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Youth Wins 4 Events In Special Olympics (SEE STORY ON P AGf: 18-A) 35C FLORIDA entinel / ulleffu All The News FitTo P rint AMERICA'S SEMI-WEEKLY ......... 110 000 READERS EACH EDITION Published Every Tuesday And Friday VOL. 40 NO. 50 TAMP A, FRIDAY MAY 24, 1985 PRICE 35 CENTS Community Asked For Help In MurfJer Recruiter Looks Forward To Job A WARDS GIVEN FOR WORKSHOP PARTICIPATION Awards were presented Wednesday evening at Hillsborough Community College to those persons who attended workshops sponsored by the Tam pa/Hillsborough County Community Relations Institute. Those receiving awards certifying their completion of the course, "A Working Partnership, Police and Community Uniting For Justice, Public Safety, and Effective Crime Control" included, left to right, Simon E. Creal, Denise Idris and Robert Scott. (SEE STORY ON PAGE 3-A) CONTRIBUTION MADE TQ FAMU CENTENNIAL FUND Dr. Lillie S. King, left, Director of Development, Florida A&M University, was recently in Tampa to accept a contribution to the FAMU $10 Million Cen tennial Fund. The presentation was made by Rosa B. Johnson of Seffner, cen ter, FAMU Class of 1960; and Atty. Warren H. Dawson, right, Chairman, PlannM Gifts Advisory Board, F AMU Centennial Fund.


.................................................................................... .. Minister Initiates Positive : To Remove Myth From < Projects Church For nearly 2 Y2 years the >' Ne_ w Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist Church was without a ; full time pastor Services were conducted by interim pastor, Rev. Frank Williams During this period, there were many misconceptions about the con gregation that makes up the church. However, none of that was important when the Rev. Lester J. Carter; Sr., a St. Petersburg resident, con sidered taking on the leader ship of a church that one time boasted a 1,200 membership. The twenty-six year old minister became pastor of the church in December and looks forward to bringing unity among members in the church, as well as reaching out to youth in the church and com munity and involving himself in the community "We're not here just to be a preacher, or to live in a nice neighborhood, but also to help with some established programs and to institute some of our own ideas. It takes all of that to be a total person and true Chris tian," he said He wishes to also help motivate a good Christian and family person and if qualified ,: give that person all the s uppor t needed to enter the politic al "g arena. "Blacks are not getting < the recognition that we should ... and we shouldn't jus t sit idly by and let the city be I E-4 run by others. to A student at Florida Bea con Bible College in Largo, Rev r!j Carter is very much interested in developing a Christian .= academy for the entire blac k = community, "so that we can i take our young people a nd 0.. mold them with Christian c:r character. When it's time to face the real world they will be =;. able to," he states. c:Q To pull his congregation i clo s er together, Rev. Carter .S make s suggestions that the ; membership gets acquainted w i th each other over dinner = after a Sunday service. The ;: Junior Women's Mission held a prayer breakfast a short time ago, plans are being made for the Vacation Bible School, and preparation is also being made for a Cub/Boy Scout troop at the church. Rev Carter, a '77 graduate of Dixie Hollins High School, was ordained as a minister in 1976. The first sermon he preached publicly was "The Real Promise of God" and was taken from the book of John. He was baptized in 1964 by the Rev. C. J. Long at St. BY GWEN HAYES Sentinel Managing Editor But it has all paid off for him .By,:follo.w!rig his mother he learned how t

.................................................................................................... ; On The Job She Helps Others; Young Recruiter Look-ng Afterwards It's Gospel Music Forward To New Job Ms. Linda Monroe is employed as an Evaluation Assistant with the J. Clifford MacDonald Training Center. In that position, she assists in evaluating the skills and/or physical stamina of referred clients who have been removed BY GWEN HAYES Sentinel Managing Editor from the job market from six months to years Our ultimate goal," she says, "is to help them to become com petitive-ly or gainfully employed." .. Ms. Monroe is : devoted to her job; however, she says the majority of her time is utilized in the gospel music industry. ''I didn't choose gospel music," she states, "it chose me. From the age of seven I've spent a majority of my time in the church." She has been a member of New Hope Baptist Church for 23 years where she has directed the Teenage / Young Adult Choir for seven years; and ha s work ed in that same capacity with other churches. "I was com missioned to be involved in the ministry of go s pel music" and to accomplish this she tries ''to be as organized as possible. I 've gotten to the point where I can't make mental notes anymore, I have to write everything down and that keeps me going." Not only is she involved in gospel music, but she does a lot of coordination for gospel programs requested by others. "For some reason I've never BY PA TIY ALLEN Sentinel Staff Writer In 8\12 years with the U.S Army, 26-year-old Paul Scott has made a positive impression on his commanding officers. The Tampa native has not on ly been ambitious, but has shown enthusiasm for his job. Just last month, Scott received his new assignment. He was selected to serve as a recruiter for high s chool students. PAUL SCOTT "I look on it as an honor : the young bachelor stated. "Not too many people get chosen for this position." Scott will be talking from The 1976 graduate of Tam experience. He stated that he pa Bay Tech High School is served two tours in Germany, currently stationed at Ft. and has been stationed at Carson in North Colorado, my Bases located in Kentucky, and is working as a Tanker. Georgia, Texas, California, He is the supervisor of a fourMinnesota and Washington. person crew. "I just got out of school six "It's fun being on the tank, months ago, and now I'm get especially since you have gunting ready to take cour ses in nery and you get to fire law enforcement," he added. them," he said courageously. According to the young Butheislookingforwardto man, who attended his three7year assignment as a Hillsborough Community recruiter, and he is hoping that College for two months before he will be stationed in the enlisting, "I have always been Tampa Bay area. interested in it (joining the Ar "I'm excited about this opmy). I get to travel a lot, meet portunity," Scott said, adding different people and ex that he will receive his orders perience different types of at the end of July. -culture." According to the Scott, who has re-enlisted Staff/Sergeant, "It came as a for another six years and is surprise When I was first told planning on making the Army about the assignment I didn't a career, admitted: "I didn't believe it because it was on expect to stay this long. When .. April Fools Day. But I think i I first came in it was kind of will enjoy it." rough, and I didn't think I He explained, ''I'll mostly could take orders. But I've go to the high schools and talk moved up pretty quick. to the seniors, telling them "It isn't that bad," he about the Army, its benefits, reflected. "I've started to like type of jobs they can do, it." and I will show them how to The sports enthusiast, avid go about getting into the Arreader, and music lover will rpy." communicate a straight! forward message to the young eeen able to say 'no'." She people. coordinates weddings (one is "It's not all that easy," he set for Saturday), and was explained. "You might not get t r ained for radio broadcasting the job you want, but keep a by Dave Brown at WTMP, a positive attitude. field she is about to reenter. "You can have fun," Scott With the assistance of her continued. "And if you keep mot her, Mrs DorothY your nose clean and do the job Monroe, and "good friends right, you cim move up quickandassociateswhoassistinex ly (the top rank is a ecuting these events," Ms. Sergeant/Major). You can Monroe is able to spread make a: career out of it. herself widely. "I pelieve in "You have the opportu nity the support of others and that to go to college, or learn a has proven to be very rewardtrade," Scott said, adding that ing. his interest is in law enforce Although she is "very peo. ment. pie oriented," Ms. Monroe Scott acknowledge that says she has to be able to relate there are racial problems in the to all kinds of people. "You Army, ''but now it's a little have to be patient and tolerant better than what it use to be. and keep your ultimate goal in We have a lot of blacks in high mind." positions then before According to Ms. Monroe, "As long as you know your gospel music isabout f o take job, there is nothing they can its true stand as a legitimate stop you from doing Scott art and that can be attested to advised. He pointed out that by the number of nationallythe Army now has an Equal known artists who have Opportunity Program, which recently visited the Tampa Bay handles racial mistreatment > = c. ll!j .. c-ommunity and sexual haras s ment. Some Since her singing start at age Army Posts even have seven, Ms. Monroe was inNAACP representative valved with the USF Gospel "If y ou prove yourself in t"'l Choir in the early 70s while she your job, then the faster you was a student majoring in move up," Scott reiterated. := .. (Continued From Page 3-A) do." .....


fll c 0 .c -0 = + Member of national Newspaper Publishers Assciation (NNPA). a-;;d Am+ + algamated Publishers, Inc ., New York. + t--------------------'-----1 CYRIL 8L YTHE ANDREWS + + 1901 1977 BEnY DAWKINS : Founder General Advertising Director : : I C. BLYTHE ANDREWS. JR. C. BLYTHE ANDREWS, Ill President and Publisher Circulation Manager + SYBIL ANDREWS WELLS CAMILLE WILLIAMS + General Manager Office Manager + i GWEMDOL YN HA YE!S + + Managing Editor SIMON JOHNSON + AVELINO CASELLjl$ RAMOS + I + ROSE CRUTCHFIELD Production Directors ti t Society Editor +! : Second Class Postage Paid At Tampa, Florida f + SUBSCRIPTION RATES +, + $31 Per Year Both Editions. $17 Per Year One Edition. : + PHONE : 248-1921 ............................... We Strongly Support Drug-Free Sports We support the growing effort to get amateur and professional athletes to compete without the use of steroids and other drugs. The movement to get drug-: free competitions is swelling because of: 1. The damage being done to players' bodies, minds and images. I 2. The negative example which is being setfor very young children. 3. The bad impact that is being niade on teenagers "f:: and adults outside of sports. 4. A host of other reasons. Steroids have been alleged to cause strokes, heart attacks, dizziness, nausea, vomiting and premature E-1 death. Other drugs, such as cocaine, have been i:' reported to have been the direct or indirect cause of diminishing the quality of life for countless athletes. c = = I 'Ql c c As a result, families have been wrecked, scholarships lost, careers sabotaged, and health destroyed. When drugs are properly used for medical pur poses, as prescribed by the average physician, they can heal the sick, save and extend lives for years. But when they are used for kicks, quick highs or to attain an edge in sports competition, they become dangerQus and potentially fatal substances. Those who advise the non:-medical use of drugs to athle(es diminish sports and, therefore, do a disser vice to the athletes and their fans. The edge, for ex ample, which is given to those who compete with the use of steroids, is not worth the risk Also, the unwritten rules of sportsmanship require that those who participate do so without the use of an un fair A number of years ago, human beings decided that doped-up horses would not be allowed to win any position in a race. This conclusion was reached because tbe drugs used created an unfair advantage for the horses, and caused sickness and injury to the animals. If we can be humane enough to stop the drug abuse of horses, here's hoping we can be humane enough to stop the drug-abuse of human beings. NAACP Fights New 'Assault' On Civil Rights Reward Those Who Stand Up For Justice There is something about white people Blacks should learn. White people are hero conscious and are most liberal in acclaiming those among their race who act out in defense of their values. An obscured guy overnight became a national hero for gunning down four alleged Black muggers on a New York subway train. An obscured nobody, the accused assassin of Civil Rights leader Evers, nearly won the gover norship of Mississippi on such acclaim. White people have a way of rewarding any and (Part One) every effort put forth which enhances their interest. But do you know that it can be tough on a Black man, nearly unrewarding, to really stand up for those decent prin ciples and causes unacceptable to the masses of whites, especially the white establish ment. Many people believe today that most white people detested Malcolm X simply because he was a Black Muslim. Malcolm was more detestable to white people, my friends, because of his manly William Raspberry principles rather than his political philosophy. Whites considered it extremely dangerous for a man like Malcolm to become a national symbol of manhood to Black people, the young Black male, in particular. Many Black in particular, have gotten the message and tend to shy away from any "Nigger" who's got some guts. White folks reluctantly, but wisely, finally recognized Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. with a national holiday in his honor But you may well notice that quickly the rationale of "nonviolence" was projected All of the beautiful dignified qualities of Dr. King were pushed in the background. Any and all things that reflect that King was a brave, courageous, and upright man ly character have been swept under the rug. Only the theme i "non-violence" is highlighted by the political powers that be. Bombing Explanations Defy Rationali_ty King was so honored in the in-wASHINGTON either chief of. police or mayor terest and security of white Members of the Philadelphia(he formerly held both posts), America, not Black people. based back-to-nature group America and particularly Did you notice how the called MOVE : seem to have black America would have Black leadership structure on 0 been Outraged. the national level and on the g ne crazy some years ago. The Philadelphia authorities They still ought to be. local levels, as well, tended to joined them last Monday. It's easy enough to grant shy away from the candidacy That was the day they that the authorities didn't in-of Jesse Jackson last year? bombed West Philly, destroytend to burn down an entire They honor only those in ing a mostly black middleneighborhood to rout a handdividuals and causes which are class neighborhood in order to ful of armed crazies. But even acceptable, as well, to the save it from the five adults and so, their acti9ns seems exwhite power structure. 12 children known to be holed cessive. The intention, they Ask a Black student up there. say, was to drop a "percusnowadays to major in Black It is possible, though hard sion" bomb onto a rooftop studies in college and you are to imagine, that subsequent bunker in order to blow open a nearly asking him to starve to developments could justify the hole for a teargas assault. But death. White people or Black bombing that destroyed scori!s percussion bombs, according people, more pointedly, do of houses and jeopardized to some who claim to know, not pay people for that kind of who knows how many lives. don't make fires, leading to knowledge. Personally, this But the immediate official exspeculation that the device writer substituted for a few planations defied rationali!y. qropped from the helicopter days last summer in our "Up-"1 don't know at this may ha-ve been an incendiary ward Bound" program housed point. .. however the chances of bomb. on University of South fire having been started by In any case, the officers Florida campus here in Tam police is better than 50-50," acknowledge that they decided pa. This writer chose to Mayor Wilson Goode said not to extinguish the rooftop discuss some problems of while crediting the officers fire, in hope that it would Black Americans in that class, with "tremendous restraint." destroy the log-reinforced Problems of American He accepted responsibility for bunker there. "Minutes after' Democracy (P.A.D.). A the bombing, adding that it the bomb exploded, smoke young Black lady in the class wouldn't have been carried poured from the house," the finally remarked that she out if it had been knowh that Associated Press reported. didn't ... come out here to WASHINGTON The l h b the resulting fire would "The fire spread to nearby Jearn about Black people." so painful y won ave een solutions proposed Saturday rolled back,, said NAACP destroy the neighborhood. houses, and authorities let it The next day one or two white were varied and often Executive Director Benjamin "We believe we did what we burn almost 90 minutes before officials came "peeping" fragmented but the individuals Hooks. thought was appropriate for turning on water cannon and around. They wondered who representing some 100 rights "This is the most concenthe occasion," added Leo A. calling in fire trucks." was this "nigger" coming out organizations had the same trated effort that I've seen in Brooks, the former Army The fire chief said his men here poisoning these students' _.. goal in mind_:_keep intact the 1-.. general who coordinated the were unable to approach the minds. That young lady --... my 11et1me against civil rights civil rights gains of the past. gains., siege. MOVE house because of somehow knew that it was not "It is this stepped-up assault !Joth Goode and Brooks are sniper fire. profitable in the to learn o on civil rights that convinces The NAACP Saturday conblack, a fact that may provide Nobody blames the police her heritage or future. She '""' us that if we don't take exeluded what it termed an them some protection in the for carrying out their courtwould make it in a white world t5 traordinary action now that Emergency Civil Rights Sumwake qf last Monday's insaniordet:ed eviction of the wellon the white man's terms. (To wiieil'iilllifiiiiniiidiliithiiiaiitilitiiihiiellligiirui nisiliiwllie'vllliemit Conference.lllillllllityil.llill fFrailnllkRizzohllalldbeen(ContinuelldllollliniiPiiaiiigiiieliSii-Aiii_ il)llibileiiilcoilniiitiiiiniiiuiieiidil),


--------------Well, doggone it! We won't be hosting the Orange Blossom here anymore in Tampa. The decision has been made. From now on, our fast sister city, Miami, will be mak ing all the moves. And all the money. What was that? Serves us right? That's a good point. This means that we will be hauling it to Miami and everybody else will, too. Peo ple come from everywhere, alumni or not, to witness the multiplicity of the Florida Agricultural al)d Mechanical University Tallahassee, Florida. Not only is the coaching superb, the players aren't so bad, either. Not to mention us fans and spectators who are "decked out" in every form of shade of that "Old Orange and Green" there is. Yes, it gets better; the cheerleaders pep us and move us to the rhythm of their cheers while the band. Yeah, THE BAND! "The Band" is hey, the "MARCHING HER VIEW. BY RANDOLPH A Reward For Excellence Any good employee who performs close to excellence should be rewarded. And, classroom teachers are no ex ception. School ad ministrators, legislators and some teachers &hare this belief. So committed to this belief was our governor, Bob raham and our state slators, until a teachers pay plan or a master plan was developed. Funds were set aside to reward so call master teachers. But the only problem is no one seems to know how to select the so-called master teachers. No oqe seems to know what a teacher is and no one seems to know what criterias to use in selecting such. We can easily identify a master athlete by looking at his statistics; and a good cook by simply tasting the foods. Unfortunately, the teaching profession is not so simple. sion is not so simple. It seems that teaching skilfs more abstract in nature it has become so dif to determine what a master teacher is, many folks recommending that the pay plan be scrapped. I think this is a cop out. I think that we can determine who the master teacher's are by asking the principals who they are. Or better yet, ask the students to list the five best teachers on campus. All the other teachers can also choose five teachers who are the best. know. I would adventure to say, that the three lists would be basically identical. People tend to know in an unofficial manner who is who around them. The merit pay should stay, and the bet teachers should be rewardSuch a ment pay should encourage all teachers to improve upon their skills and to do a better job of teaching. Education would benefit from improved teaching performances by all teachers. How do you determine the master teachers? There are several standards that can be used with each standard hav ing equal value: Why not start out by look ing at a teacher's qualifica tions and preparations to teach. We know that the better prepared a teacher is, the greater the possibility that the teacher can do a good job. Then evaluate the classroom performance of the students. A good teacher should be able to get his sub ject matter over to the students, and that ability must reflect in the students perfor mances. A master teacher should be able to control her classroom and maintain an atmosphere that is conducive to education. As a third criteria, students should have some input into rating teachers who submit their names for l}lerit pay. To many that may sound dumb, but why shouldn't they get the opportunity to speak. After all, the students are what teaching is all about. Students are not as dumb and as unfair as teachers may be inclined to think. Let us not forget, a master teacher (Part One) people of Nicaragua in the name of anti-communist? Sometimes one may wonder How does Mr Reagan and if President Reagan and the those rationalize co-existence conservatives in real-with China and European ly have faith in the free enterCommunist countries, but prise system of American chose to destroy any thought Capitalism. If, in fact, they of communism in the rest of do, then, why do they have to the world? keep riding a dead horse to It does not take a genius to make the point? Those ''Red see through all of this antiScare" budgets Mr. Reagan communist hypocrisy. Foreign has ram-rodded through Conpolicy is being used as a gress the last several years are scapegoat to perpetuate what expressed submissions, under-is fast becoming a fascist 100" is outta sight; they are mining the practical superiorisystem here at home. Will, or what's happening! Just means ty of a free enterprise system. is, America to become a nawe'll have to go a bit farther, tion where, the evil of privilege that's all. No use getting all There is something quite is to prevail? Let us hope not. worked up about the thing. phony about this anti-This country may well be While we're gonna miss the communist paranoia today. firmly in a state of Number One band, let us go to Did you notice how' monopolistic capitalism. another Number One. Namehistorically, the communism Such, my frjends, is cry ly, Cassius Clay, also known in Europe is not c()nsidered as from democratic .capitalism _J._ as, "The Greatest." Also dangerous as the communism supposedly what this nation is known as Muhammad Ali. in Asia and other similar principled to be all about. ff Anyway; tomorrow, May 25, "Third World" communities? Under such a fascist system, =. we will commemorate when in There hasn't been any such the opportunities for free ii 1965, Mr. Ali, defeated Mr. anti-communist wars in enterprise become extremely !!. Sonny Liston in. Lewiston, Europe. In fact, Europe has unlimited. Nowadays, the ta Maine. Go 'head on, Number not experienced such bloodshaverage guy can't even enter 5: One. ed since World War II. What the janitorial business without Among us, we have a lot of was so evil about the comfierce competition from some 1:1 things that could serve as acmonism in Korea or Viet corporation or large conlol:l tually The Number One hap-NRam? Did you know that the glomerate. Did you know that ;. pening in our lives. Inussians were our ally in both well over a quarter of a million FIdividuality is so great. For World War One and Two? small businesses are going ::r now, let us turn our interest to Why is Russia considered such under each year? If that's not a_ "the one that you come borne a threat to world peace today? the actual figure, it is not far to." Incidentally, those has bee_n invaded all of off. t'D words are taken from a cur':-., her hfe. IS she portrayed Now, what does all of this rent rapping song, "Save Your ds a hkely aggressor tomean for Black people? For Love For Number One." It's a ay that matter where does large ; good song. Listen to it the next the Reagan segments of white people fit time your favorite disc jockey s. pres.ent in? My friends, they simply do > jams your box. fnendly flutatJOns _with Chma, not. Fascism embraces that a S. Before we end let us the largest populatiOn on earth large segment of the populal'!j dedicate a few first, -one billio_n people. China is tion must remain poor. Such ?-"Save Your Love For IV umber a country Why people must divided so 1 One" goes to the Tampa this romance China such devices as racism, Housing Authority (don't at the same hme such hate IS classism, sexism are tactfully forget the tenants). Second, tp expressed for the few million deployed. (To be continued) = all the ladies, let us thank good [,.. ___ W-. ... a ole "Kool and the Gang" for ::r helping us to feel like "Cinderellas" in their new (Continued From Page 4-A) shots were fired. ... video. Lastly, and certainly You'll find no apology here armed defiant MOVE f th f t" If II f not least, to all South or e ana 1ca o owers o a ; members who, according to th" d d d o o t ho Afrikaners, at home and If -gra e r pu w neighbors were living in ind hbo h d abroad, we dedicate a new menace ne1g rs, esc ewe credible filth and who used d t k t f single by an old group (The soap an wa er, ep scores o powerful loudspeakers. to d th rem Sting), that new title cut is, "If ogs on -elr p 1ses, threaten neighborhood 1 d t t of You Love Somebody, Set we come ra s as a par Them Free." Peace Be Unto residents. Nobody blames the nature," and defied court You. authorities for returning the orders to vacate their filth fire of MOVE members who filled rowhouse. should have the public rela tions skills to discipline children and not be hated. If a teacher can't get along with her students, then something is missing. Allow the principals, department heads, grade chairmans and/or curriculum specialist to evaluate those teachers who are suggested for merit pay. These people all work with the applicant and they all will have knowledge of his or her ability as a teacher. Finally, the applicants for merit pay should be given a basic test designed to test basic teaching skills and basic knowledge of the area of specialization. Many feel that testing is un (Continued On Page 16-A) fired on them. But what was wrong with a Even the bombing might combination of tear gas, watei:. have been explainable if it had cannon and the patience to come in some desperate atwait them out? tempt to save lives that were in In their resort to airborne immediate jeopardy. But the explosives, whether incendiary neighborhood had been or percussive, Mayor Goode, evacuated already, and the City Managing Director bombing followed a lull of Brooks and their minions several hours during which no bombed out. TAMPA BAY BUILDERS HOME REPAIR AND REMODELING SPECIALIST LIC. 034997 BONDED AND INSURED CALL OR COME BY FOR FREE ESTIMATES .. Presidenl 251-2585 Or 251-8754 1005 W. PLAn ST., TAMPA, FLORIDA 33606 -------


.................. .. .. ---.. Former Tam pan Returns Horne meeting and all are asked to be present and on time for the 8:30 J J p.m. meeting. To Preach At Church Anni:versary KAPPA DELTA PI -At present, he i s the pastor of Poe's Memorial Baptist Church in Eusti s REV. HARRY L. HARRIS The Rev. Harry Lewis Har ris was born and grew up in Tampa. He is the youngest of fourteen children born to the late Mr. and Mrs. Ira Data Harris. He was baptized, con verted, licensed and ordai ned at the New Salem Missionary Baptist Church in Hyde Park. ORCHID CLUB, INC. Sunday, May 26, will mark a homecoming for Rev. Harris when he returns to New Salem todeliver the mor .P;!ng worship message as the church observes its 79th Anniversary. Rev. Harris is a graduate of Blake High School and Tampa College. He completed several courses at the Baptist Fellowship Center here and is a graduate of International Bible Institute and Seminary of Plymouth. He served in the United States Army and formerly pastored Gethsemane Bapti s t Church of Eustis ;utd the Second Shiloh Baptist Church of Sanford He is married to the former Deborah Ann Jones, also of Tampa, and they have two children, Jerome and Olivia Nicole. When the ladies of the Orchid Club Inc. meet on Saturday Night at 8:30 p.m. in the English Village Apartment Club House, 3408 Lancaster Court, you can bet that the reviews from their recent Down Home Southern Cabaret will head the agenda. The ladies are elated over the good ra ves that they' v e gotten from their friends and supporters who joined in the Fun and Merrim e nt at the West Tampa Convention Center. Wearing denim overalls with red and white checked blouses and straw hats the ladies were introduced by Orchid President Authorine Clark. President Clark spoke of love a most famous theme, for our fellow man and especially our brothers and s isters that are suffering and dying from hunger in Ethiopia. The hunger that is so prevalent over there and other African countries as well as in the Tampa 'Bay area. (The Or chid are doing what they can by donating can goods from their Food Pant ry to the needy ) President CJark pinned a purple ribbon on Vice President Ann Glymph (purple symbolizes, suffering, sorrow and death) and while the song "We Are The World" was played in the background Orchids in turn pinneq Purple Ribbons on one another. After the pinning of the ribbons, the audience joined the Orchids in siRging "We Are The World." Afterward the Orchids pinned everyone with a Purple Ribbon." Orchid Edith Brantly of Miami and her famil y and friends from St. Petersburg were there and a couple of former Orchid members were also spotted Elouise Brown and Jewel Aries of St. Peter s burg, Alma Morris and husband Johnny and E. N. Cusseaux to name a few. Many club s fraternities, sororities and other organization s were well repre s ented. Orchid Mary Smith was missed but she was well represented by her family and many friends. The ladies are wishing her a speedy recovery from her surgery and offered their sympathy during her bereavement at the loss of her father in law. Orchid Connie Mustipher will host the Saturday night's ST. PETER CLA VER Presents IN CONCERT EMMA GOODMAN, Soprano Accompanied By Helen Morrison Sunday. May 26, At 5 P M. At The Performing Arts Auditorium HCC Ybar Campus The Tampa Bay Chapter of Kappa Delta Pi National Honorary Education Society named Jean S. Clanton Hillsborough County Teacher of the Year. The announcement was made at the Society's installation and honors program May I7. Ms. Clanton is a I9 year veteran of the Hillsborough County School System and teaches fourth grade at McDonald Elemen tary School in Seffner. In addition to her excellence as a classroom teacher the award recognized her extracurricular work as a member of the writing team of the county's widely respected Developmental Writing Program She helped write tile Program and Teacher's Guide and individually compiled and edited the Student Hand book. She has served as panelist on several Writing Program seminars for county teacher s as well as conducting a workshop on the unique program at the Kappa Delti Pi Southeastern -Connntion last February Ms. Clanton re c eived her baccalaureate from Florida State Univer s ity and her Mas te r of Education degree from Univer s it y of Tampa. She i s the mother of fiv e children and res ide s in Tampa. AMERICAN BEAUTY CLUB The President, Mrs. Ernestine Davis is reque s ting that all members be present on Sunday, May 26, at 3 p m when the Beauty Social and Civic Club hold their monthly meeting at the home of Mrs. Eva Livingston, 29II 27th ,Avenue Business of importance will be discussed and final plans will be made for the project for the month of June. Ab sent from this meeting will be the Business Manager, Mrs. Maggie Wooden who will be vaca tioning in Norfolk, Virginia, she left the city on Thuts day Mrs. A. Beatrice Bynnom, Recording Secretary and Publicity Chairperson will als.o. be absent She is recuperating nicely at due to surgery on last Monday at University Community Hospital. There will be no birthday honoree. Members will b ring or send covered dishes. Secret .Pals will also be remembered. Baha'i Faith Unitil)!l the w o rl4 ... One lieart at a time THE 29TH STREET CHURCH Of CHRIST 3310 29th Street Bible School, 9:45A.M. Worship, 11 AM & 6 PM Bible Classes: Sunday, 5 P.M. Monday, 7 P.M. Prayer And Song Service, Wednesday, 7 P.M. GREATER CHOIRS UNION N0.3 Convenes Sunday, May :Z6 At :Z:45 P.M. SPRINGHILL M .D. CHURCH 704 E Humphrey S treet Rey Willie R. Brooks. Postor The Public Is Invited. -.. DEA. H L. WILLIAM S President MRS PEARL H ARR I S R epor ter Thank You To my many friends, thank you for the love sllown during my confinement ig the hospital anil also at home. Your prayers, flowers and donations were gratefully ap preciated. God bless all of you. 'TAMPA DISTRICT A.M.E. L.A YMEN PRESENT Calvin Patterson. PLEASANT CHAPEL A.M.E. CHURCH 2615CHiPCO Rev. S.C. Lawson Pastor Sunday School, 9:30A .M. Morning Worship, 11 A.M. Tuesday Class Meeting 7:30P M MT. VERNON PRIMITIVE BAPTIST CHURCH 1719 Green Street Sunday School, 9:45 A.M. Morning Worship, 11 AM Bible Study, Tues. 7 P.M. Everyone Is Welcome Bro. Larry B. Horde, Sr. Deacon Sis. Patricia Horde, Sec. PEACE BAPTIST CHURCH 2607 24th A venue -ASONGFEST "Praises I Will Sing" May 26, 1985 4 P.M. MT. OLIVE A.M.. CHURCH 1747 Lasalle St. Rev J. M. Rutledge, Pastor Rev Bro. Kirk Broxton-Moster Of Ceremony Portldponts: Rev. Rebecca Kearney, Rev. J. Harrell, MEBGC Mt Olive A.M.E., St. Paul A.M.E., Pleasant Chapel A.M. E Choir, Juliette And M ichoel Catledge -Bethel A M .E., St. James A.M.E. St luke A.M E., Alfred Dickerson And Mrs E StonomAllen Temple A.M. E Zion Hill A.M.E Greater Mt Carmel A.M. E First Mt. Carmel A.M.E., New Bethel A.M.E. Collins Temple A.M.E., St. Mary's A M .E. Gregg's Temple A.M.E., Bros. Gardner, Brown And Wright, Rev. Walter Turner A nd Rev. J D. Stonom. Committee: Yvette Ballard-Sims, Frankcene Favors Daniels, Joyce Felton, Cora Larkins And Rowena Brady. Robert Wright, President St. Luke African Methodist Episcopal Church 2709 25th St. Rev. C D. Dixon, Pastor Invites The Public To Its "Annual Women's Day Observance" Sunday, May 26, 1985 II :00 A.M. Theme: "Christian Women Working For Peace And Harmony In The Church Family. Also The "Silver Leaf Tea" Reception Will FollowDONATION: $10.00/$5.00 for 12 Years And Under REV. W F. LEONARD At4P,M. Proceeds Will Benefit Building Fund And Tickets Are ... Pastor Available From Church Members (223-7098) Sunday School, 9:30A .M. FR. JOSEPH O'KEEFE, O M I., Pastor Morning Worship, 11 A .M. MRS. ILIA NOR DIXON MRS. 81TTYf SILL d E t D S d H Choir No.3 And 11 A.M. Speaker General Chairperson This Is A Parish Council Sponsore ven r. an ra Usher Board No.3 C Ch 1 o o Darlene Butler, Marilyn Hall, Jacqueline Kinsey < Wilson, President. Will Serve. And Ethel Mitchell. X Coordinators Are: Wilma Warren, Elois Stubbs, BTU,S:OOP.M. Other Portldponts: Mary Dixon, Lou Henry Davis Lila Nichols ... Josephine Martinez, Inez Davis, Alicia Black. Dr. Rhonne Evening Worship, 6:00P.M. Matti e Grac e Ozie Dew, Helen Canty, Elsie Powell, Eula Bostick, "' Sanderson, Hank Warren, Vincent Sampson, Helen Mid-Week Service & Prayer Douglas, Carolyn Stover, Margaret Williams, Gaynell Dixon, Rev. Beverly ...


