The economic impact of Florida's hospitals

The economic impact of Florida's hospitals

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The economic impact of Florida's hospitals
University of South Florida -- Center for Economic Development Research
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This report quantifies the economic contribution to the state of Florida by its 251 hospitals and estimates the loss if the hospitals were closed and all of their employees left the state.
Includes bibliographical references.
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"May 1999."
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an analysis performed by Center for Economic Development Research, College of Business Administration, University of South Florida.

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The economic impact of Florida's hospitals
h [electronic resource] /
an analysis performed by Center for Economic Development Research, College of Business Administration, University of South Florida.
Tampa, Fla. :
b Center for Economic Development Research,
1 online resource (iii, 31 p.)
Title from PDF of cover (viewed Aug. 12, 2009).
"May 1999."
Includes bibliographical references.
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This report quantifies the economic contribution to the state of Florida by its 251 hospitals and estimates the loss if the hospitals were closed and all of their employees left the state.
x Economic aspects
z Florida.
Economic conditions.
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University of South Florida.
Center for Economic Development Research.
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The Economic Impact of FloridaÂ’s Hospitals An Analysis Performed by CENTER FOR ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT RESEARCH College of Business Administration 4202 East Fowler Avenue, Tampa, Florida 33620-5500 Office: (813) 974-CEDR or Fax: (813) 974-4978 May 1999


MEMORANDUM From: Center for Economic Development Research, College of Business Administration, University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida Date: May 11, 1999 Re: Errata Sheet Reference: “The Economic Impact of Florida’s Hospitals,” an analysis performed by the Center for Economic Development Research, College of Business Administration, University of South Florida, May 1999. Please make the following changes to the economic impact analysis referenced, above. Italics highlight the specific changes. On page 9, change the Table, Economic Impacts of Florida Hospitals by County, for Citrus and Clay counties to read: Hospital Generated Employment Hospital Generated Personal Income Generated County Employment Employment Multiplier Personal Income Personal Income Multiplier Output Citrus 1,248 625 1.50 $33,033,140 $12,443,892 1.38 $37,194,230 Clay 871 370 1.42 $25,126,952 $8,117,768 1.32 $23,534,033 On page 10, change the first sentence and on page iii of the Executive Summary change the fourth sentence in the final paragraph to read: The Florida-county Employment Multipliers range from a high of 1.61 (Dade) to a low of 1.12 (Washington) On pages 18 through 22, change the column headings for Appendix B, Financial Data and Fulltime Employee Equivalents (FTEs), Florida Hospitals, Fiscal Year 1997 to read: Professional Other NonTotal NonPatient Care Administrative Total Operating & Non Office Bldg. operating operating Hospital Salaries Salaries Total Salaries operating Expenses Expenses Expenses Expenses FTEs On page 22, add the following note after the tabular data: (Administrative salaries include that portion of the payroll paid to workers who perform activities in support patient care. Such activities include management of administrative affairs, dietary and other food service functions, plant maintenance, and purchasing and supply.)


i Table of Contents Preface........................................................................................................................ .....................ii Executive Summary.............................................................................................................. .........iii I. Introduction................................................................................................................ ..................1 II. Economic Impact of Operating Expenses...................................................................................4 III. Ec onomic Impact of Spending by Hospital Employees............................................................6 IV. Economic Impacts by County................................................................................................. ..8 V. Conclusions................................................................................................................. .............11 Appendix A. List of Florida Hospitals......................................................................................... 12 Appendix B. Financial Data and Full-time Employee Equivalents (FTEs), Florida Hospitals, Fiscal Year 1997............................................................................................................... .18 Appendix C. Selected Financial Data and Full-time Employee Equivalents (FTEs), Florida Hospitals by County, Fiscal Year 1997.............................................................................23


ii Preface The Florida Hospital Association (FHA) is a statewide organization representing the interests of hospitals and health care systems. The FHA provides advocacy before the state legislature, Congress, state and federal regulatory agencies, and the court system. This study was commissioned by the FHA and performed by the Center for Economic Development Research (CEDR), College of Business Administration (COBA), University of South Florida (USF). The purpose of the study is to quantify the economic contribution to Florida by the hospitals in the state. CEDR provides information and conducts research on issues related to economic growth and development in the nation, in the state of Florida, and in the Central Florida region. The Center serves the faculty, staff, and students of the COBA, the University, and individuals and organizations in the UniversityÂ’s service area. CEDRÂ’s research activites are designed to further the objectives of the University and specifically the objectives of the COBA. Robert Anderson, Ph.D., Dean, College of Business Administration (COBA), USF Kenneth Wieand, Ph.D., Director, CEDR, COBA, USF Dennis G. Colie, Ph.D., Economist and Principal Investigator, CEDR, COBA, USF


iii Executive Summary This study quantifies the economic contribution to the state by Florida hospitals. Specifically, we examine the quantifiable economic effects of operational expenditures and payroll for FloridaÂ’s hospitals. Because of the circulation of funds within the StateÂ’s economy, the overall impact of the spending activities is a multiple of the initial, or first round, of spending. The overall impact is measured by employment, personal income, and production. The data used in the estimation are from fiscal year 1997. The quantifiable impact is interpreted as Florida hospitalsÂ’ expected annual economic contribution to the state. The quantifiable economic contributions of 251 Florida hospitals to the state of Florida are -Jobs. Florida hospitals contribute 343,694 jobs in the State There are 201,041 employee positions within Florida hospitals, plus 142,653 more jobs are created in the state as a result of the hospitalsÂ’ economic activities. The employment multiplier is 1.71 ; that is, for every 100 jobs in Florida hospitals, the state gains another 71 jobs outside of the hospitals. Personal Income. Florida hospitals contribute $10 billion ($10,116,299,920) of personal income for workers in the state Florida hospitalsÂ’ annual payroll is more than $6.2 billion ($6,279,932,962) for employees, plus over $3.8 billion ($3,836,366,958) is earned annually by workers in the other 142,922 jobs created in the State as a result of the hospitalsÂ’ economic activities. The personal income multiplier is 1.61 ; that is, for every $100 paid by Florida hospitals to their employees, $61 of additional income is created for other workers throughout the state. Health Care. In 1997, FloridaÂ’s hospitals had 1.9 million patient-admissions and 18 million outpatient and emergency room visits. This is the hospitalsÂ’ output. We are unable to place a dollar value on the output. Local Output The workers in the 142,922 jobs created in the state as a result of Florida hospitalsÂ’ economic activities, produced goods and services valued at $10 billion ($10,094,629,829). Of these $10 billion worth of goods and services produced in Florida the StateÂ’s hospitals were directly responsible for purchases totaling over $1.7 billion ($1,767,388,430) for operations. County Impacts Fifty-six of FloridaÂ’s 67 counties have at least one hospital. Dade County has the most with 32 hospitals. All of the hospitals contribute to the jobs, income, and production within the counties where they are located. However, due to differing commercial structures in these counties, the range of county economic impacts varies widely. The Florida-county Employment Multipliers range from a high of 1.61 (Dade) to a low of 1.02 (Clay). The Floridacounty Personal Income Multipliers range from a high of 1.68 (Flagler) to a low of 1.10 (Hamilton).


1 I. Introduction. This study quantifies the economic contribution to the state by the 251 Florida hospitals.1 If these hospitals closed, or even if their spending activities decreased, there would be loss of jobs, personal income, and production within the state. This study estimates the loss if the hospitals were closed and all of their employees left the state. In the terms of economic impact analysis, this quantifiable estimate of theoretical loss is the economic contribution to the state of Florida by its hospitals. Specifically, we examine the quantifiable economic effects of operational expenditures and payroll for Florida’s hospitals. Because of the circulation of funds within the state’s economy, the overall impact of the spending activities is a multiple of the initial, or first round, of spending. That is, there are links among the various commercial elements of Florida’s economy. Through these links, second and subsequent rounds of spending occur following the initial expenditures by Florida’s hospitals. For example, when a hospital purchases locally produced milk, the dairy, in turn, must spend a portion of the funds received from the hospital to hire workers, buy milking machines, and pay for veterinary services. The first round or initial spending produces a direct effect on the State’s economy. The economic effects of subsequent spending by businesses, such as the purchase of milking machines and veterinary services, are called indirect effects. And, workers’ spending, which becomes possible due their incomes motivated by first round expenditures, leads to induced effects. So it goes, round by round, with the initial spending by the hospital having a multiple effect on employment, personal income, and production within the state. These rounds of spending continue within the state until the initial expenditures that were made by Florida’s hospitals “leak” out of the state’s economy. Leaks occur due to taxes, savings, and spending for goods and services produced outside of Florida.2 1Appendix A, “List of Florida Hospitals,” lists the hospitals alphabetically, along with their location, ownership status, type, and size. 2“Primer on Regional Economic Development Analysis,” April 12, 1999, written by Dr. Dennis G. Colie, principal investigator, explains the multiplier effect and technique of economic impact analysis used for this study. The primer may be obtained from the Florida Hospital Association.


2 In this study, we estimate the impact of annual spending by hospitals in Florida. The impact is measured by employment, personal income, and production. The data used in the estimates are from fiscal year 1997.3 The impact on employment is measured in terms of jobs. Personal income, which is aggregated from all sources, including employment income and proprietors’ income, is denominated in 1997 dollars. Production, also called output, is measured at 1997 producer prices. Although the focus of this study is the quantifiable economic effects of Florida’s hospitals on the state, we recognize that expenditures and the “multiplier” effects are only the monetary impact of state-wide hospital care. Florida hospitals had approximately 1.9 million admissions and 18 million outpatient and emergency room visits during 1997. We cannot put a dollar value on the medical benefits to patients treated at Florida hospitals. The care received by patients results in improved health status and well being. Patients with improved health and functionality become productive citizens. Florida hospitals not only provide planned and emergency medical care for the residents of their communities, but also are typically one of the larger employers in their communities. Having a hospital in the community is also an important factor for businesses looking to locate in the area. Florida’s hospital leaders and staff actively serve on boards of community organizations and volunteer their time and resources in support of community activities. A 1997 FHA study found that most Florida hospitals provide health fairs to their communities.4 Health, blood pressure and cholesterol screening were also common among many hospital community health programs. Many hospitals in Florida also partner with civic organizations for a variety of programs. Other common hospital partners include physicians and local medical societies, community leaders, public health departments, as well as education leaders and school boards. A number of Florida hospitals also conduct training for allied health professionals as well as provide educational support for local colleges and universities. In this analysis, we only include operating expenses and payroll and exclude non-operating expenditures so that our quantifiable estimate of Florida hospitals’ economic contribution may be measured and understood as an annual occurrence.5 That is, as long as the hospitals’ doors remain open, the quantifiable contribution will continue year to year. 3See Appendix B, “Financial Data and Full-time Employee Equivalents (FTEs), Florida Hospitals, Fiscal Year 1997.” Note, also, that the data do not necessarily measure activity during the same time period, because all hospitals do not use an identical fiscal year. 4Reference “Insight to Health: Creative Community Health Solutions in Florida,” 1997, Florida Hospital Assn., PO Box 531107, Orlando, FL 32853-1107. The FHA surveyed 254 Florida hospitals to identify community health programs that are offered to Floridians. One hundred twenty-eight hospitals responded for a response rate of 50.4%. 5Non-operating expenses generally include such items as interest expenses on borrowed funds and depreciation allowed for previous capital expenditures.


3 Florida hospitalsÂ’ total operating and non-operating expenses for fiscal year 1997 were $16,140,565,899. Not all hospitals reported operating and non-operating expenses separately. But, for those hospitals that did report non-operating expenses separately, on average, 7.749% of reported total operating and non-operating expenses were for non-operating expenditures. Thus, we estimate total operating expenses for all hospitals in fiscal year 1997 to be $14,889,833,447.6 Also during fiscal year 1997, $6,279,932,962 was paid for wages and salaries and included in total operating expenses. Hence, fiscal year 1997 total operating expenses, excluding spending for wages and salaries, was $8,609,900,485. The economic impact on the state attributable to this spending is explained in Section II of this study. The economic impact on the state of Florida attributable to the hospitalsÂ’ 201,041.6 full-time equivalent (FTE) jobs and aggregate payroll of $6,279,932,962 is explained in Section III of this study. We also analyze the economic impacts on the counties in which the hospitals are located. The impacts by county are described in Section IV of this study. The conclusions of the study are presented in Section V. 6We calculate the estimate of total operating expenses as (1 .07749) times $16,140,565,899.


