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Stan E. Vann For whom. Tclmpans Once Raised $2,000' Dies .. All The News Fit To Print. (SEE ()N PAGE ZZ) Sentinel Advertisers Invite YOU AMERICA'S FOREMOST SEMI WEEKLY VOL. 25, NO. 82. TAMPA, FLORIDA, TUESDAY, SEP'J1EMBER 26, 1972. PRICE 15 CENTS. : county Park Named For. 2 Blacks Sunday was a highlight in the lives of Mr. and Mrs. Coleman Beamon, 2603 E. Emma. Itwas their S8(h wedding anniversary and they were honored at a dinner party at the residence of a niece, Mrs .Jimmie Finley, 4155 Cypress Street. The surprise guest was their son, Coleman, Jr., center, who had arrived from New York to be with them on this special day and present his gift in person. At left with their gifts are Jewell Beamon and Mrs. Ros-a Johnson. NAACP SUIT UNFOUNDED, MAYOR SAYS EUSTIS -Mayor Robert Stebbins, in his capacity as chair tnan of the special investigating eommittee on police intimidation l:harges. by the NAACP, advised e i t y commissioners Thursday the charge!! tanted.". The formal report, signed by all members of the citizen's comhtittee, which recently reviewed !testimony of witnesses in the :matter as well as a previous report on findings by the city at -torney, affirmed that 'the Eus police d epartment has con. ducted its business in an orderly manner without discrimination or intimidation." The charges o:f' discrimination and intimidation by the local chapter of the NAACP grew largely out of a case in whi c h a serviceman' s wife had been ar rested as a result of differences with her in-laws leading to charges o:f' disorderly conduct. The NAACP chargeQ. the city mishandled the case, and that police followed improper proce dures Testimony later revealed the city had gone to great length to assist the woman with trou bles stemming from a language barrier, unfamiliarity with local customs and, in family diffi culties. Other matters entered Into the hearings unrelated to this case and in one instance, the city at. torney concluded an arrest was poorly handled by a policeman in a traffic offense. Otherwise, as the full committee asserted, there was no evidence of mis conduct by police. The committee reviewed police and court procedures, and prac tices in the course o:f' the in vestigation and among its recom rnendations suggested that any persoll arrested should be fur nished an information sheet in normal case handling procedures for arraingment end pleadings in court The committee also recom mended the police personnel en ter no domestic conflicts other (Continued ()n Page 24) Be A Good Citizen, VOTE Tuesday, Ortober 3 (SEE STORY ON PAGE 3) SEE ST()RV ON PAGE U 21 In Main St. CiamblingRaid (SEE ST()RY ON PAGE Z) State Seeking, For 75 (SEE STORY ON PAGE 16) Expectant Woman Ki;cked l : n Stoma(h (SEE STORY ON PAGE I).


PAGE TWO COURIHOUSE CAPERS. ;-.. ...... .Assaults known persons took '3 5 from-"'' ihis w;allet Sunda>y mowing. Ap Expectant Motlter kicJM;: ln. Stemach IMd's .. M ary Ann 2800 Valentine Ct., Apt. 3M, was assa-ulted by an unidentifed m.ao, apparently at her apt. but re fused to give the policeman in formation of the attack. for fear of the and the JJews p3ipers Cects attacked J immie Lee wallet with $113 cash and I.D., Brooks, 24, 1712 N. Albany, cut him O!l the arm, then fled with a knife and bat Sunday while he was. somewhe:re on the scene on foot. Union St. he reported. Christine Sherman, 33, 409 W. Am elia, was arguing with a man identi.Hed' as Hutchinson when he struQk her in the 11ight eye and. on the left cheek, then left the scene. Mrs. Mary Ann Hall, 37, 2212 lOth St., told police. tha-t she was buy.ing eggs from the egg man on the corner of lOth St. and 12th Avenue Saturday afternoon when hetr boyflliend walked up and struck bel: in the face with his :f.i:&tJ. She said they had not been arguing and 15he does not know wliy he hit iler. Burglaries Charles Lee Surry, 21, 290428th Avenue reported some un Miscellaneous H. Anthony,39, 862% E. Zack, was obs11rved by a policeman at Palm and Highland Sunday with a .32 caliber revol ver in his .front pocket. He : was charged. with carrying a con cealed firear:m. William Gray Dixon, 40, 2102 23rd St., was arrested Thursday :for carrying a concealed fire arm at Nebra .ska and' 7th Ave. A p o liceman sa.w him take a re'IIolver from his )Vaistband and place it on the car seat beside him Eugene R. Harden, 28, 402 W Frances, was also arrested this weekend for carrying a concealed firearm. He was at 20th St. and 7th Avenue. Shevin Backs Mrs. Wimhish CLEARWATER -St. Petersburg ViCi! May.or C. Bette Wim ibish a Democratic candidate foe the State Senate, Thursday night called for uniform, statewide zoning controls to halt Flor,ida s urban spra!Wl aod protect the en' vironment. Slpeaking belore about 7'5 SU IPiporOOrs at the opening of her Clearwater headquarters, Mrs. Wimbish drew strong support from Floria Atty. Gen Robert SIM!vin in 'her campaign to uneeat Sen. Richard J. Deeb R..St. iJ;J, :the, tion Nov; 7 praised Mrs. tqr, having tJle basic Wimbish qualities of f e rv.or and reason, 'activism and keen judgment" and told the a pplauding group, "She reipre sents the fol'lward looki_ng and dedicated !public servant which this county needs in the Legisla ture 'Fhe peo?le ol. Florida need !Bette Wimibish." Shevin was the second top \Pinellas to aid the Wimbish !Florida Democrate to come to cnm paign, State Democratic Chairman Jon t Moyle, W es t Palm lBeaeh, last month took part in the opening of her St. Peters headquarters. !Mrs. Wimbish called the St. City Cooocil's aetion -Thu.rJ?da\Y. starting a citywide ':Dhe offieers' report was based on the hoisp-ital w .hieh revealed that she arrived at Tampa General Hospital: at day night via Arnbula Nle me. of stomaeh pains. The chart indicatedi that the wo man is 4% months !pregnant' and had been k ic lred and bea,ten by her b&yfri en d. With the c hance of her lbaby1 Mrs. Thonas sa-id she might change her mind aWer at the m persons on gamlbling and re home, pkked it ur:> and fired a charges. and one for re bullet backwards througJb. her ar.m Slstmg intu the shoulde-r of her hus band Armed wtth a search The AJP.s whose the OH.icers entered the buildmg home is in a wooded, exclusive through the front. door. As they section of this Philadelphia subentered,. ,James :M10Cloud, 00, urb drove the Boyds 00 the ll'Wl Umorr, gra-bbed $29 from the hospital after the inddent. of theo table,. then ran Police said the s hooting s eem,. mto the bathroom :He_ ap ed aQCidental but was still und 'er prehended; by one of tihe off1cers. investig;ation. Jethro D. Statoo, 51S, 31801 A von, when ordered from the bath room. area, hit one deteetive and had to be. forcibly subdued, 3 Stere Chains Get Paathels' Demanlls and was chal'ged with resisting arrest. ATLAN.'Jl'A-Militant Black Pan thers have-. demanded $50,000it in cash, food, several buses, gasoline and servia .es from at least three grocery chains in Atlanta. The food stures ha;ve refUsed to comply with the demands. And one unidentified store official has asked Fulton County. Dilit. Atty. Lewis sraton to th8> de. mands: Spokes men for Kroger, Big Ap ple and Colonial stores confirmed they had been contacted by the Panthers. A&P would neittrer con firm nor deny that ,its stores allill were targets of the Panther de mlmds. The report continued: Charlie Small, 715,, .address llllknown, grabbed $& flom tiM! ta:bfe and ran. He was apprehend'ed. Order them how fu the world they ex pected to get anything from any body acting the way they did," Brown said. Brown said he asked his church pastor to visit a panther program center and find out w .hat he could. "They wouldn't let him in the door and told him it he wanted t'J see the place they w.ouJd, an appointment. George King, 48, 1005 N. [['5th St. ; James MeCloud, above dress; Russell Gaines, 55, ad dress unknown; Charlie Sma ll, address .Rosetta Staten, 37, 30011. Avon; Roger William s, 00, address uoknowh; B 'ernard !McCloud, 2J8, address unknown; !Manson Johnson, ;;;, address un. known; Lonnie White, 50, 90Sl Main; M 1amie Jaekson. 3700 !29th St.; George La tum, 516, 3600.' M aQhadb; ILeon S i mmoos, 15>13 Chestnut; Ledell Boney, 49, 10112 Ka\Y, all for gamibling, j Thomas Walker also krlown j as Raiph Raines, 75, 15113 Grace;i Jethro Staten, gambling and keep1 ing a gambling house; Booker Varnes ; 35, address un,knowrr; E .dward Dean 65, address unknown; Ernestine Gibbs, 48, 1\3159 GTeen; Lcmis -M assey, 64, address un known, Edward Hall, 81 3003 Walnut; and !Roland Gaddis, 75, !1111 5 Spruce, all booked on charges of frequenting a g"ambling house. The offi cers reported they did $5 damage to the door as they enteted, confiscated $37 and. four of cards, and ; too-k the two-way mirror from the front door.. Ed Hall and Roland Gaddis were atati&ned as look-{)uts, ac cordUng to the A spokesman for the Panthers !!aid if the srores don't produce what has been "we win take our c.ase to the people." Fred Brown, a spokesman for Big Apple supermarkets, said a delegation of Panthers visited his office last Jnonth with their list of FOR RENT demands. "They plopped down with their hats still on and smolc::s in their mouths and started tell ing me about their program." "When they finished, I asked enviromental impact study "a milestone" that will lead to orderly growth and protection of the environment afld said she hopes that ether muniQipalities and the county will join the study. 334 -$25 Weekly "We cannot afford the luxury of fragmented actioo," sai d !Mrs. Wimbish. "'We must deal with ecology and technolog!Y. We've got to have systematic, fie to know. exactly w.'hel.le we're going. We have got to stop the degradation of our air, water and soil."


Tuesday, ,September 2 6, t972 Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Published every Tues. and Fri. Cet Both Edition PACE mREil County Park Named For. T 'wo Blacks By_-SHERLYN ROBERTS Sent i nel Staff Writer County C o mmissioner Ellswor th Simmons, Parks Director Vance Vogel, Dire ctor of Community Ac tion Agency Robert (Bob) Gild e r and other d i gnitaries gathered in Progress Villag e Sunday aft e r noon fgr the dedication of a county. park. The unique aspe c t of this d e dication was the n iun ing of th e park, Simmons-Bow ers Communi t y Park, in honor uf two you ng b l ack men James 0. Simmons and Wallace Z. Bowers. Commi s sion e r Simmons, who gave th e d e dication address, said the park was so named in their honor b ecause they the negotiatio ns with the proper authorities to turn a "ruin into an asset" for the community. He related that they appeared bebr'e the board on many occasions never : bashful in asking some times even insistent but this is what ft takes in many instances to accomplish a goal, he said. Because of the dedication and s i nc e rity of these two men and the much needed support of the community, the dream of a park conducive to relaxatio n for both adults and children alike was m ade a reality. Mrs. Betty Brown in giving the h istory of the park, pointed out that over five years ago a ch ild lo s t his Jife in what was a mud hole in the middle of the com munity. Because of this tragedy, the Civic Councii, under the pre:;id e!'JCy of Mr. Simmons, under took to -rid the area of the haz ard and beautify it for all to en joy Picnic tables, a sand box wit h playg round facilities fast-grow ing trees and a chain link fence ha.ve been erected on the site sur round i ng what is now a circular landscape pond Both Simmons a n d Bowers humbly expressed their apprecia tion to the people of the commu nity who thought it fitting to cc name the park aft e r them. This new county park is located at Ash Avenue and 86th Street. Father Urges Surr-ender Of Sons In Killing NEW YORK The blind, 5-J year-old father of two youths sought: in the mugging death of l aw expert Wolfgang G Friedmann issued a public plea Friday for his _sons to render. I hope and pray_ they are i:J nocent; but I couldn't swear to it one way or the other," said Frank Robinso n who se sons, Steven, 23, and D a v id, 16, were named in a 13-state police al arm as in Rob inson said h e and his wife, Mary, were "scared to d eath th a t the boys could get kill ed. Y 0 ; 1 know w i t h what th a t alar m s ays, anything cou ld happen We want the m to know that we love th e m and we will do all in our power to h e lp them. Fri-edmann, a refugee frnm Nazi Germany, was killed last week on the fringe of Harlem afte r h e le ft Columbia Univers!ty wh ere he was a law professor Witnesses said he was stopped b y three youths who took his w::-. 1 Iet and' th e n tried to grab h is 72-Year-Oid Row Inmate Dead Freed CH ICAGO After more than 40 years in prison under the deat h sente n ce, David SQ1anks, 72, say s he looks for ward to "going to the ball games and watching a lot of m ovies." Shanks, who entered prison to face the e l ectric chair 44 y ears a go, came home to Chicago Wedne sday_ five months after win ning parole He was dri ven to hisnew h ome at the Mid-Am-erican Convale3 cent Center by state correcti

PAGE FOUR --... Fla. s..tlael.JkalleUa eeey Tues. H41 Fd. Cet BoOa U&u --------------------------------Published every Tuesday and Friday by Florida Sentinel Tampa Bulletin Publishing Co., 2:JIJ7 Twenty First Avenue, Tampa, Florida 33601. C. BLYTHE ANDREWS Founder and Publiaher C. BLYTHE ANDREWS, JB. Execeftve Ediler SIMON JOHNSON Vlee Presideat-Preductlon )IRS. RGSE CltUTCHFIELD Vice Pret!Hent-Society JOHNNY JACOBS Vice P"'esilkt-AdveriislnJ HAYWARD BRADY V-ice Pretident-P>Ithlic RelaiNias Second class postage paid .at Tampa, Florida. SUBSC&IPTION RUES $ 6.50 Per Year Dire EditiH. $'1%.50 hr Year Both EdiUou. Watergate ftlak The episoae rorcf"UI aftermath represents a DeW aan,ger to the Aaericaa pt'Oeefis of Hpresenta:tift lllen' t, -.e tlat tlae p.wic tial'!N not -.....-s .of liltde 'COJi-char.ges and tlOun:tft c:tJara-es win be heard !the elec t .ien C2111;.9Jca, Sut tfte a.era.,e c::itieen., it de.r tlaat t-his is but anotfteto .-+ep to ward a aociety of Big operatives th;at !threaten to .strip us ef c.heriShei libertlea -aad riebts to pnCy 0 We b.ve seen this ll:ype thmg outside tee srtric ,dy pOlitical aTeDa too of!tem. Spying on citirens ami lrunift1r their ltetephones in t h e name of internal secur:ity., coverups and cense-rship .I m'deria.h tlwlt should ee in the p.ul.iie: domain, secre!t trips and iHmf.iDs, Je:ak.ed info.rm-atleaders have CGD eluded taatt winning ca ees o-r .elrecUo.w is dte name of tire game lllld RO oo&t is too to bear; The t,rou'l:J1e is that this atti tude part reeioas jewel. Always thi nk of our mather when you are going .astray, submitting io ]ur. king danger that will turn her black hair ,gray. Don t break her heart. When she is ,gone the11e is no {lther who will 'Pll!Y her part. If M! think of o'-'" mother it will ma'ke her trouble easy to bear; So, when God calls her home to Heaven, you can :ny, you have 4one your .:share. Let us all 11emember our mother''ll he cause she is 8 Gi f t Foom MRS. WILLI MAE J'EN&INS 171 Atlufie RoChester, N. Y. 19107 El IILIMOR PLEADS I'll JWIVIU SUPPGU TAMP>\ As a 5-year subscriber to the 'Sentirrel-'Bul!etin, and finding myself in solid greement :w.frh your edit orial l'JOSitions, I w.as ;and c:tisappointed in your less than enthusi astic support of Sen. McGOvern's can didacy for president ( Sandy Mondino, 9-'5-72). Being the leading v oice of t he Black Communi-ty one might assume y.eu would share the enthusi-asm Of Mrs. Martin Lutber King, Rev. Aber.nathy Shirley Chisholm, et al in their warm endorseme t of McGovern for President. These states (wo ) men were swiftly abl e t o identify the key issues in this elec, titm In answer to _your questions concern Ing omission of Blac-k people on '',policy making Committees" il'l the county these slots were filled b.y :volunteers attend ing general meetings announced in the daily press. Theile are no pa1ronage 'Or hand out' jobs in t his effort. The only paid position is that of state coordina to r The only money for McGovern fa ciliEes in Tampa is raised locally, from be1eag ued supporters recently hit na ti onally far TV S,pots. The local McGovern c ampaign would earnestly welcome men .and women all communities, especially *he Black in wou1d-be price i ncreases haw 'been turned back 'by the Price Commission sinct! tlre agency "be gan operating last November -!1[. In a letter sent to this writer, McGovern beadquarier.s in Tampa <8JlDGnced that "The preBent Administ:ration, ISTJUCT J Bealill DISntJCT 4 Don Kilgore DISTRICT II Pel Faak NS!f'RIC'(. tteei)e ....... Essrig i


