University of South Florida yearbook. (1977)

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University of South Florida yearbook. (1977)

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University of South Florida yearbook. (1977)
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University of South Florida senior yearbook. (1977)
University of South Florida
USF Faculty and University Publications
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Tampa, Fla
University of South Florida
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9 v. : ill. ; 32 cm.


serial ( sobekcm )


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Vol. 1, no. 1 (1963/64)-no. 9 (1972).
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Vol. for 1972 lacks enumeration.

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University of South Florida Library
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University of South Florida
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0 \ f ....... _.___..:.. south florida -\ t '77 0


The University of South Florida Senior Yearbook 1977




The University is a step in life. 3


4 Through smiles ...


... and tears 5


... hopes 6


... and dreams 7


searching for individuality. t 8




Looking towards tomorrow 10


and a future, 11




a future filled with questions. 13


The answers come with living! 14


Concerts Billy Joel Jimmy Buffet Marshall Tucker Elvin Bishop 16


River Riot i!VE/l t1ar Slappy Hour in the Empty Keg 17


" Scapino"The Alice P eop l e 1 8 p r 8 u c t I 0 n s "Pi c nic -Theater Department


"The Doonesbury Chronicles -Speech Department "Black Comedy -Theater Department "Rosencrantz and Guilderstern Are Dead" -Theater Department 19


"MacBeth" -Theater Department The witches in MacBeth Les Patineurs" Winter Dance Concert 20


"The Wizard s Christmas Dance Concert Romeo and Juliet -A Radio Play The Music Department's Madrigals 21


" Wanda Hicke y' s Night of Gold e n Memories" -Theater Dept. A Dance Concert Rosencrantz and Guilderstern Are Dead"


"A Little Night Music" -Theater Department Light in August -Theater Department The Winter Dance Concert "Les Patineurs" 2 3


Sports Looks like a fastball Cross Country Team Tennis buff 24


Golf F e ncing Intercollegiate Soccer Women' s Intercollegiate Basketball 25


Women's Soccer Club Women s Intercollegiate Volleyball Intercollegiate LaCrosse Club Akeido Club 26


Intramural Football Basketball The Brahmans Baseball -The Brahmans 27


Frivolities Mad Hatter Day -Mr. Rabbit The Medieval Fair Mad Hatter Day The Hatter himself Snow at U.S.F ? 28


A parachute exhibition Voting in the Student Government election. The dedication of the baseball field lights. 29


30 Backgammon Tournament The Medieval Fair Greek Derby Week


The Earth Ball Greek Week Skit Cement Canoe Race U .C. Flea Market Auction at the Activities Mart. 31


The Car Wash Marathon Eldridge Cleaver 32 Churchill speaks on brother's art.


USF Sarasota Campus College Hall (center], once home of Charles Ringling, is now the campus library. South Hall (right], home of Charles Ringling's daughter, now serves as administrative, classroom, and faculty office building. Students in the Medieval Studies Program recreate a full medieval banquet. 34 Josie Martin, New College Class of 1977, served two terms as a member of the ew Hampshire Legislature ... while still a student.


Residence areas at Sarasota have a series of courtyards with balconies and a common mall in the center. Radio New College broadcasts on the interest and energies of students. Registration day in the Hamilton Center at New College. 35


36 USF St. Peters burg Calllpus




College of Arts and Letters The College of Arts and Letters is concerned with language and literature in both the broad and specialized meanings of the terms. Whether the language be native or foreign, new or old, expressed or implied, it is explored in the context of the beauty and utility it holds for man's permanent thought. Literature is studied in the context of continuing tradition, as the expression of what is universally significant for man. 38


Business Administration The College of Business Administration offers programs designed to prepare individuals for business and government careers At this time construction is under way for a new Business building to increase the functional area of the College. 39


40 College of Education The College of Education places an emphasis on each student learning what is relevant for the world of today In the Learning Lab the Instructional Materials Center and the Kiva, students develop a deep interest in intellectual inquiry and the ability to inspire this interest to others.


College of Engineering Our modern technological society has placed many demands on both the engineer and the engineering profession The engineer has always had the responsibility and the obligation to use knowledge for the benefit of mankind. The College of Engineering provides for individual development both in technical competency and human values. 41


Fine Arts 42


The fine arts building has a way of speaking for itself. The music is not confined to the practice rooms on any day and the sculpture is as likely to be seen on the patio as in the studio. The hum of creativity and the faint refrains of many instruments are throughout the building. ; ; ; ; ; t I J il ft f I I tl I : : ::: : : ; ; ; ; ; j j ; J t t 1 t t t I t I I t t f I t t f : : tl t f 1 t H If 1 ll I I I I t 1 1 1 t t t I t t t I t I f I:: 1 I II H It tt If t1 tl I H t t t t I I f I t I t I t f I t I f tt t I I I t t tt I fl t I I I tf ........... flllftlll: :::::: ::::::: : .. .. ::::::::::::::::. ::: t 1 t t t t I I t::::::::: f1 t1 II II:!::::::: If 1 t t t I I I : : : I I (II tt t I I I I I : : : :I I 1 ff I I I I t I I It I Itt Itt I I I 1 1 t t t I 4 ff I t I t I ::::.. J l I:::::: It I .......... I It It I Itt f .... .... '.; 43


College of Natural Sciences 44


Science is a dominant force in the modern world and its development in both the theoretical and the practical spheres underlie the foundations of modern society Students in the College of Natural Sciences are trained in the tools of logical analysis and the modes of experimentation in the continuing attempt to better understand the nature of man and man's relationship to the universe. 45




Physics The physics complex 'holds within its walls a number of minor miracles in science that are enjoyed by the entire campus. Anyone who enters the main building is immediately aware of the large pendulum in the foyer which maintains its own constant direction while the earth moves underneath. The Planetarium is a major attraction to casual astronomers and is used by the community as well as U.S.F. students. The observatory is also an asset to our campus. Any physics student will remember the laboratories with their lenses, oscilloscopes, and other equipment, building circuits, transistors and Wheastone Bridges that work, ... probing into the most fundamental laws of earth and space. This is the discovery of the universe on a personal basis And this is the minor miracle of the physics complex. 47


The social and behavioral sciences are concerned with man, his development, problems and institutions. The College helps the student to understand the world and to become an informed citizen. Social and behavioral sciences provide the student with an adequate background and knowledge for later application in busi n ess, government and social service professions. College of Social and Behavioral Sciences


ca E E Q) 1 was arres e a s or 1me a r e troller at Valencia, Spain, told shoo tings at Mingo s Bar Saturday night and was charged with two Baker to descend to 8,000 feet counts of aggravated battery and one count of possession of a short-straight through the lower barrelled shotgun, officers said. He was being held on $6,000 bond plane's flight path. The three men were listed in satisfactory condition at Bethesda the .. that." OO'ilfi"(J .. terday r g .-t se. wh MIAMI Hundreds of rock waded into thP ,. f_,a na str music fans waiting through the clubs,...... sS ea night for tickets to a Led Zepplin -The crowd kicked m '"'v. concert crashed a gate by smashed toilet s and glass and rampaged through .... c J\.lttles thrown tore through offi:folS and the press Bowl early 200 persons who darkroom ciLc .. rs said beiiUl e _,--v-u to leave the stadium Police cleto: 3d the complex and l"'olice fired tear gas into the later in the morning ticket crowd, injuring an unknown windows opened as scheduled 'nr number of people An estimated 4 """ overnight S& 0EANUT open. Partly ctoudy today. in the upper 80s, lows ;n 1 hy Charlet M. Sch 0 Winds variable, mostly & southeast, 10 to 15 :l decreasing tonight In the country 2 W W carpeting central A H : witllnopetcleposlt. Damate Unfurnished SUS, Furni shed or 91f.S2U. Fr .. laundry 14 'IINNlJE(/.5. AN/) '-THIS A HAVE TEN L:....;.;;...__.::::::..---l.---Var1 UM..IS YeS. YOU Kosher Maile re-vations now T HA5 Q Ot; avai lable.Orclenmuttberoc:eiveclby ER'{ BAD .,, .) 2 APRIL l 8Uf C1. a night n .oo, two noghts SS.OQ. Passover K .. KNEES! flj 1 .:;, -..,., ..::;,() Carter leads in 011 e


I I.UI I IUU,. .. eC r, .AA:.... thatl eJCP 1 -. ter tUfl V voredftr s \I' i 5 G \l.A .... H 1s not the same it will be about 200 '-'Y } .. V1d less, Benchimol said "Those who vote -/r _,,.,l Government will be the people who are directly in volved with Miller or Sapp ." b\9 4 n last week Miller IN to vote, students must show ns ........ ; but was to a validated ID card before casting their 'AI\ : e needed to wm on vote in the college of their major, BenI a..w'\ ", -,, I 'a-" chimol said. I I 9 votes or 42 per Students with heSS 1 ith 497 votes or 31 able to vote at any po.. c 'I 3 :lidate i n the race Polls will close at 7 /, l'llt:llll!I!1Nt I tes or 27 per cent tomorrow except in the Co h._ ..,, ; ) sing and Medicine Polls will close at 5 B p m m thm ';;;;;speech ra h Ina C) alive, well [-Cb 1 1 9 .. talk forum --, C) vv -! sports ..., College -" ...__ :L.: -' CCi Student Counc .. ""', ,_l'f:'_, The forum pro 0 ('\ &qL -. tr '-1-r,:\ --=------_ --::-,_ & .-'C '-7). ., C i tXl s Q.. S.l Cb Cl) c-) C1) .... :::JI MFOOLERY"WAZ," tonight through proxir CA (S)h '(1 On-" q Cl) 8 :30p. m until1 a m Cover: 75 gathr .P St '&"' ., l.S groundhog :,. to ter >THERLODE Se<:rets from Allan-l-o 11(/. ..,. 8 : a: tonight through Sunday 9 :30 p m _., il ()/. (;>I] l'f h h h ::rh nti l 2 :30 a m Cover: $1 Thursday & IT tv t>il., VC't; t :iC\ ;r nap. ,, e sees IS s 0 I unday; SUO Friday & Saturday. .. (;>(;> l' 0 01] O POT" Stillwater,".tonight thrOUII' .. '1'/, s i ov v /OW for SIX more weeks' sleep. Ol.. I Q) aturday 9 :30 p.m. untl 1 a m Cov l'(;>(;> S S (;>,_ -1.50 Friday & Saturday; ladi es free, C' il C'. '/) I] .h.. d t'd 1 Thursday. 1 c0 s oiJ oiJ-9. -.,(;>,. nows spnng IS aroun ue corner an stD. -.....: .. UGH RIDER'S "Carol L 01] Clj /I] IJil ('(;> O,_ .,/ .,. >night thrciugh Saturday 9 p m u /1,>..1. ,9 <'Is il, l. Is .and,'' tonight through S e.h.. t> .h.. ill](/ (;> A BOR t ct ntll 1 am. Cover: $1 ''-'.0 ''I 1Y 0 r. I ENANIGAN'S PUB -Sf l/1] /0 (;>l'/Q tber l >nght through Suncla v .. V(;>l' l/j 00 -,..h.. )att C) m cover. SLSO. (;> Q '?? "/ il ,.,_ "'<'s P 0 AND'S CLUB :-lict_ Oj l4 /, A plan to SWitch e s WOuld the S .rough Saturday9.-'IJC'. 0. I] Cfo,. "o JNS will be t f { nree 11week ''0Tl1 over men s 1 lad1es, (;>,. to I o,.,. 4-1] requests e while the proposed two six week 1d s >ver ill il,.h.. {\ :LAND'S -"John Ritter," ton.ver: S 1 Saturday telescOpeS w f:h h h f 'T: h mnmn s1xt. mate n LWO ma t.c.


