University of South Florida yearbook. (1978)

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University of South Florida yearbook. (1978)

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University of South Florida yearbook. (1978)
Alternate title:
Twentieth Century. (1978)
Alternate title:
20th Century. (1978)
University of South Florida
USF Faculty and University Publications
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Tampa, Fla
University of South Florida
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9 v. : ill. ; 32 cm.


serial ( sobekcm )


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Vol. 1, no. 1 (1963/64)-no. 9 (1972).
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Vol. for 1972 lacks enumeration.

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University of South Florida Library
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University of South Florida
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' .. cen UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH FLORIDA 1977 1978 1977


Twentieth Century The University of South Florida Tampa St. Petersburg Sarasota Sponsored by the USF Alumni Association


This was the year many of us will remember for our graduation And with it we will remember many things. There was the last good-bye to the roommate and there was a long succession of forms and interviews in the placement office. There were evenings spent in the little pubs around campus and there was the rush to get graduation announce ments and lots of boxes at the same time. It was a year when we had just begun to feel at home here ... and it was the year to leave. 3


We are the Twentieth Century We are the only university in the United States to be conceive d in thi century and we are oriented to meeting the needs of today. Progressive modern, and competitive with much older institutions, we embody the innovative ideal of our times while striving to preserve the traditional merits. We create, we imagine, we dream and we mea ure according to our times. We are the Twentieth Century. 4




We pursue our goals 8




And we carry on 10


(Qlllllcmrt cerr TI (Qlllllmcerr TI (Qlllll

A hectic beginning ... 12


Brought Forth Bustling Activity 13


Auf Gehts! Oktoberfest




Qtr. I brought to U.S.F. its contests ... Charity football game sponsored by Beta HaU. 16 Wheelchair Basketball


And Controversies Student s p icketing for and against Multi-Purpose Center Groundbreaking for Multi-Purpo se Center. 17


Captivates Campus'' The traditional Madrigal Dinner in December offered lively song and delicious food Medieval style. Scene from "Ladyhouse Blues". 18


Mardie Schaffer and Paul Massie in "Present Laughter (below). Scene from "The Runner Stumbles"


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Expanding Entertainment Second quarter found us watching Will Rogers Jr. doing his rope tricks and talking of his father during homecoming week We listened and talked to John Cage, a pioneer in music We saw a play called "The Gorgon's Head" and were entertained by the professional dance troupe Les Ballet Trockadero de Monte Carlo. T he se events and more made the second quarter a truly expanding experience 23


A lot of hard work went into the activities we enjoyed this winter. The Engineering Expo brought our cam pus wide attention while those strolling about the University Center saw a human salad twirl onions and extol the virtues of the garbanzo bean Our local Lat i n heritage was remembered with Spanish ballet during Gasparilla Week amid many flea markets and the antics of local talent i n the Gong Show. .. --" 0 CEC/ L I


Innovative Extras WAlt 'h n I'ROOUCT FUR IT C: OU 11'1 M

26 / /


Homecoming: Pioneering at U.S.F. 27


River Riot 28


Mucho Gusto Gaspari/la 29


1977-78 Basketball RECORD W-L USF OPP 1-0 w 78 Biscayne 2-0 w 77 68 Samford 2 1 L 54 71 Auburn 3-1 w 90 72 Eckerd 3-2 L 67 76 Florida State 4-2 w 80 7.1 West y irginia 5-2 w 74 73 Florida Southern (OT) 5-3 L 68 70 UNC-Charlotte (OT) 6-3 w 69 63 Stetson 6-4 L 61 15 Minnesota 7-4 w 64 62 St. Francis 8-4 w 84 79 Robert Morris 9-4 w 88 79 Bowling Green 10-4 w 64 62 Georgia State 11-4 w 64 62 Jacksonville 12-4 w 67 66 Maine 12-5 L 68 87 South Alabama J2-6 L 60 70 Jacksonville 12-7 L 71 73 New O rleans )-8 L 61 70 South Alabama 12-9 L 57 79 Florida Tech 12-10 L 61 73 New O rleans L 64 68 UNC-Charlotte 12-L2 L 74 8 12-13 L 84 92 13't 13 w 83 66 13 75 '80 South II Furman L Miami L Florida State 1971-78 Swimming Results-Men RECORD W-L USF OPP 1-0 w 74 34 Charleston 2-0 w 69 43 The Citadel. 3-0 w 59 54 Tulane 4-0 w 90 22 Tampa 4-1 L 47 62 Florida 4-2 L 45 68 Duke 4-3 L 55 58 Clemson 4-4 L 54 59 Georgia 5-4 w 67 44 Georgia Tech 6-4 w 71 4{ Georgia Southern 6-5 L 42 71 South Carolina 7-5 w 76 25 Furman 7-6 L 41 90 Mjami 7 7 L 43 59 Florida State 8-7 w 81 35 Georgia State 30


000 CQilll

The Inauguration of a President ... 32


John Lott Brown 33


Medieval Fair New College 34


The Medieval Fair at Sarasota's New College recalls the Middle Ages with a traditional feast, jugglers, actors troubadours acrobats, and musicians 35


Presented by Fine Arts and Communications this quarter were left to right top, "Roman Fever", "Gazooks", and "Die Fliederman". Bottom left is the professional Kazuko Hirabayshi dance troupe with "The Seagull". 37


Spring Follies And we wound up the year with Derby Week, a Greek Week full of contests, and the University Center games contests We had our last chances to get our hair trimmed with an audience and to toss the year-long roommate into the drink. 39


2l 3-1 3-2 4-2 5-2 6-2 7-2 9-2 10-2 10-3 10-4 11-4 11-5 12-5 40 l 9 4 7 7 6 5 9 9 9 l 2 9 2 .... w 6 Kalamaz oo Ohio State Georgia Tech Stetson Rollins Florida State




Accent On Learning 42


Administration John Lott Brown President Carl D R iggs, Keith L. Scott, Vice President for Academic Affairs Vice President for Administrative Affairs Albert C Hartley, Daniel R. Walbolt, Vice President for Finance and Planning V i ce President for Student Affairs 43


College of Arts and Letters Dr. Bassuk in Eastern religious robe Dr. Strange with Israeli artifacts David H Smith, De an 44


German Club-The "Haushammer" Italian Club 45


College of Education Roger E. W ilk, Dean Learning Lab 46


Students working with gifted children


College of Engineering Edgar W 0 Kopp, Dean W ave diffraction o 0 0 0 0 0 and another demonstration a t the E ngineering Expo 48


Measurements L a b l"l ...... ,,, /IOU TAl a T.\ r1 .11\'\..: 1.\11"' "''"''"H ""-*'.... '"' .... '.. ... ... .. "' EDGAR W KOPP fiAIIlA. r.A.M_,.A. (lfA.PltR .......... 1'074 ... ACHTUNG ALLES LOOKENS GEPEEPERS: Dieses computenmachine is nicht fur gefinger poken and mittengraben 1st is easy schnappen der springenwerks, blowen fusen, und poppencorken mit spitzensparken. Es ist nicht fur gewerken by das Dummkopf Das rubbernechen sightseeren keepen hands in dem pockets relaxen und watchen dem lights blinken. 49


College of Fine Arts ,.. ..... t .. Harrison W Covington, Dean 50




College of Natural Sciences Planetarium-projector BEEHIVE do not disturb 52


Botany-observing details Microbiology Sterilization The B otanical Gardens James D. R ay, Dean 53


College of Nursing Candace Burns, Assistant Dean 54


Nursing lab gives practical application in various types of operations, administration of shots, measurement of vital signs, and general nursing practice. 55


College of Social and Travis J. Northcutt, Jr. Dean Anthropologynoting cranial differences


Behavioral Sciences Cartography-Photogrammetry L a b Weather station on fourth floor Geography knowing where it is where students apply meteorology 57


St. Petersburg Campus 58




O r i o n the grea t H u n t er 60 Knowledge in truth i s the great sun in the firmament. Life and power are scattered with all its beams -Daniel Webster (1825)


0 0 0 0 00 0 0 00 0 0 00 0 0 0 0 0 0 00 0 0 00 0 0 00 0 0 00 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 cen ur UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH FLORIDA


Alpha Epsilon Phi President, Debbie Sindy ; Vice President, Diane Vollaro; Secretary, Vicki Vargo ; Randy Gacobi, Monica Bloom Cher Schneider, Jody Smith Robyn Silver, Nancy Brown Judie Leibowitz Debbie Kleinman, Lora Volavka. Alpha Tau Omega 62


USF Bicycle Club Delta Sigma Pi 63


Delta Gamma Kappa Alpha Theta Top to bottom are, Lynn Abernathy, Lee Ann Hunt, Kathy Sweeney, Kathy Hennessey, Leslie Cruzado, Debb i e Matheny, Martha Fowler Jacky Adams Shay Taylor, Sandra Messina, Jerri Hansma DeeDee Planck Linda Allen L i z Stephenson, Connie Kent Joanne Potts Mozelle Waters Kappa Alpha Theta was founded on January 27, 1870 at Asbury University in Greencastle, Indiana. Thetas have the proud distinction of being the first Greek letter fraternity for women Our colors are black and gold and our flower is the pansy, representing thought. The kite is our symbol and it bears two twin stars on a black background. Theta is many things Socially, Thetas are active with Fraternity Socials, Phi Delta Theta Derby, Greek Week, and Theta Weekend. Thetas also include many service projects throughout the year, and support a speech and hearing clinic in Wichita, Kansas. 64


College of Nursing Honor Society Phi Kappa Phi The honor society of Phi Kappa Phi was founded at the University of Maine at Orona in 1897. There are currently 182 chapters in 46 states, the District of Columbia, t he Philippines, and Puerto R ico. Men and women in all academic fields who rank by discipline in the senior class, in the upper ten percent of the graduate class, or in the upper five percent of the junior class may be considered for membership The basis of eligibility is excellence of scholarship and integrity of character. W ith the motto: "LET THE LOVE OF LEARNING RULE MANKIND," Ph i Kappa Phi is the only honor society to induct from all disciplines Chartered in 1971, the University of South Florida Chapter 126 now has an active membership of almost 3,000. Although one of the youngest, it is one of the fastest growing chapters in the nation. In cooperation with Themis, the USF Phi Kappa Phi chapter recently started a Themis-Phi Kappa Phi book scholarship. Additionally, Phi Kappa Phi is promoting the formation of a Themis type honor society in selected community colleges in Florida. 65


