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Lily Whites Close 50th Confab > > (SEE STORY ON PAGE 22) Fans Support Diamond Mary (SEE STORY ON PAGE 2) And Worth More 35 FLORIDA. entinel I ulleffu \ Be Sure To Vote May 14th! AMERICA'S SEMI-WEEKi:-Y .. 110,0oo READERS EACH EDITION El)ery And Friday VOL. 40 NO. 43 TAMPA, FLORIDA, 1985 PRICE 35 CENTS Family Feuds Over Elderly Man's Fate (SEE STORY ON PAGE 3) On Trial For Shooting CoWorker CHARMETTES PRESENT JUNIOR DEBS Melanese Concetta Marr won the Hillsborough County Chapter of the Charmettes' title of Miss Junior Debutante for 1985. The coronation took place Sunday evening at the West Tampa Convention Center. Celestine Davis; feft, was first runner-up, and tami Nesbitt, right, was second runner up. (SEE STORY ON PAGE 23) LILY W.HITE QUEEN KEEPS FOR YEAR For the second year, Mrs. Elizabeth Curry was crowned Miss Lily White during the Rainbow Tea, sponsored by the Lily White Councils. The event foUowed the Education Night Program Friday night, and was held in the lower unit of Mt. Moriah Primitive Baptist Church, headquarters for the Lily Whites' 50th Anniversary Convention. The winners were, from left, Rossie George and Carrie M. Godfrey, who tied for the 2nd runner-up spot; Queen Elizabeth Curry, who incidentally has held the title three other times previous to 1984 and 1985, making her a five times winner; and Ruby McCall, first runner-up. (See Page 22) I


To Hear Perform Fans Come Teeth Mary Loyal Diamond Legislature To onor Four Commissioners Many friends, family and fans of Diamond Teeth Mary McClain attended the Bootleg Ball Saturday night to hear long-time idol belt out spirituals and the blues. The crowd had to wait a long time, the ball began at 8:30 p.m. but it was close to midnight before the star of the show took the stage, but she gave them just what they were waiting for. Soulful renditions or' 'Amazing Grace'', "Precious Lord", "Ain't Nobody's Business (If I Do)", "Kansas City Here I Come", "Oh When The Saints Come Marching In", plus many more. Proceeds from the baU put a diamond back in to McClain's mouth. Accord ing to McClain, "I'm so hap PY I don't know what to do. I'm happy to have a diamond put in my mouth." Many of us who are most familiar with Michael Jacksou and Prince might wonder, who is Diamond Teeth Mary Mc Oain? This is her story. According to the 83-year old Bradenton resident, "I have had lots of experiences. I have had it good and bad, and I have had sunshine and rain." She ran away from home when she was 13-years-olp and didn't go back until she was 28. "My family didn't know me because I got so and husky," McClain said. "I road freight trains, slept in the mountains and the woods, drank muddy water, ate stale food, and met hobos who thought I was a boy because I wore overalls. All that to where I am now." NOTICE OF INTENTION REGISTER FICTITIOUS TRADE NAME 'NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the undersigned Heath, intends to the fictitious trade name, Tampa Home Inspec tiecal Services, with the Clerk 1 of the Orcuit of Hillsborough j County, Florida, Pursuant to 1Section 865.09, Florida Statutes, 1953: that the under signed intends to engage in the business of. Home Inspection, at 1005 Platt Street, Tampa, Florida. Dated this 28 day of March, 198S. John Heath Sole Owner BY PATTY ALLEN Sentinel Staff Writer Her family life consisted of a stern father wlio believed : in physical punishment, and a mother who worked to make ends meet. She recalled one iQcident in which her dad, after beating her with a board until slie bled, washed her down with water containing salt and red pepper. MARY MCCLAIN "He said he did this because he loved us." McClain ex plained, "That's one lick I never have forgotten. A lot of the scars I have til this day. That was beyond brutality." The native of West Virginia stated that she dwpped out of school in the fifth grade. From 1929 to 1962 she worked as a Chorus Girl for Shows, Carnivals, George Burns, and even appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show. McClain explained that Evelyn Redding started her singing, and Fred Walcott helped make her name well known. She wrote three songs, one being "W alkin Blues" which was made popular by another artist. But she sang numerous other popular hits: "A Good Man Is Hard to Find", "WISh I Could Be Like My Sister Kay", "I Ain't Got Nobody", "Lord Look Down The Lonesome Road", and "St. Louis Blues "I don't to sing no blues," she admitted, adding that she felt this way when she started in the late 20s. "It's something I got to dO to get what I want." Mct!:lain once had eight diamottds set in her teeth, which came from a diamond bracelet given to her mother. She put the diamonds in her \ mouth to keep from losing NEED HoME REPAIIHD Want Your Bills & Mortgage. Paid Off WE DO ANY KIND OF WORK LARGE OR SMALL ADD A ROOM, ROOFING, FLOORS, WINDOWS FENCE, PLUMBING, ELECTRIC, ANY KIND OF REMODELING Pay Only One Small Monthly Payment CALl. TONY VECCHIO 258-6161 T&M BUILDERS-2104 E. 7th AVE. ACROSS FROM COLUM!UA RESTAURANT them. But in later years, while living in Boston, she sold the diamonds to help care for her ailing mother. She moved to Bradenton in 1960, joined Mt. Olive Mis sionary Baptist Church in 1962, and got married in 1965. Her husband passed away in 1983. The couple didn't pro duce any children, but she has a foster son t. whom she raised since he was six-years-old living in California. She sings in the church, and recently completed a suc cessful tour in Europe. "So far I have enjoyed my life;" McClain stated. "If God didn't intend for this to happen, it wouldn't. I'm still carrying on with my pigeon toed self." From all of her experiences, McClain has plenty of advice for young people. "If you want to make something out of yourself, you can," she stated. This advice includes gefting a decent education and honoring their parents. Mcaain added, "Don't forget God. Always put the Lord in front. He will guide you and lead you." Business Center Sets Open llouse The West Tampa Business Center, funded by the U.S. Department of Housing and Development and sponsored by the City of Tampa will hold an Open House on Friday, May, 3, 1985,. at 4:00p.m. to 7:00p.m. The center is located at 2146Y2 West Main Street, Tampa, Florida 33607. The West Business Rep. Elvin Martinez, chair man of the Hillsborough County Legislative Delega tioh, has announced that the Florida Legislature will honor the four persons appointed to serve on the Board of County Commissioners in Hillsborough County during the past two years with a con current resolution (HCR1237, copy attached) during the morning session of the House of Representatives on Thurs day, May 2. The commis sioners being honored include James Redman, who served for an interim two-month period prior to Governor Graham filling three vacancies permanently by appointing E.L. Bing, Matt Jet ton and John Paulk. They are being "recognized. and commended for their Center is operated by Boone, Young & Associates, Inc. and committed to "Stability and Growth" for West Tampa. It has been established to pro vide free information and referrals, management services and technical assistance to existing businesses in West Tampa and those interested in relocating or starting a new business in this area. achievements during the two years in public service the citizens of Hillsborough County and for their commit ment to high ethical standards and excellence in government." FREE GLASSES Paid For By Medicaid Call: Dr. L.A. Martinez Optometrist 876-6085 THE GREAT REV. MAKO St>IRITUAL READER, HEALER, AND ADVISOR Tells past, present and future. He knows all tells all. If you are sick and in bad health. Know your enemies! Is your loved one drifting away? Do you need' money? If you have a Curse or Bad Spell he can belp you break the bad luck. One visit can or maybe solve all your problems. His specialty is getting the sick well and reuniting the loved ones Lucky Days and Num bers are given. IF YOU NEED HELP DON'T HESITATE COME NOW, LATER MAY BE TOO LATE COME BY HIS OFFICE OR CALL 134-2241, 119 W. HILLSBOROUGH AVE. 4 BLOCKS WEST OF 1-75, TAMPA BU5 RIDE FROM ANYWHERE. .. CLIP THIS AD FOR A SPECIAL READING ''The Black Voter: A Cruchil Link In Making Florida A True Two Party State'' Over the past century the Democratic Party has dominated government throughout the State of. Florida with few exceptions; however, the tide is rapidly turning. The wave of the future clearly points tci the Republican Party as the party of today and of the foreseeable future. Strong has. it that the next Governor of the State of florida will be Republican.' He may be Democrat-turnedRepublican or on old line Republican but he will enter the Governor's Office under the Republican banner. To the die-hard Block Democrat loyalist living in Tampa, this means being on the wrong side of the party line at all three levels of government--local. state, and federal. Black people must immediately join the Republican Party in great numbers to have a voice in making decisions that effect us and to make sure that the bli'st decisions ore being mode for us. We can not stand idle and allow our full participation, as Black Americans, to be limited by party politics. To hove a visible role and a legitimate voice in political decisions, Block people must be a visible and legitimate .part of the party in control. Black voters must not add to the polarization and alienation of themselves by voluntarily segregating themselves into the Democratic Party. Block people have desegregated everything else, now is the time to desegregate the Republican Party. Democrats -Independents -Republicans YOU CAN AND SHOULD VOTE ,FOR LEoNARD CAMPBELL, Ja. District -3 County Commissioner (R) Pd. Pol. Adv. VOTE MAY 14TH


Frank Logan's children say that their father isn't being pro perly taken care of, judging from the condition on the inside and outside ofhis home. ... 01\'n e r 2808 Tampa St. SUPERIOR BEAUTY SALON (Cor. Tampa St. & Warren) -CURLS ..... '35 SHAMPOO PRESS & CURL-'12 COLOR RINSE .. ..... ....... 'S VIRGIN ....... '22 NEW GROWTH RELAXER. '15 PERMANENT TINTING (HAIR COLOR) ................. '8 & UP ICON lliTION IN(; TRt:A TMt:NT WITH St:RVI<:t: '5) SENIOR C/T/Zt:N DAY SPECIALSEVERY MON. & TUES. MARION JONES ... Owner MARY HERRON .. JANICE COOPER (/ ormtrl r Of8o.\s u .VOI'Il) .. Operator SPECIALS GOOD: MON.-THURS. ONLY NOTICE OF INTENTION TO REGISTER FICTITIOUS TRADE NAME NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the undersigned Melvin Hinson, Sr., intends to register the fictitious trade name, M&M Custom Cleaning, with the Clerk of the Circuit of Hillsborough Cou n ty, Florida, Pursuant to Sec tion 865.09, Florida Statutes, 1953: that the undersigned in tends to engage in the business of Cleaning Commercial Of fice Buildings, at 2020 E. Han na Ave., Tampa, Florida. Dated this 26th day of April, 1985. Melvin Hinson, Sr. Melvin Hinson, Jr. Sole Owners -w = = I = ;" ; ""= = c:r 1"1.1


