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Youth Encouraged To Study Engineering _.,._ .. Be Sure To Vote May 14th! VOL. 40 NO. 45 T ; J ) t., r L I l 2 i 8 FLORIDA entinel .( :, AMERICA'S SEMI-WEEKLY + ,...._'-. 110,000 READERS EACH EDITION Every Tuesday And Friday TAMPA, FLORIDA, TUESDAY, MAY 7, 1985 R_.t,roal:.._ PAGE 3) \ H PRICE 35 CENTS Help Needed For Community Cleanup ( SEE STORY PAGE 3 ) Young Beauty Found Deat: (SEE STORY PAGE 23) MARRIAGE VOWS TAKEN AT ST. LUKE Patricia Ann Greene and James Green, Jr. took marriage vows recently at St. Luke A.M.E. Church. The Rev. C. D. Dixon officiated. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Asberry Greene. The groom's parents are Mr. and Mrs. James Green, Sr. Tampa will be the couple's place of residence. HARRAM TEMPLE GROUP SPONSORS TALENT COMPETITION Pat Hector, center, was the winner of the Talent and Scholarship competition sponsored recently by Club Three of Harram Temple 23. The event was at the Martin Luther King Center. On the left are Earl Haugabook, President, and Renee Godwin, first runner-up. Phyllis Thom pson, second runner-up, is on the right with Betty Baker, Mistress of Ceremonies.


; .. iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiilillllliliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiililiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii "" N York Con m U and want. The pre:.trral census The Congressman urged : ew gress an rges is complicated, but it Will give minority participation in the M t p t t J C an idea as to what will. happen census when a census taker JnOri. y ar ICipa IOn n ensus in 1990." comes to your door. ;; < Q """ Congressman ; Bob Garcia of New York, second from right, was in Tampa Monday to speak with representatives of the minority community to urge continued participation in the pre-trial Tampa census. Shown with Congressman Garcia are, from left, Raymond Fernandez, representing Tamptt's Latin community; Dr. John Keane, of the Washington, D. C. Census office; and Bob Tampa'a black community. Since last fau, many ot those eonnected with the Atlanll office of the Bureau of the Census have taken up residency in Tampa preparing for the pre trial census that 1 supposedly culminated with Census Day on Sunday, March 24. At the same time several officials of the Washington office also paid to Tampa. Initial census returns after the March 24 date amounted to 45 o/o of those that were mailed out. However, since time, another IOOJo has added to the total. A New York Congressman reo,resenting the South Bronx in Tampa this week .to en minority represento make sure that their "'u''""uuy is counted in the Payinf Customers & Medicaid Accepted 176-1491 19 .. 5 W. Buffalo Ave. BY GWEN HAYES Sentinel Managing Editor figures," the Congressman stated. Representing the Latin com mul;lity, Raymond Fernandez told the Congressman that one reason many of those in his community have not par ticipated with the census because there is a lack of trust, he explained. Because of the number of personal questions asked on the form. Fernandez said some money should be "set aside for the civics of this nation. We must educate our people" and let them know ex actly what the census office will do with the data that is collected. Gilder representing the SPIRITUAL ADVISOR True Psychic Born With Power. Will Satisfy You In One Visit. Has Loved One Turned Against You? Art> You Unhappy, Discou lnnuenced By Evil Spell? I Can Succeed Where Others Have Failed. Call Today. Weekdays After 5 P.M. Anytime On Weekends. 1(813) 677-297 1 Black People Have Integrated Everything Else, Why Not Integrate The Republican Democrats Independents Re' publicans You Don't Have To Change Parties You Can And Should Vote, For Dr. Leonard black community voiced some of the same concerns. Although he praised the cen sus office for a thorough job it has done, even in hiring census workers from within the neighborhood, Gilder also. said he has been approached by persons who are apprehen sive about the information the census is asking for. "People just don't understand what having five commodes in the house has to do with the cen sus," Gilder stated. "People fear that their rent will be raised or the IRS will get the figures, and there are some people who just don't trust the gover,nment, especially with things the way they are today, : Gilder explained. "People feel that they gave this information in and the 1985 problems all still the same -more people, no hous ing; high umemployment, no jobs; more sickness, rio addi-tional medical care Therefore, they are reluctant to give information." the poorest congressional district, Con gressman Garcia, a member of the House sub-committee on population, said the census is "essential, necessary and has to be done in order for us to find out what the people need I CAMPBEL L, JR. County District 3 (R) PII.Poi.AIIv. Please Vote May 14th Psychic-Spiritualist Madame Ann Solves all life's problems of Love, Money, Health, 1 Bad Luck. Removes Evil Spells and Curses. Gives you Lucky Numbers and Days Answers all your questions. Madame Ann can and will help you!! Results Where Others Have Failed. 6025 Y2 N. Dale Mabry 875-4697 I blk. N : of Hlllsborougl! Bus Stop No.40 NEED HoME REPAIRED Want Your_ Bills & Mortgage Paid Off WE DO ANY KIND OF WORK LARGE OR SMALL ADD A ROOM, ROOFING, FLOORS, WINDOWS. FENCE, PLUMBING, ELECTRIC, ANY KIND OF REMODELING Pay Only One Small Monthly Payment CALL TONY VECCHIO 258-6161 TI.M BUILDERS-2104 E. 7th AVE. ACROSS FROM COLUMiliA RESTAURANT News in General Phone Bills Get New Look General Telephone of Florida is constantly looking for ways to provide you the best sible service for the least possible price. A new procedure we are starting in April will help improve our bill pay ment processing. We've elim inated several steps in processing your bills. This means less handling by our people which saves time and money and allows us to credit your account more quickly. Now, instead of returning a payment card, you will simply tear off the bottom part of the last page of your bill, and mail it with your monthly payment. The new return enve lope will have a see-through window. When you place your stub in the envelope, our mailing address must appear in the window. This new procedure will help us mail your bill and process your payment more quickly than with the payment cards we formerly used. Customers will start re ceiving the bills with the new payment format in April or May, depending on their bill ing location. If you wish to write us concerning your bill, enclose a separate sheet of paper with your bill. Please do not write on your payment stub. Writing messages on a pay ment stub can cause equipment that scans the payment stubs to malfunction. Chuck Morgan is Division Man ager for General Telephone serving customers in this area. His telephone number in Tacnpa is (813) 623-5441. If long distance, call Collect. General Telephone of Florida


Jac kson .. ileigbts Residents To Participate In Trash Pickup BY GWEN HAYES Sentinel Managing Editor For the past four years, Mrs. Mary FUmore has been a member of Florida ACORN (AssoCiation of Community Organizations for Reform an organization that works with communities in helping them accomplish many goals that they may be problems with as inThrough this association, Filmore, who chairs the organization, can attest many of the things the has assisted in community ac Even in the wan days of the organization, Filmore continue9 "to f1ght for our community." She, along with other of the organization, prepared to take on ...... n.thr task a free com trash pickup in J:ackson Heights. Filmore says that for past year, she has gone -L.-&--. the Tampa City Coun on several different occa asking for assistance "to our community cleaned It seems as though nobody was interested." When several of. vacant lots were reported last year, citations were given for them to clean their property. However, never lasts for long, Mrs l'il.,nnp states Some weeks ago, Coun cilman Perry Harvey asked the Sanitation Department to work with Mrs Filmore and help her in any way they could she explained Through the efforts of Councilman Harvey, the City Council and communicating with Otis An thony, Deputy Director of the Sanitation Dept., the free trash pickup is scheduled to begin on Saturday, May 11. That date will be used for gathering trash and putting it La Florence Flower Shop 1603 E. 7th Ave. 248-2944 Mother's Day Special garbage bags, and May 18 is the actual trash pickup date. Mrs. Filmore and her organization are asking for community participation in gathering the trash and loading it on the truck the following Saturday. "They (Sanitation Dept.) said they could provide us with the truck, but not the manpower needed to load the truck, so we'll have to do tile loading ourselves. We'll have some kids from the juvenil c.enter to help us and the residents, but many of our residents are elderly. That's why we're ask ing for the community to give us a hand," Mrs Filmore ex plained. Mrs. Filmore has also been assisted in her effort for th"e trash pickup by Mrs. Cynthia McCray Dickerson, ACORN organizer. Mrs. Filmore says in the area of the St. Matthew Child Developmental Center on Lake Ave. "people use that to discard old mattresses, fur niture, trash out of their yards, and even garbage. I am sick of people using my neighborhood for dumping their trash," she states She adds that she has been met with some relunctancy from residents who fear that there is no need to pickup the trash. "It will only make 'room for more trash," she says she is told. Nevertheless, Mrs. Filmore says she will be doing he'r part for the next two Saturdays. Trash' will be collected in the Jackson Heights area between Lake and Buffalo and between 34th St. and 40th St. Any persons or organizations willing to volunteer to assist in this project may call the ACORN office between ll-4 p. m., Tuesday through Fri day, at 223-9810; or Mrs. Filmore at 626-3325. Bouquets $10.50 (Pick Up Only) Corsage_s 5275 Also: Silk Baskets, Gladiolus, Asst. Wreaths & Sprays, Live & Silk Flowers. Lots Of Pretty Hats For Mother's Day. Free Corsage With Purchase Of Any Hot Over SJSOO. Minority To Charles Traylor has a serious message which he is trying to spreatj to as many minority youth as possible. "I want to encourage them and recommend that minority youth go to college, and equal ly that they consider engineering and technical careers," said the of the Oroup W Cable Division of Westinghouse in Clear water. Traylor is .part of the Westinghouse Minority Spokesperson Program, which allows minority male and female employees to go out in to the community and pro mote science, engineering, and technology careers to minority youth and their families. "Our. focus is on minorities because the opportunities are there," but the young people aren't takigg advantage of them. "Minorities are being squeezed out of the workforce because we are not having many to go into high technology," Traylor stated. According to Traylor, "Our company (Westinghouse) fits the category of high technology." In 1983, he said, 900Jo of all college graduates hired by the company had engineering degrees. "High, technology," Traylor explained, "will be the one, long-term job security in the future. Companies dealing in high technology will be leading the in4ustries "Each year starting salaries in the engineering field stay in the lead position," Traylor continued He stated that jn 1984, the average starting salary for engineering graduates was between $26,000 and $27 ,QOO. 'The engineering field can be used as a stepping stone in to management, I'm a prime example," the father of three revealed. Traylor has been with the company since 1972 and has risen from position of technical sales, marketing, and management. "You get a more solid background and you have that kind ,of flexibility." In 1983, according to Traylor, only 5.2% minority graduates (or 3,500 graduates out of 65;000 total graduates) the engineering workforce. "We had. a disproportionate share of the Tampans be prepared to jump into your shorts after work, because this week will be hot and humid. Today Hot, high 87, low 68. Wednesday Continued hOt, high 88, low 68. Again hot, high 87, low 67. Youth Study Are Encouraged Engineering BY PATTY ALLEN Sentinel Staff Writer CHARLES E. TRAYLOR graduates in 1983," Traylor pointed out. "Our company wants to have as many representatives of minorities and female (groups) as possittie," Traylor stated. "We are looking for those who are talented, but we have found very few with the qualifications. "I wish I could motivate minorities to consider. engineering and technology careers." Traylors offers himself as a motivating factor to get the young people to go to college. Born and raised in Jasper, Texas, he was one of children who grew up in relatively poor, rural ment. "My parents uneducated and could not af ford to send me to college," explained. But that didn't stop him. Today, Traylor holds a B.S. degree in Electrical Engineer ing from Prairie View College. It was a physics instructor who encouraged to go into engineering. "If I had to do it all over again," he exclai.!Ded,_ "I would absolutely, positively do it the same way. This is a testimonial that I feel I done it the right way." Today, he tells his proteges to start as as grade school 1ri preparing for an engineering career. He sug gests taking as much math and science as they possibly can, and to select a college during their early years of high school. H& encourages counselors to push for careers in engineering. "No one considers ing as a .career," Traylor stated, but quickly added it is a high quality job. Businessman Looks In The Future Computer To Expand BY PATTY ALLEN Sentinel Staff Writer Since 1980, Robert "Bob" Young has been the owner and operator of Computer Systems Professionals, Inc. (CSP), 7552 Armand Circle, a com puter counseling firm which currently employs three people other dian himself. Through the years, hard work and persistence has paid off. "We're getting ready to sell software for firms such as the hotel and motel industry, hospitals and nursing homes," he announced. Young is also preparing to market "small systems for small companies to help them with accounts receivable and payable." According to the 35-year old father of one son, "There is a need for a good software company. There is so much out there, and a lot of (smaller) companies don't have the time'' to keep their business operating in an order ly fashion. "So we're taking it on." Presently, Young explained, his business is designed to pro vide "special management consulting to help meet (a company's) computer needs; programing systems, our staff is experienced in the most reliable, state-of-the-art com puter development; analysis and design; and computer training "CSP is an organization of computer professionals form ed to help meet the growing demand for quality computer systems," he added. "In this dynamic computer age, it's abreast of the ROBERT YOUNG most current developments, techniques and technologies." Young had 16 years of ex perience in the computer business, prior to starting hjs business. He is a former employee of Price Waterh and the U S. Postal Service in Atlanta, Georgia. "I was ready to venture out o_n my own," he explained. "It was rough getting started, but things got easier when I started setting a track record.'' His formal education in cluded working in his field while studying to obtain his degree He studied Computer Science, Mathmatics, and Psychology at Ohio State University and Cleveland State University before attaining his B.S. in Management of Infor mation Systems and Business Administration from Georgia State University, irt 1977. "I was taking jobs in the computer field which transfer red me to different colleges," the native of Allience, Ohio explained. Young added that he started in 1969, "when the Oa 22) I


