The Church: an alternative urban transportation amenity

The Church: an alternative urban transportation amenity

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The Church: an alternative urban transportation amenity
Taylor, Addis C
University of South Florida. Center for Urban Transportation
National Urban Transit Institute (U.S.)
United States. Dept. of Transportation. University Research Institute Program
Office of Research and Special Programs
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Tampa, Fla
National UrbanTransit Institute, [University of South Florida, Center for Urban Transportation Research. (CUTR)]
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Paratransit services--Florida ( lcsh )
Churches--Florida ( lcsh )
Local transit--Florida ( lcsh )
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The Church: an alternative urban transportation amenity
Tampa, Fla
b National UrbanTransit Institute, [University of South Florida, Center for Urban Transportation Research. (CUTR)]
c 2000 June
Paratransit services--Florida
Local transit--Florida
1 700
Taylor, Addis C.
2 710
University of South Florida. Center for Urban Transportation
National Urban Transit Institute (U.S.)
United States. Dept. of Transportation. University Research Institute Program
Office of Research and Special Programs
Wright, Charles A.
t Center for Urban Transportation Research Publications [USF].
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THE CHURCH: AN ALTERNATIVE URBAN TRANSPORTATION AMENITY Principal Investigators: Charles A. Wright P E., Ph.D. Dr. Addis Taylor, Ph.D. Florida A&M U oiversity June 2000 Division of Engineering Technology College of Engineering Sciences Technology and Agriculture


TECHNICA L REPORT S T ANDAR D TITLE PAGE I. R'por'l No. 1 Go--t r M'It llt "'UJi on No. ;. CUJ I09 No N UTI3F AM U 1 1 .4. Tmc ncl Sublllle October 1999 The Church : An Altemative U r ban Transportat i on Amenity f OfOIIIufo" COM 1. Ans o f c h u rches across 1 h e State of Flo r ida. Using traditiona l correlat i o n and r eg r ess i on teChni ques, a r elat i onsh i p between gen eral characteristics and t r ansi t ucvices could b e obtained I n additi o n a concept of t h e potentia l for the church to become a transportation alternative t h e attitudes and i nterests of the church were r equired Base d on t h e s e f indi ngs. r e commendations and oonc;tusi o n s cou l d b e drawn wh i ch would better define the rol e of t h e church, and possibly an add i tiona l alternatives to the transport&tion dilemma Therefo r e a questionna i r e was d eveloped and adm i n i ste r ed to assess churches will i ngness to be used as a means of alte tnativ e t r ansportation. Respondents wer e asked questions from two gener al areas ( 1 ) whethe r the church would sttongly agree or d isagree to t r ansport its par i s h i oners to differen t loca t io n s and ( 2 ) gener a l demographical info rmati on about the ch u rch its current transportation vehicles. Resu lts demonstrat e d posit ive i nterest for p r oviding transportation to med i ca l faci li ties and socia l services whi l e transportatio n to WOtk r eceived negative support. Indi fference was shown toward s i ght seeing opportunities erra nds and appointmen t s 11 Key WOtOO T ransporutlon, Faith bued gl'(lupt. f tnporullon AmClnlty, Avalbblo to thoe p ublic: tflroug" TKhnlc;al l nrormatlo n Servi c e INTI S), Transpo!Utlon.t a lttl bued amenity 528S P o n Ro ad, S prln gl'l$ 1d, VA 2218 1. 170314 871650 a. N. :1. teo. ot11o" ?l. P rl<:, u ... ... u .. ,,. ... Form DO T F 1700.7 ( 8 -69)


Table of Contents Li s t of T ables . .... . : . . ......... . . . . ....... . . . . . ....... . . ................... . ... . .... . .......... ....... . . . iii Li st o f Figures ... ......... . .... . .... . . . . . . . . . .... . . . . ............. . . . . . . .... ....... . . . ....... . .... i v Abstract ......... . . ...... ......................... . ................... . . .... ..... . . . ...... .... . . .... . . .... . . .... .... v Execu t i ve Summary . . .... . ... ......... .................. ... .... .... ............ ... ... ... . . . ....... . .... . . . .... ...... 1 In t roduct i o n ......... . .... ... ...... .... ... ... . . . . .... ..... ....... . ................ . ................ . ... . ....... ....... 5 Approach Reve l ance of Project to Inst itute T heme Project Significance on a Nationa l and L oca l L eve l Rev ie w of L iterature and Othe r Moda l Considerat i ons . ......... ... ....... ..... ................ . .... .... ... 9 Literatu r e Rev iew (Pre searc h ) Add i tional Review (Post-s e arch ) Transportat ion Importance . .......... ... ...... ... .... .... ....... . . . . . . . ....... ......... . ................ .... ... 24 Urban t ransit Potential Alternative for U rb an Transit The Church .. . Research Objec t i ve s! M ethodo l ogy ... .... ................ ..... .... ... ...... ..... . ................ . ........ ... 27 A re a of Study Samp li ng Procedu r e O perational of the Survey Instrument Adminis t rtion of Question n a ire Sta t i s t i ca l Treatment of the Data R e sults . ... . .... .......... .......... . . ....................... . . . . .... . . ......................... ... ... . .... ....... . 3 1 Questionna i re Response Respondenrs Existing Demograph i cs Opin i ons of Vehicles Usag e S t at i stica l Analys i s Cross T abu l at ion C h i-Sq uare Ana l ysis Conclus ion and Recommendat i ons ...... . . ............. .... . . . . . . . . . .... . ................ .... ......... 44 References . ..... ....... . . .... . . . .......... .... ............. . . .......... . .... . . . . .... . ... ... .... .......... .... ... .46 Append i ces


List of Tables Table 1. References Found in P r e-searc h .... . . .... . .... ....... .... . ....... . .... . . .... . .... .... . ... 11 Tab l e 2. New D irect i ons in Tran sporta tion Planning .. ...... ............ .................... .. .. ........... .. 13 Table 3. Worl d Wide Web Search ............................................................................ .... .... 18 Tab le 4. Church Designation and Respon ses .... ......... .... ...................... ...... ........ .............. 32 T able 5. Size of Churches .............................................................. ................................... ......... 33 Table 6. Category of Church Owned Vehic1es ............ ................................................ ...... 34 Table 7 Capac i ty of Church Vehicles .. .. ......... ...... .... .................. ............. ...... .......... ...... ... 34 Table 8. Weekly Usage of Church Owned Vehicles .... ........ .. .. ...... .............. ........... ...... .... 35 Table 9. Pu rpose of Chu r ch Veh i c le Usage .. ........... ................ ..... .... .............. .... ............. 35 Table 10 ChiSquared Sta t is t i cs .. ....... ............................................... ... ................ .......... ..43


List of Figures Figu r e 1 The Planning Partners h ip: Government and Informed Citizens . .... ... . . .... .... 14 Figure 2. E l ements of Full Cost of Pr i vate Veh icle Users ................ ...... .. .. .. .............. .. ..... 16 Figure 3 Category of Responses by Attilude and Church S i ze for the Purpose of Work .... .... .... ... .... .... ........ .......... .... ... .. ..... ...................... .... ............ 37 Figure 4 Category of Responses by Attitude and Church Size for Socia l Services .... .... 38 F i gu r e 5 Category of Responses by Attitude and C hurch S i ze f o r the Purpose of Er rands ... ..... ......................... ..... ......................... ......................................... ...... 39 F i gure 6 Category of Responses by Attitude and Church S i ze for Medical Purposes .... 40 Figure 7 Category of Responses by Att i tude and Church S iz e for Recreat i onal Pu rposes .. ................. ..... ..................................... ...... ......... ..... .......... .... .............. 41 F igure 8 Category of Responses by Att i t ude a nd Chu r ch Size for Unmentioned Purposes ................................... ...... .......... ........................ .... .... .................. .... .... 42


Abstract The church was chosen as an alternative means of transportation because of it s present owne r ship of veh i cles (typ i ca ll y vans or bus es ) which are able to transport many persons simultaneously. In addition the t ran sportat i on amenities (vans and buses ) are usu a lly i dle driving the week when the de mand of tr ansportation is high. I t is poss i ble t h at the church will agree to be an alt e rnative transporta t ion provider if there are useful incentives that will benefit or provide benefit to them. T hese i ncentives include: discounts on gasoline, maintenance of church veh i cles, lowered insurance rates for church vehicles and other rel ated ince ntiv es. This report i dentifies the church as a potent i al alterna t ive source of spec i al-need urban transit and studies t he attitudes and opinions of churches across the State of Florida Us i ng t radi t iona l correlation and r egression tech niques. a rel at ionship between general characteristics and trans it services cou l d be obtained. In addit ion, a concept of the po te n t ia l fo r the church to become a transportation alternative the attitudes and interestS of churches were required. Based on these findings, recommendations and conc l us i on cou l d be drawn which would better define the role of the churches, and possibly any addit i onal alternatives to the t ransportation dilemma. Therefore, a questionnaire was deve l ope d and adm i nistered to assess churches w i lli ngness to be used as a means of alternat i ve transportation. Respondents were asked questions from two general areas ( 1) w het her the church wou l d strongly agree or strongly d i sagree to transport i ts parish i oners t o differen t l ocations and (2) general demographical i n formation abo u t the church and its current t ransportat i on vehicles. Results demonstrated pos itive i nterest for p roviding transportat ion to medica l faci lities and social services, while transportation to work received ne gat ive support. I ndiff erence was shown toward sightsee i ng op portun i t i es errands a nd appointments.


Executive Summary Urban communities t hroughout the U.S. will be experiencing decreases in availab l e funds to facilitate man y of their specialty transportat i on operations. The decrease of funds coupled with continued growth in population and land development have c r eated a need to consider other sources to fill this void. In the next 15 years, i t has been estimated that fifty percent (50%) of the federal services we now enjoy will no longer be available. Inc reas ing costs and demand for services coupled with de<:reases in federal subsidizes dictate that communities must find local solutions to ifs specialized transporta t ion needs (Krause and Malkowski 1988 ) There are currently community based private transit services ( i.e., churches day care, elder care centers and private schools) that transport their constrtuents i n buses or vans The basic objective of this research was to assess the ability of the churches to contribute as an aHernative resource for urban t ransportatio n serv i ces. Further, the research was focused on the field o f transit/transportation utilizing both facuHy graduate and undergradua te students. Th is effort provided the necessary skills and knowledge that will allow them to become the next generation of management personnel and practitioners in the field of t ransit/ t ransportation. As we approach the next m ill ennium, decreases in govemment fu nd ing and effort to max i mize transportation dollars will greatly affect the structures of current modes of transportation particularly modes that are subsidized (i .e., mass-transrt) T his could threaten transit programs frequented regularly by users thus calling for new alternatives to rep lace existing modes that operate p rimar ily on subsidized funds. Without other support. funding for transit systems will again fall in the hands of its user. As logical as the t ransit concept sounds. increa sing transit costs with an existing negative attitude towa rd mass-transit l ooks to limit the effectiveness of any transit effort. The extensive search was in tended to "window in" on the extent of use by faith based (church) organizations (organ isms ) to provide transportation services Based on the review. the use of the church vans/buses as a transportation amenity has been minimal. Safety advocates are promoting outreach within nontradition venues i n an effort t o reduce traffic crash re la ted inju ries and fatalities. There is a growing trend in non-traditiona l alliances exemplified by partnersh ips between the Buckle Up America campa ign and


memb ers of th e faith commun i ty. Because chu r ches p lay such a v i tal role in many communities, worsh ip serv ic es are an i deal setting in wh i ch to foster responsible safety pract i ces Through their unique partnersh i p w i t h the faith commun i ty N HTS A s R e gions 4 6 8 and 10 Offices promotes seat belts sa f ety t h roughou t 23 sta tes na tionwide. As noted i n the p re v ious review, promoting e fforts wit h i n non-t radi t i ona l venues are p ro v idi n g the neede d r esul t s f o r the Buckle Up America effort W it h the "wake -up" ca ll of t he fait h commun it y (i.e ch u rches) "fert ile", not "ha llow ground" exists with some cult i vating This resea rch effort has been designed to b e that ini t i a l s tep. The church stands at the heart of a ma j ority o f communities across the United States A center of education. i n fluence. and secu rity, it serves a ro l e l ike no other inst ituti on pro viding it s membe r s w ith a s ec on d ho me" I t a l so l ooks to better it s community and. often extends i tself to hel ping others in any way, great or sma ll. The church was chosen as a n al tern at i ve m eans of t ran sportat io n because of its present ownership of veh i cles (typica ll y va n s or buses) which are able to transport many per sons simultaneously. I n addit i on the t ran sportation ameni t i e s ( va n s and buses) are u sually i dl e dur i ng t h e week when the demand of trans port at ion is h ig h : Other c hara c terist ics that make the church seem a favo rab le subst it ution is tha f it generates funds w ithi n i tse l f, and usua lly, r ece i ves little ass i s tance from other sources outs ide of the church Als o t h ere are m any chu rc h e s that have existing modes of t r ansportation. Th ese two areas allow the c h urch to p rovide its members with transport ation amen i t ies for church related a ctiv i t ies Yet. wou l d the church be willing to accept a l arger ro l e ? Ca n t he ch u rch provide member s with t hese se rv i ces beyond th ose of t heir exis t i ng scope? I s t h e church a rea li stic a l ternative f o r special-need serv i ces? What is the attitude of c h u r ch leaders abo u t this different r o l e of services to th e ir parish i oners. T he church is one of m any o rg anizations that has the necessary t ransi t units however. d ue to many reason (i.e lack of empathy) on the part of o ther o rga n i zat i ons to h elp this g row ing populat ion of indiv i dual in n eed of transportation the c hu rch appe ars to be a pos sibl e l o ng te r m solut ion. I t i s poss i ble that the churc h will agre e to be an alterna tive t r a nsportat i on prov ider i f the r e are use ful incentiv es that directly benefit or provide advantages to t he m These i ncen tiv es incl u de; disco un t s for gasol ine and maintenance of t he church vehic le s l ower i nsurance r ates for church veh i c l es and poten t i al tax incentives. To obtain insi ght on t he poten t i al for t he church t o become a transportat i on alternat i ve t he atti tu des and i n terests of church es were requ ir ed Based on these findings -


reco mmendat i ons and conclus ions could be drawn w hi c h would b ette r def i ne t h e role of the church an d po s sibly an ad dit i onal a lte rna t ives to the t ran s portat i on dilemma. Th erefore a ques ti onnaire was deve l oped and admin i stered to assess the willingness of the churches t o be u sed as a means o f alternative transporta t i on Respon dent s were asked q u estions f rom two gene ral areas wh i ch are as foll ows: whether the c h u rch would strong l y agree or strong l y disagree to tra nsport i t s parish ioners to diffe ren t l ocat i ons an d general demograp h i c al info rmat ion about the church and its current transportat i on vehi cle s The survey cons i sted of two sect ions. Th e f irst section foc us ed on each church lead er's attitude toward p rovid ing t ran sportatio n to those withou t persona l t ransportatio n or access to pub l i c trans i t. U s ing a sca l e of strongly agree i n g ( 1 ) to strong ly disagreeing ( 5), each chu rch l eader was as ke d to rate their fe e lin g s on how church vehicles should be used t o p erform certa i n t asks The tasks i ncluded were: commutes to work, medical fac ilit i e s t ra nsportation t o soc ia l serv ice appoin tments and rides to perform e r rands or rec r eationa l activ itie s O ther specific task s t hat the respondent f elt might be u sed by the transportat i o n rec i pients were t o b e ident ified as ot h e r and t hen rated. The analyti cal Statistical Package for the Social Services (SPSS) was used to examine the data and exp l ore r e l at i onsh ips among t he variables of inter est. T h e most cur r ent version of SPSS 7. 1 f o r matted fo r an I BM com puter was u sed to compute the data. Eleven que st ions were coded according l y Ea ch respons e was coded as a n u me r ic value whi ch varied accor ding to the number of responses fo r eac h ques t ion Additionally, mult i p l e answers (an swers that were wri tten i n or non -response a nswe rs ) were coded. Several statistica l techniq ues were uti lized. includin g f requency distribut i ons, cross tab u la t i ons. and chi-square ana l ys i s Due to lo w response r ates fro m t he l atter churches size groups only ten tative conclusions can b e mad e in re f erence to t h ese res pond e n t groups. Conc l usions f rom the resu lt s of the st udy are o n ly represen tative of the r espondents t hat parti cipat ed. Accurate general i zation about t h e samp l e groups surveyed can not be made adequate l y due to low response rate amo n g the last three groups. The in formation repo rte d i n this survey is a s i ngular r epresentation of those who chose to respond to t h e instr u ment as sta ted previously However in th e a bse nce of any informat i on about t he samp l e size the resu lt s of the s t udy g i ves an i dea of poss ibl y whe r e t hese respo nden t s 3


groups stand on the issues discussed in the study. Future studies of this n ature should make an effort to get an adequate number of samples f rom the la tter three church categories (if they exist) so that more profound conclusions can be drawn. The resu lts from this survey did "w indow in" on the att i tude of church leaders for church sizes of up to 100, 101 500, 501-1000 parishioners and would be useful in constructing a future survey of la rge r church membersh ips however they cannot be used to d r aw accurate conclusions because of the l ow response rate (11. 7%). This low rate was the resutt of many incorrect or out-dated addresses f o r 28 .6% of the surveys retumed with a note t hat i ndicated these inaccuracies. In addition, targeting a sample population. i nstead of the whole population may have provided a better r esponse r ate. T hough the r esults obtained canno t be applied to the whole population many generalizations may be made. Many church l eaders seem to fee l the well-being of their members is highly i mportant, for 71% of responses at lea st agreed with the not i on of providing rides to medical facilities T h i s idea was the mos t well received of the ideas for alternative use of chu r ch-owned vehicles followed by the 63% who at least agreed to p rovid ing r i des to socia l serv i ces. Indifference was shown toward providing transportation tor running errands or making appoin tments, with the number of agree ing and disagreeing responses being almost identical. The same attitude was demonstrated toward recreat iona l or sightsee ing opportunities. Providing t ransportation to and from jobs was the least r eceived of these i deas. as 42% of the responses d i sagreed. These tend to indicate a dec reased interest i n soc i a l act i vit i es ou t side of the chu rch, and a possible concern for the expenses generated from such t r i ps. An area of concern noted i n t he discussion related to a series of questions quer i ed by t he church r espondents They are as follows : Leve l responsib i lity of inqu ires occur Insurance Maintenance Availability of compensation This list i s not exhausted but has been included as possible areas of concern that may be mitigated prior to an additional survey o r inst i tution of a p la n to use th e transportation amenities of the chu r ch as a means to solve t he special needs transportation equation 4


Introduction Urban commun ities throughout the U.S. will be expe riencing decrease s i n avai lable funds to facilitate many o f their specia lty transportation operations. The decrease of funds coupled with conti nued g rowth i n popu l atio n and l and deve l opment have created a need to con side r other sources to fill this void I n the next 15 years it has been estimated that fifty perc ent (50% ) of the federa l services we now enjoy w ill no longer be available Increasing costs and demand fo r services coupled w i th decrea ses i n federal subsidizes dictat e that communities must find l oca l solut ions to it's specialized transportation needs (Krause and Malkowski 1988) The re are c urrent ly community based private transit services (i.e . c hu rches day care, e lder care centers a nd private schools) that transport their consti tuents in buses or vans. Accordi ng to C .L. Chogu ill shifts from feder a l fund i n g results i n the r espo n s i bi l ity for local plann i ng to s hift to local agencies and residents ( Chogu ill1993). project to develop a pilot study of a private /community based orga ni zation that can fill the void created by the decr eased public paratran sk service. In the inner-city wher e many transk users res ide. the one institution that has remained and continued to replace their capital investments are th e churches. The church has hi s t orically been a focal po int for community change ( Harder and Kaiser 1 988 ) F urther they are expand in g their roles to in c lude empowerment and econom i c development ( i e .. build i ng schools d a y care for the elderly n ursing homes etc. ) It appears they a r e r eady for an expanded role for the i r members and the genera l community they serve To remain viable thes e organizations ( organ i sms ) h a v e begun the consideration o f other efforts to aid both l ong and short term short fall. The purpose of thi s research was to evaluate exis ting investment of the c hurch, their commitment to providing alternative transpo rtat i on for their members in a planned and coord inated effort by the local transit property /com munity The basi c objective of this research was to assess the ability of the churche s to contribute as an a H ern a tive resource for urban transportation services 5


Approach Th is research project assessed existing investments of the church, their commitment to prov iding alternative transportation for their members in a planned and coordinated effort. The assessment area considered is the State of Florida. Task 1: Existing Capita l Investments The existing capital invest ments in transporta t ion vehicles by churches were assessed for their availability for use as a potent i a l alternative means of transportation This effort followe d the t rad itional steps required i n res earch development, including: examined community based con t r i bu t ion to alternative sources of transportation ; accessed state wide church data base s to obtain a list of 200 candidate churches to be considered fo r this pilot evaluation; and determ ined which type of t ransportatio n vehicles were needed for consideration. Task 2: Candidate Population Review Determined the churches that are viable with the potential transport vehicles to be considered in the study. However, the complete lis t of 1 200+ churches were utilized in the survey. Task 3: Data Collection and Assessment The data collection and assessment effort determined the locat i on capacity, and numbe r of transit vehicles owned by the churches in Florida. Th i s effort evaluated th e church communities' contribution by the following processes: 6


Developed survey instrument to determine what transit veh icles are available from the church es ; Asse ss ed pastors' attitude about the concept of anemative transportation aid t o member utilizi ng the transport v e hicles of the church ; and Assessed other uses of local properties as a coordinator of thi s effort Task 4 : Analyze Data Collected This a na lys i s quantified th e att itudes and possibl e contributions o f the churche s to the tr ans it needs. This stud y was performed by the fo l lowin g sub-task ; Assessed attitudina l perception s of providing transit services; Determ i ned transit amenities (vehicles); and Ranked chara cterized and determined trans it capabilities An executive summary was prepared for widespread distribution that incl uded many of the major resuns and findings presented in the t echnica l report This tech nical r eport was prepared to present the results of the ana lyses of the church's/community's contributions. These analyses Identified primary problems, assessed use and may serves as a guide to local strategies for l oca l areas to utilize these community amenities. The report will be useful to t rans it researchers. officia ls of t ransportation agenc ies. state and loca l transportation planners t ransp orta t ion engineers and trans i t management personnel. Relevance of Project to Institute Theme: The theme of the National Ur ban Trans i t Institute is : Combining acade mic research, educational programs, and real world experience to deve lop innovat iv e p ragmat i c approaches that wi ll enable public transportation to better meet the evol ving needs of our citizens Th i s research i s rel e vant to this theme because it addressed an alte rn at i ve resou rce th a t may play a role i n the prov i sio n of urban mobi l ity Greate r knowtedge abo u t th i s potential resour ce/community amenity will e nable planners, dec i s i on maker s to consider how it can best be in tegrated i nto the overall transportation delivery network 7


Project Significance on a National and Local Level The potent ial benefits of this effort are as follows : Availability of in fo rmation r egarding invo lve ment of the church in providing for the needs of its members: Increased input of th e church into the t ransit process: List of churches tha t consider r idership satisfaction variables ; Research results available to potential users i n a form that can be dire ctly i mplemented utilized or otherwise applied; and P r ograms tha t will give students practical experiences with the transit/transportation i ndustry: Further t he research was focused on the field of transiVtransportation utilizing both faculty, graduate and undergraduate students. T his effort prov i ded the necessary skills arid knowledge that will allow them to become the next generation of management personnel and practit ioners in the field of transiVtransportation. 8


Review of Literature and Other Modal Considerations As we approach the n ext m illen nium, decreases in government funding and effort to maximize t ransp orta t ion dollars will greatly affect the str ucture s of current modes of transportation part i cularly modes that are subsidized (i. e., mass t rans it) Th i s could threaten transit prog rams fr eq ue nted regula rl y by users thus, calling for new alternatives to rep l ace existing modes tha t operate primar il y on subsidized funds Without other support. funding for transit systems will again fall in the hands of i ts user. As logical as the transit concept sounds, inaeasing transit costs with an existing negative attitude toward mass-t ran sit l ooks to limi t the effectiveness of any transit effort. Another more feasible approach would call for assessing the list of modes and variations of modes/ex ist ing entities to rep l ace services l ost due to limited funding ( Communities may have to become responsible f or prov i ding transportation for th!>ir resi dents through loca l based instit u t ions. Any community with limited mobi lity would sure l y decline and experience the gradual disappearance of people and businesses. Res iden ts who f ind themse lves with new transportation options would r isk their hea lt h jobs and liveli hood. The transportat ion equation is furthe r compl i cated w i th the other issues note d in the lit e r ature review of t h is repo rt ( i. e .. Welfare to Work, etc. ) Emphasis to re p la ce these serv i ce tosses m ust begi n within the community A feasible cons i deration to replace this decline would start wi t h the c h urch an i ntegra l part of many communities, to participate and p r ovide it s members with services they need. Churches within th e community have received a "wake-up" call; to thrive, the needs of t h e membership must be met. Where needs a re met the growth of the churches are increasing continuously, where needs are not met the growth is stagnant and on the decline. The nee ds of growing churches are both sp i ritual and p hy sical (i.e., health faci lit ies family life centers. elderly homes. health care min i stries. etc.) While these facts note tha t the chu rc h wou l d be an i deal alternative would the ch u rch be willing t o step i nto this role and what t ransportat ion services would they be willin g to offer? 9


