University of South Florida yearbook. (1972)

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University of South Florida yearbook. (1972)

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University of South Florida yearbook. (1972)
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Aegean. (1972)
University of South Florida
USF Faculty and University Publications
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Tampa, Fla
University of South Florida
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9 v. : ill. ; 32 cm.


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Vol. 1, no. 1 (1963/64)-no. 9 (1972).
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Vol. for 1972 lacks enumeration.

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Table o f C ontents Introduction 2 Seniors 180 Student Life 18 Prologue 242 Academics 75 Sports 107 Greeks 135 Organizations 149 2


Images meted, Dissolve in swooping colors, Happening as one. 3


These mirages? So distantly displayed, It's too easy to change the channel 4


... :.-'!/ .. ..: .. -.:-5


6 ... To move in swirls, ruffl e s and rich lights. Swooning drifting.




8 Wandering, we explore: What do we want? In what images should we dress? Our silliness eases the absurdity.




.. I o .. .. \ s \ ,tfJ ,. 0 dt G n ..




12 Confusi ons are stimulantsW e seek a n swers from others, Who, perhaps, are just as confused.


,, II


Beauty is a sense experience, Not just secondhand images. The sun really permeates the fog Wrapping you in warmth. 15


Man has placed himself on top. Superior. And ruled with a plundering saw Just to prove it. When will our dreams be moderated? 17






Delaney and Bonni e Fall Frolics A two-part unit of ener gy and song togeth er they entertained us in 1971's Fall Frolics. 22 Goose Creek Symphony When Ah heard that there CONcert was free. Ah almost didn't go, 'cause us mountainfolk don't take charity from strangers. Plus, there bein' a lot o' flatlanders a-goin' and all. But me and mah buddy went ennyways, seein as how his brother Billy was one o' the fiddle players. Onct we got inside, the music was plumb ENjoyable. It woulda bin more ENjoyable if'n we-uns hadda brung some 'shine. But they's a few jugs there. Mostly, though, they was a funny smell. Flatlanders shore smoke some queer cigareets. After the squaredaincin' and the music was over Ah heerd one o' them "hippies" say to his buddy, "What do you think them rednecks would do if they saw freaks a'playin' their music?"


Song Fest Spring 1971 Jeffrey Arthur and Friends stole the show and went on to win the Song Fest 23


24 Apocalypse: Empty Keg When the Empty Keg opens its doors to weekly entertainment, the audience is treated to a variety of sounds, songs, and sights. Left: David Chapman and Luke Tirk; Below: White Springs; Opposite Right: Ewing Street Times; Opposite Below: Claude Duke and Charles Cook.




University Center Every the University Center Program Council strives to present for USF students on cam pus. Some of the events this year include-Above: F. Lee guest lecturer defense attorney; Right: El Below: II movies; Opposite Above: Shop; Opposite Left: Night; Oppo site Right: Ping Pong room 27


28 Brought The University


To You By: enter '11rvo.,. -:;:-BOOkS 'Y SUPPliES GIFTS -I 29


30 Marcel Marceau "Pantomime offers the language of the heart," says Marceau. "Everything can be.expressed through the art of mime which ... shuns the deceitful phrases that raise barriers against comprehension between men." And, "By speaking through the wall of languages," he continues, a mime can become a brother to all the audiences of the world." Heavy Organ Virgil Fox, the greatest living interpreter of Bach's organ music, and Pablo Lights a New York production unit specializing in the creation of psychedelic experiences, joined forces to create "Heavy Organ" in McKay Auditorium during Winter Quarter. The evening of Bach and visual beauty was sponsored by the Florida Center for the Arts.


Rathskeller BEER! Finally, in the beginning of 'Quarter II, the newly redecorated Rathskeller opened its doors to serve students beer on campus. Sonata Recital Second quarter's Sonata Recital featured David Nadien (left), a member of the New York Philharmonic Orchestra, and Professor Jacques Abram (right), Department of Music. 31


''Monster'' by Steppenwolf The police force is watching the people And the people just can't understand We don't know how to mind our own business The whole world has to be just like us. Now we are fighting a war over there No matter who's the winner we can't pay the cost where are you now Don't you care about your sons and daughters?




36 "Apple P i e The games people play ... Grinning their lives away, who do they hope to impress? Shooting peoples' lives away, what do they hope to prove? Form a line, salute your country Form a line, slaughter your people Bow out, your game is over M arch out, your "work" is done.


Speech Department Productions The Speech Department delighted students Fall with their presentations of Top: "Good Country People", Middle: "Marathon", and Bottom : Rasputin 37


Theatre Productions during Quarter I included Left: Lysistrata ," Above: Long Day s Jour. ney Into Night and Opposite Above : Center Stage Production The Session. Opposite Below: "Happy Time was part of the Summer Theatre Festival.




42 Above: Paintings against a brick wall. Right: Serigraphs by Jack port of the USF Art Bank Collection, a small troveling museum which can be borrowed by organizations throughout Florida. Below: Photographs entered in the Photogrophy Club's contest.


Anatomy i s child s play to h i m. The foreshortening of an arm or leg becomes, under his pen or brush a trogic or futile gesture. He knows the skull and can i ndividualize a face into a portrait or generali ze it into a symbol. As a colorist Rampolla has self-confessed limitations: hence he employs a limited palette: red, white umber, ultramarine and gray. The umbers and ultramarine serve to effect the somber, even dour, blacks which place into forceful relief the reds and whites of his figures. A rare green and yellow complete h i s color range. As designer of form and space, Rampolla can be a master. He builds his masses l ike an architect, vertically or horizontally by means of curves which apparently deny the basic use of square and triang' le. Thus his compositions, unlike those of other moderns, conceal the carefully measured patterns. The result looks and feels spontaneous, but the viewer senses the meticulousness of organization below the s lashes of color. At his best, Rampolla states, in class i cal yet quite contemporary terms, the obsessive confusion of our time. Instead of the frequentl y sneering trivia of pop-real ism, he employs the always (to man) important shapes of his own species. By Hans J uergensen In Memoriam Frank Rampolla Fear never marred his mask ; only the eyes at times seemed apgel-sharp. But no one dwelt on it and it was better so ; for from his brush danced fleshed mortalities heaped to mad pyramids, hysterical of red slashed with dead white and gangrened bruises, block-entombed. No softness of concession: just graphic-greedy truthjudgment on flabby souls ... Yet he lived smilingly St. Francis-gent l e a giver of the self beyond his known-of fate. June 27. 1971 Hans Juer gensen 43


REFLECTIONS ON USF, 1972 Black, female psychology major-" It's but it's too dehumanized ... too impersonal ... but it's getting better." White, female graduate teaching assistant speech "It' s an excellent school ... standards are quite rig i d ... good supervision from above ... I love it here ... I ve enjoyed my year and a half h ere. White, male psychology major-" I like it ... a lot more academic atmosphere than the other school I went to." White, female undergraduate-" I like it ... the faculty i s really personable but the students aren't, for the most part White, male special education A cademically it is not that hard. I think the people should be more together ... the faculty kinda wish-washy. Could stand a lot of improvement in general. White, female Instructor, Behavioral Science-" I think it has changed treme nd o usly for the better in the last two years ... People are looking to us to b e com e the great university in the South.


USF: 1970-71 The 1970-71 academic year saw the largest enrollment USF had ever had: in Quarter II, 1 6,080 students were registered. The men outnumbered the women 9166 to 6914. 5387 male students and 4583 females were married. 4245 students received some sort of financia l aid. 6765 men and 441 I women were in the 20 29 age bracket. 674 men (about 7.4/'0 ) belonged to fraternities and 363 women (approximate l y 5.3/'0 ) were members of sororities. 1283 male students and 1380 females lived i n university housing 4.0'JI0 of the students were citizens of foreign countries 32.5/o of the students registered were in lower division 44.6/'0 were i n upper d i v i s i o n and I 1.5 /0 were in graduate school. Only 500 of the 1750 a c res of land be l onging to USF were in use. Parking lots occupied 85 acres-17/0 Residential buildings, including the Resident Instructors' apartments, and Andros and A r gos Center s numbered 21. Non-residential academic, administrative and physical plant and maintenence buildings totalled 47. 45






What's Ecology? 49




VA N IN 13 A..., ... """,. ULI.IITEI1 \;\TEll NS.\FE FUll i"IMMIN(i I ... .. -., --..


1 I 1 I \ \ ...!"' ,...-, ll DO 52




54 Dorms Invaded Restrictions imposed on dorm visitation during the summer and fall quarters brought a storm of student disapproval that culminated in a rally October 28. After listening to several speakers in Argos Center, the students marched into Alpha Hall, the freshman men s dorm which had no female visitation. Resident and participating men then escorted their female guests to floors where they signed their names under supervision of resident assistants. The protestors then left the building. Rally-organizer Ken Sechen was pleased with the success of the violation both in terms of participation and orderliness, as well as the publicity the violation received. "We hove stood up and hove been counted as being discontented with a restrictive visitation policy; one which certainly violated freedom of association."


Wanted: Roommate If you wont to Share my view of the world My books, my food, my mouse And listen to the chatter of my mind If you can Laugh at the funny, silly things we do Think about sleep, sleep, sleep And run through fields of light Then move in now-We'll be friends today! 55


House Busch Gardens Beer Beer Beer Beer B 58


The Brown Bottle ............................. Schlitz Brewery 0 9er Beer Beer Beer 59


60 It's Dog's


A World 61




Jobs on Campus When students work on campus, it could be anywhere! Right: Cafeteria Kitchen; Below: WUSF-TV, Channel 16; Opposite Above: University Center Cafeteria; Opposite Below: WUSF-Radio, 89.7 FM. 63


64 Off Campus Jobs As these pictures show students will do anything for money


j 0 s e F e e I t h 65




The New P.lace The New An exciting kind of So unique that kids were skip ping school to go to it until the New decided to open school hours to ease the feelings of the Hillsborough County of tion. The New Once a church with an house Md in Ybor City, now community settle ment equipped with rooms for elec tronic composing, sculp ture, set production ... It is a where neighborhood and children express their through in a riety of arts. Perhaps the New would be bet-ter described a center. One of its objectives is to get young people in the community understanding their differences, and themselves. A T Analysis Group of four human counselors and 16 youths been formed to find systems to improve communication with others. Five of the people paid to work there are kids from the neighborhood who previously dropped out of school and who now bad in. There are also four Assistants from the University of South Florida, but the balance of the help comes from the volunteer efforts of university students, professors and professional people. New also functions as an urban center. The New is the creation of Prof. Richard loveless of the Art Educa tion -mM whose ideas were too In 1970 he made to give children the opportunity to produce their own TV program. Now, two major network TV tion is giving group of kids opportunity. Prof. loveless envisions ellite centers a mother-child day care center-not a center in any sense but one that includes effective, sensory training. The New A PLACE for human beings. A PLACE to find uniqueness and A PLACE to give it A PLACE to experience, to feel. to ex press. A PLACE to explore, to ine, to discover or just a BEAUTIFUL PLACE TO BE. Above: Church interior before renovo tions. Below: The new interior housing o donee production. Opposite: Views of the old interior on left ond improvements on right. Opposite Below Left: Site of the New Ploce. Oppo,ite Below Right: Interi or of the New Ploce before chonges.






Politicians Have Their Say 70


Opposite Above: Governor Reubin Askew. Opposite Below Left : President Richerd Nixon Opposite Below R i9ht: Senator Henry Jackson. Above : Senator Hubert Humphrey. Below Left : W ashington columnist Jack Anderson. Below Ri9ht: Mayor John Lindsay. 71




I \ '!L. -I \ I \


76 USF President Cecil Mackey Cecil Mackey came to the University of South Florida in the winter of 1971 as this institution's second regular president. Succeeding John S. Allen, a man who's reputation as the "gray ghost," the "silent Quaker," led to his early resignation. Mackey was a marked chonge from his predecessor, at first welcomed by all. Cecil Mackey was brought up in the federal bureaucracy, with a string of administrative titles in his wake too long to fit on any one man's desk. At 42 he was one of the youngest presidents in the nation. He sort of zoomed on campus a motorcycle riding ex-amateur boxer and perhaps the only college chief executive in America with a balloonist license. But his enthusiastic general acceptance was short lived as he began to hire and fire, delving heovily in structural reorganizotion, appointing more study committees than this sunshiny campus had ever seen, and surrounding himself with a young coterie of second-level administrators. He says he has conducted this shakedown with "as much openness as possible," repeatedly referring to USF as a "dynamic Institution." "Communications" is a favor ite Cecil Mackey word. "I am trying to help define the role of a major university in an urban context. We have to be very careful not to duplicate traditional institutions that were formulated in other times for other purposes. I'd like to do that with a high level of quolity." There is no consensus on the Mackey woy. He enjoys ardent support, he tastes vociferous opposition. He has been coiled an "empire builder." "We are trying to do things that are importont and meaningful," he says. "The acceptance ond adjustment to change is a difficult part of life, whether it's administrative, academic or per sonal. "There are people who don't particularly like the idea of change, people who don't adopt well. Ther.e are some who confuse un-


certainty with insecurity. Most of what has gone on here is the case with most places, if it's understood it can be accepted and supported. I think that has been the case with those who have taken the time to ask." Then you ore not building on empire, Cecil Mackey? He smiles very broadly -not the smile .of a president, not the smile of a bureaucrat, not the smile of an athlete -perhaps it is the smile of o balloonist. "No," smiles Cecil Mackey. Copy for Academics by John Thomson 77


78 Dr. Joe Howell -Student Affairs Don't let hi s slow Texas manner fool you. Since his appointment in June, 197 1 Dr. Joe Howell hos implemented many chonges in that short amount of time Taking over Dean Herbert Wunderlich's place as Vice-President of Student Affairs Dr. Howell hos started a massive drug program. He hos attempted to pull together the Office of Student Affairs. It includes such departments as Financial Aids, Student Orgonizotions, Publications, Physical Education ... Each has a different exper tise in students' needs, yet each is part of a central office. Two special ossistonts, Gory Jones and Jonet Houk were appointed in order to hove input of students' feelings about key matters, policies bothering them. Dr. Howell initiated once a month dinners at his home with about 15 students attending eoch dinner. Students in various special interest groups were invited i n order to hear gripes, talk about solutions to problems. Troy Collier formerly o Harlem Globetrotter, was hired to handle the special needs of minority students. Other people assisting Dr. Howell are Margaret Fisher Daniel Walbot and Linda Erikson. Margaret Fisher and Daniel Walbot are officially titled assistants to the Vice President; lost year they would hove held the title of Dean of Women, Dean of Men re spectively. Said Dr. Howell "We' re dealing with students who hove different needs. I believe we should let people deal with people. A female student might relate better with a man. A student should have the opportunity to choose." One of the major issues since Dr. Howell took office wos visitation. He feels that the whole situation was thrown out of proportion ond made into a major issue when it wasn't. ldeolisticolly he believes thot every student should hove the option for visita tion, with peer pressure being the guiding force. I would be against 24 hour visitation ," he stated, and after a slight pause added, It's not a natural situation. Also, because of the woy dorms are physically constructed he felt it would not be feasible "maybe if we had apartments ... Dr. Howell had also begun the evaluation of each office. He planned to use it to help people do a better job, not to get rid of them. He emphasized that when a student walks out of a Student Affairs Office, "You' ve got to feel you've been helped."


Opposite Below: Or. Joe Howell with stu dents 11t his once 11 month home dinners. Above : Troy Collier t11lks with members of the Afro-Americ11n Society. Below : Margaret Fisher talks to gr11du11ting senior Yol11nd11 Rosas 79


10 College of Business Deon Robert S. Clinf of the College of Business moves orourid quickly, much in the monner of o businessmon, os one might expect. But his opprooch to his College is less business and more oco demic, os one might not expect. While the main topic throughout most of the University was the president's massive reorganization, it has not chonged the complexion of Business and, one might odd, says Deon Cline "We haven't stopped long enou9h to think about those things." The "things" of the Colle9e move olong rother un-major eventfully, but ropidly and on even ground. Noticeable upgrading soys Cline, has been in the fashion of "the stren9th thot's been odded to the faculty, the increased productivity of the staff more research, a significant increose in publi cotions and a lot more participotion by the faculty in professionol organizo tions. Yet there has been some introspection ond the College has been seeking a broader definition of the role and scope of Business, including a hope to offer basic and broadly comprehensive cours es which non-Business majors may eogerly enjoy. Within their own realm they are looking very hard. Says the dean, "Our emphasis historicolly has been to pre pore people for the private sector. Nearly half our students don't go into private business but into posifions of manogement in the public sector, gov ernment units anywhere mana9ement ond accounting responsibility is needed. It is our intent to chonge and brood en the emphasis of the College to meet the needs of these students. We've been involved in constont up9rading ond it continues. ........... ........... ........... ''''''' '''' '' Commenting on business surveys which mointain thot business ot large is displeased with the quality of graduates from American Universities, he soid USF groduates, to the contrary, have "done quite well" ond added that the duty of higher education is not to prepare mere technicions but individuols who grasp "the quanti-totive aspects of the decision makin9 process and the economic con siderations of social responsibility throu9h further encourogement of stu dents to occept o brood educational base. ... And, where chonge from within is con cerned, he says, As long as we prepore people for careers we ought to be re sponsive. But we .aren't changing the bosic thrust. We ore coreer oriented. We ore and always have been a profes sional school. "We just reolize our students might be going into something other th&n Generol Motors.


College of Education As was the campus-wide trend this past acQdemically rough-and-tumble year, the College of Education has immersed itself deeply in internal change. But, as is the case with education, it has a loud ring to it. Under the leadership of Dr. Charles Engel, the Edu cation faculty has involved itself heavily in re-examining the entire teaching pro gram through work in the community to study each aspect of teacher education. From interviews with principals and teachers to a study of in other institutions to surveys opinionaires of students and graduates, they are making "a careful anolysis of changes in ele mentary classrooms," said Dean Clar ence Hunnicutt. "We are examining dif ferent kinds of classroom practices. working towards a variety of teacher training approaches and teacher preparation. Hunnicutt shows obvious excitement when talking of the "educationol revolu tion." The College graduated its first three Ph.D.s this spring in a nationally unique program planned to prepare potent research leaders in pre-secondary education. Though the College is broadening its doctoral scope, "our greatest concern has been with younger students, before their attitudes are crystallized. Intervention at an early stage usually pays bigger dividends," continued Hun nicutt. Among the more amazing develop ments was Hunnicutt's discovery that as much external contract funds came into Education as the rest of the University put together ("I was quite startled when I came up with the fig ures.") Among the more important is the heading of a federal focus on notional training laboratories for the combining of university and local school board ef forts by Drs. Othanel Smith and Donald Orlosky. At least two labs will be within the USF service area and will make .the University the "demonstration. spot of the notion," said the dean. Of more humble note was the establishing of a pioneering experiment in art education in the inner city called "New Place," wheelhorsed by Prof. Dick Love less: an innovative teacher preparation program in physical education looked on as "Outstanding," run by Dr. Louis Bowers: appointment of three "exceptional" black professors out of I 0 available posi tions in the entire University for that purpose, when the nationol competition for black professors is so high: and the TripleT Program, operated by Dr. William Benjamin, in which people from ser vice areas work in Education with intent to return to the inner city. "USF has already achieved visibility in education way beyond what most peopl4t realize. We are recognized as a major educational institution," comments the dean. He then gives some thought to the rapid rate of change to revolution, "I think we know our future depends on the quality of education. All this change is disturbing, exciting, unsurpassed and education is right in the center of it. ""'(,e're having all kinds of revolution here. 8J


College of Engineering Engineering, long a "man's domain, has made a breakthrough at least on home ground anyway, with the selection of USF alum na Dorothy McClellen a consultant for a local firm as Florida's outstanding engineer. "Ze girls just don't know there is opportuni ty comments Assistant Dean Rudolph Henning a little Germanically. But there is, he puts in, using Miss M cClellen as testimony. But the big thing" in USF's College of Engi neering this past year was a loss-gain proposi tion, when the School of Engineering Science at Florida State University was directed to stop operations and to be assimilated into the program at USF. Dean Henning cites this as a "vote of confidence in our school a strengthening of our overall program. We basically prepare students for professional work. We have a very strong emphasis on that." Noting many features in the College, Hen ning points to an ecological success spearheaded by the Structures, Materials and Fluids De partment, when their studies into a cesspool effect in Tampa Bay lead to the opening of an additional bridge span to allow water to circulate freely rather than being blocked in stinking captivity. And what could be more aesthetically pleas ing than clean water? No doubt microelectronic photography-pictures of minute electrical cir cuits displaying masterfully intricate patterns, colorful and visually abstract. Engineering is, after all a creative art," says Henning. Henning further cites a University-wide interest in engineering computer courses, which attract students from various disciplines. "Computers do, of course, affect everyone today," he remarks. No argument there, Dean Henning.


