University of South Florida yearbook. (1971)

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University of South Florida yearbook. (1971)

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University of South Florida yearbook. (1971)
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Aegean. (1971)
University of South Florida
USF Faculty and University Publications
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Tampa, Fla
University of South Florida
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9 v. : ill. ; 32 cm.


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Vol. 1, no. 1 (1963/64)-no. 9 (1972).
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Vol. for 1972 lacks enumeration.

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University of South Florida Library
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University of South Florida
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LOOK. with the eyes of a child, we can learn how to see in a simple world of wonder and beauty




6 REFLECT. if we stop and notice the things all around us, we will find that for every one side we see another is reflected nearby So take they quest through nature It take through thousand natures p l y ; Ask on thou clothed eternity ; T ime is the false reply v erses from W i lliam Wordsworth and R a lph Waldo Eme r son And hark! how blithe the throstle sings! He, too, is no mean preacher: Come forth into the light of things; Let nature be your teacher.


One impulse from a vernal wood May teach you more of man, Of moral evil and of good, Than all the sages can. See thou bring not to field or stone The fancies found in books; Leave author's eyes, and fetch your own, To brave the landscape's looks. 7


8 WONDER. to recapture the sense of wonder we lost along the way, we need to look at our world as if we are seeing it for the first time




LOVE. use the love filled eyes of a child, and we may find enough love that we could give some away




12 CREATE. we can all create in our own special way, and add our share to a world in need of loving, and a time needing people who care


. . : . . , . . . . . -. I / ... ,' . . ,. -. .. .. . I . .' . '.' . . . , ,,: :: . . . We a i m and project ourselves To u l timate goals Grasping searching, learning to learn To be curious, to think. We come together. To learn from the masters of old Investigating the past Adding to the present Ref l ecting the future But becoming masters of now In a whirlpool of discovery And expansion. To enjoy life for what it is Academics OPPOSITE FAR LEFT: Dr. Edwin Martin, Dean o f C ollege of Basic S tudies; OPPOSITE, LEFT: Dr. Robert C line Dean of College of B usiness Administration; ABOVE, LEFT: Mr. Edgar K o p p D e a n of Co llege of Engineer i ng; ABOVE, RIGHT: Dr. Rus s ell Coop er, Dean of C ollege o f Liberal A rts ; ABOVE: D r Jean B attle, Dean of Co llege of E du cat i o n. Left design b y J i m W illia ms, Educati o nal R esources 15


I am but a child There is an innocence in my laugh, A begging in my smile. If you pick me up, I won't question why, only How long will you stay? And I am young. Human failings and social excuses Haven't filled me up And held me down. I'll run to any rythmn As long as I can move And I am curious.


Take a moment to be curious ... To find the beauty in my world. You must see beyond the obvious To the unnoticed.


We recognize those who have Been with us in the past, Those who are part of the present, And those who will leave us In the future. ABOVE : D r. W ildy, Dean of Men cheers in student-faculty game accompanied by physical education p r ofessors ; LEFT: D r. and Mrs. John Allen d isplay honorary plaque; OPPOSITE, LEFT: Dean of Women Margaret Fisher confers with student in Senior Seminar class; OPPOSITE FAR RIGHT: Dr. Herbert J Wunderlich, Dean of Student Affai rs; OPPOSITE RIGHT: Acting president, Harris Dean speaks at Honors Convocat i on


We realize the world is yet young. There is much left to discover ... Yet much to change. LEFT: Students conduct research at Marine Research Laboratory at St. Petersburg Bay Campus ; OPPOSITE, BELOW : Students rally follow ing Kent State i ncident; RIGHT: Student d ramati zes damage of pol l ut i on BELOW : St. Petersburg Campus .. .. I


---\ 24 We learn about the worl d arou n d us. We search We look to the past And to the future. LE FT: Dr. Zerla, professor of mathematics explains an algebra problem; BELOW: D r Hilley, professor of engineering instructs students i n the use of machine; OPPOSITE TOP : Dr. Long discusses p lant life on botany field tri p ; OPPOSITE BELOW : Student learns by d issec ting cat.


We try to express ourselves ful l y . We display our emotions And feelings to others We use our minds and our bodies Together. OPPOS ITE, TOP : Students perform in dance producti on ; OPPOSITE, FAR LEFT: Sculpture glows in sunlight; OPPOSITE LEFT: Dr. James McCray directs reading chorus ; ABOVE: Student pa inti ng allows outlet for expression ; R IGHT: Students demonstrate horne -made floats constructed for visual design course.


We look for things We didn t know before We look at the world From a different angle ... We work with those who can help us see. ABOVE LEFT: Dr. E i chhorn V o n Wurmb explains astr o n omy c o ncepts ; ABOVE RIGHT: Pro fessor Burke t o rments Med ieva l H i story students w ith weekly qui z ; LEFT: D r McClung i nstructs student i n use o f elect ro n microscope ; OPPOSITE, TOP: Pro f Carr s f i l m writing class acts out a script; RIGHT: Eco l o gy c lass studen t s collect specimens fro m a pon d


We fill in the silence with words So that we may see beyond Our own point of view. We learn from each other. ABOVE: Dr. P arker plays piano for silent f i l m class; LEFT: Students d i sc uss vital issues i n spare time ; OPPOSITE LEFT: Dr B arber explains a case fo r Const ituti onal Law class ; OPPOSI TE FAR RIGHT : Girls discuss a pr o blem on the way to class ; OPPOSITE RIGHT: Students hash over a common attitude.


... and we learn in new ways. Rather than just from books With new instruments, new Techniques, new ideas. We practice our learning In visible ways. OPPOSITE, TOP : Students work together in pottery cons truction; OPPOSITE, LEFT: Students observe experimental animals in psychology lab while adjusting controls of living conditions; RIGHT: Professor Welker raps with students i n business ; BELOW: Intensive tutorial program provides enrich ment not only for college stu d ent, but also for underprivileged childre n


We seek practical uses For our learning. What was our purpose We seem to have lost it Along the way. We question our education Is it relevant? OPPOSITE, TOP : Student demonstrates lithography tech niques ; OPPOSITE, BELOW: As part of tutoring program, ghetto children cut pumpkins for Halloween ; ABOVE: Military service often follows graduation ; RIGHT: Construction offers good pay for graduates not finding employment.


With the eyes of a child We can learn how to learn And see how to see.


Students Here they come Some with questions, Some decisions Some with facts, Some visions Some are laughing, Some crying Some are selling, Some buying, Some trying To win what no one's ever won. All are wanting recognition .. One by one. 39


There was a time when I had reached the point of reaching for nothing at a II, And seeing that there was nothing left to see ...


I came to pull a card for a new way of life.


. . and collect as many experiences as I could


OPPOSITE LEFT: Ralph Nader speaks to students i n the USF gym for the University Center Speaker Ser ies. OPPOSITE BELOW: McKendree Spr i ng enterta ins s tudents for the Soundsations Concert LEFT: Op Art exhibit !n the library blends many photographic images into an eye catching display. BELOW LEFT: Children's Carnival enter tainment captivates a young participant. BELOW : Environment 70 members d i stri bute information during the Uni versity Center Acti v i ties Mart. E. '70\ J)d I or c"""" .c;o s and enr:to rse oti'l"'fS (19 CjJ.(' ( e us oe. c.r er o.. ,., ....... ., <) '<. E 70's DtOftTf'S iO 45




I took the thoughts of others so I could have some of my own. only to find I had none at all. ...


The words were spoken with persona I wisdom, but the meaning did not fit my mind.


wmn:N S IU:S In looking within, I found a way out.


Beautiful things to experience had been around me all along.




I knew the place I was travelling to and what I could find there if only I looked to really see. S T A 1= r ONLY 55


Everywhere there were new things to see, hear, touch and make a part of me. I


We grow up ... we forget how to play and enjoy simple things.


, I


60 We put on the faces of others so that we may see ours more clearly.


OPPOSITE ABOVE: Student Productio n of P agliacci OPPOSIT E BELOW: Readers Theatr e members prac t ice being mannequins in front of Kane's Furniture Stor e ABOVE: USF Theatre production of A Cry of Players." BELOW: USF Theatre production of "Henry IV, The L i v i ng Mask."


... ; -...,'"--;..r ,.,. : : .. ...__.:, .. 0 0.. . I listened to the songs of many singers waiting for my own song to be sung ..




Our vision is limited only by how often we close our eyes and our minds.




In the middle of our lives is a place we can always come back to. 67


... and leave, to share our times with friends. 68




70 We can sleep for a while but eventually the demands of the world wake us ...




72 But with this awakening we may find "the world is as fresh as it was at the first day, and as full of untold novelties for him who has the eyes to see them." Thomas Henry Huxley


Sports New faces, a freshman basketball team, renewed desires and dreams, exuberant victories, excruciating defeats. We are involved in the intoxicating cheer. Our involvement creates the support and drive that our athletes need to achieve their best. We are rewarded by being able to call both victories and defeats ours.




BOTTOM: Phil Vitale, Greg McElroy, Dan Gaffney, Max Kernick Steve Santos Gav i n Turner. ROW 2: Coach Dan Holcomb, Bill Dreyer, Bill Geddes, Tom Knapp Tom Rat z, Fran Costello ROW 3 : Gary K in g Norbert Myller, Dan R ic hard son, Mike Costello, Jack B elford, Mike Bannister, Fel ipe Puerto, Andy Hale TOP : Mike Bryan, Tom Sawyer, Bill Dagget Fran D e Rochmont, M ike Collier, S ilas Marner, David Copperfiel d 76 SOCCER The 1970 season was one of both lopsided victories and narrow defeats for the Brahman Soccer Team, as they finished the season with a 7 3 1 record. The Brahmans swamped St. Leo, Florida Presby terian, Georgia Tech, and Georgia State. They also reco rded victories over West Virginia, Miami Univer sity, and Denver University. The Brahmans lost three games this season as they were outclassed by Air Force. St. Louis, South ern I l linois University, and Navy The Brahmans are losing several veterans : Dan Gaffney and Phil Vitale. However, Max Kernick (who was chosen for the AllSouth Soccer Team), Steve Santos, and Gavin Turner, are the Brahman boaters wh o will return next year.


ABOVE: Brahman bench, including Coach Holcomb, cele brates after another of the Brahman's 55 seasonal goals. BE LOW: Brahman co-captai n Phil V i tal e dri bbles between two defenders OPPOSITE LEFT: Greg McElroy attempts a point as Norbert Muller moves in to assist him. 77


Brahmans Go NCAA RIGHT: Co-captain, Dan Gaffney boots a corner kick FAR RIGHT: Greg McElroy maneuvers the ball OPPOSITE BE LOW: Norert Muller skirts past a Georgia Tech defender. BELOW: Brahman stalwart, Steve Santos, s peeds toward the goal. FAR BELOW: Fran DeRochmont exhi bits his ball han dling ability.


.. . USF OPP West Virginia 6 12 Georgi a Tech 12 0 University of Miami 5 1 Air Force 1 2 Denver University 2 1 St. Louis 1 5 Southern Illinois University 0 6 Florida Presbyterian 8 0 St Leo 9 0 NCAA N at ional Tournament 0 0 Navy (Navy awa rded victory by corner kicks) 79


TOP ROW: Cosw el l D ePeiza, Bobby Dodd, John Brooks, Mike Harper, Bob Brost, Dr. Gil Hertz, Coach BOTTOM ROW : R ichard Puckerin, M i ke Godey, Ken Chorney Mike Ogle Ray Croteau. 80 CROSS COUNTRY The South Florida Cross Country squad posted 8 wins in dual meets in 1970; placed second in the Florida Univer sity Championships; 34th in the NCAA National Champion ships; and 14th in the Callaway Invitational. This season was the best in consistent squad perform ance as well as in individual achievement_ Coswell DePeiza paced the USF Harriers in 1970. Behind him were the strong performances Mike Godey, Bob Brost, Ray Croteau, Richard Puckerin, and Ken Chorney. All runners, except Ray Croteau will return next year. USF OPP Fla. State 36 21 Manatee Jr. College 25 31 Fla. Jr. College Meet 40 56 Callaway Gardens 14th place Manatee Jr. College 31 25 University of Fla. 32 29 NCAA 34th place Fla. State Meet 2nd place Fla. AAU Meet 1st place Puer t o Rico Nationals 32 23


OPPOSITE BELOW : Bob B rost sets the pace. ABOVE : Mike Godey su r ges ahead against Lake City. BELOW : Coswell DePeiza lea d s all runners in t he USF Invitational. 81


THE 1970-71 BRAHMAN BASKETBAll TEAM: Gary Stauderman, Brett Smith, Bill lear, Tommy Davis, John Kiser, Arthur Jones, Rob Mineer, Bob Frohman. Not pictured: Carton Park s and George Walls. BASKETBALL The long awaited Brahman Basketball team became a reality in 1970. Coaches Don Williams and Bob Shiver were hired to seek out and sign talented freshman play ers to be the backbone of USF's basketball program. On December 4, 1970, the work of months and years culminated with the Brahmans defeating the Uni versity of Florida Gators. Since then, the USF squad has gone on to win 14 of the l ast 18 games, including 1st place in the Edison Classic held in Ft. Myers in which John Kiser scored 42 points in one game and Tommy Davis scored 41. Bill Lear, Tommy Davis, Arthur Jones, John Kiser, and Rob Mineer have represented USF well this year. Combining Lear's and Davis' speed and ball handling with Jones', Kiser's, and Mineer's unyielding work under the boards, the Brahmans show signs of becoming a major power in the state, as also shown by their victories over Fla. A&M, University of Fla., and Florida State University. George Walls, Carton Parks Gary Stauder man, Bob Frohman, and Brett Smith provide back-up strength for the Brahman Basketball squad. 82


Beth Ruis, Ramona Huff, Patty Watson, Vicko Touchton, Kaydette Grant, Cindy Ingraham, Gail Carroll, and cen t er: Gene Long make up THE USF CHEER LEADING SQUAD. OPPOSITE LEFT: Arthur Jones goes h ogh for two points. RIGHT: Coaches Don Willoams and Bob Shiver dis cuss games strategy with the basketball team. 83


Brahman Quint Defeats UF and FSU ABOVE LEFT: Rob M inee r jumps high for the Brahmans. ABOVE: Guard Bill Lear gets this layup. LEFT: The "Golden Brahman" leads cheers at home games. OPPOSIT E LEFT: Arthur Jones tips in for another Brahman f iel d goal. OPPOSITE RIGHT: Tommy Oc;vis drives for two points OPPOSITE RIGHT BELOW : Che e rleaders put on a spirited and enthu siastic show.


USF OPP University of Fla. 87 78 Manatee Jr. College 90 86 Lake City JC 108 88 Fla State U. 95 90 Chipola Junior College 92 80 Lake City Jr. College 92 95 Fla. A&M 87 95 Gulf Coast Jr. College 98 96 Fla. A&M 113 100 Stetson University 98 78 University of Fla. 95 90 Gulf Coast Jr. College 92 126 F Ia. State U 99 97 St Pete Junior College 102 82 Edison Classic (Georgia Tech) 98 96 (Edison Jr. Coli.) 122 120 (USF 1st place) 85


86 LEFT: Brahman sharp-shooter, Tommy Dav is, displays his unique free throw style. BELOW: Corton Parks gets 2 points. OPPOSITE BELOW : Bob Mineer drives for a lay-up against the Fla. Gators. FAR RIGHT: Arthur Jones gets a tipin.


Brahmans Win Edison Classic 87


Bottom: John Fellman, Bob Pfaff, Dan Brendle, Greg Ortega Middle: John Woodward Dean Hardy Joe Lewkowicz, Mike Bridges Top: Coach Bob Gri nd l ey, Herb Stevens, R ick Morehead, M i ke Koe cheler. ... ... ,.._... V ars it y Swim m i ng The Brahman mermen returning from a disap pointing 4-8 season in 1970, turned it on in 1971, and finished 6 4, with notable victories over Tulane and the University of Miami. The Brahman swimmers also won the Region IV AAU Championships, and placed 4th in the Independent University Swim Championships. Veteran Brahman swimmers this year were All Americans Joe Lewkowicz, John Fellman, and Rick Morehead. Other strong performers this year were Dean Hardy, Greg Ortega, Mike Koecheler, and Herb Stevens. Divers Bob Pfaff and Mike Bridges showed comeback strength after a lay -off of a year or more Coach Bob Grindey has turned the USF Swimmers into top contenders, and this year's team was no exception.


Opposite Left and Below: D i ver Mike B ridges d i sp l ays d i ving forms Right : 1969 NCAA champ, Joe Lewkowicz finishes the grueling 200 Yard butterfly. Below Right: Dean Hardy grabs a breath in the breaststroke 1970 Results Univ. of Evansville Northern Michigan Univ. Univ of Alabama Univ. of Missouri Univ. of Florida Miami-Dade JC Univ. of Georgia Univ. of Kentucky Tulane Univers ity Florida State Univ Univ of Miami East Carolina Univ NCAA Championships USF OPP 87 26 76 37 38 75 49 64 36 77 69 20 47 65 49 64 50 63 50 63 82 31 51 62 15th Place


Varsity Baseball Coach Hubery "Beefy" Wright's Baseball squad finished the 1970 season with a 14 15 record. They posted victories over: University of Florida, Florida Southern, St. Leo, Stetson, and Bethune-Cookman. Returning in 1971 with veterans Ray Retneller, Jack Wolfe, Manuel Pumereiga, and Mark Choquette, the Brahmans showed much potential. Among the rookies on the Brahman baseball squad was John Engerran, who drove in many runs. Despite a sluggish start at the early part of the season, when the Brahmans suffered 3 1 run defeats in a row, the Batmen posted a su ccessfu I 19 71. 90


Oppos i te Left: Mike Benito scoops up a ground b all. Top: John Engerran smashes a t r i ple against Tampa. Above : Mike Benito steals second. 91


Florida Southern College Florida Southern College St Leo College University of Florida Tampa University University of Florida Stetson University Un iversity of Connecticut Un iversity of Buffalo St. Louis University Fairfield University Rider College University of Miami Stetson University St. Leo College Rollins Co llege Florida State University Jacksonville University Tampa University Bethune-Cook man Florida Presbyterian Bethune-Cookman Rollins College 1970 Results USF 4 1 3 2 6 8 4 6 4 1 0 7 3 8 4 0 2 6 5 2 0 0 2 4 3 6 5 4 1 OPP 3 4 2 5 0 2 1 3 3 0 1 2 4 2 2 2 11 9 10 4 7 8 9 2 7 2 1 5 6 Above: Brahman pitchers show m i xed emotions during game Opposite Above: Mark Choquette, Brahmans' leading hitter, hauls i n a pop fly. Far Right: Ray Ret neller delivers a fastball


Brahman Bats Boom


94 Above: Coach Wes Berner Bob Dudley, Bob McKenty, Tom Knapp, Brian Hawke. Varsity Golf The 1971 season was rough going all the way for the Brahman Golf team, but they emerged on top. Veteran Brahman, Ron Tumlin continued his accurate driving and approaching, to lead the golfers. Behind h im are new comers to USF Brian, Hawke, Bob Dudley, and Tom Knapp, who all contri buted to the winning ways of the team. Bob McKenty and James Wolmack round out the squad. Defeating Tampa U. twice and taking easy victories over Rollins, and St. Leo, the linksters started off the season at a sizzling pace that continued throughout the season. The team also took 2nd in the Florida Invi tational, and 7th place in the Seminole Invi tational, as the y finished the 1971 season with an impressive record. 1970 Results University of F la Jacksonville University Rollins College Florida Invitational Florida Southern Tampa University St. L eo Tampa University Southern Illinois Miami Invitational (86 schools) C ape Co ral Invitati onal (40 schools) St Leo Florida Sou thern Rollins College Florida Institute of T ech. Tampa U ni v ersity Rollins Col lege 385 364 385 390 385 390 4th Place 309 307 394 435 394 402 296 287 17 10 5th Place lith P lace 296 297 296 289 292 294 292 314 292 285 292 281


Bob McKenty and Tom Knapp display their swings


Above : Allen B enson, Kevin Hedberg Joel Racker, M i ke Saine, Glen Brewer, Dave Muransky, A llen Tarjan.


Men's Varsity Tennis The 1970 Brahman netters finished the season with a successful record of 13 6. Among their victories were shut outs over Fla. Southern, Ball State, St. John's, and Western Illinois Uni versity. The 1971 netters, stunned by opening de feats by University of Florida and Rollins, came back strong with victories over Ball State and FTU, and also, an impressive showing in the Cape Coral Invitational. Top performers this year were: Glenn Brewer, who rose from 5th ranking to number 1 ranking; and Kevin Hedberg, a strong competing freshman. Senior captain, Mike Saine, also turned in excellent performances, as the Brahman Tennis squad faced one of its roughest seasons. 1970 Results USF OPP St John's 7 0 Rollins 3 6 Florida Southern 8 1 Gulf Coast JC 7 0 Florida Southern 9 0 Ferman University 4 5 Ball State 9 0 Western Illinois University 9 0 Tennessee Weseleyan 9 0 Southern Alabama 6 3 Tulane University 3 6 LSU 2 7 Elmhurst College 9 0 Rollins 1% 7 % Miami Dade North 8 2 Palm Beach JC 5 2 Jacksonville University 8 1 Florida State University 0 9 Opposite Left: Mike Saine displays his serve Left: Glenn Brewer takes a forehand vo ll ey Above Right and Right: Glenn Brewer and Joe l Racker warm up before the Rollins match


Above: Dian e M atzner, Nancy Gelner, Sherry B e d ing f iel d M ar y E llen S eifer d Coach JoAnn Young. Women's Varsity Tennis The USF Women's Tenn i s squad began the 1971 season still sizzling from 1970's 8 1 record. They trounced the University of Florida, 9 -1, handily defeated FSU, Rollins, and Mississippi State College for Women, whil e also finishing 3rd in the Florida State Collegiate Women's In vitational. Miss Joanne Young's talented women net ters, returning from 3rd place in the USLTA Women's National Colleg i ate Tennis Champion ships, have gained talent with the additions of Carole Ford and Sherry Bedingfield, who along with veteran Diane Matzner, was a member of the Wightman Cup team Miss Bedingfield has taken over the team's number 1 position. Returning veterans are: Diane Matzner, Mary Ellen Seiferd, Nancy Gelner and Rony Kudler. 98

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1971 Results University of Florida Florida State Un i versity Mississippi State College for Women Rollins College Florida State University Women's Collegiate Invitational USF 9 7 9 7 3rd Place OPP 0 2 0 2 Opposite Left: Mary Ellen Sei f erd returns a forehand rally. Above Left: Nancy Gelner makes a backhand return. Above : S herr y Begingfield concentrates on a backhand shot 99

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100 lntramurals and Recreational Sports The Intramural program develops keen bod ies and minds in a spirit of competition among fraternities, sororities, dorms, and inde pendent teams. It consists of a variety of sports includ ing : football, basketball, softball, cross country, swimming, track, tennis, golf, handball, and vol leyball. Students take advantage of other facilities as well, including: bicycling, kite f lying archery, skateboarding, table tennis, billiards, a nd frisbee throwing.

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Intramural football is the most spirited and widely participated sport in the Intramural proQram.

PAGE 103

Team Sports Draw Keen Competition B asketba II, volleyball, and track make up another large portion of the Intra mural program.

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Individuals become proficient in such skills as handball, diving, and frisbee throwing. --

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Dedication. . Effort ... Pain ... 1 06

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. . Lone I in ess. . 108

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... Lead to Victory.

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1 1 0 Greeks The aura of cherished secrecy The fellowship of brotherhood A pledge prank--pledge duti es The loveliness of a candlelight The hurt of not making grades, After a quarter of pledging. During rush, fierce devotion, The fight for new members. Pride in wearing the p i n Reverence for founding fathers Lasting fraterna I loyalty. Greek drawings by Bonnie Lewis

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INTER FRATERNITY COUNCIL 1. Mike McKenna 10. Dean Wildy 19. Pete Robustelli 2 Sean McCullough 3. Mike Todd 11. Bob Grommell 12. Max Brown 20. Ken McElheny 21. Steve Santos 4. Jim Crotty 13 Ken Dennis 22. Fred Horowitz 5. Ray Linkus 14. Mike Hogan 23. Mark Stitcher 6 Sheldon Zimmerman 15. Ron Postma 24. Bob Moses 7. Syan Barke r 16. Dave H ill 25. R ick Kuback 8. Rod Vayo 17. Ty Watts 26 Adam Rabinowitz 9. Jim Cole 18. Jerry Lovely 27. Jim Montoro "To create unity among the fraternities"

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PANHELLENIC "To create unity among the sororit ies" 1 Beth Bell 2. Mrs. Lagretta Lenke r 3. Shirle y Purvis 4. Cathy Pappas 5. Rose Tennyson 6 Judy Henry 7. Martha Kaplan 8 Mar ilyn Palmer 9. Elaine Jackson 1 0 Terr i Sweeney President ........ Marilyn Palmer Vice President .... Martha Kaplan 2nd Vice President .Rose Tennyson Secretary ........ Elaine Jackson Treasurer ......... Cathy Pappas 113

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COUNCIL OF FRATERNAL SOCIETIES 1 Bobbie Sheridan II. Curt Billingsley 2. De De Roberts 12. Randy Hiestand 3. Lenore Gilter 13 Chuck Brammer 4 Linda L yle 14. Mike Hogan 5. Connie Hill 15. Greg Affenthelde r 6. Ellen Stavros 16. Ron Rountree 7. Kay B ice 17. Artie Warman 8. Ken Ryals 18 Mar shall Koppe l 9. Lonnie Weber 19 Ken Dennis 10. Bill Voss 20 Mike McKenna CoChairman .... Bobb i e S heridan C o Chairman ....... M i ke Hogan Strive for total Greek spirit 114

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CHI OMEGA President .......... Barbara Smith Vice President ...... Sherry Smither Secretary . . . . . Lana Beasley Treasurer .... Star Thomas 1. Patti Barnard 2. Pam White 3. Barbara Weckerly 4. Robbie Cooney 5. L i z Rath 6. D iane Smith 7. Charner Benz 8. Gai l Pekney 14. Pam Merritt 9. Pam Hancock 15. Star Thomas 10 Pat L i tteral 16. Barbara Smith 11. Gerhardt Blanton 17. Sherry Smither 12. Carol Albregts 18. Lana Beasley 13. Laura Harr i s 19. Janet Lewis 115

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THETA CHI 1 Tom Condron 2. John Beutel 3. Richard Hurst 4 William VanHodgen 5 Tom Whi teman ) 6 Larry Carr 7. John O 'Reill y 8. Jerry Lovely 9. Rod Vayo 10. Dave Kennett 11. Frank Stahl 12. Bill Geddes I 13. Brian Wright 14. Dave Hedin 15. Robert Capdoo 16. Jon Berger 17. Charles Palmer i no Extend a h e lping hand" J

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KAPPA SIGMA 1. Gus Bergstrum 2. N i ck Powell 3 Sandy Lounsbu r y 4. Woody B i shop 5. Jake Sherrick 6. Allen Fleeger 7 J i m Monturo Jake Sherrick ......... President 8 John Peel Bill Evans .. ...... Vice President 9 Art Mclendon Jim Arpin .... ....... Secretary 10 Bill Voss Mike Powell ......... Treasurer 11. Jerry T ighe 12. J i m Arpin 13. Bill Evans 14 Don Lester 15. Bruce Yeckley 16. Rex Clonts 17. Betty Barmaid 18 Bob Cavuoti 19. Warren Fletcher 20 John Brownlee 21 Mike Powell 117

PAGE 119

"We live for each other" 118

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1. Marsha Gillis 2. Sandy W i lson 3 Suzi Foster 4. Julie Adcock 5. Karen Hance 6. Finnette W i ll iams 7. Linda Ball 8. Paula Humphries 9. Annelle Puglise 10. Renee Bakke ALPHA DELTA PI Annelle Puglisi ......... President Sioux Harlan Second Vice President Becky Burress . Corres. Secretary Liz Rale igh ..... Rec o rding Secretary Fran LeDuc ............ Treasurer 11. Liz Raleigh 21. Roxanne Dow 12 Becky Burress 22. Lin Adams 13. Kathy Marley 23. Cindy B i eber 14. Kathy Sapp 24. Sue Fyler 15 Karen Santee 25. D iane Elkins 16. Sue Roundtree 26. Karen Reigler 17. Betsy Bernard 27. Mary Lynn Castellano 18. Linda Fiske 2 8 Bowman Hanso n 19. Terr i S weeney 29. S ioux Harlan 20. Ginny Sanders 30. Abby Gray 31. Bonnie McKay 32. Mary Fletcher 33. Karen Snyder 34 Debbie Chinnici 35. Linda Donaldson 36 Susan Ward 3 7 Charlotte Becraft 38 Bonney Knapp 119

PAGE 121

"Many hearts one purpose"

PAGE 122

ALPHA EPSILON PHI Barbara Zaidman ........ President Renee Brodes ....... Vice President Ellen Mirowitz .......... Secretary Gail Whitener .......... Treasurer 1. Carol Shayman 9. Barbara Blum 17. Ellen Ross 2 Cathy Castro 10. Judy Silverberg 18. Karen Fiscella 3. Sunny Cohen 11. Susan Nadler 19. Barbara Zaidman 4. Helen Weiner 12. Lenore Gitter 20. Paula Herzfeld 5. Shelly Reifkind 13 Robin Einhorn 21. Eileen Applerouth 6. Adrian Trager 14. Gail Whi tener 22 Eileen Goldstein 7. Robin Ostrow 15. Pam Dunlevy 23. Renee Brodes 8 Martha Kaplan 16. Ellen Mirowitz 24. Donna Steinberg 121

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1. Bill Scott 10. Bill Feagen 19. Mike Katler 27. Bob Johnson 35. Leslie Falls 2. Paul Boswell 11. Ron Lazano 20. Jose Forns 28. Chris Houtch ins 36. Jack Swift 3 Frank Rosales 12. Ken Frisc i a 21. Ron Sherman 29. Jeff Kannensohn 37. Candy Wright 4. Dale David 13. Bernado Montoto 22. Scott Rover 30. Tom Ziolkowski 38. Karen Friscia 5. Jerry Williams 14. Don Keester 23. Greg Auster 31. John Stephens 39 Melanie Unick 6. Jack Higgins 15. Rob Mueller 24. George Nelson 32. Steve Abrey 40 Richard Diaz 7. Lar r y Elliston 16. Jody White 25. Coty Estes 33. Barbara Rogers 41. Steve Beckham 8. Howard Fisherman 17. Jan Lofton 26. Steve Dressler 34. Lana Beasley 42. John Hogg 9. Pay Beyer 18. Bob Holman 122

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ALPHA TAU OMEGA President . . . . Steve Beckham Vice President ...... Jerry Williams Secretary . . . . . Pau I Boswell Treasurer ........... Jack Higgins Rush Chairman ...... Bob Holman "To bind men together." 123

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PAGE 126

DELTA GAMMA Cathy Havel ................ President Loretta Goodwin .... First Vice President Joyce Schwartz ... Second Vice President Cindy Frank ............... Secretary Marilyn Smith .............. Treasurer 1 Dee Dee Roberts 13. Tina Fabian i 26. Janet McDougal 2. Jim Crotty 14. Cathy Stevens 27. Loretta Goodwin 3. Judy Bazata 15. Cheryl Knight 28. Ellen Maguet 4. Judy Henry 16. George Petros 29 Vickie Currie 5. Susie W i lkinson 17. Lynda Lyle 30. Merry Ann Friend 6. M i ndy Sylvain 18. Nancy Gordon 31. Cathy Havel 7. M ichael Lackman 19. Mercy Fernandez 32. Cynthy Christian 8. Betty Olmo 20 Kathy Harvey 33 Betty Helms 9. Patty Pokay 21. Linda Alexander 34. Tina Schickel 10. K itty Brinckerhoff 22. Cindy Frank 35. Joyce Schwartz 11. Lou Arab 24. Bobbi Sheridan 36. Sherry Hester 12. Patty Watson 25. C i ndy Swain 125

PAGE 127

DELTA DELTA DELTA Vicki Houser ........... President Kay Bice ........... Vice President Sally Alvarez ... Recording Secretary Debbie Wood ...... .... Treasurer Debbi Overman ... : Social Chairman 1. Diane Graham 13. Betty Kessing 25 Judy Gunther 2. Betsy Cone 14. Carlton Colfey 26. Judy Jurek 3. Clarence Prevatt 15. Laurie Woodwa r d 27. Holly Beyer 4. Celi a Cooper 16. Leslie Faulds 28 Juli e Hale 5 Elyse Orrell 17. Jeff Hartson 29. Laura Avitable 6. John Landon 18. Claire Gibson 30 Margreth Barrett 7. Ellen Walley 19. Debb i e Wells 31. Pati Eaton 8. Ray Davi s 20. Sally Alvarez 32. Chi cken Stephens 9. Kay B ice 21. Annette Johnson 33. Wicky Wicklein 10. Pat Fulford 22. Allyn Foster 34. L innea Johansson 11. Kit Kramer 23. Andy Anderson 35. Sue Davi s 12. V i ckie Houser 24. Debb i e Wood 126

PAGE 128

"Let us steadfastly love one another" 127

PAGE 129

128 J J / / / /

PAGE 130

DELTA ZETA Paulette Jenkins ......... President Dottie Fox .... SecondVice President Gerry Guida ... Recording Secretary Janice Sarian ........... Treasurer Beth Bell . ............ Historian 1. Mary Lee Healey 2 Alice Ramil 3. Josi e Gonzalez 4. Ge rry Guida 5. D i ana Doyle 6. Margo Stowers 7. Paulette Jenkins 8 Tessamae Stewart 9. Ellen Stauros 10 I rene Mueller 11. Susan Cody 12. Susie Matthews 13. Beth Ruis 14. Dotti e Fox 15. Alina Ortiz 16. Yvette Cacc iatore 17. Lynn Fucarino 18 Marcia Garcia 19. Janice Sarian 20. Shirley Rodriguez 21. Ginger Matthews 22. Beth Bell 23 Laura Dandar 24. Nora Brantley 25. Linda LaP i erre 129

PAGE 131

"To strengthen and promote brotherhood in and amongst the Greek system" 130

PAGE 132

1. Mike Murphy 2. Terry Taylor 3 Fred Conley 4. Mike Todd 5. Ed Purdy 6. Bill Locher 7. Jim Cole 8. John Lefevre 9 Bob Onze 10. Ron Anderson DELTA TAU DELTA Richard McCullough ..... President Cameron Wilson First Vice President Michael Todd Second Vice President Ronald Anderson Recording Secretary Michael Murphy ......... Treasurer 11. Ed Fedor 21. Steve Santos 30. Bob Wannell 12. Bill Fedor 22. Luis Albuerne 31. Cam Wilson 13. Dave Askeland 23. Bob Birkler 32. Paul Gr i scti 14. Rich Mastry 24 Jim West 33. Joe Chaitkin 15. Steve Byram 25. Danny Thompson 34. Bob Mann ing 16. John Watts 26. Ken Troops 35. Mac Tuminella 17. Randy Hiestand 27. Dick McCullough 36. Jim Gibson 18. Paul Rohde 28. Bob Delong 37. Tom Jacob 19. Glenn Schooley 29. Charlie Eubanks 38. Matt Frankel 20. Tom Spencer 131

PAGE 133


PAGE 134

ZETA BETA TAU President ....... Robert Silverman Vice President ...... Cary Shookoff Secretary ........ Robert Ashbaugh Treasurer . . . ..... Steven Barton Pledge Education ...... Barry Berg "ZBT satisfies" 1. Bob Silverman 9. Stu Kramer 17. Dave Levin 2. M i ckey Mersel 10. Andy Dixon 18. Cary Shookoff 3. Bob Cohen 11. AI Serkin 19. Jeff Astor 4. Scott Benrube 12. Mitch Kestenbaum 20. Tony Pomerantz 5. Marc Reinhard 13. Steve Cohen 21. Howard Schulman 6. Butch Kraus 14. Rick Schwartz 22. Alan Glist 7 Jim Platt 15. Gary Blum 23. Joe Tejeda 8 Bob Ashbaugh 16. Jeff Wellington 133

