of Basic Studies on the Tampa campus. They are now in the process of establishing a permanent institute for graduate studenu, and have also added new courses in marine biology, marine geology, and chemical oceanography. Marjorie Carter, English Osborne 1... Gomez, extension library

PAGE 130

Carlton N. Hart, functional math Herman J. Brames, center administrator 129

PAGE 132

Greeks 131

PAGE 133

ALPHA Tau O meg a present s their skit which 1 s part of the I FC spoMOr ed Greek Week 132 S.n Browa R1ck Brown rronk uldwrll Bob Claytoo Bob Larry Cruor Dlt ChrMeca.HD w.autl 0'-aC'r Jor f.lht frn Dl&ht lhl Boll Kalb., R :ck :'ieumn Jarn Stf"Y RatetrW.D Ralph R,..o n Ht>rmn Sauth Bob Starkry ,,, Do Wa lbr

PAGE 134

IFC memben looking at plans for Greek Week arc FRONT ROW: Brown, Larry Cranor. SECOND RO W: Frank Caldwell, Dwight Hale, and Fred ONE of the main activities of IFC this past year was nationalization. Cratos was one of many locals to affiliate with a national fraternity. Interfraternity Council The Interfraternity Council entered into its third year of activity this year. Functioning under the purpose of coordinating all activities of the social fraternities at t:SF, IFC is composed of the president and IFC representative from each fraternity. The nationalization procedures of Spring, 1966, were culminated by the affiliation of local fraternities with national fraternities on September 16, 1966. Among the regular IFC spon.
PAGE 135

;' if .., .,. ., I (: )j ( ..... -, .. t \ '.; -;;. t '. ,... ,.J ... ., -,-. '-. -f ... -"" GIRLS have many forms to fill out in preparation for sorority rush. 134 Maraba Beach Rose Marie Cali Sandra Goini Schaul Hinton Leelie Horton Lyouette Kelly Carol)'D IA.weon Joan Llndoey Jane Mahone Liz Outten Chrie Sawyer Carol Smith Sylvia Spain Linda Sullivan Paulette Szabo Margaret Tumey CAROL Smith, president of Panhellenic, listens to comments on new plans for sorority rush. LESLIE Horton questions whether rush should be held before the beginning of the trimester.

PAGE 136

Panhellenic Council The Panhellenic Council, sponsored by Mrs Phyllis Marshall, is con!lidered the "melting pot" for 'LSF &Ororities. It is composed of 22 members, representing six sororities and i!l headed by Carol Smith, President; Janis Bell, vicepresident ; Carolyn Law&On, aecretary; and Liz Outten, treasurer. Pan hellenic, along with IFC, sponsors the annual Greek Week, during which the &Ororities and fraternities participate in a sing, and skits. It also sponsors sorority rush which i s highlighted by a tea Each spring, at this annual banquet, Panhellenic awards a silver punch bowl to the sorority with the highest point average for the previous term, and a silver tray to the pledge class with the highest grade point average. UEFORE sorority rush actually starts, Panhellenic gives a tea to acquaint girls with the different &Ororities. 135

PAGE 137

136 Don Amadeo Robert Anderson Tom Brown Ivan Burroughs Terry Chapman Jim Chapo Richard Chappell Bob Clauesen Dave Crawford Larry Daniels Phil Davie Russell Dickinson Gene Dressler Jim Edwards Joe Ellis Mike Garcia Jim Gates Danny Griffith Charles Heath Sandy Herrick Larry Hilker Charlea Hodges Richard Hoerbclt Nate Holton John Jeffries Phil Kaner Bill Krechowaki Sonny LaMonda Charles LaMonte Je(f Levines Norman Mansour Frank Marlin Charles Marshburn Mike Mahogan John McEwen David McMullen Steve Moreland Barry Mowat Danny OchenriUer Et! O'Neal Vincent Osborne Bob Polli Richard Putnam Cosmo Re Don Richards Paul Rook Danny Santucci Don Schneider David Schutt Frank Shore Geor&e Sinn Wayne Smith David Sturgill Bill Thompson Eugene Turner Bob Van Buskirk Stanley Walsh Frank Walther Ted Weeks AI Weiss Rick Wilkins Ronald Young Herbert Zimmerman

PAGE 138

.. Alpha Tau Omega Alpha Tau Omega colonized Talos fraternity on October 31, 1966, stressing its goals of building men of scholarship, fellowship, and character. The brotherhood consi!ting of 55 members, is sponsored by Mr. Cosmo Re, and headed by Larry Hilker, president; Terry Chapman, vicepresident; Don Schneider and Dan Ochenrider, secretaries; and Dave Crawford, treasurer. Service projects for the year included participation in a spaghetti dinner for the Sherifrs Boys' Ranch, and a visit to the tuberculosis hospital for the orphans with respiratory disease! A TO's social calendar is hifl.lightt:d by pledge parties, a pledgebrother footbal game, and the A TO initiation banquet. ENJOYING the informal perspective rushees. SPOOFING other fraternities wa.'l part of the enjoyment of the Greek skit BROTHERS enjoyed entertaining boys from the Sheriffs Boys' Ranch at a spaghetti dinner. tickets to the spaghetti dinner was one of many service projects in which ATO participated. rush, the brothers get a chance to show the many awards which they have accumulated. 137

PAGE 139

ENTERTAINMENT was in order as the sisters put on a show for the rushees. J!.USH is over and the new pledges are requested by the sisters to make a pyramid. 138 Delta Delta Delta Under the sponsorship of Mrs. Robert A. Foster, Delta Delta Delta sorority was established at USF in the Fall, 1966 and has a membership of 68 an increase of 32 since last year. The sorority colors are silver, blue and gold, and the open motto emphasizes "Let us steadfastly love one another." Tri Delta is an extremely active sorority on campus and through the year has been busy participating in intramurals and planning service projects such as the adoption of a Vietnamese village, and the awarding of a scholarship to a worthy USF student. This year competition in intramurals netted the sorority second place in volleyball and third place in track and field. Tri Delta's social calendar was by Parent's Fun and Fancy Weekend, and the Founder's Day Tea. The sorority's claim to fame included: "Miss Aegean," 1966 (Jill Young), "Miss Tampa" (Peggy McGrath), and one of the nation's ten best dressed college girls sponsored by Glamour Magazine (Alice Crownover) Sisters of Tri Delta represent the sorority in Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities, and in Gold Key Honor Society. The sorority also was awarded first place in the Greek Sing held in conjunction with Greek Week in the Spring of 1966. SK ITS are part of the program during sorority rush.

PAGE 140

Kriety Abarez Cheryl Anthony Susan Banks Donna Beagle Janis Bell Nancy Bonnet Patricia Bowers Terri Campbell Sherry Coby Alice Crownover Crace Daniele Karen Daniels Pam Dymnek Daphne Evans Pat Fallon Pam Fee Gloria Garrett Kathleen Georgius Charlotte Gibba Andra Gregory Holly Gwinn Becky Hagler Marcia Haslett Bonnie Herman Mary Hill Kay Holloway Lucille Hudson Donna Johnson Terry Johnstone Pam Jones Diane Kellam Lynnette Kelly Diane Kulaa Joyce Kumnick Pam Ledbetter Karen Lefton Joyce Marks Dulcie McAlister Peggy McGrath Jayne Mcinvale Liaa Moody Elesa Nelson Karen Nichols Carol Oditz Gwen Provenzano Lynn Provenzano She1ley Purvis Pam Ripple lean Roberta Michele Romano Jane Ropulewis Sherry Sears Carol Shepherd Toni Spoto Kathy Starford Nancy Start Paulette Szabo Terri Taylor Donna Ur Dania Valenti Jane Wilkes Joan Williamson Jlll Young 'I' --'" '0' ,; IJJ.. IIIJ .. A ff -.. -''!ttl -. -;,; ,. f -I '. i '-r .) ff .. (w---. ., ,,. 'i1 I .f ..,,,_ 1 -.;:.... 1l .... .... r ) ,' v 'e 1 .. .: \. -' L f f\ i f IIi J' i:J ..:... _,;;.. ... ., _, .. ,) j f ,_ ... w ,. -" .. t::. 'C: :,6-\:'i" (tl. .. ,... r t. .,, :::" .I .,.,.. ,. i ... ;!; .' \\ : .. ,. -., ... IJ "'. t, .. -#' ; .... & ..;!it ... \\i ,_ ;:I .J : 'V. .-_ .. -139

PAGE 141

140 Tracy Anderson Leah Bailey Evelyn Barchard Edie Baker Marcia Beach Jayne Dallenbach Janice Dudney Pam Duke Sheila Frese Karen Hadeock Cayl Hardeman Schatzi Hinton Can Hudgins Suaan Hugueley .\bbyc Krassncr Penni Kutzer Katie Lucas Jane Mahone Barb Nagle Judi PerTy Nancy Porter Barbara Portfolio Linda Pulin Margaret Reeks Diana Rixey Judy Schwartz Stone Linda Thornton Honor Troese Barbara Turs i Carol Wataon Fran Yavers SISTERS enjoy singing folk songs m the dorms. Delta Phi Alpha Delta Phi Alpha, selecting the daisy as its flower, and navy and yellow as its colors, is a new sorority on campus--established in the Fall, 1966. Nonetheless, this does not hamper their active and enthusiastic participation, having put on a show at the tuberculosis hospital, helping with the Board of Regents survey, and taking part in intramural sports. Spring events include the Faculty Dinner and a pledge party at Chinsegut. Officers are Jane Mahone, president; Diana Rixey, vice-president; Katie Lucas, secretary; Judi Perry, treasurer; and representing "The Daisies" in the Panhellenic Council are Jane Mahone, Marcia Beach and Schatzi Hinton. Dr. Shearer and Mrs. Seigler are the sorority's sponsors. JUDI Perry hams it up for the sisters at an informal get together.

PAGE 142

Delta Zeta The 51 members of Delta Zeta, having increased 31 members over last year are sponsored by Mrs. Charles E. Appleton, and although Delta Zeta did not participate in intramurals this term, they were kept busy with their special project of the year, the Hearing Society along with planning a hayride and the Spring Ball. Founded at the University of Miami, Oxford, Ohio, on October 24, 1902, the sorority colors are old rose and vieux green; the flower is the Killarney rose and the jewel is the diamond. Delta Zeta's magazine is The Lamp of Delta Zeta. This sorority won first place for Greek skits in 1966 and for Tri I, 1965, had the pledge class and sisters with highest grade point ratio. Carolyn Lawson, was a finalist in this year's Miss Aegean Contest. Barbara Abel Kay Adama 1udy Elaine Benton Mary Bardette Rene Marie Cali Nancy Carrier Karen Cattey Cathy Cody Cindy Conrad 1 oleo Cooper Mary Ann CIIOIIWIO Paulette Damm Donna Demmo Kathy Doeta c b Pat Donahoe Felice Emertllafl Harriet Fuller Sandy Golno Roallall Karen Hawkiae Gwyn Hilborn Doria Hnchiatoa Karen Hurley Michele lrmher Sharon K.aataer Diane Kurek Francee Lata 1oan Latbum Caro)J"D LaWIOD Susan McClure Sbelia Miebialo Doria Miller Eleanore 01borne Vivian Piniella Cheryl Purce ll Diane Sallet Nadine Schmidt Mary Lou Sc:hwappacb Rhea Spence Sandy Sroka Ann Sullinn Linda SulliYan Maria Traina Pat Talty Cynthia Vico SuNn Villareal 1aoet Youn1 POKING fun at the University, Delta Zeta won first place in the Greek skits. 141

PAGE 143

142 John Bear Pete Belatrom Pat Benz Steve Ber1er Rick Brown Bucky Buckmaeter Rick Catlin Dennis College Steve Coney John Cooper Bill Corneiluo Dinkum Crowe Mike Curtin Jim Daniela Jeff Dickenon Ron Duryea Bob Ellio Charles Erhman John Fan tone Craig Featherman Ray Fleming Pete Flio Kurt Frahn Bob Cadoden Luke Geoffrion Pete Griffith J eaua Garcia Duld Hale Dennis Hale John Harper Charleo Humble Dick James John Paul Jonee Rell Lockland Mike Lackman Bill Lamkin Rich Lane Rod Lindoey Curtis Lotin Dave Maile Rick M etcalf Bob Miller Richard Moore Mike Minardi Kirby Moncrief Jim Montgomery Richard Moore Pete Mullen Pat Patrick Ed Phlllipo Larry Pritchard Rick Pulliam John Ra1an Rob Robenon Vln Roooi Ron Sacino Dave Searlea Larry Scott Mike Stewart Bob Stricklin Mile Talbert Bruce Till e y Larry Turner Phil Walker Jef S Wei! Je(( T. Well Frank Winkles

PAGE 144

Enotas Receiving its charter in 1961, Enotas fraternity was one of the first fraternities founded at USF. The brotherhood consists of 86 members headed by Dave Searles, president; Rick Catlin, vice-president; Dennis Rale and Pete Belstrum, secretaries; and Ed Phillips, treasurer. Service projects included the clean-up campus campaign, and the money making auction for the USF Foundation. The intramural record of Enotas is indeed impressive. In five years, it has won the fraternity league championship from 1961 through 1966 and three of five intramural championships. Enotas's social calendar included the Buccaneer Revelry, the Boat Party, and Enotas Weekend. Concerning nationalization, Enotas hopes to receive a charter from Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity at the SAE national convention in June. FANS cheer at the Enotas-Arete football game played during Homecoming. GREEK Week brings a satirical skit from the brothers. MEMBERS display their awards received at the 1-M trophy banquet. SITTING in a tub of water is all part of musical tubs and Greek Week. 143

PAGE 145

144 Ann Beery Ginger Brown Sharon Cook Judy Davey Edwina Eubanks Patty Gamble Judy Carda Shannon Gauac Jennine Hall Linda Hatton Holly Hendrickson Mary HP.rman Kathy H .. Marcia Hoffman Kathy Honeycott Leelie Horton Beuio Ann Hufl Eli 7.abetb Jardin Diane Johns Janice Jordon Carolyn Kirby Sue Ledford Nanci Lewie Joan Lindacy Karen Little Marir Ma'l Carol McCoy Sue McDrrmotl Barbara Molinari Kria Moran Margarrt Mason Suoan Nabbc Judy Nice Barbara Nichola Norma Norris Loie Perez Gail Reeves Kathie Preteber Anne Ravenel Lucy Odando Beverly Roberta Chria Sawyer Carol Smith Donna SpinO Gloria Stoekel Jan Tomlinaon Mary Joyce Touchton Margie Townaend Sue Wooda Carole Zeh KAPPA Delta's give a bedtime story during sorority rush WEEKLY meetings help to keep organization in the sorority

PAGE 146

Kappa Delta The Delta Eta chapter of Kappa Delta Sorority was established at USF in the Fall, 1966, with Mrs. Ann Abbott as advisor. Kappa Delta has 51 members headed by Leslie Horton, president; Judy Garcia and Karen Little, vice-presidents; Anne Beery, recording secretary; Carolyn E. Kirby, corresponding secretary ; Loie Perez treasurer; and Chris Sawyer and Carol McCoy, Pan hellenic representatives. Founded October 2.1, 1897, Kappa Delta, whose colors are olive and pearl white, sell KD Christmas seals for the benefit of crifpled children as an annual service project. Socia activities include KD Kapcrs and a Christmas Party in the fall; the spring brings the White Rose Ball, a camp-out, and informal parties. KD's were first in this year and had the highest grade point ratio for Tri II, 1966. TRA VEI.S around the world is depicted in Kappa I>elta's skit. 145

PAGE 147

146 Joe Angermcir John Askew Rick Bachman Herb Bell Steve Bercov Gene Berkey Jim Bradley Ken Brooks Richard Cameron Jerry Cheatham Stu Clovis Ward Cook Fred Cumbie Larry Dew George Dheerc Gene Eddy Norm Elder Don Fischer Caoey Flug Woody Garcia Jim Griffin Nelson Horne Jim Hoyle Tom Isherwood Ernie Jenkins John Kellogg Richard King Ed Kiah Bob Laubach Stu Lawrence Bob Lee Ted Littlewood Marty Martin Norm McCord Mike McKenna Jim McLaughlin Mr. lllurphy Oobornc Andy Petruska Allan Pope Buddy Pritchard Ralph Ruao Chuch Schafatall StC'Ve Scrivt"ner Jim Sheppard Chuck Slott Allen Souza Tom Tankersley Gary Tegancamp Chuck Tonkin Tim Tyrrell Ken Vagts Ron Wataon Don Weaver Ed Whitehill George Williams Jim Wilson Georce Wise Carroll Wright

PAGE 148

EQUIPPED with Go-Go dancers, brothers depict another fraternity. KICKING off your shoes at a formal seems to please some coeds. Lambda Chi Alpha Upholding the ideals of brotherhood, and sporting the colors, purple, green, and gold, Lambda Chi Alpha was the first initiated national fraternity at USF. The brothers have added another successful year of service, academics, athletics and social activities. For two consecutive years, brothers won the Sarett Speech contest and were ranked first among fraternities scholastically. They presently rank third. In sports, Lam:bda Chi placed second individually in cross country, and had a 3-l soccer record. Social events were Wipeout, Ghoul Growl, Torchlight, Green and Gold Weekend, the Crescent Ball, and Founder's Day. Officers were Ken V agts, president; Steve Scrivener, vice-president; Richard King, secretary; and Richard Bachman, treasurer. ROCKING out to the rhythm, the Torchlight Ball is a favorite of all brothers. FIRST party of the trimester is appropriately called "Wipeout." 147

PAGE 149

148 Pete Agdamag Richard Alt Jeff Bardin Roger Beaubien Jon Bell Ken Bodley John Braley Hugh Brooke Ben Brown Steve Bruskivage Dick Byrd Jim Cianci Hubby Cline Jim Cooney Ed Cods Art Corrales Steve Dennis Richard De Wiggins Tom Dobson Dave Dukes George Economidas Bill Engler Karl Frese Lee Fugate Frank Gallant Frank Gonzolaa Bob Goshorn Dan Hersey John Hogue Ben Hooks Dave Howland Bill Hunter Jim Jimenez Jim Kell Ken Kerce Joe LaBruzzo Bruce Langford Mike Laughrey Frank L'Hommedicn Dave Lichtenfels Gerry Litzinger Jobn Lund AI Marohall John McCollister Dennis McGarry Jack MeCinnis Bill Monty Bob Mora Rick Neuman Paul Oalr.o Woody Owen Marcus Paula Dave Petticrew Dave Philips Richard Pierce Butch Price Bob Rountree Steve Ruby Norm Scaffe Russ Sexton Vic Shirley Jack Shiver Frank Stillo Jerry Vach Don Walker Mike Ward Jim Weaver Wilbur Wells Ward Wilson Jim Wright

PAGE 150

Phi Delta Theta Arete fraternity, a colony of Phi Delta Theta, was very active this year in politics and sports, placing first in football, cross country and soccer, and also winning first place in the Greek sing and skits. Two members of Arete were elected presidents of IFC, and of the Student Association. Arete sponsors the USF student blood drive and another project, the Florida Sheriff's Boys Ranch service day. Annual social activities include Bioya Blastoff, brother pledge banquet, pledge party, camping trips, and the Chevalier Ball. The first fraternal group established on campus, Arete accents truth, wisdom, and courage, and comprises a mem bership of 82. Officers are: Ben Brown, president; Mike Ward, vice-president; Dick De Wiggins and Frank L'Hommedieu, secretary; Dave Lichtenfels, treasurer. VICTORY is the cry as Arete beats Enotas in the I-M football championship game. RUNNING for a touchdown, Bob Roundtree leads Arete to a victo over the Bananas. FRA TMAN saves the day as Arete satirizes political figures. CHEERLEADERS were on hand to celebrate the football championship victory. 149

PAGE 151

150 Francis Alvarez John Ambler Dave Bauer Dave Beatty Walt Beuttncr Don Bower John Brandenberger Warren Brannon John Brownlee Frank Caldwell Bob Carpenter Lester Carter Roy Cheatwood Dale Christensen Richart! Coholla Weldon Corbitt Ron Corces Larry Cranor Joe Cusmano Don Darracb Lindsey de Guerry Warren Dortch Dave Duncan Jim Frey Sam Gordon Dennie Grady Paul Harvey Chuck Hiah Terry Hightower Rick Jeffcoate Dennie J obnson Bill Keegan Tom Knau1 Chester Kotake AI Lucaa Ernie MacFcrran Richard Marehburn Fred Monroe Bill Moore George Naze Gregg Nichol Sam Nuccio Bob O'Leary George Olando John Palatinus Wade Paraona Ray Pratt Maz Ramos Paul Roc John St .. Aruant Mike Savidge Tom Schulz Jim Sean Ted Sexton John Shearer Richard Sneed Bill Snow Robert Starke Gary Strom Larry Tanner Cliff Thelkeld AI Torrence Kip Trudo Terry Wello Craig Willet Joe Williams

PAGE 152

MUGS were given out as favors at the annual Founder's Day Ball. Sigma Nu Cratos Colony Participation in many social events and service projects highlighted the year for Sigma Nu, Cratos Colony. Formerly Cratos, the local fraternity affiliated with the national Sigma Nu on November 27, 1966, sporting the colors black and gold, and the snake for its mascot. The brothers have rendered their services to the community in projects for the Tampa Boy's Club, helping at USF registration, at the Hillsborough County election polls, and by helping a needy family at Thanksgiving. The social calendar includes the annual pledgebrothers party, Rose Ball, Founder's Day Ball and the Snake Pit party Sigma Nu's competition in intramurals this past year netted the brothers first place in the soccer fraternity league, second cross country, and third in the football fraternity league. Sigma Nu claims several honors with three members selected for Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities, three holding chairmanships in the University Center Program Council, and two recognized for Gold Key Honor Society. BROTHERHOOD was the theme that predominated Sigma Nu's rush. NATIONAUZATION came to a high point as Mr. Freeman formally initiates Cratos members as Sigma Nu pledges. DANCING to the wild sounds o the December's Chil dren at the end of the year party is an enthusiastic couple. 151

PAGE 153

152 Stan Blank AI Blevins Andy Boros Lee Caetleton Henry Clayton Jim Coppens Joe EoriJhl Frank Goldstein Joe Gordon George Hartig Jim Humrich Tom lett Bill Kalbao Wayne Love Jim O'Connor Tom Parke Dan Radebaugh Mike Rasmussen Stee Rinck Don Rose Tim Russell Richard Saeger Bill Sando Roo Shaw Lee Sizemore Rlclt Smith Wayne Taylor Scott Trent Art Veont"r Darryl Weiler Bob Wiloon ENJOYING the outdoors and bar-b-que steaks, the brothers and their dates ventured out to an afternoon picnic.

PAGE 154

Sigma Phi Epsilon The motto of rapidly growing Sigma Epsilon, formerly Verdandi fraternity, and a colony of Sigma Phi Epsilon since October 9, 1966, is virtue, diligence and brotherly love. Member ship increase this year was 50%. Social activities included banquets, cookouts, dances, and many informal parties. As their service project, Sigma Epsilon sponsored the repair of the Youth Center in Wimauma. Officers this year were: James O'Connor, president; James Coppens, vice-president; Torn Parke and Mike Rasmussen, secretary. SERVICE projects were in order as brothers help paint the Youth Center at Wimauma. ONCE the steaks are ready, it was time to eat at the Sig Ep cookout. SPEAKING of the qualities of Sig Ep is Jim O'Connor president. FORMAL rush is a time to get together to have informal discussions. 153

PAGE 155

154 SAWON atm011phere relaud the boys while visiting TEP's rush room. TrrrJ Au.lmaa [lawid Anlhony Kt"nnrlh Kitchen Maauf'l Dinrr vill!Am Dod.on Ualph DurAn rank "llan \hrk c;otdbrr& Stwr K iunrr Clllf Knlbrr Ralph Marru. D1wld Nark Ala Mudrr Stu.rt M aahktn Tllnma Moe. Keith Rirhlrr Strwe trrd Rluenaan Str S.prnteia JrrJ Scrrnetean Tom Swlar< llawld Vine Jrffrey Waldman All"' Wolf..,n SERVING refreshments was part of the treat in store for the rushees.

PAGE 156

ATMOSPHERE is created for the rushees by two musically inclined brothers. LAST night of formal rush has brothers and rushees alike joining in song. Phi Beta Colony Tau Epsilon Phi Phi Beta Colony of Tau Epsilon Phi was founded as Chi Sigma Rho fraternity on March 20, 1966, and was colonized in October, 1966. Dr. Howard Gratzner sponsors this fraternity, which is headed by Manuel Diner, president; Steve Rissman, vice-president; Gerald Gernstein, secretary; Kenneth Kitchen, treasurer; and Terry Aidmen, IFC representative. Tau Epsilon Phi states its goals as promoting friendship to a level of true brotherhood, in which ability, hroadmindedness, and a progressive hard working attitude is recognized as the basic attributes. All men are brothers regardless of race, religion, or nationality. TEP highlighted the year with its annual Valentine Ball, at which the fraternity sweetheart is chosen and its annual Awards Banquet. It prides itself in the fact that it has had the highest fraternity grade point ratio since last fall. Service projects for the year included aiding the American Red Cross, and a planned hook drive in Trimester II. PREPARI N G for an afternoon picnic, brothers and their dates enjoy an open air drive. 155

PAGE 157

156 Scott Barnett Bud Behvenuti Charles Burdick Bob Calvert Dave Chatham David Clement, B.hieor Gary Click Phil Cohen Larry Cole Bob Crane Bill Dudley Ron Ellingham Andy Fernandez Ray Franklyn Jack Gaddie Rick Garland Larry Goodbread Mark Hafley Dwight Hale Pat Hannon Lou Hart Dave Huhay J err Jacobsohn John Keating Brian Kelner Dave Kobrin Dan Linkenauger I ohn Malafrontc Rodger Murrey SteYe Ritchie Ron Sabo John Schmitt Bill Scnn Dave Snyder Jack Thies Jerry Union Jolm Utley Jay Withworth CROWDING around the TKE mascot that was built for Homecoming, TKE's entertain orphan children. SCAVENGER hunt party was a favorite social event of Fall, 1966.

