Study of the Circulo Cubano

Study of the Circulo Cubano

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Study of the Circulo Cubano
Federal Writers' Project of the Work Projects Administration for the State of Florida
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[Tampa, Fla.?
Federal Writers' Project of Florida
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58 p. : ;


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Fraternal organizations -- Florida -- Tampa ( lcsh )


Tells the history of Circulo Cubano de Tampa, a club for Cuban immigrants formed in Ybor City in 1899. The club took the name Circulo Cubano in 1902.

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University of South Florida Library
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University of South Florida
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Study of the Circulo Cubano.
[Tampa, Fla.? :
b Federal Writers' Project of Florida,
c 19--?].
58 p.
Tells the history of Circulo Cubano de Tampa, a club for Cuban immigrants formed in Ybor City in 1899. The club took the name Circulo Cubano in 1902.
2 610
Circulo Cubano de Tampa.
Fraternal organizations
z Florida
Federal Writers' Project of the Work Projects Administration for the State of Florida.
1 773
t Tampa WPA Office Papers.
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I I uly 0 l o. t :vt c IJI tl t 0 c:u c hal 0 )\ t o 1 t h or 1 rty r .,,t n n ll l h 11 .io n.:l ot 1 r nt n ric 1 n ... ll Y I I n ')( r. I 1 1 o!' \ll;f 01 l !0!1 or u tu I t ofl' ro I ll o or 11 !n_; \t o o.1.1 r l t .. _;11 in: 1


Th1e revolut1onnry war ten yeurs an dwn3 l aps e of t1rno man.y roturnoo to r;nhtl to join thr.J rBbel army. Ua.ey of thoso w ho lett Cubo e c l !nrntl1 s l! duC1 1 telf cotabll!lhed in -che oount1 \1lJ1oh hl).d t;ra.ntod therll shelter nnd \ orlc Thill wnr t ln15h,ll in tho 'JOUl. l..\7!3 th o. troat7 in ZMJon Ev o n yot mfl.n:f i )U.trl.ote 1'\0t in aooord :tith th, oo 1Uo!1!l oi' tl11s trctl.ty u.nd rcc olv(c)ci to nntl awu.1t tines to renHzB lib eral idoulc. to th9 f11ot thi'l.t tho Spnni!lh 'lo.,t'Jrnroont 1 1 1 not 111 th tho ter 1 n o f tha tlct\ty to tJotr;, r.ubM rcwlut1o!1ar1es, ?Mn1on .for .1U(;Jt1oe was rolcin.llod the I:"Hnoor !7'UI Y Ill i th c1c;nr faotories in C. t'bn went on :Jtr1 k Tha owncJrS ot s omF-'3f: tho t'o.otor1es noved thf'Jm to Key iVc;E : t Hhore wore offered r.;roo.t t v lv zmtnz;ce. ':'his Flor1d1o.n oity v 1a s 01))1'/ortod lnto a. c:;re11t tobnc>oo n. nmnbP.r of o1!:;ar riiUKCll"S aoour II mn9loywent nt ll zood ranunt'lrn.tlone !)ue to this, o G.rti va 1n ray a lnrc nu11tl:lor pi a '1 1 otuarmnkors. 'flley orlc:ud cov<..rR.l en7orl ;,one r v n e.t a :'Ill rotui"ne 1 to cuba. Af-ter s. o.10rt utny in thay on.11o b t tok to t h eir .-ork t1G 1a. r:nny roturne;! with their nnJ !'(lJlD .!ne. \ riol:'lnt'.. oly 1n !'o:r ost Du:-in 3 lhv l3.5'"i th" f1l':>t flOtorll"!! vora founilcd 1n At t.llin t1mo, 1'1\:n.m Ml:J. tt to1 : n n llltlo inore t m 5 00 i>Ol'50:ls, \'lfJ O 1 o vntod t i l:::t:>o1. v o s to lUll 11 11 ttltJ 1'11 .tin,;. At tho (J:rtnhllslvaon t o f t h o in !bor City, Jh1oh w oro Hart1nnz !bor, e : H n.:d thote o t:r.o fro. '{r-'/ y;..,r.t nn.:1;1 IV-:< ko i 11\ t!'l J r .,otn :r of Y bor 1:1 t"lll.t o lty.


o. ilu w tl o x nrn1o of tho 1url B l''Je .:o ut t O J>fJI\ n of th 1rut norurl.u uthut c ll H\Jcl olor."l:t until to lJo tho t It n L'uotur1n o-.:ntt r ot tob ooo 1 . thrtl; ih 1' Vulutlo \ s nod all .c!&& to ''' 1\0t.i patr1 pn 1bl t Ill: l!' tl 0 r oluUon. D tt he c. the nr h !let poll 1oul oltlb ,11 1 not r rtlly h v u. aon to our t..ln th Gil mn l' 1 t n oi' 7 ', 1 II u 1tou .. o f h laoe n. I o tt ln t heir ooo 1 l l)tlvltl r or atlo al h1oh ; 11th v U() lub /, lj tc J th 10 h t.r.:J ot lo :n I dth t. f \IH 11. \ "nil r.t .. hluh 1ur ctlo: loc 1';lo 1 1 9 .. \YCrt 't !) h<: Ill !,ll 'I h1 e u hu l ft: !'oxlu \ 1 0 0 J a S:3 ll ao"'lth ly r c.:, 1\I)U;,il t ovr ui' ro rl hnl at I '!'lit' h ( 10 lu '\11\ it. !'h 'u t1 (.!). Cllll le :)tin oJ th o c1 qh:,rtn :Jho n t t nl of t! 19 9 t \ \ ly.


Aftor tho ot the Guban in tho 1902, 1 t was tLgreel'\ by th., members ot the Cllll:> 1{oolon l to o"lnnt;e tll" nnllle of tho olulJ to tho Ciraulo of To.m:JClj) to the e1 ok, to fiU)_Jl.y 1 tHHl ,.hyniool1tionl funot 1onr. tho 1, hu ono 1.1" ./ O lc ( 'or this i'llr ,1oso th llocu:. l of 01 r ot, t :>i:; bow. IJl rnctnrs 0 11:1tel on nlwut


lt'ou tocnth :3troot o.nd Tl!lnth \'1emJ.e0 and on t 11: lot VIas btt11t the first br1ok b ilJlu:;, which, .llthOil,;;!l v .-r J r:to w'l.C the ;n c of tho Colouy Tho f1ni:Jhr;, I i n 1907, 1)0,\'Jb oJ. t m ------------------. the Ul(;ctine; roorn o1' th. Bour J of In f:nnteon an, b1llo.rd o.we.y 1lotl:Ja.nt n ,,, l tl: o plny1nz t.1ll1!ll"un a c\ c t 1 c1 !::;ft!sles. I 1'11 1)1:'\l<:lr' tiJ bo in hlill '..l\ 1:3 ,!lf1 W u; !lC'OOSSn.r y t o tr-tke ll i.'or / 13 000 ''his \V'l.O to rt.t.Id out of the >roooods from tho thufltto in whioh u.otoJ t.he b :Jt Uut oo 1-i be hired. ]:'rom J.'oativitioc a m 1 tho h utlnt,'; wit h their to o tl'l':f f\)!".:.u l th' ll'll of of' i n 11ll rol atl VtJ to the 1cflt.i v1 t 1 o c lc.brata l The "Lt":a loa G''ve


gave Gro.tis to the out of their funds tho oo:1ts of tha orohe:1tra so that the soohty 'NO!.ll not take frorri 1 ta tunds. !Jr. ?aula WtlS vely roolootad prooldcmt until tho 'lear 1908., After tho.t he kollt un1ar othe r pro!l1donts. as a me:nber of the Bo 8.Ill of Direotors 11nt1l h1s ltonth. In the yoo.r l9J8, t i r \ lfredo .r. W!l.S prc::;idont .. He brou,:ht new '\.'1. 1 ont.hus1l3tio enerr.;ies to bettor tho sooiety. o\t thi!3 tir.:e the thnt h tld in oMe of illness W!\3 olea.rl'J tod 1 t. Wt43 the n deo1 led to a division for lt:.Utttal. bem:fitn throl.\;h tho of the c1rm1lo cu:;,an o would ba aidod the1.r A w:l..S a.y.;oiated f .ulflllt}1a dcsit'O oover tho oost of their n ou!"islu!l cnt w en ill. All thnso would bo obtuineJ by a .,oel :ly p!t;[lllcut of fifty oentn.


_., trcn heir I I ., th I t r:C ot ht In &1 IU';J olro 1)1' r "' r ,. r Y ,. cs 1 I tor r In I h r 1 W' ULU 1 un r r It ro a 'I ho rl. J '1 of Y1 t 1 la albl I lt nor en'/ 0 onlt t.o lot lt 1 l ot t on Ita Ylo nto vttr 1 DUr1 ,13 t snn utnst 11 bt to 1o.