Getting through the day 52




Familiar sights 5 4 .. I'll! \1."-. n l l t ,\f ,.




Crowds and solitude 56






Alumni Association The Association exists to generate support for the University and offer meaningful service s to both Alumni and Students. Some of these services, include: TO STUDENTS Academic Scholarships American Travel Guide 1976 and 1977 Senior Yearbook Outstanding Senior Award King-O 'Neal Award In 1976-1977 USF graduates contributed nearly $25,000 to USF ... over 50 percent of that amount was expended for student academic scholarships. The Alumni Associa tion established the first all -academic scholarships at USF and is proud of the tradition it has created. BECOME ACTIVE TODAY by sending a contribution to the University through your Alumni Association Make your check payable to USF Alumni Association Inc. and send to Office of Alumni Affairs, SVC 518, Tampa, Florida 33620. CONGRATULATIONS! FROM THE YEARBOOK SPONSOR ... THE USF ALUMNI ASSOCIATION 6 0 TO ALUMNI ... Caree r & Job Placement Continuing Education Service Group-Rate Foreign Tours & Insurance Use of USF Recreation Room USF TODAY Alumni News Magazine


Nostalgia The yearbook staff tries to capture the memories of year at th e U niversit y The real, th e outlandish th e toil and the pleasures all make memories wo rth r eviewi n g But eve ryon e must awake from being nostalgic sometime and wo rk at c reatin g new memories. So may th e days of your future b e only as sad as the happiest days of your past. Terri Coope r and Lorna Musselman 1977 Yearbook editors 61


62 1st row: Paul Austin, Martha Kopp, Denise Scholz, Ed Spivey, Denise Mahoney, Gordon Miller, Steve Zen degui, Jose Quintas, Patricia Winterman. 2nd row : Gary Bivins, Jon Orlick, Fred Washburn, Edgar Wolfram, Sandra Terepka, Doug Sweet, Barbara Kinney, Rm Mueller, Steve Bryan.


Engineering College Association Representing the following organizations: American Institute of Chemical Engineers American Institute of Industrial Engineers American Society of Civil Engineers American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Engineering Technology Association Florida Engineering Society Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers I.E.E.E. Computer Society International Society of Hybrid Microelectronics National Society of Black Engineers Society of Women Engineers Tau Beta Pi 63


64 Sigma Alpha Epsilon Chi Omega 1st row: Sue Prochaska, Carol Williams, Patty Lewis, Carol Bloodworth. 2nd row: Johnette VanFleet, Joy Craig, Barbara McGauley, Shawn Roach 3rd row: Lillian Link, Margaret Kornwebel, Debbie Knoechel, Monique Howard. 4th row: Elaine Wetmore Cindy Martin, Stephanie Collier, Cindy Da Sivla.


Bicycle Club David Peterson, Chad Hoffman, Jesse Binford, Janet Miller, Don Hutchen, Nan Rojas Lisa Widere, Ron Voegelsong, John Clement, Paul Lannom. Alpha Hall Council 1st row: Marsha Myers Bunny Rahauser, Marc Migdal. 2nd row: Barbara Stewart, John Aitken, Jam Kummerfeldt Steve LeClair, Mindy Shepard. 65


66 Delta Gamma Front row: Anette Cacciatorre, Kim Davis, Debbie Farr, Claranne Crudele, Mary McClesky Second row: Linda Schwartz, Cathy Cook, Patsy Cusmano. Third row: Vivian Pujals, Denise Toribio, Patty Shetter, Debbie Carrell, Nancy Jackson Donna Solomon, Danny Destro, Cynthia Lee Patty Monesett. Fourth row: Caty Dallner Cathy LaBrussa, Beth Ann Foose Pam Roselli Shar Dreicer, Ardith Rutland, JoAnn Miller, Leslie Vincent, Glenn Jackson. Back row: Jim Holton Sharon Odahowski Glenn Borneman Andi McCaufsky Christian Science Organization Left to right: Thomas Ness, Ginger Corbin, Gail Danenburg, Mar Carol Hill, Jonathan Lucas, Carol Danenburg, Betsy Bingham, Josephine Bingham, Faye Danenburg


U A Front row: Nancy Schultz, Barbara Frank, Vicky Russo, Bryan Shuler, Ellen Shinder, Debbie Arias, Margaret Jones. Second row: David Moses, Glorian Perlita, Myla Messick, Vicky Tampone, Debbie Hays Sharon Kryszack, Carol Whalen, Suzanne Aston. Third row: Tim Brown, Ray Yager Frank Perlita, Suzanne Sager, Karen Tamargo, Kathy Lyons, Wendy Cutts, Angie Myers, Debbie Marky Dawn Raduano, Rudy Keen. Back row: Sandi Meeks. Phi Kappa Phi Phi Kappa Phi Induction Ceremony, 1976 The honor society of Phi Kappa Phi was founded at the University of Maine at Orona in 1897 There are currently 182 chapters in 46 states, the District of Columbia, the Philippines, ,and Puerto Rico. Men and women in all academic fields who rank by discipline in the senior cl a ss, in the upper ten percent of the graduate class, or in the upper five percent of the junior class may be considered for membership. The basis of eligibility is excellence of scholarship and integrity of character. With the motto: "LET THE LOVE OF LEARNING RULE MANKIND." Phi Kappa Phi is the only honor society to induct from all disciplines. Charted in 1971, the University of South Florida Chapter 126 now has an active membership of almost 3,000 Although one of the youngest, it is one of the fastest growing chapters in the nation. In cooperation with Themis, the USF Phi Kappa Phi chapter recently started a Themis-Phi Kappa Phi book Scholarship. Additionally, Phi Kappa Phi is p r omoting the formation of a themis-type honor society in selected community colleges in Florida. 67


OFFICERS: Joni Hersch, President Mario Pita, Vice-President Christine Howell, Student Correspondent Dr. Frank Cleaver, Faculty Advisor Dr. Fredric Zerla, Faculty Correspondent INDUCTEES: Quarter IV, 1976 Jessica Khajeh-Noori Richard Poulos Janet Walz Quarter I, 1976 Andrea Cleaver Amelita Elliot Heather Hoffman Richard Mabry Janet Walker Mark Ziemba Quarter II, 1977 James Chen Sam Ciccarello Dana Griffin Timothy Marnell Richard Merrill Johanna Newton ffi > z z :I:: ffi FLORIDA EPSILON CHAPTER PI MU EPSILON FRATERNITY UNIV E RSITY OF SOUTH FLORID A Back Row: Jeff Colkmire, John Gibson, Bob Hansbrough, Ivan Wansley. Front Row: Dr. Vance Jennings, Bill Boyd Jim Moran, Nat Thomas, Jeff Blume. 68


Peter Adessi Riverview, FL B .A., Art RivaAlbert Coral Gables, FL B .A., Soc. Sci. Inter. Alejandro Alvarez Rio Piedras, P .R. B A Economics / Acctg 70 Iris Adams Mt. Dora, FL B.A. Accounting Wayne Adams Mt. Dora,FL B.A., Pre-Law/Pol. Sci. Christopher Addison Tampa, FL B A Zoology Donna Albrecht Vineland, NJ B A., Elementary Ed Rolando Alvarez Tampa, FL B A., Ind Tech Ed. Linda Adelmeyer Clearwater, FL B.A. Political Sci. Garth Albury St. Petersburg, FL B.S., Elementary Ed Sheree Alvarez Tampa, FL B S., Nursing Gloria Aguayo Tampa, FL B .A., Mass Comm. Gregory Alexander Tampa,FL B A., Zoology/Marine Biology Steven Alverson Pt. Charlotte, FL B.A., Finance Jane Ahern N iami Beach, FL B.A., Special Ed Karen Alexander Silver Spring MD B.A., Mass Comm. Patricia Ananaba Tampa, FL B A., Afro-Am Studies June Albert TamJ?a FL B.S. Crimmal Justice Nelson Alicea Tampa,FL B A., Sociology David Anderson Satellite Bch. FL B A., Management


David Anderson Largo FL B A., Marketing Mary Artz Loyal, WI B A., S ocial Sci. Ed Lauri Aumen Gulf Breeze, FL B A Art David Anderson Brandon, FL B .S., Business Mgmt. Gloria Asbury Tampa, FL B .A., Sociology Sumner Babson Jr Tampa, FL B A Philosophy Jenny Anderson Tampa, FL B.A., Political Sci. Asadolah Asgaki Tampa, FL B S., Electrica l Zabihullah Bagheri Tampa, FL B S.E Mech. Eng john Anderson Tampa, FL B.A. Zoology Amy Asgeirson Miami Shores, FL B.A., Emotionally Disturbed Ed Guy Bagli Tampa, FL B A Pol. Sci./History joy Anderson Tampa, FL B A., E.E.C judith Ashley Tampa, FL B.A., Religious Studies Vernon Bailey Wilmington DE B A., Management Steven Anderson Miami,FL B A ., Geology Catherine Askounis Hampton, VA B A., Art Ed Lydia Baio Tampa, FL B A., Spec. Learn. Dis. 71


