Financial services study questionnaire

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Financial services study questionnaire

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Financial services study questionnaire
University of South Florida. Center for Economic Development Research
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[Tampa, Fla
University of South Florida. Center for Economic Development Research
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Financial services industry -- Florida -- Tampa Bay (Fla.) ( lcsh )
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Title from PDF of caption (viewed Sept. 17, 2009).
General Note:
Questionnaire developed by the Center for Economic Development Research and sent to financial services firms in the Tampa Bay Region as part of a study of the financial services industry in the area.

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Financial services study questionnaire
h [electronic resource].
[Tampa, Fla. :
b Center for Economic Development Research, College of Business Administration, University of South Florida,
1 online resource ([13] p.) :
Title from PDF of caption (viewed Sept. 17, 2009).
Questionnaire developed by the Center for Economic Development Research and sent to financial services firms in the Tampa Bay Region as part of a study of the financial services industry in the area.
Financial services industry
z Florida
Tampa Bay Region.
2 710
University of South Florida.
Center for Economic Development Research.
1 8 773
t Center for Economic Development Research (CEDR) Collection
4 856


Financial Services Study Questionnaire What? This questionnaire is the core of the first comprehensive study of the Financial Services Industry in Tampa Bay The study is important for understanding the types of firms that make up the regional Financial Services Industry and for determining its labor force and real estate needs. Employment in Financial and Business Services has risen by 27,400 over a year earlier, creating more new jobs than any other sector except services. We know that your time is valuable, but ask that you take this opportunity to help us gain comprehensive knowledge of our areaÂ’s Financial Services Industry. The insights gained will be helpful in Tampa Bay areaÂ’s economic development efforts and in your firmÂ’s business planning and decision-making. Who? This study is sponsored by the College of Business Administration at the University of South Florida. The questionnaire was developed and is being administered by the Center for Economic Development Research (CEDR) at the College. Representatives from the Tampa Bay financial services industry and from local economic development agencies in Tampa Bay helped CEDR in the design of the study and of the questionnaire. Why? Together we have identified region-wide information crucial to the continued competitiveness of Tampa Bay's expanding financial services cluster. This questionnaire is designed to gather this information. How? The University will treat information gathered from your company as confidential. Combined with information from other firms it will be analyzed and disseminated to responding firms in a report. The report will: Generate useful information for your firm and for local public administrators, educators, workforce and public service organizations, and other segments of the infrastructure that support regional growth and development in financial services. Provide an accurate estimate of the economic impact of the financial services industry on employment, income and welfare in Tampa Bay. Provide information on local business conditions as they affect financial services firms in Tampa Bay. Data, including information on operating costs real estate costs and workforce availability and utilization in the financial services industry, will help your firm's human resources and strategic planning operations. Where? The study encompasses the seven counties in USF's service area: Hernando, Hillsborough, Pasco, Pinellas, Polk, Manatee, and Sarasota counties. We refer to these seven counties as Tampa Bay When? We hope to receive responses from your firm within 10 business days. After that time a representative from CEDR will call to offer assistance and answer questions. CEDR hopes to have collected all data by the end of February 2000. CEDR will analyze the data and anticipates issuing a report by year-end. In appreciation of your help, we will send you a complimentary copy of the report. A copy of the questionnaire is located on CEDR's website: Also on line is a list of abbreviated NAICS business code definitions. We hope that we can count on your support. If you have any questions or comments, please contact us at: CEDR-USF Downtown CenterPhone: 905-5851 1101 Channelside Driveemail: 2nd Floor North Tampa, Florida 33602 Sincerely, The FSSG and the staff of CEDR Please enter your name and your title,Name:___________________________________ and your company.Title:__________________________________ Company ______________________________________