....................................... ; A SPIRITUAL PRAISE EXTRAVAGANZA 6 Sponsored By > The J. C. Young Adult Choirs Union W I .;: H 1 \ ,: y 0 U A A 100 Voice Mass Choir Jn Concert .; v 3: At NEW MOUNT ZION M. 8. CHURCH H A : p py BIRTH D y > 2511 E. Columbus Drive MISS ROSE < Sunday, M11y 26 ac 7:30 P.M. The Choir will be accompanied by such as: DWAYNE BERRIEN, RONALD ROSSON, CARLTON BURGI ,SS and many more. "' ; Guest Soloist: SIS. FRANCINE JONES, Of Phuu til' Thornell Earl and Janelle Elementary School u; Special Guests: Tampa Bay Bucs Marie Thomas will be John's Progressive REV. LESTER CARTER, Pastor; SIS. HENRIETTA RAGLIN celebntllfl:; lheir 10th birthday Baptist Church. Janelle is Chairperson; SIS. MARY L. NEAL, President. on Sunday, May 26th. They B d h PRE WOMEN'S DAY TEA At Grace Mary M.B. Church 3901 37th Street Sunday, May 26 At 3:00P.M. MRS. GERALDINE ERVIN, Mistress Of Ceremonies MT. O&.IVI BAPTIST CHURCH Of Clearwater Will Be The Guest Choir MRS. IDA M. SMITH. Teo Chairman MRS. G CANNON, Co-Chairman MRS. C. JONES. Women's Day Chairman ELDER T. J REED, Pastor The Public Is lnvit&d. -THE WASHINGTON CHILD CARE CENTER Will Have Their SCHOOL EXERCISE. Sunday, May 26, At 4:00P.M. At ST. JOHN BAPTIST CHURCH SIXTEEN PRE-SCHOOLERS Will Receive Their Kindergarten Diplomas. MRS. GERALDINE HAWKINS Will Present The Children Their Diplomas Everyone Is Invited. -frances Gilmore Chapter 228 O.E.S. Presents ANNIVERSARY FASHION BANQUET And Other Attractions Of Interest On Saturday, May 25 From 7 P.M. Unti110 P.M. RAGAN PARK AUDITORIUM East Lake Avenue At North 12th Street DONATION: $8.00 MRS. ROSETTA JUDGE Mistress Of Ceremonies ... Toastmaster Ms. Wanda Wilson From One Of The Local Women's Apparel Shops Will Present Special Models In The Latest Fashions. -Some MenAnd Boys' Fashions Will Be Presented; And, The Chapter Queen Will Be Crowned. THE NEW BAPTIST CHURCH PRESENTS TAMPA'S FI NEST SOLOISTS INGOSPEL.MUSIC. Saturday, May 25, J 985 At 7:30 P.M. Featuring; Maurice Jocksoh. Sheryl. Otone Brown Fred Block Jack Teart Clarence-Copeland Timmy Knight Windy, Strickland Carlton Burgess Eddie Mae Jqckson Bert Gordon Dorothy Hawkins Valorie Nunn Ceo/a Batts Gabriel Ashe And Many More The Church Is Lo.:ated At 3011 E. North Bay Lucille James & Arthur McKay, Coordhiators Rev. L. R. Stancil, Pastor rowme an s e 1s among will be going to East Lake try-outs for the "Eagles.' Square Mall to see the "Gar-Thornell is a Cub Scout. field" magic show. Afterare the twins (}f Geraldine wards they will be given Thomas. Skating Ring Party Sponsored By St. Matthew Baptist Church At The Stardust Skating Center (22nd Street) Monday, May 27, 1985 7 To 10 DONATION-$3.00 THORNELL& JANELLE THOMAS money to go on a ''Shopping Spree!'' Thornell and Janelle attend Sulphur Springs GWfN'S SCHOOL Of MUSIC Spons_ors CAMP IN ORLANDO June 26 -June 29, 1985 At Days Inn In Walking Distance From Sea World. And Close To The Other Exciting Attractions. Space Available. For The First 40 Participants Who Complete Registration Requirements By June I. 1985 GWIN'S SCHOOL OF MUSIC P.O. Box 11332 Tampa, FL 33680 ON MONDAY NIGHT, MAY 27 at 7:30P.M. There Will Be A MUSICAL PROGRAM At New Progress M. B. Church 3307 East Shadowlawn Avenue Sponsored by the NEW PROGRESS MASS CHOIR On Program Will Be Many Choirs Of The City, Brooksville, St. Petersburg, Largo and surrounding areas. "0 Come Lei Us Sing Un1o The Lord Lei Us Make A Joyful Noise To The Rock Of Our Salvalion Psalm 95 SIS. ALICE GRIER, PRESIDENT SIS. ITHIL PITTMAN, RIPORTER TAMPA BAY COUNCIL OF THE FAMU PHARMACY ALUMNI Presents A NIGHT" AND DANCE. Friday, :May 24th, 8:00 P..M... Son's Of Italy Hall (3315 Street) Scholarship Donation: $5.00 Auction Of Prizes Following The Races VERONDA CONAGE !D Veronda Ann Conge f celebrated her first birthday : on May 23. She is the daughter ; of Jimmie and Veronica Con'I age, and has a brother, Jimmie g:' Conage, Jr. She is the grandf daughter of Mrs. Annie Mae :r Johnson and Mrs. Mattie Mae '"c:l Brown. Veronda received = special wishes from her babyg: sitter, Ms. Evelyn Cabrera. EASTGATE COMMUNITY CHURCH 1924 E. Comanche REV. CLARK EVERETT ... Pastor -sunday School, 9:30A.M. Worship, 11 A.M. THE PUBLIC IS INVITED. fiRST MT. CARMEL A.M.E. CHURCH 4406 26th Street REV. E. R. WILLIAMS ... Pastor Sunday School, 9: 30 A.M. Morning Worship, 5:30PM Bible Study, Thursday, 7:30P.M. THE FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Of COLLEGE HILL 3838 29th Street Sundoy,Aiay16, 1985 Sundlly School-9:JO AM Momin1 Slrvke 10:45 AAI BTU 5:(}(} PAl Evenln1 Slrvlce 6:JO PM Alay 17, 1985 Choir Ill WU/ Sponsor Its "Annual Musical", Alonday Night 7:(}(} P.M. The Public Is Cordially Invited To Attend. Sis. Wynn Pres. --------Q. I = e cr c; = {ll


... Why Of Successful Florida Women'' BANQUET Dr. Julia Cobb Barnes' Dr. Barnes' professional exbiographical profile has been perience includes: 19 years of 31, 1985 selected for inclusion in the teaching ,. experience c (K-College), Recreat1'on D1'rec-ocktails At 6 P.M. premier edition of "Who's Who and Why of Successful tor; Employment Counselor; Dinner At 7 P.M. Florida Women". The Juvenile Delinquent premier publication recognizes Counselor; Social the contributions of Florida's Rehabilitative Counselor; Col-most outstanding women lege Supervisor for the Han-achievers from the fields of dicapped; Minority Student Art, Business, Education, Assistant Director; Geriatrics Government, Law, Medicine, Nursing Supervisor; Physical Spor J s and more. The resume Therapy Assistant; Drug of each featured woman is Counselor and Consultant; given along with a statement in coach; Modern Dance Directheir own words "Why" they tor and Choreographer; feel they were successful, makDR. JULIA COBB BARNES Career Counselor and Correcing the publication an extional Education Instructor. Outstanding Educator Award Dr Barnes 1s employed by cellent inspiratio nal source and role model for girls and B C C 1 9 7 8; Graduate the Polk County School Board wornen of all ages. The panel Assistantship, Columbia as a Science/Health Instructor review board consisted of: University 1976-77; at Polk Correctional Institu-Rockerfeller Foundation t'on p lk ct Sh 1 Elaine Gordon, Florida State 1 10 0 1 Y e IS a so a Grant (graduate study) 1976, member of Charmettes Incor Representative; Mrs. Bob Danforth Award 1975, and por t d of H'll b h Graham, Florida's First Lady, a e I s oroug others. C t Barbara W. Newell, State 0llll y. ; Chancellor, Florida State c Board of Regents; Nancy S. E Weber, Attorney Central Florida Women's Resource .= Center Board Member; BarPleasant Chapel Church Presents Its 4TH Annual Chat-And-Chew Sunday, May 26 4 Til 7 P.M 3505 Machado Street c bar a Lindsey, Publisher= Editor; Chris Evert Lloyd and _i others. Dr. Barnes is a native Tam1 pan and former resident of Daytona Beach. She is also a former professor of BethuneCookman College. She is a = = = = graduate and outstanding stu dent and athlete of Don Thompson Voc. High School (later renamed Howard W. Blake). Dr. Barnes received A.A. degree (with honor) from St. Petersburg Jr. Col (Gibbs Campus); B.S. rPorPP (with distinction), Fla. University; M.A. -r .. ur .... New York University; Doctoral study at Teacher's College, Columbia University and received the Ph.D degree from Florida State University. Dr Barnes' honors and recognition include: author of two ''Aids'' pamphlets for State Health Departments 1984; nominated for Florida Teacher of the year 1983; Selected as Florida Depart ment of Corrections "Teacher Of The Year" 1982-83 Polk Correctional Institution Human Relations Award 1983; Department of Educa tion Professional Practices Reviewer 1982; Graduate Administrative Assistantship 1980-81; Tampa Urban League Service Award 1979; Special Olympics Award 1979; Live Entertainment Refreshments Free 2 Door Prizes For 2 Best Hawaiian Outfits DONATION: $2.00 Supporting The Coming Family & Friends Day THE MASS CHOIR OF COLLEGE HILL CHURCH OF GOD IN CHRIST 6414 North 30th Street Will Present Their SPRING CONCERT Saturday, May 25, 1985 At 7:30P.M. .. Minister Of Music Bishop W. E. Davis, Pastor I You Are Cordially Invited To Come Out And Share In This Evening Of Praise And Fellowship. MT. HERMAN MISSIONARY BAPTIST CHURCH 1210 Union Street, South, St. Petersburg ANNUAl. MEN And WOMEN'S DAY OBSERVANCE Sunday, May 26, 1985 Theme: "Working Together In Unity." At THE RUSTY PELICAN 2425 Rocky Point Drive DONATION: $J 7.00 Call Kathryn Forbes, %3-013 4 Tampa; Or Andrew Smith, 539Pinellas, To Make ReservatiOns. President-Elect Of The Nationa l Association Of Black Accountants, And President Of Asset Management, Inc. Will On: "ENTREPRENEURSHIP Accounoing For The Difference.'' 34th Street Church Of God 3000 No. 34th Street, Tampa Rev. Thomas Scott, Pastor Presents A Spring Concert Featuring The Mass Choir Under The Direction Of REV. NATHAN lEI. Hll.l. .. Pastor Of Jerusalem Baptist Church of / Accompanists Are Wayne Leonard And Anita Marson Sunday Evening, May 26, J985 At 7:00P.M. The Public Is Invited. A Building'f;und Benefit GOD REQUIRES TRUE HOLINESS 1 PETER 1:15-16 "BUT AS HE WHICH HATH CALLED YOU IS HOLY, SO 81 Yf HOLY IN AU MANNER OF CONVERSATION, BECAUSE IT IS WRITTEN, BE YE HO LY; FOR I AM HOLY". PRAISE OODI ALL CHRISTIANS HAVE BEEN MADE HOLY THROUGH OUR LORD AND SAVIOR, JESUS CHRIST. 1 PETER 2:9 TELLS US THAT WE ARE AN HOLY NATION. HOLINESS MEANS: TO SEPARATE OR SET APART UNTO GOD ROMANS 12:1-2. SOME PEOPLE HAVE THE WRONG CONCEPT OF TRUE HOLINESS. TRUE HOLINESS IS NOT ONE WEARING LONG WHITE DRESSES OR BIG HATS. SOME DENOMINATIONS TEACH THAT CHRISTIANS WHO USE COSMETICS OR MAKE-UP, ARE NOT HOLY. THEY WILL ALSO TELL YOU THAT WOMEN WHO WEAR PANTSUITS, GOLD CHAINS OR EARRINGS, ARE NOT HOLY. BUT THAT IS NOT TRUE! LIT US STUDY THIS SCRIPTURES PRA YIRFUU Yl IN 1 TIMOTHY 2:9-10 AND 1 PETER 3:3-5, PAUL AND PETER WERE NOT SAYING THAT THE WOMEN WHO USED THEM WERE NOT HOLY IN THESE SCRIPTURES, THE WOMEN ARE ADMONISHED TO PUT THE EMPHASIS ON THE "HIDDEN MAN OF THE HEART". THEY OUGHT TO HAVE A MEEK AND QUIET SPIRIT. THIS MEANS THAT THEY ARE TO BE GENTLE, TENDER, AND FEMININE. SEE, THE EMPHASIS IS ON THE INNER MAN THE GENTLE, HUMBLE SPIRIT, RATHER THAN ON THE DRESS. IN OTHER WORDS, WHAT PAUL AND PETER WERE SAYING TO THESE WOMEN WAS, THAT THEY SHOULD NOT SPEND ALL THEIR TIME ON THEIR HAIR. DON'T SPEND ALL THEIR TIME FIXING UP. DON'T SPEND ALL THEIR TIME ON DRESS OR CLOTHES. IF THEY WOULD SPEND HALF AS MUCH TIME PRAYING AND FASTING AND SEEKING GOD, AS THEY QID ON THEIR PERSONAL APPEARANCE, THEY WOULD BE SPIRITUAL GIANTS. THf MORI TIM ON SPENDS BIFORI GOD AS AN INTERCESSOR FOR THE UNSAVED, THE OUTWARD MAN PERISHES AND THE INWARD MAN IS RENEWED DAY BY DAY 1 CORINTHIANS 4:14-16. BECAUSE WE READ IN DEUTERONOMY 22:5, "THE WOMAN SHOULD NOT WEAR THAT WHICH PERTAINETH UNTO A MAN, NEITHER SHALL A MAN PUT ON A WOMAN'S GARMENT, FOR ALL THAT DO SO ARE ABOMONATION UNTO THE LORD". THf WORD, "PfRTAINfTH" MEANS: BELONG OR CONNECTED TO A PART OF ONES POSSESSIONS. THAT MEANS THE WOMAN SHOULD WEAR HER PANTSUIT THAT IS SPECIFICALLY MADE FOR HER, AND A MAN LIKEWISE, MADE SPECIFICALLY FOR A MAN HfBRfWS J2:J4"FOLLOW PfACf WITH AU MIN AND HOLINESS. WITHOUT IT NO MAN SHALL Sf THf LORD." RfMINDfR: THf OPIN DOOR CHRISTIAN CfNTfR FOOD BANK AND CLOTHES CLOSIT WIU Bf OPINED TO THf PUBLIC (NffDY FAMILifSJ ON SATURDAY, MAY 25, 1985 3:00-5:00 P.M. YOU ARE WELCOME I OPEN DOOR CHRISTIAN CTR. 1221 E. Columbus Dr f-< S unda y School, 10 A M. G Morning Service, II A.M. ELDER WILLIS CRUM SIS. MAUDE JACKSON Evening Service, 7 P.M. )..>.l 3:00P.M. Guest Speaker Bible Study, 7 P .M. )..>.l Prayer Meeting, Tues., 7 P M '-' SIS. ROSE WALKER, Chairman SIS. CARRIE B. BROOKINS, Co-Chairman ... The Public Is Invited ... ............................


' King And Queen Pageant At. N&W Early N&W Early Childhood Pageant at Ragan Park Learning Center, Inc. held its Auditorium, Saturday, April Fifth Annual King & Queen 20, at 7 p.m. King Jason Bell and Queen Kimberly Hemmingway hosted the grand s:yent, which Bijan Robinson, Jason Harris, Zachary King and Kofi Wyako. NEW SALEM MISSIONARY BAPTISTCHURCH N. Oregon Avenue, Tampa, Florida Announces HERITAGE '85 79TH ANNIVERSARY & HOMECOMING Reflections Of The Past, Saturday, May 25, 7-9 P.M. An Old Fashioned Camp Meeting & Covered Dish Supper Commitment To The-Present Sunday, May 26 -Homecoming Worship Service At 11:45 A.M. )'. '\. REV JASPER P. SAUNDERS .. Pastor Youth Rally At 7:00P.M. "We Are The Children." REV. RUBEN f. ROBINSON, JR. ... Speaker REV. HARRY 1.. HARRIS (Baptized, Converted, Licensed And Ordained In New Salem) Presently, Pastor Of Poe's Memorial Baptist Church, Eustis Ice Cream Social Follows The Rally. Former Members, Friends And Guests Are We lcome At All Activities. -Childhood Learning Center was narrated by the director, was by Mr. Dayle Greene, and Mrs. Jewel D. Warren. The the Crowning of King and .!< King and Queen loved giving Queen and Their Court Mr. 3:: parties. They loved to have Joseph Sykes and Mrs. Loret> fun. They selected the theme ta Cottman. < "Kids Just Want To Have The cheerleaders were Fun." The decorations were in red and white and the enter-Rhonda Boston, Tammara Greene, and Josette Sykes. tainment was coordinated The royal selected for around the theme. The Royal participants 1985-86 are King Ahmad Brown, son of Mrs. Melva were: Present King and Queen Brown and Mr. Edward Jason Bell and Kimberly Brown; Queen Kimberly HemHemmingway; Former Kings mingway, daughter of Mr. and and Queens Xavier Jennings and Anika Myers, Daniel Mrs. Aldrich Hemmingway; Sierra and Kristin Dixon, 1st runner-up, Kofi Nyako, Frederick Reddy and Maya son of Dr. Richard Nyako; Smith. Alexa Cottman, daughter of Dance I ._ Karimah Bell, Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Cott-Alexa Cottman, Quentin man; 2nd runner-up, Jason Harris, son of Mr. and Mrs. Davis, Xanthe. Davis, William Harris; Xanthe Davis, Khadisha Flournoy, Mark daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Moore and Kofi Nyako. Games We Like to Play, die Davis; 3rd runner-up, Bi-jan Robinson, son of Mr. and Ahmad Brown, Jason Harris, zachary King, Jason Miles, Mrs. Charlie Robinson, Tiffany Bowen, daughter of Mr. Destiny j\1orris, Erik Range, and Mrs. Dennis Bowen. Erika Range, Terrika Range, Court Attendants, Zachary Jeremiah Russell, and Marcus Russell, with Ms. Linda Nor\ W. King, son of Mrs. Ber nadine King and Robert King; man assisting. and Karimah Bell, daughter of Dance II -Rori Boston, Mr. and Mrs. Theron Bell. Tiffany Bowen, Kenya CumKing Jason Bell IV is the son mings, Tiffany Greene, of Mr. and Mrs. Coleman Kimberly Hemmingway, Don Johnson, Bijan Robinson, and Bell. Stephanie Sykes. The dances The souvenir booklet was were choregraphed by Jeter dedicated to Mrs. Patrice Bell Dance Studio. and Mrs. Dorjs Thomas. WinWeekends Were Made For ner of the $100 give-a-way was Fun-James Moore, Conrad Mrs. Annabelle Patterson. Warren, Cedric Davis and Eric The King and Queen Norman. Pageant; was chaired by Mrs. Royal Guards Darryl Loretta M. Cottman and Mrs. Cummings and Tarrence Sharon Robinson. Mrs Ellen Washington. Hemmingway is president of The announcer of winners the N&W Parent Association. Ahmad Brown and Kimberly Hemmingway. BAPTIST FELLOWSHIP CENTER, INC. Announces ANNUAL BACCALAUREATE And COMMENCEMENT SERVICES Sunday, May 16, 1985 At 3:00P.M. At NEW JERUSALEM M.B. CHURCH New York Avenue, Lakeland REV. ROOSfVfU ROBINSON Guest }' if-.r l'l'O DR. GfORGf W. SADUR, JR. Regional !_Jirector


. c DELJNA MARIA BOSTO N This is Delina Maria Boston, daughter ofMr and Mrs. Joe Boston and of New Mt. Zion Baptist Church. Delina plans to attend the International Academy of Mer chandise Fashion to become a fashion designer. Born under the sign of Sagittarius, Delina is 18-years-old, stands 5'4" and enjoys modeling, dancing and swimming Her philosophy of life is: Strive to believe in y our self and your own ability. If a person can conceive as well a s belie v e then .you shall s ucceed. '' Defina is attracted to a man who is intelligent, respectful, career-minded, and very unique. Her favorite star is Luther Vandross. Everyone Is Cordially Invited To Worship At Mt. Olive A.M.E. Church, In Plant City Sunday, May 26, J 985 11:00 A.M. Speaker; Mrs. Mary Helen Hill of Clewiston Guest Choir : Allen Chapel A.M E. Church, Plant City Guest Soloist : Miss Francine Jones, Plant C i ty 3:30P.M. Speaker: Mrs. Minnie Lou Wright of Plant City Come And Share This Joyous Occasion With Us. MRS. FRANKYE WORTH Chairman REV.A.L:TRUEDELL Pastor A&G PRODUCTIONS Presents IN CONCERT THE WINANS Pastor Sunday School, 9:30A. M. Morning Worship 11:00 A.M. Evenin g Worsh ( p (lst Sun.), 5 :30P.M. Prayer & Bible Class, Tue s., 7:30P.M 24th AVENUE CHURCH OF GOD IN CHRIST 1703 24th A venue Pastor Sunday School, 9:45A.M. Worship Servke, 11: 00 A.M. EvenlnaServke, 7:30P.M. Bible Study Wed. 7 :30. P.M. Y.P.W.W.,Fri., 7:30P.M. Wanted: CHURCH MUSICIAN Pho. 689-3023 Or 247-1037 FIRST BORN HOUSE Of Prayer (Pentecostal] 805 E Henderson ELDER BERNARD MCCRAY ... Pastor Sunday School, 10: 00 A.M Mornign Worship 12:00 P.M Evenign Worship, 7:30P.M. 7:30P.M., Tues Bible Study 7:30P.M. Thurs. Prayer & Tarrying ST. JOHN M.S. CHURCH 3401 25th Avenue ELDER EDDIE NEWKIRK .. Pastor Sunday School, 9:45A.M. Morning Service 11 A.M. Bible Study, Wed., 7 P.M. REHEARSALS : Youth, Tues 6 P.M. No 2 Tues 7:30; No. 1 & Young Adults, Wed 8 P.M. GRACE MARY M.S. CHURCH 390t' 37th Street Of Los Angeles, California W ith Special Guests: t''; ....... LITTLE CEDRIC & The Holey Singers """ THE GOSPEL TRUTH ODELL REBORN iO; \ ELDER THOMASJ. REED < Sunday, June 2 1985 At 3:00 P.M. .. Pastor .. Pastor .. Sunday School A M Morni ng Wonhip, 11:00 A.M Y P.W W P M Worsh i p 7 :00P. M Tueo. & Fri. 7 :()() P.I'!.f. CHURCH OF 1312 W Nassau Street Tampa Fla. 33607 DAVID ATKISON, Minister SUNDAY: Bible S tudy, 10 A.M. & 5 P .M. Worship, II A M & 6 P.M. TUESDAY: Ladie s S tudy 10 A.M. S tudy 7:30P M THURSDAY: S ong Service & Prayer Meeting 7 : 30P.M LIVING WORD CHRISTIAN CENTER Palm River Recreation Center 58th St. And Palm River Rd. PASTOR CLYDE F. BOULER Praise & Worship Service -II AM Faith & Deliverance Service -6 PM Come And Be A Part Of Our Worship Experience. Radio Ministry Each Saturday At 1:15 P.M. On WCBF (1010 AM). FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH OF I.INCOLN GARDENS 4202 ELDER J A. STEPHENS .. Pastor Sunday School 9 :30A.M. Each Sunday Morning Service 11 A.M. Even ing Service 6 P M First And Third Sundays B T U 5 P M Each Sunday Prayer & Bible Study Tuesday At 7 P M MORNING GLORY M.B. CHURCH 7510 N. 40th Street Pastor Sunday School, Morning Worship, 11 A.M. BTU 5:30P.M. Evening Worship 7 P.M. Prayer Meeting & Bible Study Thurs!II\Y. 7 P.M. GREATER FRIENDSHIP M B .CHURCH 44 1 3 35th Street I"' REV. M. MURRAY llastor Sunday School, 9 :45A.M. Morning Worship, 11 A.M. Evening Worship, 5 P.M. Prayer Meeting, Tuesday 7:30P.M. Visitors : Are Welcome FIRST UNION MB CHURCH 3707 E. Chelsea ... Pastor Sunday School, 10 A.M. Morning Worship, 11 A.M. Evening Worship, 6 P.M. Prayer-Bible Study, Wed., 7P.M. NEW CANAAN M .B. CHURCH PRISON CRUSADE BUILDING 29th Street & 21st Avenue ....... REV JAMES SHEPPARD Pastor School 10 A.M. Morning Worsh i p, I I A.M. B T U 5 P M Evening Worship 6 P M. First & Third Sunday Visitor s Are Welcome EVENING STAR TABERNACLE BAPTIST CHURCH 3716 E Paris z McKay Auditorium (Univ. of Tampa) Sunday School, 9 30 A M REV. P L. HUMPHREY ... Pastor 401 West Kennedy Blvd., Tampa Morning Service, 11 A.M. .. Putor Sunday School, 10 A.M. ADVANCE: $8.00 Daj Of Concert: $9.00 Evening Service, 5=30 P.M. Sunday School, 9:30A M Morning Service, 11 A.M. Tickd Locations: College Hil Pharmacy And All Select-Bible Study, Wed., 7 P.M. Morning .11 A.M. Night Servlce,6 P.M. (..!) A-Seat Outlets. The Public Is Invited. J'!le ,Pu,bllc: .. t:rayer Meeting, Thurs 7 P.M ..............................................................


.......................... city. Hadley-Morris Engagement I I LICENSES Y .. Tampa. Janas Rena Springs, 25, Tampa, and Silke Ilius, 28, Tampa. Shannon Timothy Dickson, 21, Tampa, and Denise Lor raine Scott, 22, Tampa. Nolan Jerome Denson 22, Tampa, and Alesia Denise Stevens, 20, Tampa. Daniel Jean, 32, Tampa, and Carolyn Ann Shropshire, 43, Tampa. Jeffrey Johnson, 24, Tam pa, and Edith Joyce Turner, 18, Bryan, Texas. Leon Iverin Gaines, 47, Plant City, and Bertrey An nette Logman, 42, Plant City. Paul Eric Davis, 26, Thonotosassa, and Brenda Renita Washington, 24, Tam pa. Lloyd Marshall, 74, Tampa, Gertrude Ann Harris. 38, Kent Wilferd Oliver, 22, Plant City, and Shonda Carlesida Whittaker, 17, Plant THE GRACE MARY M.S. CHURCH CHOIR NUMBER ONE r Observes 5 J ST ANNIVERSARY Friday, May 24 At 7:30P.M. ELDER W. F. GOYNES Pastor Of New Uaht Baptist Church Will Be Ia Charae Of The Services. -The Is Invited To Attend. DEACON JAMES REED, President ELDER T. J. REED, Pastor GREATER NEW SALEM 'PRIMITIVE BAPTIST CHURCH 1605 N. Nebraska A venue BOTH CHURCH ANNIVERSARY And HOMECOMING OBSERVANCE May 27 Thru June 1, At 8 P.M. And Sunday, June 2, At 3:45P.M. "The Church With A Message Where A Stranger Meets A Friend And A Sinner Finds God." ELDER R. H. HOWARD, Minister SISTER EDITH THOMAS, Clerk EBENEZER M.S. CHURCH 1212 Scott Street MISSION DAY OBSERVANCE Sunday, May 26, 1985 REV. EZELL BERRIEN Pastor / Suaday School, 9:45A.M. Moraiag Wonhip, 11 A.M. Evening Wonhip, 6:30P.M. SIS. MAUDE JACKSoN 11:00 A.M. Speaker Bible Study/Prayer, Tuesday, LILLIAN BRUNSON Preside at Mlssioa No. 1 THE FAMILY OF ST. PAUL A.M.E. CHURCH Announces That Tbe Annual WOMEN'S DAY OBSERVANCE Will Be June 9, At 11:00 A.M. Theme: "The Women Of Yesterday, Today And Women On The Way." Co-Chalrpenons: Mn. Helen Lewis, Miss Edith Collins, Mn. Joan Dawson, And Mn. Jaaet Hicks. The Rev. S.C. Waterford Is The Pastor. Alerte Delisca, 32, Tampa, ,. and Queen Elizabeth KenMr. and Mrs. Frankliq D. drick, 20, Tampa. Revels (Ora Lee) announce the Andre Eugene Oarby, 20, engagement of their daughter, Tampa, and Pearl GarDebra A. Hadley to Harry tt 20 T mpa Morris Jr., son of Mr. and re a Wayne Maurice Hamilton, Mrs Harry Morris, Sr. ...,. 24, Tampa, and Helen Edith The bride-elect is a Social 1 Jackson, 23, Tampa. Worker Assistant at Ul Jessie Junior Tillis, 37, T.U.M.C. The prospective Tampa, and Jennifer Denise groom is a AIC in the United C bb 28 Tampa S tates Air Force stationed 0 Willie Levette, 52, Tampa, Fairchild A.F.B., and Mary Jean Callahan, 43, Wa. Tampa. The wedding is planned Gene Irealyn Welch, Sr., 41, August 24, at Greater Tampa, and Carolyn Deloise ing Star M.B. Church Taylor, 34, Tampa. Roosevelt Buddy Pitt, Jr., 36, Tampa, Allie Jannie Strong, 30, Tampa. Paul Henry Resan, 27, THI TRAVIUNG STARS Present Program Suaday, May 16,7:30 P.M. At Healing Temple 34th St. A McBerry An. With The Floyd Gordouires, Sweet Aaaeb, PDarim Jubilees, Zloa Temple, Aad Other Groups Are lavitecl. HIGHLAND M. 8. CHURCH 3410 E. North Street REV. W M. HODO, Pastor THE JUBILII CHORUS Will Celebrate 2nd Anniversary SUNDAY, MAY 26,6 P M. and congregation along with other s pecial guest s Everyone I s Invited Dinner In The Annex GENEVIEVE TRIPLETT, President BAPTIST FfLI.OWSHIP CENTER 505lfz East Palm Avenue REV.J.B.MOTT Presideat Rev. R. Robinsoa, Vice Pres. Rev. H. McFadden, Rec. Sec. There Will Be A Mtlng Saturday, May 25, J P.M. This M-tlng Is Conductive For The Worlclng Ministers. THI SENIOR MISSION of NfW PHILADELPHIA M.S. CHURCH 1002 E. Buffalo Avenue Will Hold Annual NIGHT IN WHITE Sunday, May 26 at 7:30P.M. Tampa, and Shirley Louise Davis, 19, Tampa. Lisman Dolphy, Jr., 30, Tampa, and Ruth L. Howard, 33, Tampa. Wilbur Brown, 23, Tampa, and Cecilia Feliciano, 15, Tampa. Bobby Louis Jackson, 36, Tampa, and Maria Barzso, 25, Tampa. Grover Cleveland Norman, 36, Tampa, and Sandra Eloise Sapp, 35, Tampa. Fred Jenrette, Jr., 21, Tam pa, and Lizzie Marie Cole man; 21, Tampa. Today Partly Cloudy. High, 89. Low, Saturday Chance of Showers. High, 87. Low, 68. Sunday Sunny and humid. High, 90. Low, 69. :!2 !II f = 1:1 fDWillie James Robinson, 29, Tampa, and Livonia Pro phete, 39, Tampa. Jean Paul Jean, 33, Tampa, and Evelyn Ivanell Miller, 32, Tampa. f 1 248-1921] ; CITY WIDE CHOIR UNION N0.2 Wtl/ Convene Sunday, May 16, At 1:45 P M. At PEACE BAPTIST CHURCH 2607 24th Avenue Rev W. F Leonard, Pastor NORTHSIDf M. 8. CHURCH 5706 N. 40th Street REV. J. JORDAN, s- .. lrr WUI Preach at 11 A.M. Sua. at 3:30P.M. Rev. McFaddea Of Faith Temple c::r r::r a. fD = t: > :I Q. ... .... on 1st Sunday at6 P.M. 1 REV. SYLVISTIRROBINSON And, After Service at 7:30P.M. Sponsored by Pastor's Aid Board -DEA. VIRGIL BROOKS featuring PILGRIM JUBILEES, = ... President HARMONY WINDS an .. other a SIS. ALICE C. MITCHELL, Reporter groups. l:r' ENROLL NOW for 1985-86 School Year ST. PAUL UNITED METHODIST SCHOOL 3304 Sanchez Street Tampa, Florida 33605 Pre-School (4 years old) Through 6th Grade Accredited by: .. The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools ALL PHASE INSURANCE [Alvin Pimento & Assoc. rnc.] J 938 E. Hillsboro Ave. (Across From.Great American Seminole Bank) 238-2299 "We Specialize In All Insurance" I = as :I I'll PIP As Low As $30 Per Year Disability Income SISMAROARfTWILUAMs Pension Plan (IRA) At 15.5% *Auto *Home *Life MRS. FRANCES DAVIS SIS. VIOLA WHITI, President 8 slness Not Service l:'rlz RIV. JAMU M, MARION, Pastor U .. >


NotShown re De/ores Toy/or Cha rter Member, 1975 Vice President, Membership Comm. Socia l Comm Leo/o Shellman Charter Member, 1975 Membership Chr. Publicity Chr. Organized New London, Conn. Chpt. Ann Armstrong Advisor-New Member Ann Gibson Cha rter Member, 1975 Sgt. A t Arms Advisor, Cup idett es Brand on High School Na tional Cha rit y Chr. Joon Cro/g Charter Member, 1975 Social Comm. Chr. Membership Comm Incoming President, 1986 Cynthia McGill Membership Comm. Lindo Maddox Socia l Comm. Geraldine Bradford Corr. Sec .fay Calhoun Miss C upidette, Tampa C hapt er N ational Miss C upid ette Recording Sec In 1935 in Columbus, Ohi9, a group of women joined together for the purpose of doing civic and charitable work in their community. Much later, chapters were organized in other citie s, thereby creating a basis for the formation of a National Organization. Cupidette Estella Daven port Turner became acquainted with members of this organization and was so inspired by their good works-she organized The Tampa Chapter Of Cupidettes in 1975 and served as their first president. The Tampa Chapter Of Cupidettes has established themselves as a strong and viable organization in the community for, they have continuou sly sponsored and/or supported numerous charitable and welfare programs. Some which are: Sponsors C upidette s at Bran don High School, given nume rou s s cholarship s to de serving y oun g women, sponsors a little league softball team, donated to man y needy families, pursuing lifetime membership in the NA ACP, adopted a Sickle Cell Anemia famil y, sp on sore d "Meet Tampa's Black Doctors", and five Cu pidette s have been deputized to work in th e voter registration drives and t o ad minister the oath. The Cupidettes will culminate their lOth year with a two-fold celebration. They are sponsor ing a lOth Anniversary Ball on Sat., May 25th at the Teamsters Local Union No. 79. A scholar will be presented during the program, and the members of the Tampa Chapter will be in troduced by the National President, Ms. Juanita Whitted of The Miami Chapter. The Tampa Chapter will also be attending the National Convention 50th Anniversary Gala at The Colum bus, Ohio Hyatt Regency Hotel in July. The Tampa Chapter Of Cupidettes wishes to take this time to express sincere thanks to this mmunity for the interest, cooperation and support that you've shown us and a s Cupidettes, strive at all times to uphold the ideals of the National Organization as they relate to this Mom/eS/mms N ew Member W//he/men/o Houston New Member Donna Jackson New Member Brenda Sanders Ne.yMember THE CUPIDETTES CLUB, INC. Presents Their 70TH ANNIVERSARY BALL Saturday, May 25, 1985 At Teamsters Local Union No. 79 5818 East Buffalo Avenue .-. Cocktail Hour, 9-10 P.M. Dance, 10 P.M.-2 A.M. DONATION: $5.00 B.Y.O.B.


