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Citizen Hits Theater-For Admitting ,_ Kids To View Vulgar __ .1 ;-...__ . .. : ... .. (8EE STORY ON PAGE 3' : ... / '11:4 ''-.._' '-/ All Th N JIIO.tltUa1 I I fj orr 1912 {g Sllltinel ews ----1 $ Ad' F. it 1 P t fe-. '"'i ;; g .. till' r :0 ; : _vertsers 0 fiR Jill I i il 5 l 1 t / .,.. __!_ :: .... __! Invite YOU AMERICA'S FOR&MOST SEMI WEEKLY "'VOL. 25; NO.' 91. I TAMPA, FLORIDA, SATURDAY, OCTOBER 28, 1972. PRICE 15 CENTS Boy 'Poor' After Auto Accident (SEE STORY ON PAGE i) -. SEE STORY ON PAGE 11 WOMEN ARRIVE r oR. MT. ZION .. DUAL DAY On their arrival at Mt Zion AME Cburch Sunchairman. She greets from left, Mrs. Sarah SteW day. for Dual Day services, worshi.,ers were seat-art and Mrs. Emma Lewis. :ed b y ushers headed by Mrs. Viola Horton, left -PROMOTION FIRM fORMED IN TAMPA From left to right are Nathaniel Hal!Jtah, WaJ .. and Ty Jteddisb. 'l'h!t f!'OUP wDI promote ter Turner, Sr. who holds his son, Walter Jr. Wal ahowa cl closed telecasts. ler Wilsoa, Charles Davis, Jolua Ander&oD, 'fhel'OII ; T cnpa Polke Dept. Wants Bk Cops ------. (SEE STORY ON PAGE -. Organize To Help Ghetto. Residents ---- -8EE STOltY ON PAGE Zl Unwanted. Pregnancies ----(SEE STORY ON PAGE 21)


PACE TWO Fla. Sentinel-Bulletm Pablished every Tues. and Fri. Get Both Edition ._,; Sallurday, OctoLer 28, J-Pa Polke J)ept. addrus -d investigatiGJ'l revealed that bu juvenile brother w moved the car without bel' per mission. While Slater Mazion, Jr., 1115 'Munroe, was parked at home Wants Bt.k Cops By SAil make her quit. Monday when somej:>ne bur.glariz. ed his Two ipeakera ww:tb $10 were taken. (hilci'Poor' After Beig Hit By Automobile Special Reporter IAfter the firing o f the 't>Iack pt>liceJl1an on the e_nJ:ire 41 man ron:e at the 100 BUUiOn ll'al" Tampa mtern:ationa!. j,ort, as reported in the Sentmel la-st week by :M arl::ha lWhite this paper IMa)or !Brown of the Department af the Tampa Pollee :f}epartment as to of blaeks working either as poli-cemen or_ Jail The ratio -turned oot .be a -.e,ry disa;pipointing relatiOnship (II{ ooly 15 to more one-balf of a thoosand. Brown .this to the low pa'Y the 18niroQsity toward pohcmen m general, and the general that they becowlt Unele Toms in their locality. He that tbe_y did have a black ing in a civiHau capactty JUSt a few weeks ag. o and t:he peo 'ple :in her neighborhood applied pressure upon her to "Concerted efforts have been made to attract the blaelr4;,'' emiphasized, "but .tbey will not make the e.ff01 ed up and telJing the officer Lemon, placed his fishing equip his of what happened :ment in his utility room F'riday and Gray hit him in the nose, afternoon and when he looked police said. Gray was arrested ifor it Tuesday, discovered it the scene ft:r assault and batmissiag. Mr. Johnson said he tery. has nQ idea w h o moved his Miss May Meyhue, 2.1, 1938 1ods_ reels and cast net, all \Spruce St. was interviewed by worth $122 police at a hospital Mon-Unknown subjects entered a day morning at 12:30 when she trailer used as :an office for arrived for treatment of a dis-_Lee Davis Health Clinic, 2813 E. located shoulder. She told the 28th Avenue, over the weel<. end. (Jf,ficer that her boyfriend puUed A. K'odax sHde ... pr.ojector wor.: h her arm after getting mad with $95 was taken. Police reported :with her. She was at his house that the sliding glass door was at the t ime not Police reported that George Louis MeOa.rter 34, tl07 S. Perkins,. lr., 32, 3\111 E Fern, Armenia, ,went home .Frimly af il.nd his brother, Calvin, 29, had terneon and discovered that his a fight Monday about a car. house had been broken into. The The two men w?rk together a1; d house _is by his oold -pQhee tht he ronEddie, and he told the offH :er :fronted his brother on the job that two TVs, a .cassette tape and told him to keep u p the p ay-player and an eight track tape ment-s on a car that he brought player were missing. The items :from him. Later that day. Calvin were -worth went to his brother's house and when he .opened the cloor he J .hefts .slapped Geerge in the face with .22 calibr pistol. When Ceorg:e';s wife said she would _the police, Calvin fJed. Samuel Bainel, 39, 812 E. Ross, was engaged in argument with an unidentif4ed suspect 'Monday in the 300 block of Ross, according to police. The EuE .pec't bit Bainei on the head with a chair, then left the &cene. Eddie Condroy, 22, 32m 2'7th St,. told police that he was beat up whil e on the way home Sun. He M.id he tmd John Davis were ridi-ng in a car together and had been drinking. Condroy said he was drunk and the car got stuck at 8th Avenue and '26th Street. When he told Davis the car was stuck, he started to beat him. He went to St. Joseph's for treatment, police Eaid. Burglaries M -rs. Norma Goods, 1340 Main St., told police that while she was :away from hQme Monday from H a. m. to 11 p. m sollte<>ne entered through the rear door and took an eight track tape player. Mrs. Goods said the door was unlocked and the tape worth $20. A portable b.lack and white TV worth $35 belonging to Mrs. Shirley Tea.Sley, 32, 290 ? .28th A venue, w:as taken from her ouse Tuesday' afternoon bj un-Sometimes betwe!;!n 7 and 8:15 Wednesday night unknown subjects stole a 1962 Chevy Bmfl'Om 11 !parking lot at 3707 E. Lake. Benjamin Head, 58, 5204 80th JSheet, t0ld police that' he -waS -parked at 'Work when tlbe occurred. 'The car was w9rth $200 and a tool box jnside was worth ,$25. A refrigerator, an electric stove, tw().. -lmps, -.a oouhle bed with mattresses, two .end tables and .a green sofa chair belonging to Robert Reed Scott, -440 Webs ter, -.re're taken .from the house 1by 11.n unidentified male suspect early 'this we ek. The suspect d'led the scene in an unknown direction with the items valued at $105. Mrs. DGrothy 21, 29-i 'i 8Scd A veu qe, call-ed police Tuesday afternoon and reported that someone had moved a 1965 volkswagen belonging to Thelma ,(Branq lroni 11000 ith Avenue.. .Vrs. B:ranton vod-s at Lemuel Nathaniel Johnson 11, 1511 Green St., apt. B, been employed at Sun "City Warehouse for about l lh months and during that time many -thdts 'have occurred the mana-ger said Johnson was being watched this week and reported ly took a bottle of skin bracer, shaving foam and some raz-ors, all worth $4.82, and placed them in his ear. He was :arrested for petty larceny. .J.'O Ann Myrick, l'i, l42Q E:slteUe, was arrested for shoplifting .an $U smock top from Maas Brothers Monday morning. Victor Norton; 26, O'i E. 24th A venue, told poliee 'SOmeone drove .his 71 Chevy away from 6120 N. 2200. St. Wednesday without his permission'. The suspect_ abandoned the car a short distance away after it stalled and cooldn't .be restarted. Norb>n recovered his car. Miscelaneous -.Toon Hem:y 24, 23H 9th Avenue, r e ,ported Monday that he was trying to leave the Manila -Bar, 2620 7th Avenue, when a man threw two large dogs intQ and against his car. Another man threatened him with a knife. Mrs:. Bernice 4 1, 313 W. Park, was charged with first degree arson Wednesday after she set fire oo her upstairs apartment at 6 P M. .arul ifled the scene Joe Louis Wilkerson, 24, 1015 19th Avenue, was charged with carrying a weaJX!n. Larry Darnel Anderson, Z2, told :police that he apprehended Wilkerson when he entered his place of bllSiness, 20int of collision. A medical s .tudent &t tne Uni, versity of South woo wa.s in the a,rea, administered first aid to the child be-ore he was taken to the ho spital' by ambu lance. No charges were filed against Canwell and the investig11ting police noted on his report that .the was the child's {:ault :I'he automobile was not damaged in the accident, that occurred at 6 : '56 p.m. Sentinel's V. P. loses Automobile Ami Oothes To Thieves The Sentinel's Advertising manag-er and Vice President J9bnny Jacobs, 24 :00 E Cayuga, lost his car $500, and several dotbing item:s thieves Weoo-es da>' night when the culprits drove .the veb.iel e away from bis house after he had it for a trip. Mr .J-aeobs was l:(j take a trip Thua'sday and i.n preparation, placed five suits, three shirts, three pairs ol slacks, two SfPOrt coats of his and .several dresses and other items belong ing to his wife in tb.e car. He said they left the bouse about 6 :UI5 and leflt the ll96T. iP

' i : f .-I October 28, 1972 Fla. Sendnei-B ulletin P..J,Iished every Tqes. and Fri. Cet Both Edritlo,t PACE mREE Former _Tampan From Self Inflicted Bullet In Miami !Former Robert Theo. dore Seniors, 83!() SW 415th Street, Miami, was found dead at his home Wedn esday afternoon with a single bull e t wound in the left side of the head. Homicide detectives in Miami said the investigation into Seniors' d eath isn't compl e te but the i nitial report showed that in all probability it was a case of suici d e The office r who handled the investi g ation on the scene said S eniors wa s found l ying oo the kitCh en floor s hortly after 2 p m. Wednesday afternoon with a .38 caliber pistol near his body. The Sentinel was told by the police that S eniors had taken hi s eldest di!Ughter to school at 7 a m. arid returnd home. The time of Q eath has not been determined, pending the results of an autopsy. S e niors was found that afternoon by his daughter. It was reported. that a sui cide note was left but the detectives would not teveal its contents. Seniors graduated from Mid dleton High School in 1951 and after a tour of military duty entered rFlorida .A & 1M Univer sity and gradua.ted with honors in 1958. In 11, seniors earned his Masters Degree in :Business .Administration from Atlanta Male Chorus Convention The Tampa-St. Petersburg Male Chorus Annual Conven tion whi ch is slated for Sunday will not be held at the Letter Carriers Hall as was previously announced but instead will be held at First Baptist Church of Progress ViUage, Rev. B. T. Wil liams, pastoc. Doors o .pen at 2:30, program begins "at 3:30. This is a special announcement to all ticket holders and those who plan to attend. TED SENIORS At the time of his d eath, he was emp}oyed as a Compliance Officer with the Wage and Hour iDivision of the United States La1bor !Funeral services for Seniors will be held in Miami Saturday at 5 p.m. at the St. James A IMIE Church Tpe body will be shipped to T.am1pa Saturday night .and funeral servic. es will be held here Monday 1 ilfte : rnoon at 4 from Allen T e mple AMIE Ch)lrch Rev H 1\lcDonald Nelson rpastor. Stone and rdon Funeral Home, Inc., is in charge of local arran gements. Seniors is survived by a devoted wife, Addie two daughters and a son. He is the brother of Mrs. Jerry lN. H;trvey, a well-known Tampan. : Mirade Prayer Band. Mrs. Sammie. L. Scott, Pres: Mrs. Tommie M. White, Rept. The Miracle Prayer Band will meet Monday night at 8 at the ihome o! Mrs. Mary Bell, 1515 Union Street, Apt. 715. Minister Timothy Calhoun is teh director. If your family of four lives on less than $140 a week before taxes, we can put you in a three bedroom home for just $100 down and as little as $86 a month: EAST OF U.S. 19 AT COACHMAN ROAD can 726-4769 for details 4 MILES WEST OF DALE MABRY ON HLLSBOROlJGH Call 884-Sooo for details Jir: by ,, ', tl.OO plus $JOO prepaid f ta'xe5 and 6 .'60 i I \ l< payments at Wife Of Bakery Arsonist_ Attempts_ Suicide .The common-law wife of the bakery arsonist, Robert Brad well, who died in a local hos pita) Sunday, attempted suicide Monday. Mrs. Inez McGee, 409 E. Oak, was taken to Tampa General Hospital suffering from an over dose of sleeping pills. In a deliri ous state she told the officer that she was over the death of her husband. Bradwell and an accomplice, Lester Oates, apparently were in the process of setting fire to Kakeland Bakery, 1202 East Buffalo, when the arsonic mate rials exploded in their face. Oates died in the fire and Bradwell had heen confined to the ltospital until his death. Mrs. McGee was driven to the hospital by Arthur Bradwell, brother of the dead man, but left before he could be question ed _by police. The officer men_ted thaJ; the woman appear ed depressed and in poor spirits. She was treated and released, according to police reports. Peace Baptist2607 Z4th A venue Rev. J C. Goins, Pastor. Betty_ Dawkins, Rept. Services will begin Sunday with Sunday school at 9:00. The supt., Jessie. !Manley, is asking all tea c 'hers to be present and at their posts on time. Morning service will follow at ill with the rpastor delivering the sermon. A combined choir and ushers will serve during the day. Sunday ni .ght after service, a Fellowship .Program will be held at the chur. ch with the Goins Chorus as host choir Also ex. pected to take part is a choir from Tabernacle Baptist and IF' riendshiip M. B., as well as invited guest c hoirs. Please remember to pray for the sick members and those less fortunate than yourself. Bla(k, White Can(er Rates Differ For Some Types :LOS AINIGE1 l!E8 A higher !percentage of blacks than whites get cancers of some parts of I!Jhe body, .perhaps related to dif, lferences in drinking and eating habits, according to a government cancer researcher. Jrupanese and Chileans also have a c ancer pattern that mary be related to their diet, said Dr. John W. Berg. IDr. B erg, of the National Can Institute, addressed a ses sion Of tihe National Cancer Con ference. Cancer of the esophagus has Increased 200 per cent among blacks since 1007, Berg 6aid while among whites the rate is steady or even decreas ing. The incidence ol. stomach can eer is also rising among blacks lhe said, and a 40-year-old black iman now runs a 50 pe r cent greater risk of contracting sto rnruch cancer than a white man the same age. :Ber. g said the cancers may be caused by a one-two effec t, in which some agent first damages illhe tissues involved which are then exposed to a carcinogen, a 6Uspected Cancer-causing SUb a;tance. Bla(ks Buy Station CHICAGO The Johnson Pub lishihg Co. which publishes Eb cmy a:nd Jet magazines, said it had purchased r a d i o station :woR!ti Jt>*" $t.s million, n the first Chicago radio 11tation ewned by blacks. Btack: Dietician Wants To Help With Community Problems sity at Durham; she received her B.S. Degree in Foods and Nutri tion. Afterward she completed Dietetic Internship at Shadyside Hospi-tal, Pittsburgh, Pa. She is a member of ADA (Amer ican Dietetic Association) and the Flo.rida Dieteti c Associa t ion. Mrs. Yon !has worked at Lincoln Me morial hospital and Wake Me mofi.al, both in Nol'th Oarolillla. Transf _erring to the Bay Area, which presented a more p!'ofound challenge from the therapeutic aspect, she now holds the position of Therapy Die lkian. Her eventual goal is to enroll in one of Flocida's G!'aduate S c hools in order to deal with nutritional problems of the community as a whole .. this would entail obtaining a de gree in Public Health Nutrition11l problems. When by the Sentinel PATRICIA YON repor. ter, Mrs. Yon was very enDue to the tremendous thusiastic about the opoprtunit:es sion of T ampa in the last few for young blacks in this partiou1ar field. Look at j .t," she said, years in the region of medic : ne, "how many cooks, bus. such as new hospitals, nursing boys, kitchen help of all kinds are homes; Extendicare _Programs colored people With a little help and remodeling and the urgency from government agencies; per of pressing into serviCe buildings haps night school, (above all com once evacuated : and out of use; ple'e high school) they are nat the 11ampa area is suddenly in de urals," she stated, "because of mand for women and men who h can qualify like the young lady their andling of food and e :th6l" pictured, Patricia McCallop Yon. preparing it or watching its' prepMrs. Yoo was recently transal'\ation. It's natural to grav."'"'te ferred to the Bay area from Per into the special preparation fDir the many, many, m any, spe cial ry Po i nt, Ma ryland's Veter ans d' Adminis : ration Exuding confi1e!s that a ho spital or nursing h01me requi re. dence and skill and a soothing presentatiOn to petulant patients is all Mrs. Yon is currently living in a day's work for Mrs. Yon, end work :ng in the Bay Area and, a Registered Dietician. in addition, has re ared a son Attending undergraduate school Darryl, age 9. (Methinks perhaps) at North .Carolina Central Univerhe is a well-fed youngster? Citizen Hits Theater For Admitting Kids To View Vulgar Movies By MARTHA WHITE Sentinel Staff Writer An obviously upset citizen com plained this week against a local theater admitting youngsters in to view "R" rated movies. The man charged that the man agement of the Tampa Theater, 711 Franklin Street, is just "look ing at the dollar bill" in allowing children, primarily blacks in the movies where they will be subjectEid to sordid language love scenes that leave little to the im agination and blood-fllled violence. Joe Taylor manager of the thea ter, put up a mild defense of the theater' s policies against the citizen's complaint. Taylor said "R" rated simply means that a child l}nder 16-years Piano At Lab Opens Middleton Middleton Jr. High Community S cho ol program announces the opening of its Piano Lab. Piano dasses for adults and children will be offered without cost t() participants. Classes for adults will offered Monday thru Thursda1 :from 7:30 P. M to 10 P. M, IC!asses for children will be offered from 4:00 P. M. to 6 P .M. For further information .please call Miss D eatrcia Williamt Community School coordinatot between the hours of 1:00 p, M and 9 P. M. by telephone 238-7449 or the. Communitt School office located in roont 103. You may also contact Mr. James Kendricks, 238-7445 00. tween the hours of 2:00 P M, and 10:00 P M.. Or one may contact the Model Cities Com munity School office, telephone 223-5331 ext. 227. Registration is now open t the public. Everyone is invit'ed to 1 cGnre out .and. utilize this 'Wonderful piano laboratory. Mr. a. F. Fuller il principal. of age is not permitted to enter unless accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. When asked about the kids that are viewing the movie and are not accompan ied by an adult, Taylor gave ex planations as to why it might appear this way to others in movie "Sometimes," he said, "someone else buys a ticket and lets others in through one of the many exit doors." Taylor claimed that when a family comes t l the movie, the adults sit in the back while the youngsters prefer to sit down front clos e r to the screen, making it appear that they are alone. The theater manager added that be secures the services of twG city policemen on weekends one on the front and the other at rear exits to prevent under aged children from entering. Taylor also said the cashier takes an active part in control ling the younger teens from en tering by questioning their age. "If they tell her they are 16, she has no way of knowing if this is true or not," he said in one case, however, a ten year-old-boy was permitted to ter the theat-er to view an "R;' rated movie by merely telling the cashier that his older sister was inside waiting for him : Bla(k Slates Cau(US Meeting The Bla ck Unity Caucus witt meet Sunday afternoon at 3 in the Central Park Village Audi torium. The meeting will be part of the groulp's continuing campaign to unite the people of the Central Avenue area. Gue s t speakers for the meet, ing will be Mrs. ID orothy Harmon, candidate for the State Legis lature and Atty. George combe, Chairman of the Oommittee of Bla ,ck Affairs. Topi cs to be discussed include the conditions of Central 'iParlc Village and the City'a future plans for the area.


