University of South Florida yearbook. (1981)

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University of South Florida yearbook. (1981)

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University of South Florida yearbook. (1981)
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Twentieth Century. (1981)
Alternate title:
20th Century. (1981)
University of South Florida
USF Faculty and University Publications
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Tampa, Fla
University of South Florida
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Vol. 1, no. 1 (1963/64)-no. 9 (1972).
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University of South Florida 1980-81


1980-81 20th Century University of South Florida Tamp a, St. Petersburg Sarasota, Fort Myers


2 / Reflections


SENI0RS The University of South Florida is unique. It is the only University to be con ceived in the 20th Century. USF reached an enrollment of 25,000 students in only its 24th year. USF also has a unique stu dent body. Students repre sent almost every state and many foreign countries and most are above the traditional age. They have all come together in pursuit of the same goal academic excellence. 3


While there are many hours that are spent in side the classroom there are many outside activities that make college life what it is. Some students take advantage of the extracurricular activities while some pursue only the academic life. 4 / R eflections


Whatever the student' s choice almost any activity can be pursued year around in Florida s sunny climate. The West Coast has much to offer the many outof-state students beaches and sunshine R eflec t ions / 5


The University of South Florida is also unique because it performs as a whole community within itself. The bureaucratic red tape is pre sent in the long lines at the beginning of each quarter. Housing is provided in the few dor mitories. Knowledge is pursued in the classrooms and much research is conducted in laboratories around campus. WUSF television station and WUSF radio provide many hours of entertainment and educational instruction. The University Center bookstore carries almost everything a student could need. And while the rest of the world may be in a political turmoil, USF has its own governmental body in Student Government which also has its share of budget problems. 6 / Reflections




8 / Reflections


Almost anything desired can be found somewhere around campus. Entertainment is plentiful and student organizations number in the hundreds. The University Police continue to ex pand their coverage with a larger force and park ing meters. USF's President John Lott Brown provides leadership and guidance to the battery of administrative assistants, faculty and staff em ployed by USF in its never ending goal of academic excellence. USF is truly unique. Reflections / 9


HOMECOMING TOP RIGHT Part of Sigma Alpha Epsilon's first place display building. LEFT Tau Kappa Epsilon's bull made an appearance in 1981. The displays were moved to the Sun Dome area for more access. BOT TOM BIGHT Fontana Hall proudly shows off their trophy for first place in the overaU spirit award in the independent division. MIDDLE RIGHT One mean Brahman dunks a JU Dolphin both part of a winning display. 1 0/Reflections


I TOP LEFT Delta Gamma is happy that they were winners o f the overall spirit award in the Greek Division TOP RIGHT Alpha Tau Omega puts t he finishing touches on the i r display BOTTOM LEFT A gi ant banne r hangs from the Sun Dome BOTTOM RIGHT Mary McKeever and Homecoming Chair person John Priede hand out t he trophies a t hal ftime Reflections / 11


TOP LEIT Delta Gamma expresses some of the spirit which won them the spirit award TOP RIGHT A homecoming king candidate goes western as part of the competition BOTTOM LEIT Blue Grass entertainment was provided as part of the week long celebration BOTTOM RIGHT Homecoming Queen Ann Ligori and King Alan Grunspan. 12 / Reflections


TOP LEIT Entertainment was plentiful at the Bull Bash put on by the University Center Activities Board. TOP RIGHT Partici pants in the Annual Wine and Cheese Tasting held to benefit the baseball team find it beneficial that it was arranged to have it at Homecoming BOTIOM RIGHT The Sun Dolls put on a special routine for Homecoming. BOTIOM RIGHT A western crowd enjoys the bluegrass band and the Wednesday Student Day. Reflections / 13


BASKETBALL ... 14/Reflections


And the National Invitational Tournament Refl ections /IS


Dawn of the Sun Dome The Sun Dome finally opened on November 29 when the basketball team met FAMU and was dedicated on Dec. 2 in the game against Duke University After almost four years and a lot of controversy and delays, the multipurpose center better known now as the Dome was available for use At first fans had to sit in temporary seats and look over uncompleted construction to watch the basketball games, but i t is expected in the future the facility will bring many entertainers to USF as well as sporting events. TOP RIGHT Ground breaking day in 1977 TOP LEFT The first steel pillars of support early 1978. BOTTOM RIGHT Lee Rose was acqu i red from Purdue Uni versity and has been a force in see i ng the completion of the Sun Dome. BOTTOM LEFT Further progress and problems arise in 1979 18/Events


TOP LEFT The pillowy roof made of teflon is ra i sed. MIDDLE LEFT Sun Dome survivor hard hats appeared i n jest of the many problems that were en countered in the construction. RIGHT A family enj oys the view from the third level. BOTTOM LEFT Compl ete at last. Events / 19


Greek Events The sororities and fraternities have their annual events such as Greek Week, Phi Delt Derby and Anchor Splash, but the Greeks' pursuits this year weren't all fun and games. Housing for the Greek organizations became a closer reality at USF this year as they found increased support and interest in their needs. However, building is still a distance off. 20/Events


EXPO '81 Every year since 1972, Engineering Week has ended with the Engineering Expo. It originally was started by Dolly Good i ng as a oneday fair, but has expanded into a two-day event. This year s Expo highlighted the unusual and interesting world of engineering. Over 40 exhibitors from national and local companies dis played their innovations. The exhib i ts ranged from computers programmed to play games to Cecil the Robot. Events/21


Where Else, but The UC-University Center could not be more appropriately named for it is the center of univers ity life at USF. There is always something happening there whether it's inside or out s i de There are weekly meetings the flea market crafts shop, and game room available for student use Special events are also staged primarily around the UC for i ncreased input and part i cipation The University Center Activities Board functions as the planner of these events with the help of the many organizations and personnel employed there. TOP RIGHT The UC BOTTOM RIGHT Many items are offered for sale at the flea market. TOP RIGHT Entertainment at the BULL BASH on the UC Mall. BOTTOM LEIT A touch of German tradition comes to USF each year with the Oktoberfest he l d at the UC 22 / Events


at the U.C.? TOP LEFf Looking for that spedal bargain at the flea market. BOTTOM LEFT The circus even visits every year. TOP RIGHT Health Fair 1981 provided i nforma tion for students and staff concerning the health field. BOTTOM RIGHT Signs across the lobby advertise the many upcom i ng events Events/23


OSP Presents The purpose of the Office of Student Pr o gramming i s to provide entertainment for the college student. OSP sponsors Slappy Hours films, concerts and other events Uptown Sat urday Night," The Ball on the Mall, and the River Riot were just a few of these events "Uptown Saturday N i ght turned the Uni versity Center i nto all the glitter and g lamor of the Big Apple Jazz rock n'roll fil m and art were the highlights of the even in g 24/ Events


Childrens Festival Each year the College of Education sponsors a Childrens Festival open to all the children of Hillsborough County. Thi s year thousands of children attended making it the most successful festival yet. Displays were built to entertain and educate partici pants Clinics in building and basketball were held to help develop coordination. Eve n ts /25


Student Life 26/ Events


Events / 27


SPIRIT 28/ Events


1980 saw an awakening of something that seemed to be missing from USF in the past School Spirit. Signs were everywhere at basketball games as each organization tried to outdo others Participation in school activities relating to spirit was the biggect ever. Sun Dances went well as did Homecoming 1981. A sense of pride seemed to develop with the basketball team's record as each game became a seUout and Rose Garden ceats were a prized treasure. Con flict came along with the spirit though, and some discourtesy was evidenced at some basketball games This conflict was overcome with the help and encouragement of the coaches and fellow ticket holders. Events /29


President Brown The job as president of a state university must have its ups and downs Pbesident John Lott Brown has handled these ups and downs for USF since 1978. President Brown is a psychologist and visual scientist and came to USF as its third president. Continuing to carry on the tradition of USF in Accent on Learning, he is helped by a battery of staff. Meetings and speeches are only part of the job as well as the annual graduation ceremonies and honors programs. 32/ Academics


Administrators TOP LEFf Gregory O'Brien Vice President for Academic Affairs. BOTTOM LEFT Daniel R. Walbolt, Vice President for Student Af fairs. TOP RIGHT Steven Wenzel, Vice President for Employee Relations and Legal Affairs. BOTTOM RIGHT Joseph Busta, Vice President for University Relations. Academics / 33


Administrators TOP RIGHT Carl Riggs Dean of Graduate School and Coordinator of University Research BOTTOM RIGHT James Heck Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of Regional Campuses Affairs. LEFf Albert Har tley, Vice President for Administration and Finance. 34/ Academics


College of Arts & Letters The College of Arts and Letters studies cultere in the broadest meaning of the word Eight departments make up the college : American Studies Communication, English, Foreign Languages, Humanities, Mass Com munications, Philosophy, and Religious Stud ies In addition, the college houses various foreign language groups the ORACLE and a language lab There are eighteen fields to choose from for a bachelor's degree The building was named the Russell Cooper Building in honor of the late dean. BOTTOM RIGHT Former Dean David H Smith. Academics/35


College of Business Administration The Business Administration Buildi ng also named Chester Ferguson Hall houses the college comfortably mostly under ground to be energy efficient. The college con centrates in the areas of Accounting Economics Finance Management, Marketing and General Business Professional and honorary societies within the college provide the student with a means to develop both professionally and socially TOP RIGHT Dean Robert G. Cox. 36/ Academics


College of Education The College of Education places emphasis on each student learning what is relevant for the world today and on their getting deeply involved in their own educational process. Various educational societies and associations exist for the student to join. In addition Saturday classes for exceptional children are taught by students. The college offers 25 fields from which to choose a degree. TOP LEFT Dean William Katzenmeyer. Academics/37


College of Engineering The College of Engineering has been developed with an emphasis on three broad aspects of engineering acti v i ty design, research and the operation of complex technological systems. Because the future of technological and societal developments are ever present the college s program includes a strong engineering foundat ion designed to equip the prospective engineer with a broad base of fundamentals The Engineering Expo, an annual event opens the college to the public through many displays and exhibitions. TOP RIGHT Glenn Burdick. 38/ Academ ics