In t.h ot r ho !JO thr:r \.111 lt ts m 1 b 11 oc,u t 1n th 'J r r t llo njo t tr o tlo in ro1 tl.r "t or 11 lr .1n:J \7 loo h '()( t.o tho j"'ro,;rt!'Oo ot h 01 nhr tlon nrl h nt!o hl r 1o he o tlotno lon o! all n ho 'J r 1 l.), !'lr. ::c>nl:t ':'1 ln ,.1 o o tho l r 31<1 noy l')t' h o nl Ollj n 1 n I ln 11 hlo r orto h, nol)ur ;11 hl' nt of 1 : ro n 1n,: tu th o1 y 1t. 11b t' llch 1n o _>or lor t 9o d of nlrootors, tl tal r o 17 o.1ti in u ut 1lln tJs. A oo t nt\IMtl to (ft 1 "\tlon:.J study pl to th !ortA t ".leo iun -:U lis OO -, 1 tto of th tl\ Utl lU! \ :.S tb!lt tho .,, lly or 1ll. oO'll l O!'l y I:\ t or 0. dooto r n cll o l hy r Il l \ ;1r i vc, ton or n,.on::o e7 pr go.1to thin 11 ror:-. to l t.o \ l '' l"lh th, rn tab Cn. Uy 1\:f (\ r.'J\ ll :1 b l'tl I :1! t o l 0 :Jlroc orn Ol 1\, .,rov l; 1':,, wl \ on ll n.. o!' ''ao on:J :"'Y Ur 1 r,oat \ lllnll 1 "' dnnDr i:a dl n 11 lU ttor oovoro.l l. 1uJ w r hc..l : lr 'i l f'r) 1 :\H lly I'' ht:; l :'\ p ot \) M1 h .l n I td .r ro '.1' 1 !'!i l o n t n .1' 1 1CCit11 fl r rlll 1'\,1. rot 1. : > 1 !) t: t tho


ot o.ll tho t'lombero In 1014 o. Otm?ail?l ms ber;un to. n or in thl'l 3f}oo1on b n:n1l1u.r As n result tho na.Jorit;r ot the f1U!11lh s of the Gubal\ Glub lllefR Joined, The wh1oh th" aoo1ety offered tho m mbers of tho frun1ly d1v1a1on wero as f'ollowaa 1.!od1oal aet""lioa. medicine, dentist !or xtrnot1on, ntl n Moll st funarrll serv1oe in oase or death. In otdcr to join. 1 t wllS nt!lll'ssor:T p11.98 11 rna loa l GXIHninetion to 1 rovo thn. t tho '1ppl1c u.nt \'1119 in honl th. If 11 proved the now mernbor \VD.O 11.t1 to the bon6f1ts of after thirty dnya from of entry. Tho foes set down !or the Seooion F'l.n :li nere 35-oonts weekl1 tor the wor.lcn from 15 to 40 yoara of \Gee 25-o.:lnts 1'10ekly for oh1ldren !rom throe to 15 years. They 1\l.:J) :Jt'lbllchod Htio.ltvHe Oflrvioe, which w1 th M wld1 t1on 11 foe of 2-"l-oents 11 "eok >ttl.\ cover all expenses of o111ltlb1rtll. In order to h!lve a to ttl1 s b aef1t 1t is neoeseo.ry to po.y o. foe for more thnn 10 month s On 1ntrocluo1n .: those l r,, rov .mont!> thG rcupno1on T..os thou::;ht 1 t be-et thn t tho e:ooloty hV" 1 ts own dru;; store !lO the t:!Cl hera t'OUl have oottf't sorv1oe ttn i nt tho ::u."::e tbe tho cxpen5a to the soo1oty ooulti bo t:rlltlt tho y bo1;nn to wo1k to nttttia tlrdr 1 1ur oso. 'l'hY orr.\:thl:'\1. At lllnst :'oint ?n.r k & :1onio f'rm whl h tht'Y tlcrivod e;ror\t f1n'l. .olll This they turned ovor to tho Jirootura to l':>tn hl1s h o. storo. Thu of !11 rootor:3 n.:l to fl.a l ot: t.' t 1 <> 1 len nJ 1 t at rcotlar m notln,; of all tho r.l < !:lbl"r:> !or tlv 1 Th,... :1 1y


-10 unan1r y O.)J!roiTed or ._)ropoaed r>lan T I!! board of Dirt':lotors inu dlo.toly tooic the naoensr...ry stops to open tbo1r on storo. 'l'htly r ntell n ho.ll on .:lev .ntb : o. l:Sl7 and eqll1ppod it with all that wo.a neooesary fot' th1s l:f e of oat'"blisb:nent un d tho Ciro11lo !'harmt.\oy openod under the d1reot1on o a oompotent phurmao1st and two helpe r s In this plll'l.rrn,.t.oy: rneod1oino wna v.:n to t e mombars rlJlJ soll to the pu ; 11o in !he r ult \"1Cl.6 ll&rv elous as the money Jor1ved from the ea.lea oovereJ tho ers ot\3 that. "ere not mP.Jtnbnr9 who noedod nnd uould not o.fford tt. EverythinG in l11e h!l9 1 ta rnwbll f tlrnls h to the of tho Club.


-1 t. r h y 1 1 b t ot 0 ot r. roulo C tb n ()t 1 1 t r rfo Otot 0 In t 1 1 ut 111 ly OC) it tor t 11t lr bn Cr!! ltho ,h h 1 ur tir, th loh l oft ryl1 At Y r n y () n r lordly th oou ul 'l t t \ 0 d '0 h 1 In tho h lJ' r'c ooL oU 0 y oontrl btt1o 0 .. ol ro 1 on to tr on not lo lon 0 0 r1 lt ho t I 10.1 l lo I' 1 ,,1 0 01\ r1t olh r Cub 1 I I 1) .. I 00 n w 0 onotruotton thr )\Po 1l 11 r. t ll'l,. t\ r th 0 t. lr .tU ,, or :o 1 to ) 1u I J \1f.1 n to tl 1r uuu l wu ty to t 0 ll toly )!'l.l.l


... .. Tho o )irlt o! onthuohnm for th1o rebu1ld1nc beznn to rlae anew nd ;,rcpo.rattono Wt)I:'"O bot;un A loan ooour.ed fro111 the Plloiflo .11tunl Ufo In:lllranol) o! Bonfo"'y nn !='lliott, J rohiteotn, aub -m ttod pluns oonotr11ot a tire-proof with three oto:rlos n 1 a. bn.:;oroont Thoao to::;other t1ith :>1 :\0 for future expansion! d lopment of tho oooiuty \Yore a;->i)rove b1 tho Spao1f1oat1ons r IDtHlo ond !'or:na for b11n '!U!wd. ttod to nll oontraotore 11ho tlooired to oo.n,:lot tor tll1a Job Tho firm of okc-n !'Inti ryers mro o.ttarclorl tho As they oould only oo mt on the lotU\ sn J the few donations d, it nooosoary rn1 o tho r 1t ot he oum to finish the Job. ThMy !loo.t d nn 15!:!11 of t,20 n bnncb h1ob ere Got.! th r .t. \; ra A Gtlrn of no rot orl !rem thooo bontls Dcsi:les this, thoy or0o.nhotl t !3 r1os of to v;h!oh the :?eople of Tn.mpa e.o 11 the mo:nbor or non.-mrmber usin5 all h1a efforts so tho.t fost1vlt1 ull :rl"ld cr"n ..,r none n.ry results. n uh, "hioh nll ot :-toni os 1n this loonl1 ty. Tho m.nbcr:J oor.trl tto l nll l:!n !:; of n rohnn to bo sold tllo fut !or oonstrnot1on of th Cl b ho Sln, o tho !f\1' of tho flro, tho of1o"!:J of thl'l orcan.ho.tlon cmd thnt of tho o mteon Ill\ b1ll1nrd JopBrtmont r.oro 1n3tnlle. l at !Ios 1 3 1 3 nud 1315 Sovonth Avonuo They oontinucd wo:-kin;'; to D l?;>ly tho soo 1oty


nn itu moMbero with nll tho 1111pro'7amonts nnd 1notruot1ons possible. A of' mudoru O!'lthtl 3 h St3 orgunJ. Z()d o.n t:\on lemy of 11%1\1>10 1 n wlioh tho rmd thoir i"MlU1es ooul tulco muoio in the ev n1n .; Tho 3tll.ff' oo:l:;isted of t1ld Jo'r!llloeG, ptono too.oh cr, L o o .. ,olc lo ran.o e:J, vlolln, 1r;nu, oell, 'ltlti Emil i e nntl women to ctl&tSy rnu.s 1 c o rcroJ O J.lortun1ty for t!to pupils to domon-atrato their nt tttt by o.l l tho m : nbern of the ooo1 ty u.ud their !'n1111li oa Theca cot t J rt:; holl nt tho1s hall a t 1317 r vcmth Avonuo J)ul"in:; thtl ot t lit> sevf')rt\1 ;;oun ; ; men grl'uJuutod who monte ThU:3 thr, found1n. : oJ:" llllfl1 e11y l'l1.3 nut only oulturnl, but ulso tho mr)mb nro nnother my or 0. ni.n.,. 0. 11 v1n!; Thtt btlldill"' was ootoplutcd in lJlo tl)o r>rol:.lom or f urnish--ill"; 1 t Tho Gluu hnd to oll tho futni turo for wory depart-J.,t,nt, ut there \lnO 110 \ 'IP. h hlnh t o buy 1 t Tho prosidont a.nd tho i3oc.U"d o l' n11 .otor .11..1 1.ot lll'oi<: out o"uce o! this, but on the .. oon.trru-;r lkl.tU\ t ) f1u,l \'H\/ 3 of fur"1::.h1n_: the iffcrn .. J:tr nt nCO I.!.l!Jtt.ry fot' t h ) Geor o t a r:r nnJ t o do tho requir e d wok For this pu ) ose ull ... r wa::; h 0 l : n t Snn s S o uo 1 Th''lt r e on ..iovrnth \Vt nuu w 1 1 P h was looute

as dr1n'< The .llf('f)t"ont ocJoots thnt tho rtontlto t 1 were rorxled ni 'l'fhlcll \'f'lS usod to buy the nnst neocied furniture for the offloe and dnncc hall. class !"com s !u!"nish ci \"lith th'3 same furniture thClt bad pr.:viouslJ been use that it '"f\9 vnrn1shed to elve them Q better To the roo'!l. oh irs IUld ta.b les were on installnent. !r. So.lva.!or Y.bor donntcd the oountor and the stand with this the ot the oanteen was oompletod .... 1 t:.t this o::;sent1 1 f'urn! ture the build lOIS \'U rMJy to prooeeJ with its funot1ons. '.ihe:t the :::1tua.t1o:-t of soo1oty wns once moro 1 orncl, the !!ni ted entered into tho .Tar. Th1a a1 tu!lt1on / the )ro.;ress of t hl) E.> to to the !not tha.t &lbout 300 of the men :!OSt not1vo in -;o;ork for soo1oty enlisted and lett tor After tho en I or tho lff'.r an tho of Armlnt1oe, t11e ex-::;crvico Jlf.l:::bt?rs of the C11 tU\0 who ol\me baok, became t the for:.:tn: .\.'::! ... rtc'Ul 1n tha Un1 tod Statos, the nG::bt:r c cf the eire lo cu 1.1n0 '1!11 o h o i' S that wero not :aambors boc;nn to o. c .nhe thdr pot, t here. The )1rr.otors c;rmtod the m the r1 ht to use the Cuba.r Club brU 1 i n ':'l':lioh t h olJ their meet11'l.GSt n.nd here the poet Clroulo Cu mno. In thin buU they remained unt11 thty ronlhad their