PAGE 158

Tau Kappa Epsilon Formerly Phi Sigma Xi, Tau Kappa Epsilon was colonized by the national Tau Kappa Epsilon in September, 1966, sporting the colors of crimson and gray. Rapidly growing, the fraternity has increased from 24 members last year to its present membership of 40. Dr. David Clement sponsors the fraternity, headed by John Malafronte, president; Robert Calvert, vice-president; Jerry Union, secretary; John Utley, treasurer; and IFC representative John Keating. As special projects TKE took orphans on a picnic and the circus and also built the Homecoming Bull (Tekey). Social activities included the colonization banquet, the Christmas Ball, the Red Carnation Ball and the nationalization banquet. Tau Kappa Epsilon received an award from Hillsborough County Welfare Department and a citation from the American Legion Auxiliary for its special services to the community. POKING fun at Enotas and their intramural record was just part of the TKE Greek skit. HOMECOMING was reason enough for brothers and their dates to enjoy dinner at the Sweden House. BROTHERS practice for an upcoming intramural basketball game. \ 157

PAGE 159

158 Mary Ann Albritton Betty Alcbediak Sue Aldefer Bobbie Allen Laurie Hamburger Sharon Barfield Lynn Barrett Barbara Bates Miaay Belsito Mira Beraen Kitty Bottenfield Betty Brice Jean Buckley Suaanna Chung Jean Clark Patti Coplan Linda Doble Jan Duke Phyllia Feagle Cheryl F emandez Liana Fernandez Sheila Fraser Diane Fucarino Kathy Gangi Gall Gaalcin Geraldine Glslio Mary Ann Gilbert Lorraine Guarino Sharon Guarlardo Karen Hultzen Linda Lee Lealie Marrieb Sandra Martino Anrela Maaoari April Mayo Ann Mikallon Magaie Moreau Cheryl Nydahl Aileen Oliva Lis Outten Dena Provenzano Sandy Prytyka Barbara Sander Laura Scoggins Sylia Spain Mar1aret Tumey Janet Valenti Barbara Wendlinc Charlotte White Fran Wileon Lynn Wright

PAGE 160

ALWAYS participating in school events, Tri SIS girls sing out in the Folk Sing Contest. SETTING for this year's rush skit was the Twenties and Gerri Giglio submits to an old fashioned shave. Tri SIS "True to one another" is the unifying bond of the sisters of Tri SIS sorority. Founded as a local in 1961, Tri SIS progressed toward its nationalization by entering formal contact with Alpha Delta Pi national sorority in January, 1967. Sponsoring the group, which consists of 50 actives and 20 pledges, is Mrs. Rena Ezzell. Sporting the colors black and gold, enhanced by the chrysanthemum as its flower and the topaz as its jewel, Tri SIS stands for service, integrity and sociability. Main service project of the year is the scholarship for international students. The annual social calendar is highlighted by the pledge party, Topaz Ball, Mardi Gras, the motherdaughter tea. Participation in many activities has recognized the sisters as Student Association officers, members of Gold Key honor society, Who's Who, finalists in the Miss Aegean and Best Dressed contests, Miss Ft. Meade (Mary Ann Albritton). Competition during Greek Week netted the girls 2nd place in the skits. Tri SIS is presently recognized for achieving the highest sorority Grade Point ratio for Fall, 1966. PLEDGES are presented a red rose at the Topaz Ball. 159

PAGE 161

160 INFORMAL discussion was an opportunity for the brothers to meet the rushees. Dan Armstrong Junior Bilbrey Herbert Clark Jeff Cohen Fred Conley Robert Dale Tom Demmo Doug Drizd Manny Echevcaria Mike Frey Robert L. Fulop Pat Gregory Richard Harold Jim Hinkel Leonard Kan i a Charles K in g Harry Kingabery Raymond L o ng J orry McDonald Sandy MacFarlan Brad McMillan Jim Moaea Jim Randall Bill Scott Chuck Seibold Ed Smyth Phil Sorenson Ron Stroub Zeta Phi Epsilon Colony, Delta Tau Delta Zeta Phi Epsilon formally became a colony of Delta Tau Delta in a ceremony on December 13, 1966. Fraternity colors are red, white, and black and the motto states "Courage con honore." The brotherhood, composed of 33 members, is sponsored by Mr. Bernie Abbot, and Dr. James Swanson. Zeta Phi Epsilon has been busy helping with freshman orientation, working at the Easter Seal Center, and sponsoring a Juvenile Home outing as special projects for the year. Competition in irttramurals netted the fraternity the title of bowling champion for 1965, and the intramural sportsmanship trophy in both 1965 and 1966. The social calendar was highlighted by the annual pledge party, the Christmas Ball, and Boat Party.

PAGE 162

INTRAMURAL basketball game with Sigma N u was one of the highlights of the intramural year. PLEDGE party at the Sheraton Inn was just one social event of Fall, 1966. FRATERNITY league B teams practice before the event of the intramural game. 161

PAGE 163

Pi Kappa Alpha Originally Delta Tau Fraternity, Pi Kappa Alpha Colony affiliated with the national Pi Kappa Alpha on September 17, 1966. The fraternity, sporting the colors of garnet and gold, having a present membership of 34, an increase of 15 over last year. The "Pikes" are an active group on campus, the fall trimester being characterized by several donut sales, and a first place award in the Greek Games. Service project for this year was participation in the IFC Sheriff's Boys' Ranch spaghetti dinner. Pi Kappa Alpha's social calendar included several socials with sororities, such as Tri SIS and Kappa Delta. Plans also were made for a "Dream Girl" Ball to be held in trimester II. VISITING the Christmas Formal Dance, Santa finds a lovely coed. END of the year was highlighted by the Christ mas Formal Dance. 162 1 oe Abromovitz Mike Baaby Fred Belcher Mike Blanner Bert Carlton 1\fike Carr Ken Caotillo ]ell Donahue Bill Dudley ]erry Eichholz Paul Fetocher Herb Gartner Gerald C!Jlio Frank Hamilton Ill Harold Ke11ler Dave Nalluger ]ack Phippo Blll Potter Erneat Prentice Orie Preeton Brent Robinson Kermit Silverwood Advisor Herman Smith Bob Starkey Steve Stelle Marty Sullivan Gary Ulman Bill Upoon Ron Warfield Bob Wilder Carl Zolezzl

PAGE 164

Steve Aken Doua DeWitt Ed Gnywlnoki Rlck Harry JJm Hauhman Larry Helton John McCullough Jack Morehouee Carl Petenon Jim Robin1on Mr. Welker Adiaor Theta Chi Omega A newly established fraternity at the University, Theta Chi Omega was provisionally accepted as a local on November 2, 1966. The fraternity's twenty members adapted blue and gold as its colors and the hawk as its mascot. Officers for this year were Larry Helton president; Carl Peterson, vice-president ; Steve Akers, secretary; Jim Harshman, treasurer ; and Karl Enter, IFC representative. The group advisor is Mr. Welker. P ARTICIPATING at rush for tne first year, the brothers show their new shield. GUITAR playing was one of the activities of the rush program. 163

PAGE 166

Organizations 165

PAGE 167

Mrs. Rena Ezzell, program advisor 166 Mr. Fred Jenkins, assistant program advisor It is people--people like those pictured here: staff members, Program Council members, and committee members-who present the well-rounded program of activities the University Center offers each year. It is through these people, these student volunteers, members of the thirteen UC committees, who create, organize, and execute the many functions that the University Center exists. And it is for people--students, staff, and faculty-that the Center provides its everexpanding program of social, recreational, functional, and cultural activities. These activities, designed to give the student an opportunity to gain experiences beyond those nonnally achieved in the pursuit of academics, ranging from weekend dances to symposiums on issues of the day, from moonlight cruises to how-to lessons, from pop entertainment to art exhibits. And these are the activities in a dynamic program that changes and grows to fit the ever changing needs of a growing university.

PAGE 168

University Center SEATED: Jeanette Stone, fashion and talent; Judi Koepcke, vice president; Jean Bageard, president; Dave Lichtenfels, secretary; Betsy Gordon, arts and exhibits; Roz Hall, hospitality SEATED: Jackie Eichelberger, Libby Resler, Dawn Smith STANDING: Mr. Duane Lake, UC director, Dave Pullin, George Naze, Jim Crosley STANDING: Bob Carpenter, special events; Charles Rod gers, movies; Ed Olson, recreation; Judy Cochran, dance; Sam Nuccio, music; Dusty McLaughlin, public relations; Tom Schulz, personnel 167

PAGE 169

FASHION and Talent and McCalls present "How to Look Like a Million." 168 RED Lite A Go-Go, a new tradition in discotheque for the Dance Committee. STUDENTS register for prizes, one of the many activities at the UC Program Council's Open House.

PAGE 170

THE Bridal Fashion Show culminates Fashion Committee's Bridal Series. THE ann u a I Valentine Formal, Chanson d'Amor, a very special Dance Committee program. Social Area Hospitality, Dance, Fashion, and newly formed Talent Committee comprise the Social Area of the UC program. With the purpose of fulfilling the social needs of the university community and creating a more rounded, more socially poised student, .these committees. present a tremendous variety of programs annually. Members of Hospitality serve as the host of a growing campus and co-ordinate Family Night, an evening of carnival fun for the children of the university community. Besides its regular weekend dances featuring area DJ's and top combos, the Dance Committee offers such traditional events as the "Snow Ball" Christmas semiformal, the spring formal, Red Lite A Go-Go, and the Halloween Costume Party. And promoting the social graces in yet another sense, the Fashion Committee presents such programs as the McCall's pattern fashion show, the Holiday Magic make up show, the Bridal Series, and the Best Dressed Girl on Campus Contest, sponsoring Alice Crownover, named a Best Dressed Girl by Glamour Magazine. Talent not only sponsors the annual South Florida Showcase talent show, but also promoted USF talent both on and off campus through its talent file. CHAIRMAN Jeanette Stone commentates the fall fashion show "How to Look Like a Million." 169

PAGE 171

PROGRAM Council vice president, Judi Koepcke, explains the UC and its programs during Member ship Drive. JACK Puglisi of the St. Pete Blazers speaks at Recreation Committee's Stag Series. 170 Functional Area The Publicity Committee, formed this year, joined Public Relations and Personnel in the functional area and took on the tremendous job of publicizing UC events. Working closely with Publicity, especially on the awesome task of publicizing the Activities Calendar, is Public Relations. It serves as a liaison between Program Council and the university community with services like Dial 400 and between the UC and other college unions in order that programming always be up to date. Personnel works with both these committees and all the others in the UC through training committee members and recognizing outstanding work by UC members with the Committee Member of the Month Award and those awards given at the annual Awards Banquet. It also sponsors Leadership Training for all student leaders. RIDING, boating, fishing, and athletics are offered at Recreation's River Rally.

PAGE 172

ONE of the Lessons Committee's most popular programs, Bridge Lessons. Recreational Area Promoting a program of constructive recreational activities, Recreation, Movies, and Lessons Committees offer a huge diversity of events. Students participate in River Rallies, Ice Skating Parties, Bowl-A-Ramas. Moonlight Cruises, tournaments, and even a Stag Series presented by a busy Recreation Committee. And they enjoy weekend movie features ranging from David and Lisa to The Unsinkable MoUy Brown and take the kiddies to the monthly matinees of Films for Young Brahams---all presented by Movies Committee. Aiming toward recreational self-improvement, lessons Committee offers lessons in knitting, bridge, and guitar, and the charm course "The Total You." LESSONS Committee promotes constructive rec reation through its Knitting Lessons. NOTED guitarist Michael Sullivan instructs stu dents for the UC. 171

PAGE 173

172 THE Mitchell Trio sings and satirizes for students at Program Council's Open House, fall 1966. THE Arts and Exhibits Committee presents the Advanced Art Student Competition. RICK Norcross MC's the Music commit tee's annual Folk Sing Contest.

PAGE 174

Cultural Area Meet the Author and the Film Lecture Series traditional offerings of the Special Events Committee were joined this year by a dynamic series called Viewpoint, whose symposiums have been of such controversial topics as LSD, legalized abortion, the New Left. The Folk Sing Contest, Jazz and Poetry Hours (and their popular derivative "Jazz Paint, and Poetry"), the Way Out Coffee House, the "Toot, Whistle, Plunk, and Boom series, and, of course, Soundsations are part of the entertaining and informative program by the Music Committee. And exhibits by noted artists and contests for students as well as a photography Contest presented by the Arts and Exhibits round out the cultural offerings of the center. JAZZ, the music of a growing, changing world, enthralls students at an outdoor concert. FOLK mus ic expresso the Music Committee's Way Out Coffee House SPECIAL Events' View poin t series brings in the experts to discuss controversies of the day-from the draft to the drinking age. 173

PAGE 175

174 CAMPUS jazz performers join to entertain at a Music Committee Jam Session. THE Jam Sessions, impromptu jazz programs draw those who entertain and those who want to be entertained. SPECIAL Events' lecture series--influential refu gees speak o the old and new Cuba.

PAGE 176

POP singers Jack and Sally Jenkins wow the audi ence with Broadway hits performing the Soundsations. STUDENTS and facult y come monthly to Meet the Authorhere Eri c Von Schmidt UC president Jean Bageard adds t o the atmosphere of the Way Out Coffee House. 175

PAGE 177

STUDENT Association president, John Harper JOHN Hogue, vice-president 176 MEMBERS of the Student Association legislature meet monthly to discuss student problems. PRESIDING over the legislature meeting is John Hogue

PAGE 178

Student Association Government The Student Association government is the elective governing body of USF students under the sponsorship of Dean Herbert Wunderlich. Working under its present constitution for the second year, the Student Association continues to grow-both in the number of students participating directly in the organization and indirectly by balloting and in carrying out its program of assisting in the maximum development of all students, establishing equitable representation for the student body in University affairs, and promoting cooperation among students, faculty, and administration. Besides these governmental functions, the SA sponsors Homecoming and Spring Spectacular weekends. FRANK Caldwell, administrative assistant. CABINET members are Jack Mc Ginnis, Joe Sabin ( standing) Don Gifford, Ernie Charette, Frank Caldwell, and Rick Duran COURT of review members are Lou Stabal, Mike Meksraitis, Chief Justice, Bill Lamkin Tom McCol lum, Rosalind Hall. 177

PAGE 179

FRONT ROW: Stan Black, Steve Ferras, Mike Bonavia, Bob Lane, Mike Wedge, John Petrich, Nicholas D'Andrea, Vincent Cassisi, William Cooper. SECOND ROW: Bill Schulz, John Needeen, Jack Morsiu, Don Higgins, Tony DeVaron, Luis Carvan, Gary Sturm, Neal Hendrix, Charles Miller. TIIIRD ROW: Ken Mathewson, Howard FRONT ROWs Bob Bryant, Joe Watson, Herb Ilgenfritz, John McEver, Ruben Alvarez, Ferdie Ramos, Zysko Jan. SECOND ROW: Ken Young, Glenn Schneider, Steve Lilly, John Craddock, Time Bean, Wayne Love, Joe Gordon, Eugene Hill Harold Ruaaell, Peter D'Argona. THIRD ROW: 178 Vedner, Robert Gordy, John Seyller, Frank Damas, Bob Chassen, Frank Henderson. FOURTII ROW: Ray Flemming, Ernie MacFerran, Ralph Metcalf, Dwight Odom, George Bradford, Wayne Ralph, Joe Camporamor, Wayne Adase. FIFTH ROW: Dave Winter, Roy Reynolds, William Opp, AI Allen, Mike Foley. Dave Batelann, Dorothy McClellan, James Mc Sheehy, Tom Miller, John Palatinus. FOURTH ROW : Harry Hollembeak, Jim Smith, Robert Helgeson, Earl Chancey, Joe Diaz., Jerry Morriss Charles McManus, John Ambler.

PAGE 180

Engineering College Association The Engineering College Association is organized to provide an effective means of student communication and participation in the Engineering College, and to promote professional engineering activities. Social functions include an annual Engineering Ball. The group made tours of Thatcher Glass and Cape Kennedy, and heard speakers from Corning Glass, NASA, and the Martin Co. The association takes care of vending machines and student lockers, and promotes engineering week on campus. Faculty sponsor is Dean Kopp. President is William Claussen. AT Tampa Electric Company members of the col lege association hear an expert speak on a phase of electrical engineering. TRIP to Tampa Electric Company served to ac quaint engineering students with industrial appli cations of engineering. FOOTBALL team composed of engineering majors helps to round out the lives of USF engineering students. 179

PAGE 181

Larry Goodman; editorial page editor Julian Eiferd managing editor 180 The Oracle USF's Oracle is in its first year as an independent college newspaper. The Oracle is growing along with the rest of the USF community and is already the only college newspaper in the South with color as a regular feature. The motto of the Oracle is ''To print the truth!" Staff members must exhibit an interest and aptitude for journalism. Laboratory sessions of journalism classes in advertising, editing, and make up are also used to help produce the paper. The staff devoted much of this year to organization, solidifying masthead, titles, and developing a stylebook. Plans are in the making for many new features and more color next year. John Alston, managing editor, trimester I

PAGE 182

Lee Sizemore, sports editor Harry Haigley, editor Joy Bacon 181

PAGE 183

Sam Nuccio, Jr., editor-in-chief Larry Hevia, associate editor 182 Janet Valenti, Greek editor Barbara Brazeal, copy editor

PAGE 184

The Aegean The staff of the 1967 Aegean was one of the largest groups ever brought together to work on the publication. The Aegean sponsored a coffee at the beginning of the school year to meet prospective staff members, and outline plans for this year's book. Staff members spent the first trimester and much of the holidays doing layouts, writing copy, scheduling pictures, and making efforts to meet January deadlines for the release of an April book. New members learned basic annual techniques in order to take over production of next year's book from graduating seniors. Next year promises an even bigger book with more color. Julie Fielding, senior editor Kathy Manetta, academic editor Ed Smyth, sports editor 183

PAGE 185

184 Carol MacGill, Dale MacPherson, academic assistants. Pat Sasser, copy assistant; Shatzi Hinton, Greek assistant; Judi Koepcke, opening section copy. Leonard Kania, organization editor

PAGE 186

I I I l Marc Bergstrom, Erik Nielsen, Ernest Brady, Calvin Sparks, Rudi Schwabe, Richard Prokop, photography copy assistant. 185

PAGE 187

186 Ralph Seigler, technical assistant, engineering. USF cameraman tapes a show concerned with volume of trade on the stock market. WUSF-TV WUSF-TV now operating on Channel 16, an educational channel, is giving students and the public alike the opportunity for a better education. The TV department tapes interviews, shows special features for closed-circuit classroom TV, and has a traveling news truck for on-the-spot news coverage. WUSF-TV and FM rad'.provides actual experience for students who wish to make a career of broadcasting.

PAGE 188

Mary Frances Koenig STUDENTS work at producing a program of music and entertainment for WUSF-FM. TECHNICIANS view the taping of a discussion for use on WUSF-TV. WORKING up news releases for use in program ming occupies much time in the news room. 187

PAGE 189

FRONT ROW: Kathy Fink, El izabeth Hammond, Barbara Welsh, Judith Nickel, Constance Warren, Mary Bakehouse, Joyce James, Chantal Ruilova, Dorothy Farmer, Clifford Tice, David Weelley, Trevor Cramer, Woody Tennant, Alan Hopper, James Devine. SECOND ROW: Emily Garrett, Jeanne Brown, Gregory T o wle, Robert Thomas, Elliot Carmack, Betty Marsh, Richard S mith Arthur Roberts, Jean Teueiu, Victor Moore, Juli e Guker, Suzan Ankrom, Pam Wridat, Tom Jenes, David Brown, Roland Castro, Lynne Bincler, Paul Dania}, Gail M alcolm Richard Tremper, Chris Boyd. THIRD ROW: Karen Shane, Barbara Mitchell, Alton Chapman, Leslie Griffis, Sylvia Schafer, Michael Breslin, Vicki Roussman, Ray Kriegbaum, John Acosta, Roger Sanders, Samuel Trimble, Henry Fletcher, Wayne Daughtry, Dennis Clark, Barry Hopper, Paul Dyer, William Buckmaster, John Dugger, Jeffrey Moore, Dean Locke, Robert Gower, Clarice LePorte, Jack McCarty, Charles Black, William Langstaff, Dick Lincoln, John Norse, Neil Jenkins. FOURTH ROW: Dr. Gale Sperry, Ed Ferking, Joe Watson, Jackie Wright, Robert Johnson, Kenneth Singleton, Tom Waid, Ronald Spencer, Sara Conklin, Joe Beiro, Lee Chest nut, Lynn Burnette, Roy Noland, Thomas Thomas. Ripieno Club Any member of the University band is a member of Ripieno Club. The purpose of the club is to promote better social relations among band members, and work toward a common1 goal of better musical discipline and higher standards. The club is sponsor of the annual Jr.-Sr. vs. Fresh.-Soph. football game Faculty sponsor is Dr. Gale Sperry. Officers are Barry Hopper, president; Richard Tremper, vice-president; Kathy Fink, secretary; Karen Shane, treasurer; and Elizabeth Hammond, historian. AT the tympani toward the common goal of better musical discipline. 188

PAGE 190

RIPIENO club members constantly work to achieve higher standards. Dr. Gale Sperry, faculty sponsor 189

PAGE 191

FRONT: Charles King, president; Nancy McLaughlin, secretary; Kim O'Connor, vice president, Joyce Riopel treasurer. SECOND ROW: Father Bernard McFadden, Linda Bishop, Judy Aubrey, Liz Liebach, Maryann Palvisak, Kathy Doetsch, Maryann Blind, guest Father Jacobs. THIRD ROW : Bud Benuenuti, Jim Harkey, Bill Cowdrey, Jennifer Johnstone, Barbara Welsh, Warren Brannon BACK: Bob Purzycki, Claud Hite, Dennis Dingle, Phillip Foley, Steve McCauley. 190 OUTDOOR ceremonies led by Archbishop Joseph P. Hurley of St. Augustine, commemorates the breakmg of ground for the new Roman Catholic Student Center. Catholic Student Organization A growing Catholic Student Organization looks forward to moving into its new student center now under construction. The purpose of this religious group is to provide for the religious social, and educational needs of the students. Faculty sponsor is Dr. Philip W. Shaffer. The club president is Charles King. Other officers are Kim O'Connor, vice president; Nancy McLaughlin secretary; and Joyce Riopel, treasurer. The CSO enjoyed a lakeside picnic this year and a hayride and dance at the B & R Ranch to end the year. OFFICERS of the Catholic Student Organization are, seated: Jim O'Connor, Nancy McLaughlin, and Joyce Riopel; standing: Charles King and Father McFadden.

PAGE 192

Student Vestry Episcopal Center The members of the student Vestry are devoted to the concept of the "whole self," a harmonious blend of the physical, emotional, and spiritual of existence. The Vestry believes that the purpose of a church is to supply the opportunity and atmosphere for growth of the inner self, often overlooked in the pursuit of an education It was to meet these needs that the Episcopal University Center was established. Regular services are held in St. Anselm's Chapel. In the rest of the Center, counseling is available daily, along with recreational and study facilities. Students are encouraged to use the Center and they are always welcome. BISHOP Louttit leads a confirmation service at the Episcopal Student Center FRONT: Steve Ritchie, Nancy Lamson, Barbara Landley, Diane Howarth, Linda Matheson, Father Noble. BACK: Larry Helton, Kim Young, Walter Terrie, John McCullough, Jon Robinson, Don Thoreau, Williard Becker. THE altar of St. Anselm's Chapel, the Episcopal Student Center. 191

PAGE 193

CIRCLE K Sweetheart, Terry Manigold FRONT : Jim Vale, Dave Keene, Terry Manigold, Anthony Coniglio, Bob Braxton. SECOND ROW: W. T. Ward, James Crosley, Anthony Perez, Mike Carr, Gil Field, Mr. 192 Circle K The International Circle K is organized with the motto "Serve with Purpose." They are sponsored by the Kiwanis Club of Tampa to develop future leaders whose philos?phy is on freedom, initiative the Amencan-Canad1an heritage, and unselfish service to Projects this year were a ThanksgiVIng to the Tampa Children's Home, of a male orphan at the home, and vanous fund-raising activities such as car washes and a peanut sale. The Circle K is sponsored by Mr. Eugene Roberts. Davi.d Keene, president ; Anthony Comgho, VICe president; Jim Vale secretary; and Robert Braxton, treasurer. The Sun Coast Lt. Governor for the club is James Crosley. Eugene Roberts. THIRD ROW: Fred Nelson, Dave Broyles, Bill Falzone, Scott Peeler, Ken Cra vey.