College of Fine Arts The College of Fine Arts provides students of USF a chance to utilize and enrich creative talents It offers the student a broad selection of courses and degree programs within the departments of Art Dance Music and Theatre Many students become i nvolved in the Fine Arts Events program which features a variety of local talent, offers exhibitions, and shows films. Faculty and student productions are performed quarterly for the public TOP LEFT Dean Harrison Covington. Academics / 39


College of Natural Sdences The CoUege of Natural Sciences trains stu d ents I n logi. cal analysis and the modes of experimentation to better understand the nature of man and his relationsh i p to the universe. The College offers programs i n Biology Microbiology, Zoology, Botany Chemistry Biochemistry, Marine Science Math Pre medicine Physics and Geo l ogy The college has a planetarium, a botanical garden, and a comstar satellite. TOP RIGHT Dean James Ray Jr. 40/ Academics


College of Nursing The College of Nursing i s commit ted to the i mprovement of nursing and health care services through education programs community ser vice and related research activities. The program provides two curricula one for generic students and another for reg istered nurses who are graduates of dip l oma or assoc i ate degree nursing programs The prac tice of profess i onal nursing i nvolves problem solving and decision making based on know ledge from the humanities natural and behavioral sciences TOP LEFT Dean Gwen doline MacDona l d Academics/41


College of Medicine Integrity character motivation, and general fitness are some of the qualities required of medical students Before gaining entrance into the College of Medicine, a student must take a minimum three years of college and pass the Medical College Admissions Test. The students in the College of Medicine are continuously striving to upgrade health care standards in the community and become an in tegral part of university life. Relevance to medicine is emphasized in all areas of instruction in a way recognizable and understandable to the student. The curriculum also provides a close and on-going experience for the student in the day-to-day health care delivery system. NOT PICTURED Dean Andor Szentivanyi. 42/ Academics


College of Social and Behavioral Sciences The College of Social and Behavioral Sciences provides study of development problems, behavior and institutions of human beings Students have a choice of fif. teen fields of study TOP LEFT Dean Travis Northcutt Jr. Academics/43


USF at St. Petersburg Established in 1968 and originally housed in a former Merchant Marine train ing facility, this oldeSt regional campus of USF is undergoing extensive expansion and new construction. A new library an academic instruction and administration center, and a new utilities building all were open this past spring. USF at St. Petersburg offers upper level courses and baccalaureate programs in a broad variety of areas including Business Education, Social Sciences, and Liberal Arts There are also Masters programs in Business and Education TOP RIGHT Dr John Hinz, Dean/Director 44/ Academics


Academ i cs /45


USF at Sarasota is located on a 1 00-acre fadlity which Includes the former waterfront estate of Charles Ringling. The mansion it self is now the library. U .S. 41 bisects the area i nto the Eact Campus and the Pa l mer Campus. On the East Campus is the Hami l ton Student Center which serves as the hub of activity both day and night for students and others in the campus community. Upper division course work is available in Education, Engineering, Natural Sciences Business Administration Social Sdences, and Nurs i ng for a bachelor's degree There are also severaJ Masters programs offered TOP RIGHT. Dr. Robert Barylski Director 46/ Academics


USF at Sarasota Academics/47


USF at Fort Myers offers upper level courses in Business Administration, Educa tion Nursing and Social Sciences. Graduate programs are available in Busi ness and in Education The regional campus, the smallest of the three, saw some new development this year when ground was broken by Governor Bob Graham for Phase I of its new develop ment on the 55acre site next to Edison Community College. The projected com p letion date is March 1982 and the facilities will be shared by the two colleges. 48/ Academics




50/ Academics


Be our gu As we May thy Never May Thro Un grow. hts and prayers be with thee ity; South Florida Hail to thee. Academics / 5 1


On the Way Up What can be sa i d about the 198081 basketball team except amazing ." That is what the Brahmans truly were in 1980-81. Led by Coach Lee Rose acquired from Purdue University last year, and the opening of the Sun Dome in November all helped the Bulls gain the recognition they rightly deserved Attendance records were broken as well as sports records. The team finished with an 18 -11 season the best record in USF's h istory To top off a 12 game winning streak USF was extended a bid in the Nat i onal Invitational T ourna ment. The team met the Univer sity of Connecticut but was un successful. Just getting a bid was a first for USF and hosting the game in the Sun Dome was also historic as i t brought USF national attention. Another ac complishment was that the Bulls were voted the most improved team of 1981. Coach Rose feels they h ave come a lon g way but there is s till a way to go. However if there is a continuation of the support that was shown this year, the Bulls will surely give the fans something to be happy about. 54 / Sports


Sports / 55


High Goals 56/Sports


Sports / 57


Baseball '81 Youth and a mixture of new and experienced players was what Coach Robin Roberts had to work with for the 19801981 baseball season According to Roberts "The schedule was tough, but the challenge and opportunity to make a good showing was there The Bulls started off their season with a lot of challenges but ended with a good showi ng. Thei r 21-32 record was overshadowed by a hard earned second place i n the Sun Belt Conference. The division was split to insure inter conference games and post-season play By beating the Jacksonville Dolphins the Bulls put themselves in the Southern Division tournament of the Sun Belt Conference. There they went on to win aga i nst UNC Charlotte 16 3 and South Alabama 6 3 The final two games against South Alabama put the Bulls on the other side of the fence and a second place trophy. 58/ Sports


Sports / 59


For USF Softball Coach Hildred Deese this entire year may have been one of her best seasons as she guided the Brahmans to the 1981 AIAW National Softball Tournament with a sixth place finish and a overall record of 37-23. According to Deese "Florida is a very tough state to play in. For the past two years Florida schools have made the regional competition." In fact USF finished second to the Florida State Seminoles in both State and Regional tournaments FSU went on to win the national title The Brahmans upset the tough Florida Gators 5-4 and 2-1, dur ing the season UF was the third school to represent the State of Florida The key to the Brahmans success was basically defense speed and solidity in both infield and outfield, according to Deese. The leading Lady Brahmans were Donna Machen, Wanda Sims Sonia Cook and Tammy Chambless. 60/Sports


OI!P 0 1 3 5 1 0 1 1 7 3 6 3 7 3 1 6 5 4 1 2 1 8 4 1 8 0 5 2 1 10 7 4 8 6 0 2 3 4 0 4 5 7 1 Q 6 1 3 7 3 1 6 1 1 5 3 2 3 0 3 4 6 7 4 0 9 0 1 8 1 7 8 11 10 0 4 3 2 4 1 13 0 1 5 6 3 8 0 6 5 1 5 7 2 5 0 5 9 8 0 4 8 1 6 14 3 6 4 2 1 1 8 Wait Till Next Year FSU Sports /61


The 1980-81 USF men s golf team was impressive as usual as they easily ran away with the Sun Belt Conference Title by 51 strokes. The Bulls squad of Drew Butler Brad Dean Ken Matt i ace Pete DuPriest and Jim Roy combined for three place finishes in the Miami Beach Sun & Fun Collegiate The Fountainbleau Winter Classic and the Sun Belt Tournament held in Birmingham Alabama The 1980-81 Lady Brahmans Golf Team was just as i mpressive as the men 's. They wrapped up top place fini shes in the Beacon Woods Invitational and tied for first in the Miami Dade JC Invitational. The girls a l so finished runner up in the Pat Bradley Invitational. Strong performance cred i t goes to the entire Brahman team 62 / Sports


Cross Country Improvement over last year was the main accomplishment of the Bull Cross Country team The team has been in existence for only three years but eac h year the Coach Jeny Slaven an d his players ga i n the experience needed to have a notic eab l e effect o n the team's rank. The Bulls t ook t he SBC Title for the second year in a row and placed 12th in the Region Ill NCAA games Basically the team i s a young team and needs experience Even so the next season l ooks very good Commented the c oach "The team did very well under the cir cumstances They were up against the best teams and proved that the experience that they are getting i s paying off." Women's Volleyball The 1980 81 Brahman Volleyball Team started the season o n a slow pace but made a strong comeback by the midd l e of the season to even their record at 10 10 Head Coach Hildred Deese commented that the team had a lot of problems during the year i ncluding i njuries The bigges t win of the season was spiking Stetson 1 5 2 15-1, and the team ended the year at 13 -20-1. There were 11 girls on the USF team : Cindy Chwallk, Terri Escoba Laura Oliver, Mary Oliver, Katie Fechik Lauri Norman Anita Carpen ter, Eileen Matte Mary Franklin Sonia Cook and Julie Anderson Sports / 63


Soccer 64 / Sports


The soccer team wanted to accomp l ish many goals dur ing the 198081 season all with the mai n objective o f gaining national recogn i tion as an excellent club Among the goals were : Winning the Sun Belt conference championsh i p going unbeaten aga i ns t a Florida opponent and receiving a bid to the NCAA Championships After achieving the first two goa l s with extreme strength the team surprisingly d i d not receive a b i d to the NCAA games With a 14-1-1 record the Bulls l ooked impress i ve As far as the team and the schoo l were concerned they were im press i ve Unfortunately lack of strength in the team s oppo nents led NCAA officials to rank the team 5th in the region S p orts /65


Tennis The Men s Tennis team had its' share of problems for the season. Their number 3 4, and 5 players were out at the Sun Belt Conference T oumament. There was a new coach and only one player returned for the season. For the first time in four years the team did not win the SBC title With only one returning player, Mike Minot the team did not have the ex perience i t needed. The 15 13 record reflected the lack of experience Top placed player M i ke Minot and num ber two player Ricardo Farani tgo of the best doubles players in the coun try, could not help the team. With wins over FAU, UCF, Flagler, and FlU, the team met defeat from such tough teams as the Univ. of Miami. Coach Bill Perin believes five new full scholarships will attract more and better players who might otherwise go to other schools This could lead to an excellent future for the team. Next year's team looks strong as many players will be returning. They will have oneyear experience and a coach who knows his team. The Ladies Tennis T earn improved cons i derab l y dur ing the season. Top player K i m Heusel and newcomer Mary Baily as well as Patsy Coasch all improved their play throughout the season. The team had good wins over such schools as Stet son FlU, and Florida Atlan tic. Coach Sherry Bedingfield believes the women did well under the circumstances and that next year s team shou l d be better. All of the team will be returning except Diane Grandolfo a graduating senior. The team had a 17 16 record 66/ Sports