Monica Baker jacksonville FL B A Accounting Eugene Balter Tampa. FL B .S., C1vil Eng. Daniel Barfield Lake Wales,. FL B A., Accounting Lester Barker Vero Beach, FL B.A., Psychology Margaret Baskerville Sarasota, FL B.F.A Art Education 72 Vicki Baker Ft. Lauderdale, FL B S., Nursing Ramona Balzarotti Tampa, FL B A Elementary Ed Glenn Barham Emerson, N) B .A., Management Robyn Barone Largo, FL B.A. Mass Comm Richard Bass Tampa, FL B.A Political Sci. Therese Balanky No Miami Beach, FL B.A Early Childhood Valerie Bame Ocala, FL B A., Finance Blenda Barker Tampa, FL B A., Psychology Edmund Bartos Land O'Lake, FL B.A., Mass Comm. Roger Bass Tampa,FL B.A., Finance Philip Baldacchino Tampa, FL B.A., Sociology Martha Barber Bradenton, FL B A Ind Tech. Ed LouAnna Bateman Brandon,FL B.A., Math jeffrey Balli e t Belleview, FL B S W Social Work Willie Barco St. Petersburg, FL B.S. General Business Brad Baumgartner Coral Gables, FL B .A., Mass Comm Adv ) erry Balloon Tampa, FL B A Sociology Nestor Bardales Tampa, FL B A., Education Hachemi Bchir St. Petersburg, FL B A., Economics


Earl Becraft St. Petersburg, FL B .A., English Lit. Deborah Beecy Bedford, MA B A Sociology John Beeman Glens Falls, NY B .A., Spanish Donald Beers Stuart, FL B.S., S.M.F Nancy Beers Nancy Bekiempis Bobbie Bell Randall A. Belz Clearwater, FL Temple Terrace, FL Thonotosassa, FL Nashville, TN B A., Elementary Ed. B A., Early Childhood Ed. B.A., Early Child Ed B.A., Acc 'g/Finance John Benoit III Orlando, FL B A Criminal Justice Dana Beyerle Tampa, FL B A., Mass Comm. Gary Benton Pinellas Park, FL B.S., Clinical Chern. Gregory Biard Tampa, FL B.S., Biology Christine Bergman Holiday, FL B.A., Psychology James Bilderback Jacksonville, FL B.A., Accounting Alecia Berman W Palm Beach, FL B.A., Spec. Learn. Dis. Charles Bitting St. Petersburg, FL B .A., Accounting Christioher Bennet Largo, FL B.A., Political Sci/ Soc Sci. Ed Yvonne Berry Tampa, FL B.A., Accounting Deborah Bitting Tampa, FL B.A., Accounting Josephine Bennett Columbus, GA B .A., Sociology Douglas Bertels Clearwater, FL B.A., History David Blanchard Seabrook, TX B.A., Finance 73


Matthew Bokor Tampa, FL B A., Anthropology/ MassComm. 74 Robert Boone Bradenton, FL B .A., German Watson Boyer Clearwater, FL B .S., Psychology Crosby Bodden Brandon, FL B.A., Criminal Justice Michael Bollenback Clearwater, FL B.A., Accounting Bruce Borgwardt Tampa,FL B.A., Accounting Evelyn Boyrins Tampa, FL B A., Special Ed Isabel Bombino Havana, Cuba B A., Criminal Justice Theodore Bosen St. Petersburg, FL B.E T., Eng. Tech. Althea Bradley Boshnell FL B S W., Social Work I Reginald Bonanno Tampa, FL Kathlyne Boslet Orlando,FL B.A., English Carol Bradshaw Arcadia, FL B.A., Microbiology \ David Bonar Tampa, FL B.A., Business Mgmt. Gwendolyn Bowers Fernandina, FL B A., Sociology David Brakefield Ocala, FL B A., Bus. Mgmt. Russell Bond St. Petersburg, FL B.A., Geography David Boyd Merritt Island, FL B A., Biology Jeffrey Brant Miami,FL B.S Microbiology


De a n Brantly Lutz, FL B E T., Const. Engr Clarence Brown Tampa, FL B.A., Mgmt /Marketi ng Stephen Burchard Clearwater, FL B.A., Management Bill Braunsdorf Orlando, FL B.A., Management Curtis Brown Sarasota, FL B.A., Political Sci. Joseph Burgett Sr. Tampa, FL B A., Management Robert Bregler Lakeland FL B A., Accounting Essie Brown Bonifay FL B A., Business Ed W. Alan Burke Tampa, FL B S., Internat'l Stud David Breslow Miami Beach, FL B A., Business Administration Gwendolyn Brown Tampa, FL B A Education Deborah Bryson Ft. Lauderdale, FL B.A., Biology Jack Burnham Cocoa Beach, FL B.A., Sp/Eng. Ed William Brobst Bloomsburg, PA B .A., Political Sci. Sheldon Brown Tampa, FL B A., Geology Kim Burns Tamr.a, FL B.A., Per ./Theatre Robert Bronar Cocoa Beach, FL B.A. Sociology Deanna Bruegger! Tampa, FL B.A., Finance Mary Burns Plant City, FL B A., Sociology 75


Kathryn Burress St. Petersburg, FL B.A., Elementary Ed 76 Philip Carroll Largo, FL B.A., Zoology Vivian Chandler Palatka, FL B A., Special Ed. Dana Burt Hollywood FL B .A., Music Education Robert Cargo St. Petersburg, FL B A Business Mgmt Anthony Caruso Sarasota, FL B.A., Botany Susan Chester N Miami Beach, FL B .A., Public Relations Eileen Butler St. Petersburg, FL B.A., Elementary Ed. Patricia Cascella Trumbull, CT B.A., Mass Comm Susan Chiellini Bushnell FL B A., Mass Comm./ Film Prod. Victor Byrd Jacksonvill e, FL B.A .. Psychology Larry Castleman Tampa, FL B A Political Sci. Michael Chommie Brandon, FL B S Mathematics Horace Calhoun Lutz FL B .A., Marke ting Juan Cecilia Tampa, FL B.S.E., Civil Eng. David Chotiner Tampa, FL B A Sociology Darlene Caltagirone Tampa, FL B.A., Microbiology Paul Celotto Stamford, CT B A., Criminal Justice Lynn Christie Key Biscayne FL B A., Criminal Justice


LuAnn Cicciaro Tampa, FL B A., Elementary Ed Richard Clark Tampa,FL B.E. T Eng Tech. Sheryl Cohen Miami Beach FL B .A., Mass Comm Edward Ciesla Brandon,FL B S.E., Electrical Eng. Shelley Cleary Largo FL B.A., Elementary Ed Sher Cole Tampa,FL B A ,Sociology Carol Cirioli Hollywood, FL B.A. Elementary Ed Alan Clem Riverview FL B A., Management Terry Clanton Cocoa ,FL B .A., Microbiology Peter Cleveland W Palm Beach, FL B.A., Marketing Jeffery Colkmire Willie Collins Plant City, FL Temple Terrace, FL B .A., Music/App. Voice B .A., Criminal Justice Paula Clark Tampa,FL B .A., Sociology Richard Cloutier Nokomis, FL B .A., Business Adm Richard Commons St. Petersburg, FL B .A., Finance/ Acctg Philip Clark Gulfport FL B E T., Eng Tech. Louise Cohen Hollywood, FL B.S., Sociology Bruce Cone Jr Big Pine Key, FL B .A., Geology Francis Connors St Petersburg, FL B.A. Geology 77


Frederick Conrad III Tampa, FL B.A., Fine Arts/Photo John Cornelius Ft. Meade, FL B A., Social Sci. Ed. Sonia Crockett Tampa,FL B A., Political Sci. Gayle Cunningham Temple Terrace, FL B.A. Marketing 78 David Darrell Port Richey, FL B.A. Biology Cheryl L Conway Donkirk NY B.A., Elementary Ed Richard Coryell Clearwater, FL B S., Elec Bus Mgmt. Kymble Crosby Sarasota, FL B.S., Sociology / WSP Terry Cuppett Brandon, FL B.A., Early Child. Ed Toni Davila Key West, FL B.A., Special Ed Joan Conway Naples, FL B .A., B S Early Child. Education Stephen Cote St. Petersburg, FL B.A., Management Sharon Crossman Largo, FL B.A., Acctg/Finance Bart Cusumano Holiday, FL B A., Marketing Duane Davis Tampa, FL B .A., Sociology Massey Cook Dade City, FL B S., Criminal Justice Stephen Covins Branden ton FL B A Accounting Renee Crouch Largo, FL B A., Biology Steve Dangerfield Tampa, FL B.A., Management Faye Davis Lakeland FL B S W., Social Work Christine Cooney Jacksonvill e, FL B .A., Criminal Just./ Sociology Carolyn Cowan Apollo Beach FL B.A., Special Ed James Crowley Brandon,FL B.A., Accounting Leo Danilievit Belle Glade FL B S Social Sci. Ed. Mark Davis New Pt. Richey, FL B.A. Microbiology Teresa Cooper Clearwater, FL B .A., Spanish /Pre-Med Catherine Cowan Satellite Beach, FL M S., Audiology Bonnie Cunningham St. Petersburg, FL B .A., Sociology Bernice Darling St. Petersburg, FL B .A., Soc./Cr. Just. Monica Davis Lutz FL B.A., Early Child Ed


Nina Davis Wildwood, PL B.A .. Education Robert De Guenther Tampa. FL B.A., Accounting Philip Denham C<1conut Creek, FL B A Management FerminDlaz Naples FL B.S., Civil Eng Elaine DirJ!a Tampa,FL B.A., Biology Patricia Davis St. Petersburg, FL B.A. Inter Soc Science Deborah DeKalb Melbourne B eac h FL B.A.. Physical Ed. Lorene Denis Clearwater, PL B.A., Special Ed. Connie Dickinson Lakeland, FL B.A., Mass C.omm. Barbara Dawson Tampa,PL B.A Int'l. Studies Frederick Delafield Tampa,FL B .A., Biology Robel' t dePadua Jacksonville. FL B.A .. Biology Albe l't Diggles Hollywood, PL B.A., Cnroinal Justice Ma.ry Delaney Lake Placid, f'L B.A., Adult Voc. EeL Paula Dent Tampa,FL B.A., Geography Lucretia Dillard Clearwater. FL B.A., Elementary Ed Robert D Tam B.A., Ad1 loc. Ed. Kirobal DeWHt Winter Haven, FL B.A., Management George Diller B.A., Bu, Adm. Donna DiZoglio Debra Do.bbiruJ Mark Dodd Te rry Dodge Tampa, FL Tampa, FL Taml?a, FL Miami, FL B.A., Criminal just ice B .A., Enghsh/Pol. Sci. B.B.A .. Busme s Mgmt. B.A. Gen Bus Adm Pamela Demetrius Glenview, ILL B.A French/English Education Robbin Deyber Greenw ich, CT B.A., Psychology Carol Ann Din smo re Sarasota! FL B.A., Zoo ogy Dale Doenges Lutz, FL B A., English 79