4 II. Economic Impact of Operating Expenses. In this section, we explain the economic impact on Florida of spending $8,609,900,485 for the operations excluding payroll of FloridaÂ’s 251 hospitals. Out of the $8,609,900,485, we estimate that $1,767,388,430 was spent to purchase goods and services produced in Florida.7 The remainder, or $ 6,842,512,055, was spent to import goods and services produced outside the state. The member-hospitalsÂ’ purchase of goods and services produced in Florida has a multiplicative economic impact. The total impact is the sum of direct, indirect, and induced spending. This impact is measurable in terms of increased employment, personal income, and output. About 40,487 jobs within Florida depend on Florida hospitals spending for goods and services. Annually, the workers in these 40,487 jobs earn more than $1.17 billion of income, while producing an output valued at approximately $3.17 billion. About 21,583 of the 40,487 jobs, and approximately $676.7 million of personal income, are directly attributable to the hospitalsÂ’ spending for Florida-produced goods and services. Workers holding these 21,583 jobs produced slightly more than $1.7 billion of goods and services. Firms, which provide business services in the state, enjoy the largest gain in employment with about 6,157 jobs and $129.3 million in personal income. The largest gain in output, over $306 million, goes to the real estate sector of FloridaÂ’s economy. Second and subsequent rounds of spending by businesses, spurred by the direct effects of spending for Florida-produced goods and services, sustain 7,054 more jobs and provide workers in those jobs with over $222.8 million in personal income. These rounds of spending increase the output of goods and services in the state by another $578.3 million. The primary benefit of this indirect economic activity goes to Florida firms that provide business services. The business services sector of the economy adds another 1,884 jobs with personal income slightly more than $42.9 million and produces an output valued at almost $80 million. The increase in personal incomes, due to the direct and indirect effects of Florida hospitalsÂ’ spending for goods and services produced in Florida, induces further spending in the State. Induced spending supports 11,850 more jobs, which provide another $277.2 million in income, and adds over $858.3 million to the total impact on output. The retail trades within the State benefit most from the induced effects. Increased output from induced effects in the retail sector is over $145 million, which generates 4,070 jobs with personal income in excess of $302.7 million. 7We used the IMPLAN ProfessionalTM Regional Purchase Coefficients (RPCs) to estimate the spending for goods and services produced in Florida. See Appendix E, Primer on Regional Economic Development Analysis, for an explanation of RPCs.


5 In summary, the total contribution of Florida hospitalsÂ’ operating expenditures, excluding payroll, to the stateÂ’s economy is approximately 40,487 jobs. Workers in those jobs receive over $1.17 billion of income for producing in excess of $3.17 billion in output each year. This contribution to the economy is distributed among broadly defined state-wide business sectors as follows. Contribution of HospitalsÂ’ Purchases to FloridaÂ’s Economy Sector Employment Personal Income Output Agriculture 672.6 jobs $12,102,615 $25,330,458 Mining 92.7 3,369,191 17,883,365 Construction 1,427.3 46,197,823 100,175,154 Manufacturing 2,182.0 87,162,954 368,751,678 Transportation & Public Utilities 1,889.5 78,513,218 288,613,479 Trade 8,108.9 186,749,692 456,229,484 Finance (FIRE) 3,448.2 94,764,700 660,117,347 Services 21,323.6 606,250,791 1,151,612,274 Government 1,123.6 59,318,621 104,305,351 Other 218.2 2,358,245 2,358,247 T T o o t t a a l l F F l l o o r r i i d d a a s s p p e e n n d d i i n n g g I I m m p p a a c c t t 4 4 0 0 , 4 4 8 8 6 6 . 6 6 j j o o b b s s $ $ 1 1 , 1 1 7 7 6 6 , 7 7 8 8 7 7 , 8 8 5 5 0 0 $ $ 3 3 , 1 1 7 7 5 5 , 3 3 7 7 6 6 , 8 8 3 3 7 7


6 III. Economic Impact of Spending by Hospital Employees. In this section, we explain the economic impact on Florida due to spending by the employees of FloridaÂ’s 251 hospitals. During fiscal year 1997, the hospitals employed the equivalent of 201,041.6 workers and paid a total of $6,279,932,962 in wages and salaries to these employees. We estimate that this employment income generated $760,499,882 in tax receipts.8 After paying taxes out of their total employment income, the employees have $5,519,433,080 in spending power, called personal disposable income. How that money is spent depends upon the level of household income. To model the spending patterns of the hospital employees, we assume that they are within the medium household income level.9 The employees have an economic impact on the State when they spend their disposable income to buy goods and services that are produced in Florida. The total impact is the sum of direct, indirect, and induced spending. This impact is measurable in terms of increased employment, personal income and output. About 102,166 jobs within Florida, in addition to the 201,041 full-time equivalent jobs at the hospitals, depend upon Florida hospitalsÂ’ employment payroll. Annually, the workers in these 102,166 jobs earn more than $2.6 billion of income, while producing an output valued at approximately $6.9 billion. About 61,856 of the 102,166 jobs, and approximately $1.5 billion of personal income, are directly attributable to Florida hospitalsÂ’ payroll. Workers in these 61,856 jobs produce about $4.0 billion of goods and services in Florida. Retail businesses in the State benefit most with an addition of over 31,331 jobs, about $540 million in personal income, and over $ 1.1 billion in output. 8The 1997 Florida Statistical Abstract is the basis for a disposable income factor of 0.8789 of personal income. The Abstract is published by the Bureau of Economic and Business Research, College of Business Administration, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL 32611. 9We do not have data about the household incomes of the employees. However, we note that average personal disposable income per FTE is $ 27,454, i.e. $5,519,433,080 divided by 201,041.6 FTEs. Medium household income is defined as between $20,001 and $50,000 per year. Second and subsequent rounds of spending by businesses, due to the direct economic activity of the hospitalsÂ’ employees, sustain 13,441 more jobs and provide the workers in those jobs with over $399 million in personal income. These rounds of spending increase the output of goods and services in Florida by more than $1 billion. Benefits from indirect spending spawned by the hospitalsÂ’ payrolls mainly accrue to the business services sector of FloridaÂ’s economy. The


7 business services sector adds 3,069 jobs with the workers in those jobs earning about $69.9 million in personal income, while they produce output valued at over $148.8 million per year. The increases in personal income, due to direct and indirect effects, induces further spending in the state. Induced spending supports 26,869 more jobs, providing another $709.7 million in income, and adding almost $1.8 billion to the total impact on output. Again, the retail trades within Florida benefit most from the induced effects. Increased output from induced effects in the retail sector is over $1.4 billion, generating 9,230 jobs with personal income just under $155 million. The health services sector of FloridaÂ’s economy also gets a strong boost from the induced effects of workersÂ’ spending a large portion of their incomes in the state. The health services sector adds 4,376 jobs, over $162.8 million in personal income, and slightly more than $969.1 million of output. In summary, the total contribution of Florida hospitalsÂ’ payroll to the StateÂ’s economy is approximately 102,166 jobs, which provide the workers in those jobs more than $2.6 billion of income, while creating approximately $6.9 billion in output each year. This contribution to the economy is distributed among broadly defined State-wide business sectors as shown below. Contribution of HospitalsÂ’ Payrolls to FloridaÂ’s Economy Sector Employment Personal Income Output Agriculture 946.5 jobs $ 16,981,093 $ 44,254,227 Mining 60.6 1,069,732 4,571,290 Construction 1,742.6 54,980,207 127,218,126 Manufacturing 2,117.6 73,389,044 312,719,829 Transportation & Public Utilities 3,232.7 139,049,325 536,180,515 Trade 45,668.5 911,687,885 2,021,248,748 Finance (FIRE) 7,686.4 257,214,534 1,557,023,268 Services 37,629.1 1,126,376,446 2,127,265,342 Government 1,332.5 59,977,258 169,885,903 Other 1,749.9 18,853,584 18,885,744 T T o o t t a a l l P P a a y y r r o o l l l l I I m m p p a a c c t t 1 1 0 0 2 2 , 1 1 6 6 6 6 . 4 4 j j o o b b s s $ $ 2 2 , 6 6 5 5 9 9 , 5 5 7 7 9 9 , 1 1 0 0 8 8 $ $ 6 6 , 9 9 1 1 9 9 , 2 2 5 5 2 2 , 9 9 9 9 2 2


8 IV. Economic Impacts by County. In this section, we explain the economic contributions by Florida’s hospitals to the county in which they are located. To quantify these economic contributions we aggregate, by county, selected data from fiscal year 1997.10 Fifty-six of Florida’s 67 counties are represented by at least one hospital that is included in the data set. Thirty-three counties have more than one hospital in the data set. The county data are used to estimate the number of jobs, personal income, and output created within a county by the economic activities of its hospital(s). The results are shown in the table on the next page. In the table, the number of hospital jobs in a county is labeled Hospital Employment and the aggregate payroll for those workers is labeled Hospital Personal Income Additional jobs, personal income, and output created within a county are in the columns labeled Generated Employment Generated Personal Income and Generated Output respectively. Dade County, with its 32 hospitals leads all other counties in these measures of economic activity and impact. To provide relative measures of economic impact, we calculate and report in the table the Employment Multiplier and the Personal Income Multiplier for each county. The Employment Multiplier is found by dividing Generated Employment by Hospital Employment and adding 1. For example, the Employment Multiplier for Dade County is 1.61, i.e. [20,895/34,057] + 1. This is interpreted that for every 100 jobs in Dade County hospitals, the County adds another 61 jobs outside of the hospitals. The Personal Income Multiplier is found by dividing Generated Personal Income by Hospital Personal Income and adding 1. For example, the Personal Income Multiplier for Flagler County is 1.68, i.e. [$1,174,675/$1,734,757] + 1. This is interpreted that for every $100 paid by Memorial Hospital-Flagler to its employees, $68 of additional income is created for other workers in Flagler County. The Florida-county Employment Multipliers range from a high of 1.61 (Dade) to a low of 1.02 (Clay). The Florida-county Personal Income Multipliers range from a high of 1.68 (Flagler) to a low of 1.10 (Hamilton). The relative size of the multipliers is primarily a function of each county’s commercial links.11 The county with more industries providing commercial links, i.e. 10See Appendix C, “Selected Financial Data and Full-time Employee Equivalents (FTEs), Florida Hospitals by County, Fiscal Year 1997.” 11Another factor which could influence the size of a multiplier is the spending pattern of a county’s hospital(s). However, in this study we have assumed a typical spending pattern for all Florida hospitals. Hence, the primary factor in relative size differences among the multipliers is the economic (commercial) structure of a county.


9 Table. Economic Impacts of Florida Hospitals by County. Hospital Generated Employment Hospital Generated Personal Income Generated County Employment Employment Multiplier Personal Income Personal Income Multiplier Output Alachua5,8323,5031.60$193,315,741$79,275,0081.41$221,517,804 Baker85211.25$1,957,806$293,0181.15$1,001,105 Bay2,1821,1221.51$63,753,396$25,642,3051.40$73,080,329 Bradford141431.31$3,468,911$686,7871.20$2,100,227 Brevard5,6502,6801.47$173,948,830$68,969,3671.40$183,077,104 Broward17,79010,1781.57$601,786,136$299,633,0991.50$769,352,925 Charlotte2,3551,0401.44$64,884,841$23,701,7471.37$65,848,776 Citrus20,1456251.03$33,033,140$12,443,8921.38$37,194,230 Clay22,5003701.02$25,126,952$8,117,7681.32$23,534,033 Columbia6472641.41$17,106,765$4,814,7201.28$14,798,062 Dade34,05720,8951.61$1,128,847,885$635,265,6141.56$1,675,379,643 DeSoto1,2963341.26$34,416,337$5,202,2661.15$16,779,427 Duval11,9517,0341.59$350,671,279$195,124,0731.56$515,929,021 Escambia5,3752,7481.51$143,706,777$67,398,9961.47$182,956,137 Flagler223581.26$1,734,757$1,174,6751.68$3,669,204 Gulf117241.20$3,221,580$480,6401.15$1,585,974 Hamilton85191.22$2,253,182$218,3091.10$779,610 Hardee87271.31$2,563,288$564,9671.22$1,781,276 Hendry171471.28$5,168,075$849,8201.16$2,696,882 Hernando1,6006461.40$41,201,262$13,644,8251.33$40,321,969 Highlands1,0184761.47$26,350,886$8,707,2261.33$26,417,707 Hillsborough13,0207,8671.60$405,839,151$222,282,6341.55$587,375,878 Holmes82271.33$2,422,711$377,6761.16$1,286,643 Indian River1,6578281.50$56,032,091$20,854,8501.37$55,931,883 Jackson4531541.34 $13,146,443$3,092,0661.24$9,670,187 Lake2,4121,0041.42$65,501,213$22,078,9921.34$62,061,753 Lee5,5772,7671.50$162,826,192$70,562,0461.43$191,139,359 Leon3,8131,9281.51$113,288,491$46,250,6601.41$124,714,058 Levy124511.41$3,966,861$776,4051.20$2,638,893 Madison93241.26$2,095,208$358,7271.17$1,188,300 Manatee2,4661,2011.49$69,354,760$26,956,9511.39$74,530,135 Marion2,6641,4721.55$74,530,135$33,329,3781.45$33,329,378 Martin1,5757471.47$56,214,205$19,901,2541.35$53,639,308 Monroe7123541.50$24,795,526$8,577,6051.35$24,790,666 Nassau218681.31$6,473,940$1,506,9901.23$4,674,869 Okaloosa1,5706681.43$37,991,320$14,192,4431.37$40,130,006 Okeechobee3501601.46$10,570,315$3,146,7971.30$9,157,703 Orange15,5669,0141.58$509,330,199$258,687,0241.51$676,658,253 Osceola1,0302991.29$22,496,686$6,362,5621.28$18,480,694 Palm Beach12,9516,4081.49$418,275,184$197,171,8281.47$516,620,847 Pasco3,7201,6671.45$105,979,115$37,556,9981.35$107,920,759 Pinellas13,7268,2351.60$428,875,381$214,061,9681.50$581,003,544 Polk5,5443,0541.55$181,093,816$75,096,8741.41$207,815,621 Putnam5351551.29$13,915,606$3,291,6461.24$10,006,393 Santa Rosa5942301.39$14,822,654$4,072,4791.27$13,070,191 Sarasota5,4973,1181.57$169,387,622$80,930,2561.48$216,892,971 Seminole1,3545881.43$38,417,912$15,101,8661.39$41,393,525 St. Johns8283011.36$24,978,295$6,839,8931.27$19,665,635 St. Lucie2,0351,0511.52$60,661,305$24,106,8821.40$68,700,049 Suwannee109421.38$2,723,764$608,3041.22$2,079,699 Taylor155621.40$5,338,012$965,3011.18$3,096,705 Union3891331.34$15,117,696$1,609,7211.11$5,873,191 Volusia5,0293,0081.60$161,870,848$68,537,7961.42$191,097,001 Walton152541.35$3,733,882$796,7801.21$2,818,351 Washington268321.12$3,939,788$583,7961.15$1,936,854


10 sales/purchase activities, among its industries will tend to have higher multipliers than a county with fewer industries, and thus, fewer commercial links. In summary, 56 of FloridaÂ’s 67 counties have at least one hospital. Dade County has the most with 32 hospitals. All of the hospitals contribute to the jobs, income, and production within the counties where they are located. However, due to differing commercial structures in these counties, the range of county economic impacts varies widely.