Women's Basketball Rollins College saw the Lady Brahman basketball team as they tipped off the season on Nov 19. For Coach Joanne Rogers and the team, it was a season of rebuilding. The only returning players were leading scorer and captain Jennifer Merritt, cocaptain Caro l Payne Mary Ellen McManus, Sue Brown and Pam Plumlee, who was selected by the Association of Intercollegiate Athletics for Women Divisi on I All-State team. Besides being a !,OUng and inexperi enced team, the Brahmans played a tough schedule with most of their opponents near the top of their divisi on Illness and in jury added another complication to the season. The Lady Brahmans finished their seacon with a 9 22 record. According to Coach Rogers, The team gave everything they had to give throughout the season Sports/67


Swimming 68/Sports


For the women's swim team it was a season of firsts They began with first-year coach David Belawich and a young, inexperienced squad. This was also the first year the women had a separate coach. Leadership was demonstrated by co-captains Kathy Thompson and Nancy Ryan Bel awich was also im pressed with the talents of Rozanne Mlller AnnJI0 Lundberg and Shari Cassa irt. A ccording to Coach Belawich "The talent is there, and the girls proved they have dedi cation so we have improved after every meet. They should be l ooking forward to an even bet ter season next year. The Brahman swimmers finished the season with a 6 5 record and 4th place in the Southeastern InvitationaL The men opened with experience and third year coach B ill Mann Unfor tunately the Bulls didn t fare as welL Injuries and i llness were common among the team members. Str

70/Staff 20th CENTURY STAFF TOP RIGHT Sandy McClesky, Editor in Chief, Photographer. LEFf Julie Gonzalez, Editor Events Section. MID DLE RIGHT Jesse Kline, Sports Sec tion, and Karin Owler, Editor of Sports Section. BOTTOM RIGHT Paul Grossman Photography Editor. Not pictured, Chris Genzler, Sports Sec tion.


Lindo M Abenilla Lighthouse Pt. FL BA. Special Ed Emma J Alaba Clearwater FI.. BA, Management Cynthia J Allen St.Pete ,FL BA, Management Johnnie L. Abercrombie Ft. Myers, FL BA, Musi c App Voice Michae l S Albers Tampa ,FL B S., Mech. Engin. Linda J Allen Tamf?!J, FL BA, Spe./Engln. Com. Flartbo Abolfothi Lutz ,FL BA, Elementary Ed. Karin A. Alent us Tampa ,FL BA., Journalism Pame l a D Allen Tampa ,FL BA, Elementary Ed. Susan L. Ackerma n Tampa ,FL BA. Marketing Carole AdeVau/t St Pete., fL BA, Psychology Barbaro H Afield St.Pete.,FL BA. Business Admin. Annette M Aleria E Hartford, CN BA, Ear. Child Ed Robert S Alvin Miami,FL B S Engineering Christopher J Adams Hollcoy,FL BA., Moss Com. James R Adrian St.Pete.,FL BA., Bus Adm./His. Lenora B Ai9ner St Pete., FL B.S., Nursing Catherine B Alemnder Elysburg, PA BA, Bus. Mgmt./Dance Robert G. Anderson Duned i n ,FL BA., Finance Dane L. Aderholt Branford FL B.S., Comp Engin. Jean H. Aertker Tampa ,FL B.S., Nursing 0/umi de B Ak i nnlbosun Tampa,FL BA, Journalism Cesar J Alfonso Tampa ,FL B S., Engineering Katerleen Anderson St Pete FL B S., Nursi ng Seniors / 73


Linda L. Andreasen W. River, MD BA, Eng lish Victoria R. Apple St. Pete FL BA, Interdis Soc. &l. Ade/Assi ly Tampa A.. BA, For. Lang./Bus Adm. SookJ.&g T ampa ,FL BA, Mathematics 74 / Sen i ors Vivian Arenas Tampa ,FL BA, Political &l. W.Uiam A Austin R iverview, FL B S Mech. Engin. Alan D Ba iley Tompa,FL B.S Civil ngi n Pabida P Arick Brooksville FL B S Nursing Brian F Avril S t Pet e FL BA, Accounting Karin L. Bailey P l ant City, FL BA, Liberal Arts Walter M Amsdor/ BA, Economics Susan J Backaus Boca Raton FL BA, Public Rei Linda L. Bailey Tampo ,FL BA., d Social Stud Joseph P Angol Tampa ,FL BA, Criminal Jus Barbara J. Arocha T ampa F L BA. Marketing Rhoda G Bader St.Pete ,FL BA, Psychology Joette G Batbas Tampa,FL BA. M i crobiology Kamblz Ansari VanNuys CA B S., Management Lisa Aronoff Livingsto n N J BA. Sociology VIcky B Baeumne r Bradent on, FL BA, Inter Studies W.lltam T. Bard Tampa,FL B S E lectrical Eng


Alamondrio M Bomord Ocola,FL BA., Sociology Rey D Barreto Tampa, FL.. B S Chemistry Arthur Boumons Tampo,FL BA, Bus. /Mktg Timothy N Beeson JacksonuUle, FL BA., Chem./Bio Donald A Be// Lakeland FL B S Bus. Adm./Finance Judith D. Bomes Odesso ,FL BA, Accounting James D Barrington Tampa, Fl. BA. Sociology Sharon Beaber St. Pete ,FL BA. Accting,/Finance Luisa Behar Miami Bch., FL B S., Soda/ Work Kelvin G Bell Tampa, Fl. BA. S .Sl. Stephen A Bomett Lakeland Fl. BA, Psychology Pamela S Botcheloor Treasure Is., FL BA. Crimina/ Jus.. Kathleen A Bll/arBeach St.Pete.,FL BA,El.Ed. Dawn M Beimbom Largo,FL BA, Marketing Richard L Bell West Palm Bch., FL BA. Marketing Douglas S Bomhort Tampa, Fl. B.S., BusinessMgmt. 'kginia A BottagUa treasure Is., Fl. BA, Geography Timothy S Beahan Tampa, Fl. BA, Gen. Business Judith A Beisswanger Lutz, Fl. BA. Sociology Beverly E Bellamy Oca/a,FL BA. Elementmy Ed. Carlos R. Boron Veni ce,FL BA, B iology Robert A Bouman Mmyland Hts., MO BA. Politico/ Sd. Lynn D Behler Dcwer,FL BA, Criminal Jus Geo W. Bekemeyer Jr Winter Garden, FL BA, Geology Bridget A Bellingar Tomeo Fl. BA. B iology Marlo J Barone St.Pete.,FL BA, Sociology Gwendolyn A Baumann Brandon Fl.. BA. Moss Com./Pol. Sci. Suzanne V Beerman TomQO,FL BA, Theatre Angela D. Be land St. Pete., Fl. BA, Spedal Ed. Guiseppe F Belluccla Tompa,FL B S Engineering Seniors/75


Stacey P Bender Eoons,GA BA, Public R'el. Roman R Berrios St.Pete.,FL BA, Geography Robert A Bishoff St.Pete.,FL BA. Accounting 76/Seniors Carol J Benl}amln Ft. Lauderdale FL BA.,AneArt Rodrigo Bertini Tampa,FL BA. Psychology Dione E. Blem Nokomis ,FL BA. Elementary Ed. Vivian D Benjamin Ft. Pierce, FL BA, Marketing Mary P Biemer Tampa, Fl. BA,Art RobertS Blitman N Mia. Bch., FL BA, Biology Tomaro S Bennett Brandon, Fl. BA.English Michael C Brichfteld Tampa,FL BA,History Sandra W. Bode Temple Ter., FL BA, Marketing Jeff M Benson Bradenton, Fl. BA,Anance Lori M Birenbaum N .Mp. Bch., FL BA, Speech Com. Vidd Lee Bode Temple,FL BA., Elementary Ed. Bonnie L. Benton St Pete., FL BA, Geology Scott D Bisbe Dunedin H.. BA, Physical Ed. Charles L. Bodlshbough Tampa,FL BA, E.T.K.