80 Jerry Dowdy Bradenton ; FL B A., Phys i cal Ed Carl DuLac Tampa FL B S Physics Susan Dziewinski Atlanta GA B A Marketing Hugh Doyle III Clearwater, FL B A Microbiology Carolyn Duffy Tampa,FL B.A. Criminal Justice Patti Eagan Clearwater, FL B A., English Robert Drake St. Petersburg, FL B A General Bus Adm Jennifer Duggan Palm Bay, FL B A., Biology Michael Eannarino Tampa, FL B S Soc i ology Deborah Drechsler Syosset, NY B A Marketing Patric i a Duncan Thonotosassa FL B .A., Biology Milton Early Jr Tampa, FL B .A., Account i ng Dan i el Donohue Clearwater, FL B .A., Special Ed Nancy P. Dressel St. Petersburg FL B.S., Psychology Marion Durden Lacoochee, FL B .A., Elementary Ed Daniel Eckis N Miami ,FL B S., Engineering Mark Doss Tampa,FL B.S., Psychology Paul Drouin St. Petersburg, FL B.S. Physical Ed. Neal Dwyer Tampa,FL B A Psychology Diana Edenfield Tampa,FL B A., Zoology


Janet Edrington T ampa,FL B S .. Nursing C atherine Elwell Ballwin, MO B A Elementary Ed Karen Estep Melbo urne, F L B .A., French/ Eng Ed John Edrington Tampa, F L B .S., Medical Tech Elaine Engstrom Tampa, FL B A Early Child Ed Michael Eurich Lomb ard, ILL B A., F ill1lnce Norma Edwards Palmetto FL B S., Crim i nal Jus t ice Kari Er i ckson Lutz FL B A Visual Comm Althea Evains St. Petersburg FL B .A., Elementary Ed M i chael Eggeling Aurora, CO B A., Public Relations Larry Er sk i ne Duned i n, FL B A., Criminal Justice Edmund Everette Jr Lutz F L B .A., Soc Sci. Ed Martha Eiriz Miami ,FL B A., French / Int'l Studies Edward Ervin Jr Tampa,FL B.A., Inter. Soc. Sci. Edward Ezeigbo Nigeria B S., Industrial Eng. Daniel Faulkner III Tampa, FL B A Business Mgmt. Kenneth Ellis Melbourne FL B A., Mgmt./ Accounting Robert Esser Georgetown FL B A., Finance Michael Ezzo Lauderhill FL B.A., Political Sci. Bonnie Feinstein No. Miami Beach FL B S., Special Ed 81


Glorian Ferlita Tampa, FL B.A., Elementary Ed. Cynthia Fields Tampa, FL B .A., Art Education Audrey Flanigan Tampa, FL B A., Special Ed. Forouzesh Lutz ,FL B S Civil Eng. 82 Tampa, FL B.A. Distributive Ed Kent Filppula Avon Park FL B.A. Social Sci. Ed Alfred Fleischer St. Petersburg, FL B S Clinical Chern. Leigh Foss Sarasota, FL B.A., Accounting Harry Fink, Jr. Jacksonville, FL B.A. Speech-General Barry Flicker Boyertown, PA B.A., Soc. Sci./ Education Susan Foster Tampa, FL B.A., Elementary Ed James Finney Tampa, FL B.S., Pharmacy Karen Forbes Washington D.C. B.A., Comm. Fountain Haines City FL B.A., Psychology Robert Fisher Tampa, FL B .A., Soc. Sci. Ed Antonina Foreman Lakeland, FL B .A., History Kathy Fowler Tampa, FL B A., Accounting Bruce Flanagan Winter Haven, FL B S., Nursing William Foreman Coral Gables, FL B.A., Health Ed Andrea Fox Baltimore, B .A., Sociology


John Fox St Petersburg, FL B A Gen Bus. Adm james Fuller Tampa,FL B.A., Math Ed. Andrew Gamson Longwood FL B A Sociology Patricia Fraser Kearny, NJ B.A., Finance Catherine Furno Largo, FL B.S., Nursing Anne Gartner Lakewood OH B .A., Geology David Freeland Merritt Island FL B.A., Accounting Frances Gaetz Tampa,FL B.A., Psychology Dennis Geagan Treasure Island, FL B .A., Zoology Jill Freeland Merritt Island FL B A., Mass Comm./ Public Relations Yvette Gagne Tampa, FL B.A., Mass Comm Melvin Geloneck Brooksville, FL B S., Sociology Lawrence Friedberg No Ft. Myers, FL B.A., Physical Ed Thomas Gaines Tampa,FL B .A., Marketing Tamara Geltmaker Peoria, ILL B .A., Dance Rhonda Friedland No Miami Beach, FL B.A., Elementary Ed ... -........... / I William Gaitor Miami,FL B.S., Criminal Justice Sherry Gentile Brandon,FL B.A., English 83


Alicia George Clearwater, FL B.A., Elementary Ed. 84 Margaret Gifford Largo, FL B .A., Sociology Roxanne Golden Bowie MD B.A., Advertising Nancy German Clearwater, FL B.A., Elementary Ed. Bruce Gimbel New Port Richey. FL B.A., Accountmg Marion Goldner Brooklyn NY B S., Inter. Soc. Sci. Dar lane Gersting Tampa,FL B.A., Sociology Dolor Ginchereau W. Palm Beach, FL B A., Political Sci. Alan Goldsmith Lakeland, FL B A Inter. Soc Sci. Maria Gervacio Cherry Hill, NJ B.A., Psychology James Girten Miami,FL B.A., Management Mark Goldstein No. Miami Beach FL B.A., Marketing Edward Gibbons St. Petersburg, FL B.A. Physical Ed. Margie Glandon Clearwater, FL Master's, Speech Pathology George Gonzalez Tampa,FL B.A., Accounting Shirley Gibbons St Petersburg, FL B A., Special Ed. Lois Glaser Tampa,FL B.S Computer Tech Mary Gonzalez W. Palm Beach, FL B.A .. Finance


David Gould Tampa, FL B A Political Sci. John Grannan Lecanto, FL B A History Mae Greenberg Miami ,FL B A., Theatre Glenn Griffis Tampa, FL B A Mass Comm Stephanie Gould East Point, GA B.A., Special Ed. Randall Grantham Lutz, FL B.A. Accounting Lori Greene Miramar,FL B A., Speech Comm./ English Ed. Ia)' Grosholz Hollywood, FL B A Management Laurie Grammatico Clearwater, FL B.A., Physical Ed Carylon Green Lake Alfred, FL B .A., Elementary Ed. Ben Gregory, Jr Tampa FL B .A., Biology Cyril Groves Land O Lakes FL B S., Mathematics Patrick Green Pensacola, FL B .A., Physical Ed. Lynn Grier Temple Terrace, FL B .A., English Ed Lois Groves Land O Lakes, FL B .A., Special Ed Raymond Green Tampa, FL B.A. Distributive Ed Patricia Gr iffing Miami ,FL B.A., Elementary Ed Ronald Guerrero Pembroke Pines, FL B.S., Computer Sci. Shirley Green Delray Beach, FL B.A., Elementary Ed. Fred Griffis Tampa, FL B.A., Political Sci. Uriel Guest Tampa ,FL B A Liberal Studies 85


Gary Guzew i ch Holiday, FL B.S. Mechanical Eng 86 Frank Hamilton Sarasota FL B .A., Business John Hamon Brandon, FL B.A. Music/Voice Karen Harmon Albuquerque NM B.A., Geology Joyce Halasz Thonotosassa FL B .A., Elementary Ed Sandra Hamilton Brandon FL B .A., Zoology Robert Hanger Hollywood, FL B .A., Marketing Sandra Harmon Panama City FL B .A., Criminal Justice Susan Hamilton Palm Bay FL B A., Elementary Ed. Richard Hannon Largo FL B .A., Finance Vicki Harris St. James City, FL B A., Spamsh Glenn Hammer Tampa,FL B A Marketing Debra Harbinson Hollywood, FL B.A., Psychology )enifer Hart Winter Park FL B.A., B i ological Sci. Dawn Hammond Windsor VT B.A., Education Mona Hardee Jacksonville, FL B S., Clinical Chern. Christopher Hartmann Lutz, FL B.A., Management Minn i e Hammond Tampa,FL B.A. Crimina l Justice Vikki Harman Altamonte Springs, FL B A Inter. Soc Sci. Melinda Harwood Clearwater, FL B.A., Marketing


Sylvia Haskins Cape Coral, F L B A., History / Anthropology John Hay Tampa, FL B.A., Microbiology Steven Henriquez Tampa,FL B S., C1vil Eng Gayle Hatcher Starke FL B .A., Elementary Ed Diana Haydu Palm Bch Gdns FL B.A., Microbiology David Henry Tampa,FL B .A., Management James Hatten bach Miami ,FL B A., Marketing Mark Hayman Wauchula FL B.A., Chemistry Margaret Henry Seminole, FL B A., Health Ed. Ludwig Hauser Glendale, NY B S W Social Work Stephan Haynes Tampa FL B .A., Fme Arts / Foreign Languages Gloria Henderson Winter Garden FL B S., Nursing Ste{lhanie Hensley Cmcinnati, OH B.A. Mass Comm Joseph Hawkins Oldsmar, FL B A., Marketing Dale Haynick Euclid OH B.A., Microbiology Alan Herb Tampa, FL B A Finance Chr i stine Hay Sarasota, FL M A., Astronomy K!ithleen Heap Tampa, FL B.A. Elementary Ed Michael Herman Vero Beach FL B.A., Biology/ Chemistry 87


Yvette Hernandez Cape Coral FL B A Psychology Ada Hill Tampa, FL B A Elementary Ed Gail Hinton St. Petersburg, FL B .A., Elementary Ed 88 John Hobbes Boca Raton, FL B.A., Fine Arts / Photography Rosemary Holden Tampa, FL H.A., Accounting Marlene Hernre ich Tampa,FL B.A., Political Sci. Wallace Hill Mulberry FL B .A., Political Sci. Diane Hiott Tampa,FL B.A., Special Ed. Karen Hodge Panama City FL B .A., Accounting Fred Holde r Clearwater, FL B .A., Mass Comm. Louise Herold Mi r am a r FL B.A., Accounting Carolyn Hilliard Clearwater, FL B.A. Elementary Ed. Norman Hoeltzel Palatka FL B A., Inter. Soc Sci. Bill Holley Mahwah, NJ B A., Criminal Justice Nancy Herper Seminole, FL B .A., Spec i al Ed Kenneth Hoff Key Biscayne FL B .A., Finance Gregory Holmes Melbourne FL B .S., Accounting Richard Hewlett III Brandon,FL B A., Polit i cal Sci. Linda Hogans St. Petersburg FL B.S., Business Mgmt. John Holmes Tampa, FL B A Psychology Cathy Hibbard Me r ritt Island FL B.A., Elementary Ed Richard Holcomb Tampa,FL B S Engineering Kay Homan Tampa, FL B A Sociology