Literature Review (Pre-search) During an extensive search of data relating to faith based (church based) urban transportation amen i ties very minimal information was found Searches consisted of continuous efforts using the Webluis research system Th i s system is a state university system that allows access to wor l d w i de data bases Through th i s unique network searches were done i n the A-Z data base that were broken down by different topics Topics searched were as follows: rel igion based transportation amen i ties transportation engineer i ng innovative transportat i on ini tiatives community transportation initiatives. and urban commun it y development. The extensive search was in t ended to "window in on the extent of use by based (church) organ i zations (organisms) to provide transportation services. Based on the review. the use of the church vans / buses as a transportation amenity has been minimal. Only four somewhat related references were found are reviewed i n the following section (Table 1 ) 10


Table 1 References Found in the Pre-search* AUTHOR T I TLE PUBLISHER DATE Zraket. C.A. and U r ban Transportat io n : assess ing Mclean. Va : Mitre 1973 Mouchahoir G. E. needs and strategies for the future Corpora t i on Levine. Aaron and Th e role of a private citizens' group 1973 Grant W illiam A. in planning f o r the imp act of a m ajor new mass transportat i on system . Finneron Doreen Faith in comm unity develo pment: Manchester, Eng : 1993 case studies of church based Centre for Adult and community development projects in Higher Education urban p r iority areas Marte ll o. M i chael A case study application of a Austin Tex : 1998 computerized full-cost analysis Southwest Region mode l for evaluating u rban U n iversi ty passenger transporta t ion Transportation Center Center for Transportation Research Norl hwes tero Uoiversit)' Transportation Library I I


Urban Transportation: Assessing Needs and Strategies for the Future (Zrak e t and Mouchahoir 1 973) This report noted the need for a new course of act i on because the lo ngter m urban transportation problems was one of fue l consumpt i on and congestion. The researche r s f ormulate a clear ly articulated co mp rehensive strategy covering abou t 30 to 40 years of urban t ransportat ion develo p men t and imp le men tat i on for mov ing peo p le and goods Analysis were ma d e of the conditions i n two representat ive cities (New York and Tokyo) wh i ch resu lted in a need for new strategies integrating new and con vent i ona l t r ansportat i on systems with urban growth and ins titutiona l factors To defi ne these strategies. a n ana ly sis and assessment of systems characteristics, systems f l ow and capac it i es and systems c o st wa s und ertaken Th i s assessment also evalua ted the impacts of these tran s p orta tion systems on la n d use and the env ir onm en t. The re sult of t h is assessment pertain ing to the di ff erent systems and tr ansportat i on needs resulted i n a formu l at io n of a short and lon g range i n t eg rated set of strateg ies covering t ransportat i on tech n o l ogica l developments soc i o-e conomic shifts, and urban p l anning and land use e l ements. Of t h e s i xteen tab l es t h a t captur es the condit io ns and thought processes of t rans p ortat ion p lan n e r s of tha t period, suggestions note d then would have benefited us greatly toda y It was noted that ... decentralization strategies s houl d be e ncouraged in very d ense urban reg i ons l ik e Tokyo by develop ing poly or mu lt i-nuclear act i v it y centers around th e reg i on to reduce the d ense central city growth N ew commun it i es should include soc ia l cultural, and rec r eat i onal centers simila r to those of the central city Such comm u nit ies sho uld not result i n the urban sprawl and i nefficient l and devel op ment seen i n many U S cit ies. T herefore more effect ive lan d use contr ol measures are needed to imp l e ment t hese strategies. O n a regi ona l bas i s these measures should i nc l ude zon i ng, taxation. subdivision. regu lat ions and ordina n ces .... Further Ta b l e seven te en listed the new direc t ions in t ran s p ort at i o n wh i c h represented far rea c hing thin king on transpo rtat i on so lu tions (Table 2) Many of the sugges t i ons were no t incl uded i n t r ansportation efforts u n til t he pass i ng of t h e l n te rmodal Surface T ransp ortation Effi ciency Act of 1 991. 12


TABLE2 NEW D IRECTIONS IN TRA N SPORTATION PLAN N ING" Integration of transportation plann ing with o verall urban and regional planning process New. simple accurate quick, cheap. and l ast ing m ethods of acquiring survey data Better models and techniques respond ing to new systems are well as to policies prices. r egu l at ion s and other decisions Incorporation of incidence analysis of economic. social, travel and environmental factors across different d i saggregated communiti es. In addition to user and non-user incid ence Encouragement of polynudear centers In urban areas to reduce transportation needed . Evaluation of transporta t ion alternat ives i n terms of social benefits and costs and socia l and env ironmental well-being of com munity, in addition. to engineering economic and lan d use criteria. Integrati on of new technology in planning process Better understanding of travel behav ior and need s and their ch a nges over a period of time Citi zen part i cipation and infornn at i on In clusion of movement of goods in transportation planning process Better conside ration o f and coordination among all transportation modes Coordination among all level s of gove rnment to achieve comprehensive effective and efficient planning lndusion of environmental. ene rgy. and resource as pects in the urban and transportation p l anning processes "Repnnt {Zral:et and Mouc:NhOir 19?3) I 3


The Role of a Private Citizen Group In Planning for the Impact of a Major New Mass Transportation System (Levine and Grant 1973) This report relates the successfu l eleven-year experience of one citizen leadership organization located on a semi-tropica l island of six-hundred square miles in the Pac ific Ocean. The activities of that Honolulu citizen group closely parallel the pattern of other volunteer organizalions i n the United States. The planning i ssues confronting Honolulu were remarkably similar in nature to those of other burgeon i ng areas. Th e form of cont i nuing citizen review and involvemen t descr ibed i n this report demonstrates how a citizen leadership group can participate in the p l anning process and help the public respond constructively to the exam i nation of complex transportation alternatives. It illustrates how a citizen organization can cons t ructive ly supplement and support the offic i al p lanning program of a community. I n so doing a deeper knowledge of t ransportation i ssues is gained and a broader pub l ic u nderstanding of the solutions becomes possible. The Planning Partnersh ip: Government and informed citizens model is noted irt F igure 1. I t indicated that with public attention focusing more sharp ly on t ransport ation issues the citizen organization i s increasingly afforded the to contribute its input especially as aHernative transportation modes are sought to relieve mounting congestion and environmental deterioration. Figure 1. The Planning Partnersh i p : Government and Informed Citizens 1 4


A Case Study Application of a Full Cost Mode l for Evaluating Urban Passenger Transportation (Martello 1998) Prior to the 1990's, t ransportation policy focused primarily on th e development of the Inters tate system. Cost evaluations of t ransportat io n aHernat i ves i n the urban environment typically considered initial capital investments only However. the passenger of the lntermoda l Surface Transportation Efficiency Act of 1991 ( ISTEA) and the C l ean Air Act Amendments of 1990 (CAAA) promoted a more comprehensive approach to eva lu ating t ra nsportation options. ISTEA and CAAA shifted traditional planning and decision-making to a multimodal transportation perspect i ve, a process wh i ch examines highway, transit. and r ail issues in combination I n this approach, the transportat ion planning process looks at the p ro b lem f rom the perspective of an integrated system. emphasizing efficient and productive transfer of people and goods. Costs i nclud ing ind irect soc ial and environmental costs, must be fully accounted for in comparing m odes and manage ment strategies to i dentify the most cost effective options Transportat ion full-cost analysis was t h e f irst step i n developing a mu lt imodai t ransportation invest ment plan. Full--cost analysis takes into account not only infrastructu-re costs but a l so user and externa l cost thus enhancing t ransportation plann i ng significantly A t ransportation system is composed of several components. Therefore the cos ts of a t r ansportation system i nvolve much more t han public agency's costs associated with building and ma i ntain i ng highways. or purchasing and ma i ntain i ng transit vehicles Figure 2 obta i ned from this report outlines the elements of the full costs associated with a transportat ion system from the perspect i ve of automobile users. Bus users and rai l us ers present a different cost structure that encompasses the full costs associated with th e each t ra nsportation mode. I S


FuU C:O,t of .'!1 .. Ro-uliQe Aclmlhtration & Otbt Servic e Ca?'u : Doproci&tion 't-4--financ:ial Omse '--....I&Slii.L..,_./ Insurance ' Figure 2. E lements of Full Cost For Private Vehicle Users ( Martello 1998) 16


Focus on any singular cost may result in an inefficient system and can lead to reduced long term economic investment. The full-cost approach provides a stronger platform from which to evaluate t ranspo rta t ion i nvestment decisions without modal bias. It identif ies l east-cost alternatives and promotes efficient use of th e system MODECOST developed by the authors after reviewing the literature and current practices of full-cost transportation system plann ing. MODECOS T has the a b ility to assist Metropolitan P lanning Organizations (MPOs) and reg ional and municipa l authorities in comparing multimodal trans portat i on alternatives by accou nting for th e full cost of each mode. MODECOST inco rpo r ates many aspects of modal costs that have not traditionally been accounted for such as air pollution, accident cost and personal vehicle user cost. These cost are not usually included in decision matrices for transportatio n investment. By taking costs such as these into account, MOD ECOST e st ima te s the direct and ind irect costs from the perspective of how much society (o r the tax payer ) i s pay ing for that mode of t r ansportation. MODECOST allows the t ransportation planner to compare the full costs of three major urban transportation modes --auto bus and rail. MODECOST is an easy-to imp l ement, interactive and menu driven user-friendly software for comparing -alternatives. All cost com ponents are converted to per passenger-mile (PMT) cost to allciw comparisons on a common basis In addition, MODECOST reports the costs in the form of total costs and average cost for the diffe ren t modes. The software can be run on any IBMPC or compatib le computer All the noted examples have been reviewed because they offer in nova tive t hin king to solve the transportat ion equat i on f o r t he n ext millennium They represent a fresh view of suggested solutions to past t rans portat i on problems that have been proven to be valid over time. Additional Review -(Post Search) In the Literature Review pre-search usi ng the noted searches that included the Northwestern University Transportation Lib rary (Ill inois) the lis ted four documents were found related to new concepts and faith based (church) urban t ranspo rtat ion amenities uses (Table 1). I n the post search, many of the World Wide Webs prove d futile for the word searches listed The l ist of internet sites searched has been includ e d ( Table 3). I 7


Table 3 World Wide Web Search!!.CQm www,fhwa,gQI ,g2lllklll!filll!llfam,,b1!D WWW.fbll!i!,!l!l!QV/Wt!!!itale,!Jtm raO/IIbraO,btm WJlW,Iib!illl( ,DWII.Illlllll!iiD!IA!!!li!lill!l www. nQrlhW!I!ilern.ggu www.nulcweb.ll! WWW,l!aD,IibraO,DWI.Io!ldY We succeeded in locating several initiatives u t iliz ing faithbased organizations in a transportation related effort through the U.S Department of Transportation's Nassif Library (Wash ington D.C.). The most notable projects were the Ins pect i on. Repair and Maintenance: Periodic Inspect ion of Commercial Motor vehicles and the Buckle-up America Programs. A review of these initiatives are included in this section. Inspection, Repair, and Maintenance; Periodic Inspection of Commercial Motor Vehicles (Federal1998) This effort added the State of Ohio's per iodic inspection (PI) program for church buses to the l ist of programs which were comparable to, or as effective as, the Fede ral PI requirements contained in the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSRs). The FHWA has published a list of such programs in the Federal Register previously, an d this l ist has been revised occasionally Including Ohio. there are 23 states. the Alabama Liquefied 18


Petroleum Gas Board, the Distric t of Columb ia 10 Canadian Provinces. and one Canadian Territory that have PI programs which the FHWA has determined to be co mparable to, or as effective as, the F e deral PI requiremen t s. The S ta te of Ohio ( the State) h as implemented mandatory annual inspection r equir ements for church buses as part of i ts program to improve the safe t y of operation of p rivate motor carr iers of passe ng ers. C hurch groups tha t o p e rat e buses which qualify as commer cia l motor vehicles (as defined i n 49 CFR 390.5) are cons idered private motor ca r riers of passengers and are subject to certa in Fede ral safety regulations, In clud ing the periodic i nspection requiremen ts found in 49 CFR part 396 The State requires churches using buses registered as a "church bus" in accordance wi t h Ohio Revised Code 4503.07, and used to transport members to and fro m church serv ices or functions to submit an appl i cation for the regis tration of such buses to the Bureau of Motor Vehic l es. As part of the annual registration appl icat ion, the church must includ e a certificate f rom the State Highway Patro l as proof that the bus has been ins pected and is safe for operation i n accordance with the standards prescr i bed by the Superintendent of the State Highway Patrol. The inspecti ons are performed by the State Highway Patrol at State facilit ies or the bus owner'$ garage. The FHWA has determ ine d t hat the Ohio church bus inspect io n program in effect as of March 31. 1997, is comparab l e to. or as effective as the Federal PI re quirements. The r efore private motor carriers of passengers operating buses which are subject to the State's program and which are subject to the FMCSRs must use the State 's p rog ram to sat isfy the Fede ral PI req uirements. It should be noted that in accepting the State's PI program, the FHWA also accepts th e record keep i ng requirements associated w it h t he inspection program The inspection report used to reco rd the inspections is a two-part form I f the veh i cle passes t he inspection, t he bottom portion of the form is given to the bus operator to subm i t to the Bureau of Motor Veh i cles as part of the applicat ion for vehic l e registration (e .g .. purchasing t h e annual church bus licens e P.late.) The top portion of t he ins pection report is maintained by the State Highway Patrol The State church bus licen se p l ate (w ith a current validation sticker) is cons i dered by th e FHWA as sat isfying the Federa l requirement for proof of inspection on the commerc ia l motor vehicles 19


Buckle Up America Builds Partnerships With the Faith Community ( Hay nes 1998) Safety advocates are promoting outreach within non -tradition venues in an effort to reduce traffic crash-related in juries and fata litie s There is a growing trend in non-trad i tional all i ances exemplified by partnerships between the Buckle Up America campaign and members of the faith community Because churches play such a vital role in many communities, worship services are an i deal setting in which to foster responsible safety practices. The partnership-building movement with t he faith commun ity has been embraced by many National Highway T raff ic Safety Admin i strat i on (NHTSA) Reg iona l Offices as a creative means of fulfilling the goals of the Buckle Up America campaign Objectives of th i s unique effort i nclude the following: Establish ing partnerships with churches and other re lig ious aff i liates Providing traffic safety mater i als and education in support of the faitli community's activities Strategies and Activities NHTSA Regional Offices 4. 6. 8 and 10 have been particularly active in building partnerships with the faith community The following examples of act i vities ill ustrate t he Region's commitment to promoting the goals and objectives of the Buckle Up America program: REGION 4 (Alabama, Florida Georg ia, Kentucky, Mississippi North and South Carolina and Tennessee): The Region 4 staff i nteracts with t he local Northeastern Baptist Assoc i ation, a confraternity of 28 churches This charter partner has agreed to incorporate the Buckle Up America ini tiat ive into its Youth for Chr ist Meetings, its Youth Director's worship, and its Women's Retreats 20


+ REGION 6 (Arka nsas Louisiana New Mexico Oklahoma and Texas): Buckle Up America init iatives undertaken in Region 6 inc lude a partnership between the Okl ahoma Highway Safety Office and the Fellowsh i p of Chri stian Ath l etes (FCA) A t a recent event by the FCA, the Buckle Up America logo and messa ge were featu red on the evening's p rogram flyer While participating in another FCA event in Oklaho ma p ro football coach M i ke Ditka reco r ded a ser ies of rad i o and t e l evis ion pub li c serv i ce announcements, wh i ch were wide l y aired throughout the state. Other efforts by t he FCA i ncluded d i stribu t ion of Buckle Up America materia l s at sporting events and use of t h e l ogo on t he cover s of programs for entertainment events + REGION 8 (Colorado Montana, Nort h and Sout h Dakota Utah and Wyoming): The Region 8 s taff for med a coali t ion with the pres i ding bishop of the Church of Jesus Christ of La tter-Day Saints t he Mormon Church to < p romote t he Buckle Up America message among church members. Dur i ng 1997. more than 900 Mormons were killed on hi ghways throughout the United States In Utah, 186 members of the Mormon Church were killed in traff i c crashes Because U t ah currently does not have a primary sea t be lt law, church l eade r s r ecognized an o pportunity to p romot e vo l untary use of seat be lts and ch il d safety seats. A strong p r ecedent for thi s activity was estab lished severa l years p re viously when NHTSA and church leaders formed a partnership resulti ng i n a church mandate tha t missiona r ies wor l dwide wear bicyc l e helmets The Region 8 Office a ls o shipped safety mate r ials to 50 rel igious l eaders throughou t t he reg ion. These flyers b ull et i n inserts and c l ip art were used by relig i ous organiza t ions dur i ng ho li day seas on s to promote the use of seat belts and chi l d safe t y seats + REGION 10 (A l aska Idaho, Oregon and Wash in gton): The Region 10 staff conducts mon thly mee t ing with Seattle area churches. Through these mon t hly meeting chu rches hear t he Buckle Up America message and receive ma teri als to share with par ish i oners Regi ons 1 0 also p rovides seat 2 1


belt information to the Seatt l e Chapter of the American Association of Retired persons (AARP). which holds meetings in loca l churches Through their uni que partnership with the faith commun i ty, NHTSA s Reg i ons 4 6. 8 and 10 Offices promotes seat belts safety throughout 23 states nationwide As noted in the prev iou s review, promoting efforts within non-traditional venues are provid i ng the needed results for the Buckle Up America effort With the "wake up" can of the faith community (i.e. churches) fertile" not "ha ll ow ground" exists with some cultivat i ng T h i s research effort has been designed to be that initial step. 22


Transportation Importance Burling Northern and Santa Fe ra ilway company's Chief Executive Officer Robert D. Crebs stated" ... T ransportation is far from the mainstream for most people, yet t here is no element of our day-to-day lives that has a more pervasive effect on us. We need a transportation vision, especially an in ter moda l t ransportation vision, that can get the public thinking and talk ing about the importance of transportation and about participating in transportation policy and in the industry it se lf'... (Crebs 98). The importance of intermoda lis m in tran sportatio n and utilizing all community amenities are paramount to solve the dilemma producing t ransp orta t ion equation for all Americans. Secretary Slater's statement perhaps captured it best when he talked about what we need for the 21st century . "An integ rated t ransportation system that is internatio na l in its reach; that i s inter modal in its form ; t hat is intell igent in i ts character; and that is inclu s iv e in its fundamenta l nature This in termod a l form and inclusive in nature was further noted by Gloria Jeff which stated that ... programs need to encompass intermoda lis m has become increas ing ly critical that we un de rstand not only how we move from mode to mode. but also how we integrate these movements so that a) we have a system that is both safe and efficient and productive and flexible in res ponding to the needs for goods movement and b) we h ave a system in which we offer people choices and flexibility i n their personal movement... (Jeff 98). These observations indica tes the need for add i tiona l t ransportation amenit i es. If one considers the "wel f are-to-work effort the is a transportation variable" noted secretary Slater (US Department of Transportation) With the national statistics i ndication that only six percent of welfare recipients have cars (stat istics not includi ng vehicle ownership of other in household), it suggest that recipie nts will be dependent on some form of pub lic/pr ivate transportation. Other studies, notably Case Western Reserve Emory University and the Volpe National Transportation System Center all have indicated that in metropolitan areas with some of the largest t ransi t systems across the country. existing public t ransport at i on services may not be the feasible alternative for many recipients. These stud i es ra ise several complex issues regarding the ability of t he t ransit dependent to realize economic self-2 3


sufficiency when considering landuse. community or housing and employment patterns : educational attainment and employment opportunities: and access to other goods and services. Fu rther, the l ack of community refers to the loss of interconnectivity between resi dence and place of employment and services. first described by geographers in the 1950 s as spatial mismatch. In the studies cited above, spatial mismatch may include geographic and economic i solation. Two thirds of all new jobs are i n the suburbs, whereas th ree-quarte rs of welfare recipients live in rural areas or central cit ies Therefore, the need for alternat ive sources of mobility are a dire must and solutions to other variables (i.e. ch il d care and medical trips) in the transportation equation are needed to satisfy the potential decline in t ransportat ion servic es for the t ransi t captive/dependent. As noted. transportation i s an i mpo rtant commod ity i n the lives of individuals, it is intermodal, required medically and socially, economically necessary and prov ide s a sense of self sufficiency. The system should be in tegrated safe, sufficient flexible, visionary, important and in telligent in its' application. Urban Transit Until the ear1y 1970 s urban trans it was a complete result of revenues generated by private companies within each system. Yet, ridership was low and the cost of supporting a transit system was quite low: therefore, these companies had littl e problems. Then. beginning in the 1970's ridership began to increase steadily, and bus iness es began to fee l the demand of supporting these systems as more Americans looked to commute to work, travel to recreation sites, and drive to obtain and deliver goods. In turn ridership roadways and fuel usage all increased, as well as the cost of operating an effective system Appropriately, these systems became public entities and started to receive government funding, which today tops $23 b illion a year. Meanwh ile group ridership took a major setback as the automobile emerged and became a valued personal possess ion While solving the transit needs of their owners most vehicles were, and still are, sing le-occupancy and therefore further complicate the t ransit system Highways and parking lots experience overcrowding and demand expansion, 24


consumption of fuel and fuel taxes i ncrease. and there are i ncreases in air and noise pollution. time of commute and transit cost. These factors alone inc rease transit costs $40 billion yearly. Still one of the most demanding dilemmas of urban transit is providing f or the 90 million with little or no access to a vehicle or disabilities that prevent their operating of a vehicle As local and fede ra l legislation has encumbered the responsibility of controlling transit systems, services such as Medi-Cab, Dial-A-Ride, and other special assistance : buses, vans, and shuttles have been implemented to accommodate this section of the public. These services provide transportat i on to jobs medica l faci liti es, social services, and market places for its users. Now, as a new millenn iu m approaches. austerity is the order of the day," do more with less" prevails in governmen t a l agencies who are looking to reform transportat i on as we know it. Car pooling and ride-sharing are being encouraged and new technologies are being devel oped to decrease congestion and pollution. While, these measures are being implemented, fund ing could be cut drastically for many government ass i sted programs and the weakest ones are expected to feel the tightened spending of lessened funds soon ; Unfortunately, special assistance p rog rams wh i ch serve m ill ions of urban res idents account f or only a small portion of the total ridership, and therefore may experience the reperc ussions of cutbacks in the near future Potential Alternative for Urban Transit Though th e future of transit seems to be headed toward a "de ad-end" . there are many organizations that understand the need to keep these structures thriving. New alternatives, programs, and ide as are being generated to prevent the demise of the transit system. With the help of the Federal T ransit Administration (FTA) of the Department of Transportation (DOT), and the American Transit Services Council (ATSC). and mandates such as the Americans with Disabilities Act the Clean Air Act. and the Transportation Equity for t he 21st century (TEA-21). and the various welfare to work Acts solutions to counter the decrease i n transportation funding are being sought. One targeted starting point for change are urban communities. themselves Urban resid en ts conduct a large majority of thei r daily activ it ies within their own communities and for thes e areas to continue to ex ist, they mu st take an inte re s t in the mobility of t heir residen ts Public and private sector entities within communities must become competitive 25


in acqu i ring b ids for servic i ng t ransportation the reby, r el ieving some of the burden of subsidized funds and fi lli ng holes l eft by decreased funds F o r i nstance supermarke t s ma y offer delivery for disabled pat rons and bus in esses offer rides to their stores. Tel eco mm uting i s offered in some instances as a n alternative. While bus i nesses may becom e involved wfth the commercia l gains asso c ia ted w it h such aid there are other services that sti ll must be met. As noted p r ev i ously one of the m or e sui table alterna t i ves to meet these needs is the church The church The church stands at the heart of a majority of communit i es acro ss the United States. A center of education, i nf lue nce and security, it serves a ro le like no other inst itution p ro vidin g its me mbers with a second home". It also loo k s to better its community and often extends i tse l f to helping o t hers i n any way great or small. The church was chosen as an alternativ e m eans o f t ransportat ion because of its p r esent owner ship of vehicles (typically vans or buses) wh i ch are able to transport many persons s imult aneous l y In a d dit ion the t ransportat ion amenit i es (vans and buses) usually idl e during the week when the d emand of transportat io n is high. Other c har acter ist ics t hat make t h e church seem a favo ra ble substitution is th at it generates fu nds w it h i n it se lf, and usually, r ece iv es litt le assistance from othe r sources outs ide of the c hurch. Also. there are many churches t hat h ave existing modes of t ransporta t i o n. These two areas allow the church t o provide its me mbers with transportati o n amenities f o r church related act ivit ies. Yet, w oul d the church be w illing to accept a larger role ? Can the church provide members with these serv i ces beyond those of the ir ex i sting scope? I s the church a realist i c alternat ive for specia l-n eed services? What is the attitude of ch u rch lea d ers abou t this different r ole of services to t heir parishioners. 26


Research Objectives/Methodology The church is one of many organizations that h as the necessary t ransit units. however, due to many reason ( i.e. lack of empathy) on the part of other o r ganizations to he l p this growing population of individual in need of t ransportat i on. the church appears to be a poss i ble long term so l ution. It i s poss i b l e that the chu r ch will agree to be an alternative transportation prov ider i f there are usefu l incentives that directly benefrt or provide advantages to them T hese incentives include; discounts for gaso l ine and maintenance of the church veh i cles lower insurance r ates for churc h veh i cles and potent i al tax incentives. To obt ain i nsight on the potent i al fo r the church to become a transportation a l ternative the atti t udes and interests of churc h es were requ i red. Based on these find i ngs recommendations and conclus j ons cou l d be drawn which wou l d better define the role of the church and poss i bly an additional alt ernat i ves to the transportat ion d i lemma Therefore questionnaire was developed and admin i stered to assess the will i ngness of the to be used as a means o f alternative transportation. Respondents were asked questions from two general areas whi ch are as follows: + whe t her the church wou l d strong l y agree or str ongly disagree to transport its parishioners t o differen t locations. and gene r al demograph i ca l i nformation about the church and i t s current transportatio n veh i cles Churches were c l assified based on t he follow i ng popu l ation size ; less than 100 church members 1 00-500 church members, 501-1 000 church members, 1,001-2,000 church members 2 001-5 000 church m embe r s and greater than 5,000 members. Area of Study An attempt was made to survey a representative sample from the r espondent group i n the State of F l orida. An initial list of 1,539 churches was obta i ned from a d i rectory of F l orida s churches. The i ntent was to survey the church population because they provided an alternative means of transportation due to owne r ship of vehicles (typica ll y vans or buses ) which are able t o t ransport many persons simultaneously. 2 7