,. hopea n l s"'our d 14 homo ot thnir o .m 011 Eleventh A?'onue und Eleventh In Ootol.J"r lVl6, tb" 1nflucnz epit1on1o ouused eo rnuoh sickness amonc; thfiJ IUJ bora ot the Ciraulo C u 1.. tnt tho o x.:>onnos n.;, ountotl to oore tho.n J ll the dt\OU oollcoted 'rtorc not enouvh to OO'Tcr '.:.h V'a.St eXl,>unoos or ao s1ok. As th() plllll of 1.h1s oooict;{ \'O.S on n bLts1a o! mutt\ l 1nt.mle.noo tha eqo1oty oould t lo r e r thll expons6S very wall during norm bore wru1 co Greo..t tllrtt tbo sooioty ooulJ ot ooJAt the Thls lo..r e BUM tli tt tho ... 1r:mlo cub'\llO !)'l)nt on 1 tq s11'!lc m n '1ho1s was aoqltlrod ttnou.,h bunk notes fm.t t'll loo.ns or 1nd1r1 u'tls. E'O'en thou0h th1o was a. bo.o.l blovr t n1c1n_: 1n o)ll!31 i"r111..ion that the Club w !l nt thnt time .d, tho as ell as the d1tf9otora were not dnuntod by exlotin oon 1t1on. The-y cn.llod o. 3nner'\.l m to intorro the .bars of tho prLonrlot t n l 1on of Club on uooount t>f the dobt ns:;;umed uu to tho .ioublo, tlnl G!l u. uuth"!,, 01 u:.;o :i.l3 .us r fro. nc:nb-::r:..h1p '/lth this I' :Jolut\on, tlt u i:.:t-it1._. ou. !H.:o.l 'tt:J r .. 1o.: lG ln a ly bd Is wo1s plnooo.l in .. 11 the d e:.>1.; n ted for t tis


h J",(JtU' ot 111t ot.o1 plt o d 1t :ru.-11 c rov1n r&, l J 11l.Jrnr;. ""I 4 .r o. n in th b 11 rooD v!hnro try d the l).ttnoos of t thl'lr 1n! ot1ou f. 1M the r:row1 ll tho th t h othor lr\ 0 r to to tit :: CrtJI'A otb r t1 A l,_,hou 10 11H' llc;l in tho t1 ot floor hr;ro () II UIIIJ'cl 'lu tnk I t !l I 1 f civ 1 th 1 n ion Y .ttl1 ll" > rtr .,nt r 'f:\Q tJ r bJ :'l'l) I 1 '/ 0...'1 sho wa.s L:f U\ 11 tr .t ot th" of h,.r tlooto ; u1' :1 s 'I th t fo,.. tod to h 1 11\ h .r1 J In t.lll o noy ho .>1 till r, 'bro I 1. h" ei per un9 thnt ro ot l n t h 1 r o '1 IH.Illtl:le nll t Tr1 I t IS _u IS ntion Q;l tr 1;.-. ora C\1111 17 l rtnt' nur V 1 rtule !ln1::t. !'lee :;17r:n by a tion o t.n'".l U 1 \1 hu.J lt 1 rn .. rt1 1 \ ut 1 1 oh l ... t h tl t u ll'O lo tt! .. no ()l)tlll : I I) th uorr JUO ; 4 "': \:,., lt 0 !) 1\ 1 : l u .. hr 111 roiH\l t.c of ; bot the : >roper t ten--r.r .. '. ':\!1 o.: tle 1t 11 .. 1 I) I .r ito Olf 1 111 } of .. ..J l ,:, t:. : l\ .... r:l thnt m>l.lld l h 1 o h thc.y-:. e


ablo to l!lninto.1n thl! hospitnl durin::; this period. Mrmy 11 ves, tht1.t woall other\dse hrrre been lost had they 1emained in their ho:nee, 'I'Jhero 1-t rrns 1tnl.JOS31blo for them to reoo1ve the prllp e r oarc end atti'Jnt1on ncoosoery from the dootorn, were aa'Ted in this olncrgtmoy hosp1 tul. 'The doctors visited no1o frequently Md lof't, with justified oonf1denoe, 1nstLuot1ons. for-tho nurses b onrry out. These the nm'!li.'S did lltith the erentast oa.rc and kind.noss to tho. sick. the o! ti::te this emerconoy hosiJ\tlll. opero.tod. the liOno D B. v1s 1 ted nll 1 ta .lsp'\rtnll'lntB daily. Ile n.lwuys h:\d a kind wor-d of comfort for the older 1\nd brou,:ht toys and for the oll1ldren. He re,joioed at the r;l"ldness the children expressed when he As. soon as this Slld pc 1oct of siolmens pasaod,. the wholo buildinr; wus furni;:;u.terl o.ud the norrn11l uot.1v1t.1e s o the oltXb were a[;nin re:1. e wed e / 1f who.t hnd Just ho.. l10ned hl\ \ i not b<"Jen enoush, when th1nr;s appeared to b"' norr::o.l unot/1<:r 1r:tportJ.nt ""llernl str1k" VJn.s t1oollrel l 1n tho tobMoo 1nrlttstry, the only industry this t-:hioh ln!Jtod ten months It the oi::;:tr fo.otorier.1 lnft Ttli11, for :1e11 Yorl: nnd !In'Tllnu., where There bo1n..; so rnl\ey out of \h)l';c in tbb loonl1t:7, only a. few


oould :Joarouly t.'leet the uost nr..oeGsury c:cpoases a..'ld wore ll!lablc to pay thG 1notnlloents uue on the :'h!! J w1ote to t ho Pu.o1f1o : : u t ua.l Lifo Jn:Jit :-'n..lca c o :1.:_Jiln y o.f Cal1f()rnla e xj?ln1ab..; the present s i tuo.tion here. Th i s co.; ;ar.y t:;r:ulted tho.a tl.u e.t.te.lslon, -.!; U> uuoth-,r oontrrtot in wh1 oh the rnta of inte rest wns ,[eoreused. 'fhu::; it v:us m!ldo ,>oao1blo for tho Cuban Club to Ilot>.ke 1 ts )1lyr.Lellt:3 to the o e I)O'npnny e s wa St4id before, due to tho atr1ko1 J !l'1T'-' memb ers o f the Ciro xlo CUban.o for i!O.Vn.llCle '!' h ere theue t thllt al\Vtl;/3 hucl tfl!l i n t ert!St o1 tho :w.tion 1n rn1n 11 t:-J a. -hnoe und donate O'-'ed:3 po.y the debts of t lle orcnnl zu.tlon. \701'ke i :11 1.h zloat asm to mnko thls d anoe n saooess. The wus VIm contro G<1lleg o o t Havana. this dnnce th-ey e:tner0e. t with a n e t _profit of }l20o. oo TJ. itoh l y s ailmhtstrn.t1on. the .:;roup "Los reunlte d i t s effort3 n.ntl with tho 1J ofi ts val:> tha y theJy r:1.1s2)d unda witll wh1oh they bought for thL Ciraulo anoth"lr ;,J1 ccc o f / Jroperty on 'l'cnth Avenue codlnr; throo r.:c.nths after tb,: :;trilce u.s still r.. o!; t of the} onc.s tho.t let for other J.Jluoes hncl no t ;rot retun1 l e 1workers eo.r n od v ery good .-'.t this t1ae, thoy unother