A. List of questions: 1. How long has your firm had a presence in Tampa Bay?! One year or less! Two to 5 years! Six to 10 years! Over 10 years Questions that follow are directed toward the business organization located in Tampa Bay that you work for. Please do not include information on other units of the firm or on the parent firm located outside of the Tampa Bay area. 2. Relationship of your business organization to the parent company.! Headquarters and main place of business for the firm.! Headquarters of the firm! Corporate Divisional/Regional/Other Headquarters! Branch facility/division/office of the firm! Subsidiary of the firm! Independent franchise of another firm 3. Location of your firm's headquarters. If your business operation is not the firm headquarters, where is the headquarters of the firm located? If your business organization is headquarters, skip this question. In the seven county Tampa Bay study area! Florida location outside of Tampa Bay! Southeastern US outside of Florida! Northeastern US! Midwest US! Southwest US! Mountain states or Far West US! Caribbean/Latin America! Europe! Asia! Other 4. What is the organization form of your business?! Sole proprietorship! Partnership! Limited partnership! Sub-chapter S corporation! Corporation! Other!


5. Describing the business activities of your business organization.Note: Question 5 is designed to provide a picture of the financial services industry in Tampa Bay. Business descriptions are consistent with the new North American Industrial Classification System (NAICS). Please list all activities in parts 5a, 5b, and 5c that your organization engages inside the Tampa Bay area. Also list all activities that your parent company engages in outside the Tampa Bay area. An addendum of NAICS industries, and an electronic copy of the questionnaire itself, can be found at the following web address: If your business organization engages in financial activities check all appropriate boxes below. Your Business Parent Activities Inside Tampa Bay Outside Tampa Bay" Commercial banking (52211) !! Savings institutions (52212) !! Credit unions (52213) !! Credit card issuing (52221) !! Sales financing (52222) !! Consumer lending (522291) !! Real estate credit (522292) !! International trade financing (522293) !! Secondary market financing (52294) !! Other non-depository credit intermediation (52229) !! Mortgage and non-mortgage loan brokers (52231) !! Financial transactions processing, reserve, and clearinghouse activities (52232) !! Other credit activities related to credit intermediation (52239) !! Investment banking and securities dealing (52311) !! Securities brokerage (52312) !! Commodity contracts dealing (52313) !! Commodity contracts brokerage (52314) !! " Securities and commodities exchanges (5232) !!


" Portfolio management (52392) !! Investment advice (52393) !! Trust, fiduciary and custody activities (523991) !! Direct life, health, and medical insurance carriers (52411) !! Direct insurance (except life, health and medical) carriers (52412) !! Reinsurance carriers (52413) !! Insurance agencies and brokerages (52421) !! Other insurance related activities (52429 !! Pension funds (52511) !! Other insurance funds (52519) !! Open-end investment funds (52591) !! Trusts, estates, and agency accounts (52592) !! Real estate investment trusts (52593) !! Other financial vehicles (52599) !! Lessors of real estate (5311) !! Offices of real estate agents and brokers (53121) !! Activities related to real estate (5313) !!


If your business organization engages in professional, scientific, technical, or administrative services, check the appropriate boxes below.Your Business Parent Activities Inside Tampa Bay Outside Tampa Bay" Legal services (5411) !! Accounting, tax preparation, bookkeeping, and payroll services (5412) !! Architectural, engineering, and related services (5413) !! Specialized design services (5414) !! Computer systems design and related services (5415) !! Management, scientific, and technical consulting services (5416) !! Advertising and related services (5418) !! Other professional, scientific or technical services (5419) !! Office administrative services (5611) !! Facilities support services (5612) !! Employment services (5613) !! Business support services (5614) !! Travel arrangement and reservation services (5615) !! Investigative and security services (5616) !! Services to buildings and dwellings (5617) !! Other support services (5619) !!


