Drew Field echoes

Drew Field echoes

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Drew Field echoes
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Tampa, Fla
Post Exchange
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Drew Field Echoes

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Drew Field echoes.
n Vol. 1, no. 2 (March 13, 1942).
Tampa, Fla. :
b Post Exchange
March 13, 1942
Newspapers -- Florida
United States
d Tampa.
1 773
t Drew Field echoes.
4 856
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SPECTACULAR CIRCUS ACTS Brig. Gen. Carlvle H. Wash WlN T H U N DE R 0 U $ APPLAIJ'SE i\I u s i c, excite m ent, laug hter and 2.c r "''r equiring p erfect coonlina fnn a r e the whic h Li(:n ])etwe e n s cribe t h\nnoH;ll ooment comes from Sara sota that the las t circus perform-ance -of the Winter season will be presented by RinglingBrothers Barnum Bailey Circus Sttnday, -il-rarc h 1 .5tB-: A small admission Red Sox To Play Sunday Service men of Dre w Field a.re interested in_ the exhibition game b etwee n Boston Reel Sox and the Cincinnati Reds scheduled for ulations for its awarding. The issuance of. the A. D. S :\L i s a uthorized for militar y p e r sonn e l for honorable _ser vic e by who entered upon a p eriod of aetiYe Fec!ehl Service of twelve c hants fo r the prize s, and to e v-eryone who worked so that w e mig h t enjoy ourselves, w e, the enlis t e d men a.t Drew Field sa>' YOU We all had months or longer b etwee n Septem-' _a. __ s ''" e _1 _1 ti _11_1 e ________ IJe r S 1938, and DecemlJe r 7 1941. J The m eda:s inay go to a ll com-: D '!I U 1f'lu L Tn p onents of the Ar-my lll _the Fedi1JuU u!W v Si.uHla.y .afternoon. Game time, 2:30. era! Se_rvic e .FHWA Y, llL\HCH_ 13, )94 2 T h e ser nncl a s<;ri e s ol' Trac k : a nd Fie ld Meets i s sch cr1ulet1 a t 1 D r e w F i e!([ fo r Sa t ui da y afle r n o on. W i t h com]leting 'against [ o r top hon o r e contests p romise some stiff cOIJJPetitio n. The mees a lways c reate quite a stir among the fl e e t : fooled m embe r s of l"ncle Sam' s 1 An1y stalione d Dre w I The \\inning organiz alion will have the o rganizatio11 name and I \i'inners' name s e n g raved upon. a i bronze plaque wni cl! will becom e an integr a l p a r t of a large p l;:tcin e whic h will hang inCo L A sp's of fice. In addition to the running events the broad jump, high jump, discus throw and shot put are schedu!e d Baseball Practice Begins At Drew Forty m e n reported for the initial workou.t of the 1942 D!e w Field baseball team ont!H i l etic field yesterday. In the squad reporting appeare d a number of professional and col lege stars who will. be members this season's t eam. Limbering up exercises was the order of the day with the play ers gettin g the ldnks out of their arms and legs. If the way the bois .went through. limbering up exercises mean anything. Drew Field will have an outstanding team. Every member of the squad hac! that old vim and vigor as the y went throug h their paces. A team will be picked from this squa d to Drew Fie ld and will tackle a v ery difficult sched-; ule during the summer season.' Recreatioi1 Officer, Lieutenant R. H. R. Risley has a tentative sched_ ule in the making witil the best tea!.!lS in this section. charge 1 will be .made, from thi-s evel1t being proceeds As ev idence of to by service men given Visit Drew Field D:.