.................... .............. .............................................. Tampans Enjoy "Pink Enchantment" Ball Given By AKA's -Mr. and Mrs. Harold N. Reddick : Carrie Johnson and Nancy Rolfe, 50 year members of the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. were presented bouquets of roses at the 18th Annual Miss Teenage Tampa of Alpha Kappa Alpha Pageant. Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Garcia. THA's Tenants Form An Association BY PATTY ALLEN Sentinel Staff Writer Eight public housing tenants gathered last (Thursday) night in the Tampa Housing Authority's (THA) conference room, along with Executive Director Juan Patterson and another staff member, to discuss re-organizing a Tenant Association. "We need a Tenant Association in order to solve the problems of public hous ing," Patterson said. "We need the input of the tenants, for the tenants to assume responsibility and to have the authority necessary to improve the environment." According to Patterson, THA had a Tenant Association approximately two years ago. But the organization eventually disbanded. The group "agreed to .;:n""r- head efforts to organize a ... = > < < nant Council in the various developments," Patterson f revealed, so that the residents ;. "can elect a representative to sit on the Tenant Association. e: At Thursday night's g. meeting Thomas Ballard the = president of the Bethune fl2 Residential Council, was elected interim chairman of the association, until things "get underway," Patterson said. Also attending the meeting were: Eddie Lee Burroughs Gussie Livingston, Annie Winbush, Nona King, Gary Glen, Geraldine and Patricia Harris. According to Patterson another meeting has scheduled for Wednesday June 12, in THA's room, beginning at 6 p.m. To Place Cancel Or Correct CLASSIFIED ADS Dial 248-2825 or 248-3033


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!---B-la_c_k_U_S_F_S-tu-d .. .. Outstanding Service Awards (Continued From Page 5-A) fair and does not test the teachers true abili ty. Testing is a way oflife in this country. If a teacher is to qualify for merit pay, that teacher should be. able to pass such a test. Let us not forget, we are talking about a master teacher. s hould have to s ubmit their names and each step of evalua tion should be carried out with points awarded for each phase of the evaluation. The total points should determine whether or not a teacher should receive merit pay. This is better than shelving the pro gram. Three black s tudents receiv ed Golden Signet Awards at the University of South Florida for behind the s cene efforts promoting numerous University activities and spirit. They were chosen from among the more than 28,000 students attending USF's four campuses to receive the awards, 20 of w'hich were presented for outstanding ser vice to the University com munity, said Daniel Walbolt, vice president for student af fairs, at a recent ceremony. "The Golden Signet Awards go to the unsung heroes on campus who go about their business arid get things done. Their contributions are often overlooked," he said. Joy Levy, a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, was recognized for her work with the Greek Week commit tee as the Black Panhellenic Council liasion. She also chaired the talent show. "This was the first year that the Black Panhellenic Council had an active role in Greek Week and Joy, through her dedication and maturity, ins ured that all went well b y go ing that extra mile," Walbolt said. Vincent Lucas, who rece ntly was elected vice-president of the Black Student Union, worked behind the ; senes the Miss Uhutu pageant, annual event during Black Emphasis month. "Victor has proven to be dependable, reliable and com mitted to his tasks. He did an outstanding job furthering the goals of the Black Student Union through his service to the organization," Walbolt said. Joni McLaurine, a member of the Black Leadership Forum and president of the USF chapter of the Organiza tion of Minor-ity Com municators, was recognized for her role as coordinator of the publicity committee for the Black Emphasis Month ac tivities. She was responsible for the design and distribution of the 1985 Black Emphasis brochure and calendar and as a member of the Black Emphasis Plann ing '-committee appeared on [ Letter To The Editor Chavez Issues Ignores In Her Critical District ::t Helen, come home (to District 3) and leave the history, as in her first term? Nothing much, really. The taxp2yers on Beach, St. Con rad, St. John, St. Louis and St. Josephs Streets continue to ask, "Where are our sidewalks?" In that regard, we .feel that we aren't getting a fair return on our tax dollars. ium issue alone! The onorable City Coon Helen Chavez, conlltnues to "dishonor" the peo in her district by harping yet another in a series of issues. I, along with the help of of my friends, am work hard to conduct a massive mercial and residential campaign for the Tampa area on Satur day, June 15. Ch\lvez is aware of this project and should be something of merit to help and perhaas warrant headlines such as "COUNCILWOMAN VOWS TO CLEAN UP BLIGHT IN HER DISTRICT!" ... or ''COUNCILWOMAN HELPS RESIDENTS DO SOME GOOD IN THEIR NEIGHBORHOOD!' She should follow the lead of her fellow council members as Perry Harvey, who out a problem of crime in his district, and sought and solutions. What has Chavez done for her lately, as in h'er back in Councilwoman Chavez has never attended one of our West Riverside Neighborhood Crime Watch meetings, nor to my knowledge in the Martin King parade. I am also concerned about the beer drinkers and other rowdy individuals at Tampa Stadium. However, they do have a right to express themselves, as in freedom of speech. Those who don't want to be subjected to that kind of behavior should exercise their option to stay home. For the duration of her term we certainly hope that Chavez will stick to the critical issues in her district. Because if she doesn't, the next time she runs for public office (Heaven For bid) we'll recruit someone who will beat the pantyhose off of her, so to speak, at the polls. Dayle Greene Psychic-Spiritualist Madame Ann Solves all life's problems of Love, Money, Health Bad Luck Removes Evil Spells and Curses. Gives you Lucky Numbers and Days. Answers all your questions. several televi sion talk shows to promote the month-long pro gram, Walbolt said "The winn e rs represent all facets of University life. They gave outstanding service to the University community, in ad dition to being involved in Stu dent Government, student ac. tivities and organizations, residence hall government and University-wide committees," he said. New Summer Classes Beginning Erwin Vo-Tec Center is now taking applications for the following day-time classes: Dental Assisting, Medical Assisting, Optometric Assisting, Plumbing, CarpenMAKE YOUR Those who seek merit pay try, Culinary Arts, Masonry, Printing & Graphics, Floriculture, Iilterior Design, Education courses and others. Financial Assistance is available and the center is fully approved for veterans. Day classes meet from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday thru Friday For further information call 238-8631 or come and visit at 2010 E. Hillsborough! Caroline Shulz is occupa tional specialist. IN There are some excellent teachers in our classrooms who are doing a fantastic job of teaching our youth. These people deserve to be rewarded and should be. The program to reward these people should not be abandoned because nobody seems to know how to select master teachers. Instead of looking for ways to get rid of the program, let's find ways to make it work and get the money into the hands of those people who deserve it. COUNT SECURING THE FUTURE OF AMERICA We at Community Federal Savings and Loan are doing our fair share to help reduce the Federal deficit and you can too!!! ,.---WE OFFER:--........ U.S. Savings Bond valued at $50 .00 With purchase of a minimum $2,500 Certificate of Deposit U.S. Savings Bond valued at $100.00 With purchase of a minimum $5,000 or more Certificate of Deposit Suhstantial lnlt'res l Pt'nahy For Early Withdrawal USA USA USA USA USA r-------------------------------, 110 471o* I 1 /() RA'h; /() YUR TERM /();n;w I 1 c : mnouNot:u MlNTHI.Y 1 I MINIMUM $2,500 DEPOSIT 2 YEAR TERM I I *Interest for 1st year include s the cost of the Savings Bond. I I Namr City/Stair/Zip PhunrNu o MAIL TO: Yvonne Community Federal Savini( & Loan A .. n of Tampa 1493 Tampa Park Plaza Tampa, Florida 33605 (8131 223 5643 Community SS# I I I I Amt nf ____________ : ... .... ... .. .... MakCh ... k Vayahlr To: Community Federal Savings & Loan A s sn. Fed.eraJ


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e! no (D "--1 Youth, 12, Becomes Winner In First t I ) UJ s i n IF:I Special Olympic Competition ; W 1 T H v:;to RAN D Y .. ville and on the way back to f;:.:, BY RANDOLPH IIillllllll doesn't let that stop him," his Tampa stopped off in make the trip Twenty-six kid s m other, Ms. Deniece Davis exDaytona to let the kids enjoy from the bay area parplains. "Can't is not in his the sand of the beaches in that ticipated. To make sure the vocabulary. He doesn't thipk area. "I can't wait to see the kids were comfortable, that is a word," she emphasizvideo that was made of the enLazydays RV Center donated Holmes: "Still King Of The Heavyweights" Some say he is too old and his legs are gont:, while still others say father time has eroded his talents and skills. The man they speak of is IBF Heavyweight Champion, Larry 1-tolmes. They are all right about Larry Holmes. At 35 years of age, he is old for boxing, his legs are not what they use to be and father time is sure work. ing on his skills. Inspite of the elements, Larry Holmes is still king of the heavyweights and there is nobody out there who can beat him just yet. Holmes is undefeated in 48 fights, and intends to break Rocky Marciano's record of 49-0 by the year's end. There of! are those who claim Holmes is fighting nothing but bums in his effort to become 50-0 They will point out that Holmes is having a tough time with these nobodies and that they are roughing him up pret ty good. I But think back, Larry Holmes has always been a slow starte r in a fight He has never been difficult to hit or to knock down. This goes back t' to his s ay hey day s when he was at his peak. This has not changed. In the end though, it c = = I c c is Holmes who gets stronger as the fight goes on, and it is Holmes who gets his man. Carl "The Truth" William s gave Holmes one heck of a fight for the first six ro und s. But in the en d it was Holmes belting his opponent all over the ring with only the t hought of not getting knocked out on his mind. Holmes trains too hard, stays in good fighting condition and is too ring wise to be beaten by any boxer for the next year. TASHA ON A CRUISE King High School just may have the most talented athlete in the county under its roof. That person is none other than Tasha Crews. All year long, this young lady has been on a cruise in the athletic arenas locally and at the state level. The 5-9, 130-pound senior played basketball, volleyball, ran track and could have played softball if time had per mitted. The high scoring forward was the leader of the King High School female basketball team. The Lioness' finished a fine season second to the Brandon Eaglettes On the volleyball team, < Crews wa-s the high jumping z spiker, something that she could do very well. f-4. In track, Crews was even :I: better. She is the 1985 state ::2 high jump champion among 4A schools. Crews polished off an outstanding sports year by dashing off with the cham pionship trophy in the state high school Heptathlon meet held last weekend at Leto High School. In that event, Crews demonstrated how versatile she was by broad jumping, high jumping and running the 100, and 220-yard dashes. has several scholar ship offers but is leaning towards either Florida A&M University or Florida State University. Crews has a full scholarship to FSU, but only a partial scholarship to Florida A&M. It would be a shame for A&M to lose such a talent as Latasha Crews who is a blue chip athlete iri every sense of the word. When it comes down to time to choose Hillsborough coun ty's top female athlete of the year, how can anybody in their right mind vote for anyone other than Tasha Crews. ''THE BEST TEAM MONEY CAN BUY" The New Jersey Generals are s uppose to be the best team that money can buy in the USFL. The team has the highest payroll in the USFL and tops many of the NFL teams in pay to players. Runn ing back Walker and miniature quarterback Doug Flutie lead the .list of highly paid athletes. The Generals may be the best team that money can buy but they are not the best team The Jacksonville Bulls are cur7 rently sp ort ing an 8-5 record and are tied fo r second place in t he Eastern Confere nce The Tampa Bay Bandit s are .. tied for th e lead with a 9A record. Consi-dering team records and team stan ding s, you may not think the Generals are doing that badly But when you consider all the big name stars the Bandits have, and when you consider how much more the Generals' payroll is than other teams, then you must think, that the Generals are neither doing so hot, and wonder are they get ting their money's worth? TAKE THAT BIG MAC Toney Mack was snubbed by the highly rated McDonald's High School All American team, anq a lot of folks acros s the nation and in Hillsborough County were very upset about that. All kinds of excu ses have been of fered as to why that happened. Since that time, Toney Mack, who led the nation in scoring with a 41.0 per game average, has made several All American teams. To really soothe the pain caused by McDonald's, Mack, the star forward was elected 'Mr. Basketball' symbolic of the best high school basketball player in the state. But that ed. tire affair," Ms. Young said. three Winnebagos, for This past weekend, Leslie, a Among others who accomtransportation. sixth grader at Stephen Foster panied them were: Beth Harre, There was a $150 qualifying Elementary School, had Recreation Therapist of fee and after Ms. Davis learnanother opportunity to prove United Cerebral Palsy; Linda ed that Leslie was sincere that there is no such word as Reisinger, Physical Education about wanting to make the trip "can't" as the youngster went teacher at Stephen Foster; to Jacksonville, she "went to on to win first place in four Janice Jones, bus attendant bat for him" and received events of the Special Olympic and classroom assistant at donations from Badcock FurFlorida State Games sponStephen Foster; and AI Orr, niture Co. (E. Hillsborough sored by the United Cerebral coach. Ave. store), C&M Furniture, Palsy Association held in Up until the time Leslie was Professional Management Jacksonville. Ms. Davis was nine months old; he was as Realty, Penny Saver Grocery, doubtful of Leslie leaving normal and active as any child Mr. and Mrs. Louis Jones, home, but after his persistence his age, his mother explained. and others who contributed she agreed to the trip. He contacted a high fever that cash, outfits for the trip, Although he has par-was diagnosed as viral sneakers and other items. ticipated in Special Olympics encephalitis, and was later Ms. Davis said Leslie did activities at the University .. of diagnosed as cerebral palsy. not qualify for the national South Florida, this is the first "He has always been a very and international competition time that Leslie has parbright child and he gets good (to be held in Memphis and ticipated in State competition. grades in school. He was very Australia) but he's excited He earned first place in active when we lived in about going next year, "main_ distance, track, discus and Chicago, and has continued ly because UCP awards a thrust kick. that the I Y2 we've been sports wheelchair each year to The non-ambulatory in Tampa," Ms. Davis said. a child and he'd like to win youngster was accompanied Before going to Jacksonville that. And I'll be going to bat on the trip by his aunt Ms. for competition, Leslie had to for him again," the proud Cheryl Young, who said the qualify by taking a Slalom mother s tated. trip was a joy and an ex perience for her "Those are reall y some uni que kids," Ms Youn g stated, "who feel they h ve to give more than a normal child. I spent a lot of tim e with t hem and wish I had more of that kind of time," the professional hairstylist sa id "It was a fun experience for the kids and for the adults who accom panied t hem The group visited several sites in Jackson wasn't all. The University of Georgia bound eager pulled off the coupe of the season. Mack earned a honor that was better than making any All American team. Toney Mack was v oted by the high school coaches fr_ om around the country as the High School basketball player of the entire United States Now take that McDonald's and be more careful next time. Leslie Young, a 12-year-old cerebral palsy victim, prepares to compete in the 1985 Special Olympic Florida State Games held in Jacksonville on May 18. FOR PERSONAL, PROFESSIONAL LEGAL SERVICES RENDERED COURTEOUSLY, EFFICIENTLY AND CONFIDENT/ALLY, CONTACT THE LAW OfFICES OF FRED 1 BUCKINE AND CAROL. YN J. HOUSE PERSONAL INJURIES WRONGFUL DEATHS PROBATE AND CRIMINAL 518 NORTH TAMPA STREET; SUITE 203 TAMPA, FLA. 33601 (813} 223-2044


BY. C. BL \'THE ANDREWS, Ill (A Weekly Series) James Harrell: Found His Forte Football Have you ever tried to study the "science of you?" Analyz ing your wants and needs, your capabilities and your willingness to do a job. The facts and findings revealed by these are your road signs to a better life. James "Head" Harrell's knowledge and insights of himself have turned into im mediate advantages for him in life and on the job. Harrell stated that his life made a drastic change when he realiz ed his capabilities and his knowledge of football. Harrell started playing fdot ball at Chamberlain High from 1973-'75. While atten ding Chamberlain, Harrell was one bf the most feared defensive ends in the Western Conference. In his senior year, he had 15 tackles against the King Lions and continued his awesome assault throughout the season. Harrell made first team Western Conference; All County; and honorable men tion All-State. After graduation, Harrell JAMES HARRELL was a walk-on at the Universi ty of Florida. Once the season ended, Harrell signed a full scholarship with the Gators, playing the strong safety posi tion. Throughout the season, he was graded out from 90-100. (Graded out means a player's performance after the game). The next few years, Harrell became a spot player and cap tain of the special teams. In 1979, he signed as a free agent with the Denver Bron-BE YOUR OWN BOSSI! SELL THE. FLORIDA SENTINEL BULLETIN NEWSPAPEREVERY TUESDAY AND FRIDAY! -ADULTS AND TEENS WELCOMED. s ECOME A NEWSPAPER AGENT OR AGENTS OR CARRIERS ARE NOT OUR EMPLOYEES. THEY ARE COMPLETELY INDEPENDENT BUSINESS .PEOPLE WHO. BUY THEIR PAPER FROM US AT ONE PRICE, AND SELL THEM TO CUSTOMERS AT ANOTHER PRICE FOR A PROFIT. SENTINEL EXAMPLE CHART FOR AGENTS: EFFECTIVE APRIL 2. 1985 PAPERS AGENT COST PROFIT FOR AGENT 25 55;00 53.75 50 510.00 57.50 100 520.00 515.00 200 540.00 530.00 500 5100.00 575.00 1 ,000 5200.00 5150.00 YOU CAN PURCHASE 25 PAPERS FOR '5.00. AND EARN A .75 PROFIT. OR 1000 PAPERS FOR '200.00. AND MAKE '150.00 PROFIT. YES. YOU GET YOUR '200_.00 BACK PLUS '150.00 PROFIT. ALL IN ONE DAY!!! THAT'S WHY. BEGINNING AP_RIL 2ND. YOUNG AND OLD ALIKE CAN EARN A GOOD LIVING WORKING TWO DAYS TUESDAY & FRIDAY SELLING THE FLA. SENTINEL BULLETIN PHONE: 248-1921 C. BLYTHE ANDREWS. Ill cos. His performances kept him on the team until the last cti't.: Later, the Detroit Lions claimed Harrell from the Broncos and his career was on an uprise. "In my rookie year, I won a starting job at the linebacking position. The highlights of my career was my first game in the NFL against the New Orleans Saints. I registered 14 solo tackles. The following game against the Chicago Bears, I held Walter Payton to 10 car ries for 52 yards," recalls Har rell. Harrell played in the NFL for five years until he was ac quired by the Tampa Bay Ban dits in 1984. Since playing for the Bandits, Harrell was pick ed to first team All-Pro by Sporting News and Pro Foot ball Weekly. "The Greatest" honored: Muhammad Ali is flanked by Marvelous Marvin Hagler, left, and Sugar Ray Leonard right at the dinner. Currently, the 6'2", 220-pound 'linebacker leads the team through 12 games, with 52 tackles, 31 assists, 2 tackles for a loss, 4 sacks, 2 caused fumbles, 8 broken up passes, and 2 interceptions. "I always tell people that if a person finds out his or her capabilities in life, success will follow." Hollywood and the sports world paid tribute Wednesday to Muhammad Ali, one of boxing's greatest champions. At a black-tie dinner to benefit research into sports medicine, Ali received the World Boxing Council's Lifetime Achievement Award. Los Ange_les Mayor Tom Bradley proclaimed Wednes day Muhammad Ali Day in L.A. and presented the award to the former heavyweight champion at the dinner. President Ronald Reagan sent a special videotaped message to Ali for the evening. Marvelous Marvin Hagl er, Sugar Ray Leonard Thomas Hearns, Michael Carlos Palomino, Sugar Robinson, Hector Camacho, Ken Norton, promoter Don represented the boxing at the event. ; "Ali made people realize 1 .. that boxing was entertainment \1! ;!. and not just a sport,'' said Leonard. "He made stars out of boxers personalities by brt:= inging fights into peoples' 5: homes. Because of Ali's charisma and good looks he s made a lot of women get in volved in the sport." Cheerleader Registration WHAT HAPPENED IN sPORTS "c : I West Tampa Spartan' -..__ Cheerleaders registration ... starts May 25 at West Tampa Boys & Girls Club, 1415 McDill Avenue. All girls in terested in trying out for cheerleaders, between ages 4 and 16 years of age, are welcome. registration fee is $2.00. To Place Cancel Or Correct CLASSIFIED ADS Dial 248-2825 or 248-3033 The Boston Celtics will meet the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA finals Monday afternoon in Boston starting at 3:30p.m. Everybody wanted this mat chup to happen from the fans to the CBS sportscasters down to the referees. It's Bird VS TAMPA PARK Plaza Pharmacy 1497 N. Nebraska Ave 224-9248 Full Time Pharmacist LESTER HENDERSON Assistant MRS. GLADYS SALES Mon. -Sot, 9 A.M. -9 P.M. Sun. J :00 7:00 P.M. Magic once again. Magic Johnson has a second chance to renew his spirit and get revenge against the Celtics' for a mistake that cost the bikers the final game. The Celtics eliminated the Philadelphia 76ers (4-1) in a barn burner Wednesday night, 102-100. With 12 seconds left Larry Bird stole the ball I Andrew Toney to give the ; Celtics' the victory. Dennis Johnson was the high scorer = with 23 points. S In Los Angeles, Magic :r Johnson dished out 19 assists to become the all-time playoff E leader. That gave him 971, o bettering the mark of 970 held 6l by Jerry West. James Worthy scored 25 points, and Byron Scott added 21 with "Magic" 17 to lead the Los Angeles Lakers over the Denver Nuggets (4-1), 153-109. ,.,,.,,., Hillsborough's Leroy Long was voted the Tampa Bay Basketball Coache s Associa tion's first president. The TB BCA was formed to settle dif ferences within rank among the I:Iillsborough County basketball coaches. ,.,,.,,., Johnny Bumphus (26-1), the former WBA Jr. Welterwei ght .Other Services: Postoge Stamps Workman's Compensation h Welgltt Loss Program Available Florida Sentinel Newspaper C am piOn, Stopped Ri ck Tampa Tribune Newspaper Beranek in 2:01 of the fifth ...-; CIRCULATION DIRECTOR ... : round Wednesday night in a ttl ..


Budget -Ybor City On I ;;;.. Baseball Pre-Game (l-f:l5 p e .. ;.D k & L -; day in sports. Major League Baseball Game-of-the-Week. (1: 15-4 p.m. NYT) Los Angeles B d Dodgers at New York Mets or L d" Chicago White Sox at Kansas I a leS City Royals. NBC's "SportsWorld" (4-6 s l p.m. NYT) "NBC Sports a e Fantasies": the competitive fantasies of five fans will be fulfilled in this special co produced and hosted by I..:en Berman; SportsWorld Music Videos: a look at sports _};. .,, Panties 99 c AIISizes through music videos. Sunday, May 26 NBC Sports Special : IAAF World Cup Marathon from Hiroshima (3-4 p.m. NYT) {ll A look at inaugural men's and g women's World Cup ;: Marathon (tape), which is also first international athletics .c: event to b!! held in Hiroshima. NBC's "SportsWorld" (4-6 p.m. NYT) Boxing: live J; coverage of scheduled l.:f 15-round WBA lightweight I championship fight between titleholder Livingstone c ble (23-l-1 with 14 KOs) and "CC #!-ranked challenger Tyrone 1:1 "Butterfly" Crawley (18-1 with 6 KOs); Track & Field: coverage of Bruce Jenner :::1 Track and Field Classic (24-hour tape) featuring Carl Lewis and Mary Decker from San Jose, CA. "CC Saturday, June 1 J Ba se ball Pre-Game ( 1-1: 15 p.m. NYT)"Major League :E Baseball: An Inside Look." Major League Baseball c Game-of-the-Week (1: 15-4 : p.m. NYT) California Angels at Detroit Tiger s or = = Cincinnati Reds at St. Louis ..!. Cardinals. NBC's "SportsWorld" (4-6 p m. NYT) Boxing : live coverage of scheduled 15-round IBF junior midti: dleweight title fight between titleholder Carlos Santos and Louis Acaries from Paris, France; Drag Racing: coverage (tape) of NHRA World Finals of Drag Racing (top fuels) from Pomona, CA Sunday, June 2 Golf (1-4 p.m. NYT) Live final-round coverage of $250,000 LPGA Champion shi'p from Jack Nicklaus Sports Center, Kings Island, OH. French Open Tennis (4-6 p.m. NYT) Saine-day coverge of the French Open Tennis Championships (tape) from Roland Garros Stadium To Place Cancel Or Correct < CLASSIFIED ADS Dial 248-2825 Oi" 248-3033 ................ Buy One At Our Reg. Low Price And Get A Second One At V2 Price .Foster Grant SHADES $ 99 2 sa THONGS 99C Parphait LIPSTICK& NAIL POLISH 59C 21 ___ __ CAREFREE 1 RIGHT oN: PLASTIC 1 BUTTERFLY MOISTURIZER; ACTIVATOR : CAPS ; CLIPS l SUMMEREVE :ALCOHOL 1 PA_PER r suREROLLoN DOUCHE I : TOWELS DEODORANT I 39C I I ___ l __ __ l __ SIGNAL I COCOA BUTTER : p ANT, Y : IMPULSE .MOUTHWASH : SOAP : HOSE I SPRAY 49C 3/$1 l 69C Rag. 88C W/Coupon 1 39C Ea. W/Coupon I W/Coupon I W/Coupon AFRO I I HAIR I WORLD OF CURLS tcxs&coMBsEARRINGs; BANDs ; GEL l 69 c 1 Asst.coto" 1 ACTIVATOR l W/Coupon 3/59 C l Tube $199 J. -W/Coupon I W/Coupon /4ITr.o7ii'n-sP'ECiA'L 1---1-----------r----.-----CHAINS & l COMET I TOOTHBRUSH l HAIR l 3/99 ( 19 ( l ROLLERS J8lnch 14 I 140z. Can 1 W/Coupon 1 1 99 C W/Coupon I W/Coupon W/Coupon .... -----------1 WITH COUPONS ONLY ALL BRAND CIGARETTES 75C Pack CIGARETTE LIGHTERS 39C 3/'1 PLAYING CARDS 39C Deck ELECTRIC CURLING IRONS '199 SALE GOOD AT BUDGETYBOR CITY ONLY 1632 E. 7th Ave. 1502 7th Ave. Next To Kress Bldg. Across From Blue Ribbon 247-5656 248-6894