PAGE 136

1. Leslee McChristian 12. Elaine Jackson 2. Mary Alice Gaffney 13. Lin Bell 3. Chris Milian 14. Pat Balser 4. Vicky Fellows 15. Lenda Peronto 5. Karon Flora 16. Minnie Marchese 6. Patty Allen 17. Janet Critchfield 7. Katie Wass 18. Janet Flores 8. Cathy Battle 19. Janet Astor 9. Susan Wilson 20. Linda Jay 10. Pam Timlin 21. Martha Causey 11. Barbara Allen 22. Jill Week 23. Susan Allen 24. Cindy Licht 25. Kerry Newell 26. Nancy Duncan 27. Peggy High 28. D iana Huntress 29. Susan Davis 30. Pat Reeves 31. Kathy Teunon KAPPA ALPHA THETA B arbara Allen . . . . . President Peggy High ..... First Vice P resident Diana Huntress Second Vice President Susan Allen ............ Treasure r Katie Wass ......... Rush Chairman "Theta spirit flies high" 135

PAGE 137

1. Pat Pritchard 11. Rita Bostian 21. Janet Graham 31. Mindy Samaha 2. Linda Cook 12. Ruth Albright 22. Dianne Woodell 32. Rose Tennyson 3. Marie Andrews 13. Sara Kirby 23. Sandy Graham 34. Gail Shea 4. Dee Pelletier 14. Sandy Trufulo 24. Debbie Wootton 35. Debbie Chipman 5 Melanie Urick 15. Cindy Griffin 25. Cathy Hindle 36. Ginny Perez 6. Gayle Anderson 16. June Privette 26. Ellen Shanks 37. Marilyn Palmer 7. Kathy Hospodar 17. Vicki Wallenfels 27. Debbie Sellers 38. Carolyn Warren 8 Bonnie Dauskart 18. Susie Oden 28. Paula Cunningham 39. Connie Hill 9. Anne Summer 19. Barbara Rogers 29. Candy Denmark 40 Kathy Casperson 10. Melissa McCord 20. Kathy Osterman 30. Georgia Johnson 41. Linda Panko 136

PAGE 138

"Every man a man" 138

PAGE 139

LAMBDA CHI ALPHA I Fred Horowitz .......... President Reed Lengel ........ Vice President Gary Foster ........... Secretary Steve Parks .......... ... Treasurer 1. Don Giglio 13. Parke Rash 24. Fred Horowitz 2. Charles Cook 14. Mac Reigger 25. Bob Fitzpatr i ck 3 Carl Scott 15. Joe Hughart 26 Mike Hass 4. Gary Castlebury 16. Clint Monts de Oca 27. Reed Lengel 5. Joe Lester 17. Spencer Levin 28. Julian Garcia 6. Curt Bill i ngsley 18 Dan Dorney 29. Mike Kennedy 7. Doug Fleming 19. Dave Dorney 30 Warren Wagner 8. Joe Remsa 20. Joe Gonzalez 31. Rod Lesseig 9. Dennis English 21. Ben Jones 32. Larry Albregts 10. Bill Amos 22. Jeff Miller 33. Jeff Guillen 11. Phil Zimmerman 23. Steve Parks 34 Dave Faircloth 12. Joe Coogan 139

PAGE 140

SIGMA PHI EPSILON William Bundy .......... President J. Michael McKenna .. Vice President Michael Postek Jr., ....... Secretary Larry Chandler .......... Treasurer Pete Pages ............ Recorder 1. Ray Riley 16. John Bylander 30. Robert Wilder 2. Doug McCracken 17. Max Brown 31. Berkeley Boone 3. Bill Bundy 18. Robbie Parker 32 Joe Dwyer 4. Jim Mock 19. Dave Westridge 33. Mike McKenna 5. Jim Santoro 20. Larry Chandler 34. John Monzillo 6. John Medaglia 21. Janice Haguet 35. Nyk Mystic 7. Len Harvey 22. Rick Hall 36. Linda Knadle 8. Pete Pages 23. Linda Bundy 37. Frank Rodante 9. Cheryl Siler 24. Cathy Battle 38. Kris Orendorf 10. Kern Beitelshees 25. Joe Maglica 39. Joanne Viroli 11. Andy Ruiz 26. Donna Patouillet 40. Mike Poster 12. Tony Benitez 27. Marshall Koppel 41. Glen Beitelshees 13. Jim Bauer 28. Art Warman 42. Paula Parke 14. Eddie Knight 29. Betsey Mellen 43. Pat Reeves 15. Bob Miller 140

PAGE 141

// / .. / / '"The fraternity with a heart" 141

PAGE 142


PAGE 143

PI KAPPA ALPHA Stanley Barker .......... President Steve Howze ........ Vice President Richard Eubank ......... Secretary Ken Donahey ........... Treasurer "Pi Kappa Alpha changing with the seventies" 1. Rick Eubank 19. Darrell Lanier 37. Pete Paraveti 2. Harriet Daniel 20. Stan Krafick 38. Ken Donahey 3. Tom Johnson 21. Bill Fisher 39. Steve Howze 4. Shaune McGinn 22. Gerhie Blanton 40. Stan Barker 5. K i rby Johnson 23. Phil Foster 41. Bruce Bennett 6. Ed Jones 24 Nick Gobel 42 Janis McCall 7 Joan Seidenstein 25. Richard Garc i a 43. Larry Hein 8 Bob Allen 26. Wayne Lewis 44. Ken Anderson 9. Dick Westberry 27. Chuck Handlin 45. John McCleary 10. Hillary Heath 28. Tom Cureton 46. Charlie Nunez 11. Phil Hearn 29 Ruth Vickers 47. Eddyse Hershbein 12. Harvey Beaupied 30. Dean Henry 48 Jim McDonald 13. Bill Boman 31. Carol Ferguson 49. Ferrell Miller 14. Charlie Allan 32. Lee Fernandez 50. Dave Paul 15. Don Linder 33. Alan Gordon 51. Jim Upchurch 16. Danny Arbuckle 34. Judy Anderson 52. Joe Dimarzo 17. Ray Rateneller 35. Rick Schneider 53. Bill Kall 18. Liz Raleigh 36. Ted Graham 143

PAGE 144

SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Ken Rubin ............. President Reed Cook ......... Vice President Lou Arab .............. Secretary Greg McCauley .......... Treasurer "Phi Alpha 144

PAGE 145

1. Bill Smith 18. Reed Cook 35 Jim Taylor 52. Oscar Arellano 2. N i ck Quigley 19. Jim Finkbinder 36. D C. James 53. Cathy Stevens 3. Roy Edgerton 20 George Miguel 37. Jim Halley 54. Kit Kramer 4. Scott Whi te 21. Rich Smith 38. Jim Laketek 55 Judy Boatwright 5 Pat Fulford 22 Val Nettles 39. Loring Walton 56. Judy Gunther 6. Mike Lackman 23 Manny Pumariega 40. Dean Ayers 57. Andy Anderson 7 Bruce Blence 24. David Brown 41. Jay P ierce 58. Laurie Woodward 8. Ray Davis 25. Jack Wolfe 42 Bob Hamilton 59. Gayle Rawls 9. Ken Rubin 26. Ron Postma 43. F ranee Dorman 60. "Bill" 10 Jim McKerley 27. Mike Hogan 44. Phil Hatch 61. Lynne Sharpsteen 11. Greg Applenfelder 28 Bob McCallister 45. Jack Neese 62. Nancy Detwiller 12. Robert Legg 29. Gregg McCaul i e 46. Steve Abbott 63 Chris Chambers 13. Bob Smi th 30. Jeff Hartson 47. Jim McGone 64. Cindy Griffin 14 B i ll Gomez 31. Terry Friese 48. Randy Hague 65. Gail Montgomery 15. Louis Arab 32. Mike Turner 49. Bill Humphries 66. Linda Panko 16. Ange l o Parrino 33. John Lister 50. Jim Strode 67. Milt Weir 17. Douglas Hey kens 34 Jim Gregory 51. Bill Johnson 145

PAGE 146

"Love, honor, truth" 146

PAGE 147

SIGMA NU Jim Farr ............. Commander John Miller .. Lieutenant Commander Dennis Parker . . . . . Recorder Andy Granger ......... . Treasurer Brian Stehli ....... Pledge Marshall, 1. Mr. Lee Kasan 13. Travis Tucker 24. Tim Sexton 2. Frank Hult 14. Terry Thair 25. John Greer 3. Gary Thompson 15. Dan Forthuber 26. Ken Davies 4. M ike Saunders 16. T i m Langford 27. Dennis Parker 5. Howard Sypher 17. B i ll Foster 28. Jack Webb 6. Bill Weaver 18. Bruce Katz 29. Jim Farr 7. Jack Penny 19. Steve Grymes 30 Joe Reckenwald 8 Tony Barnett 20. Bob Starford 31. Curt Adolphson 9. Pat Sheffield 21. J i m Crotty 32 Butch Hite 10. Dave H i ll 22. Bill Daggett 33. Charlie Perritti 11. AI Lucas 23. Hanyu Choi 34. Steve Galberaith 12. Greg Henderson 147

PAGE 149

TAU EPSILON PHI Adam Rabinowitz ....... President Robert Moses ....... Vice President Sheldon Zimmerman ..... Treasurer George Kagan ........... Secretary Lee Olitzky ............... I.F.C. "TEPs are tops" 1. Bob Lopatin 2. Steve Oransky 3. Adam Rabinowitz 4 Fred Feld 5. Fred Deustchman 6. Bob Milhoan 7. Jill Harris 8. George Kagan 9. Allan Maisel 10. Myrna Simon 11. David Fagan 12. Lee Olitzky 13. Marty Zolno 14. Peter Robustell i 15. Jon Tannen 16. Ralph Duran 17. Mark Pickard 18. Larry Queen 19. Joseph C .aval iere 20. Robert Shaw 21. Robert Moses 22. Jeff Pfeffer 23. Cassie Streeter 24. Mindy Freidman 25. David Mur ansky 26. Mike Manzoli 27. Glen Rubinstein 28. Roxanne Dowe 29. Allan Hausman 149

PAGE 150

TAU KAPPA EPSILON Sean McCullough ........ President Kim Otto ..... ... .. Vice President Bob Bruce ............. Secretary Rick Kubach ........... Treasurer 1 Jay Bruns 13. Darrel Stinger 24 Mang Caffee 2. Steve Phillipy 14 Rick Schwartz 25. Audrey Carlson 3. Jim Mil leson 15 R ick Abrams 26. Bob B ruce 4. John Russo 16. Don McCann 27. C i nd i Wells 5. John Engerran 17. Randy Overby 28 Barb Taylor 6. Sean McCullough 18. K i m Otto 29. Maureen Campbell 7. Lonny Weber 19. Fred P lat ow 30. Helen Moses 8. Roger Hughes 20 Chi p Madsen 31. Linda Swann 9. Don Hull i ung 21. B ill Dudley 32. Sharon Whi taker 10. Larry Sadler 22. Larry Overby 33. J ud y Wynan 12. Richard Keeley 23. Lloyd Goldste i n 34. Lola Smith 150

PAGE 151

, {(... I --! f "Not for wealth, rank, or honor, but for personal worth and character" 151

PAGE 152

PHI DELTA THETA Bruce Hays ............ President Bob Gromoll ...... Vice President Doug Hall ...... ...... . Treasurer D oug Munch ............ Secretary "We enjoy life by the help and society of others" 1. John Ciula 10. Doug Munch 19. Sandy Manson 2. Doug Hall 11. Ken Dixon 20. Chips Waddington 3. Bob Gromoll 12. Mark Stitcher 21. John Haughee 4. John Howard 13. Jack Owens 22. Art Berry 5. Ron Roundtree 14. Larry Ross 23 Ward Eshelmen 6 Bruce Hays 15. J i m Lark i n 24. Ron Sherman 7. Gary Sherman 16 Butch O'Shea 25. Frank Ripa 8. Greg Pope 17. Davi d Part i n 26 Elliot Parsowith 9. John Landon 18. Mike Semena 27. R i ck Taylor

PAGE 153


PAGE 154

"A new outlook on brotherhood" 154

PAGE 155

PHI GAMMA DELTA Ty Watts ............... President Denny Jacob ... Recording Secretary Norm Stradleigh ..... Corresponding Hiram Williams .. Treasurer Secretary Steve Vernon ........... Historian \7 1. Jim Alexander 9. Mike Knox 16. Rich Collin 2. Burt Saunders 10. Ty Watts 17. Hiram Williams 3. Joe Young 11. Denny Jacob 18. Steve Vernon 4. Randy Lentell 12. John Bradbeer 19. Wayne Ralston 5. Ben Benjamin 13. Norm Stradleigh 20. Jeff Fitterman 6. Tom Scott 14. Phil Rogers 21. Kent McElheny 7. Jeff Davis 15. Larry Saunders 22. Paul Mendelsohnn 8. Jim Downing 155

PAGE 156


PAGE 157

Organizations A time for friendship-friends who have time To take time to make friends. A time for people-People who will take time to be people. Smiling, laughing, Frowning, crying, Working together. Give your talents, abilities, devotion. And you may find joy. 157

PAGE 158

"May I have a word with you?" "May I have a word ... And if there were no more words, what then? What would you do for all those times when there is you and there is her/him and the wide mile in between? If eyes could say enough, if her/his hands felt what your hands tried to tell, perhaps words wouldn't matter And the day there are you and there are them? They are in uniforms; they carry guns. They say noth ing. You understand. You do not wear uniforms. Unless your hands, your hair tied back with leather strings, your bare feet, your moccasins ... But, no, you carry no weapons except your voices and now you cannot speak. They do not understand. Words mean nothing If you could begin at the beginning and all peo ple spoke the same language and all countries had the same name, there would be no war war (wor). n., v ., warred, warring, adj.-n .i. a confli c t carr ied on by force of arms as b etween nati o ns. in any dictionary maybe. And if you woke one day with no memory of sound or voices, a different language would not be so different. Only your eyes could speak; only your eyes could hear. So if you, deaf and dumb, shou l d see all those people, what would you come to know? That black is the color of star -filled night and velvet and dream-touched sleep and skin. That white is the color of snow and morning, sleep and skin That hunger turns smiling faces old and sorrow is borne alone That smiles change days, kisses last (sometimes), hands are warm and strong. And if silence could teach so much, would you then find things to say to one another? If there were words, what would you hear/say? I love ... If there is a God . The last war ... I hope ... In the end ... Yes, darling .. .. When I am thirty ... Look! Look at stars ... Nietzsche said . Hey man, let's go ... Wasn't it Marx who wrote ... No, I said . Goodbye ... Tomorrow's another .. May I have a word ... C opy b y L inda Alexander

PAGE 159

With the hope that all our battles of the future will be fought with words and won with love ... 1971 Aegean EDITORS Jan Yates Amor ........ Editor in-chief Gail Kallins ... ....... Managing Editor Bob Bruce ................... Sports Bob Dallas .............. Student Life Cathy Wenzel Hindle Academics/Seniors Melinda Holland ....... Organizations Adam Rabinow i tz ....... .... Greeks Prof. Steve Yates . ....... Adv isor STAFF Beth Bell Janis Broad Brent Bush Linda Chase Maria Del Valle David Gursky Linds Hartman Mary Lee Healey Toni Huber Kim Kramer Janet Lewis Sherry Mason R ichard Mastromarino Susan Matthews Melissa McCord Suazanne Mielcarek Elaine Robarge T essame Stuart PHOTOGRAPHERS Henry Brown John Gaudette Doug MacPherson Jay Morris Martin Newell John R. Nichols George Veazey David Vogler David Webster Stew art Crenshaw 159

PAGE 160

Oracle The Oracle, student-edited newspaper, has many facets To those who work on it, it provides experience of a professional calibre. The Oracle has won recognition national ly as one of the best written and edited campus newspapers. For those who read it, The Oracle provides entertain ment, information and interpretation about activities and issues relevant to students in a modern university. ABOVE: D avid Snyder, Managing Editor; Mary Ellen Moore, Editor; Vicki Smith son, Associate Editor. RIGHT: Jan Shearouse, Staff Writer; John Moale, photographer ; Jon Wilson, Staff Writer; Elisa Frieden, Staff Writer, Eliot Safer, Staff Writer, J ack Lynch, Make -up Editor; Merle Baker, Staff Writer. BELOW: Advertis ing Staff: Don Scherck, Bill Kopf, George Kalogridis, Fred K. Bex, Jim Bass, Ad vertising Manager. BELOW RIGHT: Ed Conway, Staff Writer; Jeff M iller, Spo rts Editor; Beth S erata, Copy Editor.

PAGE 161

Pre-Medical society The Pre-Medical Society promoted interest in careers in the health sciences. Profes sionals spoke to members about their area of specialization. Members also observed surgical procedures and took a field trip to the Univer sity of Miami School of Medicine. Officers: Joseph Dibble II, president; Steve Vernon, first vice president; Joel Campbell, second vice president; Douglas Fleming, treasurer; Donna Moen, secretary. ABOVE LEFT: D r. Glenn Hooper and lab technician explain operating procedure of chemical analysis unit to Charles Stewart, Joel B Camp bell and Joseph Dibble. ABOVE: PreMed Society members Steve Vernon, Michael Basista. Charles Stewart and Joseph Dibble gather for an informal study session. LEFT: Dr. Glenn Hooper, Associate Patholo gist for the University Community Hospital, explains blood sample ana lysis procedure to Pre-Med members Joel B. Campbell, Joseph Dibble and Charles Stewart. Members were : Anthony Adams. Michael Basista, Robert Larey Danny Beltrum, Stacy Berckes, William Bess, Greg Birse, Brad Bjornstad, Roy Black, Rafael William Blanco, Arthur Bresser, Richard Brilli, Shari Lon Buxton, Jeff Carlisle, Candie Castro, Thomas Clarke, Marc Cohen, Joan n Crown, Winfred Deer ing, William Kenneth Dixon, Cleve Dobbs, Thomas Dooley, Linda Dwinell, John Edwards, William Engel, Arlene Espisito, Jorge Ferreiro, George Forster, H. David Forten-berry, Bryan Frederich, Joe Gonzalez, Ronald Greene, Elken Jean Harman, Arthur Herold, Cosme Herrera William Hoopes, Cheryl Diane Halme, Ernest Kirstein, Paul Krissman, Pierre Lajeunesse Sam Lasris, Charles Latherow, Larry Lawrence, Paul Little, Joseph Lomascolo, Bill Macheski, Timothy Mack, Donnie Maggio, Robert Martinex, Charles McNabb, Harry Messick, David Moore Michael Moore, Hames Mosher, Bobbee Murr, Charles Neal, David Minor, Johnny Nicely, James Nicoletta, Gary Pablo, Robert Patton, Milton Polk, Rodger Pow ell, Louis Pressman, S teven Preston, Nick Quigley, Pam Ratti Rafael Risco, James Santoro, James Sherman, David Wayne Smith, Lorilee Smith, Mitchell Smith, Vicki Smith, Floyd Snead, Jeff Speck, Charles Stewart Donald Stoddard, Leslie Tavares Tom Taylor, Michael Tompkins, Lonnie Trenton, Alfred Trujillo, Jimmie Vann, David Verizzo, William 161 Walker, John Washington.

PAGE 162


PAGE 163

University Center Center ... the point around which any thing revolves ... a place considered as the middle or central point of activity . a point or place that actions forces and people go to or come from. University Center . one thing that 17,000 people have in common. A place for food, books, r ecords a f ree phone call, an aspirin with sympathy, club meetings, art exhibits and people. Dances, conventions, Student govern ment, newspaper and yearbook, pool ping pong and people. Cards, chess, machines that take your money keep it and give nothing in return, coffee houses and people. Things to buy and sell, job notices, check cashing, tickets for events, display ta bles, conversations about anyth ing and noth ing. A thousand viewpoints and people OPPOSITE ABOVE: A prophetic g y psy p r ovides a glimpse into the futur e f o r several children during the Famil y Night a c tivit ies. OPPOSITE LEFT: Stud ents create their individ u a l works of art at t he UC basement Craft S h o p OPPOSITE BELOW: T o p College G i rl M a r garita Garcia and runnersup Connie Hill, S i oux Ha r l a n and Christine C hambers ar e presen t ed d u ring h a l f t i m e a t a US F basketball game RIGHT: D i o n n e Wa r w ic k captiv ates s t ude n ts w i t h h er uniqu e a nd exciting songs. BELOW: Coffee House g i ves t hese studen t mus i cians a c ha nce t o perform their style o f m usi c 163

PAGE 164

164 ABOVE: An Inter-Com member selects a type style for a student-des i gned acti vity poster ABOVE RIGHT: UC com mittee members create their own holiday spirit by decorating the lobby Chri stmas tree. RIGHT: Ralph Nader lectures on "Consumerism" to a standing room only audience in the gym. OPPOSITE ABOVE: Students intently place their sets at the annual El Casino event OPPOSITE RIGHT: McKen dree Spring sings a selection from their new album at the Soundsations Concert. OPPOSITE LEFT: Electric sounds and ever-changing l ight shapes blend as "Boot" performs for a Fall Frolics dance

PAGE 165


PAGE 166


PAGE 167

OPPOSITE ABOVE: University Center committee chairmen were: Ed Budnick, feature entertainment; Mindy Samaha vice pres ident, Pat DeCubellis, Intercollegiate Music Festival; Mary Ann Carloch, fashion; Nick Kubesa, dance; John Fling, arts and exhibits; Apple Bass, coffee house ; Darlene Dort, p e rsonnel ; Sheldon Wind, acting treasurer ; Nancy Duncan, intraservice Not pictured: Pam Anderson, movies; Kelly Richardson, recreation; Bill Patient, inter-committee. OPPOSITE : UC Program Council members discuss plans for upcoming e vents : Fred Gelston, assistant program director; Mindy Samaha, vice president; Tom Chawk, president; Darlene Dort, acting secretary; Sheldon Wind, acting treasurer, Fran Lala, assistant program director; Elise Jordan, program director. OPPOSITE BELOW: Students look at exhi b i t from USF Student Sculpture Show; a student production coordinated by Prof. Ernest Cox. SONG FEST WINNERS: ABOVE: "Dilligaf", Greg Mowries, Jackie Papier and Bob Usherman perform i n the folk category of Song Fest. BELOW : Mike Hurley and Jeffrey Arthur perform as "Mutt & Jeff" in the pop-rock category of Song Fest

PAGE 168

168 Gold KeyPhi Kappa Phi The Gold Key Honor Society, which has encouraged and recognized scholarship, be came a chapter of the Phi Kappa Phi National Honor Society. Members participated in the Honors Convocation reception and with Athe naeum awarded Dr. Frederic Zerla recognition as outstanding professor of the year. Faculty Phi Kappa Phi sponsors were : Dr. Glenn Burdick, Dr. Merle Donaldson, Dean Robert Ellis Jr., Dr. John Hatcher, Dr. Anne Kelley, Dean Edwin Martin, Prof. Fred Power, Dr. Thomas Rich, Dr. Linus Scott, Dr. Norman Small. LEFT: Dr. Zerla speaks at Honors Convocation after receiv ing Teaching Excellence award. BELOW: Dr. Joh n Allen, for mer USF president, and Mrs. Grace Allen receive a plaque at Honors Convo cation a s the Administration Buildin g is named in t heir honor. OPPOSITE : Offi cers were: Karl Clark, D ean Robert W Ell is, Richard Dunlap, Bonnie Adkins, L i nda O 'Connor, Loren Bartels.

PAGE 169

> - Charter Members R ichard Abbot Mark Dawson Sara Keeney Valerie Rubin B onnie A dkins Marie Donnerberg Christine Kelly Peter Saclarides L inda Alexa n der Richard Dunlap Raymond A. Kelly Gerald Sage Timothy Allen Ruth Durden Jennifer Kori Pedro Sanchez R ichard Amo r Carol Durfee Thomas Kyner Donna Sasnette Jan Amor C heryl Durfee Anne Largay Larry Saunders Lee Anderson Judith Dyal Michal Leahy Dynel Savery Judith Baer Maria Fabian James Macaluso Mary Scearce Caro l Baker Jacqueline Famming Penelope Marks Marion Scherzer Loren Bartels Nancy Gelner Anthony LaRussa Jean Schult z S teven B arton Gloria Geuther Donald Mauer, Jr. Sally Shaffe r Linda Bergen Joyce Godbout Barbara Mazurek Martha Shanberg Elizabeth B ergmann Mauguerite Grenelle Lyn Mead Clarence Slayton Lynne Binder Anna Gr ice Jan Miller Marcia Sloulin Nancy Bowker Betty Groff Connie M i ner Judith Smith Ruby Bragg Michael Hales Glorida Morrison Garrett Snipes David Brass Anne Hamilton Sylvia McM i llan Alice Sewards C arole Broderick Pam Hancock Robert Nelson Ill Gerhard Stoopman Patricia Cabe Joyce Hansell Linda O Connor Gwendelyn Stuler Kemberly Cason Sandal Hart John O'Re ill y, Jr. Kathryn Teunon David Cecil Mariann Henry Carolyn O'Steen David Tracy Mary Ann Chap Robert Hightower John Pennington Ill Susan T ruelock Karl Clark S ally Hillebrand Pamela Prim Vance Vaughan, Jr C aroline C o ll ier Barbara Hires Richard Pierce Sue Weiner Ronald Conley Ronald Hogue Adam Rabinowitz Joseph Weintraub Harriet Cordell Sarah Holbert Richard Reichle T. N. Wil liams, Jr. Dennis Dambly Thomas Hughes II Nancy Rine Gr eta Zetler Edgar Davis Ill Catherine Keeler Helen Rowe 169

PAGE 170

Athenaeum As a women's honorary, Athenaeum recognized college women who had outstanding scholastic achievement and leadership abili ties. A week-long International Bazaar and a joint reception with Gold Key for participants in the Honors Convocation were held Quarter I. Quarter II activities included the annual induction of members and a collection and sale of used books to earn money for a student aid fund. Members were required to have 90-135 hours with a 3.0 overall GPR and three activi ties. No more than 25 members are inducted annually. Athenaeum has petitioned to affil iate with Mortar Board, the National Women's Honorary. ABOVE: Paulette Jenkins president of Athenaeum, serves punch at the recept i on following the Honors Convocation. LEFT: Students shop for unus ual items at the World Bazaar an Athenaeum fundra i sing project. 1970-71 Members 1971 72 Members linda Alexander Susan Allen Jan Yates Amor Lana Beasley Barbara Brass Charner Benz Candance Denmark L i nda Chase Marie Donnerberg Judith Costello Margaret Glavey Patr i cia Decubellis Anna Grice Donna Devita Pamela Hancock Cathy Havel Paulette Jenkins Connie Hill Sharon Long Cathy W. Hindle Sue Marqua Melinda Holland Linda Maykut Sandra Graham Beverly Payne Rosemarie Kentzel Ellen Pekny Janet Lewis Dynel Savery Barbara L ittle Kathleen Sparks Mary McKey Johanna Stagge Mary Mahon Cnythia Stark G i nger Matthews Sandra Susskind llaria Midulla Vickie Wills Merilee Olson Barbara Smith Dana Stefaruk Vicki e Touchton Debbie Wooten

PAGE 171

Psi Chi Psi Chi Honor Society sought to advance the science of psychology and emphasized individual scholarship through films, speakers, field trips, seminars and group projects. Members were required to be in the top 35% of their class and have a 3.0 GPR in psy chology. Faculty sponsor was Dr. David Clement. Officers: Larry Bart, pre sident; AI ex Arber, Greg Munson, Dave Due, vice-pre sidents ; Cheryl Marquardt, secretary; Kitty Gill, treasurer. RIGHT: Psi Chi members inspect equipment and data results in the P sychology Department research lab. Pi Mu Epsilon The Florida Epsilon Chapter of Pi Mu Epsilon pro moted the study of mathema tics. They supported the In tensive Tutorial Program and each quarter presented speeches by outstanding sen iors. Members attended a facultystudent math picnic and a joint banquet with the Soci ety of Physics. the require ment for membership was scholastic excellence, particu larly in mathematics. Members were : Catherine Perez ; Denise Strenglein; lvonne Trujillo; Jeffrey Stal naker; Richard L i v in gston ; David W ins low; Gerhart Stoopman; Adelber t Bottcher; Louise Donnerberg ; Lynne Binder, vice pre sident; Ste r l in g Ladd ; Martin Newell ; Dr. Frank Cleav er, advisor; A r I in W i I sher, president ; Dr. Fredric Zerla, advisor ; Ronald Olson; Loren Bartels. 171

PAGE 172

Kappa Delta Pi The Lambda Tau chapter of Kappa Delta Pi fulfilled its goal of contributing to the field of education by giving money to the scholarship fund for the Gift ed Child Teacher Training Pro gram. Quarterly meetings focused on educational issues. A 3.1 GPR was required for mem bership. Officers: A L. Stefurak, president; Mary Ann Scaglione, vice president; Polly Boatron night, secretary; Michael Farins, treasurer; Carolyn O'Steen, histo rian; Dr. James Chambers and Dr. Daniel Purdom, faculty spon -sors. Members : TOP TO BOTTOM: Gayle Markwith, L i nda Lodato, Sara S ellers, Joyce Ash, Polly Boat wright, Rob er t Marrs, Barbara Stanton, Robert Bretscher, Leatricia W i lliams, Robert Haner, A. L. Stef urak James Chambers, Dan iel Purdom Mary J. Taylor, Barbara Merritt, Phyllis Specht, Dorothy Akers, Dana Stefurak Per Erik Nielsen Sherman Thompson, James Monroe ABOVE: Phi Mu Alpha members Lyman Brod ie, R i ck Sabino and Cliff Newton present a selection during the c oncert program of Contemporary Ameri can Music." RIGHT: R i c k Sab in o and Cliff Newton on trumpets with Chip Madsen and Ron Anson on trombones perform a musical piece com posed by faculty member Dr James McCray 172 Phi Mu Alpha To further the cause of good music, Phi Mu Alpha, a music honorary, presented a Contemporary American Music Concert and student recital. The men's chorus visited nursing homes. Officers: Jim Devine, president; Ken Stackhouse, vice president; Barry Green, secretary; Paul Richardson, treasur er; Spencer Lockwood, faculty sponsor.

PAGE 173

Pi Sigma Epsilon Pi Sigma Epsilon got down to business as it sponsored a quarterly book exchange, a Tam pa's Children's Home picnic and a scholarship fund. Established for business students with an emphasis on marketing, Pi Sigma Epsilon also made market research surveys. RIGHT: Pi S i gma Epsilon officers Tony Con i g li o v ice president of per sonnel ; Ben Terry, t reasurer ; Sheldon Wind, corresponding secretary; Ray R P ines, president ; De nnis Lloyd, vice president of act i v i ties plan future events at a board meeting. BELOW: M embers were Back Row: Tom Stickle r ; Ray R P i nes, president ; John Maxfiel d ; Brooks Atherton; Reese Johns ; Daryl Head ; Rick Morde; John O L eary; Ed Garbuck; Mike Embry; Paul Dennison ; Bob Prevatt Front Row: Jeff List a ; Den n i s Lloyd, v ice pres ident; J i m Le nie r ; Hugh W eychoft; John Bradbe e r 173

PAGE 174

1 7 4 Tibe Jnternational Sraternlty
PAGE 175

Women of Pi Sigma Epsilon The Women of Pi Sigma Epsi lon involved themselves in business activities to perform a service to the university community. Examples of these activities were the Feather Flower sale and joint work with the men of Pi Sigma Epsilon in their Boo k Exchange Each girl had a special interest in a business career and completed at least twelve quar ter hours with a GPR of 2 0. Back Row: Mary Chr ist, Sue Brinkley, Katha Blackburn, Doris Youngman, Jacquelyn Willis, Marilyn Shelton. Front Row: Susan Kelly, Imelda Barthle, Monica Barthle, Judy Ward Lilli a n Lenhoff. Not pictured: Suzanne Bogart Sue Campbell, Mary Lee Chestnut, Sharon Core y Liz Gundlach, Kathy Howlett, Wendy Kushner Melan i e Unick, Donna Walker Jimee Wolfe. Gamma Sigma Phi STANDING: Beth Ruiz ; Margie Marino; Joy Mulholland, vice president; Gail K imbre ll ; Donna Moen, Kathy Whitehead; Susan Cody; Nora Brantley, treasurer SITTING: L i nda O 'Connor, pres ident; Vicki Sando ; Andree Canosa secretary; Janet Oster, historian. As a women's service organization, Gamma Sigma Phi collected for UNICEF, adopted a child in India, sponsored a Christmas card drive for G.l .'s in Viet Nam T hey also col l ected cou pons for a kidney machine and helped the Amer ican Cancer Society Officers : Linda O'Connor president; Joy Mulholland, vice president; Andree Canosa, secretary; Nora Brantley trea surer. 175

PAGE 176

ABOVE: Ste v e LaG ran de trims another crucial inch at the APO Uni ted Fund Drive. RIGHT: B ruce Kamelhair, Steve LaGrande and John Canosa give inte r ested student information about APO a t their Activities Ma r t table. BELOW: Members clean up Chinsegut, a retreat outside of Brooksville owned by USF. Alpha Pi Omega Alpha Phi Omega, a national service fraternity, lended a helping hand, literally as well as figuratively, as it gave incoming students a lift with luggage. In meeting its objectives of service, leadership, and friendship, APO worked with an inter-city Boy Scout Troop, helped the United Fund and UNICEF. Group service averaged 300 -400 hours quarterly. Officers M Bennet Brone r ...... ..... ........... ........... President John Canosa Jr ................ ..... ............. 1 s t Vice President Bruce Kame l hair ........ . . .... . ............. 2nd Vice Pres ident Richard Black ...... .... . ....... ..... ... . .... Recording Secretary R ichard Mulli s ........ ................. ... . . Corresponding Secretary Donald C lossey .......... .................... ........ . . Histori an Steve La Grande .... .......................... ... ...... Treasurer Brothers Eric Bush Harla n Helmi ng D ex Reynolds Mike B isbee Bill Fox Ed B eresh Barry Bre enbe rg Jamie Benson Advisors D e an Richard Whitney Dean Charles W ildy Dean Herbert Wunderlich Robert Lewis David Saulter Dea n Louder Willia m Edson

PAGE 177

Circle K The 23 members of Circle K and their 6 lit tle sisters sponsored a Kiwanis Bar b que, a cred it card distribution and a letter drive for pris oners of war in North Vietnam. The little sisters acted as bat girls for the baseball team. Circle K urged male students to serve and participate in projects with them. LEFT: Members were : Top Row: David Scott; Jack Stoorza ; Phi l Wendland, secretary ; Andy Fox; Joh n G i orgianni vice president ; Art Wenderoth; Don Stoorza ; Danny Burch; Steve Phill ippy. Bottom Row: Curtis Sprague ; Gary Adams; Janet Adams ; Laur ie Burgt>ss ; Peggy Rhodes; Ken Tatje president; Lynn Burnette. Not P i ctured : Pam Yeary ; Pat Yeary; Lynn Chepurk o; Ken Ben nett; Jack Wolfe; Rob Hayman ; Rolfe Maxon, trea sure r. BELOW RIGHT: Circle K batgirls Con nie G iII man Shirle y Raczo kowski, Roseanne Rodri guez Lynn Chep urko, and Sue Herring assist Brah man te am member Danny Burch BELOW LEFT: Circle K members help at the servi ng line during the K i wanis K ids Day BarB O. 177

PAGE 178

ABOVE: Ron Hawkins, new d i rector of BSU, welcomes students during back-to-school banquet, L E F T : Students decorate the Christ mas tree in the Bapt ist Stu dent Union. BELOW: BSU's music-drama t eam, "His Gentle Touc h," entertai n at Quarter II banquet. Baptist Student Union A paraphrase of the 24th P salm, Verses 1 6 The earth is the Lord's; the worl d and all its people For the Lord founded it upon the waters. Who shall rise up into the mountain of the Lord? Who shall stand in His holy place? Those whose hands are clean, and hearts are pure. Those whose should have not been lifted to what is fal s e and who have not sworn in deceit. He will be blessed by the Lord A nd receiv e justice from Him. This is the generation that seeks Him, that seeks the face of G O D

PAGE 179

ABOVE: Or. Samuel lsaaks leads members of Hillel in a Chanukah candle lighting service. CENTER ABOVE: Ehud Mouchly, Israel's UN Vice Consul for Political Economic Affairs, speaks to members about the Mid-East and Soviet Jewry situations. RIGHT: The Is r aeli delegation, compnsed of Hillel members, perform Israel i folk dances at the International Folk Festival Hillel Israeli folk dances, lox and bagel brunches, speakers discussing the Mid dle East situation, religious services on Fridays and major Jewish holidays. These were some of the activities spons ore d by Hillel in an attempt to make Jewish students aware of their heritage. Officers: Diane Shapiro, president; Murray Woolf and Lara Sneider, vice presidents; Dori Wood, secretary; William Langer, treasurer.

