The Road to clean cities

The Road to clean cities

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The Road to clean cities
United States. Dept. of Energy
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Washington, D.C
United States Department of Energy.
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United States. Dept. of Energy.
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The Road to clean cities
Washington, D.C.
b United States Department of Energy.
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Air quality management--Government policy
Motor fuels--Government policy
Automobiles--United States
Office of Transportation Technologies
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THE ROAD TO ... .. Cities U S Department of Energy




WELCOME TO CLEAN CITIES! The Road to Clean Cities here. This broc;;hure will explain how your city can become one of many Clean Cities working to help accelerate the introduction and expand the use of altc::mative fuels and alternative fuel vehicles In the following pages you w i ll find a guide to the U.S. <>f Energy s (00E) Clean Cities program. We 'll explain the Cltan Cities program and how DOS can as.sist your city in the goal-settiog, eoali tion building and com mitments process necessary for Qean City designation We'IJ aJso provide you with a s t ep-by-step guide to developing your 0'"'" Clean Cities Program Plan as well as a Memorandum of Understanding under whic.h your cit y can u nite with other o rgan izati ons interested i n alternat ive fuel s and alternative fuel vehicles We include a directory of contacts that can lend guidance for your progtam a listing of various funding and a survey for distribution among your dty's alternative fuel market stakeholders. Guidelines and infonnatioo found here will be regularly updated with the quarterly p ub licatio n of tbe Cl.etln Cities newsJeue r The Drive. The Road to Clean Cities should be used as a helpful resource for implementing y o u r Clean Cilits program. Key step.s and imponant rcoommendations for your program's success are pro\' i dd. a l though your city may need to modify approach to reflect local circumstances. Jn addit i on. if you have questiOn$ or need more information about Clean Cit ies, we have e!:itablished a Clean Citit's toll -free number so that we can provide you with infonn:uion about the progrdlll. The C/c(m Cilies number is 1 -800-CCITIES. The Road to Clean Ci t ies




I. GETTING STARTED WHAT IS CLEAN CITIES? Clean Cities is a voluntary federal program designed to accelerate and ex)XInd the use of alternative fuel vehicles (AFV) in communities th.tough out the c ou nuy and to provide refueling and maintenance facilities for their operation. Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), Clean Cities encourages local governments and organiutions to form public/private part nersh ips in develop ing markets for AFVs Clean Citits is founded on lhe principle that our nouion's objectives: arc best accompli$hed by mcHivated individuals working together for a common goal. That's why Clean. Cities i s voluntary and that' $ \vhy Clea" Cities encourages teamwork. WHY SHOULD MY CITY JOIN CLEAN CITIES? Transportation has an enormous irnpac1 on t h e economy and the cnvironmenl. Clean Cities can be an effect ive way to address transportation concerns uniq u e to your city well as to help reduce the amount of petroleum we im pon from overse as, improve the quality of our air, and s t imu\ate economic activity in some of America s maj or indus1rie$. Presently, the transportation sector il 97 percent dependent on petroleum and accounts for two-thirds of all U S oil imports. Morcovec, without allemativt transponation fuels. we can expect our dependence on foreign oil to grow to a sta-ggering 70 percent by the year 2020. With the increasing reliance on imported oil and the growt h in \ 'chicles and number of miles driven transportation's sh.atc of carbon emissions risen to approximately one thlrd of all U.S. c,arbon emiss ions. These trc .nds have become alarming : and in response the Federal government has established a number of JegidaJive. and executive directives aimed a t increas ing the util i zation of alternative fuels and alternative fuel vch.icles in America's t ransportat i on sector: E.xeeutive Order 12844: f-ederal Use of Ahcmative Fuel ed Vehicles, 1 993 Energy Policy Act of 1992 (EPAct) Executive Orde r 12759: Federal Energy Manasemcnt, 1991 Clean Air Act Amendments of l9 90 Alternative Motor FUels Act of 1988. These directives seck 1 0 displace conventional transponatjon fuels with domestically produced alternative increase the acquisit ion of AFVs; develop the altemative fuel supply deve l op AFV conversion, mai ntenance and service industries; and improve air quality. Clean C ities links these formidab le goals. requiring innovation. dedication. teamwork. and the re.aJignment of resources. Clean Cities can be part of the oolution: your participat i on a n d initiat ive are Tire Road to Clean Cltits I


WHAT DOES THE PROGRAM DO? The fundamental ro l e of Clean Cirie.s is to help forge locally based public/private partnerships to both d eve lop markets and crea te broad market acceptance for AFVs. But organizing stakeholders is just the beginning. Clean Ciries is a comprehensive program shepherds cities tl\rough tl1e goal ..setti ng coalilion-building, and commitments process necessary for a Clean C ities dc$.ignation. Upon designation, DOE will actively encourage perfonnanc e by each coalition. Creating an alternative fuels marke t is a long-tcnn prospect Accordingly, Clean Cilits must be an enduring program whereby cities cominually pioneer innovations and aspire to effect nationaJ as well as loc-al ach i eveme nt s in promoting alternative fuel agendas In support of e.leh new Clean Cities candidate. DOE wiJl also: Appoin t a Federal coo r dinator Provide p(Ogram implement a t ion and Memorandum of Understanding guidelines Guide placement of Federal AFVs Di r oct the award of Federal funds and grants as available Provide general assist a n ce and materials for public relations and promotional act i v i ties Provide craining for coordinators. fleet ope r ators, and other partic ipants Provide a ho t line/cJearinghouse fot technical and olher inf omlation Con duct information exchange worbbops Prov i de assi stance in public educalion activilies HOW CAN WE JOIN CLBAN CITIES? T h e following n::qui red steps w ill lead you to a Clean Citit-s designatio n : The Road to Clean Cities 2 ..._ Memorandum of Undlll'*&andfng


WHAT ARE THE DETAILS? Specific actions. that musl be taken include: (I) Appoint o Cl-an Cities Coordinator The Coordinator should be a responsiblt local representath e witlr ready access to city decision -makers (e g emplo)'ed by tht offic e of Mayor. Cil) Manager, Chamber of OJmmerce. etc.). 0 The Coordinator shou l d serve as executive for the Clean Cities program o The Coordinator should contact the region's DOE Suppon Office. T his Office w ill provide a specjalist to suppo rt t he Clean Citie-s Coordinator and assist with program conception, outwreach, implementation. and operation (See Appendix A for DOE Suppon Offloe contacts and phone numbers). (2) Hold Stakeholder Meetings Stakeholders are those interests that can facilitate or obstruct tlt e implementation of desired AFV programs. Having represtntothes of 1hest interests a1 t he table earl y on will impiY)ve the likelihood of garnering their suppt>rt and minimizing I

(3) Develop a Program Plan Behind every successful program lies a slrategic pUm. In thi s case, the Program Plan outlines the goals, organi



II. CLEAN CITIES PROGRAM PLAN ELEMENTS OF TH PROGRAM PLAN Once the Clean Cities Coord inat or is chosen and th e first stakeholder meetings are held, a Pcogram Plan be deve l oped. As the co r e of Cleon Cities. the Program Plan provides an opportunity f o r a city to create its own loc3J approa<:h 10 Clean Cities goals. M o r eover, a comprehens ive Program Plan fosters better program implementation and management, enabling stakeho lders 10 specify and :..chieve program obj ectives. The following essentiaJ clements should be i11cl uded in a Clean Cities P rogram Plan: ./ Set fonh goals ./ Create an organizatiOnal structure .I Ch.a.raeterlze and qoantify the AFV marlt'el situat jo o .I Set forth obj ectives to ac hie ve program goa l s (t h e ac tio n plan) .I Delineate t imetablel (Qr achieving goab ./ EstabHsh a mo.ottoripg SYtcm. WhUe it is critical thai all six of the se progr a m elements be addressed, variacions can be made to reflect local circumstanus. The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), under which che city will become inaugurated into DOB 's n alionaJ Clean Citie s program, will be basod upon chc c it) 's Program Plan (a n d is addressed in Chapter III). The k(}ad IQ Cleott Citirs 5


(I) SET FORTH GOALS The first step in developing the Program Plan is to delineate a set of program goals. Goals are an essenlial element of any p lanning process. They define what an organ iza tion seeks to accomplish and why. and they give the org.aniz.ation its direction. After escablishing tlle goals, 1he city can then define objectives--or action steps--by which to accomplish the goals. Time f rames for achieving these goals s hou ld also be defined. National Cilia Goals The Clea n Cities program atrempts to assist <:icies in working together toward common. national goals. Over the past several years the Federal govemmcnl. through legislative and executive actions directed t oward the increased utiliuuion of ahemative fuels, has set fonh goals providing a foundation for the Clean Cilies mission. The following list of national Clean Cities goals should be incorporated into the Program Plan: o Displace conventionaltransponation fuels with domestically produced, c;lean-buming alternative fuel'$ (AF) 0 lncrca..e the acquis-ition and ut ilizatio n of AFVs o Develop aJtema1ive fuel supply infrastructure and vehicle conversion. maintenance, and related service industries 0 Advance public understanding on the benefits and costs of using AFVs. Local Clean Cilits Goals Jn addition to the national goats. cities may wish to specifY goaJs relating to local clean air problems or local economic situations Examples of local goals in clude : o Im prove air quality and reach t he attainment levels specified in the Clean Air Act Amendments (CAAA) o Contribute to economic development oe ... etop the area's ahemat ive fueLs industty Create new fuels industries Benefit loca l businesses that use AFVs Increase local taxable revenue Increase area's production of clean energy (e.g., corn crops. etc.) D Increase energy conservation and security. (2 ) CREATE A SIMPLE ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE After delineating lhe goals, stakeholders should establish their program'-s organi:uational structure. Cleon Cities organization must address effective The Road to Clean Cities 6


te.ade.rsbjp, member ship. recruitment, decisioo making funding. and imp l emen t a t ion goals. However, the s.tructure shou l d be k e pt simpl e because staff resources and lh t sta k eholders' time wiJI like l y be limited. In man y cases as few as tw o worklng groups may be sufficient to accomplish program objectives Because Cities is a locaJJy-driven program it is suggested that your Clean Cities program be housed wit hin a l ocal governmen t office, s uch .as the Mayor'$ Office or the City Planning Office TtUs cho i ce shou1d aJso in<:lude a p lace where the Cleo" Coordi natQf condl.ICtS his or her daily z.c,ivities Whi\e: -various OJgani t at )onal s u uctures can and have been used. an interactive hieriU'thicaJ struct ure may best achieve Cleon Cities objectives tc> c oordinate national gol!lls with loca l interests. For eumple. 1he following recommended hierarchy p r ovides inlerattion between the Steer ing Commiuee and focused Wo Groups: ...... Steering Committee A Steering comprised of key Memor311du m of Underst andi n g (MOU) signa t or ies, can be cs.tablished to conduct ove rall guidance an d p