PAGE 194

Baptist Student Union The Baptist Student Un ion is organized with the philosoph y of Christian witness on the university level. Projects include a Fall Planning Conference, attending the state convention, twice weekly vespers meetings, and prayer breakfasts. The Baptist Student Union also sends five of its members to serve as summer missionaries in foreign fields each year. Dr. Elton E. Smith and Mr. Murphy Osborne are the Unions faculty sponsors. The club president is Jack Parker. BSU carwash helps finance missionaries. FRONT ROW: Carolyn Moore, Diane Senn, Mary Hinson, Kathy Prescher Carolyn Hightower Cathy Mosley Vickie Dick. SECOND ROW: Jann Boggs Marilyn Douglas, Betty Ann Plott, Donna Routh, Nanc y Gray, Beth Moore Patsy Gumpton, Sally King. THIRD ROW : Rev. T. E. Lilly, Dewayne Lemler, Jim Satterwhite, B r u c e King, Duffy Van derford, Eddie Olson, Ed Kni g ht, Earl Lance, Ron Walker, Bob Roath, Jack Parker. 193

PAGE 195

Senior Accounting Club The purpose of the Senior Accounting Organization is to give the chance to become better acquainted with the profession. The club is composed of accountmg majors with an. overall a':erage. The Senior Accountmg Orgamzahon its first scholarship this year, and will contmue to award such scholarships twice annually. The club year is hi ghlighted by a ban9uet March Faculty sponsor is R. J West. President Is. Dave Herold, vice president is Gene Madill, recording secretary is R?n Watson, corresponding secretary Is Sam Davis, and treasurer is Wayne Bond. A member of the Senior Accounting Organization reads a report at one of the club meetings. FRONT ROW: Dave Herold, Wayne Bond, R. J. West, Gene Madill, Ron Watson, Sam Davis Charles Dudley, Jr. SECOND ROW : Bob Perez, Jim Taylor, Carol Congdon, Cheryl Fearneyhougb, Jean Ogden, Jane Rogers, Kathryn Alkire, Elizabeth Liebeth, Ken Lavicka, Bruce Goorland. THIRD ROW : Sam Ferlita, Bob Stalker, Gern Henderson, 194 I Joe Lezama, Tom O'Brien, Ed Hacker, Ray Long, Charles Tidwell, John Alston, Karl Bucklew. FOURTH ROW: Ron Ricardo, Tom Schultz, Bob Hurd, Henry Otero, Harry Cline, Tom Jacob, Leonard Gimp e l, Ed Siebold, Dennis Kelly, Joe Lumia, Norman Stewart.

PAGE 196

KNEELING: Edmund Vollrath, Ignacio Bello, Ronald Mason, James Kell, III, Karl Wieland, Allan Perkins, David Bunch. STANDING: FredricZerla, Myrna Marshall, Jerome Pi Mu Epsilon The Mathematics Honorary became nationally af filiated as the Florida Epsilon chapter of Pi Mu Epsilon on April 13, 1966. The club, whose purpose is to promote scholarship and mathematics, meets monthly to hear speakers in fields relating to math ematics. Members must maintain a B average in math with a 2.8 overall. Faculty sponsors are Dr. Frank Cleaver and Fredric Zerla. President is Ignacio Bello, vice president is Edmund Vollrath, and secretary-treasurer is Myrna Marshall. FRONT ROW: Mrs. George Teeter, Susuan Kingcome, Linda Robinson, Chantal Ruilova, Diane Martin, Betsy Hig ginbotham, Linda Ketcham. SECOND ROW: Elizabeth Ham mond, Evlun Barchard, Mary Ann Adams, Joyce James, Kane, Stephen Mazwell, Robert Archch, Dr. John Kelley, Dr. Donald C. Rose, Robert Helseson, Fred Levesque, Wil I.iam Opp, Robert Gordy, Phillip Hartman, David Rose. Sigma Alpha Iota On November 23, 1966, Syrinx became nationally affiliated with Sigma Alpha Iota as the Delta Chi chapter. This music fraternity's purpose is to pro mote musical activities on campus and in the com munity and to create a bond of sisterhood among women musicians. Members of Sigma Alpha Iota present musicales on campus and also usher for the Tampa Philharmonic concerts. Margery Enix, Jane Murray, Martha Rearick, and Pat Stenberg are faculty sponsors. Club president is Mary Ann Adams. Joy deBartolo, Kathy Fink, Camille Knight, Mrs. M. Ed wards, Gwyn Hilburn, patroness Mrs. P. Johnson, patronesa Mrs. J. S. Allen.

PAGE 197

FRONT ROW: Suzan Anbrom, Jackie Wri g ht, Vicki Zenn SECOND ROW: Dr. A n atole So k olosk y, Ric hard DeTuccio Don Radebaugh, Richard Wedig, Alfred o Duarte. South Florida Review Under the e dito rs hip of Richar d Jaworski and the spon s or s hip of D r. A. M Sanderson Dr. J G. B entley, and Mr. E. S. Yates, U SF s literary mag azine changed i t s name this year from i e to the South Florida Review. The magazine publishes ml}.t eria l b y both on and off campus authors wit h an accent on poetry and high quality sh ort p ros e Individual works are illustrated wit h p h otograph s and art work These works a r e c ho s en from those submitted by a s t u d e n t Board of Readers advised by fa c ulty members. Three assistant editors w o r k clo s el y w it h the Board of Readers with J erry Par r ott assisting in the gathering of c ampus manuscr i pts and promotion, Kathy Manetta acting as co-ordinating editor, and V ictori a Stewart Moore serving as foreign correspondent and translator. 196 KATHY Manetta, assistant editor, r ecei ves materials Russian Language Club All interested students and faculty are eligible for membership in the Russian Language Club The purpose of this club is to acquaint its members with the life, language, and culture of Russia. The club was formed by Dr. A. A. Sokolosky its sponsor. The annual project is giving the Russian Club Program of dancing, reading, sampling other aspects of Russian culture Officers are Alfredo Duarte president; Richard Wedig, vice president; Jackie Wright, secretary-treasurer ; and Suzan Anbrom historian. RICHARD Jawo r sky discusses p o s s ible material for the South Florida Review with Viki Stuart Moore.

PAGE 198

USF Forensic Association The USF Forensic Association is organized to promote intercollegiate debate and other forensic activities. Tournaments are held not only in cooperation with state schools including the University of Miami, Florida State, and the University of Florida, but also from such places as Annapolis, Northwestern, and Georgetown University. Debaters even come from as far as Harvard and Great Britain. The Forensic Association is sponsored by J. Alex Huey. Club president is Bill Lupole, vice president is Mike Kaplan, and secretary-treasurer is Joan Gross. ON stage with Readers' Theatre Guild members Louise Brink, Tommy Thompson, William Alexander, Susan Stockton, David Rom, and Barry Sims FRONT ROW: Bill Lupole, Joan Gross, Edie Lambert, Dick Sargeant, Mike Houllis. SECOND ROW: Claude Scales, Doug Rosentrater, Mr. J. A. Huey, Paul Feverstein. THIRD ROW: Kenneth Brown, Rick Rumrel, Jade Moore, John Lee. Readers' Theatre Guild Members of the Readers' Theatre Guild present productions of readers' theatre and chamber theatre for campus enjoyment. Presentations at the regular Coffee House and special production this year have included ''The Man with the Flower in his Mouth," "Santa Claus Is Really the Bus Man," and ''Thurber Carnival." The guild is sponsored by Mr. Frank Galati, and its president is Bill Alexander. 197

PAGE 199

198 INTRAMURAL staff are: Janet Klein, Neal Earls, Emmanuel Harrageones, Jack Newcomer, Bunny Cripe Connie Culp, Brian Graefe. THE lntramurals staff is responsible for keeping a record of Intramural points and for the awarding of the Intramural trophy In tram urals USF's Intramural program is organized to offer opportunities for students to participate in a wide variety of sports and recreational activities. The Intramural program is divided into three areas: Scheduled Competition, where teams compete in more than a dozen sports; Sports Clubs, providing opportunities for enjoyment of many indoor and outdoor sports; and Recreational Activities, consist ing of picnics, fidd days, and outings. Tournaments and trips are sponsored in conjunction with the UC Recreational Committee. MURPHY Osborne, head of lntramurals, coor dinates and supervises his assistants and makes certain crucial decisio1.1s concerning various problems such as game protests.

PAGE 200

MURPHY Osborne checks over current Intramural standings with a student assistant. OFFICIALS are briefed concern ing rules governing Women's lntramurals. 199

PAGE 201

FRONT ROW 1 Chip Bright, Clay Steffee, David Elman, Cleve Watk inA, Bart Rirdsall. SECOND ROW : Fulton Barkes, Tom Jones Steve Bloom, David Speck. 200 CLEVE WatkinA demonAtrates his prowess by breaking the holds of both Clay Steffee and Bart Birdaal.l. USF Karate Club One hundred of USF's Karate Club meet regularlv to learn physical self-improvement through. the art of Karate. The club participates in matches with the University of Florida and Florida State. They have also had guest speakers and instructors from Japan. The faculty sponsor for the club is Mr. Zerla o\er the club is Barton Birdsall. Vice president is Cleve Watkins, secretary-treasurer is W ayne Abare, and publicity chairman is Albert Marshall. :\I EM HERS of the newl y formed Girls' Karate Club.

PAGE 202

FRONT ROW: AI Marshall, David Elman, Clay Steffec, Buck Salter, Bart Birdsall, Chip Bright. SECOND ROW: Emmet DeVille, Jan Zysko, Robert Brmom, Greg Ferguson, Steve Scott, Steve Smith, Phil Gehres. THIRD ROW: Bob Robinson, Tom Smith, Bill Greasy, AI Jenkins, Lou Michels, Tom Sutton, Robert Maas, Jim Greyson. BACK ROW: Bill Tibbets, Joe Cartright, Surfer Jones, Bill Munster, Sam Elwood, Robert Andretta. 201

PAGE 203

A Ski Oub member sends a spray of water into the air as he practices his slalom. FRONT ROW: Dr. G. H Me llish, M rs G. H Mellish Carol Trocki Ciady Pam Lines, Judy Chapin. BACK ROW: Tom Fries: Del', Mike Suldo, !tfuell er, Larry Ulv ila, Gregg Poston Glenn Sudbury, John Bedingfield, Tom Aycock, Fred Brisard. Water Ski Club The USF Water Ski Club boasts an increase of twenty members over last year's club. The club was formed in 1963 with the purpose of promoting water skiing activities on campus. The team competes every year in the Intercollegiate Tournament at Cypress Gardens. Members gave shows this year for Lambda Chi Alpha and for the UC Recreation Committee's River Rally They also acquired a boat for the university. Faculty sponsors for the club are Dr. G. Hartley Mellish and Mr. Barth Ehgart Officers are Greg Poston, president; John Bedingfield vice president; Cindy Attaway, secretary; and Jim Griffith, treasurer. FIVE skiers build a pyramid in practice for the Intercollegiate competition at Cypress Gardens.

PAGE 204

Sports Car Club The promotion of Safe Driving and an interest in the motor sport is the purpose of the USF Sports Car Club. The club, sponsored by Peter O'Sullivan and R. J. Welz, is one of the most active sports clubs on campus. The club sponsors the annual Somad Nomad III and Beginners' Ralleys. Several members of the club have acted as officials at the Daytona Continental and Sebring races. President is Bill Dodson, vice president is Bob Feldman, business manager is Ron Doerr, treasurers are Steve Saperstein and Margo Davis, and secretary is Linda Pullin. A harried navigator makes some calculations in the annual Somad Nomad III. OFFICERS of the sports car club: Bill Dodson, Steve Saperstein, Bob Feldman, and Linda Pullin. FRONT ROW: Mr. Peter O'Sullivan, Allan Barnes, John Kossow, Craig Pearie, Craig Peroutka, Margo Davis, Bob Johnson, Phillip McQuay. SECOND ROW: Tom Davies, Jim Bradley, John Rieth, Glen Woods, Jerry Netvick, Dennis McCalla. 203

PAGE 205

ART Fancher instructs Judo Club members Dr. Benard Fusaro, Beth Fusaro, Michell Miller, Tom Jones, John Randall, Lauren Thomas, John Stuart, Tom Jacob, and Dr. Steltzman. FRONT ROW: Nicholas D'Andrea, Jr., Robert Lane, John Petrick, David Winter, James Johnson. SECOND ROW: Vincent Cassisi, Donald Higging, Joseph Pliego, Stanley Blank, Paul Dunn, Wayne Carroll. THIRD ROW: Emanuel Chancey, John Nielson, Eugene Ferris, Michael Foley, Frank Henderson, Jack Lackland, Lamar Fleming. FOURT H ROW: Manley Lawson, Antonio De Varona. Neil Hendrix, Ga ry Sturm, Luis Cowan, William Cooper, Jr Earl Ralph. FIITH ROW: William Opp, Michael Wedge, William Schulz, Luis Sastre, Jack Morriss, Bruce Kinney, Jr. HACK ROW: Roy Reynolds, James Link, Ralph Metcalf. Judo Club Students at USF can learn Judo from qualified instructors at meeting of the USF Judo Club. Members participate in intra-club and state tournaments, sponsored by Dr. Fusaro, and coached and instructed by De Maley and Art Francher. Officers are: John, president; Charles Allen, vice president; and Lauren Thomas, secretary treasurer. Florida Engineering Society The Florida Engineering Society _has the National Society for ProfessiOnal Engmeers and hopes to go national soon. One of the projects this year was helping the engineering booth at the Flonda State Fan. The FES is sponsored by Dr. Donaldson. Officers are: William Opp, president; Ray Fleming, vice president; and William Schulz, secretary -treasurer.

PAGE 206

Windjammers This year USF's Windjammers Sailing Club participated for the first time in an inter-collegiate sailing competition at Florida State University. The club organized in 1962 with the purpose of promoting sportsmanship in competition, providing weekend fun and relaxation, and teaching advanced seamanship. The Windjammers are sponsored by Dr. Egolf. Commodore is Bruce Zellermayer, vice-commodore is Riley Winas, treasurer is Frank Brice, and secretaries are Kathleen Barber and Carol Joyce. Plans are in the making for the hosting of an invitational intercollegiate regatta sponsored by the club. Basketweavers "Fun, Friendship, and Fellowship" is the motto of the Basketweavers. Officers are Janet Klein, president; Susanne Casey, vice president; Trudi Stephenson, secretary; and Michael Tillotson, treasurer. Miss Margaret Chapman is their faculty sponsor. The Basketweavers aid with registration, sponsor an annual carwash, and participate quite successfully in various intramural activities. MARGARET Chapman, advisor to the Basketweavers FRONT ROW: Nels Florman D a v i d Calmond, Winas Steve Stewarts Frank Brice SECOND ROW: Barrie Andrews, Jennifer Hentosh, Kathleen Barber A lla n a Long, Joyce Judah, Mary Anne Butler Dawn Smith, Carol Joyce T HIRD ROW: Larry Smith, Kathy Crossley, Judy Webb. BACK ROW : Sam Armstrong, Bill Wells, Terry Jones, Jerry Heath, Ralph Jacobs, Anthony Armstrong-Jones, Paul Slagle. FRONT ROW: Cathy Mattson, Sharon Sconyers, Nancy Fisbenger, Sandy Cone, Kathy Manetta, Mary Pat Eschenbach, Gayle VanLiew. SECOND ROW: Eleene Chobody Janet Klein, Michael Tillotson, Trudi Stephenson, Sandy Ellison, Dana B artl e tt, Lois Staggenborg, Beverly Cather. BACK ROW: Nancy Godwin, Janice Adrienne Kusty, Mary Bakehouse, Susanne Casey, Loen Arnngton. 205

PAGE 207

FRONT ROW: Anne Bergman, Linda Schreer, Gail Stewart, Phyllis Googel, Felice Emennann. SECOND ROW: Joey London, Alan Director, Gilda Garfinkel, Ann Porgie, Vicki Roussman. BACK ROW: Darryl Weiler, Karen Reiter, Steve Jacobson, Michael Wilensky. Tai Chi Chuan The purpose of Tai Chi Chuan is to teach members this exercise form of self defense The club was visited by Mr. William Chen, TCC instructor from New York, who presented demonstrations and acted as guest instructor. President is Michelle Miller, vice president is Daryl Schrader, secretary-treasurer is Barbara Meixell, and instructor is Dr. Fusaro. The faculty sponsor is Dr. Washburn { Jewish Student Union The Jewish Student Union is organized to provide a cultural, religious, and social center for interested students. The organization sponsors Lox and Bagel Brunches, panel discussions, and various dances and picnics. Officers are: Michael Kaplan, president; Darryl Weiler, vice president; Ann Porgie and Vicki Roussman, secretaries; Anne Bergman, treasurer; and Mark Goldman, Sergeant-at-Arms. DR. Fusaro, Jeff Johnson, Michelle Miller, Beth Fusaro, Daryl Schrader. 206

PAGE 208

FRONT ROW: Patti Hayhuest, DeDe Reed, Carol Baggerly, and Gloria Grovatski. SECOND ROW: Jack Algod, Barry Pasetti, Dennis Myers, Larry Hummel, Jim Smith, Ken Lavicka, Skip Monroe, Robby Smith. THIRD ROW: Jim Algood, Guy McGahey, Jim Pratt, Paul Johnson, Larry Helton, Dinah Weth. FOURTH ROW: Louis Rich ardson, John McCullough, Jim Robinson. FIFi'H ROW: Jim Krog, Don LaPointe, Glen Legan, Bill Bryan. Fencing Club The USF Fencing Club, sponsored hy Miss Jo Anne Young, is organized to stimulate body coordination, gracefulness, and to promote the sport of fencing. Officers were Bill Rogers, president; Dean Morehouse, vice president; and Lynn O'Steen, secretary-treasurer. The club sponsors the USF Open and Closed Tournaments. Bowling Club Students with an interest in bowling are welcome to join the USF Bowling Club. The club has weekly league howling at Flo'rida Lanes, and sponsors a banquet for members every trimester. Trophies are presented to deserving members at this banquet. The club is sponsored by Jim Gibbon, manager of Florida Lanes. President is Ken Lavicka, vice president is Jim Smith and secretary-treasurer is Paul Johnson. KNEEUNG: Lynn O'Steen, JoAnn McCown, Bob Condon, Kaye Smith. STANDING: W.ill!am Smythe, Bill Rogers, Roland Portas, Jack Griffm, Jo Anne Young, advisor. 207

PAGE 210

Sports 209

PAGE 211

WGH p oint of the season was the 4-1 victory over the University of F1orida. FRONT ROW: Jerry Reeves, Pete Tumminia Bob Drucker, Jerry Seifert, Denny Mye r s, Wayn e SECOND ROW : .John Braley, Brian Holt S teve Coltharp Jerry Zagarry, T1m McEvoy, Bill Ya t es. THIRD ROW Coach Synychak, George D e h eere, H e lg; Velde, Jun Houck, Jim Rabon, John Horvath, Bill Sharple ss. 210 Soccer Varsity Coach John Holcomb held an enviable position in the 1966 soccer season. St. Louis sent to South F1orida seven of its best soccer players. In addition, F1orida supplied an equal number of fine boys. Together with Coach Holcomb, the team compiled a 10-0-1 record, which made them state champions. A high point of the season was the 4-1 victory over the perpetually strong University of F1orida team. Again this year the Golden Brahmans sent members to the all-state team. These included Brian Holt for the second year Pete Tumminia, Jerry Zagarry, and Denny Myers. With only one senior graduating this year, and the majority of the first team being freshmen, the 1967 season looks promising for the Brahmans.

PAGE 212

COACH Holcomb CROWDS were attracted to the new game until a record crowd of 800 attended the Homecoming. MANY hours of practice were required in order to have a winning season. 211

PAGE 213

BRIAN Holt was a second year man on the all state team. THEIR teammates were always enthusiastic sup porten. 212 PASSING down field against St. Leo is Helge Velde. SOUTH Florida tries hard to steal a pass.

PAGE 214

CO-CAPTAINS meet their opponents. ALL-STATE Denny Myers moves the ball down field. 213

PAGE 215

214 FRONT ROW: Frank Couch Lindsey de Guehery, Bill Keegan and John Williams. SECOND ROW: Dr. Hertz, Neil Jenkins, Jim Steere, Rick Mass. LONG hours of running are necessary in order to be in top physical shape. Cross Country If one were to name a thankless sport, it could certainly he the cross country. Much hard work is needed to become an accomplished member. And to add to the difficulty, no one seems to notice when they do run in competition, they are too busy watching intramural football games, or the Brahman Soccer Team. However, this does not seem to kill the dedication and spirit of these fellows because every year they return to give their competition a strong opposition. The cross country team is improving and will prove to be even stronger next year. Cross Country Varsity University of South Florida Manatee Junior College St. Pete Junior College Florida State University University of South Florida University of Miami University of South Florida Miami frosh Miami-Dade Junior College Key West Junior College University of Florida University of Miami University of South Florida University of South Florida Miami-Dade Junior College University of South Florida University of Florida Florida State University University of South Florida University of South Florida Florida Jrosh University of Florida University of Miami Florida State University University of South Florida 24 42 74 18 38 47 49 72 72 105 23 41 71 27 30 29 29 21 34 25 30 35 40 50 84

PAGE 216

FRONT ROW: Mike Curtin, Don Stephenson, Stuart Kalb, Bob Stricklin, Rick" Lehman. SECOND ROW: Charles Fields, Rick Ragnett, Dr. Bowers, Jim Britt, Ron Garcia. 1" -' LINING up on the ball is Stuart Kalb. Golf Varsity Our young school has many new emerging teams, entering the intercollegiate battles. Golf is one of the popular sports that draw more participants than the team can allow In their first year of intercollegiate competition, the team participated in the Florida Intercollegiate Tournament, and completed the season in sixth place in the Florida Intercollegiate Golf League. Each year the team improves by experience and the addition of new talent. The 1967 season will be the proof. Golf Varsity USF OPP. Rollins College 10 17 University of Miami 8% 9% University of Florida 2 27 St. Leo College 20 10 University of Miami 9 21 MiamiDade Junior College 7% 101h 215

PAGE 217

ALABAMA meet drew a record crowd. USF swimm e r pull s away to take the lead. 216 Varsity Swimming Another team was in its second year at South Florida in the 1967 season. Coach Robert Grindey's swimming team. This year the team gained many new and talented freshmen, and although they did not have the composure and experience of an older team, future seasons will more than likely find them standing high in intercollegiate standings A high point in the 1967 season was the tankmen's engagement with the University of Alabama. The team faced much top opposition this year and they proved an equal to some of the best teams in the South. Swimming, 1966 USF Univ e rsity of Florida 26 Miami-Dade Junior College 56 University of Miami 44 Florida State University 37 Florida State University 33 OPP. 49 37 49 47 50

PAGE 218

ALAN Stetler dives to begin the hundred. QUICK turns are essential in relays. FRONT ROW: Pete Kenning, Alan Stetler, Steve Stelle, Mike McNaughton. SECOND ROW : John Cummings, Bilf Kelly, Jim Morton, George Wear. THIRD ROW: Kevin Kelleher, Nick Piesco, Tom Houston, Dave Naffziger, Coach Robert Grindey. LONG hours of practice go un noticed. 217

PAGE 219

218 GIRL'S T e nnis team are Sharon Crowley Elesa Nelson, Tish Adams, M:iss Joanne Young (Coach), Gwenda Adams, Debbie Garrison, Jackie Adams. DEBBIE returns with a backhand. Varsity Tennis In their first year of intercollegiate competition, the Brahman tennis team had an imposing schedule. Although it was a young team, without the depth and experience of a longer team, they were always a strong and spirited opponent. In 1967 the team will face an even more formative schedule. However this year, in addition to its returning lettermen, the team will he strengthened by junior college transfers. Without a doubt the tennis team, with experience and new members will be even stronger in the coming seasons. Men's Tennis University of Florida University of Florida St Leo College St. Leo College Middle Tennessee State Mercer David Lipscum College Florida Presbyterian Rollins College Stetson University Stetson University University of Tennessee USF OPP. 0 0 9 9 0 8 3 9 0 3 7 0 9 9 0 0 9 l 7 0 9 6 2 9 Women' s Tennis Universi t y of Tampa Rollins College Stetson University University of Florida St. Pete Junior College University of Florida Women's College of Georgia Rollins College USF OPP. 3 3 7 6 4 7 9 2 l 4 0 0 5 l 0 5

PAGE 220

\ FRONT ROW: Jim Rinehart, Dick Howze, Richard Gaston. SECOND ROW: Charles Heath, Albert Blevins, Larry Bell. ELESA Nelson, 1966 City women's sin gles champion, shows her form. HOWZE demonstrates the backhand which has made him the backbone of the team. PRACTICE every afternoon is essential to develop form. 219

PAGE 221

220 DURING the t ournaments, crowds come to watch even i f your fraternity or organization 1sn t playing. lntramurals Academics are only a part of the University. Another increasingly important part of South Florida is its intramural program. Through participation every student, faculty and staff member has the opportunity to join in a wide variety of sports and recreational activities, ranging from football to tennis for the men, and from volley hall to baseball for the women. Under the s upervision of 1-M program director, Mr. Murphy Osborne the intramural facilities and activities have increased each year. Football ARETE shows the form that made them football champions.

PAGE 222

GAME between Enotas and Sigma Nu was close hut Enotas won in the last minutes. TOP two teams in the fraternity league must play each other in the tournament. Enotas-Arete battle to see who will win the Fraternity League. EVEN a last minute pass didn't help Arete's op ponents as they went to a perfect season. 221

PAGE 223

Basketball TWO top teams in Fraternity B League battle to see who will play in the tournament. 222 I ZETA Phi takes the leap from Sigma Nu.

PAGE 224

BASKETWEA VERS are always strong contenders for the lead in woman's 1-M points. 223

PAGE 225

224 BESIDES the fraternity league many of the dor mitorj floors participate In intrariiiiials: Softball TOM Sommers shows the form that led him to pitch a no hitter and Cratos (Sigma Nu) to the softball championship.

PAGE 226

Swimming WOMEN'S intramural program is just as important and big at USF as the Men's program. Slfimming is but one of the sports in which they participate. Cross Country KEEPING physically fit while enjoying the competition, cross country is a popular fall sport. 225

PAGE 227

226 Bike Race GIRLS enjoy the competition of the hike race even though the many laps they must ride. This year the Basketweavers won. SIGMA Nu pushes hard at the last lap to finish, hut is beaten hy Enotas to come in second. EVERYONE starts off at the same pace, hut soon riders must make stops at the pits.