Susan Bodo lay Tampa ,FL BA.,Finance Brenda L. Brauener Tampa,FL BA, Education D i ane K. Bogan Madeira Bch., FL BA, Psychology Mary R Brawner Madeira Bch., FL BA, Speech Com Terrence L. Bogue Tampa, Fl.. BA. Political Sc i Barry T Brayton Tampa,FL BA, H istory Debra A Bolden Leesburg FL BA, Spec Lmg Disab. K i m Marie Bresley Lincroft, NJ BA, Elementary Ed. Joan M Bompane Pla inuiew, NY B.S., Social Work James F. Brett Lutz ,FL BA, Psychology Maritza L. Bond St.Pete ,FL B S., Computer Sci. Thomas M Brickley Al t amonte Spr., FL BA, So dology Seniors / 77


Nancy G. Bridge St Pete., FL BA, Elementary Ed. Michael P Brosler Brooksville, FL BA., Political Sci. Cynthia R. Bryant Tampa,FL BA, Mass Com. Sharon D Burbano Clearwater, FL BA, Intemat. Stud Carol L. Bvrd St Pete FL. BA, Spedal Ed. 78/Seniors Charlotte A Bright High Springs FL BA., Health Ed. Frederick W Brown Cleanooter, FL BA., Accounting Cathy A Budnick IHB,FL BA., Crimina/ Jus. Fred J Burford Ft.Myers,FL B S., Biology Patnda D. Cadden Boca Raton, FL B S., Soda/ Work Bruce Brodersen S. Farmington, NY BA., Mass Com./Bdct. Ingrid M Brown Bronx, NY BA, Inter. Stud Soc Sci. Barth R. Bullard Melbourne FL BA,Flnance Susan A Burton Tampa ,FL BA., Fine Arts Brian E Cadigan Clearwater, FL BA. Biology Alan M Brodsky Sunrise FL BA. Psychology Judy C Brown Boca Raton FL B.S., Criminal Jus Cora E Bullard Tampa,FL BA, Psychology Bruce L. Butcher Ft. Myers, FL BA, Management Amy L. Calfee Tampa ,FL BA. Eng./Vis. Com Harriet Brody Wyncate ,PA BA. Spe Com Lawrence W Brown Lakeland FL BA. Finance Dahel E Bumgardner Charlotte NC BA, Business Lynne M Butler Tampa ,FL BA., Psychology Robin L. Callahan Tampa ,FL BA., Psychology Charles D Brogan Lake Worth, FL BA. Accounting Susan R Brown Clearwater, FL BA, Bus Admin./Mkt. Dawn M Burbano Clearwater, FL BA, Intemat Stud Steve K. Buttram Tampa ,FL BA, Marketing Bobbie J. Cameron Tampa ,FL


Douglas A Cameron, Jr. St.Pete.,FL BA, CommunlCXIt!on Rebecca C. CArlson Tampa, Fl. BA, E.C./Elem. Ed. Carlo F. Casarono Revere ,MA B.S., Chemistty Samuel Catanzaro Tampa,FL BA,Biology John G Cammack Monroeville, PA BA, Art Cinema Valeda M Carswefl Ft. Pferce, R... BA, Marketing James M C

Esther Cogu l M i ami &h., Fl. BA., E.H. Ed. Dorinda L. Collins Lutz, Fl. BA, E l ementary Ed. Lynn Conrad Brondon ,FL BA., Sociology 80 / Seniors Patrida L. Cohen Dunedin, Fl. B S., Nursing Elizabeth L. Coltrone Spartanburg SC BA, Pol irjcal Sci. Carlos A. Conrodo Lutz, FL BA., lnterdis Nat. Sci Peter M Cohen Tampa, Fl. BA., M i crobiology Cindy L. Coniglio Tampa, Fl. B S., Nurs ing Rebecca J Coopeb Seffner ,Ft BA, E lementary Ed Patric i o K. Coldiron Largo Fl. BA., Accounting Alan R. Connell Yarmouth ME BA, Mass Com Sherrell L. Cooper Pompano Bch., Fl. BA,Flnance \!reid E. Cole Ft Pierce FL BA, Art History Dar lene V Connelly Okahumpka, FL BA., Marketing Phyllis J Copeland St.Pete.,Ft B S., Nursing Coren J Collins Tlerro Verde, FL BA, Liberal Stud i es Helen Conomos Cle01Woter, Fl. BA,lnternot. Stud. Dav i d J Corcoran Tompa,FL BA, Finonce


Jim G. Costello Sebring, FL BA, Soc Sci. Ed. Nancy Coundl Lake Wales, FL BA,Engfrsh Dennis M Colee Bradenton, R... BA, Mass Com. Cheri L. Crossgrooe H ialeah, fl.. BA, Sociology Mary L Costello Sebring,FL B S Nursing Allan J Coursol Temple Terrace, FL BA, Psychology Rita F Craft Tampa ,R... BA, Microbiology James T. Crowder Tampa, R... BA, Psychology Diane H. Coursol Temple Terrace, FL BA, Psychology Alida A Craig Largo, R... BA, Com./Eng. Debra A. Crowell St.Pete. ,FL BA, Gen. Business Deborah J Courtney Tampa,R... BA, Marketing Gordon M Crawford St. Pete. ,R... BA, Accounting Wlliam R Crown Mt. Prospect, TL BA,Fmance Ann C Couture Tampa,FL Econ./Fin. MaryS Croft P lantation, FL BA, Mass Com. Diane M Cuddihy Plantation R... BA,Englfsh Andres E Costa Tappan, NY BA, Mgmt. Mkting. Paul E. Couture Faston, CT BA, Marketing Kenneth E Crosby, Jr. Ft. Pierce, R... BA, Criminal Jus. MaryLou Cuellar Tampa,FL BA,English Seniors / 81


Clyde G Dabbs Tompa,FL BA, Geology Michael D. Davis Tompo ,FL B S., Chem. Engin. Joseph L. DeGirolmo Maryate,FL B S., Civil Engfn. 82/Seniors Lauro A Daf/er Zephyrhills, FL BA. English Ed. Susan L. Davis BA., Education John M DeGuenther Tompo,FL BA, S.&B Sci./S S.S Ed. Miluin E. Dandridge St Pete FL BA, Sociology-Soc Sci. Jeanne H. Davison S t Pete., FL BA, Management David T DeJuli o Holiday,FL BA,Finonce Fran L. Darroch Tompo,FL BA, Gen Business Carol L. Dawson Tarpon Spg., FL BA, Marketing Joseph A DeLaPaz Tampo ,FL B.S Elec. Engin. Cynthia E. Daveneort Winter Garden FL B S., Nursing Richard J DeCarlo Lu1z,FL B.S., Mark.eting Marly DelCastillo Tampo,FL B .S., Mech. Engin. Bonnie L. Davis Brookfield Ohio BA, Spe Lm. Disobil John F Deep E. Orange NJ BA,History Koren M Demo St Pete., FL B.A. Music Ed.


AmyS. DeWan Tarpon Spg. FL Elementary Ed Diane J DiVitale Tampa Fl.. BA, Psychology Ron A. Drabat Syracuse NY BA, Elementary Ed AnnaD. Diaz Oceanside CA BA, Spedal Ed Silas C. Dobbins Jr Tampa Fl. BA, Physical Ed. Robin L. Drawdy Brandon Fl. BA., Marketing ChnsA.Diaz Tampa ,FL BA, Physical Ed. Donald K. Dobson Sabasota FL BA, Spanish Lisa E Dromey Dunedin Fl. BA, Marketing OmarDiaz Miami Fl. BA, lntemat. Stud. Katherine M Donahue Tampa Fl. BA., Gen Bus Admin. Kathryn A. Du/anski Wauchula FL BA, Elementary Ed. Patrida A. DiGennaro Bradenton FL BA., Psychology Debbie A. Dorfman Altamonte Spr., FL BA, Political Sci. Annie C. Dunford Tampa Fl. BA, Criminal Jus Sharon L. Dillard Eustis Fl.. BA, Finance Nancy L. Dowdy Valrico Fl. BA, Gen Bus Admin. Danny L. Dunkin Jndpls IN BA., Journa l ism Seniors/83


Brian J Dupre Tampa,FL BA. Accounting Douglas F Edwards Largo,FL BA. Accounting Del:iorah M Elston Bradenton FL B S., Medical Tech. 84/Seniors Lui s E. Durango Tampa,FL BA. Chemist7y Paul E. Ekstrand St.Pete ,FL BA. Art History Julie A Ely Ft.Laud ,FL BA. Marketing Robert T Durden Ft. Pierce, FL BA, Marketing Rosemarie E Elder Tampa,FL BA, Accounting Lori B Engle Wi ndermere FL BA. ,Musi c Javrd A Durroni St Pete., FL BA. Accounting Patrlda H Eli an Jacksonville, FL Raymond J Erikson Tampa,FL B S E.,CiiJil Melissa S Dykes Tam' a ,FL BA. English Lit. Julieta E lizalde H ialeah,FL B.S., Nurs ing Suzanne M Escue Jensen Bch., FL BA. Communication David C Eaddy Winter Haven, FL BA, Bus Finance Gregory D Ellis Lakeland FL BA. Finance Noe l T Espinola Manila, Phil. BA, Econom ics


Melody L. Esser Tampa,FL BA. Accounting Tracy M Fiedler Tampa,FL B.S., Mech. Engin. Ronnie H. Estep Land o Lakes FL BA. Geology Deborah C. Flke Lakeland FL BA, Theatre Kimberly J Evalenko St.Pete ,FL B S Social Work Bonnie L. Flnfer Plantation, FL BA, Spec ial Ed. Michael B Faigen Potomac MD BA. Finance Pennie B. Fisch Hallandale, FL BA. Sociology Scott M. Fair Safety Harbor, FL BA, Finance Marla P Fernandez Tampa,FL BA,Biology Susan A Fischer Melbourne, FL BA., Elementary Ed. RaeAnn M Fairchild Tampa,FL BA, VIS. Com./Eng. James A Fitzpatrick Brooksville, FL BA, Management Seniors/85


Vinnie Y Ford Largo,FL BA. Macs Com Mary C Foster Tampa ,FL BA, Elementary Ed. Deborah G Freifeld St Pete., FL BA, Psychology Diane C Gandolfo Lakeland FL BA., Sp Com 86/ Seniors Mal'jorte G Fox Tampa ,FL BA., Ref. Laura Freitag Remsenburg NY BA. S.L.D James H. Gangelhoff Largo,FL BA. Management Susan M Franc Tampa ,FL BA, Communication Randi L. Friedman Balta, MD BA, Communication Barbara J. Garda Mac/)i/1 AFB, FL BA, Business Admin Frank Franzese Bethpage NY B S., Marketing Karen L. Fugitt Memphis 1N BA., Lib.Art/ Sp Com. Dawn Garcia Tampa,FL BA. Accounting Maria J Fortunato Ft.Myers,FL BA., Elementary Ed Debbie L. Fraze Tampa ,FL BA., Mass Com. Benjamin L. Galloway St. Pete., FL B S., Psychology Rolando Garda Miami,FL BA. Political Sd. Jeannine Foster St. Pete., FL BA, Humanities Susan M. Frederick Tampa ,FL BA, Criminal Jus. Cyndy A Ga/oin St.Pete ,FL BA, B i ology Edward H Gardner Winter Haven, FL BA,Ffnance