Diane Honerlaw Brandon,FL B A., Special Ed Sandra Horning St. Petersburg, FL B.A., Accounting Candice Howell St. Petersburg FL B.A., Elementary Ed Jeffrey Hooper Roberta Hoopes Clearwater, FL Clearwater, FL B .S., Mechanical Eng. B.A., Music Education Michael Hostetler Sarasota, FL B.S. Clinical Chern. Joanne Howell Tampa, FL B A., Crimjnal Justice Paul Houston Clearwater, FL B.A., Fine Art Thomas Howell Lake Wales, FL B A., Literature Ed Michael Hopkins Tampa,FL B.A., Political Sci. Gary Howalt Jacksonville, FL B A., Biology Dianne Huber Tampa, FL B .A., Finance Carol Hopper Tampa, FL B S., Nursing Maureen Howcroft St. Petersburg, FL B .A., Acct/Finance Robert Huff Venice, FL B .A., Accounting Paulette Humble Lakeland, FL B.A. Business Ed. Fergus Hopper Sligo Ireland B.A., Marketing Jeffrey Howdeshell Largo FL B.A., Accounting Elizabeth Hull Lutz ,FL B.A., Humanities Ed. Peggy Hunt St. Petersburg, FL B .A., Marketing 89


Susan Hunter Lakeland FL B A., Math Ed Myra Ippolito Tampa, FL B A., Elementary Ed. Carey Jacobs Miami Beach FL B A ., Visual Commun Gregory Jennings Tampa, FL B.A., Management Robert Johnson Tampa,FL B A Elementary Ed. 90 Nancy Huttig Sarasota FL B A., Psychology Touba Iranmanesh Lutz, FL B A .. Special Ed Gayle Jacobs Venice ,FL B A., Zoology/Psych Joan Jernstrom .Zephyrhills, FL B.A., Business/Eco Cindy Johnston Arlington, MA B A., Elementary Ed Karen Hurst Wabasso, FL B A., Sociology Bessie Irving Vero Beach FL B.A., Special Ed. Barbara James Tampa, FL B A., Criminal Just/ Sociology Amy Johnson M1ami,FL B.A. Accounting Albert Jones St. Peters burs. FL B.A., Criminal Justice Frederick Hyatt Clearwater, FL B.A., Business Adm Robert Jacke Clewiston, FL B S., Biology Walter Jardine Ft Myers. FL B A .. Mass Commun. Carolyn Johnson Jacksonville, FL B .A., Inter. Soc. Sci. Anthony Jones Sanford, FL B.A .. Sociology "' William Ignatuck Jr Tampa,FL B A., Psychology Almeta Jackson Belle Gfade FL B A ., World Literature I Linda Jenkins St. Petersburg, FL B A., Mass Commun Mary Johnson Zephyrhills, FL B A ., Specific Learn. Dis. James Jones Temple Terrace, FL B A., Mass Comm. Michael Ingram Bradenton, FL B.A .. Finance Nancy Jackson Sarasota, FL B.S W .. Social Work Teresa Jenkins Tampa,FL B A Modern Foreign Lang Ed Patricia Johnson Satellite Aeach FL B A., Math/Sci. Ed. John Jones Bradenton, FL B A., Business Mgmt.


Velma Jones Plant City FL B A Art Ea. Steven Kambouris Lakeland, FL B.A., Management Jacqueline Kelley Bradenton, FL B.A .. Music Comp Sharolyn Kennon Sarasota, FL B.A., Soc / Afro Am Stud. Mark Kimbel Gastonia, NC B E T., Construction Eng ineering Tech Amy Jordan Tampa, FL B .A., Religion Kurt Kane Land O Lakes F L B .A., Business Gail Kelly Tampa,FL B A., C J P Gail Kenson Marathon, FL B .A., History / Soc. Sci. Ed Gary Kimler Lutz, FL B .A., Mass Comm. Andrea Joseph Indialant ic F L B .A., Mktg./F inance Houshang Karimi Lutz ,FL B.S., Civil Eng John Kelly Orlando, FL B.A. Finance Beverly Kern West Palm Beach, FL B .A. Special Ed Mary Kintzel Lutz FL B A., Public Relat. Robert joyce Mansfie d, OH B.A., Marketi ng Michele Katz Miram a r FL B A., Early Child Elem. Mark Kelly Clearwater, FL B.A., Educat i on Michael Kessler Lutz, FL B A Marketing Richard Kittrell Kens i ngton FL B.A., Geo logy Barbar a Judd Tallahassee, FL B.S. W Social Work Steven Katz St. P e tersburg, FL B.A., H i story Kurt Kennedy Salisburr, MD B S C iv1l Eng Rhonda Kessler No Miami FL B.A., Pol Sci. Kimberly Klein Lou i sville KY B A., Fin e Arts Anthony Justi Tampa. FL B A., Soc1al Sci, Ed. John Keelan Tampa, FL B.A., Accounting Gail Kenney Valrico FL B .A., Soc Sci. Ed./ Hi story Nancy Killabrew Jacksonville, FL B .A., Anthropology Jerry Kletke Miami ,FL B A .,Mi c 91


Debra Knoechel Maitland, FL B.A., Marketing Diana Kramer Tampa, FL B.S., Medical Tech. Kathryn LaBruzza Frederick, MD B.A. Specific Learn. Disabilities 92 Ray Knopke Temple Terrace, FL B S Accounting Walter Krickich Tampa,FL B.A., Bio/Pre-Opt. John Lafferty Temple Terrace, FL B S B.A., Cln. Chern Zoology AmyKohr Clearwater, FL B A Mass Comm. Donna Kroll Boca Raton FL B.A., Special Ed. Nancy LaFosse Whitinsville, MA B.S., Social Work John Kopynec Tampa,FL B A Accounting Mark KrueBer Ft. Lauderdale, FL B.A., Chemistry Nancy LaFoy Lake Park, FL B .A., Finance Randy Knable Largo, FL B .A., Marketing Jan Knapstein Tampa, FL B.S., Nursing William Koran Walter Kovarik Tampa, FL Eaugallie FL B .A., General Bus. Ad B A., Criminal Justice Karen Kurdziel Delray Beach, FL B .A., Mass Comm. Barbara Lagowski Lehigh,FL B .A., English Carole Labance Pinellas Park, FL B A., Health Ed Virginia Lamanno Atlantis FL B.A., Elementary Ed


Thomas Land Tampa FL B A Special Ed Alice Lampley St. Petersburg, FL B A., Elementary Ed Ann Landis Waupaca, WI B .A., History Barbara Lasater Cherie Latimer R e dington Beach, FL W Caldwell NJ B A., Ma t h / Pol. Sci. B.A., Mass Comm./Psych Rhea Law Tampa, FL B A., Managem e nt Catheri ne Lawton Danville CA B.A., Mass Comm Emma Lane Tampa.FL B A., Fme Arts Michael.Latoria Spring Hill FL B.A., Fine Art Lewis Leake Jr Charlottesville VA B .A., Criminal Justice Mindy Lang Tampa, FL B .A., Speech Theatre Barry Laulicht Spring V a lley, NY B.A., Criminal Justice Jean Leavens Tampa, FL B.A., Special Ed. George Larson Tampa, FL B A Music Ed Louise Laverde Tampa,FL B A Poli. Sci. Mark Lee Ft. Walton Beach FL B A., Mass Comm. Mamvash Lar)' Tampa, FL B A Management Howard Lavine Miami,FL B .A., Accounting Nancy Lee Gulfport, FL B .A., Sociology 93


Lorraine Leininger St. Petersburg, FL B .A., Psychology Iris Leitstein Lutz, FL B .A., Psych/Cr. Justice John Lewis St. Peters burR. FL B.A., SpeciafEd. Pamela Link Redington Shores FL B A., Psychology 94 Diane Leiststein Ocean, NJ B.A., Mass Comm. Carolyn Lester Belle Glade, FL B .A., Special Ed. Patricia Lewis Clearwater, FL B.A., Business-Mktg James Lisko Carmichael, CA B.S., Chemistry Jane Leto Merritt Island, FL B .A., Marketing Susan Lewis Coral Gables, FL B.A., Mass Comm Janice Litke Jersey City NJ B .A., Elementary Ed. Karen Levine Miami,FL B .A., Criminal Justice Heidi Levy Tampa,FL B.A., Accounting Rosa Little Bush well, FL B.A., Psychology Frank Lewis Jr. Tampa,FL B.S., Chemistry JamesLich Brentwood, MO B.A., Finance Melissa Littlefield Coral Gables, FL B A., Speech Theatre Howard Lewis Largo, FL B .A., Criminal Justice Mike Lindow Tampa,FL B S., Biology Valerie Livingston Lakeland FL B .A., Art/ Art History


Michael Lloyd Manchester, NH B.A., English Maria Lopez Cape Canaveral, FL B.A., Poli. Sci. Lusia Lukasiewicz Largo, FL B.A., Accounting Robert McArthur Lakeland FL B.A., Soc Sci./Ed Debra Lockery Maitland FL B A Art History Linda Lowe Maitland, FL B A Education KeithLukat St. Petersburg, FL B.A., Zoology Sonya McBride Tampa,FL B .A., Marketing Betty Locklear Lutz FL B .A., Early Childhd. Ed Suzanne Lunsford Tampa,FL B.A., Psychology Beverly McCormick Lakeland FL B.A., Marketing Linda Loggins Bradenton, FL B .A., Business/ Acct DeWitt Lyman Tampa, FL B.A., History Mary McCoy St. Petersburg FL B.A., Elementary Ed Paula Lohse Colorado Springs CO B.A. Mass Comm./ Adv Patrick McAllister Winter Haven, FL B.A. Public Relations Ruth McCoy Sarasota, FL B A Special Ed. Robert Lombard Largo, FL B .A., History john McAlpine Coral Gables, FL B.A., Marketing john McCuistion Tampa,FL B A Education 95


96 Donna McCullars Tamp a, F L B S Accounting Barbara McGauley Jacksonvill e FL B A., Liber a l Stud James McVay Seffner, FL B A., Econ o mics Annette McDaniel Lutz FL B.A., Music Reginald McGill Orlando. FL B .A., Business Mktg William McNaulty St. Petersburg, FL B A English Kevin MacArthur Lutz, FL B S., Clinical Chern Joan McDonald L i nda McDonough Thomas McEvoy Palmetto FL Bonner Spri n g s FL Miam i Spring_s, FL B.A. Indust Tech. Ed B.A. Crimmal justice B .A., Criminal justice Thomas McGuire Lak e land F L B A Management Robert Macias St Petersburg, FL B E T.,Mgmt. Ellen McK i nny Wint e r Park FL B A., Inter. Soc Sci. Theresa Mack Taml?a FL B S Crimmal Justice N i ck McLane Brado n FL B A Ch e mist r y Margaret Macke y Plant C ity, FL B .A., Sociology Francis McG ahan Tampa, FL B A., Management Mil a na McLead Largo F L B.A., Mass Comm. Gayle MacLean North Mi a m i Be a ch FL B A., Accounting