Student Council of Education 66


Student Council of Gifted Children 67


Students of Florida Education Association Pi M u Epsilon 68


Frisbee Club 69


Sigma Alpha Epsilon Senior Class Committee t 11 70


Student Organizations Advisory Board Student Government Left to right are: Dave Miank Gail Griswald Cynthia Lee Gwen Ridley, Jim Crouch, advisor; Denise Mahoney Amy Meyjes, and Nick Hart. Not pictured are: Jack Sullivan, Bill Pearson, Rose Henderson, Marcelle Williams, Kevin Stroupe and Gerald Foster 71


The 1977-78 Twentieth Century Staff Terri Cooper (top), Quarter II, Quarter Ill, Organizations Photography Editor. Mike Volpicelli (top right) Academics, Photography. Silvia Fernandez (middle right), Quarter I. Vicki Schwaid (bottom right), Photography. Not pictured, Lorna Musselman, Business Editor, Photography. 72




Paul R Ackerman Miami Lake FL B A., Marketing Louie R Adk ison, Jr. Burton, MI B B A., Management Susan M Alderman Nancy J Alfredson Ft. Lauderdale, FL Daytona Beach, FL B A., Spec. Learn Dis. B A Psych./ A mer. Stud Sharon E Anderson Iowa City, lA B S Sp Com./Theater 74 W i lliam L. Anderson Mapleton Depot, PA B A ., Management Cynthia A Afeld Clearwater, FL B A ., Physical Ed. Joan Alston Winter Garden FL B A Psychology Robert F Androvic Tampa, FL B.A Health Ed. Patricia I. Agner T a mp a, FL B A. Business Adm Susan E Ambrose Plant C ity, FL B A ., Social Sci. Ed Danny Aprile Tampa, FL B B A Bus iness Ana M Aguel St. Petersburg FL B.A Educat io n Karen Ambrond i Tampa, FL B A Marketing Everad R Archer Tampa, FL B A ., Criminal Just. Alberto A lam-Gonzalez Ft. Pierce FL B.A., B io logy Bahram Amini Teheran, Ir an B S Industrial Eng Shirley B Archer Tampa, FL B A Criminal Just.


Gloria M. Aristigueta Tampa, FL B.A., Elementary Ed Nasrin Bagher i Tampa, FL B .A Microbiology Rhonda E Baker Lakeland, FL B.A ., Mental Retard. V i ncent J. Barbato Tampa, FL B .A C rimin al Just. Be atriz E Arocha Tampa, FL B .A., Accounting John L. Ballinger Lutz, FL B A Zoology Lisa L. Barco Melbourne, FL B A., Art Education Vict oria L. Artel Ft. Lauderdale, FL B A Inter. Relations Sh irl ey J. Ball i nger Lutz FL B.A Zoology / Psych Debra Y Barker Largo, FL B .A., Zoology Scarlet L. Arvin Moore Haven, FL B A Mass Comm. j P R. P amela C B anas Brooks vill e FL B .A Special Ed Jennifer J Barker Mt. Carmel, I L B.A Marketing John M. Auchterlonie West P alm Beach, FL B A American Stud. Azizollah B andari Tampa, FL B.S ., Electrical Eng. Phyllis R Barley Wauchula FL B.A Elementary Ed. Jeffrey I. Aver book Medford, MA B .A., Eng./Pol. Sci Susan E B a nkoski Middletown, CT B S ., Marketing Lynda G. Barne s Lakeland, FL B A Elementary Ed. 75


Carole L. B a rone Rotonda West FL B A., Liberal Stud Frank Bartolini Indian Ro cks Bea ch, FL B .A., Psycho logy 76 Lynda L. Bea rd Tampa, FL B.A., Spec ia l Ed Sylvia A. Barr St. Petersburg, FL B.A ., Politi ca l Sci. Keith K. Batchelor Tampa, FL B A., Criminal Just. Daniel M Beck M ia mi,FL B .A., Management Bruce D. Barrett Clearwater, FL B B .A., Management Troy D Bateman Holiday, FL B A Accounting Peter A Beck Tampa, FL B A. Accounting Daniel M. Barrus New Port R ichey, FL B A., English Ed Terry L. B ates St. Petersburg FL B.A ., Marketing Dennis J Beckerman North Miami Beach FL B B.A ., Marketing Nancy L. Barnett Ft. Meade FL B S ., Finance Russell Barnhardt Seminole, FL B A ., Art Kathleen A B arrus Melanie R Barry New Port Richey, FL Tampa, FL B A ., Spec Learn Dis B .A., Rei. Stud./Soc. Sci David R Baughman Lutz, FL B A ., Engineering Tech. Barbara A Beckham Lutz FL B A Physical Ed Mary A Beall Tampa, FL B.A ., English Ed R ichard D Beehler B ridgeton, NJ B.A ., Management


Dale Beetley Largo, FL B S ., Electrical Eng. Cassandra E Bentley Miami FL B A., Sociology Diane S. Bierman St. Petersburg, FL B.B A. Marketing D arlene S Begle y B a rtow FL B A ., Elementary Ed Edward M. Bentley Lutz FL B .S., General Business Brend a G Billing ham Tampa, FL B A ., Sp. Comm.jEng. Ed Roxane E. Beltran Tainpa, FL B .A., Elementary Ed Kathy S Benton Apopka, FL B A., Accounting Douglas R Birch Belleair Beach FL B.A. Accounting George M. Bench imol Tampa, FL B A. Micro. / Psych Robert D. Berg Tampa, FL B .A., Fine Arts Mark D Betten Tampa, FL B .A., Speech/English Raymond D Biron Pembroke Pines FL B A., Management Bus Jeannie L. Bennett Lutz FL B A., Social Science M ichael P Bernar Naples, FL B A., Accounting Sherry A Bishop Tampa, FL B A Psychology Jeri L. Benson Tampa, FL B. B.A ., Management Jed B. Bernstein Tampa, FL B.A Classics Ellen J Blackman Delray Beach FL B .A., Spec Learn. Dis


Denise L. Bochat Seminole, FL B.A., Anthropology Patricia Bonczyk Coral Springs, FL B .A., Learn, Dis Betty L. Boully Lakeland, FL B A., Distributive Ed. 78 Ronald E Bock St Petersburg, FL B A Mental Retard Jeffrey A. Book North Miami Beach, FL B S Biology D anie l J Bouthilet Lutz, FL B A Business Mgmt. Patricia E Bode Temple Terrace, FL B.A., Elementary Ed Charles H Booras Temple Terrace, FL B A Inter Nat. Sci. Wayne R Bowen Sharon MA B A., Criminal Just Nancy L. Bogart Indian Harbor Bch. FL B A Criminal Just. Polly A Borden Tampa, FL B A Political Sci. Deborah L. Bowermaster St. Petersburg, FL B.A. Mental Retard Sandi Boiter Tampa, FL B A Liberal Arts John Bostick II Tampa, FL B .A ., English Deborah A Boyer St. Peter sburg, FL B A .. Elementary Ed Sharon L. Bolton Cocoa, FL B A., Art Education Sara S. Bosworth North Miami Beach, FL B.A., Spec Learn Dis Watson F Bo yer Clearwater, FL B S., Psychology


Alan J Boyko New Port Richey FL B A Geography C Michael Bray Clearwater, FL B S Electrical Eng. Roland V Briere III Tampa, FL B A., Elementary Ed Sherry L. Bradshaw Tampa, FL B A Sociology Jean M Brayshaw Omaha, NE B A Psychology Gary P Briggs Bradenton, FL B A Political Sci. Nicholas Bragano St. Petersburg, FL B.A., Accounting Richard A Brenner St. Petersburg FL B A., Marketing David L. Brock New Port Richey, FL B.S., Clinical Chern / Pre-Dental JoAnn Branch Ft. Meade, FL B A. Elementary Ed Susan R Bressler Tampa, FL B A Marketing Deborah G Brock Plantation, FL B A., Mass Comm. Robert J Brandon Marathon FL B S ., Criminal Just. Bruce E. Brewington Winter Park, FL B.A., Elementary Ed. Geri Broeking Tampa, FL Robert W Brandt, Jr. Palm Bay, FL B.A Management Lisa A Briden Dunedin, FL B.A Special Ed Scott J Brogan Pitman, NJ B S., Criminal Just. 79


Megan C. Bueschel Mt. Prospect, IL B.A Psychology Robin A Buller Miami FL B .A., Mass Comm Frank A Busbee Tampa, FL B A Religious Stud. 80 Zanna Brown Tampa, FL Stacey B Bueschel Clearwater, FL B A., Social Science Bruce A Bulman Lakeland, FL B.S. Accounting Frederick C. Busch Winter Haven FL B. B.A. Management David C Bullard Jacksonville FL B S Mechanical Eng .... Karen A Burke W. Alan Burke William B Burkett Yero Beach FL Tampa, FL Tampa, FL B.A., Sp. Comm:/Eng. Ed B.A ., International Stud B.A. Internat i onal Stud. Charles K. Butcher Seminole FL B A ., Management Joseph A. Buth St. Petersburll FL B.A. Chemistry Stephen C Butler Largo, FL B .A., Accounting William L. Burnett Tampa, FL B.A ., Elementary Ed. Brenda A Buttram Tampa, FL B A ., Psychology


