Monteverde water in danger

Monteverde water in danger

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Monteverde water in danger
Translated Title:
Agua de Monteverde en peligro
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Santa Elena, Monteverde


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Potable water
Agua potable
Communication Report
Comunicado de Prensa
Water in danger
Agua en peligro
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Agua de Monteverde en peligro.
Monteverde water in danger.
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Santa Elena, Monteverde
Books / Reports / Directories
2 local
Potable water
Agua potable
Communication Report
Comunicado de Prensa
Water in danger
Agua en peligro
Scanned by Monteverde Institute.
The State of Water in Monteverde, Costa Rica: A Resource Inventory.
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MONTEVERDE WATER IN DANGER Monteverde is known worldwide for the biodiversity in its cloud forests, its beauty and the ecological and conservationist awareness of its inhabitants. This has been a matter of pride and provided the impulse for the developm e nt of ecotourism in the area, w hich today is one of the m ost v is ited places in Costa Rica. In fact, many people hear about Monteverde before they realize it is in Costa Rica. Unfortunately, not all of the citizens and business people share the sam e res pec t for nature, and feelings of pride in the conservation of the nature that surrounds us. Some neighbors seem to have forgotten that water is a nonrenewable resource, and intend to appropriate the water in our stream s, water that belongs to our children and the planet. This greed has led them to acquire concessions and permissions granted without transparency, that will permit them to develop bus iness es at the cost of our water sources, where many species of flora and fauna live that are in danger of e xtinction. This group of business people ca pably camouflaged in their contacts with various government entities as “sm all farmers” were able to acquire benefits granted to small farmers in need of water resources to produce a living. WE ASK YOU TO JO IN US IN OUR FIGHT TO PROTECT MOTHER NATURE. Some of us have tried to dialog with this group of citizens to persuade them to stop the work of tearing up the roads to bury the pipe ( which they had no permission to do at the time) Th is has generated a lo t of conflict including violence. It is im portant to point out that they are supposed to need the water for an irrigation system The big questions are: 1. in the m iddle of a cloud forest, where there are 7 cubic m eters of precipitation yearly in the hi ghest points and 3.5 cubic meters in the lowest points, is irrigation really necessary? F armers in the area are successful only when they use greenhouses to control the excessive hum idity that can ruin their crops. 2. The perm issions they obtained allow the m (the business group) to take 12.65 liters per second from the Quebrada Cuecha, and 5 liters from the Quebrada Maquina. The local water system supplies 16 liters per second to a population of 6000, all of the businesses, and the tourist infrastructure whi ch receives at least 200,000 tourist a year. Could it really be necessary to use such an enormous quantity of water for an irrigation project?


3. If this amount of water is removed from the stream s, what will be the long term effect on the surrounding villag es, especially during dry season? 4. According to water experts, there are various species that live on the banks of the Quebrada Maquina that could disappear if this situation continues. Are we willing to sacrifice these species? The appropriate study of the env ironm ental impact was never carried out, and without it, it is imperative, to obtain the appropriate permissions, to substitute this study with a sworn declaration of environmental v iability (which is not acceptable in the Monteverde area, due to a unique and fragile ecosystem, with endemic populations WE DO NO T WANT TO LOOSE OUR POTABLE WA TER FROM OUR STREAMS. Water is a treasure and during m ore than fifty years we have jealously protected our sources of some of the best water in the world. …… ……………………………………………………………………….. “ 1,400 m illion people don’t have access to potable water. ” “ Less than 1% of the water of the planet is apt for human consum ption ” “ More than 4 million CHILDREN die ev ery year from illness caused by contam inated water. ” “ O ne of every two people in the year 2025 will face difficult living conditions due to the scarcity of water, i f we continue to abuse its use.” Source: Gu ardian Ma gazine, Edition Troubled Water, La Nacin, Viva section, January 13, 2005


PR OPOSAL OF A VI ABLE SOLUTION To av oid a catastrophe of this nature, we are willing to sacrifice whatever it will take, including econom ical considerations We are convinced that it is not necessary to use potable water for irrigation purposes in this or any other pla ce on the planet, especially if there are other options to provide the necessary water. The solution we would like to implem ent is to carry out the necessary investigations to install water treatment plants in our businesses to provide them with treated wa ter. This will provide them with water that is apt for irrigation and not the potable water they are taking now, which will have long lasting and drastic effects on our ecology. This is to prove our serious intentions to maintain a SUSTAINABLE TOURIST DEVELOPMENT and control as m uch as possible the negative im pact of development on the area. Today our theme is: Growth in hand with Mot her Nature. Please join us in our struggle to keep our waterÂ… your support is important!!! Remember we need to do somethingÂ… anythingÂ… but we need to do som ething! Talk it over with your family Speak to your neighbors about it Send an email to your contacts (maybe one of them would support us or have a good idea for us). Tell us what you think. Ju st donÂ’t Â… REMA IN PASSIVE!!! Send your comm ents to the following address:


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