Steering Committee meet at least twice a year. Therefore, establishin& an informal Executive Committee may be use(ul to respond to immediate inquiries during the year (e.g to answer lnquiries from the media, etc.). This informal Executive Com.ntitlee may be comp ri::;ed of the c .hair:s from the Wo'*ing Groups and Steering Committee. Working Groops Working Groups function under the guidance of the Steering Conunjuee which delegates the tasks necessary to achie\'e organizational objec:tives and long-term goals. Tasks may include : gathering information, conducting reports developing draft legislative language or local ordinances, and addre $5ing other information needs of the S t eering Committee The chairs of the Working Groups report their findings to the Steering Committee for final act ion. To educate members, provide a sound knowledge base for decision making. Jessen the burden upon staff, and provide consistency to the process. the membership of the Working Groups should include members of the Steering Committee Care must be given to ensure lhat each Working Group carries a ba l anced representation of Titles of the Working Groups sho uld be broad l y defined enabling them to an equal division of the organizational objectives. Nevertheless, the number and t)'pe of Working Gro u ps will vary from city to city Youc city may choose from among the foJJowing examples, combining Working Groups with sim ilar functions where appropriate. Fuels Working Group A Fuels Working Group could be established to represent each alte-rnative fuel chosen for part i cipation in Clean Cities (e.g .. methanol, natural gas, propane. ethanol, electric. etc ). This group may focus its effor t s on increasing fuel availability and pcomotjng fuel usage, and encouraging fuel saJ'c,ty. Communication..(l; Working Group A Communications Group could focus on outreach activit ies such as preparing press releases providing speakers for community meetings, and delivering informational material to This Working Group could also develop media materials and campaigns, stage public n:.Jat ions events and activ ities, and interact w ith industry and DOB public relations specialists. lAg isJ!Jion WorJsing Group. A Legislation Working G r oup cou J d monitor Federal, state and local legislative initiatives in order to: forecast future Clean Cities strategies ; further develop Clw1 Cities prepare for changing legislation that may impact the direction of the Clean Cities program; and partic ipate in legislati\'e activities that concern altemative fuel issues The Legislation Working Group could also be the voice for Clea n Cities in state and l egislatures For instance, Clean Cilie$ $1ak eholders may wish to affect state laws or local ordinances governing transponation The Road to Clean CiJies 8


fuels, or promote initiatjves such as tax rebates. Public Utility Commission (PUC) rate treatment, conversion subsidies. etc Fleets Working Group. A FJeets Working Group serves as the liaison between the Clean Cities organiz.ation and fleet owners and managers. This group could communicate the benefits of ahernative fuels to fleet operators, develop approaches for sharing fue.ling facilities, and facilitate vehicle procurements and technician training programs. The fleets Working Group would be important for assimilating the stakeholders' demand for AFVs. and conveying this demand to vehicle manufacturers and Federal fleet managers. Funding Working Group. A Funding Working Group could be organized to identify available financial inc ent ives to support program impk:mentat.ion, reduce the cost to purchase and use AFVs. and develop associated AFV infrastructure. It could aJ$0 identify s ources for continued funding of Clean Cities promotional activities. (See Appendix B for Fundjng Opport unities information.) Procurement WorlOng Group. A Procurement Working Group could focus on developing documents that s.uppon the purchase of AFVs and resolving vehicle purchase issues. Useful documents tllat the Group could develop might include vehicle Ji.sts of desirable options or a fue.J/operatlng co st analysis of different AFVs. The Procurement Working Group would also work close ly with the AFV Coordinat i ng Group. Standards Working Group. A Standards Working Group could coord inate industry standards among manufacturers and seek to adopt and incorporat e finvironrnental Protection Agency (EPA) and EPAcl standard$. AFV Coordinatlog Group, An A.FV Coordina ting Group could be establi shed to i nfluence Federal fleet purchase and deployment decisions in Clean Cities. This would allow the Federal fleet's use as a leveraging mechanism to increase the. numbers or AFVs purchased, thus promoting infrastructure development. This Grou p would also develop reques ts for Federal vehicles that are consistent with local alternative fuel needs and determine at what ra1io the locality intended to match the Federal government's deployment decisions (3) ESTABLISH OBJECTIVES Objectives are established by the Stccriog Committee to achieve organi1.ational goals. Objec1i..,es are addressed through the active suppon of the Working Groups and are the "how to" eJemenls of lhc Program Plan and the heart of the Clean Cities program. Your objectives muSl be challenging measurable. and direetJy lead to lhe aehie..,ement of CleQJt Cities goats. Objectives can range from stakeholder commilmeniS to increase vehicle purchases to passing cily ordinances or state laws. Objcctive.l\ should demonslrate achievement beyond lhe initial market situation. The The Road to Clean Cities 9


Clean Cities organiucion should be structured to accept from all s.ource.s, inside and oUiside of the o r ganization The following are examples of objectives th.a:t can be adop t ed by Worlting Groups. T his l ist is i n no way comprehensive; it what can be. and i n some instances has been, accomplished through a Clean program. Ini tia l Working Group mee t ings should focus on outlining objec tives In subsequent meetings. tasks can be assigned and limerablcs devel oped G()(Jl: INCREASE TH ACQUISITION AND UTIUZATION OF APVS (Titese objective$ should be aggregated in order to develop an overall veh icle acquisition schedule lhat dcn()fts Ythicle acquisitions by /996. 2(){)(), ere.) Example Objecfio;es: o Assis t the local school dis t rict to purchase AFV buses over the next two budge t cycles o Develop tramc con t ro l measures (TCM), such as rugh occupan c y vehide (HOV) Janes, tbat allow AFV participation (House Bill SIP) 0 Work with the local U.S. Pos t Office to convert a percentage of ils flee1 10 AFVs by 1996 c Include AFVs in State Implementation Pla.os (SlP) in order to gain emiss i ons c r edits and CMAQ funds. C Require city fleecs with 30 or more vehicles (0 convert 10 percent of the fleet to an altema1.ive fuei by the end of 1996 (City Ordinance). 0 Develop a plan to introduce AFVs into the Sta t e government fleet (S1are House Bill). c Support the creation of tax cred i ts for the purchase or convers-ion of new AFVs (State lcgislatjon). c Exempt AFV$ from selected state !Hi.les tax or other local taxes or surcharges. o Allow public utilities to include i n their rates the incremental cost of new AFVs and convening convent ional vehicles to operate on alternative fuels. The Rood to Clton Cities 10


Goal: DEVELOP AI.TERNATE FUEL SUPPLY INFRASTRUCTURE AND VEHICLE CONVERSION, MAINTENANCE AND SERVICE INDUSTRIES Example ObjCfives: c Encourage state and local governments to provide public charging stations for recharging electri c \'Chicles. c Allow public utilities to include in thejr rates t h e incremental cost of i nstalling alternative fuel fueling facilities. o Esta bl i sh special pm:ing at public buildings, airpon, and t rsns porta tiQn facilities. c Require the city Heet to auain the twin goats of a I percent per year reduc-tion in fuel use and a 1.5 per<:ent per year reduction in carbon dioxide emissions (Executive Order). 0 AUow gasoline filling stations to sell compressed natural gas, or other types o f fuels for vehicles (Ci ty Ordinance). o an educational campaign for fire marshals to allow for the safe ins ta lla ti o n of fueling s tations. o CreAte a fuel tax exemptio n for n atural gas and propane The fuel 1a.x could be replaced w i t h a fuel tax decal ranging in cost (based on gross vetUcle weight) from $70 to $125 per year per \'Chicl e (StateHouse Bill) a Create an aftennarket, emissions.based alternati ve fuel system equipment certification (Sw.te House 8i11). c Allow private sector spending on the construction of fueling stations to match Federal AFV funded programs which will be locally based. c Exempt vendors who sell natural gas as a motor (uel from the PUC definition of a local distribution company (State House Bil l) c Exempt Afs or AF fueling facilities from state sales tax or other s tat e or local taxes or s urcharges (other than such taxes or surcharges which are dedicated for transportation purposes). Tile Road to Clean Cities II


Goal: ADVANCE PUBUC UNDERSTANDING OF THE BENEFITS AND COSTS OF USING ALTERNATIVE RULES IN MOTOR VEl11CLES Objt.etio;eli: 0 Inst i tute public education programs to promote the use of AFVs. 0 Ensure good local media coverage of alternative fuel developme nts o Prepare and diStribute press rel eases. o Provide speakers t o local c ivic and profess i ona l organizations to promote AFVs o Participate in local school sc:ieooe fairs; provide recognition of science projects involving altemative fuels. C Support and contribute funding to student engineering competitions on AFV design in local hig h schools, college-s, and universities (4) CHARACTERIZE AND QUANTIFY THE AFV MARKET SITUATION t n order for the Work:ing Groups to define objective-s for transforming the City's transponation and fuel use profde. it is helpful to ft.rst characteri1.e and quantify the current AFV market situation (vehicles fueling sites. OEM dealer.5. oonvcrsion fa<:ilities, AFV maintenance locations) through a survey. A detailed alternative fuel vehicle survey i s included in Clean CiJies Succes.s Storiel (see Appendix C) and should be used to gather primary information from Clean Cities participants and Stakcholde rs, The survey should be distributed during lhe initial stakeholder meetings. As the program matures. the s-urvey panicipants and scope of information collected can be expanded. By ketping track of lhe AFV market, the city c .an: Define and accomplish the citys goals and objectives Track program developmen t Evaluate the effectiveness of Clean Cities stnuegjes Publicize the city's accomplishments:. (S) ESTABLISH A MONITORING SYSTEM In order to track the growth of the Clean Citit.s program. it will be necessary to establish a monitoring system. Tire Road t o Clean Cilies 12