Annette T Cacciatore T a mpa FL B S., Chemical Chern B A., Mathematics George H. Caines Miami, FL B S Chemistry Samuel Campbell Tampa, FL B S., Nursing Regina M. Cardieri St. FL B A Early Child Ed. GaryCahn Fort Lee, NJ B A., Marketing George V Callanan Belmar NJ B A Psychology Rosa D C Candia Tampa, FL B A MktgjSpanish Charles R Cardo Ft Lauderdale FL B. B A ., Man agement Linda H. Calvo Madeira Beach, FL B S ., Psychology Raymond T Capaldo Bradenton FL B A ., Business Adm Karen E Carlson Clearwater, FL B.A Music Ed Darlene A Camacho St. Petersburg, FL B S ., Sociology Anne C. Capes Largo, FL B.A Sociology Carolyn R Carman Brown City, Ml B S. Inter Nat. Sci Angel A. Camblor Miami Springs, FL B A., Biology Vincent Capitano III Tampa, FL B A Business Adm Margaret R. Carr Marietta, GA B A. Health Education Brenda C Cameron Lakeland FL B A., Spec Learn Dis. Karen L. Capps Balm, FL B A ., Elementary Ed Laura E. Carroll Holiday, FL B A., Political Sci 81


Robert C. Carter Dunnellon FL B A ., Math Ed. Dave Chambers Sarasota, FL B A Marketing William K Carter St. Petersburg FL B.A Political Sci. Helen J. Champlain St. Petersburg FL B A., Geography/ Acctg. Barbara J Cassara Vero Beach CA B A ., Physica l Ed Daniel L. Chapman Merritt Island, FL B A ., Management Cheryl M. Ciecko Gale M Ciesla GeorgeS. Clark Clearwater FL Brandon FL Jacksonville FL B A ., Mass Cornrn./ Adv. B A Microbio.fSci. Ed. B.A ., Mass Cornrn./ Adv 82 Joan E Coburn Tampa, FL B S., Clinical Chern. Carol J Collier Lakeland, FL B A ., Physical Ed David E Cohen Longwood FL B B A., Finance Lauretta G. Coleman St. Petersburg, FL B A Gen Bus Adrn Margaret E. Castano Tampa, FL B A Elementary Ed. Mario J. Charbon ier P ampa, FL B A English Lit. Robert A. Clark St. Petersburg, FL B S ., Management Patsy Jo Coleman Indian Harbor Bch. FL B A ., Management Joseph C. Castro H1aleah, FL B.A ., Broadcasting Dolore s M Chinn T ampa, FL B A Sp anish Benjamin L. Clarke Ft. Lauderdale, FL B A Biolog y B S Chemistry William H Coleman III Ft. Lauderdale, FL B .A Marketing Mark K. Caswell St. Petersburg, FL B A ., Elementary Ed Nathan D Choma Milton, FL B S Chemistry Kimberly D Closson Jacksonville, FL B A ., Finance Jeffery F Colkrnire Plant City FL B A., Music / Appl. Voice


Brenda D Compton Miami, FL B.A ., Management Cynthia L. Coogan St. Petersburg, FL B A., Education Teresa E Cooper Clearwater, FL B S ., B S Iris E. Cotton Chicago, IL B.A. Mass Comm. Melvin D Croft Vero Beach, FL B S Geol ogy Allan R Conge Bridgeport, CT B S. Eng i neering Tech Becky D Cook Temple Terrace, FL B A Art Joan K Coppedge Brooksville FL B A ., Psychology John E. Cox, Jr. Tampa, FL B.A ., Special Ed. Andrew T. Cronberg Port Richey FL B S ., Engineering Wanda M Connell St. Petersburg, FL B A Criminal Just. Jeffrey J. Cook Pt. Charlotte, FL B.A Management Armando H Corbelle Tampa, FL B A. Sociology Nancy L. Craig Hialeah FL B A., Accounting Michael K. Cronin Sarasota, FL B A. Business Anne Connelly St. Petersburg, FL B A ., Fine Arts/Photog. Mary A Cook St. Petersburg, FL B.A Finance Patricia A Corey Ft Lauderdale FL B A., Political Sci Candy K Creamer Maitland, FL B.A., Mass Comm Rebekah J Crosby Lutz FL B A ., Health Education Michael A Connelly orth Miami Beach FL B A. Sociology Mary E Cook Largo, FL B A., Marketing Maria A Cortez M i ami Beach FL B.A ., Spec Learn Dis Brenda S Cribbs Tampa, FL B S Social Work Renee S Crouch Largo, FL B.A ., B i ology Stephen G Connett Bradenton, FL B A Accounting William M Cook Bradenton, FL B.A Business Adm. Jeffrey M Cotter Vestal NY B.A., Zoology Becki S. Crissman Tampa, FL B.A., Art Dottie E Crow St. FL B A Advertising 83


ell J Crowder Hialeah FL B A., Music Education Ann L. Curtis Sarasota FL B .B.A., Management William P Daugherty St. Petersburg FL B .A., Elementary Ed. 84 Cynthia M Crown Lutz, FL B .A., Spec Learn Dis Polk C. Curtis Jr. St. Petersburg FL B S., Geography Albert Davis Tampa FL B A., Rei. Stud.jPol. Sci Claranne Crudele Boca Raton, FL B A Bus jOffice Ed Wendy F. Cutts Apopka FL B A. Mental Retard. Anrie M Davis Tampa, FL B A., Marketing Leslie M Cruzado Tampa, FL B.A., Sociology Mary K Danko Clearwater, FL B A Art / Marketing CarolS. Day Ft. Myers, FL B .A., History j lnt. Stud Diane L. Cullen St. Petersburg FL B A., Elementary Ed. Lisa R Darlington Tampa, FL B.A. Marketing James F. Cumber, Jr. Tampa, FL B A Inter. Soc Sci. Cynthia da Silva St. Petersburg, FL B A., SST /Crim. Just. Sam me C. Day Melody Deafenbaugh Seminole, FL Sarasota, FL B A American Studies B A ., Eng / American Lit.


F l anklin X Dean Port Richey FL B.A., Pol i tical Sci. Michele N D i amond Hudson Y B A Visual Comrn Alma M Dishman L argo FL B A ., Business Adm Clifford R. Deighan Thonotosassa FL B S., Compu t er Tech. Janet Diaz Palm Bay, FL B A ., Psycho logy Diana J Dist er Lutz, FL B S., Biology Ana V. DelCampo Tampa, FL B .A., Microbiology Steven R Diez Lutz F.L B A Mass Comm Roger C Dixon Tampa FL B A Voc. fnd. Tech Ed Carlos 0 DeLeon Tampa FL B Microbiology Thomas E Dinsmo r e orth Palm Beach, FL B A Management Ogbavinudu F. Djebah W a rri igeria B A ., Econo)llics/Fin. Eric 0 DeLeon Temple T e r r a ce F L B S., Biology Robert A Dion Clearwater F L B A Management Steven E Dollar Sebr ing, FL B .A., E conomics Nancy C. DeLeon St. Petersburg F L B A Management Dav i d A. D'Ippolito C l earwater, FL B.A., Finance Barbara E Donaldson Upper Saddle Riv., NJ B .A., Marketing 85


Deborah D. Doughty Brandon FL B A Pol. Sci.fPre-Law Roxanne E Duink Tampa, FL B A Early Child Ed. Angela A Eady Orl ando, FL B A. Adv.jMassComm. 86 Sally M Douglass Allentown, PA B A English Ed. Pamela J Duke Temple Terrace, FL B A ., Accounting William T Eaton III Lutz, FL B A Mass Comm. Patricia M Downes Clearwater, FL B.A Psych.fSec Ed / Soc1al Studies David A. Duncan Tampa, FL B.S ., Electrical Eng. Bonita M Ebel Lutz, FL B A ., Mental Retard Wendy A Drajr S a ginaw M B A ., Visual Comm. Neva G Duncan Clearwater FL B A Biology Adela M Echavarria Tampa. FL B A Accounting Deborah L. Drash Tampa, FL B A English A Sue Dunn Tampa. FL B A Psychology Robert J Eckes West Palm Beach FL B A .. M a rke ting Barbara L Duez Pa lm Bay FL B .A., Math Education Wayne A Dyer Sarasota, FL B.E T Eng. Tech. Cynthia H Edge St. Petersburg FL B A. Criminal Just.


Stephen Edwards Tampa, FL B A., Criminal Just. Camille M Elias Ft. Lauderdale, FL B.A. Special Ed. Stuart M Faison Miami FL B A Political Sci. Lorraine M Egan Tampa, FL B .A., Special Ed. M ary Ann Ellio tt Lakeland, FL B A., Speech/Eng. Ed. James W Falkowski H ollywood, FL B A Ac c ounting Gary J. Eggers Tampa, FL B A., Mass Comm. Susan J Enander okomis, FL B A ., Microbiology Claire R. Farese St. Petersburg, FL B A., Zoology Linda J Egolf St. Petersburg, FL B .A., Spec Learn Dis David A. Engle orth Mi ami Beach FL B.A., Advertising William E Farley Naples, FL B.A Accounting Nancy E Elder Edison, NJ B.B .A., Management Janet R Erbach Naples FL B .A., Ed. Emot. Dist. Steven C. Feld St. Petersburg FL B A Gen. Bus Adm. Todd D Elfont Sarasota, FL B A., Accounting Kenneth U. Erondu N ige ria B.A Chem.fPre-Med John J Felder Buffalo, NY B S Engineering 87


Kim A Feldman H allandale, F L B .A., El. E d./Emot. Dist. 88 J ohn E Fillmon Tampa. FL B S., Busmess Adm. Rich a rd A. Flore M iami FL B.A., Acc ounting John M Finlay C l earwater F L B S ., Mechanical Eng. Paul J Fodor Bradenton, FL B A Psychology B a r bara S Fischetti Satellite Bea ch, FL B A S ocio l ogy O rlando M Fernandez North Mi ami Beach FL B B .A.. Marketing Candy L. Fishel ampa. Fl B .A. Crim J ust D exte r L. Fleetwood B ran d on, FL B A .. M as Comm. / Ad v FrederickS. Foley Ill Raul G Fonseca New Po r t R i chey, FL t. P ete r sburg F B A ., Ed Mental Retard. B A English E du cation L oyall E Fi her, Jr. ew Port Rich ey. FL B.A P ol i tical c i M ichaelS. Forshey B radenton, FL B A. Criminal Just. Kennet h I. Fishner V alrico. FL B.A Mktg./Mgmt. Mon caL. Foster J r Tamp a, FL B A Sociology