'rueaday, September 26, 1972. Fla. S.Atinel-Bulletin Pu.Liished evuy TUM. ancl FrL Get Both, Editlon8 PAGE. FIVE CAN'T SAY I BLAME EX. DALLAS COWBOY'ER DUANE THOMAS for not accepting that twenty thousand dollars a year salary for pro football war play. There're some kats making that much for not working at all. Thought Thomas was in a high er pay whirl. RECEIVED WORD TELLING OF SOME OF MY FRIENDS AND OFFICIALS OF THE TAM. PA URBA N LEAGUE, saying their ticket sale for the Ebony Fashio n Show and Revue had been hurt by mentioning dapper mod gent Nathaniel Johnson Jr. was gonna "try to'' do a guest modeling appearance. The Urban League fol ks sent word, "there will be no local talent on the E bony Fashion S how appearing here, under t heir sponsorship.'' like to say here, Mr. Johnson only mentioned he was goi'llg to try to appear, afte r hearing the show mi g ht b e coming here sev eral weeks ago, under whose spon sorship, he or I had no idea Just read it in Jet. or Ebon y. And since the show ap .pearanc e is next month ( Oct. 29th) beli e v e me your ticket sales have n o t been harmed. We just never got in the habit of buying 'em so early. Faot is I wanna buy two! WAS GOOD TO SEE MRS. HAZEL NELSON, "Filrst Lady'' a t Allen T e mple AME Church, bac k at services following few weeks of being "under t h e weather" here and in Little Rock, Ark She s the wife of Rev. H. McDonalcl NelSon, of course. LEONARD RODRIGUEZ, one of t:hi3 corner s biggest boosters, ghostwriters, critics and tiona! Sportsmen Club offictal (Delta's Cap too), had a big natal day celebration d,uring the week and all I c ould learn was Ro4rs over twenty-one JETS BEllE 'N THERE 'N BRIEFS AROUND THE TOWN By HAYWARD B BADY low church official, 1\'Ir, 1., N. Brown, mgr. of M rs. Rose Allen's Blue Flame Barbecue Pits and Tavern, has been a member of All e n Temp l e AME Church since about 1 925. That's a l ot of preach ers ago ..... While speaking of B lue Flame Barbe cu e Pits owner, Mrs. Rose Allen, heard "Mrs. Rose is a not too long ago r etu rnee from a cruise to Nassau, Bahamas, aboard t he S S Bahamas, along with Tampans Mrs. LoiS Cooper of Cleve lan d st., Mrs. Bess Ben. nett of Belmont Heights, and Mrs. Casey Johnson of Se ff ner. The ladies resided aboard ship ... For those who've been inquiring as to wher e the Black Muslims Muhammad Mosque No. 47 moved to after leaving Main St ., word i s it's now in St Pete .. B iUie Brown and lovel y wife Marcia, owners of the East Gat e Shopp ing Center's "THE MALE SH OP," whose motto is "StyleS! of Tomorrow Here Today," hav e come up with a plan whi c h may just put me up there on the dap per dressers list soon It's called the BankAmericard and Maste r Char ge plan. After all a kat who s a vice-president of Florida's largest black newspaper, must dres s the part. Right? M /S gt. Joseph Taylor, hubby of pretty ex-ne i ghbor, Mrs. Breezy Walker Taylor, reportedl y has reti:red from the Air Force after more than thh'ty years services. Sgt. Tayler may be headed to the postal services. Good to have barber Bewud Jordon back at the shop with good brother Pery Kblg follow ing his being off sevenl week., following heart surgery .. You know the new TIA must be a pretty 1arge plaee after all, as dapepr gent Wa,.e Dii has been working out there w i t h NAL' ramp service for six months and I saw him for t!t first time last Db was empleyed aa an airline IJWo chanie bef ore joining our set .. r Word Is niece Betty .J&yce Bar iles, loeal school teacher is a candidate for our B-CC4acllsoo state Central Fla. Clusie footbaB game in OrlanOO ae:rl manth. Yo4r Uncle's with you honey .. Mr. J. Fran Dam bas retired after more than twen ty years W()f'king at the downtown First National Banlr:. Be Heve Mr. Davis, a fellow church member for years celebrated a Jlatal day this weelr: also. And he's the hubby of Mrs. Katharine Davis Mba Gloria Beau... w a S seen beaded badl. to New ark, N. J. and on to Pa.tllaic, N. J. f'lllowiq two DKllttbe st81 here with young aunt, Mrs. EUzabeth Fen nell. Gleria' a nurse in Pasiaicf with plans of returning to scboo to study physical: therapy. See ing her off on Whi.sperjet flight were, aunt Gloria, Miss LiHiatt Woodall and Miss Beverly Ses ler .. Mn. J ean P Teart, a neighbor over town (years ai(>) and out Lincoln Gardens way, is or was reportedly confined to TGH Happ y to report cuz, Joltn E. Bl'lady supervisor for City of Tampa Recreation Dept. is back home with wife Pauline Brady and son, Tommy following few days confinement at TGH. John was home in time to cele brate his 'er 39th birthday And there was another first cousm, Mrs. Thelma B. HollO way wife of Mr. Tlleocltis Holloway and mother of Jefferson Hi dancerette Miss Bernice Harvey, returning home during the week from few days stay at St. Jo seph s Hospitfl} ... Just le arned the other day fel nten too, It was noticed, Sam uel Austin, well-known eastside young gent, is back trom Army war c amp duties, Including the real thing in 'Nam .. Nat Bolden's fully recovered from Injuries and working o u t with Coach Charlie White's HCC "Hawks basketball team. Just may be the big man, along with James Cross an4 Lerey TMmas, Coach White's been looking for Jimmy Riley, ex-Tampa Tran s it Bus driver has as his guest for the next six months his mother Mrs. J. Riley, niece Barbara Ri ley and aunt Mrs. Grace Whip ens. They 're here from Nassau, Bahamas SEE YAU LATER New Silver Moon, Inc. 124 MOBTH OBEGOif AVEMUE 1 block north of Kennedy Blvd. The hesl baJ:!!ecue Ia Iowa Specializing in Rills, Chicken aad Sleab Also Liquor, Beer and W"me lrlnity CME Church J40t NGria Heward Aftll .. Jtey, B. I'; SaMe, P.-.. Services on SUnday began at & :30 with Sunday School with the pastor and supt. iA charge of devotion. The classes wer& taugM by the teachers. M orning worship was conducted at 11 A M with the Wardetts in the stand The scripture w a s read from St. Luke 2 : 22-37 verses The message was delivered by the pastor Evening worship was cond ct e d at 6 with the same order of service being carried out The message was again delivered by the pastor At 8 the No. 1 choir sponsored a short p rogram, whi c h was a success A speCial thanks t o all who took t i m e out to be a part. Wednesday n ig ht there will be no rehearsal for the Gospel Chor us. Thursda y ni ght beg i nning at 7 :30 teachers meeti ng and p ray er meeting Next Sunda y all members a re urged t o pay th ei r pl edges. At 3 p m. Rev L E Sumes and con gregation of Pla n t C ity will r en der service The Trustees is th e Sl>EIDSOr. Anyone wishing to subscribe to the Chri s t i an Index is to call Mrs Johnn ie Mae Peak. Mrs. Lillie Knowl e s is ill at home Let us pray a sp e cial prayer for h e r Vis itors are always welcomed to worship with us at any time Mt .. (hoir No. 2 Eddie Rolle, President Gwendolyn C. Hayes, Rept. The No. 2 Choir of New Mt. Zion M. B C hurch, Rev. B J. Jones pal!ltor will have regula r rehearsal tonight (Tues.) at the church be gi nning at 8 p m The president is asking that all m em bers be presen t and on time. Mienibers are also reminded that you must attend at l eas t two meetings per month in ord e r to serve tbe first Sunday of the month. St. Mattllew MB Re'f'. C. J. LG&g, Pastor Xrs. Mamie Lou Brooks, Rept. Women's day will be observed 4th Sunday in October. Youth day wiill be held the 2nd Sunday in October. Please come out em tho.se days. Prayer meeting is held Wed nesday Dight of each week. Ev eryone is invited to come out. We are having a glori ous time at our meeting each week Poverty Pocket ly-CILHI w Director Poor people often do not have This organization offers IDOl'ct acc-ess to ade quate medical and than the mere delivery of healUa dental servi ces. In Hillsborough services CHELSA seeks to pr()o County we are indeed fortunate vide high quality serviees and in to have many programs which volv'e all community resourc-es. recognize the need for compre Patients receive individualized h e nsive health serv i ces Such health care serv ices in tbe same progra ms as Head Start and manner as private paying paModel Cities Early Childhood tie-nts rather than in a clinic set L earning Program are concerned ting Follow-up treatment utili zes with total development of chil all community resources au dre n not just education Thi s in of Crippled Children Medi cai d eludes p rovision of compreh e n Tampa C!iU: sive health serv ices to all par ics, Guidance Center etc.) T hi s ti cip ants t h e s e yrograms. benef it s the patient immediatel y These are delivered and introduces the fami ly to der the direetwn of Commum t y sources of medical care. Health S e rvic e s Assoc iation, I n c (CHELSEA ) CHELSA is a non -profit fo un dation, established jointly by the Hill s borough County Medica l As sociation and the H ill sborou gh County Dental Society, to pro. vide a mu lti-se r v ice heal t h care sy st em using qualified pract icing physicians and denti sts. T o in sure h igh qualit y services, every participant's medical and d ental records are reviewed b y a com mitt ee of physicians or dentists CHELSA's primary o bj ective s are to h elp effect an immediate impro veme n t of the patient's physical and mental health, to perman e n tly upgrade the pa t ien t s general level of heal t h and to increase heal th ing awareness, and use of avail able health services in the com mun ity. Each program s parent group partieipa t es actively in p l anning the health pr(}o gram together with program staft and CHELSA physicians and den tiSts Our community can be very proud of the efforts of CHELSA. Gospel Mission Prayer Band Deaeen I...nie Pres. Mrs. WUUe Bell Pick.etta, ae,t. The Gospel Mission Prayer Band will meet Wednesday eve ning at 7 :30 at the hQme of Mrs J. W Lofton, 462:1 LaSalle St Let us all remember the sick and shut-ins Visitors are welcome at all times. The program s which receiv e h ealt h services through CHELSA } nclude Project H e ad Start, Proj ect Follow-Through Model Cit i es Early Childhood L ea rnin g P ro gram, Migran t Early Childhood Learning Program ( Dental. Sere vic-es only) MDA Visio n Program, and Tampa Oral School for th1 Deaf This year in the H ead start Program, all the bla c k children in the program are r e ceiving si c kle cell an emia screening tests and necessary treatm e n t. D e ntists are going int o all 63 Head Start classrooms to prov ide dental screening and education programs for the children. Children will be clasified according to the urgen cy of their dental needs so treat. ment can be provided first to those who n eed it most urgentl.r. Through the MDA Vision P ro gum comple te examinatioos by an eye specialist ( physi ci an ) a n d eyeglasses are provided at no cost to patients This program is for all ages CHELSA is doing an Important service to our community through the provision of quality healt h services to segments of our pov. erty population. We are thank ful both that tbe Federal gWern ment has noted the necessity ol providing health in many of its programs and for the qualIty services delivered through CHELSA. However, in all cases except the MDA Vision Screen lug, the hea}th set''f'ices an fot' rouni chifdren 0 'nlere is still desPerate need for similar bealttt for youth and adults


