University of South Florida yearbook. (1969)

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University of South Florida yearbook. (1969)

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University of South Florida yearbook. (1969)
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Aegean. (1969)
University of South Florida
USF Faculty and University Publications
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Tampa, Fla
University of South Florida
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Vol. 1, no. 1 (1963/64)-no. 9 (1972).
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Vol. for 1972 lacks enumeration.

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1969-A GOING THING The shove and whirl of unforeseen combustions students, the children of the wind with a sense of where to go never arriving, but always on the way a response to wild birds on the wing this, and a wish!


1969 Aegean University of South Florida Tampa-St. Petersburg Volume 6 Contents Student Life . 32 Academics . 68 Greeks ..... 104 Organizations 152 Athletics . . 190 Graduates ... 226 : .. ,. 3


4 These people of the air seeking a better way to GO longing to be considered adults and participants possessing potentialities of mankind a caldron and a reservoir of the human reserves that shape history a clock of doom and an avalanche when TURNED LOOSE reaching out for the lights beyond the prison of five senses for the time for thinking things over for the dance, the song, the story or the hours given over to dreaming this reaching is A GOING THING




6 Buildings hold down the skylines now with your themes proud marching oblongs of floodlighted walls stand on your tall haunches of checkered windows with your spikes of white light speaking across the cool blue of the night mist tall oblongs in orchestral confusion from fine arts to physical education your bottom rocks and pilings rest in money and dreaJn!l they have made these steel skeletons like themselves rising and fading with the springs and autumns lean, tumultous, restless tall witnesses to fade in a cool midnight blue to rise in evening rainbow prints






Students with flaws and failings patience and devotion drives and questions a seething of saints and sinners toilers and loafers lost in a womb of superstition and sacrifice always SEARCHING for that thing that's hardest to find himself asking: what is worth lo.oking at? who says it's wrong? what about the pill? why do we live? when will the war end? and what is worth dying for? the student STRUGGLING to attain a balance of freedom and discipline a MOVING TARGET with changing decoys always, a GOING THING ,,,. ..... ......... ........ ...,..,...,. .. '1 f ... f 'I t t 1 I t .. .t t o4ll t . 7 tzt+-9


10 ... Froin the four corners of the earth from corners lashed in wind the students came to learn and grow : to prove their beliefs about the future of the human race ... ,the importance of illusions '"'": and the value of great expectations he learns out of lifting and waiting and losing ' . and laughing striving to know in millionths and billionths of an inch the student a knower whose knowing grows by what it feeds on the students wanting to know more wanting and GOING ON to find the birds of the air and the fish of sea leave off where man begins






The day's grind-the alarm clock, the student number, the bell, the overdue paper, the inevitable line, mononucleosis time flicking out its tricky whip to run us through our paces the clocking of the months toward a birthing day the gamble on what we'll get tomorrow for what we put in today 13


14 Draft Card Return in downtown Tampa


The young shall ask what was the idea for which you gave me death? and when elders fill with hypocritical effluvia this is the time for the young to begin movements the Campus Coalition a draft card return free speech on the East Patio the anti-war demonstration and a protest rally against the quarter system, marchers, signs, speeches, reflecting a CHANGING of attitudes to question the ways of society crossing out what was and offering what is on a fresh blank page pushing the clouds away and letting them hang above the water somewhere else Quarter system protest raUg 15


16 Everyone who got a letter today and those the mail carrier missed walkers alive and keen stupefied and hopeless the game fighters who will die fighting walkers watching the sky stopping to study posters and the Oracle aimed straight at their eyes their wants their shoe soles wearing holes in cement steps their hands wearing soft niches in banisters of time two worn foot tracks at the tray return




In the casual drift of routine in the day by day run driving their cars stop and go red light green light and the law of the campus cop in the play of careless circumstance the words emerge alive with students in words, motives silhouettes and taller than the immediate moment drumming on immense drums the monotonous daily motions of students taking from earth and air their morsels of bread and love always A GOING THING a carryover from yesterday into tomorrow 18






what was your first name anyway? I want to hide don't let the cold wind find me I'm just a man who needs and wants mostly things he'll never have turn and face me face to face and you'll see that I'm only me sometimes in darkness with a bundle of grief I retreat to where the sea offers fog that moves off in rain to where brother may yet line up with brother and the sunset shortens to a nocturne of clear stars of serenity 21


22 When you can't go to sleep and even the narcotizing effect of magazines doesn't help there's no where to go and no one to call relentless keep up your grades write to the draft glue your eyes to that book and when your last nickel's gone you live off your folks /love but it doesn't make me less afraid of it and in the air a decree life is a gamble take a chance you pick a number and see what you get anything can happen in this sweepstakes around the corner may be prosperity or the worst depression yet who knows nobody you pick a number you draw a card






You can never be sure the tide changes the wind that made the grain wave gently yesterday blows the tree tomorrow and daily the death toil of the speed wagons a cripple minute in fenders wheels steel and glass splinters the quickness of death we'll see what we'll see time is a great teacher today me and tomorow maybe you I cry too sometimes in a suspension midway in the meadows of the moon 25


26 I still believe in love it's difflcult these days you know and yet it's a great adventure but never mind the world let's not miss each other everybody has a necktie and petticoats pencils and tennis balls everybody gets a sandwich sometime or a piece of cake we've got us we drift apart as we meet together if that time should come of drifting perhaps they will say "'they loved one Sunday" the tide came in and the tide went out




The students .... born with bones and heart fused in deep and violent secrets mixed from a bowl of sky blue dreams and sea slime facts yet drifting beyond thought hypnotized by sunshine maybe the hours given over to dreaming or dancing or just listening to sounds they can keep their books and their butterflies I feel like GOING SOMEWHERE somewhere I've never been my castles are across the sea and always in my mind it's raining do you like the rain or don't you think about it much save the rain that falls upon the sea tonight and w e 'll ride the rain to the moon and back


30 {.'


Students rest on the CHANGING WINDS a response to the bird on the wing they are a polychrome a spectrum a prism held in a MOVING monolith a console organ of CHANGING themes a clavilux of color poems MOVING AND ENDLESS with scrolls of the living shimmering with phantoms flung from the past shot over with things to come not yet here


Student Life 33


First Week Introduces A New Life Students wait !n another long line for ID cards. Students and luggage move in for a new year of dorm life. 34


Administration addresses freshmen at orientation. New and returning students meet and mingle amid the excitement of the first week. Old friends and ideas are left be hind as all try to adjust to a new life of freedom and independence. For freshmen, it's a new school, new faces, the rush of that first registration. For transfer students, there's checking in at the Admissions Office. For returning students, there's seeking out old friends among the many faces and making new friends. For all, there is the long-awaited moment of relaxation at the first dance as the first week ends, and all settle down for the beginning of a very different year. 35


Fine Arts Adds Color and Music to University Life 36


The Fine Arts department added both color and music to USF's cultural life this year. Members of the university commu nity enjoyed the work of many fine artists and musicians from all over the country as well as talent present on campus. The Fine Arts program included a variety of exhibits, among them the exciting war photographs taken by the late Robert Capa and an exhibition of paintings, prints and sculpture by seventeen well known Florida artists. Musical highlights of the year-including a recital by the world-famous Baroque Chamber Players, two one-act operas presented by USF music students, and a concert by the Uni versity-Community Orchestra-rounded out an extensive cultural program. 37


A unique study setting was provided by Hurricane Gladys, which forced the closing of school for a day. A jolly Santa shouts Christmas greetings. 38


Changing Seasons, Changing Moods "To everything there is a season ... There is a time for wearing shorts at noon and sweaters at night because it is neither summer nor winter but a moment in be tween. There is a time of dry cold and freezing wind and trips home to where there really are chimneys for Santa to squeeze down. There is a time when the wind and the rain blow you across cam pus, and so you take off your shoes and run to rooms where everyone falls into their seats wet and laughing. There is a time of ice cold watermelon and sunbathing on the grass, and pleas of "Isn't anyone going to Clearwater? I can't stand this heat another minute!" And there is the final season of packed suitcases and packed cars and the last trip home for ... in their times all things pass under heaven." Coeds rush to taste a symbol of summerjuicy, cold watermelon. 39




Trike Race Wheels In Fall Frolics It's "heel, toe, heel, toe, and away we go," as the Bunion Derby began with "the doubters" lined up on every side. Carrying ten pounds of books and off to a walking start, men and women alike proved it really is possible to go from Fine Arts to Phys. Ed. in nine minutes, but no one's letting the professors know that. Then there were those little three wheeled things carrying sorority women, among them a very odd-looking DG pledge, and a rather well-fueled ZBT. Who says trike-power isn't as great as horse-power? 41 1


Paul Anka Headlines Fall Frolics Paul Anka and his orchestra were one of the highlights'\of Fall Frolics. For two hours, the gym was filled with versatile sounds of his dynamic voice. Students and their guests were entertained by everything from folk-rock to blues to dreamy romantic tunes. Paul Anka proved him self a true showman, and his orchestra supplied the perfect background. The concert gave students a chance to relax, a chance to remember, a chance to dream. What else could one want? After the Paul Anka concert, students dance to sounds of the Soul Survivors. 43


Terry Wells gets support in putting on stocking. Mary Grey and Linda Kaufmann prepare for the sweatshirt race. 44


Phi Delt Derby: Competitive Fun Painted bodies line up for judging. Bohemian Phi Delts discuss events. The annual Phi Delta Theta Derby offered Greeks a chance to build interfraternity spirit and competition through a day of games for fun and trophies. Among the highlights of the day were the body painting contest in which fraternity members decorated bikinied bodies, and the dress-up contest where men were adorned with garter belts and high heels, and girls really got to wear the pants in the family. Other events included the sweatshirt race and the egg toss. Ron Warfield gives pointers for dress-up contest. 45


Dorms Decorated for Open House For dorm students, the highlights of Fall Frolics was the Open House. Residents socked it to their visiting friends and relatives by showing them around the decorated dormi tories. Walls and entrances were transformed into everything from "Freddy and Freida's Laugh-in" to the "Jimi Hendrix Experience "Freddy" invites visitors in for the dorm "laugh-in." Mercy Pell puts finishing touches on USF cheerleader. 46




Dorms Mean Close Quarters and a New Way of Living 2 3 5 48 10 II ll /3 After the books and the sweaters and the flowered pillows are moved in, there is little room for the people who need to find a place to sleep and study for nine months. Yet in those small rooms there is always one more square foot of wall space or floor space, so the people move in, too. They bring their posters and their beer-can pyramids and their individ ual neuroses, and somehow they find a new way of life born of cramped quarters. Waiting in lines, sprawling out before the television set, playing cards until two in the morning, listen ing to roommates crack their knuckles all be come as natural as breathing, until finally life outside a matchbox seems very strange indeed.


Above: George Maida and Myra Zink roast hot dogs at a Big and Little Sister picnic. Right: Chi O's compete at an intersorority basketball game 50


Above: Sylvia Fernandez and Beverly Suarez carry out a Greek motif during Rush. Right: Sharyn Faro and Renee Brodis make a splash at Phi Delt Derby. "Go Greek" Elicits Spirited Response "Go Greek" was the spur that put thirteen fraternities and eight sororities on the go. 1969 was a year of unifying, of spreading the "Greek spirit" out side the circle of fraternities and sororities. Rushing became a year-round event with sororities holding a Greek sing-out for dorm students and pledges putting on a skit and question-and-answer session on Crescent Hill. There was the busy schedule of formal rush, service projects, intrarnurals, parties, and the excitement of the Phi Delt Derby. Fraternity and sorority members formed a Greek chorus. And then there was the week to end all weeks: Greek Week, with its char iot race, Greek Sing, skits, and, of course, the annual Greek Dance. Greek spirit in '68-'69 was indeed "A GOING THING." 51


Election '68 52


As never before, students took an active interest in national affairs this year. At USF, the going thing was the 1968 presidential election which inspired enthusiastic cam paigning for nominees. The tragic loss of Senator Robert Kennedy prompted deep, searching thought about whom to support for the presidency. Campus election returns showed McCarthy the winner, but equally intense support was given to each of the three candidates. Tables were manned in the University Center, motorcades crawled noisily around Crescent Hill and campaign dances were held. Finally it was Nov. 5, and the national election returns brought either jubilant relief or hopes for the next election.


Right: Poet James Dickey, in residence during the poetry festival, autographs one of his books. Below: Chancellor Robert B. Mautz speaks at a faculty dinner. Bottom: Dr. Willard F. Libby, 1960 Nobel Prize winner for his discovery of the process of Carbon 14 dating, speaks on the origin of life at a dedicatory program. 54


Visiting Speakers Bring New Ideas The topics ranged from "Is Shakespeare Dead?" to "The Community Response to Crime" to "The Vocation of Man and How to Go to Bed With the Machine in Eden." Lecturers visited USF and brought with them vital ideas of interest to many groups. Some of the outstanding speakers included: James Dickey, poet; Prof. Arthur K. Bierman, philosopher; Dr. Alfred J. Marrow, behavioral scientist; Arlin Turner, author; Sam Gibbons, con gressman; and Dr. Harold Benjamin, publisher. Herb Lubalin speaks at t he Sigh t n Sound Nation a l Advertising Conference h eld at USF. 55


Phi Delt, SAE fight it out at football game. Soccer players take water break during practice. 56


Cross-country runner nears end. Sigma Nu rides to the rescue at football game with SAE. 57


Miss Aegean, 1969, Carol MacGill The climax of a tense week of excitement came with the crowning of Carol Margaret MacGill by her predecessor Lynda L. Foures during the UC Extravaganza. As the new Miss Aegean -attractive, poised, intelligent, active-Carol represents the ideal USF coed. The twenty-year-old special educa tion major was chosen by a panel of prominent members of the university administration and community and by students voting. In addition to the honor of representing the yearbook and the university, Carol has many other campus activities, among them Delta Gamma social chairman, Academics Editor of the Aegean and Little Sister of Sigma Alpha Epsilon. 58 Carol receives roses and a silver bowl from Linda Foures, 1968 Miss Aegean.


The finalists, Cindy Strong, Betsy Smoot, Janet Notard first runner-up, and Carolyn Gorman with the new Miss Aegean, Carol MacGill. Carol studying to help maintain the DGaverage. 59


"Up, Up, and Away". with the UC Extravaganza What else could begin the fabulous night of the UC Extravaganza but the top local group, The Beads, in concert? If their psychedelic rock wasn't enough to send your mind spinning, the great "soul" group Anthony and the Imperials took you "Up, Up, and Away" through a decade of great hits. Who but Anthony and the Imperials could do their hit "Going Out of My Head" and follow it up with the theme song from Hair? The excitement of the concert ended in a real jam session and moved into El Casino. Roulette wheels spun, dice rolled, cards slapped down, and players called out "21 I" And over the chips rattling, the sound of folk music could be heard as winners of the Song Fest entertained both players and dealers. 60


''The Beads" provided entertainment the same evening that Little Anthony appeared. 61


62 Dances: Frenzied Relaxatiot Amid the frenzied sounds of the band and the whir of moving lights, students found a chance for relaxation and freedom from worry. Shuffling feet and new faces helped for a time in forgetting the pressures of last week's exams and next week's term papers. Dances-a place to go, a thing to do-gave the chance to unwind, to get lost among the urgent, wild cries of the electric guitars and the pounding drums. For an hour, a night, the time was now and the beat was the whole spirit of USF.


A farewell party, sponsored by the World Affairs Council, was given for the first group of Brazilian students to visit USF. The dance took place in DeSoto Hall and was held in a coffee house atmosphere. While here, the students learned the language and customs of America. The American students .learned something about Brazilian culture, too, as they watched the perform ance of a typical Brazilian carnival dance. 63




Protest Rally Draws 1500 Fifteen hundred students turned out fall quarter to protest "not the quarter system per se, but the quarter system the way it is effected on this campus." "The SA-sponsored rally drew students protesting "semester length" courses crammed into ten weeks of class, the increase in the number of three-hour courses, and the decrease percentage-wise in five-hour courses. Members of the Student Association urged students to continue their protest by contacting those who can do some goodprofessors, department heads, members of the Board of Regents, and the governor-and letting them know of the complaints. If the quarter system cannot be removed, think many students, it can at least be improved. 65


An Unending Climax of Theatre Productions Theatre productions moved on through the year in unending climax as USF students on both sides of the floodlights felt the excitement of the stage. It began with the '68 spring season of "Luv" and "Ivory Tower" and moved into the summer fes tival with the Gaslight Repertoire of "Dracula," "Candida," and "H.M.S. Pina fore." The fall began with the lively "Roar of the Greasepaint, the Smell of the Crowd" and moved into strong social commentary with the Experimental Theatre productions of "The Hiss-In" and an orig inal adaptation of "J. Alfred Prufrock." The winter quarter of '69 included the hilarious "Odd Couple" and the controver sial "Hair." The '69 spring quarter ended an exciting year with "Royal Gambit" and "Incident at Vichy." Below left and right: Action was a key word in the Triple Play "Glass." Action and heartache abound in Beyond The Horizon.


This courtroom drama (above) is from the play Ivory Tower. (Left) Roar of the Grease Paint, Smell of The Crowd. 67


Academics 69


President Allen Works With Students and Community 70 President and Mrs. Allen relax and enjoy a sports event. As an administrator, Pres. Allen must contemplate and discuss complex university problems.


President John S. Allen, the man ultimately responsible for the University's policies and procedures, is undoubtedly one of the state's most active men in education. As president of the University, he has many administrative duties, but he finds time to work among the students and in the community at large. Since receiving his Ph.D. degree from New York University, President Allen has served on numerous educational boards, among them the National Commission for Cooperative Educa tion 1968 and the Florida Educational Council of the Education Commission. He has also written many books, bulletins, and articles on education. On campus, President Allen officiates through out the year at such events as the address to incoming freshmen and their parents in Sep tember, the dedication of three new buildings this past Novmber, and graduation exercises in June. Pres. Allen conducts the weekly Monday morn ing conferences with department heads. 71


Academic Affairs Makes Promotions Two promotions were made in the department of academic affairs. Dr. Frank H. Spain and Dr. William H. Taft were both promoted to Assistant Deans of Academic Affairs. Dr. Harris W. Dean, Vice President of Academic Mfairs, said that Dr. Spain will serve as Assistant Dean for Inter-institu tional articulation, a new organizational post. Dr. Spain is now in charge of registration, records, ad missions, summer sessions, and systems develop. ment. Dr. Taft, who remains director of sponsored research, now serves as director of USF's research and development center. Dr. Alfred H. Lawton, associate dean, also re ceived an important promotion. He was named Dean of the medical school. Frank H. Spain, Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs. 72 William H. Taft, Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs.


Dr. Harris W. Dean, Vice President of Academic Affairs. Alfred H. Lawton, Associate Dean of Aca demic Affairs. 73


74 Basic Studies Offers Varied Programs The College of Basic Studies has, as its primary mission, the responsibility for undergraduate courses constituting the all-University graduation require ments. The college also offers some elective courses and two baccalaureate programs. In cooperation with the College of Education, a graduate program is offered to prepare teachers of the Humanities for junior colleges. In addition to teaching, the faculty is engaged in a variety of related activities, such as advising and research. Community service is rendered through such programs of the college as Upward Bound and the USF Planetarium. All course arrangements are flexible. Significant changes have taken place in Basic Studies during the University's history, and the program will continue to change in adapting to student needs. Students experiment with various materials in Visual Arts-Humanities workshop.


Physical science lab provides an opportunity for students to see ideas in action. Set theory is explained to Functional Math students. Dean Edwin P. Martin, College of Basic Studies. 75


Keeping her eye on the subject of discussion, a Behavioral Science student learns about operant conditioning. 76 The headphones in the language lab are used to further acquaint students with a foreign language.


With the aid of microscopes and an enthusiastic professor, interested students study insects in biology lab. An American Idea class poses probing questions con cerning current events. 77


College of Business Administration Innovates Programs With the growth of Florida in population and industrial expansion, the need for ad vanced business programs becomes more apparent each year. Accordingly, Dr. Robert Morell, former chairman, Department of Management and Marketing, has been named by Dean Robert Cline to develop Ph.D. programs in business and health administration. Dr. Alton C Bartlett was named by Dean Cline to assume the duties of chair man of the Department of Management and Marketing. New this year, also, is the publication of the South Florida Business News. The newsletter helps maintain contact with alumni and gives the business community a better picture of what is happening in the College of Business Administration. A Business Administration Advisory Council was formed to facilitate the free exchange of ideas between the students, faculty and administration of the college Dean Robert S. Cline, College of Business Administration. Business students practice using adding machines in machine laboratory. 78


Typing labs are available to students who want to practice in order to acquire speed and accuracy. Student operates key punch machine. Business major computes probabilities in the statistics lab. 79


College of Education Conducts Special Studies The degrees offered by the College of Education range from elementary and seeondary school to spe cial education and junior college certification. Many projects have been undertaken by the college in the past year. A grant from the Florida Division of Correc rections financed the development of vocational teachers for correctional industrial education. A team of professors worked with Guamanian elementary school teachers to upgrade Guam's elementary schools in language arts. Another program was con ducted to strengthen the seeondary education facil ities in Honduras. In the area of special education, grants were reeeived for the study of reading dis abilities, medical-vocational rehabilitation, hearing deficiencies, disadvantaged children, and gifted students. Jean A. Battle, Dean of Education. 80 Raymond A. Urbanek, Assistant Dean, Advising and Certification.


Teacher aid Shirley Brill instructs her favorite edu cation class. Professor Loveless instructs students in the finer points of children's arts. A student participates in Saturday morning classes for gifted children. 81


82 Special laboratories and materials are effective in working with the exceptional child. Basic coordination skills are practiced for later "recess" periods.


Leah Bailey sets up tape recorder, a valuable tool in the classroom. The ability to play simple musical instruments becomes an asset to prospective elementary grade teachers. 83


College of Engineering Researches Complex Problems As society has become more complex, so has the array of problems to be solved by the engineer. In planning its program, the College of Engineering has divided its activity into three broad groupings: design, re search, and the operation of technological systems. In meeting the responsibilities im plicit in these areas, the college has initiated programs and projects. A grant from the National Science Foun dation enabled Dean Edgar W. Kopp to di rect a summer program for the training of high school teachers in a new laboratory en gineering course called "The Man-Made World." Another study was begun on the effect of salinity from dredging bays and estuaries and the transplanting of seagrass. Professor Bernard Ross journeyed to Japan to deliver research papers on experimental stress analysis. Edgar W. Kopp, Dean of Engineering. 84 Student in structures lab uses an X-ray defracto meter to measure crystalline structures.


The analogue computer is essential in solving problems in energy conversion. The computer simulator helps in learning computer design. Students study random industrial processes with a simulator. 85


Harrison W. Covington, Associate Dean and Director of Division of Fine Arts. Careful application of make-up is an important part of stage production.


Fine Arts Offers Study, Practice and Events A triple purpose is served by the Division of Fine Arts. It provides courses of study, theatres of practice, and programs of events for students and community. Senior projects, experimental theatre and major productions were staged. Rehearsals were facilitated by the addition of a Theatre Centre that features classrooms, scene shop, prop shop, and costume shop. Concerts and recitals were given by visiting groups, faculty and students. Internationally known faculty, including Jacques Abram and Armin Watkins, performed. Classical, baroque, and chamber music were heard. Paintings, drawings, prints, sculpture and ceramics were exhibited. Works by Donald Saff and Harrison Covington were shown in New York galleries and museums. Exact fitting of costumes adds much to the final stage performance. Special concert performances are a vital part of an extensive fine arts program. 87


Language-Literature Provides Diverse Majors The Division of Languages and Literature offers majors in American and religious studies, foreign languages, English, philosophy and speech. Dr. James A. Gould, chairman, Department of Philosophy, was promoted to full professor. He in vited Prof. Arthur K. Bierman to USF as a visiting lecturer. Dr. Bertram Morris of the University of Colorado was appointed visiting professor of philos ophy for quarter two. The Visiting Scholars Series brought Arlin Turner, Hawthorne autho;rity, and John Harold Wil son, English Restoration Drama authority. A grant was awarded to Dr. Jack Bailey Moore, associate professor of English, to lecture in American and English literature at Fourah Bay College in Sierra Leone. 8S Irving Deer, Associate Dean of Language and Literature. Russell M. Cooper, Dean of College of Liberal Arts.


Philosophy department sponsors many guest speakers. The speech department's coffee house productions are favorites of students. 89


Natural Sciences Study Space, Sea and Land The Division of Natural Sciences caters to stu dents planning scientific or technical careers. In addition, non-science majors may augment their understanding of the natural sciences by taking upper level courses. Dr. Eichhorn Von Wurmb, one of the world's best known astrometrists and head of USF's astronomy department, has undertaken the project of deter mining the exact shape of the moon. He will do this with the aid of a new $100,000 26-inch telescope. A special Space Science Workshop for teaching was held during the summer. Dr. Robert S. Dietz, Miami oceanographer, was guest lecturer at a geology seminar. A study of red tide outbreaks is being directed by Dr. Dean F. Martin of the chemistry department. Dr. Jesse S. Binford, Jr. went to Honduras to serve as chairman of the chemistry department at the Natural University of Honduras on a Fulbright Faculty Program. Dr. Alfred H. Lawton, Dean of the medical school, is included in a new bio graphical compilation of notable scientists of all time. Research grants contributed to the study of bio medics and earth sciences. Students listen to an explanation of equipment in a physics lab. 90 Theodore A. Ashford, Associate Dean, Natural Sciences and Mathematics.


Student in geology uses a saw to prepare a thin section. A chemistry student carefully controls an experiment. Preparing slides is an essential part of an entomology lab. 91


92 In the embryology laboratory, the microscope proves an invaluable tool. Careful measuring is necessary to solve a compli cated mathematics problem correctly.


class gains practical experience in bird watchmg. The new, 26-inch telescope, one of the largest Its kmd m the entire southeast, is an important mstrument to any astronomy student. 93


Social Sciences Concerned With Man The Division of Social Sciences is concerned with the development, problems, and institutions of man. Students in this division major in either anthropol ogy, geography, history, political science, economics, psychology, or sociology. In addition, there are sev eral interdisciplinary majors. The presence of sev eral new faculty members this year has enriched the foreign area courses offered by the Interdisci plinary Social Science Program. The anthropology faculty is actively engaged in field work among the Australian aborigines, Navaho Indians, and fishermen of Margarita Island in Ven ezuela, and in prehistoric and historic site archeo logical materials from Mexico, Nebraska and New foundland. A complete weather /climatology iaboratory and a cartography jphotogrammetric laboratory are maintained by the Geography Department. The Psychology Departmi!nt is conducting studies of learning in the porpoise, abnormal thought pro cesses in the schizophrenic, and conditioning of emo tional behavior in humans. It also operates a psy chological clinic for training and research purposes. Several faculty members of the Sociology Department participate in the "Model Cities" program. The department anticipates becoming involved in an Urban Research Consortium. William B. Cameron, Associate Dean, Social Science. Roger T. Grange, chairman of anthropology. 94


Mark T. Orr, chairman of interdisciplinary Social Sciences. Robf.!rt H. Fuson, chairman of geography. Psychology personnel control on psychology computer panels in carrying out an experience. 95


Student Affairs Implements Total Educational Program The Office of Student Affairs seeks to aid in the total development of the University's students by offering them the leadership and professional services they need. Student Affairs provides for personal counseling, recreational and intercolle giate sports, student health, financial aid and many other facets of student welfare. The Offices of the Dean of Men and Dean of Women are responsible for many aspects of student growth. Together, these offices aid in the students' development of personal understanding, emotional maturity and social skills. Margaret B. Fisher, Dean of Women. 96 Herbert J. Wunderlich, Vice President of Student Affairs.


Phyllis P. Marshall, Director of Student Organizations Charles H. Wildy, Dean of Men During the Hong Kong flu epidemic, a student gets his throat examined in the USF infirmary. 97


USF Library and Educational Resources Provide Valuable Materials The purpose of both the USF Library and the Division of Educational Resources is to serve stu dents and faculty by providing new, specialized materials. The Library contains about 200,000 volumes and 3,000 journals. Specialized areas include recrea tional reading matter, special collections, U.S. Gov-ernment documents and an art gallery. Many services are offered by the Division of Educational Resource$. AudioVisual supplies publie address systems, tape recorders and projectors. Educational films are available from the film li brary. The Production Center offers graphic and photographic services. The Instructional Materials Center maintains a library of films, tapes, records, maps and slides for academic and recreational pur poses. The broadcasting department offers one of the most outstanding educational television and ra dio stations in Florida. s ... . . . ......... : ........... ..................... 98 . . . . . . . ...... . . . . Gerhard C. Eichholz, Director of Educational Resources.

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Mary Lou Harkness, .Director of Libraries. H. Theodore Ryberg, Dean of Instructional Services. 99

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Administrative Affairs Coordinates Services The Administrative Affairs Division brings together all of the activities that support the academic program. These include the business, financial, maintenance, construction, personnel services, and the provision of instructional materials and services. 100 The division administers a budget of over $32 million with a payroll of over $1 million each month. At the present, there have been at least two new buildings each year. The Computer Center operates constantly, and the library and educational resources serve over a million people every year. Elliot Hardaway, Vice President and Dean.

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Joseph Gomez, Director, Internal Control. T. Wayne Keene, Director, Planning and Analysis. 101

PAGE 103

Special Services Aid Campus and Community The continuing Education Credit Program serves both degree and non-degree seekers. The campus and community population may take a wide variety of courses, many of which originate through the requests of indi viduals and groups. The objective of the Cooperative Education Program is to integrate experience with for mal education, to blend theory with practice. Many types of enterprises in all parts of the country accept students on the cooperative program. The USF Physical Plant plans new facili ties, tends the grounds, and maintains the residence halls. The many services performed by the physical plant are under the direction of Clyde Hill, Assistant Dean, and Charles Butler, Director. James E. Lucas, Registrar Jack Chambers, Director, Computer Research Center 102

PAGE 104

H. Miller, Director, Cooperative Education Program. J. Richard Brightwell, Director, Center for Continu ing Education. Clyde B. Hill, Assistant Dean, Physical Plant and Operations. 103

PAGE 106

Greeks 105

PAGE 107

IFC officers are sworn in. Interfraternity Council Promotes Fraternity Growth Thirteen fraternities constitute the mem bership of the Interfraternity Council (IFC). To promote the growth and health of its members, IFC coordinates fraternity policies, rush, and all other activities. Program coordination provides for Greek unity which is the goal of the Interfraternity Council. Regular projects include the United Fund Drive, rush programs, and Greek Week. The latter includes the sing, skits, chariot race and judging, and the new Greek chorus which consists of five mem bers from each fraternity and sorority. This year IFC worked with the Model Cities Agency. Questionnaires were ad ministered to residents of Model Cities areas, and plans were formulated for each fraternity to help with playground recrea tion. Officers: Manny Diner, president; Al Torrence and Richard Alt, vice-presidents; Allen Mikell and John Dugger, secretaries; and Terry Aidman, treasurer. Faculty sponsor is Dean Charles Wildy. Rushee and Delt, Bill Hamilton examine scrapbook during rush.

PAGE 108

A long night of rushing is reflected in a rushee's tired feet. Aidman, Terry Alt. Richard Bergdoll, David Bronstien, Joel Clark, Pete Cumbie, Fred Daniels, George Diner, Manuel Dugger, John Goldstein, Baule Hankins, Jim Joel s on, Ray Kalish, Joe Mikell, Allen McCullough, Sean Miller, John Mobilio, Gary Musial, Stan Overton, Mickey Pickett, Gary Ross, Howard Seelig, Rick Sickling, Robert Smith, Richard Smyth, Ed Sorrentino, Neil Stevens, Gene Thomson, Robert Thureau, Don Torrenle, AI Wilder, Charles 107

PAGE 109

Officers: Peggy Apgar, president ; Gail Malcolm, 1st vice-president ; Carolyn Gor man, 2nd vice-president; Cindy Conrad, secretary ; and Wendy Williams, treasurer. Faculty sponsor is Mrs. Phyl lis Marshall. Right: Officers discuss quarter two projects. Below: Mem bers hold an informal discus sion in Panhellenic meeting room. Below right: Members distribute rush information during sorority tea. In order to familiarize sorority pledge classes with the programs of Panhellenic, USF Women's Panhellenic organized a Junior Panhellenic Council. Represented by the president and one member, pledges engage in a learning process that provides for all-Greek unity. A new project during rush -.vas the ini tiation of the Rush Advisers Program. Representatives from each sorority aided rushees in answering questions and solving problems. In conjunction with IFC, Pan hellenic sponsors the Council of Fraternal Societies which plans and coordinates Greek Week. Within the last year, Panhellenic has grown from a local organization to a mem ber of the National Panhellenic Confer ence. In accordance with the aims of Na108 tional PanheUenic, USF's council provides workshops and get-togethers to promote interaction among sororities.

PAGE 110

Rush chairmen wave a welcome to prospective sorority members. Panhellenic Organizes Junior Council Albert, Linda, Tri, Chi Bassie, Bonnie, AE Phi Burress, Becky, A D Pi Chandler, Peggy, Chi Omega Conrad, Cindy, D Z Darby, Debby, D G Dinkle, Peggy, Chi Omega Du La Cruz, Nuri Ann, D Z Foster, Eileen, Tri Chi Garcia, Frances, Tri Delta Gorman, Carolyn, Tri Chi Hinton, Isabel, Tri Delta Malcomb, Gail, AD Pi McClure, Susan, D Z Miller, Margaret. Tri Chi Palmer, Marilyn, K D Petrick, Donna, Chi Omega Pletcher, Linda, K D Smith, Clyde, Tri Delta Stanford, Kathy, Tri Delta Taylor, Sue, D Z Voght. Terry, K D Williams, Wendy K D l<'inney, Linda, D Z Jr. Pan Hill, Martha Jo, K D Jr. Pan Kaufman,Linda, D G Jr. Pan Jayner, Joyce, AD Pi Jr. Pan Meyers, Ann, Tri Delta Jr. Pan Michaels .Jane, A E Phi Jr. Pan Sheppard, Jane, K D Jr. Pan Rashley, Alice, Tri Chi Jr. Pan Roimine. Glenda, Chi Omega Jr. Pan Routh, Donna, D Z Jr. Pan 109

PAGE 111

Alderfer, Sue Allen, Bobbie Allen, Pat Allen, Sue Baldwin, Anne Blanchard, Claire Boatwright, Judy Brown, Pat Burress, Becky Carroll, Debby Cherry, Marcelle Cox, Carla Dee, Sally Diaz, Linda Duke, Jan Feagle, Ph7llis 110

PAGE 112

ADPi Wins Greek Sing God win, Karen Hall, Rita James, Judy JohiUIOn, Gloria Joiner, Joyce Jones, Peggy Lauren, Leslie Ley, Linda Lyerly, Penny Malcolm, Gail Marqua, Sue Massari, Angela McCall, Diane McKeehan, Rusty Morris, Pat Murray, Debby Nordyke. Peg Nydal, Barbara Parrish, Christie Puglisi, Annelle Rushing, Marsha Sanchez, Elaine Strong, Cindy Suarez, Beverly Sullivan, Sandy Tambuzzo, Rose Lee Taylor, Linda Taylor, Mary Ann Toribie, Delores Ward, Nell Wamimount, Dyan With the roaring lion as mascot, Alpha Delta Pi sang out loud and clear to win the annual Greek Sing trophy. Moving on to other fields, they were awarded the Panhellenic Punch Bowl and Silver Tray for outstanding scholarship Stressing their motto, "We live for each other," are cancer drives and aid for crip pled children. Important, also, to ADPi is leadership, and sisters are active in stu dent government and campus organiza tions Celebrating their origin and status, members enjoy Founders' Day and initia tion banquets. Their annual formal event is Diamond Ball in November, at which Diamond Men are announced. Honored this year were: Fred Hoades, Jon Whea ton, Steve Griffith, and Terry Wells. Pub lished annually is ADPi's newspaper, "Lion Prints." Officers are: Jan Duke, president; Phyllis Feagle, vice-president; Sue Allen, corresponding secretary ; Bobbi Allen, re cording secretary ; and Angela Massari, treasurer. Faculty sponsor is Mrs. Joy Bell. Those ADPi balloons ean cramp trike ....... .,. ... a : '7""'0 Alpha Delta Pi 111

PAGE 113

The officers of Alpha Epsilon Phi smile proudly after their installa tion. Elaine Levin's freckled grin re flects the excitement of sorority rush. Able, Patty Albert, Cheryl Argintar, Deborah Arkin, Beth Bassi Bonn i e Brodes, Renee Butn i et, WeDdy Emmir, Margaret Fages, Sheila Faro, Sharyn Fleet, Helaine Gordon, Gail Gro ss, Joan Hershbeiz, Eddys e Herzfeld, P a ula Hunter, J acqu e lin e Kaplan, Martha Kallfman, Sharon In a determined a t te mpt to raise "Dollars for Scholars/' AEPhi w illfull y and with mal ice aforethought stormed Mayor Greco's office, kidnapped him, and held him for ran som. After the deed was done, the AEPhis, clad in trench coats and dark glasses, made their escape in the "AEPhi Getaway Car.'' AEPhi organized the successful Fall Frol ics Tricycle Race. Success didn't extend to their own contestant-she had to be pushed back to the finish line! A new national sorority here, Alpha Epsi lon Phi received their charter in January, 1969. First quarter, Irene Pomerantz was chosen for Who's Who, and Sheila Fages be came a member of Athenaeum. The Evening of Green and White is the annual formal event, at which pledges pre sent skits and awards to sisters. Otficen: Bonnie Bassi, president: Gail Gordon, 1st vice-president; Elaine Levin, 2nd vice-president; Beth Arkin, recording secretary ; Karen Kirshstein, corresponding secretary; Judy Mintz, treasurer and Sharon Kaufman, assistant treasurer. Faculty spon sor is Mrs. Harriet Selia-sohn.

PAGE 114

Sisters perch precariously in the branches of a tree outside the sorority floor. Bonnie Bossi takes a welcome rest be t ween rush parties. AEPhi Kidnaps Mayor Greco Alpha Epsilon Phi Kirshstein, Karen Kleinfeld, Ellie Levin, Elaine Michaels, Jane Mintz, Judit h Nissel, Sherry Paley, Michelle Pomerantz, Irene Seigal, Sherry Steinberg, Carole Steiner, Joanne Susskind, Sandi Swisko, Renee Trager, Adrian Whitener, Gail 113

PAGE 115

Alpha Tau Omega Abry, Steve Bass, John Borrell, Tommy Brantly, Bill Bratton. Boog Bruce, Kevin Coppage, Gordon Cuffaro, Chuck Dial, Larry Dickinson, Russ Dodd, Richard Dressler, Gene Duerr, Dan Elliston, Larry Foley, Skip Gaines Mare Ganawar, Bob Gerberdang, Tom Griffith, Danny Griffith, Steve Hankins, Jim Hanson, Steve Harben, Dan Heath, Brian Heath, Charles Herrick, Sandy Hills, John Hitchcock, Burt Hoerbelt, Richard Horn, George Humphries, Mark Kreehowski, Bill Landen, Dave Lombardi, Tony Malmberg, Steve Mansour, Norman Marino, Charles Mathis, Dave McMullen, Dave McWhorter, Jim Mudd, Chuck N oto, Dennis Ochenrider, Danny Puleo, Frank Rath,Bob Reagan, Bob Sinn, George Smith, Wayne Soderlind, Mickey

PAGE 116

Stuek, Bill Sturgill, David Ta1eott, Bruee Trent, Conner Walsh, Stanley Walters, Dennis Weeks, Teddy Wheaton, Jon Will i ams, Jerry Young, Ron YuknuB,Jat Zinkie Chuek Jerry Williams presents paddle to his big brother Dan Duerr. ATO Features 'All Root, Romp and Regal' Weekend An assortment of formal and casual activities comprised the annual Alpha Tau Omega Weekend known as "All Root, Romp and Regal." Also on the social calendar was the annual A TO-SAE party and the Greek toga party. A theatre party was held at the Holiday Dinner Theatre where brothers and dates enjoyed watching "The Girl in the Freudian Slip." Another annual celebration is the Founders' Day Banquet. Third quarter '68 brought honors to ATO. They placed first in swimming and track and went on to capture the intramural trophy. A second trophy was awarded to them for the most improved pledge grades. ATO's emphasized service by working for a chil dren's home and excavating for a patio at the Hills borough County Boys Home. Officers: Jim Hankins, president; Russ Dickin son, vice-president; Steve Griffiths, secretary; and Steve Hansen, treasurer. Faculty sponsor is Dr. Christian Anderson.