Daniel R Frakes St. Peter sbu rg FL B A .. Mas s Comm. Wi lliam M Frey Ft. Myers, FL B A. Criminal Just. E d F. Furey III Tampa, FL B.A., Accounting Th o mas H Ganey B ra denton FL B A., Bio logy M a r sha A Garrett St. Petersburg, FL B A E lement a r y E d Barbara A Frank Pt. Ch a rlotte FL B A. Spee ch Comm. John W Fritts Timonium MD Tenianne Frank Tampa, FL B.A Visual Comm. P auline F. Frush Sarasota, FL B .A M ass Comm f Pub Rei. B A. Criminal Just. M ary D Fussell H ollywoo d FL B A Ed Emot. Dist. Nannette G a rc ia Tampa, FL B A ., English Deborah E. Garris Coral G a bles FL B S Elementary Ed Henr i k C Gahn Tampa, FL B A Marketing Valarie M Garcia Tampa, FL B .A Polit ical Sci Glenn Garvey Br andon, FL B A ., Criminal Ju st. Phyllis J Frankish Tampa, FL B A Pub Re./Soc Jennifer J Frye Bro o ksville FL B A ., Sociolog y Cynthia A Galvez Tampa, FL B A., Ameri ca n Stud i es George J Gardner Madawaska ME B.A. Psy chology E dward R Gay Ormond Beach, FL B .A., Economics/Pol. Sci Stephen C Fredrickson Tampa, FL B A Mktg. f Pol. Sci John P Fulcher Clearwater, FL B.B. A. Finance Michael W Galvin Tampa, FL B A ., Po litica l Sci. E George Garren Dade City, FL M A ., Reh ab Couns Dennis E Geagan T a mpa FL B A ., Zoology R andy M Freedman Holbrook, MA B A ., Accounting John R. Fulwider Br istol, TN B A Accounting Kenneth D Gammon Lake land, FL B A ., Polit ical Sci John M Garrett Lakeland, FL B A ., Chemical Eng M ichael A Geiger Hollywood FL B .E .T Comp. Tech 89


90 Janet L. Gentry Plant City, FL B A ., Theatre W illia m T Gilbe rt Red i ngton Beach FL B A ., Mass Comm. Dennis M Gleaton Seminole, FL B A Marketing Charles P Godel s Pinellas Park, FL B B.A ., Account ing Claire M. George St. Louis, MO B .A., Eleme nt ary Ed. Richard A. Gillette Winter Haven, FL B E T Man ag ement Judy V Gluff Bradenton FL B.A Elementary Ed Patsy J Godwin Tampa, FL B .A., Accounting P atricia A. George St. Peter sbu rg FL B A Elementary Ed Barbara L. Gillham Tampa, FL B .A. Soc. Sci. Inter Paul ine K Glymph Tampa, FL B A Elementary Ed. Harriet R Gold Miami, FL B A., Criminal Just. Glenn Gest Haines City, FL B B A ., Accounting Connie C Gilliland T ampa, FL B A., Spec Learn Dis Phylli s T Golden Plant City, FL B.A. Eleme nt ary Ed J ack J Gibbs Butler PA B S Finance Geraldine Giovenco Tampa, FL B A Accounting Brian S. Goldsmith Tampa, FL B A Accounting Ben jaimin J Gilbert Tampa FL B A Management Rudolph F. Gipson Jr. Vero Beach FL B .A Finance Deen a L. Gonzalez Tampa, FL B A Spec Learn Dis


Jonadean T Gonzalez Tampa, FL B A Gen Bus Adm Daniel E Grachek Jr. Tampa, FL B A., Geography Michael T. Greeson Seffner FL B A American Studies Milagros Gonzalez Puerto Ric o B A Crim Just. J Soc. Sandra A Graham Sunrise FL B A ., Special Ed Cathy Griffin P aho kee, FL B .S Nursing Judy A Hage Pearl River, NY B A., Elementary Ed. Susan M Gonzalez Tampa, FL B S. Mental Ret ard Susan A. Gray Cocoa Beach FL B A ., Mathematics Marquis E. Griffin Jr. Tampa, FL B .A., Management PhilipS. Gordon Largo, FL B.A., English Frank J. Greco Tampa, FL B A ., Art Marilou C. Grimes Seffner, FL B A Business Ed. Mary Elle n C Gore West Palm Beach FL B A. History Sheree M. Greenberg Hollywood FL B.A., Art Education B ette L. Groves Largo FL B S., Early Child. Ed Sandra L. Gout Tampa, FL B A. El.fEarly Child. Mark H Greenspahn Miami, FL B.A ., Accounting Laura K Guild Largo FL B A Psychology 91


Sandra F Hall Plant City, FL B A., Public Ret. Ellen J Hanis Tampa, FL B A ., Psychology Ken F Harrington Clearwater FL B A ., Pol. Sci.jCrim Just 92 J a nice J Hamilton T a mpa FL B .A., Drawing Frank C. Hannold Tampa, FL B B .A., Marketing Sandra J Hamilto n Brandon, FL B A Zoology Mark S Hanson Miami, FL B A ., Art Education Teresa F. Harrison M a rgate, PL B A Eng.jMass Comm j Education Linda M. Hamjy Jacksonville, FL B.A ., M icrobio logy Sarah L Hanson S arasota, FL B.A. lnter.jSoc. Sci. Kathleen M Halbert St. Petersburg, FL B A Psychology Edward W Hamp Tampa, FL B A ., M a rketing K at hy A Hardter B oy nton Beach FL B.A ., Criminal Just. Clara G Hall Fort Myer s, FL B.A El. Ed.jlib. Sci Lucretia J Hand Auburndale, FL B A ., Business Mgmt. David L. Harrell Tampa, F L B S ., Mech a nical Eng.


Ba il D Harwood Seminole, FL B A .. English Ri chard G Heise Largo, FL B A Biology Linda M Henry Tampa, FL B A Political Sci Wendy A. H atch Tampa, FL B A ., Ma Comm. Gerald E Helzel G a inesville FL B A ., lndust. Tech Ed. Peter B Herbert Tampa, FL B A., Mass Comm. Susan D Hatcher Maitland, FL B A. Elementary Ed Deborah J. Henderson South Miami FL B A Music Education Linda M. Hernandez St. Pe tersburg, FL B A., Criminal Just. LaMarcia J Hawes Dade City FL B A Marketing D onna K Hende rson St. Petersburg FL B.A ., Education Michael W. Hessel Seminole FL B A Management Linda E. Heard Lake Alfred FL B A ., Elementary Ed. Joy Henderson Brandon FL B S ., ursing Mary T Hettig Sarasota, FL B.A Social Economics Michael A Heerschap Largo, FL B A., Geology /Geography Camille L. Henr y St. Pete rsb urg FL B .A. P olitical Sci. Ten ley S Hibbard Orl ando, FL B A Criminal Just.


Robert R Hill, Jr. Bra ndon, F.L B S., Medical Tech Kevin W Holbrook Sarasota, FL B S Chemical Eng Judy G Himrod Wauchula FL B A Elementary Ed. Julie F Holland Miami. FL B A Spec Learn. Dis Dennis C. Holt Mary L. Holton Tampa, FL Tampa, FL B A .. Internationa l Stud B A MassComm.fEng. 94 Kurt H. Hi ner Miami, F.L B A., Marketing Jan P Holmstrup Fa i r Lawn, NJ B A Psych/Sociology James R Horden Temple Terrace, FL B A. Management Celeste M. H intersehr St. Peter burg, FL B A ., Ps ychology WadeJ. Hollowa y Oviedo FL B S., Engineering Abba K Hossein i Tampa. FL B S Civil Engineering Will ia m C. Hirsch Tampa, FL B A Bio lo gy Janet E Holmes Clearwater, FL B A Mass Comm. Robe rt E. Houchin Naples, F L B A., Management Lawrence E Hoag Mount Dora FL B.A Accounting Carol J Holsapple Melrose, FL B .A., Elementary Ed Teena M Houck Titusville, F L B .A Fine Arts


GeorgeS H ounda Tampa, FL B S electrical Eng. Eric D H u nter Maitland, FL B.A., Phys Ed./ Pol. Sc i Annette H utchinson W i nter Haven, F l B A., Mental Ret arda tio n Michae l M Hux Lee burg F L B .. Biology John H H u nter II S t Peter burg. FL B A Chemi try/Bio Frederick E Hyatt C learwater FL B.A .. A ccounting Pat ricia K Hunter Tampa, FL B.A., H i s tory Deborah A Hutt St. Petersburg, FL B A Elementary Ed Leslie A Hyman Miami,FL B .A., Spec Learn Dis. I smail I brahim Angola, I B S .. Mechanical Eng. Jayne E. Jacke Clewi ton, FL B A Soc.fCrim. J ust. Jo a quin lgle ias S an turce PR B.S., Finance Rob R lnnella New Brunswick, J B A Biology 95


Yolanda D. Jacobs Ocala, FL B.A. Afro-Am Studies Jennifer D Johnson U mat i lla, FL B A ., Elementary Ed. I.. David A. Jones Tampa, FL B .A., Criminal Just. 96 Sheila A Jones Mac Dill AFB, FL B A ., Sociology Walter L. Jacques Seminole FL B .A., Criminal Just. Joanne Johnson Lakeland, FL B A ., Management Margaret A. Jones Tampa, FL B.S., Nursing Teresa V Jordan St. Petersburg FL B A., Elementary Ed. Randi S Jacobi Miami, FL B.A Emot Dist. Ed Carla J Johnson Tampa, FL B S Geology Johnny Johnson, Jr. Largo, FL B S Chem.fPre-Dent. Marj or i e T. Jones Sarasota, FL B.A ., Early Child Ed Leigh A. Jowett W in dermere, FL B S., Geology Cindy L. Johnson Lakeland, FL B A Art Education Kimber L. Johnson Temple Terrace, FL B A Finance Minn ie L. Jones Palmetto FL B A .. Elementary Ed. Bertha 0 Juan Pere Tampa, FL B A ., E ducation David 0 Johnson Tampa, FL B A ., M a rketing Regina G Johnson St. Pete r burg, FL B A ., Sociology Robert W Jones Dunedin FL B.A .. Microbiology Anthony M Juranko Clearwater FL B A., Crim i nal Just. James E. Johnson Tampa, FL B A., Accounting Glenn P. Johnston Plant City, FL B A., Soc ia l Sci. Ed Sharan K Jones Tampa, FL B S ., Engin ee ring Matthew Kaczkowski, Jr. Marathon, FL B.A. Jns.fBio