PAGE 180

Water Ski Club The USF Water Ski Club promotes all phases of water skiing especially competitive skiing, for its members. Activities this year in clude weekly skiing at the practice site on Lake Alice, a ski show, and at least five colle giate tournaments No skiing skill is required to join. Officers: Bryan Fredrick, president; Terry Mercer, vice-president; Charner Benz, secretary; Karen Maale, treasurer. Catholic Student Center Serving the spiritual, social and community needs of the staff and student body at USF is the main purpose of the Catholic Student Cent er. Spiritually, it offers daily and Sunday liturgical worship, Bible studies, inquiry classes and contemporary theology discussions In the com munity, the Center has aided migrant workers and has a tutoring service. Dances, parties, bowl ing, roller skating and ice skating are other activ ities sponsored by the Student Center. Officers: Susan Grant, president; Tony Perrone, secretary; Ken Dwyer, treasurer. LEFT: Father Austin Mullen blesses bread for communion. ABOVE: W ater Ski Club members Jeff Den kins and Terry Mercer demonstrate skill in barefoot skiing LEFT: Top Row: Stew McDonald, instructor ; Mike Nores; Jeff D en kins; Dave A skeland ; D oug M cCracken ; Dav i d Fielder; Terry Me rcer, v ice president; Bryan Fredrick, president; W ayne P erpall Bottom Row: Randy Westbay, social chair man ; Ch arner B enz; L aura Combes; M arilyn Donn; M argaret Sheldo n; K aren M aale, secr e t ar y /tr easurer

PAGE 181

RIGHT: John Griffin demonstrates proper sailrigging technique to other members of the W indjammer C lub. F . I must go down to the seas again, for the call of the running tide Is a wil d cal l and a clear call that may not be denied; And all I ask is a windy day with the white clouds flying, And the flung spray and the blown spume, and the sea-gulls crying. from John Masefield Windj am m ers F J --P-c-

PAGE 182

USF Karate Club ABOVE: Charles Doerr counter attacks while blocking Buck S alters' attack. ABOVE RIGHT: Charles doerr executes a round house kick as Chief Instructor Buck Salter blocks and counterattacks. BELOW: Mr. Masaaki Ueki, a fifth degree black belt of the Japan Karate Associat ion, gives instruction to club members and tests for the var i ous ranks BELOW RIGHT: Members : Top row: Char les Brittian. >teve Walter, Ronald Ralph, Sharon Horton, Alfred Truvillo, John Hart, Chris W estegard. Row 2 : Bill Sparks, Jeff Speck, Diana Lopez, David Fisher, Luis Albuerne, Char les Doerr, Bottom Row: Scott Homb, publicity chai rman; Cleve Watkins; Buck Salter; David Elman, president; James Ryan, vice president. The Karate Club emphasized the importance of physical conditioning as well as the development of mental control and character. The club affiliated with the J apan Karate Association and the AllAmerican Karate Federation. They participated in the 6th All-Florida Karate Tournament, put on exhibitions of karate-do and sponsored visits of a fifth degree black belt in the Japan Karate Association, Master M. Ueki. Officers : David Elman, president; Jim Ryan, vice president; Mike Sementa, treasurer; Scott Homb, publicity chairman. Dr. Zerla sponsor ed the club.

PAGE 183

USF Sports Car Club Fast paced, rallying in autocrosses. This was the Sports Car Club It sponsored TimeSpeedDistance (TSD) rallies and the Sir John Falstaff Annual Fun Rally, along with dual and night autocrosses and the Sports Car Super Week. Officers: Steve Schneer, presi dent; Fred Deutschman, vice president; Jean Williams, secretary; Nick Eckhardt, treasurer; Mr. James Devine, faculty sponsor. ABOVE LEFT: The day s of stopwatc h timing ar e gone as intri cat e electronic t imers t i me com P il t i ng car s to t he thousandths of a second LEFT: Opel GT drifts t h roug h f inal turn to c ross f i nish l in e i n the USFSCC Dual Autocross. BELOW: Vice pre s i d ent Fred Deutschman looks on a s a powerful M e y e r s Manx leave s the starting l i ne in t h e USFSCC Dua l Autoc ross 183

PAGE 185

Student Government The purposes of Student Government are to further t h e cooperation bet ween students, fac ul t y, and administrators, promote fellowshi p among students, esta blish programs and activ i ties of in terest to the student body, and offer students a voice in the adminis tration of the University. Student Government is headed by a president and a vice president chosen in open elections The uni cameral legislature is composed of forty-four representatives and eight senat ors. The Executive Board is composed of cabinet secretar ies and area council representat ives, and i s chaired by the president OPPOSITE ABOVE: Student Gove rnment P r esi dent John Greer speaks at a rally following the Kent State deaths LEFT: Ma r y Margaret Rutledge, Student Government vice president, spe aks info rmally to legislators Ghazi Aboul-hosn, Bob Hightower, Jeff Smith. Rodney Presley, S teve M ims and Chris Clifford. ABOVE: Jack Slayto n, secre t a r y o f finance, and members of the Finance Committee discuss the proposed Oracle budget w i t h Dr. Arthur Sanderson, chairman of the Department of Mass Communications. LEFT: Jim Corde ro, John G r eer, Jack Slayton, Gar y Jones take the new president o f USF, C ecil Mackey, on a t our o f t h e campus. 185

PAGE 187

O P POSITE ABOVE: Senator Ghazi Aboul-hosn answers a question during a SG legislative meeting. OPPOSITE L EFT: Vice president Ma r y Margaret Rutledge confers with SG members Bill Deitenbeck and Chri s Cli f ford after a meeting. OPPOSITE BELOW : Mike Co h en, Steve Mims, Bob High tower, George Kagan Ghazi Aboulhosn and Jeff Smith sit through a SG meeting. ABOVE: Members of USF Senate vote on a proposed resolution. L EF T : Jeff Smith, newly elected vice president, speaks to the legislative session BE LOW: Senators Jeff Smith, Bob Hightower and George Kagan concentrate during a SG meeting.

PAGE 188

188 LEFT: SG presidential candidate. subsequently the winner, Bob Hightower presents his platform during a candi date debate. ABOVE: The State Council of Student Body Presidents meets at a lunc h e on to coordinate student opinions for a presentation to the Board of R egents. BEL OW and OPPOSITE BELOW : Student government mem bers begin counting ballots on election night. OPPOSITE ABOVE: Bill Humphries. presidential candidate, answers questions at a pre-election debate. OPPOSITE : P resident John Greer offici ates as Acting President Harris Dean and Frank Winkles jump for the ball to begin the USF Brah mans Basketball season.

PAGE 189


PAGE 190

ABOVE RIGHT: Margot Eisen, Tom Scott, Ron Riegels, Pete Mac Gill, Rotha Allen exam ine specimens in a geology lab. ABOVE: James Cathcart guest speaker from the Un i ted States Geo l ogical Survey ta lks about bauxites 190 Coettes M embe r s were : Sandra S ullivan; Myra Bobo, pres ident; Regena Dupree, vice president ; Mrs. Josephine Hubbard, sponsor; Barbara Chest er, act ivities chairman Geology Club Literally digging into Florida's past, but with an eye to the future was the Geology Club Numerous field trips and at least one weekend trip, plus visiting speakers, and an auction of fossils and minerals from private donations expanded club members' know ledge and interests. Officers: Rotha Allen, president; Pete MacGill, vice president; Mar got Eisen, secretary and treasurer; Dr. Ralph Stevenson, faculty sponsor. The COETTES, affiliated with Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc., promoted service, cultural and social activities. To qualify for membership, a student must have a 2.0 GPR and 12 hours completed at USF. The COET TES did volunteer work at local hospitals and worked with mentally retarded children.

PAGE 191

RIGHT: We thought about the blue flowers ... from City Life by Do nald Bar t hel me CENTER LEFT: Oscar Wilde takes t he aud ience on a whi msical journey through his wri tings. BELOW LEFT: "I march, i t's ludicrous In t he last march, there were eighty-seven t housan d people marching ... Donald Bar thelme. BELOW RIGHT: "It wa s a small victory, yet it greatly incre ased his fatigue. From Miss Lonelyhearts by Nathanael W est. Readers Theatre The Readers Theatre Guild, a co curricular organization of the Department of Speech dedicated itself to group per formance of literature. The group staged non dramatic l itera ture, the narrative point of view in prose fiction and a per spective in verse. Six major productions were presented as well as weekly Coffee House productions. Some of the major productions of 1970 were; Your Turn to Curtsy, My Turn to Bow: A Wilde Night; Spirits Forsaken; Bridge of San Luis Rey; City Life. Some of the Coffee House productions were : "Zooez," Tell Me That You Love Me, Junie Moon, "TV," "Mannequins are Safe," "Back to Black," "No Relief in Sight," "A Call to Duty," "The Letter Writer," "Keno, "Two Belles of Balzac," "Hello There, Here We Are Again

PAGE 192

192 World Affairs Council The World Affairs Council strove to increase the "Internationalism" among USF students, faculty, and the Tampa commun ity by bringing people of all nationalities together to ex change culture and friendship The Council hoped to deepen the under standing of U S foreign policy, foreign countries and their cultures, and international relations. This year WAC sponsored recep tions, cultural "Happenings," interna tional speakers, weekend conferences, symposiums, and the 3rd Annual Model United Nations on campus.

PAGE 193

OPPOSITE ABOVE: Dunedin Junior High High l ander Band members perform the music of Scotland at the International Folk Fest ival. OPPOSITE LEFT: Russian Fo l k dancers from D e Pari s Ballet School p erform at World Affairs Club Internati onal Folk Fest i val. OPPOSITE RIGHT: World Affairs Counc il officers, Sami Masry tre a s urer ; Richard Bee man, president; and Gary Briese, vice president, d iscuss p l an s for the upcoming Model UN activities. ABOVE: Ed Pistilli, president, conducts the Gen e ral Assembly Security Council meeting at the Model UN. LEFT: Gary Briese, vice president in ch arge of the Model UN, g i ves a welcome address to the Genera l Assembly. BELOW : Wor l d Affairs Council Model UN c ommittee sets up disp la y tabl e to encourage student participation i n t h e 3rd annual event 193

PAGE 194

College Eng ineering Association The Engineering College Associa tion served to establish good facultystu dent relationships and to provide engi neer ing students with information about student activities. It sponsored a clean air car race, field trips, a picnic and an Engineering Ball at the Sheraton Tampa. Academically, the Association sponsored outstanding students for area businesses and featured guest speakers. 13411/

PAGE 195

OPPOSITE LEFT: Karl Clark and George Preston check equipment in the Electrical Ef"!gineering lab OPPOSITE CENTER: Bill Tracy and George Hoover adjust instruments for the Energy Conver sion Department. OPPOSITE BELOW : The Engi neering Council plans events at a meeting RIGHT: Ron Swiger, Dr. John Ratcliff and Philip Brown examine data in the Structures, Materials and Fluids Lab. BELOW CENTER: Engineering students perform efficiency tests in an Industrial Systems Lab BELOW: Robert Marsh, Dolly Good ing Dr. Barnard Ross, and Jerry Watko examine Dr. Ross model of Tampa Bay. 195

PAGE 196


PAGE 197

USF Music Organizations Silence. Disheartening silence forms a vacu um in our minds. Off in the horizon, as if the sun is spreading its wings of down, we hear something that is quite soft and pleasing. The ear strains for more; and, in response, the sound increases. Then, with one majestic burst, the sun is in its zenith and the sound envelopes the senses. Music has filled the vacuum of silence. Our existence takes another meaning as music swells the joy of being. On the instruction of II Maestro, another sound blends with music that of the voice. Song expands another dimen sion to our awareness, for we add to the music as we take away. As we reach the top of the cre scendo, we make a discovery: music is life and life is beautiful. ABOVE: Mari anne Franu s concentrates on a difficul t selection duri ng a class. RIGHT:Dr. Gale Sperry le ads the Pep Band at a USF basketball game. BELOW: Students ta ke time out for relax ation duri ng a rehearsal session with members of the dance de partment. OPPOSITE ABOVE: Dr. Gale Sperry conducts the USF Concert Band duri ng a regular clas s meeting. OPPOSITE LEFT: The music faculty Woodwin d Quintet r e hearse s for a per formance. OPPOSITE BELOW: Prof. Hilton Jone s composes with the Moog Sy nthesizer

PAGE 198

ABOVE RIGHT: Students perform Pagliacci for a Quarter II opera workshop. RIGHT: Chris Mott waits to play her part on the t impani while the band performs a t the Honors Con vocat ion. BELOW RIGHT: D r John Nagosky experiments with tones from the A cco u stical Research Apparatus. OPPOSITE ABOVE: Mr. Edward Preodor conducts the University Orchestra in a rehearsal. OPPOSITE RIGHT: The Flute Choir learns a new piece of mus i c dur in g a class sessio n. OPPOSITE BELOW : F aculty duo, Prof. N elson Cooke on cello an d Dr. G ary Wolfe on piano, rehea rse.

PAGE 200

Debate Team ABOVE: Members prepare for a trip to another city for a debate BELOW: Ray Doyle del i vers a mock p lea, backed up by s traight man Eric Houghton, to de baters S usan E ar ley, Mar y J ane Mathery, G ar y S copes Andy Fox, Carolyn Chriss, and Pat Kendee duri ng a practice session. Particip ation in Forensics meant compet1t1on in tournament debate, persuasive extemporaneous speak ing a nd oral interpretation of literature. US F Forensic teams attended tournaments throughout the South a nd participated in programs of p ublic and a udience debates.

PAGE 201

Senior Accounting The Seni o r Accou nting organization facilitated student -faculty relations, associated students with professionals and assisted accounting majors by pro viding services and information. It awarded tuition scholarsh ips to several outstanding accounting majors each quarter Sen ior Accounting members were: Sheldon Wind, Russ Varney, Wade Downs, Bob Zelco, Mike Numero, Larry Scherw i nski AI Hofmann, G e orge Russell Richard Hawes, Frank Horrell, Dr. James Moon, Wil liam Deyo, Gene McClung, Gordon Fendon, Ted Rouadi Bob West Dr. Louis Jurgensen Dr. Kemper Merriam, Jack Smith, Jim Antonio,Caser Riveria, Helen Brigenkemp, Chuck Mas i, H elen Brenn e r K enneth O Neal Keith Schively, Ben Terry, Mary Escarrez, Bob Osborne, Harold Thumb, Left side : Joe Sigmond, Bracy Bard. Right side: Mal colm Bore, I P Monthly. . --. -.... w .... -Student Advisory Board College of Business Elected by the College of Business, the Student Adviso ry B oard acts as a liasion among students, faculty and the administration. It presented speakers for on campus confer ences. Fran Cline was faculty sponsor. Member s of the Advisory Board were : Cindy Kienzle, secretary; Ed Primer; Tony Coniglio; Steve Cooper; An drew Libby, president 203

PAGE 202

Co -Op Hundreds of students earned thousands of dollars and valuable experience in USF's nationally -recognized Coopera tive Education Program After two quar ters of study, a Co-op student alternated a quarter of work in his field of interest among a variety of private and govern ment employers The program was open to students in all areas of professional interest and preparation Co-Op Advisory Council Proving that direction of USF Coop Education is a busy twoway street the Cooperative Education Student Advisory Council advised the director, offered sug gestions for improvements and helped the Co-op staff keep aware of problems as students see them. Each college elects three members and the director of Co op Education names three. Officers were : John Bradbeer, president; Mike Fuller, vice president; Jennifer Walsh, secretary. C. Jack Westberry was faculty sponsor. 2 04

PAGE 203

OPPOSIT E ABOVE: Co-op student C a mpbell Walke r, a che mist ry-pre-med majo r assists the veterinarian at the Armenoa A nimal Hospital in Tampa. OPPOSITE BELOW : Quarter I Councol members were : P aul K atz; Carl Cool; Howard Bond; Jennifer Walsh, secretary; Keith B arn en; P aul F ulfor d ; M ike Fuller, vice president; Stev e By ram ; Jose Val iente; Joh n Bradbeer presid en t ; M r. Jack Westberry, s ponsor. ABOVE : T he Co -op honors th eir new council members for Q uarter II with a lu ncheon. Ouar1e r II new members were : Richard D u nla p, president; Robert Monley, vic e p resident; Suzanne L eahy, secretary; A nn Adams ; Jerry Ayers; Mike Ayers; Charles Baumann; Sob Ehle nbeck; Richard Lamb; Mark Leber, D elbra Sharp; Bobby V ail; Jose V a l iente; Ken Ward ; Shirley Woods. BE LOW LEFT: Prof Andrew Minor, Co-op coor dinator advises a student. BELOW : Carla Satterf iel d a co-op student majoring i n Education, checks out books for a student at the USF Instructional Materials Center

PAGE 204

USF Dance Club All it took to become a member of the Dance Club was an interest in dancing. Mem bers dis p layed their talents at children's hospi tals and orphanages. In February they per formed "Winnie the Pooh" on Children's Day. ABOVE: Toni Constance, Susan McCarthy, Susi e Nicola, Petra Hazzard, Doris Phillips, Carol Mer, Nancy McClure, Marilyn Mancuso Sandra Feldma i er, practice BELOW: LEAVO Members learn how to run a projector. LEAVO The Library Education Audio Visual Organization (LEAVO) stirred campus in terest with programs on "Sex in the Library," "From Cuneiform to Graffiti," and a Christmas party. LEAVO gives those interested in library science or AV an opportunity to exchange ideas and discuss problems and solutions; it seeks to foster cooperation and service among librarians and between libraries and cli entele. Officers: Diane Mary Parker president; P aul E. Camp, vice president; Joanne Butts, secretary; Margaret Glavey, treasurer. Adviser, Dr. Ruth Newcomb.

PAGE 205

LEFT: Eugene Williams, Birice Baker and Willie Polk listen intently as Barbara Hill does the oral interpretation of her poetry that won her the title o f Miss Black Uhuru. RIGHT: Otis Anthony does an interpretation of "Black Revolutionary Consciousness" as Bobby Adderly accompanies him on congo drums. BELOW LEFT: Donald Odom, Secretary of Internal Affairs, leads a counse l ing session with Upward Bound stu dents. BELOW RIGHT: The runner-up in the Miss Black Uhuru contest, Nervia Glenn, does a rhythmic interpretation of modern African dance. Afro-American Society The Afro-American Society promoted social and political awareness and provided leader ship guidance, and understanding of black culture in America to black students. It sponsored the intensive tutorial Halloweeen party for black students, promo ted several fundraising projects for the Student Government Dis advantaged Loan Fund. The AfroAmerican Society also counseled for Project Up ward Bound Other activities in cluded Miss Black Uhuru Ball, a black beauty pageant, Twin Nights of Black Experience, and a Black Symposium for the recruitment of black students from high schools.

PAGE 206

SCEC The requirement for membership in the Student Council for Ex ceptional Children was a genuine interest in the problems and pro gress of exceptional children. This 40member organization tried to make prospective teach ers aware of the exceptiona I child's problems. SCEC worked with children at McDonalds Tra ining Center. Members were: Roberta Banan, Cathy Hav el, Mary Hofstetter, Michelle Fujarek, Nanette Reid, Cra ig Jurg ensen Kathleen O ster man, Nancy Damato, Barbara Allen, J anet Graham, Rose Marie Kntzel, J ames Monroe, Caherine Grone, Marilyn Palmer, Chris Chambers, Donna Ressler, Louis Arab (pressident) Glenda Grant (vice-president), DeD e G ermaine (secretary), Gary Foster (trea surer) SFEA The Student Florida Education Associ ation represented all prospective teachers on campus. Upon joining, members auto matically became included in the National and Florida Education Associations. A stu dent was entitled to reduced car, health, and life insurance, access to a free teacher placement bureau and othe r benefits. Members were : Cindy Whatley, Johonna Stagge, Charlotte Valenti, David Malberg, Ellen Mirowitz, James Welsch, Robert Mara zzi, Patricia Barnes, Linda Daniel, Anna Daeger, Cheryl Markowitz, Marilyn P ietsch man John Greer Bonnie Kaneer, Sharon Cooke, Hiram Perk ins Ramon Rui z (president), Dave Dorsett (vice-pre sident ) Donna Walker ( secretary-treasurer), Dr. Julia Haven (advisor) ABOVE: Dr. Bernard Lax, SCEC s ponsor, discusses future projects with members. RIGHT: SFEA membe rs: David Malberg, Ramon Ru iz, Jr., Anna Daego, Donna Walker, L inda Dan iel have informal study session.

PAGE 207

College of Education Council Aimed toward building unity through service, t h e College of Education Council coordin a tes and org a nizes all educ ation org a n iz a t ions o n campus. W ith help from u p per leve l stud ent members it has arranged facultys t udent coffees, a monthly lun cheon wit h Dean Jean B attle a nd provided students for t ou r s a s hosts and hostesses. Officers : Davi d Mal berg p r e s i den t ; M a r ilyn P i e tschman v ice-president; Shar on Cooke secretary treasurer. RIGHT: Members hel p entertain hospital patients with arts and crafts projects. BELOW: O ean Jean Battle and Advisor L. G R o be rts ta l k with mem bers at month l y luncheo n BELOW RIGHT: M abel H B ex l e y pla y s the mandolin for mentally retarded children. Members were : Lynne Sharpsteen R i chard Reinhardt Sus<>n Rountree P am P alme r Ram o n Ruiz Mc.rilyn Pietschm3n Linda Oanie l B etsy Elernard Oonna Walker Wayne Shallows 209

PAGE 208

Inter-Residence Hall Council USF Dorm Hall Councils encouraged the establish ment of cohesive dormitory communities. Officers are elected by members of the respective dorms and are expected to control expenditure of the money allocated the dorms each quarter The president and vice president attended weekly I RHC meetings and attempted to communicate resident concerns to housing and administrative officials. Each individual floor received $15 for such pro jects as trophy cases and parties. The councils maintain ed academic test files and tutoring services, and provid ed special annual events for holidays. A community where there are opportunities for a building of interpersonal relationships, academic pur suits, relaxation and cooperative support was what the Dorm Hall Councils worked to achieve for USF stu dents. ABOVE: A student tries to rescue her kite from a kite-eating tree on C rescent Hill. LEFT: Council officers meet to appropriate funds. BELOW: Stu dents re lax in t he sun at the A rgos Complex pool. OPPOSITE ABOVE: Conversations with friends make a meal more pleasant at A rgos Cafeteria. OPPOSITE LEFT: Mail delivery time is eagerl y awaited by many A rgos dormitory resi dents. OPPOSITE RIGHT: The whiz of frisbees is a comm o n sound on Crescent H ill as students enjoy the good w eat h e r

PAGE 209

Sponge-dry for knowledge you move from class to class, from one tight cubicle of learning to another, devouring what you can and sometimes more than you can then back to your room, a tighter and even smaller cube. To digest. Sleep on it think about it a ll. ... or discard it. Unwind and attack the wall or your your roommate. Wash away the day with a hot shower or a deluge of words. i" I .. , -, ....

PAGE 210

Drop a record on the turntable nimble fingers of a song will untie the knots in your brain -stereophonic tranquil i ty. Sound coats your room like paint. In a dormitory you can't escape it. I'M Mu Hall Council ABOVE: Members of Mu Hall Council gather in dorm lounge f o r a midnight snack. ABOVE LEFT: The winner of the Mu Hall pumpkin carving contest was this entry by Mu 1 West. LEFT: Ellen Nowlin catches up on studying in her dorm room. Council officers we r e : Donna Walker, president; Colette Taylor vice president; Colette Heard, secr e tary-treasu r er ; Michael Miller, standa r ds board.

PAGE 211

Epsilon and Delta Haii'Councils ABOVE : Residents of Epsilor Hall gather at the Uni versity Riverfront Park for a dorm picnic. LEFT: Del ta and Epsilor Hall Councils share an informal dorm party. BELOW : D e l ta Hall's intramural basketball team moves in pos ition to score a point. OFFICERS Epsilor: Ellen Ross, Hal l president; Gharan Ganas, vice president; Liz Barnes, secretary treasurer ; Tina K irkland, athleti c cha irman; Wanda Bradley, academic chairman; Jill Week, social chairman; Sherry Smithers, standards chairman, Delta: JoAnne Ziemer, hall presi dent; N aida Smith, 1 W est president; Elyse Durrel, 2 W est president; Jan i ne Bellini, 2 East president; Susan M ac Withey 3 East president; Linda Lurz, 3 West presi dent.

PAGE 212

214 Fontana-Desoto Hall Council

PAGE 213

OPPOSITE LEFT : Officers of Fontana-DeSoto Hall Council are: York Harris, vice president : James Strode Ill, pres ident; Marcae Carolyn, secretary; Gary Markows ki, treasurr. OPPO SITE RIGHT: Regular showings of movies are features of FontnaDeSoto life resident s always enjoy. ABOVE RIGHT: DeSoto res idents get together for a game of pool i n the hall game room. ABOVE LEFT : Fontana-DeSoto res idents un wind at a Christmas Dance at Fontana Hall. RIGHT : Santa and Helper hand out tickets to the Fontana Chr i stmas dinner. Even when the horseplay and talk and laughter spins to a slow stop and you prepare to dive between the covers of a book a new sound whispers in your ears. It is the vague, ominous rumbling of air and water refined through walls and pipes: the respiration of the building.

PAGE 214

Gamma Hall Council ABOVE : Janet Ayres watches dorm officers Dian e Forrester, Cathy Musil, Lu cinda Chlapowski and Jo Ellen Arvis play an informal football gam e in the Gamma lobby_ ABOVE RIGHT: Jo El len Arvis, Lucin da Chlapowsk i and Cathy Musil sunbathe on Gamma Beach." BELOW : Jo Arvis plays for Gamma r esidents Patricia Thayer, Diane Forrester, Marilyn Holdsworth, Linda Baggett, Chris Borney BELOW RIGHT: Patricia Thayer, Linda Baggett and Dian e Forrester help each other with their weekl y laundry_ OPPOSITE ABOVE : Kappa Hall residents, Celeste Menendez, Chopper Campb ell, Wanda McCory, Sue Marqua and Cathy Bundy leave for classes.

PAGE 215

Kappa Hall Council You'd think you were in a spaceship --and when you open your book you realize, that, in a way, you are--and you're steering not for stars but a storehouse of knowledge in a universe flung to the limits of your imagination. /

PAGE 216


PAGE 217

Seniors You would think that after four years of college we could open our minds and judge people by what they are and not what we think they are, or have been told they are ... Wouldn't you? But each day we find an old bias to trip over again. But you would think that after four years of college .... Wouldn't you?

PAGE 218

Abbott, Richard Abernathy L ei gh Aboulhosm G hazi Abramivic, Penny Abrey, Stephen Acker, Elizabeth Ackerman, Cheryl Adams, Melanie Adki ns, Bonnie Agner, Lewis Akers, Donna Albright, Ruthann Allen, Barbara Allen Catherine Allen Rotha Allyn, Steve A ltman, Joseph A lvarez, Jose A lverez, S ally A l varez, Tamara Ames, P a m e l a Amor, Jan Amor, Richard Anderson, Cynthia Anderson, Linda Ande rson, Virginia Andry, Mark Anthony, Lar r y Anzek Roy Aquilina, Raymond

PAGE 219

Arab, Louis Ash, Joyce Archer, Robert Ashbaugh, Robert Arger, Alexander Ashe, Deborah Astor, Janet Audd, Dian Austin, Carl Avans, Donna Avitable, Laura Badali, Richard Bailey, Mark Baker Carol Baker, Jessie Com munication Problem: I know you believe you understand what you think I said, but I am not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I mean. But each day we hear such statements as .... Baker, Merle Balbin, Judy Barber, Mary

PAGE 220

"They use their badges as an excuse to beat-up whoever they feel like." 222 Bell, Dorothy Bell, Shirl e y Benel, Sonia B e nson, Scott B en t Charles Beque r, Olivia Bergen, Linda B erger, Steven Berkes, Therese Bernard, Marie Barker, J a mes B arker, S ally B arnes J ean Barn es, Patricia Barn e y, C hr i stine B arrett, Magaret B art, L aurence B arthelette Lois Barthl e, Imelda Basi s t a, Michael Bass G eorge Bass, James B a ttl e, Cathy Bauer, J a mes Beck, John Beem an, D aniel B elderes, Ann e

PAGE 221

Bernier, Sandra B est, C aro l Beth el, Sandra Bez, Fred Bieber, L eonard Binder, Lynne Bird, J i m Birkler, Robert Birse, Gregory Black, Lou ci ll e Blackburn, Katha Blanchard, Richard Blanke, Francine Blaschka, Andrea Bledsoe, Stephen Blessing, Charlotte Boatwright, P olly Boek, Robert Bogart, Suzanne B olton, H elen Bolton James Bond, Ralph Bone, B Bon e Barbara Boo n, William Booth, Robert Borden, R icha rd Bo ris, Andrea Bor nstrager, Sharon Boros Bruce 223

PAGE 222

Borowicz, Patricia Boruta Judith Boru ta, V incent Bossio, Karen Boughton, Nancy Bowen, Millard Bow er, Corn e lia Bowman, Elizabeth Bows er, Phillip B owser R ichard B radbeer, John Bragg, Ruby Branan, Mary Brannen, Mary Brass, A lan Brass, Barbara Brass, Robert Br aught, Richard Braun B arbara Bra wner, Linda Bray D avi d

PAGE 223

Brown Janell e Brown, Margo Brown, Philip Brown, Robert Brown, Robert Brown, Sharon Brown, Suzanne B rune au, Arlene Bruwelheide Dale Bugel, Edward Bullock, Janice Burford, Robert Burgmeier, Patrici a Burrell, Doris Burzenski, Judith Breaux, Martha Brendle, D aniel Breslin, John Bridges, Hilda Brinkley A. S Brinson, Rand all Brock, Lewis Brodes, Renee Brog an, Lawrence Bronsord, Earl B r orst rom, Elizabeth Brown, Davi d Brown, Davi d Brown, Diane Brown Henry

PAGE 224

Busciglio, Mary Bush, Eric Butts, Jo Anne Butts, Gloria Byers, Carolyn Bylander, John Byram, Stephen Byrne, Robert Byrnes, Maureen Cagnazzo, Janet Calautti, Nancy Caltagirone, Carmen Camp, Sylv ia Campas, James Campbell, Al ice Cannelia, Helen Cansoa, Andreee Caribaltes, Sharon Carlock, Mary Ann Carlson, Arthur Carlson, Karen Carn egia, Heather Carnick, Reginald Caroline, Pete r Carrith ers, Marjori e Cassi si, P aul Castellano, Carolyn Castellano, Joanne C astel lon Margarita Celeste, Gene

PAGE 225

C hait, Stephen Chambers, Christine C handler, Jon Chandler, Larry Chap, Maryann "They get paid $10,000 a year to teach 8 hours a week with the same notes they have used for 10 years." Charbonier, Sandra Christ Mary Clark, Donald Clement, Lea Cobelo, Dorothy Cherof. Jane Chu, Chihchee Clark, Karl Clonts, William Cody, Terry Chowning, Marjorie Cidcowski, John Clarke, Carol Clossey, Do nald Coh en, D ebora Cladin, David Clayton, V irginia Cobb Mildred Cohen, Michael Cohen, Shelley Cohn, Steven Cole, Robert Colemen, Mark 227

PAGE 226

228 Cook, Linda Cook, Reed Cooper, Celia Cordell, Harriet Cordero, James Corey, Sharon Cowles, Ernest Cox, Ruth Crane, Bruce Crawford, Janet Crawford, Janice Cr eed, Kenneth Crocker, Edwin C roteau, Raymond Crowley, Charles C ulbreth, Brenda Currie, Victoria Cutti ng, Gordon Daniel, Beverly D ann, Thomas Collin, Doug Collins, Sarah Collum, Jerry Combee, Shirley Combs, Billy Comstock, Terrie Cone, Betsy Conley, Laurence Cook, Edward Cook, Frances

PAGE 227

D arb y, Thomas Darling, John Daught ry, Sara D avid, Kathleen Davies, Bruce Davies, Kenneth D avies, Kenneth Davis, Annice Davis, M L. Davis, Margo Davis, Pat ricia Davis, Raymond Davison Joseph Day S usan Dayhuff Larry 229

PAGE 228

Deal, Geo rge Dear i e n P a t ri c i a D e aton, Rev. Edward Dehar t B ri a n Dei tenbeck Rev. William D e kle, Sharon Delaney Br ian Demete r, Stephen Denmark, Candace Denniso n, Paul Denn i son, W i ll i am Derr i nger, Candace Detu r k, R i chard Detw i ler Nancy Devi ne, Caro l D i v i ne, Charlie Dew, David D i bble Joseph D i ckinson, Lauren Dick i nson, Susan D iers, Naomi D i etch, Bruce Dillion Charlotte Dilocker, Cur tis D i marzo, Joseph D i ttman Elaine D i xon James Dobbin, Paul Doer ing, Deborah Donaghy, Robert

PAGE 229

"They all have -red Chevrolet pick-ups with rifles on the back window and a Wallace sticker on the bumper." Donnerberg, Marie Dorney, John Do ucette, Margaret Do nohue, Michae l Do rnsife, Pamela Dough erty, Sharon Dorgelys, V iviane Dort, Dennis Douglas, Dan Do ri us, Carol Do rt, Darlene Down ing, Bruce I Down ing, James Dr i ver Deborah Duncan, Mary Downs, Thomas Dri zd, Peggy Dunlap, R i chard Drake, James Duc i ewicz, Ralph Dunn John Driggers, Linda Dudek Warren Dupuis Bonn ielee 231

PAGE 230

Elam Peggy Elmer, D ianne Ellis Samuel E llison, Mer idyth Elr od, Barbara Ely, Susan Duquesnay, Marie Durden, Ruth Durfee, Carol Dusil, James Dye, Elma East, Gloria Eckhardt, Charles Eden, Sarah Edwards, John Eelt ink, Albertus Ehlenbeck Donald Eichholz, Lora Eichl er, M ichae l Einste i n, Shelley Eisenbrown, Donald

PAGE 231

Emanuel, Tony Embry, Michel Emerson Linda Ernsberger, Nancy Eshleman, Ward Eubank Richard Evans, Charles Fabian, Maria Faine, Franklin Faircloth, Shellie Faraone, Vincent Far i na, Lucretia Farley, Dorothy Farley James Farr Robert Farris, Norma F a ul, Ronald Faulk, Eddie Fedorov ich, Nina Fein gold, Ann Ferguson, Carol Ferguson Mary Fetty, Betty Field, R ic hard F i nlayson Darlene F ischer, Mathias F istos, AI ice F itterman Lawrence Fitzpatrick, Robert Fletche r, Warren 233