Christina Malone St. Petersburg, FL B F.A Art Jerome Manning Tampa,FL B.S., Psychology Suzanne Marionneaux Hollywood FL B.A.,Mktg Michael Martin Holley, NY B A., Criminal Justice Alan Mandell Jacksonville, FL B .A., Mass Comm Peter Mansdorf Miami,FL B.S., Inter Sci. Coletta Markey St. Petersburg B.A., Elementary Ed. Richard Martinez Tampa,FL B.S.E., Civil Eng Christopher Mahfood Lutz, FL B.A., Accounting Charles Mann Winter Haven FL B.A. Criminal Justice George Manyak Lutz,FL B A ,Mktg. Ktistina Marsh-Gambino Tampa,FL B S Psychology Donald Mason Land O Lakes, FL B .A., Mgmt./ Accounting Stephen Marcus Tampa, FL B A Psychology Betty Marshall Fort Pierce, FL B A Special Ed. David Massey Tampa,FL B A., Psych./Speech Comm Lawrence Margolis Syracuse, NY B.A.,Mgmt. Bruce Martin Tampa,FL B.A., Music Joseph Matassini Tampa,FL B.A., Pofitical Sci. Paul Marion Lakeland, FI; B.A., Accounting Cynthia Martin Ft. Lauderdale, FL B.A., Mass Comm. Susan Mattone Plantation, FL B .A., Physical Ed 97


Jose Maya 'l'ampa,FL B.A., Indust. Tech. Ed. Keith Meredith Dunnellon FL B S Mechanical Eng 98 Karen Mikelait Hialeah ,FL B .A., Zoology Janet Miller Miami,FL B A., Mass Comm. David Miner Tampa,FL B.A., Biology Akrivi Mayer Tarpon Springs FL B .A., Biology David Merrill Tampa,FL B.B.A.,Mgmt. Shirley Miketinac P i nellas Park, FL B .A., Elementary Ed William Miller St. Petersburg FL B .A., Psychology Andrew Mintzer Ft. Lauderdale, FL B.A., Accounting Deborah Mayer Manlius NY B .A., Zoology Judith Merritt Brooksville FL B A., Special Ed Joseph Mikolajczak IIi Por t Charlotte FL B.A., Accounting Linda Mills Clearwater, FL B.A., Elementary Ed Joanne Mitchell Tampa,FL B A., Education David Medansky Tampa,FL B.A., Accounting/Fin. Deborah Meyer Pensacola, FL B A Psychology Cynthia Milford Milbourne Beach FL B A., Criminal Justice Michael Mills Stuart FL B.A.S. Math/Clinical Chern Patricia Moeller Temple Terrace, FL B A., Polit i cal Sci. Francina Meeks Jacksonville FL B .A., Sociology Angela Miceli Tampa,FL B .A., Elementary Ed. Donna Miller Riviera Beach FL B.A., Biology Warren Milne Winter Haven, FL B A., Political Sci. Becky Moll Plant City, FL B A Biology Sinia Melendez Tampa,FL B .A., Physical Ed H. Joseph Middendorf Tampa,FL B.A. Math Gail Miller Miramar, F L B.A., Mass Comm Mary Miltner R iverview, FL B A Elementary Ed Daniel Monaco Tampa,FL B A., B i ology

PAGE 100

Robert Monas Ft. Laud erdale, FL B A Accounting Lonnie Moore Lutz FL B A Accounting Patricia Murphy Tampa, FL B .S., Biology Thurston Monson Lutz,FL B .A., Ins Biology Mary Moore Tampa, FL B.A., Finance Starr Murphy Miami,FL B A., Inter. Soc Sci. Trinidad Montes Bartow FL B A., Spanish Melanie Moore Clearwater, FL B .A., Mgmt./Mktg. Eugene Murray St. Petersburg, FL B .A., Sociology William Moon III Clearwater, FL B.A., Accounting Susanne Moore Tampa,FL B .S., Speech Comm Jeffrey Murray Coral Gables, FL B .A., Botany Bruce Moore Tampa, FL B A., Mass Comm Veronica Moore Wellborro, FL B.A., Chemistry Candia Mulhern Temple Terrace, FL B.A., Biology Karen Musial Tampa,FL B.A., Elementary Ed JoAnn Moore Clearwater, FL B.S. Biology Genevieve Morelli Inverness, FL B.A., Biology Gary Musselman Cocoa Beach FL B A Int'l. Relations 99

PAGE 101

Lorna Musselman Cocoa Beach, FL B A., Biology 100 James Nelson Tampa, FL B.A., Accounting Robert Newton Tampa, FL B.A. Finance Robert Mutter Miami,F L B A Biology Roxanne Nawrot Belleair Bluffs, FL B A Elementary Ed Timothy Nelson Tampa,FL B S Mechanical Eng Randolph Nichols St. Petersburg, FL B S., Engineering Bets y M y ens Dunedin, FL B A., Education Belinda Newberry Fort Pierce, FL B.A., Special Ed Carol Nicholson Winter Haven, FL B A Eng./Mass Comm Sami Najjar Tampa, FL B S., Electrical Eng Janet Newhart Warrington PA B A., Theatre Christos Nicolaou Tampa, FL B A Engineering Carmen Naranjo Tampa, FL B.A., Accounting Amy Newmark North Miami Beach, FL B S., Soc Work / Soc Steve Nichols St. Petersburg, FL B.A. ,Mgmt. Chanda Narkiewicz Miami ,FL B A., Psych./Soc Mary Newsome Lakeland, FL B A Elementary Ed Maria Niles Seminole, FL B A Musi c

PAGE 102

Ida Nix Tampa, FL B S Nursing Judith Nugent Hollywood, FL B A., Biology Gregory Ohmstede Tampa, FL B S Chemistry Steve Noppinger Orlando,FL B S., Civil Eng Lee Anna Oakley Tampa, FL B .A., Inter. Soc. Sci. Linda Oldham Largo, FL B A., Criminal Justice Cynthia Norman Lakeland FL B.A., Elementary Ed. Barry O Brien Tampa, FL B.A., English Louis Olivares Ft. Lauderdale, FL B A., Distributive Ed Dorece Norris Tampa, FL B .A., Microbiology Margaret O'Brien Tampa, FL B .A., Elementary Ed Barbara Oliver Orlando FL B A., Health Ed Steven Norsworthy Tampa, FL B .A., Music Richard Ogden III Thonotosassa FL B.A., Biology R Benjamin Oliver Jr. Ormond Beach, FL B.A., Political Sci. Bruce Norton Tampa, FL B S., Engineering Kenneth Kern Okorie Imo Stale, Nigeria B.A., Accounting/Eco David Ondrovic Tampa, FL B.A., Physical Ed.

PAGE 103

Susue Packa r d Venice ,FL B A., Inter. Soc Sci. Denice Paonessa Jensen Beach, FL 8 A Political Sci. Mary Patton Winter Park, FL B.A., Gen. Bus Adm Cherylann Pearlman Pompano Beach, FL B .A., Criminal Justice -Dennis Penticoff Tamp,a FL B A., Int I. Studies 102 Rocky Pagliarulo Daytona Beach, FL B .A., Mktg Nicholas Pasquar i ello Gulfport, FL B S., Chemical Eng Kathleen Pau l son Clearwater FL B.A., Sociology Johana Pedrero Tampa,FL B.S., Social Work Marcia Penicoff Tampa,FL B .A., Sociology Gale Pahl M i ami ,FL B.A., Elementary Ed Jacqueline Pastis Clearwater, FL B A., Religious Studies PeterPazin K i nston NC B A Gen. Bus. Adm Randall Peeler Orlando, FL B .A., Finance Joe Perez Jr. Tampa F'L B A Soc1al Sci. Ed Loy Palmer Tampa,FL B A Sociology Gail Patterson Jacksonville FL B A ,Mktg. Elaine Peagler Fort Mye r s FL B S., Social Work Robert Palmer St. Petersbur.B. FL B.A., Special Ed Deborah Patrick Lakeland FL B A., Elementary Ed. Mark Pearce Juno Isles FL B.A., B i ology GaryPalsis Brandon ,FL B .A., Biology Margaret Patterson Tampa,FL B .A., English Ed Michael Pearson Marco Is l and, FL B S., G.P Y Samuel Pellegrino Teresa Pendergrass Dale Pennock Batavia NY Lutz FL Tampa, FL B.A., Bus. Adm./Mgmt. B .A., Criminal Justice B A., Magazine Editing Melida Pereira Odessa FL B A Early Child Ed R ichard Perez Tampa,FL B A., Biology Nancy Perkins Zephyrhills FL B A Elementary Ed

PAGE 104

Joseph Perry Miami ,FL B.S., Chemistry John Pettit Tampa, FL B.A. Chemistry Rebecca Phillips Ft. Myers Beach FL B A., English William Pityn Tampa,FL B.A., Indust. Eng. Larry Pope St. Petersburg, FL B .A., Political Sci. Susan Perry Tampa, FL B.A., Spanish Blanca Phillips St Petersburg, FL B.A., Elementary Ed. Dale Pilkington St. Petersburg, FL B.A. Accounting Kimberly Planasch Bradenton, FL B.S., Accounting Jodi Porterfield acksonville, FL B.A., Sociology Harold Peters Tampa,FL B A Political Sci. Christopher Phillips Little Ferry, NJ B .S., Botany james Pinkston Lakeland FL B.A., Accounting / Fin. Susan Plati Hollywood, FL B.A. Art History Lizbeth Potts Lakeland, FL B.A., Inter. Soc Sci. Sanford Peters III St. Petersburg, FL B.S., Accounting Marie Phillips Tampa,FL B.A., Health Ed. Deborah Pintaure Tampa, FL B.A., Music Claudia Platt North Miami Beach, FL B .A., Art Ralph Poust Dade City FL B.A., History Kathleen Petersen Fort Myers, FL B.A., Journalism Marti Phillips Tampa,FL B.A., Political Sci. Michael Pippin Tampa, FL B .A., Mass Comm./ Pol. Sci. Mary Podlas St. Petersburg, FL B.A., Soc. Sci. Ed. Dene Powell Miami,FL B .A., Eco./Finance Marcia Petford Tampa, FL B .A., Accounting Pamela Phillips Indialantic, FL B.A., Art Daine Pistole St. Petersburg, FL B.A. Finance Jose Pombo St. Petersburg FL B.A., Eco./Fin.l Acct. Margrett Powell Tampa, FL B A., Elementary Ed 103

PAGE 105

M. Kim Prosser Jacksonville, FL B A Psych./Soc. Cynthia Quayle Rockford IL B A Microbiology Doris Rampolla Temple Terrace, FL B.A. C J .P. 104 John Pryor Indian Harbour, FL B.S Engineering Cynthia Quillen Tampa,FL B.A., Elementary Ed. Nita Rand North Miami Beach FL B A., Mass Comm./ Theatre Phillip Puleo Jr. Tampa, FL B.A ,Mgmt. Jean Pulliam Tampa, FL B .A., Zoology Garland Radford Karen Ralston Temple Terrace, FL North Miami Beach, FL B.A., Finance B.A Mktg Denise Rarick Lakeland, FL B A Math Ed Richard Ratke Tampa, FL B A., Accounting / Eco Susan Prochaska North Miami Beach FL B A Mass Comm. Geoffrey Purse Naples, FL B S., Engineering John Ramirez Tampa, FL B A Micorbiology Rolf Rautenbach Largo, FL B.A., Accounting Themie Prodromitis Tarpon Springs FL B.A .,Mgmt. James Quaid Tampa, FL B S., Finance Mario Ramos Tam,{la,FL B A Ftne Arts / Patrick Rebel Seffner, FL B A., Political Sci.