PACE SIX ..,.,._ ___ Fla. Senlinei-Bulletin PuLiisJaea eYery Tues. and Fri. Get But),. Editions Tueaday, !eptemlJer 26, t 972 CARRINGTON-RICHARDSON VOWS SAID FAMILY OF THE BRIDE AT WEDDING Marriage vows were said Saturday afte rnoon by Annie Grace ltichardson and James Carrington In New Zion Missionary Baptist Church. The reception was held in the Garden Room of Interna tional Inn. BOOSTERS HEAR ABOUT PEP When the Bay City Boosters of Elks held their regular meet. fng last Tuesday evening at 809 E Laurel Street, their guest was ]\-Irs. Barbara Martin, Extension Home Agent, 1014 E. Jackson Street, Tampa. Mrs. Martin was accompanied by a volunteer worker, Mrs. Beverly Cox, who made an interesting speech concerning her perience dealing with unfortunate children She also showed mov1es of PEP (Please Eat which illustrated how the children are taught how to care for their hair and skin, and how to pre-pare foods PEP club meetings are held In neighborhoods at volunteers' Jiomes There are also PEP classes at the YWCA. Boosters present were Mrs. Thelma Clark, Mrs. Richiedeen PacJ.. Jett, Mrs. Ruth Smith, Mrs. Clara Morgan, Mrs. Roberta Frierson, Mrs. Isabella ToJliver, Mrs. Ora Lee Small, Mrs. Dorothy Alford; Mrs. Lois Anglin, Mrs. Mamie Robinson, Mrs. Daisy Thomas, and Mrs. Louise Herron. WOMEN'S DAY AT FIRST BAPTIST Many outstanding women of the city gathered at First Baptist Church of Progress Village for their annual Women s Day ob e;ervance. Guest Sunday School teachers were Mrs. Doris Tolbert, Mrs. Nettie Jacobs, Mrs. Ruth Perry, Mrs. Pauline Porter, Mrs. L. Parker, Mrs. Bertha Murphy, Mrs. Betty Way, Mrs. Genieve Trip lett, and Miss Sabrina Cooper, Mrs. Easter Mae Gatlin gave the re view The guest superintendent was Mrs. Emma Smith. Mrs. Mat tie Mills acknowledged guests, and Mrs. Odessa Roberts gave words of thanks Presiding at the morning service was Mrs. Rosalie Harris, and music was by the United Fellowship Chorus. MrS. Ethel Nix was the speaker and others who took part in the service were Mrs. Delores Ragin, Mrs. Josephine McQueen, Mrs. Sallie Holmes, Mrs. Mary Reed, the Philoettes Club, Mrs. Annie Lee Powell, Mrs. Ethel Harris, Mrs. Alma Morris, Mrs. Adell Pease, Mrs. Lillian Bryant, and Mrs Davis. The evening service was highlighted by an address by Mrs. Curtiss Wilson. Other participants Mrs. Altamease Simmons, Mrs. Hen rietta Peterson, Mrs. Mary Turner, Mrs. Helen Jackson Kennedy, Mrs. Josephine Jenkins, Mrs. Gloria Doe, Mrs. Bertha Kemp, Mrs. Mabell Samson, Mrs. Roberta Brown, Mrs. E. Zimmerman, Mrs. Yvonne Cole, Mrs. Mary Allen, Mrs. Ruth Brown and Mrs. Nettie Jones. Mrs. Lunia Dugger was crowned, "Miss First Baptist. The honor was bestowed by MrS;. Mozelle Williams. Mrs. Lois Bowers was chairman of Women's Day activities, end Mrs. Altamease Simmons was co-chal rman. The program chair man was Mrs. Henrietta Saunders, PRIZE WINNERS The first prize winner of the raffle recently conducted by the Howard W. Blake Alumni Association was Freddie Edwards, 3701 E. Buffalo Avenue The second prize went to Mrs. Vivian Hutchins, 11512 Avon Street MRS. DENNIS WI. LL HOST NCNW MEETING Mrs. Leola nennis will host a meeting of the National Council Negro Women Thursday evening at her residence, 3420 33rd Avenue. This meeting is Important and urgent, and will open at '1: 30. All regular and life members are asked to bring or send payments for national dues. Potential members are invited also More information may be secured from the president, Mrs. Ellen H. Green. VISIT KISSIMMEE Edward L. Randall of Kissimmee, a patient at Holiday Hospital, 9Jas visited by his sister-in-law, Mrs. Ethel M. Broadnax; and nieces ftnd nephews, Marilyn, Benita, Adrian and Monica of Tampa. He Is a member of St. Luke M. B. Church where he serves as a deac on, end Is president of Lily White Lodge No. 79. The Tampans also visited Mrs. Clyde Lewis at Orange Memorial in OirjanQo. Mr;s. Broadnax '1-'i)l Kissimmee several ..,ys. (Continued on Page 7) When Gwendolyn Melvin and Jerry Howard were married recently her brother and his family came from For& Bragg to witness the ceremony and her parents and sisters were a part of the wedding party. Joyce, left, was the maid of honor, and Henrietta, front center, was the flower girl. With them are the parents, Mr. anclt l\lrs. Henry Melvin, Jr. ATTENDANTS IN CARRINGTON-RICHARDSON WEDDING The marriage of Annie Grace Richardson and James Carrington took place in New Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist Church. From left to right are the bridesmaids, Felecia Richardson, Adrian Comer, and Sharlene Richardson; and Charlotte Fluker, flower girl. In front is the ring bearer, Ronalcl Walker. ____ -_-_ _-;.-;.-;;;:_,;;;;;,;;;;;______ ._. ____ -True Love Baptist Rev. W. T. Carpenter, PastM' %501 17th Street Services began with Sunday tchool at t!he usual hour with the supt. and teachers at their ;posts Morning serviee began at 1!1 with choir iNo. 1 and ushers ser ving. The. sermon was delivered by !Mr. Cochran. BTU meeting was held at the usua:l hour with the president in charge. Evening service began at 6:30 with the same order of service. .On Monday night the V 'arious circles will meet at different homes. Tuesday night prayer meeting. Wednesday ni .ght church school wiJ.l be held. Thursday night choir iNo. 2 will have re hearsal. Wednesday at 1112 noon prayer service wili be held. All are asked to remember the sick and shut-ins Visitors are welcome at all times. Cocoa Services Jlt Mt. \Moriah AIMJ E Church began with Sunday s chool at the usual hour with the supt. and teachers at their posts. Morning service began at 111 with the pastor /Rev. 0 H. Hous ton, in charge. Ohoir No. 2 find IMr. T. Sawyer was in char ge Gf the music. IMr. Walt& WyllD COMING EVENTS SEPT. Z9--ilsaac Douglas of New York City and Tampa's 100-Voice Choir pre&ents concert at New Mt. Zion M. B. Church, 8 P.M. SEJ'T. 3&-An Enchanted Evening boated by the Mademoiselle Social Club, Cuban Hall, 1226 Broaway. SEPT. 30-Spiritual Carnival and Songfest, St. John M. B. Church, 12 noon. OCT. 5-Musical Concert, St. John M. B. Church, 8 P. M. OCT. 7-"Mr. and Mrs. Social Club" Coronation, Ft. Hesterly Armory, 10 P. M. OCT. 3--Women'll Day, Allen Temple AME Church. OCT. 3--Fellowship Day, St. John M. B. Church. OCT. 8-Non Pariels Annual Bottine and Soulier, International Inn, 6-9 P. M. OCT. 3--Women's Home Missionary Anniversary Observance High land M. B. Church OCT. 3--Musical Program, Friendship M. B. Church, Carver City, 8 P.M. OCT. 15-Women' s Day, Greater Morning Star M. B. Church. OCT. 15-Philoettes Club sponsors annual Green Tea, Kid Mason Recreation Center 1101 Jefferson Street, 4 P. M. OCT. 27-The Annual Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Mardi Gras Ball, Curtis Hixon Convention Center. OCT. 28-Checker Social Club hosts Cocktail Hour, Ragan 7-10 P. M. OCT. 29-Men's Day, Mt. Sinai A .M.E. Church, 11 A. M. OCT. 29-Misslonary Day, Pleasant Chapel AME Church. OCT 29-Men-Women s Day, Friendship M. B. Church of Carver City OCT. 31-Tampa Urban League sponsors Ebony Fashion Fair Curti; Hixon Auditorium 8 P. M. ofifered prayer. The sem1ron was delivered by the pastor. Evening service beg>an at 11:415 with t!he aame o.rder ol service. Prayer was offered by Mr. Oliver Wynn Rev: Catvm Tooks also a.erved. The seJ'lmon was delivered by the pastOr. Rev. H. K Kinsey of Galnes'Vllle In charge of thl preachmg at our revival services which was held on last week. Rev. 0.' IH, IHouston, and IMrs. Susie Lewis, rept.


'l'ueselay, SeptemLer 26, 1972 Fla. SenHnei-Bulfetin Published every Tues. and Fri. Get Both Editionl PACE -SEVEN CHARMETTES CLUB ENTERTAINS AFTER. INSTALLATION The Charmettes Club of Hillsborough County te r tained friends who had been invited to witness lleld an ins t all a tion ceremony 'last week at the the ceremony. The vice president, Mrs. Fift : home of 1\'Irs. Ella Cusseaux, and afterw ards en Glymph serves Mr. and Mrs Robert Scott. BICi SIST'ERS SOURCE OF HAPPINESS Mrs. Doris Reddick and her little For a long time we have known about Big Broth ers and what they mean to little boys. Not much is said about Big Sisters and what they mean to little girls Their goals are the same-to provide ;JI1e aningful adult c ompanionship on a one-t o-one basis, taking a 1>e rsonal and friendly interest in the c hild s welfare and improve ment. Of c ourse the re are alwa y s m a n y m o re little sister s on the wa iting list than there are bi g s i s ters ready to be pa i red with the m In a t le ast one case, we know o f tw o li ttle r e al life s.iste r s who share th e love and c ompanionship of the sam e big siste r The children a r e Yvet t e and Deli ria Polk. The i r big sister is Mrs. Doris Reddick a nurse and the wife of H. N Reddick Both are well known in the communit y f or thei.r support of any cause that is good. Yvette Is 8 a third grader Ill Cal;!oon School. Delirie, 9, is sisters, Yvette and Delirie Polk. in the fourth grade. They are nic e children and were warm and friendly when they-" talked with Mrs Rose Crutchfield at the Sen. tinel Bulletin and posed with Mrs. Reddick while Mrs Sherlyn Rob erts snapped their picture. M.rs. Reddick has had her little sister s about five years and they have had many good times to gether. When Christmas w as men tioned, their response was in s t an t The annual Christmas par t y given b y Big Sistm-s is a high light in every little sister s year. M i s s Pat ricia Payner is pre s i dent of Big Sisters of Tampa. Mr..s. Jeff Alex ander serves as the r e c ording se c re t ary iBoth are hopeful that mor e black women will c om e i nto the organization be c au s e there are many m o r e childr e n on the waiting list. The mailing address is Big Sisters o( Tampa, Inc ., P 0. Box 51, Tam pa 33601. Mrs. Reddick Is also always ,to talk with women wh> ar!1 interested in learning more .. 14 organization. FORMER TAMP AN BECOMES MODEL : Pam Renee Wade, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Chariie Moss, re cently graduated from the Bar bizon School of Modeling in Cleveland, Ohio. Among the twen ty-five gr aduates In her class Pam rankel!t first. She will be modeling professionally out of Washington, D. C. ATTENDING SCHOOL IN ATLANTA Miss Loraine Johnson a '72 graduate of Brandon High School is in Atlanta Georgia, to attend the Atlantic School of Airlines. She was driven there by her parents. St. Peter (laver PTA Open House was held in con junction with the P T A meeting Sunday afternoon at St. Peter Claver Catholic School. T h & group s fall projects are : candy sale, carnival arid turkey raffle. The Rev. J R. Keel presided. Sister Anna is the pr! n. cipal. SHELIA BRYANt PLANS DECEMBER WEDDING Mr. and Mrs. Fred Bryant of 1717 17th Street, Tallavest, h a ve announced the engagement of their daughter, Shelia Joyce to Shedrick Gregory stephens of Sarasota. The bride-elect Is a grad uate of Southeast High School and Manatee Junior College She is employed by Smith Specialty Company, Mr. Stephens is. the son of Mrs. Gladys Stephens, 3339 King B oulevard, Sarasota. He was graduated from Manatee High S c hool and attended Manate_!l CoJ!eg:e At present, he is stationed wit h the U. S. Air Force Ia Germany. MIRRORS-OF SOCIETY By BEVERLY (Continued From Page 6) MR. JOHNSON ENTERTAINS On September 6, Maxie Johnlon entertained a few friends with a party at his residence, 2207 20th Avenue. The occasion was his birthday and he received some very nice gifts HERE FROM MONTICELLO Theodore R. Blue, Sr., a forme r football coach and teacher of 'Tampa was recently here from his home in Monticello to spend a few days with his sister Mrs. Juanita Walker, and niece Beverl y Mosely at 3221 E. Cayuga. AN ENCHANTED EVENING Members of the Mademoiselle Social Club will sponsor an En chanted Evening Saturday a,t the Cuban Hall 1226 BJ:Qadway. Musicr will be by the Parliaments of Soul and the Soul Machine Band Thi11 affair will benefit Mrs Azalea Social Club (Mrs. Evelyn Austin) wh() is one of the contestants in the Mr and Mrs Social Club contest whic b ends on October 7 at the Armory. VISITING ___ The Rev and Mrs. Willie Carpent e r f''1 d c hild r en of 2614 17th Street are visiting her parents in Montic e : : MRS. RANDOLPH HAS GU' ESTS Mr. and Mrs. Amos G. Randolph and three children are h e r e fr o m Colorado Springs visiting his mother Mrs. Elizabeth Tolliver Ran dolph, 406 S. Orleim s He is a 30-day from the U S. Army HOME AGAIN Mr. and !\Irs. Herbert of 24th Street, are home after a seven day Caribbean Cruise .ab