PAGE 228

Volleyball ENTHUSIASTICALLY the crowd watches as Kappa Delta takes the lead in the volleyball game. KAPPA Delta takes the championship in volley ball and leads the sororities in total 1-M points. Intramural Points 1965-66 Enotas Sigma Nu Alpha 4 East Alpha 2 East Men Phi Delta Theta Alpha Tau Omega Beta 2 West Beta 2 East PE Majors Beta 3 East Beta 3 West Basket Weavers PE Majors Women Kappa Delta Delta Delta Delta Tri SIS Epsilon l East Epsilon 2 West Western Bed Bugs Delta Zeta Epsilon 2 East 862% 852% 717% 672% 545 485 445 442% 432% 425 420 995 855 720 625 527 275 130 90 90 85 227

PAGE 230

Graduates 229

PAGE 231

Katie Abare John Alston 230 Graduates-they came and grew with USFand for all it was a crucial year. SENIORS listen attentively in senior seminar as topics of freedom are discussed. Jessie Adams Kathryn Alkire Patricia Allen Harrieta Almerico Arlene Alvarez Ronald Alvarez George Alzugaray Robert Anderson

PAGE 232

Elaine Argyros Armando Armas Sue Arnold John Askew Edwin Babor Richard Bachman David Bahmiller Carol Baldwin David Baldwin Lyla Baldwin Charles Barfoot John Barnes Mildred Barnes Wilson Barnes Douglas Barr James Barrett, II Ernest Bass Barbara Bates David Bates Willard Becker 231

PAGE 233

Beth Benson Bernadine Bering er Kathryn Bernard Magdalen Besenbach JoAnn Birkenmaier Carolyn Black Wayne Bond Lynne Borus Alan Bouverat David Boynton Linda Bradboer George Bradford Jacquilin Bradley John Braley, III William Branch III Ell8ene Brandon Carol Braxton Raymond Brosch Ronald Brower Berta Brown 232

PAGE 234

They came and matured-through academics, organizations, their society. Richard Brown John Brownlee, II lyles Bryant Sandra Burns Hortense Calderone Winston Caldwell, Jr. William Camp Mrs. Susan Campbell Daniel Campo Charles Burdick Donna Burgess Robert Calvert Vivian Calvert Mary Campo Jorge Canizares 233

PAGE 235

Susan Capacette Joan Cappolino John Carlson Judith Carlson Melvin Carrier Patricia Carroll Terry Carsten Howard Carter Myrtle Casey Vincent Cassisi Ara Cauvel James Chaki Alton Chapman Samuel Childs Roberta Chiprut Yoon Ja Chung Marilee Clapp Jean Clark John Clark Madison Cockman 2.14

PAGE 236

It was a year of seminars: Senior seminar and area seminars. DR. Howard Gowan lightens the topic of contemporary science with his humor .._. _.,_.,.......,.,= Gary Coil Mrs. Catherine Coit Carl Colandrea Thomas Collins Sandra Cone Mary J o Connell James Cooney Candace Cooper Sharon Cook William Cooper 235

PAGE 237

James Coppens Siegfried Cropper Barbara Cushing 236 And, for the many education majors, it was the year of the internship-the year to put it all into practice. Edmond Correia Victoria Cosgrove Luis Cowan Bernette Cripe James Crosley Edward Crowe Larry Croy James Cunningham James Cuthbertson Francisco Damas Nicholas D'Andrea, Jr. Don Darrach

PAGE 238

Lawrence Darvill Dawn Davis Dennis Davis James Davis, III William Davison Madeline Dehan Eileen Del Pozo Carol Diamond Josie Diaz Angelo Di Salvo Linda Doble Ralph Donovan, Jr. Lettie Doughty Jacqueline Dow Virginia Dowling Alfredo Duarte Carol Dudley Gerard Duffin Pamela Duke Mrs. Ruth Duke 237

PAGE 239

It was the year of exams -the departmental exams for graduation the NTE for teaching, the GRE for grad school. David Dukes, Jr. Larry Edge David Ehlert Patricia Eikeland Joseph Ellis, Jr. Sandra Ellison Vicki Elm or e Joseph Engel John Engelhart Max Epling 238

PAGE 240

Mrs. Susan Essig Edwina Eubanks Daphne Evans Sandra Fanning Essie Fechter Florence Felty Susan Fender Dennis Fernandez Louis Fernandez Gayle Ferrara Eugene Ferris Lawrence Fine Edward Fisher Rosalie Fleischaker Lamar Fleming Kevin Flynn Michael Foley Diane Ford Virginia Forrester Julia Fortson 239

PAGE 241

Irene Fowlkes Myra Frasure James Freeman Kathie Fuleihan Robert Fulop Michael Gadd Mrs. Aida Garcia Mike Garcia, Jr. Robert Garner Shirley Garrett James Gates Le onard Gimpel Anthony Glenum Frank Goldstein Susan Goodall Larry Goodman Jud i th Goodstone Gary Goreth Gretchen Graves Shirley Greenfield 240

PAGE 242

But better, it was a year of no exams-at least not during the notorious Final Week. Andra Gregory James Griffith Mary Groenewood Mrs. Myrtle Guarino Floyd Guinop Larry Guitan Dwight Hale, Jr. David Hall, III David Hamway Peter Grossman Edward Grzywinski David Guy HoDy Gwinn Eileen Hansen Merrick Harding 241

PAGE 243

Gary Harke John Harper Mrs. Joyce Harrell Ronald Hawkins Ellen Hearn Sharla Heck Shira Hefley Frank Henderson William Henderson Leonard Hendricks Holly Hendriksen David Herold Daniel Hersey Lawrence Hilker Alan Hill Joseph Hill Mary Hill Mrs. Nancy Hill Mrs. Roberta Hill Robert Hiott 242

PAGE 244

The senior year means the fellowship and the work of new organizations never open to these people before. Stephanie Hlas Marsha Hoffman Sylvia Hogan Sara Holland Bobby Hormuth Thomas Hornung Karen Hosking James Humrich Sally Holt Carl Hunt, Jr. 243

PAGE 245

William D. Hunter Mrs. Barbara Isham David Jameson, Jr. 244 The Senior Class -an organization, an association of seniors and for seniors: it is them, their activities, their projects. William R. Hunter Robert Hurd Helen Hurley Charlotte Ippolito Charles Jackson Joel Jackson Stanley Jacobson Ronald James Thomas J aroch Kathleen Jenkins Jerry Jennings Marysol Johns

PAGE 246

Elizabeth Johnson Lois Johnson Marvin Jones Janice Jordan Freddie Josey Judy Kahn Michael Karton David Keene Kenneth Keene Marshall Kelley Ronald Kelly Geraldine Kilgore Carlton Kilpatrick Jerry King Thomas Kingcade Bruce Kinney Marion Kinney Sandra Knight Chester Kotake George Kruger 245

PAGE 247

Senior Class Officers: George N aze, president; Ray Fleming, vice president; Andra Gregory, secretary; Rick Brown, treasurer. Joyce Kunnick Susan Kutzer William Lamkin Karen Lamport Vicki Lancaster Robert Lane Gary LaPorte Ann Larkin Irene LaRussa Michael Laughrey 246

PAGE 248

Judith Lawrence Marie Lazzara Pamela Ledbetter Karen Lefton Roberto Lehr Louise Leopold Fred Levesque Nanci Lewis Shelby Lewis Jose Lezama Elizabeth Liebach Jenny Lind Diana Little Suzanne LoCastle Linda Lohe Raymond Long Michael Longnecker Goldi Ludtke Cerita Ludwick Joseph Lumia 247

PAGE 249

Nancy Lunsford John McArthur Charles McCaskill, III John McCollister Ronald McCord Rosa McEiralh Murray McGarry Barbara McGraw Roger McMurrey Ernest MacF err an Richard Mahy Shirley Maksim John Malafronte Harry Manca Phillip Manker Robert Manz Wayne Maris J o yce Marks Janet Marsee John Mashburn 248

PAGE 250

Class activity-the annual Senior Class Dinner Dance -fun and food and most of all friendships. Michael Meksraitis Marilyv. Menendez Charla Mercer Barbara Merriam Jean Meyer Charles Miller John Miller Roger Miller Robert Milliken Linda Mims Jeanne Minnich Mary Missing Ron Meserve Susan Miller Carolyn Moore 249

PAGE 251

Gail Moore Mary Moore Rebecca Moore Sheron Moore Mrs. Diana Montalbano Richard Montalbano Jack Morriss Kathleen Morton Sandra Mountain Ronald Mrozek Mary Muether Muriel Mullins Susan Nahhe Gerald Nager George Naze Patricia Noe Edward Nousiainen Sam Nuccio, Jr. Gary Oakes Gary O'Conner 250

PAGE 252

Class project-the Senior Satire; a slanderous slapstick of their years at USF. IT is the culmination of years of education and years of effort. It is graduation. James O'Conner, Jr. Thomas Ogden Robert O'Leary Charles Olson, Jr. William Opp Vincent Osborne, Jr. Jack Osmann Michael Otto Lisbeth Outten Mrs. Marjorie Owens 251

PAGE 253

252 It was a kind of nostalgia, that lyrical lampooning of the personalities, organizations and follies that was the "Jest of the Golden Beast" Virginia Paiz Rose Pallonari Sharon Palmateer Emoke Papp Olga Pate Carolyn Parkins Stuart Patton Carol Pascali Linda Pearman John Pearson Scott Penrod Anthony Perez Steven Permut Richard Perry John Petrick

PAGE 254

David Philips Janet Phillips John Phillips Scott Phillips Richard Pierce Vivian Piniella Vilma Prendes Kathryn Prescher Nina Pridgen Harold Pugh Vincent Puglisi Sandra Pupello Joan Purdy Andrea Rakes Dianne Randall John Ray Cosmo Re" Grace Reeder James Rennie Diane Rescigno 253

PAGE 255

f ...... .-. \ ... ., \ );; Hope Reynolds Helea Richardson Another kind of organization, Who's Who, tapped seventeen outstanding seniors who contributed to the growth of USF. John Reynolds. Glenn Reynolds Kathleen Rhyne Donald Richards Carol Richbourg Mrs. Carol Riley Allain Rimar Pamela Ripple

PAGE 256

Richard Roberts Anthony Rodriguez Santos Rodriguez Bruce Romley Luke Roozen Richard Rumrell Meredith Rumble Lynda Rushing Aaron Rust Andrew Safko Lorraine Salgado George Salmon, Jr. Richard Sanders Gordon Santmye111 Barbara Saucer Judith Saxon Tom Scanio Ruth Schipfer Marjorie Schreiber Allen S c hroeder 255

PAGE 257

Diann Schultz Bill Schulz Antonia Schweitzer Laura Scoggins William Scott Reginald Sedita Alberta Seldomridge Janice Self John Shearer Carol Shepherd James Shockley Ira Short Patricia Simms Richard Simpson Roger Slack Mary Smith Mrs. Karen Smith Perry Smith, IV Susan Somers Suzanne Southers 256

PAGE 258

And yet another organization awaits these 1025 graduates-the USF Alumni Association. Dawn Speth Ellen Spivey Toni Spoto Robert Starkey Sammy Steen Raymond Steil Mary Stein Jacqueline Stenger Harris Stevenson Mary Stevenson Louis Stolba Gary Strom Robert Starks Elizabeth Stevenson Naida Stroup 257

PAGE 259

A senior society-a life of classes, a life of clubs, a life of people readying and remembering. VICE-president, Ray F1eming; president, Geor ge N aze; sponsor, Charles Obermyer; secretary ; Andra Gregory; treasurer, Rick Srown. Gary Sturm Jerry Sullivan, III Linda Sullivan Collier Summers Ruth Sumner John Sutton Gayle S wendson Mason Swilley Rose Tamborello James Taylor 258

PAGE 260

Pamela Terrill John Thies Jerry Thomas Lawrence Thompson William Thompson Jeffrey Tillman Thede Tooma Bonnie Touchton Robert Trebes Scott Trent Virginia Trowbridge Walter Truitt Eugene Turner Margaret Turney Wesley Tyler Clarence Tyner V adee Utharntharm Joanne Uz Donna Underhill Sandra V alde.s 259

PAGE 261

IIIII.... ......... Nancy VanWinkle Paul Vehorn Lawrence Vodar Ed Wagner George Walser Frank Walther 260 It was their year, their big year, the year they grew to graduation. Wayne Vermillion Esther Villadonga Orlando Villot Francis Wallace William Wallace John Walen Barbara Ward Mike Ward Constance Warren

PAGE 262

Ronald Watson Lee Watts Linda Watts Harold Way, Jr. Don Weaver, Jr. Judith Webb Carolyn Wedel Richard Wedig Michael Wedge Darryl Weiler Blair Weir Maxine Weiss Shirely West Edythe Whitten Carlos Wiest, Jr. Florence Williams Joseph Williams Merle Williams James Wilson John Wilson 261

PAGE 263

Kathryn Wilson David Winter David J. Winter Kathy Wood Coralie Woodward Chriltopher Wright Wayne Wright Anna Yeabower John Yearick Brenda York Carol York Janet Young Ronald Young Sara Young Ronald Yowell Jackie Zabonki Gregory Zeikus Mrs. Mary Ziegenhorn Barbara Ziehl 262

PAGE 264

Master's Degree Patricia Benz Mildred Brand Richard Brice, III Ethel Clark Mrs. Rayfae Farrar Opal Givens Ann Harvey James Jaros Mrs. Karen Klueh Nellie May Mrs. Karen Ogden Dorothy Perricone Alvin Pierson Everett Putney LeRoy Riedy 263 Jacob Samit Charlene Stackhouse Mrs. Penelope Stuart Nancy Tyler

PAGE 265

ABARE, MRS. KATIE: Tampa; B.A.; Education; April1967. ADAMS, JESSIE: Immokalee; B.A.; Elementary Education; June 1966. ALKIRE, KATHRYN: St. Petenburg; B.A.; Accounting; April 1967. ALLEN, PATRICIA: Tampa; B.A.; Sociology; April 1967; Fidee Sorority, Chaplain; Athenaeum; Cold Key; Tri Delta Sorority, recording eec:retary; Who's Who in Am. Colleges. ALMERICO, HARRIET: Tampa; B.A.; Sociology; December 1966; Italian Oub. ALSTON, JOHN: Dade City; B.A.; English; April 1967. ALVAREZ, ARLENE: Tampa; B.A. ; Elementary Education; A upt 1966. ALVAREZ, RONALD: West Palm Beach; B.A.; Political Sci ence; June 1966; Zeta Phi EpsilonRush Chairman, Vice Pres., President, Pledgemuter; Spring Spectacular '66 Commiuee. ALZUGARAY, GEORGE: Ft. Lauderdale; B.A.; Psych./Econ.; April 1967. ANDERSON, ROBERT: Clearwater; B.A.; Chemistry; August 1966. ARGYROS, ELAINE: St. Petersburg; B.A.; Elementary Edu cation; April 1967. ARMAS, ARMANDO: Tampa; B.A.; Math; April 1967. ARNOLD, CAROLYN: Naples; B.A.; Physical Education; De cember 1966; Physical Education Majors Club. ASKEW, JOHN: Panama City; B.A.; Social Science/His tory; 1967; Kappa Iota Omega Fratenuty; Lambda Chi Alpha Presi-deat; Amrha Council. BABBOR, EDWIN: St Petersburg; B.A.; Geography; De1966; Geography Oub; Young uemocrata; Ski Club. BACHMAN, RICHARD: Tampa; B.A.; Accounting; December 1966; Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity; Senior Directory Kappa Iota Omega; Senior Accounting Organization; USF Ski Club, Business Administration Club; Math-Science Club, USF Tennis Team, USF Basketball Team. BAHMILLER, DAVID: St. Petersburg; B.A.; Math Education; April 1967; SFEA BALDWIN, CAROL: Clearwater; B.A.; Psychology; April 1967. BALDWIN, DAVID: Jacksonville; B.A.; Social Science; April 1967. BALDWIN, LYLA: Bronson; B.A.; English-Speech; April 1967; SFEA. BARFOOT, CHARLES: Tampa; B.A.; Psychology; April 1967; Concert Band; Jazz Lab Band. BARNES, JOHN: Winter Park; B.A.; Accounting; Decem her 1966; Business Club; Intramurals. BARNES, MILDRED: Temple Terrace; B.A ; Social Science; April 1967. BARNES, WILSON: Hazlehurst, Georgia; B.A.; Industrial Management; December 1966. BARR, DOUGLAS: St. Petersburg; B.A.; Marketing; April 1967; Business Administration Club BARRETT, JAMES III: Brooksville; B.A.; Industrial Management; April 1967; Tau Kappa Epsilon F r a tern it y; Business Administration Club; Who's Who in American Colleges BASS, ERNEST: Crystal River; B.A.; English; April 1967. BATES, BARBARA: Tampa; B.A.; Sociology; April 1967; Tri-SIS, Recording Secretary; Committee Co-ordinator. BATES, DAVID: Ellenton; B.A.; Social Studies/Education; December 1966; Senior Satire '66 Intramural Sports. BAUMEISTER, JOHN: Sanford; B.A ; Industrial Management; December 1966; Business Administration Club. BECKER, WILLARD: Clearwater; B.A.; Psychology; April 1967. BENZ, PATRICIA: Tampa; M.A.; Elementary Education; August 1966. BERINGER, BERNADINE: Temple Terrace; B.A.; English Ed.; August 1966. BERNARD, KATHRYN: Naples; B.A. ; Office Administration; June 1966; Tri S.I.S.-Secretary Pledge Class, Social Chairman; Student Asso ciation Representative; Catholic Student Organization. BESENBACH, MAGDALEN: Tampa; B.A.; French & German Lit.; December 1966; Gold Key Honor Society (Corresponding Sec.) ; Athenaeum; French Club BIRKENMAIER, JOANN: Riverview; B.A.; Zoology-Psychology; June 1966; Catholic Student Organization; Marine Biology Club; Zeta Tau Sigma Sorority. BLACK, CAROLYN: Plant City; B A.; Elementary Education; April 1967; University Chapel Fellowship; Student Florida Education Association; Student National Education As sociation. BOND, WAYNE: Tampa; B.A.; Accounting; April 1967; Senior Accounting Club, Treasurer. BORUS, LYNNE: Tampa; B.A.; Distributive Education; December 1966; Business Administration Club; Distributive Education Club-USF Chapter; Athenaeum; Honors Convocation-1966; Who's Who in American Colleges. BOUVERAT, ALAN: Tam p a; B.A.; Speech/Theatre Arts; April 1967; Univ. Theater productions of: The Tempest, View from the Bridge, The Hollow Crown, Charlie's Aunt, The Good Hope; directed USF production of The Fantasticks; UC Personnel Committee Florida Poetry Festival Readers Theatre: Film Classics Committee; Training Program; WUSF-TV Productions; Sports Car Club. BOYNTON, DAVID: Pinellas Park; B.A.; Psychology; April 1967. BRADBEER, LINDA: Orlando; B.A.; Elementary Education; August 1966; Physical Education Majors Club. BRADFORD, GEORGE: Cuba; B.S.; Mechanical Engineermg; December 1966; Engineering College Association; Florida Engineering Society; International Club.

PAGE 266

BRADLEY, JACQUILIN: St. Petersburg; B.A.; English Education; April 1967; SFEA. BRALEY, JOHN III: Tampa; B.A.; Physical Ed.; April 1967. BRANCH, WILLIAM III: Coral Gables; B.A.; Marketing; April 1967; Donn Hall Social Chairman, Stan dards Board. BRAND, MILDRED: Sebring; M.A.; English Education; Au gust 1966. BRANDON, EUGENE: St. Petersburg; B.A.; Psychology; De cember 1966. BRAXTON, CAROL: Tampa; B.A.; Psychology; June 1966. BRICE, RICHARD III: Tampa; M.A.; Elementary Education; December 1966. BROSCH, RAYMOND: Tampa; B.A.; Astronomy; August 1966; President, Judo-Club; Karate Club; Ex ecutive Council; Sports-Club Council. BROWER, RONALD: St. Petersburg; B.A.; Marketing; August 1966; Business Administration Club. BROWN, BERTA: Largo; B.A.; Sociology; April 1967; Po etry Festival 1965. BROWN, RICHARD: Tampa; B.A.; Accounting; April 1967; Enotas Fraternity; Senior Accounting Club; Students for Responsible Govern ment; Intramural All-Stars; Representa tive from College of Business Adminis tration to the Student Government. BROWNLEE, JOHN II: Bradenton; B.A.; Psychology; April 1967; Cratos Fraternity; Social Chair man, Best Brother. BRYANT, JYLES: St. Petersburg; B.A.; Finance; April 1967. BUCKLEY, JEAN: Tampa; B.A.; Sociology; April 1967; Tri-SIS Sorority; SRG Delegate. BURDICK, CHARLES: Andover, New York; B.A.; Psychology; August 1967; Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity. BURGESS, DONNA: Brandon; B.A.; Sociology; April 1967; USF Band; Standards Board-Gamma Hall. BURNS, SANDRA: Clearwater; B.A.; Elementary Education; April 1967; USF Hall Chairman for Gamma Dorm. CALDERONE, HORTENSE: Tampa; B.A.; Elementary Education; December 1966. CALDWELL, WINSTON JR.: N. Port Charlotte; B.A.; Accounting; April 1967. CALVERT, ROBERT R.: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada; B.A.; Psychology; April 1967; International Club; Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity. CALVERT, VIVIAN: Tampa; B.A.; Elementary Education; June 1966. CAMP, WILLIAM: Sarasota; B.A.; Education; April 1967. CAMPBELL, SUSAN: West Palm Beach; B.A.; Elementary Education; December 1966. CAMPO, DANIEL: Brandon; B.A ; Economics; April 1967 CAMPO, MARY: Tampa; B.A.; Mathematics/Education; December 1966. CANIZARES, JORGE: Tampa; B.A.; Accounting; August 1966; International Club; Accounting Club. CAPACETTE, SUSAN: Tampa; B.A.; Elementary Education; April 1967; Treasurer, SFEA. CAPPOLINO, JOAN: Temple Terrace; B.A.; Political Science/ Sociology; April1967; Young Democrats ; Catholic Student Organization; Tri-SIS Sorority. CARLSON, JOHN: Ft. Lauderdale; B.A.; Marketing; April 1967; Business Administration, Vice Pres ident; Stereo Club, President. CARLSON, JUDITH: Lakeland; B.A.; Sociology; December 1966; USF Community Chorus. CARRIER, MELVIN: Miami; B.A.; Accounting; December 1966. CARROLL, PATRICIA: St. Petersburg; B.A.; Special Education; December 1966; Exceptional Child Club. CARSTEN, TERRY: Tampa; B.A.; Physics; April 1967. CARTER, HOWARD: Tampa; B.A.; Speech; April 1967; Bap tist Student Union CASEY, MYRTLE: Tampa; B.A.; Psychology; April 1967 CASSIS!, VINCENT: Staten Island, New York; B.S.; Energy Conversion Systems; April 1967; Engi neering College Association ; Membership and Program Committees of the Student Branch of Florida Engineering Society. CAUVEL, ARA: Tampa; B.A. ; Education; August 1966; Paideia Sorority. CHAKI, JAMES: Madeira Beach; B.A.; Accounting; April 1967. CHAPMAN, ALTON: Tampa; B.A.; Psychology; April 1967; USF Band; Chorus; Orchestra. CHILDS, SAMUEL: Tampa; B.A.; Geology; December 1966. CHIPRUT, ROBERTA: Miami; B.A.; French; December 1966; Le Cercle Francais; University Center Hospitality Committee; Jewish Student Union. CHRISTIAN, CHRISTINE: Tampa; B.A.; French; April1967; Chor eonova, Secretary and Publicity Chair man; Tri-SIS Sorority; French Club; Gold Key Honor Society; SRG Delegate; Homecoming Committee. CHUNG, YOON-JA SUSANNA: Seoul, Korea; B A.; Mathematics; De cember 1966; Tri-SIS Sorority; Pi Mu Epsilon. CLAPP, MARILEE: Ft. Lauderdale; Special Education; De cember 1966; Fides Sorority; Exceptional Child Club. CLARK, ETHEL: St. Petersburg; M.A.; Guidance; August 1966. CLARK, JOHN T.: Bowling Green, New York; B.A.; Liberal Arts/Social Science; April 1967. COCKMAN, MADISON: Oldsmar; B.A.; Political Science; April 1967; Young Democrats; USF Gun Club; Deans List Honors Convocation. COIL, GARY: St. Petersburg; B.A.; Social Studies; April 1967; World Affairs Club; Geog raphy-Anthropology Club. COLANDREA, CARL: Melbourne; B. A.; Social Science Edu cation; August 1966. CONE, SANDRA: Satellite Beach; B.A.; Mathematics; April 1967; InterVarsity; Campus Cru sade for Christ; Basketweavers; President of Dorm Floor; Intramural Sports. CONNELL, MARY JO: Tampa; B.A.; Elementary Education; April 1967. COOK, SHARON: Haddonfield, New Jersey; B.A.; Ele mentary Education; April 1967. COONEY, JAMES: River Forest, lllinois; B.A ; Sociology; April 1967; Beta Hall Officer; Univer sity Center Recreation Committee; Arete Fraternity. COOPER, MRS. CANDACE: Tampa; B.A.; Elementary Education; December 1966. 265