PAGE FOUR FJa, S.atlnei-Sulletin Pu.1,ltshed evtry Tues. and Frl. Cet BotL Publisbed every Tuesday and Friday by Florida Sentinel tampa Bulletin Publishing Co., 2207 Twenty First Avenue, Tampa, Florida 33601. C. BLYTHE ANDREWS Founder and Publiaher C. BLYTHE ANnREWS, JB. xecu&lve Edi&ot 8JMON JOHNSON VIet PresldencProductlon )IRS. ROSE CRt1TC8FIELD Vice Presldent-Soclet:r JOHNNY JACOBS Vice Presillent-Adverilslnl HAYWARD aRADY Vice Presl4ent.Public Relations Second class postage paid at Tampa, Florida. SUBSCRJl>TlON RATES $ e .IO Per Year One Edition. $12.50 Pet YeAr Both Edltlons. McGovern For Senator George S. McGovern Senator George_ S. MeGove"!' Js the StmHnel's choice ,for presi dent in the Nov. 7 ele<:Jtiion. In almost every e s s en t 1 a 1 we ra:te Se!lator McGovern, the aspn' a'!'t, above President Rtehard M. Ntx on the Republican pt"esidenlt. We have been forced to dude during the Nixon Admmts ltradon that events have been set into m otion and moods created that threalten together ness and progres to such an ex tent .o a s to -invite nild()'hlll dls astttir. On a broader view we f ind the fUiture of all in peril unless the citizenry checks t h e f!mell of corrupt-ion, favoritism, opportunism1 police sUite ttiictics, aecrecy, mUitari,sm, seotion aUsm, racism and !the threat to oivil ltbel'ties being promoted or condoned by government of iic:!iala and pollitidanos. George McGovern sounds and acts Hke a man who would rtlseue America from an imntoNl COStly war in Vietn'am, assure a jo b for e v-er y per!!OI\ a :ble to work, "uP pnrt the law in deed s as well as throuth tive the core titles higher priorities, and poUtical e!lpion age, provlde necesury ltalt: reform and re&tote lfiti ,aning to equal opportunity guarantees to all citizens. Mr. Nixon has f ailed miserably In !these area6. Under his neglect policies a president of !the United State is campaignin& for reelection with olit dlrett public to 22 JfiUlion 1black citizens, an intend .ed rebuff to the .naUon's lar>geat minority. Except for his black surrogates and a few well-known Mack sue c:eaa f igures, Mr. :Nixon has in eul1ted 1black voters by purpose .fully iporing them as part of I Ms anifiwelfare, antibusing, anlti anti-f.air housing, pro-SOu lth Afric::A, pro lortugal, pro-Rhodesia and pro Southern political atrategy. Thus it is lthat when he talk of monies spent to help black people, wha t the resul1 t s ha,ve added up to are poor people m creasing in number for the first time in a decade, climbing living c:o&ta, several million more on welfare and a 10.2 per rate of unemployment among Mt. Nixon puts money in!1o equal oP!J)Ortun iity areas bull: his policies lead him. Ito threaten to fire cabinet member11 an d other federal employees, who did not unders:tand Ms uncon.titutional anJtibusing stance, or w h o it' h ought he really meant to push housing desegreg a tion in the vote rich au.hurbs. 'l'he doe not .ay it has been 100 per cent in agree ment with ail of Mr. McGovern's pbstures on issues We feel deeply about aa a minority till atrug. gling toward !the day when we will enjoy all our c onstHutional rights as citizens. Bu:t betwQen Mr. and Mr. Nixon, we think the choice is -clearly ob'V"ious to more than eighty-pereenit of blac:ks. Mr. M"ith the youth choir and rtshers Miss Charlotte Kirk Jand was our guMt s peaker. At 6, the aervice was held with the youths presenting other fine program. The sermon was delivered by the pastor. Let us pray fnr the sick and shutitls Mrs. Pearl Hills was. di& from the hospital and ii.8 lf!!proving at home. Our $yrupathy is extended to Mrs1 TherMa Cooper in the Joss o! !her husband. Members of usher board No. 2 are asked to meet Monday night. Love Feast and testiinon .. al service Tuesday night. The No. 1 choir and ushel'll will 1 serve Sunday. l>Ieue plan to attend. Visftors are always come. New Protress MB 8307 E. Ave. llev. E; J. Wllllalfist.. Pastor C. R. Batchlor, Kept. S. S. wiLl begin at 9:8{) with the supt., and teachers at their posts. Morning service will begin at 11 with the usual order of ser vice. IBTU meeting will begifi at 5:30. Evening service began at 6:30. The Young Adult choir will have rehearsa) on Monday night. Tuesday niglit choir No, 1 will have rehearsal. Wednesda:t night choir No. 2 rehearsal. Thursday :night prayer meeting. Saturday junior choir rehearsal. Satur d ay at 3 the Tampa and St. c horus will have rehearsal. Sun day at 3 at the Tampa and St. Petersburg Male Chorus annual convention will take at First Baptis t Church of Progress Village. All are asked to remember the e!ck and shut-ins. New Salem MB 1605 Nebra ska Ave. Elder R. H. Howard, Pastor Mr!!. Catherine William!!, Rept. S. S. began with the CLO meeting at 8. Church school began at 9 :<:0 with the supt. Deacon Jessie Saulsberry in The lesson was reviewed by Mr. James Bell. Morning service began at 10:45 with D eaco ns Alvin Morrison and Sam Mack in charge ()f devotion. The Youth choir 11nd youth ushers served. Sever al visitors were present. The sermon was d e livered by the :pastor. BTU meeting began at 5 with Mrs. Annie Pinkney in charge, A musical program was present ,ed. Evening servi c e began at 6 with the regular order of ser vice. A very good sermon was delivered by the pastor. This week the South Florida P. B. Ministers and D e acons Union No. 2 will con v e ne at our church. Choir No. 2 will observe their 46th anniversary on Sunday af. ternoon at 3 Rev. J. L. Over pastor of Greater Bethel I'Japtist Church will deliver th0 sermon. The fina, l program will be held on Monday night with a mu sic al pro gram being present ed. Many of Tampa's outstanding talents will ap.pear on program. All are asked to remember the sick and shut-ins. Visitors welcome at aLl times. Greater Mt. Carmel 4111 34th Street Rev. C. B. Lazier, Pastor 0Nater Mount Carmel A. M. E. Church observes Pastors Ap !Preciatioh Monday October 30. through November 5 As in past (Years, we have shown our trati tude and appreciation to our !Minister as he is sent off to the !Tampa Florida Annual Confer ence. TM, PaStor's Aid Board is sponsoring the following activi ties of the week: Monday, Grace Mary M. B. !Church, Rev. B. T. Williams, !Pastor ; Tuesday, Pentecostal Tabernacle Of God, of Palmetto, Elder Otis Johnson, paetor; Wednesday, WiLliam Temple 0. E Church, of Winter Haven, lkev. C. Bryant, pastor; Thursday, First Union M. B. Church, Rev. Joseph Thompson, pastor 11nd. after service, New /Bethel M. B. Church, Rev. L. R. Stancil, pastor. All week day services will begin at 8 P. M. Immediately after Sunday services a Banquet IWil.l follow. Mr. Frank Odom, Toast Master. The public is in vi ted. First Baptist Seffner Rev. W. J. Cooper, Pastor 1Jeaco11. H. Green, Kept, S. S. began on time with Mr. lLaarcus Larry, a cting supt. and all teachers at their posts. The lesson was reviewed by !the pastor. Morning service began on time with Dea. Riley and Dea. Smith leading devo ition. Services were good and First Union MB by all. After the morn3707 E. (.;helsea 1 Rev. J. H. Thompson, Pastor S. S. began at the u imal hour with the supt. in charge The teachers were at their posts. The supject of the les s qn wils "EX !IJlOitation Of Persons: Race R.e. lations." The lei!!lon was re .. :viewed by the pastor. Morning worship at _Devotion was led by dea. Gnf!Irt. The mesMge was delivered by the pastor. Evening worshi.p began at 6 with the same order of service. \Prayer meeting will be held Wednesday night at 7. Visitors always welcome. City Wide Mission Mrs. Eddies Wilson, Pres. Mrs. A. R. Simmons, Rept. \" City Wide Mission will meet Tueliday at 112 at the hOme of !MJ:s. !Essie !Mae Porter, J12105 i&!lte.Ile St. The last meeting was held at the ihome of Mr. and !Mrs. Leroy White, !lmlll Chestnut St., !ng service, baptism was held. Mr. Johnson is still on the eick list. Please vi$it and pray for the sick and shut-ins. Immanuel Holiness Church ft 2108 E. IdA Street Bishop W. !Lock, Pastot Mrs. VirgUa Lock, Reporter Our Fifth Sunday meeting will begin on Friday night at 7. Our Saturday meeting will begin afl 7. Sunday school will begin at !tO followed by morniflg vice at 111. A Youth Progra.m w-nt be held at The is in vi ted, Eastside Prayer iiand Deacon Archie Mond, Pres. Mrs. Alice Lane, Rept. The Eastside \Prayer Blnd wfll meet Sunday morning at 15 at the home of : Mre E ulin Willi811lls, .2505 19th st. Visitm.IS are wel rome at all times. Remembel' the and shut-ins.


