University of South Florida yearbook. (1976)

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University of South Florida yearbook. (1976)

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University of South Florida yearbook. (1976)
University of South Florida
USF Faculty and University Publications
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Tampa, Fla
University of South Florida
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9 v. : ill. ; 32 cm.


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Vol. 1, no. 1 (1963/64)-no. 9 (1972).
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Vol. for 1972 lacks enumeration.

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University of South Florida Library
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University of South Florida
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THE UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH FLORIDA 1976 Presented by: The Senior Class and The Alumni Association










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AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CIVIL ENGINEERS (left to right) J. Holland, Dr. M. Anderson, (2nd row) B. Howard, F. Schlotter, Dr. B. Ross, M. Ghazi, R. Weaver, R. Smith, S. Lienhart, (3rd row) H. Gleich, T. Locicero, J. Burr, J. Tjapkes, B. Higgins, (4th row) S. Zendegui, M. Oural, M. Kopp, R Giovannelli, J Purse, D Dunkle, C.D. Oliver 1 8


USF KARATE CLUB (left to right) M. Breiner, (f"''rst row) W. Wilson, J. Baker, B. Barnable, B. Nyer, K. Wollenberg, D. Walker, (second row) M. Dunn, C. Niles, R. Reyes, C. Clements, C. Cook, S. Haynes. USF BICYCLE CLUB (left to right) R. Vogelsong, D. Hutchens, J. Costello, Dr. Binford, P. Serrano, P. Peterson, N. Rochford, L. Cimino, B. Rudnick, B. Terry. 19


COMMUNICOLOGY CLUB (left to right) D. Porsetsky, C. Johnson, M. Sheff, K. Umbleet, S. Cary, S. Shonbrun, S. Holmes, L. Light, B. Silcox, P. Sullivan, S. Ritterman, M. Glandon, J. Beradino. DELTA GAMMA (left to right) B. Mayer, S. Lewis, M. Pueblo, D. Kulp, P. Arbisi, S. Dreicer, N. Walker, J. Miller (2nd row) D. Carroll, B. Donaldson, C. Crudele, A. Hershbein, D. Potts, A. Caccratore, J. Davis, D. Harris, M. McClesky, D. Farr, L. Morrison, (3rd row) G. Bornemann, M. Wallace, D. Destro, S. Stewart, C. Lee, M. Brannigan, S. Shick, K. Costango, S. White, J. Jaconetti, K. Mulholland, C. Muller, K. Alexander, (4th row) J. Kulp, G. Donnelly, V. Podgorski, A. Rutland, C. Dinsmore, J. 20 Schubert, J. Emerson, L. Cox, A. Collier, C. Craven, D. Solomon, T. Demarco, G. Jackson, K. Scully.


KAPPA ALPHA THETA (left to right) M. DelaParte, C. Tuero, S. Taylor, S. Cowart, S. Messina, N. Degian, (2nd row) S. Adams, M. Arce, S. Ryan, A. Vincent, R. Vitello, C. Schaffer, G. West, (3rd row) J. Adams, E. Ward, G. Kenson, M. Schwartz, S. Alderman, J. Wieczorek, D. Sens, D. Plank. KAPPA DELTA (left to right) M. Mesgick, S. Kirchner, S. Zankl, S. Tyshuger, B. Robinson, E. Roberts, P. Wessler, L. Zahar, S. Sands, (2nd row) D. Hays, T. Burkot, N. Schoultz, L. Lundberg, A. Reily, J. Barker, M. Jones, M. Stern, L. Bramlett, C. Hibbard, D. Dimarco, B. Frank, J. Johnson. 21


(left to right) D. Rarick, C. Brownstein, S. Davis, L. Perna. (left to right) Mr. Roberts (Coordinator of Student Organizations), B. Jewett (President Kappa Delta Pi), Dr. Chambers (Advisor of Kappa Delta Pi). 2 2 (left to right) L. Lemings (Secretary of Student Organizations), P. Hamrick (Secretary/Treasurer CESE), L. Davis (Vice President CESE). (left to right) G.L. Roberts, C. Burkhard, (2nd row) D. Rarick, C. Brownstein, S. Davis, L. Perna.


COLLEGE OF EDUCATION STUDENT COUNCIL (left to right) kneeling: L. Lowe, T. Gonzalez, D. Rarick, Mr. L.G. Roberts. Standing: J. Kastner, L. Davis, L. Leming, B. Todd, P. Hamrick, B. Flicker, K. Feldman, C. Paleveda, B. Jewett. .23


24 PHI MU EPSILON (left to right) R. Tubbs, T. Smith, N. Pope, D. Wolfe, E. Toro, C. Church, B. Witenhafer, D. Rose, (2nd row) M. Castellano, L. Stevenson, J. Hersch, R. Knapp, W. Kosmala, R. Jernigan, St. Bean, G. Chao, (3rd row) J. Zablocki, J. Kasprak, A. Liles, C. Howell, Dr. F. Cleaver (advisor), D. Kerr (President), Dr. F. Zerla (Faculty Correspondent), K. Singkofer (Student Correspondent). PIMUALPHA (left to right) N. Thomas, I. Wansley, D. Gabbard, D. Adams, B. Martin, J. Moran, M. Ofte, B. Boyd, B. Hansborough, D. Rubottom.


PHI KAPPA PHI The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi was founded at the University of Maine at Orona in 1897. There are currently 182 chapters in 46 states, the District of Columbia, the Philippines, and Puerto Rico. Men and women in all academic fields who rank by discipline in the senior class, in the upper ten percent of the graduate class, or in the upper five percent of the junior class may be considered for membership. The basis of eligibility is excellence of scholarship and integrity of character. With the motto: "LET THE LOVE OF LEARNING RULE MANKIND", Phi Kappa Phi is the only honor society to induct from all disciplines. Chartered in 1971, the University of South Florida Chapter 126 now has an active membership of al most 3,000. Although one of the youngest, it is one of the fastest growing chapters in the nation. In cooperation with Themis, the USF Phi Kappa Phi chapter recently started a Themis-Phi Kappa Phi book scholarship. Additionally, Phi Kappa Phi is promoting the formation of a Themis-type honor society in selected community colleges in Florida. Phi Kappa Phi -Induction Ceremony ALUMNI ASSOCIATION CONGRATULATIONS! FROM THE YEARBOOK SPONSOR ... THE USF ALUMNI ASSOCIATION The Association exists to generate support for the University and offer meaningful services to both Alumni and Students. Some of those services include: TO STUDENTS ... Academic Scholarships America Travel Guide 1976 Senior Year book Outstanding Senior Award King-O'Neal Award TOALUMNI ... Career & Job Placement Continuing Education Service Group-Rate Foreign Tours & Insurance Use of USF Recreation Room USF TODAY Alumni News Magazine In i975-76 USF graduates contributed nearly $25,000 to USF ... over 50 percent of that amount was expended for student academic scholarships. The Alumni Association established the rust all-academic scholarships at USF and is proud of the tradition it has created. BECOME ACTIVE TODAY by sending a contribution to the University through your Alumni Association. Make your check payable to USF Alumni Association, Inc. and send to Office of Alumni Affairs, ADM 109, Tampa, Florida 33620. 25


The Yearbook Staff would like to thank these individuals for making the yearbook possible: Gary Chapman for all of his pictures used in the opening section; we appreciate your concern. Mark Slusher for the patience he expended while taking the organizational pictures. Robert McArthur for his picture on page 16. Leo Stalnaker and Carol Spring, advisors, for without their assistance we wouldn't be where we are today. We would like to express our graditude to the Senior Class and Alumni Association for sponsoring the yearbook. The Staff 26