College of Fine Arts It gives us a kind of status, a kind of visibility," said Willard E. McCracken, assistant to the dean of the new College of Fine Arts, It reflects the idea that the arts are important in life and society. McCracken was speaking of the University-wide reorganization, instituted by USF President Cecil Mackey which created four new colleges and abol ished two. Fine Arts hod been a division under Liberal Arts. Of major University significance, as well as nation al note, was the winter announcement of plans to erect the world s largest sculpture on campus, designed by The Master himself, Pablo Picasso. The arrangements for the enormous I 00 foot structure were mode through the Florida Center for the Arts of the College, and while not greeted with a consensus en thusiasm it was generally conceded that an imposing I 00 feet of great art would yield at least I 00 feet of University recognition. Largely through the efforts of the Florida Center for the Arts and others within the College, the University was graced this past year with a bevy of name theatre performances, shows, galleries, films and ex hibits, highlighted in such fashion as "the world's greatest mime Marcel Marceau. "We are concerned with quality in the arts, said McCracken, "We wont to continue bringing in examples of excel lence as part of the educational function of the Uni versity and the College. To bring in any less than the great would be a disservice. The College is particularly proud of its further development of its "Graphicstudio" for experimental production "established to facilitate the production of prints in an atmosphere in which the artist is freed from the pressures of a commercial atelier." In the studio, invited major artists work with master printers over a nine-month period. It "is devoted to the creative act and to affecting students and public through contact with artists and the eloquence of their work. Says McCracken, "We're not just sitting here teaching people how to fingerpaint." 83


College o f L anguage Litera t u r e Housed in new behemoth of dubious the Building (replete with such ble Md doors don't fit) is the college by the name. Sporting new identity under University -from division with the of Arts -the College of is experie n c ing growth. Delight e d with all the College disci p lines under one roof, Dean William E. Morris cites as perhaps the more salient aca demic events of the past year: v A vitalized Religious Studies program in response to a national upsurge of interest in the field. "We look forward to a small but important department," Morris said. v A wildly expanding Department of Mass Communications which has installed some of the most sophisticated lab production equip ment in the country and is obtaining govern ment surplus film machinery which will enable students and faculty to produce their own 35mm films. v A new Ph.D. program in Humanities. v The addition of Modern Hebrew, Mod ern Greek and work towards introducing Chi nese to Modern v The establishing of a University System wide Center for Mexican Studies in Mexico City, run through USF. v Landing of educational "superstars" Stephen T oulmin, professor of Philosophy at Michigan State University: Thomas Sebeok, linguistics from I ndiana University; and Arthur Scouten, English professor from the University of Pennsylvania as visiting profes sors. v Holding of "Science, Technology and Varues" conference through the Philosophy Department, which included New Left sage Herbert Marcuse. v "For the first time" appointing of women to College Councils. "We are availing ourselves to something we have been neglect ing for a long time." Until this year, Language-Literature had been dotted throughout the far regions of the University, even so far as an off-campus apartment building. "We are together for the first time," says Dean Morris with satisfaction, "We were camping out for I 0 years."


Appointed as dean of the USF Medical School in October, 1969 Dr. Donn Smith speaks fondly, enthusiastically, about the Med School charter class of 24 young men and women who began medical studies this past year. A fast talking, amiable man he leans bock in his choir, obviously at home in the rather disorderly order of his surroundings (his office is perhaps the largest on campus, dominated by o huge meeting table) talking impulsively about his students and little else-points fondly to a rather stodgy pic ture of the charter group and rattles off statis tics: 21 men, 3 women, 9 married, two with chil dren, 3.4 average GPR, average age 21 and on and on ... "They are a very solid group, Smith says, smiling, They ore compassionate people, ex tremely well motivated." Presently housed in the Science Center while awaiting construction of the Medical Center which will fully house the College, the Med School leadersh i p has decided to change from a four to a three year curriculum beginning next year and will accelerate the present class. Smith says his students represent a change in medical attitudes -a heightening of personal responsiveness and social conscience. "Those students already recognize the importance of physically having a significant role in their community. They are a new breed of medical student which genuinely recognizes the relationship be tween a doctor, a sick human being and service to people." Though they are tigers when it comes to academic performance, the dean adds, the stu dents, products of 12 different undergraduate institutions, "have a great sense of humor ... a very lively bunch. "A huge mass of details went into all this," he comments on the College, then smiles again, It was getting pretty lonely around here. We weren't having any fun at all until they got here." College of Medicine 15


86 College o f Nursin g The new USF College of Nursing, headed by Dr. Alice E. Keefe, began operotions this post yeor. The College hos been taking on freshmen students since fall, 1971, when the Board of Regents granted permission for the University to admit nursing hopefuls in basic areas of Natural Sciences. The full nurs ing program will begin in 1973. Two initial successes were chalked up by the College when it was accredited by the Florida State Boord of Nursing and wos given "reosonable ossuronce" of approval by the Notionol Leogue for Nurs-tng. The outlook is enthusiastic, say those who run the show. The College will be working in cooperation with various organizations in the community and will pro vide for family care, odds Dean Keefe. A great deal of work has gone into the planning, the deon says, "Our goal is to prepare exceptional nurses. "We' re ready," she says simply, then pauses. "We've been ready for three years."


College of Science Among the four schools creoted through the obol ishing of the College of Liberal Arts wos the College of Science, headed by Dean Theodore A. Ashford. While moving along with a traditionol scientific quietude as perhaps the most silent of the U n iversi ty's nine major bodies, the College of Science has devoted a substantial block of time to studying the future of general education requirements. Since the College of Basic Studies fell to reorganization, Science obsorbed Functional Mathemotics, Biological Science and Physical Science, all formerly of the CBS. With the axing of Basic Studies, the new College was given "expanded responsibilities and set forth to devise a two-fold program embracing the fields of endeavor for both majors ond non majors. The aim of the College was to offer a broad spectrum of courses among the disciplines within the sciences for non-sci entists, aid the University in the selection of require ments and electives and to devise effective majors progroms providing for interdisciplinary exposure. I n addition, the College took on responsibility for the Oceanography Program of the Bay Campus "to seek to develop o major effort in ocean science and has been working closely with the new Medical School. with which it has been temporarily sharing the Science Center lor the Kremlin, as it is more affecknown). 87


College o f Social Science The College of Social Science, child of reorganization. possibly had the curious dis tinction of its faculty serving on the most new committees, also children of the Big Change. Granted, much goes on there. With its official name as the College of Social ond Behavioral Sciences. it is the porent of 14 programs and two socially con scious sidelines-Intensive Tutorial ond Environmental Survival. Dean Thomas A. Rich much os the heads of the other new col leges, feels the internal academic shake down hos merit. It is a unique thing we have, he says, "with basic disciplines and applied areas in one college instead of being scattered. It willleod to a much closer working relationship. Dean Rich notes among the accomplish ments of the past yeor: the Geography Department obtaining weather station equipment from MocDill Air Force Bose, hopes of setting up TV monitors in the lobby of the Social Science Building for weather radar and the possibility of zooming in on in-ses sion classes for casual viewing, a new Ph.D. program in Psychology geared for producing community clinical ond industrial psy chologists, o new grant in Social Problems with which they plan to focus on criminal justice ond police training, o new masters program in Rehabilitation Studies, and pos sibly successful negotiations on getting an thropological wizard Margaret Meod as a visiting professor next yeor. He also pointed out thot Aging Studies, the only masters program of its kind in the notion, hos produced groduotes who are mostly going directly into their field of study. With obvious satisfaction he odds, "That doesn't happen in most areas." But the College can perhaps be most proud of the History Deportment's highly successful "Symposium on the South, attended by writers, historians and educators and which attracted such "heavies" os con troversial block Georgia legislator Julian Bond. The College hos been re-evaluating its curricula in trying to develop more undergraduate courses to train students for state ond federal jobs, with the core of study in human relations. Deon Rich explains, Nationally you have more and more people going into service to people. We feel we are helping thot. We are trying to make social and behavioral studies very basic so thot students can actually apply and practice it


Above: Jerry Nichols got OCT credit hours while work ing as an intern for the St. Petersburg Times, behind the is Times photographer Ron Pinner. Below: USF tutors give their "tutees" a Hal loween porty. OCT, BIS, IT OCT, BIS and IT, letters signifying that education is a matter of the people, all people. The Off Campus Term-a wf1y for students to study on their own, away from the University be it France, be it lmmokolee, be it cruising overland on a ten-speed English racer. The Bachelor of Independent Studies Progrf1m people earning degrees through home study, living while learning, no separation from family, keeping their jobs, reading nights, grandmothers, secre taries, businessmen, housewives, retirees ... marked by the death of a warm man, Dr. Richard A. Watermen, who helped form BIS and, as a pioneer adviser saw it grow and helped it mature. Intensive Tutorial-people helping peo ple, into the city to have these children learn on donated time. If the Panthers give breakfast in Oakland, we can give knowledge and friendship in Tampa. OCT, BIS and IT some people call it relevance ", many say reality." In any case it is assuredly a step towards aware ness. Awareness of the problems and the needs of people and what we can do about them, what we can say about them, what we can feel about them.


90 Apology t o a Professor Elich eyebllll is burnt with a lighted match: My wooden legs screws are loose ond Keep coming undone lit the knees or the ankles And my ellrs keep unplugging their hellring llid And I relllly don' t Cllre what you say You great pompous liSS, With all your screws tightened And a Slllem Spring behind your eyes And your electrified mind which keeps T rying to shock me into speech But you 'll never get me to talk. The hinges of my mouth are non-operlltive; And You ll never succeed; I m melting into the sellt And the next time you look at me I ll be over the floor And you will never see me ; I'm looking lit you and you know Thllt I'm not looking at you; My red eye meets your blue one And the two just don' t mix onymore. Hll hll "Sorry" B. D. Lozor 1971 South Florido Review


Opposite: Dr S&r& De&ts &nd Dr. Silvi& Fiore g&ve & p&rty for their students Qu&rter I. Opposite Below: Dr. Chrisit&n Kiefer Ch&irm&n of English. Left: Prof. M&rg&ret Holl&nd Educ&tion. Below Left: Prof. John Iorio, En9lish. Below Right: Prof. Oeseher, 91


92 Above Left : Dr. Mel Anderson and graduate student Bob Moresi exam ine a weir used to study water flow. Above R i ght: Mass Com students practice developing film in a photojournalism class. Opposite Above : Dr. Larry Howell explains 11 Cary spectrophotometer to a research stu dent. L 'J






Handicapped S tudent s Because handicapped students hove problems that most of us have never even considered, USF has attempted to provide speciol focilities for them. In fact, USF is one of the few universities in the country to provide such focili ties. The Advisory Committee on Handicapped Students is continuing efforts to increase and improve facilities in the form of more ramps, electric doors, telephones and drinking fountains designed for wheelchair students. When asked to name specific problems they have encountered, one student mentioned the lock of special facilities in Andros Complex. Another student expressed con cern over the poor parking facilities for the handicapped. And whot do you say when a student tells you that he just doesn t attend doss in the Language Literature Building when the elevators are broken. Most of these students feel that they are not treated differently by other students or professors. They do not believe thot they are excluded from university octivities, nor do they feel they are treated as a special group. Handicapped education mc!ljors, however must meet specie!!! criteria concerning their ability to perform their duties before they con be assured of an internship contrc!lct. 95


Above: A Yoga class. Below left: Students study aquatic weeds with the use of a mechanical harvester provided by a Nati onal Science Foundation grant. Below Ri9ht: During Quarter II, the Hare Krishna Movement held a spiritual rock-opere on the Krishna Consciousness Movement in America todoy It feotured tran scendental chanting, meditation and a free spirituel vegetarian feast. Opposite: A student works in USF's organic garden. Opposite Below: Throwing a pot tokes concentration, skill and pa tience.



PAGE 100

Above: Undergraduate research student Betty Oaks examines bacterial cultures. Left: Psychology student sets up equip ment to study the responses of a crab. Opposite Far Above: USF radio station. Research assistant cleans aquaria for future use.

PAGE 101


PAGE 102

100 Above: A graduate student sets up research apparatus. Above Ri9ht: A tree becom es part of an art project. Below: Plants in USF's greenhouse are wa tered. Below Ri9ht: F rench Club members take 11 break and relax in their of fice. Opposite Below left: A USF tutor and "tutee" at an IT Halloween party. Opposite Below Ri9ht: Mixing clay was part of the assignment for ceramics cla$$es, especially with the shortage of graduate assistants Quarter I.

PAGE 103


PAGE 104

102 Death to You Mr. Institution The people moving out ond it's to You, Mr. Institution with your oh-so-uncosmic GE softwhite lighting. more go mostly to Europe where the surrounds them writing home "mon, I just more tulips ... then smoked little on the of the Shelde ... And they do it for doss credit sometimes, clnd they do it just it's most times to be on intercontinentcll thumb ing oh-so-hip English highwcly or from Brussels to Bonn. Yes, we're so cool we Freclks off on the Wings of Mcln -Whisperjet to Madrid-or something equally as twentieth century seven decades plus bohemi an. But it all cldds up to something. educcltion does not begin end with the Lecture Series. Perhclps knowl edge is not born on cl seminclr tclble. Perhclps little inter notioncllism to the clrteries, o little perspective, a little un derstanding is we need. It may be microcosmic trying to explain to Belgian waiter what you'd like for lunch as you engage in para linguistics, feeble and Commuand jeezus you've done it! you the Belgian waiter understand-an ocecln a generation and o apart clnd you understand.

PAGE 105

But this is not done from a desk, not experienced from a podium. So the people go abroad in increasing numbers each year-borrow and save and work to get there, bor row and work and save to get back. They are getting away from the four-wall institution, land of good acoustics. The world becomes a classroom where any old man becomes a professor and any empty wallet becomes a test. It is in some sense a movement -out of shouting distance of everything familiar Whitey's return to his ances tral lands where American cultural heritage lies. It is symptomatic of what's going on throughout this zany world. Nobody wants to vegetate. What happens in Frankfurt while you are taking an amphetamine break from German Lit up all night with Kafka and Goethe? So the people are moving out and it is not really Death to You, Mr. Institution, but maybe Life to You-and peo ple who have been somewhere just might make your class rooms oh-so-cosmic and GE softwhite lighting is every where, even in the finest restaurants of Europe. 103

PAGE 108


PAGE 109

gpORl9 \01 I I \

PAGE 112

110 .,

PAGE 113

Above: The 1971 Soccer team. Front Row: Sean O'Brien, Bob Hanna, Jack Windish, Greg McElroy, Dennis Sadler, Steve Santos, George Unahue. Bad Row: Coach Dan Holcomb, Ken White, Mike Cos tello, Gavin Turner, Max Kernick, Russ Lail, Larry Grellner, Rid DeNike, Tom Ratz, Tom Fitzgerald, Gary King. Ill

PAGE 114

112 Basketball The first varsity basketball ye under the guidance of Coach 0 Williarns was characterized by i four starting sophomores plus schedule tougher than most of t larger colleges. The Brahmans won 8 of their 2 games averaging 8 5 points a gam Forty per cent of the attempt goals were successful with gua Tommy Davis doing the most co sistent shooting.

PAGE 115

Opposite Top left: Tom Dovis. Bottom: Art Jones. Right: lsaoc Robinson 113

PAGE 116


PAGE 117

Opposite Above: Art Jones. Opposite Below Right: John Kiser. Left: Tom Dovis, Fred Gibbs. Right: lsooc Robinson, Left: Bill Leor 115

PAGE 118

rle z&se' {r nfi'-Cross Country 116 The 1971-72 Cross Country team, dominated by Coswell DePieza, took first place in state and remained undefeated in dual meet competition. DePieza, ranked first, and Mike Godey, ranked fourth, made All-State, All-American. For Coach Gil Hertz it was another year in which he had two runners place in the all-state status. The team had a record of 3 wins and 3 losses in dual meets for the year. Coswell DePieza, Mike Godey, Bob Brost, Mike Ogle, Bruce Wilkinson, and George Andrianos made up the team.

PAGE 119


PAGE 120

Intramural Sports 118 sports consist of such tennis, genrunning. Most in these sports those who want to exercise the body as well the mind who to lose weight or just to experience the freedom of movement and reof tension these sports offer.

PAGE 122


PAGE 124


PAGE 125


PAGE 126

124 -..... ......... Swimming The 1971-72 Brahman swimmers failed to make their anticipated good showing, ending the season with 2 wins and 6 losses. In spite of the poor record, 6 of the 14 swimmers made AllAmerican rankings. Swimming Coach Robert Grindey and diving Coach Rico Mas<:hino led the team to victory over Denison and Miami-Dade Junior College North. Joe Lewkowicz, a three varsity letter man, was captain of the team. Diving: Pete Montero Breast-stroke : Joe Lewkowicz

PAGE 127


PAGE 128

Ri9ht: Co11ch Geffy Wright. Below Left: John Engerr11n prep11res to bunt. 126

PAGE 129

Baseball After the poor showing of the 1971 baseball team, Coach Hubert Wright began to improve the team by concentrating on better hitting and more speed. The 72 team started with all new players except for returning leading hitters John Engerran, Jim Alexander, and Alan Cross. Cross led the team last year in RBI's with 35. The '72 team hod a rough schedule of 34 games, including all Florida teams and the gib teams of the NCAA which will be played twice. R11y Reteneller throws 11 winning pitch. The 1972 Br11hmon batters. Top Row: M11rio River11, Lloyd Willi11ms, Jeff Dovis, Vic Cormon, Rudy D11umy, Lee Crossley, J11d Wolfe, 11nd Neil Sho11f. Middle Row: Jim Engler, mon11ger, Som White, Berkes, Mark Crissm11n, R11y Reteneller, Don Frederick,.Mike Hazel, Les Nelson, Bottom Row: Don Ellison, Joe Lomoscolo, Burch, Jim Alexonder, John Mike Wittemyer, Mike C11mpbell. Cross. 127

PAGE 130

128 Mike Wittemyer ond te11mm11tes watch liS 11 runner tries to make it to the b11se durin9 11 practice game.

PAGE 131

Left: o.,n Burch t"gs runner "s Oon Frederick looks on. Below Left: Al"n Cross t"kes swing. 129

PAGE 132

130 M en 's V a rs i ty Tennis Cooch Spofford T oylor expected more out of his squod thon last year s 6 winI I loss record, with three lettermen, two juniors, one sophomore, ond three new freshmen on the storting squad. At the beginning of the seoson, Cooch Toylor com mented, A lot depends on how wel l the three freshmen come through on the line-up. I expect a lot out of M ike Huss ond Gory Roebuch. So for, the steod iest ployer ond number one man on the teom is Bill Joiner. Joiner, an Australian, is the first foreign ployer on the teom. Above Left : Gary Roebuck. Left: Top Row: Coach Taylor Gene Duff, Bill Joiner Joel Rader, Ken Oliver, Mike Huss. Bottom Row: Randy Hauser Steve Harrington, Gary Roebuck, Kevin Hedberg, Jerry Lisa.

