University of South Florida yearbook. (1968)

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University of South Florida yearbook. (1968)

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University of South Florida yearbook. (1968)
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Aegean. (1968)
University of South Florida
USF Faculty and University Publications
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Tampa, Fla
University of South Florida
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Vol. 1, no. 1 (1963/64)-no. 9 (1972).
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1968 Aegean University of South Fl orida Tampa-St. Petersburg Volume 5




1968 -A year of motion and USF was 11,000 strong This was a year of motion at USF. It was the year that the campus moved up and out with new buildings rising at every end of the school's 1,734 acres. It was the year that students from the corners of the country, indeed, of the world, travelled 11,000 strong to this campus to move with it. It was the year that the classroom, the meeting room, the ballroom, the athletic field offered more and rang more with the echoes of motion than ever before. But this year at USF was more than motion: it was movement, motion with direc tion. And the direction was up. 11,000 students moved up with USF this year-up from the banks of computer numbers to the rank of individual. And they moved in myriad different ways, each reaching toward a different ideal. They swarmed to the lecture auditoriums to move up through dynamic professors and to more intimate seminars to rise through each other with those professors. Some moved toward their academic goals with the help of study groups in a dorm lobby or in the coffee shop, some on their own on the library patio or by the fountain on Crescent Hill. For some the goal they reached for was a diploma. For others it was knowledge. Some followed the sign to "go Greek" and moved up perhaps to nationalization or may be to local status. Some moved up toward a different social ideal on the University Center's east patio. Some moved up with the Student Government or the University Center or service organizations, helping others move with them. Many, in their leisure, reached a cultural high moving with theatrical productions and film classics, Fine Arts concerts and art ex hibits. And many moved with intercollegiate and intermural sports. Each action advanced an individual toward a personal goal which was part of the movement that was USF 1967. Each motion was with USF and of USF -and USF became motion. This book is dedicated to the people who moved up with USF and were the school's motive force. 3


4 Table of Contents Theme . . . . 2 Academics . . . 64 Greeks ......... 106 Organizations . . 150 Sports ......... 192 Graduates ....... 216






.... The Hustle, Whir, and Spin of A Student Association Carnival The first weekend of March brought an unforgettable whirl of activities, as if some body boosted the power plant for a switched on-school! The hustle and whirl and spin of the Student Association's carnival !"et mood for the entire weekend big, bright and brassy. Students ate crisp candied apples and whispy cotton candy. They twirled and tumbled on machines called skywheels and dou ble-loopers and tiltawhirls. And they tested their skill at traditional carny games. For the sports fans, the weekend offered the excitement of intercollegiate baseball, swimming and tennis and intermural All-Star basketball-not to mention the senior-faculty softball game. And for those looking for something just as exciting from the entertainment world, the campus stage rocked. There was the fast moving variety in the nightclub atmosphere behind the University Center's Closed Door. And, of course, Big Name Entertainment in the shape of the swinging Shirelles. A weekend on the move 7


Dignified Ges t ures Mar k The Excitement of G raduation G r aduation, a series of dignified gestures and m a r c h es and s p eec h es t h a t added up to a flurry of excitement and anticipation It was the Torch light Parad e and r ecept i o n ; it was caps and gowns; it was well-wishers and P omp and Ceremony" and a green folder with a piece of paper inside. And then it was all over -the mad dash from CB seminar in the Fine Arts Building to personal finance in the Business Auditorium; the hunt-and-peck system that always made you late to class the day papers were due; the caffeine pills that made cramming for that last big exam easier but getting through the next day practically impossible; the Senior Class Dinner Dance where you danced and talked and suddenly realized that this was it; the Senior Satire that was barbed nostal gia over four jam-packed years, even the senior s l ump that hit when you thought you'd never get through, but you did. Grad uation, the last step up with USF for those who are ready to move on to grad school, a profession, new excitement and responsi b ilities. 9




Legitimate Theatre Three Exciting Circles Legitimate theatre at USF moved in thre_ exciting circles, spiraling up to new achieve ments. Theatre USF opened the '67 season with contemporary Tiny Alice, rolled on through spring with the equally contemporary and really rollicking A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to the Forum, and bounced through the summer with Funny Thing road show. It bounded into fall with a different kind of musical comedy for the campus to go for: Shakespeare's Twelfth Night. Their Summer Repertoire Festival echoed another more informal festival of sorts produced by the Experimental Theatre in the spring-the Albee plays. Jack Belt's Experimental Theatre lived up to its name successfully experimenting with everything from Dylan Thomas to William Butler Yeats, from The Zoo Story at the Eighteenth String Music Emporium to Biede1mann and the Firebugs in front of the Chemistry Building. And the Readers' Theatre Guild under the sponsorship of Frank Galati moved in a third circle, offering up readers' theatre presentations like their "World of Jules Pheiffer" Coffee House production and the smash Adventures in the Skin Trade in chamber theatre. On all fronts, excite ment rang on both sides of the footlights. TWELFTH NIGHT TWELFTH NIGHT BIEDERMANN AND THE FIREBUGS 11


The Association 12


F2 -"Spasmania" of The Association They called it Fall Frolics, F2 for short. And happy-go-lucky Frolicking Freddie, fresh from the Roaring Twenties, set the pace. It was a fast pace, too, through a program with something for everyone who came home or stayed home-from chamber music to hard rock, from dorm decorations to dancing, from Bunion Derby to the Home coming Game. The campus really roared with garish Twenties decorations and with the sound of spirit and activity. It began with the music of the noted Eastman Quar tet, switched abruptl y to the tooting of the Big Brass Bunion Band as it welcomed win ners in the cross-campus trek, and ran on through the ballads of Glen Yarborough, the "spasmania" of The Association and the throb of the Trojans Street Dance, gathering momentum all the way. Glenn Campbell 13


14 The Building Boom Continued With the Move-Up Spirit at USF The move-up spirit that was USF 1967 was nowhere as physically evident as in the building boom that continued to sweep the campus. Construction ran into the multi millions as buildings rose from the flat South Florida sands. The Social Science Building and Science Center Stage One began to take shape. Ground was broken for the new Rehearsal Shop Studio Building addition to the Teaching Auditorium, and piles of sand towered over workmen and machines who dug the foundation into which the buildings steel roots would be planted. The Education Building with innovations like the kiva classroom grew to completion. And nearly six-hundred men and women experi enced a new kind of dorm living in Allen Brothers & O'Hara's fabulous new thirteen story Fontana Hall. In all, six buildings surged up from the campus soil this year emphasizing this year of motion at USF. FONTANA HALL




The University Center, site of many campus activities UC Recreation Committee's Be-In at the Riverfront 16


UNIVERSITY CENTER The University Center once more made itself the center of campus activities by presenting programs in every vein. Program Council kicked off the year with the all-out welcome of Open House -and kept it mov ing with a little bit of everything under the South Florida sun. Weekends were wild with the loud and lively rock-out sounds of bands with names as intriguing as their music. And the big names like "Cleopatra" flicked across the Center's silver screen. There was a Closed Door talent contest and Glamour's Best Dressed Girl contest and the annual Foik Sing contest. There were Viewpoint seminars like "Pot or Not" and there was a Be-In at the Riverfront. And there was Jazz and Poetry and there was the Underground Poster Exhibit. There was entertainment for the campus set in Jay and the Americans. And there was entertainment for the pre school set in a Peanuts Family Night. There was something for everyone on the move at USF to move toward or with because the University Center was always under way. 17




20 REGISTRATION It was a fantastically chaotic bustle, that first time in the Gym. And it seemed to set the theme for the entire year. Registration began with an unobtrusive card in the mail. But the appointment on that card brought on a rush that started with erased-through worksheets as students tried to figure sched ules they knew in advance they couldn't get and weren't sure they wanted, because the quarter system threw off their traditional system of determining course loads. And it didn't end until after the walk around the pool to the packet tables, the trot down the hall to the J.D. photographer, and the dead run through the dressing rooms and onto the basketball courts to stand in line only to find that the cards they knew wouldn't be there anymore weren't! But, the end was beautiful -a compromise triumph that meant a schedule of sorts and a time to relax.




22 MARCH OUT! All the go at South Florida in 1967 was not positive. There was a real and an active no in the minds of many members of the University community. It was in answer to different things for different people. But it was an answer that often took the same form: the protest rally, the march. The no became evident early with a small group of marching pickets protesting the presence of a company who manufactured warfare chemicals and continued through the year with rallies for the reinstatement of history professor Robert Goldstein, the state-wide teacher walkout that hit the College of Education so hard, and the anti-draft and antiwar pickets at Armed Forces recruiting tables ; and, of course, the inevitable antianti-draft pickets of the Veterans Club. There were other protests, too, on a less organized level, ranging from objections to District Attorney Antinori's handing of his drug hunt to the omnipresent wail from food card holders.






VISITING SPEAKERS Much of the stimulation and energy behind the upward spiral in the University community emanated from the many guest speakers who visited campus this year. Stu dents, staff, and faculty met and spoke with such noted authors as social critic Vance Packard, science-fiction writer Arthur C. Clark, poet-scholar Sy Kahn, and the beard ed, strumming, singing author-illustrator of children's books, Eric Von Schmidt, through the UC Special Events Committee's Meet the Author series. USF was boosted to new literary planes, too, by the guests of the Speech Department's spring Poetry Festival. (In the classroom, lecture hall, and workshop the students heard Archibald MacLeish and Robert Wallace read, instruct, critique.} and by English Club guests including dramatistcritic Lewis 0. Coxe on "Drama Today: Art or Happening." Other lecture programs on campus ran in the political ring to bring to the University Georgia legislator Julian Bond, Wil liam 0. Douglas of the U. S. Supreme Court, and Waldemar Besson, West Germany's po litical scholar, university administrator, news analyst. The University Center reached out to find the wide variety of speakers for its Viewpoint forums ("Pot or Not?" and the "8eminar on Loneliness," for example), and for special lecture programs ranging from Dr. Stranges on UFO's to a demonstration lecture by Aikido master, K. Tohei. 25


Kenneth Annstrong Vance Packard 26


Felix Green Archibald MacLeish 27


Semifinalists: (Standing) Pam Dymmek, Lynne Barrett, Chris Ercius, Barbara Moli nari, Carol MacGill, Bobbie Allen; (Seated) Sharon Barfield, Mary Ann Albritton, Bettie Ann Huff, Charlotte, and Judy Perry. 28


BEST DRESSED GIRL ON CAMPUS, 1967 Barbara Molinari became USF's Best Dressed Girl on Campus after a strenuous series of judgings and elimination. First, students cast their votes after meeting the forty-three nominees at the UC Fashion Committee's Punch Party. Then the eleven student-selected semi-finalists spent an evening of dining and conversing under the constant scrutiny of the judges. And five finalists endured the tensions of individual interviews with the judging panel, whose members included USF co-ed Alice Crownover, one of last year's 10 Best Dressed Girls in the Nation. It was poised and photogenic Barbara Molinari, with her knack for wardrobe planning who shone through to receive the campus title and represent USF in Glamour Magazine's national contest. Barbara Molinari, Best Dressed Girl




GO GREEK The go in "Go Greek" this year seemed to mean "go national!" Ten fraternities and five sororities received their national charters in 1967, while three more fraternities and one other sorority affiliated with national organizations. And, if the problems of pledging and preparations for installations, along with the busy schedule of rush service projects, intramurals, and parties, were not enough to occupy the Greeks, there was Geek Week to take up the slack. During this week of Greek Unification, fraternity and sorority members participated in the chariot race, Greek Sing, scathing skits, and the annual Greek Dance. And there was the Phi Delt Derby with its greased pig chase and its sweatshirt race. Thus '67 was a big year of movement and expansion for USF Greeks. 31






I --34






FINE ARTS The Fine Arts department helped the university move toward new cultural horizons this year, expanding its events program to bring many fine artists and lecturers to campus and to make use of campus talent. Members of the university community enjoyed concerts not only by such noted touring artists and ensembles as pianist Sidney Foster and Duo Rampal/Veyron-Lacroix, but also by faculty members including Jacques Abram and John Camp. And the Fine Arts Chorale, University Community Chorus, and University Orchestra, along with student concerts, rounded out an extensive and diverse program of cultural activities. 37








MOVE OUT! The move up and move out of USF '67 showed in every facet of campus life. But the spirit became somehow more alive, more immediate, more acute when it was put to the pounding, blaring, screaming sounds of electric guitars and drums and tambourines. This was the urgency, the wild cry of the campus dances. And it was something to go to and something to go on for hundreds of students on any given weekend. It was a way to unwind by winding up tighter, a way to relax through a frenzy of activity, a way to forget the pressures of academics by reacting to the throbbing, insistent pressures of the hard beat. Dances places with people and sound and move out concen trated pockets of all that makes up the spirit of South Florida. 41






GET OUT AND VOTE! South Florida '67 was the scene of constant campaigning as candidates vied with each other for student support. Students stumped the campus and swamped it with political posters and fliers in order to garner votes and earn Student Government offices ranging from the presidential spot to the newly made Commuter Representative seat in the SA Legislature. There were "Meet The Candidates" rallies in the Quadrangle and mimeographed platform statements blanketing the campus. And there were fea ture stories and editorials and letters te the in the ORACLE. But political activity was by no means limited to these elections. Students came out to express their opinions on everything from basketball referendums to the Vietnam War and to cast their ballots for candidates on state and national levels in programs ranging from campus organized straw votes to national polls. 45


MISS AEGEAN, 1968 LYNDA LONG The climax of weeks of excitement and tension came at the annual Miss Aegean Ball as Lynda Kay Long received her title from her predecessor, Jill Young. As the new Miss Aegean, Lynda represents the ideal South Florida co-ed-poised, intelligent, active, interested in the growth of her university. Lynda, a twenty-year-old junior majoring in English-Speech Education, was chosen by a panel of USF staff and faculty members and student balloting. She adds the honor of representing the year book and the uni versity to the many others she has earned during her years at USF, including Tri Chi Sister of the Year and A TO Little Sister. 46


Lynda Long, Miss Aegean (seated) with runners up, Peggy Apgar and Lynette Kelly and escorts. 47


48 Leslie Taylor Peggy Apgar Lynda Long


SEMI -FINALISTS Schatzi Hinton Lynette Kelly 49


Carol McAlear Donna Ur 50


Lani Zeigler Judi Perry 51




FAMILY NIGHT It was an exciting evening for the hundreds of children of USF students, staff, and faculty members. And it was equally excit ing for the one hundred University Center committee members who put in so much time and energy to make it all possible. Family Night '67 began with a Hospitality Commit tee tradition and a theme: "Halloween Fun with Peanuts and Friends." Then each committee set out to brainstorm activities and decorations to amuse the children. After many hours of planning and pasting and putting it all up, the result was a complete transformation of the University Center into a wonderland of delight. There was a festive family dinner in the Pumpkin Patch fol lowed by so many activities that the youngsters were at a loss to decide just what to do first. But each eventually found his way to the Red Baron's airplane-golf cart ride for a thrilling dogfight; to Snoopy's Game Room to try his hand at games of "skill and chance" ; to the hayride for a visit with the Great Pumpkin and the many other activ ities. Then it was on to the Costume Parade and the Great Pumpkin Show, complete with Barney, the Clown. All in all, it was a fun-packed evening for children and students alike. 53








DORM LIFE They lived in campus cubicles hardly big enough to move in after the sweaters and shoes and books and typewriters and stuffed dogs and straw hats and irons and stereos were packed in, hung up, stuffed under. But they found a way to move fast and furiously until those dorm rooms either became the calm eyes of hurricanes of campus activity -the places to relax with friends, to un wind with music, to do some quiet studying -or they took on the characteristics of the raging hurricanes places to release frustrations on innocent roommates, to play a prank on the guy down the hall, to panic in before the big exam. Whatever those rooms were, they were intensely so, with people and possessions and emotions condensed into tiny packages that were a way of life for more than a third of the students of USF. 57




59 ...




A FAST MOVING YEAR All in all it was a fast moving year at USF. It was a year of adjusting to the changing pace of the quarter system -a year to move fast or be left behind. And, for the most part, the students geared into the hectic pace, for it was the mood of the times. It was a year of living fast to keep the draft from catching up. It was a year of running with BONNIE AND CLYDE, with COOL HAND LUKE. A year of the shing-a-ling or the funky broadway to the vibrations of Sergeant Pepper and the Va nilla Fudge. It was a flashing year of light shows and psychedelic posters that moved out to meet you despite their two dimension ality. It was a year of reports and talk of drugs to speed up and to come down -the year of THE VALLEY OF THE DOLLS and the Antinori busts. 1967 was a year of educational crisis. 61










President Allen, Mr. Murphy Osborne, and Mrs. Phyllis Marshall attend the athletic banquet held at the Sweden House ADMINISTRATION The man ultimately responsible for the internal policy and procedure of the University, President John S. Allen is a man who has seen and been a part of the spirit of continuous advancement that now prevails at USF. He received his bachelor's degree in mathematics from Earlham College, Richmond, Ind. ; his master's degree for work in astronomy from the University of Minnesota; and his Ph.D. degree from New York University. He also holds an honorary LL.D. degree from Earlham College and an honorary Sc.D. degree from the University of Tampa. Prior to his appointment as USF president in 1957, Dr. Allen served as vice president, acting president and executive vice president of the University of Florida. He was director of the Division of Higher Education of New York State and served as a member of the faculty of Colgate University. Dr. Allen has written several books and bulletins and over seventy-five articles for professional journals. Graduation -the bestowing of degrees by President John S. Allen 66


Claude R. Kirk, governor President and Mrs. John S. Allen greet guests at the president's annual reception 67


Edwin P. Martin, Dean of Basic Studies 68 BASIC STUDIES The College of Basic Studies provides the core of formal education at USF through its lower level program and, in addition, offers two majors and a graduate program. The lower level program is designed to supply the fundamentals for all the colleges at USF and, at the same time, to provide the university student the benefits of a better-rounded education in an age of extreme specialization by requiring the completion of six of the eight course areas offered. Students may graduate from the College of Basic Studies in Humanities or in Advanced Basic Studies majors. Assistantships are available in co operation with the College of Education for students interested in working toward a Master of Arts in Humanities Education. This last program has proved worthwhile not only in helping the college with the needed additional teaching staff and in assistin.g the graduate student financially, but also m the development of a richer more diversified, more dynamic college. Jack W. Robinson, physical science


William Hunter, functional foreign languages l


Donald C Rose, functional mathematics. Henry M. Robertson, basic studies advising. Robert A. Warner, American Idea. 70


James D. Ray, biological science. Thomas A. Rich, behavioral science. H. Christian Kiefer, humanities. 71


Richard E. Pasternak, economics and finance 72 Robert S. Cline, Dean of Business Administration Business Administration The College of Business Administration offers its students majors in Accounting, Economics, Finance, Management, Market ing, and Office Administration. It offers a graduate program in Business Administra tion with advanced degrees soon to be made available in economics, finance, management, marketing, and accounting also. The College reaches even further toward the growth of the field by offering programs to the members of the Tampa business community. Through these programs the College seeks not only to prepare the student for a specific job in business, but also to instill in that student the desire to continue to move on to new educational and profes sional experiences.


Kenneth W. Davey, coordinator of advising, economics Robert W. Morell, management and marketingLouis C. Jurgensen, accounting 73


Jean A. Battle, Dean-College of Education 74 Walter J. Musgrove, psychological foundations. EDUCATION The new Education Building near the east end of campus stands as a visual, working statement of the goals of the College of Education. With the help of the Ford Foundation, the College was able to produce the plan for a building with not only the newest, most effective instructional materials and laboratories, but also the most stimulating atmosphere in which the students may actively participate in the processes and relationships required for a true educational experience. The new building houses programs including study centers for exceptional children and adults, Master of Arts degrees in elementary education, in most secondary and K-12 areas, and for junior colleges.


William P. Danenburg, assistant dean-administration Leadore D. DuBois, curriculum and instruction 75


Sidney J. French, Junior Colleges 76 Charles C. Manker, Jr., assistant dean instruction and research


Raymond A. Urbanek, assistant deanadvising and certification 77


Edgar W. Kopp, Dean-College of Engineering 78' ENGINEERING Realizing the broad range of today's engineering activities and the increase in scienti fic knowledge with its many inter-relation ships, the College of Engineering places the emphasis of its program on flexibility. Thus the engineering student may, in the frame work of either the four-year Bachelor of Science program or the five-year Master of Science program, choose as his field of specialization design, research, or the operations of technological systems; or he may go into the more traditional programs of electrical, civil, mechanical, or industrial engineering. In this way, the student is prepared for the wide ranging demands placed upon him when he enters the society of professional engineers.


Linus A. Scott, energy conversion systems Robert J. Wimmert, industrial systems John F. Twigg, pre-engineering Merle R. Donaldson, electrical and electronic systems


Gale L. Sperry, music Russell M. Cooper, Dean-College of Liberal Arts LIBERAL ARTS In fulfilling its objectives-the training of those highly talented in the fine arts and the guidance and training of those preparing for teaching -the Division of Fine Arts has provided the University community with an exciting program of exhibits, concerts, and dramatic productions The excellence of the latter serves only to point out the ef fectiveness with which the division has met its objectives. A few examples of the continued high standards of Fine Arts division may be seen in the a wards and commenda tions received by Theatre USF's A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, the reviews of faculty and student concerts, the prizes won by South Florida students at both Winter Park and Florida State Fair art shows.


Gordon A. Johnson, choral program Harrison W. Covington, fine arts Russell G. Whaley, theatre arts 81


I r ving Deer, Associate Dean and Director 82 LANGUAGE LITERATURE The Division of Language and Literature offers such diverse majors as American Studies, classical studies, English, Foreign Languages, Philosophy, and Speech with areas of concentration available in journalism and linguistics, and programs toward a Master of Arts degree in English, Foreign Languages, and Speech. With so many programs offered, it is no wonder that the divi sion is so evident in campus life. Often the evidence comes in the form of the productions of the Readers' Theatre Guild or the Poetry Festival or an English Club Program. But, the division's presence is felt just as strongly in the publication of works by the members and students and the reputation for excellence it has earned in aca demic circles. Arthur M. Sanderson, director of journalism


James E. Popovich, speech James A. Gould, philosophy 83


James A. Parrish, English Walter E. Griscti, general manager-the Oracle 84


P. Calvin Maybury, chemistry NATURAL SCIENCE The Division of Natural Sciences now offers the bachelor of arts degree in Astronomy, Botany and Bacteriology, Chemistry, Geology, Mathematics, Physics, and Zoology. And students may continue into Master's de gree programs in any of these fields, receiving a Master of Science in Chemistry or a Master of Arts in the remaining fields after completion of the prescribed program. Besides these programs designed for students planning on a scientific career or those technical careers having a considerable com ponent of science, the division offers upper level courses designed for non-scientists who want to augment their understanding of the natural sciences. Theodore A. Ashford, associate dean and director of natural science


Wendell J. Ragan, geology Robert W. Long, botany and bacteriology 86 Heinrich K. Eichhorn-von Wurmb, astronomy Jerome D. Krivanek, pre-dental and pre-medical advising


John C. Briggs, zoology-oceanography advising Guy Forman, physics John E. Kelley, mathematics 87


Mark T. Orr, Interdisciplinary Social Sciences William Bruce Cameron, Associate Dean SOCIAL SCIENCES The division of social sciences, the division of the university most closely associated with a concern with man's development, problems, and institutions, is living up to its concern in a very real way. Besides preparing the divisional students to cope with man through majors in anthropology, geography, history political science, psychol ogy, sociology, economics, and several inter disciplinary fields, the division has reached a new level in the educational development of its students by graduating its first stu dents from the new master's degree program in psychology. And it has taken a step further in that direction with the installa tion of a chapter of Psi Chi national psychol ogy honorary. Roger T Grange, anthropology


Raymond H. Wheeler, sociology Francis Sistrunk, psychology Anne E. Kelley, political science 89


Cecil C. Brooks, Associate Registrar-Systems Frank H. Spain, Registrar and Director of Admissions 90


REGISTRAR The growth in the number of students here can best be seen by viewing a few of the operations in the Registrar's Office. From August to November of this year, the Office had a total of 50,047 visitors. Here is the connection between the outside world and the University world. The Office tries to reflect the institutional philosophy in everyday practice. The tremendous jump in enrollment exceeded the 10,000 goal for a total of 11,922 students. The Graduate Program continues in expansion of degrees of ferings and the first Doctoral Program was begun. The Office is to be enlarged in the near future and even more staff members have been added in order to keep up with the University. Throughout this period of rapid growth, the Registrar's Office keeps as its goal detailed permanent accuracy. Eugene L. Roberts, assistant registrar-admissions James E. Lucas, assistant registrar-records 91


Mary Lou Harkness, acting director Gerhard B. McCabe, assistant director for planning and development 92 William L. Stewart, Jr., acting acquisitions librarian LIBRARY As the campus moved out from the original quadrangle, the library became more and more the geographic center of the campus. Serving the students, staff, and faculty with resources including almost 185,000 volumes, over 3,000 journals and supplementary materials including the micro-film library, it has become the academic center of the campus. Close to 92,000 people use its facilities each month. They come to study, to do research, to browse, to check out books at the rate of 15,000 every month-all that so that they can keep up and move up academically.


Dennis Robison, reference Margaret Chapman, special collections Robert V. Bradley, head cataloger 93


Harris W. Dean, vice president 94 Academic Affairs As Dean of Academic Affairs, Harris W. Dean is the representative of President Allen in charge of the University's academic activities. Besides presiding over the Senate Council and representing academic affairs on the President's Executive Committee, Dean Dean is responsible for USF's five col leges, the registrar's office, continuing education, sponsored research, and cooperative education. This is the man who must cultivate the rise of the quality of academics at the University of South Florida.


Elliot Hardaway, John S. Allen, Alfred H. Lawton Richard J. Brightwell, director, continuing education Alfred H. Lawton, associate dean 95


Elliot Hardaway, vice president, administrative affairs. 96 John J. Bushell, data processing. Administrative Affairs Robert L. Black, III, director of university development.


Joseph Gomez, di_rector of internal control Jack A. Chambers, assistant dean Clyde B. Hill, assistant dean for facilities planning and operation


Donald S. Colby, director, placement services 98 John C. Melendi, director of procurement Robert E. Richmond, finance and accounting ...

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T. Wayne Keene, planning and analysis Andrew C. Rodgers, business manager 99

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STUDENT AFFAIRS Through the Office of Student Affairs, the University provides the leadership and professional services to help the total development of the student. Besides the responsibilities of personal counciling, student health, recreational and intercollegiate sports, financial aid, disciplinary action, and the myriad other facets of student welfare. Student Affairs concerns itself with the so cial experiences of working in extra-curricular activities toward the development of personal understanding, emotional maturity, and social skills. The latter falls into the realm of the Office of Student Organizations and the University Center, while the many other concerns of student growth are the responsibility of the Offices of the Dean of Men and Dean of Women. Herbert J. Wunderlich, vice president-student affairs. 100 Charles H. Wildy, dean of men. Margaret B. Fisher, dean of women.

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Linda E. Erickson, assistant dean of women Duane E. Lake, director, University Center ------Kermit J. Silverwood, director of financial aids 101

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Phyllis P. Marshall, director of student organizations RichardT. Bowers, physical education Raymond C. King, director of housing

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Edmund E. Allen, developmental center Donald D. Brusca, physician Robert L Egolf, physician 103

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Gerhard C. Eichholz, director. Kenneth D. Stanton, production coordinator. Educational Resources The Division of Educational Resources is an all-University service established under the Dean of Instructional Services. Within the division, several departments strive to improve the quality of service to the Uni versity by moving into new areas of educa tional materials. The division now offers materials and services including prints, slides, filmstrips, and motion picture foot age from photography; posters, lettering, and brochures from graphics, educational films available through the Film Library; classroom equipment from audio-visual; and one of the finest and most complete educa tional television and radio production facilities in Florida in the broadcasting department. And it's all designed to keep USF on the move. 104 Edward M. Bodler, supervisor, graphics.

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Richard C. Steck, broadcasting coordinator John W Raile, chief engineer Wellington E. Estey, supervisor, audio recording 105

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108 Terry Aidman B1ian Allen Herb Bell Bert CBl'lton Larl' Y Cranor Frank Dancotto Russ Dickim10n .Manny Diner Tom Dobson Bill Dykeman Bill Engler Bobo Jones Bill Kalbas John Keating Dick Lincoln John McCullough Rick Moore Stu .Mishkin John Peel John Pennington Gary Pickett Glenn Robertson Ralph Ruso .Marvin Sherzer Fred Slagle Harold Sutton AI Torrence Frank Walther Guest speaker, former Gov. Collins, chats with Pres. and Mrs. Allen at the Panhellenic banquet.

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Dean Wunderlich and IFC members enjoy the meal at their advising banquet INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL In existence for four years, USF's Interfraternity Council continues to facilitate the relationship among fraternities by acting as a forum for mutual problems. IFC's philos ophy is the betterment of the entire fraternity system through increased interfraternal activity. Every year, the IFC stages a retreat to Chinsegut for the purposes of orientation and discussion of IFC philos ophy. They also conducted the United Fund Student Drive. Greek Week at USF is a spe cial IFC project. Two members from each of USF's thirteen fratern,ities comprise the Interfraternity Council. In 1964, when IFC was begun, there were only five fraternities. As a result of all the fraternities' national affiliation, IFC became affiliated with the National Interfraternity Conference in 1966. IFC's advisor is Dean of Men Charles Wildy, and 1967-68 officers were Lawrence Cranor, president; Mike Stewart and Fred Slagle, vice-presidents; AI Torrence and Manny Diner, secretaries; and Bill Engler, treasurer. Former Gov. Collins of Florida, guest speaker at the Panhellenic banquet President Larry Cranor addresses rushees

PAGE 111

110 PesKY Apgal' Bonnie Baaosi Bal'bal'a Bouman Rose Marie Call Cindy Conrad Yvonne Delara Pat Donohoe Jan Duke Mary Ann Gilbert Phyllill Googei Gayle Hardeman Eileen Ha.-rio Sheila label Linda Koenig Abbye K1aaaner Ede Lambert Lynda Long El-Neloon Judy Niee Il-ene Pomeanta Vicki Vall Sherry Waltz Wendy Williams Jill Young Members and guests enjoy the meal at the Panhellenic Banquet Panhellenic Banquet, a night for presenting scholarship awards to fraternities and sororities members

PAGE 112

PANHELLENIC COUNCIL Delegates from every sorority on campus combine to form the USF Panhellenic whose purpose it is to maintain sorority life and intersorority relations on a high plane. Panhellenic was formed in 1961 with the advent of several local sororities. When national sororities were installed, Panhellenic affil iated with the National Panhellenic Confer ence. Planning the sorority rush program is an important Panhellenic activity. They join with IFC in sponsoring the annual Greek Week, and they also sponsor various cultural events in conjunction with the Fine Arts Committee. Mrs. Phyllis Marshall, Director of Student Organizations, is Panhellenic ad visor, and officers were Mary Anne Gilbert, president; Janice Dudney, 1st vice-president; Carolyn Gorman, 2nd vice-president; Jill Young, secretary; and Pat Donohoe, treasurer. Bonnie Bassi, Gayle Hardeman and Abbye Krassner listen to Greek Week plans at meeting. Sorority members explain Rush nal at the Panhellenic Rush Tea. Ill

PAGE 113

112 Mary Ann Albtitton Betty Alchediak Sue Alderfet Bobbi Allen Sue Allen Laverne Ayscue Brenda Baker Linda Baker Anne Baldwin Sh&l'on Barfield Missy Belsito Mira Bergen Judy Boatwtight Nicki Boyer Betty Brice Pat Brown Becky Burress Marcelle Cherry Lynne Coris Debbie Carol Debbie Carrol Carla Cox Linda Diaz Ellie DiMeglio Jan Duke Phyllis Feagle Sylvia Fe1nandez Suzanne Geis Geti Giglio Mary Ann Gilbert Karen Graham Carol Greco Sharon Guagliardo .Jeanine Hackett Karen Hultzen Judy Jam"" Gloria J ohnson Peggy Jones Ann Kachlein Linda Koenig Lauren .Leslie Linda Ley Gail Malcolm Angela Massari April Mayo Sue McOwen Maggie Moreau Pat Morris Carol Muen:c.let Peg Nordyke Barbara Nydahl Aileen Oliva Annette Olive Marcy Perdomo Dena Provenzano Dottie Ray Betty Ann Root Batbara Sanders Catherine Smith Barbara Stevenson Cindy Strong Beverly Suarez Sandy Sullivan Rose Tambuzzo Delores Toribio Nell Ward Dyan Warnimont Barbara Wendling

PAGE 114

Pres. Sharon Barfield proudly receives silver punch bowl ALPHA D ELTA PI Contributing to every phase of university life is Alpha Delta Pi sorority. For the third consecutive quarter, the ADPi's have distin guished themselves scholastically by earning the highest sorority academic average. They excelled athletically in inter-sorority sports such as track, volleyball, and softball. As a community service project, ADPi raised over $700 through the S end a Mouse to College" fund drive for the American Cancer Society. Social Mixers were held with two major events highlighting the year: the formal Diamond Ball and the costume ball, Mardi Gras. ADPi's 70 members, who are selected for their outstanding abilities in scholarship, leadership, and integrity, in clude members of "Who's Who (Mary Anne Gilbert), honor society me mbers (Kitty Bot tenfield, Mary Ann Gilbert Cindi Strong and Carol Greco), me mbers of UC commit tees, and dormitory and student govern ments. Alpha Delta Pi, founded in 1851 at Macon, Georgia, has the distinction of being the first secret society for college women. ADPi began locally as Tri-SIS, and in September, 1967, USF's Epsil o n Lambda chapter received its charter. Upholding the motto, "We live for each other" are officers Sharon Barfield president; Geri Giglio and Phyllis Feagle vic e -preside nts; Kathy Bus cemi and Sue Alderfer, secretaries; and Aileen Oliva, treasurer. Sisters and pledges pose at their Pledp Party at the Hillsborough State Park Dark tuxedos, pretty long gowns, and romantic l oo k s decorate ADPi's big formal party, Diamond Ball 113

PAGE 115

114 Dr. Christian Anderson Tommy Borrell Dave Bowler Boog Bratton Troy Brown Roger Craft Jerry Chambers John Cumm"ings Larry Daniels Phil Davis Russ Dickinson Gene Dressler Dan Duerr Larty Elliston Tommy Fann Steve Foures .Larry Freeland Marc Gaines Tom Gerberding Mike Gilmore Danny Griffith Steve Gri!!ith Steve Hanson Dan Harbin Brian Heath Chip Heath John Hills Richard Hoerbelt George Hot-n Mark Humphries Gil Jannelli Dr. Johnson Phil Kaner Bill Krechowski Sonny Lamonda J e!! Levines John Luper Mike Mahagan Steve Malmberg Norman Mansour David McCatty John McKay Dave McMullen Lorran Meares Chuck Mudd Dennis Noto Danny Ochenrider Frank Puleo Jim Ragsdale Bob Reagan Butch Ringlespaugh Dave Schutt Don Schneidet George Sinn George Snyder Mickey Soderlind Bill Stuck Dave Sturgill Pat Trimble Frank Vaughn Stan Walsh Dennis Walters Frank Walthel' Ted Weeks Jon Wheaton Bob Willis Woody W oodru!f Ron Young Herb Zimmerman