Jay D Kalarl Madeira Beach, FL B .S., Social Work MitchellS. Kania Tampa, FL B.A., Management Keith L. Kaufman Miami, FL B A., Psychology Sherry R Keener Bradenton, FL B .A., Business Ed. Dennis E Kemp Tampa, FL B.A., Physical Ed. George C Kalebaugh, Jr. Lutz, FL B A Management Bruce S Kap i l Tampa, FL B S Accounting/Eng Sandra L. Kaufman Tampa, FL B A., Political Sci Mary M Keiter Tampa, FL B.A., Accounting Patrick G. Kenny St. Petersburg FL B A ., Accounting Anthony G. Kaliher Sarasota, FL B.S. Clinical Chern. Heinz P Karwath Tampa, FL B A., Fine Arts -.. Robert A Kay Jr. Cape Coral FL B A Mass Comm Mark Kelemen Miami Beach FL B A., Market ing Donald H. Kerley Miami, FL B A., Busine ss Adm Judy G Kambs Hq V -Corps OIG APO NY B .A Soc JGerman Judith L. Kasprak Miami,FL B A Elementary Ed. Alan M Kameron Hollywood, FL B.A. Criminal Just. Meryl A Katz Tamarac, FL B A., Education Gary W. Kebschull Debra A. Keen Tampa, FL Lakeland FL B A Mass CommfPub. Rei. B A., Elementary Ed. Sherry L. Keller Seffner FL B A Histor y fGeog. Robert H Kester, Jr. Donalsonville, GA B S (;hemistry David G Kelly Miami, FL B A., Political Sci. Nader Khat jaei Abadan, Ir an B S., Electrical Eng Marcie A. Kamins Raleigh, NC B S., Business Adm Ve-Shing Kau Seminole FL B S Nursing Dennis G Keener Palm Harbor, FL B.A Economics Sheila M Kelly Tampa, FL B A., Sociology Darlene C. Kilgore Tampa, FL B A History 97


Leona C. Kilichowski Tampa, FL B A English Robert W Klein Brandon, FL B.A., English Sheri L. Kramer Delray Beach, FL B A Psychology B.A S., Social Work 98 John K Kimbel Ill Plant City, FL B B A Finance Margaret M Kline Tampa, FL M S., Speech Path. Synthia K Kozial Lutz, FL B.A Marketing Karen A. Krieger Yero Beach, FL B.A. Spanish MarkS. Kime Tampa, FL B.A., Criminal Just. Michael A. Kline Tampa, FL B A., Mass Comm. Mark A. Krohn Tampa, FL B.A ., Accounting Michael L. King Lake Worth, FL B S ., Engineering Marianne Klingel Treasure Island, FL B.A Psychology Elizabeth G. Kuehner Miami, FL B A Advertising Samuel L. King Athens AL B.A Accounting Michael T Knapp Dundee, IL B A Finance Mark J Kulbacky Edison NJ B.A., Geography Veronica N. King Tampa, FL B.A Speech Comm. Dominique D Kneen Edina MN B A Social Science Frederick G Kulp Plantation FL B.A Marketing

PAGE 100

Dav i d J K v altine Braden ton, FL B S ., Electrical Eng Linda M Ladoniczki Tampa, FL B S Elementar y Ed Robert J Lancaster St. Petersburg FL B A ., History Peter E Langer III T a mpa FL B S Indu strial Eng. Pamel a E K yle Huntington, WY B A ., Theatre Sharon A Lah Apollo Beach FL B.A Business Ed Abraham J. Lance Ft. Myers FL B A., Sociology Jeanice L. LaRocca Tampa, FL B A Business Mgmt. Jennifer C C Lair Tampa, FL B A English Michael Landis Tampa, FL B A Political Sci. Andrew B Lasswell Spri ng Hill FL B A Criminal Just. Diana L. Laird S t. Petersburg FL B A. Mental Retardation Denise L. Landra Punta Gorda, FL B.A Physical Ed Sonya A Lamb Wauchu lo, FL B A Mass Comm Arnold G. Lange Pt. Charlotte FL B A., Elementary Ed. Tim B Lause Dawn R La Vallee Ft. M y ers FL Clearw a ter, FL B S ., C ivil Engineering B A Mental Ret a rdation Bobby L. Lancaster Tampa, FL B A Elementary Ed Mark K Langenbacher St. Petersburg FL B A Finance Janice M Laverghetta Homestead FL B.A Crim. Just. f Soc 99

PAGE 101

William R Lawson Tampa, FL B A., Sociology Sharon L. Levy Hollywood FL B .A., Elementary Ed. Lena W Lisbon Lakeland, FL B A., Spec. Learn Dis 100 Arva W Leath Gainesville, FL B.A., Psychology Debra L Lewis Orlando, FL B .A., Art Education D.J Lisnock Tampa, FL B A., E nglish Dianne E Leger Cocoa Beach, FL B.A Mgmt./Finance James B Lewis Largo FL B.A., Elementary Ed. Judith A Litchfield St. Petersburg FL B A., Physical Ed. Linda S Lendowski Tampa, FL B A., Art Sandra P Lindsay St. Petersburg, FL B A., Elementary Ed. Mark E Litten Seminole, FL B.S. Clinical Chern Susan J. Lenhart Tampa, FL B.S Nursing JohnS. Liner Bradenton FL B A., History Joseph J Lombardi Seminole, FL B S., Chemical Eng. Sandra W Lennon Tampa, FL B A., Marketing Tanya M. Liptak Sun City Center FL B A Psychology Damaris K Long Leechburg P A B.A. Early Ch ild Ed.

PAGE 102

Denise I. Lopen St. Petersburg FL B A ., Political Sci Joan E Lubinski Willingboro NJ B .A., Mktg./Sociology Kerry M cCar ron New York, NY B.A. Pol. Sciflnt. Stud J amie G. Lopez Valrico FL B A Bio. f Anthro Will iam M Luehl Brooksv i lle, FL B A Political Sci Christilyn P McCarty Zellw ood, FL B A Soc io logy Joseph Lopez Tampa, FL B A., Int. Studies Paul R. Lynch St Petersburg, FL B A., Gen Bus Adm Charles E. McCauley Tampa, FL B B A., Int. Bus Adm Lisa M. Loveday Jensen Beach, FL B .A., Physical Ed. Pauline Lynch Miami, FL B .A., Political Sci Mary P McCormick Lakeland, FL B.A., Distributive Ed. Michael A Lovejoy Tampa, FL B .A., Accounting Linda A. McAllister Palmetto FL B .A., Elementary Ed. Mary A. McCoy Tampa, FL B A Italian Anthony R G Lowe Temple Terrace, FL B.S., Engineering David F McArdle Huntington NY B.A. Marketing Richard McCrorey St. Petersburg, FL B.S., Clinical Chern

PAGE 103

Steven R McGaffigan Pewaukee, WI B A., Accounting Bridget M McKnight North Miami Beach FL B A ., Spec. Learn Dis Frederick J Mack Bradenton FL B.A., Elementary Ed Irwin G Maisner Fairfield, CT B S ., Finance MarkS. Mandel Pompano, FL B.A Mass Comm./ Adv 102 Edmund J. McGrath St. James, NY B A ., Psychology Warren R. MacKay P i nellas Park, FL B A Geography Michele Major Tampa, FL B.A., Sociology Michael G Mangan Ocala, FL B A Gen Bus Adm Mary Lou McHugh Tampa, FL B A ., Accounting Lisa C. Madley Clearwater, FL B.A., Physical Ed. Janet I. Maki Tampa, FL B.A Math Ed. JoAnn Marcinko Ft. Walton Beach, FL B A., Microbiology Ralph L. Mcinnis Bradenton, FL B A .,Art l Thomas J Mad ley Clearwater FL B.A ., Accounting Molly L. Malanaphy Miami, FL B A Elementary Ed Deborah A Marco Seffner, FL B A Special Ed. Cecilia A Mcintosh Port Orange, FL B A. Biology Beverly R Me eese Tampa, FL B A Mas Comm.fHistory Journalism Cynthia R Magners Clearwater, FL B.S., Nursing Denis Malich Tampa, FL B A ., English Steven B Marcus Hallandale, FL B A Gen Bus Adm. Patricia A. McKeever Tampa, FL B A ., Art Russell J Mahy Seminole, FL B S ., Engineering Tech Amy S Mandel Freeport, NY B A., Management Lyle H Markowitz Miami, FL B B.A Management

PAGE 104

Ellen R Marquart ebring, FL B A ., Elementary Ed. Robert W Mathewson Holmes Beach. FL B A Social Sci. Ed Elizabeth l. Meng t. Peter burg. FL B A .. Elementary Ed. E Snow Martin Ill Lakeland, FL B A .. General Bus i ness M argaret S M athis Leesburg FL B A., English larry S. Mellen lutz, Fl B ., Chemical Eng Anthony C Martinez Tampa, FL B S Electrical Eng. Kay A Matthews Tampa, l B .S., lnternat'l Stud. Re za Ma hayekhi Hartsdale, Y M S .. Mechanical Eng Marjorie N Matthew t. Petersburg, Fl B English Ed. Pamela A Mason Satellite, FL B S., Social Work Laurel C. Maurer Tampa, FL B A., Ed./Theatre Arts Deborah A Matheny Ormond Beach, FL B A Psychology Theofanes C Mavridis Dunedin, FL B.A P ychology Mary J Michalak Pom pano Beach. Fl B.A .. MassComm.fEng. Ed. 103