PAGE 133

Ri9ht: Joel Roder. Below: Bill Joiner. Below Ri9ht: Kevin Hedberg.

PAGE 134

132 Women's V a rs i ty Ten n is At the half-way point in the season, the women tennis team, under the sup ervision of Coach Joann Young, had a 3 win, I loss record. The team lost t Rollins College while defeating the University < Miami, Miami-Dade Junior College North and th University of Florida. The team consists of seniors Sherry Bedingfield on Carole Ford; juniors Barbaro Beattie and Rony K1 dler: and freshmen Terry Sherlock ond Glendo Smitl

PAGE 135

Opposite Left: Rony Kudler. Below: Rony and Barbara Beattie. Ri9ht: Top Row: Rony Kudler. Terry Sherlock. Sherry BediiiCjJfield. Bottom Row: Glenda Smith. Carole Ford, Barbara Beattie. Below Ri9ht: Carole Ford. Below Left: Glenda Smith.

PAGE 136

The golf teom, directed by Cooch Wes Berner, finished its season almost up to par, plocing in the top rankings of the tournaments on its schedule. In the first tournament, ploying fourboll, the team of Vince Head ond Pot Lindsay placed fourth. In the Biscayne Invitational, Vince Heod ploced third out of sixty ployers and Tom Knapp ploced fourth. The USF team placed fourth out of eleven at the Senior Bowl, a thirty-six hole meet. Golf Above Top Row: Vince Heod, Brion Bob Dudley, Tom Knopp, Lou Cuyrla, Lindsoy. Bottom Row: Cooch Wes Berner, Jeff Abbott. Below L eft: Tom Knopp. Below R i 9ht :

PAGE 137

GREEKS 0 0 135

PAGE 138

136 Right, First Row: Janice Thompson, Robbie Cooney, Susan Specht. Second Row: Maddie Head, Judy Silverberg, Sandi Hadsell. Third Row: Yvette Cacciatore, Chris Schmidt, Elaine Jackson, Nancy Marquette at a Panhellenic meeting. Below: the girls enjoy themselves at a fashion show sponsored by the Panhellenic Council. The Panhellenic Council unifies thl University of South Florida's national sororities. Panhellenic participated acti vely in voter registration on campus and in Greek Week. The members sponsored a reception for the new sorority on campus, Alpha Kappa Alpha. Members of the Panhellenic Council were involved in a variety of activities and projects of service to the university as well as to the comrnunitv. Other Panhellenic activities included a retreat to Thonotosassa for group meetings, projects with the I.T. program and the United Fund and donated food to needy families at Thanksgiving.

PAGE 139

Alpha Kappa Alpha ow One : Marjorie Royster, Barbara Twin e Sandra Terrell, M attie Head, Jacqu e l ine Delaughter, Myra Bobo. Row Two: Shirley Chennault Sandra Sull i van lory Myles, Lillie Harden. Not Shown: Regina Thompson, Shel i a Mills 137

PAGE 140

138 Delt a Gamma Above: P11t Pok11y. N11ncy Postel. Becky Bedell, Sherry Scott, S11ndy Milani, B11rb11r11 Coog11n, Patsy Rodriguez, Bette Helms, Loretta Goodwin, Joyce Schw11rtz, Ellen M11guet, Crispen Caldwell, Harvey Fisherm11n, S11lly P11lmer, Ester Denson, Georgenn Petros, Melody Hinman, Wynell Lynn, Cathy Petros, Bethany Boerem11.

PAGE 141

Chi Omega Below; Row One: Cindy Schwessinger, J11net Lewis, M11rgie Foley, P11m Merritt, Di11ne Luke, St11r Thom11s, P11m White. Row Two: B11rb Smi th. Robbie Cooney, L11n11 Be11sley, Jill Melton, Cathy P11pp11s, C11rol Groves, J11nice Tucker Marg11ret Gr11ble, Ch11rner Benz. ,,. f 139

PAGE 142

Delta Delta Delta 140 The T ri Deltas this year showed an extraordinary amount of en thusiasm ond participation. Some say they expressed the most Greek spirit of all the Greeks at the Derby first quarter. "Spirit and Unity is what they were shouting -after all, isn't that what the Derby is all about? Most of the sisters are hesitant to an nounce their engagements lest they are thrown in Argos pool by their fellow sisters. An informal "Wild Wild West" party was held first quarter. Sec ond quarter pledges presented a witty skit to the chapter, shown in picture below and all of the sisters had fun at the an nual Crescent Ball. T ri Deltas offered a scholarship this year of a sizeable amount to any deserving undergraduate woman. Above: Connie Snyder G11il H11ncock, Debbie Stephens Shellie Morrison, Abbeglen 11re getting reody to porticipate in the Derby. Below: Vickie Shepord, Coleen McGioughlin Cloire Gibson, Dione Groghm, Goil Honcod, Dione Abbeglen, Alyn Foster Reno Elston, V i olo Westlund, Lindo Robbirds, Beth McGuire, Judy Gunther, Anne Bullord, Judy Jurek, T ricio O'Neol, Morgreth Borrett, Lourie Woodword, Betty Kessing.

PAGE 143

Alpha Epsilon Phi The AE41s celebroted Founders Doy ot first quorter. the coke ore Helen Weiner, Judy Fleet, Lenore Gitter, Sue Nodler Ellen Ross, Ellen Mirowitz Ronnie Fleshmon, Foye Hymon, Riso Key, Dottie Hoines, ond Cindy Lederer. Alph" Epsilon Phi sorority was founded at Barnard College in 1909. In keeping with their notional service project, "Project Arrow, they donate money each year which goes to help lndion tribes. Two members from USF' s chapter went to the na tional convention in Montreal, Canada this year, where the theme was "friendship." Recreation this yeor was provided by retreo.ts, participation in intromurols planning a trip to Disney World, and "doing things together" on the third quarter, "Pearl Weekend." Below: AE41s ot the Phi Delt Derby. Sue Ostrover, Sondi Hodsel Honey Brooks, Morsho Sokson, Ellen Ross, Lenore Gitter ond Shoron Brook. --141

PAGE 144

142 Kappa Delta Above; Row One: Nury Rodriguez, Goil Anderson, Peggy Suouo, Rito Bostion, Melody Guelker, Dionne Woodell. Row Two : Poulo Cunningham, Lynn Kimboll, Sondy Grohom, Kris Anderson, Sondy Trufolo, Vicki Wellenfels, Borboro R09ers. Anne Summers Judee Vilivisonis, Jonnie Kone. Below; Row One: Leslie Amorine, Eileen Portin, Elsie Stonger, Morgie Chopmon, Storr Holbrook. Row Two : Ellen Lopez, Suzonne Mielcorek Jonet Foster, Cindy VonMeter, Debi Wooton, Nicky Ahrens, Goil Sheo, Kothy Ostermon, Koy Vickers.

PAGE 145

Zeta Beta Tau Founded in 1898 the City College of New York, T u is I 12 strong with I 00,000 brothers to its Md principles. First the brothers, with their little sisters, sponsored the Penny Mile" project. The of money they collected was by the Student Government then contributed to the Student LoM Fund. Second they took in voter included participa tion in intremurels Md of beer top-popping perties. Above: ZBT s ot one of their informal porties. Below: Allen Serkin. Barry Greenstein, Jeffery Frichmon, Ken Dennis, Stewart Kro mer, Gory Blum, Joe Tejeda, ond Bruce Weeks at the Penny Mile project. 143

PAGE 146

144 Kappa Alpha Theta Above ; Bottom to Top: Mimi DelaParte, Libby Weaver, Cheryl Copeland. Elaine Jackson, Carolyn Ouellette, Nancy Duncan. Back, Bottom to Top: Vicki Fellows, Leslee McChristian, Francine Tuero, Sue Atwater, Patty Breadner, Janet Flores, Joanne McNab, Diane Ulrich. Below, Bottom to T op: Chery l Seiler Linda Valenti, Maggie Miller, Debbie Massinger, Pat Reeves, Karen Pockey, Janet Stanley, Libby Pollock. Back, Bottom to T op: Kris Schmidt, CeCe King._ Claudia Shumate, Peggy High Pat Balser, Chris Milian, Ann Forehond Loretta Jensen.

PAGE 147

Delta Zeta n1i4At Above, Row One: Mery Lee Heeley, Kethy Gerrison, Mershe Gercie, Yvette Ceccietori, Gerry Guida, Alice Ramil. Row Two: Sue Murphy, Shirley Aline Ortiz, Beth Bell, Debbie Andrews. Row T hre e : Sus<\n Metthews, Ellen Stauros, Velerie Zummo, Joy Fernendez, Jane Keys, Brenda Waters, Oebbi Isaac. 145

PAGE 148

146 Alpha Delta Pi Alpha Delta Pi sorority, which was founded in 1851 at Wesleyan Female College, Macon, Georgia, was the first secret sisterhood for col lege women. USF's chapter includes among their many projects, the annual "Send a Mouse to College" project for the American Cancer Society, adopting a little Indian girl, Stella Matt, from Arizona, and also porticipati!1g in the Intensive Tutorial Halloween picnic for children. The Dia mond Ball formal dance, third quarter party and spontaneous parties throughout the year supply the sisters with fun and relaxation. Above: Suzi Foster Kethy Morley, Nancy Fenley ond Nancy Marquette hevinq fun at the Phi Delt Derby first quarter. Below: ADns, Bowmen Hanson, Lynne Shorpsteen, Jennifer Brock. Terry Sweeney, Geri Thomes and Sue Cheothem get toqether for e weekend picnic.

PAGE 149

Attitudes on the Present Greek Housing Situation Below is a sample of opinions held by Greeks (both fraternities and sorori ties) living on campus. Aegean representative: How do you feel about your present housing situation? Are you satisfied with your sorority/fraternity l iving in the dorm? Would you like to have your own sorority/fraternity house? Sorority representative: I d like to have a house where all of the sisters could get together. But we just don't have enough Greeks to pay for the house. What I'd like to see is a Panhellenic House where each sorority is designated one floor of the house. Then we could all be together. Fraternity rep.: I don' t think the administration will let us build houses on campus so we d have to find or build our own houses off campus. Sorority rep.: It would be better if we had our own house so that we could be together as a unit. We' d also have a place to invite our friends over, have parties, and eat meals together. Fraternity rep.: There isn' t any where we can go to discuss busi ness matters. What really ticks me off is that they (administrati on) stick people in the lounges to sleep. One lounge isn' t adequate enough kitchen and eati ng space (let alone s leeping space for t hree guys) for sixty-four guys. The bed rooms are as big as closets and the study areas are a joke. Sorority rep. : I think i t would be a good idea if the univers ity would finance the building of on-campus houses for Greeks or at l east two large complexes housing men a n d women and then rent the space to the Greeks at a moderate price. I think Panhellenic is trying to do something about i t now. Panhellenic rep.: Right now we are trying to find an off-campus housing facility, like a group of apart ments, where all the sororities could live. It would be hard now to build our own houses because the administration won t f i nance us and our nationals probably wouldn t support us either. I don t think we ll Ewer be abl e to have sorority/fraternity houses on cam pus 147

PAGE 151

Organizations ( / 149

PAGE 152

150 Delta Sigma Pi Newly formed in April. 1971, Delta Sigma Pi is a general business organization, with a membership of 45. In October, Retired Chairman of the Board of General Telephone, Fred Leary, spoke on "The Responsibmties of Business to the Community." January included a trip to the Jack Eckard Data Processing Center in St. Petersburg. The Delta Sigs were ac tively involved with the Service Corp of Retired Executives, helping them solve cases for small businesses. They also did consult ing work with the National Defense Transportation Association. Under the Housing and Urban Development Project of the HEW, they built playground equipment on a housing project and set up an inventory system for the Housing Authority. Above: Dr. Cherles Lendry presents the scholership key ewerd to Deen Robert S. Cline for the College of Business. Below Left: Werd Herrimen presents Delte Sigme Pi's cherter to Deen Cline. Below Ri9ht: Members of Delte Sigme Pi business froternity. Opposite Above: Members of the Public Reletions Stude11t Society discuss projects. Opposite Below: Members of Ethos.

PAGE 153

Public Relations Student Society of America Handling most of the public relations for the model cities was the main project of the Public Relations Student Society of America. Official recognition as o charter of PRSSA was celebrated with a cocktail hour and banquet and a career day in Novem ber. Professionals in the field of public rela tions talked with members during the day, then banqueted with the group at the Holi day Inn. Spring brought picnics and softball and more work. ETHOS ETHOS is an organization open to women of Africon descent These girls work in connection with the Afro-American Society in ren d ering services to the block students on campus. ETHOS took part in several projects this year, such as helping out at the Seff ner Community Juvenile Home; preparing needy baskets at Thanksgiving and Chr istmas; voter registration; and doing we ekly volunteer work at a nursing home. Officers: Jackie De laughter, speaker of house; Elaine A ldrich secretary of internal affairs; Wilma Lennon secretary of external affairs; Sandra Terrell secretary; Ruby Thomas treasurer; Mary M yles, by-laws; Gwen Pleasants and Jackie Lowery communications. 151

PAGE 154

152 Pi Mu Epsilon "T o Promote Scholarship and Mathemat ics" was the purpose of the Florida Epsilon Chapter of Pi Mu Epsilon. Their monthly meetings featured talks by faculty members or outstanding students on different as pects of mathematics. Once again this year the members planned on having a facultystudent math picnic. Officers: Gary Fleming, president; Alan Boss, vice-president ; Juliette Peterman, correspondent. Faculty sponsor is Dr. Fre dric Zerla. Above: Pi Mu Epsilon members are chosen on their scho lastic excellence particularly in mathemotics. Below: Alpha Phi Omega members collect conned food fOf' the needy food drive. Richard Mullis, pres; Rand Pombier; Vic Polmer; Lonny Guy; Richard Blod, 2nd v.p.; Ed Beresh, historion. Opposite: Athenoeum members work on their coming affiliation with the mortor insignio. Alpha Phi Omega The national service fr.,ternity o Alpha Phi Omega was. ready and eag to be of service this year. Their motto o "Leadership, Friendship, and Service' has encouraged the members of APO td pledge their time and effort to needy groups. Their canned food driv held in November, was a benefit to th Tampa community. Other projects for this year were: luggage carry, United Fund Drive, March of Dimes 21 mile walld Officers: Richard Mullis, Harlan Helming, I st vice-presiden Richard Black, 2nd vice-president; Mite T andet, secretary; John Canosa, Jr., treasurer; William Fox, sgt. of David Kingsbery alumni secretary; Eel Beresh, historian. Dean Ellis and Dr Charles Wildy were the faculty sponsof1 for Alpha Phi Omega.

PAGE 155

Athenaeum Leadership, scholarship, and service were the aims of Athenaeum, newly recognized as a charter colony of Mortar Boord. The main projects of the year were rais ing money for the Groce Allen Scholarship Fund and sponsoring the world premier of the American Dreamer" in conjunction with the film art series. With Phi Kappa Phi, Athenaeum also honored Dr. James McCray with the title of professor of the yeo r. Chorter Members Morter Boord: Suson H. Allen Lono Koy Beesley Charner Benz Linda Chase Judi th M Costello Pat DeCubellis Donne Morie DeVito Sandra Grohom Cathy Hovel Connie Hill Cothy Jill Wenzel Hindle Janet Lynn Hogue Melindo Jo Holland Rose Marie Kintzel Janet Rosemery Lewis Barbero Little Mary E. Mohon Mory D. McKey Vir9inio Motthews llaria Midullo Merilee Suzonne Olson Barbera Louise Smith Vickie Lynn Touchton Deborah J Wootton 153

PAGE 156

154 Tau Beta Phi Below: Tau Beta Phi members donate their by tu toring undergraduate engineering students. Opposite Above: Marty lou Fernandez, Pete Clay. Chuck Rulison, Doug Loing. Tom Tafelski, Fred Bez, Walter Carl ton, Reese Johns, Rick StrickiMd, John Howard, George Cromer. Robert Lavallee, Ross Watson, Jack O'leary, Ray Weltzbarker. Gory Hill, Norris Tom Don Brinley, Jim Hassock. Not Pictured: Ron Fierro. Op posite Below: Officers, Kneelin9: Norris Wynn, informa tion ; Chuck Rulison John Howard. member-ot-lorge. Standin9: Jack O'leary. president; Ross W atson V.P. marketing : Reese Johns, V.P. activities; Tom Blub11ugh, exec. V.P.; Don Brinley treosurer; lou Fernandez, secretory. The Tau Beta Phi Association, an engineeri ng honor society, provided a tutorial ser v ice which aided undergraduate engineeri ng students through difficult cour ses.

PAGE 157

Pi Sigma Epsilon Pi Sigma Epsilon fulfilled its goal of furthering interest in sales, marketing, and sales management by sponsoring the student book exchange each quarter. They were also involved in various service projects including an annual visit to the Children's Home and' community research projects. During Quarter I they showed the movie, "The Clio Awards," to the student body. Officers: John O'Leary, president; Thomas Blubagh, executive vice-president; Louis Fern-andez, secretary; James Davis, treasurer. The sponsor of P i Sigma Epsilon was Dr. William Stevens. 155

PAGE 158

Graduate Business Association The Graduate Business Associa tion launched the year with an active program. The membership concerned itself with three areas of activities: academic, social. and membership/alumni. The social activities included informal get-togethers on the first Thursday of each month. In the membership/alumni area, the GBA attempted to build rapport with CBA alumni, who are being invited to address present students regarding their professions and employment opportunities. Officers: Charles Conner, president; Steven McMahon, vice-president; James Ford, secretory; Doug las Gray, treasurer. The faculty advisor is Dr. George C. Steinike, Assoc. Professor of management. Above: Groduote Business Associotion representotives meet informolly to discuss ond plan events for the year. Below: Fronk Moore receives on emergency communica tion over the Rodio Club's modern, new equipment. Radio Club The Radio Club, open to an')1 USF student with an interest amateur radio communication, the most modern radio equipmen1 and antenna systems Some of the activities that the participated in were telephon4 patching, message handling, Field Day operations, and communications. Officers: William Moore, Ill president; Dennis Dix, vice-presil dent; David Dix, secretary; Mofi Leffler, treasurer; Glen Jenkins, ac tivities and station manager. faculty advisor was Dr. Robe Fuson.

