Morpho sp. #3 data sheet : Morpho sp. [images]

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Morpho sp. #3 data sheet  :   Morpho sp. [images]

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Morpho sp. #3 data sheet : Morpho sp. [images]
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Hoja de datos #3 de Morpho sp. : [Imágenes] de Morpho sp
Prior, Jason
Prior, Matthew
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Subjects / Keywords:
Macrofungi ( lcsh )
Macrohongos ( lcsh )
Fungi--Morphology ( lcsh )
Hongos--Morfologia ( lcsh )
Microhabitats ( lcsh )
Microhabitats ( lcsh )
Monteverde Biological Station (Costa Rica)
Estacion Biologica de Monteverde (Costa Rica)
Costa Rica--Puntarenas--Monteverde Zone--Cerro Plano
Costa Rica--Puntarenas--Zona de Monteverde--Cerro Plano
CIEE Summer 2006
CIEE Verano 2006


Specimen data sheet and accompanying images of Morpho [sp.] #3 (basic form : toadstool) in a macrofungal abundance and distribution study done during the wet season in Monteverde, Costa Rica. ( , )
Muestra la hoja de datos y las imágenes de acompañamiento de Morpho [sp.] #3 (forma básica) en una abundancia de macrohongos y un estudio de la distribución realizada durante la temporada lluviosa en Monteverde, Costa Rica
Student affiliation : Department of Biology, Central Michigan University
Born Digital

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Monteverde Institute
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Monteverde Institute
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M39-00334 ( USFLDC DOI )
m39.334 ( USFLDC Handle )

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Prior, Jason
Hoja de datos #3 de Morpho sp.: [Imgenes] de Morpho sp.
Morpho sp. #3 data sheet: Morpho sp. [images]
c 2006-08
Born Digital
3 520
Specimen data sheet and accompanying images of Morpho [sp.] #3 (basic form : toadstool) in a macrofungal abundance and distribution study done during the wet season in Monteverde, Costa Rica.
Muestra la hoja de datos y las imgenes de acompaamiento de Morpho [sp.] #3 (forma bsica) en una abundancia de macrohongos y un estudio de la distribucin realizada durante la temporada lluviosa en Monteverde, Costa Rica
Text in English.
Macrofungi--Costa Rica--Estacin Biolgica de Monteverde
Fungi--Morphology--Costa Rica
Fungi--Taxonomy and ecology
Microhabitats--Costa Rica--Puntarenas--Monteverde Zone
Macrohongos--Costa Rica--Estacin Biolgica de Monteverde
Hongos--Morfologa--Costa Rica
Hongos-Taxonoma y ecologa
Microhbitats--Costa Rica--Puntarenas--Zona de Monteverde
Tropical Ecology 2006
Ecologa Tropical 2006
Prior, Matthew
t Monteverde Institute : Tropical Ecology
M39-00065-- Macrofungal abundance and distribution during the wet season in Monteverde; M39-00066--[Macrofungal abundance and distribution during the wet season in Monteverde, Costa Rica--supporting materials--images][ppt]; M39-00067--Clavaria sp. data sheet : Clavaria sp. [images]; M39-00068--Morpho sp. #1 data sheet : Morpho 1 [images]; M39-00069--Morganella fuliginea data sheet : Morganella fuliginea [images]; M39-00070--Scleroderma verrucosum data sheet : Scleroderma verrucosum [images]; M39-00071--Polyporus teniculus data sheet : Polyporus teniculus [images]; M39-00072--Crepidotus sp. data sheet : Crepidotus sp. [images]; M39-00073--Tremella sp. data sheet : Tremella sp. [images]; M39-00074--Lepiota sp. data sheet : Lepiota sp. [images]; M39-00075--Coprinus disseminatus data sheet : Coprinus disseminatus [images]; M39-00076--Coprinus sp. data sheet : Coprinus sp. [images]; M39-00077--Psathyrella sp. data sheet : Psathyrella sp. [images]; M39-00078--Marasmius sp. data sheet : Marasmius sp. [images]; M39-00079--Pluteus sp. #1 data sheet : Pluteus sp. [images]; M39-00080--Pluteus sp. #2 data sheet : Pluteus sp. [images]; M39-00081--Gymnopus sp. data sheet : Gymnopus sp. [images]; M39-00082--Hygrocybe miniata data sheets : Hygrocybe miniata [images]; M39-00083--Mycena sp. data sheet : Mycena sp. [images]; M39-00084Tricholomataceae [sp.] #1 data sheet : Tricholomataceae [sp.] #1 [images]; M39-00085--Tricholomataceae [sp.] #2 data sheet : Tricholomataceae [sp.] #2 [images]; M39-00086--Tricholomataceae [sp.]#3 data sheet : Tricholomataceae [sp.] #3 [images]; M39-00087Tricholomataceae [sp.] #4 data sheet : Tricholomataceae [sp.] #4 [images]; M39-00088Tricholomataceae [sp.] #5 data sheet : Tricholomataceae [sp.] #5 [images]; M39-00089--Tricholomataceae [sp.] #6 data sheet : Tricholomataceae [sp.] #6 [images]; M39-00090Tricholomataceae [sp.] #7 data sheet : Tricholomataceae [sp.] #7 [images]; M39-00091--Tricholomataceae [sp.] #8 data sheet : Tricholomataceae [sp.] #8 [images]; M39-00092--Morpho sp. #2 data sheet : Morpho 2 [images]; M39-00093--Morpho sp. #3 data sheet : Morpho 3 [images]; M39-00094--Morpho sp. #4 data sheet : Morpho 4 [images]; M39-00095--Morpho sp. #5 data sheet (very weird sample) : Morpho 5 [images]; M39-00096--Alphabetical species list; M39-00097--Families and species of fungi included in the database
i Related document;


Morpho sp. #3 Data Sheet Date: July 20, 2006 Time: 10:00 am Weather conditions: mostly sunny with a few clouds Microhabitat Conditions: Type of substrate: dead stump Relative humidity: 76% Canopy cover (%): 83.1% Elevation: 1580 m Abundance: 1 (old and decaying, possibly last of f ruiting species for season; many other fruiting bodies were observed 2 weeks be fore on the same stump.) Observed growth habit: solitary Morphological Characteristics: Basic form: Toadstool Shape of pileus: mamillate Diameter of pileus: 22 mm Presence of stipe: yes Shape of stipe: equal but curved up coming from st ump If no stipe, length and width of pileus: N/A Color of mature sample: dark brown Color of young sample: N/A Shape of margin (using longitudinal section): decu rved Texture of margin: ragged (possibly striate before decaying) Surface texture of pileus: smooth with ribs; howev er decaying badly Color of Context: dark brown


Hymenium or fertile surface characteristics: Color: brown (a bit lighter Texture: gilled Type of juncture with stipe (for those with la mellae): adnexed Space between gills: close Stipe characteristics: Size: 28 mm Color: same as cap (dark brown) Position: central Presence of annulus: none Location of annulus: N/A Color of annulus: N/A Presence of volva: none Shape of volva: N/A Color of volva: N/A Texture of volva: N/A Color of spore print: not able to produce Color of bruising: none


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