PAGE 116

ALPHA TAU OMEGA A fraternal brotherhood stressing the goals of scholarship, fellowship, and character describes Alpha Tau Omega fraternity. Further description includes participation in many campus activities and a social calendar highlighted by a pledge-brother football game, pledge parties, and the Founders' Day banquet. ATO's service projects were a March of Dimes campaign, and the collec tion of Boy Scout uniforms for a local troop. Alpha Tau Omega founded at USF as Talos local fraternity, received its national charter on April 29, 1967. Only a year later, their membership increased from 55 to their present total of 79 brothers. The men of ATO were headed this year by Frank Walther, Worthy Master ; Danny Griffith, Worthy Chaplain; George Sinn, Worthy Scribe; Steve Hansen, Worthy Keeper of the Exchequer; and Russell Dickinson, Worthy Keeper of the Annals. Fraternity advisors are Dr. Roger Johnson and Dr. Christian Anderson. Brothers and their dates enjoy some food during All Root, Romp and Regal Weekend Brothers Stan Walsh and Gene Dressler proudly display their fraternity crest at the A TO-AD Pi social A rough A TO-SAE game ATO Little Sisters cheer the brothers at an intramural softball game 116

PAGE 117

116 Pledges sing at Crescent Ball Cheryl Antbon7 Donna Bea&'le& Janis Bell Nancy Bonnet Pat Bowers Ann Bowman Terri Campbell Gayle Crum Grace Daniele Joan Daniels Pat Fallon Wendy Fletcher Frances Garcia Kathleen Geor&'ius Charlotte Glbhe Elizabeth Grey Lexi Halley Marcia Haslett Kay Holloway Lainey Houlihan Jane Huck Pam Jones Jill Johnson Terry Johnstone Lynnette Kelly Diane Kulas Tibbie Lynch Myra Marrett& Jayne Massari Dulcie McAllister Mary Linda McNeely Lisa Moody Chinky Naughton Eleea Nelson Karen Nichols Luci Perny Michelle Perry Gwen Provenzano Lynn Provenzano Michele Romano Jane Ropulewis Kathy Starford Shal'On Sweet Paulette Szabo Terri Taylor Mary Jo Tolson Donna Ur Dania Valenti Jill Young

PAGE 118

Donna U r and date, Rick Ragnitt, at Crescent Ball Spring pledges Pat Collura, Wendy Fletcher, Luci Perny and Marsha Haslett chat with rushees DELTA DELTA DELTA Tri Delta means a triple treat iD .ororltJ girls who go all out for academiea,IOCial, uul service projects. Led by Lynette Kelly, p ..... ident ; Pat Fallon, vice-president; Kathleen Georgi us and Lynn Provelli&Do, eecretarlel; Donna Ur, treasurer; and Donna Beaalel. chaplain, Delta Delta Delta providel the op. portunity for development of a stronpr, more womanly character. They adhere to the motto .. Let Us Steadfutly Love Oae Another. Tri Delta. with a total of 70 mem bers, has held many activities inc:ludiq a car wash and a Coke sale at the Gupuilla parade. The flower of Delta Delta Delta II the pansy, and a Pansy Breakfast wu held to honor seniors and engaged aiaten. Fur ther social activities included a Fouader'a Day celebration with the alumnae, the for mal Crescent Ball, and big aister-Uttle tar parties. Other activities were conducted to support Tri Delta's national philanthropy scholarship. Tri Delta. wboee memben muat be unanimously approved b7 all ai.aten. are advised by Mrs. Robert FOiter, Mn. C r Few and Mrs. J obn Bolt. 117

PAGE 119

118 Dotte Ammon Tracy Anderson Linda Armstrong Marilyn Bennet Alice Botts Kathy Boyce Shirley Brill Kathi Buurma Cheri Chaney Debbie Cook Debbie Darby Nicki Fernandez Linda Fui&'hwn Betsy Gordon Mazy Gray Karen Hadsock Gay! Hardeman Schatzi Hinton Linda Holbrook Deonna Howard Susan Huguley Abbye Krasner Penni Kutzer Carol MacGIII Marilyn Mitchell Cindy Morrison Barbara Nagle Jean Newman Georgia Noble Vivian Oliver Barbara Portfolio Linda Pulin Jndy Schwartz Betty Jo Spoto Mary Linda Spicola Jeanne Suprenant Cindy Swain Linda Tacey LaUIen Thomas Linda Thornton Margaret Thornton Honor Troese Barbara Turai Tricia Wallace Ca1ol Watson Sandy Winning Donna Wright Fran Yavers Lani Zeigler Sisters and guests ham it up for the photographer at the annual "Raunchy Ranch" party

PAGE 120

After an exciting installation banquet at the International Inn, the sisters look over presents given by the many alumnae groups During rush, a welcome in aonl' to the University of the Southern Alpe! DELTA GAMMA The goal of Delta Gamma, which is '"to foster an atmosphere in which young college women will assimilate Et deeper love and con sideration for mankind," was fulfilled this year through several service projects. These included a party for mentally retarded chil dren, a pledge cook o ut, a softball game with orphans at Lowry Park and the sponsorship of a foster child o verseas. The social high light of Quarter I was the annual Raunchy Ranch party. Delta Gamma, started as Delta Phi Alpha on November 6, 1 966 was pledged Delta Gamma on September 10 1968. Delta Kappa Chapter w a s installed Feb r uary 24, 1968, and now has 54 members. Officers are Gayl Hardeman, president; Carol Watson a nd Betty Jo Spoto, first and second v ic e-pres i dents ; Lauren Thomaa, recording s ecretary; Marilyn Mitchell, corre sponding sec retary; Linda Pulin, treasurer; Carol MacGill, soci a l chairman; and Abbye Krassner and Barbara Bouman, PanheUenic representatives. A bright welcome to the National Otttc.., as Delta Kappa chapter of Delta Gamma looks forward to an anchor of their own

PAGE 121

DELTA TAU DELTA The philosophy of Delta Tau Delta indudes the desire to promote a close, honor able, and well rounded brotherhood. The fifty brothers have indeed accomplished their I'OAl this year through devoting much of their time to service projects. The Delts aupported the United Fund, painted local churches, and worked at the Easter Seal cen ter. They also gave a pizza party for the boys of the youth home, and presented food to needy families on Thanksgiving. Originatln at USF aa Zeta Phi Epsilon, they be came a colony in December, 1966. On February 3, 1968, they were installed as Epsilon PI Chapter of Delta Tau Delta. Nationally, Delta Tau Delta Fraternity was founded at Bethany Collqe in 1869, and is now one of the and most solidly established fraternities In the Greek world. Upholding their traditions were Epeilon Pi chapter's 1967-68 officers: Harry G. Kingsbery, president; Joeeph R. Kallah, vice-president; Ted Wurz bacher. recording l\ecretary; William Hamil ton, secretary; and James Moeee. sergeant-at-arms. Adv i s ors are Ber nard J. Abbott, Andros residents instructor, and Dr. James Swanson, history professor Bob Dale Delta Tau Delta to the sot finala Jim Lanier presenting roses to Diane Kulas, the new Delta Tau Delta Sweetheart

PAGE 122

Tom Jacob and Linda Losey enjoying a formal party Beraard "'*" Paul All...,. DaD A .... lrolltr JuDior Bllbn7 Jim Campbell IUrb Clark Jeff Colon Jim FuhoD o. ... GaJ' o...u Gill Bill HamihoD JlmHi..Ul Bill HOOftr Boll Wallie .......... 1WI Wu 0 +w 11111 T.._ Jeff Cohen speaking at rush

PAGE 123

122 Doreen Agliano Jill Bayliss Joy Bayliss Elaine Benton Frances Bowman Cheryl Brock Kathy Brown Veda J o Bunting Mary Burdette Rose Marie Cali Karen Casey Cindy Conrad Nuri De La Cruz Yvonne Delara Donna Demmo Kathy Doetsch Pat Donahoe Eugenia Ekard Harriet Fuller Crill Harden Ruby Harwell Karen Hawkins Louisa Hazzard Jane Head Gwynn Hilburn Daris Hutchinson Diane Kurek Linda Lawrence Carolyn Leemon Susan McClure Betsy Mellen Sheila Michaels Doris Miller Linda Nocera Winnie Olsen Eleonora Osborne Barbara Padgett Irene Perez Lyla Pettijohn Pam Plata Sandt Roel Pat Sasser Cookie Simon Cookie Speller Sharon Springer Sandy Sroka Mary Stanwix-Hay Lucy Starnes Ann SuJiivan Pat Talty Sue Taylor M ichael Tillotson Maria Traina Elaine Valdez Joey Wimmert Barbara Welsh Janis Zimmerman

PAGE 124

Roz Hall, Mary Ann Cusmano, Karen Hawkins, and Sue McClure prepare delicious hamburgers at one of Delta Zeta's numerous cook-outs Sisters ham it up for the rushees DELTA ZETA Walking a way with scholarship honors fall quarter was Delta Zeta sorority, receiv ing second in s o rority, and first in pledge class GPR's. This prize-winning pace was kept up throughout the year, with the DZ's placing second in b asketball, and fourth in track intramurals. Ano ther award was received Homecoming Weekend at the Phi Delta Theta Derby. DZ also supported ita national philanthropy program, "Adventures in Friendship, by donating a hearing scholarship. Locally, the DZ s spon so r ed ac tivities for MacDonald's Training Center, and pledges gave a Hall o ween party at the Old People's Home. Socially, the Delta Zetas annually enjoy the Harvest Moon Danee, Founders' Day Banq uet, the Rose Ball din ner-dance, cookouts, fraternity socials, and pledge parties. Sisters are active on campus in Athenaeum, Gold Key Honor Society, stu dent government, and Sigma Alpha Iota mu sic fraternity. From this impressive list of activities it i s eas y to see the DZ's live up to the fact that they are part of the largest national sorority. Iota Lambda chapter was founded here in September, 1966, and became the fourth F lorida Delta Zeta Chapter on January 14, 1967 The 53 members are advised by their chapter director, Mrs. Charles E. Apple t on 1967-68 officers were Rose Marie C ali, p resident; Maria Traina, 1st vice-president ; Jo Ann Wimmert, 2nd vice-president; Eleono r a Osborne, recording secretary; Kathy Doetsch, corresponding secretary; Mary Ann Cusmano, treasurer; and Doris Miller historian. DZ's wait their chance to hit a homerun at their softball game

PAGE 125

KAPPA DELTA The adherence of Kappa Deltas to their motto "Let us strive for that which is Hono;able Beautiful, and H ighest," may be readily through Delta im pressive list of honors a nd activities. Sisters Kathy Hess, Cindy Blumenfeld Carolyn Kirby, and Joan Lindsey are lis t ed in Who's Who in American Colleges. Pam Drew, Kathy Honeycutt, Carolyn Kirby, and Kathy Hess are in Athenaeum. Members of Gold Key include sisters Pam Drew, Kathy Honeycutt and Kathy Hes s. First vice-pres ident of Panhellenic is sister Carol McCoy. Carol Zeh and Judy Nice belong to Pi Mu Epsilon, math honorary. Sister Barbara Mo linari was voted Best Dressed last year. JoAnn Bodden was recently chosen Lambda Chi Alpha Crescent Girl, and Jeri Davis, Terry Voght, and Barbara Molinari are SAE Little Sisters. KD's are active in dorm government, SA, UC committees and clubs KD topped all other sororities in intramural points, and tied for first plac e in the Phi Delta Theta Derby Founded in 1897 at Longwood College in Virg i n i a KD celebrates Founders' Day every y e a r by sending money to the crippled children's hospital in Richmond They also se ll KD Christmas Stals to help this hospital. The annual Kappa Delta Weekend hosted the White Rose Ball and Banquet and KD Kapers with the theme of a Ho-Down. Al s o enjoyed were casual parties, at I n dian Rocks Beach Campouta, and candlelights. This ac tive group of 66 members and 17 pledges are advised by Ann Abbott, a nd headed by Barbara Molinari, president; N i cki Nichols vice-president; Mary Her man, secretary; Lucy Orlando, treasurer, and Anne Beery membership. KD'a cheer for their team at an intramural volleyball game 12-C Margie Townsend and Pat Nichols greet rushees a t Formal Rush

PAGE 126

.... .... ., ClaoboBI.._t.w JoAaa BooW.a GI-Browa PaltJr Bryan llu7 Anrw a.u.r )1,..._ Camp TnubCan.Ma.U.. c.._., Uacla Cook S)'lria Con-a Suoaa Con> .. l Jucb 0."7 Sail)' Ju o...,. Jri o. .... Cancb O..U..rll p..., o ... p..., b)' Dorio GaiS.nob Grial Clnd)' Griffie Hall ... ., "Kalhll' H-L.IIe Hortnn B.llle Ann Hurt Chrioll .. Jo-,.._, ...... Mary Jud7 C.rulp Klrbr 8lwrr)' Kn .. lll s... ..... ..... Jaell l.lado.7 Carulll'a Maall 126

PAGE 127

126 President John Peel explains plans for Quarter III projects. Russ Adams Johnny Bell Harlow Boyer Brian Carroll Dale Case Pete Clark Dale Clonina-er Kenny Edward Joel Epperson Albert Fox Bill Hanshaw Bob Hayes Bob Jones Sandy Lounsbury Larry McMillen Pet Nail Tony Paetro Terry Pedonti John Peel Dwia-ht Price Glenn Robertson Keith Simmons Larry Smith Don Thureau Larry Ulvila Tony Vivian Woody Westfall Lowery Whitson Bruce Yeckley Kappa Sigs Swing Out!

PAGE 128

Kappa Sig's guard opponent from Theta Chi in intramurals game. KAPPA SIGMA One of the fastest growing fratemitlel OD campus is Kappa Sigma. Kappa Delta Chapter was installed only a few months ap on March 23, 1968, and already it bu acquired an excellent record in acholanhip, athletic:a, and participation in university eventa. Kap pa Sigma is a social fraternity orpnllecl to supplement the academic trainiq of the university There are SO brothen who are selected on the basis of ability, penonaUtJ, and character. The Kappa Sii(a, adviMd br economics professor Dale 0. Cloninger, con ducted several service projeeta this year. Their main project was lawn maintenaoce at the Hillsborough County Guidance Center in Tampa. Every week the brothen cut. seeded, trimmed, and weeded the Center'1 extensive grounds. Kappa Sigma coatrib uted to the Cancer Fund and collected for the March of Dimes. Also, the entire fraternity donated to U.S.F.'a Scholarahip Fwld. Officers of Kappa Delta Chapter of Kappa Sigma for 1967-68 were: John Peel, ,..._ ident; Albert Fox, vice-preaicleDt; Dcmald Thureau, secretary; Dwight Price, treuurer; and Larry Ulvila, master of ceremonies. Brothers and rushees chat during informal rush. 12'7

PAGE 129

128 Sheldon Barat Herbert Bell Eugene Berkey Steven Bercov James Bradley Kenneth Brodnax Bob Carter Jerry Cheatham Roger Coe Fred Cumbie Lawrence Dew Eugene Eddy Edward Elliot Randall Elzea William Falzone Casey Flug James Foster Riehard Frisbee James Griffin Laray Geist Kirk Haas Minor Hart James Harkey Norris Hillery Riehard Hirseh James Hoyle Jerry Johnson Stuart Lawrenee Robert Lee Ted Littlewood William Martin Murphy Osborne Frank Paneotto Andrew Petruska Harold Pritehard Thomas Ravenel Jon Robinson Ralph Ruso James Shepherd Gareth Bob Tennant Mike Tennant Charles Tonkin Roger T;vl'l'ell Tim Tyrrell Robert Usherson John Westphall Geora'e Williams David Wright David Yates Radfotd Yates

PAGE 130

George Williams turns the podium over to alumnus Murphy Os borne during installation LAMBDA CHI ALPHA The dedicated goal of Lambda Chi Alpha is to help the member, to teach, inspire, and to instill within him the ideals that are the very substance of a well-rounded character. This aim is implicit in their motto, "Every Man a Man." Founded on March 14, 1961, Lambda Chi was installed as a colony in January, 1967. On February 10, 1968, they were installed as Lambda Mu Chapter of Lambda Chi Alpha. The Lambda Chi's are well known for their annual service project, the Lambda Chi Alpha Kidnap. Presidents of all fraternities and sororities are "kid napped" and held for ransom in the form of canned food which is donated to charity. The first social event of the year is a dance appropriately called "Wipe-Out." The White Rose Ball was held near the end of first quarter, and the Founders' Day Banquet is held annually on March 22. Lambda Chi's officers were Herb Bell, president; Jim Harkey, vice-president; Fred Cumbie, secretary; and Stu Lawrence, treasurer. Advisors of the 66 brothers are Mr. Murphy M. Osborne Jr. and Mr. Richard R. Cameron. The brothers of Lambda Chi hosted Alumnae and special guests at their Founders' Day Banquet Brothers, pledges, and their dates attended the Installation Banquet held at the International Inn where they became Lambda Mu chapter Kidnapping of fraternity and sorority presidents helped col lect a ransom of canned goods for charity 129

PAGE 131

130 Riehard Alt Roger Beaubien Steve Bledsoe Ken BodleY Pat Coffey Tom Dobson Henry Douglas William Engler Ward Eshleman Bob Goshorn Ben Hooks George Hoover Jim Iannuzzo Rick Jager Kevin Kelleher Pat Kelly Ed Leonard Dave Lichtenfels John Lund Dan Marks Jack McGinnis Allen Mikell David Pettigrew Ken Reyes Lawrence Ross Norm Scaffe Doug Sessions Charles Seyler Mike Shaw Marvin Sherzer Jerry Siefert Buck Skillen Jim Sloan Bill Sharpless Gene Stevens Marty Sullivan Jim Taylor Steve Tliee Jerry Vaeb Robert Vargo

PAGE 132

PHI DELTA THETA "One Man is No Man." This motto ex presses Phi Delta Theta's belief in the necessity of close brotherhood. Phi Delta Theta is dedicated to developing friendship, sound learning, and rectitude among its members. The first social fraternity on campus, Phi Delta originated as Arete in December, 1960. They soon gained high recognition for their enthusiastic participation in all campus activities. Phi Delta Theta, following Arete's precedent, became the first fully installed national fraternity at USF on April 8, 1967. Only a few of the Phi Delts who have achieved renown for their outstanding contributions to USF are John Hogue, past-president of SA; Ben Brown, chief justice of SA; Dave Pettigrew, senator; Ben Hooks, general chairman of Homecoming; Jack McGinnis, chairman of SRG; and Marty Sullivan, legislator. Phi Delta Theta con ducted several successful projects this year. One of these was the Phi Delta Theta Blood Bank, which was open to all USF students. The bank collected 75 units of blood this year. The Phi Delta Theta Derby is an annual event in which Greek organizations compete in games for fun and trophies. The purpose of this derby is to build interGreek competition and spirit. Phi Delts also sold Cokes at the Gasparilla parade, and ac tively participated in the Heart Fund Drive. The 75 active brothers and pledges are advised by Dr. T. W. Graham Solomons, assistant chemistry professor. 1967-68 officers were Tom Dobson Jr., president; Robert Goshorn, vice-president; Dave Pettigrew, secretary; Dave Lichtenfels, treasurer; Richard Alt, rush chairman; and Jack Shiver, IFC representative. Ben Brown proudly accepts charter Phi Deltas set up booth at the Student Association Carnival 131

PAGE 133

132 Ken Anderson Mike Bagby Vinee Barrett Mike Benham Richard Black Mike Blanner Juan Capin Bert Carlton Ken Castillo Don Crank Jeff Donahue Bill Dudley Bob Edenfield Jerry Eichholz Gerald Giglia Frank Hamilton Chuck Irvine Tom Johnston Pete Kennin&" Jim Kline Ferrell Miller Dave Naffziger Bob Ohlwiler Orie Preston Don Rice Brent Robinson Jim Ryan Rick Seely Howard Began Don Sheppard Gene Smith Herman Smith John Smith Bruce Southerland Richard Stang Steve Stelle Mike Turner Gary Ullman Will Waiker Lon Walters Ron Warfield Lee Weise Richard Withers Ken Zolezzl

PAGE 134

Pi Kappa Alpha took first place in football in the Green League PI KAPP A ALPHA Zooming into first place in the Green League of inter-fraternity football was only the beginning of Pi Kappa Alpha's active year. They went on to win first place in basket ball in the Green League. The "Pikes" believe that the purpose of their fraternity is to provide a well-rounded life for the college man through social, service, and leadership responsibilities. Proving their adherence to this belief, the "Pikes" participated in such diversified activities as fraternity athletics, parties, and a special service project with the Big Brothers of Tampa. Founded as Delta Tau locally, Pi Kappa Alpha received colony status in September, 1966, and became a chapter on March 1, 1968. Membership has risen to 53, and the officers are Pete Kenning, president; Herman Smith, vice-president; Ken Castillo, secretary; Dave Naffziger, treasurer; and Howard Segan, pledge master. Advisors are Dr. Louis Jurgenson and Colonel K. J. Silverwood. Brothers discuss the social calendar with rushees during informal The Pikes went all out to make their Big Brother service project a success 133

PAGE 135

134 Joe Alvarez Mike Barrett Pete Helstrom Pat Benz Steve Berger Rick Catlin Joe College Harry Dennen John Denton Wayne Dymond John Fantone Craig Featherman Robert Fore Jesus Garcia Ron Garcia Dick Gore Dave Hale Wes Hoover Dick James Lance Kolsky Mike Lackmann Rick Lane Rick Lehman Larry McGary Bob McKanty Ralph McLeod Bob Miller Mike Minardi Jim Montgomery Richard Moore Jim Morton Jerry Murray Jack Neese Bryan O 'Steen Ed Phillips Larry Pritchard Rick Ragnitt John Rittenhouse Clayton Robertson Yin Roesi Ron Sacino Mike Saunders Terry Scussel Dave Searles Dave Shobe Gary Trombly Phil Walker George Ware Frank Winkles ..... Allil'a Brothers of the new, Florida Delta Chapter were installed after the Installation Ban quet at the Interna tional Inn Enotas President, Dave Searles, receives the IFC trophy from President John S. Allen

PAGE 136

SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON "The True Gentleman" is one whose conduct proceeds from good will and a sense of propriety, one who treats the obscure, the poor, and the deformed as any other man, one who practices self-control, one who is humble, sincere, and sympathetic, and one who values the rights and the honor of his fellow man. "The True Gentleman" is the code of the men of Sigma Alpha Epsilon. SAE's purpose is to develop a well-rounded individual, and it is easy to see from their impressive list of activities and honors that this has been accomplished. Some of their activities include, "Keep USF Green and Clean," the. Fall Ball, Buccaneer Revelry, and the Gasparilla Coke sale. They engaged in an advertising project, in which they did advertising for some eighty merchants. Other projects were a picnic for orphaned children and a Halloween candy sale. Originally founded at USF in 1960 as Enotas, an athletic organization, they later affiliated with Sigma Alpha Epsilon. On January 20, 1968, Enotas became the Florida Delta chapter of SAE. The fraternity now consists of 65 active brothers and 10 pledges who are advised by Professor John Anderson, and Mr. John Melendi. Officers were C. Richard Moore, president; Richard Lane, vice-president; Pete Belstrom, recorder; Dick James, corresponding secretary; Robert Roberson, treasurer; Rick Lehman, herald ; Michael Minardi, chronicler; Edwin Phillips, chaplain; and Michael Stewart, warden. Officers of the Florida Delta Chapter of SAE were honored at the Installation Banquet held at the International Inn SAE President Richard Moore receives the national charter for t h e Florida Delta Chapter 135

PAGE 137

136 Jim Bean Stan Blank AI Blevins Andy Boros John Boyle Mare Brown John Dugger Joe Enright Dave Fisher Henry Garcia Jim Goins Frank Goldstein Dave Gray Bruce Grunsten George Hartig Bill KaRas Jerry Kane Eddie Knight Bill KTeSs Wayne Love Jim Luttrell Bob Maas John Medaglia Ted Mleerrl Mike Otero Pete Pages Tom Parke Vance Peal'8on Dan Radebaugh Steve Rinck Don Rose Tim Russell Rick Saeger Bill Sands Jim Saxton Riebard Smith Paul Stone Wayne Taylor Bill Vasden Art Vedner Karl Wieland Bob Wilson

PAGE 138

A brother and his date enjoy themselves at a Sig Ep party. The brothers attempt to maintain a balance between scholastics and social affairs SIGMA PHI EPSILON "Virtue, Diligence and Brotherly Love" is the motto of Sigma Phi Epsilon. Founded in 1963 as Verdandi, they became a colony of Sigma Phi Epsilon on October 9, 1966. The 41 brothers conducted several service projects this year including a fund-raising drive for the American Cancer Society. Collecting candy for the children at MacDonald Training Center was another project. Brothers actively participated as volunteer firemen, and as big brothers to fatherless boys. The Sig Eps sponsored the annual 3-man basketball tournament. Fraternity advisors are Raymond C. King, Director of Food and Housing, and Bruce C. Cowell, assistant professor of natural science. 1967-68 officers were Karl H. Wieland, president; James V. Goins, vice-president; John L. Dugger, secretary; Steven F. Rinck, treasurer; and Richard F. Smith, recorder. Besides participating in intramurals basketball, the Sig Eps sponsor the annual threeman basketball tournament 137

PAGE 139

138 Mark Abbott Jim Adamson Brian Allen Steve Anderson Pete Atkinson Dave Bauer Bob Ba.zata Jim Benard John Bodfish Joel Bronstein Lester Carter Roy Cheatwood Gordon Clement Tom Coates Weldon Corbitt Larry Cranor Joe Cusmano Lindsey DeGuerey Kim Dinkel Raymond Doble John Etridge Jim Frey Sam Gordon Denny Grady Chuck Hamm Cbuck Higb Terry Hightower Jim Houck Rick Jeffcote Bill Keegan Tom Knaus Dick Lincoln AI Lucas Rick Marshburn Dave Martin Bill Mathew Fred Monroe John Palatinus Ray Pratt Dick Rhoden Paul Roe Jobn St. Amant Mike Savidge Jim Sears Tim Sexton Micky Sheffield Richard Sneed Bill Snow Henry Speight Bob Swigart Larry Tanner AI Torrence Dave Tucker

PAGE 140

Larry Cranor and Schatzi Hinton greet guests at Sigma Nu's annual Rose Ball Mood music for a formal dance SIGMA NU Almost a hundred years ago, a new fraternity was formed by three Virginia Military Institute cadets. The name of the organization was originally "The Legion of Honor," and thus the tradition of honor has been firmly planted in all its members. This fraternity is now called Sigma Nu, and all Sigma Nus hold the deeply rooted conviction that Honor is dearer than life. Following this tradition_, Sigma Nu originated on this campus as Cratos, the Greek word for "strength." On November 27, 1966, they affiliated with the national Sigma Nu. The philosophy of Sigma N u is, "To believe in the life of love, to walk in the way of honor, to serve in the light of truth." Sigma Nus at USF are involved in many aspects of campus life. Nineteen brothers are active in student government. Brother Larry Cranor was president of IFC this year. The UC Program Council president is also a Sigma Nu, and Sigma Nus are represented on the Student Affairs Committee. Sigma Nu's advisors are Mr. William McArthur and Mr. Bill Kasan, and officers are Jim Frey; commander ; Dick Rhoden, It. commander ; Mike Savidge, recorder; Chuck Hamm, treasurer; and Ted Sexton, marshal. Don Bower at the Hippie party John Williams concentrates on the next pitch 139

PAGE 141

l.CO Terry Aidman Manny Diner Jerry Fine Morry Frank Allan Friedman Howell Goldberg Mark Goldberg Bruce Goldstein Ed Greenbe g Bill Katz Cliff Kolber Steve Kirsner Ken Kitchen Mark Kitman Chuck Levin Alan Marder David Mark Stuart Mishkin Dennis Moreno Frank Moss Marvin Oster Keith Richter Steve Rissman Fred Ritterman Howie Ross Steve Saperstein Glenn Schuman Barry Siegel Jerry Sternstein David Vine Jeffery Waldman Allen Wolfson Jeffery Waldman displays fraternity banner

PAGE 142

Brothers guard their teammate Brothers prepare for rush entertainment TAU EPSILON PHI "To live in the light of friendship, To walk in the path of chivalry, To serve for the love of service" -these are the ideals expressed in the creed of Tau Epsilon Phi. These ideals, combined with social, athletic, and scholastic endeavors provide for the de velopment of the mature man. TEP's are acutely aware of the importance of an edu cation, and so they strive for scholastic ex cellence. For three terms in a row, they compiled the highest fraternity GPR, and for this they were given the honor of being ushers at the 1967 Honors Convocation. Community service also ranks high with the TEP's. Major projects of the year were the renovation of the Tampa Girls' Horne, and a party for the children at the Sulphur Springs Day Care Center. TEP's were active in intrarnurals, placing second in Green League football. Socially, activities ranged from picnics and barbecues, informal and costume parties, to the Valentine Formal and Founder's Day Banquet. Many TEP's are well known around campus for their outstanding leadership and participation in campus organizations. Both Steve Rissman and Manny Diner have served as SA Attor ney General. Manny was recently elected to the office of president of IFC, with brother Terry Aidman as its treasurer. Brother Alan Friedman is secretary of the Political Science Union and former assistant Attor ney General. Jerry Sternstein is an Oracle staff writer and chairman of the SA's Rule and Calendar Committee. With such fine leaders, it is easy to see how the brothers progressed from Chi Sigma Rho local fraternity in March, 1966, to a TEP colony in October, 1966, and finally to Phi Beta Chap. ter of Tau Epsilon Phi on April 23, 1967. TEP'S alumnus advisor is attorney Norman Lipoff, and their faculty advisor Dr. Robert Goldstein. The hard-working officers who led the men of TEP to a successful year are Steve Rissman, chancellor; Terry Aidman, vice-chancellor; Alan Friedman, and Barry Siegal, scribes; Clifford Kolber, bursar; Bill Katz, pledgernaster; and Manny Diner, rnern bership-at-large. 141

PAGE 143

142 Kirk Anders Frank Ande1'8on Tom Batura David Bergdoll Bob Bruce Tom Cave Van Cecil Paul Cepero David Ch.,tham Scott Christianson David Clement William Coffeen Larey Cole Dennis Dingle William Dowell William Dudley Steve Ellis Raymond Franklin Mike Fuller Louie Hart Dave Holcombe AI Hosack Louie Ingel Jeff Jaeobeohn John Keating Bryan Kelner Dave Kobrin Craig Kowal Frank Laslo Woody Lee Don McCann John McClain Sean McCullough Jeff McKalllp Stan Musial Tom Nelson William Opp Mike Piscitelli Dave Richardeoa John Rodgers John Schmitt Bill Senn Gene Simmon Rick Schwartz Elton Smith Bill Snyder Dave Snyder Glenn Sudbury BoWard Chuck Wilder John Woodward Louie Woodward

PAGE 144

TAU KAPPA EPSILON An extremely active fraternity this year, Tau Kappa Epsilon, kept busy with many different activities and projects. Social activities included a B & R Ranch Party, Hal loween party, Hillsborough Park steak cook out, a barn dance and hay-ride, and the Christmas TKE Blizzard Party. The TKE's participated in diversified special projects too. These included the Homecoming Parade, homecoming floats, and the March of Dimes. They painted an orphanage, sold poppies for the American Legion and presented their Best Pledge Award. Formerly Phi Sigma Xi, TKE was colonized in September, 1966, and Lambda Alpha chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon was installed here on April29, 1967. Their original membership o f 24 men has increased to 55 brothers who adhere to the motto, "Not for Wealth, Rank, or Honor, but for personal worth and character." Members, who are selected through IFC rush, are led by John Keating, pre sident; David Kobrin, vice-president ; Louis Hart, secretary; Stan Musial, treasurer; Bill Dudley, historian; David Chatham, chap lain; Chuck Wilder, sgt. at arms; Tom Batura, pledge trainer. TKE's advisor is Dr. David Clement. A service project for the brothers and pledges of TKE was the collection of dimes for the March of Dimes Brothers and dates relax before the Sweetheart Ball, at which the fratermty sweetheart was chosen 143

PAGE 145

144 Irene Alexander Linda Anderson Glenda Anton Terl Beller LeeAnn Berl')'hill Leslie Blair Judy Brauner Kathy Bremer Naney Cafaro Susan Cameron Linda Carmiehael Dona Clark Sharon Cole Susan Diekinson Janet DuPont Cecilia Fauata Eileen Foster Trish Gibbons Sharon Gillies Judy Gonzalez Louise Gonzalez Patty Gonzalez Carolyn Gorman Eileen Harris Janet Hotard Diane Howarth Judy Huffman Barbara J aekson Linda Keeneth Susan Kilbey Diane King Clariee LaPorte Gayle Klar Cindy Lieht Lynda Long Teri Lounsbel'l"Y :Mary :MeLaughlln Pat :Mentesane :Margaret Miller Sharon Pierce :Mary Jo Pirruq Sally Jo Powers Rose Raaka Christine Reynolds Leslie Rowe Glenda Sho.tfer Judy Sharp Ann Smith Kay Stoltz Barbara Stroup Sandie Thom&s Cheryl Thompson Shetry Waltz Ginny Weeks Cherie Williams Ceil Wilson

PAGE 146

Tri Chi gave parties for children in local day care centers as a service project Dean Charles Wildy speaks at the Tri Chi luncheon TRI CHI Tri Chi stands for Character, Companion ship, and Creativity, and sisters uphold these qualities through fun and fellowship. The Tri Chi's conducted several successful service projects during the year. They took underprivileged children to the Gasparilla Parade, and gave parties for those children at the Ybor City and West Tampa Day Care Centers. Pledges donated clothes to the County Girls' Juvenile Home, and enter tained the girls at a pizza party. Social events included a Halloween party and two cookouts: one with Theta Chi, and another in the honor of a visiting Vietnam veteran. Tri Chi's played winning softball games against TKE and TEP. Major social events were the Installation and Awards Banquet, the Founders' Day party, and Big Sister Little Sister banquets. Members are selected on the basis of reputable character and re sponsible leadership, as is well proven through Tri Chi representation in Student Association programs, UC committees, res idence hall governments, intramurals, cam pus contests, and Greek events. This year sister Lynda Long was awarded the title, MISS AEGEAN, declaring her the ideal coed of South Florida. Tri Chi, a local sorority since March 20, 1967, now has a membership of 43 sisters and 13 pledges. They are advised by Miss Cozbie Reed, and headed by Lynda Long, president; Irene Alexander, vice-president; Diane Howarth, correspond ing secretary; Cheryl Thompson, recording secretary ; Leslie Rowe, treasurer; and Janet Hotard, pledge-master. Tri Chi cuts up at rush 145

PAGE 147

146 Cheryl Albert Beth Arkin Bonnie Bassie Renee Brodes Jane Cheroff Elizabeth Everitt Sheila Fages Ann Feingold Sharyn Faro Phyllis Googe! Gail Gordon Joan Gross Sherreen Hand.el Bonnie Kalish Carol Kasoff Sha1un Kaufman Karen Kil'Bhstein Elaine Levin Rona Miller Judith Mintz Sherry Niese! Michelle Paley Irene Pomerant% Port Rose Joanne Steiner Renee Swisko Adrian Trager Evelyn Trop Sandra Usherson Carolyn Wall DELTA SIGMA TAU One of the newest local sororities on cam pus, Delta Sigma Tau, celebrated their first anniversary on February 14. Although still young, DST is growing rapidly with a membership of thirty sisters. Their motto, which is "Truth and Dignity Through Sisterhood," has led them to their recent affiliation with Alpha Epsilon Pi national sorority. Some of DST's activities this year were their quarter ly candy apple sales, and a powder puff football game with Kappa Delta sorority. Sisters took orphans to the circus, and weren't quite sure which of the two enjoyed it more! Sorority advisor is Mrs. Harriet Selingsohn, and 1967-68 officers were Irene Pomerantz, president; Joan Gross, vice-president; Evelyn Trop, recording secretary; and Sheila Fages, treasurer. Delta Sigma Tau sisters honor new pledges at their installation banquet

PAGE 148

Donna Allen Cindi Altman Peggy Apgar Anna Bryant Peggy Chandler Pam Cooney Sandy Cooney Kris Dueker Debbie East Pat Fuss Judy Hamilton Julienne Hancoc k Faye Haskins Marilyn Hickey Connie Hill Sheila Isbel Carolyn Jessen Junnie Jureski Sandra Kay Pat Lew i s Genna Lignante Barbar a Lind Janet M cFarland B e verly Payne L inda Peiffer Susan Peto D onna Petricek Nancy Piesco Sandy P off Carolyn R ickards Jeanne Sachae Cheryl Schoeck Cheryl Scott Susan Shaw Linda Sluss Sand y Smit h Betsy S moot Beck y S opki n Jean i n e Stei nkamp Kar e n T r i s t ram Vic k i Vail Rosemar y Ver b oestra D o n n a Wall Chi Omega we lcomed rushees to "Chi 0 I s land" on costume night of rush CHI OMEGA "A Chi Om e g a is a hard-working, untir ing young w oman, doing the very best she can for her sorority, her 'f r iends, and her university." Chi Omegas are outstanding in all aspects o f university life: in special interest club s in the Student Association, in Panhell enic i n honorary organizations, dorm government, unive rsity events, and Greek activi t i es Finalists in Best Dressed com petition and t h e first runner-up to Miu Aegean were Chi Omegas. Scholastically, Chi Omega is above the all-sorority women's average As a service project, Chi Omeps give aid to a foster child. Founded national ly i n 1895, Chi Omega has pioneered on more campuses than any other women's fraternity. At the tim e Chi Omega was founded, no national Greekletter society for women had been d eveloped i n Southern colleges and uni versit i e s Theta Theta Colony will become 151st Ch i Omega colony in the fall of 1968. Founded a t USF as Phi Gamma Chi local in February, 19 6 7, they were pledged as a Chi Omega colony on December 9. 147

PAGE 149

Robert Sitch Theta Chi participated this year in intramural basketball as well as other sports 148 At meetings, the brothers discuss plans for the next quarter THETA CHI COLONY Scott Betts Curtis Childers George Daniels Douglas Dewitt Jorge Fernandez James Harshman David Hedin Mario Labot James Lanius Jack Mann John McCullough Carl Peterson Gary Pickett Joseph Rudy Although still a small fraternity on cam pus, Theta Chi is rapidly growing through a policy of academic excellence balanced by an active social life and athletic program, with an emphasis on brotherhood. Founded in October of 1966, Theta Chi became a local in February, 1967, and a colony on April 6. Plans to become a chapter should materialize at the end of the third quarter. Service projects and activities are held throughout the year. The highlights of these events were a trip to Hillsborough State Park with the fatherless boys in cooperation with the Big Brothers of Tampa, and the Red and White Banquet held during third quarter. Officers of the 20 brothers and three pledges are John H. McCullough, president; Scott Betts, vice-president; Curtis Childers, secretary; and Richard Glenn, treasurer. Theta Chi's advisor is Dr. Robert Welker, professor of business law.