-ew Field Baby American D e f e nse Service l\l e clals '1 b f J c t' R d R w I the inte rest felt Bronze s t.;u s will b e a "atd e d to in exhibition those e:,pose d to hostil attack. -games played-in Tampa b y the _, e m e r s ; 0 T. l e 111Clllna I e s eeeives e come cb.arity oiganizations. R e els, o-ier 2000 soldiers were may be ilwa .rde : e v ening of Jie x t wee k giv-The firs t issut or the "DRE'W vue of the ne\v and sensational last eel the r equired s ervice. i11g the pe rsonne l of the Fie ld an FIELD ECHOES"came like a bomb acts which have bee n perfected! op.portunitr to meet and mi11g l e o u t of a c l ear s k y It cer tainly d ur_ing the winter season and Ladi"es Re.ceive Howard Theatr e with these outstanding ball play-\yas a pleasan t surprise .to m any F S ld e1s of our 'troops., WhiCh will be presented at the T 0 At' D a vors 0 Iers raining reW F a n s 'er s o f the Fie ld While r eading the pape r at the opening p erformance of this inter:.\i.r. A. Cappello, of the will gather in a IJody in t h e vi c i!lEnlisted i\Ie n S ervice Club. Mac-!lationally famous circus in MadThe ladies from ilie i\Iotor Corps 1 H owaicl Theatre, announces that it> or the hangar at e i g h t o'cl o elc Di ll Field, I was surrounde d by ison Sq-uar e Garden, l\'ew -York, In American Red C ross, C learwater. servic e m e n o f Dre w Fie ld will b e :\I onda> e\cning for the purpose! soldiers and ven tire civilian emApril. their weekly Yisit to Dre w I admitted to any show at tliat t il e of w e l coming t h e team. j p l oy es.' a ll [u: ::iCJus to see our _,fiTang ements are b eing made Fie ld Friday. atre-afternoon or. evening-for --------new born baby i \Tany r e m arks for a convoy of trucks from Drew the command of Capt. I cents 1 f/!en for passed like : H e ll I know Field to S arasota Sunday to t h e w e r 1_ns:ru_ct-The H o w ard Theatre is lo cated I h & Colon e l Asp. H e wati the CO of transport m e n of t h e Field who I eel 111 the handlm"' of f l ac.cal es, ; 011 t ; l e corne r of How a r t l a 1 enue I I!Cers ...., C 00; 'the 44tl1. Boy! H e <:an fl y like a ] t baSIC 11111Jtary dnll and litte r prac ; t n ,. "t. t 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 d 1 o v1s1t the Circ u s Convoy 1 a o:-p nee 1 ee .u.c ts Ill o Eig h t enli stee m e n ol' Dre w ki t e I Je c --c. :\ a ] o r Cl.ar -will leave at 9:30 A.l\1. tice. g ram in e lucles pictures made l)y :wi c k s ti ll at Dre w. wouldn't $ like E I -' 1-e lllb ei'S o" tile COI'J.lS all voltlll t f 1 I Field lett recentl v t o attend Of. ac 1 orgamzation command e r -1 mo s o Lt e popu a r m ov1e s t a r s to Lie Ill !11s o u lf1t. H e s a pnnc e is requested to contact Captain teer for this w ork. They are 1:e -1 i 'f1cer s CandHlate Sc:llool. The m e n : "Don't I know that S k y Pilot, Lt'. _Smith Base Special Serv1 quird _to pas s Use Of Legion 1-Iut \ ,\ere fst Scrgt. Thadde u s Harr. i s : Clark!. H e'll do an):thing in the ICe Officer phone 258, giving num-R e d c1 oss s t aiCl. and ad\ anc:_c I Qf, n d D .. F "d 1 Staff Sergt. Donald C. Dolan, Staff world for you.' l s n t that a darn ber cf m e n in his unit who desire COUI "C'S befol e t h e y e ll "'! -tere re w te! I c:; o n I s h a m e they ..sp e ll e d Capt. Sall y s I bl f b I "' 1 b 1 \\ llll a .. 