. t FLORIDA SENTINEL BULLETIN l ..,;j USPS202 140 ; + Published every Tuesday and Friday by Florida Sentinel Tampa Bulletin + ; + Publishing Ca .. 2207 21 sf Avenue, Tampa, Florida 33605 + fll = e I -... 'C = < = [-1 c ""' 'C -= fll -:c = = '3 = I .5 = + Mail all Correspondence To : P 0. Box 3363, Tampa,_ Fl. 33601 + Member of national Newspaper Publishers Assciation (NNPA). and Am-+ algamated Publishers, Inc ., New York. t CYRil 8l YTHf ANDREWS 1901-1977 BEnYDAWKINS r General Advertising Director : i Founder I C. BLYTHE ANDREWS, JR. C. BLYTHE ANDREWS, Ill : President and Publisher tirculotion Manager + I : SYBIL ANDREWS WELLS CAMILLE WILLIAMS General Manager Office Manager + GWENDOLYN HAYES Managing Editor SIMON JOHNSON A YELINO CASELLA$ RAMOS I !t ROSE CRUTCHFIELD Production Directors Society Editor ti -------------------------------. Second Class Postage Paid At Tampa, Florida t' + SUBSCRIPTION RATES t + $31 Per Year Both Editions. $17 Per Year One Edition. : + PHONE: 248-1921 t. Taxing Policies Insuran. ce Is Absurd In an endless and apparently desperate attempt to raise revenue to lower the staggering deficits, the Treasury Department has offered such absurdly wrong proposals as eliminating tax deductions for charitable contributions. Such a move would have wreaked havoc on many institutions that do charity work and are the same organizations that Mr. Reagan said would take up the slack his massive federal budget cuts. There is a great inconsistency in this approach. The latest bright idea coming out of the Treasury Department is to tax the cash value contained in in surance policies that would raise $14 billion in revenue. Naturally, the insurance companies are opposed to the measure becoming law because they surmise that many policyholders would cash them in rather than pay the annual tax. Also, they fear a sharp decline in the sale of policies that feature cash value as a selling point. The insurance industry had indicated that it will spare no expense in seeing that the idea never reaches fruition. Senior citizen groups have declared their opposi tion saying that the elderly would be hurt because their policies' cash value would increase after the retirement years. The federal budget deficit needs to be brought down, but the culprits should be dealt with, such as wasteful military spending and the avoidance of pay ing by corporations making hugh amounts of money. In our judgment, the budget should not be balanc ed by removing some of the economic security tJ'Iat many Americans rely on through their insurance coverage. S. Africa Blacks Told: Quit Hating Your Own JOHANNESBURG, South second round of' mass funerals Africa Thousands of blacks in two weeks. thronged to two mass funerals ''A house divided against Saturday for 26 victims of itself cannot stand," the Rev. racial rioting, and speakers pleaded with them to stop Daniel Soga, head of a venting their hatred of white ministers' association, told rule on their fellow blacks. 50,000 mourners at Zwide. Police said that four blacks, "We may differ ideologically, including a 12-year-old girl, but at this time we cannot died in new incidents of fight among ourselves. This our enemy laugh.'' violence Friday and Saturday. At Zwide and Kwanobuhle, Most of the 15 victims neighboring shantytowns in buried at Zwide and the II at riot-torn eastern Cape ProvinKwanobuhle were killed by c.e, for the ... Police. The Racial Attitude Of American Presidents You just don't pick up the typical American History text (Third Of Series) book and find the informajustice, those great American tion to become enlightened on principles. This is especially the above topic. In fact, the true where the humanity of typical high school graduate, Black people is concerned. or college degree-holder for As a student during my that matter, could not tell you public school days, it was very much about the racial atalways difficult to rationalize titude of most American calling a slave master, Presidents. "Father". Perhaps it fits well All students come out with with white people, but it the George Washington syncomes off as one of the many drome: "I can't tell a lie", "white lies" to Black people. "Father of our country" coriGeorge Washington, like any cept. However, the truth of and all Southern presidents the matter is Mr. Washington prior to the Civil War, owned and other such "sacred" slaves. They were, or later leaders, enshrined in the na-eventually became tion's chronicles, lived such slaveowners as presidents. In hypocritical lives surrounding fact, Washington's Mount the ideals of freedom and Vernon and Thomas J fferRaspberry I Americans Want Improvements In Ed,ucation W ASHlNGTON The plicants, let alone the outconsensus is beyond doubting standing prospects we say we American s want substantial want. improvements in public educaAnd the numbers say it's gotion, and they are agreed that ing to get worse soon. the direct way of acThe 1970s decline in the complishing the improvements school-age population that is to pire better teachers. saw school closings across But the consensus has been America led us to believe that reached without weighing the we would need fewer teachers costs, and the question is and would therefore be free to whether we'll be willing to put choose only the top can our money where our consendidates. sus is. But the trend has turned At least 30 of the 50 states around The baby boomlet already have instituted some that started around 1977 has form of competency testing increased elementary school for teachers. Albert Shanker, enrollments for the first time president of the American in 14 years. According to the Federation of Teachers, has National Education Associa called for a national teachers' tion, we will need 200,000 new test comparable to entrance teachers a year at least through examinations for doctors and 1990. That demand for a: lawyers. There's hardly a million new teachers threatens school district in America that to derail the efforts to get bet isn't wrestling with the quester te_achers. tion of higher standards for That is because the brightest those who teach our children. young women, who used to be If it were simply a matter of a captive source for new wanting better teachers, we teachers, now have other, would have them already. more lucrative options, thanks Unfertunately, we are to the decline in sex behaving as though we are in a discrimination. In one recent buyer's market -as though period, education majors we need only to improve our ranked 17th in math ability ability to select the potentially and 14th in English ability outstanding teachers from the among 19 fields of study ranks of those who are applyanalyzed by the American Coling for teaching jobs. lege Testing Service. The truth is, it's a seller's Teaching is becoming an ocmarket. We're hardly able to cupation of last resort, and the keep our classrooms staffed most obvious way of changing witJ;l marginally competent ap(Continued On Page 5) son's Monticello were two of the nation's most heralded slave plantations. Yet, in the same breath, both could speak most eloquently of such humane virtues as freedom, jus\ice, and liberty. Let us not forget that it was Jefferson who wrote the famous, Declaration of Independence: "We hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal." Such an at titude is yet to take root, even to this day, on the American scene. Black and white children as well, must be educated today against such hypocrisy in American life. Such hypocrisy is the means of passing on the racist attitude born of slavery. And while some of these "famous" American presidents tried to repent in their later life,' it is not documented on a broad scale Jefferson, in assessing this nation retributively, said, "I shutter to think what will happen to this nation when I think that God is just." Jeffer son was in remorse about the institution of slavery. Washington left a will free ing all of his slaves upon his death. But what is important is the absence of acknowledged, cle .ar cut wrong doing. Nobody openly admits that they were morally wrong It is a rare, a most rare occurrence, that teachers today will teach or even inquire about the im morality of American slavery. They teach slavery in such a way as to take all of the sting out of it. Black people today must understand this con tiqued hypocrisy which re mains an obstacle on the road to freedo.m. George Washington became this nation's first chief exj ecutive under a constitution \ which regulated Black people as, legally, less than a human being. The 315 Compromise is well documented in American History. President Washington was well acquainted with the con tribution of slaves in the building of this country. Many had fought and died under his command in wars as early as the colonial wars. When he commanded the Continental Army in the American Revolution, 5,000 Black soldiers stood in uniform. Yet, this same Presi dent would never lift a finger to remove the badge of in feriority from the Black race he helped to enslave. While (Con!inued On Page 5)


' Love_rs Don't F all Out Of Love' Usually, we try our best to deal with issues and their and mostly, events, h;,"o" and people around us rather than (ocusing our atten-tion mainly on race. Somewhere along the fine, somebody(s) turned this whole thing around and it's just a wholly mess. Other times, we try our best to give point(s) of view(s) that are not pre:.. judicial, not always too feminine yet broadminded and open to new ideas which makes us persons. Nonetheless, we've gotten, as a result, ourselves into a stream of "talkback.'' Mean ing specifically, this Is good that we're paying attention to one another and dealing with more issues. However, the male's point oJ view or way of looking at things hasn't been dealt with. And ladies, this is our chance to. hear what the men have to say because they do have a lot to say. For sure. "Lovers don't fall out of love," Ronatd Swain. To me, the romantic that I am, that ANOTHER I VIEW Historic Election Ahead Tuesday, May 14, 1985 will a special day for Blacks in County. On that day the first Black ever will be elected to the Hillsborough County Board of .Commis sioners. That was made possi ble when Rubin Padgett out distanced four opponents to capture the Democratic nomination, and Leonard Campbell drew no opposition as the Republican candidate. The shame of what is hap' pening is that history is in the making, and so many people are confused about it. The election waS supposed have been held as long ago September 1984. A legal hassle over whether or not the election process discriminated or diluted the voting strength of black voters resulted in the election being postponed. Rumors of the election be ing on again, off again and on again swirled. Voter s became confused Finally the word came in late January that the election process for County Commissioners was fair and election on again. The election date was then set for March 12. This election was called the primary election, or an elec tion designed to determine the A. F. Kilbride Ins. 4.50J Nebraska 23llllliJ4 Uemocrat1c and Republican nominees. If any candidate did not get 51 OJo of the votes cast iri his race in the primary eleetion, then April 9 was set as the runoff election date. In this elec tion; the top two vote getters would square off against each other and compete for the vote of the voters. _The O!Je getting the most votes, would then become the party's nominee. Rubin Padgett won 51 OJo of the votf!S casted in the District 3 primary race and avoided having to compete in the April 9th run-off election. Leonard Campbell did not have opposi tion, and he also did not have to compete in the run-off elec tion. The races hiwe been narrow ed to the Democratic and Republican candidates in each race Now comes ihe time for the final election or the General election, May 14. On that day, voters will decide will be their representative to the county Board of Commissioners from several districts with special emphasis being placed on District 3. As election day approaches, I am surprised at the number of people who do not know that there is an election com ing up. There is an election to be held on May 14th, 1985, and it is a very important election. It MY OP NIONi [ By Rudolph Harris j Some Judges Abuse Their Power statement nteans more than the six words that they are. It is a loaded statement, to be ex act. Too often, men are not expected to have feelings beyond truth. Who was it that said that "men are not suppos ed to cry?" Must have been a woman. Anyway, so many of us are out of touch with our own feelings, that it's a wond.er anybody knows what's going on. For the same statement above to have come from a man reveals feelings, emotions and senses far beyond the obvious. We all need to put the "L" back in our love relationships. As best we can, ladies, let us .look closer at our men, in their hearts and above all, in their eyes and let them know and feel the truth. Truth is, we know we can't live without them. Sometimes, we think we '-. ._ can; but, we're only fooling ourselves. "The answer is the father And he's also in over 30% of the Black families in the nation. Family unity means strength and that's hard to do if the family head isn't there. That's why it's im portant for today's family to stay together. This way, the goals of Black families can become reality. And if you don't think family unity is something we all need _: pic ture a world without it," Joe Black. Usually, we try our best to deal with issues and their causes rather than race. Besides, race is what got us in to wholly mess. In the first place. Peace Be Unto You. The criminal justice system, itself, may well contibute to crime by the very manner in which some judges conduct their court sessions. On some occasions, it has been observ ed that judges actually violate the law in their interpreta tions. One particular issue which c omes to mind surrounds capital punishment. Here in Tampa we have observed judges over-,ruling jury recom mendations of mercy and go ing on to impose the death sentence. In such cases, such judges are imposing their per sonal will into the law. Perhaps laws should be writ ten restricting those robed in dividuals from such powers. It has also been observed, in some instances where some judges impose harder sanc tions on the accused when their defense is based on a con stitutional right. Any accused to his rights under the 4th, 5th, or 6th Amendments tends to raise the arrogance -of some judges. Personally, this writer recently observed a young Black defen dant being so victimized in a Tampa cogrt. Hopefully, we in the local Black presses across this nation, will focus on such events. There ought to be a Black news reporter so assigned in every criminal justice system across this na tion. Many young Blacks are eventually turned into harden ed criminals by the very abuse of some judges. One judge has refused to allow the state to drop charges against one yQung Black defendant because be will not submit to a detector (handwriting) test. According to the defendant, he expects to sit in jail in definitely because of such ar rogance from the bench in his case, but he will if it comes to that. Perhaps one of the best ways to learn, study, or comprehend "Black-on-Black" crime is to spend some time in and around courts in session. It would be a good experience for some of .our local "experts", who are conducting some of these recent seminars in our midst. Some of these in dividuals have never been in a court room in their life. Some strange things have long occurred in our system of criminal justice, especially where Blacks are concerned. Poor people do not stand a chance, and with the conser vative atmosphere, a spin-off from Reaganism around, it could get worst. When hate, avarice, and arrogance take hold of. a system, that system itself becomes the means to the ends of its own destruction. We are fast h eaded in that direction in this community and, perhaps, } n this nation. Competence wisdom from the benches across this nation can go a l(?ng way in reversing this grave and dangerous trend. Law and order must never supercede freedom and justice in a democratic prin .cipled society; Such ill-advised conduct from judges, the manner in which they run their courts can make a mockery out of the legal profession. Nowadays, lawyers are not effective. The days apllear to be long g(;ne when a lawyer by his own competence in his trade, can rise to the top. Courts in many American cities are fast becoming sessions for tyrants, who sit on the bench Black American (Continued From Page 4) men such as Mr. Washington had on numerous occasions voiced rhetoric of an anti slavery nature, the truth of the matter is that when push came the shove at the Constitutional Convention, they: (1) Gave the African slave trade twenty mQre years of unmolested interference, (2) enacted a strong fugitive slave law; (3) passed a commerce provision posing a $10 import tax on each slave brought into this country. Greedy men violated the 20-yr. African slave trade long beyond its legal limits and not a Washington, Jefferson, or any other so-called statesman lifted a hand to do anything about it. (To be continued) behooves all of us to get out and vote on that date. It is very important that we get out and vote for two reasons. The first reason is to insure that the most qualifie9 candidate gets elected. William Raspberry The second reason is basically for participation in this historic election. We should a)l want to be able to say that I voted in the election where the first black was elected to the Board of Hillsborough County Com missioners. Let us not forget that Tues day, May 14 will go down in the annals of Hillsborough County's history. Let us all be a part of it by getting out to vote and encouraging others to do the same Remind them that it is essential that they vote. (Continued From Page 4) that trend is to increase teachers' pay. Nor will such relatively cheap tricks as merit pay for outstanding teachers do the job. Few bright college sophomores will change their majors to education ori the prospect th at. some future time they might be eligible for merit pay. We're talking serious in creases, across tfit l:loard. -The average pay of the nation's I million public-school teachers is already more than $23,500 a year. Will Americans, already grumbling over high taxes, be willing to .raise that average enough to mak e teaching tractive to the bright prospec s we say we want? As things stand now, I doubt it. The rural and inner city schools most in need of outstanding teachers are hard. pressed to pay the ones they already have. And even in those areas where the baby boomlet will create the biggest demand the suburban com munities and the Sun Belt -::-. it's hard to imagine taxpayers raising salaries enough to attract young peo ple whose options include engineering, law and middle management jobs. We say we want better teachers, and I suppose we do. But will we do what is necessary to them? :31