.................................. .. .......... .......................... Frazier's Georgetown Mum-6 RENO, Nev. Referee Mills Lane worked the fight on June 9, 1978, that is best remembered for the heroic 15th round of combatants Ken Norton and Larry Holmes. By winning that round, Holmes captured a split decision and the heavyweight title which he defended suc cessfully for the 19th time Monday night. But his victory against the little known and inexperienced (16 previous fights) Carl "The Truth" Williams left Lane seeing a rapid end approaching for the 35-year-old champion. "The man who beat Ken Norton not the same man who was here tonight," said Lane, who has officiated in six of Holmes' title bouts LARRY HOLMES Holmes needs two victories to break Rocky Marcian9's 49-0 heavyweight record. He had hoJ)ed for a fight in July or August and another in late October or early November, so he could retire by Nov 3, his 36th birthday. The only heavyweight to hold the championship longer than Holmes' seven-year reign was Joe Louis (12 years). Louis successfully defended Indeed, following the fight Holmes was not here at all. He skipped the news conference, said trainer Eddie Futch, because doctors wanted to examine "deep contusions" around both eyes. his belt 24 times. "I don't remember him being so puffy in the face after the Norton fight, which was rough or the (Gerry) Cooney fight," Lane said. Holmes won the fight by taking the final four rounds on each of the three judges' cards One, Jerry Roth, had Holmes trailing after 11 rounds and had .given Williams rounds two through six. ''I thought the fight was closer,'' Williams said after his first professional defeat. "I didn't think he (Holmes) totally the fight. I don't think did enough to win a unanimous decision. Will Holmes consider retirement now, rather than pursue Marciano's record? You can't make a judgement off one fight," said Futch, who claimed Holmes had overtrained and "left some of it in the gym.'' Williams wasn't buying that. While he couldn't hit Holmes with a right hand during the fight, he did hit the absent champion with a little more truth after it at the news conference. Said Williams: "In my opinion, its time (for Hohiies) to pack it in It's time for the younger lions : TH WAREHOUSE ES 1 __ 1 -' I 713 A S HOWARD AVENUE OPEN SUN., MON., THURS., FRI. 10 AM-6:30 PM CLOSED SATURDAY !30Y' S BEAUliFUL DOUBLE BREASTED SUITS. LOW PRICES BOY' S LATEST STYLES SHORT SLEEVE SHIRTS LOW PRICES BOY' S DRESS PANTS & JEANS, SIZES 8-20 ........ '5.95 UP MEN' S 2-PC WALKING SUITS. _._ ...... __ ...... '17" UP MEN' S BAGGY PANTS, SIZES 27 42. __ : ........ '9.95 UP MEN' S 100% POLYESTER CONTINENTAL & T LOOP PANTS 28 -60 .... __ .. ....... .... '6.95 UP MEN' S SUITS (36 -60) ...... .. ._.:._LOW PRICES LEATHER LOOK AND PARACHUTE PANTS ._ __ '7.95 MEN' S WORK PANTS ... ........ .... _________ '6.95 MEN' S FANCY JEANS ....... ___ __ ......... '6.95 UP "It's About Time!" LARGE SIZE SHOES SPECIALISTS (OPEN MEMORIAL DAY) "FAMOUS MAKES" LADIES SIZES MEN' S SIZES : FROM 8 to 13 WTHS SS to WW IN STOCK FROM 10 to 16 WTHS N to EEE INSTOCK 'Fxperience the I Jifference '' _9t _AI,ouf :lime SkoeJ 1010 E BUSCH BLVD. ZAMORE BUSINESS CENTER 3 BLOCKS EAST of 1 75 9328761 Prompts Boos On Patrick Jr. RENO, Nev. / Relatives of 3: former heavyweight champion WASHINGTON One of say on the i s sue of Ewing's > Joe Frazier split J)YO bouts the biggest non-stories about child. "We treat all student's M9nday night on the underPatrick Ewing around the business as personal," said card of the Larry Holmes-Carl Georgetown campus is the reGary Krull a spokesman for .... "The Truth'' Williams cen\ revelation that he is the G t 'd F h -c vyweight title fi' ght. eorge own presi ent at er e: father of a one-year-old son, Timothy S. S.J. "We ''Marvis Frazier the former Patrick Jr. don't release their grade-point champion's son, won a A source close to Ewing said averages because that's a per unanimous 10-round decision that the All-American is apsonal matter, and we also against James Tillis that did parently supporting his son regard this incident in the not sit well with the fans. from money he saved from his same light. It's a personal mat Rodney Frazier, Joe's job as a Congressional page ter of Patrick Ewing's and if 22-year-old nephew, lost for two summers ago. Meanwhile, he wants to talk about it, the first time in 13 fights when university officials at this that's fine. But we have he was knocked out 56 second s Jesuit university have little to nothing more to say about it." into the eighth round by Phillip Brown (22-1-2). Brown's only loss was to Gerry Cooney. Strawberry Busy Despite Stays Inj1Jry NEW YORK-Surgery on uniform and on the bench for his right thumb hasn't groundevery home and road game ed Darryl Strawberry. since. The day after his May 6 "I have so much time it's Marvis Frazier, 14-1 with nine knockouts, took a ing eight count in the second round. He and Tillis (3 t -6) often drew boos as the fight drifted into its later rounds. "I wasn't in that much trou ble in the second round," Frazier said operation to repair ligament hard to figure out what to damage, the New York Mets do he said. "But there's outfielder met the team in something that tells me to be Atlanta He has been in there, to keep a good attitude Carew Out 15 Days d t h f away from joining a select an say m s ape = With Fo.ot Fracture group of other players who Strawberry admitted, "It hurts not to be able to conAngels' first baseman Rod have collected 3,000 or more f'D Carew, who Sunday moved incareer hits. He has hit just .222 tribute. You're just sitting to the 18th rung on the major since suffering the injury May there watching. I guess for 5: I 11 t h t 2 aga1' nst the Blue Jays, and now it's a good approach --eague s a -1me career 1 s "' ladder ahead of Wee Willie has a .265 batting average in because I'm seeing things I ; K I I d th 30 games. didn't see before. The game ee er, was pace on e .., 15 d d bl d 1 t M d It is only the fourth t 1 me 1 n looks so easy when you watch :, ay 1sa e 1s on ay it." .., with a small fracture in his left Carew's illustrious l9-yeay -----------If foot. career that he has been placed 248-1921 =' Carew, 39, is just 44 hits on the disabled list. a_ \-( ,, I ( r rl' ( ( I _,, ( .-' -------------------I IF YOU WOULD LIKE THE I = FlORIDA SENTINELBULLETIN I I DELIVERED TO YOUR HOME EACH : I WEEK, PLEASE FILL OUT THE I I SUBSCRIPTION BLANK BELOW. I I SUBSCRIPTIONS ARE DELIVERED BY : : I I 6 Months Only $17 1 Year $3l I I I I CIRCULATION OEPT. Subscriptions By Moll I I P 0 Box 3363 Poyobfeln Advonc.,, Enclose I 1 Tompa Fla 33601 Money Order Or Check 1 I I I NAME _____ -------------I = > = c. :::!. I f'D = 0 = s = fll I ADDRESS-------------.A.PT. I -'------I I CITY _____ _____ STATE ______ ZIP I I ( N o Re funds Give n On Subscriptions) I ;:; I IF SENTINELS ARE NOT SOLD WHERE YOU SHOP, PLEASE I ,_, I ASK THE. ,MANAGER IF THE STORE WILL CARRY THE SENTINEL I 23 I TO ACCONlMODA TE THEIR CUSTOMERS. -I FORSERVICE DEPT. L .............. ....... l


.. .................. .. .............. .. .. ...................................... ... "' FL; and a host of other Earnest Bryant and family, of quitt, GA, Ms. Elizabeth Morgan, West Palm Beach, Mrs. Odell Morgan, Detroit, Mich.; uncles-in-law, Rev. J.B. Kinder, Mr. Elbert Kinder and David Payne Jr.; aunts-in-law, Mrs. Martha Kinder Payne, Mrs. Rosie Lee Kinder Tinsley; a number of nieces, nephews, cousins and other relatives. A native of Havana, FL, he had resided here for 30 years. Mr. Morgan was employed by the Subur ban Disposal Service. The re mains will repose at the Wilson's Funeral Home after 5 P.M. 1Friday. "A WILSON'S SERVICE." .... relatives and loving friends. Tampa; and a host of other The remains will lie in state at relatives and friends. A native ;;.. Pughsley Cathedral after 5 of Cordele, GA, Mrs. Felton < P.M. Friday (today). The Bay had resided here since 1935. :; City Temple No. 158 She was a member of the No. l I.B.P.O.E. of W. and the EmChoir of her church. The rema V. Kelly Council District mains will repose after 5 P.M. No. 6 will hold Memorial SerFriday at Wilson's Funeral vices tonight at 7 P.M. at the Home. "A WILSON'S SER-AIKENS ing a 15 year resi(_lency in Tam pa. While in Tampa, he was employed at Martin Outdoor Advertising. He retired from Foster and Kleiser Company, St. Petersburg, after 38 years of service. Mr. Green was a veteran of World War II. He is survived by: his wife, Mrs. Margaret Green, St. Petersburg; a daughter, Ms. Joyclynn Green, St. Petersburg; 2 sisters, Mrs. Geneva Samuels and husbanJI, Mr. Leroy Samuels, Tampa, Mrs. Slilrlene Stanley and husband, Mr. Clevy Stanley, Funeral Home. PUGHSLEY VICE." Ill = Q .c Q = c I .... ... JAMES, MRS., ALBER THA Funeral services for Mrs. Albertha James, of 1015 Hancock St., Brooklyn, New York, formerly of 3111 E. Buffalo Ave., who passed Wednesday, May 22, will be held Tuesday, May 28, at 1 P.M., at the Jehovah's Witnesses Kingdom Hall, 3607 Genessee with Brother Walter Reed, officiating. Interment will be in the Shady Grove Cemetery. Mrs. James was a native of Key West and a resi dent of Tampa, before moving to Brooklyn, N.Y. Survivors Augusta, GA; 3 grandchildren; one great grandchild and other relatives. Funeral services will be held Saturday, May 25, 1 P.M. at Galilee Mis sionary Baptist Church, (5th Ave., S. at 35th St., St. Petersburg), with Rev. Ernest Jones, Pastor, officiating. Burial will follow in All Faiths Cemetery, St. Petersburg. The body will lie in state at Creal Funeral Home after 3 P.M. until 8 P.M. CREAL FUNERAL HOME is in charge of arrangements FUNERAL HOME in charge. WILSON CA YNE, MR. ROBERT L. Funeral services for Mr: Robert L. Cayne, of Alexan dria, VA, who passed in that city will be held Saturday at 11 A.M. from the Wilson's Funeral Chapel with the Rev. A. Leon Lowry, Sr., of ficiating. Interment in the Memorial Park Cemetery. Survivors are: son, Roger; a devoted mother, Mrs. Clarissa J. Thompson; a step grand mother, Mrs. Lucille Jones; a brother, Lionel; sister, Dorothy; aunt, Mrs. Isabella Jones; uncles, Thaddeus and Eddie Jones; eight brothers-in law; four sisters-in-law; a "g a re: 2 sons, Mr. James Rahm i ngs of Brooklyn, N.Y. and Ill Mr. Herbert A. Rahmings, Sr. a nd wi'fe, Bessie of Tampa; 2 iaughters, Mrs. Cecelia PUGHSLEY grandson; a number of nieces, nephews; cousins, Mrs. Willie -Mae Dean, Mrs. Ethel Thomas, Evelyn Y. White and husband, Cecil, Mrs. Fredericka G. Williams and husband, Felix, Mr. Lemuel L. Gaithers and wife, Jaunita, Mr. Elmer Gaithers, Dr. Ed ward Gaithers and wife, Dr. Marqeutia and other relatives. The remains will repose at the Wilson's Funeral Chapel after 5 P.M. Friday The funeral cortege will form at 3207 Cayuga St. "A WILSON'S SERVICE." = .... :; = I = .... -= 00 'illette and husband, R oosevelt of Ocala, and Mrs. A I bertha Walters of Brooklyn, 'J Y.; grandchildren, Ronald, 1tayford, Reggie, Deborah, .lames, Robert, Michelle, tephanie, Lennie, Martie, unice, Timothy, Delores, I amie Haynes and husband, eonard, Roosevelt Jr., rbert Jr., Alexander, Clif rd, Michael, Brenda, and Adra; a host of great grand ldren; a niece, Christina m ter; many nephew s, other c es, grand nephew s, grand 1 c es, cousins, other relatives d friends. The rem ains will r o se at Aikens Funeral l-, m e Chapel from 5 to 9 !'. ,.f. Monday evenin g. The ily will receive frien ds at 1 C hapel from 7 to 8 P.M. t day evening. The fu neral c ge will arrange from 3111 }. Buffal o Ave. "AIKENS H -'IERAL HOME." WRIGHT, MRS. DOROTHY IONAFuneral services for Mrs. Dorothy Iona Wright of 2925-21st Street, who passed away May 18, at her resident, will be held Saturday at 2 P .M from Allen Temple A.M.E. Church, with the Rev. J.D. StoQom, Pastor, FELTON, HURLEY officiating. Interment will be Funeral services for Mrs. in : Cemetery. Hurley Felton of 1508 Y z Fig Mrs. Wright was a nativ-e of St., wlio passed away in a local Bartow, Florida and had residhospital ; will be held Saturday CREAL ed in Tampa for a n umber of at 1 P M. at Mt. y.e. ars She waS a faithful M.B. Church with the Rev. member of Temple (:.T.' Kirkland officiati ng. In A.M.E. Chm : ch a'nd the Pulpit terment wil! be in Grove Ai.d Board, a retired employee <;:emeteiy. Survivors include: 3 of the University of SQuth sisters, Mrs. Martha Brunson,. me(liber of tbe lnMiami ; Mrs. Dora Daniels, .. Mas()n t s and Buffalo, .. l'J.Y and. Mrs. Stars Na.m.i ciiapier. George Emm_ a Jackso-n, NO< '53'-, Mrs. Mabel t. GorMiami; 9 nephews,' Jerry, w :M., a ofthe Brunson and wife,-Bessie, City Temple No.. 158 Tampa Robert Brunson, f..W.i .O.E. of W., Mrs. ,Virdie Miami, J,J>. Brunson and .t(e. Qfrry, Daugliter : Ruler wife, Leace Daniels aiJd .'( .ltDd a member : ol'tbe. -Emma V. wife, Richard Daniels and Cpuncit No. 6, wife, Helen, Henry DanieJs-,_ .'Mrs.' Paulillt' Gus and wife, Bonnie, Nlrs Wright all of Buffalo, N.Y. Fred : ller a Daniels and wife, Mary. Cor--, 0 Elfzabe'Ur::.:-Murrrs,dele, and Rev. W.J. Pa'ul HEEN, MR. HENDERLakeland; cousins. among who and wife, Magnolia, of Mon ... f-< S ( -Mr. Henderson ,are Mr-. Burdette F:iruly, Bartgomery, AL;.. 3 IN MEMORIAM MORGAN, MR. ROBERT Funeral services for Mr. Robert Morgan, 8321 Allamanda Ave., who died as the result of a industrial acci dent will be held Saturday at 10 A.M. from the Wilson's Funeral Chapel with the Rev. William White, officiating. In terment in the Shady Grove Cemetery. Survivors are: his wife, Mrs. Ester 0. Morgan; 3 daughters, Mrs. Cassandra Morgan Powell, Miss Ouida Andrea and Miss Gloria Jean Morgan; brothers, Mr. Arluster Morgan, Mr.Willie Lee Morgan and wife, West Palm Beach, -FL, and Mr. Odell Morgan and wife, Detroit, Mich.; 2 sisters, Miss Pearlie Morgan and Mrs. Maxine Whitaker and hus band, Havana, FL; 2 aunts, Mrs. Elmora Bowen and Mrs. Hel-en O'Neal, Havana; father-in-law, Mr. Charlie Peter Kinder, Sr.; brothers-in law, Mr. Charlie Peter Kinder, Jr. and Mr. Walter Lee Burden, Colquitt, GA, Johnny Thomas, John Hall and Willie Garden, Mr. Kent Whitaker, Havana; sisters-inlaw, Mrs. Mary Agnes Thomas, Ms. Betty Jean Hall and Mrs. Julia Mae Garden, Mrs. Sheila Ann Burden, ColIn loving remembrance of my beloved husband, Curtis Belcher who passed away May 25, 1982, three years ago. Sleep on honey and take your rest, we love you, but God loves you best. I will always miss you. Wife, Lulah C. Belcher; children, Rosia Z. Bellamy, Essie M. Jones, Mary F. Washington, Clarence B. Stevens. (Continued On Page 23-A) 1 248-1921] fUNIRAl.S BY: BRYANT & WILLIAMS Roy Williams Funeral Home 1417 N. Albany Ave. 2.53-3419 "When Understanding Is Needed Most" A CALL TO SENIOR CITIZENS Seni o r Citize ns Y o u Are The Winners! OAK HILLS FUNERAL HOME 5016 N 22nd Street Tampa, FL 3 3 610 Is Offering A ll Senior Citizens A "SENI O R CITIZEN DI S COUNT" 30 % OFF ON ALL FUNERA L S Call William J. Johnson A n d Elliott C. Burton. Funera l D i rectors Fo r Information: 237 8 500 O r 237-54 7 7 fu_ trlasting fWltnlnrial 3601 Swan" Ave.Crest Building Tampa. Florida 33609 ._ BRONZE-GRANITE-MARBLE NO C H ARGE '!' COMPANION (Bronze ) BRONZE '36x 13 LETTER ING SINGLE DATES 24x 12 $950 WORD !' $650 GRANITE PHRASE EMBLEMS .FREE MEMORIALS BROCHURE FROM INSTALLATION ON $3 95 IN All CEMETERIES REQUEST \.__ Terms 873-2156 Call Today G '.n, 1716-21st Avenue tow, Mr. Bruce Butler, Dorothy Cherry and husband, Z S < : :11, St. Petersburg, passed Titusville, FL, Mr. Jewel Eddie, Tampa, Ruby Moss av,. bTuesda!, MMay 11He Butler, Jr., Lakeland, Ms. and husband, Ed, Miami, and f-< orn m onhce o, Carolyn Butler, Edmonton Maxine Williams, Tampa; a .._ F k :' a and had lived in St. Alberta, Canada and Rev. godson, William Figgins, Jr. U P el, ,s burg since 1960, follow-Butler, Sr., Eaton Park,. and wife, and a foster son,


NAOMI DAWSO N WHITE December I, I911-May 24, I983 Two years later her sons, Japhus Lloyd Dawson, and WarHope Daw so n; the remainder of her family; and her man y earthly friend s all remember her now and a s she was remembered in her Obiturary, written by her son Warren: "She was a woman who mastered the common touch. In deed, s he came as close as any mortal to being a person without an enemy or a foe. She was simply friendl y to everybody ir re s pective of their s tation in life. She loved people; big people and little people; and old people and young people. Even little boy s and little girls. They in turn loved her. It was, however, a fact of her life that no matter whom she met, no r where she met them, she tried in some way to introduce them to her eternal friend, Jesus Christ. Friendly to everyone, yes, and yet she was a woman of great strength, indomitable fortitude and deep detetmination. Her determination to serve, her determination to teach, her deter mination to achieve, her determination to see others achieve, her determination to play and sing God's praises was unrelen ting, uncompromising and unstoppable. This was true even as her hearing, her sight and her general health began, in her latter years, to fail. Through it all, she kept a song in her heart and that song never ended. If in death her earthly song finally ended, it is clear that her melody lingers on. The melody of her lifelong ex ample and service; the melody that she sang to others; and maybe more importantly, the melody she taught others to sing wUI long attest and always echo the fact that Naomi Dawson White is not gone." WILSON'S FUNERAL HOME 3001 29th STREET AIKENS FUNERAL HOMl Cor. Buffalo Ave. & 28th "Our Business Is Service" Phone:248-6125 232-8725 We're The Key To Fine Service Deloris The Florist 5808 N. 40th St. 237-4472 Complete Wedding Package For Only $ .300 Includes: Arches, Kneeling Benches, Can Altar Flowers, Plant Stands, Bridal Bouquets And Total Wedding Flowers. NO LIMIT ON FLOWERS. Wedding Dresses Bought, Sold and Rented On Consignment Only. Complete Funeral Service Available IN MEMORIAM Reports Say MOVE Fired Machine Guns In loving memory of our mother, Mrs. Lettie Prater. The years have passed but the loss, thoughts and love we share for you will never pass. PHILADELPHIA Mayor Wilson Goode said Saturday that he had been told by the city's managing director that MOVE members were firing automatic weapons at police during a siege last week of the radical group's fortified compound in west Philadelphia. "Starting shortly after 6 a.m., I was told by the managing director (Leo Brooks) that automatic weapons was coming from the house, Goode said Saturday. "And those reports con tinued up until the firing stopped," he said. "And all of the people who talked about it, talked about the rapid fire that came out of the house automatic-weapons fire and 3:: machine-gun-like weapons > were the terms used to me. I < have to rely on those people out there who gave me the reports." .... u. .. Goode was responding to the fact that a four-day search through the rubble of MOVE's compound at Osage Avenue had with of ficials having reported the discovery of two shot-guns, one rifle and three pistols, but no automatic weapons. Goode said, "I think that if in fact, there were automatic weapons, the fire coming out of the house was as if there were automatic weapons." Your daughters: Dorothy Jackson, Evelyn Bennett, Seclistine Davis and families; nephews, nieces, cousins. IN MEMORIAM Legionnaires' Disease Kills Detroit Minister; Others Ill In memory of Mr Bernard Peeples who passed May 22, I982. We love you very much but God loves you be s t. Sleep in peace. Sadly missed by wife Mar tha Peeples; daughter, Artesia Richardson and family. DETROIT -A weeklong prayer vigil ended Sunday for victims of a Legionnaires CARD OF THANKS IN MEMORIAM ''\... In loving memory of our mother, Mrs. Viola Oliver who left us four years ago Daughter, Lottie Johnson; granddaughter, Viola Wallace. PUGHSLEY FUNERAL HOME 3402 26th STREET As Impressive As Required As Inexpensive As Desired PHONES:247-3151 or247-3152 SHADY GROVE FUNERAL liOME 2305 N. Nebraska 221-3639 and CEMETERY 4615 E. Hanna 626-2332 Complete Burial For $705 Add .)100 for s ervice s on Salur-" da)' and add )100 for all services al'ler 3 p.m CHARLES RELIFORD .... O.wner The family of the late Joseph Bryant wishes to ex press sincere and deep ap preciation for prayers, flowers, food, telegrams, con dolences, and other acts of kindness shown to them dur ing their hour of sorrow. CARD OF THANKS The family of the late Mr. Frank Walker wishes to ex press their thanks for kindness shown to them during the il lness and passing of their love one. Special thanks to Rev. Willis and Choir and Ushers, Rev. <;:larence Warren, Mt. Moriah P .B. Church family and Ushers of B9ard '#I, The Lily White -S.B.A. and Lodge #4, B.B. Lodge #6, The Health and Education Assoc., Eastern Stars and the Elks family, and Novelettes Social Club. Friends when we needed you most, you were there. May God forever bless the Wilson Funeral Home. The Walker and Adams families. NOW ANNOUNCINGI MR. fi.UOTT C. BRUTON .'Formerly Licemed.'Funeral Director Of Shady Grove. Funeral Home, Here In Tampa, Is Now Affiliated With OAK HILLS FUNERAL HOME 5016 N. 22ncl Tam,.., fL 33610 Mr. Bruton Is Still Offering The Same First Class Service He Has Given The Residents Of This Community. For Many Years He Can Be Reached By Calling: 237-1500_ Or 237-5477 disease outbreak, one day after its first fat;:tlity. Bishop Green D. Moore, 76, one of 10 people hospitalized with Legionnaires' symptoms after an April 27 banquet for his nephew, died Saturday. "We're. in shock," said Janice Edmonds, Moore' s adopted daughter. "We've lost an institution We lost a jewel when we lost my father." Moore -pastor of the Greater Northwest Church of God in Christ, a Pentecostal denomination -is the only confirmed Legionnaires' case from the banquet in suburban Detroit. Of nearly 400 people wh,o attended, 30 showed symp !Oms of the disease. Seven remain hospitalized; two recently were removed from the critical list. Ghana Sends Protest I To Nigeria ACCRA, Ghana -Ghana f sent a formal protest to the ;. Nigerian Government today over what it said was the c.; brutal treatment of illegal im::. migrants who are being expellg ed from Nigeria. fll In a statement broadcast over the state-run radio, the military Government said it "deplores" the use of force by the Nigerian authorities against Ghanaian im migrants Ghana will "in due course seek appropriate remedies" from the Nigerians, the statement added. The Ghana press agency said that the Nigerian authorities shot and killed at least 15 Ghanaians trying to cross the border into Benin. Relief workers have characterized as "horrible" the conditions at transit camps outside Lagos, the Nigerian capital. FREE BLESSED MONEY PRAYER CLOTH 113-231-1163 Louisana Spiritual Advisor, Divine Healer, Metaphysician, Her balist, Marriage Counselor Cas Worker, Spiritual supplii!S Help i all of life's problems. Write Me. Bishop Kelly, P O Box 11832 Tam pa Fla 33680


Experienced cleaning perSUPERVISING Part time jan it 0 ria I BUSINESS MANAGER I <...; s onnel wanted part-time and NURSE >> NOW HIRING $5.00 / hour. Immediate openRequires BA/BS in Ac,.. Co .. me grow with us! f I 253 2539 ft full-time. Call between 3-5 To assist physician in mgs or rna es. -a er counting or Business AdS P M. 239-1452. managing small clinic. Hours Seafood company has hn-l--1.;.2_n_o_o_n_. __ ____ """"'!.....,.ministration with accounting =: 11-----------"""1 7 3 M mediate opening in our pro. p f ond-'Y .. friday. ReHAIRDRESSERS concentrahon. re er acBarmaids and waitresses. quires current licen sure, and 1 cessing area. Good starting WANTED!! countant with budgetary and 11 A 1 t G c 's f 1 h 1 salary (night shift offers 30 MIS W1 tram. PP Y a ra e year pro esswna osp1ta or Need not have following. data-base expenence. N Alb more). Excellent benefits and l'lace, any clinic nursiJ.Jtexperience. Start Contact Hair Dazzlers Beauty Apply Hillsborough ComAvenue. at $17,929 annually. Excellent fringes. Salon. 237-8923. munity Mental .-realth -------------t benefits. Send resume and Apply in person 9 a.m. 1 1------------; Center, 5707 N. 22nd. Street, CRUISE SHIP cover letter to: Hillsborough p.m., Monday thru Friday. SERVICE WORKER Tampa. EOE. JOBS! Correctional Institution, p .0. Must bring Social Security SUPERVISOR t-------_,;-----11 Great income potential. All Box 8 78 Riverview, FL 33569 Card. Singleton Seafood, 5024 HCC occupations. For information before May 23, 1985. Uceta Rd., Tampa. EOE Responsible for scheduling .. all: (312) 742-8620, ext. 339. AA/EOE M/F. and supervising the work of Experienced laundry presser with experience in blue jeans and laundry shirts. Apply: 3209 E. Hillsborough Avenue. NEW BEAUTY SALON NOW OPENI iiiiiiiiiiiJiiiiiiiiiiiiiin custodians engaged in the cleaning and custodial Become A maintenance. of College buildings. 1-----------..... Needs Hairstylists for booth ental. Call 247-2425, 10 a.m. 3 p.m. Minimum Qualifications: RECREATION THERAPIST R if. h t High School graduation and DIRECTOR Ire lg er (4) years experience in To run useful inmate incustodial work--including at stitution recreation program. least one year as a lead worker A Bachelors degree w/major SELL AVON Good $$$. No experience n ecessary, Jackson Heights, ; JJelmont Heights and College .!2 Hills areas. Call Manager, Pat AVON Call now for sales position f ull or part-time. Will train. .Jackson Heights, Belmont ..., Heights and College Hill. 1 --------t Need Hairdresser and Harber with experience. 'C = (}2 1-1175. <-----------t riJ MECHANIST /and CNC 1.-1 Mill and Lathe to set-up and :> r un clean shop, a/c plant, go od pay, overtime, insurance a nd more. Call: 1! H&S ..:::: Swanson's Tool r.tl ::.::: Company i 541-3575 EOE ARCHITECTURAL = CONSTRUCTION ..!. ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY HCC Candidates invited for the position of InstructorConstruction Engineering Technology. To start Fall Term (8-22-85). Minimum qualifications: Bachelors Degree in a t echnical field (engineering, With The City Of Tampa The Pay Is Outstanding: $17,062.24/Per Year Hillsborough Community College Provides A Fire Science Course Which Will Enhance Your Ability To Become A Firefighter. For More Information, Call: Paris Von Lockette City Of Tgmpa EEO 223-8192 A.F.D.C. EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY FREE PLACEMENT REFRESHER TRAINING WORKSHOPS SPECIAL SERVICES CLERICAL MAINTENANCE CASHIER PRODUCTION ASSEMBLY FOOD SERVICE Now Open: DATA ENTRY APPLICA TIONS ACCEPTED: Monday Thru Friday 9:00A.M. -l:OOP.M. OR CALL 237-1893 APPLY AT: 6416 North 30th Street or foreman. in recreation or physical Salary range:$10,316 to education and 2 yrs. profes $14,528 (plus excellent sional exp. in conducting in benefits). Application stitutional recreational activideadline: May 22, 1985. ty. Minimum salary $15,821 App ty at: annually depending upon exHILLSBOROUGH perience. COMMUNITY COLLEGE Submit a completed State of Personnel Dept. Florida application and 39 Columbia Dr resume to: Personnel Dept., (Davis Islands) Hillsborough Correctional InTampa, Fla. 33606 EOE M/F stitution, P.O. Box 878, River view, FL 33569. POSITION VACANCY EOE/ AA ANNOUNCEMENT Position: Counselori AdINTERNAL AUDITOR II visor, College of Education, Bachelors Degree, University of South Florida. with major in Accounting or Responsibilities: Masters Business, which includes 5 degree in Education, excourses in Accounting, and 1 perience in K-12 teaching and yr. of professional auditing ex in advising teacher education perience; or Master's Degree students at the University in Accounting or Business Ad level. Nine-month, half-time, ministration, or possession of non-tenure earning position, CPA or CIA Certificate beginning August 9, 1985. Recent experience in Salary $7,600-negotiable. management & financial Send Jetter of application auditing and report prepara and resume to Dr. Mel tion is desired. Villeme, Director, Student Beginning rate of pay Personnel Office, College of $747.00 bi/weekly. Submit Education, University of completed State of Florida South Florida, Tampa, Fla. Employment Application and 33620. a copy of College transcripts According to Florida Law, to: University Personnel, applications and meetings University of South Florida, regarding this position are Tampa, Florida 33620. AP open to the public. The PLICATION DE ADLINE IS: University of South Florida is MAY 30, 1985. The University an equal opportunity/affir-is an affirmative action, equal mative action employer. institution. t echnical education, etc.) and r------------=.._----------.. Masters Degree in any SUMMER Must have experience in TIRED OF UNEMPLOYMENT? r esidential construction, commercial construction, conGIVE US A TRY! JOBS struction estimating, and cons truction applied statics. Must WE CAN SOLVE YOUR EMPLOYMENT PROBLEMS WITH A Wl'fh The have experience in mechanical FREE 12-WEEK TRAINING PROGRAM DESIGNED TO TEACH and architectural drawing with YOU HOW TO START AND OPERATE YOUR OWN SMALL $ not less than 12 credit hours in BUSINESS. YOU COULD BE IN BUSINESS IN 12 WEEKS. ALL ummer Youth Employment one or both. YOU NEED IS A SKILL OR A GOOD BUSINESS IDEA--' OUR Program and Pledge-a-Job Starting salary based on TRAINING PROGRAM WILL DO THE REST INCLUDING t>ducation and experience. ApASSISTANCE IN STARTING YOUR BUSINESS. TO QUALIFY, Jobs Available In The Public 11lication deadline: June 20, YOU MUST BE 21 OR OLDER, A RESIDENT OF And Private Sector 1 985. HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY AND LONG-TERM UNEMPLOYED Please call Personnel Office OR A VICTIM OF A LAY-OFF OR TERMINATION School Graduates and College Students with some ( 879-7222, ext. 230) for HCC typmg skills are needed. CONTACT: application form or send let-Applications considered on a first come ter resume and any supporSTIA SYSTEMS first served basis. ting papers to: & ASSOCIATES Director of Personnel 7402 N. 56th Street, For More Information Call: HILLSBOROUGH Bldg. 900 COMMUNITY COLLEGE Suite 907 22 3 8 J 92 Personnel Dept. 39 Columbia Dr. Tampa, Florida 33617 (Davis Island) (813)989-1096 Tampa, FL 33606 THIS PROGRAM IS FUNDED BY THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. EOE / M-F ------fEO Office, City of Tampa 306 E. Jackson Street 7th Floor Nc>rth