PAGE 106

Daragh Reed Ch ipley, FL B .A., Hist./ Afro American Studies Fawn Reiner Miami,FL B .A., Mass Comm James Renolds Lauderhill FL B .A., Mgmt. Annie Reid Tampa, FL B S Electrical Eng Walter Ressi co Sarasota, FL B.A. Biology Kenneth Ribar Hamilton OH B.S., Bus./Finance Rosemarie Reid J acksonville, FL B A., Soc Sci. Ed. Karl Rettig Aurora, OH B.A., Religious Studies Kathleen Rice Pl ant City, FL B.A., Education Rutha Reid St. Petersburg, FL B .A., Elementary Ed Maria Reyes Tampa, FL B A Music Allen Richards Clearwater, FL B .A., Microbiology Timothy Reid Temple Terrace, FL B .S., Clinical Chern Ralph Reyes Tampa, FL B A., Criminal Justice Christy Richards Dunedin, FL B.A., Special Ed. David Reilly Gainesville, FL B.A., Finance Evangeline Reynolds Tampa, FL B A., Sociology Steven W Richards Tampa .FL B.A. Marketing Kevin Riskowitz St. Petersburg FL B .S., Biology 105

PAGE 107

Robert Ritchie Tamp a FL B .A., Mktg Emily Robinson Dunnellon FL B.A. Business Ed Maria Rodriguez Coral Springs FL B A., lnt'l. Studies Rhonda Ritt e r Beave r Fl)lls FL B A., World Lit. Levoire Robinson Mulberry, FL B A Finance Sheila Roebuck Hampton VA B.S., Geology Russell R o bb i ns Sarasota FL B B A., Accounting Ann Robson North Palm Beach FL B.A., Accounting David Robaldo Tampa ,FL B A., Mass Comm. Elaine Rodrigues Clearwater, FL B S Psychology V i ckie Rodgers Diane Rogers Winter Haven, FL Dunedin, FL B A Elementary Ed B A., Exper Psych. Sherri Roberts Linden, NT M S Speech Path Linda Rodriguez Land O Lakes, FL B.A., Elementary Ed Rhonda Rogers Miss i ssauga Ont. CA B A., Criminal Justice Charles Rob i nson Tampa,FL B A., Busmess Adm. Margaret Rodgers New Port Riche y FL B.A., History Robin Rogers Boynton Beach FL B S Early Child Ed. Alec Ross North Miami FL B S Finance / Acct.

PAGE 108

Betsy Roth Columbus OH B.S. Special Ed James Saarinen Tampa, FL B.A., Accounting Mohammad Sadr Tuserkan, Iran B S., Tech Eng Leonard Roth Altamonte Springs FL B.A., Astronomy Thomas Russell Tampa,FL B .A., Elemen tary Ed Kleber Saavedra Tampa,FL B A., Accounting James Samuelson Gary, IN B .A., Econom ics Vernon Rowe Jacksonville FL B .A., Mktg Victoria Russo Tampa,FL B A .. Sociology Mohammad Saborrian Tampa,FL B.S. Indus!. Eng. Mark Sanders Tampa,FL B S .. Political Sci. Karen Rowley Lutz FL M A., Aural Rehab. Terry Sacca Tampa, FL B .A., Geography E. Mignon Sangaree Apalachicola, FL B.A., Phys i cal Ed Sheryl Roy Hallandale, FL B .A., Special Ed Edwards Sachs Jacksonville FL B A Mass Comm David Sapp Tampa,FL B .A., Ame r Stud./Pol. Sci. Cathy Royal Zephyrhills FL B.A., Mktg. Mohammad Sadeghi Iran B.S., Electrical Eng. Louis Sasarones Tampa,FL B .A., Health Ed 107

PAGE 109

Cindy Scaglione Tampa FL B .A., Anthropology Heidi Schlegel Odessa, FL B.A. Liberal Stud. Lynn Schreiber Bal Harbour, FL B.A., Eng Ed./ Amer. Stud. Don Schulte Yorktown Heights, NY B.A., Physical Ed. Robert Scudder Zephyrhills, FL B.A., Criminal justice 108 jack Scaglione Tampa, FL B.A., Elementary Ed. Vic Schargorodski Ft. Lauderdale, FL B.A., castmg Larry Schauer W. Long Beach, NJ B.A., Physical Ed. David Schmitt Sonnie Schneider Willard Schneider Oldsmar, FL North Miami Beach, FL Clearwater, FL B S., Elementary Ed. B A., Art B .A., Bus Adm./Fin Anne Schroedl Sarasota FL B .A., Zoology Joann Seaman Merritt Island FL B.A., Finance Wendy Schroyer Sarasota FL B S., Social Work William Sears Gulfport, FL B.S., Bus Mgmt. Gary Secunda Miami,FL B A Accounting john Schell Jr. Wayne,PA B .A., Zoology Nancy Schoenfeld Pompano Beach, FL B.A., Mgrnt. Leon Seese Tampa, FL B F A., Graphic Arts Bernard Schink el Lutz,FL B .A., Mass Comm Scholl Dunedm, FL B .A., Acct./Finance Debra Sellitto Whippany, NJ B.A. English

PAGE 110

Evelyn Shannon Palmetto, FL B .A., Elementary Ed Thomas t;hekita St. Petersburg FL B A., Management Patricia Sherman St. Petersburg FL B A ., Elemen t ary Ed Annie Siegel FL B A., Secondary Ed Cindy Shatto Ft. Myers ,FL B .A., Geography Martha Sheldon Miami ,FL B A., Liberal Studies Kenneth Shetter Tampa ,FL B .A., Marketing Lula Siekman St. Petersburg FL B .A., Management Paul Shaw Clearwater, FL B.A., Accounting Barbara Shepherd Kristi Shepherd Bradenton, FL Tampa, FL B A., Criminal Justice B A Elementary Ed. Jalil Shojaei Tampa FL B.S., Chemical Eng. George Siladie St. Petersburg FL B.A., Inter Business Nancy Shroka Tampa ,FL M A., Rehabilitation Counseling Charles Silva III Clearwater FL B S., Civil Eng. Steven Shepherd Dunedin FL B S., Computer Sci. Karen Sibbald Tampa, FL B A., Acct/Math Robert Silverman Tampa ,FL B .A., Management Nancy Sheppard Tampa,FL B .A., Psychology Andrew Siegel Coral Springs FL Calvin Simmons Tampa,FL B S., Business Mgmt. 109

PAGE 111

Jan Simmons Tampa, FL B.A., Marketing George Sleek Brannon FL B.S., Psych / Zoology 110 Deborah Smith Orlando FL B A Sociology Kathryn Smith Lake Park, FL B S., Health Ed. Steven Smith Tampa, FL B .A., Psychology Lowrie Simon Orlando, FL B.A. Mass Comm. Laurie Slaten Lutz ,FL B A., English Elizabeth Smith Madeira Beach, FL B.A., Bus i ness / Mktg Linda Smith Clearwater, FL B .A., Education Tony Smith St. Petersburg, FL B A Business Mgmt. David Simson No Miami Beach FL B.A., Accounting David Slotin Charleston SC B.A., Zoology Mary Sinclair Tampa, FL B S., Health Ed Kim Slyva Sara sota F L B .A., Accounting Gordon Smith Joann Smith Englewood, FL St P e t ersburg FL B .S., Mechanical Eng. B .A., Elementary Ed Mennie Smith Lakewales FL B.S., English Ernest Snow Bradenton, FL B.A., Sociology Robert Smith Ft. Lauderda l e, FL B.A., Chem/Zoology Marvin Snow Jr. Port Charlotte FL B.A. Accounting Jerry Siroky Binghamton, NY B.E T., Computers Br ya n Smith Tampa, FL B.A., Astronomy Judy Smith Lake Charles LA B.A., Polit i cal Sci. Scott Smith Chiefland FL B.A., Accounting Frederick Snyder Tampa,FL B.A., Marketing Susan S i rus Sarasota, FL B S., Early Child Ed Debra Smith St. Pet e rsburg, FL B A., Elementary Ed Karen Smith Tampa, FL B.A., Early Child Ed Stephen Smith Tampa, FL B .A., Finance Don So ash Vero Beach, FL B S., Mathematics

PAGE 112

Valentyna Sokolev Tampa, FL B A., B i ology Susan Souther Tampa, FL B A., Special Ed Neil Stein Tamarac, FL B .A., History William Solomon Miami ,FL B A., Zoology / Pre-Med Sue Southern Tampa, FL B A., F ine Art/Visual Art Linda Stephens Tampa, FL B .A., Elementary Ed Mark Solowitz Hollywood, FL B.A., Political Sci. Tack Sox Tampa,FL B A Accounting Michelle Stephens Ft. Lauderda1e FL B.A., Spanish Adriane Sommers Miami ,FL B A., Business Ed Rosa Spitulsk i Zephyrhills, FL B.A., Special Ed. Patricia Stephens St. Petersburg, FL B A Psychology Diana Sorenson W inter Park FL B A Russian Stephen Splane Miami FL B.A., Mass Comm Mary Sterling Tampa, FL B.A., Mathematic;s Joseph Sorrentino S e ffner F L B.A., Zoology Robert Sprinkle Tampa,FL B.S. Engineering Jay Stees Seminole FL B A Psychology Peter Sternlicht Miami,FL B.A. Politic a l Sci. 111