George E. Abdo Tampa, Florida B.S. Chemi cal Engineering Charles R. Allen Tampa, Florida B A ., Sociology Mary E. Andersen Sarasota, Florida B.S., Biology Denise C. Andretta Tampa, Florida B.A., Fine Arts 28 Brian S. Abrams Plainview, New York B.A. Marketing Rhonda K. Allen Plant City Florida B.A. Business Educ a t ion Michael J. Andersen Jupiter, Florida B.S. Biology Judith B. Ankiewicz Temple Terrace, Fla. B.S., Accounting Mary Jane Acree Kissimmee Florida B.A. Criminal JustiC4 Abby A. Alper Margate, Florida B A. Speech Communic a tion Charles P. Anderson Lutz, Florida B A. Psychology Patricia A. Anthony Tampa, Florida B.A., Mass Communications Cindy G. Adams Homestead, Florida B.A., Elementary Education Martin A. Alvarez Seminole, Florida B .S., Engin eering S c ien c e Deidre S. Anderson Miami, Florida B A. Business and Office Education Jo-Ellen Anyzeski West Haven, Conn. B.A., Education of Emotionally Disturbed Firooz F. Ahdoot Temple Terrace, Fla. B .S., Engineering/ Computer Science Ricardo J. Alvarez Seminole Florida B.A. Microbiology Georgiana N. Anderson St. Petersburg, Florida B.A., English Robin Arentsen Parlin, New Jersey B.A., Marketing Josephine A. Albano Cape Coral, Florida B.A., Elementary Education Paul Amundsen New Port Richey Fla. B.A. Marketing Larry J. Anderson Lakeland, Florida B.S., Mechanical Engineering JacqulynM. Armstrong Lauderdale, Florida B.A., Biology


Mary T. Arnao Tampa, Florida B.A., Psychology/ Modern Languages Bunny L. Barber St. Petersburg, Fla. Masters, Aural Rehabilitation/ Audiology Karen F. Arnett Clearwater, Florida B.A., Biology Jacqueline L. Barker Temple Terrace, Fla. B.A., Philosophy Glenn Arose Leonia, New Jersey B.A., Accounting Betty J. Austin New Port Richey, Fla. B.A., Distributed Education Patricia L. Bagley Tampa, Florida B.A., Education Joanne M. Barker Englewood, Florida B.A., Sociology James C. Arrington Columbus, Ohio B.A., Microbiology Abiodun Y Awesu Hanover, N.H. B A., Economics Vernon G. Bailey St. Petersburg, Fla. B.A. Management Patrick G. Barker Temple Terrace, Fla. B.A., Special Education Bradley D. Arthur Miami Beach, Florida B.A., Art-Sculpture Bambi L. Babcock Ft. Myers, Florida B.A ., Elementary Education Mar lise E. Bakewell St. Petersburg, Fla. B.A., Early Childhood/ Elementary Education Lois E. Barlow Lakeland, Florida B.A. Elementary Education Cathy L. Aschliman Sarasota, Florida B.A ., Elementary Education Sheldon M. Babyatsky Miami Beach, Florida B.A., Political Science/ Mass Communications Patricia A Bankester Pensacola, Florida B A., Foreign Language Education Nicky L Barlow Bonita Springs, Fla. B.A., Psychology 29


Kimberly B. Baron Largo, Florida B.A., Psychology GlynD. Bass Tampa, Florida B.S. Engineering Technology Kevin S. Beach Tampa, Florida B.A. Accounting Darlene H. Bennett Avon Park, Florida B A English 3 0 Susana Barreiro M i ami, Florida B.S., Chemistry Richard W. Bateman Lakeland, Florida B.A ., Distributive Education/ Accounting Walter J. Beck, Jr. Largo, Florida B.A., Microbiolgy Cindy L. Benshoof Tampa, Florida B.A., Physical Education Linda S Barry Winter Haven, Florida B.A. Early Childhood Educat ion Winifred Y. Battle Tampa, Florida B.A ., Criminal Justice Irene P. Bedford Tampa, Florida B.A. Political Science Blair A. Bergen Tampa, Florida BA ., Chemistry Bonnie L. Bartley Covington, Louisiana B.A. Mass Communications RobertS. Bautista Lutz, Florida B .S., Criminology Kay W Begany St. Petersburg, Fla. B A., Elementary Education Sondra J. Berman Hollywood Florida B .A., Art Education Frank J. Barton Seminol e Florida B.S. E ., Structures, Materials and F luids Carol L Baxter Long Branch, N.J. B A ., Sociology Dianne E. Bass North Miami, Florida B .A., Psychology Robert H. Bazemore Jr. Jacks onville, Florida B A ., Accounting Christie E. Bendickso n Charles A. Bennett, Jr. Tampa, Florida Tampa, Florida B A ., Business B B A Management Educat ion Bonnie A. Bessett Sarasota, Florida B.A. Management Gerald S. Dettman Jacksonville, Florida B .S., Mass Communications B .A., Political Science


Cynthia B. Birdsall St. Augustine, Florida B.A., Art Education William J. Bolash Dunedin, Florida B.A., Accounting Benjamin 0. Black Beaufort, S.C. Business Management Chadbourn J. Bolles, Jr. Clearwater, Florida B.A., Education Robert A. Blackburn Sarasota, Florida B.A., Mass Communications Reginald Bonanno Tampa, Florida B.A ., Anthropology Janet L. Blair Tampa, Florida B.A., Special Education Donald R. Boothby St. Petersburg, Fla. B A., Geology Terry M. Blake Tampa, Florida B.A., Marketing Douglas A. Blankman Hallandale, Florida B.A., Political Science Stephen M. Bodolay Lakeland, Florida B.A., Accounting John R. Bottomley Tampa, Florida B.A., Management Terence A. Blank Auburndale, Florida B.S., Engineering Science/Computer Science Jorge Blondet Tampa, Florida B.A., Spanish Henry V. Bogatay Miami Springs, Fla. B.A., Management William G. Botts Tampa, Florida B.A., English 31


Suzanne Boulenger Tampa, Florida B .S., Microbiology Grace Anne Brammer Tampa, Florida B.A., Elementary Education Twila B. Brooks A von Park, Florida B.A. English Linda Y. Burch Lake Wales Florida B A., Accounting 32 Ruth A. Bowers Tampa, Florida B.A., Business Education Richard J. Brescher Tampa, Florida B A., Business Management Lynn E. Brosius Maitland, Florida B.A., English Charlene M Burgess Satellite Beach, Fla. B.A., Emotionally Disturbed Education Victor D Bowers Tampa, Florida B.S., Clinical Chemistry Deborah A. Brett Indialantic, Florida M.A., Speech Pathology Bobby Brown St. Petersburg, Fla. B.A., Sociology Debra E. Burgess Palatine Bridge, N .Y. B A ., Elementary, Early Childhood Education Raymond H. Bradersen Wesford, Pennsylvania B.A., Mass Communications Melinda Brett St. Petersburg, Fla. B.A., Education Allan A. Bradley Bradenton, Florida B.S., Mechanical Engineering Lorin B. Bridge St. Petersburg, Fla. B.A. Business Management Patricia A Bradway Zephyrhills, Florida B.A., Physical Education James A. Brock St. Petersburg, Fla. B.S., Criminal Justice Jack C. Brown Richard H. Brown Gloria D Buckley Tampa, Florida Palmetto, Florida Tampa, Florida B.A. Political Science B.A ., Criminal Justice B.A. Criminal Justice Jennifer N. Burgust Apopka, Florida B.A Education Terry A. Burkot Miami, Florida B.A ., Marketing Celia Joyce Burt Plant City, Fla. B.A., Business Education