11 V. Conclusions. FloridaÂ’s 251 hospitals employ the equivalent of 201,041 full-time workers, who earn an annual payroll of $6,279,932,962. And, during fiscal year 1997, the hospitals spent $1,767,388,430 to purchase goods and services, which were produced in Florida, for operations. The following table summarizes the quantifiable economic impacts on Florida due to the hospitalsÂ’ Operating Expenditures (excluding payroll) for goods and services and Employee Spending of their wages and salaries. The impacts shown in the table reflect the additional jobs, income, and production created within the state because of the existence of the 251 Florida hospitals. Activity Impact on: Employment Personal Income Output Operating expenditures 40,486.6 jobs $1,176,787,850 $3,175,376,837 Employee spending 102,166.4 2,659,579,108 6,919,252,992 T T o o t t a a l l i i m m p p a a c c t t s s 1 1 4 4 2 2 , 6 6 5 5 3 3 . 0 0 j j o o b b s s $ $ 3 3 , 8 8 3 3 6 6 , 3 3 6 6 6 6 , 9 9 5 5 8 8 $ $ 1 1 0 0 , 0 0 9 9 4 4 , 6 6 2 2 9 9 , 8 8 2 2 9 9 Furthermore, the workers in the hospitalsÂ’ 201,041 full-time equivalent positions treated approximately 1.9 million inpatient-admissions and 18 million outpatient and emergency room visits during 1997. We do not attempt to assign a dollar value to the treatment of patients, which is the output of the hospitals. The quantifiable economic contributions of the hospitals to Florida are: (1) a total of 343,694 jobs, including 201,041 full-time equivalent jobs at the hospitals, (2) $10,116,299,920 of annual income for the workers in these jobs, including the hospitalsÂ’ annual payroll of $6,279,932,962, (3) 1.9 million inpatient-admissions and 18 million outpatient and emergency room visits, and (4) Florida-based production of goods and services valued at $10,094,629,829 per year in support of the Florida hospitalsÂ’ operating activities. The employment multiplier is 1.71 (the total of 343,694 jobs divided by 201,041 jobs at the hospitals). For every 100 jobs in Florida hospitals, the state gains another 71 jobs outside of the hospitals. And, the personal income multiplier is 1.61 ($10,116,299,920 of annual income for the workers in the 343,963 jobs divided by the hospitalsÂ’ annual payroll of $6,279,932,962). For every $100 paid by Florida hospitals to their employees, $61 of additional income is created for other workers throughout the state. In addition to being a major employer, Florida hospitals provide planned and emergency medical care for approximately 1.9 million patient-admissions and 18 million outpatient and emergency room visits during 1997. Availability of hospital services is frequently an important attraction for another business looking for a relocation site in Florida.


12 Appendix A. List of Florida Hospitals. HospitalCityCountyOwnershipTypeBedsize 45Th Street Mental Health Ctr.West Palm BeachPalm BeachNon ProfitPsych0 A.G. Holley State HospitalLantanaPalm BeachGovernmentSpecialty1 All Children's HospitalSt PetersburgPinellasNon ProfitAcute1 Atlantic Medical Center DaytonaDaytona BeachVolusiaInvestorAcute2 Atlantic Medical Center OrmondOrmond BeachVolusiaInvestorAcute1 Atlantic Shores HospitalFort LauderdaleBrowardInvestorPsych0 Aventura Hospital & Medical CenterAventuraDadeInvestorAcute4 Baptist Hospital PensacolaPensacolaEscambiaNon ProfitAcute4 Baptist Hospital of Miami, Inc.MiamiDadeNon ProfitAcute4 Baptist Medical CenterJacksonvilleDuvalNon ProfitAcute4 Baptist Medical Center-BeachesJacksonville BeachDuvalNon ProfitAcute0 Baptist Medical Center-NassauFernandina BeachNassauNon ProfitAcute0 Bartow Memorial HospitalBartowPolkNon ProfitAcute0 Bascom Palmer Eye InstituteMiamiDadeNon ProfitAcute1 Bay County Behavioral Health CenterPanama CityBayInvestorPsych0 Bay Medical CenterPanama CityBayGovernmentAcute3 Bayfront Medical CenterSt. PetersburgPinellasNon ProfitAcute4 Bert Fish Medical CenterNew Smyrna BeachVolusiaGovernmentAcute1 Bethesda Memorial HospitalBoynton BeachPalm BeachNon ProfitAcute3 Blake Medical CenterBradentonManateeInvestorAcute3 Boca Raton Community HospitalBoca RatonPalm BeachNon ProfitAcute3 Bon Secours St. Joseph HospitalPort CharlotteCharlotteNon ProfitAcute2 Bon Secours Venice HospitalVeniceSarasotaNon ProfitAcute3 Brandon Regional Medical CenterBrandonHillsboroughInvestorAcute2 Brooksville Regional HospitalBrooksvilleHernandoNon ProfitAcute0 Broward General Medical CenterFort LauderdaleBrowardGovernmentAcute4 Campbellton-Graceville HospitalGracevilleJacksonGovernmentAcute0 Cape Canaveral HospitalCocoa BeachBrevardNon ProfitAcute1 Cape Coral HospitalCape CoralLeeNon ProfitAcute2 Cedars Medical CenterMiamiDadeInvestorAcute4 Central Florida Regional HospitalSanfordSeminoleInvestorAcute2 Charlotte Regional Medical CenterPunta GordaCharlotteInvestorAcute2 Charter Behavioral Health System at ManateeBradentonManateeInvestorPsych0 Charter Behavioral Health System LargoLargoPinellasInvestorPsych0 Charter Behavioral Health System of Tampa BayTampaHillsboroughInvestorPsych1 Charter Behavioral Health System OrlandoKissimmeeOsceolaInvestorPsych0 Charter Behavioral Health System PascoLutzPascoInvestorPsych0 Charter Glade Behavioral Health CenterFort MyersLeeInvestorPsych1 Charter Springs HospitalOcalaMarionInvestorPsych0 Circles of Care, Inc.MelbourneBrevardNon ProfitPsych0 Citrus Memorial HospitalInvernessCitrusNon ProfitAcute1 Clearwater Community HospitalClearwaterPinellasInvestorAcute1 Cleveland Clinic HospitalFt LauderdaleBrowardNon ProfitAcute1 Columbia Hos p italWest Palm BeachPalm BeachInvestorAcute2


13 Appendix A. List of Florida Hospitals (continued). Hos p italCit y Count y Ownershi p T yp eBedsize Community Hospital of New Port RicheyNew Port RicheyPascoInvestorAcute4 Coral Gables HospitalCoral GablesDadeInvestorAcute2 Coral Springs Medical CenterCoral SpringsBrowardGovernmentAcute2 Deering HospitalMiamiDadeInvestorAcute3 Delray Medical CenterDelray BeachPalm BeachInvestorAcute2 Desoto Memorial Hospital, IncArcadiaDesotoNon ProfitAcute0 Devereux Florida Treatment NetworkMelbourneBrevardNon ProfitPsych1 Doctors Hospital of SarasotaSarasotaSarasotaInvestorAcute1 Doctors Memorial HospitalPerryTaylorNon ProfitAcute0 Douglas Gardens HospitalMiamiDadeNon ProfitSpecialty0 East Pasco Medical CenterZephyrhillsPascoNon ProfitAcute1 East Pointe HospitalLehigh AcresLeeInvestorAcute0 Eastside Psychiatric HospitalTallahasseeLeonNon ProfitPsych0 Ed Fraser Memorial HospitalMacclennyBakerGovernmentAcute0 Edward White HospitalSt PetersburgPinellasInvestorAcute1 Englewood Community HospitalEnglewoodSarasotaInvestorAcute1 Fair Oaks HospitalDelray BeachPalm BeachInvestorPsych1 Fawcett Memorial HospitalPort CharlotteCharlotteInvestorAcute2 Fishermen's HospitalMarathonMonroeInvestorAcute0 Flagler HospitalSt AugustineSt. JohnsNon ProfitAcute2 Florida Hospital Fish MemorialDelandVolusiaNon ProfitAcute0 Florida Medical CenterFt LauderdaleBrowardInvestorAcute4 Florida Medical Center SouthPlantationBrowardInvestorAcute2 Ft. Lauderdale HospitalFort LauderdaleBrowardInvestorPsych1 Ft. Walton Beach Medical CenterFort Walton BeachOkaloosaInvestorAcute2 G. Pierce Wood Memorial HospitalArcadiaDesotoGovernmentPsych4 Glades General HospitalBelle GladePalm BeachGovernmentAcute0 Glen Oaks HospitalBradentonManateeNon ProfitPsych0 Good Samaritan Medical CenterWest Palm BeachPalm BeachNon ProfitAcute3 Gulf Coast HospitalFt. MyersLeeInvestorAcute1 Gulf Coast Medical CenterPanama CityBayInvestorAcute1 H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Ctr/Rsrch InstTampaHillsboroughNon ProfitAcute1 Health CentralWinter GardenOran g eGovernmentAcute1


14 Appendix A. List of Florida Hospitals (continued). Hos p italCit y Count y Ownershi p T yp eBedsize Healthsouth Doctors' HospitalCoral GablesDadeInvestorAcute2 Healthsouth Emerald Coast Rehabilitation Hos p ita l Panama CityBayInvestorRehab0 Healthsouth Rehabilitation HospitalMiamiDadeInvestorRehab0 Healthsouth Rehabilitation HospitalLargoPinellasInvestorRehab0 Healthsouth Rehabilitation Hospital of SarasotaSarasotaSarasotaInvestorRehab0 Healthsouth Rehabilitation Hos p ital of Tallahasse e TallahasseeLeonInvestorRehab0 Healthsouth Sea Pines Rehab HospitalMelbourneBrevardInvestorRehab0 Healthsouth Sunrise Rehabilitation HospitalFt. LauderdaleBrowardInvestorRehab1 Healthsouth Treasure Coast Rehabilitation Hosp.Vero BeachIndian RiverInvestorRehab0 Heart of Florida Regional Medical CenterHaines CityPolkInvestorAcute1 Helen Ellis Memorial HospitalTarpon SpringsPinellasNon ProfitAcute1 Hendry Regional Medical CenterClewistonHendryGovernmentAcute0 Hialeah HospitalHialeahDadeNon ProfitAcute3 Highlands Regional Medical CenterSebringHighlandsInvestorAcute1 Hollywood Medical CenterHollywoodBrowardInvestorAcute3 Hollywood PavilionHollywoodBrowardInvestorPsych0 Holmes Regional Medical CenterMelbourneBrevardNon ProfitAcute4 Holy Cross HospitalFt. LauderdaleBrowardNon ProfitAcute4 Homestead HospitalHomesteadDadeNon ProfitAcute1 Imperial Point Medical CenterFort LauderdaleBrowardGovernmentAcute2 Indian River Memorial HospitalVero BeachIndian RiverNon ProfitAcute3 Jackson HospitalMariannaJacksonGovernmentAcute1 Jackson Memorial HospitalMiamiDadeGovernmentAcute4 Jay HospitalJaySanta RosaNon ProfitAcute0 JFK Medical CenterAtlantisPalm BeachInvestorAcute3 Jupiter Medical CenterJupiterPalm BeachNon ProfitAcute1 Kendall Medical CenterMiamiDadeInvestorAcute4 La Amistad Residential Treatment CenterMaitlandOrangeInvestorPsych0 Lake City Medical CenterLake CityColumbiaInvestorAcute0 Lake Wales Medical Centers, Inc.Lake WalesPolkNon ProfitAcute1 Lakeland Regional Medical CenterLakelandPolkNon ProfitAcute4 Largo Medical CenterLargoPinellasInvestorAcute2 Larkin HospitalSouth MiamiDadeInvestorAcute1 Lawnwood Regional Medical CenterFort PierceSt. LucieInvestorAcute3 Lee Memorial Health SystemFort MyersLeeGovernmentAcute4 Lifestream Behavioral CenterLeesburgLakeNon ProfitPsych0 Lower Florida Keys Health SystemKey WestMonroeNon ProfitAcute1 Lucerne Medical Center, Inc.OrlandoOrangeInvestorAcute2 Madison County Memorial HospitalMadisonMadisonNon ProfitAcute0 Manatee Memorial HospitalBradentonManateeNon ProfitAcute4 Mariners HospitalTavernierMonroeNon ProfitAcute0 Martin Memorial Medical CenterStuartMartinNon ProfitAcute3 Mease HospitalsDunedinPinellasNon ProfitAcute3 Memorial Hospital Ormond BeachOrmond BeachVolusiaNon ProfitAcute2 Memorial Hospital of TampaTampaHillsboroughInvestorAcute1