; I \ \ -19 of property on .Tc :.nth lh1.oh oost "r>Ooo.oo pn1i 1n onol1 'iith this objeot in !\llMt1vlt1P;:-J 7t'!rc oono,ntrntod in inorcJaB t1on tried to tllo rnoney this rdne d b:f l:let\113 of f'r:stivtll s exh1 lt'-oull of.' J.n th" ;:ynt n 1mn, 'i ::>looe too mnnll for In 71o\V of t ho:Jo prt'vic>uo Cttooel.l!H'H91 t Athletic ll1vts1on 11sl':e d porrni s1,1on frorn tho Doo.rd of Dileotot ;.,; to build 1 1 r i 1 :; o. small t)o.ll ry in' tho b no k of' tJ.HI) ltnrn th., :>tlbUo o..ll h'lvo more Si). OE> 1\l\

uork 'vas finishe d anl all waa z-e tdy for tho exh1 b1 t lana tho ,)res.1d ent of the f1n.a.noo d 1v1 sb:l and t he S"-'oretary of tbe fome1 n to be 1n c harge ol' the \f1str1but1on t1nJ sale or the In this wn:t, the soolet;r w u s crtr, thllt h e y weoro not bein$ deoe1'1e d an1 thnt ttoket r.1oncy wns not be1nt; u sed to !JflY other debts not r clntive to tho Th e y n 1)Ubl1oity orunpair;n by in nl.l the n e w:;-, ..tlpers in the state the.t the first bull would be held on J:ulu!ll";/ p eo.!?le '-'ere o._>pose d to theso oxhiblt1ons the y believed the:u to be a series oi' bull fir;hts rthloh tVOre prohibited in the united States. This exhibition vm3 sr1 to be a mock bull in wh1oh ( neithe r fi;:;hter nor the b tll w t S in t \n.:f jut Go muo h wa:J n&1b.t1on on the part of thos e tha t 1 it to be a fir;ht that tl:Je / Governo r of the of l'lor1d n o r i! Ato l tho of the ax:hib1t1on. An \'I'M mnde bj' ::;ovo rt\116nt of.f1oi!.1lS who finally dao1(\ad to o.llOW tho to r;o C n tho of t:lt'l 9"(h1b1tion pnrts of t.hP. t==tntc OrL:te to S<'O !.H3 ):)t'oocedn U l'c o exiiib itlol l G ;;ive n \r.l.3 to l!o ro r nll tlX c n 3 (':3 1\.:d t. o lcu7e a 1 t.!1 t!le of nron'' tho r\thlotio di1.s ion starte d to or-der to .;lve hotte r boxinu oxh1b1.t1o.l3t they 1 mtered into n n ll,'jrcerr:ent with the .. f.l.I"o elo Gonztuoz P o st. : o. 1::) v! t l Lc:.:;1 o a to w ork t:>..:;t t4 ere wcok 0.1 o.


of !l:.;hUu:.;, und in which some !irstolrlso boxors en..;nceu. helu. b cb 1 tenlr.'31 haskotb'lll teflllli:J r.\ vl r bu.ll teams. Thcoe W01'l!l oor!P-.r.)otod in vn.r1ouo Inter-S<)Oinl n.nd C1ty L \1in 1in._ variouo trophies. hlot1o c l1v1 n1oH not onl:f oo,, ributel tola.rd the soo1l funda but f oo to \'lard th :lhyoiol'\1 clevelOjlTn.,nt of 1 ts !:lembers, r v1.kine thco a.nll l1 Lle to Th 1 '3 !.i.lao helpecl tho oondi tiona Uot \'filS lo 'lered thu:J down th" o .. the soo ety. Oo.turd, t y for w!1ioh the:r oontraote I the mo

-. r r h t 1 ,. ot 'JO lr lr ltl t dl 0 1 l r on lr tl r 1n r onl


As the Cir ulo cub do s n t a. ho:spltnl or lta omt it e toreJ into .Jontro.ots l'l1 th e T po. C1 ty llosp1 tul, the Contru ctu-1ano nos pi tnl o.nd the Centro nos1> 1 tnl. The mombcrs oou l d ohoo o e those the one mo:Jt Ol.) ven1o t or th m 1 t \ s n eoosottry !or tbe::t to to the hos;?ltal. the soole!. y pnyin for th nW1ber or dn:,rs th embe r is there, for the use o th tnble, a.nd !or otb expenses that na.y oone l\. At th time these ao r ,t1ooo \fent into e!!eot1 the ekly dues ruise to 75-oents nnd the nl!mber of membo s 1norcas-e d to s .oao. this nucbor o f mombora it o nooessa.ry to toke J)reoaution ns nDOlJU the: thero oa.:..:e thtlt Joined only !or the pur!)OSe of obtn.1n1nu these beue!its o.nd not for the love ot the o rca.n 1znt1on. Those b ers tr1 ed to vet ooro th:Ln WllS lue thor.t There were ny oases here one lou.ned one els a not o. menber. his l'"oe1pt to co t o tbe oot.->r s off1oe !or oonsultntlon. I ortlcr to vo-.d th1s1 tho ooo1ety establ1she a roqulrecnnt "Mreb:r all 1'1 :aboro b n d to h 1Vo t oiUtl of 1dent1f1ont1on, thus l!l'l 1 t 1ot>oss1 ule for to obto.1n oon bcce added benef1 t s to;:;othe r th the rl ht to 'bo oleotora nn: clli ble fo offioe ere nlso l to th" \70t1one !!:" Cab rrou:t :;Rw his nt1 fie.l beonu!:o w 1 h h19 oo"'lo'l 1:l policy o.nd his eoc. t i on.s the t\! uunt wr1s G vod to l 1q ld te cry 3'e t us the h ) l i a"ld wh n the me::1 era cnw t h t ort;nnhat1 n hn.1 s ttl 1 their illlOrttlnt debts. Then thn y tn leoor te rud 1 r:..-ro7o tht: ru\ I to fur 11 h 1 t \d h ull


.. mo most .o.\ern nv:thods in order to I:lE>:nb:.:rs in their :Jl okn::::i' en Besides ro.ld rin.:; theeo s m-:i r e:J t o 1ts !i11!1:1 b "l'01tlle Ciraulo Cubano has ooopcru.teJ nn.i still tho 1 ty, :":olt:>t;r t\/1d :>tats in nll their work for tll! bone.f1 t of co .. 1nl ty cuoh ns the Co.1::1uni ty Chest. ned Ct"o;s anJ other tutions o! tho sn::te k1td. Cabo.rrouy uns p:-eoident U:-.t1l the r.1onth of F'ebrunry 1929. He wo.s suc oeod5J by [:dua.r d o V alJe:; wilo w n:> elcotcd in a -very olosc rnoe in J mu\ry of t:1 o S'l::\o y c u-ove r :r- T o s o win:1lnt; I


by a. maJority of 18 rotce. JJr. Valdes b?GDJl his ter1n \Yith :rumy dU"fioult1oa W3 there wo.s a lar15e nW!lbor. of who f H:. Fr ano o awl who thrtt .ra.l des w a s not w ell o 1m .-d the evolution and develo;>ml!ln t or the and wus liable to fuil, to thi s there ;vas a did not take an aotlve in tho o.ot1\1'1t11!1:> of the '.i'h!s was prejut11oin.l to tho! interests of the Club u.s a. of members who had always worked for tho elllC\rge1:1ent o f t h e beorune 1uaotive 'llll only oontr1buteJ .rith their wee:dy Jues. workers 1n the d o velo:)m en t of tho s ln:: e 1 ts f ounr1at1on Md \"J'3re the ./ ones who :nore fll!:11l1ur1zed d t!1 the Gubjeots o f the Bd:ninstra- tlon of tlle Club ns th:::y hud cllr01\ i"in.:l1n._:; themselv-es 1 ntlOt1V8 in this sooiul l';ork ielt out o! but as the y do:Jired to servo tho wns un1 ted cnllln..; th<.1:.,::;_,l vas "Tho coLva o.:: !.'10 Cuban Club. n 'Iboir f11-ot step vio.s to send a oo ; 1:1unioa t iofl to tho bo nrd of u1rooto 1s of tho .lu b


, not1fy1nr; o the1t orcn.n1znt1on o.nd llllk1 n .; o.ut h ot ty to oonduot thG1r \"t''rk anrt in the bu1ldln.::; Ui;on r e o e 1v1n[; th13 oo:ntU.m1out1on, 13oard of Direotor3 of t h e Club wo.s O i'posed to those requests, as aoooruin.; to th., c o n stitution of t his i t w a s oon3ldot e l to create an o pposition to the directors. In spite of thdl Jeo1:31on o tho Bo11rd o! Direotora, tho members of thi s uoup to continue 1 t:s work ns they hru:i the c o op eration o f a nwnber o f m o:nbera of the Club thc.t 11ere in 'l.O oord w 1 th the i r 11eas To !3tnrt, hell.! n e.t r,sidenoe of Antoni o 1lesa, one o tho me::.b c r s At ellS r.toctln.:; i t \"J! J S d c o1 ,,..d t 0 t'' a .J1cn 1 c the j)rooeeds to b e div i ded, 5 0 ; > e roent !or the !lln ls o f the 1nutu!Jl aid depart-They OOllt''llenooJ to \'lith cre:l t enthus1 'lSIU t o make this f esti vn.l a groat in the a ch1 o of t h e b11st e c o: 1oJnio r e!mlta This j:lionic. v : hioh w l n a a u t 1w1s1n..; trltmph for its o t :;tn1zers Rtld. b y / tlon Lte tho t.o Cubnn Clilb for" the be:1P!'1t o f Aid wh1oh this moa o y \lttS to bo 1n frwor o! ub u l t"lub.


