University of South Florida yearbook. (1970)

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University of South Florida yearbook. (1970)

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University of South Florida yearbook. (1970)
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Aegean. (1970)
University of South Florida
USF Faculty and University Publications
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Tampa, Fla
University of South Florida
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9 v. : ill. ; 32 cm.


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Vol. 1, no. 1 (1963/64)-no. 9 (1972).
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Vol. for 1972 lacks enumeration.

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University of South Florida Library
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University of South Florida
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Nineteen Hundred and Seventy Aegean Volume Seven University of South Florida Tampa -St. Petersburg




Table of Contents Prologue 4 Student Life 14 Academics 50 Organizations 74 Greeks 126 Sports 178 Seniors 214 Epilogue 280 3


4 From the silence of the u niverse we came to earth, to this one small p l ace, hoping to find what we were then and what we will become when once more we leave the sheltere d for the unknown.




6 Closed in, we believed we would discover the reality of who we are. Yet, somehow, looking in made us tum outward, for the answer seemed to lie not within any small place but in some affirmation of what life is.






So, wondering what lies beyond this small cell of ourselves, beyond this safely-warm womb that shuts us off from the world, we turned to what exists just outside: space, where we thought some formula might be spelled out forusifwe would only open our minds. 9


10 And where was the meaning, anyway? Just ahead, always just ahead, until we finally wondered if perhaps it was not on our eye level, not on the horizon, but somewhere else not beyond but above.






And looking upward we found not only something beautiful but something wondrous, a world in need of discovery, a place that perhaps we once knew but is now in need of remembrance. 13




Student Life 15


16 Beginnings are always the hardest.




I / 18 / .. /


One day you open your eyes and find suddenly that you're somewhere you've never been before. 19


20 So you count the things you're sure of. You breathe, you move, you speak-just once






and you find yourself really alive. 23


0 I 24


After this one time, new places don't seem so unkind. 25




Everyday you earn one more familiar word or look to fill up the days with things you understand 27


28 and those you hope you'll never really grow used to.




Sometimes the world is so amazing, you want to just sit there quietly, wondering how everything began. 30


31 l




But people are quick to explain the magic they have discovered, not as the only way, but as a sound or sight to lead you toward your special way. 33


34 So year by year you learn to make your own magic






Piece by piece you put together what might seem new. 37


38 And though your life's made up of odds and ends,




40 You know your dreams are something more:






A splash of color, a spark here, a drop there, and the day's on fire. 43




And if the night's too quiet you make your own noise with sounds from anywhere. 45


46 Finally everything adds up. You've got your own magic now.




48 Tell the world to fade out if it wants to. You already realize there are better places to go than nowhere.






Academics 51


52 President Allen Explains Opportunities of University "When I first came to Tampa in 1957, my wife and I drove out to see the University site. Fowler Avenue was a dirt road then, and we didn't dare stop for fear we'd get caught in the sand. She looked out across the weeds and scrub oak trees and said, 'Is that where we're going?' Now we have the University. "A university has new fields, or if not new fields, a greater depth in many areas than most people have been exposed to before they come here. We want it to be an opportunity for the student to explore. Here's a chance to try any thing. Because of the size of the University, we can have things like the orchestra, the galleries, the dramatics, and the planetarium. The exposure to the arts and sciences here will have its effect. We don't like everything we see, but it broadens our horizons. This is the same thing with courses, with speakers, with everything we do; it's a stretching of the mind. You pick and choose; you will have to do this all your life." -John S. Allen President john S. Allen talks with foreign students (above) and relaxes in his office (right). OPPOSITE PAGE: Top, from left: Dean WiUiam S. Chamben discusses University relations with Director of Information Services Dennis E. McClendon, Director of University Development Robert L. Black, and Director of Publications Frank E. Spear. Bottom: Elliott Hardaway, Vice President and Dean of Administrative Affairs.


University Relations under Dean WilliamS. Chambers coordinates USF's information ser vices, development, publication, and alumnae activities. Dean Chambers stated, "We're con cerned with making available and disseminating information about USF to the general public and prospective students. This means working through the news media, civic and alumnae groups, and involves news releases, special tele vision programs, and publications, including the University catalogue." Elliott Hardaway, Vice President and Dean of Administrative Affairs, stated his duties as being "subordinate to the educational objec tives of the University. We recognize that our job in Administrative Services is not an end in itself. Every aspect of USF expands as it is needed. The more students, faculty, and staff there are, .the more supporting personnel are needed. That is our job here." On communica tion with students, Hardaway said, "We are all caught in a web of lack of communication. The best way to communicate with any administrator on campus is to go direcdy to him. Our doors here are always open." 53




Student Affairs Serves and Guides USF Students OPPOSITE PAGE: Top: Dean of Men Charles H. Wildy visits with foreign students. Bottom: Dean of Women Margaret B. Fisher relaxes on USF golf course. Top: Mrs. Phyllis P. Marshall, Director of Student Organizations, plans schedules with organization officers. Bottom: Dean Herbert J. Wunderlich, Vice President and Dean of Student Affairs, talks with students. No part of the administrative complex comes in more direct contact with students than does Student Affairs. The wide range of activities and programs it encompasses includes the Developmental Center, Health Service, Physical Education, Residence Hall programs, Student Publications, the University Center, and Student Organizations. The Dean of Men and Dean of Women are the administrative for the Vice President of Student Affairs. In addition to coordinating student affairs at the administrative planning level, the deans also try to provide a place for students to tum for guidance and assistance. Also a part of the student-administration lia ison is the office of Student Organizations, whose main concern is coordinating campus or ganizations' activities. 55


56 Special Services Aid in Career Planning and Adult Education Program The Cooperative Education Program offers students a chance to integrate on-the-job expe rience with formal education. Students enrol led in this program alternate terms of on-cam pus study with terms spent working in various enterprises in all parts ofthe country. Placement Services als.o helps to assist both students and alumni in realizing their career ob jectives. This office aids undergraduate and graduate students who express a need for employment by seeking to insure them part-time placement. It also serves as a central source of information on graduate schools and programs and maintains a variety of material on financial assistance available to graduate students.


OPPOSITE PAGE: Top: Donald Colby, Director of Career Planning and Placement Center, discusses plans with potential graduate. Bottom: George Miller, Di rector of Cooperative Education Program, talks with The University has set up various programs to serve adults in the community. The Continu ing Education Credit Program offers a wide variety of courses for both degree and non-de gree seekers. These courses originate through the requests of individuals and groups from the campus and community populations. Through the Bachelor of Independent Stud ies Adult Degree Program, adults can earn a bachelor's degree based on a liberal arts studies curriculum without enrolling in a traditional resident degree program. Guided independent study followed by a resident seminar completes the program. Co-op students. Top: J. Richard Brightwell, director of Continuing Education. Bottom: Kevin Kearney, director of Bachelor of Independent Studies Program dis cusses courses with member of program. 57


58 Business Manager Handles Budget for USF USF's Business Manager Andrew C. Rodgers is in charge of the financial business of the Uni versity. His office staff handles the budget, all expenditures for USF, and procurement and related auxiliary services. The University's Housing and Food Service is also maintained under the Office of the Busi ness Manager. Its director Raymond C. King oversees both the Argos and Andros Complexes. Argos contains three residence halls and Argos Center; Andros consists of nine residence halls and Andros Center. Housing facilities and services include a cafeteria for each complex, lounges, snack bars, TV rooms, a barber shop and beauty shop, and Argos Shop which is an annex of the University Campus Shop and Bookstore. An outdoor swimming pool in the .Argos Complex is also' for student use. The USF Physical Plant, under the direction of Charles W. Butler, is in charge of mainte nance for the University. Its services planning new facililies for USF, tending the grounds, and maintaining the residence halls-


OPPOSITE PAGE: Andrew Rodgers, University Business Manager, discusses USF finances. Left: Charles Butler, Director of the Physical Plant, explains University maintenance. Right, from left: Raymond King, Director of Housing and Food Service, with joan Tallis, Assistant Director for Argos, and james Grubb, Assistant Director for Andros. 59


60 Basic Studies Course 483 to Study Curriculum Attempting to put together a program that allows for individual differences, desires, and needs is a difficult task. Through experimentation and revision, the College of Basic Studies is trying to find such a balance. In experimental course 483, twenty students and three faculty members are exploring what the structure of the Basic Studies program should be. This is the first time academic credit has been given for a student study of University curriculum. Another revision in courses this year is in Humanities. This CBS course has been changed from three three-hour classes to two five-hour ones. The Basic Studies Student Council has taken an active part in helping to determine curriculum by participating in Faculty Council meetings. It also distributed to students a ques tionnaire which will be considered when further changes are made.


OPPOSITE PAGE : Top: Mr.John Iorio (right), voted Teacher of the Year, with Alfred Lawton, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs. Bottom: Edwin Martin, Dean of College of Basic Studies, talks with students in UC coffee shop. Top left: Ruth Albright works on project in Humanities Visual Arts Workshop. Top right: Students work in one of the numerous tutorial programs on campus. Bot tom: Dr. Charles Obermeyer lectures to American Idea class. 6 1


62 Top left: Alton C. Bartlett, Chairman of the Division of Management. Top right: james R. Longstreet, Chairman of the Division of Finance. Bottom: RobertS. Cline, Dean of College of Business Ad ministration, discusses problems with student. OPPOSITE PAGE: Top left: Chairman of Division of Economics Richard E. Pasternak lectures to busi ness students. Bottom kft: Chairman of Division of Accounting Louis C. Jurgen sen lectures to class. Right: Chairman of Division of Marketing David C. Sleeper.


Business Administration students Plan Careers Because of the dilemma of trying to prepare for the first job and for long-term career objec tives, there has been a change of emphasis with in the College of Business AdD)inistratioh: There is now a greater breadth of courses in order to better prepare students for their careers. A high percentage of the students are al ready in the field, working either part-time or full-time. The new master's program instituted in july now offers a Masters of Science in Manage ment. This program received an overwhelming response; there were thirty students enrolled in the program the first year. A master's degree in Business Administration is also offered through the St. Petersburg campus. A new program where business students spend their junior year at the St. Petersburg campus has also been initi a ted. The international programs include a sum mer school in Antigua, Guatemala for elemen tary school majors to study Central American culture and art. In Honduras, USF is helping to double the number of secondary schools. The US State Department has also sent people from 19 different states in Brazil to USF this year to study the American educational system. 63


64 Education Majors Work in Inner City The College of Education sponsors both ur ban and international programs. In the urban area, working with disadvantaged children is emphasized. The Teacher Core was founded to aid in the masters degree program which trains students to work in inner cities. To earn credit hours in Liberal Arts, elementary school majors may work in the inner city schools of St. Peters burg or Atlanta. The College has also been de signatc.d as the official consultant to the educa tion component of Tampa's Model City pro gram.


OPPOSITE PAGE : Bottom: Education students spend mornings teaching children as part of the Continuing Internship Program. Top: jean A. Battle, Dean of College of Education. Top: In elementary school cl a ssroom, children w atch hamster in c age Bottom l e ft: Intern enjoys recreation time with her students. Bottom ri ght: Members of Inten sive Tutorial program work on class as signments. 65


66 College of Engineering Adds Two -Year Degree The College of Engineering serves the Uni versity at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. To accommodate junior college gradu ates, the college has initiated a two year pro gram leading to a Bachelor of Engineering Technology degree at the St. Petersburg cam pus. It also plans to initiate doctoral programs within the next year in both Electronics and Mechanics. Since its inception, students and faculty of the college have worked closely together. Engi neering students formed the first Student Col lege Association at USF, and in cooperation with the engineering faculty, were the first stu dents to begin a teacher evaluation program. The College of Engineering will also be the first on campus to begin pre-registration for all up per division students.


OPPOSITE PAGE: Top: Students work on experiment in the Energy Convenion Laboratory. Bottom: Dean Edgar W. Kopp studies computer with student in the Industrial Engineering Division. Top: Student works with Electrical Engineering equipment. Bottom left: Students find the slide-rule a weful tool in Pre-engi neering. Bottom right: Students check experiment in the Experimental Structures, Mechanics, and Fluids Laboratory. 67


68 Top left: Student sets special instruction in art class. Top right: Gordon johnson, professor of music, directs class. Bottom: Chemistry student works on lab experi ment. OPPOSITE PAGE: Top: Russell M. Cooper, Dean of College of Liberal Arts. Bottom: Students in biology laboratory find microscopes valuable instru ments in class work.


Liberal Arts Offers Off-Campus Program Among the new programs introduced by the College of Liberal Arts this year is an off campus term program. Under this plan, stu dents may spend one term off campus, usually during their junior year, studying abroad or working in social services or other areas. The College has also initiated a new honors program. The Liberal Arts Student Advisory Board, in addition to advising on curriculum, prepared a "Liberal Arts Week" for the spring. New developments in curriculum include the Afro-American Studies program, under the direction of Mr. Benjamin Berry. A major in this field is now being offered. The college's gradu ate program was expanded in order to offer Ph.D.'s in chemistry and mathematics, and more student grants are now being offered in many areas.


70 St. Petersburg Campus Provides Varied Program The St. Petersburg Campus of the University opened in September, 1965. Its academic pro gram is restricted to junior, senior and graduate level courses. Selected courses and programs are offered by the College of Basic Studies, Business Administration, Education, Engineering, and Liberal Arts. Students may enroll at the St. Petersburg campus full-time or may enroll on both the St. Petersburg and Tampa campuses simultaneously. In addition to providing academic programs from the University's five colleges, the St. Pet ersburg Campus houses a Marine Science Research and Training Center. This institution of fers excellent facilities for teaching, research, and the docking and maintenance of oceano graphic vessels. A comprehensive array of marine science courses is open to both undergraduate and graduate students. Although an undergraduate major in the marine sciences is not offered, a proposal for offering a master's degret in the Department ()f Marine Sciences is now being considered. Top: Mayor Goldner speaks at dedication ceremony in St. Petersburg. Bottom left: Lester W. Tuttle, Assistant Dean of Academic Af fairs, St. Petersburg Campus. Bottom right: Herman J. Brames, Director of Administra tion, St. Petersburg Campus. OPPOSITE PAGE: Top: St. Petersburg Campus location provides excellent opportunities for marine science research. Bottom: Beaches at St. Petersburg Campus offer moments of relaxa tion.


72 Top: Mary Lou Harkness, Director of Libraries, checks books. Bottom: Gerard C. Eichholz, Director of Instructional Media, Educational Re sources, explains servkes. OPPOSITE PAGE: Top: Educational library provides place for study and research. Bottom: Students check out instructional materials for use in elementary school classes.


USF Library Provides Materials for Study, Research and Recreation The University Library serves students and faculty by providing over 225,000 volumes and 3,000 periodicals, as well as other related mate rials, for study, research, and recreational read ing. The Fine Arts Department also maintains an art gallery within the Library. Exhibits in clude shows by USF faculty and students. The Educational Library in the Education building contains instructional and recreational reading materials for children. It also provides films, records, and other materials for use by education majors as well as other students of the University. The D ivision of Educational Resources, housed in the Library basement, offers many audio-visual services to USF. It provides in structional materials such as projectors, tape recorders, and films, in addition to maintaining a production center for graphics and photo graphy and the University's Broadcasting Ser VICeS. 73




Organizations 75


76 The Aegean We started with nothing but ideas and plans, and then we discussed, argued and com promised among ourselves and with chapter representatives, organization presidents and department chairmen. We scheduled and re scheduled, wrote and rewrote. scaled and retscaled. We smiled with satisfaction and cursed with frustration and tried to please people of every faction, belief and color. All this took work, endless hours of it, the light and the dark hours of weekdays and weekends. And now we are finished, anxious for your reac tions to the 1970 Aegean. Top: Musarsky, Editor-in-chief. Bottom: Melinda Holland; Leslie Faulds, Seniors Editor; Gail Kallins; Rick Amor;judy Henry, Greeks Editor.


Top: Cathy Wenzel, Carolyn Warren, Barbara Rogers. Bottom Left Front Row: Linda Alexander, Copy Edi tor; Sue Siltanen, Academic Editor. Second Row: Bob Bruce, Sports Editor; jan Yates, Organizations Editor Bottom Right: Henry Brown, photographer.


Top: Renee Rassler, Jim Gregory, Don na Wright, Adam Rabinowitz, Joan Malloy, Kay Van Cleave. Center Left: George Veazey, photographer. Center Right: Marie Andrews, Donna DeVita, Cindi Wells, Sioux Harlan. Bottom: jay Morris, Bill Tracey, Ray Kriegbaum, photography staff.


. The Oracle The Oracle is UFS's student-edited news paper. Published now on a weekly basis, plans are being considered for twice a week publication next year, and eventually for daily issu rance. The Oracle has won national recognition as one of the nation's best written and edited campus newspapers. Since its first edi tion in the fall of 1966, it has continuously been rated All-American by the Associated Collegiate Press (ACP) and has twice received the Pacemaker Award from the American Newspaper Publishers Association as one of two best college weeklies published in the United States. While many of the student editors are interested in journalistic careers, all students are invited to join the staff, since The Oracle seeks to serve the entire university community and its many diverse interests. With the approval in early 1969 by the State Board of Regents of a full Mass Communications Department, and the completion of a "new, completely equipped home" for The Oracle in the Language/Literature Building in mid 19 71, The Oracle looks forward to serving the entire university on a broader, more compre hensive scale than ever before. Top: Mary McKey, Editor-in-chic. Bottom Left: Steve Snow, Managing Editor. Bottom Right: Wylie Brooks, Editorial Editor. 79


80 Top, Left to Right: Judy Gunther, Jim Bass, Jim Bird, Mark Kitman, Dennis Truby, Pat Hill. Center Left: Bill Guggenheim, Copy Editor. Right: Col. Walter Griscti, Business Manager; Pat Hill, Advertising Manager. Bot tom Left: Beth Serata; Laura Avitable; Mary Ellen Moore, Fine Arts Editor.


Top: Jeff Miller, Sports Editor; Prof. Leo Stalnaker, General Manager. Left: Oscar Ross, Makeup Editor. Right: Chris Clif ford, Vicki Smithson. Bottom: Ken lap; Rod Brooker, News Editor. 81


82 Student Government Student Government is an organization in which relevant issues can be seriously discussed and through which necessary changes and im provements can be pursued. During the past two years, Student Government has doubled its size and tripled its range of activities. ''Tangi bles to serve the student body" has been Student Government's motto, and indeed, SG has engaged itself in a range of activities, problems and issues as broad as the academic community itself. Many of the activities of the Student Government involved students' rights and privileges. Dorm hours were liberalized, the mandatory on-campus living age was lowered to 20 and the mandatory food plan was re vised. SG members also worked to reduce the cost of traffic fines and to solve the parking and mobility problems. Attempts at commu nicating effectively with the surrounding community were made, in part, through a work program to fight juvenile delinquency. SG in vestigated ways to improve the Quarter System and designed a faculty evaluation system. The Student Government has worked to bring basketball and a rathskeller to USF. Other projects include a student loan program for USF's disadvantaged and a draft counseling service. In effect, Student Government at USF is on the move. Right: Steve Anderson, USF Student Government President. Opposite Page Top Left: johnS. Rhodes III, Attorney General. Top Right: Louis LaGrande, justice;james B. Krog, Chief justice; Bob France,justice. Bottom: Charles Tonkin, Vice-President.




YOU GOT A VOTE USE Ill Top Front Row: John Greer, Mari Bailey, Tom Dickinson. Second Row: Bob Byrne, Carl Clark, Pete Lyons. Center Left to Right: Dean Herbert J. Wunderlich, Dr. Jerome 0. Krivanek, Louis Villarosa, Frank Quesada, George Clements, Linnell Wooten. Bot tom Left: Barbara Taylor, Ben Broner, Domenic Grosso. Bottom Right: Public Relations Committee sends Christmas cards to servicemen in Viet nam. VOTE liRE TODAY 001 I'IOIWotS ? DON'1 QOAIC VOTl .. OUC'OO -...-....


Top Left Left to Ript: Gary Pyle, Kim Dinkle, Dana House, Mike Cohen. Top Ript Left to Ript: Harlan Helming, Steve Cohn, Steve Beckman, Bill Packer. Center: Special Events Committee displays "Frank and Freida." Bottom Left to Ript: Tom Dickinson, Curt Billingsley, jeff Smith, Dana House, Bob Hightower. 8S


86 Top Left: Mary Margaret Rutledge, acting Vice President, is caught at a pensive moment. Top Right: Students vote in record numbers at the SG election Center: Student Government Day gave students a chance to meet the legislators and find out the crucial issues ahead. Bottom: Members of the student legislature listen to discus sions at a regular session.


Top: Dan Slyker, Sec. of Health, Transportation and Welfare and passengers confer with John Preble, director of Security, a minor parking problem. Center: Students cluster around S.G. candidates poster display at Free Speech Day. Bottom: Dave Forthuber, Chair man of External Affairs, and two committee members share a light moment. 87


88 Gold Key Society The purpose of the Gold Key Honor So ciety is to recognize and encourage scholar ship, to stimulate leadership, and to develop a spirit of service and fellowship. To qualify for membership, a student must have attained a GPR of 3.33 at 90 to 180 quarter hours. Dur ing Orientation week, Gold Key hosts a recep tion for all outstanding incoming freshmen. The members give a reception for parents, fac ulty and students following the Honors Con vocation in November. During Quarter II, Gold Key takes in their new members, hold ing an induction ceremony at a banquet. Officers: Barbara Boss, president; Greta Zetler, vice-president; Rolanda Crosman, sec retary; May Ellen Leonard, recording secretary;James Stockard, Treasurer. Bottom: Left to Right: Ronald Conley ,Jimmy Chumney, Greta Zetler, Mary Ellen Leonard, Barbara Boss, Lanny Cros man,jim Stockard, Lee Anderson.


Omicron Delta Kappa Omicron Delta Kappa, a National Lead ership Honor Society for College Men, was founded in 1914; the USF Circle was installed in April of 1970. The purpose of the Circle is to bring together in one body, for the general good of the institution, all leaders in the var ious phases of college activities. Membership in ODK is as much an obligation and responsi bility in citizenship as it is a mark of distinc tion and honor. Left to Right: Dean Edward Kopp, Carl Barth, Chuck Wilder,Jim Stockard, Myles Ross, Dr. Robert Ellis. Athenaeum Athenaeum was established to honor women of outstanding scholarship and leader ship, with the purpose of providing opportu nities for them to perform a united service to the university community. Members provide an information table for freshmen and new participate in a tutoring program sponsored by the Developmental Center, and aid in reading examinations to blind students. Members work with Gold Key to choose the recipient of the annual Teaching Excellence Award. Officers: Mara Spencer, president; Cheryl Albert, vice-president; Jane Skipp, sec retary; Candy Barron, treasurer. Front Row: Bonnie Lightfoot, Lanny Crossman, Sue Bay, Gloria Crandall, Jane Fowler, Sherry Kitchen. Second Row: Candace Barron, Jane Skipp, Loree Bryer, Mara Spencer, Cheryl Albert, Lisa Hansen. 89


90 Gamma Theta Upsilon Front Row: William Corcoran, Bob Jones, Dr. Stuart Rothwell, Second Row: Dr. Dewey Stowers, Kathy Kyler, Lawrence French, Vincent Chiarelli, Keith Waller, Karen Robb, Mr. Lance Limoges. To further professional interest in geo graphy by offering to the student additional academic experience in this field outside of classroom is a major goal of Gamma Theta Upsilon. One of the organization's major pro jects has been to introduce a special interest geography program at Blake High School. Officers: Robert Y. Jones, president; Keith Waller, vice-president; Katherine E. Kyler, secretary; Mike Martin, treasurer. Pi Mu Epsilon The Florida Epsilon Chapter of the Pi Mu Epsilon Fraternity was formed to promote scholarship and mathematics. Students are elected to membership on an honorary basis. Pi Mu Epsilon presents a varied program over the year with the goals of providing information for the students through various scholarly mathematical programs, and bringing together the faculty and fraternity members on a social basis. This year that program included faculty and student lectures, guest lectures, a facultystudent banquet sponsored jointly with Sigma Pi Sigma, the physics honorary, and picnics and receptions. Front Row: Keith Allchin, Ann Wilkinson Bower, Sherry Brimacombe, Lynne Binder, Loree Bryer, Arlin Wilsher Jr., Dr. Fredric Zerla, Second Row: Carl Barth, Donald Tolle, Gerhard Stoopman, Kurt King, Hugh Sconyers,Joseph Weintraub, Robert Leake.


Pi S igma Epsilon College can be more than just books and classes, and Pi Sigma Espilon seeks to provide that something extra for students interested in sales and marketing as a career. Pi Sigma Epsilon is a national professional fraternity offering better educational opportunities, improved career possibilities and productive professional contacts. USF's Beta Beta chapter has brought such experienced speakers as Tampa's Mayor Greco to speak to members and currently oper ates the student book exchange as their chapter project. Officers: Ronald F. Uauget, president; E. Eugene Wright III, vice-president; Paul Williams, secretary; Steve Mackler, treasurer. Front Row: Pat Hill, Bill Perrett, Bill Barnes, Steve Mackler, Ron Llauget, Joe Wuermli, Mike Mcleod, Tony Coniglio, Steve Hansen, John Roble, Wayne Brass, Dr. W. A. DeBord. Second Row: Earl Bryant, Bob Hall, Jerry McCollum, Paul Williams, Seab Chap man, Frank Kostyo, Ray Pines, Judd Smith, Jerry Thorp, Gene Perret, Gene Wright. Third Row: Dr. W. D. Stevens, Rex Ledo, Ross Goodall, Dr. D. C. Sleeper, Hank Morbach, Lou Ingle, Shannon Rowland, Miles Carpenter, John Nitardi, Dave Kennedy, Bill Garrett. 91


Andros Men 's Hall Association The Andros Men's Residence Hall Asso ciation Council coordinates the various func tions relating to the general welfare of the male residents in the Andros area and seeks to promote unity and responsibility among its members. The AMRHA Council, made up of the floor presidents of the Andros Men's Re sidence Halls, is responsible for maintaining an atmosphere conducive to comfortable living within the university community and allo cates monies for all AMRHA activities. Officers: Michael Basista, president; Tom Jacob, vice-president-treasurer; Mike Martin, secretary. Front Row: Bob Donaghy, Mike Hales, Dr. Robert W. Ellis. Second R ow: Ron Conley, joe Ricci, Chuck Cuffaro, john O'Reilly, Dennis Myers, Richard Dun lap, Karl Clark, Andy Perlowski. Left to Right: Mike Basista, Mike Martin, Tom jacob, Tom Parke, Bill Endress, Charles Evans, Rick Kubach. Tau Beta Phi Tau Beta Phi, University of South Flor ida's engineering honor society, seeks through its various activities to encourage professional ism, responsibility and quality work in its members. Outstanding junior and senior en gineering majors having a 3.0 grade point aver age are eligible for membership. Tau Beta Phi sponsors projects to aid the school of engineer ing and the students and is currently petition ing for acceptance by the national engineering society. Officers: Ronald Collins, president; Mike Hales, vice-president; Joel Price, secretary treasurer.