PAGE 232

"They take the contents of a Dempster Dumpster, frame it, and get an A for it." Flick, Elliott Flis, Clem Flowerree, Douglas Fluty, Susan Forche, Linda Fordham, Cheryl Foster, Marcia Foster, Walter Fouts, Edwin Fowler, Darlene Fox, Dorothy Foxworth, Susannah Franco, Sylvia Frank, Larry Frank, Lucinda Frazee, Roger Frederick, Curtis Freeman, Katharine Frey, John Fuchs, Mary Fuller, Eugene Fullerton, Dorothy Furlong, John Futch, Kenneth Gabriel, Kathleen Gaeio, Sonia Garbrick, John Garcia, Jaime Garcia, Nancy Gates, Willard

PAGE 233

Gerhart, Scott Gibson Charles G i ech, H. S. Gilchrest Connie Gill, Kathleen Gi l lette, Patricia G i llman, Constance Giorgianni John Glock, Gregory Gluhareff Shirley Gnau, Mary Godbout Joyce Goddard Roger Goetz Claudia Golden Tom Gonzalez, Aida Goodman, Mickey Goodw in, Reid Goss, Eve Gould, Glenn I.;,_ ... Gaudsm ith, Henry Geddes, William Geddis, L i nda Ann Gedris, Thomas Geist, Sandra Geiger, Tiny Gelb, Ferri s George, Bonita Gerac i Salvatore Gerbe r d ing, Thomas

PAGE 234

Goulet, Guy Granger, Andy Granger, Shirley Grannis, Robert Grant, Paul Gray, Abigail Greco Doreen Green, Shirley Greene, William Gregory, Ronald Grenelle, Patti Grenelle, Rose Griffin, Cindy Grone Catherine Grooms, Walter Grose, Douglas Grosso, Domenic Grumet, Robert Gruml e y, Timothy Guinn, Mae

PAGE 235

Harwood, C arol Hassett, Mary Hatcher, Dianne Hatt George Haughee,Jonathan Hawes Richard Hawk en Charles Hawthone, Charles Hawthorne, Cynthia Hayden, Edward Gullette, Jon Gunsau llus, Olive Guy, Edward Hackett, Linda Hahn, Pete r Hall, Wallace Hallman, Helen Hamann Elizabeth Hancock, Pam Hansell, Joyce H arazda, Robert Harbin, Roger Harbin, Sherry Hardw i ck, Geraldine Hargrett, Louisa Harrell, Ronald Harrington, Brian Harris, Crystal Harris, Lisa Harrison, Barbara

PAGE 236

" I just don't understand this generation, we gave them everything, so they take take our money and call us hypocrites Hayes, Ellen Heard, Col ette Henry, Betsy Herman, Leslie Hicks, Kathie Hayes, James H eber, John Henry, Judith Hettema, R o ger Hicks Thomas H aynes, C harlene H edgecoth, Diane H enson, Connie Heweker, Carl a Higgins, Jack Hays, B ruce H emdom, Gordon Hepler Ol e n Heyt, Michael Higginson, Kenneth Hazelwood, Clara Hendon, Peggy Herb, Cora Hickinbotham, J u dy H ightower, Robert 238 H i ll, J oh n Hillebrand, S ally Hinke l Jeann i n e H i r e s B arbara Hite, C har l e s

PAGE 237

James, Dorothy James, Marilyn 240 Janson, John Jay, Linda Jarrell, Kathryn Jenk i ns, Genenieve Jenks Judee Jenne, Joseph Jerkins, Pat Jeske Paul Jablon, Steven Jackman, Judy Jackman, Thomas Jackson John Jacobson, Ellen James, Betty Anne Johnson, Annette Johnson, Ll na

PAGE 238

Johnson, Linda Johnson, Richard Johnson, Robert Johnston, Alan Johnston, Susan Joiner, Mary Jones, Arthur Jones, Phillip Jones, Suzanne Joslyn, Christine Juarez, Helen Juskie, Joan Kalcun, Albert Kaplan, Mark Karakitsoo, Nikki Keables, Susan Kee, Elizabeth Keeler, Catherine Keglovich, Janet Kelly, Michael Kelly, Daniel Kelly, M. Kelly, Raymond Kenneth, David Kerns, Vanie Kessler, Richard Kester, Billy

PAGE 239

"They sit in their ivory towers a II day, wouldn't know a student if they fell over one, they don't run things, their secretaries do." 242 Kitchel, Jane Kleine, Esther Kobs Charles Krafick, Stanley Kratochvil, Myra Kraus, Edward Kremser Frank Kropp, Nancy Kreuzinger, Thomas Kulesa, N ic holas Kriegbaum, Raymond Lacrampe, Frank Ladd, W i lliam Laitinen, Cynthia Lamb, Richard Key, Wanda Kienzle, Cynthia Kilbey, Susan Kilkenny, Charlotte King, Beverly King, Donna King, Keith King, Sandra Kirby, Scott Kirchman, Joyce Lambert, P aul Lampina, Candice Laney, Maryann

PAGE 240

Lanier, James LaPierre, Linda Laval, Rodney Laverghetta, Vincent Lawrence Dorothy Lawton Henry Lawton, Lola Lay, Bonnie Layton, Hane Leahy, Michal Leary, Loretta Leber, Barry Lee, Bonnie Lee, John Lees, Robert LeFranc, Janet Lehman, Gerald Lenhoff, Lillian Lester, Joseph Levinson, P aul Lewis, Cecelia Lewis, Lynne Libby, Andrew Licht, Cynthia Licwov, Wayne Lifland, Larry Likens, Deborah Lindley, Suzanne 243

PAGE 241

Link, Donald Link, Kathlee Linkenauger, Will iam Little, Janette Little, Richard Lloyd, Dennis Lopata, Linda Loesche r Debra Loh, Weil iang Long, Cydell Long Merceles Long, Phyllis Long, Sharon Lopez, Sharon Lorenzo Angelo

PAGE 242

Lucas, Alan Luczak, David Lyons, James Lyons, Peter Maas, Carol MacDonald, James MacGill, Peter Macomber, Andrea Magee, Kenn eth Magowan, Ann Mahagan, Linda Mahan, Geptha Mahoney, Maria Maisel, Allan Majder, Augustyn Makowski, Sandra Malberg, David Malloy, Joan Manson, Alex Marcet, Maria Marcet, Miguel Marini, Francis Marini, Robert Markowitz, Cheryl Marks, Jean Marqua, Sue Marrinan, C atherine Marsh, Robert Marshall, Susan Martin, Cynthia

PAGE 243

246 Martin, Diane Martin, Melvin Martin, Peggy Martine, Louis Mattox, John Matych, Paul Mayes, Charles Mayger, Pam McArdle, Vick i McCann, Donald McCoy, Joseph McCullough, Carol McCullough, Sean McCullough, Richard McCurry, Larry McDannold, Connie McGowan, Mclaughl in, Eleanor McDine, Sally McKeen, Thomas Mclean, Marjorieh McDonald, Marcia McKenna Teresa McGinley, Patricia McKey, John McGovern, Susan McKown, Judith McMenamin, John McMillan, Darlene McMillan, Oland

PAGE 244

'Til say one one thing, when it comes to basketball and dancing McMillan, Syl v i a Medagl ia, John Menendez Gail Meyer Carston Miller, Jeff r ey M i ller, Rita McMill an, William Mederos Ada Menz ie, W i ll iam Meye r Christ ian Miller John Miller, Susan E McCormick Rebecca Meehan, Wendy Mer a cle, Michael Meyer, L in d a Miller, Michae l Miller, Susan L. Mead, Doris Melton James Merriam, John Miller Jan M i ller, Patr i cia Milleson, James 247

PAGE 245

248 Mims, Stephen Minkley, linda Miguel, George Mirowitz, Ellen Mirowitz, Steven Misenheimer, Nancy Mitchell, Max Mitchell, Robin Mitchell, Walter Mizell, E I izabeth Mizia, Ronald Moeckel, Marjorie Molloy, Susanne Molloy, William Monroe, James Montgomery, Dale Montgomery, V irginia Monts de Oca, Clint Moon, Merilyn Moore, Michael Moore, Robert Moore, William Morde, Richard Morgan, Joe Morgan, Sandra Morris, Ann Morris, Jay Morrison, Gloria Mortellaro, Edward Moses, Nancy

PAGE 246

Moses, Robert Mullins, Dale Murphy, Susan Myers, Cheryl Navarro Luis Neville, Larry Moton, George Mullins, Thomas Murray, Joyce Myers, Vaun Nelson, Diane Newberry, Van Muia, James Murphy, Michael Murray, Jeanne Myrick, John Nemenoff, Bruce Nickels Frank 249

PAGE 247

"I wish they could see past their jerseys and pins to the real world." 250 Orbann, Carl Orendort, Christine Orlopp, Robert Ormsby, Li nda Orrell, Marilyn Osborne, Thomas Osmun, Mary O'Steen, Carolyn O'Steen, C a rol Oswald, D a vid Ni elson, Per Erik Nix, David Nocera, Frank Nores, Michael Norman, Thomas Northern, Sarah Noyes, M ary J a n e Oaks, Marsha ll Ochowride r, D a n O'Conn or Lind a O g le, D a v id Ol dt, Th o mas Ol i t zk y, Lee Olson, R o n a l d Ol stro m A n n

PAGE 248

Ottman, Karen Otto, Kim 0 berby, Larry Overby, Randy Overman, Deborah Owens, Terry Pace, Bettie Pace, Connie Padgett, Larry Pages, Peter Paine, Ronald Palacios, Rafael Paley, Michele Palmer, Marilyn Palmerino, Charles Panczner, William Pappas, Thomas Park, Christy P arks, J ack Parrino, Elaine Parsons, David D. Parsons, David F. Pasternak, Denis Paul, David Paul, Janet Pawelko, Daniel Payner, Pamela Peake, Suzanne Pearsall, Howard Pe iper, Laura 251

PAGE 249

252 Pfaff, Robert Pharr, H. Lee Phillippy, Steven Phillips, Marilyn Pierce, Harrison P ineda, Beverly Pipk in, Gerry Pivec, Raymond Plock, Roger Pregentek, Robert Preston, George Prete, Sandra Price, Bethany Primer, E. Dena Primer, J Edward Privette, June Procter, Cynthia Proper, Kath i Rabinowitz, Adam Raczkowski, Shirley Pekny, Ellen Penaranda, Gladys Pennington, John Perez, Carlos Perez, Fabiola Perez, Frand Perkins, Guill a Perlman, Lynne Perrone, Sam Pettit, Gary

PAGE 250

Rambo, Linda Ranker, Antoine Rapp, Paul Ray, Robyn Reeves, David Regeski, Catherine Reichle, Richard Reichwald, Barbara Reiser, Ted Renneker John Repetosky John Ressler, Donna Ressler, Thomas Reynolds, R ick y Rhodes, Margaret Rhodes, Richard Ricc i, Joseph Rice, Kay Rich, Marian Richardson, Sharon 253

PAGE 251

Riddle, Barbara Ripko, Ronald Rockafellow, Rodriguez, Roseanne Rosen Michael Rowley, Marjori e R i ddle, James Robert, Linda Elizabeth Rogers, Ginger Ross, Lawrence Rubin, Kenneth Riedel, James Robers, Calvin Rode, Randall Rollins, Sharon Ross, Margaret Ruiz Ramon Rienner, Susan Robers, Terry Rodgers, James Rdok, Deborah Roth, Larry Ruso, Isabel Rinehart, Joan Robinson, Teresa Rodr i guez, Jose Rose, Roy Rountree, Ronald Russell, Deborah Rodriguez, Richard 254

PAGE 252

"It's the r ich Miami Jews that hold up the nat_ion s economy Russell, George Rutledge, Mary Rycktarczyk, Mona S alisbury, Tom S alsey, Roger Samaha, Melinda Samaha, Patricia Sands, Dickie Sands, William Saraceni Anna Sarvis, Robin Sasnette, Donna Satche l Brenda Saund ers, James Savander, Betty Savery, Arthur Savery Dyne I Scaglione, Mary Schang, Donald Scherwinski, Lawrence Schneider, Henry S chneider, Robert Schofield, Percy Scholl, Karl Schoonover, Jerry S chramek, Daniel Schrief i er, George Schrift, Mark Schroder, Leighton Schulkers, Charles

PAGE 253

Schultz, Edward Schultz, Jean Schwartz, Larry Schwartz, Richard Schwartzkopf, Linda Scott, Cynthia Scott, James Sears, James Selitto, Jerome Sementa, Michael Senavat, Phong Seroka, Sherrie Sertell, Cheryl Sharpless, William Shaw, Kathryn Shayman, Carol Sherrick, Paul Shively, Keith Sholl, Cynthia Shuman, Priscilla

PAGE 254

Smith, Paul Smith, Peggy Smith, Raymond Smith, Sarah Smith, Timothy Smith, W. Briggs Smith, William Snyder Karen Sopka, Richard Sours Betty Sierra Abelardo Silas, Louie Siltanen, Susan Silverman Robert Simon, Beverly Simmons, Gene Ski dmore, Sharon Skinner, Charles Skippe r, John Slagle, C Elaine Slayton, C Jackson S loul i n, Marcia Smith, Georg e Smith, H. Stratton Smith, Jeffrey B Smith, Jeffrey 0 Smith, Judith Smith, Lance Smith, Martin Smith, Myra

PAGE 255

Sowards, Alice Speck, Jefferson Sparks, Kat h leen Spencer, Thomas Stermen, D avid Ste rner Clyde Stevens, Va lentian Ste wart, Ch eryl Stewart, Mary Lou Stichter, Mark Stickler, Thomas Stokes, Branda Stone, Gary Stott, Rory Stagge, Johonna Stahl, Phillip Strednak Will iam Streeter, Cassandra 1 Strode, James 258 Stanley, Belinda Staton, Barbara Stuck, William Steele, Cathleen Stehli, Brian Stutler, Kent Stein, AI is a Stephens, Charles Sullivan Glen

PAGE 256

Sullivan, James Susskind, Sandra :;ullivan, Margaret Suter, Bruce Suttle, David Swain, Cynthia Temple, Gene Terhune, Charles Thibodeau, Mary S waine, Kristine Swann, Linda Thomas, Carolyn S wanson, Beverly Swenson, P aul Swiger, Ronald Swinney, Carol Tagarelli, Jeannette Tait, William Tannen, Jonathan Taylor, Jennifer Taylor, Owen Taylor, Roger Taylor, Ruby Taylor, William Teegarden, John Tellman, K. 1 T homas, James Thomas, Kathleen 259

PAGE 257

ABOVE: Senior Clas s Officers: Mary Christ, Secretary; Stev e Cohn, Pres i dent; M ary Ann C arlock, Vicep resident; Donald McCan n, Treasurer. Thomas, Susan Thompson, Barbara Thompson, Charlotte Thompson, Gwendolyn Thompson, Shirley Thompson, Teresa T i ghe, Gerard Tilton, Ronald Todd, James Tolrert, Bonnie Tomlinson, William Tonello, E. Raymond Torgensen, Janice Torrent, Antonio Touchton, Janis Tracy William Trager, Adrian Trahan, Eli zabeth Travers, Katherine Trimble, Linda Troupin, Lila

PAGE 258

Tully, Honey Turnbull, Paul Tyner, Judy Ueberle, Ann Uhlik, Allen Unick, Melanie Valenti, Charlotte Valenti, Norma Vanacore, Ca r ol Vahillo, Harris Vaughan, Deborah Vayo, Rodney Vernon, Stephen V ierlin g Donald Vohs, Susan Wade, G. Waligunda, Mary Walker, Donna Walker, John Walker, Lea Walker, Larry Walker, Lloyd Wallace Eleanor Wallak, Theresa Walters, Barbara Walters, Bobbie Wanamaker, R ichard Wannall, J Robert Warman, Arthur Warner, Sandra

PAGE 259

Wells, John Wells, Marjorie Wenderoth, Arthur Wendorf, Richard West, Frances West, Harry West, James Westberry, Richard Wharton, Joan Whitaker, Sharon Warp, Judy Wass, Mary Watkins, Deborah Watko, Gerald Waxier, Martin Waychoff, Hugh Webb, Margarette Weir, Patricia Welch, Harold Wellman, Phillip White, Rev Frank White, Geraldine White, He l len White, Julian White, R ichard Whitehead, Clent Whiteman, Thomas Whitson, Francis Whitson, Lowrey Whitten, Edythe

PAGE 260

Wilkerson, Terry W illia ms, Hiram W illiams, Johnnie Williams, Leatricia W illiams, Stua rt W i llis, Jacqu elyn Wilson, Sonja Wind, She ldon Wolansky R ichar d W righ t, A lan Yos t, Mark Young B arr y Young, Gregory Young, Robert Youngman, Doris Zelko Robert Zetler, Greta Zilkie, Stev en Z i mmerman, John Zmistowski, M i chael Wright, B ar b ara Wright, Candace Wynans, J udit Yager Carol Y ancar, Joan Yates, Euolia Yeast, John Yeater Glen Y eo man, Charl e s York, Edith

PAGE 261

264 Open the door ... or stay behind. No one knows where you want to go. Wake up and the sun's there. The Daylight answers "yes" a hundred different ways. But if your eyelids never move because you choose to stay with sleep, druggedwith dreams, that's okay ... night's only a darker morning .... Move slowly; grass feels the same no matter what hour your feet are wearing. But if your eyes pick sky to touch, it's your game: stars/sun. You pick the flight; all seats are open, whether or not you ever leave. Linda Alexander

PAGE 262

Senior Index A ABBOT, RICHARD I. North Miami, Fla. ; B.A.; A stronomy-Mathematics; Phi Kappa Phi. ABERNATHY. LEIGH B. Roswell Ga ; B A ABOULHOSN, GHAZI R R. B i t ikhani Lebanon; B A ; Internati onal Relat i ons; St u dent Government Senator, World Affa1rs Counc i l President. ABRAMIVIC, PENNY L. Ft. Lauderdale Fla.; B A.; E lementary Edu catiOn. ABREY, STEPHEN I. Tampa, Fla ; B.A.; Mar keting; Alpha Tau Omega ACKER ELIZABETH H. St. Petersburg, Fla .; B A.; E l ementa ry Educati on ACKERMAN, CHERYL Templ e Terrace. F la.: B A ; Engl ish Educat i o n ; ADAMS, MELANIE S Tampa, Fla ; B A.; Bacter iology. ADKINS, BONNIE S. T ampa F l a ; B A.; Edu c ation ; Phi Kappa Phi AGNER, LEWIS M. Mad i s o n Fla. ; M.A. ; Mathematics AKERS DONNA L. Bradenton F l a .; M A .; G uidance; Kappa Delta P i, President of Stu dent Gu i dance Organi zation; College of Education Associat ion. ALBRIGHT RUTHANN Brooklyn Cente r Minn.; B:A.; Speech-Engl ish Education; Un i versity Center Commi ttee Resident Assis t ant, Water Sk i Club. ALLEN BARBARA R Temple Terrace, Fla .; B A ; M ental Retardat ion; Kappa Alpha Theta ALLEN CATHERINE A. Melbourne Fla .; B A .; Elementary Education. ALLEN, ROTHA L St. Fla ; B A.; G eogology; Geology Club Pres1dent. ALLYN, STEVE L. St P etersburg, Fla .; B A .; M anagement. ALTMAN, JOSEPH I. Tampa, Fla.; B A .; Span ish; Zeta Omega O mega ALVAREZ, JOSE S Tampa, Fla ; B A ; Ac countin g ; Intramural basketball. ALVAREZ, SALLY J. Daytona Beach Fla. ; B A ; El ementary Educat1on; Delta Delta Del ta ; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Little S i ster ALVAREZ, TAMARA J Miami, Fla ; M .A.; French; P i Del ta Phi ; Iota Tau Alpha. AMES, PAMELA E S t Petersburg Fla .; B A. Elementary Educat1on. AMOR, JAN Y Tampa, F la.; B A ; Soc ioiO!)Y: Phi Kappa Phi; Athenaeum, Ed1tor-1n -Ch1ef 1971 Aeg ean AMOR, RICHARD A. Tampa, F l a .; B .A.; P sych o l ogy ; U C Mus i c Committee. Aegean Staff. ANDERSON, CYNTHIA L. Sem i n ole, Fla ; B .A.; Elementary Educat i on ; Kappa Delta P i. ANDERSON, LINDA S. Lakeland, F l a .; ANDERSON, LINDA S. Lak e land Fla .; B A .; Elementary Educat1on; De I ta Delta Delta; Little S i ster of M inerva Dorm Sta ndar d s Committee ANDERSON, VIRGINIA F W inter Park, Fl a .; B A ; NonW e s tern Studies. ANDRY. MARK L. Lutz, F l a .; B A .; Geography; G.T.U. ANTHONY, LARRY E. Tampa Fla ; B A.; Elementary Educati o n ANZEK, ROY S M i am i Beach Fla ; B A ; Phy s ical Educat ion. AQUILINA, RAYMOND T. Lake l and Fla. ; B S ; Pre--Dentistry. ARAB, LOUIS M Jacksonville Fla. ; B.S. ; S pecial Education; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; President of Student Council f o r Exceptional Ch i ldren. ARCHER ROBERT P. S t P e tersburg, Fla .; B A ; Psychology; Phi Kappa Phi; P s y Ch i; Student Govern ment R epres entative. ARGER, ALEXANDER G. Clearwater F l a ; B A.; P s yc h o l ogy ; Psi Chi Vice Presi d en t ASH, JOYCE H Lutz F l a .; M.A.; Library Edu cati o n; Kappa Delta P i ASHBAUGH, ROBERT H. Forestv i lle, Md. ; B A ; Marketing; Zeta Beta Tau ASHE, DEBORAH E Lutz, Fla. ; B S .; Special Education-Mental R etard ation. ASTOR, JANET M. North Miami, Fla. ; B .A.; Elem entary Education; Kappa Alpha Theta; C .E A Elementary Representative; A s s oc iat i o n of Childhood Education AUSTIN, CARL H Lake l and F la.; B .A.; Speech Broadcas ting; Student Program D i rector of WUS F AUDD, DIAN L. Rockledge, Fla.; B.A.; Fi nance A VANS, DONNA L. Tampa, Fla. ; B A .; Spec ial Educat ion. AVITABLE, LAURA J. C l earwater Fla .; B.A.; Engl ishJournalism Edu cation; Delta Delta Delta, Orac l e S ta f f. 8 BADALI, RICHARD J. Miami, Fla .; B A .; Business Management ; U S F Sports Car Club ; U C.F Parachute Club. BAILEY, MARK L. Maitland, Fla .; B A .; Geology; Standards Board BAKER, CAROL L. St. Petersburg, Fla.; B.A.; Elementary Education-Library Science, Kappa Delta Pi, P h i Kappa Phi. BAKER, JESSIE B Sarasota F la.; B A ; Mar k e t i ng; Ethos ; Afro-Ame r ican Society. BAKER, MERLE J. Tampa, Fla .; B A .; Engl ishMass Communications; Oracle staff writer. BASKIN, JUDY A Tampa Fla ; B A .; Elementary Education. BARBER, MARY K S ef f ner Fla.; B A .; English LiteratureA merican Stu d ies; W i nd-' jammers. Wor l d Affai r s Club BARKER, JAMES M. Jacksonville Fla ; B A .; English BARKER, SALLY J St. Petersburg Fla ; B A .; Engl ish Education; Phi Kappa P h i ; Kappa Delta P i. BARNES, JEAN S. St. Petersburg Fla .; B .A.; L ibrary-Elementary Education. BARNES, PATRICIA E N eptune Beach, Fla ; B A .; Elementary Educat i o n. BARNEY, CHRISTINE A G l envi e w I l l.; B.A ; Anthropology. BARRETT, MARGARET K Lutz, Fla. ; B.A.; Spec ial Education. BART, LAURENCE M Miami, Fla.; B A ; P s y chology; Psi Chi President ; Hillel; Ta i Che Club. BARTHELETTE, LOIS R St. Petersburg, Fla. ; B A ; Soc iology; Campus Coalition. TAPAC, Lada Bay Area Coalit ion. BARTHELE, IMELDA S. Dade City, Fla .; B A .; Office Administration; Women o f P i S i gma Epsilon BASISTA, MICHAEL J L ehigh Acres, F la.; B.A.; Zoology; A ndros Men' s Resident Hall Assoc iation Presi d ent; I ota Ill Pres id ent; Inter Resi d ent Hall Counc il V ice -President. BASS, GEORGE W Tampa, Fla.; B A ; Management. BASS, JAMES E. Lutz, Fla. ; B A ; Ma s s Com mun i cat i ons; Oracle Advertising Manager BATTLE, CATHY R Belle G l ade F l a.; B.A.; Math; Education; Kappa Alpha Theta; Stu dent Go vernmen t ; Sig ma Phi Ep silon L ittle Sister BAUER, JAMES E Grosse Pointe S hores, M i chigan ; B A.; His tory; S igm a Phi Eps ilon. BECK, JOHN H. Bradenton, F l a.; B.A.; Soc i a l S c i ence Education. BEEMAN, DANIEL E Tho notosassa, FLa; B A.; Inst ructi o nal Music Educ at ion; Phi Mu Alpha, Omicron Del ta Kappa University Ban ds, 69 70 Pr esident BELDERES, ANNE L Brandon Fla. ; B A ; Chemistry ; Phi Kappa Phi. BELL, DOROTHY F Tampa, Fla .; B A. ; Ele mentary Educati o n ; A C E I. BELL, SHIRELY L Cocoa Fla ; B A ; Ele mentary Education; Kappa Alpha T heta BENEL, SONIA A Miami F l a .; B A ; Zoology. BENSON, SCOTT T emp l e Terrace Fla. ; B.A.; Accounti ng. BENT, CHARLES R St P etersburg, Fla. ; B.S. ; Eng ineer i ng. BEOUER OLIVIA M Tampa, Fla .; B.A.; World Affairs Counc il BERGEN, LINDA L Umatilla, Fla. ; B.A.; Bi o l ogy Education; Phi Kappa Phi. BERGER STEVEN M M i am i Fla ; M.A.; Mentai Retardation; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Council for E xceptiona l C h i ldren. BERKES, THERESE M. Ta mpa, Fla. ; B A ; Socio logy. BERNARD, J MARIE Naples, F l a ; B A ; Busines s Education. BERNIER, SANDRA L. Largo, fla. ; B.A. ; Elementary Education-Early Childhood. BEST, CAROL E M i ami, Fla.; B.A.; English Theatre Arts Education; The Group; Youn g Republicans. BETHEL, SANDRA L. H i a l eah, F l a ; B.A.; Early Childhood Education; Russian C lub; Standards Board BEZ, FRED K. St. Pet e r sburg Fla . B S .; Mar k e t ing; Oracle Advertising; CoOp student. BIEBER, LEONARD A Co coa, Fla.; B A ; P e rsonnel Management ; D elta S i gma P i ; V ice President BINDER, LYNNE S. Odessa. Fla. ; B .A.; Math emat ics; P i Mu Epsilon Vice Pr esident; Phi Kappa Phi. BIRD, JIM R. Dunedin, Fla.; B.A. ; Mass Communications-Marketing. BIRKLER, ROBERT N Kwajale i n, Marshall Island ; B A .; Advanc ed Basic Studies; Delta Tau Delta BIRSE, GREGORY S. C hicago, Ill.; B.A.; Nat ural Sci e nce-Pre-Med; Tau Epsilon Phi ; Stu dent Gov ernment Representative; Pre-Med Soc iety. BLACK, LOUCILLE Fort Myers, F la ; B .A.; Mathematics. BLACKBURN, KATHA L. Merritt Island, Fla.; B .A.; Bus iness Management; Women of P i Sigma Epsilon, Pr esident BLANCHARD, RICHARD W La rgo, Fla .; B.A.; Ma nagement; American Manag ement Association ; Chamber of Commerce. BLANKE, FRANCINE D. North M i ami B each, Fla .; B.A.; G erman Spani s h Educa tion; G e rman Club, Wat er S ki Club. BLASCHKA, ANDREA M. Maitland, Fla.; B A .; Zoology. BLEDSOE, STEPHEN V. Jacksonville F la.; B A .; History Phi Delta Theta. BLESSING, CHARLOTTE A. Dad e City, F la. ; B A ; Elementary Education. BOATWRIGHT, POLLY S Jacksonv i lle, F la ; M.S.; Spe ech Pathology; Kappa D elta P i ; P i Kappa Phi ; Athenaeum. BOEK, ROBERT W. Winter Haven, Fla. ; B A .; Marketing; P i Kappa Alpha. BOGART, SUZANNE L Tampa, Fla.; B A .; B usiness Education; Kap p a Delta ; Women's Business Fratern ity. BOLTON<. HELEN S. Arlington, V i rgin i a ; M A ; Loology; Curr iculum-Committee BOLTON, JAMES E. T ampa, Fla. ; B .A.; Mus i c Edu cat i on ; Phi Mu Alpha. BOND, RALPH E. Winter Hav en Fl a ; B.A.; Broadcasting; WUSF FM -TV. BONE, BARBARA E. Plant City, F la. ; B S .; Elementary Education; Kappa Delta P i. BOON, WILLIAM L Ocoee F la.; E>:A.; E le mentary Educat i o n; D elta B et a P i. BOOTH, ROBERT T Ma itland, F la.; B S ; Chemistry ; Ski Club. BORDEN, RICHARD C. Tampa, Fla .; B.S .; Mathematics-P sychology; Kappa Sigma ; A merican Inst itute of A eronautics a nd A s tronautics Co -Op Counc i l ; '60-'70 H o n ors Convocation. BORIS, ANDREA C. Tampa,Fia ; B S ; Elementary Education. BORNTRAGER, SHARON A. Tampa, Fla ; B.A. ; Math S cience Educat ion. BOROS BRUCE L. M i am i F la.; B S .; Zoolo gy ; Tau Epsilon Phi. BOROWICZ, PATRICIA C C learwater, F l a ; B .S.; Physical Educat i on BDRUTA, JUDITTH A Ta mpa, Fla .; Science Education. 265