PAGE 150

Phil Cohen Jeff Dranow Powell Gewun: Mark Gluaman Jack Goldstein Jack McCarthy Brian Pivar Jaek Plasky Scott Barnett and his fiancee Rona Miller "rock out" at a ZBT party ZETA BETA TAU Beta Tau, the newest fraternity on cam pus, was conceived by three undergraduate men in January, 1967. A month later, after having grown to twenty men, Beta Tau was granted provisional status. Feeling that their hopes could best be achieved by affiliating with Zeta Beta Tau National Fraternity they became a colony on May 15, 1967. Their membership has now risen to 25 men, who are chosen on the basis of participation in at least one campus activity. Prospective members must also secure the friendship of each brother on a man-to-man basis. The men of Beta Tau believe that a fraternity fulfills a university's goal of developing a responsible, mature member of society. To achieve this end, they dedicate themselves to the principles of intellectual awareness, social responsibility, integrity, and brotherly love. Fine examples of these noble principles are Beta Tau's officers: Herb Sutton, president; Powell Gewurz, vice-president; Jack GoldsteinJ secretary; Jack Plasky, treasurer; David Wallach, sergeant-at-arms; Scott Barnett, pledgemaster. Dr. Edward Silbert, assistant professor of history, serves as advisor. The Beta Tau's participated in several social and service activities. In March, they joined a sorority in taking local orphans to the Shrine circus-, and October was the month for selling American Legion poppies. At the end of August, two Beta Tau's attended the national ZBT convention at Grand Bahama. The year began socially with the western atmosphere of a roundup Eddie Pomerantz Ken Rubin Larry Sebatzmao Brian Shapiro Harley Stoek Herb Sutton Harris Tannenbaum David Wallach Mark Wehman and hayride. Founder's Weekend takes place in February, and the Beta Tau's held a ban quet with local ZBT alumni, and presented awards to outstanding brothers. A semi formal dinner and dance closed the week end. Ending the year in May, a spring for mal was held to honor graduating brothers. 149

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Organizations 151

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Members of the Aegean Staff are: Front Row: Leonard Kania; Larry Hevia; Max Ramos. Second Row: Carol McGill; Barbara Turai; Janet Valenti; Ellen Dester; Linda Gittleman; Judi Koepcke; Julie Fielding; Leslie Marrich. B ack Row: Schatzi Hinton ; Pam Freeman ; Linda Klein ; Barrie Massarsky; Ruth Hammerle; Ellie Kleinfeld; not shown : Cookie S pe ll e r 152 THE AEGEAN A group of hard working students set out with a goal for the 1968 Aegean. That goal was to boost the yearbook over the topto publish a book that would help the people through which USF exists, relive one year. of their lives at South Florida and to pubhsh a book worthy of the title All American, a title missed last year by a very few points. In order to accomplish this goal, the staff spent many hours compiling information, sifting through photographs, doing layouts, writing copy, trying to capture the constant upward motion that the campus exuded this year. And the staff spent as many hours im proving techniques, developing skills, teaching new members so that future books can be an even more exciting and accurate picture of the University. Ellie Kleinfeld, Miss Aegean Coordinator

PAGE 154

Jill Young, 1967 Miss Aegean; Larry Hevia, Editor in Chief Julie Fielding, Senior Editor Leslie Marrich, C ulture Editor; Barrie Massarsky, Assistant Copy Editor 163

PAGE 155

Carol MacGill, academics editor; Ruth Hammerle, Pam Freeman and Barbara Turai, academics assistants 154 Janet Valenti, Greeks editor.

PAGE 156

Linda Klein and Linda Gittleman, Aegean assistants. Leonard Kania, Managing editor Max Ramos, Sports editor 155

PAGE 157

Louis Perkins 1&6 Photography Educational Resources Erik Nielsen Rudi Schwabe

PAGE 158

Bill Niewinski 157

PAGE 159

Officers are : Mike Domanski, second vice president; Vern Kisling, treasurer; Jim Krog, president; Louis Le Grande, first vice president; Larry Leis s secretary 158 ALPHA PHI OMEGA The Tau Mu Chapter of Alpha Phi Omega men's national service fraternity stepped up its program of continuing the ideals of scouting through the service of college men this year. The membership more than doubled under the leadership of president James Krog; vice president, Louis LaGrande; secretary, Larry Leiss; treasurer, Vernon Kisling; pledge vice-president, Michael Domanski; and sponsors, Dean Wildy, vice president Wunderlich, and Dick Whitney. The organization's projects kept those members busy serving the campus-through clean-up projects at the riverfront and at Chinsegut Hill, manning voting booths during SA elections and helping at the golf course to meet the scheduled opening date; and the community-by sponsoring a Boy Scout troop in Tampa's riot areas and registering interested USF students for work in Tampa's Community Service Centers. Members of Alpha Phi Omega are: Front Row: Sylvester Thomas II; Dan Dorney; Joan Greer; Jim Krog, president; Keith Bletzer; Ron Norris; Andy Libby. Back row: Alan Barnes; Dennis Gunn; Richard Roper; Louis Le Grande; Eric Bush; Mike Domanski ; Larry Leiss ; Vern Kisling; Richard Kuhar; Chuck Kuhn; Bill Baird.

PAGE 160

YOUNG REPUBLICANS Already one of the most active political organizations on campus, the Young Repub licans outdid themselves this year by dou bling their membership to become the largest political club at USF and the largest YR College Club in the state. Sandi Davis, president; David Kobrin, vice-president; Jack Crepeau, recording secretary; May Ruth Berryhill, corresponding secretary; Gil Fields, treasurer; and Dr. Rothwell, faculty sponsor, led the members in a booming year of activity. The club brought to campus speakers including Herman Goldner, Ray Malloy, Lynn Vander-Pole, Bob Carter, and Bill Korp. And it conducted two straw hat polls to determine the views of the campus community on current political issues. Two straw hat pools were conducted by the young Republicans this year. The USF polls were intended to assess the political sentiment of the student body by asking questions concerning critical issues and the manner in which they were being met 159

PAGE 161

The late Archbishop Joseph P. Hurley, Bish op of St. Augustine, broke the ground for the new Catholic Student Center which he dedicated in 1967 160 Seated: Robert Kibler; Marie Santry; Judy Tyner; Father Austin Mullen; Kenneth Stackhouse; Diane Bondley; Byran Bein kampen. Standing: Eleonora N avari; Port Rose ; Joseph Skala ; Linda Bishop; William Smetanka; Shirley Trainor, treasurer; Margaret Shilling; Sarah Smith; Mark Wojcik; Donald Clossey; Joan Hauger; Frank Shepp; Catherine Kaiser, secretary; Gary Pettit; Michael Shepp, president; Dennis Dingle. CATHOLIC STUDENT ORGANIZATION The Catholic Student Organization moved in this year-into its new student center and into an era of being better able to provide for the religious, social, educational, and cultural needs of Catholic students at USF. The organization provided Masses (including the Folk Mass each Sunday), theology classes, Church publications, guest lecturers, everything to keep the student of the faith abreast of the role of the Church, and the individual within it, in the world. Besides this, the center became a social gathering place for activities of every kind from organized dances to informal bull sessions. President, Michael Shepp; vice-president, Carol Natili; secretary, Cathy Kaiser; treasurer, Shirley Trainer; and sponsors, Father Norman Balthazar and Father Austin Mullen led this organiza tion on its move.

PAGE 162

ECONOMICS CLUB The Economics Club made its first year as a permanent campus organization a booming year. In their effort to provide a forum for the expansion of economic knowland its practical applications, the twenmembers took advantage of sources of mterest and sources of experience on the campus, in the community, and throughout the world. They offered their own knowlto students in regular tutormg sessions each week, they drew on the ex perience of the business men of the Bay Area through lectures, they organized a Federal Reserve Forum, and they hosted internationally noted economist, member of the German Chamber of Commerce and of the advisory board of the World Economic Archive, Dr. Dieter Schaefer. EXCEPTIONAL CHILD One of the newest clubs on campus, the SCEC was probably one of the most active. Since it drafted its constitution in September, 1967, the club managed to instill a sense of purpose in its members that made for a long list of accomplishments toward the ul timate goal of helping to raise every child to his greatest potential, regardless of his physical, emotional, or academic abilities. The forty members were led by Neil Boehme, president; Tom Jones, vice-president; Julie Guker, corresponding secretary; Anne Bergman, recording secretary; Liz Cleveland, treasurer; and Dr. Irwin Levy, faculty sponsor. They all participated in educational projects ranging from bringing in guest speakers such as A. J. Montanari and Wayne Kennedy to taking field trips to training cen ters, experimental schools, professional con ventions and in-service projects including helping with the Measles Campaign and furnishing recreational equipment to the Tampa Oral School for the Deaf. Members of the Economics Clubs are, Front R.ow: L. Gale; John M. Valentino, vice-president; James A. Fields president Gerald T. Wili; Santo J. Fleres'; Dr. W. / Herman, club advisor. Back Row: William L. Boyd; Harold A. Lefeure; Michael D. Durham; Fred A. Monroe; Jeffrey C. Donahue; Thomas M Thomas. Seated: Elizabeth Cleveland, treasurer; Julie Guker, corresponding secretary; Jackie Gillman; Mira Bergen; Felice Emerman; Anne Bergman, recording secretary; June Miller. Standing: Tom Jones, president elect; David O'Brien; Neil Boehme, president; Charles Lopez; Larry Funderburke, project chairman. 161

PAGE 163

Front Row: D. Batelaan; J. Zysko; K. Osborne; R. usalo; D. Higgins; W. Ralph; D. Bower; R. Gordy; W. Dean; B. Bryant; W. Abare. Second Row: J. Morriss; B. Johnson; J. Boney; R. Hart; D. Sheppard; S. Blank; K. Boatwright; R. Pendiono; J. Palatinos; T. Boles. Third Row: K. Young; R. Fleming; B. ENGINEERING COLLEGE ASSOCIATION Communications and participations: the watchwords of the Engineering College As sociation. Over two hundred fifty members, all students who had moved into the ranks of upper division in the College of Engineering, participated in the tours, lectures and social functions provided by the Association. They moved out on the field with the en gineering majors' football team; they moved out on the dance floor at the annual Engineering Ball; they move'd out into the industrial community with speakers like those from Buckeye Cellulose and projects like National Engineering Week. Leading the Association in its move were faculty spon sor, Dean Kopp; president, Donald Higgins; vice-president, Paul Vianey; secretary-treasurer, Glenn Schneider. College of Engineering 162 Quinn; G. Hill; R. Helgeson; R. Fowler; R. Corces; B. Gavilan; J. Bishop. Fourth Row: R. Martin; D. Hurkett; A. Crossgrove; J. Lillie ; C. Johnson; M. Talbert; R. Fuller Kamp; C. Henderson; F. Ramos. Back Row: A. Perkins; E. Chancey; G. Schneider; R. Cota; G. Schulz; E. MacFerran, Jr.; J. Ambter; P. Vianey; D. Doerr; P. D' Angona.

PAGE 164

Student Vestry Of The Episcopal Center Services, discussion groups, social events, facilities for recreation, study, and meditation-all these combined at the Episcopal Center with the work of the Student Vestry to help make Christianity relevant intellec tually, spiritually, socially, and personally to the lives of today's students. Members ex perienced it assisting at services in St. Anselm's Chapel, dancing and singing at social gatherings, throwing ideas around in informal groups It formed an environment to move up in. Furthering the Center and its efforts to maintain this environment were Walter Terrie, president; Nancy Lamson, vice-president; Kristine Alverez and Susan Ledford, secretaries; Don Thureau, lay reader; Margaret Townsend, organist; Neil Boehme, educational secretary; and Dr. Fuson, Dr. Owen, Mr. Engert, and Father No ble, sponsors. Annual cookouts sponsored by the Student Vestry always attract a crowd to enjoy the food and sunshine. This year 125 faculty, children and students attended the cookout and the dance afterward Front Row: Dr. Noble ; Myra Mann; Cameron Fuller; Ellison Fuller; Mike Basista. Second Row: Steve Hunter; Elizabeth Bennett; Pam McGraph; Dave Yates. Third Row: Tommy Thompson; Gail Walsh ; Martha Tiller; Diane Howarth. Back Row : Norm Stradleigh, Jr.; Rick Perez; Bill Reynolds; Don Thureau; Mark Butler ; Bart Smith; Cheryl Hucker 163

PAGE 165

164 Front Row: Claire Sternberg; Elizabeth Lasensky; Linda Schreer, recording secretary; Anne Bergman, president: Michele Landers ; Sharon Kaufman ; Cheryl Albert. Back Row: Mike Wilensky: Steve Yaras, vice-president; Sari Jensen; Vicki Roussman; Ann Porges; Mike Cohen; Sheldon Wind. B'N AI B'RITH -HILLEL FOUNDATION USF's Hillel Foundation formed a cultural, religious, and social center for students of the Jewish faith. Its officers-Anne Berg man, president; Sheldon Wind, vice-president; Linda Schreer, recording secretary; Mike Wilensky, parliamentarian; Mike Cohen, chaplain-worked to supply the forty members with the cultural and religious stimulation of the faith through regular worship services, dinner discussions with local Rabbis, and Lox and Bagel brunches featuring professors like their sponsors Dr. Gold, Dr. Golding, and Dr. Goldstein. And, of course, there was social activity, too, this year in the form of a picnic, a hayride, a bonfire and folk song. Dinner discussions with local Rabbis like Rabbi Stanley Kazan, were a highlight of the year's activities for the Hillelli'oundation

PAGE 166

FLORIDA ENGINEERING SOCIETY An affiliate of the National Society of Professional Engineers, the Florida Engineering Society moved toward the goal of promoting engineering professionalism. In order to do this, the organization in the past year provided guest speakers in the field, promoted a program advancing the idea of engineering as a career among high school students in the area, and aided the Tampa and Pinellas F E.S. Chapters with the distribution of professional literature to these high schools during National Engineering Week. Dr. M. Donaldson, chairman of the Electrical Engineering Department, spon sored the Society. And C. M. Johnson, president; E. W. Ralph, vice-president; and Mrs. D. McCellan, secretary, led the group's eighty-one members. Guest speakers of the Florida Engineering Society include speakers from every area Florida Engineering Society members are: Front Row: D. Batelaan; P. D'Angona; C. Henderson; J. Boney; F. J: Zysko; R. Masalo; C. Johnson; D. H1ggms; W. Ralph; Second Row: D. Doerr; D McClellan; A. Perkins; Third Row : J Morri s s ; R. Martin; S. Blank; E C h a n cey; G : R: Corces; J Palatinos ; R. P endmo ; J B1shop, R Helgeson ; Back Row :-D. Bowen ; B Gavilan; B. Johnson; G. Hill; P. Vianey; E . MacFerran; G. Schulz; M. Talbert; R F l emmg. 165

PAGE 167

Cindy Allen, Janet Klein, Sandra Adams Women's I-M staff discussing events for the oncoming quarter 166 INTRAMURALS There was a run on organized sports at USF. And it was the Intramural staff that took on the rush and created out of it a com plete, well-rounded program of activities for every member of the university community. The sports represented range from the highly-competitive football and basketball tournaments to non-competitive games and included individual, dual, and team sports, each on several ability levels. At the head of this operation were Murphy Osborne, coordinator; Tony Jonaitis, trainer; and Linda Smith, secretary. Men student assistants Manny Harageones, Brian Graefe, Jack New comer, Torn George, and George Fergusun provided for student participation at the ex ecutive level for sports running the gamut from track to table tennis. And everything from badminton to billiards fell under the jurisdiction of women student assistants Janet Klein, Cindy Allen, and Sandy Adams. Manny Harageones, Brian Graefe Intramural staff officiates at all men's and women's intramural activities

PAGE 168

Manny Osborne, discussing swim meet Cindy Allen, Jack Newcomer, Janet Klein, Manny Harageones, Sandra Adams, Tom George, Brian Graefe, George Ferguson, Murphy Osborne, Recreational Sports Coordinator Jack Newcomer, Tom George, George Ferguson 167

PAGE 169

168 BASKETWEAVERS The twenty-two women of the Basket weavers represented a move to sports and service on the campus. Active in intramural athletic events, the club copped the Women's Intramural Championship for the second year in a row in 1967. In the service area, the club sponsored an annual fund-raising car wash and provided articles of clothing to foster homes in the Bay Area. Behind this move were president, Mary Pat Eschenbach; vice-president, Cathy Mattson; secretary, Nancy Fishinger; treasurer, Lois Stag.genborg; historian, Annette White, athletic director, Dana Bartlett; and faculty sponsor, Margaret Chapman. Members of the Basketweavers are, Front Row: Lois Staggenborg; Cathy Mattson; Mary Pat Eschenbach; Nancy Fishinger; Annette White. Back Row: Toni Blackwell; Loen Arrington; Dana Bartlett; Mary Bake house; Eileen Chobody; Janet Klein. Inter Residence Hall Council Under the leadership of Jay Pierce, president; Joe McNamara, vice-president; Mary Carson, secretary ; and Rick Dame, treas urer, the Inter Residence Hall Council set out this year to promote a better system of communications toward unity between the various resident complexes. In order to do this, the two representatives of each hall and Andros Men's Council meet regularly with their faculty sponsor Raymond C. King to coordinate dorm activities including open houses, study seminars, and social events. During 1967, the IRHC affiliated with the National Council of Residence Halls. Members of Inter hall Residence Council are: Front Row: Jeanie Aurelio; Sandy Wedeler, Vice-president; Jay Pierce, President; Carol Davis, Secretary-Treasurer; Sandy Thomas. Back Row: Sue Pollard; Kathy Wells; Joe McNamara; George McAuley; Jerry Cheatam; Joan Gross ; Mary Carson.

PAGE 170

CIRCLE K A Kiwanis-sponsored club for college men Circle K "seeks to build through service the campus, the community, and the world." Under the leadership of president, George Seevers; vice-president, Scott Peeler; secretary, Jim Yale; treasurer, Gil Field; board members-at-large, Bob Failla and Addison Robinson and the sponsorship of Mr. Eugene Roberts, the club built in 1967. It built its members through service projects that helped build the campus and the community-guiding at College Night and at Registration, sponsoring orphan Dean Glov er, helping clothe and entertain the boys of Children's Home, conducting the campus March of Dimes. And it did a solid job of its building, rating a divisional second place at the District Convention, receiving the Gene Duffy A ward for Outstanding Member Jim Yale, and obtaining the 1968 District Convention. Members of the Circle K are: Charles Rodgers; Jim Yale; Addison Robinson; Tom Curtiss ; Roger Palmer ; George Seevers; Nancy Wright; Mr. Eugene Roberts; Bob Failla; Scott Peeler; Mr. Kent Moss; Mike Moeller; Joe Leiter; Ed Ferking. WOMEN'S KARATE CLUB Founded just last year as an offshoot of the USF Karate Club, the Women's Karate Club, in a very short time, developed in strength and effectiveness. Its seventeen members, including two high green belts and two low green belts, continuously strove to develop the physical and mental acuity demanded by the fast-moving art of defense, attending three class meetings each week. Heading up the frighteningly active group were J onnie Pullen, president; Polly Cromwill, vice-president; Ann Wilson, secretarytreasurer; and faculty sponsors Elaine Allen and Mary Frances. Members of Women's Karate Club are: Front Row: Elly N a vari; Elaine Allen; Jonnie Pollen; Kim Fuller; Polly Crowell; Ellison Fuller. Back Row: Val Laumer; Helen Hallman; Dodie Kramer; Sue Amick; Lucy Starnes; Judi Edmundson. 169

PAGE 171

Stuart Thayer, editor-Quarter 1 and 2 Leslie Taylor, assistant managing editorQuarter 1 and 2 170 THE ORACLE The Oracle as published in 1967 was ; prime example of the drive that booste< South Florida to new highs this year. staff, headed by Dr. A. M. Sanderson, pub lisher; W. E. Griscti, general manager; an( Stu Thayer, editor, channeled that drive int< the production of a newspaper whose stand. ards of excellence won it the Pacemake! Award from the American Newspaper Pub. lishers Association as one of the top two college weeklies in the nation. And the staff continued to strive toward an even higher goal of journalism-to become the forum for fair comment on any idea the University community might wish to discuss and to present its own critical views of the University community and the world around it. Oscar Ros, assistant news editor; Margie Sisk, feature editor; Allan Smith, assistant managing editor.

PAGE 172

Mario Garcia, managing editor. Maxine Kamin, fine arts edi.tor ; Phil Runnels, assistant news editor. Polly Weaver, editor-Quarter 3. Jeff Smith, news editor. 171

PAGE 173

Don Gifford, vice-president, president. 172 STUDENT ASSOCIATION GOVERNMENT The members of the Student Association Government, the elective governing body of USF students, set out to up the standard of living at USF -to provide a government in which the students can "express them selves effectively for the betterment of their social, economic, physical, intellectual, and spiritual growth; to promote better educa tional standards ... Toward these goals they aimed a concentrated effort to discourage attempts to raise state tuition to an unbearable level; they added a Student Bill of Rights to the SA Constitution; they pro moted closer cooperation between the student and other segments of the university community. And it added up to a substantial move in the direction of a better university environment.

PAGE 174

D. Frank Winkles, Vice President During Gasparilla, male members undertook a beard growing contest Scott Barnett, President Ditti Herr and Bob Musselwhite, associate Justices 173

PAGE 175

PI MU EPSILON The thirty-five members of the Florida Epsilon chapter of Pi Mu Epsilon mathematics honorary found it was a good year for the "promotion of scholarly activity in mathematics." Peter Laseau, president; David Rose, vice-president; and Iegee Moon, secretary-treasurer joined sponsor Dr. Frank Cleaver and faculty correspondent Dr. Fredric Zerla to present members with a full program including the recognition of students outstanding in mathematics, month ly lectures from students, faculty members, and industrial mathematicians, and the an nual banquet with Sigma Pi Sigma, the phys ics honorary. Student Florida Education Association The more than two hundred members of USF's Student Florida Education Associa tion joined together to promote profession alism among student educators and to pro vide knowledge of the educational field which cannot be found in the classroom. And under the leadership of Gary Cohen, president; Nancy Robinson, secretary; Liz Clev eland, treasurer; Ellie Kleinfeld, social chairman; Tom Jones, publicity chairman; and sponsors, Dr. Goforth and Dr. Keifer, they did just that through their meetings and their special projects. The production and organization of slides for an instructional library and the organization of a debate on sanctions at the outbreak of the state's educational crisis and teacher walk out highlighted 1967 projects. 174 Peter Laseau, president; Iegee Moon, sec. retary-treasurer; David Rose, vice president; Dr. Frank Ceaver, sponsor; Dr. Fredric Zerea, faculty correspondent SFEA members are : Gail Perez; Anita Abel; Liz Cleveland; Tom Jones; Gary Cohen; Dr. Goforth; Ellie Kleinfeld

PAGE 176

WATER SKI CLUB USF's Water Ski Club made waves this year. It did it by building on the ripples of enthusiasm created by the sport-through instruction for anybody interested in learning the sport, through the participation of its tournament team in intercollegiate competition at Cypress Gardens, Gainesville, Lakeland, and Tampa, and through ski shows like the one it performed at the UC Recreation Committee's Be-In. Club officers Fred Brisard, president; Greg Poston, vicepresident; Pam Lines, secretary; and Charles Beall, treasurer, along with faculty sponsors Barth Engert and Dr. G. H. Mellish helped boost the thirty-five members to their new high. WINDJAMMERS The Windjammers Sailing Club provided for another kind of move on the campus, the move toward an exciting and active leisure. This club makes good use of its two fully-rigged flying junior class racing sloops in training new sailors and in for experienced members to compete m local regattas. Limited intercollegiate competition during the past year gave the club's seasoned sailors a chance to bring trophies to USF. Heading up this eager and group of young sportsmen were David Lalmond; vice-president, Frank Br1ce; secretaries Berry Wood and Beth Buppert; treasurer, Don Thomas; fleet captain, Steve Shepherd; and sponsor Dr. Robert Egolf. Windjammers members are (Bot. Row) : S. Haines; B. Borders; D. Dioyer; M. James; B. Buppert; J. Keglovich; B. Wood; (Top Row): D. Lalmond; S. Adams; J Fielder; H. Dailey; S. Shepherd; W. Lindemann ; D. Thomas 175

PAGE 177

176 Russian Language Club The fast-moving excitement of Russiar dances, the quieter excitement of reading! from Russia's great authors-a of every aspect of the culture of Russia. This was the Russian Club Program, thE annual project of the members of the Russian Language Club. It was the member8 of the club offering to the university com. munity what they had learned of the way of life of a vital power in our world. Richard DeTuccio, president; Vicki Zenn, vice-pres. ident; Caryne Copeland, secretary-treasurer; and Elizabeth Bodine, historian, along with the club's founder and sponsor Dr. Anatole A. Sokolsky, were the organizational force behind the activities Seated: Caryne Copeland, Elizabeth Bodine, Victoria Zenn. Standing: Richard DeTuccio, Rodolfo Pulzello, Sigmund Griffis USF PHOTO COMMITTEE In order to promote interest in the art of photography among the members of the University Community, the USF Photo Committee sponsored a Photo Contest with entries exhibit of Contemporary Photograph ers, and lectures by local photographers throughout the year. And they obviously did a good job of stimulating interest, for the membership almost doubled under the leadership of Robert Polzer, president; Steve Doggett, vice-president; and Terry Letton, secretary-treasurer Front row: Tom Knox; Stephen Doggett, vice-president; Jeff Timm. Back row; Richard Smoot, program chairman ; Dennis DuPont; Richard Polzer, president; Ray Kieg haum, lab chief; David Romeo, photo instructor

PAGE 178

Front Row: Bill Cosmer; Kim Fuller; Mary Starnes, secretary; Kirk Anders, editor; Dr. J. Simon, sponsor; Dr. J. Linton, sponsor. Second Row: Gary Pettit; Calvin Collins Lee Chesire; Stephen Bloom, James DeBoer; Kathleen Munroe; Dave Hunter; Vernon Kisling; Dr. J. Lawrence, sponsor. Back Row: Tom Sawyer; Roy Raymond. TAU BETA PHI Just organized in January of 1967, Tau Beta Phi began to move immediately. Its thirteen members, each selected for his distinguished scholarship as an undergraduate in engineering or for his attainments as an alumnus in the field, this year worked toward creating a firm foundation for their honorary and began to produce a film concerning the activities of the College of Engineering. Led by James Farmer, president; Kerry Boatwright, vice-president; Michael Varner, secretary; Karl Wieland, treasurer; and Eugene Ferris, cataloger, the club moved closer to its goal of affiliating with the national engineering honor society, Tau Beta Pi. Faculty members Dr. R. W. Ellis, Dr. W. A. Smith, Dr. J. 0. Gonzalez, and Dr. T. D. Lindgren sponsored Tau Beta Phi's move up. MARINE BIOLOGY CLUB Two major projects-a Points of Rocks field trip in Sarasota and the acquisition of two aquariums for the Life Science Build ing to benefit the general public-set the pace for the Marine Biology Club this year. Under faculty sponsors Dr. Lawrence, Dr. Brigg, Dr. Linton, and Dr. Simon, the club's officers (Stephen Bloom, president; Mary Starnes, secretary-treasurer; Kirk Anders, editor) strived further to provide the club's membership with interesting lectures, films, and discussions in specific areas of marine science. Thus the thirty members of this special interest club moved toward the goals it set for itself at its founding in 1964. Front Row: James 0. Farner; Karl Wieland; Kenny Boatwright; Michael 0. Varner; Eugene E. Ferris. Second Row: Robert S. Gordy; Donald Higgins; Robert C. Helgeson ; Sponsor-W. H. Smith; Walter B. Walher; Gary V. Sturm; Paul I. Vianey 177

PAGE 179

Members of the University Center Program Council seated are: Janice Zimmerman; Carol McCoy; Judi Koepcke; Michelle Richards; Vickie Roussman; Kathy Bliven; Suzanne Morgan. Standing are: Charles Rodgers; Tom Knaus, president; Alex Reina, vice president; Milton M orrison; Gary Selby; Harry Kingsbery; De nnis Moreno. Fred G. Jenkins, director of programming 178

PAGE 180

Carol Whitney, assistant director of programming UNIVERSITY CENTER Drive! That is one word that describes the dynamic programming efforts of the Uni versity Center, 1967. It was the drive of people-individual member of the staff, of the Program Council, of the committees, who formed a cohesive organization striving to offer activities for the growth of the people who are USF. It was a creative drive that led to an ever-expanding program, giving the members of the University community a chance to move beyond the limited experiences of the classroom into a different kind of social, recreational, and cultural experience. It was the drive that produced the Bogart Film Festival and the Bridal Fashion Show, the Activities Calendar and the All Florida Undergraduate Painting Competition, Viewpoint: Southeast Asia and the Valentine Ball. And it was that same drive that promoted the growth and development of the individual member of the University Center to forge another link in a self-perpetuating chain of students with the interest and ability to program for the changing needs of a campus on the move. Members of the Center staff are: Joan Case; Sharon Craven; Pam Claver; Dawn Smith Margie Barnes, secretary of the program office 179

PAGE 181

This HEP student became the hit of Dance Committee functions with his impromptu performances Floor show adds to the evening's enjoyment at the annual Valentine Formal 180 SOCIAL AREA Aiming to fill the social needs of the University community and to create a more rounded, more socially poised student, the Hospitality, Dance, and Fashion committees presented a full and diverse program of activities this year. Besides its continuing role as campus host, providing tours and serving at university functions, the Hospitality Committee took on the task of providing creative entertainment for the children of married students, staff and faculty with its Family Night program, "Halloween Fun with Peanuts" and with fingerpainting parties following Movies' Films for Young Brah mans. And the members of Dance Committee accomplished a tremendous feat by presenting weekly dances of such high calibre and varied themes -everything from the formal Valentine Ball to a Skid Row a'GoGo -that their events consistently drew record crowds. Fashion added still another first to the area of social development by augmenting its already broad program, in cluding regular fashion shows, the Bridal Series, the Best Dressed Girl Contest and make-up demonstrations, with its sensation al wig show. Student models at Fashion Committee's "Broken String Coffee House and Fashion Show"

PAGE 182

These strays pause during the excitement of Hospitality's "Halloween Fun with Peanuts" Students unwind to the sound of Mighty Manfred at one of Dance Committee's Weekly events Fashion show culminates Fashion Committee's Bridal Series, designed to infonn and entertain hopeful co-eds 181

PAGE 183

182 RECREATIONAL AREA The UC's Recreation Movies and Lessons Committees went all out this year to provide a program of e xciting and constructive leisure time activities for a student body that refuses to w aste a moment doing nothing. Besides the o l d favorite like the Ice Skating Party, B o wla -Rama, and tournaments in every indoor sport from billiards to bridge, the Recreation Committee initiated some new programs like the tremendously successful Casino, where students tried their hands at Black Jack and chuck a lu ck, roulette and craps. And it pu t a new twist on an old program by updating the traditional River Rally to the Be-In. T h e Movies Committee branched out, too, adding the Film Festival of old stars to its r e g ular weekend features and the monthly k idd y m atinees. And record number of students turned out for the recreational self-improvement programs of the Lessons Committee. Casino girls "cash in" chips for students whose luck ran high at Recreation's gaming tables Bridge is only one of the tournaments offered to skilled students by the Recreation Committee Weekly attractions like David and Lisa brought Movies Committee SRO crowds

PAGE 184

Everything from riding to boating to bodypainting were available at Recreation's Be In Serious gamblers lay their "money" on a roll of the dice at a Casino craps table Open House Olympics kicked off an exciting welcome back weekend 183

PAGE 185

Chinaegut is a time to get acquainted with the people of the UC as well as the programs they produce 184 Group discussions at Personnel's Chinsegut Retreat provide an introduction to committee programming for new UC members Penny Childers receives the CommitteeMemberoftheMonth Award from Program Council vice-pres ident Alex Reina

PAGE 186

Center Director Duane Lake presents the coveted Activities Achievement Award '67 to UCPC president Jean Bageard Chinsegut Hill provides the perfect atmos phere for the day of education and evalua tion by all UC members FUNCTIONAL AREA The great leap forward in the Functional Area this year was not a program idea, though there were giant strides made in programming. The big change was the de velopment of a new branch of the University Center, the Auxiliary. With this new sys tem, the entire placement process was made more accurate, since new members were able to receive more in-depth orientation to the goals of the organization and gain a work ing knowledge of several committees before taking on the heavier responsibilities of com mittee memberhsip. Thus, the new mem bers were able to take part in all of the organization's programs. Some of the ex citing new developments they shared with the members of Functional Area committees were the realization of the new publicizing technique of the Publicity Committee and the efforts of Public Relations Committee to provide a place for informal dialogue between student and faculty. And they partici pated in Personnel Committee programs from their orientation at the Wild Life Club to the thrill of the Awards Banquet in which the work of all UC members was honored and the following efforts singled out: Dance Committee, Outstanding Committee; Rec reation's Casino, Outstanding Project; Rec reation's Penny Childers, Outstanding Com mittee Member; Personnel's Judi Koepcke, Activities Achievement Award. 185