PAGE 117

On Oct. 19, Theta Theta chapter of Chi Omega fraternity received their national charter. Sisters and alumnae celebrated at a formal initiation dinner. The "X and Horseshoe" pin is worn by many prominent women on campus. Peggy Apgar is presi dent of Panhellenic ; Sandy Kay is secretary of the Council of Fraternal Societies; and Jan McFarland and Susan Shaw are listed in Who's Who. Outstanding scholarship during second quarter 1968 brought Chi 0 the honor of assisting with commencement exercises. Sisters' efforts to prepare for the tricycle race were rewarded when their red and yellow owl-trike won best-decorated. It lost for sturdiness, though, when Paula Hinton's trike-riding form was impeded by the loss of her handlebars! Owl Men were announced at the formal Elusinian Ball. They are Johnny Batton and Kim Dinkle. Officers: Donna Petricek, president; Carolyn Jessen, vice-president; Vicki Vale, recording secretary; Carol Rickards, corresponding secretary; and Peggy Chandler, treasurer. Allen, Donna Bate, Liz Billinsly, Liz Bryant, Anna Chandler, Peggy Cooney, Pam Comwall, Jeanne Emmanuel, Pie Farr, Sherry Fergueson, Carol Fuss, Pat Hamilton, Judy Haskins, Faye Hinton, Paula Jeesea, C arolyn Kay, Sandy Lind, Barbara Martinusen, Linda McCurdy, Phyllis McFarland, Jan Nelson, Becky O'Shea, Sherry Pascali, Sandy Payne, Bev 116 Chi Omega Paula Hinton rides the owl-trike, that won best-decorated.

PAGE 118

Peiffer, Linda Peto, Sue Petricek, Donna Pieseo, Nancy Provau, Pat Rickards, Carol Romine, Glenda Schilling, Kay Smoot, Betsy Sopkin, Reeky Steinkamp, Jeanine Taylor, Linda Turner, Candy Vail, Vicki V erhostra, R011e White, Sara Chi O's Go National J Chi Omega's formal initiation was cele brated on Oct. 19. 117

PAGE 119

Aargrett, Louisa Anthony, Cheryl Alverez, Sally Bice ,Kay Bigby, Linda Bowman. Ann Case, Chery I Chalfont, Anne Daniels, Harriet Deacon, Linda Diamond, Sherry Dufrayne, Michelle Fresenborg, Deanne Garda, Francais Grey,B.J. Higgs, Wanda Hilton, Isabel Homyak, Linda Huck, Jane Johnson, Annette Johnson. Jill Kulas, Diane Marraro, Jane MeNealy, Mary Linda Meyers, Annie Naughton, Chinky Nelson, Elesa Nemivich, Kim Nichols, Karen Michselle, Phyllis Pemy,Lud Price, Bethany Provenzano, Gwen Provenzano, Lynn Roberts, Margy Seroka, Sherry Smith, Clyde Smith, Cozee Starford, Cathy Sweet, Sharon Thomas, Sandy Tolson, Mary Jo Van Hook, Marsha Sisters talk with rushees during informal rush. 118

PAGE 120

Tri Delta Wins Intramurals Successful participation in sorority activities characterizes Tri Delta. They were tops in sorority and overall women's intramurals, second place in Greek skits, and number one in the Phi Delta Derby sweatshirt race. Their contestants in the race liter ally "fell all over themselves" to win. They crossed the finish line by falling over it, causing all other contestants to trip over them Based on their national philanthropy, Delta Delta Delta awards a full-year scholarship to a deserving college student, one who is preferably not a sorority or fraternity member. Socially, Tri Delta enjoys the formal Crescent Ball every second quarter, and informal parties first and third quarters. Officers: Kathy Starford, president; Elsea Nel son, vice-president; Pat Collura, secretary; and Sharon Sweet, treasurer. Delta Delta Delta Sister Margy Roberts concentrates intensely on the Phi Delt Derby egg toss.

PAGE 121

D.G. Aids the Blind Lani Ziegler and Tom Dobson demonstrate the form which won them first place in the body painting contest. DG,s and dates enjoy the annual Raunchy Ranch party. Strange looking DG,s entertain the crowd at the Fall Frolics tricycle race. Delta Gamma 120

PAGE 122

Abel, Debby Alexander, Linda Anderegg, Susan Bailey, Leah Bennett, Marilyn Botts, Alice Bowden, Terry Bryer, Loree Brill, Shirley Chambers, Chris Chaney, Cherie Cook, Debby Darby, Debbie Focht, Debby Frank, Cindy Freeman, Pam Fulghum, Linda Goble, Pris Gordon, Betsy Gray, Mary Henry, Judy Hinton. Sehatzi Hofstetter, Mary Lou Holbrook, Linda Howard, Deonna Kaufmann, Linda Lconardson, Linda-Kay MacGill, Carol Mikkelson, Janan Mitchell, Marilyn Morrison, Cindy Mudd, Carol Oliver, Vivian Perlman, Abby Perry, Judi Reeks, Margaret Ressler, Donna Scussels, Mary Supemant, Jeannie Troese, Honor Winning, Sandy Wright, Donna Yavers, Fran Ziegler, Lani Sight conservation and aid to the blind was Delta Gamma's national project this year. In accordance with this en deavor, Delta Kappa chapter read to blind students and guided them to class. Although very busy with this service, sisters still found time to write and per form the award winning skit for Greek Week '68. The semi serious skit centered around the dream of a sleeping student. DGs won second place both in the Greek Sing and Phi Delt Derby. Principal social events included the semi-formal Anchora Ball and Raunchy Ranch. During the latter, DG's 68-69 Anchor Man was presented. He is Jim Montgomery of SAE. The strange-looking A TOs running around during Fall Frolics turned out to be DG pledges in ATO jerseys. (ATOs were cute in DG jerseys, too.) ATO pre sented the sisters with a 300 pound anchor, which is the Delta Gamma symbol. Sisters entertain rushees at Swiss Night.

PAGE 123

With the aid of brothers Len Kania (right) and Jim Lanier, the Delta Tau Delta Little Sisters form a shaky pyramid. Bottom row: Kathy Sales, Linda Anderson, Cookie Speller, Pat Thomson. Second row: Myra Zink, Norma Howett, Mary Herman. Third row: Jeanne Serra, Diane Kurek. Top: Diane Kulas. Not shown: Ann Feingold, Eve Holcomb, Linda Hoopingarner, Lynda Losey, Jeannine Hinkel, Bev Campbell. Delts Announce Sorority of Year Annually, Delta. Tau Delta honors a so rority for outstanding participation. This year, the award went to Kappa Delta.. February, 1968, saw the nationalization of Epsilon Pi Chapter. Now 70 men strong, the Delts work for campus and community ''To develop and promote a good social life, individuality, and develop personal initiative.'' Delts and dates look forward to the top events of the year: Delt Weekend, the Sweetheart Ball, and the Rainbow Ball. Officers are: Harry Kingsbery, president; Joe Kalish, vice-president; Bill Hamilton, corresponding secretary; Ted Wurzbacher, recording secretary; and Jim Hinkel, treasurer. 122 Albers, Ron Benvenuti, Bud Bollin, Roy Byram, Steve Coffman, Rick Cole, Jim Conley, Fred Cooke, Tom DeLong, Bob

PAGE 124

Dickinson, Marty Fleeman. Bill Flynn, Greg Franklin. John Hamilton, Bill Hinkel, James Hussey, Kevin Jacob, Tom J errems, Scott Kalish, Joe Kahn, Steve Kania, Leonard Kaskey, Tony King, Charles Kingsbery, Harry Lanier, Jim Maida, George Manning, Bob McCullough, Dick Merkle, LeRoy Miller, Archie Moses, Jim Rapp, Mike Rehrig, Dennis Roark, Richard Sams,John Schmid, Ray Smyth, Ed Toops, Ken Wannell, Bob Wats,John Webb, Fred Whitaker, Tom Williams, Norman Wurzbacher, Ted Delta Tau Delta It looks like Genghis Khan and Madame Butterfly, but it's really a Delt costume party. 123

PAGE 125

Delta Zeta Abdelnour, Candy Agliano, Doreen Bayliss, Joy Bowman, Frances Bunting, Veda Jo Conrad, Cindy DeLaCruz, Nuri DeLara, Yvonne Demmi, Arlene Finney, Linda Gearhart, Kathy Hollingsworth, Dee Kurek, Diane McClure, Susan 124 Mellon, Betsy Newman, Carol Perez, Elaine Perez, Irene Piniella, Glenda Plata, Pam Puglio, Janice Rice, Susan Robcke, Jeanne Routh, Donna Simon, Cookie Speller, Cookie Springer, Sharon Sroka, Sandy Taylor, Sue Welsh, Barbara Witucki, Ellen Irene Perez receives the "Best Sister" award from fall pledege class presi dent, Donna Routh, at the initiation banquet held at the Holiday Inn.

PAGE 126

DZ Sponsors Faculty Reception The Iota Lambda Chapter of Delta Zeta Sorority sponsored a faculty reception at USF as part of its program to help members become better citizens of the chapter, the university and the community. DZ also worked with the League of Women Voters as its philanthropy project, and held a fund-raising candy sale. The annual Harvest Moon Ball and formal Rose Ball Dinner and Dance highlighted this year's social calendar. DZ members participated in many intramural sports as well as the Phi Delt Derby. Officers: Susan McClure, president; Irene Perez, first vice-president; Barbara Welsh, sec ond vice-president ; Cookie Simon, correspond ing secretary; Jane Head, recording secretary; and Linda Lawrence, treasurer. Pledges Janice Puglio and Linda Finney present one of the pledge class's gifts to the sisterhood at the initiation banquet. Above: Delta Zeta and Phi Delt teamed up to walk away with first place in the Dress Up Contest at the Phi Dell D'erby. Billie Gordon (left) gets ready to model in the "Flame Fantasy," the DZ-sponsored fashion show held at Maas Brothers for the benefit of Tampa Oral School for the Deaf. 125

PAGE 127

Engle, Becky Farina, Lucretia Griffin, Cindy Herman, Mary Hill, Martha Jo Jardine, Elizabeth Johnson, Georgia Judy, Mary Carrow, Trudy Clement. Martha Cook, Linda Davey, Sally Jo Davis, Jeri Denmark, Candy Drieme)'er, Betts Eby,Pam Aulabaugh, Paula Beery, Ann Blumenfeld, Cindy Bodden, JoAnn Bogart, Suzanne Bojokles, Tina Bryan, Patty Camp, Myrna Knight. Sherry Mank, Carolyn Martin, Roz Mason, Pam McCauley, Dixie Meadows, Macky Nichols, Barbara Palmer, Marilynn KD Awarded Participation Trophy For outstanding achievement on campus and in the community, Delta Eta chapter of Kappa Delta sorority won the Delta Tau Delta Participation Trophy. Their outstanding accomplishments are evi denced by the many honors they have merited. KD was number one in "Dollars for Scholars." Each year, they celebrate Founders' Day by contributing to the support of six beds at the Crippled Children's Hospital in Richmond, Va. Representatives in student government are Sandy Geist, Candy Denmark, and Ginger Brown. Barbara Molinari, Liz Jardine, and Kathy Honeycutt appear in Who's Who. Kathy Honeycutt is president of Athenaeum. KDs are certainly not short on beauty and poise with Christy Jones chosen as Miss Andl"os. Those "How ya gonna keep 'em down on the farm?" girls are known for their spirit and imagina tion. They went all out to win the trike race by coming up with a giant of a trike. In farmer's over alls and a pick-up truck, KD captured first place in the Phi Delt Derby by a "nob." Officers: Terry Voght, president; Martha Cle ment, vice-president; Wendy Williams, secretary; Liz Jardine, treasurer; and Jo Ann Bodden, assistant treasurer. Faculty sponsor is Glenda Lentz. Kappa Delta

PAGE 128

The KDs present a devilish skit during rush week. The rider of KD's giant trike goes all out to win the race. KDs walk away with first place in the Phi Delt Derby. Pletcher, Linda Privette, June Quanrud, Cindy Reber, Sandy RobertB, Beverly Samaha, Mindy Segers, Jan Sellers, Debbie Shepard, Jane Siltanen, Sue Stovall, Carol Sue Tamargo, Debby Unick, Melanie Vought, Terry Weber, Janis Whitlock, Mary Ellen Williams, Wendy Wootton, Linen Wright, Candy 127

PAGE 129

128 Kappa Sigs Rock at Cave Bash Kappa Sigma Kappa Sigma Little Sisters present the chapter a banner. With clubs in hand, Kappa Sigs "dragged" dates to a unique cave party. Dressed as prehistoric cave men and women, they entered a misty, rock-walled room covered with stalagmites and stalactites. Tlie effects were cleverly created with cardboard and dry ice, and provided an original party idea. Although Kappa Sigma placed second in Green League football, they were soundly stomped by Chi Omega. The score was 30-0, Chi 0. Brothers say the referee was prejudiced. Kappa Sigs keep busy year 'round with caring for the grounds of the University Chapel Fellow ship. Other annual activities include the Founders' Day Banquet, formals, and casual parties and picnics. Officers: Albert Fox, president ; Rex Clonts, vice-president; Bruce Yeckley, secretary ; and Bruce Boerner, treasurer.

PAGE 130

Kappa Sigs display their pledge pad dies during rush. Brothers are ready to compete in the Greek chariot race. Boerner, Bruce Clonts, Rex Fergus,on, Ron Hamlin, Dan Hanshaw, Bill Harmon, Tom Lounsbury, Sandy Poston, Greg Powel1, Roger Price, Dwight Royal, Mike Sherrick, Jake Tighe, Jerry Tucker, Gary Wheatly, Ken 129

PAGE 131

Barat, Sheldon Barton, Bruce Bercov, Steve Birkmaier, Craie Cheatham, Jerry Coe, Ror;er Corcoran, Bill Cumbie, Fred Dorney, Dan Faircloth, David Fitzpatrick, Bob Foster, Jim Frisbie, Rick Haas, Kirk Hammer, Glen Hart, Mainor Hillery, Norris Horowitz, Fred Hurtak, Tom Hutchison, Robert Jackson, Robert Johnson Jerry Laubach, Robert Linsenbach, F. Littlewood Ted Losonsky, Chris Menke, Mark Merriam, Jim Nowell, Brian Palm, Jack Pancotto, Frank Pritchard, Harold Lambda Chi Kidnaps Presidents Every fraternity and sorority president was kidnapped and held for ransom. It was all in the spirit of service, though, since Lambda Chi Alpha was holding its annual Presidents Kidnap. The cost of regaining a president was one can of food for every member of the group. Over 2,000 cans of food were donated to the needy. Major social functions of the year were the Founders Day banquet, Crescent Girl Coro nation Ball, and Wipe Out. Officers: Sheldon Barat, president; Frank Pancotto, vice-president j Rick Frisbie, secretary; and Thomas Ravenel, treasurer. Fac ulty Sponsors are Dr. Charles Smith and Mr. John Doyle. Lambda Chi Alpha In the Presidents Kidaap, Lambda Chi's pre pare to "execute" the Sigma Phi Epsilon President.

PAGE 132

Brothers and their Crescent Girl pther for a "victory" pose after the chariot race. President Sheldon Barat presents a bouquet of roses to JoAnn Boden, the Lambda Chi Alpha Girl. RaveMI, Tom Reiclenbaeh, Jolm Reicger, Mae Rodriguez, Riek Rowlaad, Jolla Shepherd. James Spector, Paul Strutla, Andy Taylor .J lm Tegeftkam,, Gar1 Tonkill, Cllarlea Tyrell, 'nm Ush.e1110n. Robert Walter, Ralph Watfall, John Williams. Geol'ge Yates. Dave Yates, Geol'ge 131

PAGE 133

Phi Delt Sponsors Blood Bank During first quarter, Phi Delta Theta held a drive to acquire blood. Seventy two pints of blood were donated, and are kept at Southwest Florida Blood Bank for use by students and their im mediate families. Phi Delt organized the very popular derby that attracted Greeks to partici pate in competitive events for fun and trophies. The Police Athletic League Building was painted by the brothers for their annual national service project. Officers: Dan Marks, president ; Shields Jones, vice-president; Gene Stev ens, secretary; and Mike Shaw, treas urer. Faculty sponsor is G. Hartley Mellish. Agdamag, Peter Ahrens, Tim Allen, Kenneth Alt. Richard Beaubien, Roger Belford, Jack Blanton, Keith Bledsoe, Steven Brooks, Hugh Brown, H.M. Cannes, Stuart Coffey, Pat Dallmann, Pat Dobson, Thomas Douglas, Henry Gaffney, Dan Glaize, David Golden, William Greenlee, Richard Hampton, Mike Hays, Bruce Hoover, George lannuzzo, James Jager, Rick Joel son, Ray Johnson, Gary Jones, Shields Kelly, Patrick Kingston, J oh n Langworth, Kent Leonard, Edgar Phi Delts converse at a recep tion.

PAGE 134

The Phi Delts and their dates relax at the Valentine Semi-formal held at Quail Hollow Country Club. Likens, Rar Litzinger, Gerry Lund, John Mabry, Ritch Marks, Daniel Marriot, John Mikell, Allen Parham, Jim Partin, David Paula, Marcus Pettigrew, David Porton, Jay Reyes, Kenneth Richardson, Arthar Rothell, Dan Scoffe, Norman Sedgwick, William Seifert, Jerry Sessions, Doug Seyler, Charles Sharpless, William Shaw, Mike Sherzer, Marvin Sickling, Robert Stevens, Gene Stichter, Mark Thompson, Alan Thompson, Ed Thorpe, Corky Tipps, Gary Vach,Jerry Vanta, Tom Vargo, Robert Weeks, Carl Wutz, Garry Zogorski, Ray

PAGE 135

PKA Wins Recognition A ward Pi Kappa Alpha Pi Kappa Alpha Little Sisters Top : Liz Raleigh, Becky Etheridge, B.J.Grey, Carol Fergueson,Lynn Day, Linda Hein, Eddyse Hersh beln, Sherry Jolley, Debbie Murray, Marcelle Cherry, Donna Petrick. 134 Every year, the brothers of Pi Kappa Alpha work with the Big Brothers of Tampa in car ing for fatherless boys. Pikes took the boys for swimming and barbeque parties. For their efforts, the brothers were given a spe cial recognition award. PKA won first place in Green League foot ball, and came in second for brothers' grades quarter one. This year, they organized a Little Sister group consisting of twelve girls. Debbie Murray was announced sweetheart at the Dream Girl Ball. Officers: Mike Blanner, president; Mike Turner, vice-president; Tom Boutelle, secretary; and Steve Mackler, treasurer. Faculty sponsors are Terry Runkle and Kermit Silverwood. Anderson, Kenneth Barrett, Vinson Bagbe, Mike Blanner, Mike Boutelle, Tom Bowman, Bill Brazel, Terry Capin, Juall Carlton Bert Clark, Garth Clymer, Rod Fernandez, Elido Foster, Phil Gordon, Alan Hamiltcm, Fraak Henninger, Joha Herold,

PAGE 136

Pikes and dates dance at the 1968 Dream Girl Ball honoring Miss Debby Murray. Brothers anticipate the long run ahead with their chariot during the annual Greek Week race. Jones, Edwin Kessler, Harold Kindel, Clifford Kircher, Chris Kittle, Jay Kline, James Koth, Richard Lewis, Mike Macklen, Ste,en Miller, Ferrell Miller, Frederick Nafhiger, Dave Ohwiler, Bob O'Rourke, John Pestaluzzi, John Pribye, John Seelig, Rick Sheppard, Don Skilton, Wayne Tocco, Edward Tyner, Jack Ullman, Gary Waddington, T. Walker, William Warfield, Ronald Zolezzi Jr., Carl 135

PAGE 137

SAE Little Sisters-Top: Carol MacGill; Vicki Way, Sandy Thomas, Bill Osborne, advisor, Sue Stilley, Andy Anderson, Mindy Burke. Bottom : Pat Miller, Margaret Thornton, Jill Johnson, Terry Vo1ht, Port Rose, and Sandy Geist. Not shown: Jean Bums and Karen Howard. 136 SAE Works with City of Tampa As their main project of the year, Flor ida Delta Chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon helped Tampa with the problem of rat con trol in the slum area. Manpower was con tributed to the "Keep USF Green and Clean'' program and collected for United Fund. Annually, the Magnolia Ball is held in which the brotherhood depicts the Old South by dressing in confederate uniforms. Gasparilla day was celebrated with a party held on the Bounty in St. Peters burg. First quarter of each year is bright ened by the SAE Fall Ball. Officers: Mike Minardi, president; Jack Neese, vice-president ; Harry Dennen, secretary; and Bob Searles, treasurer. Fac ulty sponsors are George Jenkins and John Anderson. Abbott, Steven Arab, Louis But. Tony Berger, Steve Bixler, Tim Bone, Mike Bortne88, David Bourquin, Tom Brimm, Willard Calfee, Carlton Clements, Bruc:e Cor lett. Edward Corry, William Curtin, Mike Dafnis, Dave Davis, R!lymond Denen, Harry Dimond, Wa>;:ne Dykeman, B1ll Edgerton, Roy Sue Stilley, Little Sister president, presents the "Pete Mullins Unsung Hero Award" to Crail Featherman.

PAGE 138

Finkbiner, Jim Fore, Robert Garcia, Ron Gore, Richard Doug Happel, Gil Hamon, Willia m Hawken, Russel Heykens, Doug Honigsberg, Steve Houston, Hubert How e, Richard Johnson, Mike Kane, Mike Kolsky, Lance Lash, John Lauff, Sam Lewis, David Lehman, Richard Longendyke, David MacDonald, Warren Manley, Richard Marshall, Stew McCallister, Robert McCaulie, William McCorkle, Gary Miller, Robert Minardi, Michael Miguel, George Montgomery, Jim Mortoa, Jim Murray, Jerry Nail, Kenneth Neese, Jack Nettles, Val Olson, Dick Osberne, William Papr, Wayne Persona, Robert Phill!ps. Ed Price, Harold Quigley, Nick Rittenhouse, John Robertson, Clayton Scussel, Terry Shine, Steven Stewart. Michael' Tibbs, Freel Tabbe, Steven Wallace, Cameron White, Richard Winks, Frank Zilke, Steven Zimorsky, Tom Sigma Alpha Epsilon Mike Stewart, SAE president, grate fully clutches two long-missing possessions that were returned by ATO president Jim Hankins at the A TOSAE Fall Ball. 137

PAGE 139

188 Balllt!r,Jaaes Beaa,Jaaes BylaDder, Jolut Cotellia, Geore Daipalt. SteYe Duger, John Gruaeten. Bnlce Kalbu. WUiiaJII KreBII,Bill Loper, Burtoa M--.Robert MarlinaoD, Dean Mc:Craeken, John Mericka, Joe Norris, Alaa Overton. Micke)' Pau, Pete Parke, Tom Rhack, Steve Roclaate, Fraak Roclrigaez, Peter Roclrignz, Raaon Rosello, Roland R1188ell, Paul Ruiz,ADdy Sbifrill, Robert Saltb, Richard StoDe, Paul Tomaon, Robert Underprivileged pre-school children were treated to a Christmas party by the brothers of Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity. The chil dren were from Sulphur Springs Day Care Center. Sig Ep tied for first place in Green League sports and was moved up to the Gold League. May 25 was the date for the installation ban quet. It was held at the Colonial Inn in St. Petersburg. Brothers also served the community by collecting for the Heart Fund. Officers: Richard Smith, president; Jim Bean, vice-president; Harry Garcia, corre sponding secretary ; Bruce Grunsten, record ing secretary; and Steve Rinck, treasurer. Faculty sponsor is Raymond King.

PAGE 140

Sig Ep keeps the ball away from Sigma Nu in an intermural game. Viki McGowan. Sigma Phi Epsilon Sweetheart. Sig Ep gives Christmas party for pre-schoolers Officers: Richard Smith. Jim Bean. Harry Gareia. Steve Rink, Bruce Grunsten and Bill Kalbas pose in their formal attire. 189

PAGE 141

Sigma N u Captures Intramural Trophy Abbott, Mark Adams, Steve Aclolphaoa, Curtis Allen, Brian Bazata, Bob Beatty, Da\ id Bodfi s h John Bronstein, Joel Brown, Gary Bryan, Bill CarpeDter, Robert Choi, Hanyu Clement, Gordon Coate s, Tom Cohalla, Richard Corbitt, Weldon Cotterman, R. Cranor, Lawrence Cusmano Joseph Davids, Tim DeMesquita, P Dinkel, Kim Dring, Ric:k Faber, Donald Farr,Jhn FeD*!Il, Gregory Fiaher, Greg Poster, Bill Gasque, John Gugrenheilll, J For the second consecutive year, Sigma Nu won the overall intramural trophy. This year, Sigma Nu tied with ATO for first place. Brothers participate actively in the Stu dent Government and IFC. Steve Anderson was recently elected president of SG, and AI Torrence is chief justice of the judicial court. Big brother picnics are held every quar ter. White Star Weekend, held each spring, is the main social event. The fraternity conducted several service projects through. out the year. Officers: Joel Bronstein, president; AI Torrence, vice-president; Brian Stehli, secretary ; and Billie Bryon, treasurer. Fac ulty sponsors are Mr. E. A. Kasan and Mr. William McArthur. 140 Rite, Charles Jemison, Ed LiDc:oln, Dick Marshburn, Richard Mat .. ew, Bill Mathew, Jeff Miller, Joh Olsen, David Olson, Edwin Parker, Parrino, J aek Perritti, Charlie

PAGE 142

Brothers and pledges take a breather pledge-brother football game. Sigma Nu Pollle. RaymoDd Potts, Nlc:k Sc:hanl', Dould Sean, James Speight, Henr1 Splerel, Jolm Starford, Robert St. Atnant, Joint Steht, Brian Torrenee, AI Whitaker, Tom Officers display pins, trophies, and crest dur ing rush. 141

PAGE 143

TEP Little Sisters. Front row: Mareia Segall, Michele Paley, Leslie Marrich (vice-pres. 1969), Helene Platt, Barrie Massarsky (l)res. 1968), Iris Fischler, Valerie Rubin. Jane Rothstein (pres. 1969), Ande Boris (treas. 1969). Back row: Susan Goldberg, Barbara Brass (@ec. 1968), Barbara Haefele (vice-pres. 1968), Donna Moriarty, Linda Kaufmann (treas. 1968), Donna Howie Cahen (adviser). Not pictured: Marsha Sokoloff (sec. 1969), Sherry Deutsch, Leslie Fleischer, Betty Schainholtz. Former presidents Steve Rissman, Stu Mishkin, and Manny Diner exhibit the many trophies (IFC trophy in center) that prove TEP to be one of the most outstand ing and fastest-growing fraternities on campus. Quarter one pledges run eagerly onto the football field to defeat the ZBT pledges in the Toi let Bowl game. Tau Epsilon Phi

PAGE 144

TEP Wins IFC Trophy As all 13 fraternities watched anxiously, Tau Epsilon Phi won 12 of the 22 trophies presented on IFC Awards Day. Among tnese trophies were eight academic awards, one baseball award, one tennis award, the intra mural trophy and the most envied trophy of all-the IFC trophy for overall excellence. In April, TEP held its Founders' Day awards banquet. Over 45 men were pledged and installed as brothers. Service projects consisted of picnics and outings with under privileged children. TEP pledges vanquished ZBT pledges in the Toilet Bowl football game. Many brothers are outstanding ca mpu s leaders. Manny Diner served as IFC pres ident and is listed in Who's Who. Both Terry Aid man and Bruce Goldstein served as I F C treas urers. Howie Ross is second vice-president of IFC. Jerry Sternstein is senior class presi dent, and Bob Hightower is a senator. Officers: Stuart Mishkin, president ; Bruce Goldstein, vice-president; Mathew Zimmer man, recording secretary; Glen Schuman, corresponding secretary ; and Bob Moses, treasurer. Faculty sponsor is Wylie Merritt. Aidman, Terry Albertso n, Harry Allotta, Peter Applefi eld, P a u l Bietz Mare Birse,Greg Boros, Bn1ce Brass. Alan Cahen, Howard Cohen, Mic ha e l Diner, Manuel Frank, Morri s Friedman, Allan Goldbt>r g, Mark Goldstein Bru c e Gottlieb, Art Greenber g E. Grosso, Domenic Grumet, Robert Katz, William Kay, Kenneth Kitman, Mark Mai s el, Allan Mishkin, Stuart Mor e no Dennis Moriarty. Wm. Mose s Bob Moss, Frank Olitzky. Lee O s ter, Jerry Rabinowitz, A. Richter, Keith Rissman, Stev e Ritterman, Fred R ose n, Mich a el Ross, Howard Sehwa rtz, Larry Schw artz, Steve Shuman, G l enn Simon, Arnold Stave Jon Sternste i n, G. Tannen, Jon Titley, Nil s Wahnish, Jon P Walker, John Zimmerman M. 143

PAGE 145

Attders, Kirk Baillargeoa. J. Batura, Tho111u Bergdoll, Dnid Brown, John Bruc::e,Bob Caffee. Michael Cave, Tlloas Cbristiauen, S. Coffeen. W. G. C.Ole. Wally Dingle, Dettais Ducllef1 William Farwell, Charles Goran, Daniel Harbia, Roger Boleombe, David Iagie, Louie Jones, Bolt Kabuh,Rick Tau Kappa Epsilon 144 George See vers Circle K coordinator for March of Dimes and Patty Wen dell, Tampa Miss M arch of present a trophy to Dave Bergdoll of TKE. TKE collected the most money, $384, at USF. TKE Little Sisters-Bottom: Patty Cave, Joan Gross, Nancy Toller. Top: Jerry Campion, Pam Finch, Sue Heidel.

PAGE 146

Wilder, Charles Libby, Aadrew MeCaan, Donald Millesoa, Jamea Musial, Stan NelaoD, Tomar Otto, Kim Paee, Eddie Palater, Doul'laB Perenehto, M. Powell, Rlelaard Rodripaes, Jor&'e Roes, Mylee Raaao, John Schwartz, R. Seidler, Ray Simmons. Geae Sn)'der, William Sudary. Glenn Taylor, Seott Weber, Louy Once again the TKE bell rang out and brought in the most money collected for March of Dimes. For this, the fraternity was awarded the Circle K trophy. Another worthy cause prompted the brothers to 00. nate many pints of blood. A traditional Tau Kappa Epsilon activity attracts spectators every year-their own Homecom ing parade and float. Throughout the year, brothers enjoyed beach, boat and ski parties, and especially the Halloween party, Sweetheart Ball, toga party and Red Carnation Ball. Quarter II brought honors with the election o, Charles Wilder to IFC president, and the blue ribbon in the Green League swim meet. Officers: Charles D. Wilder, president; David Bergdoll, vice-president; John Rodgers, secretary : and Kirk Anders, treasurer. Faculty sponsors are Dr. Dave Clement and Richard R. Whitney. Jorge Rodriguez holds the light while Marty Perenchio and Mike Caffee make an unsuccessful attempt to dig up the TKE horseshoe. I The TKE float rides proudly in the Homecoming Parade. 145

PAGE 147

146 Tri Chi Gets Bid From Kappa Tri Chi's Fall Pledge class forms a wobbly pyramid at a slumber party. On the bottom (left) is Peggy Rocha, Gwen Gove, Gay Deland, and Linda Minldey. The seeond tier is Shirley Sanchez, Viki McGowan, and Llnda Losey. Top ping the soon-to-fall structure is petite Alice Rash ley. Alpha Theta During second quarter, Tri Chi received a bid from Kappa Alpha Theta national sorority. Tri Chis are contest winners. Linda Foures was the 1968 Miss Aegean. Best Dressed Girl on Campus was Janet Hotard. Vicki McGowan was selected Sig Ep Sweetheart. Other outstanding sisters include Sandi Thomas, student coordinator of the Florida Poetry Festival, and Carolyn Gonnan, presi dent of Panhellenic. Tri Chis donated the most canned food to Lambda Chi Presidents Kidnap-.508 cans I Their participation in Derby Day brought trophies for the egg toss and the tug-of-war. They held two successful car washes, and gave hospitalized children a gala Valentine party. Socials were held with TKE and Delt fraternities. Officers: Margaret Miller, president ; Cherie Williams, vice-president; Trish Gibbons, cor responding secretary; Judy Huffman, re cording secretary ; and Linda Carmichael, treasurer. The Sisters relax in their 'Alice In Tri Chi Land' costumes during a break be tween the Fall Theme Night Rush Parties. Tri Chi Allen, Barbara Anderson, Linda Auseue, Liz Bell, Lin Beller, Theresa Berryhill, Lee Ann Blair, Leslie Brauner, Judy Clark, Judy Cole, Sharon Croeker, Kathy Deland, Gay Diekinson, Susan DuPont, Janet Favata, Ceeilia Gareia, Deni s e Gillies, Sharon Gonzales, Judy Gonzulez, Kathy Gorman, Carolyn Gove,Gwen Haefele, Ba rbara Hall, Marilyn Harris, Eileen Head, Lynda Hiehox, Lee Ann Hotard, Janet Huffmaa, Jud1

PAGE 148

Hatnyak, Vicki Jackson, Barbara Jones, Nita Keating, Cathy Keenth, Linda Kilby, Susan Klar, Gayle Lamson, Sally Lay, Bon11ie Licht, Cindy Losey, Lynda Marchese, Minnie Martinson, Linda McGowen, Viki McNally, Peggy Miller, Margaret Minkley, Linda Peronto, Linda Pierce, Sharon Pakini, Sharon Rashley, Alice Raska, Rose Rocha, Peggy Rohrer, Beverly Sanchez, Shirley Shaffer, Glenda Sheppard, Sara Soloman, Karen Stoltz, Kay Thomas, Sandie Waltz, Sherry Williams. Cherie Willaon,Ceil Linda Anderson (left) and Lee Ann Hickox work hard during one of Trl Chi's Car Washes. 147

PAGE 149

Mark Kaplan, ZBT's ace trike rider, is cheer fully congratulated for his energetic peddling performance. Above: This golden throne went to the winners of the ZBT-TEP pledge football game called the Toilet Bowl. Although their team was defeated, ZBT plans to win back the bowl next year. Right: Brothers with outstanding grades are honored regu larly at a Skeleton Key dinner. Zeta Beta Tau 148

PAGE 150

Beta Tau Colony Becomes ZBT Chapter On March 4, 1969, Beta Tau Colony received its national charter and became Gamma Chi chapter of Zeta Beta Tau fraternity. They celebrated their local inception in February by a Founders' Weekend banquet. Many unique social activities were enjoyed by the "Zebes." These included TGIFs, Z Bar T western party, grape stomp, Snuffy Smith party, charter boat fishing, and the ZBT-Phi Delta Theta Chanukah-Christmas party. All activities were culminated in May with the Blue and Gold formal. Outstanding brothers on campus are Scott Barnett, former SG president, and Ken Rubin, SRG chairman. Officers: Neil Sorrentino, president ; Phil Cohen, vice-president; Harvey Schonbrun, cor responding secretary; Jack Plasky, recording secretary; and Bryan Pivar, treasurer. Faculty spofl8Qr is Dr. Edward Silbert. Abel, Richard Aidman, Randy Barnes, Riek Barnett, Scott Berry, Ste\' e Cohen, Phillip Cohn, Steve l<'riedman, Ron Glusman, Mark Godes, Harlan Goldstein, Jack Greene, Alan Harris, James Kaplan, Mark Kirsch, Rick Kraus, Butch Long, Richard Mersel, Mickey Nemenoff, Bruce Pivar, Bryan Plaaky, Jack Quain, Steve Rosen, Lawrence Rosenbush, Barry, Schatzman, Larry Schonbrun, Harvey Schwartz, Richard Scott, Larry Shookoff, Cary Silverman, Robert Simoni, Randy Sklenar, John Smith, Stuart Sorrentino, Neil Stock, Harley Sutton, Herb Tannenbaum, Harris Vale, WiHiam Weinstein, Gary Weisman, Ron 149

PAGE 151

150 Theta Chi reaches for basket to score. Asher, Phillip Childers, Curtis Condron, To Daniels, George Helton, Larry Layman, Doug MeCullough, John Mobilio, Gary O'Reilly, John Pickett, Gary Siteh, Robert Stewart, Nor Theta Chi Theta Chi Attends Florida State Festival Theta Chi colony attended the Florida State Fes tival April19 and 20. This convention involved every Theta Chi chapter in the state. National officers were present to discuss the fraternity's problems and policies. Another yearly highlight is the Red and White Ball at which the Theta Chi Dream Girl and her court are crowned. Scholarship is important, too, as exemplified by their 2.7 grade point average which exceeded both the overall fraternity average and overall men's average for quarter one. Theta Chi works with the Big Brothers of Tampa in caring for fatherless boys. Brothers and children both enjoy picnics and gam e s at Hillsborough Park. Officers: George D aniels, president; John O'Reilly, Jr., vice-president; J ack Mann, secretary; and Phillip Asher, treasurer. Faculty sponsor is Dr. Robert Welker. 4$ a&ili

PAGE 152

CFS Plans "The Week of the Greek" SCHEDULE OF EVENTS FOR APRIL 20 TO 26 Sunday: Parade with Sorority Floats, Chariot Judg ing, and Street Dance. Monday: Chariot Race, Kite Flying Contest. Tuesday: Individual Sorority and Fraternity Meetings, Fine Arts Concert sponsored by Panhellenic. Wednesday: Sing. Thursday: Skits. Friday: All University Show. Saturday: Greek Dance. Co-Chairman, Elesa Nelson and Kim Dinkel pose with awards given each year to win ners of ehariot judging and raee, skit, and song competitions. Each year, beginning in September, every fra ternity and sorority is represented in the Council of Fraternal Societies to plan the annual Greek week events. CFS is a forum of discussion for Greek problems and promotes inter-Greek unity. This year has seen the creation of an All-Greek Chorus which has been invited to several song feats, and will also sing during Greek Week and at the 1969 Graduation Exercises. Officers are: Co-Chairman, Kim Dinkel and Elesa Nelson; Secretary, Sandy Kay; and Treasurer, John Rittenhouse. Top: Diane McCall, AD Pi, Sehatzi Hinton, D G, Cindi Griffin, KD, Elesa Nelson, Tri-Delta, Wendy WiUiam, KD, Gwen Gove, XXX, Carole Stein burg, AEPhi. Bottom: Kim Dinkel, Sigma Nu, Bill Dudley, TKE, Linda Hornyak, Tri-Delta, Brian ADen, Sigma Sandy Kay, XO, Tom Parkes, Sig Ep, Leo Litsky, TEP, John Rittenhouse, SAE. 151

PAGE 154

Organizations 153

PAGE 155

Who's Who 1969 Whos Who Among Students in American Uni versities and Colleges honors outstanding students chosen by their schools on the ba.sis of scholarship, leadership, and responsibility. At USF, a team of three faculty members and three students review the nominations and select the students who best meet these criteria. A listing in Who's Who is one of the highest honors a collegE! student can receive. Conrad, Cynthia L. Diner, Manuel Dobson, Thomas W. Garcia, Mario R. Googel, Phyllill F. Goraan, Carolyn K. Hooeycatt. K. Hickox, Lee Ann 154 Anto11., William D. Belsito, Roseanne Bowers, Patricia Cleveland, Elizabeth

PAGE 156

' Torrence, Alfred W. Hooks, J. H. (Ben) Hoover, George W. Jardint', Elizabeth N. Lehman, Richard Leslie, Lauren Lone. Lynda Kay McFarland, Janet M. Molinari, Barbara Petruska Ill, A. M. Pomerantz, lreDe Power, Sally Jo Pulin, Linda Marel.a Sehreer, Linda M. Taylor, Leslie Ann Tonkin, Not pictured: Sharon Barfield, Patricia Kay Bowers, Richard F. Jones, John Haupt, Susan Shaw, Linda Ann Thornton, and Raymond Rodgers.