PAGE 159

Kappa Dorm Kappa Dorm sponsored a book drive for the libraries of the Florida State Prison System. Dorm government was revised this year with the abolishment of dorm officers ond the establishment of floor social plon ners. This made activities more spontaneous and dorm life more interesting. LEAVO LEAVO (Library Education Audio Visual Organization) composed of undergraduate ond graduate students and persons interested in the field of librarianship and audio visual coordination. The meetings were lec tures, demonstrations and discussions about the field. The current officers are. Marilyn Cook, president; Barbaro Hull, vice-president; Jackie Logan, recording secretary; linda Baggett, corresponding secretary; ond Susan Stotts, treasurer. Dr. Ruth Newcomb was the advisor. Above: The Sociol Plonners of Koppe Holl ore, Row One: Lyndo White, Morue Von Demon, Judi Gressner; Row Two: Mory Jo Rogers, Susie Hennessy, Kothy Brown. Below: LEAVO members set up o tope recorder in the IMC. Standing: Jodie logen, Suson Stotts, Jocquice Rickey; Seated: Borboro Hull, Marilyn Cook, Linda Boggett. 157

PAGE 160

158 Student Government Are you 18? you registered to vote? These were the questions by the Student Government in their voter regAnother project this to the outdoor a m p lific a tio n rules. The new omplification p olicy outdoor speak ers on other during the free period. Foremost in minds the Student Government's of serving beer to the UC. After mony thirsty this o in January. With the longer UC hours. more also come before the Student Government. They stood behind the in supporting 40 million educotionol bond issue that is to be used completely for student oid. They worked to odd money to the student loon fund. One source of this money the profit from the sole of beer.

PAGE 161

Opposite Above: Jeff Smith leeving Alphe dorm efter turning himself in for violetion of visitation. Opposite Below L eft: Hubert Humphrey addresses USF student body. Opposite Below Right: Students gather in UC Mall to heer candidate speeches. Above: Cebinet meeting, Ree Schmidt, Peul Bradley, Rod Highsmith, Cindy Kienzle, Mike Rose, George Adrieanson, Jeff Smith. Below Left : Meyor John Lindsey gives & speech in the UC Bellroom. Below Right: President Mackey listens to Governor speech. 159

PAGE 162

. ----Hillsborough County VOTER REGISTRATION 160

PAGE 163

Opposite Above: Lesislative meeting chaired by George Adriaansen (left), vice-pres. : Jeff Smith, president; Gory Jones. attorney generol; Paul Bradley, secretary of public relations. Opposite middle: USF students participate in voter registration Opposite Below: Cabinet members, Chuclt Coro, Robert Sechen, Ree Schmidt Richard Mer rid, Marty Zolno Paul Bradl&y, Rod Highsmith, Cindy Kienzle. Above: Governor Askew meets USF supporters left: Students protest Elizabeth Kovochevich ot o dorm rally. 161

PAGE 164

162 The Oracle Far Above: The Oracle members, Normon Goo9el, writer; Poul Wilborn news editor; lourel Teverbough, moMging editor; Elliott Safer, editorial editor plan copy for the next issue of the O r acle Above, l-to-R: Bill Kopf, ad maMger, reviews ad lineage as Bruce Gaines, Joe Mattox, dnd Marjorie Charles select ads. Right: Advertising staff members, Bob Fant, Shelley Riefkind, and Tim Mocksey pion layouts and contact ac counts. Opposite Above : The Oracle staff is writing copy and loyouts in order to meet their deadline. Opposite Right: Bob Boyle, columnist, receives o news report os lourel Teverbeugh prepares copy.

PAGE 165

A change of leadership occurred after first quarter as Mary Ellen Moore passed the editorship onto Grant Donaldson. The staff of 24 strived to maintain the Oracle as one of the top 25 college newspapers in the nation. The advertising department was respon sible for generc!lting the necessary revenue to help support the pc!lper; both the print ing and the staff. Out of the total revenue required to produce the Oracle, approxi mately sixty percent is produced by the student advertising stc!lff by soliciting campus agencies Md off-campus commercial establishments. 163

PAGE 166

164 Above: Professor Gonzalez, Jirn O'Malley. and John Belderes take daily readings. Below Left: Jim Settles and louis Villaroso feed data into the ECA computer. Below R ight: ECA officers Roberto Garcia, Richard Dunlap and Jerry Stahl plan the program for the next council meetinq. Engineering College Association The Engineering Association and its leg islative body, the Engineering Council, sponsored guest speakers at USF. Professor llewellyn a former astronaut and future faculty member, wds one of many. The ECA also obtained equipment, such as typewriters, calculators, and books for student use, and planned dances, picnics and plant tours for the students and faculty. Officers: Richard Dunlap president; Roberto Garcia, vice-president; Jerry Stahl. secretory-treasurer.

PAGE 167

AboYe: En
PAGE 168

"&' I 166 World Affairs Council The World Council brought inte to the universii community. Their was to understonding of U.S. foreign policy inte foreign countri1 their cultures. The main project of WAC Week, November 8-13. They we1 honored to the Direct of the of Tibet Other events included on tional Show Folk Fe Student, World Focus on various a pacts of lnternotionalism. Officers: president; Robe vice-president; Ranki The World Affairs Council w4 sponsored by Orr Hechiche.

PAGE 169

Opposite Above: World Affoirs Council members gother to pion ond discuss the coming Model United Notions. Opposite Below: During lnternotionol Week donees were performed by vorious internotionol representotives. Above: A bogpipe ensemble performs ot the lnternotionol Folk Festival. Below: WAC heord speeches on different ospects of internationalism. 167

PAGE 170

161 Press Club Working in conjunction with Chi, but not recognized, the Press Club contin ued its second Sponsoring High School on pus open house of the building were only two of their They worked solving problems recom mendotions to the Deportment of Moss were on the including Jod Anderson. Grant former vice president, relinquished his position Quorter I to Poul Griscti. Kappa Delt a Pi Koppo Delto Pi Honor Society founded ot USF in 1969. Member ship is selective Mture ond by tion only. The only event highlighting the yeor wos held in Phoenix, Arsecond quorter.

PAGE 171

Circle K Another well-rounded year was in store for Circle K. Their main service project was helping at the Juvenile Home in Seffner. Under the guidanc't of president, Gary Adams, they counselled, had picnics, played, and took the children on outings. It wasn't all play, though. Time was also spent reading to the blind and working at the Clearwater Free Clinic. In January, Circle K was responsible for the planting of 2,000 trees as they worked to better our environment by cleaning parks. At Kiwanis Kids' Day Circle K was there to make sure the underprivileged children of the area had the best time possible. Opposite Above: Press Club officers Grant Donaldson. vicepres: Jeff Miller pres: lourel Teverbou9h. treos: ond Beth Miller, secretary. receive newswire from the UPI Teletype Moc:hine. Opposite Below: Kappa Delto Pi members. Above: Circle K officers have the job of Of9anizin9 service projects for the year. Below: Members of Circle K donate their time to the local community. 169

PAGE 172

170 Yoshukan Karate The Competition Club formed under the Y oshukM banner to build a championship for the university. Members won or in form fighting competition in every tourMment they've entered since its origin. The leader, Mike Foster three-times Grand pion, visited here frequently to the team. Student Advisory Board An open air Business Fair in spring was the work of the Student Advisory Board of the College of Business. All USF students were invited to inspect the exhibits of large companies and corporations. The Board also hosted a senior reception at the end of each quarter for seniors graduating in the of business. It handled complaints concerned with the Business building the College of Business.

PAGE 173

Mar ine Biolog y Club The Biology Club their monthly meetings, such Roger Stethe Director of Hillsborough County Pollution Control. The club frequently went on dredging trips in Tampa Bay. Over the some members of the club went to Key West on skindiving expedition in order to observe the flats and reefs. They worked on various ecology projects and in the Life Science buildin
PAGE 174

Karate Club 172 The Korote Club porticipoted in severol onnuol tournoments ond exhibitions. This yeor the 7th AII-Fiorl do Korote T ournoment wos held ot South Florido on November The Korote Club welcomed T eruyc4 Okozoki, 6th degree block belt ot the'ls offilioted with the Jopon Korote Associotion ond the AII-Americon Korote tion. Officers: Horton Westergor4 president; Christopher vice-president; Shoron Horton, tre01 surer; Stephen Wolter, co-treosuretl. Dr. Fredric Zerlo is the sponsor of the Korote Club.

PAGE 175

Baptist Campus Ministry The Baptist Campus Ministry weekly projects included vespers, Bible study ses sions in the dorms, witnessing programs, luncheons for commuter students, Md allsports mixed intramurals. They supported various speakers, such as Dr. Newport, who spoke on Christianity and the arts. The Bap tist Campus Ministry was also open for counselling. Officers: Bo Simms, president; Melony Dowling, secretary of programs; Brad Bonner communications; Ann St. Charles, so cial chairman; Larry McDowell and lela Wilson, outreach chairmen. The directors of the BCM were Ronnie Hawkins and Irene Letchworth. Oppolite Above: Mr T eruyuki Okazaki judges tourney porti<;ipants 1u they disploy the lunqe P'Jnch ond blocked lid. Opposite Below: The porticiponts in the 7th All-Florida Karate Tovrnoment held in the USF gym. Above: Dione Wansley. Lindo Hanlin, and Jon Stlerovse ploy bos letball for the 8optist YMP'JS Mini5try intromurols. left: libby Weaver and Jonet KoU<}hman disploy their talents et a BCM folk sing. 173

PAGE 176

174 American Society of Personnel Administrators The ASPA m"de cont"ct with the loc"l business community through monthly meetings with the profes sional perent org"niz"tion. USF's ch"pter org"nized the first qu"rter of 1971. Membership h"s incre"sed to 30. It offered its members opportunities for summer ond p"rt-time employment. College of Education Association Answering to the needs of the orgenize tions "ffili"ted with the College of Educa tion w"s the job of the College of Educa tion Advisory Council. M "de up of the presidents of e"ch org"nization "nd repre sent"tives from different levels of educ" tion, the Council coordinated activities, planned" budget, "lloceted money, end of fered ide"s "nd leadership to dubs in the dep"rtments. The Council "lso sponsored periodical reserve room "nd scheduled speakers in the field of educ"tion. Above: The CEA di$CU$S.S progroms ond $peeiol events for the edueotionol Of90nizotion$. The member$ were: Goil Tigue. Poul D.norsli:i. Chris Sin9, Mr. l.G. Roberts ladvisor). Dovid Mocie Bradley, Suson Mei$elmen, Anite Steve Le Gronde, Barbero H.,O, Anno D11e9er, Pri5eiMo Tenner, Pom Pelmer. Below: A.S.PA. member$ included : Row One : Rid L.onerd: Antflony Fre$e, v.p. promotion: Robert Show, secretory: Horry Swenson; Ross Wekon. prM. Row Two: Jon E"9lish, edvi sor; Allen Miller: Riel v.p. Steve Willioms; Ron Allen, v.p.; Jock Pre$Siey. Row ThrM: Thomos Ridley; Word Herrimon: Dole Henno, treo$; Dovid Deloney, v.p. octivities: Jomes looss: Jerry Lov.ty: Oovid

PAGE 177

Above: Woter Ski Oub offtc:en, Sue Stephenl, Lauro Combes, and Jon Everett pion their ned woter skiin9 trip to Loke Keystone. Below: Some members of the Woter Club pose for o quick picture before moking the plunge into tho woter. Row One: Corol Wikoff, Moi'Qoret Shel don, Koren Moale. Morlene Hyott. Row Two: Stevtt Reeves, Terry Mercer Bryon fredrick. Rondy Westboy, Woyne Perpoll. Row ThrM : Steve Bornthousoe, Ronnie Jobe. Not pictu...ct ere: Rich Olson Dove Scott Reynokk Jim Kinq, Jon Brown, Gory Hull Steve McNeill, Dove Pilou, Stevtt Collins, Groq Hordoo, Bruce fredrick Oovid fi.ldor, Gory Sodlor. Water Ski Club The USF Water Ski Club promoted water skiing in all aspects from beginning skiing to tournament competition. No skiing skill was required to join the club. Practice and instruction wer e given on Sundays at their practice site, Lake Key stone. Officers: Laura Combes, president; Jon Everett vice-president; Sherrie Aly secretary; a nd Sue Stephens, treasurer. The sponsor of the Water Ski Club was David Wisner. 175

PAGE 178

176 Afro-American Society The Afro-American Society devoted it self to developing and p r o mo ting an under standing of black culture in Amer ica to black students. The Afro-American Society sponsored the Miss Black Uhuru Pageant and the Afro American Society Gospel Choir participated in the World Affairs Folk Festival on November 1 3th. Other events for this year included the choir in the New York Choral Convention, a Black Symposium, Black Cul tural Week. and the regional meeting of the Florida Black Student Unity Associa tion. Officers: Gary Finley, sec. of political, cultural and social affairs: Wanda Nelson, secretary of internal affairs: Maxine Hill, secretary of external affairs; Deborah John son, recording secretary: Woody Collins, treasurer. The advisor was Bill Packer. Above: Marjorie J. Royster is USF's Miss Black Uhuru in a pa9e0t1t at Tompa's Moft9et Motor IM on November 20th. e.low: Metnbers of the Afro-Atnericen Soci ety perform durin9 the Miss Black Uhuru Pa.qMnt.

PAGE 179

1972 Aegean 177

PAGE 181

......................... Editor Sherry .............. Editor C. ............ Student Life Vicki Smithson ...................... Sports .............. Sports ................ MGrion Myers ................ OrgGnizations Jane Crowden ........ AssistGnt OrgGnizGtions Bill Wisniewski ............. Business MGnGger Staff Kim KrGmer LindG HGrtmGn Kim CopeiGnd With G little help from: Joel MGry Barnich, The St. Petersburg Times Photographers Jerry Nichols Steve HGckbGrth Bob Thurman John MoGle Rick Smith John Gaudette

PAGE 184

Graduates Master's 112 Bridv-s, Hilda: Tempo, A. .. Education. CEC, Hill,boft ouqh Association for Education of Your19 Child,..n .. Cipoloni, Sandi: Tampo, Fla Special Education, SG Senator, EDU Council Clement, LM: Tampa, Ra.,. Psychoio9y, Psi Chi Copeland, Jr., Ewin: TemPe. A.., E119inHrif19, E119inHring Council. GlusiiMin, Mark: Miami, Ro .. Education, History, Pres.. Zeta Beto T ou, Graduate Research Assistant .. Goldstein, Eileen: T ompo, A... Speech Poth Alpho Epsilon Phi Hanley, Donna: Cleorwo A.., English Education Houmi1, Nicholes: T ori)OII!I Spri119s. Flo., E119ineerif19, T ou Beto Phi. Kaplan, Mark: Miomi, Flo.. Business Education, Zettl Beto T ou, UCPC. Donee Committee Kessi119, Eliz abeth: Jacksonville, Flo .. SPMCh Pathology, Delt O.lto Delto, Who's Who Among American Studefll Leaders .. Kobrin, David: T ompo, Flo .. Business. Tau Koppo Epsilon. SG Rep...sentoti.,., Justice Court of Discipline ond Appeals LaNuez, Danny: TomP4 Flo .. Business. Degree

PAGE 185

I wonder if you still go to ond browse, looking for some holf dusty and forgotten recollection of a love affair or the If I look long enough, I find you sitting with a book instead of with me If I only look long enough. Terry Tafoya Rodkin, Jenie: Tampa, Fie., Avdioloc)y, Tau Kappa Ep$ilon Little Sister ... Roper, Janice: Key laf9o, Fla .. Speech Pethotoqy, Newman Club. Baptist Student Union. SPMCh PathoiQ9y Club .. Schwam, Steven: Tempe. Fla En9ineennq, T 11u Epsilon Phi, Tampa Bay Numerical Model, Florida En9ineerin9 Society. Shershin, T empa, flo.. Speciol Eclueetion, Delto Theta Mu, Phi Theta Koppe, Pi Mu Epsilon Stoek, Ronald: Tampo, Fla., Science ... Sw1nson, Charlene: Tampa, Fla., Education. Graduate Assistant. 113

PAGE 186

184 Abbott, David: Orlondo, Fl.,., Mothemotics, Lombdo Chi Alpho ... Abbott, Robert: Cleorwoter, Flo., Sociology Abe, Stephen: Brodenton, Fla., History ... Abernethy, Janice: Homesteod, Flo., Americon Studies. Acevedo, Chris: Miomi, Flo., Elem. Educotion ... Ack erman, Leslie: Pompono Beoch, Flo., Physicol Educo tion, Windjommers Club, Surfing Club ... Adelber9, Ronald: Brooksville, Fla., Politico! Science, Alpho T ou Omego ... Adelstein, Stuart: Miomi Beoch, Flo .. Ac counting. Ahrens, Nicky: Hollywood, Flo.. Psychology, Kopp
PAGE 187

USF gave me a more liberal out look on things because I exposed to greater variety of people and things than ever before. It especially educational to watch the change in the campus climate. When I here there was no such thing dorm visitation, girls had curfews, and if there were any drugs on cam pus they were rarely even about. I it slowly Allen, Donne: Tempe, Ro. Elem. Education, Keppe O.lte Pi, SG, Phi Koppo Phi A .. n, Pet: Plent City. Fie .. Socioio9y Co-op AJ.n, Ron: Luh. Re ... Almquist, Connie: Tempe Ae. Aloi, Aftthony: Cl.erwoter, Ro ... Anchors, William: Neptune Beoch, Ro .. Sociel Science ... Anderson, Alene: Clearwater, Fie Bem. Education ... Anderson, Gayle: Orlando. Fie.. Elem. Education, Keppo Delte, Honors Convoe4tion UC Movie Committ ... Anderson, Judith: Tempe, Re .. PsychofocJy .. Ander son, Pam: Winter Perk, Flo .. Elem. Education UC Pro qrem Council Movies Chairmen Andrews, Marie: Bertow Fie .. E119lish Education. Keppe O.lte, Steff, Student F i nance Committee Andriecchi, Christine: Lef90, Re .. Sociol Science/Lew Enforce rnent, Asst. to SG Attorney Generol Assoc:ioti.,. Jus tice Student Court of Review. Appelrouth, EiiMn: Key West, Re .. S.m. Educotion. Alpha Epsilon Phi .. A119ien, Johethen: St. Petersbuf9. Ro Accountinq, Pres. Senior Accounti119 01'911 nizetion Arpin, James: Ft. Leuderdele. Re .. Physi eel Educotion, Keppe Siqme Omicron Delta Koppo, lntromurels .. Arb, By: Seminole. Re .. Mono
PAGE 188

Above: Prof. Greham Solomon speeh at the 1 .971 Mey Dey rally 116

PAGE 189

Ashman, Susan: Riverview, Fl11., Elem. Education, DeltA ZetA ... Aslelend, Dave : Sebring Fl11., 811sic Studie5, DeltA T 11u DeltA ... Aubrey, Dana: St. Petersbuf9. Fl11 .. Elem. Education ... Austin, Betty: St. Petersburg Fla .. Psychology. Ayala, Bruce: Mi11mi. Fla., Chemistry ... Ayers, Chri s topher: New York. M11rketing, AlphA Phi Omega .. Ayerst, Susan: Avon P11rk, Fla .. SpeciAl EducAtion .. B.tcker, Michael: JAcksonville. Fla .. G&<>logy, Tau Ep5ilon Phi, Pres. of Andros H11ll Council. B.tggett, Linda: Lake WAles. Fl11 .. Elem. EducAtion, LEAVO-Sec .... S.iley, Doug: L11ke WAles, Fl11., Education ... Balke Renee: St. Petersburg, Fl11 .. Educa tion, Alpha Delt11 Pi, Campus Crus11de for Christ Resident AssistAnt ... B.trber, Dean: Winter P11rk. Fla. Zoology, Windjammers. M11rine Biology Club. B.trber, Sandra: Lutz, Fl11., Elem. EducAtion ... B.trbour, Charles: Lakeland R11.. Electrical Engineering ... B.trley, Susan: TampA, Fla Mass Communico tions PRSSA ... Barnes, Frederick: T ompo Flo., Monagement Delt11 Sigma Pi, ASPA. S.rnes, Jean: St. Petersburg, Fla., English ... Barnes Larry : Orlando, Fla .. History, UC Movie Committee. Hall Stand11rds Bo11rd ... Barnthousa, Stephen: K11nsas City, Mo., Zoology, Waterski Team, Medical Club ... B.troni, Gerry: Tllmpll, Fla., Elem. Education. B.trr, Gerald: Tampa, Fla.. Geology, Geology Club ... Berrett, Nancy: Clearwater Flo., Elem. Education ... S.rszcz, Brandon: Tampa, R11., History/Am. Studies ... Bartlett, James: Jacksonville, Fla .. Music. 187