Keith C. Bush Tampa, Florida B.A. Marketing Edna F. Carr Hawthorne, Florida B .A Criminal Justice Marian E. Byrne Holiday Florida B A., Zoology Fred Carrington Brandon, Florida B.A. Criminal Justice Dennis S. Cagney Tampa, Florida B.A., Early Childhood Elementary Education Shirlene Cambridge Tampa, Florida B A. Sociology Janis L. Cappello Tampa, Florida B.S., Early Childhood Education Denise J. Carson Tampa, Florida B.A., Elementary Education Lynn K.A. Cagney Port Richy, Florida B.A., Early Childhood Elementary Education Marlene S. Camille Tampa, Florida B.A., Accounting Carol L. Caputo Andover, Mass. B.A., Psychology/ Speech-Theatre DavidS. Carter Tampa, Florida B .A., Accounting RogerS. Caldwell Lutz, Florida B .A., Zoology Evelyn J Campbell Ft. Myers, Florida B.A., Political Science Donald F Carlile Clearwater, Florida B .A., Psychology Jeri A. Caudell Miami Springs, Florida B.A. Education Steve Callarik Tampa, Florida B.S., Interdisciplinary Science Anthony K. Cannella Brandon, Florida B.A. Social Science Education Steven M. Carlin Miami Beach, Florida B.A. &L., Mass Communication Holl y L Caulfield Winter Park, Fla. B .A., Special Education/Mental Retardation 33


Roland E. Chacon Tampa, Florida B A ., Political Science James M. Ciccarello Zephyrhills, Florida B.A., Accounting Harold B. Clinton St. Petersburg, Fla. B.A., Psychology Monroe Collier, Jr. Lake Wales, Florida B.S., Engineering Technology 34 Campbell L. Chambliss Rual M. Chandler, Jr. Zephyrhills, Florida Temple Terrace, Fla. B.A., Elementary B.A., American Studies Education Deborah J. Cieslinski Miami, Florida B.A., Physical Education Constance W. Coble Oak Hill, Florida B.A., Interdisciplinary Social Science Anthony Colucci Tampa, Florida B.A., Education Marie T. Clark Lutz, Florida B.A., Mass Communication/ Broadcast Lewis L. Coburn Tampa, Florida B.A., Sociology Richard Comerchero Tampa, Florida B.A., Speech Communication/ Theatre Arts Barbara A. Chasen North Miami Fla. B.A., Advertising Priscilla L. Clark Jacksonville, Florida B.A., Speech Communications Gwen H. Cohenour Clearwater, Florida B.A., Humanities Stephen G. Connett Bradenton, Florida B.A., Accounting Karen I. Childress Naples, Florida B.A ., English Ines M. Clemente Tampa, Florida B.A., Spanish J. Donald Cole Jacksonville, Florida B.A., Accounting Daniel P Conway Tampa, Florida B.A., Accounting Willie H. Christian Clearwater, Florida B.A Economics/ Accounting Linda K. Clendening Tampa, Florida B.A., Mass Communications Jeffery F. Colkmire Plant City, Florida B.A., Music Performance-Voice Denise M. Cooke Temple Terrace, Fla. B.A., Psychology


James L. Cooke Temple Terrac e Fla. B.S., Engineering Lewis E. Crowe St. Petersburg, Fla. B.A. Business Administration Paula K. Cooper Sarasota, Florida B A Anthropology Barbara M. Crowell Northport, New York B S. Medical Technology Deborah E. Coslow No. Miami B each, Fl a. B.A Mass Communications / Public Relations Don G Crabtree Lakeland, Florida B A., Criminal Justice Wallace C. Crawford Tampa, Florida 1B.A. Political Science Patricia E. Crumbley Brandon, Florida B.S., Nursing B.A Anthropology Catherine A. Cowan Satellite Be a ch, Fla. M A., Audiology Catherine L. Craven Tampa, Florida B A., Advertising/ Public Relations David A Cray Hamburg, New York B.A., Sociology Larry R. Cummings St. Petersburg, Fla. B.A Distributiv e Education Gerald T. Cowles Tampa, Florida B.S. Mechanical Engi neering Deborah A. Crawford Crystal River Florida B .A., Anthropology Eva D. Cristiani Bradon, Florida B.A. Speech-Theatre Maria C. Dameron Tampa, Florida B.A. Music-Voice Alfredo L. Coye Fort M y ers, Florida B.A. Spee c h Communication Ronald B. Crawford M i ami, Florida B.A., Political Science Richard S. Croft Sarasota, Florida B.A. Philosophy Rebecca A. Dapper Largo, Florida B S ., Elementary Education 35


Daniel W. Davis Clearwater, Florida B.A ., Chemistry Lisa E DeHart Port Jefferson, N.Y. B.A., English II Lawrence J. Davis Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. B.A., Accounting Rebeca A. De La Torre Tampa, Florida B.A., Natural Science Education Penny S. Derringer Lehigh Acres, Florida B.A., Specific Learning Disabilities Louis D. deVos Seminole, Florida B.A., Psychology Bruce M. Disston St. Paul, Minnesota B.A., History 36 Elazebth M. Dobelstein Lake City, Florida B.A., Humanities Lydia E. Davis Brandon, Florida B A., Health Education Dee Ann Delgado Tampa, Florida B.A., Secondary Education Gregory H. DeWitt Riverview, Florida B.A ., Sociology Deborah E. Dodd Seminole, Florida B.S. Art Education Myron Jaye Dawkins Miami, Florida B.A., Afro-American Studies Pamela K. Demetrius Glenview, lllinois B.A., English/French Education D. Gregory Dick Clearwater, Florida B.A., Science Divisional/Mathematics Concentration, Education Gary W. Dodge Esopus, New York B.S.E.S., Computer Science Damian De Andres Tampa, Florida B.S. Clinical Chemistry Jack P. Dempsay Tampa, Florida B.A., Elementary Ed;;cation Debbie A. Dillon Sarasota, Florida B.A., Elementary Education David M. Dokelsky Miami, Florida B.A., Zoology Sandra D. Dees Auburndale, Florida B.A., Elementary Education Pamela M. Dennard Tampa, Florida B.A., Criminal Justice Antionette DiMino Central Islip, N.Y B.A., Specific Learning Disabilities Michael F. Dolan Tampa, Florida B.S., Mechanical Engineering


AnneL. Doll Tampa, Florida B.A., English Rebecca S. Dose Tampa, Florida B.A. Music Education Joan L. Due Tampa, Florida B .A ., English-Mass Communication Education Jane M. Dollar Tampa, Florida B A., Accounting Ted A. Douce Tavares, Florida B .A ., Music Education James E Dudley Valrico, Florida B.A. Political Science/Religious Studies Russell S. Dunegan Gregg A. DuPont Winter Garden, Florida New Port Richey, Fla. B.A., Accounting B.A., Zoology Mikewell T. Dollar Tampa, Florida B A ., Accounting Deana L. Dowling Tamps, Florida B.A. Elementary Education Deborah L. Duff Clearwater, Florida B.A., Music Education Robert R. Dykes Tampa, Florida B.A., Sociology Arthur L. Dolson Miami, Florida B.S., Social Science B.A., History Terry A. Drenning Palm Beach Gdns., Fla. B.A., Speech/English Education Denis E. Dunbar Stuart, Florida B.S., Medical Technology Marilyn D. Eady Tampa, Florida B.A., DEF English Education Michael R. Donnelly Tampa, Florida B.S., Zoology Janice E. Dretonsky St. Petersburg, Fla. B.A Special Education Susan G. Duncan North Palm Bd., Fla. B .A., Physical Education Cindy J. Ebanks Tampa, Florida B.A., Elementary Education Fereydoun Doroudghrian Tampa, Florida B.A., Chemistry RonnyJ. Dubrow Miami Beach, Fla. B .A., Elementary Education and Early Childhood Nicholas J Dundee Ft. Myers, Florida B A ., Microbiology Larry J. Ebelink Tampa, Florida B.A., Finance 37