Sallurday, Oot<>ber28, 1972 And so, about all the writer can ood to the final tribute to my hero of many years, Jackie Rob inson, is a "thank you" to the "Absent Brother for the many years of thrills given during my lifet ime, which in so many WlaYS helped in my life's persona.! frl)e doms. I do not fee l that I have to write in a b i t of shame, among those not willing to "giye a rO!!e while one lives" to see enjoy the beauty of them. And here's final fiarewell to Jackie Robln son, a man who too, aream, 800 shared it in more than just duty, but in service also, all mankind ... VISITING HERE FROM WASH INGTON, D. C. WAS MISS LO RETTA B. ANDERSON, a &ttl. dent at the Law School of How ard Univ., end a native of Pen sacola, Fla. MJsa Anderson wa$ ln '11ampa. to visit with her form er Fla. A & M. Univ. school mate, Mi.H Maxlne Stewart, 3913 Cherry St., L. G., a teacher at Seminole Elem., and to attend Slllt. 's football game between Famu and Tenn. Univ., played in TalWlllS"See. Had quite an intereitin l'lfl.P l!leSsion with Miss Anderson 1y before her EAL flight departed (S A.M. Tuesday t.rc>m TIA, ting her back to 1l A.M. classes at HU'. Tho lillw itudent mention td there we oolr. lbolW b1e.ck LawyeralraotleinJ in w. u.s., ll'OWl 4,000 mort ,.Pteted to bt 1l'llduatin1 withk!. the ont tbrH or tow' yeve, AND WIIJLE SPEAKING OF WASHINGTON, D. C., loamed tlho r day, Ml" Sylvia Dlokol, moved back to Tampa from e. end bu joined our Itt et worldn1 with tho n.. Air U.net ltaff .. 9omoone allo a.roun4 1:30 A.M. the other while tbbJ fUY wu coverini that 'fl'lllvt ra.nt ltbift" tbat Min Beatrict Pettrmu bu moved ba c k here after a few year!l ltay in t.bt natioo'!l capitol u 4lllY truth to the repor ting thoN'r!! eliht women to even one min ln-D. C But did I ever tell y ,a, Wllihington wun't alw&:Y'3 the e>apitolof u.s. Belfe\'9 the been located in 3ix or tevtm other citieJ includini NYC. Woody Allen was really looking eroat when flyjpg back to haing tdm dowJt some thi r ty twp PQund8 le11s over the pWtt month or @P. Never did get !!round to publishing thl!t, Woody Allen Diet Phm did l? Like W11 ielt here the TV oom m0rcials, "McDonald" Y o w Kind of Place sons and the Tex aco commer c ial should be up fQ!l' an O$car or Emmy. And just think, Mcl)onald started hi'S thing from a l5 c quick hambur ger still one of. the thlngs for me to forget whe.n l Wtalk ed up to one of the Mcl>9nald AROUND THE TOWN By HAYWARD BRADY pla.ces, jw;;t a few years back and was told, ''we don' t serve color ed here Yeah I know man, for get. Well l:t's easy to forgive .. Franclj Davis of City, one of our popular golfers. is emong the '1\ampans having bee n invited to play in Open Golf M e et 8Clheduled for the Miami area the wookend of the Orange Blos sam football flliJJne .. The BellmenWaiters Club mem hers thinkini about going back to their weq of the })ast w i th their Xmas Holiday B ,au .. Singer-entertainer, Joe Tex, re portedly due in Tampa Sooday for spookini enlfll.iement, by b local B 1 a c k Mance with !Qve 1 bott.er than wisdom with out it When Go<1 shuts a door, he opens a window Keep clear of e. mll!ll who does not v-al ue his own character If re liiion hu done IlQthing for your temple, it hu Oo!W nothini fqr your .IOUl A man :mould never be to own be lms been ill tbe wrong, which is but saying in other w&ds, that he is wistr Wday than be wM yuter d!lf." ElJGENE 118QIM11i:" TRICE Mil tbt ot.btr A:M, NAL bl4k W Miami to flnilb bit final term of Miln&iomtnt .no Ma_r\tet lni ttl.ldiN at Miami I>ado ltJt .. 11SketO.." ill a formtf bar belr tJt Oil.l u.,.,., Playboy &arbtr Shop. AI ihu, quarttrback of tbose 'xoitlnl Jtfftrlf Tampa Park IJld ifand !H:In of Mfl, JtMIIht Bell MarJball, of CtmtMl Park Vill&Je Learned 1adte!l at.tendlni t h e Black MiUi.llme proirll.m fiaillCOOtenttW or VDMPPY -<:onildt this Jiftell periOII .,. A6vlieJ on Ill affain of Life Home vabarmoy LltVe llld Marriage Lucky Days Lucky Numbers For appointmen&t p Phope !38.W OP!>.D Daily 9 a.m. tiU t Closed Sundays. 8503 I. FLORIDA AYDD St. Mary To Host P. B. Association LAJ3ive Bwptist tion will convene in llbines City during tbe week of !Nov. 7-<12. The host chur ,ch will be Sainl! I Mary P. B Church, lllth Street and Avenue 'J' of which Elder J. L. Grant is the pastor. The the m e rfor the obs(trvance is U o ited /For The Work of The Master All officers are a s ked to be present at the chur ch Thurs d ay, Novem1 b e r 7 at 5 p m for ca binet meeting. M atter$ of im portance will be considered. !.. Primitive !Baptist who are )COnce rned about the p r.ogress of the District are ask ed to come out and swpport the meeting Elder Z D. Coston !11 the mode rator and E. G. Mallard is the rfiPOrter. Mt. Zion AME Rev. L. c. MAnn, Pastor Friday night, we held our last qya:rt erlY conferencf!l tor the year. Preaideni Elder 'A. D Burton wa11 in char&'e. AU made reports. Services began Sunday with. S S. at 9:45. our newly electe<;l supt. Miss Mary H11nninian was in charge. The teachers were u.t their post. The P. E. gave the review of the lesson. Morning worship followed at 11. The call to worship by the pas.tor. Prayer ))y Mr. Do11ier Gre1m. The junior and Yilhers !Jerved. Rev. .Surton dilivered the morni11g Visiton were Mr. and J.tn. McPherson of St. James AM:E: ot Pro&Tess Let ut l'tmembor tho-!lick and 1hutin11, Vi1itort are alway, weloome. True Love -laptist 2601 l7tlt St. Rev, W. 'f. Carpenttr, Pator Church illhool Qe&-an at 9 ;30 with the tupt. in charre. The lenon will be nviewtd by Miss V orothf btt on time. Mornipg wor1b1p at 11. Tht dtlVotion-wa!l le4 by the deaconw. The No. 2 choir and 1 u11hers 11erved.. The by th!! pa11tor. BTU at 5, De!!-. Joe llobley ia aaking everyone to out and take Pllli in the trAining union. Evening !lervlce begAn at 6;30 with the order--of !J!!rviCe. A talent hour for tho entire church will be held at 7. We will have baptism. at t l, on SatiU'd!!-Y New Macedonia MB 3402 E. DeLeuil Ave. Rev. Pastor !Last Sunday servi-ces in begit)]liug with S. s. 'l'he morning nie.ssage w.a& 'bro1l!ght by tbe pastQr. Rev. Jame s Anderson delivered the No services will be held, !lt the chur ch Sunday The church will be on prognm Friday nigllt during the !Minister, Deacons and Sisters Union. The c hurch will also fel lowship with Grace Ma>ry M. B. Chu!ich Sunday all day. The pub lie is invited to t}lese servi<)es. Mt. Carmel 4406 Zt;tll Hev. M. J !lltltts, rastor Mrs. Matilda Mitchell, Reporter S. S. b,egan at 9 :SO with the supt. in charge, Morning service 11. SuP.dJlY wall youth day the 11peaker wall Diane Gri!fen. Holsey 'remplf) choir wa3 hol!t. Evening service "began at 6 with Rev. B. 0, Fadgett and his members m Women's day will bf) ,sun. The No. tl choir and will J!.lfVI!, Allen Temple AME lllZ Scott Street Rev, U. M Ntl!IOG, Pator Min Beulah Gan11ey, Rept. IRev. Wedd will have after 11er vic Sunday night. are w pleue be and on time. will wmillate the pastor'11 tppreciation pro T bl11 Sunday, s s. will begin at 9:SQ. All are to be pre 11ent and on time. /M1}riling Wf the 'Church. IMr. II{. A. Lockett, chair ltemember the slck and shut Ins. Prophetic Deliverance Church 803% E Henderson St. Elder Baldwin, Pastor The theme for the meeting Saturday at 2 will be, "Health And Education 'l'he me!lting will close with Btble teaching. T.he main speaker will be IMrs. !Mary Alice IDor, sett Mrs. S ID. orothy 'Ha: rmon is sponsor and iMrs. Rosa Baldwin is rounder. PAGE FIV& New Mt. Zion 2511 E. Columbus Dr. 1\tv. 8. J, JollP, Pastor SorvieiJ at Mt. Zion will begin Sunday with Sunday school at 9 :ZO with the aupt. Dea. Virgil Brooks, in charge. All othllr officers and teacher!i are elipected at their post. The review of the lesson will be b y the pastgr Mornip.g wor11hip begins at 11 with Burch and Marion in charge of devotional service. The Junior choir and usher board will serve and the will bring the BTU will be held at 5 with the president, Milton Biggham, in charie. Me parents, y oung people, m e mbera and friends to come out to the training union dlscuuion. Evening service will begin at 6 with the same deacons in charg. Brown lemple Church 23H 27tll Avenut Eld r W. W. Gllyud, Mrt Katlwripe Ropt. S. S p.t the Y!lua l hour with the 1mpt. and teachers at th eir ip03tff. Moming wor&hip at 11: 30. Vea. David Outing and Dea. Wa11hingt9n were "in of dtlvotion. The pastor brought the m!.ls!!age. Choir and ushers 11j!erved. We were happy to have Detroit, Michigan in our 11ervice. Pl e1111e r ra y for the !lic k ail Tlat-llesl J.arl;ecue II Iowa in BUJs, Cldlba ud lieU. liP Litpor, a..r uti Will


PACE SIX Fla. SeDtlne1-BulleUn Pub1fshecl every Tues. ancl Frl Cet Both Saturday, 0Cito'6er 28, f972 SPOOKS AND GOBLINS 'rROLIC AT S!. JOHN .AND KINDERGARTEN R a b y spoo k s and goblin s realiy bad a frolic when big time from le f t front row, Spencer, Suttle Rob i n Shaw B rantley, M onica HarTis, B t John Nursery and Kinde rgarten bad thei r annual Mi c hele Hicks Angelia Watson Lucretia Carrington Ferndln a Flemings, Dean Johnson, V eron ica Miller PreHalloween parade. Among the children having a Latashia Crews, Jacquelyn Pittman; and rear, Renae and Regtna Mack. ENGAGEMENT ANNOUNCED Mrs. F l ossie Latso n 947 Main Stree t ann ounces the engage ment of h e r d aughter, Debora h E l aine to James Holmes, Jr. The bride-elect is a senior at Robinson High School and employed at General Te l ep h o n e Compa n y. Mr. H o lmes, son of Mrs. Gwen d q!yn Holmes Kennan, 1545 Main Street, is employed at Morrison's Cafeteria in Largo Wins Second Place 'iile seconlll place in the recen t Mrs. Allen Temp le C o ntes t was wo n b y Mrs. Rebecca C o o per, a m ember. of A llen T e m p l e AME S unda y S c h ool Departm ent, Choir No. One, and the Sen ior Mi s sio n a r y Soc i e t y M r s Coop e r I s a stu d e n t in Bu s in es s E ducati o n a t Brew ster A dult T ec hn ical Sc hool a nd will grad u a te in June, 1973, Sh e is the m o t her o f Silvi a D Moore, Gre g ory K Coop e r a nd R ebecca E. Cooper, Hood Temple AM Rev. L H McG ill Pastor Mrs. Sarah Mitche ll Re pt. PLANS DECEMBER WEDDING ( The weddipg will be an eve n t of November 3 Mt. Olive AME !bert Wright was the speaker. Others during th.e mormng ser vice was Mr. To by Young, Ric ihard Powell, Andrew Whigham, Eldren A. Smith, Steve Dixon, \Mr. Clyde Allen, Mrs. 'Elizabeth Smith, Mrs. Mamie Everette. Choir No. 2 and ushers No. 1 ls'er'Ved. Sunday p -ast was a day well spent in service of the Lord. Pastor McGill brought a heart warming message which was enjoyed by all pres ent. Tuesday night prayer and class meeting was held at the home of Mrs. Willis, who expressed her ap preciation for the spiritual feast apd fellowship._ Mr. a nd Mrs. R ub e n Anderson Sr. of 3 301 E. Mc Berry, have annou n ce d t h a t th e marriage o f he r daughter, Lin d a to Philip Clark w ill be an event o f December at Faith Tem pl e Missionary Bap tist Ch u rc h. 1745 LaSalle St. Rev. A. F Little, Pastor JVlrs. Ola M. Gonzalez, J:{ept. In many ways the members give thanks to Rev. on aast Sunday. The entire day was dedicated first to God then to Rev. Llttle in appreciation :for his years work as the annual conference draws near. Mr. Ro-DR. P. A. ERVIN DE N TI S T l4041h CENTRAL A V ENUE CALL.FOR APPOINTMENT At My Resi dence Be f o r e 9 a m Plione '251-2139' On Sunday Mrs. Gladys Allen will be the Mis sionary Day :speaker. A very good program ihas been planned for your en joym_ e IJt. This Sunday promises to be another spirit filled day, be ginning with Altar prayer at 9:30 A. M., Church school fol lowing. At 11 : 00, the Rev. C. R. Curry and his congrega. tion of St. James AME Zion Church of K i sslmmese w111 be our guest. If you desire a spiritual feast eome and hear one of Zion sons The b ri d e elect Is a s enior at the University of South Florid a M r Clark, the of Mrs. E d i th Clark a n d Mr. J o h n Clark, Is empl o ye d in t h e H ill s borou g h Cou n t y Schoo l Sys tem. At 6:00, T he Missionary song :fest will be h eld, come and hear your favorite hymn, the choir promises to be at its best. The welcome mat is out for wou. Come on in you Will be glad you did. From Florida Sentinel Advertisers WIGS, CLOTHIHG, JEWELRY, REFRIGERATORS, AIR CONDITIONERS, TV's, ELECTRIC WASHERS. 1 -ON THE "EASIEST CREDIT TERMS" Df TOWJf HUB CREDIT ci.dtHtEis FRiNKuN :sr. Jyt .TAMPA? :


Saiturd ay, October 28, 1972 Annual Observance At friendship Bapt. MRS. ANGELINE RUSS speaker '1\he annual Men and Wom en's Day observ ance at F t riendsh i p M. B. Church, 4123 Nassau street, Carver City, will be Sunday The Rev Qvod Dexter is the presi d ent, and Mrs Ad e ll P ease and H ezekia h Oliv e r are the chairmen. Guest Superintendent at Sunday School, which be gins a t 9 30, will be Willie Sherman. His staff will i nc lude Mrs. Ethe l Nix, Mrs. Debra Oliv er, Mrs Geneva Sam uel, !vfrs Ruth McGhee, and Mrs. Genieve '1\riple t t. Mrs. Angeline Russ will speak &t 11 o'cl oc k She is a member of S t. J ohn and will be introdu ced by Mrs Ard e lia Bell Others participating will be the United Fellowship Chorus John Laster, Mrs. Alma Adams Mrs. {lelen WQOdy, David Outing th\t Rev. R. D Johnson, :tvlrs. Juanit a And e rson, Mrs Lois Bowers Mrs. Ethel Harris, Mrs. Albe!' t a Bak the Rev: -Henry Smith Mrs ; Eddie Mae Jackson Mrs. GLadys Crews ; Mrs. Bessie Hart, Mrs. Dorothy Wialkine, John Millelr', Mrs. Catlierine Dunlop Mrs. Sa listi s Reese, Mrs. Marie Miller, Walter Comer, Mrs. Erma Jones, Mrs Idella Willingham Mrs. lola McCloud Mrs Lillie Tucker, Mrs. Kiabbedne Hardge, Mrs Lydia Williams, Mrs Sallie Crosby, Mrs. Queenie Miae Lamb and Mrs. Aretha Snellings At 3 o'clock, Mt. Ziori Baptis' Church of Plant City, fue choir, ushers. and will 1?e in charge,. and the Rev. J B. Mott will speak. Partcipan-ts at the evening wor ship will be the No 3 Choir of FriendShip Baptist, Charlie Jones, Mrs. EVla Baker, Mrs. Callie Cmwford, Mrs. Ollie Mae Wil Hams,' Mrs Willie Bell Way Jessie Pittman, Mrs Patricia Th omp son, Mrs. J araldine Jones the Willie Crum, Mrs Rosetta Floyd, the Rev J. E. Powell Mrs. Rubh McNair, Mrs. Ethel Reddish Mrs. B ess;e Jones, C W Nelson Mrs. Martha Baines Mrs. Cassie Bak er, Mrs. Flora Crum and Crawford Special guests will be llhe Ways and Means Committee of Mt. 11abor Missionary Baptist Church To Speak At .New Bethel Mrs. Ethelyn Robinson staunch member of Bethlehem B apt i s t Church, Sarasota, will be featured speaker at the mornin g service o f the Annual Women's Day of New B e thel Baptist Church, 4200 31st Street. "Christian Women-The Hope of the Future," is the theme for this o ecasio n The Rev. L. R. Stancil Is the pastor. Mrs. Lorene C. Harvey is general ch,a,irman, anll Mrs. R. S ummerline is the> co-chail'lo IPall. ,, PAGE SEVEN LADIES GUILD MAKES PLANS FOR N6VEMBER FASHION-TEA Members of the Ladles Guild of St. Peter Claver Catholic Church met r{\cently at the home of Dr. and Mrs. F. A. Smith, 1719 Beach Street, for a planning sessfon in pr'eparat!Qn for their Fash ion-Tea to be held November. 19 The affair will feature many 9f the area's top models. Shown from left to right, front row, are: Mrs. Clara Williams, coordinator-narrator, Guild members, Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Julia Padron, : Mrs. Bertha Scott, MiS8 Vic torf.a Casellas, l\liss Annie Bell Patterson and Mrs. Helen Morrison. On the back row are, from leH, Mrs. Ovida Rodriguez, Mrs. Ida Nix. Mrs. Theresa Warren, Mrs. Barbara Gay, Mrs. Josephine Martinez, Mrs. Annie Belle Willam.s, Mrs. Thelma Bonner and Mrs. Elois Stubbs, Mus K OfL PERFUME FROM JOVAN It .'s just arrived -this exciting scent as old as time. Musk Oil is stay all dayl You II need dnly a l1ttle Musk oil makes 1ts own impression. And you'lllike-the rich, full scent but better yet-he will I It's as if Jov;m. bottled basic animal instinct you release it. 1/3 ounce available for 6.00 'r::-