PAGE 190

188 Barton, Dawn Bnerich, David: Tomp.1. Flo. Z gy. Alpha Epsilon Pi. Delta Sigma Pi ... Basco, Gerelt dine: T ompo. Flo .... Bass, Apple: Melbourne. A. Art, UC Proqn1m Council, OCT Program. Resident As sistant. a.tes, Laura: Largo, Flo .. Elem. Education. Ko Delta Pi ... Bauer, Susan: Atlanta. Go .. Elem. Ed tion Baumgarner, Robert: T amp.1. Flo.. Loti American Studies. Bridge Club ... INch, larry: Br denton. Flo. Beech, Sunny: T ompo. Fla.. Sociology Bee lana: Tampa, Fla .. Elem. Education, Chi Omega, A noeum. Student Organ. Advisory Board S..111 grand, Cathy: Tampa. Fla., Psychology ... a.c. Miami, Fla .. Elem. Education

PAGE 191

Sherry Bedin.pield: Hiel.ah, Re Physical Education, Tennis Teem, Voll.vbal Team Bedwell, Miami, Ae .. Bem. Education, Reeder's Theatre, Choir men of Standards Boord. Resident Assistant Bee, Velite: Cocoa Beech, Re .. Elem. Education Beemen, Rich.rd: Tempe, Fie., Sociolo9v. Pres. World Af fairs Council, Director Oversees Information, National Vice Chairman of Model U.N. Council. a-s, Judy: Tempo, Re., Elem. Education ... a.J. d....s, John: Tempo, Fie., Mechanical En9ineerin9. Engineering Council, EnginHring Assoc .. Bel, Unde: Ourhem, N.C .. Elem. Education .. Ben ner, Tampa. Re., Spanish, Italian Club, Spanish Club. llenrube, Scott: Miami, Flo .. Morieti119. Zeto Beta Tou Pres .. Benwlck, Bn.n: Jacksonville, Fie., Menment, Tou Epsilon Phi, Resident Assistant, Pres. MonStudent Advisory Boord .. Benz, Cherner: Tempo, Re .. ZooiQ9y, Athenaeum, Water Ski Club, Chi Omega Beresh, Edwerd: Miami Beach, Fie., Anthropolo9y. Alpha Phi Omega. ler9er, Michael: Tempo, Flo .. Psvc:holo9v. Psi Chi .. lern.trd, Betsy: Naples, Ao .. Business Education, Alpha Tou Ome9o little Sister, Alpha Delta Pi, Top Girl Finalist Bexley, Cherles: Tempo, Flo.. E119. Education Beyw, Holy: T ompo, Fla .. Psyc:hoiQ9y, Oelto Oelto O.lto, Psi Chi, SG Financial Aids CommittM. lleyer, Petrick: le'9Q. Aa .. E119ineeri1MJ, Alpha Tau Omega, Aa. Engineeri119 Society, E119ineering Colleg.. Assoc .. Competition Korote Club S.z, .k., Frech lutz, Ro., Morieting, Pi Sigma, Oracle Ad Stoff, Coop, Co-op Advisory Council Billingsley, Curtis: Clearwater, Ro .. American Studies, SG Senator, College Basic Studies VP. lambda Chi Alpha VP ... Billups, MeliN: Oede City. Re .. Elem. Education, Honors Student, ACEI. linghem, Kennetfl: Seminole, flo., Zoolo9v .. B!.ek, Mery Alice: lakeland, Aa.. E119lish, Classical league Sec:.IT rees B!.ckwell, Biubeth: St. Petersburg, Re .. Elem. Education, Bruce:
PAGE 192

190 Bostian, Rite: Leke City, Fie., Elem. Education, Keppe O.lte, Penhellenic Bostic, &.ry: Tempe. Flo., Fi. nonce Sigme Nu. Orede Advertising Assist. Mgr., lntremurels .. Bottcher, Adelbert: Tempe, Fie., Physics/Math, Pi Mu Eps,ilon, Phi Koppe Phi .. Bowden, Donald: Perry, Fie .. Engineerift9. Bowen, Keren: Cepe Corel, Fie., Elem. Education, SFEA .. Bowers, K.thleen: St. Petersbul'(jJ, Fie., Elem. Education Box, Nency: Jacksonville, Fie., Humanities Braddock, Sandre: Tempe, Fie. BreMs, Mery Ann: Miami, Fie., Elem. Education Brandes, Christine: Miami, Fie., Education .. Bredbenner, Billie: Brandon, Flo., Elem. Education .. Breijo, Ron.ld: Tempe, Fie .. Merketift9, Delta Si9me Pi. Bloeser, t.Aerityn: West Pelm Beech, Fie., Blubaugh, Tom: Lekelend, Fie., Merketift9, Pi Sigme E!)1 silon ... Blum, Miemi Beech, Flo .. Elem. cation, Alpho Epsilon Phi, ACEI Bobo, Myre: tone Beech, Fie., Special Educotion, Alpha KePJIII Alpha President. Bodden, Edward: Tempe, Fie., PHI Bodine, Sheila: Lekelend, Fie .. Elem. Education Boehm, Ronald: Ft. Leuderdele. Fie .. Eft9ineerift9, SG. Fie. Er19ineerir19 ciety .. lions, N.ncy: Hollywood, Fie., Special cation. BoH, Cyniflie: Ft. leuderdele, Flo Elem. Educetiotl Mu Pres., lntremurels ... Boone, Berkeley: Miami, Psychology/Socio!Q9y. Sigme Phi Epsilon, Juclll Club ... Bopp, Sur.enne: Tempa, Fie., Elem. tion, T eu Epsilon Phi Little Sister .. Bordwicz, Mer cus: Oeerweter, Fie .. Chemistry, Keppe Epsilon.

PAGE 193

&r.mer, Thomes: Clearwater. Flo., Finance, Desote Holl Social Committee, Theta Chi .. Bre wer, Glenn: Tempe. Fla .. History, Tennis T eom .. Brice, Julie: Lakeland, Flo .. Elem. Education ... Bridges, Michael: Lutz. Fla .. History, USF Swim Teem. Brinkler Ginny: Tempo, Flo ... Brittein, Lurly: Lar(jlo. Fla Elem. Education ... Brodeur, Michael: Clearwa ter. Fie., Economics/Finance .. Brosious, Sherman: Seminole, Fla., Elem. Education. Brown, Carl: T ompa. Fla .. ... Brown, lneJ.: Mulberry. Fla., Elem. Education Brown in9, Susan: Bradenton. Flo.. English Education, Delta Delta Delta .. BrUce, Lyris : T empa, Flo., Social Science. Buchhob Raymond: St. Petersburg, Flo., Finance .. luchhob, wnt .. m : St. Petersburg, Flo .. Finance .. Buckley, Nency: T a m po, Flo .. Psychology, Psi Chi .. Buclnick Jr. Edwerd: Pinellas Pon, Flo Sociology, UC P109rem Council President. Bulmer, S.ndra: Tempe. Flo .. Accounting. Senior Ac counting Treas Burbank, Irma : Tempe. Fla .. English Burch, Daniel: Tempe. Ra .. Management, Cir cle K, Baseball ... Burke, Peter: 8ri9hton, Moss .. Men-11911ment, Golf, Swimming. Tennis. Burnett, Robert: Windermere. Flo., Erl9ineerin9 ... Busalocchi, Patricia: Cope Corel, Fla. Butler, Thomes: Sarasota. Fla., Finance ... Iuxton, Paul: Riviere Beech, Ra., SociolO(jly. Tau Kappa Epsilon Pres., Circle K. 191

PAGE 194

192 8yak, Rob.rt: Lakeland Flo.. Morketin9 .. 8yetS Lokelond. Flo.. Mor\eti119. P i Si;mo Epsi len ... Coforo, Patricia: Tompo. Flo .. Elem. Educ.o t i
PAGE 195


PAGE 196

194 Chester, Allen: Tempe. Fla., Marketing .. ." Chi Debbie: Orlando. Fie .. Education, Koppa Delto, P hellenic Chittenct.n, John: Clearwater, Ra Cichenowic:z, Ronald: St. Petersburg, Fie .. Acc:ou Clerk, Karl: T Fie., Si9me Phi Epsilon, Presi Tau Alpha Pi, Tau Beto llt!i, Gold Key Honor ty .. Cleyton, Jay: Gulf Port. Fie .. Music ... C:O.. Roter: Clearwater. Fie .. History, lambda Chi AI Omicron Beta Kappa. SG Senator Coheft, Undoll Miomi, Fie., Special Education. Keppe Delta Pi. SFEAI SCEC., Royd: Tempe, Fla., Math Coley Jr,.. W.sley:, Fie .. Marketing Colina, Bob; Gainesville, Fla.. Mess Communications, PRSSA Coi'IM. Lesley: lA190. Fla., Accounting. ColiM, Oliver: St. Petersbui'CJ. Fie .. Accounting Com.s, Ralf-Antt.ony: T Flo., Social Sc:ieq Sigma Phi Epsilon Comb., Sheron: Ft. Myers, Fla.,. Elem. Education, Kappa Delta Pi, &ptist Stud.ftl Union, CEA Condrick, 6ail: Tempe, Fla .. Speeda Broadcasting Club, Speech Productions. Connolly, John: Tempe, Ra. Cooke, Sharott: Tempe. Fla .. liberal Arts, Kappa Delta Pi, CEA, FEA Cool, Carl : T ampe, Fla .. Engineering, Advisory Council Cooney, KaNII: Brandon, Fie. Business. Cooper, James: Clearwater, Fla .. Management Copia, MaryJo: lAf'90, Fie., Education, Speech P ductions .. Cordell, Wil'10m: Venice. Fla., Educ:ef R esident Assistant CorrN, W.nde: Tempe, Music Education Sigma Alpha Iota, SMENC. Bond Ensemble I

PAGE 197

Costello, Judith: T ampe, Ffe., Fine Arts, Sigma Alpha Iota, Afttenaeum, Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colle9es Coulter, Susen: Palmer, Mass.. Mathematics Crawford, Doria: St. Pete11bu1'9, Fla., Bern. Education .. Creemer, Christine: Oearwat.,, Fla., Bem. Education. Ctensh.w, Joe: Tampa, Ra .. Geology, GTU Saili"9. Tennis Cnnwid:, Robin: Miami, Ra.. SociolofJ'I Crews, ... nis: Tempe, Fla .. Elem. Education Ctonln, Rich: Tampa, Ffa .. Special Education, CEC. Franl:: Ut"90, Fla Crotty, James: Jacksonville, Ffa .. Mass Communications, Sigma Nu, Student 01'9anizatiON Advisory Board, PRSSA Crowel, Jane: St. Pet.rsburg, Aa Bu5iness Education ... Crowley, Timothy: Warren. Wyo. Cuddel:lad:, Fie .. Fine Arts ... Cuel lar, Velerie: Tempe, Fla .. Elem. Education. Alpha Delta Pi Cureton, Jr., Thomas: Tempe. Fie., fn<}ine.rift9, Pi Kappa Alpha .. Curry, Cherfea: Tempe, Fla .. Engineering, IEEE. FES. Curtis, Anne: Miami. Fla., Bem Educati0t1, Afro American Society Cusmano, Nelson: Tempo, Fla .. Marleting, Si9ma Nu, Pi SiQme Epsilon ... Cusmano, Philip: lampe, Fla .. Marletin9. Sigma Nu. Pi Sigma Epsilon ... Deily, Richerd: Columbus, Ohio, Phy. Educa tion. Keooa Siome. Phi Delta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi. Dele, Chris: Vero Beach, Fla., liberal Arts. President USF Dance Theatre ... Dallas, Robert: Orlando, Fla., Zoolo9y A090an '71, ConstHVetion 70's Damato, Heney: St. Leo. Fla., Special Education Derden, Jul'ta: Tampa. Fla., Bem Education. 195

PAGE 198

196 Dashiell, Dart.n.: Ca$$elberry, Fla. Motk Alpha Delta Pi Davis, Areifla: Tempo, Fla.. liberal Arts/Enq .... Davis, Donald': Winter Hoven. Flo .. Psy chol09v. Psi Cki, Water Ski Club, Goveri\Or Beto II East Dvis, Jmes: Clearwater Flo .. Marketil'l<), Pi Sic;mo Epsiioh DNs, &.cky: Miami, Flo .. Phy. Education. Women's ex tromural Volleyboll O.Cubellis, Pat: New Port Richey Flo .. Education Athenaeum, Chairman Intercom Committee, President UC Proc;rom Council '70 .. Deits, Kthryn: We't Palm flo., Art Tampa, Fie .. Monoc;ement Delto Si9ma Pi. Delany, David: Tompo. Flo .. Management, Delta Sigma Pi, ASPA ... Delaploin., Linda: T ompa, Fie .. Mon CommuriicotioM, Athenaeum Aeqeo n St Life Ed Advet"ti,inc; Club ... Delaplaine, Stuert: T ompa, .. Education. AI ESEC. DECA Deleo, Anita: lutz. Ao. Special Education O.Leo, Gene: T ompo, flo.. Finance. UC Pr09ram Co11ncil ... Delo"9, Ted: St Petersburg. Ra., Accounting ... DeMaria, Mrvaret: Lokewood N. J Speech ... O.mmi, Shirley: T ompa. Flo .. Bvs. Educo tion O.nton, Hillary : Tampo, Fla. American Studies. Wind jammers. Water Ski Club .. DeS.Ivo, Tena: Jodson ville, Flo .. Elem. Edvc.ttion Koppe Delta Phi ... O.ShIo, Ch.rlene: Miomi. Flo.. Elem. Education .. O.utschman, Alfred: N. Miami S.oeh, Flo.. liberal Art$/Eng .. Tau Ep,ifon Phi, Pr4nident USF Cor Club. O.Vita, Donna: Hollywood Fla .. lib/Av. -Educotion Mortarboard. Phi Koppa Phi, Environment 70's Di amond, Helene: Miomi, flo .. Elem. Educotion ... Diu, Ros.enM: T ompo. Flo., Elem. Education .. Dickman, Ronold: Tompa. Fla. MonaqeMoent

PAGE 199

What did you get out of your four years at USF? Hm, let's see. What did I get out of it? hm-mmm mm-m ... uh ... You know what did it do for you? Do for me. Well ... hm-mm-mmm mm-m ... Come on! Lemme see, I'm thinking. Lemme see. uh, I really can't think of anything. There s got to be something. Diller, Cleorwoter F l o Speech. WUSf. FM/TV, WUSF Concert A$$0. Ditto, Joht!: Tompe, Flo.. Elem. Edueotion Newmon Club Diron, Kenneth: Avon Pork, Ao.. MonoQement, Phi Delta Theta .. Donegon, Sh..-ry: Dunedin Fto .. Phy. Education, lntermurols, P,.s i dont Gommo IV E. Doren, JoAnn: Delran, N.J .. $oeiol()9y ... Domey, Dovid: JacksonviKe, Fla.. Moss Communia.tionJ lambda Chi Alpho ... Dort, O.nniJ: lor9Q. Fla .. Sec. Education Doder, Aud,.y: St. Petersburg. Ro., Eng./ Journalism Education. Downs, Sh.ri: Semin<>l.. Fto.. Elem. Education. SFEA DoyJ., Dione: Tempo, Ao .... Doyle, In 9rid: Tampa. flo .. .. Drouohon, Mory: Plant City. Flo. Well, how about a reverent respect for the value of ignorance? After you graduate you suddenly realize what you don t know. Know what I mean? Exactly! Thank you. a I q68 9roduoto now workir19 in i ndustrial mono9ement. 197

PAGE 200

198 Drinkard, Deborah : Tompo, Flo .. Eng. Education, Koppo Phi ... 0119911r, Berbare : St. Petersburg, Flo Eng. Education ... Duffy Gail: Temple Terrece. Flo Elem. Education ... Duffy Michael : Cleerwoter, Finance. Duhm, Allan: Avon Pork. Flo .. Zoology Education, In tremurels ..., Catherine: Corel Gables, Fla Elem. Education. Kappa Delta Pi ... Dwyer, Ken: T questo Flo., Mene9ement, Si9mo Phi Epsilon [)yak Bruce : Fairport, N.Y .. Management. [)yal, Judith Ann: Brandon. Fla., Political Science .. Dye, Donna: New Port Richey. Fla .. Mass Communi tions ... Eastwood, Kethy: fort Myers. Fie .. fine A Zeto Tou ... E.ton, Patricia: Bowie, Maryland, S cial Education SG. SRL. UC Fashion Committee. Ebanks, Berbara: Dover Flo .. Soc. Science EducationJ Recording Secretary -You119 Democrats, ltelionl Club ... Echelman, Richard: Orlando. Fla.. Arts/Pol. Science, Political Science Union Ede. Nicholas: Miomi, Fie., Accountin9 ... Ed9e, Feye: St. Petersburg, Fla., Special Education.