PAGE 157

Aegean Staff Meets Challenges and C hanges Lay-Out and Seniors Staff: Sue Amon; Judy Henry, Senior Editor; Sioux Harlan; Martha Kaplan; Sherry Austin, Quarter 2 Lay-out Ed itor; Ann Erwin; Joan Malloy; Nancy Wooder son; Decca Hill, Quarter 1 Lay-Out Editor. 156 Copy and Organizations Staff: Donna Olive; Mercy Pell; Linda Minkley, Quarter 2 Organizations Editor; Leonard Kania, Quarter 1 Organizations Editor; Jan Geraghty; Linda Alexander; Barrie Massarsky, Copy Editor. Academics and Promotions Staff: Dixie McCauley; Sue Siltanean; Milt Morrison, Promotions Chair man; Carol MacGill, Academics Editor; Robbie Jack man; Jan Yates.

PAGE 158

Professor Steve Yates, Advisor; Cookie Speller, Editor-in-Chief; Myles Ross, Managing Editor. Reflections of a changing campus and its inhabitants are captured and preserved for all time in the Aegean. An observant, dedicated staff records the moments which express the activities and aspira tions of USF students. The changes to a new office, a new staff and a new approach offered challenges which were suc cessfully met. Last minute telephone calls, inter views, photographs, and sales provided tensions which finally dissolved in May with the finished product-the illustrated record of one year at USF: the 1969 Aegean. Greeks and Sports Staff: Kneeling-Bob Bruee, Lynda Losey, Frank Moss, Helen Moses. Standing-Leslie Fauls; Marlene Warren; Max Ramos, Sports Editor; Schatzi Hinton, Greek Editor; Allen Green stein; Linda Gittleman. 157

PAGE 159

Karate Club First Trainee To Black Belt Begun in 1964, the USF Karate Club, instructed by Major C. L. Salter, has become the leading collegiate karate organization in the Southeast. The current membership boasts a large number of green belts and about 10 brown belts. Last summer, the first student to be trained entirely at USF was pro moted to black belt by Master Okazaki of Philadel phia. Following the standards and principles of the Japan Karate Association, the 50 members partici pate in tournaments and instruction sessions. They sponsored the annual All-Florida Karate Associa tion Tournament in July, and the Florida College Karate Tournament in February. Master Ueki of Ft. Lauderdale visited this month to test and instruct. Officers: Charles Doerr, president; Stephen Bloom, vice-president; German Gonzalez, treasurer; and David Elman, publicity. Faculty sponsor is Dr. Frederic Zerla. Charles Doerr and Steven Bloom show how karate is used for self-defense. Kneelin&': J. Pullen; P. Crowell; S. Bloom; Major C. L. Salter, ehlef instructor; T. Nwea; C. Doerr. Standing: D. Linder; G. Graham; L. Albuerne; B. Grunsten; D. Fisher; M. Haseman; S. Murrey. 158

PAGE 160

Front row: J. Beverly, R. Jones, R. Talone, C. Pat terson, K. Robb, L. Richie, R. Lee, M. Whitmire. Second row: Mr. L. Limoges, Dr. S. Rothwell, B. Rosas, M. Turner, W. Peterson, K. Jones, Dr. D. Stowers. Dr. Robert Fuson conducts an Informal tutorial for Ron Talone (left) and Vie Cummings. Gamma Theta Upsilon Tutors Geography Students Furthering the field of geography at USF is Kappa Kappa Chapter of Gamma Theta Upsilon. Investigation and study are made possible through varied academic experiences, practical discipline, and research loans. A tutoring service and equipped study area are provided for members. Officers : Ron Talone, president ; Lee Richie, vice president; Wayne Peterson, secretary; and Cookie Paterson, treasurer. Faculty sponsor is Mr. Lance Limoges. 159

PAGE 161

Front row: R. Stevens, M. Santry, D. Schmidt, M. Sheppard, S. Smith, S. Trainor, K. Farner, J. Walker, D. Lattin, Sister Mary Jean, K. Gadinski, T. Tyner. Second row: 0. Hodowal, R. Weber, C. Giarratana, M. Postek, J. Timm, J. Busciglio, K. Dwyer, K. Stackhouse, J. Coffill, R. Lamb, M. Lawler, Father Farmer. Catholic Student Union Active service on campus and in the community is the keynote of the Catholic Student Organization (CSO). Its 300 members provide religious services for Catholics and Lutherans, offer education in the ology and marriage, and coach and teach in Tampa schools. Officers : John CoffiiJ, Mike Lawler, Shirley Trainer, presidents; Elizabeth Bristle, secretary; and Father Robert Farmer, chaplain. Faculty spon sors are Dr. Louis Bowers, Mrs. J. Bell, and Dr. Robert Murphy. Fla. Engineering Society In order to develop a sense of true professional ism among USF's engineering students, the Florida Engineering Society (FES) presented a program which would prompt questioning and thoughtful reflection. A series of presentations was given by individ uals and groups to acquaint members with the re sponsibilities of the profession : responsibilities to oneself, to industry, and to society at large, as well as to the engineering profession itself. As an affil iate of the National Society of Professional Engi neers, the FES carried out the program with the aid of the Tampa and Pinellas FES chapters. Front row: L Conner, president; R. Feight; R. Donaghy; J. Boney, vice-president; J. Ricci; R. Laeates; D. Fe rnan dez; K. Lingard; K. Young; W. Gooch; C. McManus. Second row: C. Cuffaro; H. Lindenbaum; ft. Newbern; Mrs. D. McClellan; Mr. T. Sawyer; J. mshop; M. Vamer; D. Sheppard; P. Haley, secretary; R. Fowler; Dr. M. Donaldson, sponsor 160 >

PAGE 162

BSU members hold an informal folk siDg. A daily life of Christian vocation interpreted in the light of higher learning-this goal guides the members of the Baptist Student Union (BSU). BSU members sponsor the "English in Action" conversation program to aid international students, tutor in campus HEP programs, and work with Negro youth in area churches. Fund-raising projects finance students working in summer service pro grams at home and abroad. The Baptist Student Union holds an annual "Gaod News" folk musical, a fall planning confer ence, and weekly vespers and Sunday services. The center is open daily for study, recreation and coun seling. Officers: Ron E. Walker, president; Jim Satter white, vice-president: Marilyn Douglas, secretary: and Mr. Ed Lilly, chaplain. Faculty sponsor is Dr. Elton Smith. Baptist Student Union Lives and Learns Christianity Front row : J. Nicks; V McGowan; C Lilly; J Lassiter; M. Douglas; B. Marsh. Second row : R. Shoemaker; J. Boggs ; Rev T Edw in Lilly, Area Director; J. Moore; G. Hatta w ay; L. Varney; J. Wooldr id g e, Assoc. Director. Not shown : J Satterwhite; R. Robinson; R. Faulks; L Barry; B. Hor ton; R. Hutcheson ; K. Car penter; P. Gupton; J. Kauffman ; J. Britt; V Stevens; C. Powell ; M Hunter 161

PAGE 163

P. Little; T. Suchovy; Dr. A. Sokolsky, Advisor; C. Bower; L. Hackett, Secretary; J. Nelson; A. Nieman, President; N. Pasch; B. Benjamin, Vice-president; D. Blomgren; P. Brown; G. A. Cook; B. Young; L. Mezei; J. Bellin, Historian; B. Morgon; A. Bussendorfer; N. Bower. Russian Club Presents 'Russian Evening' A one-act Russian play, fast-mov ing Russian dances, and a Russian chorus were featured in the "Russian Evening" program presented Feb. 28 by the Russian Language and Culture Club. The program brought the ex citement and color of a vital world power to Russian language students and Russian Club members of other universities. The club also sponsors classical Russian films to further acquaint students with Russia's language and culture. Officers: Arnold Nieman, president; Ben Benjamin, vice-president; Lynn Hackett, secretary ; Vicki treasurer; and Judy Bellin, historian. Faculty sponsor is Dr. Anatole A. Sokolsky. 162 Chorus rehearses for 'Russian Evening'.

PAGE 164

Collegiate Civinettes Serve As Law Day Guides their goal of service to campus and community, Collegiate Civin ettes participated in USF's Law Day by guiding visitors around campus. The service club also works with the HEP thrift shop. Proceeds go to the HEP scholarship fund. Members donate their time and efforts to the University Li brary's Special Collections Department, where they tend the newspaper filea. Officers: Ann Durrett, president; Den ice Pelletier, vice-president; Robin Brink ley, secretary; and Patricia Lapentti, treasurer. Faculty sponsor is Dr. Robert Egolf. Community sponsor is the North Tampa Civitan Club. Members sift through stacks of news papers in the files of the library's Special Collections Department. Ann Durrett, president; Alice Jones, Patsy Lapentti, treasurer; Mary Lee Healey, Dee Pelletier, vice president; Pam Birch, Robin Brinkley, secretary. Not pictured: Sue Day, Rene Polen, Pat Ware. Nancy Wright. 163

PAGE 165

Kneeling: R. Van Winkle, F. Shoemaker, H. LeFevre, W. Cox, F. Noter, F. Daughtery, F. Holmes, N. Schm i d t S. Monroe, G. Graham, W. Wright, R. Goodall. Standing: J. Koelsch, D. Crook, G. Self, C. Merrill, G. Sumb y, J. McNeill, J. Valentino, J McMahon, P. Wotring, S. Nelson, W. Barnes, B. Hayes, J. Strieby, R. Smith, C James, A. Chennault, D. Clark. Economics Club Invites Businessman A forum for the expansion of economic knowl edge and its practical applications is provided by the Economics Club. Speakers from major industries are featured at weekly meetings. A few of these prominent businessmen included: Mr. James Smith, personnel director for Eastern Airlines; Mr. E. K. Crother, personnel director for Burlington Industries; Dr. Arthur Upgren, dean of busines.s admin istration at McAllister College; and Mr. Joe B. Cor dell, vice-president of finance for the Jim Walter Corporation. Officers: James McNeill, president; Hal LeFevre, vice-president; Phil Notring, secretary-treasurer; and R. F. Van Winkle, corresponding secretary. Faculty sponsor is Leslie W. Small. 164 One of many prominent visitors speaks to the club on businessman's role in today's American economy.

PAGE 166

Kneeling: David Batelaan, Knute Lingaard, Paul Vianey, David Bower, Michael Varner, Daniel Fernandez, Bill Gavilan, George Olando, James Bishop. Middle Row: Andrew Perlowski, David Tharp, Fred Redmond, Tim Davids, Enrique Marcet, Jeff Jacobsohn, Russell Herrick, Robert Newbern, Chuck Coffaro. Top Row: James Head, Dorothy McClellan, Pat Haley, Russell Johnson, Robert Donaghy, John St. Amant, Robert Fowler, Julian Cannon. Engineering College Association Acts As Spokesman The purpose of the Engineering College Asso ciation (ECA) is to be the spokesman for upper level engineering students. As the center of this student body, it heard and expressed student opinions and provided them with programs within their interests. The 350 members hear lectures by various engi neers, tutor students, and help with the teacher evaluation. Social events were highlighted by the Engineering Ball in the spring. Officers: Charles P. Coffaro, president; David Batelaan, vice-president; and William R. Fowler, treasurer. Faculty sponsor is Dean E. W. Kopp. Students study technical magazines in a reading room of the Engineering College. 165

PAGE 167

Although a national chapter of Alpha Phi Omega National Service Fraternity for only a year, the 40 members of Tau Mu Chapter have already organized and supervised the vital new Election Rules Committee. The Alpha Phi Omegas have more than lived up to their goal of service to campus, community and nation. Utiliz ing every ounce of manpawer, they suc cessfully accomplished the massive task of cleaning the riverfront area. Broth ers worked with a Tampa Methodist Church and manned a Boy Scout troop in the Gary District. Officers: Keith Bletzer, president; Craig Birkmier and Jim Terry, vice presidents; Charles (Doc) Snidar, secretary; and Jim Codero, treasurer. Fac ulty sponsors are Dean Wildy and Dean Whitney. Bob Bathate, Ray Ashley and Bruce Kamelhair man the tools for clearing land at Chin segut while Keith Blatzer takes a breather. A Phi 0 Forms Election Rules Committee 166 Front Row: R. Sanders, J. Terry, T. Jimenez, B. Kamelhair, R. Roper, L. LaGrande, C. Snidar, M. Garcia; Middle Row: E. Bush, 0. Ros, J. Codero, S. Koski, C. Jones; Back Row: K. Bletzer, J. Miller, B. Hutchings, F. Biggins, J. Krog.

PAGE 168

Members of Gold Key: F. Bowman; B. Edgerton; J, Griffin, President; K. Honeycutt, Treasurer; C. Jessen, Recording Secretary; E. Johansen; B. Klein; H. LeFevre; P. Lewis, CorrespondinJt Secretary; A. Lovitt, Vice President; K. Osborne; A. Perlowsky; L. Sayre; C. Strong; K. Sutton; S. White. Gold Key Honors New Members Gold Key Honor Society celebrated the addition of 167 new members at the Holiday Dinner Theatre. After a delicious din ner, all enjoyed the amusing theatre pres entation. Gold Key was formed in the fall of 1963 to "recognize and encourage scholarship, to stimulate leadership, and to develop a spirit of service and fellowship." Juniors and seniors with a grade point average of 3.3 are eligible for membership. During orientation, Gold Key sponsors a party for incoming freshmen who were honor students in high school. The new students are advised on which courses to take. In cooperation with Athenaeum, Gold Key annually presents the Honors Award for Teaching Excellence to an outstanding teacher at USF. Officers: Jerry H. Griffin, president; Ann Lovitt, vice-president; Carolyn Jes sen, recording secretary; Pat Lewis, cor responding secretary; and Kathy Honeycutt, treasurer. Faculty sponsor is Dr. Jerome Krivanek. Members talk over coffee at the installation dinner held at the Holiday Dinner Theatre. 167

PAGE 169

Front Row: Mel Higa, Nel son Stone, Allen Benson, Bob Drick, Mr. Vance Jen nings. Back Row: Ferrell Lister, Dan Radebaugh, Ty Riddle, Jack Geist, Joe Lieb, Dr. Gary Wolf. Athenaeum Athenaeum, the scholastic honor society for junior and senior women, considers reading final examinations to blind students one of their more important projects. This is done at the end of each quarter for those students who do not have their own readers. The members, chosen for their outstanding scholarship and leadership, man an information table for new students during the first two days of classes. This helps smooth the transition from high school to college. They also sponsor a tea for for eign students. Athenaeum, with Gold Key Honor Society, an nually awards an outstanding teacher with the Hon ors Award for Teaching Excellence. Phi Mu Alpha One of the newest campus organizations is Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Fraternity of America. Pro spective members of Upsilon Phi chapter must have an earnest desire to learn more about music, a 2.5 GPR, and need not be a music major. The purpose of the music fraternity is fourfold: to advance the cause of music in America, to foster the mutual welfare and brotherhood of music students, to develop a fraternal spirit among members, and to encourage loyalty to the Alma Mater. Officers: James Riddle, president ; Kip Hamm, vice-president; Dick McCullough, secretary; and Don Pyle, treasurer. Faculty sponsor is Dr. Everett Anderson. Front Row: Irene Pomerantz, Sheila Fages, Carol Watson, Lee Ann Hickox, Cathy Mosely, Phyllis Googel, Sara Conklin, Shirley Trainor, Chris Koutras, Kathy Honeycutt, Linda Dodson, Margaret Miller, Dona Clark. Second Row: Linda Erickson, Mary Vega, Patty Hill, Lauren Leslie, April Mohr, Barbara Greene, Christie Evans,, Jennie Loudermilk, Kathy Kessler, Nancy Richards, M. Spencer. ,,

PAGE 170

Marine Biology Club A meeting place for persons who share an honest interest in marine sciences is found in the USF Marine Biology Club Since November, 1964, innu merable newsletters have been published, many field trips have been taken, and various interesting speakers, films and discussions have been provided for members. Academic counseling is available for those who are interested in a career in marine sciences. Officers : Stephen Bloom, president ; Barbara Boss, secretary-treasurer; and David Hunter, editor. Faculty sponsors are Dr. Joseph Simon, Dr. Joe Lin ton, Dr. John Lawrence, Dr. John Briggs, and Dr. Clinton Dawes. Pi Mu Epsilon MembersDr. F. Zerla, advisor; R. Joelson, president; L. Bry er, secretary-treasurer: D. Winslow, vice-president; Dr. F. Cleaver advisor. Members of Marine Biology Club-Bottom Row: P. Blasckka, K. Fuller, A. Blasckka, S. Acker, C. Mar quardt. Top Row: D. Simon, advisor, K. Davies, D. Hunter, S. Bloom, G. Pettit, N. Piesco. Pi Mu Epsilon Scholarly activity in mathematics is promoted by the national mathematics honorary fraternity, Pi Mu Epsilon. Members are selected on the basis of their completion of the calculus sequence, and their proficiency in mathematics and other areas of study Since 1966, Florida Epsilon chapter has presented a monthly program of mathematical talks by either a student, faculty member, or visiting lecturer. Featured this year were Dr. Howard Taylor of Florida State University, and a joint banquet with Sigma Pi Sigma, the physics honorary. Officers: Ray Richard Joelson, president; David Winslow, vice-president; and Loree Annette Bryer, secretary-treasurer. Faculty sponsor is Dr. Frank Cleaver. Dr. Frederic Zerla is the faculty corre spondent. 169

PAGE 171

Right: Mario Garcia, Editor-in Chief; Connie Haigley, Managing Editor. Below: Margie Sisk, News Editor; Oscar Ros, Make up Editor. Oracle Wins Top Award For the fourth consecutive year, the Oracle won the All-American award for general excellence from the Associated Collegiate Press. The Oracle received top ratings in all areas, and was praised for their "creative effort probing into university problems and for human interest coverage." In living up to its motto, "We cover the campus as a blanket," the Oracle expanded its pages and staff. Color pictures were in cluded in every issue, and a firm stand was taken on editorial matters. The Oracle sponsors the Bunion Derby and serves as a lab for journalism students. First quarter, several staff members jour neyed to New York for the Associated Col legiate Press convention. 170 Advertising Staff: Charles Copeland, Dennis Trubey, Rosemarie Smith, Lon Walters, Mike Mullens. Not shown: Advertising Manager, Pat Hill.

PAGE 172

Staff writers: S. Adam,; J. Guggenheim, B. Hull, B. Bradford, R. Zogorksi, J. Thomson. D. Young, Staff Artist; L. Taylor, Editorial J. Smith, Sports Editor. M. Kamin, Fine Arts Editor; P. Runnels, Entertainment Editor. 171

PAGE 173

S.C.E.C.Sponsors Canteen Promoting the welfare and education of exceptional children is the business of the Student Council for Exceptional Children (SCEC). Members visited MacDonald Training Center to sponsor a canteen for retarded young adults. The SCEC also provides information and experiences which supplement the profes sional training of students interested in special education. Authorities on excep tionality lecture frequently. Members par ticipate actively in state and national conventions, and during the past year the SCEC has seated two state officers and one national officer from their member ship. Officers: Tom Jones, president; Richard Touchton, president-elect; Kathleen Ryan, recording secretary; Jacqueline Gillman, corresponding secretary ; and Malcolm An derson, treasurer; Faculty sponsor is Dr. Irwin S. Levy. Front Row: T. Zitman; J. Guker; J. Clark; L. Sandifer. Second row: T. Jones, President; R. Doyle; D. Touchton, President elect; D. O'Brien; D. Orenstein. Psi Chi Stimulates Professionalism An important function of Psi Chi, the national psychology honor society, is to nourish professional growth. For this reason, the club presents weekly lectures and panel discussions. Members held a get-acquainted coffee in the Uni versity Center to familiarize students with Psi Chi programs. A study room is being established for the members' use. Officers: Linda Eizabeth Sayre, president; Patrick Minnax, vice-president; Murray Hake Fisher, corresponding secretary; Jane Daugherty Barker, record ing secretary; and Sharon Sutton, treas urer. Faculty sponsor is Dr. David E. Clement. Front row: B. Tanner; C. Schramm; C. Fairbanks; Dr. D. Clement, Advisor; P. Minnox, Vice-president; N. Voissem; J. Bedell. Second row: S. Alfonso; K. Sutton, Program VP; S. Sutton; K. Honeycutt; L. Sayre, President; D. Rose; M. Fisher, Corresponding Secretary; J. Geraghty; Lea Clement. 172

PAGE 174

R. Williams, I. Ingraham, D. Holder, C. DeVlig, J. Morton, T. Poreh, S. Porch, C. Cuseo, B. Harrison, Dr. John Hatcher, Advisor. Baha'i's Stress Oneness of Man The Baha'i' faith is an independent world re ligion with followers in almost every country. The three basic principles of Baha'i' are the oneness of God, the oneness of religion, and the oneness of mankind. This includes an independent search for truth, the adoption of a universal auxiliary lan guage, the condemnation of all prejudice, and aboli tion of extremes of wealth and poverty. USF Baha'i' Club members provide a free child care service at the Progress Village Community Center. Panel discussions and social programs are held to promote racial interaction. Officers: Dr. John Hatcher, chairman; Tim Porch, vice-chairman; and Carol Joyce, secretary-treasurer. OBK Honors Leaders The 13 men of Omicron Beta Kappa have demonstrated outstanding leadership and scholarship. The purpose of OKB is to honor male leaders and pro vide programs which promote leadership in all phases of campus life. OBK sponsored a student leader dinner-conference at which student problems and responsibilities were discussed. Officers: Frank Winkles, president, and Charles Rodgers, secretary-treasurer. Faculty sponsor is Dr. Robert Ellis. Front Row: B. Hooks, F. Winkles, C. Rod gers. Back Row: M. Diner, C. Tonkin, A. Torrence, M. Stewart. Not pictured: B. Brown, R. Lehman, D. Moyer, S. Barnett. 173

PAGE 175

"Break A Leg" Means Good L uck To Bay Players At any university or community theatre produc tion, Bay Players are around to wish the performers good luck, "Break a leg!" They are also there to do their part in promoting and developing better theatre. Bay Players usher for the university's Center Stage productions sponsor road shows, and hold a high school theatre workshop and competition. They also work on Theatre Coffee Hours presented every Friday and do many children's shows. Their organ ization thus seeks to provide those interested in theatre a real chance for participation both on cam pus and in the community. Officers: Susan Strandberg, president; Ralph Ragan, vice-president; Mary Greer, secretary; Kathy Schwall, treasurer; and Rick Bowser, historian. Some o f t h e players study a stage model for the production of IN FERNAL MACHINE. 174 Bottom Row: Susan Strandberg, Mary Greer, John Haupt, Barbara Parker; Second Row: Aleida Chumley, Frank Morse, Doug Kaye, Mr. William Lorenson (Advisor), Kathy Cas tiglioni, Kathy Schwall, Dave Stempler; Third Row : Ralph Ragan, and Carol Phillips.

PAGE 176

Front Row: J. Brantley, M. Stel basky, E. Rodgers,.J. Roark. Sec ond Row: G. Smith, K. Fullerton, B. Austin, J. Stonehouse, W. Blanchard. Third Row: C. Kog ler, E. Levin, M. Stone, M. Mitch ell. Fourth Row: J. Breese, J. Jennings, R. Martin, G. Ever leigh, S. Foxworth. Last Row: F. Valdes, P. Rodriquez, C. Pence, B. Pless, R. Domanski. Sr. Accounting Introduces Students to Professionals The goals of the Senior Accounting Or ganization are to facilitate student-faculty relations, associate students and profes sionals, and assist accounting majors by providing services and information. A program of banquets, guest speakers and pic nics accomplishes these goals. Officers: Mike Stone, president; Robert Robertson, vice-president; Marsha Stel basky, recording secretary; Joan Tiller, corresponding secretary; and Steve Adel stein, treasurer. Faculty sponsor is R. J. West. Officers check a list of prospective guest speakers for the organization. 175

PAGE 177

Left to right, behind the car: S. Richardson, G. Brosch, L. Miller, H. Stock, H. Linden baum, R. Swigger, J. Jelemen sky, C. Terhune, N. Eckhardt, B. Hutchings, J. Boney, B. Hill. Left to right, in front of car: B. Dodson, Treasurer; B. Morehead, President; M. Tur ner, T. Maddox, R. Allen. On sculpture: F. Grimmelman. Car: Autodynamics Formula Vee. Sports Car Club Holds Night Autocrosses The USF Sports Car Club (SCC) is the only organization of its kind in the area to hold autocrosses at night. The dark lends extra excitement and challenges because more skill and accurate perception are necessary. SCC members also enjoy time, speed, distance and fun rallies every quarter. The course for the time, speed, distance rally is 75 miles long. Drivers must follow specified instructions during the competition. The sec is open to all students and faculty members. Officers: Bruce Morehead, president ; Ralph Kiessing, vice-president; Kathie Ford, secretary; and Bill Dodson, treasurer. Faculty sponsor is Mr .. Peter O'Sullivan. Cars are lined up and inspected in preparation for a rally. 176

PAGE 178

Student Advisory Board, College of Business The purpose of the Student Advisory Board is to facilitate the free exchange of ideas between students and faculty of the College of Business Administration and to unify, coordinate and promote activ ities within the college. It's members represent each business discipline and are elected by students of the college. Activities include guest speakers, orientation and advising assistance and golf tournaments. Officers: Jim MeN eill, chairman ; John Streiby, secretary; and Mike Stone, treasurer. Faculty sponsor is Dean Robert S. Cline. Policy is discussed at a meeting of the execu tive council. Robert Garvy, John Stieby, Mike Stone, Ron VanWinkle, Rob Roberson, Jim McNeil, John Valentino, Dan Reid, John Carey. 177

PAGE 179

Right: Student government President Scott Barnett addresses the student body at the Quarter System Protest Rally spon sored by S.G. Below: S.G. Cabinet: (seated) K. Rubin, AA; J. Rhodes, Attorney Gen.; (standing) Secretaries L. God win, Fin.; J. Sternstein, Ext. Affairs; C. Tonkin, Acad. Affairs; S. Barat, Pub. Rei. Judicial Court: B. Clevenger, B. Pasternak, A. Torrence, J. Jrog, F. Salzillo. 178

PAGE 180

Student Government Works for Bill of Rights Probably the most controversial eampus event of the year was the formation of an extremely important docwnent-the Student Bill of Rights. Every member of the Student Government (SG) expended all their time and effort promoting the bill and informing students of its importanee. Another important step was taken when SG joined the National Student Association. SG pushed for revision of the section in the Board of Regents OperatiDg Manual that pertains to student welfare. Changes in the quarter system were discussed and planned. SG sponsored the student evaluation program and strived for new athletic policies, such as more scholarships. Quarter system protest rally sponsored by SG. AI Torrence, Chief Justice of the Judicial Court. Left: Frank Winkles, Vice President of Student Government. 179

PAGE 181

Right External Affairs Committee: (seated) C. Denmark, R. Hightower, S. Kay, (standing) C. Blumenfeld, S. Grif fith, C. Hill, V. Vail, C. James. Below-Rules and Calendar Committee: M. Rutledge, B. Howes, R. Altman, P. Atkinson, D. House. Internal Affairs Committee: (seated) S. Geist, R. Coe, E. Corlett, standing D. Uglow, M. Jeffries, B. Bruce, R. Hawkin. 180

PAGE 182

S.G. Moves Toward Bill of Rights Commuter Affairs Committee: (seated) J. Walker, B. Meyer, D. Tatelman, M. Domanski, (standing) D. Fason, J. Samson. Resident Affairs Committee: (seated) S. Long, B. Smoot, L. Holbrook, (standing N. Potts, A. Botts, M. Stanwix-Hay, B. Hogue. Constitutional Revisions Committee: (seated) T. Driggers, P. Wotring, S. Anderson, W. Williams, D. Griffin. 181

PAGE 183

Student Vestry Active In Episcopal Work Mrs. Smith, Miss Goodrow, Mrs. Allen, Miss Fuller, Mr. Allen, Dr. Owen (Advisor), Mr. Farr, Miss Overton, Dr. Fuson (Advisor), Miss Ryan, Dr. Noble (Chaplain), Miss Page, Mrs. Hensley. Worship and work combine at the Episcopal Center to help make Christianity relevant to the thought and action of today's students. As part of the National Episcopal Student Move ment, members participate in ushering, serving, altar guild work, teaching in the church school, and work parties. Cookouts, suppers, hootenannies and other social events are scattered throughout the year. Officers: William Reynolds, president; Gail Walsh, vice-president; Amy Allen, secretary; Larry Leonard, treasurer; Don Thureau, lay reader; Sarah Tipton, organist; the Rev. A. Grant Noble, chaplain. Faculty sponsor is Dr. Robert Fuson. 182 Students strum and sing at one of the vestry's popular hootenannies.

PAGE 184

M. Varner, president; G. Gaffney, vice-president; W. Price; R. Collins, treasurer; R. Barth; E. Henderson; B. Freight, secretary. Tau Beta Phi Membership in Tau Beta Phi is an honor con ferred upon outstanding engineering students ; and alumni. Exemplary character and an average of at least 3.0 are required. The 13 members meet three times a quarter and tutor students throughout the year. Within the College of Engineering, they help with the teacher rating program and prepare a de scriptive film of the college. Officers : Michael Varner, president; George Gaffney, vice-president; Robert Feight, secretary; and Ronald Collins, treasurer. Faculty sponsors are Dr. Robert W. Ellis, Dr .Theodore Lindgren, Dr. W. A. Smith, and J. 0. Gonzalez. Front Row: W. Rosas; E. Bond; R. Meyer, President; R. Silver man, Treasurer. Second Row: B. Eubanks, Recording Secretary; A. Hill; A. Trio; J. Etridge; C. Blackburn; A. Blaek; M. Hogan; P. Reese. Y oung Democrats Campaign The desire to familiarize and involve students in the American political process is the driving force behind the Young Democrats. It is an organization that blends political theory with actual political process. Members campaigned for Humphrey-Mus kie, Dick Greco, Sam Gibbons, and LeRoy Collins. Officers: Robert Meyer, Jr., president; Richard Ploicia, vice-president; and Jerry Sternstein, treasurer. Faculty sponsors are Herbert Rebhun and Robert Gilder. 183

PAGE 185

University Center Meets Students Needs The hub of campus life outside the classroom is the University Center (CTR). The social, cultural and recreational needs of the student are fulfilled by the many programs, facilities and services pro vided by the CTR. It is a place for meetings, both public and private. It is a place for informal con versations held over a hamburger and a coke, a place to play billiards or bridge, a place to buy books, and a place to hear lectures and symposiums on many subjects. The University Center Program Council provides activities which are planned, arranged and directed by student committees. The Program Council has brought such fine entertainment as Billy Joe Royal and Anthony and the Imperials. The social commit tee plans dances, family night, and the Top College Girl contest. The cultural committee conducts the CTR gallery and the song fest. The functional and recreational committees maintain Chinsegut, El Casino, the schedule of movies, and conduct member ship drives for the CTR committees. Seated on Floor: Betsy Belle Ham lin, Jan Segars; First Row: Judy Schwartz, Vicki Roussman, Diane Saxe, Cathy Mosley; Second Row: Dennis Moreno, Malcolm Anderson, Milt Morrison; Michele Richards, Vice-President; Mike Ezzell; Chuck Rodgers, President. 184

PAGE 186

Among the many activities of the Social Area of the U.C. in 1969 were campus dances (above left), Family Night (above right), and Bridal Fashion Show (left). 185

PAGE 187

Functional and Recreational Areas Students responded enthusiastically to the Recreation Area's "El Casino" held after the Little Anthony concert during UC Extravaganza. Functional Area spon sored a number of membership drives to recruit new per s onnel for the UC. 186

PAGE 188

Art exhibits held in the UC gallery draw the interest of many USF students. Cultural Area Presents "Indian Music Festival" Dr. Sidney Cohen lectured on "Drug Dilemma" during the UC's "To Dare to Know series. The sitar and tabla provided unusual music during the Festival of Indian Music. 187

PAGE 189

Bottom Row: P. Lines, C. Benz, D. Steigner, D. Hoel, J. Dan ziger; Second Row: B. Green berg, S. Neal, D. Askeland, G. Reash, J. Tokarz; Third Row: B. Mueller, D. O'Neal, B. Fredrick, A. Beall, S. Reaves, D. Oswald, R. Weissman. Water Ski Club Competes at Cypress Gardens With an increase of 30 members over last year, the Water Ski Club participates frequently in shows and tournaments. Highlight of the year was the annual intercollegiate tournament at Cypress Gar dens. Members ski every Sunday and hold river rallies, benefits, and fraternity shows. The club aims not only at increasing the proficiency of its members, but also at instruction of non-skiers. Members practice a pyramid at the waterfront for an upcoming tour nament. 188 Officers: Diane Steigner, president; Alan Beall, vice-president; Doris Hoel, secretary; and Pam Lines, treasurer. Faculty sponsor is Betty Ann Orseno.

PAGE 190

Organized in the wake of the Interna tional Student Organization, the World Affairs Council promotes international un derstanding. The means they have been using to achieve this end are many and effective. Camp lndianhead was the place for their African Weekend and the time to discuss African culture, social and political problems. Guest speaker, Findley Burns, ex-ambassador to Jordan, was sponsored by the council. They also sponsor the School-to-School program, the Overseas Information Center, and parties for inter national students. Plans for the coming year include foreign language tables in the cafeteria and an international "happen ing." Officers: John Etridge, president; Tsu guo Rushing, Linda Stokely, Trula O'haire, vice-presidents; Ellison Fuller, secretary; and Patsy Lapentti, treasurer. Faculty sponsor is Dr. Mark T. Orr. J. Etridge, president; S. Jensen, vice-presi dent; A. Trio, office manager; P. Turlington, vice-president; P. Lapentti, treasurer; G. Aboulhosn, president international students; F. Hu, committee for international students. Not pictured: T. Parsons, office manager and E. Fuller, treasurer. World Affairs Council Holds African Weekend Brazilian students enjoy a party given for them by the Council. 189

PAGE 192

Athletics 191

PAGE 193

Phil Vitale, 9, and Dan Gaffney team up on Florida Southern man. 1968 SOCCER RESULTS USF OPP Florida Presbyterian 5 1 University of Miami 1 1 St. Louis University 1 3 Florida Southern 6 1 Quincy College 1 4 Merrimac Jr. College 1 0 St. Petersburg Soccer Club 6 2 MacDill AFB 17 0 Embry-Riddle 5 2 University of Florida 5 0 St. Leo College 4 0 192 Goalie Jerry Seifert lets this practice shot by.

PAGE 194

Pete Tumminia goes in the air as Brian Holt watches. Brahmans Capture Third State Title A third straight state title was the highlight of Dan Holcomb's 1968 Golden Brah man soccer team. The Brahmans, with a 9-2-1 record overall, finished 5-0-1 in state competition. The 1968 season also marked the first year that South Florida was eligible for NCAA post-season play. A chance to reach the championships was hindered by early season losses to NCAA champion St. Louis University and NAIA champ Quincy College. The Brahmans rallied, however, after the Quincy loss and clinched the state title with seven straight victories including a sound trouncing of the University of Miami squad who had tied them earlier in the season. 1968 team members. Front Row: Doggy Young, Felipe Puerto, Phil Vitale, Bill Geddes, Dan Gaffney, Mike Neminsky, Bill Sharpless, Jack Belford, John Kulinsky, Pete Tumminia, Sombat Tasanaprasert, Jerry Seifert, Jim Houck, Fran Costello, Charles Allison. 193

PAGE 195

Sombat Trasanaprasert moves in on a ball. Brian Holt blocks Florida Southern man from ball as another Brahman watches. 194

PAGE 196

Brahmans In Action Coach Dan Holcomb Da. n Gaffney moves toward goal. 195

PAGE 197

Golf Team Has First Winning Season 1968-69 team members. Left to right: Warren Wilhite, Gary Wintz, Cail Pearce, Joe Mericka, Gill Happel, Bill Dykeman, Bob McKenty, Tom Robertson, Coach W es Berner. Varsity golf coach Wes Berner, in his first year, produced a winner. His 1967-68 linksmen produced a best ever 14-9 record. Though bogged down in mid-season with a 5-9 record, the Brahman golfers pro ceeded to win nine matches in a row, and notch their winning mark. Columbia University, the University of Miami, St. Leo College, and Rollins College all fell victim to the Brahmans during their streak. Each of these teams had edged USF early in the season. Leaders for the campaign were Rick Ragnitt, Bob McKenty, Tom Robertson, and Mike Curtin, who set the USF course record. Bob McKenty 196

PAGE 198

Joe Mericka 1968 VARSITY GOLF RESULTS ..._ Matches* St. Leo College USF OPP 4 14 Rollins College 7 Yz 10!/z 17 University of Florida 1 Manatee Junior College 27 St. Leo College 0 0 27 University of Miami St. Leo College 14!/z 3!/z 12 6 Daytona Beach Jr. Coli. 10!/z 5!/z Columbia University 15 3 St. Leo College 14 4 Biscayne College 13 Yz 2 Yz Stetson University Rollins College Stetson University 12!/z 5!/z 18 9 17 10 *USF played nine matches under the team total scoring method. They were 4-5 in these matches. Bill Dykeman and Gil Happel 197

PAGE 199

198 Distance Men Have Winning Season Don Crank scores high finish against FSU. Del Lewis nabs top spot for USF against FSU.

PAGE 200

Kevin Howell and Dave Castricone pace FSUman. USF's 1968 Cross Country team had what Coach Gil Hertz termed "our most successful season" as they posted their first winning record with a 5-2 mark in dual competition. The squad was hurt considerably in their attempt at an undefeated season by in juries and withdrawals by a couple of key members. Highlight of the season was an upset win over state rival Florida State. The Brahman runners also earned a strong second place in the Aldridge Invitational by finishing in front of Auburn University and Clemson. The season's climax was the hosting of the State Meet on the new USF Cross Country course. The Brahmans with de pleted ranks finished third to front run ners Florida and Florida State. CROSS COUNTRY RESULTS 1968 Aldridge Invitational Florida State University Calloway Invitational Miami Dade So. Jr. College Miami Dade No. Jr. College Manatee Jr. College St. Leo College Florida State University University of Florida Florida State Meet USF OPP 2nd Place 27 28 9th Place 25 58 25 99 25 60 25noscore 24 35 26 33 3rd Place 1968 Team members. Front: Keith King, Ray Croteau, Joe Ezquerra, Del Lewis, Kevin Howell. Back: Coach Gil Hertz, Bart Smith, Rick Maas, Don Crank, Frank Paris. 199

PAGE 201

1969 Team Members. Foreground: Coach Bob Grindey. Front: Dave Naffziger, Len Smally, Mike DelaRosa, Bob Pfaff, Rico Maschino. Middle: Terry Brazel, Mike Berry, Joe Lewkowicz, Bill Kelley, Alan Stelter. Back: Pete Kenning, David Keene, Mike McNaughton, David Binnie. Varsity Swimmers Face Tough Competition The 1969 Brahman swimmers finished their dual meet competition with a hard earned 6-5 record. Facing tougher opponents this year, in cluding many from the Southeastern COnference, Coach Bob Grindey's mermen represented themselves strongly Major victories were over Tulane University, Louisiana State University, and the Uni versity of Miami. A host of Brahman swimmers qualified for the NCAA College Division Champion ships. They were Mike Berry, Terry Brazel, Dave Keene, Bill Kelley, Pete Ken ning, Joe Lewkowicz, Rico Maschino, Mike McNaughton and Alan Stelter. 200 Pete Kenning, 200 backstroke.