PAGE 263

266 BORUTA, VINCENT Tampa, Fla. ; B.A.; Chem istry. BOSSIO, KAREN C. Homestead, Fla.; B.A. ; E I e me ntary-Secondary Education; World Affairs Council; Catholi c Student Organizat ion. BOUGHTON, NANCY A St. Petersburg, F la.; B .A.; Elementary Education. BOWEN, MILLARD G. Cape Coral Fla.; B.A.; BOWER, CORNELIA R Bradenton Fla. ; B.A.; Professional Physical Education; Girls' Karate Club . BOWMAN, ELIZABETH J. Tampa, F la ; B.A.; Early Childhood Education. BOWSER, PHILLIP M. Brandon, F la.; B.A; Sociol ogy BOWSER, RICHARD B Reston, Va.; B A .; Theatre Arts; Phi Mu Alpha; Bay P l ayers ; University Program Council. 'BRADBEER, JOHN M. St. Petersburg Beach F l a .; B A ; Industrial Relations-Management; Phi Sigma Epsilon ; Co-Op Student Advisory Council, Chairman ; President' s Advisory Council. BRAGG, RUBY C. Jacksonv ille, Fla.; B.A.; Elementary Education; Phi Kappa Phi BRANAN, MARY F. Vero Beach Fla .; B A.; Early Childhood Education. BRANNEN, MARY L. Jacksonville, Fla ; B.A.; Elementary Education. BRASS, ALAN B. Miami, Fla .; B A .; Social Sc ie nce; Tau Epsilon Phi. BRASS, BARBARA Miami, Fla.; B.A.; English Education; Athenaeum; Kappa Delta Pi; Tau Epsilon Phi Little Sister . BRASS, ROBERT W. St. Petersburg Fla.; B A .; Business Administration -Marketing; Pi Sigma Epsilon. BRAUCHT, RICHARD B. St . P etersburg, Fla .; B A ; Personnel Management; Theta Chi; Fontana Desoto Hall Council, Third Floor President BRAUN, BARBARA A Tampa, Fla. ; B .A.; Early Ch ildhood Educat ion. BRAWNER, LINDA J. Fort Myers, F la.; B.A.; Education. BRAY, DAVID S. Tampa, Fla. ; B A ; Mar keting; Pi Sigma Epsilon; American Idea council; Veteran's Club. BREAUX, MARTHA C Odessa Fla. ; B A .; Elementary Education; Delta Gamma BRENDLE, DANIEL N l St. Peter s burg, Fla.; B.S ; Astronomy; Siyma Nu; Swimming Team BRESLIN, JOHN MICHAEL Tampa, Fla ; Math. BRIDGES, HILDA F Tampa, Fla .; B .A.; Mental Retardation Education; Council for Exceptional Children BRINKLEY, A S. Orlando, Fla ; B A .; Office Administration; Women of Pi Sigma Epsilon; University Center Personnel Committee. BRINSON, RANDALL C. Plant C ity, F l a.; B.A.; Industrial Management. BROCK, LEWIS B. Tampa, Fla. ; B A .; Sociology. BRODES, RENEE J. Miami Beach, Fla ; B A.; Elementary Education; Honors' Convo cation '70; Alpha Epsilon Phi, Vice President; Uni v ersity Center Movies Committee. BROGAN LAWRENCE Pine ll a s Park, Fla.; B.A.; Physics; Soc iety of Physics Students, V ice President Secretary BRONSORD, EARL EE. St. P e t e r s burg F la ; B.A.; E lementary Education. BRORSTROM, ELIZABETH R. Pompano Beach, F la ; B A ; Art Education; Fontana Hall Socia l Acti vities D irector '69-'70. BROWN, DAVID A Tampa, Fla .; B.S.; Elec trical Eng inee r in g ; I.E .E E BROWN, DAVID D. Ormond Beach Fla. ; B A .; Physical Education; S i gma Alpha Epsilon BROWN, DIANE A. Dunedin, Fla.; B.A.; L i brary Science English BROWN, HENRY H. Tampa, Fla.; M.S.; Eng i neering; Photo Club, President; Aegean Photographer BROWN, JANELLE L. Tampa, Fla ; B A ; Fine Arts. BROWN, MARGO P. Tampa, Fla. ; B A .; So cial Science Educati on ; Ripiano Club; Soci ology Club, Secretary; Fontana Hall Academic Council. BROWN, PHII,IP S. Tampa, Fla. ; B S. ; Engi neer _lng ; Ph1 Theta Kappa; Tau Beta Phi; Engmeenng Honor Society. BROWN, ROBERT E Tavares, Fla ; B .A.; English Education; S .F E A BROWN, ROBERT W. Clearwat e r Fla. ; B S .; Engineering. BROWN, SHARON E. Tampa, Fla ; B A ; Early Ch ildhood Education. BROWN, SUZANNE M Miami, Fla.; B.A.; Art History-Visual Arts. BRUNEAU, ARLENE W. Sara sota, F la.; B A .; Education. BUGEL, EDWARD JR Thonotosassa, Flori da ; B S .; Engineering; Student Government; National Society of Professional Engin eers BRUWELHEIDE, DALE A Palm B each Gardens Fla .; B .A.; P sychology-Political Science BULLOCK, JANICE H. Winte r Hav en, Fla.; B .A.; Sociology; Socio logy Club. BURFORD, ROBERT J. St. P ete rsburg Fla. ; B A .; Economics; V e teran's Club. BURGMEIER, PATRICIA M Merrick, N Y .; B A ; E lementary Education. BURRELL, DORIS Dade City, Fla.; B.A.; Elementary Education. BURZENSKI, JUDITH E. D elr ay Beach, Fla .; B.A.; Soc ial Science Education; Gamma Hall Resident Counselor. BUSCIGLIO, MARY F. Tampa, Fla ; B A .; Elementary Education. BUSH, ERIC C. Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; International Rel ations; Alpha Phi Omega; Order of the Arrow; Student Government Associate Justice. BUTTS, JO ANNE KULL Cocoa Beach F l a ; B .A.; Library-English; L.E A V O BUTTS, GLORIA D. Be lle Glade Fla .; B A .; SpeechEnglish Education; Ethos ; AfroAmerican Soc iety; U.C Fashion Committee. BYERS, CAROLYN S Naples, Fla.; B A .; Soc iology-Anthropology. BYLANDER, JOHN E Tampa, Fla .; B A. ; Chemi stryMathematics ; S i gma Phi Epsilon. BYRAM, STEPHEN S. Temple Terrace, Fla.; B A ; Political Scienc e; Delta Tau Delta, Rush Chairman ; Circle K Club, Social Chair man; Co Op Advisory Counci l. BYRNE, ROBERT J. Tamps, Fla. ; B.S .; lndus t rial Engineering; Student Government; Engineering Counci l. BYRNES, MAUREEN F. Clearwater Fla. ; B A .; Elementary Education. c CAGNAZZO, JANET F. Washington, D .C.; B A .; Psycho l ogy CALAUTTI, NANCY A Homestead Fla. ; B A ; Speech-English Education. CALTAGIRONE, CARMEN L. Tampa, F la.; B.A.; English-Journal ism; Photo Club; Cath olic Student Center CAMP, SYLVIA J Tampa, Fla .; B A ; Soci ology; CAMPAS, JAMES N Largo Fla. ; B A .; Physical Education. CAMPBELL, ALICE S Tampa, Fla.; B.A. ; Bus i ness Education. CANNELLA, HELEN M. Brandon, Fla .; B A .; Elementary Education. CANOSA, ANDREE M Orlando, F la ; B.A.; H ist ory-Social Science Education; History Community; Gamma Sigma Phi CAR IBAL TES, SHARON D Jacksonville, F l a .; B A ; El ementary Education; Intens ive Tutorial Program. CARLOCK,MARY ANN St. Petersburg Fla .; B A .; English Education; University Center Program Council; U.C Fashion Committee, Cha1rrnan ; S enior Clas s V i ce President. CARLSON, ARTHUR P M iami, Fla.; B.A.; Speech -Ame rican Studies. CARLSON, KAREN P. C learwate r Fla ; B A .; Elementary Education; Kappa Delta Pi. CARNEGIE, HEATHER M Clearwater, Fla.; B A ; Engl ish-Anthropology; Intra-American Exchange Program ; Pac i f ist Action Counc i l ; Art Vanguard CARNICK, REGINALD C. Port Charlotte, F I a. ; B A ; Business Administration lnsustrial Relationa ; A ero C lu b President CAROLINE, PETER J. St. Petersburg, Fla.; B A .; Financ e. CARRITHERS, MAJORIE D. Tampa, F-l a. ; B A .; Elem entary Education: Delta Delta Delta. CASSISI, PAUL Staten Island, N .Y.; B A.; Management. CASTELLANO, CAROLYN M Tampa, Fla ; B .A.; Education; Kappa Delta Pi. CASTELLANO, JOANNE M. Tampa, F la.; B A. ; Secondary Education; P i Mu Eps ilon; Kappa D elta P i. CASTELLON, MARGARITA T. Ft. Pier ce, Fla. ; B A ; Anthropology. CELESTE, GENE P Seminol e, F la ; B A .; Industrial Relat ions; USF Photography Committee; Resident As sist ant. CHAIT, STEPHEN G. Coral Gab les, Fla. ; B .A.; Education; Tau Epsilon Phi. CHAMBERS, CHRISTINE E. Jacksonville Fla.; B A .; Spec i a l Education-Mental Retardation; Sigma Alpha Eps ilon-Little Sister; Student Council for Exceptional Children; Student Government Assoc i ate Just ice. CHANDLER, JON P Clearwat e r Fla.; B S ; Ele ctrical Engineering ; Tau Beta Phi; Florida Engineering Society; Institute of Electrical Electronic Engineers CHANDLER, LARRY H. St. Petersburg Fla .; B A .; Busines s Administration; S i gma Phi Epsilon. CHAP, MARYANN Tallahassee, Fla ; B A .; Sociology; Athenaeum ; Phi Kappa Phi. CHARBONIER, SANDRA A. Tampa, Fla ; B A ; Elem entary Education. CHEROF, JANE L. Pompano Beach Fla. ; B A .; Elementary Education. CHOWNING, MARJORIE C. Lake Wales, Fla ; M.A.; Sociology-Junior College Teach ing. CHRIST, MARY A Tampa, F l a .; B A.; Business Education; Women of Pi Sigma Epsilon. CHU, CHIHCHEE Tampa Fla .; B S ; E lectronic Engineer i ng CIDCOWSKI, JOHN A. St. Pet e rsburg Fla .; B.A. ; Zoology. CLADIN, DAVID G Sarasota, Fla ; B.A.; Accounti ng; Senior A ccounting Association. CLARK, DONALD C St. Petersburg Fla ; B S ; Manag ement. CLARK, KARL B Tampa, Fla .; B S.; E lectri cal Engin eering; S ig ma Phi Eps ilon; Phi Kappa Phi-Pre sident; Student Legislature. CLARKE,_ CAROL E Ft. Lauderdale, Fla ; B.A.; t'hysical Education. CLAYTON, VIRGINIA L. Tampa, Fla ; B A ; S pec i a l Education. CLEMENT, LEA 0 Tampa, Fla .; P sychol ogy ; Psi Chi President 1969-70. CLONTS, WILLIAM R Ovi edo, Fla. ; B S.; Manag ement; Kappa S i gma CLOSSEY, DONALD J. W in ter Park Fla.; B.A.; Soc iology; Alpha Phi Ome ga; Cathol ic Student Umon; Universit y CTR Movie Committee. COBB, Ml LDRED B. St. P ete r sbu rg, Fla. ; B A ; Elementary Education. COBELO, DOROTHY L. Dunedi n, Fla .; B.A.; Soc ial Sc ie nce Education. CODY, TERRY J. Englewood, F l a.; B .A.; Zoology; Mar ine B iology Club; Photography Club. COHEN, DEBORA A P embroke Pines Fla. ; B A ; Elementary Education. COHEN, MICHAEL L. Miami, Fla ; B S ; Po litical Science; Tau Epsilon Phi; Student Gov ernment; USF Wrestiling Club. COHEN, SHELLY A Tampa, Fla ; B A ; E lementary Education. COHN, STEVEN D M i ami Fla ; B A ; S peechEnglish Education; Z eta Beta Tau ; Pr esident of Sen ior Class of 1971 ; Student Government Senator. COLE, ROBERT P St. P etersb urg, Fla.; B A.; History. COLEMAN, MARK A Daytona B each, F la .; B .A.; Accounti ng ; Sen ior Accounti ng. COLLIN, DOUG W Tampa, Fla .; B.A.; Politi cal Sc ience; Fiji. COLLINS, SARAH K. Tampa, Fla .; B A.; Special Education-Mental Retardation; Council for Exceptional Children; Student Teach ers As sociation. COLLUM.< JERRY L. East Lake Weir, Fla .; B A .; t:lementary Educat ion.

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COMBEE, SHIRl.EY W Lakeland, fla. ; B A.; Business Education; Kappa Delta Pi ; P i Kappa Phi. COMBS, BILLY W. Tampa, Fla. ; B .S.; Finance. COMSTOCK, TERRIE L. Orlando, Fla.; B A ; English. CONE, BETSY Plant C ity, Fla. ; B.A.; Early Ch ildhood Education; D elta Delta Delta. CONLEY, LAURENCE F., JR. Orlando, Fla ; B A.; Psychology; Delta Tau Delta President. COOK, A. EDWARD, JR. Greenwich, Conn ; B.A.; Marketing. COOK, FRANCES D Dunedin, Fla.; M .A.; library-AV Education; LEAVO. COOK, LINDA V. Fort Myers, Fla.; B.A.; Elementary Education-Science; Kappa Delta; University Center Fash ion Committee COOK, REED A. Miami, Fla.; B .A.; Early Ch ildhood Education; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. COOPER, CELIA A Plant City, Fla.; B A .; Elementary Education; Delta Delta Delta; University Center Fashion Committee. CORDELL, HARRIET A.Orlando, ; F ia.; B.A.; French Education; Phi Kappa Phi; Windja mmers CORDERO, JAMES R. Tampa, Fla.; B A.; Political Science ; Alpha Phi Omega ; Student Government-Chief Justice; Board of Directors. COREY, SHARON L. T ampa, Fla.; B.A. ; Business Admin istrationManagement; Veterans Club-Secretary; Women of Pi Sigma Epsilon; Student Advisory Council. COWLES, ERNEST L. Temple Te rrace, Fla.; B .A.; Psychology; USF Karate Club; Marine B iology Club; World Affairs Counci l. COX, RUTH W. Seffner, Fla .; B A .; Mental Retardation-Elementary Educat ion. CRANE, BRUCE E. St. Pete rsbu rg, Fla .; B.S. ; Engine e ring-Energy Conversion; Engineering College Assoc iation; Florida Engineering Society; American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning Eng ineers. CRAWFORD, JANET A. Cocoa Beach, F la.; B A ; Spanish. CRAWFORD, JANICE Miami, Fla. ; B.S .; Spe cial Education-Mental Retardation. CREED, KENNETH E. St Petersburg B each, Fla. ; B A .; Geology. CROCKER, EDWIN F. St Petersburg Fla.; M.S ; Industrial Engineering. CROTEAU, RAYMOND W. Montreal, Qu ebec; B A .; History & Political Science; Sigma Phi Epsilon; USF Varsity Cross Coun try Squad CROWLEY, CHARLES R. Brad enton, Fla.; B.S.; Marketing; Veterans Club. CULBRETH, BRENDA J. Fort Pierce, Fla ; B A ; Elementary Education. CURRIE, VICTORIA L. Orlando, Fl a.; B .A.; Engl i sh-Speech; Delta Gamma. CUTTING, GORDON W. St Pete rsb u rg, Fla ; B.A.; Elementary Educati on. D DANIEL, BEVERLY J. Lakeland Fla .; B S .; Physical Education; Delta Tau belta Little Sister. DANN, THOMAS W Ft. Meyers, Fla.; B A .; Elementary Education; USF Civil War Round Table; Archery Club. DARBY, THOMAS R. Lakeland, Fla.; B .A.; Social Sc ie nce Education. DARLING, JOHN E Lutz, Fla.; B .A.; Chem ostry. DAUGHTRY, SARA E. Auburndale, Fla ; B .A. Math Education. DAVID, KATHLEEN M. St. Petersburg, Fla. ; B .A.; Science Education DNS. DAVIES, BRUCE E. Clearwater Fla.; B A .; Sociology. DAVIES,( KENNETH D. Rochester, N Y ; B A .; nychology. DAVIES, KENNETH S. Jacksonville, Fla.; B .A.; Bacter iology; Sigma Nu; Varsity Letter for Cross Country. DAVIS, ANNICE T St. Petersburg Fla.; B A .;Elementary Early Ch ildhood Educa tion. DAVIS, M. L. Lake A lfred, Fla .; B.A.; Elementary Education; FEA. DAVIS, MARGO L. Tampa, Fla. ; B .A.; Chemistry; USF Sports Car Club. DAVIS, PATRICIA A. St. Petersburg Beach, Fla. ; B A .; Psychology DAVIS, RAYMOND H Jacksonville, Fla.; B A ; Management; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Interfraternity Council. DAVISON, JOSEPH E. Altamonte Springs Fla.; B.S .; Engineering Technol ogy ; Florida Engineering Society DAY, SUSAN L. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.; B.A.; Secondary Education-French. DAYHUFF, LARRY W. C le arwater, Fla.; B S. ; Electrical Engineering; Tau Beta Phi ; IEEE. DEAL, GEORGE F. Tampa, Fla .; B.A.; Accounting; Senior Accountin g DEARIEN, PATRICIA L Naples, Fla ; B.A.; Psychology; Gamma Dorm-Academic Chair man '69, V ice President '70. DEATON REV. EDWARD B.A.; Sociology; NFL; Student Mobilization Committee-Pres ident; Sociology C lub. DEHART, BRIAN A Cleveland, Oh io, B.A.; Marketing; Tau Kappa Ep silon. DEITENBECK, REV. WILLIAM, JR. Tampa, F Ia.; B .A.; Philosophy; Student Government; Philosophy Club; Campus Americans for Democratic Action-Secretary. DEKLE, SHARON E. Pompano Beach Fla. ; B .A.; Early Childhood Education. DELANEY, BRIAN W. Lutz, Fla.; B .A.; Soci ology DEMETER, STEPHEN L. North Royalton, Ohi o ; B A ; Chemistry. DENMARK, CANDACE G. Williston, Fla.; B .A.; Elementary Education; Kappa Delta; Athenaeum; Student Government. DENNISON, PAUL M. St. Petersburg, Fla. ; B A .; Marketing; P i S ig ma Epsilon-Pledge. DENNISON, WILLIAM W. Tampa, Fla.; B S.; Accounting. DERRINGER, CANDACE L. Lehigh Acres, Fla .; B A ; Physical Education; lntramurals. DETURK, RICHARD W. JR. Naples, F l a ; B .A.; Management; Sigma Delta Beta ; Delta Sigma Pi-Pledge DETWILER, NANCY L. N. Ft. Myers, Fla.; B .A.; Anthropology; S i gma Alpha EpsilonLittle Sister. DEVINE, CAROL E. Plant C ity, Fla. ; B A .; Music Education; Phi Mu Alpha-Little Sis ter; Sigma Alpha Iota; Student Mus ic Educa tors-President. DEW, DAVID L. Lakeland, Fla .; B.A.; Psychology and Soc iology; Psi Chi-Program Chairman; Liberal Arts Council Member. DIBBLE, JOSEPH F II Tampa, Fla .; B A .; Zoology; Pre-Med SocietyPresident. DICKINSON, LAUREN M. Orlando, Fla.; B .A.; Sociology. DICKINSON, SUSAN L. Ma itland, Fla. ; B A ; Elementary Education-Early Childhood; Kappa Alpha Theta; Student Government; Stutent Assistant DIERS, NAOMI R Tampa, F l a .; B A .; Early Childhood Education. DIETCH, BRUCE W. Bradenton, Fla.; B A .; Elementary Education. DILLION_, CHARLOTTE S. Seminole, Fla. ; B A .; t:arly Elementary Education. DILOCKER, CURTIS N. Tampa, Fla. ; B.A.; Management ; Delta S i gma P i. DIMARZO, JOSEPH A., JR. Whitman, Mass.; B A ; Phys ical Education; Pi Kappa Alpha; Junior Representative P E. Class. DITTMAN, ELAINE Jacksonville, Fla. ; B .A.; Elementary Education-Early Childhood. DIVINE, CHARLIE H. Brandon, Fla. ; B .A.; Elementary-Library. DIXON, JAMES T Madison, Fla.; B A .; Marketing. DOBBIN, PAUL R. Redington Beach, Fla.; B A ; Politi cal Science DOER lNG, DEBORAH E. St. Petersburg, Fla.; B A ; Zoolo!!y; Phi Kappa Phi; Students for Responsoble Government; Young Republicans. DONAGHY, ROBERT T. Tampa, Fla.; B.S ; Electrical En!J!neering; Tau Beta Phi; Florida En9ineerin9 :.ociety; Institute of Electrical & E lectromcs Engineers. DONNERBERG, MARIE L. St Petersburg Fla.; B.A.; Math; Pi Mu Epsilon ; Phi Kappa Phi; Athenaeum. DONOHUE, MICHAEL D Tampa Fla.; B A .; Math Education. DORGEL YS, VIVIANE J. Jacksonville, Fla ; B A .; Elementary Education. DORIUS, CAROL E. Miami, Fla. ; B .A.; Elementary Education-Early Childhood. DORNEY, JOHN D. Ill Jacksonville, Fla.; B .A.; Marketing -Economics; Lambda Ch i Alpha; Alpha Phi Omega-Charter Member. DORNSIFE, PAMELA S. Kingsport, Tenn.; B.A.; Sociology; Tau Kappa Epsilon-Little Sister DORT, DENNIS A. Largo, Fla.; B.A.; Secon dary Education, Natural Sciences DORT, R. DARLENE Largo Fla.; B.A.; Math; University Center Program Council. DOUCETTE, MARGARET A. Sanford, Fla.; B.A.; Special Education; Council for Exceptional Children. DOUGHERTY, SHARON M. Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Business Education; NBEA; FBEA. DOUGLAS, DAN M Clearwater, Fla.; B A .; Politic a l Science DOWNING, BRUCE C. Dayton, Ohio; B .A.; Speech ; WUSF Radio and TV. DOWNING, F. JAMES, JR. Lighthouse Point, Fla.; B.A.; Marketing; Fiji. DOWNS, THOMAS W. Lakeland, Fla.; Pol iti cal Science. DRAKE, JAMES G. Clearwater, Fla. ; B .A.; Mathe. DRIGGERS, LINDA l. Orlando, Fla. ; B.A.; Art Education. DRIVER, DEBORAH I. Tampa, Fla.; B .A.; Pol i tical Science DRIZD, PEGGY H. Tampa, Fla.; B .A.; Early Childhood Education. DUCIEWICZ, RALPH J. Hasbrouck Heights, N .J.; B .A.; Psychology DUDEK, WARREN T. North Plainfield, N.J.; B A .; Marketing; Tau Kappa Epsilon DUNCAN, MARY E. Tampa, Fla .; B .A.; Elementary Education; Baptist Student Union. DUNLAP, RICHARD D. Orlando, Fla. ; B A .; Engineering; Pi Mu Dpsilon; Phi Kappa Phi Treasurer ; Archery Club-Vice President. DUNN, JOHN M. Ill Miami, Fla. ; B.A.; English Education. DUPUIS, BONNIELEE M. Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Elementary-Education. DUQUESNAY, MARIE E. K i ngston, Jamaica; B A ; English Literature; World Affairs Council; Gamma Hall Resident Assistant DURDEN, RUTH M. New Port Richey, Fla.; B S.; L ibrary Science; Phi Kappa Phi; LEAVO. DURFEE, CAROL A. Clearwater Fla. ; B .A.; English Education; Phi Kappa Phi DUSIL, JAMES E St. Petersburg, Fla ; B.A.; Accounting. DYE, ELMA A St. Petersburg, Fla. ; B.A. ;Eie mentary Education. E EAST, GLORIA T. St Petersburg Fla. ; B.A.; SpeechEnglish Education; Afro-American Society; Ethos; University Center Fash ion Committee. ECKHARDT, CHARLES N. Clearwater, Fla. ; B A .; Electrical Engineering ; USFSCC-Trea surer. E DEN, SARAH C . Orlando, Fla. ; B.A. ; En gl ish-Education; Tau Kappa Epsilon-Little Soster EDWARDS, JOHN F. Pinellas Park, Fla ; B.A.; Zoology; Pre Med Society. EEL TINK, ALBERTUS G. Lakeland, Fla.; M A ; Spec ial EducationEarly Childhood; Council for Excepti onal Children; Yacht Club; Radio Club. DONALD R Lakeland, Fla. ; B S.; Engineering; Tau Beta Phi; lstensive Tutorial Program; Cooperative Education. EICHHOLZ, LORA Savannah Georgia ; B .A.; Elementary Education. MICHAEL A Jacksonville, Fla.; B.A. ; t'hysical Educatin. 267

PAGE 265

268 EINSTEIN, SHELLEY L. St. Petersl)ll'rg, Fla. ; B.A.; Elementary Education. E-ISENBROWN, DONALD M. Orlando, Fla.; B A .; Management ELAM, PEGGY J. Tampa, Fla. ; B.A.; Math Education_ ELLIS, SAMUEL H. Palmetto, Fla ; B. A.; History ELLISON, MERDYTH L. Miami, Fla ; B .A.; Profes sional Physical Education ELY SUSAN R Belleair Bluffs Ia.; B .A.; Physical Education. EMANUEL, TONY J. Tampa Fla.; B.A. ; Ac counting.; Senior Accounti ng EMBRY MICHEL G. Tampa, Fla. ; B .A.; Marketing; Pi Sigma Epsilon EMERSON LINDA C Brooksville, Fla ; B A.; Sociology; Intensive Tutorial. ERNSBERGER, NANCY H. Tampa, Fla. ; B.A.; Fine Arts. ESHLEMAN W WARD Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. ; B.A.; Economics; Phi Delta Theta I FC Re presentative; Co-Chairman -University Center Publicity Committee. EUBANK, RICHARD F -Orlando, Fla.; B .A.; ciology; Pi Kapa Alpha. EVANS, CHARLES R Titusville, Fla.; B.A.; Political Science. F FABIAN MARIA E. Tampa Fla.; B .A.; History; Phi Kappa Phi FAINE, FRANKLIN R Miami, Fla.; B.A.; Speech-English ; Opera Workship; F1ne Arts Chorale; Readers' Theatre Guild. FAIRCLOTH, SHELLIE D. Jacksonville, Fla.; B.A.; Behavioral Management; Delta Chi Alpha. FARAONE, VINCENT F St. Petersburg, Fla. ; B S ; Engineering ; Engineering College Association; Florida Engineering Society. FARINA, LUCRETIA M. Orlando, Fla. ; B.A. ; Engl ish Education; Kappa Delta. FARLEY, DOROTHY S. Miami, Fla. ; B .A.; Elementary-Early Childhood Education. FARLEY JAMES E. TamPa, Fla. ; B .A.; Po litical 'sci ence ; Lambda Beta Phi ; Politi cal Union. FARR, ROBERT J. Trenton, N.J ; B.A.; Zoology. FARRIS NORMA P. St. Petersburg, Fla.; B A .;' Secondary Education-Soc ial Scienc e FAUL, RONALD G. Ft. Lauderdale Fla.; B.S .; Engineering FAULK EDDIE L. Jack sonville, Fla.; B .A.; Social Science Education; Pi Iota; AfroAmerican Society; Black Studies Committee FEDOROVICH, NINA L. Cocoa Beach, Fla. ; B A ; Dance ; Dance Theatre Organ1zat1on. FEINGOLD ANN C N. Miami Beach, Fla.; B A ; E'lementary Education; De lta Tau Delta-Little S ister; Delta Tau Delta Sweetheart. FERGUSON CAROL A. Tampa, Fla. ; B .A.; Engl ish Education; Pi Kappa Alpha-Little Sister ; Stuent Mobili zat ion Committee. FERGUSON MARY E Indi an Rocks Beach, Fla. ; B A.'; Elementary Education. FETTY, BETTY H. Tampa, F l a ; M.A.; Library Education. FIELD, RICHARD E. St. Petersburg, Fla. ; B S. ; Management FINLAYSON, DARLENE M.s. Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; English FINLAYSON, DARLENE M. Tampa, Fla.; B A.; English FISCHER, MATHIAS J. Clearwater Fla. ; B A ; Distributive Education & Management; Delta S i gma Beta ; Delta Sigma Pi Pledge FISTOS, ALICE P. St. Pet e r s burg Fla.; B .A.; Engl i sh-Journalism. FITTERMAN LAWRENCE J. Tampa, Fla ; B A ; Mental R etardation; Phi Gamma Delta; Student Council for Excepti onal Children. FITZPATRICK, ROBERT A Jacksonville, Fla. ; B A .; Behavorial Management; Lambda Chi Alpha; University Band; I FC Repre sentative FLETCHER, WARREN D. Clewiston, Fla.; B.S .; F i nance -Economics; Kappa Sigma. FLICK, ELLIOTT P. Coral Gables Fla.; B.A. ; Psychology FLIS, CLEM R. Tampa, Fla.; B .A.; International Relat i ons ; World Affairs Council; Latin Ameri can Club; La Alliance Francaise. FLOWERREE, DOUGLAS I. Tampa, Fla. ; B A .; Geology; Pre Med Soc iety; Geology Club. FLUTTY, SUSAN M. Sarasota Fla.; B.A.; Education. LINDA S. St. Petersburg Fla.; B A ; t:lementary Education. FORDHAM, CHERYL A Tampa, Fla. ; B.A.; Soc iology. FOSTER, MARCIA A. Tampa, Fla. ; B .A.; Speical EducationM e ntal Retardation. FOSTER, WALTER F. JR. Plant C ity, Fla. ; B A .; Management -Industrial Relat i ons FOUTS, EDWIN L. Tampa, Ia. ; B.S .; Eco nomics; Phi Delta Theta. FOWLER, DARLENE C Tampa, Fla. ; B.A.; Mass Communi cat i ons. FOX, DOROTHY I. Miami Spr i ngs Fla.; B.A.; Elementary Education; Delta Zeta. FOXWORTH, SUSANNAH R Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Elementary Education. FRANCO, SYLVIA _A. Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Elementary EducatiOn. FRANK LARRY A. Daytona Beach Fla. ; B S .;' Engi neer i ng ; Cooperative Education. FRANK, LUCINDA J Stuart, Fla.; B A .; Ear ly Childhood Education; Delta Gamma. FRAZEE, ROGER T 'St. Petersburg Fla. ; B S ; AccountingFinance FREDERICK, CURTIS G Tampa, Fla. ; B.A. ; Soc ial Sci e nc e Education. FREEMAN, KATHARINE A Lutz Fla .; B A .; Engl ish.

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FREY, JOHN E. St. Petersburg, Fla.; B.A .; Broadcasting. FUCHS, MARY E. Tamp a Fla.; B A .; Elementary Educati o n; Newman Club. FULLER, EUGENE T Tampa, Fla.; B S.; Marketing FULLERTON, DOROTHY S Largo, F la.; B A.; Elementary Education. FURLONG, JOHN H Orlando, F la.; B S.; Science; Student Adv isory Counc1 l for Coll ege of Bu siness Admi nistration; Management Student Advi sory Council. FUTCH, KENNETH F Jacksonv ille, F l a. ; B S.: Management Science-Indust rial; Alp h Ph i Omega; Karate C lub, Computer Club. G GABRIEL, KATHLEEN A. Lutz, Fla.; B.A.; Elementary Education; De lta Gamma. GAEIO, SONIA H Tampa, Fla. ; B A ; Education..Spanish E nglish. GARBRICK, JOHN E Hollywood, Fla.; B.S.; Marketi ng; P i S igma Epsilon GARCIA, JAIME J. Tampa, Fla.; B S ; A c counting. GARCIA, NANCY L Tampa, Fla ; B.A.; Ele mentary Education. GATES, WILLARD B JR. Tampa, Fla.; B A.; Russian. GAUDSMITH. HENRY T Tampa, Fla. ; B A .; Zoology GEODES, WiLLIAM G Tampa, Fla.; B A.; German Education; Theta Chi ; German Club ; Athletic Council. GEDDIS, LINDA ANN Troy, N Y.; B A.; Human1t1es GEDRIS, TH!)MAS E. St. Petersburg, F la.; B S ; Ch em1stry. GEIST. SANDRA L S a t ell1te Beach, Fla. ; B.A.; S pecial Education; Kappa DeltaSecretary ; Sigma Alph a Epsi lo n-Little Sist er; CBS Representative to Student Government. GEIGER, TINY Apopka, Fla .; B S.; Man agementMarket in g -Psy choloov -Polit ical Science; Racquet ClubP residen t ; Judo C lub; P i Sigma Epsil o n. GELB, FERRIS R. Miami, Fla .; B A.; Early Childhood Education; AC E; Gamma S igma P hi GEORGE, BONITA M St. Petersburg F la. ; B A.; Elementary-Early Childhood Education. GERACI, SALVATORE Halla nda le, F la.; B S.; Mark eting; Pi Sigma Epsilon; K a r a t e Club. GERBERDING, THOMAS E. St. P e tersburg, Fla .; B .A.; Soc1ology; Alpha Tau O me ga. GERHART, SCOTT E St. Petersburg, Fla ; B.A.; Elementary Educat1on. GIBSON, CHARLES, JR. Miam1, Fl a ; B S ; Bu siness; Delta Sigma PiTreasu r er. GILCHREST, CONNIE G Lakeland, Fla.; B S ; Accounting; S en10r Accounti ng O rganization GILL, KATHLEEN M Wauchula, Fla.; B A.; Psychology; Psi C hi G l LLETTE, PATRICIA A. Hialeah, F la ; M.A.; Special EducationVarying Exceptio n alities; P hi Alpha Theta. GIL LMAN, CONSTANCE A Titusville Fla ; B A. ; Speech-Theatre; C ircle K -Sweetheart; Chai rmanD isad vantage S tudent Loan Fund GIORGIANNI, JOHN M Orlando, F la.; B S.; Accounting; C ircle K V ice president; GLOCK, GREGORY A Tampa, Fla ; B .S.; Math; Zeta O mega Omega. SHIRlEY J S t Petersburg, Fla.; B.A.; l'sychology; Ps1 Ch 1 GNAU, MARY M N aples, Fla ; B A ; Elemen tary Education; Catholic Student Center. GODBOUT, JOYCE D Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; English-Latin Secondary Education; P hi Kappa P hi; Senior C lassical L eague. GODDARD, ROGER, A Tampa, F la.; B.S ; Chemistr y GOETZ, CLAUDIA L. Sarasota Fla.; B A ; Humanities. GOLDEN, TOM S Lakeland Fla. ; B .A ; E lementary Education. GONZALES, AIDA B. Tampa, Fla ; B A ; Zoology & Bacteriology Pr eMed; World Affairs C oun_cil. GOODMAN MICKEY A. St. Petersburg, Fla.; B A ; So cial Science Education; Young Americans for Freedom; Young Republ icans. GOODWIN R REID Temple Terrace, F la.; B S ; Math; Alpha Tau Omega GOSS, EVE L Plant C ity, F la.; B A ; Special EducationMenta ll y Retarded; Alpha Delta Pi. GOULD, GLENN R St. Petersburg, Fla.; Geography ; S ailing C lu b Env ironment 70 GOULET, GUY J S t Petersburg, F la.; B S.; Business M a nag e ment. GRANGER, ANDY L. Fla.; B.S .; Accounting; Stgma Nu -Treasurer; I FC Representat i ve. GRANGER, SHIRLEY V Lutz, Fla .; B A ; Art Education. GRANNIS, ROBERT T Franklin, P a.; B S ; Accounting. GRANT, PAUL A. Tampa, F la.; B S.; Ac counting; Beta Gamma S t gma. GRAY, ABIGALE E. Temple Terrace, Fla.; B A.; Elementary -Math Education; Alpha Delta Pi. GRECO, DOREEN A N M iami Beach, Fla ; B A. ; Speec hEn glis h Education. GREEN, SHIRLEY A Sar aso t a, Fla .; B A ; Elementary Edu ca t ion. GREENE, WILLIAM J Seminole F la.; B .A.; Elementary Ed uca t ion. GREGORY, RONALD W Bradenton, F la.; B A ; Geography ; Gamma The t a U psilon P resident; F lo rida Society o f Geographers; Liberal Arts S tu dent A d v isory Board. G R ENELLE, M. PATTI Clearwater, Fla.; M A.; Speech P a th olog y ; P i Kappa Phi GRENELLE, ROSE I. C lear water, F la.; B.A.; French. GRIFFIN, CINDY L. Jacksonville Fla.; B A.; Elementary Educatio n; Kappa D e lta; S igma A lpha Epsilon P resi dent o f Little Sosters GRONE, CATHERINE E. G alesburg, I ll.; B A ; S pec i al Educa t ion Mental Retardation; Council for E xcept i o nal C hildren. GROOMS, WALTER D Shelbyv ille T e n n.; B A ; P s yc ho logy GROSE, DOUGLAS L. Brandon, F la. ; B A ; Polit i cal S cience; World Aff a irs C ouncil. GROSSO, DOMENIC L. Bo9a Raton, Fla ; B A.; Pr e Law-History; Tau Epsilon Phi; C hai rman -Students fo r R e spons i ble Govern ment; Student Government Representative; Chairman-Finance & Public R e lations fo r Co llege of B asic Studies Association. GRUMET, ROBERT A Tampa. Fla. ; T a u Epsi lon Phi ; I F C ; P reMed Soc1ety GRUMLEY, TIMOTHY E Raci ne, W isc onsin; B.A ; Finance; Kappa Ptti. GUINNs.. MAE K. C lear water, F la.; B A.; E ng lish t:ducat1on. GULLETTE, JON M Tampa, Fla. ; B S ; Industrial Management. 269