15 Appendix A. List of Florida Hospitals (continued). Memorial Hospital PembrokePembroke PinesBrowardGovernmentAcute3 Memorial Hospital WestPembroke PinesBrowardGovernmentAcute1 Memorial Hospital-FlaglerBunnellFlaglerNon ProfitAcute0 Memorial Hospital-West VolusiaDelandVolusiaNon ProfitAcute1 Memorial Medical CenterJacksonvilleDuvalInvestorAcute3 Memorial Regional HospitalHollywoodBrowardGovernmentAcute4 Mercy HospitalMiamiDadeNon ProfitAcute4 Methodist Medical CenterJacksonvilleDuvalNon ProfitAcute2 Miami Children's HospitalMiamiDadeNon ProfitAcute2 Miami Heart InstituteMiami BeachDadeInvestorAcute2 Morton Plant HospitalClearwaterPinellasNon ProfitAcute4 Mount Sinai Medical CenterMiami BeachDadeNon ProfitAcute4 Munroe Regional Medical CenterOcalaMarionNon ProfitAcute3 Naples Community Hospital, Inc.NaplesCollierNon ProfitAcute4 Nature Coast Regional Health NetworkWillistonLevyInvestorAcute0 North Bay Medical CenterNew Port RicheyPascoInvestorAcute1 North Broward Medical CenterPompano BeachBrowardGovernmentAcute4 North Florida Reception Ctr HospitalLake ButlerUnionGovernmentSpecialty1 North Florida Regional Medical CenterGainesvilleAlachuaInvestorAcute2 North Okaloosa Medical CenterCrestviewOkaloosaInvestorAcute1 North Ridge Medical CenterFt. LauderdaleBrowardInvestorAcute3 North Shore Medical CenterMiamiDadeNon ProfitAcute3 Northside Hospital & Heart InstituteSt PetersburgPinellasInvestorAcute3 Northwest Florida Community HospitalChipleyWashingtonGovernmentAcute0 Northwest Medical CenterMargateBrowardInvestorAcute1 Oak Hill HospitalSpring HillHernandoInvestorAcute2 Ocala Regional Medical CenterOcalaMarionInvestorAcute2 Orange Park Medical CenterOrange ParkClayInvestorAcute2 Orlando Regional Healthcare SystemOrlandoOrangeNon ProfitAcute4 Osceola Regional Medical CenterKissimmeeOsceolaInvestorAcute1 Palm Beach Gardens Medical Ctr.Palm Beach GardensPalm BeachInvestorAcute2 Palm Springs General HospitalHialeahDadeInvestorAcute2 Palmetto General HospitalHialeahDadeInvestorAcute3 Palms of Pasadena HospitalSouth PasadenaPinellasInvestorAcute3 Palms West HospitalLoxahatcheePalm BeachInvestorAcute1 Pan American HospitalMiamiDadeNon ProfitAcute1 Parkway Regional Medical CenterNorth Miami BeachDadeInvestorAcute3 Parkway Regional Medical Center WestMiamiDadeInvestorAcute3 Parrish Medical CenterTitusvilleBrevardGovernmentAcute2 Pasco Community HospitalDade CityPascoInvestorAcute1 Pinecrest Rehab. Hospital at DelrayDelray BeachPalm BeachInvestorRehab0 Plantation General HospitalPlantationBrowardInvestorAcute2 Pompano Beach Medical CenterPompano BeachBrowardInvestorAcute2 Putnam Medical CenterPalatkaPutnamInvestorAcute1 Ramadan Hand Institute Lake Butler Hosp.Lake ButlerUnionInvestorAcute0 Hos p italCit y Count y Ownershi p T yp eBedsize Hos p italCit y Count y Ownershi p T yp eBedsize


16 Appendix A. List of Florida Hospitals (continued). Raulerson HospitalOkeechobeeOkeechobeeInvestorAcute1 Regional Medical Center Bayonet PointHudsonPascoInvestorAcute2 Rivendell of Ft. Walton BeachFort Walton BeachOkaloosaInvestorPsych0 Sacred Heart Hospital of PensacolaPensacolaEscambiaNon ProfitAcute3 Santa Rosa Medical CenterMiltonSanta RosaInvestorAcute1 Sarasota Memorial HospitalSarasotaSarasotaGovernmentAcute4 Savannas HospitalPort St. LucieSt. LucieInvestorPsych0 Sebastian River Medical CenterSebastianIndian RiverInvestorAcute1 Seven Rivers Community HospitalCrystal RiverCitrusInvestorAcute1 Shands at Lake ShoreLake CityColumbiaNon ProfitAcute1 Shands at Live OakLive OakSuwanneeNon ProfitAcute0 Shands at StarkeStarkeBradfordNon ProfitAcute0 Shands at The University of FloridaGainesvilleAlachuaNon ProfitAcute4 Shands Rehab HospitalGainesvilleAlachuaNon ProfitRehab0 South Bay HospitalSun City CenterHillsboroughInvestorAcute1 South Florida State HospitalPembroke PinesBrowardGovernmentPsych4 South Lake HospitalClermontLakeNon ProfitAcute0 South Miami HospitalSouth MiamiDadeNon ProfitAcute4 South Seminole HospitalLongwoodSeminoleInvestorAcute2 South Shore Hospital/Medical Ctr.Miami BeachDadeNon ProfitAcute1 South West Florida Regional Medical CenterFort MyersLeeInvestorAcute4 Specialty Hospital of JacksonvilleJacksonvilleDuvalInvestorAcute1 Spring Hill Regional HospitalSpring HillHernandoNon ProfitAcute0 St. Anthony's Hospital, Inc.St. PetersburgPinellasNon ProfitAcute4 St. John's Rehabilitation & Hlthcare CenLauderdale LakesBrowardNon ProfitRehab0 St. Johns River HospitalJacksonvilleDuvalInvestorPsych0 St. Joseph's Hospital, Inc.TampaHillsboroughNon ProfitAcute4 St. Lucie Medical CenterPort St LucieSt. LucieInvestorAcute1 St. Luke's HospitalJacksonvilleDuvalNon ProfitAcute2 St. Mary's Medical CenterWest Palm BeachPalm BeachNon ProfitAcute4 St. Petersburg General HospitalSt PetersburgPinellasInvestorAcute2 St. Vincent's Medical CenterJacksonvilleDuvalNon ProfitAcute4 Sun Coast HealthcareLargoPinellasNon ProfitAcute3 Sunland Marianna Cox Medical Svc. Ctr.MariannaJacksonGovernmentSpecialty0 Tacachale Hospital/Retarded Ctr.GainesvilleAlachuaGovernmentSpecialty0 Tallahassee Community HospitalTallahasseeLeonInvestorAcute1 Tallahassee Memorial HospitalTallahasseeLeonNon ProfitAcute4 Tampa General HospitalTampaHillsboroughGovernmentAcute4 The MeredianPensacolaEscambiaNon ProfitPsych0 The RetreatSunriseBrowardInvestorPsych1 The Willough Healthcare SystemNaplesCollierInvestorPsych0 Town & Country HospitalTampaHillsboroughInvestorAcute2 Twin Cities HospitalNicevilleOkaloosaInvestorAcute0 University Behavioral CenterOrlandoOrangeInvestorPsych1 Universit y Communit y Hos p italTam p aHillsborou g hNon ProfitAcute4 Hos p italCit y Count y Ownershi p T yp eBedsize


17 Appendix A. List of Florida Hospitals (continued). (Bedsize: 0 = up to 99 beds, 1 = 100 to 199 beds, 2 = 200 to 299 beds, 3 = 300 to 399 beds, and 4 = over 399 beds.) University Community Hospital at CarrollwoodTampaHillsboroughNon ProfitAcute1 University General HospitalSeminolePinellasInvestorAcute1 University HospitalTamaracBrowardInvestorAcute2 University Medical CenterJacksonvilleDuvalNon ProfitAcute4 University of Miami Hospital/ClinicsMiamiDadeNon ProfitAcute0 Valuemark Behavioral Healthcare System,OrlandoOrangeInvestorPsych0 Vencor Hospital HollywoodHollywoodBrowardInvestorAcute1 Vencor Hospital Coral GablesCoral GablesDadeInvestorAcute0 Vencor Hospital-Central TampaTampaHillsboroughInvestorAcute1 Vencor Hospital-Ft. LauderdaleFt LauderdaleBrowardInvestorAcute0 Vencor Hospital-North FloridaGreen Cove SpringsClayInvestorAcute0 Vencor Hospital-St. PetersburgSt. PetersburgPinellasInvestorAcute0 Vencor Hospital-TampaTampaHillsboroughInvestorAcute0 Villa Maria HospitalNorth MiamiDadeNon ProfitRehab0 Walton Regional HospitalDefuniak SpringsWaltonInvestorAcute0 Walton Regional HospitalLeesburgLakeNon ProfitAcute2 Wateroak Specialty HospitalTallahasseeLeonNon ProfitPsych0 Wellington Regional Medical CenterWest Palm BeachPalm BeachInvestorAcute1 West Boca Medical CenterBoca RatonPalm BeachInvestorAcute1 West Florida Community Care Ctr.MiltonSanta RosaGovernmentPsych1 West Florida Regional Medical CenterPensacolaEscambiaInvestorAcute4 West Gables Rehabilitation HospitalMiamiDadeInvestorRehab0 Westchester General HospitalMiamiDadeInvestorAcute1 Westside Regional Medical CenterPlantationBrowardInvestorAcute2 Winter Haven HospitalWinter HavenPolkNon ProfitAcute4 Winter Park Memorial HospitalWinter ParkOrangeInvestorAcute3 Wuesthoff Health S y stems, Inc.Rockled g eBrevardNon ProfitAcute3 Hos p italCit y Count y Ownershi p T yp eBedsize


18 Appendix B. Financial Data and Full-time Employee Equivalents (FTEs), Florida Hospitals, Fiscal Year 1997. Hos p ital Administrative Salaries Patient Care SalariesTotal Salaries Total Operating & Non operating Expenses Professional Office Bldg. Expenses Other Nonoperating Expenses Total Nonoperating Expenses FTEs 45Th Street Mental Health Ctr.1,368,563334,5861,703,1492,767,50464.8 A.G. Holley State Hospital1,600,4122,627,2504,227,6628,146,81917,75617,756171.0 All Children's Hospital38,858,61621,757,57060,616,186133,985,6761,666.3 Atlantic Medical Center Daytona6,516,3943,513,97510,030,36930,747,9964,955,1974,955,197351.0 Atlantic Medical Center Ormond5,400,2623,337,1048,737,36624,408,4929,422,9689,422,968414.0 Atlantic Shores Hospital1,017,792734,8011,752,5934,598,61062.5 Aventura Hospital & Medical Center19,678,5617,562,47627,241,03778,911,4302,549,5655,825,3638,374,928782.7 Baptist Hospital Pensacola30,025,87413,496,73243,522,606120,391,9604,397,4116,311,75210,709,1631,620.3 Baptist Hospital of Miami, Inc.71,007,97421,576,18792,584,161230,967,4675,988,6645,988,6642,798.4 Baptist Medical Center51,862,62618,505,66170,368,287212,453,6521,001,1658,881,0579,882,2222,857.8 Baptist Medical Center-Beaches9,012,3293,423,17112,435,50029,132,297360.9 Baptist Medical Center-Nassau4,433,6962,040,2446,473,94015,658,59912,48312,483218.2 Bartow Memorial Hospital4,377,4851,460,0275,837,51215,819,298199,606199,606211.1 Bascom Palmer Eye Institute5,951,1948,107,49114,058,68530,216,705498.1 Bay County Behavioral Health Center1,822,2981,601,5733,423,8717,290,459117.1 Bay Medical Center27,525,04412,795,94040,320,984103,071,29110,0536,443,9396,453,9921,236.3 Bayfront Medical Center36,451,80519,959,02056,410,825141,031,119174,533174,5331,719.6 Bert Fish Medical Center8,525,0444,404,12412,929,16837,287,4421,179,1261,179,126458.6 Bethesda Memorial Hospital29,274,52210,418,02639,692,548103,976,3803,231,9923,231,9921,250.9 Blake Medical Center22,099,6288,549,47930,649,10780,543,74159,99712,691,77312,751,7701,076.5 Boca Raton Community Hospital37,394,63817,478,29654,872,934137,982,43721,69021,6901,586.7 Bon Secours St. Joseph Hospital11,918,6837,528,91419,447,59753,237,294686.7 Bon Secours Venice Hospital24,767,73810,807,68035,575,41883,834,2279,946446,115456,0611,125.4 Brandon Regional Medical Center26,004,9339,187,86535,192,79888,590,89918,407,44818,407,4481,243.4 Brooksville Regional Hospital5,902,8993,552,3199,455,21834,127,1692,760,8522,760,852330.1 Broward General Medical Center56,283,70915,236,33071,520,039179,952,4392,068.2 Campbellton-Graceville Hospital1,282,327548,7201,831,0473,512,68391.6 Cape Canaveral Hospital12,274,0167,214,13719,488,15346,895,5485,200,5775,200,577707.9 Cape Coral Hospital16,023,4156,161,18422,184,59963,506,504696.7 Cedars Medical Center36,814,10113,656,47550,470,576136,780,5001,980,3729,354,50211,334,8741,565.0 Central Florida Regional Hospital15,518,2587,308,40122,826,65963,168,7268,43818,415,75818,424,196893.0 Charlotte Regional Medical Center15,564,2064,840,52820,404,73455,645,209626.3 Charter Behavioral Health System at Manatee946,2521,044,0131,990,2654,280,68175.4 Charter Behavioral Health System Largo2,239,198775,3443,014,5426,567,07873,66973,66970.4 Charter Behavioral Health System of Tampa Bay1,814,1921,538,7343,352,9267,891,787178.4 Charter Behavioral Health System Orlando1,477,285998,5862,475,8718,148,74777.6 Charter Behavioral Health System Pasco1,339,855894,3902,234,2455,543,98166.2 Charter Glade Behavioral Health Center1,929,4541,650,2043,579,6588,952,533130.5 Charter Springs Hospital1,363,5661,524,5902,888,1567,371,830112.1 Circles of Care, Inc.2,235,106707,5632,942,6695,412,531107.5 Citrus Memorial Hospital14,897,0865,982,15820,879,24461,107,9623,205,5493,205,549842.9 Clearwater Community Hospital4,565,8682,587,4507,153,31822,327,2704,114,5704,114,570280.3 Cleveland Clinic Hospital8,030,2253,595,54911,625,77425,339,12586,273239,837326,110504.6 Columbia Hospital13,653,3556,571,84420,225,19952,611,345276,0442,038,0482,314,092627.5 Community Hospital of New Port Richey21,360,66510,194,63531,555,30078,642,70839,3405,685,9835,725,3231,103.0 Coral Gables Hospital10,649,9745,605,47216,255,44650,813,633443.8 Coral Springs Medical Center17,547,3366,187,72523,735,06162,390,051656.4 Deering Hospital13,525,7865,447,19918,972,98556,809,1684,176,2704,176,270592.4 Delray Medical Center28,553,3678,392,71436,946,081108,571,6355,904,5615,904,5611,086.6 Desoto Memorial Hospital, Inc5,211,7601,914,0657,125,82517,368,351221.5 Devereux Florida Treatment Network4,078,3201,408,5265,486,84611,216,023238.9 Doctors Hospital of Sarasota17,146,2247,982,84725,129,07173,795,170616,94815,858,70016,475,648952.7 Doctors Memorial Hospital3,838,3891,499,6235,338,01211,072,367155.0 Doctors' Memorial Hospital1,493,666929,0452,422,7116,053,859306,351306,35182.2 Doral Palms Hospital2,035,7442,448,6574,484,40111,408,363140.4 Dou g las Gardens Hos p ital1,076,101704,1881,780,2893,978,24377.5