PAGE 202

Joe Lewkowicz, 200 butterfly. Left: Bob Pfaff, diving. AI!,ove: Dave Keene, 50 freestyle. 201

PAGE 203

1969 VARSITY SWIMMING RESULTS USF OPP Florida State University 40 72 Vanderbilt University 42 71 University of Evansville 62 51 University of Florida 49 61 University of Georgia 44 69 University of Miami 67 46 Miami Dade Jr. College 66 34 East Carolina University 61 52 University of Alabama 40 73 Tulane University 70 45 Louisiana State Univ. 76 35 Bill Kelley Dave Naffziger USF butterfly man nears finish line. 202

PAGE 204

Mike McNaughton Terry Brazel Left and below: Rieo Maschino eaught in two diving forms. 203

PAGE 205

204 Men's Tennis Outlook Bright Dan Perkins The 1967-68 men's tennis team under Coach Spafford Taylor entered its first winning season. They notched 12 victories out of 15 matches. The experience of veterans Tim Barret, Herb Yohner and Jim Rinehart together with the clutch play of Dan Perkins and Mike Saine contributed to the successful season. After dropping their first two matches, the USF netters jelled and won 12 of their last 13. Big victories were over DePauw University, North Carolina State and Prieffer University. Coach Spafford Taylor

PAGE 206

1968 MEN'S TENNIS RESULTS USF OPP University of Florida 0 9 Wake Forest University 1 8 Ball State University 7 2 Ball State University 8 1 Pfeifer University 8 1 North Carolina State 7 2 DePauw University 4 5 DePauw University 6 3 University of Tampa 6 1 Cumberland 9 0 Cumberland 9 0 Miami Dade Junior College South 7 0 Miami Dade Junior College North 7 2 Miami Dade North 6 1 Jacksonville University 8 1 Paul deMesquita 1968-69 Team Members. Front: Mike Saine, Larry BeD, Steve Sawicki, Richard BrazeaU. Back: Herb Yohner, Dan Perkins, Glenn Brewer, Bill Fischbach, Paul deMesquita. 205

PAGE 207

Fairer Brahmans Post Winning Sesaon Coach JoAnne Young's 1968 female netters continued their dominance of women's tennis in Florida intercollegiate circles. They posted a 7-2 record marred only by two losses to annual nemesis Rollins. The Brahmans defeated the University of Florida and Florida State University twice each and also captured the FSU In tercollegiate Tournament. Chris Koutras, Elesa Nelson, and the Adams sisters, Tish, Gwenda and Jaquie were standouts for the second consecutive year. Above: Elesa Nelson. Right: Chris Koutras. 206

PAGE 208

Gwenda Adams 1968 WOMEN'S TENNIS RESULTS USF OPP Broward Junior College 7 0 Rollins College 3 6 Newcomb College 9 0 Loyola University 7 1 Florida State University 5 4 University of Florida 6 0 University of Florida 8 1 Florida State University 9 0 Rollins College 4 5 1969 Team Members-Front: Coach Jo Anne Young, Toni Kramer, Chris Koutras, Sue Bell. Back: Jaquie Adams, Elesa Nel son, Gwenda Adams, Tish Adams 207

PAGE 209

USF Diamondmen Set Winning Pace in '68 Coach Hubert Wright's baseballers also copped their winningest season last year with a 15-9 mark. Leading hitters for the campaign were Paul Buzzella, Doug Heykens, Larry McGary and Art Ulmer. Veterans Marv Sherzer, Mike Macki and Ray Pivec han dled mound duty along with freshmen Jim Diaz and Jerry Carreno. In compiling their winning record the Brahmans posted impressive victories over Duke University, the University of Con necticut and the University of Miami. Danny Birch scoops up grounder. 1968-69 Team Members. Front: Paul Buzzella, Ron Huff, Jerry Carreno, Bob Gates, Jesus Fernandez, Dave GJaize, Ray Reteneller, Tom Gaskins, Mike Macki. Bark: Howie Calhoun, Ray Pivec, Doug McCarthy, Chuck Stuckey, Danny Birch, Doug Heykens, John Ritz, Larry McGary, Keith Blanton, Marv Sherzer, Willard Brimm. 208

PAGE 210

Chuck Stuckey, Doug Heykens. USF hurler warms up for coming season. 1968 BASEBALL RESULTS USF OPP St. Leo CoUege 4 2 St. Leo College 2 4 Florida Southern College 4 2 Florida Southern College 0 2 University of Tampa 0 2 Stetson University 9 4 Hiram University 3 4 Hiram University 7 0 University of Florida 3 8 Duke University 4 3 Duke University 6 5 University of Connecticut 5 6 University of Connecticut 2 3 University of Connecticut 6 3 Fairfield University 4 0 Coast Guard Academy 17 5 Coast Guard Academy 12 4 Florida Presbyterian College 20 0 University of Miami 12 1 University of Miami 3 7 Jacksonville University 10 5 Jesus Fernandez, Larry McGary. Jacksonville University 3 6 Florida Presbyterian College 10 0 Rollins College 8 2 209

PAGE 211

John Ritz, Mike Macki, Ray Pivec. Coach "Beefy" Wright ponders the situation from the bench. 210

PAGE 212

Paul Buzzella Willard Brimm 11 Jerry Carreno, Marv Sherzer, Doug McCarthy 211

PAGE 213

SAE quarterback Willard Brimm fires a pass. Action from scrimmage in SN-TEP game. 212

PAGE 214

Intramurals Expand Zeta Beta Tau runner eludes TEP defenders. FINAL INTRAMURAL FOOTBALL STANDINGS 1968 (Top 3 finishers in each league) Fraternity Gold Phi Delta Theta Sigma Alpha Epsilon Tau Epsilon Phi Fraternity Green Pi Kappa Alpha Kappa Sigma Lambda Chi Independents PE Majors Flamers Kopp's Killers Alpha Four West One East-West Two West Three West Four East Two East Beta 5-0-0 3-1-1 3 2-0 6-0-0 5-1-0 3-2-1 4-0-0 2-1-1 1-1-2 5-0-0 3-1-1 3-1-1 5-1-0 4-1-1 4-2-0 John Denton, SAE reteiver, pulls in aerial. 213

PAGE 215

214 Basketball Spells Action TKE's Mike Caffee hooks over PIKE defender. Tom Salva of TKE reaches a wall of Pike defenders.

PAGE 216

Kappa Delta dribbler tries to penetrate Delta Gamma zone. Sigma Nu Mickey Sheffield drives for layup against TEP. Les Parker fires jump shot in Sipaa Nu-TEP action. 215

PAGE 217

216 DG Terry Bowden ponders her next move (above), and (above right) she's off toward second base. Schatzi Hinton of DG is swinging for the fence.

PAGE 218

/ Mary Lou Hofstetter doubles as spectator and Linda Holbrook's score keeping desk. 217

PAGE 219

Intramural Swimmers Nab Spotlight The business end of a tum. Diver displays precise three meter form. 218

PAGE 220

1968 FINAL INTRAMURAL STANDINGS (Top two in each league) Fraternity Gold: 1. Sigma Nu 1. Alpha Tau Omega (tie) Fraternity Green: 1. Tau Epsilon Phi 1. Sigma Phi Epsilon (tie) Fontana League: 1. Fontana 3 2. Fontana 4 Alpha League: 1. Alpha 2 West 2. Alpha 4 West Beta League: 1. Beta 3 East 2. Beta 4 West Andros League: 1. Eta 2. Theta Independents: 1. P. E. Majors I 2. P. E. Majors II 219

PAGE 221

Athletes Prepare for Intramural Spring Track Meet Bill Matthew concentrates 220 then puts the shot. Girls line up for start of dash.

PAGE 222

Left: Broadjumper and setting sun combine for shadowed ef fect. Below: Runners combine speed and precision for the per fect handoff. 221

PAGE 223

Golf Added to Intramural Competition Golfer practices driving. 222 Linkster lines up putt.

PAGE 224

Coed displays follow through on tee shot. Another careful coed putter. Lady golfer receives putting tips. 223

PAGE 225

Handball New to Intramurals Doug Brinkerhoff returns serve and (right) smashes serve to Gordy Clement. 224

PAGE 226

Clement fires serve . -Players in doubles competition. / < Dick Lincoln smashes return. 225

PAGE 228

Graduates 227

PAGE 229

,, 228 I Graduation: the culmination of years of work, study, and fun. Abare, Wayne Abbott, Mark Acker, Susan Ackerman, John Acosta, _John Adelstein, Judith Adelstein, Steven Agdamag, Peter Albers, Ronald Alexander, Roy Allen, Brian Allen, Nancy Almerico, Peter Alt, Richard

PAGE 230

Altman. Robin Alvarez, Dennis Anders, Kirk Anderson, Kamie Anderson, Malcolm Anderson, Sheila Anton, Glenda Argintar, Debbie Armstrong, Lynda Asher, James Ashford, Marion Atchison, Richard Averill, William J. Bagby, Michael Bahmillei, Ruth Baillergeon, Jerry Baker, Brenda Baker, Linda Barber, Cynthia Barber, June Barnes, William Barnett, Scott Barrentine, Joan Barrett, R. Vinson Barton, Bruce Batey, Jean Batura, Thomas J. Bauer, David Bean, James Beaubien, Roger Becker, Lorraine Bedell, Jeffrey Beeman John Bell, Susan Beller, Theresa Bennett, Gail S. 229

PAGE 231

230 Blackburn, Nancy Blackwell, Toni Blair, Leslie Blake, Robert Blank, Stan Blanner, Michael Bleich, Dan Bletzer, Keith Blind, Mary Ann Bloom, Stephen Blumenfeld, Lucinda Boerner, Bruce Boler, Griselda Holinski, Pat Bond, Linda Bouman, Barbara Bourquin, Tom Bowcock, Dianne Bowers, Patricia Bowler, David Bowman, Frances Boynton, David Branch, Jane Branciforte, Lorraine Brandenberger, Michael Benvenuti, Bud Bergdoll, David Bergman, Anne Besenbach, Carl Biggins, Franklin Binder, Don L. Bineau, Francoise Binninger, Joyce Bishop, Susan Black, Brion

PAGE 232

Campbell, Beverly Campbell, James Campbell, John Campbell, Richard Canty, l. Michael Carder, Sheila Carey, John Carney, Patricia Carol, Jane Carreiro, Robert Carter, David Carter, Kenneth Cascio, John Case, Claudia Castiglioni, Kathy Cathey, Enid Cave, Thomas Chambliss, Jean Chaney, Cheri Cheatham, Jerry Breit, Jack Brill, Shirley Britt. Donna Britt, James Brock, Cheryl Broka,Gail Bronstein, Joel Brown, Jeanne Brown, Stephen Brown, Timothy Brusa, Thomas Bryan, William Buck, Helen Banting, Veda Jo Bnppert, Elizabeth Butler, Mark Calderazzo, John Camp, .Myra 231

PAGE 233

Chennault, Albert Cholewa, Colette Chorvat, Joseph Clark, Dona Clarke, David Clarke, James Clementi, Loretta Clendenon, Thomas Coates, J. Thomas Coffill, John Cohalla, Richard Cohen, Philip Cole, Sharon Coleman, Richard M. Collins, Linda Collins, Ronald L. Collins, Thomas Conger, Sharon Conner,-Lewis Conrad, Cynthia Cooper, Monte Cooper, Pat Cooper, Shirley Cope, Lou Anne Corbitt, Weldon Cornillaud, Elaine Cornwall, Charles Cornwall, Jeanne S. Corry, William Cotterman, Robert Cottrell, Richard Cox, William E Crane, Cyril Craven, Danny Crook, Douglas Crowell, George Crowley, John Cummings, Victor C. Curtin, Michael Cusmano, Mary Ann Dambly, Thomas Daugherty, Suzanne 232

PAGE 234

Davids, Timothy Davies, George Davis, Darden Davis, Fern Davis, Glendine Dawson, Riehard Dean. William Deeker, Sharon DeLara. Yvonne Delgado, Dennis Demmi, Arlene Dennison. Dan Depuhl. Miehall Dervaes, John R. Rosier, Joseph Des Deutsehmann, Elinor Diekey. F. E. Dilner, Susan Diner, Manuel Dingle, Dennis Direetor. Alan Dobson, Thomas Dobosz, Stephen Dodds, Melissa Dodson, Linda Doerr. Charles Doggett, Stephen Donaghy. J oaeph Donnerberg. Ellen Dooley, Barbara Douglas, Marilyn Douglas, Sally Dowling, Jaek Doyle, Perlie Dring, Riehard 233

PAGE 235

234 Ezquerra, Isabel Fairbanks, Cliff Farmer, Sheila Farnell, Mason Favata, Cecilia Ferguson, Susan Fernandez, Daniel Fernandez, Pete Fernandez, Sylvia Findling, Janet Fingar, Carolyn Fisher, David Fisher, Martha Flannery, Larry Fore, Robert Duarte, Nelson Duerr, Dan Duke, Johnnie Dukes, Freda Dunn, Janice Dunn, Lola Dunson, John R. Dupont, Janet Durbin, Bryce Durrett, Ann L. Dutcher, Walton Dykeman, William Easton, Marianne Eaton, Pat Edgerton, Bruce Edwards, Susan Eggimann, Donald Ellison, Michael Endsley, Terrance H. Engler, Bill

PAGE 236

Fountain, Theresa Foures, Linda Fox, Garrick Fram, Pamela Frank, Barbara Franklin, Peggy Franklin, Susan Freeman, John Frier, Harlia Frowert, Cynthia Fry, Michael Frye, Judy Fullenkamp, David Fullenkamp, Ronald Fuller, Charlotte Fuller, Ellison Fuss, Patricia Gallina, Frank Garcia, Claudia Garcia, Cynthia Garcia, Elvira Garcia, Mario Garrison, Debbie Gaston, Richard Geiger, G. F. Giannone, Robert Gibbs, Bretta 235

PAGE 237

236 Gibson, Susan Gilbert, Carolyn Gillenwater, Jacqueline Gionet, Clifford Giunta, Vincent Glaize, David Glassman, Howard Glenn, Elizabeth Golden, Ralph Goldenson. Thomas Goldstein, Jack Gonzales, German Googel, Phyllis Gordon, Marvin Gorman, Carolyn Goshorn. Robert Green. Carol Greene, Alan Green, Carol Greene, Paul Greenlee, Kathy Greer, Mary Gregory, Douglas Griffin, Alton Griffiths, Timothy Gross, Joan Gross, Ray Gruber, Richard Grunsten, Bruce Guker, Julie Guinta, Frank Haas, Kirk Hadsock, Karen Haefele, Barbara Haines, Linda

PAGE 238

Haines, Robert Hale, Fred Hall, Gregory Hall, Kathryn Hall, Ken Hall, Francis T. Hall, Robert Halpern, Paul Haner Robert Hannon, Margaret Hanson, Joyce Hanson, Marilyn Happel, Gil Hardy, Gary Harrington, Ann Harris, Eileen Harrison, William Hart, Jane Hart, Louis Hartman. Mary Ann Hasken, Shirley Hayes, Barry Hayes, Evelyn Hayes, Richard M. Heath, Linda Heath, Ralph Rein, Susan Helgeson, Robert Henderson, Clayton Henderson, Joseph Henninger, Thomas Herrick, Carroll Herrington, Kate Hess, Larry Hibbard, Gale Hickox, Lee Ann Hickrod, Cheryl Riepe, Ron Hightower, Carolyn Hill, Patricia Hill, Thomas Hingst, Jay 237

PAGE 239

238 Students take advantage of the break between classes to study in the Fine Arts patio. Hinkel, James Hinson, Carl Hinson, Dan Hinton, Schatzi Hirsch, Richard Hoenes, Wilma Holcomb, Eva Holcombe, Dave Holland, Charlotte Holland, Vivian Holmes, Fulton Holt, Nanc:y Honeycutt, Kath:y Hood, Walter Hooks, James

PAGE 240

Hotard, Janet Houston, William Howell, Gloria Howes, Byron Huddleston, Edward Hudson, J. R. Huffman, Judy Hughes, Pat Hughey, Howard Hunter, Jacqueline Hunter, Stephen Hunter, Ve rnon Hurd, Robert Hurley, Karen Hutchinson, Craig Iannuzo, James Ingrassia, Paul F. Jacobs, Margaret Jacobs, Michael Jardine, Elizabeth Jenkins, Clarice Jenkins, Kathy Jerrems, William Jessen, Carolyn Joelson, Ray Johanon, Paul Johansen, Elaine Johnson, Diane Johnson, James Johnson, Jerry Johnson, Margaret Jolinski, John Jones, Donald Jones, Kenneth Joseph, Julie Kachelien, Ann 239

PAGE 241

240 Kalbas, William Kamins, Karen Kania. Len Kaskey, Anthony Kates, Mark Katz, William Keith, Lela Kekelis, Gary Keller, Albert Kelley, Larry Kelley, Waynise Kemerer, Vern Kessler, Harold Kessler, Kathy Kiefer, Edward Kiernan, Thomas King, Arline King, Penny KinJsbery, Harry KlrBch. William Klein, Karen Klein, Lynn Kline James Kling, Michael Knott, James Koelsch, James Kolsky, Lance Koutras, Chris

PAGE 242

Lee, Randy LeFevre, Harold A. Leggitt, Valri Lehman. Richard Leib, Thomas Leonard, Edgar Levin, Stephen Levy, Allen Lewis, Dave Ley, Linda Lichtenfels, David Lieb, Joseph Liebman, Walter Ling, Martin Lillie, J B. Link, Judy List, Linda Littlewood, Theodore Litzinger, Leonard Lockett, Doris Kranz, George Kress, Bill Kulas, Diane Kurek, Dione Langstaff, William Lanier, James Lapentti, Patricia Laporte, Clarice Lardieri, Richard Larsen, Kent LaRWISa, Anthony Laubach, Robert Lazarus, Louis Lazzara, Sandra Lee, Katherine 241

PAGE 243

Lockliear, Bruce Loper, Burton Loudermilk, Jennie Lovejoy, Wand ell Luhn,John Lund, John Lyle, Jack MacCartney, Pat MacDonald, Clarice MacDonald, Warren The view from the Sociology Building often went unnoticed, as students finished last-minute studying. 242

PAGE 244

Mackin, Kathleen MacLear, Doug Madden, Jane Madjdi, Mostafa Maida, George Mann, Jeanette Marc:et, Enrique Marks, Daniel Maroc:ki, Laura Marmaro, George Marriott, John Marshbum, Richard Martin, Robert Martinez, Ana Martinson, Linda Mas, Marie Masterman, Jane Mathieu, Zoe Matthew, Bill Mattson, Cathy McCallister Linda McClure, Susan McCullough, John McDonald, Warren McEachern, Rebecca McFarland, Janet McGough, Dianne McGrath, Peggy McGriff, Margie McLaughlin, Nancy McLaughlin, William McLean, Linda McLeod, Kathy McLeod, Maynard McMahon, John McNamara, Joseph McPhail, Teresa Meadors, Robert Meadows, Karyn Meeks, Barbara Mellen, Elizabeth Menendez, Martha Menendez, Rose Marie 243

PAGE 245

Menge, Richard Mercer, Terry Messier, Charles Meyer, Eileen Meyer, Robert Michielsen, Norin Mikolaitis, Patty Miller, Ethlyn Miller, Frederick Miller, James Miller, John Miller, June Miller, Robert Miller, Thomas Mills, Stanley Minardi, Michael Minnay, Patrick Minthort, Robert Mitchell, Marilyn Mitchell, Paul Mittleman, John Mobilio, John Moeser, Robert Montgomery, James Montooth, Neil Moore, Barbara Moore, Bruce Moore, Gwendolyn Moore, Thomas Morales, Nora Morgan, Bruce Morris, Rita Mortimer, Allen Moseley, Allen Moseley, Cathy Moses, James Moss, Frank Mudd, Carol Mullen, Ron11ie Mundy, Ken Murfin, Barbara Murphy, Mary N ales, Dorothy Nathe, Donald 244

PAGE 246

Record numbers of students often rendered normal writing surfaces inadequate. Navarra, Janice Nelson, Fred W. Newett, Michael Newman, Carole Nichols, Barbara Nichols, Barry Niemeyer, Ronald Nobo,Maria Noel, Catherine Norman, Janet Norter, Frederick N oto, Dennis Nunez, Nancy Nydall, Barbara O'Brien, David O'Brien, Jeffrey O'Brien, Robert O'Connell, John O'Connor, Sharon O'Day, N aney 245

PAGE 247

246 Odom, Randall Oglesby, Terry Orlando, Lucy Orlando, William Ortabello, Ester Ortiz, Judith Osborn, William Osborne, King OverJet, Ron Overton, Judith Overton, Jr., Mickey Owen, Kathy Packard, Eulalee Paczkowski, Marie Padgett, Barbara Palermo, Amelia Pallman. Michael Palmer, Genia Pantridge, Oma Pardo, Joseph Parke, Thomas Paton, John Patterson, P. Michael Payne, Pamela Payne, Robert Pechin, Richard Peeler, Scott L. Peffer, Pauline Pendino, Richard Pereira, Karen Perez, Cristino Perez, Edward Perret, Eugene Perrone, Rosalie Perry, Angela

PAGE 248

Perry, Donald Perry, Judi Persons, Robert Pestalozzi, John Petricek, Donna Petrick, Gail Pfeifer, Michael Pfingsten, John Phillips, Edward Pickhardt, Johanna Pierce, Fred Pierce, Richard Pierce, Sharon Piniella, Glenda Pino, Joseph Pitcher, John L. Plata, Pamela Pletcher, Linda Plott, :Mary Ann Pomerantz, Irene Porch, Susan Porter, Barbara Portfolio, Barbara Potter, Barbara Potter, Dan Powers, Richard Pribyl, John F. Pritchard, Harold Proklevich, Pauline Puglio, Janice Pulcini, Sharon Pyle, Donald Pyle, Virginia Quillin, Betsy Quinlan, Joan Raab, Susan Ragan, Ralph Ramos, Max Reddy, Fred Redmond, Frederick Reed,Jana Reed, Linda 247

PAGE 249

Reeves, Marsha Rehrig, Dennis Remy,Roger Reyes, Kenneth Reynolds, Rina Reynolds, Ruth Rhodes, Cynthia Rhodes, Judith N. Ribaya, Lorena Rice, Susan Richard, Dianne Richard, Dan Richardson, Arthur Richardson, Ron Richie, Ernest Riggs, Mary Rinck, Steve Rissman, Steven Rittenhouse, John Roark, Jean Robb, Karen Robertson, Joseph A. Robinson, Richard Robinson, Ronald Robinson, Ruston Rodgers, Charles Rodgers, Sue Rodriguez, Peter Rodriguez, Shirley Rogers, Carol Romine, Rosemarie Rosas, William Francis Rose, Dolly Mae Roseborough, Janet Rosentrater, Douglas B. Ross, Luther Roussman, Victoria Rowland, John Rozier, Louise Ruhbling, CarmeJ Russell, Rosemary Ryan, Kathy 248

PAGE 250

Senior pictures meant standing in line for hours, filling out forms, and crowds. But, eventually, they were taken. Sager, Walter Saltis, Patricia Samec, Ronald Sanchez, Alice Sanchez, Shirley Sandifer, Linda Santry, Marie Sargent, W. G. Satterlee, Karen Satterwhite, James 249

PAGE 251

Sawyer, Thomas Sayre, Linda Schaef, Ronald Schainholtz, Herbert Schiller, Marti Schmitt, John Schofield, Janice Schott, Ronald Schraeder, D. L. Schreer, Linda The 1968 Miss Aegean shows how the unofficial paths develop all over campus. 250

PAGE 252

Schultz, Be\erly Schumacher, F M. Schwall, Kathy Scott, Elton Seelig, Frederick Seffee, Clay Self, George Severson, Karen Shahbas, Sharon Shearer, W. N. Sheldahl, David Shepherd, James Shepp, Michael Sherzer, MarYiD Sibueao. Rita Simouson, Robert Sisk, Margaret Sitch, Robert Smalling; Anne Smith, Edward Smith, Elizabeth Smith, Herman Smith, John D Smith, Priscilla Smith, Richard L. Smith, Wayne Snavely, John Snow, Richard Snowdon, Linda Sorrentino, Niel Sowards, Joan Speer, E. Wayne Speight, Henry Speights, V Spencer, Linda Spoto, Sam Spratt, William Springer, Norma Springer, Sharon Stanton, Pat Stazich, Jeffrey Steele, Dean 251

PAGE 253

252 Stefurak, Albert Stefurak, Dana Steiametz, Cbarles Stelbasky, Marsba Stelzer, Sally Stepanik, Lois Stephenson, Trudi Sternstein, Gerald Stetson, Robert Stevens, Barry Stevens, Diana Ste,;ens, Gene Stevens, Ric:hard Stewart, Michael Stewart. Norman Stewart, William Stilley, Susan Stone, George Stoae. Glynn Strom, Cathy Growth and ehange have always been synonymous with USF.

PAGE 254

Stroup, Jacqueline Sturm, Carol Sumby,Gary Sumner, Patricia Sutton, Harold Sutton, Karen Sutton, Sharon Swanson, Eleanor Sweet, Sharon Swiger, Thomas Tamargo, Sandra Tank,Cailey Taylor, Deborah Taylor, Leslie Tecklenburg, Billie Tegenkamp, Gary Tennant, Robert Terranova, Marie Terry, James W. Tesh, Kurt Theriault, Ronald Thomas, Carmen Thomas, Karen Thomas, Sandra Thomson, Robert Thorp, Jerry A. Threaa, Donald D. Tiller, Barbara Tipps, Don Titley, Nils Tonkin, Charles Toopes, James Tournade, Bonnie Trainer, Thomas Trainor, Shirley Trautweiler, Lee Trelles, Raul Trilby, Anne Tuggle, Dawn Turai, Barbara 253

PAGE 255

254 Tamer, Mithael Turner, Steve T1rrell, Ullman, Gaey Vaeh.Jerry Vagliea. Sae Aan V aldea. Elaiae V alclee, Fenaaclo VaieDtiao, Johft VaDCiief, William VanVIaek, Helen VanWIDkle, Ronald Vetter, Laaa Vorderborg, Claria Vyhnanek, Louis Waas.Barrr Waldlllan. Jelfrer Walker, James Walker, Walter WaU.Rolf Wade Waller, Char lea Walters, Linda Walters, Lon Waltou. Olia Waltz, Sherrr Ward, Martha Ward.Braee

PAGE 256

With worth. Cor Jay Withworth, Ga;rle Wood. John Wood, William V. Woodruff, William Woosley, JolLa Word, William WorthinctoDt Claudia Wortman, LiDda Wricht, Barbara Yates, Patricia Yaven,Fran Zitlnan, Tjitake Z:ysco,Jan Ward, Mary Nell Waterson. Nancy Weatherford, D. Weaver, Paulette Webb, Fred Wedge, Joan Weesner, JoAan Wehling, Roger Welsh, Barbara Whigham, Joyce White, Gar1 L. White, Kent White111an, William Whitson, Rosa Williams, Cherie Williams, George Williams, Mar:r Wilson, James Winkles, Frank Withers, Roger 255

PAGE 257

Senior pictures on these pages were received too late to be included in the regular alphabetical order. 256 Abel, Riehard Allotta, Peter Barrett, Timothy Bass, Robert Bender, Bonnie Bereov, Stephen Berryhill, Lee Anne Blaek, Sandra Bortness, David Cepero, Paul Coffeen, W. G. CllDlbie, Fred Cusmano, Joserh Dormaa,Mabe Ferrante, Susan Forsythe, Allen Friedman, Allan Fuller, Ann Gnatta, Edith Grande, I. W. Griffith, Steve Hamilton, Frank Hoffer, Miehael Johnson, Rubye Jones, Tom Kaiser, Catherine Kelley, Karen Kennedy, John Killgore, Frands Kirseh, Riek

PAGE 258

Koestner, Carol Litton, Vivian Loekliear, Anita Minardi, Michael Mishkin, Stuart Moore, Marilyn Moorehead, Bruce Moreno, Dennis Palmer, Ruth Perez, Irene Peterson, Robert Pettigrew, David Plasky, Jack Pribyl, John Richards, Nancy RittermaD, Fred Ryan. Kathleen Saarer, Gale Sc:hreer, Lhula Sears, J aaes Shiver, SaDdra Shonbru111, Harve,. Stewart, Norman Sadbary, Glenn Tanner, Bill Torrence, AI Turner, Michael Waddington, James Warfield, Ronald Wiley, William Wileoa. Kintea Yatea, George 257

PAGE 259

A ABARE. WAYNE E.-New Port Richey, Fla.; M.E.; Electrical Engineering; Fla. l!:llg. Soc.; Eng. Col. Assoc.; Karate Ctab, See.-Treaa. ABBOTr, MARK C.-Orlando, Fla.; B.A.; American Studies; S.G., Parlia.; Sigma Nu, Treaa. ABEL. RICHARD R.-Coral Gablea, Fla.; B.A.; Marketing; Zeta Beta Tau, Rush Chmn.; I.F.C. ACKER. SUSAN J.-st. Petersburg, Fla.; B.A..t Zoology; Marine Bio. Club, S.ll'.l!i.A., S.N.E.A., Dorm Off. ACKERMAN, JOHN J.-Ciearwater, Fla.; Industrial Management; Pi Si1111a Epsuon. AOOSTA, JOHN-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Music Edueation; Ripieno Club, Kappa Delta Pbl ADELSTEIN, JUDITH A.-Miami, Fla.; B.A.; Ek!mentary Education; S.F.E.A. ADELSTEIN, STEVEN-St. Louis, Mo.; B.A.; Accounting; Dorm Gov.; R.A., Sr. Acct. Ctab, See.-'rreaa. AGDAMAG, PETER L.-Miami, Fla.; B.A.; Finance. AIDMAN, BARTON T.-Miami, Fla.; B.A.; Aeeounting; I.F.C., Tau Epsilon Phi, v.p., Donn Gov., Sr. Aeet. Club. ALBERS, RONALD L.-Brainard, Minn.; B.A.; English; Delta Tau Delta, R.A. ALEXANDER, ROY E.-Middlesboro, Ky.; B.A.; Political Seienee. ALLEN, BRIAN H.-Temple Terrace_t B.A.; Industrial Management; Cratos .l'"r8ter nity, Pres., Sec., Social Chmn., Siema Nu, Pres., I.F.C., Greek Chorus Chmn., Tennis Club, R.A. ALLEN, ROBERT P.-Malone, N.Y.; Political Science. ALLO'ITA, PETER J.-Hollywood, Fla.; B.S.; History; Tau Epailon Phi, Pledge Warden, Karate Club, R.A. ALTt RICHARD Orlando, Fla;i, B.A.; Cnemiatry; Phi Delta Theta.t V.r .:t Ruah Chmn., Pledge Trainer, 1.11' .,;., V.r. ALTMAN, ROBIN M.-Mfami, Fla.; B.A.; S.G., Lib. Arts Coun., Soc:. Club, V.P. ALVAREZ. F. B.A.j Marketing; Pi Epadon, Ma.ra:eting A.s8oe. ANDERS, KIRK W.-Kiaaimmee, Fla.; B.A.i Biology-Education: Taa Kappa Epal on, Treasurer, liar. Bio. Club, Greek Chorus. ANDERSON, KAMIE L.-Jacksonville, Fla.; B.A.; Elementary Education; Donn Gov., Karate Club. ANDERSON.t W.-Dade Citr, Fla.; Speeaal Education; U.C. Prog. Coun., U.C. Dance Com., Chmn., S.C.E.C., Treaa. ANDERSON, SHEILA J.-Ma.ssena, N. Y.; B.A.; Special Education; S.C.E.C. ARGINTAR, SUSAN D.-8t.. Petersburg, Fla B.A.; Social Seienee Education; Alpha Epsilon Phi, W.H.A.T., S.F.E.A., Senior S.tire. 258 Senior Directory ARMSTRONG, LYNDA A.-Tampa. Fla.; B.A.; Aeeou.nting; SR. AceL Club, Delta Gamma. ASHER, JAMES D.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Marketing; Pi Sigma Epsilon; Eeon. Club; Marketing Club; Veterans Club; Skindiving Club; Sailing Club. ASHFORD, MARION F.-Orlando Fla.; B.A.; Elem. Ed.; Anthropology dub. ATCHISON, RICHARD L.-Greensboro, N.C.; B.A.; Marketing; Mar. Aaaoe. AVERILL, WILLIAM W. JR.-Tampa, Fla.i B.A.l Mathematics Psychology; Circae K, Coalition. B BAGBY, MICHAEL L.-Miami, Fla.; B.A.; Science Education; Pi Kappa Alpha. BAHMILLER, RUTH E.-St. Petersburg, Fla.; B.A.; Elementary Education. BAILLARGEON, JERRY D.-West Palm Beach, Fla.;. B.A.:j Political Seienee; Tau Kappa Epsuon, veterans Club. BAKER, BRENDA S.-Tampa1 Fla.; B.A.; Elementary Education; Alpna Delta Pi. BAKER, LYNN C.-Brandon, Fla.; B.A.; Psycholo.rY; Psi Chi. BARBER CYNTHIA D.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Elementary Education; Cam. Crus. for Christ, Athaneam, Kappa Delta Pi. BARBER. JUNE E.-Pompano, Fla.; B.A.; Math Education. BARNES, WILLIAMS D.-North Miami, Fla.; B.A.; Marketing; Econ. Club, Mar. Aasoe., Pi Sigma Epsilon, Vet. Club. BARNETT, SCOTT F.-Miami Fla.; B.A.; Political Science-Speech; S.G. Pres., Zeta Beta Tau, Pres., S.R.G. Chair., Athl. Coun., St. Coun., Stud. Bod_y Pres., See., Donn Gov., Omicron Beta Kappa, Spring Spee. Chmn. BARNETT VIRGINIA K.-Wichita Kan.; B.A.; Elementary Education; S.F.E.A. BARRENTINE, JOAN S. Zephyrhills, Fla.; M.A.; Social Science-Education. BARRETT, R. V.-Pensaeola, Fla.; B.A.; English; Pi Kappa Alpha, See., Dorm Gov. BARRETT, TIMOTHY C.-Elkhart, Ind.; B.A.; Special Education; Tennis Team. BARRS, SUSAN D.-Gulfport. Fla.; B.A.; Social Science; HisL Club. BASS, ROBERT S.-Kisaimmee, Fla.; B.A.; Education. BATEY. JEAN B.-St: Petersburg, Fla.; B.A.; Elementary Edueatlon. BATURA, THOMAS J.-Detrolt. Mich.; B.A;.i.Industrial Management; Tau KAppa lll])Bilon, Pledge Train, S.C.C. BAUER, DAVID B.Coral Gables, Fla.; B.A.; Mathematics; Donn. Gov., Tennis Team, Sigma N u. BACKER, LORRAINE L.-Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.; B.A.;_ French-Education; Young Rep., Frencn. Club. BEDELL, JEFFREY R. Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Psychology; Psi Chi, Treaa. BEEMAN, JOHN A.-St. Petersburg, Fla.; B.A.; Vocal Music Education; Fine Arts Chor., Univ. Com. Chor., Madrigala. BELL. SUSAN-Coral Gables, Fla.; B.A.; Physical Education; Tennis. BELLER, THERESA E. Jacksonville1 Fla.; B.A.; Elementary Education; Tri Chi. BENDER, BONNIE B.-Temple Terrace, Fla.; B.A. Math Education. BENNETI', GAIL S.-Avon Park, Fla.; B.A.; Elementary Education. BENVENUTI. HENRY-Miami, Fla.; B.A.; Elementary Education; Delta Tau Delta, Phi Sigma Xi, C.S.O., Pres., V.P., Treas. BERCOV, STEVE-Miami, Fla.; B.A.; Psychology; Lambda Chi Alpha, Social Chmn. BERGMAN, ANNE M.-No. Miami Beach, Fla.; B.A.; Special Education; S.F.E.A., Hillel Club, Pres.., S.C.E.C., See. R.A. BERRYHILL. LEEANNE Belle Glade, Fla.; B.A.; Elementary Education; Tri Chi. BESENBACH, CARL F.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Mechanical Engineering. BIGGINS. FRANKLIN N.-Daytona Beach, Fla.; B.A.; Political Selenc:e; S.G., Alpha Phi Omega, Pold. Union, Stud. Af. Com. BINDER. DON-Odessa, Fla.; B.A.; Mathe matics; Ripieno Club. BINEAU, FRANCOISE P.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; French; French Club. BINNINGER, JOYCE '\Y-Fla.; M.A.; Speeaal Education; S.C.E .,;. BISHOP, SUSAN K.-8t. Petersburg, Fla,; B.A.; Elementary Education; Kappa Delta. BLACK, BRION B. New York Cit)', N. Y.; B.A.; Theatre Arts: Bay Players. BLACK, SANDRA E.-Plant City, Fla.; B.A.; Elementary Education. BLACKBURN, NANCY Fla.; B.A.; Ps,.chology; Psi Chi. BLACKWELL, TONI L.-SL Petersburg, Fla.; B.S; Latin American Studies: Basketweavers. BLAIR, J.ESLIE G.-Orlando, Fla.; B.A.; Secondary Education; Dorm Gov., Tri Chi. BLAKE, ROBERT E.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Zoology. BLANNER, MICHAEL B.-Orlando, Fla.; B.A.; Business-Industrial Mana,ement; Dorm Gov., U.C. Com., S.G., Pt Kappa Alpha, Pres., Rush Cbmn. DAN M.-Niles, Ill.; B.A.; Speec12; Reader TbeaL Guild, Prea., Bay Players. BLETZER, KEITH V.-St. Petersburg, Fla,; B.A.; Social Science; Alpha Phi Omega, Pres., See., Orientation Leader. BLIND, MARY ANN-Jacksonville, Fla.; B.A:i. Enelish..Journalism; U.S. Com., C.S.u., Oraele, W.H.A.T., R.A. BLOOM, STEPHEN A.-St. Petersburg, Fla.; B.A.; Zoologyj Mar. Bio. Club, Pres., Karate, V.P., oold Key, Lib. Am Advis. Bd. BLUMENFELD, LUCINDA P.-Ft. LaadFla:,j B.A.; Engliah-Political Seumee.i..., See., Oraele, Senator, Who's who in Am. Col., Kappa, Delta, A.T.O. Little Sister, C.S.O.