Monitor Local Program AcoompllshmtnLt Suggested tools for program monitoring are (i) the list of objectives. (ii) the program timetable, and (iii) the Working Group. commiuee, and individua l assignments. Effective monitoring approaches include: 0 Periodic-written reports of actual vs. planned activities/accomplishment!;; D Open meetings t o eval uate actjvity M atu s in relation to objectives; o Alternative fuel vehicle user surveys; o Review and comments from stakeholders on overall program and success in meeting objectives and guals. The Steering Conunjuee should assume responsibility for program monitoring. They must provide feedback whe-n il appeats dtat the Working Group!:i or commiuees have deviated from their assigned focus. R epor t to DOE I nformal rtpons (shon telefax repons. telephone calls, e tc.) to lbe DOE Regional Su-ppon Office are desired to keep DOE aware of successes and problems being encoulltered DOE requests that each offic i ally designated Clean City submit a repon of program every six months (on December 31 and June 30) repon, entitled C lean C itie s Succe$s Stqries. provides Clean Cities wilh the opportunity t o promote their programs successes and monitor t h eir AFV gains. Success Srorit:s will also be used for thc. Clean Cit ies Annual ReptJrt and the Clean Cities newsletter, 1'he Drive. See Appendix C for more in(ormadon on Success Stories. The Road ro Clean C ities 13




IlL MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING Once the Clean Cities Program P lan is complete-, the s tep is to draft the Memorandum of Unde r standing (MOU). For assis t ance wi t h preparing the MOU and for final approval of your MOU, contact the U S Depanmen t of Energy Support Offite (See Appendi x A, "Clean Cities Directory") Your MOU shou l d he based on the mode.! p r ovided on the f ollowing pages. WHAT I S A MEMORAND UM OF UNDERSTANDING? A Memorandum o( Understand ing (MOU) is a w ritte n agreement stat in g basi<: understandings of tasks and desc ribing a method for ptrfomting these task s between the U.S. Department of Energy ( D OE), the city, and other signatory authorities (S e e Chapter II. "S t akeholderS" ). An MOU is not a binding c on tract. It cannot be used to obligate or commit funds. or a s the basis for tile transfe r of funds WHY IS AN MO U NEEDED'I The purpose of the Clean Cities MOU between DOE a n d the included sig natories is to set f orth the agreement s respective respons ib ilities, and procedu res necessary to earry out t he objec tives of th e DOE Cities progcam. The Energy Policy Act of 1992 (EPAct) Section SOS. Voluntary Su-pply Convnitmen ts, requires DOE to ob(ain 'VOlun tary com.m.itmc.nts to help ach i eve replacemen t f uel goa.Js from fuel $Uppliers, fleet owners a n d vehicle $ U ppliers Under the Citit.S MOU. these groups, u nite d wit h other local stake h olders signify t h eir commitment to contribute t o the goa l s o f the program. HOW IS AN MOU DRAFT E D ? The drafting of the MOU act u aJJy s tart s with the Clean Cities Program Plan described i n thi s gu idebook. Once stakeho ld ers prepare an agreed Program Plan they develop and sig n an. MOU to signify their com mitment co the plan The MOU should be based on the MOU mode l provided in this chapter and should be modified as appropria t e to reflect lo c al c ir cumstance s DOE Support Offices w ill assiS-t in MOU preparation ; all proposed MOU formats will receive DOE e ndor sement prior to Clean Cities desigMtion WHO S HOUL D SIGN THE MOU? The DOE Clean Cities program j s a vo Juntary initiat i ve open to participation by any publi c or priva t e e ntity with a stake" in accel erating and expanding the market for alternative f uels and alternat ive rue.J vehicles (see Chapter 1). S takeho l d e r s who h ave contr ibuted to and are comm itt ed to achie ... ing the Cltan Cltl'es ob j ec t ives are etig ibl e are encouraged to p tu their commitment ln writing b y sign jng the MOU Signatories s h ould represe n t authority level'i conunensura te w it h commit m e ntS and should demonstrate local and smte governm ent leader s hip The Road to Cletm Cities t4


(Sample MOU) (City Name) Clean Cities (Coolitlon/Organit.ationletc) Formally &1abUshed to CreaJe a More Efficient. Domesti cally Secure Environmentally /'lannonious Sustainable and Safe American Energy Transportation Sector MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING By and Among, and U .S. DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY The Road to Clean Cities IS


Cl&IN CITIES MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING INTRODUCTION Bas kg round The Unilcd States Department of Snergy (DOE) i s commiue.d co energy use in the American transportation sector that is (i) more {ii) less d e pendent on foreign sources: (iii) less environmen tall y disrupt i ve; (iv) sustainab l e; and (v) safe The PoJicy Act of J992, supplemented b)' the 1993 Executive Order 12844: Federal Use of Alternative Fuel Vehicles and rhe Clean Air Acr Amendments of 1990. aU es-ta() guide lines for effecting a favorable: ene rgy and environmental si t uation in the tr'd.nSportation sectOr. The DOE Clean Citif!s program is an umbrella to structure and achieve Energy Policy Act program goals and to coordinate objeetives of governments and other f-ederal directives, such as the Clean Air Ac t. Pyrwe The purpose of

DOE Re..monsibilitip Appoint a fede ra l coordinator Provide ptog.ram implementation and MOO drafting guidelin es Guide p l acement of Federal AFVs responding to Clean Cilies recommendations and resource matching plans. Diroct the award ()( Federal funds and grants as available Provide information, g eneral assistance itnd mater ial for pubUc re lations and promot i onal activities. Provide trainin g for coord inators. fleet operators and other pa.rticipants Provide a hotlindclearinghouse for technical and 01her information Conduc t infonna.rion c\ch ange workshops Provide aJsistance in public edUI:allon ;Kt;vines Clean Cili"' Staksb'1.1cltr Respon, -an Cities Yrogram P l an U pdate Program Plan as appropriate. Repon Clean Ciru s ptf th e Clean Cities logo in thoc: preparation of case studies,, advcnise.ments, aod press releases. Guid$1iAAS The Cle(m Ci ties prog ram wiU be administered ac<:ording to the Program P l a n. T he signa toric:$ he rein have agreed that the Program Plan h designed to Clean CirieJ objectives and follows the 3ufdc:lines described here : Tht Road to C/f!an Cit ies 17


Sets forth goals teflecting the planning process and defining what the organiz.ation seeks to accompHsh and why Creates an organizational Slnl<:ture enabling Clean Cities to ef(cct ively carry out its mission Cl\aracterizes the AFV market situation by gathering primary information on fuels. vehicles. and infra.'itructure from participating Clean Cities stakeho l ders Sets forth intermediate objectives, such as vehicle acquisition targets or legislat ive proposals, designed t o be the "how to" elements of the Program Plan Delineates es timated timetables containing disc.n:te action items, milestones and deadlines for a<:"hievin g objectives and goaJs Establishes a monitoring system for program manage.ment advertisement of program success, and method for conveying program performance to DOE. R eview Following designation, each of the Clean Cities designates will update their act i v ities as appropriate and necessary to TTULintain progr.un e .ffectivenes.s. In order to actively gauge the performance of the DOE Cities program, a report, entitled Citits Success Stories. will be requested from Cl4:tm Cities twice a year. These reports will review cities progress made toward accomplishing their objeccives. They will include a survey of new vehicle purchases or conversions and investment in and completion of refueling infrastructure. The reports will also include progress on iojtiatives taken to create success in AFV markets. such as coalit ion building, actions, o r creative budgeting. Information from lhese reports will be used to compose the Clean Cities A,t11ual Report. Suppleme.n'-n Jnteracencv or Other Agreements Because the DOE Clean Cities program supports Congressional and Execulive directi..,es and may involve other federal, state. and local governmental cntitie$. Clean Cities program commitments may be subject to modification upon intervening Congressional or E;l(ccul\ve guidance. Public Information Coordination Subje<:t to th.e Freedom o f Information Act (S U.S.C. 552) decisions on disclosures of infonnation to the public regarding projects and programs referenced in thjs MOU shall be made by the DOE following consultation with the other panics representatives. Tlte Road tQ Clean Cities 18


Amendment and Ienninalion This MOU may be amended by the mutual written agrtemeot between DOE and signatories. This MOlJ may b:e terminated by the mutual written agreement of DOE and signatories. Signatories may terminate individual partic ipati on upon a 30-d.ay written notice. Eff ective Date This MOU shall become effective upon the latter date of signature of the panics and shall rcmajn in effect for a per i od o f 5 years, upon which the MOU becomes eligible for renewal. The Road so Clean Cities 19