19 Appendix B. Financial Data and Full-time Employee Equivalents (FTEs), Florida Hospitals, Fiscal Year 1997 (continued). Hos p ital Administrative Salaries Patient Care SalariesTotal Salaries Total Operating & Non operating Expenses Professional Office Bldg. Expenses Other Nonoperating Expenses Total Nonoperating Expenses FTEs East Pasco Medical Center12,772,8925,013,17317,786,06546,759,028474,068474,068581.9 East Pointe Hospital4,875,0182,441,8407,316,85821,454,905536,0834,645,2295,181,312283.0 Eastside Psychiatric Hospital625,262339,695964,9571,991,31740.4 Ed Fraser Memorial Hospital1,396,397560,9111,957,3083,867,806167,497167,49785.0 Edward White Hospital6,658,4483,716,15610,374,60428,698,0481,527,2586,704,2888,231,546385.7 Englewood Community Hospital7,469,8082,712,59710,182,40531,636,73068,04813,857,33213,925,380501.5 Everglades Regional Medical Center6,515,3762,455,0738,970,44919,096,841322.1 Fair Oaks Hospital1,981,0821,197,9173,178,9997,800,415101.6 Fawcett Memorial Hospital18,413,5466,618,96425,032,51065,841,52817,222,74417,222,7441,042.2 Fishermen's Hospital3,467,4721,745,7165,213,18815,453,14641,17141,171159.1 Flagler Hospital18,077,1376,901,15824,978,29563,992,016827.7 Florida Hospital164,499,22785,615,520250,114,747579,293,96765833,862,78633,863,4447,697.1 Florida Hospital Fish Memorial9,209,2913,385,56212,594,85337,885,340804,394298,8711,103,265392.1 Florida Hospital Heartland Medical Center10,028,6446,734,72516,763,36948,284,276472,1177,734,6128,206,729715.2 Florida Hospital Waterman19,604,2487,519,35927,123,60759,177,41419,677,24919,677,2491,168.0 Florida Hospital/Wauchula1,725,484837,8042,563,2887,131,0645,3415,34187.3 Florida Medical Center25,437,68810,286,87535,724,563107,284,3991,957,3635,775,0077,732,3701,139.5 Florida Medical Center South6,930,6723,659,30810,589,98028,779,214292.6 Ft. Lauderdale Hospital899,773747,8491,647,6223,253,66853.8 Ft. Walton Beach Medical Center15,240,1625,866,55821,106,72059,678,418339,1589,915,62610,254,784839.5 G. Pierce Wood Memorial Hospital19,126,4528,164,06027,290,51242,428,482234,765234,7651,074.0 Genesis Rehabilitation Hospital, Inc.9,716,3482,884,69712,601,04528,558,678344.0 Glades General Hospital4,325,1892,157,7276,482,91615,211,883214.0 Glen Oaks Hospital743,553489,6521,233,2052,364,29547.7 Good Samaritan Medical Center24,260,07011,802,88336,062,953101,390,1632,190,2822,190,2821,050.9 Greenbrier Hospital1,251,725859,3442,111,0694,263,42620,00020,00093.7 Gulf Coast Hospital6,945,5383,309,58310,255,12132,652,40952,01819,197,85819,249,876473.9 Gulf Coast Medical Center11,651,9085,610,46317,262,37150,297,671271,1676,904,6157,175,782720.7 Gulf Pines Hospital2,633,299588,2813,221,5806,022,593189,726189,726116.9 H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Ctr/Rsrch Inst17,405,21417,628,70235,033,91694,738,8131,032.7 Halifax Community Health System46,656,82920,104,42966,761,258181,945,8502,047.4 Hamilton Medical Center1,290,453962,7292,253,1824,790,55225,7081,214,9441,240,65284.5 Health Central8,310,2814,307,58312,617,86435,936,923656,428656,428411.0 Healthsouth Doctors' Hospital16,181,6047,485,58423,667,18864,286,900664.8 Healthsouth Emerald Coast Rehabilitation Hospital1,166,0631,580,1072,746,1705,563,497107.9 Healthsouth Rehabilitation Hospital3,613,2942,985,3216,598,61513,526,463216.7 Healthsouth Rehabilitation Hospital5,508,0931,928,1047,436,19713,348,715210.0 Healthsouth Rehabilitation Hospital of Sarasota4,425,5512,117,3426,542,89317,397,265307.5 Healthsouth Rehabilitation Hospital of Tallahassee4,089,9363,060,3467,150,28215,896,353208.9 Healthsouth Sea Pines Rehab Hospital4,994,4142,702,7757,697,18916,919,695248.7 Healthsouth Sunrise Rehabilitation Hospital8,452,5872,727,66611,180,25326,910,916324.2 Healthsouth Treasure Coast Rehabilitation Hosp.5,534,4552,337,1217,871,57619,821,194243.5 Heart of Florida Regional Medical Center5,849,4781,691,6847,541,16220,747,07468,70668,706317.7 Helen Ellis Memorial Hospital14,983,9417,143,92722,127,86856,207,382753.9 Hendry Regional Medical Center3,400,2831,767,7925,168,07512,230,12093,67793,677170.5 Hialeah Hospital17,959,2218,137,34926,096,57066,343,335432,3443,418,6973,851,041877.7 Highlands Regional Medical Center6,818,2752,769,2429,587,51731,177,550303.2 Hollywood Medical Center10,765,2784,785,35115,550,62945,792,6101,688,9521,081,0432,769,995444.8 Hollywood Pavilion1,188,8761,495,4782,684,3544,497,24087.1 Holmes Regional Medical Center53,265,86525,515,13278,780,997189,810,7001,327,5951,327,5952,312.5 Holy Cross Hospital33,568,13018,443,97752,012,107133,260,16833,799,32333,799,3231,746.7 Homestead Hospital9,972,4253,584,55813,556,98334,295,443426.5 Imperial Point Medical Center13,414,9775,061,01018,475,98745,226,158524.7 Indian River Memorial Hospital24,052,74112,661,50636,714,24791,265,0541,070.0 Jackson Hospital7,009,2813,027,17110,036,45223,638,38124,37224,372322.4 Jackson Memorial Hospital194,554,29494,133,374288,687,668639,904,19345,313,47745,313,4777,337.2 Jay Hospital1,766,0321,079,3722,845,4047,381,36925,7361,558,5721,584,308154.1 JFK Medical Center35,393,71913,729,94249,123,661156,366,093859,83012,841,07113,700,9011,517.8 Jupiter Medical Center15,261,8977,491,01022,752,90762,799,13218,162,73018,162,730923.7 Kendall Medical Center20,944,4547,916,67628,861,13092,463,2455,184,1516,701,81511,885,966941.8


20 Appendix B. Financial Data and Full-time Employee Equivalents (FTEs), Florida Hospitals, Fiscal Year 1997 (continued). Hos p ital Administrative Salaries Patient Care SalariesTotal Salaries Total Operating & Non operating Expenses Professional Office Bldg. Expenses Other Nonoperating Expenses Total Nonoperating Expenses FTEs La Amistad Residential Treatment Center803,343808,7651,612,1083,467,946528,006528,00669.2 Lake City Medical Center5,494,6142,923,7728,418,38622,486,628239,8587,466,9777,706,835388.6 Lake Wales Medical Centers, Inc.7,517,4183,407,06010,924,47820,271,233404.4 Lakeland Regional Medical Center61,340,29630,469,13291,809,428218,768,4412,381.7 Largo Medical Center16,040,3177,673,95023,714,26769,194,08513,923,28813,923,288882.0 Larkin Hospital6,580,4713,588,28310,168,75465,846,120802.6 Lawnwood Regional Medical Center26,045,18910,811,14236,856,331101,704,9941,052,3426,019,6177,071,9591,166.5 Lee Memorial Health System50,979,53224,253,17775,232,709182,893,6952,296.2 Lifestream Behavioral Center1,288,070630,8961,918,9663,732,95797.8 Lower Florida Keys Health System10,192,4554,628,95314,821,40837,411,228419.7 Lucerne Medical Center, Inc.18,928,3776,375,29825,303,67579,351,933655,6355,376,4606,032,095783.1 Madison County Memorial Hospital1,411,079684,1292,095,2083,774,006542,746542,74693.4 Manatee Memorial Hospital25,857,9369,624,24735,482,183106,162,082273,4416,043,6966,317,1371,266.8 Mariners Hospital3,366,5171,394,4134,760,93011,804,6119,3919,391133.5 Martin Memorial Medical Center34,443,84721,770,35856,214,205126,890,5431,574.9 Mease Hospitals30,002,39715,653,69945,656,096104,181,2291,362.9 Memorial Hospital Ormond Beach18,505,4959,570,90628,076,40175,603,196816.0 Memorial Hospital of Tampa8,095,7083,411,01211,506,72042,543,7292,427,8262,427,826376.6 Memorial Hospital Pembroke9,004,2815,122,34614,126,62737,158,242376.8 Memorial Hospital West21,565,9036,752,97528,318,87862,131,190712.8 Memorial Hospital-Flagler3,972,8651,734,7575,707,62214,165,6523,331,9603,331,960222.7 Memorial Hospital-West Volusia15,947,3666,794,06722,741,43348,414,595550.3 Memorial Medical Center30,525,05311,305,33841,830,391112,208,57718,098,30118,098,3011,428.1 Memorial Regional Hospital72,430,07523,948,61096,378,685216,474,88756,14756,1472,460.5 Mercy Hospital38,853,76623,036,80861,890,574139,033,7202,084,35211,909,54813,993,9001,862.2 Methodist Medical Center17,125,8867,112,18424,238,07070,452,058692.3 Miami Children's Hospital39,360,91724,145,82463,506,741151,970,61282,52326,011,72426,094,2471,972.4 Miami Heart Institute22,445,0958,055,58530,500,680100,274,86140,26310,751,17010,791,433891.7 Morton Plant Hospital49,082,88424,515,91973,598,803172,256,1472,171.1 Mount Sinai Medical Center62,643,75031,890,82694,534,576225,126,0402,934.1 Munroe Regional Medical Center34,023,62414,886,21248,909,836118,187,73528,9604,204,5714,233,5311,480.3 Naples Community Hospital, Inc.43,590,13119,149,74762,739,878172,252,560488,750488,7501,947.6 Nature Coast Regional Health Network3,092,099874,7623,966,8619,001,808124.4 North Bay Medical Center7,920,2772,760,66510,680,94226,548,116338.6 North Broward Medical Center29,514,7369,162,22738,676,96394,688,3378,739,3558,739,3551,269.1 North Florida Reception Ctr Hospital10,522,2452,051,97612,574,22125,623,362284.0 North Florida Regional Medical Center23,900,38010,465,93234,366,312100,609,145427,68516,293,01616,720,7011,262.0 North Okaloosa Medical Center6,115,9023,548,6769,664,57828,250,460455,8863,477,0123,932,898370.6 North Ridge Medical Center21,386,9447,351,58428,738,52889,482,5133,319,9503,319,950776.4 North Shore Medical Center14,469,8327,161,32921,631,16155,916,613346,6793,527,5133,874,192703.4 Northside Hospital & Heart Institute14,348,1576,842,59121,190,74863,133,6258,27113,120,75313,129,024811.9 Northwest Florida Community Hospital2,748,6941,191,0943,939,78810,181,2131,1844,521,1914,522,375267.5 Northwest Medical Center12,578,2725,722,29318,300,56548,895,0731,354,7737,357,4268,712,199596.0 Oak Hill Hospital14,044,1807,236,93821,281,11863,375,852376,99610,448,12410,825,120889.4 Ocala Regional Medical Center21,415,2068,533,84229,949,04891,042,627295,10011,916,13512,211,2351,071.1 Orange Park Medical Center15,927,7464,665,26920,593,01562,061,657115,2458,706,5188,821,763687.5 Orlando Regional Healthcare System106,715,53879,681,763186,397,301418,192,3365,386.7 Osceola Regional Medical Center13,867,5956,153,22020,020,81558,588,690756,34522,731,12623,487,471952.6 Palm Beach Gardens Medical Ctr.18,420,2836,022,25424,442,53782,945,649323,095323,095654.1 Palm Springs General Hospital10,822,8117,158,43117,981,24245,502,942596.5 Palmetto General Hospital22,372,38511,466,10433,838,489119,580,84610,814,38110,814,3811,170.1 Palms of Pasadena Hospital13,993,0536,042,75720,035,81056,171,7102,664,4075,485,1128,149,519686.1 Palms West Hospital5,472,8052,639,3538,112,15821,802,7501,290,198684,2871,974,485441.5 Pan American Hospital19,544,0928,890,36528,434,45756,059,810821.1 Parkway Regional Medical Center26,019,33810,116,51136,135,849100,076,1916,846,2666,846,2661,124.5 Parkway Regional Medical Center West4,083,6772,435,4996,519,17620,588,6731,488,4291,488,429218.5 Parrish Medical Center15,416,9637,643,41823,060,38151,370,95879,2931,792,3111,871,604747.7 Pasco Community Hospital7,084,3563,315,87010,400,22628,069,715109,8708,455,5778,565,447423.5 Pinecrest Rehab. Hospital at Delray7,850,2902,652,80310,503,09324,177,2784,488,6424,488,642306.0 Plantation General Hos p ital16,870,6875,968,21422,838,90164,996,7532,115,0242,115,024605.0