PAGE 187

186 Audience awaits speaker Arthur C. Clarke in Special Events' Meet the Author series Music's WayOut Coffeehouse brought jazz, poetry, and folk entertainment to a diverse audience Bill Alexander emcee's The Closed Door talent show

PAGE 188

CULTURAL AREA Moving out to present a kind of stimulating program found nowhere else on campus, the committees of the Cultural Area de veloped student ideas into activities that both informed and entertained the University community. The Arts and Exhibits Committee, for example, opened the year with a revolutionary concept in art shows: the "Underground Poster Exhibit," com plete with psychedelic and op-art posters and the colorful visual sound of Serinavi sion. And the Talent Committee plunged in to resurrect the campus variety show in the terrifically successful form of "The Closed Door." Through Focus: Southeast Asia, a three week symposium for which the committee brought together three of its continuing program series -a Viewpoint panel of faculty members, a Meet the Author with Kenneth Annstrong, and a Film Lecture by Felix Greene Special Events provided students with a look at our position in Laos and Vietnam. Not to be outdone, the Music Committee came across with a new development of its Soundsations program in the Summer Sound Stonn with the MKIII. Yet these were only a few in the continuing program of excitingly educational activities presented by the committees of the UC's Cultural Area. Arts and Exhibits' "Underground Poster Exhibit" made the UC gallery one of the most frequented on campus Ellen Methvin entertains at Talent Committee's Closed Door 187

PAGE 189

UCEVENTS The diverse talents of Eric Von Schmidt brought something new to Special Events' Meet the Author series 188 The audience got into the act at Fashion Committee's Wig Show Students flocked to the sight of music on Serinavision, presented by the Arts and Exhibits Committee

PAGE 190

Dance Committee went all out to make the Valentine Formal a beautiful evening Children of USF students, staff, and faculty prepare for the Family Night Costume Parade Coffee, candies, incense and entertainment made Music's Coffeehou s e 189

PAGE 191

190 A WUSF staff member makes adjustments to a taping of folk songs by Marcello Truzzi

PAGE 192

Broadcast students gain experience by using complicated radio and television equipment during the actual recording and broadcasting of FM radio and channel 16. The students of radio and television journalism learn techniques of news broadcasting as well as directing and producing various other types of shows WUSF RADIO TV There was a very special bustle of activity to be found in the basement of the Library. It was the bustle of people-students, staff, and faculty producing programs for the airways of the Tampa area. WUSF-TV and FM radio provided practical training for broadcast students while serving the university and the community; for the bustle in the basement becomes a teaching tool via closed circuit to USF classrooms, a public relations tool by acting as the voice of the University, a medium of entertainment and enlightenment through its variety of programming, from news shows to topical interviews to mood music. 191

PAGE 193


PAGE 194


PAGE 195

1968 team members are, Front row: Phil Vitale; Brian Holt, captain ; Henry Caldas; Jack Belford; John Horvath. Second row: Pedro Gomes; Mike Cohen; Rich Sexton; Lindsey DeGuehery; Dan Gaffney; Bill Sharpless; Jerry Zagarri. Third row: Coach Dan Holcomb; Jim Athos; Fred Fields; Pete Tumminia; Jerry Seifert; Bob Drucker; Wayne Jacobus; John McCleary; Jim Houck. Brahmans Jack Belford, left foreground and John Horvath, right, race Stetson hooter to loose ball. John McCleary is in left background 194

PAGE 196

VARSITY SOCCER Coach Dan Holcomb's 1967 Brahman team captured their second straight state cham pionship after only three years of competi tion. Sporting a record of 10 2 ,the USF hooters had a stretch of ten consecutive victories between an opening 1-0 lost to St. Louis and a 2-1 defeat at the hands of Florida's Gators the final game of the season. After the opening loss at St. Louis the Brahmans returned home and trounced St. Leo 7-2 and Florida Southern 2-0 on con secutive days. The Brahman offense had a flawless day as they rolled over Florida State 9-0. USF extended its winning streak to four games as they defeated Miami 4-2 for a suc cessful Homecoming. Next the Brahmans traveled to North Carolina and captured the North Carolina Tournament with 3-1 and 3-2 victories over North Carolina and Duke s Blue Devils re spectively. A 7-1 victory followed over the Univer sity of Florida. The following week the Brahmans blanked Stetson 3-0. The week after that was the highlight of the '67 season for the Brahmans. They avenged the opening loss to five time NCAA champs St. Louis with a 1-0 victory. Rollins College provided USF's tenth straight win as the Brahmans romped them 10-1. The following week USF's streak was ended 2-1 by Florida's Gators in Gainesville where Brahman teams have never won. Standouts for USF's soccer squad in '67 were forwards, Jack Belford and Gaffney, halfback Brian Holt, forwards Phil Vitale and Jerry Zagarri who combined for 42 goals. Defensively the Brahmans were lead by goalie Seifert and fullbacks Bob Drucker, Bill Sharpless and John Horvath. 1967 Soccer Results USF OPP St. Louis University 0 1 St. Leo College 7 2 Florida Southern College 2 0 Florida State University 9 0 University of Miami 4 2 North Carolina Tournament University of North Carolina 3 1 Duke University 3 2 University of Florida 7 1 Stetson University 3 0 St. Louis University 1 0 Rollins 10 1 University of Florida 1 2 Wayne Jacobus rests after outstanding first half defensive play against Stetson Coach Holcomb 195

PAGE 197

Dan Gaffney scores one of his 11 goals for the Brahmans as Jack Belford (14) watches Pete Tumminia displays dribbling ability 196 Dan Gaffney and Pierre Corillon shuffle for the ball with Stetson men. Lindsey De Guehery moves in to help

PAGE 198

State Champions In Action Outstanding defensiveman Bill Sharpless pauses for refreshment after Brahman victory TOP RIGHT: Rich Sexton attacks ball in Brahman territory. CENTER: Tumminia moves in on goal with Rollins Tar in close pursuit. BOTTOM: Goalie, Jerry Seifert makes one of his 102 season saves 197

PAGE 199

198 USF's Pete Tumminia and St. Louis player tangle in mid air while fighting for high flying ball Brahman goalie Jerry Seifert protects his shutout against St. Louis Brahmans Nip St. Louis

PAGE 200

John Horvath struggles for ball with St. Louis player Jubilant Brahman soccermen pour into the field after edging five time NCAA champs, St. Louis 1-0. Halfback Jim Houck heads ball during St. Louis action 199

PAGE 201

1967 Brahman Distance Men: Don Crank, Jack Simpson, Risley Longmire, Frank Pa ris, Bart Smith, Ken Davies, Dave Castri cone, Neil Jenkins, captain Brahman Coach Gil Hertz clocks Ken Davies as he crosses finish line 200 Neil Jenkins, Risley Longmire and Don Crank concentrate as Coach Hertz prepares to signal start of meet

PAGE 202

CROSS COUNTRY Coach Gil Hertz' Brahman runners con tinued to grow in strength during the 1967 fall season. The young trackmen, with Captain Neil Jenkins and Jim Steere the only veterans on the squad, placed strong in all their meets. Led by Jenkins, Steere and newcomers Don Crank, Risley Longmire, Bart Smith and Frank Paris, the squad sped through the six-week cross country season finishing third in the state. Ahead of them were Florida State University and the University of Florida who tied for first. The Brahmans made a good showing also at the Georgia Tech sponsored Aldridge In vitational Championships in Atlanta. They placed seventh among a field of Southern Universities which featured top teams such as Tennessee, Alabama, Florida and Eastern Kentucky. Cross Country Results 1967 Florida State University. Aldridge Invitational, Atlanta, Georgia Miami-Dade Junior College Manatee Junior College Florida State University University of Florida USF OPP 31 26 7th Place 29 28 15 45 33 24 37 22 FLORIDA STATE MEET USF, 72; University of Florida, 31; Florida State University, 31. Risley Longmire exerts extra effort during final yards of event 201

PAGE 203

1968 team members are: Coach Wes Berner; Tom Robinson; Gail Pearce ; Mike Curtin; Rick Lehman; Tuck Strickland; Bill Dykeman; Bob McKenty. The 1967 Brahman golf team, coached by Dr. Richard Bowers, improved over its first year 1-5 record with a 3-4 won-lost mark. The USF linkmen were defeated in their first match by the University of Florida 22%-4lf2 The next week USF edged St. Leo College 20%-181;2. USF then visited the Uni versity of Miami and were greeted with a 14%-61/ 2 setback. In the Florida Intercollegiate Tournament at Daytona Beach, the Brahmans placed sixth with a cumulative score of 939. Flor ida won the tournament with an 853 total. USF began the second half of the season with art 111;2-91;2 setback at the hands of Miami. The following week in a triangular match, the Brahmans defeated Manatee Junior College 7-5, but were dropped by Georgia State 191f:!-8lf2. The Brahmans closed the season with a 14-4 victory over the University of Tampa. Standouts for the season were Mike Curtin (1968 captain), Tuck Strickland, Rick Lehman and Rick Ragnitt. 202 Coach Berner talks with Mike Curtin, left, and Bill Dykeman, right, as they finish ninth hole of practice round

PAGE 204

Rick Ragnitt studies putting distance Tom Robinson displays form off the tee VARSITY GOLF 1967 Golf Results USF OPP University of Florida 4% 22112 St. Leo College 20V2 18% University of Miami 6% 14% Florida Intercollegiate Tournament sixth place University of Miami 9% 11% Manatee Junior College 5 7 f Georgia State College SV2 9% University of Tampa 4 14 Rick Lehman follows through after tee shot 203

PAGE 205

1968 team members are, front row: Dave Naffziger; Bob Pfaff; Mike Quigley; Rico Mashino; Don McCann; Lon Weber. Second row : Pete Kenning, captain; Alan Stelter; Dave Keene; Mike MeN aughton; Bill Kelley; Mike Lorge ; Terry Brazel. Coach Bob Grindey directed the 1968 USF swimming team to a best ever 9-3 won-lost total. USF opened the season with seven road meets, that carried them throughout the southern states. After opening with a 65-48 loss to the University of Alabama, the Brahmans swept Birmingham-Southern College for a 36-22 victory. Next was a victorious sweep through Ten nessee where USF defeated Vanderbilt Uni versity 66-47, the University of Chattanooga 59-41 and the University of the South 68-43. The first Brahman streak ended at four meets when they returned to Florida, as the University of Florida downed them 71-41 at Gainesville. The USF swimmers began a new victory string by beating the University of Miami at Miami 63-50. The Brahmans then returned to Tampa to dedicate the newly constructed USF natatorium. The USF pool's initiation was a success as the Brahmans dunked Tulane 71-37. Miami-Dade Junior College and The Cit adel proved no match for the Brahman mer men as they succumbed 67-37 and 71-32 on consecutive weekends. The following week end USF fared well in the Southern Intercollegiate Championships by placing seventh among the South's leading teams. The Brahmans rounded out their home schedule with a 77-36 drubbing of Miami. A 68-45 defeat at the hands of Florida State University in Tallahassee ended the season. 204 Brahman swimmers Pete Kenning (lane two) and Mike McNaughton (lane three) are off the starting line in 200 yard back stroke. Butterfly form is displayed by Lon Weber

PAGE 206

VARSITY SWIMMING 1968 Swimming Results University of Alabama Birmingham-Southern College Vanderbilt University University of Chattanooga University of the South University of Florida University of Miami Tulane University Miami-Dade Junior College The Citadel University of Miami Florida State University USF OPP 48 65 36 22 66 47 59 41 68 43 41 71 63 50 76 37 67 37 71 32 77 36 45 68 Brahman diver Bob Pfaff springs high in the air off the 3 meter board Mike Lorge paces himself during 1000 yard distance event Terry Brazel sets Individual Medley pace 205

PAGE 207

Jaquie Adams returns opponent's shot 206 1968 women's team members are, front row: Evelyn Hayes; Shirley Cooper; Sharon Crowley; Chris Koutras; Sue Bell; Miss Joanne Young, coach. Second row: Jaquie Adams; Tish Adams; Debbie Garrison; Elesa Nelson; Gwenda Adams. VARSITY TENNIS Coach Spafford Taylor's men's tennis team posted a fine 7-5 record in the 1967 spring season. After dropping their first two matches to Rollins College and the University of Florida, the Brahman netters earned a 9-0 win over Florida Presbyterian College. The next weekend USF was set back twice by Jacksonville University 5-4 and 7-2. After the Jacksonville matches the Brahmans took three of their next four matches defeating St. Leo 9-0, the University of Tampa 9-0, Connecticut Wesleyan 5-4, and losing to Miami-Dade Junior College 8-1. After dropping another close 5-4 match with Jacksonville the Brahmans completed the year by duplicating their previous 9-0 shutout of Florida Presbyterian. Miss Joanne Young's women established themselves in 1967 as one of the top women's teams in the South. With consistant victories by Elesa Nelson, the Adams sisters, Tish, J aquie and Gwenda, Debbie Garrison and Sharon Crowley, the fairer Brahmans earned a 6-1 record and a third place in the FSU Invitational Intercollegiate Tournament. Highlights of the season were victories over the University of Florida, 5-4, and Florida State University, 8-1 and 5-4. The women netters finished their season with a 6-1 conques t of Rollins College avenging their only loss of the season.

PAGE 208

Dan Perkins sets up to return a serve 1968 men's team members are, Front Row: Jim Rinehart; Herb Yohner; Larry Bell; Tim Barret; Dick Martin; Glenn Brewer. Second Row : Mike Saine ; Dan Perkins; AI Blevins ; Duane Howard 1967 Tennis Results MEN USF OPP Rollins College 0 9 University of Florida 0 9 Florida Presbyterian College 9 0 Rollins College 0 9 Jacksonville University 4 5 Jacksonville University 2 7 St. Leo College 9 0 Miami-Dade Junior College 1 8 University of Tampa 9 0 Connecticut Wesleyan Univ. 5 4 Jacksonville University 9 0 Florida Presbyterian College 9 0 Florida Invitational, Cape Coral sixth place WOMEN University of Florida Florida State University Rollins College Newcomb College Broward Junior College Florida State University Rollins College FSU Invitational USF OPP 5 4 8 1 1 6 3 1 7 0 5 4 6 1 third place 207

PAGE 209

1968 team member s are, front row : Mike Tramontanto; Jerry Carreno; George Miguel; Dave Glai ze; John Jolinski; Larry McGary; Art Ulmer. Second Row: Paul Buz zella; Doug Hey kens; J i m Diaz; Doug Painter; Don LePointe; Willard Brimm; Marv Sherzer. Third R ow: Ray Pivic ; Ron Huff; Terry Hipp; Jim Fischer; John Ritz; Greg Birc; Mike Macki; Do n Rice; Augie Schen zinger. Marv Sherzer, pitcher 208 VARSITY BASEBALL Coach Herbert Wright's 1967 baseball Brahmans posted a 14-8 mark, tops in USF's twoyear diamond history. The Brahmam team was virtually unbeatable in its first 15 games, winning 13 by com fortable margins. After dropping two of their first four games, 0-7 to St. Leo and 6-8 to Rollins, the Brahmans took 11 straight. This left USF with a record of 13-2 and facing a two-week exam layoff. The Brahmans returned after the rest sporting key pitching injuries. On the road they split a double header at Miami University then dropped two to Jacksonville They returned to Tampa and were defeated by Tampa and Florida Presbyterian to close out the season. Home crowd watches Brahman diamondmen

PAGE 210

Larry McGary, Catcher First baseman A ugie Schenzinger swings away Second baseman Dave Glaize 1967 Baseball Results USF OPP St. Leo College 4 1 St. Leo College 0 7 St. Leo College 8 4 Rollins College 6 8 University of Tampa 15 2 Florida Southern College 4 2 St. Andrews College 10 0 St. Andrews College 7 3 St. Andrews College 14 6 Belmont Abbey 9 1 Belmont Abbey 3 2 Spring Arbor 3 2 Stetson University i 4 Florida Presbyterian College 6 5 Florida Southern College 4 1 Rollins College 2 6 University of Miami 0 11 University of Miami 9 8 Jacksonville University 1 5 Jacksonville University 2 7 University of Tampa 0 7 Florida Presbyterian College 10 12 scoops up ground ball 1........:... __........,::::..........;;:..-_ _;._ __________ 209

PAGE 211

SAE members celebrate with a cheer. minutes after defeating Sigma Nu for Fraternity League championship Phi Delta Theta's Steve Ruby pulls in a pass during Phi Delt-SAE contest 210 Joe Williams, Sigma Nu quarterback, unleashes pass over the head of ATO rusher

PAGE 212

INTRAMURALS ANOTHER FINE YEAR FOOTBALL. Aroused student interest, larger crowds, and the introduction of night football highlighted the 1967 In tram ural football season. Sigma Alpha Epsilon was the overall Fraternity League champion for the third time in four years. They defeated Sigma Nu 19-7 in a battle of unbeatens for the title. The Bonanos, for the second consecutive year, copped the Independant League crown by defeating the P.E. Majors 26-13. Overall Resident League champion was Alpha 4 West who edged Beta 3 East 14-6. 1967 additions to the I-M football program were three new football fields and the construction of lights for the three fields that already existed. SAE's outstanding passer, Rick Ragnitt, rolls out against Sigma Nu Sigma Nu's Ron Corces receives pass as defender moves in Dick Jackson of Delta Tau Delta gets hard rush from ATO lineman 211

PAGE 213

212 Bob Bartee of Independent League Beavers (dark jersey) struggles for ball with P. E. Major Delta Tau Bob Drucker attempts to dribble past Sigma Nu's Roy Cheatwood and Rick Jeffcote Delta Tau Delta and Sigma Nu players -fight for rebound

PAGE 214

Intramural Basketball Betsy Gordon of Delta Gamma pulls down rebound against Basketweavers Jump ball action during Delta Garnrna-Basketweaver game Basketweavers and Delta Zetas jump for rebound 213

PAGE 215

214 Intramural umpire Mike Moran and Delta Tau catcher Junior Bilbrey await pitch Delta Tau baserunner reaches home safely Walt Buettner of Sigma Nu takes a healthy swing

PAGE 216

SOFTBALL SWIMMING TRACK Lindsey DeGuerey crosses finish line to cop Men's Cross Country event Final Men's I-M Points 1966-67 Sigma Nu Phi Delta Theta Sigma Alpha Epsilon Alpha 4 West Delta Tau Delta Beta 3 East Alpha Tau Omega Alpha 2 East Lambda Chi Alpha Alpha 3 West WOMEN Basketwea vers Tri Delta Kappa Delta P. E Majors Kappa Hall Gamma 5 Delta Gamma Alpha Delta Pi Epsilon Hall Delta Zeta 1255 1190 1070 960 875 840 825 752112 725 692V2 1235 1160 1070 1000 880 625 595 530 500 210 Swimmer splashes off after turn during Intramural Swim Meet a l e sprinters fight for victory during Women's Track and Field action 215

PAGE 217


PAGE 218


PAGE 219

Katie Abare Wayne Abare Anita Abell Mary Adams Roger Ahearn Carole Albritton Irene Alexander John Allison Frank Almeda Jr. 218 The graduates those who moved up with USF in 1967. Jack Acker Carlos Adams Mary Albritton Cynthia Allen Dean Amaden Walter Amaden

PAGE 220

John Ambler Ronald Anderson William Anton Silvia Artal Robert Attkisson Jon Axford James Ayers Linda Backus Joy Bacon Krista B a gby Jean Bageard Carol Baggerly Harold Baker Judith Baker Kathleen B a rcen a Christopher Bartkus Donna Beagles Janet Beagles Roger Beaubi e n Herbert Bell 219

PAGE 221

It was a critical year for these 1,426 graduates. Janis Bell Roseanne Belsito Roger Benson Alan Benware Mira Bergen Peter Bernstein Vi v ian Bertolette Jose Bethencourt Stanle y Bieker Croom Bilbrey, Jr. 220

PAGE 222

Linda Bishop Robert Black James Bledsoe John Blevins Robert Bodimer Kenneth Bodley John Boeren Marrene Boeren Karl Borkman Jo Boyd Nicki Boyer Joy Bradley Judith Branz Edward Brassart Ruth Brewer Frank Brice Louise Brink Kenneth Brooks Brenda Broos Barbara Brown 221

PAGE 223

Ben Brown Kenneth Brown Marcus Brown Mary Brown Jacqueline Brumfield Robert Bryant, Jr. Dorothy Buckshorn Carl Buick Mary Burdette Sharon Burger Gary Burgess Patricia Burns Mavis Bush Mary Butler Henry Caldas Frank Caldwell Rose Cali William Callahan Susan Cameron Joanne Campbell 222

PAGE 224

Betty Canady Nell Cartmill Antonio Castellvi They moved in new circles toward a new kind of maturity. Joan Caputo Katherine Carroll Wayne Carroll Terry Carter Constance Carveth James Case Joan Case Karen Casey Kenneth Castillo Douglas Caton Olivia Caudle Michael Cawley 223

PAGE 225

Academically, they moved into the realm of seminars. Marie Charles John Chasey Herbert Clark Robert Claussen 224 Sandra Chauncey Jacqueline Christensen George Clark Elizabeth Cleveland Peggy Coe Jeffery Cohen

PAGE 226

Angel Colburn Edward Colter Robert Compton Robert Condon Stephen Coney Jeanette Coniglio Mary Conner Kathleen Cooney Sandra Copeland Ronald Corces Corrine Coryell Nilo Couret William Courser Trevor Cramer Glenda Crane Dennis Creamer William Cressler William Culbertson Linda Culbreath Sue Curry 225

PAGE 227

And in Senior Seminar and area seminars, they strove to analyze the direction of four years of moving through the University system. Linda Dabney Laurel Dagnon Philip Davis Rebecca Davison Robert Dein Catherine DeLuca 226 Roderick Dame Dee Day _... .. .. ., I . :. .i Sophia DeMayo Howard Danley Virginia De Blois Donna Demmo Janet Davis James De Boer Thomas Demmo

PAGE 228

Ellen Dester Richard DeTuccio Emmet DeVille Lawrence Dew Douglas DeWitt Jose Diaz Victoria Dick Jeffrey Dickerson Donald Dierkes, Jr. Elda DiMeglio Gary Dobbs Donald Doerr Kathleen Doetsch Patricia Donahue Brenda Donaldson Patricia Donohoe Pamela Drew Robert Drucker Charles Dudley, Jr. William Dudley 227

PAGE 229

Cynthia Duffin Gerard Duffin Paul Dyer Kenneth Dykes Eugene Eddy Elizabeth Ehlers Felice Emerman C l a ren c e Engel 228 Brenda Dunn Paul Dunn Charles Durham -.J Manuel Echeverria Patricia Echeverria George Economidis Jerome Eicholz Eugenia Ekard Joseph Elkins Robert Eppenberger Diana Featherstone Thomas Feeley

PAGE 230

For education majors, it was a year to move out into the school system to put theory into practice. Shirley Fehrman Robert Feldman Manuel Fernandez Orlando Fernandez Mary Fiala James Fielder, Jr. Julie Fielding Henry Fischer Elaine Fisher Nancy Fishinger 229

PAGE 231

James Fleming Wendy Fletcher Casey Flug Barbara Foss V ergil Foust Richard Fraze Paul Frederick Robert Frederick, III Larry Freeland Linda Freid Paul French Diane Fucarino Harriet Fuller Thomas Fulton Robert Gadsden III Cynthia Gale Daniel Garcia Jorge Garcia Judith Garcia Roger Garner 230

PAGE 232

A new experience in exams awaited most seniorsthe GRE, the NTE, departmental exams, all designed to evaluate four years of effort. Emily Garrett Judith Gavin Kathleen Georgius JoAnn Gibbs Donald Gifford Gerald Giglia Geraldine Giglio Mary Gilbert Ronald Gilmore Yvonne Gonzalez Rose Goodall Dianne Goode John Goodeman Gary Goodemote Marvin Gordon 231

PAGE 233

And a more comfortable experience in exams awaited graduating seniors, the absence of infamous Fina l Week. Richard Gordon Samuel Gordon Robert Gordy Candice Graham Karen Graham Mary Greco 232 ",, "'. ,$ ./-. . ... ' Mary Gottlieb Robert Green Michael Grady Michael Griffin

PAGE 234

Patricia Griffin William Grindell Linda Grund Lorraine Guarino William Guerra Roberta Guttenmacher Thomas Haag Erlene Haight Collette Hair Susan Haley Patricia Halstrom Judy Hanna Patricia Hannon Roger Hansen Emmanouel Harageones Gayle Hardeman James Harkey William Harrison David Hartman Albert Haug 233

PAGE 235

Karen Hawkins Robert Hayes James Henein James Henson Cathryn Herndon Marguerite Herr 234 The 1,426 had more in common than an academic finale, though. Patricia Hayhurst Robert Helgeson Sally Helmerich Jennifer Hentosh Bonnie Herman Joseph Hernandez Hilda Herrera Kathleen Hess Lawrence Hevia

PAGE 236

Elizabeth Higginbotham Donald Higgins Eugene Hill Robert Hill Marie Hintz Charles Hodges Gregory Hodson Bruce Hoff Susan Hoffman J unell Holbrook Gene Holland Linda Holt George Hoover Leslie Horton Karen Howard James Hoyle David Hubay Gail Hudgins Bettie Huff Karen H ultzen 235

PAGE 237

Donald Humphrey Mildred Humphreys Daris Hutchinson Salvatore Iozzia Michelle lrmiter Janice Jacobs Richard James Ernest Jenkins Neil Jenkins Raymond Jenkins Diane Johns Andrew Johnson James Johnson Nancy Johnson Virginia Johnson Michael Johnston Sandra Johnston Wayne Johnston Michael Jonas Robert Jones 236

PAGE 238

The seniors formed a society of fellowship through new organizations. Larry Jordan Junnie Jureski Bonnie J urmack Phillip Kaner William Keck William Keegan Joel Kahn Jerome Kane James Kell Diane Kellam 237

PAGE 239

John K ellogg Lynette Kelly Robert Kelly Bryan Kelner Marshall Kennedy, Jr. Bernard Kepshire, Jr. Robert Kibler Douglas Kiesling Albert Kimbrough Richard King, III Samuel King Susan Kingsley Carolyn Kirby V ernon Kisling, Jr. Janet Klein Thomas Knaus Joseph Kneisl Judith Koepcke Judith Kruger Bruce Kumnick 238

PAGE 240

Stephanie Kutzer Richard Lawrence Susan LeFevre There was the Senior Class, an association of seniors working on projects for their fellow students. David Lalmond Carol Lamoureux Virginia Lantz Karen LaPorte Stuart Lawrence Juanita Lazzara Sue Ledford Carolyn Leemon ( ,.,_ ;) -.... -.. .,.\.:.: .; ' ,_ -. . William Lester Janet Levine James Levy Kenneth Lewis 239

PAGE 241

Rodney Lindsay Joan Lorton 240 Denny Grady, President; Rick Pulliam, VicePresident; Dottie Ammon, Secretary; David Searles, Treasurer; led the efforts of the class of '68. Joan Lindsey Ann Lindvall Laban Lively Sharon Loritz Wayne Love Barry Lozuke Elizabeth Lynch John Macon

PAGE 242

Eugene Madill Rogers Magee Cynthia Maggio Michael Mahagan Bryon Malphurs Priscilla Manarino Kathy Manetta Marjorie Maniglia Thomas Manley Alan Marder Myra Marretta Leslie Marrich Frank Marro William Martin Ronald Mason Kenneth Mathewson Richard Mazanek Dulcie McAlister Norma McClellan Susan McDermott 241

PAGE 243

Class projects brought a touch of ironic nostalgia in the fonn of the Senior Satire and a softer kind of remembering in the fellowship of the Senior Dinner Dance. Donald McHaffie Laura McLaughlin John McLellan James McLeod Larry McMillen Donna McQuain Michael McQueen Patricia Mentesane Doris Miller William Miller Bonita Miltmore Geo Mt h 11 B b rge 1 c e ar ara Molinari Patricia Monismith Ali Montasser 242

PAGE 244

Claude Moore Jeffrey Moore Nancy Moran Charles Morath Saul Mordacq Margaret Moreau Robert Moresi Suzanne Morgan Valerie Moulton Gary Mullin Ralph Musalo Barbara Myers Madeline Myers Carol N atili Willard Neel Frederick Nelson Jean Neuman Judy Nice Patricia Nichols Betty Nousiainen 243

PAGE 245

Barbara Novak Leo Oberting Thomas O'Brien Jean Ogden Sylphe Oleson Maureen O'Neal Dougl a s Ordetx Marilee Ordway Ruth Orendorf Myrala Orth William Orth Eleanora Osborne Keith Pafford John Palatinus Kwang Park Janet Parke Roberta Parkinson Catherine Parks Daisy Parrado Richard Patz 244

PAGE 246

For a select group of seniors, there was another kind of organization, the honor society-Who's Who, Gold Key, Athenaeum, fraternities in specialized fields. Carl Pearson John Peel Alvin Pelton Robert Penny Loie Perez Leo Perrella Andrew Petruska Roger Pettit Gail Perez William Pfeiffer 245

PAGE 247

Richard Pilhom Beth Ann Plott Sue Pollard Joan Porter Richard Pulliam Roee Anne Pulliam Robert Purzycki Meredith Quillen Florence Rabert Richard Ragnitt Earl Ralph James Randall Ann Ravenel Evelyn Rea Jerry Reeves ,.:,. -._.-,. . : ... : .. Karen Reiter Joyce Remsa Cheryl Reynolds Richard Rhoden Virginia Rindy 246

PAGE 248

And for all those who graduated, there was the Alumni Association, the opportunity to continue to move with USF. Keith Ringelspaugh Dale Rio Joyce Riopel Deidre Roberts Glenn Robertson, Jr. Bernard Robinson Ronald Rodeheffer Diana Rodriguez George Rogers Betty Ann Root Jon Roper Ralph Rountree, II Teresa Roviaro Leslie Rowe Donald Rua 247

PAGE 249

This was the senior society that prepared to move beyond the university life. Ralph Ruso Harold Russell Ronald Saba Ronald Sacino Ray Sanchez B a rbara Sanders Michael Savidge Janet Sawyer 248 Jill' ;;, -.;,' Palmyre Sadler James Saxton

PAGE 250

Claude Scales Georgina Schmidt Irma Schmitt Glenn Schneider Martin Schwartz Mary Schwartz Dave Searles Richard Sefdik Jeanne Serra Mercedes Serralles .. . .. --.,. ili .. .-At . ;, Linda Shafer Mina Shekey James Shellabarger Brenda Shellman Peggy Sherman Earline Sherrer Harry Shoffner Paul Sholomicki Keith Simmons Barry SimmR 249

PAGE 251

Stephen Sirois Frances Smith Phillip Sorensen 250 They began to look forward to new careers, applying and interviewing for jobs and for graduate study. David Skinner Ann Smith Carol Smith Edward Smith 111 -__ Jolene Smith David Snyder George Snyder, Jr. David Sokol Donna Spinks Elizabeth Spoto Marcia Sprague Lois Staggenborg

PAGE 252

Lloyd Stahl, Jr. Mary Starnes Gordon Starratt Barbara Stenger June Stivers Denise Strenglein Mark Stribling Barbara Stroup Jane Sullivan Susan Sumner Sheryl Swanson Jon Symes Paulette Szabo Suzanne Tabbert Charles Talbert Patricia Talty Robert Taylor Wayne Taylor Alan Tedamonson Stuart Thayer 251

PAGE 253

Yet, even then they were smiling back at those four years, remembering while they readied themselves to go on. Michael T holl David Thomas Donald Thomas Margaret Thomas Albert Thompson, Jr Cheryl Thompson Gary Thompson Robert Thompson Samuel Thompson Clifford Threlkeld 252

PAGE 254

Sam Thurman, Jr. Mary Touchton Margie Townsend Karen Traband Karl Tramer Diane Trimmer Honey Tully Phillip Tyler Gerald Union Donna Ur Sandra U sherson John Utley Delio Valdez William VanHook Angela Varas Frank Vaughn Howard Vedner Cynthia Vigo Susan Vitello David Vogler 253

PAGE 255

John Wagner John Ward, Jr. Susan Ward Bonnie Westbrook John Westfall, Jr. Rodger White Donald Whitfield Karl Wieland Cynthia Wightman Johanna Wilde Claude Williams Sharon Williams John Wilson Julia Wilson Jo Wimmert Linda Wintter Lawrence Wise Esther Wolfe Ann Wood Walter Wood 264

PAGE 256

It was their year, the year they stepped up to receive the degree, the year they moved on Edward Woodstuff Elizabeth Woody James Wray, III Virginia Yates Carole Zeh Ann Zook Miguel Zulon Jill Young 255

PAGE 257

These 27 students moved on to greater academic achievement by receiving their master's degrees Frank Adamo Jane Adams Rebecca Allen Ruth Allen Depew Chauncey William Cooper Robert Cowan Ray Fleming Dora Greenough Elizabeth Guyton Marie Haley Martha Harris 256 Mary Blackburn Lillian Freeman Mildred Hawk

PAGE 258

Lee Hersey Richard Hill Louis Kota Gary LaPorte Germaine Leonhart Melvin McLester William Newell John Neilsen David Portfolio Francis Wallace Stephen Wilson Robert Whitmarsh 257

PAGE 259

ABARE, KATIE I. : Dade City; B .A ; Elementary Education; March 19 6 8. ABARE, W A YNE E.: Tampa; B.S.E.; Electrical Engineering; December 1967. ABELL, ANITA M.: Tampa; B.A.; June 1968 ; Student Florida Education Associatio n : secretary loc:al chapter. ACCURSIO, MARY L.: Homestead; B.A.; E lementary Education; June 1967. ACKER, JACK F.: St. Petersburg; B.A.; Industrial Manqement; December 1967; Kappa Sigma Fraternity: charter brother, vice-president. ADAMO, FRANKS.: Tampa; M.S.; Chemistry; March 1968. ADAMS, CARLOS R.: Tampa; B.A.; F inanc e ; June 1968; Kappa Sigma Fraternity. ADAMS, MRS. JANET.: Arcadia; M.A.; Eleme ntary Education; August 1967. A DAMS, MAR Y A.: Miami; B.A.; Music; June 1968; Sigma Alpha Iota; President, Vice presid ent, Treasurer; Resident AsaJ.tant; Dorm floor chairman. AHEARN, ROGER A.: Chieqo, Illinois; B.A.; Industrial Mana,ement; March 1968; Oracle Staff; Circulation Manager. ALBRITTON, MRS. CAROLE T.: Winter Haven; B.A.; Business Teacher Education; August 1967; Gold Kq Honor Society; Honor.s Convocation. ALBRITTON, MARY A.: Fort Meade; B.A.; Elementary Education; June 1968; Alph a Delta Pi Sorority: Historian; Lambda Chi Alpha S weetheart; Best Dressed Gi r l finali s t ; Dorm president ; University Concert Choir; Student Florida Education Assoc iation. ALLEN, CYNTHIA G.: Orlando; B.A.; P hysical Education ; June 1968; Intramurals; lntramurala lltaff; Physical Education Majors Club. ALLEN, REBECCA J.: Tampa; M.S.; Chemistry; March 1968. ALLEN, MRS RUTH S. : Temple .Terrace; M.A.; Library: Audio VIsual Education; December 1967. ALEXANDER, IRENE D.: Miami; B.A.; E lementary Education; June 1968 ; Tri Chi Sorority: Athletic Chairman ; Dorm floor sec retary. ALLISON, JOAN G.: Bartow; B.A.; Zoology June 19 68 Resident Auistant. ' 258 Senior Directory ALMEDA, FRANK JR.: Tampa; B.A.; Botany and Bacteriology; June 1968. AMADEN, DEAN C.: Temple Terrace; B.A.; History; December 1968. AMADEN, WALTER D.: Temple Terrace; B.S.; Engineering; March 1968; Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity; Windjammers; Flor-ida Engineering Society. AMBLER, JOHN A. III: Tampa; B.S.; Engineering; March 1968; Sigma Nu Fraternity: Athletic Chairman; Engineering College Association; Student Association Representative. ANDERSON, RONALD E.: Chicago, Illinois; B .A.; Secondary Education/Social Studies; June 1968; Cooperative Education program; National Associati on of Social Studies. ANTON, WILLIAM D.: Tampa; B.A.; Psychology/Social Science; June 1968; Gold Key Honor Society; Honors Convocation; Phi Rho Pi; Phi Theta Kappa; Psychology Honor Society; Council on School Integration and Teacher Education. ARDOYAN, LYNN J.: Orlando; B.A.; Zoology; August 1967 ARRINGTON, LEON M.:' Tampa; B.A.; Physical Education; June 1967; Basketweavers: President; Physical Education Club: Historian; Aegean; Dorm floor President; Intramurals. ARTAL, SILVIA A.: Tampa; B.A.; Math Education; March 1968; Athenaeum. ATTKISSON, ROBERT L.: Clermont; B.A.; Management; December 1967. AUBREY, JUDITH A.: St. Petersburg; B.A. ; Elementary Education; December 1967; Gold Key Honor Society; Athenaeum. AXFORD, JON C.: Lakeland; B.S.; Engineering; 1967; Engineering Society; Engmeermg College Association; Cratos Fraternity. AYERS, JAMES T. : Largo; B .A.; Accounting; June Gold Honor Society; SenIOr Accountmg Organization. BACCHETTI, DIANE E.: St. Petersburg; B.A.; English Education; August 1967. BACKUS, LINDA A.: B.A.; Elementary Educat!on; December 1967; Student National Education A ssociation Student Florida Education Association National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. BACON, JOY L.: Indian Rocks Beach; B.A. ; English/ Humanities/Education; De cern be r 1967; World Affairs Club; Athenaeum; Gold Key; Oracle; Managing Editor. BAGBY, KRISTA LYNN: Miami; B.A.; Art Education; June 1968. BAGEARD, B. JEAN: Tampa; B.A.; Marketing; March 1968; Fia Sorority; Special Events Committee: Chairman; University Center Program Council: Vice-President, President; Student Association Executive Board; Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities; Athenaeum; Personnel Committee; Honors Convocation, 1967; Activities Achievement Award, 1967; Miss Aegean Contest finalist; A .C.U. Convention: delegate. BAGGERLY, CAROL L.: Miami; B .A.; Elementary Education; March 1968; University Center Hospitality Committee; Student Florida Education Association. BAKER, HAROLD R.: Tampa; B.A. ; Chemistry; August 1967 BAKER, MRS JUDITH M.: Thonotosassa; B.A.; Secondary Education; June 1967. BARCEN A, KATHLEEN A.: Tampa; B.A. ; Elementary Education; December 1967 BARTKUS, CHRISTOPHER R.: Clearwater; B.A.; Industrial Management; March 1968. BEAGLES, DONNA L : Dade City; B A. ; English Education; June 1968 ; Delta Delta Delta: Chaplain; Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Little Sisters o f Minerva; Student Association Representative; Students for Responsible Government; Sorority Intramurals. BEAGLES, JANET E.: Clearwater; B .A.; Special Education; June 196 7 ; Student National Education Association; Exceptional Child Club; Dorm vice-president; Standards Board Representative. BEAUBIEN, ROGER J.: Tampa; B .A.; Psychology; June 1968; Phi Delta Theta Fraternity. BELL, HERBERT H. JR.: DeLand; B.A ; Psychology; June 1968; Residence Hall Government; Kappll' Iota Omega Fraternity; Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity; Interfraternity Coun c il. BELL, JANIS E.: Naples; B .A.; English/Journalism; December 1967; Fides and Delta Delta Delta; Panhellenic : vice-president, secretary; Judo Club; Oracle; All-University Folk S ing: winner, Fides Five; 2nd place, About Four; Greek Sing; Fine Arts Chorale; Fine Arts Committee; Ad Hoc Committee on Fraternity Housing; Art Chairman for Fall Frolics; Best Dressed Contestant; Dorm Government; Secretar y of pledge class ; Panhellenic Repre s entative; G r eek Skits; N e w Sororities Committee Chairman.