APPENDIX A Directory The Road to Clean Cities 20


CLEAN CmES INFORMATION SOU RCES DO HfAQOUAWfiS CkMChr.. ....... U.S. of lOOO $\Y, Wul*lpH\. DC Tommy . fll , , . 202S&S-961 S )tlf Htrlfy, Mllll8er . 20:-$86-18&$ P n , , , , . . Cl u l\ C h i u ftel llllt r O llaK 12316, Atlif'C IM, VA 11WJ R ultl ANw K.blllf, ""'"'1ft . . . 1Q) Stil222 Tc;l!-ftet ... , 8iJO.U+&f.J7 00 R JC!CfAt. SIJPPPU Omm A .... 7l0 5lm\. P-T. Wit*"-A--. CA M.J.C, .7ltl Minfof , , 40Clf1.CU.C f , .. , , , ... , . to.W-30.1!1 .. l Conp 5tr!f'l, lUU, MA 02114 David ( hln'lbi'lllll'l . . 617 565-f?J.t . . ......... .... .. Ch.luao 11800 So11th. SW.WI Arg.otiiW'. IL t.Oa39 Mtlin4& La"-r , ... 'X&Wn14 F"ll , , , , , .. .. o..Ja .. JUO W """"*-.s-TX "'" w .... . . . llf-.767 7112 fill ti4 W ,_ 2!101 YOUIIJiiclcl S!J"', Suiie: 380, Colcfft\ CO 80401 Rndy M rtln . .e23Hi'SO, e.(t 141 fiK., , , , ,,, ,,,,,,,,., 31Ji3.2:llS7Si' KUINI City 9ll Walnut 51fttt. 14t h floof, k"'n C'ily, M064106 '""J&Miln WUon , , ... fiK ,,,,,,,, ,,,, .. ,,,,, N.-w Yeric 2 6 fH'"' I PbM, Su! .. ki7, N 'l' lOZ1! w.,_ ...... ... .......... 112l6t-CQtl fu ............ IM)f'IC 8MI_ S...ieto 501, rhibddpNa. rA, 19103 J.l.,.. w ..... ... .. l1S 6S6-6014 f.lmtt. '"'\UOfl ......... ..... .. 2U6, ,.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 21:5-6)6-6'i81 s n '"l't:,((l 1301 O a y 511"'1, SUJ.It 1060N, Oak bncl.. CA., 9461'2 1 .-oM I "" , , , . S t B.6)7 1t!i Jl:u: Slk)72011 Sutclt tOO NO. Sui_. .nsQ.. W A tot ...S$).2155 ,_ .......................... Xli-"J.ZJQO OtAN. C'rtll$ COO.OINATO!t$ NM M,kf City o f SOSi'61 5l57 Atl ll\l.t, C A fc'lf llldtr, CA rA ........... ... .W..$66-11467 Allflll\t T't Llw lln n e:m"', C ity of A...stJn $11'499-18118 0.. Ml11.1r,.. Mtytand ... .. ,0 .. 14o-)1S5 -MA ...... .... ........... 611-i$1.:770 II, O.Wtr. fil.lldt. C'"ll)' of ChbJO 3tH......n Coloudo S,rin p CO I"' Adllt'e, l)'l'lft SPftnl' Vtllltlr.t Cu Dl:jNttnwnt 119636-.S?Ot 0'"''' co Thcn'ft Dwlal>ue. City CoW'!ty M Dfflvr1 .. .. .. ............ .. ""h h c.w c-1 fulirnt So...m Rofi4 "'-*'1 O:lu.rd 305-M U\t '-tMk,.CA C'"!IIY oii..Mculft !M-11).4'1C The Road to Cl Cities 21


ClfAN CITIES COORDINAl'ORS, CONTINU lM City uC USo ...... 7(1'2-22' M971 l01'13 kuh. CA PuJ Stn.ock.,. City of Lon g Cl!s . . ... .. )IO S?D-1062 KY XlY!ttKIA fohn Ci ty of Mli14dtl ph i Porttl\d, Oft Ni<:hOls. 1\'>tllill'ld. l.(:tg)' Olfke 5034l::H413 ROJIIC V.lllty, OR C<>h:m 'l. R<>gue Vllc:y Ttol."'$(1 A llt'h Orily . . . . . .. .. S03779-S 82l CA Mootl\. City 5116ll-63 1 9 Lab City UT' Tu.l"., O ffk<.' o( 111.<.' M&yO< 601 JS.77J$ fnmi-. <:A Rumn 1'ru.:, I".JeifieC.1 4c 415-472\'1 S 1 n V1lley CA l(tn N@rlll'ld, ()ty fli Frf$:110 . 2.00><198-1: S a il }Off: C A Rila Nonun,. C i ty <>f 4(6..277<5533 Sl. l.o!!i" MO Dl,mN D.1y, G tltwy CaordiNfin$ ......... JJ.f..t21UO DC C'oc:ocse Nithul $ I>( l<.lmm.y ktttl, WJI'UilSIOn Council of Vhginho }.of f Ht1hOidl W"t \ 'Hglr&. Eno:rgy Oliice .. .. .. .. . . Wttkm Ntw York Stt t WillliiM l iiuly 716-336-019$ \YI\ilt I'Wru NY )OM:ph J r .. City of Whllt Pl,iN . . . ..... .... ')Ht22 1210 WJ1mi"3ton.. D'E O.a11it Otlawltt Enttg)' Pcogrm Adminbtntion . . . , Ja2 73H6.U The Road to Clean Ci ties 22


ALTERNATIVE FUEL AND ALTERNATIVE FUEL VEHICLE INFORMATION SOUR CES A l*rit.a.n A .. oct.ttofl 1000 AAA Orl", Ue1ttltaw, ft. 327 Mlll\ N11mbtr .. ... ...... tfs. Ditmor 311HSM683 A..--llat O.'-&t00Wt .. dt. Ol'iw, MeU-an,. VA 22:102 PrMI Mte.nhy, VP . 1'0J.fll:0 ,..,. "-ric4 1-. 1co ,_,.....,._ CfWf. s.. nso. Dftnil Ml ...w FM 5LM4M IC06f7 To,_u Mt>IOif Sa.let USA, lM. 19001 $. WKtrm AYtn.w_ Tomonct" CA 90509 Jll\ f'twtl .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. lUI 611J.7721 Vo lktW .. II'R USA. Int. 888 \YoM Ill& &N.,... Rood, P O 11<: 39$1, Tloy, M l 4800N11151 M t1! LAonhfiUC' r Public JWI,ulonJ lU:WGdOOO Vol.,. Cn Gf Nllflll A.ltftu P.O. eo. ,,_ aoc:""A:"-"'' rM? Mtdwtl Cilltn . , 201&-7JO:I fKXHfUI. f&. Qnm. BJO:()rlS ....... Ao_,__ 1925 N. l.rnn $ttft\. 5uiW lQSQ. VA 22309 lUI HoilnDt'l .... 10:J..m>l3t2 The R(J(1d to Cletm Clrlu 23


Biofu.,h A .. cri< RO 1, Boll 19 NY 12l9J..9801 J ell klkf/lvJit Dt-kil\ . . S l&-'i'W.;)ln NltloM.l R(ntdbll! l.a.\lo ra l\)1)' 1617 Col e Cold'"'l. CO 8040tl John Shwhn ..... ........... Noni StroJ.wn . . , , , , 303-275--4)17 kw N .1lfofl.ll SoyOiotul loud P (), 80lt 10Wi&. C i ty MO 6S 110 Kotro&on Oi.rlot 3\.t .63S..:34.93 1'Q!Ifl0f\' 600-&41-5&19 P.idg Nuiol\oll bbo.-atory P O 9ox 200$, <.\1\ T N 3'1131.til$i Jlll'ltl CushmAn, Bielmton Pronm 6!S.S74 78 1 8 SOlhweJt R<:..u:rch JnJtif\ltot 6l2tl ft6.1' 0 .1)t.l.,.-er 28510, S.ln Anl(lnj(), 1X 18223 Tom ltya" (Mecl'oilftltll ) 2J()..Io84 3191 limtoll U..o:" (Chml iuJt .. T aua TottfWty Of 0\opurmo:nt of Ag.ricultunl E11giM\' rifot, MOKOW, ID .,... L rc-tt:rSOrn U S Utpll'lllltnl of ApiC11ll\lrt Oftict of EMt'S)' 13()1 Yorlt: Avtn\K', N o\\'., Ronm 1208, WolUIIngro n. DC 20035 Co"-"Y 202 219-19U )OM M.1tlland , . 102 u.s. D prhrl"'' ' t:nngy Ofli. C A 92128 lltl.)dqua.rtt r s . . .... . , U.S. of 'ntrgy 1000 S .W,. WuhU!g1on. 0C 105SS r..un.ger 202.SU.1?3& A.mtritall 8vJ Anoci..,.ion. 1100 Y01k Avl'll\ll'.. N W.,.SuitrJ 1, Wol,..if'ISb:>l'l. DC lOOOS . .... 21'>2 842 t64S A ... ..ntal!l Trudli"C R-rh 2200 M i ll VA 22'l 14-'61? Ti m M:raltl . ........... . Fttrolof9Cl'l 1120 N.W ,. 9th FlOOr DC 20005 Brtod ... ................ Clli !Ottl i a Ab Boud: ('.(). l;lox 2$15. C A 95812 John Cou r ti s Fu.:l s . 9 1 6-32H019 Cl.lifom.ia t1ttty ComO'oiHioolt 1$16'9 11\ Sctto:t, CA 9S8H Cll atlt$ R ln'iort u . . . . . 9 t 6-3l4-3)26 U.S, ruiron1111tMal Ptoctw:tJOII A8t""T Nl!r y I $Wt$ The Road to Clenn Cities 24


U.S. Aft'IC)' OfO.C. of Wolloik '-"" m w SIJrnt. s.w. MM Ccdr. 6. oc ,.... Codftlfd 201>2 Euwnuc CALSTAI\T 366 1 l!mp1111 A\'tll\lf 81lrtltnk,. CA 91505 J C:11gf, Pm..itknt & CEO 31&-S6S.S6G6 fltric Avto A.t..od tlon 271 0 S t GIIH !.Nit. CA. 9lt0 T o ll-Ftw , , . .... 8CO