PACE EIGHT Fla. &mlbiei-Bulletln PuhllsJiecJ eYery Tufl. ancl Fri.. Cet Both Eclitloni 26, 1972 Elaborate Coronation Planned For Womens Day St. Paul P. T. F. When the Parent Teacher Fel. lowship of St. Paul United Meth pdist Church met Friday eve ning, $1,000 was donated to the school for new furniture. Plans for Open House are being made, and the date will be announced. TAMPA'S NIGHT. MRS. IRENE THQ.l\IAS contestant Th afternoon feature of the W o men s Day ob s ervance at Al T e m ple A M, E Ohurch will be the elaborate co r onation of '': Mrs. Allen T ern&>! e." This w ill o ccur at 4 p.m. in the lower un it of the church. M a n y out MRS. ROBERJA Officers were introduced, and parents met teachers while en joying refreshments. AHen Temple Mass Choir Rehearsal The ladies of Allen Temple A.M. E will have rehearsal Tues day night at 8 :00 p .m. for the mass choir for Womfn Day All invited participants are also asked' to come out. Mrs. Catherine ."' : McCray chairman of the Music Mrs. lola McCloud, >!' : c o-chairman, Mrs C. M. Ebanks C:. B. Larkins ,.,. ..... .. BEAT By JOHNNY JACOBS Made my way over to the GA Williams, Mr. Capt. "Calvin'' TOR BAR Saturday night to "Lee" aqd Brother Brown. catch the soul of the love l y Go-Go Tiptoed into the LIDO BAR G i rls She was a s i ght for sore to check out some of the bra e y es. Hiding very lit tle and leav thers and sisters on the cas e ing nothing to the imagination there. Believe that LIDO BAR the soulful young lass held the is definitely the darkest b a r in attent ion of every young man in t own. Man you almost ne e d a the aud i en c e So much that yours flashlight when you fir s t w a lk i n t ruly forgot to get her However, the soul is ther e a nd Tho s e of yoo who d o n t k no w are always soul folks on the w ell-known BUDDY ANhand to enjo y it. Yours tru ly ONY is doing his thing over at, a s ked a friend f or .the r e ason t he GATOR BAR. If y ou still like HATTIE MAY had a big straw that good ole fashion e d soul food, h a t on her head He r epli ed, I l ike yours truly does then it' s th i nk she ran into DOLil VIiT E T h om as. t ime you checked out the soul Some of the regulars t h a t ca n brother on the grill at the soul 1b e found o n th e c as e a t t he al E l a di e s v ying for the d h o nor. are 'fhelina Beriton, -s))OL It's. fin ger. licking goo mi g hty LIDO BAR. are Edna Wil Some of t he regulars that c an be Iiams, PearUe Burney, Gla dys staodinaladies have been fn. Mrs, R ebecc a Coop e r, Mrs. Emina U)e joy house are : Tillman, Calvin Perkins, Ear I vited to participat e in various W:arren Mr s : l ola M -CCiloud ; Mrs. Mae Gilchrist, Helen Smtth, Horn, Leroy Mills Sonny Carroll, capacities, Cora B. L a rkin s Mrs Jos ephine !Poj}a .Joe Lorenzo Gladys Burch, Big Jal_te, Betty coCh firman Pictured above are one of the Bro wn and M r s. Lena Barmaids tonja and Dottle a w att Baker and Johnny Givens. Mr s. Robe'rta 'Frier .. -'rhe. l atlies \ v m meet in. th(l eag e rl y to serve you Over on Buffalo r i ght acro s s t he l 6wer, unit of churc h W e \lnes: BIG NICK and still trac ks is a little p l a c e call e d son, and one of the da Y evenin g at s o'c)ock to final cas t the biggest shadow at. the LOUISE S PLACE. Here you ll for !Mrs, Allen Temple, Mrs. ize details for the occasion. PARADISE BAR. 'The two giants find one of the great est bartend still stick to the fact that being : ers in the city His name is 1\fAR 6 ft.6'' and 500 lbs is never hav VIN THE BARTENDER. Along ing to say you are sorry .. with Marvin you'll find h s side Soul Center Supermarket regulars like Robert (Pretty Slim) ki c ks JOE, TERRY AND ROSCO. Abrams are inclined to agree.-: The place grooved to the soul o t h e r regulars that can be spot. of the biggest box in town the ted a.t the .. .PARADISE BAR are juke box. Check 'em out, think Gwendolyn l<'lumphy, Otis (Oatyou might like the place meal) Wbite Robert Cole Jr.; Mugged my way into BOP CITY 3523 H. 22nd STREET PRONE 247-2031 FREE DELIVERY WE ACCEPT. FOOD -ST'AMPS -PAM -SAUSAGE 3lhs. $100 RIB TIPS 3 lbs. s1oo COli FLAKES 4 boxes $100 .. END CUT POU CHOPS BOUND STEAl EYARGELIIA SWEET POTATOES 3 'cUs VAl CAMP -. -FLA. lfECI BONES BOG MAWS JACK'S COOKIES 3 laags $180 Gwendolyn Jones, Bennie John over the weekend and discov er s o n Bobby Jack, Ralph ed another exciting nit e spot. prefers to be called Mr. BOP CITY is where most of the Big Stuff." shrimpers do their thing Ben The HONKY over there Thornton was on t he set charm on 34th, is another one of Tam ing his way into the heart of a pa s soul 'gathering Hosvery saucy young lady w_ho r.e tess .JUANITA BROWN IS really fused to give her name while B1ll on the case as she treats her Harris and Charlie Denison were gues t s to the best and doing their thing with Cognac. b eer in town. This is coupled With Check Jelly Joe out ove r at pork chop sandwiches that melt CITY. lt's a fun place to VISit. in your mouth .' The place on THAT S MY those. ?f -the case with some of the blpp1est you from the drug society -1t s soul folks i n town: Shorty Jones e asy to tell wby you are filled and> the Jones Brothers, Caldanis with anxiety CAMPAIGN LAUNCHED TO OR(iA,NIZE BLAC. K YOUTH Members of the newly-formed "Central Park Black Unity Cau cus" led a community march and rally through the Central Park Village area on Sunday afternoon, Sept. 24. The march began at 3 o clock from the temporary bead quarters of the Center For A United Black Community, 1019 Central Avenue. strength Qf our' community," states Center Program Coordina tor Abd-Allah Bey. "We are the future leaders." Now is the time for us to go to work in the ser vice of uplifting humanity through achieving Unity and Freedom for our people." B. T. Wasllintten PTA R. C. COLAS The "Central Park Black Uni. ty Caucils (QPIB.UC) is made up ol._ members of Black Woinen In A c. tion, headed by Miss Cheryl Upshaw, and workers from the ter. The march and rally was held to formally announce the forma tion of the CPBUC, and to beg i n the hard job of awakening ami unifying.Black youth of the area into a powerful force for winning Freedom Justice, and Equality : for the Communitv. Open House a,nd P T .A. meet ing is scheduled for 7 p m. this evening at Booker T Washington Seventh Grade Center, 907 5 t b Avenue. Mrs. Margaret Fisher, principal, urges all parents to .at tend this organizational meeting By-laws will be presented, dues : c o!lected, and officers elected and installed. Parents will also have opportunity to meet teachers in class situations 3 hoHies $100 TIME SAYER BLEAtll GAL. 49c With $5 Order IYSAGE PEACHES 3 cans $100 ONION S NRK and BEARS 3 caas $110 CA. Rt:D TOMATOES 4 cans TOMATOES 2 RITZ DRINKS, BUSB SPAGB II BAIARAS 2 lbs. 25c 19. c $1.00 "The failure of our community to come through in last elections, lllld the d i sgusting political firing of Bob Moore from his Metropolitan Deyelopment Agency positicn showed ) u s t how together Black people are in Hillsborough Coun ty. you have to do is look arourid on C en tral Avenue and in the projects to see how much work we have to do, says Black Women In Action member Agnes Simmons. "Black youth are the and A reward Is planned for the homeroom ha'ldng the most parThe hospitality committee will serve refreshments. Purple Uly Usher Board rt'he president ol the Purple. L ily Usher Board of the New !Mt Zion Bapt. Chur c h is a s k i n g all members to attend Bu si ness Meeting, Thurs9ay at 8 p m. !Mr. Robert Baldwin, president, Rev. B. J. Jones, Pas tor. MIRRORS OF SOCIETY llv BEVERLY (Contiaaed On Page 7) Avenue Tampa, and cousin of her daugbt.Et, Mrs. Virginia Tyler. They visit Mr. Harris and his family often in St. Petersburg.


. i' ,, t I' .',I: 'l'u61day, :teptember :z:&, 197Z l'la. 3entlnei-Bullettn Pu_blished every Tues. and Frf. Get Both E&tloDI PACE NINE -. ---------------fiiiiiiiiiiiftiiijifti!iftiiRiiiil QtUJtttitu BinMs ReservetL *****


PAGE TEN Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Published every Tues. and Fri. Get Both Editions Tuesday, September 26, 1972 Lessons BIMk Teachers To Learn By VERNON JARRETT CHICAGO -Another s c hool year began for most young America ns and some of the country's most conscient ious blac k leaders and ordinary citi zens are faced with a multipli city o f problem s. 'The most im mediate of their con cerns is absence of quality education fo r the majority of bla c k c h_ildren in th e l a rger urban communities A f e w days ago a group of l>lack men and women, ranging 'in ages from 35 to 55 discuss ed the faCt that altho they were products of clearly in ferior schoo l s in the South, they did no t have reading pro blems i n sc hool. What could the schoo l systems of Chicago, D etroit, Ph; l ade l lJhia New York-most of the !big cities-learn from t h e black e c hoo l t eachers of yesteryear? 'l'EACHING W A R STHESSED Heavy emphasis was placed em t eaching, per se, "because the teacher was just about all we had," one woman, who grew up in poverty, pointed out. She was singularly conect. The school buildings were inferior; they were poorly equipped; the curriculum was a "co lor ed folks' curriculum"; and, in many in stances, the black schools were not open full time. But from these schools came some of America's outstanding black scholars, writers, educa tors, lawyers, doctors, and 'businessmen One cou ld answer that these men and women made it d espite,rather than becau s e of, t hese so-called schools. It cou ld be argue d that they were the exceptions. However, we all agreed that this argument could not dimi nish the role of the small-town black teacher. Then_ we begin 1xl list some of the qualities that these teachers displayed. Th e y had poor teachers. in my e le m e n t a r y and high schools," one Southerner reflect-Leto Senior High School By A. Filer, P. Robinson and Mlimos Wright Souls In The News Jive crazy, nice, are just a few of the many words that can describe none other than 'Mauri from the hou s e Off fP awe ll She is a member of .tll9 homeroom of wh ic h Mr. 1Nel6on is sponsor. Her Beau is none other t han Cornell Jam: De dicated to the One 1 Love A Jllong her friends are Ton i a, !Pooy !Mary, Donnia, David, Dennis, 'Winston, Rat, Annette and ma.ny more. Handsome sweet, crazy, are 'ust a few of the many adjectives that can describe none o ther than Anthon y Davis. He is a memiber of 20S homeroom. His b elle is 11one other than Cardinia Thomas. His hobby is girl watching. Friends Jessie Page, and manl)' mo.re Anthony 'resides at N 11Jl Beach Street with llVIr. Jessie !Davi s Mauri and Anthony Belated Birthday Greetings ii would like to send belated birthday greetings to Miss Be toria Williams at Tampa Cata1olic. Happy belated Birthday ['eeWee Famu Trip [tf you are intereste d in at tending AI MIU homecoming in October please contact Jackie Hayes, Pam Jackson, Betoria Williams and Annette Filer. The I'llette's are sponsoring the trip, priee is $112. 00 Fal.cen Chit-Chat Cie icla Brown why the long face so oft-en Ultmois, Linda, and the, rest ...Qf the gang yo u fe llows and girls were really t{)gether Friday Donna you seem to be getting to class five minute s early t h is year. Anita Jordan, Edwin JohNsOn, Tomffi!Y Folkt! Sandy and Toni Joh nson bow are things going down at the Ea. gles nest?t'J acki e Hayes at'ld Pam Jackson wh at's going in in /Dragons Ville? Game Well, well those 'F1alcon's really did those Eagles a job FFiday n ight, so Lem, Mic'heal and the rest of you soul bro thers keep on doing what you are doing. News JI:f you would like to h.ave anything 1:1rinted in this column please contact Pat (Pony) Robins, Ultmos Wright or Annette iFiler any time at school. Well we have come to the end of our road now so be s weet and we shaH be back on the case again so keep on truckin. Buchanan Jr. High School I By Yvonne Manley Hi Soul I m here with some soul news around our Buc s den. Buccaneer In Spotlight Smart, cute soulful, up tigl:t and out cJf sigh t chick describes t>ur Buccaneer in spotlight. She's JJone other than Evelyn Manley, who resides at 3007 E Chipco llt with her father, Rev. Jessie Manley. She lists some of her f:lvorites such as spiri tual records, going to church and many more. Her main tight: Herbert B owers Mrs Webb is her teacher. Evelyn is a student of homeroom 110 section 910. Con gratul ations Evelyn for being Buccaneer in spotlig h t. Teachers In Spotlight Mrs Webb 9th grade Gen. Business; Mr. Leahy, 8th gr.arie math; Mr. C ruevo, 9th grade math, and Mrs. Sanchez, 9th grade English Congratulations to all teachers in spotlight. Buc's 5 Lean On Me This World Out Of Space Dedicated to the One I Love Power of Love WOUIED? SEE COottlta READER AND ADVISOR ON ALL MATTERS O F LIFE DO YOU NEED HELP? UNHAPPY? DISCONTENTED? DOUBTFUL? l\fARRIAGE PROBLEMS? HOME PROBLEMS? HEALTH PROBLEMS? LOVE pROBLEMS? 6503 N. Fla. Ave. Ph. 238-6068 Tampa 9 A. M 9 P. M. ed. "But there were others who were outstanding in that they nea)!y made up for much of what Jim Crow denied us." The old teachers that I knew look ed upon themselves as missionaries in a s ense,'' an other commented. "Th ey took a lot of pride in being a teacher." "Why not?'' a 50-year-old black man a s ked. "The teacher, the doctor, the preacher, and occasionally a laywer or under taker were the only professional people in t o wn. That -made us kids look up to them." We s p ent about four hours that afternoon trying to esta lblish a profile of the o ld-time teachers who managed to keep education and h ope alive under the most trying of circumstan ces. T h e following is a board sum-mary: They attempted t h emselves "with to conduct dignity''.(laamberlain Hi School SANDRA LENNON AND CARMEN BRO W N Soul In The Spotlight: Short yet cr. azy

!'uesday, September 26, 1972 Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin PuhlisLed every Tues. and Erl. Cet BotL Edition PAGE ELEVEN Betltel Baptist 808 Short Emory Street Rev. J. L. Overstreet, Pastor Mrs. Lillie M. McDonald, Rep&. S.S. began at 9:30 a.m. Tile youth department Natalie Davis was the supt. and pianist. Mr. Dwayne Hill and V!r tor Copeland were secretaries. retarie s. The various classes were tau gh t by the youth. They did a sp),jmdicl job of the general subject: "Soci al Chang e Work and Leisure." Morning worship began at 10:45. The devotion consisted of silen t' meditati o n, followed by the pro cessional of the choir. The re sponsive reading was read hy Frederick Williams. The s e rmon was deli.vered by Rev. Thomas D Leonard, who chose for his theme, "The Duties of Every Child This young m in ister was masterfuL in his meth o d of unveiling his theme Evening worship was begun at I: 15. The service was in charge --. of the youth A musical program was presented by the Hatmo.1 ettes, narrated by Mrs. Ruth Jefferson Mrs. Judson Carr was the organist. The entire day and night servic;e was well attended, and well planned. The deacon board will hold 'their meeting Tuesday night at 8 Mr. Allen Spotford will preside The business meeting of the church will be held Wednesday night at 8.' Rev. J. L. Overstreet will pre side All auxiliaries will meet a!' cording to the time planned witn in the group. Mt. Zion Gospel Chorus Deacon James Marion, Pres. Mrs. Amaada Isaac, Rep&. Mt. Zion GosJ)el Chorus will have rehearsal Thursday night at 8 at the church and all mem ben are asked to be present and on time. All members must attend at leaSt three. rehe.arsals a month in order to serve. Winter Garden IFiuneral for !Miss Rosa B Davis were held '11luraday at !Bethlehem !Baptist Cbureh:' Eulogy was delivered by ltev. Wm. :MdGnney. Rev. F.E. Wikl er ie pastor. IMi"s. Emma Lee Furger!!On bas returned ho,me after visiting her sisters !Mrs. Inez Thomas anti Mrs. Han!Uih Pryor in New York. Royal Court meeting wu held 'l1lursday night at the home dl IUra. Maliasia Cnlse. Those .per sent were tMr. and iMrs. Author !Faircloth, \Mrs. Naomi ;waJker !Mrs. Annie IM. IKilldard, Mrs !Lillie IMiaa AIUe Ree Joe JObnSOD, Julia !McKnight, and 1Mrs. !Hazel Brown, !Mrs. Joy,ee Hope and children spent the weekend her. e visiting ber parents 'Mr. lllld !Mrs. G. W. McF\arland, IMrs., Malissia Cruse, rept. Oewiston Servkes were very good at an churches in the beginning with SUnday school with. the supts. and teachers at their posts. .. A gospel progra. m was held iast Sunday at the .Aud-itofium sponsored by the Olewia.ton Church of o1. whloh .. Elder w : L. H Russ,, is the pastor. l\{rs Helen Bailey is president Of the chorus The Help !Meet 'I'M Need 1'1f._ : I t State-----------Zip_ _________ f I l lrfllitaryllacfqround(Iftny) :i ::; 1Wlk Date Qf Separatloa The ArmY _k pays to go ma


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PAC FOURTEEN Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin PuLUshed every Tues. and Frl Get Both Editiona Tuesday, Septemler 26, 1972 Know Your City Housing Code PART TWO By HOWARD J. REYNOLDS Sentin'el Staff Writer This is a second in ,the series of three parts explaining the new minimum housing and com mercia l code as it pertains to the community. The idea is to r eport the ordinace in full so that all may get the real pur pose and meaning of certain r equirements which may h a ve a tremendous impac t on poor people : residing within the city of Tampa. In Section 48, the code plains that J.no person shall "operate a roomf'ng house, or shall QCCUIPY or let tQ anothe_r for occupancy any dwelling unit in any rooming hou se which does not comply with f o llowin g minimum standar ds: a Plumbin g fixtures, number, location, c onnection. At least one flu s h water closet, lavatory basi n, and bathtub or shower, properly connected to a water and setwer system al!ld in good working :Condition,shaH be sup pJ,ied for each fuur (4) l'Ooms within a rooming house, Where ever said fape of people who had to be subjected to thestl tY'P6 of houses because there was really oo law to. protect. them, with this code tbere will be, they 'l1he code further requires that certain conditions exist between landowner and occupant; The new law requires that owners be responsible for clean and sanital'y conditions in units where exist in respect to publi!! areas; installation of screens when ever required; extermination ol pests if it is determined that they have infested more than one umit of the building (if pe sts have only infested one unit then it is responsLbility of the tenant t o correct the res pi>nsible for repiacemoo.t and re pair of all plumbing faciliti es and equipment ( unless determ! ned that the oc r culpant did not ex e rcise reasooahle care in the proper use and operation of the same); the maintenance of ac cessory buHd ings and fences and the protection of 1Jhe exteri or portion Of the dwelling by the application of paint or other approved protective, materials. The tenant shall be respon sib1e for mainbainin g the of the dwelling oc r cupied by him i."l r a clean and sanita.I"ly condi tion; of garbage and rubbis h in a clea n and .. sanitary manner and exterminating pests (rodents etc.) when only his unit is a ff e cted No one is allowed to rent dw ell in gs to another untii he has ac quired a c ertificateof complirance wi t h the code. JExcept for ings and dwelling units owned and operated by federal, state, county or city housin g authori t ies all unit oWI!lers are required to pay a fee upon ins p e ction and cont ingent upon the numlber of units offered for fental. All units will be ins1pected aoouaHy. Per- sons who fai l to conm>]Jy with the code will be assessed three dollars {$3.00) wr day for eac'h d ay the unit is let or oMered without a valid certificate Section 4J8,15 sets the criteria for owner ocoopied dwellings (private homes). Atlthough a per son may entrance to their premises for the-pur pose to the code !DOlES INIOri' dis close just 'what actloos may be taken against 1fue individual through the judicial system. CoUncilman Copeland eXIplains that it is his idea to brin g to the attention of 1Jhe counc-il a provison which may serve as a guideline to inspectors His theory is that if the outward a ippearance of the building ia that it is seem ingly sound .in COOBtruction and free of "nuisances" tihen that houseshould not be required to submit to in&pection. Jn the event

