Manual of instructions for teachers of the Florida W.P.A. Music Project

Manual of instructions for teachers of the Florida W.P.A. Music Project

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Manual of instructions for teachers of the Florida W.P.A. Music Project
Federal Music Project (Fla.)
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[Jacksonville, Fla.?
Florida Work Projects Administration
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Music -- Instruction and study -- Florida ( lcsh )


Manual detailing regulations on scheduling classes, working hours, public performances, advertising, handling money, school supplies, and paperwork.

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Manual of instructions for teachers of the Florida W.P.A. Music Project.
[Jacksonville, Fla.?
b Florida Work Projects Administration,
c 193-?].
17 p.
Manual detailing regulations on scheduling classes, working hours, public performances, advertising, handling money, school supplies, and paperwork.
2 610
Federal Music Project (Fla.)
x Instruction and study
z Florida.
Federal Music Project (Fla.)
1 773
t Tampa WPA Office Papers.
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MANUAL of I S T R U C T I 0 S For T ch r of the FLORIDA W. P IC PROJECT W. E. H rkn ss, State Admini trator, ork Projects Administration, Rolla A.Southworth, St te Director, Di of Comm. Servio Programs---James R. Blac, State Supv., Florida Muai c Project


Fo:reworc.;. Tho contribution to American Culture of the Education program of W. ?. A. Music Project is so great that it will probably be an:Jthcr E,enorc.tion bofo,e :i.t con even to be measured. Its vital importunco is r ecoGnize-d by cuoh nntiono.lly known music educl'tors aa Dr. Earl v. Moore, Dr. Howard Hc.nson, Edwin Hur;hes, Eric DoLamorter f Peto1 Dykema, Frc.ncko Goldman, nnd mnny others. Those mun have given muoh of their valuable time, without to assist in tho dovolopment of this teaching pl'ogrmn As port of u vnst public tho Music EducGtion Projects find their gr3ctest opportunity for service, not in duplicating or conflicting with ths ,.,ork of JnUSic teachers &nd institutions, but r&ther in complementing and assisting their ser vicese. Thorv nro countless thousnnds whoso lives would be imroe&surably enriched by pnrtioipction in experiences, but who, b e cause of inGbility to pey for lessons or for the of music&! huve hod little opportunity for the of latent talent ond musical It is with such groups that project can be of the greatest service in helping to build n more musical America. To hcve a part in this undertaking has nlwc.ya boen recognized ns a privilege nnd a rosponilbtlity. Now in the fuce of our notional crisis with tho onforcod drc.stic curtailments, it has become n real ohullenge--n chullengo to carry on undor ediffioultics with grcntor zenl knd stec.dily increasing efficiency. It has never been tho desire or to attempt to mould, the individual into fixed pc.ttern, but rr.ther to encourugc end develop the ob}lity end of toucher. However, certain mechanics of the must proceed by fixed rules, it is not only. importQnt but absolutely thot the generul plan of be thoroughly understood. Beonuso knowledge will make it poesible for you to give your beat to your o.ctunl teaching, this "MANUAL" is being given to you for your onreful study ready reference. James R. Black, StAto .Supervisor Harve Clemens, Projoot Teohniclcn


Page Enrollment and scheduling classes 1,2 Regulations about working hours 3 Public Performances 4 Advertising 4 Handling money 4 Documents on Project site 5 Stationery and supplies 5 Library study materials 5 Report a 6 Time reports, 501-C 6,7 Attendance reports, DPS 29 13,9 cial events reports, DPS 31. 10 Advance schedule report, MP 4 ll


EEROLLMENT m1d SCHEDULING CL.ASSES 1 General 1. Private, lessons are not to bo scheduled by project teachers. All project tovching is to be clnss teaching. (The foregoing is not intundod to forbid thu of individual help to studonta who boccuso of occasion4l cbsences from or for other reQsons, hovo fallen slightly bohind in their work, but who should be continued with the some class group. E&ch teacher hcving clcsses in applied music should provide two such lesson periods in each week's schedule for the of such students, or for the assistance of students who mcy be preparing for public The same students should not be scheduled to come to such "Muke-up11 periods woek.) 2, Project classes arc not to be held in privcte homes. Enrollment l Students in applied music classes (voice, theory end instrumental classes) must fill out and present o properl' signed "Application for Admission toW. P. J Music Project C1&sses11, DPS Form 15, before being enrolled. This is to insure thct no students will be en-rolled in W. P. A. classes who might otherwise study with outside teachers. Students in Public School music or Community Music organizations need not mnko such t:pplications. 2. Regular rhythm band should not bo formed of stu-dents the Fourth or over years of nge. Schedulbg Classes 1. Ench teo.cher must work by n definite Advance schedules must be submitted to the supervisor for approval before any time mo.y be worked.