Front Row: Robert Lazer, Sherry Chaitain, Jeffrey Bedell, Robert Haines, Clement, Maryrose Cof fman, Charlotte Fields. Second Row: Linda Bastberg, Dave Clement, Mary Lou Phillips, Gerald Thomas, John Mullins, William Edinfield, Gloria Hevia1. Third Row: Curtis Childers, Janet Moore, Gene LeBeau, Da vid Dew,Jennifer Davis, Rick Bums. Psi Chi Psi Chi is the national psychology honor society created to give psychology students an opportunity to develop professionalism as well as to be recognized for scholarship. The club presents weekly lectures and panel dis cussions featuring members of the U.S.F. faculty as well as stimulating guest speakers. A study room has been established for the mem bers' use. Officers: Lea Clement, president; Robert Haines, vice-president; Sherry Chas tain, secretary; Jeffrey Bedell, treasurer : The faculty advisor is Dr. David Clement. Florida Engineering Society The Florida Engineering Society spon sors a series of presentations by professio nal individuals and groups to supplement class room experience and to acquaint m e mb e r s with the responsibilities, duties and o pp ortu nities of the engineering profession. Member ship in the University of South Florida chap ter of the Florida Engineering Society, an affiliate of the National Society of Engineers, is open to upper level engineering students having a 2.0 grade point average. Officers: Chuck Cuffaro, president; Richard Beatty, vice-president; Knute Lin g aard, secretary; David Henderson, treasurer. Front: David Henderson Second: Knute Lingaard, Third: Richard Beatie, Fourth: Chuck Cuffaro. 93


94 Basic Studies Association The College of Basic Studies Association Council was formed to protect the rights of the CBS students and to act as a mediator between faculty and students. The council conducts a CBS curriculum poll to ascertain the main sources of discontent among the students and to aid in correcting the deficiencies of the Col lege of Basic Studies. The members have aided Dr. Edwin P. Martin in compiling his book "De cade of the Seventies" and helped develop a representative body from each CBS course. Plans are underway to adopt a child. Members are active in other phases of campus life; three are in student government. Students are elected to the association during third quarter each year. Officers: Diane Salvage, president; Curt Billingsley, vice-president; Sandi Crosbi, secre tary; Domenic Grosso, treasurer. The faculty advisor is Robert Stevenson. Top: Michael McKenna, Zadik Shapiro, Sandi Crosby. Center Left: Ellen Shore, Bruce Kamelhair, Diane Sal vage Center Right : Harlan Helming, Curtis Billingley, Domenic Grosso.


Engineering Council Left to Right: john McKey, Chuck Cuffaro, john Pen nington, jim Bishop, Mike Hales, Lou Villarosa, Bill Packer The Engineering Council is the represent ative body of the Engineering College Associ ation. Oldest and most active of the college associations, the E.C.A. attempts to forward the best interest of its students in all areas of campus life. Notable successes have come in pre-scheduling students, providing a study area, and making interaction possible between engi neering majors and professionals in the com munities students will enter after graduation. Left to Right: Doris Youngman, Ratha Blackburn, Mary Benson, Imelda Barthle, Lee Suberman, Mary Christ, Barbara Forgash, Sue Campbell, Sue Brinkley, Melanie Unik, jennifer Driskell, jimee Wolfe, judy Ward, jeri Zeman, Rita Etkins. The USF chapter of the Women of Pi Sigma Epsilon was established to aid women inter ested in business careers by increasing their knowledge and involvement in community business activities. The society was formed as a result of the desire among undergraduate w omen to participate in the programs and activities of a professionally oriented organization. Officers are: Jeri Zeman, president; Bar bara Forgash, vice-president; Lee Suberman, secretary-treasurer; Jennifer Driskill, corre sponding secretary. Their faculty advisor is Farrand]. Hadaway. Women of Pi Sigma Epislon 95


96 Economics Club The purpose of the Economics Club is to stimulate academic interest in the field of economics and finance through discussions of economic and financial policy. The club or ganizes lectures and discussions by the univer sity economics faculty on current, relevant Left to Right: George Clements, Jack Slayton, Jack Algood, Dr. Jim Her man, Marv Bailey, Gary Brosch, Russell Settle, Pat Paisley. Student Advisory Board College of Business Left to Right: Lin Correll, Darryl Head, John Furlong, Mike Murray, Marv Bailey, Bill Evert, Richard Hawes, Tony Coniglio. topics and provides a picnic for members and guests. The members try to have at least one distinguished representative in the field of economics and finance speak at the campus each quarter; one such speaker is Maurice Mann, Assistant Director of the Budget of the United States Government. Officers: George Clements, president; Richard Hitchcock, vice-president; C. Jackson Slayton, secretary-treasurer. The Board's purpose is to facilitate the exchange of ideas between the students, facul ty and administration, and to serve as a unify ing force in coordinating and promoting all college activities. It has brought William Mac Innes, Chairman of the Board of Tampa Elec tric, and J. Paul Austin, President of Coca Cola, to campus as speakers. Future programs include lectures by representatives from Burling ton Industries and Management Consultant Peter F. Drucker.


Left to Right: Hal Price, Richard Watts, L. G. Roberts, Gloria Respess, Jackie Eichelberger, Mike Farino, judy McCullough, Sharon Cooke. College of Education Association The College of Education Association exists to encourage a spirit of professionalism in those students anticipating a career in educa tion. Because education plays such an important role in nearly everyone's life today, excellence in teaching is of particular impor tance; the College of Education Association inspires its members to reach that goal. High on the list of priorities of the College of Education Association is student involvement. Students do aid and volunteer work in the Tampa Bay area in fields related to education. Tutoring, one of their largest projects, bene fits children attending inner-city schools. Officers: Harold L. Price, president; Judy McCullough, vice-president;JoAnn Bod den, secretary; Jackie Eichelberger, treasurer. Their faculty advisor is L. G. Roberts. 97


Left to Right: Mr. Gene Eisen, Mr. AI Wolin, Jill Dan ziger, Sheldon Wind, Barbara Wind, Dick Schwartz, Mark Mendelson, Bob Silverman, Ben Broner, Dr Alfred S. Golding. Memben gather during celebration of annual Hannukah Festival. -Christian Science Organization There was One who said, "Let us all be brothers. Love is the greatest law. You need no others." So let us stand together, hand touching hand. Love is all He asks us to understand. Counseling 3:30, Meetings 4:30, Thursday CTR 204. Hillel Hillel is ajewishstudent organization pro viding various religious and social activities for its members. Forums on topics of current i!lter est, Lox and Bagel brunches, a Hannukah can dle lighting ceremony, Passover festival, picnics and hayrides are some of the events members participate in. Hillel attempts to provide mem bers with the opportunity to leam as well as to join together in fellowship. Officers: Mark Mendelson, president; Bar bara Wind, vice-president;Murray Woolf, secretary;Dick Schwartz, treasurer.

PAGE 100

Bap tist Student U nion The Baptist Student Union seeks to aid collegians in integrating their Christian faith into the world of higher learning. The center is open daily to provide students with a place to go for study, recreation, and counselling. Vespers meetings are scheduled on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:30p.m. in addition to general meetings every Wednesday at 2:00p.m. The members participate in tutoring programs and fund-raising projects to finance students work ing in service. The center sponsors monthly socials and theological reviews. Local members participate in the state-wide convention and retreat held annually. Officers: Richard Fowlkes, president; Jann Boggs, vice-president; jan Shearouse, secretary; T. Edwin Lilly, chaplairt; Dr. Elton Smith, sponsor. Baptist Student Union strives to combine religious and social activities. Top: Members celebrate at Christmas banquet before returning home for the holidays. B o ttom Left: Singing carols helps students to forget exam week. Bottom Right: BSU 'hobos' rough it at supper party. 99

PAGE 101

100 Student Vestry of the 1Episcopal Church Worship and work combine at the Episco pal Center to help make Christianity relevant to the thoughts and actions of students today. Members participate in the chapel services and volunteer to teach in the church school. Cook outs, buffet suppers and folk sings are held reg ularly for student and staff entertainment: Stu-Newman Club The Newman Club of USF attempts to promote and extend the ideals of a thor oughly Catholic and Christian culture on cam pus as envisioned by Cardinal Newman. The dub furnishes cultural, spiritual, educational and psychological programs for students of all denominations. Religious counselling and marital instructions are available. Members tutor underprivileged children from deprived areas of Tampa and participate in ecumenical gatherings. The club also plans a varied recre ational program. All students of all denomina tions are welcome; no person is excluded from the Newman Club .. The Directors of the Newman Club are: Sarah Smith, Ken Dwyer, Mike Postek and Don Claussey. Their faculty advisor is Dr. Edwardj. Devinney,Jr. Rev. Father Eugene A. Dooley, Director of Catholic Student Center, conducts student mass before weekly meeting of Newman Club. dents are encouraged to exercise freedom and leadership through discussion groups and by conducting entire worship services. Officers are: Dean Barber, president, Doris Page, vice president; Amy Allen, secretary; Pam Irvine, treasurer; faculty advisor, Dr. Robert Fuson.

PAGE 102

Front Row: Rolfe Maxon, John Mullins, Steve Phil lippy, Ken Tatje, Art Wenderoth. Second Row: JohnS. Rhodes III, Greg A. Willis, Riley Hogan, George See vers, Col. Kenneth Davey. Circle K <;:ircle K seeks to build a better world tomorrow through members service today. With each member serving a of three hours a week, this is one of the most active service organizations on campus. The members have sponsored the Biafran Food Drive and organized the March of Dimes cam paign on campus. Working with the Intensive Tutorial program, members work with under privileged children in Tampa's poverty areas. The club participates in various Kiwanis pro jects such as Salvation Army Take It Away Day, Tampa Annual Bar-B-Que and the Tampa Girl Scout Maintenance program. The USF Club has provided the state organization with several officers and has achieved recognition in the various levels of Circle K activity. Officers: John S. Rhodes Ill, president; George Seevers, Jr., vice-president; Kenneth Tatje, secretary; John Mullins, Jr., treasurer. The faculty advisor is Kenneth Davey. 101

PAGE 103

10 2 Alpha Phi Omega Since it was nationally installed, the Tau Mu chapter of Alpha Phi Omega has worked to advance the concepts of leadership, friendship and service, tenents basic to its brothers. APO organized USF's first Ugly Man on Campus Contest to raise money for the chapter's var ious service projects in the school and commun ity. The chapter is responsible for maintaining the riverfront area and the grounds at Chin segut Hill, the university-owned retreat. The members sponsor a Boy Scout troop in the in ner-city area of Tampa an& work with a Tampa Methodist Church. APO Little Sisters aided the campus United Fund drive. Officers: Eric Bush, president; M. Bennett Broner, vice-president; Charles Snidar, secretary; Thaddeus Jones, Jr., treasurer. The faculty advisor is Dean Herbert J. Wunderlich. Front Row: Edward Bcresh, Harlan Helming, joy Mul holland, Sue Thomas, Pattie Cave, Craig Birkmaier, Jamie Benson. Second Row: Sue Fyler, Gail Bearer, Elba Schwartz, Beth Annabell Lee, Sue Long ly, Linda O'Connor. Third Row: Dave Saulter, Steve LeGrande, Don Clossey, Bruce Kamelhair, Eric Bush, Dean Wildy, Doc Snidar, Thaddeus jones, M. Bennet, Robert Lewis, Ken Futch, Carey jones, Dennis Gard ner.

PAGE 104

World Affairs Council The World Affairs Council promotes the exchange of ideas and culture between foreign and American Students at USF. Students first formed the World Affairs Council in an effort to expand their knowledge of U.S. Foreign Pol icy. The model United Nations and the Cuban Happening were two of the council's most suc cessful events this year. Seminars on World areas and weekend conferences were also held. A foreign students party was held to help stu dents from other countries feel more at home at USF. Officers: Ghazi Aboulhosn, president; James Reekse, vice president;Jeannie Ho, sec retary; and Max Mitchell, treasurer; faculty ad visor, Dr. Mark T. Orr. Left to Right: Max Mitchell, jeannie Ho, Ron Soud, Ghazi Aboulhosn; officers of the World Affairs Coun cil. 103

PAGE 105

The Cooperative Education Program com bines work and study to meet the needs of working students and provides valuable on-the job training. Students are placed in jobs throughout the United States and alternate work and study periods until their senior year which is.taken up in full-time study. The Co-Op Council works in conjunction with the Co-Op staff to obtain more and better courses for stu dents on training. The council seeks represent ation in the student government, and better communications among staff, students, and employers. Co-op Advisory Council Co-op provides students with experience in actual work situations. Top Left: Business student receives award for outstanding service. Top Right: Liberal Arts student operates television camera. Bottom Left: Education intern supervises play period. Bottom Right: Engineering major works on laboratory project.

PAGE 106

Pre-Med Society The University of South Florida Pre-Med Society functions to orient premedical stu dents toward their professional objectives. The society is responsible for the academic advising of USF premedical students. This year, the So ciety offered tutoring to its members and pro vided them with a test file. Activities included field trips to hospitals and medical schools. Also, this year the Premedical Society affiliated with Alpha Epsilon Delta, the national Pre-Med honorary fraternity. Officers: Bruce Moskowitz, president; James Stockard, vice-president; Cyndy Brous sard, secretary; Douglas Fleming, treasurer. The faculty advisor is Dr Jerome Krivanek. Left to Right: Bruce Moskowitz, Brad Campbell, Mike Wilinsky, David Yates, james Stockhard, Doug Flem ing, Arthur Roberts, Cyndy Broussard, Donna Moen. 105

PAGE 107

106 Computer Club Keeping pace with the rapidly changing field of computer technology is the goal of the USF Computer Club. The club was organized exclusively for educational and scientific pur poses. Speakers are invited from various local corporations to address the group. Students and staff of all areas are welcome in the Com puter club, the only requirements for member ship being an interest in computer technology. Officers: Jon P. Reyniers, president; Carl Frerichs, vice-president; Nancy E. Wade, secretary; Kent McClenen, treasurer. The faculty advisor is Mr. Herbert Rebhun. Left to Right: Carl Frerichs, Tom Waters, Fred Bris sard, Herbert Rebhun, Ken Futch, Tiny Geiger, Nancy E. Wade, Kent McClenen, Jon P. Reyniers, Carmen Iacino. Members inspect an IBM 360 computer system at the General Telephone Company office.

PAGE 108

Front Row: George Moton, Avery Robinson, Eddie Faulk, Abdulkaim Ashur. Second Row: Shirley Chestnut, Raliegh Allen, Cynthia Simmons, Thad Jones, Judy Baker, Hector De10usa, Yvonne Davis, Carey Jones. Afro-American Club The Afro-American Society encourages black unity by aiding individual black develop ment. The society was organized during the summer of 1968, but its present constitution was drawn up during third quarter, 1969. The Afro-American society is now seeking to realize a significant increase in black enrollment in USF. The newly-formed Black Studies Program was a recent goal and the members are continu ing their interest by helping to form a realistic curriculum. A tutorial program has been instituted to aid blacks in addition to counseling service. An organizational newsletter is planned to facilitate communication among the mem bers and continue black unity. Officers: William Packer, secretary of Ex ternal Affairs; Carey Jones, secretary of Inter nal Affairs; Wayne johnson, secretary of Social and Cultural Affairs; Rhoda Siplin, treasurer; Gretchen Beckham, recorder. 107

PAGE 109

108 Marine Biology Club Any student interested in marine biology has an unusual opportnnity to learn while en joying, through the marine biology club. The club schedules speakers on various natural sci ence subjects for their lecture series, makes small collecting trips to maintain the marine acquaria in the Life Science building, and takes boating trips along the USF waterfront area. Between Quarters II and III, the club members traveled to the Florida Keys to observe and study Florida's varied marine life first-hand. The club provides academic counseling for stu dents seeking careers in marine biology as part of their comprehensive program Officers: Barbara Boss, president; Gary Pettit, secretary-treasurer; Ed Heger, news letter editor. Left to Right: William Rabert, Ed Hegen, Barbara Boss, Gary Pettit. Bay Players Bay Players was formed to encourage in terest in Theatre Arts, recruit actors and tech nicians, aid the staff in productions and provide fellowship for those active in the theatre. Bay Players produced a children's play which toured the state, playing to schools, hospitals and orphanages. In addition to this service project, the members sponsor quarterly fetes, in cluding a yearly award banquet in honor of outstanding theatre students. Officers: Alvis Sherouse, president; Suz anne u.mny, vice-president; Cherry Mclntye, secretary; Richard Sharkey, treasurer. Front R o w: Steve Stempler, Steve Ivester, Susan Strandberg, Alice O'Leary. Second R o w: Pete Jacobson, Gregg Musselman, Alvis Sherouse. Third Row: Cherry Mcintyre, Joseph john D'Esposito, William Lo renzen, Doug Kaye, Darryl Man:yck, joy Grozinger. Fourth Row: Ronn Zarr, Suzanne Lunny, Aleida Chumley, Richard Sharkey, Susan Clifford, Rick Talcott.

PAGE 110

Senior Accounting The goals of the Senior Accounting Or ganization are to facilitate student-faculty rela tions, associate students with professionals, and assist accounting majors by providing ser vices and information. Senior Accounting awards tuition scholarships to several ing accounting majors each quarter. Officers: Neil Signorelli, president; Rich ard Haines, vice-president; Connie Gilchrest, secretary; Raymond Black, treasurer. Faculty advisor is Gene McOung. 109

PAGE 111

110 Front Row: B. Bowman, M. Mil ler, D. L. Schrader instructor, D. Mangle, L. Douglas. Second R ow: K. Erwin, L. Bart, H. Blair, M. Leighton,J. Davis. Tai Chi Chaun The Tai Chi Chuan Club stresses the devel opment of mental as well as physical agility through a variety of techniques. The Club provides instruction in the Chinese "Tai Chi Chuan" and Korean "TaeKwonDo" forms of self defense. The Judo and Jujitsu classes on campus are also provided through Tai Chi Chuan. It follows the high standards of the United States Karate Association and has brought such leading masters of the martial arts as Koichi Tohei and William Chen to the Uni versity. Officers: Daryl Schrader, president; Michelle Miller, vice-president, Jeff Johnson, sec retary -treasurer. Front Ro w : Barry Greenberg, Randy Westbag, Bruce Fredrich, Charner Benz, Karen Maale, Bryan Fredrich, John Tokarz, Carolyn Clary. Second Row: Mike Nores, David Askeland. For the past few years the University of South Florida's Water Ski Club has been enthu siastically representing the school in ski tourna ments. They have performed in competitions at Cypress Gardens and in other college invita tionals as well as staging exhibition shows for students. The club was formed in 1962 to give U.S.F. students having an interest in waterski ing an opportunity for instruction, practice and competition on skis. Officers: Alan Beall, president; Diane Steigner, secretary; Doris Hoel, treasurer. Water Ski Club

PAGE 112

Windjammers The Windjammers Sailing Club provided for another kind of move on the campus, the move toward an exciting and active leisure. This club makes good use of its two fully-rigged flying junior-class racing sloops in training new sailors and in providing for experienced mem bers to compete in local regattas. The Wind jammers also plan to participate in inter-col legiate racing. Officers: Bill Cowdrey, fleet captain; Karen Case, vice commodore; Carland Stormy Mullis, treasurers; Heather Dailey, yeoman. Front Row: Collet Marsh, Cookie Covdell, jeff Steel, Carolyn Clary, Susan Watson. Second Row: David john Campbell, Karen Cass, David Munnell, Dean Barker, Carl Mullis, Stormy Mullis. lll

PAGE 113

112 Women's Karate Club Being able to defend themselves may not be the main goal of the Women's Karate Club but members have the opportunity to become very proficient. Hours of practicing the different grips and holds yield the perfection needed in manner and style. Agility, rather than strength is sought. Discipline of the mind as well as the body is of major importance. USF Karate Club Begun in 1964 the USF Karate Club has become the leading collegiate karate organiza tion in the Southeast. The club's present mem bership includes a large number of green and brown belts as well as many beginners. The members are affiliated with the Japan Karate Association and have the opportunity to re ceive instruction from such karate masters as Master Ueki of Ft. Lauderdale who was a win ner in the 1968 All Japan Karate Tournament. Officers: Luis Albueme, president; Dave Elman, vice-president; Dave Bagozzi, treasurer; Dr. Frederic Zerla, sponsor. Middle: Dave Ellman holds Dave Fisher in a collar grip. Bottom: Rick Segar blocks Luis Albueme's attack.

PAGE 114

Stu Miller demonstrates his driving skill in the Super Autocross Sports Car Club The USF Sports Car Club exists to promote enjoyment of automotive activities. With one of the largest memberships of any club on campus, the Sports Car Club sponsors about six events every quarter. During winter quarter, the club holds Sports Car Super Week, their main event of the year. Super Week features free racing movies, a fun rally, the Super Auto cross and race car displays. Other events during the year are the Sir John Falstaff Annual Rally and the St. Valentine's Day Massacre. Officers: Gary L. Brosch, president; Har vey Lindenbaum, secretary; Ron Doerr, treasurer;John A. Anderson, sponsor. Middle: Sports Car Super Week gives jim Goe tz a chance to show-off his Porsche. Bottom Left: The Autocross School challenges Frank Grimlenlein in his jaguar. 113

PAGE 115

USF Music Organizations Birth. The first loud cry means "life" to the awaiting listeners. From that moment on, sound is vital. Sound means feeling, means knowing. And the most special kind of sound is music. Music can take you anywhere. You lift your voices, and song sends you to the sky. The orchestra leader raises his baton, you fall quiet, and suddenly music surrounds you. What do you do when you're alone and even flowers make you sad? Tum on music. Hard rock, jazz, Beethoven. It doesn't matter, just so the sound covers you. And when magic seems true, and you want to tell the world, what is there to do but sing? So now take up strings and brass. Beat drums. Open your mouths and ears. There's a new day ahead. Fill it with sound Top: Dr. Gale Sperry listens for precision during re hersal. Bottom: Guest conductor, Samuel Adler, directs USF Band. Opposiic: Page Top: USF's award winning band performs in a formal concert. Center: Dr. .. __ Gordon johnson directs chorus during a concert. Bot-f tom: USF Chorus performs vocal arrangement.

PAGE 116


PAGE 117

Wg ..... -. 116

PAGE 118


PAGE 119

University Center Top, left to right: UC Program Council Advisors Carole Whitney, Elise Jordan and Frances Lala discuss upcoming en tertainment. Center: Front row: Kim Fahrner, Arleen Smith, Apple Bass, Diane Saxe, Nina Galitz; second row: Bryan Beinkampen, Mindy Samaha, Lee Pharr, Marina Richardson, Tom Chawk, Mary Ann Waters. Bottom Left: Jan Seegers, UC Program Council President. Bottom Right: Milt Mor rison, UC Program Council VicePresi dent.

PAGE 120

Top Left: Family Night, Sponsored by the UC Intra-Service Committee, enchants future coed. Top Right: "Me 2", contestants in the amateur category,. entertain at Music Committee-sponsored Song Fest. Bottom Left: The' Dance Committee provides weekly band dances for fun and relaxation. The center of attraction at USF is the UC. Its cultural, social, and recreational activities range from weekly dances to sewing contests. Students can find a well-balanced program throughout the year. There is always something unusual going on, like Free Speech Day. Or a student can merely wander down to the recrea tion room for a game of table tennis. All these activities are provided for by stu dent committees which make up the University Center's Program Council. The Council is made up of ten activity committees, a president, vice president, and secretary who are advised by the UC's director, program advisor, and assistant program advisors. Each committee works on a single area of campus events. The Council as a whole, however, seeks to rid USF of the stu dents' cry, "There's nothing to do." 119

PAGE 121

...... II I u (\11Uf1 Top: Student has his say on Free Speech Day, a project of the Special Events Committee. Center: Mighty Manfred and the Wonder Dogs provide music for weekly dance. Bottom: The lnter-Comm Committee members Diane Saxe, Bryan Beinkampen, Pat DeCubillus provide the publicity for UC events.

PAGE 122

Top: Card players enjoy an evening at El Casino set up by the UC Recreation Committee. Center: Contestants display projects at the Jo'ashion Committees Needles and Pins Sewing Contest. Bottom Left: Estrella sings at one of many concerts sponsored by the UC Jo:ntertainment Committee. Bottom Right: The Arts and Ex hibits Committee displays paintings from national gal leries. 121

PAGE 123


PAGE 124

lop: Family Night provides entertainment for chil dren, students, faculty and staff. Bottom: Winner of the Song Fest's Amateur category displays talent. Right: Oliver sinp at UC blanket concert. Opposite Page, Top: Billy joe Royal entertains during concert. Center: Dancers and panel provide insight into the topic of "Sexual Freedom and the Arts." Bottom: A member of the Movie Committee explains display dur ing membership drive, sponsored by the personnel committee. 123

PAGE 125

124 BOARD OF DIRECTORS M.J. Anderson Steve A. Anderson Peter L. Atkinson Kim R. Dinkel Thomas V. Driggers John C. Greer Jr. CTR 219 University oF South Florida Tampa, Florida 33620 William F. Humphries III James B. Krog John W. Pennington III JohnS. Rhodes III M. M. Torrence Frank N. Quesada Robert F. France

PAGE 126

People Behind the Organizations Top Left: Jimetta Anderson, Secretary for Student Organizations. Top Right: Custodial Staff: Alexander Buchanan; Timothy Calhoun; Walter Paschall, Custodian Supervisor. Center Left: Mrs. Mary Torrence, Secretary for Student Govern ment. Center Right: Mrs. Virginia Bastock, Ca tering Mrs. Josephine Wright. Bottom: Mrs. Marjorie Rogers, Secretary for Office of Campus Publications. 125

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PAGE 128

Greeks 127

PAGE 129

Interfraternity Cou-ncil The Interfraternity Council is composed of repre sentatives from each of the fraternities on campus. These Greeks work together to coordinate fraternity policies, rush and activities. IFC also seeks to promote Greek unity and to stimulate Greek spirit and action. Officers: Charles D. Wilder, president; Charles Mudd, first vice-president; Howie Ross, second vice president; Allen Mikell, recording secretary; Stan Musial,corresponding secretary; Bruce Goldstein, trea surer. 128 New IFC are (seated, L-R) Ray Davis, president, Lee Oliukytreasurer Bob Grumet-corresponding secretary, (standing, L-R) Steve Cohn-second vice president, Mac TumineUa-fU'St vice-president, and Dave Powell-secretary.