PAGE 105

Dianne S. Middlebrooks Lake Park, FL B A., English B ia nca G Minucci Roche ste r N.Y. B.S., Engineering Tech 104 GaryW. Mock St. Petersburg, FL B .A., Psychology J William Midkiff Tampa, FL B.A ., Finance Debra L. Miranda Tampa, FL B .S M.S., Elec. Eng. Benjamin L. Moeller Brandon FL B.A. Art History Victoria E. Miley Clearwater, FL B.B .A., Management Peter A Mirones Port Ri chey, FL B.A. Physical Ed. Melissa A Moesch! Largo, FL B B.A Marketing John P Miller Port Ri chey, FL B.S Clinical Chern. Belinda M Mitchell Tampa, FL B .S ., Pre-Med Mohammed Mohsin Dacca, Bangladesh B S Mechanical Eng Lesley J Miller, Jr. Tampa, FL B A P olitical Sci Minnie M Mitchell Tampa, FL B .A. English Jud ith D Moman Lakeland, FL B S. Social Work Melody D Miller Orlando FL B A Education Sylvia L. Mobley Tampa, FL B .S., Elementary Ed. Christopher D. Mohler Maitland, FL B A. Geology

PAGE 106

Alice H Montano Holiday FL B.A Mental Retard Mitchell L. Moose Homestead, FL B A ., Finance Sherry K Morgan Tampa, FL B S .. Industrial Eng John W. Moore Daytona Beach, FL B A English Timothy K Mora Temple Terrace, FL B.A Mgmt./Mktg. Ellen M Morgenstern North Miami Beach, FL B S ., Marketing, Kimberly S Moore St. Petersburg, FL B.A., Anthropology Violeta A Morejon Miami, FL B A Music Education Michael B Moriarty Annandale, VA B A Marketing Laura G. Moore Daytona Beach, FL B A ., English Lit. Anthony L. Morgan Pierce FL B A., Sociology Paul T Moroz Cresskill, .J. B A ., Accounting Mark D. Moore Lawrenceville, IL B A Speech Corhm Bruce G. Morgan Melbourne Beach, FL B A., Mass Comm. Carol J. Morris Sarasota, FL B A ., Elementary Ed Wendy S Moore St. Petersburg, FL B A., Spec. Learn. Dis John A. Morgan Tampa, FL B A., Art Susan M Morris Rom ulus, MI B .S., Social Work 105

PAGE 107

Jeff J Mulbach Chatham, NJ B A Geography Donna J Murphy Lehigh Acres, FL B.A Business Ed Lorna B. Musselman Cocoa Beach FL B.S ., Biology Carol A Neira Lutz, FL B.A. Learning Dis 106 Kathleen M. Murphy Naples, FL B.A., Early Child Ed Marsha A Myers Lake Placid, FL B.A., Spanish Kathy J. Nelson Venice, FL B A History Constance R. Murray Lakeland, FL B A Accounting Kasra Naieri Teheran, Iran B.A. Management Lyqia A. Nelson S;uaso!a, FL B.A Internat'l Stud. Nancy M. Murray Vero Beach, FL B A., Health Education Melva Naranjo West Palm Beach, FL B A., Science Ed Randy C. Neubert Temple Terrace FL B A., Gen Bus Adm Gwendolyn L. Muse Tampa, FL B.A., Criminal Just. Nancy P Nason Indian Harbor Bch., FL B.A ., Speech Eng Ed Wendy R Nevins Tampa, FL B S Nursing ) .sGary A. Musselman Cocoa Beach, FL B.A., Internat'l Stud Scott E. Naugle Lutz, FL B A Internat'l Stud. Russian/German Debra G Newell Winter Haven, FL B.A., Elementary Ed

PAGE 108

Jennifer A. Nichols L a rgo FL B S. Elementary Ed Gretchen L. Nurse Clearwater, FL B.A., Elementary Ed. Lillie M. Ni c hols T a mpa FL B.S., Criminal Just. Patricia A O'Connor Wayne NJ B A Early Child Ed Karen S Newman Lutz, FL B.S Criminal Just. Gail A Nickel Port Richey FL B.S., Social Work Timothy M O'Dell Tampa, FL B A., Microbiology David M Niem ann Speedw ay, IN B S., MassComm. D avid E Novak Ft. Myers FL B A., Social Sci Ed Deobrah M Ogilvie Miami Beach FL B.A ., Spec Learn Dis Jerry L. Noe Ft. Lauderdale FL B A ., Chem j Pre Med Dorcas 0 Oladokun Tampa, FL B S Nursing Terry L. Noe Ft Lauderdale, FL B.S Early Child Ed Nancy F. November West Palm Beach FL B.A Mass Comm Karen O'Leary Venice, FL B.S .. Microbiology 107

PAGE 109

Anne D O Rourke Point Lookout Y B S. Sociology JoyceJ. Packman M1ami Beach FL B A Spec Learn Dis. Debra A. Pant a leo Tampa, FL B A ., Education 108 Sharon L. Osborne Tampa, FL B A., Emot. Dist. Jeffrey M Pafunda Ind ian Harbour Bch., FL B A Physical Ed D iane M Papa v ero St Petersburg, FL B .A., Elementary Ed. Susan J. Ostrom Lutz, FL B.A ., Elementary Ed Edward J Page Clearwater FL B A ., Criminal Just. Glor i a Y Parks Tampa, FL B.A., Early Child Ed e O Karsamaa L. Oubre Charleston, SC B A ., Mental Retardation Dorothy A Palermo Holiday FL B .A., Social Work Birte Patenaude St. Peter s burg FL B A ., Elementary Ed. Gloria B Orlowski Tampa, FL B A Early Child. Ed Harold E. Owens Tampa, FL B A ., Elementary Ed James Palko P iscata way NJ B S., Accounting Mary E. Patterson Bartow FL B A., Music/V oice Amy O'Rourke Dar ien, CT B .A., Mass Comm. \ James R Packer Palmetto, FL B S ., Engineering Steven L. Pandolfo Berlin, CT B A. Bus i ness Fin John C Paulson Kettering OH B A ., Bio log y

PAGE 110

Christine Pavlo Cora l Gables, FL B.A .. Social Sci Ed Lisa A Perlmutter Indialantic, FL B A Crim. Just. J Psych Terri A Phillips DeLand, FL B S .. Physical E d Lorraine Pavon Elmont, NY B A., Marketing Khalid Pervez Karachi Pakistan B.A., Political Sci. Wa l ter H Phillips St. Petersburg FL B S Electronics Tech. J Scott Payne Treasure Island, FL B A Zoology Margaret M Peterson Temple Terrace, FL B .A., Chemistry Pamela S. Piedmont Vero Beach, FL B A Accounting William F Pearson Ill Tampa, FL B S., Finance Delores M Petruso Temple Terrace, FL B.A Mass Comm Kathleen A. Pietsch New Port R i chey, FL B.A., Pol i tical Sc i Charlotte L Peltz Sem i nole, FL B.A Education Marian D Pfaff Turnersville, J B.A. Anthropology Dav i d R Pi arski Sterling Hghts., Ml B E.T Engineering Steven Pena Tampa, FL B.S., Psychology Carlton 0. P helps Lakeland, FL B S., Sociology Debra D P l anck Melbourne, FL B.A Management 109

PAGE 111

Alan J. Plasner Tampa, FL B.A. Criminal Just. Susan Poole Tampa. FL B.A ., Accounting Clifford M. Powell Temple Terrace, FL B S Mechanical Eng Richard M Prentice Odessa FL B A .. Electrical Eng 110 Joan D. Plaster Collinsville, VA B .A Pub. Rei. JSoc. Keith A Poot Springhill, FL B A Chemistry Mary A Powell Tampa, FL B A Marketing Perrin T Prescott Exeter NH B S ., Mechan i cal Eng Loretta G. Platt Tampa, FL B .A., Criminal Just. Phyllis K Pope Tampa, FL B A., Elementary Ed. Matthew P Powers Naples, FL B A Microbiology Janice L. Press Seminole, FL B A., Elementary Ed Jame A Pollard Sebring, FL B .A., Marketing Carole E Popaden Clearwater, FL B A ., English Peter J Prevost Port R ichey, FL B A ., Chemistry Steven M Pomarico Naples, FL B S Chemistry/Bio. Adria J Popovich Melbourne Beach, FL B.A Criminal Just. Mary K Priest Riverview, FL B A Music Educatio n Frederica Pontikos Tarpon Springs, FL B .A., Elementary Ed. Cynthia L. Porter Lutz FL B .A., Elementary Ed Walter D. Prime North Miami Beach FL B.A. Mass Comm.

PAGE 112

Eddie W Prince Titusville FL B A .. Business Mgmt. Richard B Pylant Miami, FL B A Finance Dovree B Provenzano Tampa, FL B.S., Psychology Julian J Quina ewport Richey FL B A Chemi try Robbie J Puig Tampa, FL B.A., Psychology Sally A Quinn Temple Terrace, FL B S Management Delio M. Pulido Tampa FL B .A., Marketing Jose B Quintas Tampa FL B.S., Electrical Eng. Leona R Ragsdale Winter Park, FL B A Bus./ Office Ed. John L. Puis, Jr Ft. Myers FL B A., Criminal Just. R a ymond Quintero, Jr Tampa, FL B S., Education orman I. Rahn Tampa, FL B.A Finance f Mgmt. Michael L. Putman Largo, FL B S., Chemistry Albert W Rachel Wyckoff J B.A., Geology 111