If your business organization engages in information services, check the appropriate boxes below.Your Business Parent Activities Inside Tampa Bay Outside Tampa Bay" Publishing industries (511) !! Motion picture and sound recording industries (512) !! Radio and television broadcasting (5131) !! Cable networks and program distribution (5132) !! Wired telecommunications carriers (51331) !! Wireless telecommunications carriers (except satellite) (51332) !! Telecommunications resellers (51333) !! Satellite telecommunications (51334) !! Other telecommunications (51339) !! Information services (5141) !! Data processing services (5142) !! 6. From question 5, please write the NAICS code of your business organizationÂ’s # primary activity, measured by employment_____________________________ # second most important activity, measured by employment_________________# third most important activity, measured by employment __________________ 7. How many persons does your establishment employ? a. Full-time ________________ b. Part time _________________ c. Temporary/Outsourced workers (employed through another firm) ______________


8. Are your temporary/outsourced workers primarily seasonal? Yes No. If yes, what season? Jan-MarApr-JunJul-SepOct-Dec 9. If your organization hires temporary workers, please indicate the percentages of temps employed in: Temporary clerical workers/Total temporary workers ________ Temporary technical workers/Total temporary workers__________" Temporary professional workers/Total temporary workers ________10. How many additional positions is your business organization actively seeking to fill at this time? _______________________________________ The FSSG has determined the major information requirement of firms in or related to financial services in the Tampa Bay area concerns business workforce issues. Please report the following information on your workforce. 11. Provide an approximate breakdown of your employees by the duties that they perform, showing the number of employees in each category. (Categories are consistent with those used in the US Department of Labor's National Compensation Survey.) Column a lists technical and management personnel, and column b lists administrative support personnel. a. Technical and Management Personnelb. Administrative Support! Engineers___________Supervisors _________! Mathematical and computer scientists___________Computer operators _________! Lawyers___________ Financial analysts _________! Other technical professionals___________Clerks _________! Financial Executives/ Managers___________Secretaries _________! Other Executives, managers andCustomer service administrators___________ representatives _________! Accountants and auditors___________! Personnel and training officers___________! Sales supervisors and representatives___________


12. Does your business organization include! A call center for customer service! A call center for technical support! A call center engaged in direct marketing of products or services! A call center engaged in sales and order-taking 13. If you checked one or more of the boxes in question 12, indicate how many employees work in the call center. ___________________________________ 14. This question is designed to describe the relationships between the Tampa Bay financial services industry and its suppliers and customers. Please indicate whether your firm provides or receives goods and services from the following industry groups.a. Does your business organization purchase goods or services from: [Check all that apply]Tampa BayFirms located outside Businesses of Tampa Bay Utilities (22)________________ Construction (23)________________ Manufacturing industries (31-33)________________ Couriers (4921)________________ Publishing, motion picture, and sound recording (511,512)________________ Broadcasting and telecommunications (513)________________ Information services and data processing services (514)________________ Credit Intermediaries (522)________________ Securities commodity contracts other investments (532)________________ Insurance Carriers (524)________________ Funds, trusts, other investment vehicles (525)________________ Insurance, Real Estate Agencies, Brokerage (5242)________________ Real estate (531)________________ Non-real estate rental & leasing services (532)________________ Professional, scientific, and technical services (541)________________ Management of companies and enterprises (551)________________ Administrative and support services (561)________________ Educational Services (611)________________


b. Does your business organization sell goods or services to: [Check all that apply]Tampa BayFirms located outside Businesses of Tampa Bay Utilities (22)________________ Construction (23)________________ Manufacturing industries (31-33)________________ Couriers (4921)________________ Publishing, motion picture, and sound recording (511,512)________________ Broadcasting and telecommunications (513)________________ Information services and data processing services (514)________________ Credit Intermediaries (522)________________ Securities commodity contracts other investments (532)________________ Insurance Carriers (524)________________ Funds, trusts, other investment vehicles (525)________________ Real estate (531)________________ Non-real estate rental & leasing services (532)________________ Professional, scientific, and technical services (541)________________ Management of companies and enterprises (551)________________ Administrative and support services (561)________________ Educational Services (611)________________15. Please provide an estimate of the percentage workforce in your Tampa Bay business organization whose primary function is to provide service to customers who are located outside of the Tampa Bay region. _________________%. (This data is crucial to estimating the impact of the industry on the Bay area.)