1 G. Doclas C o 1p to 'attend. e or mem ers llp .c.ac 1 m e m er_ The A-meric:a n Legion Post o f 1 1 I name like that? H e came from Lunches will be prepared by' must w ork a S)Jecified numbe r of' C learwater has offered t h e facil ii 11 lllwms Pte. H e m Y =": Jac ksonville and b elieve me, h e each organization mess hours :\1embe r s buy then I ties of its Legion Hunt f o r use 1 Hanson. Pfc. Jack H. Hudson P vt. l ( nows his onions oti c onstruction Open House At USO Clubs Service m e n of Dre w Field are to attend 'open house' at the Kort h Boulevard l'SO club own uniforms, furnis h their own[ withot!t c harge for t ile b e n efit of' Omer \\-. Boivi n. T'vt. Knox P. ?de l 'Oh! I know that Sergeant. automobiles and gas and are on enlisted men of Dre w Fie ld. Gibboney and F rank L. Hagerty. was a buc k private in my outfi t, call twenty-four homs a day. Capt.! Plans are n o w b ei n g Good h1c k bo>s-bring bac k and now h e has a b aby.'' Re-Davridge drove h e r own car over b y the Dre w F'ie ld Spechl.! t hose b:ns. m arks -like tl 1at in t h eir int imate 1500 m i l e s during the month of Officer for use of t h e Hut. ori g in a lity m a kes your h e art swell Janua r v I Chaplain like an observati'on b alloon. ful 111 treatmg a :Manne who h a d vine teletyp e that any con tribuwas U!;e 1 THANKS REDS! Leaves It. i s unde r stood, by a grape We hope other S e r v ice :Me n Sunday evening from eight to e levbeen injured during. a fire in. C h aplain "1\'illiam L. C lark, wi t h tory m emiJe r s of our "DFE" wift h ave enjoye d t h e exhibition en o'clock. Cle-arwater. Treatment of a severe 1\.fJ:s CLark and the childre n l eaves b e provide d ammunition in tli games of the C in cinnati Re

i'AGE 2 Jimmy Jackson, Publisher Bus in e s s Offi ce s 215 Bus T erminal Bldg, P 0. Box 2555 Phone : 2177 Tampa, Florida All advertisements contained in -th i s n e wspaper are also contained in t h e lVIacDill Field Fly Leaf 1\'finimum joint circulatio n : 5,000 copi e s A d v e r t i sing rates furnishell on r equest. A new s p a p e r published exclu s i ve l y fo r. t h e p e rsonn e l of Dre w F ie ld and devote d to military in t e rests and the Unite d Nations \Victor y O p iniO)lS e xpressed in this n e w s tpape r a r e t hose of the individual :wr iters and unde r no. circum s t a nces are t h e y to be consider e d those of t h e Unite d S t a tes An:ny .;-:--. -S Q : :BE;:.JTj 1 .. wi.pl < And bel!old, tion, He kq.,owftll whereof he came tl\roqg;ll .-Gl!-tes -ot ; to beat camp a trainee from afar off. A1,1q and".he worketh .. it came to. p ass the days\vent Hell! Verily. I say unto you; d 1 l'k '" by he learne\1 ple]lty. They that (gO thou an co I .ewise. wer:e Corporals smiled on him and gave him the hand that was g l a d. The. Serge .ats openly recommended him. And in tha t Camp were they that wer e the Goldbricks and Bo lo es. And they s p ent their clays 'in adding to the Alibi Sheet. Might .ily were they astonished. Tiley said one to thE ;' other, "What the H ell? How cloth -he get away with it?" Aml it cam e to llass that nutn y 0w e r e gath e r e d together in o n e Tent and a Soothsaye r came among them, and h e was one Wise Guy And they spake and questioned him saying it is that this Rookie accomplishes the impos s ib le?" \hereupon the Soothsayer made answe r. "He of w hom yo u speal c is one Hustler. He arisetll early "FONTE" CHIOKEN MARKET PHONE 3520 ''' E DELlYER :FREE When yo u a r e lonesome -& biue And yo u don' t know what to do come to M. MILLER'S BAR Where she i s fr!e nclly and true llEJmS WINES 1111 Florida .Ave Investments, Residential All J>ra.isals, ltesi