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270 GUNSAULLUS, OLIVE P. S t. P ete rsbu rg, Fla. ; B A.; Education. GUY, EDWARD F. Cle arwate r, Fl a.; B.A ; Elementary Education. H HACKETT. LINDA S. Orlando, F la.; B A.; E lementar y Education. HAHN, PETER M G ainesville, Fla ; B S E.; Engineer i ng; Tau B e t a Phi; Student Govern ment; Engineering Council. HALL, WALLACE W. St Pete r sburg Fla.; B A ; Bus iness AdministrationM anage ment. HALLMAN, HELEN F. Tampa, Fla. ; B S ; Marketing. HAMANN, ELIZABETH A. 29 P alms Calif. ; B A ; English HANCOCK, PAM W i n ter Park, F la ; B .A.; Sp anish Education; Ch i Omega; Phi Kappa Phi; Athenaeum. HANSELL, JOYCE F Dunedin Fl a.; : B.A.; Education; P hi K appa Phi HARAZDA, ROBERT T Tampa, Fla. ; B.A.; F ine Arts Photography. HARBIN, D. ROGER W inter. Park, F la.; B .A.; P sychology-Pre-Denta l ; Tau Kappa Ep silon. HARBIN, SHERRY L. M aitland, Fla : B A ; P sychology; Tau Kappa Eps ilon-Little S ister. HARDWICK, GERALDINE N D a de City, Fla.; B A ; EEC; Kap pa Delta Pi. HARRELL, RONALD L. Lakeland, Fl a .. ; B A .; Education-Socia l Sci ence. HARRINGTON, BRIAN C St P eters bu rg, Fla .; B .A.; Polit ical Science; A lp ha Phi Omega. HARRIS, CRYSTAL C St P etersburg, Fl a.; B A.; Elementary Education; D elta Zeta. HARRIS, LISA J Dunedin, Fla.; B.A.; E nglish Education. HARRISON, BARBARA E T ampa, Fl a .; B.A.; S econdary Sci ence Education; Geol ogy Club-President, Secr etary-Treasurer. HARWOOD, CAROL A. Miami, Fla .; B A.; Elementary Education. HASSETT, MARY A Falls Church, V a.; B A .; Engl i sh -Library A V.; C a tholic Stu dent O rganization HATCHER, DIANNE S. Lakeland, Fla ; B.A.; Elementary Education. HATT, GEORGE H Bradford, Pa.; B.A.; M anagemen t HAUGHEE, JONATHAN P L ake land, Fla .; B.A. ; Phys ical Education; Phi D elta Theta. HAWES, RICHARD A. Daytona B each, Fla.; B S.; Accounting; Senior Accounting Club P resident Vice president; Student G overn ment Finance Committee; Student Advisory Counci l College of Bus i ness. HAWKEN, CHARLES A Stuart, Fla.; B A.; HAWTHORNE, CHARLES E., JR. O rlando, Fla. ; B.S .; E conomics & Accoun t ing HAWTHORNE, CYNTHIA J. Orlando, Fla. ; M.A.; Alpha D elta P i. HAYDEN, EDWARD B Tampa, F la ; B A ; Management; Sports C ar Club. HAYES, ELLEN D Tampa Fla.; M.A.; Gui dance Education. HAYES, JAMES R. S t P etersburg, F la ; B.A.; Management HAYNES,, CHARLENE A St P etersburg, F la.; B A .; Elementary Education HAYS, BRUCE H. J acksonville F la.; B A.; Political Sc ience; Phi Delta T heta HAZELWOOD, CLARA M Chiefland, Fla. ; B A ; SSI; Archery Club. HEARD, M. COLETTE Miami, Fla.; B.A.; Elementary Education. HEBER, JOHN C. Melbourne, F la.; B A.; Geology. HEDGECOTH, F DIANE Miramar, Fla.; B A.; English HEMDOM, GORDON T T ampa, Fla .; B S.; Accounting; Senio r Accounting Organi zation-Pres i den t HENDON, PEGGY K Tampa, Fla. ; B A ; Early Ch ildhood Education. HENRY, JuDITH A. Clearwate r, Fl a .; B A.; Elementary Education-Spanish; Delta Gamma; Panhellenic Council-Third V ice president; Student Florida Education Association. HENSON, CONNIE A. Orlando, Fla .; B.S ; Mathematics; UC Movie Committee HEPLER, OLEN L., JR. Ormond Beach, Fla. ; M A.; Biology Education-Junior Coll ege; Kappa Alpha; Beta B e t a B eta; Marine Biol ogy Clu b HERB, CORA M. Lutz, Fla. ; B.A.; Elementary Education. HERMAN, LESLIE E. Tampa, Fla.; B A ; Ele mentary Education. HETTEMA, ROGER L. Tampa, Fla ; B A ; Finance. HEWEKER, CARLAJ. Miami, Fla ; B A.; En glish -Education. HEYT, MICHAEL G. Orlando, Fl a ; B A ; Chemistry. HICKINBOTHAM, JUDY J. Tampa, Fla.; B A : Elementary Education; All University Commi ttee on Instruct ion. HICKS, KATHIE L. Jacksonville, Fla.; B A .; Elementary Education; D elta Tau D eltaLittle Sister. HICKS, THOMAS W Miami, F l a.; B.A.; Psychology. HIGGINS, JACK L. T ampa, F la ; B.A.; S ociology; Alpha Tau Omega. HIGGINSON, KENNETH M., JR Lakeland, F Ia.; B S ; I n du strial E ng in eering; Engi neering College Assoc iation; Coope r ative Education P rogra m HILL, JOHN 0 T ampa, F la.; B.A.; Psychology; Alpha Tau Omega. HILLEBRAND, SALLY S. Tampa Fla.; B.A.; English Education; Phi K appa Phi. HINKKEL, JEANNIE M Tarpon S prings, Fla.; B A ; German; Delta Tau Delta-Littl e S ister. HIRES, BARBARA A. L akeland, F la ; B A.; El ementary EducationE arly C hildhood ; Phi K appa Phi; Intensi ve Tutorial P rogram. HITE, CHARLES H Miami, Fla ; B S ; Marketing; Sigm a N u HOAGLAND, MICHAEL G. Indian H arbour B each, Fla. ; B A .; B usiness Administration M anagement; Sigm a D elta B eta HOFFMAN, KAREN L. C learwater, Fla.; B A .; English Education. HOFMANN, ALFRED H. V ero B each Fla .; B A ; Accounting; Senior Accounting O rganization. HOFMANN, CAROL Vero B each, Fla HOGUE, RONALD P N aples, Fla.; B S ; Eco nomics; Phi K appa Phi; Student Advisory Council. HOLDEN, ROSALIND Winter Hav en, Fla. ; B .A.; Early Childhood-Elementary l::ducat i on. HOLEHOUSE, PAUL P. S t P etersburg Fla.; B A ; I ndependent Research; Alpha Nu Alpha HOLLEY, JOHN R S t P etersburg F la ; B A .; Finance. HOOKS, JOHN R. S t P etersburg, Fla.; B.A.; G eolog y HOOPER, PEGGY E. St. P etersburg, Fla.; B A ; Elementary Education. HORLIVY, DONNA B. J acksonville Fla.; B.A.; B usiness EducationCBE HORNE, ROBERT D. Winter H aven, Fla .; B S ; Marketing. HOUSER, VICKI A. P eoria, Ill. ; B A ; Elemen tary Educat ion; Delta D elta D eltaP resident. HOWARTH, DIANE J S t P ete r sburg, Fla.; B A .; Bacteriology; Co -op Council. HOYMAN, CATHY L. Eau G allie, Fla. ; B A .; S pecial Education; Kappa D elta. HUBERT, LARRY N TampdfFia.; B S .; Electrical Engi neering HUDSON, JAMES R. Tampa, Fla .; B.A.; Soc i al S cience Education. HUGUET, JANICE M. St P e t ersburg, F la ; B A .; Art Education ; S i gma P hi Epsilon Little S ister & Sweetheart HULL, A BARBARA Tampa, Fla.; B A.; Library A.V.-English ; University C hapel Fellowship. HULL, BERNICE E. Tampa, Fla.; B A ; T heatreT echnical ; B ay P layers. HUMPHREY, ROSEANNE Miami, Fla.; B .A.; English HUMPHRIES, BILL Tampa, Fla .; B A .; Poli t ical Scienc e; Sigm a Alpha Ep sil on; Stude n t Government; World Affairs Council. HUNSBERGER, JUANITA Tampa, Fla .; B A.; Education; Newman Club. HUNT, LORAINE S Tampa, Fla.; B A.; Elementary Education HUNTER, MACE D. Plant City, Fla.; B A ; Electrical En!)ineering ; Florida Eng i neering Society; I nst1tute of Electrical an d E le c tronic Eng ineers Inc. HURN, JOAN E. Perry, F la.; B A .; Library AV-Eiementary Education. HURST, WILLIAM R. T am pa, Fla .; B A.; Zoology. HYER, WALTER P. Tampa, Fla ; B .A.; Bus i ness Admi nistration-M anagement. ICYDA, JAN Stuart, Fla.; B.A. ; Speec h Broadcasting. ILLINGWORTH, JUDITH A Lutz, Fl a.; B A .; Geology. J JABLON, STEVEN I. M1am i, F la.; B A ; His tory; Chairman-Movie Committee. JUDY H T a m pa, F la ; B A.; Sp ecial tducation-M ental Retardation. JACKMAN, THOMAS A T ampa, Fla .; B A .; Chemistry. JACKSON, JOHN G T a mpa, Fla. ; Continuing Education. JACOBSON, ELLEN L. .Tampa Fla.; B A .; Elementary Education. JAMES, BETTY ANNE Pompano Beach F la.; B A ; Engl ish JAMES, DOROTHY M. Temple Terrace F la ; B A ; Elementary Education. JAMES, MARl L YN J St P eters bu rg, F la .; B A.; Elementary Education. JANSON, JOHN R. Eustis, Fla.; B A ; Psychology. JARRELL, KATHRYN C. Tampa, Fla.; B A ; S peech En glish JAY, LINOA L. St. P eters burg, F la.; B A.; Art Education; K appa Alpha Theta. JENKINS, GENEVIEVE S. T ampa, Fla .; B .A.; English-Library; LEAVO. JENKS, JUDEE C. Pompano Be ach, F la.; B A.; S peech-English Education; B a y P lay ers; University Ch apel Fellowship; University Community Chorus. JENNE, JOSEPH B., JR. B rand on Fla .; B A ; Engineering; T au B eta Phi. JERKINS, PAT A Tampa, Fla.; B A ; English S pecial Education. .JESKE, PAUL T Odessa, Fla. ; B A.; Soci-ology. JOHNSON, ANNETTE K. Temple T er r ace, Fl a.; B.A.; DDS/ Sp eech; D elta D elta D elta. JOHNSON, LINDA C. J acksonvi ll e, Fla.; B.S. ; Zoology; I ntermurals. JOHNSON, LINDA E. Pompano Beach, F la.; B A ; Elementary-Early Childhood Education. JOHNSON, RICHARD J Zephyrhills, Fla. ; B.A.; Phys ical Education. JOHNSON, ROBERT L. Tarpon Springs, Fla. ; B A .; Mathematics. JOHNSTON, ALAN D Orlando, Fla. ; B A ; Ch emistry; Windjammers. JOHNSTON, SUSAN M. St. P etersburg, F la ; B A .; Elementary Education. JOINER, MARY J. Hollywood, Fla. ; B A.; English JONES, ARTHUR D Riverview, Fla. ; Zool ogy JONES, PHILLIP D. B ra denton, Fla.; B .A.; S econdary Education.

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JOSLYN, CHRISTINE M S t Petersburg, Fla. ; B.A .; Elementary Education. JUAREZ, HELEN D Tampa, F la.; B A ; Spanish Education. Kappa Delta Pi. JUSKIE, JOAN E Tampa, Fla. ; B A.; Sociology; Sociolog y C lub ; Dance Committee; Intensive Tutorial. K KALCUN ALBERT J. Cape Coral, Fla ; B A.; Geography. KAPLAN, MARK D Miami, Fla.; B A. ; B usi ness Education; Zeta Beta Tau; UC Program Council; I FC KARAKITSOO, NIKKI A Lakeland, Fla. ; B A ; Phys ical Education. KEABLES, SUSAN J. Tampa, Fla .; B.A ; Ele mentary Education. KEE, ELIZABETH A Tampa, Fla ; B A ; En glish-Journal i sm Education. KEELER, CATHERINE l. St. Petersburg, Fla.; B A.; Elementary Education ; Ph i S igma Epsilon ; University Recreation Committee. KEG LOVICH, JANET M St. Petersburg Beach Fla.; B A.; Busi ness Education; P i Siama Epsilon ; U niversity Recreation Com m1ttee KEllY, C MICHAEL St. Petersburg, Fla ; B A.; Political Science; Alpha Ph i Omega ; Senator-Student Government; Politica l Union. KEllY, DANIEL R Tampa, Fla. ; B A.; Bus i ness Administration-Management; Pi S igma Eosilon KEllY, RAYMOND A JR. Tampa, Fla.; M S ; Engineer ing; Tau Beta Phi Ph i Kappa Phi; President-Florida Engineering KENNETT, DAVID D. Green Cove Springs, Fla. ; B A .; History ; Theta Chi KERNS, VANIE 0. Tampa, Fla.; B A.; English lournalism. KESSLER, RICHARD J St. Petersburg, Fla. ; B S ; Engineering; F lorida Engineer ing Society, KESTER, BILLY G. Tampa, Fla.; B A ; Business Admi n istration-Management. KEY WANDA J Eaton Pa rk, Fla.; B A. ; Ele mentary Education-Library. KIENZLE, CYNTHIA K Tampa, Fla.; B A.; Marketing; P i S igma Epsilon ; AI ESEC ; Busi ness Student Advisory Counci l-Secretary KILBEY SUSAN Orlando, Fla.; B A.; Elemen tary Education; Kappa A lpha Theta. KILKENNY, CHARLOTTE R St. Petersburg, Fla.; B A ; Phusi cal Education. KING, BEVERLY A Miam i Beach Fla.; B A.; Soci ology ; IRHC. KING DONNA J. Lutz, Fla.; B A ; Art Education. KING KEITH C Largo, Fl a ; B.A.; Geology. KING, SANDRA D Tampa, Fla ; B A.; Education. KIRBY, SCOTT W. Ouanset, R I ; B A.; English. KIRCHMAN, JOYCE L Thonotosassa, Fla.; B A.; Psychology. KITCHEL, JANE A Tampa, F la.; B A.; Ele mentary Education; Kappa Delta Pi. KLEINE, ESTHER S Tampa, Fla ; B A ; English ; World Affa1rs Council; University Community Ch1o r; Univers ity Womens C lub KOBS CHARLES F St. Petersburg, Fla.; B A. ; Management; Ps i Chi; Veterans Club. KRAFICK, STANLEY C Vandergrift, Pa.; B A ; Physics; Phi Kappa Alpha; Society of Phys1cs Students. KRATOCHVIL, MYRA l. Jupiter, Fla.; B A.; Elementary Education-Math; World A ffairs Council ; Newman C lub KRAUS, EDWARD J Ch icago, Ill. ; B A.; Mar ketmg; Zeta Beta Tau. KREMSER, .FRANK J, Ill Miami, Fla ; B A.; Account1ng; Senior Accounting OrganizatiOn. KREUZINGER, THOMAS G Lull, Fla.; B.S.; lndustnal Systems Eng i nee ri ng; Eng ineer ing Col l ege Assoc iation KRIEGBAUM, .RAYMOND P Clearwater, Fla. ; B S.; Busmess Administration; P i Sigma Eps1lon ; Campus Crusade for Ch rist Sports Ca r Club, Radi o C lu b KROPP, NANCY R S t Petersburg, Fla ; B A ; Early Childhood-Elementary Education. KULESA, .NICHOLAS S Ft. Lauderdale, Fl a.; B A.; Education; University Center Program Counci l ; Chair man-Un i v ersity Center Dance Committee; Chairman-Intercollegiate Mus i c F estival. L LACRAMPE, FRANK R New York, N Y.; B S.; Pr eDental-Chemistry. LADD, WILLIAM H Pompano Beach, Fla.; B A.; Pol1t1cal Science; Tau Eps i lon Ph i LAITINEN, CYNTHIA B Largo, F la.; B A ; Ea rly C hildhood-Elementary Education LAMB, RICHARD J. Lutz, Fla.; B S.; Chem-i cal Engineer ing LAMBERT, PAUL F Orlando, Fla ; B A.; Geology. LAMPING, CANDICE D St. Petersburg, Fla.; B A.; Elementary Education. LANEY, MARYANN Tampa, Fl a ; B A. ; Ele mentary Education. LANIER, JAMES H ., JR. Lake lan d Fla.; B A. ; Management; Pi S igma Epsilon; Vet era ns Club. LAPIERRE, LINDA M. Semi n o le, F la.; B .A.; Zoology-Education; Delta Zeta; Podium Committee. LAVAL, RODNEY S St. Petersburg, Fla.; B S ; Accounting. LAVERGHETTA, VINCENT E. Miami, Fla.; B A.; Management; Tau Kappa Eps i lon; Uni vers it y Re l igiou s Council. LAWRENCE, DOROTHY K Brandon, Fla ; B A ; Elem entary Ear l y Ch i ldhood. LAWTON HENRY H Tampa, Fla. ; B S.; Electri cal Engineering ; IEEF ; FES. LAWTON LOLA J. Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Pol i tical Science. LAY BONNIE JO Tampa, Fla.; B A.; Education; Kappa Alpha Theta. LAYTON, HANE Indian Harbour Beach, Fla.; B A.; SpeechEnglish Education. LEAHY, MICHAL S Gainesville, Fla ; B A ; English -Journalism Education; Ph i Kappa Phi; Coop Adv isory Counci l-Secretary LEARY, LORETTA E Tampa, Fla.; B A ; Psychology. LEBER, BARRY l. Lakeland, F la ; B.A.; Divisional Major i n Natura l Sciences and Math; Co-op. LEE, JOHN 0 N Ft. Myers, Fl a.; B S.; lndust rial Eng ineering ; Windjammers-Secretar y 197071. LEES, ROBERT C ., JR. St. Petersburg Beach, Fla.; B S. ; Management. LEFRANC, JANET M Largo, Fla. ; B S.; Elementary Education. LEHMAN GERALD M Tampa, Fla.; B A. ; Sociology LENHOFF, LILLIAN R Temple Terrace, Fla ; B A ; Bu siness Education; P i S i gma Epsilon LESTER, JOSEPH R. Jacksonville, Fla.; B A. ; Math ; Lambda Ch i Alpha-Treasurer; Sports Car Club. LEVINSON, PAUL A Miami, Fla.; B S.; Accounting. LEWIS, CECELIA G Sarasota, Fla. ; B A.; Li bra r y Education-Elementary; LEAVO; ACE SNEA. LEWIS, L YNNE A Brandon, F l a ; B A.; Ele mentary Education. LIBBY ANDREW T. Tampa, Fla. ; B A.; Management; Tau Kappa Epsilon; A lpha Ph i Omega; Student Advisory BoardCollege of Bu siness. LICHT, CYNTHIA N Tampa, Fla.; B A.; Engli sh-Mass Communica t i ons; Kappa A lpha Theta. LICWOV WAYNE G. Tampa, Fla.; B.A. ; Sociology; Executive Committee of Sociolo gy Club; Soci ology Student Representative to liberal A rts Council LIFLAND, LARRY S Easton, Pa.; B A. ; Soci o log y ; Wrestl ing Club, Barbender' s Club. LIKENS, DEBORAH H Jacksonville, F la.; B.A.; Elementary EducationEarly Childhood. LINDLEY, SUZANNE F Tampa, Fla ; B A ; Math Educatio n LINK DONALD P Tampa, Fla.; B S.; Fi nance; College of Bus iness Council; USF Senate. LINK KATHLEE Palm Beach Fla.; B A ; SpeechEnglish Education; Kappa Alpha Theta. LINKENAUGER, WILLIAM D Tampa, Fla ; B A ; Psychology; P hi S igma X i -Secretary; Veterans Club; Russian Club. LITTLE, JANETTE L. Tampa, Fla ; B A.; E l ementary Educatio n LITTLE, RICHARD B M iami, Fla ; B S ; Electrical Eng ineering; Tau Beta Phi, IEEE FES LLOYD, DENNIS P Tampa Fla.; B S .; Mar keting; P i S igma Epsi lon LOPATO, LINDA L. Tampa, F la.; B.A ; ElementaryEarly Ch ildhood Education; Kappa De lta Pi. LOESCHER, DEBRA l. Tampa, F la ; B A ; Elementary Education LOH, WEILIANG Tampa, Fla.; B S.; Eco nomics. LONG CYDELL Y Buscom, F la.; B A.; Elementary Education; ETHOS; A fr o Am erican Club. LONG MERCELES l. Lutz Fla.; B.A. ; French-Speech. LONG PHYLLIS B. Dade C ity. Fla.; B A ; Elementary Education-Early Childhood. LONG, SHARON V Charleston, S C ; B .A.; Politi cal Science & Eng lish ; Athenaeum-Vice Pres ident; Student Government L egislature ; O racle LORENZO, ANGELO S Tampa, Fla.; B A.; American Studies. LUCAS, ALAN l Tampa, Fla.; B A ; Po litical Sci e nce ; S igma Nu ; Student Government. LUCZAK DAVID A. Pinellas Park, Fla ; B A.; Pol i tica l Science; Political Union; Veterans C lub. lYONS, JAMES E Pin ellas Park, Fla.; B A ; Pol itical Science lYONS, PETER W. Wiesbaden, Germany; B.S.; Phys1cs ; Commuter Representative USF Student Government 1969 70. M MAAS, CAROL A. Homestead, Fla ; B A ; Elementary Education. MACDONALD, JAMES T. Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; Physical Education; Ph i Kappa Alpha. MACGill, PETER l Tampa, F la.; B A ; Geo l ogy; Geology Club. MACOMBER ANDREA K Land O Lakes Fla.; B A.; Educati on; Cooperative Education. MAGEE KENNETH D Daytona Beach, Fla.; B A.; Physical Education; Ph i Gamma Delta MAGOWAN, ANN F Seminole, Fla ; B A ; Elementary Education. MAGRATH, PAMELA W. DeBa r ry, Fla.; B A.; Elementary Education. MAHAGAN, LINDA l Tampa, Fla. ; B A.; SocioiO!jY; Alpha Delta Pi; Panh ellenic Representativ e. MAHAN, GEPTHA l. Tampa, Fla.; B A.; Psychology. MAHONEY, MARIA G. Tampa, Fla. ; B A ; English Education. MAISEL, AllAN S M iami, Fla. ; B S.; Ac counting; Tau Epsilon Ph i ; Senior Accounting O rganization MAJDER, AUGUSTYN Detroit, Mich.; B A ; S ociology MAKOWSKI SANDRA K. Wauchula Fla ; B A.; P sychology-Socio logy MALBERG, DAVID E Zephyrhills, Fl a.; B .A.; Spanish Education; SFEA; CEAPresident; College of Education. MALLOY, JOAN F. Tampa, Fla.; B A ; Art Education; Aegeah Staff 1969-70 MANCUSO, MARILYN Tampa Fla. ; B.A. ; Spanish MANSON, ALEX M. Jacksonville Fla ; B .A Political Science; Phi Delta Theta MARCET, MARIA E. Tampa, Fla ; B A.; Spanish; World A f fair s Council 271

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272 MARCET, MIGUEL E T ampa, Fla ; B.S. ; A c counting; World Affairs Counci l ; Senior Accounting Club. MARINI, FRANCIS P. T ampa, Fla.; B S ; E lect r i cal Engineering MARINI, ROBERT Tampa, Fla. ; B.S ; Electronics; Florida E ngineering Society MARKOWITZ, CHERYL J. Philadelphia, Pa.; B A .; Early Childhood Education; FEA; ACE ; Kappa Delta P i. MARKS, JEAN L. St Augustine, Fla ; B .A.; History. MAROUA, SUE M Calumet City, Ill.; B.A.; English Literature; Athenaeum. MARRINAN, CATHERINE M East Lake W eir, Fla ; B A ; Elem entary Education. MARSH, ROBERT C. Tampa, Fla ; B S.; Industrial Enginee r ing ; ECA ; FES MARSHALL, SUSAN L Miami, F l a.; B A .; Elementary Education; Alpha Eps ilon Phi MARTIN, CYNTHIA L. S alem, N J.; B A MARTIN, DIANE Jacksonville, Fla.; B .A.; D i visi onal Social S c i ence MARTIN, MELVIN F., JR. Tampa, Fla. ; B A ; Political Science & P sycho l ogy ; P o litical Uni on. MARTINEZ, LOUIS Tampa Fla ; B.A.; Psychology MATTOX, JOHN T Tampa, Fla .; B A .; Sci ence Education. MATYCH, PAUL J Binghamton, N Y .; B A .; Psychology ; P s i Ch i MAYES, CHARLES W. Palm B each Gardens, Fla ; B A ; S peech Engl ish Educat ion. MAYGER, PAM J. S arasota, Fla.; B.A. ; Early Childhood Education. MCARDLE, VICKI LYNN Sanford, Fla. ; B .A.; S ocial S cience Educat ion. MCCANN, DONALD B. V ero Beach Fla.; B A ; S peech ; Tau Kappa Epsilon; Senior Class Treasurer ; Varsity Sw immer-one year MCCOY, JOSEPH J. G ulfport, Fla .; B.A.; Elementary Education. MCCOLLOUGH, CAROL S S arasota, Fla ; B A ; Business Aducation. MCCULLOUGH, G. SEAN Clearwater, Fla.; B S .; Engi neering ; Tau K appa Epsilon President ; Society of Mechanical Engineers ; lnterfraternal Council. MCCULLOUGH, RICHARD D Co lumbus, Ohio; M A.; Music-Voice; D elta Tau D e l ta; Phi Mu Alpha. MCCURRY, LARRY G. Mango F l a ; B A .; English Education. MCDANNOLD, CONNIE L. T ampa, Fla.; B A ; Elementary Education. MCDINE, SALLY A. Punta Gor da Fla .; B.A.; Elementary Educat i on. MCDONALD, MARCIA C. Co leman, Fla ; B .A.; Special Education. MCGINLEY, PATRICIA N Tampa, Fla .; B.A.; Engl ish Educat ion. MCGOVERN, SUSAN A Jacksonville, Fla .; B A ; Zoology. MCGOWAN SUZANNE K. Tampa, F l a .; B A ; Seconda'ry Educat i on English & Speech; Student Government Commuter Represen tative; E nv ironment 70' s MCKEEN, THOMAS Tampa, F l a.; B .A.; Busi ness Management. MCKENNA, TERESA E L and O L akes, Fla.; B.A. ; Math Educat ion. MCKEY, JOHN F T ampa, Fla .; B S E .; Engineering; V ice PresidentE n g ineering C ollege A ssociat ion; U n i vers ity Senate MCKOWN, JUDITH A Tampa, F l a .; B A ; Elementary Educat ion; Alpha O mega Pi. MCLAUGHLIN ELEANOR C. Ma i t land, Fla. ; B A.; Socio logy; Young R epubl i cans ; Soci ology C lub MCLEAN, MARJORIEH Cl earwater, Fla .; B A ; English Educat ion. MCMENAMIN, JOHN L. New Hyde Park, N Y.; B .A.; Psychology ; Ph1 Gamma Delta MCMILLAN, DARLENE G. Tampa, Fla .; B.A. ; Education. MCMILLAN, OLAND J. Tampa, Fla ; B .A.; S oc i al Sc1ence Education. MCMILLAN, SYLVIA A Tampa, Fla ; B A ; E lementary Education; Phi Kappa Phi MCMILLAN, WILLIAM W., JR. Largo, Fla ; M S ; Eng ineering Energy Convers ion. MCORMICK, REBECCA E. Wildwood, Fla.; B .A.; B usiness Education; K appa A l pha Theta. MEAD, DORIS J S t Petersburg, Fla .; B A .; Elementary Education. MEDAGLIA, JOHN M. Tampa, F la.; B.S .; Engineering ; S i gma Phi Epsilon ; Tau B et a Phi. MEDEROS, ADA Tampa, Fla ; B .A.; S econdary Education-Math; World Affairs Council. MEEHAN, WENDY P. T ampa, Fla .; B A .; Secondary Education-Social Science MEL TON, JAMES R. Orlando, Fla.; B A. ; Management MENENDEZ, GAIL M Tampa, Fla.; B A .; Elementary Education. MENZIE, WILLIAM D. N .Ft. Myers, Fla.; B A .; Management ; Ski Club; S ailin!J C lub; Co II ege of Basi c Studies F 1nance Committee. MERACLE, MICHAEL L. Tampa, Fla ; B A ; So cial Sc ience S econdary Education. MERRIAM, JOHN W Miami, F la ; B .A.; Zoology. MEYER, CARSTON K Tampa, Fla.; B S ; Marketi ng MEYER, CHRISTIAN G T ampa, F l a .; B S .; Bu siness Administration-Economics. MEYER, LINDA J Homestead, Fla.; B.A. ; So c iology ; Alpha Delta P i ; UC Music Com m ittee. MILLER, JAN Lakeland Fla; B A .; Manage ment; Phi Kappa Phi; V eterans Club. MILLER, JEFFERY B. W inter H aven, Fla. ; B .S.; Pr e-Medical Zoology; Lambda Ch i Alpha; Phi Kappa Phi; America n Chemica l Soc iety. MILLER, JOHN E., Ill E aston P a.; B A ; Zoology; S igma Nu. MILLER, MICHAEL A. C oral Gables, F l a.; B.A.; Elementary Education; Mu Hall Council.

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MILLER, PATRICIA L. Jacksonville, Fla .; B A ; Elem enta ry Education-Math; Sigma A lpha Epsilon-Little S ister. MILLER, RITA Columbia, S C.; B.A.; Elementary Education. MILLER, SUSAN E Dade C ity, Fla. ; B A.; Elementary Educat ion. Ml LLER, SUSAN L. Miami, Fla ; B A.; Span ishEnglish; IRHC; lntramurals; G amma Hall P resident. MILLESON, JAMES F. Maitland, Fla.; B A .; Zoology; Tau Kappa Epsilon. MIMS, STEPHEN H Mclean, Va.; B A .; Politi cal Sc ie nce ; Student Government Senator; Sports Car C lu b; World Affairs Council. MINKLEY, LINDA C. Orlando, Fla .; B.S .; Marketing; Kappa Alpha T heta ; AIESEC. MIOUEL, GEORGE! V. Tampa, Fla .; B A ; ZoologyBacteriology; Sigma A lpha Epsilon MIROWITZ, ELLEN M. Miami, F la ; B.A. ; ElementaryEarly Childhood Education; A lpha Epsilon Phi ; South Florida Educc>tion A ssociation; Associat ion of Ch ildhood Edu cat ion. MIROWITZ, STEVEN E. Thonotosassa, Fla .; B.A. ; Psychology. MISENHEIMER, NANCY R Deland, Fla ; B.A.; Elementary Education; ACE. MITCHELL, MAX W. Lutz, F la.; B.S. ; Accounting-Math; Senior Accounting O rgani zat ion; Karate Club; Wo rld Affairs Council T reasurer MITCHELL, ROBIN T Temple T errace, F la.; B A ; History; History Community President; O racl e. MITCHELL, WALTER E. St. August ine F la.; B A.; Elementa r y Education. MIZELL, ELIZABETH Leesburg, Fla .; B A.; Humanities. MIZIA, RONALD St. Pet ersburg Fla.; B .A.; Zoology. MOECKEL, MARJORIE G Gulfport, F la.; B .A.; Elementary Education; Baptist Stu dent Union. MOLLOY, SUZANNE B Tampa, Fla.; B A .; German; G er man National Honorary Frater nity; German Club. MALLOY, WILLIAM E T ampa Fla.; B .A.; Psychology i,., I I 1 MONROE, JAMES A. T a mpa Fla.; B A .; Special Educat ionMental Retardation; K ap pa Delta P i; CEC. MONTGOMERY, DALE L. L ake l and, Fla.; B S.; Physics-Math. MONTGOMERY, VIRGINIA L Clearwater F Ia.; B A.; Elementary Education; The Florida Council f o r Socia l Studies; ACE I ; NEA. MONTS DE DCA, CLINT H Tampa, Fla.; B.S .; Economics; Delta Chi A lpha; NA. MOON, MERI LYN A. Tampa, Fla.; B A .; S pe cial Education. MOORE, MICHAEL J. Bartow, F la.; B.A.; Zoology; Pre-Med Soci ety. MOORE, ROBERT J T ampa, Fla .; B S ; Finance MOORE, WILLIAM T., JR. Lakeland, F la.; B.S. ; Bu siness M ana gement-Industrial Rela tions; Pi S igma Epsilon. MORDE, RICHARD W Lutz, Fla ; B.S ; Marketi ng ; P i S igma Epsilon MORGAN, JOE P. Ill. Shreveport, La.; B S.; Management MORGAN, SANDRA Cle arwater, Fla.; B A.; Sociology MORRIS, ANN W Tampa, Fla. ; B.A.; S peech English MORRIS, JAY L Tampa F la.; B .S.; Management; A egean P hotographer; Veterans Club; Students for a Respons i ble Gov ernme nt. MORRISON, GLORIA C Tampa, Fla ; B A ; Elementary Education; Phi K appa Phi. MORTELLARO, EDWARD S ., JR. Tampa, Fla ; B S.; Chemistry. MOSES NANCY S P inellas Park, Fla. ; B.A.; Elementary Education. MOSES ROBERT D. Miami B each, F la.; B S .; Marketing; Tau Ep silon Phi; Pi S igma Epsilon MOTON, GEORGE C. Miami, Fla.;B S .; Accounting; Afro-American Society; Omega Psi Phi; Senior Accounting O rganization. MUlA, JAMES F. Seminole, Fla ; B A .; History. MULLINS, DALE L La rgo, Fla .; B .A.; Profes sional Physical Education. MULLINS, THOMAS L T ampa, Fla.; B A ; Pub lic Re lati on s MURPHY, MICHAEL W. Tampa, Fla .; B A ; Math Education; D elta Tau Delta. MURPHY, SUSAN M. Homestead, F la.; B A .; E lementary Education MURRAY, JOYCE A Tampa, Fla.; B.A.; E'ementary Education. MURRAY, JEANNE S. Tampa, F la ; B A .; S eco ndary Education-Social S tu d ies. MYERS, CHERYL A. St Petersburg, Fla. ; B A ; Elementary Education. MYERS, VAUN R. St Pet ersburg, Fla.; B.A.; Education. MYRICK, JOHN C. La keland, F la.; M.A.; Guidance; P i Kappa A lpha; Guidance Organi zation. N NAVARRO, LOUIS C Sarasota, Fla.; B.A. ; E I e mentary Education; Student Govern ment; Argos Representative NELSONN, DIANE T ampa, F la.; B A. ; P hys ical Education. NEMENOFF, BRUCE A. Ch icago, Ill.; B.S ; Finance ; Zeta B eta Tau. NEVILLE, LARRY F. Lantana, Fla. ; B S.; Electri cal Engineering; Florida Eng i neering Society NEWBERRY, VAN W. St. P etersburg, Fla ; B.S.; Economics NICKELS, FRANK L St Peter s burg F la.; B A ; Business Education; Alpha Tau Omega NEILSEN, PERERIK A. Tampa, F la.; M A .; Art Education; Phi Kappa Phi; Kappa Delta P hi NIX, DAVID l. T ampa, Fla. ; B.A. ; Elemen tary Education; Presi dent-College of Education; College of Education Instructional Committee. NOCERA, FRANK' L. Largo, F la.; B A .; S peech; Chairman, Podium Committee. NORES, MICHAEL E Tampa, Fla. ; B.S. ; Ele ctrical Eng in eering; Water Sk i Club; FES; IEE. E NORMAN, THOMAS R L akeland, Fla.; B.A.; Bu siness Management 273