PAGE 260

BELSITO, ROSEANNE: Sanford B.A.; English Education; June 19GB; Tri-SIS-Alpha Delta Pi Sorority Dance Committee; USF Folk Greek. Games; Resident Assistant Catholic Student Organization Student for Responsible Miss Aegean Contestant. BENSON, ROGER C.: St. Petersburg; B.A.; Industrial Management; June 1967; Business Club; Oracle: Advertising Manager. BENWARE, ALAN J : St Petersburg; B.A.; Accountmg; 1967; Business Club; Accounting Club. BERGEN, MIRA D.: Miami; B.A.; June 1968 Hall Social Chairman; Jewish Union; University Center Hospitality Committee; dent Association Representative; Exceptional Child Club; Student Florida Education Association; TriSIS-Parliamentarian and Socia 1 Chairman; Alpha Delta Pi Sorority; Exchange Student. BERNSTEIN, PETER J.: St. Petersburg; B.A.; Physical Education; June 1968. BERTOLETTE, VIVIAN B.: St. Petersburg; B.A.; Art Education; June 1968. BETHENCOURT, JOSE M.: Tampa; B.A.; Spanish; March 1968. BIEKER, STANLEY G.: St. Petersburg; B.A.; Industrial Management; March 1968; Sailing Club; Veterans Club. BILBREY, CROOM A. JR.: Parrish; B.A. ; Psychology; June 1968; Delta Tau Delta; Special Events Committee: Chairman. BISHOP, LINDA A.: Clearwater; B.A.; Sociology ; March 1968; Catholic Student Organization. BLACK, ROBERT J.: Tampa; B.A.; Physical Education; June 1968; Intercollegiate Soccer; Physical Education Major's Club; Intramurals. BLACKBURN, MRS. MARY U.: Bradenton; M.A.; Elementary Education; August 1967; Graduate Assistant. BLEDSOE, JAMES A.: Tampa; B.A.; Psychology; June 1968; Pi Mu Epsilon; Karate Club; Judo Club; Dance Club. BLEVINS, JOHN E.: Balboa, Canal Zone; B.A. ; Socio logy; December 1967. BODIMER, ROBERT L.: Tampa; B A.; Economics; June 1968. BODLEY, KENNETH, A.: DeWitt, New York; B.A.; Industrial Management; March 1968 ; Student Association; Phi Delta Theta. BOEREN, JOHN J.: Tampa; B.A.; Zoology; June 1968; USF Pre-Medical Society: President. BOEREN, MRS. MARRENE A.: Tampa; B.A.; Elementary Education; June 1968; Student Florida Education Association. BORKMAN, KARL P.: Lutz; B.A.; Art Education; June 1968. BOYD, JO C.: Tampa; B.A.; Music Education; December 1967; USF Band; USF Orchestra; Woodwind Quintet. BOYER, NICKI D.: Bradenton; B.A.; Elementary Education; June 1968; Alpha Delta Pi; Campus Crusade for Christ; Student Florida Education Association. BRADLEY, MRS. JOY S.: St. Petersburg; M.A.; Guidance; June 1968. BRANZ, JUDITH A : Tampa; B.A.; English Education; June 1968; Tri Chi Sorority. BRASSART, EDWARD L.: Lutz; B.A.; Marketing; March 1968 BREWER, RUTH E.: St. Petersburg; B.A.; Art; June 1968. BRICE, FRANK C.: Tampa; B .A.; Mathematics; June 1968; Windjammers: Treasurer, Vice-Commodore; Commodore; Sports Club Council: SecretaryTreasurer; Student Association Executive Council. BRINK, LOUISE M.: Melbourne Beach; B.A.; Speech/ English; June 1967; Student Association Legislature; ciation Election Committee: Chairman; University Student Committee; Readers Theatre Gmld. BROOKS, KENNETH W.: St. Petersburg; B.A.; Education; June 1967 ; Lambda Chi Alpha; Gold Key. BROOS, BRENDA S.: St. Petersburg; B A.; Elementary Education; June 1968. BROWN, BARBARA J.: Safety Harbor; B.A.; Math Education; 1968; University Chapel Fellowship. BROWN JAMES "BEN" : B.A.; English; June 1968; CB Delta Theta: Secretary; Alumm Secretary Phi Delta Theta; Charter Pre;ident, Phi Student Court Review: Chief Justice; Boa;rd of Discipline and Appeal_:;: Chairman English Club; Philosophy Club'; Omicron Beta Kappa. BROWN KENNETH M.: B.A.; Political Science/His-t June 1968 Gold Key Honor ory ' s iety Society; USF Forenstcs <;>c USF Moderator "Focus Parliamen-tary" Debates. BROWN, MARCUS T : Tampa; B.A.; Chemistry; June 1968; Karate Club; Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity. BROWN, MARY L.: Brooksville; B.A.; Elementary Education; June 1968; Gamma Hall: Social Chairman. BRUMFIELD, MRS. JACQUELINE G.: Clearwater; B.A.; Education Distributive; August 1967. BRYANT, ROBERT W. JR.: Lakeland; B .S.; Engineering; March 1968; USF Karate Club; Florida Engineering Society BUCKSHORN, DOROTHY J.: St. Petersburg; B.A.; Elementary Education; March 1968. BUICK, CARL M.: Brandon; B.A.; Speech/Broadcasting; August 1967; WUSF; Tau Kappa Epsilon: Pledge President; Oracle; Young Republican Club. BURDETTE, MARY: Tampa; B.A.; Elementary Education; June 1968; Delta Zeta Sorority; Student Florida Education Association. BURGER, SHARON E.: Dade City; B.A.; Education; December 1967. BURGESS, GARY F.: New London, Connecticut; B.A.; Psychology; June 1968; Republican Club. BURNS, PATRICIA M.: Ft. Lauderdale; B.A. ; History; March 1968. BUSH, MAVIS L.: Lake Wales; B.A.; Special Education; June 1968 BUTLER, MARY A.: Tallahassee; B A ; Social Science/ Psychology; December 1967; Kappa Delta Sorority; Student Association Representative; Freshman Orientation Leader; Election Rules Committee; Dormitory Government BUTTS, CAROLYN M.: Clermont; B.A.; Elementary Education; December 1967; Florida Education Association; National Education Association. CALDAS, HENRY: Cocoa Beach; B.A.; Social Science; December 1967; Tennis Team; Soccer Team; Student Government Representative; Traffic Committee; Veterans Club: Vice-President. CALDWELL, FRANK L. : Orlando; B A. ; Political Science / Social Science; D ecember 1967; Co op Work Study; Student Government Representative; University Senaoor Administrative Assistant to S.A.'; Chairman S.A. Cabinet; Co-Chairman Intercollegiate Athletics Expansion Study Committee; Chairman S.A. Constitutional Revi sions Committee; USF Chairman Commission on Florida State Constitutional Revisions; Member Com mission on Academic Freedom a!ld Student Rights; Student Association Service Award; Award for 259

PAGE 261

Outstanding Legislator 1967; Students for Responsible Government: Senator, Vice Chairman, Chairman; Interfraternity Council: Recording Secretary; K PAT 0 E Fraternity: Recording Secretary, Vice-President, President; KPATOE Colony of Sigma Nu: Colony Commander; Member Chapter Hall of Honor ; Omicron Beta Kappa; Orientation Leader; Writer for the Oracle; Intramurals; Senior Satire. CALI, ROSE M.: Tampa; B.A.; Social Science; June 1968; Delta Zeta Sorority: Charter Member, President; UC Committee: Personal and Hospitality; Orientation Leader. CALLAHAN, WILLIAM P. II.: Kisaimmee; B.A.; Psychology; June 1968. CAMERON, SUSAN M.: Orlando; B.A.; Spanish/Italian; June 1968; Dorm Social Chairman; International Club; Tri Chi Soror Ity : Academies Chairman ; Co-op Student. CAMPBELL, JOANNE P.: Tampa; B. A.; Office Administration; June 1968; National Secretaries Association. CANADY, BETTY J.: Fort Myers Beach; B.A.; Business Education; June 1968. CAPUTO, MRS. JOAN E.: Tampa; B.A.; Sociology; June 1967. CARROLL, KATHERINE L.: Tampa; B.A.; Special Education; March 1968. CARROLL, WAYNE E.: Tampa; B.S.; Engineering; August 1967; Judo Club; Photography Club; Florida Engineering Society; Enarineering College Association. CARTER, TERRY V.: St. Petersburg; B.A.; Psychology; June 1968; Psi Chi. CARTMILL, NELL J.: Bunnell; B.A.; Elementary Education; June 1968. CARVETH, CONSTANCE E.: Pompano Beach; B. A.; Elementary Education; December 1967; Gamma Girls' Council; Student National Education Association; Student Florida Education Association. CASE, JOAN B.: Hudson, Ohio; B.A.; Office Administration; December 1967. CASEY, KAREN: Fort Lauderdale; B.A.; Chemistry; Jane 1968; Delta Zeta Sorority UC Fashion Committee. CASTELLVI, ANTONIO G.: Tampa; B.A.; Spanish Literature CASTILLO, KENNETH S.: Tampa; B.A.; Psychology; June 1968; Dance Committee; Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity: Secretary; Intramural Referee for football, basketball, and softball ; Coach for Delta Zeta Sorority. 260 CATON, DOUGLAS R.: Tampa; B.A.; Industrial Management; June 1968. CAUDLE, OLIVIA A.: Ft. Lauderdale; B.A.; Social Science Education; December 1967; Public Relations Committee; Special Events Committee; University Chapel Fellowship; Residence Hall Officer. CAWLEY, MICHAEL J.: Tampa; B.S.; Engineering; March 1968; Young Republicans. CHARLES, MRS. MARIE S.: St. Petersburg; B.A.; Business Education; June 1967. CHASEY, JOHN D.: DeLand; B.A.; Industrial Management; June 1968. CHAUNCEY, DEPEW M.: Shamrock; M.S.; Chemistry; June 1968. CHAUNCEY, MRS. SANDRA S.: Miami; B.A .; English/Journalism Education; December 1967. CHRISTENSEN, JACQUELINE E.: Fort Myers; B.A.; Physical Education; December 1967; Physical Education Majors Club. CIANCI, JAMES J. JR.: Lutz; B.A.; Political Science; August 1967; IFC Representative; Judiciary Committee; Phi Delta Theta Fraternity. CLARK, HERBERT W. III: Tampa; B.A.; Economics; March 1968; Bartender's Club; Economics Club; Delta Tau Delta Fraternity. CLARK, W. GEORGE: Tampa; B.A.; Psychology; June 1967; Phi Delta Theta; UC Recreation Committee; University Chorus Intramurals Athletics. CLAUSSEN, ROBERT W.: St. Petersburg; B.S. ; Mechanical Engineering; March 1968 Talos Fraternity: President; Engineering College Association: President Florida Engineering Society Uni: versity Exchange Program.' U ni-versity Orchestra. CLEVELAND, ELIZABETH M.: St. Petersburg; B.A.; Special Education; June 1968; Talent Committee: Chairman; Student FEA: Treasurer; Student Council of Exceptional Children: Treasurer Athenaeum; Florida Federation' Student Council of Exceptional Children: State Corresponding Secretary; Gold Key; W.H.A.T. CLEVENGER, BRYSON E. JR.: Sarasota; B.A.; Political Science June 1968; Associate Justice of S.tudent Court of Review U niversity Board Discipline and 'Appeals Alpha Phi Omega; Student Bill of Rights Drafting Committee. COE, PEGGY J.: B:A.; English Education/ Science; June 19GB; Student Flonda Education Association. COHEN, JEFFREY: Sarasota; B.A.; Social Science; June 1968; Delta Tau Delta; Hall Scholarship Chairman; Service Projects Chairman; Jewish Student Union; Council of Fraternal Societies. COLBURN, MRS. ANGEL D.: St. Petersburg; B.A.; Elementary Education; March 1968. COLTER, EDWARD J.: Tampa; B.A.; Industrial Management; June 1968; Veterans Club. COMPTON, ROBERT E.: Clearwater; B.A.; Industrial Management; June 1967; Business Club. CONDON, ROBERT E.: Ft. Lauderdale; B.A.; Economics; June 1967; Economics Club; Fencing Club. CONEY, STEPHEN W.: Tampa; B.A.; Public Administration; June 1967; Enotas Fraternity; IFC Rush Chairman; Special Events Committee; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity: Rush Chairman; Student Political Union; Intramurals. CONIGLIO, MARY J.: Tampa; B.A.; Sociology; June 1968. CONNER, MARY A.: Miami; B.A.; Elementary Education; March 1968; Student National Education Association; Student Florida Education Association; Student Association; Representative of the College of Education; Gamma Girls Council. CONNEY KATHLEEN A.: Brandon; B.A.; Elementary Education ; June 1968 ; Co-op Advisory Council. COOPER, WILLIAM T. JR.: St. Petersburg; M.S.; Structural Engineering; December 1967; Florida Engineering Society; Engineering College Association: Secretary, Treasurer. COPELAND, SANDRA F.: Tampa; B.A.; Sociology; June 1968. CORCES, RONALD J.: Tampa; B.S.; Engineering; June 1968; Intramurals; Sigma Nu Fraternity. CORYELL, CORRINE F.: Lutz; B.A.; Psychology; June 1968; Gold Key Honor Society. COURET, NILO: Cuba; B.A.; Accounting; June 1968; COURSER, WILLIAM D.: Clearwater; B.A.; Zoology; June 1968; Alpha Hall: Floor Representative; Resident Assistant; USF Pre-Medical Society; Andros Bull Sheet: Sports Editor; Softball and Tennis Intramurals. COWAN, ROBERT F.: St. Petersburg; M.A.; Psychology; June 1968. CRAMER, TREVOR G.: Sarasota; B.A.; Humanities; August 1967; USF Band; USF Orchestra; Ripieno C 1 u b; International Students Club.

PAGE 262

CRANE, GLENDA P.: Orlando; B.A.; Elementary Education; December 1967. CREAMER, DENNIS F.: Tampa; B.A.; Zoology; June 1968; Marine Biology Club. CRESSLER, WILLIAM M.: Tampa; B.S.; Electrical Engineering June 1968; Florida Engineering' Society. CULBERTSON, WILLIAM C.: Sarasota; B.A.; Psychology; June 1968; Psi Chi. CULBREATH, LINDA H.: Tampa; B.A.; Business Education; June 1968; Florida Business Teacher Association. CURRY, SUE K.: Daytona Beach; B.A.; English Education; August 1967; Speech Department Productions. DABNEY, LINDA L.: Largo; B.A.; Elementary Education; December 1967. DAGNON, LAUREL A.: Clearwater; B.A.; Political Science; June 1968; Dean's Advisory Board; Political Union. DAME, RODERICK W.: Tampa; B.A.; Sociology; June 1968; Alpha Hall: Vice-President, President; Vice-President, Sociology Club. DANLEY, HOWARD P. JR.: Plant City; B.A.; Economics/Natural Sciences; December 1967. DAVIS, JANET L.: Altoona; B.A.; Elementary Education; March 1968; Athenaeum. DAVIS, PHILIP M. II: Sarasota; B.A.; Pre-Dentistry/Zoology; June 1968; Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity; Beta Hall: Vice-President; Resident Counselor; Resident Assistant. DAVISON, REBECCA A.: Altamonte Springs; B.A.; Elementary Education; June 1967; Student Florida Education Association; Dorm Hall Social Chairman; Alpha Omicron Pi Sorority; U.C. Talent Committee. DAY, DEE W.: Cape May, New Jersey; B.A.; Psychology; June 1968. D'ANGELO, LARRY J.: Tampa; B.A.; Zoology; June, 1967. DE BLOIS, VIRGINIA F.: Tampa; B.A.; Elementary Education; December 1967; Athenaeum. DE BOER, JAMES A.: Clearwater; B.A.; Botany; June 1968; Water Ski Club; Marine Biology Club. DEIN, ROBERT W.: Englewood; B.A.; Natural Science; June 1967; Gold Key Honor Society; Honors Convocation; Marine Biology Club; lntramurals. DELUCA, CATHERINE M.: B.A.; Elementary Education; June 1968; Dance Committee: Secretary; World Affairs Club; Student National Education Association; Catholic Student Organization. DE MAYO, SOPHIA: North Miami Beach; B.A.; Political Science; December 1967; S.A. Legislator; Young Democrat; UC Committee; Election Rules. DEMMO, DONNA A.: Tampa; B.A.; Elementary Education; December 1967; Delta Zeta Sorority; P.E. Majors Club; Gamma Girls Council. DEMMO, THOMAS A.: Bristol; B.A.; History/Pre-Law; March 1968; IFC: Vice-President; First Annual Homecoming Committee; Delta Tau Delta: President, Pledgemaster. DESTER, ELLEN M.: Tampa; B.A.; English Education; June 1968; Frosh Orientation; Chairman 1966; Dorm Secretary: Gamma Hall; Music Committee: Secretary, Acting Chairman; Aegean: Public Relations; Organizations Editor; Sewing Contest; UC Model; Folk Sing: Chairman; Orientation Leader; Fontana Hall Standards Board Representative. DETUCCIO, RICHARD J.: Hialeah; B.A.; Russian/Spanish; June 1968; Gold Key; Russian Language and Culture Club: President; Liberal Arts Dean's Advisory Board. DEVILLE, EMMET L.: Lake Wales; B.A.; Accounting; June 1968; USF Karate Club. DEW, LAWRENCE B.: St. Catherine; B.A.; Political Science; December 1967; Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity. DEWITT, DOUGLAS D.: Lakeland; B.A.; Industrial Management; December 1967; Theta Chi Fraternity; Judo Club; Karate Club; Recreation Committee. DIAZ, JOSE E.: . Havana Cuba; B.S.; Engmeermg, March i968; Pan American. Engineering College Assoc1ation; National Society of Professional Engineers; Florida Engineering Society. DICK, VICTORIA A.: St. Petersburg; B.A.; Sociology; August 1967. DICKERSON, JEFFREY L.: Ft. Lauderdale; B.A.; Physical Education December 1967; Baseball team; Enotas Fraternity; Intramurals. DIERKES, DONALD JR.: Indialantic; B.A.; Pohtical Sc1en<;e, December 1967; Student tion; Economics Club; Pohtical Union. DIMEGLIO, ELDA C.: warwick, Rhode Island; B.A.; Social Science; June 1968;, Delta Pi Sorority; SAE L1ttle S1sters of Minerva; Delta Hall Board; Special Events Comm1ttee. DOBBS, GARY M.: Sarasota; B.A.; June 1968 Economics Club; Baptist Student 'union. DOERR, DONALD F.: Tampa; B.S.; Electrical Engineering; June 1968; Engineering Col lege Association; Florida Engineering Society. DOETSCH, KATHLEEN A.: Ft. Lauderdale; B.A.; Elementary Education; June 1968; Delta Zeta Sorority: Secretary; UC Fashion Committee; Students for Responsi ble Government: Treasurer; Catholic Student Organization; Athenaeum Honor Society DONAHUE, PATRICIA M.: Erie, Pennsylvania; B.A.; Office Administration; June 1968. DONALDSON, BRENDA L.: Jacksonville; B.A ; Elementary Education; June 1968. DONOHOE, PATRICIA A.: St. Petersburg; B.A.; Zoology; June 1968; Delta Zeta Sorority; Panhellenic Representative; Panhellenic Council : Treasurer; Sewing Contest Winner; Best Dressed Girl Contest; Miss Aegean Candidate. DREW, PAMELA A.: Tampa; B.A.; Elementary Education; June 1968; Kappa Delta Sorority; Fashion Committee; Athenaeum; Best Dressed Girl Contest; Honors Convocation 1967. DRUCKER, ROBERT: Winter Park; B.A.; Geology; June 1968; Varsity Soccer Team; Delta Tau Delta Fraternity. DUDLEY, CHARLES H. JR.: Longwood; B.A.; Accounting; December 1967; Senior Accounting Club: Vice-President; Amateur Ra dio Club. DUDLEY, WILLIAM H.: Cambridge, Massachusetts; B.A.; Physical Education; June 1968; Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity: Treasurer Physical Education Majors Assistant Athletic Trainer; Intramurals. DUFFIN, CYNTHIA H.: Tampa; B.A ; Speech; June 1968; Student Association Representative; Bay Players. DUFFIN, GERARD P.: Leavenworth, Kan.; B.A.; Speech; June 1967; Bay Players: Vice-President; Readers Theatre Guild; University Theatre; Zeta Phi Epsilon: Treasurer. DUNN, BRENDA R.: Tampa; B.A.; Math; August 1967. DUNN, PAUL M.: Tampa; B.S.; Electrical Engineering; December 1967. DURHAM, CHARLES M.: Danville, Virginia; B.A.; Personnel Management; June 1968; Business Administration Club. DYER, PAUL E.: . Sarasota; B.A.; Mus1c Education; June 1968; Concert Band; University Orchestra; Brass Choir; Lab Band; Tampa Philharmonic Orchestra. DYKES KENNETH L.: Dove;; B.A. ; Industrial Management; June 1968. 261

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ECHEVERRIA, MANUEL F.: Miami; B.A.; Industrial Management; Karch 1968; Hall Scholarship Chairman; Resident ABBistant; Cooperative Education Advisory Board; Delta Tao Delta Fraternity: Vice-President; USF Karate Club; Cooperative Education Student. ECHEVERRIA, PATRICIA: Santiago, Chile; B.A.; Social Sci ence Education; March 1968; World Affairs Council: President; Civil War Round Table; Catholic Student Organization. ECONOMIDIS, GE ORGE S.: Tarpon Springs; B.A.; Political Seience; March 1968; Phi Delta Theta; Karate Club. EDDY; EUGENE R.: Venice; B.A.; Political Science; Jane 1967; Lambda Chi Alpha Fratemity; Resident Assistant; Hall Aetlvftiea Chairman; Hall Social Chairman; Political Union; Studenta for Responsible Government; Christian Science Organization. EHLERS, MARY E.: Brookavtlle; B.A.; English; June 1H8. EICHOLZ, JEROME C. JR.: Coc:oa; B.A.; Political Science; De cember 1967; Pi Kappa Alpha Fratemlf;J. EKARD, EUGENIA C.: Starkebe!:.; Elementary Education; ber 1967; Delta Zeta Sororif;J. ELKINS, JOSEPH J.: Eaa GalUe; B.A.; Accounting; June 1H8; Co-Operative Education Prolftlll. EMERMAN, FELICE E.: Miami; B.A.; Special Education; JDilt 1968; World Affairs Club; Council Exceptional Children; Jewlab Student Union. ENGEL, CLARENCE H.: North Miami Beach; B.A.; MarketIDa'; JDDe 1968. EPPENBERGER, ROBERT A.: Saruota; B.A.; Political Science; Jane 1968; Young Republicans; Student Polltic:al Union; Political Scienee Clab. FEATHERSTONE, DIAN A L.: Miami; B A.; Elementary Education; March 1968; UC Hospitality Committee; Hall Standards Board Student Florida Education Associa: tion. FEELEY, THOMAS J.: Rye, New York; B.A.; Marketing; December 1967; Beta Hall: Social Chairman; lntramorals: football baseball; American Marketing aociation. FEHRMAN, SHIRLEY G.: Brooksville; B.A.; Special Education; Jone 1967. FELDMAN, ROBERT R.: Saruota; B.A ; Psychology; March 1968; USF Sports Car Club: VicePreeident; Ralleymaster; Verdandi Fratemif;J; Resident Auistant. 262 FERNANDEZ, MANUEL M.: Tampa; B.A.; Social Science Education; June 1968; Representative for Teacher Education and Integration. FERNANDEZ, ORLANDO: Havana, Cuba; B.A.; Accounting; June 1968; Intramurals; Student Assistant; Senior Accounting Organization. FIALA, MRS. MARY J.: Glen Ellyn, Illinois; B.A.; English Education; March 1968; Gold Key; Athenaeum. FIELDER, JAMES M. JR.: Tampa; B.A.; Accounting; June 1968 ; Senior Accounting Club; Windjammers Club. FIELDING, JULIE K.: Tampa; B.A.; Elementary Education; June 1968; Aegean: Editor Senior Section; Student Florida Education Association; National Education Association; USF Press Club. FISCHER, HENRY, J. JR.: St. Petersburg; B.A.; Physical Education; June 1968; Varsity baseball ; Physical E d u cation Majors Club. FISHER, BEVERLY E.: Tampa; B.A.; Speech/English; December 1967; University Chapel Fellowship; Readers Theatre. FISHINGER, NANCY L.: Winter Park; B.A.; Physical Education; June 1968; Athenaeum: Secretary; Basketweavers: Secretary. FLEMING, JAMES: Tampa; B.A.; Political Science; June 1968; Veterans Club. FLEMING, LAMARR.: Lakeland; M.S.E.; Engineering; June 1968; Senior Class: Vice-Pres ident; Florida Engineering Society: Vice-President, President; Program Council; Recreation Committee: Chairman; Senior Torchlight Ceremony: Chairman; Engineering College Association; SAE Fraternity; USF Representative Southern Industrialist Relations Conference. FLETCHER, WENDY S.: Deerfield Beach; B.A.; Elementary March 1968; Recreation Comm1ttee : Secretary; T ri-De 1 t a Sorority: Song Leader. FLUG, CASEY N.: DeLand; B.A.; Psychology; June Lambda Chi Alpha Fratermty; Students for Responsible Government. FOSS, BARBARA J.: Satellite Beach; B.A.; Marketing; December 1967 FOUST, VERGIL: Cocoa; B.A.; Accounting; March 1968; Senior Accounting Club. FRANK, EDMOND W New York; B.A.; Social Sc1ence; March 1968; Football and Basketball Intramurals; Forensics. FRAZE, RICHARD 0.: Pinellas Park; B.S.; Engineering; June 1968; Florida Engineering Society ; Engineering College Association. FREDERICK, PAUL J.: North Miami Beach; B.A.; Marketing; August 1967; Business Administration Club; USF Veteran's Club; Marketing Club. FREDERICK, ROBERT T. III: St. Petersburg; B.S.; Zoology; June 1968. FREELAND, LARRY A.: Panama City; B.A ; Math; June 1968. FREEMAN, LILLIAN W.: Tampa; M.A.; Special Education; March 1968. FREID, LINDA G.: Tampa; B.A.; French; August 1967; Delta Sigma Tau Sorority. FRENCH, PAUL D.: Altamonte Springs; B.A.; History; June 1968; University Chapel Fellowship; Program Chairman, Chairman; University Religious Council. FUCARINO, DIANE K.: Tampa; B.A.; Spanish Education; June 1967; Tri-SIS Colony of Alpha Delta Pi. FULLER, HARRIET R.: Tampa; B.A.; Elementary Education; June 1968; Delta Zeta Sorority; Athenaeum; Gold Key; Library Education Audio Visual Organization. FULTON, THOMAS: Tampa; B.A.; English; August 1967. GADDIS, JACK L.: Land 0' Lakes; B.A.; Psychology; June 1967; Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity. GADSDEN, ROBERT G. III: Tampa; B.A.; Industrial Management; June 1967; Enotas Fraternity: Treasurer, Social Chairman; IFC Representative; Intramural; President of Social Coordinating Committee; Committee Chairman of All-University Weekend Social Events1963; Work Study Program; Circle K: Treasurer. GALE, CYNTHIA: Maitland; B.A.; Elementary Education; June 1967; Exchange Student. GARCIA, DANIEL H.: Tampa; M.A.; Physics; June 1968; Sigma Pi Sigma. GARCIA, JORGE J : Cienfuegos L .V ., Cuba; B.A. ; Zoology; June 1968; Baseball team. GARCIA, JUDITH A.: Tampa; B.A.; Special Education; June 1967; Kappa Delta; Racquet Club; Exceptional Child Club. GARNER, ROGER C.: Orlando; B.A.; Accounting; August 1967; Campus Crusade for Christ; Senior Accounting Club.