16. Please provide an estimate of the percentage of your business activities in Tampa Bay that supports customers! Located outside of the United States. _________________%.! Can you specify your foreign customer base? What percentage of your business comes from:$ Canada____________%$ Mexico and Central America____________%$ Caribbean____________%$ Other Latin America_____________%$ Europe_____________%$ Middle East_____________%$ Asia or Australia _____________%$ Africa _____________% In items 16-20, please report the following information for the two major personnel groups: a. Technical & Management and b. Administrative Support Technical and ManagementAdministrative Support 17. Most employees fall into which age group?18-2418-24 25-3425-34 35-4435-44 over 45over 45 18. Most employees have achieved what level of education? High school12 years 12 years Junior College14 years14 years College16 years16 years Post Graduateover 16 yearsover 16 years 19. Most employees have how many years experience in their current job?Under 2Under 2 2 52 5 6 106 10 11 2011 20 over 20over 20


Technical and ManagementAdministrative Support 20. Percent of labor force commuting from:City of Tampa_______________ East/South Hillsborough County_______________ North Hillsborough County_______________ West Polk County_______________ East Polk County_______________ City of St. Petersburg_______________ Clearwater_______________ Pinellas other than St. Petersburg And Clearwater_______________ Pasco County_______________ Hernando County_______________ Bradenton/Sarasota_______________21. Do distances and/or commuting times pose a large obstacle to your business organizationÂ’s attracting and keeping qualified employees? Yes ______No_______ 22. Does your firm offer the following types of employee incentives? [Check all that apply] a. Health insurance b. Dental insurance c. Retirement plans! Profit sharing/ESOP plans! Defined contributions! Defined benefits! 401k! Performance bonuses! Other ________________________________________ 23. Hiring and promotion programs. Does your business organization offer:! EmployeesÂ’ in-house training courses for skill development?! Financial support to attend professional development and certification courses?! Tuition support for employeesÂ’ education supplied by private and/or public educational institutions?! Formal promotion and/or career development programs?! Bonuses for bringing in new employees?! Other __________________________________


24. Work practices and on-site amenities. Does your firm offer on-site or off-site! Day care facilities! Exercise facilities! Banking or other services! Dining facilities! Other __________________________________________________ 25. Work schedules and flexible hours, commuting. Does your firm offer! Four day work-week (40 hours in 10 hour workdays)! Flexible hours (arrive early, leave late, etc.)! Telecommuting! Commuting facilities or financial support for commuting 26. When was the last time that your organization added, deleted, or changed locations where employees worked?! One year or less! Two to 5 years! Five to 10 years! Over 10 years 27. We recognize that many businesses may occupy more than one building and/or have a presence at more than one location in Tampa Bay However, please try to answer this question to the best of your knowledge about the facility(ies) of you company. What type of physical facility(ies) does your business organization occupy? [Check all that apply]Square feet occupied Owned/Leased?! High rise office tower (Over 10 floors) _________________________! Mid-rise office block (3-9 floors) _________________________! Low rise stand-alone building _________________________! Low-rise office center_________________________! Shopping center_________________________! Purpose built campus_________________________! Other_________________________28. Is your business organization the sole occupant one or more buildings? (circle one) Yes No 29. Has your organization invested in equipment designed to insure continuous service or for disaster recovery of electrical power and/or communications services? YES __________NO ____________


30. What is the highest level of internet service provider used by your firm? (ergo: T-1 lines, T-3 lines, microwave, other. Your firm's information officer should be able to provide this information.) _________________________________________________________ 31. Who is your internet service provider?_____________________________________ 32. Please rank in your opinion, the most important reasons why your business organization is located in Tampa Bay One (1) is most important and six (6) is least important. Labor costs_______ Skilled labor force ________ Low real estate costs/land availability __________ Telecommunications infrastructure _________ To be near other types of suppliers of goods or services ________ (Specify)________ Economic development incentive package __________ To be near local customer base _________


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