PAGE 130

Panhellenic Council USF's Panhellenic Council, working to create unity among the sororities, promotes the vibrant "Greek spirit." As part of its vast responsibilities, it governs September and January rushes, pledging, and initia tions. Created only last year, Jr. Panhellenic was particu. larly active this year, as new pledges learned the special meaning and responsiblities of the Panhellenic spirit. As one of its projects, Jr. Panhellenic sponsored a party in the fall for prospective rushees. Panhellenic officers are (L-R) Linda Bigby-second vice-president, Gail Malcolm-president, Gail Crowellvice-president, Marilyn Palmer-third vice-president, Pam Freeman-treasurer, andjudy Gonzalez-sec retary. 129

PAGE 131

130 Abrey, Penny Baker, Linda Baldwin, Anne Barber, judy Bernard, Betsy Blanchard, Claire Boatwright, Judy Burress, Becky Carroll, Debbie Cheatham, Cindy Elkins, Diane Fletcher, Mary Godwin, Karen Hall, Rita Hamer, Carol Harlan, Sioux Humphries, Paula LeDuc, Frances Lurz, Linda Malcolm, Gail

PAGE 132

Alpha Delta Pi For their service project this year, the ADPi's again sponsored the "Send a Mouse to College" cancer drive. They strive to uphold their motto "We live for each other" by also aiding crippled children. Special social events of the year included, ADPi's Founder' Day celebration and Diamond Ball held each No vember where the Diamond Men are honored. Diamond Men chosen for this year were Jerry Williams, Tom Gerberding and Fred Hodes. Sisters and pledges also enjoy workshop retreats and participation in Greek events. Cindy Strong is president. McCall, Diane McCall, jan ice McKay, Bonnie McKeehan, Rusty Meyer, Linda Morris, Pat Myrick, joan Parrish, Christine Puglisi, Annelle Raleigh, Elizabeth Rhodes, Glenda Scoville, Mary Sharpsteen, Lynne Siling, jane Strong, Cindi Suarez, Beverly Taylor, Linda Toribio, Dolores 131

PAGE 133

132 Abramson, Sherry Albert, Cheryl Blum, Barbara Brodes, Renee Dale, Lorrie Emmer, Margaret Faro, Sharyn Fleet, Lanie Goldstein, Eileen Hershbein, Eddysse Herzfeld, Paula Kaplan, Martha Kreiner, Ronye Marshall, Susan Michaels, Jane Mintz, Judy Judy Mintz, Barbara Blum, Carol Steinberg, Sandi Susskind, Margaret Emmer, Renee Brodes, Sherry Abramson, Helaine Fleet & Martha Kaplan Celebrated AEPhi installation anniversary.

PAGE 134

Alpha Epsilon Phi AEPhi's gave a picnic this year for the child ren of the IT program. They also helped with the Easter Seal compaign and collected for UNICEF. AEPhi received the Panhellenic Silver Punch Bowl again for the highest grade average. Social events included Phi Fall Fling and Pearl Weekend. Sandra Susskind is president. President Sandi Susskind was kidnapped by the Lambda Chi gangsters. Mirowitz, Ellen Paley, Michele Perlman, Lynne Shayman, Carol Simon, Susan Steinberg, Carol Susskind, Sandi Trager, Adrian Whitner, Gail Zaidman, Barbara 133

PAGE 135

134 Abrey, Steve Barber, Ray Bass, John Beckham, Steve Boswell, Paul Coppage, Gordon Crosby, Ben Cuffaro, Chuck Dial, Larry Duncan, Mike Fisherman, Howard Foley, Doug Friscia, Ken Gaines, Mark Gerberding, Tom Goodwin, Reed Hanson, Steve Higgins, Jack Hill, John Hills, John Hooper, Paul Johonsson, Eric Jones, Dennis Kelly, Rick Kessel, Mike Landen, Dave Lombardi, Tony Malmberg, Steve Marino, Charles Matthies, Dave A TO Big Brothers and Little Sis ters: (from left to right) Cindy Strong, Ron Adleberg, Karen God win, Frank Puleo, Candy Wright, Danny Sands, Liz Bate, Rick Kelly, Leslie Faulds, Keith Templeman, Lana Beasley, Jay Yuknus, Anne Baldwin, Dave Landen, Pam Kitson, Steve Beckham, Dennis Walters, Sue Siltanen, Doug Foley, Mary Judy, Erik Johansson, Lisa Hansen, Rob Rath, Carolyn Warren, Tom Gerberding, Peggy Jones, Larry Dial, Ellen Wally (center) Becky Burress, Steve Malmberg

PAGE 136

Alpha Tau Omega A TO's were active in the Tampa community this year. Projects included using their muscles to recondition a Little League field. They were also a great help at the Hillsborough County Juvenile Home, assisting supervisors with the boys. ATO's were active in both intramurals and Greek events. They celbrated a great year with an entire weekend of fun and fellowship during Quarter III. Steve Hansen is president. Rick K'elly receives his paddle from his little brother after initiation. McWhorter,Jim Mudd, Chuck Muir, Richard Oceanrider, Danny Puleo, Frank Reagan, Bob Sands, Danny Sands, Dick Stevens, John Sturgill, Dave Templeman, Keith Todson, Dana Walters, Dennis Williams,Jerry Young, Dave Yuknus,Jay Zinkil, Chuck Ziolkowski, Tom 135

PAGE 137

136 Abell, Debby Alexander, Linda Bennett, Marilyn Bradford, Jan Breaux, Cindy Buunna, Kathi Cook, Debby Donelson, Vicki Goodwin, Loretta Fulghum, Debbie Freeman, Pam Frank, Cindy Some of the pledges from January Rush are (back row, L-R) Dagmar Johnson, Cheryl Knight, Tina Fabiani, Betty Olmo, Judy Bazata, Ann Walters, Dede Roberts, George Petros, Patty Watson, Susie Wilkinson, (front row, L-R) Cynthy Cristian, Carol Rothman, Mona Reis, Linda Lyle, Merry Ann Friend, Vickie Currie, Candy Calender, and Sandy Boreck.

PAGE 138

Delta Gamma For their service project this year, the Delta Kappa Chapter participated in glaucoma screening. They also continued their aid to blind students by walking them to class and reading textbooks to them. In 1969, the sisters helped the community by jointly sponsoring a dance with TKE for the March of Dimes. DG's showed their style in Greek Week '69 by winning first place both in the Greek Sing and in the Greek Skits. Delta Gamma's two principal social events of the year were Raunchy Ranch and Anchora Ball. J anan Mikkelsen is president. Fernandez, Mercy Glazer, Shelly Goble,Pris Gray,Mary Havel, Cathy Helms, Bette Henry,judy Hester, Sherrie Hofstetter, Mary Lou Holbrook, Linda Linnamen, Sharon Loper, Donna MacGill, Carol Maguet, Ellen Mastry ,Julie McDougal, janet Mikkelsen,Janan Montgomery, Gail Myer,Nancy Scheibe, Kathy Schwartz,joyce Sheridan, Bobbie Spicola, Mary Linda Sterling, Pat Stevens, Cathy Sylvain, Mindy Wallace, Tricia Wright, Donna 137

PAGE 139

138 Alvarez, Sally Anders, Deborah Anderson, Andy Bice,Kay Bigby, Linda Bowman, Ann Conrad Susan Daniel, Candy Daniel, Harriet Eaton, Patty Faulds, Leslie Fresenborg, Deanne Fry, Mary Beth Garcia, Francis Gatti, Allison Gibbons, Lynn Gunther, judy Hargrett, Louisa Hicks, Rusty Houser, Vicki Ingraham, Cinday johnson, Annette johnson, Glenda Johnson, Jill Johnston, Conrad Kessing, Betty Kramer, Kit Langstaff, Barby Mansfield, Lindy McLaughlin, Coleen Mikesell, Phyllis May, Betsy Naughton, Chinky Nessett, Mary Kay Nimkovich, Kim

PAGE 140

Delta Delta Delta The Tri Delts show their Greek spirit by par ticipating in Greek Week in the spring and intra murals all year round. They are also active in many campus activities such as Homecoming Weekend and theatre productions. Tri Delta holds a service project every quarter and gives a scholarship at the end of the year to a deserving college student. Pledge parties first and third quarters and Crescent Ball second quarter highlights Tri Delta's social calendar. Frances Garcia is president. Sherrie Seroka and her sisters danced for hours at the Pajama Party. Orrell, Elyse Overman, Debbie Poblocki, Barbara Price, Bethany Rawls, Gayle Ruso, Isabel Seroka, Sherrie Smith, Christine Smith, Clyde Stanecki, Lynn Stidham, Carolyn Stubbefield, Lynn Thompson, BJ. Touchton, Vicki Ulvula, Linda Walley, Ellen Wicklein, Linda Wood, Deborah 139

PAGE 141

140 Agliano, Doreen Blumenthal, Leslye Butsch, Debbie Cebula, Barbara Chestnut, Mary Lee Childs, Carol Cody, Susan Corbett, Crystal DeLaCruz, Nuri Finney, Linda Fox, Dorothy Goins, Patricia Gordon, Billie Healey, Mary Lee jenkins, Paulette LaPierre, Linda Lawrence, Linda Matthews, Ginger Murphy, Pat Nocera, Linda Pangle, Jeanne Phillips, Susan Priede, judy Rhea, Grace Routh, Donna

PAGE 142

The Delta Zeta pledges from january Rush are (front row, L-R) Brenda Pharr, Debbie Anders, Sharon Capitano, Lynn Fucarino, (back row, L-R) Gerry Guida, Diana Doyle, and Beth Bell. Delta Zeta USF's active Delta Zeta chapter was honored last year when it was named best DZ chap ter in the state. DZ's worked at the Tampa Oral School for the Deaf and sent gifts and letters to an adopted platoon in Vietnam. The chapter also held two main social events, Harvest Moon Ball and The Rose Ball. Susan Taylor is pres ident. Ruis, Beth Sarian, janice Simon, Cookie Smith, Vicki Soroka, Sheila Speller, Cookie Stavros, Ellen Stagge, johanna Stewart, Tessamae Taylor, Susan Waters, Brenda Witucki, Ellen 141

PAGE 143

142 Anderson, Ronald Armstrong, Daniel Boyd, David Burr,John Bryan, Steven Carney, Michael Cole, jim ConJey, Fred Cooke, Tom DeLong, Robert Dickinson, Martin Dobbins, Chris Eastridge, Robert Eubanks, Charles Flynn, Greg Frey,John Furrow, George Gibson,james Hamilton, William Harris,John Hussy, Kevin Jacob, Tom Kahn, Steven Kalish, joe King, Charles

PAGE 144

Working with Kappa Alpha Theta, the Delts entertained children from the IT program. The Delts have also worked with the Model City Program and extended friendship to juvenile delinquents in the Tampa area. Delta Tau Delta Delta Tau Delta received the Spirit Award at the Phi Delt Derby this year and also held the highest grade point average. Social functions included Delt Weekend and Sweetheart Ball. Fred Conley is pres ident. Lanier,James Link, Patrick Locher, William Manning, Robert Mattei, William McCullough, Dick McQuinn, Gerry Merkle, LeRoy Miller, Archibald Minthorn, Robert Murphy, Dale Murphy, Michael Murray, Ralph Rapp, Michael Robinson, Ruston Sams,John Santos, Stephen Schmid, Ray Simmons, Peter Stempler,David Taylor, Rick Thompson, Daniel Todd, Michael Toops, Kenneth Tuminella, Michael Underhill,J ames Van Hillo, Harris Wannall, Robert Watts, john Wilkerson, Bill Williams, Norman Willis, Gregory Wilson, Camron Yates, Bill Feingold, Anne (Sweetheart) 143

PAGE 145

144 Brothers Steven Cohn and Dick Abel participate in the Penny Mile. r Ashbaup, Robert Astor,jeff Barnes, Rick Barton, Steven Berry, Steve Carter, Philip Cohn, Steven Dixon, Andy Frazier, Paul Glist, Alan Glusman, Mark Harris, York Kaufman, Steve Kraus, Edward Lazer, Robert Lipowsky,Jay ... ,. r .. ,.

PAGE 146

Carol Epstien and Cary Shookoff place some of the more than 125,000 pennies collected in the Penny Mile. Zeta Beta Tau Only beginning its second year as Gamma Chi chapter, ZBT doubled its membership this year. Civitans appreciated help from ZBT all through the year. After many hours of hard work, ZBT also earned $2000 for charity. 1be brothers also collected $1 7 5 in their "pennymile" drive to contribute to the SG disadvan taged student loan fund. ZBT is especially proud that the chapter won the U.M.O.C. con test this year. Mark Glussman is president. McElroy, Michael Mersel, Merrill Nemenoff, Bruce Pivan, Bryan Pomerantz, Tony Proctor, Mark Pugh, Eugene Quain, Steven Rosenbush, Barry Schwartz, Richard Serkin, Alan Shookoff, Cary Shore, Jon Silverman, Robert Smith, Stuart Stack, Harley Vale, William Willis, Philip 145

PAGE 147

146 Childers, Curt Daniels, George Helton, Larry Kennett, David Lovely, Jerry McCullough,J ohn O'Reilly,John Palmerino, Chuck Peterson,John Pickett, Gary Von Hoogen, Bill Wright, Chuck

PAGE 148

Theta Chi Theta Chi participates in such Greek activ ities as Greek Week and the Phi Delt Derby. The highlight of the group's social calendar is the annual Red and White Ball at which the Theta Chi Dream Girl and her court are crowned. The brothers of the chapter also enjoy such activ ities as Big Brother Day. Larry J. Helton is the president of Theta Chi.

PAGE 149

148 Allen, Barbara Allen, Susan Anderson, Linda Battle, Cathy Bell, Lin Brauner, Judy Breadner, Patty Copeland, Cheryl Crichfield, Janet Davis, Susan Deland, Gay Dickinson, Susan Field, Diane Forsche, Linda Garcia, Denise Gillies, Sharon Gonzalez, Judy Gonzalez, Patty Gove, Gwen Hall, Marilyn High, Peggy Hudson, Mary Jean Huntress, Diane Jackson, Elaine Jensen, Loretta Keating, Cathy Keeneth, Linda Kilbey, Susan Klar, Gayle Lamson, Sail)' Lay, Bonnie, Jo Marcheson, Minnie McChristian, Leslie McClellan, Barbara McCormick, Becky

PAGE 150

Kappa Alpha Theta Onjune 19,1969, TriChilocalsororitywas nationalized to Kappa Alpha Theta. The new Thetas were active on campus this year by washing windshields and leaving behind safety reminders. They celebrated their national Cen tennial year by visiting Pagent Nursing Home and treating the patients to a cook-out. The group has also adopted a Navy platoon in Da Nang. Thetas participated in Greek events and tied for the Spirit Trophy in the Phi Delt Derby this fall. Linda Anderson is president. McGowan, Viki Milian, Chris Minkley, Linda Peronto, Linda Pirrsing, Mary Jo Rashley, Alice Raska, Rose Reed, Donna Reeves, Pat Rocha, Peggy Sanchez, Shirley Schmit, Kris Sheppard, Sara Soloman, Karen Stoltz, Kay Teunon, Kathy Wargo, Patty Wass, Katie Weck,Jill Wilson, Ceil 149

PAGE 151

150 Albright, Ruth Anderson, Gayle Andrews, Marie Best, Judy Bodden,Jo Ann Bogart, Suzanne Caspersen, Kathy Clement, Martha Cook, Linda Denmark, Candy Downing, Pat Eby,Pam Engle, Becky Farina, Lucretia Garcia, Linda Geist, Sandy Graham, Sandy Griffin, Cindy Hoyman, Cathy Johnson, Georgia Johnson, Suzanne judy, Mary Kirby, Sara M axwell, Pam Osterman, Kathy Palmer, Marilyn Panko, Linda Perez, Ginny Privette, June Quanrud, Cindy Rampi, Irene Reber, Sandy Rogers, Barbara Samaha, Mindy Seagcrs, Jan Kappa Deltas entertain patients of Graham Home.

PAGE 152

Kappa Delta For the second year, the KD's won the trophy for Overall-in-Events at the Phi Delt Derby and tied for the Spirit Award. KD also received the Delta Tau Delta Participation Trophy. The chapter was given the Progress Award at their national convention. Service projects for the year included visits to the Tampa Children's Home and the Graham Retirement Home, where sisters entertained the patients with music. The two major social events of the year included KD Kapers and White Rose Weekend. Lin ell Wootton is KD president. KDs had a good time at Kapers this year with a theme of Piccadily Circus. Sellers, Debbie Ellen Sheppard, Jane Siltanen Sue Story,Jan Tennyson, Rose Unick, Melanie Warren, Carolyn Wenzel, Cathy Wilkinson Liz Williams, Wendy Woodell, Diane Wootton, Debbie Wootton, Linell Wright, Candy 151

PAGE 153


PAGE 154

Kappa Sigma All sense of time was lost this year at the unique Kappa Sigma Kave party, as brothers and their dates dressed in prehistoric costumes. Kappa Sigma's social calendar also included a Valentine's Day formal and the Spring Boat Party. The Kappa Sig's served the Tampa Com munity in their year round service project at the Hillsborough County Juvenile Home, where they helped out the maintenance and painting. Rex Clonts is president. Brother Steve Yacynych takes a ride in the: Kappa Sig Brownlce,John Clonts, Rex Evans, Bill Fletcher, Warren Hall, Doug Harmon, Tom ..itching, Russ Lounsbury, Sandy Noonan, John Royal, Mike Sherrick, Jake Tighe, Jerry Vodc:nicker, John Wynn, Larry Yacynych, Steve 153

PAGE 155


PAGE 156

Adams, Jim Benjamin, Ben Bishop, Craig Bohon, Stephen Brown, Woody Collin, Douglas Cordes, Mike Dawson, Bob Downing, Jim Kappa Phi Only founded on january 15, 1969, Kappa Phi has grown from 16 to 48 members. Granted local recognition in May oflast year, the fraternity has recently voted to affiliate with the na tional fraternity Phi Gamma Delta. Kappa Phi's have been busy during the past year participat ing in intramurals and various work projects. The brothers joined with several other frater nities to work with a local boys' club. Kappa Phi president is Richard Reichle. Drizd, Terry Dunkleberger, David Graham, H. Paige Grumley, Tim Jacob, Dennis Knox, Michael Kraner, David Lentell, Randy Lopez, Donald McElheny, Kent Mendelssohn, Paul Moisuk, Ronald Packard, Walter Quinn, Bob Reichle, Rick Reynolds, Gregory Schoolfield, Mike Supran, George Watts, Ty Wilson, Ron Wright, Richard Young, G.C.D. 155

PAGE 157

156 Barat, Sheldon Billingsley, Curt Birkmaier, Craig Brown, David Carter, Robert Castleberry, Gary Coogan, joe Cook, Charles Cowles, Ernie Dorney, Dan Faircloth, David Flemming, Doug Foster, Gary Fitzpatrick, Bob Frisbie, Rick Garcia, Julian Glass, Mike Hart, Mainor Hillery, Norris Horowitz, Fred The Crescent Girls of Lambda Chi are (front row, LR) Pat Morris, jan Segers, Gale Kennedy, Toni Dorsett, Linda Taylor, jan Chalmers, Gayle Shulman, Sandy Winning, (back row, LR) Jo Anne Bodden, Peggy Chandler, Sherrie Seroka, and Isabel Ruso.

PAGE 158

Lambda Chi Alpha The Lambda Chi's captured fraternity and sorority presidents again this year and held them for ransom, in order to raise canned goods for the needy. Their active social calendar in cluded a Founders' Day Banquet and Crescent Girl Coronation Ball. Sheldon Barat is pres ident. Houghart, Joe Jones, Ben Kennedy, Mike Lester,Joe Lengel, Reed Linsenbach, Frank Littlewood, Mark Losonsky, Chris Maloney, Dale Manning, Jim Mayer,John McCord, Norman McDonell, Bill Merriem, Jim Miller, Jeff Nowell, Brian Pancotto, Frank Parks, Steve Reidenbach, John Reigger, Mac Remsa, Joseph Taylor,Jim Tennent, Michael Tyrell, Roger Usherson, Robert Wagner, Warren Walker, Ralph Westfall, John Yates, Davis Zaideman, 0. J. 157

PAGE 159

Barker, Stan Bowman, Bill Clark, Garth Clymer, Rodney Cuereton, Tom Donahey, Ken Eubank, Rick Fernandez, Lee t'rederickson, Russ Howze, Steve johnson, Kirby jones, Edwin Lane, Dennis Lewis, Wayne Lindler, Don Naffziger, Dave Bottom (R to L): judy Anderson, Carol Furguson, Linda Kittle, joan Seidenstein, Eddysc Hershbeing, Linda Killitz, Betsy May, Liz Raleigh, janice Tucker. Top (R to L): Harriet Daniel, janice McCall, Hillary Heath ., .,,

PAGE 160

Pi Kappa Alpha Pi Kappa Alpha continued working with the Big Brothers of Tampa by caring for fatherless boys this year. The Pikes took the boys to the waterfront for a day of games, good food and fun. Pikes also worked with Chi Omega to col lect money for this years's cancer drive. The highlight of Pi Kappa Alpha's social activities was Dream Girl Weekend held in the spring. Will Walker is president. Paul, Dave Quina, Steve Stein, Bill Sten' tz, Tom Sutherland, Bruce Tiede, Ron Upchurch, Jim Westberry, Dick Whitehurst, Gerald Wiedefeld, Bob 159

PAGE 161

160 Abbott, Steve Arab, Louis Barnhouse, Scott Bixler, Tim Bone, Mike Bortness, Dave Brimm, Willard Brown, Dave Buckmaster, Bucky Butler, Brett Clements, Bruce Cook, Reed Davis, Ray Denton, john Duryea, Ron Edgerton, Roy Fantone,John Finkbiner,jim Friese, Terry Fulford, Pat Garcia, Ron Hamilton, Bob Hartson, jeff Hawken, Russ Hey kens, Doug Hollinger, Pete Honigsburg, Steve Howe, Rich Hury, Tom Jernigan, Steve Johnston, Tom Lackman, Mike Lauff,Sam Linkus,Ray Manley, Dick Marshall, Stewart SAE Little Sisters: (Bottom Row, left to right) Sally Alvarez, Barbie Lanstaff, Andy Anderson, Gail Montgomery; (Middle Row, left to right) Linda Panko, Cindy Griffen, David Bortness, Candy Denmark, Sandy Giest; (Back Row, Left to right) Jill Johnson, Kit Kramer, Vicky Donelson, Carol MacGill, Sandy Skinner, Mindy Burke; Not Pictures: jean Burns, Patty Miller, Sue Stilley.

PAGE 162

Sigma Alpha Epsilon The brothers of SAE are active members of the Tampa community. This year they lob bied for an enforceable housing code for the Tampa slums. They also participated in Oper ation Student Concern. SAE is also active in all Greek Events and won the Chariot Race in Greek Week '69. The social events of the year ended with the Magnolia Ball in which SAE seceded from USF for an entire weekend of fun. Ron Duryea is president. Martin, Steve McCallister, Bob McCaulley, Gregg McGary, Larry Messer, Rick Miguel, George Murray,Jerry Nail, Rusty Nettles, Val Osteen, Brian Perrino, Angelo Persons, Bob Price, Hal Quigley, Nick Regan, Roger Rubin, Ken Searles, Bob Shine, Steve Smith, Rick Tilley, Bruce Tubbs, Steve Turner, Mike White, Scott Zilkie, Steve Zimorski, Steve 161

PAGE 163

Adolphson, Curt Asque, john III Bazata, Robert Brown, Gary Crotty, James Davies, Kenneth Dinkel, Kim Driggers, Thomas Farr,jim Fennell, Gregory Forthuber, Dan Foster, William Galberaith, Stc:ve Gates, Robert Granger, Andy Havel, Robert Hill, David Hita, Charles Katz, Bruce McCullen, Taylor Miller, John Millen, David Mullis, Denny Olsen,Dave SAYS

PAGE 164

Sigma Nu Sigma Nu's were especially active this year. They received the highest grades in the Gold League and won the Intramurals Trophy for the second year. Sigma Nu's also sold cokes at Gasparilla to raise money. Many brothers par ticipated individually in student government, with Steve Anderson as president. White Star Weekend, held each spring, was the culmina tion of an active social year. Sigma Nu pres ident is Greg Fennell. Parker, Dennis Parrino, Jack Penney,Johnjr. Perritti, Charlie Potts, Roy Jr. Raisler, Jim Schang, Donald Sexton, Timothy Sheffield, Pat Spiegel, John Starford, Robert Stehli, Brian Uz,James Webb, jack Whitaker, Tom 163

PAGE 165

164 Bundy, William By lander, John Chander, Larry Cotellis, George Daignault, Steve Grunsten, Bruce Johnson, Thomas Kamelhair, Bruce Knight, Edward Logan, Raymond Maglica, Joseph Martinson Dean Mcricka, Joseph McCracken,John McKenna, Michael Norris, Alan Page, Marc Parke, Thomas Executive Board("rom left to right)Joc: Mericka, Alan Norris, Richard Smith, George Cotellis, Roland Rosello,John Bylander. Last year Joe Mericka made the US F golf team and won a South Florida Gold scholarship. This year Joe is num bcr one man on the team and a great asset to the chap ter.