PAGE 260

BOERNER, BRUCE J.-Barrington, IU.; B.A.; Speech; Circle K., U.C. Com., Windjammera, Kappa Si&ma. Tress., R.A. BOLER, GRISELDA D.-St. Petersburg, Fla.; B.A.; Elementary Education. DOLINSKI, PATRICIA A.-Orlando.L.Fla.; B.A:; Mathematics-Education; n Mu Epauoa, Gold Key. BOND, LINDA C.-Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.; B.A.; Music Education; R.A., Camp. Crus. tor Christ, Opera. BORTNESS. DAVID L. Orlando Fla.; B.A.; Pbiloaophy; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. BOUHAN.z. BARBARA F. Clearwater, Fla.j .ts.A.; Sociology; Delta Gamma, Pannellenic, Soc. Club, Dorm. Gov. BOURQUIRE, THOMAS Miami, Fla.; B.A.; Paycholoc; Sigma Alpha Epailon. BOWCOCK.r. DIANNE C.-st. Petenburg, Fla.; Elementary Education. BOWERS, PATRICIA K.-Sebring, Fla . B.A.; Engliah Education..t Gold Key, Atheneum, Delta, Delta uelta, "Who's Who". BOWLER, DAVID W Fla.; B.A.; Eeonomica; Alpha Tau vmeca, Econ. Club. BOYNTON DAVID B.-Pinellas Park, Fla.; M.A.; Special Education; Dorm Gov., R.A. BRANCH, JANE W.-Orlando, Fla.; B.A.; Elementary Education; Dorm Gov. BRANCIFORTB, LORRAINE L.-Clearwater, Fla.; B.A.; English-Education. BRANDENBERGER, MICHAEL R.Tampa. Fla.; B.A.; Fine Arts. BREIT, JACK-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Art; S.P.C., Karate Club, Tau Chi Chun. BRILL, SHIRLEY J. Satellite Beach, Fla.; B.A.; Elementary Education; Delta Gamma, U.C. Com. BRITT, DONNA M.-Temple Terrace, Fla.; B.A.; Elementary Education; S.F.E.A.; B.S.U. BRITT, JAMES A.-Tampa, Fla.; B.S.; Finance; B.S.U., Golf Team. BROCK, CHERYL M.-Orlando, Fla.; B.A.; Elementary Education; Delta Zeta, U.C. Committee, Donn Gov. BRONSTEIN, JOEL J-Ciearwater, Fla.; B.A.; Pre-Law; Sigma Nu, I.F.C., Judiciary. BROWN, JEANNE R.-Gaintfi'ille, Fla.; B.A.; English-Education; Band, Athe naem. BROWN, MICHAEL T.-Masaryktown, Fla.; B.A.; Physical Education; Donn Gov., Bar Bendera. BROWN, STEPHEN-Daytona Beach, Fla.; B.A.; Personnel Management. BRUSA, THOMAS M.-Homeatead, Fla.; B.A.; Physical Education. BUCK, HELEN S.-St. Petersburg; B.A., Elementary Education. BUNTING, VEDA JO--Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Speech-Broadcasting; Delta Zeta, Social Chmn., WUSF-TV, W.H.A.T. RUPPERT, MARGARET E.-Jacksonville, Fla.; B.A.; Zoology; Windjammen, Mar. Bio. Club. BURRIS, BRUCE A.-St. Peteraburg, Fla.; B.A.; Speech-English; Resident Assist. BUTLER, MARK B.-Cocoa Beach, Fla.; B.A.; Histoey; Wor)d Af. Club, Hty. Club, Dorm Gov., Stud. Vestry. BRYAN, BILLIE D.-Lakeland, Fla.; B.A.; Finance; Sigma Nu, Treaa., Econ. Club. c CALDERAZZO, JOHN W.-Valley Stream, N.Y.; B.A.; English; Oracle. CAMP, MYRNA L.-De Land, Pia.; B.A.; Elementary Education; Kappa Delta. CAMPBELL, BEVERLY K. -Sarasota, Fla.; English Education; Delta Tau Delta Little Sisters. CAMPBELL, JAMES R.-Sarasota, Fla.; B.A.; Political Science; Delta Tau Delta. CAMPBELL, JOHN R.-Palmetto Fla.; B.A.; Social Science; C.S.O., S.F.E.A. CAMPBELL, RICHARD W.-Bradenton, Fla.; M.A.; Guidance; Kappa Delta Pi. CANTY, J. MICHAEL-Tampa,, B.A.; Geology; Geo. Club, Mar. Bto. 'VJUb. CARDER. F.-St. Petenburg. Fla.; B.A.; Enghsh; Gold Key. CARDOZAf JUDITH L.-Waterburj-,Conn.; B.A.; E ementary Education. CAREY, JOHN G.-Bowling Green, Fla.; B.A.; Accountinc; Sr. Acct. Club, Presi dent, Student Adviao17 Boa.rd. CARREIRA, DANIEL J.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Social Science Education. CARREIRO, ROBERT D.-st. Petersburg, Pia.; B.A.; Political Science; Politics Club. CARTER, DAVID S.-Tarnpa, Fla.; B.A.; Psychology. CARTER, KENNETH J.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Chemistry; Gold Key. CARUSO, CAROL A.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Soeiology. CASCIO, JOHN-Tampa, Fla.; B.S.; Math Edueation. CASE, CLAUDIA G.-Daytona Beach, Fla.; B.A.; Art Education Couneil tor Exceptional Childnln, Young Democrats, Sports Car Club. CASTIGLIONI, KATHLYN C.-Bradenton, Fla.; B.A.; Education; W.H.A.T., Bay Players. CATHEY, ENID L.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Elementary Education. CAVE, THOMAS J.-Tampa, Fla.; B.S.I.E.; Industrial Engineering; Tau Kappa Epsilon. CHAMBLISS, JEAN B.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Elementary Education; Gold Key. CHANEY, CHERI Y.-Eau Gallie, Fla.; B.A.; Elementary Education; Dorm Gov .. S.G., Delta Gamma Sorority, Beat Pledge, Co-Chairman Spring Spectacu lar. CHEATHAM, JERRY W.-Orlando, Fla.; B.A., Political Science; Lambda Chi Al pha, Kappa Iota Omega, S.R.G., Donn Gov. CHENNAULT, ALBERT F. Sarasota, Fla.; B.A., Finance; Economies Club, Veterans Club, Young Republicans Club. Pi Sigma Epsilon. CHOLEWA, COLETTE-Orlando, Fla:; B.A.; Engliah Education. CBORV AT, JOSEPH D.-Masaryktown Fla.; B.A., Economica. CLARK, DAVID P.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A., Marketine; Ecoaomica Club, Marketing Auoc. CLARKE, JAMES P.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A., Social Science. CLEMENTI. LORBTI'A F.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A., Edueation. CLENDENON, THOMAS H.-lArgo, Fla.; B.A., Political Science; S.R.G. COATES, JOHN T.-lliami, Fla.; B.A.; Psychology-Sociology; Sterna Nu Fraternity, Oracle, Sports Car Club, Motor cycle Club, World Affairs Couneil, Soci. ology Club. COCHRAN, EVELYN P.-Lakeland, Fla.; B.A.; Business Education. COFFEEN, W. G:-Hialeah, Fla.; B.S., Technological Engineerine; Photo Club, Tau Kappa Epsilon. President Pledge Claaa. COFFILL, EVERETT J.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A., Accounting; C.S.O., Co-Prea. CORALIA, RICHARD A. -Plant City, Fla.; B.A.; Accounting; Sicma Nu. COREN, PHILIP A.-Miami, Fla.; B.A.; American Studies; Phi Siama Xi, Zeta Beta Tau, V. Pres. COLE, SHARON Fla.; B.A.; Elementary Education; Tri Chi, U.C. Com., W.H.A.T. COLEMAN, RICHARD M.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Sociology; Soc. Club. COLLINS, LINDA L.-st, Petersburg, Fla.; B.A.; Elementary Education. COLLINS, RONALD L.-Tampa, Fla.; B.S.; Engineering; Tau Beta Phi, Fla. Eng. Soc., E.C.S. COLLINS, THOMAS S. Tampa, Fla.: B.A.; Induatrlal Management; Sports Car Club. CONGER, SHARON A.-New Smyma Beach, Fla.; B.A.; Speech-TbeatN; Dance Theat., Readen Theat. CONNER, LEWIS G.-New Smyrna Beach, Fla.; B.A.; Engineering; Fla. Eng. Soe., E.c.s . U.C. Com. CONRAD, CYNTHIA L., Fla.; B.A., Frenehi, French Club, Delta Zeta, P&rl.lwllenic, ''Who's Who", Ripieno Club. COOPER, MONTE V.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Induatrlal Management. COOPER, PATRICIA A.-8t. Peterabure, Fla.; B.S.; Elementary Edueatlon. COOPER, SHIRLEY-Hialeah, Fla.; B.A.; Phyalcal Edueation; Tennia Team, Gold Key, Kappa Delta Pi. COPE, LOUISE A.-St. Fla.; B.S.; Chemistry; Pre-med Club, Gold Key. CORBITT, WELDON-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; American Studies; Soec:er Team1 Cratoa, Baseball Team, Sigma Nu, Onentatioa Leader. CORNILLAUD ELAINE H.-clearwater, Fla.; B.S.; Education; Kappa Delta Pi, Gold Key. CORNWALL, CHARLES L.-Winter Park, Fla.; B.A:i Geolou; Dorm Gov., Bowling Club, ll:ieOl. Club. CORNWALL, JEANNE S.......Orlando, Fla.; B.A.; E I em en tar y Education; Chi Omega, S.R.G., Atheneum, V. Pres. CORRY, WILLIAM W .-Quincy, Fla.; B.S.; Psycholog-y; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. 259

PAGE 261

CO'l'TERMAN, ROBERT A.-Bradenton, Fla.i.. B.A.; Finance; Sigma Nu, Treaa., V. rree., S.G., Dorm Gov., Resident Assiatant. COTTRELL. RICHARD U.-Dunedfn, Fla.; B.A.; Zoology. COX, WILLIAM E.-Eau Gallie, Fla.\ B.A.; Personnel Management; Econ. Cub. CRANE, CYRIL V. -Clearwater, Fla.; B.A.; Aeeounting; Sr. Acet. Club. CRAVEN, DANNY W.-Orlando, Fla.; B.A.; Accounting; Vet. Club, Acct. Club, Gold Key. CROOK, DOUGLAS, H.-St. Peter.sourg, Fla.; B.A.; Industrial Management; Vet. Club, Econ. Club. CROWELL, GEORGE E.-Wauchula, Fla.; B.S.; Electrical Engineering; Radio Club, Fla. Eng. Soc. CROWLEY, JOHN W .-san Antonio, Tex.; B.A.; Politieal Science; Dorm Gov., S.G., World Af. Coun. CUMBIE, FRED B.-Orlando, Fla.; B.A.; Social Science: Kappa Iota Omega, Karate Club, Dorm Gov., I.F.C., Lambda Chi Alpha, Pres., S.R.G. CUMMINGS1 VICTOR C. -Poughkeepsie, N.Y.; B.A.; Geography. CUSMANO, JOSEPH P.-Fla.; B.A.; Psychowgy; Sigma Nu, U.t.;. Committee, Dorm Gov., Karate Club. CUSMANO, MARY ANN-Tampa, Fla; B.A.; Elementary Education; Delta Zeta. D DALLMANN, MICHAEL R.-Clearwater, Fla.; B.S.; Accounting. DAMBLY, THOMAS W. -Fla.; B.A.; Physical Education; Gokl Key. DAUGHERTY, SUZANNE M. Lehigh Aeres, Fla.; B.A.; Englilh-Philosophy; Gold Key. DAVIDS, TIMOTHY J. Tampa, Fla.; B.S.; Engineering; Water Ski, S.G., E.C.A., F.E.S., Sigma Nu. DAVIES, GEORGE T.-St Louis, Mo.; B.A.; Lib. Arta. DAVIS, DARDEN A. Lakeland, Fla.; B.A.; Ind1atrial Management. DAVIS, ELIZABETH F.-Patuxent River, Md.; B.A.; Education; S.F.E.A., C.S.O., R.A. DAVIS, GLENDINE Tarpon Springs, Fla.; B.A.; Sociology; Beta Gamma Chi, Dorm Gov. DAWSON, RICHARD C.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Economicz; Young Rep. Club; Eeon. Club. DEAN, WILLIAM W.-Tampa, Fla.; B.S.; Chemistry-Engliah; E.C.A. DECKER, SHARON G. Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Sociology. DEJ,.ARA, YVONNE M.-Hialeah, Fla.; B.A.; Economics; Delta Zeta, Panhel lenie, Dorm. Gov. DELGADO, DENNIS-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Zoology; Nat. Se. Found. DEMMI, ARLENE J.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Elementary Education; Delta Zeta. DENNISON, DANIEL 8.-Atlanta, Ga.; B.A.; Zoology; Mar. Bio. Club; Premed. Society. 260 DEPUHL, MICHAEL-Duiaburg, W. Ger many; B.A.; Literature-History; Wid. Af. Council. DERV AES, JOHN R.-Larco, Fla.; B.A.; Mathematics. DESROSIER, JOSEPH K.-Bradenton, Fla.; B.A.; Education. DEUTSCHMANN, ELINOR F.-Gulfport, Fla.; B.A.; English Education. DIAZ, LINDA L.-Tampa1 Fla.; B.A.; Ele mentary Education; Onent. Lead.; Alpha Delta Pi, Tau Kappa Epsilon Calendar GirL DICKEY, FRANKLIN E.-Dover, Fla.; B.A.; Elementary Ed. DILNER, SUSAN J.-<:oral Gables, Fla.; B.A.; Education. DINER, MANUEL-Miami Beach, Fla.; B.A.; Political Tau Epsilon Phi, I.F.C., Pres., Gold Attmy. Gen. S.G., Omicron Beta Kappa, ''Who'a Who", Resident Assistant. DINGLE. DENNIS G.-St. Petersburg, Fla.; B.S.; Engineering; Tau Kappa Epsilon. DIRECTOR. ALAN L.-Tacksonville, Fla.; B.A.; Mathematics; U.C. Committee, Hillel Club, Dorm Gov. DOBOSZ. STEPHEN D.-Lockport, Ill.; B.A.; Accounting; Club; Sr. Acct. Club. DOBSON. THOMAS W. JR. Gainesville, Fla.; Economics1 Phi Delta Theta, Prea., "WDo's Who", \:ireek Sing, I.F.C., S.G., Eeon. Club. DODDS, MERRY H.-Tampa, Fla.i B.A.; Social Science; S.G., Canterbury t.,;lub. DODSON, LINDA P.-Tampa, Fla.; Math. Education; Delta Gamma v. Pres., Treaa.t Atheneum, See . Gold Key, Pi Mu Epaiton, "Who's Who", S.C.C., Sec. DOERR, CHARLES J.-Bonita Sprinp, Fla.; B.A.; Electrical Engineering. DOGGETT, STEPHEN Q.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Physics; Photo Cl., Pres., Vet. Club. DOMBEY, DIANE L.-St. PetenburgJ.Fia.; B.A.; Elementary Education; .u.ppa Delta Pi. DONAGHY, JOSEPH J. JR.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Mathematics. DONNERBERG, ELLEN C.-St. Peters burg, Fla.; B.A.; Elementary Education. DOOLEY, BARBARA B.-Eau Gallie, Fla.; B.A.; Psychology; S.G. DORMAN, MABEL H.-St. Petersburg, Fla.; B.A.; Elementary Edueation. DOUGLAS, MARILYN J.-Land O'Lakes, Fla.; B.A.; Elementary Education; B.S.U. DOUGLAS, SALLY R.-Winter Park, Fla.; B.A.; Art Education; Basketweavers. DOWLING, JACK D.-Sarasota, Fla.; B.A.; Marketing. DOYLE, PERLIE H.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Zoology. DUARTE, NELSON P.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Industrial Management. DUERR, ALBERT D.-Belleair Beach, Fla.; B.A.; Geology. DUKE, JOHNNIE M. St. Fla.; B.A.; Elementary Education. DUKES, FREDA M.-Plant City, Fla.; B.A.; Education. DUNN, JANICE K.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Italian-French. DUNN, LOLA B.-St. Fla.; B.A.; Elementary Edueation; Gold Key. DUNSON, JOHN R.-Miami, Fla.; B.A.; Industrial Management. DUPONT, REBA J.-Clearwater, Fla.; B.A.; Elementary Education; Tri Chi, Donn Gov., W.H.A.T. DURBIN, BRYCE E.-Plant City, Fla.; B.A.; Education-Social Science. DURRE'M', ANN L.-Clearwater, Fla.: B.A.; Elementary Education; CoL Civen., Pres. DUTCHER. WALTON D.-Milwaukee, Wis.; B.A.; Penonnel Management; Gold Key. DYKEMAN, WILLIAM A.-McLean, Va.; B.A.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Golf Team, I.F.t.;. E EASTON, MARIANNE St. Petersburg, Fla.; B.A.; Elem. Ed. EATON, PATRICIA A.-Charlotte, N. C.; B.A.; Elem. Ed. EDGERTON, NORMAN Tampa, Fla.: B.A.; Pre-Med; Gold Key, Pre-Med Soc. EDWARDS, SUSAN M.Silver Springs, Fla.; B.A.; Sociology. EELTINK, ALBERTUS GERARDUS Aruba, Neth. Antilles; B.A.; Psychology. EGGIMANN, DONALD WAYNE-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Chemistry. ELIASBERG, EDWARD DAVIS-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Ind1atrial Management. ELLISON. MICHAEL HARRIS Balti more, Md.; B.A.; Pol. Science; Pol. Club. ENDSLEY, TERRANCE HAMILTONWinter Pal:k, Fla.; B.A.; Music Educa tion. ENGLER, GEORGE WILLIAM, JR. -Miami, Fla.; B.A.: Aecounting; I.F.C. EVELEIGH, GEORGE W. -Ft. Myer.s, Fla.; B.A.; Aecountlng; Sr. Aeet. Club. EZQUERRA,ISABEL-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; French. F FAIRBANKS, CLIFFORD ALAN-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Psychology. FARMER, SHEILA F.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Chemistry; Pre-Med Soc. FARNELL, M. MASON Chiefland, Fla.; B.S.; Physical Ed. FAVATA, CECILIA GALE-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Elem. Ed.; C.S.O., SNEA, Tri Chi. FERGUSON, SUSAN JANE-Gulfport, Fla.; B.A.; Political Sci. FERNANDEZ, DANIEL-Tampa, Fla.; B.S.; Engineering; Eng. Col. Assoc., Fla. Eng. Soc. FERNANDEZ, PETER ERNEST-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Social Science. FERNANDEZ, SYLVIA JOYCE-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Psychology; Psi Chi, Alpha Delta Pi, Motley Crew. FERRANTE, SUSAN M.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Busine!lls Ed.

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FINDLING, JANET-Atlantis, Fla.; B.A.; Speech-Enclish; Readers Theatre Guild, Bay Pla1era. FINGAR. CAROLYN-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Busineas Education. FISHER, DAVID-St. Petersburg Fla.; B.A.; Sociology; Sigma Epsilon Chaplain; Karate Club. FISHER, MARTHA-DeLand, Fla.; B.A.; Physical Education; S.F.E.A. FLANNERY, LARRY-Dade Cit)-, Fla.; B.A.; History. FORB, ROBERT--Jaebonville, Fla.; B.A.; Psycholo17: R.A.l Slema Alpha Epailon See.; J.F.C.-Ree. ;:sec. FORSYTH, ALLAN-Winter Haven, Fla.; B.A.; Industrial Mgt. FOUNTAIN, THERESA-Lakeland, Fla.; B.A.; Elem. Ed. FOURES, LYNDA-Belle Glade1 Fla.; B.A.; Speech-Encliah; Tri Chi; Mtas Aegean; ATO Little Sister; R.A.; R.C. FOX, GARRICK-Sarasota, Fla.; B.A.; Sec. Education-History; Young Reps. Pres. FRA M, PAMELA-Pompano Beach, Fla.; B.A.; EngUah-Freneh Education; Cam. Crus. for Christ; Gold Key. FRANK, BARBARA-DeLand, Fla.; B.A.; Psychology; Karate Club. FRANK, MORRIS-Orlando, Fla.; B.A.t..In dustrial Management; Tau Epsilon rhi; U .C. Program Council. FRANKLIN, PEGGY-Plant City, Fla.; B.A.; Elementary Education. FRANKLIN, SUSAN-Lakeland, Fla.; B.A.; Paychology; Windjammers. FREEMAN, JOHN-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Business Admlnlatration; S.G. FRIEDMAN, ALLAN-No. Miami Beaeh, Fla.; B.A.; Pre-Law; Tau Epallon PhiSee.; J.F.C.; Asst. Atty. S.G.; Pol. Union-Sec.; S.R.G.; R.A. FRIER, HARLIS-Tampa, Fla .i.. B.A.; Ele mentary Library Science; S.l'.E.A. FROWERT, CYNTHIA -Panama Cit,-, Fla.; B.A.; French; French Club. FRY, MICHAEL-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; PreMed; Pre-Med Soc.; Fencing Club. FRYE. JUDY-Orlando, Fla.; B.A.; Sec. Education-Soc. Sci. FULLENKAMP, DAVID Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Industrial Management; A.F. Coun.; Veta. Club. FULLENKAMP, FONALD -Plant City, Fla.; B.A.; Industrial Marketing; Eng. Col. Assoc. FULLER. CHARLOTTE-Miami, Fla.; B.A.; Special Education M.R.; Stu. Coun. for Except. Child. FULLER. BLLISON--Chulucta, Fla.; B.A.; Psychology, Marine Blo. Club; Girl't Karate Club; Gold Key; Pti Chi; A.F. Coun. PUSS, PATRICIA-St. Petersburg, Fla.; B.A.; Special Education; Chi Omep; S.R.G.; Coll. of Ed. Coun. G GALLINA, FRANK J.-St. Petertbure, Fla.; B.A.; Elem. Ed.; Veterans Club. GARCIA. ADRIENNE M.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Elem. Ed. GARCIA, CLAUDIA B.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Elem. Ed.; Jewish Student Union, Tennia Team, Tennia Club. GARCIA, CYNTHIA-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Elementary Education. GARCIA, ELVIRA T.-Tampa, Fla.; M.A.; Elementary Education. GARCIA, MARIO Miami, Fla.; B.A.; Spanish Journalism; Oracle-Editor, Managing Editor, Assistant Newa Editor; Alpha Phi Omega Service Fraternity; USF Press Club (founding member); Gold Key; Florida Collegiate Press Association Founding Member; Who's Who. GARRISON, DEBBIE A.-New York City, N.Y.; B.A.; Physical Education; Tennis Team; Racquet Club. GASTON:.. A.-Tam_pa, Fla.; B.S.; J!ingmeerlng; Fla. Eng. Soc.; Eng. Col. Auoe., Am. Soc. of Metals. GEIGER, G. T.-ApopkaL.Fla.; B.A.; Man agement; Pres. US.rr Racquet Club, Pres. USF Water Ski Club, Judo Club, S.A. Rep., Donn Pres., Chairman, USF Bike Race, Pres. Athletic Club Council, Bus. Adm. Club, Psy. Club, TALOES Athletic Coach, Phi Sigma Epsilon, Am. Mgt. Assoc., Am. Mng. Assoc., Tampa Bay Mgt. Exe. Club, USF Speech Club. GIANNONE, ROBERT J.-Cocoa Beach, Fla.; B.A.; Diatributive Education; Governor Beta Hall, Intramural&; Bowling Club. GIBBS, BRETTA 4...-Avon Park, Fla.; B.A.; English Education; Delta Delta Delta. GIBSON, SUSAN J.-Lakeland, Fla.; B.A.; Social Selene Education; Student Fla. Teachers ANOC.; History Club, Registration Auis. GILBERT, CAROLYN M. Cleveland, Ohio; B.S.; Elementary Education. GILLENWATER, JACQUELINE L.Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Engliah-Journalism Education. GILLEY, RAE J.-St. Petertburg, Fla.; B.A.; Elementary Education. GIONET, CLIFFORD L.-Orlando, Fla.; B.A.; Eeonomict. GIUNTA, FRANK N.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Zoology. GIUNTA. VINCENT J.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Accounting. GLAIZE, DAVID L.-Orlando, Fla.; B.A.; Sociolo&"Y; Phi Delta Theta. GLASSMAN, HOWARD N.-Orlando, Fla.; B.A.; Mathematics; Honorary Mathe matics Fraternity. GLENN, BETTY C.-Plant Cit,-, Fla.; B.S.; Elementary Education. GOLDBERG, MARK E. -Miami Beach, Fla.; B.A.; Biology; Tau Epsilon Phi. GOLDEN, RALPH J.-Belleair, Fla.; B.A.; Engllsh.Journaliam; S.P.C. Veterans Club; Information Seniee Staff; Oracle Staff. GOLDSTEIN, JACK M. Miami, Fla.; B.A.;. hychology; Zeta Beta Tau; member SRG. GONZALEZ, GERMAN B.-Boeota, Col umbia, S.A.; B.S.; Engineering. GOOGEL, PHYLLIS F.North Miami Beach, Fla.; B.S.; Mathematics; R.A. Athenaeum, Who's Who Among Stu dents, Hillel. GORMAN, CAROLYN K.-Jacksonville, Fla.; B.A.; English Education; Tri Chi Founder, Pres. & V.P. Panhellenic Coun. cil, Gold Key, Who's Who, R.A.K., Readers Theatre Guild, Upward Bound. GORDON, MARVIN J.-Pinellaa Park, Fla.; M.S.; Engineering; Student Engi neerine Society, Fla. Eng. Soc. & Am. Soe. Metala (ttudent chapters). GOSHORN, ROBERT T.-Leesburg, Fla.; B.A.; Economics; Phi Delta Theta V.P. GRANDE, MARY L.-St. Petersburg, Fla.; B.A.; Elementary Education, GREENE, BARBARA L.-Menter, Ohio; B.A.; Elem. Education; Gold Key, Athe naeum. GREENE, CAROL ANN-Ruakin, Fla.; B.A.; Elem. Education. GREENE, ALAN I.-Jacksonville, Fla.; B.A.; Marketing; Zeta Beta Tau. GREENE:wrAUL E.-St. Petersburr, Fla.; B.A.; History. GREENLEE. KATHY GAY-Pinellaa Park, Fla.; B.A.; Elementary Ed.; Kappa Delta Phi. GREER. MARY KATHERINE-Winter Park, Fla.; B.A.; English; Bay Playert. GREGORY, J. DOUGLAS-Hialeah, Fla.; B.A. 'i Special Education; Sigma Alpha Epsi on, Council for Exceptional Chil dren. GRIFFIN, ALTON L.-Key West. Fla.; B.A.; 1 Special Ed.; Intramural Sports, Retident A11iatant, Student Council for Exceptional Children. GRIFFITH, STEVEN L.-Winter Haven, Fla.; B.A.; Political Science; AJpha Tau Omega, Swim Team, Captain, SRG, SG, Resident Affairs Committee. GRIFFITHS, TIMOTHY MARTIN-LanPenna.; B.A.; Accounting; Wreatlinst Club. GROSS, JOAN TERRY Miami, Fla.; B.A.; Speech-English Ed.; Alpha Epsi lon Phi-Vice-Pres. & Rush Chairman; USF Forensics Assn.; Pres. Tau Kappa Epsilon Little Sisters. GROSS, RAYMOND 0.-Orlando, Fla.; B.A.; Political Science; Tri Delta Mascot Young Democrats. GRUBER, RICHARD E.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Industrial Management; Marine Biology Club. GRUNSTEN, BRUCE C.-Minneapolis, Minn.; B.S.; Engineering. GUKER, JULIE K.-Clearwater, Fla.; B.A.; Special Education; USF Band; Student Council for Exceptional Chil dren Officer, S.F.E.A. & S.N.E.A., Athenaum. H HADSOCK, KAREN L.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; English Education; Delta Gamma. HAEFELE, BARBARA J.-Miami, Fla.; B.A.; Sociology; Standards Board; Tri Chi; V.P. Tau Tpsilon Phi Little Sisters; Ski Club, Sociology Club, Treas. WHAT, Fund Raising Chairman Tri Chi Pledge Clast. HAINES, LINDA M.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Social Science Education. HAINES, ROBERT 8.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Paycholou. 261

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BALE, FRED B. St. Petersburg, Fla.; B.A.; Accounting; Accounting Club. BALL, FRANCIS T.-St. Petenburg, Fla.; B.A.; Elementary Edueation. HALL. GREGORY D.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Political Science. BALL. KATHRYN-Lakeland, Fla.; B.A.; Education. BALL. KENNETH R.-Largo, Fla.; B.A.; Education. HALL. ROBERT T.-Vero Beach, Fla.; B.A.; Business Club. HALPHEN, PAUL R., JR.-Tam])l&, Fla.; B.A. HAMILTON. FRANK E. III-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Political Science; Pi Kappa Alpha, IFC Public Relations. HANER, ROBERT M.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Elementary Education; CSO. RANSON, JOYCE F.-Cieanraur, Fla.; B.A.; Elementary Education. RANSON, MARILYN E.-St. Petersburg, Fla.; B.A.; Math Education; SNEA, Pl Mu Epsilon, Kappa Delta Pi. HAPPEL. GILSEN C.-Winur Park, Fla.; B.A.; Geography; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Golf Team. HARDY, GARY S.-Cieanrater, Fla.; B.A.; Zoology. BARRIS, EILEEN M.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Psychology; Tri Chi, Panhellenic Coun cil, U.C. Boapitality. HARRISON, WILLIAM D.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Sociology; Baha'i Club, USF Reli gious Council-Public Relations Chmn. BART, JANE E. -Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.; B.A.; Business Administration. BART, LOUIS B.-Jacksonville, Fla.; B.A.; History; See. Tau Kappa Epsilon, Treas. CSO, University Chorus. HARTMANN, MARY ANN-Clearwater, Fla.; B.A.; Engliah-Speech. BASK EN, SHIRLEY S.-Saraaota, Fla.; B.A.; Divisional Science Mathematics; World Affairs Council-Sec., Italian Club. BASS, KIRK G.-Miami, Fla.; B.A.; Enalish; Lambda Chi Alph. HUGHEY, HOWARD R.-Clarwater, Fla.; B.A.; Penonnel Management; Circle K, MSFG. HAYES, BARRY G.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; EconomiC*; Economies Club, Veterans Club, Young Republieana, Pi Sigma Ep silon. HAYES. EVELYN-Hialeah, Fla.; Physi cal Education; P.E.M., Tennis Team. HAYES, RICHARD M.-Maitland, Fla.; B.A.; Marketing. HEATH, LINDA J.-Lakeland, Fla.; B.A.; Socioloe:v; Sociology Club. HEATH, RALPH T.-St. Petersburg, Fla.; B.S.; Pre-Med-Zoology. HEDGES, ROBERT L.-Lakeland, Fla.; B.A.; Marketing. REIN, SUSAN A.-Miami, Fla.; B.A.; BusineSB Education. HELGESON, ROBERT C.-Cape Coral; Fla.; B.S./M.S.; Engineering; Gov. Reai dence Hall, S.A., USF Debate Team, Pi Mu EPJ!Ion, Tau Beta Phi, Fla. Eng. Soc. 262 HENDERSON, CLAYTON B.-Miami, Fla.; BSEE; Engineering; Tau Beta Phi, Treas. Fla. Eng. Soc., I.E.E.E., Eng. College A88oc, HENDERSON, JOSEPH C.-Philadelphia, Penn.; B.A.; Accountine. HENION, ROBERT S. JR.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Speech; Readers Theatre Guild, Florida Poetry Festlnl staff, Fla. Speech Assoc. HENNINGER, THOMAS B.-Seminole, Fla.; B.A.; Industrial Management. HERRICK, CARROLL B.-Baltimore, Md.; B.S.; Enetneering; Tau Beta Pi A_!pha Tau Omega, Eng. Col. Assoc., Ffa. Enl'. Soc. HERRINGTON, KATE K.-st. Petersburg 'Fla.; B.A.; Elementary Education; Gold Key, Kappa Delta Pi. HESS, LARRY-Jacksonville, Fla.; B.A.; Marketing. HIBBARD, GALE W. JR.Tampa, ll'la.; B.A.; Psychology. HICKOX, LEE A.-Port Fla.; B.A.; Theatre Arts; Tri Cht, W .t1.A.T., Anthenaeum Theatre, Donn Officer, Who's Who. RIEPE, RONALD F.-St. Petersburg, Fla.; B.A.; Management. RIGA, MELVIN M.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Music; Fine Arts Chorale, Opera Work shop, Phi Mu Alpha. HIGHTOWER, CAROLYN 0.-Jackaonvllle, Fla.; B.A.; Elementary Education. HILBURN. PATRICIA G.-Ft. Pierce, Fla.; B.A.; Music Delta Zeta, Sigma Alpha Iota, Fine Arts Chorale, Greek Chorus, Opera Work shop. HILL, JOHN T.-Tampa, Fla.; BSEE; Fla. Eng. Soc., Eng. COllege ASBOC. Ins. ot Electrieal & Electronic Eng. HILL. PA1TY J.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Chemlatey; USF, Athenaeum, Honon Council, Undergraduate Research. HINGST, JAY P. -Indian Rocks Beach, Fla.; B.S.; Industrial Engineering. HINKEL. JAMES L.-Tarpon Sprinp, Fla.; B.A.; Economics; Delta Tau Delta Treas. HINSON, CARL P.-Plant City, Fla.; B.A.; Social Science. HINSON, DANIEL M.-Dunedin, Fla.; B.A.; Accounting; Senior Acct. Assoc. HINTON, SCHA TZI Temple Terrace, Fla.; B.A.; Anthropology; Delta Gam ma, Little Sister ATO, French Club, Journalism Club, Anthropology Club, Council of Fraternal Soc., Panhellenic, Greek Editor, AEGEAN, Orientation Leader. HIRSCH, RICHARD B.-Miami Beach, Fla.; B.A.; Zoology; Lambda Chi Alpha, Soc. Chmn. Beta Dorm. HOENES, WILMA A.-Bradenton, Fla.; B.S.; Elementary Education. HOLCOMBE, DAVID A.-Orlando, Fla.; B.A.; Marketinl': Tau Kappa Epsilon. HOLCOMB, EVE R.-West Palm Beaeh, Fla.; B.A.; Elementary Education; Delta Tau Delta Little Sister. HOLLAND, CHARLOTTE S.-Orlando, Fla.; B.A.; Art Education. HOLLAND, VIVIAN L.-Clearwater, Fla.; B.A.; Elementary Education. HOLMES. FULTON S.-Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.; B.A.; Finance; USF Karate Club, USF Economics Club. HOLT, NANCY L.-Wauchula, Fla.; B.S.; Business Education; Soe. Chmn. Kappa Dorm. HONEYCUTI', KATHERINE-Tampa, Fla.; Psychology; Gold Key, Anthe naeum, Pres. Whos Who, Psi Chi, Honors Convocation, Kappa Delta, Motley Crew. HOOD, WALTER S.-Orlando, Fla.; B.A.; Industrial Management. HOOKS, JAMES H. Little Rock, Ark.; B.A.; Speech English; Phi Theta, Council of Frat.ernal Soc., Inter Fraternity Comacil, Chmn. Greek Sing, Chmn. Fall Frolics, See. Special Services, Who's Who, Readers Theatre, Guild Theatre, Omicron Beta Kappa. HOTARD, JANET A.-Belle Glade, Fla.; B.A.; English-Speech Education; Tri Chi. HOWARD, DEONN A L.-San Francisco, Calif.; B.A.; Sociology; B.S.U., Delta Gamma. ROWELL. GLORIA J.Wildwood, Fla.; M.A.; Speech Pathology. HOUSTON, WILLIAM F.-Clearwaur, Fla.; B.A.; Industrial Management. HOWES, BYRON C.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Sociology; S.A., Undergraduate CouncU Soc. Dept., World Affairs Council, Civil War Round Table. HUDDLESTON, EDWARD P.-Boston, Mass.; B.A.; Industrial Management; Veterans Organization, C.S.O. HUDSON, JAMES R.-Tampa, Fla.; B.S.; Secondary Education. HUFFER. MICHAEL G.-8t. Petersburg, Fla.; B.A.; Chemistry Education. HUGHES, PATRICIA D.-Clearwater, Fla.; B.A.; Education. HUNTER, JACQUELINE W.-Port Char lotte, Fla.; B.A.; History; Alpha Epsi lon Phi, Women Here & There, Chmn. Standards Board Epsilon Hall, Sigma Phi Epsilon Little Sister. HUNTER, STEPHEN L.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Chemistry. HUNTER. VERNON D.Winter Park, Fla.; B.A.; Zoology; Marine Biology Club, Editor Marine Biology Club Newsletter. HURD, ROBERT L.-St. Petersburg, Fla.; MBA; Accounting; Sr. Acct. Org&n.; S.C.C.; Golf Club. BURLEY, KAREN A.-Orlando, Fla.; B.A.; Sociology. HUTCHINSON, CRAIG B.-Clearwater, Fla.; B.A. Geology; Geology Club, Veterans Club, Resident Assoe. I IANNUZZO, JAMES M.-Tonawanda, N. Y.; B.A.; Marketing; Phi Delta Theta; Intramural Director. INGRASSIA. PAUL F.-Treasure laland, Fla.; B.A.; Political Science; Gold Key.