2 2. At least 20 hours por week should be normally for c.otual 3. Up to 6 hours por week mcy be scheduled in toachcrs' training ooursoo with tho of the 4. J.dditionul hours mcy be scheduled ith tha supervisor's c.pprov al for ore;anhing, mt.king losGon plLns, or directly o the work the toachor is prosecuting for the music project. (Except in unusual md temporary instances the total hours sohedulod in non-to ohing aotivitios shall not excel 10 per week). 5. Cl sses of 46 minutes should be the rule for instrumental groups. No l ss tho.n two olllssos a week for each group should be given. If 30 minute olaoeos nro necessary, thrco loasons per week should bo givon. e. hour should bo tho mcximum losson period for ony children's classes. Evon hon the lesson should be very oll plnnnod so that the interest will not lug during th3 period. 7 Childron's should be formed of individuals of nearly th BQme ngo or school level. 8. Schoduloa for to chors nnd cl&ss groups ere to be m&de an the forma providod for thot purpose. (DPS Form 29 end l4P 4 Form}.


3 REGULATICNS .ABOUT WORKtNG HOTJRS 1. Tee.ohors are paid on n 11Fisoo.l Month11 basis. A "Fisco.l Month11 is 28 consecutive deys. A "Pay Period" is 14 conseouti ve days, or one-ho.l!' n "Fisonl Month". 2. Project teachers are required to work 120 hours (Tscching plus eligible non-teaching time) per 11Fiscc.l Month" to eern their monthly wage 3. 60 is the maximum number of hours to be worked in a single pay period. except when making up cllownble lost time. 4. 8 hours is the maximum time which C4n be worked on any day--Any hours worked in excess of this will not be puid for. 5. 40 hours is the maximum number of hours which may be worked in any week (tho first 7 consecutive duys or the last 7 consecutive do.ys of pay period) except when o.llow&ble lost timo is being made up. In this a maximum of 48 hours mny be worked in c week. 6. 65 is the totcl number of hours may be accumulated as cllowable 7. lost time. excess of this cmount will be disregcrdod. Allowable lost timo is time lost for the following (n) of project or for roo.s:mo ovor the employee hus no control. (b) Illness of employee (c) Critical illness or death of member of the employee's fc.mily. (d) Lcgul Holidoy. ( o ) Exercise of voting-franchise. (f) Other reasons cuthoriz:;d by Administrr.tion of the Work Proj ects Adminlstrt\tion. 8. Allowo.blo :ost. hours mny be up when the sohec .ule for working such hours hns been approved by thv Supervisor.


P"JBLtC Any apponrnnoe before the public by or student groups ia c public porformunco. 1. No performQnoe onn be given in the of the project when admiaaion fee or collection is 2. No bonofit shell be given in tho nrume ot the ,E'f'ojoot (The projeot oxeroises no control over students who are not project employ ea. The ia not to be construed as forbidding any type public by student groups when suoh performance is given in the of the project). 3. D monstrctiun olcsses end stud nt recitt:ls should be gi-ven c.s often as mcy be desirnble to the public with the work of the project, tnd to onoourLge tho student in his studies. (Since the emphLsis ir. most proj ct teaching is on the development of musicianship Lnd tLste rnther then on teohnio, care should be exercised to insure 'thf' t students in project olussos ore not unfavorably with students Lking lessons where the emphoais is on rapid technic-1 rdvcnoament. ADVERTISING It is not permissible for Music Project te ahera tc tise for pupils. Loocl sponsors cnnounce the opening of olassee with the requirem nta for cdmiasion clusses when such announcement has boon approved by the HANDL:lliG MONEY Music Project employees must novar, under &ny conditions, hLndle money in their trc.ns cticns wi+h ::tudcnts, spC'llsors, or whcm they contact in oc.rrying out the wo1 f h'l project. Consult froely with your suporvisor t.bout such mcJ,;tcrs.