Ca.lifomW. RtMWtb l t Fu.tJs CollMil 3304 Yotb.'l Ufl dll .... d S .. iiOI 24 9, Fu)l trtoro, CA "'' Rt$u1.1W)ry Aff.l!t'> 71HI96-6Sl ClcA Fu.d a O."tl o pmcnl Co1Udon 13 1 5 Wi;.<:orui."l A\' tf\ue,. East TCW.'t't.Sufte: $ 15, M O 20&14 PoU$18S Ou r tntl! , . . CoMOrriiOn\ For P htUi tcl &iottdltif"' S uiiOI 1){).1) Y.'nl I N ""' f'"Ociil $ultivAI\ . . , , . ll''il4.9334 Covt.mon' l!tlltnol CwUii4R Ntbru'ka Etltr 3 y Tht Alti"m.. Plu.t Fkwlt, !200 N r.o. Boort9.503S, Lincol n. N H trrit . , , . , , (;t.,l ll.kct 8 klm6SI MtJY C wl!,(i l o( Ulkts J.S E Wu:lo'tr Orivt, Suitt 1650, C:Mrngo.ll 1 , 314-2?$-"J$ N1dMI Rt-rblt rltt3)' l.tbrot;rm 205-3$6-)!18(. U.S. ol A$ritoilbtrt Offitc of Entf'SY 1JOI New YoU AYMillt, N .W" Room 1208, t>C Rogt r C<1nway, DirI!Or., .. 201.219.t941 Jot\11 .. , U.S. t>f Et111..,. a4 All...,.ti '""' 1000 ln.dtptrodi!'IIC't Aw.'l"*, S W .. WM!tilltiOI'l.. IX: 2()58; jol'ln Fcmll. I'Tosr,..m M.tnAgo:r , 202..$36.-1)74.5 U .S. [)ept(tlllflll ol ElltfSY Offitc o( Ntio!l.ll ProvGI 100) A viiiWt $. W., W.1J;!IIf'IAII'II'\, 0C .,.. Ml& UiQtllu.s ncrsr 202 586--9104 BiRQGRAMS Al(l!matht fv,lt Olilintton Prosr.a.m U.S. O.:putmC'IIt ot EIWfgy, 1000 AYC'fi.\IC, S.W W stti nglon,. DC 20S85 JoM R\I$Hll, Dirtor . . 202586-8ClSl Clu n CUion Proa:rm u.s. l>t-ptl l mtl-l of ntgy. l(t'O ll'ldcpC'J'Idi'IIA' AV'Muc:, S.W .. DC 205&5 Tommy FQJII. J>tosrarn 201,.586-4)6.4 M f Hdy, . . 20l.SS6-188S Nuloluo l Cin Cilitl Hodint_ P.O b 12316,. Arlington. VA 22209 Ruth AllnC' M all&'?' .. '700-823-1221 . . ........... 60(). 2:24-Hl? Ck.tASf Aio" Plro U.S. Otptrfn'IW! t ol I COO Avff'o\\t, S .W. DC 'XMS E olc "Tht Cltt'll Room" 20l S36--7S41 <;lilll lk-W'lK PIO!r.ICJI U.S. Dcp.utmf"'''f of trwts>'. I lndtpmckonA$.\\'. DC 2.0585 C'-.tr1lcl f(ou, , , , , , , U S EMIfon,..... l:ll Pwtle<'ri011 Agt:nq, 4 0 1 M S lrHt,. $.W Wi$llif18t

P.utl'ltttl!lp f o r A N (W Cennulon. 0 1 V cMclH {C ie n C;,r lnili11tivc ) V S ror Ctn!cr Drive $ u i1t 100.\rbort\. M l 49116 ., .. .. .. .. .. 31348-<4300 US. of 14th Strffi & ConJ ti l ution Awnuc, N.W .. W.,hing10f\. DC f>t Cry . 202-t&l-4344 Whitt-. of Tho: Orf i Of Sci ence & Thno!ogy DC """' Or. Htmy Kelly .. 20HS6-603i VIPH$l6t;ll".$ ()rH.ii Olfkt 262 .4Sf..2U)() 8no: U c 54 Al'ftlut_ Columbutl, OH 43201 lk-ltn J.,uhi:ltro, Fcdff.:.l Exptess 614o42t4062 cupu hw. 1 5407 M tro&rlm . . . CC
PAGE 35 Cout Air Q u .ll ity D i a'lrk t 11665 Drive, B:.r CA 9 1765-418> Kyle D avi'S. Ai r O u :.hty ICesc:.rth,,, 9C9 l96-3258 U .S. f>.tcpjrtfOtnJ of ;\Sri(ul tl.u J4,Jh Slrroet Jndcptndqnco Aven ue.. SW W.uhins t on, oc 20250 Sm all IJu$in.tSS lll.ti(Wali 'l't Rtstardl 21-l l-68">2 O'COMdl. & ComrntrN.liuMn (AARC) .... 202401 4!160 U.S, Dcp artlrlclllt of Coft'IIIIIC.t(c 14lh 4c N W.,. Wa : d\inglun, DC "'" D.lily . . . 20178:.\.JlJS u s o.f EncrsY 19901 CcrmaMown,. MD 10545 Offlff oi Etlcr gy Rcscarm 30t-90l-5S61 1000 lndtpmdMoe s.w .. WaShif161Cln. DC 20!19 5 Budgd 61 Fillllnc i11l D i v;., iUr'l, lnW"MtfOM iind tnMvilt ion G lt:M ln'I'Cflbollli/N IST/GrUlb 201 5&6-1507 <'.osucfl., Cfor &t COOpo!nidtr , . u.s, of fc.clcnl Hlghw.y Admlttltlf"IOI'I 400 7th 5mott S.W WaSh ifl$101'1, OC Dorot111 &illifl&( f lnl(r moda l T ntllllpo rlllion ffkko'lcy Aet (I$Tf.A) . . 202..366-0690 OcM 3fCIQ, loul lt'.)ro i t Aulhoririe, A l k1Yiltivc Fuffl, Pfogr11rn Mite S.vollie, COrlg&tiOn A i r Ptogl';\m Jlutliltbr, 401-237-1980 Clutl Cfiju Hotline.. P O llow12316, Ading tm. VA "'" R\llh Kcl$1tr, . ... 100-528-1222 Ck" J'11ri Co.titOO" 1315 AVffiUrlnfltlg Off.ioe l'ubtial)ons Otder 01!61c 2lll-3l.'ll:l N tion l A lttnutlvc l'utJ. P O 'Bool:12l16. VA 22209 1'QIIflcc, ............ ...... , ,,,, ,,,,, ,,,, , , ,Q3,528-3..

t:n' .... . .. Plab l k C'Jtlttllo 215 J>cr.Nylv;on ill S.F., \\'liJ I\ iRtiCW\. (), C. """" O.r ls ................... 202-546-4<}916 Socitty ot AuiOt'llol illf tl\&-tnon n tSAE) tOO Driv t \Yontl\dtlt, PA 15096-000 1 Pubti<'.tiQns Dq'lllrM'Cf':l ... .... 41'2-4910 llllihlk 62:20Cultbtt R oad r.o. o,....,,, WHO. san TX 7822$.o5U) H..f'f', Err.iu i ons Rcseardl . 210.SU l646 F.ft3int Fll\'14< R.fllffKh 210 UH63S U.S. o f btrl)' 1000 A vtnullt, $.W .. W&lift,StI 1 3400 (Mrr JftiW Wnl, 0\-lrQii!, M l U32.9..00l StMIIcy Millo:r .. .. .. .. .......... 31H?lol6 F.I'IJiM M.nYftrt\lrert M.oriation 401 h!fchi$an. C hiug.:.. IL 606U lk-.ldqurltl'$ . . ... 312 6 U 6610 c ... lftftihltt 8600 W, 8')'71 Mawr Avo:rwo:, Cllk*S.o.IL 60631 N otm. Yaltt (NC T r .t:Ui l 11..., 3U$.SU4 Cin.ny Hubbs-Mulm-(CNC/LNC) 312-m-81'76 M'Uiafll(tuff .. Ae,e><;J.I;on r.o. eux 13')66. TN.nsk Pule. NC ,,.,._ .. . 919-549"'&00 Hu..,..Du.ty Aale

U.S. Dey.artmtnt of Tlanspo!Ution hdtral Trtnsl t Adm.ini4tr.ttion 400 1\h St:rt, S. W ., Rnom 6423, DC """' , . U.S. OejrlmtM of Tmuport.tlion ft.dtnl HIS)IW.t)' Ade\initt,ti(ln 400 ?tb STre-et, S.W.,. OC lQSIJO Bennett (I.S..T. .A.) ... 2CJ:1...6,()(,90 \J,S, f.flri!Wifl'ttnut hottdlon AgtfiC)' N .ttioM.I Vdtkk fc fud Laboratory l56S Ply tN>uth Rod, Atln Arbor M l 4$10$ Tom Huvy. Ovty Eng.int5 Phil C.trl)(ln, ... 31:J...6l8.4.17'0 R i ck Ryk{)W$ki, .... . HYDI\OCEN Alnfliun HydfO&Cil 103, . AZ &5281 R.O)' , , , , , , . CtUfomll Co1flllliNkll' t!'tlf> 9th SttM, M$.4J., SJtymouth Road, AM Albof, Ml <18105 1411 Hri11111n ............ ...... Ruro&hlorilff .................. L IOUFIED P'ETROLW!>l GAS {LfGt LJ".Cu Clu11 FYCJ Codltkn 2102 OriV4",. 13(). l rv i M CA 92?145 80() Mym. E t'WIWf o-r.ect M ?t4.2S3-$1S1 National Propll'lt Cu Attociflion ULJ 1 600 Faenhowe r LL 60S32 &111 l"tdlll."'U, Dlret 3, Arlillglun,. VA 222'03 l is:;, BorufonlpO, Bill ButtcrNush .. 70.H51-:7SOO l'rojNnf Vchi2 lbi i i'Oid <;'omml, oion "' TfUf 1701 N. P.0.15nlt 12%7. f)( 18711 ,., Wcddtmi t r .......... $11-41.ol693S Ttut FrOpaGt Gn AJsocll.tion P.O &11 l.m!>, Austin. TX 14114 0'735 Jol'oll 8 Dlttot . Sl 1-ii:\Ml620 TniJ.fltl:oe 8CI()..J2$..1m U.S. EtWifOfllntllttl f'tottion. A,JtiWy Nt001.' VtJiidt" ""' Elutons Ll'Ot"OfJ' 2$6$ ptyll'tOuth R001d, AM Arbor, Ml 4$10$ John M uotllotr Wcmm liq11id Gu AMociotiOJI Suflri$C 1844 M.diwn Avmi.M', Suite 150, F.-i r 0-lb, CA 95628 HttdqWrlet$ ........ ....... .. 9 16 9N-Z2!0 METHANOl CtUfOft'li.J \Cf8Y cocrun;.iOfl 1 S16 9th $1ft$ t M$-11 Sow-tmentQ, C A 9!\814 Prtc-r Yl' r d .. , , , , , CaudM.n. A"O