The initi al i ntent was t o p are the list to 200 churches and survey the randomly selected church sample population After some consultation betwe en the researchers and the advisory team it was determined that all churches tha t had a complete address and church leader l isted were selected fo r the survey. All respondents were from various areas of the state. This was done so that accurate generaliza t ions could be made to other states and we wanted to inc l ude possibly variances seen in metropolitan and rural areas. Sampling Procedure The decision by the advisory committee and researches to survey and use the result of survey for all churches throughout the State of Florida provided the population. The churches targeted were those listed in this directory of Flo rida s churches. T he paring done was only to those churches listed without a church leader's name/complete mailing add ress. Thus, this was a limiting factor for the number of surveys mailed Of the 1,539 churches contained within the list ing t ,371 had the data req uired for the mail out. As noted resp on dents from th is popu l ation were not randomly selected, but were selected based upon < the availability of info r mati on and pared in this manne r to ensure good content validity and reliab ili ty. Operationalization of the Survey Instrument (Questionnaire) The survey itself cons i sted of two sections The first section focused on each church lead e r's attitude toward providing t r ansportation to those without personal t ransportation or access to public t ransit. Using a scale of strongly agreeing ( 1) to s t rongly disagreeing (5), each church l eader was asked to rate their feelings on how churc h vehicles should be used t o perform certain tasks. The tasks incl uded were: commutes to wori<, medical faci li ties transportat ion to soc i al service appo in t ments and rides to perform errands or recreational activities Other spec i fic tasks that the res p ondent felt might be used by the transportation recipients were to be ident ifi ed as other and t hen rated. The second section p rovided quest ions to gauge the size of each church, and the use capacity and the number of church owned vehic les. Each of the questions in t h is section provided several categories for th e respondent to choose from I n addition. the survey inst rument {questionnaire) was developed, synthes i zed. queried for impo rtance and necess ity of data and reduced to the s i ze of one page 2 8


Administration of the Questionnaire The data for this study was collected through two separate mailed surveys/questionnaires conducted over the course of a year. The leader of the 1,371 churches was sent a survey and a form letter (A ppendix A). The cover tetter, briefly addressed the project s focus, def ined a two week response period and solicited the respondent's comments about the church being used as an alternative source of transportation for parishioners. The 1 ,371 surveys were distributed on July 17. 1997 via US mai l During the initial response period, a list ing of the churches surveyed in the mai l out was generated to document all responses received. During the first week of the response period 24 completed surveys were received while 97 letters were returned undeliverable due to an insufficient or invalid mailing address; t h is represented 7 percent rate for non deliveries. Invalid address and leadership change contributed greatly to the high amount of returned letters. To reach as much of the population as possible, these churches were contacted by phone to verify their mailing addresses; twenty correct addresses were obta ined and these churches were rema iled the survey i nstrument. Following the conclusion of the initial response period. a second mail-

Statistical Treatment of the Data The analytical Statistical Package for the Social Services (SPSS) was used to examine the data and explore rela t ionships among t he variables of i nterest. The most current version of SPSS 7.1 formatted for an IBM computer was used to compute the d ata. Eleven questions were coded accordingly Each response was coded as a numeric value w hich varied according to the number of responses for each quest io n. Additionally, multip le answers. (answers that were written in or non-response answers) were coded. Several statistical techniques were ut i lized includ ing frequency distributions, cross tabulations, and chi-square analysis. Due to low response rates from the latter chu rches size groups, only ten t ative conclusions can be made in refe rence to these respondent groups Frequency distribu t ion prov ide statistics and graphical displays that are useful f or describing many types of displays Counts and percentages prov ided by SPSS are useful in describing data f rom any d i st r ibut i on, and most of the statis tics are appropriate for quantitative data with symmetric distributions. The mean, standard deviation, and standard error of the mean as well as h istog rams were generated using frequency statistics. -Cross-tabulation provides two-way frequency tables and tests of association. Ttiis was don e by tak ing two selected variables and tabulating responses present in both distinct categories. Statistics such as the m ean sample size and percen tages of resp onses present in each group maybe calculated t h ro ugh this procedure to give an in-depth analysis of any relation between these two variables. Chi-square tes t procedure tabulates a variable in to categories and computes a chi square statistic. Chi-square tests hypothesis about the relative proportion of cases falling into several mutually exclusive groups. Th is goodness-of-fit test compares the observed and expected frequencies in each category to test either that a ll catego r ies contain the same proportion of values or that each category contain a user-specified proportion of values. The expected proportions in each of the categories do not have to be equal. 30


Results The data collected reflects different leve ls of data sets and the corresponding measurements needed The subsequent goal of tile research was to hypotllesize whether or not there were similar or diss imilar response patterns between churches of different membership size groups. The percent error varies by question. Percent error is a function of two factors first response pattern-whether or not there is a great diversity or consistency among responses, and secondly sample size. If a l arger sample size had responded then the error rate would have decreased as a result of t here being less diversity among responses. Measurement error was reduced as t he result of the initial survey and the r espondents comments as a result of this information the questionnaire was deemed to have good content validity. However, in the absence of any information about this subject or populat i on til is i s the best available infor mation therefore only tentative conclusion should be drawn. SPSS was an appropriated statistical program to use beca1Jse tllis type of questionnaire used a more so cia l science based survey. Questionna ire Response One hundred and seventy-eight surveys were returned during tile two response periods, of which 161 were statistically analyzed. As noted prev i ously, some responses were returned due to changed or insuffic i ent addresses. Further. five were return ed blank du e to the church not owning vehicles. and twelve were returned after the deadline The respo'nses received after the deadline were not analyz ed. because the statist i ca l ana lysis was performed utilizing the data received by the scheduled date The churches size were grouped into six different ranges The categories were based on church size from smallest to largest with the designation and number of responses has been inc luded (Table 4) 3 1


Table 4 Church Designations and Responses Sizes Designations Categories Responses :s. 100 Small 1 44 100.500 Small/Medium 2 81 501-1000 Medium 3 22 1001 Large/Medium 4 8 2001 5000 Large 5 3 :: 5001 Very Large 6 2 In summary the highest number of respondents were churches tha i ranged from 1 00 members. Th is higher response rat e may be attributed to the la rge number of churches within this size category the state. The suggested reason for fewer responses from the churches with less than 100 members may have been due to them not owning a church vehicle. Churches with more than 501 members had a response rate less than 15% which was possibly due to lesser number of churches of th is size and the potential of these churches hav ing more ind ividua l transportation vehic les and t herefo re not creating a need for church transportation. T h e de tailed demog raphics of the survey re sponde n ts was obtained from the frequency distribution. Respondent's Existing Demographics The existing demographics of the respondents has been divided int o the f iv e following topics: size of church number of vehicles capacity of vehicles usage of vehicles pur pose of usage The five areas were selec ted from the survey instrument to assess the potential of the church as a transportation amenity 32


Size of churches The demographics of respondents for size of churches noted that twenty-seven pe r cent of churches responded have less than 100 members, fifty p lus pe rcent of churches responded has been 100-500 m embers, almost fourteen percent of the churches that responded has between 501-1,000 members five percent of the churches responding have between 1 ,000-2 000, two percent of churches r esponded have been 2 001-5 000 members and approximately one percent churches responded with greate r than 5 000 members. Over one-half of the responding churches were i n category two with a membership of between 100 to 500 members (Table 5) Table 5 Size of Churches Less than 100 500 501-1000 1 001-2000 2001-5000 Greater 100 than 5000 Category 1 2 3 4 5 '6 . Frequency 44 81 22 8 3 2 Percent 27.3 50.3 13. 7 5 1.9 1.2 Number of Church Owned Vehicles The number of church owned vehicle was 161 and not owning vehicles was five which indicates that 97% of churches responding owned at least o ne bus or van. One hundred and seventeen (72. 7%) churches r eported owning less than two vehic l es. 41 (25.5%) churches reported owning two to four vehicles and 3 (1.9%) churches reported owning more than tour vehicles (Table 6). I t is evident by this survey that almost t hree fourths of the churches have only o ne vehicle with the remaining churches having two or more vehicles. I n summary, 97% of the popul ation have amenijies that maybe utilized 33


Table 6 Number of Church-Owned Vehicles Less then Two Two to Four Greater than Four Frequency 117 41 3 Percent 72 7 25.5 1.9 Capacity of Church Owned Vehicles The capacity of the vehicles is another important factor to be considered when analyzing potential amenities because number of seats is boiler plate infonmation. When asked to respond as to the capacity of their vehicles the church leaders responded as such: 30 (18 .6%} have vehicle capacity of less than 5, 21 (13.0%) have vehicle capacity of 5-10 82 (50 .9%) have vehicle capacity between 11 and 20, and 12% have capacity greater than 30 (Tab le 7). Table 7 Capacity of Church-Owned Vehicles Less than 5 -10 11-20 21-30 Greater than Five 30 Frequency 30 21 82 6 19 Percent 18.6 13.0 50.9 3 7 11.8 Weekly Usage of Church Owned Vehicles How often the vehicles are in use during the week is another variable to be oonsidered. The next question focused on the frequ ency per week of church owned vehicle usage within the church. Thirty (18.6%) reported no church owned vehicle usage. 67 (41.6%) reported usage for 1 2 days, 50 (31.1%) reported usage for 3-5 days, and 14 (8.7%) r eported usage for 6-7 days (Table 8). Over fifty percent utilize their vehicles less than two days per week, which gives rise to their vehicles use for other purposes 34


Table 8 Weekly Usage of Church-Owned Vehicles None 1 Days 3 Days 6-7 Days Frequency 30 67 50 14 Percent 18.6 41.6 31.1 8.7 Purpose of Church Vehicle Useage It was necessary to gain knowledge about lhe present purpose of vehicular usage to gain ins igh t in to the potenial for other trip purposes. When asked about the purpose of usage of church owned vehicles : the alternatives receiving the most responses were min istry (83 9%) followed by rec reat ion (49.7%). conferences received (4 4.7%) and finally (20 .5%) reported use for other purpose. Respondents ind icated other purposes such as: out-of-town trips, medical reasons. day care, and members personal usage (Table 9}. It was evident f rom the trip pu r pose of present use, ministry was the r eason fro van purchases Less half of the vehicles were used for recreation and conferences. The greater use void was: in the other category It is evident that t he other category is not presently bein g utilized (2 0.5% use) and is fert ile ground for use as a transportation amenity. Table 9 Purpose of Church Vehicle Usage Ministry Recreat ion Conferences Other Frequency 135 80 72 33 Percent 83. 9 49.7 44.7 20.5 35


Opinions of Vehicles Use Once the present use analys i s was done and indicated an 80% void i n the other use the researchers felt it neccessary to obtain their opinion on the potenial use for the sub group of the other catego r ies The followi ng analysis is a summary of the opin ion shown by the churches in regards to the potent i al use of church owned veh i cles for certa i n tasks The scale used indicates opi nions based on strong agreement ( 1 ) to strong d i sagreement (5) T he opinion have been sepa r ated into the six groups which a r e work. med i cal recreational socia l services, errands unment i oned 36


Purpose of Work In considering the attitude of the church l eaders about the uti liz ation of church vehicles to transport parishioners to work t he five categor ie s are noted. It i s eviden t that in the categ ory two (highes t respons e ) range 37% strongly disagree to utilize the vans for work trips While 27% agree in category three that the vans may be used. For category one. exactly 23% strongly agree that they may be used and 23% strongly disagree that they may not be used Categories 4-6 are not noted due to the low response rate in these categories WORK 30+--------------125 f3 2 0 +-------------"' :!; a; I 5 t--------------w ., 10 h:r---0 LES51HAN 100 100.500 501-1000 100 1 2001SOCO MORE '!HAN 5000 . 0 STRONG AGREE Ill oAGREE 0 oSmONG Figure 3. Category of responses by attitude ar;ld church size for the purpose of work. 37


Social Services Social services received positive respon ses in the first four categories of churches wh ic h were 33% 26%, 36%, and 50% respectively. If you consider agree to strongly agree the responses are 59% 68%, and 86% re spect ively. This review ind icated that the social serv i ces provides some potenia l for use of vans as a transportat i on amenity. However for category three 24% strongly disagree that vans shou l d be used SOCIAL SERVICES r-----------------------------------------------, LESS '0-IAN 100 100500 501 1000 ,00100 2001 5 00 0 MORE THA N 5000 0 STRONG AGREE "' cAGAEE [] a STRONG D I SAGR EE Figure 4. Category of responses by attitude and church size for social services 38


Errands The activity of running erra nds had mixed r evie ws For category two churches, the exact percentages were noted which was 25 % However when considering agree to strongly agree 56 % i s noted The other categories of churches are somewhat mixed. Running errand s i s an act ivity where campaigning in nece ssary 20 18 1 6 "' 1 4 .. 12 "' w a: 10 u. 0 c: 8 w .. "' 6 ::> z 4 2 0 LESS lHAN 100 EJlfWC) 10()-500 50HC AGREE 0 oAGREE 0 uS1HO..:> OISAGREE Figure 5. Category of responses by attitude and church size for the purpose of errands 39


. Medica l Purpose s Util i zing the church's tran sp ortation amen i ty by l eaders for medical purposes. All cate gories of church leaders strongly agree t hat the buses/v ans shou ld be utilized for this purpo se. The per ce nt ages for agree to strongly agree for each of the first three c ategories are 75%, 68%, and 86% respectiv e l y Tr i ps made for medical purposes are favored by church leaders MEDICAl. . 30 25 0 o STRCING AGREE .. f3 20 0 a: oAGR<.<. ... 1 5 0 .. . D STRONG OISAG>lf .. 1 0 . . 5 1--.... n..... 0 LESS THAN 100 500 SOHOOO 1001-2000 2001 MORE"n-tAN 100 5000 Figure 6. Category of responses by attitude and church size for medical purposes. 40


Recreational Purposes The responses of church l e aders to use th eir t ransportation amenities f ro r ecreational purpos es w a s pos itively rated. The percenta g es for agr ee to strongly agree ranged from 70% for cate g ory one church lea de rs and 79% to 86% for ca t egory church leade rs. This f avorable attitude was partly due to the fact that they are p resently be i ng uti l ized 50% of the t i me for t his p urpos e RECR-'TJON 15 +------r.-rl 10 5 0 LESSlHAN 100 11JN()O 2001 MORE TH1\N 5000 SOHOC.O oSTRONG AGREE Ill QA()REE 0 D STRONG DISAGR E E Figure 7. Category of responses by attitude and church size for recreational purposes. 41


Other Unmentioned Purposes The other un mentioned purpose for trip making category was int e nded to be a catch all for the respondent to write in the type of trip. Various trip purposes were indicated with the agree rating noted as the most favored I f the firs t three categor ies of church leade rs are con s i dered utilizing rating of agree to strong l y agree, the rat ings are 65%, 63%, and 73% respectively. Also, the unmentioned trip purposes received favo rab l e reviews from an attitud inal prospect ive. OTHER +--------'.W! U LESS 'iHAN !CO 1 OOSOO 501 000 MOK S TH,),N scoo 0 QAG.C\EE 0 Figure 8. Category of responses by attitude and church sixe for unmentioned purposes. 42


Statistical Analysis Due to the low response rates of some church leaders categor i es only ten t a t i ve i nferences should be made from the data gathered The ca t egories from 1-3 have merit. The following statistical p rocedures were used : cross t abu l ation and chi-squa r e ana ly sis Cross Tabulation Cross Tabu l ation provides an indepth l ook at two se l ected parameters in an attempt to better def ine the relation if any between score specific r esponses within one of the parameters T h is tec hnique was used t o i dent ify t he re lations between the number of pari shioners and the church l eaders attitude t oward the tasks As a resu lt of the cross ta bulation it has become easier to deter mine areas of weak responses thereby offe r i ng a clearer target for a fu ture inves t igat ion Cross tabu l ation of each task as it relates to t h e number of parish i oners appears have been i ncluded p revi ousl y Chi Square Analysis A chi-square analys i s was performed to measure whether or not church size was independen t of task res po n se given the response pattern of each group. Of the resu l ts obta i ned. it was dem o nstrated that church size has an effect on attitude toward t hese tas ks While th ere was an effect howeve r there was no s ignifi cant effect across any of the tasks (Tab l e 10). Work Chi-square 29.42 Significance 0.00 Table 10 Chi-Sq uared Statistics Medica l Recreat ion 79.06 1 9.32 0 .00 0.00 4 3 Soci a l Err and Othe r Services 24.28 4 28 7.68 0 .0 0 0.37


Conclusions and Recommendations The reasons for the low respons e rate from chu rch leaders are u nknown but it can be hy p othes i zed that lack of time, vehicles concerns or interest were factors that lead to some groups not returning the survey Participants who omi tted questions were noted and statistical analysis was adjusted to use as many va lid cases as possible. Conclus i ons from the results of the s t udy are only representative of the respondents that partic i pated Accurate generalization about the sample groups surveyed can not be made adequately due to low response rate among the l ast three groups. The informat i on reported i n this survey is a s i ngular representation o f those who chose to respond to the inst r ument as stated prev i ously. However, i n the absence of any information about the sample s ize, the results of the study gives an idea of possibly where these respondents groups stand on the i ssues discussed in the study Future stud i es of this nature shou l d make an effort to get an adequate n umber of samples from the l atter three churcb categories (if they ex i st) so that more profound conclusions can be drawn The results f r om th i s survey did window in" on the atti t ude of church l eaders for church sizes of u p to 100 1 0 1 -500 50 1 -1000 par ishione r s and would be useful in constructing a f uture survey of larger church memberships, however they cannot be used to draw accura t e conclus i ons because o f the low response rate (11 7%). Thi s low ra t e was the resu l t of many incorrect or out-da t ed addresses, for 28 6% of t h e surveys returned with a note that indi cated these inaccuracies I n add iti on target in g a sa m ple population instead of the whole populat i on. may have provided a better response rate Though the results obta i ned cannot be applied to the whole popu l at i on. many generalizations m ay be m ade Many church leaders seem t o feel the well -bei ng of t h eir members is highly i mportant. fo r 71% of r esponses at least agreed the notion of providing rides to med i cal facilit i es. T h is i dea was the m ost well r eceived of the i deas f or alternative use of church owned veh i cles followed by the 63% who at least agreed to provid i ng r i des to socia l services. I ndifference was shown t owa r d provid i ng t ransportat i on for r unning errands or making appointments with the number of agreeing and disagreeing responses being almost identica l The same attitude was demonst r ated toward recreational or sightseeing opportun i ties. Provid i ng t ransportat i on to and f r o m j obs was the least r ece i ved of these 4 4


i deas. as 42% of the responses disagreed These tend to i ndicate a decreased interest in soc i a l activ it ies outside of the churc h and a possible concern for the expenses generated from such trips An area of concern noted in t he discuss i on related to a series of questions queried by the church respondents. They are as follows : Level responsib i lity of inqu i res occur Insu rance + Main tenance Availability of compensation Thi s list i s not exhaus ted but has been included as poss i ble areas of concern that may be mitigated prior to an addi t i onal survey or institution of a p lan to use the transportatio n amenities of t h e church as a means to solve the special needs transportation equat ion. 4 5


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July 18. 1997 Dear Enclosed is a survey which will help to determine the attit ude of church lea dership to become involved in the transporta t ion needs of their members. Your answers to this survey will b e an important contribution t o our study. Please take the two minutes nece ssary to complete the one' pag e survey attached and return no later than A u gust 1, 1997. '. ln the nex t 15 years, it has been estimated tha t 50% of the resources for transportation we now enjoy will no l onge r be available. Urban communities tnroughout the Uni t ed States will be experiencing decreases i n available f unds to faci lit ate many of their specialty tr ansportat ion needs. This dec rease along with contin u ed populatio n growth and land devel opment has created the need io consider other source s to fill this potential vo i d. ll1Us, we are obtaining information as to the ability of churches to contribute as a resource to the tr ansportation of thei r members n1is would allow the members to continue their trips withou t decrease i n participa ti on. due to lac k of transporta t ion or funding tor transportation. We would like t o thank you for yo u r a ssis tanc e in completing this survey. Any additiona l comments and information that you deem necessary will be greatly appreciated Si n cere l y, Charles A Wright Ph D .. P.. National Urban T rans it Institu t e


COL LEGE OF E N G iNEERI NG SC! ENCfS T E CHNOLOGY :\NO AGRI(: Ut.. T URF. DIVI SIO N O F ENGiNEERI N G TECH:NOl.OOY July 21. 1998 FIELD( name-church) FIELD( pastor) FIELD( st r eet) FIELD( city.sta t e zip) Dear F IELD(pastor): T f U)IUD A .l2J07-S l (l(l in th e next 15 years it has been esti mated that 50% of funding for t ransportation sources, such as buses. trolleys. and vans. we now enjoy will no longer b e ava ilable. As a result. urban and rura l throughout the United States wi ll be experiencing a decrease in availab l e funds to facilitate many of their s pec ialty transportation needs T hese needs includ e Medi-Cab. Dial-A R ide. and Para T ran si t A decrease in t ransportation source s. coupled with increases in popul ation groW1h an d land devel opment. has c reated t h e need t o cons id er alternative tran sportation sources. A pote n tia l resourc e to accommodate t his void in 1 ran s p o rtation sou rces is the usage of veh i cles available in che community (i.e .. chur ch vans). l n light of the above research 'care obtaining i nformat ion as to the abilicy of churd\eS to become a transportation r esou rce f o r their members This would allow the members to continue participation i n daily activ i t i es. i n the absen ce ofl ransportation funding. Enclosed is a survey which wil l he l p t o obtain general in fonn ation about current church t ransponat ion and assess rhe percep t ion of church leadership ro become i nvolved in the transportation needs of their mem b ers Your response to this s u rvey may influence future t ransportation polic y and funding critical to )'OUr comm uniry. P l ease take a tew minutes and complete the one page survey anached and retun l i t i n the enc losed self-a d dressed stamped envelop e no later than August 5. 1998 We would l ike to thank yo u for your assistance i n complering th is survey. If you have any additio nal comments questions. or information. please conlac t me ar (850) 561-2920 Sincerely. Charles A Wright Ph.D .. P.E. National Urban Transit Inst i t ute IS :\N F.Ol! A l


Alternative T ransportation Concept Survey We are surveying the ability of the churches to contribute as an alternative resource for urban trans p ortation services I. Indicate the number of transportation vehicles owned and operated by the church 0 Less than two 0 Two t o four 0 Greater than four 2 Indicate the total passenger capacity of transit vehicles 0 Less than 5 0 5-10 0 1120 0 21-30 0 Greater than 30 3 Indicate how frequently you use transportation vehicles we ekly. 0 None 0 I or2 days 0 3 to 5 days 0 6or7days 4 Indicate for what purpose(s) you use existing transportation v e hicles. 0 Recreation 0 Ministry 0 Conferences 0 Other (specify)-----------5 Indicate the number of church members 0 Less than I 00 0 100500 0 5011000 0 10012000 0 20015000 0 Greater than 5000 Utilizing transit vehicles for special transportation of parishioners without automobiles or access to public transit (i.e elderly, handicapped, welfare dependent, etc.). Uti lizing churc h vehicles to: Strongly Agree -Agree Strongly Disagree Commute to work I 2 3 4 5 Commute to s o cial services I 2 3 4 5 Commute to medical facilities I 2 3 4 5 Social/ Recreational/ Sightseei n g I 2 3 4 5 Errands I Appointments I Business I 2 3 4 5 Other I 2 3 4 5




Re v erend Edward Gaines Saint Paul Missionary Baptist Church Route 3 Box 77 3 H avana. Florida 32333 Reverend Robert Gaines Saint James Primitive Baptist Church Route. Box SI C Ha v ana Florida 32333 Elder Henry Cooper Saint Paul Primitive Baptist Church P.O. Box ?42 Gre t na. Flo r ida 32332 Reverend Minnie L. Ward Everlena .Bapt i s t Church P.O. Box 86 Campbellton. Flor i da 3 2426 Reverend J.B. Baldwin Holy Neck Baptis t Churc h Route 3 Box 295 Cottondale Florida 324 3 1 Reverend H.G. McCollough Mount Ararat First Baptist Church Rou te I. B:>x 98 Bascom. florida 32423 Reverend R J. Bowers Mount Zion Bapt ist C hurc h Route 6. Box 253 Marianna Flor i da 3 2446 Re v erend H.C Hodge Popular Springs Baptis t Church Ro ute 5 Box 393 Marianna Florida 324 4 6 Reverend S D. Dic k ens Popular Springs Baptist Church P.O. Box 92 C ampbellton Florida 32426 Reverend James W. Bowels Shiloh Baptist Church H eaven 809 8th A venue Gracev ill e. Florida 3 2440 Rev e rend Matthew Saint Peter AME Church Route 3. Box 7 4 1 Havana F lorida 3 2 333 Reverend Holingsworth S p ringlield AM Church H ighway90 Gretna. Florida 32351 Reverend C McMillan Bethlehem AtviE Church P.O. Box 726 Chat1ahoochee. Florida 32324 Reverend C l a ud e Holden Friendship Baptist Church Route 6. Box 336A Marianna Florida 32446 Reverend H.H. Wynn N ew Easter Baptist Church P O Box 368 Chipley Florida 32428 Reverend Lucious \Villiams Mount Moriah Baptist Church Route I Box 914 Greenwood. Florida 32443 Reverend Mary E. Redmon New Easter Baptist Churc h 512 West 8th A venue Graceville. F l orida 32440 Reverend James Robinson Saint John Baptist Church Route 1. Bos 155 Campbellton. Florida 32426 Reverend Alfonso White Saint Mary Baptist Church Route 3. Box 241 C onondale. Florida 3 2431 Reverend Curlie M. Bellamy Saint Ma r y Baptist Church P .O. Box 298 Cononda le. Florida 32431 Re v erend Mozella Gainous Pilgrim Missionary Bapt ist Church 2404 Jim Lee Road Tallahassee F lor ida 3230 1 Reverend Rollie Murray. Jr. Saint Mark Missionary Baptist P .O. Box 735 Chattahoochee. Flor ida 32324 Reverend l .L. Brooks Bet hel S tar Baptist Church Route 4 Box 29 Chipley. F l orida 32428 Reverend Eva Fonvard E benezer Baptis t C h urch Route 2 Box 57 Cottondale, Florida 3 2431 Rev erend Paul McCollough Macedonia# I Baptist Churh 5217 River Road Bascom. Florida 32432 Reverend Rosetta Briggs Mount Zion Baptist Chu r ch 2020 East Moore Street Bonifay, Florida 32425 Reveren d L. V. Framer New Hope Bap tist Church P.O. Box 415 Chipley. Florida 3 2428 Reverend Robert Wooten N ew Mount Olive Baptist Chu r ch P.O. Box 493 Sneads, Florida 32406 Reverend J .B. B aldwin Saint Manhew Baptist Church Route 3. Bo x 295 C o nondale Florida 32431 Reverend E F. Smith Saint P aul AtviE Chu rch Route 2 Box 236 Conondale. F l orida 3243 1