PACE EICHT Fla. Seatlnei-Bulletln Published every Tues. and Frl Cet Both Editions Saturday, Odober 28, 1972 FAMU Beauties Will Arrive For Big Game DEBORAH RICHARDSON l\liss FAMU When the migh t y Florida A&M Rattletrs Footba ll Team comes fr.Qiffi Tallahassee to meet the Uni veTsity of Tampa Spartans on No vember 4 at Tampa stadiwm, a large group of Florida A & M BONNIE LEWIS Sophomore Attendant beauties will also > arrive to cheer them. 'l'hey will be lead by Debor' ah !Uobards

Saturday, Odoher 28, 1972 Fla. Published every Tues. and Fri. Get Both PAGE NINE "I LIKE SHOPPIRG HERE BECAUSE MEATS ARE RESHER AND IT'S MUCH CHEAPER, OTHER FOODS ARE MORE REASONABLE ALSO." MRS. LOMS MAE DEOBERRY 9711 Polak Drive Tampa, norida I TBE ROME OF FAMOUS BUNDS I THESE ARf THE: SIORES THAT SAVE YOU MONEY Tampa .. 1725 N. DaleMabry / Brandon .... 911 Brandon MaD Tampa 2205 Kennedy Blvd. Bradenton Tampa 2301 Florida Ave Cortez Road W. ol Hwy 41 Tampa ... 50th St. IE lOth Ave. Inverness 803 W. Main SL 305 W. Hillsboro Zephyrlallls lwy. 301 First St. Tampa Hillsboro 151k St. T 8th A o.. 22 d St Lakelaad 925 Barlow Rd. ampa ve. a n Oc 1 Tampa ..... 4101 norida Ave. a a 2957 N.W. Pine Ave. Tampa .... Nebraska Waters St Petenblirg .. 6095 9th Ave. II. Tampa .. West Shore at Kenaedy Sarasota .. So. TuHie Ave. Tampa 1112 So. Dale Mabry Bee Ridge Road T 4487 G d PI St. Petersburg Beach ampa an y aza Tampa .. 8331 Nebraska Avenue 7625 Bli .. d Pass Road Tampa Cor. norida Waters Tarpoa Springs 5570 U.S. Rwy. Dade City . '506 E. Pasco 19 Norh Plant City 5'07 So. Wheeler St. Pinellas Park 4120 Park Blvd. H. PalmeHo ............ 515 7th St. Largo .. Bwy. 19 '-' Rd. ... ... ._:, .. Venice 480 Veaice By-Pass L r .. "' .,' ,;.: .. '" 1-} SHOP ;c. ANY -ltAY EVERY DAY -\, IN MATCHING OUTFITS Yolanda and Tisa Boronell wore matching orange knit outfit fn a recent fashion show at the Kid Mason Recreation Center. Bethel Baptist 868 Shor. t Emory St. Rev.J. L. Overstreet, pastor Mrs, Lillie M. McDonald, Rept. S. S. will begin at 9:30 a.m. The supt. will preside. The will be taught by the ers. Morning worship will begin at 10:45. Devotion will be ducted by the Prayer Band sis ters, and Mrs. Mattie Burney Music will be rendered by the choir. The fifth Sundays are always observed as missions day. The overall chairman of missions, Mrs. Mary Alice Dorsett has prepared a very informative program for your enjoyment. The highlight of the servic e will be Mission experiences by Mrs. Evangeline Best, Miss Bea trice David, and Mr. Archie Mond. These participants will Monday's Prayer Band Mrs. Manlie Williams, Pres. Mrs. Mary Foster, Reporter The Monday's Prayer Band will meet Monday at 1 2 at the home of Mrs Mary Foster, 1359 Ches nut St The public is invited. Remember to pray for the sick and shutins. unveil their experiences from observation, contact, and personal points of view. To miss this service would be a great loss. Plan now to be present. At 3 in the afternoon, the pastor, Sanctuary Choir, U s h e r 'Board No 1, and entire congregation will render service at New Salem Primitive Baptis t Church, Nebraska Avenue. To all of our services the public is extended a warm welcom e to worship with us. sponsored by The Tampa League Guild Tampa, Fla., Tuesday October 31, 1972 in The Gasparilla Room of Curtis Hixon Convention Center Tampa, Fla. Price of Admission $8.00 per person Includes 1 year ubscriptlon 'to iBONY or I monlha to JET '')


I'ACE TEN t:'la. Sentinel-Bulletin Published every 'l'ues. and F'ri. Cet Both E.dWons Sa:turcfay, Ootober 2S; 1972 YOUT' H ECHOES OF FREEDOM By RONNIE OLIVER On Marc h 24, 1970, Ordinance Number 4858-A was passed by City of Tampa's City Counci l setting into motion the Mayors' Coun c il on Youth bppottunity. However; twenty-two months :following its birth; on january 29, 1972, The Metropolltan Development Agency was created and 'Umbrellaed the Mayot's Cbuncil ()fi Youth Opportunity. Together the above forces directed :full thrust into the areas cbhcetned ebout thl! Welfare, involvement ahd suceess of the youth ol liiUsborough County. On October 1, 1972 the MDA Youth Component was introduced to a totaily MW concept. 'the Intet-Govtlrhmental Relation!! and Social Services ComfJofients formerly headed by Essie 'turner and lhilen Copes respectively were totally reorganized. out of these two components, Ms tlar bara Thomas became Project Co fltditliltor :for Youth Con1mUnity ServiN!'!!; Culturl! R ecreation Support and Public ltelations. Mr. Julius Collie; our neWest l!tl"" J member became helld of .uployment, E:ducation 1' out h Training Components were taken oVer by the Assistant Director, Mr. Timothy Thomas. Youth Commtittlty Setvitel! Presently the Youth Communtll Setvlce ComPonent headed ftelen Copes ls in the process of 'ctuallzing its ob iectlves and goals for community projects. One of the main goals on the ragenda ls to tty artd communicate with the community by means of a Tampa YoUth Hotlline. Culture As component head, Mtchael Hoey replaces Gretelda Rodgers, who is furthering her studies at the University of South Florida. The culture components; minority ;history programs are aired every Saturday at 11:00 a m. ori WTMP radio station, and at 1 :4!> p m on WUSF-FM radio station. "Keep up the good work Mike and a Right On To You MYTC A quota to develop training slots and direct job place!nent was set by the Department of Labor thi'ough the Tampa Concentrated Ei:nployment Ptog'tatn (TCEP) for The MuniCipal Youth Training Component (MY TC), to meet for the year 1972. This quota was met Apl'il; 1972 The :MYTC Program has done an outstanding job in the !field of emp!Oyh1ent for youth jn Hillsborough County. "RI-ght On" Kaydell Mincy, Herman Brown, and Bennie Davis, the Youth Counselor-Developers at MYTC. Inter-Government Relations The Inter-Government Rela tions Compon ent is in the process ()f se curing Worthwhile speakers in many of the areas that are of importance to youth such as Drug Abuse, Job Placement, Scholarship Programs, Health ahd Development Component is the Youth In-Government Program. Some o:f our obje ctiVe s for this program ate: L To :foster direct involvement of youth in the decisionmaking process of local government. 2. To give youth a :first-hand awarenes s of the structure of local government and insight into ways in whith power can be cbnsti' uctiVely used to affect change within the communitY. 3. To helP make local government aware o:f the concerns and ideas of all youth in the com munity. Some of the highJights upcon1ing :fot Inter-Gov. ernment Relations ate the Rnp ttous!! Advisory Board Parliamentary Procedure Traming, Trip to State U!gislature and trips to various sites throughout the state. Education The Youth Education Cbm poneht is reorganiziftg under the of a n e W Project Co otdinator1 Mr. Julius Collie. Members of the comp(Jnent are: Cynthia Davis and Gwendolyn 'Turtiet. The E]ducation Com.ponent is also making plans f!lt a te:fetral system to aid needed students atid poterttial !!tudettts in the atea of stholatship and financial aid. Youth Clubs The MDA Youth Component is currElntly fortrtulating platls to organize Youth Clubs in a cross section of Hiilsboroligh County. .Mt. Julius Coilie is also in charge of this cofhjJilnent. With a of twelve bbard t:netnbets and :four prllfessioM1 .staff metn bers, manY disadvantaged youth throUgliout Tampa and 1'am .Jla flropet will lx!ne:fit from the programs and offerings of the MDA Youth Development Component. The number to call for youth information is 223-8341 or 223 8691. True vine Baptist 905 Governor Street Rev. J. P. Nichols, Pastor Services for. Sunday Will begin with Stindi!y school With the supt. afid teat:he rs at their posts. \Morning service Will begin at l i t. iEVe ning service will begin at the u sual hour. Saturday night at 7:3 0 all are a sked to he at the church at 7: 3 n if you would like to go to St. IMa.ry's M. B. C'hutt:h. 1 Remembe.r the s ick and shut ins. Visitors are welcome at all times. BU81NE88MAN LEBIILATOR QUALIFII:D DEDICATED Keep Julian Lane working for you in Tallahassee Paid for by Julian Lane for Senate Committee, Jewel Crum, Treasurer Mt. Moriah PB Rev. A. L. Brown, Pastor Miss Sherrie Williarhs, Reporter Sunday s chool will begin at 9:4!5 with the supt., r Dea. R. B. Allen in charge. I King Senior High School By Beatrice Leggett and Angie WilUams Morning service will begin at i r l with the women in charge of devotion. The Young Adult Choir and u s hers No. 1 will serve. The ser mon will be delivered by the pastor. .Evening service will begin at 5:30 -with the same order of set vice. The sermon a .gain will be delivered by the pastot. The president of the Wometl'S Department is asking all ladies to wear white dress!>s and red l!.nd white corsages. All members of the Girls Ifl Action and Acteens are asked to please wear white on Sunday also. Mission Day will be observed. The No. 4 choir and A t. iBrown choir will have business meeting on Saturday; November 4. Tu esday night you.th ptayer meeting at 7::115, ahd at 8 Adult prayer meeting. Wednesday night at 8 Bible Class meeting. Buy From Florida Sentinel Advertisers !Student in the 1'Black Bold, Kool, out-a-site, and a together btothet describes our dude ih Blacklite1 Frankie "DynamitE!'' Reddick. Frankie, rE!sides at 4610 John B e ll Drive with his mothet, Mrs. Rosa Lee Reddick. Besides being a member of the No. 1 FMtball Team, he has other abilities, such as the abii. itY to dig on jimmy Itendrix1 Santana, and other Tapes for the "mind' '. If he' s not dlgging he's getting_ :fae off his favorite "gtub11 Hamburger and Fries Frankie has an assortment of :friends; _some Who are Michael, Fred, Deebee, d. Johft soft and youts truly. Frankie sends a Special Hello, to all Souls at Plant High \Aiin litis lfif o Robert Stubbs is really doing it tip on the field. Kee. p it Illack Sttrbby! Hey, Loretta johnson, Emma Tarver, and Brertda La:ffettety. We hear you chicks lite tunhing for Homecoming Queen. Keep it -Black Soul Sisters, only the good guys win. Dietrich Coleman time has really brought out a change in you, how about it. Ftankie We heard you have a new nnftle '-What about it "Tafik". Tim Allen I see your rap has finally taken hold, more Power to you (Dig). t;ongtiltullition We would like to say a congratulation to our almighty and powerful :football team. Keep up the good Work ahd stay "cool." Motto Time cafl walk on by you "Without saying ttello". LOUNGE O pen Every DAy Air Cond. Located: 859 z.t(JI{ 8'tltEET PHONE WHAT A LINEUP! 4:00pm 4:30 s:oo 7:00' Mayberry R.F. D. with Ken Berry PERRY MASON with Raymond Burr Dragnet with Jack Harry Webb Mo n PULSE NEWS WEATHER SPORTS CBS Evening News with Walter Cronkite 7:30 Truth with Bob Barker MON:-FRI. ON WTVT


Fit. S.nitltleJ 8ulletfn Pu'Liisliecl every Tuo1. one! Fri. Get Both Editions GAY PAPA .MILES TO DISCONT'INUE T'EEN DANCES CHESTER MILES C. C. Miles, Pron1oter for Gay Papa Teen :Oance&, annoqnced this week that he is just about !fed up with trying to provide teen d<111ces for black youngsters because some of the youngsters continue to act like untamed people. Last Saturday night a cross the street from Hi:x on Hall, after the dance had tul'ned out, two tall black Y91Jths kicked and beat up an old white man for po reason 3t all. Wh e n the old wan asked the youngster:;; whY were they doing this to hirp, they replied, "i:)ecay:;;e you are wpite and we are This old man woPks for Mr. Miles be cause he was the only ElectriClian avDilablt from Union No. 321 thllt O!!ll OP!!I'!lte the in lbJI Mill!:> said whep h{! tll l ked to the old mtln, thE! Qid man had no hard feeling !but expressQd tlult he could not work at the dances anymore. None of the other dectricians W!!nt to work hElOIUHie they are t!fi aid .39ffi!l lti! will do the ll!lme thinlf to th!!m. Miles notigeg that moilt of the ki