PAGE 113

Eva T Ramsey Winter Haven, FL B A Economics Joanne S Reed Bradenton FL B A ., Management 112 Debra A Reisner Largo, FL B.A Psychology Alice Richardson Tampa, FL B A., Accounting Clara L. Roberts Veni ce F L B A Engli s h Paul H. Randolph M a deir a Beach FL B A Management Chris A Rees F t. Lauderdale, FL B.A Marketing Terri R Ren aud Treasure Island FL B A Account i ng Marie H R i ckey St. Petersburg FL B B A ., Ac c ounting Irma J Roberts D a de City FL B.A., Bus Adm / Mgmt. Drew M Rashbaum Miami FL B A Mass Comm. Mary Jane Reeves Tampa, FL B A Elementary Ed William A Renfro Jacksonville, FL B A Inter Soc Sci. Janet M Ridarsick Miami FL B.A., Criminal Just. Thomas B. Roberts Edin a,MN B A ., English Jea nne E Raulerson B a rtow FL B A ., Elementary Ed Elizabeth D. Redmond Tampa, FL B A Anthropolog y Tari Renner ew Port Richey, FL B A., Pol it ica l S c i Ros s D. Ring T a mpa FL B S Accounting William L. Roberts Lakel a nd FL B B A Management Selden K Ray T a mpa FL B A Music A reo J Regoli Coral Gables FL B A M a rketing \ Edmund B Restifo \ C a pe Coral FL B.S ., Market ing Jeffery L. Robbins D ay ton a Beac h FL B A Theatre Cheryl A Robinson S a r aso t a, FL B A English E d Janice Y Reed Ft Lauderdale FL B.S., Med Tec h / Pre-Med Microbiology Marianne R Reisen St. Petersburg, FL B A Accounting Luray C Reyburn St. Petersburg FL B A ., Emot. Dist. Cathy Robe r ts Tampa, FL B A Criminal Just. John W. Robi nson Lake Placid, FL B A Finance

PAGE 114

William P Rochetti Tampa, FL B A ., Psych /Biol. Michael A Roe Lithia, FL B A Crim i nal Just Joel B Rose Tampa, FL B Biology Bradley D Rothenberg Miami Beach FL B A Criminal Just. Alisun Ruff Tampa, FL B A .. A r t Educat i on Edward J. Rochford Ill Tampa, FL B.A., American Stud Audrey W Roebuck Bradenton, FL B .A.. Elementary Ed. Mary E Rose Clearwater FL B.A., Anthropology Marci E. Rothman Holiday FL B.A Psychology Jeffrey Ruff Tampa, FL B A Mu ic Composition Cindi L. Rodgers Seffner FL B S ., Social Work Susanne D. Roessler Clearwater FL B.A., Elementary Ed Sue Ellen Rose Palm Bay FL B A., Account i ng Patricia C. Roy Tampa, FL B.A English Beverly Ruge Carol City, FL B A Psychology Sandy L. Rodis Longwood FL B.A English Emily M. Rogers Tampa, FL B A Soc i ology Carey L. Ross Ocala FL B.A Gen Bus Adm Isaac Royal Tampa, FL B.A Criminal Just. Dale A Russell Tampa, FL B.A., Management Dale L. Rodrigue St. Petersburg, FL B A Bio./Pre-Med Debra Romanello Tampa, FL B A Finance Carole K. Ross New Port Richey, FL B.A Account ing Ellen F Rozelle Lakeland, FL B A. Business Ed. Denise Russell Deland, FL B A. Spanish Ramiro A Rodriguez Zoffo Springs, FL B A ., Cnminal Just Daniel R Romano Tampa, FL B A ., Mass Comm. Kathy D. Ross Lakeland, FL B A Elementary Ed Jazim I Rubaii Clearwater FL B A Biology Gilbert A Russell Orlando, FL B A Mgmt./English 113

PAGE 115

Gianna Russo Tampa, FL B A Inter Soc. Sci. Pericles P Saris Largo FL B A Finance Mostafa M Sayadian Tampa, FL B A., Film 114 Deborah A Sarles Dania, FL B S W Social Work Deborah M Sayre Claysville, PA B A Elementary Ed. Jane M Satterfield St. Peter sburg, FL B A., Elementary Ed John D Schaffer Carol Stream, IL B.A., Accounting Louenis M Saunders Tampa, FL B A., Emot. Dist. Ed. Patricia A Scheer Venice FL B A Special Ed. Daniel G Savage lll Palatka, FL B A., Criminal Just. Barbara A Schillo Seminole, FL B A ., Account ing William J Sawyers Ormond Beach, FL B A., Accounting Cher Schneider Carmel, NY B A Speech/Eng

PAGE 116

GreggJ. Sdneider Lakewood, J B A Management Herbert L. Scott Jen en Beac b FL B.E.T Electr Tech Barry S Shacter North Miami Beac h FL B A ., Account ing Denn i s J. Schnur Clearwater, FL B A., Biology Roger H Scott Tampa. FL B S Electrical Eng Timothy D Shaffer Dover, DE B S Crimina l Ju 1. David A Schofield Tampa, FL B S. Math Pamela L. Screws Fellsmere FL B S Early Child Ed. Lynn S Shapi ro Somerville NJ B A ., Management Nancy B. Schofield orth Providence Rl B S Crim inal J u st. Mark A Seldine North M i ami Beach FL B A Communication Marsden P Shave r H a ines City, FL B.S .. Chem i stry Denise I Scholz Coco a Beach FL B.S. Electrical Eng Rand a l K Seriel Tampa, FL Zoology /Engl i sh Leon R Sheffield Va l rico, FL B A Pol itical Sci. Nancy E Schoultz l ndtalantic FL B.A Criminal Just Ruth A Serneels Valrico, FL B S ., ursing Peter E Sheldon ew Port Richey FL B S ., Electr i cal Eng 115

PAGE 117

Timothy J Sheridan Port Richey FL B.A. Elementar y Ed. Susan D Shulins Daytona Beach FL B.A. Mass Comm Heather C. Singer Lakeland FL B .A., Art Education 116 Cynthia N Sherman Holiday, FL B A., Chemi s try Donna Marie Simmonds Kingston, Jamaica B A ., Foreign Lang Ed. Howard M Singer Hollywood, FL B A ., Speech / Mass Comm Robert D Sherman Tampa, FL B A ., Soc Sci Ed Charlotte L. Simmons Tampa, FL B A Early Child. Ed. Alice W Singleton Tampa, FL B.S Early Child Ed Thomas J Shields Tampa, FL B S ., Clinical Chern Lillian P Simmons Tampa, FL B A ., Elementary Ed. Roy C Sink Jr. Plant City, FL B.A., Psychology Gail G. Sheppard Jasper FL B.A Sociology Jalil M Shojaei Karadj, I ran B S. Chemical Eng. Marcie N Simmons Orlando FL B A. Mass Comm. Birute F. Skupeika Hollywood FL B A ., Element ary Ed Suzanne Sheppard St. Petersburg FL B A English Ed Stephen S Sholtes Gainesville, FL B A Finance Donovan C D Simpson Jamaica WI B S., Zoology Michele E. Slater New Pork Richey, FL B A ., Mass Comm./ Public Rei.

PAGE 118

Rudy Slusher Tampa, FL B .A., Account ing Richard E. Smith Ric hmond, B .A. Finance Ashley M Smith Plant City FL B A ., Ed.jSoc ci. R obin G Smith Ft. Myer F L B.A., Criminal Just. Beverly E. Smith Tampa, FL B A ., Art Education Ruby L. Smith Ft. Pierce FL B .. Finance Carol L.S Smith St Petersburg FL B S ., Medical Tech StuartS. Smith Hai nes City, FL B.A. Politi cal ci. Geraldine Smith Ft. M itc hell AL B A Psychology W in d fred Smit h Lakeland, FL B A Distribut ive Ed. Helene P Specter Tampa. F L B A., M ass Comm.f Adv James G Smith ew Port Richey FL B A Bus Ed j Fmance Pau l R Smither utz, FL B.S ., Engineering Robert A Speer, Jr. Pt. Charlotte, FL B A ., Religious Stud 117

PAGE 119

Loren M. Spencer Ft. Lauderdale, FL B E T Comp. Tech Sheryl A. Stinebiser Tampa, FL B .A., Elementary Ed. 118 Mary E Storey Odessa, FL B.A., Finance Karen A Stockton St. Petersburg, FL B A., Criminal Just. Shei la L. Stovall Largo FL B A Elementary Ed. Eric D. Stein Palm Bay, FL B.A Busine s Mgmt. Deborah Stone Tampa, FL B.A. Speech/Mass Comm. Cynthia D Stowe Seminole, FL B A., Accounting Dav i d G Stratton St. Petersburg. FL B A Finance Della M purlock Tampa. FL B A Elementary Ed. Karen B tern Cleafwater FL B A., Gen Bus Adm David R Stratton Plant C i ty FL B A .. Management Carol J Streett Tampa, FL B A P ychology

PAGE 120

Amato F. Suarez Hialeah, FL B A. Biology Diana L. Sulkowski Riviera Beach, FL B A ., Marketing Cathryn I. Sutton Tampa, FL B A ., Criminal Just. Priscilla A Swindle Dover, FL B.A .. Elementary Ed. Donald P Suffern Tampa, FL B.A ., Accounting Iris F Sullivan New Carlisle, OH B .A., Pub. Rel. f History Mark S Sutton Auburndale, FL B A., Microbiology K a therine Tabailloux Key West. FL B .S .. Nursing Kathleen A Sullivan St. Petersburg, FL B A., Elementary Ed John M Swager Seminole, FL B A ., History Lore ley Tabernilla Palm Beach FL B A Spec. Learn. Dis. Robert F. Sullivan Jr. St. FL B .A., Pol. Sci .jPsych. Dorothy A Swanko Coral Gable s, FL B A., Physical Ed. Anita L. Tabor Tampa, FL B.S .. Bio./Pre med F David Sumner, Jr. Tampa, FL B .A., Biology Annette B Swaskee Hollywood, FL B A ., lnternat'l Rei. Terri J Tagliarini Tampa, FL B.A. Elementary Ed. Frederick C Sumner Winter Haven, FL B S ., Engineering Leroy G Swauger Clearwater, FL B S Engineering Tech Darlene S Tarantino Altamonte Springs, FL B A ., Spec Learn. Dis 119