Reverend Eva J. Clayton Saint Peter Baptist Church P.O. Box 763 Sneads, florida 32460 Reverend Jimmy Brookins Saint Stephens Missionary Baptist Route 2. Box 27-AA Monticello. F lorida 32344 Reverend AJ. Richardson. Jr. Bet hel Al'vl Church 501 Orange Ave. Tallahassee. Florida 32304 Reverend Larry Hunt Baptist C ampus Ministry I 729 Martin Luther King, Jr. B lvd. Tallahassee. Florida 3230 I Reverend Bernice Clausell Calvary Baptist Church II 0 I Joe Louis Street Tallahassee. Florida 32304 Pastor Elder Brandtly Greater Love C O.G.l.C. P.O. Box 626 3 T allahassce. FL 31314 Reverend William s Greater Fountain Chapel AME 8 I 6 Eugenia Street T alla hassee. FL 32310 Reverend Kennet h Barringto n Metropo litan Cathedral of Tru th P.O. Box 3151 Tallahassee. FL 32303 Reverend Lewis Anderson Mount Pleasant Primi tive Bap1ist Route 17. Box 1450 Tallahassee. Florida Reverend Craig T. Riley Mount Pleasent Missionary Baptist 866 Golden Street Tallahassee. Florida 32304 Reverend Mary A Griffin Union Hill Baptist Chu rch 801 Carter Mill Road Marianna. Flor i da 32446 Reverend AJ Dixie Welaunee Missionary Baptist Church Route I. Box I 83 Lamont. Florida 32336 Reverend Quenn Miller Bet helonia Al'vl Church I 042 West Dover S treet T allahassee. Florida 32304 Reverend Roosevelt Biv ens Morning Star Missionary Baptist Route 2. Box 4 700 Monticello Florida 32344 Reverend G. Vincent Lewis First Baptist Institu tional Church 648 Osceola Street Tallahassee. FL 32304 Reverend Phillip J. Hannah Macedonia .Primitive Baptist Church I 027 Dewey Street Tallahassee. FL 32304 Reverend Donnell Benson Inspired Ministries Church 449 West Georgia S

Reverend Kimball Thomas New Bethleham Primitive B aptist Route 13. Box 415 Tallahassee. Florida 32312 Reverend James Austin Saint M atthews Primitive Baptist 1007 Clay Strc' erend Willie Greggs New Mount Zion Missionary Baptist Route I. Box t367 Madison_ Florida 32340 Reverend B.J.Balloon Lo Antioch Al'v!E Churc h 12190 South Parram ore Madison. Florida 32340 Reverend Charlie Barfield Pineland Missionary Bap1ist Church Route I. Box 1465 Madison. Florida 32340 C.H. Parker Mount Zion Missionary Baptist Church I 0 14 Green Sireet Perry. Florida 32347 Reverend Emes1 Ferrell Saint Mary Primitive Baplist Church 655 West Geoflia Street Tallahassee Florida 32304 R everend Kimball Thomas Philadelphia Primitive Baptis t Churc h 840 West Dunn Sneet Tallahassee. I' l orl

Reverend W. Willis McQueen's Temple Holiness Church Star Route Box II OA Vemon Florida 32462 Reverend Theodo re Powell Churc h of God by Faith P.O. Box 353 Vemon. f lorida 32346 Reverend H .G. McCollough Mount Ararat Church 407 North Boulevard Chip l ey. florida 32428 Elder Howell James A nderson Memorial C.O.G.I.C. Route 2. Box 160 High Springs Florida 32643 Ms. Willie Mac Moore Archer Church of Christ P O llox 405 Archer Florida 32618 Revere nd R Allen Wilson Antioch Baptis t Church Route I. Box 314 G a i nesv i lle . florida 3 2609 Reverend D King Bethel Se,enth Day Ad ventist Church 6518 Northwest 26th P lace Gainesv i lle. F l orida 3260 I Ap

David Green 3reater Bethel AME Church SOJ Northwest 7th A v enue 3ainesville Florida 32601 Reverend O E.Harris Hopewell Missionary Baptist Church 3909 Northwes t 6th Street Gainesville. F l orida 32601 Reverend Leroy Davis Greater New Hope Baptist Church Route I. Box 44 Alachua. F lorida 32615 Bishop Wa lter Camps Holy Temple of God 1220 Northeast 23rd A venue Gainesville florida 32601 Reverend Freeman Hickmon Mount Herman Missionary Baptist Church 15 I 0 Northeast 2nd Stree t Gainesville florida 32601 Reverend Jessie Conon Mount O l ive 528 Fred Gamble Way Ormond Beach Florida 32174 Rev e r end Thomas A Wright Mount Camtel Bap t ist Church 21 00 Northwest 21st Stree t Gainesville. Florida 32605 Reverend J ames H annas Mount Olive AME Church 721 Southeast 8th A venue Gainesville. Florida 32601 Reverend Johnson New Bethel 603 Northwest 7th A venue Gainesville. Florida 3260 I Reverend Richardson New Jerusalem 3226 Southwest 27th Street Gainesville. F lorida 32608 Dr. D. R. William s Gai nesville D i st. Churche s of God i n Christ 628 N orthwes t 7th A venue Gainesville. Florida 3260 I Reverend C.J Johnson Johnson Chapel Baptist Church 2315 Northeast lith Street Gainesville Flor ida 3260 I Reverend Leonard Gainey Gainesville Christ ian Center 1500 N ortheast 16th A venue Gainesville. Florida 3260 I Reverend Edwards Magnolia Baptis t Church 134 1 Sou t heast 23rd A venue Gainesville. Flor ida 32601 Reverend Lloyd Mount Nebo Baptist Church 911 Northeast 24th Street Gainesville Florida 32601 Reverend J ames E. Brown Mount Pleasant United Methodist Church 630 Northwest 2nd Street Gainesville. f lorida 3260 I Reverend F reeman Gallmon Mount Moriah Bap tist Church 718 Sou thea s t 1 lth Stree t Gainesv i lle. flor ida 3 2608 Reverend James Swilley Mount Olive Prim i tive Baptist Church 510 Northeast 15th Street Gaines v ille. Florida 32601 Reverend Trenton Lewis New Minnie Hill Missionary Baptist Church 5353 Southwest 17th Terrace Gainesville. Florida 32601 Re v e re nd Carnell C. Henderso n New Salem Baptist Church P.O. Box 40 1 H a\\ 1 h v me Florida 32674 Reverend Eugene H erring Hall Chapel Uni t ed Methodist Church 909 Northeast 24th Terrace Gaines v ille. Florida 3260 I Reverend J O Johnson Liberty U nited Meth odist Church P.O. Box 751 Alachua. Florida 3 2615 Reverend Henry Lee Taylor House of Prayer P.O Box 81 Waldo. Florida 32694 Reverend Johnathan D Mosley Mount Ellah Baptist Church 3525 Southeast 18th Avenue Gainesv i lle Florida 3260 I Reverend J a ke Davi s Mount O l ive Baptist Church 2710 Northwest 51st St.reet : High Spring. Florida 32601 Reverend Frank Clifton Mount Zura Baptist Church ofNewberr y Route 3. Box 458 Alachua. Flor ida 32615 Reverend J.D Johnson Mount Nebo United Methodist Church P.O. Box 751 Alachua. flor ida 3 2 615 Reverend Eugene Herring New Hope United Met hodist Church 909 Northeast 24th Terr ace Gai nesville Florida 3260 I Reverend J. C. Schumpert O ak G rove Baptist Church P.O. Box 668 High S pr ing. F lorida 32643 Minister Joe L. Williams Old T own Church of God In C hris t P.O. Box 868 A la chua. Florida 32615


Revere n d Taylor Paradise United Methodist Church P.O Box 751 :\iachua. Florida 3261 S Reverend Hollowa y Saint Joseph Missionary Baptist Church 1343 3rd Terrace G a inesville. Florida 3260 I Rev erend R e ntz Sain t Matthews Buptis t Churc h P O. Box 602 A l a c h u a, F l orida 3261 S Reverend C.C. Henderson Sa i nt Peter Bapti s t Church P O. Box 403 Hawthorne. Florida 32640 Reverend Lawrence Jefferson Saint Paul CME Churc h 1236 Northeast 13th Avenue Gainesville Florida 3260 I Reverend J ac k son Second Bethe l Baptis t Ch urch .P.O. B o x 1 181 High S prings. F l orida 3264 3 Reverend John Bank s Wesley Chapel U nited Methodist 600 I Southwest 63rd Lane Gainesville. Florida 32601 Reverend Rose Bethel AME Church Comer of 8th and Reid Stree t s Palatka. Florida 32077 Re verend J o n atha n Butle r Bethlehem Ba ptist Churc h 804 M a dison S tr ee t Palatka F l o r ida 32077 Reverend L.J. Hunt Pentecostal C.O.G.I.C Route 6. Box 490 Palatka. Florida 3207 8 R e ve r e n d W.O. Mayberry Pleasant Hill Missionary Baptist Church 7305 Southwest 22nd Place Gainesville Florida 3260 8 Reverend Cromwell Saint James Bapt is t Church Rout e 2. Box 53 Alachua. Florida 326 1 5 Rev e r end Criswell S a i n t Pau l Bapt i s t C hurch P O Box 577 Alachua, Fl o r ida 3261 S Elder Aa ronS. Youna V i cto r y Temple C.O.G.I.C. 730 Northwest 3rd Street Gainesville Florida 32601 Mr. Wilcox Saint Paul Baptist Church R o ute 2. Box 75 A r cher. F l orida 32618 E lder Hugh And e r son Solid Rock Evan gelistic Cente r 1 26 1 0 Northwest 39t h Avenue Ga i n esville, F l o r ida 3260 1 Dr. D.R. Williams Williams Temple C.O.G.l C. 6281\orthwcst 7th Avonue Gainesville. Florida 32601 Reverend Clarence B e thlehem Baptist Church 804 Madison Street P alat ka F l orida 32077 Reve r e n d Demps Ca lvary B a p tist Church 322 N orth I Oth S treet Palatka, F l o r ida 32077 Revc.rend Robert Fenne l Mount Pisgah AME Church 519 East Washington Street lake City. Florida 32055 Rev er e nd Bean Pl e as ant Grove Baptist Church 2424 Northeas t lst A ' enue Gainesville. Florida 3260 1 Reverend Clifton Saint Luke Missionary Baptist Church 4315 23rd A venue Gai n esville, Florida 3260 I Reverend B oo n e Sain t Peter Bapt is t Church Rou te I Box 1 160 Sanderson Fl orida 32087 R e v ere n d Wal ter McCas kill Sain t Mary's Baptist Church P.O Box 653 Alachua. Florida 3261 S Mr Nattie! Sain t Pete(s Baptist Church R o u t e 2. Box 290 Arc her. F l o r ida 32618 Apostle J. Mit c h ell Voice o f Faith Deliver ance Temple 719 Northw est 3 1 s t Avenue G a i n e s v ill e, F l orida 3260 I R eve r e n d C.J. J erusalem Missionary Baptist Assoc. 2315 Northeast lith Street Gainesville. florida 32601 Reverend Mailing. Sr. B ethle hem Missionary Baptist Church 804 Madison Street P alatka. F l orida 32077 E l d e r Walle r Camps Holy Temp l e of God Route 1 Box t99 East Palatka F l orida 32031 Elde r Goggins S ouls Harbor C.O.O.I.C 1538 Lake Drive Lake City. Florida 32055


Bishop G.L. Groover Greater Refuge Churdt of Our Lord 1224 West 26th Street Jacksonville. Florida 32209 Reverend Jeanette Holmes Hope Chapel. Inc. 9850 Wagner Road Jacksonville. Florida 32219 Reverend W. C. Baker K ings Soloman United Baptist 2221 Forest Street Jacksonv ille. Florida 32204 Reverend Levi White Jr. Little Rock Baptist Church 1418 Van Buren Street Jacksonville. Florida 32206 Reverend S.A. Thomas Moun t Bethe l Baptist Church 1620 Helena S t reet Ja cksonville Florida 32208 Ale x Alexander Moncrief Christiain Church 4216 Moncr ief Road Jackson ville Flo rida 32209 Reverend Pierre Adate. Mount Moriah A.M.E. Church 8853 Phillips Highway Jacksonville. Florida 32244 Reverend Jordon M ount Hennan Baptist Church 5527 Red Po le A venue Jacksonville. F l orida 32219 R everen d Will Waldrop Mount Neb o M.B. Church 8778 Lake Placid Drive Jacksonville, Florida 32208 Reverend Levy Lennon Mount Zi on A.M.E. Church P O Box 937 Hastings. Florida 32045 Reverend R. W. J ackson Jerusalem Baptist Church Southside 2935 St. Augustine Road Jacksonville Flor id a 32207 elder W. Robinson House of Fa ith C O O.I.C. 1740 West 1st Street Jacksonville. F lorida 32209 Reverend Paul Green Kings Road Church of Christ 2121 Kings Road Jacksonville Florida 32209 Reverend E. H. Robinson Macedonia A.M E. Church 202 South 9th Street Fernandina B each Florida 32084 Reverend John Newman Moun t Calvary Baptist Church 301 Spruce Street Jacksonville. F lo rida 32204 Reverend Russ ell Wright Mother Midv.'lly A.M.E Church 1456 Van Buren Street Jacksonville Florida 32205 Reveren d Perry C Robinson Mount Canaan M .B Church 36 West 18th Street Jacksonville. Florida 32206 Reverend C .E. Banks Mount Salem Baptist Church 1281 Wes t 22nd Street Jacksonville Flo rida 32209 Reverend Sanchez Mount Olive Baptist Church 841 Franklin Street Jacksonville. F lor ida 3220 6 Rev e rend Dwayne Gaddis Mount Zion A.M.E. Church 3811 St. Augus tine Road Jacksonville. Florida 32207 Bishop M. Baker Holy Church o f the Living God I 598 West 14t h Street Jacksonville, Florida 32209 Reverend S. L. Foster Magnolia M.B. Church 5729 Avenue "B" Jacksonville. Florida 32209 Brother George Jones Lincoln Villa Church of Christ 6046 Moncrief Road Jacksonville. Florida 32219 Reverend Lattimore Mount Ararat Baptist Church 2503 North Myrtle A venue Jacksonv i lle, Florida 32209 Reverend J.C. G reen Missionary Tabernacle Bapt!st Church 5730 Sawyer A venue Jacksonville. Florida 32208 Reverend C a l vin McFarland Mount Mo r iah A M .E. Church 99 Oak Street Jacksonville. Florida 32204 Reverend C.C. Danield M ount Canne l Baptist Church 1329 Market Street Jacksonville. Florida 32206 Reverend B.J. Lane Mount Sinai Baptist Church 2036 Silver S t reet Jacksonvill e Florida 32206 Reverend R.L. Cox Mount Ol ive P.B. Church 1319 North Myrtle Avenue J a cksonville Florida 32209 Rever en d John Oadling Mount Zion Baptist Church 2825 San Diego Road Jacksonv i lle Florida 32207


Reverend S P. Donald Zion Hope Bap tist Church 2803 Edgewood Avenue. West Jilcksonville. Florida 32208 Elder R L Dixon West Jacksonville C.O. G I.C. 3838 Firestone Road Jacksonvil le Florida 32210 Reverend Williams Bethel Baptist Church 222 Riberia Street St. August ine. Florida 32084 Reverend Issac Davis St. Mary's Baptist Church 69 Washington S t ree t S t. Augus t ine Flor ida 32084 Reverend F D. Richardson New Saint James M.S. Church 135 Rodriquez Street St. Augustine. Florida 32084 Reverend L. Pins Bethany CME Church 1325 Springdale Street Clearwater. F l orida 34615 Reverend B .O. Walker Bible Hol in ess Church of God 419 5th Street South St. Petersburg. Florida 33 712 Reverend M anuel L. Sykes Bethel Commun i ty Bap tist Church 1045 16 th S treet Sout h St. P e tersburg Florida 3 3 712 Reverend Josep h E. Harri s Elim Seventh Day Adventist Church 80 l 6th Avenue Sou t h St. Petersburg Florida 33701 Reverend Ernest Jones Galilee M issi onary Bap tis t Church 5 0 5 35th Street South St. Petersbu rg. Florida 33712 Reveren d Joe R igsby Woodlawn Un i ted Presbyterian 3026 Wood la w n Road Jacksonville. Florida 32209 Reverend Samuel West Union Baptist Church 76t Acorn Street Jacksonv i lle Florida 32209 Rev erend Ferguson First Baptist Church 81 St. Francis Street St. Augustine, florida 32208 Re ve r end E.A. K elly. Sr. Church of God in Christ 65 North Whitney Street St. Augustine. Florida 32084 Father Baker Saint Benedict Moore Ch u rc h 35 Treasury Street St. Augustine. Florida 3208 4 Re ver end Harry L. Dawkins Bethe l AME Church 912 3rdAvenue St. P eter sburg, F lorida 33712 Reveren d P D.H. Leo n ard C hrist Gospe l Church 2512 22nd A venu e Sout h St. Petersburg. F l orida 33712 Reverend A l gie Coleman Bethlehem M is s i onary Baptis t 1345 M ary L. Road Clearwater Florida 33 711 R everen d Bragg L. Turner F aith Memorial Missionary Churc h 1800 T angerine A venue Sou th St. Petersburg, Florida 33 712 Bishop W D Hol ey Holy Ghost Church of God 290 l 5th A 'enue South St. Pe t e r sbu r g Florida 33712 Reverend D r Mary Jones We re fo r Jesu s House Sanctuary 5000 Nort h Main Street Jacksonville. Florida 32208 Reverend Jackson Antioch Baptist Church 481 Pearl Street S t. Augu s tine, Fl orida 32084 Reverend James W right Shiloh Baptis t Church 271 West King Street St. Augustine, F lor ida 32084 Reverend B ell Dawson Chapel Ctv!E Chur ch Orange Street St. Augustine, Florida 32084 Reverend Wright Tabernacle Baptis t Church 35 Duval Street : St. Augustine, Fl orida 32084 Reverend Dr. Henry Lyons Bethe l Metropol itan Bapt ist Church 3455 26th A venue South St. Pete r sburg. Florida 33711 Reverend J.C. Sanders Be the l AJI,{E Church 1 134 Douglas A venue Dunedin. florida 34628 E lder Sylvester Reeves B i bleway Church of God 3 774 19th A venue South St. Petersburg, Florida 33701 Reverend Samuel Henry Friend s hip Missionary B a ptist Church 40 l South Madison A venue Clearwater. Flor ida 34616 Reverend John Copeland Macedo nia Freewill Baptist C hurch 2361 7th A venue South St. Peiers b urg. Florida 33712


Reverend William & Monica Abernathy Mirror Lak e Christian Community 73 7 3rd A venue North St. Petersburg, Florida 33712 Reverend Nathaniel W. Tindall. II Good Samaritan Baptist Fellowship 4201 6th Street South St. Petersburg. Florida 33712 Reverend M Mason Walker Moore's Chapel AME Church 3037 Fair field Avenue South St. Petersburg, F lorida 33712 Reverend Wayne E. Wilson Mount Pilgrim Missionary Bap tis t Church 4000 5th A venue South St. P etersburg, florida 33711 Reverend Carl Rhodes New Mount Olive Primitive Baptist Church 3012 18th Avenue South St. Petersburg, florida 3371 2 Reverend Doug Walker Saint John Primitive Baptist Church I 002 Palmeno Street Clearwater, Florida 34615 Reverend Curtis L. Long New Faith Free Methodist 2427 Irving Avenue South St. Petersburg Florida 33 702 Rev e ren d Steve Thomas Saint J ohn Missionary Baptist Church 3200 5th A venue South St. Petersburg. florida 3371 I Reverend Fleming Tarver Saint Missionary Baptist Church I 500 North Pennsylvania A venue C learwa ter, Florida 34615 Reverend R. Davi d Thorton Traveler's Rest Missionary B aptis t Church 2183 22nd Avenue South St. Petersburg, florida 33 712 Reverend Bradley Mount Moriah AME Church 722 Disston A venue South T arpon Spring. Florida 34689 Rev. R Pearcy & B. Odom Lakewood United Me t hodist Church 5995 9th Stree t South St. Petersburg, Florida 33712 Reverend Lero y Campbell Mount Olive Missionary Baptist Church 1124 H arvey's Lane C l earwater, Florida 346 16 Reverend Alan Stoc kt on Mount Zion AME Church 921 20th Street Sou t h St. Petersburg, Florida 33712 Or. Leroy Campbell New Zion Miss i onary Baptist I I 82 Street Clearwater. florida 34615 Reverend Benay Dyer Saint Mary Missionary Baptist Church 2104 12th Street Southwest Largo Florida 34648 R everend Don A. Gaskin New Philadelphia Community M.B. 182 0 Walton Street South St. Petersburg. Florida 33712 Reverend David Thompson Saint Mark Missionary Baptist Church 342 II th Street North St. Petersburg F lorida 34615 Rev erend Lewis Waddell Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church 1 3001 !16th lane L argo. Florida 34648 Reverend Columbus Bridges Truevine Missionary Baptist Church I 509 Barbara A venue C le arwater. Florida 34615 Reverend Wayne G Thompson First Baptist Institutional Chu rch 314 4 3rd A venue South St. Petersburg Flo r ida 33712 Reverend V. Calvin Crews Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church 450 Oakwood East Tarpon Springs. Florida 34689 Reverend Willie McDaniel Mount Olive Missionary Baptist Church 13207 I 28th Street North Largo. F lorida 34648 Re, erend I James Mitchell Mount Zion United Methodist Church 606 Alden Avenue Clearwater. Florid a 34615 Reverend Joseph Gordon Pleasant Grove Missionary a,aptist Church 2250 9th Avenue South St. Petersburg, Florida 33712 Reverend Wilkins Garren. Jr. ll Mount Zion Progr essive M.B Church 955 20th Street South St. Petersburg. Florida 33 712 Reverend Frank G. Jackson Peaceful Zion Missionary Bap ti st Church 2051 9th Avenue South St. Peters bu rg Florida 337 12 Reverend James M. Lee Saint Manhew Missionary Baptist Church 703 Seminole Street Clearwater, Florida 34615 Reverend Cornelius Bryant Stcwan-lsom Memorial CME Church 1820 Walton Stree t South St. Petersburg, Florida 337 12 Mrs. Linda Johnson U nited Temple of T ruth Church 51 I Prescon Street South St. Petersburg. Florida 33712