Tuesday, September 26, 1972 Fla. Se:;:.dnei-Bulletin P:!Jblished every Tues. and Fri. Get Both Edit ions PAGE FIFTEijf ---------------------U .S. NO. 1 WHITE VENT VUE Potatoes ... ':!:' 69' U S fANCY RED DELI,..C=17' Apples ... 13 ,., $1 GEORGIA Sweet Potatoes Ll.18' CllECkfMOARO MACARONI & CHHSE SUHIIIIV.NO ICE CREAM ...... All VARIETIES, FREEZER QUEEN SUPPERS .. W.ONANO liEF STEAilnES FRENCH FRY POTATOES : 63' 99c : aac : 79c J LB. CAN All Flavors Thrifty 1\fald SOUPs OW:KlN GOOD SUI'tMIV.ND HOMOGENIZED Saltlwet : 29' Milk. -. i11 Kraft Deep Seuth AlL VAIIIfTifS HEINz RfGULAR STAAINI!O MY .. s9' 49' laity Food .. 9' ASIQR All PIJRI'O$f Alll'lAVORS CANNED Ceekift.t Oil -: 99' ChekDrinks .10 !!'89' RAfT MACARONI & CHEESE Di r 47\4 ...... ftfte ""'-' I GltffN GIANT VACUUM 'ACK lllltlets Corn .. 4 11 .... '1 THIIIFTY MAID VACUUM PACK AM.OW ,A,ER lllipklns 10' WHOLE KERNEL Sohlt11 Corn .. 5 All VARIETIES CAACIN' GOOD TOASTER u..: ,,... 3 = $1 GreH liant Petit 4 ... '1 .... LILAC PINk LIQUID DISH 3 .. THRIFTY MAIO LARGE OR MtDIUM-. lr Peas 5 ... '1 -TOP YILUI STAMPS ..St0f MAliUU IOACH ... ..... ... .. ;,. 99' IIIOZIH WL &4aM LOISftl TAIU .,. A MD---... .. Rll fiLlnt ..." Ia.. .. PltliD WL t)4t COCIIAILSIIIMP .................... tAST( 0 HA WL ICUI NICI -. .. 5,. -r a. sovr cooo:ro ,,. PISI Sn(I(S : ... .-.:o;_.=:.


, ) f r 1 Fla. Seatlnei-Bulletin Published eeq Ta-. aatl FrL Cet Both Editions LIFELONG FRIENDS REMINISCE Mr. George Conoly, left, retired teacher of Agricultural Ed ucation at Florida A It M University and Tampa dentist, Dr. -M. R. Silas, friends since the early twenties, got together recently at the Sentinel office to reminsce the bygone days 'With another friend, C. Blythe Andrews, publisher of the newspaper : Mr Conol y was here from Tallahassee on a tour of Tampa, St. Petersburg and Clearwater. State Seeking Parents For 7 S Ho11eless Black Children Though their exprMsions are different, the smiling face of this two.year-old orphan and the solemn look of his elder foster father reveal their satisfaction. Sadly enough, they could be separated at anytime by the action of the state until a permanent home Is found for the c hild. By MARTHA WHITE Sentinel Staff Writer In Tallahassee today, Gi>vernor R e ubin Askew anno.unceq the launching of a month-long, state wide campaign to place 75 hard to adopt black children in pe r manent homes. Bill Bay nes and Jerald Phillips of the State Division of Family Services in Jacksonville, !!X pl a ined that these children scat tered all over Florida, pass e d the infant stage Baynes said Most people like to adopt a child as a baby so they will grow up knowing them as par ents Unfortunately children range from two years to 12 and are simply hard to place Most of the children had al ready reached a few years of age when they became wards of the B,?-yneS'. explainM usu lilly 'h appens to ,J?#e?ts eomeohe m tlie family ;... an old e r chances to adopt a child are slim Noteworthy are the somewh a t relaxed" requirements to ador-t sister, aunt or grandparents -who step in and take care of them. However, these childr e n fell into the gap where t here was no other alternative but to place them in the care of t:1e state and then into foster hom e s Usually the only people w it h enough tim-e and initiative to take these children in are olde r persons During a conversation wit h Baynes and Phillips ; it was brought out -that some Floridians don't even kriow that such cases exist and the ones aware and are adoptive-minded their a child Baynes said no longer does a person have to: be mar ried earn a large amount of money or own their own home. Before, t here were long waiting periOds and large fees. These; too, hav been lessened; FRIEND'S BIRTHDAY WARRANTS A CELEBRATION On Saturday afternoon several friends of Mlntorla McCall, eeater, arrived at her home for a party. The oeeasion was her tenth birth6ay. Min torla is the persoaable daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin McCall, 2613 E. Gennessee. Among her guests were, from left to right, Lenora McCarty, Excell McCarty, Gennle McCray and Connie Tucker. HAWAIIAN LUAU PROVIDES PLEASANT EVENING The Hawaiian Luau last week given by the Intra-City Social Club provided a pleasant evening for, from left, Mr. and Mrs. David Briggs Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Sampson. The affair was a& &he Letter Carriers Hall. I COLORFUL ATTIRE ENHANCES LUAU SETTING Members of the Intra-City Social Club chose the Hawaiian theme for their recent party at the Letter Carriers Hall. The setting was enhanced by the colorful attire of both members and guests. Pictured here, from left, are Mrs. MoP. temer, Mrs. Ella Mae Johnson and Mrs Winifred Whigham. Lily White News DEATHS The funeral of Mrs. Marie Stewart a member of Lily Whi te Lodge No. 179, was held Saturday son represented the grand assembly. NEW AGENJ-'8 FOR PAPER We solicit new for the Florida Sentinel Bulletin. You should start with $1 for 10 papers from Mt. Oliv e M,B. Church of and make five cents on each paDelray Beach Mrs. Eliza John This is a good opportun i ty for some deserving and hard _youngster or some mem ber who wants to earn some extra money, Buy From_ Florida SentinelAdve'rtisers


'l'aeeCtay, 26, 1972 Fla. PuMisliec1 eYery Tues. and Fri. Cet Both PACE SEVENTEEN .. : h ? t Wt** t tr r1 i: -. St finiiD P o Ht_,. -1 .Re ue Ptegress: Village.. T. nun el)\,l t":fF' : '" B. T, Pasfur: Mrs, Ella Hayei, Rep-t. IAIR.EES ( I Maroh 21-iApr.il 1.9)-lbling you lately, Travet favored. From Page 4) Serv ices began at First Bap-:. Suday services at St. Mary !Enjoy the affection and respect Color gray, disastrously mistaken econom i c tist w ith the supt; in cha11ge of llieg"ifi i' with S. S. at tne' usual y.OU receive Excellent news from VllRGO (Aug, !22}policies, has added another six S S. Song s.ervice for both worihour, A number of etudenfs abroad. Color blue. nervous tenaioo, but gene million people tunty. Unless Mr. Za.Cclalni'fl campaip pick11 \IP .durin the riext week Mr. Carlton will win because Mr. Zaccblni's black and Latin vote will not he enough for Victorv In the State Rep. District 68 race, H. Slteldon is hQP [ng to the gap on Jim Fos ter with open debates, which have been declined by the front-run ner. Mr. Shelton is in for a long uphill climb though he appears best aualified in this race But then the best qualified candidate doesn't always win. ,...b i te OA1P\RiKlOIRN (iDee; 22-Jan. 1'19) 1 Mixed influences. You mlllst lfind the time to settle a special problem. !Harmony with your 1partn e r Czylor purple. AQUAIRi l'US (Jan. 210,Feib. 18) -You feel in top form. Show understanding in a personal re lationship. Color red. PIIIS'CIES (-F e b. 19.,Mal' ch 210)IMinor difficulties make you up. set and irritable. Work on some of real importance. C o lor beige. Sentinel Advertisers Bay' From flqrkla


PAGE EIGHTE-EN Fla. !eittln ei-Bulletin Published every Tues. and Fri. Cet Both Editions Tueaday, Septernler 26, 1972 Erving Sets Hawks' Pace In Cage Win Trouble Was 'Worthwhile' For BIMk Umpi,re FRANKFORT, Ky. Julius Erving, playing In defiance of a ruling by the National Basketb&ll Association, scored 28 points 'lnd seized 18 rebounds to lead the At lanta Hawks to a 112-109 victo r y over the Kentucky Colonels in an exhibition basketball game Satur day night. Erving led both teams In sc<>r and rebounds, followed by Colonels' Ian Issei, who scored 27 paints and grabbed 11 rebounds for Kentucky of the Ameri<:a : l Basketball Association Erving played 42 of the 48 min utes despite the ruling by the NBA Board of Governors that he sho uld be the property of the M il wau ke e Bucks The game was through ou t. The longest lead was a six poi nt advantage held b y Kentu cky wi t h 8:5 4 l eft in the third quart er. Atl anta' s longest lead was five pp i nt s with 41 seconds to go be fore the Coloirels cut the marr:' n t o three SAN DIEGO -Art Williams who began work as !he first black umpire in the National Leagt!e last week, says he doesn't expect harrassment because of his color. In the stands was Emmitt Ash ford, who broke the color line in the American League and once was reportedly the target of abuse from white ump. "I don t believe that," Williams said of the report. I don t bell eve there was any thing worse than the initiation that any other rookie umpire gets When you're a rookie, you handle the baggage. When there's three in the cab, you sit in the middle -right over the hump Art Williams loves it, though It was 25 years ago that Jackie Rob i nson became the first black player in the majors. The tele phone call that Williams got re cently came from Fred Fleig, the National League s secretary. Fleig asked Williams to join 11 reg ular National League officiat ing crew for the rest of the 1972 season. Recalls Art : "There was pandemonium in my house, I c::m t e ll you that." A onet i me player in the Detroit Big J im Thankful For Support Of His F amu Rattlers Big Jim Williams suffered his fir s t loss in his first game as a coll e ge head coach last Sat urday night but he's still thank ful for the support received from hi s t e am, his friends and the football fans of Tampa Big Jim talked with the Sen tinel M o nday morning and his f J r s t word s were, "weli we got beat.' Indeed he did, by N. C. A&T 22-20. :Next Saturday, Big Jim's op ponent is Western Carolina in Tallahassee. They're new on the lFamu .sc hedule and he believes the best all-around team the Rattlers will face in 1972. Does that il)clude Tennessee State and Tampa U a reporter asked? "It sure does,'' snapped Big Jim. ''We've scouted them and they're tough on offense and defense." Thou gh he is starring defeat number two in the face, Big Jim praised the play of his team and t!te hundreds of Tampa football f ims who journeyed to Tallahassee last weekend for the A&T game. ''I'm just sorry we lost it," Big Jim sta ted. "My boys gave i t all they had and just a few mis take s cost us the game.'' Singled out for outstanding play were three Tampa youngstersMiddle Guard Greg Dou glas and punt r eturn specialists AI Pyle s 'and Ralph Kyles. Douglas who stands 6-ft -5 In c hes and reported at 280 pound s, has slimmed down to 240 a n d playe d wh a t Big Jim calls a s en' sational game at hi s po s iti o n He s only a freshman but h e's going to be a great one Big Jim n o t e d "He reminds m e of Sammy T Marshall (former Tampa AllAmeri can at Famu). He gets the job done." !Pyle s almost broke away for e. TD on a punt return, only to fumble after being tackled "It was one of those bad breaks,'' Big Jim said "We would have BIG J.IM WILLIAMS been in excellent field position if he had held the ball The game didn't turn out exact ly as he had hoped but Big Jim still believes h i s young and in experienced team is going to have a winning season "The y'll get better with each game and we're going to get some lumps but we 're going to give some too. Tell all the Tampa fans o f Famu that for me." He th e n hung up Tw enty minut e s later, Big Jim called back obviously plea se d be cause he had just r e ceived a tele gram from a group of Tamp an s which stated Sup e r Good." It was signed, Alton Evelyn, Mar vin, Skin, Autherine Ruby Otis, Ruth and Lydia Th e se and others believe in us from the heart and we believe in them from the heart. You can' t beat Tampa for supoprt of the team they prefer Big Jim then said goodbye again to begin preparing for Western Carolina. organization, Williams settled down In Bakersfield,. Calif., w!th a family that now stands at !ive children and a job as supervisor of 180 men in the Bakersfield Sanitation Department. But, he said in an Interview Wednesday: "I just couldn t put baseball out of my mind." Williams worked Little Leagua games and soon became one of the most respected 'College and high school umpires in the area. He sought out" Bob Engel in Ba kersfield, a National League urn pire, who directed Williams to the Urrij)iJ;e nevelopment School in Florida, In 1969 came a job working in the Pioneer League, then the Mid west League in Class A base ball, LAst year Williams was as. Sigmid to the Class AA Texas L.eague and then. the International League in Triple-A All the credit goea to his wife, Williams aays, "She worked 40 hours a week at one job as a nurse and 20 hours a week at ano t h er, plus keeping house for five kids. But she never stopped encour agi ng me As he stoo d behind thir d bastt Monday night in San Diego 3ta chum w i th the Padres opening 11 series with the Los Angeles Dodg us, Williams said I looked o.IJl in the stands and saw her stand ing and clapping with tears in her "That made it all seem wort'll while/' he said. HAMMERING HANK. HITS HOMER FOR REGISTRATION AT LANTA Atlanta' Braves' star Hank Aaron took time off from his pursuit of Babe Ruth's home run record to make a voter registration tape for the Youth Citizenship Aaron recorded be tape with Ms. Barbara Aiken of YCF's Southerp Region staff In the Braves locker room at Braves Stadium In Atlanta. Aaron said he supports "100% registration among Black youth." He Is joinint Mrs. Coretta Scott King Superstar JameS' Brown, the Braves' Earl WiUiams and Dusty Baker, Ceasar Chavez and Julian Bond in urging increased registration among Black youth in 1972. The YCF tapes are offered free of charge to radio stations across the country. U. S. Actions Just 'Stupid' CHICAGO Stupidity is the word which best describes the reason for the United States' pa rade of errors in the recently con cluded Olympic Games. It was stupidity which was sponsible for the failure of two of America's crack sprinters to arrive in time to qualify in their event. Six-year-old children know how to read a clock, and so do their teachers. Stupidity robbed swimmer Rick Demont of orie gold medal and an almost certain second one All that U S offic i als had to do to prevent this tragic situation was &sk the international medical commission before the game s what medication for Demont's asthma would be permissible. In stead, the youngster was allowed to continue taking a drug which was on the barred list. It was stupidity which prompt e d two American athletes to misbe have like little boys during the playing of the national anthem after their medal-winning performances. j It was even more stupid for the International Olympic Committee to overreact and send the young men packing. It really wasn t that serious ail offense and the official action to heighten the hys teria which already hung over the Olympics after the Arab-Israeli killings Stupid, stupid, stupid The list could be much longer But why try to count the ways in whicb mortal men become fools? NEW BUC. K ATTACK PUTS PRESSURE ON JABBAR AUKESHA ; wis Al>dul-Jabbar becan1e oneof the world's highest paid athletes a_ new the Milwaukee Bucks But hisrworking conditions aren't likely to improve. Although the Bucks acquired backup center Dick Cunningham from Houston, Abdul-Jabbar is ex pected to approach his workload of last year when he played m all but one of Milwaukee's 82 games, averaging 44 minutes a game. tough rebounding forward spot The major impact of t htt chan g e will be on Kareem," for ward Bob Dandridge said It's my job and I have p r o f e ssi o nal pride," Abdul-Jabbar said ''All I can do is try. I'm going to play any way the coach thinks it should be played "I'm not interested in records, only in winning ball games and help i ng the team win,'' he said "I'm not worried about rec o rds. I just try to do the best I can. If you try to get psyched up ev<>ry time you 're going to be co mtt emotionally unstable Rit, z Adult Theatre Moreover, the Bucks plan to speed up their attack this year, so his duty could be even mont grueling. "That' s all right If I get some rest, either some help or some rest," the brilliant seven-foot two inch center said at Carroll Col where the Bucks are train ing for the National Basketball Association season, Abdul-Jabbar said he "mos definitely" was satisfied with his n e w four -year contract, whi cfl gives the Bucks an option on hit services for a fifth year. Enjoy lhe besl in X Baled Films in cool comlorlable sul'roundings Phone 248-1378 .. ISih and Broadway Adulls 18 OR OYER LADY LUCK ''FOR THOSE WHO NEEDED IT.n ALSO .HELD ... CA.PTIVE LIKED IT The Bucks expect help from Cunningham a bruising rebounder at six feet 10 Inches and 250 pounds. Cunningham was with the Bucks from 1968-69 until traded to Hous ton a YtJar ago. ''We're very happy to have Dick back as our reserve cen ter,'' General Manager Wayne Embry said. "Not only do we gain a backup center, but now we free Toby Kimball compete for 1 His original contract which call e d for an estimated $1.4 mil lion had two years to run "It' s very fair, exc ellent,'' he sai d The Bucks willl te s t their n e w stra te gy Friday again s t one o f the NBA' s most runc onsci o us teams, t he Boston Celtics in their first e x hibition game at 613 Save Time And Stamps Phone Your News 248-1921