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GARRETT, EMILY H.: Bartow; B.A.; Music Education; June 1968; Concert Band; Ripieno Club: Treasurer; Syrinx Music Club. GARRISON, BETTY L.: Tampa; B.A.; Elementary Education; June 1967; Student Florida Education Association. GAVIN, JUDITH A.: St. Petersburg; B.A.; Social Science Education; June 1968; Delta Dorm: Social Chairman; Paideia Sorority: President; Hospitality Committee; Panhellenic Council; Co-op Education Student Advisory Council GEORGIUS, KATHLEEN L.: Tampa; B.A.; Spanish/French Education; June 1968; Delta Delta Delta Sorority: Recording Secre-tary. GIBBS, JO ANNE: Jacksonville; B.A.; Elementary Education; June 1968; Student Florida Education Association. GIFFORD, DONALD A.: Tampa; B.A.; Political Science; De cember 1967; Student Government: President, Vice-President, Attorney General; Delegate to State Council of Student Body Presidents; Orientation Leader; Student Government Executive Board; Dean's Advisory Board; World Affair Club: Director Public Relations; Young Democrats; Student Government legislature: President; Athletic Council; Golf Course Committee; Inter-Collegiate Athletics Expansion Study Committee; SRG: Campaign Coor dinator; Omicron Beta Kappa: Charter Class; Who's Who; Student Government Cabinet : Chairman; Executive Board; Commission on Academic Freedom and Student Rights; Student Government Finance Committee; Farm Workers Support Committee : Charter Mem ber. GIGLIA, GERALD P.: Tampa ; B.A.; Accounting; June 1968; Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity; Senior Accounting Organization. GIGLIO, GERALDINE : Tampa; B.A.; Elementary Education/Social Science; June 1968; Alpha Delta Pi Sorority: Vice-President, Pledgetrainer; Student Florida Education Association; Orienta tion Leader; Homecoming Dance Decorations. GIGUERE, MRS. GIZELLA G.: Parma, Ohio; B.A.; Elementary Education; August 1967. GILBERT, MARY ANNE: Tampa; B.A.; Sociology; June 1968; Gold Key: Treasurer; Athenaeum; Alpha Delta Pi Sorority; Pan-hellenic Council: President; Who's Who; Miss Aegean finalist. GILMORE, RONALD C.: DurhaD_l, North Carolina; B.A.; Marketmg; August 1967 Business Administration Club;' Veteran's Club; Marketing Club GONZALEZ, YVONNE L.: Tampa ; B.A.; Spanish; March 1968. GOODALL, ROSE A.: St .. Petersburg; B.A.; Special Education; June 1968; Gold Key Athenaeum; Homecoming Council for Exceptionai Children; Honors Convocation GOODBREAD, LAWRENCE G St. B.A.; June 1967; Tau Kappa Fraternity; Student National Education Association. GOODE, DIANNE E.: Brooksville; B.A.; English March 1968; Gold Key. GOODEMAN, JOHN R.: Mt. Dora; B.A.; Accounting June 1968; Senior Accounting Clu'b. GOODE MOTE, GARY J.: Temple Terrace; B.A.; Chemistry December 1967. GORDON, MARVIN J. JR.: ?inellas Park; B.S.E. ; Engineer1968; Fl?rida Engineermg Soc1ety; Amer1can Society of Engineering So Ciety; S1gma Ph1 Epsilon. GORDON, RICHARD L.: Tampa; B.A.; Spanish/Languages; June 1968. GORDON, SAMUEL M.: Tampa; B.A.; Economics December 1967; Sigma Nu F;aternity; Student Government : Representative to Legislature; College of Business Administration Council : President; Basic Studies College Council: President; Business Administration Club: President. GORDY, ROBERT S.: Tampa; B .S.E.; Electrical Engineering; March 1968; Tau Beta Phi ; Florida Engineering Society ; Math Honor Society; Physics Honor Society: associate member. GOTTLIEB, MARY J.: Plainfield, New Jersey; B.A.; English Education; June 1968. GRADY, MICHAEL D.: Tampa; B.A. ; Economics; June 1968; Religious Council : Vice-President, President; Sigma Nu Fraternity; IFC: Secretary Housing Committee; Student Government; Commuter Affairs Committee; Senior Satire; Orientation Leader; Publicity Committee; Senior Class President; SRG; Intramurals. GRAHAM, CANDICE M.: Miami; B A ; Library Education/ Elementary Education; June 1968; Dorm floor: Vice-President, Social Chairman. GRAHAM, KAREN E.: Yorktown Heights, New York; B.A.; English/Speech Education; June 1968; Hall Scholarship Chairman; Alpha Delta Pi Sorority: Aldelphian Reporter; Orientation Leader. GRECO, MARY: Tampa; B.A. ; Spanish/Elementary Education; December 1967; Student National Education Association; Student Florida Education Asso.cia-tion. GREEN, ROBERT D : Tampa; B.A. ; Marketing/Distributive Education; June 1968. GREENOUGH, DORA E.: qlearwater; M .A.; Special Education; June 1968. GRIFFIN, MICHAEL B.: Plant City; B.A.; Personnel Management; June 1968; Enotas Social Fraternity. GRIFFIN, PATRICIA W.: B.A. ; Elementary Education; June 1968. GRINDELL, WILLIAM B Miami; B.A.; Industrial ':Management; June 1967; Arete Fraternity. GRUND, LINDA L,: Jacksonville; B.A. ; English March 1968; Resident. Assistant; Resident Counselor; Umversity Chapel Fellowship: Vice-President. GUARINO, LORRAINE V.: B.A.; Social Science Education; June 1967; Alpha Delta Pi Sorority. GUERRA, WILLIAM C.: Tampa; B .A.; Political Science/Pre Law; June 1967; Young Democrats. GUTTENMACHER ROBERTA A.: B.A.; Elementary Education; June 1967; Delta Sigma Tau Sorority. GUYTON, MRS. ELIZABETH P.: M.A.; Elementary Education; August 1967. HAAG, THOMAS J : Tipton, Indiana; B A.; A ccounting; June 1968. HAIGHT, ERLENE J : Orlando; B.A.; Business Teacher Education; March 1968. HAIR, COLLETTE J.: Tampa; B.A. ; Elementary Education; March 1968. HALEY, MARIE L.: Tampa; M .A.; Zoology; December 1967; Gold Key. HALEY, SUSAN B.: St. Petersburg; B A.; Elementary Education; June 1968 ; Orchestr a Choir; Athenaeum. HALSTROM, PATRICIA D.: St. Petersburg; B.A. ; Elementary Education; June 1968; Athenaeum Gold Key; Choir; Student Education Association; Hall Standards Board. HANNA, JUDY R. : St. Petersburg; B A. ; June 1968 HANNON, PATRICK J.: Palm Harbor ; B.A. ; E c onomi cs; June 1967. HANSEN, ROGER T.: St. Petersburg; B.A.; Marketing; December 1967. HARAGEONES, EMMANOUEL G.: Sarasota; B.A ; Physical Education; June 1968; Student Director of Intramurals; Physical Education Majors Club. HARDEMAN, PATRICIA G.: Sarasota; B.A ; English I Humanities Education; June 1968; Panhellenic Council; Delta Phi AlphaDelta Gamma Sorority: President Hall Academic and Soc i a l 263

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man Resident Auistant; Hall and Bound;_ S.tudent Florida Education Assoc1at10n. HARDESTY, STEPHEN D.: Winter Park; B.A.; Geology; June 1967 ; Geology Club; Hall Standards Board. HARKEY, JAMES P.: . Jacksonville B.A.; Accountmg, June 1968; Lambda Chi Fra: temity. Senior Accounting Club, Organization. HARRIS MARTHA J.: M.A.; Special Education; June 1968. HARRISON, WILLIAM B. III: Covington, Kentucky; B.A. ; Geology; March 1968; Geology Club. HARTMAN, DAVID P.: Baltimore, Maryland; B.A.; Industrial Management; June 1968. HAUG, ALBERT C.: Sarasota; B.A.; Political ; June 1968; Student Political Umon; Political Science Club. HAWK, MILDRED: Tampa; M.A.; Special Education; June 1967. HAWKINS, KAREN S.: Tampal B.A.; Sociol?gy; June 1968; uelta Zeta Sorority. HAYES, ROBERT S.: St. Petersburg; B.A.; Industrial Management; December 1967; ResIdent Aulatant; Kappa Sigma temitr: Secretary; Rush man; Phi Beta Lambda Busmess Club. HAYHURST, PATRICIA E.: Tampa; B.A.; Elementary E ducation; Deeember 1967; Bowling Club. HELGESON, ROBERT C.: Cape Coral; B.S.; Engineering; June 1968; Student AsBOCiation ; USF Debate Team; Forensics; Pi Mu Epsilon: Charter Member; Tau Beta Phi ; Florida Engineering Society. HELMERICH, SALLY E. : Fort Myers; B.A.; Elementary Education; June 1968; Hall Academic Chairman. HENCIN, JAMES A.: Indialantic; B.A.; Geography; June 1968. HENSON, JAMES R. : Orlando; B.A.; Accounting; December 1967; Senior Accounting Club. HENTOSH, JENNIFER N.: Atlantic Beach; B.A.; English ; June 1967; Windjammers Club; Catholic Student Organization. HERMAN, BONNIE L.: Miami; B.A.; Elementary E ducation; June 1967; Delta Delta Delta Sorority; SRG: Secretary; Dorm Hall Chairman; Freshman Orientation. HERNANDEZ, JOSEPH L: Tampa; B.A.; Social Science Education; June 1968; WUSF Radio and TV: New Director, Announcer, Programming, News and TV Operations; USF Press Club. HERNDON, BARBARA C.: lllami; B.A.; Psychology; June 1968; Campus Crusade for Christ. 264 HERR, R.: Clearwater; B.A.; Sc1ence; June 1968; Assistant of Discipline and Rev1ew; Union: President; WHAT; Clvmettes. HERRERA, HILDA E.: Tampa; B.A.; Chemistry Education; June 1968; Athenaeum. HERSEY, LEE C.: St. Petersburg; M.A.; Guidance; June 1968; Photo Club. HESS, KATHLEEN J.: Satellite Beach; B .A.; Special Education June 1968; Dorm President, Chairman, Standards Board Representative; U.C. Public Relations Committee; Kappa Delta Sorority: President of pledge Vice-President; Student Association Representative; Internal Aff!lirs: Chairman A then aeu m; Res1dent Assistant.' Who's Who in American Colleges Universities; Council for Exceptional C h il d r en representative. HEVIA, LAWRENCE J.: Tampa; B.A.; Spanish; June 1968; Aegean; Layout Editor, Associate Editor, Editor in Chief; USF Press Club. HIGGINBOTHAM, ELIZABETH E.: Tampa; B.A.; Vocal Music Education and Applied Voice; June 1968; Syrinx: Vice-President; Sigma Alpha Iota: Social Chairman; Fine Arts Chorale: Secretary; Music Educators National Conference; Campus Crusade for Christ; University--Community Choir; Opera workshop; Folk Sing Contest. HIGGINS, DONALD S.: Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada; B.S.E.; Mechanical Engineering; December 1967; Engineering College Association: President; Lambda Chi Alpha: Secretary; Florida Engineering Society ; Gold Key Honor Society. HILL, EUGENE B.: Largo; B.S.E.; Electrical Engineering; June 1968. HILL, RICHARD L.: Boone, North Carolina; M.A.; Engineering Administration; August 1967. HILL, ROBERT A.: Tampa; B.A.; Accounting; December 1967; Oracle Staff; Senior Accounting Club; Cooperative Education Program. HINTZ, MARIE: Lakeland; B.A.; Zoology; June 1968; Resident Assistant; Athenaeum: Vice-President; Student Association Representative. HODGES, CHARLES F.: Tampa; B.A. ; English/Speech; June 1967; UC Recreation Committee; USF Theater Festival. HODSON, GREGORY P.: Maitland; B.A.; Management; June 1968; Dorm hall Standards Board. HOFF, BRUCE M.: Miami; B.A.; English; June 1968. HOFFMAN, SUSAN L.: Maitland; B.A.; English Education; June 1968; Dorm hall President. HOLBROOK, JUNELL P : Plant City; B.A.; Elementary Education; December 1967 HOLLAND, GENE G.: Tampa; B.A.; Elementary Education; March 1968. HOLT, LINDA R.: Lake Panasoffkee; B.A.; English/ Education; June 1968. HOOPER, JOHN B.: Tampa; B.A.; Finance; March 1968. HOOVER, OEORGE W. JR.: Jacksonville; B.A.; Zoology; June 1968; Student Association Representative; Resident Assistant; Delta Tau Delta Fraternity; Alpha Phi Omega; Circle K. HORTON, LESLIE: Fort Myers; B.A.; Spanish-French Education; December 1967; UC Personnel Committee; Kappa Delta Sorority: President; Miss Aegean finalist; lntramurals; Panhellenic Council. HOWARD, KAREN E.: St. Petersburg; B.A.; Elementary Education; March 1968; Dorm hall Social Chairman; Fall Frolics ; Homecoming Committee; Gold Key Honor Society; Athenaeum. HOYLE, JAMES E.: Land 0' Lakes; B.A.; Psychology; June 1968; Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity; Students for Responsible Government. HUBAY, DAVID J.: St. Petersburg; B.A.; Visual Arts; August 1967; Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity; Student Florida Education Association; Student National Education Association. HUDGINS, GAIL J.: Lake Wales; B.A.; Mathematics; June 1968; Delta Phi Alpha Sorority. HUFF, BETTIE A.: Bartow; B.A.; International Studies; December 1967; Gamma Girl's Council; Catholic Student Organization; Dorm President; Student Association Executive Board; Student Association Representative; Election Rules Committee: ViceChairman; Miss Aegean finalist; Best Dressed Girl on Campus, finalist; Kappa Delta Sorority; Mortar Board. HULTZEN, KAREN A.: Naples; B.A.; Political Science Education; June 1968; Student Association Representative; Student Association Senator; Resident Affairs Committee: Chairman; Resident Assistant; Dorm hall President, Social Chairman, Vice-President; Tri SIS Sorority: President; Alpha Delta Pi Sorority: Housing Officer. HUMPHREY, DONALD P : Plant City; B.A.; Zoology; June 1968. HUMPHREYS, MILDRED M.: Lakeland; B.A.; English/Speech Education; June 1968; Athenaeum.

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HUTCHINSON, DARIS V.: Clearwater; B.A.; Elementary Education; June 1968; Delta Zeta Sorority; Students for Responsible Government. IOZZIA, SALVATORE: Syracuse, New York; B.A.; Chemistry; December 1967. IRMITER, MICHELE, M.: St. Petersburg; B.A.; Elementary Education; December 1967; Delta Zeta Sorority; Gold Key Honor Society; Phi Theta Kappa; Dorm hall Vice-President; Resident Assistant; Student National Education Association; Student Florida Education Association; National Association of Mathematics Teachers. JACOBS, JANICE R.: Vero Beach; B.A.; Elementary Education; June 1968; UC Recreation Committee: Recording Secretary; University Chorus; Student National Education Association; Dorm hall Standards Board: Chairman. JAMES, RICHARD L.: St. Petersburg; B.A.; Distributive Education/Marketing; June 1968; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity: Corresponding Secretary. JENKINS, ERNEST P.: St. Petersburg; B.A.; Political Sci ence; June 1968; Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity; Students for Re sponsible Government. JENKINS, NEIL E.: Orlando; B.A.; Music Education; June 1968; Ripieno; Cross country and track: Captain. JENKINS, RAYMOND K.: Chicago, Illinois; B.A.; Marketing; June 1968. JOHNS, BRENDA D.: Jacksonville; B.A.; Elementary Education; December 1967; Kappa Delta Sorority: Chaplain. JOHNSON, ANDREW J.: Lake City; B.A.; Marketing; June 1968; Intramurals. JOHNSON, JAMES B.: Winter Haven; BSE ; Engineering; June 1968; Engineering College As sociation; Florida Engineering So ciety. JOHNSON, NANCY A.: Tampa; B.A.; Zoology; June 1967; University Community Orchestra; USF Foundation; USF Alumni As sociation. JOHNSON, VIRGINIA: DeFuniak Springs; B.A.; English Education; December 1967; Gold Key Honor Society; Athenaeum. JOHNSTON, MICHAEL H.: Tampa; B.A.; Mathematics; De cember 1967; Pi Mu Epsilon; Co operative Education Program. JOHNSTON, SANDRA L.: Ocoee; B.A.; Elementary Education; August 1967. JOHNSTON, WAYNE E.: St. Petersburg; B.A.; History; June 1967; Civil War Round Table: President, Vice-President; World Affairs Council; Political Union. JONAS, MICHAEL A.: Ft. Myers; B.A.; Industrial Management; March 1968. JONES, JtOBERT L.: New Smyrna Beach; B.A.; Industrial Management; March 1968; Kappa Sigma Fraternity; Inter Fraternity Council Representative. JORDAN, LARRY A.: Auburndale; B.A.; Political Science; June 1968. JURE SKI, JUNNIE: Coral Gables; B.A.; Sociology; June 1968; Chi Omega Sorority; Alpha Tau Omega Little Sister; Students for Responsible Government. JURMACK, BONNIE S.: Miami Beach; B.A.; Chemistry; March 1968; Student Association Representative. KAHN, JOEL S.: Orlando; B.A.; Philosophy /History; March 1968; Philosophy Club: VicePresident. KANE, JEROME P.: New York, New York; B.S.; Materials Engineering; December 1967; Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity: President; Florida Engineering Society; Engineering College Association; Pi Mu Epsilon. KANER, PHILLIP C.: Miami; B.A.; Zoology; June 1968; Dorm hall Atheletic Chairman; Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity: VicePresident; Water Ski Club; Marine Biology Club; Resident Assistant. KECK, WILLIAM B.: Indian Rocks Beach; B.A.; Mathematics/Management; August 1967; Cratos Fraternity: President, VicePresident, Rush Chairman, Best Athletic Brother; Sigma Nu Fraternity: Vice-President, Corresponding Secretary; Cooperative Education Program; Intramurals; Student Florida Education Association; Orientation Leader. KEEGAN, WILLIAM L. JR.: Winter Park; B.A.; Management; June 1968; Dorm hall Athletic Chairman; Cratos Fraternity; Sigma Nu Fraternity: Athletic Chairman; Resident Assistant; Orientation Leader; Intercollegiate Cross Country Team; Student Association Representative; Catholic Student Organization; Student Court of Appeals and Student Court of Review: Student Justice. KELL, JAMES A. III: Colby, Kansas; B.A.; Mathematics; March 1968; A rete Fraternity; Gold Key Honor Society. KELLAM, DIANE J.: Tampa; B.A.; Mathematics; June 1968; Dorm hall Standards Board Representative; Tri Delta Sorority. KELLOGG, JOHN E.: Marietta, Ohio; B.A.; Marketing; June 1968; H.E.P. Program: Counselor. KELLY, LYNETTE: Orlando; B.A.; Psychology; June 1968; Athenaeum: President; Tri Delta Sorority: President; Student Affairs Committee; Panhellenic Council: Vice -President; Orientation Leader; Resident Assistant; Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities. KELLY, ROBERT D.: Clearwater; B.A.; Industrial Management; December 1967; Oracle: Advertising Manager. KELNER, BRYAN J.: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada; B.A.; Geography; June 1968; Geography Club; International Club; Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity. KENNEDY, MARSHALL J. JR.: St. Petersburg; B.A.; Political Science; August 1967; Veterans Club. KEPSHIRE, BERNARD M. JR.: Miami; B.A.; Zoology; June 1968; Marine Biology Club; Young Americans for Freedom; Catholic Student Organization; Dorm hall Standards Board. KIBLER, ROBERT G.: Ft. Myers; B.A.; Psychology; June 1968; Catholic Student Organization: Vice-President; Circle K. KIESLING, DOUGLAS G.: Venice; B.A.; Zoology; June 1968; Gold Key Honor Society; Marine Biology Club. KIMBROUGH, ALBERT L. JR.: Tampa; B.A.; Accounting; June 1968; Cooperative Education Program. KING, RICHARD A. III: Tampa; B.A.; Interdisciplinary Social Sciences; June 1968; Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity; Students for Responsible Government: Historian, Secretary; U C Personnel Committee: Chairman. KING, SAMUEL, B.: Avon Park; B.A.; Chemistry; June 1968; Baptist Student Union. KINGSLEY, SUSAN J.: Ft. Lauderdale; B.A.; Elementary Education; March 1968; Student Florida Education Association; Athenaeum. KIRBY, CAROLYN E.: Jacksonville; B.A.; Elementary Education; June 1968; Kappa Delta Sorority: Parliamentarian, Corresponding Secretary; Athenaeum: Project Chairman; Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities; UC Personnel Committee. KISLING, VERNON N. JR.: Austell, Georgia; B.A.; Zoology; June 1968; Marine Biology Club; Alpha Phi Omega. KLEIN, JANET F.: Miami; B.A.; Psychology Education; June 1968; Fencing Club; Physical Education Majors Club; Student National Education Association; Psychology Club; Athenaeum; Sports Club Council; Intramurals; Outstanding Women's Official. KNAUS, THOMAS A.: Lutz; B.A.; Marketing; March 1968; Business Administration Club; Karate Club; University Center Program Council : President, Public Relations Committee, Publicity Committee; President's Planning Board; Sigma Nu Fraternity: Chief Justice, Social Chairman. 265

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KNEISL, JOSEPH P.: Milwaukee, Wisconsin; B .A.; Marketing; June 1 96 8 KOEPC KE, J UDITH M.: K enne w ic k, Washington; B.A.; E nglish / Humanities; June 1968 ; U n iversity Center Progra m Council: Secretary; UC Hospitality Committee: Chairman; UC Dance Committee: Chairman; U C Personnel Committee: Chairman; Structur al Reorganization Committee: V ic ePresident; Student Association: Exeeutive Board; Aegean: Cop y Editor; Dorm hall Seeretary-Treasurer, Viee-Pnsident, Standards Board; USF Preas Club; Athenaeu m : Secretary; Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities. KOTA, LOUIS C.: Franklin, New Jersey; M A.; Elementary Education; June 1967. KRUGER, JUDITH M.: Seffner1 B.A.; Sociology; June lH'l; lihrlatian Sci e n c e Organization. KU MNI C K BRU C E D. : Tamp a ; B A ; Marketing; August 1967; Bu siness Administration Cl ub; Veterans Club; Marketing Club. KUTZER, STEPHANIE: Miami; B.A.; Elementary Educ a tion; December 1967; Delta Gamma Sorority: Corresponding Secretary; Dorm hall Standards Board Chair-man. LALMOND, RA YMOND D. : B.A.; Industrial Management; reb 1968; Veterans Club; Younc Republicans; W i n d jammers: President; UC Personnel Committee. LAMOUREUX, CAROLS.: Tampa; B.A.; Business Education; June 1868. LANGFORD, MARVI N B. : Holly Hill; B.A.; Psychology; June 1967; Arete Fraternity; Student Auoc:iation Legislator; Donn hall President. LANTZ, VIRGI N I A J.: Tampa; B.A.; English Education; June 1868. LA PORTE, G ARY N.: Cohoes, New York; M.A.; Speech Pathology; Ma rch 1968; UC Movi e Committee; Speech Pathology Club : President, V icePresident; Gold Key H o nor Soc i e ty. LA PORTE, KAREN L.: Sun City Center; B.A.; Art Education; Mareh 1968. LAWRENCE, RICHA R D W.: MiamiL B.A.; Sociology; August 196'7; .Keligious Council ; University Chapel Fellowship: Chairman. LAWRENCE, STUART N.: Jaebonville; B.A.; Industrial Man acement; June 1968; Lambda C hi Alpha Fraternity Council J u d iciary Committee; Businesa Administration Club; Orientation Leader I n tramurals; Students for ble Government. 266 LAZZARA, JUANITA M.: Tampa; B.A.; Math Education; March 1968. LEDFORD, SUE: Homestead; B.A.; English/Library; June 1968; Kappa Delta Sorority; Council of Fraternal Societies; Interhall Council; Dorm hall President. LEEMON, CAROLYN Boynton Beach; B.A.; Elementary Education; June 1968; Delta Zeta Sorority: President of Pledge Class; Public Relations Committee; Young Republicans: Membership Chairman; Geography and Anthropology Club. LEFEVRE, MRS. SUSAN P.: St. Petersburg; B.A.; Elementary Education; March 1968; Student National Education Association. LEONHART, GERMAINE C.: Clearwater; M.A.; Education; August 1967. LESTER, WILLIAM E.: Tampa; B.A.; Geology; June 1968. LEVINE, MRS. JANET R.: Miami; B.A.; Business Education; June 1968; Student Florida Education. LEVY, JAMES N.: Sarasota; B .A.; Special Education; June 1968; U C Public Relations Committee; UC Movie Committee; Student Florida Education Association; Exceptional Child Club. LEWIS, KENNETH A.: Naples; B.A.; Physics; June 1968; Gold Key Honor Society; Physics Honor Society; Veterans Club. LEWIS, MILTON L.: Englewood; B.A.; English; August 1967. LINDSAY, RODNEY S.: Zephyrhills; B.A.; Math Education; Deeember 1967; Student Association: Secretary of Public Relations, Under Secretary of Public Relations; Inter Fraternity Council Rush Chairman; Enotas-Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Rush Chairman; UC Public Relations Committee; Intramurals. LINDSEY, JOAN C.: Tampa; B.A.; English/Economics; June 1968; Kappa Delta Sorority; Student Association Representative ; Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities Election Rules Committee; for Re sponsible Government; Panhellenic Council. LINDY ALL, ANN C.: Haines City; B.A.; English/Journalism; June 1968. LIVELY, LABAN G. JR.: Tampa; B.A.; Management; December 1967; Enotas Fraternity. LORITZ, SHARON D.: Miami; B.A. ; English June 1968; Chi Omega Sorority. LORTON JOAN E.: Tampa; B.A.; Elementary Education; June 1967 LOVE, WAYNE C.: Tampa; BSE; Mechanical Engineering; Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity; Florida Engineering Society; Engineering College Association. LOZUKE, BARRY N : Deptford, New Jersey; B.A.; Political Science; June 1968; Resident Assistant; Forensic Association; World Affairs Club; Young Democrats; Political Union; UC Movie Committee. LYNCH, ELIZABETH A.: Bradenton; B.A. ; Theatre Arts; June 1968; USF Theatre productions; Experimental Theatre; Speech productions; Bay Players. MACON, JOHN R.: Tampa; B.A.; Economics; December 1967; Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity, President of Pledge Class; Economics Club. MADILL, EUGENE E.: Sarasota; B.A.; Accounting; June 1968; Senior Accounting Organization, President; Vice-President, Gold Key Honor Society. MAGEE, ROGERS F.: Homestead; B.A. ; Accounting; June 1968; Senior Accounting Organization; University Chapel Fellowship. MAGGIO, CYNTHIA E.: Tampa; B.A. ; English; June 1967. MAHAGAN, MICHAEL R.: St. Petersburg; B.A. ; Marketing; December 1967; Raquet Club; Student Association Representative; Water Ski Club; Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity, Treasurer. MALPHURS, BRYON L.: Orlando; B.A.; Political Science; June 1968; Barbenders; Church of Christ Association; Civil War Round Table; World Affairs Council; Hall Standards Board. MAN ARINO, PRISCILLA R.: St. Petersburg; B .A.; Elementary Education; March 1968; Italian Club; Student Florida Education Association. MANETTA, KATHLEEN S.: Tampa; B.A. ; English/Humanities; August 1967; Campus Edition, reporter; Oracle reporter; Aegean, Academics Editor, Senior Editor, Fine Arts Co-Editor; "i.e.", Associate Editor; South Florida Review, Assistant Editor; L iterary Society; Press Club; UC Photo Club; Reader's Theatre Guild; Tampa-USF Poetry Association, publicity chairman; Library student assistant; Recipient Iona Lister Simmons Creative Writing Scholarship; USF A ward Scholarships; USF Editor delegate Tenn. SUSGA; Editor delegate S.C. SUSGA, Aegean; USF Poet Representative, Florida Poetry Festival; Recipient State Superior Poets Award; Co-Chairman, Poets Workshop, Florida Poetry Festival; USF Madrigal Singers; Charmers Vocal Ensemble, 2nd place winner Homecoming Folksing; USF Representative, Florida Fol k Festival; Fine Arts Chorale ; University Community Choir; Syrinx Musi c Sorority, publicity chairman; Bas ketweavers, publicity chairman.

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MANIGLIA, MARJORIE S.: Plant City; B.A ; Elementary Education; June 1968; Florida Education Association MANLEY THOMAS W.: Tampa; B.A.; Physical Education; December 1967; University Fine Arts Chorale; Student Association; Intra-Hall Residency Council; Alpha Hall, Vice-President; lntramurals. MARDER, ALAN M.: Miami; B.A.; Political Science; June 1968; Resident Assistant; Standards Committee, Chairman; Student Leadership Council; Fencing Club, President; Sports Club Council, Representative; Student Political Union; Public Relations Committee; Tau Epsilon Phi Fraternity. MARRETT A, MYRA J.: Tampa; B.A.; English/Spanish; June 1968; Finalist Best Dressed Contest 1966; All University Folk Sing; Delta Delta Delta Sorority. MARRICH, LESLIE G.: Miami; B.A.; Elementary Education; June 1968; Tri Sis Sorority; Alpha Delta Pi Sorority; Aegean Staff, Cultural Section, Public Relations; Service Committee for Homecoming 1966; Student Florida Education Association; U .S.F. Press Club; Student National Education Association; Freshman Orientation Leader. MARRO, FRANK A.: Roselle Park, New Jersey; B.A.; Sociology I Education; December 1967; Resident Assistant, Sociology Club. MARTIN WILLIAM H. III: Leesburg, Va. ; B.A. ; Geography; March 1968; Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity. MASON, RONALD L.: Lake Worth; B.A.; June, 1968; Delta Tau Delta; Pi Mu Epsilon. MATHEWSON, KENNETH L.: Tampa; B.S.; Engineering; March 1968; Engineering College Associa tion. MAZANEK, RICHARD L.: Miami; B.A.; Business Administration. McALISTER, DULCIE L.: Tampa; B.A. ; Political Science; De cember 1967; Delta Delta Delta Sorority; Recreation Committee. McCLELLAN, NORMA S.: Ouirdo; B.A.; Sociology; June 1968 McDERMOTT, SUSAN T.: Lakeland; B.A.; English; June 1968; University Center Hospitalities Committee; Resident Assistant. McHAFFIE, DONALD H.: Mount Dora; B.A.; Accounting; June 1968; Intramurals; Football, Basketball, Softball. McLAUGHLIN, LAURA A.: Rockledge; B.A.; Business Education; June 1967; Public Relations Committee, Chairman; University Center Program Council; Standards Board Representative. McLELLAN, JOHN D.: Tampa; B.A.; Biology/Education; June 1968. McLEOD, JAMES D. Jr.: Zephyrhills; B.A.; Accounting; June 1968; Member Senior Accounting Organization. McLESTER, MELVIN E.: Lutz; M.S.; Chemistry; June 1968. McMILLEN, LARRY R.: Clearwater; B.A.; Business; June 1968; Kappa Sigma Fraternity. MeN AMARA JUDY: Dunedin; B A.; English; June 1968; McQUAIN, DONNA L.: Dade City; B.A.; Elementary Education; June 1968; Student Florida Education Association; Athenaeum. McQUEEN, MICHAEL F : Tampa; B.A.; Accounting; August 1967; Senior Accounting Organization; Gold Key Honor Society; Intramurals. MENTASANE, PATRICIA A.: Clearwater; B.A.; Elementary Education; June 1968; Dorm Hall Social Chairman, Vice President; Dorm Hall Vice President; InterHall Residence Council; Experimental Theater; Orientation Leader 1967; Tri Chi Sorority; lntramurals. MILLER, DORIS E.: St-Petersburg; B A ; English; March 1968; Delta Zeta Sorority; Catholic Student Organization; Students for Responsible Government. MILLER, WILLIAM P. III: Tampa; B.S.; Electrical Engineer; December 1967; Kappa Iota Omega Fraternity; Council of Fraternal Societies; Engineering College Association; Florida Engineering Society; Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers; Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity. MILTMORE, BONITA J : St. Petersburg; B .S.; Elementary Education; December 1967; Student National Education Association; Gold Key Honor Society. MITCHELL, GEORGE R.: Wauchula; B.A.; Speech Education; June 1968; Baptist Student Union; Phonetics Club, Treasurer. MOLINARI, BARBARA, A.: Coral Gables; B.A ; Social Science Education; June 1968 ; Miss Aegean, First Runner-up 1966; Finance Committee of Student Association; Kappa Delta Sorority, Activities Chairman, President; Miss Best Dressed 1967; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Little Sister of Minerva. MONISMITH, PATRICIA A.: Tampa; Accounting; Gold Key; Senior Accounting Organization. MONTASSER, ALI: Sierra Vista, Arizona; B.A. ; Finance; August 1967; Business Ad ministration Club; Economics Club. MOORE, CLAUDE R.: Lakeland; B.A.; Social Science; June 1968; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Charter President; Barbenders, President; Interfraternity Council; Delta Delta De1ta Sorority Mascot. MOORE, JEFFREY J.: Bradenton; B.A.; Music Education; June 1968; University Concert Band; University Stage Band; Ri pieno Club. MORAN, NANCY K.: Hicksville, New York; B.A. ; English Education; June 1968; Kappa Delta Sorority; Christian Fellowship. MORDACQ, SAUL X.: Chenango Forks, New York; B.S. ; Mechanical Engineering; March 1968; Athenaeum; Student for Peace and Freedom; Exceptional Child Club; Amateur Radio Club; Campus Crusade for Christ; Community Choir; Tai Chi Chuan; Aegean Staff. MOREAU, MARGARET T.: Pontiac, Michigan; B.A.; Psychology; December 1967; A lpha Delta Pi Sorority; Panhellenic. lVIORESI, ROBERT J. JR.: St. Louis, Missouri; B A. ; Divisional Major; August 1967; Intramural Sports; Geology Club. MORGAN, SUZANNE R.: Lakeland; B.A.; Social Science; June 1968; University Center Program Council; Standards Board; President of Dorm floor. MOULTON, VALERIE A.: North Miami Beach ; B.A.; Elementary Education; Decembe r 1967. MULLIN, GARY M.: Tampa; B.A.; Physical Education; June 1968; Physical Education Majors Club; Intramurals. MUSALO,RALPH: Tampa; B S.; Engineering; March 1968; Society of Professional Engineers. MYERS, MRS. BARBARA W.: Tampa; B.A.; Mathematics; June 1968. MYERS, MADELINE L.: Miami; B.A ; Elementary Education; June 1968 ; Dorm Hall, Vice President, President; Residence Assistant. NATILI, CAROL J.: Largo; B.A.; Social Sciences; March 1968. NEEL, WILLARD W.: Tampa; B A ; Physics; December 1967. NELSON, FREDERICK R.: Leesburg; B.A.; Personnel; August 1967 NEUMAN, E. JEAN: Madeira Beach; B A ; Elementary Education; June 1968 ; Student National Education A s sociation; Student Federal Assoc iation; R esident Assistant; Delta Gamma Sorority. 267

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NEWELL, WILLIAM D.: SyraeUJe, N ew York; M.A ; Guidance Counseling ; August 1967; Publisher Brahman Newspaper; Manager University Exchange Bookstore; University Community Chorus; Democratic Precinct Committeeman. NICE, JUDY E.: Temple Terrace; B.A. ; Math Education; June 1968; Kappa Delta Sorority; Panhellenic Council; University Center Fashion Committee ; Honora Convocation. NICHOLS, PATRICIA A.: Miami; B.A.; Elementary Education; June 1968 ; Kappa Delta So rority; University Center Committee; Best Dreaaed Girl Semi-FinaliaL NIELSEN, JOHN M.: Tampa; B.S.; Engineering; December 1967; Engineering College As eociatlon, Vice President; Florida Engineering Society; Student Association Representative; lntramurala. NOUSIAINEN, BETIY S.: SL Petersburg; B.A.; Zoology ; June 1968. NOVAK, BARBARA G : Eagle Lake; B.A ; Spec ial Education; June 1968. OBERTING, L EO E.: Tampa; M.A.; Liberal Arts/Math; December 1967. O'BRIEN, THOMAS : Larso; B.A.; Accounting; March 1968; Senior Accounting Club, PresIdent; Gold Key H ono r Society; Resident Auiatant; lntramurals. OGDEN, JEAN G.: SL Petersburg; B.A.; Account ing; December 1967; Senior Accounting Orcanizatlon, Corresponding Secretary. OLESON, MRS. SYLPHE U.: SL P etersburg; B .A.; Geology December 1967; Hall Academi c Chairman; Geology Club; Crew Summer Theater Fes tival, 1965. O'NEAL, MAUREEN E.: Tampa; B.A.; Elementary Education: March 1968; S tudent Florida Education Aseociation. ORDETX, D OUGLAS GLENN: Tampa; B.A.; Bacteriology; June 1968. Veteran's Club. ORDWAY, R. MARILEE : Seffner; B.A.; English 1 L i b r a ry June 1967. ORENDORF, RUTH H.: Tampa; B.A.; Education-Social Seience; March 1 96 8 ; W indjammers; Aegean Staff Assistant Exehange Student, University Mass a chusetts. ORTH, MYRLA S.: Tampa; B.A.; Sociology; Jun e 1968 ORTH,ROBE RT: B.A.; Psychology; March OSBORNE, ELEONORA D.: SL Petersburg; B.A.; Math; June 1968; Delta Zeta Sorority, Reco r d ing Secretary; Fashion Co mmittee 268 Catholic Student Organization; Hall Social Chairman; In tram urals; Archery. PAFFORD,LEONK.: Tampa; B.A.; Political Science; June 1968. PALATINUS, JOHN: Tampa; B.S.; Engineering; March 1968; Florida Engineering Society; Engineering College Association; Sigma Nu Fraternity. PARK, KWANG Y.: Seoul, Korea; B.A.; Sociology; December 1967. PARKE, MRS. JANET R.: Thonotosassa; B.A.; Special Education; June 1967; Special Events; World Affairs; Student Assistant. PARKINSON, ROBERT A L.: Ft. Lauderdale; B.A.; Elementary Education; March 1968; Baptist Student Union; Hall Government; Resident Assistant; Resident Counselor; Religious Council; Fine Arts Choral. PARKS, CATHERINE A.: Tampa; B.A.; English/Education; August 1967; Athenaeum; Gold Key Honor Society. P ARRADO, MRS. DAISY D.: Tampa; B.A.; Special Education; June 1967. P ATZ, RICHARD A.: St. Petersburg; B.S.; Chemistry; June 1968. PEARSON, CARL I.: Bloomfield, New Jersey; B.A.; Finance; March 1968. PEEL, JOHN W.: St. Petersburg; B.A.; Accounting; June 1968; Kappa Sigma Fraternity, President, Vice-President; Hall Standards Board. PELTON, ALVIN: G.: Tampa; B.A.; Economics; June 1968. PENNY, ROBERT EARL: Lexington, Kentucky; B.A.; Zoology; August 1967; Cooperative Education. PEREZ, GAIL L.: Tampa; B A.; Elementary Education; June 1968; Student Florida Education Association, Secretary President. PEREZ, LOIE E.: Jacksonville; B .S.; Psychology March 1968; Delta Sorority: Treasurer, Efficiency Chairman U!liversity Center Personnel rnittee; Honors Convocation Resident Assistant; Hall dent; Miss Aegean Contestant. PERRELLA, LEO W. JR.: Tampa; B.A.; Chemistry June Kappa Iota Omega Fratermty. PETRUSKA, ANDREW M. III: St. B .A.; English/Hurnamties; June 1968; Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity; Student Association, President Pro-Tempore Senator; Assistant Resident CoJnselor USF English Club VIce-President; Omicron Beta Delta Honorarian; Lambda Chi Alpha Scholarship Award Danforth Foundation Candidate. PETTIT, ROGER T.: Tampa; B.A.; Industrial Marketing; March 1968. PFEIFFER, WILLIAM: Merritt Island; B.A.; Latin America Area Studies; June 1968. PIA T, JUDITH G.: St. Petersburg; B.A.; Elementary Education; December 1967. PILHORN, RICHARD: Orlando; B.A.; Accounting; March 1968; Senior Accounting Organization. PLOTT, ELIZABETH A.: Tampa; B.A.; Elementary Education; Decemqer 1967; Baptist Student Union; Student Florida Education Association. POLLARD, SUE L.: Clearwater; B.A.; Elementary Education; June 1968; Dorm floor Academic Chairman; Hall President, Inter-Hall Resident Council; Gold Key Honor Society; Athenaeum Honor Society; Alpha Tau Omega Little Sister. PORTER, MRS. JOAN P.: Ft. Myers; B.A. ; Elementary Education; March 1968; Florida Education Association; National Education Association. PORTFOLIO, DONALD C.: Clearwater; M.S.; Chemistry; June 1968. PULLIAM, CARL R.: Tampa; B.A.; Psychology; March 1968; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity; Vice-President Senior Class Student Exceptional Child Council.' PULLIAM, ROSE ANN: Tampa; B.A ; Business Education; June 1968; Alpha Delta Pi Sorority; Charter Member of Inter-American Collegiate Exchange Program to the University of Massachusetts Tri Sis Sorority, President of Pledge Class. PURVIS, SHELLEY L.: Dover; B.A.; Economics; June 1967; Fides: President of Pledge Class, Nationalization Chairman Panhellenic Representative: ing Secretary; Student for Respons ible Government; Delta Delta Delta Sorority: Rush Chairman; UC Committee. PURZYCKI, ROBERT H.: Schenectady, New York; B.A.; Geography; June 1968; Geography Club; Catholic Student Organization. QUILLEN, MEREDITH: Clearwater; B.A.; English; June 1968. RABERT, FLORENCE B.: St. Petersburg; B.A.; Special Education; June 1968. RAGNIT'r, RICHARD C.: Winter Park; B.A.; Marketing; June 1968; Golf Team; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity. RALPH, EARL W.: B.S.; Mechanical Engineering; June 1968; Engineering College Association; Florida Engineering Society: Vice-President.