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274 NORTHERN, SARAH C. Panama City, Fla.; B.A.; Sociology ; Alpha Kappa Alpha. NOYES, MARY JANE T reasure I sland, Fla. ; B A .; Elementary Educat1on 0 OAKS, MARSHALL P ., JR. T ampa, Fla .; B A ; Geography. OCHOWRIDER, DAN R Tampa F la.; B .S.; Engineering-Electrical ; Alpha Tau Omega; FES ; IEEE. O'CONNOR LINDA L. Dunedin, F la ; B.A. ; P sychology & Early Childhood Education; Phi Kappa Phi; Delta Psi Omega; Gamma Sigma P hi OGLE, DAVID J. Tampa, Fla. ; B.A.; English OLDT, THOMAS R. Washington, D.C. ; B A .; Political S cience; R adical Lunatic Fringe Party. OLITZKY, LEE H. St. Petersburg, Fla .; B.S ; Business Administration-Marketing; Tau Epsilon Phi; P i Sigm a Ep silon. OLSON, RONALD W Clearwater, Fla.; B .S.; MathematicsChemistry; P i Mu Epsilon; Photography Club. OLSTROM, ANN L Tampa, Fl a.; B A.; Secondary Education & Biology. ORBANN, CARL T Ft. Myers, Fla.; B A ; G eography; G amma Th eta Upsilon ORENDORF, CHRISTINE T ampa, Fla ; B A ; Anthropol ogy; Catholic Student Organiznt ion ; Student Government. ORLOPP, ROBERT W. Clearwater, Fla. ; B A .; Zoo I ogy; Photographic Committee; P re Med Society. ORMSBY, LINDA J Seminole, Fla .; B .A.; Elementary Education. ORRELL, MARILYN E. Winte r Hav en, Fla. ; B .A.; Mental R etardati o n; Delta De l ta De lta. OSBORNE, THOMAS C. Lakeland, F la ; B S .; Business Administrati on-Management; Delta Sig ma Pi. OSMUN, MARY C Orlando, Fla .; B A .; Education. O 'STEEN, CAROLYN A. Tampa, Fla .; B A .; Mental Retardation; P hi Kappa Phi; Kappa D elta Pi. O'STEEN, CAROL S Orlando, Fla.; B A.; Speech P a thology. OSWALD, DAVID H. Tampa Fla. ; B .S.; Accounting. OTTMAN, KAREN L Cocoa B each, Fla ; B A .; P sychology & Sociology ; Chairman of S igma P hi Epsilon little Sisters. OTTO, KIM B T ampa, Fl a .; B A .; P sychology ; Tau Kappa E psilon. OVERBY, LARRY D Jacksonville, Fla ; B.S.; M ath; Tau K a ppa Epsilon OVERBY, RANDY W Jacksonville Fla. ; B.S. ; Business-Management; Tau Kappa E psilon OVERMAN, DEBORAH A. V enice, Fla. ; B A ; E lementary Education; D elta D elta D elta. OWENS TERRY B. Br ooksville, Fla .; B.A.; Physical Education. p PACE, BETTIE: G Clearwater, Fla .; M.A.; Guidance; SGO PACE, CONNIE E. Miami, F la ; B A .; E lementary Education. PADGETT, LARRY D. Apollo Beach, Fla.; B .A.; S peech; Baptist Student Union PAGES, PETER R T ampa, Fla .; B S .; Engi neer ing; S igma P hi Epsilon. PAINE, RONALD E Largo, F la.; B A .; S ociology; World A ffairs Cou ncil PALACIOS RAFAEL R Coral Gables, F la.; B S. E.'; Engineering Energy Conversion; American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and AirConditioning Engineering; Nat1onal Society of P rofessional Engineers; Engin eering Council A ssociation. PALEY MICHELE B Miami B each Fla.: B A .; English Education; Alpha Epsilon P hiTau Epsilon Phi -Little Sist er. PALMER, MARILYN L. Jacksonville, F la.; B A .; S pecial Education-Mental Retarda tion; Kappa D elta; P anhellenicP resident; Student Council for Exceptional Ch ildre n PALMERINO, CHARLES T Southbridge, Mass.; B A. ; Sp eech B roa d castmg; Theta Ch i-Treasurer PANCZNER, WILLIAM D. Clearwater, F la ; B A .; G eologica l Education; Student National Education A ssociation; M inera logical Society of America PAPPAS, THOMAS M. Seminole, Fla .; B A .; Political S cience PARK, CHRISTY Lakeland, Fl a ; B.A.; Ele mentar y Ed ucat1on PARKS, JACK H. Tampa, F la.; B S ; M edical Technology. PARRINO, ELAINE M. F t Myers, Fla .; B.S. ; Sociol ogy PARSONS, DAVID D. Tampa, Fla ; B A .; Geography PARSONS DAVID F St. Petersburg, Fla ; B A .; El ementar y Education. PASTERNAK, DENIS F Tampa, Fla. ; B A .;Political Sci e nce. PAUL DAVID F S t Petersburg, Fla. ; B A.; P hysical Education; Pi Kappa A lpha ; Junior Representative of Phy s 1cal Educat1on Class. PAUL JANET E Deerfield Beach, Fl a.; B S.; Math; C ooperative Education. PAWELKO, DANIEL S. Gulfport, Fla.; B.S.; Accounting. PAYNER, PAMELA K Tampa, Fla .; B.A. ; Bacteriology. PEAKE SUZANNE L Daytona Beach, Fla .; B A .; Elementary Education. PEARSALL, HOWARD E Tampa, Fla ; M .A.; Techn ical Education. PEIPER, LAURA L Jacksonville, Fla .; B.A.; Elementary Edu cat1on. PEKNY ELLEN G Bradenton, F la .; B A .; Mathematics Education; C hi O mega ; Athenaeum; Tau Kappa Epsilon Little Sister. PENARANDA, GLADYS T ampa, F la ; B S.; Math; World Affairs Council S ecre tary. PENNINGTON, JOHN W Ill T emple T er race, Fla .; B.S. ; E ngineering; Tau Beta Phi; PresidentE ngineering Coll ege; P hi Kappa Phi. PEREZ, CARLOS A., JR. T ampa, F la.; B.A.; Zoology; P re-Med Society. PEREZ, FABIOLA I. T ampa, Fla ; B.A. ; Secondary Education-Foreign Languages & F rench-Spanish; World Affairs Cou ncil. PEREZ, FRANC J Tampa, Fla.; B S ; Eco nomics; Economics Club. PERKINS, QUILLA N. Tampa Fla.; B S .; B usiness Education. PERLMAN, LYNNE Philadelphia, P a ; B.A.; Elementary Education; A lpha Epsilon P hi ; FEA; ACE PERRONE, SAM J Tampa, Fla. ; B.S .; Bus-iness AdministrationMarketing. PETTIT, GARY A N aples. Fla. ; B A .; Zoo l og y ; Marine Biology Club; Catholic Student Organization PFAFF, ROBERT M St. P etersburg, Fla ; B A .; Physical Education; Diver for USF Swim T eam. PHARR, H LEE C lermont, Fl a ; B A .; The atre ArtsT echnical; University Center P ro gram C o u ncil. PHILLIPPY, STEVEN W. Clearwater Fla .; B S .; Accounting; T au Kappa Epsilon; Senior Class Public Relations. PHILLIPS, MARILYN J St. Petersburg Fla.; B A .; Elementary Education. PIERCE, HARRISON G Tampa, Fla .; B.A.; English-Political Science. PINEDA, BEVERLY P Tampa, Fla .; B A ; El ementar y Education; ACE; SFEA; SGO ; PIPKIN, GERRY B L akeland, Fl a.; B.A.; E le mentary; Student F EA. PIVEC, RAYMOND G. Sanford, Fla ; B A .; Behavioral Management; AI ESEC-President PLOCK, ROGER K. Naples, Fla .; B S .; Man agement PR EGENTEK, ROBERT F. Tampa, Fla .; B A .; English PRESTON, GEORGE E JR. High Sp rings, F la.; B S ; Electrical Eng ineering; Institute of Electrical & Electronic E n g ineers; Florid a Engineering Society ; Student Affairs Committee. PRETE, SANDRA M L argo, Fla ; Elementary Education. PRICE, BETHANY J. Miami, Fla .; B A .; Elementary Education-Special Education; Delta D elta D elta. PRIMER, E. DENA S t. P etersburg, F la.; M A.; Education-Sp ecial Education. PRIMER, J. EDWARD St P ete rsburg Fla.; B S.; Management; Pi S igma Epsilon; AI ESEC; Student Government-Business Representative & Senator; V eterans Club. PRIVETTE, JUNE E. T ampa, Fla ; B A ; Ele m entar y Education; Kappa D elta; Sociology Club. PROCTOR, CYNTHIA J Ft. Lauderdale, Fla .; B.A.; Elementary Education. PROPER, KATHI M. S t. P eters b urg, Fla .; B A .; Elementary Education. R RABINOWITZ, ADAM E. Miami Beach, Fla. ; B A.; Mass Communications & Marketing; Tau Epsilon Phi Pr esident; P i Sigm a Epsilon; Phi K appa Phi. RACZKOWSKI, SHIRLEY M. Key West, Fla.; B.A.; Elementary Education. RAMBO, LYNDA L. Satellite Beach, Fla. ; B A .; EducationS econ d ar y & So cial S ci ence; Kappa Alpha Theta; Delta Tau D elta Little S ister; P anhe ll enic. RANKER, ANTOINE C Ft. Myers, Fla. ; B A .; Elementary Education. RAPP, PAUL C Lutz, Fla ; B A .; Advertising; O racle Advertising. RAY, ROBYN N Monsey, N Y .; B .A.; S pecia l Education-Mental Retardation; Sigma D elta T au. REEVES, DAVID W. Clearwater, Fla.; B A.; Latin A merican St udies. REGESKI, CATHERINE J. S t P etersburg, F la.; B A .; Elementary Education. REICHLE, RICHARD G Naples, F la.; B S .; Marketing; P hi Kappa Phi; Phi Gamma Delta; P i S igma Epsilon REICHWALD, BARBARA E Miami, B each, Fla .; B A .; Elementary Education; Gamma Sigma Phi ; ACE. REISER, TED P Port Richey, Fla .; B .A.; Bu siness Education. RENNEKER, JOHN L. S t P etersburg, Fl a.; B.A.; Political S cience & Mass Communications; Political Union; Oracle Staff. REPETOSKY, JOHN J Tampa, F la.; B A. ; Sociology; University Center I n terS ervice Committee; Intensi ve Tutorial P rogram; S ociology Club. RESSLER, DONNA G. N Miami B each, Fla .; B A .; S peical Education; Tau Epsilon Phi Little Si ster ; Student Council for Exception a l Children; C ollege of Education Represen tative to Student Government. RESSLER, THOMAS A Lutz, Fl a.; B A ; S ociology. REYNOLDS, RICKY R. T ampa, Fla ; B S .; Bu siness-Mana!,ement. RHODES, MARGARET E Tampa, F la.; B.A. ; Psychology; Circle K-Little S ister. RHODES, RICHARD E Stuart, Fla .; B A. ; Liberal Arts. JOSEPH J. JR. T ampa, F la.; B S E & M .-.. E.; Engineering; Tau B eta Phi; Florida Engineering Society. RICH, MARIAN 0 D a d e City, Fla .; B A .; E lementary-Early Childhood Education. RICHARDSON, SHARON G Trenton, N J .; B A ; Early Childhood Education. RIDDLE, BARBARA W S t P eters bu rg, Fla ; B A .; Sociology; F ine A rts Ch ora l e ; Phi Mu AlphaL ittle Sister; University Community C horus.

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RIDDLE JAMES A Ill St P etersburg, Fl a ; B A .; Vocal Music Education; Phi Mu Alpha; Sinfonia. RIEDEL, JAMES M. D aytona Beach, Fla .; B A ; Political Sci ence RIENNER, SUSAN G. B A .; Elementar y -Early Childhood Education. RINEHART, JOAN E. L argo Fl a.; B.A.; Phy sical Education. RIPKO, RONALD J T ampa, Fl a.; B A .; American His tory. ROBERT, LINDA L. Plant City, F la.; B A ; El e mentary Education; Kappa D elta Pi. ROBERTS, CALVIN C Largo, F la ; B.S .; Ac counting; B eta G amma S igma. ROBERTS, TERRY W. T a m pa, F la ; B S .; Mathematics. ROBINSON, THERESA A F r uitland Park, F Ia.; M A .; M e ntal Retardation; ETHOS; SFEA; CEC ROCKAFELLOW, ELIZABETH A. D a ytona B each, Fla .; B A .; Art Education. RODE, RANDALL T a mpa, Fla.; B.A.; Zoology. RODGERS, JAMES E. Avon Park, Fla. ; B .A.; Zoology. RODRIGUEZ, JOSE A Miami, F la. ; B A .; Art Educa tion. ROO R IGUEZ, R RICHARD N aples Fla .; B A ; Political Sci ence; Lambda Ch i Alpha; Students for R esponsible Government. RODRIGUEZ, ROSEANNE K e y West, F la.; B.A.; Early Childhood-Elementary Educa tion. ROGERS, GINGER L. Miami, F la.; B A .; E ar ly Childhood El ementary Education. ROLLINS, SHARON I. Mia m i Fla.; B A .; Elem entary Education. ROOK, DEBORAH A S arasota, Fla .; B A ; Elementary Education. ROSE ROY W., JR. T ampa, F la.; B A .; P o lit tcal S c t ence; Baptist Student Union ; P re Med So ctety. ROSEN, MICHAEL J. C oral G ables Fla B A ; Psychology; Tau Epsilon Phi; stty C enter R ec reation Committee Commuter R ep resentati v e for Student Government. ROSS, LAWRENCE H Lutz, Fla. ; B.S .; Industrial Systems Engineering ; Phi Delta T heta ROSS MARGARET A lnvekness, Fla .; B A ; Sociology; ETHOS. ROTH, LARRY R Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.; B S.; Marketing; ROUNTREE, RONALD L. S t P etersburg F I a.; B S ; Markettng, P ht D elta Theta; Karate Club. ROWLEY, MARJORIE A St P etersburg, Fla.; B A ; El e m entary Education. RUBIN, KENNETH A T ampa Fla. ; B.S .; Marketing; S igma Alpha Epsilon; Chairman Student s for Responsible Govern ment; I FC RUIZ, RAMON, JR Tampa, Fla ; B A ; En g I ish Sp eech Education; Presi dent-Student F I or ida Education Association; Historian Young Democra ts RUSO ISABEL H Tamp a, F la.; B A .; Elementary Education ; D elta D elta D elta; L ambda Chi Alpha-Little S ister. RUSSELL, DEBORAH J Wildwood, Fl a.; B A.; Art Education RUSSELL, GEORGE H,. JR Tampa, Fl a.; B S ; Accounting; Sen ior Accounting O rganization. RUTLEDGE, MARY M Lakeland, Fla.; B A .; Philosophy; Student Government; Yound Democra ts ; Student Mobil i zation Commit tee. RYCKTARCZYK, MONA E T ampa, Fla ; B A .; Elementar y Education. s SALISBURY, TOM L Tampa Fla .; B A ; So cia l S cience S econdar y Education. SALSEY, ROGER M Orlando, F la. ; M.S .; E n Tau K a ppa Epsilon; Florida Engi neenng Soctety. SAMAHA, MELINDA St P etersb u rg Fl a .; B A .; Early Ch ildhood Education; K appa D elta-Editor; Uni v ersity C enter P rogram Cou neil V ice P resident and D ance C hairman SAMAHA, PATRICIA P. T ampa, Fla ; B A .; S peech Engl ish Education. SANDS DICKIE A Miami, Fla.; B A .; Zoology; Alpha T a u Omega; Pre-M e d Society; I ntramurals. SANDS, WILLIAM C. Tampa Fl a.; B S .; M arketing; Sigma P hi Epsilon; Universit y C enter Program Council-Dance Committee. SARACENI, ANNA R M ia mi Fl a.; B A .; En glish Education. SARVIS, ROBIN J T ampa, Fl a.; B A .; El e m entaryE arly Childhood Education. SASNETTE, DONNA J Seffner, Fla .; B A .; Engl ish. SATCHEL, BRENDA B Mulberry. F la.; B A .; Seoncdary Edu c a t ionS ocial S cience. SAUNDERS, JAMES A R i v er vi ew, F la ; B A.; Zoology. SAVANOER, BETTY J St P e t e r sburg, Fla .; B A .; E arl y ChildhoodElementary Educa tion. SAVERY, ARTHUR B T ampa, Fl a.; M S .; E ngineering; Eng ineering Coun cil A ssociation; TreasurerFlorida Eng ineering Society SAVERY, OYNEL N T a m pa, F la.; B A .; Elem entary Education; Phi Kappa Phi; A thenaeum. SCAGLIONE, MARY E T a mpa, Fl a.; B A ; El e mentary Education; Kappa K elta P i SCHANG, DONALD E., JR Miami, F la.; B A ; Psychology ; S i gma Nu-Pie dge Marshall, Reporter. SCHERWINSKI, LAWRENCE R T ampa Fl a.; B S .; Accounting ; Sigm a Nu; S e n ior A c counting Organization. SCHNEIDER, HENRY J JR Orlando, Fl a.; B S .; M anage ment S cience. SCHNEIDER, ROBERT A S t. P eters b urg, Fla.; B.A. ; Social Scien c e-Education. SCHOFIELD, PERCY A. L ake Wales, B S .; Business Administra tion Managem ent; V et erans Club-P resident ; Students for Responsi b le Government-Steering Committee; SCHOLL, KARL Kingston, N .Y.; B S ; M ar k et ing SCHOONOVER, JERRY L. Plant City Fl a.; B A ; E lementary Educa tion. SCHRAMEK, DANIEL E. P i nellas Park, F la ; B S .; Medical Technology SCHRIEFIER, GEORGE J Clearwater, F la .; B S .; Acco unting. SCH RIFT, MARK S S t P e t ers burg, F la ; B A .; S oc ial S ci e nce; Politic al Union. SCHRODER, LEIGHTON M C ape C o r al, Fla.; B A .; P sycholog y & Sp ecial Education; D elta Ch i Alpha. SCHULKERS, CHARLES R. St P etersburg, Fla.; B S .; Busi ness; Archery Club-President SCHULTZ, EDWARD E Dunedin, Fla ; B S.; M anage m ent; B eta G amma S igma SCHULTZ, JEAN L P almetto, Fla. ; B A .; E le m entary Education; Phi K appa P h i. SCHWARTZ, LARRY S Hollywood, Fl a.; B A ; Psychology ; Tau Epsilon Phi; I FC SCHWARTZ, RICHARD T. C learwater, Fla .; B S ; Management ; Tau Kappa Epsilon. SCHWARTZKOPF, LINDA L. S eminole, Fla ; B A ; Elementar y Education. SCOTT, CYNTHIA A J acksonvi lle F la.; B A .; Sociology. SCOTT, JAMES R. St P e t e rsburg Fla. ; B.S .; Management ; Student Advisor y Council. SEARS, JAMES L Clea rwater, F la ; B S .; B usiness Administration-F i nance. SELITTO, JEROME J St. P etersburg, Fla. ; B S ; Marketing; P i Sigma Epsilon. SEMENTA, MICHAEL D M iami F l a .; B S .; Marketi ng; Phi Delta Theta; Ka rate Club. SENAVAT, PHONG Thailand; B.A.; Anthropol ogy SEROKA, SHERRIE Annandale V a.; B A .; Art Education; Delta D e l ta Delta. SERTELL, CHERYL L. Tampa, F l a .; B.A.; EducationS ocial Sci en c e; C ampus C r usade for Christ. SHARPLESS, WILLIAM D St. Louis, Mo.; B S.; Chemistry; Phi D elta T heta ; Co-op Ad viso r y Council. SHAW KATHRYN G S t. P etersburg, Fla .; B A ; Elementary Education; Alpha Omega P i ; K appa D e l ta P i SHAYMAN, CAROL D M iami, Fla .; B A .; El ementary Education; Alpha Ep silon Phi; Intensi v e Tutorial; ACE. SHERRICK, PAUL J., JR. F t Myers, Fl a ; B.S. ; Marketing ; K appa Sigma SHIVELY, KEITH A. N e w Port R i ch e y Fla .; B S.; Accounting ; Senior Accounting Organization. SHOLL, CYNTHIA M. Tampa Fla.; B A .; Ele mentary E arly Childhood Education. SHUMAN, PRISCILLA Tampa Fl a .; B.A.; S pecia l Education. SIERRA, ABELAROO Ill. Tampa, F la ; B S.; Accounting. SILAS, LOUIE L S t P etersburg, F l a.; B A .; English Education. SIL TAN EN, SUSAN A B radenton, Fla ; B A .; English Journalism Education; K appa D elta; F rench Club S ecretar y ; A egean Staff. SILVERMAN, ROBERT B Miami, F la ; B A ; History; Z e t a B eta TauP resident ; Young D emocrats; Hille l. SIMON, BEVERLY P N. M ia m i B each, F la .; B A .; Special Education-EMR; Council for Exceptional Children. SIMMONS, GENE R Lutz, F la .; B S ; Accounting; Tau Kappa Eps ilon; A ero Club SKIDMORE, SHARON L. Orlando, Fla .; B. A ; Psychiatry & Sp ecial Education. SKINNER, CHARLES R. St. August ine Fl a.; B S ; P hysics SKIPPER, JOHN R., JR Seb r i ng, Fla.; B A .; M ental Retardation. SLAGLE, C ELANIE K issim m ee, Fla.; B A .; Sociology SLAYTON, C JACKSON Tampa, Fla. ; B S .; Economics; Alpha Phi Omega ; Phi Kappa Phi; Student GovernmentS ecretar y of Finance. SLOULIN, MARCIA A Bradenton Fl a.; B .A.; Engl ish Education; Phi Kappa Phi; K appa D elta P i SMITH, GEORGE M S eminole, F l a .; B S ; Bu siness Management. SMITH, H STRATTON Ill. Tampa, F la.; B S. ; Natur al Science -Mathematics; P i Kappa Alpha; Photography Club. SMITH, JEF FREY B T ampa, F la.; B A .; American S t u dies; Student Government S enator & P resi dent P r o Tempore. SMITH, JEFFREY Q S t. P etersburg F la.; B A.; Zool o gy. SMITH, JUDITH M T a mpa, F la.; B .A.; Ele m entary Educa t i on ; P h i K appa Phi. SMITH, LANCE D Tampa, F la ; B S.; Accounting. SMITH, MARTIN J T emple Terrace, Fl a.; B A .; B roadcasting; Oracle Sports E d itor, N ews Editor; A ssistant Sports D irector a t W US F -FM. SMITH, MYRA G. Tampa, Fla ; B A ; E le mentary Education; SFEA. SMITH, PAUL E Ma itland, Fla.; B .S.; Electrical E ngineering; Florida Eng ineerin g So cie t y ; USFSCC ; UAFARC. 275

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276 SMITH, PEGGY L V ero B each, Fla.; B.A.; S pecial Education. SMITH, RAYMOND L akeland, F la.; B A .; En glish; Karate Club. SMITH, SARAH J St. P e tersburg, Fl a.; B.A. A.; Elementary Education; Catholic Student Center-Cha ir man of Ste ering Com mittee; Student Gov ernment Representa tive; E n vironment '70. SMITH TIMOTHY M. St. P etersburg, Fla .; B S.' ; Industrial Syst ems Engineer ing; Flor ida Eng ineerin g Society. SMITH, W BRIGGS Tampa, Fla .; B.A.; En glish; Pi K appa Phi SMITH, WILLIAM T. Ft. L auderdale, Fla.; B A .; P sychology; S i gma Alpha Epsilon. SNYDER, KAREN G T a mpa, Fl a.; B A. ; Math Education; Alpha Delta Pi; Alpha Tau Omega-Little S ister. SOPKA, RICHARD H Tampa, Fl a ; B A .; S o ciology SOURS BETTY Ft. Lauderdale Fla .; B S .; F ina nce SOWARDS, ALICE E. Lutz, F la.; B A .; H istory; Phi Kappa Phi ; Environment '70. SPARKS, KATHLEEN S t. Petersburg, Fl a.; B.A.; Professional Physical Education; Athenaeum; Aero Club. SPECK JEFFERSON D. Satellite Beach, Fla .; B A .; Psychology ; Karate Club SPENCER, THOMAS W. T ampa, Fla.; B .S.; A ccounting; D elta Tau D elta. STAGGE, JOHONNA H Clear w ater, Fla ; B A ; Elementary Education ; Delta Zeta Corresponding Secretary, Courtes y Ch airman, Standards Chairman ; A thenaeum Secretary ; S F Ea. STAHL, PHILIP A. Hialeah, Fl a.; B A .; A s tronomy; P arachute Club. STANLEY, BELINDA M Lutz, Fla .; B A ; MathSecondary Education. STATON, BARBARA J Palm H arbo r F la ; M. A .; Speech Pathology ; Kappa D elta Pi. STEELE, CATHLEEN M. Saddl e N J.; B A ; S panish. STEHLI, BRIAN L. Winter P ark, F la.; B A .; P sycho logy ; S igma NuR ecorder and Pledge Marshal STEIN, ALISA J. Miami, Fla ; M A .; Speech Pathology. STEPHENS, CHARLES L., JR. Lutz, Fl a .; B A ; P rofessional P hysical Education. STERMEN, DAVID L. Kissimmee, Fl a.; B A ; S econdary Social Sc ience Education. STERNER, CLYDE M JR. Tampa, Fla. ; B S .; Ec onomics. STEVENS, VALENTINA V. T ampa, Fla .; B A .; Soc ial S cience S econdary Education. STEWART, CHERYL L. Bushnell, Fl a.; B.A.; Education in Early Childhood. STEWART, MARY LOU Avon Park, Fla.; B A .; Bu siness Education. STICHTER, MARK D. Hollywood, Fla.; B.A.; P sycho l ogy; Phi Delta T heta ; Student Gov ernment-A rgos R epresentati ve; I FC' STICKLER, THOMAS A Temple T errace, Fla .; B .A.; Education & Bus iness; Pi Sigma E psilon STOKES, BRANDA B H aines City, Fla .; B A .; Phys ical Educat ion STONE, GARY J Clearwater Fla ; B S ; Accounting & Business Educ ation; SFEA. STOTT, RORY ANNE Largo, Fl a ; B.A.; Ele mentary Education. STREDNAK, WILLIAM G JR. Plant City, F la.; B.S .; Marketi ng STREETER, CASSANDRA N. N M iami, Fla.; B A.; Elementary-Early Childhood Educa tion; Tau Epsilon Phi-Little Sist er STRODE, JAMES Ill Melbourne Beach Fla .; B S .; S ig ma A lpha Epsilon STUCK, WILLIAM R. Tampa Fl a.; B S ; Alpha T a u Omega STUTLER, KENT D St. P etersburg, Fla.; B A .; Education. SULLIVAN, GLEN A Springfie l d, Mass. ; B A .; P sycho l ogy. SULLIVAN, JAMES M T ampa, Fla.; B S. ; Phy sics SULLIVAN, MARGARET E. Newport, R I. ; B.A.; Elementary Education. SUSSKIND, SANDRA K St Petersburg, Fla. ; B A.; Education; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Athenaeu m ; Panhellenic Council. SUTER, BRUCE W Tampa F la.; M S ; E lectrical Engineering; FES ; IEEE. SUTTLE, DAVID G. C learwater, Fla.; B A.; Elementary Educat ion. SWAIN, CYNTHIA K Sarasota, Fla. ; B.A.; Elementary Education; Delta G amma; ACE SWAINE, KRISTINE A. L argo, Fl a.; B A.; Education. SWANN, LINDA S Holly Hill, Fla .; B A ; Elementary Educat io n ; Tau Kappa Ep silonLittle S ister. SWANSON, BEVERLY P. S t P etersburg Fl a ; B A ; Early Childhood Education SWENSON, PAUL J. Clearwater, F l a.; B S.; Management SWIGER, RONALD F. T a mpa, Fla.; B S.; Engineering; Sports Car Club. SWINNEY, CAROL A. B randon, F la.; B A ; Education-Math-S econdary. T TAGARELLI, JEANETTE M C learwate r F la ; B A.; EEC TAIT, WILLIAM W T ampa, Fla.; B.A.; Geo graphy. TANNEN, JOHATHAN F. Miami B each, Fla .; B S ; M arketing; Tau Epsilon Phi; Pi S ig ma Epsilon ; College of Bus iness R epresentative to Student Government. TAYLOR, JENNIFER M St. P etersburg, Fla. ; B S ; Mathematics. TAYLOR, OWEN P Tampa, Fla.; B A .; Ele mentary Education. TAYLOR, ROGER D Tampa, Fl a ; B.S .; M arke t ing. TAYLOR, RUBY M Tampa, Fla .; B A ; S peech-English Education. TAYLOR, WILLIAM E Temple T errace Fla .; B A ; Education. TEEGARDEN, JOHN H Zephyrhills, Fla ; B S .; Electrical Engin eering; Florida Engi neering Society. TELLMAN, K TEMPLE, GENE H. T ampa, F la ; B S.; Mar keting. TERHUNE, CHARLES P., JR. Middletown. Ohio; B.S.; Marke t ing; Sigma A lpha Epsilon TEUNON, KATHRYN M Deerfield B each, F l a ; B A ; S pecial Education; Kappa A lpha Theta; P hi Kappa Phi THIBODEAU, MARY L. Lutz, Fla ; B A ; Ele mentary Education. THOMAS, CAROLYN S. T ampa, Fla ; B A ; Elementary Education. THOMAS, JAMES M. Me lbourne, Fla. ; B .A.; Music Education; Phi Mu A lpha THOMAS, KATHLEEN J. Tampa Fl a.; B A.; Math Educat i onS econdary; National Coun cil of Teacher of Mathmetics. THOMAS, SUSAN A T ampa, Fla ; B A .; Ele ment ary Educat i onE arl y Childhood. THOMPSON, BARBARA L. Tampa, Fla .; B A ; Educat ionSocial S tudies. THOMPSON, CHARLOTTE G H aines City, Fla. ; B.A.; Elementary Education. THOMPSON, GWENDLOYN W. S t Pete r s burg, F la .; B .A.; E lementary-Early C hildhood Education. THOMPSON, SHIRLEY S W inter H aven, Fla.; B .A.; Vocal Music Education; S igma Alpha Iota; Chamber S ingers F ine A rts C horale. THOMPSON, TERESA D T ampa, Fla .; B A .; S panish Education. TIGHE, GERARD L Jacksonville Fla ; B S ; Management; Kappa Sigma Tl L TON, RONALD G L ake l and, Fla .; B S ; Ch e mistry-Zoolog y TODD, JAMES M. Orlando, Fla .; B.A.; Pol i ti cal Science-Pre Law; Delta Tau D elta S econd Vice Pr esident & Historian; IFC Re presentati ve. TOLRERT, BONNIE L Jacksonville, Fla .; B A .; Visual F ine Arts ; Young D emocrats ; Intensive Tutorial TOMLINSON, WILLIAM D T ampa, Fla ; B A ; Political Scienc e; ENOTAS. TONELLO, E RAYMOND T a mpa F l a.; B A ; Elementary Education. TORGERSEN, JANICE J. Tampa, Fla. ; B.A.; S ocial S cience-Education TORRE NT, ANTONIO, JR. H ialeah, Fla .; B S ; Economics-Finance; Karate Club. TOUCHTON, JANIS L Jac kson ville, Fla .; B.A.; S peech English TRACY, WILLIAM G Tampa Fla. ; M S ; En gineering; Math Honor Society; Engin eering College Association; Engin eerin g Honor Society. TRAGER, ADRIAN M. M iami B each, Fl a.; B.A.; E l emen tary-Early Childhood Education; Alpha Epsilon Phi. TRAHAN" ELIZABETH A Titusville, Fla.; B A ; t:lementary Education. TRAVERS, KATHERINE E Tampa, Fla. ; B A.; Elementary-Early Childhood Edu cation. TRIMBLE, LINDA L Miami, Fla.; B .A.; Speech Pathology; Baptis t Student Union. TROUPIN, LILA E. H a ll andale, Fla ; B A .; P hysica l Education. TULLY, HONEY R. Tampa, F l a .; M.A .; Edu cation-Mental Retardation. TURNBULL, PAUL G. T ampa, F la.; B S .; Marketing. TV N E R, JUDY L P untagorda Fla ; B S ; Management. u UEBERLE, ANN E. St. P eters b urg, Fla.; E.A.; El ementar y Education UHLIK, ALLEN S B S .; Zoology. UNICK, MELANIE G Miami, Fla ; B .A.; 'Busi ness Education; Kappa D elta; Women of P i Sigm a Epsilon; A lpha Tau Omega-"Sis Tau". v VALENTI, CHARLOTTE E. Tampa Fla. ; B A .; Elementary Education. VALENTI, NORMA J T ampa, Fla .; B A ; Mental Retardation. VANACORE, CAROL S. T ampa, F la ; B A .; Religious St udies. VANHILLO, HARRIS W Boc a Raton, Fla ; B A ; Poli tica l S cience ; D elta T au Delta VAUGHAN, DEBORAH S Orlando, Fla ; B A.; English Education. VAYO, RODNEY J Tampa, Fla ; B S .; Marketing; Theta Chi; Pi Sigma Epsilon VERNON, STEPHEN E. Winter H a ven, Fla ; B A .; Zoology; P hi Gamma D elta; P re-Med Society. VIERLING. DONALD K L argo, F la .; B A ; Zoology.

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VOHS, SUSAN J Pompano Beach, Fla ; B A .; Ear I y Childhood Education; Association Childhood Education. w WALIGUNDA, MARY JANE Ft. L a uderdale Fla.; B A .; Elementary Education. WALKER, DONNA G. Winter G arden, Fla .; B.A. ; Elementary-Early Childhood Educa tion; Secretary Trea surer of Student Florida Education A ssociation; College of Educa t ion Associ ation; Associ ation for Childhood Education. WALKER, JOHN S. Vero Beach, Fl a.; B S ; Marketing; Pi S igma Epsilon ; Coopera t ive Education. WALKER, LEA B. Jacksonville Fla.; B A .; History & Soci a l Scienc e Education. WALKER, LARRY E Clermont, Fla .; B.A; Elementary Education. WALKER, LLOYD F Tampa, Fl a ; B A .; Sociology. WALLACE, ELEANOR F Tampa, Fla ; M .A.; Elementary Education. WALLAK, THERESA E. St Pet e r sburg, Fla .; B A .; Fre nch Education. WALTERS, BARBARA A Clearwater, Fla. ; B A ; English -Liberal Arts; Oracl e; Catholic Student Organization. WALTERS, BOBBIE L. Cape Coral Fla ; B.A. ; SpeechT heatre; L ambda Chi Alpha Little Sister. WANAMAKER, RICHARD K S eminole, Fla .; B A ; Elementary Education. WANNALL, J. ROBERT Winter Park, Fla ; B A .; English-English Journalism Education; D elta Tau Delta-Publications Chairman, Bay C ampus ; Student Government Senate WARMAN, ARTHUR W. Ill M elbourne, Fla ; B .S. ; Chemistry; Sigma Phi Epsilon. WARNER, SANDRA l. Tampa, Fl a.; B A .; Mathematics Education; N ational Council of Teach ers of Mathematics. WARP, JUDY l. lakeland, Fla .; B.S ; Manage ment Science ; Women of Pi Sigma Epsilon. WASS, MARY C Largo, Fla. ; B A ; English Education; Kappa Alpha ThetaRush Chairman. WATKINS, DEBORAH J Toronto, Can a da; B A .; French. WATKO, GERALD A Tampa, Fla. ; B .S.; SMF Engineering; Vice President-Engineering Col lege Associ ation. WAXLER, MARTIN P. Tampa, Fla .; B.S. ; Finance. WAYCHOFF, HUGH J Bartow, Fla. ; B S ; Business Management ; P i Sigma EpsilonPledge; Veterans Club. WEBB, MARGARETTE S. Dune d i n, Fla.; B A .; Education; Florida Council for Social Studies; ACEI; NEA. WEIR, PATRICIA F St. Petersburg, Fla .; B A ; Elementary Education. WELCH, HAROLD R T a mpa, Fla ; B A .; Business Administration-Industrial Rel a tions; Sigma Delta Beta. WELLMAN, PHILLIP D. Daytona Beach, Fla. ; B S.; Managem ent Science. WELLS, JOHN l. New Port R i chey Fla .; B A ; Elementary Education. WELLS, MARJORIES J Bu shnell, Fla ; B A ; Elementary Education; SFEA. WENDEROTH, ARTHUR W. Riviera Beach, Fla .; B A .; Zoology; Circle K WENDORF, RICHARD J Winter Park, Fla. ; B S .; Management WEST, FRANCES E. N. Palm Beach, Fla ; B.A.; Art Education. WEST, HARRY R. II Plant City, Fla .; B S ; Business AdministrationM ana gem ent; D elta Sigma Pi. WEST, JAMES C. Tampa, Fla ; B A ; Psychology; Delta T au Delta. WESTBERRY, RICHARD l. Tampa, Fla .; B S ; Marketing; Pi Kappa Alpha; B ar Benders WHARTON, JOAN l. St Petersburg, Fla ; B .A.; Education. WHITAKER, SHARON G. Satellite Beach F I a.; B.A.; Secondary Education-Social Science WHITE REV. FRANK P Orlando, Fla ; B A.' ; Political Scie nce -Sociology; President Whole Earth Cult; Secr e t ary-Missionary for the New Truth; Campu s Americans for D emocratic Action. WHITE, GERALDINE F Tampa Fla .; B A .; English Education; ETHOS. WHITE HELLEN Bradenton, Fla. ; B A ; So ciology-Afro-American Society. WHITE, JULIAN G. Tampa, Fla .; B S .; Man agement WHITE, RICHARD A. Winter Park, Fla ; B S ; Management ; Sigma Alpha Epsilon WHITEHEAD, CLENT C. Auburndale, Fla ; B A ; Theatre Arts; Bay P layers WHITEMAN, THOMAS R., JR. St. Petersburg, Fla. ; B.S .; Accounti ng; Theta Chi WHITSON, FRANCIS l Tampa, F la.; B .A.; Elementary Education; World Affairs Council. WHITSON, LOWREY W Tampa, Fla.; B S.; Accounting. WHITTEN, EDYTHE D. Tampa Fla .; M A .; Library A. V Education WILKERSON, TERRY Y Gaine sville, Fla ; B A .; Special Education; ETHOS; SCE WILLIAMS, HIRAM B. Wilmington, N C ; B .S.; Marketing; Phi Gamma Delta; Soc i al Chairman-ETA I. WILLIAMS, JOHNNIE K. St P etersburg, Fla ; B .A.; P sychology. WILLIAMS, LEATRICIA A Tampa, Fla .; B A .; Elementary Education; Kappa Delta Pi WILLIAMS, STUART A. St Petersburg, Fla .; M B A ; Business Administration. WILLIS, JACQUELYN M. Bradenton, Fla.; B .A.; Business Education; Pi Sigma Epsilon WILSON, SONJA H. Mulberry, Fl a ; B.A.; Elementary Education. WIND, SHELDON l. Tampa, Fla.; B S ; Accounting; Pi Sigma Epsilon-Secretary ; Ac counting Club; Hillel-Treasurer & V ice president WOLANSKY, RICHARD M. Land O 'Lakes, Fla.; B.A.; Geology WRIGHT, ALLEN B Lutz, Fl a.; B S .; Phys ics. WRIGHT, BARBARA J. Bartow, Fla ; M A ; Guidance ; Kappa Delta Phi; Student Guid ance Organiz ation. WRIGHT, CANDACE G. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla ; B A.; Art History; Kappa Delta; University Center Program Council-Dance Commi ttee; Alpha Tau Omega-Little S i ster WYNANS, JUDIT S Clearwater Fl a ; B S ; Accounting; Tau Kappa Ep sil on -Littl e S ister y YAGER, CAROL ANN S araso ta, Fla. ; B A .; Elementary Education. YANCAR, JOAN R L argo, Fl a.; M.A.; Read i ng Education. YATES, EUOLIA P. St. Pet ers burg, Fl a .; B A ; Elementary-Early Childhood Education; Gamma Phi Delta ; Pre-School Association. YEAST, JOHN S. Macomb, Ill.; M A .; S peech YEATER, GLEN A Orlando, Fla ; B A .; Finance. YEOMAN, CHARLES R St Petersburg, Fla.; B.S ; Management YORK, EDITH S Arcadia, Fla ; B A .; Elemen tary-Early Ch ildhood Educati on YOST, MARK L H anover, Pa.; B A .; Psycho logy; Tau K appa Epsilon. YOUNG, BARRY D. Ven i ce, Fla ; B S.; Finance YOUNG, GREGORY D Barbados, West Indies; B A .; Zoology; Kappa Phi YOUNG, ROBERT K. Melbourne, Fla ; B.A. ; History; PX Sigma Phi Epsilon YOUNGMAN, DORIS E. New Port Richey, Fla ; B A ; Business Education; Women of P i S i gma Epsilon-Vice president; Campus Cru sade for Christ; Nati onal Business Education A ssociation. z ZELKO, ROBERT A. Cape Coral, Fla .; B .S.; Accounting; Student Government InterResidence Hall Council; Senior Accounting Organization. ZETLER, GRETA l. Temple Terrace, Fla .; B.A.; English -German; Phi Kappa Phi ; Ger man Club. ZILKIE, STEVEN A Temple Terrace Fla.; B.A.; Political Science; Sigma Alpha Epsilon ZIMMERMAN, JOHN W. Pinellas Park, Fla .; B A .; G eo l ogy ZMISTOWSKI, MICHAEL J. West Palm Beach, Fla ; B.A.; Sociology-Speech Broad casting 277