Tueaday, September 26, .1972 Fla. every Tues. and Frt_: Get Both EdHiona PAGE NINETEEN Art ;Williams Jitters As 'First Black Admits NL's Umpire Eight een years ago Art Wil liams watched the flamboyant Emmett Ashford umpire his first game in the Pacific Coast On Monday night Ashford-who in 1966 became major league baseball's first black umpire sat in the stands as Williams, '!II, broke the color line for National League umpires. Having Emmett there meant a ,great deal to me," said W:IJiams after the visiting Los Angeles Dodgers had gone 10 if. nings to edge the San Diego Padres, 3-2. Ashford, who now works in Commissio ner Bowie Kuhn's of fice, spent 15 years in the min o rs before getting his chance. By contrast, Williams is in only his fourth year as a professional umpire. The profession pays well in the majors, but not in the minors. Williams said he owed his sur vival as an umpire to his wiJe Shirley who has stayed hom e, raised our five children and fought off tile bill collectors Frazier Plans Denver Outing DENVER, Colo. Heavyweight champion Joe Frazier will box two fighters in a special four round exhibition bout Sept. 29, Vince Boryla, president of the Denver Boxing Club, said Tu es day. Boryla said details of Frazier's appearance, such as who the two boxers will be, are still to be worked out, but that terms for the fight were reached Monday n i ght with Frazier's manager, Yank Durham PLEASE. f There are scores of children In Florida who have no moms and dads. They're foster children. They don't belong anywhere no permanent parents, no place -lo call their own. But a child could belong to you. It's easy to adopt now-no large fee, no long wait. You don't have to be rich or own a home or even have your own family. All you've really got to do is love a child. Contact T'he State Division Of Family Services About Adoption. -SPORTANIC FLOODS-By WILLIAM 0. BETHEL FIGHT FANFARE-Last Wednesday night yours tru ly, Mr. Sam Williams and Mr. Charlie Mosely were among the sparse crowd that was at Curtis Hixon Hall to witness the second encounter of Floyd Patterson and Muhammad Ali. Indeed, the crowd was sparse and I probably wouldn't have been there had it not been for the generosity of Mr. Williams. Sam is an ardent fight fan who knows a lot about the fight gal}'le and its history. Sam was once a member of an organization in Detro it that promoted fights : He met all the big names in .the game and once was in on the promotion.,of a Mu hammad Ali exhibition bout As we milled around the lobby of Curtis Hixon Hall there seemed to be very little of the usual enthusiasm and pre-fight excitement that go along with big bouts Big fight crowds usually bring out peopie one hasn't seen in a long time and among the crowd to mention a few was Dr A L. Lewis, Mr Herman Monroe, Mr. Bobby Brown Mr. Mike Blanco Mr. Tom Brown and Mr. Sumner Wilson. All of them, along with Mr Williams Mr Mosely and I endured the boredom of the first fight between Ken Buchan nan and aged Carlos Ortiz. The most colorful thing about this fight was Buchanan s plaid trunks. Buchanan is from Scotland and Mr Williams commented that' all he needed was a set of bag pipes. As far as I was concerned the fight would have been more had Buchanan wore kilts. As it was Ortiz finally ered while sitting on his stool. He said he was too exhausted to continue and I suppose he was for he looked tired when he first climbed through the ropes. Between rounds one of Ort i z's sec onds combed wha;t was left of his hai r must have been something of a first The hair c omber probably did about as much damage to Ortiz as did the feeble punches of Buchanan. This is one fight we all could h'ave done without. THE HAM AND THE HARE It seemed a century before either Ali or Patterson would emerge from their dressing rooms for the main event. Finally Ali did come out and he had to do something out of the ordinary. As he came close to the camera he made a gesture indicating that he .could care less about what was about to happen In fact Ali had vei:y much of a ho-hum attitude about the whole thing. finally came __ out and he his usual subdued se]f. There was a delay when it. was found )that both Ali and Patterson were wearing white trunks. This probably was resolved when it wase finally decided that the white trunks, would not keep anyone ti:om recognizing the fighters. This was very true if for no other reason when Ali and Patterson took off their robes it looked like another David and Goliath deal. Patterson weighed 188% lbs and Ali 218 lbs which means that Ali' was almost 30 lbs. heavier Pat terson looked like a ntiddleweight compared to Ali. The first 5-rounds found Ali handling Patterson like a child when he cbose to do any thing at all Meanwhile, a game as ever Floyd Patterson threw everything in his arsenal at Ali. Ali just chose to hold him off or to bob and weave eluding Patterson's would be haymakers Patterson did connect on one or two OC casions but Air. didn't to mind at. all. In the 4th round Ali stood almost toe to_ toe with Patterson without using his arms slipping pUnches by just Iriovirig the upper part of his body I had never seen him do that before while in something of : a drouch. At the end of the 5th round iAli's corner must have told him that he was behind and that fie would have to stop fooling around Although Ali miSsed more punches than usual it .WaS evident that Patterson wouldn't be around long. Ali battered thi Patterson all over the ring and when he caught w1th a nght uppercut m1d-way the 6th rqund 1t was all over. After that upper cut Floyd could only try to protect himself. When Patterson went to his corner at the end of the 6 t h round his left eye W!IS a me8s and closed. There was just no way for him to win and everyone knew it. Mr Mosely, Mr and I all agreed that even though the fight was very dull we were glad it ended the way it did I had a lot of respect for Patterson and I didn't want to see him humi, Hated. Of course I didn t want to see Ali fool away the fight because in my opinion he is really "The Greatest'' when he wants to be Floyd Patterson can hold his head up this time and not resort to a disguise because he ga'Ve a good account of himself un der the conditions The most exciting thing about the Ali-Patterson was when Joe Frazier came into the ring to receive an award _Ali went into one of his }:!a tented acts that pleases fans so much His handlers had to hold Ali in his mock efforts to get to the smiling Frazier. It was all in fun of course but done in a way only Muhammad Ali can. Summarily, Floyd Patterson Is still a good game fighter who can beat all heavyweights around except Ali and Frazier. Muham mad Ali is still a great showman when he wants to be \ and still a great fighter when he wants to be QUICK QMPS: To Mr. Johnny Wright I have to admit that he was right in letting me know that Muhammad Ali was the light heavyweight cham pion in The 1960 Olympic Games and not the heavyweight champ "Chop-Chop" is an avid sports fan and knows what he is talking about. Again I was wronJI wh1eh goes to prove even a genius isn't always right. Can't help wondering if Tampa U s fine running quarterback Freddie Solomon wears his hair braided under his helmet If I can catch him the next time I am close to him during a game I am oing to snatch his helment off to see. Why, you say? Curiosity 1s my If wants to braid his hair power to him I wlll do the JOb for I know how and don't ask me how I know, It is time for me and my fishing buddies to unlimber oW' casting arms. It is that time of year for speckled trout, red fish and mackerel to start doing their things. It is also time for speck led perch to come out of their hibernation in fresh water I told you so Johnny Unitas is right on target but The Baltl more Colts are having troubles. The running backs just aren & there so look for more Colt troubles Honestly, yours truly has been asked to judge two Mini-Skirt and Hot, As mueh as I would love the opportunity I haven t accepted e1ther offer yet I can t figure out what I alll supposed to look at the Mini-Skirts and Hot Pants or what Is : in them .. 'I;he!\Jlgain one of the contestants just might want to resort to tactics. What would you do if this happened? I want to be an h9nest man but saying to a Mini-Sklrited or Hot Pantecl lassie, "B-ribery will eet you J10where'' haa confronted me JA


PACE TWENTY Fla. Publishe ery Tues. aai Fri. Get Botlt Editiou Tue.day, September 26, 1972 T ena. State Wallops AlcOm 40 -13 FGR -TAX DEAL, FRAZIER WOULD FIGHT HEIE IN NOV. CHICAGO Tennessee State turned the second annual Chicago Urban League football classic into a route with a 40-13 victory over Alcorn A & M in Soldier Field. The victory, before a crowd estimated at 35,000, gave the Ti gers a 3-0 record, and in the i r first Urban League appearance here, a solid claim for a repeat p e rformance as this year's na tional black champion. Alcorn,"' considered a serious challenger for that same bono: is now 1 1. It was the second straight defeat for the Braves in the Urban game. Teru1essee State Quarterback Pettiford, an Unheralded replace ment this season for .Joe Gilliam, now with the Pittsburgh Steelers, engineered the triumph for tile Tigers in hia : third starting as signment this season. He couldn't have been more impressing the other two games. Pettiford, 6-2 junior from Jersey City, N.J., personally figured !n four touchdowns as the Tigers battled back from a 7-6 first pe riod deficit to ring up three sec ond period and out the game on ice with a 27-7 h.al! time lead He was also voted thG game s Most Valuable Player and passed for 184 yards with 11 in 24 attempts. Tennessee State's Fred Lane got the first touchdown of the game after the found them selves on the Alcorn 5 following a reflected punt early in the first quarter. It took just two pla y s for Lane to crash over, but tbe extra point kick failed. That allowed Alcorn to take a brief lead later in the period when Quarterback William Wool ey marched the Braves into pay. dirt following the kickoff. ing on his own 15 Wooley ha Willie McGee for 22 yards and Izell Gunner for 36 yards to drive the Braves to Tennessee's 27. IPH!IILAJDIEUP!HIIA Jit looks as if Joe Frazier will defend his beawweight title against un defented contender George Foreman at Madison Square G arden in November, says Bruee Wrig!ht, director of the cor!pOration which backs champion. Wright said the --match "looks like a reasonable pos sibility." He said 'he hopes fur a fa-vorable ruling this week on his appeal for a compromise with the iNew York State Tax mission. 34G Tax Bite If he gets t.he tax break, Wright said that would enable Fruier to defend in New York where $34,00() was taken out of his $2. 5 million purse for the figoht against Muhammad Ali last year. Wright said he met last week with Norman Gallman, chairman of. the tax commission. He said he came away with the impres sion that Frazier would be taxed at a lower rate for a bout with !Foreman and that part of the $34,000 might be returned to !Frazier. Duck PbiDy Sites I WHO DONE IT IN, SPORTS ] I learned that they are just about as jickle when it comes to win ning or losing as ;mother thing I know. Anything can happen in a game and I know it. I wouldn't bet on the Dallas Cowboys if they plaY.ed tbe Mudsox. Yank Durham, Frazier's train er-manager, met with Harry !Markson, Garden boxing director, today to diseuss terms for the !Frazier-Foreman, match. The Garden has offered the champion a $50,000 guarantee. A group of PhiladeLphia busi nessmen two weeks ago agreed to match or top the Garden figure for the fight, but Durham said both he and Frazier are a:Vel'Se to fighting in flleir home Q -Who is the basketb2 .1l Coach at Ft. Lauderdale s Dillard High School? A. -Who knows who is coach at Dillard High now. 'nle last basketb:-Jl coach I know of there was Leon "Sunshade" Watts. Q. -What Foreign fighter took away "Sugar Ray" Robin son's middleweight crown? A Randy Turpin flf Wales won the middleweigh t crown from "Sugar Ray" but lost it back in a rematch Q Where is Nathaniel "Gee : Legs' Thomas? A "Gee Legs" Thomas is in Los Angeles he is a tea che r in the public school system. Q. -Do you think The Dallas Cowboys 'Ylill miss Duane Tho mas? A. Any football team would iniss a running back like Duane Thomas. Q What was the last name of the ex-heaVyweight champion that was called "Geittle man Jim. ? A The exheavyweight cham pion that was called "Gentle man Jim" was Jim Corbett Q. Where can I find some advenlourous hunting in Florida? A : Mister I really don't know what you want to hunt but try the Ocala National Forrest. If that doesn't work I know where a COI!I)le of hunger crazed wild cats hang out around the Hills borough River Q What do you think tJf Howard Cosell? A. -I think Howard Cosell does his thing the way he does just to outagonize people so as to attract attention. Ali Muhammed AIL Other than I just dan't think where Howard Cosell is concerned. Q. Ia it true that alligators will chase dogs and kill them? A. Alligators will chase dogs. I have been trying to rase one as a pet. If I can I will then start Florida A&M Falls, 22 20 TtAILAHASSEE North Caro lina A&:T, racing into the lead 'on a 64-yard t-ouchdown sprint by Artis Stanfield, fought off a des perate last minute rally by Florida Altll Saturday night to claim a 22-Jt football victory. Tbe nart'Ow defeat for tbe JOWlg Rattler team, tihi.s,. .aeuon, spoiled tbe debut ol Rattter coach Jim "Big Jim" Williams, who has returned to his alma mater after a four-year stint as a Uni. versity of Tampa assistant coach. North Cartilina A &t T'a Aggies forged ahead tG stay nine min utes into the third period when Stanfield burst through a gaping hole in the Rattler line and scampered 64 yacds for a down that gave the North Caro lina team a 16-14 edge. Unable to get its offense roU lng, FAMU dropped back to punt deep in its own territory when Rattler kicker Tyrone Williams was decked by Aftie linemen on the 21 midway through the third quarter. Aggie quarterback Len Reliford passed four y.-da to Wililam :Medley five plays later for an other touchdown -which extended the aggie to 22-14. Sopbomore quarterback Kenny Bolt revived the YAMU attack late In the final period when he drove the Rattlers 75. yards in 14 plays. Fullback James Rackley made it 22-20 with a two-yard plunge with 4:35 left' OR the clock. But Rackley was .swamped when he tried to JWeep in for the ty ing two-point conversion FAMU took over on its own 45 but the Aggies secondary batted d o w n three successive Holt passes and a desperation 50-yard field goa\ attempt by G&gory Coleman squibbed short with only 1:47 left to play. It wasn't eno1,1gh. FOR RENT 3 Bedroom Apt. 3802 -29th St. $25 Weekly Phone: 247-2738 'going to Greyhound races. you know feet odd alli behind the dogs select. Q. -Do you use anykind of book to answer questions for Who Doae It In Sports? A. My sports record book went up in flames in the last Middleton High schaol fire. If J answer a question wrong don't blame a book. FACTS AND FIGURES In the past truly chose to avoid predicting the out comes of any athletic events of any kind There is a definite reason for my reluctance to predict t!te out comes of athletic-events. The reason is that all my life I hm been as close to athletics as any person can be. lnessence athletics have been tny whole life. During those to many years in athletics If you notice as much as I love boxing I have not mentioned .Muhammed AJi versus Floyd Patterson. I pilrposely wanted you to read this after the fight was over. i am going to deviate from the norm and see if I can predict winner.s or not. I s a y Ali will beat Patterson. However I also say that Ali will not annihilate Patterson as so many think. I think it will be a good fight. Patterson is going to give Ali plenty trouble Now watch Ali darn near cru cify Patterson score an upset. When it cornea to predicting what will happen in sports events J can't win for losing. If you have an automobile that is running bad and you want it to run worse let me send you to a mechanic. EaraMonly. After' SeelfHere ,,,.,, city. They say they are still up-Set by the poor" attendance here at a Frazier-Oscar Bona vena fig>ht several years ago. Football Scores N. C. A. & T. !2, Famu 20 Bethune 56, Morris Brown 13 Ala. A & M %.%, Albany St. 8 Bluefield !0, W. Va. Tech. 12 Jackson St. 72, Lane. 0 Ken. St. !1, Maryland St. 0 NW Louisiana St. 3%, Bishop 12 Petersburg St. 55, St. Pauls 0 Quantico 43, Ark. A:M & N 'l Southern zo, Prairie View 7 Tenn. State 40, Alcorn 13 Tuskegee %.%, J. C. Sntlth !0 W. Va. State 33, Fairmont 'I Have Your .s. :o, Daughter Earn His Or Her. Own Way By Selling The F .LA.. BU.LLETIN_ v Order Papers Every Tuesday And F ,riclay "FromTHREE LOCATIONS: MAIN OFF-ICE ... 2207 21st AVENUE CENTRAL AVENUE BRANCH 1511 Central Ave. 'WEST B .RANCH 2330 Main.-.Street I