.5 1:1 1:1 FLORIDA SENTINEL BULLETIN USPS 202 140 Published ever y Tuesday and .Friday by Florida Sentinel Tampa Bulletin Publ ishing Co 2207 21s t Avenue, Tampa. Florida 33605 Moil all Correspondence To : P 0 Box 3363 Tampa, Fl. 33601 Member of notional Newspaper Publishers Assciotion (NNPA). and Am o lga mated Publishers, Inc. New York. CYRIL 8L YTHf ANDREWS 19011977 BETTY DAWKINS Founder General Adver tising Director C. BLYTHE ANDREWS, JR. C. BLYTHE ANDREWS, Ill President a n d Publisher Circulation Manager SYBIL ANDREWS WELLS CAMILLE WILLIAMS General Manager Office Manager GWENDOLYN HAYES Managing Edi tor SIMON JOHNSON ROSE CRUTCHFIELD AVELINO CASELLA$ RAMOS Society Editor Production Directors Second Closs Postage Paid At Tampa, Florida SUBSCRIPTION RATES $31 Per Year Both Editions. $17 Per Year One Edition. : PHONE : 2'48-1921 t 'We Are The World' Money Still In U.S. All of the money which has been raised by the recording 'We Are The World,' is still in America. Not one cent has gone to Ethiopia and the starving millions there. We think that this is shocking and deplorable. When the large group of superstars first announc ed that the recording venture was set to help relieve the life threatening problems caused by drought, we as well as millions of other Americans, applauded the wonderful intent and effort. And when we heard the power, intensity and beauty of the words and music, we rejoiced at its symbol of hope and human to-human salvation. The record was efficientlv and effectively producI;;-: 1 : County Commission Races 1 1 Tuesday, May 14th 1 : I I The Sentinel-Bulletin recommends the following candidates as I I best qualified for the county commission races on Tuesday, May : 1 14th. This newspaper also recommends to our readers YES votes 1i. for the school bond. issues and the city referendum increasing' / membership on the Adjustment Board. : COUNTY COMMISSION: t l District 1 Ron Glickman District 2 Pam Iorio District 3 Rubin E. Padgett District 4 No Recommendation DISTRICT 1 PRECINCTS : : : 1 2 3 4 6 7 8 12 42. 42A. 426. 1 45C 450,47. 48. 48A. 48B 48C 480. 1 48E 48F 49B 49C 49E 49F. 49H 49J, 49K. 49L. 49M; 49N 490. 11 : 51 F I DISTRICT 2 PRECINCTS : : 1 490.50.506. 50C 500. 51.51 A. 51 B 1 51 C. 510. 51 E 51G 51 H. 51K 51L.II 51M. 51N 51P 510, 51R 52 52A.I 52B 52C 520. 52E 52F 52G 52H I 52J 52K 52L 52M. 53, 53A. 53B,: 53C 530. 53E 53F. 53G 53J 54 I part of 53H I DISTRICT 3 PRECINCTS: I 1 B 9 10. 11. 11 A. 14 15 19 20. 21, I I 22 23 24. 27 28. 30. 31. 32 35. 36. I 37 39 40, 41. 49. 49A. 49P 55 55A. : I 58A. 58C 62 62A. 62B 77 part of 1 53H I I I : 1 District 6 P k T II DISTRICT 6 INCLUDES ; tc a ey ALL PRECINcTs I School District Bond Election-$96,000,000Vote "For Bonds" I School District Bond Election$1 800 000Vote "For Bonds" I Referendum, City Of Tampa -To Zoning Board of Adjustment members to seven (7) 1 "Yes" I (City of Tampa precincts only) ______ ,j i BY RUDOlPH HARRIS Andrew Jackson And The Hopefully, the reader understands the purpose of this series, and understands that the racism being defined is institutional racism. People, all people, are influenced by institutions. And while an in dividual will sometimes see the moral light and relate to his fellow man ,, with dignity and respect, member of a group his attitude is often always just the opposite. White people act collectively against Black people through their institutions. Presidents the United States head the (Fifth Of Series) most powerful institution in this nation the federal government. The attituJf of most such men toward Black people has left a lot to be desired. Black people have had a "snow job" done on them for centuries. This is true because the Black American wants so much to believe, to think positively about white Americans. Nothing the Negro wants more in this land than to be accepted his William Raspberry They've Another Racist Attack WASHINGTON are the social scientists who They've unearthed another "put blacks on welfare so they one. At an, obscure federal can continue their jungle agency, tucked away in her freedoms of leisure time and new $70,000-a-year job, is subsidized procreation." Marianne Mele Hall, If that strikes you as thinly "coauthor" or "edito'r" of a disguised racism, you are thin, privately published wrong It is racism that is volume called "Foundations vicious, brutal and disguised of Sand. not at all It is the book s thesis that Hall, who wa s confirmed a one of the probiems confronmonth ago as chairman of the ting Ameri .ca is that blacks Copyright Royalty Tribunal "insist on preserving their says now that" she really wasn't jungle freedoms, their women a "coauthor" of the 71-page their avoidance of personal book, as she described herself responsibility and their abhor-on a Senate questionnaire. "I renee of the work ethic." edited that work period," Also culpable, it contends, (Continued On Page 11) ed and marketed. In hardly no time, it was in record stores and aU over radio and television. People were shelling out approximately $10 per album and were happy to do it for the great music and the even' greater cause. But now it seems that there has been a hitch in the process of getting the money or the food that it would buy to the Ethiopians. It appears that there is some bureaucratic holdup that is preventing the main reason from being fulfilled. This is totally despicable. The money has been col lected and is sitting in some bank vault or other depository while people who could be saved ate dy ing by the thousands each day. We call upon the President, U.S. Congresspersons and various leaders of our uation to investigate why the holdup in the transfer of funds has occurred. Lastly and most importantly, we call upon the ar tists who gave so generously of themselves to do what they can to get the money or the foodstuffs to the people of Ethiopia. If this final step is not taken, all of efforts ve been for fellow Americans. Blacks given their everything to nation. The last full of devotion, one's life, is ultimate expression. Bl Americans, rightfully fett : all human kind would yield that last full measure ed by others, and find in mentality to acept and them. Oftentimes, would point out how they contributed to this nation's wars Black men have fought and died i n war this na tion has waged. This is true even from colonial times. 1 One famous Americani president who had closer deal, ings with Black people was Andrew Jackson. I Jackson, the Seventh Chief Executive, is noted as the liberator of the adult poor white maie. Non propertied white males gained the _right to vote under Jackson. He may well be hail ed as their liberator. The closest Andrew Jackson came to recognizing the humanity of Black people was during the War of 1812, at Battle of New Orleans. General Jackson, who was first territorial governor Florida, raised an army engage the British. Color skin, like social status didn't matter to Jackson. H recruited an aggregation which included a microcosm Of nation. Jackson's integrated army included two Negro talions (slaves and freedmen), a group of New business and professional called "Beale's Famo Rifles", poor unshaven "hippies" from Mississippi, pirates rounded up out of a New Orleans jail, Choctaw -dians in full war paint, and .a collection of Kentucky draftees in ragged clothes car rying old muskets. historian gave the '-V''"'''":."Ju. "Although outnumbered to one,. Jackson' "integrated" army killed wounded more than I ,500 (British Soldiers) and lost only a handful of the ir own N"''""'r again would a foreign army t

-------------------Did you know that you can the "Cha-Cha-Cha" off record, 'Rhythm of the by Debarge? Sure For those of use that can move or can perchance rmo!"mber the way that the feet s ,upposed to move, Today, let us 'focus Family; it is a very important and a very vital topic. As we to the sounds of Rhythni. of the Night (the next time), let us remember this group js a very good ex ample of what Family is and what Family means. Family unity means Family strength. And at the head of the Family is man. He is the driving force. He is the nucleus. He is the beginning. Since we are so : close with Webster now, let us define: "Family3. a group of peo ple related by blood or mar riage; relatives; 4. all of those descended from a common ancestor; tribe, clan, or race; 5. a) descent; lineage; b) good or noble lineage." New World Dictionary. Sounds good to VIEW Racism In The Raw What has taken place in South Africa is racism in the raw. Blacks in sOuth Africa out-number whites by an estimated 6-1 ratio.' That breaks down to about 18,000,000 blacks to 3,000,000 whites. Blacks are the majority in South Africa, but the white mjnority controls the country. The racial and physical abuse heaped upon blacks by the white minority rivals some of the most inhumane treatment in the history of humaruty. It rivals s(avery in America and the Jewish Holocaust. Blacks are discriminated against, beaten, raped, denied opportunities and killed. Blacks suffer abuse openly d intentionally. The freedom, the happiness, the bOdies nor the lives of blacks in South Africa amount to a bag of peanuts. Blacks have their lives snuf out with no concern. For many years the racism has hoovered over South Africa drew little or not atten The do gooders (coun ted by the United States all kept quiet and have no effort to do anything all. Well, the USA still has its problem of racism. AUTO INSURANCE UP TO 2.5" DISCOUNT "Come Where Se"ice Has Been 0u r Policy For 30 Yn." A. F. Kilbride Ins. 4$01 238-881 America has its hunger pro blems, but it is still trying to feed people in other countries and other parts of the world. So why the United States government remained silent so long about what has gone on and is going on in South Africa? In South Africa, blacks are band froi:n key government positions; denied educational opportunities; denied the right of mass assemblies; denied the right to own weapons; spied qn; and are whooped side the head by blacks who wear the uniforms of the South African hit squad. But despite all this I can see a brighter day ahead for the blacks in South Africa. There is a new generation who have come to the front. These citizenship minded blacks have said that they are tired of the policies they are for"ed to live under. They have decided that they are not going to live under .the atmosphere of racism that exists in their country. These militants as many will call them have decided to m ake some changes. This new breed 9f Africans have decided that they will make life better for all black people on the continent or die trying. These young blacks are-not afraid to die. Dying doesn't matter to them. They realize that under the system that they are currently me. "From the end of Ter 1928 (=late January 1936) onwards this death-dealing rain descended uninterruptedly upon our soldiers upon women, children, cattle, streams, stagnant waters as well as pastures ... Ti}is work of carded out with some finesse, annihilated peoples in places far removed from the battlefield and made their country into a desett.. The plan was to spread terror and death over the greater part of Ethiopia ... It was to make known to the world the torment inflicted upon the Ethiopian people that I decid ed to come to Geneva," H. L M. Emperor Haile Selassie I, Speech To The League Of Na tions," BEAT. For any person whatever Family he or she comes from to even think that the situation in Ethiopia is not relevant and they are already They have taken on the white supremacy government. They are saying, bring on your soldiers, bring on your bullets, bring on your police and your billy sticks, but you are going to change or kill every last one of us. The rioting and the in fighting in South Africa is drawing international atten tion. The plight of blacks there is slowly being highlighted for the world to see. News stories and the long lens of television cameras are focusing on the brutal treatment being dished out to blacks. More and more nations are becoming shockingly concern ed about the treatment of blacks by the governments of South Africa. Even the United States is reluctantly objecting to conditions in South Africa. Students on college campuses across this country have begun to demonstrate and speak out against South Africa's racial problems, In spite of the racial pro blems that still exist in America, races are learning that we have got to live together,' that we can live together, that we are all human beings and that we on ly need to respect each other and our various heritages. As idealistic as it may seem, there is absolutely no need for racism in our world today. Don't forget May t4, 1985 is Election Day. Go cast your vote! [MY Blacks, White Poor Fought Viet N am War There is a perspective of the Viet Nam ten-year anniversary which did not surface during last week's commemoration. Perhaps more significant, and should have been revealed, is the fact that the War in Viet Nam was the first major engagement of America's new volunteer army, an army made up of the America's poor and deprived. When one thinks of the economic ramifications; when one begins to look beyond the patriotism and pursue the social intangibleS, the racism and the politics of it all, this nation loseS its credibility in some sacred and moral While Blacks compose only 14 to 15 percent of America's population, their ranks in Viet Nam was as high as 40 percent of this nation's ground troops. llere locally, more young Black men were killed in Viet Nam than the combined total of World Wars One and Two, and the Korean War, as well. Numerous young men, I per can remember, walked around Old Middleton, Blake and Booker T. Washington secondary schools. The memory goes as far back aS observing some of them in elementary school and on the that it does not demand every Family's attention, then that parks and playgrounds Solp .hur Springs, HeightS, West Tampa, and Central Park. Most of kids were from poor families who went into the military economic reasons. They the victims of a poor tional system, indifferen political and economic institu tions in our midst. Check the "honor roll" the local white youths killed in Viet Nam and you may well find that they, too, were from similar economic cir cumstanees. These were kids whose future was not already mapped out -a high school then college, or stake in the family's business, etc. One bomb shell which must be dropped at this time rounds the questions: Who benefited financially from the VietNam War? Who stood to profit from that immoral engagement in South East Asia? How rich did those who control this nation's milita,ry industrial-complex get? Behind all of the patriotic rhetoric surrounding contain ing the spread of communism, there are the classist, racist, and profit motitations. The merry-go-round seemingly will continue as President Reagan and his industrial cohorts recently in West Germany, renewed the dictim to support anti-communist movements around the world. So there will be "Viet Nams" in person is a traitor. That per son is a traitor to God. That person is a traitor to him/herself. Last and certain ly not least, that person is a traitor to his/her family. Human rights begets human dignity which begets the works of Almighty God. As the Family of the world, it is our duty to see after members of our Faniily. the future. There will be more economic-political, racist and classlst wars for poor Americans to fight. So, we are back to Square One. All round the globe, when we put God in our daily endeavors and man back at the head of our family, then we can recreate harmony, too. Thank You, Miss Mildreq, (Buffalo Avenue and 29th Street service station) for giv ing me a dime when I had not identification. May God bless you. We are all one big Famt ly. Be Unto You. Mr. Reagan is wrong! There is a sense of collective guilt here at home, because this na tion is a political_ democracy and the free press concept is a viable one. The majority of the American people, unlike the Germans under Hitler, democratically elected their leaders who have made these war over the years. The motives of Ronal Reagan at Bitburg, last surrounding the principle forgiveness simply were not real. MERICAN Americans, your country looks with confidence to her adopted children, for a valorous support... To every noble hearted, generous, freeman of color fhere will be paid the same bounty in money and lands, now receiv ed by white soldiers of the u. States, Twenty years later as Presi. dent of the United States, An drew Jackson would defy his New Orleans humanity toward Blacks. He became an arch proponent of the "Gag Rule' obstructing any attempt by men like former President John Quincy member of the Representatives, to even discuss the slavery issue in the halls of Congress. In 1835, Jackson forbade the Post Office to deliver abolitionist mail in the Sou th. I