, Ao the of th1s grou p '".!re d.Ooustoc.ed nlwtt:f.J t o wotk in of th., Club, they 1t a. ide11 to to the Club o.n exte .ot' lo.nJ out. o! the ol ty, wherJ 1 t c 1 c.elc outdoor f c .tivllls or -1on1oo. Thi s ide m t;nined n.nd stc,?s wero tftkan to proo 1tra u 8u1tnblc plo.oe for th1c kind of fcstl-.rals. After over l pl ooo tbi!J oity, t h o y doo1tlc on one nou r ".'es t Tfl .. rtpn tha t na.$ eultu.blCJ for tho pu r pooo This lunrl lU.S rm tven of five .uorcs lfith l nrr;o bouut.lful troo3 of o r.UC, ol\cnlJjltm:;, pnll.&3 na1 ot e r obsses that 1'urn1shc.d .;ood ll:1d ort u: ont. It uloo had 1 thin o.n oran(; O o! thtco hun<.lro trt)OO bes: u coven hou2e. ':'111 3 wn..c:; for snlo for \tlth 11 clown .>'lynl<3nt of l .ooo. o.nd the bu.lano o t o be pn1d 1n fJve years. T o tho down 1 lnyr.tent the n:::;)UJ\t dod1oated to tho funrla o i' t ho Aid of tho Club .. us use;\ l'lnd as this wns not e.\oU;_;h ccvorn.l me1:tbcrs oontti butod to lil!\k:ll o lotlned o!.' eods 1u1d th.o Lieu. 1 o fix 1 t to o.:i.a.>t 1 t to tllu j?W ..JOSa. It v,ns th ll1m t 11s Gr .-;-'.C:;, to t4'\ko 1t a lHll'k \'dt!l a.ll the f'a.oil1t1os o.nd whon o<> lP,loto for l, o l tv tho :lu'J. As the funJs not lJt\1) t o tNl._OitJ" of ,\nton1o pre::; 1 t!llt of tht> oq;a;lha.


v t1on, oono !'und:; wore n.oq,.tJ.rod by t;1,r1nL; a. thtHltr1onl orm u noe nt the Contra thea.tJe, rU!3() a onb1li'1)t tinnoo "'.\3 t;iven nt the :ton's .. UcbrMY An soc intion b 1 11ll1nu and a.l s o sJVcrnl d ,)nnt1o.v3 b y rnem bel.-s of tho ,\bout : 3 000 wns ucow.:ula.ted 1xrt this not enou;.;.h to u::> throu.;h \ '11th their nl1 n ,-.:; the mc:Jlbers of thlz wcro 7ery IU'l:x:1ou:J to G c o tb !1 itleu renllzcd, u. w us held to find out a fotrn so tho.tthio 1Ju1ldln0 .'IOul, l oo c t l\J!l to b!lll J ,\s a'i_)nr. those tho:t .Coun! e:1ou.:;h h elpers. n oll in thio Hu.:J th.., funds woulJ b!,l us(;ld to puro hu.oe the na.terial a.u the ooaltl l.l 'lth the (l;tOlmt avu.ila.ble. In th1n wo..y, tho of the 4J O.'T1l1on a.s startetl by t ;o.-k1nc; until l: .. t\"J ho11r:. of th n1 .. ht 1n or or to f1n1ch as soon as :5ucoeS:3 e '.'11th th1s dnnoo .)o.v1l1on the rtG!,..on hn.l a. (;l'.:tat O)portun1ty to Htoot their b oo.uc;o b :J1Jo:J f'cot1vU3 r ented the DUl'1n.:; tJto f11::t ll: r tht urk \1ns in function, it w os in Oi> .ro.tion :\ttn '''J beln ... ooo.&.J1 d b!f t l1ry dH'foront olubs 1shed i a thl o o1 ty. th th' : J of l't..l' the 1JJ.:.HoJo. Al'tor this fir t yonr, doyrc:;!Jin.; ooudttlo: s \'leto be mvr o uot\to, 1'ho oth r Club d1J n o t ..;lvo out< o::>l'; c..s often, thus for tho 1)ropert:,r. This went on uatH lJ34 uhoa th19 :;roup found


1.h,msel vee unable to oontinue th1o proJ,ot beoo.uae otter B!3k1ne; for tho oa 1atllJ\oo o f th" CUbD.Il club tho ,Jiroot?rJ woul not ooo pcrnto \rl th thom ntJ the y ilu.d inte1 .rntorl tho or ..;o.nizr1. t 1on o f this as t.o their \lOrlc. 1il11J w rta tho reason tor their efforts to d 1:3orod1 t the C'T ern'( l C:ltlb lliB.rq years effl oientli hOI\o!IGtly, th<;;( u 1d not oonairlor as r obels to the Club, a:l utt otors olosaifie d th 11\e AS S'Catert bet'oro, this .ol:'go.!lizat lon \'JI!l.S formed duo 1..<1 tho nto.1;oni sm of the d1l:'ootorl3 preaidod over b)' l :r Vu.ldef, o.t; t these met'\ \\ho ha l alwaye he.lpc: l in the not1v1t1es or the Club, f1nd1nc; thcmFJelvos out of p la.o e u pon beln c o oontrn 1otod. To continuo their .. tio1o:l work l'or the thl"y ht "l, for. this roason, orr;anlzed this group, Jocrely to oooperate o nd not to oppose but the dlreotors d1t! not want t o 0 JlU vlCHl f5e thiS r.uvl tll'lj' !)tt:.;r,estion O 'J th13 ffOtli) \'10.9 d iscarded \d thout 1n1f st1r;ut1n ... o.s to to the Club Due to these lnoon'l'onien.oeu 11nd n3 the purlc \ ruJ not as b fot 1 tl o me 1 bc.r s of tlliG orc;anh .r .t1on to o n\Tn,-''1th so mlnJ' d.eo1d d to lo, e all the work wl 1no o y invectod in t his pllrk, retur:dn:; tho p l'Opc:wty to 1 t s O\mor Thio 1\otorr.tin tlon ;)oncludeJ tho J?roJeot tha.t h \d orit;1nntelt with suoh ent.!lU!linBi !n O !l i te of all \.hese a.lvers1 ties ht\(1 1 t not been !or th"' de.?r'OSG in5 oond 1 c>! this oi ty. "1,:\ Colwuno. :roul J h?.Vot) projeot, hnv 1nu l.>uen 1 would h rW\3 th" CU un luu, v11 tbout cost, n w r>rO?o.:rty vnluoll nt moro thnn l l 2 ,000, "1 th the aforesl\ld remnrlcs ne b ollovo wt9 hllvo su:Gio1ontly de:Jonstrn.ted the roason ruid the !or tho


o! LA Colunna nd tto !1n1ob. \'Jb n tou1 d1nu tb Cubru1 Club ns eoolety !or iustruotion, recreation, nnd weltnrs 1d, ths main 1doa to un1 te all ths Cuban. resid"nts in this olty, or labor ideas ot caoh. To eliminate .1'r1otiotl, a rule 'rt:3 1noludod 1n 1 to by-lnrt 3 th11t prohibit 1 oortnin cUeou lone within the olub. \Yith th1o tule, pol1t1o 1, or lllbo r 1deo.s o not r.1lxod \Tlth .thG ooolal oubJcot3 ot the olub, thus el1mino.t 1nr; the d1v1o1o o! mcnbora w1th1n tho olub. Th Club hno had d1ff1oult1o3 and oontrovcrstes m mboro, bttt th" love !or the olub hra al.T7ayo i)r EVer einoo its oundillvt non" or h, de ,lnrtloentD ot r;roups t :lt hn70 been formed hnd had t h e 1 Jc n to u 11 to into 11nother nlub Ol' !rom the -.:ub!U\ Club, o.s all (;roup!l thnt hr1ve bee n hy the ne:, ber:; in 1oaooord with tho nclm1nstr tion, I wo o.lJUyo roqu1 rod that the oo: .,..anon !; o.rc tner::bers o! the Cublln Club nnJ in tholr .aoo,..o !taros thtt oon:;t1 ut1o of the olub as res_:Jeotode ; ho mdn 1u t ) r;1 ve. 1JI' ot1t.;' ad oplo. lor to nll the o.ots o! the oluh und OVCO if' 13008 d1ff"rOOOO!J of o pinion lnrt:f l'lVe CVel pc it baS been the 1ntont1on or nyone c;rou_, to fol & different oll1b 1.\0 it bno been their 1 iil t o unitJ 1 11aler t!1o \ ll:ler o{ th cu.; the .olu 1vo l'Oi>r ontution of th :-1!J : 1 ooloay of ... '.! v[ lt>:l n ':llnatrntl.Oi l th ori:_; it tio:l formot.l in th" base-h i Vo n _. th.-ue b e r


-:n -Mr. Vr1ldea ooultl not make muoh procresa his n.dm1nstrl\t1on 118 at this tbne the f'1n ano1al or1s1o beg;o.n. The banks olosed D.lll there wrus a. in business aa.J tobo.oco industry. Naturally this de-pression refleoted on the Ciraulo us this varies with t h e pravail1u:; situation of tho o1ty. Mr. Valdes finished his t erm 1n Yebrunry at wh1 oh tlm$ h e t u rned over the presidency to his auooessor, !r. Jos o s \'flho wu.s ele otod in January of the anmo yenr. ur. Franoo \'18.9 not I'!IOre fortunate tho.n hie pro\looeasor llS the depression continued, beooming Th oit;nr tnotoriea reduced their pe r s onnel and the Utl J lber of un6mp l oyod inoreused. nearly all the members o f the Ciroulo are o1garm a.kero and on be left \'11 thout work are not able to J ny their dues recularly. For thnt reason the orga111zat1 o n o membership lessened n.nd beorune !:mGt due in its debts. ourinL; l'rnnoo s a.rlm1nstlo.tion. t h e y were not ablo to a.ny / inprovement9 and evo n to keep u;J the lr.:.11rov oments tha.t were obtained i n tho 1-nat ms n c.liffioul t task. Mr. Frnnoo wa.a in \l!ltil February 1933, \Then H r Edunrdo Va ldes o.go.1 n wns oleotod to L)Uido the t\ost1ny of t-he C1roulo Cubano Ile met w ith or worlc n.nd thereiore unu.blo to po.:y tho1r woo kly duos 0!1 til'le. nevarthe-less, tried to moet the l !lOJt nooo:3eo.ry ex)onzos until times;ed for the better. no ol her ir.1;Hovol'lent vms :no.Je durin.; r V n.ldes' seoond terl!1 a.s all the 11roooeda ftom th!!l soll1a.l f'unotions h td to be used to !)BY outstanJln_; obl1r;ntion3