PAGE 121

Gloria L. Tartaglia Tampa, FL B A ., Hi story Lana S Tester St. Pe te r sb u rg FL B.A. Bio log y Rex M. Thompson Lak eland FL B A ., Chemistry 120. Melanie G Tauscher St. P etersb u rg, FL B A., Journalism Bruce L. Terry Miami Springs, FL B A General Bus Lynn A Thornber F ult o n NY B A ., Marketing Beth A Taylor T ampa, FL B A ., Psychol ogy Sandra K Thrasher P almetto, FL B A Accounting Shay A Taylor N Augusta,SC B A Spec Learn Dis Orrell C Thomas Apopka, FL B A ., Special Ed. Patric i a E Thrush Apopka FL B A Spanish Yalor i e Taylor T a mpa FL B S ., Clinica l Chern R obert J Tiberia St. Petersburg, FL B.A B iology Steven L. Tea l Br adenton FL B A. Int. Stud.fR ussian Margaret A Thompson Plantatio n FL B .A Socio log y Ka t h y A Tillman Mulberry FL B A ., F i nance

PAGE 122

Edward T Todd Seminole, FL B A. Education Mary Ann Tremmel Largo, FL B A., Rus sian Terry L. Tucker Lutz. FL B.A Elementary Ed. P. David Toman Ft. Lauderdale, FL B.S .. Clincial Chern. Daniel F Trerotola Ft. Lauderdale, FL B A Sociology Jeffrey A. Turk Cape Coral, FL B A ., Mass Comm./ Adv. George A Topolancik St. Petersburg FL B.E T., Computers Pearl Tritter Seminole FL B A., Education Thomas H Turke Miami, FL B .A., Accounting Dianne V. Torn Ft. Lauderdale FL B A., Early Child. Ed Steve Tritter Tampa, FL Geraldine I. Twine Tampa, FL B S. Nursing James L. Traer Naples, FL B A., Management D aniel T. Troy Tampa, FL B A., Sociology Jessica Tyson Winter Haven, FL B A Mass Comm. J o n J. Urena Galesburg, I L B B.A., M arketing S Trangkasombuti Bangkok Thailand B.S., Finance Arthur D Truesdale Floral City, FL B .A., Elementary Ed Paul V. Udell North Miami Beach, FL B.B A Marketing 121

PAGE 123

Ahmad Vahedi Lutz FL B A Accounting Curtis G VanLeuven Seminole, FL B.A History Carol L. Venhaus Tampa. FL B A Vocal Music Ed. Ada Villabol Temple Terrace, FL B.A Spanish 122 Deborah F Walker Gifford, FL B A Sociology Cheralan G Vahedi Lutz, FL B A Education V i cki K. Vargo Brandon, FL B A Finance Thomas J Vento Tampa, FL B A Inter. Soc. Sci Ronald S Vogelsong Sarasota, FL B.A ., Appl i ed Music Deborah S Walker Clearwater, FL B A .. CriminaiJust. Martha A M Valdes Tampa FL B.A ., Elementary Ed. RichardT. Vaughn Ocala, FL B.A., Social Sci Laurie E Vergara West Palm Beach FL B A Advertising Dana M. Vogler St. Petersburg, FL B S Clinical Chern Beth S Valeriay Deerfield FL B A Cri minal Ju t. Kenneth E Veenstra Tampa, FL B A., MusicComp. James H Vestri Tampa, FL B A Criminal Just. Chris E. Volz Ill Milan IN B.A. Psychology Patricia J Walker Barrington, IL B A Physical Ed Jan M Vanhaerents Sem i nole FL B A Phy ica l Ed. Janet K Venable Center Hill, FL B A Elementary Ed. Raymond W Vestr i Jacksonville, FL B A Management Tony J Votta Cranston, RI B A Criminal Just. Valarie J Walker Winter Haven FL B A., Elementary Ed Clifford C VanLeuven Sem i nole FL B A Ma Comm. / Public Relations Bruce E Venhaus Hollywood, FL B A Finance Andrew B Viedrab orth Miami Beach FL B A .. Management Phinetbia J Wade Tampa, FL B A., Sociology Lewis M Wallace St. Petersburg, FL B A Accounting

PAGE 124

Eunice R Wallis Ft. M y ers, FL B S., Nursing Dia n a W a tt s Clearwater, FL B .S., Social Work Clifford R Weiss M i r ama r FL B.A., Criminal Just. WilliamS Wester Tampa, FL B A., Sociology Matthew B Wheeley Clearwater. FL B.A., Crimin a l Ju st. L aura Warner Clearwater, FL B A Sociology Kenneth R Watt s T a mpa FL B A., Sociology Kenneth P Welker Tampa, FL B.A., Geography Debra A Westphal Home s tead AFB FL B S., Nursing Elaina M. Whitaker Brandon FL B S Nur sing Randal J Warren Tamp a, FL B A ., Applied Music Sheila K Watts Madeir a Beach, FL B A., Education Marcia WellerUhlmann T a mpa FL B A., Psychology Lillian F Westry Haines City, FL B A., Early Childhood Douglas A. White Lake Wales FL B A., Vocal Music Ed. Richard A W arren T ampa, FL B A M a nagement Kevin W Webb Lutz. FL B S Clinical Chern D ouglas A Wert T a rp o n Springs FL B S., Bio logy John C. Wetterer Tampa, FL B A., Microbiology L inda A White St. Jame s City, FL B.A .. Accounting D a r y l B W a term a n Clearwater FL B .A., Finance Ruth A Weeks Brooksville, FL B A., Elementary E d Debra J West Tampa, FL B A Sociology Rosalie Whaley Pt. Charlotte FL B.A .. Microbiology Terressa A. White St. Petersburg FL B .A., Elementary E d Patricia V. Watkin s Bradenton FL B A., Early Child Ed. Kenneth R Weemh off Tampa F L B A., Biology Lucy M West West Palm Beach, FL B.A., Elementary Ed. Rodney Y Wheatley Ft. Lauderdale FL B S Biology William A White Tarpon Springs, FL B .A., P sychology 123

PAGE 125

Raymond M Wice St. Petersburg, FL B S., Engineering Deborah S Williams Tampa, FL B .A., Elementary Ed. Richard D Winder Tampa, FL B A English 124 Tamara L. Wiggins West Palm Beach, FL B A Spec Learn. Dis. Louis E. Williams St. Petersburg, FL B A Health Rebecca S. Wilson St. Pete rsburg, FL B A ., Liberal Stud Kenneth G Wing Hollywood FL B.A ., Mass Comm. / Criminal Just. Jerald Wiley Sarasota, FL B A ., Political Sci. Rober t L. Williams Sunrise, FL B.A ., Accounting Wilma B. Wilson Tampa, FL B.A Management Charles A Winston North Miami Beach FL B A Speech / Mass Comm. William J. Wiley Oak Ridge TN B A ., Biology Toney B Williams III Ft. Myers FL B A ., Public Rei. Patric ia M Winterman P a nam a City, FL B S ., Engineering Abner D Williams Clearwater FL B.B.A. Gen Bus Adm Stuart A Wilmarth St. Peter s burg FL B A., Pol it ical Sci Leonard B Witucki T a mpa FL B.A ., M a th Education Carolyn W i lliams St. Petersburg FL B A ., Accounting Cameron R. Wil son T ampa, FL B.A Art Hist./Pol. Sci Dale P Wojdyla A polio Beach FL B.A ., Psych./ Anthro.

PAGE 126

Lawrence D Wolf Tampa, FL B A Psychology Garth T Wright Clearwater, FL B A ., Marketing Julia E. Yoder Logansport, IN B .A., Music Douglas E. Wolfe Tampa, FL B.S Clinical Chem Marsha D Wulkan Clearwater, FL B.A ., Music/Psych. Gardner D Young Cape Canaveral FL B S., Chemical Eng Karen L. Wollenberg Pt. Charlotte, FL B.A. Physical Ed. Edward C Wyatt II St. Petersburg FL B.S., Electrical Eng. Robert G Young Fairport N Y B A ., General Bus Stevie D Womble, Jr. Lutz FL B.A ., History Robert R. Yandek Dunedin FL B A ., Political Sci Trisia A Young Ft. Pierce FL B .A., Spec Learn. Dis. Heidi D. Wood Tampa, FL B A ., Elementary Ed Fern J Yeger Lutz, FL B S Criminal Just. Angela C Yurt Johnstown PA B A Criminal Just. Donald W. Woodham Tampa, FL B A Marketing Joseph H Yerkes Clearwater FL B A Education Lynn H. Zaminsky Miami Beach, FL B.A ., Special Ed. 125

PAGE 127

Linda C Zawadski Belle Glade, FL B A. Pol i tical Sci. 126 LeAnne D Zibelin Winter Haven FL B.A ., Zoology Dawn E. Zimmerman Lakeland, FL B A ., Music Ed. Barbara A Z i nk Louisville, KY B.A., Early Child. Ed. Janet Zupcsics T ampa, FL M A ., Rehab Counseling Jim R .Zuppa Ft. Walton FL B A., Chem istry Delma Studios, Inc. 225 Park Ave. South New York, New York 10003 Senior Photography and Publ ishing

PAGE 128

Thanks a bunch to all the people who he l ped us get this thing off the ground this year. I hope it is a worthy asset to U.S F and i ts alumn i and that next year even more will be learned by doing it again Some of us will go and some of us will stay but the effort we pooled is not forgotten You have it in your hands. Special appreciation is due the following people Thei r contributions made life a lot easier. Phyllis Marshall Leo Stalnaker Dawn Livingston Charlie Thomas Steve Brier Samir Hachem The Oracle Staff And Lorna Musselman who handled all the details of contracts and funds at the beginning and handled all the meetings and got us all off to a good start before the hectic third quarter. Good luck in D.C Terri Cooper, Editor Photography Credits Teresa Cooper : I 2,3,4 5,6 7 8 9 10, 24,26 27,28,29 33,34 ,38, 39, 71, 72, closing Geo r ge Ehringer : 6, 7 ,8, 13,24 25,30,40,68, 71. Lorna Musselman : 14, 15,17. Paul Simon : 12. Charlie Tomas: 24,25 M i chael Volpicelli : 3 5 9 24,25 39,42,44-57 7 ,71. O r acle: 10, 13, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20,22 ,23, 26,27,34 35,36 3 8,39. 127

PAGE 129

Enough of Science and of Art; Close up those barren leaves; Come forth and bring with you a heart That watches and receives. 128 -from "Expostulation and Reply" William Wordsworth, 1798

PAGE 130

Stu.dto& INC.


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