Robin L. Edenbaum Bethesda, Maryland B.A. Special Education Julie A Elkes Sarasota, Florida B.A., Special Education, Learning Disabilities Marilyn A. Espinosa Miami, Florida B.A. Special Education Aleta S. Edwards Tampa, Florida B A., Education Anne B. Elozory Tampa, Florida B.A., Psychology James C. Evetts Lafayette, Tennessee B.A., Zoology Frances C Fay Deborah K. Fechtman Saratoga Springs, N.Y. St. Petersburg, Fla. B.F.A. Voice-Applied B.A., Broadcasting/ Public Relations 38 Jewel Edwards St. Petersburg, Fla. B.A., Elementary Education Catherine A. Elwell Ballwin, Missouri B.A Early Childhood Elementary Education George A. Falinski Utica, New York B.A. Business Administration Marketing Lee V. Fedale Tampa, Florida B.S., Finance Marion E. Edwards St. Petersburg, Fla. B.A., Education Cynthia A. Elyea Tampa, Florida B A. Physical Education Gary E. Farmer Tampa, Florida B.A., Accounting Howard P. Fenner Brandon, Florida B. B.A., Business Administration Management Paul J. Ehrenberg Claremont, California B.A., Marketing James R. Englert Dunedin, Florida B.S.E., Industrial Engineering Technology Charles A. Farrington Atlanta, Georgia B.S., Clinical Chemistry Nanette R. Fenton Sarasota, Florida B.A., Art Education John R. Ehrhardt Lake Wales Florida B.S., Mechanical Engineering Sandra K. Enoch Brandon, Florida B.A., History MaryL. Farris Tampa, Florida B A. Management Catherine A. Ferguson Tampa, Florida B.A., Elementary Education


Robert E. Ferguson Tampa, Florida B.A., Criminal Justice Susan J. Freeman Tampa, Florida B.A., Marketing Michael S. Fernandez Riverview, Florida M.D., Medicine Jeffrey P. Freimark Tampa, Florida B A., Accounting MarkS. Fine Tampa, Florida B.A., Accounting Mary Jane FitzPatrick Clearwater, Florida B.A., Mass Communications Reginald K. Fox Tampa, Florida B.A., Astronomy/ Mathematics Paul D. Frickman Tampa, Florida B.A., Zoology/ Education Douglas G. Finner Daytona Beach, Fla. B.S., Clinical Chemistry Jean E. Flannery Tampa, Florida B.A., Criminal Justice Elaine S. Fradis Little Neck, New York B.A. Psychology Ann I. Friedenberg Hollywood, Florida B.A., Early Childhood, Elementary Education John R. Fiore Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. B A., Geography/Mass Communications Gregory P. Flynn Port Richie, Florida B.A., Interdisciplinary Natural Sciences Biology Gloria M. Fraggetti New Port Richey, Fla. B.A., Sepcial Education/ Elementary Education Roberta P. Friedman Miami, Florida B A., English Education Bonnie L. Fischer St. Petersburg, Fla. B.A., Psychology James P. Forristal Tampa, Florida B.S., Special Education, Mental Retardation Janet E. Frakes Largo, Florida B.A., Elementary Education Carole M. Fruman Miami Beach, Florida B .A., History 39


Gregory S. Furno Largo, Florida B.S., Electrical Engineering Craig E. Gates Orlando, Florida B.A. General Business Administration Jean-Marie Gleaton Tampa, Florida B.A., Psychology/ Sociology Denise Y Goldson Kingston, Jamaica, West Indies B.A., Mass Communications/ International Studies 40 Walter D. Gabbard Tampa, Florida B.A., Political Science Carol A. Gatlin Seminole, Florida B.S., Physical Education Harry A. Gleich Tampa, Florida B.S .E., Civil Engineering Richard D. Goldstein Nashville, Tenn. B A., Advertising Betty J. Gainer Tampa, Florida B.S., Business Administration Marilyn M. Gibbons St. Petersburg, Fla. B.A., Elementary Education Linda J. Godshalk Tampa, Florida B.A., Early Childhood, Elementary Education Dennis M. Gonzalez Lehigh Acres, Fla., B.S., Marketing Gerald Gambino Orlando, Florida B.S., Zoology Barton K. Gibson Tampa, Florida B.A. Art Bruce B. Goeser Miami, Florida B .A., Psychology Rafael A.R., Gonzalez Key West, Florida B.A., Mentally Retarded Jeffrey S. Ganoung Tampa, Florida B.S., Microbilogy DanE. Giel Tampa, Florida B.S.E., Mechanical Engineering Jay R. Goldberg North Miami Be. Fla. B .A., Chemistry Kenneth E. Goodman Scarsdale, N.Y. B.S., Mass Communications/ Broadcast Anne L. Gariano Miami, Florida B.A., Chemistry B.S., Psychology Mary V. Giles Tampa, Florida B.A., Sociology Cindy T. Goldsmith Lakeland, Florida B.A., Accounting Stephen L. Goodman Tampa, Florida B.A., Mass Communications


Robert H. Goodson Tampa, Florida B.A., Geology Joseph Guilardi Gainesville, Florida B.S., Engineering Jay J. Gorday St. Petersburg, Fla. B.S., Chemistry NuHa Tampa, Florida B.A., Management Maureen B. Grant Tampa, Florida B.S., Early Childhood, Elementary Education Susan J. Hafer St. Petersburg, Fla. B.A., Advertising Patricia J. Gray Titusville, Florida B.A., Special Education, Mental Retardation Sylvia A. Greco Tampa, Florida B.A., Physical Education Rose Mary Greenwell Tampa, Florida B.A., Criminal Justice Joaane L. Gucciardo Tampa, Florida B.A. Early Childhood and Elementary Education Sheila H. Green Belleair, Florida B.A., History Karla J. Grossman Thonotosassa Florida B.A ., Music Ronald L. Guerrero Pembroke Pines, Fla. B.S.E.S., Computer Science VictoriaS. Hagedorn Diandra S. Hager Beverly G. Hall Largo, Florida Lehigh, Florida Palmetto, Florida B.A., Music EducationB.A., Early Childhood B.A., Public Relations/ Vocal Education Mass Communications 41


Twyla D. Hall Tampa, Florida B.A., Emotionally Disturbed Claude C. Harribey Valrico, Florida B.A., Management Sylvia A. Haskins Cape Coral, Florida B.A., Anthropology D. Kevin Heakin Flossmoor, Illinois B.A., Marketing 42 Nick C. Hamada Michell A. Hamilton Tampa, Florida Tampa, Florida B.A., Political Science B.A., Political Science Jim W. Harris Tampa, Florida B.A., Marketing Mahmood U. Hassan Peoria, Illinois B.S.E., Electrical Engineering Kenneth H. Heffner Seminole, Florida B.S., Clinical Chemistry Rodger C. Harris Seminole, Florida B.A., Criminal Justice Robin J. Hastings Tampa, Florida B.A., Finance and Accounting Anne E. Helbig Tampa, Florida B.A., Accounting Katheryn J. Hammons Tampa, Florida B.A., Social Science Education Randi L. Harrison Odessa, Florida B.A., Broadcasting to Public Relations PaulR.Hay North Arlington, N.J. B.A., Criminal Justice David G. Helsing Ft. Myers, Florida B.S., Clinical Chemistry Terry A. Hansell Cooper City, Florida B.S., Nursing David S. Harkins Tampa, Florida B.A., Social Science Education/General Business Administration Robert L. Hart Douglas W. Harvie Lutz, Florida Holmes Beach, Florida B.A., Criminal Justice B.A., History Dania C. Haynes Thonotosassa, Florida B.A. Industrial Chemistry Tempy C. Henry Tampa, Florida B.A., Early Childhood Education Debra J. Head Clearwater, Florida B.A., Special Education, Mental Retardation Susan J. Hensel Gainesville, Florida B.A., Public Relations