.... fll = PASTOR'S INSTALLATION-Among the large number of relatives and friends present at Greater Mount Moriah Primitive Baptist Church for the in stallation of Elder Clarence L. Warren-, Jr., (pictured behind children) as the ASSOCIATION OF UNIVERSITY WOMEN LUNCHEON Martha H. Kennedy attended the Monthly Luncheon Meetmg of the A.merican Association of University Women at the Tampa Yacht and Country Club. Mrs. Evelyn Hammond was Mrs. Kennedy's guest. Mrs. Eva Pride is also a member of this organization. The highlights of the meeting was the Presentation of the "New Harbour Island. Charles "Chuck" Smith, Pres i dent of the Harbour Island, Inc. presented the slides and explained the development and the expectations to come in the future of this fantastic place. The ladies were served a delicious lunch Mrs. Hammond and Mrs. Kennedy were impressed with the service, especially the waiters serving different kinds of coffees. fees. Mrs Kennedy is al s o a member of the Ladies Guild of St. Peter Claver Catholic Church, National Council of Negro Women, President of the La Marquese Group, and the Las Damas Social and Civic Club. ZETA AMICAE AUXILIARY The last meeting of Zeta Amicae Auxiliary of Tampa was held at the beautiful home of Geraldine Chastain. Delegates elected to the state meeting convening in Orlando at the Holi day Inn, May 3-5 are: Geraldine Chastain and Priscilla Green. State President Maxine Douglas will be presiding. Final plans were made for the reunion which was held March 24 at the AKA Sorority House. Among the many guests enjoy ing this beautiful occasion were: former members Elizabeth Smith, Willie B. Hall, Rosa-Scott (charter member), Geraldine Barnes, Leila Burns, Jeanette Scott., and Vivian Seniors. Sorors present were: Willie Mae Cross, Lila Nichols, Hilda Smith, Mattie Doris Wilson, Emma Rockwell and Bessie Lewis. Earlier on the same day, Zeta Amicae attended the Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. Finer Womanhood Brunch at the Quality Inn. Present were Amicae Mamie Dismuke, Corene Radford, Ernestine Ponder, Priscilla Green, Maxine Douglas, Earon Cuffie and Mordra Christian. To culminate activities for the month of April, Zeta Amicae spent an enjoyable evening at Curtis Hixon Center, April 12, where Zeta Phi Beta Sorority held their Sixth Annual Debonaire Ball. Representing Amicae lt this beautiful presen tation of "Men of Tomorrow" were Arnica Mordra Christian, Earon Cuffie, Mamie Dismuke, Maxine Douglas, Ernestine Ponder, Corene Radford and Fannie Rodgers : Members enjoying the hostess hospitality were: Mary Chestnut, Maxine Douglas, Earon Cuffie, Priscilla Green, and Mordra Christian. Sorors present were: the sponsor, Willie Mae Cross and Ruby Williams. Among the are Rosa Frederick and Helen Street. The next meeting will be hosted by Mary Chestnut, 3514-25th Avenue. All meml?ers and prospective new members are urged to attend. 10 South Missouri Avenue. Fashionetta is a patented title of the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. It will be presented by the Nu Beta Omega Chapter of Clearwater as its fundraiser for the year. Nine local beauties will vie for the title of Miss Fashionetta '85. As a part of the evening s fes tivities, a program of music, dance and fashions will be presented. Tickets may be purchased from any Nu Beta Omega Chapter member or by calling 446-7613. For more information, you may call Beatrice Lewis, 446-7613. LA SANS SOUCI CLUB La Sans Souci Bridge Club met at the beautiful home of Mrs. Beatrice Stewart. The members had a brief discussion on the 74 young ladies that were presented in CotillionApril 20 at Curtis Hixon Center The affair was beautiful and the mem'bers were well pleased. Four rounds of bridge were played and the first place prize was won by Mrs. Evelyn Hill, second Mrs. Claudia Lowry, and third, Mrs. Eva Pride. .. 1 Members pr ; esent w(!re: Mrs. Dorothy Nelson, Mrs. Marie Sheehy, Mrs. Ruth Brown, Mrs. Betty Kjnsey, Mrs ; Ruby Pressley, Mrs. Mary Lee and Mrs. Evelyn Hill. Guests present: Mrs. Edna Sims, Mrs. Agnes Epps and Mrs. Florence Greenlee. IT'S ABOUT L.J.:W YOU ROSE CRUTCHFIELD YOUTH SUNDAY SPEAKER Recently, the congregation of College Hill Mennonite Church was tremendously blessed and encouraged during a Youth Sunday Service. Everyone present seemed to be expecting something special to happen, and it did. First, there was the uplifting singing of the Majesties. They are a group of young ladies with powerful, dynamic voices. Their faces showed the joy they received in singing praises to the risen Lord. MARCUS GRADDY Second, was the Youth Day Address by Marcus Graddy. He is one of the assistants to the Pastor of New Bethel Baptist Church. Marcus spoke of the love of God and how much God wants to give us the desire of our hearts and bless us, i f we will only acknowledge Him as Saviour and clean up our lives. He said we should strive to be "beautiful inside and outside." He prompted his listeners to DELIGHT (baily Everything Laid In God's Hands Totally) ourselves in the Lord. Mattie Perkins Shiggs at the Grand O_pening of. Superior Beauty Salon. HCC Commencement Program Set Tuesday Formal graduation ceremonies for more than 1 ,000 students take place at 7 p.m. Tuesday, April 30th, as Hillsborough Community College presents its 16th An nual Commencement Pro The event takes place at Curtis Hixon Hall, and the public is invited to attend Local businessman and community leader Frank Mor sani will deliver the Com. mencement Address. Morsani, owner of Precision Enter. prises, Inc., which operate s and owns several automobile dealerships, is also the Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. The Invocation will be presented by Christine Bell, a student at the Plant City Cam pus, and the Student Com mencement Address will be delivered by Brenda Sue Mar tin, a student at the Ybor City Campus. HCC President Dr. Andreas Paloumpis will be presiding. Earon Cuffie is the President. Ernestine Ponder is Public Relations Chairman The HCC Jazz Band, under the direction of Professor VARIETY SHOW AT ROBINSON James Burge, will provide Robinson High sChool will host it's annual variety show entertainment prior to and ;.< AKA SORORITY IN CLEARWATER May 2nd at 7:30 p.rri. in the auditorium. The show is being during the ceremonies. Pro"A Fiesta of Color" is the theme for the upcoming second sponsored and co-sponsored by Phyllis and Philetha Tucker, fessor Pat Trice will play the annual Miss Fashionetta pageant which will be presented who appeared in the April 29th issue of Jet magazine. For more processional and recessional Saturday, May 4, at 8 p.m, at the Clearwater City Hall Annex, information, call 839 7250 marches. .............. ...................... ................ .... ...................... ...


Minister And Wife Renew Marriage Vows On 50th Anniversary vou A : The Rev. and Mrs. George W. Mitchell celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary by renewing their vows in a beautiful candlelight ceremony performed by Rev. C.T. Kirkland and Rev. A. Leon Lowry. The elegant affair was April 20, at Terrace on The Mall, Teco Plaza, amidst a beautiful setting of natural greenery and gold, yellow and white spring bouquets. Over 400 friends and guests helped to celebrate this grand occasion. The couple repeated their vows under an arch of flovters and candelabras. M -rs. Mithcell wore a beautiful dress of embroidered ecru sill< with a matching sequin covered Juliette veiled cap. The Rev. and Mrs. W.J. Glover of St. Petersburg attended them as Best Man and Matron of Honor. Highlight s of the celebra tion were tributes and REV. AND MRS. G. W. MITCHELL FLORIDA MEMORIAL COLLEGE THE NATIONAL ALUMNI ASSOCIATION SIXTH ANNUAL SPRING CONFERENCE May lOth And 11th, 1985 At The Holiday Inn, 1061 Hwy AlA South ST. AUGUSTINE BEACH The Conference Is Being Hosted By The TAMPA And ST. AUGUSTINE CHAPTERS Tile Registration fee Includes Individual Registration, Banquet, Picnic And Hospitality Costs Make checks payable to FMC, and forward to Ms. Leola Davis, Tampa Chairperson, 8515 Blue Ridge Drive, Tampa FL 33619, Ph. (813) 621-1058, or Ms. Wilhelmina G. Jackson, St. AuJ!uSiine Chairperson, P .0. Box 1012, St. Augustine, FL 32085; Ph. (904) 824-4784. (To Ensure Lodging At The Conference Site, Reservations May Be Made By C .. llng The Holiday Inn Toll Free Number, 1-800-872-6232.) FIRST BAPT.ST CHURCH Of LINCOLN GARDENS To Observe 26th CHURCH ANNIVERSARY May 1 May 5, 1985 Night Services, 7:30P.M. Pastor Wed. Northside M.8. Church .. Rev. J Jordan, pastor And Greater Morning Star Rev. E. Washington, pastor Thurs., Independent Church 01 God In Christ Rev. Simpson, pastor Fri., New Progress M.8. Church Rev. E.J. Williams, pastor 3:30P.M., St. Matthew M.8. Church Rev. J.H. Howell, pastor Choirs And Ushers To Serve Dinner Served After Sunday Afternoon Service. DEA. W. WELLS And SIS. S. WELLS, Chairpersons. tations made by their son, Bil ly Mitchell; granddaughter, Shevawn Broxton; neighbor, Mrs. Mary McCullough; and an unveiling of a Portrait of .. Rev. Mitchell presented by the Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church where he served as pastor for 45 years. Music was rendered throughout the evening by organist John Ware and soloists Mrs. Ruth Jefferson and t he Rev. Nathaniel Hill. The toast to the celebrants was given by William Bry ant. Ho s t s and Ho s tesses for the reception were : Norris Collins, Arthur Tolbert John Burton Earl McCullough, Ricky Roberts Dan Norman, Ronald Mitchell, Irene Reid, Ozepher Harris, Rutha M. Harper, Ruby French, Betty Baker, Vivian Triplett and Carole Mitchell. Others were: Berneice Nelson, Carolyn Col lins, Frank Harper, Deloris Washington, Jones, Grace Bowden, Sandra Nelson and Terri Van White. The Honorees received many lovely gifts including a gold money tlee decorated with leaves of gold and yellow ribbon The beautiful four tiered an niversary cake was designed by family member, Mrs. Mary Alice Smith. Out-of-town family and guests attending were: Shevawn Broxton, Birmingham, Ala ; Kimberly Brox ton, Jacksonville; Mr. and Mrs Willis Giles, Ft. Myers; Mr. and Mrs. Frank Dunn, Nashville, Tenn.; Paul Thompson, New York, N.Y.; Daniel Wheeler, Memphis, Tenn. ; Mrs. Naomi and Bridget Bivens, Bradenton; Mrs. Catherine Jones, Braden ton, and R.C. Washington, Palmetto. IMMOKALEE MRS. MARY TOWNSEND : Reporter Sunday School began at the usual time at all churches in the community with the superintendent and teachers at their posts. Classes were twen ty five minutes. After the Sun day School, we enjoyed the morning worship services at Allen Chapel A.M.E. Church. The No. One Ushers and Choir served The sermon was by the pastor, Rev. Bass and members of First Baptist Church enjoyed the program at the Unity Christian Church in Ft. Myers, in their Range Chorus Anniversary. All choirs and spiritual singers sang out of their souls Mr s. Annie Mae Brown en joyed a vis i t from her niece a nd n e phe w for th e weekend from Miami. Mr s Francis Smart enjoyed a visit at her home with relatives over the weekend. Please pray for the sick and the shut-in HAPPY BRIAN MARACUS Brian Christher Marcus celebrated his first birthday April 25th. His best wishes were from his mother, Tanya R Brockman; grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Hardy Brockman; godparents, Mr. and Mrs. Roland H Johnson, and sister, Angelia. LARRY GREEN Larry Bernard Green IS celebrating his 23rd April 30. Larry is the son Mr. Clemons, and Deloris Green. He will celebrate his birthday with his fiancee Josie. They will have dinner J. Fitzget:alds. NIKIT A WILIAMS Happy Birthday to Nikita Shontel Williams Nikita at tends Coleman Junior High School. She is a former member of the Tampa Spar tans She also enjoys singing, talking, racquetball, and meeting new people. She will spend her 14th birthday with family and friends. TAMPA BAY BUILDERS HOME REPAIR AND REMODELING SPECIALIST LIC. 034997 BONDED AND CALL OR COME BY FOR FREE ESTIMATES ... President 251-2585 Or 251-8754 1005 W. PLAn ST., TAMPA, FLORIDA 33606 QUARTET SINGING CONVENTION Sunday, May 5 At 3:00 P.M. At The LILY WHITE TEMPLE 3712 29th Street Many Groups Will Appear Such As: The Spring Hill Males, Tbe Southern Tones, The DWonalres, The Har mony Winds, The Gospel Warriors, The Spiritual Wonders, Tbe Heavenly Trumpets, And Special Guest, Tbe Gospel Supremes of Jacksonville. FRJE ADMISSION. R. L. PETERMON And The HEAVENLY TRUMPETS > = a. ..