The tutorial classes at Gary Adult Center, 3610 lOth Avenue, were rewarded for their efforts by their principal, R.M. Garcia and .their teachers, Mrs. Irene Johnson and Willa Wallace. Chiidren receiving awards for attentbmce were: left to right, front row, Enri que Grayson, Dujahn Daniels, Delia Kendrick, Allen Pryor, Gretcben Kea, Shawn Coleman, l)eneka Browen, Jossi, Tammy Pryor and Dorene Carolyn Jossi, Natyla McKinney, Joeni WIUiams, Naida Kendrick and Steven, and back row, Mrs. Irene C. Johnson and. Mrs. Willa D. Wallace, instnictors. This 1Jrogram provides assistance to the students in various subject are.S and correlates it with the 5chool cuiTiculum. 'The Fall tutorbd session will re$uine in. September 19S5. Registration for the High School completion proaram isnow o pen at Gary Bishop; second row, Laron Newsome, Michael Williams, DSynell Daniels, Donthel Neko Bowens, Theodis McKinney and Jacob t.hird row, Cen!er for or EveniJtfCiasses. For additional information you may call 247-5439 or 247-5430. YOU A -HAPP. Y .:-B ;IRf.HDAY MISS ROSE HCCFORCSA In the past months the Hillsborough County Council for Church and Social Action has been very busy. In the last three months it has distributed more than 80 tons of food (160,000 pounds) to Citizens of Hillsborough county. The record of the council has been formiable in keeping their goal in sight and being true to thei r pledge. This group of dedicated ministers and churches is doing something in Tampa that has been talked about but rarely accomplished. Today ,. Ahequa LaTonya Ricks is celebrating her 11th -. 'IMMOKALEE MRS. MARY TOWNSEND Reporter Ori April 28, services were held for the Pastor Rev. P.L. Bass' 7th Anniversary. The local program was Wednesday night. Thursday night, Allen Chapel .A.M.E. ; Ctiurch, Pastor Rev. Bradley and members were in charge Fri day night, Macedonia M.B. Church, Pastor, Rev. Atkins and members were in charge from Naples Sunday SChool began at 9:30 with the superintendent and teachers at their posts. The review was by the Pastor. Worship services began at 11:00 with theassistant Pastor' Rev. Jones and members of St. John M.B. Church and Rev. P .L Bass, Often by the Black community for not domg pastor of Ft. Pierce. Closing anything, the Council's activities are living proof that a group the annive r sary services at 3:00 of Black churches can w.ork together and help about p.m. were St. John M.B sonie needed changes. However, much help .is needed The Church, pastor, Rev. W.M. (Continued On 8) Bouyer and members. The birthday. She is a 5th grade student at MeFarhuie Park :School; ,attends M t. Olive Missionary Baptist Church; arul'is a cheerleader for the Spartans Little League Football Team Joining her in celebration is her mother, Cheryl Russ, and her sister, Tequila. On May 8, it will be number 6 for Jamaar. D Braswell. Jamaar attends Lomax Elementary School He will be celebrating his brithday with his mother, Connie; graQdmother, Mae Dayne and ly. theme for their services was "Thj s Man Spoke For The Lord." The funeral of the late Mrs Church. Rev. W.M. -Bouyer, Pastor. Rev, Hicks officiated. Boyeq Funeral Home was in charge of arrangements Estella Johnson was held Tuesday a! St. M ;B. Please pray for the sick the shut in. THI SOUTHIItN TONI OOSPIL Will Host A Musical Program May .9', 1985 At 8:00P.M. Peace Progressive Primitive Baptist Church 2628 E. Lake A venue FJder Josepfl Jeffer5on, Pastor varlous. Groups Of The City Will Appear On Program. :.


With Mrs. jessie Harrelson (in center with plaque) are, from left to right, Gloria Underwood, Flora C. Dawson, Roberta Gibson, the Rev. Young Glover, Tina Odom and Donald Saltzman, rear; and below, Mr. and Mrs. Emmanuel Williams, Essie Feu, Patricia Harrelson, the honoree's daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Culbreath. Included in the growing list of 1985 retirees is Mrs Jessie Harrelson, who has retired Tampa Recreation Depart. the ret irement luncheon were after 18 years with the ment. Those on program at Flora Dawson, the Rev. .r---------------..;...-----------------.., Young G 'lover, Donald Eliza Ford, Carrie Verrtett, Sharon Short, Artis Gambell, Gloria Underwood, Qon Rothell, Pete Burgue, Lu'-'v'" Glymph, Helen Taylor, Regina Peoples, Willie Green, Cedric Spencer, Margie Johnson, Dian Dentley, Toni Bokor, Cheld Dennard, Lynette Fernandez, Pat Fowler, Virginia Mc Clellan, Glenda Thomas, MOTHER'S DAY PROGRAM May l2, 1985 UNIVERSITY OF TAMPA SPARTANS SPORTS CENTER On Program: (The Old Falrxrounds, Nortb Boulevard A Cass Street) WILLIE BANKS & THE MESSENGERS THE SWANEE QUINTET THE VIOLIN AIRES Detroit Mk:b. DOORS OPEN AT 2:00P.M. PROGRAM BEGINS At 3:00P.M. DONATION: $8.00 At The Door: $9.00 Tickets Sold At: College Hill Pharmacy, 3503 22nd Street, Mosley & Williams Auto Cen ter, 3228 N. 40th Stree_t And New Pbiladelpbia Baptist Church, 1002 E. Buffalo Ave. Saltzman, Tina Odom, Elois Scott, Gloria Underwood, Dave Brown, and the Rev. J. H. Howell. Listed on the luncheon pro gram as being among those wishing her good luck were Margaret Russo, Tania Hart, June White, Wayne Pappy, Carolyn Miller, Flora Dawson, Vincent Lopez, Elois Scott, Melvin McKay, Scott Galloway, Hayward Brady, Mike Metziere, Julia Evans, Carole Tuliano, Diane Young, Sara Denton, Julia Jackson, Lillie Nichols, Shirley Risler, Dave Barksdale and Roger Williams. Come Join THE ORCHID CLUB, INC. For "A Downhome Southern Cabaret" Saturday, May"' l98.S From 10 P.M. To 2 A.M. At The WI,JT tAMPA CONVENTION CINTIR 3005 W. Columbus Drive Bring Your Picnic Basket Of Your Food And Bev4:rages. DONATION: $.5.00 Proceeds Will Benefit The Orchid's Favorite Charities Music by: Steve's Pony Express Collqe Hill Church Of God In Christ 6414 North 30th Street Tampa, Florida REVIVALI REVIVALI REVIVALI Come Out And Join Us In Holy Ghost Filled Revival Every Night Beginning April 1985 Through May 10, 1985. Services Begin At 7:30 P.M. Every Night. Elder Cleveland Blash, Formerly Of Waterbury, Connecticut Is The Evangelist In Charge. ELDER &LAsn Bishop W. E. Davis, Pastor


IN ATTENDANCE AT THE LILY WHITE CONVENTION Rossie Lee Ha. rvey, Titusville; Mamit: Craig, St. Leo; and Eatherlene Horton, Tampa. (Continued From Page 6) council needs help in identifying the needy and in the distribu tion of food. The Council's next meeting is on May 14 at 1:30 P.M. at the New Philadelphia Baptist Church, 1002 E. Buffalo Avenue. All pasto .rs and other interested persons are invited to be pre sent. THE ORCHID CLUB, INC. Orchid Helen Johnson gave the ladies of the Orchid Club, Inc. a chance to explore the Carrolwood area when she hosted the recent meeting of the Organization, at the lovely Carrolw5?od Meadows Home of Orchid Mary Staples. The ladies were amazed by the rapid growth of that area, sa naturally some got a little turned around; causing the 6 o'clock meeting to be delayed .for an hour. Although President Authorine Clark was present, she asked to be excused and Vice President Ann Glymph presided instead. A report from Cabaret chairpersons Connie Mustipher and Alza L. Stanislaus headed the agenda Again the dress code was and will be strictly enforced. All Orchids that can, are to meet at the West Tampa Con vention Center at 10 A.M. Saturday May II, to help decorate the hall. for the Cabaret will also be Members will return at 9 P .M. They reminded to bring all decorations that morning. Orchid Mary Bowden was warmly welcomed at the meeting and promised io attend the Cabaret and will assist where need ed. Bowden has peen inactive since her knee surgery almost a year ago. Get well prayers were offered for Orchid Mary W. Smith who is at home recovering from surgery. M.W.D.W. FAMILY The Family Reunion plans are progressing. The next meeting for May are s.cheduled on 5/9 at 7 P.M at 4002 LaSalle (Collins); 5/16 from 7-9 P.M. at 1501 N. Lois (Collins); and 5/31 at 4322 Grace St. from 8-10 P.M. (Jones). All family members should make contact or attend. For more information contact Ceola Collins, Willie War ren, Eatha Mae Pease or Carolyn Collins. MJDDLETON THOMPSON CLASS OF '49 Graduates of Middleton and Don Thompson Oass of 1949 will meet Thursday, May 9th 1 at 7:30 p.m. at the American Legion Hall to finalize plans for tile reunion July 18-21. Headquarters is the Westshore Inn. An all day cruise on the Sea Escape is one of the ac tivities planned on July 19th. Many Classmates have attend ed meetings in tl;te past but ) hose who have not attended are to please attend this meeting. The reunion will not be exciting without you. EUNICE FREENEY Reporter Willie Streeter is the president, and Andrew Whigham is vice president. Eunice Freeney is the person to thank for her reports on the meetings and other class activities. Tampa Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Cordially Invites 'f:be Public To Its JA88ERWOCK '85 EXTRAVAGANZA "WE ARE THE WORLD" (Talent Produc.tion And Coronation) Saturday, May 18, 1985 8:00P.M. Jefferson High School Auditorium Proceeds Will Benefit Delta's Public service Projects. F-or More Information Call: 876-6052 Or 816-7980. Gloridine McNair, Chapter President ------------------TOP HATTERS CLUB Sponsors Disco Dance Saturday,May.JJ, J985 Time: 9:00 Until Place: Cuban Hall Patio Music by! The Mighty P.otmah And His Funk Macbine 8. Y.O.B. Donaflo_n: ,$4.00 Cocktail Hour, 910 P.M.


MI.SS PHI _BETA LAMBDA PHYLLIS S I N GLETO N Ph yllis R Sing l eto n won the title pf M i ss Phi Bet a Lambda at B et hune -Cook man College for the year 1985-86 Phyllis i s a member of St. Luke A.M.E. Church. She i s t he daughter of Mr. a nd Mrs. Edwa rd ( D e l oris) S i ngleto n. H e r m ajor i s Bu siness Ad mini st ration and s he i s minor ing in Data Processing a nd Hos pitality Management. The Pastor's Aid Board Presents MS. FIRST LADY PAGEANT May 10, 1985 At 7:30 P.M. Peace Progressive Primitive Baptist Church 2628 E. Lake Ave. Who Will Be Crowned? Ms. Mary A. Tyson Mo. Amelia Manuel Ms. Dorothy McClain Ms. Janet Mosley Ms. Christina Ross Ms. Mae Fannie Brown E ld er Joseph Jefferson, Pastor S i s Emma J Hearn s, Public ity C h a irman TEENAGERS AT THE CASTLE DANCE Tampa teena g er s joine d Hill sboroug h High School students for a night of fun recentl y at The Cas tle. Teen dance s are held there on Frida y nights and each week a different high s chool i s in vited as s pecial guest s. Shown i s the photo above are, left to right, Tim Smith Reggie Thompson, Carlos Howard, Poncey Blue, Tirhonda Hills Marlene Ellis and France s Causey; and below are Ro y ce Mitchell, Tas ha Chatman, Bobby Brown Ramon Raiford Cecil y Caus ey, F a y e Cause y and Tonnie O Neal Jr. E. P. PRODUCTIONS Present ... BIG GOSPEL MOTHER'S DAY STARRING E VANG ELIST SHIRLEY CAESAR Extra Added Attract ion EDITH LANGSTON And THE $8.50 Adults $5.00 Children FESTIVAL SPECIAL GUEST STAR REVEREND AL GREEN ALONG WITH .. THE MIGHTY C L O U D S Of JOY The Fabulous WILLIAMS BROTHERS THE WILLIAMS BROTHERS Your Master Of Ce r emonies D A V E BROWN FROM WTMP At The Accoustically B e a utiful Expo HALL FLORIDASTATE FAIRGROUNDS Route 301 And Highway 4 Tampa, Florida S U N MAY 12 DOORS O P EN 4:00P.M. Ticke t s On Sale At : COLL EGE HILL PHARMACY, 22nd St. CHECK CA SHIER. 78th St. (C lair Mel) DOCTOR'S PHARMACY (St Petersburg ) ALL SELECT-A-SEAT OUTLETS ROBINSON'S STORES CLEARWATER RECORD BAR STER E O-RA-MA ( ew Port R ichie) UNIVERS I TY CENTER AT U S F. BAY F RO T CENTER (St. Pete ) S PEC'S, South F l orida Ave. (L akeland ) M EMORIAL BLVD. Sears Tow n Plaza TAMPA THEATER ( Downtown Tampa) MANATEE C IVI C (Palmetto) CU BAN (Sa ra sota And Brad enton) C RTI S HIXO HALL (T ampa ) > ..