Marilyn J. Hermsen Lutz, Florida B.A., Library Science R. Chris Holden Tampa, Florida B.A., Finance and Marketing Robert M Howard Tampa, Florida M.S.E., Engineering Cynthia J. Huntington Punta Gorda, Florida B.A., English Education Cathy L Hibbitts Hallandale, Florida B.A., Mass Communications John W. Holloway Orlando, Florida B.A., Theatre Lighting Technology Scott H Howard Rockway Park, N.Y. B.A., History James R. Russ Winter Haven, Florida B.A., Accounting Gilda M. Higgins Tampa, Florida B.A., Fine Arts Sandra L. Holmes Seminole, Florida B.A., Elementary Education Jeffrey T. Hoye Basking Ridge, N.J. B.A., Finance/ Accounting Barbara A. Hyde Jacksonville, Florida B.A., Elementary Education Frank M. Hill Tampa, Florida B.A., Vocational Education Patricia A. Hornick Lovettsville, Virginia B.S., Special Education, Specific Learning Disabilities Diana F. Huber Tampa, Florida B.A., Anthropology William H. Hyde Rotonda, Florida B.S., Finance GaryM. Hitt Lakeland, Florida B.A., Sociology Mary Jean L. Horton Temple Terrace, Fla. B.A Elementary/ Early Childhood Education Eva M. Hughey Dade City, Florida B A., Early Childhood Shigeru lnagawa lbaragi, Japan B.A., Accounting Charles A Hoffman, Jr. Nanuet, New York B.A., Criminal Justice Mary F. Howard Tampa, Florida B.S., Clinical Chemistry Carleton B. Hunter Granada Hills, Calif. B.A., Mass Communication/Public Relations Ralph T.loder Clermont, Florida B.S., Medical Technology 43


Rita Iorio Pompano Beach, Fla. B.S., Criminal Justice Steven A. Janisch New Port Richey, Fla. B.S., Biology Deborah A Johnson Dunedin, Florida B A., Elementary Education Gladys E. Jones Tampa, Florida B.A., Special Education-Emotional Disturbances 44 Andrea R. Isaacson Hollywood, Florida B.A., Finance Thomas M. Jett Tampa, Florida B.S., Engineering Technology JoAnn Johnson Miami, Florida B.A., Psyc hology JaniceK. Jones Tampa, Florida B.A. Social Work George M.A., Izzo St. Petersburg, Fla. B. B.A., Finance and Accounting Robert R. Jewett Jacksonville, Florida B.A., Mental Retardation Karna L. Johnson Lakeland, Florida B.A., Early Childhood/ Elementary Education Kenneth C. Jones Tampa, Florida B.A., Geology Walter Jablonski North Versailles, Pa. B.A., Physical Education/ Special Education Bill W. Johnson Land 0 Lakes, Florida B.B.A., Business Administration Melissa B. Johnson Zephyrhills, Florida B .A., Special Education Lisa Jones Tampa, Florida B.A., Zoology Harold A. Jackson Steve L. Jackson, Jr. Tampa, Florida Tampa, Florida B.A., Criminal Justice B.A., Political Science/ Afro-American Studies Charles E. Johnson Hilliard, Florida B.S., Clinical Chemistry Sue A. Jolley Orlando, Florida B.A., Elementary Education Shirley A. Jones St. Petersburg, Fla. B.A., Biology Christopher A. Johnson St. Petersburg, Fla. B.A., Humanities David A. Jones Dunedin, Florida B.A., Mathematics/ Pre-Medicine Thomas A. Kaser Punta Gord .a, Florida B.A., Health Education


Janice S. Kay Miami Beach, Florida B.A. Psy chology Betty P. Kjera Tarpon Springs, Fla. B.A., Sociology Pamela V Kellam Danville, Kentucky B A., Zoology Veronica D Knight Tampa, Florida B.S. Vocational Business Education Thomas K. Kellogg Tampa, Florida B.A. English David W Kerr Seminole Florida B A. Mathematics Donald B. King Holida y, Florida B A ., Accounting Lorraine Kelly Tampa, Florida B.S., Education Carolyn I. Kerstukos Tampa, Florida IJ.A Specific Learning Disabilities Michael P. King Starke, Florida B A. Mass Communica t ions Susan L. Knuth Mark R. Kolb Mt. Prospect, Illinois Ridgefield, New Jersey B A., Biology B.A. Marketing William E. Kerby Bartow, Florida B A ., Secondary Education/Social Science Education Colen Ross Killabrew Jacksonville, Florida B A. Anthropology Susan M Kirchnel Miami, Florida B A. Marketing Marlene L. Kolb Bradenton, Florida B A., Art Carol L. Kerfoot Ft. Myers, Florida B S ., Medical Technology Delbert L. Kimbler, Jr. Titusville, Florida B S. Industrial Engineering Barbara M. Kirshbaum Tampa, Florida B.A. World Literature Duane B. Konen Tampa, Florida B.A. Vocational Education 45.


Jacquelyn L. Konen Tampa, Florida B.A., Marketing Debbie L Kuhn Cocoa Beach, Florida B.A. Early Childhood Education Allan P. Lafever Tampa, Florida B.S. Criminal Justice Robert W. Larimer Seffner, Florida B .A., Sociology 4 6 Edgar W. Kopp III Odessa, Florida B.A. Management/ Finance Timothy J. Kuzma Orlando, Florida B.S., Microbiology Tim L. LaMunyon Tampa, Florida B.A., Accounting Susan H. Larimore Woodbine, Maryland B A., Psychology Susan Kozlowski Cocoa, Florida B.A., Art Education Mark A. Kwoka North Miami, Florida B .S., Chemistry Adele J Lampasso Tampa, Flo rida B A ., Finance Delphine Lassiter Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. B.A., Mathematics Education Gerald R. Krueger Tampa, Florida B A., Management Irma A Laakso Sterling, Connecticut B.A., Zoology Lawrence L. Laneston Fort Meade Florida B.A Finance Roger R Launey Tampa, Florida B A., Business Administration/ Management John R. Krugh Clearwater, Florida B A., Criminal Justice Donald J LaCerra F t Lauderdale, Fla. B.A Mass Communica t ions SuA. Lanier Brandon, Florida B A ., Elementary Education Edwin R. Lausch Clearwater, Florida B.A., Visual Communications Jacquelyn A. Kuehn Verona Wisconsin B.A., Music David H LaCroix Thonotosassa, Florida B.A., Crimin61 Justice Jeanne M. La Pointe Miami, Florida B.A ., Education John P. Lavoie Pensacola, Florida B A Accounting


Linda L Lawler Raleigh, N.C. B.S., Special Education Bruce C. Levinson Miami Beach, Florida B.A., Elementary Education Nancy L. Leamy Sarasota, Florida B.S., Microbiology Marcia B. Levinson West Palm Beach, Fla. B.A., Early Childhood Education Joselyn E. Lee Columbus, Ohio B.A., Mental Retardation Alexander M. Lewis Sarasota, Florida B.A., Sociology Kathleen A. Lee McLean, Virginia B.S., Education for the Emotionally Disturbe

Pedro L. Llanex Hialeah, Florida B.S., Chemistry Richard R. Lundberg Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. B.A., Criminal Justice Kathleen M. McCarthy Largo, Florida B.A Sociology/ Psychology B. Melissa McElroy Cape Coral, Florida B.A., Mass Communications 48 LuAnn Losley Tampa, Florida B.A., Sociology Barbara F. Lundy Tampa, Florida B.A., English Walter G. McCarthy Odessa, Florida B.A., Advertising/ Public Relations K. Patricia McGee Brooksville, Florida B.A., Business Education Thomas R. Loveland Glendale, Wisconsin B.A., Mass Communications/ Cinematography Bardley D. Lutz Tampa, Florida B.S., Management JohnS. McCavitt Peoria, Illinois B.A. Management B. Denise McMillin Lakeland, Florida B.A., Interdisciplinary Natural Science/ Biology Dennis B. Lubahn Zephyrhills, Florida B.S., Clinical Chemistry William M. McAleer Sarasota, Florida B.A., Education LeslieT. McDade St. Petersburg, Fla. B.A., Psychology/ Sociology Timothy D. McMurry Tampa, Florida B.A., Business Management Tim J. Lubrano Paul A. Luedke Temple Terrace, Fla. Garnerville, New York B.A., Accounting B.A., History James T. McAnallen Tampa, Florida B.A., History Charles D McDaniel Lakeland, Florida B.A., Geology Gregg A. McMurtrie Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. B.A., Accounting Charles D. McCabe New Port Richey, Fla B.A., Psychology James D. McEaddy Howey, Florida B.A., American Studies Douglas D. McNineh Tampa, Florida B.S., Psychology