. .fiii iii" ... iiiii" .. .. 'iiii" .. 'iiii' ... iili. .. "iiii, ... iiii' ... 'iiiii .... iliiii" .. 'iiiii' .. 'iiii' .. "iiii' "iiiii' 'iiii' .. 'ii;i" . = lliiP .... =" ... AROUND THE TOWN .... I .. = < c .. -= I'll -::cs = == = = I = = Beta Sigma Zeta Chapter of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority selected, left. to right, Ant onio Watson, Latoya Stadom, Katrina Whitehead and Chris Jones for Pages at their Sixth Annual Debonair Ball. The junior hostesses were Ingrid Bethel, Countess Charisse Clark, Karla Cooper, Karen Lynn Cooper, Raynay Franklin, Treandra Frazier, Benettye Michele Griffin, Latonia Patrice Hill, Sylisa Hopkins, Doretha Francenia Mathis, Caroln Puh, Marya Williams, Robin Yvette Wraight and Sabrina York. ; Bjlli e Allen, Clara Glover and Shirley Golver ...... Rogan-Mincey Wedding. c. ..... Omega Boatride Attorney George Butler .. ... Omega Boatride


' ...., Some of the party-goers who enjoyed the delightful evening. Adrian Johnson, Sharon Bellamy, Marvin Bell, Paula Foster and Lexie Campbell. MOTHER'S DAY PROGRAM May 72, 1985 UNIVERSITY OF TAMPA SPARTANS SPORTS CENTER On Program: (The Old Fairgrounds, North Boulevard & Cass Street) WILLIE BANKS & THE MESSENGERS Miss THE SWANEE QUINTET ... Augusta, Ga. ... OfTampl! .. Detroit Mich. DOORS OPEN AT 2:00P.M. PROGRAM BEGINS At 3:00P.M. DONATION: $9.00 At The Door:$ JO.OO Tickets Sold At: College Hill Pharmacy, 3503 22nd Street, Mosley & Williams Auto Cen ter, 3228 N. 40th Street And New Philadelphia Baptist Church, 1002 E. Buffalo Ave \ {. / I -., ..... ,. Rick Tims, J. R. Tarver and Don Lott. Mrs. Frank Amaro, Sr. and Steve Jackson. Thomas Huggins, Frank Reddick and Rick Tims. = 00 = ; I = = ;' ; = 0 :r trl Cl. Q. = fll


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Curtis Woodard -Remodeling lie Bonded Specializing In: Interior & Exterior Carpentry Free Estimates Easy Bank Financing. 2404 N. 34th St. 248-3424 ENROLL NOW for 1985-86 School Year ST. PAUL UNITED METHODIST SCHOOL 3304 Sanchez Street Tampa. Florida 33605 1 Pre-School .(4 years Through Accredited by: Morina McGhie, Wanda and Jerome Williams and Tony McGhie at the Watson-Toombs Wedding. The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools 248-6328 Deloris The Florist 5808 N 40th St. 237-4472 Complete Wedding Package For Only $300 Includes: Arches, Kneeling Benches, Can delabras, Altar Flowers, Plant Stands Bridal Bouquets And Total Wedding Flowers. NO LIMIT ON Wedding Dresses Bought, Sold and Rented On Consignment Only. Complete Funeral Service Avallab#e ...... EYES EXAMINED CONTACT LEN Dr. Watlace Hay OPTOMETRIST Paying Customers & Medi c aid Accepted 876-8491 19:45 W.. Ave. 'i921' SPIRITUAL ADVISOR True Psychic Born With Power. wu.: satisfy You In One Visir. Has L oved One Turned Against You? Art> You Unhappy, Discou ral(ed, lnftuenced By Evil Spell?. I <::an Succeed Where Others Have Failed Call Today. Weekdays After 5 P.M. Anytime On Weekends. 1(813) 677-2971. Public School To Have Pre-registration of youngsters who will be attend ing kindergarten in public schools in Hillsborough Coun ty next school year will be held in all of the county's elemen' tary schools during the week of May 6-IQ, school officials have anpounced. State law requires a child to complete a kindergarten pro gram either in public or private school before entrance in a public first grade. To enter public school kindergarten in Florida, youngsters must be five years old by September I, 1985. Prior to entering kindergarten in the fall, parents must present the child's birth certificate or other proof birth, that the child has had a com plete physical examination, and that their innoculations are op-to-date In aatlm, on. ,proof of residence is re quested. Mrs. Yvonne McKitrick, Supervisor of Early Childhood Education, said registration hours vary, so that should phone thei neighborhood school for exact time to enroll their child. Pre-registration of the child in May at his school is impor tant so schools can adequately plan to have enough teachers aidc;s and supplies on hand when schools open in the fall FIRST HOUSING DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION OF FLORIDA Has available $395,314.00 for first loans to eligible borrowers for the purchase of new and existing single family homes, through the Uot:fda Housiag Finance Agency Bond Program. Fixed rate is 10.99'lo for thirty (30) yean with a maximulll loan-to-value ratio of 95'lo, wltll a minimum dowa payment of 5'lo of the purchase price. Maximum purchase prices are established at $76,200.00 for new homes (not previously oecupled) and S59,400.oo for existing homes. Maxilaam famUy Income can not exceed 18,300.00 To be eHglble, properties must be located Ia tbe followina een.s-.s tracts: Identified below. Hlllsltorowh CountyTract Nos. 12. 26. 30, 31. 33. 38, 39, 40. 4l. 43 and 51 Pinellas CountyTrect Nos. 209-95, 210-95. 212. 21), 214, 216-95 encl262: ... .. ._' .. 19 11 34 3 THESE FUNDS WILL BE AVAILABLE FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY. Qualified interested par ties are invited to call FJRST HOUSING at (813) 877-7291 for complete eligibility details.


PAGE TWELVE e SEVEN DAYS A WEEK! PRICES EFFECTIVE APRIL 28 MAY 1. QUANTITY RIGHTS RESERVED. COPYRIGHT 1985, WINN-DIXIE STORES, INC., TAMPA. This ad applies to the following Aoricla counties only: Desoto, Hardee, Hillsborough, Highlands, Hernando, Manatee, Pasco, Pinellas, Polk, Sarasota, Lee, Collier, Charlotte, and the of LaBelle. Check your local paper' for specials in your area U.S. CHOICE FULL-CUT ROUND STEAK LB. U.S. CHOICE W-DBRAND. BOTTOM RO.UND ROAST $1 79 LB. U.S. CHOfCE WHOLE UNTRIMMED BONELESS Beef Tenderloins ... Lb. CHEER LAUNDRY DETERGENT $ 89 49-0Z. 1 BOX UMIT 1 PLEASE SAVE}'g45C TttRIFT\' MAID CREAM OF CELERY, TOMATO, VEGETARIAN VEGETABLE, CREAM OF POTATO, VEGETABLE, 'CHICKEN NOODLE, CREAM OF CHICKEN, CHICKEN WITH RICE, -....,. OR CREAM OF MUSHROOM SOUPS 4cANs$} LIMIT 8 OF YOUR .t:lfOICE PLEASE Tues. And Fri. Get Both Editions For every $10.00 you spend, we'll double three manufacturer's coupon oHers! EXAMPLE '10 3 Coupons. '20 Purchase 6 Coupons. etc. Coupon up to 50c value will be doubled. Thoe volued from 504 to '1 .00 will hoVe a maximum redemption value of '1. 00. Coupons over '1.00 will be redeemable only for face valUe Double offer exclUdeS retOiler or free coupc;ms. or tobacco coupons a r refund certificates Coupon value cannot exceed the _Valve of the item. DOUBLE MANUFACTURER'S COUPON VALUE CANNOT EXCEED S1.00 (See Chart) DOUBLE CDUPD SAYI.GS AT WI .. DIXIE MANUfACTURIRS MIG YOU CINTS SA VI COUPON Off AT. WO COUPON A 35C JOC CDUP.DN 8 50C 'I 00 COUPON C 75C 'I 00 COUPON 0 'I 25 1 25 ____ .. SESAME STREET THE SESAME STREET TREASURY VOLUME 1 VOLUMES 2-15 FOR ONLY $269 EACH 99 Stories_ Nursery Rhymes Poems Spanish Words Jt Illustrations .. Y Alphabet Numbers Picture Puzzles Games 4:{-. .. I V 191!


N3 Dish D t t 32-0z. e erg en Btl. 79 THRIFTY MAID ......... 3 $} 00 Deli-Bake DELI-QUALITY WHITE MEAT TURKEY BREAST LB.$2!l DEll-QUALITY COLBY, LONGHORN, OR Monterey Jack $}S9 Half Cheese ............. Lb. DEll-BAKERY Italian or 59 French Bread .. Loaf WINN-DIXIE GOLDEN BROWN SOUTHERN .......... $3 49 BAKERY -FRESH 4, REG. OR UNSAL $} 00 DEEP SOUTH Real Mayonnaise ... $} 09 SAVE BENIHANA DINNERS ORIENTAL BEEF WITH BROCCOLI, SLICED BEEF & VEGETABLES IN TERI\' AKI SAUCE, ORIENTAL COSMOPOLITAN, NORMANDY, PARISIAN, OR CUT GREEN BEANS Dixiana 99 Vegetables ..... TROPICANA 100% PURE FROZ. CONCENTRATE .oz. $}2 5 Jutce .................. can ""W""'WD'"! -, Dairv J[ I ........ SUPERBRAND SWEETMILK OR Buttermilk 4 89 8-0z-BtSCUJtS .. .. .. .:.-... ............. Do $}49 SUPERBRAND KOUNTRY -SLICED IMITATION Check address list below for Deli-Bakery location nearest you. Cheese 99 12-0z. Stngles .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ELFERS-* Elfers R.' 54; SUN"tl'fY Sun City Center; SPRING iiiLL* Sprlna Hill Shop. Ctr ., 1747 Sprina Hill. Dr.; BROOKSVILLE-South Plaza U.S. Hwy. 41 & S.R, 577; Western Way Plaza, 13017 Cortez Blvd.; DADE CITY-O.de City Plaza, 813 N. 7th St.; Dade Vlllaae Shop. Ctr., 1710 S. Hwy. 301; ZEPHYRHILLS-West Gate Shop. Ctr., S.R. 54 & S. Allen Rd.; LAKELANDS. Florida Ave.; EaStside Vlllaae, U.S. 92 & Combee Rd.; Market Square, 3163 U.S. 98 & KnlahtsGriffen; Im perial Christina Shop. Ctr., 6902 S. Florida Ave.; WINTER HAVEN-VIIIaae Plaza, 1130 Recker Hwy.; Winter Haven Mall, 820 3rd St. S.W.; Cypress Grove Plaza; 5600 Gardens Blvd.; LAKE WALES-Lake Wales Plaza, S.R. 60 West; HAINES CITY-Halnes City Plaza, 1703 Hinson Ave., AUBURNDALE-Imperial Plaza, 319 Ravendale Blvd.; BARTOW-Bartow Mall, 1050 N. Broadway; HIGHLANDS COUNTYTowne Square Shop. Ctr., 1030 S. E. Lakeview Dr.; Sehrina Square Shop. Ctr., U.S. 27 & Fairmont Drive; Lake Placid Shop. Ctr., U.S. 27 & Tower St.; Avon Square Shop. Ctr., U.S. 27 & Cornel St.; PALM HARBOR-Palm Lakes Shop. Ctr., 415 U.S. Hwy. 19; Crystal Beach Shop. Ctr., 2170 U.S. Alt.19 N. STAR(*) PRECEDING ADDRESS INDICATES DELJ TION. I! Wlnn Dixie is an Equal Opportunity Employer for both _______ ,;,.. ____________________ men and Contact the Tampa Urban Leaaue or our AD St Ope M da thru Human Resource Dept., P. 0. Box 440, Tampa, Florida 0f'eS ft Oft y 33601 Saturday, 7 A.M. to 11 P.M. Open-Sunday, 8 A .. M. to 9 P.M. SUOJliPlf qJOU J019 'f.l.i puy AJaA:i( paqSJIQDd U!JOllfD8(3UJJUilS .!1 S86l '0 'IIlldV 'A