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RANDALL, E. JAMES: Sarasota; B.A.; Industrial Management; December 1967; Resident Assistant; Cooperative Education Program; Delta Tau Delta Fraternity: Rush Chairman. RAVENEL, ANN D.: Bartow; B.A.; Elementary Education/Library Science; March 1968; Kappa Delta Sorority. REA, EVELYN: Clearwater; B.A.; Sociology; March 1968. REECE, JOHNNIE L.: High Point, North Carolina; M.A.; Zoology; August 1967. REEVES, JERRY R.: Bowling Green; B.A.; History; March 1968; Delta Tau Delta Fraternity; Soccer. REITER, KAREN L.: Miami; B.A.; Spanish/French Education; December 1967; Hillel: Cor responding Secretary, Treasurer; Dorm Floor Officer; Standards Board; Fashion and Talent Committee; Orientation Leader. REMSA, JOYCE: St. Petersburg; B.A.; Elementary Education; December 1967. RENNER, MONA L.: St. Petersburg; B.A.; Social Sci ences; March 1968. REYNOLDS, CHERYL M.: St. Petersburg; B.A.; Elementary Educationr December 1967; Student National Education Association; Athenaeum. RHODEN, RICHARD W.: Vero Beach; B.A.; English/Speech; June 1968; Circle K Club; Publicity Committee; Student Association Legislature; Sigma Nu Fraternity: Best Pledge, Best Brother, Lieutenant Commander, Pledge Educator, Publicity Committee Chairman; Resident Assistant. RINDY, VIRGINIA A.: Everglades City; B.A.; Elementary Education; June 1968; Intramurals; Hall Standards Chairman. RINGELSPAUGH, KEITH A.: Pigua, Ohio; B.A.; Political Science; June 1968; Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity: Worthy Usher, Outstanding Pledge Award; John Leverington Scholarship A ward. RIO, DALE: Bradenton; B.A.; Business Education; June 1968; USF Young Re publicans: Treasurer, Executive Board Member; USF Veterans Club; Student National Education Association. RIOPEL, JOYCE A.: St. Augustine; B.A.; Elementary Education; June 1968; Hall Officer; Catholic Student Organization; Student Florida Education Association. ROBERTS, DEIDRE J.: Winter Haven; B.A.; Elementary Education; August 1967. ROBERTSON, GLENN W. JR.: St. Petersburg; B.A.; Economics/ Science; June 1968; Kappa S1gma Fraternity: President; IFC; Intramural; Student Government Spanish Club: Vice-President tramural Co-ordinator. ROBINSON, BERNARD: Plant City; B.A.; Pre-Medicine/Zoology; June 1968; Pre-Medicine Club; Upward Bound Project: Counselor; High School Equivalency Project: Counselor. RODEHEFFER, RONALD W.: Bradenton; B.A.; Music Education June 1968; University Concert Band; University Orchestra. RODRIGUEZ, DIANA: Tampa; B.A.; Math Education; August 1967. ROGERS, GEORGE C.: Clearwater; B.A.; Marketing; December 1967; Phi Gamma Delta. ROOT, BETTY A.: Orlando; B.A.; Special Education; June 1968; Student Association Resident Assistant. ROPER, JON R.: Pineville, Kentucky; B.S.; Electrical Engineering; June 1968; Florida Engineering Society. ROUNTREE, RALPH R. II: St. Petersburg; B.A.; Political Science; June 1967; Gold Key; Phi Delta Theta Fraternity; lntramurals; Greek Sing. ROVIARO, TERESA A.: Orlando; B.A.; Elementary Education; June 1968. ROWE, LESLIE: Green Cove Springs; B.A.; Elementary Education; June 1968; Tri Chi Sorority: Treasurer. RUA, DONALD U.: Tampa; B.A.; Accounting; June 1968; USF Judo Club. RUSO, RALPH J.: Tampa; B.A.; Political Science; June 1968; Basic Studies Representative; Student Association; Kappa Iota Omega: Co-rush Chairman; IFC; Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity: Vice-President; IFC Rush Chairman; Traffic Appeals Committee: Chairman; University Center Leadership Seminar. RUSSELL, HAROLD E.: Sarasota; B.S.; Engineering; June 1968; Engineering College Association. SABA, RONALD M.: Tampa; B.A.; Social Science; June 1967; Debate Team: Captain; Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity; Student for Responsible Government; Parliamentarian. SACINO, RONALD A.: St. Petersburg; B.A.; Distributive Education/Marketing; June 1968; Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Rush Chair-. man; IFC: Rush Committee. SADLER, PALMYRE C.: Orlando; B.A.; Elementary Education; June 1968. SANCHEZ, RAY A.: Tampa; B.A.; Zoology; June 1968. SANDERS, BARBARA J.: New Bern, North Carolina; B.A.; Social Science; June 1968; Orienta-tion Leader; UC Fashion Talent Committee; Leadership Training Committee; Recognition Card Committee; Senior Satire; Tri-SIS Sorority: Service Chairman, Second Vice-President; Alpha Delta Pi; Dorm: Secretary-Treasurer, Standards Representative, Vice-President President. SAVIDGE, MICHAEL W.: Los Angeles, California; B.A.; PreLaw; June 1968; Student Association ; Liberal Arts Representative; Commuter Affairs Chairman Sigma Fraternity: Recorder; Student Affairs Committee; Students for Responsible Government; Student Legislator; lntramurals. SAWYER, JANET C.: Largo; B.A.; Mathematics; June 1968; Hall Social Chairman; Miss Aegean Contestant; Christian Sci ence Organization; USF Speakers Bureau; Sarret Speech Contest; Panhellenic; Kappa Delta Sorority; SA Executive Board. SAXTON, JAMES L.: Holiday; B.A.; Industrial Management; March 1968; Co-op Student Advisory Council: Chairman; Co-op Panel; Sigma Epsilon Colony; Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity. SCALES, CLAUDE M. III: Tampa; B.A.; Political Science; June 1967; Student Association : Finance Committee, Student Affairs Committee, Assistant Attorney General, Senator, CB Representative; Gold Key; Forensic; Young Democrats; Political Union; Hall Association President; Inter-Hall Resident Council: Vice-President; University Chapel Fellowship; Who's Who. SCHMIDT, GEORGINA L.: Lake Wales; B.A.; Elementary Education; December 1967; Student Florida Education Association. SCHMITT, IRMA E.: Brandon; B.A.; Zoology /Chemistry; June 1967; SA Representative; Marine Biology Club; Undergraduate Research Participant. SCHNEIDER, GLENN R.: Plant City; B .S.; Engineering; June 1968; Engineering College Association; Program Chairman, Secretary-Treasurer; Florida Engineering Society: Program Chairman. SCHWARTZ, MARTIN L.: North Bay Village; B.A.; Chemistry; March 1968. SCHWARTZ, MARY C.: Clearwater; B.A.; Mathematics; August 1967; Gold Key; Pi Mu Epsilon. SEARLES, DAVIDS.: Ft. Lauderdale; B.A.; Finance; June 1968; Hall Governor; Residence Assistant; Student Association: Legislator, Committee Chairman, Secretary of Finance; Enotas; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Pledge Class President, Parliamentarian, VicePresident, President, Eminent Archon; Gold Key; Business Administration Club; IFC: Treasurer; Who's Who; Student Mfairs Committee; Finance Committee: Chairman. 269

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SEFCIK, RICHARD H.: St. Petersburg; B.A.; Psychology; JQDe 1967; Psi Chi. SERRA, JEANNE M.: Saruota; B.A.; Psychology; December 1967. SERRALLES, MERCEDES: Ponce, Puerto Rico; B.A.; French; March 1968. SHAFER, LINDA G.: Orlando; B.A.; Anthropology; De cember 1967; World Affairs Club; Geology Club; Anthropology Club; Hall President; Standards Board. SHEKEY, MINA A.: Lakeland; B.A.; English Education; Jane 1968; Christian Science Organization; Athenaeum. SHELLABARGER, JAMES E.: Immokalee; B.A.; Math; June 1968. SHELLMAN, BRENDA C.: Tampa; B.A.; Psychology; June 1967; UC Dance Committee; Gold Kq; Pal Chi. SHERMAN, PEGGY J.: Tampa; B.A.; Speech/English Education; June 1967. SHERRER, EARLINE T.: Lake Wales; B.A.; Special Education; June 1968; Exceptional Child Club; Student Council for Exceptional Children; Baptist Student Union; Student Florida Education Auociatlon. SHOFFNER, HARRY L.: Lata; B.A.; Zoology; June 1967. SHOLOMICKI, PAUL G.: Madeira Beach; B.A.; Speech; June 1968; WUSF Radio and TV Broadcastine: Announcer and Film Editor, Production. SIMMONS, ALVIN K.: Daytona Beach; B.A.; Industrial Mana,ement; June 1968. SIMMS, BARRY B.: Miami; B.A.; Speech/English; De cember 1967; Readers Theatre; Summer Repertory Theatre; WUSF Radio; USF Folk Sing. SIROIS, STEPHEN N.: Saruota; B.A.; Management; June 1968. SKINNER, DAVID C.: Tampa; B.A.; Industrial Management; June 1968. SMITH, ANN M.: St. Petersburg; B.A.; Elementary Education ; March 1968 ; Tri Chi Sorority; Resident Assistant; Upward Bound Resident Assistant. SMITH, CAROL J.: Orlando; B.A.; English Education; December 1967; Kappa Delta Sorority; Panhellenic President; Hall Vice-President; Standards Board; Homecoming 1967 : Co-Chairman. SMITH, EDWARD C.: Falla Church, Virginia; B.A.; Accounting; March 1968; Senior AcCOQDtlng Club. SMITH, FRANCES A.: St. Petersburg; B.A.; Sociology Jane 1968; Standards Board; Resi: dent Aaaiatant; lntramurals. 270 SMITH, JOLENE A.: Ft. Lauderdale; B.A. ; Elementary Education; March 1968; Gold Key; Athenaeum; National Education Association. SNYDER, DAVID W.: St. Petersburg; B.A.; Social Science December 1967; Florida College 'Republicans : State Chairman ; Young Republican Club: Chairman; Tau Kappa Epsilon: Historian; Geography-Anthropology Club. SNYDER, GEORGE C. JR.: Melbourne; B.A.; Industrial Management; March 1968; Alpha Tau Omega. SOKOL, DAVID F.: Pinellas Park; B.A.; Sociology; March 1968; Sociologican Society; Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity. SORENSEN, PHILLIP G.: West Palm Beach; B.A.; Elementary Education; December 1967; Student Florida Education Association; Delta Tau Delta Fraternity. SPINKS, DONNA E.: Miami; B.A.; Elementary Education; June 1968; Kappa Delta Sorority; Baptist Student Union: Council Member; Big Sister Program. SPOTO, ELIZABETH J.: Tampa; B.A.; Social Science Education; June 1968; Delta Gamma Sorority: 2nd Vice-President; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Little Sisters of Minerva; Hospitality Committee; Fall Frolics 1967; Students for Responsible Government; lntramurals. SPRAGUE, MARCIA L.: Orlando; B.A.; Education/Foreign Languages; June 1968; Dorm floor Secretary. STACK, MICHAEL E.: St. Petersburg; B.A.; Chemistry; June 1968; Intramurals; Co-operative Education Program; Sports Car Club; Students for Peace and Freedom. STAGGENBORG, LOIS: Miami; B.A.; Physical Education; June 1968; Basketweavers. STAHL, LLOYD E. JR.: Maitland; B.A.; Geology; December 1967; Sailing Club; Geology Club. STARNES, MARY M.: Zoology; June 1968; WindJammers: Treasurer; Marine Biology Club: Secretary-Treasurer. STARRATT, GORDON B.: Wachula; B.A.; Marketing; June 1968. STENGER, BARBARA J.: Bartow; B.A.; Special/Elementary Education; August 1967. STIVERS, JUNE C.: Tallahassee; B.A. ; Elementary Education; June 1968. STRENGLEIN, MRS. DENISE D.: Clearwater; B.A.; Math Education; J.une 1967; Gold Key; Pi Mu Epsllon. STRIBLING, MARK: Tampa; B.A.; Economics June 1968. STROUP, BARBARA M.: Sarasota; B.A.; Elementary Education; June 1968; Resident Assist. ant; Tri Ch i Sorority. SULLIVAN, JANE A.: Tampa; B.A.; Sociology; June 1968; Delta Zeta Sorority; Civinettes; Motley Crewe. SUMNER, SUSAN RUTH: Tampa; B.A.; Art Education; June 1968; Student Florida Education Association. SWANSON, SHERYL ANN: St. Petersburg; B.A.; Sociology; June 1968. SYMES, JON S.: Winter Haven; B.A.; Math; August 1967; Phi Delta Theta Fraternity. SZABO, PAULETTE P.: B.A.; Sociology; June 1968; Delta Delta Delta Sorority: Best Pledge; Panhellenic Representative; Student Government Senate; Commuter Affairs; International Affairs Chairman. TABBERT, SUZANNE K: Ft. Lauderdale; B.A.; Elementary Education; June 1968; Student Florida Education Association. TALBERT, CHARLES D.: Beckley, West Virginia; B .S.; Electrical Engineering; December 1967; Enotas Fraternity; Dorm President; Florida Engineering Society; Engineering College Association; Co-Operative Education. TALTY, PATRICIA B.: Tampa; B.A.; Elementary Education; December 1967; Delta Zeta Sorority. TAYLOR, MERRILY E.: St. Petersburg; B.A.; English Education; June 1967; Oracle Staff; Athenaeum. TAYLOR, ROBERT E.: Key West; B.A.; Economics; August 1967. TAYLOR, WAYNE D.: Tampa; B.A.; Chemistry /Mathematics; June 1968; Sigma Pi Sigma; Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity. TEDAMONSON, ALAN L.: Orlando; B.A.; Accounting; March 1968; Senior Accounting Club; Resident Assistant. THAYER, STUART A.: Tampa; B.A.; Political Science; June 1968; Oracle : Editor, News Editor, Staff Writer; Campus Edition: Staff Writer. THOLL, MICHAEL E.: Tampa; B.A.; Social Sciences; June 1968. THOMAS; DAVID R.: Perry; B .A.; Industrial Manage ment; March 1968. THOMAS, DONALD J.: Orlando; B.A.; Personnel Management; March 1968; Windjammers. THOMAS, MARGARET S.: Jacksonville; B .A.; Elementary Ed ucation; June 1968.

PAGE 272

THOMPSON, ALBERT W. JR.: Chester, Pennsylvania; B.A.; Industrial Management; June 1968 ; Young Republicans: Sergeant at Arms; Phi Theta Kappa; Veterans Club. THOMPSON, CHERYL A.: Clearwater; B.A.; Elementary Education; June 1968; Tri Chi Sorority; Student Vnion; University Rehg10us Councll. THOMPSON, GARY D : Anna Maria; B .A.; Psychology; June 1968; Young Republicans Club. THOMPSON, ROBERT M.: Tampa; B .A.; Philosophy; June 1968; Gold Key; Delo Forensic Society Sigma Tau Delta; Ulema Hono'r Society; Philosophy Club. THOMPSON, SAMUEL E.: Orlando; B.A.; Mathematics Education; June 1968; Campus Crusade for Christ. THRELKELD, CLIFFORD H. JR.: Bradenton; B.A.; Industrial Management; June 1967 ; Cratos Colony of Sigma Nu Fraternity; Intramurals. THURMAN, SAM D. JR.: Tampa; B.A. ; Psychology; June 1968 ; Psi Chi. TOUCHTON, MARY J.: Lakeland; B.A.; Distributive Education; December 1967; Kappa Delta Sorority. TOWNSEND, MARGIE: Belle Glade; B.A.; English/Speech; March 1968; Kappa Delta Sorority; Council of Fraternal Societies; Students for Responsible Government; Homecoming Committee; Dorm Hall Social Chairman. TRABAND, KAREN S.: Miami B.A.; Special Education; June i968 Dorm President; Student for Exceptional Children. TRAMER, KARL H.: Tampa; B.A.; Industrial Management; June 1968. TRIMMER, DIANE M.: Venice; B.A.; Elementary Education; June 1968. TULLY, HONEY J.: Tampa; B .A.; Special Education; June 1968. TURNER, COLIN: Newport; B.A. ; Economics; August 1967. TYLER, PHILLIP: Balm; B.A.; Industrial Management; June 1967; Bowling League; College Life. UNION, GERALD A.: Miami Beach; B.A.; Marketing; August 1967; Business Administration Club; Sailing Club; Jewish Student Union; Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity; Marketing Club; Weightlifting Club. UR, DONNA L.: Or,mond Beach; B.A.; Sociology; June 1968; Delta Delta Delta: Treasurer; Sigma Alpha Epsilon L ittle Sister of Minerva; Best Dressed Contest. USHERSON, SANDRA T.: Miami; B.A.; Marketing; June 1968; Delta Sigma Tau Sorority: Founder, Historian, Public Relations; Resident Assistant ; Floor President; Students for Responsible Government. UTLEY, JOHN F. III: Tampa; B.A.; Botany I Bacteriology; March 1968; Phi Sigma Pi; Tau Kappa Epsilon. VALDEZ, DELIO JR.: Tampa; B.A.; Industrial Management; June 1968. VANHOOK, WILLIAM R.: Inverness; B.A.; Marketing; March 1968. VARAS, ANGELA P.: Tampa; B.A.; Sociology; March 196!S. VAUGHN, FRANK H.: Winter Haven; B A.; Geology; June 1968; Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity. VEDNER, HOWARD A.: St. Petersburg; B.S.; Engineering; March 1968; Engineering College Association; Florida Engineering Society; Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity. VIGO, CYNTHIA M.: Tampa; B.A.; Elementary Education June 1968; Delta Zeta Sorority: 'charter Member, 1st Vice-President; UC Committee: Special Events. VITELLO, SUSAN: Tampa; B .A.; Zoology; December 1967. VOGLER, DAVID L.: Wheeling, West Virginia; B.A.; Geology; June_ 1968; Geol?gy Club; UC Special Events Committee. WAGNER, JOHN C. II: Casselberry; B.A.; Personnel Management; August 1967 ; Music Committee. WALLACE, FRANCIS T.: St. Petersburg; M.A.; Distributive Education; August 1967. WARD, JOHN W. JR.: Tampa; M.A.; Guidance; June 1968 Student Legislature; Enotas President; Intramural Council: President; Student Florida Education Association; Intramural all star. WARD, SUSAN W.: Clearwater; B.A.; Elementary Education March 1968; Student Florida Education Association. WEAVER, JAMES L.: Tampa; B.A.; Psychology; June 1967 A rete Fraternity; Student Representative. WESTBROOK, BONNIE R.: Winter Haven; B.A.; Elementary Education; December 19?7 ;, Student Florida Education Association; S?ident Government Representative from College of Education; Hall Officer. WESTFALL, JOHN N. JR.: Miami; B.A.; 19 68; Business Adn'll ms tx:a tJon Club; Kappa Sigma Fratermty. WHITE, HOLLICE JR.: Tampa; B .A.; Music Education; June 1968; Concert Band; Fine Arts Chorale; Madrigal Group; University Community Chorus; Sound Technician for Theatre and Music Departments; Baptist Student Union; Barbenders Club; Mu sic Educators National Conference. WHITFIELD, DONALD J.: Bradenton; B.A.; Elementary Education; June 1968. WHITMARSH, ROBERT P : St. Petersburg; M.A.; Education; August 1967. WIELAND, KARL H.: Tampa; B.S.E.; Electrical Engineering; June 1968; Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity; Gold Key; Pi Mu Epsilon; Tau Beta Phi; Engineering College Association. WIGHTMAN, CYNTHIA J : Venice; B.A.; Social Science Education; June 1968 WILDE, MRS. JOHANNA C.: Temple Terrace; B.A.; Elementary Education; March 1968; Student Florida Education Association. WILLIAMS, CLAUDE W : Ruskin; B .A.; Math; December 1967. WILLIAMS, SHARON A.: Tampa; B.A.; Elementary Education; August 1967. WILSON JOHN R.: Binghamton, New York; B.A.; Industrial Management; December 1967. WILSON, JULIA C.: St Augustine; B A.; English; June 19G8; Hall Standards Board: Chairman. WILSON, STEPHEN W. JR.: Tampa; M.A ; Industrial Management June 1968; UC Recreation Co-Chairman; Resident Assistant. WIMMERT, JOANNE: Tampa; B.A.; Biology; June 1968 ; UC Recreation Committee; Delta Zeta Sorority. WINTTER, LINDA C : Ft. Pierce; B .A.; Special tion March 1968; Student Association; Student Florida Education Association. WISE, LAWRENCE G.: St. Petersburg; B.A.;. Marketmg; June 1967; Lambda Ch1 Alpha Fraternity: Treasurer; IFC; Stude.nts for Responsible Government: VlcePresident; Business Club WOLFE, MRS. ESTHER C.: Sebring; B.A ; Elementary Education; June 1968 WOOD, ANN B : Birmingham, Alabama; B.A.; H istory; June 1968; Windjammers: Secretary. WOOD, WALTER D.: Homestead; B.A.; Geology; August 1967 Aviation Club : Vice -Presi d ent; Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity; Geology Club 271

PAGE 273

WOODSTUFF, EDWARD A.: St. Petenbarg; B.A.; Chemistry; Jue 1967; Vanity Cross Country. WOODY, MRS. MARY E.: Tampa; B.A.; Special/Elementary Edaeation; June 1968. WRAY, JAMES III: Tampa; B.A.; BusineiiB Administration; June 1967. YATES VIRGINIA L. : Stratford, New Jersey; B A.; Businesa Education; June 1968; UC Hospitality Committee; UC Activities Comm ittee; Hall Social Chairman, Athletic Chairman; USF Theatre Group. YOUNG, JILL A.: Tampa; B.A.; Chemistry; June 1968; Ball Social Chairman; Fides: Parliamentarian, N a iza tion Chairman Outstanding Freshman Woman' Panhellenic Representative in "Own Town"; Honors 'convocation; Orientation Leader Hall Floor Academic Chairman; Association: Secretary, Election Rules Committee; Fencing Club Homecoming 1966: Publicity Women's Orientation Planning Committee; Chemistry Research Assistant; Gold Key; Athenaeum: Service Chairman; Who's Who Resident Assistant; Miss Panhellenic Secretary; Geology Club. ZEH, CAROLE L.: Tampa; B.A.; Mathematics; June 1968; Kappa Delta Sorority; Sailing Club; Special Events Committee: Secretary. Index A Anclenon, Dr. Christian 114, 116 BASKETWEA VERS Andenon, Frank 142 Bassie, Bonnie A nclenon, Ken 132 Batelaan, D. ZOCCANO, TRUDI M.: St. Petersburg; B.A.; English Education; June 1967; English Club; Oracle Staff; Student National Education Association. ZOOK, ANN L.: Miami; B.A.; English; August 1967; Resident Assistant; Resident Counselor; Resident Assistant Association. ZULON, MIGUEL A.: Habana, Cuba; B.A.; Accounting; March 1968; Service Accounting Organization; Gold Key. *Denotes honor graduates. Above is a list of candidates for graduation but should not be considered an official list of graduates. 168 Blair, Leslie 144 110, 111, 146 Blank, Stan 186, 162, 166 162, 166 Blanner, Mike 132 Aa-.. ltaU. 118 Anclenon, Linda 144 Batlhazar, Father Norman 160 Bledsoe, .James 221 Aa-..W-liZ. 118 Andenon, Ronald 219 Battle, .Jean 74 Bledsoe, Steve 130 AWioe. Benard 111 Anclenon, Steve 138 Batura, Tom 142 Bletzer, Keith 168 Marti 188 Anclenon, Tracy 118 Bauer, Dave 138 Blevins, AI 136, 207 AWl. Aalta 1'14, 118 Anthony, Cheryl 116 Bayliss, .Jill 122 Blevins, .John 221 Aeller. Jaell 118 Anton, Glenda 144 Bayliss, .Joy 122 Bliven, Kathy 178 A*-Frau 161 Anton, Wm. 219 Bazata, Bod 138 Bloom, Steven 177 Carlae 118 Appr, PetrifY 47, 48, 110, 147 Beagles, Donna 116, 117, 219 Blumfeld, Cindy 126 o- 101 Arkin, Beth 146 Beagles, .Janet 219 Boatwright, Judy 112 ... 161 Armatrong, Dan 121 Bean, Jim 136 Boatwright, Kerry 162, 177 ...... 101 Armatrong, Linda 118 Beaubien, Roger 180, 219 Bodden, .To Ann 126 11&17 118 Arrington, Leon 168 Beery, Anne 126 Bodfish, .John 138 A.._ a-111 Artal, Silvia 219 Beinkampen, Bryan 160 Bodimer, Robert 221 ....... lH, 117 Aahford. Theodore 86 Belford, .J aek 194, 196, 196 Bodine, Elizabeth 176 101 Athc., .Jim 194 Bell, Herbert 128, 219, 108 Bodler, Edward M. 104 ... u. Jla 188 Atkinson, Pete 138 Bell, .Janis 166, 220 Bodley, Ken 130, 221 AIIIOLUf STAFF llil Attkluon, Robert 219 Bell, .Johnny 126 Boehme, Neil 161, 163 DotwD 111 Aurelio, .Jeanie 168 Bell, Larry 207 Boeren, .John 221 Alleua. ._ 118 Azford. .Jon 219 Bell, Sue 206 Boeren, .Marrene 221 108, 140 Ayera, .Jamee 219 Beller, Teri 144 Boles, T. 162 Aa-t, 141, 114 Ayeeue, Laverne 112 Bolt, :M:n. .John 118 Belsito, Missy 112 117 An.tuoa.llar7Au 18, 111, 118 Belsito, Roseanne 220 Bondley, Diane 160 A......_a.tQ 111 B Belstrom, Pete 134 Boney, .J. 162, 166 .AW.fer, .. 111 Benard, .Jim 188 Bonman, Barbara 119 Alaa.._, Bill 181 Benham, Mike 132 Bonnet, Nancy 116 A'".-. I-1, 118 Baekua, Linda 219 Bennett, Elizabeth 163 Borkman, Karl 221 Au..Bollble 18, 111 Bacon, .Jo y 219 Bennett, Marilyn 118 Boros, Andy 136 Au.. Brlua 108, 188 Bagby, Krista 219 Benson, Roger 220 Borrell, Tommy 114 Au.. lH, 117, 118 Bagby, Mike 132 Benton, Elaine 122 Botts, Alice 118 Au...,__ 147 Bageard, .Jean 186, 219 Benware, Alan 220 Bower, Don 139, 162, 166 Au.. IEdmaDd K. 108 Baggerly, Carol 219 Benz, Pat 184 Bowen, Pat 116 Au.. IDalae lit Baird, Bill 168 Bercov, Steven 128 Bowen, Riebard 102 Au.. ..... Job 8. 17 BakehoUIM!, Mary 168 Bergdoll, David 142 Bowler, Dave 114 Au.. ...... Job 8. H, 17 Baker, Brenda 112 Bergen, :Mira 112, 161, 220 Bowman, Ann 116 Au......_ 161 Baker, Harold 219 Berger, Steve 134 Bowman, Barbara 110 Au..S.. 111 Baker, .Judith 219 Bergman, Ann 161 Bowman, Frances 122 118 Baker, Linda 112 Bergman, Anne 164 Boyce, Kathy 118 .am-. Paul 111 Baldwin, Anne 112 Berkey, Eugene 128 Boyd, .To 221 l'ralllt ,.,., 118 Barat, Sheldon 128 Berner, Coach Wes 202 Boyd, William 161 ALPHA DIU.TA PI 111 Bareena, Kathleen 219 Bernstein, Peter 220 Boyer, Harlow 126 ALPIIA PRI OIOCGA 1158 Barett, Mike 134 Berryhill, Lee Ann 1U Boyer, Nield 112, 221 ALPIIA TAU OIOGA 114 Barfield, Sharon 28, 112, 113 Bertolette, Vivian 220 Boyle, John 136 ............. 180 Barnes, Alan 168 Betheneourt, .Jose 220 Bradley, .James 128 ....... CIDdl 147 Barnes, Margie 179 Betts, Scott 148 Bradley, 3oy 221 Ahu., ,_ lU Barnett, Scott 149, 173 Bieker, Stanley 220 Bradley, Robert 93 Ahu., KNtla 1118 Barret, Tim 207 Bilbrey, .Junior 121, 214, 220 Branz, .Judith 221 118 Barrett, Lynne 28 Bire, Greg 208 Brassart, Edward 221 118 Barrett, V anee 132 Bishop, .J. 162, 166 Bratton, Boog 114 .u...r. J Ill Bartee, Bob 212 Bishop, Linda 221, 160 Brauner, .Judy 144 AlMeR .1. 161 Bartkus, Christopher 219 Black, Richard 132 Brazel, Terry 204, 206 .Aialell. .. lit Bartlett, D ana 168 Black, Robert 96, 221 Bremer, Kathy 144 A-. Doule 118, 111, 140 Buehom, Pam 126 Blackburn, Mary 207 141, 177 Baalata, Mike 266 Brewer, Glenn 163 Blackwell, Toni 168 Brewer, Ruth 221 272