21 Appendix B. Financial Data and Full-time Employee Equivalents (FTEs), Florida Hospitals, Fiscal Year 1997 (continued). Pompano Beach Medical Center7,940,9734,505,19512,446,16837,018,773357,886290,986648,872335.8 Putnam Medical Center9,755,1134,160,49313,915,60639,191,4043,688,3123,688,312535.1 Ramadan Hand Institute Lake Butler Hosp.1,402,9081,140,5672,543,4754,221,2861,298,3211,298,321105.4 Raulerson Hospital6,917,9033,652,41210,570,31529,508,86420,2591,108,2631,128,522349.9 Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point22,480,42910,841,90833,322,337106,686,639233,05912,361,65512,594,7141,207.1 Rivendell of Ft. Walton Beach228,089301,395529,4841,706,50619.2 Sacred Heart Hospital of Pensacola41,561,30216,659,81958,221,121147,130,9331,537,2961,537,2961,865.5 Santa Rosa Medical Center5,384,5423,252,3108,636,85225,036,9511,883,7741,883,774312.3 Sarasota Memorial Hospital61,449,54030,508,29591,957,835253,603,389531,069531,0692,609.7 Savannas Hospital3,729,2451,390,2125,119,45711,190,149160.2 Sebastian River Medical Center8,787,3542,658,91411,446,26833,066,639343.3 Seven Rivers Community Hospital8,464,0673,689,82912,153,89634,814,052280,107315,837595,944404.8 Shands at Lake Shore6,168,1992,520,1808,688,37920,931,82216,5039,11025,613258.3 Shands at Live Oak2,137,097586,6672,723,7646,505,860-187-187108.9 Shands at Starke2,513,293955,6183,468,9118,325,378131,240131,240141.0 Shands at The University of Florida96,298,12456,855,159153,153,283401,056,31718,391,75718,391,7574,397.1 Shands Rehab Hospital1,696,147939,9812,636,1285,622,5096,0516,05190.2 South Bay Hospital7,942,0043,591,38911,533,39329,225,62534,6745,484,0495,518,723423.4 South Florida State Hospital15,315,43110,600,80925,916,24033,423,404781.5 South Lake Hospital4,275,3402,227,9646,503,30414,613,14494,8861,310,9691,405,855215.2 South Miami Hospital41,643,84213,494,75255,138,594132,781,61785,9807,618,3867,704,3661,677.6 South Seminole Hospital10,101,5665,489,68715,591,25335,630,352820,9871,925,7412,746,728461.1 South Shore Hospital/Medical Ctr.9,316,1446,321,61015,637,75434,650,1003,692,4623,692,462652.6 South West Florida Regional Medical Center29,342,78114,914,46644,257,247134,391,478535,12036,026,77436,561,8941,696.2 Specialty Hospital of Jacksonville3,839,0383,681,5707,520,60817,860,322217.7 Spring Hill Regional Hospital5,311,4043,042,4538,353,85732,331,1982,519,7782,519,778286.7 St. Anthony's Hospital, Inc.22,680,44510,684,47033,364,91583,983,69859,54959,5491,147.8 St. John's Rehabilitation & Hlthcare Cen355,26475,598430,8622,830,84717.8 St. Johns River Hospital771,019736,7481,507,7673,042,98947.4 St. Joseph's Hospital, Inc.70,620,53337,477,991108,098,524274,144,7713,414.0 St. Lucie Medical Center12,694,2095,991,30818,685,51755,179,839320,48512,771,25813,091,743707.9 St. Luke's Hospital23,043,64915,037,31938,080,968114,093,3002,808,3232,808,3231,183.2 St. Mary's Medical Center45,002,44516,853,76661,856,211150,457,7394,392,8444,392,8441,712.4 St. Petersburg General Hospital11,390,0764,683,77216,073,84844,662,21810,813,34610,813,346600.6 St. Vincent's Medical Center52,010,56322,600,66374,611,226183,020,382538,6292,052,7912,591,4202,619.9 Sun Coast Healthcare12,881,4098,105,40020,986,80953,157,791677.5 Sunland Marianna Cox Medical Svc. Ctr.920,290358,6541,278,9441,562,11239.0 Tacachale Hospital/Retarded Ctr.2,004,4261,155,5923,160,0185,439,10183.0 Tallahassee Community Hospital10,700,0085,467,67716,167,68548,053,559520,17710,564,97111,085,148653.6 Tallahassee Memorial Hospital56,529,07631,940,82288,469,898189,670,9042,315,1983,713,6466,028,8442,882.5 Tampa General Hospital70,845,20530,648,308101,493,513287,413,797766,426838,9531,605,3792,990.7 The Meredian551,565146,884698,4491,415,21821.5 The Retreat1,736,5041,966,7603,703,2649,329,373112.7 The Willough Healthcare System530,708948,9511,479,6594,272,1934,791,3124,791,31246.1 Town & Country Hospital6,882,3663,387,57910,269,94533,748,5001,283,0641,283,064328.8 Twin Cities Hospital4,076,5862,613,9526,690,53819,257,9359,511,0049,511,004341.0 University Behavioral Center1,783,7461,349,5153,133,2617,118,802107.2 University Community Hospital40,890,20520,203,04561,093,250141,466,360399,2793,672,1984,071,4771,974.6 University Community Hospital at Carrollwood7,519,8933,708,77711,228,67023,228,605361.0 University General Hospital1,900,8171,401,6013,302,41812,977,7104,116,8604,116,860180.9 University Hospital15,450,6847,606,97523,057,65956,006,519413,4765,187,9565,601,432752.1 University Medical Center46,154,55821,322,85967,477,417194,468,7362,199.3 University of Miami Hospital/Clinics8,017,4485,502,52913,519,97755,028,175439.0 Valuemark Behavioral Healthcare System,1,565,922852,8602,418,7825,659,76231,90531,90584.7 Vencor Hospital Hollywood5,004,6652,207,6737,212,33818,755,045968,958968,958243.4 Vencor Hospital Coral Gables3,825,1901,810,4695,635,65913,536,2351,819,9551,819,955194.1 Vencor Hospital-Central Tampa7,294,7393,793,07111,087,81027,340,0033,821,5163,821,516389.5 Vencor Hospital-Ft. Lauderdale5,286,2961,769,3227,055,61818,302,2996,943,8736,943,873271.0 Vencor Hospital-North Florida3,447,7941,086,1434,533,9379,963,9322,819,2512,819,251183.9 Vencor Hos p ital-St. Petersbur g 2,158,0151,660,1123,818,1279,013,871118.8 Hos p ital Administrative Salaries Patient Care SalariesTotal Salaries Total Operating & Non operating Expenses Professional Office Bldg. Expenses Other Nonoperating Expenses Total Nonoperating Expenses FTEs


22 Appendix B. Financial Data and Full-time Employee Equivalents (FTEs), Florida Hospitals, Fiscal Year 1997 (continued). Hos p ital Administrative Salaries Patient Care SalariesTotal Salaries Total Operating & Non operating Expenses Professional Office Bldg. Expenses Other Nonoperating Expenses Total Nonoperating Expenses FTEs Vencor Hospital-Tampa4,389,6301,558,0565,947,68616,724,84413,523,76913,523,769307.0 Villa Maria Hospital556,415192,326748,7415,002,09230.1 Walton Regional Hospital2,520,2191,213,6633,733,8828,154,494151.8 Walton Regional Hospital21,781,8278,173,50929,955,33678,438,675931.4 Wateroak Specialty Hospital422,853112,816535,669939,66328.0 Wellington Regional Medical Center8,176,4983,911,18312,087,68134,734,0482,941,9522,941,952398.6 West Boca Medical Center12,663,7514,370,29517,034,04654,781,393214,9501,922,5662,137,516520.6 West Florida Community Care Ctr.2,548,519791,8793,340,3985,442,370127.1 West Florida Regional Medical Center27,914,30713,350,29441,264,601113,160,31231,075,14731,075,1471,867.2 West Gables Rehab ilitation Hospital3,588,9942,264,9575,853,95112,815,217506,019506,019183.8 Westchester General Hospital8,348,8495,506,92713,855,77630,550,364419.4 Westside Regional Medical Center13,100,1954,985,68318,085,87855,975,9981,351,4998,121,7499,473,248573.6 Winter Haven Hospital45,806,15319,175,08364,981,236132,329,2822,229.1 Winter Park Memorial Hospital18,231,6289,500,83327,732,46172,898,30220,70415,494,24715,514,9511,027.3 Wuesthoff Health Systems, Inc.23,558,18712,934,40836,492,59586,009,0449,400,9249,400,9241,287.2 Totals 6,279,932,962 $ 16,140,565,899 $ 201,041.6 Total Operating Expenses14,889,833,447 $ excl. Payroll 8,609,900,485 $


23 Appendix C. Selected Financial Data and Full-time Employee Equivalents (FTEs), Florida Hospitals by County, Fiscal Year 1997. Total Operating & Total Total Operating Non-operating Operating Expenses excl. Hospital Total Salaries Expenses Expen ses Salaries FTEs North Florida Regional Medical Center34,366,312100,609,14583,888,44449,522,1321,262.0 Shands at The University of Florida153,153,283401,056,317382,664,560229,511,2774,397.1 Shands Rehab Hospital2,636,1285,622,5095,616,4582,980,33090.2 Tacachale Hospital/Retarded Ctr.3,160,0185,439,1015,017,6391,857,62183.0 ALACHUA COUNTY TOTALS193,315,741512,727,072477,187,101283,871,3605,832.3 Ed Fraser Memorial Hospital1,957,3083,867,8063,700,3091,743,00185.0 BAKER COUNTY TOTALS1,957,3083,867,8063,700,3091,743,00185.0 Bay County Behavioral Health Center3,423,8717,290,4596,725,5403,301,669117.1 Bay Medical Center40,320,984103,071,29196,617,29956,296,3151,236.3 Gulf Coast Medical Center17,262,37150,297,67143,121,88925,859,518720.7 Healthsouth Emerald Coast Rehabilitation Hospital2,746,1705,563,4975,132,3962,386,226107.9 BAY COUNTY TOTALS63,753,396166,222,918151,597,12487,843,7282,182.0 Shands at Starke3,468,9118,325,3788,194,1384,725,227141.0 BRADFORD COUNTY TOTALS3,468,9118,325,3788,194,1384,725,227141.0 Cape Canaveral Hospital19,488,15346,895,54841,694,97122,206,818707.9 Circles of Care, Inc.2,942,6695,412,5314,993,1282,050,459107.5 Devereux Florida Treatment Network5,486,84611,216,02310,346,9224,860,076238.9 Healthsouth Sea Pines Rehab Hospital7,697,18916,919,69515,608,6317,911,442248.7 Holmes Regional Medical Center78,780,997189,810,700188,483,105109,702,1082,312.5 Parrish Medical Center23,060,38151,370,95849,499,35426,438,973747.7 Wuesthoff Health Systems, Inc.36,492,59586,009,04476,608,12040,115,5251,287.2 BREVARD COUNTY TOTALS173,948,830407,634,499387,234,232213,285,4025,650.4