PAGE 166

Sigma Phi Epsilon Sig Eps served their community this year by sponsoring a Christmas party for under-priv ileged children. They honored their fraternity by the annual Founders' Day Banquet held No vember l. The chapter also sponsored their an nual three-man basketball tournament, which was not only fun but also a great success. Social events for the "Brothers of the Golden Heart" included the annual Sweetheart Ball at which the awards for the year were announced and the new sweetheart was presented. Richard F. Smith is president. Peters, Larry Postek, Michael Rinck, Steve Rodante, Frank Roehrig, james Rosello, Roland Ruiz, Andy Russell, Timothy Smith, Richard Wilder, Robert 165

PAGE 167

166 Adelstein, Stuart Albertson, Harry Applefield, Paul Backer, Mike Benwick,Brian Bietz, Marc Birse, Greg Borches, Mark Boros, Bruce Brass, Alan Carter, David Cavaliere, Joe Chait, Steve Cohen, Mike Fagan, David Fredericks, Louis Gilbert, Mark Gold, Gene Goldin, Lenny Googel, Norman Gottlieb, Art Grosso,Dom Grumet,Bob Hausman, Allan Kagan, George Kaplan, Mark Katz, Bill Kay,Ken Ladd, Bill Loeatin, Bob Magrill, George Maisel, Allen Malca, Ray Moses, Bob Olitsky, Lee TEP Little Sisters: (Bottom. left to right) Mindy Fried man, Donna Ressler, :Cassie Strieter, Roxanne Dow, Susie Minter, Margie Thomas (Top, left to right) Marci Brooks, Jill Harris, Wendy Seymour, Peter Robustelli, Valerie Rubin, Iris Fischler, Marsha Segall

PAGE 168

Tau Epsilon Phi The TEP's were active with handicapped children this year, taking them to Lowery Park for a picnic, fun, and games. They also helped at a Tampa children's home by painting, land scaping and cleaning the entire grounds. 1be TEP's boasted a membership of over sixty-five brothers this year, many of whom were active in such campus activities as Student Govern ment and IFC. Social events included their an nual Founders' Day Banquet in April. Ken Kay is president. Oster,Jerry Rabinowitz, Adam Robustelli, Pete Rosen, Mike Ross, Howie Sandler, Bob Schwartz, Larry Schwartz, Steve Shapiro, Steve Shuman, Glenn Spicer,James Spivack, Les Tannen, John Toblin,Jay Wahnish, Paul W'mters, Bob Sheldon 167

PAGE 169

168 Baillargeon,Jerry Brewer, Dave Brown, John Bruce, Bob Caffee, Mike Cave, Tom Chesley Steve Christianson, Scott Dambly, Dennis DeHart, Brian Dowell, William Dudek, Warren Dudley, William Favata, Joe Fox, Tom Fuller, Mike Gumulla, Mark Harbin, Roger Heisick, Clyde Hogan, Mark Irizarry, Rubin Front Row: Vaughn, Judy; Lamka, Jeannie; Schiess, Lacy: Second Row: Wells, Cindi; Hughes, Sherrie; Cave, Patty; Pekny, Gayle; Third Row: Finch, Pam; Campion,Jerry;Trager, Adrian; Bramblett, Kathy; Taylor, Barbara; Heided, Susan.

PAGE 170

Tau Kappa Epsilon With their bell clanging loudly in front of the UC, the TKE 's worked hard again this year collecting money for the United Fund. They attempted to serve their community further through various projects on and off campus. At Halloween the brothers took a group of under privileged children trick-or-treating. TKE's two main social functions of the year were the Red Carnation Ball and Sweetheart Ball. 1beir pres ident is Tom Cave. Kubach, Rich Laverghetta, Vince Libby,Andy McCann, Don McCullough, Sean Milleson, Jim Musial, Stan Otto, Kim Overby, Larry Overby, Randy Pace, Eddie Painter, Doug Phillippy, Steve Powell, Rich Ross, Myles Rwso,John Saavedra, Tom Salser, Roger Schwartz, Brad Seidler, Ray Sheppard, Guy Simmons, Gene Smith, Elton Snyder, William Wagner, Chuck Weber, Lonny Wilder, Chuck Whitney, Richard 169

PAGE 171

170 Ahrens, Timmer Anderson, Scott Ariko, Steve Babbitt, Jim Belford, Jack Blanton, Keith Bledsoe, Steve Bobilin, Bob Brooks, Hugh Cannes, Stuart Carswell, Gene Douglas, Henry Eshleman, Ward Evans, Steve Fugate, Lee Gaffney, Dan Glaize, Dave Goldin, Bill Gromoll, Bob Hampton, Mike Hays, Bruce Hoover, Howard, john Jager, Rick Johnson, Gary Jones, Shielda Kelleher, Kevin Kingston, John Landon, john Langworthy, Kent Lehan, john Manson, Sandy McDougal, Doug Mendez, Charles Mikell, Allen Morrison, Paul The annual Phi Delt Derby always means an afternoon of funny competition among sororities. A couple of Gatorade Gorillas preparing for the game.

PAGE 172

Phi Delta Theta This year was a successful one for the Phi Delts, as they earned the IFC Trophy for Overall Excellence. It was also a year of events with other Greeks, starting with the fun weekend at Phi Delt Derby. Phi Delta lbeta held socials with Tri Delt and ADPi and a joint party with SAE. As their service project, the brothers maintained the Phi Delt Blood Bank for use by all USF students in need of blood. The Flor ida Epsilon chapter hosted the General Council of Phi Delta Theta at a banquet in Tampa. Shields Jones is president. Parsowith, Elliot Partin, Dave Porter,Jay Ripa, Frank Ross, Lawrence Scoffe, Norm Sedgwick, Bill Seifert, Jerry Sementa, Mike Shaw, Mike Sickling, Rob Sloan,jim Steed, Clyde Stichter, Mark Thompson, Allen Thompson, Ed Thorpe, Corky Tipps, Gary Vargo, Bob Warren, Hal Weeks, Carl Wimot,Hal Wright, Ken Wutz, Barry 171

PAGE 173

1 72 Austin, Sherry Beasley, Lana Benz, Charncr Billingsley, Liz Bowers, Kathy Butler, Bonnie Crowell, Gail Davis, Virginia Dressler, Becky East wood, Susan Emmanuel, Pic Estes, Rita Hancock, Pam Horanic, Beverly Kay,Sandra Kull,Jo Anne L ewis Janet Litteral, Pat Magrath, Pam Merritt, Pam Nelson, Becky O'Shea, Sherry Pappas, Cathy Pascali, Sandy Liz Bate won points in the Track competition Quarter I.

PAGE 174

Chi Omega Chi Omega worked actively this year in volunteer service for the Tampa Catholic Child ren's Home. They also combined work with'. pleasure by helping the PiKA's in a drive for the Tampa area cancer fund. Annual social events for the ChiO's included a Mardi Gras costume party, Founders' Day and Scholarship Ban quets, and a Big-Little Sister picnic. At the for mal Eleusinian Ball in May, the pledges and the two Owl Men were presented. Sandy Kay is president. Front row (L-R): Janet Lewis (Pledge Trainer), Elizabeth Billingsley (Treasurer). Back row (L-R): Chamer Benz (vice-president), Sherry Smither (President), Barb Smith (Secretary). Payne, Bev Pekny, Gail Pcto, Susan Piesco, Nancy Rickards, Carol Skipp, jane Smith, Barbara Smither, Sherry Steinkamp,Jcanig Taylor, Linda Tucker,Janice Turner, Candy Warriner, Betsi Wills, Vkkie 173

PAGE 176


PAGE 179


PAGE 180

Sports .. 179

PAGE 181

180 FRONT ROW: Coach Dan Holcomb, Greg McElroy, Phil Vitale, john Horvath, jerry Zagarri, Dan Gaffney, Steve Santos. MIDDLE ROW: Gavin Turner, Bill Geddes, Pete Tumminia, Bill Sharpless, Duggy Young. BACK ROW: Fran Costello, Brockholst Barrett, Max Kemick,jerry Seifert, Mike Costello,John McCleary, Phil Puerto. ABOVE: Max Kemick and a St. Louis player battle for the ball. RIGHT: A St. Louis player heads the ball away from Greg McElroy.

PAGE 182

Varsity Soccer The USF Soccer team completed its 1969 season as the greatest in its five-year history. The team posted a 7-1 record with its only loss being to the No. I team in the nation, St. Louis University. In accepting their first bid to the NCAA Tournament, the USF hooters went on to defeat Navy, but were eliminated by the University of Maryland in a hard-fought defensive game. Goalie Jerry Seifert was perhaps the most valuable player on the Brahman squad this year. His hard-nosed stubbornness at goalie position saved many a game for the Brahmans this year, as he continued the fine play that has made him the star that he is. Jerry Zagarri was chosen for the All-South Soccer Team for the second consecutive year. Phil Vitale, 1968 All-South pick, Dan Gaffney, leading scorer for 1969 with II goals, Pete Tumminia, all time leader in assists, and Bill Sharpless were very instrumental in the success of the I 969 sea son. Other top performers were: John Horvath, Steve Santos, and rookies, Max Kernick, Brockholst Barrett, Mike Costello, Gavin Turner, and Greg McElroy. The Golden Brahmans will lose several key veterans this year; however, with many outstanding rookies, Coach Dan Holcomb has high hopes for the future of the squad. Under Coach Holcomb's fine leadership, the Golden Brahmans will continue to be the champion performers that we have seen for the past 5 years. 1969 Soccer Results St. Leo College Univ. of Georgia North Carolina State Univ. of West Virginia Randolph-Macon College William and Mary Univ. of Miami St. Louis University NCAA National Tournament Navy University of Maryland Won6-0 Won8-0 Won 10-0 Won4-1 Won4-2 Won 7-0 Won4-1 Lost 3-1 Won 1 Lost4-1 LEFT: Jerry Seifert flies through the air in making another fantastic. ABOVE LEFT: Brahman Goalie, Jerry Seifert, stops another shot as Brockholst Barrett moves in to assist him. 181

PAGE 183

182 Brahmans Go NCAA ABOVE LEFT: John Horvath prepares to steal the ball from a St Louis man. ABOVE: Greg McElroy dribbles past two Billiken defenders and moves to ward the goaL LEFT: Dan Gaffney displays his finesse as he steals the ball from a St. Louis player. BELOW: Phil Vitale andjerry Zagarri move on the ball.

PAGE 184

ABOVE: Mike and Fran Costello help out goalie Jerry Seifert in a tense situation around the goal LEFI': Gavin Turner gets double coverage from St. Louis. ABOVE: Gavin Turner and a St. Louis player nearly bump heads while fighting for the ball. 183

PAGE 185

184 Varsity Swimming The Brahman mermen finished up their sea son with a 4-8 record. The season was filled with heart-breaking defeats, jubilant victories, and record-breaking performances on the parts of Joe Lewkowicz, NCAA champion in the 200 yard butterfly last year, set a new schoolrecord for that event. Joslin set a new individual medley record, and Fellman broke the old backstroke record. Other top performers for the Brahman swim mers were Rick Morehead, Dave Keene, Greg Orley, Allen Stelter and Rico Maschino. All seven men qualified for competition in the NCAA Tournament this year. Overall, Coach Bob Grindey's Brahmans fin ished with a fine season, including a 3rd in the Individual Southern Intercollegiate Champion ships held here at USF in March. Grindey is los ing only Maschino, Stelter, and Hollinger to graduation this year, and with the experience that his swimmers now have, he expects to see a fine season in 1971. TOP: John. FeUman qualified for NCAA backstroke competition. ABOVE: Joe Lewkowicz (in air) and Wayne Floyd (on block) exhibit two parts of racmg start.

PAGE 186

FRONT ROW : (1 tor) Rico Maschino, john Fellman, Greg Ortega MIDDLE ROW : Keith johnson, Wayne Floyd, joe Lewkowicz, Rick Morehead. BACK ROW: Harry Ackerman, Dave Binnie Dave Keene, Allen Estelter USF OPP Evansville 87 26 Northern Michigan Univ. 76 37 Florida State University 50 63 University of Miami 82 31 Miami-Dade J C 69 20 University of Missouri 49 64 University of Alabama 38 75 University of Florida 36 77 University of Georgia 47 65 Univ e rsity of K entucky 49 64 East Carolina University 51 62 Tulane University 50 63 Individual Southern Intercoll. 3rd place LEFT: Coach Bob Grindey 185

PAGE 187

Brahman Mermen Shatter Records 186 ABOVE :Joe Lewkowicz ( 1) and Wayne Floyd (r .) train for NCAA competition. LEFT: Joe Lewkowicz displays his superb racing start.

PAGE 188

ABOVE AND RIGHT: Brahman champion diver, Rico Maschino is caught in two diving forms. 187

PAGE 189

188 (Left to Right) Tom Hurtak, Bob McKenty, Cail Pearce, Ron Tumlin, Warren Wilhite,joe Mericka, Gary Morgan. Varsity Golf Coach Wes Berner's golfers finished 1969 with a superb record of 14-1-1, with the season being highlighted by their finishing 7th of 62 teams at the Miami Intercollegiate, and 6th out of 40 teams at the Cape Coral Invitational. This year's squad is topped by Joe Mericka, Bob McKenty, and Ron Tumlin. All3 are return ing veterans from 1969 and have played tremen dous golf so far this year. Other returning letter men are: Cail Pearce, Tom Hurtak, Ron Tumlin, Gary Morgan, and Warren Wilhite. Freshman Fred Lux is in his first year on the squad and is performing very well. The 1970 schedule pits the Brahmans against national champions University of Florida twice, and the road will be tough all the way. The Brah mans also travel to Miami and Cape Coral for the Intercollegiate tournaments, where they will surely perform well as they have in the past. 1970 should be a fine year for the Brahman golfers. Bob McKenty (left) and Tom Hurtak (r.) disuss their strategy on the 18th hole.

PAGE 190

ABOVE: Bob McKenty rolls in a birdie putt. RIGHT: Gary Morgan approaches the green. Golfers 6th in NCAA 189

PAGE 191

190 FRONT ROW: (1.-r.) Ken Chorney, Dave Castricone, Fred Bentley, andCoswell DePeiza. BACK ROW: (1.-r.) Ray Logan, Don Crank, Bart Smith, and Rick Maas. Cross Country The Cross Country schedule consisted of 10 meets: 6 dual, the Daytona Invitational, the Calloway Gardens, the National NCAA meet, the Florida State Meet, and the USF Open Invita tional Meet. The over-all record ofthe team was 1-5 in dual meets, a 4th at Aldridge, a 3rd at Daytona, a 3rd in the Florida State meet, and 28th in the NCAA Championships. Don Crank, Del Lewis, Coswell DePeiza, and Ray Logan were perhaps the top performers for the Brahmans this year, and the squad showed the best depth of any previous team. The Brahman Cross Country squad is losing Don Crank, Del Lewis, Bart Smith, Rick Maas, and Dave Castricone to graduation. These men were excellent runners and will be difficult to replace. According to Coach Gil Hertz, his re turning lettermen; Ray Logan, Coswell DePeiza, Ray Croteau., Fred Bentley and Ken Chorney are fine performers, and they will have a great future on the Brahman Cross Country squad. Brahman Cross Country stars, Bart Smith (1.), and Don Crank (c.) receive their excellence awards from Coach Gil Hertz. (r .).

PAGE 192

Six Brahmans placed in the top 20 places in the USF Open Invitational meet initiated to identify the top 20 runners in the state of Florida. Brahman Ray Logan is one of six returning lettermen for the Brahman Cross Country squad in 1970. 1969 Cross Country Results USF Florida State University 29 Daytona Invitational 3rd Place Aldridge Invitational 4th Place Manatee Junior College 25 Florida State University 30 NCAA National Meet 28th Place Florida State Meet 3rd Place National Team of Puerto Rico 25 OPP 28 22 25 30 191

PAGE 193

192 FRONT ROW: (1. tor.) Paul Reidel, Steve Sawicky,Joel Racker, Scott Nocco, Mike Saine. BACK ROW: (1. tor.) Bob Boland, Glenn Brewer, Paul DeMesquita, Dan Perkins. RIGHT: Returning lettermen Glen Brewer stretches out to make a fme return. ABOVE: Paul DeMesquita, returning letterman, warms up be fore the Furman match.

PAGE 194

. ....._ ___ ._.___ ---____ ...., __ .... ::-;:--,--... -.... -______ __ ; TOP and RIGHT: Fleet-footed Mike Saine displays his cham pionship form. ABOVE: Glen Brewer backhands a fine shot against Florida Southern. Men's Varsity Tennis The Brahman Tennis team began its 1970 sea son in fine shape. With six returning lettermen: Paul DeMesquita, Mike Saine, Dan Perkins, Larry Bell, and Glenn Brewer, Coach Spafford Taylor's netters performed up to their high ex pectations. Topping this year's squad was Paul DeMesquita, top-ranked Brahman netter. Bob Bolden, in his first season at USF, proved to be a great asset. He was the No.2 ranked high school player in the State of Colorado. Rounding out the squad are Glenn Brewer, Mike Saine, Dan Per kins, Larry Bell, Scott Nocco, Paul Reidell, Steve Sawicky andJoel Racker. The Brahmans sponsored an Invitational Tournament held here and attracted several northern schools, such as, Amherst College, Illinois University, The Citadel, and DePauw University. The season was highlighted by victories over Florida Southern College, Palatka junior Col lege, St. Johns Junior College, and a tremendous upset over Ball State early in the season. In all, the Brahman netters had a very chal lenging season and under the able experience of Coach Spafford Taylor, they came through in fine fashion.

PAGE 195

194 ABOVE: Diane Matzen makes a valiant backhand shot. RIGHI': Nancy Gelner warms up before the FSU match. BELOW: Determined concentration makes Rony Kudler a star performer on the Women's Tennis squad. 1969 Women's Tennis Results Florida State University University of Florida Florida State University Miami-DadeJC (North) Miami-Dade JC (South) USF 9 9 9 7 9 OPP 0 0 0 2 0 Florida State University Invitational first place. RonyKudler

PAGE 196

Women's Tennis LEIT TO RIGHT: Coach Barbara Antonelli, Toni Kramer, Rony Kudler, Diane Matzner, Isabel DeSoto, Nancy Gelner,Mary Ellen Seiferd, Pam Goodpaster, Barbara Murtha. Diane Matzen smashes a shot in the girl's victory over the Univenity of Fla. With only one returning letterwoman, Toni Kramer, Barbara Antonelli stepped into the coaching position of the Women's Tennis Team with a heavy load on her shoulders. The girls had a staunch determination and a burning desire to win and that's just what they did. Shutting out the Fla. Gators twice (9-0, 9-0), and overpowering FSU 8-1, they went on to defend their title at the FSU Invitational Tour nament. Isabel DeSoto and Diane Matzen were respected for their prowess in the singles' matches and the doubles matches of Isabel DeSoto-Toni Kramer. Diane Matzen and Nancy Gelner were also dynamic duos on the courts. With many faces on the squad this year, the Women's Tennis Team, under the guidance of Miss Antonelli has proven to be a champion squad. 195

PAGE 197

196 Varsity Baseball The Brahman Baseball squad opened its 1970 season with many obstacles in its path. Coach "Beefy Wright was faced with many young and inexperienced players after losing several vet erans to graduation. On the mound, Sophomore Ray Retneller and Jim Diaz sparkled for the Brahmans. At the plate, Mark Choquette and Jim Diaz led the Brahmans with their blistering bats. After the first 8 games, Choquette was hitting a hot .667 with 24 at bats, and Diaz was at .4 76 in 21 times at the plate. Ken Maples, Larry McGary, Willard Brimm, and Tom Gaskins also wielded hot bats for the Brahmans. Coach Wright labelled the 19 7 0 Brahman team as ... the toughest we've ever played. We had better players last year," said Coach Wright, this years squad had the tremendous de sire and momentum needed to be a winning ball team, and so, they are winning." The Brahmans faced SEC champs, the Univer sity of Florida, beating them once 8-2. They also beat Florida Southern who was ranked 2nd in the nation last year. In 1970, Coach Wright did a fine job in devel oping the Brahman nine into a squad with the determination and effort to be winners; and that they were. TOP RIGHT: Brahman second baseman, Ken Maples makes tag for the out on an attempted steal. ABOVE: Brahman 3rd baseman scoops up a low grounder. CEN TER: Ken Maples rounds first after a fine hit. RIGHT: Sophomore pitching ace, Ray Retneller, pitched the Brahmans to a 4-3 victory over Fla. Southern.

PAGE 198

FRONT ROW: Jerry Carreno, Ray Retneller, Ken Maples, Mark Choquette, Tom Gaskins, Doug McCarthy, Ken Heyder, Mike Gilbert,J ack Wolf, Marty Arnold, Dave Glaise, Asst. Coach. BACK ROW: jim Diaz, AI Withers, Willard Brimm Dan Burch, Howie Calhoun, Greg Hunsinger, Larry McGary, Keith Blanton, Bill Tuefel, Manuel Pumarega Coach "Beefy" Wright. LEFT: jack Wolf delivers a pitch. ABOVE: Mark Choquette, a heavy hitter for the Brahmans, makes the play at second for the out. 197

PAGE 199

198 Brahman Bats Boom Out ABOVE and BELOW: Brahman's batting star, Mark Choquette displays the fine batting form that made him the. Brahman's leading hitter.

PAGE 200

Tom Gaskins rounds first (left), (above) rounds second, and (below) pulls up at third with a fine stand-up triple.

PAGE 201

1969 Baseball Results USF OPP St. Leo 4 2 St. Leo 0 5 Stetson 9 16 Florida Southern 4 5 University of Florida 3 7 University of Florida 0 4 Valdosta State 1 3 Florida Southern 2 14 Valdosta State 9 10 St. Leo 7 6 University of Tampa 6 8 Coach "Beefy" Wright chats with the umpires before the St. Leo game. Univ. of Connecticut 3 2 Univ. of Connecticut 3 0 High Pt. College 3 2 High Pt. College 5 1 Bellar mine 9 0 Florida State 3 7 Florida State 2 5 University of Miami 5 9 University of Miami 7 15 Stetson 10 9 Jacksonville Univ. 0 3 Rollins 7 3 Rollins 3 4 Florida Pres. College 6 2 200

PAGE 202

Brahman Nine Has Fine Season Tense feelings are in the dugout during a crucial game. 201

PAGE 203

202 TOP : SAE's flashy receiver, Brett !Butler, proudly displays the football after a fantastic catch. ABOVE: An Andros AU-Star tries desperately to elude two Argos defenders.

PAGE 204

Intramurals. . The Going Gets Rough MEN'S FOOTBALL CHAMPIONS GOLD Sigma Alpha Epsilol\ ALPHA Alpha Four West ANDROS Theta FONTANA Fontana7 &8 INDEPENDENTS Dogmeat GREEN Theta Chi BETA Beta Four West ABOVE LEFr: AD.Star quarterback roU. out lookinJ for a receiver. LEFr: S1gma Nu's Marty Arbogast shows detemuned pursuit of anSAE ball carrier. ABOVE: Steve '"Gabe" Galbraith of Sigma Nu puUs in another pass. 203

PAGE 205

204 ABOVE: Chuck Wilder of TKE goes for a free basket. ABOVE RIGIIT: An Alpha Four West man moves toward the basket on a fast break. BELOW: Danny Gorman ofTKE goes for one. RIGHT: Alpha Four West gets two more points. 1M Basketball

PAGE 206

TOP: TKE's Chuck Wilder and Sigma Nu'sjim Uz battle for a jump ball ABOVE: This man prepares to shoot as two defenders move in on him. RIGHT: Dave Millan of Sigma Nu goes for two points in the game against TKE.

PAGE 207

206 Women's Basketball ABOVE LEFT: A Gamma West eager drives for a lay up. LEIT: This Gamma West girl gets an unwelcome hand in the face as she goes for two points. ABOVE: Two girls fight for the rebound in hot action between Epsilon and Gamma West.

PAGE 208

Men's Volleyball TOP: Doug Foley of A TO spikes a volley past a Pike defender. ABOVE: An ATO netter spikes one over his back. ABOVE: A Pike defender puts one past ATO in their hotly-con tested game. 207

PAGE 209

208 TOP: Jim Milleson of TKE strokes his way to fmt place in the backstroke. ABOVE RIGHT: Diver displays fine jackknife dive. ABOVE: Swimmer approaches halfway mark in the 100 yd. freestyle event. RIGHT: Swimmer shows good freestyle form. OPPOSITE PAGE LEFT: Diver pre pares for entry following a beautiful swan dive. OPPOSITE PAGE RIGHT: This diver shows fine form in a forward dive. OPPO SITE PAGE BOTTOM: At the start ofthe race the tension's already begun. Intramural Swimming

PAGE 211

210 Men's Intramural Track ABOVE: Tom Fox of TKE receives the baton from Tom Salva in the 880 yard relay, and led TKE to f11st place in the Green League in the 1969 meet. BELOW: Ken Davies, Rick Kubach, Sandy Rozelle, and Sean McCullough train for the 1970 meet.

PAGE 212

ABOVE: Ken Davies, Sean McCuJJough, and Sandy Ro zelle practice starts for the 440 yard dash LEIT: Sean McCullough of TKE passes Ken Davies of Sigma Nu for 1st place in the 880 yard run. 211

PAGE 213

2 1 2 Women's Softball and Track Powerful hitting (above), and (above right), swift run ning marked the girls' Intramural Softball competition. ABOVE: Ann Bowman of Tri Delta hits a long fly. LEFT: Pam Eby of Kappa Delta beats out an infield baU and is safe at first.

PAGE 214

-TOP: The girls are off in the 100 yard dash, and the judges and timers are ready. TOP RIGHT: Fans cheer on the winner of the 100 yard dash in the dormitory division. RIGHT: It looks like this KD jumped the gun. 213

PAGE 215


PAGE 216

Seniors 215

PAGE 217

216 Abel, Patti S. Abell, Debbie Abry, Penelope Acosta, Miguel Adams, Robert Adams, Rosemary Agliano, Doreen E. Ahrens, Fredrick Senior Class Officers: Top R.ight to Left -Mark Vertich,treas; Greg Willis, Rhodes; George Seevers. Bottom: Sherry Knight, sec.;Jan Segers;jimetta Anderson; Diane Saxe, vice-pres; Marilyn Lundy.