Joseph L. Gardner Tampa,FL BA. Soc Sci. Ed. Gregory D Genders Tampa,FL BA., Finance A Tayeb/ Gholamzadeh Tampa,FL B S., Mech. Tech. Eddie M Gores Semi nole FL B S., C ivil Engin. Catherine A Gendron Tampa,FL BA. Psycho logy Wendy S Gibbons Sarasota, FL BA. Bus. Admin Thomas L. Garrett Bradenton FL B S., Civil Engin. Regina A Gerardo St.Pete ,FL B S., Soda / Work Andrew D Gibson Sarasota, FL BA, A c counting Laurel M Games Belleai r B luffs, FL BA,Finance Mary A Gerken St Pete., FL BA,Finance Patrida A G ibson Tarpon Sp., FL B S., Soda/ Work Paul N Ganis Tampa,FL BA, G.RA. Fawn P. Germer Bradenton, FL BA. Mass Com Valerie L G teseKing Tampa,FL BA. Psychology Jeffrey R. Gehr Palm Bch. Gard., FL BA. Marketing Christopher W. Getz Carmel IN BA, B i o./Chem Joann M G iglio Tampa,FL BA, Mass Com Seniors/87


Sandra J Gloscock Bradenton, fl. B S., Medical Tech. DonnaS Gordon Tampa, fl. B S Political Sci. Sandra L. Graham Temple Terrace, fl. BA. ,Biology 88/Seniors Robert E Gloyd Springfield, fl. BA. Fine Arts Marilyn G Gore Miami, fl. BA, Criminal Jus Frank M Granda Tampa, fl. BA. Management Jane M. Goddard Cocoa, fl. BA., Eng./lnter Stud Peter C. Gormley Bradenton, fl. BA,Finance Kathy E Green Pensacola, fl. BA, Sociology Debra A Goldsmith Seffner fl. BA, Psychology John R Gosche Palm fl. BA, Blo./Chem )Pre. Med. Matthew H. Green Brandon, fl. BA, Gen Business Eileen M. Go/Jsz E Marlon, NY BA. Psychology Phlllfp E Grace Plant City, fl. BA. Anthropology Susan R. Green Brandon, fl. BA. Psychology Flora L. Gonzalez Tampa, fl. BA, B S., Bio./Chem Carl E Graham Sem inole, fl. BA. Elementary Ed. Eric S. Greenfield N Miami Bch. fl. BA, Chemistry


Sandra L. Grier Lutz, FL BA, Criminal Jus Sheila M Hall Tampa,FL BA, Bus Adm./Acct David A Griffin Tampa,FL BA, Rnance VlckyF .Ha/1 Bushnell FL BA. Marketing Kevin M Griffin Dunedin Fl. BA, Bus. Adm./Mgmt. Sharon A Halllslcy Lutz ,FL BA, Mass Com./Broad Richard C Griffin St Pete., FL BA, Management L. Edward Ham Brandon,FL BA,Geology Susan M Griffin Lakeland FL BA, Humanities PatrldaHam St Pete.,FL BA, Accounting Henderson D Griffith Pinellas Park, FL B S Rnance Michele S Gumson Hollywood, FL Keith B. Hamilton Safety Harbor, FL BA, Psychology Seniors/89


Jeffrey L. Hammel Lutz. FL. BA, Mass Com.Fil m Andrea L. Harris Baldwin, NY BA, Marketing Mary L. Hathoway Punto Gorda, FL BA. Advertising 90 / Seniors Nancy L. Hamner Dade City, FL. BA. Emot. Dist. Ed. Cynthia l.. Harris St.Pete ,FL BA, Special Ed. Bertha G Hawkins St.Pete.,FL BA. Business AdmJn. Maria E. Hansen C learwater, FL. BA, / ementmy Ed Maryann H. Hartley Tampa,FL BA, Business Ed Morris Hawkins Jasper, FL BA, Criminal Jus. N ina Hansen C leC11WOteT, FL. B S Nursing Ronald C Hartley FL. BA. T .T.E. Elaine L. Hayes Gainesville, FL B S., CrlmJnal Jus Sophia G Hansen Brooksvil l e FL. B S Soda/ Work Lynda L. Hardy Pal m &rings Fl.. B S., Nursing Margaret A Hartstein Clearwater, FL B S Political Sci. Pamela J Heeschen Tampo,FL B S Anthropology Kelly L. Hanson L utz, FL. BA, Elementary Ed. Thomas R. Harriman Venlce,FL BA, Marketing Vickie R. Hasty Jacksonville, FL BA,Finance Laura A Helmers Jacksonville FL BA, Special Ed.


Kimberly A Hennen Tampa, Fl.. BA, Management Kent D Hinebaugh Munster IN BA, Gen Business G!lflAHogan Coral Springs, Fl.. BA, Psychology Kathleen M Hennessy Sarasota, Fl.. B S., Nursing Wayne C Hinson Orlando, Fl.. B S., Elec. Engin. Norma L. Hogans Green Coue, Fl.. BA Sociology Ida L.Henry lnuemess Fl.. BA, Sociology Maroin L. Hocamp St. Pete., Fl.. B .S., Criminal Jus. AmyL. Hogeboom Mountain Lakes FL BA, Criminal Jus. Kelly A Hemacki Melbourne, Fl.. BA, Theatre Perforrn. Gloria P Higgins Tampa Fl.. B S Nursing Debbie Hoeppner Venice, Fl.. BA, Accounting Teresa A Holaday Lakeland FL BA, Mathematics Juan A Hernandez Hato Rey, P.R. B S., Bio./Pre Dental Kenneth F H ill Tampa,FL BA, Bris. Adm./Mgmt. Edward T. Hoeppner Lutz Fl.. BA, Marketing Kevi n W Holbrook Sarasota, Fl.. B .S., Chem istry Eng. Debra L. Herzoff Bav Harbor Is., Fl.. BA,E.C. Ed. Shannon H. Hlllier Tampa, Fl.. BA, Accounting Theodore H. Hoffman BA, Mass Com Film Laura L. Holcomb Orlando, Fl.. Seniors/91


Jocqulyn 0 Holt Dover,FL BA, Inter. Soc Sci. Mark J Hornick Apalachin, NY B S Mech. Engin. Margaret E Hubble Memtt Is., fl. BA, Criminal Jus. Otto f Huppl St. Augustine, FL BA,G. BA. Dould c. Jackson Alamogordo, NM. BA, MO$$ Com 92/Seniors DeLisa D Hooks St.Pete ,FL BA,Finonce Frankel HoweR Davenport, FL BA, Soc. Sci. Ed. Arthur P Huber, Jr Tampa, fl. BA, Bus. Marketing Cathy F Hurley Tampa,FL BA, Sodology Kristen Jackson St.Pm.,FL BA, Accounting Phvllts E. Hoover ntusv llle, fl. BA, Public Rei. Roberto L. Hrebenar Ft. Laud., fl. BA,Geology Mardee L. Huber Plant City FL BA, PoHticol Sci. Gaye L. Husher Bethel Park, PA BA,Spantsh Merry{/ Jacobson Pembroke Pines, FL BA, Management Nancy A Hudnall WPalm Bch., FL BA, Psychology Maryjane Hyatt Clemwater FL BA,Engllsh Michael P Jacobson Jericho, NY BA, Marketing Kathleen J Huffman Seminole, Fl. BA, Sociology William K.lhrlg Clearwater, FL BA, Political Sd. James P. Jacoby Tenafty, NJ BA. Broad /MO$$ Com Thomas M Hughey Tampa, fl. BA., Health Ed. Daniel D lmeokparla Tampa, FL B S Chemistry AnllaJain Bradenton FL BA, B iology


Barbara L. Jensen Pete J. Jensen Cleanuater, FL Dunedin FL BA, Mass Com./Pub. Rei. BA. Mkt./Distrib. Ed. Tonja M. Jester Ocala,FL BA,H!story RaeC/aire Johnson St.Pete.,FL BA, Management Angela J. Jones Jacksonville, FL B S., Nursing Andrew R. Johnson Tallahassee, FL B S Civil Engin. Todd G Johnson Harwinton CT BA, Political Sci. Daisy L Jones Lakeland FL BA, Criminal Jus Arleen L. Johnson Tampa,FL BA, Business Ed. vkkie L. Johnson Tampa,FL BA, Liberal Stud. Deborah S. Jones Tampa,FL B S., Nursing Eric R Johnson Tampa,FL BA, Bus. Mgmt. Victor V Johnson St.Pete.,FL BA,Engl!sh Sharon L. Jones Tampa,FL B S., Social Work Kimberly F Johnson Leesburg, FL BA, Marketing Joseph E. Johnston, Jr. Tampa,FL BA. Mass Com Diane L. Jordan Apollo Bch., FL BA. Math/Math Ed. Pamela D Jessie Okeechobee, FL BA, Business Ed. Mary L. Johnson Tampa,FL BA,Engl!sh Carol A Joiner Hialeah,FL BA, Business Admin. Joyce A. Jordan Avolio Bch. FL B .S., Nursing Seniors/93


Susan G Josephson Malveme,NY BA, Broadcasting Gregg D Kane Phoenix,AZ BA, Morlceting Scott R Kaufman Spring Volley, NY BA, Speech Com Kevin K. Keller Tompo,FL BA,Biology Daniel J King Tampa, fl. B S., Socia/ Worlc 94/Seniors Lauro Jouben DixHIIJs, NY BA, Physical Ed. Edith D Kaplan Freeport, NY BA, Spedol Ed. Kenrick W. Kautz Mulberry, FL B.S, M S Elec. Eng. Teresa A Kelly Cresco,PA BA, Sodology Thomas G Kingston W Palm Bch. FL BA,Flnonce Cheri A Juergens Glendale MO BA, Physical Ed. Robin S Kaplan Tampo,FL BA, Sociology Mary Rita Keomey Tompo,FL BA, Communication Cathy Kendrick R iviera Bch., Fl. BA,Flnonce Gwen L. Kinstler Tompa.FL B S., Nursing Martha L. Jusllce Plant City, FL BA, Soc Sci. Ed. Alex Kan:loulios Largo, fl. BA, Management James R Kebel Tampa, Fl. BA, Criminal Jus. Afsaneh Khochlklan Tampa.FL B.S., Indus .Engin. Katherine A Kircher U S F.,FL BA, PsycholQ!N Nancy K. Kollles Tampa, Fl. BA, Speech Com Nancy E Katz Teaneck NJ BA. ,G.BA Gary S Keehan St. Pete., FL BA. Elementary Ed. FayezA Khochoiche St.. Pete. fl. BA,M.TH. Steve L Klarfeld Sprinq/Je/d, NJ BA, Sodology Marfze F Kal/lni Belleai r Bch., FL BA, Psychology David Katzenstein Temple Derrace, FL BA, Management PaulL. Kellar Tompa,FL BA,Flnonce Daniel M Kinch St.Pete ,FL BA, Theatre Douglas G Kiosk Dearborn Hgts., FL BA, Political Sci.