Joan H. McRae St. Petersburg, Fla. B.A., Library Science M. Buff Mansur Gainesville Florida B.A., Zoology Melinda A. Mabry Tampa, Florida B.A. Chemistry Linda J Marshall Tampa, Florida B A., Criminal Justice Leona B. MacCartney Tampa, Florida B.S., Clinical Chemistry David W. Mackey Jacksonville, Florida B A., Criminal Justice Tariq Mahmood Karachi, Pakistan B.S., Physics/ Electronics/ Computers/ Management Robert Malloy St. Petersburg, Fla. B.S., Industrial Engineering Vincent E. Martin, Jr. Largo, Florida B.A., English/ Microbiology Mahmoud Majdi Ahwaz, Iran B.A., Political Science Michael W. Malter Tampa, Florida B.A., English and Mass Communications Education John E. Mason Tampa, Florida B.A. Mass Communications/ Advertising Pauline E. Mackey Plant City, Florida B.S., Early Childhood, Elementary Education Teresa M. Malczyk Lake Worth, Florida B.A., Geology Louise C Magee Plant City, Florida B.A., Elementary Education Clevette M. Malden Pensacola, Florida B.A. Social Science Interdisciplinary Cynthia R. Manley Tampa, Florida B.A., Fine Arts Betty J. Mann Tampa, Florida B.S., Specific Learning Disabilities Anthony D. Matthews Jill E. Maxfield Port Huron, Michigan St. Louis, Missouri B.S., Electrical B.A., Exceptional Child Engineering Education, Mental Retardation 49


Bruce H. May Brandon, Florida B.A., Business Administration/ Management Eric J. Mencher St. Petersburg Be., Fla. B.A., Political Science Patrick K. Miller Naples, Florida B A Criminal Justice Anthony J. Montanaro Tampa, Florida B.S. Natural Science, Microbiology 50 GaryP.Mayo Tampa, Florida B.S., Business Management Denise E. Menne Maitland, Florida B.A., Elementary/ Early Childhood Education William R. Milum Tampa, Florida B.S. E., Civil Engineering WilliamR. Montgomery Owensville, Indiana B.A., Visual Communications Catherine L. Mays Mel borne Beach, Fla. B.A., Spanish-French Education Harold A. Meschke Springfield, Mass. B.S., Engineering Leonard M. Miskey Miami, Florida B .S., Industrial Engineering Marsha J. Moore Seffner, Florida B.A., Library Science/ Audio Visual Media Nora V. Mayworth Tampa, Florida B.A., Elementary and Early Childhood Education Edward E. Meier Tampa, Florida B.S., Interdisciplinary Science /Chemistry Paul W. Meyer Jr. Sarasota, Florida B.A., Accounting Annette L. Mitchell Tampa, Florida B.A., Criminal Justice/ Spanish Steven A. Moore Jacksonville, Florida B A. Accounting Deborah L. Midulla Tampa, Florida B.A. Management Deborah A Mitchell Tampa, Florida B A. Pre-Medicine/ Micro-Biology Jack R. Morehead St. Petersburg, Fla. B.A., Accounting Robert J. Mellzarek Bradenton, Florida B.A., Mathematics Anthony J. Mignella S. Bound Brook, N.J. B.A., Mass Communications/ Political Science Gail L. Moffitt Tallmadge, Ohio B.A., Elementary Education George D. Morgan, Jr. N. Redington Be., Fla. B.A., Accounting/ Economics


Andrea K. Morris Lakeland, Florida B.A., Psychology Kay B Myers Tampa, Florida B.A., Special Education/Elementary Education Cathy D. Nelson Dunnellon, Florida B A., Specific Learning Disabilities/Mental Retardation Karolyn K. Neprud Daytona Beach, Fla. B.A., Marketing Stephen T Morris Vero Beach, Florida B.A. Sociology / Religion Christa E. Napoli Tampa, Florida B.A., Early Childho od Education Francis E Nelson St. Petersburg, Fla. B A ., Psyc hology Michael K. Nichols Ridge Manor, Florida B.S. E., Electrical Engineering Peter T. Morrow Donna L. Mueller Anne Merrell Morrissey Winter Haven, Florida B.A ., Elementary Education Rotonda West Florida Miami Lakes, Florida B.S., Clinical B .A., Specific Learning Chemistr y Disabilities Syed M Nasir Pechs, Karachi, Pak. B.A. Business Administration/ Finance Norma I. Nava Tampa, Florida B.A. Business/ Marketing Harold L. Nelson Henry M. Nelson Tampa, Florida Tampa, Florida B.A. Political Science B.A. Criminal Justice Caren E. Nicholson Temple Terrace, Fla. B.A., Social Science Education Carolyn E. Nicholson Tampa, Florida B .A., Sociology/ Psychology GenaL. Navar Tampa, Florida B.A. Psychology Pamela K. Nelson Tampa, Florida B .A., Special Education MatthewM. Niebrzydowski St. Petersburg, Fla. B.S., Biology Lynn M. Mullis Lutz, Florida B.A., Elementary Education CatherineT. Nelson Tampa, Florida B.A ., Elementary Education Reesa M. Nelson Tampa, Florida B.A. Criminal Justice David C. Nonell Thonotosassa, Florida B.A., Biology 51


Mark G. Nuckels Deland, Florida B.A., Geology Richard C. Ogden III Thonotosassa Florida B.A., Biolog y Alfred W. Oliver Titusville, Florida B .A., Religion Caroline L. Osikowicz Downers Grove, Illinois B.S., Biolog y 52 John C. Nystrom Sarasota, Florida B.S., Management Trudy L. Obermark Belleview Florida B.A. Elementary Education Susana Ogilvie Linda L. O'Hearn Indian Harbour Be.,Fla. Boca Raton, Florida B.A., Fine Arts B.A., Speech/English Charles Dewe y Oliver, Jr. St. Petersburg, Fla. B.S.E., Civil Engineering Karen C. Owen Tampa, Florida B.A., International Relations Education Susan M. Olmen Tampa, Florida B.A ., Special Education Douglas H Packard Tampa, Florida B .A. Zoolog y Mary L. Odiorne Ormond Beach, Florida B.A., International Studies Ahmad Okhowat Esfahan, Iran B.S., Computer Science Sandra C. Orlowski Tampa, Florida B.A., Business Education John R. Packard Tampa, Florida B.A., Mass Communications/ Political Science Johnette K. Odom Jacksonville Be., Fla. B.A., Business Education Marion K. Oldham Ft. Pierce, Florida B.A., Sociology / Religion NanciL. Orr Indianapolis, Indiana B.A ., Early Childhood/ Elementary Education Olga Padron Tampa, Florida B A., Elementary Education Steven M. O'Dowd Largo, Florida B.S.E., Civil Engineering Jacqueline P Olicker Orlando, Florida M.S., Speech Patholog y David C. Osborn Tampa, Florida B.A. Microbiology Ruth H. Painter Tampa, Florida B.A., Special Learning Disabilities


Joyce F. Palik St. Petersburg, Fla. B.S., Clinical Chemistry Carol L. Patteson Tampa, Florida B A., Special Education, Specific Learning Disabilities Barbara A. Perry Seminole, Florida B.A ., Social Science Education Douglas A. Poad Sarasota, Florida B.A., Marketing/ Management Kathy L. Pandiella Judith A Park St. Petersburg, Fla. Pensacola, Florida B.A. Criminal Justice B .A., Speech/English Education Barry L. Payne Lynn M Pedraza Ft. M yers, Florida Satellite Beach, Fla. B.A. Political Science B.A. Elementary/ B .S., Finance Emotionall y Disturbed William H. Person Roseville, Michigan B.A. English Education ChapKimPoh Tampa, Florida B.S. Accounting/ Finance Education David A. Peterson Indian Rocks Be., Fla. B.A., Management Robert A. Pohe Dunedin, Florida B.A., Mass Communication William B. Parks St. Petersburg, Fla. B.A ., Microbiology / Botany Annette C. Percival St. Petersburg, Fla. B.A., Mass Communication s Larry A. Phillips Dunedin, Florida B A., Finance Alfred B. Pomianowski Largo, Florida B.A., Vocational Education D Rene Parsons Clearwater, Florida B.A Elementary Education Dorothy D. Perez Tampa, Florida B.A Elemen tary/ Emotionally Disturbed Education Mark A. Pinera Tampa, Florida B A., Psychology Nancy A. Pope Temple Terrace, Fla. B.A. Mathematics Anne L. Partin Boca Raton, Florida B.S. Special Education William P. Perinis St. Petersburg, Fla. B A ., Accounting Nancy C. Pistilli Ft. Myers Florida B.A., English David A Potter Bradenton, Florida B.A Journalism 5 3