.= Q = I ... liloc "C = < ,. r;: J ./J Entertainment \ Billy Ocean Is A Loss To Clothing Industry; A Gain To Music World Billy Ocean's first musical' teps were taken on Christmas long time ago in Trinidad. at is where Billy, the elder two boys in a family of six ildren, was born, and where s mother one Yule bought m a blue ukelele. "I still can't play it," he laughs now. But it set him on the right At the age of eight, he and his family came to live in London, and as a teenager, Billy went for the job security' his parents encourged by becoming a cutter in ladies' tailoring. For some time it looked as though the music rid's loss would be the hing industry's gain, but Ocean was still flirting with in struments such as the guitar, bass and drums. Then, with 30 pounds that he borrowed, he bought his first piano. Billy combined tailoring by day with music by night in bands like Shades of Midnight and Dry Ice. The uncertain hours lost him his steady job, but by this time he had met a singer-producer who needed a voice on a record. Billy began life as a session singer Things really clicked when he met Ben Findon at a studio in Dalston, East London. Again Ocean was asked to provide voices and before long, he and Findon were WHERE THE ACTION IS .. BYALBERT LEE Your action man says with good weather like we are en joying, everyone is going out to enjoy themselves. Here are some of the fine places to go in the Tampa Bay area. The NEW LOUNGE, located on Nebraska Ave. is gearing up for their famous WTMP night with a $100 giveaway prize to whoever is voted Mr. or Miss WTMP. The cool R.J. Moore will be spinning the heavy wax. On Thursday night it's King Flirt and his Male Revue. GRACE'S PLACE is in viting everyone to sign up for their famous GONG SHOW, May 6. They welcome all talent. There will be prizes awarded and pictures taken of the winners. Don't forget that the one man band CAN DY YAMS is still doing his thing every weekend and you will have plenty of company to enjoy yourself. To serve you will be the lovely Mabel, Diane, and the cool Bartender GEORGE. See Marjorie and Marlon who will really make your evening the best ever. The MANILA LOUNGE, getting off in Ybor City is the best for less They have good prices and plenty of entertain ment every night of the week. Your D.J. Floyd Rivers keeps the video disco going and plays the best of the spinning sounds. See him in action BIG JOE'S BAR, is where the action is in the West Tam pa area, you meet friends and sometimes cousins there. It's a family get together feeling. Come see the lovely barmaids who serve you with a smile. The RAT is mixing the cool sounds to make you dance all night THE ROYAL SMOKE SHOP, located at the corner of Beach and Armenia Sts., has your choice of music awaiting your arrival. The manager, Gene Hicks says come on around and let's get down. You will meet your neighborhood friends there and party the night away. Everyone gets it on at the Royal Smoke Shop. The BLUE FLAME LOUNGE, has live entertain ment. Come in and see the Bersham Band in action. Featuring Jerome McCall. What's really good are the juicy ribs, chicken and sausages they fix for you everyday. You can't go wrong eating this good food See you next week and tell a friend where the action is ..... *Sentinel's Top JOSingles 1. We Are The World .. U.S.A. For Africa 2. Nightshift ... Commodores 3. Til My Baby Comes Home .. Luther Vandross 4. Rhythm Of The Night ... Debarge 5. New Attitude ....... Patti Labelle 6. Lovergirl .............. Teena Marie 7. Missing You ............................ Diana Ross 8. Back In Stride ................ Maze 9. Private Dancer ................ Tina Turner 10. Be Your Man ................ Jesse Johnson BILLY OCEAN writing partners. What resulted was a deal with GTO Records and "l.ove Rea/11 Hurts Without You," a number two hit in Britain i n the early part of 1976. The same year, he became a Top 20' resident, thanks to "IJJD (l.ove On Delivery)" and "Stop Me (ll You've /Ieard It All and in 1977 came another number two with "Red l.ight Spells Danger." Ocean's own career enjo yed a real boost when \'ights (Feel /.ike Getting Down)" hit the R&B Top 5 in the U S., Stevie's Warning On Booze Put a Stevie Wonder record on the turntable and it's sure to turn people on. But the superstar hopes his next project will turn people off. Off booze, that is or at least make them aware that drinking and driving don't mix. As part of an ambitious project to be unveiled next week by the federal Department of Transportation, Wonder and director Bob Giraldi, king of commercials, will film the first-ever public service music video. "We want to reach out to the 16 to 25-year-old bracket," said department spokesman Ricb Smith yester day. "So Stevie and Giraldi will film a 4\12-minute video in Los Angeles next Wednesday and Thursday for the music video stations. It's very am bitious. We've never done anything like this before. But the potential of reaching so many young people is in credible." The piece, called "Don't and he was voted "Top New Male Artist" by both Cashbox and Record World in 1982. / // Drive Drunk, is taken the score Wonder wrote the film ''The Lady In Red. "We want young people to undefstand that they have a responsibility to their friends who are drunk," said Smith. ''The theme is to help each other, to drive them from a party or get them cabs, to make sure that the person who is drunk doesn't get behind the wheel." Besides airing on cable TV, 30-second and 60-second spots will be cut from the video and sent to regular stations ""'"n"" the country for publiC-""'ru.,.,. GRACE'S PlACE 2502 N. Albany THE GONG SHOW Monday, May 6th 9P.M. ., st Place J 50.00 2nd Pl-ace3rd Place50.00 25.00 singers Dancers Actors Comedians I REGISTER NOWII


MISS HOLLYWOOD? Lean Aldridge is caught in stuntt ing silhouette as she goes through a successful prelhitinary audition to reach the 25-woman semi-finals of "Miss Hollywood 1985." Airing Wednesday, May 1, 9-11 p.m. (ET) on ABC, the gala special has been carefully designed as a talent competition to find an outstanding young star in the old Hollywood tradition. Miss Aldridge a native of Chicago, who now makes her home in Long Beach, Calif., is an aspiring ac tress. Should she win the competition, her prizes would include $SO,Ooo in cash, a sable coat, a round-the-world cruise, a com plete home entertainment .system, a car and a one-year contract at am studio. YOUR HOROSCOPE TAURUS (April 20-May 20): Relationships, and one in particular, take on deeper ............. 6 There is a mental that provides the ''-\0111\0IHIII)I clCtioq. GEMINI (May 21-June 20): Give in to your need for seclu sion while you catch up on neglected tasks and obliga tions. CANCER (June 21-July 22): Friends and group associates keep you busy. Be careful you don't take on more responsibilities than you have time for. LEO (July 23-August 22): Contacts made in social affairs prove fortunate for advancing business interests. A family member may delay things somewhat. VIRGO (August 23-September 22): Distant in terests and plans for the future are accented Academic pro take on a brighter look. LIBRA (September 23-0ctober 22): Sweet talk will get you what you want. If you really need a loan or credit, go for it. SCORPIO (October 23-November 21): Let your mate or partner have the limelight. Listen to the words of wisdom issuing forth and be happy. SAGITTARIUS (November 22-December 21): The spotlight is on employment matters and relationships with co-workers. Tone down your tendency to be overly critical. CAPRICORN (December 22-January 19): Heart in terests are strained. Express your true feeling and drop that cold facade you've adopted. AQUARIUS (January 20-February 18): Property in terests will be in the forefront. Looks like you should be prepared for some radical change. PISCES (February family affairs. close 19-March 20): Dealings with people around y ou new interest helps you decide. ARIES (March 21-April 19): The new moon on financial and increasing assets A you've been mullin g over > = Q. ::!. I = e =-= = I'll