Fla. Sentln J.Bu11etln Published 'Tues.' arad Frl Cet Bod1l&tlona PACE TWELVE-<'New PB Jorthside MB Church. ST. PAUL OBSERVES MEN WOMEN'S DAY 405 No. OregOD Rev. H. Storr; Pastor S. S was opened at t devotion was led by Deas. A. Wimberley and W. Robinson. The !No 2 choir junior choir and ushei: s served, The pastor deliver e d the mess age. A few visitors were present. At 3, the Rev. Bruce, pastor of Mt: Z ion A iM E Church Jong with t he congregation preached the deacons anniver tiary s ermon. 5706 Rev. J. Jordan, Pastor Sunday school will begin at 9:45 witih the supt., Dea. Andrew Minor in chai'ge. !Morning service will begin at 111 with Deacon James KeHy and Johnny Jordan in charge of de votion. The sermon will be vered by the pastor. The No. 2 choir and ushers will serve all day. Evening service will beg in at 6 :3{) with the same order of ser vice. At 8 th Southern Tone Gos pel Singers will render a pro gram. The publ.ic is invited. All are asked to remember the sick and shut-ins. St Paul A. M. E. Church will observe Men-Women's Day Sun day. Mrs. Christine H. Thomas; general chairman, a n d l'.{rs. Deanna G. McKinney, Mrs. Theo Grimes and Ben D. Griffin, chairmen, along with their staff of workers, have completed plans and anticipate that t}lis will be the and best program ever The speaker for the : 11 a.m ser B lllptis m was held at 5. There ------------was no night service. Please remellllber you are always wei let us not forget tlJe sick and come to attend our services vice is G V. Stewart, Director of Administration, Hillsborough County Public Schools. He is a native of Atlanta, Georgia and holds degrees from Morehouse College and University of Michi gan, and has done postgraduate work at the University of Okla G. V. STEWARJr ..... Speaker Inclu des New spark plugs New points New condenser Our specialists will set dwell, choke Time engine Balance carburetor. Test starting, c harging sys t e rns, cylinder compression, acceleration, OTHER PARTS EXTRA IF NE!ODED 8 cyl. cars $4 more, add $2 lor alr-cond cal'!' OIL& LUBRICATION 88\'MEL RELINE AMERICAN COMPACT CARS Install brake linings all 4 wheels Inspect master cylinder, hydraulic brake hoses Re move, clean, inspect, repack front wheel bear ings Add new fluid Adjust all 4 brakes. 'NEW Wheel Cylinders if NEEDED only., $7. 50 each 'DRUMS Turned lf NEEDED only .... $3.00 each *FRONT GREASE SEALS if NEEDED only $4.50 pair '1tf-TURN SPRINGS If NEEDED only .. IKM' each Add $2.00 for standard 1: luxury sized cars. Disc b rakea extra. *Master Cylinder, hoses wheel bearings extra coat ifNEEDED. Price includes up to 5 qts. of .,4. 4 .. oil, and all labor Transmission and differential oil check Com plete chassis lubrication "MARATHON"83 Size 6 .50x13 blackwall tubeless plus $1.75 Fed. Ex. Tax and old tire. Othe r sizes slightly higher priced $ Blackwall Tubelell 6.00xl3, 6.50x13, or 7.35xl4 blackwall tubeless plus $1.61 to $2.00 Fed. Ex. Tax and old tire. WHITEWALLS ADD$2.50 11MA"ATHON11 83 11MARATHON1183 11AllWEATHERN' .Triplelempered 4 -ply nylon cord construction Clean s id e wali design, r adial darts on shoulder Tuhyn rubber in the trend body gives durability $ Blackwall Tubeless 7 75xl4, 7 .75x15, 8 .25x14, or 8 25xl5 blackwall tubeless old tire. WHITEWALLS ADD $2.50 $ Blackwell Tubelell 8 55xl4 or 8 .55x15 blackwall tubeless plus $2.46 or $2.48 Fed. Ex. Tax and old tire. WHITEWALLS ADD $2.50 "MARATHON" 83 4 plies or triple-tempered s-T nylon cord Tough Tuhyn r ubber 5-rib over-lap block trea d with w r ap-around shoul-. der I RAINCHECK: If we sell out of your size we will Issue you a ralncheck, assuring future delivery at the advertised price. 0 ................................... .... .... .... HOW AT YOUR HEABBY GOODYEAR SERVICE STORES TAMPA TAMPA TAMPA Easlgale Hillsboro Plaza TAMPA TAMPA 5202 N. 22nd ST. 2901 W. Hillsborough ACROSS FROM Downtown ACROSS FROM Open Dally 8:30 to 5;30 PHONE 877-9528 .Brillon Plaza Wesl Shon Plaza Aqul se habla Espanol' Open Dally 8:30 to 5:30 Morgan & Twiggs Sts. PHONE 237-31f ---.. 3813 S. DALE MABRY PHONE 229-0821 5002 w. Kennedy Blvd. TAMPA TAMPA ,, .... ,! Temple -lforlh Gate PHONE 831 Open 7:30 to 5:30 PRONE 87'7-67111 .,..,.-. ... Dally 8:30 to II P.M. Sat. 7:30 to i P. M. Dpen Dally 8:30 to 1:31 r-""ffii 56tb ST. AVE. PHONE 988-4191 P .. 932.:Stll6 ,. Sat. 8 A.M. to 5:30 Aqul ae babla Eapanol A.qal le babla Espanoi Open Dally 8:30 11' Open Dally 8:30 Fos:so v hom a. Mr. Stewart, who was recently elected president of the Tampa Chapter of Frontiers of America, is vice chairman of FourRiver District of Boy Scouts of Amer ica, treasurer of Travelers Aid, director of Crippled Children's Association, former treasurer of Tampa Urban League and mem ber of Omega Psi' Phi Fraternity, but perhaps he is best remem bered in the hearts of boys and girls of Tampa as former princi pal of Middlet on High School. He is also a member of Allen 'l'em ple A.M. E Steward Board No. 1. The speaker will be introduced by CWO Kelley E. Bolden of Mac Dill A i r Force Base. Mrs. Lucille B. Johnson is the program chairman a n d Mrs. Rubye J.: Arrington has charge of music. They will present the An gelic Choir of Beulah .Biptist Tri stitutional Church under the di rection of Nathani-el Hill with Robert Britt as 'organist, and Choirs One Two of St. Paul directed by Mrs. .Arrington and Mrs. i{atheryn Quarles. Guest ushers will serve from several churches. who will assist in various ways are Mrs. : E.Jfa Ruffin, Mrs. Nora McCall, Mrs ; Josephine Al len, Annie Mae Pin!tney, Mrs. Ellen Green, Mrs. Mary Amaro, Harrilt, Mrs. Niece Rogers, Otis Harper1 Don C. Willi!lmS, Sr. Leroy Twiggs, Dr.. David Smith, and the Rev. B. M. Jones. Mrs. Cancerina H. Martin fa publicity chairman and the Rev. F. C. Sanchez is the pastor. Missionary Day At Holsey 'Temple MRS. MARGARET WIGFALL speaker Sunday will be Missionary Day at Ho s ley CME Church, 3729 15th The speaker will be Mr s Margaret :Wigfall of Largo, District Presi dent of the Missionary Depart ment, Tampa-Miami District of the CME Church. Others on the program will \be Mrs. Hassie Carter, Mrs. Tommie White, Mrs. Alice Sumes, Mrs Leah Wilson, Mrs. Ivy Roy, Mrs. Beatri!!e Montgo mery, Mrs. Elzora Lewis, the Rev. Rosa Bryant and the Youth Choir. Missionary-Youth Day Tea bas been scheduled at 4 P. M., and at 6 o'clock, there will be a Cand l eli-ght Service. Speaking will be Mrs. Roberta Long, Mis sionary and S. S. teacher of New Salem P. B. Church. Mrs. Loui se Vickers is the !president, and Rev. L. J. Mon tgomery is pa stor. AUTO INSURANCE A. F. mLBBIDE INS. Before and after an accident 1201 MARION STREET PHONE zi3-S531




'PAGE FOURTEEN St. Mary's AME Church In Seffner Plans Men Women's Day Peace Progressive 2628 East Lake Rev. E. A. T .odd, Pastor Mrs. Lorene Calhoun, Rept. ROBERT HAYES chairman MRS; DELORES WHEELER speaker Views Of Progress Village By IRA LEE,. ENNIS. Phone 871-1310 [t's carnival time in VU1a3@. On Stturday, Q!! !lt 4 p m tbe Girl Scouts Mothers Club will StpOnsgr A carniva} tt tb!l Civic Center di g out gur masks and costum ; or 13 YQY are and an eV!;!Il @g !>f fun. H. H D9!Jilill, Pliitor of St. JimE!s !A, M. /E. Qhura h Qf progress Village was honored with an on L.UJld&f pfter servke. llev. IOc:ruglas gntitm:Je fQr $uch khidness shown him !U })e re (eivec! numerow to WitnejiS this !)CC!tUiOO W{lre villiting ministers, Rev. I). :E. Cqld ing Bnd iRev. who deliveroo a s.oul stirring from tb.e 2J3rd Psalm. IRev. a for 1m Nlll!.llll whl'llb will (!DDVeJle 7 thur 10 at Zion A. M. E., Tan11pg of which R!!V. Y J3. iii Pii tQr. / !Birthday. grQ.etings are {IX tended all the way to Flol'ida A & M if'Jgfi43 tg M}l! Wanda Starling who wHl aelebrate hr U!l tal day MtmdliY, O\!!t9'Per 310. 'fbe !Prggren Little L!!agug :wilfbave 1 genllf!il meetiDg OD SitilfdllY., -N9V#IDiber 4 B f tbe AU lJlem brs persoos are Pliked to attend. 4t this th!l boafd will tiou qf 9ffic.!lrrt ami ma:.king plans for tbe ..coming year. LEONARD-DRIVE .-INN 1700 W. COLUMBUS DRIVE We A.re Under New Manigemenl DRIVE INN PACKAGE WIHDOW Bolloul Food Eat II Htrt or Take II Willa You EMPIRE-PAINT MAIIUFACTURIHG COMPANY 3418 E, 7th AVEHiJE .241PB02H3E 01 TAMPA, FLA, "' OUTSIDE WHITE ..... ... $275 gaL IHTEBIOB EXTERIOR LATEX-OB OIL WHITE AJID COLORS One Coat Covers Mosi lariaeet! liiHSEED OIL PA.INT SALE 20 per gaL The Junior Choir and Ushers rwill meet Saturday at 112. All '<:bH4ren Bre w be oo time. Wedne sday night ill prayer meeting. !Mrs. Annie 'J'homl!s amJ Mrs. C1wrie l)avis fs still--on th!! sick l ist. We 3re grl!teflll to all who wol!: p l!rt jn ollr l(l)."Ogram Sun day. You are welcome at any time. Young Adult Choir Union DeB&QA J,onnle Mills, Pres. Mrs, 8ertb.3 R ept. REV. J. B. KEEL MRS. TOY WILLIAMS chairman 'fllf! J. C. YQyng Adult Ohoir Union will p resent a m!lsical f@Gital Q)1 SY.!Hl!!Y at Mqrning Star M. B. Church of which Rev, (R. A. Creltlshaw is pastor. The program will be gin at 7:@0 speaker Willil\m Jl;lme Moore, Mack Ev1ms, Willie John, Jl!mlls Marcu&, Ch1ulie Everett and Mt. Olive All directJ>rs, presidents, and memb e rs pre l!sked to bripg in !!ll P!!tfQW l!Jlc! oooks. AU are asked to be in uniform. Mrs. IM9ZE!U3 J a!QKSQ!} is director. Get a $5 disc0ul\j t>:rt,t>rders 0r nwreftoll\_,Sears CJwistll@s Smart shoppers everywhere Irnow thttt buying Christrnas early is a wise decisiQn But did you know that you can a $5 discoupt on orders of $50 or more from Chris tmas Wish Book ? Request a free copy and shop by catalog early. You'll find a wide array of quality values for everyone on your list. Call your Sears Home Shop per or drop in at the Sears catalog desk. And you can use one of S ears crldit plans. Early Shopper'1 $5 di"ounl offer on orders of $50 or more ends Oct. 30, 1972. SHOP AT SliJAM AND SAVE -"-. Satisfaction Guaranteed Sears tDl' Your Money Back 2010 Phone 23&-5711 iEAl\S, ROJ;;BVCI> AND CU.


Fla. Sentlnei Bulletin Publi s hed every Tues and F"rl. Cet Botlt tdi tion PAGE FIFTEit i Lf 39' LIMIT 2te fHiiiE IACH ---------5 U gar fiiRD'TY MAID 4 9 C I I i e I I F R ANiiA LIMIT 4 WITH OtHER fllii;HAm Champagne ... Ppeaiiui QRiuit r 491 D EEP OUTH APP L O R J@LL Y ()It Grape Jam. 3 !1-61. $ 1 I A S T Oll All PURI'OU cooking 011 S T OIfHt* 9 t THiilfrY MJ lfl L t t' .. tt h Kidney 1 Oc I S e lnv, Ill. "' All TYPE5 CRAGKIN' llobfi Olll l t a ltJ ,W: FASHIOHto 12 Oz 3 19 btXIE fMIIlY lO-'F Cooki es ; Whit THRIFTY MAIO d 2 -ltotr. 49C Pork & iUi. l rtl lftiii .. ... 1 0 .. J.!:iRiffv M-'10 Bean& TIMitO 3 .._, 1 THRIFTY IAAID GRE-'f 'UICt t.. NortherJI J:-it. I Beans 'o:. Pinepple 3.._...$1 THRIFTY MAIO lulte 0 0 0 0 ili1i Blad t eye J:.11 1 Oc All fl-'voRs Peas ;':-, -Chek 1 Q 11 ate "'"m MAID ft-it. Iii.,. w Drlnkl e! llny lta111 ........ IOc ''l .. ._ ....... ..... lo WITH TOMATO T"RIITY MAID n. '"'"0 ""''' Spaghetti 11-o.. ... 110 ... IOc Chek S $1 TtiRIFTY MAto za.Ot. Plni o 1J.o.. ... 110 .... IOc Drinks


PACE SIXTEEN Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Published every Tues. and Fri. Get Both Editlona Saturday, ()(,toller 28, 1972 GUESTS AT THOMAS RESIDENCE Seated from left to right are Howard Creal were recent guests of Mr. and Mrs. Otis Thomas. Mrs Su s ie 1\l. Council and Mr s Mattie Shaw. Thev FRIENDLY BAPTIST HAS SUCCESSFUL WOMEN'S DAY The recent Women's Day observan c e at Friend ly Baptist Church was a big success. Platform gu e sts included, from l e ft Mrs Loretta Hunt, Mrs. Eddies Wils on, Mrs. Odes s a Booker and Mrs. W Billue, speaker. l\lrs. Lenora Thornton was the chairman. F?cc"':':'%:::';:";;'''fiir.:JIIIII MRS. WILLIAMS ADDRESSES AUDIENCE AT MORNING STAR Allee Dorsett, who spoke on t h e role of women Faith Temple Corner Palm and Lamar Rev. Floyd Johnson, Acting Pastor Last Sunday ended a baby con test that was sponsored by the auxiliaries and was a successful effort Tara Lyne t te Johnson the se v en mon t h old daughter of Mr. and Mrs Frank Johns o n was w i n ner of t he fir s t pri z e She was sopnsored by the Dea cons and Trustee s. L ittl e Ka t herine Denise Smith t h e daugh ter of Mr. and Mrs Arnold Smi t h w a s winn e r of the s e cond prize She was spon s ored by U s h e r Board No. 2. Little Adrian Smith son of M r s Erma Sm i th was winner of t h e third pr ize. He w a s spon so red b y th e Sunday sch ool, and lit tle Der rek Norman son of Mr s Shirley Norman won th e f ourth prize. H e was sponso r ed b y the Deacon ness. An Interesting program was presented by the yo uth of M t. Zion A.M. E Church with Mr J L C annon in charge The juni o r choir of Faith T e mple rendered selections. A reading was given by Miss Gwendolyn Donald Mrs. Barbara Johnson awarded the prizes. Sunda y will be Mis sionary day and during the morn ing worship, Rev Eri c Sydn e y Henderson of Mt. Tabor M .B. Church will be the guest speaker Members and GIVES OCCASION Mrs. Julia Steplight is pictured as she gives the Occasion at the Women s Day program at Friend ly Baptist Church, fri e nds are "invited to hear th i s young gospel minis t er. Remember all of the s i ck and shut-ins. You are alwa y s welcome at Fait h Temple. Bobby Byrd Show Revue WlTH Clay Tyson -The Starveletts And The Soul .Agent Band Mrs. Sweetrix L. Williams, principal of Prog ress Village Elementary School spoke on the role of women in the school at the Women s Day observance at Greater Morning Star Missiona ry Bap tist Chur c h. Seated from left are Mrs. Mary in business; Mrs. Clifford Hardison c hur.ch ; and Mrs. Z elma Carr, home. The panel was intro duced by Mrs. Jeweli Warren. PROGRAM PARTICIPANTS AT TRUE LOVE The Missionary Department at True Love Bap liam Barr ow, Mrs. Ethe l Howard, Mrs Gla dy a 1st Church presented a pan e l dis cussion at their reDavenport, Mrs. Eddies Wilson and Joe Dav i s eent program. Participants were, from l e ft, Wil BOBBY BYRD HOY. 4 10 P.M. UHTIL. Fl. Heslerly Armory ADVANCE TIC.KETS $3 At Door $3.50 TICKETS OH SALE AT PHAR MACY CENTRAL SHOE BOWER'S BARBER SHOP_. DOC'S PHARMACY St. Pete.