PAGE 274

Brice, Betty Brice, Frank Brideee, Virginia Brigp, Dr. Brigp, John Brightwell, Richard Brill, Shirley Brimm, Willard Brink, Louise Brock. Cheryl Brode!, Renee Brodnax, Kenneth Bronateln, Joel Brooks, Cecil Brooks, Kenneth Brooe, Brenda Brown, Brown, Ben Brown, Gineer Brown, Kathy Brown, Kenneth Brown, Mare Brown, Mary Brown, Pat Brown, Troy Brnee, Bob Brumfield, Jacqueline Bruaea, Donald Bryan, Patty Bryant, Anna Bryant, B. Bryant, Robert Jr. Buckahom, Dorothy Buettner, Walt Buick, Carl Buntine, Veda Jo Burdette, :Mary Bursrer, Sharon Burgees, Gary Burns, Patricia Burrees, Becky Bush, Erie Bush, Maris Bushnell, John L. Butler, Mark Butler, Mary Buunna, Kathi BUD(!IIa, Paul c Cafaro, Nancy Caldas, Henry Caldwell, Edward Caldwell, Frank Caldwell, L. Call, Rose Marie Callahan, William Cameron, Susan Cameron, William Camp, Myrna Campbell, Joanne Campbell, Terri Canady, Betty Capin, Juan Caputo, Joan Carlton, Bert Carmichael, Linda Carreno, Jerry Carrer, Leeter Carrol, Debbie Carrol, Katberine Carroll, Brian Carroll, Wayne Carrow, Trudy Carson, Mary Carter, Bob Carter, Terry Cartmill, Nell Carveth, Constance Cue, Dale Cue,Jamee Case, Joan Casey, Karen Cuteilvi, Antonio 112 221 76 177 87 96 118 208 221 122 146 126, 128 188 90 221 221 221 131, 222 126 122 222 186, 222 222 112 U.l 142 222 108 126 147 162 222 222 214 222 122 122, 222 222 222 222 112 168 222 96 163 126, 222 118 208 144 194, 222 69 222 69 llO, 122, 222 222 1U, 222 88 125 222 116 223 132 223 108, 132 1U 208 138 112 223 126 223 125 168 128 223 228 223 126 228 179, 228 122, 123, 228 228 Castillo, Ken Castrieone, Dave CATHOLIC STUDENT ORGANIZATION Catlin, Rick Caton, Douelu Caudle, Olivia Cave, Tom Cawley, Michael Ceaver, Dr. Frank Ceeil, Van Cepero, Paul Chambers, Jack A. Chambers, Jerry Chancey, Cheri Chancey, E. Chandler, Pegu Chapman, :Marearet Charles, Marie Chuey, John Chatham, David Chauncey, Depew Chauncey, E. Chauncey, Sandra Cheatham, Jerry Cheatwood, Roy Cheroff, Jime Cherry, Marcelle Cheeire, Lee Childers, Curtis Childers, Penny CHI OMEGA Chobody, Eileen Christensen, Jacqueline Christianson, Scott CIRCLE K Clark, Dona Clark, Georsre Clark, Herb Clark, Pete ClauBSen, Robert Claver, Pa Clement, David Clement, Gordon Clement, :Martha Cleveland, Liz Cline, Robert CIOBSey, Donald Cloveneer, Dale Coates, Tom Coe, Coe, Coffeen, William Coffey, Pat Cohen, Gary Cohen, Jeff Cohen, Mike Cohen, Phil Colburn, Angel Colby, Donald Cole, Larry Cole, Sharon Collep, Joe Collins, Calvin Collura, Pat Colter, Edward Compton, Robert Condon, Robert Coney, Stephen Conilflio, Jeanette Conner, Mary Conrad, Cindy Cook, Debbie Cook, Linda 182, 228 200 160 184 223 223 142 223 174 142 142 97 114 118, 119 165 147 93 224 224 142 266 162 224 128, 168 138, 212 146 112 177 148 184 147 168 224 142 169 144 224 121, 224 126 224 179 142 138 126 161, 174, 224 72 160 126 188 224 128 142 180 174 121, 224 164, 194 149 225 98 142 144 134 177 117 226 225 225 225 225 225 110, 122 118 125 225 147 147 80 206 256 176 225 188 Cooney, Kathleen Cooney, Pam Cooney, Sandy Cooper, Russell M. Cooper, Shirley Cooper, William Copeland, Caryne Copeland, Sandra Corbitt, Weldon Corees, R 162, 166, 211, 225 125 Coreee, Sylvia Corillon, Pierre 196 Coria, Lynne Cornwell, Susan Coryell, Corrine Cosmer, Bill Cota, R. Couret, N ilo Courser, William Covington, Harrison Cowan, Robert Cox, Carla 112 126 226 177 162 226 225 81 266 112 114 226 Craft, Cramer, Trevor Crane, Glenda Crank, Don 225 132, 200, 201 108, 109, 188, 139 179 Cranor, Larry Craven, Sharon Creamer, Dennis CreBSler William Cromwelf, Polly Cr068erove, A. Crowley, Sharon Crum, Gayle Culbertson, William Culbreath, Linda Cumbie, Fred Cumminp, John Curry, Sue Curtain, Mike Curtiss, Tom Cusmano, Joe Cusmano, Mary Ann D Dabney, Linda Laurel Dame, Roderick William P Daniels, Georsre Daniels, Grace Daniels, Joan Daniels, Larry Danley, Howard Darley, Debbie Daslo, Frank Davey, Judy Davey, Kenneth Davey, Sally Jo Davies, Ken Davis, Carol Davia, Janet Davis, Jerry Davis, Phil Davis, Rebecca Day, Dee' 225 226 169 162 206 116 225 225 128 114 226 202 169 138 128 226 226 226 75 162, 165 148 116 116 114 226 118 142 125 73 125 200 168 226 126 114, 226 226 226 Dean, Harris 94 Dean, W. 162 DeBlois, Virsrinia 226 DeBoer, James 177, 226 Deer, Irving 82 DeGuerey, Lindsay 138, 194, 196, 216 Dein, Robert 226 De La Cruz, Nuri 122 DeLara, Yvonne DELTA DELTA DELTA DELTA GAMMA DELTA SIGMA TAU DELTA TAU DELTA DELTA ZETA DeLuca, Catherine DeMayo, Sophia Dem .mo, Donna Demmo, Tom Denmark, Candy Dennen, Harry Denton, John Derenthal, Phil Dester, Ellen DeTueeio, Richard DeVille, Emmet Dew, Lawrence Dewitt, Doug Diaz, Jim Diaz, Jose 110 116 118 146 120 122 226 226 122, 226 121, 226 125 184 134 121 162, 227 176, 227 227 128, 227 148 227 208 22'1' Diaz, Linda Dick, Victoria Dickerson, Jeffrey Dickinson, Ru88 Dickinson, Susan Dierkes, Donald Jr. Elda Dimond, Wayne Diner, Manny Dinele, Dennis Dinkel, Kim Dobbs, Gary Dobson, Tom Doerr, D. Doetsch, Kathy Doble, Raymond Domansk, Mike Donahoe, Patricia Donahue, Jeffrey Donaldson, Brenda Donaldson, Dr. M. Donaldson, Merle Dorney, Dan Henry Dowell, William Dranow, Jeff Dressler, Gene Drew, Pam Drizd, Doug Drucker, Robert DuBois, Leadore Dudley, Charles Dudley, William Dudney, Janice Dueker, Cynthia Duerr, Dan Duffin, Gerard Dueeer, John Duke, Jan Dunn, Brenda Dunn, Paul DuPont, Janet Durham, Charles Durham, Michael Dyer, Paul Dykeman, Bill Dykee, Kenneth Dymmek, Pam E Earnest, Bob East, Debbie Eastman, Joy Eby, Pam Echeverria, Manuel Echeverria, Patricia ECONOMICS CLUB Eeonomidis, GeorKe Eddy, Edenfield, Bob Edmundson, Judi Edward, Kenny Egolf, Robert Ehlers, Elizabeth Eichholz, Gerhard Eieholz, Jerome Ekard, Eueenia Elkins, Joseph Elliot, Edward Ellis, Dr. R. W. Ellis, Steve Elliston, Larry Elzea, Randall Emennan, Felice Engel, Clarence 112 227 227 108, 114, 116 144 227 227 112 134 108, 140 160, 142 188 227 108, 130 162, 166, 227 122, 227 138 168 110, 122, 227 182, 161 227" 166 79 168 130 142 149 114, 116 61, 126, 227 121 121, 194, 196, 212, 227 76 227 132, 142, 227 119 22R 114 228 136 110, 112 228 228 144 228 161 228 108 202 228 28 121 147 164 126 121, 228 228 1st 228 128, 228 182 169 126 103 228 104 132, 228 122, 228 228 128 177 142 114 128 Engert, Mr. ENGINEERING COLLEGE 228, 161 228 168 ASSOCIATION Engler, William Enright, Joe EPISCOPAL CENTER Eppenbereer, Robert Epperson, Joel 162 108, 180 186 163 228 126 273

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sm-. ClaN ..._.u.-s. rnwh llaa7 Pat Jraltleee. Warcl .....,,, 28 101 168 taO 105 138 s..riU. BJballeth 148 UC&PTJONAL CHILD CLUB 161 F ,._ Bhetla FalJia, Bob William r.uc-. Pet Fellow. Pet raa., T-:r 148 168 128 117 118 114 Fu'-Jolul 114 ,..,_.., J-177 ....... 8hai7D 148 Fauta. C
PAGE 276

Hucker, Cheryl HudJrins, Gail Huff, Bettie Ann Huff, Ron Huffman, Judy Rupley, Susan Hulb:en, Karen Humphrey, Donald Humphreys, Mildred Humphries, Mark Hunter, Dave Hunter, William Burkett, D. Hurley, Joseph Hutchinson, Daria I 163 236 28, 235 208 144, 126 118 112, 236 236 236 114 177, 168 69 162 160 122, 236 Iannuzzo, Jim 180 Ingle, Louie 142 INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL 109 INTERRESIDENCE HALL COUNCIL 168 INTRAMURALS 166 Iozzia, Salvadore 236 Irmiter Mlehele 286 Irvine, Chuck 132 label, Sheila 110, 147 J Jaek.oon, Barbara Jaekson, Dick Jaoobe, Janiee Jacobe, Tom Jacobson, Jeff Jacobus, Wayne Jager, Riel< James, Dick James, Judy Janelll, Gil J effeote, Rick Jenkins, Ernest Jenkins, Fred Jenkins, Neil Jenkins, Raymond Jensen, Sari J errems, Scott J easen, Carolyn Johns, Diane Johnson, Andrew Johnson, B. Johnson, C. Johnson, Gloria Johnson, Gordon Johnson, James Johnson, Jerry Johnson, Jill Johnson, Nancy Johnson, Dr. Roger Johnson, VIrginia Johnston, Michael Johnston, Sandra Johnston, Tom Johnston, Wayne Johnstone, Terry JoUnski, John Jonas, Michael Jones, Bob Jones, Bobo Jones, Christine Jones, Pam Jones, Peggy Jones, Tom Jordan, Larry Judah, Joyce Judy, Mary Jureski, Junnie Jurgensen, Louis C. Jurmaek, Bonnie 144 121, 211 286 121 142 194, 196 130 134, 236 112 114 188, 212 236 178 200, 201, 236 236 164 121 147 236 236 162, 166 162, 166 112 81 128, 236 128 116 236 114, 116 236 236 236 132 236 116 208 236 126, 236 108 126 116 112 161, 174 237 126 126 147, 237 73 237 Kaehlein, Ann Kahn, Joel Kalaer, Cathy Kalhas, Bill Kale, Bob K Kalish, Bonnie Kalish, Joe Kamin, Maxine Kane, Jerry Kaner, Phil Kania, Leonard KAPPA DELTA KAPPA SIGMA Kasoff, Carol Katz, Bill Kaufman, Sharon Kay, Sandra Kazan, Rabbi Stanley Keating, John Keck, William Keegan, Bill Keene, Dave Keene, Wayne Keeneth, Linda Ken, James Ke11am, Diane Ke11cher, Kevin Ke1ley, Ann Ke1ley, Bill 112 237 160 108, 136 123 146 121 171 136, 237 114, 237 121, 162, 166 124 126 146 140 146, 164 147 164 108, 142 237 138, 237 204 99 144 237 287 130 89 204 Ke1ley, Lynette 47, Ke1logg, John Ke1ly, Pat 49, 116, 117, 238 288 Ke1ly, Robert Kelmar, Bryan Kennedy, Marsha11 Jr. Kenning, Pete Kepahire, Bernard Jr. Kibler, Robert Kiefer, H. Christian Kiesling, Douglas Kilbey, Susan Albert King, Charlie King, Diane King, Raymond King, Richard III KiDII', Samuel Kinpbery, Harry Kingsley, Susan Kirby, Carolyn Kirshstein, Karen Kirsner, Steve Kislinll', Vern on Kitchen, Ken Kitman, Mark 130 288 142, 238 238 132, 204 238 160, 238 71 288 1U 238 121 144 77, 102 238 238 121, 178 238 125, 288 146 140 168, 177. 288 140 140 Klar, Gayle Klein, Janet Klein, Linda Kleinfeld, Ellie Kline, Jim 144 166, 167, 168, 238 152, 156 152, 174 182 Knaus, Tom Knelal, Joseph Knight, Eddie Sherry Kobrin, Dave Koenig, Linda Koepcke, Judi Kolber, Cliff Kolsky, Lance Kopp, Edward Kota, Louis Koutras, Chria Kowal, Craig Kramer, Dodie 138, 178, 238 238 136 125 142 110, 112 162, 163, 178, 238 140 134 78, 162 267 206 142 169 Krasner, Abbye 110, 111, 118, 119 114 186 Krechowski, Bill Kress, Bill Krivanek, Jerome Jim Judith Kuhar, Riehard Kulas, Diane Kumnick, Bruce 86 158 238 158 120 238 Kurek, Diane Kutzer, Penni Kutzer, Stephanie L Lahot, Mario Lackman, Mike Laiter, Jo Lake, Duane 122 118 239 148 134 169 Lalmond, David LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Lambert, Ede 101, 186 289 128 110 114 239 168 164 134 Lamonda, Sonny Lamoureux, Carol Lamson, Nancy Landers, Michelle Lane, Rich Lanier, Jim Lanius, James Lantz, Virginia LaPorte, Clarice LaPorte, Gary LaPorte, Karen Laseau, Peter Lasensky, Elizabeth Laumer, Val Lawrence, Dr. J Lawrence, Linda Lawrence, Richard Lawrence, Stuart Lawton, Alfred H. Lazzara, Juanita Ledford, Sue Lee, Robert Lee, Wayne Lee, Woody Leemon, Carolyn Lefeure, Harold LeFevre, Susan LeGrande, Louis Lehman, Rick Leiss, Larry Leonard, Ed Leonhart, Germaine LePointe, Don Leslie, Lauren Lester, William Levin, Chuck Levin, E1aine Levine, Janet Levines, Jeff Levy, Dr. Irwin Levy, James Lewis, Kenneth Lewis, Pat Ley, Linda Libby, Andy Licht, Cindy Lichtenfels, Dave Genna Lillie, J. 120, 121 148 239 144 267 239 174 164 169 177 122 289 128, 239 96 239 126, 163, 239 128 121 142 121, 239 161 239 168 134, 202, 203 168 180 267 208 112 289 140 146 239 114 161 239 239 147 112 168 144 130 147 162 108, 138 147 177 126, 240 240 240 177 128 240 Lincoln, Dick Lind, Barbara Lindaren, Dr. T. Lindsay, Joan Lindsay, Rodney Lindvall, Ann Linton, Dr. Littlewood, Ted Lively, Laban Long, Lynda Robert Longmire, Risley Lopez, Charles Lorge, Mike Loritz, Sharon Lorton, Joan Losey, Linda Lounsberry, Teri Lounsbury, Sandy 46, 47, 48, 110, 144 86 Love, Wayne Lozuke, Barry Lucas, AI Lucas, James E. 200, 201 161 204, 206 240 240 121 144 126 136, 240 240 138 91 Lund, John Luper, John Luttre11, Jim Lynch, Elizabeth Lynch, Tibbie Maas, Bob MacFerran, E. MacGill, Carol M Macki, Mike Maeon. John Madil1, Eugene Roger Maggio, Cynthia Mahagan, Mike Malcolm, Gail Malmberg, Steve Malphurs, Bryon Manarino, Priscilla Manetta, Kathy Maniglia, Marjorie Mank, Carolyn Manker, Charles Manley, Thomas Mann, Jack Mann, Myra 180 114 136 240 116 136 162, 165 28, 119, 250, 162, 164 208 240 241 241 241 114, 241 112 114 241 241 241 241 125 76 241 148 168 Mansour, Norma 114 Marder, Alan 140, 241 MARINE BIOLOGY CLUB 177 Marks, David Marks, Don Marretts, Myra Marrich, Leslie Marro, Frank Marshall, Mrs. Phy1lis Marshburn, Riek Martin, Dave Martin, Edwin P. Martin, R. Martin, William Mas, Cookie Masado, R. Mashino, Rico Mason, Ron Massari, Angela Massari, Jayne MBSSarsky, Barrie Mathew, Bill Mathewson, Kenneth Mattson, Cathy Mayberry, Calvin Mayo, April Mazanek, Richard McAlear, Carol McAllister, Dulcie McAuley, George McCann, Don MeCartby, Jack McCarthy, Susan McCatty, David McCauley, Dixie McClain, John McCleary, John McClellan, Mrs. D. McCiellarn, Norma McClure, Susan McCoy, Carol MeCullough, John McCullough, Sean McDermott, Susan McFarland, Janet McGary, Larry McGinnis, Jack McGraph, Pam McHaffie, Donald McKallip, Jeff McKanty, Bob McKay, John MeKenty, Bob McLaughlin, Laura McLaughlin, Mary McLellan, John 140 130 116, 241 152, 158, 241 241 66, 102 138 188 207 68 162, 166 128, 241 125 165 204 121, 241 112 116 152, 158 138 241 168 86 112 241 60 118, 241 168 142, 204 149 125 114 126 142 194 165 241 122, 123 126, 178 108 142 241 147 134, 208 180 168 242 142 134 114 202 242 144 24 2 275

PAGE 277

aw-4. llalpb 1U Najle, Barbara 118 Peareon, Carl 245 Ragan, Wendell 86 Me'-Wr, Melria 267 Natlli, Carol 160, 243 Peanon, Vance 136 Ragnitt, R. 117, 184,202, Mel.-.1. J-242 Naughton, Chinky 116 Pedonti, Terry 126 203, 211, 246 MeMJI .... 128, 242 Navari, Eleonora 160, 169 Peel, John 108, 126, 245 Rapda!e, Jim 114 MeMul""'-0." 11' Nee!, Willard 243 Peeler, Scott 169 Raile, John W 105 llc)I-J-168 Neese, Jack 134 Peiffer, Linda 147 Ralph, Earl 246 llcM....tatoe. MIU 204 Neilsoen, John 257 Pelton, Alvin 245 Ralph, E. W. 165 llcM_,ll', 111&1'7 LIDda 116 Nelson, Eieoa 110 116 206 Pendiono, R. 162, 165 Ralph, W 162, 165 112 Nelson, Frederick 243 Penni na;ton, John 108, 121 Ramoe, F 165 llcQaala. Doaaa 242 Nelson, Tom 142 Penny, Robert 245 Ramoe, Max 152 155 McQa.e, MieUel 242 Neuman, Jean 118, 243 Perdomo, Marcy 112 Randall, James 121, 246 ......... llaekiMll' 126 Neweomer, Jack 167 Perez, Gaie 174 Raska, Roee 144 -....Lonsa 114 Newell, William 257 Perez, Gail 245 Ravenel, Ann 246 ...... n Jolla 188 Nice, Judy 110; 125, 243 Perez, Irene 122 Ravenel, Thomas 128 .._VIcki 126 Nichols, Karen 116 Perez, Loie 126, 245 Ray, Dottie 112 .._......,Jolla C. 98 Nichols, Nicki 125 Perez, Rick 163 Ray, James D. 71 ........ 122 Nichols, Pat 124, 125, 243 Perkins, A. 162, 165 Rea, Evelyn 246 ..__,Pat 1, 242 Nielson, Eric 156 Perkins, Dan 207 Reapn, Bob 114 121 Niewinaki, Bill 167 Perkins, Louis 156 Reeves, Jerry 121, 246 lhdlfta,BIIn 188 Niue!, Sherry 146 Perny, Luci 117 Reina, Alex 178, 184 Mleeni. T .. 188 Noble, Father 163 Perrella, Leo 2(5 Reiter, Karen 246 Mlc....._, 81Mtla 122 Noble, Georgia 118 Perry, Judi 28, 61, 119 Reyes, Ken 130 Mlpei,Geotww 208 Noeera, Linda 122 Perry, Michelle 116 Reynolds, BIJI 168 Mlbll. Alln 180 Nordyke, Peg 112 Peterson, Carl 148 Reynolds, Cheryl MUier, Bob 184 Noto, Dennis 114 246 Peto, Susan U7 Reynolds, Christine Miller, Dort. 122, 2(2 Nouaiainen, Betty 243 144 Petricek, Donna 147 Rhoden, Dick 138, 246 Miller, Fftftll 112 Novak, Barbara 2U Petruska, Andrew 128, 2(6 Rice, Don 132, 208 Miller, J11M 181 Nydabl, Barbara 112 Pettigrew, David 246 Rich, T. ................ ret 144 71 Pettijohn, Lyla 122 Richards, Michelle .............. 148, 149 178 0 Pettit, Gary 160, 177 Richardson, Dave Miller, Wllllalll 242 Pettit, Roger 142 2(6 Richmond, Robert E. .... _. Botllta 242 Pfaff, Bob 98 20(, 206 Richter, Keith 140 MI....U. Mike 114 Pfeiffer, William Oberting, Leo 144 246 Rickards, Carolyn 147 Mlata. Judldl 148 O'Brien, David 161 PHI DELTA THETA 181 Rinck, Steve 136 M..W.In, Stu 108, 1'0 Mltet.IJ, O.Orp O'Brien, Tbomaa 2U Phillips, Ed 18( Rindy, Virginia 246 242 Ochenrider, Danny 114 Pickett, Gary 108, 148 Mltellell, Marllp 118, 119 Rinehart, Jim 207 ............ .. Ou;den, Jean 244 Pierce, Jay 168 Rlngelspaugh, Keith 114, 247 1811 Ohlwller, Bob Pierce, Sharon U4 Mollnut ... .-,.. 132 Rio, Dale 247 18, ... 126, 242 Oleeon, Sylphe 244 Piesco, Nancy 147 lloelilaltll, Patricia 242 Ollva, Aileen PI KAPPA ALPHA 132 Riopel, Joyce 247 --Fnd 112 Rlsaman, Steve 140 188, 181 Olive, Annette Pllhorn, Richard 246 --All 112 Rittenhouse, John 134 242 Oliver, VIvian PI MU EPSILON 176 118 Rltterman, Fred 140 114 OIHn, Winnie Pirrung, Mary Jo 1(4 .._.,., u.. 118 122 Rits, John 208 .......... 1'74 O'Neal, Maureen 244 Pisatelli, Mike 142 Roberts, Beverly 126 llloore.Ciaude 241 Opp, William 1(2 Pivan, Brian 1(9 Roberts, Deidre 247 .._ J.n.., 241 ORACLE STAFF 170 Pivic, Ray 208 Roberts, Euaene L. 91, 169 .._Jolla 121 Ordets, Doua;laa 244 Plaaky, Jack 1(9 Robertson, Clayton 134 ....... IUellar.t 108, 114, 1115 OrdwaY, Marilee 244 Plata, Pam 122 Robertson, Glenn 108, 126, 247 lllona.Krt. 1215 Orendorf, Ruth 244 Pletcher, Linda 126 Robertson, H. 70 ........ ,ke 214 On, Mark 88 Plott, Beth Ann 246 Robinson, Addison 169 ....... ,...., 141 Ortb, .IIJTla 244 Poff, Sandy 147 RobiiiJIIln, Bernard 247 lloNtll, O..rlee 248 Ortb, William 244 Pollard, Sue 168, 246 Robinson, Brent O.bome, Eleonora Pomerantz, Irene 132 ............ 241 122, 244 110, 146 Robinson, Dennis O.bome, K. 93 -.. ....... 141 162 Popovitch, James 83 Robinson, Henry W. O.bome, Murphy Porter, Joan 70 .......... Rollert '71 66, 128, 129, 167 246 Robinson, J O'Steen, Bryan Portfolio, Barbara 68 .._, DnnJ. 140, 1'78 134 118, 119 .._.. Rollert O.ter, Marvin uo Portfolio, Donald 267 Robinson, Jon 128 241 Otero, Mike Robinson, Tom 202 203 .. _. ........ 136 Powet"S, Sally Jo 14( 1'78 Owen, Dr. Pratt, Ray Rodeheffer, Ronald 247 111 163 138 Mont.oe,Ciaclr Preston, Orie 182 Roda;en, Andrew C. 99 118 Roda;en, Charles 169 Mont.oe, Mllloll 178 p Price, Dwia;ht 126 Roda;ers, .John 142 lllonila. J. 18!, 186 Pritchard, Harold 128 Rodrla;uez, Diana 247 ...._J .. 1U Pritchard, Larry 184 Roe, Pan! 138 11-.Je. 121 Pada;ett, Barbara 122 Provenzano, Dena 112 Roe!, Sandra 122 ..._ ...... 140 Paetro, Tony 126 Provenzano, Gwen 116 Roa;ers, Charles 178 ..._ "-' 188 Pafford, Keith 244 Provenzano, Lynn 116, 117 247 liloehola. Valme Paaa, Pete Puleo, Frank 114 Ragen, George 241 136 Romano, Michelle 116 ....... Clnldt Painter, Do111r Pulln, Linda 118, 119 114 208 Root, Betty Ann 112, 247 .. _._.. Cuol 112 Palatlnua, .J. 188, 162, 166, 244 Pullen, Jonnie 169 M.U... Padler Adn Pulliam, Rick Roper, Jon 247 180 Paley, Michelle 146 240, 246 Mallia, Ou7 241 Palmer, Roa;er Pulliam, Roee Ann 246 Roper, Richard 168 169 .. ..._ Kadllen 1'7'7 Pancotto, Frank Pulzerlo Rudolfo 176 Ropulewis, .Jane 116 1111ft"Q, J.w, PANHELLENIC 108, 128 Purzycki, Robert Roa, Oscar 170 114 110 246 M.UO.L tea. 2n Pa1118, Ann Roee, David 174 164 M-.-Waltet-'74 Parla, Frank 200, 201 Roee, Don 136, 70 M..W. 8eaa 142 Park, K waq 244 Q Roee Port 146, 160 .. _._.. ... Bob Parke, Janet Roas, Howie 140 1'71 244 .._ ........ Parke, Tom Roas, Lawwrence 130 241 136 Quia-ley, Mike .._...,.._ Parkinson, Roberta 204 Roasi, Vin 134 241 244 Quillen, Meredith Parka, Catherine 246 Rountree, Ralph 247 Parrado, Daisey 244 Quinn, B 162 Roussman, Vicki 164, 178 N Parrt.h, James 244 Rovlaro, Teresa 247 Paaterniek, Richard E. 84 R Rowe, Leslie 1(4, 247 72 Dew Pala, Richard 264 Rua, Donald 247 N.U. Pece 111, 104 P&li'De, Beverly 147 Ruby, Steve 210 tae Pean.e, Gall Rabert, Florence 246 Rudy, Joseph 148 202 Radabaugh, Dan 136 Runnels, Phil 171 276

PAGE 278

Ruao. Ralph Ruasell, Harold Ruasell, Tim RUSSIAN CLUB Ryan, Tim s Saba, Ronald Sachse, Jeanne Saeino, Ron Sadler, Palmyre Saeger, Rick Saine, Mike Sams, John Sanchez, Ray 108, 248 248 136 176 132 248 147 134, 248 248 136 207 121 248 Sanders, Barbara Sanderson, Dr. Arthur M. Sands, Bill 112, 248 82, 170 136 160 140 122 134 Santry, Marie Saperstein, Steve Sasser, Pat Saunders, Mike Savidge, Mike Sawyer, Janet Sawyer, Tom Saxton, James Seaffe, Norm Seales, Claude Schaefer, Dr. Dieter Sehenzinger, Augie Schmidt, Georgina Schmidt, John Schmitt, Irma Schneider, Don Schneider, G. Schoeck, Cheryl Schreer, Linda Schulz, G. Schuman, Glenn Schutt, Dave Schwabe, Rudi Schwartz, Judy Schwartz, Martin Schwartz, Mary Schwartz, Rick Scorn, Bill Scott, Linus Scott, Sheryl Scusael, Terry Searles, Dave Sears, Jim Seely, Riek 138, 248 248 177 136, 248 130 249 161 208, 209 249 142 249 114 162, 166, 249 147 164 162, 165 140 114 166 118 249 249 142 142 79 147 134 134, 240, 249 138 132 169 249 132 125 Seevers, George Sefcik, Richard Segan, Howard Sepro, Jan Seifert, Jerry Selby, Gary Sellors, Debbie 180 194,195, 197, 198 178 Serra Jeanne Serralles, Mercedes Sessions, Doug Sexton, Rich Sexton, Tim 125 249 249 130 194, 197 138 130 249 144 144 Seyler, Charles Shafer, Linda Shaffer, Glenda Sharp, Judy Sharpless, Bill Shaw, Mike 130, 194, 196, 197 130 Shaw, Susan Sheffield, Mickey Shekey, Mina Shellabarger, James Shellman, Brenda Shepherd, James Shepp, Frank Shepp, Michael Sheppard, Don Sherman, Peggy Sherrer, Earline Sherzer, Marvin Shilling, Margaret Shobe, Dave 147 138 249 249 249 128 160 160 132, 162 249 249 108, 130, 208 160 134 Shoffner, Harry Sholomicki, Paul Siegal, Barry SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON SIGMA NU 249 249 140 135 138 136 125 142 SIGMA PHI EPSILON Siltanen, Sue Simmons, Gene Simmons, Keith Simms, Barry Simon, Cookie Simon, Dr. Simpson, Jack Sinn, George Sirois, Stephen Sisk, Margie Sitrunk, Francis Sitch, Robert Skala, Joseph Skillen, Buck Skinner, David Slagle, Fred Sloan, Jim Sluss, Linda Smetanka, William Smith, Allan Smith, Ann Smith, Bart Smith, Carol Smith, Catherine Smith, Dawn Smith, Edward Smith, Elton Smith, Frances Smitb, Gene Smith, Herman Smith, Jeff Smith, John Smith, Jolene Smith, Larry Smith, Richard Smith, Sandy Smith, Sarah Smith, Dr. W. A. Smoot, Betsey Smyth, Ed Sneed, Richard Snow, Bill Snyder, Bill Snyder; David Snyder, George Soderlind, Mickey Sokol, David Sopkin, Becky Sorenson, Phil Southerland, Bruce Spain, Frank H. Speight, Henry Speller, Cookie Sperry, Gale L. Spicola, Mary Linda Spinks, Donna Spoyo, Betty J o Sprague, Marcia Springer, Sharon Sroka, Sandy Stackhouse, Kenneth Staggenborg, Lois Stahl, Lloyd, Jr. St. Amant, John Starnes, Mary Stang, Richard Stanton, Kenneth D. Stanwix-Hay, Mary Starford, Kathy Starnes, Lucy Starnes, Mary Star.-att, Gordon l)teek, Richard C. Steere, Jim Steiner, Joanne Steinkamp, Jeanine Stelle, Steve Stenger, Barbara Sternberg, Claire Sternstein, Jerry 126, 249 249 122 177 200 114, 115 250 170 89 148 160 130 250 108, 121 130 147 160 170 144, 250 163, 200, 201 125, 250 112 179 250 142 250 132 132 171 132 250 126 136 147 160 177 147 121 138 138 142 142, 250 114, 250 114 250 147 121, 250 132 90 138 122, 152 80 118 126, 250 118, 119, 250 260 122 122 160 168, 250 251 138 177 132 104 122 116 122, 169 251 261 105 200, 201 146 147 132 251 164 140 Stetler, Alan Stevens, Gene Stevenson, Barbara Stewart, William L. Stivers, June Stolz, Kay Stone, Paul Storall, Carol Stradleigh, Norm Jr. Strenglein, Denise Stribling, Mark Strickland, Tuck Strong, Cindy Stroup, Barbara Stuck, Bill STUDENT ASSOCIATION GOVERNMENT STUDENT FLORIDA 204 180 112 261 251 144 186 125 163 251 261 202 112 144, 251 114 172 EDUCATION ASSOCIATION Sturgill, Dave 174 114 177 112 142 122 261 130 112 251 118 108 118 251 116 138 146 251 Sturm, Gary V. Suarez, Beverly Sudbury, Glen Sullivan, Ann Sullivan, Jane Sullivan, Marty Sullivan, Sandy Sumner, Susan Suprenant, Jeanne Sutton, Harold Swain, Cindy Swanson, Sheryl Sweet, Sharon Swigart, Bob Swisko, Renee Symes, Jon Szabo, Paulette T Tabbert, Suzanne Tacey, Linda Taft, William H. Talbert, Charles Talbert, M Talty, Pat Tamargo, Debbie Tambuzzo, Rose Tanner, Larry TAU BETA PHI TAU EPSILON PHI TAU KAPPA EPSILON Taylor, Jim Taylor, Leslie Taylor, Phil Taylor, Robert Taylor, Sue Taylor, Terri Taylor, Wayne Tedamonson, Alan Teeencamp, Gireth Tennant, Bob Tennant, Mike Terrie, Walter Thayer, Stu THETA CHI Tholl, Michael Thomas, David Thomas, Donald Thomas, Lauren Thomas, Margaret Thomas, Sandie Thomas, Sylvester II Thomas, Thomas Thompson, Albert Jr. Thompson, Cheryl Thompson, Gary Thompson, Robert Thompson, Samuel Thompson, Tommy Thornton, Linda Thornton, Margaret Threlkeld, Clifford Thoreau, Don Thurman, Sam Jr. 166 251 251 118 94 251 162, 165 122 251 126 112 138 177 140 142 130 48, 170 121 251 122 116 136, 251 261 128 128 128 163 170 261 148 262 252 252 118, 119 252 144, 168 158 161 252 144 252 252 262 262 163 118, 119 118, 119 252 126, 163 263 Tiller, Martha Tillotson, Michael Tolson, Mary Jo Tonkin, Charles 163 122 116 120 Toribio, .Delores 112 Torrence, AI 108, 138 Touchton, Mary Joyce 125, 253 Townsend, Margie 124, 125, 163, 253 Traband, Karen 253 Trager, Adrian 146 Traina, Maria Trainor, Shirley Tramer, Karl .Tramontanto, Mike Trice, Steve TRI CHI 122 160 253 208 130 144 114 253 147 118 134 146 190 138 Trimble, Pat Trimmer, Diane Tristan, Karen Troese, Honor Trombly, Gary Trop, Evelyn Truzzi, Marcello Tucker, Dave Tully, Honey Tumminia, Pete Turai, Barbraa Turner, Mike Twigg, John 253 194, 196, 197, 198 118, 152 154 182 Tyler, Phillip Tyner, Judy Tyrell, Tim Tyrrell, Roger u 79 253 160 128 128 Ullman, Gary 132 Ulmer, Art 208 Ulvila, Larry 126 Union, Gerald 253 UNIVERSITY CENTER 16 179, Ur, Donna 180, 182, 185 187 50, 11 6 25 3 77 Urbanek, Raymond A. Usheroon, Robert Usherson, Sandra Utley, John Vach, Jerry Vail, Vicki Valdez, Delio Valdez, Elaine Valenti, Dania Valenti, Janet Valentino, John v Van Hook, William Varas, Angela Varner, Michael Vasden, Bill Vaughn, Frank Vedner, Art Vedner, Howard Velasco, Johnny Verhoestra, Rosemary Vianey, Paul 162, Vigo, Cynthia Vine, David Vitale, Phil Vitello, Susan Vivian, Tony Voght, Terry Von Wuronb, Heinrich w Wagner, John Waldman, Jeffrey Walher, Walter Walker, Phil Walker, Will 12 8 14 6, 253 253 130 11 0 147 253 122 116 142 154 161 253 2 53 17 7 136 114 253 186 253 157 147 164, 1 6 6 177 253 140 194, 195 253 126 12 5 86 277 254 140 177 1 3 4 132

PAGE 279

Weetbrook, Bonnie 264 Wilson, John 254 y Wall. C...Oip 148 Wilson, Julia 264 147 Wetfall, John Jr. 128, 254 Wall. Doe-Weetfall, Woody 126 Wilson, Stephen 267 Yale, Jim 169 .............. 257 122, 254 Whaley, RUB&ell 81 Wimmert, Joey Yaras, Steve 164 Wai ..... Trlda 118 79 Wheaton, Jon 114 Wimmert, Robert Yates, Bill 121 WaiU.. Bob 1Z1 164 Wheeler, Raymond 89 Wind, Sheldon Yates, David 128, 163 WaWI. Stall 114, 1111 WINDJAMMERS 175 White, Annette 168 Yates, Radford 128 ........ o.. .. 114 Winkles, Frank 134, 173 White, Charlotte 28 Yates, Virginia 255 Walwn. '-112 Winning, Sandy 18 White, Rodger 264 Yavers, Fran 118 Wai&Mr, ........ 108, 115 Winter, Linda 254 Walta. 8IMrr7 110, 144 Whitfield, Donald 254 Yeckley, Bruce 126 Whitmarsh, Robert 257 Wise, Lawrence 254 Y ohner, Herb 207 ...... Bo 142 Witters, Richard 132 W...._.l, 2&4 Whitney, Carol 179 Young, Jill 110, 116, 163, 255 126 Wojcik, Mark 160 Young, Coach Joanne 206 W...._Nell 112 Wbiteon, Lowery Wolfe, Esther 254 .......... 2&4 Wieland, Karl 136, 177, 264 Young, K. 162 254 Wolfson, Alan 140 YOUNG REPUBLICANS 159 ...... Georp 1U Wightman, Cynthia Wood, Ann 254 Young, Ron 114 warn.w. Boa liZ Wilde, Johanna 2U Wood, Walter 254, Robert A. 70 Wilder, Chuck 142 Woodruff, Woody 114 Wa.......,at. Dpa 11Z Wildy, Charla H. 100, 145 Woodotuff, Edward 255 z WATEil SKI CLUB 17& Wilenaky, Mike 164 Woodward, John 142 -Carol 118, 1111 Wlli, Gerald 161 Woodward, Louis 142 Zagarri, Jerry 194, 195 w ....... Polly 171 WllliaiDB, Cherie 144 Woody, Elizabeth 255 Zeh, Carole 125, 255 ............ 121 WiiiiDIDB, Claude 254 Wooton, Linell 126 Zeig)er, Lani 61, 118, 119 136 Weller, .laa!. 1Zii WilliDIDB, George 128, 129 Wray, James III 255 Zenn, Victoria 176 Weller, Loa 204 Wllllame, Joe 210 Wright, Candy 12& Zerla, Dr. Frederic 174 ......... 8aa4sr 118 WilliDIDB, John 139 Wright, David 128 ZETA BETA TAU 149 ...... GiDDY 144 Willlame, Sharon 254 Wright, Donna 118 Zimmerman, Herb 114 W ..... Ted 114 Wllllame, Wendy 110, 125 Wright, Nancy 169 Zimmennan, Janis 122, 178 ...... r.-182 Willie, Bob 114 Wunderlich, Dean 109 Zolezzi, Ken 132 Wei!., Kallay 118 Wilaon, Ann 169 Wunderlich, Herbert J. 100 Zook, Ann 255 ............... 122 Wileon, Bob 136 Wurzbacher, Ted 121 Zulon, Miguel 265 Wn411 112 Wllaon, Ceil 144 WUSF RADIO/TV 191 Zyoko, J. 162, 165 278


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