Reverend Clem Bell Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church 1165 Douglas A venue North Dunedin. Florida 34698 Reverend J.B. Mon Baptist Mini sters Confe rence 505 112 East Palm A venue Tampa. florida 33602 Reverend M Williams Bible Missionary Baptist Church 3302 East Ellicott Tampa. Florida 33610 Reverend E Beutley Community Missionary Baptis t Church 1407 Ida Street Tampa. Florida 33610 Reverend M. Barnes Abundant Life Church of God in Chr i st 1312 Nassau Street Tampa. Florida 33606 Reverend E1..ell Berrien Ebenezer Missionary Ba ptist Church 1 212 S cott Stree t Tampa. Florida 33602 Reverend Roland H. Oliver. S r F aith Temple Missionary Bapt is t Church 602 East Palm A venue Tamp a. Florida 3 3602 Rev erend Gary L. McNeal y F riendship Missionary BaptistChu rch 4301 Cypress Street Tampa. florida 33607 Reverend M.C. Johnson First Christian Church of West Tampa I 302 North Willow Street T ampa. Florida 33602 Reverend Danny Williams Garden Baptist Church 4610 East Hanna A v enue T ampa. Florida 33610 Reverend Lewis C. Lampley Southside Tabernacle Bapt is t Church 3619 18th A venu e Sou t h St. Petersburg. Florida 33711 Rever end Ludell Tay l or Bethel A .M.E. Church 290 I North A lbany A venue Tampa. Florida 33606 Reverend W. W Gilyard Brown Temple Church of God i n Christ 2314 27th A venue Tampa. Florida 33605 Reverend J.E. Pegram Emmanue l Missionary Baptist Church 2 204 North Highland A venue T ampa. Florida 33602 Rever e n d A Menendez Church of God 5512 North 47th Street T ampa. Flo r ida 33610 Reverend Mike Millian Evangelical Bapt ist Church Progress Village Civic Cente r 8802 Allamanda A venue Tampa. F lorida 33619 Reverend W.J. Coo per F irst Missionary Baptist Church of Seffner 11528 B essie Dix Road Seffner F l o r ida 33584 Reverend Charles Kennedy Glorious Church of God in Chris t 4701 East Hanna Avenue Tampa. F l or ida 33610 Reverend Richard Mims First Chr i stia n Church of the Living God 2801 North 17th Street Tampa. Flor ida 33605 Elder Willie L. Brown Gospel Temple Church of God in Chris t 460 I North 22nd Stree t Tampa F l orida 33610 Reverend John Green Allen T emple A.M.E. Church 2101 Lowe Street Tampa. F l orida 33602 Reverend A Leon Lowry Beulah Baptist Church I 006 Cypress Street Tampa Florida 33606 Reverend Robert Johnson Church of Chris t Southside 6411 12thAvenue T ampa. Florida 33619 Reverend George Gray. Jr. Episcopal House of Prayer 2708 Central A venue Tampa. Florida 33602-1699 E l de r W .E. Davis College Hill Church of God jn Christ 6414 North 30th S treet Tamp a Flor ida 336 1 0 Reverend Jerome Griffin Evening Star T abernacle 3716 East Paris Street Tampa. Florida 33610 Reverend C Long first Union Missionary Baptist Church 3707 E ast Che l sea Tampa, Flor i da 33610 Reverend A. Griffin Faith Missionary Baptist Church 1805 North Albany Avenue Tampa. f l orida 33602 Reverend Ronald fortune fir st Mount Carmel A.M.E. Church 4406 North 2 6th Street Tampa. flor ida 33610 Reverend Oscar Johnson Greater Friendship M.B. Church 808 Short Emory S treet T ampa. florida 33602


Reverend Melvin Ken1\erly Grea t er Mount Carmel A.M.. Church 4209 North 34th Street Tampa. Florida 33610 Bishop A. Belle Highway Church of the Apostolic Faith 3218 Non h 40th Street Tampa, Florida 33610 Reverend Thomas J. Reed Grace Mary Missionary Baptist Church 3901 North 37 t h Stree t Tampa, Florida 33610 Reverend Willie J. Williams Greater Mount Moriah P.B. Church 1225 Nebraska Avenue Tampa. Florida 336 1 0 Reverend Johnny Marshall Holiness Chureh of Christ 2505 East Wilder Tampa. Flor ida 33610 Reverend J. Kennedy House of God Chureh of the Living God 34 0 3 Nonh 34th Street Tampa. Florida 33610 Reverend Jo seph Anders on Miracle Temple Church of. God in Chris t 2001 Nonh Albany Tampa. Florida 33606 Reverend Malcolm Burleigh Living Faith A s sembly of God Chureh 5500 East Sligh A v enue T ampa. Florida 336 1 7 Reverend lngrim Mount Moriah Fre-ewill Baptis t Church Colson Road Plant City. Flor ida 33567 Reverend Amos Massey Mount Sinai A.M.E. Zion Church 2909 North Nebraska Tampa. F l o r ida 33605 Reverend Robinsky Reed Harris Temple United Met hodist Church 7915 Flowe r A venue Tampa. Flor ida 33619 Reverend Wilkes Hol sey Temple C.M.E. Church 3729 Nonh 15th Street Tampa Florida 33605 Reverend M. Murray Grea ter Fr i endship M.B. Chur ch 44 1 3 Norrh 35th Street Tampa. Florida 33610 Reverend P.J. Welch Healing Temple Church 5112 34th Street Tampa. Florida 33610 B i shop W.C. Holey Holy Ghost Church of God 3 613 North 23rd Street T ampa. florida 33610 Reverend B. Gordon Macedonia IV!issionary Baptis t Church 3 410 Eas t Wilder Tampa. flor i da 33610 Reverend Wanda Spann House of God Church 2909 North 29th Street Tampa, Flor ida 33605 Reverend J.L. Singletary Missio n of Love II 09 Ea.t Osborne A venue Tampa. f l orida 33603 .Reverend Z.D Coaston Mount Moriah Primi tive Baptist Church 1225 North Neb raska Avenue Tampa. florida 33605 Elder H .C. Turner Mount Vernon Primi tive Ba p tist Church 171 9 Green Street Tampa. Florida 33607 Reverend Luis Lugo Highlan d Avenue Chu rch of Christ 2800 North Highland A venue T ampa. Florida 3 3602 Reverend A F Nelson Hol y Outreach for Chr ist Church 2818 East Osborne A venue Tampa Florida 336 1 0 Reverend Ernest Washington Greater Morning Star M.S. Church 1415 Fifth A veoue Tampa Flor ida 33605 Reverend W.M. Hodo Highland Missionary Baptist Church 3410 East Nonh Tampa, Florida 33610 Eld er R .R Nea l Hood Temple A .M.E Z ion c;hurch 3608 North 26t h Stre e t Tampa, Florida 33610 R everend S.M. Oats Marant ha Christian Assembly 3202 East Ellicon T ampa. Florida 33610 Reverend L.J. Jones Kenny United Methodist Church 1045 South 78th Street Tampa. Florida 33619 Elder Theus Young Mount Ca lvary Seventh Day Adventist 3111 East Wilder A venue Tampa. florida 33610 Reverend C Wilcher Mount Olive AME Chureh 5100 H onon Road Plant City. Florida 33567 Reverend R.D Leverett Mount Z ion A .M.E. Church Ill South Dakot a A venue Tampa Florid a 33606


Reverend J.M. Rutledge Mount Olive A.M.E Church 1 747 LaSalle Street Tampa. florida 33606 Reverend James Cochran Mount Sinai Holiness Church 4216 Chelsea Street Tampa. Florida 33610 Reverend Beverly Lane New Bethel A M. E. Church 915 Blst Okaloosa T ampa. Florida 33604 E lder James W. Anderson New Hope Apostolic Holiness Church 3 01 2 North 22nd Street Tampa. Florida 33605 Reverend J.L. Williams New Progress Missionary Baptist Church 3307 Ease Shadow la"n Tampa. Florida 33610 Elder James Sheppard, Sr. New Caanan Missionary Baptist Church 6427 No rth 40th Street Tampa. Florida 33610 E lder J .L. Cobb New Mount Herman M.B. Church 1 407 Blstlda Tampa, Florida 33610 Reverend Leon Wilson New Salem Primitive Baptise Church 1605 North Nebraska Avenue Tampa. Florida 33605 Reverend George Perkins Oak Grove Missionary Baptise Church 2918 27 t h A venue Tampa. Florida 3 3605 Reverend Semmeal Pleasant Chapel A.M.E Church 2615 Chi pco Street Tampa. Florida 33605 Reverend C.P. Epps Mou nt Ol ive Missionary Baptist Church 4008 East Cayuga Tamp a F l orida 33610 Reverend Bernard Jackson M oun t Tabor Missionary Baptist Church 2606 Grace Street Tampa. Florida 33609 Reverend L.R. Stancil New Bethel Progressive M .B. Church 3011 East North Bay Tampa. Florida 33610 Elder Odell Glover New Macedo' " M B. Chu r ch 3402 East Deleuil Avenue Tampa. Florida 33610 Reverend J.P Saunders New Salem Missionary Bapt ist Church 405 North Oregon A venue Tampa. Florida 33606 Reverend H.L. Daniels New Friendship Missionary Baptise Church 31 07 asc L ake Avenue Tam pa. F lorida 33610 Reverend Zachary Hudson New Mount Zion M.B. Church 251 1 East Columbus Drive T ampa. florida 33605 Reverend Ben Johnson. Jr. NewT estament Missionary Baptist Church 11530 Wa lker Road Thonotosassa. Florida 33592 Elder Willie L Fowler. J r Palm River Church of God in Christ 1304 South 58th Street Tampa Florida 33605 District Elder Arthur Robinson Refug e Chu r ch of Our Lord Jesus Christ 2135 Un ion Street Tampa. F lor id a 33607 Dr. C.T. K i riland Mount Pleasant Missionary Baptist Church 2002 Nort h Rome A 'enue Tampa. Florida Reverend N. McCray Mount Zion A.M . Church 740 I Kissimmee Streel Tampa. Florid a 33616 Rev erend Herbert Mcfadden. Jr. New Birth Missionary Baptist Church 4618 North Flor ida A venue Tampa. Florida 33603 -3 736 Reverend Moses Anglin New Mount Silla M.B. Church 5702 East 32nd Avenue Tampa. Florida 33619 Reverend J R. Sheppard. Sr. New Bethlehem House of Pr'"yer 4303 North 34th Street Tampa. Flor id a 33610 Reverend L. Giles New Hope Missionary Baptist Church 3005 East Ellico n Tamp a. Florida 33610 Elder David Jones New Saint Paul Temple C.O.G I.C. 3711 East North Bay T ampa. Florida 33610 Evangelist Allen Cross Northside Church of Christ 6906 Nonh 50th S t ree t Tampa, Florida 33617 R eve rend W.F. Leonard Peace Progressive M.B Church 2607 24th A ve nue Tampa. Florida 33605 Reverend Mark Morris Rose of Sharon Spiritual Ch urch 2708 23rd A venue Tampa florida 33605


Reverend Jacob Jordan Northside Missionary Baptist Church 5706 N orth 40th Street Tampa. Florida 33610 Reverend 0 Co le man P entecos tal Church of God 4705 N orth 26th Street Tampa. Florida 33605 Reverend Louis Jones Rivergrove Uni ted Methodist Church 6522 N orth 43rd Street Tampa. Florida 33610 Reverend Bartholomew Banks Saint John Progressive M.B Church 2504 Chipco Tampa Florida 33605 Reverend Leroy Washington. Jr. Saint Paul A.M.E. Ch urch 506 Harrison Street Tampa. Flor ida 33602 Reverend Bernard lemon Saint Luke A M.E Church 2709 North 2 5 th Str eet Tam pa. F lor ida 33605 Reverend Brinson Saint Mary Missionary Baptis t Church H")' 60. Bealsville Community P lant C i ty. Florida 33567 Reverend Hennan Moten Tampa Community Bible Church 300 I Eas t Hanna A venue Tampa. F l orida 336 10 Reverend D.H. Honre. Sr. Solid Rock Freewill Baptis t Church I 024 Sout h 78th Street T ampa Flo r ida 33619 Reverend F l oyd Hunt The Apostolic Church of J esus 2708 Osbcrne TamP. F lorida 33610 Reverend Ernest Williams Open Door Chris tian Center 192 4 E ast Com an che Ta mpa. Flor ida 33610 Reve re nd Robert Ree se Pilgrim R est Missionary Baptist Church 4202 Nassau Street Tampa. Florida 33607 Reverend James Sykes Saint Jam es A.M.E. Church 5202 South 86th Street Tampa. Flor ida 33619 Reverend Lonzel Davis Jr. Saint Joseph Missionary Baptist Church 59 1 8 South 78th Street T ampa. Florida 33619 Reverend W. Clark Saint Paul United Methodist Church 3305 North 15th Street Tampa. Florida 33605 Re v erend Charles A. Perry, Sr. Saint Mark Baptist Church n 1 8 South Sherrill T ampa. Florida 33616 Reverend H.L. Simpson Saint Paul Temple C.O.G.I.C. 3101 E ast l ake A venue Tampa, Fl orida 33610 Elder Alan Johnson The Church of Christ Upo n the Rock of t he Apos toli c Faith 4002 E Dr. M.L. King, Jr. Blvd. Tampa. Florida 33610 Reverend Willie Brooks Spring Hill M.B. Churc h 704 East Humphrey Tampa. florida 33 604 Reverend Keyvus Smart T he House of Faith Ministry 50 I 0 No rth 40th Street Tampa. F lo rida 33605 Reverend Joseph JeiT erson Peace International Baptist Church 2628 East Lake A ve nue T ampa. Florid a 33605 Elder Gregory Mack Progress Village Seventh Day Adventist 7915 Flower A venue Tampa. Florida 33619 E ld er J.L. Rivers Saint James Primitive Baptist Church 3202 33rd A venue Tampa, Flor ida 33610 Reverend Aaron Munford Saint Matthew M.B. Church 2628-27th Avenue T ampa F lor ida 33605 Reverend Eddie Newkirk Saint John's Missionary Baptist Church 3401-25th Avenue T ampa, Florida 33605 Rev erend Michael Davis Saint Mark's Episcopal Church 13335 Casey Road Tampa. Flo r ida 33624 Reverend Larry White Shining Light Missio nary Baptist Church 3416 N orth 15th Stree t Tampa, Florida 33605 Elder L Shalley Sanders Chapel C.O.G.I.C. 6450 State Road 579 Seffner. Florida 33584 Elder G. Moreland Temple of t he Apostles 3505 Central A venue Tampa. Florida 33603 Reverend J.J. Johnson T he Pentecostal Churc h of God 509 East Columbus Dive T ampa. Florida 33602


Reverend Thomas Scott 34th S t reet Church of God 3000 Nonh 34th Street Tampa. Florida 33610 Reverend J .C. Mobley 29th Street Church of Christ 3310 Nonh 29th Street Tampa. Florida 33605 Reverend Abraham Brown The Prison Crusade 2921 Nonh 29h Street Tampa. Florida 33610 Reverend Harry A. Scott. Jr 24th Avenue Church of God in Christ 1703-24th A venue Tampa. Florida 33610 Reverend Alex Harper Bible Baptist Church of Palmetto P.O. Box 775 Palmetto. Florida 34221 Elder L i vingston E ternity Temple First Born Church of the Living God 716-29th Street Eas t Palmetto. florida 34221 Reverend David Bell Bryant's Chapel C.M.E. Church T allevast Road !P.O. Box 14 6 Tallevast, Florida 34270 E lder Donald Taylor First Community Church of God 1 107-29th Street East Palmetto. Florida 34221 Re v erend Nathaniel McCray Mount Olive A.M.E. Church 1515-72nd Street Coun Eas t Rubonia. Florida 34221 Reverend Brown Saint John's First Baptist Institu'tional Church II 08-29th Stree t Eas t Palmetto Florida 34221 Reverend W.T. C arpenter True Love Missionary Baptist Church 4828 Webb Road Tampa Florida 33615 Reverend S.L McQueen Uni ted Missionary Bapti$t Church 4320 East Henry Tampa. Florida 33610 Reverend J. Aydelotte 32nd Avenue Church of Christ 2918-32nd Avenue Tampa. Florida 33610 Reverend Thomas Scott 22nd Street Church of God 3012 Nonh 22nd Srreet Tampa. Florida 33610 Re verend C. Bryant Cane(s Temple C.M.E. Church 546 -lith A venue West Bradenton. Florida 34206 Reverend J.O. McMillan Gethscmane Baptist Church 501 9th Avenue West Bradenton. Florida 34208 Reverend K.E. McCloud Christi an Fellowship Gospel Temple 150 6-2nd Avenue West Palmetto F lorida 34221 Reverend C. Allen Greater Mount Pilgrim P.B. Church 126-9th A venue Wes t Brad enton. Florida 34207 Reverend Ezell Patterson Mount Tabor M.B. Church 1703 Tallevast Road P.O Box 229 Tallevas1. Florida 34270 Rev erend W. Armstead Saint Mary M.B. I 006 First Street Bradenton. F lorida 34206 Reverend W.T Carp enter True Love Missionary Baptist Church 1908 Notth 36th Street Tampa. Florida 33610 Reverend Lenwood Cliau Zion Hill A.M E Church 2601 12th Avenue Tampa. Florida 33605 Reverend He dley Simpson True Vine True Holiness Church 3102 East Lake A venue Tampa. florida 33610 Reverend H .H. Hunt Unity Missionary Baptist Church 3111 Ybor Street Tampa, Florida 33605 Brother Curtis Johnson ll. th Street Ch urch of Christ 501-1 I th Street East Palmetto, Florida 34221 Elder Bryant House of God 1107-6th S t reet Wes t Bradenton. F lor ida 34206 Re ve ren d D.L. Jones Emanuel Baptis t Church 13th Avenue East!P.O. Box 1583 Bradenton Florida 34208 Elder Theodore Tillis House of God Church Keith Dom in io n 116-17th Street E ast Palmetto, Florida 34221 Reverend Henry Jackson Pentecostal Churc h of God 302-9th A ve nue East Bradenton Florida 34208 Reverend Louis Carr Saint Paul Missionary Baptist Church 529-9th A venue East Bradenton Florida 34208


Reverend S .D. Pollard Mount Raymond M .B. Church 2410-4th Ave. East/P.O. Box 1272 Palmeno. Florida 34220 Reverend H. Sampson Saint Luke P.B. Church 540 -12th Street Drive West Palmetto. Florida 3422 I Reverend Golden Ward Temple A.M.E. Church 1005-5th Street West Bradenton. Florida 34206 Reverend Jack Williams Bethel AME Church 105 Walnut Stree t Kissimmee. Florida 32802 Reverend Small Church of Deliverance. Inc 1350 North Tropical Trail Merritt Island. Florida Reverend W.D. Judge Antioch Primitive Bapti st Church 1718 West Grand A venue Or l ando. Florida 32805 Reverend William Wilson Emmanue l Missionary Baptist Church 1602 Bruton Boulevard Orlando. Florida 32805 Reverend R.W. Wiggins Greater New Hope l'vfissionary Baptist 3099 Orange Center Boulevard O r lando. florida 32805 Bishop M.C. Sconier Malone Memorial Church of God in Christ 401 South lvey Lane Orlando. Florida 32808 Reverend James Brown Full Gospel Faith Fe llowship P.O. Box 1010 Orlando. Flor ida 32802 Reverend A. I. Bradley Providence M B. Church 50 l I I th Street Drive West Palmeno. Florida 34221 Revere-nd Fletcher Lawson St Mary Missionary Bpst. Church Second Street West! P.O. Box 145 Parrish. Florida 34219 Reverend John H Woodard Allen Chapel A .M.E. Church 1203 Olive Avenue Sanford. Florida 32771 Reverend Ler oy Hendrix Bethel Baptist Church 425 West Welboume Avenue Winter Park Florida 32789 Reverend Moses H. J ohnson Jr. Ebenezer U nited Methodist Church 1019 Goldwyn Avenue Orlando. Flor ida 32855 Reverend Rollie Murray. J r Bethel Baptis t Church 4 West Anderson Stree t Or l ando. Florida 32805 Reverend J. Lingo Flower Temple C.O G .J.C. 733 West Lyman Avenue Wint er Park. Florida 32789 Reverend G Christopher Clark Greater Mount Carmel Missio n at) Baptis t 6009 Terrell Road Tangerine florida Reverend T .E. Gainous Mount Calvary Baptist Church 4724 Raleig h Street Orlando. Florida 32805 Reverend Wells Greater Saint Paul Baptist Church 213 Stone Street Cocoa. Flor ida Reverend J.D. Johnson Saint John's Baptist Church 2007th Street West Palmetto. florida 34221 Bishop 0. Johnson Th e Pentecostal Tabernacle o f God 516 30th Street East Palmetto. Florida 34221 Reverend James Hagin Anitoch M i ssionary Baptist Church 3111 Ea st Broadway Stree t Oviedo. Florida 32765 Reverend Darnell Shellman Bethlehem M .B. Church P.O. Box 4241 Winter Garden florida 32787 Reverend Archie WHiiarns El Bethel Church ofNazareqe 3000 Bruton Boulevard Orlando. florida 32805 Reverend R. Zak Carter Tabernacle Church C.M.E. Church South Co ttage Hill Road Or l ando. florida 32805 Elder Buckner friendship Primitive Baptist Church 385 Burnett Road Cocoa Florida Reverend Thomas E Chenault Livingston Stree t Church of God 910 West Livingston Street Orlando Florida 32805 Reverend J. Whitehurst Fellowship Institutional Christian Church 1190 Apopka Boulevard Apopka florida Reverend Gene Brown Hur st Chapel AME Chu rch 9 1 0 Bentley Street Orlando florida 3 2805


Willi e C. Barnes Macedon a Missionary Baptis t Chu r ch 412 East Kenned y Bouleva r d Eat onville flori d a 3275 1 Reverend Ronald Sutton Mount Mor ia h B aptis t Church 421 Pennsy lvania A venue Winter Park. F l orida 3278 9 Reverend Walter Prince Mount Pleas ant Baptis t C hu rch 4077 Prince Hall Bou le vard Orlando Florida 32805 Reverend Harve y L. Ri l ey Moun t Mor iah Baptist Church 2295 Adams Street Nonheast Palm Bay Flor ida 32905 Reve rend J O. William s Mount Olive A.M.E. Church 2525 West Church Street Orlando. F l orida 32805 Rever e nd Randolph Bracy. Jr. New Covenan t Baptist Church 380 2 A Silverstar Roa d Orlando. Florida 32808 Reverend Weaver Rescue Church of God I 700 West 13t h S t ree t Sa n fo rd Flo r ida 3277 1 Reveren d Ronald Menhie N ew Life Word Center 1311 Oak Avenue S anford F lo rida 32771 R e v erend Fred L. Ma xwell Saint John Missionary Baptist Church 202 5 Wes t Central Boulevard Orlan d o. Florida 32805 Reve r end Amos C J ones Saint Pau l Missiona ry Bap t ist 813 Pine A venue Sanford. Flo r ida 32771 Reverend Andre\v Evans Morning G l ory Missionary Baptist Church 2600 Eas t Hig hway 4 6 San f ord. F l orida 3277 I R eve r e nd D C. Griffin Mount M ori ah AtviE Ch urch 304 S to ne Street Cocoa F lorida 32923 Reverend William F Lewis New Be t h e l Missionary Baptist Church 612 Eas t I Oth S t reet Sanford F l orida 3277 1 Rev e r end F l oyd Bass Metro p olitan Bapist Church 4 74 West King Street Cocoa Florida 32923 Reverend Thelma ShawYoung New Bet hel Al'viE Church 361 5 Main Street Sa n ford Florida 32771 Reverend Bobby P la i r New Mount Calvary Church 1 1 5 Wes t 1 2 th Stree t San fo r d. F lor ida 32771 Revere nd J o nes Saint John C.O.G.J.C 7 3 7 T hom as Lane Cocoa Florida Re v erend Leroy Dennis New Saint Mark F ree Metho d is t Church I 00 I West Grand S tre

Reverend Wilbert Harkins Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church 749 West Federa l O r lando, Florida 32855 R everend Bowie Sanfo r d Tabernacle o f Prayer 950 West 13t h Stre e t Sanfo r d. Florida 32771 Rever e nd Ronald F. K imble Sr. The Life Cen ter 63 East Kennedy Bou l evard E a tonville, Fl orida 3275 1 Reveren d Ivory Zion H ill M i ssionary Baptist Church 1110 Drew Avenue Orl ando. Florida 32805 Re,er end De s i Echoles Bethel CME Methodist 17 1 9 22nd S t reet Sarasota, Florida 34234 Chief Ove rs e er James Elliott House of God Chur ch 23 I 0 Mango A venue Sarasota. flori d a 34234 Brot h e r AI R odr i quez Christ of Chri s t 2740 Os p rey A venue Sarasota. F l o r ida 34230 Reverend W.L. Mingle to n Mount Calvary M.B. C h u r c h 1760 24t h Stree t Sarasota. Florida 34234 Reve r end John Gay l ord Pinman T e mple C.O.G.l C 3634 Leo nard Re d A venue Sarasota, Fl o rida 3 4 23 4 Reverend R. Hardy Payne C h apel AME Ch u rch 1910 Central Aven u e Saraso t a Fl o r i da 34234 Reverend Christine S. Long The Way of Life M i nistries Inc. 638 North Pine H ills Roa d Orlando F l o r ida 32808 Henna n B ran d on T a nge l o Baptis t Church 7001 Ravenna Avene O r l ando. Flo r ida 328 0 9 Reverend Griffin Ward Chapel AME Church 159 Sout h Pennsylvania Orlando. Florida 32789 Reverend Jones Z ion Orthodox Primi t ive Baptis t Church 115 Sou th F i ske B oulevard Coco a F l orida Elde r Lake De liverance Miracl e R e v i va l Center 141 9 5th S t reet Sa r asota. Florida 3 4236 Reverend James Dupree J ohnson Chapel M.B. Chu r ch 506 Chu r c h S t reet Laure l F l orida 33545 Reverend J im m y Davis Grac e Temple 6 70 Cohen Way Sarasota. florida 34236 R eve r end Wesley Tunstall Moun t Moriah Christian Church 5064 San d y Shore A venue Sarasota. Flori d a 34242 Reveren d Sanford T. Pe rk ins Mou n t Calvary P.S. Church 2256 Colson Ave n ue Sarasota. F l orida 34234 R everend Theodore And r ews Allen Ch ap e l AME Church 500 No rt h Guillemard St. Pen sacola. Florida 3250t Reverend Leonard Holt Vic t ory United Chu rch of Chris t 2000 Beecher Stree< Orl ando. Flor ida 32808 B i s hop H.L. Lewi s Triump h th e Chu r ch of God in C h rist 4 093 Booker O r la n do. F l orida 32805 Bishop A l vin Pal m er Zion Churc h of J esus Christ 3 700 West Robinson Stree t Orlando. F lorida 32805 Reverend Johnny Dailey Be t hlehem M i s s ionary Bap t i st 1680 1 8 t h S t ree t S arasota, Florida 34234 Reverend Charl es R o bi nson Greater Hurst C h a p el A !'viE c h urch 2730 North Li nks Avenue Saraso t a. Florida 3423 4 Reveren d John Davi s Bethasida Outreach Min istr ies P.O. Box 9212 S ar asota. F lor i d a 34278 R e verend J e rome Dupree Ko iniona M.B Churc h 409 Nort h Lime A venue Saraso t a. Florida 34267 R eve r end T.L Williams Moun t Zion M .B. C h u rch 3057 B rowning Street S ar asota. Flori d a 34237 Eld e r Willie M a yes. Jr. New Zion P.B. Church 2200 Mango A venue Saraso ta. F l or ida 34234 R e verend Floyd C r um All F a i t h Comm u ni ty Church 7275 R olling Road Pensacola. Florida 32505