Glenn Klein Miami Bch., FL BA, Politico/ Se t Donna M Krueger Tampa. Fl. BA.,Finance Tere Lampothakis Clearwater, FL BA,Btology William R. Klein Sarasota, FL BA,Finance DonnaS. Kunitsky Orlando, Fl. BA, Accounting Mark A Landro Punta Gorda, FL BA, Physical Ed. Christopher C. Kli ne VeroBch.,FL BA, Psychology Brian M Kusel Miami, Fl. BA,Biology Suzanne Long Tampo,FL BA., Sociology Richard A Kneapler Miami, Fl. B.S., Engineering Douglas D Konselman Tampo,FL BA,Biology Susan Kozierodzki New Brltian, FL BA, Accounting Jani K. Kusmulyona Tampa, Fl. B.S., Elec. Engin. Douid A Langer Tampa, Fl. BA, Speech /Eng. Penelope B. Knight Clearwater, FL BA. Eng./Educcilion DavidS Koppel Sunrise, Fl. B S SMF-Engineering MoreY Kromek Hol/vwood, FL BA. Criminal Jus. Cynthia E. LoBrode Tompa,FL B.5_, Criminal Jus. Steven E. Langhoff Clearwater, FL BA,Finance BonyAKoch Tampo,FL BA, Marketing John A Kostreles, Jr N.P.R. Fl. MA,History Alyce A Kreher Tompo.FL BA, Speech Com Thomas F LaFountain Tampo,FL BA, Biology Joseph G LaPerna Bradon,FL BA., Social Work Sen iors/ 95


Sharon F Lamson Clearwater, FL BA, Psychology Gregory S Leith Port Richey, FL BA, Management Lori A. Lewis BA,Art 96/ Seniors Myrtle D Larson St.Pete.,FL B S Nursing Jorge J Lense St.Pete.,FL BA. ,Zoology Robin M Lewis Lutz, FL BA. Sodology Cedl i a M Laude Babson Park, FL BA,German Gary S Lentchner MassPk., NY BA, Management Delilah P Libby Tampa,FL BA. Acc t./F1n. Janice K. Lawler Homestead FL BA, Educatlon MaliLenz Tampa,FL BA, Psychology Flora M Ligon Apopka Fl. BA, Criminal Jus./Psy. Cheryl L. Lee Ft. Pierce, FL BA, Business Ed. William D Leonard Tampa,FL BA, Accounting William D Lee St.Pete.,FL BA, Accounting Wanda T LeRoy Tampa,FL BA. Mass Com.


Richard M Lockey Tampa, fl. B S Comp Sci. David J Lundberg Orlando, fl. BA, Marketing Moni que M L yons Tampa,FL BA, Marketing Robin L. Long St. Pete., FL BA, Political Sci. Therese M Lundeen Zephyrhills, FL BA, Spedal Ed. Davi d H McCall Winter Haven, FL BA. Math. Ed. Maria A Lopez Tampa, fl. BA, Elementaly Ed. Carol LunetUJ Jamestown NY B S., Soda/ Work Carol D McCaslin Sarasota, FL B S., Eng in Tech. Comp James R. Lorigon Clearwater, FL BA, Crim i nal Jus. Timothy N. Lydon Dover, Fl. BA, B S Phys ic:;, E.E. Sandra S McC/esky Brodenton FL BA, Marketing Linda L. Luchau Tampa, fl. BA, ElementcJry Ed. Bridget E Lyman Brandon fl. BA, Anthropo logy Janet S McCIO$key Valrico, fl. BA. Accounting RonW. Luk i n Tampa, fl. BA, Marketing BemfseA. L ynch StPete. FL BA, fW<;hology Jerrflynn McConnell Tampa, fl. BA, Psychology Seniors / 97


Michael T McCormi ck Tampa,FL BA, Chemistry KellyMdver Clearwater, FL BA, Marketing Ruth N Mc\.Vhlte St .Pete. ,FL BA, Elementary Ed. 98 / Sen i ors Madelyn S McCrory St .Pete. ,FL BA, Management MOT'i U McKeever Tampa,FL BA, Marketing Mark A. McWhorter Mtami,FL B S., Elec. Engln. Sandra D. McCready N R Myers, FL BA, Business Ed. Jennifer J McKenzie New Port Richey, FL BA, Sociology Debra D. Mac !oor Tampa,FL B S., Bus. Econ. Colleen A. McDennid Bradenton, FL B.S., Nursing Linda J McKinley Tampa,FL BA, Elementary Ed. Elizabeth L. Mac Nabb Lutz FL BA, Liberal Stud ies Glenn A. McDill Rochester NY BA. Gen Business Robin A. McGonagill Plantation FL BA, Accounting Andrew J McKinney Tampa,FL B S Elec. Engtn. William J Macrae New Port Richey, FL BA, Psychology George E McDonald Tampa.FL BA,Flnance Sharon E Griff B S Social Work Sandra G McTaggart Brandon,FL BA,Music Brent E Magers Clearwater, FL BA, Marketing

PAGE 100

Beth H Magit Tampa, Fl.. BA, Moss Com .Adv. Kyle A Massaro Tampa,FI.. BA, Criminal Jus. Annette Magro Ft. Laud Fl.. BA, Spe;;;h Com. GlnaMarle Materfale Hollywood, F1.. BA, Moss Com. David J Mahler Baldwin, NY BA, Psychology Mandy L. Mathis Winter Haven, F1.. 'BA, Elementary Ed. nna M Mahony Ind. Har. Bch., Fl.. BA, Gennan Ed. Ma'll Matlock St. Pete., F1.. BA. Education Ebrahim A Maidani Tampa, FI.. BA. B.S., M Eng./Mgmt. EdnaL.Matt St. Pete. FI.. B S Nursing Daryl R. Mair Melbourne, Fl.. B S., Bio./Bot Kurt A Maute Lut%, Fl.. BA, Marketing Seniors/99

PAGE 101

Henry K. Meehan Brielle, NJ B S Health Sue Mei nste i n BA, Mass Com./Pub. Rei. Kelly L. Merrell Bradenton FL BA. Inter. Rei. 100 / Seniors Daue K. Meyer Lutz ,FL B S Mech. Engin. Susan Meincke Bradenton FL BA, Accounting Ralph Menendez Tampa,FL BA, Accounting Maryanne B Meyer Tampa,FL B.S., Bus i ness Ed. Deborah S Meyerhoff Lutz ,FL BA,Finance Cathy G Migliore Lutz FL BA, Political Sci. Barry C M i kse/1 Lakeland FL B S Accounting

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Truman B Moore, Jr. Gulfpart,FL BA., Voc. Ed. Be die J Moran Williamsville, NY B.A, Finance Erika P Milligan Tampa FL. BA. Business Ad Diana L. Morgan Ft. Myers FL BA. F inance Susan M Moreno Lynbrook NY BA. Spanish KenW. Morey Clearwater, FL BA. Finance Lisa Montero Tampa FL. BA. Elementary Ed. Glenn J Moro Clark, NJ BA. Marketing Seniors / 101

PAGE 103

Kirk T Morten St Pete., FL. BA., Marketing Lynn M. Muino Temple Terrace, FL. BA., Criminal Jus Cynthia F Myers Tampa FL. B S., Social Work Sandra L. Neely Tampa FL. BA., Special Ed. CarenNixon Tampa FL. BA., Accounting 102/Seniors Cheryl D. Mortenson Tampa ,FL BA., Political Sci. Joyce M Murphy Struthers Ohio BA., Crimina/ Jus Thomas Myers Plainfield, NJ BA., Geology Kim D. Neier Cleanvater, FL. BA., Psychology Rose A Nixon Boca Raton FL. BA., Accounting Falene H Moser St Pete FL. BA., Psychology Kitty A Murphy Tampa ,FL BA., Mass Com. Lila Nap Tampa FL. BA., Accounting Mamie E. Nelson Daytona FL. BA., Sp Lm Dis. Sharon M Nolte Cedar ,MN B.S., Sociology Michael W Mouchett Largo, FL. BA., Marketing William J Murphy St. Pete FL. BA.,Finance Linda S Nasir Pasadena TX B S., Elec. Engin. William B Newmyer Lakeland FL. BA. Geology Carolyn A Nonnemacker Springfield VA BA., Communication Elizabeth Moutinho Bradenton FL. BA., Accounting Kimberly D. Murray Temple Terrace, FL. BA.,English Sandv E Naughton Tampa FL. BA., Political Sci. lphigenia G. Nichols Apalachriola FL. BA., Mass Com }Pub. Rei Janet M Nordlund St Pete FL. BA., Accounting WandaMui Bradenton FL B.A, Psychology Matthew J. Muskovac Palm Harbor, FL B S., Elec. Engin. James P Navarro Tampa FL. BA., Bus Finance George C. Nicola Cranbury, NJ B.A, Sociology Mindi Nussman Miami, FL. BA., Econ./Sco