5 DOCUMENTS OF PROJECT SITE Tho .!'oll be poatc:d on th prcjc.ct a te l. t c.ll till'les t l. An offioial ot sign 2. An up-o-dc .te o opy o the ct:ch r l achodules, S.Tl.TlONERY .AND SUPPLIES /ll requ sts fer forms. atr. ion ry, velopes. otc should be dir6c ed to the sup rvlaor. Such auppl1 e should be !'ully r:.nd econ icolly used. These item.o r for uae 1D proj o work d not for pore t.l use LIBIURY D STUDY MATE.Rl/J.B V rioua oxt booka. hods courses of study, Clld aets or tecohing '''owned by the project ttd cveilc. tor the use cf proj ott Loh ra. Thea m my b c.d throuch tho aup rv1aora. ....


REPORTS 6 TIME REPORTS (501 C) The t ima report {WPA form 501 C) is to be submitted by each c.t the olosu of tho working period in the pny-period by tho roport. Tho form should ba filled out us follows: The will show the of the ProjGot working end tho Work The first e-nd dc.tes of the pry period, on tho line, Tho foot must show tho worker's tho omployoes idontificr.tion rnd occupL\t ion cs th oy c.ppour on th notico to roport to work (WF.ft form 402). Tho odd ross to which chock is to bo mnilod end the si- naturo of thv must ell on indicttod lines .!!:!.:.._Body On thu lino mrrkCid 1. De to en tor tho d to of succossivG cl,c.y of the po.y period. On tho lino me;rked 2. Hours soheduhd ontcr the of hours Both end cpproved non too.ohing hours t .re t c be included in c.ocordc.nce with the r.dvo.nce schedule submitt6d by tho On tho lino mark d 3. Hours lost, enter under ac.oh dete, tho numbGr of hours scheduled but not worked, unless such hours oro allowuble lost timo. On tho lino mcrked 4. Hours orkud, enter each duy the number of hours workod in oooordnnoo with the hours scheduled. Entor on thil M 11 A" under drtos on which allowttble time is lost, r..nd the rcason for such lost time under Romc.rke: in the fcot of the form. In tho lest c0lumn to tho right the furm (huodcd) totcl hours, numbor of hours schedulea. hours lost, end hours workod. (While it is not an this form the beginning ond ending hou of er ch work period, it is necessc.ry th::t the exr.ct hours


7 on the J1dvonce Schedule only be t:ntored ns hcvrs wcrked. 1-JJ.y chnnge in pcriodA on the Ativnnoe Schedule must be approved by the supervisor bt.fcr; boing cnterc,d on thv 501 C. ns Hours or Hours Worked. Fer instrncc, if tho tocchor's ---arJ.vrnoo seh ... t'ule inuicr.tes thc.t losson plcnning is to bo dcne from 10 to 12 o'clock on givon dato, unless such work is done nt those exact hours, tho tirnA will be loRt, tnd ccn net bo re-scheduled unless the for not so working mc.kes it c llownblo lost timo. Allownble lost time be sohoduled oxoctly ns work-ing timo when the for such work hc.s approved by tho supervia or.


8 rm;TaUCTJONS FOR THE PREPARATION OF D?S FORM NO. 29 rFS Form 29 is to be preFared by each teacher on the.Florida Music nnti one Slttm:i t t

9 femcle nnd M for mclc Sox. Entor the for children in applied music. For other clcsses the gener&l group aescription in column 1 is sufficient. Under Meeting Dates enter the date of the month for each mooting put P for present, A for absent vpposite ouch studonts name. When general groups nppecr in column 1, enter under the clcss meeting dates, the totcl number present. On the line Doily J.ttendt.noe, enter under meeting dcte, the totol number of students present, On tho line Tenchor Men Hours, Gnter the number of hours of toc.ohing devoted to the ol css on each meeting dnte, (Do not entor prepc.rction or other non-teaching time.). At the ond of the month tho number of P's opposite student1s name under column headed Total Attendance. Urider Remarks, dents dropped &nd the reason. thdor Total Attendnnce also put the sum of tho dnily o.nd teacher mc.n hours. In the foot of the form enter the No, of meetings during the month o.nd tM nttondo.noe per meotiag. 'flis l'iguro wifl be found by dividing the attendance Qy the number of meetings. Enter the number of stud ents who hove nttended one or mora meetings during the month, further broken down into end other. Several closs groups in the same subject and meeting on the snma datos o.t tho meeting place be reported on o single DFS 29 form by bracketing together the names of the students in group. A sopnrcto fcrm must bo used to report clcsses in different subjects or meeting in difforont loontions unless such informeticn mcy bo on the form, or en the bnck of tho formA