PAGE 264

J JACOBS, MARGARET R.-Clearwater, Fla.; B.A.; Paychology; Gold Key; Psi Chi U .C. Program Council. JANE. CAROL L.-Orlando, Fla.; B.A.; Psychology-English. JARDINE. ELIZABETH N.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Political Science; Kappa Deltai U.C. Progr&lll Council; Lambda Ch1 Alpha Little Sister: Anthaeum. JENKINS. CLARICE C.-St. Petersburg, Fla.; B.A.; Elementary Education. JENKINS. KATHLEEN M.-Tampa, Fla.; Education of the Potential11 Handi capped, M.A.; S.C.E.C. JERREMS, WILLIAM S. Bradenton Beach, Fla.; B.A.; Zoology; Delta Tau Delta; R.A. JESSEN, CAROLYN I.-Orlando, J'!!.i B.A.; Elementary Education; \Jm Omeea: Gold Key; SRG; U.C. Proeram Council. JOELSON, RAY R.-Venice, Fla.t._B.A.; Math; Phi Delta Theta. Pres.; ri MU Epsilon, Pres.; R.A.; Student Ad. Board; Gold Key: Intramural Dir. JOHANAN, PAUL G.-St. Petersburg, Fla.; B.A.; Psychology. JOHANSEN, ELAINE R.-Temple Ter race, Fla.; B.A.: Political Science; Gold Key. JOHNSON, JAMES B.-Winter Haven, Fla.; M.S.; Indu.trial Engineering; Fla. Eneineerine Soe.; Engineering College Aasoe. JOHNSON, JERRY W.-Kiseimmee, Fla.; B.A.; Marketing; Lambda Chi Alpha, I.F.C. SRG. JOHNSON, MARGARET T.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Elementary Education. JOHNSON, RUBY N.-Qrlando, Fla.; B.A.; B.A.; Psychology; Beta Gamma Chi. JOLINSKI, JOHN H.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Liberal Arts; Baseball; Oraelej Barbenders. JONES, DONALD LYNN-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Economies S.C.C. JONES, KENNETH L.-Aiexandria, Va.; B.A.; Geography; Gamma '111eta Upai lon. JONES, THOMAS W.-Cocoa, Fla.; B.A.; Speeial Education; Ripienoa; S.C.E.C.; Fla. Ed. Assoe. JOSEPH, JULIE B.-Lakeland, Fla.; B.A.; Art Education. K KACHELIEN, ANN L.--Jamestown, N.Y.; B.A.; Education; Alpha Delt$ Pi. KAISER. CATHERINE A.-Clearwater, B.A.; Sociology; Catb. Stu. Orgamzation, See. KALBAS. WILLIAM J.-No. Miami Beach, Fla.; B.A.; Sigma Phi Epsilon, I.F.C.; WUSF-TV, Dorm GoT., U.S.F. Band. KAMINS. KAREN-:Miami, Fla.; B.'A.; English-Education. KANIA. LEONARD P. -Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Sociology; Delta Tau Delta, Social Chmn., Beat Brother, Aeaean, Man. Ed., Sports ott., Orientation Lead., Delta Zeta Man of the Year, Karate Club. KASKEY ANTHONY S.-Ardsley, Pa.; B.A.; Marketing; Dorm Gov., Delta Tau Delta, Internal Res. Coun. Pres. KATEs. WILLIAM M.-St. Petersburg, Fla.; B.A.; History; Dorm GoT. KATZ, K. B.A.; Education;. Tau Epsilon rhi; Pledge Ma.s., I.F.\J., Dorm Gov. KIRTB, LILA Fla.; B.A.; Ele mentary. Education; S.F.E.A., Assoc. tor Child. Ed. KEKELIS, GARY JOSEPH-Ft. Myers, Fla.; B.A.; Physics; Pi :Mu Epsilon, Sci ence Club. KELLER. ALBERT PHILLIP-Miami, Fla.; B.A.; Management and Finance; Resident As&istant, Student Assistant, Univeraity Committee On Teaehing, S.A. KELLEY, WAYNISE L.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Music Ed. DONALD L.-St. Petersburg, Fla.; H.A.; Elem. Edu. KELLY, ISABEL K.-Ciearwater, Fla.; B.A.; Phy. Edu. KEMERER, VERNE F.-Frederick, Md.; B.A.; Chemistry. KENNEDY, JOHN J.St. Petersburg, Fla.; B.A.; Political Science; Gold Key. KESSLER, HAROLD-Miami, Fla.; B.A.; Industrial Management; Pi Kappa Alpha. KESSLER. KATHLEEN M.-St. Peters. bul'f:, Fla.; Elementary Education; S.F.E.A., C.S.O.; Atheneum, Gold Key. KIEFER, EDWARD J.-Seaford, N. Y.; B.A., Interdisciplinary Social Sciences. KIERNAN, THOMAS F.-Hanover, Mass.; B.S.; Electrical Engineering; Fla. Engi Soc. KILLGORE, FRANCES A.-Winter Gar den, Fla.; B.A.; Physical Education; Donn Officer. KING, ARLINE T.-Tampa, Fla.; M.A.; Library Science. KING, CAROLE C.-st. Petersbllre, Fla.; B.A.; Elementary Education. KING, PENNY J.-Jacksonville, Fla.; B.A.; Psychology-English; R.A. KINGSBERY, HARRY G.-Miami, Fla.; B.A.; Bacteriology; U .C. Pro g ram Council; Pre-Med; Delta Tau Delta, Pres. Sec. KIRSCH, FREDERIC G.-Miami, Fla.; Pre-Dental; Zeta Beta Tau. KIRSCH, WILLIAM J.-Orlanclo, Fla.; Math, B.A. KLEIN, KAREN MARGARET-Braden ton, Fla.; B.A.; Elementary Education; R.A. KLEIN, LYNN D.-Clearwater, Fla.; B.A.; Special Education. KLINE, JAMES G.-Indialantic, Fla.; B.A.; History; Pi Kappa Alpha. KLING, MICHAEL B.-Summerfield, Fla.; B.A.; Chemiatry; Co-op Student Coun. cil. KNOTT, JAMES H.-Venice, Fla.; B.A.; Political Science; Pol. Sci. Club. KOELSCH. JAMES P.St. Petersburg, Fla.; B.A.; Economies; Econ. Club, c.s.o. KOESTNER, CAROL A.-Orlando, Fla.; B.A.; Math; R.A. KOLSKY, LANCE B.-Tampa/. Fla.; B.A.; Hiato7.: Sigma Alpha Epsilon, History Club, .F.C. KOUTRAS. DOREEN B.-North Miami Beach, Fla.; B.A.i Physical Education; Athenaeum; TenlllS Team, Capt.; P.E.M. Club. KRANZ. GEORGE A.-Melbourne, Fla.; B.A.; Educationj Fore n a i c Club, W .A. C.; French \Jlub; Karate Club. KRESS, WILLIAM W. -St. Petersburg, Fla.; B.A.; Buaineaa Administration; Sigma Phi Epsilon. KULAS, DIANE M.-Jacksonville, Fla.; B.A.; Sociology; Delta Delta Delta; Delta Tau Delta Sweetheart, Little Sister, Motley Crew. KUREK, DIANE M.-Maitland, Fla.; B.A.; English-Journalism; C.S.O.; Delta Zeta; Delta Tau Delta Little Sister; W.H.A.T. L LANGSTAFF, WILLIAM N.-Sarasota, Fla.; B.A.; Zoology. LANIER, JAMES F.-Miam!r_ Fla.; B.A.; English; Delta Tau Delta, rledge Train. LAPEN'ITI, P A T R I C I A D.-Ecuador; B.A.; Sociology; W .A.C;z Trees. Civi nettes, Treas. Sociolon \Jlub; W.H.A.T. LARDIERI, RICHARD -Tampa. Fla.; B.A.; Social Science. LARSEN, KENT H.-Sarasota, Fla.; B.A.; Physics; Physics Club. LARUSSA, ANTHONY-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Indu.strial Management; Gold Key; Pi Sigma Epsilon. LAUBACH, ROBERT A.-Seminole, Fla.; B.A.; Social Seience; Lambda Chi Alpha; Baseball Team, S.C.C. LAZARUS, LOUIS S.-Sarasota, Fla.; B.A.; History-Political Sciencej Alpha Hall Sec.; Fontana Hall Council. LAZZARA, SANDRA J.-Tampa, Fla.; M.A.; Speech Pathology. LEE, KATHY-St. Petersburg, Fla.; B.A.; Elementary Education. LEE. RANDY-Fort Myers, Fla.; B.A.; Math. LEFEVRE, HAROLD A.-Syracuse, N.Y.; B.A.; Economics; Gold Key; Economics Club, Pres. LEGGITT, V ALRI A.-St. Petersburg, Fla.; B.A.; Spanish/French Education. LEHMAN, RICHARD L.-Toledo, Ohio; B.A.; Speech; Sigma Alpha Epsilonj Gol! Team, Capt.; Who's Who; Omega Delta Kappa; R.A.; S.G.; WUSF. LEONARD, EDGAR W. Philadelphla, Penn.; B.A.; Chemistry; Phi Delta Theta, Trea.s.; I.F .C. LEPORTE. CLARICE G.-Ft. Lau
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LICHTENFELS, DAVID D. Houaton, Texu; B.A.; Manarement; Phi Delta Theta, Treaa., U.C. Program Council. LIBB, JOSEPH P.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Music Education; Phi Mu Alpha, Fine Arta Chorale. LIEBMAN, WALTER B.-Miami, Fla.; Psychology B.A.; Psi Chi. LILLIE. lAMES B.-Winter Park, Fla.; B.S.; Electrical Engineering; Eng. Soe. LING, MARTIN F.-Havana, Cuba; B.A.; Aeeountin&'; Sr. Aeeounting Club; Italian Club; Co-Op Student COuncil. LINK. JUDITH A.-Cocoa Beach Fla.; B.A.; Physical Education; P.E.M LIST, LINDA K.-St. B.A.; Elementary Education; S.N.E.A. LISTER,. FERRELL W.-Plant City, Fla.; B.A.; Music Education; Phi Mu Alpha; Fine Am Chorale. LITTLEWOOD, THEODORE P.-St. Petersburg, Fla.;_ Political Science; Crosa-Country;; R.A.; Lambda Chi Alpha; SRG. LITZINGER, LEONARD G.-Hialeah, Fla.i B.A.; Marketing; Phi Delta Theta; MarKeting Aasoe. LOCKETT. DORIS A.-Clearwater, Fla.; B.A.; Elementary Education; N.E.A. LOCKLIEAR,. ANITA T.-Temple Ter race, Fla.; B.A.; Elementary Education. LOCKLIEAR, BRUCE-Miami, Fla.; B.A.; Music Education. LOPER, HOWELL Fla.; B.A.; Math/Physics; Pi Hu Epsilon; Gold Key; Sigma Phi Epsilon. LOUDERMILK, JENNIE L.-Orlando, Fla.; B.A.; History; Anthenaum; R.A. LOVEJOY, WARDELL GENE-Winter Park, Fla.; B.A.; Industrial Manage ment; Veterans Club. LOV11T,. ANN L.-Indi&lan*1 Fla.; B.A.; CheiDlstey; Pre-Med; GolCI Key V.P.; Pre-Med, See. Treu. LUBN. JOHN B.-Sarasota, Fla.; B.A .; International Studies; One to One; W.A.C. LUND, JOHN B.-Hialeah, Fla:,LB.A.; Po litical Science; Phi Delta TAeta; Mu BaH, Pres.; I.R.H.C.; S.G.; Orient. Lead; Political Science Club. LYLE. JACK MASON Lakeland, Fla.; B.A.; Fine Arts. LYTTON, VIVIAN L.-Miamf, Fla.; B.A.; Sociology; Delta Zeta. M MACCARTNEY, PATRIC E.-Bradenton, Beach, Fla.; B.A.; Zoology. MACDONALD, WARREN K.-Menitte Island, Fla.; B.S.; Paychology; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. MACKIN, KATHLEEN A.-Coral Gables, Fla.; B.A.; Elementary Education; Fontana Hall Council; R.A. S.N.E.A. MADDEN, JANE B. -St. Petersburg, Fla.; B.A.; Elementary Education. MADJDI, MOSTAFA N.-Abadan, Iran; B.A.; Geology; Geology Club; Interna tional Club. MAIDA, GEORGE A.-Coral Gables, Fla.; B.A.; Social Science-Secondary Educa tion; Delta Tau Delta; R.A. 264 MANN, JANETTE D.-Titu.s'Ville Fla.; B.A.; Elementary Edueation; S.F.E.A. Eng. Coli. Allsoe.; Co-Op MANN, LESLIE A.-Tampa, Fla.; BSE; Student Council. MARCET. ENRIQUE R.-Tampa, Fla.; B.S.; Music Education; Karate Club. MARSKI, DANIEL J.-Ft. M;ren, Fla.; B.A.; Political Science Bas1c Studies College Council; S.G.; Phi Delta Theta, Pres. MAROCKI, LAURA L.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Elementary Education; Gold Key, Kappa Delta Pi. MARMARO, GEORGE MICHAEL-Sarasota, Fla.; B.A.; Physics; Physics Club. MARR, SUSAN L.-St. Petersburg, Fla.; B.A.; Psychology. MARRIOTT, JOHN M.-Dunedin, Fla.; B.A.; Personal Phi Delta Theta; Management Club. MARSHBURN, RICHAR D D. -Tam_pa, Fla.; B.A.; Psychology; Siema No, See. MARTIN, ROBERT W.-Oeala, Fla.; B:'A.; Personal Management. MARTINEZ. ANA ROSA-Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.; B A.; Edueation; Gamma I E., Pres. MARTINSON, LINDA K.-Winter Haven, Fla.; B.A.; Latin-American Studies; Tri Chi; Karate. MAS, MARIE F.-Miami, Fla.; B.A.; Spaniah Education; Kappa Delta; Gam ma, Pres. MATTHEW, WILLIAM B.-Duneclin. Fla.; B.A.; Psychology; Sigma Nu. -MATHIEU, ZOE L.-Washington, D.C.; B.A.; Math. MATTSON, CATHY J. -Ft. Myers, Fla.; B A.; Education. MAC-ALLISTER. LINDA M.-Tampa,Fia.; B.A.; Elementary Education; Asaoe. for Childhood Ed.; S.F.E.A. MCCLURE, SUSAN J.-Tampa,J'la.; B.A.; English-Journalism; Delta Zeta, Pre., PanhelL, U.C. Com., Sec., Orient. Lead. MCCORKLE. ROBERT G.-Miami, Fla.; B.A.; Speech; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. MCCULLOUGH, JOHN H. -Miami Fla.; B.A.; Aeeounting; Theta Chi, T;eas., Pres., Bowl. Club. MCDONALD, WARREN J.-Tampa, FJ.a.; B.A.; Psychologyi Delta Tau Delta, Rush Chmn ., Cor. ;:see. MCEACHERN, REBECCA-Palm Harbor, Fla.; B.A.; Elementary Education; Gold Key; Kappa Delta Pi, B S.U. MCF AIL, TERESA M.-St. Petersburg, Fla.; B.A.; Sociology; Soc. Club, Sec., Atheneum. MCFARLAND, JANET M.-Miami, Fla.; B.A.; English-Education; Chi Omega, S.G., Donn Gov ., B.S.U. Campus Crus. for Christ. MCGOUGH, NANCY D.-Dade City, Fla.; B.A.; Office Administration. MCGRATH, PEGGY A.-Temple Terrace, Fla.; B.A.; Sociology; U.C. Com., Oracle, Theatre. MCGRIFF, MARGIE H.-Lakeland, Fla.; B.A.; Elementary Education. MCLAUGHLIN, NANCY B.-Glastonbury, Conn.; B A.; Elementary Education; C.S.O., Donn Gov. MCLAUGHLIN, WILLIAM,o, Fla.; B.A.; English-Speech Education. MCLEON, LINDA Fla.; B.A.; Elementary Education; S.F.I!i.A. MCLEOD, CATHY D.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Social Studies; U.C. Com. MCLEAD, MAYNARD M.-Miami, Fla.; B.A.; English. MCMAHON, JOHN-Orlando, Fla.; B.A.; Industrial Management; Vet. Club. Econ. Club. MCNAMARA, MICHAEL J.-Md.; B.A.; lndu.strlal Dorm Gov., Prea., I.R.H.C., V. Prea., Windjammers, R.A. MEADORS, ROBERT E. -llunice, Ind.; B.A.; Personnel Management. MEADOWS. KARYN R.-Winter Park, Fla.; B.A.; English-Library Education; Dorm Gov. MEEKS. BARBARA F. -Indian Harbour Beaeh.J. Fla.; B.A.; Elementary Eduea tion; .H..appa Delta Pi. MELLON, ELIZABETH C.-Daytona Beach, Fla.; B.A.; Marketing; U.C. COM., Mar. Assoc., Delta Zeta, S.R.G., See. MENENDEZ, MIRTBA-Dallas, Texas; B.A.; Special Education. MENENDEZ, ROSEMARIE-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Elementary Edueation. MENGE, RICHARD F.-Ft. Pierce, Fla.; B.A.; Accounting. MERCER, G. TERRY Cape Vioeent. N. Y.; B.A.; Pre-Law; Oracle, Pol. Union. MESSIER, CHARLES G.-Tampa, Fla. ; B.A.; Accounting; Co-Op Coun. MEYER, EILEEN F.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Elementary Education MEYER, ROBERT F.-Tampa'-.Fla.; B.A.; Industrial x g. Demo., Treu., Pres., S.G., Vet. Club, S.R.G., Pol. Coun., V. Pres., Pres. MICBIELSEN, NORIN L.-Apopka, Fla.; Elementary Education; U.C. COM.; S.F.E.A. MIKOLAITIS!. PATRICI_A L.-Ft.. Lauder dale, Fla. H.A.; Spamsh Education. MILLER, ETBLYN C.-Tampa, Fla.; M.A.; Library Education MILLER, FREDERICH D.-Daytona Beach, Fla.; Social Scienee Education; Pi Kappa Alpha. MILLER. JAMES F.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Political Scienoe; S.G., Yg. Rep., Alpha Phi Omega, Radio Club Karate Club. MILLER, JUNE D.-Temple Terrace, Fla.; M.A.; Library Education. MILLER, THOMAS C.-Milwaukee, Wis.; B.S.; Electrical Engineering; F.E.S. MILLS, STANLEY R.-Gulfport, Fla.; B.A.: Economies; Gold Key, Econ. Club, Dorm Gov. MINARDI, MICHAEL J.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Marketing; Judo Club, Sports Car Club, Mar. Club, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Pres. MINNAY, PATRICK J.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Psychology; Sp. Path. Club, Pres., S.E.A ., Psi Chi, V. Pres. Barbendera. MINTliORN, ROBERT E. Melbourne, Fla. ; B.A ; Social Science Education; Bowline Team, Pres., Delta Tau Delta.

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MISHKIN, STUART R.-Miaml Bcb., Fla.; B.A:,; Political Science; Tau EJ1silon Phi, I.F .,;., Pol. Sei. Union, Donn Gov. MITCHELL. MARILYN B.-Clearwater, Fla.; B.A.; Paychologr; Dorm Gov., Delta Gamma, Cor. See. MITCHELL, WILLIAM P.Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Spaniah. MITTLEMAN, JOHN J.-Spring Valley, N.Y.; B.A.; PaycholoC)', MOBILIO, JOHN G.-Orland2f Fla.; B.A.; Payehology; Barbenders, tl'eaa., Theta Chi, U'.C. MOBSBR. ROBERT A.-8t. Thomas, Viram; B.A.; Marketinc; Dorm Gov. MONTGOMERY, JAMBS 1.-Jackaonville, Fla.; B.A.; History; Sigma Alpha Epsi lon, Delta Gamma "Anchor Man." MONTOOTH, CARL N.-St. Peterabarg, Fla.; B.A.; French Education; French Club, Karate Club. MOORE, BARBARA B.-Bradenton, Fla.; B.A.; Elementary Edueation. MOORE, BRUCE L.-Miaml, Fla.; B.A.; Speech; Dorm Gov .. U.C. Com. MOORE, GWENDOLYN B.-Ga17 Ind.; B.A.; French; Beta Gamma Chi. MOORE, MARILYN J.-Saruota, Fla.; B.A.; Personnel-Business; Donn Gov U.C.Com. MOORE, THOMAS A.-Tampa, Fla. B.A.; Mathematics-Education; Pi Mu Epsilon. MOORES. JEANETTE G.-St. Petersburg, Fla.; B.A.; Elementary Education. MORALES, NORA-Tampa, Fla.; M.A.; Speech Pathology. MOREHEAD, BRUCE R.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A .l Personnel Mana,ement; Sports Car .,;lub, Prea. MORENO. DENNIS J.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Marketing; U.C.Com., Tau Epsilon Pbl. MORGAN, BRUCE V.-Melbourne, Fla.; B.A.; Polltieal Srienee Donn Gov. Ruaaian Club, Fencing Club, Pol. Union. V. Prea. MORRIS, RITA Fla.; B.A.; Psychology; Gold Key, Pai .,;bi. MORTIMER, ALLEN L.--St. Petersburg, Fla.; B.S.; Enctneertnc; Gold Key. MOSBLT, CATHERINE F.-Hollywood, Fla.; B.A.; Elementary Edueation; U.C. Com., Prog. Council, See., Atheneum MOSES, JAMBS H.-Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.; B.A.; Hlstoey-Pre-Law; Karate Club; Delta Tau Delta; I.F.C. MOSS. FRANK B. Jacksonville, Fla.; B.A.; Zoology; Tau Epsilon Phi, AEGEAN: Orient. Leader. MUDD, CAROL W.-Jaekaonville, Fla.; B.A.; Elementary Education Delta Gamma; Univ. Chapel Feliowahip; Alpha Tau Omega Little Sister, Athe neum; Who's Who. MULLBN.t :flONALD F.KoKomo, Indiana; B.A.; rhyalcal Education. MULLER, ROBERT W.-TamJNL, Fla.; B.A.\ Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Pi SJem,a Epai on, Sec. MUNDY, KENNETH L.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Zoology. MURFINr...BARBARA A.--cteanrater,Fla.; B.A.; rsyc:bology. MURPHY, MARY -Tampa, Fla.; History. N NALBS, DOROTHY J.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Math. Education; Pi Ku Epsilon; S.N.E.A.; S.F.E.A. NATHE. DONALD E.-Dade City Fla.; B.A.; Personnel Management; Y oanc Rep a. NAVARRA, JANICE J.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Sociology; Sociology Club. NELSON, ELESA-Atlantie Beach, Fla.; B.A.; English Education; Gamma 2W, Pres., Tennis Team Co-Capt; Delta Delta Delta, V.P .; Panhellenic; SRG; R.A.; R.C., C.F.S. NELSON, FRED W,-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Marketine. NEWBTT, MICHAEL L.-Jacksonville, Fla.; B.S.; Industrial Management. NEWMAN, CAROLE L.-TamJ'&..t Fla.; B.A.; Payeholog)o-Soeiology; Program Councll; Young Demos; Delta Zeta; Sociology Club. NICHOLS, BARBARA L.-Clearwater, Fla:,;_ B.A.; Elementary Kap. J)8 velta( V.P.j_ R.A.; SG. UnJV. Chap. Fellowsh p; U .,;. Program Council. NICHOLS, BARRY-Rockledge, Fla.; B.A.; Industrial Psychology; Golf. NIEMEYER, CHARLES R. -Indialantic, Fla.; B.A. ; Political Science. NOBO, MARIA M.-Bartow, Fla.; B.A.; Spanish. NOEL. CATHERINE V.-Greenville,Miaa.; B.A.; English; English Club. NORMAN, JANET Fla.; B.A.; Elementary Education; S.N.E.A.; W.H.A.T.; R.A. NORTER, FREDERIC T.-Honeoye Falla, N.Y.; B.A.; Economies; Econ. Club. NOTO, DENNIS J.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Marketing; Alpha Tau Omega; Marketing Club. NUNEZ, CATHERINE C.-St. Petersburg, Fla.; B.A.; Elementary Education. NYDAHL. BARBARA A.-Riverview, Fla.; B.A.; Education; Alpha Delta Pi. 0 O'BRIEN, DAVID J.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A. Special Education; Pres. College of Ed. Council, Student Council for Exceptional Children. O'BRIEN, ROBERT J.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Soeiologr. O'BRIEN, JEFFREY S.-S"t. Petersburg, Fla.; B.A.; Marketing. O'CONNELL. JOHN D. JR. St. Petera burg, Fla.; B.A.; Accounting; Sr. Aeet. Organ. O'CONNOR, SHARON A.-Sarasota Fla.; B.A.; Sociology; Univ. Chapel Fellow ahip, Delta, Zeta Treaa. O'DA Y, NANCY J.-Miami, Fla.; B.A.; Elementary Edueation; Pres. Delta Dorm. ODOM, PAUL R.-Brandon, Fla.; B.A.; B.A.; Finance; Economics Club, USF, Karate. OGLESBY TERRY L.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Philosophy/Political Science; Philosophy Club, Political Union, Foreign Affairs Club. ORLANDO, LUCY J.-Clearwater, Fla.; B.A.; Art; Kappa Delta Treaa. ORLANDO, WILLIAM G.-Cornwall-onHudson,.._ N.Y.; B.A.; Hlatoey; Potter Street .Mission Group. ORTABELW, ESTHER M.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Elementaey Edueation. ORTIZ. JUDITH G.-St. Petersburg Fla.; B.A; Elementary Education. OSBORNE. KING W.-Bradenton, Fla.; B.S.; Engineering; Gold Key, IEEE, Honors Convocation MarshalL OSBORNE. WIIJLIAM G.-Madelia, Minn.; B.A.; Speech; Stgma Alpha Epsilon. OVARLET, RONALD J.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Psychology. OVERTON, JUDITH A.-Miami, Fla.; B.A.; English Education; Athletic Chmn. OWEN, KATHY S.-Largo, Fla.; B.A.; Physical Education; PEM. p F.-Orlando, Fla.; M.A.; PALERMO, AMELIA A.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Sociology. PALMER, RACHEL B.-. Tarpon SJ?rlnga, Fla.; B.A.; Speech Engbah Edueatton. PALMER, RUTH-Eustis Fla.; B.A.; Ele mentary Education; Transfer Lake Sumter Junior College, Epsilon See. PANTRIDGB, ONA M.-Largo, Fla.; M.A.; Speech Pathology; Russian Club, Speech Pathology Club. PARDO, JOSEPH L.-TamJia, Fla.; B.A; Marketing; Pres. USF Gun Club, Mar keting Assoc., Pi Sigma Epsilon. PATON, JOHN M.-Holli8wood, N. Y.; B.A.; Pbyaieal Education. PATTERSON, MICHAEL P.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Political Science. PAYNE, CAROL H.-St. Petersburg, Fla.; B.A.; Elementary Edueation; Delta Kappa Pi. PAYNE, PAMELA C.-Venice, Fla.; B.A.; Elementaey Education. PECHIN, RICHARD G.-Orlando, ll'la.; B.A.; Finance. PEELER, SCOTI' L. JR.-Knoxville'-Tenn.; B.A. Spanish-French; Trana.fer nnneasee Wealeyan College, Circle K V. P.; Chmn. March of Dimes. PEFFER, PAULINE A.-St. Pet.raburg Fla.; B.A.; Elementary Education;.. Gold Key, Pi Mu Epailon, Kappa Delta rt. PBNDINO, RICHARD J.-Tampa, Fla.; B.S.; Engineering, PEREIRA, KAREN A.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Elementary Education. PEREZ, CRISTINO L.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Eeonomiea Club Students for MeCartny. PEREZ, EDWARD J.-Miami, Fla.; B.A.; English Literature; English Club, Cinematography Club, Intensive Training Tutorial Program. PEREZ, IRENE L-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Education; W.H.A. T. Motley Crew, Delta Zeta. PERRET, EUGENE C.--Jaekaonville, Fla.; B.A.; Marketing; Pi Sigma Epsilon. PERRONE ROSALIE C.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Elementary Education. 265

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PERRY, ANGELA-Port Richey, Fla.; B.A.; Hath Education; Girl's Karate Club, NCTM. PERRY, DONALD F-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Psychology. PERRY, JUDI A.-Indian Harbour Beach. Fla.L B.A.i. Art Education; Delta Gamma-Kush '-'hmn. & V. P. PERSONS. ROBERT B.-Neptune Beach, Fla.; B.A.; Political Science; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. PESTALOZZI JOHN H.-St. Petersburg, Fla.; B.A.; Personnel Hanacement; Pi Kappa Alpha. PETRICEK, DONNA J Winter Haven, Fla.; B.S.; English-Journalism; Chi Omega-Founder, Pres., Rush Chrnn.; Pi Kappa Alpha Little Sister, Panhellenic, CFS, WHAT, O racle. Pm'RICK, GAIL E.-Philadelphia Penn.; B.A.; Personnel Management. PETTIGREW, DAVID G.-coral Gables, Fla. B.A.; College of Rep., Student Senator, Phi Delta Theta Sec. Director Choice, PFEIFER, MICHAEL P .-St. Petersburg, Fla.; B.A.; History; History Club. PFINGSTEN, JOHN D.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Psychology. PHILLIPS. EDWARD B.-Winter Haven, Fla.; B.A.Linduatrial Management; Sigma Alpha Treas. Chaplain; S.A. Resident Assia. PICKHARDT, JOHANNA D.-Sarasota, Fla.; B.A.; Education. PIERCE,. FREDERICK B.-Glens Falls, N.Y.; B.A.; Geography. PIERCE, RICHARD H. JR.Lutz, Fla.; H.S.; Chemistry; Phi Delta Theta. PIERCE SHARON E.-Mulberry1 Fla.; B.A.; Elementary Early Childhood, SFEA, Tri Chi, BSU. PINIELLA, GLENDA C.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Business Education; Delta Zeta. PINO, JOSEPH JR..-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Hana.rement. PITCHER, JOHN L. JR.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Aeeounting; CO-OP. PLASKY, JACK M.-Miami Beach, Fla.; B.A.; MarketinJ; Zeta Beta Tau, tJnl versity Center Program Council, Andros Council, Marketing Assoc. PLATA, PAMELA C-Aripeka, Fla.; B.A.; Elementary Education; Delta Zeta. PLETCHER, LINDA A.-Plant City, Fla.; B.A.; Mathematiea; Kappa Delta, Pan hellenic, Prea. Standards Aeademics. PLOTT, MARY A.-Lakeland, Fla.; B.A.; Elementary Education; Gold Key. POMERANTZ, IRENE R.-Miami, Fla.; B.A.; MarketineL Who's Who, Pres. Alpha Epsilon r.hi, Rea. Aasi& Hu Dorm, Pres. Epsilon Hall. POOLE, ANN T.-St. Petersburc, Fla.; B.A.; Elementary Education. PORCH, SUSIE-Loa Angeles,Calif.; B.A.; Sociology; Baha' Club, Univerait7 Dance Theatre. PORTER, BARBARA J.-Valrico, Fla.; B.A.; Spec i a I Education; S.C.E.C., S.F.E.A. PORTFOLIO, BARBARA C.-Clearwater, Fla.; B.A.; Elementary Education; Delta Gamma, Sigma Alpha Epsilon Little Sister. 266 PO'M'BR, BARBARA J.-Orlando, Fla. B.A.; English Education; Readers Guild Theatre, Young Republicans. POTTER, DANIEL J.-Orlando, Fla.;_ B.A.; Personnel Management; Young .Kepub licans. POWERS, RICHARD L.-St. Petersburc, Fla.; B.A.; English Education/Intramurals, Alpha II. PRIBYL, JOHN F.-St. Petersburg, Fla.; B.A.; Physical Psyeholou; Pi Kappa Alpha, Honor lntramurala. PRICE, WILLIAM T.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Physical Education. PRITCHARD, HAROLD D.-Miami, Fla.; B.S,;j Bacteriology; Lambda Chi Alpha SR\i', Sailing Club. E.-Brandon, Fla.; B.A.; Studies. PULLARA, BONITA A.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Elementary Education. PUGLIO, JANICE M.-Tunpa, Fla.; B.A.; Education; Delta Zeta. PYLE, DONALD A.-Tampa, Fla.j B.A.; Music Arts; USF Community vreh. & Chorus, Treaa. Phi Hu Alpha, Pine Arts Chorale, Opera Theatre, Gold Key. PYLE, VIRGINIA T.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.i Music Arts; USF Community Orch. & Chorua, Gaslight Repertory Festival. Q QUILLIN, BETSY N.-St. Petersburg, Fla.; B.A.; Elementary Edueation. QUINLAN, JOAN E.-St. Petersburg, Fla.; B.A.; Business Education. R RAAB, SUSAN C.-Clearwater, Fla.; Ec:o. nomies; Eeon. Club.. RAGAN, RALPH R-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Theatre Arts; Bay Players, V.P., Treas.; S.P.C. REDDY, FRED-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Industrial Management. REDMOND, FREDERICK V.-Tamp a, Fla.; B.S.; Electrical Engineering. REED, JANA L.-St. Petersburg, Fla.; B.A.; Elementary Education. REED, LINDA A.-Titusville, Fla.; B.A.; SpeechEnglish. REEVES, MARSHA J.-Homestead, Fla.; B.A.; EnglishEducation. REHRIG, DENNIS C.-8ebring, Fla.; B.A.; Geology; Delta Tau Delta REHY, ROGER D.-St. Petersburg, Fla.; B.A.; Elementary Education. REYES, KENNETH A.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; American Study; Phi Delta Theta. REYNOLDS. RINA T.-Oldsmar, Fla.; B.A.; English; Gold Key. REYNOLDS, RUTH A.-Tampa, Fla.; M.A.; Special Education; SCEC. RHODES. CYNTHIA R.-Miami, Fla.; B.A.i Mental Retardation; Dorm Stan. Bd. '-'bmn; Floor-Acad. Cbmn. RHODES, JUDITH M.--Jaekaonville, Fla.; B.A.; Elementary Edueation. RIBAYA, LORENA J.-Tampa, Fla.; B A.; Elementary Education. RICE, SUSAN E.-JUDction City, Kansaa; B.A.; Psychology. RICHARD, DANIEL D.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Education. RICHARD, DIANNE M.-Tampa, Fla.; L.A.; Special Education for the Poten tially Handicapped. RICHARDS, NANCY E.-Hialeah, Fla; B.A.; Elementary Education; Dorm Sec.Treaa.; Athenaeum; C.S.O.; S.F.E.A. RICHARDSON, ARTHUR T.-Jacksonville, Fla.; B.A.; History; Dorm Pres.; Phi Delta Theta; Charter Class, Bay Campus. RICHARDSON, WILLIAM R..-St. Petersburg, Fla. B.A.; RICHIE, ERNEST L.-Winter Haven, Fla.; B.A.; Geography and Divisional Major in Natural Science; Gamma Theta Upsi lon. RICHTER, KEITH A.-Miami Beech, Fla.; B.A.; Marketing; Tau Epsilon Phi. RIGGS. MARY E.-Pierce, Fla.; B.A.; Geology & Engliah. RINCK, STEVEN F .-Naplea, Fla.;_ B.A.; Zoology; Sigma Phi Epsilon-neaa.; Pre-Med Soc.; I.F.C.-Hiatorian. RISSMAN, STEVEN A.-Hollywood, Fla.; B.A.; Political Science; Tau Epsilon Phi Prea., V.P., Founder; l.F.C. Rep.; S.A. RITI'BNBOUSE, JOHN A.-Mount Dora, Fla.; B.A.; Marketing; Sigma Alpha El)*ilon; C.F.S.-Treas. RITI'ERMAN. FREDERIC J.-Hi am I. Beach, Fla.; B.A.; :Mathematiea; Tau Epsilon Phi; Pi Mu Epsilon; I.F.C. ROARK, B.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Accounting; Gold Key; Athena eum; Sr. Acct. Club. ROBB. KAREN D.-Lutz, Fla.i B.A.; Geography; Gamma Theta UpsilOn. ROBERTSON, JOE A.-Ft. Hyers Fla.; B.S.; Electrical Engineerinc; I.E.E.E. ROBINSON, RICHARD D.-Raleigh, N.C.; B.A-i History; Gold Key; Kappa Sigma; C. ROBINSON, RUSTON D.-Orlando, Fla.; B.A.; Zoology; Delta Tau Delta. RODGERS, CHARLES R.-Fla.; B.A.; Science; U.C. Program Council; Circle Kz..Omieron Beta Kappa; Gold Key; S.G.; who's Who RODRIGUEZ, ANNETTE R.-Tunpa, Fla. ; B.A.; Sociolou. RODRIGUEZ, PETER JR..-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Accounting; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Sr. Aeet. Club. RODRIGUEZ, SHIRLEY S.-Jackaonville, Fla.; B.A.; Business Education. ROGERS. CAROL M.-Naplea, Fla.; B.A.; English. ROMINE, ROSEMARIE-Brandon, Fla.; B.A ; Elementary Education. ROSAS, WILLIAM F.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Geography; Young Demos. ROSE, DOLLY M.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Psychology; Gold Key; Athenaeum; Psi Chi; C.E.C. ROSEBOROUGH, JANETTE C.-DeLand, Fla.; B.A.; English. ROSENTRATER, DOUGLAS B. Tampa, Fla.; B A.; Speech; Reader's Theatre; WUSF; W A C.; U.C. Program Council; Barbenders; Oracle.

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ROSS, LUTHER H.-Lakeland, Fla.; B.A.; Geography. ROUSSMAN, VICTORIA I.-Orlando, Fla.; B.A.; Ameriean Studies; Hillel, See.; SG, Attorney General; Oracle; WHAT; World Af. Coun. ROWLAND, JOHN W.-Winter Park, Fla.; B.A.; Education; Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity. ROZIER, LOUISE T.-Winter Beach; B.A.; Bus. Education; Dorm Pres. RUHLING, CARMEL P.-St. Petersburg, Fla.; B.A.; Elem. Ed RUSSELL ROSEMARY-St. Petersburg, Fla.; B.A.; Mus. Education; Sigma AI pha Iota. RYAN, KATHLEEN M.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Special Education; S.C.E.C. s SAAGER, GALE P.-Leisure City, Fla.; B.A.; Business Education. SAGER, WALTER D.-Gulfport, Fla.; B.A.; English-Latin Education. SALTIS, PATRICIA S.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Elementary Education. SAMEC, RONALD G.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Astronomy. SANCHEZ, ALICE D.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Elementary Education. SANCHEZ, SHIRLEY J.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Elementary Education. SANDIFER, LINDA N.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Special Education; S.F.E.A.; S.C.E.C.; C.E.C. SANGWULL, JOHN C.-Merritt Island, Fla.; B.A.; Sociology. SANTRY, MARIE C.-Orlando, Fla.; B.A.; Math Education; C.S.O.; Pi Mu Epsilon. SARGENT, WILLIAM G.-Orlando, Fla.; B.A.; Geology; Geology Club. SATTERLEE, K A R EN A.-Melbourne, Fla.; B.A.; Social Science; UC Public Rei.; Young Demos. SATTERWHITE, JAMES H.-Gainesville, Fla.; B.A.; Non-Western Studies; B.S.U. Univ. Rei. Coun. S.G.; World Af. Coun. SAWYER, THOMAS R.-Vero Beach, Fla.; B.A.; Zoology; Mar. Bio. Club; Wind jammers; Karate Club. SAYRE, LINDA E.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Psychology; Psi Chi; Gold Key. SCHAFF, RONALD W.-Winter Park, Fla.; Industrial Eng.; Eng. Coli. Assoc.; Karate Club; Dorm Pres.; I.R.H.C., A.M.R.H.A. SCHAINH OL TZ, HERBERT L. Tampa, Fla ; Accounting; Senior Ace. Org.; Jewish Stud. Union; Tau Epsilon Phi Fraternity. SCHILLER, MARTHA J.-Mami Beach, Fla.; B.A.; Elementary Ed. SCHMITT, JOHN F.-Temple Terrace, Fla.; B.A.; Industrial Mgmt.; Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity; C.S.O. SCHOFIELD, JANICE L.-Brooksville, Fla.; B.A.; Social Science Education. SCHONBRUN, HARVEY A.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Pre-Law; Gold Key; Zeta Beta Tau Frateurnity. SCHOTT, RONALD G.-Tampa,Fla.; B.A.; Industrial Mgmt.; Veterans Club. SCHRADER, DARYL L.-Bradenton, Fla.; B.A.; Astronomy; Tai Chi Chuan; Judo Club, Physics Society; Fencing Club. SCHREER, LINDA M.-Miami, Fla.; B.A.; Elementary Education; Education As soc.; FEA; Hillel; Kappa Delta Pi; Who I.s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities. SCHULTZ, BEVERLY A.-Lakeland, Fla.; B.A.; Elementary Education. SCHUMACHER, FER DIN AND M.Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Marketing.; Economics Club; Marketing Club. SCHWALL, KATHLEEN A.-Hollywood, Fla.; B.A.; Theatre Arts; Bay Players; Coil. of Lib. Arts Advisory Couneil. SC01T, ELTON-Tampa,Fia.; B.A.; Math ematics; Pi Mu Epsilon. SEARS, JAMES D.-Hialeah, Fla.K B.A.; History; Sigma Nu Fraturnity; arate Club; Personnel Committee. SEELIG, FREDERICK W.-Pomp an o Beach, Fla.; B.A.; Bar bender'!;. Water Ski Club; Pl Kappa Alpha naternity, I.F.C. SELF, GEORGE D.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Sociology and Economics; Sociology Club, Econ. Club; Gold Key; Honor Society; Swimming Team. SEVERSON, KAREN P.-Lutz, Fla.; B.A.; Elementary Education; A.C.E.; Frogram Comm. for Childhood Education. SHAHBOS, SHARON St. Petersburg, Fla.; B.A.; Elementary Education; A.C.E.I.; N.C.T.M. SHEARER, WILLIAM H.-Tampa, Fla.; B.S.E.; Eng.; Eng. Coli. Ass.; Coop Education Program. SHELDAHL, DAVID B.-St. Petersburg, Fla.; B.A.; Pol. Science; L.S.O.; Politi cal Union; S.R.G.; Young Demos.; Moto:reycle Club; H.E.L.P.; Sociology Club; History Club; Students for Peace and Freedom; Students for Kennedy. SHEPHERD, JAMES C.:....._Orlando, Fla.; B.A.; Industrial Mgt.; Barbenders, Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity, Univ. Chapel Fellowship, Water Ski Club. SHEPP, MICHAEL-Orlando, Fla.; B.A.; Marketing; C.S.O. SHIVER, SANDRA E.-Lithia, Fla.; B.A.; Elementary Education. SIBUCAO, RITA C.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Elementary Education; UC Dance Com mittee. SIMMONS, MALCOLM G. JR.-San Mateo, Fla.; B.A.; Psychology; I.F.C. SIMONSON, ROBERT W. JR.-Winter Park, Fla.; B.S.; Chemistry; Pre-Med. Club. SISK, MARGARET J.-Tampa, Fla.; L.A.; Political Science; S.G.; Oracle. SITCH, ROBERT-Sarasota, Fla.; B.A.; French; Golf Team; Theta Chi Fraternity. SMALLING, ANNE V.-Alexandria Va.; B.A.; Elementary Special Education; W.H.A.T.; C.E.C.; Educational Council. SMITH, BETI'Y B.-St. Peteraburg, Fla.; Elementary EdU<:ation. SMITH, EDWARD B.-Largo, Fla.; B.A.; Industrial Mgt. SMITH, HERMAN M. JR.-Ft. Walton Beach, Fla.; Accounting; Pi Kappa Al-f.ha Fraternity, Senior Accounting Club, F.C. SMITH, JOHN D.-Lakeland, Fla. ; B.A.; History-Education; Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity; I.F.C.; History Club. SMITH, PRISCILLA M.-Tampa, Fla.; B.S.; Mathematics; Co-op Education. SMITH, RICHARD L.-Tampa, Fla.; Finance-Economics; Accountang Club; Economics Club, Christian Science Org. SMITH, WAYNE JR.-Longview, Wash ington; B.A.; Engineering; Sports Car Club; Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity; Liberal Arts Advisory Board, English Club. SNAVELY, JOHN D.-St. Petersburg,Fia.; B.A.; Industrial Management. SNOW, RICHARD H.-Hallandale, Fla.; B.A.; Political Science. SNOW, LINDA R.-Abington, Penn.; B.A.; Speech-English. SORRENTINO, NEIL M.-Homestead, Fla.; B.A.; Marketing; Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity; S.R.G. SOWARDS, JOAN B.-Lutz, Fla.; B.A.; Elementary Education; Kappa Delta Pi. SPAULDING, RUTH E.-Tam_pa, Fla.; B.A.; Mathematics; EdU<:ation Program. SPEIGHTS, VIRGINIA H.-Miami, Fla.; B.A.; Physical Education; P.E.M. Club. SPENCER, UNDA R.-Plant City, Fla.; B.A.; English Education; Gold Key So ciety. SPOTO, SAMUEL P.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Chemistry. SPRA 1T, WILLIAM JOSEPH JR.-Miami, Fla.; B.A.; Political Science; World Af. Coun., C.S.O., Dorm Gov't, One-to-One, Le Crecle Francais. SPRINGER, SHARON LEE-St. Peters burg, Fla.; B.A.; Office Administration; Delta Zeta Sorority, Little Sister of Sigma Phi Epsilon. SROKA, SANDRA GAIL Miami, Fla.; B.A.; Psychology; I.R.H.C., Delta Zeta Sorority. ST AJICH .JEFFREY MARK-St. Peters burg, Fla.; B.A.; Zoology; Young Demos. STANTON, PATRICIA STEELE-Clearwater, Fla.; B.A.; Elementary Educa tion. STEELE, DEAN LEE-Eau Gallie, Fla.; B.A.; Industrial Management. STEFFEE, CLAY JACKSON-Kissimmee, Fla.; B.A.; Mathematics; Karate Club. STEFURAK, DANA STEPHENS-Cocoa Beach, Fla.; B.A.; Education. STEFUROK, ALBERT LINWOOD-Rock ledge, Fla.; B.A.; Elementary Educa tion; Kappa Delta Pi. STEIGER, VIVIAN L.-Largo, Fla.; B.A.; Elementary Education. STEINMETZ, CHARLES W.-New York, N. Y.; B.A.; American Studies. STELBASKY, MARSHA LYNN-Sarasota, Fla.; B.B.A.; Accounting. STELZER, SALLY-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Mathematics Education. STEP ANIK, LOIS JULIA-Hollywood, Fla.; B.A.; ElementarY Education; As soc. for Child Ed. 267