" JR'fS {( JIJJI<:: As Coach WHAT HAPPENED IN SPORTS I'll = 0 -.. "CC = < = '3 = I Q,l = = Pistons 133-99. The 1 { Vl{' ][! 7_ ill['lll][(J1 ( SEATTLE The Seattle 1\tltjjJ'WU' the best of seven '1 4 w ] SuperSonics have fired. Lenny Challenger Tony 'TNT' .1"?:. )) :r ) Wilkens as; coach and have Tubbs won a unanimous Led by Moses Malone's 27 J' l{A N JIJ the post of general BY RANDOLPH KINSEY .. I!IIIIIIII Sanies' owner Barry WBA heavyweight championthe Milwaukee Bucks 127-105. 1 USFL Is In Troub e Ackerley said in a news conship fight. The Sixers lead the series 1-0. ference that Les Habegger had Tubbs, who landed the The Utah Jazz won the best' been demoted from general harder punches outscored of five series 3-2 against manager to director of player Page on all of the three judges Houston Rockets 104-97 to personnel. Ackerley, who watcards. Many of the fans advance to the best of seven ched the Sanies go from a thought the main fight hype series against the Denver Nug42-40 club in 1983-84 to a was stolen by Hector 'Macho gets, who upset the San An-31-51 team in 1984-85, said Man' Camacho whose flare tonio Spurs 126-99. The United States Football is in trouble. Atten dance is down except in Tam pa Bay and New Jersey. to super marketing by the Tampa Bay Ban and the New Jersey these teams are much off than the rest of the What surprises me is that of the best football in the USFL are in otan:ger of going under. Such earns as the Houston uaHui.IOl the Birmingham Stallions, the Denver Gold and Los Angeles Invaders are having financial and atten problems. In addition, ABC is think about cancelling its con tract with the spring league. This would be a move that will sure death to the USFL. For Sunday's game the Bandistributed 41,226 tickets, but drew a crowd of just over 25,000. That has become ex pected of the Bandits. But what about the rest of the league? Is the end near? Will it be over after a while? For answers to these ques we will have to wait and But unless the rest of the -":"'"'''c can do a better job of eting their products and a tip from the Bandits, the end is in sight. GEORGE -AT IT AGAIN George Steinbrenner, the owner of the New York Yankees, is at it again. He just fired Yankee Manager Yogi Berra and guess who he replac ed him with? If you said his old friend and enemy Billy Martin, then you were right. The return of Billy Martin to the Yankee manager's job rekindles the George-and-Billy Comedy Show! The Yankees lost 10 of their first sixteen games this season under Berra and boom, Berra was gone in typical Georgie fashion. This will make the fourth Riverfront Basketball League Registration The Riverfront Summer Basketball League is presently accepting applications for the '85 season. Any team in terested should contact Lewis Brinson at 988-4845, or call 251-3742. The deadlfne' for having your application in is 10. time George has hired Billy Martin to coach the Yankees. Three other times, Martin has been fired. Rest assured that he will be fired a fourth time. However, Martin is a good manager and will get the Yankees winning. The problem is Martin's style is not necessarily to the liking of Mr. Steinbrenner. He and Martin are constantly at odds. For the time being, Billy and George are together again, but don't. expect them to live happily together for too long. BUCS BENNETT HALF WAY HOME Buccaneer new head coach Leeman Bennett may not be able to coach worth a plug nickel, but he sure knows how to win people over to his way of thinking. There is no doubt that Bennett came to Tampa where a bad relationship ex isted between the manage ment, coaches, players and fans. The fans, coaches and players wanted to see the Buc caneers Jose. The spirit of fans, players and coaches reache<;i the I don't give a damn leveL In his short stay here, Mr. Bennett has already changed the hearts and minds of many people, yours truly included. Players who had been writ ten off have once again come alive and they can't wait for the football season to start. The guys I've talked to have a genuine like for their new coach. They contend that the atmosphere at One Buccaneer Place is a whole Jot more relaxed than in past years. One player told me that he has in the past avoided One Buccaneer Place as much as possible because of the ten sion. Well all of this is gone now' and it has all been at tributed to the presence of the man. I have yet to talk to Mr. Bennett, but I watched him during the mini camp. I can see a difference too. I feel that the Tampa Bay Buc caneers are one of the more talented teams in the League. Coach John McKay did an ex cellent job of bringing the talent here. With the talent the Bucs have and Bennett's philosophy, the Bucs should be a 'Vinner in '85. Mercedes Beauty Salon 2908 Nebraska Ave. 223-2313 Jheri Curls-'35-'40 Relaxer W /Cut & Conditioner '20 Operator & Owner, Mercedes Operator, John, Fomerly of Hair Dazzlers Wilkens' successor as coach and quick punches scored a The Los Angeles Lakers would not be named until after unanimous decision over Mex-pounded the Portland Trail the June 18 draft. ican lightweight champion RoBlazers 125-101. Led by Ear Wilkens compiled a 553-491 que Montoya in a 1 2 round vin 'Magic' Johnson (12 record in 13 seasons as an NABF Lightweight championpoints, 11 assists), Kareem NBA coach, including a ship bout. Abdul Jabbar, James Worthy 357-257 mark as Sanies' coach Camacho stunned Montoya and Mike McGhee added 16 during the last eight years. in the tenth round knocking points each in Los Angeles' H I S him to the canvas. Montoya well-balanced scoring attack. o mes tgns For regained his senses to finish Live Title Defense -the last two rounds impressiveUndefeated heavyweight ly. Football champion Larry Holmes will Tim Witherspoon knocked take another step to:ward out NABF Heavyweight matching Rocky Marciano's Champion James 'Broadaxe' perfect 49-0 record when he Broad in the second round of meets Carl "The Truth" their scheduled 12-round Williams in a scheduled fight. Witherspoon pounded 15-round International Boxing Broad savagely in the face Federation title bout, to be before Broad fell to the canvas televised live May 20 by NBC face first. Ed Luther's touchdown pass and Mike Rozier added another touchdown to lead the Jacksonville Bulls over the Birmingham Stallion 27-17 Sunday. Gary Anderson rushed for 106 yards to lead the Tampa Bay Bandits over the Baltimore Stars 28-14 Sports. The Network said the fight Herschel Walker's explosive 157 yards and one touchdown helped the New Jersey Generals beat the Orlando Renegades 24-7 on ESPN Monday night. will be broadcast starting at 9 p.m. EDT. The site has not been determined. The 35-year-old Holmes, who is two victories shy of Marciano's mark talked about retiring before he .)mocked down David Bey in the 1Oth round last month in Las Vegas, Nev. Afterward however' he said he wanted match the record too badly to quit now. Williams, 25, of White Plains, N.Y., is 16-0 with 12 knockouts. NOW! NIGHTLY EXCEPT SUNDAYS 8 P.M. MATINEES, MON., WED., SAT. 12:45 N O M I NORS MUS l RE 18 DINE AT DERBY CLUB DERBY LANE ST. PETERSBURG Robert Parrish scored 27 points and grabbed 16 re bounds to lead the Boston Celtics over the Detroit ERA. Tho,.nas C. Hills ConstructiQn And Real Estate Tired Of Paying Rent? Now's The Time To Buy A New Home. Let Our Professionals Show You How Easy It Is To Turn This Year's Income Tax Return Into A Dream Come True; A Brand New Home For Example: Our 1040 Model 3 BR's, Separate Dining Rm., Breakfast Bar, Central A/C, W /W Carpet. P /I Payments Star ting As Low As $380/Per Month. RT-7 Model 2 Bedroom Homes. P /I Payment As Low As $339/Per Month. Selected Lot Included. Minimum 5% Down Payment. For More Information Call: 62J-202J Our Professionals Are Waiting For Your Call Black People Have Integrated Everything Else, Why Not Integrate The Republican Party? DemocratsIndependents-Republicans You Don't Have To Change Parties You Can And Should Vote/For Leonard CAMPBEL L, JR. County Commissioner District 3 (R) Pd. Pol. Adv. Please Vote May 14th


On 'The Refrigerator' Unanimous NEW YORK His la s t ofDecision > ficial weigh-in took place tw o ATLANTIC CITY, N.J.-.; months ago at a National Marlon Starling overcame a =::; Scout i ng Combine gat h ering second-ro und shoulder injury rin Arizona. William (The to ctefend his United States Refrigerator) Perry, barefoot Boxing Association and clad o nl y in a towel, t ip-welterweight title with a toed onto the scale. 12-round unanimous decision Presumably, he held hi s over Floyd Mayweather on breath. Friday night. The scale never had a Starling 145 V2, of Hart-chance. By the time the gears ford, Conn., scored the only and the springs stopped knockdown of the fight in the rotating, the big hand read seventh round, sending "359." The Refrigerator was Mayweather to the canvas stuffed. WILLIAM-PERRY with a right hand. The cham"The Fridge is one of the pion also displayed an exthose small boxes, but those cult heroes of this and many cellent defense, never letting big family-size boxes," Clem-other drafts," Mike Hickey, Mayweather hurt him. the Jets' director of player person SID Bob Bradley said. Perry remains an appetizing B & B d 1 H sonnet, said of Clemson's Bu-arnum aJ ey ea. e s choice for the NFL, simply f k Th. b nyanesque nose tackle, who not a rea IS guy can e a because of his incredible d f b 11 1 h may go as high as the second ommant oot a p ayer. T 1s round in today's NFL draft. athletic ability He has been guy is a heckuva football Perry who stands just 6-2 and has weighed as much as 390 pounds, is the stuff of legends He wears a size 63 coat. He has a 48-inch waist and 22-inch neck. When Clem son won the national championship in his freshman year -after an Orange Bowl game in which The Fridge dominated Nebraska center Dave Rimington jewelers were sent back to the foundry to craft a size 17 ring How big is The Fridge? "It's all according to how many boxes of cereal he eats -and I'm not talking about clocked at 5.3 in the 40, and player when he's fresh." Hickey says he has a rocket-Without reading Jane Fon-like initial burst. The Fridge da's workout book, Perry has can stuff a basketball on a handled his weight problem by regulation 10-foot hoop. "eating nothing' for several "For his size, he's a rare weeks. The unpublicized fast athlete," Hickey said. "He'd has reduced him to about 319 probably win a dance contest. pounds. He's super light on his feet and "I wanted to show the he's got super balance. We scouts I could lose weight on don't know if he has any my own" Perry said in a stamina. But I;ve seen him ab-telephone interview from his solutely destroy one and two home. "It ain't no problem." guys trying to block him, just If Perry makes it-and he's run right over them, destroy an ideal anchor for a 3-4 the lead block and throw the quarterback down in an ill mood. "You're not talking about a GAINESVILLE University of Florida football pfayers Rowland Cummings (left) and Walter Byrd (right) are Fightin' Gators now. But Coach Galen Hall (second from left) and UF's Career Resources Center want players to be prepared for an alternate career in case they don't make the pros. Center associate direc tor Barry Shiflett (second from right) helped develop a program -the first four-year comprehensive career development program of its kind in the Southeast -that stresses opportunities for athletes in business, government, in = I = =;-e. = dustry and education. defense (did anyone mention Perry has fuller potential. c the Jets?) he would become But The Fridge might be the NFt's new heavyweight willing to melt away the fat, ;: champion. Former San Diego under the right circumstances. lineman Louie Keleher tipped said .. "If they Q. the scales at 310 last year, but pay me." INC.' & Mother's Day Specials Classy Curl Super Follow directions carefully to avo d sk n and scalp imtation hair break age and eye injury. Classy Curl $7.99 Gentle Treatment 2301 E. Hillsborough Ave. 238-0351 406 W. Columbus Drive 229-7905 7450 Palm River Road 626-1404 Introducing Gentle Treatment Light Creme Hairdress Palm River Plaza UITRASHEEN Ultra Sheen No Lye Ultra Sheen Hairdress Ex-Dry & Reg. 80z. $2.89 Ultra Sheen No Base Reg. Mild Super ss.49 v:'


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CLAUDE HOLMES MORTUARY VAUGHN, MRS. WILLA MAE Funeral services for Mrs. Willa Mae Vaughn, of 818 Proclamation Dr., formerly of Jacksonville, FL., CARY, REV. JOHN E.-who passed away Friday, Funeral services for the Rev. April 26, will be held Friday, John E. Cary of 1736 Ave. Q, May 3rd, at 1 P.M. at Aiken s Winter Haven, who passed Funeral Chapel, with away in a Lake Wales Rev. J.H. Howell, officiating. hospital, will be held Thursday Interment will be in the at 3 P.M. at Hurst Chapel Garden of Memories A.M.E. Church, Winter Cemetery. Mrs. Vaughn was a Haven, with the Rev. Vincent native of Jacksonville, FL and F. Mitchell, officiating. Inter a resident of Tampa for the ment will follow in the past 2 years. She was a Lakeside Cemetery there. Sur member of the Second Misvivors are: granddaughters, sionary Baptist Church, Mrs. Pat Carstaphen and hus'11 FL R J c band, Nathaniel, Tampa, Jacksonv1 e, ev. S am s pastor. Survivors are: 2 Melinda Ritchie Samuels, An daughters, Herma White, and drew Ritchie, and Stephanie Jerl y n Moore and husband, Ritchie; 7 great-grands; Herbert Jr.; 1 granddaughter cousins ; Mr s Loui s e Scott, St. Sadahri While; 2 grand s on s Thomas, Virgin Islands, Mrs Kenneth Bos ton and Brian Nellie Miller, Daytona Bea ch and Mr. Selwyn Carrol, Duncan; nephews, F.T. Evans-, Jr. and Ed Vaughn, Chicago, Ill. A native of San Jr.; grandnephew, Ed ford, Florida, Rev. Cary Vaughn, III; many cou s ins, pastored several A ; M.E. chur, other relatives and devoted che s throughout the state of friend s The remain s will Florida. He served as pastor of repo s e at Aikens Funeral St. Luke A.M.E. Church, Home Chapel from S to 9 Tampa, from 1965-1975, and P.M. Thursday evening. The at the time of his demise, was famil y will receive friends at serving at St. Mark A.M.E. the Chapel from 6 to 7 P.M. Church Haines City The re Thurs da y evening. Friends are mains will lie in repose at asked to meet at the Chapel. Hurst Chapel, Winter. Haven, "AIKENS FUNERAL today, begin ning at 6 p.m., at HOM!<:." St. Mark, Haines City at the same hour on Wednesday, and 248-1921 again at Hurst Chapel beginn ing at 12:30 on Thursday. Friends are requested to gather at the church jus t prior to ser vice time. CLAUDE E. HOLMES MORTUARY, Haines City in charge of ar rangements. SHADY GROVE F UNERAL HOME 2305 N. Nebraska 221-3639 and CEMETERY 4615 E. Hanna 626-2332 Compll'lc Burial For $70S <\dd t'ur st n kt un Salurand add t'ur all s t n it'l's afltr J p .m. CH ARLES RELIFORD .... Ownlr Funeral Sprays Y2 price. $80 sprays for $40, $60 sprays for $30, $50 sprays for $25, $20 sprays remain the same price. All family sprays $40 and under. Deloris the Florist 5808 N. 40th St. 237-4472 IN MEMORIJ\M I miss you, but your memory gives me strength to go on. Time may ease the pain, but not your memory. Life was never meant to be everlasting, but lingers on. The memories are treasures no one can steal. Death is a heartache only Jesus can heal. lit loving memory of my husband, Henry Williams who demised May I, 1982. Wife, Naomi. IN MEMORIAM In memory my James B. Hamilton who pass e d awa y four years ago, April' 29, 1981. Even though you are g one, you will never be forgot ten. Your wife, Mary Hamilton; children, grandchildren, fami ly and friends. AIKENS FUNERAL HOMF. Cor. Buffalo Ave. & 28tb 232-8725 We're The l(ey To Fine Service PUGHSLEY FUNERAL HOME 3402 26th STREET As Impressive As Required As Inexpensive As Desired PHONES: 247-3151 or 247-3152 WILSON'S FUNERAL HOME 3001 29th STREET "Our Business Is Service" Phone: 248-6125 FUNERALS BY: BRYANT & WILLIAMS Roy W illi ams Funeral Home 7477 N. Albany Ave. 2.53-3479 "When Understanding Is Needed Most" ROGERS FUNERAl HOME PHONE 239-3101 Or 4605 34th Street LADY ATTENDANT WE GIVE THE BEST FOR LESS. IN MEMORIAM MRS. JENNIE L. WILSON TAMP A -In loving memory of our darling mother, who left us May I, 1954. The memory of our mother can never, never die, but just grow sweeter, dearer. As days and years go by, such memory forever, Set each day apart, A Jight and inspira uon, Abiding in our hearts. Sadly missed by your children: Leola B. Wilson, Emma N. Wilson. CARD OF THANKS The family of the late Mr. Homer Lee Morris wishes to express their appreciation for all acts of kindness shown dur ing the passing of our loved one. Special thanks to the Gre;.ter New Salem P .B. Church and Pastor Elder Howard and the staff of Aikens Funeral Home. Mrs. Juanita Morris, wife and family. CARD OF THANKS The famil y of th e late Mr Lige Oliver wis hes t o t hank eve ryone fo r all a c t s o f k ind ness s hown durin g his illness and demi s e. S p ecia l th a nk s to Rev. Kirkland and niemb e r s o f Mt. Pleasant Church, Longshoremen s Local # 1402, Perry Harve y (Pres.), Grand Union Pall bearet's and Wilson's Funeral Home. The Oliver and Williams Family. OEATH NOTICES PUGHSLEY FUNERAL HOME Mrs. Louise L. Brown, 2215 5th Avenue Mr. Samuel M. Brown, Sr., 2909 E. Chelsea WILSON'S FUNERAL HOME Elder Tom \ Suggs, 1108 E. Yukon 1 Mrs. Carrit B. Redfern, formerly of 505 E. Frances Ave. RAY WILLIAMS FUNERAL HOME Mrs. Willie Mae Thomoson. 1716 St. Joseph. AIKENS FUNERAL HOME Mrs. Essie Mae Lockett, 806 E. Palm Ave. Mrs. Margaret Webb, 1520-27th Ave. Mrs. Willa Mae Vaug 818 Proclamation Dr., formerly of Jacksonville, FL. .. fie lOO.Y By Joe Black No doubt many of you have heard the Staple Singers and Diana Ross suggest through song that we can help to make the world a better place by reaching out and taking the hand of a fellow human being. And through the years, Blacks who were on an upward and onward career path have been admonished to reach back and help someone else up the ladder of success. But I wonder how many of us understand this challenge of reaching back. Does it mean being charitable with your money ? Yes, sometimes we must be willing to share our mone y with those who are still struggling to rid themselves of a depresse d lif e style On occasions it will require nothing more than some of your time for listening an = Q. = Q -=-s = CIJ