PAGE 267

COOPER, WILLIAM JR.: St. Petersburg; B.S.; uet 1966 Florida Engineenng Society; Engineeri'ng College Association. COPPENS, JAMES: New Pon Richey; B.A.; Management; April 1967; Vice-President, Sigma Epsilon Colony; Who's Who in Ame?can CoJiegee; Resident Assistant; Busmess Administration Club; Coach Bay Campu s Football Team. COSGROVE, MRS. VICTORIA: Tampa; B.A.; April 1%7. COWAN, LUIS J.: Havana, Cuba; B.S.; Mechanical Engi neering; December 1966; Engineering College AIIOCiation; Florida Engineering Society; Pi Mu Epsilon; International Club. CRITZ, JOHN M. II: St. Petereburg; B.A.; Chemistry; June 1966. CROPPER. SIGFRIED: B.A.; History; June 1966. CROSLEY, JAMES: Tanaree; B. A.; Marketing; April 1967; CirC'Ie K. Past President, Lt. Gov. Sun Coaet Division. CROWE, EDWARD: Tampa; B.A.; Geology; April 1967; Enotae Fraternity. CROY, LARRY: Tampa; B.A.; Accounting; April 1967 Sr. Accounting Club; Charter Member. CUNNINGHAM, JAMES: Daytona Beach; B.A.; PreLaw and Advanced CB; April 1967; President, Donn Floor; lnterhall Council; Resident Aseietant; Chorae; Young Republicans. CORREIA, EDMUND: Tampa; B.A.; Mathematics; June 1966. CUSHING, BARBARA: Tampa; B.A.; Sociology; April 1%7 CUTHBERTSON, JAMES: Lithia; B.A.; Industria] Management; April 1967. DAMAS, FRANCISCO: Havana, Cuba; B.S.; Engineering; April 1967.: College Association; Flonda Enpneenng Society; Interna tional Student Organization. D'ANDREA, NICHOLAS JR.: Tampa; B.S.; Engineering; April 1%7; Engineering College Association; Florida Engineering Society. DARRACH, DON: Tllll!r: B.A.; Administration; Apn 1967; Economics Club Cratos Colony of Si1111a Nu Fraternity: DARVILL, LAWRENCE: Jeaaen Beach; B.A.; Mathematics April 1967. 266 DAVIS, DAWN: New Port Richey; B.A. ; Elementary Ed ucation; April1967. DAVIS, DENNIS: Eagle Lake; B.A.; His tory ; August 1966. DAVIS, JAMES III: Otterbein, Indiana; B.A .; Economics; December 1966; Young Republicans; Economics Club; Vice-President. DAVISON, WILLIAM: St. Petersburg; B.A.; Political Science; April 1967. DEL POZO, EILEEN: Tampa; B.A.; Elementary Education; April 1967; Student Florida Education Association ; Italian Club. DEW, WILLIAM: Dade City; M.A.; Guidance ; August 1966. DIAMOND, CAROL: Miami; B.A.; Physical Education; June 1966; Tri-SIS Sorority, Treasurer; Recre ation Committee; Jewish Student Union; PEM Club; SFEA. DIAZ, JOSIE: Tampa; B A.; Physical Education; June 1966. DISALVO, ANGELO: Tampa; B.A.; Spanish / Latin; December 1966; Italian Club. DOHLE, LINDA: Tampa; B.A.; Eng. Library; April 1967; Tri-SIS Sorority, SFEA. DO NOV AN, RALPll JR. : St. Petersburg; B.A.; Psychology; April 1967. DOUGHTY, LETIIE: Plant City; B.A.; Sociology; April 1967. DOW, JACQUELINE: Temple Terrace; B.A.; Biology; April 1967. DOWLING, MARY: Tampa; B.A.; Sociology; August 196(). DUARTE, ALFREDO: Miami; B.A.; Russian-French; Pres., Russian Club; Catholic Student Organi zation; Liberal Arts Dean's Advisory Board; Liberal Arts Student Council. DUDLEY, CAROL: Fort Myers; B.A.; Physical Education; April 1967; Intramurals; Modern Dance Exhibition; Activities with Majors Club. DUFFIN, GERARD: Tampa; B.A.; April 1%7; Theatre USF; Bay Players; Readers' Theatre Guild. DUKE, PAMELA: Orlando; B.A.; Economics; April 1967; Exchange Student with University of Mass.; VP, Athenaeum; Economics Club; Delta Phi Alpha; Resident As sistant. DUKE, MRS. RUTH: Tampa; B.A.; English/JournaJism; December 1966. DUKES, DAVID JR.: Fort Myers; B.A.; Speech; December 1966 Pres., UC Program Council, 1964, rep to USF Space Allocation Program; SA Executive Council, 1964; Student representative, USF Speakers Bureau, 63-64; Argos Residence Council 63-64; Civic Unit Representative; USF Student Assoc., 63-64; Chmn. "Autumn Antics" 1963; Chmn., "Spring Spectacular" 1966; Chmn., UC Special Events Comm UC Arts & Exhibits Comm., UC Personnel Comm., 1963-65; Member, Arete Fraternity; Pres. Arete Pledge Class, Spring, Fraternity; Pres. Arete Pledge Class, Spring, 1964; Master of Ceremonies, ACU Region N Con. Nov. 63; USF representative to ACU Region VI Planning Conference, March, 1964; UC Recreation Comm. 1962; Chmn. Si Zentner Concert Planning and Organi zational Board, 1964; Master of Cere monies, Count Basie Concert, 1965; Member UC Program Council "Top Ten" Club ; Recipient, Distinguished Service Pin Award, UC 1964; Arete Rush Chmn ., 1964-65; Secretary of Dept. of Finance, USF Student Association, 1965; IFC Representative, 1964; USF Activities Achievement Award, 1966; Advertising Manager, The Oracle, 1966. EDGE, LARRY: Louisville, Ky ; B.A.; Business Management; December 1966; Arete Fraternity; Student Government Sen.; Student Facul ty Advisory Team; Student Affairs Com mittee; Auxiliary Services Comm.; Resi dent Hall Council; Resident Assistant; Intramural Football & Softball; Folk Sing. EHLERT, DAVID: Clearwater; B.A.; Humanities/English Ed.; April 1967. EIKELAND, PATRICIA: Zephyrhills; B.A.; Elementary Educa tion; December 1966; SFEA. ELLIS, JOSEPH JR.: Sebring; B.A.; Psychology; April 1967 ; Student Association Representative; Talos Fraternity; Alpha Tau Omega Colony Chaplain ; Inter-fraternity Council Rep resentative. ELLISON, SANDRA: Cape Coral; B.A.; Political Science & Library Education; April 1967; Basket weaver, V.P. Epsilon Hall; Academic Chairman of dorm hall; Member of IRHC. ELMORE, VICKI: Sarasota; B A.; Music; August 1%6; USF Band and Orchestra. EMERSON, JAMES: Tampa; B.A.; Accounting; April 1967. ENGEL, JOSEPH: Tampa; B.A.; Russian; April 1967.

PAGE 268

ENGELHART, JOHN: Tampa; B.A.; Industrial Management; December 1966; Business Administration Club. EPLING, MAX: West Palm Beach; B.A.; Political Sci. ence; April 1967; Young Democrats. ESSIG, MRS. SANDRA: St. Petersburg; B.A.; Psychology ; Au gust 1966. EUBANKS, EDWINA: Tallahassee; B.A.; Sociology; December 1966; Kappa Delta Sorority; USF repre sentative to the American National Red Cross Tampa chapter Hall Government. EVANS, DAPHNE: Dunedin; B.A.; English Education; April 1967; TriDelta; English Club; Orienta tion Leader for USF; Exchange StuJent to U. of Massachusetts; Greek Sing. FANNING, SANDRA: Winter Haven; B.A.; Speech/English; April 1967. FERRARA, GAY: San Francisco, Calif.; B.A.; Pop. Sci. ence/Philosophy; April 1967; Gold Key; Who's Who in American College; Athe naeum, President; Philosophy Club, Secretary; Young Democrats. FARRAR, RA YFAE: Tampa; M.A.; Special Education; An gust 1966; Exceptional Child Club. FELTY, FLORENCE: Homestead; B.A.; Education/English Journalism; April 1967; Staff writer, Campus Edition; Feature writer, The Oracle; member SFEA. FERNANDEZ, DENNIS: Oviedo, Spain; B.A.; Spanish Literature; April 1967. FERRIS, EUGENE: Largo; B.S.; Electrical Engineering; April 1967; English College Association; Florida English Society. FINE, LAWRENCE: Miami; B.A.; Philosophy; April 1967; Jewish Student Union; Philosophy Club. FISHER, EDWARD JR.: St. Petersburg; B.A.; Finance; August 1966. FLEISCHAKER, MRS. ROSALIE: Indian Rocks Beach; B.A.; English; April 1967. FLEMING, LAMAR: Lakeland ; B.S.; Industrial Engineering; April1967; Vice Pres., Florida Engineer ing Society; Chairman, UC Recreation Committee, Program Council; Engineer ing College Association; Student Associa tion Finance Committee; upper class counselor, USF student representative to Southern Industrial Relations Confer ence; Intramurals. FLYNN, KEVIN: Sarasota; B.A.; Education; April 1967. FOLEY, MICHAEL JR.: Tampa; B.S.; Engineering; April 1967. FORD, DIANE: Tampa; B.A.; Elementary Education; April 1967. FORRESTER, VIRGINIA: Miami; B.A.; EnglishLibrary; Decem her 1966; Honors Convocation. FORTSON, JULIA: Mulberry; B.A.; Elementary Education; August 1966. FOWLKES, IRENE: Thonotosassa; B.A.; Elementary and library Education; August 1966. FRASURE, MYRA: Ormond Beach; B.A.; Elementary Edu. cation; April 1967; SFEA; Gamma Girls Council ; Dorm Hall Academic Chairman. FREEMAN, JAMES: Tampa; B.A.; Psychology; December 1966; Sigma Pi Sigma. FULEIHAN, KATHIE: Orlando; B.A.; Elementary Education; April 1967; Experimental Program; Ele mentary Education; Gamma Girls Coun cil; Vice Pres., Gamma 1 West. FULOP, ROBERT: Cocoa; B.A.; Management; December 1966; Zeta Phi Epsilon, Vice President; Business Club. GADD, MICHAEL: Fort Myers; B.A.; Geography and An thropology; April 1967; Pres., Skin Diving Club; Pres., Sports Car Club; Bus. Mgr., Sports Car Club; Photo Club; An thropology-Geography Club; Wrestling Club. GARCIA, MRS. AIDA: Tampa; B.A.; Business Education; December 1966. GARCIA, MIKE: Tampa; B.A.; Business Administration Marketing; April 1967; Intramurals; Al pha Tau Omega; IFC Rush Committee Business Administration Club; Student for Responsible Government Delegate and Steering Committee; Alpha Tau Omega, Rush Chairman, Pledge Committee, Ex ecutive Council. GARNER, ROBERT: Orlando; B.A.; Business Education; August 1966; Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship; Gold Key Honor Society. GARRETT, SHIRLEY: Tampa; B.A.; Business Education; April 1967; Business Club. GATES, JAMES: Tampa; B.A.; Marketing; August 1966; Senior Accounting Club; Business Ad ministration Club; Talos Fraternity. GIMPEL, LEONARD: St. Petersburg; B.A.; Accounting; April 1967. GIVENS, OPAL: Tampa; M.A.; Elementary Education; August, 1966. GLENUM, ANTHONY: St. Petersburg; B.A.; Economies; April 1967; Economies Club, Secretary-Treas urer. GOLDSTEIN, FRANK: Homestead; B.A.; Psychology /Speech; April 1967; Student Assistant, Ed. Re sources; SFEA; NDEA; UC Personnel Committee; Psych Club; Russian Club; UC Leadership Program; Sigma Phi Epsilon Colony, Floor and Hall Officer. GOODALL, SUSAN: Tampa; B.A.; Psychology; April 1967 ; Oracle; Baptist Student Union; Psy chology Club. GOODMAN, LARRY: Lakeland; B.A.; Humanities; April1967; Student Publication; The Campus Edi tion of the Oracle; Baptist Student Union; USF Racquet Club. GOODSTONE, JUDITH: Boston, Mass.; B.A.; Special Education ; June 1966; Exceptional Child Club. GORETH, GARY : Tampa; B.A.; Finance; December 1966; Business Administration Club. GRAVES, GRETCHEN : Tampa; B.A.; Sociology; August 1966. GREENFIELD, SHIRLEY : Orlando; B.A.; English/Education; April 1967; Campus Times; SFEA Advisory Committee. GREGORY, ANDRA: Hialeah; B.A.; English/Education; April 1967; Delta Delta Delta, Treasurer; Fides pledge class, Vice President; UC Program Council, Secretary; Chairman, Arts and Exhibits Committee; Chairman, Movies Committee; Top Ten Club Card; Best Dressed Girl Contest; Miss Aegean Con test; Dorm Hall, Secretary-Treasurer, President; Freshman Group Orientation Leader; SA Executive Board Clerk; Campus Edition Staff. GRIFFITH, JAMES : Pittsburgh, Pa.; B.A.; Geology; April 1967; President Geology Club; Amateur Radio Club; Geography Club. GROENEWOUD, MARY : Pompano Beach; B.A.; Elementary Edu cation; August 1966; RA; RA Associa tion. 267

PAGE 269

GROSSMAN, PETER: Staten leland, New York; B.A.; SocioiOIJ: June 1966; Member: UC Special Eenta Cornmiuee, Religious Council, Jewiell Student Union; Representative to CoUqe of Uberal Arts; secretary of Beta Hall, Tri I 1965-66. GRZYWINSKI, EDWARD: Wyandotte, Mich.; B.A.; Education; 1967; Civil War Round Table; Theta Chi Omega; Intramural Sports. GUARINO, MRS. MYRTLE: Tampa; B.A.; Elementary Education; December 1966. GUINUP, FLOYD: Clearwater; B.A.; Economics; June 1966. GUITIAN, LARRY: Tampa; B.A.; Accounting; June 1966. GUY, DAVID: Jackeonville: B.A.; Political Science ; August 1966; USF Ski Club; Student ANOCiation Representative; Arete Fra ternity, Chaplain. GWINN, HOLLY: Chiea1o, nlinoie: B.A.; Theatre Arts; April 1967; Theatre productions; folksong contest; Hospitality Committee; UC Special Events Commillee; Dean's Student AdYieory Council, Liberal Arts Colle1e; Tri-Deha Sorority, Fides; Pres ident. Bay Players. HALE, DWIGHT JR.: Melbourne; B.A.; Industrial Manage ment; April 1967; Phi Sigma X; Economics Oub; Barbenders; Treasurer, IF C. HALL, DAVID III: Tampa; B.A.; English; April 1967 HAMWAY, DAVID: Clearwater; B.A.; English Uterature; June 1966. HANSELL. JOANNE: St. Petersburg; B.A.; English-Journalism Ed. ; December 1966; Who's Who in American Colleges; Theatre, "Dark of the Moon"; Campus Edition Staff Writer; 0pl'ra W or k shop; Soprano "Cosi Fan Tune"; Poelly Festival ; Elk's Scholar ship; Winn Dixie Foundation Scholar ship; Work Scholarship; Tri SIS; Baskehreaver HANSEN, EILEEN: Hamlet, N.C.; B.A.; Speech-English Ed April 1967. ., HARDING, MERRICK: Pinellas Park; B.A.; Social Science; April 1967. HARKE, GARY: 268 English-French; August 1966, .Un1vemty Center Special Events Committee: UC Movies Committee Chairman; Le Cercle Francais, HARPER, JOHN: Pensacola; B.A. ; Psychology; April 1967; Who's Who in American Collej!;es; Enotas Fraternity-Chairman Social, His tory, Publicity Committees; Parliamen tarian, Secretary; Freshman Orientation Leader; Member, Students for Respon sible Governm e nt; Student Associationclerk, representative, auxiliary and ex ternal affairs committees; SA Executive Board Chairman; SA Cabinet Chairman; SA President; University Athletic and Health Center Advisory Committees; Uni versity Golf Course Board of Directors; Senate and Finance Committee. HARRELL, MRS. JOYCE : Lakeland; B.A.; Physical Education; December 1966; lntramurals; Physical Education Majors Ouh. HARVEY, ANN: Temple Terrace; M.A.; Guidance; Au gust 1966. HAWKINS, RONALD: Tampa; B.A.; Zoology; April 1967. HEARN, MRS. ELLEN: St. Petersburg; B.A.; Elementary Edu cation; April 1967. HECK, SHARLA : Dunedin; B.A.; English / Speech Education; April 1967; Reader's Theatre Guild; Student Legislature Parliamentarian; SNEA. HEFLEY, MRS. SHIRA: Tampa; B.A.; Math; A-pril 1967. HENDERSON, FRANK: Plant City; B.S.; Engineering; August 1966; Florida Engineering Society; Engi neering College Association, President 66. HENDERSON, WILLIAM: No. Miami; B.A.; Accounting/Political Science; April 1967; University Chapel Senior A c counting Organization. HENDRICKS, LEONARD: Lake Wales; B.A.; Social Science's; August 1966. HENDRIKSEN HOLLY : Tampa; B.A.; Liberal Arts; April 1967 HEROLD, DAVID: B.A.; Accounting; April1967; Semor Accounting Organization, President; Student Association; Business School Representative. HERSEY, DANIEL: B.A.; Psychology; April 1967. HILKER, LAWRENCE: Hollywood; B.A.; Special Education; April 1967; Chairman, UC Recreation Committee; President, Talos Fraternity member, IFC; Exceptional Child Club: Treasurer. HILL, ALAN: Miami; B.A.; Geography; April 1967; Member, Dean's Student Advisory Board; President, USF Geography Anthropology Club; Vice-President, USF-Geography Club; Secretary-Treasurer, Dorm Hall; lntramurals. HILL, JOSEPH: Panama City; B.A.; Industrial Mgt.; April 1967; Business Administration Club HILL, MARY: Jacksonville; B.A.; English Speech Ed.; December 1966; Leadership Training Program, Secretary of CFS; Secretary of Panhellenic; Vice-President and Pledge Trainer of Tri Delta Fraternity. HILL, MRS. NANCY: Winter Haven; B.A.; Elementary Edu cation; April 1967; Band; Orchestra; Chorus; SFEA; Syrinx. HILL, MRS. ROBERTA L.: Crystal Springs; Elementary Education; December 1966; B.A.; Experimental Program-2 Trimesters at Riverhills Ele mentary School, Tampa, Fla. HIOTT, ROBERT : Tampa; B A.; English; August 1966 HLAS, STEPHANIE: St. Petersburg; B.A.; History; April 1967; Hospitality Committee of UC Pro gram Council. HOFFMAN, MARSHA: Winter Haven; B A.; Psychology; December 1966; Fia Sorority; Resident Assistant; Athenaeum; Kappa Delta Delta Sorority; Who's Who in American Colleges. HOLLAND, SARA: Plant City; B .A.; Sociology-Social Welfare; December 1966; P.E. Majors Club; Community Chorus; Desert Oub; Baptist Student Union. HOLT, SALLY: Lutz; B.A.; Sociology; August 1966 HORMUTH, BOBBY: Zephyrhills; B.A.; Elementary Educa tion ; August 1966. HORMUNG, THOMAS: Tampa; B.A.; Speech; August 1966; Stu dent Program Director, WUSF-FM; Production Assistant, WUSF-TV. HOSKING, KAREN: Tampa; B.A.; Psychology; April 1967. HUMRICH, JAMES: St. Petersburg; B.A.; Social Science Ed.; April 1967; Sigma Epsilon Colony. HUNT, CARL JR.: Tampa; B.A.; Economics; August 1966.

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HUNTER, WILLIAM: Gainesville; B.A.; Social Science; April 1967; Arete Fraternity; Oracle; Intra mural sports. HUNTER, WILLIAM: Plant City; B.A.; English; April 1967; Baptist Student Union. HURD, ROBERT: St. Petersburg; B.A.; Accounting; April 1967; Senior Accounting Club; Golf Club; Sports Csr Club. HURLEY, HELEN SUE: Ft. Myers Beach; B.A.; Mathematics; April 1967; Canterbury Club; Gamma Girls Council; International Club; Na tional Student Education Association. HUTCHINSON, LEONARD III: Tampa; B.A.; Marketing; D e c ember 1966. IPPOLITO, CHARLOTTE: Tampa; B.A.; Math Education; December 1966. ISHAM, MRS. BARBARA: St. Petersburg; B.A.; Business Education; August 1966. JACKSON, CHARLES: Tampa; B.A.; Economics; April 1967. JACKSON, JOEL: Tampa; B.A.; Sociology; December 1966; Pres., Sports Car Oub; Treas., Young Democrats. JACOBSON, STANLEY: Winter Haven; B.A.; Physics; April1967. JAMES, RONALD: Columbus, Ohio; B.A.; Economics; April 1967. JAMESON, DAVID: Safety Harbor; B.A.; Economics; August 1966; B us in e s s Administration Club; Gold Key Honor Society. JAROCH, THOMAS: Bonita Springs; B.A.; Psychology; Au gust 1966. JAROS, JAMES: Indian Rocks; M.A.; Education/Social Science; August 1966. JENKINS, MRS. KATHLEEN: Tamp a; B.A.; Elementary Education; December 1966 JENNINGS, JERRY: Tainpa; B.A.; Political Science; April 1967; Deseret Club; Pol Union. JOHNS, MARYSOL: Tampa; B.A.; Guidance; April 1967. JOHNSON, ELIZABETH: Tampa; B.A.; English; December 1966 ; ZTE Sorority; Student Association. JOHNSON, LOIS: Brandon; B.A.; English/Journalism. JONES MARVIN: Indian Rocks Beach; B.A.; Sociology ; April 1967. JORDAN, JANICE: Miami; B.A.; Elementary Education; April1967; UC Committee Member; Kap. pa Delta Sorority; Rush Chairman; Mem bership Chairman; Panhellenic Council Representative; UC Leadership Training Program. JOSEY, FREDDIE: Bradenton; B.A.; Business Adm. Manage ment; August 1966 KAHN, JUDY: Orlando; B.A. ; Social Studies Ed.; April 1967; UC Arts and Exhibits Committee; VP of dorm hall. KARTON, MICHAEL: Tampa; B.A.; Marketing; April 1967; Business Administration Club. KEENE, DAVID: Miami; B.A.; Geography: April 1967; Young Democrats; Pres., Circle K; Beta III Bicycle Race; Geography Club; Des ere! Club, Pres.; Security Staff, UC KEENE, KENNETH : Largo; B.A.; Marketing; August 1966; Business Club. KELLEY, MARSHALL: Tampa; B.A. ; History; December 1966. KELLY, RONALD: Tampa; B.A.; Business; August 1966; Talos Fraternity; Circle K; Council of Fraternal Societies; Business Club. KILGORE, GERALDINE: Ruskin; B.A.; English/Liberal Educa tion; April 1967. KILPATRICK, CARLTON JR.: Brooksville; B A.; Spanish/Education; June 1966; Foreign Language Club; Uni versity Choir; SFEA. KING, JERRY: St. Petersburg; B A.; Psychology; April 1967. KINGCADE, THOMAS: Tampa; B.A.; Political Science; April 1967. KINNEY, BRUCE JR.: Caving, Cslifornia; B.S.; Engineering; April 1967. KINNEY, MARION: Zephyrhills; B.A.; English; August 1%6; Resident Assistant; Dorm Hall So cia l Chairman. KLUEH, MRS. KAREN: Temple Terrace; M A.; Special Educa tion; August 1966. KNIGHT, SANDRA: Naples; B.A.; Mathematics; April 1967 ; USF Theatre. KOTAKE, CHESTER: Miami; B.A.; Geography; December 1966; C rat o s Fraternity; Corres. Sec., Historian; Sigma Nu colony; USF Bowl ing Club; Fraternity Bowling League; University Concert Band; Community Chorus; Student Orientation Leader; Geography-Anthropology Club. KRUGER, GEORGE: Dade City; B.A.; Industrial Management; August 1966; Business Administration Club. KUMNICK, JOYCE: Tampa; B.A.; Elementary Education; December 1966. KUTZER, SUSAN: Miami; B.A.; Elementary EducationiLi brary A-V Education; June 1966; UC Hospitality Committee; J.S U.; SFEA. LAMKIN, WILLIAM: Melbourne; B.A.; Political Science; April 1967; Chief Justice-Student Court of Review & University Board of Discipline & Appeals. LAMPORT, KAREN: St. Petersburg; B.A.; Elementary Educa tion; December 1966. LANCASTER, VICKI: Ft. Myers; B.A.; Mathematics Educa tion; December 1966. LANE, ROBERT: Tamp a; B .S.; Electrical Engineering; April 1967; Enotas Fraternity; Engineer ing College Association; Florida Engi neering Society, President; Sigma Pi Sigma (Physics Honor Society) LAPORTE, GARY: New York, New York; B.A.; Speech Pathology & Audiology; April 1967; Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity; Movie Commit tee; Speech Pathology Club. LARKIN, ANN: St. Petersburg; B.A.; Elementary Educa tion; December 1966. LARUSSA, IRENE: Tamp a; B.A.; Elementary Education; April 1967 ; SFEA. LAUGHREY, MICHAEL: B.A.; Social Science; April 1967. LAWRENCE, JUDITH: Lakeland; B.A.; Sociology; April 1967. LAZZARA, MARIE: Tampa; B A.; English Education; April 1967. LEDBETTER, PAMELA: St. Petersburg; B.A.; Sociology, Educa tion, English & Humanities; April 1967; UC Personnel Committee; Tri Delta Sorority; En glish Club. LEFTON, KAREN: St. Petersburg; B.A.; Elementary Edu cation; April 1967. LEHR, ROBERTO: Bogota, Columbia; B.A.; Psychology; Au gust 1966. LEOPOLD, LOUISE: Zephyrhills; B.A.; Psychology; December 1966; Psychology Club; Catholic Student Organization LEPPOLD, JAMES: St. Petersburg; B.A.; Math e matics; De cember 1966 269