Mary J. Potts Miami, Florida B.A., Criminal Justice Gail M Price Daytona Beach, Fla. B.A., Physical Education Belinda G. Quarterman Tampa, Florida B.A., Mass Communications/ Marketing Joan H. Powell Temple Terrace, Fla. B.A., Distributive Education Linda E. Price Tampa, Florida B.A., Afro-Studies/ Broadcasting Jose B. Quintas Tampa, Florida B.S. E., Electrical Engineering Cathy S Raulerson Lakeland, Florida B.A. Elementary Sharon L. Rayner Wilmington, Delaware B.A., Art Education Education 54 Richard V. Powell Chicago, Illinois B.A., Mass Communication Renae D Price Tampa, Florida B.S., Exceptional Education Barbara J Rambow Largo, Florida B.A., Elementary Education Mary N. Raysses Tarpon Springs, Fla. B.A., Special Education-Emotionally Disturbed Hampton M. Powers II Tampa, Florida B.A., History William L. Pritchett St. Petersburg, Fla. B.A., Elementary, Early Childhood Education Charles W. Randall Zephyrhills, Florida B.A., Education Debora A. Reed Gretna, Florida B.A., Special Education Sarah E.S. Powers Tampa, Florida B.A., Finance MariaPruso Tarpon Springs, Fla. B.A., Accounting Gina L. Randolph Miami, Florida B.A., Mass Communications Robinsky A. Reed Tampa, Florida B.A., Management Roxann D. Preston Charlotte, N.C. B.A., Elementary Education Susan K. Pyles Miami, Florida B A., Mass Communications Mary C. Ratliff Rockingham, N.C. B.A., Elementary Education Harvey H. Reese, Jr. Tampa, Florida B.A. Education


William Refua Tampa, Florida B.S., Computer Science Debra K Richmond Jacksonville, Florida B .A. Library Science/AV Sharon A. Reich Philadelphia, Pa. B .A., English Education Susan M. Roberts Crescent City, Florida B A ., English Jude M. Reichle St. Petersburg, Fla. B.A., Elementary/ Emotionally Disturbed Education John T Robinson Tampa, Florida B A. Broadcasting Gail P. Reigel Lutz, Florida B.A. English Education Sandra P. Robinson Sanford, Florida B.A., Fine Art-Studio Steven A. Reinmund Sarasota, Florida B.A. Accounting Mark R. Remaley Lake Forest, Illinois B .A English Georgiann Rice Sebring, Florida B.A., Elementary Education Lee E. Rodby Tampa, Florida B.S.E., Engineering Amy A Reily Tampa, Florida B.A., Accounting Richard C. Reynolds Tampa, Florida B .A Political Science Cynthia J. Richardson Tampa, Florida B A ., Art Education Alex F. RodmeiJ Lakewood, New Jersey B A ., Management 55


Amy Rodriguez Hialeah, Florida B.A Mass Communications Richard A. Rose Hollywood, Florida B.A., Criminal Justice William 0. Rousseau Clearwater, Florida B.A., Speech 56 Cynthia H. Saliva Tampa, Florida B .A., Elementary Education Tony Rodriguez Tampa, Florida B.A., Vocational Education Technician Lawrence N. Rosen Coral Gables Florida B.A. Economics Douglas J Royster Tampa, Florida B.S., Chemical Engineering James 0. Sasso Sunrise, Florida B.A Marketing Allan D. Rogers Tampa, Florida M.A., Rehabilitation Counseling Abbey M. Rosenfeld North Miami, Florida M.A., Rehabilitation Counseling Karen Rumore Tampa, Florida B.A., Accounting Lorna M. Sauer Sarasota, Florida B.A. Psychology Mary J. Rogers Tampa, Florida B.A., Sociology Donald H. Ross Tampa, Florida B.A., Elementary Education Joseph D. Rutte Miami Shores, Florida B.S., Marketing Claretha Saulter Quincy, Florida B.S., Political Science Hassan Roghani Valrico, Florida B.S., Marketing M.A., Administration Vernetta A. Ross Tampa, Florida B.A., Sociology Catherine F. Ryerson Sarasota, Florida B.A., Psychology Sheryl A. Savery Hollywood, Florida B .S., Accounting Mahmood Roghani Valrico, Florida M S .E., Industrial Engineering Barbara A. Roszell Sanford, Florida B.A., Elementary Education Michael J. Saca Sarasota, Florida B.A., Accounting/ Economics CynthiaL. Scheidemantel Ft. Myers, Florida B.A. Marketing


Sue D. Schlissel Sue D. Schlissel Bronx, New York Philip C. Serrano Tampa, Florida B.S., Engineering Science Lois E. Schmidt Lakeland, Florida B.A Criminal Justice Joseph A. Severino Tampa, Florida B.A., Physical Education Marcy C. Schneider Temple Terrace, Fla. B.S.E., Industrial Engineering Carol A. Scott St. Petersburg, Fla. B.A., Elementary Education Dorothy C. Sedgwick Tampa, Florida B.A., Sociology/ Criminal Justice Ronald G. Seyffert Seminole, Florida B.A., Marketing Henry P. Schubert St. Petersburg, Fla. B.A., Political Science Jay D. Scott Tampa, Florida B.A., Marketing/ Management Sharon S. Schutt Clearwater, Florida B.A., Art Education Meade C. Seaman Tampa, Florida B. B.A., Accounting Scott M. Sellinger William J. Semons Shaker Heights, Ohio Bradenton, Florida B.A., Interdisciplinary B.A., Political Science Social Sciences Maureen S. Shacter N. Miami Beach, Fla. B.A., Math Education Deborah Z. Shapiro West Islip, New York B.A., Physical Education Robert W. Schwarzlose Peoria, Illinois B.A. Marketing Diane H. Seay Martinsville, Virginia B.A., Accounting/ Finance Mickey Senkarik Lakeland, Florida B.F.A. Biology/ Fine Arts Ralph D. Shaw III Clearwater, Florida B.A., Political Science/ Sociology 57


Patrick 0. Shea Monroe, New York B.S. Accounting Lille B. Sheppard St. Petersburg, Fla. B.S., Sociology Phillip J. Sidney St. Petersburg, Fla. B.A., Humanities/ English 58 IdaM. Smith Tampa, Florida B.S., Business Management Sara P. Shearer Miami, Florida B A ., Mental Retardation Linda S. Sheppard Tampa, Florida B A., Mental Retardation Laurie D Silver E Norwich, New York B.A., Sociology Martha L. Smith Tampa, Florida B.A ., Elementary Education Craig E. Sheftell Potomac, Maryland B.A., Mass Communications Khurshid A Shiakh Karachi, Pakistan B A ., A ccounting Joanne M. Simmons Tampa, Florida B.A. Sociology Richard 0. Smith Riverview, Florida B.A Criminal Justice Jim M. Shehan Miami, Florida B.A Microbiology B .S., Medical Technology Keith Shindle Ke y West, Florida B.S.E.E. Electrical Engineering Paul E. Simpson Tampa, Florida B.A., Accounting Terry L. Snyder Lakeland, Florida B.A., Chemistry Joseph E. Shepherd Clearwate. r, Florida B.S., Physics Behrooz A. Shojai Shiraz, Iran B.S., Electrical Engineering Vincent K. Skupeika Hollywood, Florida B A., Chemistry Richard A Soder borg Flossmoor, Illinois B.A., Sociology/ Business Sandra D. Shepherd Tampa, Florida B.A., Early Childhood Education Mary F. Shuman Wildwood Florida B.A. Elementary Education John G G. Smallwood Lutz, Florida B.S., Sociology/ Psychology William E. Solomon Miami, Florida B A., Zoology/ Pre-Medicine