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B Scott()Qg Merritt Is., FL BA., Microbiolo!lY Marie A. Ortega Tampa Fl.. BA. Sociology M i tchell T Pace Miami, Fl.. BA., Chemisl1y Cheryl L. Olson Lakeland FL BA., Marketing Helen E Orton Owna,FZ.. M.S., Aural Reh Leon D Paige St. Pete FL BA, Soc./Ed Faustine L O'Neal Zephyrhills, FL B S Sodal Work Pamela R. Osbourne Tampa Fl.. B S., Socia l Work John M Paioo Tampa Fl.. BA, G BA. Mary O'Nea l St. Pete., Fl.. BA. Sociology Megan K. O'Su/Jioon Tampa, Fl.. BA. Music Judith J Palmer Tampa ,FL BA. Sociology Cherie L. Onkst Clearwater, Fl.. BA. M M., Thea./Mus. Tom L. Ouerbey Sarasota, Fl.. BA. Moss Com Robert L. Parish Tampa Fl.. BA., Economics Fem S Orenstein N Lauderdale FL BA. Health Ed. Lauonia M G len St. Mary, FL BA, Music Ed. Adrienne Parker Tampa ,FL BA. Advertising Seniors/103

PAGE 105

Sandra M Patterson St Pete., Fl.. BA, Eng. Ed./Moss Com. Christo L. Payne N.S.B., FL BA, Education Carolyn E. Peeples Fruitland Pk., FL BA. Bus Adm Mgmt. Carl E Pezoldt Miami, Fl.. BA, Gen Bus Admi n 104 / Sen i ors Verde// M Patterson Tompo,FL BA, Criminal Jus Lindo M Payne Sebrins FL BA. Eng. -Creot. Writ. Richcud J. Penberthy Tampa, Fl.. B S Soc. Sci. Inter. Lauren M Pezzimenti Onnond Bch., FL BA. Spedol Ed. Jan i e E. Paul Alt. Spgs FL B S., Chern. Engin. Marjorie E Peabody Tompo,FL BA, Moss Com Marie E Perry 0/dsmar ,FL PaulA. Pinard Pinellas Pk., FL BA, Bus. Marketing Scott H Pearson M i ami Fl.. B S., M ichael W Perry Oldsmar Fl.. Debra D Piper Tampa, Fl.. BA, Math./Ed. Lindley A Pease Largo, Fl.. BA, Bus Adm Mgmt. Gina M Petruccelli St. Pete., Fl.. BA. English Ed. Lawrence T Pltler Tampa, Fl.. BA., Psychology Keith V Peoton Tampa Fl.. B S., Social Work ,, Robert P Pettyp i ece Jr Lake l and FL B S., Eng.-Comp Sci. Nancy G Pltzner Tampa, Fl.. BA. Marketing

PAGE 106

Michael F Pocchlarl St. Pete., FL. B S., F i n./Bus. Admin Gregory A Prvtvka Tampa Ft. B S Civil Engin. Dean L. Racklett Tampa Fl.. B S., Chem Engin. Layne F Polakoff Sunrise FL. BA. Elementary Ed. PaulS. Pucci Hollywood, Fl.. BA, Marketing RobertS Rakic Clean.vater, Fl.. BA, Gen Bus, Admin Thomas C Pollock Portville, NY BA, Publi c Rei. Paul A Pucciarelli Tampa, Fl.. BA, Elementary Ed. Jored L. Randall Nokom is, Fl.. B S., Chem istry Felicia A Polo Plant City, FL. BA, Psychology Martha A Provau Nocatee, FL. B S Engin. Tech. Matthew D Purzycki Tampa, Fl.. BA, Accounting Diona P Ranon Tampa Fl.. BA, Mass Com.-P.R. Leslie B Ponessa St. Pete FL. BA. Chem./Span Lise C Provost Lake Worth, FL. B.S., Nursing Dwight R Pyles Fori Ashby, Fl.. BA, Chemistry Donna L. Rapuano Tarpon Springs, Fl.. BA., B iology Alison Potter Tampa, FL. BA. Spanish Irene E Proltt Tampa, Fl.. BA, Aduerlisi ng Roger R Racine Palm Harbor, FL. BA, Mass Com. Anthony M Rasnick W Palm Bch. FL BA, Bus. Marketing Seniors / lOS

PAGE 107

Bonnie S Rathgeber Toms R iver, NJ BA, English Ed. Rebecca J. Reed Tompa,FL BA, Moth. Ed. Georginne M Reiver Daytona Bch., FL BA,Intemot. Stud. Goi/Rich Tompa,FL BA,I.T.E John A Rlzzotto Tompa,FL B S., Comp Sci. 106/Seniors Elizor Ravelo, Jr. Guatemala, CA. BA., Management Donna G Rehrig Sebring,FL BA, Education Peggy A Re}er South Bend, IN BA, Mass Com .Adu. Keith R. Kietz Cleorwater, FL BA, Mgmt./Mkt. Saundra F. Roach Tompa,FL BA. Crim Jus./ Soc Annette Y Rawls Hawthorne, FL BA, E. C Education Corrie W. Reid Mlomi,FL BA, Early Child. Ed. Richard M Renaud St.Pete. ,FL BA, Accounting Monlu Rlos Lutz,FL BA, Accounting Carolyn A Roberts Bradenton FL BA. Criminal Jus. GoryP .Roy N Ft Myers, FL BA,English Robert M. Reld Cope Coral, FL BA, Politico/ Sci. DonR. Reyes Lutz, FL BA, Gen Bus. Adm. Byron H R"JSner Titusville, FL BA, Management Cathy N. Roberts Melbourne, FL B.S., Nursing Dione M Reardon Port. Charlotte, FL B S., Elementary Ed. Potrldo A Reiley Pinellas Pk., FL BA. E C Elem. Ed Dould W. Reynolds Bradenton FL B S Comp. Sci. BonyG R itz Brecksville, Ohi o B S., Mech. Engln. Deborah J Roberts Tompo,FL BA. Marketing Andrew Rebhol% Ft.Loud.,FL B .S., Politico/ Sci. Frances L. Reilly Lutz, FL BA, Emot. Hand Ed. Joseph C Rhoodes Ft.Mvers,FL BA, Elec. Engln. Pablo F. Rivero Tompo,FL BA, Psychology Marion E Roberts Tompo,FL BA, Marketing

PAGE 108

William E. Roberts. Jr. Tompo,FL BA. Management Irene M Rodriguez Tampo,FL B S., Acct. /Fin. M ichelle L. Rosen Lake Worth, FL B S., Nursing oelyn S Rowe" Dode City, FL BA. Business Ed. Sergio A Salazar Leesbwy FL BA,Zoology Stodo A Robinson Brondon, FL BA, Mass Com. Romooo M Rod!fguez M lomi,FL BA, I N S./Chem. James A Rosenblvth St. Pere., FL BA, Finance Elizabeth K. Royale Cleon.oater Ft BA. Bus. & 0/ftceEd Lynd.
PAGE 109

Thomos J Soo/lon W. Coldwell, NJ B S Physico/ Ed. Jeffrey A Scherer Tampa,FL BA, Moss Com. Jonlce G Schneider Marcols ,FL BA, Advertising 108 / Seniors Nell R. Scannell St.Pete ,FL BA, Political Sci. Robin S Schillin!ler Miami Slll)re:s, FL M S Aural Rehabil. Ronald L. Schn itzel Pvnro Gordo, FL BA. Business Mgmt. Edith A Scharfenberg Ft. Meyers, FL BA, Elemenrory Ed. Betty L. Schm i dt Tampa,FL BA, Amer Stud./His. Gregory Schrante Cleotwoter, FL M S Elec. Engjn David B Schaum Sunrise, FL BA., Accounting Susan c. Schmidt Clearwater, Fl. BA, Moss Com. Stephanie J Schulman Seminole Fl. BA. Music Perform. Leslle E Scheer Portland CT B S., Social Work Catherine M Schnaubelt Altoona., PA BA, Accounting Brenda C Schultz St. Pete Fl. BA, Business Ed. Nell M Schenker Lutz, FL BA, Psychology Rachel A. Schnautz Eustis, FL BA, Bus Admin Cynthia H Scloookls Brondon ,FL BA., English Ed.

PAGE 110

Todd V Scofield Tampa, Fl. BA., American Stud Mary Martha S Seldes Bradenton FL BA., ementory Ed Susan J Shaffer Pgh. ,PA BA, Mass Com. Michael F Shorkey Tampa, Fl. B .S., Bus/ness Mgmt. Ron A. Scoppa Houston, TX BA, Finance Kenneth A. Sidna Warwi ck NY BA., Bus iness Mgmt. Jordan M Seeman Tampa,FL BA, Po/ i llca / Sd. Shaheen K. S i ddiqi Tampa,FL BA, Business Mgmt. Carole J Seevers Tampa, Fl. BA, Spec. Lm. Dis. Ed Stuart T. Sei de/ Hol/vwood, FL BA., 13us. Admin. Andrew Seigel Tampa,FL BA,Bio/ogy Seniors / 109

PAGE 111

Shelly C Simon Ft. Laud ,FL BA, Education Jef/rev T Ske f m Bradenton FL BA, Marketing Dani el W Sm ith Plant City, FL BA, Geography 110 / Seniors Edith E S i mpson Lutz, FL BA, Sociology Kathleen S Sleeter Lutz, FL B S., Social Work Douglas R. Sm ith Port R i chey FL BA. Mass Com. Mark R S i mpson Jup iter, FL BA, ChemistTy Chervl A. Sloan FtLaud.,FL BA, Marketing H. Bennett Sm ith Tampa ,FL B S., Comp. Tech./Mgmt. Stephan i e L. Sirl.anni Tampa,FL BA, E/ementaty Ed. Joseph Sm iley Tampa,FL Jeanne L. Sm ith Sarasota, FL BA. Management Soott P. Sisson Sarasota, FL BA, English Ed. Byron C. Sm ith Lutz,FL BA, Acoounting Kasandra L. Smith Lakeland FL BA. Business Mgmt. Linda M Skay Pt. Charlotte, FL BA, Accounting Carol e S Sm ith St Pete.,FL B S., Nursing Kenneth A. Sm ith Brooksville, FL BA, Mgmt./Mkt