Tue-aday, Septem'Ler 26, t972 Fla. Se ntlnei-Bulletin Published every Tues. and Frf. Cet Both EdHionl PACE TWENTY-ONE CLEARWATER NEWS A. D. ELLIS, Reporter ''To the man of faith-the win dows of Heaven are :kept oiled ready to swing wide open." The Deacons Council Mrs Mar ie Collins president observed its 22nd ann iversary on Sunday afternoon at St. Matthew First Bap tis t Church, Rev. Arthur Lewter St. John Primitive Bapti s t Chur c h, brought the spiritual and impressive message. The officers and members of this auxiliary are doing a splendid job in the name of the Lord and are solicit ing the cooperation of others in their effort to do the work of the Lord Mrs. Betty Walker .Sit. J ohn M. B. Chur ch, is secretary. Mrs Viola Scriven attended the funeral of an uncle in Green 'Ville, Florida on Sunday. Sym pathy to her and her family at this saddened hour. Mr. Eddi e Wigfall, Sr. at this wri ting is improving after spending several days recently in and gut of M. F Plant Hospital. Lets pray for the healing power of the Master Physician for Mr. Wig fall Dea. Jake Edwards, and ethers among us who are in fail ing health. May God sustain them and give them streng.fu. Sunday afternoon ( 2 :30J Octo&ler 8 a mass meeting sponsored by the loc_al ministers of our community, will be conducted at St. Matthew The guest speakers will incfude Bette 'C. Wimbish candidate for the State Senate in the coming election. Everyone is being im invitation to hear her platf<>l"m and ask any you desire. Remember the time and place and attend this very important meeting. Following the meeting choir No. of st. Matthew is staging a :Musical and bi.terary Tea, finance to supplement the reneral treas tJry of the church A special program is being planned for you. Please come out and help us make this a profitable and en joyable event. Mr. Frank Smith is president and Mrs. 'Lelia M. Tiggett is secretary. Remember -Sunday af.t ernoon, Odober 8 at 3 :30. OBSERVES SILVER ANNIVERSARY Best wishes and congratula tory feli citati ons were extended M r. and Mrs. Robbie Brown (:1ee Vernell N Neal) on Sunday after noon at their home on W o o d Drive. The party at times was overflowing with guests as they snacked from tab le s laden ed with delicacies befitti ng an occasion The caterist, Mrs. "Bea" Williams wason hand to make sure that each guest's faint est whiqt was satisfied Rev. stonom pastor of the Mt. Olive AME Church of whic h tile Browns are members, l)ffi dated in giving advice to t h e couple and offer i ng the invoca tion Mrs I. C Smith recited a lovely and apropriate poem-"A Prayer" by Edgar A. Guest. Mrs. Joyce McGray, accompanied at the piano by Mrs.. Marva J Lane sang "Because". Other musical selections were render ed by Mrs Rose Gofdon through out' the afternoon Mrs M. N. Heard Mrs. Brown's sister Mmes Nevina, Ella M Holmes, and A D. Ellis, presided over the gifts whi c h were many, varied in use, love ly and beautiful. Suffice it to say that the scores of guests were royally entertained and the Browns were ideal hosts as they celebrated thew 25th sterling sil ver jubilee. Our. best wishes for your happiness now and always. Beulah Dorcas Cirde Mre. Mary Crawford, Pr-,. Mn. -Etta White, Reporter The Dorcas Circle of Beul-ah Baptist will meet Thursday morning a.t 9 at the home of Mrs. Ida Baker, 1418 Governor St. The lesson by Mrs Eddies Wilson. Subject, Th e Mountain Shall Thine,." Num. 13-!6 -33 verse. The alphabet letter is 0. The last meeting was held at the home of Mrs. Ida Baker. Arcadia Funeral services for Ma .ster !Randolph Edwards will be h eld WednesdllJy at St. John M B Churc h. Rev W. H. MQOre, p as tor will delivery the eulo gy. The Evelyn Jooes GQspel Sing ers observed their first anni ver sary on Sl\lllday nig ht. M any ethers appeared on program. At Mt Oilive M. B Ohurch a musical program was held after service. Re v Alton Fain and .Rev. !L. News om e and Family were on program. A B oy Scout Troo p is b eing organized here for all interested ibo y s from ages lll-115 or boys who have completed Stli Grade. !Parents are a sked to aCJCompany their boys to t he meeting Rev. W H. Cade re>turned home on Sunday night after attend ing the Na tiQnal B-apt. C o m in !Dallas, and als o V'ooation in other states. :Mr. Lee Jenkins is here visit ing his parents Rev. and Mrs. W. H. Cade and family An a c ppreciation program was given night by the Deseta County OhoirUnion for Mr. Tommy Lainer M-rs. Grace Scott Rept. Orlando The Orange Blo ssom Coun cil will meet at the home of the president, Mrs. Sallie Gra ves, ID3 So. MciFall Ave on Thurs day, Od. 5 at 8 p m AH mem bers are asked to be present and on time. /Lily White Lodge No. S will meef at the Griffin Park office on Tuesday, Oct 10 Burial and dues -will be collected M rs. Sallie F Graves is president. Morlling Star Choir No.2 nea. Claude Coney, Pres. Mrs. Mattie Harrisoa, Rept. : Morning Star Choir No. 2 will 'have rehearsal '11bursday night at the church tAll mem:bers are ask ed to be prc:_sent and on time. WTMP P 'RE SENTS THE ST'APLE SINCiERS With Special Guest Stars AID THE INC'REDIBLE METE.RS SATUBDAY, SEPTEMBER 30, 1972 CURTIS HIXON HALL l :nciETS: $450 $500 $ 550 ON SALE AT: TAMPA ST. PETE CLEARWATER CURTIS HIXON MAN'S WORLD BELLAS HESS Box Office CHESS liNG STEREO TAPE SEAn LARRY BLACK IIUNG GOLD MEDAL ON MOM'S. NECK MIAMI -Larry Black held his own private ceremony after win ning' an Olympic Gold Medal in M uni ch as a member of the Un i t e d States' world 400meter relay team. Instead of going to the confer en ce as scheduled Black m ade his way up into the stands where his mother was sitting and hung t he shimmer i ng medal a-round her neck wanted to do that; Bla c k sai d Tuesday, speaking from !:is mother s modest Richm o nd He ig ht home. "It was i mportant to me." Both Black and Gerald Tinker, who also picked up a Gold Medal as a member of the U S 400m e t e r relay team, arrived in :Mi ami from Munich Monday night They both came back with distind opinions about the troubled 20th Olympic Games. Black, who was quoted as call ing Russian gprinter Valery Bor zov a "clown" admits he did in deed say that about the man he finished second to in the 200-met.er sprint. But Black a Killian High graduate, quickly adds he means r.oth i ng derogatory in his descr ip tion of Borzov. The press built the statement up," Black said, "and it makes ;ne look like a bad loser." Black went on to say that he was simply trying to relate an incident during the preliminaries when he saw Borzov and another r=er clowning around" making faces at each other. /' If I had said Borzov was great and everything, I think the press would have written 'Bl' ack C al:s Borzov a God.' They blew up what I said way out of proportion "I wish people had noticed that I said Borzov was ari outstanding runner and a sprinter to be res pected." Even though Borzov captured both the 100 and 200, neither Bla c k nor Tinker was ready to concede the title "world's fastest human to the Russian In fa ct, Tinker would rate Borzov no high. er than third among the world a sprinters. Asked to name the best 100meter sprinters in the world Tink er s aid: "To tell you the t ruth, I would hav e to in clude myself. But I don't" want to do that so I'll give you the four be st excbd ing myself.' Tinker a Coconut Grove resi dent who graduated from Cor a l Gables then said he thought Am ericans Eddie Hart and Ro b i nson ( both disqua l ified fro.m the 100 for being late to a preliminary heat) ranked No. 1 and 2 in tha world, respect i vely He listed B or zov as third Even Black didn't return fr om Munich conv i nced Borzov was faster at 200 meters than h i m In the 200 final Black clocked 20. 2 to Borzov s 20. 0 I am not convinced that hJ ( Borzov) c an beat me," said Black. I still have doubts I adm it he s good but deep down inside I think I can !>eat him." Black said he thought his luc k was incredible incredibly bad -In drawing the inside lane for nearly all his races Black d re w the inside lane for both the final and semmnal of the 200 meters Before tbe final of the 400-meter relay, he told a teammate, Wih my luck we ll be running on t he inside." Several minutes later it was announced that the U. S. 'lad drawn Lane 1. Black laUgned when told that TV announcers made it sound as though he preferred Lane 1 ue-......_ cause he's such a good turn runner: "No way," said Black. I think may be all the officials and judges thought I liked Lane 1 the way I kept drawing it." Lane a&signments were based upon a random draw rather than seedh1g by fastest qualifying times a met}}od Black would much rathe r see. Tbe fact he was running ln Lane 1 is the main reason Bla c k isn t convinced Borzov is a better runner. Pruitt Says He'd Sooner Go 'N101RJMIAIN, All..Aillleri can Greg tPruitt, the Slwift half back in Oklahoma's eXIplosive Wishbone baeklfield, seunded a warning 1Mond31Y in antidpatiQU of the approa.cthing college foot ball s eason : I know the defenses will key on me thi'S year. Keying on me is one thing getting to me is Pruitt, aware that late last sea-son enemy defenses stopped the Sooners pitchout made him famous, may rip a page from the SICrilpt whi.c' h made a nother Oklahoma star, Steve ago when Oklahoma, ranked No. 2 in the nation and beaten ooly by top-rated Nebraska led the country in s c oring, rushin g and total offense. "Our defense will be a whole lo t be tter," PrUitt added, "and our team will have more d epth. ,I wouldn't settle for No. 2 in the nation ri,ght now We want iNo. 1.'' Asked what he regarded as a good game for him, !Pruitt re piled : "Gainin. g about 300 yards. Trophy winHitters And Missers With pe ople topping that Bo li L outside pitch," Pruitt said ''ll'm W ftl llfiUe working on running inside 'trying Team i .. .. 4 o 11 1 to become a Steve Owens runTeam t .... ll 1 8 4 ner. I think [ c an roo Jnsid e Team 3 0 4 7 5 jus t as well as 1 C an outside ........ 1 ll 7 5 "'Jt' s tougher to get yardage Team 8 ........ I 8 8 running inside but I ve set mtY Team I 4 t 6 8 goal at 2,000 yards for the coming 7-11 stores I 1 I 7 season.'' Team 10 0 4 4 8 Pruitt gained 11.,6615 yards for Thibodeau Corp. 1 3 3 9 a 9.4-yard avera. ge and 17 touch Team 7 I I 3 9 downs in iW71J.. He caught four High game women's Eld ora .passes for another 108 y ards Baker 198, :Pauline Settles 177, Carrie Verriett 171. !Pruitt bagged his biggest yard-High series women : Pauline age collection with 294 on the ground and eM 011 a pa_ ss rec""' Settles 461, Eldora Baker 478, Car -.rie Vet"reitt 462. tion against Kansas State. High game men: Manuel Mit-"I' m sure we'll pass more this chell 2ffl, James Reids 204. Pruitt said and I George know they're going throw to' High series men : Manuel Mit;. me more." chell 592, Anthony Lovett 549, ll)espite the departure ol. quar.George Williams 547, Ja!lles Reids terback J alCik M\ldren, !Pruitt 545, Lonnie Willia lll8 Ml6, Willie predl icted the SOOners olfoose Starks &21, Solomon !lrown IUS. "wiU be jus t as good" as a year The reporter is Johnnye Davis