If) oc Ql ... r--> < > < Q rl) ;;> (,!) I -... "C c:::: < Fresh Fryer CHICKEN LEGS CHICKEN LIVERS 391b. BONELESS BEEF BONELESS BEEF ALL LEAN LEAN BEEF CHUCK CHUCK CUBE STEAKS SHORT RIBS ROAST STEAKS Lykes Power Pak 69'z. .. WIENERS pkg. FRESH WHOLE FRYERS 49fb. SMOKED PICNIC HAMS 59fb. Sugar Cured Sliced HAM 89'.b. LEAN FIRST CUT PORK CHOPS 99fb. FRESH WESTERN .HOG MAWS 39fb. FRESH WESTERN HOG CHITTLINS lOib. $)99 Pail ATTENTION CHURCH Lorge Whole SPARE RIBS ....... 30 lb. cost $26.SO large Meaty TURKEY NECKS ........... 30 lb. case $10.SO Baby 31bs. & Down SPARE RIBS ....... 30 lb. case $42 .SO Select Westem OX TAILS ................. 20 lb. case $1S.9S GROUPS, RESTAURANTS Fresh Pork NECK BONES .................... 30 lb. case$ 9.7S lean First Cut PORK CHOPS ............... 10 lb. Box $10.7S and CIVIC GROUPS -Fresh leon PIG EARS ........................ 30 lb. case $13.2S Fresh Hog CHITTLINS ........................... 10 lb. Pail$ 3 .99 Fresh leon PIG TAILS ........................ 30 lb. case $13.9S Hi(kory Smoked SAUSAGE ......... ...... 10 lb. Box $12.SO CASE SALES! Fresh Small PIG FEElS .............. ........ 30 lb. (OSe $ 9 .75 lean Meaty TURKEY WINGS ............ 30 lb. Case $14.50 Sunny Delight 99 I ( PUNCH !1gat Ben's CONVERTED RICE lOib. $499 Bag SCHAEFER : i : i BEER TABLE TREAT CUT GREEN BEANS 3 303 $1 CANS LOUISIANA HOT SAUCE 4 6oz. $1 BoHies I No.1 FRESH WHITE POTATOES 101b. $129 Bag GREENr -PEPPERS 3 for 39< Table Treat Whole Kernel CORN 3 303 $1 Cans Henny Pen DOG FOOD 4 Toll $1 Cans FRESH CRISP CUKES 3 for 39< \ Merico BISCUITS 4 s1 Fame Blue Plate TOMATO CATSUP MAYOIIAISE OIL SARDINES 32oz. 79( BoHle $129 Quart Jar 3 FLAT $1 CANS Nabisco -COOKIES -OREO 20 oz. $159 iiii pkg. Fame PEANUT BUTTER 11 oz. $119 Jar SHOWBOAT PORK & BEANS 3 300$1 CANS Fame JiHy CORN MUFFIN 4 Boxes $1 MACARONI & CHEESE 4 Boxes $1 I TOMATO SAUCE 4 loL $1 Vine Ripe TOMATOES FRESH YELLOW SQUASH (OnS Fresh COLLARDS & TURNIPS 99(


Central Life Elects Officers Free 'Health William Raspberry And Board Members Screening ine point in his developviting school districts than 70.000 policyholders. 685-7149 or 933-7SOS. ment, summoned. Each Qf us dismantle school A free nursery will be pro-is responsible for his life situadesegratation plans long vided for the young children. tion." place arid tryi tie Your News 248-1921 .lkmg Black in America: A Real Picture The love's the satne the \Votnan has changed. PHOTOGRAPHED BY ANTHONY BARBOZA Mr. .n inMpendenll'h<*>sropherboood in New York, M>won in...,...ionolxcwmosboch ofineom .andcommerdol Some things are so special they endure forever. One of them is a mother's love. From generation to generation, Blcick mothers have passed on a legacy of caring, nurturing, and protecting. Mothers of today have broader horizons, more opportunities, and a stronger status in the community. If they are able to offer their children more, it is because they are aware of the sacrifices made by other women before them. JtnheuserBusch continues to support educational and vocational opportunities for :women by creating an environment where the challenges faced by women are met with confidence. A real picture of being Black in America includes all of us The potential to realize our dreams is the promise of America. And, in the fulfillment e>f our goals, we make the American dream a reality. Building a future in partnership with the community. to force city governments to reopen .long-settled affirmative-action hiring pro grams in t!!eir police and fire departments lsn 't it time to acknowledge that these things are not rations of the ministration but its Isn't it worth recalling in 1980, Reagan, the gUy'' to whom charges racism refuse to stick, chose start his Southern swing in Philadelphia, whose chief claim to fame that it was the site of murder of three workers? That it was his idea, as President, to grant federal tax exemptions for segregatiorusts schools? Isn't it time to wonder whether it is merely accidental that the Reagan adminstra tion, in itS enthusiasm for budget cutting, has proposed to cut out the Job Corps, lhe Work Incentive Program and the Small Business Ad ministration, and has manatl ed to cut to shreds the .. ., f' ... lrv net" that the affable Prc::si

PAGE TWELVE 1Ja Publisb&el Every Tues. And Fri. Get Both Editions ',. \ \ \ ', \ PRICES EFFECTIVE MAY 5-8. QUANTITY RIGHTS RESERVED. COPYRIGHT 1985, WINN-DIXIE STORES, INC., TAMPA : This ad applies to the following_ Florida counties only : Desoto, Hardee, Hillsborough, Highlands Hernando, Manatee, Pasco, Pinellas, Polk, Sarasota, Lee, Collier, Charlotte, and the city of LaBelle. Check your local paper for specials in your area. aa--.:1 U.S. CHOICE W-DBRAND STEAKS OR MORE LB. }99 ....... LB.$. 2 .29 LB.$2.59 MISS GOLDY GRADE A COUNTRY STYLE U.S. CHOICE W-DBRAND FULL CUT. ROUND STEAK $ 99 LB I WD BRAND WHOLE '-' ,\_ __ ,' ............. Lb. 69 Smoked P ICDICS .. .. ... ....... Lb. 69 SOFT N' PASTEL COLORS OR DECORATED BATHROOM TISSUE 4-ROLL OC) 1SAVE 30<: ROW. BLEACH UMIT 1 PLEASE SEVEN DAYS A WEEK! TUESDAY, MAY 7, t91S: -. t For every $10.00 you spend, we'll double three manufacturer's coupon offerS! EXAMPLE 1 0 Purchase 3 Coupons. '20 Purchase 6 Coupons. etc. Coupons up to 50 value will be doubled. Those valued from 50c to '1.00 w i ll hove o max i mum redemption value of '1.00. Coupon'i over '1.00 w ill be redeemable only for face value. Double coupon off e r excludes retai ler or free c oupons, cigoreHes or tobacco coupons or refund certificates. Coupon value cannot exceed the ..-ot ue of the item DOUBLE MANUFACTURER S COUPON VALUE CANNOT EXCEED '1.00 (See Cho.rt) DOUBLE C OUPOI SAYIICS AT Will Olli E MANUfACTUAIAS MIG YOU CINTS SAY! COUI'ON Off AT W 0 COUPON A 10C COUPON 8 50C 1 00 COUPOIII C '1 00 COUPON o '1 '1


THRIFTY MAID Whipped $}59 Shortening ..... THRIFTY MAID ......... 3 $} 00 Deli-Bake WINN-DIXIE I c G I GOLDEN BROWN I I > SOUTHERN FRIED CHICKEN THRIFTY MAID ... $}19 DIXIE DARLING HAMBURGER OR ..... 2 89 VEST FRESH ORANGES OR ALL-PURPOSE APPLES 5-LB$}69 BAG 8-PIECE$1J49 SATCHEL ..J WISE BUY! SAVE UP TO 30! AUNT JEMIMA (15-0Z. PKG.) ECONOMY OR BLUEBERRY WAFR.ES, OR DELl-QUALITY LEAN Boiled $}99 Ham ................... Lb. FRESH BAKED Kaiser or 99 Onion RoDs ...... DEU-QUAUIY DOMESTIC, IMPORliD, OR Baby Swiss $}99 Half Cheese ............. lb. FRESH BAKED LATTICE TOP .. $}2 9 Check our address list below for Deli-Bakery location nearest you. .... 99 All VARIETIES, EXCLUDING HAM & BEEF Morton 79 11-0z Dtnners .. .. .. .. .. .. Pkg. ..,;'tlt!IW! ... Dairv rL. I CHOCO-CHARM ... 99 SUPERBRAND Butter-Me-Not 89 Biscuits ........ 4 ELFERS.FJfen Squtlft: 754T'S. R. 54; SUN .Cri'Y- Sua Clly Ceater; SPRING HILL-Sprina Hill Shop. Ctr 1747 Sprina Hill Dr.; BROOKSVILLE-South Plaza U.S. Hwy. 41 A S.R. 577; Watera Way Plaza, 13017 Cortez Blvd.; DADE CITY-Dade City Plaza, 113 N. 7th St ; Dade Vlllaae Shop Ctr., 1710S. Hwy. 301; ZEPHYRHILLs-West Gate Shop. Ctr., S.R. 54 AS. Allen Rd.; LAKELANDS. Florida Ave.; Eastside Vlllaae, U.S. 92 A Combee Rd.; Market Square, 3163 U.S. 91 A KnlahtsGriffen; Im perial Christina Shop. Clr., 6902 S. Florida Ave. ; WINTER HAVEN-Vlllaae Plaza, 1130 Recker Hwy.; Winter Haven Mall 120 3rd St. S.W.; Cypress Grove Plaza, 5600 Gardens Blvd.; LAKE WALES-Lake Wales Plaza, S.R. 60 West; HAINES CITY-Haines City Plaza, 1703 Hinson Ave., AUBURNDALE-Imperial Plaza, 319 Ravendale Blvd.; BARTOW-Bartow Mall, 1050 N. Broadway; HIGHLANDS COUNTY-Towne Square Shop. Ctr., 1030 S. E. Lakeview Dr.; Sebrtna Square Shop. Ctr., U.S. 27 A Fairmont Drive; Lake Placid Shop. Ctr., U.S.27 A Tower St.; Avon Square Shop. Ctr., U.S.27 A Cornel St.; PALM HARBOR-Palm Lakes Shop Ctr., 415 U.S. Hwy. 19; Crystal Beach Shop. Ctr.,ll70 U.S. Alt.l9 N. STAR(*) PRECEDING ADDRESS INDICATES DELl LOCATION. hiifierme-nots Winn Dixie is an Equal Opportunity Employer for both men and women. Conlacllhe Tampa Urban League or our Human Resource Dept., P. 0 Box 440, Tampa. Florida 33601 AD Stores Open Monday thru Saturday, 7 A.M. to 11 P.M. Open Sunday, 8 A.M. to 9 P.M. N33.1liiH.1 SUO!J!P:I q)08 JOJn-'JJ.i puy 'soJD.L AJilA:tJ paqSJIQDd U!)OJifrt&tOJU!JUOJS 'BI.f 5861 'L AVW 'AVOS3l


;: J ,IJ Entertainment Your act ion man says let's get it on for MOTHER'S DAY. Make your plans and give Mom a good time. Make sure she is happy at least for this special day. Here are some of the many night spots that are featuring Mother's Day programs. The MANILA LOUNGE is featuring Mother all week long. Starting Tuesday night they are getting down with LADIES night. Thursday n i ght will be the King Flirt All Male Revue. Mother s Day will be special They will give away $100 to the best dressed Mo. ther and plenty of free champagne. This is all spon' so red by the Manager, Mason and of course, Johnny. Your cool D.J. will be Floyd 'Joy' Rivers. At GRACE'S PLACE, it will be the Sensitivity Band, BY ALBERT LEE featuring IRMA COFFEE, for their Mother's Day pre senta tion There will be good sur prises for all the foxy Mot hers. The past weekend CANDY YAMS, the one man band brought the house down with his cool rendition of jazz and blues Everyone was dancing and having a good time. Look out for the ROYAL SMOKE SHOP. They will be smiling for Mother's Day. They have a cool profile that is geared to the neighborhood, and it is great. See manager Gene HiCks in action and meet your many friends The DOUBLE DECKER LOUNGE, is waiting for the many Mothers who will enjoy a evening out on the town. Jack Fisher says bring Mom on in and let us paint the town red. Get off with good juicy ribs MANILA LOUNGE A 2620 E. 7th Ave. PRESENTS Week Of Fun ALL ACTION STARTS 9 P.M. TUESDAY NIGHT-. LADIES NIGHT WEDNESDAY NIGHT LIVE ENTERTAINMENT & Joy THE. & -ASHERM BAND fEATURING JEROME McCAll. THURSDAY NIGHT, KING FLIRT AND HIS ALL MALE REVUE:. SUNDAY, MOTHER'S DAY 'J0000' CASH GIVEN. TO THE BEST DRESSED MOTHER FREE CHAMPAGNE ALSO KING FLIRT & HIS ALL MALE REVUE MANAGER, MASON-D. J., FLOYD "ALLMIGHTY" RIVERS


1)\ YOUR HOROSCOPE TAURUS (Apr 20-May 20): Your attention turns to financial matters You can realize a nice profit through acquisition of items on the ..... u,,.,.., ... block. GEMINI (May 21-June 20): The Sun in your birth sign inakes a new beginning and blesses you with charisma, charm, originality, con fidence, and more. CANCER (June 21-July 22): A clandestine meeting with a prominent business per sonality hints of a new romance. The outcome could be surprising. SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21) Transactions of confiden. tial puts you on s olid fooJing in joint .finances. Estate problems resolve themselves SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): Those closest to you are very important to the success of a new venture. A clear understanding of your dealings is essential. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) There are hidden factors in the employment pic ture. Beware of one who har bors resentment. Problems will surface. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): 18): Put your executive There will be lots of activity of abilities to good use. You a social nature. Temperamenshould have group matters tal outburst tend to upset the straightened out in no time. status quo. PISCES (Feb. 19-Mar. 20): VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): An affair of long standing A stimulating new career comes to a shattering concluassignment seems likely. Heed sion, throwing home base off the advice of an old friend center. A bad time for a who has-some additional facts. showdown. LIBRA (Sept. 23-0ct. 22): ARIES (Mar. 21-Apr. 19): Scholastic interests must be Mental pursuits are favored. reckoned with. Do your long Yo\l have a way with words. range plans allow time for furPutting your ideas across is no formal schooling? problem. Gladys Knight, Commodores, Lakeside, Patti Labelle Set For Superfest ST. LOl.JIS, Mo.-Gladys Knight and the Patti LaBelle, Lakeside, the Com modores and Maze featuring Frankie Beverly are among some of the stars set to appear during the 14 city 1985 Budweiser Super fest tour. Also slated to appear during the tour are the Temptations, Bobby Womack, Kool and the Gang, the Whispers, Ashford and Simpson, Teena Marie and other great stars. The Budweiser Superfest will be in New York, Philadelphia, Miami, Atlanta, Cleveland, Dallas, Houston, Chicago, New Orleans, St. Louis, Los Angeles, Oakland, Detroit and Washington, D.C. "Working through our na tional tour promoters, Alan Haymon and John Sdoucas of A-H Enterprises, we have put together another star-studded talent package for this year's Superfest concerts," said Robert F. Merz, senior duct manager of Budweiser. "All of the artists obviously will not appear at each event, but whichever four or five ar tists that do appear together, will provide for an exciting evening of all-star musical entertainment, that Budweiser Superfest fans will enjoy," Merz added. (Continued From Page 14) get down. Bring Mom Satur day night for the action. You can count on the BLUE DIAMOND LOUNGE, to really give all they have to make this a grand day for Mom. So come on in and en joy yourself. They will be hay ing something special for Mom. The NEW LOUNGE is Sentinel's Top 10 Singles 1. New Attitude Patti Labelle 2. We Are The World U.S.A. For Africa 3. Til My Baby Comes Home luther Vandross 4. Back In Stride Maze. 5. Smooth Operator .. Sade 6. Fresh .. ; Kool & The Gang 7. Nightshift .. Commodores ready for MOTHER'S DAY with special action. All Mothers will be able to get with the disco action Free and 'Jay the cool D.J. there will be red roses given See you next week and tell a away. Their disco will be by friend where the action is ... 8. In My House Mary Jane Girls .., 9. Rhythm of The Night ..... .................. Debarge :;: 10. Lovergirl ... Teena Marie o.Yicl ...j