Saturday, OctoMr 28, 1972 Fla. Seallnei-BuDetln PulisLed eery Tues. and Fd. Cet BotL Edltlonl PAGE SEVENTEEN TAMPA'S NIGHT BEAT PATRONIZE THE CLUBS WHICH ADVERTISE HERE THEY .APPRECIATE YOUR BUSINESS DO YOU UKE/ GOOD .. TIMES? ODB vlt:ATION IS OYEB. WE ABE HOW OPEl SO you CAlf ENJOY YOUR VACATIOI. BLUE -DIAMOND COR. 4th A VEHUE lc 25th STREET YOU'LL LOVE IT. THE D -REAM -BAR AND -LOUNGE -2801 I. REBUSIA l VENUE ENJOY AI AFTERNOOH WITH VADIA THE LOYIEST AID FBIEIDUEST BARMAID IR TOWR -. WE SPECIALIZE IN PINTS liD BlLF PIITS LET'S GET ActllliiiT -ED PiOIIE 229-2116 2502 HORTH ALBANY AYEIIUE FRIDAY SA TUBDAY SOliDAY PRESENTS -FREDDif WILSON AID THE UPSmERS PHONE &2&-9955 I M"'de I. of Hwy. 579 Theaelosassa NAT ....... H -N(O(K-Ritz-Adult Theatre Enjoy llest ba 1 latetl Films cool coadorlallle SIII'I'Oaatliag -LOUNGE AND MOTEL ... ftoa HM3?a Ualls 18 01 ma 2100 Blotk Fla. Avenue Au. r_w SHOws DI_CUB LIVE ENTERTAINMENT NKiHTL Y JUST MARRIED Your Popular Dnnks At Papular PriCes THE RENT COLUaGR COMPLETE SECURin HI Y8ft SAFETY FBIDIY. SATUBDAY. SillilY HAT HAMPTOtf, Manager THE BEST ICE COLD BEER AND WINE IN TOWN Soul Food At Its BHt Specializing in HamlSArqers : Fish Sandwiches Pork Chops. "The Hooky Tonk"-4309 34th Street : ; r> :. C,".-. Ph. 239-983ii ,,. .. .... _.. .. Your Hostess: Juanita Brown -roANITA BROWN .:_ OPEN 7 DAD. Y II A.M. TO 12 P. M. AIR COHDITIOIIED FOR YOUR COMFORT PROlE 223-3833 2102 HICiHLAND (COB. OF BIGIILUD ARB PALM) WE SPECIWZE Df HALF PIITS PIITS AID nFTHS OF YOUR FAVORIT'E BREW


PACE EIGHTEEN Fla.-_Sen!tlnei-Bulletin Published every Tues. and FrL Cet Both Saiturd ay, Ooto'ber 28, 1972 = SPORTANIC FLOODS-JACKIE ROBINSON WAS AN -IMPATIENT MAN IN A SLOW-MOYING WORLD By DICK YOUNG Tampa _(.,.h Thankfu l For B :reak Before Fam u -Ciame Improving the passing game going in the second half I was ways turning the ball over to the was the main objective of Uiii starting to doubt our offense." of(ense in good field position. versity of Tampa head football The Drake contest did create The defense limited Drake to coac-h Earle. Bruce imd his staff .. one probiem for Bruce. He's just severi yards rushing and 116 this week the Spartans once again faced with dilema through the air to lower defimNEW YORK -Was tt that Baseball J10110r-ed Jackie Rob-posted-an impressive 24-7 come of picking. between Buddy: Carter sive av;erages that were already inson? Was it any day that Baseball really honored,J-ac\tie Robinson? from-behind victory over Drake and Fred Solomon as his starting ___ impressive In seven games, stood him out there on the mound that. Sunday i!l last Saturday. quarterback Carter received the Spartans haveyielded just 7(J omnati, less than two ago, he and and D!iVld,, all The Spartans will have two nod after the Louisville game points, and 217. 2 total yards pee grown up now, and Sba:ron, m f.ront of .. televJSton and all th08El we_eks, to iron out the problems started against Southern Illinois game The foes are ga.illing 123. 8 and they spoke of 25 y _ears :, he 'had done an They had made hi ,ffi an offer, this time, he oould not refuse. The event not ooly would mark the 25th _anniVer-sat op, the work that Jackie Robi-nson was car. rying on. How can a say no a dead son?-. iDaytop the drug rehabilitation project near Jackie's home in Connecticut, received a luxury sbation _Wiagon: fuat Sunday, and a double-decker bus, both much-needed for transportation in the Day top program The Chrysler Corporation, not B!iseball, dona ted the station wagon The Greyhound Bus Company, not Baseball, donated the bus Baseball donated the trophy, and in return received five minutes of self-glorificatior.. on J'V as_ BLACK PLAYERS WOULDN'T LISTEN TO JOE BLACK two-a-day practices and deserve ing the next two weeks." 25). The Miami game will be some sort of rest It will also give "I think everyone should under Homecoming .for the Spartans us time to get all of our injured stand that I'm not disenchanted with a 71 p.m. kickoff. players ready." with Buddy Carter. He moved Tampa came out of the Drake the team well against Drake, but contest in fairly good physical we couldn't put the ball in the shape There were a number of end .. minor bumps and bruises that will The Spartan defensive unit con-just take time to heal. tinues to draw praise from the Bruce was after the coaching staff Drake contest where the Spar "They really have pride In tans trailed 7-0 at halftime after their work, Bruce said of the the Bulldogs scqred on a 59-yard defensive unit. "Those kids are punt return by Doug Winslow just doing a fantastic 'job: They "The kids really oame back in ; know that for us to win they must the third and fourth quarters -," work well together." Bruce said "It was probably the Our offensive scored the1 points best half of football we've played but_ qad a so far this seasOn Until we got lot to do with it. They were al to answer .. ,. __ Soul Keglergs Bowling League RESULTS Anglin's Maintenance 2 Entiminge(s Florist 2; Team 4--3, Team 6--1 ) Charlie s Beer P!!Xlor 3, Team 9-1; Raymond's Dept; Store 2, Team 5-2; Mungin's co 2, Team 8-2. Women's high game, Oca Lee Brown 185, Cora Turner 181,Gloria Stephens 175. _. Men's high Willie Starks. 212, Willie Jones 188, Raymond Shoats 180. Wilih. it all, Bastball missed the boat It Wlaited too long to boQOr him and nQw 'he is gone but when you iook at it, a big dinner or small trophy? -What is-stailding on the mOUild; under a TV came11a, and listening to the cheers? The day that a black man_ is a ballclub, that is the day Baseball will Women s h i gh Cooa Tur-. ner 480, Or a L. Brown 477, John, nye Davis 463.-' honor Jackie Robinson. : ROBBY AS A DODGER SEASON SERIES 1947 Brooklyn 2.9'7 1948 BrooklYn .296 1949 Brooklyn 1950 Brooklyn .328 1951 Brooklyn .338 1952 Brooklyn WORLD SERIES 1947. Brooklyn 11!!! : ,..,. Bl-ooklyn 19$3 Brooklyn 1955 Brooklyn __ .258 .188 :174 .S20 .182-Men's high series Willie Starks. 569, Willie Wilkerson and Ray mond Shoats 515, Willie Jooes 506 STANDINGS Entzminger's Florist 21 'I Team 6 .............. .. 18 10 Raymond's Dept. Store 17 11 'i'eani 9 : :::.: .. :. : .: !5 1a Team4 : .-:. : ... ..... 14 14 Charlie' s Beer Parlor 13l(z 141AI' Joe Black was fuere. _For the past two years and more, con that Jackie was dying, Joe Black has been pushing at Base ball to throw a big dinner : for t;his. h!stor(c : 1953 .32? 1954 BrOOklyn .3!1 i955 .256 Six-year world series averagez ,234. Elected to Baseb!lll Ball of Fame 1962. ;\\fePJ!Jer _of Aij:. Star team J,949, 1950, 1!!$1, 1952, Team. 5 .. .. .. 13 15 Anglin's Maintenance l11h 161AI : "Do somethi-ng ; anything," Joe Black would say, --then he would turn to the black ballpla yers, the old Qne.\i, and the new, anli he woJild say: ''For c hrisake .. man we giltta do some!hing Lt \\fOuld be n ice if we all chiped in and did something big in Jackie's name, jus-t' to let him know we appreciate what he d i d for all of us." The response les s than overwhelmlnY, 1-d th!)Jt ate up Joe Bla c k inside. "One of them said, if it 'WI--: for Jackie, I'd chip in but he don't need anything," Joe Black told me that Sunday. t They weren't interested .in helping Day-top, or in something about his son's memory ... .. --. : Joe Bla c k has more guts, more more intelligence than 90% of the men I hae met ; in baseball'_ and out. He will not buy as fact that a man's black skin makes h :m his friend nor a white man's white skin makes 4im an eneniy H:e will tell black bal!Pl ay ers to shape up He doesp't ten them. he. was the first black pj.tcher to win a World Series He kn<;>ws they don : t )\'ant to hear that. He knows the bla c k player of tOday thinks only of : himself just as does the white player of toda_y,. most of them, and when you rub -all the champagne out of your eyes, it's "what' s in it for me, baby?'' Joe Black didri't have to tell me that. I saw it, that Sunday, after the game. Jackie V'{as being shown around the A's clubhouse, introduced to the player's. I was surprised by thei r especially the blacks Blue Moon Odo m made a fuss over Jac kie, but I remember oo others Them to be feeling among the curren-t black players that they owe Jackie nothing; that if it hadn't been him, it would have Somebody else. Maybe so, but tt took a special kl.tld of man tQ make it happen back there in 1947, and Jackie Rob inso n was a spedal man, with a special a g ,reat pride and environmental belligeoco ence If there w:as one flaw in Jackie, it_ was the common one. He believed tha-t everything unpleasant that happened to him happened of h's blackness. R emember the bat-throwing thing in Mil waukee? J ackie was called out on strikes. He threw his bat angrily to ward the dugout batrack: It was showering, and the bat was slip. pery, affecting his control. That bat J anded on the low roo f of the dugout and skipped into a box striking people. He was sued. JACKIE WAS HARD MAN TO CONVINCE "They're suing because I'm black," he said when we talked about it. I tried to tell hLm he was wrong, if it ihad happened to Pee 'Wee Reese, or Stan Musial or Ted they would have been sued I could never convince him of that. And so we would It would have been easier to agree, but I don't think you show a man respect when you with hiin just to ;l,>e to be his intimate. A.n<;l so .. ; t.say 'lleY,>. tha was ; wl}at ? ,.," 9rtld call riie ill bi1 -days. are like t: agrea with them, youre a bigot It's easy to say and diffioult 1956 10-year lifetime batting aver Team 8 .. .. .. .. .. 10 18 .. Stucco ...... 7 21 age: ;ut. :. 1954._ -:-.,-----. The re. porter is J?hJlnye Dll!vis. _EVERYONE CAN VOTE FO_ R,-JOH. ; N. : : -leLS -. ; ; :' \ i -county coinmiU.cm o.;trici s --- $""' :; "" 0 Native Tampan Married, 2 children Past president St. John's Church Parish Council Lecturer, Tampa Police Academy ORGANIZED Tampa's first Missing Persons JI Bureau qity Probation office Probation office work with > City Probation Director Retired Tampa Police ''OWl Counter Attack" and "Greater Tampa Alcoholic Safety Program" Department after 26 years Your a support are appreciated 415 N. Dale Mabry o1a-


!a!furday, OdoLer 28, t972 fla. Sentlnei-Bulle 'tin Published every Tues. and Fri. Get Both EdHions PACE NINETEEN 'JACKIE GREATEST COMPEIIT'OR I'VE EVER SEEN' By ROY CAMPANELLA One day, we came out of the ballpark in Miami. It was new then, us colored ballplayers train ing with the major league play ers. A cab was standing there, waiting to pick up a fare. He wouldn't take us. Ja ckie got real angry. Newk and l sai d to him "Come on, let's get another cab," and we did, but Jackie didn t want to let the guy get away with it. Jack w asn't ever one to let you get away with things. That was al ways our biggest problem, traveling with the team in the South in those early days That's why Mr. Rickey wound up buying that plane, that little DC3. We could play a team on the West Coast of Florida, get back on the pl_ane and fly back to Vero Beach to eat there, all of the team, instead of stopping off in some restaurant. Jackie was a great comipetitor, the greatest I've ever seen may be the greatest baseball has ever seen The tougher the competition got, the tougher he got. The tougher the pressure g ot the iOOtter he reacted to it. If you k ept pushing him you were bound to be hurt, real bad. The teams that pu she d him, he play ed his best ball against them. He beat them. Jackie really impressed me as a hitter. [ never thought he was that good a hitter when I saw him in the Negro Leagues and Big Jim Fielded Two Surprises Against Tennessee State TA:ULAiH!AiSISEE Florida A & 1M Coach Jim WiUiams had two surprises waiting for ei ghth ranked Tennessee State Saturday night but it appeared to be the Tigers who had the biggest surprise as they s _truck for two route to their 44-125 conquest of the Rattlers. Williams' first new wrinkle was the insertion of co-world record holding sprinter Rey Robinson into the lineup a nd the other saw a new face in the offensive backfield. Robinson, F1A1 MU's OJympic who shares the world record of 9 9 in the 1 100 meters, fielded the opening kickoff at the Rattler 13 but could not find daylight and was dragged down a 10 yard return. The new :face in the offensive backfield was 6-4, pound full back Henry Lawrence, who g!lin : ed four yards on the first play from scrimma-ge and later picked up two more yards in another. !Pair of carries. Lawrence nor ,;maliy is the starting weak tackle : on offen se. Tenne sse e State's surrprises were more de ad ly. The Tigers ; went for the b omlb ori the second play from scrimmage and netted. a 78 yard touchdown p ass from strong armed Ken Pettiford to fleet Ollie Smith. The next time the Tigers got the ball they a gain went for the long play to set up their second touchdown with less than five minutes gone In the game. The s e two touchdowns turned ()Ut to be just the cushion Ten nessee State needed to turn back an early second-half rally by Rattlers that could have turned th game around. Trailing :M-0 at the half, FIAIMIU came out fired up in t he third quarter and scored a quick 'liD to make the score 04-ill2. Minutes later it was :M-0.18 aiter a fum ble recovery set up another quick Rattler score. !But the early 14 point defidt proved to o much to ()Vercome as the R e 'Iers watch ed the Tigers roar bac k in front by a comfortable margin and coast to the win. For the second week in a row, though, the Rattlers grouDd game was ovevpowering. Sophomore J ames Rackley headed a cor!ps of nine backs who rushe d for 2811 y a rds against Tennessee State's stout defensive front Ra C kley :bad his second 100-tPlus yard game in a row as he p icked up 11116 and a touchdown in lf1 car ries. Fred Warren finished with 95 yards in 16 trips and quarter back Kenny Holt pkked urp a nother 411 yards and two touch. downs Alphonso Wright scored the other Rattler TD on a two yard run. Rattler secondary was burned early but regained !JOme of its composure. Leroy \Powet}, Williams_ and Tyi"?.ne ; ,!f ol1f : one ol giving the. trio a total nine interception Ja the last two games. !Holt did not have one of his better nights !passing as he only six of il8 for J.OO yards and threw three interceptions. The :Rattlers had the ball for 811 offensive plays to 512 for TI3IU but to no avail. Now 2-G on the sea son, FWMU now has to prepare for another toughie, Tuskegee Institute, for the Rattlers' homecoming Satur day, in those early bi.g league years, but he taught himself how to hit that inside pitch. :Everybody tried to jam him, so he turned to that big-handle bat,' and taught himself to get out in front of that pitch. .Jackie knew he'd be thrown at. All of us knew we d be It was all part of it, and we learn ed to duck. The main thing, to him was to win. I never saw a man who warnt ed to win so bad, no matter what it was. I used to watch him play tennis, cards, anything. He was a tremendo u s competitor. He liked to go to the race track. I didn't like it much, but I'd go to keep him company, in the rain, becau s e that's the only time he could go, when we were rained out. We spent a lot of time together off the field. II never got the from Jackie that he wanted to manage. Later on, when he was out of baseball he said it would be very nice to see a bla ck manager. Mter bas ketball named a coach, and still there was no manager in baseball Jackie felt bad a1 bout it. [ 'll miss him quite a bit, not only as a crusader, and as the first black player to get into the major leagues, but as a person. Som,e;body else might have been first, but maybe they couldn't do the job like he did it. Jackie accomplished things He had a way. Teams In SIAC More Evenly Matched Alabama A & M downed Morr : s Brown 32, Fisk University up set Alabama State 27-8 and Fort Valley State rolled over Lane 62-6, to remain the undefeated top three teams in the SIAC Con ference. The teams In the SIAC are more evenly matched this year than ever before. To date we don't have any one team domi nating the groups This has to he the results of a balanced recruit ing pr?gram and good coaching, accordmg to a conference offi cia!. Alabama A & M and Ft. Val ley seem to be headed for championship honors as the sec and half of the season begins. The Wolverines and the Wild cats, both 4-0-0 in Division I and II are far ahead of the groups OFFICIAL CALENDAR OF: : > ... TAMPA CLASSIC. EVENT'S, .'. Famu Alumni Association Henry Lewis, III, Chairman, Activities CommjUee, Tampa Alumqi Chapter Thursday, Hov. 2-8 .p.m. Local Chapter Meeling Famu of Tampa Office 3010 N. 22nd Street Friday, No.v. 3-10 p.m._:Blackness-Someth-ing Ex _traordinary Dance and show -Curtis Hixon, -Gasparilla Room Saturday, Nov. 4-12 Noon6:30 p.m.-Hospitality House, Holiday Inn-Downtown Tampa Saturday, Nov. 4-12 Noon 6:30 p.m. -Hospitality rooms-Hawaiian Village Sunday, Nov. 5 -Dutch Treat breakfast at Holiday Inn, Downtown Tampa. : :