---... '. .. ...._._ ___________ :.. -....,;---.:: Friends of Cm;poJal J. Wals. il,.'jl'v P\lr.SOJ.lnel c lerl\ of 'the J I';,..... 2nd Reporting will re gr.et to .Ie\ir1J. of the death of his father, whic h occurred in New Yo1: k Saturda. y, FelJ. 28. The father; James J 'Walsh Sr. was, befo r e retir\)llleJ l.t, a practi cing .physician in the City of New Yo1;k. Since his retirement frolll actual practice, D; Walsh h ad au thored/ sever a l books on medi cal science,dealing especiall y with n ervous diseases. In addition to his writings, Dr: Walsh was a wid elyhea,rcllecturei. in the. sam e sci entific fie ld. Corpor.a] 'Wals h. l ef t on furlotlgh imm ediat!'!IY on of the ? I tragic n e w s Late .. For A ccordino to Chapl a in North, ,J h a v e b ee n made whe. r eby all who at.ten d early com in the Dre w Fie ld Chapel -on s unclay may b e s erved break fast up to 9:30 o'c lock that morni n g a t kitchens one and two. l : L ... Chap .map Stai>le mHl Faney Groce rie s all(l Feed stuffs Choic e Western Meats Choice Market Supplies 2112 -1 4 -Seventh .Av:.e .. 306 Franklin Street We. 'seue The Best 25c Lunch In Talllpa. Only The Finest 0 { .Foods Used. .. -ALA. 'Groves, Lots, Lake. F1: o _nts Real J;;xcJmnges O.'L : SCHUfiSTAD Realto r & Bushiess :BI1 oke r ; ,. St.' .. Ph ... 443. 2 Tqll}P.i\t. .. Fla. POST SHOE: SHOP & Hill-sboro Shoe ., Louis Carastro, Manage r ,._M-'72 80; 410. ,Tampa ... Sh'\)et i .Mah.a.11ey., a ., A\r.1-. ( '' Tam. pa,.Fla.c .Phones: :.ciffice .. :Residence Beauty :Pennanent Wa'\ ing a SIJeci _a:r.Y. ; ,_ __ _.Mary &!.Connie. Props. ___ 1 ______ Ph Y3()J7 1 REil?AIRXN G .. Gc.u-age.. 15th & 8th Ave. : Y nu z ;: S!fELL PRO:I)UCTS Ave. & 22nd St. S., C. FEI,t_ I,.JT ......... ;; > .! S QRRY ..._ :.' through, ------------But h e really put me on t h e spot when showecl what h e co ulcl any "has Wl\ei\ insists that "my mom is t11e best Tilat's why I ca ll ed yo u Satan I n ee d achice from YOl1 cool;: and baker in all of Tennes-Dan Cupid is having a holiday And I hop e t hat yoi1 will tell me just what I ought to do/' "Dear Hitle r, said t h e D e vil s ''Iliere's not much left to tell see." with members of the 327tl1 Mate-For Uncle Sam w ill make it halter than I ever can in Hell. The Headquarters Top1dck, as of Ri a l. s-Sgt. Monroe D. Rippy i s lVIa,rch fi r st: eighteen the latest to join the happy mem months ago in wl!at was sti\1 the b e r s of the manie d fra nfEmlitl. o ld army I I e had been working H e lo s t his bac heloi's statu: s Sat in Memi1hi s in a nuts 'n' bolts es-urday, Marc h 7th. I'v e b een a m ean' o l d D e vi l, but not half as mean a s yo u Aucl the minute you get dow n h e re, my j ob is .yours to do I'm r e ad y for your coming, and I'll l'ee p tl1e fires all lJri ght, And I'll h a ve your r o om all 1 soon a s Sam begins to fi ght. For I see your da y s are nnmbe re_cl.There's nothing left to. tell: l I ang up your 'phone and ge t y our hat; I'll m ee t y o u here in Hell. -Submitted by Sgt. A. R. Tatum. Six weather Men I A Allison, L. A ll en, Eu0 g e ne R. F .ant, Willi s G Apt., John Recexve Promotions '1'. Fole y and Huph H Tay lo,r. Six of the men in the Fourth New Barber Shop I -In Te1;1t Area Or to paraphrase the f emale m ember of a famous radio and mo,de team, ''He wa,s a hardware m a n, Sid Cee." But it seems that that bu sines s was li t er a ll y and figurative l y driving him nuts by i t s if1activity s o he joine d up with Unc l e Sam. S tarting out in the ciu;rtenna.ster D e tac1lme n t in Baltimore he, has serve. d in Augusta, Savannah, Ft. Benning and on Dec ember 24 was tian s -Weathe r Sqnadron had their head s in the c loud s last Saturday whe n they r e c e ived n oti c e of their pro motiO!lS from privates first