24 Appendix C. Selected Financial Data and Full-time Employee Equivalents (FTEs), Florida Hospitals by County, Fiscal Year 1997 (continued). Total Operating & Total Total Operating Non-operating Operating Expenses excl. Hospital Total Salaries Expenses Expen ses Salaries FTEs Atlantic Shores Hospital1,752,5934,598,6104,242,2762,489,68362.5 Broward General Medical Center71,520,039179,952,439166,008,38894,488,3492,068.2 Cleveland Clinic Hospital11,625,77425,339,12525,013,01513,387,241504.6 Coral Springs Medical Center23,735,06162,390,05157,555,60733,820,546656.4 Florida Medical Center35,724,563107,284,39999,552,02963,827,4661,139.5 Florida Medical Center South10,589,98028,779,21426,549,18715,959,207292.6 Ft. Lauderdale Hospital1,647,6223,253,6683,001,5501,353,92853.8 Healthsouth Sunrise Rehabilitation Hospital11,180,25326,910,91624,825,65813,645,405324.2 Hollywood Medical Center15,550,62945,792,61043,022,61527,471,986444.8 Hollywood Pavilion2,684,3544,497,2404,148,7601,464,40687.1 Holy Cross Hospital52,012,107133,260,16899,460,84547,448,7381,746.7 Imperial Point Medical Center18,475,98745,226,15841,721,69923,245,712524.7 Memorial Hospital Pembroke14,126,62737,158,24234,278,94520,152,318376.8 Memorial Hospital West28,318,87862,131,19057,316,80428,997,926712.8 Memorial Regional Hospital96,378,685216,474,887216,418,740120,040,0552,460.5 North Broward Medical Center38,676,96394,688,33785,948,98247,272,0191,269.1 North Ridge Medical Center28,738,52889,482,51386,162,56357,424,035776.4 Northwest Medical Center18,300,56548,895,07340,182,87421,882,309596.0 Plantation General Hospital22,838,90164,996,75362,881,72940,042,828605.0 Pompano Beach Medical Center12,446,16837,018,77336,369,90123,923,733335.8 South Florida State Hospital25,916,24033,423,40430,833,5104,917,270781.5 St. John's Rehabilitation & Hlthcare Cen430,8622,830,8472,611,4922,180,63017.8 The Retreat3,703,2649,329,3738,606,4644,903,200112.7 University Hospital23,057,65956,006,51950,405,08727,347,428752.1 Vencor Hospital Hollywood7,212,33818,755,04517,786,08710,573,749243.4 Vencor Hospital-Ft. Lauderdale7,055,61818,302,29911,358,4264,302,808271.0 Westside Regional Medical Center18,085,87855,975,99846,502,75028,416,872573.6 BROWARD COUNTY TOTALS601,786,1361,512,753,8511,382,765,983780,979,84717,790 Bon Secours St. Joseph Hospital19,447,59753,237,29449,112,07329,664,476686.7 Charlotte Regional Medical Center20,404,73455,645,20951,333,40530,928,671626.3 Fawcett Memorial Hospital25,032,51065,841,52848,618,78423,586,2741,042.2 CHARLOTTE COUNTY TOTALS64,884,841174,724,031149,064,26284,179,4212,355 Citrus Memorial Hospital20,879,24461,107,96257,902,41337,023,169842.9 Seven Rivers Community Hospital12,153,89634,814,05234,218,10822,064,212404.8 CITRUS COUNTY TOTALS33,033,14095,922,01492,120,52159,087,3811,247.7 Orange Park Medical Center20,593,01562,061,65753,239,89432,646,879687.5 Vencor Hospital-North Florida4,533,9379,963,9327,144,6812,610,744183.9 CLAY COUNTY TOTALS25,126,95272,025,58960,384,57535,257,623871.4 Naples Community Hospital, Inc.62,739,878172,252,560171,763,810109,023,9321,947.6 The Willough Healthcare System1,479,6594,272,193-519,119-1,998,77846.1 COLLIER COUNTY TOTALS64,219,537176,524,7531,993.7


25 Appendix C. Selected Financial Data and Full-time Employee Equivalents (FTEs), Florida Hospitals by County, Fiscal Year 1997 (continued). Total Operating & Total Total Operating Non-operating Operating Expenses excl. Hospital Total Salaries Expenses Ex penses Salaries FTEs Lake City Medical Center8,418,38622,486,62814,779,7936,361,407388.6 Shands at Lake Shore8,688,37920,931,82220,906,20912,217,830258.3 COLUMBIA COUNTY TOTALS17,106,76543,418,45035,686,00218,579,237646.9 Aventura Hospital & Medical Center27,241,03778,911,43070,536,50243,295,465782.7 Baptist Hospital of Miami, Inc.92,584,161230,967,467224,978,803132,394,6422,798.4 Bascom Palmer Eye Institute14,058,68530,216,70527,875,29013,816,605498.1 Cedars Medical Center50,470,576136,780,500125,445,62674,975,0501,565.0 Coral Gables Hospital16,255,44650,813,63346,876,21530,620,769443.8 Deering Hospital18,972,98556,809,16852,632,89833,659,913592.4 Doral Palms Hospital4,484,40111,408,36310,524,3586,039,957140.4 Douglas Gardens Hospital1,780,2893,978,2433,669,9791,889,69077.5 Healthsouth Doctors' Hospital23,667,18864,286,90059,305,47435,638,286664.8 Healthsouth Rehabilitation Hospital6,598,61513,526,46312,478,3325,879,717216.7 Hialeah Hospital26,096,57066,343,33562,492,29436,395,724877.7 Homestead Hospital13,556,98334,295,44331,637,97718,080,994426.5 Jackson Memorial Hospital288,687,668639,904,193594,590,716305,903,0487,337.2 Kendall Medical Center28,861,13092,463,24580,577,27951,716,149941.8 Larkin Hospital10,168,75465,846,12060,743,87450,575,120802.6 Mercy Hospital61,890,574139,033,720125,039,82063,149,2461,862.2 Miami Children's Hospital63,506,741151,970,612125,876,36562,369,6241,972.4 Miami Heart Institute30,500,680100,274,86189,483,42858,982,748891.7 Mount Sinai Medical Center94,534,576225,126,040207,681,603113,147,0272,934.1 North Shore Medical Center21,631,16155,916,61352,042,42130,411,260703.4 Palm Springs General Hospital17,981,24245,502,94241,977,03623,995,794596.5 Palmetto General Hospital33,838,489119,580,846108,766,46574,927,9761,170.1 Pan American Hospital28,434,45756,059,81051,715,88023,281,423821.1 Parkway Regional Medical Center36,135,849100,076,19193,229,92557,094,0761,124.5 Parkway Regional Medical Center West6,519,17620,588,67319,100,24412,581,068218.5 South Miami Hospital55,138,594132,781,617125,077,25169,938,6571,677.6 South Shore Hospital/Medical Ctr.15,637,75434,650,10030,957,63815,319,884652.6 University of Miami Hospital/Clinics13,519,97755,028,17550,764,18337,244,206439.0 Vencor Hospital Coral Gables5,635,65913,536,23511,716,2806,080,621194.1 Villa Maria Hospital748,7415,002,0924,614,4933,865,75230.1 West Gables Rehabilitation Hospital5,853,95112,815,21712,309,1986,455,247183.8 Westchester General Hospital13,855,77630,550,36428,183,09514,327,319419.4 DADE COUNTY TOTALS1,128,847,8852,875,045,3162,642,900,9421,514,053,05734,056.7 Desoto Memorial Hospital, Inc7,125,82517,368,35116,022,5228,896,697221.5 G. Pierce Wood Memorial Hospital27,290,51242,428,48242,193,71714,903,2051,074.0 DESOTO COUNTY TOTALS34,416,33759,796,83358,216,23923,799,9021,295.5


26 Appendix C. Selected Financial Data and Full-time Employee Equivalents (FTEs), Florida Hospitals by County, Fiscal Year 1997 (continued). Total Operating & Total Total Operating Non-operating Operating Expenses excl. Hospital Total Salaries Expenses Exp enses Salaries FTEs Baptist Medical Center70,368,287212,453,652202,571,430132,203,1432,857.8 Baptist Medical Center-Beaches12,435,50029,132,29726,874,91014,439,410360.9 Genesis Rehabilitation Hospital, Inc.12,601,04528,558,67826,345,74013,744,695344.0 Memorial Medical Center41,830,391112,208,57794,110,27652,279,8851,428.1 Methodist Medical Center24,238,07070,452,05864,992,90940,754,839692.3 Specialty Hospital of Jacksonville7,520,60817,860,32216,476,3728,955,764217.7 St. Johns River Hospital1,507,7673,042,9892,807,1961,299,42947.4 St. Luke's Hospital38,080,968114,093,300111,284,97773,204,0091,183.2 St. Vincent's Medical Center74,611,226183,020,382180,428,962105,817,7362,619.9 University Medical Center67,477,417194,468,736179,399,854111,922,4372,199.3 DUVAL COUNTY TOTALS350,671,279965,290,991905,292,626554,621,34711,950.6 Baptist Hospital Pensacola43,522,606120,391,960109,682,79766,160,1911,620.3 Sacred Heart Hospital of Pensacola58,221,121147,130,933145,593,63787,372,5161,865.5 The Meredian698,4491,415,2181,305,556607,10721.5 West Florida Regional Medical Center41,264,601113,160,31282,085,16540,820,5641,867.2 ESCAMBIA COUNTY TOTALS143,706,777382,098,423338,667,155194,960,3785,374.5 Memorial Hospital-Flagler5,707,62214,165,65210,833,6925,126,070222.7 FLAGLER COUNTY TOTALS5,707,62214,165,65210,833,6925,126,070222.7 Gulf Pines Hospital3,221,5806,022,5935,832,8672,611,287116.9 GULF COUNTY TOTALS3,221,5806,022,5935,832,8672,611,287116.9 Hamilton Medical Center2,253,1824,790,5523,549,9001,296,71884.5 HAMILTON COUNTY TOTALS2,253,1824,790,5523,549,9001,296,71884.5 Florida Hospital/Wauchula2,563,2887,131,0647,125,7234,562,43587.3 HARDEE COUNTY TOTALS2,563,2887,131,0647,125,7234,562,43587.3 Hendry Regional Medical Center5,168,07512,230,12012,136,4436,968,368170.5 HENDRY COUNTY TOTALS5,168,07512,230,12012,136,4436,968,368170.5 Brooksville Regional Hospital9,455,21834,127,16931,366,31721,911,099330.1 Greenbrier Hospital2,111,0694,263,4264,243,4262,132,35793.7 Oak Hill Hospital21,281,11863,375,85252,550,73231,269,614889.4 Spring Hill Regional Hospital8,353,85732,331,19829,811,42021,457,563286.7 HERNANDO COUNTY TOTALS41,201,262134,097,645117,971,89576,770,6331,599.9


27 Appendix C. Selected Financial Data and Full-time Employee Equivalents (FTEs), Florida Hospitals by County, Fiscal Year 1997 (continued). Total Operating & Total Total Operating Non-operating Operating Expenses excl. Hospital Total Salaries Expenses Ex penses Salaries FTEs Florida Hospital Heartland Medical Center16,763,36948,284,27640,077,54723,314,178715.2 Highlands Regional Medical Center9,587,51731,177,55028,761,68219,174,165303.2 HIGHLANDS COUNTY TOTALS26,350,88679,461,82668,839,22942,488,3431,018.4 Brandon Regional Medical Center35,192,79888,590,89970,183,45134,990,6531,243.4 Charter Behavioral Health System of Tampa Bay3,352,9267,891,7877,280,2733,927,347178.4 H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Ctr/Rsrch Inst35,033,91694,738,81387,397,74652,363,8301,032.7 Memorial Hospital of Tampa11,506,72042,543,72940,115,90328,609,183376.6 South Bay Hospital11,533,39329,225,62523,706,90212,173,509423.4 St. Joseph's Hospital, Inc.108,098,524274,144,771252,901,998144,803,4743,414.0 Tampa General Hospital101,493,513287,413,797285,808,418184,314,9052,990.7 Town & Country Hospital10,269,94533,748,50032,465,43622,195,491328.8 University Community Hospital61,093,250141,466,360137,394,88376,301,6331,974.6 University Community Hospital at Carrollwood11,228,67023,228,60521,428,68010,200,010361.0 Vencor Hospital-Central Tampa11,087,81027,340,00323,518,48712,430,677389.5 Vencor Hospital-Tampa5,947,68616,724,8443,201,075-2,746,611307.0 HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY TOTALS405,839,1511,067,057,733985,403,253579,564,10213,020.1 Doctors' Memorial Hospital2,422,7116,053,8595,747,5083,324,79782.2 HOLMES COUNTY TOTALS2,422,7116,053,8595,747,5083,324,79782.2 Healthsouth Treasure Coast Rehabilitation Hosp.7,871,57619,821,19418,285,30110,413,725243.5 Indian River Memorial Hospital36,714,24791,265,05484,193,16047,478,9131,070.0 Sebastian River Medical Center11,446,26833,066,63930,504,39019,058,122343.3 INDIAN RIVER COUNTY TOTALS56,032,091144,152,887132,982,85176,950,7601,656.8 Campbellton-Graceville Hospital1,831,0473,512,6833,240,4941,409,44791.6 Jackson Hospital10,036,45223,638,38123,614,00913,577,557322.4 Sunland Marianna Cox Medical Svc. Ctr.1,278,9441,562,1121,441,068162,12439.0 JACKSON COUNTY TOTALS13,146,44328,713,17628,295,57115,149,128453.0 Florida Hospital Waterman27,123,60759,177,41439,500,16512,376,5581,168.0 Lifestream Behavioral Center1,918,9663,732,9573,443,7001,524,73497.8 South Lake Hospital6,503,30414,613,14413,207,2896,703,985215.2 Walton Regional Hospital29,955,33678,438,67572,360,66442,405,328931.4 LAKE COUNTY TOTALS65,501,213155,962,190128,511,81863,010,6052,412.4