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LEVESQUE, FRED: Tampa; B.A.; Physics; April 1967; Sig rna Pi Sigma; Pi Mu Eps1lon LEWIS, NANCI: St. Petersburg; B.A.; Elementary Educa lion; June 1966. LEWIS, SHELBY: Lakeland; B .A.; Psychology; June 1966; Panhellenic; Chairman of Board of Stan dards; CFS, representative; "i. e." asso ciate edi tor ; Florida Poetry Festival, hostess; Senior Satire, Co author. LEZAMA, JOSE: Tampa; B.A.; Accounting; April 1967; Senior Accounting Organization LIEBACH, ELIZABETH: Nokomis; B.A.; Accounting; April 1967; Catholic Student Organization LIND, JENNY: Belize, Brit. Honduras; B.A ; Sociology; June 1966; Windjammer ; UC Special Events Committee; Water Ski Club. LIITLE, DIANA: Tampa; B.A.; Sociology; June 1966. I.OCASALE, SUZANNE: St. Petersburg; B.A.; Elem entary Educa tion; August 1966; Racquet Club, Sec Treas., Vice President. l.OHE. I.INDA: St. Petenburg; B.A.; Liberal Arts/Life Scirn<"et; December 1966. LONG. RAYMOND III: Tampa; B.A.; Sociology; April 1967. LONGNECKER, MICHAEL: Tampa; B.A.; Geography; April 1967. Lt!DTKA, GOLDIE: St. Petersburg; B.A.; Sociology; June 1966. Ll!FWJCK, CERITA: Tampa; B.A.; English Education; De<"ember 1966. LUMIA, JOSEPH: Tampa; B.A.; Accounting; April 1967; Senior Accounting Organization. LUNSFORD, NANCY: Tampa; B.A.; Music; August1966; MadOpera Workshop; WUSF RadioTV; Univers ity Community Chorus; Uni versity Fin e Arts Chorale; 1966 Summer Festival; USF Judo Club; Windjammers. M"ARTHUR, JOHN: Lakeland; B.A.; English; April 1967. McCASKILL, CHARLES III : Tampa; B.A.; Industrial Management; lkcember 1966; Enotas Fraternity; Busi neta Administration C I u b; Advertising Eucutive for the Oracle. McCOLLISTER, JOHN: Minnesota; B.A.; English; Apnl 1967: Arete Fraternity University Rand : Disc Jockey WUSF. McCORD, RONALD: Tampa; B.A.; Sociology; December 1966. ROSA:
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MOUNTAIN, SANDRA: Brooksville; B.A.; Economics; August 1966. MROZEK, RONALD: Miami; B.A ; Finance; August 1966; Golf Club, Vice President; Verdandi Fraternity Rush Chairman. MUETHER, MARY: Gulfport; B A.; Elementary Education; April 1967; SFEA; Univ. Chorus; Athenaeum; lntramurals. MULLINS, MURIEL: St. Petersburg; B.A.; Accounting; April 1967. NABBE, SUSAN: Gulfport; B.A.; English; April 1967. NAGER, GERALD: Tampa; B.A.; Marketing; August 1966; Business Club. NAZE, GEORGE: Madison, Wisconsin; B.A.; Accounting; April 1967; dorm hall Govt., Resident Assistant, Univ. Center Supervisor; Cra tos Fraternity, Rush Chm., Pledgemaster, IFC Representative, Vice-President, Best Pledge (Fall '64), IFC member at large, Sigma Nu Fraternity; Senior Accounting Oub; Senior Class president NOE, PATRICIA: Lakeland; B.A.; Social Science ; April 1967; Anthropology Club; Geography Oub. NOUSIANEN, EDWARD: St. Petersburg; B.A.; Zoo I o g y; April 1967. NUCCIO, SAM: Tampa; B.A.; Psychology; April 1967; Aegean: layout editor, assistant editor, editor-1964, 1966; Cratos Fraternity: pledge class president, social chairman; chaplain; rush chairman; University Center: personnel committee music commit tee chairman, program council chairman. Freshman Orientation leader. OAKES, GARY: Scranton, Pennsylvania; B.A ; History; August 1966 ; Gold Key Honor Society. O'CONNOR, GARY: Vest a I, New York; B.A.; Economics; April 1967; Economics Club; Business Administration Club O'CONNOR, JAMES JR.: Tamp a; B.A.; Chemistry; April 1967; Student Association; President Beta Hall; Chairman UC Special Events Committee; President Sigma Epsilon Colony of Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity. OGDEN, MRS. KAREN: Tampa; M.A.; Special Education; August 1966. OGDEN, THOMAS: Tampa; B.A.; Psychology; April 1967 O'LEARY, ROBERT: Ft. Lauderdale; B.A.; Political Science; April 1967; Cratos Colony bf Sigma Nu FraternityPresident, Chaplain, Social Chairman, Pledge Cla s s President; IFC Recording Secretary, Judiciary Com mittee; Catholic Student Organization; Water Ski Club; Students for Responsible Government; Political Union; UC-Special Events Committee; Public Relations Committee. OLSON, CHARLES JR.: Tampa; B.A.; Psyc hology; April 1967. OPP WILLIAM: Tampa; B.S.; Engineering; April 1967. OSBORNE, VINCENT JR.: Tampa; B.A.; Political Science; Decem ber 1966; Founder of Students for Re sponsible Gov't.; First Chairman of SRG ; SA Representative; Chairman Election Rules Committee; Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity; Political Union; Theatre OSMANN, JACK: St. Petersburg; B.A.; English/Education; August 1966. OTTO, MICHAEL: Mamaroneck, New York; Psychology; B.A.; August 1966 ; Verdandi Fraternity; Psychology Club. OUTTEN, LISBETH: St. Petersburg; B.A.; Business Educa tion; April 1967. OWENS, MRS. MARJORIE: Largo; M.A.; Library Education; April 1967. PAIZ, VIRGINIA: Tampa; B.A.; Elementary Education; De cember 1966. PALLONARI, ROSE: Miami; B.A.; English Education; Decem ber 1966. PALMATEER, SHARON: Temple Terrace; B.A.; Elementary Edu cation; December 1966. PAPP EMOKE: Orlando; B.A.; Psychology; April 1967. PARKINS, CAROLYN: Milton, West Va.; B.A.; Speech-En glish; December 1966; UC Program Council Secretary; V. Pres.; Movies Commit tee; Top Ten Club; "Blithe Spirit." PASCALL, CAROL: Clearwater; B.A.; Elementary Education; August 1966; UC Public Relations Com mittee; UC Program Council. PATE, MRS. OLGA: Tamp a; B .A.; Elementary Education; June 1966. PATTON, STUART: St. Petersburg; B.A.; Psychology; August 1966. PEARMAN, LINDA: Clearwater; B.A.; El e mentary Education; April1%7. PEARSON; JOHN: St. Petersburg; B.A.; Physi cs; August 1966. PENROD, JAN: St. Petersburg; B.A.; Industrial Manage ment; April 196i. PEREZ, ANTHONY: Tampa; B.A.; Accounting; April 1967; Senior Accounting Club; Circle K Oub; Charter Class Member. PERMUT, STEVEN: St. Petersburg; B.A.; Sociology; April 1967; Gold Key Honor Society. PERRICONE, DOROTHY: Tamp a; M.A.; Elementary Education ; August 1966. PERRY, RICHARD: Largo; B.A.; Psychology; August 1966. PETRICK, JOHN: Lutz; B.S.; Engineering ; April 1967 PHILIPS, DAVID: Delmar New York; B.A.; Economics; April 1967 PHILLIPS, ARTHUR: Lynbrook, New York; B.A.; Marketing; April1967. PHILLIPS, JANET: Plant City; B.A. ; Business Education; April 1967 ; Business Administration Club PHILLIPS, JOHN: Winter Garden; B.A.; Elementary Edu cation; August 1966. PIERCE, RICHARD JR.: Lutz; B.A.; Chemistry; April 1967. PIERSON, ALVIN: St. Petersburg; M.A.; Guidance; August 1966. PINIELLA, VIVIAN : Tamp a ; B.A.; Elementary Education; April 1967. PRENDES, VILMA: Tampa; B.A.; Elementary Education; April 1967; SFEA. PRESCHER, KATHRYN: Temple Terrace; B.A.; Elementary Edu cation; April 1967. PRIDGEN, MRS. NINA: Tampa; B.A. ; Elementary Education ; December 1966. PUGH, HAROLD: Tampa; B.A.; Elementary Education ; April 1967 PUGLISI, VINCENT: Tampa; B A.; Chemistry; June 1966. PUPELLO, SANDRA: Tampa; B.A. ; Physical Education; De cember 1966. PURDY, JOAN: Cazenovia, New York; B.A.; Elementary Education ; April 1967. PUTNEY, EVERETT: Largo; M A ; Elementary Education; June 1966. RAKES, ANDREA: Nokomis; B.A.; Sociology; April 1967; Young Democrats; USF Bowling League. 271

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RANDALL, DIANNE: Tampa; B.A.; Psychology; Augus t 1966; Psychology Oub. RAY, JOHN: Mount Dora; B.A.; Political Sci e n ce ; April 1967. RE, COSMO: Tampa; B.A.; Mental R etardatio n ; April 1967; Graduate Assistant, C olleg e o f Education; Lower Level A d visor; ATO Colony Advisor. REEDER, GRACE: St. Petersburg; B A ; Business Education; April 1967. J AMES: St. Petersburg; B.A.; E n g li s h ; D ece mber 1966. RESCIGNO, DIANE: Homestead; B.A.; F r e n c h Educati o n ; April 1967. REYNOLDS, DIANA: Dunedin; B.A.; Edu c ation; Dec emb e r 1966; UC Hospitality C ommittee. REYNOLDS, GLENN: I.akeland; B.A.; Social Science; April 1967. JOHN: Fernandina Bearh; B.A ; Geology; Arril 1967. M ARGARET: B.A.; Industrial Auauet 1966: Fides, Sorority; Business .o\dminietration Club. RICHARDS. DONALD JR.: St. Petenburg; B.A.; Psychology Ap ril 1967 RICHARDSON, HELEN: Jlade City; B.A.; English; Library Sci rn<"e; April 1967. RICHROl"RG. CAROL: B.A : EIPmentary E d ucat io n ; Arnl 1967; SFEA; Gamma Girl s Cound : Gamma Hall Academic C h ai r m an Honor Society; W h o's tn .-\mencan Colleges. RIEDY, LEROY: Sebrina: M.A.; English Education; A u 1966. RILEY. MRS. CAROL: Tampa; B A.; Elementary Educat ion; Dc1966. Rl\1:\R. ALLAIN: St. R.A.; French E ducati o n ; 1966. RIPPLE. Titu_nille; B.A:; Business Edutation; F1de! Sorority-Librari an ''"'prnJde!'t;_ Tn Delta Sorority; Stu dent AMD<"Jallon Representative; Secre tary-Trrasurer Delta Hall; Vice-President & .... rr .. u. dorm noor. ROBERTS. RICHARD: 272 De 'e'?..,..r 1966; Semor Arcounting Organi zatiOn. RODRIGUEZ, ANTHONY: Tampa; B A.; Finan ce; April 1967 RODRIGUEZ, SANTOS: Tampa; B.A. ; Business Education; April 1967. ROMLEY, BRUCE: Winter Garden; B.A.; Political Science; April 1967 ROOZEN, LUKE: Tampa; B.A. ; Anthropolo gy; Augus t 1966. RUMBLE, MEREDITH: Hollywood; B.A. ; Elementary Educ ation; April 1967. RUMRELL, RICHARD: Mango; B.A.; Political Science; April 1967; Circle K, Trustee; Forensic Society, Pres. & Vice Pres.; UC Public Relations Council; Young Democrats; Po I it i c a I Union; College U r b a n Research Org. Pres.; Pre-Law Club; Student A sso ci a tion, leg i s lator, repres entative-at larg e ; Table Tennis Team -Runner-up single s winn e r doubles RUSHING, LYNDA: Winter Park; B.A. ; English Education; December 1966. RUST, AARON: Tampa; B.A.; G eology ; De cember 1966 SAFKO, ANDREW: St. Petersburg; B.A.; Marketing; December 1966 SALGADO, MARSHA: Tampa; B A ; French; D ecember 1966; Frenc h Club SALMON, GEORGE JR.: Tamp a; B.A ; Elementary Education; August 1966 ; Tennis Team. SAMIT JACOB: St. Petersburg; M.A.; Guidance; Au g u s t 1966. SANDERS RICHARD: Orlando; B A ; S p ecial Education; June 1966; Exc e ptional Child Club. SANTMYERS, GORDON: Tamp a; B A ; Speech /History; April 1967; Bay Playe rs; Readers T h e a t r e Guild; USF The atre "Bellelamar, "The T empest; Dire c tor "48th City." SASTRE LUIS: Sanc ti-Spiritu s Cuba; B.S. Enginee ring Florida Soci e ty ; Engmeenng College Association; UC Program Co unci I; UC Dance Committe e Member and Chairman; International Stu: dent Organization, M ember and Preside nt. SA UCER, BARBARA: Ovi edo; B A.; E l e m entary Education; Apr il 1967. SAXON, JUDITH: Tampa; B.A.; Special Education; D ece m b e r 19 6 6 SCANIO, TOM: Tampa; B .A.; Psyc h ology; June 1966. SCHMITT IRMA: Valrico; B.A.; Zoology/Chemistry; April 1967; Student As s ociation Representative; Marine Biology Oub; Undergradua t e Re s earch Partici pant-Zoology. SCHREIBER, MARJORIE: Miami; B.A.; Psychology; April 1967 ; Hospitality Committ ee ; RA. SCHROEDER, ALLEN: Hollywood; B.A.; F inance; Dec ember 1966; Living Unit offic er; Business Club ; SA; Intramural Softball, football, so cc er. SCHULTY, DIANN: Chiefland; B.A. ; Elementary Education; December 1966. SCHULZ, WILLIAM: Tampa; B.S.; Engineering; April 1967 SCHWEITZER, ANTONIA: Philadelphia, Penn.; B.A.; Astronomy; April 1967; Astronomy Club; Bowlin g L eague; S a iling Club; Sportscar Club; Archery Club. SCOGGINS, LAURA: Miami; B.A. ; English/Education; April 1967; Tri-SIS sorority-chaplain, corre sponding sec., s ong c hairman; Senior Satires; Folk Sing Contes ts; Gree k Week Events; B e st-Dre ssed Contest. SCOTT, WILLIAM: Miami; B .A.; B roadcast/Speec h ; D ecem ber 1966; Z e ta Phi Epsilon Fraternity; Student Assistant WUSF Radio and T e l evision, Soccer Announcer for USF So c cer Team. SEDITA, REGINALD: Tampa; B.A.; Phys i cal Education; D e cember 1966; Tal os Fraternity. SELDOMRIDGE ALBERTA: Tampa; B.A.; C h e mi s t ry ; D ecember 1966. SELF JANICE: Palm Harbor; B.A ; Elementary Education; April 1967; SNEA-BSU. SHEARER, JOHN HENRY: Ft. Myers ; B.A ; E c onomics; D ecember 1966 ; Cratos co lony of Si gma Nu, p l e d gemas ter. SHEPHERD LORETTA: Tampa; B.A.; Phys i cal Education; De cembe r 1966; Tri D elta Sorority. SHOCKLEY, JAMES: Avon Park; B.A.; Zoology ; April 1967. SHORTT IRA: Tampa; B.A.; P s y c hology ; June 1 966 SIEGLER, MARSHA: Oldsmar; B.A.; Biology ; April 1967 ; Marine Biology Club. SIMMS, PATRICIA: Wes t Palm B e a ch; B.A.; El ementa r y Ed u cation; April 19 6 7. SIMPSON, RICHARD: Sarasota; B.A.; Mat h ; D ecember 1966; Pres. dorm hall ; R esident A ssis tant SIZEMORE, ELZA: Bradenton; B A.; Eng lish ; April 1967; Oracle Sports Editor; C a mpus Edi ti o n Copy Editor; V e rdandi; Sig m a Epsilo n Co I o n y a t hl e ti c chair m a n & pub li city c h a i rman; BSU

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SLACK, ROGER: Pinellas Park; B.A.; Physics; April 1967. SMITH, MRS. KAREN: Tamp a; B.A.; Elementary Education; April 1967. SMITH, MARY: Fort Myers; B.A.; Education; June 1%6. SMITH, PERRY IV: St. Petersburg; B.A.; Marketing; April 1%7; Oracle Advertising; Oracle Edito rial Cartoon. SOMERS, SUSAN: Sarasota; B.A.; Elementary Education; April 1967. SOUTHERS, SUZANNE: Spartanburg, S.C.; B.A.; Sociology; April 1967; UC Movie Committee. SPETH, DAWN: Jacksonville; B.A.; English/Journalism; April 1967; USF Windjammers. SPIVEY ; ELLEN: Tampa; B.A.; Social Welfare; December 1966 ; World Affairs Oub, Treas. SPOTO, TONI: Tampa; B.A.; English Education; Decem her 1966. STACKHOUSE, CHARLENE: Temple Terrace; M.A.; Elementary Education; August 1966; Community Chorus. STARKEY, ROBERT: Miami; B.A.; Accounting; April 1%7; Pi Kappa Alpha Colony President; Fra lerna! Policies; Interfraternity Council Representative. STARKS, ROBERT: Tampa; B.A.; Economics; April 1967; Cratos Fraternity; Sigma N u Colony; Business Club; Who's Who in American Colleges. STEEN, SAMMY: Jacksonville; B.A.; Sociology; June 1966; WUSF announcer; Campus Edition re porter; intramurals. STEIL, RAYMOND: Tampa; B.A.; Science Education; August 1966. STEIN MARYANNE: St. Petersburg; B.A.; Elementary Educa tion; April 1%7. STENGER, JACQUELINE: Bartow; B.A.; Elementary Education; June 1966. STEVENSON, ELIZABETH: Clearwater; B.A.; Art Education; Decem her 1966. STEVENSON, HARRIS: St. Petersburg; B.A ; Finance; Apr i I 1967; Economics Club. STEVENSON, MARY: Clearwater; B.A.; Art; April 1967. STOLBA, LOUIS: Tampa; B.A.; Political Science; Decem her 1966; Student Court of Review; Board of Discipline; Young Democrats; Political Union. STROM, GARY: Wildwood; B.A.; Geology; April 1967; Circle K; Cratos Colony of Sigma Nu Fraternity, pledgemaster. STROUP, NAIDA: Temple Terrace; B.A.; Physical Educa tion; April 1967; Physical Education Ma jors Club. STUART, MRS. PENELOPE: Madeira Beach; M.A.; Guidance; August 1966; Community Chorus. STURM, GARY: Sarasota; B.S.; Engineering; April 1967; Honorary Math Club; Gold Key Honor Society; Sec.-Treas. of Engineering Col lege Association; Vice President Florida Engineering Society; Dorm Officer. SULLIVAN, JERRY III: Tampa; B.A.; Marketing; April 1%7; Arete Fraternity; Freshman Orientation Leader. SULLIVAN, LINDA: Tampa; B.A.; English Education; April 1967; Delta Zeta Sorority; Pan hellenic Rep.; Student Association CB represen tative; Chairman Projects committee; In lerna! Affairs Committee. SUMMERS, COLLIER: Sarasota; B.A.; Humanities; August 1966; President, University Chorus; En semble groups; Intramurals; Folk sing Contest. SUMNER, RUTH: Tampa; B.A.; English; Library-Av Ed.; April1967. SUTTON, JOHN: Oearwater; B.A.; Art Education; April 1967; Botega Art Club, 1967 president. SWENDSON, GA YLEK: Tamp a; B.A ; Speech/English; April 1967. SWILLEY, MASON JR.: Tampa; B.A. ; English; June 1966. TAMBORELLO, ROSE ANN: Tamp a; B.A.; Elementary Education; April 1967. TAYLOR, JAMES: Orlando; B.A.; Accounting; April 1967; Senior Accounting Organization; Chair man Publicity Committee. TEAGUE, MARSHA: Tampa; B.A.; English; December 1966. TERRILL, PAM: Plant City; B.A ; Business Education; April 1967. THIES, JOHN: Brooksville; B.A.; Accounting; Decemb e r 1966; Corres. Sec., Publicity Chairman, Senior Accounting Club; Business Admin istration Club; Phi Sigma Xi affiliate of Tau Kappa Epsilon, Treasurer of Pledge Oass. THOMAS, GEORGE II: Tampa; B.A.; Philosophy; April 1967; Fencing Club, past president. THOMPSON, LAWRENCE: Tampa; B.A.; Geology; August 1966. THOMPSON, SHERMAN: Thonotosassa; B.A.; History; April 1%7. THOMPSON, WILLIAM: Winter Garden; B.A.; Psy c hology; April 1967. TILLMAN, JEFFREY: Tampa; B.A.; Economics; April 1967; Economics Oub; Intramural football. TOOMA, THEDE: Temple Terrace; B.A. ; Elementary Edu. cation; June 1966. TOUCHTON, BONNIE: Tampa; B.A.; Theatre Art/Fine Arts; April 1%7; Bay Players. TREBES, ROBERT: Tampa; B.A.; Psychology; April 1967. TRENT, SCOTT: Miami Beach; B.A.; Psy c hology; Decem her 1966; Jewish Student Union; Judo Club; Karate Club; dorm hall Social Chairman; Founding Brother Verdandi Fraternity (Sigma Epsilon Colony). TROWBRIDGE, VIRGINIA: Dade City; B.A.; Elementary Education ; June 1966; SFEA. TRUITT, WALTER JR.: Tampa; B.A.; Management; December 1966. TURNER, EUGENE: New Smyrna Beach; B.A.; Economics; December 1966. TURNEY, MARGARET T.: Leesburg; B.A.; Music Education ; April 1967; Who's Who in American Colleges. TYLER, NANCY: Temple Terrace; M.A ; Elementary Edu cation; August 1966. TYLER, WESLEY: Balm; B.A.; Marketing; August 1966. TYNER, CLARENCE JR.: Tampa; B.A.; Accounting; April. 1%7. UNDERHILL, MRS. DONNA: St. Petersburg; B.A.; Music Education; April 1967. UTHARNTHARM, VADEE: Ban g kok, Thailand; B.A.; International Studies; June 1966. UZ, JOANNE: Tamp a; B.A.; Elementary Education; December 1966. VAGTS, KENNETH: Land 0' Lakes; B.A.; Math; April 1967 ; Kappa Iota Omega Fraternity; President, Rus h Chairman & others; Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity President; Pi Mu Ep silon. VAN DEN ANCKER, CORNELIS: Tampa; B.A. ; Geology; April 1967. VAN WINKLE, NANCY: Orlando; B A.; Elementary Education; June 1966. 273

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Ve HORN, PAUL: St. Petersburg; B.A.; English; April 1967. VERMILLON, WAYNE: T a m p a; B.A.; Accounting; December 1966; Senior Accounting Club. VERNON, LYDIA: Asheville, N.C.; B.A.; Elementary Edu cation; June 1966. VILLADONGA, ESTHER: Tamp a; B.A.; Elementary Education; April 1967. VILLOT, ORLANDO: Tampa; B.A.; Natural Sciences/Botany; August 1966. VODAR, LAWRENCE: Clearwater; B.A.; Zoology; April 1967. WAISMAN, ROSEMARY: Tampa; B.A.; English; August 1966; Kappa Delta Sorority: pro j e c t s chm., Constitutional Revisions Chmn.; Student Gov't. Assoc. Representative; Interim Re Secretary, Executive Sec'y, Rules C.ommittee: Housing & Food Service Comm. Chmn.; UC Hospitality Comm.; Honorabltmention, Lew Sarett Speech Student, U. of Mass. WALEN. JOHN: Tampa; B.A.; International Studies: De '"""ber 1966; You nIt Democrats, Trea& Historian; World Affairs Club, VP; Political Union; Fencing Club. WALLACE. FRANCIS: St. Petersburg; B.A.; Sociology; August 1966. WALLACE, WILLIAM: Norfolk. Virginia; B.A.; Elementary Education; April 1967 WALLS. LINDA: :.\ladeira Beach; B.A.; Elementary Edu cation; April 1967. WALSER. GEORGE: Clearwater; B.A.; Political Science; June 1966; Liberal Arts Representative, Stu dent Anociation legislature. WALTHER. FRANK: Chicago, nlinois; B.A.; Sociology; August 1966; Talos Fraternity. WARD. MRS. BARBARA: Tampa; B.A.; Elementary Education; June 1966. WARD. MICHAEL: :.\liami; B.A.; Economics; April 1967. WARREN, CONSTANCE: Lutz; B.A.; Elementary Education April 1967. WATSON. RONALD: Dade City; B.A.; Accounting; April 196?: Who's in American Colleges; Accountmg Organization; Lambda Ch1 Alpha Fraternity. WAlTS, LEE: 2i4 Sarasota; B.A.; Social Studies Education; June 1966. WAY, HAROLD JR.: Tampa; B.A.; Social Studies; June 1966. WEAVER, DON JR.: Tampa; B.A.; Economics; April 1967; Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity; Econom ics Club. WEBB, JUDITH: Tamp a; B.A.; Botany & Bacteriology; April 1967; Sec., Treas., USF Russian Club; Pres., Russian Club; USF Deans Advising Council; member of Athenaeum. WEDEL, CAROLYN: Clearwater; B.A.; Chemistry; April 1967; Student Association; Vice Pres., dorm hall. WEDGE, MICHAEL: Tampa; B.S.; Engineering; April 1967. WEDIG, RICHARD: Bonita Springs; B.A.; Russian Language and Literature; April 1967; USF Russian Language Club, VP; USF Student Abroad 1966. WEILER, DARRYLE: Jacksonville; B.A.; Physics; April 1967; Physics Society; Sigma Epsilon Colony; Karate Oub; Judo Club. WEILL, MAX: Ft. Lauderdale; B.A.; English-Education; Apr i 1 1967; Eta-Zeta Dormitory Gov. Pres.; Resident Assistant Beta Hall; Zeta Hall Secretary. WEIR, BLAIR: Tampa; B.A.; Political Science; August 1966; Amicus Curea (Pre-Law Oub); Forensics; Varsity Debate Team; World Affairs Oub, parliamentarian; Political Union; Campus Forum, chairman; SA Legislator, parliamentarian Chief Justice Student Court of Review. WEISS, MAXINE: Miami Beach; BA.; English/Journalism; December 1966; Tri-SIS, 1st VP, Recording Sec.; dorm hall Secretary-Treasurer; Dormitory Standard Board Member. WHIITEN, MRS. EDYTHE: Tampa; B.A.; English/Library Education; December 1966. WIEST, CARLOS: Sarasota; B.A.; Economics; April 1967; Resident Assistant; Young Republicans. WILLIAMS, FLORENCE: Tampa; B.A.; English & History; April 1967. WILLIAMS, JOSEPH: Lakeland; B.A.; Sociology; April 1967. WILLIAMS, MERLE: Tampa; B.A.; Industrial Management; December 1966. WILSON, JAMES: lndi!'-larte; B.A.; Industrial Management; Aprd 1967; Lambda Chi Alpha Fratermty. WILSON, JOHN: Oneco; B.A.; Zoology; August 1966 Ma-rine Biology Oub. WILSON, KATHRYN: Tampa; B.A.; Math; April 1967. WINTER, DAVID: Largo; B.A.; Marketing; August 1966. WINTER, DAVID: Dubuque, Iowa; B.S.; Engineering; December 1966; Florida Engineering Society; Engineering College Association. WOODWARD, CORALIE: Winter Park; B.A.; Music Education; April 1967; Fine Arts Chorale; Opera Workshop; Madrigal Singer; University Religious Council; Syrinx; Basketweaver; University Chapel Fellowship; UC Music Committee; University Community Chorus; Resident Assistant; Sharmers 1964 Homecoming-2nd place in Folk Sing. WRIGHT CHRISTOPHER: Hialeah; B.A.; Physical Education; June 1966; PEM Club, parliamentarian. WRIGHT, WAYNE: Tampa; B.A.; Math; April 1967. YEABOWER, ANNA: Winter Park; B.A.; Spanish-Russian; August 1966; Tri-SIS Sorority, historian; Russian Club; Dance Club; Floor ViceChairman; Exchange Stu d e n t Program (U. of Mass.). YEARICK, JOHN: Miami; B.A.; Speech-Broadcasting; April 1967; Judo Club, vice-president; Phonet ics Club, president. YORK, MRS. BRENDA: Tampa; B.A.; Sociology; June 1966. YORK, CAROL: Panama City; B.A.; Elementary Educa tion; April 1967; Student Florida Edu cation Association. YOUNG, JANET: Tampa; B.A.; Elementary Education; December 1966; Delta Zeta Sorority YOUNG, RONALD: St. Petersburg; B.A.; Accounting; April 1967; Senior Accounting Club; Business Administration Club; Tennis Oub. YOUNG, SARA: Tampa; B.A.; Elementary Education; December 1966. YOWELL, RONALD: Clearwater; B.A.; Psychology; December 1966. ZEIKUS, JOSEPH: Thonotosassa; B.A.; Bacteriology; April 1967; Vice Pres., Gold Key Honor Society; Honors Convocation. ZIEGENHORN, MARY: Tamp a; B.A.; Elementary Education; April 1967; NEA; FEA. ZIEHL, BARBARA JEAN: Tamp a; B.A.; Elementary Education; April 1967. The above is a list of candidates for graduation and is by no means an official list of graduates.