PAGE 201

Elliston Lerenc.: T4mp4, F14 .... En9erran, John: Holly Hill, A4., M4nogement &dman, Shelley: S4r4sota, Flo., History, lntromur41 Volleyball, Softball, Dorm Social Ch4irmon .. Espinal Ronald: T ompo, Ro., Sociology, Thet4 Chi. Eub.tnk, Wesley: Lutz, Flo., Engineering Even, l'llomos: Brandon, Ra.. Business Fe94n, David: lolorth Miami Beach, Fio.. Elem. Education, Honors Convocation T ou Epsilon Phi, NEA, SFEA ... Felken Fr4nces: Titusville, Ao., Moth Education. Farmer, Clerk: Tempo, Flo.. Engineering, T ou Beta Phi ... Faulkner, Denise: Largo, Flo., Education ... Feld, Fred: St. Petersburg, Fla., Biology, lou Epsilon Phi, Pre Med Society, Hillel ... Fellner Mary: Fort Myers, Ro., Elem. Education Ferlit4, Thomas: T ompo, Flo .. Business ... Femandez, Louis: T 4mpo, Flo., Marketing, Pi Sigma Epsilon ... Ferraro, Carole: Cope Coral, Flo., Sociology. 199

PAGE 202

200 Fischer, Diane: Clearwater, flo., Elem. Educotioll Filhmen, C.rolyn: St. Petersburo. Fla .. Educotioll. Fiske, Linda: Temple Terroce. Flo., Elem. Educa Alpha Delta Pi ... Fitzpatrick, Maur"n: St. Pe bur9, flo .. Elem. Educotion. Fitzpatrick, Rich.rd: T ompo, Flo Finonc:e, Alphe Ome<}O .. Fitummons, Sue: Lo Belle, Flo .. Elem. E cotion, SFEA R.ne9en, IC.thy: Tompo, Fla .. El Education Fleet, Helaine: T allohossee, Flo., El Educotion. Alpha Epsilon Phi. Flemift9, Joyc.: Punta Gordo. Flo., Elem. Ed tion .. R.tcher, Mary: Orlando, Flo., Specie! Ed tion, AA TT, TTKA ... Aor.5. Jane+: Ormundo Be Flo., Special Educotion, Kappo Alpha Theta .. no, Mercia: Cleorwot.r, flo.; Psycholo
PAGE 203

frHze, Tampa, Ro., Education ... Frenc h, Judy: Apopka, Flo., Business Education Frerichs Carl : T ompo, Flo .. Physics, USF Bowling league, Com puter Club, Chess Team Fried, Renee : Miami, Flo .. Elem. Education, Speech Pothokx}y and Audiology Club. Friedman, Berbera: St. Petersbur9, Fla .. Sociology, V.P. Hillel .. Froio Samuel: Ormond Beach. Fla .. English literature .. Fry, Ronald: St. Cloud, Flo., Music Education, Phi Mu Alpha, Student Music Educators ... Fulford, Hazel: Cortez, flo., Psychology. FulfOf'd, James: Palm Harbor, Flo., E119ineering. Co-op Student Advisory Council Fultz David: Tampa. Ra., English, Campus Minister-Independent, Christian Church Fellowship ... Furney, Robert: Clearwater Flo ... Gaines, Brvce: Winter Park, Ra., Moss Com munications, Oracle Adv .. President Advertising Asso ciation. Galbraith, Cassandra: Key West, Fla .. Education ... 6aHaty, Jay: North Miami, Flo., Pre Optometry Psychology. Social Affiliate of Phi lombd" Phi ... Gallo way, Patrick: Tampa, Fla. Finl!lnce AXA ... Gallaway, Susan: Tamp.,, Fla .. Elem. Education, Alph., D e lt Pi, CEA. Gamin, Judith : Sorasot.,, Ra .. Art Education, Aege an Gent, &nest: Sl!lrasota, Fla.. Finance Gardner, Brenda: Thonotasassa. Fla. Education ... Soriano, Patrick : Pinell"s Park, Flo .. Chemistry. Sarrett, William: s.,tellite Beach. Flo .. Psychology ... Sass, Cynthia: Wales, Fla .... Gast, John: Tampa, Flo .... Sates, Patricia: Tampa. Fla .. Special Educ5tion. President Collegiate Civitan Club. 201

PAGE 204

Norman Moiler speaks in the USF Gym. 202 Gay, Susan: Silver Springs, Fla., Education 6eho. Antftony: T em pie T "ace. Fla., Art Chris: Bay Village, Ohio, Speech, PRSSA .. 6Hdzier, Susan: Jacksonville, Fla., Bem. Education. Geor9e, Steve: Tampa, Fla ... Steven: Owl eclin, Fla., Marketi"9, Sigma Nu, Pi Sigma EpsiiOill Marketing Career Development P1'09ram Feature Gerber, Kent: Clearwater, Fla ... 6erfac:h, Charlel Tompa, Flo Zoology, TTKA. Giambrone, Gf'e901'Y: ft. louderdot.. Flo.. gy Giannechini, Kathy: Tampa, Flo .. Elem. Educt tion Gibson, Chorles: T ompa, Flo .. MonogeiMI!J Delta Sigm& Pi, Basketball Oon.ld: S 1 Petersbuf'9. Fla .. Moss Communications.

PAGE 205

6ildlrest, Relph: Lakeland, Ra., Educotion ... GilkM, William: St. Petersbuf9, Ra .... Gill, Thomas : Lutz, Flo Gillotti, C.rol Jo: Tempo, Ra .. Music/Chemiatry. Sigma Alpha Iota, Liberal Arts Council, Fine Arts Council. Glei'IC'f, Bien: Miami, flo., Education ... Gle11, Mi cheel: Sarasota, flo., Accounting, Lambdo Chi Alpho .. Gle11, Wiliam: Cleorwoter, Flo .. Account. ing, Senior Ac:counting Organization Sober, Lerry : Milton, Flo., Social Science Education. Gold, Unde: Lak e Worth, flo., Mou Communications /Psyehoio9y. PRSSA 6oldbe1'9, Susan: North Miami Beoch, Ro., Earfy Childhood 6ooclrnan, lradl.y: Miami, flo.. Marlteting, ZBT, Debate Team Grodman, Nai'ICy: Tampa, Flo .. E:lem. Edueo tion. 6onzalez, Joe: T ompo. Ro .. PsychoJo9y, Lambda Chi Alpha. SG. Society .. Gonzalez, Josephine: T ampo, flo .. Elem. Education, Delta Zeta ... Good. win, Loretto: West Palm Beoch. Fla .. Zoology. Delta Gommo .. Gem. &nt.: T ampo, Aa., Business. Sottshal, Cynthia: Pompano, flo .. Speec:h/Eng. Edu. cation, Resident Assistant Goucher, Wltll.m: Tempo, Fie.. fnc}iMering 6rable, Me'9oret: Tampo, Fla .. American Studies, Chi 6reen, C.thy: Sanford, Ra .. Psyehoio9y/Sociology, Psi Chi. &r.en, Uncia: Merritt Island, Aa.. Elem. Education, Music Educators National Confe,.ft<:e Gr.iner, James: Clearwot..-. Flo.. Engineering. f.E.S.. Photodub Griest, Nii'IC'f: Miami, Flo.. Physical Eduea tion, Extramural Volleyball. Softball .. Griscti, Paul: Tempo. Fla. 203

PAGE 206

Gromoll Rob.rt: Winter Pork, Flo., Sociol Scienc. Grosch, C.role: Bethesdo Md., Moss Communictl tions ... Growney, Mary: St. Petersburg, Flo .. Political Science, Student Politico! Union ... &rover, Melbourne. Ao.. Speech/En9. Educotion, Phi Thet411 Koppa. Publicity Choirmon, SG, Newmon Club. Groves, Carol: Orlondo, Flo., Eorly Childhood. Chi Ome9o Grymes, Stephen: JocksonviHe, F lo, Broadcosti119, Sigma Nu .. Gunth.,, Judy: TomPij Ao .. Speech/Eng. Educotion, Delto Delta Delto, SA. Little Sister, Orocle Advertisin
PAGE 207

H.rit.y, St. Petenbui'CJ. Ra .. Education ... Hflrtley, Susan: Tampo. Ra .. Education Hflrtmen, Unde: C!Mrwater. Ra.. Sponish Education. an .. H.rtson, Wiliam: Crystal River. Fla., Geolo9v. Si
PAGE 208

206 Healey, Mary Lee : Fort Pierce, Fla .. French/En9. Edu cation, Delta Zeta, 5pani
PAGE 209

The first two years here were rough -the general atmosphere was indifference. In my lost two years I got more involved with students, more black students had come in by that time. The majority of students were nice and I had two conflicts while living in a dorm that were purely racial. Another time I was in a suite of girls, six white and two blacks, who were close knit. I would probably go to an all-black university if I had the chance to do it over. I would feel more at home with black students, there are not as many here as I'd like to see. I do not want to paint a purely negative picture; I have had some enjoya ble experiences. There's something wrong with every university. Glorio Sheppord, o 1972 psychology groduote Robert: Woshington, D.C. Hilker, Nancy: Sofety Horbor, Flo .. Art Educotion ... Hill, Connie: Apopko, Flo .. English Educotion, Koppo Delto, Athenoeum, A&Qeon ... HiN, Dollie: T ompo, Flo .. So ciology, Ethos. Hin, Mary Kay: T ompo, Flo., Eorly Childhood Educo tion, Delto Delto Delto ... HiMs, Joseph: T ompo. Flo., E119ineering ... Hitzing, Michele Kay: Ft. Myers, Flo .. Elem. Educotion ... HoeMs, Zoe: lorgo, Flo., Elem. Educotion. Hoffman, Carl: Tompo, Flo., Sociology, Boptist Student Union ... Holbert, Suah: T ompo, Flo .. Psycholo gy, Gold Key, Psi Chi ... Holbrooll, Starr: Plont City, Flo.. Early Childhood Educotion, Koppo Oelto .. Holdsworth, Morilyn: T ompo. Flo., Speciol Educotion, Donee Committee. Hollond, Melinda: Tompo, Flo., Bocteriology, Athe noeum, Photo Club, Aegeon ... Holt, John: T ompo, Flo., Psychology ... Holub, Bonita: T ompo, Flo .. Elem. Educotion, Feoture Entertoinment Committee ... Hope, Robert: Venice. Flo., Engineering, lntromurol Footboll. 207

PAGE 210

208 Horon, Lnlie: Tempa. Flo., S.m. EducatiOfl ... Hotopp, V"ector: St. Pete""-'9, Fla .. Marketi119 .. Howerd, Jeen: Tampa. Ae.. S.m. Edueetion ... Hubbel, Devid: 8radenton, Flo.. Music Education. Phi M1 Alph4, Univertity Bend. Orchestre. Hucf9ins, Bonnie: Ocolo, Flo.. Elem. Education .. HU9hart, Denise: Tampa. Ra.. Kappa O.lto, lombdo Chi Alpho litfle Sister Hulnic:l, Judy: Corel Gobles. flo., Enqlish. Pti Rho Pi, Performonc. HU11ter, R011nie: Clearwater. Aa .. SP"Ch Education. Hwy, Thomes: Gein.s"''ille. Flo Finance. Sigma EpsiloA. IAtramural Swimmin9 Hvtti9, Tompo, Aa., Elem. Education Hyatt, t.4orlene: lndialontic, Aa., S.m. Edueetton. Ski Team, Residenf Ay sistant l.dorte, louis: Lutz. Aa .. Special EducafiOQ, CEC. l1'9'ohom, Cynthlo: Aurora. II., lnt.rnationel Coptoin of Ch.erieoders. Help Line ... lrela-4 Mery: Palm, Fla., library .. men, Roberto: Miomi. Ao .. Sociol()9y. World Affai11 Council, A09ean S.ine: Maitland Fla. Jecobt, &19.,_: St. Pet.tsbuf9, Flo.. Moth tion Jerret, Soil: Jockson"''ille. Ae .. S.m. Eduee< tioft JeMiM, Glen: T ompo, Flo.. Eft9iMeriiiCJo Amot.ur Radio Club. Pres. USFARC. Aetivities and Station Mafta9er Jemen, Sari: West Flo .. Special Education, World Affoirs Council V .1>4 E....ents Committee. Jlriltowie, Reymond: Tampa, Fto.. Management Johns, Louis: Miomi, Fla .. Ac:c:ountinQ. Accounti Club Johns. Reese: To'!'po, Flo .. Marketin9. Sigma EpsiloA .. Johnson, o.lor.s: lof'90, Flo., El Education.

PAGE 211

JohMOft, Maude: T ompa, Fto., SP"(:h/Ef\9. Campus Crusade fM Christ Johnson, Robert: uklond. Flo.. Mass Communications Johnson, T11om.s: lampe, Fla .. ZooloQy, Sigma Phi Epsilon .. Johftson William: Tampa, Fla .. Geol09v/Reli9ious Studies. Johnson Sue: Tampa, Flo., Elem. Education, NCTM JonM, Alan: Tompa, Flo .. Accountil\9, Jones, Elmira: Tampa, Fla Elem. .. JOitR, JamM: Tampo, Fla .. Engin .. rin9. IEEE, FES, Tampa Jaycee$. Jon.s June: Tarpon Springs, Flo., Elem. Education .. Jon.s, Marian: Winter Hoven, Flo .. Elem. Educa tion Jones, Ruth: Bortow. Flo., Speech/Eng. Education. Afro-American Gospel Choir .. Joost, &ic: Tempa. Aa .. Yearbook There I am Sitti ng i n black dots Jorden, Melanie: Live Oak, Fla., Elem. Education Jllf1Jeus.n Crei9: Tompo. Ae. On the page of gri n ning teeth; The cover is thick: I'm snurking And there's nothing Besid e my m isspelled F"ce except my name. 8.0. lozor 1971 South Aorido Review I 209

PAGE 212

210 Kemp, Pat: Key Lar9o. Fla.. Special Education .. Kendrick, E!f9ene: Mulberry, Flo .. Sociol Science Edu cation. Afro-American Society, Afro-Americon Gospel Choir, UC Movies Committee KenMdy, Bruce: T ompo, Fla .. Engineering ... Kidd, Adrienne: T ampo, Flo., Business. Kiliany, Elizabeth: Auburndale. Fla .. Business Educo tion .. Kilkenny, Kathryn: West Palm Be.Kh, Fla .. Psycholo9y. Resident Assistant, Dance Club .. Kin9, Larry: T ompo, Fla., Accounting, Senior Accountin9 Or-90nizotion. Katan, North Miomi Beoch, Fla.. Politial Science. Tou EpJilon Phi, V.P. Fontona ond Oesota Hell Council, ond President of UJme Kaiserman, N. Miomi Beoch, Fla .. BroadcastinQ Kalins, s. Miomi, Flo.. E119./Journ. Education, AeQean Editor Kamelhair, Bruce: Miomi, Flo., Politicll Science, SG. Auxiliary Services Committee. Kane, Pamela: St. Petersbuf9, Fla.. AccountinQ/11 nonce, Senior AccountinQ 01'9onizotion .. Martha: Miomi, Fla .. Mass Communicetions. PRSSA,I AeQeon. Pres. Alpha Epsilon Phi Katzman, Miomi, flo .. Speciol Education. SCEC ... KaufiMIIII Steve: Jaclsonville, Fla Mass Communicetions. Kearly, Debby: Tampo. flo .. Accountin9. SG. Advisory Board ... Kelley, C.therine: Ft. louderd.ll Fla .. Moss CornmunicotioRS K ... y, Kathy: Tompa., Fla Elem. Educetion .. Keizer, Robert: St. bv1'9. Flo., Moss Communtc:atioRS.

PAGE 213

S h o rtsho rt Impressions: W h a t d i d you get out o f USF? I got pregnont. * I got a B.A. and nothing else ... no, thot's too severe. School mode me much more liberal. * It opened my eyes to the arts. Theotre, painting, sculpture, poetry, photogrophy, films where else, besides New York City or San Francisco, could I get such constant culturol exposure? * I learned to see the world through a new pair of eyes-some of my professors gave me x-roy v1s1on ... * Nobody cares about your academic record which is disillusioning if you tried hard in school. I had mostly A s my husband had mostly C's. It didn't make any difference. Employers just want to know if you have a degree, period. * It was something to do for five years. It was better than working ... Kin9, Nenc;y: St. Petenburg, Aa .. Elem. Education .. Kin9, Robert : WoodNiven, N.Y .. Liberal Arts .. KinMy, D ele: Seminole. Ao .. Education ... Kintzel, Joe: lutz. Flo., Marketing/Economi" Deon Cooper'$ Covn cil, Edueotion T utoriel. Kintzel, RoseMarie: Lutz. Flo.. Education Kinchn.,, S.ndre: Seminole. Fla .. En<}.IMMs Communico tions ... Kirstein, Ernest: Cl.arweter. Flo .. Zoolo-9)'/S.c. Education, Pre-Med. Society Kitman, Weftay: Tompo, Fla .. Elem. Education, ACEI. 211

PAGE 214

212 -Klo.u, 6eor9e: New Port Richey. flo., Modern QUOQes. Germon Club .. Kloth, Nancy: N. Mia Beech, flo.. Sociol Sciene Educotion ... Knepf* Lll'do: Orlondo. Flo., Morketinq. Delto Gommo lnvit tionol Pr09rom for MKT Knl9frt, Chefyl : Flo .. Speech/En9. Educotion, Delto Gammo. -Knoll, Jock: Tempo, flo .. Marketing, Movie tee, Visuol Arts. Amateur Rodio Club K nowles, isso: Key Wed, flo., Psychology/Sociolog y P Chi .. Ko.ni9, Lorry: Fla .. Spanish ... K lonlo, Thereso: Sorosoto, Flo., SocioloQy. Kondelin, Geot-90: Lokelond. flo .. En9ineer ; nq Krick. Kenneth: O.orwater, flo., En9in .. r ong Krowl, Robert: Tompo, Flo.. History Education Kn19, Carol: N Miami, Flo .. Elem. Education. Kllbler, Loui1: St. Petersburg. Flo .. Mona9ement; butive EducotiOft, SeniOt Accountin9 O rg a niz_,t O'l Business Administration Association Kunstman Dorotfly: lutr, Fla .. Sociolo<)y .. Lacedonio, Sharon T ampo Flo .. Elem. Education La6ronde, Steven Jacksonville, Fla .. Elem. Education, Alplo.o Phi Omeqt Omicron Koppa Delta, Orientation Clo.oirmon.

PAGE 215

Lakins, Kev i n : St. Petersburg. Fla .. Accounting. Senior Accounting Organization Sec .... Lampe, Audrey: St. Petersburg. Fla .. Eng. Education ... LaPierre, Lizabeth: Seminole. Fla .. Science Education Phi Kappa Phi. V P Mu I E ... LePiefTe, Dougl.s: Tampa. Fla .. Mar keting. Wrestling Club. Karate Club. Laskey, Mitchel : N Miami, Fla .. Business ... Laune y Glen: Tampa, Fla .. Marketing, Sports Car Club ... Laurent, Reymond : Cape Coral. Fla ., Specil!ll Educl!ltion, PKP ... U.vigne, James: Tampa, R., .. Speech/ I Science, College of B.,sic Studies Council. Cir cle K Debate. L.voie, James: Lehigh Acres, Fl., .. Sociology Resident Assistl!lnt ... Lawren c e Cindy: Miami Fla., Ml!lrket ing ... Lawson, Lise: T Fla., History ... LeBoss, Sten: T
PAGE 216

214 L.&oye R icherd: T a mpa, Aa., 8em. Educotion, venity Band, Uni..-.nity Choir Lemo, Ro Miami, Aa .. Art Edueotion l.eftGel, Reed: C Cotel, Ffe.. Mon119ement, Pr.s. lembclo Alpha Loon, Bruce: Cl..,rweter, Ffe .. Accounf Senior Aecounti"9 01'9onizot1on. L.ssor, Miriam: N. Miami Beoeh, Flo .. Spanish Edu tion, Hillel .. lester, Pa"lcio: lutz, Flo., EnQ. Edu tion, Delto Gammo, ChMftoad.,., l.embdo Chi AI Little Sister lov.nth.l, Janet: Miami, Flo.. Ele Education .. Levey, Judith: Miami, Fla., Speciol E cot ion. l.ewis, Cothy: Tompe, Fie., Physico! Educotion, UC P grom Council, PEA Sec. lewll, Donald: Tam Flo .. Lewis, &on: Temple Terroce, A. .. Sociol 9Y Lewis, Janet: Cleorwater, Flo .. Elem. Educoti Chi Omega. Atheneaum, A09Mn. Uceto, Peter: T ompe, Fto Sociology lincoln, J dith: Seminole, Ao .. Elem. Education ... linds John: Ft. louderdole, Fto., Morteti"9. Pi Sf9mo Ep lon, Football. Tennis li1'19, Juon: Tompe, Flo ChemiJtry, Amoteur Joi-Aiai. linthicum Rich.rd: St. Petenburq. Ao .. Moth Edu tion .. liphom, C.role: Sebring, Fla .. Special Edu tion lis, J!ldy: Sayreville, N.J., JournoliJm Edu tion, Florida Educotion Aociotion Little, Pa N oples, Fto Zoo!Q9y, Pre Med Society, Ruuian Clu Young Ropublicons. Littmon, Jeri: Chevy Chose, Md., Elem. Educetioft UvinfJaton, Rich.rd: Ogden, Flo .. B i olog y Educotion. Mu Ep5ilon, Zoolo9Y ... Lockleor, EDen: St. P ete buf9, Flo .. E lem. Educotion, Volleyball Teem. Club Lod.rmei, BlytM: St. Pe .. tJbuf9, Ao.