Elder E.L. Locke All Sain t s AOH Holiness Church 1122 Nonh "D" Street P ensacola. F l orida 32501 Elder Arthur Fletcher Calvary Christian Pentecosta l 939 Avenue Pensaco la. Florida 32503 Or. Willie B runn e r Cedar Grov e Bapt ist Church 6989 Cornelius Lane Pensacola. Florida 32505 Reverend J. Windga te Emanuel Baptist Church 701 West LaRua Street Pensaco la, f lor ida 32501 Reverend Chuck Baldv.'in Crossroad Baptis t Church 6800 West Mobile Highwa y Pensacola. Florida 32506 Elder M .L. Durant Emanual Holiness Church 3420 St. John Street Pens acola. florida 32505 Reve r end Miller F irst Baptist Church 1 8 Merritt S t reet Warrington. Fl orida 3 250 7 Elder Nicholson Friendship P.B. Church 500 North "D" S treet Pensacola. F l ori d a 3250 I Reverend J. A bbott freewill P.B. Church 1321 Bolivia Street Pensacola. Florida 3250 4 Rev erend T McGrew First Mount Z i o n Baptis t Churc h 502 U.S. Highway 29 South Cenl\lry. F l orida 32568 Dr. Nathaniel Smith Ant i och Bapti' Church 625 Nort h "D" Street Pensacola. Flor ida 3250 I Rever end D. Barrow. Jr. Amazing Grace Fellowship 2121 West Jackson Street Pensacola. Florida 3 250 I Reverend Ear l J ackson Damascus Road Baptist Church 8198 Untreiner Avenue Pensacola Florida 32505 Elder H. Walker Emanuel Holiness Church 1208 West B o b e Street P ensacola, Florida 3250 I Reverend H Hardway Davis S t r eet Baptis t Church 2806 North Davi s Highway P e nsacola. Fl orida 32503 L arry Holmes Englewood Baptist Church 1240 West Scott Street Pen sacola florida 3250 1 Reverend T May Friendship Baptis t Church 1213 West Blout Street P e nsacola. Florida 32501 Prophetess Moultrie God s Love Holiness C h u r ch 317 East Anderson Street Pens aco la. Florida 32501 Ren!r c n d Salter first Corinthian Ba p tis t Churc h 1700 West Jackson Street Pensacola. Flor ida 32501 Reverend J o nes Gal ilee Baptis t Chu rch 923 West Young Street P ensacola. F lorida 3 250 I R everend Maurice Dykes Bethel Bapt ist Church 3097 Patricia Drive Pensacola. Fl orida 32501 Reverend Hosea Mon tgomery Bethclehern U nited M. B. Church 515 Woodland Drive P ensacola. Florida 32503 Dr. R.L. Powell East Hill Church ofGod in Chris t 2116 North Alcaniz Road Pensacola Florida 3250 5 Reve r end C Abbott Ensley Baptist Church R oute 5 Box 1 39 Pensacola Flori d a 32514 Reverend Ceasar Smi t h Ebeneze r Baptist Chu rch 2520 North "D" Street Pensacola. Florida 32501 Reverend V Atchba l d First B apt ist (Ferry Pass) 8351 Carminitti Lane Pensacola Flor ida 32514 Reverend H Lee F irst C.O.G.I.C. 605 Lovejoy Road Ft. Walton Beach Florida 32548 Reverend R. Handy firs t Calvary Baptist Chutch 1122 North "L" Street Pensacola. F l orida 3250 1 Reverend J. franklin friend ship Baptist Church 429 West Clay Street Pensacola. Florida 32504 Reverend McWilson Grea t er Little Rock Baptist Church 1171 North ''f"' Street P ensacola. Florida 3250 I


Reverend Brooks Greater :vlt Lily Baptist Church 619 East Gadsden Strt Pensacola. Florida 32501 Warren Davis Je h ovah Lutheran Churc h 280 1 N orth N imh Avenue P ensacola. Florid a 32 514 Reverend Erwin Me Wilson. Sr l.inle Welcome Baptist Church 3111 North Alcaniz Street Pensa cola. Florida 32503 Reverend Blocker Mt. Charity Baptis t Churc h 305 Crescen t Drive Pensac o l a. Flori da 32503 Elder Knight. J r New Covenent Christian Ministries 2311 Nonh 12th Avenue Pensacola. florida 32503 Rev erend Carlto n Metrop o litan Community Church 41 S North Alcaniz S treet Pen saco l a. F l orida 32501 Reverend K C. Bass Mt. Oli, e Baptist Church 500 North Davis Highway Pensacola. Florida 3250 I Reverend Free man New Jeru s a l e m Baptist Church 1011 West Jordan Street Pensacola. Florida 3250 1 Reverend Lee New Tabernacle Baptist Church 101 South "A" Street Pensacola Florida 3250 I Elder Ross Knigh t. Sr. R oc k of Ages 2120 North Ta rragona Pensacola. Florida 32503 Elder Wales Nesbitt. 111 H oly Altemati\ t C.O.G.I.(.. 813 \Vest Chase Street Pensacola. Florida 32501 Reverend Maurice Roland Joh n t he Baptist Church 101 N ort h T enth A v enu e Pe n sacol a Florida 3250 I Reverend Dave Thomas Merropotitian Baptist Church 805 Nonh "A" Street Pensacola. F lori da 32501 Reverend Blakensh i p M t Mor i a h Baptist Church 25 1 6 North Baylen Stree t Pensacola, Flor ida 3250 I Re, erend Philli p s New Faith Baptist Church 4901 Nonh BtfWick Street Pensacola. F lorida 32505 Or. J.J Youn g Mt. Canaan Baptist Ch ur c h SOO E a s t Moreno Stre e t Pensaco l a. Florida 32503 Reverend Otha Leverette 111 Mt. Sinai Baptist Church 251 S Nonh 6th A venue Pensacola. Flo r ida 32503 Reveren d Wright New Hope Baptist C h urch I 0 East Pearl Street Pensacola. F lo rida 3 2505 Reverend J.J. Miller Oakfield Union Baptist Church 456 Hancock Lane Pensacola. Florida 32503 B i shop M Jordan Shining L i gh t Ho ly Spiritual 31 0 Eas t Anderson Street l'ensacola. Florida 32503 A.J. King Greater Union Baptist Church 1171 Nonh "F" Street Pensacola. Florida 32501 Rev erend Penaway Liberty Peace Baptis t Church 7048 Rollin g Hill Road Pensacola Florida 325 05 B rother Miller Morning Star Baptist Church 180 8 Nonh 6th Avenue Pensac<>la. Florida 32503 R e verend Payne Mt. Zion Baptis t C hurch 528 West Ja ckso n St r ee t Pen sacola Florida 3250 I R everend George Gordon Mars Hill Bapri s t Church 805 1/2 Nonh "E" Street P ens acola. florida 32501 Rever end J ohnson Mt. Lily Baptis t C hur c h 209 North "A" Stree t Pensacol a. Florida 325 0 1 R e erend Peacock New Binh Baptist Church 1610 Nonh "Q" Street Pensacola. Florida 32505 Re v eren d Bro"n New Missionary Bap tist Churc h 1 3004 North Berwick Street P ensacola. Florida 32503 R everend E English Pilgrim BaptiSt Church 1011 Nonh 8th Avenue Pensacola Florida 3250 l Reverend McGrew New Rev e l atio n Baptis t C hurch 3012 North Miller S treet Pensacola. Florida 32503


Reverend Blackman Elder J ohn Young L.IV. Wesle y New Tabernacle Baptist C hurch Pent ecostal Temple C .O G .!.C Pleasant Hill Baptisl Church 150 East Johnson Street 212 South "N" Street 3438 Nonh Market Street Pensacola. Florida 32514 Pensacola Florida Pensacola. Florida Reverend M onro e McMillian Reverend Michael John so n Elder Freddie Hognn Sabathani Baptist C hurch Sixth A venue Baptist Church Smyrna P B C hurch 220 I Nonh tlayne S Jreel 1120 North 61h Avenue 209 Gulf Beach Highway Pensac ola. Florida 32301 Pensacola Florida 32501 Warrington. F l orida 32507 Reverend J ohn Githiga Reverend Andrt\\< s R everend Richard Hines St. Cyprian Episcopal Church S1. James Bap11 Sn cct Pensaco la. Florid a 32501 Pensacola Florida 32504 Pensacola. Florida Elder R.S. J ones Reverend James Brown Reverend McKe nny St. Mnrk C.O.G.J.C. S t Mathew Lutheran Church St. Peter Baptis t C hurch 8822 Figland Avenue 7049 Pensaco la Blvd. 776 I Ker s haw Street Pensaco la. Florida 32 5 I 4 Pensacola, Flori da 32505 Pensac ola. Florida 32505 Reverend E ugene Smith Reverend IV.E. S ims Elder J Smiley Springhill Baptist Church Trinity Bapt i st Church St. James AFM Ch urch 1200 \Vat Jackson Sn ee t 310 N o rth o Snt 69 8 3 Twiggs L ane P ensacola. Florida 32501 Pensa cola Florida 3250 I P ensacola. Florida 32505 Elder O M Jackson Reverend \V.R. Ble vins Elder L. W ynn St. Mary Holiness C hurch Sunlight B aptist Church Triumph H oliness C hurch 3600 West A very Street 1 919 North Davis Highway 125 East Lak eview A venue Pensacola. F lorida 32505 Pensacola Florida 3250 3 Pensacola. F l orida 32503 Elder Herman Booker Reverend Hutch inson Rev erend R o binson Tru evine Holiness Church Linl e Bethel Bap1is 1 Church Pearl V alle y Bap

Reverend Elkanah H ep burn Blue Heron Church o f God 2 600 Avenue "H" West Riv i era Beach. Florida 33404 Reverend Luke Lewis Church of the Living God 1545 West 22nd Street R i viera Beach. flori da 33404 Elde r Irvin H arris Crown of Glory C.O G.I.C. 3225 Old Dixie Highway West Palm Beach. Florida 33405 Reverend N.N S ears First C o r inthian Baptist Church 320 West 3 2nd Street Riviera Beach. Flor ida 3 3404 Reveren d William lvey Fi t h Temple 124 1 33rd Street Riviera Beach. F l orida 33404 Reverend N .S. Marcelle Jr Emanuel D eliverance Church of God 1309 Geo rgi a A venue West Palm B e a ch. F lorida 33 402 Reverend Albert Nesbi tt Lake Worth Church of God 822 Washington A venue Lake Worth. Fl orida 33 4 60 Reveren d I.S Berry Little Zion Holiness Church Sou t h "J' Str eet Lake Worth. Florida 3 3460 Reverend Peggy Hollis Hop ewell Ins titutional Baptist Church 7284 Boynton Beach Bou levard Boynton Beach. Flor ida 334 35 Reverend Roosevelt Coo p e r Mount Ca lvary First Baptist C hur ch 180 Southwes t 1Ot h A venue South Bay. Fl orida 334 9 3 Reverend Preston C. Williams Church of God 629 5th Street West P a l m Beach. Flor ida 33405 Reverend Gene Dixon Christian Tem ple AME Church I 3 5 12t h Srreet R iviera Beach, Florida 33404 Elde. r Simeon Jimerson first Church o f God in Chri st 610 14th S treet West Palm Beach, Florida 33407 Reveren d Albert Moore Delray Community B apti st Church 94 Sout hwes t 5 th A venue Del ray Beach. Flor ida 33444 Reverend M el vin H a ynes Emanuel Baptist Church 1220 Pioneer Road Magnolia Park. Florida 33405 Reverend William Kelly Grays T emple CME Church 532 18t h Street West Palm Beach. Flor ida 33 4 0 5 E lder R H. Hendley. Jr. Greater Bet hel P.B. Church 1340 West 30th Street Rivier a Beach. flor ida 33404 R everen d Gr iffin Davis Hilltop Baptist Church 1273 West 30th Street Rivi era Beach. Florida 33404 Reverend W Oshea Gr anger Mount C alvary Baptist C hurch 500 Australian Avenue Riviera Beach. Flor ida 33404 Reve r end Ruben Jackson Mount Carmel Baptist C hur ch 6823 Eas t Church Street Ju pit e r F l o r ida 33458 Elder Jones Ch urc h o f dte Living God 600 1 3th Street West Palm Beach. F l orida M inister Jaspe r Bai ley Firs t Born Church of the Living God 1010 11th Stre e t West l'alm Beach. Florida 3340 1 Reverend Wright Daughters of Zion 201 Northwest 3rd Aven ue Delray Beach. Florida 3 34 4 4 Reverend K.(... B ow l Friendship Baptist Church 718 3r d S t reet West Palm Beach Flo rida 33407 Reverend James Cleare Grant Cha pel AME Church 1615 Ray Street Lake Wort h. Flori da 33460 Reverend Frank Jefferson Greater Antioch Missionary Baptist Church 1 915 Spru ce A venue West P alm Beach. Florida 33401 Reverend N.E. Grubbs Lighthou s e Baptist Church 1 952 Con gress A venue West Palm Beach florida RO\erend J ohn J ohnson Miracle Revival Deliverance 370 I Old Dixie Highway Riviera Beach. Florida 33404 Reverend Leon Camp bell. Jr Mount Calv ary Baptist Church 399 Canal Str eet Bell e Glade Florida 33430 Reverend James E A dams Mount Z ion Baptist Church 868 9th S tree t Riviera Beach Florida 3 3 404


Reverend Rufus Parson Mount Gilead B a ptist Chu rch 1313 Division Avenue West Palm Beach. florid a 33402 Reveren d R .J. Hairston lii New Bethel Baptis t Church 1101 West Avenue "A" Belle Glade Florida 33 4 30 Reverend John Overstreet Moun t Z ion Bapt ist Churc h IllS Henrietta A ''Cnue West Palm Beach. Florida 33402 R e verend I s ai a h Tal ton Ne\v Jerusalem Baptist 1017 18th Street West Palm Beach Florid a 33407 R everend J.H. Barrett New M a cedon i a M.B. Church 502 Boo n e Avenue Pahokee, Florida 33476 Rever end W.R. Si n g l eton Provid ence Miss ionary I 051 Northwest 4th Street Boynton Beach. flori da 33435 Reverend W. H. Bum. Peacefu l Z i o n Baptist Church 8 1 9 8th Stree t West Palm Beach. flori da 33402 Reverend A H L ockene. Sr Sain t James Baptis t C h urch 1524 West 34th Street R iviera Beac h florid a 3340 4 Reverend R.M. Lee Saint John Bap t ist Chu rch 900 North Seacr est Boulevard Boynton Beach. f l orida 33435 Reverend Russell Sa i nt Paul's A!I.

Reverend O.W. West Shiloh M.B. Church 478 Rardin Avenue Pahokee, Florida 33476 E lder Sutton Sutton Chapel Church of God in Chr is t 209 Southwes t 4th A venue Delray Beach. Florida 33444 Reverend Harold Frisson Trinity United Methodist Church 140 I 9th Street West Palm Beach, F lorida 33402 Reverend Richard Wyatt Franchise Baptist Church I 00 I 1 2th A venue South L ake Worth. Florida Reverend Charles Washington Mount Zion Apostolic Faith Church 4911 Australian Avenue Magnolia Park. Florida 33407 Elder L.R. Lundy Bible Church of God. Inc. 2832 Northwest 6th Street Ft. Lauderdale. Flor ida 33311 Reverend Frank C Creamer Chruch of the Intercession 502 Nonhwest I 7th Street Ft Laude rdale. Florida 33311 Minister W .R. Davis Fifteen S tree t Church of Christ 390 Northwest 1 5t h Street Pompano. Florida 33060 Dr. W. F. Washington Golden Heights Church of Christ 205 l Nonhwest 31st Avenue Lauderdale Lakes. Florida 33311 Reverend Eddie Murphy. Jr. Harris Chapel Methodist Church 2351 Northwest 26t h Street Ft. Lauderdale. Florida Father Samuel J. 6row11 Saim Patrick's Episcopal Church 418 Sapod illa A venue West Palm Beach. Florida 3 3402 Reveren d Ruby Gil ben Full Gospel Holy Temple of God in Christ 1301 37th Street Riviera Beach, F lor i da 3 3404 Reverend Harold Rolle Church of God 1537 30th Street Riviera Beach. F lorida 33404 Reverend D Wesco Tabernacle of Prayer, Inc. 240 1 North Tamarind !\venue West Palm Beach. Florida 33401 Dr. U.S. Mathis Jr. Antioch Baptist Church 420-22 Northwest 8th Avenue Pompano. Florida 33060 Reverend Phillip Hall Calvary Chapel C.O.G.I.C. 744 Northwes t 12th A venue F t L auderdale. Florida 33312 Reverend Johnso n Ebenezer Baptist Church 816 North west I st A venue H allandale. F l o rida 33009 Reverend J. L. Talton First Baptist Church of Colliers City 2651 Northwest 2nd Street Pompano. Florida 33060 Reverend Ruby Garland Greater Mount Zion AI\1E Church 5008 Southwest 18th Street West Hollywood. Florida 33023 Reverend T.R. Walker Hig hway Christian Church of Faith 2821 N orthwest 9th Street Pompano Beach, Florida Reverend Ann Davis Simpson Memorial Unite d Me t hodist Church 1144 6th Street Riviera Beach Flor ida 33404 Reverend E velyn Bannister Miracle Gospe l House 805 15t h Street West Palm Beach. Florida 33407 Reverend I.S. Clark Union Baptis t Church 3900 Broadway West Palm Beach Flori da 33407 Reverend Claybon Mathis Temple Baptist Church 251 Avenue "0'' Riviera Beach, Florida 33404 Dr. Raymond Anglin Ascension Presbyterian Chureh 2701 North State Road 7 Ft. Lauderdale. Florida 33020 Bishop James Gooden Church of God of 5th A venue 211 Northwest 5th A venue Ft. Lauderdale, florida 3331 1 Reverend W.H. Gresham Fifteen Avenue Church of God 705 Northwest ISh Avenue Ft Lauderdale. F lorida 33311 Minister A. Cooper First Mount Pleasant Church 2921 Northwest 8th Court Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 33311 Reverend McGregor Greater Trinity Baptist Church 25 N. W. 7th A venue Dania florida !Ylinister R. G ris.<>cttc Highway Holiness Church 2404 N orthwest 20th Street Ft Lauderdale. F l orida 3331 I


Elder Walker Highwa y H o liness Faith & Deli v erance 5311 Southwest 25th Street West H ollywood Florida 33023 Elder Coope r House of God 441 Northwest 7th A venue Ft. Lauderdale F l o rida Reverend William Campbell Lauderdale Man o r Baptist 1122 Nonhwest 9th Avenu e Ft. L auderda le. Florida 33311 Minister Clarence Glover Mount Bethel Baptist Chu rch 90 I Nonhw est II tb Aven ue Ft. Laude r dale F l o rida 33311 Reverend M E Monroe Mount N ebo Baptist Cb=h 225 I No rthwest 22nd Street Ft. Lauderdale. Florid a 33311 Reverend Eddie Murphy Jr Mount Sinai Unite d Methodist Church 324 Foster Road Hallandale Flo rida 3300 9 Reverend W.M. Da v is New Hope: Missionary Baptist Church 1321 Nonbwest 6th Sueet Ft Lauderdale. Flo rida Min i ster A Coo per New Macedonia Baptis t 2254 Douglas S ueet Hollyw ood. Florida 33020 Reveren d Leo nard Ward Pilgl'im Christian Univ. Church 3431 West Broward B oulevard Ft. Lauderdale. Florida 33312 Mother Franc i s Royal Assemb l y C hu rch of th e Living God 278 Nonhwest 35 th Coun Oakland Park. Florida 33334 Eld e r Harvey D. B ryan Holy Redeemer C O G.l.C 2090 Northwest 26th Avenue Ft Lauderdale. FIO

Elder Samuel Pace Faith Temp le Church of Christ 4535 Northwest 17th A venue Miami. Florida 33142 Reverend J. Sales First Baptist of Browns v ille 4600 Nonhwest 23rd A venue Miami. Florida 33142 Elder Joseph Watson First Born Church of the Living God 2310 Nonhwest 58th Street Miami. Florida 33142 Elder Davis The First Born Church of the Living God 6709 Northwest I Sth A venue l'vfiami. Florida 3314 7 Reverend Bulkcom Full Gospel Evangelistic 2741 Northwest 49th Street Miami. Florida 33142 Reverend Ann Abraham God's Way Ch urch of Holiness & Truth 57 Southwe s t 8th Street Homest ead._Florida 33030 Elder Wilcox G oulds Temple C.O.G.l.C 12005 Southwest 213th T errace Go ulds Florida 33170 Reverend J.R Mcfadden Greater New Mount Zion AME 890 Sou thwest 4th Street Miami. Florida 33030 Le r oy Brooks Grace & Fai t h Ministries 145 3 Nonhwest 70th Street Miami. Florida 33147 Or. W.L. Strange. Sr. Greater Holy Cross M.B. Chur ch 1 555 Nonhwest 93rd Terrac e Miami. Florida 3 3150 Reverend Alfred McTouch Fellowship Ba p tis t Church I 04 2 Nort hwest 3rd A v enue Mia mi Florida 33136 Re ve rend McKay First Baptist Church of Perrine 1 6905 Southwest 90th Street Perrine. florida 33157 Dr. George Shennan Pyke First Presbyterian Church ofN. Dade 609 Brickell A venue Miami. Florida 33168 Reverend Issac Coh en First Deliverance C.O.G.I .C. 6229 Nonhwes t 17th A venue Miami. F lo rida 33150 Reverend Julian Jackson Gamble Memorial C.O.G.l.C: 1898 Nonhwest 43rd Street M iami. Florida 33142 Reverend C W. Judson. Sr. Good News Li n le Riv e r Baptist Church 495 Northwest 77th Street Miami. Florida 33 1 50 R everend John F White Greater Bethe l AME Church 245 Northwest 8th Street Miami. Florida 33 136 Reverend William Washington Greater Saint J ames M.B. Church 4875 Nonhwest2nd Avenue Miami. florida 33127 Reverend Hoseph Alessi Grace Ch urch of Ken dall 8100 Southwest l 04th Street Miami. florida 33156 Reverend G. David Horton Gre ater New B et h el Baptist Church 17025 Nonhwest 22nd Aven ue Miam i florida 33054 Reverend Dale L. Powell Friendshi p Missionary Baptist Church 740 Nonhwest 58th Street Miami Florida 331 4 7 Reverend T Wacson F irst Baptist Church of P errine 16 905 Southwest 90th Street Perrine. Florida 331 S 7 Dr. Dennis Tarr Firs t Uni ted Methodist 400 Biscayne Boulevard Miami. Florida 3 3 131 Reverend A.W Jordan III First Macedonia Baptist Church 351 S Douglas Road Miami. Florida 33133 Reverend Nathanie l Mc Millan Gibbs Chapel AME Church 15 38 Nonheast 152nd Streej Miami. Florida 33162 E vangelist Thomas 0. Jackson Gou lds Church of Christ 22800 Southwest I 12th Avenue Gou ld s, F lorida 33170 Reverend O.W. West Greater Harvest Institutional Baptist 2775 Nonhwest 60th S t reet Miami Florida 33142 Elde r Owen Tay lor Greater Saint Luk e P.B. Chu rch 755 Northwest 84th Street Miami. F lorida 331 SO Reveren d Luc Dessieux Grace Un ited Methodist Church 6501 Nonh Miami Avenue Miami Florida 33150 Reverend James H. Davis Greater Saint Paul AME Church 3680 T homas A venue Coconut G r ove, Florida 33133