PAGE 112

Kristine C Smlth HarbourHts FL B S., Chemlsby L. Solero Clearwater, Fl. BA, Business Admin. Cynthia A Spano Tampa Fl. BA, Mass Com. Stafford M Smith rampa,FL B S., Clin. Chern. PaulS Solomon Riueroiew, FL B S., Engin. Tech. Sharon L. Spence Temple Terroce, FL BA, Communication TinaL.Smith Tampa,FL BA, Business Ed. Marilyn G Sotiriadis Dunedin Fl. BA,English Wesley \1. Spencer Gulfport, FL B.A Geography Catherine A. Snell Lakeland Fl. BA, Elementary Ed. AmandaSoto Tampa Fl. B.S., Nursing Jerry M Sposato Corom,NY BA, Marketing John W Snvder Sanford, Fl. B .S., Mech. Engin. PaiTida Soto Tampa Fl. B S., Psychology Philip M Spoto Tampa,FL BA. Psychology Peter Stanlsauljeulch St Pete Fl. BA. Marketing RobertA. Snvder St Pete., fL BA, Gen Bus. Adm. Reinaldo R Soto Lutz ,FL B S History Saroh A Sprowl Wznter Park, Fl. BA, Criminal Jus Seniors/111

PAGE 113

Barbara J Step i en Garfield, NJ BA, Eng./Mass Com Dovld D Stone Tampo,FL BA,Biology 112 / Seniors Lawrence H Stout Palm&y ,FL BA. Mass Com ( Michael J Stiller Tarpon Springs, FL B S Business Jose A. Stoute Le isure City, FL BA,Biology Frank P Strelecky Brooksville, FL B.F A. Drawing Rhonda L. Strickland Okeechobee FL BA. Fine Ar1s Rhonda A. Stuart Indiantown, FL B S Social Work

PAGE 114

Cynthia A. Stumetz S Daytona, FL BA,Finance Bony L. Surldn Ft.Wash.,PA BA., Business Mgmt. Cheryl. Tabor Tampo,FL BA, Marketing \ltd do J Stutsman Tampa,FL BA, Psycholog; Scott R Susor Hudson fl. BA, Management David T Tanguay Apopka, fl. BA, History B'YO" E Stypul Clearwater, FL BA. Accounting Paula Swain St. Pete.,FL B S., Nursing Wa/lyTorao Tampa, fl. B S;, Engineering Frances M Sul/ioon Tampa, fl. BA, Sociol0!1} Lynn L. SwiRey Tampa,FL BA, Soda/ &1. Ed. DownM Spnnghiii,FL BA., Art Mary C Sui/loon St Pete., fl. BA., English Shirley A. Sword Richlands, VA BA, Acoounting LoConyer T Taylor Tampa fl. BA, Business Mgmt. James J SullltJent Dover, fl. BA, Criminal Jus C Sykes Jacksonville, FL BA,Bio/og; Stacie B Tov/Of' Memtt Is., t:z.. BA, Math Seniors/113

PAGE 115

William G Taylor Dunedin, Fl.. B S Pamela A. Thompson Hollywood, Fl.. BA. Political Sci. Helen R Tompkins Sumterv ille, Fl.. BA. Criminal Jus. 114 / Seniors Robert E. Tholl onder New Smyrna Bch., Fl.. BA. Finance Susan M Thompson Apollo Bch., Fl.. B S Chem Engin. WayneJ. Tortora Tampa, Fl.. B S Engin. Tech. CArolyn Thomas Tampa Fl.. BA. Elementary Ed. Kathl een A. Thomson Davi e Fl.. BA. Speda l Ed. KalliopeToth Tarpon Springs, Fl.. BA. Marketing John C Thomas Miami, Fl.. BA. Mass Com Lori J Thorpe Tampa, Fl.. BA. Mass Com Tamera D Totten Brandon Fl.. BA. Psychology M ichael F Thomas St. Pete., Fl.. B S., C ivil Engin. Marvin E. Thrash Tampa Fl.. B S., Chemistry Catherine J Trammell Mel bourne Fl.. B.F A Graphi c Art R ichard A Thomas Jacksonville, Fl.. BA. M i crob i ology Martha L. Thullbery Tampa, Fl.. BA, E l emenklry Ed. Cheryl A. Traxler Cleanvater, FL BA, Ac c ounting

PAGE 116

' Kirk D Trisler C lean.ooter, FL B .S., Chemistry DenisM Tumock Miami,FL B S Ciull Engin. Esther R. Van Vollenhoven Indialantic, FL BA, Spe Lm Dis. PatrldoA. Troge Tampa,FL BA, Fin./Pol. &1. JlmT Tyre Tompo ,FL BA, Sociology VIcki Vargo Brandon ,FL BA. Finance NoncyA. Truscello Miami,FL BA, Marketing Jeffrey A Ulm Largo, FL B S., Cli n Chern. Mario T Velazquez Sarasota, FL B.A Spanish Ed. Steven K. Tucker Hadden field, NJ BA, Mkt./Mgmt. Joseph G Umlauf Gainesville, FL BA, Bus Adm./Fln. Carlos Velez Summ i t Hills, P.R. BA, Chem istry Cheryl L. Turner Miami,FL BA, Management Alan R. Valdes Tampa,FL BA, Fine Arts Ed. John P Verity Tompa,FL BA. Geography Sora M T umer Cleon.uoter, FL BA, Spec Lm. Dis. Ed. Undo P Vor!O$Se Palm Bch Gar. FL BA, Criminal Jus. Bonito F. VanStory Tompa,FL BA, Physical Ed. Alan M Vernick Clearwater, FL BA, Broadcasting Seniors/115

PAGE 117

Rosa L. Walker Apopka,FL BA, Criminal Jus .kflrey W Waltmlre Largo FL BA,Flnance 116/Seniors Loll'}! W Wakefield Tarnpa,FL BA, B S C Jus./lnd Eng. \Mima J WaiTen Tampa,FL BA, Accounting Wilham J Washington Newburgh, NY B S Management &rbaraAWatklns St. Pete. FL BA,English Jeny L. Watson St.Pete .,FL B S., Poly Sci. Dlane C. Tampa,FL B S., Sodal Work

PAGE 118

AnneK. Webb Tampa,FL BA, Marketing Angela C. West Largo,FL BA., Accounting Robert C. 1-Vhite Cleanooter, FL BA, Geography John C Webb W'lnter Haven, FL BA, Business Carroll P .J. West Tampa,FL BA., Speech Com. Lauretha M 1-Vhi tehead St.Pete.,FL BA, Broadcast News Ilona I Weber Veni ce ,FL BA, Criminal Jus. Rodney Y. 1-Vheatley Poughkeeps i e, NY BA, Bus Adm./Mkt. Marie Whi tehurst Tampa,FL BA. E l ementary Ed. R ichard A Wei nstock N. Bay Village, FL BA, Chemlsby David J 1-Vhitoker 1-Vhite Springs, FL BA, Mass Com./P R Craig T 1-Vhite/eather Holl}.wood, FL B S Marketing Kathryn A Weise Belleair,FL BA. Health Ed. Michael L. 1-Vhltaker Melbourne, FL B S Finance Valerie J. 1-Vhitley Tampa,FL B .S., Comp. Sys. Tech. Judith A Weisman New Port Richey, FL B S., Social Work Keith 1-Vhite St.Pete.,FL BA, Ar1s & Let D Rhett Wickham Winter Park, FL BA, Theatre Seniors / 117

PAGE 119

Ann Heagey Williams Tampa ,FL B S., Inter Soc Sci. Vince Hugh Williams End icott, NY BA., Accounting 118 / Seniors Canie M Wiinams Tampa ,FL BA., Elemenklry Ed. Wanda R Williamson Lutz ,FL BA. Business Fin. Jane A Williams C learwater, FL BA., Marketing Brenda M Wilson Aubum,FL B .S., Chem istry Ed. Felecia A Win tons Lake City, FL BA. ,Financ e Col ette R. Wintter Hollywood FL BA., Specia l Ed. Christine A IMsinski Tampa ,FL BA., Accoun tin g

PAGE 120

Linda G Wright Clearwater, FL BA. Gen Bus Admin Sandra E. Wright Ft. Myers, FL BA., Sodology Karen L. Wulf Sr.Pete.,FL BA. Emot Dis. Ed. Marianne Wurtele Tampa,FL B S., M.S., Elec. Engl n BettyJ. Yanch .unis Tampa ,FL BA., Bus i ness Ed. Joseph A Yanchunis Tampa ,FL BA, Voc.Ed. Seniors/119

PAGE 121

Martin G Yarnall Valrico, Fl. BA, B.S., Acct./C S Tech. Patty L. Young Lake Pladd FL BA.. Physical Ed. Palrlda E Z l esig Rockville Ctr., NY BA, Spedal Ed. Marc G. Zucker Tampa,FL BA. Marlceting 120/Seniors Michael L. Yearwood Bartow, Fl. BA, Physical Ed. Judy H Zantt Tampa,FL B.S., Nursing Brenda B. Ziggler Tampa,FL BA, Music Ed. Kath/ien M Zwiefel Tampa,FL BA, Mgmt./Fin. DianaYorlc Tampa, Fl. BA, Marlceting Dallid R. Zdanowicz Lakeland FL B.S., Chern. Engin. Lynda B Zimmerman Gainesllille FL BA. Finance JudyYorlc Port Richey, FL BA. Elementary Ed. Don A. Zeppenfeld Palm Harbor, FL BA. Marketing Maribeth Young Winter Pk., FL BA.,French DELMA STUDIOS, INC. New York, New York Senior Photography & Publishing


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