class to corporals Men in t h e tent area will have fenecl. to Di e,\ Field as a Christno excuse for a musician's hair-mas pre01ent. The men promoted wer e : John lie or an uns haven counte n ance He got his first n o ncom promo-' Howa,nl Photo Studio 90S% :Franklin St. Um .. lS Open Nigl if.S Until S P l'II Across Street Frolll T H : E-SI'AR FRIED Cli:!OKEN STEAKS SANDWICHES BEER W.I:tiE 2713 ... Bayshore> Blvd FINE FOODS r / 18L4 ;t4th St. n ex t w eek. A tenc h air barber shop will be opened the first of the week between Air and Warning streets, near the mess h a ll. tion afte\: b e in g in only five months, when h e was m a de a bu c k sergeant. H e made staff last month and drew one pay with that title. I'm sure that it didn't The shop will ha,fe the conveni-hurt too mucll to g iv e it up for that extra stripe plus a diamond. e nces of hot water and sharp raz-. ors. Line forms to tj1e right. 'I'QDAY I will start today serenelY With a true. I will give _uns.elfisl\ service To enrjr;:h fan}e. I will speak a word of courage .. To a sot\ I b)' fear: I will With the sunshine of ch.eer. His last furlough was in August of last year and h e anived at home just in tillle .to see his best g;irl-friend get married. To aneth' er gtlY. If he hadn't been in the at the time he probably would have joined U,P then and there. 'Whim asked about applyin g fo1 Offic er's Candidate Schoo l he "not for me, one has more fun b eing an enlisted man." Ee Ess. Men from had the I will be and humblf?. va,I Tuesda.y._ an_d Wednes-Iq ) lte _;_work I ,hf\v e::-to .. do; day nig])ts at the Latin Ca.rnivaJ I will praise i1istead of .. ure s .. -' weet mus ic,. pr.ett-y girls,. and a i sh. o\v : .. :.a ; ... L\.ssocia.. fu!.Hm Sand,,iches A S l l ecialty 1216 Franklin St. ___ ..................... ; 4171Either Phone -:i\IG!-684 Walton .... Buffalo & DJ'ERS (A Modern' P l ai1t) 3904-6 Nebraska Ayenue Davis-Drug Sj:o-re I Arthur Davis 4911 Broadway. Ph. Y1735 :Meet the "GANG': At J)rpg, Store-:, 1004 Franklin St, Ice C1;) Phone Y -1104 Talllpa ; __ F;; I $H .. : 120;1. E. I \viii kee p m y mind and body ti o n, 'for inviting_ .. us! a1icl and .pure;. __ ...... .. ;.,;-;.;;-;;. ...;..---:....I .will g ive illY .iime' --and stu. d y : .. ','"-- '--- > -::::.. ., 15th,,St ... BDAS j -... }'reslt Fl.-"{Jits: a,n,d Vegeta.l>les f'!J..: .. 51-555 t 4315 E : Broaqrv:I\Y, Tampa, Fla. :J ... F :-Rogers Ph. : Y -13_09 .. at, Pfices 19th St. :r. o the thing;;._,that long endure. ,'1 I will do what I am able To advance a worthy cause; I will evil SOF;r And obey. Gocl's righteous la,ys. COFFE}&. TN TOWN 1501 E. Broadway I will pray. to .Him t-o guide .me In the 1;arrow .. .. .. :: .. l will -shun fa.J.se prid. e and -folly, -.. .. ............ --........ "'-.-......... I will live ,-: '.......... -.... Hpt And Cold .Lunches : 1:11-3 _11 Fr-anklin St. PJ!O\Je .. Tann>a, F!a. tkneraJ _A,ut{) Repairs G .A$ 0 J;L, 2102 4th Ave. Phone Y -5169 ____ ,.., ...,..__,,.. --..,. ... -.. .. SIMMONS COMPANY .,. r,_ ;.. ,. I Angel Garcia -;?.;?0} 16th St Ybor City, Fla. GUL;F BAG. & .. .: '... 3106 E. Bl :aadw?,-y BAGS OF ALL KJNDS AND BURLAPS Also S;t:pitary Wiping R.'tgSI .. __ ,., .... : ---........... 2212. Florida Ave. ......... ..... ----................. -. -. t\'. ,.(. BLOS.1ELD ; $"\ !-..,_ .,.r. -:.. GROCERY, 22nd .St.-.. E .. .. _.!,l,lc ITA LIANA 418 TAMPA ST. "-Et: M -at.tres s (Italian Club) :.:. I r. Phone Y3717 I TAILOR AND CLEANER Ground Floor, Opposite Gas Co. 1818 15th St. ft. Phone. S7179 E. & 18th St.