28 Appendix C. Selected Financial Data and Full-time Employee Equivalents (FTEs), Florida Hospitals by County, Fiscal Year 1997 (continued). Total Operating & Total Total Operating Non-operating Operating Expenses excl. Hospital Total Salaries Expenses Ex penses Salaries FTEs Cape Coral Hospital22,184,59963,506,50458,585,54836,400,949696.7 Charter Glade Behavioral Health Center3,579,6588,952,5338,258,8244,679,166130.5 East Pointe Hospital7,316,85821,454,90516,273,5938,956,735283.0 Gulf Coast Hospital10,255,12132,652,40913,402,5333,147,412473.9 Lee Memorial Health System75,232,709182,893,695168,721,73393,489,0242,296.2 South West Florida Regional Medical Center44,257,247134,391,47897,829,58453,572,3371,696.2 LEE COUNTY TOTALS162,826,192443,851,524363,071,816200,245,6245,576.5 Eastside Psychiatric Hospital964,9571,991,3171,837,015872,05840.4 Healthsouth Rehabilitation Hospital of Tallahassee7,150,28215,896,35314,664,5867,514,304208.9 Tallahassee Community Hospital16,167,68548,053,55936,968,41120,800,726653.6 Tallahassee Memorial Hospital88,469,898189,670,904183,642,06095,172,1622,882.5 Wateroak Specialty Hospital535,669939,663866,851331,18228.0 LEON COUNTY TOTALS113,288,491256,551,796237,978,922124,690,4313,813.4 Nature Coast Regional Health Network3,966,8619,001,8088,304,2814,337,420124.4 LEVY COUNTY TOTALS3,966,8619,001,8088,304,2814,337,420124.4 Madison County Memorial Hospital2,095,2083,774,0063,231,2601,136,05293.4 MADISON COUNTY TOTALS2,095,2083,774,0063,231,2601,136,05293.4 Blake Medical Center30,649,10780,543,74167,791,97137,142,8641,076.5 Charter Behavioral Health System at Manatee1,990,2654,280,6813,948,9821,958,71775.4 Glen Oaks Hospital1,233,2052,364,2952,181,092947,88747.7 Manatee Memorial Hospital35,482,183106,162,08299,844,94564,362,7621,266.8 MANATEE COUNTY TOTALS69,354,760193,350,799173,766,990104,412,2302,466.4 Charter Springs Hospital2,888,1567,371,8306,800,6063,912,450112.1 Munroe Regional Medical Center48,909,836118,187,735113,954,20465,044,3681,480.3 Ocala Regional Medical Center29,949,04891,042,62778,831,39248,882,3441,071.1 MARION COUNTY TOTALS81,747,040216,602,192199,586,202117,839,1622,663.5 Martin Memorial Medical Center56,214,205126,890,543117,058,12160,843,9161,574.9 MARTIN COUNTY TOTALS56,214,205126,890,543117,058,12160,843,9161,574.9


29 Appendix C. Selected Financial Data and Full-time Employee Equivalents (FTEs), Florida Hospitals by County, Fiscal Year 1997 (continued). Total Operating & Total Total Operating Non-operating Operating Expenses excl. Hospital Total Salaries Expenses Ex penses Salaries FTEs 45Th Street Mental Health Ctr.1,703,1492,767,5042,553,057849,90864.8 A.G. Holley State Hospital4,227,6628,146,8198,129,0633,901,401171.0 Bethesda Memorial Hospital39,692,548103,976,380100,744,38861,051,8401,250.9 Boca Raton Community Hospital54,872,934137,982,437137,960,74783,087,8131,586.7 Columbia Hospital20,225,19952,611,34550,297,25330,072,054627.5 Delray Medical Center36,946,081108,571,635102,667,07465,720,9931,086.6 Everglades Regional Medical Center8,970,44919,096,84117,617,0768,646,627322.1 Fair Oaks Hospital3,178,9997,800,4157,195,9814,016,982101.6 Glades General Hospital6,482,91615,211,88314,033,1537,550,237214.0 Good Samaritan Medical Center36,062,953101,390,16399,199,88163,136,9281,050.9 JFK Medical Center49,123,661156,366,093142,665,19293,541,5311,517.8 Jupiter Medical Center22,752,90762,799,13244,636,40221,883,495923.7 Palm Beach Gardens Medical Ctr.24,442,53782,945,64982,622,55458,180,017654.1 Palms West Hospital8,112,15821,802,75019,828,26511,716,107441.5 Pinecrest Rehab. Hospital at Delray10,503,09324,177,27819,688,6369,185,543306.0 St. Mary's Medical Center61,856,211150,457,739146,064,89584,208,6841,712.4 Wellington Regional Medical Center12,087,68134,734,04831,792,09619,704,415398.6 West Boca Medical Center17,034,04654,781,39352,643,87735,609,831520.6 PALM BEACH COUNTY TOTALS418,275,1841,145,619,5041,080,339,590662,064,40612,950.8 Charter Behavioral Health System Pasco2,234,2455,543,9815,114,3922,880,14766.2 Community Hospital of New Port Richey31,555,30078,642,70872,917,38541,362,0851,103.0 East Pasco Medical Center17,786,06546,759,02846,284,96028,498,895581.9 North Bay Medical Center10,680,94226,548,11624,490,97113,810,029338.6 Pasco Community Hospital10,400,22628,069,71519,504,2689,104,042423.5 Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point33,322,337106,686,63994,091,92560,769,5881,207.1 PASCO COUNTY TOTALS105,979,115292,250,187262,403,901156,424,7863,720.3


30 Appendix C. Selected Financial Data and Full-time Employee Equivalents (FTEs), Florida Hospitals by County, Fiscal Year 1997 (continued). Total Operating & Total Total Operating Non-operating Operating Expenses excl. Hospital Total Salaries Expenses Exp enses Salaries FTEs All Children's Hospital60,616,186133,985,676123,603,47162,987,2851,666.3 Bayfront Medical Center56,410,825141,031,119140,856,58684,445,7611,719.6 Charter Behavioral Health System Largo3,014,5426,567,0786,493,4093,478,86770.4 Clearwater Community Hospital7,153,31822,327,27018,212,70011,059,382280.3 Edward White Hospital10,374,60428,698,04820,466,50210,091,898385.7 Healthsouth Rehabilitation Hospital7,436,19713,348,71512,314,3574,878,160210.0 Helen Ellis Memorial Hospital22,127,86856,207,38251,852,01729,724,149753.9 Largo Medical Center23,714,26769,194,08555,270,79731,556,530882.0 Mease Hospitals45,656,096104,181,22996,108,49450,452,3981,362.9 Morton Plant Hospital73,598,803172,256,147158,908,46285,309,6592,171.1 Northside Hospital & Heart Institute21,190,74863,133,62550,004,60128,813,853811.9 Palms of Pasadena Hospital20,035,81056,171,71048,022,19127,986,381686.1 St. Anthony's Hospital, Inc.33,364,91583,983,69883,924,14950,559,2341,147.8 St. Petersburg General Hospital16,073,84844,662,21833,848,87217,775,024600.6 Sun Coast Healthcare20,986,80953,157,79149,038,73128,051,922677.5 University General Hospital3,302,41812,977,7108,860,8505,558,432180.9 Vencor Hospital-St. Petersburg3,818,1279,013,8718,315,4094,497,282118.8 PINELLAS COUNTY TOTALS428,875,3811,070,897,372966,101,597537,226,21613,725.8 Bartow Memorial Hospital5,837,51215,819,29815,619,6929,782,180211.1 Heart of Florida Regional Medical Center7,541,16220,747,07420,678,36813,137,206317.7 Lake Wales Medical Centers, Inc.10,924,47820,271,23318,700,4677,775,989404.4 Lakeland Regional Medical Center91,809,428218,768,441201,816,638110,007,2102,381.7 Winter Haven Hospital64,981,236132,329,282122,075,42757,094,1912,229.1 POLK COUNTY TOTALS181,093,816407,935,328378,890,592197,796,7765,544.0 Putnam Medical Center13,915,60639,191,40435,503,09221,587,486535.1 PUTNAM COUNTY TOTALS13,915,60639,191,40435,503,09221,587,486535.1 Jay Hospital2,845,4047,381,3695,797,0612,951,657154.1 Santa Rosa Medical Center8,636,85225,036,95123,153,17714,516,325312.3 West Florida Community Care Ctr.3,340,3985,442,3705,020,6551,680,257127.1 SANTA ROSA COUNTY TOTALS14,822,65437,860,69033,970,89319,148,239593.5 Bon Secours Venice Hospital35,575,41883,834,22783,378,16647,802,7481,125.4 Doctors Hospital of Sarasota25,129,07173,795,17057,319,52232,190,451952.7 Englewood Community Hospital10,182,40531,636,73017,711,3507,528,945501.5 Healthsouth Rehabilitation Hospital of Sarasota6,542,89317,397,26516,049,1969,506,303307.5 Sarasota Memorial Hospital91,957,835253,603,389253,072,320161,114,4852,609.7 SARASOTA COUNTY TOTALS169,387,622460,266,781427,530,554258,142,9325,496.8


31 Appendix C. Selected Financial Data and Full-time Employee Equivalents (FTEs), Florida Hospitals by County, Fiscal Year 1997 (continued). Total Operating & Total Total Operating Non-operating Operating Expenses excl. Hospital Total Salaries Expenses Exp enses Salaries FTEs Central Florida Regional Hospital22,826,65963,168,72644,744,53021,917,871893.0 South Seminole Hospital15,591,25335,630,35232,883,62417,292,371461.1 SEMINOLE COUNTY TOTALS38,417,91298,799,07877,628,15439,210,2421,354.1 Flagler Hospital24,978,29563,992,01659,033,43934,055,144827.7 ST. JOHNS COUNTY TOTALS24,978,29563,992,01659,033,43934,055,144827.7 Lawnwood Regional Medical Center36,856,331101,704,99494,633,03557,776,7041,166.5 Savannas Hospital5,119,45711,190,14910,323,0535,203,596160.2 St. Lucie Medical Center18,685,51755,179,83942,088,09623,402,579707.9 ST. LUCIE COUNTY TOTALS60,661,305168,074,982147,044,18486,382,8792,034.6 Shands at Live Oak2,723,7646,505,8606,506,0473,782,283108.9 SUWANNEE COUNTY TOTALS2,723,7646,505,8606,506,0473,782,283108.9 Doctors Memorial Hospital5,338,01211,072,36710,214,3984,876,386155.0 TAYLOR COUNTY TOTALS5,338,01211,072,36710,214,3984,876,386155.0 North Florida Reception Ctr Hospital12,574,22125,623,36223,637,87411,063,653284.0 Ramadan Hand Institute Lake Butler Hosp.2,543,4754,221,2862,922,965379,490105.4 UNION COUNTY TOTALS15,117,69629,844,64826,560,83911,443,143389.4 Atlantic Medical Center Daytona10,030,36930,747,99625,792,79915,762,430351.0 Atlantic Medical Center Ormond8,737,36624,408,49214,985,5246,248,158414.0 Bert Fish Medical Center12,929,16837,287,44236,108,31623,179,148458.6 Florida Hospital Fish Memorial12,594,85337,885,34036,782,07524,187,222392.1 Halifax Community Health System66,761,258181,945,850167,847,334101,086,0762,047.4 Memorial Hospital Ormond Beach28,076,40175,603,19669,744,89941,668,498816.0 Memorial Hospital-West Volusia22,741,43348,414,59544,663,07321,921,640550.3 VOLUSIA COUNTY TOTALS161,870,848436,292,911395,924,020234,053,1725,029.4 Walton Regional Hospital3,733,8828,154,4947,522,6233,788,741151.8 WALTON COUNTY TOTALS3,733,8828,154,4947,522,6233,788,741151.8 Northwest Florida Community Hospital3,939,78810,181,2135,658,8381,719,050267.5 WASHINGTON COUNTY TOTALS3,939,78810,181,2135,658,8381,719,050267.5


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