DPS Form 29 FEDERAL WORK<:J AGENCY 0. P. No. 1 WJRK PROJECTS .AD.Mn;::::STR.ATIOJi Period Wol'k Pr.'oject No. DAILY ________________ __ Class Subjec1t Class No. ('J:eachor). -rAddr.ess of Meetjng Place) (County) l ----6" Students' Names R S jJ, (or identification : i Remarks I of class) I +> oP. I r ......._._ l ; 1 I I 1 I I I I I I ; i t ; I I I r j I I I I I I I I I I i I I T I I I I I I I I i i I ; I I I I I I i I I : I I I : I 1 : r 1 I I I I I I 1 I i I I I I I I : I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 1 I l I ; i I i I I f I 1 I I l I l I I ; i I I i ; l I I i I l I I I I I I ; i I I I I i I I I I I I i I i I l I I I I i I \ I I I I I I j i : I i I I I I i I I I I I I I I i I I I i I I I I I I I i I I I i I I I I I I i I I I I I i I .i I I I I I I I i I I I I I I i I I I I I I I I I I : I I I I I I I I .. I I reacher Man-Hours rr-,,. -. N'o:--or meetings ciur ----Students atter:ding one or more meetings: Average attendance per ___ Total Whlte Nogro Other ---------


FOR THE PREPARATION OF DPS FORM 3 1 Teachers individual students or g r oups making public appearances, shall report sueh appearances o n DFS form 31. One copy o f tha form ie to be submitted, at the end of the month to the immediate supervisor The heading should contain tho name of he month, the teacher's name and the address of the working locatio;:-the name of the sponsor or co-sponsor. not fill in the line headed Period from -to. Tho body of' the form is self explanatory. Conductors o1' the W P A plnying :;hnll also fill in DPS form 29 Tho nuove lnstrurtions apply, that tho form shall bo subm tted woekly1 and the pul'iod reported should be identified on the line ho d d \'eriod from-to. 10




11 INSTRUCTIONS roR THE ffiEPA'l\ATION OF One copy of Form MP-4 is to be submitted by unch t0a.cher, in sufficient time to roach th._ Suocrvisor in advance of' the work period covered. The teacher should u r<;l'Ord of the hours sohedo..1Jo d in ordv r to ente r such hours on the so:-c card ns hours schcduled and in order that the work may bo porfo:r-med ch:mgvs in schedule should be submittod in >vri.ting to the Sup.::rvisor in advance of their bo. coming effective. Chn'1c;es in schedule aro not permitted, unlass nocossa.ry to project operation, orcovered in tho section on "allowable lost time" The heading is to be cere fully fill6d in with the 's name, work Erojoct numbtl!!. the Music Project to which the reports Elnd the dat .... s of the first and lest dc.ys of the full puy-pcriod, (the latter is irrespective of the numb0r of schouulod working duys in the period). Under the first column on the loft of the page, headed Date, enter the date of each scheduled working d&y in tho period. In the no;rt;Column, enter the abbreviation of the day of the week corresponding to ouch date in Column 1. ln the third column, honded total hours per enter the full number of working hours scheduled for do.y. When approved, those hours may be entered on the 501-C card ns hours scheduled. In tho next oolwm, enter tho address of the working location or locations for each day in the column hended hours to. the beginning nnd ending hours of each continuous period of teachlng, no not show separate periods for classes meeting in succession. In the l11st three columns, show c.ll scheduled non-teaching activities and the hours at which such work is to be done. All prepnrc.tory non-teaching work should be cs c rcfully plc.nnod os class assignments. If there is not sufficient room on the form to describe such work fully, use the reverse side also. At the foot of the form, enter too grnnd total of W. 1 working hours scheduled for the period. 11Allovro.ble lost time" is to be scheduled in advance in the samo manner as reGular working assignments and need not be distinguished as such. line at the foot, headed Aeprovcd is for use of the Supervisor only.


4 roR.tv4 Mr 4 WPA No. Name WCR:KS ACEN :;y WORX FLORIDA MUStC PROJECT -----------------J,DV .P.NCE SCHEDUI.E FOR PAY-PERIOD --H eadq uarter s ------De.te Day it Total TEACHING (location) Hours NON-TEACHING (describe) Hot rs Hours for de." From To From To l ... \ Total 1\Pp:


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