PAGE 217


PAGE 218

216 lo9ue, Sharon: Bradenton, Fla .. Elem. Education .. Lonetto, Jeck: Tampa, Fla .. Accounting, SAO. LCIPfl tin, Robert: Miami, Fla .. Marketing, Ta u Ep$ilon fflil Ru9by Team ... Lopez, Toni: Tampa, Fla., Eng. Eduo cation. l.otd, Dwi9ht: Miami, Fla .. Education ... Loveiof. Bradenton F l a .. Eng, Education .. Lovet,. Penny: Tampa Fla .. Elem Education ... Lovely RDard: Tampa, Fla .. Sociology Lowry, Emery: Mulberry, Fla .. M ass Communications.. Debate, PRSSA ... Lucas, Jeffrey: Tampa, Fla .. Mar keting LuCree, Guy: Tampa, Fla .. Finance Student Advisory Board College of Business ... Luethe, Dean: Lutz, Fla .. Engineerinq. Luster, Edmond: Winter Haven, Fla .. Engineerin9 .. MacDonald, Cha.Wa: Merritt Island, Fla., Psychology ... Madson, Jeane: Hialeah, Fla .. Basic Studies, Sta n dard 's Board Rep .... Maguet, Ellen: Satellite Beach. Fla .. Business Education, Delta Gamma.

PAGE 219

Melenik, James: St. Petersburg. Flo .. Elem. Educotion. lntromurols ... Melee, Rey: North Miomi Beoch, Flo .. Politieol Seienee, Tou Epsilon Phi, College of Bosie Studies ... Melibonki, H.nry: Melbourne, Flo .. E"9i-nHring ... Mello, Wayne: Tompo. Flo .. Elem. Edueotion. Malphurs, Frede: T ompo, Flo.. Elem. Educotion .. Mann, Janice: Loke Worth, Flo., Elem. Educotion .. Mercet, Mi9uel: T ompo, Flo., Aeeountif\9, Senior Ac counting Club ... Mer9erum, Ceffly: Lokelond, Flo., Elem. Edueotion. Merseheft9, Herb: Tompo, Flo.. Monogement ... Marsh, Stephen: T ompo, Ro .. Art Educotion ... Marsters, Stanley: T ompo. Flo.. Psvehol09v Martin, Clyde: Lokelond, Flo., Engineering, Pres. Bowling league. Martin, James: Altomonte Sprif\9s, Flo.. MorketNIQ Martin, Potric:ie: St. Petersburg, Flo .. Elem. icfucotion .. Martorelli, Lauro: Tompo, Flo., Humoni ties. Gvmnostic:s, Chorus, Opere Meson, Tom: Lekelond. Fie .. Soc:iol Seienee Edueotion. 217

PAGE 220

218 Masterson, Nona: St. Petersburg, Fla .. Elem. Education ... Matassini, Nick: T ompa, Flo., Mass Communications ... Matheus, Yvonne: Bartow, Fla .. Elem. Edu cation, Baptist Training Union. Afro-American Chorus ... Mathews, Wilson: Tampa. Fla .. Management. Matosky, Linda: St. Petersburg, Fla.. Political Science ... Metteis, John: Boca Raton. Fla .. ing, Tau Epsilon Phi ... Matthew, Sidney: Tampa, Fla .. Economics/Psychology, Sigma Nu ... Matthews, Virginia: Thonotonassa. Fla .. Elem. Education, Delta Zeta, Athenaeum, Phi Kappa Phi. Maxon, Jonathan: Anna Maria, Fla., Geology, Circle K ... McAdam, Linda: Tampa. Fla .... McAiiley Robert: Tampa, Fla .. Economics. Delta Sigma Pi, Eco nomics Club McCallister, Robert: Tampa. Fla .. Management, Sigma Alpha Epsilon McCarthy, Carolyn : lakeland, Fla .. Social Science Edu cation ... Mc:Caulie, William: Tampa, Ra., Finance, Sigma Alpha Epsilon ... McConnell, Verlon: Atlanta, Ga., Vocal/Piano Education, MENC, Community Choir ... McCreary, Lloyd: Fla., Economics. Above: Twenty-five seniors attended the first senior class meeting. Right: Senior class officers.

PAGE 221

McDade, Julianne: Miami, Flo. English Education, Resident Assistant McElroy, Scott: Pompano, Management ... McKee, Patsy: Durham N.C., Busi-ness Education, Phi Beta Lombdo ... McKelvey, Marlha: City, Clo$$ics. McKenna, Michael: N Beach, Political Science, Sigma Phi Epsilon Freshman Orientation Leader, Interfraternity Council Rep ... McKey, Mary: Tampa, Fla. Mass Communications, Atheneaum, Phi Kappa Phi, Who's Who in Col leges ond Universities (1970, 1971) .. McKnivht, Lezada: largo, Soc iolo<;Jy McNeil, Leonard: Tampa, Fla., Finance Meckley, James: Winter Park, Fla., Music Education Phi Mu Alpha ... Medavlia, John: T ompa, Fla., Engi nee ring, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Tau Beta Phi, Florida Engi neerin9 Society ... Ileana: Tampa, Fla .. Art Education Mei1elman, Bruce: T ompa, Fla., Ac counting. Mei1elman, Suwn: T Fla Education .. Mei1en, Gary: Thonotosassa, Fla. Geology, Geology Club ... Mei1en, Lynde: Thonotosassa, Fla., Business Education, University Community Chorus, Pres. Mu. 219

PAGE 222

220 Melton, Williem: Tampa, Fla.. Senior Accountinq 0f9enizetion ... Melvin, Lee : notosassa. Fla.. Enqineerinq ... Mennin9er, Ste.,..; Tampa. Fla., Finance ... Mercer, Terry: Tampa, Fla .. Psychology, Psychology Honor Society, Water Ski Team, Board of Dir. University Chapel Fellowship. Mercier, letetie: St. Pete"burq, Fla .. Accountinq. Senior Accountinq Orqanizetion Merkle, Joseph: West Palm Beech, Fla .. Enqlish/Soeioloqy, Resideftt Assistant Honors Program ... Merriam, Ane: Land O'Lakes. Fla.. Botany Merriem, John: lend O'lakes. Fla .. Botany. Merritt, Pemela: Satellite Beech Fla., Elem. Education, Chi Omeqe, Kappa Delta Pi, lntramurels ... Messer, Richerd: Orlando, Fla .. Economics/Finance, EAE Mettiere, C.rolyn: T ampe, Fla., Elem. Education .. Midulle, llerie: Tempe Fla., Theatre. Mielke, Arthur : Miami, Fla .. Accountinq ... Miller, Beth: Tempe, Fla., Mass Communications, Oracle, UC Progrom Council Committee Cheirmen Miller, Mary: Dunnellon, Fla., Special Education, Delta Gamma, Penhellenic Sec .... Miller, Sharon: N. Miami Beech. Fie., Elem. Education.

PAGE 223

Minutello, Dinne: Tampa, Fla .. Et.m. Education .. Mixson, Dn: Gainesville, Fie .. Mass Communicetions. Publicity Chairman Music Festival, Stu. dent Society of American lntramurals .. Mizell, Pm ela: Coleman, Flo., Elem. Educetion .. Moole, John: Hollywood, Fie .. Mass Communications. President Uni versity Film Association. Photo Club. Orode. Mock. Jim: Ohio. Politico! Science, Si9mo Phi Epsilon, lntromurols Mondoro, J erome: Tampa. Flo .. Liberal Arts hAont90fM'Y, Gail: Jacksonville. Fla .. Elem. Education, Delta Gammo, Senior Closs Sec .. Si9me Alpho Epsilon Little Sister MontCJQmery, Y"ICky: Tampa, Fie .. Speech/Eng. Education. Moore, Bonnie: Scheumi>41'9. Ill., Elem. Education ... Moore, Clor: Tampa. Fie .. Elem. Education, Newmon Club Moore, Eorl: Tampa, Fla., Accounting, Presi dent Alpho Phi Alpha, Aceountin<) Or9oniza tion, Afro-Americon Society MorehNd, JoAnne: Pompano, Fla .. Sociolo9y. Sociel Chairmen of Kappa Holl. Morris, Ann: Tompa, Flo .. Speech, World Affoirs Council, Heritage .. Morris, G.orge: Tampa, Ae .. Accounting, Accountin9 0N)4nization. 221

PAGE 224

222 Morrison, Jeanne: New Port Richey. Flo.. Sociology ... Moses, Helen: T ompo, Flo .. Elem. Education, Koppo Delta Pi. Aegean ... Mueller, Robert: Seftner, Flo .. Morketin9, Alpha T ou Omega ... Muller, Isabel: T ompo, Flo .. Education. Mullis, Richard: S11rosoto. Flo.. Zoology, Alpha Phi OmeC)II ... Muransky, David: HoHywood, Flo., Mon-09ement. Tou Epsilon Phi, Tennis ... Murray, Marion: Brandon, Flo.. Elem. Education. Koppo Delta Pi ... Myer, Nancy: Lutz. Flo .. Speech/Eng. Education. NMdham, Dorothy: Tompo, Flo., Psychology, Women's Liberation, Tompo Women's Coalition, Psi Chi ... Ni9ishi Jiro: Konogowo, Jopon. Anthropology, World Aff11irs Council. Horsebod Riding Club Neill, John: T11mpo, Flo .. Sociology, Korote Club ... Neville, William: Clearwater. Ao .. Moss Communications. Pres USF Broodcostin9 Club, WUSF-FM News Director Press Club. Newton, Nancy: Port Charlotte, Flo., Elem. Education ... Newton, Paule: St. Petersburg. Flo .. En9. Education ... Newton, Valerie: Ft. Lauderdale, Flo., Elem. Education, Windjammers ... Nicholas, Paula: St. Pe tersbur9. Flo .. Elem. Education, Alpha Omicron Pi. Nickerson, Lloyd: Parrish, Flo .. Zoology, Phi Theta Kappa ... Njirich, Sondra: T ompo, Flo .... Noble, Oou9las: T ompo, Ro .. Accountin9, Phi Koppo Phi ... Nolen, Donna: St. Petersburg, Flo., Elem. Education. Norman, Eliubeth: Doytono Beach, Flo .. Elem. Educa tion ... Nowlin, Ellen : Tompo. Flo .. Phy. Education. Women's Extramural ... Nundy, linda: Tompo. Flo Business Education ... Nundy, Wayne: T ompo. Flo .. Education.

PAGE 225

OhrKht, Steven : St. Petersburg, Flo .. En
PAGE 226

224 Pemble Geil: Fie. Elem. Education Pemble, Robert : Fie.. Zoofo9y Penix, Mickey : Tempe, Fie .. Psychoi09Y Penley, Karen: Titusville. Ft. .. Sociel Science Educotion. Wor ld Affairs Council. Arts and Exhibits Committee Penley, K.thryn: Tempe, Ae Mess Com""'nico tions, Delte Delta D.lte, PRSSA. SG Voter Re43istrotion .. Penninllfon James: St. Petersb\lr9. Fie .. Et.m. Edu C4tion. PerkiM Robert : Clearwater, Fla .. Elem. Educotion. Ac countin
PAGE 227

Phillips, Kendall: Lakeland, Fla .... Phillips, Margarita: Tampa. Fla .... Philpot, Richard: Tampa. Fla .. Mass Communications. Pietschman, Marilyn : Tampa, Fla .. Education SG Senator. V.P. Colle<;Je of Education Council ... Pitts, Mary: Seffner Fla.. Elem. Education. Si9ma Alpha Iota, Honors Convocation. College of Education Assoc .... Poe, Richard: longboat Key, Fla .. History, Phi Kappa Phi. Pohle, Jeffrey: Avon Park. Fla .... Pokay, Pat: Miami Sprin9s. Fla .... Polen, Marie: St. Petersburg, Fla., Business Education, Beta Phi Gamma. Polk, Clabe: Lutz. Fla.. Zoology, Marine Biology Club ... Ponte, B!.nca: Tampa, Fla .. Spanish/French World Affairs Council ... Postek, Michael : N. Miami Beach, Fla .. Botany, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Director Catho lie Student Center, UC Music Committee. 225

PAGE 228

226 As o groduote of USF I hove these things: Henry's hedge-leaves (by the theotre and library) that break into a tang of mint. They are found nowhere else; the small lady who smiled delicate wrinkles everytime I ate. Clera loved pins to put sperkling on her blouse. Pleese bring her e rhinestone turtle something gay to pleese her; a towering ovotion for Incident at Vichy ; the theatre's red poured into eoch one's blood: o boozy, crushing administretive assistant who hacked her wey through the printing of the weekly event. She knew Pres. Allen end could not be fired, but there wos on urgent vine in her veins that I loved; the Foucault Pendulum swoying constant joy, wafting its pulse to the gargantuan cons of Schlitz ocross Fowler Avenue; a laughing sight of o red-haired form boy in speckled tie end precise side-burr:ts who ruled the student body es if he were king of all the shining frogs in Lake Thonotosassa: the M ocleishs, Schleisingers, Donleavys, Devlins, Rudds, Eberherdts, Hellers, Brooks', Barths, Bells, Lindsoys, Allman Brothers, Chisolms, Morcuses, Moilers, Joplins, R ubins, Bonds, Kuntslers, Koenigsbergers, Herringtons, Marisols and others. They planted bits of green: the wild mother cat and her blooming kitties thot still live among the dense ezoelas. I fed them Morrisons' hot dogs end conversed for hours in the slow intensity of ordered rows welling into ten-week thought; the regret of the teacher's eyes forever at the blackboard; and deepest among my ribs, the indefineble person whom I've known -each moving face, each quivering eye. They are all rooted in me, close to my blood os laughter and honey in the throat .... <;,.nie Nabl 1970

PAGE 229

Postma, Ron: Ft. Louderdole, Flo .... Powell, Mortha: Venice. Flo .. Eng. Educotion ... Powell, Richord: Visolio. Colif .. Monogement, lou Koppo Epsilon. lntermu rols ... Pressly, Jack: Ft. Myers, Flo .. Monogement. Pressman, Louis: Tompo. Flo., Speciol Educotion ... Primm, Nency: Winter Hoven, Flo., Elem. Educotion, IT ... Pritchard, Sandy: Cope Corol, Flo., Phy. Educo tion, Ski Club, Jogging Club, lntromurols ... Pryor, Joan: Wobosso, Flo., Elem. Educotion. Pui;, Orlando: Tompo, Flo. Purdy, Chr isty: T ompo, Flo., Elem. Educotion Querido, Amy: Miomi, Flo., Music Educotion, MENC, Fine Arts Cho role ... Quick, Linda: Middletown, N.Y .. Art Educo tion, Dorm Stondords Boord. Qui;ley, Nick: Orlondo, Flo. Rotti, MaryAnn: T o.,po, Flo., Sponish, Phi K.!!ppo Phi ... Reber, Rich-ard: T .!Imp.!!, Flo .. Police Administr.!ltion ... Reddin;, Ann: Lutz, Flo., Speci.!ll Educ.!ltion. Re;elade, Sonia: T.!!mp.!!, Fl.!!., Phy. Educ.!ltion, Wom en's Extr.!lmur.!lls, Physic.!ll Educotion Assoc .... Re;as, Harry: Lutz, Flo .. Sociology ... Re;ister, Ronald: Tompo, Flo., En;ineering, FES ... R ei;;er, Stanley: Ft. Louderdole, Fl.!!., Geology, L.!!mbda Chi Alpha. Renly, Katherine: Tempo, Flo., Eng .... Remire:r:, Liliana: T ompa. Flo., Mathemotics ... Remse, St. Petersburg, Fla., Economics, Lambda Chi Alpho, IFC Renfroe, John: Dover, Flo .. Monogement. 227

PAGE 230

228 R.mi, Edward: Pembroke Pines. Fla.. Soeioto9y ... Rhodes, Linda: Miomi, Fla.. Elem. Educotion. Eorly Childhood Association ... Richardson, Deborah: Fort Myers. Fla .. Accountin9, Senior Accounti119 Of9onizo tion. Richter, Kennett.: Jacksonville. Aa., Marleti119/Politieol Science, SG Senotor, lntromural Football, Tennis Rickerson, An9ela: T ompa, Flo .. See. Educa tion, Phi Theto Koppo ... Ridenon, John: T ompo, Ao .. Psyeholo;y. Riekse, Mex James: Tompo, Ao., Political Science, World Affairs Council, Korote Club Rinehart, Royd: Bradenton, Fla.. Finonce Ripley, Bill: T ompo, Ao .. Education. Ritenbur9, Matthew: T ompo, Flo.. Mono9ement .. Rivard, Ernest: T ompa, Ao.. Mon09ement ... Rob bins, Fred: North Miomi Beoch, Ao .. Morketinq. Siqma Nu, Resident Assistont. Robbins, Goil: Monroeville, Po .. Enq. Education, Resi dent Assistont Roberts, Jo Ann: Palmetto, Ao .. Elem. Education Roberts, Martha: Tampa, Ao .. Speech/En9. Educotion. Robertson, Donald: Satellite Beoeh. Flo., Monoqement.

PAGE 231

Robert10n, Eort: Pinelles Pork, Flo .. HistOI'y Robin son, JohMhn: West Palm Beach. Fla.. Finonce, lombclo Chi Alpha, Pres. Conterbclry Oub, UC Donee Committee Robinson kenrMth: Sorosoto, Fto., Management. Oelto Sigma Pi. Robinson, Martin: Pinelles Pork, Fla., Bem. Educa tion Robinson, Paul: Winter Pork. Ra .. Monoc;e ment Rodman, Kenneth: T ompo, Flo.. Political Science, Students for Better Government. Rodriquez. Shirley: T ompo Fto., Bern. Education. Delta Zeta Roehri9, M.ry: Fort Pierce, Fla Bern. Education, Koppe Delta Pi. Boptist Student Union. Honors Convocation Rohde, Paul: lArgo. Flo., Social Sct.nce. Delt a T ou Delta. Rohrtft9, Berbora: Etobicoke, Ont .. French Education Ro&ond, Janet: Allendale. N.J Elem. Educe tion Rolen, Richard: Inmon, S.C .. Accountinc;. Ronfllof, John: Clearwater, Flo .. R0t1nlof, Richard: Cleorwot.r, Flo.. Management Rose, J.mes: Tampa. Ro .. Economics. Rosendahl, Potriel. : Naples. Bern. Education ... Ross, St.phanle: St. Flo.. Bern. Education. Koppe Delta Pi .. Rott., C.ndac:e: Fort lauderdale, Fto. 229

PAGE 232

230 Rot+., Jay: Tampo, Fla .. Social xienc:e .. Rowland, Debbie: Sanford, Fla., S.m. Education ... Royster, Marjorie: Miami, Fla .. Marketing, Alpha Kappa Alpha, Business Administration Student Advisory Board, Afro American Society Rula, Beth : Winter Pork, flo., Psyc:holoc)y. Delta Zeta, SG Athletic: Council, Co-Captain Cheerleaders. Rulison, Ch.rles: Oeorwater, flo., Morketin9, Pi Si9ma Epsilon, Career Development PrQ9ram Runyon, Sandra : Bedminster, N.J .. Eng./Mass Communications, PRSSA .. RusseU, Leila: Clearwater, Fla., Morket in9 .. Ruuurn, fort Pierce, Fla .. Elem. Educ:otion. Russum, Jetto: Fort Pierce, Fla .. Elem. Education .. Ryan, Cecilia : T ompo, Fla., Special Education S.mpaon, Eve: Miami, flo., finance .., Carmen: Tampa, Fla., Special Education. Sanders, Juanita: Tampa. Fla .. Art History, Italian Cul tural Club, European Study Pr09ram .. Sandifer, Sh.ron: Brandon, Fla., Education Sando, Vic:i: St. Petersbui'Q, Fla.. library/En9. Education, Gamma Sigma Phi Sands, Donny: Miami, Fla .. Accounting/ financ:e, Alpha Tau Omega. Sands, Merrell: Key West, Fla., Sociology ... S.ntis teban, David: lutz, Fla .. Psychology, Psyc:holoc)y Club. Volunteer Worker Mentally Retarded Children Santoro, James: Orlando. Fla., Zooloc}y, Siqma Phi Epsilon, VP Pre-Med Society, Newman Club Santos, Steve: T rinidod. Moss Communications, PRSSA, Soc cer Team. S.rian, Janice: Tampa, Fla .. Elem. Education. Delta Zeta ... S.rrels, Wayne: Joc:ksonviM.. flo., Engi"4ter ing Satchel, Ant+tony: Joc:ksonvill., Fla.. Soc:iol xienc:e Education. Intramural Football. Resident Hall Social Chairman .. Soundoua, Burt: Hampton. Vo., Physics, Phi Gomma Delta, Phi Kappo Phi.