PAGE 269

STEPHENSON. TRUDI ANN-Miami, Fla.; B.A.; English-Library Education; Donn GoT't, S.R.G. STERNSTEIN, GERALD BARRY -Jack sonville, Fla.; B.A .; Political Science; Donn Gov't, S.A., U .C. Program Coun cil, Tau E p s i 1 o n Phi Fraternity (Founder), I.F .C., 0 r a e I e Young Demos ., Orient. Lead., Sr. Pra. STEVENS, BARRY EMERSON-Gulfport, Fla.; B.A.; Organ; Phi Mu Alpha. STEVENS, DIANA LOREE-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Elementary Education. STEVENS. GENE ALLEN-Cuselberry, Fla.; B.A.; American Studies; Phi Delta Theta Fraternity, I.F.C. STEVENS, RICK BRIAN-Lakeland, Fla.; B.A.; Industrial Management; C.S.O. STEWART MICHAEL BERG-Mount Dora, Fla.; B.A.; Natural Sigma Alpha Epsilon, I.F.C., Omicron Beta Kappa, S.G. STEWART, NANCY ELLEN-Orlando, Fla.; B.A.; Elementary Education. STEWART, NORMAN JOHNSON -Lakeland, Fla.; B.A.; Political Science; Theta Chi, World Af. Coun., Judo Club. STEWART, WILLIAM EDWARD-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Chemistry; Phi Theta Kappa. STILLEY, SUSAN B.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Social Science Education; Delta Gamma Sorority, S.A.E. Little Sister. STONE, GEORGE MICHAEL-Clearwater, Fla.; B.A.; Accounting; Sr. Aeet. Club. STONE, GLYNN NELSON-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Music Education; Phi Mu Alpha. STROUP, JACQUELINE RAE-Reddick, Fla.; B.A.E.; Elementary Education. STURM, CAROL-Clearwater, Fla.; B.A.; History. SUDBURY, GLENN R.-Tampa, Fla.; B.S.; Zoology; Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternaty, Water Ski Club. SUMBY, GARY THOMAS-Miramar, Fla.; B.A. ; Personnel Management; Econ. Club. SUMNER, PATRICIA 0.-Lakeland, Fla.; B.A.; English Education; Gold Key, Oracle. SUTTON, HAROLD Fla.; B.A.; Marketing; Zeta Beta Tau Fratemit:yJ. I.F.C., S.R.G., :Mkt. Assoc., Dorm -..ov. SUTI'ON, SHARON-Brandon, Fla.; B.A.; Pa:reholou-Englfsh; Psi Chi, TPeas. and V.P. SWANSON, ELEANOR L.-Miami, Fla.; B.A.; SWEET, SHARON V.-LakelandJ.. Fla.; B.A.; French; Delta Delta Delta, Treaa. SWIGER, THOMAS A.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Personnel Management. T TAMARGO, SANDRA A.-B.A.; Elementary Education. TANK, CAlLEY J.-Zephyrhtlls, Fla.; B.A.; English. TANNER WILLIAM l.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Physics; Theta Chi; I.F.C.; Psi Chi. TAYLOR. DEBORAH M.-Tampa. Fla.; )I.A.; Education. 268 TEGENKAMP, GARY E.--Sarasota, Fla.; B.A.; Political Lambda Chi Alpha, I.F.C.; Baseball. TENNANT, ROBERT L.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Political Science; Lambda Chi Alpha. TERRANOVA, MARIE J.-Hallandale, Fla.; B.A.; Edueation; S.C.E.C.; U.C. Program Council. TERRY, JAMES W.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Astronomy; Alpha Phi Omega TESH, KURT J.-Winter Haven, Fla.; B.A.; Chemistry; Young Reps; Veterans Club. THERIAULT, RONALD B.-Winter River Junction, Ver.; B.A.; Marketing. THOMAS, CARMEN K.-Aubumdal!r_ Fla.; B.A.; Elementary Education; .H..appa Delta Pi, A.C.E.I. THOMAS, KAREN L.-Dunedin, Fla.; Social Science-Secondary Education. THOMAS, SANDRA K.-Eustls, Fla.; B.A.; English Education; Tri Chi; V.P. Epsilon 3-E. THOMSON, R 0 B E R T B.Clearwater Beach, Fla.; B.A.; Marketing; Sigma Phi Epsilon; I.F.C., Chairman. THORP, JERRY A.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Marketing; Pi Sigma Epsilon, Treaa. THUREAU, DONALD D.-Miami, Fla.; B.A.; Marketing; U.C. Program Coun cil; IUippa Sigma; I.F.C. TILLER, BARBARA 1.-Tampa,Fla.; B.A.; Accounting; Sr. Accounting Org. TIPPS, DON H.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Social Science-Education; W.A.C., S.N.E.A. TITLEY, NILS Industrial Management; nu f.'psdon Phi. TONKIN, CHARLES E.-Bradenton, Fla.; B.A.; Pre-Law; Lambda Chi Alpha, Omi cron Beta Kappa; Fenefng Team; S.G.; Young Reps. TOOPES, JAMES A.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Accounting; &nior Accounting Assoc. TORRENCE. ALFRED W.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Political ScienceLSigrna Nu; V.P.; I.F.C., V.P.; Who's who; Gold Key; Omicron; Beta Kappa; S.G. TOUCHTON, RICHARD-Bartow Fla.; B.A.; Mental Retardation; S.F.E.A.; S.C.E.C. TOURNADE, BONNIE s.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; English-Education. TRAINER., TOMAS M.-Orlando, Fla.; B.A.;
PAGE 270

WARD, MARTHA S. Chiefland, Fla.; B.A.; Elementary Education. WARD, MARY N.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Elementary Education; Alpha Delta Pi; Kappa Delta Pi, Gold Key. WARD, RICHARD c.-Tampa, Fla.; B.S.; Engineering. WARFIELD, RONALD D.Key West, Fla.; B.A.; Personnel Management; Pi Kappa Alpha. WATERSON, NANCY L.-Largo, Fla.; B.A.; Special Education. WEATHERFORD, DONNA K.-Clear water, Fla.; B.A.; Zoology; Gold Key. WEAVER. PAULETTE E. Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Sociology; Oracle, Ed. WEBB, FREDERICK J. -Pt. Charlotte, Fla.; B.A.; Marketing; Delta Tau Delta. WEBER. JANIS L.-St. Petersburg Fla.; B.A.; Elementary Education; Kappa Delta. WEDGE, JOANN-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Elementary Education. WEESNER. JOANN M.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Sociology. WEHLING, ROGER A.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Education-Social Science. WEIR, BARBARA E.-Pompano Beach, Fla.; B.A.; Sociology; Dorm Gov., Soc. Club. WELLS, SANDRA J.-lAkeland, Fla.; B.A.; Education. WELSH, BARBARA A.-Miami, Fla.; B.A.; Elementary Education; U.C. Com., Delta, Zeta, Rec. Sec., Pledge Tr., Dorm Gov., C.S.O., Ripieno Club. WHIGHAM, JOYCE K.-St. Petersburg, Fla.; B.A.; Elementary Education; Dorm Gov., Basketweavers. WHITE, CHARLOTTE C.-Tampa, Fla.; M.A.; Reading; Univ. Chapel Fel. WHITE, GARY L.-St. Petersburg, Fla.; B.A.; Mathematics; Dorm Gov. WHITE, KENT R.-Orlando, Fla.; B.A.; English/Philosophy; Phil. Club. WHITEMAN, WILLIAM L.-Ft. Wape, Ind.; B.A.; Aceounting; Sr. Acct. Club, Camp. Crus. for Christ. WHITSON, ROSA W.-Clearwater, Fla.; B.A.; Elementary Education; Donn Gov. WHITWORTH, C. JAY -Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Psychology; Vet. Club. WHITWORTH, GAIL S.-Tam__pa, Fla.; B.A.; Elementary Education; Co-op. WILEY, WILLIAM 0. JR. Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Political Seience. WILLIAMS, CHERIE L.-Tampa. Fla.; B.A.; Elementary Education; Dorm Gov .. Pres., Tri Chi, V. Pres. WILLIAMS, GEORGE B.-Cape Coral, Fla.: B.A.: Political Science: Dorm Gov., InterbaU ColDl., Pol. Sci., Lambda Chi Alpha. WILLIAMS. MARY S.-Venice, Fla.; B.A.; Sociology; Yg. Rep., Soc. Club. WILSON, KIRSTEN E. Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; English. WINKLES, D. FRANK-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Political Science-Speech; S.G., Rep., Sen., Vice Pres., Omicron Beta Kappa, See., Pres., Sigma Alpha Epsi lon, I.F.C. Rep., S.R.G., Orient. Lead. WITHERS, ROGER D.-Naples, Fla.; B.S.; Personnel Management. WOLFE. CAROLYN K.-Tampa, Fla.; M.A.; Elementary Education; Delta Zeta. WOLVERTON, GARY C.-Detroit, .Mich.; B.A.; Personnel Management. WOMACK, ANNIE P,-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Elementary Education. WOOD, JOHN L.-St. Petersburg, Fla.; B.A.; Zoology; Gold Key. WOOD . R.-Ta111pa, Fla.; B.S.; Vet. Club, Fla. Eng. Soc. WOOSLEY, JOHN T.-Tampa, Fla-j_ B.A.; Zoology-Ba.cteriolon; Mar. Bio. WORD, WILLIAM B.-Jaebonville, Fla.; B.A.; Mathematics; Dorm Gov. WORTHINGTON, CLAUDIA B.-Orlando, Fla.; B.A.; Elementary Education. WORTMAN, LINDA L.-Brooksville, Fla.; B.A.; Elementary Education; U.C. Com., S.G. WRIGHT, BARBARA J.-Bartow Fla.; B.A.; English Education; Sp. Car Club, Univ. Chapel Fel., .Journ. Club. 'fURZBACHER. C A R L T. Bedford, Mass.; B.A.; Personnel Management; Delta Tau Delta, Ree. Sec., R.A., R.C. y YANCAR, JOAN R.-Largo..! Fla.; B.A.; Elementary Education; S.F.E.A. YATES. GEORGE R. Lakeland, Fla.; B.A.; Industrial Managemeent; S.R.G.; Lambda Chi Alpha; Kappa Iota Omega. YATES, PATRICIA L.-Lakeland Fla.; B.A.; Elementary Education; S.F.E.A.; Sigma Alpha Iota. Y A VBRS, FRANCES E.-Miami Beach, Fla.; B.A.; Elementary Education; Delta Gamma. z ZENN, VICKI-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Inter national Relations; Rus. Club, V. Pres., Treas. ZITMAN, TJITSKE E. DeLand, Fla.; B.A.; Special Education; S.C.E.C., R.A. ZYSKO, JAN A.-Lakeland, Fla.; B.S.; Electrical Engineering F.E.S., S.G., U.C. Com. Above is a list of candidates for gradua tion, but should not be considered an official list of graduates. 269

PAGE 271

A Aargrett, Louisa 118 Abare, Wayne E. 228 Abbott. Mark UO, .228 Aggott, Steven 1118 Abdelmour, Candy 124 Abel, Debby 121 Abel, Richard 107, 149, 25$ f\bery Steve 114 Able, Patty 112 Aboulhosen, G. 189 Abram, .Jacques :Jl Acker, Susan 169 Ackerman. John Acosta, .John = = = Adams, Steve 1..0. 171 Ada!WI. Tlah 208. 207 Adelstein, Judith 228 Adelstein, Steven 176. 228 Adolphson. Curtis 140 Agda.mag, Peter 132. .228 Agllano, Doreen 124 Ahrens, Timmer 132 Aidman, Randy 149 Aidman, Terry 106, 107, 143 Albers, Ronald L. 238 Albert, Cheryl 1011. 112 Albertson. Harry 148 Alderfer, Sue 110 Alexander, Linda 121, lD8 Alexander, Roy 228, S. 172' Allen, Amy 182 Allen, Mrs. A. 182 Allen. Barbara U$ Allen. Bobble 110 Allen, Brian 140, 161, 2:28 Allen, Mrs. JohnS. '10 Allen, Mr .John !!i Allen, Kenneth .._ Allen. Nancy 228 Allen, Pat 110 Allen, Preeldent John 70. 71 Allen, R. 178 Allen, Robert 238 Allen. Sue 110 Aller, Robert 228 Allison, Charles l93 Allotta, Peter 148 .228 Almerieo, Peter 228 ALPHA DELTA PI lit ALPHA EPSILON PHI 112 ALPHA PHI OMEGA 181 ALPHA TAU OMEGA 114 Alt. Richard 106, 107, 132, 228 Altman, Robin M. 1110. 229 Alvarez. P. Dennl.s 229 Sally 118 Amon. ::>ue 166 Anders. Kirk W 144, 145.229 Anderson, Andy 136 Anderson, Dr. E 1$8 Anderson, John 136 Anderson. Kamle 229 Anderson, Kenneth 134 Anderson, L inda 109, 122, 146, 147 Anderson, Malcolm 172, 184, 229 Anderson, Sheila 229 Anderson. Steven 140, 181 ATHENAEUM 1M Anthony, Cheryl 118 Anton, Glenda 229 Anton, William 165 Apgar, Peggy 108, 118 Applefleld. Paul lG Louis 181 A ntar, Deborah 112. 229 Ar ln,Belli lU Armstrong, Lynda 229 Asher. James 229 Asher. Phillip 1liO Aahfonl. Marlon .239 Askeland. D. 188 Ashley, Ray las Atkinson, Peter 180 Atchison, Richard 229 Aulabaugh, Paula US Auscue, Liz 144! Austin, Sherry 1M Auetln, B. 1'15 Averill, William 2Z9 B Backer, Lorn.lne Bagbe, Mike BAHA'I CLUB Bahmlller, Ruth Bailey, Leah Bai!Argeon, .Jerry Baker, Brenda Baker, Lynn Baldwin, Anne Barat, Sheldon Barber, Cynthia Barber, .June Barfield, Sharon 270 1U. 229 ns 229 83.121 144.229 229 229 110 130, 178 229 229 Wi Index Barnes, Rlek 149 Barnes. WUIW:n 164, 229 Barnett, Scott 149, 173, 178. 229 Barnett, VIrginia 229 Barrentine, .Joan 229 Barrett, VInson 134. Barrett. R. V ..-229 Barrs, ::>W!a.D 229 Barry, L 161 Barth, R. 188 Bartlett. Dr. Altoa 78 Barton. Bruce 190, 229 B8S8 John 114 Bass. Robert 229 Bassi, Bonnla 100, 112, 113 Bastm, Tony 136 Batelaan, David 165 Batey, Jean 229 Bathgate. Bob 166 Batton, .Johnny 118 Batura. Thomas 144, 229 Bauer, James 138 Bauer, David 229 BAY PlAYERS 174 Bayliss. Joy 124 Beall. Alan 188 Bean, James 138. 189,229 Beatty. David 140 Beau. 229 Beaubien, Roger 132 Beaubleu, Roger .229 Beeker, Lorraln 229 Bedell, Jeffrey 172, 229 Beeman, John 229 Beery, Ann 128 Belford .Jack 132 193 Belisito, Roseanne 154 Bell, Mrs. Joy 111, 160 Bell, Larry 206 Bell, Jim us Bell. Sue 207 229 Beller. Thereasa 148, 229 Bellin. J. 162 Bender, Bonnie _, Bender, Lucy -Benjamin. B. m Benjamin;.. Dr. Harold 66 Bennett, uall 229 Bennett, Marilyn 121 Belll!on, Allan 188 Benvenuti, Bud li30 Benz. C. 188 Bercov. Steve 190 Bere-doll;. David 107, 144, 145, 230 Berger, ;:steve U8 Bergman, Anne 230 Berner, Wes 196 Berry. Mike 310 Berry. Steve 149 Berryhill, Lee Ann 258, Bertness, DaTid _, Besenbach, C&rl 230 Beverly, J 169 188 Bierman, Prof. Arthur 60 Bietz, Marc 143 Bigby. Linda 188 Biggins, Franklin 166, 230 Binder, Don 230 Blneau. Franeolee 290 Binford. Dr. Juse S. 90 Binnie, David 200 Blnnlnger, Joyce 290 Birch. Danny 183, 208 Blrkmaier, Craig 190, 166 Birse, Greg 143 Bishop, James 165 Bishop, Sll38n li30 Bixler. Tim 188 Black, A. 183 Black, Brion 230 Black, Sandra 230 Blackburn, C. 183 Blackburn. N. 230 Blackwell, Toni 230 Blair, Leslie 144!, Blake. Robert ...,., Blanchard. Claire 111) Blanchard, W 176 Blank, Stan 230 Blanner, Michael 1'" 230 Blanton, Keith '" Blasckka, Andrea 132 = Blasckka, Paula 189 Bledsoe. Steven 132 Bleich, Dan 230 BBilletzed r. Keith 166, 230 n Mary Ann 230 Bloom. Stephen 168,169, 230 Blomgren, D. 182 Blumenfeld, Cindy 1218, 180, 230 Boatwright. Judy 110 Bodfish, John 140 Bodden, JoAnn U6 Boerner, Bruce 128 129 230 Bogart, Suzanne ' 128 J 181 Bo okles, Tina 126 Boer, Griselda 230 Bolinski, Pat 280 Bond, E 183 Bond, Linda 230 Bone, Mike tas Boney, J. 176 Boris, Andrea 142 Boros, Bruce 148 Bortness, David 13$ Borrell, Tommy 114 Bortness, David 136 Boss, Barbara 189 Botts. Alice 1.21, 181 Bouman, Barbara 230 230 Bourquin. Tom Boutelle. Tom 1M Bowcock, Dianne 230 121, Bower, David Bower, N. Bowers, Dr. Louts Bowere. Pat 164, 161i, 230 Bowler, David 230 Bowman, Ann 118 Bowman, Bill 134 Bowman, FraDcls 1U.167, 230 Bowser, Rick 174 Boyntonl David 230 Bradtoro. B. 171 Branch, Jane W 230 Branclforte. Lorraine 230 Brandenberg, Mlcbeal 230 Branela, Jane 231 Brantley, J 175 Brantly,. Bill 114 Brass, Alan 143 Brass. Barbara 142 Bratton, Boog 114 Judy 146 Brazel, erry 13, 200, 208 BreeseL J. 175 Breit, .Jack 231 Brewer, Glenn 206 Briggs, Dr. John 169 Brightwell, J R 103 Brill, Shirley 81, 121, 231 Brimm, Willard JJ$, 211, 212 Brinkerhoff, Doug 224 Brinkley. Robin 163 Bristle. Elizabeth 180 Britt, Donna 231 Britt, James 1$1, 231 Brock, Cheryl 231 Brodes. Renee CS1, 112 Broka. Gall 281 Joel 107, 140, 2Sl Brooks. nugh 132 Brosch, G. 1'78 Brown, B. 173 Brown, Carl UO Brown, Gary 140 Brown, Jeanne R. 231 Brown, .John 1t4 Brown. Michael 132 Brown. Pat 110. 162 Brown, Stephen 231 Brown, Timothy 231 Bruce, Bob ltol, 157, 180 Bruce, Kevin 114 Brusa. Thomas 231 Bryan, Bill 140 Bryan, Billie 140 Bryan, William 231 Bryan, Billie D 231 Bryan, Patty 126 Bryer. Loree 1.21, 189 Buck, Helen 231 Bunting, Veda Jo l.U, 231 Buppert, Margaret E. 231 Burke, Mindy 136 Burns, Jean 136 Burress, Becky 109, 110 Burris, Bruce 231 Bush, E 166 Bussendorter. A. 162 Butler, Charles 102 Butler, Mark H. 231 Butnlck. Wendy 112 Buzzella, Paul 211 Bylander, John 138 c Caffee. Mike Cahen. Howard Calderazzo, John W Calfee. Carlton Calhoun, Howle Cameron, William B. Camp, M{rna Campbel Beverly Campbell, Jamel! Campbell, .John Campbell. Richard W. Camolon, Jerry C&nela, R. D Cannes, Stuart Cannon. Julian Canty, J. :Mlcbael Capln, Jean Carder, Sheila 11'. Carey, John 0. Carlton, Bert Carmichael, Linda 144, 145 214 14.2, 143 231 136 ue. 231 231 231 231 231 144 231 132 165 231 134 231 179 134 146 CarneY. Patricia 211 Carol, Jane 1131 Carpenter, Kenneth 181 Robert 140 Carreiro, D. 231 Carreno, Jerry B. 211 Carroll, Debby 11 1 10 Carrow. Trudy lM Carter, Da'rid S 231 Carter, Kenneth :r. 231 281 CUe, "neeyl 118 Case, Claudia G. 281 casUglloni, Kathlyn c 114, 231 eutrlcone. Dave 199 CatheL Enid L. 281 Can, Patty 1'-' Thomaa :r. 1", 282 Chaiiont, Anne us Chambers, Chris 121 Chambers, Jack B. 100. us Chaney, Cheri .J. 121, 231 Cheatham, .Jer...., W. 190 281 Chennault. Albert 11'. 164; 382 Cherry "}(arcelle 110, U6 CHI OaiWA 1M Chol, 140 Cholewa, Collette 232 Chorvat, .Joseph D. 232 Christiansen. Scott 14 Chukes, Frelda 282 Chumley, Aleida 17-4 Claderarro, John 232 Clark. David P. 164. 232 Clark, Dona 168, 232 Clark, Guth 134 Clark, Judy 144!, 112 Clark, Pete 107 Clarke, James P. 282 Cleaver. Dr. Frank 169 Clements, Bruce 136 Clement. Dr. David 146. 1'12 Clement, Gordon 140 Clement, L 1'12 Clement, Marllia US Clementi, Loretta ll82 Clendenon, Thomas H. 233 Cleveland, Elizabeth 164 Clevenger, B. 178 Cline, Dean Robt. S. 78, 179 Clonts, Rex 128, 129 Clymer, Rod 134 Coates. 140, 232 Coe. Roger 190, 180 Coffeen. W G III Co{tey, Pat 182 Cottm, 232 Coffill, .John 180, 232 Cohalla, Richard A. 140, 232 Cohen.Jack 282 Cohen, Michael 143 Cohen, Ph111p A. 149, 232 Cohen. Sidney 187 Cohn, Steve 149 Cole, Sharon J 146 232 Coleman. Richard :H. 232 Collegiate Clvlnettes 1$8 Collins, Linda L 232 Collins, Ronald L. 18S 2S2 Collins, Thoma.s s. 232 Collura, Pat 119 Conger. Sharon A. 2S2 Conklin, Sara 168 Conner, Lewle G. 2S2 Conrad. Cindy 108 Conrad, Cynthia L. 124, 154. 232 Coole, Wally 144 Cook, A 162 Cook, Debby 121 Cook, Linda 1.26 Cooper, Dean Ruaeell K. 188 Cooper. Monte V. 232 Cooper, Patricia A 282 Cooper, Shirley !! Cope, Lou Anne ....., Copeland. Charlu 170 Coppage. QQrdon 114 Corbitt, Weldon 232 Corbitt. Weldon HO Corcoran. Bill 1.30 Cordell. Joe B. 164 Cordero, Jim 168 Corlett, Edward 18111, 180 Cornllland. Elaine H. 232 Cornwall, Charles L 232 Cornwall. Jeanne S. 232 Corry. William W 188, 2S2 Costello, Fran 193 Cotellis. 188 Cotterman, Robert 140 Cottrell, Richard V 232 Covington, Dean Harrison W. 86 Cox. Carla 110 Cox. WIIU a m E 164, 2S2 Crane, Cyril V. 2S2 Crank, Don 198, 199 Cranor. Lawrence 140 Craven, Danny W 2S2 Crocker, Kathy 146 Crook, Douglas H. 164. 2S2 Croteau, Ray 199

PAGE 272

Crother, E K Crowell, George ll. Crown, John Crowley, John W. Cut!aro, Charlea P. CUmbie Fred H. CUmminga, Vietor C. CUrtin, Michael CUaeo. C Cusmano. Mary Ann Cusmano, Joaeph P. Cutterman, Robert A. D 1M 232 232 232 lU 165 107, ffi 233 1 m 173 232 uo. 233 D&fnlll. Dave 138 Daignault._Steve US Dallman. rat 182 Dambly, Thomas 233 Daniels, George 107, 160 Daniels. Harriet 118 DarbY. Debbie 10$, 121 Daughtery, F. 184 DaughertY. Suzanne 233 Dave, Sally Jo 128 David, Tim ltO, 185. 233 Davies. George 3SS DaTies Ken 169 Davis. Darden 233 Davia, Fern Davis, Glendlne Davis, Jeri Dawes, Dr. Clinton 188 Daweon, Dennis lU Dawson. Richard 2811 Day. Lynn 1S5 Day, Sue 168 Deacon, Linda 118 Dean Dean Harris W. 73 73 Dean, William '!!! Decker, Sharon ....., Dee. Sally lit Deer, Dean I"lna: De Ia Cruz. Nurl lot, 1 Deland, Gay 1-H De Lara, Yvonne 12t, 231 De Ia Rosa. Mike 200 Delgado. Dennis 233 DELTA DELTA DKL'I'A 118 DELTA GAXIIIA Jll,llt DELTA TAU DELTA Ul DELTA ZETA lit De MesQuita, Paul 1{0, 205 Demme, Arlene 124, 133 Denmark. Candy US, 180 Dennen. Harry 1118 Dennison. DaD 233 Denton. John m Depuhl, Michael 231 Dervaes. John R 288 Des Rosier. Joseph li8S Deutsch, Sherryo ld Deutschmann. Elinor 38S 171 Dial, llt Diamond, erry 118 Diu. Linda 110 Dickey, F. Ill. S38 Dickey, James 56, 65 Dickinson, Marty 121 Dickinson. 114 Dickinson, Susan 1 .. Dllner, Susan Jill Diner. Manuel 106b107, 142, 143, 154, 173. 233 Dtncle, ave 1-H Dingle, Dennis 233 Dinkel, Kim 118.1{0, lli1 Dlnkle. Peggy 109 Director, Alan 233 Doboa, Stephen 233 Dobson. Thomas dO, 132, 154, 233 Dodd, Richard 114 Dodds. MeliBSa 233 Dodson, B. 178 Dodson Linda 188, 233 Doerr, Chsrles 158, 233 Doggett. Steohen 283 Domanski, M. 181 Domanski, R. 175 DombeY. Diane L Donaghy, Joseph 233 Donaghy, Robert 165 Dozmerberg, Ellen .!! Dooley, Barbara -Dorney, Dan 180 Dorman, K'abel H. 21!6 Douglas. Henry 132 Douglas. Marilyn 181, 233283 Dou.das, Sally Dowling, Jack 233 Doyle, John lSJ Doyle, Perlle H. 233 Doyle R. 172 Dressier, Gene 112 Drlck, Bob 168 128 Driggers 181 Dring, Richard 233 Dring, Dr. R. HO Duarte, Nelson 234 Dudley, William 1-H, 151 Duerr, Albert D. 114, llli, 234 Duess, Dan 286 Dutrayne, Michelle 118 Dugcer, John 108, 107, 138 Duke, Jan 110 Duke, Johnnie .234 Dukes, Freda 284 Dunn. Janice 234 Dunn, Lola B. 234 Dunson, John R 234 DuPont. Janet 146. 234 Durbin, Bryce 234 Durrett, Ann 1$3, 234 Dutcher, Walton 234 Dykeman, William 138, 196, 19'7, 234 E Ealtlnk, Albertus G. Eal!ton, Marianne Eaton, Pat Eby, Pam Eckhart. N. = 128 178 1M ECONOliiCS CL'OB Eda:erton, N B. Edgerton, Roy Edwards, Susan Eggtmann, Donald EgoUi Dr. Robert Elcho z, G c Eichorn, Dr. H Ellll!, Robert Ellis, Dr. Robert Ellison, Michael Elliston, Larry Elman, David Emmir, Margaret Endsley, Terrsnee H. Eneler, Bill ENGINEERING COLLEGE ASSOCIATION Engle, Becky Engter, George W. Erickson, Linda Erwin, Ann 234 234 163 98 90 183 173 234 114 158 112 234 2U 185 128 234 18fl 156 135 Etheridge, Becky Etrldge, J. Eubanks. B Evans. Christie Eveleigh, G 183,1: Ezquerra. Isabel Ezquerra. Joe Ezzell. :Mike F Faa-ea. Sheila Fafrbanks, Cll!!ord A. Faircloth, David Faker, Donsld Farina. Lucretia Farmer, Fr. Robert Farmer, Sheila F. Farnell, Maeon Faro, Sharyn Farr, Jim Farwell._ Charles Fuon,.u. Faulks, R. Faulds, Leslie Favata, Cecilia G. Feagle, Phyllls .Fetghfol, Ann Felgh Robert Felngoid, Ann Fennell. Gregory Fergueson Carol Ferguson. Ron Ferguson, Suzan Fernandez, Daniel Fernandez, Elido Fernandez, Jesus Fernandez, Peter E Sylvia J. Ferrante, :susan M:. Finch, Pam Flndlna:. Janet Flngar, Carolyn Finkbiner Jim Finney. Linda Fischbach, Bill Iria Fisher, vavld Fisher, Greg Fisher. Dean Marpret B. Fisher, Martha Fitzpatrick, Bob Flannery, Larry Fleeman, Bill Fleet, Helaine Fleischer, Leslie Fletcher, Linda Flynn, Greg Focht. Debby Foley, Skip Ford, Kathie Fore, Robert Forsythe, Allan Foster. Bill Foster, Eileen Foater, Jim Foster, Phil Fountain, Thereaa Fourea, Linda Fowler. William R. Fox, Albert Fox, Garrick Foxworth, S. ll'ram, Pamela Frank, Barbara 168 175 234 199 184 Frank, Cindy Frank, :Morris Franklin, John Franklin, Peggy Franklin, Susan Fredrick, B. Freeman, John Freeman, Pam Fresenborg. Deanne Friedman, Allan Friedman, Rom Frier. Harlis Frisbie, Rick Frowert, Cynthia Fry, Michael Frye, Judy FUlghum, Linda Fullenkamp, David Fullenkamp, Ronald Fuller, Ann Fuller, Charlotte Fuller, Ellison Fuller, K e n Fullerton, K Fuson, Dr. Robert H. Fuss, Patricia G 121 143 m m 118 14S 149 235 130 235 236 m 235 235 258 236 182. 189.m 175 96,159, QQffney, Dan 132 193 196 Gaffney. George '183 Gaines, Marc 114 Gallina, Frank 285 Ganaway, Bob 114 Garcia, Adrienne Garcia. Claudia Garcia, Cynthia """" Garcia, 1-H Garcia, Ellvlra 235 Garcia. Francil! 109, 118 Garcia. Henry 138, 139 Garcia, Mario IM, 188, 170, 285 Garcia, Richard 137 Garrison, Debbie 235 Garvy, Robert 179 Gaskins, Tom 208 Gasque, John 1f0 Guton, Richard 235 208 Gates, Bob Gavilan, Bill 165 Gearhart, Kathy 124 Geddes, Bill 193 Geler, G F 2351 Geist, Jack 168 Geist, Sandy 138, 180 Geraghty, .Ian 158, m Gerberding, Tom 114 Gewurz, Powel 149 Giannone, Robert 285 Gibbons, Congreasman Sam M Gibbons, Trlsh 1-H Gibbs. Bretta 285 Gibson. Susan 236 Gilbert, Carolyn 236 Gilder. Robert 183 Gillenwater, Jacqueline 28$ Gillies, Sharon 146 Gillman, Jacqueline 172 Gionet, Clirtord 2$S Gittleman, Linda 157 Giunta, Frank N. 2S8 Giunta, Vincent J. 288 Glalze, David 132 208 288 Glassman, Howard ' 2818 Glendason. c E. 236 Glenn, Betty C 2818 Glenn. Elizabeth 237 Glusman. Mark 149 Gnatta, Edith 2116 Goble, Prls 121 Godes, Harlan 149 God-.rln Karen 111 God-.rln L. 173 Goldberg, Mark 143 Goldberg, Susan 142 Golden, Ralph 236 Golden, William 132 Goldenson. Thomss 236 GOLD KEY l$7 Goldstein, Baule 10? Goldstein, Bruce 143 Goldstein, Jack 149, 237 Gomez Joseph 101 Gonzalez, German H. 158, 238 Gonzales. Judy 1-H Gonzalez, J 0. 183 Gonzalez, Patty 146 Goodall, R. 184 Goodrow. K 182 Googel, Phyllis 154, 188, Gorden, Alan ..,.. Gordon, Betsy 121 Gordon, Billie 1211 Gordon, Gail 112 Gordon, Marvin 236 Gore, Richard 137 Gorman, Carolyn 59,108,109.146,154,238 Gorman, Daniel 144 Goshorn, Robert 238 Gottlieb, Art 143 Gould, Dr. J A. 88 Gove, Gwenn US, 151 Graham, G 184 Grande, Mary 266 Grange, Roger 94 Gray, :Mary 44, 121 Greeberg, B Greenburg, E. Green, Carol Greene, Alan Greene, Barbara Greene, Paul Greenlee, Kathy Greenlee, Rlcaliard Greenstein, Allen Greer. Mary Gregory, David Gregory, D Grey, B. J. Griffin, Alton Griffin, Cindy Griffin, D. Griffin, J Griffith, sten Griffith. T.JI. Grlmmelman, P. Grindey, Bob Gross, Joan Grosa, Haymon GOMo, Domenic Grueber, R.E. Grumet. Robert Greenstein. Bruce Gronsten, Bruce Gug&'llnheim, John Guinta, Frank Guker. Julie Gupton, P H Haas, Kirk Hackett. Lynn HadBOCk. Karen L. Haefele, Barbara. Haigtey, Connie Haines. Linda M Haines. Robert S. Hale, Fred H. Haley, Pat Hall, Frances T. Hall, Gregory D. Hall. Kathryn Hall, Kenneth R. Hall, Marilyn Hall, Rita Hall, Robert T. Halphen, Paul D. Hamilton, Bill Hamilton. Frank 1!1. Hamlin, Betsey Hamlin, Dan Hamm, Kip 188 HS 238 149 168, 236 236 238 132 157 174, 236 236 137,236 118, 135 236 128, 151 114, 181 111. 114, 180 238 176 200 112.144,236 236 143 236 143 188, 139 236 140 171, 236 172, 238 161 130.m 236 142, 148, 286 170 238 237 237 165 237 237 237 237 1-H 111 237 237 123 184 184. 129 168 180 182 237 1117, lit, 137 237 129 23'1 m 114 Hammer, Glen Hampton, Mike Haner, Robert M. Hankins, Jim Hannon, Margaret Hanshaw. Bill Hanson, Joyce M Hanson, Margaret Hanson. Marilyn E. Hanson, Steve Happel, Gil 137. 19$, 19'7, 237 Harben, Dan Harbin, Roger Hardaway, Dr. Elliot Hardy, Gary S Harkness. Mary Lou Harlan, Sioux Harmon. Tom Harrington, Ann Harrill, Eileen M Harris, James Harrison, B. Harrison. William D. Hart, Jane E Hart, Louis B. Hart, Mainor Hartman, Mary A. Hartson, William Huken, Shirley S Hatcher, Dr. John Hattaway. G Haupt, John Hawken. Ruseel Hayes, Barry G Hayes. Evelyn Hayes, Richard M. Hay11, Bruce Head. James Healey, Mary L. Heath, Brian Heath, Linda J. Heath. Ralph T. Heidel. Sue Heln, Janet 114 l+f 100 237 99 15$ 129 237 1tl, 237 149 173 m 237 130 237 137 237 173 111 165, 174 137. 130 1114, 237 237 237 132 165 Hein. Susan A. Helgeson, Robert Henderson, Clayton ll. Henderson. E. Henderson, Joseph C. Henninger, John Henninger. Thomas B. Henry, Judy HeD.!!ley, Mrs. L. Herman, Mary 114 237 237 l+f 135 237 237 231 m 134 23'7 ltl.lliS 182 Herold, Bass Herrick, Sandy Herrick, Carrol R. Herrick. Rusull Herrington, Kate K. 122. 126 134 114 23'7 166 237 271