PAGE TWENTY Fla. Published every Tues. and Fri. .. Get Both Ecfrjltlons Saiturday, October 28, 1972 CHILDREN AT ST. JOHN NURSERY AND KINDERGARTEN HAVE The children at St. J ohn Nur10e.ry and Kindergarten front row, Kolaid Wat10n, Kim Poitier, Jamu White, Melissa Johnson, Felecia Sholaaula Lock April enjoyed Pre-Halloween fun at Jackson Heights PlaY Paul Baker, Jame s Hill, Steven St ewart, Efikia Owens, Watton, Charlotte :Reglnald Mulk e y Scott ground. After para ding on 3 4 th Street, they paused for Herman Rahmiugs Windy Bandy, Melissa Clumey and Parker Kalandria Bendrb:, Mary Coleman and. Noella refreshments. Included in the group were, from left Lisa William11; aud. rear, Era Mae Sand e rs, Debra Lee, Cypre s s. Rackley Beginning To Hit Stride For Famu Rattlers TALLAHASSEE -James Rack-Senior Fred Warren is second ley, Florida A&M' s gallop i ng in ru.shing with 225 yards in 47 sophomore running back, has be-carries for an average of 4 8 per gun to hit stride after a slow star t trip. Warren also has score d and has taken a command i ng lead once. among the Rattler runners, acSophomore quarterback K enny cording to statistics released t() Holt is the team leader in total day. offense with 679 yards, 620 of Rackley, a 6-0, 202pounder whG t hem coming on pan comple runs both from fullback and ta;ltiona. The lean native of Salis back, hu picked up 359 yards in bury, N.C. also leads the team 66 attempts for a 5.4 average and in scoring with five touchdowns four touchdowns. Nearly 250 of for a six pOint per game average. Rackley 'll yards came in the last James Black who f) lost f o r two gamea when he gained over the season with a fractured wrist, 100 yards aJainst both MorriJ ia the leading receiver with 1t Brown and Tenneaaee State catches tor 117 yard in jUJt four games. Fre shman Willie Cook is the top receiver among the active regulars with eight catchea for 189 yards and a TD. Cook has averaged 23. 6 yar ds per catch. Freshman Ralph Kyles Is sOlid ly entrenched as the Rattlers' top kickoff return man, averaginJ 2%.4 yards per return in 10 at tempt. Walt James is aecond i n that category, averaJing 15.6 per return. Defenlvely, lin e back e r B t mny Coffee lead& the team in t a cklf.l (33) and anists (25) after lit eral ly taking a starting job He was not li & ted as a atartoer in the Rat tlers' opening g a me b u t play e d so well u a substitute tha t h e hu been atarting ever eiDce. Coffee also led the m tackles last season as a sapho more. Tyrone William' punting Is be ginning to t.aper off a bit the 5 11, 165poWld 10phomore is sfill averaging 40. '/ yards per kick after 31 punts. AI a team the Rattlers have outruJbed the i r opJXlJ)enJs 912-612 bvt have been outdistAn c ed in the pass i ng game 702-637, The l(attlers hold the edge over thei r op p o nimts in off e nse by a 1549-1314 margin All of the figures are five game totals with the Rat tlers hold ing a 2-3 recerd 4CUT RATE PLVMJliNG C SOL'S TBADIMG POST NUTUBS $10.50 TOILET SEATS fl.ll SJNKS tl CABINETS WATERHEATEIUI WASH CLOSED ALL DAY WED. Open Mon. Thru S.t. t,a IPI E. B'W4'f. Ph, 2431411 FABULOUS FOOTBALL ACTION BBEA Tl TAIDIC EICITEMEIT A TDILL A MINUTE LIVE ACTIOI YOU'LL lEVER FORGET IT See. The Fla. A&M University "RATTLERS" TAKE OR The University Of T ampi "SPARTANS" Saturday, Nov. 4th. Tampa Stadium Kick--Off 8:00 P. M. -Thrill To The Nationally Famous FAMU Marching 165 FORMATIONS THAT "DEFY THE EYE'' TO BELIEVE e PULSATIIG MUSIC THAT "MOVES'' YOU. RESERVED SEATS $5.00. SPECIAL ROTE; $3 EACH END ZONE SEATS GO OR-SALE UTORDAY MOBMUfG AT TAMPA STADIUM ONLY!! GEl. ADMISSION TICKE'I;S 01 SALE AT TAMPA I. TickeJ Office FAMU of Tampa CoJiege BW Phanucy ADK Record Shop ShuiDU's BaU Bonds Cozy Comer, Tbe Male Shop Central Shoe Repair. Ia Sl. Pelers burg at Sl. Pelenlnarg FAMU Alullllll Webb's Cily Grogan's Ealerprile. Cllildrtn lickels oa sale a1 Stadia oaly. TICKETS 01 SALE AT TAMPA STADIUM BEFORE CAME.


Ootob=er::._:2:::8!._, _::.1.:::_9_:_:72:_-=...F.=Ia::.:_-=S....:..en::.:_t:__ln_e.:_J_..:.B_..:u_ll_:_e_ti_n_P_u_.b_li_sh_e_d.:_ev_e_r:_y_T_u_e_s. __ a __ n_d_F_r_l_. _C ___ --;:et=Bo=th iiiiEdiiiiiiiii"iiiitlon= = ='aiii'iiliiiiiiiiOii:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;:;;;;;;;;;;;P;;;A;;;;C;;;;;E;;;;;;;:jiTW;;;;;o;;;:;E;;;;N;;;;T;;;;:Y;;;.;;;;O;;,;oNEo;;;;;; ORGANIZAT'ION OFFERS ALTERNAT'IVES TO. WOMEN WIT' H uNWANTED PREGNANCIES By MARTHA WHITE Sentinel Staff Writer A young unmarrie d girl be wmoo pregnant. Her parents turn their ba cks on her an d she's t-oo ashamed to go to her friends cr other relatives for help. Soon she's faced with the frightening realization that an educational future or job career will be disrupted by the birth of an un wanted child. In sea.rch of a solution to her problem, the girls begin to contemplate abortion. This is where SOLVE hopes to come into the picture. Toward the end of September, a group of Tampans formed SIOILV'E (Save Our Lives Volunteers Every Way) with functions designated to show girls with unwanted pregnancies the alternatives to a!bortions. Through advertising SIOLVIE in vites all distressed pregnant wo m e n to phone 227-8,41611 for con fidential a ssistailJCe. Trailled vol u ntee r s make up the staff of SOLVE telephone serv ice Mooday tfrom 9 a m. to 5 !P.m. The of ficer is located in t he rectory of Sacred Heart Chureh, 5118 Marion Street. Mrs. Ann McGarrity at work for SOLVE, the organizilti on which shows distressed pregnant women the alternatives to abortion. -----Ministers Organize To Help Ghetto Residents Have yo u h e a r d the chilling or the heart-rending sobs of an inf ant, desperately crying fur its' 2 A.M. feeding when there is not a drop of milk in the house nor baby food to stiffle the pangs of hunger? lit happens regularly in the ghettos of Tam pal Have you known of a hard-work lng man who has a destitute iiamily and spends worsening days futilly making the rounds of wel md empl.oy;ment age-ncies, scattered far from his home and him without bus fare? Once there he is faced with endless ogQvofrnmental red tape, waiting periods fllld a fistful of forms to fill out. How does that effect the stomach of h i s children and wife ; or his own attitude toward America and &he richest coimtry in the world? The religious bodies in Tampa and HHlsbor take over the welfare work of Government or State Agencies. Hundreds of peoo pie : in desperation go to churehes or the police for directions tx>wards relieving thefT temppraiy destitU tion .., The prlm81J'Y purpose of Metrof)Olitan Ministries of C16Wlty, Inc., ia to prevent the Viarious members of the clergy fu-Oll} duplicating each others ef fol' t s in giving aid to the need y, thereby saving them many prec ious hours for othru-have opened a central of. fice t at 509 West Twiggs street. There ,are also branch ofn.ces at the Tampa Urban League ; 'l!sio two other looa : tions where the org.anitation may be contacted: at the Metropolitan at 1024 Ave ., and 1026 CentrJI.l Ave., the JEFAWL ware boll$6 for clothing, fUrniture, etc. are stored. At the office at 509 T w i g g s where members of the Clergy or their secretarial staffs are urgf;d oo 88nd their needy; Food Stamps may be or food orders in djre circmnetances. Jobs are also centl'lalized there and there is a good chance that a needy person oould secure a job immeenses food orders ; seeking em. ployment for those who appzy the Ministerioal or. ganization do e s a bit of counselli0;g serv Ice and to 5ervices atready established to bake care of such needs. 1he Ministries are urged to stage dinners, phice boxes at entl'ances for pE\oo pies to drop canned roods, ached!Months o preparation !Paid o!Jf in an effective pro-life organiza tion ready to provide guidance, counselling and financial support for women with unwanted pre gnancies. After a few weeks of operation the 00 member staff has handled 25 calls and now working with J.8 women. Lorrie Hogan, a freelance write r wo rking as a SOLVIE volunteer, said that year after year wo men, who for some or other cannot have babies, are trying desperately to adopt a child. The greatest problem here is that there are not enough babies to be pla(!ed in adoptive care. One of the main func tions of SOILVIE is to halt abor tions and perwade the mother to give birth to the child and put it up for adoption But, their work doesn't stop there. In the event the woman want8 to keep the child but has Mt a place to stay until the baby f s born provides mater nity clothes, baby clothes and baby furniture to clients who need them while living in homes with living s oace provided by volunteers. However, presently all home s are filled with ex qHdiog clients. Includ e d in the list of volunters are medical doctors, social workers and psychologists w!lo have offered to work with the women and several lo cal nesses have offered to h elp cli nts who are seeking employ to find jobs SOtLVlE is completely non-de nominational in its efiforts to help any expectant moth e r real ize the alternatives to abortion. Volunteer workers from all faith! are welcome and needed. Any donati()ns of maternity c.Jot hes, baby. layettes, money or servke may be made by oaling SOLVE. Volunteers heading SiOtLVlE a.re: IM'rs. Ann MClGarrity, President, Gene Heath of the county health dep ar.tment, treasurer and Mrs. Friendship Baptist Rev. Qvod Dexter, Pastor Mrs. M. Lyons, Reporter Sunday school began at 9:415 with swpt. and tea.chers at their posts. The lesson was reviewed i M'Orning service began at 1 1 : iby the pastor. with the d eacons in charge of devotion. The No. 4 choir and junior ushers served. The ser n1on was delivered by the p as tor. Evening service began at 6:3::1 with the same order of ser vice. The sermon was deliverd by th pastor. ule bingo games, or anything the ministers oan think up to fur ther the organization and take some of the load off the the local neighborhood churches. An agTee ment between the local rninisters and the Ministerial Community of Hillsborough County will provide the local churches a percentage for their own needs Spot television and an.ncun:cements of the staged events will be free and made by the pal'ticipating pastor. To date, wilthin only e. few weeks of service, the Metropoli tan Ministeries of this County have ll!andled .a t o tal of 3 ,160 per sons who have needed help. They are currently aver a ging 47 cases per da.y. The ministers with their co operation and ,fJhat from groups or.ganiz ations and individuals or clubs, can arrange these forms to help to better serve these un fortunate persons. The M & M, Inc:. will a t least put a meal on a tlable to bring fl()rth a meoarning ful smile of relief fTom some troubled perS field Brawn, Thomas Brown, Henry Johnson, Albert Kenned'Y, E. Andrews, Albert Richardson, Earl McCullough, Clifford Baker, and Leroy Clark. Arluster Morgan is tlhe chairman. CHOIR SPONSORS PARTY Members of the No. 3 Chorus of Mt. Moriah P B Church wiD have a party Satll!'day night at the h o me of Mrs. Willie Mae Jones, 4QI8 E. Deleuil. ANNIVERSARY OBSERVANCE of First Baptist Chur ch of West Tampa will celebrate the : r pastor's twelfth anniversary Ncvember 1-5. Many activities have been planned to honor the Rey. and Mrs. M. C. Johnson. The sclledule is as follows: Wednesday, Rev. John Willls with choir and ushers ; Thursday, the Rev. B. T. Williams; Friday, the Rev. C. P. Epps; and Sunday the anniversary sermon will oo by the Rev. P. H. Jackson, Moderator of First South Florida Boaptist ,N;sociation and of First B aptist Chur ol1 in Lak e land. Mrs. Richiedeen P adgett is the cllairman and the committees includes: publicity, Mrs. Ida Mae Hill, Mrs M iary Livingston and James Br. own; finance, LeGnard Scott Sr., 1\.lrs. Grace Johnson and )ames Padgett; anniversary, Mrs. Katie Graham, Mrs. C. Padgett and 1\'lrs. Grace Johnson; refreshments, Mrs. Martha Benton Mrs. Eva Willie l>avJs, Mrs. J"ucy 1\tiller, Mrs. Bessie Beck ham, S. E. Williams 1\frs. Joyce Beckham Robert Beckham! and decoration Mrs. Lucille Neal, Mrs. Lucille Po sey, Harvey Nichols, l\Irs. Dorothy Davis and Mrs. Idella Waiters. GUEST DAY The Mt. Pleasant Chorus is having their annual G uest Day Sun day at Mt Pleasant M. B Church where the Rev. G. W. Mitchell is pastor. The Rev. F. G. Jackson will deliver the 11 o clock mes,sa, ge and other :participants will be E. Young, Mrs. Bennie Mae Clark, Mr s. Minnie Person, the Rev. R. Watson, Mrs. Mary Wright, Mrs. Pearl R>awls, Mrs. Reather Robinson, the Rev. CMyton Kirk land, Mr s. Fannie Hill, Mrs. Willie Mae Butts, Aaron Mumford, 1\lrs. Ruth Carrington, Mrs. Mary McCullou(h, 1\frs. Grace Bowden Kenneth Allen, Macedoo.ia Choir No. 2, and ushers from New Salem M B Church, Greater MocRing Star and Bethel AME. On Sunday afternoon at 3 o 'clock, the Rev. B. Jones of New Mt. Zion :B aptist will deliver the message. He will be accompanied by the GOspel Chorus, the Junior Choir and the Purple Lily Usher Board. Mn. Gracie McArthur is the president of tlhe Jubilee and Mrs. Wa&h.in(toR is chariman of the program committee. TO APPEAR IN BRADEN?ON Mrs. Martha C. Kennedy will be the Missionary Day speaker at 'Wards Temple AME Cpurch in Bradenton SWlday, -and her Youth For Christ Community Choir song. 1\fra. Kennedy, a local Public Health Nurse, is A.ssocia,te Matron of St. Mary's Chapter No. 27 OES, lind a member of Greater Mt. Carmel AME Ohurch. NOTES FROM TAMPA CLUBS THE ORCHID SOCIA.L CLUB will sponsor a iHootanny end raffle Saturdlay evening at &!36 at the home of Mrs. Alta Daniels, 6004 42nd Street. Games, dancing, and pr izes is on the fun agenda, and a lirip to Nass8Ju wiH be raffled Members of the MADEMOISELLE SOCIAL CLUB will sponsor a Halloween party this evening at 8 :30 at the American Legion Home. TheTe will be prizes for co,stumes and two watches will also be raffled A meeting of the KENNEDY SOCIAL CLUB has been set forr 6 :45 Satwrday at the residence oi. M"'rs. Ruby Watsoo, 2611 23rd Avenue. At 8 o'clock this evening, there will be a meeting of the DON'T YOU WORRY CLUB at the home of F rank DB!vis, 2714 33rd Street. There will be a party tonight given by the ROSETTES SOCIAL CLUB at the abode of Mrs. Martha Stewart, 3914 E Henry Avenue. THE CHECKERS SOCIAL CLUB lias made final plilllls for their coc ktail hour to be held Sat uxday night kom 7 Wltil 10 at RJag an Park. The public is invited. Members of fue DOVES SOCIAL CLUB has been SCiheduled for S o clock tonight at the home of Mrs. Mary Smith, 5023 39th street. A party will be hosted by the GALAXY SOCIAL CLUB tonight at the Amettia Temple. '!:he public is invited. ZETA Al\'liCAE will meet at 8 I>.M. with Mrs. Celeste Rodgers. Buy From Florida Sentinel Advertisers E-Z y y & STEREO RENTAL 1729 West Kennedy Phone 251 Psychedelic Bar 8t: Tape Decks Slereos Portable Console Color TVs Also, Complete Home Enlerlainmenl HO CREDIT CHECK HO DEPOSIT tree Delivery. Free Service Up To 24 Monlhs AU Renl paid applies lo purchase.