PAGE 218

Alarcon, Daniel Albert, Cheryl Albury, Patricia Ann Allee, Bill Almand, Larry Alvarez, Luis P. Amon, Susan Anderegg, Susan Anderson,J ames Anderson, Steve Andrews, Gloria A. Angel, Dale Armstrong, Emily Armstrong, Stephen Artnok, Mary Ashley,Roy Atwill, William Atwood, Shirley Aurelio,J eannie Azorin Maria 217

PAGE 219

218 Babis, Robert Bailey, Marvin Bailey, Patricia Baker, Linda Bakke, Sandy Bang, Bonnie Baldinger, Ruby Barber, Harold Barth, Carl Barthle, Lucinda Bassett, Nancy Bastberg, Linda Barron, Candace Bayliss, Clarice Bazata, Robert Beall, Alan Beasley, Dennis Beatie, Richard Beecher, Andrea Beety, Larry

PAGE 220

Bernstein, Linda Berry, Sandra Black, Eleanor Black, Larry Black, Raymond Blanchette, joseph Blauser, Beth Blizzard,j oseph Block, Michael Bloom, Paul Blumenthal, Leslie Board, Sue Beinkampen, Bryan Bell, Larry Benefield, Clara Benjamin, Neal Benjamin, Robert Bentayou, Frank Berger, Steven Bernath, Scott 219

PAGE 221

220 Boatwright, Polly Bodden,J oanne Bodfish,john Bohon, Stephen Boltin, Lydia Bosarge,Janet Boss, Barbara Boutelle, F. Thomas Boswell, Steve Bower, Nick Bowman, Ann' Bowman, Ronald Bragg, Peggy Brannen, Linda Brantley ,Jessica Braxton, Robert Brinser,John Bristle, Elizabeth Brockson, Lois Broner, M. Bennet

PAGE 222

.Brooks, Hugh Brooks, Wiley Broussard, Cynthia Brown, Lana Brown, Owen Brown, Peggy Brown, Thomas Brunk.en,John Bryan, Carol Bryant, Earl Bryant, Sandra Buchman,Julie Buckle, Richard Bug, Patricia Bunch, Alan Burguet, Lydia 221

PAGE 224

Cave, Tom Cebula, Barbara Chapman, Charles Chavez, Dianna Childers, Curtis Childs, Carol Chilson, Molly Chobody Eleene Carmichael, Donia A. Carpenter, Candace Carpenter, Miles L. Carr,Susan Carswell, Gene Carter, Chris tan a Case, Cheryl Cash, Melinda M. Ca.sines, Elena Cason, Kemberly Cather, Beverly Cathey, Cheryl 223

PAGE 225

224 Chumney ,jimmy Cichanski, William Clark,john Clark, Linda Clay, Zana Clement, Martha Clifford, Pauline Cline,james Coble, Alicia Coddington, Charles Colding,J anice Collins, Donna Collins,j udith Colton, Marjorie Combs, Earlene Cook, Debra Cook, Thomas Coppens, Lawrence Corillon, Pierre Cotellis, George

PAGE 226

Wayne Spear speaks to the Senior Accounting Organization. Dallman, Charlolet D'Amico, Patricia Daniel, Charlene D'Aprile, Michael Couch, Lester Couret,Jose Cox, Dorothy Cox,John Coyle, Marguite Crandall, Gloria Crosman, Rhonda Cross, james Cross, Martha Crowell, Carolyn Crowell, Gail Curtis, Shirey 225

PAGE 227

. 226 Davis, judy Davis, Susan Dawkins,j udy Day,Sue Deag, Terrance Dean, Carolyn Dean, Roger DeAngelis, Michael Darden, Gregory Daughtrey, Ellen Daumy, Alejandro Davey, Sally-jo Davis, Carol Davis, jeff

PAGE 228

Dressler, Mary Driskill,J ennifer Drizd, Douglas Duncan, Michael Dykes, janice Earle,Jamea Eastridge, Robert Eby,Pamela Decker, Leslie DeLuccia, Marie Denton,John Dinkei,Jim DiSalvo, Diane Doble, Raymond Dorett, Toni Douglas, Henry Douros, Perry Dowell, William Doyle, Cynthia Drabyk, Barbara 227

PAGE 229

228 Economidis,john Eddy, Dennis Edenfield, William Eichelberger, J acolin Elder, Valerie Elliott, Elizabeth Ellis, Victoria Elmore, Charles Elsbree, Ruth Emmer, Margaret Engle, Becky Erchbacher, Otto Etkin,Rita Everitt, Elizabeth Evert, William Falgione, Pamela Faria, joyce Farina,john Farrell, john Fason, Richard

PAGE 230

Ferraldo,Joe Field, Nanette Finney, Linda Finney, Wally Fleischer, Leslie Fleming, Dora Flis, Peter FlyYUn,J\Iuletta Flynn, Linda Focardi, Claudia Fogle,Majorie ......._ Foley,Douglas -..._ Favata,josc:ph FeD, Holly Felts, Patricia Ferguson, Norman Fernandez, Alfred Fernandez, Diana Fernandez, judith Fernandez, Raymond 229

PAGE 231

230 Funk, Nancy Furey ,John Futch, Kenneth Gaddis, Floyd Gadney, Bruce Gage,Judi Gallois, Claudette Garcia, Francis Foreman, Karen Forgash, Barbara Foures, Steven Freeman, Pamela French, Lawrence Friedman, Sandra Friend, Kenneth Fry, Mary Fuentes, Martha Fulford, Barbara Fullenkamp, Kay Fultz, Bennett

PAGE 232

Garcia, Ron Garfinkel, Gilda Gates, Robert Gaylor, William Geders,john Gelinas,J eanne Gentile, Michael Getzik, Arnold Gibbs, Frank Gilbert, Mariannina Giles, Gary Gills,J ames Senior seminar classes discuss current topics. 231

PAGE 233

In Placement Services, seniors seek career information. 232 Glusman, Mark Goddard, Susan Goins, Patricia Golden, William Goldstein, Bruce Gonzalez, Annette Gonzalez, Patricia Gooch, William Goodall, Ross Gordan, Richard Goode, William Grand,Ky

PAGE 234

Gumula, Mark Gupton, Patsy Gutierrez, Ernest Haigley, Constance Hall, Leslie Hallam, Carolyn Hamilton, William Hampson, Cheryl Hansen, Steve Haney, Teresa Hanlon, Douglas Hannon, Stephanie Grear, Michael Greenberg, Edward Greives, Lawrence Gross, Cathy Grossheim, Tom Grossjung, Tom Gruber, Fred Guggenheim, john 233

PAGE 235

234 Hansell, joan Hansen, Lisa Harrell, John Hartman, Clifford Hatcher, Sharon Hattaway, Nathan Hawkins, Bobbie Healy, Susan Hearns, Fred Heavey, Brian Hedge, George Heide,Judy Heide, Rande Heidel,Janet Heil, Sharon Heisick, Clyde Helehan, Victoria Helveston, L'Artigue Hevia, Gloria Hevia, Laura

PAGE 236

Hewitt, Nanette Hicks, Rusty Highsmith, Linda Hill, Linda Hill, Pat Hinton, Norman Hintz, Hite, Charles 235

PAGE 237

236 Hite, William Hobbs, Ronald Hochstadt, Robert Hoel,Doris Hofstetter, Manha Holbrook, Anthony Holbrook, Linda Holloway, NanC}' Honigsberg, Steve Hom, George Howell, Wilma Huber, Robert Humphreys, Richard Hunt, Karen Husek, Pamela Hussey, Kevin Hutchins, Elaine Ingle Louis lnsko,Jorja Irvine Pamela

PAGE 238

Jackson, Barbara Jackson, Kathy Jacobs, Robert Jacobus, Wayne Johnson, Dianne Johnson, Robert Johnson, Russell Johnson, Sue Johnson, Suzanne Joiner, Susan Jones, Carey Jones, Elaine Jones, May Jones, Thaddeus Jones, Walton Jordan, Joan Jordon, Penelope Just, Shirley Kapocsi, Richard Katz, Janet 237

PAGE 239

238 Kaufman, Linda Kay, Sandra Kaye, Doug Keeneth, Linda Kelly, Richard Kelly, Richard Kelton, Robert Kessel, Michael Kimbler, James Kimbrell, Dorothy Kindinis, Evelyn King, Kurt

PAGE 240

King, Robert Kingston,J ohn !Grebner, Robert Kitching, Russell Kitman, Mark Klose, Alan Knight, Sherry Knox, Edith Kramer, Gail Kratuchvil, Myra Kriegbaum, Ray Krog,James Krog, Marilyn Kumy,Nancy Lang, jane Langworthy, Edson L'Archer, Gene Lato'W'Ski, Alan Lauff, Samuel Lawrence, Linda 239

PAGE 241

240 LiUy, Carolyn Lindsay, Barbara Lineberry, Linda Locasale, Susan Logue, james Lombardi, joanne Lombardi, Tony Loper, Donna Lawson, Mildred Lazer, Robert Leach, George Lcdo,Rex Leonard, Charles Leonard, Mary Lcscenski, Susan Lcvine,Joel Lewellen, Barbara Lewis, Yvonne Lightfoot, Bonnie Lillie, James

PAGE 242

Loper,Jamcs Lorton, George Love, Ronnie Lundy, Marilyn Lyles, Robert Maas, Richard MacFarlane, Jean MacGill, Andrew MacGill, Carol Mackler, Steven Maglica,Joseph Mainguth, Michael Malcom, Gayle Manley, Richard Mann, Leslie Manrigue, Susan Marchman, Donald Marsh, Betty Martens, Maxine Martin, Michael 241

PAGE 243

242 Maschino, Rico Massa, Lawrence Massaro,jayne Massarsk y, Barrie Mattei, Viillian1 Matus, Sylvia Mawhinney, Thon1as Maxfield, Virginia McBride, Robert McCall, Diane McClenen, Kent McCoy, Carol McCracken, John McCuiston, Sheila McCullough,J udy McCurley, Marjorie McDonald, Alan McDonnald,J an1es McGary, Larry McGuire, Viillian1

PAGE 244

McKinney, Lynda McLaughlin, Eric McLeod, Michael McMahon, Maureen Meeks, Robert Mendez, Santa Merl,Kathy Mersel, Mickey Mesick, Susan Messoline, Valarie Metrin, Clinton Michhels, Jane Mijares, jorge Mikell Emory Senior Jorga Insko leads juniOI' high school class in exercise during her internship.

PAGE 245

244 Mohr, April Molsuk, Ronald Montieth, Eugene Moon, Sherrif' Moore, Edward Morbach, Henry Morden,lames More,Mary yTtne Mikesell, Phyllis Mikkelsen,Janan Milbauer, Amy Miles, Gerald Millen, David Miller, Archie Miller,Judith Miller,June Miller, Wayne Minish, Comer Mitchell, Patricia Mittauer, Bob

PAGE 246

Mullins, john Mullins, Michael MuUis, Dennis Munyer, Marilyn Murphy, Elaine Murphy, Pat Murray, Ralph Musial, A .J. Myer, Barbara Napier, Peter Napier, Robert Nash, Donald Morehead, Ella Morford, Pamela Morgan, Michael Morris, Patricia Moser, Cassandra Moskowtiz, Bruce Mudd, Charles Mueller, Yvonne 245

PAGE 247

246 Navarro, Mecedes Nelson, Jeanne Nelson, Tommy Newton, Ann Nissel, Sherry -Nitardi,John Noranbrock, Tom Norris, Alan Nousiainen, Georjean O'Barr, Marlt Obrentz, Bruce O'Conner, Kim O'Daniel, Charles O'Rourke, John Owens, Carlos Owens, Norma Pace, james Packard, Walter Padgett, Carl Page, Doris

PAGE 248

Painter, Doug Pangle,j ean Panning, Curtis Pantling,james Parent, Frank Patrick, Robert Parr, Sandra Parrino,j ack 247

PAGE 249

248 Perry, Barbara Peto,Sue Pettijohn, Lyla PCau, Louis Poole, Eugene Pounds, Gloria Povenelli, Susan Powell, Charles Price, Gary Price,James Pritchard, Sherry Proples, Marvin Pearce, Craig Pearson, Linda Pearson, Patricia Peddicord, Margaret Peel, Cheryl Peiper, Larry Perkinson,Jane Perritti, Charlie

PAGE 250

Reber, Sandy Reberkenny, Maribeth Reed, Donna Reed, john Regan, Robert Rein, Karen Reinhart, Lois Reynolds, Gregory Pribyl, john Pugh, Eugene Puleo, Frank Putnam, Ralph Quanrud, Cindy Quesada, Frank Raab,Susan Rahmel, Marion Raiford, Sharon Rain,jack Raska, Rose Rassler, Renee 249

PAGE 251

250 Respess, Gloria Reyniers,jon Rhilinger, Elsie Rhodes,john

PAGE 252

Rickabaugh, Rodney Rigau, Roger Ring, john Rissman,Heinz Roach, Sarah Robcke,Jeannie Roberts, Arthur Robins,Jane Robinson, Diane Robinson, Oscar Robinson, Randal Roble, Woodrow Rodante, Frank Rodriguez, Antonio Rogers, john Rollins, John Romigh, Linda Ronan, Katherine Rosello, Roland Ross Howard 251

PAGE 253

252 Sabin,Joseph Sahi, Ramesh Salgado, Michael Samuelson, Terry Sanchez, Shirley Sanders, Rebecca Sargent, Sandra Sasser, Billy Sasser, Patricia Satchel, Frank Saulter, David Savery, Arthur Rothchild, Irwin Ruckert, Joanne Ruiz,Andy Russo,John Russo, Shirley Ryan, John Ryan, Naomi Saavedra, Carlos

PAGE 254

Sawyer, April Saxe, Diane Schievella, Diane Schley, Herbert Schmidgall, Claudine Schneider, Carol 253

PAGE 255

---. ---254 ------------. \ .... -"'"' L_, ,_ -Schoff, Carol Schrander, Rose Schuh,John Seagers,J an Seay, Shirley Seidler, Raymond Seifert, Gerald Setsaas,Jorn

PAGE 256

Sexton, Ron Shah, Ravindra Shelton, Carol Shepherd, Stephen Shepp, Peggy Sheppard, Sara Shipley, James Sholund, Margret Shuman, Glenn Sierra, Sylvia Sikorski, Anne Silas, Linda Simmons, Cynthia Simon, Arnold Simon,Jon Simon, Robert 255

PAGE 257

256 Simpson, Lang Sims, john Sipe,Sue Smith, Arthur Smith, Barbara Smith, Clyde

PAGE 258

Smith, 1\{aureen Smith, Richard Smith, Robert Smith, Steven Smith, Stu So to, Alejandro Southwick, Dale Speller, Allison Spencer, Gregory Spencer, Mara Speranza, Frances Stalvey, Elizabeth St. Amant,John Staninger, Paula Stanley, William Steinberg, Carol Steinkamp, jeanine Stentz, Tom 257

PAGE 259

258 Stone, Paul Stoopman, Gerhard Street, Patricia Strickland, Rose Strobeck, Robert Strong, Cindy Suberman, Lee Sudbury Glenn Supran, George Suprenant,Jeanne Sutherland, Bruce Sweat, George Sternberg, Claire Stock, Harley Stockard, James Stoltz, Kay Stone, Glenn

PAGE 260

Sweeney, Diane Sweet, Constance Sylvester, Elizabeth Sympson, Paula Talone, Ronald Tamargo, Deborah 259

PAGE 261

260 Taylor, Anita Taylor, Fred Taylor,jim Taylor, Linda Taylor, Susan T crry, Marilyn Tetidrick, Patricia Thomas, Michael

PAGE 262

Tolle, Dave Tomasello, Norma Toretta, Nelson Trujillo, lvonne Trujillo, Robert Turner, Mary Tyson, Michael Usher, Martha Valenti, Elaine Thompson, Edward Thompson, Linda Thorton, Ernestine Tiedeman, Cleniantine Tipps, Gary Tish, Frances Todsen, Dana Tokan,John 261

PAGE 263

262 Tanner, Lawrence Vanacore, Sylvia Larry Vanliew, Gayle Vargo, Bob Varn, Christine

PAGE 264

Veal, Thomas Veazey, George Venning, Margaret Vertich, Mark Vodenicker,john Vogel,joann Wade,jacqueline Wagner, Charles Wagner,John Walker,Jeff Walker, Richard Walker, William Wallace, Peggy Walter, Stephen Ware, George Ware, Martha Wase, Raymond Watts, Robert 263

PAGE 265

264 Webb, judy Wegner, Peter Weinstein, Steven Wells, Charles Wenzel, Steven Wertz, Beverly W espiser, Carol West, Betty Weston, Richard

PAGE 266

Wheaton,jon Whitaker, Thomas Whitcomb, Chris White, Annette White, Betsy White, GayneU White, Susan Whitehead, Alonzo Whitehead, Donna Whitenight, Darcy Whitlock, Blandine Whitson, Alyce Whitwam. Jack Wiedefeld, Robert Winkel, janet Wilder, Charles Wilder, Robert 2 65

PAGE 267

266 Wilensky, Michael Williams, Cynthia Williams, jan Williams, Larry Williams, Louise Williams, Nancy Williams, Wendy Willis, Greg Winning, J orga Witucki, Ellen Woddell, Diane Wolf, Marilee Woods, Gwendolyn Woodward, Edward Woolford, Nancy Wootton, Linell Wright, Donna

PAGE 268

Wright, George Young, Benjamin Zeman, J apomilla Ziegler, jay Zimble, Alan Zimmerman, Herb Zimmerman, Janis Zimorski, Thomas Zagorski, Raymond Zukowski, Marcia Wurmill, Joseph Young, Kenneth Yates, Don Young, Mary Yohner, Herbert Zagarri, Gerald York, Michael Zale, Carole 267

PAGE 269

268 A ABEL, PATRICIA S. Coral Gables, Fla., B.A.; Elem. Ed.-early childhood; Alpha EpsilonPhi;A.C.E. ABELL, DOROTHY B. St. Cloud, Fla.; B.A.; Elem. Ed.; Delta Gamma re cording sec.; A.C.E. ABREY, PENELOPE S. Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Special Speech-English Ed.; Alpha Delta Pi. ACOSTA, MIGUEL Miami, Fla.; B.A.; Chemistry. ADAMS, ROBERT E. St. Petersburg, Fla.; B.A.; Sociology. ADAMS, ROSEMARY Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Sociology. AGLIANO, DOREEN E. Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Psychology and Sociolopr; Delta Zeta; Sociology Club, U.C. Auxihary Com mittee; Motley Crew; Orientation Leader. AHRENS, FREDERIC N. Miami, Fla.; B.A.; Economics; Phi Delta Theta; IFC-representative and judiciary com mittee; AU-university Gold Course Com mittee. ALARCON, DANIEL L.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; History. ALBERT, CHERYL Miami Beach, Fla.; B.A.; Elem. Education; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Gold Key; Athenaeum-VIce-pres.; Who's Who; Hillel; University Fellowship Vista Program, soph. year. ALBURY, PATRICIA A.-Key Largo, Fla.; B.A.; Elem. Ed. early childhood. ALLEE, WILLIAM T.Temple Terrace, Fla.; B.A.; Elem. Ed.; Sigma Nu. ALMAND, LARRY D.-Ft. Walton Beach, Fla.; B.A.; Marketing. ALVAREZ, LUIS P. Key West, Fla.; B.S.; Chemistry. AMON,SUSANJ.-Temple Terrace, Fla.; B.A.; Economics; Student Association; Aegean; "IT" program. ANDERSON, SUSAN E.-Miami, Fla.; B.A.; Special Education; Delta Gamma; SCEC. ANDERSON,JAMES-Ruskin, Fla. ANDERSON, STEVE A. Tampa, Fla.; B.A.;Political Science;Sigma Nu;Omicron Beta Kappa; Who's Who; Pres. Student Government. ANDREWS, GLORIA A.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Ele,-q. Ed. ANGELI, DALE L.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Psychology. M.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Biology-Ed.;Marine Biology Club. ARMSTRONG, STEPHEN Clearwater, Fla.; B.A.; Business Administration; Eco nomics. Senior Index ARTNAK, MARY W.Tampa, Fla.; B.A; Sociology. ASHLEY, ROY C.-Naples, Fla.; B.A.; Political Science; pres., vice-pres. Young Democrats; Assistant Attorney General and Legislature -Student Gov't.; Student Affairs Committee; Political Union. A TWILL, WILLIAM D.-Orlando, Fla.; B.A.; English. ATWOOD, SHIRLEY B.St. Petersburg, Fla.; B.A.; Elem. Ed. AURELIO, JEANNE M. Cocoa Beach, Fla.; B.A.; Marketing;Athenaeum. AZORIN, MARIA T. Plant City; Fla.; B.A.; Special Ed. Mental Retardation; Gamma Hall vice-pres., social chairman; Dean's List. B BABIS, ROBERT E.-Eagle Lake, Fla.; B.A.; Economics Aero-Club pres. BAILEY, MARVIN J. -Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Economics-Busineu; S.G.; Business College; Student Advisory Board BAILEY, PATRICIA A.-St. Petersburg, Fla.; B.A.; English;Standards Board Chair man, Kappa 3. BAKER, LINDA Y.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Elem. Ed.; Alpha Delta Pi; Fashion Com mittee;Motley Crew. BAKKE, SANDRA J.-St. Petersburg, Fla.; B.A.; Social Studies Secondary Ed.; Campus Crusade for Christ. BALDINGER, RUBY E. St. Petersburg, Fla.; B.A.; English;Standards Board Chair man, Kappa 3e. BANG, BONNIE C.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Mathematics Speech-Education. BARBER, HAROLD I.-jacksonville, Fla.; B.A.; Mathematics BARNES, BARBARA D. Lakeland, Fla.; Elem. Ed. early childhood; Athenaeum BARRON, CANDACE Clearwater, Fla. BARTH, CARL W.Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Math; Gold Key; Tau Beta P hi; Pi Mu Epsilon; OBK; Cooperative Education with Goddard Space Flight Center, NASA. BARTHLE, LUCINDA A. Dade City, Fla.; B.A.;Mathematics. BASSETT, NANCY L.-Bartow, Fla.; B.A.; Psychology. BASTBERG, LINAJ.Eustis, Fla.; B.A.; Psychology. BAYLISS, CLARICE E. St. Petenburg, Fla.; B.A.; Education. BAZATA, ROBERT J.-Clearwater, Fla.; B.A.; Marketing; Sigma Nu; Pi Sigma Epsilon. BEALL, CHAB.LES A. Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Management Science; Ski Club. BEASLEY, DENNIS E. Winter Haven, Fla.; B.A.; Accounting; Circle K; Senior Accounting Club. BEATIE, RICHARD E. Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Electronics Engineering; Amateur Radio Club pres.; Florida Engineering Society -vice-pres.; Aero Club. BEECHER, ANDREAVenice, Fla.; B.A.; Elem. Ed.; Epsicopal Univ. Center; Epsilon 1 W vice-pres., standards board chairman, social chairman. BEETY, LARRY A.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Elem. Ed.; Sigma Pi Fraternity; Omicron Delta Nu; Fontana Hall-student senate and social chairman. BEINKAMPEN, BRYAN A. San Antonio, Fla.; B.A.; Distributive Ed.; UC Committee; Catholic Student Organiza tion. BELL, LAWRENCE E.-Bloomfield, N.J.; B.A.; Marketing; Varsity Tennis; Housing Staff. BENEFIELD, CLARA J.Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; English Ed. BENJAMIN, MASON N., JR.-Melbourne, Fla.; B.A.; Bacteriology; Kappa Phi Executive Council; Russian Club. BENJAMIN, ROBERT j.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Engineering Energy Conversion. BENT A YOU, ROBERT F. Lutz, Fla.; B.A.; English; Cinemakers-pres.; The Forum-associate editor. BERGER, STEVEN M.-Miami, Fla.; B.A.; Psychology, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. BERNATH, SCOTT P.-Trenton, NJ.; B.A.; Psychology, Delta Tau Delta. BERNSTEIN, LINDA H. Miami Beach, Fla.;B.A.;Elem. Ed. BERRY, SANDRA E. Hollywood, Fla.; B.A.; English Ed. BERRY, SONIA D. -Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; French; World Affairs Club. BLACK, ELEANOR V. Safety Harbor, Fla.; B.A.; Library A. V. Eng. Ed.; Kappa Delta Pi; LEA VO. BLACK, LARRY T.St. Petersburg, Fla.; B.A.; Industrial Management; Student Advisory Council. BLACK, RAYMOND L. Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Accounting; Senior Accounting Organization treas. BLANCHETTE, JOSEPH-St. Peters burg, Fla. BLAUSER, BETH A.-Odessa, Fla.;B.A; English. BLIZZARD, WM. JOSEPH Baltimore, Maryland; B.A.; Management; Resident Assistant Desoto Hall. BLOCK, MICHAEL G. Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Psychology; Psi Chi Honorary; Com mittee for Instruction; Deans List; Honors Convocation.