Mrs. T. White Hi g)! way Christian Church of Christ 1603 Northwest 54th Street Miami. Florida 33142 Reverend Alben Watson. Jr. House of Prayer 2445 N o rthwe s t 62nd Str eet M iami. Flor ida 33147 Reverend Rick Patterson Jesus Fellowship 9775 Southwest 87th Avenue Miami. Florida 33176 Reverend Jimmie Brown Kerr M emoria l U nited Methodist I 0066 W est Indigo Street Miami, florida 33157 Reverend Willie Ivery Liberty Christian Church 8300 Northwest 22nd Place Miami. florida 33147 Reverend A.J Mays Metropolitan AME Church 1778 No nhw cs t 69th Street Miami. Florida 33147 Reverend James Tubbs Mount Aaron Missionary Baptist 170 I Northwest 69th Street Miami. Florida 33147 Reverend C.E. Jenkins Mount Hermon AME Church 290 1 Northwest 162nd Street Miami. florida 33054 Reverend Hector Smith Mount Pleasant AME Church 3530 Northwest 208th Terrace Caro l City. florida 33055 Reverend Milton Rolle Mount Zion AME Church 15250 No rthwest22nd Avenue Miami. F l o rida 33054 Reverend Mich ae l Ohara Holy Redeemer Catholic Church 1301 Northwest 71st Street Miami. Florida 33147 Reverend Leroy Washington Hurst C hape l AME Church I 008 0 West Jessamine S treet Miami. Flori da 33157 Reverend Douglas Coo k Fordan Gro,e Missionary Baptist 5946 Nor1hwest lith A venue Miami. florida 33127 Reveren d Ezr a Everen Lakeview United Methodis t Churc h 1150 0 Northwest A venue Miami. Florida 33168 Reverend Rudolph Daniels Macedonia M.B Church 35 IS Douglas Road Miami. Florida 33133 Rever end Michael Daily Miami Baptist Associat ion 3520 Sout hwes t 97th Avenue Miami. Flori da 33165 Reverend Samuel Atchison Mount Calvary Baptist Chureh 1140 Nor1hwest62nd Street Miami. Florida 33150 Reverend Washington Virgil Mount Olive Missionary Baptist 6313 Sou thwest 59th Place Miami. Florida 33143 Reverend George McRae Mount Tabor Baptist Church 170 I :-lorthwest 66th Street Miami. Florida 3314 7 Reverend Clayton Harold Mount lion Baptist Church 30 I Nonhwest 9th Street Miami. Florid a 33136 Reverend Michael A Mit ch ell Hope Deliverance Tabernacle 17413 South Dixie Higl!way Miami. Florida 33157 R everend Bruce Gibson Immanuel Luth era n Church 1770 Brickell A venue IVIiami, Florida 3312 9 Reverend Willie Doby K elly's Chape l United Methodist 7105 Northwest 15th Court Miami. Florida 33147 Brent Walden Lebanon Seventh Day Adventist 1491 Northwe s t 26th Street Miami Florida Re, erend Michae l Mitchell Martin Memorial AME Church . 14700 Lincoln Drive Miami. Florida 33176 Reverend John R. Hartis Miami Shores Presbyterian Church 602 Northeast 96th S treet Miami F l orida 331 38 Re verend K icthen Mount Carmel Missionary Baptist 1745 Northwest 79th Street Miami Florida 331 SO Reverend Jeny Wise Mount Pleasant Baptist Churc h 11591 Southwes t 220th Stre et Goulds, Florida 33!70 Reverend R .M. Bell Mount Sinai Missionary Baptist 10041 West Jessamine Street Miami. Florida Reverend Kenneth Duke New Jerusal e m Primitive Baptist 2010 Northwest 36th S treet Miami. Florida 33 I 42


Reverend Gene Brown Mount Tabor AME Chur<:h 5510 Northwest 25th A\enuc Ocala Florida 32670 Reverend Williams Mount Zion Baptist Church P O.Box 1391 Wildwood Florida 32785 Reverend Eugene Broxton New Missionary Baptist Church 728 Northwest 6th A venue Ocala Florida 32670 Reverend A.H. Howell Ramah Ca l vary Church P.O Box 843 Silver Springs Florida 32688 Reverend Grimes Saint John Bap t ist Church P.O. Box 1662 Leesburg, Florida 32748 Reverend J.E. Hannibal Saint Mary Baptise Church P O Box 341 Dunnellon. Florida 32630 Reverend W C Brov.11. Sain t Paul AME Church 1724 Jefferson Drive Mount Dora Florida 32767 Reverend David Connelly Saint Stephen Atv!E Church 302 Church Stree t Leesburg, Florida 32675 Re\erend Alvin Ne\\tmoncs Siloam Baptis t Church P O Box 1092 Ocala. Florida 32674 Reverend W .J. Brooks Unio n /New Hope Church Rou t e 1 Box 256 Fort McCoy. Florida 32637 Reverend Allen Henry Mount Zion AME Church I 000 Lounds Street Inv erness Florida Reverend Benjamin Murray New Bethel A!\1 Chu r ch P.O. Box 195 Okahumpka, florida 32762 Reverend M.D. Brown Piney Grove Church P.O Box 2575 Bellev iew, Florida 32620 Reve r end Patell Saint James Ai\-!E Chur<:h 725 Eas t McDonald Avenue Eustis. Florida 32722 Reveren d Andrew Howard Saint Joseph Ai\-!E Church P O Bo x 509 Umatilla. Florida 32784 Reverend Brovffl Saint Mary Missionary Bap t ist Church 917 Grant Avenue Mount Dora. F l orida 32688 Reverend F. Bernard Lemon Saint Paul AME Church 292 I Southwes t 8th Street Ocala. Florida 32674 .Reverend M.D. Warten Shady Grove Baptist Church 9225 Southwest 27th Ave nue Ocala. F lorida 32674 Reverend Levi Nelson Spark L evel Baptis e Chur<:h 3275 Wren Lane Mulberry. Florida 32586 Reverend R.l. La"Tence United Baptist Church 10 N orthwest I st Street Ocala. F l o rida 32675 Reverend W.L. Field s Mount Zion Baptis t Church P.O. Box 243 Lady Lake, Florida 32654 Reverend Donny James New Bethel Baptist Church 1'.0. Box 1 029 Fairfield. florida 32634 Reverend Michael Lewis Progressive Union Baptist Church 8792 Northwest 38th A venue Ocala. Florida 32675 Reverend John Hall Sain t John Af\.!E Church P.O. Box 9661 Daytona Beach. Flori da 39661 Reverend James Bloun t Saint Mary Baptise Church P .O. Box 254 Silver Springs Flor ida 32688 Revere n d S. Andrews Saint Paul Atv!E Chu rch I 07 South Lake Street Leesburg, Florida 32748 Rev eren d Masters Ford Sain t Paul Bap t ist Church 1118 Northwes t 7th A venue Ocala, Florida 32675 Reverend George W Murray Shiloh Baptise Church 500 Sou t hwes t 1 7t h A venue Oca l a. Florida 32674 Reverend Hampton Rolle Stan t on First Baptist Church P.O. Box 449 Umatilla. Florida 32695 Reveren d George Grimsley Wel come Stra n ger Baptist Chur<:h 2629 Northwest 21st Street Ocala. Florida 32675


Reverend Leroy Mann Revere .nd AI Brown Reverend Golen Smith Young Chapel AME Chu..:h Zion Hope Baptist Chur<:h Zion United Methodist Chur<:h 1930 Notela A I 045 Crestview Winter Haven. Florida 33880 Lakeland. Florida 33805 lakeland. F lorida 33805 Reverend Williams Reverend James Williams Reverend Turner Macedonia Primiti ve Bapti s t Modest Stree t Church of God Mount Gilboa Church 1240 Nonh Ohio 4 I 9 We. st Modest 1250 Dr. M.L. King. Jr. Blvd Lakeland. F lorida 33805 Lakeland. Florida 33805 Banow Florida 33830 Reverend T.P King Rc erend W.F. Le\ 1s Reerend J.L. Downing Mount Pleasant AME Church New Bethel Baplist Church New Jerusalem Baptist Church 1308 Nonh Virginia A venue 123 A venue y Nonheast 1125 Nonh New Y O

Reverend E.E. Rahmin2s Bible Church of God True Holiness 1577 N onhwest 70th Street Miami. Florida 33147 Reverend Roben Holt. Jr. Brownsville Church of Christ 4561 N orthwest 33rd Court Miami. Florida 33142 Reverend Robert Fox..x Christ Episcopal Church P O Box 330006 Miami Flor ida 33133 Reverend Jesse J Kelley Christian Hill AME Church 3141 Northwes t !34th Street Miami. Florida 33167 Reverend James W Cash Church of God in Christ 1411 Northwest 50th Street Miami. Florida 33142 Rev erend J .K. Major Church of the Incarnation 1 835 Northwest 54th Street Miami. Florida 33142 Reverend Harold D. Long Church of t he Open Door 6002 Norhtwcst 8th A v enue Miami. Florida 33127 Reverend Elisha Clarke. Jr. Chur<:h of the Transfiguration 1 5260 Northwest 19th A venue Miami. Florida 33954 Reverend Jarius W. Dunn Drake Memoria l Baptist Church 5800 Northwest 2nd Avenue Miami. Florida 33 147 E lder Joseph Franklin Emmanuel C.O.G.I.C. 2762 Nonhwest 45th Street florida Reverend Randy Strickland Bryan Memorial United Met hod i st 3 713 Main Highway Miami. F l or ida 33133 Reverend Thedford Johnson Canaan Baptist Church 7610 Biscayne Boulevard Miami. Florida 331 4 7 Reverend C.C Felder Chr i stian Fellowship Baptist Church 8 1 00 Nonhwcs t 17th Avenue Miami Florida 33147 Elder L. Thompson Church of Christ Written in Heaven 6110 N ort hwest 12th Avenue Miami. F l orida 33127 Bishop D.J. Millner Church of Christ Written in lieaven I I 760 Southwest 220th Street Gou l ds. Florida 3 3170 Bishop Jacob Cohen Church of God in Christ AMC lemple 1747 Northwest 3rd Avenue Miami. Florida 33136 Reverend J.K. Major Chu rch of the In carnation 1835 Norh twest 54th Street Miami_ Florida 33142 Reverend Car l Johnson C<'Jlllnunity Missionary Baptis t Church 2333 0 Nonhwest 93th Street Miami. Florida 33147 Elder Gordon Ebenezer United Me thod ist Chur<:h 21 I 0 Northwest 60th Street Miami. Flor ida 33142 Reverend B.T Robens Evangel ism Cenler 300 1 Nonhwest 22nd Avenue Miami. Florida 33142 Reverend B. W Rayno Ids Brown C hape l Baptist Church I 3 2 3 Northwes t 54th Street Miami. Florida 33142 Bishop R. B. Davis Centerville Chruch of God of Prophecy 2746 Northwest 51st Street Miami. Florida 33142 Reverend D.H. Fisher Christian Tabernac l e Baptist 739 Southwest 12th Avenue Miami. Florida Reverend Walter Jackson Church of God 1781 N onhwe s t 66th Street Miami. F lorid a 33136 Reverend Harold D Long Church of the Open Door 6001 Nonhwest 8th Avenue, Miami, Flori da 33127 Bishop Herman Dean Chur<:h of God of Prophecy 4528 Nonh we s t 1st A venue Miami. Florida Reverend G eorge Knowell Church of God of Prophecy 593 7 Northwest 22nd A venue Miami Florida 33142 Reverend Charles Boyd Dayspring Baptist Church 2991 Northwest 62th Street Miami Florida 33147 Reverend E.L. Kelly Evangelism for Christ Chur<:h 545 Northwest I 02nd Street Miami. Florida 33150 Reverend Bobby Wellons Faith and Deliverance Soul Winning Churchof Jesus Christ 1577 Northwe st 70t h S t r ee t Miami Florida 3314 7


Re ver en d W.M. LeVant Saint Mark Baptist Churc h 6538 Re stlawn Drive J ac kson v i lle. Fl orida 32208 Reverend C Preston Saint John's Baptis t Church J 920 Mound Street Orange Park Florida Gary K ey Silas M M.Churc h 3000 Buckman Street Jacksonville Florida 3 220 5 Reverend .Archie Braith wai te Saint Paul A.M.E. C hur c h 14 1 0 P earl Street Mayport. Flo r i d a Fa t h e r O Rourke Sain t Pius V. Church 2110 Blue Avenu e Jacksonville. F lor ida 32209 Reverend Odell Smith Second M .B Church 9 45 Kin gs Road Jacksonville Flor ida 32 209 Reveren d G a ry K e y Silas M B Church 3000 Bu ckman Street Jacksonville. Florida 3220 5 Reverend G L. Boy d Summerville Baptis t Ch u rch 2 842 Mars Ave nue Jacksonville Flor id a 32206 E lder J enk in s T rue Way o f th e R isen G o d 2279 Edison A ve nue J acksonville. Florida 32204 Reverend W el b orn Wallace W ayman A.M.E Church 2 1 33 Wishart Street Jacksonville. F lorida 32207 Reve r end Micheal Mi les S a i n t James A M E Ch urc h 504 Mcin tosh Orange Park. Flor ida 32073 Reverend Jason Barr Saint Luk e Bap tist Ch u rch 742 Frank lin S (reet Jac ksonville. F l orida 3 2 202 R eve ren d J C. Burney S ain t M.B. Church 3848 Old St Augustine Road J acks o n ville. Fl o rida 32207 Rev er en d A. Weech Second Bethel M.B. Church 1 542 Pasco Street Jacksonville. Flor ida 32202 Reve rend Murray Saint Thomas Church 2335 Monc rie f Road Jac ks o nville Florida 32209 Pa s t o r H attie Williams Shiloh Ho l iness Ch urch 2102 Caljo n St r eet Jackson vill e. F lo r ida 322 0 7 Elde r E d Robinson Somhside C. O .G.I C. 4058 Old St Augustine Road J ac ksonv i lle. Florida 32207 Reverend Rich ard R uss Sweelfiel d Baptist Church 136 5 Harrison Street J ackson v i lle. Fl o rida 32206 Re ve ren d Henry Ho war d U nion Communi ty A.M.E. Ch urch 715 Eavcrson Street Ja cksonvill e Flo r ida 32204 Re verend R.L Wil son W e st Frie-ndship Baptis t Church 945 Carrie S treet J acksonville. Florida 32 209 Reverend I.l. Will i ams Sain t Jo hn Baptis t Ch u rch 740 O r id icr Street J a c ksonville Flo rida 32202 Reverend E.E. T aylor Saint P a u l Baptist Church 3738 Winton Drive Jacksonville. Florid a 322 08 Geo r g e Price Sa int Manhew B aptist Church 3731 MoncriefRoad J ac k son vill e F lo r ida 32209 Reverend Jos l yn Aug us Sai nt Phillips Episcopal Churc h 321 West Un ion Street J ackso n ville Flor ida 32202 Rev e r en d Charli e McCormick Sec o n d Baptis t Chur ch 75 2 3 rd Street. S o uth Jackson ville Beach. Flor ida Reverend James M att hew Shi l o h Metropolitan Bap tis t Church 1118 W. Beaver Street Jackso n v ill e. Fl orida 32204 Reverend Micha e l Jacks o n Springhill M.B Chu rch 280 8 Buckman St reet Jacksonvill e Flo rida 3 2 206 Re, e ren d W.E. Y o ung T abernacl e Bap t is t l nst C hurch 9 03 East Union S tr eet J ackso nvill e. F lor ida 32 206 Eld e r A.D. Meeks U nited Church of God in Christ 1645 E as t 9th S treet Jackso nv ille Flor ida 32206 Bro ther Terrance Mc Clain Westside Ch urch of Christ 2725 Laura Street J ac ks o n ville F lor ida 3 220 6


Reverend Poitier Saint L u ke/ Cousin Memor ia l AME 2300 Northwest 62nd S t ree t M i ami. Florida 3 3 1 4 7 Re-verend Willie Leonard Saint Manhew Co m munity M B. 3616 Day Avenue Co c onut G r ove. Florida 33133 R e ere n d Henry Smith Saint Pa ul's Missi onary Baptist 344 Southwest 4th Street Homestead. Florida Reverend Ednold Ounen Saint Timothy Lutheran 4400 N orthwest 183rd Street Miami. Florida 330 5 5 Rever end W.E. Kelley Second Canaan Missionary Baptist 4343 Northwest 17th Avenue Miami. Florida Rever e n d H.L Gordon Solomon Temple P.O. Box 421217 Miami. Florida Reverend Arthur Shell Trini t y C hurch 655 Nort h west 5 4 t h Street Miami. F l orida 33168 Reverend Fredd i e Felto n Tr u e F aith Deliverance 8028 North west 1Oth Court Miami. Florida 33150 Reverend Artis Perkins Valley Grove Missionary Baptist 1 395 Northwest 69th St r eet Miami, Florida 33147 Reverend Pat Nelson Allen Chape l Church P.O. Box 24 Coleman. Flori da 34255 Reverend Gladstone Hunter Saint Mary' s Wesleyan Method ist 4798 Northwest 8th Avenue M i ami. Florida 33127 Bishop Abe Randall Saint Matt hews Freewill Baptist 6700 Northwest 2nd A venue Miami. Florida 33 1 50 Reverend Paddy Poux Saint Paul t h e Apos tle Episcopal 6744 North Miami A ven ue Miami. Florida 331 50 Rever end E.G Parker Salters Chapel AME Church 2652 Northwest 48th Street Miami. Florida 33142 Reverend Harry Hoston Seller's Memoria l U nited Methodist 1426 Northwes t 83rd T errace Miami. F lori da 33147 Reverend Carolyn Sheffield Soul Saving Station 18 18 Washington Avenue Miami Beac h Flori da 33142 Reverend H.C. Wilkes Tr inity CME Church 511 Northwes t 4th Street Miami. florida 33128 Reverend W. Rooks United P entecos t a l 9300 Northwes t 32nd A venue M iami. Florida 3314 7 Reverend White Word De l iverance Missionary 2450 Northwest 54th Street Miami. Florida 33142 Reverend Roger La timer Bethel AME Churc h P.O. Box 238 Crystal River Flori da 32629 Reverend Zachary Roya l Saint Mary M.B. Chu rch 16 Frow A venue Coconut Grove. Florida Reverend Phillip C l arke Sain t Man hews Missionary Bapt ist 6100 Northwest 24th Avenue Miam i Florida 33150 Reverend Geor ge Six Saint Philli p s Episcopal 1 142 Coral Way Miami, F l orida 33134 Reverend John A. Fer guson Second Baptist Church IIIII Pink s ton Drive Miami, Fl orida 33158 Reverend Jonathan Howard S hiloh Baptist Churc h 606 South.west 5th Avenue ; Homestead, Fl ori da Reverend Walter Richardson The Church of God Tabernacle 135 I Northwest 67th S t ree t Miami Florida Reverend 0. W. Kirck b aum T rinity E pi sco pal Cathedral 464 N ortheast 16t h S treet M iami Florida 33132 Reverend Wayne Cochran Voi ce For J esus 4 760 Northwest !67th Street Miami Florida 330 54 Reverend Norris K elly World Deliverance Church 4501 Northwest 17t h Avenue Miami. F l orida 33142 Reverend L L Linle Bethe l AME Church P.O Box 181 Okahump ka Florida 32762


Re, e r end E E Chisho lm Bethel Baptis t Association I 03 1 Southwest 6th Street i)cala. Florida 32671 Reverend l'vlarcell Church of God 2 05 Palmetto Street Eustis Florida Reverend O.V. Pinkston Covenant Baptist Church 606 Southwest B r oadway Ocala F lorida 32674 Reverend Allen Washington Friendship Baptist Church P. O. Box 1970 Apopka. Florida 32704 Reverend Ruth Rush Gospel Temple Church 705 Nonhwest 1 3 t h Avenue Oca la. Florida 32675 Reverend Allen Waters Hopewell B aptist Church P .O. Box 133 Reddick Florida 32686 Reverend Willie Mason L i n le Rock Baptist Church P O Box 37 3 Okahumpka Florida 3 2672 Rev erend L.S. E dwards Mount Moriah Baptist Church 321 Southwest 2 0th Avenue Ocal a. F lorida 32674 Reverend J.D. Gordon Mount Olive AME Church 200 Church Street Leesburg, Florida 32748 Reverend Roben Jackson Mount Pisgah Al'v!E Church Route 2 Box 39 We b s te r F l orida 33597 Reverend Joe L. Lee Church of Christ 5t4 South w est 27th Avenue Ocala F lor ida 32674 Rev e rend Austin T aylor Ch urch of God P.O. Box 622 W ild wood. F lorida 32785 Mrs. Margaret Ward Florida State AME Women s Home Mission 4 0 I Nonh M ills Stree t Lc>esburg. Florida 327 4 8 Reverend Anderson Fri ends hi p Bapt ist Church P.O. Box 135 Okahumpka, Florida 32762 Reverend Ronald Allen G re ater E m manuel Church 500 Sou th C l air Street W i ldwood. F lorida 3 2785 Reveren d W.N. McKinney J a cob C h apel Church P.O. Box 808 Clermont F lo r ida 32711 Re v erend J.R. Lake Mason Chape l Baptist Church P .O. Box 134 Sparr F lorida 32690 Reverend Hon es Brm\on Mount Ncbo AME C h urch 1 717 Nonheast 28th A v enue Gainesvi ll e, Florida 3 2609 Revere n d Amos Moore Moun t Olive AME Church Route 5 Box 295-A Li sbon. Florida 32748 M.O. Thompkins M oun t Pleasant AME Church P.O. Box 1 237 Fru i tland Park. Florida 3273 1 Elder Moses Williams Church of Chris t Written in Heaven 1 113 Southeast 1st Street Crystal Ri, er, florida 32639 Reverend L. Scott Clearwater Baptist Church P O Box 304 Wei rsdale. F l orida 32695 Reverend David Swac kard First Baptist Church Shady Rest 908 1/2 Josephine Street Brooksville F lor ida 34601 Reverend David Washington Friendship Miss ionary Baptist Church 1405 Joh nson Street Eus t is Flodda 32736 Reverend George W. Le e Greater Hopewell Baptist Ch u rch 637 Nonhwest6th Terrace ; Ocala. F lorida 326 7 5 Reverend R.C. Curry Liberty Chape l Church 2360 Southwest 80th A venue Ocala. Fl orida 32674 Reverend C.A. Reeves Moun t Moriah A ME Churc h P.O. Box 80 1 U ma t illa F l o r ida 32784 Reverend Doris Fie lds Moun t Nebo AME Church 812 Nonhwest 13t h A v enue Ocala. Florida 32675 Reverend James Brooks Mount Olive AME Church P.O. Box 1786 Dunnellon. Florida 326 3 0 Reverend R.J. Boone Mount Sinai Baptis t Church 920 Nonh McCormick Street Lees b urg Florid a 32748


Reverend F.S.W. Tucker Isaiah Chapel Atv!E Zion Church 519 Clara Street Milton. Flor ida 32570 R everend E Rhodes Pleasant Hill Baptist Church 40 I Fourth Street Milton. Florida 32570 Reverend Randol ph Evelena Baptist Church Highway 85 North Crestview. F lorida 32536 Reverend John G ipson C.O.G.l.C. Ant ioch Temple 3501 East 2nd Street Panama City. Flori da Reverend Mark F itton TrueWay Apostolic Churc h Route I. Box 3 18 Bloun ts town. f lorida 32424 Reverend Bessi e Lee Wiliams G lorious Church of God P.O. Box 532 Havana. F lor ida 32333 Reverend J.H. Cobb Mount Zion CME Chur<:h (H avana ) 70 I Staffo rd Stree t Tallahassee florida 32304 Reverend Mary Rivers Fountain Head AME Church 1511 [.ive Oak Street Quincy. F lor ida 32351 Reverend Richard A. Fo rd Mount Olive F reewill Baptist Church 2012 West Clark Street Quincy. Florida 32351 Reverend Griffin Saint James AME Church(Quincy) 1912 Hamilton Street Quincy. florida 32351 Reverend L Watson Mt. Bethel Baptist Chur<:h 80 Limit S treet Bagdad. flor ida Reverend C. Seymour Greater Peace Baptist Church I 02 Fourth Street Ft. Walton Beach. Florida 32548 Dorothy Perkins Church of God in Christ West Chestnut A venue Crestview. florida 32536 Rever end R .L. McLeod Ho ly Temple C.O.G.I.C. 802 East 8th Court Panama City, florida Reveren d H. Powell Greater Union Baptis t Church 181 West Highway 4 Cenrury florida 32568 Reverend Delwynn G. WiJiiams Mount Moriah First M.S. Church 302 South I Oth Street Quincy. florida 3235 1 Reverend R.H. Jackson Antioch Primitive Baptist Church Route 13. Box 338 Tallahassee. Florida 32312 Reverend J.G. Washington Mount Calvary P.B. Church 214 Crofton Street Quincy. Florida 32351 Reverend James Thompson New Bethel Primit ive Baptist Church 2241 Kimberly Lane Tallahassee. florida 32301 E lder Mose Harrison Shady Grove Primitive Bapt. Ch urch 505 Main Street Havana. Florida 32333 Reverend Roy Pettway Mt. Zion P.B. Churcb 603 fourth Street Milton florida 32570 George Staklcy Mt. Zio n AME Church South McDonald Street Crestview. Flo rida 32536 Reverend James Bush. Jr. Bethel Baptist Church 1942 East 7th Street Panama City Florida Reverend Harry M. Dra)10n Saint Luke Baptist Church 1500 Fountain Avenue Panama City. florida Reveren d Sam Beasley Living Word Holy Church 8105 Pensacola Boulevard Pensacola. Florida 32505 Reverend Gregory James Mount Zion Primitive Baptist 20 South 9th Street Quincy. Florida 32351 Rev eren d J.L. Gaymon Blessed Hope Miss. Baptist Chu rch 430 Lincoln Street Quincy. Florida 32351 Reverend Ike C. Keaton Mount Carmel P.B Chur<:h 608 West 4th Street Quincy, Florida 32351 Reverend W.M. Maxwell New Jerusalem Miss. C hurch 918 Southeast 1st Street Havana. Flor ida 32333 E lder E.L. Shepard Saint John C.O.G. l.C. (Quincy) P.O. Box 655 Quincy. Florida 32351