PAGE 4 DREW FIELD ECHOES Drew Field's City Champions CHURCH CALL PROTESTANT Chapl ain Willia m L. Clark Sunday Sunday Sch oo l ________ 10:30 A.M Preaching __ ----------11:00 A .M Week Day ::\Iorning Devotion every morning FRIDAY, JfARCH 13; 19:f2 > New Post Exchange Open' s Capt. John A Schne id er, P,ost. Exchange Officer a .nnounces the openin g this week_ of Post: Ex chanc e No. 3 in tte tent area. Thanl's a lot, Captain, this il e w at 8:30. Exchange will be handy for many wednesday 11ight -Bible Study, Prayer and Song Service. JEWISH Convoys are sent to the two Syn-1 agogues in. Tampa, when there a r e m e n who desire to g o Tues da y lli ghts at 7:30 the Jewi s h Service i s hel d aE the fieicl in the nase Chape l T ent b y Rab bi David L. Z eilonka. CATHOLIC Chaplain ArLhm A. North Stmday l\Tass-7: 30 and 8 :30 A .M Confessions preceed each i\'fas s Wee k Days Mass-Every morning at 6:10. A com_oy will l eave the lVIotoi Pool each Wednesday ni ght for Lenten Devotions a t the Sacred !Ieait Church. Each Thursday evening from 7 of us in the area. E .. P .. Johnson &Sen' '\YaJ:cllluaJ,ers :uuf J ewelcrs Higllesl. Prices Paid for OJ,D GOLD 2l4 l!l. St. REFRESH WITH Old Milwaukee to S o'clock at the I<'irst CJ{ristiail Back row left to right, Lt. Risley, Mike Ruggles Russell Hanstrori1, Giles McEwan, Joseph Church, Hyde Park and Her sc h ow itz, Captain Smith. Front row left t o right, Omer Boivin, Bradl ey Grubb s, John 1 Streets, Ml' Hearne gives an orJacogson, John Wayneck Harry Walters. gan r ecital. every .one is i11vited. 1 -Soldiers are especially invited to America's Finest T .en Cent Beer in ne\v green stein bottles USO Club Program 1:00 A.M. Curfew come and enpoy the .program Drew Field has just completed 1 F l d M also join in group singing. .:_----------:----a very successful basketball sea214 N Boulevar d or En iste en -------,....--------; eon wit!t a splendJd re<;ord of I :\Ionday. 16th-The Commanding Ge neral 3rd J 1 f tl t f p tt F d CO 22 wins against eight defeats. s: 00. P.:VI.-Baseball school in. 00 uc gmg TO!l1 le amoun I ra -00 0 f 1 11. f 1 1 _. 'f 1 H k A11 Force, has approved a 1 : wire and rods requisition ed by Sgt I 7tii A\eil l!e JJeai 4 8 t1 1 S treet, ne o t 1 e1r c 1 e accomp IS 1structurs Less _, ann anc an -1 rments was captivating. i n t h e C-ity Gowdy. j.,,. ?rl. c urfew for enlisted men Ill Hraback of Sub-Depot. h e must on A C.L. Railr .oad ?ark Trail e r league championP.:.VI.-Span ish Class. C01.1-the vicinity .of Tampa. A ll en listed b e preparing for a Jap invasion of I Phone y _1526 :ship The Drewmen to finals versational. men found on t h e streets of T ampa Dre\v Field.


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