CLASSIFI 'ED ADS-DIAL' 248-1921-CLASSIFIED AD DEPT HELP WANTED HELP FOR SA FOR SALE Experienced cleaning per-Mature woman wanted to LEASE PURCHASE FORECLOSURES sonnel wanted part-time and care for infant, Monday thru .1139,900, .1i534 down. 3 / 1 4 BR'sl1 bath, cement COUNTY WIDE TREE SERVICE full.time. Call between 3-5 Friday, 8:00 to 6:00 (_'II. a l:. ,.-arpt'l, rtnodc.led. block w/pool, asking $45,500, P.M. 239-1452. p.m., 4314 W. taSalll. 239-131)2 or wl$500 down. All types of tree work. Free Estimates. Insured. ---------------1 Call972-1020.' :-; 238-9531. 3 BR's11. bath, aluminum 238-2801 Barmaids and waitresses. J---..-----------t-------------wsiding, asking $38,500 wl$500 J-----------... l...o -= Q ..... ;:;. 'Q .= rll .... .c = = .... 1: = "ii i = Will train. Apply at Grace's SUMMER JOBS VETERANS down. Place, 2502 N. Albany College Students Only!! VA. No Down. No 3 BR'sl1 bath cement block NICK'S GROCERY & MEATS Avenue. $350 week. 3 hours college Closing Cost. Fast Occupanstucco, $31,000. Tender T-Uom Skaks 9W l'U. Center Cut l'hrk Chops -50' l'U. 5902 I'. 40th St., BH-1697. ------------1 credit. Interviews Tuesday, cy. Free Information Call 3 BR'sl1 bath concrete Experienced needApril 30, 12:00, 3:00, 6:00; Walt Brewer Realty, 933-6621. block, askin2 $27,000. ed. Call Reeves Plumbing, Wednesday, May 1, 12:00, 238-4348. 3:00, 6:00. Bordeiux Village -------------1 Clubhouse, 12701 N. 50th Parttime janitorial, Street. Must apply in person!! $5.00 1 hour. Immediate openNOW OPEN ings for males. 253-2539 after per 12 noon. -------------1 hour; Food Service, $3.95 plus per hour; Entry level LEASING AGENT For 200-unit apartment complex located in North East Tampa. Send resume to P.M.G. 11700 N. 58th Street, Tampa, FL. 33617, or call 988-2102. $160 plus per week; Secretarial (50 wpm), $5.00 per hour. AFDC Only Florida Employment Project 237-1893 AGENTS WANTED! Leads-Leads-Leads New program makes you 1-----------"""1 PROGRESSIVE DEVELOPERS your own boss. No turn FHA Home. Low down 4803 Nebraska Ave. downs. New concept makes HOUSE FOR SALE .West Tampa. 211. Sold in as-is condition. For $26,000. Phone 685-7290. Ontu"21' I -_ I l payment. Small monthly pay237-6415 closing a snap. Call now for ment. Quick occupancy. Call .. l ground floor opportunity. Act for free information. Rent with option to buy. 3 Now! 216 License o.k. We will WALT BREWER bedroomiZ bath home wlextrain. Call Jerry, REALTY tra 1 bedrooml1 bath apart-1------------. 933-{}621 ment. $35,000, same terms available. DON'T PAY A SELL A VON REAL ESTATE Good $$$. No experience SERVICE WORKER AGENTS 1 bedroomll bath apart ment for rent. $1751month, plus deposit. Loving, efficient care for the elderly in my home. References provided. Phone 621-6114. J k H hts (HCC) COMMISSIONII necessary, ac son e1g Belmont Heights and College Routine housekeeping tasks Save $5000 on this 312 Vl Hills areas. Call Manager, Pat in cleaning of classrooms, townhome. By owner. Like Dlbkey, 238-8128. restrooms, offices & other new. $49,900. 988-8764. 1------------i College properties. Hours: NO QUALIFYING! 6:00 AM to 3:15 PM Mon. CRUISE SHIP JOBS! thru Fri. Large 3 BRI2 bath home, (4) 1 bedroom apartments and Retail store, asking $65,000 wl$20,000 down. Gross $11001month. Grocer)' store & meat market, plus 3 additional ren tal apartments. Grossing $27 ,OOOimonth. GORDY'S AIR-CONDITIONING & HEATING All appliances oil, gas, electrical, refri,erators and freezers, ice machine, ale, washers/dryers. Call 223-9233. Great income potential. All occupations. For information :all: (312) 742-8620, ext. 339. Must have some manual corner lot, fenced yard, work experience. Starting Pay: $48,000, only $5,000 down. MONEY TO LEND $4.20 Pe r hour. (Good 707 E. Plymouth. Gordon Commee, Broker, 626-7131, or 685-6204, even & Mortgage Loans up to ben.ef'1ts). Application ANTHONY $15,000, No Credit Checks. deadline: May 8, 1985. Apply: ASSOCIATES ings. SEVEN SEAS, REALTY REALTOR Tom P. Martino, Inc., H'lllsborough Community CLERK TYPIST II 6304 N N b k Realtor College' Personnel Depart e ras a MISCELLANEOUS For classification Depart-237 5011 2018 E. 7th Ave. ment' 39 Columbia Drive 1 ____ _::,:.:;ment in Youthful Offender In1Ph: 248-61. 11 (Davis lshinds), Tampa, LAWN 1-------------stitution. Spacious 3 bedroo ml2 bath Florida 33606. EOE-MIF SPRINKLERS Must have HIS diploma or frame house. Remodeled, GED 0 t 1 Save money by doing it ne year secre ana or enclosed porch, new carpet, We buy Homes and Lots For Cash. Office expen 'ence able to type 1------------1 3405 lZth y ourself, with professional r throughout. 35 correct wpm and have good FOR SALE Avenue. $54,000 terms. Call help. For additional informaANTHONY & ASSOCIATES REALTOR 6304 N. Nebraska 23_7-5011 f'l' k'll s 1 ng tion, call Leon Johnson, 1 mg s 1 s. a ary ra e NO QUALIFYING! 237-1747, after 5 p.m. $374.97 to $540.57 bilweekly. Large 3 bedroom stucco t------..... ---1 Mail a completed State of h ed d 527 500 Attention Builders & InTUTORING Florida application, with a orne, aenc yar copy of high school diploma, $2,500 down. 3917 E. Henry. vestors!! 2-lots. 50x100 ea. Is your child a slow learner ANTHONY & $13,000. Zoned R-3. wlreading or math problems? to Hillsborough Correctional ASSOCIATES Gerald1'ne F. White, h T 878 I can help t em. utonng m Institution, A REALTOR Realtor, 251-8964, or Maude your hom_e. Call 689-8269, WASHERS/DRYERS Rent-to-own in 1 year. 248. t.:mer2ency I. Riverview, FL ttn: 6304 N. Nebraska Couzens, 621-2953. Saturday and Sunday. Personnel. EOEI AAE. 237-5011 POLICE RECRUITS The City of Tampa Is looking for Black persons, both males and females, between the ages of 21 and 35 who are interested in being employed as Pollee Recruits. The starling salary is $11,000 Recruits will be elevated to Pollee Officers at $18,541 annual salary upon satisfactorily completing necessary training. No experience needed, but you must be a high school graduate and in good physical condition. Apply between the hours of 8 A. M. and 1 P. M. POLICE COMMUNICATION TECHNICIAN I (Pollee Dispatch Work) Start $5.30 an hour. High school graduation. Must be able to work rotating shifts including nights, weekends and holidays. Bi-lingual (English/Spanish) individuals are encouraged to apply. Employment applica lions will be accepted until further notice. RECREATION LEADER II Part-lime, 20 hrs/wk. $5.50 an hour. H/S dipioma plus 6 hours college coursework in Recreation or P. E., 3 hrs college English and reasonable ex perience in recreation that includes some experience planning and organizing recreation activities. A college transcript is requested. Apply between the hours of 8 A. l\-f. and 1 P.M. -CLERK TYPIST Ill Start $5.30 an hour. High school graduation and reasonable general office or clerical experience and the ability to type rapidly and accurately. Addi tional training in business related courses ,may be substituted for experience. Walk,in iest Monilay, Wednesday and Friday 8:30 A. M. to 11:30 A. M. Employment applications will be accepted until further notice. Apply between the hours of 8 A. M. and I P. M. For more information: Contact the EEO Office, City of Tampa, 306 Jackson St., 7th Floor North, 223. EEO/F/M/H $12,800 3 bedrooml1 bath. 864 sq.. ft. 1209 New Orleans St. As is!! LOTS SHINE BRITE Professional hair weaving and nail designs. Personal ser vice. Call Sunshine, 935-7315. SERVICES OF A CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTING FIRM NEEDED Services of a Certified For home or busin ess on SYLVIA WIGS & Public Accounting Firm for 34th St., North of Osborne BEAUTY SALON audits of activities Ave. Terms. 2271 E. Hillsborough funded by the Job Training Thomas L. Loft (Eastgate Plaza) Partnership Act (JTP A) are Realty 239-3404 being solicited by the Florida 623-1369 Wigs Complete Hair Department of Labor and Care E I 2 bedroom apartment near mp oyment Security. The Nexus ProductsJ .TPA 1 Busch's Garden. City Section contractors are ocated 8 welcome. at various sites throughout the PROGRESS VILLAGE INCOME TAX State of Florida; It is proposed PREPARATION t d t f F" 4 bedroom block home, o awar a con ract or manReasonable fee. c1'al nd Co 1 d't f bargain price, $24,900. Willie a mp lance au 1 s o l'Onvenient (lan be done in JTPA t 't' R t f Bowman, 988-2496. ac lVI 1es. eques or BARBARA REALTY' home). I'm ready to help Proposals (RFP's) will be INC. you receive the most issued; in a reasonable 933-176 1 rl'l'und. no IT NOW-HON'T number, on a first-come; first J-...-----------1 llEtAY. TIME IS RUNNserve basis. Request for RFPs lNG OUT. Call: received after 5:00 p.m., May HOUSE FOR SALE 3 bedroomsl2 bath. Double garage, Central HI A, Formal Dining, Florida Room, Fenced Backyard. 2475 sq. ft. Drive by 4109 LaSalle St. (off Lois). Then call Sue Kirk, office, 885-7468; home, 968-4714. GEORGE NIX 6, 1985 will not be considered. Licensed Tax Preparer All request for RFPs should be 677-7930 made to: Jerome 'f.. Jones HOME IMPROVEMENTS Quality work. All types. Repairs, remodeling, and new construction. Class A license contractor. 238-3244. or 988-8551. Division of Labor; Employment and Training 1320 Executive Center Drive Suite 302 Atkins Building Tallahassee, FL 32301