PAGE 270

BLOOM, PAULJ.-Temple Terrace, Fla.; B.A.; Mathematics. BLUMENTHAL, LESL YE H. -St. Petersburg, Fla.; B.A.; Elem. Ed.; Delta Zeta-historian;Dappa Delta Pi. BOARD, SUE A.-Winter Haven, Fla.; B.A.; Elementary Ed. BOATWRIGHT, POLLY S. -Jacksonville, Fla.; B.A.; Speech Pathology; Kappa Delta Pi; Gold Key; Athenaeum; Campus Crusade for Christ. BODDEN,JO ANNA-jacksonville, Fla.; B.A.; Social Science Ed.; Kappa Delta treas.; Lambda Chi Alpha Little Sister Past Lambda Chi Alpha Sweetheart; College of Education Council sec., Resident Assistant. BODFISH, JOHN M. Daytona Beach, Fla.; B.A.; Psychology; Sigma Nu. BOGGS, L. JANN-Hollywood, Fla.; B.A.; Elem. Ed. BOHON, STEPHEN F.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Sociology; Kappa Phi. BOSARGE R. JANET-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; English Ed. BOSS, BARBARA D. Clearwater, Fla.; B.A.; Zoology; Gold Key pres.; Athenaeum; Marine Biology Club-pres., sec.-treas. BOSWELL, STEVEN T.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Chemistry. BOUTELLE F. THOMAS-Rockledge, Fla.; B.A.; Psychology; Pi K_app:" Alpha-sec.; Phi Theta Kappa; PSI Ch1; nominated to Who's Who; Motor Cycle Club; Intramurals, fraternity sports; Frosh Tennis Team. BOWER, NICK-Tampa, Fla.;Education; Major USAF Retired. BOWMAN, ANN 0.-Temple Terrace, Fla.; B.A.; Political Science; Delta Delta Delta. BOWMAN, RONALD E. Tampa, Fla.; B.A.;Mathematics Ed. BOYD JOYCE A.-Largo, Fla.; B.A.; Psycho'logy; Athenaeum, Reader's Theatre Guild. BRAGG, PEGGY A. New Port Richey, Fla.; F .A.; English-Library Ed., Campus Crusade for Christ. BRANNEN, LINDA D. -Jacksonville, Fla.; B.A.; English. BRANTLEY, JESSICA A.-Clewiston, Fla.; B.A.; Accounting; Senior Accounting Organization. BRAXTON, ROBERT W.-Seffner, Fla.; B.A.; Social Studies Ed. BRINSER, JOHN N. Palmyra, Pa.; B.A.; Bacteriology and Zoology. BRISTLE ELIZABETH C. Pennsau ken, New jersey; B.A.; Educatiol_l;Association for Early Childhood Education. Senior Index BROCKSON, LOIS E. -St. Petersburg, Fla.; B.A.; Elem. Ed. BRONER, M. BENNET Miami, Fla.; B.S.; Zoology; Alpha Phi Omega vice pres., co-chairman; Student Gov't Chair man, Election Rules Committee; Young Republicans; Pre-Med Society; Hillel-cor responding sec., chaplain. BROOKS, HUGH W. Sarasota, Fla.; B.S.; Engineering; Phi Delta Theta; Student Traffic Committee. BROOKS, Wiley L. JR.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Political Science-journalism; Oracle photographer, photo editor, editorial editor; Photo Club; Political Union; Young Democrats. BROWN, LANA M.-Safety Harbor, Fla.; B.A.; English Ed. BROWN, OWEN W.-Venice, Fla.; B.A.; Anthropology; Kappa Phi; Anthropology Club. BROWN, PEGGY M. St. Petersburg, Fla.; B.A.; Elem Ed; Honors Convocation. BROWN, THOMAS V. Plant City, Fla.; B.A.; Distributive Ed. BRUNKEN, JOAN M.Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Sociology. BRYAN, CAROL A.-Port Richey, Fla.; B.A.; English Ed. BRYANT, EDWARD E.-Dade City, Fla.; B.A.; Personnel Management; Pi Sigma Epsilon; Karate Club. BRYANT, SANDRA C.-Temple Ter race, Fla.;B.A.;Elem. Ed. BRYER, LOREE A.-Temple Terrace, Fla.; B.A.; Mathematics; Pi Mu Epsilon; Athenaeum; Karate Club; Curriculum Committee.Math Dept. BUCHMAN, JULIE D. Plant City, Fla.; B.A.;Elem. Ed.;S.F.E.A. BUCKLE RICHARD LEE Bradenton, Fla.; Economics; Economics Club. BUGG, PATRICIA S.-Miami, Fla.; B.A.; Elem. Ed. BUNCH, ALAN W. -Seffner, Fla.; B.A.; Accounting. BURGUET, LYDIA M.-SateUite Beach, Fla.; B.A.; Spanish Ed.; Gamma Hall-standards board chairman. BURKE, WUISE W.-San Antonio, Fla.; B.A.; English. BURKE, ROBERT J.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Industrial Management. BURKETT, EUGENE H. Homestead, Fla.; B.A.; Speech; Reader's Theatre Guild; Oracle Correspondent; Alpha 4 E social chairman; Inter-resident Hall Council. BURMA, KATHLEEN D.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Special Ed.; Delta GammpRecommendations Chairman, Dorm Standards Board; Hostess Committee Chairman Student Council for Exceptional Children; TKE Calendar Girl; Center for Continuing Education Student Assistant. BUSH GRETCHEN A.-Clearwater, Fla.; BA.; English journalism Ed. Univerity Concert Orchestra. BUSSOITI, CAMILlE L. Miami, Fla.; B.A.; Sociology; Sociology Club; Delta Dorm Council, activities chairman. BUTLER, FRANK B. -Jacksonville, Fla.; B.S.; Electrical Engineering. c CAFLISCH, WILLIAM H. Sarasota, Fla.; B.A.; English Ed. CAMPI, PAUL E.-Tampa, Fla. CAMPBELL, SHARON St. Petersburg Fla. CAPIN, JUAN R.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Sociology; Pi Kappa Alpha. CARL TON, SHIRLEY A.-Nocatee, Fla.; B.A.; Social Science Ed. CARMICHAEL, DONIA A. Summer land Key, Fla.; B.A.; Zoology. CARPENTER, CANDACE D. -Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Sociology. CARPENTER, MILES L. -Woodatock, New Brunswick; B.A.; Finance; Economics Club; Pi Sigma Epsilon. CARRINO, JACK-Tampa, Florida; B.A.; Pre-Med; Zoology-Bacteriology; SigmaNu. CARSWELL, GENE H.-Tampa, Florida; F.S.; Aerospace Engineering; Phi Delta Theta; Fla. Engineering Society; En gineering College Association. CARTER, CHRISTINE K.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; German and French; Gold Key; German Club. CASE, CHERYL J.-Daytona Beach, Fla.; B.A.; Psychology; Delta Delta Delta; Psi Chi. CASH, MELINDA M. Bradenton, Fla.; B.A.; English-Joumalism Ed. CASON, KEMBERLY R.J.-Palatka, Fla.; B.A.; Divisional Social Science; Gold Key; World Affairs Council-pres., vicepres.; German Club-pres; Anthropology Club; Marine Biology Club; Liberal Art Student Board; Overseas Information Center-director; Council of International Studies and Programs, Off Campus Term Council. CATHER, BEVERLY E. -St. Petersburg Fla.; B.A.; Mathematics Ed.; Presi dent'Inter-Residence Hall Council. CAVE, THOMAS J.-Tampa, Fla.;B.S.; Industrial Engineering; Tau Kappa Epsilon; Baseball:IFC. CEBULA, BARBARA A.-Dunedin, Fla.; B.A.; Psychology and Speech; Delta Zeta. CHAPMAN, CHARLES T.-Lakeland, Fla.; B.A.; Bus. Ad. Management. CHAVEZ, DI ANNA M. -Tampa, Fla.; B.A.;Elem. Ed. 269

PAGE 271

270 CHILDERS, CURTIS J.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Psychology;Theta Chi;PsiChi. CHILDS, CAROL A.-Lake Worth, Fla.; B.A.; Library Science-Elem. Ed.; Delta Zeta; U .C. Special Events Committee; Dorm Officer. CHILSON, MOLLY Dover, Fla.; B.A.; Elem. Ed. CHOBODY, ELEENE-Orlando, Fla.; B.A.; Elem. Ed.-Library Science; Basket weavers. CHUMNEY, JIMMY C.-Tampa, Fla.; B.S.; Electrical Engineering; Tau Beta Phi; Cooperative Education Student Advisory Council. CICHANSKI, WILLIAM J.-Clearwater, Fla.; B.A.; Education andHistory;History Community-Student Representative to History Department. CLARK, JOHN L. Satellite Beach, Fla.; B.A.; Marketing. CLARK, LINDA K. New Port Richey, Fla.; B.A. Education; Kappa J?elta Pi. CLAY, ZANA G.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A. English and Speech; UC. Fashion Commit tee. CLINE, JAMES E.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A. Accounting; Senior Accounting Organization; Economics Club; Veteran's Club. COBLE, ALICIA S.-DeLand, Fla.; B.A. English; Young Republicans; Women Here and There-Orientation and Leadership Committees and program chairman for 1968 Leadership Conference; UC Movies Committee; Orientation Leader; Kappa SE and Kappa Dorm Academics Chairman; S.F.E.A.; University-Community Chorus. D DALLMAN, CHARLOTTE M. Clear water, Fla.;B.A.;Elem. Ed. DANIEL, CHARLENE K.-Hudson, Fla.; B.A.; Education. D'APRILE, MICHAEL II-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Engineering; U.C. Recreation Com mittee; Campus Crusade for Christ; Florida Engineering Society. DA UMY, ALEJANDRO C. Tampa, Fla.;B.A.; Spanish; World Affairs Club. DAVEY, SALLY J.Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Physical Ed.; Kappa Delta; F.A.H.P.E.R.; A.A.H.P.E.R. DAVIS, CAROL A.--jacksonville, Fla.; B.A. DAVIS, JEFF-Mary Esther, Fla.; B.A.; Finance. DAVIS, JUDY B.-Clearwater, Fla.; B.A.; Education. DAVIS, SUSAN R. -Jacksonville, Fla.; B.A.; Elemenf:ary Ed. DAWKINS, JUDY M. -Tarpon Springs, Fla.; B.A.; Education-Math. Senior Index DAY, SUE E. Clearwater, Fla.; B.A.; Elem. Ed.; Gold Key, Athenaeum; Mu Dorm-sec.; floor Standards Board; Bap tist Student Union. DEAG, TERRANCE T.Bradenton, Fla.; B.A.; Industrial Engineering. DEAN, CAROLYN L. Lakeland, Fla.; B.A.; Elem. Ed.; A.C.E. DEAN, ROGER C.Orlando, Fla.; B.A.; Speech; Phi Rho Pi. DE ANGELIS, MICHAEL A. Satelite Beach, Fla.; B.A.; Social Science Ed. DECKER, LESLIE G.-Jacksonville, Fla.;B.A. DE LA CRUZ, NURI A. -Tampa, Fla.; F .A.; Math Ed.; Delta Zeta; CFS; World Af fairs Council. DE LUCCIA, MARIE R. -Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; AstronomyMath. DENTON, JOHN R. Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Geography; Sigma Alpha Eplilon; Gamma Theta Uplilon. DEVOE, HAROLD S.-Hollywood, Fla.; B.A.; Personnel Management. DINKEL, KIM R.-Lutz, Fla.; B.S.; Business Administration; Sigma Nu; vice pres.; Student Gov't Senator, Chairman Rules and Calendar Committee, Pres.-ProTempore Student Senate, Senate Council; University Senate, Pres. Council of fraternal Societies, ARGOS Representative, ANDROS Representative; ARGOS Board of Governors, Commission on Internal De velopment; Resident Affairs committee,; Alpha Hall-treas. DI SALVO, DIANE E. -Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; English Ed. DOHLE, RAYMOND G.-Tampa, Fla.; Education-Social Science; Sigma Nu; Commuter Representative-Student Gov't.SRG. DORSETT, TONI L. Vero Beach, Fla.; B.A.; Social Science; Lambda Chi Alpha Little Sister DOUGLAS, HENRY C.-Jacksonville, Fla.; B.A.; Industrial Management; Phi Delta Theta; Phi Delta Theta hist. and treas. DOUROS, PERRY P. Beltsville, Mary land; B.A.; English; Special Events Com mittee. DOWELL, WILLIAM L.-St. Petersburg, Fla.; B.S.; Electrical Engineering; TKE; Photo Club-pres.; Co-op. DOYLE, CYNTHIA Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Elementary Ed. DRABYK, BARBARA Merritt Island, Fla.;B.A.;Elem. Ed. DRESSLER, MARY R. -Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Russian-English Ed.; Chi Omega; Gold Key;Athenaeum. DRISKILL, JENNIFER A.-Lakeland, Fla.; B.A.; Business and Office Ed.; Women of Pi Sigma Epsilon. DRIZD, DOUGLAS-St. Petersburg, Fla.; B.A.;History; Kappa Phi. DUCKRO, LYNDA D. -St. Petersburg, Fla.; B.A.; English-Journalism. DUNCAN, MICHAEL W.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Economics; Alpha Tau Omega. DYKES, HANICE S.-Orlando, Fla.; Elem. Ed.; Campus Crusade for Christ. E EARLE, JAMES T. JR.-St. Peters burg, Fla.; B.A.; Business-Industrial Relations; Speech Honorary; Econ-Club; Computer Club; Big-Brothers-Pinellas County. EASTRIDGE, ROBERT A.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Sociology; Delta Tau Delta. EBY PAMELA A.-Fort Myers, Fla.; B.A.; Sociology; Kappa Delta; Sociology Club-treas., Rep. to College of Liberal Arts; UC Interservice Committee-sec.; Delta Dorm Gov't. ECONOMIDIS, JOHN M.-Tarpon Springs, Fla.; B.A.; Finance. EDDY, DENNIS B.-Winter Park, Fla.; B.A.;Art-Potography. EDEN FIELD, WILLIAM H. -Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Psychology and Education; Psi Chi. EICHELBERGER, JACOLIN P. Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Business Ed.; College of Education Association. ELDER, VALERIE L. Dade City, Fla.; B.A.;Elem. Ed. ELLIOTT, ELIZABETH L. -St. Peters burg, Fla.;B.A.;Elem. Ed. ELLIS, VICTORIA D. Bradenton, Fla.; B.A.; Political Science Ed. ELMORE, CHARLES D. -Tampa, Fla.; Psychology. ELSBREE, RUTH P. Temple Terrace, Fla.; B.A.; Elem. Ed.; Kappa Delta Pi. EMMER, MARGARET B. -Miami, Fla.; B.A.; Elem. Ed.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Fall Frolics Committee. ERBACHER, OTTO E. -Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Industrial Management. ETKIN, RITA D. St. Petersburg, Fla.; B.A.; Business Education; Pi Sigma Phi. EVERITT, ELIZABETH A.-Clear water, Fla.;B.A.;Elem. Ed. EVERT, WILLIAM H.-St. Petersburg, Fla.; B.A.; Economics; Gold Key; Economics Club-pres.; Student Advisory Board College of Business-chairman. F FALGIONE, PAMELA A. Sanford, Fla.; B.A.; English Ed. FARIA, JOYCE B.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; English Ed.

PAGE 272

FARINA, JOHN C.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Geology. FARRELL, JOHN D.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Psychology; Beta Executive Commit tee. FASON, RICHARD B. JR.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Psychology; Veterans Club vice-pres.; SG Commuter Representative; Curnculum Advisory Committee, Instruction Committee, Golf Committee, Rathes kellar Committee. FELL, HOLLY J.-Clearwater, Fla.; B.A.; English Ed.; Kappa Delta Pi; Gold Key; Oracle; Newman Club;College of Education Council; Exchange student to Univ. of Mass. and Trinity College. FELTS, PATRICIA A.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Elem. Ed. FERGUSON, NORMAN R. -Hernando, Fla.; B.A.; Mathematics; Co-op Educa tion-area coordinator. FERNANDEZ, ALFRED JR. Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Mathematics. FERNANDEZ, DIANA L.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Elem Ed.; Association for Childhood Education International. FERNANDEZ, JUDITH L. -St. Peters burg, Fla.;B.A.;ArtEd. FERNANDEZ, RAYMOND-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Mathematics. FERRALDO, JOSEPH N,-Moscow, Penn.; B.A.; Accounting; Accounting Club. FIELD, NANETTE L. -St. Petersburg, Fla.; B.A.; Education. FINNEY, LINDA K. Clearwater, Fla.; B.A.; Elem. Ed.; Delta Zeta-vice-pres. FINNEY, WALLY L.-Merritt Island, Fla.; B.A.; Ph}Bical Ed.; Alpha Athletic Chairman. FLEISCHER, LESLIE H. Richmond, Va.; B.A.; Speech-English Ed.; Delta-pres., athletic chaJJ'man; Tau Epsilon Phi "Little Sister"; Debate Team. FLEMING, DORA G. St. Petersburg, Fla.; B.A.; Elem Ed.; Honors Convocation. FLIS, PETER R.-Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.; B.A.; Psychology. FLYNN, ANNETTA B.-Ft. Myers, Fla.; B.A.; Elem. Ed.-Library; WSCS. Page 13 FLYNN, LINDA-Dunedin, Fla. FOCARDI, CLAUDIA L.-St. Peters burg, Fla.; B.A.; Speech; Intensive Tutorial Program FOGLE, MARJORIE A.-Lutz, Fla.; B:A.; Elem Ed. FOLEY, DOUGLAS J.-Orlando, Fla.; B.A.; Psychology; Alpha Tau Omega. Senior Index FOREMAN, KAREN L.-Fort Myers, Fla.; B.A.; English Ed.;Athenaeum. FORGASH, BARBARA A. Wheeling, W. Va.; B.A.; Business and Office Ed.; Women of Pi Sigma Epsilon-vice-pres. FOURES, STEVEN H. -Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Sociology. FRANCE, ROBERT F.-Lutz, Fla.; B.A.; Political Science; Young Democrats; Political Union-pres.; Student Affairs Committee Political Science; Associate Justice Student Court of Appeals. FREEMAN, PAMELA A. Tampa, Fla.; B.A.;Elementary Ed.; Delta Gamma. FRENCH, LAWRENCE I. -Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Geography; Social Science; Gamma Theta Upsilon. FRIEDMAN, SANDRA S. -Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Art Ed. FRIEND, KENNETH G. Pinellas Park, Fla.; B.A.; History; Political Union treas. FRY, MARY B.Clewiston, Fla.; B.A.; English Education; Delta Delta Delta; Resident Assistant. FUENTES, MARTHA A.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; English. FULFORD, BARBARA J.-Plant City, Fla.; B.A.; Speech English Ed.; Baptist Student Union. FULLENKAMP, KA YOKO K. Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Sociology; World Affairs Club. FULTZ, BENNETT D. Indialantic, Fla.; B.A.; Finance. FUNK, NANCY L. Largo, B.A.; English Liberal Arts. FUREY, JOHN L.-Bradenton, Fla.; B.A.; Personnel Management; Dean's List; Veteran's Club. FliTCH, KENNETH E. -Jacksonville, Fla.; B.A.; Industrial Management; Alpha Phi Omega; Computer Club; Karate c:tub. G GADDIS, FLOYD D.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Accounting; Senior Accounting Or ganization; Veterans Club. GADNEY, BRUCE S.-Clearwater, Fla.; B.A.; Math and Industrial Engineering; Tau Beta Phi; Pi Mu Epsilon; Go lei Key; Florida Engineering Society; Mathematics Association of America. GAGE, JUDITH A. Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Sociology; Young Democrats Club. GALLOIS, CLAUDETTE Vero Beach, Fla.; B.A.; Sociology; Phi Theta Kappa; Sociology Club. GARCIA, FRANCES M. -Tampa, B.A.; Elem Ed.; Delta Delta Delta-pres.; Antheaeum; Panhellenic. GARCIA, RON B. Donora, Pa.; B.A.; Mathematics-Advanced Basic Studies; Sigma Alpha Epsilon;GolfTeam GARFINKEL, GILDA G. Orlando, Fla.; B.A.; Speech English Ed. GATES, RO BERT A.-Lakeland, Fla.; B.A.; Political Science; Sigma Nu. GAYLOR, WILLIAM G. Windermere, Fla.; B.S.; Geology;Resident Assistant. GEDERS, JOHN A. Clearwater, Fla.; B.S.; Engineering. GENTILE, MICHAEL M. Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Secondary Ed.; Campus Crusade for Christ. GETZIK, ARNOLD W. -Huntingdon Valley, Pa.; B.A.;Marketing. GIBBS, WILLIAM F.-Wauchula, Fla.; B.A.; Mathematics. GILBERT, MARIANNINA A. -St. Petersburg, Fla.; Elem. Ed.; Student Activ ities Bay Campus. GILES, GARY N. -Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Psychology. GILLS, JAMES W.-Indian Rocks Beach, Fla.; B.A.; Political Science. GIONS, PATRICIA A.-Seffner, Fla.; B.A.; Elem Ed.-Library Science; Delta Zeta. GLUSMAN, MARK-Miami, Fla.; B.A.; History Political Science; Zeta Beta Tau-pres.; Political Union; History Club. GOODARD, SUSAN M.Naples, Fla.; B.A.; Sociology. GOLDEN, WILLIAM M., JR. Miami, Fla.; B.A.; Accounting; Phi Delta Theta-pres.; Inter-Residence Hall Coun cil -pres.; Coordinator of ASSCURH; Alpha Hall pres. and social chairman; Accounting Club. :-1 GOLDSTEIN, BRUCE S.-Miami, Fla.; B.A.; Economics; Tau Epsilon Phi; IFC. GONZALEZ, ANNETTE-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Sociology. GONZALEZ, PATRICIA A. Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Elem. Ed.; Kappa Alpha Theta. GOOCH, WILLIAM A. Tampa, Fla.; B.S.-M.S.; Materials Engineerin'; American Society for Metals; Flonda Engineering Society; Engineering College Association. GOODALL, ROSS C.Jacksonville, Fla.; B.A.; Marketing; Pi Sigma Epsilon; Economics Club; Argos Cafeteria Food Board; Circle K. GOODE, WILLIAM R':'-i.:easure Island, -Fla.; B.A.; Sociology. GORDON, SUSAN M.St: Petersburg, Fla.;B.A.;Elem Ed. GRAND, KY R.-St. Petersburg, Fla.; B.A.; Social Science Ed. GREAR, MICHAEL J.-Bethesda, Maryland; B.A.; Social Science; UC Program Council; Student Government; Envi ronment '70's; Sierra Club. 271

PAGE 273

272 GREENBERG, EDWARD H. -Miami, Fla.; B.A.; Zoology; Tau Epsilon Phi; Pre Medical Society. GREIVES, LAWRENCE H.-Tampa, Fla.; B.S.;Engineering;Engineering Dean's Lilt; Florida Engineering Society; Engi neering Council Association. GROSS, CATHY S. Bradenton, Fla.; B.A.; Business Ed.; Young Republicans; Dramatics. GROSSHEIN, THOMAS G.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Politi all Science. GROSSJUNG, THOMAS L. -Miami, Fla.; B.A.; Business Adminstration Management. GRUBER, FRED J.-Winter Park, Fla.; B.A.; Psychology; Sigma Alpha Epsi lon Social Affiliate. GUGGENHEIM, JOHN C. Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; English; Sigma Nu; Oracle reporter, Fine Arts Editor, Freatures Editor; Student Government Representa tive College of Liberal Arts; Liberal Arts Council; World Affairs Council; Student Government Cabinet Chairman; Sigma Nu publicity chairman; IFC publicity repre sentative; Students for Responsible Gov ernment. GUMULA, MARK L. Lake Park, Fla.; B.A.; Sociology; Tau Kappa Epsilon; Circle K; Sociology Club; UC Public Relations Committee; College of Liberal Arts repre sentative; Floor Officer; Resident Assistant; Tau Kappa Epsilon -social chairman. GUPTON, PATSY M.-Plant City, Fla.; B.A.; Elem. Ed.; Baptist Student Union. GUTIERREZ, ERNEST Tampa, Fla.; B.A.;English;C.E.P.A. HALL, LESLIE C.-Apopka, Fla.; B.A.; Marketing. HALLAM, CAROLYN M. St. Peters burg, Fla.;B.A.;Elem. Ed. HAMILTON, WILLIAM F.-Sarasota, Fla.; B.A.; Zoology Delta Tau Delta; Pre-Medical Society. HAMPSON, CHERYL L. Orlando, Fla.; B.A.; French Ed. HANEY, TERESA S.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.;Elem. Ed. HANLON, DOUGLAS J.-Lakeland, Fla.; B.A.; Industrial Management. HANNON, STEPHANIE R. Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Social Science-Ed.; History Community sec. HANSEN, LISA A.-St. Petersburg, Fla.; B.A.; History; Alpha Tau Omega Little Sister; Athenaeum; History Community. Senior Index HANSEN, STEVE M.Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Marketing; Alpha Tau Omega; Pi Sigma Epsilon; Inter Fraternity Council; Fraternal Politics. HARRELL, JOHN B.Orlando, Fla.; B.A.; Marketing. HARTMAN, CLIFFORD G. Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Political Science. HATTAWAY, NATHAN G.-Hialeah, Fla.; B.A.; Secondary Ed.; Baptist Student Union. HAWKINS, BOBBIE E. Rockledge, Fla.; B.A.; MathEd. HEALY, SUSAN J.Boston, Mass.; B.S.; Psychology. HEARNS, CHARLES F.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; English Journalism. HEAVEY, BRIAN-Tampa, Fla.; g,A.; English; Student Government. HEDGE, GEORGE C. K. -Tampa, Fla.; B.S.; Engineering. HEIDE, JUDITH L.-Marlton, New Jersey; B.A.; English Ed.; Standards Board. HEIDEL, JANET S. Bartow, Fla.; B.A.; Elem. Ed.; Tau Kappa Epsilon-Little Sister. HElL, SHARON C. St. Petersburg, Fla.; B.A.; Elem. Ed. HEISICK, CLYDE J.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; English-Ed. HELEHAN, VICTORIA G. Eau Gal lie, Fla.; B.A.; Art Ed. HELVESTON, L'ARTIGUE S. Tam pa, Fla.; B.A.; Distributive Ed.-Industri al Management; Pi Sigma Epsilon; Karate Club. HEVIA, GLORIA J.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Psi Chi. HEVIA, LAURA A.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Elem. Ed. HEWITT, ANNETTE-Plant City, Fla.; B.A.; Elem. Ed. HICKS, RUSTY -St. Petersburg, Fla.; B.A.; Business Ed.; Delta Delta Delta; Jr. PanheUenic Representative. HIGHSMITH, LINDA G. Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Accounting. -HILL, LINDA Ridgefield, Conn.; B.S.; Elem. Ed. HILL, RAYMOND P. Tampa, Fla .; B.A ; Marketing; Pi Sigma Epsilon; Adver tising Manager, the Oracle; Press Club. HINTON, NORMAN F. Bradenton, Fla.; B.A.; Elem. Ed. HINTZ, GEORGE R. Eau Gallic, Fla.; B.S.; Engineering. HITE, CHARLES L. Miami, Fla.; B.A.; Marketing; Sigma Nu. HITE, WILLIAM C. West Palm Beach, Fla.; B.A.; English; Beta Hall Govern ment. HOBBS, RONALD C.Eustis, Fla.; B.A.; Marketing. HOCHSTADT, ROBERT C. St. Petersburg, Fla.; B.A.; Management; Gold Key; Beta Gamma Sigma; Chairman Management Student; Advisory Council; Dean's Award for Outstanding Service College of Business. HOEL, DORIS D-Jacksonville, Fla.; B.A.; Chemistry Education; Water Ski Club. HOFSTETTER, MARSHA L Lake land, Fla.; B.A.; Elem. Ed. HOLBROOK, ANTHONY R. Panama City, Fla.; B.A.; Accounting; Senior Ac counting Organization. HOLBROOK, MARY L.-Melbourne, Fla.; B.A.; Math Ed.; Delta Gamma; Basic Studies Representative to Student Gov ernment. HOLLOWAY, NANCY L.-Auburn dale, Fla.; B.A.; Accounting. HONIGSBERG, STEVEN A. Atlanta, Georgia; B.A.; Political Science; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. HORN, GEORGE A. -Augusta, Georgia; B.A.; Sociology Alpha Tau Omega; Canterbury Club. HOWELL, WILMA C. Plant City, Fla.; B.A.; Business Ed.; SFEA. HUBER, ROBERT F.-St. Petersburg, Fla.; B.A.; Accounting; Accounting Club; Fontana Hall Council. HUMPHREYS, RICHARD E. -Lake Wales Fla.; B.A.; History. HUNT, KAREN S.St. Petersburg, Fla.; B.A.; Elem. Ed.; Kappa Delta Pi. HUSEK, PAMELA A. Lakeland, Fla.; B.A.; English. HUSSEY, KEVIN M.-Huntington, New York; B.A.; Marketing; Delta Tau Delta; Sports Car Club; Intra Fraternity Council Representative vice-pres.; Delta Tau Delta housing chairman. HUTCHINS, ELAINE Weeki Wachi, Fla.; B.A.; Math-Ed. I INGLE, LOUIE R. Bradenton, Fla.; B.A.; Marketing; Tau Kappa Epsilon; Student Advisory Board, Pi Sigma Epsilon. INSKO, JORJA L. Clearwater, Fla.; B.A.; Physical Ed.