.1. 'I PACE TWENTY-TWO Fla. Published every Tues. and Fri. Get Both Editlona Tuesday, September 26, 1972 NEW SALEM YOUTHS RETAIN CROWNS A beautiful affair on Sunday evening was. the fifth annual Youth Coronation at New Salem. Primitive Baptist Church of wh i ch the Rev. R. H. Howard is pastor. The setting was the Gasparilla Room Curtis Hixon Convention Hall. The royal. procession was led by the 1971-72 king and queen, -Michael Dwayne Howard and Annette Barrow, who were surprised to learn that they had been victorious in retaining their titles for another year. The corona tion pageant \\'as narrated by Bertha L. FU-NERAL NOTICES HARRIS, MR. HERBERT ( S ON NY BOY) Funeral. services for Mr. Herbert (Sonny Boy) Har ris, 2801 E. Buffalo .,.ve., wha -passed Ser.t. 22 in the V.A. ten ter, Bay Pines, will be held Wed nesday at 4 P. M. from the DUDLEY LAWRENCE MEMORIAL FUNERAL CHAPEL OF STONE'S FUNERAL HOME, INC.;' STONE & GORDON, FUNERAL TORS, w;th Rev. Saul Nicker s on ofiiciating. Interment will be in Memorial Park Cemetery. The bacf.y will lie in state at the funeral home, 2401 E. Drive from 10 A. M. Tuesday morning to funeral time Wednes day. The fUneral cortege will form at 3613 E. 33rd Avenue. A na tive of Tampa, Mr. Harris had lived here most of his life ex. cept for about 20 years spent in Philadelphia, Pa. He was a vet -eran of World War II. He leaves to mourn ltis passing: his wife, Mrs. Margaret Ha ,rris, Philadel phi a Pa.; two daughters, Mrs Harriet Walker, and husband, Ron,' and Miss Delores Harris, both of Philadelphia; four so ns, Mr. Sidney Harris and wife, .Mr. Phillip Harris, Mr. Eddie Harris, and Mr. Bobby Harris, all of Philadelphia; seven grandehild ren; six sisters, :Mrs. Altamese Preston. and husband, Victor, Mrs. Alfonia "Allie" Nelson and Sr. and wife Flossie ; ali of Tampa; a number 'of grand nieces and grand' nephews; mimy cous ins; and a host of other sorrow ing relat:ves and Services are being rendered by STONE: & GORDON, FUNERAL DIREC TORS for STONE'S FUNERAL HOME, INC. I MEMORIAM TAMPA In memory of our loving mother, Mrs. Idella HUin phrey, who. passed Sept. 25; 1960. Someday we'll meet again, out loved one gone before, we'll that Happyland, where parting is no more. Children: Maude Long and AI len Graham. MEMORIAM TAMPA -In loving memory of my wife, Mrs. Rose Marie Hardison w:io passed Sept. 25, 1957 Gone but not forgotten. Sa dly missed by husband, l\Ir.. Tulley L. Hardisl!ri. CARD OF THANKS TAMP A The family of the late Mr. Lamar Shelton would like to thank the relatives and many friends for their sympathy and kindness during the loss ol our father and husband. We would also like to acknow ledge the many beautiful cards and flowers. The Shelton Family. Stan E. Vann, Whom Tampans $2,000 for, Dies Once Raised In 1953 the Florida Sentinel headed a campaign to rais e $2,000 so that one-year-old S t an E. Vann could enter Johns Hopkins Hos pital in Baltimore, Maryland to undergo operi heart surgery for a heart condition he was born with Doctors diagnosed that if he didn't have the operation, little Stan would never live to see his second birl hday The operation was performed and was successful b u t Sunday night, just months before he was due to graduate from coll e ge, Stan was stricken with a fatal heart attack and d : ed at the age of 20. In a long distance call from Los Angeles, California where they have lived for several years, his mottier; Mrs. Earnestine Vann Acree said that Stan has had three _operations since he was born a "blue baby" in Tampa, July 10; 1952. The first operation was per formed through liberal contril;>u tions from private. citizens, churches, civic orgim za t ions and businesses when the Sentinel pubBlack Affairs Group To Hear Candidates AU rilember 3 of t.he Gotnmittee f o r Black Affairs are asked to be present Wedne sday nl@t at the Shack N: Oregon, to hear candidates on the ballot Oct 3. School Board candidate s and persons in the County Commis sion races will be pr-esent The meet'og starts at 8 p .m. Lacoochee -S. S was t i m e ly at Mt. Moriah Baptist Church with the officers charg e The subject of the les son was, "Social Change." The t eachers took charge of the:r classes for 20 minutes The supt. t : ave review. 1 1 he pastor is ask ing all to meet at the church Sat urday at 5 Business of impor tance. Rev. L. H. King and congrega tion of Clewiston will render ser vice on the 3rd Sunday in OctJ. ber. It will be our mort g age burc ing. Dinner w iII be served. E v eryone is invited to come out. Rev. L. Waddell, Pastor, and Mrs. Daisy Story, Agent and Re porter. -Death Notices STONE & G(l'RDON FUNERAL HOME Mr. Will Smith, 3551 15th Ave. \!i Sh., St. Petersburg. Mr. Herbert (Sonny : Boy) Har ris, 2801 E. Buffalo Ave; ., Mr. Eddie Johnson, 2918 18th Ave. WILSON FUNERAAL HOME Infant Omar Whaley, 3748 Jack-son Ct., Apt. 1. Mrs. Ruby Wright, SOOS 85th St. Mrs. Loretta French Owens, 5707 43rd St Mrs Ophelia Newkirk, 621 Spearing St., Jacksonville. Mr. Stanley Vann, Los Angeles, Calif. Stan E Vann, r,;wwn at leit, as he was about to bOard a Plane In Tampa enroute to California. A& right, he is pictured ill a recent photo while in lished the childs plight. Donat:om topped $2,200; The family soon moved to California when St:m underwent surgery two more times. During his stay in Johns Hl)p kins which extended from the latter part of 1953 to early 1954 physicians and heart specialists from all over the world ined that Stan had epilepsy and low blood pressure in addition to the inherited heart disease. His mother wrote weekly letters to the Sentinel to inform the gen erous public of her .sOns im provement. 'When he was released from the hospital and came back to Tam pa with his mother, Stan h a d gllined weight and was as active as any normal toddler, a g r eat difference from the listless and: crying baby that entered JohnsHopkins. In later years, Stan attended Booker T Washington here an <1 finished his high school years in California He received a four year scholarship in Chemical En gineering at Carnegie Mellon In stitute in p ttsburgh. Tearfully, Mrs. Acree took tima to express her gra.titude to every one who helped and S t an over the years, financially,. spiritually, emotionally and physically In addition to h i s mother, Stan is survived by his father, Charles Vann three brothers, a sister, a grandmother; Mrs. Katie Rollins 'of Tampa, and other close rehi tives and fr: ends Mrs. Acree said this morning that Stan's body is lying in state at Carnegie Mellon Institute where Memorial servic{!s are being held. Funeral services will be held in Lo s Angele s 'Friday and the body will be flown to Tam'l"a this week end for burial. "Stan' s last wish was to be b\lried in Florida," his mother said. H your family of four lives oii less than $140 a week before taxes, we can put you in a -three bedroom home for just $100 down and as little as $86 a inorith: husband, Arthur Lee "Bttddv, Mrs. Rosa Ree Warren, !\'Irs. Cal lie McDaniels and husband, Nor man, ali of Tampa, Mrs. Ruby Killings, Daytona Beach. and Mrs. Melvina Livingstim, Tampa;_ 13 nie ces and nephews; aunts, Mrs. Mary: Walker 'Tampa, Mrs. Julia Wooden anci husband, Fel!x, Rochester, Y., Mrs. Bell, and 1\kl. Catherine Bell, both of Tampa; undes, Mr. John Bell and wife, Allee, Mr. David Bell, ancf. 1\'lr. Joseph (Joe) Be!l, UNCLE SANDy SAYS WOOD VALLEY EAST ,OF US. 19 AT COACHMAN ROAD Cal 726-4769 for details Hyde Park Prayer Band Mrs. Eddies Wilson, Pres. Mrs. Lillie Mae Holloway, Rept. Hyde Pl!tkPrayer Band will rn,eet Thursday at 1!2: 00 at the home -1>f,Gussie" Oli!rter, 41lili,. f,rett).ont Ave ilast meetJng wJM$, hef

lfues4Jay, September 26, t 972 Fla. SeMineJ-Bulletin Published every Tues. and Fri. Cet Both Edition PACE TWENTY-THREE EMPLOYMENT NEW IN I'd like to tell you abQut the of selling A von in your n e w it's a wonderful ., way to ,make fJ:iends while you make extra money during hours .ACCOUHTIIfG. CLERK OPENING FOR PERSON wUh typing skills and good with fig ures. Posting machine experi ence helpful. Salary compen surate with experience. Call 223 5643 for appointment. .,., you choose. Call Mrs. Smith 626-0874 or 876-3242i st. Pete 862-4593; CJear .water 442 9556. NO CREDIT???. tOMMUMITY FEDERAL SAVINGS AHD LOAN ASSOCIATION .:-Having Trouble Buying a Car Because you are short on Cred it or Down Payment? An Equal Opportunity Employer LABORATORY TECBIICIAN LET ME HELP YOU CALL BILL 232 .. 4891 OR SEE ME AT SUR RAY MOTORS 630 0 FLORIDA AVENUE EMPLOYMENT NURSES AND AIDES )VORKJNG TOGETHER for Pro fess iona l recognization and fair wages. Call ANA 238-7215 or 251-3886. JOBS NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED EARN WHILE YOU LEARN FOR MEDICAL RECEPTIONIST EXECUTIVE SECRETARY WOMEN CLERK TYPIST ABC SHORTHAND KEY PUNCH AND NURSES AIDE. CALL TAMPA BUSINESS AND MEDICAL CENTER 223-3648 Microbiological WE ARE SEEKING a tehhniclan for the Microbiological Section of our Labor,atory Control Center. The posit ion requires High School graduation, good man. ual dexterity, and the ability to work in an Isolated area. Candidates must be \neat and ord e r ly in dress and habits and will be required to deJl1onstrate th.eir manual dexterity by act ually performing testing on sim ulated prod'llcts. Applications will be held In confidence. Please send resume -and salary requirements to: Industrial Relations Manager SHERWOOD Medical Industries Inc. P.O. Box 2078, DeLand, Fla. 32720 No Telephone Calls Please An Equal-Opportunity Employer Save Time And Stamps Phone Your News i 248-1921 I'Ll -HElP YOU!! HO CREDIT? SHAKEY CREDIT? ARE YOU LOW ON DOWN PAYMERT? CALL ROW BILL BROWN AUTO SALES 3800 FLA. AVE. 229-0157 Slllft .. BUVSA'2BR. TOWNHOUSE! WHY RENT! 1 WATERS AVE. 0 CARDNTREE HOMES ; WOODBRIDGE AVE. z < ;z; !ftllSBOIIOOGH Gadie. 'lfonws !Jy LaMonte.-Shimberg.Olrporatlon w eso down, :148 mo. payments of $1 94lnc!udfng ):)llncfpal TnltMf,-. -: Assoc. Membership. ANNUAL PEilCENTAEIE IIAll! O,f., EMPLOYMENT DRIVERS POSITIONS AVAILABLE FOR straight truck and tractor driv ers. Must be 21 or older and pass driver qualifications. Ex cellent benefits available. Ap ply in person at 5125 W. Hanna Avenue. F. H. ROSS AND CO. ASHLAND CHEMICAL CO. An Equal Opportunity Employer DAY OR NIGHT SHIFT STEADY WORK, regular raises. Shrimp peelers, packers and lab orers. Must bring Social Se curity card. If under 21 musi bring birth ce rtificate. Appty 9 A.M. to 3 P.M. Monday thru Thursday. 9 A. M. to 12 P.M. Friday. SINGLETON PACKING CORP. 50th St and Uceta Road No experience necccssary. Equal Opportunity Employer IMMEDI ATE OPENINGS WE HAVE several trainee open ing for Nurses Aides, Medical Reception ist and Business Sec retaries. No experience neces sary. Positions offer job oppor tunities while in training. Must he willing to start immediately Only those women looking for a secure future need apply. 229-8381 FOR APPOINTMEN T AND INTERVIEW FOR SALE VACANT I UAVE SEVERAL NEWLY recOI'I ditioned hcmes in Progress Vil lage. $50 d own Call HAROLD BAKER, REALTOR. Phone 988-1252 7838 North 40th Street Open Saturday and Sunday WANT A NEW HOME? f200 DOWN, GOOD. CREDIT. Call Equal Opportunity Development I l I FOB SALE JUNIOR EXECUTIVE HOME SPACIOUS 7 ROOMS. 3 Bed roOms concrete block on corner lots. DON TAAFFE, BROKER 872-2729 or 839-1422 $50 DOWN MODERN CEM.I!:NT BLOCK 3 BEDROOMS, CARPET, stove, refrigerator. $10,650 P. & I. $70.54 for 360 months at 7% mortgage. DON TAAFFE SROKER 872-2729 or 839-1422 LIS11NGS NEEDED. 1966 CADILLAC F I e e t w o o d Brougham. All accessories, in eluding FM radio. Black with white leather interior. Excellent condition. Private; $1,225. 877 6820. FOR RENT FOR RENT Clean Painted Phone 251-1645 BUSINESS LEASES AVAILABLE AT TAMPA PARK SHOPPING CEH'l'EB Nebraska al Scoll For REASOSABLE RATES PRONE: 229-1845 Corp. Call 2!17-3201. 3 BED ROO: home. WallI to-wall carpet, large shady lot. I ARTHUR A. EVANS, REALTOR 253-3054 3 BEDROOOMS, 1 BATH FLA. ROOM ON TWO LOTS. NO %710 34th STREET. 258-5151. FOR EXECUTIVE 2 STORY SALE RIVERFRONI DLX. HOME 3 BEDROOM 3 BATH,' FULLY CABPETED 'AND DRAPED. FULL KITCHEN COMPLETE IHSmE-WASHER DRYER ROOM. LARGE GAME ROOM COVERED B04 T QOCI 2 CAR GARAGE w /REMOTE BOOBS COMPLETE BURGLAR SYSTEM LOTS RIVERGROVE. -AREA i J PUBLIC SERVICE AUTO HOME LIFE FAST CLAIM SERVICE RATES FOR GOOD AND BAD DRIVING RECORDS. INSURANCE HAMILTON AGENCY 1720 North Nebraska Avenue PHONE 229-1879 :;. \ 'o. .... '.. AUTO. IHSURANCE IMMEDIATE COVERAGE AT A COST TIHT CORRESPONDS TO YOUR DRIVING HISTORY JACK. BERRY 626-6194 AUTO INSURANCE A. F. KILBRIDE INS. Before and after an accident 1201 MARION STREET PHONE 223-5531 4-CUT R ATE PLUMBING C SOL'S TRADit:G POST NU-TUBS $10.50 TOlLET SEATS $1.95 SINKS & CABINETS WATERHEATERS WASH BASINS, CLOSED ALL DAY WED. Open Mon. Thru Sat. 8-6 3822 E. B'WAY. Ph. 243-2411 I .' GOT CAR TROUBLES?' *TRANSMISSION *OVERHAUL. GEN. CAR REP AIRS BY EXPERTS CALL 248-6532 RAY'S 3087 34th STBEET TAMPA FUIIEUL DIIECTOIS I WILSOII'S FUifEUL HOME 3001 !9th STREET "Onr Bnsl11ess Is Service" Phones: 248-61%5 245-203% PUGHSLEY F1JIERAL ROME 3402 26th STREET As Impreulve As Reqnlrect As Inexpensive As Desired. Phones: 247-3151 or !47-315% ROGERS FIQIEBAL HOME Phoae 233-9302 4&05 3411a Slreel or 258-0764 LADY ATTENDANT "WE GIVE THE BEST FOR LESS." I See By Appt. lJ3 1." iDs*'.ftnw : i :: i } : [J


' ( ''


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