..................................................... ADS-DIAL 248-1921--CLASSIFIED AD DEPT... MISCELLANEOUS LANEOUS MISCELLANEO FOR RENT ...... Private Investor will consider any situation. Homeowners only. 963-0565. NEED HOME REPAIRED? Floors, Windows, Painting and Carpentry. Call me last and save. Louis Benjamin, 239-1486. I NV IT AT ION FOR BIDS Sealed bids will be received by the Housing Authority of the City of Tampa, Florida until 3:00P.M. E.D.T., Fri day, Mily 17, 1985, and at that time publicly opened and read aloud at the Central Office of the Housing Authority of the City of Tampa, 1514 Union Street, Tampa, for the following contract service: General Roofing Contract for Phase II, Reroofing Ponce De Leon Apartments, Projects FLA 3-2 and 3-5, Tampa, Florida. Drawings and specifica tions are available at the office of FLETCHER, VALENTI, CHILLURA & PUGLISI, INC., Architects / Planners, 501 East Kennedy Blvd., Suite 602, Tampa, Florida 33602, Telephone 221-3170 A deposit sum of $100.00 for each set of documents is re quired. All checks for document deposit should be payable to the Housing Authority of the City of Tampa. Limit of two (2) sets of do_cuments per General Contractor. Only those bidder s who sub mit a bona-fide bid will be refunded the entire deposit s um upon return of the Contract Documents in goo d condi tion no later than 15 days after bids are receiv ed. A Bid Bond in the amount of(S%) of the Bid must accompany each bid in accor dance with the Ins truction to Bidders. Provisions for equal, employment opportunity, affirmative action policies and payment of not less than the minimum salaries an) wages as set forth in the Specifica tions must be paid on the Contract. ; The Housing Authority of the City of Tampa, Florida reserves the right to reject any and all bids or to waive any irregularities in the bidding No contract will be award ed until approved by the Tampa Housing Authority Board of Commissioners and the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). THE HOUSING AUTHORITY OF THE CITY OFT AMPA, FLORIDA BY: Benjamin M. Flores Asst. Exec. Dir. FREE Pregnancy Tests (Early Test Available) ABORTIONS ... .... .. ) Individual Nitrous Oxide Available Birth Contro. l Clinic 251-0505 1302 S. Dale Mabry ALL WOMEN'S HLTH. CTR. OFT AMPA j;[((' {f!'o/ All Women's Heolth Cenrer Of North Tampa, Inc. (formerly Tampa Counseling & Abortion Center, Inc.) FREE PREGNANCY TESTS Birth Control Clinic Pregnancy Terminations (Awoke or Asleep) Confidential Counseling OPEN : Mon. Sat. 961-7907 14704 N. Florida Ave. REWAitD ,.$5-$500 If 1;." I.F ,or Your Junk Car Fast Free Pickup 626-6124 ANTHONY'S TIRE USED & NEW TIRES Please Call For Repair Sales Estimate Furnished rooms and apartments, all the modern conve niences. Very nice. 228-9538. Unfurnished apartment, $45/week, $100 security deposit. 2306 13th Street. 1 bedroom/1 bath. 932-3077. Furnished 2 room efficiency apartment, newly decorated, close to busline. Call 886-0629. for rent, 251-3594. :$55/week, $50 deposit. L= Mature adult only, 45 or older. Utilities paid. 247-7034. AUTOHOME-LIFE FAST CLAIM SERVICE RATES FOR GOOD AND BAD DRIVING RECORDS MONEY TALKS! 1 and 2 bedroom apts for rent, a/c. I&M Apts., 1002 Lemon St. 258-5151 1 bedroom apartment. $150/month. 918 E. 12th Avenue. 237-5011 Large 3 bedroom house for rent, City Section 8 only. 870-3817. Large 3 bedroom home. 3723 Powhattan. $270/month. Section 8 welcome. 237-5011. 3 bedroom frame for sale, 2710 Mitchell. $3000 down, $325/month. Owner finance 15 year mortgage. 876-6067. Apartments fpr rent w/option to buy. 248(.6955. INSURANCE HAMIL TON AGENCY f urnishcd roooi for rent utilities paid, $35 /week: 237-1770. 1720 North Nebraska Ave. 229-1879 DUPLEX I HOUSE 3 Units Apt. for rent by week or by month. 254-3212 or 989-0271. Zoned Commercial-located 105-107 22tld St., So. Ideal for business plus income, owner NOI'IIddenetru finance. Call Herman Bradley, 248-6256, eves.; or 248-6111. TOM P. MARTINO INC., REALTOR 2018 7th AVE. Furnished 1 bedroom apt., neat, clean, utilities. 988-8551. SECTION 8 ONLY 1 bedroom home, 7820V2 N; 13th Street. Call 237-1371. 3 bedroom house for rent. Pay yo ur own utilities. 2205 E. 17th Avenue. Call days 248-2210, after 6 p.m. 985-8480. NO MICU"IY = c. ::::!. = 0 =-


.. 5 Anniversary Lily White Socieday. was provided by Mass Choir sang and the No.2 FREE Est mates ty Convention Saturday ended the New Mt. Zion Gospel Ushers served. Minister Jesse < with committee reports and Chorus, and the Purple Lily Rollins ; an associate minister > appointments by the Grand Ushers served. The Rev. C. at St. Matthew Baptist < President, C. Blythe Andrews, Burney, Ass

Man Charged Co-Worker The trial of 29-year-old Sheldon Lovell Jones, who is accused of shooting and seriously injuring a co-wor.ker in the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Develop ment, started yesterday in "Hillsborough Circuit Court with both lawyers agreeing and on Jones' SHELDON JONES With Shooting Stands Trial mental state. Thefts It was reported that Assis. tant State Attorney Michael L. --. Benito and defense Attorney Janet A; McDonald that Jones was mentally disturbed when he fired two shots at 62-year-old Bernard Gonyea. But Benito g'i)es on to say that Jones cannot be classified as being legally in sane because he immediately turned himself in to police, which showed he knew what According to police reports, Ms. Willie Pearl Dingle, 46, 230 Nordica St., reported that someone removed a $65 screen from her front door and fled he did was wrong. McDonald countered with the argument that the answer to why Gonyea was shot is trapped forever inside "the lesion-damaged brain of Sheldon Jones." She added that a lesion or abnormality on Jones' brain transformed him from an outgoing, charming person to a withdrawn loner. According to a hospital spokesperson, Gonyea is never expected to come out of his coma. If the the scene. William R. Brown, 36, 1301 E. Hillsborough, Rm. 1, com plained to police that and unknown female took $1,070 cash that he had hidden in a coat pocket. Twenty-four year old Ms. Pamela Washington, 2710 14th Ave., complained to police that a known suspect took her bicycle worth $89 from 1920 E. 14th Ave. According to police reports, Wilford J. Patrick, 15, 6203 N. Lois Ave., told police that someone snatched his $100 cassette player while he was at Alexander Park in the 5600 block of N. Lois Ave. MRS. IVYDio Kevin Turner, 28, 2802 N. lOth St., reported to police that someone broke into his vehicle while parked at N. Nebraska and Caracas and removed $200 in miscellaneous clothing. Allen William Nance, 28, 5606 Drew Ct., complained to police after he was robbed at gunpoint by a known and unknown male. The pair took a $500 gold diamond ring and a gold rope chain worth $150. Ue Freeman, 26, 3519 N. 20th St., Apt. 185, reported the theft of $125 in merchan dise from a vehicle that is own ed by Ms. Juanita Harris, 49, 3709 N. 22nd St., Apt. 329. Police reports show that Michael Monroe, 14, reported the theft of a $60 gold chain while he was at 14th Ave and 13th St. Burglaries According to police reports, Ms. Hope Bridgette 23 503 E. Columbus Dr., reported that her home had been burglarized and a sion set worth $350 had been removed. Ms. Brendalyn Cato, 35, 3205 N-' 46th St., complained to police after unknown suspects removed lawnmower worth $209 and a $99 bicycle from her residence. The residence of Yvette Lowe, 23, 1116 Mcun, St., Apt. A, was burglarjzed last week and an .U>JIJI.II'UWII suspect fled the scene with stereo $75. 25,60. When the state is most cor rupt, 90,11. then taws are most multiplied. 66,22. Frank's Ornamental Iron 24 Hour Servlc. e 621-4034 709 5. 50th $'t. (US Hwy. 41 S.) 247-3513 believes Jones was insane Residential Commercial that he did not know the difFinancine Arranged Gives advice an all affairs such as Lave, Courtship, Marriage, Law ference between right and ... Owner Suits and Business Speculation Tells you Who and When you will marry. h ld b She never fails to reunite the Seperated, cause Speedy and Happy Mar wrong -e cou e acquit-Burglar Bars Railings riages, overcomes Enemies and Bad Luck of all kinds. ted on the charge of attempted J-'ii"l' Escapes Stairways \\' eldings Don t be discouraged if others have failed to help you. She does what first-degree murder. If conOrnamentals others claim to do. One visit will convince you this gifted Psychic is victed, the maximum sentence free Home Security Tips reader have ever consulted. is life in prison. ',,. Insured aonded ._. r ==:z .. -.. = \ f:_A11111111j'-V ==:" /\=== .--= .. .. NEW. LO-UNGE \-..,J}n 1 1 /l,!J)\ ;;t-Jt a 614 Nebraska Avenue, Tampa Fiarida Just Because You DOUBLE REVIEW i: Love Her .... Male & Female Review In Separate Roonis : Thursday Night Starting At 9:o o P.M. TuesdayWTMP Radio Night .,. 1 GOOD. FOR I Weclnesclay. Ladies Night lt-l 1 FREE l a 1 Mixed Drink l \ I 1 ThursdayMale & Female Review L Friday & Saturday-Double Disco -* -Send Her A On Our Mother's Day Page To Be Published Friday, May lOth 25C Per Word 15C Per Word $4.00 For Pic. o_R $2.00 For A Rose Make It Extra Special And Bo'l It In (Flexible Rates) Deadline: Monday, Maj 6th JOA.M. CALL TODAY FOR DETAILS 248-2825 or 248-3033 -"( 1' @ BY DEXTER ANI> WANDA 0000 e/ GRIFFIN' 2 TUAT KIO lOOHS AS HE NEEDS A FRIENO MUCH AS I DO > = Q, :::! I f 1:1"


3 PIECES WE CARE ABf?UT YOUR HOME 6W.o\YS I. Frtt Ddivuy ; r. ... St-tup and P! ::; mcnt ..... .. --,..nts 3. We Carry our Jo\."""'4 Insurance Prottttion 5 Big SoA YS REMEMBER ... LARJofON IS A FULL SERVICE FURNITURE STORE


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