PAGE 233

Sca;lione, Rosemary: Tampa, Fla., Elem. Education ... Schacht, Roryn: West Palm Beach, Fla., Education ... Schin, Carl: Belleview, Fla., Math Education ... Schirmer, Pompano, Fla., Physical Education, lntramurals, Jogging Club, Delta Hall Academic, Sociel Chairman. Schneer, Steve: T amp4, Fla., S.c. Educetion, Sports Car Club Pres .... Schoenfeld, Linda : .Boca Raton, Fie., Special Education ... Schooley, Glenn : Breden ton, Ra., Fine nee ... Schuele, Linda: Jachonville, Fie Eng. Education, University Chapel Fellowship, University Religious Council. Schwartz, Howard: Hollywood, Ra., History, Lembda Chi Alpha ... Schwartz, Richard: Corel Gables, Fla., Speech, Zete Bet a T eu, Debeting T e em, WUSF Announcer ... Scobie, Merelyn: Tampa, Fla., Elem. Education ... Scofield, Bruce: Jachonville, Fla., Geology, Geology Club. S.ifwt, Harry: Worth, Fla. American Studies ... Semones, Debbie: Plantation, Fla., Elem. Education ... Serrano, Xonie: Tampa, Fla., Elem. Education ... Sheffer, Lee: North Miami Beach, Fla., Biology Education, Flying Club, Diving Club. 231

PAGE 234

232 Shtnb, Elen: Jecbonville. Fie.. Elem. Education Slwinb, Linde: Venice. Ae., Mene9ement .. Slleplro, Z.di: Fort Leuderdele. Fie .. University S.n ete, World Affairs Council. Basic Studies Association Council Shew, Robert: Miemi. Ae., Mene9ement, T eu Epsilon Phi. She, 6il: Pawcatuck. Conn .. E119./Librery Education, Keppe Delta, American Idee Parliament. Financial Aids CommittM Sheerouse, Jen: Orlencfo. Re., Mess Communications, Orede, Publicity Chairmen Beptist Student Union .. Shelton, Debbie: Pelm Her ber. Re.. Education. Phi Theta Kappa Sheltoft, Mrilyn: T reesure Island. Fie. Shelton, Mery: Dede City, Fie., Elem. Education Shepherd, John: Orlendo, Fie .. Zooloc)y. Sec. of Bete Hell Co119re Shift91er, Doneld: Tempe, A Ac. counti119, Delte Si9me PI, Student Advisory Boerd Shul, Mui'Mft: St. Petersbuf9. Ae., Mess Communice tions, Y OU"9 Democrats Club. Political Science Clvb, Political Union. Silin9, Jne: Tampa. Fie .. Special Education, Pres. of Alpha Delta Pi. Student Advisory Boerd, Pre-Med Society .. S."hby, Suwn: Ler90, Fie.. Elem. Educe tion .. Sipos, Susan: Stuart. Fie .. Univr sity Orchestra, Concert Bend Ensemble Sjoluncf, Mry: Miemi. Fie .. Becteriolo9y. Let me the question. didn't USF do for me It didn't get me job right like I thought it would. The degree itself worth very much, I quickly le.,rned. My educ.,tion courses didn't me for the element.,ry school te.,ching I now do. I don't use 25% of they told me. I lot about studies, but not very much .,bout d.,y to d.,y cl.,ssroom problems, like coping with the children's beh.,vior. And I know many of my colle.,gues feel the s.,me w.,y. In I don't think USF me very well. I wish I been allowed to more courses outside my m.,jor. Still, I did enjoy going to school. e 1970 elementary education 9reduete

PAGE 235

Sm.rt, James: St. Petersburg, Flo., Sociology ... Smith, Berboro: North Miomi, Flo., Moth/Accountin9, Chi Omego, Athenaeum, Senior Accounting Orqonizo tion ... Smith, Deborah : Orlondo, Flo., Elem. Educo tion, Resident Assistant ... Smith, Gayle: Colemon, Flo., Elem. Education. Smith, Henry: Elshere, N.Y. History ... Smith, Mi chael: Miomi, Flo.. Chemistry Smith, Michoel: Cleorwoter, Flo., Engineering Smith, Mitchell: T ompo, Flo .. Psychology. Korote, Pre-Med Society. S m ith, Palmaneda: St. Petersbur9, Elem. Education ... Smith, Susan : Melbourne, Flo., Speciol Education Smith, Tompo, Flo., Zoology/Sec. Education, Delto Zeto, Pre-Med Society, Geology Club ... Smither, Alyce: Lokelond, Flo., Accounting Senior Ac countin9 Orgonizotion. Smither Sharon: Cleorwoter Flo., Eng., Chi Ome9o ... Smo.k, Berbora: Miomi, Flo., Elem. Educa tion ... Sneed, Nancy: St. Petersburg, Flo., Sec./Bioi ogy Education .. Snir Heddy: North Miomi Beoch, Flo., Bem. Education, Resident Assistant. 233

PAGE 236

234 Marilyn: Lof9o, Flo .. .' J1ll: Lutz, Fla .. Math ... Sonch1k, Sharon: Mtamt, Special Education, SCEC, Lutheran's on Campus Soto, Juan: Tampa, Flo .. Education, Phi Kappa Phi. Sowards, Karen: Lutz, Flo., Math Educotion, ment 70 Treasurer ... Sperks, Robert: T ampo, Sociology ... Spears, Frank: T ampo, Flo .. Mon ment/Broodcosting ... SpHr, Janie: Plont City, Elem. Educotion. Spencer, Diane: Petersburg, Flo., Educotion, Kappa Pht ... Spttler, Hu9h: Ft. Myers, Fla .. Qy/Sociology. Omego Tau Delto, Psi Chi, Phi Thefl Kappa ... Spooner, Jennifer: Oidsmar, Flo., BusiMI Education ... Sprin9, William: Tompa, Fla .. Businell Stckhouse, Kenneth: Ft. Myers, Flo .. Elem. Educati01 Phi Mu Alpho. Concert Band, Orchestro ... Sthl Frank: Ft. Myers, Flo., Sociology, Theta Chi ... Stal lrd, Susan: Tampa. Fla .. Sociology. Alpha Delta Pi Stanton, Susan: Huntington, N.Y., Special Educotion. Staton, Donna: Tompa, flo ... Educotion ... Stavro Bien: Cleorwoter, Fla .. Americon History/Educ:otiol Delta Zeta, Personnel Committee Stein, A1iM Miami, Fla., Speech Pothology ... Steinber9, Donrw North Miami Beach, Flo .. Elem. Education, Alpho Eps lon Phi, ACE.

PAGE 237

Stephens, .Devicl: lakeland, Ao.. Marketin9 Steven&, C.thy: Tarpon Sprin(JS, Fla Education, Oelh1 Gamma Stewert, Barbere: Lutz. Aa .. Geol09v Stewert, Pemele: Tampa. Flo .. Eng. Educ:otion, Honors Convocation. Stewert, Teuamae: Tampa, Fla.. Merietin
PAGE 238

236 Tabor, Bill: Tampa, Fla., Religion ... Tanner, Kenneth: Tampa, Fla., Sociology Tau Kappa Eptilon Coffee House Productions Tatje, Kenneth: Stuart, Fie., Education/Business. Omicron Delto Kappo, President Circle K, Student Organization Advisory Board Taylor, Dean: hmpo, Flo., Speech. Taylor, Katherine: St. Petersburg. Flo .. Music Educ.,. tion, Bowlin9 LeoQue. Evening Chorus. Fine Arts Cho rale ... T eylor, Margaret: T omp.,, Flo.. Education. Delta Zeto, Phi Koppe Phi ... Taylor, Jr. Richard: N .. Polm Beoch, Fla .... Teekell, Ann: Sarasota, Fla., Mar keting, Pi Sigma Epsilon Terrie, Patricia: Lokel.,nd, Fla., GeoloQy, Phi Thet., Koppo ... Tessmer, Diane: T o mpe, Flo .. Sociolo-9Y Tessmer, Richerd: TamP". Fla .. Sociology ... T'Mir, Terry: Brandon, Flo., Morketing, Sigm" Nu. Tharin, Ruth: Dunedin, Flo .... Thomes, Barbara: St. Petersburg Fie., Elem. Education ... Thomas, Nancy: St. Petersburg Flo.. Elem. Educ.,tion Thomes, Peter: Tampa, Flo. Thomas, Ruby: Palmetto, Flo., Voc. Business Education, Ethos Gospel Choir, Phi Bet., Lombdo ... Thomes, Star : St. Petersburg Fie.. Elem. Education. Chi Omego. Kappa Sigmo Little Sister ... Thompson, D.,le: Dover Flo., Education ... Thompson, Gerard: BriQ, N.J Management, Delto Sigma Pi. lntermurols, Yeter.,ns Club. Thompson, J erry : Dover Ao .. Eng. Education lntremu rols ... Thompson, Joyce: Safety Horbor, Flo .. Yoc./ Bus. Educcltion Phi Bet., Lombdo Thompson Mor ris: St. Petersburg Flo., Mon.,gement A.T.O .. Assoc. of Computing Mclchinery Throckmorton, E.: T omp.,, Flo .. Management, Del to Sigma Pi.

PAGE 239

Tibb.tts, Robert: Melbourne, Flo .. ... Timmons, Linda: Tampa, Flo. Todd, Robert: Tampa, Flo .. Finance ... Todsen, Janis: Tampa. Flo .. Business Education. Tompkins, Vicki: Melbourne Beach Flo., Elem. Educa tion .. Torres, Frank: Tampa. Fla .. Marketing Pi Sigma Epsilon ... Touchton, V i ckie: Tompo. Fla .. Speech, Delta Delta Delta. Athenaeum, PRSSA ... Traynham, Paul: Tompo. flo. Treamer, Kathy: Largo, Flo., Elem. Education ... Trin gali, Frances: T ompo, Flo .. Elem Education, Alpha Chi Omega ... Troup, David: St. Petersburg. Flo., Ac counting, SAO ... Trufolo, Sandre: Little Silver N J .. Elem. Education, Koppo Delta, Ponhellenic Executive Council. Trump, Collette: St. Petersburg, Flo .... Tucker, Janice: T ompo, flo. Enq. Chi Omega ... Turner, Faithia: St. Petersburg, Flo .. Elem. Education, Honors Invocation ... Turpen, Elizabet h: Bradenton, Flo. Twiggs, Dean: Tompo, Fla., Morketin9 ... Vaglica, Sam: T ompo, Flo., Education. Alpha Phi Omega ... Valenti, Linde: Tompo. Flo .. Elem. Education, Koppo Alpha Theta ... Victor, Melide: Venice, flo., Educa tion. Vincent, David: T ompo, Flo .. Elem. Education, Intra mu rals, Honor's Convocation ... Vona, Lonnie: T ompa, Fla., Political Sc ience Vou, William: Madeira Beach. Flo.. Finance Kappa Sigma Vumbeco, Nancy: Palm Harbor. Fla .. Special Educat i on. 237

PAGE 240

238 Weshington, Robert: Heines City, Fie .... Waters, Beverly: Ft. Myers, Fie., SocioiO<)y, Bllptist Student Union ... Waters, Cerl: Prestonburg, Ky., English Educetion ... Watson, Ross: Tempe, Fie .. Menege ment Pi Sigme Epsilon, Pres. ASPA. U.P.-Seles end Merketing. Watts, John: Tempe. Fie .. Engineering. Oelte Teu Delte, lntremurels. IEEE ... Weaver, Laure: St. Peters burg, Fie., Elem. Educetion ... Webb, Jeck: Vincennes. Ind., Zoology, Sigme Nu Webber, Charles: Tempe. Fie., Menegement, Delte Sigma Pi. ASPA President. Weckerly, Barbara: Dunedin, Fie .. Speciai/Eiem. Edu cetion, Chi Omege. KepPG Sigme Little Sister ... Wedemeyer, Kirt: Tempe. Fie .. Bllcteriology, lntremu rels ... Weed, Alice: Tempe. Fie .. SocioiO<)y ... Wehle, Sharon: Tempe. Fie .. Elem. Educetion. Wagner, Nancy: Miami, Fie., En9lish ... Wagner, Warren: Cepe Coral, Fla., Zool09y. Lembde Chi Alpha ... Welch, Robert: Ft. Leuderdele, Fla., Politi cel Science. V.P. World Affairs Council ... Walker, Edward: Binghamton, N. Y .. Marketing. Welker, James: Lekelend, Fie .... Walters, Lynne: Miemi, Fie .. Sociology .. Walters, Mary-lee: Tampe, Fla.. Eng./Mass Communicetions. Pi Sigma Epsilon, PRSSA ... Ware, Pat: Orlando, Fie .. Sociology. SG Activities Committee. UC Progrem Councii-Entertein ment Committee. Warren, Carolyn: Lekeland, Fla., Educetion ... Werren, Joanne: T empa. Fie., Elem. Educetion, Delte Delte Delta ... Warrington, Yvonne: Maitland, Fie .. Human ities, lntramurels ... Washington, Ann: Tempe, Fie.

PAGE 241

Weiffenback, Bunor: Thonotosassa, Fla., PhiTheta Kappa Wein'-9, Cindy Welch, RLW: Satellite Beach, Fla .. Math/Hi,tOI"y/Ciassics, Phi Kappa Phi, Pi Mu Epsilon Weld, Owen: New Port Richey. Fla. Wetmor., Nncy: Tampa, Fla .. Theatre, Oirec:tor-Cho reographer-Piaywri9ht W h..ley, JNn: St. Petersbuf9, Fl. S.m. Education Wheeler, Claudia: Tampa, Fla .. Spacial Education, Senior Fellowship .. Whitker, Scott: St. Petertbuf9, Ao .. Mathematics, Pi Mu Epsilon. Whitcher, Jr., Clearwater, Ra Speech/En). Education, IT White, 6ry: N. Miami, Fla., MarketinJ, Circle K, Community Chorus ... Whitener, 6il: N. Miami, Fla., Social Science Education, Alpha Epsilon Phi .. Week, C.rolyn: N. Palm Beach, Ra Physical Education. Wilco, 6eor9e: laf9o, Fie.. Er19lish Education Wilder, Cler: St. Petersbuf9, Fla ... Wiliamson, LAo: St. Petertbuf9, Fla .. History Education .. Wilmot, H.l: Gainesville, Fla .. Mana98ment/Marketir19, Phi Delta Theta. Wilson, S.verly: Coral Gables, Ra .. Elem. Educa tion Wilson, KothiNn: St. Petersbuf9, Fla .. Elem. Education' Alpha Chi Otne)a ... Wilson, Sylvia: Clearwater. Fla., Elem. Education .. Brenda: Frostproof, Ao., Special Education. Witenhfer, Robert: Miami, Fla., Mathematics, Pi Mu Eplilon Wrtmer, John: Lakeland. Ao.. Accountin9 WNs, Steven: Lakeland, Ra .. Wohlers, Drlene: N.Y .. Physical Education, Intra murals. 239

PAGE 242

240 Zimmerman, Sheldon: St. Petersburg, Fla., Accounting, Tau Epsilon Pili, IFC Wolfe, Jim ia: Winter Garden, Fla .. Voc./8usiness Education, Women of Pi Sigma Epsilon ... Wolpi n na: Miami, Fla .. Elem. Education ... Wood, Deborah : Jacksonville, Fla.. Elem. Education, Delta Delta Delta ... Woodall, Dianna: Tampa, Fla .. PsyciloiOQy, Kappa Delta, Psi Cili Fall Frolics Publicity Cilairman. Woodstuff, Kathy: St. Petersburg, Fla ., lib./Eng. Edu cation, LEAVO, University Chapel Fellowship ... Wooton, Deborah: Orlando, Aa.. Eng. Education, Kappa Delta President, Atilenaeum President, Campvs Crusade for Christ ... Yarborou9h, Lea : Tampa, Fla Business Education ... Yaildi119, Elizabeth : Lakeland, Fla., Lib.IAV-Eng. Education, LEAVO. Youuafi, Manoutche : Tampa Fla., Chemistry, V.P.Iva nian Club ... Zeidman, Barbara: Tampa, Fla .. Market ing, Alpha Epsilon Pili President, IT, World Affairs Council ... Zarc:h, Barbara : Miami, Fla .. Liberal Arts, SG ... Zimdahl, Stephen: Tampa, Fla., Zoology.

PAGE 243


PAGE 245

photographs by Jerry Nichols 243

PAGE 247


PAGE 249

The pictures do not on these pages for the following reason: UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH FLORIDA STUDENT AFFAIRS OFFICE OF THE VICE PRESIDENT TAMPA, P:LOFitDA 33620 813: 974-2181 Mrs. Gail Kallins Nichols Editor, Aegean Campus Dear Gail: TAMPA ST. PETERSBURG March 13, 1972 I have given careful consideration to the appeal of the Advisor .of Student Publication's decision to refuse the printing of certain copy for the 1972 Aegean. As part of my deliberations, I have conferred with the Editor of the Aegean, the Advisor of Student Publications, the advisory board for student publications, several students at random, the Managing Editor of the Aegean, the editor of the Oracle, the University Attorney, the printer of the yearbook, and the central staff of the Office of Student Affairs. Although opinions varied, the issue seemed to resolve into the appropriateness of these prints to appear in a publication such as the yearbook. As representative of the President of the University of South Florida, who is the publisher of student publications and therefore responsible for all student publications, I have decided that in my judgment the prints are not appropriate for publication in the Aegean. I have asked the Advisor to Student Publications to have the editor of the Aegean submit substitute copy for the prints in question. cmr Sincerely, JOe A. Howell Vice President Student Affairs 247

PAGE 250


PAGE 252

( iia"' \.l// ------.......... -+':"';"!-" I ..... .... / .. l: \. \._Ilk ; ... .. .... \ ...


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