PAGE 274

IRVINE, PAMELA J.-Miami, Fla.; B.A.; Education; Bay Campus-sec.-treu.; S.A. Representative; As aociation for Childhood Education Internation -viee-pra., pres. J JACKSON, BARBARA J. Tallahassee, Fla.; B.A.; Elem. Ed. JACKSON, KATHERINE M. -Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; EnKlish -Journalism-EeL; Phi Gamma Delta-Little Sister; Resident Assistant. JACOBS, ROBERT R. II -Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Political Science; Deans List> Asso ciate juatice Student Court of Review. JACOBUS, WAYNE H.-Bloomfield, New Jersey> B.A., Psychology; Soccer Team. JOHNSON, DIANNE S. jacksonville, Fla.> B.A. JOHNSON, ROBERT L. -Daytona Beach, Fla.> B.A., Accountinc. JOHNSON, RUSSELL A. -Thonotossassa, Fla.; B.S.-M.S.; Engineering; Tau Beta Phi; Florida Engineering Society; Engineering CoDeae Association; Society for Experimental Stress Analysis American Society of Metals. JOHNSON, SUE D. Clearwater, Fla.; B.A.; Fine Artl Visual; Gold Key. JOHNSON, SUZANNE R. Pensacola, Fla.; B.A.; Special Ed.; Ka_PPa Delta; Student Council for Exceptional Children; Co-op Advisory Council. JOINER., SUSAN L.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Elem. Ed. JONES, CAREY H. III-Orlando Fla.; B.A.-Political Science; Alpha Phi Omega; Omega Psi Phi; Afro-American Society; University Concert Band. JONES, P. Eau Gallie, Fla.; B.A.; Phy11cal Ed. JONES, THADDEUS JR.Winter Haven, Fla.; B.A.; Mathematics; Alpha Phi Omega; Accountinc Club; Afro American Society -vice-pres JONES, WALTON L. Ill-Falls O.urch, Va.; B.A.; Speech; Alpha Tau Omega; Student Government Executive Office sec. of Major Eventt; Reader's Theatre Guild pres. JORDAN, JOAN V. Orlando, Fla,; B. A.; English Journalism -Ed.> Who's Who In American junior Colleges. JORDAN, PENELOPE S. Sebastian, Fla.; B.A.; Elem. Ed. JUST, SHIRLEY R..-St. Petersburg, Fla.; B.A.; Elem. Ed. K KAPOCSI, RICHARD D. -St. Petersburg, Fla.; B.A ; Accounting; Senior Ac counting Organi%ation. KATZ JANET L. -Miami, Fla.; B.A.; Paychology; Hillel; Psi Chi. Senior Index KAUFMAN, LINDA D. Miami, Fla.; B.A.; Hiatory; Community Mobilization. KAY, SANDRA H. Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; English Education; Chi Omega pres.; Student Government; Publicity Chairman; Outttanding Greek Week Chairman; Student's for Responsible Government; Presidents Advisory Council -CoUqe of Education Association; UC Personnel Committee; CFS Sec; Phi Gamma Chi -I st. vice-pres. KAYE, DOUG -North Miami, Fla.; B.A.; Theatre Arts; Outstanding Theatre Arts Student of the Year, 1969; Bay Players -sec.; Student Government; Senior Managers for Theatre publicity correapondent; Oracle Fme Arts Editor. KEENETH, LINDA S. Sarasota, Fla.; B.A.; Elem. Ed.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Greek Chorua; Student Government Rep resentative; UC Committee. KELLY RICHARD A. Ruskin, Fla.; B.A.; MllJlll8ement; Alpha Tau Omega-social chairman; Delta Delta Delta Mascot. KELLY, RICHARD D.Tampa, Fla.; B.A., Sociology. KELTON, ROBERT W.-Miami, Fla.; B.A.> English; Gold Key; English Club; French Club; World Affairs Council. KIMBLER, JAMES D. Titusville, Fla.; B.A.; Management Behavioral Science. KINDINIS, EVELYN M.-Tarpon Springs, Fla.; B.A.; Elem. Ed.; Delta Tau Delta Little Sister. KING, KURT B.Tampa. Fla.; B.A.; Physics Math; Sigma Pi Sigma> Pi Mu Epsilon. KING, ROBERT J.-Tampa. Fla.; B.A.; Zoology. KINGSTON, JOHN F. New Smyrna Beach, Fla.; B.A.; Marketing; Phi Delta Tileta. KIRCHNER, ROBERT A. -Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; International Relations; World Affain Council. KITCHING, RUSSELL T. Miami, FlL; B.A.; Special Education; Kappa Sigma; Student Government> Governor Alpha SE; Governor Iota III; Spring Spec tacular Co-Chairman; FaD Frolics. Kl TMAN, JEROME M Hollywood, Fla.; B.A.; History; Tau Eprilon Phi; Oracle Advertising Salesman. KLOSE, ALAN E. Orlando, Fla.; B.A.; Co-op Ed. KNIGHT, SHERRY C. Belle Glade, Fla.; B.A.; Kappa Delta; Senior Class-sec. KNOX, EDITH B.Plant City, Fla.; B.A.; Vocational Ed. Business KOSTYO, FRANK-Auburndale, Fla.; B.A.; Industrial Management; Pi Sipaa Epsilon; Barbenders Club-pres.; Karate Club; Alpha Hall -treu.; Hall GoYemOr, food committee chairman. KRAMER, GAIL A. Orlando, Fla.; B.A., Social Science Ed. Secondary. KR.OTOCHVIL, MYRA L. -jupiter, Fla.; B.A.; Elem. Math; Food and Hospi tality Chairman; Catholic Student Center. KR.IEGBAUM, RAYMOND P.-Clear water, Fla.; B.A.; lndu1trial Management; Pi Sigma Epsilon; Sports Car Club; Photo Club; Campus Crusade for Christ. KR.OG, JAMES B.Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Pre-law/Political Science; Alpha Phi Omega; Student Court of Review Chief justice; Board of Discipline and Appeals -Chairman; Board of Directors-Chairman; Orientation Leader. KR.OG, MARILYN J.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Speech-English Ed.; Alpha Chi Omega; Orientation Leader. KUMP, NANCY M. -Tampa, Fla.; M.A. Guidance; Kappa 'Delta Phi. L LANDRUM, ROBERT S.-Tampa, Florida; B.A.; Business.. LANG, JANE F. -Napla, Fla.; B.A.; Elem. Ed.; Resident Aasiatant-Fontana Hall. LANGWORTHY, EDSON K.-Manliot, New York; B.A.; Marketing; Phi Delta Theta. L'ARCHER, GENE M.Tampa. Fla.; B.A.; Sociology. LATOWSKI, ALAN J. Palm Sprinp, Fla.; B.A.; Buainess Management. LAUFF, SAMUEL J. Edaewater, Fla.> B.A.; Physical Ed.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. LAWRENCE, LINDA B. -Ft. Lauder dale, Fla.; B.A.; Psychology, Sociology; Delta Zeta; Athenaeum; Sociology Club; U.C. Program Council. LAWSON, MILDRED W.-Lutz, Fla.; B.A.; Elem. Ed.; A.C.E.; S.F.E.A. LAZER, ROBERT I.-Miami, Fla.; B.A.; Psychology; Zetz Beta Tau; Psi Chi. LEACH, GEORGE W Tampa, FIL> B.A.; Accounting; Kappa Alpha Order. LEDO, REX D. Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Management; Pi Sigma Epailon. LEONARD, CHARLES M. Neptune Beach, Fla.; B.A.; Geology; Ski Club; Horseback Club; Geology Club. LEONARD, MARY ELLEN-Clear water, Fla.; B.A.; English; Gold Key. LESCENTSKI, SUSAN M.Parrish, Fla.; B.A ; Math Ed. LEVINE, JOEL S. Coral Gables, Fla.; B.A. 273

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274 LEWIS, ROBERT J. -St. Pete., Fla.; B.A.; Business Industrial Marketing; Alpha Phi Omega; Beta Hall Congress. LEWIS, YVONNE E. -Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Psychology. LIGHTFOOT, BONNIE -Temple Ter race, Fla.; B.A.; Business Ed.; Gold Key; Athenaeum; Kappa Delta Phi. LILLIE, JAMES B.-Thonotosassa, Fla.; M.S.; Electrical Engineering; I.E.E.E. LILLY, CAROLYN BENSON -Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Education; Baptist Student Union. LINDSAY, BARBARA A. Miami, Fla.; B.A.; Elem. Ed. LINEBERRY, LINDA M.-Sanford, Fla.; B.A.; Social Science. LOCASALE, SUZANNE P. Lakeland, Ed; I.R.A. LOGUE, JAMES R. Lakeland Fla.; B.A.; Social Science. LOMBARDI, JOANNEHialeah, Fla.; B.S.; Physical Science. LOMBARDI, TONY-Orlando, Fla.; B.A.; Marketing; Alpha Tau Omega; Marketing Fraternity. LOPER, DONNA L-Orlando, Fla.; B.A.; Elem. Ed.; Delta Gamma; A.C.E. WPER, JAMES B.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Sociology; Intensive Tutorial-campus coordinator; Sociology Club; Sociology Department; Member University Chapel Fellowship Board; Regional Developer of Student Concern. LORTON, GEORGE HARVEY-Tampa. Fla.; B.A.; Geology; Geology Club. WVE, RONNIE H. -Orlando, Fla.; B.A.: Marketing. LUNDY, MARILYN JOYCE-Tampa, Fla._! B.A.; Speech. LYLES, ROBERT LOUIS JR.-Tam pa, Fla.; B.A.; Economics; Economics Club. M MAAS, RICHARD W.-Oxon Hill, Maryland; B.A.; Mathematics; Pi Mu Epsilon; USF Cross Country TampaOrlando 1 00 mile run. MACFARLANE, JEAN E. -St. Peters burg, Fla.; B.A.; English Ed; Gold Key. MacGILL, ANDREW W.-Charlotte, North Carolina; B.A.; Finance; U.C. Recreation Committee, Alpha II E Social Chairman; Eta I Social Chairman; Assistant Student Intramural Director. MacGILL, CAROL M.-Charlotte, North Carolina; B.A.; Special Ed. Delta Phi Alpha; Delta Gamma soc. chair man, sec; Council for Exceptional Children; Aegean-academics editor; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Little Sister, Semi-Finalist for Best Dressed College Coed; Finalist Top College Girl; Junior and Senior Fellowship in Special Education; Miss Aegean. Senior Index MACKLER, STEVEN L. Miami, Fla.; B.A.; Marketing; Phi Kappa Alpha-treas.; Pi Si Epsilon-treas. MAGLICA, JOSEPH JR.-North Miami, Fla.; B.A.; Industrial Labor Relation Management; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Standards Board Representative. MAINGUTH, MICHAEL D. -Tampa, Florida; B.A.; Philosophy; Young Demo crats; Student Government Public Rela tions; Campus Publications. MALCOLM, GAIL A. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.; B.A.; Special Ed.; Alpha Delta Pi; Student Council of Exceptional Children; Resident Assistant-Delta Hall; U.C. Finance Committee; Panhellenic-pres., 1st and 2nd vice-pres. MANLEY, RICHARD M. -Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Social Sciences; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Fine Arts Chorale; IRHC Athletic Chairman; Alpha Hall Officer. MANN, LESLIE A. -Tampa, Fla.; B.S.; Electrical Engineering; Tau Beta Phi; Engineering Honorary; Co-op Student Council -chairman; Engineering College Association -Student Branch; Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers. MANRIQUE, SUSAN T. -Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Elem. Ed.; Dean's List 1969; Young Republicans sec.; Fla. Young Republi cans -state sec. MARCHMAN, DONALD L. Bartow, Fla.; B.A.; Industrial Management. MARSH, ELIZABETH F. Lake Panasoffkee, Fla.; B.A.; Elem. Ed. Baptist Student Union; University Band. MARTENS, MAXINE ELAINE -Vero Beach, Fla.; B.A.; Management; Econom ics Club; Management Student Advisory Council. MARTIN, MICHAEL J. -Lighthouse Point, Fla.; B.A.; Geography; Gamma Theta Upsilon; National Geography Fraternity; Andros Men's Residence Halls As sociation. MASCHINO, ENRICO S. -St. Peters burg, Fla.; B.A.; Physical Ed.; Pi Kappa Alpha; Vanity Swim Team. MASSA, LAWRENCE A. Miami, Fla.; B.A.; Sociology. MASSARO, JAYNE M.-Brandon, Fla.; B.A.; Fine Arts-Sculpture; Delta Delta Delta. MASSARSKY, BARRIE S. No. Miami Beach, Fla.; B.A.; English-Journalism; Athenaeum; Copy Editor 1969, Managing Editor and Editor-in-Chief 19 7 0-Agean; Resident Assistant-Kappa Hall; Gold Key. MATTIE, WILLIAM A. Adjuntas, Puerto Rico; Industrial Management; Delta Tau Delta Fraternity. MATUS, SYLVIA L. -Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Elem. Ed.; Honor Roll 1968; Dean's List _1969. MAWHINNEY THOMAS C. -Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Personnel Management; Kappa Phi Fraternity; Management Student Ad visory Council. MAXFIELD, VIRGINIA A. -Orlando, Fla.; B.A.; Psychology; Psi Chi; Residnt Assistant; Decorations Committee. McBRIDE, ROBERT E. -Lakeland, Fla.; B.A.; Psychology. McCALL, DIANE F. -Orlando, Fla.; B.A.; Biology Ed.; Alpha Delta Pi; Dorm Officer. McCLENEN, KENT D. -Bradenton, Fla.; B.A.; Management; Pi Sigma Epsilon; Computer Club. McCOY, CAROL L.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Political Science-International Relations; Kappa Delta. McCRACKEN, JOHN W. III-Cleveland, Ohio; B.A.; Psychology-MarketingEd.; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Pi Sigma Epsilon; National Professional Marketing Society. McCRA VE JEFFREY J. -Massapequa Park, New jersey; B.A.; Mathematics. McCULLOUGH, JUDITH -St. Peters burg, Fla.; B.A.; Elem. Ed.; Association for Childhood Education-pres.; College of Education Council-vice-pres.; Student Florida Education Association; Student National Education Association. McCURLEY, MARJORIE S. Melbourne, Fla.; B.A.; German and Spanish; Dean's List; German Club. McCUISTON, SHEILAIndialantic, Fla.; B.A.; Art Ed. McDANNOLD, JAMES M. JR.Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Political Science. McDONALD, ALAN M.-Sarasota, Fla.; B.A.; Ed.-Social Science. McGARY, JOHN L. -Lutz, Fla.; B.A.; Zoology; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Baseball Team. McGUIRE, WILLIAM R. -Clermont, Fla.; B.A.; Marketing. McKINNEY, LYNDA G. -St. Peters burg, Fla.; Elem. Ed. McLAUGHLIN ERIC L. -St. Peters burg, Fla.; B.A.; Anthropology-Psy chology. McLEOD, MICHAEL J.-Lutz, Fla.; B.A.; Finance; Pi Sigma Epsilon. McMAHON, MAUREENClearwater, Fla.; B.A.; English Ed. MEEKS, BOB F.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Geology. MENDEZ, SANTA-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Elem. Ed. MERL, KATHY E. Miami Beach, Fla.; B.A.; History MERSEL, MERRILL K. Miami Beach, Fla.; B.A.; Psychology; Zeta Beta Tau.

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MESICK, SUSAN M. Clearwater, Fla.; B.A.; Elem. Ed.; SFEAvice. pres. MESSOLINE, VALERIE M. Miami, Fla.; B.A.; Social Science. METRIN, CLINTON F. -Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Industrial Management; AIESEC. MICHAELS, JANE A. Miami, Fla.; B.A.; Elem. Ed.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Student Education Association; Panhellenic; UC Committee; Fall Frolics; Standards Board Representative; Association for Childhood Education International; Council of Education, Elementary repre sentative; ICA; Senator of Education. MIJARES, JORGE A.Caracas, Venezuela; B.A.; Accounting; Senior Accounting Organization; World Affairs Council; Senior Class Organization. MIKELL, EMORY A. JR.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Chemistry; Phi Delta Theta; IFC-sec. MIKESELL, PHYLLIS A.Winter Park, Fla.; B.A.; Special Ed.; Delta Delta Delta-treas.; Kappa Sigma Little Sister; Resident Assistant; Kappa Standards Board Chairman; Dean's List. MIKKELSEN, JANAN E. -Marathon Shores, Fla.; B.A.; Political Science; Delta Gamma pres. MILBAUER, AMY L. Miami, Fla.; B.A.; Art. MILES, GERALD E. -Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Finance. MILLEN, DAVID C. -Fort Lauderdale, Fla.; B.A.; Management; Sigma Nu. MILLER, ARCHIE C. JR. -Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Elem. Ed.; Delta Tau Delta. MILLER, JUDITH K. -Orlando, Fla.; B.A.; Elem. Ed.; Continuous Laboratory Learning Experience Program. MILLER, JUNE 0 -Tampa, Fla.; M.A.Speech Pathology; Athenaeum; Speech Pathology Club; Exceptional Child Club. MILLER, R. WAYNE -Temple Ter race, Fla.; B.A.; Pre-Law; National CoOperative Education Commission. MINISH, COMER E. -St. Petersburg, Fla.; B.A.; Industrial Management; Management -Student Feedback Group. MITCHELL, PATRICIA R.-St. Peters burg, Fla.; B.A.; Elem. Ed.; Band-Brass Choir. MITTAUER, BOB W.Hollywood, Fla.; B.A.; Industrial Management; Kappa Phi. MOHR, APRIL D. -Daytona Beach, Fla.; B.A.; Political Science; Athenaeum; WHAT; IBHC; Kappa Hall sec-treas. MOISUK, RONALD P.-Meriden, Conn. B.A.; Geology; Kappa Phi-sec. MONTIETH, EUGENE F.-Palm Harbor, Fla.; B.A.; Education. Senior Inde x MOON, SHERRIE J.Clearwater, Fla.; B.A.; Sociology. MORBACK, HENRY R.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Marketing; Pi Sigma Epsilon. MOORE, EDWARD C. -Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Broadcasting; UC Photo Committee; WUSF -TV Staff. MORDEN, JAMES R.-Orlando, Fla.; B.A.; Music Arts. MORE, MARY L. -Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; History & Social Science Ed.; Honors Convocation. MOREHEAD, ELLA M. St. Peters burg, Fla.; B.A.; Elem. Ed.; SFEA Association. MORFORD, PAMELA J.-Daytona Beach, Fla.; B.A.; Distributive Education; Student F.E.A. MORGAN, MICHAEL E. -Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Industrial Management. MORRIS, PATRICIA A.-Temple Ter race, Fla.; B.A.; Music -Secondary Ed.; Alpha Delta Pi; Lambda Chi Alpha-Sweetheart; Greek Chorus; Orientation Leader. MOSKOWITZ, BRUCE W.Coral Gables, Fla.; B.A.; Natural Sciences; Theta Chi; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Pre-Medical -pres. MUDD, CHARLES B.Lutherville, Maryland; B.A.; Geography; Alpha Tau Omega; Gamma Theta Upsilon; Interfraternity Council vice-pres. MUELLER, YVONNE M. Englewood, Fla.; B.A.; Physical Ed.; A.A.H.P.E.R.; F .A.H.P.E.R. MULLIS, DENNIS M.Mulberry, Fla.; B.A.; Management Behavioral Science; Sigma Nu. MULLINS, JOHN T. -St. Petersburg, Fla.; B.A.; Psychology; Psi Chi; Circle K treas. MUNYER, MARILYN S. Boca Raton, Fla.; B.A.; English; Sport Parachute Club; Oracle Staff; Young Republicans sec.; Press Club; Windjammers Sailing Club; Theatre. MURPHY, EDA E.-Orlando, Fla.; B.S.; Elem. Ed. MURPHY, PATRICIA E. -St. Petersburg, Fla.; B.A.; Elem. Ed.; Delta Zeta; Kappa Delta Pi; Panhellenic. MURRAY, JEROME D. Miami, Fla.; B.A.; Zoology; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. MURRAY, RALPH P.-Palmetto, Fla.; B.A.; Sociology; Delta Tau Delta. MUSIAL, A. J.Hollywood, Fla..; B.A.; Political Science; Social Science Education; Tau Kappa Epsilon-vice pres.; Chairman Students for Responsible Government; Representative Student Association; Karate Club; Fencing; Young Re publican Club; IFC sec. MYERS, BARBARA V. E. -Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Elem. Ed.-Visual Aids; LEAVO. MYERS, FRANK E. -Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Zoology. N NAPIER, PETER E. -Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Political Science; Faculty Student Association. NAPIER, ROBERT W. II-Ft. Lauder dale, Fla.; B.A.; Speech Broadcasting; Library -Education; Amateur Radio Club; WUSF-TV; WUSF-FM. NASH, DONALD A. -Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Social Studies Ed.; UC Music Committee. NAVARRO, MERCEDES-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; History; Secondary Ed.-Social Science; History Community. NELSON, JEANNE A.-New Port Richey, Fla.; B.A.; Psychology; Russian Club -Jr. NELSON, THOMAS F.-Tampa, F l a.; B.A.; Business and Education; Tau Kappa Epsilon; Young Republicans-pres.; Rep resentative Student Association; Karate Club. NEWTON, ANN E. Clearwater, Fla.; B.A.; Elem. Ed. NISSEL, SHERRY H. Miami, Fla.; B.A.; Elem. Ed.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Greek Chorus. NITARDI, JOHN B.-Reading, Pa.; B.A.; Marketing; Pi Sigma Epsilon; Student Government College of Business -representative; Standards Board representative. NORANBROCK, TOM A.-Winter Haven, Fla.; B.A.; Industrial Management; Pi Sigma Epsilon. NORES, MICHAEL E. -Tampa, Fla..; B.S.; Electrical Engineering; ECA; Ski Club. NORRIS, ALAN C. -Ft. Myers, Fla.; B.A.; Business Management and Mar keting; Sigma Phi Epsilon. NOUSIAINEN, GEORJEAN E. -St. Petersburg, Fla.; B.A.; Sociology; Sociolo gy Club. 0 O'BARR, MARK H. -Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Biology Education. OBRENTA, BRUCE E.-Clearwater, Fla.; B.A.; Marketing. O'DANIEL, CHARLES R. Valrico, Fla.; B.A.; English. ORENDORF, CHRISTINE E. -Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Anthropology; Student Government; WHAT; Catholic Student Orga nization-floor social chairman; Dorm social chairman. 275