;l .. .;. "f J r .-: r CLASSIFIED ADS-DIAL 248-1921-CLASSIFIE. D AD DEPT ,=-= 0 > < ____ ATTENTION 3 BR/2 bath home W/carBEAUTIFULLY < BARMAID WANTED No experience needed. Must have transportation. Apply in person or call The Blue Flame, 1523 Grace St., 251-9173. INVESTORS R-2 Lot, 70 x 100, fenced, DECORATED port and fenced yard. As is N 4 BR 1 b th G 2914-28th Avenu .. Call 0 1 k' 1 k 3 "" a arage, condition for only $25,000. v e r 0 0 1 n g a e F 2. 1 t t Robert E. Gadson, Realtor, b d f 'I rame on o s m convemen Call for details 237 _1625 e rooms, am1 y room, .... location. Priced to sell! Call 223-6233. garage, fireplace, corner lot. Ruby Gadson, Two beautiful building lots .' WAITER PERSON & BUS BOYS Must be qualified. Prestige Organization, Hospitaliza tion, Vacation, 5 day week, Good Salary. Must have own transportation. Call Herbert Carrington, 831-1611, 10:30 to 2:00 p.m. or to 9:00 p.m. NEED Salespeople Ofc. Workers Cashiers Motel Staff Food Service For immediate placement call today or Tuesday: FEPAR 237-1893 6416 N. 30th St. AFDC Recipients Only! WELDING SET-UP Experienced person in in dustrial machine resistance welding, and induction braz ing. Should be knowledgeable in welding and brazing theories. Such as tap settings, cycle, pressure, wholed-time. Testing and inspection ex perience desirable. Must be able to teach others in this field. Send resume / salary history to: EATON CORP. of Florida 2074 Whitfield Ave. E. Sarasota, FL 34243 EOE 4 unit apartment house. All unites currently rented. 5 minutes from downtown. Call Ruby Gadson, Associate, 223-6233; Even ings, 238-8936. COMMERCIAL PROPERTY Ideal location for profes sional office, day care center, beauty shop, auto supply, bookstore, florist and many more! Property has been well-maintained and is zoned C-2 and has 150 feet frontage on Buffalo. Call l{uby Gadson, Realtor Associate, 223-6233; Evenings, 238-8936. GREAT BUY! Beautiful 3 BR, 1 bath CB, on large shady lot, newly pai'nted inside and out, 1 year-old rood, nice neighborhood. Buy now and pick your own carpet. Call Robert E. Gadson, Realtor, 223-6233. THONOTOSASSA 3 BR, 1 bath concrete block, family room, burglar bars, on 1 acre MOL. Call Robert E. Gadson, Realtor, 223-6233. LOTS Super Location! Single family lot, 110 x 137, in super quiet neighborhood, 3500 block of 26th Avenue. Call Joyce Fleming, 223-6233. FOR SALE 6400 Block of N. 41st -------------1 Street, R-1, 50 x 110, conve-VETERANS nient location. Call Barbara VA. No Money Down. No Larry, 231_2191. Closing Cost. Fast Occupancy. Free Information. Call Walt Brewer Realty, 933-6621. VACANT LOT Size 53 x 117. Quiet neighborhood. CaH Cora Mar tin, 223-5214 or 237-1866. Bay 2 Lots 100 x 95, E. Genessee near 34th Street, sewer and water. Call Robert E. Gadson, Realtor at 231-2191. Area Managers ; Inc. 3 Lots in Port Tampa, ------------1 $5,000 each, sewer and Progress Village. 2 bedroom water' 50 x 95 each. Call with additional room, can be Robert E. Gadson, Realtor, made third bedroom. Corner 2 23-6233. lot. Fenced-in yard. Central air/heat. Low down payment. Rome/Nassau (SE Cor), 681-7166, nights; 238-8814, M-1 zoning, RR frontage, 50 .. d_a_y_s_. .... x 95, priced to sell. Call THOMAS C. HILLS Robert E. Gadson, Realtor, CONSTRUCTION AND 223-6233. Real Estate Local Member of Tampa MLS Call our professionals for a FREE Market Analysis. Don't undersell your home. New financing available at below market rates. Beautiful 2 bedroom/2 bath home on oversized corner lot. Must see to appreciate. Call and make offer. Loretta, 621-2021; eves. 237-1855. R-2 Lot, high and dry, 57th Street, Grant Park, $6,000. Call Robert E. Gad son, Realtor, 223-6233. 100 x 100, R-1 zoning, Carver L------------1 City, sewer and water. Close to Interstate, Stadium, Westshore and Tampa Bay Mall. Call Robert E. Gadson, Realtor, 223-6233. HOUSE FOR SALE Large corner lot, 3 bedrooms/2 baths. In ground pool, and much more. Rivergrove Drive. 238-4333 GREAT BUY! Clair-Mel. $39,900; 1792 WiQdermere Way. Lovely 3 bedrooms, corner lot, garage, redecorated inside. EVELYN WILSON, REALTOR 932-4599 HOUSE FOR SALE West Tampa. 211. Sold in condition. For $26,000. Phone 685-7290. Spacious 3 bedroom/2 bath frame ; house. Remodeled, enclosed porch, new carpet, throughout. 3405 12th l-------------1 Avenue. $54,000terms. Call 3 BR/1 bath home, good 237-1747, after 5 p.m condition, 2 years old. Call 1-----------""'"'1 Cora Martin, 223-5214 or YBOR CITY 237-1866. Bay Area Managers, 3015 N. Sanchez: Inc. Large 4 BR house, large kit chen, wide hallways, 1 bath, carpet, ceiling fan, $390 month plus $150 deposit fee (includes water and garbage), 1 year lease. 886-1954 or 988-2114. NO QUALIFYING Available immediately. $5,000 and take over payments. 3 BR/2 bath. 3 year old block home, Central Heat/ Air, 3720 Mistwood Drive. INVESTOR'S DREAM 2402 E. 17th AVE. $13,000; Great terms. EVELYN WILSON REALTOR 932-4599 -DO YOU EARN $300 Per We.ek? Then For $275 Per Month Payment You Can BUY A new 2 bedroom townhouse with heat pump, range & refrigerator; o $325 for a new 3 bedroom/2 both .home; or $350 for a new 4 bedroom/2 both home. Down payment %. 1(1 = ... = n> I = = -n> PROGRESS VILLAGE BEAUTIFULLY REMODELED Call owner, 685-0297. ... Call: 3 bedrooms, 1 bath, stucco cement block, new roof. VA $0 down, FHA$1500 down, $420/inonth. $37,400. 876-0780. 3 bedrooms/2 baths, double 689-2183 & garage, CHA, Formal dining, Florida room, fenced. ="' backyard. 2475 sq. ft. Drive a, by 4109 LaSalle St. (off Lois). Reduced to $69,000. Owner PRESENTING 1------------:t, paying $2000 closing cost. BURGER KREAM owner considering all offers. AND THANGS 3 BR s, Cent. H/ A, mslde Call Sue Kirk, office 885-7468; 2120 E. Sligh c laundry room fncd. yd. A home 968-4714. (Across From Sligh Jr. High) great buy at $39,200. Call for Serving the best Ham-details. 237-1625. LOTS! burgers, Fresh Shrimp & Fish. SUN BELT REALTY R-1, 75 x 95, 4505-36th St. Ice Cream, Shakes, and SunAssoc. Inc., Realtor daes. > = Q. .. ... LOW AS $200/DOWN C-1, 183 X 78, 4009 34th 237-8400 St. Great for a business. t";==========:::;-"1 I If you are overcrowded or being displaced, you may qualify. Permanent income re quired. LEVER REAL ESTATE, 626-6689. 2LOTS Zoned residential, high and dry, $5000 each. Owner will carry at 12% with substantial down. Call Bess, evenings, 239-1793. 8A Y AREA MANAGERS JNC., 237-1866 IDEAL FOR MOBILE HOME Close to an acre, $10,000. Terms. EVELYN WILSON, REALTOR 932-4599 FHA 235 GOVERNMENT ASSISTANCE PROGRAM New homes with starting prices as low as $38,500. Down payment as low as WEST TAMPA $1,200, monthly payments ap3 bedrooms/ I Yz bath, conprox. $266. For more informa crete block. Asking $43,000. tion call! $500 down. HERB FISHER SOUTH OF GANDY REALTY 3 bedrooms/2 baths, 879-1933 duplex, asking $44,000, $ 500 1--F-H-A--U-o;...m_e.-L-o_w_' _d_o_w_n_1 down. payment. Small monthly payCLAIR-MEL CITY ment. Quick occupancy. Call 3 bedrooms/1 bath. Confor free information. All Women's Health Cenrer Of North Tampa, Inc. (formerly Tampa Counseling & Abortion Center, Inc.) FREE PREGNANCY TESTS Birth Control Clinic Pregnancy Terminations (Awake or Asleep) confidential Counseling OPEN : Mon.-Sat. 961-7907 14704 N. Florida Ave. FREE Pregnancy Tests (Early Test Available) ABORTIONS Individual Counseling Nitrous Oxide Available crete block. Asking $30,000. WALT :.SRWER Bank financing available. REALTY -' = Q =-Q. ... ... Q = {I} 2 bedrooms/1 bath, near 93 6621 !/f;t[[-'-;\; 15th Street and Hillsborough, t-----_.;;.,;;,;;jliO;i.--;.;.. ___ -1 rw;mms 1 asking $28,600. Bank financLOTS FOR SALE t}ltaltlu } > ing available. Priced Right. Convenient in 1 \..,, Ctnltr good neighborhoods. $1,000 1 '2 --l down, owner finance or will build to suit. Call Herman t-1 Birth Control Clinic z REAL ESTATE CO. 5118 N. 56th St. Bradley, 248-6111, ofc.; even251.0505 ._) 812 E. Henderson ...., Suite A ings, 248-6256 1302 S. Dale Mabry ( Suite 111 223-6233 PROGRESSIVE DEVELOPERS TOM P. MARTINO ALL WOMEN'S HLTH. 621-2021 5B10 N. 40th Street 4803 Nebraska Ave. Inc., Realtor CTR. OFT AMPA .. J. ...... ...... .J ........ ...... ... .... ..................


i (Continued On Page 26-A) CLASSIFIED 'AD DEPT ..., Mass Choir; is presently in valved with the contemporary gospel ensemble Truelight as > business manager; and i s chapter leader for the Edwin Q: Hawkins Arts and Music Seminar. These involvements have led to extensive traveling. She recently returned from Los Angeles and Oakland attend ing the Edwin Hawkins seminar and will soon be going on to New York. "I try to learn as much as possible to pass on via workshops locally. All of this was initially started by my mother and through the church and pastor." The support Linda receives from the executive vice presi dent on her job, Marcelino Huerta, and her immediate supervisor, Tom Ryan, also enables her to enjoy even more the work she is doing in the gospel industry. ''They are fll concerned with my involve g ment," she says, "and for that ; reason I plan to present a ;a gospel program for our lilil clients." ofi In her gospel endeavors, ci$ Ms. Monroe has shared the i stage with some nationally known artists such as Vanessa I Bell -Armstrong, Rev. James Cleveland, Edwin Hawkins, a:nd recently she was part of a "'CC group that backed Foreigner c during a Lakeland concert in < "/ Want To Know What Love rl Is. = Ms Monroe, 30, i s pleased with her job accomplishments t> and her gospel music in volvements, but she is reaching for higher heights. c = = I c -c "My ultimate goal is to be in the ministry of gospel music on a full time basis, and I'm only a couple of steps away from that. "I'd like to launch a gospel ministry that is geared to youth .. and leave an impres sio n with them that is of a positive nature. I d like for them to know drug s are not the solution to any problem. There are other alternatives. Also, suic ide is not the so lu tion. That (suicide) is the final outcome. Once that happens, nothing can be changed," she stated. "Opportunities in gospel mu sic are great. Thi s is by no mean s a boring life as many believe. It is innovative, in s pirational and s ustain s you Whatever you need be it a mechanic, doctor, lawyer or teacher you can find them in the church," she concluded. Girls Are Charged In Teacher's Death 238-1912 932-1607 N0$0Cuntydeopost NO I0$ 11!lahonlee NO 10n0 te

. ( BURGLARIES Ms. Lola B. Jones, 37, 3016 E. Sliih Ave., reported to police that an unidentified suspect reached through the window of the 22nd St. Speed wash, 3011 N. 22nd St., and fled the scene with $600 worth of assorted clothes. An unidentified suspect, ac cording to police reports, fled the scene undetected from the home of Jim Seay, 19, 1409 Armwood Ct., Apt. lA, with a television set valued at $80. According to police reports, an unidentified suspect broke into the home of Ms. Linda Carolyn Jones, 37, 1923 E. Wilder, and fled the scene with a stereo valued at $300. Approximately $240 in cash was taken from the home of Clement Babtiste, 48, 402 E. Amelia Ave., by an uniden tified suspect who fled the scene undetected. It was reported to police that an unidentified suspect climbed through an open win dow at the home of Ms. Queen Ella Myers, 30, 1415 E. Han na, and fled the scene taking $2,500 worth of electronic equipment. Colognes valued at $100 and $30 in cash were taken from the home of Warner Shelton Ogdan, 29, 305 W Columbus Dr., Apt. B, by an uniden tified suspect, according to poliCe reports. Cheryl Denise Gardner, 21, 2420 E. 19th Ave., reported to police that an unidentified suspect broke into her home and fled the scene undetected with a Video Cassette Recorder valued at $1,000, jewelry valued at $900, and a jewelry box valued at $25. According to police reports, an unidentified suspect forced their way into the home of Ms. Angela Michelle Dupree, 20, 2002 E. Buffalo Ave., Apt. B, and fled the scene with a color television set valued at $1,500. An unknown culprit, ac cording to police reports, burglarized the home of Ms. Valerie Batice, 26, 9305 N. 12th St., and fled the undetected with an 18" gold chain valued at $25. According to police reports, Ralph Timmons, 27, .. 0"" and charged with burglary/grand theft for allegedly taking $310 worth of groceries rrom Booker T. Washington School, 1407 E. Estelle St. It was reported to police that an unknown culprit burglarized the home of Ms. Blanche Allen 36, ; 3609 River Grove Dr ; and fl-. ed the scene with $830 worth of jewelry. THEFTS Everett Jerome Booker, 22, 3212 23rd Ave., reported to police that an unidentified suspect fled the scene at 2920 E. Busch, with a bicycle valued at $175. Miscellaneous items valued at $317.50 were taken by an unidentified suspect, who fled the scene at The American Fitness Center, 4110 Hender son, according to police reports. The items belonged to Joseph Kenneth Kennedy, 46, 1310 E. Osborne. Car stereo equipment, valued at $600 and belonging to Ms. Mary Thomas, 50,2416 E. Lake Ave., Apt. 475, was taken by an unidentified suspect who fled the scene at 2416 E. Lake Ave., according to police reports. According to police reports, an unidentified suspect fled the scene at 3012 Avon, with $175 belonging to Ms. Diana Williams, 26, 3012 Avon. It was reported to police that an unidentified male suspect fled the scene at 905 N. Florida Ave., Room No. 1923, with a watch valued at $150 and a briefcase valued at $15. The items were the property of Carol Raines, 28, 905 N. Fla. Ave ., Room No. 19-23. Charles Brown, 51, 1213 Kay St., reported to police that an unknown culprit assaulted him, then fled the scene in the 1200 block of Kay St. with a wallet valued at $100. A bicycle valued at $200 was taken by an unidentified suspect, who fled the scene at 6402 N. 34th St., police stated. The merchandise belonged to Ms. Claudia M. Stillings, 46, 6402 N. 34th St. Another bicycle, valued at $131 and belonging to Ms. An nie Ruth Brown, 66, 3311 E. Me Berry St., was taken by an unidentified suspect who fled the SCCii at 756) 'vV. Hillsborough Ave., police ad ded. Unknown accord ing to police reports, fled the scene at 1002 W. Lemon St., Apt. 306, with a firearm valued at $80. The .22 caliber revolver was the property of Danny Leonard Jordon, 24, 1002 W. Lemon St., Apt. 306. Eldridge J. Reed, 16, 916 Nassau, Ap.t. 133, and Burglar Alarms E. 8. Alarm Co. QUALITY WORK WITHOUT ALARMING PRICES 24 HR. EMERGENCY SERVICE WIRED I WIRELESS AlARMS PREWIRING FOR NEW HOMES PERIMETER &INTERIOR COVERAGE SOUND I MOTION DETECTORS 'CCTV MAINTENANCE PLANS LOCKS COMMERCIAL & RESIDENTIAL 15 YRS. EXPERIENCE GUARANTEED WORK Low Low Prlcesll Rent Or Own .... DRUG ARRESTS Sheriff's Dept. Seeks Community Help In Murder Case According to police reports, Algernon Leon Belin, 22, 2010 E. Clifton, was arrested and charged with pos s ession of coThe Hillsborough County caine while in the 1900 block Sheriff's Dept. is seeking additional information in the of E. Columbus Dr. death of Ms. Patricia Yvette According to police reports, Shellie James Glover, 50, 5711 Clark, 25, who was found shot N. 43rd St., was arrested and to death in a parked car charged with possession of around 10 p.m. on marijuana while at the corner A Sheriff's Dept. of N. 36th St. and E. spokesperson said there are no Genessee. leads in the case. Ms. Clark While at 3663 W. was a well-known model for Hillsborough Ave police arseveral agencies of the eity, rested Donald E. Gray, 26, and prior to her death had 2220 U.S. Highway 19, Apt. been employed for about a 212, Clearwater, and charged month at the downtown him with possession of mariHiltori Hotel as a hostess. Homicide Division at juana. Tlie spokesperson said 247-6411, extension 24Q5-i An Arrested and charged with anyone having any informainformation will remai n possession, sale, and delivery tion that may lead to the arrest fidential. The person who of cocaine while at the corner of a subject involved in the vides information does of N. 22nd St. and E. Colummurder of Ms. Clark should have to give his/her name, bus Dr., according to police contact the Sheriff's Dept. spokesperson said." reports, was Elijah Lumpkins, ________ 21, 2915 N. 22nd st. Jackson Campaign M anager Police arrested Harold C Lorenzo Harris, 22, 2130 Pine onvtcted By Cleveland Jury St., and charged the suspect with possession, sale, and delivery of marijuana while at the corner of Armenia and Beach. CLEVELAND Arnold R. Pinkney, manager of the Rev.' Jesse Jackson's bid for the 1984 Democratic Presiden tial nomination, was convicted According to police reports, by a Cuyahoga County jury of Ervin Mike Bradshaw 27 having an unlawful interest in 1906 E. Shadowlawn, was ara public contract. rested and charged with possession of valium while at Mr. Pinkney' 54, faces a maximum penalty of 18 the corner of N. 22nd St. and months in jail and a $2,500 Mallory Ave. f While at the corner of N. me. Commpn Pleas Judge Robert H. Groman scheduled Howard and W. sentencing for June 21, pen-: arrested Nathamel Lee, 32, ding a presentencing investigaSt., _and tion. hui? w1th sale, ancl-' "I'm innocent and we're go delivery of man Juana. ing to appeal it,'' Pinkney said Arrested and charged w1th after the verdict was read in a possession, sale, and delivery of marijuana while at the cor ner of N. 42nd St. and E. Chelsea, according to police reports, was Stephen Allen, 25, 4601 44th St. courtroom of about 60 people, many of them his friends or relatives. Some wept when the verdict was read. Pinkney is one of the founders of the Pinkney-Perry Insurance Agency here. The charges stem from a business deal between the agency and the Cleveland-Cuyahoga Port Authority, and h1s agency received a check for $10,496 from the authority in 1982. When he testified in his own de_fense Wednesday, Pinkney said he had never solicited Port Authority business. 14-year-old Artagus F. Lane, 506 S. Tampania Ave., Apt. 3, reported to police that two unidentified male suspects fled the scene at 1 ()(j5 W. Swann Ave. two bicycles, each valued at $200. Frank's Ornamental Iron 24 Hour 621-4034 Residential Commercial Financin2 Arranged According to police reports, an unknown q.llprit fled the scene at 2802 N. lOth St. with a check, valued at$100, taken from t-he mailbox of Ms. Carol Belinda Chambers, 38, 2802 N. lOth St. Burglar Bars Railings FHA'K E. ... Ownu rirt' Weldings Ornamentals Licensed. Insured Bonded Ricky E. Williatns Attorney At Law (5 Y2 Yrs. State Attorney's Office) Free Home Security Tips and Wrongful Death (Veh1cle Acc1dents, Sl1p & Fall, Railroad, Boat & Motorcycle Defective Products, Uninsured Motorists). Criminal {State & Federal Court) (Felonies, Drug Cases, Misdemeanors, Traffic, OWl and Juvenile). Divorce Custody support Hours: Mon Fri. 8 -6 400 E. Buffalo Saturday 9-12 Noon. -----------------> 1:1 c. ::L


. FOUR FANTASTIC FURNITURE VA1LUES! *** *.-..* You get __ EVERYTHING! the PARTY OTTOMAN! t h e SOFA! th e LOUNGE CHAI R th e ROCK E R th e 2 TABLES! ALL MERCHANDISE SIMILAR TO ILLUSTRATION Incredible ent ire room o f ttl.urrHny. cuuntrilcd s c,Hr _ng $ 6 9 9 comfort a t on(' tov. Framed in ruqqrd o.r k \. Plenty Of fREE Park i n g On Lllt In REAR OF STORE MORE FOR YOUR MONEY! OPEN 9 AM to 6 PM MONDAY THRU S AT. CLO SE D SU !IIDAYS R EMEMBE R ... LAR#rfOI'i I S A f U LL SERV ICE f U R N ITUR E STOR E WE CAR E A RQlJT Y OI. R HOML6 W"'YS I. J "rer Oeli"en 2 1-'ree Set -up a n d P lar,.m e n t 3. \\' e Carr! our 4 I 1uu ranee Protect ion S Bi)( Sdection 6 Bef ore. and Aher to .\1a k r sure You are Satisfied. WE CAR.R.Y OUR OWN ACCOUNTS 1324-30" 7th Ave. Servrng Tampa S 1nce 1931 ARMON P h : 247 4711 Casual "L" : Shctped Sectional '' ---. / \I r :\'Y"'jA. \ ; r r l -I --=, .. ::::.>--_ ? Casual, contemporary styling that offers spacious seating. loose, reversible seat cushions covered in a heavy duty herculan fnhric. Matching bolsters included MODERN ,.,; PLUSH SOFA & LOVE SEAT The luxurious look of much more expensive furniture-now at an affordable price. Available in several nylon decorator florals. '799 S861 'n A. VW 'A. VOUI.i SUO!J!P3: lfJOH tJ.{ P ,U8 s3DJ.. AJaA3: paqsuqnd unauna-raunuas u(.i V


FLORIDA SENTINEL BULLETlN 40 YEARS SERVING TAMPA. FRIDAY, MAY 24, 1985 County Awards Cable Franchise To Hillsborough Cable Limited The Hillsborough County Board of County Commis sioners followed the advice given by their consultant Rice Associates, and selected Hillsborough Cable T.V. Limited as the franchise to in stall cable lines in Seffner and Lutz during a public hearing Wednesday. The vote was 3 to 2, with Commissioners E. L. Bing and John Paulk casting the negative votes. Rice Associates choose Hillsborough Cable over two other applicants, Atlantic Cablevision, Limited and Moffat Communication Cor poration. "Overall, Hillsborough pro vides a larger financial com mitment and a more thorough programming plan than the other applicants," stated the consulting firm in a memo to the commissioners. "Hillsborough provides the sutx!rior low cost tier with more programming services and a lower monthly price." Rice Associates pointed out that Hillsborough Cable, which is owned by First carolina Communications of North Carolina, "also plans to encourage community par ticipation in access programm ing (by) establishing indepen dent committees, whereby representatives from each ac cess group would develop the apprqpriate schedules for use of the channels." But Hillsborough Cable T .V. Limited dido 't impress BOB SAUNDERS BY PA'ITY ALLEN Sentiner Staff Writer the county 's Equal Employ ment Opportunity Office, who also reviewed each applicant for the cable franchise. According to Bob Saunders, EEO Executive Director, in a memo to the Board of Com missioners: ''Hillsborough Cable has indicated that it will hire 12 new employees, but did not provide projected minority employment goals The com pany has identified three con struction contractors proposed to be used on the construction of the cable system, however, E. L. BING J <, .. .-. :: none of the three companies aremino 'rity or owned. ''V Saunders informed the com missioners that, based on statistical First Carolina "does not have a written affir mative action program, and has underutilization of minori ty employees." Females, he are only in clerical positions. "It is highly recommended that Hillsborough Cable and First Carolina Communica tions provide Hillsborough County BOCC with written assurance outlining the com pany's efforts to service the unincorporated County on a non-discrimination basis," Saunders advised the commis sioners. He went on to recom mend Atlantic Cablevision. Comm. Bing agreed with Installation Marks Hisforic Event For County Commissioner Padaett .. conclusion. ''I certainly hope that whoever we give it (the fran chise) to, some attempts will be made to tie in the provision for the utilization of women and minorities," Comm. Bing stated "This position should be made. strong, regardless of who we grant this franchise to." JAMFS HAMMOND Thirty-four-year-old James Dennard will celebrate his one year anniversary as a small business owner on May 28 Dennard is the owner and operator of Dennard's Garage Door Service, which he is operating out of his home : "We offer full services in garage doors, even electric door openers, for residential or commercial buildings," Dennard explained. According to Dennard, he started out with $2,000 in sav ings and 10 years of experience with House of Doors under his belt. "I got fed up with a couple of things that went on (at House of Doors), so I decided to go out and try it for myself," said the 1969 Mid dleton graduate, who saw "the racist attitude shown towards" the black employees. The appointed commisAlthough he can't boast of sioner who did not seek elecbeing a multi-millionaire, tion for a full _term, indicated Dennard can point to some adthat he preferred Atlantic vantages and accomplishments Cablevision. "Atlantic Cable to being a businessman. has done a real good job (to "I'm free to be me, make provide) local ownership (they my own decisions, and not indicated that minority conhave-anyope to ride my back," tractors would perform 45% the Tampa native said proudof the construction), and they ly. "I'm not working for tips. are on record for hiring people "'

.................................................. ... QC -Minister Thomas Whitfield's Fame Comes From His Hard Work The Hill sborough Com m u nit y Colle ge and Unlimit e d Go s pel E x pre ssi on s p rese nted M etamor pho sis In Gos pel Music," a work s hop featu r in g Minis t er Thomas Whitfield r e cordin g arti s t of "Hold Me, Hallelujah Anyhow," "God's Way I s The Be s t U a y M i ni s t e r Whit f ield is con s i de red t h e m ae s tro o f gos p e l m usic H e h a s bc!en th e reci pie n t of ma n y awa rd s and nomination s includ i n g t h e Do ve, Grammy, a n d the Gos p e l Musi c Exce llence A wa r d s Whitfield's fame co mes as a res ult o f his wo rk a s a pr o ducer and song writer on the accla i m ed Vanessa Bell Armstrong 's album "Peace Be Still, the New O rleans G ospe l Soul Chil d r e n's "Uve in N a s h v ill e a nd as an a rti s t fo r his o w n s olo effo r t H old '-' I IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF THE THIRTEENTH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT OF c FLORIDA, IN AND FOR HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY "1:1 = < ;..... .. 'C .:: rll -:E = = = = I = = rl"l ti; GENERAL CIVIL DIVISION CASE No 857734 DIVISION: East SOLOMON GEORGE Husband and ERNESTINE GEORGE Wife NOTICE OF ACTION NO PROPERT Y TO: ERNESTINE GEORGE R e sidence Unknown YOU ARE N O TIFIED that an action of D i s s olu tio n o f Marri age has been filed gainst you Ernestine Georg e and you are required to serve a copy of your written defenses, if any, to it on the Petitioner's attorney, whose name and ad dress is Theodore N. Taylor, Esq.,: Law Office Of Theodore N. Taylor, P.A. P .0. Box 2133 Plant City, FL 34289-2133 or before June 17, 1985, file the original with the of this court either ., .......... service on petitioner's or immediately tlttr,P!If:r.r! otherwise a default be entered against you for reHef demanded in the comtpblint or petition. WITNESS my hand and the of said Court on May 13, JAMES F. TAYLOR, JR. Clerk Circuit Court t;. By: BRENDA DUI)LEY By JULIA JACKSON Sentinel Feature Writer Als o appearing on the con cert wer e the Wat s on En s em ble," (Tampa) Reborn (Vero Beach) Praise En semble," (Tampa) The Fir s t Born Sara s ota Ch o ir and a s ol o b y Mr s Regini a Bla s h of W at erbur y Conn Th e work s hop c hoir g ave s ongs of prais e along with Mini s t e r Thoma s Whitf i eld Minjster Thomas Whitfield and Workshop Choir W illiam Sa n de r s, l ef t of Unli m ite d Gos p e l Express i o n s pr ese n te d r oses to Mr s H e nr y Carley f o r an outst a nd i n g job durin g the w o rk s h o p whil e h e r hu s band H enry and Arthur McK a y lo o k o n CAU for Sears Catalog Phone Shopping For extra con venience have orders de live red to your home for no more than 75 more! guaranteed or your money back SNII, Roebuck and Co., 1985 Sears exciting new "MY" sale catalog has 120pages of spring values for you! Get our lowest price ever on 1-inch vinyl blinds now 10% to 25% off And Weather Beater paint, America's Best Selling exterior paints for the do-it-yourselfer is now $5 to $8 off. Let Sears outfit your campsite with the latest in family camping equip ment including tents, sleeping and more. Find the latest in summerwear for women,like shirts, tops, and pants. Sears catalogs are full of great new selections for you and your home ... order today! At The Sears Nearest You < Clerk ............................................................................ ..