! 11 tJ SPORI'S[liJl: I'll = Q W]TH L RANDY ...... BY RANDOLPH KINSEY ____ .. White Wins State High Jump Gerald White, the premier oasketball player from Tampa Catholic demonstrated his athletic versatility Saturday by winning the 2A state high jump championship. White 'took the championship with a leap of 6-6. White is the blue chip eager who led Tampa Catholic to their first ever state basketball tournament. Next year, White will not wear track shoes, but rather he will wear the gold and green of the University of South Florida Bulls. Young White is from a family of athletes and the prize recruit of Coach Lee Rose. White, a projected starter, will be counted on next basketball season to build at tendance at the Notth Tampa School and lead the USF Bulls to a bunch of victories. THE SALE OF THE CENTURY Kentucky Derby winner, Spend .A Buck, may well have been the Sale of the Century. Dennis Diaz b "ought the sinall colt 18 months ago for a base ment bargain price of $12,500. Diaz purchased the colt at that price ecause he looked smart. So far, Dr. Diaz has been the one that has been smart. Spend A Blick led the Derby from start to finish to pick up the first prize money of $581,800 and run his total life winnings to $1.5 million. Spend A Buck won by the largest margin since 1946 by running the third fastest time in Derby history. There is talk of syndicating the $12,500 colt for a price of $20 million. Spend A Buck is not through yet and his money total is certain to go up. CELTICS NOT SO DOMINATING During the 1984-'85 basket ball season, the Boston Celtics played like the world cham pions. In fact, they totally dominated their oppositioQ. It appeared as though the Celtics would cruise to their second straight championship. To add to their good fortune, Boston drew the NBA doormats, the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Celtics caught all the heck they wanted from the lowly Cavaliers. The champs had to go to the limit with the lowly Cleveland bunch before winning 3 games to 2. All three victories were by 3 points or less In round two, the Celtics drew the Detroit Piston The big green machine roared off to two convincing wins in the Boston Gardens. At last, the Celtics were back in stride again. But sure victory no longer looks so sure. The Celtics find themselves once again locked in a struggle for survivaL The Pistot\s have amb.ushed Boston two str aight at home and :have deadlocked the best of Seven Series at 2-2. Should the Celtics get by Detroit, they will find the Philadelphia 76ers waiting. The 76ers looked like world champions, sweeping by a fine Milwaukee Bucks team in 4 straight games. USFL SHOULD LISTEN TO BASSETT Is Tampa Bay Bandits owner John Bassett sick? How true this is, I don't know. John Bassett may be sick, but he sure ain't stupid. Bassett is anti the United States Football League going head to head with the older more establish ed television rich National Football League. There are some teams in the National Football League that arestruggling to survive. There is no need for teams from the USFL to join that number. The Tampa Bay Ban dits do not need to compete with the l3ucs. The Los Angeles Invaders will have no chance in California, nor will the Denver Gold in Denver, or Houston in Houston. I can see why the owners voted to go to fall football. Only Tampa Bay, Los Angeles, Houston, New Jersey (New York) and possibly Oakland (California) are located in citi es that have NFL teams. In addition, the league owners are gambling on winn ing an anti tr4st suit against the NFL. That could be an ex pensive gamble. The Bandits, the Jackson ville Bulls and the New Jersey Generals are doing very well in attendance. These teams are doing well because of some very slick and appealing pro motional events It may be wise for the league to stay with summer football and win the anti-trust suit first. The league owners should listen to Mr. Bassett and stay puC They should also ask him about some of his genious like promotional stunts that are keeping fans coming to Tampa Stadium. Even in football, you still have to sell the fans on your product. Remember -Tuesday, May 14th, 1985 is Election Day. Don't Forget To Vote! : .... __ .... To Place Cancel Or Correct CLASSIFIED ADS Dial 248-2825 or .248-3033 ATLANTA Willis Reed, who resigned from his position as head basketball coach at Creighton University last week will return to the NBA within two wee}cs as an Atlanta Hawk assistant coach. The 6ol0 Reed will under study 5-7 Mike Fratello on the coaching lines. No contract has been signed, but a deal is expected to be finalized within the next two weeks. The void Reed will fill was created qy Bob Reinhart taking the Georgia State head job a couple months ago. The Hawks, who are of the seven teams in the Patrick Ewing Sweepstakes, think Reed will shape the future of their youthful big men. Some of the players Reed will tutor Gooden Good Enough To Nip Reds 3-2 CINCINNA Tl Dwight Gooden was at his best Sunday only when he had to be. The 'New York Mets' right hander escaped several close calls despite erratic control, hanging .on for eight innings in a 3-2 victory over the Cincin nati Reds. Gooden (4-1) gave up seven bits and walked three, getting hurt in just the fourth inning when the Reds scored a pair of runs on Dave Van Gorder's bases-loaded double. Gooden also fanned nine, with four of those strikeouts while the Reds had runners in scoring position. "Men are going to get on base, and that's when you've got to bear down and make great pitches," Gooden said. The right-hander threw 120 ; pitches in seven innings before ;yielding to Jesse Orosc_o, who got his third save. "I'd started getting into my rhythm pretty good, but I didn't have my best stuff," Gooden said. "It was kiod of off-and-on." are Kevin Willis, Dominique Fame. Wilkins and Antoine Carr. He compiled a 52-65 record Perhaps not coincidentally, at Creighton. His 1984-85 could be reunited with Bluejays were 20 -12 but lost June Draft Day. their last six games. The Hawks would be Reed said Indiana Univer terested in Benjamin if they sity and St. John's University could not selec_ t the are schools which have built Georgetown center. good basketball teams without, Reed, 42, played for the violating rules. Knicks for 10 years and was At Creighto n, he said, "our1 captain of their 1970 cham-recruiting budget is adequate pionship team. He coached the for what we have The Knicks during the 1977-78 only thing we don't have is the season and for 14 games the slush fund like those other following season. He is a have, and I don't expext member of the NBA Hall of that." Jim Brown's Girlfriend Testifies She Beat Woman LOS ANGELES The girlfriend of former football great Jim Brown told a Los Angeles grand jury that she, not Brown, punched a woman Brown allegedly beat up and raped, grand jury transcripts showed Thursday. Carol Moses, a convicted prostitute, testified she slugg ed the alleged victim in the eye after _the woman, a substitute school teacher, to seduce her and later threated to kill her at Brown's Hollywood Hills house last Februar!Y. Moses' testimony before the grand jury also supported Brown's story that he broke up the fight between Moses and the alleged rape victim, but did not beat up and rape the woman as prosecutors have charged. DON'T THROW AWAY MONEY! Air Conditioners Should Be Setviced Yearly When was the last time you had yours senlced? Neglect will cost you dollars each day in energy costs and wear on Internal parts. You pay each time your air conditioner Opefl!tes in increased electric bills and later in major repair bills. Don't lose your cool. Call today for our professional 15 point complete air conditioning servicing. We take great pride in our performance. We Service All M akes $ $ $ $ Pre-Season Special Only $2995 247-COOL 247-2665 CGM Services 1015 East Buffalo Be Part Of History: Let's DESEGREGATE The Party DemocratsRepublicans You Don't Have to Change Parties You Can And Should For Dr. Leonard C A M P B E L L, JR. District 3 County Commissioner (R) Pd. P9l. Adv VOTE MAY 14th


WHAT HAPPENED IN SPORTS Moses Mal one played as if he wants a second NBA title when he scor:ed 31 points and grabbed 13 reboun9s to ignite the Philadelphia 76'ers ove r the Milwaukee Bucks 121-112. The 76'ers pulled out the broom to sweep the Milwaukee Bucks four straight games. ,.;.,...,.; t.:ngHsh scored 40 points as the Denver Nuggets held off a fourth quarter Utah rally to defeat the Jazz 125-118 and take a 3-1 lead in the Western Conference playoff series. University of Oklahoma basketball star Wayman Tjsdale said Saturday that he will bypass his senior year of eligibility to make himself ayailable in the upcoming NBA draft next Sunday. Tisdale, a member of the 1984 gold-medal winning Olympic team, holds the Big Eight career scoring record with 2,661 points, and has an average of 25.6 points and 10.1 rebounds a game. ,.;,.;,.; high sch ool stars) 125% Reggie Jackson smacked a (iouble and an' eighth-'inning homer, his fifth this season, and 508th career home to lead the California Angels the Milwaukee Brewers 5-l Sun day for their riinth win In: U games. ,.;,.;.,... Atlanta Braves pitcher Pascua' Perez has been placed on the 15-day disabled list for in right --. P ackers : Ta kers Fo r WR Jefferson GREEN BAY WR John Jefferson isn't attracting any attention from NFL teams, according to Green Bay coach Forrest Gregg. Jefferson, who became a free agent Feb. t, has said he warits to leave the Packers because of a diminished role in the offense. The eight-year ; veteran from Arizona State caught 26 passes for 339 yards in 19.84. Tile Packers have sought to meet Jefferson's desire with a trade -and apparently during Tuesday's draft but have found no takers. "Right now, we have nobody interested in John Jefferson," Gregg said yesterday. "Nobody. So John Jefferson will either go somewhere else or come back here.'' Jefferson drew some in terest from USFL teams, most notably from the Arizona Outlaws. He played under Arizona coach Frank Kush collegiate years. Tampa FAM\Ps Native Voted Most Valuable Vinnie Johnson, the Detroit Pistons sixth man, came off the bench to score 34 points, including 22 in the fourth quarter, as the Pistons beat Boston 102-99 and evened the bes_t-of-seven Eastern Conference semifinals series at two apiece. Also, Benoit Benjamin, Mike Rozier ran for two Creighton University's 7-foot touchdowns before 60,100 center who led the nation in fans to lead the Jacksonville T ALLAHASSEl3 Former Tampa Tech High baseball star Lorenzo Spencer was recently voted the Most Valuable tlje 1985 F AMU Ba.Seball team. ,.;,.;,.; blocked shots, and B 11 t th N J u s ove e ew ersey in rebounds will pass up his. Generals 30-20. Rozier outThe Portland Trail Blazers caught the Los Angeles Lakers by surprise when they forced 28 Laker turnovers into 32 Portland's points. Mychal Thomp son scored 17 points and 10 rebounds, and Clyde "The Glide" Drexler added 15 points, lO assists, 7 rebounds and six steals to help the beat the Lakers. 115-107 to stay aliv e 3-1 in the Western Conferencesemifinals series Game 5 is senior year to enter the draft. shined Hei'Shei'Walker's effort Benjamin's decision -came in of an 169 da y: the picture when he heard of ;,. ,.; The 6-2, 190-pounder, who played outfield this past season, hit .357; with nine homers and a team-leading 51 runs batted in. He .also led the team in hits (73}, at-bats (204) the resignation of coach Willis Kelvin Bryant ran 15' yards Reed with 4:44 'remaining to give the ,.; ,.; ,.; defending USFL champion Chris -capers (6-6 forward Baltimore Stars (5-5-1) a 24-19 from state Jacksonvictory over the Arizona and runs scored (51). ville Ribault) hlld 21 points, and Toney M-ack (Florida's. Outlaws ( 4 7> Spencer, who played for two years at Grambling (La.) ht in Los ... most prolific scorer). scored 19 P.Oii:tts -!-O lead Team Florida over Moment's Paving (a group of former c;ollege and tJJa,y By Joe Black I know that many of you have heard the expression "everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die ... It depresses me to see that those words ofteri reflect the attitude of too marly Black Americans. In the Black community. an individual is greeted with laudatory shouts of"right on" or "stay on the case" as long as he is eluCidating about racism. But woe unto the Black person who dares to challenge oi point out weaknesses that Black people can improve l)pon. Quickly the cheers change to jeers and '.'Thm," "Oreo," "Negro ... or bourgeoisie, theVillifying names we now hear. However; I remind those name-callers that we, as a race, are to second-cl<>9 because a Black m

    PAGE 18

    Ali: I'd Still The Greatest If 'I Fought Today 'NEW YORK -The all challengers." greatest would still be just that At times, Ali seemed against today's compet.tion, uninterested, occasionally according to the man, himself. mumbling inaudibly to his "In my early 20s, no man, adoring fans but he perked up past or present, could be in the when a pretty girl walked by or ring with me, Muhammad when kids approached to Ali said as he signed shake his hand autographs at Health Expo '85 He s howed the s ame en at the World Trade Center. thusiasm as he s poke about "All the experts agree." somet i mes maligned Larr y Ali doesn' t think the Holmes. heavyweight division is as "I have nothing bad to say weak as some make it out to about him, Ali said. "Pound be. for pound Larry Holmes is "Things are quieter now the best box e r today." that I'm not boxing Andtheythetwinklereturnanymore,' Ali said, s miling. ed to h i s eye as he winked and "But I can't knock a guy like made his famous gesture, (Tony) Tubbs o r (Greg) Page biting his bottom lip, making a or (Pinklon) Thomas. I think fist with his right hand and champs have to prove waving it in the air to the themselves You have to fight delight ofthe crowd Lauper And Mr. T Will Box In Ring NEW YORK The ADoug Williams Sits One Out waived But Williams said he was also looking out for his future by not risking his knees unnecessarily. ''Once you've been around awhile, you learn that the first law of. nature is selfpreservation," Williams said Beauty Salon 2908 Nebraska Ave. 223-2313 Jheri curls '35'40 Relaxer W /Cut & Conditioner '20 Operator & Owner, Mercedes Fields Operator, John Murry, Formerly of Ha!r Dazzlers --------------=--"' ----------E -RA Thomas C. Hills Construction And Real Estate Tired Of Paying Rent'?-rl} r:l e Team's Mr. T, video pop 2 -:uuu Cyndi ,Lauper, and lers Hulk Hogan and ll at 11:30 p m on NBC. Saturday Night's Main Event, the 90-minute special, will replace Saturday Night Live this date only. Now's The Time To Buy A New Home. LefOur Professionals Show You How Easy It Is To Turn This Year's Income Tax Ret lirn Into A Dream Come True ; A Brand New Home. For Example: Rowdy Roddy _Piper will square off in ring on Funeral Sprays V2 price. ----$80 sprays for $40, $60 sprays for $30, $50 sprays for $25, $20 sprays remain the same price. All family sprays $40 and under. DOUG WILLIAMS Arizona Outlaws quarter back DougWilliams, bothered by a sore knee sat out: Sun day's 24-19 loss to the Baltimore Stars. Deloris the Florist 5808 N. 40th St. 237-4472 He acknowledged he may have been held out of the game as part of Arizona's shakeup last week that saw All o USFL linebacker Ed Smith, defen sive end Mark Buben and cor nerback Lance Shi'elds traded and running back Kevin Long ELECT RuBIN Our 1040 Model 3 BR's, Separate Dining Rm., Breakfast Bar, Central A/C, W /W Carpet. P /I Payments Starting As Low As $380/Per Month. RT-7 Model 2 Bedroom Homes. P /I Payment As Low As $339/Per Month. Selected Lot Included. Minimum 5% Down Payment. For More Information Call: Our Professionals Are Waiting For Your Call PADGETT RIDE TO POLLS CALL 237-1272 OR 237 County Commissioner, District 3 RIDE TO POLLS CALL 237-1272 OR237-1156 Rubin Padgett, a product of Tampa Public Schools, has attended St. Petersburg Junior College and the Univ. of Chicago Has been involved in vari ous community activities most of his adult life He presently serves as Adl)'linistrotor of Padgett's NursinQ Home Member Flo Licensed Board for Nursing Home Administrators appointed 'by Gov. Askew and reappointed by Gov. Graham; served as -Chairman 1976-1978 Past Commissioner of 'the Tampa Housing Authority for four terms; Chairman for 2 years during_my tenure. Past Presidential Envoy to Nairobi, Kenya in 1979 Continuing the Line of Service to our Community, Rubin Pledges to continue to work with and for his fellow of Hillsborough County as County Commissioner Providing:. 1. Better Job Opportunities 2. Better Communication between citizens andCounty Government Planned County Growth and 4. Improved transportation. Mr. Padgett's Experience And Involvement Has Prepared Him And M'Ode Him BEST QUALJFIED To Serve As Your COUNTY COMMISSIONER Pd Pol. Adv