.. Some eoonom1oa.l rneasuro5 were taken to make the 1noome meet with the output so 83 not to have to take n.way any of the bemetits the members reoe1ved in oasc of 1llneas. Valdes saw the noocssi ty of one of th" dootors of the mcdioal staff. Upon presentation to the members 11t a. rnass meetin1:5 for their a_..,proval, a debate !U'ose due to the d1su. Jproval of the bers, and cmJin15 with tho rosi.:;nation of the entire bo11rd on the of APril 26. 1934. The assembly then an exeout1ve oomrnittee to govern tho organization until the month o! Novamber of that same year when they would hold their ye11rly oloot1one. This oomt!l1 ttee \'18.9 oomposed o! 15 rfi th r tr Juan Que as president, and J A r Prooeso San 1/.artin es v1oe-pres1Liont. The com.-:tittee noted durfuG this l1m1 ted tirne attend1nc; only to the routine work of the orgo.n1za.t1on ai1d ptopar1nt; the !5rounds !or the next elections. / In november, llS S,:Je o1i"1ed ill the by-lu\YS the eleotions were held. '!'here but one l13t of o nn.tldo.tas oonn 1tt1ng of Hr. Jua.n Oueso.dll !or president anrl :'nlenzuoln for !irot vloo-.;:>resideut, they were proolo.iraed eleote d for the forthoo;!lin.::; tcr; of l93S to Theso new o fficers t o o< thdr ofi'inos 1n Jmu .ry l;J35 and ru e no\'/ -.wot klnu hfll"d to sot the Ztltlo n on 1 t!3 feet n;n1n. Th ere are now only 2 ,193 uotlvo m mbers, loss thun hnlf o f tlle number a.ot1 ve in JtulUrlry of l v:;:! The Ciraulo C11brtno 1o the o rGI\t Ut:.nt1on nf'!eotod by th19 ol"isls than any .Ol "Gilnhat1on of tll19 ty.)e 1n tll1s loo l\11 ty, Jue to the !not


-33-ra ot tho Ciraulo CUbnno. The toto.l vo.J. u o of the ()ropert1 to the Ciraulo Cubam at present i s $ 1 2 l e 325e /


/ / G l.L ,. All membera or the D enevolent Sooiaty tho riGht to matl1oal nosiGtanoe in of to receive the medicine prescribed by the off1o1nt1n doctor, to nny thnt mny b6 t o theune of' u. 1f tho offlointin, ; clootor t11inko it n,oe:JStry to the G rviocs of un "'Jo enr, noGo or throat spoolnliGt, to x-ray oorv1oese l c .. borntory nnnlycc.s U.lll\ dlcotrothornp,mt1os. 'l'he m emh r thu.t duo to an 1llneao inV tl1d, po.ra.lyzod or totnlly blinl, 1noopo.oito.tod from the porforllliU'lco of ocrto.1n iS CiVen U. SOOlnl p ension whioh la holt th tlTOOUnt in OllSO or a1okn ss. This bl3nef1t m n y '00 obtnined i.hrou11h hio or her Jetition to the Donrd of Directors of the r.lub, ho in t 1un, n.fto r 1nro::.;t1cnt1n:s, 'v1ll a. p1ove or di"a.. prove the r1r;l t to the r r; lo.r p n sion. Tho menber \'7ill rP.o ir th.1!3 ns M ho o h'' res1cit'la in this locality IUld i s not O;"Jpointert to a .,,lid job. Tho :, tha.t .,o;k and 1s able to > rform it. 1r.ny to tho pr noion tom?ornrily. ho.vinr; tho rlf>ht to o ont111 11e o rr..odro it ,,:1 o11 r ; o ic ton.inllted. I 1 this WU.'J tho membc.r tho club y not l'Mu1vin..; tl o enoion and thili tlY' c ulc 11' i ncc, .. o ft' ,;:t U n o. t 1:..; ::r nter t n u uunt reco1 vn.i no .Ja 1o n U.\ th o', h l' !.:, 1..1, L 1 t y o\Tc.:.l t:1 t n cn':)tlr 1u \mrkin:; while r o 1v1n::; :)

to the nl\tlonnl insnne n.syl u n in :";uba, t 1e olub tn:t1n; onrd o! all eX)0:130S. If the fnm1ly nt>t wl:sh to send thtt aiok percon to asylo.un b e oa.uso 1 t rnoy not bo th1a mf:rnbGr hfl!J tho re:-rt!lin et ho:a" Bnd obtn1n the f:.tll of .;1clcneso but it his or her oon.-!1-tion so serious th't ho or sh8 rnu'1t bo se:t+; to o.n l\.9:flurn the rospons1bil1ty of the olub OO !UJ6 Des1des the abo"ll!l rJentlonl'li \ t s tha rnembora also hrlre the tll" l1bro.ry. They oan n.loo join O.ll:f olaaG 1.s 111 oes::Jion 1ri tho edtloat1on depnrtuent. If they lii:Jh thc;,r onn pnns ana] t1:ne on the tcrrO.OO and the \vi th thc1t frhn, lS e by the otg!i:rlZ!1t1on dtbl'lr 1n tho or in tho bnll oom by sho.11ni; / his rooei) t to t!N ttce at tho joot The womc m rnercbP-r!J onn nl:.o atto11-i thB thoutr1ou1 !Jerforma:loe s n.n i d'lncws r,m hy tho o :.:;n.nhntlt)ll by showinz their rooG1pt:3 n.t the d oor. th"Y t :11i1.;: :.o c t o :lp'l.blo of the o:: :1oo w!1iah t!1ey nre nomLvte l .nJ Y.umon b oth ble :0 h old o1f1oo tnd co h (


v I,, I (I ( .!!} C.l' IBUTI C 'T 'IY> rnr. CO .. "li'l T! The Ciraulo Cubo.!lO, ell !l!J th oth r soo1oUo s ... tu.blbhod 1n hia o1 ty. o ntr11> t., l t e looa.l woll c.e1n;:;1 lloop1ta.1o with nll the 01 ern in ,ro"f'o:nont!l .,hloh nlOll() !lhould bo the t>l"1 de of rmy o1 v111 zod oi t;'/ Tho tyfllonl f'':'St val:; vsh1)h h'l c;t,oulo o '1;1-i tho otl or otr; nha. ions c;l in their own olub llo '"es "!l cll 1.13 on ?1on1o [;1 VO thin o1 ty n OOOT!lO )011 ttt n1r J 1\1\ l tl1,.. tJC O le tbllt 0 I e ft'OLl 0.110ther otat feel thet elvoB o1tncl to tllo tll"ferent r ;:ions tha.t oaoh ore; n1znt1o nt::; ou.:-1n.: orll t:nr Ctbtt. Chtb con r1tutcd a. d coo;,?orntod i n 11 ffioi 1 octs th1\t w ro h"ld 1n t h i s oi ty. as in the Liberty on l on _):J1._;n. l":Clys hll n lttt.;o nw.\;r :.>f r I .. !.. rs 1a the 1.nrades thnt of th 11thodties ur to nn'j othr orsr .. 1z 1t10.1 f r t e benefit of the y, 1 f nc d. tlt. !.11lltnr to oo p1c:;ent ut th,., lt:\ oe '_:"ho bjeot of d:\noe :us to "1:. lo he 11cn r\J e. 1:1 :: ria u J to sll..>':1 ths f'feot1on of thl" In it; lcs1r to ooo}etc. .. o the Cuunn Club ottded 1 t n dv\oe httll, \'Jl thout rntion. t.J the


by tbie att1 tucle, 1 ts to l.L thnt is to the Thi G do.M" h11.d n lar:j., anti 1n 1t '1'1ero re;.>resented all branohoB of the TJnvy n.t Arl"'/ o tl" 'Jn terl States. The ptinoipd stato, ootmty '!Ill oity o!fioLl!J re GU.,9ts o.t nll the tr,ct1 vt.Un c;l von b!f th"s" ot'c;nnh; t1o. .vhore the !estlv'll with tho1r !lresmoe. T"V"n thla foet1Vtll tn h )no. o! tho 1 tleth ttn1velsnr;r o f tho ol:;o..r 1niuotry 1 in lhi >h ull tho:! CY>oi ul otgn '11 took po.rt., d 1n a c;rmlt stooeoe for o tl'ld 1\ bic; rn nt or o\5Ar lnrtuntry e\nd the <.:tty of Trll!:r'tt Tho !)rtno 1 pnl n rl most ir1"1ort nt on.ttri bttl o'l to l1e oo tmuni t.y by theAo O!"(; niz tiona is th benl'lf1t'l to h.-tr :'\"mhora pcwcnt-1nu th m fron b<'inc; o. puhlio bt JJun: th,..i 1lln ss o.s they !ll'e -poor ;C'Io,,lo w11o onn'lot afford 1 '].:'li in o!l!3e of u. Gerlous 1llnr-s. woul hn\" t t bo' f" t in the o!l"r!ty mrc! of tho etote, OtJ\.lnty or oity hoo11tnls, hu15 ,.l1rrl'l\t1tt a hcaV'J bur1en for de-l nttr.l It is om o,,1n1on t.h't t ,. orcrtn1zullo .. '3 oi t!11!i t:'Y a to thl'l oni'"ttnl1:r 1n ''11 h t.rty rc !t i:.:!t .1, terc .. fitrl \hl(\ll fftu t1tf"1r nn' .... "'"7,. t' o s: .ll t!:/ of' their O'fn rnot> 1\U well as t h'l t of out 1 \r. Tl1o stato, oounty and o1 \y .:; .'el:' r.onta ro oc.usen ho.vtt cxc.: + '. r::;c n1 z fr .. : th :' .t of vee a on tholr


them f1!l cltu1tnblo institutions. The Ciraulo Cubnno 1o no\1 c;nin:; throur;h n erllous per1o 1 and b as ho.d tLo coo no : iZe to rnnko 1noor Jtl w1 th 1 tc expenso:;. This ho.3 boo" done without J.I'IU.':/ nny of the benefits o t e s1u k but by outt.11\J on th" med1ou.l foroe to l i roe .loc tors who have dll11;{ consul to.t1onu u.n.t vb1 t those that urc unai.llo to (,O to their o .t:f1oe for ooll:.;ulto.tiou. They o.l.:.o hu Je tho 3erv1cos uf u. o lobr11ted o u r6uvH for tnUJOl' o1>erl\tiou:;, t h roc eye EU'1 o::e u .1j thro t s1Jeo /