.............. Keith Pringle Encourages rHE SUNDAY ------SCHOOL LESSON BY REV. A. LEON LOWRY Pastor, Beulah Baptist Church Two Of Life ... .,.Proverbs 1:7-13; 3:5-13, 14:1-12 With all the alternative lifestyles that people are into today, it may come as a sur prise to know that there are only two ways to live in this world: with God or without Him. That may sound pretty hard-nosed to some of us, but it's the truth. There really is no "middle ground Now, some people like to think there is a ''middle ground." They seek to live a very civil and orderly lifestyle. Due respect is given to religion and humanity. For the most part they are the kind of peo ple that you would love to have as next door neighbors. But there is one problem. When push comes to shove, these folks refuse to acknowledge the purposes of a sovereign and loving God for their lives They prefer to be self-directed and self governed, without reference to their Creator. Although they may "tip their hats" to religion, they will not submit their lives to the commands and care of the Almighty. They have their own agenda. They think they are safe play ing the middle ground. As we look at this lesson we will see how futile it is to subscribe to such a position. At the end of the road awaits the judgment of God. Along with atheists and those who openly denounced God, will stand those who chose the ''middle ground.'' But there is an alternative lifestyle; one that begin s with repentance and faith in God through Jesus Christ. Such a life style operates with love and reverence for God as the main fuel for living. It is a joyful life even in times of trouble and distress. Why? Because a wise believer will never forsake Him. He claims the promises of God to direct his paths. An interesting type of literature is presented us in the Book of Proverbs. This literature consists of parallelisms, i.e., wise sayings that present two related thoughts. Sometimes these parallelisms are synonymous: the two thoughts say the same thing Other times the proverb will contrast opposite ideas. For example, our lesson con trasts the ways of the wise with those of the foolish. This is an antithetical parallelism. The last parallelism is synthetical: it used one of the two thoughts to strengthen what was said in the first thought or statement. Many among us think they can live in this world any way they choose, adopting way out life s tyles, but in the final analysis, all things being con. sidered, there is only two ways to live in this world: a life with God or a life running away from God. Many seek to run away from God, but many more have chosen to live with God. He that is wise walks with God. The fool runs from God and finds separation and death as his or her reward. What choice have you made for your life? Last weeks' lesson pointed out the value of wisdom. It is indeed more precious than rubies or gold and silver. But how does one find wisdom? Proverbs says that wisdom begins with the fear of the Lord. What does fear of the Lord mean? Doe s it mean that we are to cower and cringe before the Lord? Does it mean that God is out to get us? Doe s it mean that God walks around carrying a big cudgle ready to knock us down at the RENT TO RfNT TO RENT NO CAE OtT FREE SERVICE FREE DELIVERY YOU CAN RENT THEN OWN YOUR OWN 20 LB. SPEED QUEEN WASHER AND DRYER. limited_ Offer-'490" Pays Your 1st Month. CALL TODAY INSTANT DELIVERY J -----Others To Keep Going On Minister Keith Pringle of <:Los Angeles, Calif. was 'presented in concert by Carlton Burgess and Complete Praise Sunday May 19th at New Mt. Zion at 3 p.m. Also on Program were Praise, The Sunshine Band of Largo And Praise Ensemble. Prior to the concert, he had electrified the morning service congregation with "He Looked Beyond My Faults". Those that were present during the concert can truly say the spirit of God was present. Minister Pringle ministered in song and word as he went through the aisles singing his testimony in song "/Fell Like Going On". During the services he shared how he would like to BY JULIA JACKSON Sentinel Feature Writer sponsor Carlton Burgess have a city-wide workshop upon his return to Tampa. He stated, "Tampa is in need of more contemporary gospel ar slightest deviation from right tists. The city supports quartet behavior? No, to fear the Lord groups, 1 don't care for quar-is to trust and show reverence tet music myself." He went on to Him as Creator and maker to say, "Many gospel artists of the universe and all that is have their latest album out and therein. We are to respect God Tampa doesn't receive them or at all times, showing appr_eciait's late coming, and this tion for His awesome and comes from lack of gospel wonderful work in and stations. Tampa needs more of through us. them. "He also felt that TamFurther it's supreme trust pa should bring in more gospel that we must place in God We artists to teach the choirs have not really trusted God During Minis ter Pringle's until we are willing to give up interview after the service he our own instinces, our own explained what keeps him in will, our own plan for His. l gospel and how he started out. know that this takes all our ... When I'm singing at a serfaith but when we do trust vice, people come up to afterand totally in God, wards and tell me how enthe benefits are tremendous. Trust in God in all situations shows good judgment, it says that we recognize our need of divine guidance and help. We can say without fear of contradiction that wisdom and a better way of life begin s when we get our priorities straig htened out. God has got to be at the top of our list. He will take no other secondary place. If we do thi s, God will bless our path. couraging I was. I love to know and hear people receive their deliverance. True enough I have thought I should, but my business manager said me one day, Keith, it's j like you tell millions "1 feel like going on". He traveled with Reverend James from '76playing the organ for him his album "/ Don't Feel No Ways Tried", "The Lord blessed me in '79 of July to start a choir and this is when I recorded "True Victory", and "Call Him Up. From that point on I've been singing gospel." Minister Pringle has been on tour for two .weeks. He started form Washington and traveled to Miami, Tampa, St. Pete, tht:,n to Jacksonville and from there home. For the future he plans to record an album with Minister Thomas Whitfield, which could be soon as July Also he mentioned he's working on a video from his "Perfect Peace" album. His encouragement to up coming gospel artists and everyone else, as .well, is to remember the motto, "I feel like going Of\:' and whatever happens, yo"ii should keep telling yourself "I feel like going on." "This positive statement has helped me when I didn't see away, it's an en couragement". The choice is ours. We can put God first and walk suc cessfully in wisdom, or we can put self first and stum ble in foolishness. How many people choose to put God last and self first? Our packed jails, mental institutions and ho spi tal s and other institutions are full of such people. The Bible has given us a way of life that is fulfilling, but we foolishly go our own way, not realizing that God's way is the only way to true wisdom. We can find wisdom in God's word the wisdom we need for a full life. We must give up our pride and rely on God to direct our paths. There is a difference between a wise person and a foolish person. The truly wise person knows what he is look ing for and He knows where it (wisdom) is to be found. Pro verbs says: The wise woman builds; the foolish woman Audience at Keith Pringle's Concert Christian Council Hosts Breakfast By JULIA JACKSON Sentinel Feature Writer The Young Women Chris tian Council of College Hill Church of God In Christ hosted their Second Annual Fellowship Breakfast, at the principal of Glorious Chris tian Academy, was presented as the morning speaker. Dur ing her message she expressed, "Christians should let their light shine, you are a light that can not be hidden." Admiral Benbow Inn, SaturAdded to the Fellowship day, May 11, 10:00 a.m. Breakfast were fashion tips This year's theme was from representatives of Hit "Christians Striving God As and Miss, also Mr. Andy Our Resource-Recourse". Ware, former manager of Mrs. Evangeline Kennedy, Jean West Fashion. = ... = I = = -... = loCI = f:J' ... fiJ =Q, = fiJ > = Q, .. ... I = Q =-t.'!'j Q, ... Q = fiJ tears down; righteousness 'tl honors, sin despises, foolish talk pricks the pride, wise talk Among those in attendance at the Young Women's Christian 5 -Council were from left to right: Rugenia Meeks; Maryse Dix,.... 2319 E. Hillsborough Ave. 238-6461 fers a better life? We rieed to on, Diane Johnson, Linda Shuate, Bobby McDonald, Vera t-1 .... .. .... .. .. t:=


.... .... < ::E ;; -t-----From Val's Ki_ :tchen _......;;..... ________ By Valerie JohnsonFood Expert .......---Picnics & Memorial Day is usually the start of something big-cookouts. Yes, it's that favorite time of year again. No wonder too, because having a picnic or cook-out can be so easy on the cook. Now it does take some planning and organizing. Try assigning specific jobs such as one person in charge of making the salad, another person in charge of packing the picnic basket or asseJ_Dbling the eating utensils. Cook-Outs----As far as menu planning is concerned, keep meals light. No one needs to be weighted down with hot, heavy food. Keep your meal to a meat, salad, light vegetable and a cool dessert. Keep some chilled fresh fruit on hand too. Try some of these snappy, quick crowd pleasing recipes. Who says a cookout has to only have hotdogs? You'll find by your menu and organizing the duties ahead of time Happy Memorial Day ** Super Hot Tip ** Italian Mini-Kebobs Asse mbl e the kebo bs s e veral hours ahe ad refri gerate until r e ady to g rill or broil. Make s 16 s e r vings at 35 each Keep cold foods cold, and hot foods hot at all time s. Pina Colada Chiffon Pie A cl a ssic Caribb eqn c o m bi na tion c oconut and p i neapple. D e li c i o u s C ru st 1 cup graham cracker crumbs, about 14 crackers, or 7 doubl ed squares, crushed fine Y J cup flaked coconut l/.a cup butter qr margarine melted Filling 1 20-ounce can crushed C pineapple in pineapPle j.utce 2 envelopes unflavored gelatin 1 15-ounce can cream of coconut 2 large eggs, separated I ; YJ cup orange juice or dark E-4 rum t' 1 cup heavy cream v.a granulated sugar Decoration "1::1 1 8-ounce can pineapple ,! chunks in pineapple juice, op;! tional ::s = : = = I Ql = = l/.a cup flaked coconut, toasted, optional Prepare crust: In small bowl combine crumbs and coconut; stir in butter until well blended. Press mixture evenly and firmly onto bottom and sides of 9-inch pie plate; freeze. Prepare filling: Drain pineapple very well in strainer set over medium-size saucepan; reserve crushed pineapple. Sprinkle gelatin over juice in saucepan; let d 5 minutes to soften. Place saucepan over very low heat; cook 3 to 5 minutes, stirring constantly_ until gelatin is dissolved. another non-aluminum saucepan combine cream of coconut and egg yolks; cook over low heat 5 minutes, stirring constantly, until mixture is very hot but not simmering. Remove from heat. Stir melted gelatin mixture into cream of coconut mixture; stir in orange iuice and reserved crushed pineapple. Spoon mixture into large bowl; cool15 minutes; chill at least 45 minutes until mixture mounds easily with spoon. With ,electric (It high speed beat 'gelatin_ mixture until foamy. In medium-size bowl, with same beaters at high speed, beat heavy cream until stiff peaks form when beaters are lifted; fold into gelatin mixture. With dean beaters using clean bowl, beat egg whites at. high speed until foamy: Add sugar, 1 tablespoon at a time; beat until stiff peaks form when beaters ate lifted. Fold egg whites into gelatin mixture. Spoon filling into crust; refrigerate pie at least 1 hour until set. To decorate: If desired, drain pineapple chunks very well; arrange in circle around outer edge of pie; sprinkle with toasted coconut. Makes 8 servings. Tomato Sauce (recipe follows) Yz pound hot Italian sau s age link s Yz pound sweet Italian sausage links 3 medium-size sweet green peppers halved, seeded and cut into squares. 3 zucchini, cut in to Yz-inch slices 1 pint cherry tomatoes 31.. cup dry white wine 3f.. cup vegetable oil 1 clove garlic, finely chopped Vz teaspoon leaf oregano, crumbled Yz teaspoon leaf basil, crumbl ed 1 teaspoon salt ,,, l/.a teaspoo n pepper 1. Prepare Tomato Sauce 2. Cut sausages into l-inch pieces. Thread sausage pieces alternately with pep p e r squares, zucchini slices and cherry tomatoes on 16 bamboo skewers (presoaked in water). dividing evenly. Caesar Potato Salad 3. Combine wine,. oil, garlic, oregano, basil, salt and pepper in a medium-size bowl; mix well. Broil or grill skewers 6 inches from heat, basting with wine mixture and_ turning frequently, for about 8 minutes or until sausage is cooked and vegetables are tender. Ar. range kebobs on platter, or anchor ends of skewers into a quarter head of cabbage, arranged cut-side down on a platter. Serve with Tomato Makes 8 servings at 62 calories each and at 8 each. 4 medium-size potatoes, pared, cooked and cubed* 4 pitted black olives, sliced* 1 egg* l/.a cup low-calorie, low-fat Italian salad dressing* 2 tablespoons grated Parmesan cheese (Qptional)* /** 1 tablespoon Worcestershire teaspoons prepared mustard* l/.a teaspoon garlic salt* 1 Combine potatoes and olives in a medium-size bowl. 2. Combine egg, salad dressing, Parmesan, wr>rr"""'rnire, mustard and garlic salt in a screw-top jar. Shake well. Pour dressing over potatoes; toss to coat with dressing; cover; chill. Sauce. TOMTO SAUCE : Saute 1 clove garlic, finely chopped, in 2 tablespoons vegetable oil in medium-size saucepan un-NOTICE!! BAR-B-QUE KING. 3501 E. Hillsborough 238-9024 OPEN ON SU NDAYS 2 P.M. UNTIL 10 P.M. Stop By And Visit Us After Church Makes 12 servings at 96 ca(ories each and at 13 each. 1 package (8 ounces) protein enriched elbow macaroni, cooked 1 medium-size onion, chopped (Yz cup) 2 stalks celery, sliced* 2 carrots, shredded* 1 small red or green bell pep" per, llalved, seeded and diced 1( 3 cup plain low-fat yogurt til tender. Puree 1 can (14 ounces) Italian-style plum tomatoes in container of elec tric blender ,Add pureed tomatoes, 1 can (6 ounces) tomato paste, 1 / 2 teas.poon leaf basil, crumbled, and 1 bay leaf to saucepan. Simmer, uncovered, for 30 minutes. Remove bay leaf. Makes 21 / 2 cups. YJ cup mayonnaise* 1 tablespoon lemon juice 1 teaspoon prepared ...... .,. .t* 12 medium-size 'pimiento stuffed green olives, sliced* Yz teaspoon salt Y4 teaspoon pepper Paprika Combine macaroni, onion, celery, carrots, diced pepper, yogurt, mayonnaise, le juice, mustard, olives, sa and pepper in a large bowl; mix well; cover; chill. Sprinkle with paprika ho:>1tnr<> serving. *High Sodium Alert: Cook 'macaroni without salt. Celery and carrots are high in sodium. Use unsalted mayonnaise. Substitute dry mustard for prepared. Omit olives. STEVE'S RESTAURANT Friday's Special Mullet Fish & Hand Rolled Hamburgers on Kaiser Rolls Hours: Friday p.m. 2:00a.m. Saturday-11:00 a.m.-12 {midnight) Sunday 8:00 a.m. 6:00p.m. Home Cooked Meals on Sunday! Also Offering Catering for Weddings, Day Care Centers and Parties. in Smoked Turkeys Stop by for appointment: 730 East Henderson 229-8091


i YOUR BEST VALUE HOME-TOWN SERVICE PRICES GOOD AT CONTINENTAL foODW A Y I PRICES GOOD_: 5/2329/85 FOODWAY Blvd. 623-1031 OPEN ; 8-9 SUNDAY 8-7 Lykes Whole Picnic Ham 59 Lb. SPEC'IAL BUYS WE ACCEPT USDA FOOD STAMPS .AND WIC CHECKS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR TYPO ERRORS QUANTITY RIGIITS RESERVED New Coke 3 Liter Btl. Sl89 X-Cel-30 Wt. Motor Oil Quart 79 Transmission Fluid Quart 79C Totino Party Pizza 1011.4.0z 99 Pillsbury Hungry Jack Biscuits 10 Oz 2/51


. ....... -... ... _-... I l> o > 'o o I o I t 4 'o > 0 o 0 I f t > ,. t i" ._ o--. o r 0 0 0 > I '0" y 0 0 "" 0 0 1 0 0 Val's Kijchen;..;.. _.;:;;;...._ __ Fruit-Glazed Cheesecake Makes 12 servin g s at 156 cal o ries each and at 23C each 2 envelopes unflavored gelatin Vz cup cold water 2 eggs, separated 3;4 cup liquid skim milk Y4 cup sugar Y4 teaspoon salt 1 cup low-fat cottage cheese 1 tea s poon grated lemon rind 2 tea s poons lemon juice 2 teaspoons vanilla Y4 cup honey Y 2 cup instant nonfat dry milk powder Y z cup ice water 2 cup s sliced fre s h peache s or s trawberrie s 1. Sprinkle over the v cup cold water in a small bowl to soften. 2 Beat egg yolks in top of double boiler until fluffy. Stir in skim milk, .sugar and salt. Place over hot water. Cook, stirring constantly, u nti I thickened. Add gelatin mix ture, stirring until dissolved. Remove mixture from heat; c pour into container of electric blenaer. c::: 3 Add cottage cheese, < lemon rind and juice vanilla and honey. Cover; whirl until = smooth. Pour into a large bowl; chill untiJ sJightly i:' thickened. 4. Beat egg whites in a small bowl until soft peaks form. Beat nonfat dry milk with the rce water in a secqnd small bowl until creamy-, thick. Fold egg whites, then whipped milk, into thi_ckened. cheese mixture until. no streaks of white remain. Pour mixture into an 8-inch spring form pan. Chill several hours. or until set. Remove side of pan. 5. Arrange fruit on set sur face of cheesecake. Spoon ci glaze over fruit. Chill until ;: serving time. Fresh Fruit Glaze: Blend 1 tablespoon cornstarch with 1 cup unsweetened fruit (apple or pineapple) in a small saucepan. Cook over low heat, stirring constantly, until thickened and clear. Sti r in sugar, if you wish; cool. Makes 1 cup. Chicken .t\nd Rice Salad Carry i n an insulated con tainer to keep cold. Makes 6 at 75C each. Y4 pound fresh mushrooms Y2 cup olive oil Y4 cup lemon juice 1 teaspoon salt 2 tablespoons fresh tarragon 1 teaspoon dried tarragon 118 tea8poon pepper 1 cup uncooked long-grain rice medium-size tJmatoes, peel seeded and cut in strips green pepper, halved, seeded =:a cut in strips ;< 1 Y 2 to 2 cups cooked chicken, in strips W cup parsley '-' 1 Slice mushrooms ; -inch thick. ,Combine olive oil, lemon juice salt, tarragon and pepper in bowl; marinate mushrooms in this mixture for at least 1 hour. 1 2 Cook rice following label directions; drain; rinse briefly in cold water; transfer to a large bowl. While rice is still lukewarm, stir in mushrooms and their marinade. Add. tomatoes, green pepper and chi.cken. Sprinkle with parsley just before serving. RoUed Herbed Chicken Breast With Basil Mayonnaise When the c hi c k e n roll s ar e sli c ed the stuffin g mak es a lo v el y pinwheel desi g n Tr y as_ a part y hors d'oeuvre or a s part of a buffet. 4 cups fresh bread crumbs lightly toasted* (about 8 slices) 1 teaspoon leaf sage, crumbled 1 teaspoon leaf thyme, crumbled Y 2 teaspoon leaf basil, crumbl ed Y 2 teaspoon leaf marjoram, crumbled Y4 cup chopped parsley 1 tablespoon finely chopped onion 1 clove garlic, finely chopped 6 eggs lightly beaten Y4 teaspoon salt Pinch pepper 4 who.le chicken breasts (JY 2 pounds), halved, skinned and boned Basil Mayonnaise (recipe follows) 1 Preheat oven to moderate (375) lightly oil 13x9x2i nch baking dish. 2. Combine toasted bread crumbs, sage thyme, basi!. marjoram, parsley, onion, garlic, eggs, salt and pinch pepper in medium-size bowl. 3. Flatten. each chicken breast half between 2 pieces of wax paper with flat side of meat mallet or rolling pin to thickness of about 1/3 inch. Arrange breasts smoothside down on work surface. Spread each with stuffing mixture, dividing equally. 4. Roll 1,.1p e'Och. breast lengthwise, egg-roll fashion, tucking in sides as you roll. 5. Arrange rolled breasts, seam-side down, in prepared dish. Cover lightly with oil wax paper, cut to fit just inside dish. Pres s paper against chicken 6 Bake in preheated oven (375) for 15 to 20 minutes or until rolls are opaque and firm to the touch. Cool chicken rolls, covered, in refrigerator. Cheddar Cheese Crackers These c risp sp i cy c r ac ker s are a goo d acc o m pani11J.e n t t o cold s o u p Bak e a t 350 for 10 minutes. Makes about JV:z do zen qt 5C each. 3 tablespoons sesame seeds 1 cup sifted all-purpose flour Y4 teaspoon cayenne Y2 teaspoon dry mustard Y2 cup (1 stick) butter, soften ed Y 2 pound sharp Cheddar cheese, shredded (2 cups) 1 .Preheat oven to rate (350). Scatter sesame seeds in a small skillet; toast over low hEtat, shaking skillet constantly Jn .. \ til seeds are golden. 2. Combine flour, cayenne, mustard, butter and cheese in a medium-size howl; work with spoon or hands until a stiff dough forms. 3. Measure dough by level tablespoonsful; roll into balls between palms of hands. Dip balls in toasted sesame seeds; place on cookie sheet ,.2 inches apart. Press balls flat with glass dip ped in flour. 4 Bake in preheated moderate oven (350) for 10, minutes or until very lightly golden. Remove from sheet to wire rack with metal spatula; cool completely. Store in container with a tightfitting lid. BRONZE STAR VARIETY. INTRODUCTORY SALE Prices Good 5/15 5/22/85 Tek Toothbrushes Zest Or Dial Soap Tide (Giant Size) Afro Panty Hose (All Sizes) Short Sets Ladies Pant Sets Reg Price 79 69 '221 '6" '12" 1. Hillsborough Ave Sale Price 2r1 2r1 .... sla) '1" 99C 2/'12 2/'25 237-8637 THE GREAT REV. 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Real Estate sor (Home,Land;Lots,Commerclal) Free Consultation Look Around But See Me Before You Buy. Let Me Help You Find A Mortgage That You Can live With. No High Pressure Salespitch. Licensed Salesm a n Call Tod ay And L i:' 1:; T i k i ;;ei f No -'&1930.-CI' Y9 -l933 Oft. licensed Under Herb Fisher Realty 1:>4 Dule Mobrr, Tam EMPIRE PAINT S Moved To 3602 7th Ave. TAMPA, FLA. 241-2301.247-3719 KEYS MADE 39 Up PAINT LAT.EX. .. $2.79 OUTSIDE WHITE .. $6.49 ROLLERPAN SET ............. $1 .49 Ea. 3" BRUSHES ... ; ............... 49 Ea. SALE PRICES GOOD WITH THIS AD ONL YUU Your Approval Of The $97.8-Million School Bond Issues In The May 14 Election Is Evidence Thbt You Want Our Public School System To Have Adequate Classroom Facilities As Our Total Student Enrollment Increases Dramatically In The Years Immediately Ahead. Your Approval Al. so Is Evidence That You Are Willing To Pay The Cost So Hillsborough County Schools Can Con tinue Its Pattern 9f Excellence In Education For This We Are Happy To Express Thanks To You On Behalf Of The County Schoof Board, School System Em ployees, And Countless Students And Parents. "OPERATION SCHOOL BONDS" P.o.' Box 3408Tampa, FL 33601 Co -Chairmen: Dr. Roland Lewis & Mrs Katie K-n Chrmn, Hills. Co. Ex-Pres & School Board Hills. Co. PTA Treasurer: J. Wayne Hull, Asst. Supt., Hills borough County Schools .................. .. ----


'Turnout In Predominantly Black Precincts For Special Election PERCENTAGE VOTED TOTAt NO. fRECINCTS MARCH 12 APRIL 9 MAY 14 REGISTERED 1B 15.5 13.57 1,319 11 21.6 19.30 1,565 llA 18.9 16.11 2,346 15 8.5 7.47 1,686 20 18.6 18.95 1,873 21 13.0 12. 53 2,802 22 25.1 26.91 1,059 23 13.2 11.01 1,126 24 19.6 20.84 979 :tc 17.2 11.4 17.07 1,652 21.2 19.85 1,904 56 21.2 20.40 3,647 56 A 24.3 24.15 1,590 56B 17.4 16.44 1,727 70 7.0 6.2 16.37 3,542 77 23.6 24.01 1,395 TOTALS 30,212 DISTRICT 3 15.2 14.69 COUNTYWIDE 13.81 11.05 18.50 Jamaica's Economic Situation Improving KINGSTON, Jamaica, W .I. -The Jamaican govern ment's economic recovery program has succeeded in reversing the period of negative growth witnessed during thr 1970's, Sir Florizel Glasspole, Governor General of Jamaica, told Parliament last week. His comments were part of the Throne Speech, marking the opening of the 1985 86 session of the Jamaican legislature The Throne Speech outlines the government's policies and plans for the coming year. The Governor General was referring to achievements of the Structural Adjustment Program begun by Prime Minister Edward Seaga in 1981. The Prime Minister's program for economic recovery has succeeded in reducing the budget deficit inherited from the previous government by over 500Jo to 70Jo of gross domestic product and has dramatically im proved the foreign exchange balance. These achievements, Sir Florizel stated, "represent ed the greatest adjustment ef fort of any country in the world last year." YES! We Can Solve Your Plumbing Problems! MICHAEL R. REEVES Repair Service. Remodeling New Installations Electric Sewer And Drain Cleaning For All Your Plumbing Needs Call REEVES PLUMBING COMPANY CHARLES DAVIS Vice Pm., Operation 238 #CF25588 ASSOCIATED CARPET MILLS OF FLA INC. 5605 S. Westshore Blvd. 839-1080 Wholesale DISTRICT 6 BALLOTS (At-Large) REGISTERED BALLOTS CAST RUBIN LEONARD PICK CY DISTRICT 3 CAST DISTRICT 3 PADGETT CAMPBELl TALLY WARNE 1,319 179 179 162 10 89 5 1,565 302 302 347 18 211 12 2,346 378 378 103 16 81 17 1,686 126 126 309 35 231 15 1,873 355 355 317 22 210 26 2,802 351 351 251 24 157 16 1,059 285 285 112 5 90 5 1,126 124 124 183 16 116 21 979 204 204 306 115 282 308 45 245 28 1,904 378 378 664 53 492 24 :!2 3,647 744 744 310 69 291 30 1,590 385 385 242 34 201 16 1,727 284 284 317 95 581 303 23 237 20. 1,395 335 335 25,018 5,293 4,430 3,611 370 3,2?4 445 Padgett Total Votes Campbell Total Votes 8,220 (80.750'/o) 1,960 (19.250'/o) Judge : Alcee L. Hastings Objects To Subpoenaing Of Employees .. MIAMI U .S. Distr:ici Judge Alcee L. Hastings Jr. filed suit Monday challenging the federal government's right to subpoena a federal judge's court employees to testify against him. Papers filed at U.S. District Court in Miami late Monday said such information was privileged and could not be tee of the Judicial Couricil of the 11 t h Circuit is conducting an investigation of Hastings, 48, in Atlanta. Several former and current members of the judge's staff have been sub poenaed to testify, including his secretary, Betty Ann Williams, who was scheduled to appear Monday. "Ms. Williams was her job (in Miami)," Ander son said. He said no action had been taken against her for failing to appear before the panel in Atlanta : Law clerk Alan Ehrlich was to appear before the group May 27. I don't think we will have severe problems protecting .$ Ehrlich and Ms. Williams because they are still on the :;? staff, but the rest of the people m who have worked here are a > different story," Anderson = said. "Here we have young Q. lawyers out on their own being subpoenaed to testify by other judges." I Hastings was appointed a federal judge in November -1979 by President Carter. He t:l:l became the first active federal S. ="' judge to be tried on criminal r!!l charges when his first g: racketeering case led to C' bribery-conspiracy charges = against him. A jury found him I'll innocent in February 1983. Moves Senate Anti-Discrimination Bill Through House To TALLAHASSEE -A bill i sponsored by Rep. James T. l /j -"/ Jf::.lE ALCEE prohibiting alcoholic beverage establishments from refusing released without consent of service on t}te basis of "race, the judge involved religion or physical The move by Florida's first handicap," continues to work black fed .eral judge was its way through the Florida thought to be the first Legislature. challenge of a 1980 statute authorizing federal judges to The measure recently passed hold investigations into the out of the House as part of the conduct of other federal larger bill that raises the drink judges. Ahearing on the mating age in Florida. ter has not been set. Originally filed in response REP. JIM HARGRETT "Every action in this case is to charges Qf race discrimina-FREE HOME ESTIMATES unprecedented, said tion at several of Tampa's nightclubs, Hargrett's bill was Hastings' lawyer, Terence J. amended to HB54, which MOHAWK BARREn ARMSTRONG BURLINGTON A .nderson. "To my Whatever You raises the legal drinking age t'P! VInyl & Tile knowledge, Judge Hastings is from 19 to 22 and is expected "' TERMS AVAILABLE. GUARANTEED INSTALLATION the only judge who has Need to pass into law this year. SAME LOCATION FOR 15 YEARS challenged. this act in court." Classified Has lt. The measure now goes to be t'P! .. ....


County Water And Sewer Increase July 1 Rates To Hillsborough County Com missioners have approved water and sewer rate Increases that will become effective July 1, 1985, according to county officials. The rate increase will raise the average customer's mon-County Offices Closed Monday Hillsborough County government offices and operawill be closed on Mon day, May 27, in observance of Memorial Day. However, the Southeast County Landfill and Solid Waste transfer stations will re main open. In addition, garthly water and sewer bill by 26.6 percent or $8.18, based on an average consumption of .1 1 ,000 gallons of water a month, according to County Administrator Norman W. Hickey. ''The rate increase is necessary for three reasons. The current utilities bonds that we have must produce a re quired amount of revenue for pa)rment. Also, capital con struction cost for new facilities and upgrading of existing facilities is an important fac tor. And third, operational costs have increased con siderably," said Hickey. bage collections will be con -e ducted as usual in the unincor porated areas of the county. '0 The rate increase affects residential and commercial customers in unincorporated Hillsborough County, and is the first increase since 1981 he added. = < AREA BLOCK CLUB NEWS COMMUNITY SERVICE BRANCH OFFICE 711W. ROSS AVE. PH. 223-8600 MELVIN STONE, BRANCH MANAGER VISION AND PROGRAMS DENTAL SENIOR CITIZEN SPECIAL NOTICEEffec September 30, 1985, the ...... and Vision Services will limited to the Target Areas City Wide and Sulphur w111 no longer be in the Area. The Comminity Develop Vision and Dental s are now in n"""r,.tinn. Services include the llowing: Vision: Eye and eyeglasses. ................ : Dental extr actions, ,. .. ,, .. cleanings. Dentures: Dentures on a limited basis. Interested citizens may ap ply Monday through Friday, from 8:00 to 5:00 p.m. 712 West Ross, Tampa, Florida 33602 or call 223-8600. PerDISCOUNT CARDS Senior Citizens interested in applying for the Silver Savers Program (a new discount program:) should call or come into the Community Service Branch Office. You will be able to receive your temporary discount card at the time that you apply and your permanent card and your free directory will be to you at a later date. SUMMER JOBS Apply for the Summer Youth Employment Program, and Pledge-A-Job Program, available in the public and sectors. See your City of Tampa Division of Urban Development and Job Service of Florida, located at 404 E. Jackson Street, Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 4:00p.m. living in the Sulphur rings area may apply ttlrOlllllh September 29, at 8605 Mitchell Wednesdays Only a.m. through 12:00 noon. Division of Urban Development and Job Training, 404 BOUNDARIES East Jackson Street, Tampa, West Tampa: Rome -Mac-Florida 33602 (813) 223-8451; Dill and Columbus Drive to Job Florida (Up Interstate 275; Sulphur Town N. Florida Springs: Busch Blvd. Avenue, Tampa, Florida Rivet: and 33603 (813) 272-2280. cuvau to Interstate 75. The following information is BRANCH OFFICE needed to apply: 1. Proof of The Community Service address -Florida Drivers Branch Office is open Monday These City of Tampa employees have completed the 84-hour Medium Range Equipment Opera tions Training Course, and are eligible for promotional considerations as vacancies occur. Pictured are, front row from left to right: William Campbell, Michael Sands, Thomas Dixon, Earl Howard, Julio Ruiz, and Aston McLeod. Second row from left to right: Robert Curtis, Albert Turner, James Griffin, and Mack Lane. Back row from left to right: Ronald Nicholson, Steadman McHayle, David Ziegler, Freddie Sullivan, and Herman Calloway. According to Chester White, City of Tampa's Equal Employment Opportunity Office, Carol King and Earl Howard were the instructorS. Water Use Restrictions Still In Effect Water conservation restric tions continue to be man datory for residents; a .J1d a goal to reduce water consump tion by 20 percent is still in effect, according to Hillsborough County officials. The Board of County Commissioners enacted an emergency ordinance in early April governing strict water conservation, due to critically low surface and ground water conditions. The ordinance re mains in effect until officially lifted by the Board according to Norman Hickey, County Administrator. "We have seen a lO percent tlrop in water consumption City Closed Offices Monday The City of Tampa will observe Monday, May 27 as a holiday for Memorial Day. All City offices except those pro viding essential services will be closed. The Sanitation Department will provide regular collection service for residential and commercial customers on Monday. The Manhattan Avenue Brush Site will be open. FREE GLASSES since the ordinance went into effect, but we need to meet the 20 perc ent goal in order to en sure adequate water supplies for the county during the dry spring months," said Hickey. The "odd-even" system of. conservation is still in effect; even-numbered addresses may water on even dates and odd numbered addresses on odd FHA-HUD dates, between 9 p.m. and 7 a.m. The Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office is assisting county officials with law en forcement to ensiire -com pliance of the ordinance. For more information on regulations governing law ir rigation and other water uses, call 1-800-423-1476. Has acquired numerous properties that are for sale for cash, without warranty, in their ''as-is" condition. The houses are sold on a sealed bid basis to thehighest bidder. EQUAL HOUSING OPPORTUNITY A LIST OF AVAILABLE PROPERTIES IN HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY IS PUBLISHED EVERY SUNDAY IN THE CLASSJFJED SECTION, TAMPA TRIBUNE, UNDER GENE. RAL REAL. ESTATE. PINELLAS, WEST PASCO, SARASOTA AND MANATEE COUNTY PROPERTIES ARE PUBLISHED EVERY SUNDAY IN THE CtASSJFIED SECTION, ST. PETERSBURG TIMES, UNDER GENERAL REAL ESTATE. BUYERS MUST OBTAIN THEIR OWN .FINANCING. FHA-HUD will pay a portion of the closing costs if requested in offer to purchase. PROPERTIES ARE NOT ELIGIBLE FOR FHA INSURED LOANS. License or Utility Bill; 2. through Friday, from 8 :0 0 Paid For By Medicaid. Properties may have possible code violations. TO SEE AND BID ON THESE PROPERTIES, CONTACT AN. FHA HUD PARTICIPATING BROKER OF YOUR CHOICE. Bids will not be accepted directly from a bidder. All bids MUST BE submitted through a real estate broker. Proof of Family Income-Wa.m. to 5:00 p.m. Please call f-< 2, Check Stub or Social or come in to submit Call: :I: urity Card. Persons on borhood complaints, referrals Dr. L. A. Martinez :::2 can not qualify for to local agencies for assistanOptnmetrist on Program. There are ce, job information, or to limited number of slots make recommendations for 876-6085 .................... ........... ..................


t, chairman of Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Los Angeles, presented ten cases of the "New Taste" Coca-Cola to Mayor Tom Bradley and his staff at Los Angeles City Hall The Mayor thanked Attwood and his staff for the New Coke which is being distributed throughout Southern California, Hawaii, Las Vegas and parts of s ix Midwestern States. The Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Los Angeles is 1l part of the Beatrice Companies Inc., a major international firm whose operations include a wide of food and ucts. s ervices). Commission Chairman Kenneth H Medeiros Chief of Police, Bismark, North Dakota, praised the St. Petersburg and Tampa Police Departments. He explained: "When a n agency applies for accreditation, it makes a com mitme n t to ex a mine t h e agen cy thor o u gh l y and to be reviewe d by a tea m of careful ly selected a n d trained assesso r s from o ut-of-state age ncie s of similar size a n d r e spons ibilit y For mos t age ncie s th i s means more than a y ear o f in depth evaluation and c hange i f Medeiro s add e d. I "Communities w ith ac law enforcement a gencie s c a n be s ure that t heir ag enc i e s are u s ing s tate-of-theart, professional l aw e n f orc e ment practi c e s and pro cedures," sai d Commi ssio n Executiv e D irec tor James V. Cotter. "Whether t here's a major c ri me or a t r affic offense, the law enforcement a person nel in St. P e t ersburg = fD a n d Tampa will have written 'I policy on what to do and what t:l:l not to do. 5: The St. Petersburg Police Department has jurisdiction ; over 58 square miles. It serves ;;;' 238,600 residents in residential C" surroundings. =fD "The' accreditation process," according to St. Petersburg Chief Samuel F. Lynn, "provided us with the n eces sa ry vehicle to make s ure t hat all department policies Q. fD = fD (I} a nd procedures conform to the most up-to-date, identified > p rofessional law enforcement = practices and procedures. Q. Therefore, by completing the accreditation process, the :department is now in a better I pos ition to provide the best possible law enforcement services to the citize ns of St. Petersburg.'' Tampa Police Chief Donald Newberger stated that this recognition came as a result of a dedication, multiyear effort by the department. He stated, "this process of critical examination proved ver y valuab l e. We looked at o ur selves, asking, 'Is this the best way to o p e rate?' We liked w h at we found but we also recognize d the need to change so m e of our procedu res, policies and organizational structure. NOTICE OF INTENTION TO REGISTER FICTITIOUS TRADE NAME NOTICE .IS HEREBY GIVEN that the undersigned Robert Geller, intends to register the fictitious trade name Ro b e r t G e ller, Fashion Des i gner with t he Cl erk of the Circuit of Hillsborough County, Florida, Pursuant to Sec tion 8 65.09, Fl o rida Statutes, 19 53 : that th e un ders ig n ed in ten d s to e n g a ge i n the b usiness of Desig ning C lot hes, at 43 10 "C S o Park D r Tampa, Fl o rida. Dated this 8th day of May, t'"1 1985. z Robert Geller Z iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii._ ........ .........................