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    HULL, MRS. MARTHA LOUISE -Funeral services GONZALVEZ, MRS. for Mrs. Martha Louise Hull, EDUVIGES -Funeral ser2910 W. Giddens Ave., will be vices for Mrs. Eduviges Gon-held Wednesday at 4 P.M. zalvez of 6409 Alemeda Ct., from the First Baptist Church who passed away at her West Tampa with the Rev. residence, will be held Thurs-Cecil Hubbard, officiating. day at 2 P.M. at Wilson's Interment in the Shady Grove Funeral Home Chapel with the Cemetery. Survivors are: her Rev. Antonio Figueroa of-devoted husband, Mr. Oakree ficiating. Interment will be in John Hull; a devoted son, Mr. Shady Grove Cemetery. SurAlfred L. Barnes and wife, vivors are: 4 daughters, Pilar Olga Villada; 3 devoted Tallaha'ssee, daughters, Mrs. Josephine Margarita Martinez and hus-Browder and husband, Willie, band, Gerardo, Caridad Mrs. Armiee Hull-Gibson andl North and husband, Arturo, husband, Gene and Mrs. San and Maria and hus-dra Yvette Hull-Smith amti band, Percy, all of Tampa; 3 husband, Alvin; a devoted sons, Mario Gonzalvez of sister, Mrs. Rosalie James; 3 Puerto Rico, Rene Gonzalvez brothers, Mr. Andrew Ham and wife, Ruth, Tam a, and mond and wife, Lucille, Mr. Rogelio Gonzalvez and wife, Benjamin Cherry, Mr. John Elena, also of Tampa; 2 Hatchett and wife, Josie; step sisters, Catalina Alvarez and brother, Mr. James Hatchett Victoria Gonzalez, both of and wi(e, Helen; step-sister, Tampa; 23 grandchildren and Mrs. Elizabeth Brown; sister24 great grandchildren; and in-law, Mrs. America Ham other relatives and friends. A mond; brother-in-law, Mr. native of Santurce, Puerto Alfredo Samuel; 7 grand Rico, Mrs. Gonzalvez came to children, 1st Lt. Yolando R. Tampa in 1946 from Havana, Gaines and fiance, Major Cuba. he was a member of Lonnie Crawford, Alfred L Iglesia de Dios (Church of Barnes Ill_ Donnell C. God). The remains will repose Holmes, Jr., Zane Barnes, after 5 P.M. Wednesday at Roderic L. Gipson, Alvin Wilson's Funeral Home and Smith, Jr., and Alexia Smith;. the family will rece1ve friends 4 devoted nieces, Karol Jones from 7 until 8 P.M. Wednes-and husband, Melvin, Rhonda day at the funeral home Hammond, Robin Samuel and chapel. The funeral cortege Verdell Brown; 4 devoted will arrange from 3418 E. nephew s Mr. Roland Ham Hanna. "A WILSON'S SERmond and wife, Evelyn, VICE." Reginald Hammond, Ernest ROGERS FUNERAL HOME PHONE 239-3101 Or 258.0764 4605 34th Street lADY ATTENDANT "WE GIVE THE BEST FOR LESS." SHADY GROVE FUNERAL HOME 2305 N. Nebraska 221-3639 and CEMETERY 4615 E. Hanna 626-2332 Complete Burial For $70S Add fur un Saturda) a tid ji 100 fur all s( n ins al'llr J 11.m. CHARLES RELIFORD .... Owne r Curry; Jr. and Mr. Frank Dessesseau and wife, Lucy; 2 grand nieces and 5 grand nephews; dnoted cousins Patricia Beacham, Del Washington and Betty Harris; devoted friends, Mrs. Mattie Bethune, Mrs. Bessie Holmes, Mrs. Ida Mae Hills, Mrs. Augustina Gibbons, Mrs. Fay Gross, Henry and ldella Tyler, Gene and Gracie Casamayor and Jessie L. and Mack Browder and other relatives. A native of Sumpter, S.C. and had here for 60 years. The remains will repose at the Wilson's Funeral Home after 5 P.M. Tuesday. Family will receive friends from 7-8 P. M. Tuesday. The cortege will from at 4506 20th St. Viewing will be private after eulogy. In lieu of flowers, contributions f\lay be made to the Hospice of Hillsborough Inc. P .0. Box 9375, Tampa, Florida 33674. "A WILSON'S SERVICE." IN MEMORIAM .. In memoriam of our mother, daughter, sister, Angela Lorraine Tillman who left us on May 6, 1984. Oile year ago forever we love you even after stars have stopped their gtow. Forever we will love you for you touched our lives with a love no one can replace. Sadly missed by children Derek, Tiffany and B .J.; mother and stepfather, Mary and Raymond Brown brother, Michael; sisters: Laurette, Lashawn and Twan da. IN MEMORIAM In loving memory of our son and brother, Steve R. Dale, who passed May 2 1975. Life is such a gift and when its over the light goes 8ut in this w'orld but goes on in the next. light went out 10 years ago, but it's afar brighter light where he is. Deeply missed b y hi s parents, Mr. and Mrs Richard Dale; brother and sisters. IN MEMORIAM MRS. ROSA LEE MORRELL August 1928-May 6, 1982 On Mother's Day you know we weep, 'cause God has call ed, and now you. sleep. We hope and pray your soul's at peace. As time goes on, we'll feel less grief. Although you're gone and laid to rest, our memories of you are still the best! The Morrell Family. AIKENS FUNERAL HOME Cor. Buffalo Ave. & 28th St. 232-8725 We're The Key To Fine Service IN MEMORIAM SARAH D. LOWE BERRY In loving memory of our dear loved one who departed this life, May 6, 1976. We look forward to our happy reunion one day. Husband, Fred; sons Michael, Mitchell, Fred daughter, Cathiene; Mary L. Rawls; and the rest of the family. MEMORIAM JOHNNIE ROSE POUNCEY Jan. 13, 1948-May 1, t9S3 Sadly missed by children mother' brother, Oliver and the Pouncey and Childs fa_milies, other relatives and fnends. IN MEMORIAM In loving memory of my dear husband, Mr. Lumfield Foster who departed this life May 6, 1983. Yourlove will always remain with us. Sadly missed by your wife, Delores Foster; The Larkins, Gardner and Reenes family. FUNERAl.$ IY: BRYANT & WILLIAMS Roy Williams Funrol Home J4J7 N. Albany Ave. 2.53 "When Understanding Is Needed Most" PUGHSLEY FUNERAL HOME 3402 26th STREET As Impressive As Required As Inexpensive As Desired PHONES: 247-3151 or 247-3152 WILSON'S FUNERAL HOME 3001 29th STREET "Our Business Is Service" Phone: 241-6125 The family of the late Mrs. Fredricka Lowe Jackson wishes to express their sincere thanks to friends who helped to minimize our sorrow with telegrams, flowers, prayers, visits and cards of condolence and all other acts of kindness during her homegoing. May the Lord bless and keep you forever in his protected arm. Special thanks to Pughsley Funeral Home and The Hillsborough County School Board, the Tampa Housing Authority and Tampa Dept. Jackson and Lowe family. CARD OF THANKS The of Mrs. Rosalee Thomas expresses special thanks to Pastor Williams Rev. Colding, officers: members of New Progress M.B. Church; Pastor Long officers, me'"bers of First M.B. Church; Mrs. Silas, Senior Gleanors; Mr. Gambrell, Seniors of Fair Oaks Center; Mr. Andrews Fla. Sentinel Bulletin Staff: Wilson's Funeral Home and loved ones for all acts of concern in our grief. May our. Heavely Father bless, guide, and keep you always. .. DEATH NOliCES PUGHSLEY FUNERAL HOME Mrs. Sadie Mae Knight, 1403 Armwood Ct. Apt. C WILSON'S FUNERAL HOME Mrs. Eduviges Gonzalvez, 6409 Almeda Ct. Mr. Kevin Lee Holder 1708-15th Avenue Mr. George Myrick, Jr., 47 Milford Avenue, N.J. Mr. F -rank Walker, 3619 E. Frierson Mrs. Stella T. Hampton, 3303 Chipco Street Mrs. Virgline Williams, 4406-40th Street Mrs. Martha Hull, 4506-20th Street YOUNG'S FUNERAL HOME Rev. C.H. Mobley, 1317 Woodbine, Clearwater, Fl. AIKENS FUNERAL HOME Mr. Alonzo Wilson, 735 Green St. #A FREE GLASSES Paid For By Medicaid Call: Dr. L. A. Martinez 876-6085 > = Q.. ., = Q =-