L.Meu .,..,. aGIOI:ml Nom! .. Honi $ba . . . JCB-1]5.4)17 a.. T)ottdl . U .S. &rrir911-.r. MI f'toiNIIon Asmey N no.ll Vr_ .. iclot ._ hr.l Lt..r.. 191)' 1St6 Plymoll!k Road. o\fln Atbo t, Ml 4SIOS Jtfl A l tOn , , , NAJ\lML CA S A .. crk" G Aaeoc:lttiOfl. U1 5 Wl\QI b ttvfd, AlllfiPOI'. VA 22:209 Jdf Clukc. IUctllrd a.c..) NCV MM\14 De-w c-.r ... c;.. AMori ... 950 t.ot4 w ... """"' uc "' ............. 9CJ5..897-1690 ONoi!O I Il c. -fth IIWI!I\0111' 55 SC.rtd1)r Ro-d. Don Mllb, Ontari<>. M38 1113'd Scftliot Cof..m.bit G Dhtrlbvt!Ofl C'Gmp11'IH 200 Civi t OM .. D tlv., Cot umbut, OH I$ Sdwtr d R lfd, J r , c .. lll .. illllk 8600 1kyr1 Mtwr A'm\IM'; Olic'ti(I.IL A.'Jt CiiWIJ ......... 312-8 176 )U4 .... u. WAMn 1. v"""' .............. No-.1 tA,o.11oty 1617 Cok Coldfl\. <."0 801013.\93 &fmt8t!lty N.Wnl Cw Vr.hlclt Co.lltlon 1$15 Ar llftj\NW\. VA 222.09 Cin:& Ward, , 1'03-5i73022 Sori'-"J Avtomootlw f.tlti""" lSAEI 400 COIIVnOII-\ 11\ Dti'"' Wul't'lldtko,. PA 15095-000 1 [),ayld 011 .. ,,,,,, , , , 4 J"l.."17'Z11$9 Tu.. GCIIeM'H, co rl22 I Aitn C htmtL c.. 1111(. P.O. 1011 4"'-Jklu:sliM. 1X mtO S..W. & YtoliU , .. """ .... "' CowKil 2_, PftlfMtft (:aNe.. CA JIXNi GtM.Id MOonto!Wol Av,oi(HI Ah Ow lll)' lmplow-'!tllt beeudl Pros:r-JCNOO M wnd !Wad, Ml 4&0'J0.?055 Jot Cell ucci ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,, , .U,II ttd I C I AMttl flf, I nc QyM $Mt\,llllllil'!fti:S 302-4 M.,._U 11-d. tl Dor.-dOf-' Coorpwttioa , 0 IQio ICOl. NJ 08SIO-t(t) l J.W ... ,, ......................... N ..._.. ,.,.,._""" M.W,. 5o* tOOl. W-astil.-o. 0C ,..,. 0.,..'"'-"'1 .. ........ The Road to CleDtt Cltits 3 1


o\.sloO(ht lol'l Avcr.uc N W ,. JOO. "''-"il'l$thl1, PA 191&2 o.ou1 o .., ;,., F " P .. :us.977-JM9 Otrlkl J Pi$ui, l)ovc lopmtnt 215 -9'71 .J91') U.S P!()o!UtiO!I Agltlt)' M Stttd, S .W.,. FOSD (64(\Sf), Wu'!linsiJCin. DC 20460 M t rcdld\ MiUtr f'fog rtm A I Oxyt;o:ootk'd Cdoli M U $ &wir o-nmlt'IUl P'rotutlol\ Agbin ................... 3Ql.%JS.40M ltytQnn. SufMrd,. 300-384-6426 N o tthocnix. AZ 85028 Emiie< Holde-n ......... ...... ... Solu .-otfSY A .. Oti4Uon Tn NMlh Ca.pilo1 S'lfff1., N .E,. &?IS, W.Shi"'SIOI'I. OC 2000HU6 , . . U.S. D t putrn""t of Enertr tOOl) l l'l(!!fptf\d, n ce S W DC ,., .. RkNr d King C&rS 20'2586-169.3 Alai>;\Ma .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 20S 2t:H292 A l aillb ... !1071 Arilo n a ...... ..... 60!hl80-14:30 Arll&n,.,,, 501-682$70 Califlltl'li.a ............. ......... 916-6S+-5000 <;otot.ado J2&00 .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 311ln?40 IO'i<> a .. , . .... $1S l81 85t 8 KiiNM 913-271 3 17(1 ...................... 502:56+-11112 l,.oui$1lll'lll ................... 50-1'1 1133 M s int . , . ..... 107 2396&00 Muybnd .............. ........ -'10.9143755 Mli$AC '"""'tU , , , , , . . ,117274132 Mkhisan ....................... St1t 6270 ...................... 612-2116-5175 M i i uippi .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 60t .3S9-6600 ....................... 314 1 5HOOO IJoniO\n.J .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 402,..71'2861 Nc:v11d.a , Ntw Hamp$1oitf" . . 6().1.21tn Nc:w .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. Ntw . 506 821 59) Nc:w York . . . . . . N orth . . 919-1130 North. D a kob ................... Ohio . ...... . . . . , .. . ... . O rfS(If\ ..... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 500-318-4040 PcntUo)' lworu. , , 1\iello RIM .................. .' 4 Rhode .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. . 4()t 111.J310 South C.uoli ro. 1100-3364 So111h Otkl)ta . . 60S'1'1J.3603 6157 4 1 -2994 ... S12-t63-1931 Ul;)h ....... .......... ., ...... \ crm11111 . . . . . V'nsin b l&nd$ . . s&M71 2616 V i rt;lnla . ... , WMh.itlgllOn . . . . . 206-9S6-2000 V'wgir.ia , , 3(1.1.1:$9. 0SXI YI'IW)()NIIt\ , , 6(6.266-8234 \\'yo.nlns ..... . xo.m-72!4 NtiOofl.ll o1 SUbt ti"'""Y Otr.cialt Ui1S M N W.., Suit\> 810, Washill6 1 M 0C 20036 &Jshop, Exuth't Dil'l'dor ... The Road w Clean C i ti e s 32


U S 0PAII.T MF.NJ OF ACRICUI.l'\!8g Alltm.aiY..t "JriOill 201 -14th 5trft<. s.w .. oc llnSO f.l owa1d l\o$en .. .. . 2:02.2C&J$66 Ortlce 141h Str"l & A'\'C'ft\lt', S.W. WH"'""'on. 0C 202SO f r ank ... 202rosrm 20M86-188S Ewln8)' Act l'alll i rte lAb riC', Tt'dulo l ogy TR"'f ftt 20Z$6-17'38 Ft..-.k. Malll;n:ve-, M.l.ruger 2IR$&t,.IW'17 David fltdtr. l ' F11eriD' Policy Oftiu . . . Pub lic Afhifs ...... ..... ..... John Sullivan. EPACT Sutus 2CQ-S&6S390 MeAtdit-, Af l't)tiey , , 1CilSS&-4"'S Ma.ndarcs . . Fuel O.aa .tc. At11l)'fif John Ruuell, 0it"''pm MliNs<'f 20:1-586-l?ll Mid'IMI Cu-rt"' i m.,l'tos: r.m m.sso-6104 Rklurd Wuef. &..S-Prosttm Rhond a f'l' r kins, St< r elary . 20l-556-80Sl of Ahtnutil'C' f'ltl jd'ln R.1.1U. D /1'((11(11 . . 202-$$6.'.1118 Crtt Young. Spedal AMi:Jhnt , 202SU.9006 Hud$(ln,. $-rtta.')' . . . 202-586-9118 Tyson,. Ctro: ... 202 SU816 1 Office olTr.npo114 tiOI'I Ttdno!>opu AM 20:1-586o8014 U S DPAit"ndtNT OF ENfii\CY BCtoNAL SUPfQaT omru btlonal S10pport Offkf ?30 Sb'ifet,. N E ,. S'lli at 816, At lan.ta., CA """' J!in Powell. A0ft Suppowt Oflill, Ml\ 02114 Hush.Sa""Y DirIJOt . ....... 6 11-5(.$.\1?00 0\kqo a.tsJOfttl Svppon Office 9600 So!Mh C.ns A\'(1'1\ltf', Af'80N\t. IL 6009 O!atles fl.idtt A22:10 D llM bsfot\al Support OHict 100 W Ml)('ldf"3bifd br.e, Sullie 400, D.tllu,. TX ,.,., Curtis 1:. Cllllsoll Jr .. O irOt-380, Goldtn. CO eo.!Ol A I Hymer , , , , , 3().}.2JI.$1SO KariM City Rtponal S11ppon Office 911 W altn.l1 Street 1 4 th P i cot, KINot City M0 64\06 RnNSd 8mwn, I.Xf'I M .. .. . 816-424-SS N-York Support omcc 26 F

RtgiOf'IAI SIIPPOr1 Otfkt 625 Muion N .E,. OR 9i'3JO John 1\c(l"& 5(k)..31'$.(; t:.\ l r.a.cifk Rt$10f'll S11pport 01fict r o b SOll.S, H I 96850 , .. , 8Ji5.541:S6 1 rhilacklphi.l Svpport Office 11180 JFK lklukc,. ,c.l. Suitt-.SOl, Philide l I' A 19103 Mt(;cy....m, Oittor ... 21S656-6950 San F tll'l,(i4CO Rca,iotul SuppOft Officr 1301 Ct.:oy Su.ilt 1061,:N, CA 'N6l2 OlrIW , , , , , , , ... 510W\I(I(J Suttfr Rtpo,.,. l Su.ppll'fl 600 Fifth Avenue. Suile l'JSO, WA 98104 Kathy M \'t&ll, Oit ttUI b1\('o'lblt I!MIJY l..abor.I O')' U i l7 Ca l t Boult-\ a r d. GOOiel\o CO 30i01 N ..,ll'oW-r 300-231-1000 Nat i onal L.a!J.onlloey V01llty Road, 8uildins 4SOO N., O,k RidS'!, TN 378} 1 Main Num.bcT .. .. .. .. . 6lS-$7W$4 Pifit Notthwtil t..booty 920 8at t.t!lt Bnul t voltd,. Richland, WA m5l N\lm\1(-r , , Sl.ndl' Nni011llabontotlu ISI S Eubolnk S.G., A l buque r qvl', N M 87J2 ) N umbe r , 505 845-0011 U.S. OF TRANSPORTATION 400 7(11 S tretl S.W.,. Vlhin&IQI'I, 0C M ilt.e Sa'