Rev e rend J.D. J ohnson frinity Un ited Methodist Church JJO Manin Luther King Drive Lake City. Florida 32055 Bishop Arther Jones All Peopl e Ministry of Hope In c. 8809 Sibbald Road Jac kson v i lle. F l orida 32208 Elder Jerry Bailey Bet h any Fello'Nship Church 2345 Forest Hills Road Jacksonville. Florida 32208 Reverend Williams Bethel A.M.E. Church P.O Box 699 Callahan, Florida 32011 Reverend W Rasberry Centra l Baptist Church 524 West 3rd Street Jacksonvi lle Florida 32209 Bishop W. Sibley Church of God Auditorium 144 5 Steele Street Jac k sonville. F l orida 32209 Rev eren d Rudolph McKissick Bethel Baptist Institutional Church 212 Be th el Baptist Street Jacksonville. f l orida 32202 Reverend E. Nai ls Co l ossians Missionary Baptist Church 1I 54 Wes t 31st Street Jac ksonville, Florida 32209 Father C. Watson Church of the Crucillxion 3183 West Edgewood A venue J acks onville. F lorida 32209 Reverend Robinsk i Reed Ebenezar United Meth. Church 9114 Norfo l k Boulevard Jacksonville, florida 32208 Bishop Frank C. Cummings 1 1th A.M .E. Distric t Office 1 0 1 E as t Unio n Street Jacksonville. Florida 32205 Reverend Gary DcSue Allen Chape l A .M .E. Church 1529 Swan Street Jacksonville. Florida 32204 Reverend G. Settembrini Alle ndale Baptist Church 3012 W 12th Street Jackos n villc. F lor id a 3 22 09 Reverend Rose Bethel A.M.E. Church 8th and Reid Streets Palatka. F lorida Reverend Honeysucker Central Metropolitan C M.E Church 46 1 1 Pearl Street Jacksonville. Florida 32206 Rabbi J. Eaves Sr. Church o f God & Saints of Christ 340 I Stuan Street Jacksonville F l orida 32209 Bishop Simmons Church of the Living God of Our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ 1750 Prospect Street J acksonville. Florida 32209 Reverend R. McCreary Community Baptist Church 1781 An Museum Drive Jacksonville. Florida 32207 Brother Char l ey Moore Eas t side Church of Christ 1038 Flo r ida A venue Jacksonville. Flor i da 32209 Reverend James Williams Community Freewill Baptis t Church 8715 Herlong Road Jacksonville F lor id a 322IO Reverend Tom Diamond Abyssinia Missionary Bapti s t Ch u rch 2360 K ings Roa d J acksonville. Florida 32209 Reverend Johnny Holmes A post olic C.O.G.I.C. 2032 Bened ic t Road Jacks o nville, Florida 32209 Elder Andrew Hines Bethany Fellowship Church 8928 Castle Boulevard Jacksonv i lle. Florida 32208 Reverend Joe Cal houn Bethlehem Baptis t Church 1824 Prospec t Street Jacksonville, Florida 32208 Reverend J.A Hogan Christ Comm. Met h odist C hwch 3548 Gi l more Street Jacksonville. Florid a 32209 Rev e r end Will iam La Vant Bethel Baptist Church (Sweetwater) 2538 Fire s t one Road Jacksonville. Florida 322 I 0 Bishop S. M Shelton Church of the Lord Je sus Chr ist of the Apostolic Faith 1059 Florida A ve nue Jacksonville, Florid a 32205 Elder J. Gibson. Sr. Church of Lord and Savior Jesu s Chr ist 8442 New Kings Road Jacksonville. Flo rida 32209 Reverend J.A. Harris Ebenezer Bapt ist Churc h 3759 St. Isabelle Drive, East Jacksonville. Florida 322 1 1 Reverend Moses Javis Day Spring Baptis t Church I 053 Jefferson Street Jacksonville. F l orida 3220 9


Reverend S .L. Badger E manuel Miss i onary Baptist Church 2 407 Division Street J acksonville Florida 322 09 Reverend L.R. Phoenix Evergreen Baptist Church I I 00 Logan Street Jacksonville. Florida 32209 Reverend Charles C loy Edward Waters College 1658 Kings Road Jacksonville, Florid a 32209 Reverend Levon Ross first Chronicles M.B. Church 2591 West Beaver S t reet J acksonvi lle Florida 32205 Reverend Da vid Rho ne Foun t ain C hapel A.M E Church 737 Jessie S t reet Jacksonv ille Florida 32206 Reverend J .M. Sams First New Zion Baptis t Church 1700 Davis S t reet Jacksonville. Fl o rida 32209 Reverend Aaron L. Neal Friendship Baptist Church 30 Dud le y Street Atlantic Beach florida 32233 Reverend Wayman T. Dixon Greater Grant Memorial A.M.E 5533 Gilchrist Road Jacksonville Florida 3220 8 Reverend John Payne Grac e Baptist Church I 00 East 21st Stree t Jacksonville Florida 32206 Reverend Charles West Gregg Temple A M.E. Church 1510 West 45th Street Jacksonville. F l orida 32208 Reverend Adol phus Lawre nce Ephesian Baptist Churc h 184 1 Wes t Jrd Street Jacksonville. Florida 32209 Reverend W.H. J ohnson Fai th. H ope and Charity Churc h 503 East63rd Street Jac kson ville. F l orida 32208 Elder Lor en zo Hall El Bethe l El D i vine Holiness Church 723 West 4th Stree t Jack sonville Florida 32209 Reverend S am Foge l Fellowship Baptist Chu rch 1 414 Logan Street Jacksonville. Florida 32209 Reverend B .H. Hartley Friendly Missionary Bapt i s t Church 1 721 West 19th Street Jacksonville, Florida 32209 Reverend Honors Gibbs Chapel A.M E Church 7951 Dekle A venue Jacksonville. F l orida 32219 R everend Issac Roberts Friendship Baptist Church 7141 New Kings Road Jacksonville, F l orida 32209 Bishop C. D Kinsey Greater Holy Temple C O G. I.C. 1656 Edgewood A venue. West Jacksonvill e, Flo r ida 32208 Rev e r end J.H. Perry Greater Bethany B apt ist Church 401 S t ock t on Street Jacksonville, Florida 32209 Elder Cy r i l Wa tson Hebron C O.G.l.C. 2305 Cana l Street Jacksonville. Florid a 32209 Reverend Davis Ephesus Seventh Day Adve ntist Church 2804 F..dgewoo d Ave n ue. West Jacksonville, F lor ida 32209 Reverend Patrice Nelson E dward Waters College 1658 Kings Road Jac ksonville Florida 322 09 Reverend C B. Dai ley Firs t Baptist of Oakland l 02 7 Jessie Stree t Jacksonville. Florida 32206 Reveren d Clin t on Roberts Forest Hills Church of t h e Nazarene 2633 Van Gandy Road Jacksonville. f lori da 32208 Elder Daniel J Brinson Friendly Temple C.O. G.l.C. 2117 West 44th Street Jacksonville. Florida 322 0 9 Sister Georgi a Butler Glorious Bethlehem T e mpl e Church 2210 Wister S t reet J acksonville. Florida 32207 R evere nd Nelson B. Turpi n Genesis Miss i onary Baptist Church 241 S. McDuff A ven ue Jacksonville, Florid a 32204 Reverend Barry Reed Greater Ja. x Church of Go d 4510 Soute l Drive Jacksonville Florida 32208 Reverend Earnes t Will iams Greater St. Matthews Baptist Church 649 Franklin Street Jacksonv i lle. Florida 32202 Revere n d Arbie J Clark Henry Gordon A.M.E Church 1 533 West23rd Stree t Jacksonville. Florida 32204


Reverend Ronald Bryant Mount Sinai of Jacksonville I 146 West 21st S t reet Jacksonville. Florida 32209 Reverend Joe Calhoun New Bethel Missionary Church 1824 Prospect Street Jackso n ville. Florida 32209 Reverend Henry Green New Bethel A.M.E. Church 123 I Tyler Street Jacksonville. Florida 32209 Reverend Perry C. Robinson New Mount Canaan Baptist Church 36 West 18th Street Jacksonville, Florida 32205 Rever e nd E T. Taylor New Mount Tabor Baptist Church 1451 Moun t Herman Jacksonville. Florida 32209 Reverend Melvin Kennerly New Saint James A.M E. Church 2128 Fores t Street Jacksonville Florida 32204 Reverend Soloman Timmons Philadephia Baptist Church 5577 Moncrief Road Jacksonville. Florida 32209 Reverend La"Tence Callahan Phillipian Interdenominational Communily Church 7578 U.S Highway #I Jacksonville. Florida 32209 Reverend Eugene Rose Roberts Moun t Pisgah Church I 5 Jordan Road Atlantic Be ach. Florida Reverend A B Coleman S ain t Andrew M.B. Church 3371 Almeda Street Jac ksonville. Florida 32209 Reverend L.M Jones Mount Vernon Baptist Church I 4 62 Prince Street Jacksonville. Florida 32209 Reverend M L Lockett New Firs t Corinth M.B. Church 6119 Bagley Road Jacksonville. Florida 32209 Reverend L.C. Pressley New Palmer Grove Baptist Church Ill Fra nklin S t reet Ja cksonville. Florida 32206 Reverend Samuel Norris New Mount Lilla Baptist Church 2061 Frank East A venue Jacksonville. Florida Elder Earl L. Miller Only One Way T emple Church 26 I 0 Silver Stree t Jacksonville Flo r ida 32206 Reverend James Humphr ey New Trinity Baptist Church 762 West Duval Street Jacksonville. Florida 32202 Reverend William Liptrot. Sr. Phillip Baptist Church 9232 Gibson A venue Jacksonville. Florida 32209 Rev e rend Fedric Pinkey Ple-.!Sent Grove P.B. Church 740 Van Buren Slrcet Jacksonville. Florida 32205 Reverend L Robinson Royal Tabernacle M.B. Church 1320 West 21st Street J acksonville Florida 32209 Father S B. Parker Sain t Gabriel s Episcopal Church 5235 Moncrief Road Jackson v ille. florida 32209 Reverend A It on Jones Mount Zion A.M E Church 549 Palmetto A venue G.een Cove Springs. Florida Reverend Victoria Smith New Allen Chapel A.M.E. Church 1711 Crawford Road Jacksonville, florida Reverend Joseph B. Watt New Kings Road Chu rch of God 7400 U S I North Jacksonville. Florida 322 19 Reverend W .L. Green New Mount Olive Baptis t Church 1420 Bardy Street Jacksonville. Florida 32209 Reverend James Phillips P eace Missionary Bap t ist 1759 Rowe A venue Jacksonville. florida 32208 Reverend Joshua Smith North Pearl M.B Church 4003 North Pearl Street J acksonville. Florida 32206 Reverend Eugene Mosley Phillip Cousin A.M .E Church Orange Picker Road Jacksonville. Florida 32223 Elder F. Puncy Prayer House C.O G.J.C. 7935 Arizona Road Jacksonville Florida 32205 Reverend Eugene Williams Saint Andrew A.M E Church 1 25 South 9th Str eet Jacksonville. Florida 32250 Reverend D. Shake speare Saint James A.M E Church 2905 S.W . 2ndAvenue Lake Butler. Florida


Reverend Hastings Be t hel Outreach Ministries -'200 Juniper S t reet Punta Gorda. Florida 33948 Reverend Na thaniel Frederick S aint Mark Baptis t C hurch 402 Dupont Street Punta Gorda Florida 33950 Reverend E.E. Cross S t John M B Church 208 Gordon Stree t Arca dia, Florida 33821 Pastor Nathan Reed Apostle Faith Church of Jesus P.O. Box 991 C l ewis ton F l orida 33440 R everend Eugene Chance New Bethel AME Church P.O. Box 595 C l ewis ton, Florida 33440 Overseeer Gilbert Miller Jehovah's Wit ness Central Congregation 1 019 Palmetto Ave. Fort Myers. florida 33901 Reverend Bing Fr iendship Baptist Church 2030 Palm A venue F ort Myers. florida 33901 Reverend L. W. Sneed. Jr. Mount Olive AME Church 2754 Orange Stree t Fo rt Myers. Florida 33901 Reverend Anderson Saint John Baptist Church Brown Street Fort Myers. Florida 33916 Reverend Sylvester Banks Bible Church of God 560 Northwes t lOth A venue Boynton Beach. Flor i da 33435 Reverend Bland ing True Hol i ness 526 East Charlotte A 'cnue Punt a Gor

.!OUU A venue .. H west Riviera Beach. Florida 33 404 Reverend Luke Lewis Chur ch of the Living God 1545 West 2 2nd Stree t Riviera Beach. Florida 33404 Elder Irvin Harris Cro"n of Glory C.O.G.l.C. 3225 Old Dixie Highway West Palm Beach. Florida 33405 Reverend N .N. Sears First Corinthian Bapt ist Church 32 0 West 32nd Street Riviera Beach. Florida 33404 Reverend William lvcy Fith Temple 1241 33rd Street Riviera Beach, Florida 33404 Reverend N.S. Marcelle Jr. Emanuel Deliverance Church of God 1309 Georgia A venue West Palm Beach. Florida 33402 Reverend Albert Nesbitt lake Worth Church of God 822 Washington Avenue Lake Worth. Florida 33460 Reverend l.S. Bert)' Little Zion Holiness Church South "J" Street Lake Worth. Florida 33460 Reverend Peggy Hollis Hopewell Institutional Baptist Church 7284 Boynton Beach Boulevard Boynton Beach. Flori da 33435 Reverend Roosevelt Cooper Mount Calvary first Baptist Church 180 Southwest I Oth A venue S outh Bay. Florida 33493 OL':J West Palm Beach. Flor ida 33405 Reverend Gene Dixon Christian Temp l e Al'v!E Church 135 12t h Street Riviera Beach. Florida 33404 Elder Simeon Jimerson F irst Church of God in Christ 610 14th S treet West Palm Beach. Florida 33407 Reverend Albert Moore Delray Community Baptist Church 94 Southwest 5th Avenue Delray Beach. Florida 33444 Re erend Me l vin Haynes Emanuel Baptist Church 1220 Pioneer Road Magnolia Park. Florida 33405 Reverend William Kelly Grays Temple CME Church 532 18th Street West Palm Beach. Florida 33405 E lder R. H. Hendley Jr. Grea ter Bethel P.B. Church 1340 \Vest 30th Street Riviera Beach, Florida 33404 Reverend Griffin Davis Hilltop Baptist Church 1273 West 30th Street Riviera Beach. Florida 33404 Re erend W. Oshea Granger Mount Calvary Baptist Church 500 A u stralia n A venue Riviera Beach. Florida 33404 Reverend Ruben Jackson Mount Carmel Baptist Church 6823 East Church Street Jupiler Florida 33458 ouu Utn !)trcet West Palm Beach. Florida Minister Ja.>per Bailey First Born Church o f the Living God I 0 lO I l!h Street West Palm Beach. Florida 33401 Reverend Wright Daughters of Zion 201 Northwest 3rd Avenue Delray Beac h. florida 33444 Reverend K.L. Bowl Friendship Baptist Church 7!8 3rd Street West Palm Beach. Florida 33407 Reverend James Cleare Grant Chapel AME Church !615 Ray Street lake Worth, Florida 33460 Reverend Frank Jeff erson Greater Antioch Missionary Baptist Churc h 1915 Spruce Avenue West Palm Beach, Florida 33401 R everend N.E. Grubbs Lighthouse Baptist Church I 952 Congress A venue West Palm Beach. Florida Re verend John John son Miracle Revival Deliverance 3701 Old Dixie Highway Riviera Beach. Florid a 33404 Reverend Leon Campbell. Jr. Mount Calvary Baptist Church 399 Can a l Street Belle Glade. Florida 33430 Reverend James E. Adams M o unt Zion Baptist Church 868 9th Street Riviera Beach. Flori da 33404


Reverend Ross Saint James AME Church 2713 Northwest 12th Court ft. Lauderdale. florida 33311 Reverend \V.J Gaskins Saint Luke Baptist Church 210 Northwest 6th A venue Ft. Lauderdale. Florida 33311 Minister W. C. Edcar Saint Ruth Baptist Church 145 Northwest 5th A venue Dania. Florida 33004 Minister Larry Thompson Thompson Temple Church 477 Northwest 12th Avenue Ft. Lauderdale. Florida 33311 Reverend James Allen Welcome Baptist Church 3404 Northeast 3rd A venue ft. Lauderdale. Florida 33311 Reverend W. M. Ramsey Evergreen M. B. Church 2851 Northwest 13th Street Ft. Lauderdale. Florida 3331 1 Reverend Jimmy Bryant Antioch Baptist Church 1899 Northwest 64th Street M i ami. F lorida 33147 Reverend G.S. Smith Apostolic Revival Center 6702 Northwest 15th A \ enue Miami Florida 33150 Reverend Herman Davi s Bethany Seventh Day Adventist 2500 Northwes t 50th Street Miami. Florida 33150 Reverend Carlos Malone Bethel Baptist Church 14440 Lincoln Boulevard Miam i F lorida 33176 Reverend B.T Wilson Saint James M.B. Chur<:h 500 Northw e st 21st Avenue Pompano Beach. F lor ida 33069 R e verend E ddie Murphy Jr. Sain t Paul U nited Methodist Church 244 Southeast 2nd Avenue Deerfie l d Beach. Florida 3344 1 Reverend Ro n a l d C. Bell Shari ng the Church Jesus Christ 1744 Wes t Oakland Park Boulevard Ft. lauderdal e florida 333 1 1 M i nister T .G Thompson Voice ofTruth Tabernacle 54 3 N orthwest 5 t h Avenue Ft. Lauderdale. Florida 33311 Reverend Elroy Barber Westside Intern ational Baptis t Church 123 7 South 28th A venue Hollywood. Florida 33020 Reverend Donald Flachmeier Advent Lutheran Church I 0390 Northeast 2nd A venue Miam i Florida 33138 Reve rend J.W. Stephenson Antioch Bapt ist of Brownsville 2799 Northwest 46th Street Miam i Florida 33142 Rev e rend William P. Re isetter Bayshore Lutheran Church 5052 B i scay n e Boulevard Miam i. Florida 33056 Reverend Michael Moss Bethel Temple Church 1855 Nort h wes t 19th Street Miami. Florida 33167 Revemd E.R. furgusom Be ulah Miss io nary Baptist Church 3793 Frow Avenue C oconut Grove. Florida 33133 Reverend Iston R Perry Saint John United Methodist Church 1520 Northwest 5 th Stree t Ft. Lauderda l e. F l orida 3 33 1 2 Reverend R. C McKinney Sain t Paul C O.G.I .C 2004 Northwest 19th Street Ft. Lauderdale florida 33311 Reverend J. Ross Springfield M.B. C h urc h 925 Northwest 12th Avenue Ft. Lauderdale. florida 3331 1 Reverend J Allen Westgate Baptist Church 3480 Northwest 3rd Avenue Ft. Lauderdale. Flodda 33311 Elder Harvey D. Bryan Holy Redeemer C.O.G.l.C. 2090 Northwes t 26th A venll!' Ft. Lauderdale. Florida 33311 Reverend Richard Panke y Allapattah Baptist Church 3300 Northwest 17th A venue Miami. F lor ida 33142 Reve rend Arthur Jackson Jr. Antioch M B. Church 3330 Northwest 2 13t h Terrace Carol City. Florida 33055 Reverend Michealene S i ms Believers Life Ministries 901 Northwest 62nd Street Miami, Florida 33127 Reverend J. T oales Berea M.a. Church 7813 Northwest 15th Avenue Miami, Florida 33147 Reverend Clee 0. Albury. Fr. Bible Baptist Church 9801 N orthwest 24th Avenue Miami. Florida 33147


Reverend Fran k G lasf ord New Life Missionary Bapt ist 1365 Nonhwest 54th Street Miami. Florida 33142 Reverend James Askew New Berhcl AME Church 2275 Wes r 5th Way Miami F l orida 330 I 0 Reverend W.P. Topley New M oun! Cal vary M B. Church 7103 No rthwest 22nd Avenue Miami. F l o rida 33133 Reverend Billy Baskin New Way Fe ll ows hip Baptist Church 16800 Northwesr 22nd A ' enue Opa Lock a. F l o rida 33054 Re verend D Shan ks Overt own Church of Christ 185 Nonhwesl 14th Street Miam i Flori da 33136 Re verend r. W. McCloud Peace Miss i o nary Bapt is t Church 3025 Northwes t 2051h Street Miami. Florida 33056 Reverend V em on Parkway Baplist Church 1 8 000 Nonhwestl8tb Avenu e Miami. Florida Reverend J ohn C Hirs t Redeemer Luthera n Church II 101 N o rtheast 2nd Avenue Miami F l ori da 33161 Farber Joe Ferraioli Saint Francis Xavier Catholic 1681 Northwest 4th Avenue Miami, F lor ida 33136 Reverend Henry Nivens Saini J ohn Baptist Church 1328 N o rthwe sl 3 rd Avenue Miami F l o rida 3313 6 Reveren d Arthu r Jac.kson New Shiloh Missionary Baprisl 1350 Northw est 95th Street Miami. Florid a 33142 Reverend Ronald Perer s New Coven anl Pre s byte rian Church 430 0 Norrhwe s r 121h Aven u e Miami. f lorida 33127 Reverend E dward Grace New Mount Zion Baptist Church 500 WeS! 23rd Street Hialeah. Florid a 33010 R ev erend Alex Telli s Ne w Canaan Baptis t Church 1450 Norrhwest59th Streer Miami. Florida Re"ereod Harold C Long Open Door United Church of Christ 6001 NonhYtst81h Avenue Miami flori da 33127 Reveren d Carlton Pre s ion Peacefu l Zion Missionary Baptist 2 400 Norrhwest 68th Street Miami, Florida 33147 Dr Woodrow W. Hasty Plymouth Congregation a l Church 3429 Devon R oad Miami. Florida 33133 Pa st or Selwyn Scon R ev ival Ta berna cle Assembl y o f Go d 2085 Northwest 97th Strcel Miami. F l ori da 33147 Re erend John B odison Saint James Church 1845 North "-est 651h Street Miami flori da 3 314 7 Reverend Baker Saint John Missionao; Bapri st 881 9 Southwesl I 26th Terrace South Miami. Florida Re verend Roben Thomas New Bethan y Missio nary Baptist 268 Nonhwest 481h Street Miami. Florida 33127 R everend Johnny K emp Missiona ry Eva ngeli stic 1766 Northw es t 96th Strce l Miami. Florida 33147 Reveren d Walthou r N e w P rovidence M B Church 760 No rthw est 53rd Street Miami Fl orida 33127 Reverend C.l. Mackey Opa Locka C hur c h of Go d of Prophec y 2551 Northwe s t 163rd Street Opa Locka Florida 330 54 R everend C .P Preston P eaceful Zion M.B Church 6 800 Nonhwest 24tb A Miami Florida 33147 Bishop Levillcus Co x Perrine C hurch of G od of Prophecy 1033 1 South west 1 7 9tb Stree t Miami. Florida 33157 Re v erend Morrell Robinson Rader Memori a l United Methodist 205 Northeast 8 7th Street Miami. Florida Father Richard Baro; Saint Agnes Episcopal Church P.O. B ox 012943 Miam i Flo rida 3310 I Reverend Alonzo Jackson Saint James M issionary Baptist 3500 Charles Streel Coconut G r ove. F l o rida 3313 3 Reverend David Robinson Saint Luke Baptist C hurch 1790 N orthwe s t 55th Street Miami. Florida 33 1 42


Reverend Cathy McRay Revelation of Jesus 437 South Florida Avenue lakeland. Florida 33801 Elder V Shannon Zion Hill Primitive Baptist Chun: h 1 348 Sidney Avenue lakeland. F l orida 33805 Reverend Harol d Bro'"' Church of God 3790 45th Street Vero Beaeh. Florida 32%0 Reverend E F Jones New Mount Sinai Baptist Church 28th Avenue Gifford. Florida 32960 Reverend W.C. Menen Saint Matthew Baptist Chun:h P O Box 947 Wabasso. Florida 32970 Reverend Primus Berrian New M oun t Z ion Baptist Church P.O. Box 771 Hobe Soun4. Florida 33455 Reverend William Shelton First Bethel Baptist Church 506 Nonh lith Street Fon Pierce Flor ida 34950 Reverend J.D. Hend erson Greate r New Beth e l B a ptist Chun:h 308 Nonh 8 t h Stree t Fon Pierce F l o rida 3 4950 Re, erend James Brown Miracle Prayer Temple 3215 A\fenue .Q .. Fon Pierce. Florida 34947 Reverend lawrence Moun t Moriah Primitive Baptis t C hurch 415 Brown Coun Fon Picn:e. F l orida 349 50 Reverend James J enning Sain t Mark United Methodist 1640 Dr. M.L. King. Jr Avenue lakeland. Florida 33805 Reverend Lloyd Taylor Allen Chapel A IV! Church P.O. Box 1 916 Wabasso. Florida 32970 Bishop Onan Chenault Nonbside Church of God 4535 38th A venue Vero Beach. Florida 32967 Reverend Harford Lee New Bethel Atvf Church 1905 39th Street Vcro Beach. f l orida 32960 Reverend T. R Francisco Mount Zion AME Church P .O. Box 2634 Vero Beach, Florida 32960 Elder Robinson C hurch of God by Faith 1 619 Avenu e "'I" Fon Pierce. Florida 34950 Elde r Benha Hill House of Pra y er Pentecostal Church 3300 Avenue "L" Fon Pierce. Florida 34947 Reverend Armstead Greate r Saint Ja m es M.B. Churc h 905 Non h 24th Street Fon Pierce, Fl or ida 34950 Reverend Heruy Johnson Morning Star Missionary Baptist Church North I I th Street Fon Pierce. florida Reverend F.J. Johnson Saint Paul Atvf C hur c h 1504 Nonh 27t h Stree t Fort Pierce. Florida 34950 Reverend luther Wright T entb Street Chun:b of God 801 West lOth Street lakeland. Florida 33 805 Reverend Jack Buckner Bible Way C.O.G.I.C. 4586 34th Avenue Gif f ord, F l orida 32960 Reveren d J Pierce Mount Zion Baptist Church 2755 18th A ' enue VeTo Beach. Florida 32960 Reverend Andrew Jefferson Saint Peters Baptist Chun:h 42 5 0 38 t h A venue Giff ord Florida 32960 Reverend Timothy Shclmon Mount Olive Baptist Chun:h P.O Box 4ss ; Hobe Sound. Florida 33455 El der Eugene Mackey Hous e of God Miracle Temple 525 North lith S treet Fort Pierce Florida 34950 Reverend Richard Baxter Goodwill Presbyterian Church 606 Nonh 29th Street Fort Pierce. Florida 34950 Reverend James Hall Johnson Temp l e C.O.G.l.C. 1322 A ve nue "D"' Ft. Pierce. Florida 34950 Jonathan Ingram Saint Mark Missionary Baptist Church 1800 A venu e "G" Fon Pierce Florida 34950


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