AC7UAL :''i'. \ TE 'ND The Ciraulo Cttb!l.llo, which \Yil:3 the r:uban oolot'\:1 folt tho ty of ll.lvill"' a plaoe to o.nd oor:lffior.torate tbe e"ITento that hQt>;,Jen.!, l 1n .their native oountr:r a ; vl to th"lr wnys anl habits, b g'ln to dev-!lop untll 1t b eoam;;!\n \'lith the of machine" to T:J:lke re.i:uinoJ t H.u'n"d ninlr:>.u:n whioh wer e no t to oovol' t h .lr r..ost


nt .Aemberl! h tVe i>nld tlleir duel! regularly since tho ate it :ru:1 foun. ioct now nd themselves UMble to d o s o and t h.reo or i'ou !' .,.,.,11:ke 11\ n rrettrs. ;I:tturu.lly os thC) me: nbera d 1 not pn:r thGir dutts on tilDe the \'1f.I.S o.loo b n olt 1n it::; dP-bts nnr1 wns 1mab l e t o mlce n oe stnt1::t1c3 t htt oii;nr .::ni:

industry. ConseqtHmtly m eroh: \nt:.!l suffet a.s their stlles .le and The different olubs ll.lso t,ealhe i.h:) of oJt;)enses in,;; jobs at these othe r "o!':>t of th'!! l o t-r1n .-.-a :e the \...,! left W e kno,v of fa:r1l1o: of f t'Ofi\ to 12 r.IC)mcers that n!te r ha71n; / lived 1 \ t h i., l (nnl1ty r,r 20o r : car::, t o l t t;/ !'es 1 !e in York fll't,l no t d 1 0 to t (\!"' ... ,., \ (;uot o;.' tl:" .. This club Jll oulJ h ave a oe:\ter n t lJ.a:.,c r of Ile th!'Jl othe r olubs of thb sort for tho C ll bl:l.n O JlO:ll h t l 3 l\lwu :f3 b e n r..ore n t u

olub u o "lhilC) in ...;o()d henlth n r lvo r th1nko of the v oso1 b111ty ot siokneea. p,ottl1.u '' 'J o f t.h'! oo.n bo by the :llm.Jl" rou.son til t !or 1:\'l.n.:/ ycu.r 3 the se cu.r. \od c;;r>o l oo.lar1c 9 1 the and nr vot o u'l.,cl !or the futttra nbnorr 1 l t1m11s. T h., only tine they t'fOUld save 'f'IO ..tld e the y oo tntnpl n t.e l r l tr1p t o !Jo.'Tann, wh1ob trip \fct.S r r;tll rl:r aroun l tht') end of th'! ,YI!ln r who n th fnotor1..,s stopped ror Clnotr.n.s 1\nd ; Twt Ven.r !1 fAS t 1 VI\ lB. In Oll!.le th"y would raturn b o!: h n1T1n. : f!)l":lt r"TOl'Y ornt of t.h, An1 n s n l11s t reo."on for the rl'll1 1oed nur.l' Jer in mem bP-rs ot tha znt1on ill the lttrc;,., ntl mbcr of un o '.,,loyo in thl:! loonl1 ty hnvo no m enno of w1th t h e ssential to 11!'e ;r. u111ly nou 1!h ,'t":lt. t ho tea: o m l l '''It' t H :>r"e3en t state o f tion to the If th1::: ui hu.d not :' r va1lcd the 1.roulo would h!>.Ve o .>lltin e d 1 t o ,)lruu.J for 1n,>l'ov., :nont a d YJI)Ul h,vo tbe buildin5 on 'fonth Avnnuo n u d b 1 1l '!.t o. lo.r r e S\dtn."::lnt; p o o l o.ooor '1n0 to the fl!UUJ th tt tt'l'lc r .loJ' 1 i l tnt1o 1e theso tll\l,)ln:l tto1tr o t lld"J'tt t1o f u :.dmi H m t 1 r esoona for ttle f nndnt1 n o.'1 1 til ..


Thto buil in oon b:to of hrea an 1 a bn s .aen t 1:tede of n : tl oonn t rtto cd oo A!l to be t1re-t"I!' 9 1::Jt!lnt I.., ha..1 fl')ors. r \ or!J unr wtndow!l 111\ of \O d wtq, -1 sco. The bu11 :11n; r.e11aur a 0 X 17 0 r,om c.nd e tTo other rooms ; o f otc;

l / ..... I ,( ( { The Ohtiraoter and oustmns of tho Vt.tl9 that the Cuhan C lub oel .. h 1 1' f e with th'> yeur31 as thoy had to udupt the r.wder.a trend. our-in:; the fir-st of the Club. 1111 1 to iosti "Tills and S:_:lanis h wns tho:: Jr.lll31o -preclomhunt o.t dances. The Cubo.n \'1f\S celebrate d the sam13 date in Cuba !:lld youth of thu.t ti'lle were 1.<1ous for this 1lotl'l in ordor tc:> displ111 their ccstu:1es \':hile nt u dnnoe 1 3 t;l ven ou tha t Jato a:1.d or the d

1nolines and irs more nda_;-;ted to th American \11lY!> been born reo.rod 'hi thin the m even tholl0ll tbey ptuctioc some of .the customs of their eldor:;, which .111 finally als o diso.t)peo.r. thu ou:;to:fl.c:. introduced by the Cubn .''l fa.r Jil;t. i11to thut this olub the!"c ie ono tha.t ia very (tu.aoy1n;; t o thtt ro!Jt of the n.eJf\bt':ts 'I'his bad cu:::tom is thr .. t none r.H::mbers oa.rry their mi.!lOt' children to all the ies<.:1vu .l!;, eith!1r to pf:rfo1:;in.1ces ol'. to <.la.nues that may all n1ch t. Thoso do not so6_.::: to r.,al1 zo thr..t sleet>l Bs e.l'l!l harrr,ful to and,o thr:.t theso (;l'lt UISO: I to danoinlj at that early &.J i while anaoy the growA U j JS by ohntruot.ins The Bo:1rd of Dlreotors wl th Got:,:,i ttee han triad to olaic t : 1ey. leave their '\lon" n.t home !tl our O.Jinio. 1 1 t sec .::'l j)f!Y:3on : as lo not sue;:: to heed the or 1 !wonveal1!nce::J that tho,y l;t:!ly causes They Jo tu th.!ir b1..! oultu!"e bo;,ttuse o! t :e-1r lttok oi t)Jlou.tlon. T!1 .. only wuJ t!n.t th1'1 ::J"\:1 btJ el!;.11:1atoj is b!f Jiotat1!10 lt-tWS t:J _}r.)hi ;:;1 t th<:. tl.tte.lJa: lil-' v.,_ :1 .t oa.ll3 O'lr t) i.3 tiltt 'chi:J O:.lS tc:!J. i s ilOt pr11otloed ln Cuba but s till. U1.., :ub \:19 ,t'at.:tioe i-:. l n YLor ty. In oth.!>r olu'.)S o;. this lovnllt y of th' 6 .. o r ,lc:. c'1ildreu nre not soen fu. .. ili.::: --:l.\t h v-.J n '1'\..,:,.,,. i.. this oity. 'l'i1L. 111. be 01 r-cp l l uy OUl' lr.tor Sl tl..;tioill \OI'k e


Tho Cubun Club no a oL\b not h 'l'lo rtey offioinl of any sort, prohibited in it;, by-ln'tt31 but we oo.n su1uly that the rult:::l est!l.bli.;hed by the chur-oh he'Ttt bt"Je.:t b .)tizc d tlt u.n early b ein th'!. ouly for oon;rt lel:"-f e\ V ho.v o bl!let\ t() ohurch aft;)?" this. but u.1c e !';/ flS only 1 tll ohu.roh oeolt:lbra:tes services, .. / t h-f: :::;n.:; :;-.ore t :1nn beTo ;woJc nll 'llf'J l1' V to :io is tht:' n1 r.l: .n; of t!ti:> r.l l .t ll ., .... to 1 'll!<> ,:.d,..;: :.n h


-47-oi th" work by fl. Cntholio priest. The o tgo.!llzero of tlleoe o o t1v ll:3 dlJ not include tll1s 1tmbor becnll!le of thnths ol1, th1s order beonuee of oustom or trn:1t1on than for the The ;,;ntholio i:J followd r.>ore by peopl., of ,:;oo 1 stnn<11n::; Had tht.JS" t>refcr 1t az n sho.1 off more thM ior rol1..;1ou:J or tlk ""i tln.s j:>art1eo I l ftlnl;rl\l r;crvicen 1doea. 1:J the !:ll .t.'l, as 1 t 1 s n.:>t1ooo fl:'Ofl(; _..eoJ?lo of bOOt thct the is t11kcn to church b reoelve the Ce.tholio r1tuuls. the ilr1ost nooo jlltnyln.:.; ns fo.r ns tlls cemetory to th o ere:.o!1y th ro. Th6 rel1:;1ou!3 t:lt'rl\!_;er:.o:1t<;, 1r, thr:t ty / of ns bofl>l'Ot t l.r'e .r-!'or:e l : <>t'<.> io..>r L >ure V::llli ty an.l ns a }\' l1Ch r l1cl us rl tc::; IJ o l t for 'P.ocnsed 0.:1 1 1n life e h ad llit.h t oy ll::;1oJe; 01'0 (' .. t:::. h l'Ti ,"; n 1 \.'f'. :; :3 a 1 uJ i i I lOti t-> )' Jli ,ic,a. .\:,c>+ ... !lt:r" o r,t"' t.J t th<.' oC' a m jorlty of tho of the we OA.n nur:-trnte nnny ca!:)f!'.!l o! both r.:nlos u.nd fl3 .11\lolJ oes of 1! ctthod1s t ?ros or of