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    .. ------------------CLASSIFIED ADS-DIAL 248-1921---CLASSIFIED AD DEPT HELP WANTED Experienced cleaning per sonnel. wanted part-time and full-time. Call between 3-5 P.M. 239-1452. HELP WANTED HAIRDRESSERS WANTED!l Need not have following. Contact Hair Dazzlers Beauty Salon. 237-8923. HE.LP WANTED NEW BEAUTY SALON NOW OPEN! Needs Hairstylists for booth rental. Call 247-2425, 10 a.m. HELP WANTED Parttime janitorial, $5.00 / hour Imme diat e open. ings for males 253-2539 after 12 noon. HELP WANT D ASSOCIATE VICE PRESIDENT i=OR ACADEMIC PROGRAMS (HCC) USF Candidates invited for Barmaids and waitresses. Will train. Apply at Grace's Place, 2502 N. Albany Avenue. 1 SYSTEMS PROGRAMMER Associate V .P. for Academic ASSISTANT TO CAPACITY PLANNER/ Programs ... responsible to the 1------------1 -3 p.m. -CRUISE SHIP JOBS! Great income potential. All occupations. For information .:all: (312) 742-8620, ext. 339. THE PRESIDENT CRISIS SYSTEMS PROGRAMMER V .P. for Academic Affairs for (LEGAL) COUNSELOR Large 3081/3033 installathe planning & dhecting of in(HCC) tion utilizing MVS, VM, ACF, structional programs F/T position available in Hillsborough Community 24 h VTAM, CICS, etc., is seeking throughout the College our emergency and crisis College invites candidates for an individual with systems district. stabilization program. the position of Assistant to the programmer experience; some Minimum Qualifications: quires A.A./B.A. in human President (Legal)... responsiexperience with capacity planAn earned doctorate from an service discipline plus one-two ble to the Presidenffor perforning and/or knowledge of accredited institution and five ---------------1 year relevant psychiatric exming, coordinating & exstatistical methods helpful. years of teaching experience or Mature woman wanted to perience. Bi-lingual (Spanishpediting a variety of adEngl'sh) h elpful. ShJ'ft d'f-Minimum qualifications: five years of academic excare for infant, Monday thru ts B h 1 d DP ministrative ass1gnmen ac. e or s egree m comperience in an institution of Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 d t' & d 0 ted ferential. Apply: Hillsborough t th u 1es programs es1g a pu er sc1ence, rna engmeer-higher education. Ad-p.m., weekends as needed. Community Mental Health 1 f' 1 3 by the President. Ce mg or re ated 1e d and years ministrative experience as a Call 972-1020. nter 5707 N. 22nd Street, Duties will include: mainexperience in computer prodepartment chairperson or Tampa. SELL AVON taining administrative Rules & gramming for operating academic director in a multiGood $$$. No experience Procedures; researching 1----------------4 systems to include assembly campus system and experience necessary, Jackson Heights, changes in Florida Statutes SERVICE WORKER language, job control with collective bargaining are Belmont Heights and College and State Board of Education (HCC) language, supervisor services, desirable. Applicants must: ; Hills areas. Call Manager, Pat Rules; implementing a regular Routine housekeeping tasks utilities and the linkage editor have demonstrated experience ; Dibkey, 238_ 8128 schedule of administrative in cleaning of classrooms, or their generic equivalent; or in supervising academic facul1 ------------"1 Rules & Procedures reviews; restrooms, offices & other equivalent COn:Jbination of ty and a commitment to the ; CLAIMS CLERK compiling information & data College properties. Hours: education and experience. open-door community college Travelers Insurance Com-& preparing special reports for 6:00 AM to 3:15 PM Mon. Starting salary to approx. concept; be able to promote pany needs individual with inthe President; reviewing & thru Fri. $34,000, depending on trainexcellence iiJ college transfer, ) 1 {I) ... .::l \o4 = 3 = I i -... = > : ....,, surance experience. Must type recommending solutions or Must have some manual ing and experience (Salary occupatio-nal, college F courses of action; and related work experience. Starting Pay: range: $20,100 $36,200). preparatory and continuing 45 wpm accurately. or more details call Jackie Jones, duties, as !lSSigned. $4.20 per hour. (Good Send resume to: Associate education programs; and have 879 0720 EOE/M-F. Minimum qualifications: benefits). Application Director, Central Florida commitments to competencyAn attorney, licensed to pracdeadline: May 8, Apply: Regional Data Center SVC based management, to equal TELEPHONE RECEPTIONIST (15) tice in Florida. Commitments Hillsborough Community 409, University of South access/equal opportunity and to competency-based manageCollege, Personnel DepartFlorida, Tampa, FL 33620. affirmative action. ment, to equal access / equal ment, 39 Columbia Drive Application deadline: May 23, Salary range: $33,000 to No experience necessary, we will train. Must dress neatly and speak clearly. Guarantee plus bonuses and benefits. Ap ply: Suite 205, 7211 N. Dale Mabry, M-F, 10 a.m.-4 p.m. opportunity and to affirmative (Davis Islands), Tampa, 1985. $48,000. (Starting s alary is action are required. Florida 33606. EOE-M/F. Equal Opportunity/ Affirnegotiable, based on exNote: Staffing is contingent upon approval of the budget. SYSTEMS I COMPUTER SYSTEM Note: Staffing is contingent $22 527 t COORDINATOR : Salary range: o ANALYSTS upon. the approval of the $31,696. (Excellent benefits). UNIVERSITY. FINANCIAL CSA I: Requires Bachelors budget. Application deadline : dl M SYSfiM Application dea Jne: ay degree with a major in one of May 31, 1985. Please call the 31 1985 PI II the Per Responsible for managing 1 (8 ease ca the computer sciences, or Personne Office 79-7222, sonnel Office (879-7222, Ext. team of Computer System Bachelors degree and 1 year Ext. 230) for official HCC ap" NOW OPEN Hotei/Motel,$4.00 per ff 1 HCC I' 'Analysts/Programmers to 230) for o JCJa app Jca-experience in computer system plication form, or send letter, hour; Food Service, $3.95 plus per hour; Entry level office, $160 plus per week; Secretarial (50 wpm), $5.00 per hour tion form or send letter, design,-develop, program and analysis and/or programming. resume and any supporting d Port 1 0a implement financial systems in resume an any sup ., Experience with applications documents to: documents tb; a major state university of support on IBM, MVS and Dl 'rector of Personnel 28,000 students. Performs as Director of Personnel IBM/VM/CMS operations HILLSBOROUGH Project leader in new and exHILLSBOROUGH AFDC Only Florida Employment Project 237-1893 system is preferred. co G COMMUNIT Y COLLEGE isting applications developCOMMUNITY LLE E Knowledge and experience 0 B 22127 P.O. Box 22127 ment and provides primary inwith OS, JCL, IBM utilities P. ox Tampa' Flon'da 33630 terface with user department. 1 S 1 Tampa, Florida 33630 and SAS are desirab e. a ary EOE-M/F Must possess excellent verbal, EOE-M / F -;===========:t:==========:::;;-1 written and interpersonal skills range: $16,996 $28,125. as well as a (Starting salary negotiable up FOR SALE to $22,561). Application POLICE RECRUITS Th! City of Tampa is looking for Black persons, both males and females, between the ages of 21 and 35 who are interested in being employed as Police Recruits. The starting salary is $11,000 Recruits wiU be elevated to Police Officers at $18,541 annual salary upon satisfactorily completing necessary training. No experience needed, but you must be a high school graduate and in good physical condition. Apply between the hours of 8 A M. and 1 P.M. POLICE COMMUNICATION TECHNICIAN I (Police Dispatch Work) Start $5.30 an hour. High school graduation. Must be able to work ro(ating shifts including nights, weekends and holidays. Bi-lingual (English / Spanish) individuals are encouraged to apply. Employment applica tions will be accepted until further notice. RECREATION LEADER II Part-lime, W hrs / wk. $5.50 an hour H/S diploma plus 6 hours college coursework in Recreation or P E. 3 hrs. college English and reasonable ex perience in recreation that includes some experience planning and organizing recrtation activities. A college transcript is requested. Apply between the hours of 8 A. M. aild I P. M. CLERK TYPIST Ill Start $5.30 an hour. High school graduation and reasonable general office or clerical experience and the ability to type rapidly and accurately. Add I tional training in business related courses may be substituted for experience test Mon4ay, Wednesday and Friday 8:30 A. M. to 11:30 A. M. Employment applications will be accepted until further notice. Apply bet ween the hours of 8 A M. and I P.M. For more lnformation: Contact the EEO Office, City of Tampa, 306 Jackson St. 7th Floor North, 223-8192. background in systems deadline: 5123185 NEW HOME analysis and design. Bachelors CSA II: Requires Bachelors degree in relevant field and a $35,000 -3/1 on large corminimum of 3 relevant years Degree with a major in one of ner lot near playground. Garthe computer sciences and 1 rett Realty, Inc., 875-4865, experience, beyond the Bachelors level required. year experience in Computer eves., 870-3299. System Analysis and/or prot------------""'"'ill Preference will be given to applicants who possess: 5 years gramming which involves LEASE PURCHASE system analysis. On-line 900 of experience, 2 of those being l> .)534 tlown 3 / 1 at the senior supervisory level; system development ex-CB, a / c, carpel, rcmotleletl. b k d IBM perience is preferred. Training 4314 W. taSallc. 239-1392 or a ac groun ID an and experience in COBOL, Mvs f t 238-9531. opera mg envJronmen ; MARK IV' MARK V' IBM ... 1 knowledge of financial MVS, DBMS, Financial t k o 1 d of n Spacious 3 bedroom/2 bath sys em; n we ge u versSystem and University Data ty information : system, and frame house. Remodeled, operating environment. Salary Systems is desirable. Salary enclosed porch, new carpet, range: $20,100 $36,200. range: S 19 1 68 $31 946 throughout. 3405 12th salary negotiable up (Starting salary negotiable up Avenue. $54,000 terms. Call to $33,000 based upon ex-to $25557). 237-1747, after 5 p.m. Application deadline: 1-----------... 1 perience). Send complete resume by 519185 VETERANS May 23, 1985 to : VA. No Money Down. No DIRECTOR A combination of training Closing Cost. Fast Occupan. UNIVERSITY COMPUTING and experience may be concy. Free Information. Call SERVICES sidered. Send State of Florida Walt Brewer Realty, 933-6621. SVC 409 application and copy of col-t-----------.....jl lege transcript to: Attention Builders & In vestors!! 2-lots. 50x100 ea. $13,000. Zoned R-3. uNIVERSITY OF PERSONNEL RELATIONS SOUTH FLORIDA TAMPA, FL 33620 UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH FLORIDA Affirmative Action/ TAMPA, FL 33620 Equal Oppo-:tunlty AFFIRMATIVE Employer ACTION I EOE Geraldine F. White, Realtor, 251-8964, or Maude Couzens, 621-2953. --":_. --

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    CLASSIFI .ED ADS-DIAL 248-1921-CLASSIFIED AD DEPT FOR SALE FOR SALE GREAT FORECLOSURES WEST TAMPA 3/1 bath. Concrete block. Block home for big family, near Columbus Drive K-mart and Tampa Bay Mall; worth $60,000 asking, $49,000 Quick sale! 873-2905. Asking $38,500. $500 down. 3 / 1 bath, with aluminum siding. Asking $46,700. $500 CONVENIENCE STORE Meats, beer and food stamps, gross sales $20,000 / mo., net approx. $4,000. A good butcher will sales by $6,000 / mo. Total cash price including $7000 inventory, $29,000, and assume note of $16,000. down. 3/1 bath. Concrete block Asking $39,500. $500 down. 3 / 1 bath. Concrete block.Asking $38,500. $500 down. 21 '...:_ J l 2-LOTS Zoned residential, high and dry, $5000 each. Owner will carry at 120/o with substantial down. Call Bess, evenings, 239-1793. BAY AREA MANAGERS INC., 237-1866 MODEL SEARCH International Model of the Year competition. For more information call 681-0007. Is it true you can buy Jeeps for $44.00 through the U.S. government? Get the facts to day. Call 312-742-1142 ext. 9924. HALF-PRICE .. MOTHER'S DAY YARD SALE (Corner Central & Adalee Sts.) Fri., Sat. & Sun. (May 10,11 & 12). Sliding Doors Miami Windows, Mothers Day 1-------------1 Flowers .. Clothing for AGENTS WANTED! Leads-Leads-Leads PROGRESSIVE DEVELOPERS New program makes you Mother, Dad, and all the Kids, also Household Goods Cosmetics. Private Investor will con-sider any situation. Homeowners only. 963-0565. Fancy paint designs put on your walls. Look terrific, not expensive, strictly profes sional. Call Ray, 831-2403. ANTHONY'S TIRE USED & NEW TIRES Please Call For Repai r Sales Estimate 251-3594 ,2348 W. Columbus Dr. ART MORRIS BROKER 961-2834 4803 Nebraska Ave. your own boss. No turn 1-------------t 237-6415 downs. New concept makes NEED HOME Remodeling by Curtis NEW HOMES closing a snap. Call now for REPAIRED? Woodard. Specializing in in-FHA 235 Program HOUSE SALE ground floor opportunity. Act Floors, Windows, Painting terior or exterior carpentry Costa Developers West Tampa. 211 Sold in Now! 216 License 'o.k. We will and Carpentry. Call me last Free estimates, easy bank 223_5214 ss-is condition. For $26,000. train. Call Jerry, 237-0200 and save. Louis Benjamin, financing. Licensed and bond__ ed. 2404 N. 34th St., 248-3424. $12,800 1 COUNTY WIDE TUTORING 3 bedroom / 1 bath. 864 sq. ment for rent. $175/month, TREE S'ERVICE Is your child a slow learner ft. 1209 New Orleans St. As pi s depost"t All types of tree work. Free u w/reading or math problems? is!' R t "th t" t b 3 Estimates. Insured. en w1 op 10n o uy. I can help them. Tutoring in LOTS bedroom/2 bath home 238-2801 your home. Call 689-8269, For home or business on tra 1 bedroom / 1 bath apart1--L--.----------I Saturday and Sunday. 34th St., North of Osborne ment. $35,000, same terins ovmg, efficient care for Ave. Terms. available. the elderly in my home. SHINE BRITE Th References provided. Phone p f 1 h omas L. Luft (4) 1 bedroom apartments ro ess10na au weavmg 621-6114. d "I d p 1 Realty and Retail store, asking an na1 es1gns. ersona ser623-1369 $65,000 w/$20,000 down. GORDY'S vice. Call Sunshine, 935-7315. Gross $1100 / month. AIR-CONDITIONING & LA.WN NO QUALIFYING! L 3 Grocery store & meat HEATING SPRINKLERS arge bedroom stucco home, fenced yard, $ 27 ,SOO, market, plus 3 additional ren-All appliances oil, gas, Save money by doing it FREE Pregnancy Tests (Early Test Available) ABORTIONS lndlvidual Counseling Nilrous Oxide Available $ 2 500 down. 3917 E. Henry. tal apartments. Grossing electriCal, refri,erators and yourself, with professionaf ANTHONY & $27,000 / month. freezers, ice machine, ale, help. For additional informa-BirthControtCiinic ASSOCIATES Gordon Commee Broker ; washers/dryers. Call tion, call Leon Johnson, 251-0505 REALTOR 626-7131, or 685-6204, even2239233 259-1062, after 4 p.m. 1302 S. Dale Mabry 6304 N. Nebraska ings. ALL WOMEN'S HLTH 237-5011 ALlY REWARD' NICK'S GROCERY CTR.OFTAMPA This is a super special offer-& MEATS HOUSE FOR SALE $5 $500 Tender T-Bone Steaks-98' ing! Well maintained home in 3 bedrooms/2 bath. Double well establt'shed ea. Center Cut Chops > ft fir All Women's :::s garage, Central H / A, Formal neighborhood. Over 2300 sq. For Your Junk Car so ea. 5902 N. 40th St., fdf! Clo Dining, Florida Room, Fenced 238-1697. Healt0h,Center ft of living area with cedar lin-Fast Free Pt'ckup Wtallh.... Backyard. 2475 sq. ft. Drive 1 Cmtn ed closets. Property has two SYLVIA WIGS & by 4109 LaSalle St. (off Lois). 626-6124 1_] North Tampa, wells and sprinkler system : BEAUTY SALON 1 Then call Sue Kirk, office nc. 885-7468; home' 968-4714. Detached c / b building with 2271 E Hillsborough double garage and one (Eastgate Plaza) FHA Home. Low down bedroom apt with s un deck 239-3404 payment Small monthly pa y above. Large mature oaks give Wigs Complete Hair ment. Quick occupancy. Call this choice property a parkCare for free information. like setting. IS_exus Products WALT BREWER Choice one acre lot between REALTY Hwy-92 and 1-4 within easy 933-6621 commuting distance of TamDUPLEX/HOUSE pa, Brandon, and Plant City. 3 Units 1984 model 3/2 double wide 238-1982 932-8607 ........ HOME IMPROVEMENTS Quality work All types. Repairs remodeling, and new construction. Class A license contractor. 238-3244 or (formerly Tampa Counseling & Abortion Center, Inc.) FREE PREGNANCY TESTS Birth Control Clinic Pregnancy Terminations ( Awake or Asleep) Confidential Counseling OPEN : Mon. Sot. 961-7907 988-8551. Zoned Commercial-located mobile home, weiJ and septic 105 107 22nd St., So. Ideal for comes with property. Property ::::::::::.:: ;:.:;:::;;:,=.,.,"" bu s ines s pJus income, owner cleared. Nice young oaks on ..... --WASHERS/DRYERS quiet dead-end street. finance. Call Herman Bradley, Rent-to-own in 1 year. 248-6256, eves.; or 248-6111. As good a s new! Two year __ _J TOM P. MARTINO old 3 / 2 home with FHA r Residential and co mmercial INC., REALTOR as s umable mortgage Comes loans on homes. Let us help 2018 7th AVE. with all appliances. Low down solve your financing propayment and assume. Call for blems. PROGRESS VILLAGE detail s 4 bedroom block home W.R. BERRYHILL bargain price $24,900. Willi; This i s a lovel y 3 / 2 with Lie. Mtg. Broker Bowman 988-2496. finishe' d wood floors in 248-8014 We buy Homes and Lots For Cash. ANTHONY & ASSOCIATES REALTOR 6304 N. Nebraska 237-5011 BARBARA REALTY Wellswood. Nicely situated on 1---$-5-o_R_E_F..,ER_R_A_L_F_E_E---f INC. a corner lot. Close to bus If you know a Section & recir.;::=========:;-1 933-1761 route, churches, schools, pient looking for a 2 or 3 NO QUALIFYING! Large 3 BR/2 bath home, corner lot fenced yard, $48,000, only $5,000 down. 707 E. Plymouth. ANTHONY & ASSOCIATES REALTOR 6304 N. Nebraska 237-5011 hospitals, and shopping. bedroom apt., refer them to us Owner will hold mortgage. and receive sso. Tenant will Appliances included in this ofreceive a FREE TV set. Call fering. Call: 831_ 5627 DAN McNAB, Assoc. MONEY TO LEND eves., 886-5507; ofc. Mortgage Loan s up to 884-6651. $15,000. No Credit Checks. = Tom P. Martino, Inc., Realtor ERAMUSCATELL 201 B E. 7th Ave. INC., REALTORS Ph: 248-6111 AUTOHOMELIFE FAST CLAIM SERVICE RATES FOR GOOD AND BAD DRIVING RECORD S INSURANCE HAMIL TON AGENCY 1720 North Nebraska Ave 229-1879 .. ...