II) 00 0\ .... >-< > < Q rl FOR ALL YOU DO Henry H Brown (2nd from right), Vice President of Marketing Development and Affairs at Anheuser-Busch Inc.; receives the Howard University Milton Wilson Award for outstanding accomplishments in the field of business and public administra tion. Brown is an adjunct professor at the Howard University School of Business and Public Administration. The presentation was made at an awards luncheon during the 1985 Graduate Symposium sponsored by the Graduate Students Association of the Howard University School of Business and Public Administration. From left are Dr. Lenneal Henderson, Dean of Public Administration; Dr. Otis Thomas, Associate Dean of the School of Business; Brown; and Stephen Baker, president of the Graduate Students Association. The event was held recently at Howard University. Minority Business Participation .c I'll -:c :s = = :s "a3 = = Increases In Mass Transit Programs WASHINGTON Minority and other disadvan taged business enterprises in creased their share of par ticipation in mass transit programs in Fiscal Year 1984, Secretary of Transportation Elizabeth Hanford Dole an nounced this week. "Disadvantaged, minority and women-owned business enterprises are making significant gains in rece1vmg direct federal procurements, as well as in transit contracts, demonstrating the General Telephone Offices Closed Memorial Day General Telephone of Florida customer billing and service order centers and public offices will be closed Monday, May 27, in obser vance of Memorial Day, ac' cording to Robert L. Cromwell, the company s vice president-public affairs The company's repair crews and long distance and direc tory assistance operators will provide essential services and assist with calls as necessary on that date, but normal in stallations will not be schedul ed Administration's commitment grantees. Fiscal Year 1983 io fair and equal contracting disadvantaged business enter. opportunities," Dole said. prise figures were $298 Approximately $293 million million, while the women of the total $2 billion in owned business enterprise federally-assisted contracts figures were $47 million were awarded to disadvanDisadvantaged business en taged business enterprises in terprise participation is 1984 by Urban Mass Tranrequired in federally-assisted sportation Administration transit projects by a provision (UMT A) grant recipients. An of the Surface Transportation additional $73 million was Assistance Act of 1982. awarded to women-owned "Transit agencies have made "business enterprises. Par-real progress in two years as ticipation rates rose from 14.3 they have gained experience in percent in Fiscal Year 1983 to the program," commented 14.9 percent in Fiscal Year UMTA Administrator Ralph 1984 for disadvantaged L. Stanley. The goal of a 10 business enterprises and from percent participation rate was 2.3 percent to 3.7 percent for exceeded both years. The the women-owned business enDepartment of Transportation terprises. This occurred has administratively required despite a slight reduction from transit agencies rece1vmg $2.1 billion in total 1983 confederal funds to establish tracts awarded by UMT A women-owned business goals. EDWARDS Remodeling Service No Job Small Painting Carpentry Room Additions Dry WaiiNew Homes Roofing Ji'ATRICK EDWARDS Air Conditioner Repairs ... Evangelist Edwards Is Back In Business. Call MeCredit Terms Available. 1st John J: 17, But Whoever Has The Worlds Goods and Behold His Brorher In Need And Closes His Heart Against Him, How Does The l.ove of<.iodAbidelnHim? JST & 1ND MORTGAGES AVAILABLE Ask For Mr. Edwards Bus. 237..6900 Or Res. 237-6600, After 6 >) Named Time Inc. Director Of Corporate Affirmative Action NEW YORK Charles Martin has been named direc tor of corporate affirmative action for Time Inc., the in formatio!J and entertainment company, it was recently an nounced by Time Inc. Chair man of the Board Ralph P Dav i d s on. In his new position, he will have primary respon sibili t y for the management coordination and s trategic direction of Time' s affir mative action activities. He succeeds Toni Fay who held the dual responsibilitie s of director of affirmative ac tion and director of communi ty relations. She will now con centrate on community rela tions activities. Martin joined Time Inc., in 1982 and has held positions in corporate circulation and on the sta'ff of Discover magazine. Prior to that, he was director of the Peace Corps in Liberia, West Africa. He has a B.A. (1958) and an M.A (1962) from Illi State University and received Ph.D from Northweste University in 1970. He taught at the University of linois and Howard in Washington, DC. He was Fulbright Professor and White House fellow in national Relations Church's Fried NAACP Fair Chicken Signs Share Agreement Church's Fried Chicken, Inc. has become the first fried chicken fast food corporation and the 29th company to sign a Fair Share Agreement with the National Association the Advancement of Colored People. Church's President Richard F. Sherman and NAACP Executive Director Benjamin L. Hooks signed the agreement on May 15, in Dallas, Texas. Having signed the agree ment, lfooks and Sherman discussed key components of the agreement, which reaches out to minority banks, in surance companies, construc tion contractors and other minority businesses which meet corporate approval. Sherman, who initiated negotiations with the NAACP, said "The most im portant thing that we can do is to have a heightene d sense of awareness that when we enter into a vendor relationship we do our best to involve minorities in our business cycle." Hooks reported that the 29 Fair Share' signers hav brought over 1 billion in economic assistance to the black community. He in dicated, "The agreements have four prinicple parts: black membership on the board of directors, blacks in senior management posi tions, aggressively working af firmative action and utiliza tion of black entrepreneurs." Certified Public Accountant 6 Y2 Years Worlc Experience With IRS Delinquent Income Taxes IRS Payments Or Audit Problems Accounting Service/Tax Planning Business Consultation Financial Statement (For Loons) HOWARD MCKNIGHT Hours: Mon.-Fri. 8:30 Sat. J0-3 1936 E. Hillsborough (Tampa} 237 7 ''


Freedom And National Bank Elects Vice Chairman Of New Chairman Its Board Sharnia "Tab" Buford, president of the $100 million asset Freedom National Bank of New York, announced the election of Edward Lewis as Chairman of Freedom s Board of Directors and James H. Dowdy as Vice Chairman. Edward Lewis is publisher Essence Magazine and chief of Essence Com... ............... J .. Inc. which, in .... uu"'"'" to the publishing of highly successful Black magazine, also en production of the winning "Essence: The Television Program", weekly V. magazine show. The sue-of Mr. Lewis' publishing and broadcasting ventures have brought him notable ac claim and recognition in the publrshing and general SPIRITUAL ADVISOR True Psychic Born With Power. Will Satisfy You In One Visit. Has Loved One Turned Against You? Are You Unhappy, Discouraged, _Influenced B y Evil Spell? I Can Succeed Where Others Have Failed. Call Today. Weekday s Af ter 5 P.M. Anytime On Weekends. Daily Blessings. 1 (813) 677-2971 business communities. Mr. Lewis has served on Freedom's Board since 1977 with the past three (3) years as Vice Chairman. Prior to laun ching Essence Magazine in 1970, Mr. Lewis held positions with Citibank of New York and in the Offices of the City Manager of New Mexico City, New Mexico. Mr. James H. Dowdy is the president and C.E.O. of Commonwealth Holding Company (CHC). Commonwealth Holding Company is an economic development cor poration involved with real estate management and in dustrial operations of both CHC and Harlem Commonwealth Council (HCC) and its subsidiaries. Prior to assuming his position at HCC, Mr. Dowdy owned and operated businesses specializ ing in construction and real estate management. Freedom National Bank of New York, founded in 1964, is the only Black-owned and operated commercial bank in New York State. Head quartered in Harlem, with ex panded operations in Brooklyn, the Bank's yearned 1984 average assets of $100 million, places it among the largest Black owned banks in the United States Newly elected Freedom National Bank's Chairman, Mr. Edward Lewis, President & C.E.O. Commonwealth Holding Corporation. The Doctor's In .. Sam to 10 p.m. tNer)day No appointment necessary. M.D. on duty. X-ray and lab 2810 W. Buffalo Ave .. Tampa 8 7 7-8450 across fr o m St. Joseph' s Hospita l 13210 N orth 30th St.. Tamp a 9 7 7-2 7 7 7 north ofV. A Hospita l 206 E Brandon Bl v d .. Brandon 681-5 5 71 2600 U .S. Hwy 19 North across from Countrys id e M a ll 799-2727 Construction Courses Brought To Tampa Being Bay Area Contractors stay in business only if they can produce time ly, accurate estimates of con struction costs and put together attractive bids. That is why three experts in the estimating field hve formed a not-for-profit organization to teach contractors and estimators J.o bid more effi ciently. Based in Sarasota, The American Estimating Institute (AEI) three foun, ders have presented more than 150 seminars in all 50 states. Ac cording to executive director Daniel Rooks, since the in stitute was founded in early 1983 courses have been design ed to aid the estimator. A new series of courses for construction industry profes sionals is being brought to St. Petersburg during June by the American Estimating In stitute. Courses include new material and subjects in troduced this year and offered for the first time in the area. The courses are to be given at the Holiday Inn Sun Coast in St. Petersburg. They are: Construction Cost Estimating for the New Estimator' a week long course; Field Supervi sion, a two-day course; Con struction Cost Estimating Level II, a two-day course; and Construction Pric Systems, a two-day course. Advance registration for courses in required. Anyone wishing more information about the Institute, registra tion fees and seminar schedul ed is invited to write or call toll free; (800) 282-9891. National headquarters of the American Estimating Institute are located at 1950 Landings Boulevard, Sarasota, Florida 33581. liD ff 1:1 = 1:1 fD c: fi" ... 1:1 ., c: r:t' -fll =fD c:a. Tire Company Seeks Minorities To Own Auto Service Centers AKRON, Ohio Goodyear i s looking for qualified minorities intere s ted in operating their own tire and auto service cente r s Using the sloga n "Go into business for yo urself -but not by yourself,'' the company is seeking minorities interested in owning and operating Goodyear dealer franchises in cities and communities around the country. "We're looking for minorities who have had ex perience in the retail tire and/or automotive service business, or a strong background in retail sales," said Matthew Brown, Goodyear 's manager of dealer development. Thi s includes those already in the retail tire business who want to expand. Minorities who enter the company's franchised dealer ship program are s upported by Goodyear training, advertising and marketing assistance every step of the way AUTO INSURANCE UP TO 25% DISCOUNT come Where Service Has Been Our Policy For 30 Yrs." A. F. Kilbride ins. 1 .4501 Nebraska 238-8814 A minority tire dealer network produces jobs and keeps profits within the munity, Brown said. "We demonstrating that priv enterprise can work s ces-sfully for minorities the country. "The total automotive aftermarket is a multimilli dollar-a-year business makes the Goodyear a business opportunity minorities shou ld learn more about." Persons interested in t Goodyear minority dealer gram shou ld write to: thew L. Brown Manager Dealer Goodyear Tire & Rub Company, 1144 E. Market St. Akron, OH 44316 -0001. > = c:a. :::1. I = c =-... c 1:1 fll


! AROUND THE TOWN .... rl.l = 0 -.= 0 = -.. "1:1 = < = ;;.. ....l f-1 Mrs. Willie P. Donaldson, Ella Carol Weaver, Andrea Dixon, Lesila Donaldson, Tracy Fitts, Mrs. Eleanor Dixon and Shirley Fredricks. The event was at Greater Mount Carmel A.M.E. Church. Denise Williams and LaShawnda Smith at the Davis AnDonald Latson, Mrs. AU(Irey Newkirk and Elder Eddie Newkirk at the recent Boy Scout niversary Party. Planning Meeting. .................................................................. ..


''Support Sentinel Advertisers AMERICA:S FAMILY DRUG STORE sale prices good thru sat. May 25th. w e reserve the rlg trt to li mit quantities. see the yel l ow pages fo r the Ecllenl nearest y ou 4 3 7 COPPERTOiiE LOTION e lTYPES SOFT MATEps Saline Solution --. SOFT MATE PS' 1 9 9 SAUNESOLUTlON I-OZ. Limit2 For sensitive eves. 4 FOR DIAL 3 .5Z. 1 00 or UOUA 4 U_OZ. SOAP Limit 4 s-1 s 7 99 UNITED STATES HOME FLAG SET Reg. 9 .99 6 99 OCEAN PACIFIC WAFFLE HOODED SHII!T Reg. 9 .99 PRE-MEMORIAl DAY SAlE 9 99 12'116 'TABUTOP HIBACHI GIIU llf9.14.99 Mlll'rU S.lll .... ALLEREST 2 2 7 ALLEIICY MEDICINE PACK OF 24 Limit 2 2 99 WlSK HEAVY DUTY LAUNDIY : GAI.AX'f 12' 22 99 3-SPEEDDELUXE FAN #2153 Reg. 27.99 200/ /0 Lipstick. gloss. eye shadow OFF mascara & nail POlish. 1 Ss JHIRMACK SHAMPOO or CONDITIONER I-OZ. CHOICE OF TYPES 9 AOUAFRESH or ( AOUAFRESH FOR 9 KIDS 4 .6-DZ. PUMP Limit 2 baby cornstarch ,...... 1-4--fo'1 .49 L1m1t2 3 59 BASFPROI&O-MIN. BLANK CASSETTE TAPE 2-PK. Reg. 4 .99 90MIN. 2 P K ................... 4 .99 PLANTERS Ss( SNACKS ASSOI!TED TYPES 14 Ss METALGARDEN CHAIR Reg.19.99 o 1 80' DURO TIED 14 99 RADIAL BELTED GAROEN HOSE #8640 Reg. 17.99 COIICIIETE lUST & DECIIEASEI KOOAJ( COlOR PRINT 2 99 FILMCP-135 36 EXPOSURE VR1DD FOR A GOOD LOOK CHOOSE ECKERD'S SYSTEM 2 FOR KODAK QUALITY :I ... :I I = = :r ., = r:l' ... fl.! :I" ,Q. > :I Q. :s. I = c :I" ... s :I fl.!


II') CIC 0\ .... ... Th < a ( =) a > < Q .... = /i O)fomen rJnly are planning to b,reas t .-<; -. feed your baby, lruy nurs ting bras. You can wear these during pregnancy and for as long afterward as you nurse your bab y And Conditioning Your Hair Correctly you do not see a great deal of lather. A high-sudsing sham poo will strip the hair of its natural oils. Some products u s e artificial chemicals to create the high-sudsing effect rll Personal Appearance Girdles And Bras g If you have never worn i girdle, there is no need for you to start now, ;: CUI' if you are early your pregnancy. You find that a maternity gives you the supI you need because c are having backaches or your abdomen is extra "g large. If you have had several pregnancies, your abdominal muscles may be lax and a girdle will be comfortable. A good supporting brassiere is important for 'C your posture, appearance, and will sup port your breasts in a normal uplift position It : is important to see that the cup is large enough = = and that the underarm is built up high enough to cover all the breast tissue. Wide shoulder straps will give you the most com-: fort and support. If you If at all possible, have a sales person help fit you for your girdle and bra. You want the best possi ble fit for support and comfort. What Kind Of Shoes Should I Wear? Your shoes are one of the most important part of your clothing at this time. Are you far enough along in your pregnancy yet to have noticed that your posture is changing? If not, you will notice this before long. As your ab domen gets larger, your posture changes. Proper fitting shoes .that give your feet support and have low to medium heels will help you keep your balance and may help prevent leg ache, backache and fatigue. Moccasins, ballet type shoes and sneakers give little .or no support. You can test your shoes to see if they are giving enough support by placing a shoe on a fir:m surface such as a table or the floor. Press your thumb down onthe of the shoe that comes under your arch. If the shoe gives under the pressure, it will not give good support to your foot. 1. Pre-rinising is very im portant. Wet hair for at least 30 seconds, making sure to run fingers gently through from front to back. 2 Apply to palm of hands, rub hands together. (Never apply s hampo o directly from bottle to hair.) 3. Do not sa tur at e one spot or use more sham poo than is necessary. 4. M a ssage shampoo into hair More Tips On ,, How To Diet Make the meal a treat for the senses. Be especially concerned, when dieting, to make Making Your Bath A Luxury meals attractive. A low- You have the scene before entering the bath. set for that luxurious Rinse off all vestige of calorie dinner can be a bath and now is the time the cream before entering high-style occasion. How to do some very necessary the bath. about candles and real personal things for good Follow your usual linen napkins? Or lay in a hygiene. you use plan for cleansing your store of inexpensive, a chemical depilatory or face. You might want to beautifully designed an electric razor to apply a cleansing or paper place mats, remove hair from legs moisturizer facial mask, napkins and coated paper and most importantly or even your favorite plates in a variety of pretUNDER ARMS, do it moisturizer. ty colors and patterns. You'll spend less on a Phone Your News 248-1921 week's worth of festive colors for the table than -FOR THE JUNE BRIDE you would on just one gently by using finger tips finger nails can scratch your scalp. 5-. Do not be concerned if 6. Rinse briefly with warm water, then shampoo again. 7. Next, rinse very well running fingers through hair from front to back (this is the way your hair grows). When you feel your hair is rinsed, rinse one more time. 8. Note the more you sham poo the beUer it is for your hair. Always condition after shampooing. 9. Remove excess water from hair. 10. Apply conditioner to palm of hands. Rub hands together, then gently apply conditioner to your hair especially on ends. Condition from front to back. Do not rub conditioner into 11. Leave conditioner on for at least 30 seconds. Rinse com pletely out of your hair, then rinse again. 12. After conditioning, pat dry from front to back. Do not rub your hair, as it _is at its weakest when wet and may break. Wrap towel around you hair to soak up water. Now you'reready style! Beauty Salon 2808 Tampa St. 229-0059 (Corner Tampa & Warren) Curls '35 Specializing In: Perms Haircuts Weaving Hair Coloring And All Other Hair Treatment No Appointment Necessary Senior Citizen Special On Mon. & Tues. JANICE COOPER MARY HERRON .. Operator (/ urmt>r(l' Of B o ss u N m uJ Hair Dazzlers Beauty Salon. 2305 E. Hillsborough Ave. (EAST GATE PLAZA) HOURS : MON. -WED 8 A.M.6 P M .; THURS. -SAT 8 A.M. 8 P M "We Service Every Hair Under' The Sun" All Type Curls $40.00 (with cut} Perm Retouch '16-'20.50 l-free Aloe Vera diet-wrecking cake from the bakery. Shqmpoo & Set ................. ........ ... $6 & Up = fudal, On Mondays u you have children Hair Cu_ts ... --------------------$6.: z And Wednesdays Only. make the start of a diet Early Bird Specials tj Appointment Necessary the start of Mother's Lib. Monday-Tuesday & Wednesday Only (Must Bring This Ad) Let them fix their own Curls 38 Retouch '1 5 S Aloe Vera Center snacks, and you won't be LateAppointments Upon Special Reque st 2269 E. Hillsborough (Eastgate Plaza) tempted to have a bite of All Work GuarantPed 237-1575 peanut butter Or WeAcceptMasterCharge&VISA ............................ ........


' =) 0 !#Oi''{f)fomen etting In Touch With Yourself The Swimsuit For You You'lllook best with a iittle fullness at the hips so select styles with ruffles, gathers, puckered fabrics, horizontal stripes, modified high-cut legs. Avoid: String bikinis, very high-cut legs, simple tank styles : 13 by ;'" Fmd HOW TO WEAR FRAGRANCE IMPRESSIVELY Fragra n ce experts shared wit h m e tips on how t o c r eate a magnetic a ura of beauty around us, Cleopatra sty I e. Always test fragrances in the afternoon because o ur se n se of s m ell s harpens as the day progresses," says Avon's Edward Blaumeis e r interna tional fragrance aut h ority And," he emphasizes try only three at a time More would confuse our nose Having se l ec ted the scents you en and which express your style and your many moods, make sure to wear them in "layers"the experts' word for wearing one fragrance in different forms "Layering will give you great-er f r agrance impression a nd enjoy ment a nd will keep you scented l onger," adds Bla um eiser. To layer start a t the bath with per fumed soap and bath oil. Follow with scented body lotion or skin softener and, then perfumed talc Before dressing spray or.splash on co logne lavishly, from head to toe. Then, fgr real frag rance shimmer. dot perfume the richest form of liquid fragrance, on pul se spots-_ behind ears a n d knee s, inside wrists and elbows, on n eck And remem ber, touch up your scent as often as your lip stick-both fade even tu ally Fragrance s s u c h as Avon's Vivage for daytime Fantasqu e, for night time and Soft Mu sk for any time, are availab l e in many forms that make l ayeri ng easy and a unique beauty experience, from the inside, out. To try the m, just aslcyour Avon Representative If you don't have one, call 1-800 -85(;-8000. Miss Ford is Beauty and Public R elations Manag{!r, Special Markets for Avo n Pr oducts, Inc. How To Change The Look Of Your Favorite Suit Sometimes we all feel so tired of our favorite old suit that we'd almost like to throw it out. You can bring that suit back to life with any of the following minor altera tions: lapels in a different color for example, a royal blue suit with black lapels. made from a different fabric for ex ample a black wool suit with black satin collar and cuffs. a jacket in a dif ferent color from the skirt. This is becoming for a very tall person who wants to reduce height. It also helps a very heavy woman draw attention away from her torso or hips whichever is heavier. Phone Your News Spot A ,dvertisfng Works Hair Fashions To Bring Out Your Best! Whether you wear your hair natural or straighten it, your hairstyle should be tailored to your face shape and features. Here are some ideas to help your style flatter both your hair and your face ... from Clairol ..., Face too long? Choose a hairstyle with width at the temples. Use bangs to minimize a high forehead. Bangs, along with some height, will play down a prominent nose too. 248-1921 "For The Best In Hair Care" call 229-9380 A Iter 6, 254-4338 Kisses Hair Designers 406-A E. Columbus Dr. If your face has a squarish shape, soften it with a rounded style. A round face will look less so framed by a style with added height. CURLS PERMS PRESS n' CURL WEAVING COLORING BLOW-DRYING SUMMER HAIR CUTS Call Today And Get Your Discount "Have A Jesus filled Day" > = Q. 11!1 :s 248-1921 J Go Classified .....


COPING By Dr. Charles W. Faulkner .c c:> = I .. Black I was enjoying this conver sation with my friend, Steve. Indeed, this was a learning ex perience, with my wise and brilliant friend as my tutor. Here is what Steve told me: ''One of my most pleasurable pasttimes is just watching the faces of people whom I pass on the streets, who sit on buses or who simp ly have a cup of coffee at a coffee shop I study people's faces and find an amazing dif ference between the expres sions on the faces of blacks as opposed to whites. "The difference is astound ing. Most whites seem to have not a care in the world. Their faces mirror content ment. Their behavior indicates an objective; a place to go. With blacks, it's an entirely different picture. Their faces mirror tension, turmoil, anxie ty and unhappiness Their behavior indicates combativeness It's almost as if they are angry at everyone in society and ready to fight at the drop of a hat. "This is probably why r11 statistics reveal that the = average black male has a E-50 /50 chance of being killed i:' by s omeone els e in a fight, mugging or murder. The c = = I c -c CIJ. ho s tility in black s i s tremendous It's a s if mo s t black male s hate themselve s and an yo ne who resembles them (thi s means other black s). They are burs ting with stress and this s tress can apparentl y be released only in physical confrontation-usually with another black "I believe that many black males have great misconcep tions about whites that guide Anger. their behavior. This might be the reason that blacks seldom take out their frustration on whites. Whites, especially middle-class whites, are perceived as gentle peaceful folk who wouldn't hurt a flea. They are pictured as sophisticates. "But, let me tell you something. I know an owner of a very popular large discoteque who is white and has run it for 25 years. The disco survived the transition of the neighborhood from white to black. When the sur rounding neighborhood was white, the disco catered almost exclusively to rough, tough middle class white clientele Ten years ago, the whites mov ed out and blacks moved in. The orientation from rock and roll hillbilly music to soul music. Whites stopped coming but blacks now come in droves. ''The owner gave me a sociology lesson last week. He said that the tHack and white lower classes were essent ially the same: rowdy and addicted to cheap drugs On the other hand, the differences between the white class disco dance crowd and the black dance crowd were like night and day. Whites s pent an average o f $40 each v isit on hard liquor. Their objective was to get drunk. Black s, obviou s l y unaware o f t .his negative characteristic of the middle class white dance crowd, seem to think that all middle class whites are s uave and s ophisticated Therefore blacks act cool, suave and sophisticated. Although they s pend only $4.60 per person, 406 W. Columbus Drive 229 Fac ing The Teenage Problem HY KATHY EDWARDS Helping Youth Decide Growing Pains Part II Adolescence is a time of ex peritnenting and testing. Young people try out different behaviors and take risks and learn from reactions of family and friends. Thus, they find out what their abilities, in terests and responsibilities are. Teenagers are also facing the eventuality of leaving home and joining a working society. They must mesh their interests, skills, and talents with duties, jobs and rules available to them. They often feel a sense of inadequacy and may underestimate themselves. They need to ex periment and compete in work and play to discover where they fit in. As young people become more sure of who they are and more confident of themselves, they can begin to share more of their hopes and fears with others, especially their peers. lt is normal for they are extremely well behaved. "Ask any disco owner who caters to both the black and white middle class crowds, you will find that they are dif ferent. But they do n9t like to mingle with each oth er. It 's really s trange white s t hink middle class blacks are drunks a nd addicts; blacks think middle clas s whites are s ophisticates. But the reality i s that t he rever s e i s true. At least a t man y dis co s This behavior doe s not r eveal however the deep, con s uming anger and sel f -hatred t hat torments most blacks and is mirrored on their faces as they leave the discos and go out 0 the real world. Now Open On Sundays 12-5P.M. 7450 Palm River Road 626. adolescents to begin shifting In earlier times the instit some of their emotional tions of family, neighborh dependency from their parents and community provide to their friends. stability that could help They will also begin to people safely through define more clearly their rela"growing up" process N tionships with others. Whom society is increasing! they will follow and whom fragmented and television h they will lead become imporintroduced children to tant decisions. By beginning to aspects of adult life. Thus develop a responsibility communication betwee toward younger friends and parents and their children neighbors they are preparing become more crucial. Y for the adult role of guiding people need support and and teaching others. -------" ice on how to success Finally, adolescents are manage the "work" of beginning to narrow and adolescent years. deepen their interests. Instead Experiencing "growing of a passing interest in many pains'' as they verge on things, theybegin to develop a maturity, adolescents also deeper interest in a few ideas need gradual, reasonable and activities. preparation for making their Young people are undertakown decisions. This includes ing a search for their identity opportunities to discuss with within a confusing array of parents, as well as their peers, choices and challenges. Their what their choices are and the world is no longer the grade possible consequences of their school's simple and secure enaction s vironment, protected by Over the next few weeks I'll parents and teachers. be discussing various aspect s In junior and senior high of commications s kill s and school, teachers are more responsible deci s ion-making. challenging and the subjects Reference material: A are more difficult. There's booklet by the National more competition for the atAssociation of State Boards of tention and approval of Education. For questions or classmates .. .increased e xpeccomments write: Kath y Edtations of parents and wards, c / o Indepen'dent t eachers ... new extracurricular COGIC, 3101 E. Lake Ave., activities. Tampa, FL 33610. TrimTone 1200n' THE NIGHTTIME WEIGHT lOSS SENSATION The all natural a m i no-a cid f o r mula f eatured on n atio n a l TV and r adio Probl e m pounds disapp ear effortlessly. Reduce cellulite The drug-free alternative to die t ing Lose weight and improve muscle tone fast! You may n e v e r need to die t a gain I The Great Grapefruit Diet'M THE DAYTIME APPETITE SUPPRESSANT AND FAT The 4 w a y all natural weight lo ss f ormula tha t is swee ping the country! Grapefruit Extract Fruit enzymes promote fat reduc tion metabolism. Gluc omanna n Am a zing all natural v egetable fiber res trict s fat ab sorption to give you a feeling of fullness." Palm_ River Plaza ugou JVeed 1"01 qtjou't 2301 f. Hillsborough Ave. 238 Aloe Health Center 2269 E. Hillsborough (Eastgate Shopping Ctr.) K elp, Lecithin, Apple Cider Vinegar and B6-To burn and emulsify fat a nd flush it out of the system. Uva Ursi-A gentle, smoothacting natural diuretic to prevent fluid retention. 237-1575 Lose weight safely, naturally and fast!