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Index A Barritt. Lynn I 58 Brice, Richard 263 Chancey, Emmanuel 204 BASIC STUDIES 88 Briggs, John I09 Chapin, Judy 20Z BASKETWEAVERS 205 Bright, Chip 200, 201 Chapman, Alton I88, 234 Abare, Katie 230 Baaa, Eme1t 231 Brightwell, Richard 117 Chapman, Margaret 115 Abel, Barbara 141 Batelann, Due I78 Brink, Louise I97 Chapman, Terry I36 Abromovht, Joe 162 Bates, Barbara 158, 23I Briaard, Fred 202 Cbapo, Jim 136 ACADEMIC AFFAIRS 116 Batea, David 231 Britt, Jim 215 Chappell, Richard I36 Aclaae, Wayne 178 Battle, Dean Jean 94 Broob, Hugh I48 Charette, Ernie I77 Acosta, John 188 Bauer, Da'fe 1SO Broob, Ken 146 Cbaseen, Bob I78 Adame, Jessie 230 BAY CAMPUS 127 Broech, Raymond 232 Chatham Dave 156 Adame, Kay 141 Beach, Manha 134 Brower, Ronald 232 Cheatham, Jerry I46 ADMINISTRATION 86 Beaglee, Donna I39 Brown, Ben 132, 148 Cheatwood, Roy ISO ADMINISTRATIVE AFFAIRS 118 Bean, Tom I78 Brown, Berta 232 Cherry, Adrian 128 AEGEAN 182 Bear, John I42 Brown, David 188 Chestnut, Lee 188 Agdamag, Pete 148 Be a tty, De Ye ISO Brown, Ginger I44 Cbilde, Samuel 234 Aidman, Terry 154 Beaubien, Roger I48 Brown, Jeanne 188 Chiprut, Roberta 234 Aken, Steve 163 Becker, Willard 191, 231 Brown, Kenneth I97 Chrieteneen, Dale I32, ISO Albritton, Mary Ann 158 Bedingfield, John 202 Brown, Rick 132, I33, H2, 233, 258 Chung, Suzanna 158, 234 Alchediak, Betty I 58 Beecher, Alvah 102 Brown, Robert 201 Cianci, Jim 148 Alderfer, Sue 158 Beery, Ann 144 Brown, Tom 136 CIRCLE K 192 Alexander, William I97 Behvenuti, Bud I 56 Brownlee, John 150, 233 Clapp, Mari1ee 234 Algod, Jack 207 Beiro, Joe I88 Dave 192 Clark, Dennie 188 Algood, Jim 207 Belcher, Fred 162 Brusca, Donald 123 Clark. Ethel 263 Alkire, Kathryn 194, 230 Bell, Herb 146 Bruskivage, Steve 148 Clark, Herbert 160 Allen, AI 178 Bell, ]ani 139 Bryan, Bill 207 Clark, Jean 158, 234 Allen, Bobbie 158 Bell, Jon 148 Bryant, Bob 178 Clark, John 234 Allen, Donald Ill Bell, Larry 219 Bryant, Jylee 233 Claussen, Bob 136 Allen, Edmund 122 Bello, Ignacio 195 Bucklew, Karl 194 Clay, Jack 38 Allen, John S. 86, 87 Belsito, Mieay 53, 158 Buckley, Betty ISS Clayton, Henry 132, iS2 Allen, Patricia 82, 230 Belatrom, Pete 142 Buckmuter, Bucky 142, 188 Clement, David I 56 Almerico, Harriet 230 Belt, Carol 43 Bunch. David 195 Click, Gary I 56 ALPHA TAU OMEGA 136 Benaon, Beth 232 Burdette, Mary 141 Cline, Hubby 148 Alston, John 180, 194, 230 Bentley, Mary Ann 42 Burdick, Charles 156, 233 Cline, Harry I94 Alt, Richard I48 Benton, Elaine I4I Burgees, Donna 233 Clovis, Stu 146 Alvarez, Arlene 230 Benuenuti, Bud I90 Burnette, Lynn I88 Cohy, Sherry 139 Alvarez, Francia 150 Benz, Pat I42 Duma, Sandra 233 Cochran, Judy 167 Alvarez, Kriety 139 Benz, Patricia 263 Burroughs, Ivan 178 Cockman, Madiaon 234 Alvarez, Ronald 230 Bercov, Steve I46 Buohell, John 120 Cody. Cathy 141 Alvarez, Ruben 178 Bergen, Mira 158 BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 92 Cohalla, Richard ISO Alzugaray, George 230 Berrer, Steve I42 Byrd, Charlie 51 Cohen, Jeff 160 Amsden, Don 136 Bergman, Anne 206 Byrd, Dick 148 Cohen, Phil 156 Ambler, John 150, 178 Bergstrom, Marc 185 Coil, Gary 235 Anhrom, I96 Beringer, Bernadine 232 Coit, Catherine 235 Anderson, Chri1tian 97 Berkey, Gene 146 c Colandrea, Carl 235 Andenon, Robert 136, 230 Bernard, Kathryn 232 Cole, Larry 156 Andretta, Robert 201 Beeenhach. Magdalen 232 College, Dennie 142 Andrews, Canie 205 Beuttner, Walt ISO Collins, Thomae 235 Angermeir, ] oe I46 Bilbrey, Junior I60 Calderone, Hortense 233 Coltharp, St .... e 210 Ankrom, Suzan 188 Binder, Lynne I88 Caldwell, EdW11rd 89 Condon, Bob 207 Anthony, Cheryl 139 Birdeall, Bart 200, 201 Caldwell, Frank 132, 133. ISO, 177, 233 Cone, Sandra IS, 235 Anthony, David 154 Birkenmaler, Joann 232 Cali, Rote 134, I41 Coney, Ste?e 142 Archer, Robert 195 Biehop, Linda I90 Calmond, David 205 Congdon, Carol 194 Argyros, Elaine 231 Black, Brian 40 Calvert, Bob I32, 156, 233 ConiJTio, Anthony 192 Armae, Armando 231 Black, Carolyn 232 Calvert, Vivian 233 Conklin. Sara 188 Armatrong, Dan 160 Black, Charlee I88 Cameron, Richard 146 Conley, Fred 160 Armetrong, Sam 205 Blank, Stan 152, 178, Cameron, William 110 Connell, Mary 235 Arnold, Sue 231 Blanner. Mike 16?. Camp, William 233 Conrad, Cindy 141 Aehford, Theodore I07 Blevine, AI 152, 2I9 Cook, Julie 205 Aekew, John 146, 23I Blind, Mary Ann 190 Campbell, Su1an 233 Cook, Sharon 144, 235 Attaway, Cindy 202 Bloom, Steve 200 Campbell, Terri 139 Cook, Ward 1445 Aubrey, Judy 190 Bodler, Edward 124 Campo, Daniel 233 Cooney, Jim 148, 235 Aycock, Tom 207 Bodley, Ken 148 Campo, Mary 233 Cooper, Candace 235 Bogga, Jan 193 Camporamor, Joe 178 Cooper, John 142 Bonavia, Mike 178 Canizaree, Jorge 233 Cooper, Julee 141 B Bond, Wayne 194, 232 Capacette, Sutan 234 Cooper, R uaeU 100 Bonnet, Nancy 139 Cappolino, Joan 234 Cooper. William 178. 204, 235 Boma, Lynne 82, 232 Carbon, John 234 COOPERATIVE EDUCATION 113 Boroe, Andy 152 Carlson, Judith 234 Coplan, Patti 158 Barbor, Edwin 231 Carlton, Bert I62 Bachman, Rick 146, 231 Bottenfield, Kitty 158 Carmack, Elliot 188 Coppena, Jim 83, 152, 236 Bacon, Joy 18I Bouverat. Alan 42, 232 Carpenter, Bob 82, 132, 150, 167 Corbitt, Weldon ISO Bagby, Mike I62 Bower, Don 150 Carr, Mike 162, I92 Corcea, Ron ISO Bageard, Jean IS, 82, 167, I75 Bowen, Dr. 215 Carrier. Melvin 234 Comeilua, Bill 142 Baggerly, Carol 207 Bowen, Patricia 139 Carrier, Nancy I41 Coria, Ed 148 Bahmlller, David 23I Bowen, Richard 123 Carroll, Patricia 234 Corralea, Art 148 BOWLING CLUB 207 Coneia, Edmond 236 Bakehouae, Mary I88 Boyd, Cbrio 188 Carroll, Wayne 204 CosgroYe, Victoria 236 Baker, Judy 14I Boynton, David 232 Canten, Terry 234 Couture, Carla 17 Baldwin, Carol 231 Bradbeer, Linda 232 Carter, Claudia 114 CoriDgton, Harri.l!lon 103 Baldwin, David 231 Carter, Howard 234 Baldwin, Lyla 231 Bradford, George 148, 232 Carter. Lester 150 CoWllD, Luia 204, 236 Bam burger, Laurie 158 Bradley, Jacquilin 232 Carter, Marjorie 128 Cowdrey, Bill 190 Banks, Susan 139 Bradley, Jjm 146, 203 Cartright, Joe 201 Cramer, TreTor 188 BAPTIST STUDENT UNION 193 Brady, Ernest 185 Canan, Luis 178 Cranor, Larry 83, 152, 133, 150 Barber, Kathleen 205 Brady, William I86 Cuey, Karen 141 Cra't'ey, Ken 192 Bardin, Jeff 148 Braley, John 148, 210 232 Caeey, Myrl 234 Crawford, DaYe 1345 Brame&, Herman 129 Barett, Jamea 82 Branch, William 232 CassiaJ, Vincent I78, 204, 234 Cripe, Bunny 198, 236 Barfield, Sharon 158 Castillo, Ken I62 Cropper, Siecfried 236 Barfoot, Charlea 23I Brand, Mildred 263 Castleton. Lee 152 Croeley, ] ames 167, 192, 236 Barker, Mary Lou 115 Brandenberger, John ISO Castro, Roland I88 CROSS COUNTRY VARSITY 214 Barkes, Fulton 200 Brandon, Eugene 232 CATHOLIC STUDENT ORGAN 190 Croley, Kathy 205 Barnea, Allan 203 Brannon, Warren ISO, 190 Catlin, Rick 142 142 Braxton, Bob 192 Crowe, Dinkum Barnea, ] ohn 23I Cauvel, Ara 234 Braxton, Carol 232 Crowe, Edward 236 Barnes, Mildred 23I Cehree, Phil 201 CrownoYer, Alice 16, 139 Bame8, Wil1on 231 Brazeal, Barbara 182 Chakj, James 234 Bamett, Scott I 56 Brealin, Michael 188 Chamben, Jack 118 Croy, Larry 2345 Barr, Douglaa 231 Brice, Betty 158 Chancellor, Manuel 132 Culp, Connie 198 Barrett, Jamea 231 Brice, Frank 205 Chancey, Earl 178 Cumbie, Fred 146 275

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Forman, Guy 107 Griffiak, Lt:oUo 188 217 E Forrester, Virginia 239 Griffith, Danny 136 c ., ...... 236 Fortson, Julia 239 Griffith, James 241 c.tla, lllb 142, 215 Foss, Harean 42, 43 Griffith, John 99 C.W..IIuloan 236 198 Fowlkes, Irene 240 Griffith, Pete 142 c-,Joe 1SO Earl, Neal 160 Frabn, Kurt 142 Grin dey, Robert 217 c-, 1.1 Ecbevearia, Manny 148 Frank, Morry 154 Groenewoud, Mary 241 236 Economidae, George 146 Franklyn, Ray 156 Gro88, Joan 197 Eddy, Gene 238 Fraeure, Myra 240 Groseman, Peter 241 Edge, Latty 94 Fraeer, Sheila 158 Grovatski, Gloria 207 EDUCATION Grzywinald, Ed 163, 241 EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES 124 Freeman, James 240 D Edward&, Jim 136 French, Joyce 205 Guarino, Lorraine 158 Ehlert, Dnid 238 French, Sidney 96 Guarino, Myrtle 241 Eichelberger, Jackie 167 Fre1e, Karl 148 Guarlardo, Sharon 158 Eichholz, J err:r 124, 162 Frey, Jim ISO Guice, Anne 40 .......... 160 Eichhomvon Wunnb 108 Frey, Mike 132, 160 Gulnup, Floyd 241 O....F..U 178, 236 Eiferd, Julian 180 Friedman, Allan 154 Guitian, Larry 241 0.... Paalelte 1.1 Eikeland, Patricia 238 Friesner, Tom 202 Guker, Julie 188 D'AM-. Nkllolu 178, 204, 236 Elder, Norm 146 Fucarino, Diane 158 Gumption, Patsy 193 .,......._ WlllluD 95 EUmglwn, Roo 156 Fugate, Lee 148 Guy, David 241 Dulol. Paal 188 EUia, Bob 142 Fuleihan, Kathie 240 Gwinn, Holly 139 241 ....... enc. 139 EUia, Joe 132, 136, 238 Fuller, Harriet 141 Dulalo.JIIo 142 EDison, Sondra 238 Fulop, Robert 160, 240 H Dulalo, Kalft 139 Elman, David 200, 201 Fuaaro, Bernard 204, 206 Dulalo, l.arrJ 136 Elmore, Vicki 238 Fuuro, Beth 204, 206 D'Arpu. Peter 178 Elwood, Sam 201 .....,.,_ 150, 236 Emerman, Felice 141, 206 Hacker, Ed 194 Du9tll, ... 237 Engel, Jooeph 238 G Haffey, Mark 156 .... 188 Engelhart, John 238 Hagler, Becky 139 .....,, hcly ltt ENGINEERING 98 Da..,, .. _.. 93 ENGINEERING COLLEGE ASSOC 178 Haigley, Harry 181 Gadd, Michael 240 Hale, Duid 142 203 Engler, Bill 148 Dan..T-Gaddis, Jack 156 Hale, Dennis 142 Dafto, Da .. 237 ENOTAS 142 152 Gadsden, Bob 142 Hale, Dwight 132, 133. 156, .241 Dafto, O...lo 237 Earlaht, Joe Garfinkel, Gilda 206 Hall, David 241 238 .,.. ... J_ 237 Epling, Max Garland, Rick 156 HaJJ. J ennine 144 Davlo. ...... 203 Erhman, Charles 142 Gallant, Frank 148 Hall, Ro 141, 167, 177 DaY ... PloD 136 Ericbon, Uada 12"1 Gamble, Patty Iff Hamilton, Frank 162 Dafto, .. 1M Eapinou., Jack 50 239 Gangi, Kathy 158 Hammond, Eliubcth 188 .,_. .... Wllllaa 237 Euig, Sandra 125 Garcia, Aida 240 Hamway, DaYi d 241 Da ... Ranta 116 Estey, W ellln&ton 144, 239 G-.rcia, Jesus 142 Hancock. Ward 118 Doer ....... lot Eubanb, Edwina o.c .... r:r. u ... 150, 214 Eure, Tom 55 Garcia. Judy 144 Hannon, Pat 156 O.t.oa, Madellae 237 Eana, Daphne 139, 239 Garcia, Mike 136, 240 Han.en, Eileen 241 Do!Nere, C... 210 Eaell, Reaa 166 Garcia, Ron 215 Hansell, Joanne O.lloler. 126 Garda, Woody U6 H ardaway, Elliot 114 0.1 P-. .... 237 Gardner. Margaret 125 Harding, Merrick 241 DELTA DELTA DELTA 138 Garner, Robert 240 Harke. Gary 242 DELTA PHI ALPHA 140 F Garrett, Emily 188 Harkey, Jim 190 DELTA TAU DELTA 160 Garrett, Gloria 139 Harold, Richard 160 DELTA ZETA 141 Garrett, Shirley 240 Harper, John 176, 242 .,__, .,_. 141 Gartner, Herb 162 Harral{eonee, Emmanu('l 198 .,__,T-160 Fair, Jim 50 Gaehorn, Bob 148 Harrell, Joyce 242 O...rd.a.._. 118 Fallon, Pat 139 Gaakin, Gail 158 Harry, Rick 163 .,.. .... s. ... lta Falzone, Bill 192 Gaston, Richard 219 Harshman. Jim 163 .,.. .... 801 52,54 Fancher, Art 204 Gates, Jim 136, 240 Hart, Carlton 129 O.T .. clo, IUUonll 1116 Fannlna, Sandra 239 Gause, Shannon 144 Hart. Lou 156 Dav ...... T.., 178, 204 Fantone, John 142 Geoffrion, Luke 142 Hartis, G eo r,..c 152 DtYIIIe, Z.aet 201 Farmer, Dorothy 188 Georgiua, Kathleen 139 Hartman, Phillip 195 .,.. .... J .... 188 Farrar, Rayfae 263 Geesman, Albert 106 Haney, Ann 263 .,..,....., 146 Fe&J)e, Phylllo 158 Gibbs, Charlotte 139 Haney, Paul ISO .,. ................... Ita FOUDeybou1h, Cheryl 194 Gifford, Don 177 Haalett, MaTCia 139 Dt1t'l11, 0.. 163 Giglio, Gerald 162 Hatton. Linda 144 ...... c-. 146 Feathermau, Craig 142 Giglio, Geraldine 158, 159 Hawkins, Karen 141 .,......, Carol 237 Fechter, Eule 239 Gilbert, Mary Anne 15, 158 Hawkin1, Ronald 242 .... .. 178 Fee, Pam 139 Gilmore, Charlie 185 Hayhu .. t Patti 207 .... .... 237 Feldman, Bob 203 Gimpel, Leonard 194, 240 Hearn, Ellen 242 .,..._ Vldle 193 Faley, Ph!Uip 190 Givena, Opal 263 Heath, Chari .. 136. 219 .,....._,Jeff 142 Felty, noreuce 239 Givena, Paul lll Heath, Jetty 205 .,...._,a-n 156 FENCING CLUB 207 Glenum, Anthony 240 Heck, Sharla 242 ........ 154 Fender, Suaaa 239 Goins, S&Ddra 134, 141 Hefiey, Shira 242 Dl .. l. 0...11 190 Fersuoa, Craia 201 Goldberg, Mark 154 Helseson, Robert 178, 195 D!rMtor, Alo 206 ForkiDa, Ed 188 Goldstein, Frank 152, 240 Helton, Larry 163, 191, 207 2S7 Goldstein, Robert llO .,...._,T-lta Ferllta, Som 194 GOLF VARSITY 215 Rendenon, Frank 178, 204, 242 Do.IMa, 11'1JU.. 154, 203 Fernanda, Andy 156, 239 Gomez, J ooepb 118 Hender110n, Cern 194 Doet ......... 141, 190 Fornand .. Cheryl 158 Gomez, Osborne 128 Reudenoa, William 242 .... 158, 2S7 Fernandes, Dennie 239 Gonzalez, Alphonso 110 Hendrich, Leonard Doaal ..... llerlo 98 Femandn, Uana 158 Gonzala1, Frank 148 Hendrlckoon, Holly 144 212 DoooUoe.Pal 141 Fotocber, Paul 162 Goodall, Suaan 240 Hendrick, Neal 178, 204 .,.... .. Joff 162 Ferrara, Goylo 239 Goodbread, Larry 156 Hentosh, Jennifer 205 o..-. .... 2S7 Ferrao, Stove 178 Goodman, Larry 180, 240 Herman, Bonoie 139 o.n ........... 1SO .,_._ ....... 193 FerrN, Euaene 204, 239 Goodetone, Judith 240 Herman, Mary 144 .,....t,, Lactla 82, 237 FnenteiD, Paul 197 Googe), Phylllo 206 Herold, Dave 194, 242 o... J- 2S7 Field, GU 192 Goorland, Bruce 194 Herrick, Sandy 136 o..u... \'lf1181a 2S7 Floldln1, Julie 183 Gordon, Betsy 167 Heney, Dan 148 242 ........ c.. 136 Flolda, Clwleo 215 Gordon, Joe 152, 178 Horts, Gil 43 DIW.O... 160 FiDe, Lawrence 239 Gordon, Sam 150 H-, Kathy 144 ............ 210 FINE ARTS 101 Gordy, Robert 178 195 Hevia, Latty 182 O.....Al ...... 1116, 2S7 Fink, kathy 188 Goreth, Gary 240 Hlgglng, Donald 204 .,....., ........ 116 .,..,.,, 11111 156, 162 Fl8cher, Don 146 Gould, James 104 HiggiDa, Don 178 .,..,.,, Canl 237 Floher, Bob 53 Gowan, Howard 235 High, Chuck 150 .,..,, a.taa IM Fieber, Edward 239 Gower, Roben 188 Hightower, Carolyn 193 Dam.. co-N 2S7 Floher, Marpret 121 Graefe, Bunny 198 Hightower, Terry 150 ...... J ... 188 Flelacll.aker, Roealie 239 Grady, DenDy 1SO Hilburn, Gwyn 141 .,..., J 158 Fleauninc. Ray 142, 178 Graage, Roger 111 Hilker, Latty 132, 136, 242 .,..., ....... 2S7 204, 239. 258 Graves, Gretchen 240 HID, Alan 242 .,..., .... 237 Fletcher, Henry 188 Gray, Nancy 193 HID, Clyde 119 ....... Done ltS, 2S8 .,_._Done ISO Fila, Pete 142 Greaoy, Bill 201 Hili,E-e 178 .,__ .... 204 FLORIDA ENGINEERING SOCIETY 204 Greenfield, Shirley 240 Hill, Jooepb 242 .,__ ..... I Sf Flo1111&D, Neb 205 Gregory, Andra 139 241, 258 Hill, Mary 139, 242 .,__ .... 177 Flaa, Cuoy 146 Gregory, Pat 160 Hill, Nancy 242 ....,_, ... 1U nJ"'Ia., Knin 239 Greyaon, Jim 201 Hill, Roberta 242 .,. ..... 181 Foley, Mike 178, 204, 239 Griffin, Jack 207 Dinkel, Jim 154 .... U9 Ford, Diane 239 Griffin, Jim 146 Binaou, Mary 193 276