Ctul Uku 114M*' lifM'tJY Pro&um Coul'cil of C r NILUC'S 35 E. Suitw:o 1850, Clllu.t,c>. I t 60rol Ftcd K....ul Oir+ciOJ 312-407 NMio1ul Rm-hft berg Uhor.u.ry 1111? Col e BouJtvard, Coldet\. 00 MMIn9'l . )()3..215449 1 Noni Str"wn, ................. JOJ..215-017 N'li.OM.I Wntu Aoci,t ion 1 ? 30 Rhodt l'bnd N.W. Suile JOOI'), Wathil'lglon, DC 20036 Uudquttm .. . .. 2(12..6$9..4613 North A3riC:\l lhlrtl $uee r .o. BOA 7625, R.alrisl\. "'C 2?695 PM 8io 919-.51$.6142 NortM.,.I 8iom n t f11 C'ONEC ro!icy Cen(c r 400 N CapitOl Strttt. N.W SuU o 382, 0C lOlO t R ic:k Handley, I"IQJP'.ll:l'l Nort'h.wftt Rq1 otul Bi o.,,,. 'SMIJY !ION'ItYUi t J>cN.ecr Admlnlv.rallon, 90,S N,E Hth A'ffl'IIM-, I'QtiW'Id,. OR 9723l r., rol( .................... . $o11tbc-.. lttg:IOtul EMf$Y' Ptosnm vauey A uthor i ty, 435 Chei'/'IJtA1 IMktins. MU$Cit AL 3SfM &d$f'l'. 20S386-306dopmt'fl l Au.thorily Two NY >2:22.1 Svblcdprion fREE Ciultion , . ... 518-6251 {lillt 209) AHIH1Utiv EtlcriJ' NttwOofk ()..,, ... ... .... .... 700-8386(. &iodintl AkrllmOflll'll y Atr>MC11\ 8iofuds MS!Idation 192! N. l..y M Strft't,. So.lile 1050, Arlingl

C lut1 Vehicl e Wk )1{19 .St' $ u ll t 615, htli.n. N ) 08830 Sutt.n-iplion Rat(' : $-t&'yr .................... Ked+-8100 f11-f'l Cell 1\'-w' Ameriea.n Furi Cril kscxi111W11, P.O 6St8l. Wa.Jhlnt; lon, 0.(;. 2003-S-S .. !Il R rte fru t o C i r cul11tio n .................... fu-d Rfformulat iOfl C blmontMy lll&ultocl Hlrt P .. !no: 78 U M(wltf(IUI P O. Box smo. l'oti!Dlllr, M D 1089 7 Su.W.rfipiOOtlltttc $1491'11 Cl r culllrillfl .. .. ............... :301 340.2 100 C._,b._l W a rming Nctwwk Orllin t To-IIY (dilly fnJ \'- lrQnMtflblll\ fOrti"WftiOn Ntfw(llb, Inc., 1\9 S. Stnoet Alo:x11ndtW, VA 223tt Su.bcriplion lllk! $'1Siyr (it1S61 I .N <; Elo:P"" t blmo n.tbl y flcwtlttt) Zeus Otvdt)9f'Mt'll Corpor t kln. JS27 Stn:d, Hous-tof\, TX i'700S-3639 R ak': $12$1y{ Bob NimnC'b .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ?1.36641621 M o bi k 1\tiWMkly MWflc:ttu t lr4IM Wafhl ngton Publ bhfl'-P.O. b 116i' 8\'1'1 t'"'"'lolin SutiOI"'. DC 2om Svlutriptiofl RJW. $USiyr ........ .... ... 703416-6500 T\;>II Frl't' . . . . NuunJ Cu (mol\ltlly m.llgu.jM) RP P ul>!i;hin&> t'!O C r11nt S tNtt. SuluA 20L Detwtl, CO R a t e: Ft Ci r all11tion ............. ..... JO.l863CRS21 Ndvul (;-. Vd1fdt (biii!IOflitl l y II.(Wtklltd A mt'ric11n Gu AS.SOCi11tiOI\. 1515 Wit101\ Arlin&IOI\. VA 2.r.X Subript iOI\ Ltc: $19'V)' f for tiOn lfltllll b.-tt C i rwlsti" (wnkly lt1Sidle WtslliTI.1. 0C 200M Rlt UlO/yr . . . 800-4249063 . ....... NCV N_.. (lfiOtltMy n-.l(tt(r) f'.I$1>Jo 1'\1\lri( r$0"'-1616 N. Ill. Mytt Olive, Su;t r J())). Atling.OI\. VA. WW S'll>Kripti--IQ.(( : $N11yt .... , . .. , + .. .. " .. """ N PCA R,port Cn J\QOdation (U..), 1 600 Unt, U$ 1t. I L Jltt: to tntiJIHft C'in,v l etivn ............. Wftlt ntW$k1kt) tutt rubt ioe:atM:w lnt .. 11\tt MQMww Rt\ld P .O. 8u x $9?N. (1(\)m.c, MO 1\Wn' $ubtctiptiOil Rottt : $99S/yt ToUFtff . . .. .. 800-897$ <:orrul tion ...... .. .. .. .. ...... 0()'-futl NwJ (wukly MWt,ltltu) Hart PuWif.lrll)f\l', I M .. ?1111 Mofl.ltOM bd,. P .O. (Jo)( 59720. MD 2? S"N cripli on lhtc: $m.'yr 1'oli Fttoe 6(l0.897 t :V8 C ir cultiOf'l .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. :'101 340 2100 The Road to Cle an Cities 3 6


$\ltlt t n.Ult REAP 1 2 S Cltfl aiW HouU' S tc. AN!e de etlk>- I.M', Queb CANAI)A H9X ICO Su.bKripdon Rtc $ 19fyr C imltrilll"' ... ... . 51+-3118 Twcnly-Fil"fl Ctflti.U)' Futb llul . 7811 Mofl.!r bd. P.O. 81:. 59720. MD 208 9? Subecription Rate $)9'7 /yr . . '. 800-897 Ci r t'lllo)tiM .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. Wult Agt M&UJM N- l iOt'l& l Solid W..stri Mai&tiOI\. 11)1) Rhode lsllnd N.W,.. 1000,. W.111hi"SIOtl, D.C. 20036 Su.bempHon RW: to Q\ullfltd ()th or'Wiw $$5/yr C i rculation ..... .... .......... 80).129.Snl Alknuti'Yl Fu-rit C::ll\ltr IAFOO Alternative Fuels Holti l'lt r .O. b 1231 6, Adil\gloo. V A 22209 Usct Suppon St.vieffo 1tnS2.83SOO . Q.4ZJ-1 36) Crop 1JtiUutiOfl 0.-tabll:lt ICVRD) F'ood & fcot.Jk. TN 37831 Connie S Ell.klt l Support & Se-rvlc6 6 1 5 $76-1221 N""u.roll Cu V cb:ltlt S1f.ty Sue {NCV.$08) &itntt' Appli'1tiOI'G JnterMtiQI'III COif {SAJCJ. 1110 'r-2 1 2, Mclt1n, VA 22101 t>avid M F'fitclman . .... ?tk) .Jl\ 4SS9 PSI G lobtl Oi1lup Service S)'stffftS I 11:100 V "ll11y Oti\10, S ullt UOO, JttsiiM, VA '"" S....PPil'' & ........ 103620.u51 Amtriun Gu Oi.tuiiOry of NGV Stlion. hod11ct. "'" Strvin Amr:ric:.n ISIS Wlbon 8oulcv:.rd Arting10fl., VA U20') Order . . . . . . 100.SU-84'93 O irt7tl NGV Rt.ooamr C11id Cu Fuels, l410 Gr;,nt Sttttt, Suitt A. co dfllJn$4 Order J'tocco$'ii'IS , , , , , NCVC OlrtttOI)' Nal url Cn Vdlidt Col.l itiun, ISIS W ilson 8oult\ltrd.. A.-t intlon, VA 22m Otdtr . .... . . . i'm-527 3022 The Road to Clean Cities 37


APPENDIX B Funding Opportunities The Road ttJ CJetVI Cities 38


APJ.>ENDIX 8 FUNDING OI'PORTUNmES Funding is 3 ctntral IMUt In the Clean program. Oflce a city determines its Clt:uroes. and guides the award of Federal funds and grant S .1S availa b le-toward Clean Cities The attached list ( "funding Re:sourtcs/Finane:iallnc::c:nthu for Allc:m!:th-e F\Jel VthiCIC$ and lnftMlt ucture" ) provides, state, and privl'ue funding sourtt s for AFVs and infta.$ltUelute. How can communltiu cet information on fundfn(! l'hc Clt(m Cities Hotlin e ( 1 800CCIT1ES) is. i.IVotilablc to 3.nS"o'CI questions on vAriOus fundi ng op