PAGE 113

Debbie Stevens Sebring, FL B .A., Elementary Ed Yvonne Stokes Reddick, FL B.A., Early Child Ed William Stover Tamya.FL B.S., Socia Work/Soc. Karis Stutsman Tampa,FL B .A., Microbiology 112 Barbara Stewart Clearwater FL B .A., Mass Comm Rosemary Stinson St. Petersburg, FL B.A., Elementary Ed Glen Storch Tampa,FL B.A., Political Sci. Charles Strader Tampa, FL B.A., Anthropology Karen Sudrez Tampa,FL B .A., Education Pamela Stewart Ft. Pierce, FL B.A., Mass Comm Donna Story Webster, FL B A Early Child Ed Barbara Strasberg St. Petersburg, FL A.A., Elementary Ed. Robert Sweeney Tampa,FL B A., Management Thomas Stewart Mulberry, FL B.S., Management Susan Straub Tampa,FL B .A., Education Douglas Sweet St. Petersburg FL B S., Mechanical Eng. Debra Stifel Cocoa Beach, FL B .A., Accounting Kathy Streicher! White Bluff, FL B.A., Psychology Mary Szilagyi Tampa,FL B .S., Social Work Donald Stillwell Tampa, FL B.A., Management Mervin Stringer Lutz,FL B.A., Chemistry Anita Tabor Tampa,FL B.S., Biology/Pre-Med

PAGE 114

Cheryl Taylor Parrish, FL B A., Physical Ed John Theis Parrish, FL B.A., Acct/Finance Jerome Thompson Tampa,FL B A Criminal Just i ce Gary Taylor Tampa,FL B A., Criminal Justice Denise Thomas Clearwater, FL B.A., Sociology Patricia Thompson Valri!;o, FL B A Nursing Hoyt Taylor Seffner, FL B A., Broadcasting Eugene Thomas Orlando, FL B.A., Zoology Mike Thornton Tampa,FL B .A., Music Scott Taylor Bradenton FL B A., Physical Ed George Thomas III Pinenas Park FL B .A., Management _/I ;. Cynthia Till Brandon, FL B.S., Mechanical Eng Susann Taylor St. Petersburg FL B .A., Elementary Ed JayeThomas FL B.A., English Thomas Tillman Plant City, FL B A., Political Sci. Joan Tjapkes Delrar, Beach, FL B.S. Civ1l Engineering Lori Temple No. Miami, FL B.A. Sociology Natnaniel Thomas St. FL B .A., MUSIC Virginia Timberlake Clearwater ,'FL B.A., Marketing Joanne Tomassi St. Petersburg, FL B A Accounting 113

PAGE 115

Wayne Tope R i verview, FL B .A., Psychology Mark Trotter Treasure Island FL B.A., Management Allen Turner Vienna VO B .S., Electrical Eng Pamela UmP,halbaugh Brooksville, FL B.S., Clinical Chern. Gerrit VanDeSteeg St. Petersburg, FL B .A., English 114 Maritza Torres Tampa, FL B A Art Ed Mary Trotter Seminole FL B.S. Elementary Ed Donna Turner Plantation FL B A Special Ed Edwin Underwood jacksonville, FL B A., Accounting Janice VanGlahn Tampa, FL B A Physical Ed Michael Tracton No. Miami, FL B.A. Finance Nicholas Tsangaris Palm Harbor, FL B .A., History Fred Turpen St. Petersburg, FL B .A., Sociology Frank Urbano Sharon,MA B A., C J P Linda VanPouike Temple Terrace, FL B A., B.A., Med Tech/ Biology Edward Tras Shlimar FL B A Finance Debbi e Tuck Clearwater FL B A Elementary Ed Gloria Tyner Temple Terrace, FL B A., Education Jahangir Vaghayenegar Tampa ,FL B A., Management Janice Vance grooksville, FL B A., Elementary Ed Daina Traster Tampa, FL B.A. Criminal Justic e Mary Tucker Winter Garden, FL B A., Elementary Ed. Timothy Tyrus Merritt Island, FL B A., Geography Cheralan Vahedi Lutz FL B .A., Education Michele Varnum Lehigh FL B.A., Psychology Cynthia Triffon Largo FL B .A., Elementary Ed Jon i Tulumaris St. Petersburg, FL B A Distr i b Ed. Barbara Ulrich Clearwater, FL B.A. Elementary Ed Stephen Valdez Tampa,FL B .A., Psychology Carvel Vaughan Seminole FL B.A., Cr i m i nal J ustice

PAGE 116

Joanna Velazquez Tampa, FL B A., Elementary Ed Leslie Vincent Cranford NJ B.A., Poli. Sci. Ann Walker Williamsburg VA B A., English/Mass Comm.Ed. Lillian Velazquez Palm Harbor, FL B .A., Sociology Dana Vogler St. Petersburg, FL B A., Biology Catherine Walsh Ormond Beach FL B.A., Special Ed. Maria Vengoechea Columbia, So America B .A., Social Work Cheryl Volz Tampa,FL B A., Elementary Ed. Guy Walsh Cadillac MI B.A., Elementary Ed : Linn Vercheski Venice,FL B A., Theatre Design Velma Wade Starke, FL B.S., Math Susan Walsh Jacksonville FL B.A .. Accounting Cyndy Verger Jacksonville, FL B A., Biology Judith Wadson Pembroke, Bermuda B.A. Mass Comm Joseph Vileno floca Raton, FL B.A., Am. Studies Phyllis Waldron Tampa, FL B.A., Humanities Alan Walters Miami,FL William Walsh Thonotosassa, FL B .A., Sociology B A Management/Mktg. Sharon Ward Pompano Beach, FL B A., Speech Comm/Eng Steve Ward No. Beach NJ B.A., Marketing 115

PAGE 117

Marty Watkins Clearwater, FL B.A., Soc/C J P Gloria Weeks Brooksville, FL B .A., Elementary Ed 116 Patrick Welsh Seminole, FL B.A., History Mary Watson Brandon FL B.A. Psychology Max Watzman Orlando,FL B.A., Zoology Brian Wayne Miami,FL B .A., Finance Susan Weichman Michael Weinstein Debra Weldon St. Petersburg, FL Hollywood, FL Hollywood, FL B.A. Int'l Relations B.A., Mass Comm./ Adv. B A German/English Gene Wendt Tampa,FL B .A., Accounting/Fin Susan Wenner Syracuse NY B .A., Biology Kristine Werkman Washingtonville, NY B.A. Mass Comm Tom Waters Orlando, FL B.A. Fine Arts VeyWeaver St. Petersburg, FL B.A., Business Admin. Marylou Wells Bushnell, FL B.A. Elementary Ed David West Tampa, FL B .A., Finance Susan Waterstreet Portland, OR B.A., Business Ed. Barbara Weber Brandon, FL \s.A., Spanish Rod Wells Tampa,FL B.A. Accounting Elaine Wetmore Miami,FL B.A. Advertising

PAGE 118

Robin Westmoreland Sarasota FL B .A., Accounting Deborah Whilner Hickory, C B.A., Math Claude Williams St. Petersburg, FL B A., Mass Comm Donald Whatley Tampa, FL B.A. Biology james Whitman Tampa,FL B.A.,GPY Harold Williams Temple Terrace, FL B S .,lndustr ia l Eng. Yvonne Whatley Tampa, FL B .A., B i ology Virginia Whitaker Tampa, FL B .A., Elementary Ed. Mary Wilkes Rickx Wilkins Pensacola FL Sanford, FL B A Health Education B A Elementary Ed. Michael Williams Bugettstown PA B .A., Geology Rhonnie Williams West Palm Beach FL B.A., Markeling Ceci l White Tampa,FL B.A., Microbiology Sharon Willett Tampa, FL B.S., Medical Tech Sharon Williams Clearwater, FL B.A. Education Michael W illi s Temple Terrace, FL B.S. Zoology Mark White Tampa,FL B A Accounting Carol Williams Boston MA B A ., Business Mgmt. Wallace Williams Tampa, F[; B A Geography Sandra Willoughby Crystal River, FL B A Specia l Ed. 117

PAGE 119

Elizabeth Wilson St. Augustine, FL B .A., Mathematics William Withers Tampa, FL B .A., Mass Comm Randy Wilson Lutz FL B A Finance Veronica Woerner Arcadia, FL Masters Music / Vocal Music Charolette Worthington Christopher Wright Tampa, FL St. Petersburg, FL B .A., Mass Comm. B .A., Education )ames Yates St. P e t e rsburg FL B A Criminal Justice john Zackrisson St. Petersburg, FL B A Management 1 1 8 Flora Yensel Tampa, F L B .A., Elementary Ed. DavidZeien Ft. Lauderdale, FL B A., Finance Martha Wingate Dover, FL B .A., Special Ed. Stevie Womble Jr Tampa, FL B.A H i story )amesWinn St. Petersburg, FL B.A. Accounting )amesWopg HongK9ng B S Clinical Chern Gerald Wright Will i am Wright Lakeland FL Tampa, FL B .A., Inter Sci/Chem B.A., Elementary Ed Holly Yogman Maitland FL B.A. Special Ed Paulette Zeller St. Augustine FL B .A., Art Catherine Young Plant City FL B A., Elementary Ed Pantelia Zervos Tarpon Springs FL B A., Elementary Ed Sarah Wintersteen Tampa,FL B.A., English Ed Robert Woodard Wint e r Park, FL B A., Psychology David Wurster West Palm Beach, FL B A Sociology Debbie Young Tampa, FL B A., Criminal Justice Alisa Zuk Templ e Terrace, FL B A., H istory Linda)o Wiss Pottersville NJ B.A., Special Ed Gregory Woodworth Tampa, FL B.A., Management Stephenie Yancey Tampa, FL B.A., Soc Sci. Ed William Yurillo Jr jensen Beach FL B.A., Music Ed.

PAGE 120

In Appreciation ... We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks and appreciation to those who helped us in the making of the 1977 Senior Yearbook. For their contributions in photography, we thank Derald Everhart, Ron Hood, Jim Crouch, Laura Whiteside, Cheryl Stine, Sonny Schnieder, and Gary Chapman. For their support and advice, we thank Phyllis Marshall Leo Stalnaker, and Dawn Livingston. For the cover photography work, we thank Sonny Schnieder. Without their help and confidence in us, we couldn't have made it. Delma Studios, Inc. 225 Park Avenue South New York, New York 10003 Senior Photography and Publishing 119

PAGE 121

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood And sorry I could not travel both And being one traveler, long I stood And looked down one as far as I could To where it bent in the undergrowth; Then took the other, as just as fair, And having perhaps the better claim, Because it was grassy and wanted wear; Though as for that, the passing there Had worn them really about the same, And both that morning equally lay In leaves no step had trodden black. Oh, I kept the first for another day! Yet knowing how way leads on to way, I doubted if I should ever come back I shall be telling this with a sigh Somewhere ages and ages hence: Two roads diverged in a wood and I I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference. Robert Frost 120 THE ROAD NOT TAKEN


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