\ \ indsey .. : ...... ,. ) : ., .,. ; .. ... .. '. ... .. -. . '. j Bring in the Clowns a t 1/3011 C lowns, Clowns .and more Clowns 399 to 1999 Comp. $6-$30. Start clowning around! Select from our assortment of clowns with porcelain heads, hands and feet and cloth bodies. Clo.wn Figurines 1299 to 1999 Comp. $18 & $30. Brighten any shelf or table with these colorfully haod painted clowns. Choose from several kinds of clowns, all made of fine bisque porcelain and gift boxed. GIFT DEPARTMENT Ocala, Gainesville, Deland, Orlando, Pine Hills, Melbourne, Cocoa, Titusville, Daytona Beach, leesburg Winter Haven, Bartow, Tampa, Pt Richey, St. Petersburg, Bradenton, Ft. Pierce


1 ., MMy .. .... >Utrell. Pre"''"' nea Natiowl E,.,..,: .. ..: ... J W e've ju s t marked the se-student s and you must both c ond an niversary of the educa. expect and demand the best tion reform movement, and from each and every one talk to educational renewal No gimmicks here. No and national revival continues flashy new teaching methods. unabated. The positive impact No worship at the altar of the of this reformist surge is latest high-tech hardware. In beyond question. We needed stead, proof positive that old an educational metamorphosis fashioned values still have a and we've now moved well place in newly reformed beyond the cocoon stage schools. That's encouraging_ But I Canton's math curriculum think the time might be right emphasizes developing to" remind ourselves that prostudents' resourcefulness and gressive movement must also problem-solving skills. That's always be "conservative": We why in Ken Kruse's algebra must conserve the pest of the class or old even as we embrace the Flangheddy's trigonometry new. When you renovate a course, a student who gets th'e house, you don't demolish the right answer to a problem has pillars. by no means finished and in I'm constantly reminded of fact has only just begun the .= all this as I travel the nation. lesson. Students who-discover & I've found that the: most suea "right answer" are by now cessful school programs are used to the follow-up question those that respect the their teacher will inevitably ''pillars" of education, the ask: By what other completely I basic values of hard work and different route can you arrive c commitment. Tbe high school at the same conclusion? math program in Canton, One problem very quickly 'g Massachusetts, is one such becomes many problems, and < program. Canton High boasts students pick up on the im a student population of only a plicit message: There's more little over a thousand. Yet the than one way to get a job :s school proudly displays a done. Finding the right answer t' showcase of trophies that is important, of course. But students have brought back more important is developing from regional, state, and nathe ability to see that problems tiona! mathematics tour-have multiple solutions, that naments. getting from X to Y demands = z The Canton math departbasic skills and mental agility, ment, however, by no means imagination, persistence, pa caters only to those who tience. A lesson for math breathe easily in the world of\ whizzes only? Hardly. numbers and symnbol. The math program is designed to enhance the analytical and problem-solving skills of all students those headed for the campus as well a s those headed for the workplace, the future engineer as well as the f uture carpenter, future artists and nurses and police officer s and s ecretaries and mother s and father s The mark of e x cellence is stamped on every level of Canton's program. What i s Canton's secret? If you a s k t hat que s tion of math department faculty, they look perplexed. Secret? We're mathematicians, not magi cians, they seem to say. The only "magic" is hard work, hours of class preparation, in sistence on high standards and no-nonsense discipline, dedication to the principle that you get what you expect from pits And Bytes Of Computer Programming If your home computer ha s you byting y o ur nails, enroll in HCC's basic computer pro gramming cour s e and learn how you can turn your elec tronic neme sis into a handy tooL "Beginning Basic for Microcomputers,'' which will focus on the basic commands, language and simple program ming techniques, starts May 25th at the Dale Mabry Cam. PUS. The fee for the course is $96 and classes w1ll be held from 8-10 a.m For more information, con tact Dr. Alma Hires at 879-7222, ext. 354. Poetry============== 'N ========Prose Poetry n Prose is a new poetry coil/Inn for the :I: talented black community. If you have a poem that you would like to share with our readers, send it to: : The f1a. Sentinel; Poetry 'n Prose, P. 0 Bo,.r 3363, Tampa Bay Tech High School Human Relations Department sponsored the fifth Annual Awards night May 17. Young men and women who excelled throughout their school in all areas of the school were rewarded. Also awarded were members of the community that donated their time and artifacts to the Brotherhood Week Culture Affairs. The sponsor of tbe Human Relations Dept. for Tampa Bay Tech is Mrs. Jacqueline M. Davis; the supervisor of Human Relations is Mrs. Barbara Bethel, and the coordinator. for Human Relations, Ms. Bernice Nelson were present to present awards. Mr Robert is principal. Pict ured left to riaht: Ms. Bernice Nelson (Co'!rdinator for Human Cathy Cramer Teresa Dalcoor, Ester Searfoss, Jennifer Wtltse, Terese McDonald, Sylvta Gonzalez, Evelyn Suero, Twanda Lucas, Doretha Gilmore, Mrs. Jacqueline M. Davis, (Sponsor); Vicky Felix, Keith Daniels, Kevin Green, Dytra Harris, Amy Niebel, Barbara Raasch, Vernay Jackson, Rhonda Battle, Qavid Raasch. Back Row: Charles Johnson, Tammy Stephens, Duany Article and photo by Julia Jackson. Child Care Certification Progra_ tn Become A Certified Child Care Worker Or Improve Your Present Skills By Enrolling In Hillsborough College's Child Care Training Program (Coursework Meets State And Local Requirements LAST CHANCE TO EARN A FLORIDA HEALTH AND REHABILITATIVE SERVICES (HRS) CHILD CARE TRAINING CERTJFICATE BEFORE JULY 1. CREDIT AND NON-CREDIT COURSES WILL PREPARE YOU FOR THE 20-HOUR HRS TRAINING PROGRAM. ENROLL TODAY! CLASSES WILL BE HELD AT THE HCC CAMPUSES LISTED BELOW. CONTACT THE CAMPUS NEAREST YOV FOR DETAILS. Dr. Alma Hires Dale Mabry Campus P.O. Box30030 Tampa, FL 33630 (813) 879-7222 Sylvia Marion Carley Ybor City Campus P.O. Box75313 Tampa, FL 33675 (813) 247-6641 Fred Webb Plant City Campus 1206 North Park Road Plant City, FL 33566 .(813)223-1761' (Tampa Exchange} (813) 754-1561 (Plant City Exchange} ............................ .. ._._._.__._._. .... ._._._ ..


. '> '...... ... ........................................................ .......................... ACROSS I. Sports event for Jesse Owens S Medgar __ slain civil rights leader 10. Profession for Thurgood Marshall 13. "An __ of Sanctity": Frank Yerby novel 14. "Good __ ", black TV series IS. Zeta Phi __ Sorority 16. Famous basketball player: 2 wds. 19 __ Church, oldest black org. in U.S.: Abbr. 20. Famous Dutch p'linter 21. __ up, became less stre .. tOus 22. Compass direction 23. Dellums and Faun troy, familiarly 24. Bumbry, opera star 26. Women's military group, for short 27. Prters, noted black actor 28. __ Simpson, of football 30. Roberta __ singer 32. Adjective for Ali 33. Adam and __ 34. Andrew Young, to Martin Luther King, Jr. 35. "The __ Pastures": 1936 all-black film 36. "Pig __ Markham, black Vaudeville star 37. "Eeny, meeny, miney, 38. Gloomy, to Maya Angelou 39. "Dream -_", Brvadway musical 40. __ garde, fencing term: Fr. 41. "Lord knows, I 42. Football play for James Williams 43. Baseball field spot for Satchel Paige 44. Trees on Fisk s campus? 45. Monogram for basketball's Baylor 47. Clean the bathtub or sink? 49. British streetcar SO. Prof. org. for Patricia Roberts Harris: Abbr. Sl. He broke Babe Ruth's homerun record: 3 wds. SS. Pub drinks for Cleo Laine? 56. "Low man on fhe __ pole" 57. Watermelon skin 58. "No __ Out," Poitier's 1st film (1950) 59. John Philip __ "The March King' 60. Willie __ Baseball Hall of Farner DOWN I. Carl T. __ journalist 2. Stop on __ (qui'ckly): 2 wds. 3. Nat or Natalir 4. Urge: Scot. dialect S. Waters and Merman 6. Chemistry lab conta,;ners 7. Award for Cicely Ty.son for "The Autobio graphy of Miss Jane Pittman" (1973) 8. Jewish teacher RELIEF FOR 11HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE" Try Our GARLIC & PARSLEY WITH ALOE TABLETS "THEY REALLY WORK SUGAR arthritis Amazing new method ends pain FEEL GREAT AGAIN!! NO DRUGS .. CAN BE TAKEN WITH ANY OTHER MEDICATION AMAZING NEW TABLET THAT COULD CURE ARTHRITIS, SUGAR AND HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE, TRY THEM! CALL 237-1575 ALOE HEALTH CENTER ----------------------9. Opposite of NNW 10. "Get a new __ on life" 11. End in __ even score: 2 wds. 12. Magician's stick IS. __ is beautiful!" 17. Benjamin Banneker invention 18. Respond, show interest 23. Raymond __ Alexander, noted black judge 24. Germaine __ feminist 25. Red-colored horse 26. __ in the Water," Lerorie Bennett book 27. Money, to "Dizzy" Gillespie 28. Shape of office sought by Jesse Jackson 29. Freeman McNeil's team 30. Debbie Allen's TV series 31. ''The Cowardly __ ("The Wiz") I 3!. Excessive desire for wealth 33. Poetic words 35. Almost a smile 36. Title for Dorothy Height 38. Allen __ author, "Advise and Consent" 39. Sigma __ Rho Sorority 41. Road trips for "The Dance Theatre of Harlem", e.g. 42. Dr. Charles Drew's discovery 43. "She Works Hard for the __ "; Donna Summer hit 44. Great Lake & port city 45. Popular black magazine 46. Groups for Basie and Ellington Raleigh, N.C. 48. That: Fr. 49. Ballet skirt for TONY BROWN'S JOURNAL PREVIEW FARRAKHAN ON JESSE JACKSON AND WARITH MUHAMMADOn TONY BROWN'S JOURNAL, Min. Louis Far'l-akhan (right), the outspoken leader of the Nation of Islam, talks candidly about a wide range of subjects, in cluding his controversial association with Jesse Jackson who he says he will not support in 1988. He also charges that most Black politicians are "puppets," comments on Quadhafi's inciting Black soldiers to mutiny, his break with Malcolm X and his peace pact with Iman Warith D. Muhammad. The nation s longest-running and Black-Affairs television series has been funded by Pepsi Cola Company for ten consecutive years and will be seen in this area on WEDU-3 at 1 P.M. on Sunday, May 26, and on Saturday, May 25, at 3 P.M. on WUSF-16. Vanessa Williams Sues Penthouse, Photographer For $400-Million -0 > 3: > < if = s I = = :r = r::r -... fl.l ==-> thouse Williams was forced to = relinquish the crown as the fir= st black Miss America when VA NESSA WILLIAMS NEW YORK -Former Miss America Vanessa Williams has sued Penthouse magazine and a photographer for more than $400-million, claiming fraud and ex ploitation in printing sexually explicit photos that cost her the beauty crown, her lawyer said Thursday. The action expands on a $70,000 suit filed last year against Tom Chiapel. the photographer who took the pictures and sold them to Pen-... the photos-showing her nude with another woman-were I made public last July. Helene Freeman, Williams' ; attorney, said the suit, to be e heard in state Supreme Court in White Plains, N.Y., damages for breach of con;:; tract, fraud and civil-rights cs violations. The suit seeks $150-million in punitive and actual damages against house and $250-million against Chiapel. Williams also daims she is entitled to all the money the magazine and Chiapel made on the photos and seeks return of the negatives and prints. The issue brought Pent house $37-million in sales; Chiapel's payment was never disclosed. An attorney for Penthouse and Chaipel said Williams is "a public figure and she'll have to prove malice 30 Down so. Operatic solo for Sentinel's Top 10 Albums Leontyne Price, e.g. 1 w A Th w ld U.S' .4 r Afi e re e or n ror r1ca 52. Military ranks: Abbr. 2. The Night I Fell In Love ... Luther Vandross 53. Scoreboard numbers, 3 A d Th w ld I AD Pr' roun e or n ay................... 1nce ....._ often 4 E f(, 1 & mergency. oo The Gang G"l 54. "The Man WUh the S. Diamond Life.' ........... Sade I:'Pl Golden 6. Can't Stop The Love ......... .: ............... Maze Z -'' (1955 film on drugs) 7. Rhythm Of The Night ........ De barge z (C) MCMLXXXIV Puzzle 8. Nightshift ............ Commodores I:'Pl Syndicate All 9. Only 4 You .............. Mary J.:me Girls Rights Reserved 10. Jesse Johnson's Revue ........... Jesse Johnson I:'Pl ...... ....


(1.1 c: 0 .... :a .c 0 = = .... := = = = J ,JJ Entertainment Gwen's School Of Music Hosts Ninth Annual Re.cital Melba Moore In CBS Primetime Special Owen's School of Music Ninth Annual Recital was held Sunday, 3 p.m., May 19 at Friendship M.B. Church. Reverend H.L. Daniels, pastor. Gwen Mitchell, owner of the school stated, "My students continue to work hard and effortless for they know that they must be the be: st at whatever they choose, or whatever theJ assigned task might be for them. Music is an integral part of our culture. By JULIA E. JACKSON Christian training in the field of music is a must if we are to give God the very best Of the talent that He has entrusted to us. For this reason, we shall continue to demand the very best and encourage only those who are sincere about their studies in music," she explain ed. Gwen's School of Music is open to all ages. Voice lessons as as instrumental made Bryant Gumbel Voted Best Groomed American BRYANT GUMBEL I n an election, established b y the Neighborhood Cl e aners' Association, to see wbo would get the most votes as the Best Groomed American,. Bryant Gumbel, h05t of the Show, was the overwhelming winner. .. We counted votes from all over the country,'' said Bill Seitz, Executive Director of N.C.A., "and Bryant Gumbel rec eived the largest number of vot es. Those who voted for B r y ant regard him as an 'att r ac tive and clean-c ut' figure wh o gives a great deal of con sid eration to his grooming.'' A ccording to comments by who voted, Bryant is ''understatedly neat stylish'' as well as and attractive." Seitz added that "the of a wardrobe are serviceability, durability, and stylishness; not extravagance and not tren diness." The Neighborhood Cleaners had asked people to vote for their choice of Best Groomed American after issuing its own Best Groomed List a month ago. At that time, onehundred delegates of the Neighborhood Cleaners' Association polled their mem bers and subsequently named nine individuals as the Best Groomed Americ a ns. L eaving a tenth slot unfilled, the Association asked all Americans to choose that in dividual who best exemplifies the qualities of good grooming. This year, their choice is Bryant Gumbel. the recital versatile. The Gwen's School of Music Inspirational Singers gave songs of praise to start the recital. Students who performed during the recital were Aaron Coleman, Karla Clayton, Tar sha Harris, Tasnee Daniels, Jackie Reese, Venita Hudson, Katina Davis, Keith Daniels, Carolyn Tribune, Latrona Davis, Sandra Blackmon, Lucretia Evans, Lejean Miller, Michelle Gordon, Tavia Anderson, Rhonda Bruce, Venita Hudson, Teresa Nix, Preceida Harris, Lesila Donaldson, Persephonie Smith, Tuanika Warthen, Courtney Jones, Rondolyn Mitchell, and Tikija Davis. Actress and Capitol recording artist Melba Moore is currently on a hot streak with her latest album, Read My Lips, which is climbing the charts. Ms. Moore has just com pleted taping a CBS Primetime Special "How To Be A Man", starring Melba Moore, John Denver Susan Anton, Rex Smith, Hal Linden and hosted by Bob (Captain Kangaroo) Keeshan. The special is scheduled to air May 29th on CBS. The local CBS affiliate is WTVT -Channel13. Phone Your News 248-1921 GRACE'S PLACE 2502 N. Albany PRESENTS A Pre-Holiday Social Featuring Irma Coffee & Candy Yams Sunday, May 26th 8 P.M. Until Jazz & The Top 40 ,'Something For The Mature-Minded Crowd" NO COVER CHARGE


Whitney Houston: Heir Apparent To A Family Fortune NEW YORK Talent-rich Whitney Houston began in vesting her sizable inheritance of physical beauty and natural vocal ability in the music business some ten years ago at age 11. Today, at 21, the returns on her investment have WHITNEY HOUSTON at last begun to pay off in a big way. The first single release, "You Give Good Love," from her Arista debut album as a solo artist, Whitney Houston, is a runaway hit, destined for gold. And the album is not far behind. On the closing night of her much-talked engagement at New York City's Sweetwaters cabaret, seven hundred people had to be turned away, every available space from cellar to .ceiling having been sold early on to a crowd that was all eye s and ears and great expecta tion. Among Whitney's more fortunate fans (all those who did get in to see her), sat such celebrated personalities as Leslie-Uggams, Gregory Hines, Stephanie Mills, Patti Austin, Sarah Dash, and Jeff Lorber. And her recent tour of Europe was no less an un qualified success. Hardly what one might call nouveau riche, Whitney comes from old talent. The poise, the confidence, the maturity beyond her years, the music are all in the blood. And the talent in that bloodline reaches even mother Cissy who, as a member of the Sweet Inspirations, was as much as cosignatory to the unique sounds of Elvis Presley and Aretha Franklin. It is the same strain that ,flows in the veins and music of cousins Dionne and Dee It graced the gospel stylings of her aunts, The Drinkard Singers. But make no mistake, all that Whitney Houston is today was not simply handed her on a silver platter. Her brillance is her own, hard won and well HAS JAMES BOND FINALLY MET HIS MATCH? ALBERT R. BR()CCOLI Presents ROGER MOORE as IAN H..EMING'S JAMES BOND 007. Starring TANYA ROBERTS GRACE JONES PATRICK MAC NEE and !CHRISToPHER WALKENI Music by JOHN BARRY Production Designer PETER LAMONT Associate Producer TOM PEVSNER Produced by ALBERT R BROCCOLI and MICHAEL G WILSON Directed by JOHN GLEN Screenplay by RICHARD MAIBAUM and MICHAEL G. WlLSON IPGjf'AIHTALGIDIUSUIIIIrnDCD I I""'""" ......... "' I .-.. ,._ .. ,.., ...,...,""'.,...._ PANAVISKJN TECHNKOLDR (D .. ::::r DtSTRIBlTTED BY MGMIUA ENTERTA.INME!\1 CO Find out Friday May 24th deserved. This once rough diamond from the Houston mines has polished herself through years of performance, ac cumulating her assets the range, the control, the phras ing singing backup for her mother, both in and out of church, doing session work with the likes of Lou Rawls, Paul Jababa, Chaka Khan, and later, duets with Jermaine Jackson and Teddy Pendergrass. On Top Of Musical World \1). ft) = ; ft) I = = -ft) = = =c:ll :::r ft) QUINCY JONES c. HOLLYWOOD -"Making We Are the World was like building a house of cards," says producer Quincy Jones. ; ''I knew no matter how much time and effort I put in > to it, the entire recording ses sion was just one gesture away from falling apart. 'It's hard for superstar singers -and some who think they should be -to forget their ego for a night and be session singers. I never knew so many people had a different idea of how to make a record.' This is a man who knows about making records: He has turned out 29 of them as musician, producer, composer or arranger from jazz and bebop through R&B and pop. He's worked with such legends as Frank Sinatra, Duke Ell ington, Lena Horne and Michael Jackson. With Jones producing, Jackson's Off the Wall (1981) sold 8 million copies; Thriller (released in 1982), 37 million After 35 years in the business and 16 Grammys, it might seem Jones 51, could tackle anything. But it was State of Independence on Donna Summers' self-titled 1981 album that convinced "Q" he could do We Are the World. = Q. .. I ft) = 0 :::r Q. 0 "On that track I had gotten people like Michael, Lionel "l:j Richie and Kenny Loggins and > other artists who later did ;; World to sing the chorus. .., "What I learned ... was that I needed .to be a cheerleader z and make everyone feel the .., song was going all right and that their minor part was a ....


. .. = < "2 .r: rll -= = = = I = = --------------------Phone Your News 248-192 --------------------ANSWERS TO CROSSWORD PUZZLE Grace Jones, starring as tile May prowess as a bodyguard by overpowering a menacing KGB agent in the spectacular new James Bond adrenture, A View To A Kill Royal Smoke Shop 2347 Beach St. CornerOfleach&Armenla MEMORIAL DAY FISH FRY Mon., May 27th 2 P.M.-SPECIALS Old Milwaukee ...... 50C O Champale ............ oo All Other 12 z. Lowenbrou ........... '1(10 Beer H k '125 e1ne en ........... Seagram 65 c & Calif. Cooler ........ ps LIQUOR: SPECIAL DISCOUNTS All 16 Oz. Beer off Pints ............ SOC off '12 Pints ..... .... 25C off Shoot Pool, Listen To Your Choice Of Music And Celebrate With Friends 75C Gene Hicks, BLUE FLAME BAR-B-QUE & LOUNGE 7523 Grace St. 257-9773 Presents THE PARTS UNKNOWN -BAND& CLIMMIE "B. B. KING" JOHNSON MASTER Of THE BLUES ID. Disco By "DR. J." THE D.J. Friday & Saturday 9 P.M.-2 A.M. NO COVER CHARGE FRI. & SAT._ (C) MCMLX X XIV Puzzle Syndicat e __ R i gtl__ t s R_eser_ ved MANILA LOUNGE 2620 E. 7th Ave Presents King Flirt & His All Male Revue SUNDAY, 9 Tilll P.M WEDNESDAY MANAGER'S SPECIAL NIGHT YOUP MAD & WILD D .. T. IS FLOYD ''JOY'' RIVERS NEW LOUNG E 614 Nebraska Avenue, Tampa, Florida TUESDAY NIGHT WTMP RADIO NITE Wednesday Night Ladies Night Free Admission Free Drinks Friday & Saturday YOUR D.J., ''JAY JAY'' ALL ACTION STARTS AT 9 P.M:


-tr. YOUR 1;\ HOROSCOPE lf ..... ;s G E MIN I (May 2 1 -June 20) : r est ful. How e v er, th i s Monda y Be carefu l o f trip p ing o r and Tue sda y are warning days stumbling for the next few against mispl aced trust a nd days, particularly if you're an possible-deception fro m outdoor type of person who mem b ers of the opposite sex. likes to ride horses, bikes and A good day for cleanup work cycles. Save such matters for around the house. Fine time weekend. Dur ing this time for planning a party next also, plan for the week ahead, week because your time is coming SAGITT A RIUS (Nov embe r u p. This week is good for tak 22-Decemb e r 21): T her e ap ing a b ack sea t a n d p o nder ing p ears t o be a rough s pot t his th e ways and w h eref o res o f week i n the w a y o f letting th e y our l ife. W h e r e are y ou st ubborn side of your na t u re h ea din g? get in th e wa y o f dealing w i t h C A NCER (June 21-Jul y o ther s A b etter tacHe s hould 21) : T hu rs d ay a nd Friday of b e used Saturda y in t o Sunda y this wee k i s f a vo rabl e for get o ffers a fa v orble turnaround tin g away f rom i t all o r beauti-i n money m a tter s. Su pporti n g fying t h e h ome. Sa t urda y a nd s p irit ua lity, the da y's as p e cts Sund ay s u ggests you wa t c h acce n t illusion dream s, hope s, y ou r s p en d i ng La ter i n t o t h e as pirat ions f o r the f uture and week y ou c an pu s h for wha t i nn e r f ai t h Dis c uss a U these y ou t h ink i s yours. Work with helpmate may be t h e best m e thod of CAPRICORN (December s t i mul a tin g self. A happ y cy cle 22-January 19): Bot h Thurs-i s a t ha n d in do mes tic proper da y and Frida y o f fer s a t y ow ner shi p and r ea l e stat e fa v orable opportunit y f or admatt e r s vancement. Saturday, LEO (Jul y 22-Augu s t 22) : howev e r will be when e v ents H o pefull y b y th e time o f th i s go f rom majo r t o minor. Be read i n g, y ou s hould jus t b e on gua r d of ho w you are out f rom und er the c o s mic p roac h e d f or m o ney. L end s tor m. I'm gla d to say th e next not, borro w not not a t t his few days ahe a d a r e wit hout t ime any wa y. Uranu s ale rts r esis tan c e i n way. In f a c t, you t o e xce llent opportuni t ies bo t h Sa t urd ay and Sunda y are f o r ma k irig y ou r p r e s en c e felt f av o r abl e d ays f o r mat er ial whi l e Jupiter i s bles s in g th e advanceme n t. Papers you dorman t t alen ts t ha t s hould b e b e l ieve had b ee n lo st c an s uddu s ted o ff. denl y res ur f a ce und e r thi s AQUARIUS (January tr en d. Let pa tie n ce c o m bat 20-February 19) : T his p eri od discord o f t h e yea r is w h e n w e o fficialVIRGO (Aug u s t l y e nt er the z odia c s i g n o f 23Se p te mb e r 21): Watch your Aq u arius. T h e start o f t h e manners in pu b lic as well as cha n ge in signs may not make being overbearing with others feel like your time. -xou can during the very early part of venture into new territory in this week. If not, it cou l d your hobbies an d avocations, come b ack at you l ike a so to spe a k. b o om erang The t urn a round PISCE S ( F ebruary i n eve n ts will be g q :tdual, but 20-M arch 20): A s trologicall y b y T u esd a y o f n ext w eek your s peakin g, t his is a turn will co m e to put your s upe r b period to carr y ou t. piece s b ack in place Take care your w ildes t dre ams and of pre m i um s and finan c ial s ch e me s. You are fa v ored matt e r s today. Call a friend co s mically, all week long. The who has been having a dificult emphasis will be on contacts a s time well as s hort trips or public ap-LIBRA (September pearances. You should sue22-0ctober 21): Cosmically ceed all week long Your peryour affairs for th i s period are sonality makes you the center making a turn for the worst, of the group Dress up today starting Friday going through and make sure you are attracSaturday evening. It would be t i ve. very unwise, unless absolutely (March 21-April necessary to do anything im 20): One th i ng is for certain, portant or lo ng range during this is certainly a very this time Stay alert to misuse favorable week for you and of money, material restraints the things you have in mind. and i mproper contracts. Friday, Saturday and Sunday SCORPIO are the especially favorable (October 22-November 21): Hints of days. Financial moves, in adhelpful assistance coming your dition to long range contacts parts of the possible way are strongly indicated for are this week. The opportunity for benefits. (April 21-May this is likely to come through a TAURUS Thursday into the next social function or setting of 20): day is _just a start to a beautiful some kind. The weekend looks -. week. Mc;mb e r s of t he o pto make ne w c hange s or bold 16. To get more f un out o f posite s e x s hould be e s pecially moves with your life and life choo s e your companion s h elpful, p a rticularly t h e ca r e e r It's up to y ou. Thi s carefull y. A L e o o r Aquar i us women You'll have a c han ce t ime around y ou r number is w ould do .. TV GUIDE FRIDA. Y NJ_ A 1985/ BROADCAST (1)WE6U I Pes) (J)wxFL INK) @)wt5P IAIIC) l1})MVT CC8S) aWFYs ,_, 0wm CAIIC) owt& ,_, Good casMemlnt Inspector Good 44Kids IS Memlng !'"' Gadget Memlng 30 FormDoy .. "!;ranzer 45 w .. tMr sooliiime n ., ... ..., IS Strtet .. .. H Albert 30 H H Dick Von H Greot s,.c. 45 H .. H H !t;Hh C..ster 900 lTV I Sin to TkTK IS '"=oms i!tnePer :l .. I Levt H ..... .. .. 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0 > E-< z ***** HOLLY FARMS U S .DA GRADE A FRE S H Whole 49 Fryers _. LB ***** LEAN C ENTER CUT AlB Pork 1 97 Chops ...... LB s. ***** C ENTER CUT -BONELESS Pork 2 97 Chops ..... LB. ***** TENDER. JUICY-BOTTOM Round 159 Roast ....... LB. GREA T F OR GRILLING FRESH 100'10 BEEF AHY SIZE PKG. Ground Beef .99LB Rib 278 Steak ...... oLB ***** BOTTOM o o o o o o LB1.69 r LEE-BEEF OR REGULAR 0 Franks ...... 2l9 2 LB. POLY BAG tsilver Floss 67 0 Sauerkraut ... DANISH. LEAN SMALL BBO SIZE -10 LB. BOX ONLY o o o o LB1.59 r WHITE & BLUE r ?:8 PK.(PLUS DEPOSIT) 0 Beer ....... 3.23 0 Up ....... LYKES 1.73 LB .69 ***** U S O .A. CHOICE r 16 OZ. LADY LEE 1 49 o Pimiento Spread r LEE 99 OR POLISH -1 99 0 Drinks Sausage LB 1 .. 1K6 ozr. -aASfStORTED 1 r 6 oz. ECKRICH .I. 1 49 6 Bologna ............ 89 Dressings SWIFT'S-REGULAR OR BEEF 1 18 oz'l\f.lAFT Sizzlean Bacon 12 oz. PKG .59 r Barbecue 95 r 6 oz ECKRICH 1 69 0 Sauce .. o Cooked Ham r 6 OZ ECKRICH 1 3 t Ef "ltsd 6 CoHo Salami 5 o ........ 49 frozen food 12 OZ. LADY LEE r BALLS. CURLS OR Lamb 1 87 6 Chips ........ 95 0 0 0 LB r WHOLE IN THE BAG .1._ B o 2 84 BoHom 1 39 : 8 ;z :Aco Round LB 1 69 d!I!Y. values o Chips ........ If._ 3 LB CROCK HARVE S T DAY 1 49 Jf Spread .......... Soft :17 Drinks .......... r 6 PK GREEN GIANT NIBBLETS 1 04 6 Corn On Cob LARGE farm-fresh P.roduce L 2:18 L 1.29 Cooked Shrimp .89LB Sea Trout Fillets .... LB1.49 TASTY 99 Halibut Steaks .... LB1. FRESHWATER 2.29 Catfish ........... i.B bakB!Y. CHOCOLATE OR YELLOW SWEET. FLORIDA Yellow .R;ro;>;%\1\\ Y Corn :15EA FIRM. RIPE -EXTRA LARGE Florida 39 Tomatoes LB FRESH Florida 169 Mushrooms LB FIRST OF THE SEASON 2" AND UP Baking Potatoes ..... LB.39 LBl9 LARGE -SLI CI NG Sweet Onions health & beauty_ r 1.5 OZ RO L L ON 2 0 oBan . 8 50 OZ GENERI C AUTOMATIC Dish Detergent 1.48 r20Z LIQUID 1 o Bactine . .59 32 OZ ....... LEMON Dish Detergent ..... .71 F RENCH 99 Stix Loaf . 2 PK r 7 Ol SHAV ING GEL 1 8 oEdge . 8 32 OZ GENERIC MIX 1 85 Instant Tea CINNAMON ST REU SEL 9 Coffee Cake oz 1.4 r 6 OZ C?NDIT I O N ING MOUSSE 1 68 oCia1rol . Whit;RPiates ....... 93 cOOK OUT GOODNESS -H AMB U R GER 89_ Hot Dog Buns PK Bandits Family Football tickets available at all stores. PRICES THURSDAY MAY 23 THRU [K4-J h IN HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, DADE CITY ,.,-I WEDNESDAY, MAY 29, 1985 as OR ZEPHYRHILLS I L 1.88 delcatassan FRESH COLE SLAW. 1,1ACARONIOR Salad .39HALFLB HALF LB .79 H;m Sarad ...... HALFLB1:15 B;k;d"'B';ans ..... HALF LB .58 Cheese HALF LB. 1A8 5eS SUP.RiiiiiiOiiioiirt.__ r 32 OZ. FARMBEST -WHOLE C?A 2% 87 o Milk ............... r 4 OZ MENNEN o Skin Bracer ........ 1.89 L 5r;;;;rstick ........ 1.79 OPEN MEMORIAL DAY Regular Hours STORE HOURS : MONDAY THRU SATURDAY : 8 a.m.-10 p .m. S UNDAY : 9 a.m .-9 p.m. < ..


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