Mara B. Sommers Maitland, Florida B.A. Marketing Billy G Stone Brandon, Florida B.A., Finance Edith A. Spanton T ampa, Florida B .A., Elementary Education Jane A. Stover Tampa, Florida B.A. Sociolog y James F. Spivak Tampa, Florida B.A ., Financ e Cindy S. Strandburg Poundridge, New York B.A ., Sociology Lorna M Spivak Tampa, Florida B.A., Political Science Linda D. Streeter Pensacola, Florida B.A. French Paul H Stafford St. Petersburg, Fla. B .A., Management Barbara C Stein Ocala, Florida B A., Mass Communications Deborah A Stephens Tampa, Florida B A ., Elementa r y Education Joann Strohlein Jacksonville, Florida B A ., Health Education Thomas E. Stambaugh Tampa, Florida B.A Accounting Karen A. Stellies St. Petersburg, Fla. B A ., Specific Learning Disabilities R. Wayne Stewart St. Petersburg, Fla. B A., Political Science Maria Helena Suarez Tampa, Florida B.A. Psychology 5 9


Rebecca L. Sullivan Lakeland, Florida B.A Business Education Herbert G. Taskett Wilmington, Delaware B .A., Distributive Engineering Barbara K Sumara Jacksonv ille Florida B.A., Marketing Morris H. Tate Haines City, Florida B A ., Zoolog y / Chemistry Victor i a A Summerall Wabasso, Florida B.A. Math Education Edna V. Taylor Tampa, Florida B.A ., Sociology Gary G Terry William J. Thomann Debbie L. Thomas Seffner, Florida Port Charlotte, Florida Starke, Florida B A., Criminal Justice B.A. Speech/ B.A. Specific Learning 60 James W. Tillman Tampa, Florida B.A. Vocational Education Communication Disabilities, Education Teresa A. Tillman Tampa, Florida B A., Elementary Education Phillip M. Tinsley Tampa, Florida B.S., Medical Technology Steven E Swan Zephyrhills, Florida B.A., Accounting Janet L. Tayntor Wauchula, Florida B.A., Management Emma L Thomas Plant City, Florida B A ., Elementary Education Joan M. Tjapkes Delray Beach, Florida B.S., Engineering Mansour Tala Ahwaz, Iran B.S., Electrical Engineering Judy S Teitler Coral Gables, Florida B A ., Chemistry Frances P. Thomas Tangerine, Florida B .A., Theatre Andrew A. Toledo Tampa, Florida B.A., Zoology Luis H Tamayo Tampa, Florida B.S., Industrial S ystems Engineering Wanda L. Temple Lutz, Florida B A., Health Education John 0. Thomas Lake Mary, Florida B .A., Education Charlotte J. Tomes Tampa, Florida B A Sociology


Steven P. Tonnesen Clearwater, Florida B.A. Management Calvin R. Vaughn Tampa, Florida B A., Anthropology Susan B. Tremmel Tampa, Florida B A Zoology Ana I. Vazquez Tampa, Florida B.A., Biology Lyndia H. Trichter Sarasota, Florida B.A., Finance Curtis Ulrich St. Petersburg, Fla. B.A ., English Donna H. VanDusen Seminole Florida B A., Education B.S., Nursing Jerome G. Vermette Lutz, Florida B.A., Psychology PaavoT. Tuominen St. Petersburg, Fla. B.A., Accounting Kathy C. Umfleet Tampa, Florida Masters, Audiology James J. Tyee Cocoa Beach, Florida B.E.T., Computer Technology Ernest Valdes Miami, Florida B.S., Chemistry RoelofE. van Heiden Dennis A. Vaniter Montclair, New Jersey Jacksonville Illinois B.A., Pre-Law/Finance B.A., American Linda M. Vonderhaar St. Petersburg, Fla. B A ., Marketing Studies/Political Science Andre A. Vonsiatsky St. Petersburg, Fla. B.A., Accounting/ Finance Paula M. Ubinger Satellite Beach, Fla. B.A., Microbiology John C. Van Buskirk Tampa, Florida B.A., Management Karen C. Vann Tampa, Florida B.A., Chemistry John B. Wagner St. Petersburg, Fla. B.S., Electrical Engineering 61


Joseph H. Walker Tampa, Florida B.A., Criminal Justice Kathleen H. Warren St. Petersburg, Fla. B.A. Elementary Education Vickie L. Walker Tampa, Florida B.A., English Education Wendy S. Waterman Orlando, Florida B A., English Mary Ellen Wallace Dover, New Jersey B.A., Elementary/ Early Childhood Education Lucy M. Watson Lutz, Florida B A Elementary/ Early Childhood Education Deborah S. Weiller William B. Wellborn Linda E. Wells Atlanta, Georgia Lawrenceville, Georgia Auburndale, Florida B .A., Criminal Justice B A ., Management B.S., Specific Learning Disabilities 62 Christopher S. Whitener Hickory, N.C. B A Chemistry Cheryl L. Wiar Tampa, Florida B.A., Psychology Mitchell A. Wick Plantation, Florida B S Chemistry Wanda Y. Waller Temple Terrace, Fla. B A., Marketing Marinda K. Weatherly Brandon, Florida B.A. Mass Communications Deobrah A. Ward Brandon, Florida B.S. Special Edu c a t ion, Special Learning Disability Kenneth L. Weaver Davenport, Florida B.A., Psychology Ross B. Ward, Jr. Dunedin, Florida B.A ., Social S cience Interdisciplinary Reginald L. Weaver Tampa, Florida B.S.E.; Civil Engineering Richard F. Wheeler M. Richard White JaneK. Wh itelaw Brandon, Florida Indian Harbour Be. Fla. Great Neck, New York B.A., Finance B.A. Psychology B.A., Early Childhood Dorothy G. Wiggs Lakeland, Florida B .S., Elementary Education and Early Childhood Paul A Wilcox Lutz, Florida B A., Accounting Marcieann Wilkinson Miami, Florida B A., Accounting


Janet L. Williams Palatka, Florida B.A ., Art/Advertising (DFL) Jeanne P. Wilson Tampa, Florida B .A., Sociology Teryy L. Wright Tampa, Florida B.A. Criminal Justice Michael E. Young Tampa, Florida B.A., Geography Jeffrey L. Williams N Palm Beach, Fla. B .A., Microbiology Ernest M. Withers Bradenton, Florida B.A., Criminal Justice RichardT. Wyatt Tampa, Florida B.S., B.A. Mathematics/ Mathematic s Education Abdulah B Zargar Lutz, Florida B.S., Electrical Engineering Steven R. Williams Valrico, Florida B .A., Social Science Education Martha L. Wood Brandon, Florida B.S., Elementary Education Jacqueline D. Yeloushan Tampa, Florida B .A., Elementary Education Joseph F. Zepeda Spring Hill, Florida B A Accounting Claire M. Wilson Ft. Myers Beach, Fla. B.A., Criminal Justice RobertS. Wood II Lutz, Florida B .A., Geography ArthurJ. Yochim Miami, Florida B .A., Political Science Craig A. Wilson Daytona Beach, Fla. B.A. Psychology Bernice A Woodard Dade City Florida B.A Education Donald J. Young Temple Terrace, Fla. B.A., Management Cynthia L. Wilson Bradenton, Florida B A. Art Education Shirley M. Wright Ft. M yers, Florida B.A., Elementary Education JaneM. Young Cocoa Beach, Florida B.S., Sociology DELMA STUDIOS, INC. 225 Park Ave. South New York, New York 10003 Senior Photography and Publishing 63


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