J otho r ohuroh s tan tl.h 11! tho con:Jon h:f : tbtt.t thes1 n 1on o f m nbers o Cub Club o 1 th 11 b('!l1o f """ h 7o foun' out thl'lt tnuny 1 \ Cl u r e t 1

( /. -49 O R G .lUZA1'IO U A 'JD FIDICT OU Tho a.d.':linstrat1ve syston of th19 olub 1a d1v1c!eJ into throe groupos Exeout1 ve, nllninstr11t1 vo and Alao n ohe.rt 1s includtm that-r;ivea the oxo.ot funot1ons of the!le dif'foront dopartrnents in tho develoP. mont of tho olub. The ex"out1vct powor is vested 1n the president, thtt and the These offloora are the in to 38G thnt the ac;ree:-::ent3 of th'.! Board of ulreotors ttnd the deo1s1on of the genernl rr_eet1n::; are followed. The adnlnstrnt1on ls in ohurce o f the board of director-a llnd ths departments that foru1 1tJ while the lec;isln.ture is handled by a l l the members in the llS5e mbly 1n whioh are deoh\ed the prooedures to follow. The noard of Directors is formt!d by thl'J 1) rf'.lsidortoent. Alao m uthoJ.s oro ,,1soussed to the cff1o1enoy in the olub. Besides this tht't dbootors hold a flsoembly whiob m n y be sol1o1ter\ by t .lfl or by l 0 tac1:1bors vhenevor they deem 1t 1m,?ortant to r11sous n matte r:-;. A :,tmerAl is hi"Ll every three nonth3 for all the m .. t!1bers. In this ses :lon, th.., Board oi Direotots aooount for \'JO!"k doni.'J that perio anJ \'flth the reu b oro. 1 _:;i5lnto :.:itlj eot::;, thu t m:ty be session or it I a:J to be hol by tll 3 r e of !)0 .oo1 to dlsous:J


-somatters of irnportanpe. In the rogulresent oo.oh These are-the ";Yelf'alr Aid, Pro.r:ar;nnda Athlet1o. Reoreo.t1on tllld Dramnt1o Departments Eaoh is 1n charr;e to adminstrate the po.rtioular branch, authorized by the Board of Dlreotors and e&oh is to the dlreotors toourry out ita funot1ons. Tile ex.,cuti ves o these :nents tu-e oo .. posed from of the Uoard of 11rootors a:1d fror.t r :; e .. bers of tho sctlsion. tho Fln!l.noo Department thn t ls oon .. oacd totally of me1:tbers of the Boerd of i>lreotors. The it,inunce De? nt 1 s lllo 1n ohu.rGG of r;1v1n:: their d1Goret1on ln to of th olub. ..... It 1:-t'l.-1 1 y to ... thn.t nll n b rs reo 1vo n : ... Uofll nttcntlon. To ;1crforr.: this Juty eff1o1e:ttly o tho !;?o.rtrnent "O thut h8 s1tu\t1on .,'ly c ro":'!edleJ Also :t ..


.. -51the rules with r.,ferenoe to dootoro, tn.le or m d1o1neoe Th., ril1 as ion o tho Instrttot1on J)e pllrtme t 1 s to tea.oh IUld to maintain thlll l1bro.r;,r ul th books, lllllt;a.zines fu\ l tbnt nrc 1n3truot1 ve in Tho dopiU'tr:tont 1 !I 1n ohn.rr;e ot the prospeot1 ve memboro of tho1r future o.nd to try t.o soours new to tho door fi.Stt in rnornb orah1p. Tho Athlotio Department 1s to furniah aj)orts for too merabera so tho.t t.h"Y 13oy be lloo.l thy o.nd It organ1 r.os tell'IUJ for bnae bnll, busketbo.ll a. u other oports to oompet$ with nr.tnteur or tenms of other olubg. It. o.loo to.\:(!S oaro of th sho.,r baths o.nd c;ynnnstio a ; po.ratun 1n olelln o.nd c;ood oond1t1on. c.;ivun in o r 011t of t.b" o.nd 1n otlor fe::; given by tho otf1or This ptlrtncnt 1s r-eoz-1o1 :.:ii.Jle for l'la.1nto.1n1n: theo.trioo.l p$d'orm! noe!! o.nd 11J zo:r.ons1 blo.. to t!le llourd of D1rootors to


-52YEARLY S'H OF no. Dao. 1 906 179 1907 205 e 1908 350 I 1909 878 I 1910 125 I 1911 157 1912 925 1913 1,050 1;)14 1,120 1915 1,266 1016 21G25 1917 2,772 1910 3,013 1919 3 225 1920 1,602 1921 1,958 l922 2.048 I 1923 2,44 1 2 456 I 1925 2,560 II 1926 2,915 1 927 3,410 1 923 / 4,fi80 1929 .5,014 I 1930 4 596 I 1931 3 582 1 932 2,986 1933 2,749 --. 193 4 2 ,!>77 l'eb 19.:.5 2,5CO 2 ,,102


In 1910 th club had a g n t 1n mombera luo to the of a 0reot of !rom the loonl1ty on aooount of str1k in o Th1 & 1 ;trlket wn.a brOUI;ht o.bout booa.u s e tho manufacturers d1 d not wo.nt to th ostabl13hocnt of tho lnt.ornnt1.ot n l Union end olo!lcd uhop. I t otnrtcd in the otor:,r of 'f on tho 25th o f June o t thu.t. 1!la.r, o. f w lntor the rc t of the !notorhs Joined the trike eonuss thct l!lnnu(\oturoru hl\d 25-perocmt of their m1,loyo ctJ in c..uoorJ11no o w1 th tho o t h e r rnr\nufa.oturor:s On July 19th 1 t 1J :;enr l Btrik o olllrlotolJ tho ol ,ar industry. Th1!3 st,rilcc. lasted until Jrtntuuy 1911 A."' tStr11cl'l, lMtf)tl sevttn ll'.onth v;ns on the rna.jor1ty o l' tho left for oth r lo:.: l1tic s to iroouro work L1:.t.ny ()f them lttft for ; w York, K"Y \\'u t and and romalnod thertt lon} ta!'tet tho otrlko wtW ovor / F'r .:n lJl2 ll:'tor oo1 1 t.1on.:s wore no1m"l :;a.ln, ths olub t3evelo;:>ed lt!3 not1vj llHd th,.. nunber o f tlt:.J!J ... r5 1noronood until 1020 wh"n urautll t .,t 1ko brok(t out. for tllo za:le r a!:o n o:J befoJe. This othe r otrl :: V\ to t u n nonth:J amd ruJ before t' I'CJ t1:1n hnlf tl \ t 1<: :1ol uf t.11u oto t of str1i.!.!l1 tho SIJcial i}le c J 1c to tho ir1 n r ,.. ln 'd. h .... r ,..


the olllb 31ao.s 1 t o follndat1on. Y rom thh year on th number of JMrnbcrs t ri oroll'l$ due to 1noroo.n1n J number of Ullft"1ployel. t !lt'oscmt tho nwnber h !J been reduced to leu a than h!tlf. 'rh3 oo.use of this rlooreue is, 1.\!l stated before ill. this stu1y, t b t o.bo11t of ths mo1nb:Jra o! thie o lub o.r llM'.l:,>loyd of thea oir;u.r 1ndu try Vlh1ob th1:J olub th worat hit by the d aproG!> irlr, oond1t1ons of thh city. /


t / t :.c oV .... :.. 1. t t ... .;cri:1t r'._ ceo. 'J.' :J ':.:.1 c eo n ,c net lvo i 1 tile cl tc .:other .... c1. 1: ... llc, f"cr ()'[ ty verJ,o c c: c: nd \ :::,!'o clt!ei' .cu. ICC: i n :10 t c.-.:>1(),:," i. .:-'or 1 fOJ. :....0 1 t, I l,o I.,) n ''.l .1. ,.. .. 0 't. t .... .. ., \ ,. I o. '-ol i I t t \ 4 \ .... \ t"\ -" n .J .... ,., 1, I : t :. L '.) .. : ,,,, ..... ..,... ... 1: c H ; t': \1 0 :ant tot> ... .: .... t cr o.' J.: .. 1 \ lnt,lve, :J-




your n:-.:.n l1" c they do not no. 1 thom. Dut thel.'u :_.l'O c o m o cblc ho very \"Ii th r;hom thoy c l and r.1any t.1:cy to ( with tho youn:; mcm 'i'Jho thc;a Cor a a....ncc '"'O .. !eti.:.eo t.l1 e is right i.n ref to uu:1co, for t 1H)3 C re :..!:An y youn_ ; : 1e:n vrho Ul'O not J:'i t to d.:.tnc: with, r:!.')'! ;;.') CO :t:.::1 h :>1"' f o r Ct: Cl'S .jUt: t. .: :OL to Llance &l'C pli.lced o n ti10 ''bL:.c!:: liGt11 by or. the your:..; !:'iC l ;ti! O ;.l l G been I.H.HlY C:..J.UU8 i : \l l:ich n,... ... .co:: c t.o l. .. ; .. : 1' t,'"c v ... 4l l .. i I {).., c :: .... el'O.!.::, ... :ro to '-.,.. ... ) .. .. 1


aro !'uet auo;>ting tho Ar.10rico.n \m.yo, rhic 1 c n be ooen by the lo.rtc numbol" of r.atin,t\mericnna uho tnko datoo to tho Lr..1tin dnncoo. : no the l' cuatom f1hich t h o r. tin peo )le have whe n thoy go to tho c1 nc pic. lc or c a b :tret, io to brln-.,. \11th thGr.t their ohil


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