PAGE 278

Hinton, Scbatzi 134, 184 Johnson, Bob 203 L Mabagan, Mike 136 Hiott, Robert 242 Johnson, Dennis ISO Mahone, Jane 134 Hite, Claude 190 J obnson, Donna 139 Mahy, Richard 248 Hlas, Stephanie 243 Johnson, Elizabeth 245 Maile, Dave 142 Hodges, Charles 136 Johnson, Gordon 46, 101 LaBruzza, Joe 148 Maksim, Shirley 248 Hoerbelt, Richard 136 Johneon, James 204 Lackland, James 204 Malafronte, J obn 156, 248 Hoffman, Marsha 82, 144, 243 Johnson, Jeff 206 Lackland, Rell 142 Malcolm, Gail 188 Hogan, Sylvia 243 Johnson, Lois 245 Lackman, Mike U2 Manca, Harry 248 Hogue, John 148, 176 Johnson, Paul 207 Lake, Duane 62, 123, 167 Manetta, Kathy 183 Holcomb, Dan 210, 211 Johneon, Robert 188 Lala, Frances 141 Manigold, Terry 192 HoUand, Sara 243 Johnstone, Jennifer 190 Lambert, Edie 197 Manker, Cba rles 94 HoUembeak, Harry 178 J ohnetone, Terry 139 LAMBDA CHI ALPHA 146 Manker, Phillip 248 HoUoway, Kay 139 Jones, Anthony 205 Lamkin, Bill 142, 177, 246 Mansour, Nonnan 136 Holt, Brian 210, 212 Jones, John Paul 142 LaMonda, Sonny 136 Manz, Robert 248 Holt, Sally 243 Jones, Marvin 245 LaMonte, Charles 136 Marcus, Ralph 154 Honeycott, Kathy 144 Jones, Pam 139, 188 Lamport, Karen 246 Marder, Alan 154 Hooks, Ben 148 Jones, Surfer 201 Lamson, Nancy 191 Maris, Wayne 248 Hopper, Alan 188 J onee, Terry 205 Lancaster, Vicki 246 Mark, David 154 Hopper, Barry 82, 188 Jones, Tom 200, 204 Lance, Earl 193 Marks, Joyce 139, 248 Hormung, Thomas 243 Jordon, Janice 144, 245 Landley, Barbara 191 Marlin, Frank 136 Hormuth, Bobby 243 Josey, Freddie 245 Lane, Bob 178, 204, 246 Marrich, Leslie 158 Hqme, Nelson 146 Joyce, Carol 205 Lane, Rich 142 Marsee, Janet 248 Horton, Leslie 15, 17, 134, 144 JUDO CLUB 204 Langford, Bruce 148 Marsh, Betty 188 Horvath, John 210 Jurgeneen, Louis 93 Langstaff, William 188 Marshburn, Charles 136 Hosking, Karen 243 LANGUAGE-LITERATURE 104 Marshburn, Richard 150 Houck, Jim 210 LaPointe, Don 207 Mashburn, John 248 Houllis, Mike 197 K LaPorte, Gary 246 Marshall, AI 148, 201 Houston, Tom 217 Larkin, Ann 246 Marshall, Myrna 195 Howarth, Diane 191 LaRusse, Irene 246 Marshall, Phyllis 123 Howell, Sara 125 Lathum. Joan 141 Martin, Edwin 88 Howland, Dave 148 Laubach, Bob 146 Martin, Marty 146 Howze, Dick 219 Kahn, Judy 245 Laudetty, Bishop 191 Martino, Sandra 158 Hoyle, Jim 146 Kalb, Sturart 215 Laughrey, Mike 148, 246 Mas, Marie 144 Hudson, Lucille 139 Kalhas, Bill 132, 152 Lavicka, Ken 194, 207 Mason, Margaret 144 Huey, J. A. 197 Kalman, Barbara 83 Lawrence, Judith 247 Mason, Ronald 195 Huff, Bettie Ann 15,144 Kane, Jerome 195 Lawrence, Stu 146 Massari, Angelo 158 Hultzen, Karen 158 Kaner, Phil 136 Lawson, Carolyn IS, 134, 141 Linda 191 Humble, Charles 142 Kania, Leonard 160, 184 Lawson, Manley 204 MalheWBon. Ken 178 Hummel, Larry 207 KAPPA DELTA 144 Lawton, Allred 116 MaxweU, Stephen 195 Homrich, Jim 152, 243 KARATE CLUB 200 Lazzara, Marie 247 Maybury. Calvin 109 Hunt, Carl 243 Karton, Michael 245 Ledbetter, Pam 139, 247 May, Nellie 263 Hunter, Bill 148, 244 Kastner, Sharon 141 Ledford, Sue 144 Mayo, April 158 Hunter, Richard 119 Keating, John 156 Lee, Bob 146 Dulcie 139 Hunter, William 244 Keegan, Bill ISO Lee, John 197 McArthur, John 248 Hurd, Bob 194, 244 Keene, Dave 192, 245 Lee, Linda 158 McCalla. Dennis 203 Hurley, Archbishop Joseph 190 Keene, Kenneth 245 Lefton. Karen 139, 247 McCarty. Jack 188 Hurley, Helen 244 Keene, Wayne 120 Legan, Glen 207 McCaskill, Charles 248 H'!rley, Karen 141 Kell, Jim 148, 195 Lehman, Rick 215 McClellan, Dorothy 178 Hutchinson, Doris 141 Kellam, Diane 139 Lehr. Roberto 247 McClure, Sui!Jan 141 Kelleher, Kevin 217 Lemler, Dewayne McCollister, John 148, 248 Kelley, John 109, 195 Leopold, Louise 247 McColJum, Tom 177 I Kelley, Marshall 245 LePorte, Clarice 188 McCord, Norm 146 Kellogg, John 146 Fred 195, 247 McCord. Ronald 248 Kelly, Anne Ill Levines. Jeff 136 McCown. Joann 207 Kelly, Bill 217 Lewis, Nanci 144, 247 McCoy, Carol 144 Ilgenfritz, Herb 178 Kelly, Dennis 194 Lewis, Shelby 247 McCullough. John 163, 191, 207 INFORMATION SERVICES 126 Kelly, Lynnette 134, 139 Lezama, Joe 194. 247 McDonald, Jerry 160 L'Hommedien, Frank 148 McDermott. Sue 144 INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL 132 Kelly, Ronald 245 LIBERAL ARTS McElrath, Rosa 248 INTRA MURALS 220 100 Kelner, Brian 156 LIBRARY McEver, John 178 INTRAMURALS STAFF 198 114 Kenning, Pete 217 Lichtenberg, Donovan McEvoy, Tim 210 Ippolito, Charlotte 244 97 Kerce, Ken 148 Lichtenfel!, Dave 148, 167 McEwen, John 136 Irmiter, Michele 141 Kessler. Harold Liebach, Liz 190, 194, 247 McFadden, Bernard 190 Isham, Barbara 244 Isherwood, Tom U6 Kiefer, Christian 90 Lilly, Steve 178 McFarland, Sandy 160 Kilgore, Geraldine 215 Lilly, T. E. 193 McGahey, Guy 207 Kilpatrick, Carlton 245 Lincoln, Dick 188 McGarry, Dennis 148 King, Bruce 193 Lind, Jenny 247 McGarry, Murroy 248 J King, Charles 160, 190 Lindsey, Joan 82, 134, 144 McGinnis, Jack 148. 177 King, Jerry 245 Lindsey, Rod 142 McGrsth, 139 Lines, Pam 202 King, Raymond 122 Linkennauger, Don 156 McGraw, Barbara 248 Jackson, Charles 244 King, Richard 146 Litzinger, Gerry 148 Mcinvale, Jayne 139 Jackson, Joel 244 King, Sally ]93 Little, Diana 247 McKenna, Mike 146 Jacob, Tom 194, 204 Kingcade, Thomas 245 Little, Karen 144 McLaughlin, Dusty 167 Jacobo, Father 190 Kingsberry, Harry 160 Littlewood. Ted 146 McLaughlin, Jim 146 Jacobs, Loretta 83 Kinney, Bruce 204, 245 LoCasale, Suzanne 247 McLaughlin. Nancy 190 J acohs, Ralph 205 Kinney, Marion 245 Locke, Dean 188 McManus, Charles 178 Jacohoahn, Jeff 156 Kirby, Carolyn 82, 144 Loftin, Curtis 142 McMillan. Brad 160 Jacobson, Stanley 244 Lobe, Linda 247 Kirpatrick, Jerry 126 McMurrey, Roger 248 Jacobson, Steve 206 London, Joey 206 Jacobus, Wayne 210 KirBner, Steve 154 Long, AllRne 205 McMullen, David 136 James, Dick 142 Kish, Ed 146 Long, Ray 160, 194, 247 McNaughton, Mike 217 James, Joyce 188 Kitchen, Kenneth 154 Long, Robert 108 McQuay, Phillip 203 James, Ronald 244 Klein, Janet 198 Longnecker, Michael 247 McSbeehy, Jamee 178 Jameson, David 244 Klueb, Karen 263 Love, Wayne 152, 178 Meksraitis, Mike 177, 249 Jardin, Elizabeth 144 Knaus, Tom ISO Lucas, AI ISO llfellish, G. H. 202 J arocb, Thomas 244 Knight, Ed 193 Lucaa, James 112 Mellioh, G. H. Mrs. 202 Jaros, Jamee 263 Sandra 245 Ludtka, Goldie 247 Menendez, Marilyn 249 Jaworeky, Richard 196 Kolber, Cliff 154 Lumia, Joe 194, 247 Mercer, Charla 249 J effcoate, Rick iso Jeffries, John 136 Kobrin, Dave 156 Lund, John 148 Barbara 249 Jenkine, AI 201 Koenig, Mary Frances 187 Luneford, Nancy 248 Mesene, Ronald 249 Jenkins, Ernie 146 Koepcke, Judi 167, 170, Lupole, Bill 197 Metcalf, Ralph 178 Jenkins, Fred 166 Kopp, Edgar 98 Lynch, Betsy 40 Metcalf, Rick 142 Jenkins, Jack 51, liS Kossow, John 203 Meyen, Denny 213 Jenkin, Sally 51, 175 Kotake, Chester 150, 245 Meyer, Jean 249 Jenkins, Kathleen 244 Krechoweki, Bill 136 M Micarelli, Charles 91 Jenkins, Melba 57 Kriegbaum, Ray 188 Michels, Lou 201 Jenkins, Neil 188 Krivanek, Jerome 107 Michiels, Shelia 141 J enninp, Jerry 244 Krog, Jim 207 Mikal&On, Ann 158 J ergensen, Claudia 42 Kruger, George 245 Msas, Robert 201 Miller, Bob 142 Jett, Tom 152 JEWISH STUDENT UNION 206 Kulas, Diane 139 MacFerran, Ernie 150, 178, 248 Miller, Charlea 178, 249 Jimenez, Jim 148 Kumnick, Joyce 139, 246 MacGill, Carol 184 Miller, Doris HI Johns, Diane 144 Kurek, Diane 141 MacPherson, Dale 184 Miller, Ernest 93 J ohno, Marysol 244 Kutzer, Susan 246 Madill, Gene 194 Miller, George 113 277

PAGE 279

MJU... ... 249 O'Connor Jim 132 152, 153, 251 Prentice, Erneet 162 Rodgers, Charles 167 Mill. Mlcllelle 204, 206 O'Connor, Kim 190 Preschef, Kathy 144, 193, 253 Anthony 255 Mill, a-249 O'Dell, Herbert 38, 39 Preston, Orie 162 Rodriguez, San toe 255 I(Jim, SuoMI 96 Oditt. Carol 4{), 139 Pridgen, Nina 253 Roe, Paul ISO MDI. s- 249 Odom, Dwight 178 Price, Butch 148 Rogers, Andrew 119 MJIIer, T-178 Ocden, Jean 194 Pritchard, Buddy 146 Hogen, Bill 207 MIIUU., aollon 249 Ogden, Karen 263 Pritchard, Larry 142 Rogers, Jane 194 .. -. IJaina AleE 56 255 252 Santucci. Danny .. ,_ .,..., 1111, 210 Peeler, Jerry 4{), 42 REGISTRAR 112 136 Peeler.. Scott 192 Reilly, Tim 128 Sapentein, Steve 154, 203 Penrod, Scott 252 Reiter. Karen 206 Sargeant, Dick 197 N Peru, Anthony 192. 252 Rennie, Jamn Saeser, Pat 1114 253 Sa1tre, Luia Pereo, Bob Reeeigno, Dianl' 204 253 Satterwhite, Jim Perez, Lole 144 Realer, Libby 167 193 POTkino, Allan 195 Reynolds. Diana Saucer, Barbara 255 254 Savidge, Mike ....... s-144, 250 Permut, Steven 252 R eynolds, Glenn 150 ... ,,......, o. .. 254 Sawyer, Chris ....... c...w 162, 217 Peroutka, Cral, 203 Reynolds, John 254 Sason, Judith 134 144 250 Perricone. Dnrothy 263 Rf'ynolde, Roy 255 NATVIIAL SCO:NCES 178 S.:affe, Norm 107 Perry, Richard 252 Rhyne. Margaret 148 "-CO.... 60, ISO, 167, 250, 258 254 Scalee, Claude ........ ... Peterwon, Carl 163 Rich. Thomu 82, 197 178 Pettlcrew. Dne 89 Sca.nio, Tom 255 ........ Eie. 139, 219 205 Richardson .. Louis 207 ...... F ... 192 Petrick. John 178, 2$2 Richards, Don 136 254 Schafer, Sylia 188 .........,,_., 203 Petrick, John 204 Richard11on, Helrn Schafotall, Cback 146 254 Schmidt, Eric Von .--.aid 1S2, 148 Pl'lruob, Andy 146 Richbourg, Carol 175 "Jaclo PHI DELTA THETA 82,::54 Schmidt, Nadine 198 148 Richmond, Robert HI Nlee. J.., Pbllllpo, Anno 120 Schmitt, John 144 41, 42. 43 Riedy, LeRoy 156 Nlolo.lo, ...... Phlllipl, o ... 263 Schneider, Don 144 148, 253 Riepel. Joyce 136 N......_C_ 150 Pblllipo, Ed 190 Scbipfer, Ruoh 142 Rieth, John 255 Nlaloelo. ltorn 139 Plolllipo, JanPt 203 Schneider, Glenn NloW, J..Utlo 188 253 Riley, Carol 254 Schrader, Daryl 178 N ....... Erik 185 Phlllipe, John 253 Rimar, Allain 254 Schreer, Linda 206 NW...,J ... PbUIIpo, Scott 253 Rinehart, Jim 206 204 219 Schreiber, Marjorie .._..._ Fatloft 191 PbUIIpo, Tim 52, 54 Ripple. Pam 139, 254 255 ..... h .... 250 Phlppo, Jack 162 RIPIENO CLUB Schroeder, Allen 255 .......... ., 188 Schultz. Diann 188 Pierce. Richard 148, 253 Ri11rnan, Steve 256 ....._ IUdt 172 Pieroon, Alin Ritchie, Steve 132 Schulz. Bill 178 263 156, 191 Schulz, Tom ....... ..__ 144 Pleoco, Nick 217 Richter, Keith 150, 167, 194 ....... ... PI KAPPA ALPHA 154 Scbuls, William 118 162 Rinck, Steve 204 256 ........... Eftar
PAGE 280

Seisler, Ralph 186 Stephenson, Don 215 TRI Sllj 158 Well, Jeff IU Seifert, Jerry 210 Stemetein, Jerry !54 Trocki, Carol 202 Weir, Blair 261 Seldomridse, Alberta 256 Stetler, Alan 217 Trowbridge, Vira:inia 259 Weiler, Danyl 152, 21)6 261 Self, Janice 256 Stevenaon, Elizabeth 257 Trudo, Kip lSO Weill, AI 136 SENIOR ACCOUNTING CLUB 194 Stevenson, Harrie 257 Truitt, Walter 82, 83, 259 Weiu, Maxine 261 Senn, Bill 156 Steventon, Mary 257 Teavaria, Carol 42 Welker, Robert 163 Senn, Diane 193 Stewart, Gall 206 Tyler Nancy 263 Wells, Bill 205 Seyller, John 178 Stewart, Mike 142 Tyl er, Wesley 259 Welle, Terry lSO Sexton, Ruu 148 Stewart, Nonnan 194 T yner, Clarence 259 Wella, Wilbur 148 Sexton, Ted 150 Stewarta, Steve 205 Tyrrell, Tim 146 Weleh, Barbara 188, 190 Shane, Karen 188 Stewart. William 114 Tumminia Pete 210 Wendlina, Barbara 158 Shannon, Robert 94 Stillo, Frank 148 Turner, Eugene 136, 259 Weal, R. J. 194 Sharpleaa, Bill 210 Stockton, Suaan 197 Turner, Larry 142 We.t, Shirley 261 Shaw, Ron 152 Stoelr.el, Gloria 144 Turney, Margaret 82, 13i, 158, 259 Wett, Dinah 207 Shearer, John ISO, 256 Stolba, Louie 257 Tuttle, Leater 97 Whaley, Ruaaell 103 Shepherd, Carol 139, 256 Douglaa 96 Twiaa. John 99 White, Charlotte 158 Sheppard, Jim 146 Stone, Jeanette 167 Whitehill, Ed 146 Shirley, Vic 148 Stricklin, Bob 142 215 Whitten, Edythe 261 Shockley, James 256 Strom, Cary 150, 257 WHO'S WHO 82 Shore, Frank 136 Stroub, Ron 160 u Wllland, Karl 195 Shortt, In 256 Stroup, Naida 257 Wiest, Carlos 261 Shiver, Jack 148 Stuart, John 204 Wilder, Bob 162 Siebold, Ed 194 Stuart, Penelope 263 Wildy, Charles 121 SIGMA ALPHA IOTA 195 Stuart-Moore, Viki 196 Ulman, Gary 162 Wilenaky, Michael 206 SIGMA NU 150 STUDENT AFFAIRS 121 Ulvila, Larry 202 Jane 139 SIGMA PHI EPSILON 152 STUDENT ASSOCIATION 176 Underhill, Donna 259 Wilkin, Rick 136 Silverwood, Kermit _122, 162 !!TUDENT VESTRY 191 Union, Jerry 156 Willet, Craia ISO Simpson, Richard 256 Sturaill, David 136 UNIVERSITY CENTER 166 Williams, Joe ISO Sims, Barry 52, 54, 197 Stunn, Cary 178, 204, 258 Upoon, Bill 162 Williams, J oeeph 261 Simms, Patticia 256 Sudbury, Glenn 202 Ur Donna 139 Williams, Florence 261 Singleton; Kenneth 188 Suldo, Mike 202 Urbanek, Raymond 95 WiJliama, George 146 Sinn, Georae 136 Sullivan, Ann 141 USF FORENSIC 197 Williams, Merle 261 Sullivan, Jerry 258 Uthamtharm, Vadec 259 Williameon, Joan 139 Sineley, Howard 112 Sullivan, Linda 134, 258 Utley, John 156 Wilaon, Bob 152 Sizemore, Lee 152, 181 Sullivan, Marty 162 l!z, Joanne 259 Wilson, Fran 15, 82, 83, 158 Slack, Roger 256 Sullivan, Michael 171 Wilson, Kathryn 262 Slagle, Fred 133 Summers, Collier 258 Wilson, Jim 146, 261 Slaale, Paul 205 Sumner, Ruth 258 Wilaon, John 261 Slott, 146 Sutton, John 258 v Wilson, Ward 148 Smith, Carol 134, 144 Sutton Tom 201 Wimmert, Robert 99 Smith, Dawn 167, 205 Swendson, Gayle 258 Wines, Riley 205 Smith, Hennon 132, 162 Swiger, Tom 154 WINDJAMMERS 205 Swilley, Maaon 258 Winklea, Frank 142 Smith, Jim 178, 207 SWIMMING, VARSITY 216 Vack, Jerry 148 Winter, DaYe 178 Smith, Karen 256 Synychak Roman 210 Vasta. Ken 132, 146 Winter, David 262 Smith, 207 Valdes, Sandra 259 Winter, David 204, Z62 Szabo, Paulette 134 139 Smith, Larry 205 Vale, Jim 192 Winthrop, Henry 110 Smith, Mary 256 Valenti, Dania 139 W iae, George 146 Smith, Perry 256 Valenti, Janet 158, 182 Witbworth, Jay 156 T VaaBuokirk, Bob 136 Smith, Rick 152, 188 Wolfeon, Allen 154 Vanderford, Duffy 193 Wood, Kathy 262 Smith, Robby 207 Van Winkle, Nancy 260 Wooda, Glen 203 Smitb, Steve 201 Vedner, Howard 178 Woods, Sue 144 Smith, Tom 201 Taft, William 117 Vehorn, Paul 260 Woodward, Coralie 262 Smith, Wayne 136 TAl CHI CHUAN 206 Vclde, Helge 201, 210 Wria:ht, Carroll 146 Smyth, Ed 160, 183 Talbert, Mile Veoner, Art 152 Wript, Christopher 262 Smythe, William 207 Talty, Pat 141 VenniJJoo, Wayne 260 Wriabt, Jackie 188. 196 Vigo, Cyatbia 141 Sneed, Richard lSO Tankeuley, Tom 146 Villadooga, Esther 260 Wript, Jim 148 Snow, Bill ISO Tanner, Larry lSO Villareal, Suaan 141 Wrisbt, Lynn 158 Snyder, Dave 156 Tamborello, Roseann 258 Villot Orlando 260 Wriabt, Pam 188 SOCCER VARSITY 210 TAU EPSILON PHI 154 Vine, David 154 Wrisbt, Wayne 262 SOCIAL SCIENCES 110 TAU KAPPA EPSILON 156 Vodar, Lawrence 260 Wunderlich Herbert 121 Sokolowaky, Anatole 196 Taylor, Jim 194, 258 Vollrath, Edmund 195 WUSF 186 Somers, Susan 256 Taylor, Terri 139 Sommers, Tom 224 Taylor, Wayne 152 Sorenson, Phil 160 Tegancamp, Gary 146 w y Southen, Suzanne 256 Tennant, Woody 188 SOUTH FLORIDA REVIEW 196 TENNIS VARSITY 218 Souza, Allen 146 Tenie, Walter 191 Spain, Frank 112 Terrill, Pam 259 Wagner, Ed 260 Yates, Bill 210 Spain, Sylvia 134, 158 Teueio, Jean 188 Waid, Tom 188 Yates, Edwin 106 Sparb, Calvin 185 THETA CHI OMEGA 163 Waldman, Jeffrey 154 Yearick, John 262 Spear, Frank 126 Thiea, Jack 156 Walen, John 260 Yeabower, Anna 262 Speck, David 200 Tbiea, John 259 Walker, Don 132, 148 York, Brenda 262 Spence, Rhea 141 Tb.omaa, Jerry 259 Walker, Phil 142 York, Carol 262 Spencer, Ronald 188 Thomas, I..uren 204 Walker, Ron 193 Young Janet 141, 262 Sperry, Gale 188, 189 Thomas, Robert 188 Wallace, Francia 260 Yonng, Jill 14, 15, 83, 139 Sperry, Gale Wallace, William 260 Young, JoAnn 207 100 Thomu, Thomas 188 Walaer, Georae 260 Speth, Dawn 257 Tbompaon, Bill 136, 259 Young, Ken 178 Walab, Staaley 136 Spinka, Donna 1" Tb.ompaoa, Lawrence 259 Walther Frank 26, 136 Younc. Kim 191 Spivey, Ellen 257 Tb.ompeon, Tommy 197 Ward, Barbara 260 Youna, Ronald 136, 262 SPORTS CAR CLUB 203 Threlkeld, Cliff lSO Ward, Mike 148, 260 Youna, Sara 262 Spoto, Toni 139. 257 Tb.ureau, Don 191 Ward, W. T. 192 Yowell, Ronald 262 Sroka, Sandy J41 Tibbits, Bill 201 Warfield, Ron 162 Stabla, Lou 177 Tice, Clifford 188 Warner, Robert 91 Stackhouae, Charlene 263 Tidwell, Charlet 194 Wanen, Conatance 188, 260 z WATER SKI CLUB 202 Stalker, Bob 194 Tilley, Bruce 142 W a tkina, Ceve 200 St. Amant, John lSO Tillman, Jeffrey 259 Watson, Joe 178. 188 Starford, Kathy 139 Tomliaaon Jan 144 Wateon, Ron 82, 83, 146, 194, 261 Starke, Robert ISO Tonkin, Cbuck 146 261 Zaboraki, Jackie 262 Walla Lee Start, Nancy 139 T ooma, Thede 259 Watts, Linda 261 Zaprry, Jerry 210 Starkey, Bob 132, 162, 257 Torrence, AI lSO Way, Harold 261 Zeb, Carole 144 Starke, Robert 53, 257 Touchton, Bonnie 259 Wear, George 217 Zeikua, Joeepb 262 Steck, Richard 124, 125 Touchton, Mary Joyce 144 Weaver, Don 146, 261 Zenn, Vickie 196 Steen, Sammy 257 Towle, Gregory 188 Weaver, Jim 148 Zerla, Fredric 195 Steffee, Clay 200, 201 Towneend, Mar1ie 144 Webb Judy 205, 261 Ziqenbom, Mary 262 Wedel, Carolta 261 Ziehl, Barbara 262 Stenger, Jacqueline 257 Traina, Maria 141 Wedge, Michael 178, 204, 261 Zimmerman. Herbert 136 Steil, Raymond 257 Trebee, Robert 82, 83, 259 Wedia, Richard 196, 261 Zolezzi, Carl 162 Stein, Maryanne 257 Tremper, Richard 188 Weeks, Ted 136 Stene, Steve 162, 217 Trent, Scott 152, 259 Weelley, David 188 Zuro, Linda 14, Rainulf 204 Trimble, Samuel 188 Wei!, Jell 142 Zy.ko, Jan 178, 201 279

PAGE 281

Four yean have passed since I began my education at USF and in those four years I have witnessed the excitement of a nivenity growing. The physical aspects of growth have been obvious. From 14 buildings in operation in the Fall '63, we grew to 33 buildings by the Fall '66. Our enroll ment almost doubled from 4,593 students in the Fall '63 to 9,079 students in the Fall '66. These are exterior, tangible upecta which show a University come of age. But the real growth baa come from the students attending USF. That intangible quality called spirit by some and quest by others. This has been my challenge to capture and portray not 280 Fish-eye photos taken by Anthony Lopez. only a rapidly growing university but that untouchable, unexplainable quality called spiritual growth. If after read ing this book, you are filled with the same excitement as I, as a graduating senior feel, then the purpose of this annual was accomplished. Most students dream of the time 20 years after their graduation when they will visit their alma mater and to their amazement, the school has changed. I feel assuredly that when I visit USF only two or three years from now that I will witness a con tinuation of the spiritual growth that was USF '67. Sam Nuccio, editor


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