PACE TWENTY-TWO Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Published every Tues. and Fri. Get Both Edi1lona Ootoher 28, 1972 --------------------FUNERAL N OTICES BRADWELL, MR. ROBERT -Fune.,al services for the late Mr. Robert Bradwell of 409 E. Oak .Arvenue, Tampa, IIVbo departed fram this life on October 21, 1972 in a local ho spital will be held at 4 P. M. Sunday from the Ar nette Chapel AME Church of Quincy, Florida with the pastor, Rev. Hunter, officiating. The in terment will be held at the Williams Cemetery directly Riter the 'services. The remains will repose at the Franklin Funeral Home from 2 P. M. Saturday until 10 P. M. Saturd ay, when it will then be taken to Quiney, Fla. to lie in state at the Betsy Funeral Home until near funeral t i m e Sund ay. Survivors include: a wife, 1\frs. Dora J\Lae Bradwell of Quin cy; 4 daughters, Mrs. Emma Gunn and hu sband Jeremiah of Quincy Mrs. Patricia Baker and husband Sterling of Quincy, Miss Cynthia Bradtwell and Miss F or iest Brad well, both of Quincy; 3 sons, Mr. Charles McHenry of New York City, Mr. Jerome Bradwell and Mr. Robert Bradwell Jr., both of Quincy; 2 granddaughters, Miss Nina Baker and Stephanit Baker, both of Quincy ; mother, Mrs. Nora Thompson and her husband Mr. George Thompson of Quincy; a brother, Mr. Arthur Lee Brad well of Quincy and a host of cousins, nieces nephews and other sorrowing relath:es and friends. FRANKLIN FUNERAL HOME will be in charge of the services. COOPER, MR. ALBERT Fun eral services for Mr. Albert Cooper of 3705 25th St. Apt. 491, who passed away in a local bos pital, will be held Saturday at 2:00 P.M. at New Mt. Zion M.B. Chw-ch with Rev. B. J Jooes, of ficiating. Interment will b e in Memorial Park Cemetery. Sur vivors are: wife, Mrs. Theresa Cooper; 4 daughters, Mrs. Pe cola Cooper of Tallahasse e Mrs. corine Bro w n a nd hnsband M r. Freddie Brown 1\'lrs. Helen Woody anllt husband Mr. Larry Woody, Jr. and Mrs. Mary Lee Crosbey and husband Mr. Peter Crosbey all of Tampa; 3 sons, Mr. Chair les .J. CoDper and wife Mrs. Will i e Mae Cooper of St. Petersburg, Mr. Ralph Cooper and wife, Mrs. Lena Mae Cooper of New York City, N. Y. and Mr. Relford_, Cooper of Tampa; 23 grandchil dren; 4 great grandchild ren; 3 sis ters, Mrs. Lottie Smart and Mrs. Olivia Wiiliams of Ams !erdam, Georgi a and Mrs. Rosa Lee John son of Cairo, Georgia ; 1 brot -her, 1\lr M. C. Cooper of Amsterdam, Georgia; a number of nieces and nephews and other sorrowi ng rei atives aitd A n ative of Bainbridge, Georgia Mr. Cooper bad resided here for the past 6 years. He was a member of Lily White SBA No. 194, Mrs. Arthur Lee Shipp, president. The will repose after 4 P. M today (Friday) at Wilson Funeral Chap el, until near funeral time Satur day. "A WILSON SERVICE" SOUfHERNLAND, MRS. JUA NI TA B.-Funeral services for Mrs. Juanita B. Southernland, of 1168 211th Ave ., who pass ed away in a local hospital, will be held Sat urday at 11:00 A.M. at Allen Tem ple A.ME Church with Rev. H. McDonald Nelson, officiat i ng. -In terment wil l be in the family pl c t in Memorial Park Ceme :ery. SUil' vivors are: a daughter; Mro Pd sonella Moragne; 2 grandsons, Mr. AlfreC:.o Moragne and Mr. Ed ward Moragne; 2 granddaughters, Miss Ellen Gail Moragne and Mi s s Artest F. Moragne ; nieces Mrs. Del10res Grayli'!On, Mrs. Ameria Hamilton and husband, Mr. Roy Hamilton, Mrs. Yvonne Lewis and Mr. David Lewis Mis s Tokay Lewis, Miss Mary Lord, Mrs. Dorothy Cushning and hus band, Mr. Roy Cushning Mrs. Patricia Burgess, Miss Ze;ine Ham ilton and Mrs. Betty Johnson and husband, Mr. Lonnie John s on; nephews, 1\'Ir, Renard Simmons, Darrin Lewis, Shane Lewis, Mr. Leeica Burgess anC:. wife and Mr. Harry Burgess, Jr., and Mr. LDuis Burgess; a number of great nieces and nephews, some of whom are, Gregory, Regrainlyn, Renee Rita Maria, Elain e, Myrna Remei ca & Sylvia JC'hitson; a number of cous. ins, some of whom are, Mr. Vern on Simpson Mr. and Mrs. Arthur McKenzie Mr. and Mrs. H::>;-ry .James, Mrs. Rosa Mae Chambers, Miss Teresa McKenzie, 1\lr. A. J. McKenzie, Mr. and Mrs. Vernon McKenzie, Miss Catherine Simp son, Mrs. Catherine Williams Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Williams, Jr., Mrs. Gladys McKenzie, Mr. s ; eve McKenzie and other sorrowing relatives and friends. A native of Fernandina Beach, Florida, Mrs. Southernland had resided here for the past 50 years. She was a mem ber of Lily White SBA No. 11, Mrs. Ellen Benjamin, president. The funeral cortege will form at 3614 18th Street. The remains will repose after 4 P. M. tooay (Fri day) at Wilson Funeral Ch11pel and after 9 A. M. Saturday at the church, until near funeml time. THE REMAINS WILL NOT BE VIEWED AFTER THE EULOGY. "A WILSON SERVICE" SENIORS, MR. ROBERT THEO DORE-First funeral services for Mr. Robert Theodore Seniors, 830 N .W. 45th St., Miami, a former UNCLE SANDY SAYS Uncle Sandy 62,39. Sentiment is the piletry 22,34. of the imagination 18,66. T ampan, w .. o passel.\ Wed nesday, will be held in Miami on Saturday at 5 P. M from St'. James AME Church with Rev. Samuel Gay, pasto r, officiating. 'l'he body wll be brought to Tam pa whe r e the SECOND Funeral for J\1:r. Seniors wi.l be held 1\londay at 4 P. M. from Allen Temple AME Church with Rev. H. McDanald p as : or, Gfficiating. The eulogy will be de livered by Rev ... J. B. Blackuell. The body will l ie in state for 't!be visitation O'f. and friends at STONE'S Chapel t'roni 10:30 _-A._ M. Sunday to near funeral time. THE FAMILY WILL RECEIVE FRIENDS ATTHE FUNERAL CHAPEL FROM 7:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Sunday evening. A natve '.t'ampan, Mr. Seniers was the son of the late Rev. W M. Sen iors and Mrs. Vivian Seniors. A graduate-of M iddl e ton Sr. High School, Class of 1951, F i orida A. & M University, Class of 1958, he -receiveC:. his Mas:ers Degree in Bu s iness Adm i nistration from At-lanta Univers;ty in 1960. He wu the frist black Compliance Offi cer in the Southea s t Region of .the Wage and Hour Divi a ion of the U.S. Labor Department, work ing o u t of the Miami, Fla. of i ice. A veteran of the Korean War, he was a Stewail'd in St. James AME Chu.-ch Vice Polemarch of the Miami Alumni Chai;ter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraterni ty, a and a m ember of numerous o (her civic and fraternal organiZ'ations. He was listed in the 1965 Publica -tion of Outstanding Young Men of America and was the first Life Member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fra ternity in Florida. The funeral cor tege will form at 391!1 Palmetto Street. He leaves to mourn his passing: his d ev oted wife Mrs. Ae:lie Seniors, Miami; 3 children, Miss Natalie Seniors, Miss Carla Seniors, and Master Robert T. Seniors, Jr., all of Miami ; moth er, Mrs. Vivian Seniors, Miami; 3 si s ters, Mrs. Ha zel Harvey and husband, Mr. Jerry Harvey, 1\frs. Vivian Robinso n and husbam;, Mr. Phillip Rob ins on, all of and Miss Alma Seniors, Flint, Mich.; a brother, Mr. Clarence Seniors, Brookl y n N. Y.; nieces and nephews, Master Maurice Harvey, Master Jerry Harvey, Jr., Master Ansel RobiRson M:aster Rodney Robinson all of Tampa; and Miss Paula Seniors, Brooklyn r>T-Y.; an uncle Mr. Clarence Seni ors and wife, Mrs. E l izabeth Seniors, Sarasota; an aunt, Mrs. Agnes Davis and husband Mr. Joseph Davis, Miami; father and mo-ther-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Whitehurst TalJ.ahassee; 2 sisters-in-J.aw, Mrs. 1\-lartha Henry and husband, M r. Charles Henry, Tallahassee, and Mrs Mi!e'l'ed Batts and husband Mr. Charles Batts, Peekskill. N Y.: a brother In-law, Mr. James Whitehu -rst, French Liok Ind. : and many other devoted relatives a n d friends. Services are beinl( rend ered b:v STONE' S FUNERAL HOME. INC .. STONE & GORDON, FUNERAL DIRECTORS. WATERS MR. JAMES EUGENE -Funera l services for Mr James Euge11e Waters of 1934 Chestnut Street. who pa sse d away in a lo ()al hospital. will be h e ld Saturday at 1 P. M at Mt. Tabor 1\'{, B. Church with T. J. James, offidat i ng. I ntermen t will be in the family plot in Mem11r ial Park Cemeterv. Survivors are: wife, M.-s .Tanie Wat .ers; 2 daMh ters, Mrs Turne r of Los Angeles, Calif. and Miss Vallis Wa ters PI Ft. MvP.rs: 2 sons, Mr. .James Eugene Waters, Jr. and wife Mrs. J11nice w,. _ters of Los Ang eles, Calif. and Mr. Alphonso Robinson Services Set Today NEW YORK -Funeral services f or Jacki e Robinson the man who broke the color barrie r in majot l e ague baseball, will include a proc e s s ion through the heart of Harl e m, Rev. George Lawrence the Robin so n family's pastor au noun ce d Wednesday Robinson a Hall of Fame player who gained stardom with the old Bro oldy n Dodget s, died Wednes day of heart d ise a se at the a ge Wat ers and wife, Mrs. Nell Wa ters of Chicago, 111inais; 4 gra !deaughters; 5 grands ons; 1 broth el, Mr. C urtis Waters and wife, Mrs. Eli llabe th W aters of Tampa; 1 s i oter, M rs. Pinkie Bass of Was hjngton D C ; a numb e r of nie

81ilhmlay, 28, 1&72 Fla. SeatlaeJ.BvlleUn Puhllshed eery Tues. and Fn. Cet Both Editlone PAGE TWENTY-THREE BUSINESS THEI::MA'S BEAUTY SHOP IURSES AD---AilES '. WORKING TOGEmER fer Professional recocmtioa awcl fa'ir waces. Call ANA or !iil.:SS86. THELMA'S SPiilCIAL lw the hair and scalp. ,Spedatirift.lg in permaaent wa\18, hair styJia,g and fin:ng aMI hair 1917 E. EMMA St. 236-8461. APARTMENT DWELLERS :DAY OR 'liCit t Avon a money.;malci.,g plan fer y.u. Let us y.ea how ea'!iy It is to build y>Our own group of Slleacly custoftWlrs. make extra moaey i'll yo.ur spate i time. Our -d.i.f.am&Us prad1 ucts ope-n nivenity .t 'Tampa WA NTED LET US BUY YOUR EQUITY. DON TAAFFE BROKER 872 or 839-1422. t50 DOWN MODE:SN 3 'BEDROOMS, CARPET, eiove, rekigerator. $10,650 P. & I. $7e.S4 for 360 months at 7% .mortgage DON TAAF 'FE _BROKER 87iZ'l29 or 139-lW LIS'IINGS NEEDED. I'll HRP Y!r -10 .CIEDIT1 SHUEY Clli:DIT?. :liE !eu :itW II Blwtf PIYID:IIl CALLIIQW. BIL BI:OWI : AIT8 .-. SAI.D IIN157 .and H """'' w nor'< ,, WEST TAMPA 3 BEDROOMS, could be 4. Fam ily room 25' x 25'. Large diaia. g room, central H. and A. Presently price at $32,000 FHA or V J\ Owner anxious, s ays make offec. Call TONY LICATA, .JR. AsM

PAGE TWENTY-FOUR Now the magnificent Spanish styling you want at a marvelously affordable price! This massive, flush base design has the 'proportions so important meQ., and __ warm-toned,. finish women, love. Note the exquisite detail on .piece basket weave .. background interlaced with handsome o;erlays like fine hand carvings ... au thentic Spanish style drawer pulls double r o w n headboard framed mirror. Come in now and enjoy special savings. As al_ways ypur satisfaction Immediately : delivery while 'supply lasts. Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Publislied every Tues. and Fd. Cet Both Editloni "" Saiturday, 28, 1972 SPANISH S'I'YLING \ at Its flo -est BUDGET TERMS Trlple 60'' x 19" Framed Mirror :1: 55'' 5-Drawer :1: 19" Double Crown Jaeadb,oard 4/6-5/1 Two drawel' Jligbi staud Available. : I ..... living lrilo. a showcase of fashion with this newesf : 'tyling in Spanish, fnspired (. '. fabrics. And the comfort ls : out of. this _as you sit ( 'on thick poly:foam cushions and lean back and relax to -the touch of .. pillows. And now you have the opportunity to own magnificent group for a --beyond Come see this exceptional value beauty is impressive-its comfort a sheer delight. A wide selection ol decorator fabrics available. SPANISH MAGN.IF/CENCE! BANKAMElliCARD your welcome here ARMON "IT'S EASY T'O PAY THE LARMON .... YWAY;: OPEN FRIDAY RIGHT 'TILL 8 P. M. Plenty Of f R E E Parking On;; In Rear Of Store 1324 30 E. Broadway. PHONE 247 4711


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