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    I -... 'C = < BURGLARIES Ms. Donna Davis, 23, 401 W Frances, reported to police that a known male suspect broke into her home and fled the scene with $72 in cash and $75 worth of clothing. Howard L. WiJiiams, 40, 4310 26th St., reported to police that an unidentified suspect burglarized the 15th St., and fled the scene with a color televisi on set valued at $990. It was reported to police that an unidentified suspec t broke into the home of Ms. Annette C. Smith, 19, 1421 E. 108 Ave., Apt. A, and fled the scene with Video Cassette Recorder valued at $395. THEFTS Howard Standard Service Casey J. Campbell, 62, 261J7 Company 2917 N. 34th St., E. Ida St., reported to police and fled the scene with $200 in that an unidentified suspect fl-cash. ed from his front yard with a According to police reports, lawn set valued at $85. an unidentified suspect broke Ms. Dorothy M. Jackson, into the home of Ms. Katura 29, 3412 N. 54th St., reported S. Grayson, 23, 1339 W. to police that an unidentified Chestnut St., and fled the suspect fled from her scene with $199 worth of backyard with a bicycle valued tables. at $85. According to police reports, According to police reports, an unidentified suspect a known male suspect fled the burglarized the home of Ms. scene at 3720 E. McBerry with Nora A. Stevens, 40, 2907 N. $1,300 in cash, which belong17th St., and fled the scene ed to Roosevelt Bailey, 67, with stereo equipment valued 3006 E. Cayuga at $1,000. A car stereo, valued at Merchandise valued at $649 $1 ,000 and belonging to Ray was taken by an unidentified mond D. Coles, 30, 4408 suspect who broke into the Snapper St., was taken by an home of Larry Leroy Hills, 26, unidentified suspect who fled 4814 Ashland Dr., according the scene at 10909 N. Florida to police reports. Ave., according to police Stereo equipment valued at reports. $300 was taken by an uniden A bicycle, valued at $150 tified suspect who burglarized and belonging to Ms. Lucy a home owned by Paul E. LaSh awn Fant, 8, 206 W. Anderson, 51,2205 Ladywood Oak, was taken by an Court, Brandon, according to t ified male suspect who fled police reports. The inCident the scene at the corner of Oak occurred at 3303 29th Ave. and Ola, according to police oc A known suspect, according reports. to police reports, burglarized A known suspect, according the home of Rashawed to police reports, fled the = Cooley, 29, 161J4 E. 29th Ave., scene at the corner of and fled the scene with $650 Boule var d and Palm with $150 = worth of televisio n sets in cash, which belonged to Ms. = An unidentified suspect, ac Mattie Mae Chaires, 47, 1204 cording to police reports E. 99t h Ave., Apt. 15. = broke into the home of Ms. A known female s u spect, Louise Stephens, 37, 8714 N. accor to police reports, fl.5! .... = Community Fed Board Replaces Garrett As Vice President In a press release issued to the Sentinel-Bulletin, the Board of Directors of Com munity Federal Savings and Loan Association of Tampa need the appointment of [vernon D araddock as sueto former Executive Vice Pre s ident Leonard C. Braddock is a Certified Public Accountant with 13 years o f experience in the sav ings and loan industry. The native of Ocala comes to Community Federal from the Federal Home Loan Bank in Atlanta. He was in a super visory position. The board expressed ap preciation to Garrett for his efforts and devotion during his tenure. Ability -vs-Popularity Fire Damages Gym At Middleton Jr. High Fifteen firefighters were called out to battle a masonry fire at the Middleton Junior High School Gymnasium 4304 24th St., Saturday night. According to reports, the alarm came in at 8 : 04 p.m the first unit was dispatched at 8:08 p.m. (five un its were call ed), and the fire was brought under control by 8:28 p.m. The extent of damage s is classified between moderate and heavy, and there were no injuries. The cause of the fire is still under investigation. Computer (Continued From Page 3) computer field was really hot. "I was lucky in that respect, to go to school and have work experience," he stated. According to Young, "When I entered college I got into the sciences. But I didn't like it. "I went ahead and tried a computer course, liked it, and I've been doing it ever since." Young is looking forward to fulfilling his future plans. "It's going to be a challenge, but I have the experience," he said with confidence. "Small businesse s, if not computerized, will be way behind," he stated. "I can customized a computer system that will be unique to their organization.'' ed the scene at 2106 29th Ave., Apt. 40 with a $185 check belonging to Ms. Emma Lee Brown, 33, 2106 29th Ave., Apt. 40. [ 2_4_8_u_1_9_2 ..... 1. -NOTICE OF INTENTION TO REGISTER FICTITIOUS TRADE NAME NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the undersigned Melvin Hinson, Sr., intends to register the fictitious trade name, M&M Custom Cleaning, with the Clerk of the Circuit of Hillsborough Cou n ty, Florida, Pursuant to Sec tion 865.09, Florida Statutes, 1953: that the undersigned in tends to engage in the business of Cleaning Commercial Of fice Buildings, at 2020 E. Han na Ave., Tampa, Florida. Dated this 26th day of April, 1985. Melvin Hinson, Sr. Melvin Hinson, Jr. Sole Owners Popularity May Get The Job, But It Takes To Get The Job Done Right ... VOTE ABILITY DEMOCRATSINDEPENDENTS-REPUBLICANS YOU CAN AND SHOULD VOTE FOR Leonard C A M P B E L L, JR. County Commissioiler District 3 (R, Pd Pol. Adv. Vote May 14th CLASSIFIED AD DEPT FOR RENT FOR RENT Apartments for rent w / op-Nice rooms for ion to buy. Furnished rooms for rent, Efficiency & 1 BR apt., kitchen facilities. 237-2808. $125/deposit, as low ----------------------"""'1$50/week including water, 1 bedroom efficiency, garbage & sewage. 223-4600, $75/week plus ask for Dan. 3 bedroom frame for sale, 2710 Milchell. $3000 down, $325/month. Owner finance --------------------4 15 year mortgage. 876-6067. 3 bedroom apartment, fully $250/month. Call 251-5592. 1 bedroom apartment. $150/month. 918 E. 12th Avenue. 237-5011. 3 bedroom house for rent; Pay your own utilities. 2205 E. --------------------t17th Avenue. Call days 3 bedroom/! bath house, $425/month. 2210, after 6 p.m. I Costa Developers 223_5214 2 bedroom apartment, a/c --------------------tand heat, $285/month, $150 Furnished 1 bedroom apt., 1oeposn. 3615 N. 22nd St. Call neat, clean, utilities. 238-3244 9-5, 248-1848; after 6 or 988-8551. 879-5515. Section 8 acSECTION 8 ONLY Furnished rooms and apart ments, the modern conve niences. Very nice. 228-9538. 1 bedroom home, 7820V2 N ------------f 13th Street. Call 237-1371. GRANT PARK AREA Furnished 2 room efficiency apartment, newly decorated, close to busline. Call 886-0629. 2 BR spacious apartment, ..... ntrol air/heat, utilities par ---------------------ttia paid. Section 8 accepted. Unfurnished apartment, $45/week, $100 security Nice clean private rooms for deposit. 2306 13th Street. 1 nice clean working people. bedroom/! bath. 932-3077. Private, reasonable, furnished ------------------""'iand all utilities included. 254-3975. Efficiency for rent, t--------------------$55 /week, $50 deposit. MONEY TALKS! Mature adult only, 45 or 1 and 2 bedroom apts for older. Utilities paid. 247-7034. a/c. I&M Apts., 1002 St. 258-5151 APARTMENTS FOR RENT AH Just Love That Country Peace And Quiet New duplex located in the 1,2,3, 4 bedroom apart-city, but in a country atSoJ_De furnished, some mosphere. 211, air, heat, all uhhtes paid. 229-0862. appliances, won't last long, call Mrs. McMillan, at 1 bedroom energy efficient 621-4805. Section 8 welcome apartment. Completely fur we screen applicants. nished with air condition. 2 free rent. 1003V2 E. ROOMS FOR RENT Emma. Go by then call 7-2537. Large furnished rooms with burglar bar door, near Florida 3103 E. GIDDENS Newly remodeled. 3 bedrooms / batlt, family Bathroom and kitchen room, washer, cedar fenced ileges. $45 / week plus backyard, near schools and $15.00 deposit required. $375 /month, $175 221 or 253-2539. deposit. 237-5667. HOUSE FOR RENT West Tampa. 2521 Union Street. Unfurnished. Liv ing/Dining Room. 2 bedrooms. Clean. D'ays, 253-8871; Nights/Weekends, 253-3870. YBOR CITY 3015 N. Sanchez Large 4 BR hou se, large kit chen, wide hallways, 1 bath, carpet, ceiling fan, $390 month plus $150 deposit fee (includes water and garbage), 1 year lease. 886-1954 988-2114. FREE COLOR TV With 1 Year Apartment Lease To Qualified Section 8 Tenants 2 & 3 Bedrooms Available For More Info Call: FISHER PROPERTIES 831-.$627

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    'Justice Wasn't Catherine Jones, the mother of the young man who was convicted Friday afternoon of shooting a co-worker in 'the of fice of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Develop ment, said ther e was "no justice" in the week-long trial. "(Assistant State Attorney) Michael Benito .was the judge and the jury," Mrs Jones stated. "He was out to get a conviction and he got it." Twenty-nine -year-old Sheldon Lovell Jones was found guilty of attempted first-degree murder by a panel f six jurist. It was determined he wasn't mentally in sane, he knew. what he was do ing and it was wrong. Benito .:..._ who argued for the proseCution contended hat since Jones turned himself into the police after shooting 63-year-old Barney Gonyea July, he was not mentally Assistant Public Defender McDonald presented ... Yl ........ ,.... that the young man a lesion on his brain which caused his personality to change. Jones had already diagnosed as a paranoid ophrenic. who hears "They would not put me or on the stand," Mrs. said, explaining that the .,"'"''""'''" felt she would get too '-"'""''""''' ..... "I sat through the W1mo1e trial and never flinched ........ ., 1J ..... the lies Michael Benito she was kept in the back of the court room; and that the judge never objected to Benito's line of questioning. "I have never seen anything like this in my life," she stated. "Janet McDonald did the best she could," stated the woman who has had both legs amputated. "She put up a good fight, but it was not good enough." According to Mrs Jones, "Justice, it was not done. But I'm not bitter because there is a higher justice then he (Benito) God." Benito and Gonyea's wife were pleased with the jury's decision. But, reportedly, McDonald left the court room in tears. Assistant Public Defender Brian Donerly, who assisted McDonald, said that the defense will ask for a new trial. Jones will be sentenced on June 7. According to Benito, the state will be seeking a 99 year sentence. Donerly stated that the defense will seek a ACE WELDING FREE Estimates Portable Weldlne Shop Work Fabrlcatlntl Burglar llan Ornamentals. Metal General Repaln. CoMmercial 237-1770 frank's Ornamental Iron 24 Hour Service 62J-4034 Residential Commercial Finandne Arranged Burglar Bars Railings lin Escapes Stairw11ys Weldings Ornamentals Licensed Insured Bonded "( 8Y DE>CTER AND WANDA 0000 .I GRIFFIN ... Owntr free Home Security Tips Hillsborough County Sheriff Deputies are currently investigating the shooting r< death of 25-year-old Patricia w...a Evette Clark, 1902 LaSalle. whose body was found at 10 p.m. Monday night inside a car parked on Kenyon Ave., between Himes and High St. According tq on-the-scene reports, the victim had been shot several times in the upper part of her body. Although sheriff deputies have not estimated the exact time of they say the body had not been at that location for more than 24 hours r At press time there were no suspects. According to an aun t, Ms. Betty Clark, Patricia was last seen about 9: 15 Monday even ing. Ms. Clark said Yvette, as the family called her, was do ing some cleaning in the house when she (the aunt) arrived home from school. Ms. Clark said she sat on the porch and talked with her son for a brief time and then went on to bed. Apparently Yvette left home about 9:15 p. m. and Ms. Clark said the Sheriff's Dept. told her that the body was found about 10 p. m. The family was notified about 2:30 a. m. this (Tuesday) morning, she said. Patricia had left home driv ing an '81 Eldorado that belonged to a friend. Patricia had been employed Man Found Shot ToDeatbln Front Yard According to police reports, 20-year-old Kevin Robinson, 2204 Chipco, was found dead in the front yard of the 3700 block of N. 23rd St., early Saturday morning at 12:24 a.m. Police reports state that the victim was shot once with a bullet from a small caliber handgun, which struck him in the back. Robinson died at the scene. According to Police Det. Burke, this shooting could be a result of a street fight. Police are searching for one male suspect who fled the scene of the crime. "sentence shorter than the 12 to 17 years recommended by the state's sentencing guidelines.'' ...... -_ _..... __ PATRICIA CLARK about a month at the downtown Hilton Hotel as a hostess. Ms. Oark was a graduate of Jefferson High School. In November, 1983 Ms. Clark was featured In The Spotlight, a Sentinel exclusive. MJtn's Body Found Floating In The Hillsborough River According to police reports, the body of Alonzo Wilson, 40, 735 Green St., was foUnd floating in the Hillsborough River early Sunday morning, about 200 feet south of the Laurel Street bridge. The deceased man was a city Parks Department employee. Police are labeling his death "unexplained,.no foul play is suspected since the body was discovered fully clothed, and sinCe Wilson's money, identification and wallet were still on him. RICKY WILLIAMS Attorney At Law PERSONAL INJURY & WRONGFUL DEATH (Vehicle Accidents, Slip & Fall, Railroad, loot & Motorcycle Accidents, Defective Products, Uninsured Motorists) CRIMINAL DEFENSE (Felonies, Drug Cases, MisdemeOnon, A TIY RICKY E. Traffic OWl, And Juvenile) DIVORCE CUSTODY SUPPORT CRIMINAL LAW (Sate And Federal Court) 400e: Buffalo Ave. (Cor Of Buffalo & Central) MON. FRI. 8 A.M. To 6 P.M. SAT. 9 A.M.-12 Noon

    PAGE 24

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