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A Abbott, Steve 14 4 14 5 AbouiHos n, G haz i 187 Abrams, R ick 150151 Abrey, Steve 122 ACCOUNTING CLUB 2 0 3 Adams, Ann 205 Adams. G ary 177 Adams, Jane t 177 Adams,Lin 118, 119 Adcock, Ju l i e 118,119 Adderly, Bobby 207 Adkins, Bonnie 168 Adolphson Cur t 146, 147 AEGEAN 158, 159 Affenthelder, Greg 114 AFRO-AMERICAN CLUB 207 A kers, Dorothy 172 A l b regts, C arol 115 A l b reghts, Larry 138, 139 A I br ight, Ruth 136, 1 37 A lboerne, Lu i s 130, 131 A lexa nder, J i m 154, 155 A lexa nde r, Linda 124, 125 A llen, B ar b ara 134, 135 Allen, Bob 142, 143 A ll e n, Cha rlie 142, 143 A lle n, Dr. John and Mrs G race 20 Allen, Patty 135, 135 Allen, Rotha 190 A llen, Susan 134, 135 ALPHA DELTA P I 118,119 ALPHA EPSILON PHI 120, 121 ALPHA PI OMEGA 176 ALPHA TAU OMEGA 122, 123 A lvarez, S all y 126, 127 Amos, Bill 138, 139 Anderson, A ndy 126, 127 Ande r son, Andy 144, 145 A n d e rso n, Gayle 136, 137 Anderson, Judy 142, 143 Anderson, Ken 142, 143 Anderson, Ron 130, 131 Andrews, Marie 136, 137 Anson, Ro n 1 72 ANTHANAEUM 170 Anthony, Otis 207 Antonio, J i m 203 Appenfeld er, Greg 144, 145 Applerouth, Eileen 120, 121 Arbuckle, Dan ny 142, 143 Ara b Lou 124, 125 Arab, Loui s 144, 145 A rellano, O scar 144, 145 Arpin, J i m 117 Art hu r, Jeffrey 167 Arvis, Jo E lle n 216 A sh, Joyce 172 Ashbough Bob 132 As keland, Dav e 130, 131 Ask eland, Dav e 180 Asto r Janet 134, 135 Astor, Jeff 1 32 Atherton Brooks 173 Avi tab le, Laura 126, 127 144,145 Ayers, Jerry 205 Ayers Mike 205 Ayres, Jan et 216 BaggeH Linda Bak er, B r uc e 8 216 207 General Index Ba!
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Denkins, Jeff 180 Fergusson, Carol 142, 143 Denmark, Candy 136, 137 Fernandez, Lee 142, 143 Denn i son, Paul 173 Fernandez, Mercy 124, 125 Dennis, Ken 112,114 Fielder, David 180 DePeiza, Coswell 80,81 F inkbinder, Jim 144, 145 DeRochmont, Fran 76 Finley, Gary 197 Detwiller, Nancy 144, 145 F iscella, Karen 120, 121 Deutchman, Fred 148, 149, 183 Fisher, Bill 142,143 Deyo, William 203 Fisher, David 182 Diaz Richard 122 Fisher, Dean Margaret 21 Dibble, Joseph 161 Fisherman, Howard 122 Dimarzo, Joe 142, 143 Fiske, Linda 118, 119 Dixon, Andy 132 Fitlerman, Jeff 154, 155 Dixon, Ken 152, 153 Fleeger, Allen 117 Dodd, Bobby 80 Fitzpatrick, Bob 138, 139 Doerr, Charles 182 FLORIDA ENGINEERING Donahey, Ken 142, 143 SOCIETY 196 Dona l dson linda 118, 119 Flem i ng, Doug 138,139 Donn, Marilyn 180 Fletcher, Mary 118,119 Dorman France 144, 145 Feltcher, Warren 117 Dorney, Dan 138, 139 Fling, John 167 Dort, Dar lene 167 Flora, Karon 134, 135 Dow, Roxanne118, 119, 148, 149 Flores, J anet 134, 135 Downing, Jim 154,155 FONTANT-DeSOTA HALL Downs Wade 203 COUNCIL 214 215 Doyle, D i ana 128, 129 Ferns, Jose 122 Doyle, Ray 202 Forrester Diane 216 Dressier, Steve 122 Forthuber, Dan 146, 147 Dreyer, Bill 76 Foster, Allyn 126, 127 Dudley, Bill 150, 151 Foster, B i ll 146,147 Duncan Nancy 134, 135, 167 Foster, Phi l 142, 143 Dunlap, Richard 168,197,205 Foster Suz i 118, 119 Dunlevy, Pam 120,121 Fox, Andy 177, 202 Dupree, Regena 190 Fox, Dottie 128, 129 Duran, Ralph 148, 149 Frank, C indy 124, 125 Du rrel, E lyse 213 Frankel, Matt 130,131 Dwyer, Joe 140, 141 Fredrick, Bryan 180 Frieden, Elisa 160 Friedman, Mindy 148, 149 E Friend, Mary Ann 124, 125 Friese, Terry 144, 145 Fri scia, Karen 122 Earley, Susan 202 Fri scia, Ken 122 Eaton, Pati 126, 127 Frohman, Bob 82 Edgerton Roy 144, 145 Fucarino, Lynn 128, 129 Ehlenbeck, Bob 205 Fulford, Pat 126, 127, 144, 145 Eichhorn-von Wurmb, Fyle r, Sue 118, 119 Dr. Heinrich 28 Einhorn, Robin 120, 121 Eisen, Margot 190 G Elkins, Diane 118, 119 Elliston, Larry 122 Elman, David 182 Embry, Mike 173 Gaffney, Mary Alice 134,135 Engerran, John 150, 151 Gaffney, Dan 76 ENGINEERING COLLEGE Galbraith, Steve 146, 147 ASSOCIATION 194 195 GAMMA HALL COUNCIL 216 English, Dennis 138, 139 GAMMA SIGMA PHI 175 EPSILON / DELTA HALL Ganas, Gharan 213 COUNCILS 213 Garbuck, Ed 173 Escarrez, Mary 203 Garc ia, Jul ian 138, 139 Eshelmen, Ward 152, 153 Garc i a Marcia 128, 129 Estes, Coty 122 Garcia, Margar i ta 163 Eubanks, Charlie 130,131 Garcia, R i chard 142, 143 Eubank, Rick 142, 143 G e ddes B i ll 76,116 Evans, Bill 117 Gelston, Fred 167 GEOLOGY CLUB 190 G i bson, Cla ire 126, 127 F G i bson, J i m 130, 131 G i g li o Don 138, 139 G i ll is, Marsha 118, 119 G illman, Conn i e 177 Fab i ani, Tina 124, 125 G illon, Cynthi a 197 Fagan, Dav i d 148, 149 Giorg i ann i John 177 Faircloth, Dav e 138, 139 Gitter, Lenore 120, 121 Farr, Jim 146, 147 Gitter, Lenore 114 Faulds, Lesslie 122, 126, 127 Glenn, Nervia 207 Feagen, Bill 122 Gl i st, Alan 132 Fedor, Bill 130, 131 Gobe l Nick 142, 143 Fedor, Ed 130, 131 Godey, M i ke 80,81 Feld, Fred 138,149 GOLD KEY 168, 169 Feldmauer Sondra 206 Goldstein Eileen 120, 121 Fellman, John 88 Goldstein, Lloyd 150, 151 Fellows, Vicky 134,135 GOLF TEAM 94,95 280

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Gomez Bill 144, 145 Hill, Connie 114,136,137,163 Gonzalez, Joe 138, 139 Hill, Dave 146, 14 7. 112 Gonzalez Jos ie 128, 129 HILLEL 179 Gooding, Dolly 195 Hilley, Dr. Michael 24 Goodpaster Pam 96 H in dle Cathy 136,137 Goodwin, Loretta 124, 125 Hite, Butch 146, 147 Gordon, Alan 142, 143 Hofmann, AI 203 Gordon, Nancy 124,125 Hogan Mike 112,114,144,145 Graham, D iane 126, 127 Hogg John 122 Graham, Janet 136. 137 Holcomb, Dan 76,77 Graham, Sandy 136,137 Holdsworth, Marilyn 216 Graham, Ted 142,143 Holman, Bob 122 Grant, Kaydette 83 Homb, Scott 182 Gray Abby 118,119 Hoover, G eorge 195 Greggory, J i m 144, 145 Horowtiz, F red 112,138,139 Greer, John 146, 147 Horrell, Fran k 203 Griffin, Cindy 144, 145, 136, 137 Horton, Sharon 182 Griffin John 181 Hospod er, Kathy 136,137 Grindey. Bob 88 Houghton, Er ic 202 Griscti, Paul 130, 131 Hous er, V ickie 126,127 Gromoll, Bob 152, 153 Houtchins, Chris 122 Grommell, Bob 112 Howard, John 152,153 Grymes, Steve 146, 147 Houwze, Steve 142, 143 Gu i da, Gerry 128,129 Huff, Ramona 83 Gunther, Judy 126, 127, 144,145 Hughart, Joe 138, 139 Hug hes, Rog er 150, 151 Hulliung, Don 150, 151 H Hu l t F rank 146, 147 Humphries, Bill 144, 145 Humphries, P aula 118, 119 Hagu e Randy 144, 145 Huntress, D i ana 134, 135 Hurley, M ike 167 Haguet, Jan ice 140, 141 Hu rst, R ichar d 116 Hale Andy 76 Hale Julie 126, 127 I Hall, Doug 152,153 Hall, Rick 140,141 Halley, J i m 144, 145 Hamilton, Bob 144, 145 I ngraham, C indy 83 Hanc e, Karen 118, 119 INTER-FRATERNITY Hancock, P am 115 COUNCIL 112 Handlin, Chuck 142, 143 INTER-RESIDENCE HALL Haner Robert 172 COUNCIL 210 211 Hanson, Bowman 118,119 INTRAMURALS 100, 109 Hardy, Dean 88,89 Harlan, S ioux 118,119,163 J Harper, Mike 80 Harris, J iII 148, 149 Harris, Laura 115 Hart, John 182 Jackso n Elaine113, 118,134, 135 Hartson, Jeff 144, 145, 126, 127 Jacob Denny 154,155 Harvey, Kathy 124. 125 Jacob, Tom 130,131 Harvey Len 140, 141 James, D C. 144, 145 Hass, M ike 138, 139 Jay, L in da 134, 135 Hatch, Phil 144, 145 Jenkins, Paul ette 128,129,170 Haughee,John 152, 153 Johansson, Linnea 126, 127 Hausman. Allan 148, 149 Johns, Reese 173 Have l, Cathy 124, 125 Johnson Annette 126. 127 Hays, Bruce 152, 153 Johnson, B ill 144, 145 Hawes, R ichar d 203 Johnson, Bob 122 Hawkins, Ron 178 Johnson, Georgia 136, 137 Hazza r d Petra 206 Johnson Kirby 142. 143 Head, Daryl 173 Johnson Tom 142, 143 Hea ley, Mary Lee 128,129 Jon es, Ben 138, 139 Health, Hillary 142,143 Jones, Ed 142, 143 Hearn, Phi l 142, 143 Jones, A rthur 82, 83.86 Hed i n Dave 116 Jones Prof, Hilton 198 Hein, Larry 142,143 Jordan, Elise 167 Helms, Betty 124. 125 Jurek, Judy 126, 127 Henderson, Greg 146. 147 Jurgensen, Dr. Louis 203 Hendon, Gordon 203 Henry, Dean 142, 143 K Henry, Judy 113, 124, 1 25 Herr in g, Sue 177 Hershbe i n, Eddyse 177 Hertz, Gil 80 Kagan, G eorge 148,149, 186, 187 Herzfeld, Paula 120,121 Kall B i ll 142, 143 Hester, Sher r y 124, 125 Kalogr idis, G eor g e 160 Heykens, Douglas 144, 145 Kannensohn, Jeff 122 Hiestand, Randy 130, 131 Kaplan, Martha 120,121,113 Higgins Jack 122 KAPPA ALPHA THETA134, 135 H i gh, Peggy 134,135 KAPPA DELTA 136, 137 Hightower, Bob 186, 187 KAPPA DELTA PI 172 Hill, Barbara 207 KAPPA liALL COUNCI L 217 281

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282 KAPPA SIGMA Kasan, Prof. Emil A. L Katler, Mike 117 146-147 122 146,147 205 Katz, Bruce Katz, Paul Keeley, Richard Keester, Don K elley, Raymond Kelly, Susan Kendee, Pat Kennedy, Mike Kenneth, Dave Kermek, Max Kessing Betty Kestenbaum Mitch Kienzle Cindy Kimbrell, Gail King, Gary Kirby, Sara Kirkland, Tina Kiser John Knadle, Linda Knapp, Bonney Knapp, Tom Knight, Cheryl Knight, Eddie Knox, Mike Kopf, Bill 150,151 122 196 175 202 138,139 116 76 126,127 132 203 175 76 136, 137 213 82 140, 141 118, 119 76 124,125 140, 141 154, 155 160 15 114, 140,141 142, 143 Kopp, Edgar Koppel, Marshall Krafick, Stan Kramer Kit Kramer, Stu Kraus, Butch 126,127, 144, 145 132 132 112 167 Kubach, Rick Kubesa Nick Kudleo, Rony 98 L L ackman, Mike124, 125,144,145 Laketek, Jim 144, 145 L ala, Fran 167 Lamb, Richard 205 LAMBDA CHI ALPHA 138,139 L andon, John 152,153,126,127 Langford, Tim 146, 147 L anier, Darrell 142,143 La Pierre, Linda 128, 129 Larkin, Jim 152, 153 L ax, Dr. Bernard 208, 209 Lazano, Ron 122 Leahy, Suzzane 205 Lear, Bill 82 LEAVO 206 L eber, Mark 205 Le fevre, John 130, 131 Legg, Robert 144, 145 L engel, Reed 138, 139 Lenhoff, Lillian 175 Lenier, Jim 173 Lenker. Mrs. Lagretta 11 3 Lentell, Randy 154, 155 Lesseig, Rod 138, 139 Lester. Don 117 Lester, Joe 138, 139 L evin, David 132 L evin, Spencer 138, 139 Lewis, Janet 115 Lewis, Wayne 142, 143 Lewkowicz, Joe 88, 89 Libby, Andrew 203 Licht, Cindy 134, 135 Linde r, Don 142, 143 Linkus, Ray 112 lista, Jeff 173 Lister, John 144, 145 Litteral, Pat 115 Lloyd, Dennis 173 Locher, Ed 130, 131 Lodato, L in da 172 Lofton, Jan Long, Dr. Robert W. Lopatin, Bob 122 25 148, 149 182 117 112, 116 146, 147 213 Lopez, Diana Lounsbury, Sandy Lovely, Jerry Lucas AI Lurz, Linda Luttrell, David Lyle, Lynda Lyle, Linda Lynch, Jack M Maale, Karen MacGill, Pete MacWithey, Susan Madsen, Chip Maglica, Joe Maguet, Ellen Maisel, Allan Malberg, David Mancuso M arilyn Manning, Bob Manson Sandy Manzoli, Mike Marchese, Minnie Marino, Margie Markwith, Gayle Marley, Kathy Marner, Silas Marqua, Sue Marrs, Robert Marsh, Robert Martin, Dr. Edwin Masi, Chuck Masry Sam Mastry, Rick Mathery, Mary Jane Matthews, Ginger Matthews, Susie Matzner, Diane Maxfield, John Medaglia John Mellen, Betsey Mendelsohnn, P aul Menendez, Celeste MEN'S TENNIS Mer, C aro l 197 124, 125 114 160 180 213 150, 151, 172 140,141 124, 125 148, 149 208,209 206 130, 131 152,153 148, 149 134,135 175 172 118, 119 76 216,217 172 195 14 203 193 130, 131 202 128, 129 128, 129 96 173 140, 141 140, 141 154, 155 216,217 Mercer, T erry Merriam, Dr. Kemper Merritt, Barbara Merritt, Pam 96,97 206 180 203 172 115 Mersel, Mickey Miguel, George Milhoan, Bob Milian, Chris Miller, Bob Miller, Ferrell Miller, Jeff Milleson, Jim Mims, Stev e Mineer, Robert Mirowitz, Ellen Moale, John Mock, Jim Moen, Do nna Monroe, James Manley, Robert Montgomery, Gail Monthly. I. P Montara, Jim Montoto, Bernardo Monts de Oca, Clint Monturo, Jim Monzillo, John Moses, Helen Moon, Dr. James Moore, Mary Ellen Morde, R i ck Morehead Rick 132 144, 145 148, 149 134, 135 140, 141 142, 143 138,139,160 150, 151 187 82,86 120, 121 160 140, 141 175 172 205 203 112 122 138,139 117 140, 141 150, 151 203 160 173 88 Moses, Bob 112 Moses, Robert 148, 149 Moton, George 197 Matt, Chris 200 Mowries, Greg 167 MU HALL COUNCIL 212 Mueller, Irene 128, 129 Mueller, Rob 122 Muller, Norbert 76, 77 Mullholland, Joy 175 Munch. Doug 152, 153 Muransky, David 148, 149 Murphy, Mike 130, 131 Musil, Cathy 216 Mystic, Nyk 140,141 McCall, Janis 142, 143 McCallister, Bob 144, 145 McCann, Dan 150, 151 206 McCaulie, Gregg 144, 145 McChristian, Leslee 134, 135 McCleary, John 142,143 McClung, Gene 203 McClure, Nancy 206 McCary, Wanda 216, 217 McCracken, Doug 180 McClung, Prof. Norvel M. 28 McCord, Melissa 136, 137 McCracken, Doug 140, 141 McCray, Or James E 26 McCullough, Dick 130,131 McCullough, Sean 112, 150, 151 McDonald, J i m 142, 143 McDougal, Janet 124, 125 McEiheny, K e n 112 McElheny. Kent 154, 155 McElroy, Greg 76, 77 McGinn, S a une 142, 143 McGone, Jim 144, 145 McKay,Bonnie 118,119 McKenna, Mike112, 114, 140, 141 McKenty, Bob 94 McKer ley, Jim 144, 145 Mclendon, Art 117 N Nadler, Susan Nagosky. Dr. John Neese, Jack N elson, George N ettles, Val Newell Kerry Newton, Cliff Nicola, Susie Nielsen, Per Erik Nares Mike Nowlin, Ellen Numero, Mike Nunez, Charl ie 0 Ochshorn Mrs Judith O 'Conner, linda Od en, Susie Odom, Donald Ogl e, Mile O L eary, John Olmo, Betty O'Neal, Kenneth On ze, Bob ORACLE Or an sky. Steve O Reilly, John Orendorf, K ris Orrell, Elyse Ortega, Greg Ortiz, Ali na 120, 121 200 144, 145 122 144, 145 134,135 172 206 172 180 212 203 142, 143 197 168,175 136,137 207 80 124, 125 203 130,131 160 148, 149 116 140, 141 126, 127 88 128, 129 Osborn e, Bob O'Shea, Butch O sterman, Kathy O stor, Janet Ostrow, Robin Otto, Kim Outzsky. Lee Overby, Randy Overby, Larry Owens, Jack p 203 152, 153 136,137 175 120, 121 150,151 148, 149 150, 151 150, 151 152,153 Pages, Pete 140, 141 P almer, Marilyn 113, 136, 137 P almeri no, Charles 116 113 Panko, Linda 136, 137,144,145 P apier, Jackie 167 P a ppas, Cathy 113 P ara vet i. P ete 142. 143 P arke, P aula 140, 141 Parker, Dennis 146, 14 7 Parker, Dr. John W. 30 Parker. Robbie 140, 141 Parks, Carton 86 Parks, Steve 138, 139 Parrino, Angelo 144, 145 Parsowith Elliot 152,153 Partin, D avid 152,153 Patov illet, Donna 140,141 Paul, Dave 142, 143 Peel, John 117 Pekney, Gail 115 Pelletier, Dee 136, 137 P enny. Jack 146, 1 47 Perez, G inny 136, 137 Peronto, Lenda 134, 135 Perpall, Wayne 180 Perritti, Charlie 146, 147 Petros, G eorge 124, 125 Pfeffer, Jeff 148,149 PH I DELTA THETA 152, 153 PHI GAMMA DELTA 154,155 Phillippy, Steve 150,151, 177 Phillips, Doris 206 PI KAPPA ALPHA 142, 143 PI MU ALPHA 172 PI MU EPSILON 171 PI SIGMA EPSILON 173 Pickard, Mark 148, 14 9 Pierce,Jay 144,145 Pines, Ray R 1 73 Pistilli, Ed 193 Platow, Fred 150,151 Platt,Jim 132 Po kay. Patty 124, 125 Polk, Willie 207 Pom e rantz, Tony 132 Pope, Greg 152, 153 Poster, Mike 140,141 Postma Ron 112, 144, 145 Poweii,Mike 117 Powell, Nick 117 PRE -MEDICAL SOCIETY 161 Preodor, Prof. Edward 201 P reston, Geroge 195 Prevatt Bob 1 73 P revatt, Clarence 126, 127 Primer, Ed 203 Pritchard, P at 136, 137 Puckerin, Richard 80 Privette, June 136, 137 PSI CHI 171 Puerto, Felipe 76 Puglise, Annelle 118, 119 Pum ariega, Manny 144, 145 Purdom, Daniel 172 Purdy, Ed 130,131 Purvis, Shirley 113

PAGE 280

Queen, Larry Qu igley, Nick Quillen, Jeff Q R 148, 149 144, 145 138, 139 Rabinowitz, Adam 112,148,149 Raczokowski, Shirley 177 Raleigh, Liz 118, 119, 142, 143 Ralph Ronald 182 R alston, Wayne 154, 155 Ramil, Alice 128, 129 Rash, Parke 138, 139 Raten eller, Ray 142, 143 Rath, Liz 115 Ratz, Tom 76 Rawls, Gayle 144, 145 READER'S THEATRE 191 Reckenwald, Joe 146, 147 Reeves, Pat 134, 135, 140, 141 Reifind, S helley 120, 121 Re i gger, Mac 138,139 Reigler, Karen 1 1 8 119 Reinhard, Marc 132 Remsa Jack 138, 139 Hhodes, Peggy 177 R ichar dson Dan 76 Riegels, Ron 190 R iley, Ray 140,141 Ripa, Frank 152, 153 Riveria, Caser 203 Robe rts, Dede 114, 124, 125 Roberts, L. G 209 Robustelli, Pete 112,148,149 Rodante, Frank 140, 141 Rodriguez, Roseanne 177 Rodriguez, Shirley 128, 129 Rogers, B arba r a 122, 136, 137 Rogers, Phil 1 54, 155 Rohde, Paul 130,131 Rosales, F rank 122 Ross, Ellen 1 20, 121, 213 Ross, Larry 152, 153 Rouad Ted 203 Roundtree, John 152, 153 Roundtree, -Ron 114 Roundtree, Sue 118, 119 Royer, Scott 122 Rubin, Ken 144, 145 Rubinstein, Glen 148 149 Ruis, Beth 83, 128, 129 Ru iz, Andy 140, 141 Ru iz, Beth 175 Ruiz, Ramon Jr. 208, 209 R ussell, George 203 Ru sso, John 150, 151 Auster, Greg 122 Rutledge Mary Margaret 187 Ryals, Ken 114 Ryan, J ames 182 Sabino, Rick S adler, Larry Safer, El iot Saine M i ke S alter, Buc k Samaha, Mindy S anders, G inny Sando, Vicki Santee, Karen Santora, Jim Santos Steve Sapp, Kathy Sarian, Jan ice s 172 150, 151 160 96 182 136,137, 167 118, 119 175 118, 119 140, 141 112, 130, 131 118, 119 128, 129 Satterfield, Carl a Saunders, Burt S aunders, Larry Saunders, Mike Savery, Arthur Sawy er Tom SCED Scherck, Don Scherwinski, L arry Schi ckel, T ina Schively, Keith Schneider, Rick Schooley, Glenn Schulman, Howard Schwartz, Joyce Scwartz, Rick Scopes, G ary Scott, Bill Scott, C arl Scott, D avid Scott, Tom S eidenstein, Joan Sellers D ebbie Sellers, Sara S emena, Mike Serata, Beth Serkin, AI Sexton, Tim SFEA 205 154, 155 154,155 146, 147 196 76 208 160 203 124,125 203 142, 143 130,131 132 124, 125 132,150, 151 202 122 138,139 177 154, 155,190 142, 143 136, 137 172 152, 153 160 132 146, 147 208 136, 137 205 144, 145 148, 149 120, 121 1 36. 137 160 146,147 18 0 175 114, 124, 125 152,153 122, 152,153 117 83 132 Shanks, Ellen Shar p, Delbra S harpsteen, Lynne Shaw, Robert Shaym an, C arol S hea, Ga il Shear ouse, Jan Sheff iel d P a t Sheldon Margaret Shelton, Marilyn Sheridan, Bobbi S herman, Gary Sherm an, Ron Sherrick, J ake Shiver Bob Shookoff. Cary SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON SIGMA NU SIGMA PHI EPSILON 144, 145 146, 147 140, 141 Sigmond Joe S ile r, Cheryl S ii' verberg, Judy S il verman. Bob S imon, Myrna Smith, Barbara Smith, Bill Smith, Bob Sm ith, Brett Smith, D iane Smith, Jack Smith, Jeff Smith, Lola Smith, Naida Sm ith, R ich Sm ither Sheary Sm i thers, Sher ry Sm i thson, Vicki Snyder. D avid Snyder Karen SOCCER TEAM Sparks, B il l Specht, Phylli s Speck, Jeff Spensor, Tom Sperry, Dr. Gale S prague, Curtis Stahl Frank Stanton, Barbara Starford, Bob Stauderman, Gary St auros, Ellen Stefurak, A L. St efurak, Dana 203 140, 141 120, 121 132 148.149 115 144, 145 144, 145 82 115 203 186, 187 150,151 213 144, 145 115 213 160 160 118, 119 76, 79 182 172 182 130, 131 198, 199 177 116 172 146, 147 82 114,128,129 172 172 Steinberg Donna 1 20, 121 Stephens, Ch icker 126, 127 St ephens, John 122 Stevens, Cathy 124, 125, 144, 145 Stewart, Charles 161 Stewart, Tessamae 128, 129 Stick ler, Tom 173 St inger, Darre l 150, 151 Stitcher, Mark 112, 152, 153 Stoorza, Don 177 Stoorza, Jack 177 Stowers, Margo 128, 129 Stradle igh, Norm 154, 155 Strieter, Cassie 148,149 Strode, Jim 144, 145 STUDENT GOVERNMENT Sullivan, Sandra Sumner, Anne Swain Cindy Sw ann, Linda Sweeney, Terri Swift, Jack Sw iger, Ron SWIMMING TEAM Sylvain, Mindy Syphe r, Howard T 184-189 190 136,137 124, 125 150, 151 113, 118, 119 122 195 88,89 124,125 146, 147 Tann en, John 148,149 T aije, Ken 177 Taylor,Bob 150,151 Taylor, Jim 144, 145 Tay lor, M aryJ. 172 Taylor, Rick 152 153 Taylor, Terry 130, 131 TAU BETA PHI 196 TAU EPSILON PHI 148,149 TAU KAPPA EPSILON 150, 151 Tejed a Joe 132 Tennyson, Ros e 113, 136, 137 Terry, Ben 173, 203 Teunon, Kathy 134, 135 Thair, Terry 146, 147 T hayer, P atricia 216 THETA CHI 116 Thomas, St ar 115 Thompson, Danny 130, 131 T hompson, Gary 146, 147 Thompson, Sherman 172 Thumb, Harold 203 T ighe J err y 117 Timlin, Pam 134, 135 Todd, Mike 112, 130, 131 Toops,Ken 130 ,131 Touchton, Vicki 83 Tracy, B il l 195 Trager, Adrian 120, 121 T rufulo, Sandy 136, 137 Truvillo, Alfred Tucker, T ravis Tuminella, Mac Turner, Gav in Turner, Mike u 146, 147 130,131 76 144, 145 Unick, M elanie 136 1 37, 122 UNIVERSITY CENTER 162-167 Upchurch,Jim 142,143 USF DANCE CLUB 206 USF KARATE CLUB 182 USF MUSIC ORGANIZATIONS 198-201 USF SPORTS CAR CLUB 183 Usherman, Bob 1 67 Vail Bobby Valiente, Jose v Van Hodgen, Wil liam V arney, Rus s 205 205 116 203 114 Vass, B i ll Vayo, Rod Vernon, Steve V ickers, Ruth Viroli, Joanne V i t ale, Phil Voss, Bill 116, 112 154, 155, 161 142, 143 140, 141 76, 77 117 w W addington, Chip s Wagn er, Warren Walk er, Campbell Walker, Donna W allenfels, Vicki Wall e y Ellen Walsh, Jennifer Walter, St eve Walton, Loring Wannell, Bob Ward, Judy Ward, Ken Ward, Susan Warman Art Warman, A rtie Warr e n, Carolyn Wass, Katie 152,153 138,139 205 208,209 1 36, 137 126, 127 205 182 144, 145 130, 131 175 205 118, 119 140, 141 114 136, 1 37 WATER SKI CLUB 134. 135 180 182 195 Watk ins, Cleave Watko, J erry Watson Patty W atts John Watts, Ty Weaver, B il l W e bb, Jack Weber. Lonnie Week Jill Weck erly, B ar bara Wein er Helen Weir, M ilt Welker, Robert F Wellington. Jeff Wells, Cindi Wells Debbie Wenderoth, Art Wendl and, Phil West, Jim West, Bob W estbay, Randy Westberry, Dick Westergard Chris W estri dge D ave Weychoft, Hugh Whitaker, Sharon Whi te, Judy White, Pam White, Scott Whiteh ead, Kathy Whiteman Tom Whitener, Gail Wicklein, Wicky W il d er, Robert 83,124,125 130,131 154, 155, 112 146, 147 146, 147 114,140,151 134,135,213 115 120, 121 144, 145 33 132 150, 151 126, 1 27 177 1 30, 131 203 186 142, 143 182 140, 141 17 3 150.151 122 115 144, 145 175 116 120.121 126, 127 140,141 Wildy Dean Charles H Wilkinson, Susie W illia ms, Don Wil lia ms, Eug ene Wil liams, Finnette Willia ms, Hiram Wil liams Leatr icia Wilson, Cam 20 ,112 124 125 83 207 118,119 154, 155 172 130,131 118, 119 134, 135 Wilson Sandy Wilson Susan W i lliams, Jerry 122 283

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284 W i llis, Jacquelyn W il son, Jon Wind Sheldon WINDJAMMERS Wolfe, Dr. Gary Wo l fe, Jack WOMEN OF PI 175 160 167. 173, 203 181 201 144 145 SIGMA EPSILON WOMEN'S TENNIS Wood, Debbie Wood ell, D i anne Woods Shirle y Woodward Laurie 175 98, 99 126, 127 136 137 205 126,127, 144,145 Wootton, Debb i e 136, 137 WORLD AFFAIRS COUNCIL 192 193 Wr ight, Brian 116 Wr i ght, C indy 122 Wunderl ich, Dean Herber t J 21 Wynan, Judy 150, 151 y Yeckley Bruce Yost, Mark Young, Joanne Young, Joe Youngman, Doris z Za i dman, Barbara Zelco Bob Ze r la, Dr. Fredr i c ZETA BETA TAU Ziemer Joanne Zimmerman Paul Z i mmerman, Shel don Z iolkowski, Tom Zolno, Marty 117 150, 151 96 154, 155 175 120 121 203 24 132 133 213 138 139 112 122 148 149

PAGE 282

It is a tragic irony of our time that as our numbers increase and of necessity our contacts with others become more frequent, we react with alienation rather than a desire for cooperation. We have become a third person society, for our ability to empathize with another on the basis of a common humanity has been clouded with indifference and callous rejec tion. We have eaten dessert over reports of Vietnam casuality figures for so many years that we do not react; each day we drive to work over a highway bordered by a cruel ghetto and we do not react; a person comes to the door asking for change so a child might have the chance to walk and we say "Not Today" .... we s imply do not react. We are passive; we are so cowed by the ongoing system that we no longer view ourselves as potentially powerful individuals. "Sure I'm concerned, but what can I do about it . I'm only one person" is our catch phrase, our rationale for apathy. A reexamination of our societal values is needed. We teach our children "thou shalt not kill" yet we sentence a man to jail for refusing . -... :.

PAGE 283


PAGE 284

to kill "the enemy" and give a medal to another for killing this enemy. Our values launc h us on witch hunts to ferret out the waves of obscenity in movies, books and col lege yearbooks that threaten to sweep our children under. We are careful that they are not exposed to such "indecencies" a s the human body, sex education or a "dirty" word or picture, yet daily they are exposed to war poverty, pollution, hatred and apathy the real obscenities in our society.

PAGE 285

288 Why can't we see the devastation of beauty, slaughter of innocents, the crippling bigotry and selfish personal motivations that we perpetuate ... and care? For if we cared enough to take action we could ct}ange the direction of our society and world towards trust, communication, understanding, com passion, unselfish love and peace ..... if we could realize that: The most important thing we have is each other. ,, Jan Yates Amor


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