PAGE 273

Hershberc, Eddyse Herta. Gil Herzfeld, Paula Hess, Larry Heykens, Doug Gail W Hickox, > Ann 112, 135 199 112 237 137,208. 146, lf7, 154.168,237 Hickrod. Cheryl 237 Hiepe, Ronald F. 237 Higa, Melvin M. 168 Hightower, Carolyn 237 Hightower, R. lii(J Higgs, Wanda 118 Hill, A. 183 Hill, B. 176 Hill, Becca 156 Hill, C. 180 Hill, Dean Clyde B. 102, 103 Hill. Martha Jo 109, 126 Hill, Pat 170 Hill, Patricia 168, 23'7 Hill, Thomaa 237 Hillary, Norris 130 Hills, John 114 Hilton, Isabd 118 Hingst. Jay 237 Hinkel. James L. 123, 238 l{lnson, Carl P. 238 Hinson, Daniel M. 238 Hinton, Isabel 109 Hinton, Schatz! 121,161.167,216,238 Hinton, Paula 116 Hirsch, Richard B. 238 Hitchcock, Burt 114 Hite, Charles 140 Hoadell, Fred 111 Hoel, Doris 188 Hoenes, Wilma A. 238 Hoerbelt, Richard 1H Hoffer, Michael 256 Hofstetter, Mary Lou 121, 217 lfogan, M. 183 Hogue, B. 181 Holbrook, Linda 121, 181, 217 Holcomb, Dan 193, 195 Holcomb, Eve R. 122, 238 Holcombe, David A. 14'. 238 Holder, D. 173 Holland, Charlotte 9. 238 Holland, Vivian L 238 Hollingsworth, Dee 124 Holmes, Fulton S. 164., 238 Holnes, Wilma 238 Holt, Brian 193 Holt, Nancy L 238 Hornyak, Linda 118, 151 Honeycutt. Katherine 154,167,168,112.238 Honlgsberg, Steve 137 Hood, Walter S. 238 Hooks, (Ben) James H. 156. 173. 238 Hoopingarner. Linda 122 Hoover, George Wm. 132, 155 Horn, George 1141 Horowitz, Fred 180 lforton. B. 161 Hotard, Janet A. 69, 146. m Houck, Jim 193 House. D. 180 Houston, Hubert 187 Houston. William F 239 Howard, Deonna L. 121 Howard, Karen 186 Howe. Richard 187 Howell, Kevin 199 Howes. Byron C. 180, 239 Howett, Norma 122 Hu, F 189 Huck, Jane 118 Huddleston, Edward P. 239 Hudson, James R. 239 Huft, Ron 208 Huffman. Judy 146 Hughes, Patricia D. 239 Hughey. Howard E. 239 Hull. B. 171 Humphries. Mark 11' Hunter, David 169 Hunter, J...:quellee W 112, 289 Hunter, K. 161 Hunter, Stephen L. 239 Hunter, Vernon D. 289 Hurd, Robert L. 239 Hurley, Karen A. 239 Hurtak, Tom 180 Hussey. Kevin 123 Hutcheson, R. 181 Hutehllll!On, Robert 180 Hutchings, B 166, 176 Hutchinson, Craig B. 2S9 Hutnyak, Vicki 14.7 I James M. Ingle, Louie Ingraham, James Ingruala, Paul 1'. 272 132, 239 14, 173 239 J Jackman, Robbie Jackson, Barbara Jack30n. Robert Jacob, Torn Jacobs, Margaret R. Jacobs, Michael Jacobsohn, Jeff Jager, Rick James, C. Jardine, Elizabeth N. 158 H7 ISO 123 289 239 185 132 184, 18:1 111 126, 155, 239 Jayner. J'oyce 109 J effrieJI, Mike 180 Jelemensky, J. 176 Jemison, Ed ltO Jenkins, Clarice C. 239 Jenkins, George 136 J'enkins, Kathleen M. 239 Jennings, J. 175 Jenninn. Vance 1 168 Jensen, S 89 J errerns, Scott 123 239 Jessen, Carolyn I. 118,167, 239 Jimenez, T. 166 Joel30n, Ray R. 107, 132, 169, 239 Johanon. Paul G. 239 Johansen, Elaine R. 167, 239 Johnson, Annette 118 Johnson, Diane 239 Johnson, Elaine 239 Johnson, Gary 132 J ohn11on, Georgia 128 Johnson, Gloria 111 Johnson, James 239 Johnson, Jerry 130, 239 John.son, Jill 118, 136 Johnson, Margaret T. 239 Johnson, Mike 137 John30n, Rubye N. 239 Johnson. Russell 185 Joiner, Joyce 111 JoliMk\, John H. 239 Jolley. 135 J OneJI, Bob 14, Jones, C. 186 Jones, Donald 239 J'ones Edwin 135 Jones, K. 159 Jones. Kenneth L. 239 Jones. Nita 147 Jones, Peggy 111 Jones, R. 159 Jones, Richard F. 155 Jones. Shields 132 Jones, Thomas W 266 Jones. Tom 172 Joseph, Julie 239 Joyce, Carol 173 Jrog,J. 178 Judy, Mary 126 K 239 123 256 1S8, 189. 240 107, 123 171 240 137 Kachellen, Ann Kahn, Steve Kaiser. Catherine Kalbas, William Kalish, Joe Kamin, M. Kamins, Karen K8lle Mike Kania, Len Kaplan, Mark Kaplan, Martha KAPPA DELTA Kasan, E. A. Kaskey. A. 122, 1.23, 156. 240 148,1'49 113, 156 2115 140 123, 2o Kates. Mark 240 1'3,240 161 Kat%, William Kauffman, J Kaufmann. Linda Kaufman, Sharon Kamelhalr, Bruce Kay, Sandy 109, 121, 142 112 186 Kay, Kenneth Kaye, Doug Keating, Cathy Keene, Keene, T. W. Keenth. Linda Keith, Lela Kekells. Gary Keller, Albert Kelley, Blll Kelley, Larry Kelley, Karen Kelley, Patrick Kelley, Waynlse Kemerer. Verne Kennedy, John Kenning, Pete Kesaler, Harold Kessler, Kathy Kessler. Kathy Kiefer, E. Klennan, Thomu Klessing, Ralph KUby, Susan Kilgore, Francel!C& Kindel, Clifford King, Arline King, Charl&a 116, 161, 180 143 174 147 200.201 101 U7 240 240 240 200.= 24.0 132 240 240 256 200 135,240 168. 24.0 168, 240 240 2'0 176 1417 256 136 240 123 King, Kteth King, Penny King, Raymond Kingsbery, Harry Kingston, John Kircher, Chris Kirsch, Rick Kirsch, William Klrehstein, Karen Kitman, Mark Kittle, Jay Klar, Gayle Klein, B Klein, Karen Klein, Lynn Kline, James Kline, James Kling, Michael Knight, Sherry Knott. James Koch, Richard Koelsch, J. Koestner, Carol Kogler, C. 199 240 138 123, 240 132 1315 149, 340 266 113. 113 148 185 147 167 240 240 135 240 240 126 240 135 164.,240 257 175 137, 240 84, 165 186 Kolsky ... Lance Kopp, "' W Koski, S. Koutras, Chris Kramer. Tonl Kran;r;, Georl!:'e Kraus, Butch Krechowski, Blll Kress, Bill Krlvaneck, Dr. J. Krog, J'. 168, 206, 207. 240 207 2,1 H9 114 Kubach. Rich Kulas, Diane Kullnsky, John Kurek, Diane L Lamson, Sally Landen, Dave Langstatt, Barby Langstattt William Langwortn, Kent Lanier, James Lapenttl, Patricia Loporte, Clarke Lardleri, Richard Larsen, Kent La Ruess, Anthony Lash, John Lassiter, J' Laubach, Robert Lauff, Sam Lauren, Leelie Lawrence. Dr. :S. Lawler. Mike Lawton, A. H. Lay, Bonnie Lazarus, Louis Lazzara. &ndra Leatherman, 138, 241 187 186 1 118. 122. 341 193 122,2,1 147 114 118 241 182 UZ,l28,241 163, 189,2'1 241 241 241 241 137 181 130,241 187 111 189 180 12.73,110 147 241 m Lee, Katherine Rand_y LeFevre, H. Leggitt, Valrl LeGrande. L. Lehman, R. Lelb, Thomas Leonard, Edgar Leonard, Larry Leonardson, L. Leslie, Lauren Levin, E. 241 159.241 l&f, 181, 241 241 186 137. 166. 178. 241 Levin, Stephen Levy, Allen Lewis, Dave Lewis, Qel Lewis. Mike Lewis, P. Lewkowicz, Joe Levin, Elaine Levy. I. S. Ley, Linda Libby, Andrew Libb(, Dr. W. F. Lich, Cindy Lichtenfels, David Lleb, JosePh Llebamn. Walter Likens, Ray Lillie, J. B Lilly, C Lllly. Rev. T. E. Limoges, Lance Lincoln, Dick Lindenbaum, H Lines, Pam Lingard, Knute Ling, Martin Lindgren. T. Link, Judy Llnsenbaek, Frank List. Linda. Lister, Ferrel Lltsky, Leo Little, P, Littlewood, Ted Litton, VIvian Llutnger. Gerry Llblnger, Leonard Locket, Doria LockUear, A. 241 1!8,f:I 121 153.188 176 2'1 20. 187,241 198, 199 lSG 187 200.201 112,118 1'72 111. 341 146 54 147 241 168,341 241 183 241 181 181 IW 140.225 1'76 188 166 241 183 241 180 3tl 188 1151 182 130.241 2m 183 241 241 2d Lockliear, B. 242 Lombardi, T 114 Long,L.K. 166 Long, Richard 1'9 Long, S. 181 Longendyke, D. 187 Loper, Burton 138 Loper, H B 242 William 174 Losey, Linda 122, 146, lf7, 157 Losonsky, Chris 180 Loudermilk. J 188, 242 Lounsbury,_ Sandy 129 Lovejoy, Wardell 242 Lovitt, A. 187 Lubalin, Herb 55 Lucas, J. E. lo::l Lund. John 183, 242 Luhn, John 242 Lyerly, Penny 111 Lyle, Jack 242 M Mus. Rlct 199 xau. &bert tss Mabry, Rlteb 133 !llacc.rtney, Patrick E. 242 KacGIII, Carol 58, 59, 121, 166 Mack!, Mike 210 Mackin, Kathlenn A. 243 Mackler. Steve 124, 185 Madden, Jane B. :US Madjdl, Mostafa N. 243 Maddox, T. 176 Maida, George A. 150, 123, Maisel, Allen 14.3 Gall 108, 109, 111 Malloy, .Joan 1.66 Malmberg, Steve 114 Mank, Carolyn U6 Manley, Richard 137 Mann, Jack 106 Mann. Jeannette D. 243 Manning, Bob 123 Mansour, Norman 114 Marcet, Enrique 165, :US Marchese, Minnie H7 Marino, Charles 114 Marks, Dan 182, 188, :US Marmaro, George H. 243 :Ma.rockl Laura 248 Marquardt, Cheri 169 Marl'ich, Leslie 14.3 Marraro, Jane 118 Marrlot, John 188. 243 Marqua, Sue 111 Marrow. Dr. Alfred J. 55 Marshall, Phyllis 97, 108 Marshall, Stew 187 Marsh. B. 161 Marshburn. Richard D. Martin. Dr. Dean F. 90 Martin, Dean Edwin P. 715 Martin, Robert W Martin. Roz 135, 1'76 Martinez, Ana R. 2U Martinson, Dean 183 Martinson. Linda 147, 243 :Mas. Marie F. 2U Maschino, Rico 200, 303 Mason, Pam 128 Maasari, Angela 111 Maasarsky, Barrie 143, 156 M&aterrnan, Jane 243 Mathew, Bill 140, 220, 243 Mathew, Jeff 140 Mathis, Dave 114 Matthew. William B. Mattson, Cathy J. 243 Mautz, Chancellor Robert B. 64 McArthur, William HO Mccaen, Donald 1415 :McCall, Diane 111, 1151 McAllister, Linda 243 McAllister, Robert 187 McCarthy, Doug 208, 211 McCauleey, Dixie 126, l1i6 McClellan. Dorothy 1615 McClure. Susan 109 124 243 McCorkle, Robert G. ' 137 McCracken. John 138 McCaulC>fo, William 13'7 McCullough, Dick 123. 168 McCullough. Sean 107 McDonald, Warren 187, 242 McEachern. Rebecca 243 McFarland, Janet 118, Ull, 243 McGary, Larry SOS, 209 McGough. Dianne 243 McGowan, Vlkl 189, 14.6, 147, 161 McGrath, Peggy A. 248 McGriff. Margie H. 243 McKeehan. Rusty 111 McKenty, Bob 196 McLAughlin. Nancy H. 243 McLaughlin, William R. 243 McLean, Linda 243 McLeod, Kathy D. 243 McLeod. Maynard K. 243 McMahon, John 184, 243 McMullen. Dave 114 McNally, Peggy H7 McNamamara. Joseph 243 MeNaughton, Mllte 200, 30$

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McNealy, Mary Ltnda McNeil, Jim McWhorter, Jim Meadon, Robert E. Meadows, Macky Meadows. Karyn R. )leeks, Barbara F. Kellen, EliAbeth Mellish, G. Hortley Menendez, Martha Roae M. Menge, Richard F Menke, Mark 118 1$4, 1?9 114 243 126 248 248 124, 248 132 248 243 244 130 244 Mercer, Gerry Merlcka._. John Merkle, t.eroy Merriam, Jim Merrill, C Merritt, Wylie Menel. Hickey Xesaler, Charles 0. Meyen.._Ann 138, 196. 197 123 130 164 143 149 244 Meyer, .J:J. Meyer, Eileen F. :Meyer. Robert F MeRI,L. Michaels, Jane Mlchselle, Phyllis Miguel, George Mikkelson, Jannan Mikell, Allen Mlkolaltls. Patty L. Mtller, Archie Miller, Ethlyn C. Miller, Frederlch C. Miller, H. 109, 118 181 244 183,244 162 109, 113 118 187 121 lOS, 10'7, 138 244 1.23 244 185,244 108 244 107, 140. 244 244 Miller, James 11'. Miller. John Miller, June D Miller, Marp.ret 109, lt6, 147, 168 IIDller, Pat 136 Miller, Robert 137, 244 IIIIIIMO!.t_James 145 lllllll, R. 244 llllnardl, Klchael 107, 136, 187, 244 Mlnkley, Linda 1t6, 147, 156 Mtnnay, Patrick J. 244 Mlnnox, Patrick 172 Mlnthorn. Robert E. 244 Mintz, Judy 112, 113 Mishkin, Stuart R. 142. 143 Kitchell, ll. 175 Mitchell Marilyn 121, 244 Mitchell, Paul 244 Mittleman, John J. 244 llobllio, John G 107, 244 Moeser. Robert A 244 Xohr, April 168 Molarty, Donna 142 llolln.ul, Barbara 155 llonroe, S. 164 MODtgomery, Jameti J, lt:l, 187.244 llontooth, Carl N. 244 lloore, Barbara R. 244 Moore, Bruce L 244 Moore, Gwendolyn B. 244 Moore. Dr. J. B. 18 lloore. J. 181 Moore, Marilyn J. J57 lloralea, Nora 244 llorehead, Bruce R. 26'7 llorehead, B 178 Morell, Dr. Robert 78 Moreno, Dennis J 148 IM Morgan, Bruce V 244 llorgon, B :aa llorlarty, William 141 llorrlll, Dr. Bertram 88 llorrl11, Pat 111 llorris, Rita M. 244 Morrison, Cindy 121 Morrison, Milt 1&1, 1M llorse. Frank 1'74 Mortimer. Allen L. 244 )lorton. Jim 197, 1'13 Mosely, Cathy 188, 18f, 244 Mose11, Bob lt3 lloses, Helen 15'1' Moses, James H. 121.., 244 lloss, Frank 111, 244 Moyer, Don 1'13 )ludd. Carol W. 4 121. Uli, :H lludd, Chuck 114 Mueller B Ulll llulleu, Mike 11'0 Xullen, Ronnie F. 244 Mundy, Kenneth L 244 Xurfln, Barbara A. 244 Kurphy, Mary 244 Xurphy, Dr. Robert 160 Murray, Debbie 111, at, 1311 Murray. Jerry 13'7 Kusial, Stan 10'7, 1411 N Naffziger, Dave Nail Kenneth Nal ea, Dorothy J Nathe, Donald E Naughton, Chlnky Navarra, Janice J Neal. 8 Neese, Jack 185, 202 187 244 244 118 245 188 188, 137 Nelson, :l:leaa 118,119,151,201,207 Nelson, J're4 W. 245 Nelson, J. 162 Nelson, 8. 164 Nelson. Tommy 145 Nemenoff. Bruce 149, Mile 193 Nemklvlch, Kim 118 Nettles. Val 137 Newbern, Robert 166 Newett. Michael L 246 Newman Carole L. 124, 245 Nichols, Barbara 126, 246 Nichols, Barry 245 Nichols:. Karen 118 Nicks, .J. 161 Nieman, A. 162 Niemeyer, ltOM14 245 Sherry 113 Noble, Rev. A. Grant 182 Nobo, Marl11 M 245 Noel, Catherine V. 246 Norman, Janet L. 245 Nordyke. Peg 111 Norris, Alan 188 Norter, Frederick T. 245 Noter. F. 164 Noto, Dennis J. 114, 245 Nowell, Brian 130 Nunez. Catherine C. Nunez, Nancy 245 Nydall, Barbara A. 111, 245 0 O'Brien, David 0 O'Brien, Jertrey"i. O'Brien. Robert f.' Ochenrlder, Dann:t", O'Connell, John D. O'Connor. Sharon A. O'Day, Nancy J. ldorn, Randall Oglesby, Terry L. O'Halre, Trula Ohwller. Bob Olando, George Olitzky, Lee Olive, Donna Oliver, VIvian Olsen. David Olson. Dick Jr. 172. 245 245 245 114 246 245 :us 246 246 189 143 156 121 140 137 140 Olson, Edwin OMICRON BETA O 'Neal, D. ORACLE KAPPA. 113 0 Reilly, John Jr. Orenstein D. Orlando, Lucy J. O'Rourke John Orr. Dr. Mark T. Orseno, Betty A Ortabello, Esther ll. Ortiz. Judith G. Osborn, Bill Osborne, King W. Oster. Jerry O'Sullivan, Peter Oswald. D Otto, Kim Ovarlet. Ronald J. Overton, Judith A. Overton. Mickey Owen, Kathy S Owen. Dr. P p Pace, Eddie Packard. Eulalle F Paczkowski, Marte Padgett, Barbara Page, D. P ages Pete Painter, Douglas Palermo, Amelia A. Michelle Paley, Michele Pallman, Michael Palm, Jack Palmer, Genla Palmer, Marilyn Palmer, Ruth Pancotto, Frank Pantridge, Oma Panhellenic Papu, Wayne Pardo, Joseph L. Paris .l'T8Jlk Parke, Thomas Parker" Barbara Parker, Les Parrino, Jack Parrish. Christie Panons. T. Partin, David Pasch. N Pasternak, B. Patterson. Coolde Paton, John t>atterson, Michael P. Paula, Marc\13 Payne, Pamela C. 188 17t 150 172 246 135 96. 189 188 136,197, 148 178 188 145 182, = 10'7.138. 182 146 246 m 246 182 188 145 246 118 142 246 130 246 180 246 108. 109 137 246 188 199 138.248 1'74 140,215 140 111 189 133 182 178 159 248 248 138 248 Payne, Robert Pearce, Gall Pechin, Richard G Peeler, Scott L Jr. Peffer, Pauline A. Peiffer, L inda Pelletier, Denise Pell, Mercy Pence, C Pereira, Karen A. Perenchld, Martin Perez. Cristlno L Perez. Edward J. Perez, Elaine L. Perkins, Dan Perlman, Abby Perlow&ky Andrew Perny Lucl Peronto. Lenda Perret, Eugene C. Peretti, Charlie Perrou, Rosalie Perry, Angela Perry, Donald V Perry, Judi A. Persons. Robert B. Pestalozzl. John Peterson, Wayne Peto. Sue 246 196 246 246 248 117 163 48,lS8 175 246 246 124 *M.m 16'7. 165 118 147 246 140 246 248 247 121. 24'7 13'7. 247 135,247 159 117 Petrlcek, Donaa J, 109. 11.1. 117, 136, 247 Petrick, Gall E. 247 Petruska. ADdrew K. III 165 Pettigrew. Davtd 138 Pettit, Gary 169 Pfaff, Bob 310. 201 Pfeifer, Michael P 247 Pfingsten, John D 247 PHI DELTA THETA Ill Phillips, Carol 174 Phillips, Edward B. 13'7, 24'1 PHI .HU Ul8 Pickett, Gary 107 Plckhardt, Johanna D. 247 Pierce. Frederick H. 247 Pierce, Richard H. Jr. 24'7 Pierce, Sharon E. 147, 247 Piesco. Nancy 117 Plesco. Nick 1611 PI KAPPA. ALPHA. 1St Pinlella, Glenda C 124. 247 Pino, Joseph 247 Pltchez:.. John L. Jr. 247 Pivar, .J:Jrya.n 143 Pivec, Ray 208, 210 Plazky, Jack Jf. ... Plata, Pamela C. ...... ..... Platt, Helene 142 7 Pless. B 1 5 Pletcher.., Linda A. 109. 24'7 Plolcia, tdchard Plott, Mary A ...,. Pohle. Raymond 141 Polen. Rene 163 Pomerantz, Irene R. Poole, Ann T. Porch, S Pon:h, T 112. l&i. 168, Porter, Barbara J. Barbara J). Porton, Poston, Greg Potter. Barbara J. Potter J. Potts, .NICk Powell, C Powell, Richard Powell, Roger Power, Sally Jo Powers, Richard L. F Price, Hethany Price, Dwight 178. 24'7 178 247 247 1S3 1.29 247 24'7 141, 181 161 145 1.29 155 2f7 UIS. 24'7 118 129 137 130.24'7 12'7 24'7 11'7 118 ll.3 147 193 124. 1.25, 247 111 247 114 156 Price, Harold Harold D. Privette, .June Prokle'Vich, Pauline E. Provau, Pat Provenzano. Gwen Provenzano, Lynn Publnl. Sharon Puerto, Felipe Pugllo, Janice M. Pugli!li, Annelle Pulcini, Sharon Puleo. Frank Pulln, Linda Marcia Pyle. Donald A. Pyle, Virginia T. Q iln, Steve nrud, Cindy lrtey, Nick filn, Betsy N nlan, Joan B' R R.aab, Susan C. Rabinowitz, A4am. Ragu, RalPh 188. 247 247 149 137 247 247 247 148 168 1('7, 247 Raleigh, Liz 1t11 Ramos, Max m 108, ItS. 1fl Rath, Rob 11 Ravenel, Thomas 181), 1t1 Reagan, Bob Ut Reash. J. 188 Reaves, S. l88 Reber,Sandy Rebhun4,. Herbert 1817 Reddy, .roTed Zt7 Redmond. Frederick JAI5, !!1 Reed, Jana ... Reed, Linda A Jt? Reeks, Margaret 121 Reese. P. 181 Reeves, Marsha S. sa Rehrig, Dennie 128. 248 1 Reid, Dan 1'1'8 Reidenbach. John U1 Relgger. Mac 181 Remy, Roger sa Donna Ul 10 Reteneller, Ray 'J08 Reyes, Kenneth 188, Reynolds, Rlna T. Reynolds, Ruth A Reynolds, William Rhodes, Cynthia R 248 Rhodes. J 1'78 Rhodes, Judith Jf. 248 Rlbaya, Lorena J. 248 Rice. Susan E. at.2168 Richard, Daniel I>. J48 Richard. Dianne M. 248 Richards, Nancy ll. lSI. 1t8 Richardson, Arthur 248 Richardson, Ron 248 Richardson, S. 178 Riehle, Ernest L 248 Riehle, Lee 169 Richter, Keith A 148 Rickards, Carol US, 117 Riddle, James 1 188 Riddle. Ty 88 Riggs, Mary E. a.s Rinck, Steveft 11'. 138, tall, J48 Rissman, Steven A. 142. 148, 248 Rittenhouse. John A. 137. 1111. :US Rlttennan. Frederick Ritz. John 5,= 1119. M8 124 127 118,119 18'1 J48 1?1 m 181 = 2t8 1,1f'7 .., 1. Roark, Jeannie B. Roark, Richard Robb. Karen D Robcke, Jeanne Roberts, Beverly Roberts, MarSY Robertson, Clayton Robertson. Joseph A. Robertson, Robert Robertson, Tom Roberson, Rob Robinson, Richard RoblnBOD. Ruston D. Robinson, Richard D Robluon. Ronald Rocha. Peggy Rochrer, Beverly Rodanle, Frank Rodgers, Charla. Rodgers. E. 1'73, 184, f:1l 146 Ulli 348 1415 Rodgers. John Rodgers. Raymond Rodges, Sue Rodriques, Jorge Rodriquez. Peter Rodriquez, Ramon Rodriquez. Rick Rodriquez, Shirley S Rogars. Carol M Romine, Glenda Romine. Rosemarie 138. 1?1, Jf8 m Roper, R Rosas. B. Rosas. Wm. 11'. Rose. Dolly Kae Rose. Port Janet C. Rosello. Roland Rosen, Lawrence Rosen. Michael Rosenbush, Barry Rosentrater, Douglas B. Ros. Os<:ar Ross. Howard Ross. Luther H Ross. Myles Rothstein. Jane Rothell. Don Rothwell. Dr. S Roussman. Victoria I. Routh. Donna Royal. Mike Rozier. Louise T 'Rowland John W. Rubin, K. Rubin. Valerie Ruhllng, Carmel P. Rutz. Andy Runkle, Terry Runnels. Philip Rushing, Manoha Rushing. Tsuguo Russeu, Dave Russell. Ro.semary RutlecJ.xe M. Russo, John JC8 Jf8 109,1l? Jill 1.m 1'12. = -1S8 149 143 M: 1 .. 11(1 107. l4S 248' 145. 167 1 138 169 l.Sf, 2t8 109.= m.m 1'78 142 m 1M 171 111 189 188 148 180 145 273

PAGE 275

Ryan,James 135 Kathleen X. 172, 182 248 Ryber. Theodore H. 99 8 Saaa'er, Gale P. 257 Sal{, Donald 87 Walter D. :U9 Sa ance, G. 162 Saine, Mike Sale$, Kathy Salter, Kajor C. L. 158 Sal tis, Patrie!.& S. 249 Salvia, Tom 214 Salzlllo, F. 178 Mindy 127 Samec, .ttonald G. 249 Salwl. John 1.23 Samson, J. 181 Alice D. 249 Sanchez, Elaine 111 Sanchez, Shirley .J. 148, 147, 249 Sander110n, Arthur X. 278 Sanders, R. 166 Sandifer, Linda N. 172, 249 Sandel'IIOn, Arthur Jl. 278 Sanders, R. 166 Sandifer, Linda N. 172. :U9 Sangwul) John C. Santry, .m.arle C. 249 Sargent, Wm. G. :us Satterlee, Karen A. 249 Satterwhite, James H. 181, 249 Sadwlcki._Steve 2015 Sawyer, .1homas R. 250 Saxe, Diane 184 Sayre, Linda E. 181, 172, 250 Sctlaef, Ronald W. 250 Sch&lnholtz. Betty 142 Schalnholtz, Herbert L. .2150 Schang, Donald 141 Behatzman, Larry t-t9 Schiller, Marti 250 Kay 117 Schmid, .ttay 123 Schmidt. N. 184 Schreer. Linda M. 156 Schmitt, .John F. 250 Behofield .Janice L. 250 Schonbnm, Harvey A.. 1-t9 Schott, Ronald G. 250 Schraeda. D. L. 250 Schramm. C. 172 Sctlreer, Linda K. Schultz, Beverly A.. Schuman, Glenn 143 Scusseiil Terry 187 Schwa Kathy 174 Schumacher, Ferdinand M. 251 Schwall, Kathleen A. 251 Schwartz .Judy 184 Schwartz, Larry 143 Schwartz. Richard H5, 149 Schwartz, Steven 143 Scoffe, Norman 113 Scott, Elton ""1 Scott, Larry .... Seuuels, Mary ill Searles, Bob 18111 Sean, .James D. 1n SedKWick, William 183 Seellg, Frederick W. 251 SeeSeelig, Richard 1(71, us vera, George 144 Settee, Clay 251 Segall, Marcia 1" Segers, .Jan .... Seidler, Ray 127 184 Seifert. .J er..... 145 Sei!W, ShelTy 133 m Sell, George D. 184, 251 Sellgsohn, Mrs. Harriet 112 Sellers, Debbie 127 Serra. .Jeanne 122 Sessions, Doug 133 Karen P. 251 ""'Y er, Charles 183 Shaffer, Glenda 147 Shahba.l, Sharon 251 Sharpless, William 183, 193, 251 Shaw, Mike 132, 133 Shaw. Susan 116, 156 Sheffield, Mickey 215 Sheffield, Pat 141 Shehrer, W. N. 251 Sheldahl, David B. 251 Shejard, .Jane 127 Shepard .Jane 127 Shepherd, .James C. 251 Shepp, Michael 251 Sheppard, Don 135 Sheppard, .Jane 109 Sheppard, Sara 147 Sherrick, .J 129 Sherzer, Marvin 1-"""' ... 1 251 Shifrin, Robert ""' """' .... Shine, Steven Shiver, Sandr& E. 2157 Shoemaker, F. 164 Shoemaker, R. 161 Shonbrun, Harvey 257 Shookoff. Cary 149 Slbucao, Ritz C. 251 Sickling, Robert 1(71 183 SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON 1M SIGMA NU :115 274 SIGMA PHI EPSILON :US Silbert, Edward Dr. 149 Slltanen, Sue 127 Slhanean, Sue 156 Silverman, Robert 149, 188 Simmons, Gene 145 Simon. Arnold 143 Simon, Cookie 1.24 Simon, Dr .J 169 Simoni, Randy 149 Simonson, Robert W. Jr. 2151 Sinn, George 1H Slsk, Margaret J. 170. 251 Sitch, Robert 251 Skilton, Wayne 135 Sklenar .John 149 Small, Leslie W. 164 Smalling, Anne V 2151 Smally, Len 200 Smith, Bart 199 Smith, Dr. Charles 130 Smith, Clyde lot, US Smith, Coue 118 Smith, Edward B. 251 Smith, Elizabeth 251 Smith, Dr. Elton 111 Smith, G. 175 Smith, Herman J. Jr. 2151 Smith, .JamM 164 Smith, .John D. 171, 251 Smith, Priscilla X. 251 Smith, Mrt1. R. 182 Smith, R. 184 Smith, Richard 1(71, 138, 139. 251 Smith, Rosemarie 170 Smith, Stuart 149 Smith, Wayne Jr. 114 251 Smith, W.A. 183 Smoot, Betlly 59, 117, 181 Smyth, Ed 1(71, 123 Snavely, .John D. 25: Snider Charles 166 Snow, 1..!nda R. 251 Snow, Richard H. 251 Snyder, William 1-1.5 Soderland, Mickey 114 Sokolo!t, Mal"llha 142 SokolskY. Dr. A. 162 Solomon. Karen 147 Sopkln, 117 SOroka. Sherry 118 Sorrentino, Nell M. 107, 149, 251 Sowards, .Joan B. 251 Spain, Dean Frank H. 72 Paul 131 Speer. E. W. 251 Speight. Henry 141, 251 Spelghtll. Vlrldnla H. 251 Speller. Cookfe 122. 124,1&7, 278 Spencer, Linda R. 251 Spencer, M. 168 SPiezel .John 141 Sl>ORTS CAB CLVB 1 'N1 Spoto, Samuel P. 251 Spratt, William J. :Sr, 251 Springer, Norma 251 Springer, Sharon Lee 124, 251 Sroka, Sandy 124 St. Amant, .John 141 165 Staelbasky, Marsha 1711 Stanford. Kathy 109 Stanton, Patricia S, 251 Stan"Wix-Hay, M. 181 Starford, Cathy 118, 119 Starford, Robert 141 Stave .Jon 143 Sta:llch, .Jeffrey 251 Steele, Dean Lee 251 Stefurak, Albert L. 252 Stefurak, Dana S. 252 Stehli, Brian 1-ltl 141 Stelgner, Diane 188 Steinberg, Carole 118, 151 Steiner, .Joanne 113 Steinkamp, .Jeanine 117 Steinmetz, Charles W. 252 Stelbll8ky, Mar.sha Lynn 175 252, Alan '200 Stelzer, Sally 252 Stempler, Dave 174 Stepanlk. Lois Julia 252 Stephenson, Trudl A. 252 Sternsteln, Gerald B. Stetson, Robert 132 178 183 Stevens. Barr7 E. 252 Stevena, Diana L. 252 Stevena, Gene 107, 132, 138, 252 Stevens, Richard 252 Stevens, V. 161 Stewart, .J. N. 257 Stewart, M. 173 Stewart, Slchael 137 252 Stewart, Nancy Ellen 25:e Stewart, Norman J. 252 Stewart, Wm. Edward 252 Srichter, )(ark 133 Stilley, Susan B. 136 252 Stock, H. 176 Stokely, Linda 189 Stolz. Kay 147 Stone, George M. 21)2 Stone, Glynn N. 252 Stone. Mike 179 stone, Nelson 168 Stone, Paul 138 Stonehouse, J. 175 Stovall, Carol sue 127 Stowers, Dr. D. 148 Strandberg, Susan 1ft Strleby, .John 164. 119 Strom, Cathy ._ Strong, Cindy 69, W 141 Stroup, .Jacqueline R. 'J5S Struth, Andy U1 Stock, Bill U4 Stuckey, Chuck 208. D STUDENT ADVISORY BO.AI\D 1'11 STUDENT GOVERNMENT STUDENT VEST:&Y Sturgill, David Sturn, Carol Suarez, Beverly Suchovy, T. Sudbury, Glenn R. Sulllnn, Sandy SUm by, Gary T. Sumner, Patricia 0. Supernant, Jeannie Swrsk.ind Sandt Sutton, Harold N. Sutton, Herb Sutton, Karen Sutton, Sharon Swanson, Eleanor X,.. Sweet, Sharon Swlgger, R. SWiger, Thomas A. Swlsko, Renee T 1111-181 182 114 253 61, 111 162 145 111 184,253 253 121 113 253 149 181, 172, 253 172, 253 253 118, 119, 25S 176 258 113 Taft. Dean Wm. H. 72 Talcott, Bruce 114 Talone, Ron 159 Tamargo, Debby 127 Tamargo, Sandra A. :253 Tambuzzo, Rose Lee 11f Tank, Calley .J. 253 Tannen Jon 143 Tannenbaum, Harris H9 Tanner, Bill 172 Tanner, Wm .J. Tasanapra.aert. Som bat 1113, 194 Tatelman, David 181 TAU EPSILON PI U5 TAU KAPPA EPSILON 21214. Taylor, Deborah Jof. 58 Taylor, .Jim 131 Taylor, Leslie Ann 165, 253 Taylor, Linda 111. 117, 171 Taylor, Mary Ann 111 Taylor, Scott 145 Taylor, Spafford 20i Taylor, Sue 109, 124 Tecklenburg, Billie 253 Tegenkamp, Gary E. 131 258 Tennant. Robert L. 253 Terhune, C. 176 Terranova. Marie J. 253 Terry, .James W. 253 Terry, .Jim 166 Tesb. Kurt .J. 253 Tharp, David 165 Theriault. Ronald B. 253 THETA CHI 150 Thomas, Carmen K. 258 Thomas, Karen L. 253 Thomas, Sandra 258 Thomas, Sandi 118, 136, 148, 147 Thoml110n, Robert 253 Thompson, Alan 133 Thompson, Ed 133 Thompson, J. 171 Thomson, Pat 122 Thomaon, Robert 107 Thornton, Lind& Ann 156 Thornton, Margaret 136 Thorp, .Jerry A. 253 Thorpe, Corky 183 Thureau. Donld D. 10'7, 182, 253 Tibbs, Fred 137 TIJI.'he .Jerry 129 Tiller, Joan 175 Tiller, Barbara J. 253 Tipps, Don H. 258 Tipps, Gary 183 Tipton, Sarah 182 Titley, Nils G. HS 203 Tocco, Edward 135 Tokan, .J. 188 Toller, Nancy 144 Tolson. Mary .Jo 118 Tonkin, Charles E. T .J. 131, 155, 173. 178, 258 oopes, ames A. 253 Toops. Ken 123 Toribio. Delores 111 Torrence, AI 196, 107, 140, 141, 155, 178, 178, 179 Touchton, D. 172 Touchton, Richard 172 Toumade, Bonnie S. 258 Trager, Adrian 113 Tra!ner, Shirley 1'. 180, iSS. 253 Traner. Thomas 258 Trautweller, Lee G. 253 Trelles. Raul 253 Trent, Conner 114 Tribby. Anne L. 253 Trimble. Pat 114 T:&I CHI 1t6 Trio, A. 188, 189 Troese, Hono:r 121 Tubbs, Steven 187 Trubey, Dennis 170 TuT ggle, Dawn B. 253 ucker, Gary 129 Tumminla. Pete 193 Tural. Barbara A. 2153 Turlington, P. 189 Turner, Arlin 55 Turner, Candy 117 Turner, M. 176 Turner, Michael :r. -m Bt 18t. 135. 169, 2154 ._, er, eve 264 T:rrrell. Till& '!'Yner Jade 135 TYrreil, Timothy J. w. 254 u Uetow. 0. unman 0.1'1 Unlet. Upgren, Dr. ArtbUJ' lTaberson, Robert v 180 135, 254 127 164 131 Vach .Jerry S. 183. 254 Vagllca, Sue Ann 254 Valdes, Fernando 8 264 Vail, VIcki 116 117' 180 Vale, William ' 149 Valdes, Elaine 254 Vlaentlno, .John lllebael VanCllet1_Willlam c. dr179 Van Hoo.E, K'&nlha 118 Vanta, Tom 183 Vanvlack. Helen B. 254 VanWinkle, Roaald B'. Vargo, Robert 184 179 264 Varner, Michael 133 Varney, L. 165 m Vega, Mary 168 Verhostra, Rose 117 Vetter. Lana A. 165 254 Vianey, Paul VItale, Phil Voght, Terry 109, 127, 136 Volssem, N. 172 Christopher A. 254 Vybnanek, Louis A. 2M w Waas, Barry Waddington, Tom Wahnlah, .Jon Paul Waldman .Jeffrey Walker, .James A. Walker, .John Walker, Ron E. Walker, Walter B. Wall, Rolfe E. Wallace, Cameron Waller, Charles D. Walsh, Gall Walsh, Stanley Walter, Lon Walter, Ralph Walters, Dennis Walters, Linda :M. WaltonJ.. Olin Jr. Waltz, ;:,berry wannell, Bob Ward, Bruce Ward, Martha S. Ward, Mary N. Ward, Nell Ware, Pat Warfield, Ronald D. Warnlmount, Dyan Warren, Marlene Waterson, Nancy WATER SKI CLUB Watkins. Dr. Annln Wats, .John Watson. C&rol Way. Vicki Weatherfo:rd. Donna K. Weaver. Paulette E. Webb, Fred Weber, Lonny Weber, .Janis L. Wedge, .Joan Weeks, Carl Weeks, Ted Weesner, .Joann M. Wehling, Roger A. Weinstein, Gary Weisman. Ron Weissman, R. Welker. Dr. Robert Wells, Terry Welsh, Barbara A. Wendell, Patty West, R .J. Westfall .John Wheatly, Ken Wheaton, .Jon .Joyce K. 254 13fi 143 264 254 143, 18t 161 137 254 UIZ 114 170 131 115 264 254 147. 264 2M 254 111 163 '6, 135 111 157 255 1J8 87 123 168 136 255 264 123, 255 14li 127 2511 133 115 255 255 149 149 188 150 "'111 124 14-4 1'75 131 l29 111,115 2M

PAGE 276

Whltalc:er, Tom 123,1U William. Weudy WORLD AFFAIRS OOVNCIL Yeckley Bruce 128 White, Gary L. 256 108. 109, 127, 151 ..... Yohner, Richard 205 White, Kent R 255 Willis, Bob 116 Worthington, Claudia S. 255 Young B. 182 White, Richard 137 Willson, Ceil 147 Wortman, Linda L. 2M Young, D. 171 White, Sara 117, 187 Wilson, James 255 Wotring, P 184, 181 Young, Dum, 193 Whiteman, William L. 255 Wll110n, Kinten E. Wright, Barbara 1. 255 Young, Jo nne 208. 207 Whlterer, Gall 113 Winkles. Frank D. 173,179,255 Wrlcht, Candfi 127 Young, Ron 11& Whitlock. Hary Ellen 127 Winks, Frank 137 Wright. Coac 210 Yuknu.s. Jay 115 Whitmire, H. 159 Wlnnlnfi Sandy 121 Wright, Donna 121 Whitney, Dean 168 Wlnta. ary 198 Wright, Nancy 188 Whitney. Richard R. 145 Withers. D. 255 Wright. w. 164 z Whitson, R01111 W 255 Wlthworth, y Jay 255 Wunderlich. Herbert J. 96 Wilder, Charle 10'1 Wlthworth. Gayle Wunbacher, Ted 123 Zerla, Dr. Frederic 158, 169 Wilder, Charles D 145 Witucki, Ellen Wutz, Garry 138 Wlldy, Deaa Charles B. Wolf. Dr. Gary 168 ZETA BETA TAU 148 fll, 108, 186 Wood, John L 2&5 Ziegler. Lanl uo, 121 Wilhite. WarreD 19$ Wood, William V. 255 y Zllke, Steven 137 Wllllanul, Cberle ItS, 147, 2156 Wooderson. Naacy 158 Zimmennan, Mathew 148 Zlmorlet, Tom 137 Williams, Oeorce w. 255 Woodruff, William 2M Yates, Dave 131 Zlnk 110. 122 Wllllam8,1en-y 1111 Woodrurt, Woody 115 Yates. George 131 Zinkie uck 115 Wllllaml, Mary 8. 256 Wooldridge, J'. 161 Yates, Jan 156 Zltman, E 172. 256 wuuams, Norman 128 Woosley, John T. 255 Yates, Patricia L. 255 Zogorskl. ay 138, 171 WllllamB, ll. 178 Wooton. Llnell 127 Yates, Prof. Steve 1117,278 Zolezzl, Carl 1811 WIUiamll, W. 181 Word, William B. 25$ Yavel'll, Frances E. 121,256 Zysko, Jan A. 2M 275

PAGE 278

And the student, the GOING THING of 1969, the stumbler and finder, the dreamer of dreams, never arriving, but always on the wag MOVES ON! 277

PAGE 279

278 In retrospect .. 1969 was action, an arousal of new values, an emphasis on innovation, A GOING THING. It was a year that saw a driving S.G., an explosion of effort toward the student Bill of Rights, a stirring awareness and involve ment in campus and national affairs. The student wondered and discussed, and moved as a concerned member of a troubled world of haste, noise and confusion. It was a difficult task to compile the history of such a year, while that history was being made. In writing and designing the opening section, I have tried to capture the feeling of 1969, and its impact upon each member of the campus population. My staff and I have incorporated new ideas and pre-established criteria to create a quality yearbook. I realize there will be different opinions concerning the 1969 A e g e an, but we have, despite many obstacles, compromises, and headaches, produced a memory book which we hope will be treasured by each student of USF. I would like to express my thanks to those who have contributed to the production of the 1969 Aegean. First, to my dedicated staff who spent endless hours working on the book, when they could have been out having fun or studying. Special thanks go to Aegean adviser, Steve Yates and Director of Cam-pus Publications, Dr.Arthur M. Sanderson for their advice and coopera tion. And finally, to the campus leaders and students at USF whose enthusiastic response and understanding made editing the 1969 Aegean enjoyable and a rewarding experience. Cookie Speller, Editor


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