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276 O'ROURKE, JOHN F. Evarts, Ky.; B.A.; Education; Pi Kappa Alpha-rush chairman; Who's Who; American Ath letes. OWENS, CARLOS j.-Lake Wales, Fla.; B.A.; Secondary Ed.-Social Studies. OWENS, NORMA D.-Lake Wales, Fla.; B.A.; Secondary Ed.-English-Math; College of Education CounciL p PACE, JAMES E. Pickens, S.C.; B.S.; Geology; Tau Kappa Epsilon. PACKARD, WALTER j.-Venice, Fla.; B.A.; Anthropology; Kappa Phi; Corre sponding Sec.; Anthropology Club, V.P. PACKER, WILLIAM E.-Panama City, Fla.; B.S.; Electrical Engineering; Afro American Society; Engineering College Assoc.; Student Government. PADGETT, CARL M. JR.-Lake Wales, Fla. ; B.A.; History, Pre-Law; Delta Tau Delta. PAGE, DORIS A. Miami, Fla.; B.A.; Elem. Ed.; A.C.E.I. PAINTER, DOUGLAS M.Lantana, Fla.; B.A.; Social Science Ed. and History; Tau Kappa Epsilon. PANGLE, JEANNEOrange Park, Fla.; B.A.; Elem. Ed.; Delta Zeta. PANNING, CURTIS A. Orlando, Fla.; B.A.; Marketing. PANTLING, JAMES C.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Geology, Physics; Theta Chi; Sigma Pi Sigma-associate member. PARENT, FRANK G. Coral Gables, Fla.; B.A.; Marketing. PARR, SANDRA D.Lutz, Fla.; B.A.; Elem. Ed. and Secondary Ed.Math. PATRICK, ROBERT L.-jacksonville, Fla.; B.A.; Secondary Ed.-Math; Pi Mu Epsilon Mathematics Honor Socity; Fon tana-DeSoto Hall Student Assoc.-pres.; F.A.-Fontana Hall; Inter-residence Hall Council-Rep. PEARCE, CRAIG S.-Jacksonville, Fla.; B.A.; Industrial Relauons; Sports Car Club; Fencing Club. PEARSON, LINDA M.Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Art Education. PEARSON, PATRICIA L.-Orlando, Fla.; B.A.; Elem. Ed. PEDDICORD, MARGARET A.-St. Petersburg, Fla.; B.A.; Social Science Ed. PEEL, CHERYL P St. Petersburg, Fla.; B.A.; Business Ed.; Delta Zeta. PEIPER, LARRY R. Tampa, Fla.; B.S.; Mechanical PERKINSON, JANE D. St. Peters burg, Fla.; B.A.; Elem. Ed. Senior Index PERRITTI, CHARLIE J.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Sociology; Sigma Nu. PERRY, BARBARA A. St. Peter3 burg, Fla.; B.A.; Elem. Ed.; Program Council, Coffee House Committee. PETO, SUSAN M.Deerfield Beach, Fla.; B.S.; Physical Ed.; Chi Omega; SRG. PETTIJOHN, LYLA M.Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Elem. Ed.; University Center Hospi tality Committee. PFAU, LOUIS W.-Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.; B.A.; Art Ed. POOLE, EUGENE A. Ocala, Fla.; B.A.; Physical Ed. POUNDS, GLORIA E. St. Petersburg, Fla.; B.A.; Social Science Ed. POVENELLI, SUSAN G. Palm Beach Gardens, Fla.; B.A.; Zoology. POWELL, CHARLES S. Venice, Fla.; B.A.; Secondary Ed.; Baptist Student Union. PRIBYL, JOH N F. St. Petersburg, Fla.; B.A.; Psychology and Physical Ed.; Pi Kappa Alpha; Psi Chi; Psychology Honor Society; Kappa Delta Pi, Educa tional Honor Society. PRICE, GARY A. Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Psychology. PRICE, JAMES C. Altoona, Fla.; B.A.; Marketing. PRITCHARD, SHARON L. Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; English-Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. PROPES, MARVIN A. West Palm Beach, Fla.; B.A.; Finance. PULEO, FRANK Tampa, Fla.; B.S.; Zoology-Pre-Dental; Alpha Tau Omega rush chm., ritual officer; Orientation Leader ; Delta Delta Delta Mascot, 143, P.A. PUTMAN, RALPH W.Temple Ter race, Fla.; B.A.; Elem. Ed. Q QUESADA, FRANK Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Finance; Board of Directors; Stu dent Government-sec. of Finance. R RAAB, SUSAN C. Clearwater, Fla.; B.A.; Economics; Economic Club. MARION R. St. Peters burg, Fla.; B.A.; Elem. Ed. RAHN, HOLLY L. -Largo, Fla.; B.A.; EnglishJ ournalism. RAIFORD, SHARON M.-Plant City, Fla.; B.A.; Psychology. RASKA, ROSE A. Homestead, Fla.; B.A.; Elementary Ed.-English; Kappa AI pha Theta; College of Education Associa tion; Student Government Legislature; SRG. RASSLER, RENEE J. Tampa, Fla.; B.A. ; English/journalism Education; Aegean; Student Florida Education As sociation; Gold Key Honor Society. REBERKENNY, MARY ELIZABETH A. Gulfport, Fla.; B.A.; Elem. Ed. REED, DONNA D.-Clearwater, Fla.; B.A.; Anthropology; Kappa Alpha Theta; Sailing Club; Anthropology Club; Dormitory Government. REED, JOHN F. Bradenton, Fla.; B .A.; Business-Management; Computer Club. REGAN, ROBERT A. Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Marketing; Alpha Tau Omega. REIN, KAREN D. Pensacola, Fla.; B.A.; Business Ed.; Gold Key; Kappa Delta Pi; Pi Sigma Epsilon. REINHART, LOIS R. Cocoa Beach, Fla.; B.A.; Math Ed.; Pi Mu Epsilon. RESPESS, GLORIA D. Winter Park, Fla.; B.A.; Elem. Ed.; College of Educa tion Council Representative. REYNIERS, JON P. Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Bacteriology; Computer Club-pres. REYNOLDS, GREGORY A. Syra cuse, N.Y.; B.A.; Marketing; Kappa Phi; Fontana Hall-social committee. RHILINGER, ELSIE E. Lutz, Fla.; B.A.; English. RHODES, JOHN S. Clearwater, Fla.; B.A.; Political Science; Circle K-pres., gov.; Student Government-Att'y General, Space Committee, Facilities Committee, Board of Directors; Laws and Reg. Com mittee Chairman of Senior Class; Tutor in IT; Chairman of United Fund Drive. RICKABAUGH, RODNEY E. Lake Park, Fla.; B.A.; Physical Ed. RIGAU, ROGER V. Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Political Science; Sigma Alpha Epsi Ion. RING, JOHN R.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Ind. Management. RISSMANN, HEINZ Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Geography; Gamma Theta Upsilon; World Affairs Council. ROACH, SARAH S. Clearwater, Fla.; B.A.; Elementary Ed.-Early Childhood. ROBBINS, JANE P. Gainesville, Fla.; B.A.; English-Journalism Ed. ROBCKE, JEAN P. Largo, Fla.; B.A.; Physical Ed. ROBERTS, W. ARTHUR-jacksonville, Fla.; B.A.; Zoology; Pre-Medical Society; University Wind Ensemble; Basic Studies Representative; Liberal Arts Advi sory Council. ROBINSON, DIANE W.Lutz, Fla.; B.A.; Elem. Ed. ROBINSON, OSCAR L. St. Peters burg, Fla.; B.A.; Elem. Ed.

PAGE 278

ROBINSON, RANDALL Clearwater, Fla.; B.A.; Social Science Ed. ROBLE, WOODROW J.Sarasota, Fla.; B.A.; Management Science; Pi Sigma Epsilon; German Club; Young Democrats. RODANTE, FRANK A.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Ind. Management; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Andros Men's Social Committee. RODGERS, JOHN A. Avon Park, Fla.; B.A.; Chemistry Ed.; Tau Kappa Ep silon-sec.; Student Fla. Education Associ ation-pres.; College of Education Association; USF Legislature; Student Body President's Secretary of External Affairs; Dorm Pres.; Andros Men's Council. RODRIQUEZ, ANTONIO St. Peters burg, Fla.; M.A.; Guidance. ROLLINS, JOHN K. St. Petersburg, Fla.; B.A.; Elem. Ed. ROMIGH, LINDA L. Orlando, Fla.; B.A.; Speech-English Ed. RONAN, KATHERINE M.Longwood, Fla.; B.A.; Social Studies Ed. ROSELLO, ROLAND A. Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Political Science and Speech; Sigma Phi Epsilon; University Public Re lations Committee and Inter-Fraternity Council. ROSS, HOWARD-Miami, Fla.; B.A.; Political Science; Tau Epsilon Phi; Resident Assistant; Interfraternity Council-2nd vic-pres. ROSS, MYLES J.-St. Petersburg, Fla.; B.A.; Political Science; Tau Kappa Epsilon; Omicron Delta Kappa; Omicron Beta Kappa-pres.; Aegean manag. ed., ed. in-chief; Orientation Leader; S.C. Pres.' Advisory Council. ROTHCHILD, IRWIN J.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Industrial Management. RUIZ, ANDRES J.-Miami, Fla.; B.A.; Spanish Ed.; Sigma Phi Epsilon. RUSSO, JOHN E. -Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; History; Tau Kappa Epsilon. RUSSO, SHIRLEY A. Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Elem. Ed. RYAN, JOHN F. -Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Geology; Geology Club-pres.; Veterans' Club. RYAN, NAOMI B.-Temple Terrace, Fla.; B.A.; Elem. Ed. s SAAVEDRA, CARLOS R. -Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Anthropology; Anthropology Club; World Council Organization. SABIN, JOSEPH R. Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Mathematics Ed.; Young Republi cans. SALGADO, MICHAEL A. Tampa, Fla.; B.S.; Chemical Engineering; Kopp's Killers' Teams. Senior Index SAMUELSON, TERRY L.-Lakeland, Fla.; B.A.; Marketing. SANCHEZ, SHIRLEY J.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Sociology; Kappa Alpha Theta. SANDERS, REBECCA A.-Miami, Fla.; B.A.; Elem. Ed. SASSER, BILLY G. Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Accounting; Senior Accounting Club. SASSER, PATRICIA M.Brandon, Fla.; B.A.; English Ed.; Kappa Delta Pi; Aegean; Oracle; Spring Poetry Festival publicity chairman; UC Public Relations Committee, Publicity Committee-sec.; Sports Car Club; Gamma Hall-pres., stan dards board, floor academic chairman. SATCHEL, FRANK R. Mulberry, Fla.; B.A.; Business Ed. and Office Ad ministration; UC Personnel Committee. SAULTER, DAVID L. Quincy, Fla.; B.A.; Political Science; Alpha Phi Omega; Alpha Hall-pres., governor; UC Photo Club-vice-pres.; Student Steering Committee of the University Chapel Fellow ship; Ass't Att'y General of Student Government. SAVERY, ARTHUR B.-Fort Myers, Fla.; B.S.; Engineering. SAWYER, APRIL M.Ozona, Fla.; B.A.; Elem. Ed. SAXE, DIANE M.-Miami, Fla.; B.A.; English; UC Program Council-acting sec., chairman of Inter Communications; Dorm Pres.; Floor Pres.; SA Polling Com mittee-chairman; fall Frolics Publicity Committee-chairman; Senior Class vice-pres. SCHIEVELLA, DIANE L.-Fort Myers, Fla.; B.A.; Elem. Ed.; Association for Childhood Education; NCTCA. SCHEHLEY, HERBERT H.-Auburn dale, Fla.; B.A.; Ind. Management-Dis tributive Education. SCHMIDGALL, CLAUDINE H. Tam pa, Fla.; B.A.; Social Science Ed. SCHNEIDER, CAROL A. Clearwater, Fla.; B.S.; Social Science Secondary Ed. SCHOOF, CAROL B. Madeira Beach, Fla.; B.S.; Bacteriology. SCHRADER, ROSE I. Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Bacteriology; World Affairs Coun cil. SCHUH, JOHN M. St. Petersburg, Fla.; B.A.; English. SEAY, SHIRLEY N. Tallahassee, Fla.; B.A.; Early Childhood Ed. SEIDLER, RAYMOND M.Miami, Fla.; B.A.; Accounting; Tau Kappa Epsi lon. SEIFERT, GERALD M.St. Louis, Mo.; B.A.; Management; Phi Delta Theta; Outstanding College Athletes of America. SETSAAS, BJORN Trondheim, Nor way; B.A.; Marketing; Pi Sigma Epsilon; USF Book Exchange Committee. SEXTON, RONALD L. Largo, Fla.; B.A.; Marketing; Pi Sigma Epsilon. SHAH, RAVINDRA H. Lakeland, Fla.; M.S.; Electrical Engineering; Tau Beta Pi; Fla. Engineering Society and Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engi neers. SHELTON, CAROL E. Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Psychology. SHEPHERD, STEPHEN R. -Tampa, Fla.; B.S.; Industrial Engineering; FES; ECA; Windjammers; IEEE. SHEPP, PEGGY W.-Lutz, Fla.; B.A.; Elem. Ed. SHEPPARD, SARA A. Vero Beach, Fla.; B.A.; Elem. Ed.; Kappa Alpha Theta. SHAH, RAMESH 8.Bombay, India; M.A.; Bacteriology. SHIPLEY, JAMES C. St. Petersburg, Fla.; B.S.; Education. SHOLUND, MARGARET B. Clear water, Fla.; B.A.; Psychology. SHUCK, LUANA L. Cocoa Beach, Fla.; B.A.; Elem., SHUMAN, GLENN A. Miami Beach, Fla.; B.A.; Finance; Tau Epsilon Phi. SIERRA, ARLEEN A. Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Math. SIERRA, SYLVIA F.Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Business Ed. SIKORSKI, ANNE J.Osprey, Fla.; B.A.; Social Science Secondary Ed. SILAS, LINDA S. Jacksonville, Fla.; B.A.; Education; Campus Crusade for Christ. SIMMONS, CiNTWA L. Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Psychology-Sociology; Afro American Society; Ethos. SIMON, ARNOLD G. Hialeah, Fla.; B.A.; Accounting; Tau Epsilon Phi. SIMON, JON S. Lutz, Fla.; B.A.; Natural Science Divisional Chemistry. SIMON, ROHERT M.-Tampa, Fl3.; B.S.; Industrial Engineering; FES. SIMPSON, E. LANG St. Petersburg, Fla.; B.A.; Social Science Ed.; Phi Delta Theta; Young Republicans-Special Events Committee-district chairman. SIMS, JOHN D. Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Management. SIPE, SUE M. St. Petersburg, Fla.; B.A.; Elem. Ed. SMim, ARTHUR E. -Tampa, Fla.; B.S.; Mechanical Engineering; Campus Crusade for Christ; FES; Environment '70. 277

PAGE 279

278 SMI1H, BARBARA M.Tallwast, Fla.; B.A.; Sociology. SMITII, CLYDE T. Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Elem. Ed.; Delta Delta Delta. SMITII, MAUREEN-Tampa, Fla.; B.S.; English Ed. SMITII, RICHARD F.-Orlando, Fla.; B.S.; Ind. Systems Engineering; Sigma Phi Epsilon. SMITH, ROBERT A.Longview, Wash.; B.A.; Sociology. SMITII, STEVEN W.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Secondary Ed. SMITII, STUART H.-Brooklyn, N.Y.; B.A.; Marketing; Zeta Beta Tau. SOTO, ALEJANDRO-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Spanish. SOUTIIWICK, ROBERT D.Tampa, Fla.; B.S.; Mechanical Engineering. SPELLER, ALLISON L. Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Psychology-Sociology; Delta Zeta; Psi Chi; Women Here and There; Who's Who; Sociology Club; Aegean-editor in chief; Oracle; Dorm Gov't; Fontana Hall Standards Board-sec.; Synchronized Swim team; F.S.P.A.; IT program; USF PRESS Club; University Chapel Fellowship. SPENCER, GREGORY A.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Marketing. SPENCER, MARA L.-Lakeland, Fla.; B.A.; Anthropology; Athenaeum; Geolo gy Club; Anthropology Club; Student Government. SPERANZA, FRANCES R. Hallan dale, Fla.; B.A.; Speech-Broadcasting; Gamma Girll' Council-pres.; Public Relations Committee; Dance Committee; Christmas Committee; Fashion '70-ed.; Student Broadcuter WUSF-TV-RADIO; Softball Team. ST.AMANT, JOHN G.-Tampa, Fla.; B.S.; Electrical Engineering; Sigma Nu rush chairman, aocial chairman, Lt. commander, commander; UC committee member; Finance and Budget Committee; Legislative Representative of College of Engineering; Engineering College Council. STALVEY, ELIZABETII A. St. Cloud, Fla.; B.A.; Business Ed.; Theta Chi Little Sister. STANINGER, PAULA G. Jackson ville, Fla.; B.A.; Spanish. STANLEY, WILLIAM R.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Spanish-Political Science. STEINBERG, CAROL-Miami, Fla.; B.A.; Business Ed.; Alpha Epsilon Phi; National Business Education Association; Clerk of the Legislature for Student Gov ernment; LectUre and Events Committee; Fall Frolics Committee. STEINKAMP, JEANINE M.Lake land, Fla.; B.A.; Business Ed. and Office Administration; Chi Omega; SRG. Senior Index STENTZ, THOMAS R.-Port Richey, Fla.; B.A.; Elem. Ed.; Pi Kappa Alpha. STEPHENS, GLORIA L. -Jacksonville, Fla.; B.A.; Speech-English Ed.; EHTOS; Afro-American Association; Resident AssistanL STEPHENS, MAUREEN G. -Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.; B.A.; English-Library Science. STERNBERG, .CLAIRE Orlando, Fla.; B.A.; English Ed.; Kappa Delta Pi; Stan dards Board; Dorm Social Committee; Hillel; Ski Club. STOCK, HARLEY V. -Miami, Fla.; B.A.; Psychology; Zeta Beta Tau; Student Gov't Legislature; Resident Affairs Committee; Dorm-vice-pres.; Suicide Prevention Center. STOCKARD, JAMES J.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Chemistry; Omicron Delta Kappa; Gold Key-treas., vice-pres.; USF Pre-Med Society. STALTZ, KAY F. Cocoa Beach, Fla.; B.A.; Elem. Ed.; Kappa Alpha Theta. STONE, ANTHONY P. Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Math. STONE, GLENN D.-Winter Park, Fla.; B.A.; Interdivisional. STOOPMAN, GERHARD H. Largo, Fla.; B.A.; Mathematics; Pi Mu Epsilon; Sigma Pi Sigma. STREET, PATRICIA I. Largo, Fla.; B.S.; Elem. Ed.Early Childhood. STRICKLAND, ROSE M.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Elem.-Early Childhood Ed.; Association for Early Childhood Educa tion. STROBECK, ROBERT E. Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Personnel Management. STRONG, CYNTHIA A. Orlando, Fla.; B.A.; Mathematics; Alpha Delta Pipres.; Pi Mu Epsilon; Gold Key; Athenaeum; Dorm gov't-social chairman, standards board representative; Students for Responsible Gov't.; Who's Who; Top 5-Miss Aegean; Top 5-ldeal College Coed; Alpha Tau Omega Little Sister. SUBERMAN, LEE D.Orlando, Fla.; B.A.; Business Ed.; Pi Sigma Epsilon. SUPRAN, GEORGE P-Miami Beach, Fla.; B.A.; Political Science; Kappa Phi; Standards Board-Fontana Hall. SUPRENANT, JEANNE E. Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Education; Delta Gamma. SUTHERLAND, BRUCE R. Balti more, Md.; B.A.; Pi Kappa Alpha; InterResident Hall Council; Win
PAGE 280

TOMASELLO, NORMA J.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; English. TORRETTA, NELSON M.-Temple Terrace, Fla.; B.A.; Ind. Management. TRUJILLO, IVONNE L. -Tampa, Fla.; B.A.;Math. TRUJILLO, ROBERT-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; English. TURNER, MARY L.-Portland, Ore gon; B.A.; English Literature and Sociolo gy; Women Here and There; Gamma Resident Counselor; World Affairs Club; In tensive Tutorial; Community Mobilization. TYSON, MICHAEL D. jacksonville, Fla.; B.A.; Industrial Management. u USHER, MARTHA J -Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Art Ed. v VALENTI, ELAINE S.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Bacteriology. VANACORE, SYLVIA-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Elem. Ed. VAN CLEAVE, LARRY B.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Industrial Management; Univuaity Center Publicity Committee; USF Computer Club. VARGO, ROBERT F. -Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.; B.A.; Economics; Phi Delta Theta. VARN, CHRISTINE J.-Dade City, Fla.; B.S.; English Ed.; Kappa Delta. VEAL, TOM H. Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla.; B.A.; English. VEAZEY, GEORGE LEWIS-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Accounting; Photo Committee-publicity chairman; Aegean-staff photographer. VENNING, MARGARET M.-Plant City, Fla.; B.A.; Bwiness Ed.; Student Fla. Education Assn.-sec. VERTICH, MARK T.Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Marketing; Pi Sigma Epsilon; Senior Class-treas. VODENICKER, JOHN P. -Ormand Beach, Fla.; B.A.; Accounting; Kappa Sigma. VOGEL, JOANN H. -Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Social Science Ed. w WAGNER, CHARLES E.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Marketing; Tau Kappa Epsilon. WAGNER, JOHN M.Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Sociology; Sociology Club; Sociolo gy Dept. Representative. WALKER, RICHARD ROGERWest Palm Beach, Fla.; B.A.; Physical Ed. WALKER, JEFFERSON T. Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Political Science; Your Opinon Unoppressed president. Senior Index WALKER, WILUAM F. Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Zoology-Marine Biology; USF Karate Club; Marine Biology Club. WALLACE, PEGGY J.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Mathematics Ed. WALTER, STEPHEN j.Sanibel Island, Fla.; B.A.; Spanish Ed. WARE, J. GEORGE Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Accounting; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. WARE, MARTHA H. Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Elem. Ed. WASE, RAYMOND EDWARD-St. Petersburg, Fla.; B.A.; Natural Sciences; Pre-Medical Society-vice-pres; Resident Counselor. WATTS, ROBERT T.-Rye, N.Y.; B.S.; Marketing; Kappa Phi-vice-president, rush chairman. WAX, HERBERT L.-Dade City, Fla.; B.A.; Marketing. WEBB, jUDY M. Palmetto, Fla. B.A.; Elem. Ed. WEGNER, PETER R.-Port Washington, N.Y.; B.A.; Accounting; Gold Key; Accounting Club. WEINSTEIN, STEVEN A.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Art Ed. WELLS, CHARLES M.-Lakeland, Political Science; Pi Sigma Ep silon. WENZEL, STEVEN G. Temple Ter race, Fla.; B.A.; Political Science. WERTZ, BEVERLY j.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Elem Ed.; Aaaociation for Child hood Education International WESPISER, CAROL L.-Venice, Fla.; B.A.; Elem. Ed.; Association for Childhood Education International; Florida Education Association. WESTON RICHARD B.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Management and Economics; Phi Theta Kappa; Economics Club; Management Student Advisory Board. WHEATON, JON F.Pompano Beach, Fla.; B.A.; Music Ed.; Alpha Tau Omega; Greek Chorus-director; Diamond Man of Alpha Delta Pi; Orientation Leader. WHITAKER, THOMAS 0.-Hialeah, Fla.; B.A.; Personnel Management; Sigma Nu. WHITCOMB, CHRISTINE L. Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Elem. Ed.; University Center Dance Committee. WHITE, ANITA GAYNELL-Sarasota, Fla.; B.A.; Special Ed.-Mental Retardation; Association for Childhood Educa tion. WHITE, ANNETTE R. Marietta, Ga.; B.A.; Physical Ed.; Baaketweaver&historian, president; Campus Gold president. WHITE, BETSY R. Sebastian, Fla.; B.A.; Music Ed. WHITE, SUSAN C.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Zoology; Gold Key. WHITEHEAD, ALONZO-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Accounting. WHITEHEAD, DONNA -Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Elem. Ed. WHITENIGHT, DARCY G.-Pughk.eepsie, N.Y.; B.A.; Personnel Management. WHITLOCK, BLANDINE V.-Leesburg, Fla.; B.A.; French. WHITSON, ALYCE A. St. Petersburg, Fla.; B.A.; Elem. Ed.; Phi Theta Kappa. WHITWAM, JACK C. -South Daytona, Fla.; B.A.; Accounting. WIEDEFELD, ROBERT F.-Balti more, Maryland; B.A.; History; Pi Kappa Alpha. WIKEL, jANET M.-Orlando, Fla.; B.A.; Elem. Ed. WILDER, CHARLES D. Orlando, Fla.; B.A.; Natural Science; Tau Kappa Epsilon; Omicron Beta Kappa; National Student Register; Who's Who; Resident Assistant; Orientation Leader; Student Gov't. Rathskellar Committee. WILDER, ROBERT G. Lakeland, Fla.; B.S.; Engineering; Sigma Phi Epsi lon. MICHAEL _A_. -jackson ville, Fla ; B.A.; Pre-Medicine-Zoology; Pre-Medical Society; Hillel-treasurer, chaplain. WILUAMS, CYNTHIA H. Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Psychology. WILLIAMS, JAN J.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Secondary Ed.; Young Repub lican 's-vicc-president; Politically Active Conservative Counc'il; Committee for a Rational University. WILLIAMS, LARRY L. Seminole, Fla.; B.A.; Accounting. WILLIAMS, LOUISE W.-Largo, Fla.; B.A.; Elem. Ed. WILLIAMS, NANCY K. St. Pctenburg, Fla.; B.A.; English. WILLIAMS, WENDY M. -Miami, Fla.; B.A.; Elem. Ed.; Kappa Delta; Who' Who; S.C. Representative; Panhellenic Council. WILLIS, GREGORY A.-Clearwater, Fla.; B.A.; Accounting; Delta Tau Delta; Circle K-pres.; Senior Claas-pres.; Consti tution Committee. WINNING, JORGA C. jacksonville, Fla.; B.A.; Vocal Music Ed.; Delta Gam ma; Lambda Chi Alpha Little Sister; Music Educators National Conference; University Center Chorus. 279

PAGE 281

280 WITUCKI, ELLEN J.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Elem. Ed.; Delta Zeta. WOLF, MARILEE-Winter Haven, Fla.; B.A.; English-Speech Ed.; WUSF-staff; Resident Assistant. WOODS, GWENDOLYN D. Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; English-Journalism Ed. WOODWARD, EDWARD J.-Bradenton, Fla.; B.A.; Physical Ed.; Kappa Delta Pi. WOOLFORD, NANCY P. Indian Rocks Beach, Fla.; B.A.; Education. WRIGHT, DONNA L.-Tampa, Fla ; B.A.; English-Journalism Ed.; Delta Gam ma; Aegean-staff. WRIGHT, GEORGE C.-Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Accounting; Senior Accounting Organization. WUERMLI, JOSEPH C. -Tampa, Fla. ; B.A.; Marketing; Pi Sigma Epsilon. Now is the hour of leaving. We stand between a place gave us only questions and a world where vague memory-dreams touch our minds, a world which calls to us to put the pieces together into a possibility into a maybe-answer for all questions. Senior Index y YATES, DON D. Frostproof, Fla ; B.A.; History. YOHNER, HERBERT P. -Tampa, Fla ; B.A.; Penonnel Management; Tennis Team. YORK, MICHAEL S. -Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Psychology; Alpha Tau Omega. YOUNG, BENJAMIN K. Lakeland, Fla.; M.S.; Materials Engineering; American Society for Metals; Florida Engi neering Society; Engineering College As sociation. YOUNG, KENNETH H. Clewiston, Fla.; B.A.; Spanish-English Ed. YOUNG, MARY E. Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Elem. Ed. z ZACARRI, GERALD L. -St. Louis, Mo.; B.A.; Management Science; Phi Delta Theta; Outstanding College Athletes of America; USF Soccer Team; All -State Soccer Team; All-South Soccer Team. ZALE, CAROLE D.-Tampa, Fla.; B A.; Business Ed. ZEMAN, JAROMILLA -Dade City, Fla. ; B.A.; Marketing Gold Key; Pi Sigma Epsilon, Fashion Committee. ZIEGLER, E JOYThonotosassa, Fla.; B.A.; Biology Ed.; Pre-Medical Society; Marine Biology Club ZIMBLE, ALAN RICHARD -Swamp scott, Mass.; B.A.; English; South Fla. Re view assoc. ed. ZIMMERMAN, HERBERT J.-Miami, Fla.; B S.; Industrial Systems Engineering ; Alpha Tau Omega; Florida Engineering Society; Resident Assistant. ZIMMERMAN, JANIS G.-Tampa, Fla.; B.S.; Political Science -International Studies; Athenaeum; Gold Key; Hospi tality Committee-chairman.


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