Fundin& Resources/Financial Incentives Alte,matln fud Vdlic:les and ln(rQtrucCure Thsough Federal reg"Jations, primarily the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990. die Energy Polity ACt of 1992, and lhe lntermodal Surface Transportation Efficient}' Act of 1991. funding and financia l incentives awa.i)able to help reduce the costs of alternative fuel ''ehicles (AFV) und inflas.tructu.rc. Many Mates and some private organizaHons also ptovide or haw: tO flliliilit wilh fu.tKiiu8, For lk.ldilional in(wmiuiOt fundi ng opponun i tfes, contOKt the Clean Cities llotline al 1-CCmES o r to t he Citit.t Fwu:Jing Resource (available mid-1995). Tbe lis-t below summ:Mizes some of the available $0\'tmmc.nt rtsources. FEDERAL SOURCES U.S. Department of Acricultore WSDAl. 14lh & lndependcnoe Avenues SW, Wa$hington, DC 20250 General phone number: 202-1208132. Altematln AgritullUN Researc:fl & Commerdallutioa (AARC) 1ltis board functions to facilitate and aocetcnue de,-elopmcnt and eommecciaHzation of indusuial (non-food, non-fcc:d) products manufactured (rom farm and forestry matcriats. Contact Paul O Connell, Acting Director or Joe Roetheli, Assistant Director AARC. USDA. 141h and Independence A\oenucs. SW, Cotton Annex. 2nd AoOf Mez.2anine, Washingux1, DC 20250, 202-401-4860. PatenLS. To apply for a patent li<:ense. contact M. Ann Whitehead, Coord inator, Patent Prosra.rn. Office of Coopetative Interactions (OCJ) Agriculture Research Service (ARS). USDA. Room 403, Building 005, Bellsville, MD 20705, lOl-504-6786, (also see U.S. Pateot & Trademark Office) Small Business lnnovatlon Resrartb (SBIR). Oratu program for small doing inoovativc science rc. scarch. relating to agriculluce. Contact: Dr. Charles Clel,nd, SBIR, USDA, AG Box :n43 Washington, DC, 20250-2243, 202-401. Technologt Transfer Acreemenu with tbc Agriwhurul ResCMCh Serv ice (ARS). C<>ntacl: Or. Ruxton ViUet, National Tccbno f ogy Transfer Coordinal()t ARS. USDA. ARS, Offioe of Cooperative (0Cl), Room 417, Building 005, BARC West, 10300 Baltimore Avenue, Beltsville, MD 2070S, U.S.l>tpadmtnlo( Enem (OQF:l 1000 Independence Avenue. SW, WashingtOf'l, DC, 20585. General phone number: 202-5865000 Alternative Motor Fut-ls Act of 1988 (AMFA). desi.goed t o cncCIUrage the developmenl and use of alternaLhe fuels, as well as the p roduction of AFVs. DOE manages S(veral projects as required by AMFA. This Act has been The Road t o Clean Cities 40


replaced and ell.teneccmber 31.2004. T .. x dcducdons for qualified'lfoeJ \'thlcle refutling proper1ies shall I'IOl exceed $ 100.000 per pc-operty placed in by the owner in t b c year or precedi ng t.axabJe )'Cllt$. This deduction is available Dece!'l'lbet 20, 1993 and December 31, 2004. ContaclS: U .S. lntema:l Revenue Service 1111 Const i tution A\'enoe NW. Washington, DC 202.'14, JohnsOf'l. Altt:mative Fuels Tax Provi s i ons, 202, Fran k A l cohol Fuel Tax Informat i on 202-622-3130, and Toll-free Order Deslt, Publication *553 (Ahemtthe Fuel Vehi<:Je Tax Deductio n B.mlet). 800}676 DOE Low Loan ProstmlUnder Section 414 of EPAct DOE shall establish a low lntt:te$( loon progtam (with a smal l pc-efcrenoe) for ncet operator& to Road to C lean Cities 41


CO\'er theincremental costs of puu:hasing AFV$ or for OOD\'trting .,chi cles to alternative fuels. Contact National Allemativc Fuel.s or Clean Cllles Hotlines for program sta.nts.. DOE State and Local Incentives Program. Seclioo 409 of EPAct aulborizcs DOE to establish g uidelines for implementing a state alternative fuels and AFV incent ive. program and provides $10 million per year for state and local AFV pcograms. Call the National Ahemative F\lels ot Clc-tm Hotlinc.t for pr08-fli.m $ta.tus DO Regional Entrgy Program (RDEP) Program focus is on tbe transfe r of current and reliable economic and technical iofosma tion to potential b iofuel energy users. Emp h as i s is placed on informat io n and technologies bes-t suited for neartenn Eac. h rcg.ioo pe:riodicaJi y competitive solicitations for biofuels and munkipal waste projects pertinent to the region. Announcements of pe:Bding solicitations receive wide distribution. To be on the mailing l ist, forwovd your name and program interest to the appropriate regional program management office: DOE Headquaners/RJ)EP, Offtte of National Pl"O&fam.s. 1000 lndtpendtncc Avenue, SW, Washington, DC 20585,200...586-9104 Notthc.,st RBI.':.P (CI'. DE. MC. MD. MA,NH, NJ, NY, PA, Rl. Vl'), CONEG Poljc y Center. 400 North Capitol Street, NW, Waslintt:IOn, DC ZOO()), 102-624S4 Oak Ridge Operations Oflioe 200 Admini$tration R.001d. P.O. Box 2008. Oak Ridge, TN l7831 615 Westem Area Power Administra ti on, 1627 Cole Blvd. Bldg. 18. Box 3402, Golden, CO 80401, 3032311615 Great Lakes RBE.P (U., (N, lA. Ml, MN. OH. WI}, Cour.cil o f Great Lakes Governors., 35 East Wacker Drive. Ste. 1850. Oica.go.IL 60601, Nortbwest RBEP (AK. ID. MT. OR. WA), Booneville Power Ad nlni.wation 905 NE lllh Avenue, Portland, OR 97232, 503-3449 Southeast RBEP (AL, AR, FL. GA. KY, LA. MS. MO. NC. SC, TN VA, WV), Tennessee Authority, 43$ Ottmkal Engioccring Bui l ding, Muscle Shoos, AL 35660, 105 Small Buslneu Jnnovation Research (SBJR) Provides grants to small busines$CS fo r innovative science Cunwct: SBJR. Office of Energy Research, U.S. DOE. 1000 lndcpc:nd

Informaci on include s Nat i onal Inscituce. o f S t anduds and Tedmology (NlS1) lnvencionll 3nd Innov at i on Program. George Cooperrider, U n solicited Proposal Coordinstion, Office of Procuremenc and Assistaf)Ce, U.S. DOE, 1 000 lndependet\ICC A\'-tnue, SW, MCHR 522 2, Washingcon. DC, 20595 202 DOEfVrban Consordum Fuhds DOE hliS provided The Utb3n COn$0rtium Energy Task Force wich Sl million for 1995 co fond applied research projec1s for urban ma nftgemenl. Awards 11re gener.tlly and c i ties 1ha1 apply must be over 250,000 i n population. Request for Proposals (RFPs ) "''e lo all el i g i b l e citk& a oop y of the (mal RFP call Jack Werner at The Urban Consorti u m (202) 6262400 ot Linda Davis at the City of Chicago (312) 744 -3637. For i nformacion on types of projects, call Ms. Len Riley iU the City of Phoenix (612) S34-0SJ7. Responses 1 0 the RfP are due in late Spring of each calendar year Federod Highway Administration (F HA) 3nd Federal Stteet, SW, Washington, DC 20590. (202) 366 4000 AlternaUve Fuel$ J n fdatlve Granl Program.. Ptovides: 3$S:is tance 1 0 local lr

The CAAA <:redil$ are ba.-.:cd on a fonnuJa lt 1 3 1 compa res CfV em.ission.1 witJ1 convent ional vehicles. The credit trading prog.ram is not yet in place. but each state is required c o submit a plan to EPA b y Spring l99 4. Contact: Tad Wysor, U.S. EPA. CleanFue l Vehi cle Fleet Program, 313-6684332 U.S. GO''tmnwnl Printing O(fwe naJ Altetnatiw: Fucl.o; or Clean Cili e.s Hotlincs. NMpraJ Gu Vehicle Prepared b> the American AssociiUion, t h i s outlines fedel'al and st:ue natural gas pt"ograms, incenti\'CS.. aod Jaws and regulat i ons. Available from the Nat ional Altem.ath-e Fuels or Clum Hotlines. Ptlroleum VkJiatJon Account (P\'.A) tounds. Commonly referred co as o il overcharge funds, th<: PVEA created from fine$ oollee:ted I>Y the Federal government f rom oil companies that O\'er-chargod consumers d1uing the oil crises of the J970s. The money is distributed to t he sta tes for use i n energy c onservation and altematiw: f lltl prosrams. Thes.c. funds ate not tax pay doliiUS Md are genera lly U$ed for demonsuatioc:' projects (to be continued with annllil funding sources, luch as CMAQ funds}, as funds from the PVEA account do n<>t l'tcthe yeaHo-) 'tar funding incre.ue.s. To find ou about availability of PVEA funds {type of projects funded and amount), contact your State Energy Otnce State Energy Grant ProJects Slate enetgy grant projec t s in cluding demOMUtUion of altemathe fuel use i n vehicles can be obtaioed from your Stat e Encrsy Office For at1 o'erview, see "America's Be. Outstanding State Energy Grant Projects available from The Road ro Clean Cities 44


NaLiooaJ Service ( NTIS), U.S Departmca1 of Commc:rc:e. SlSS Pon R Oyal Road Spriogf.eld, VA 22161. PRIVATE RESOURall Concxt rhe: Clean Cidu flolline II l..aQO.ccmES for updakd inronmriol'l. Thr Road to Cldts 4S


APPENDIX C Clean Cities S uccess Stories The Rood t o CltOII Cltit# 46


APPF.NDIX C Cltan Cittes S u cttsS Slor its In order to btner gauge the perfonnance of the CJton Citkt program, the. Clean Cllies Succt.s.s Stories repor1 has been created to collect the informati on Md foedbaek neceswy to lnl<:k. tbe program s success. $ S r ories prov ides all Clean C i t ies w ith the opportunity to promote their accomplisbments, n eartenn goaJs and s o lution s to any obstacles t h ey fact 8)' keeping t rac k of c i ties success we can all: Bh c ity goa l s and object ives Track program de\'elopment Evaluate the dfecchen-css of C l ean C it y s trat egies Pub licize C l ean City accomplishments. Succ'ss S t ories is to be submitted b y all Citi es t w ioe a year ( December 31 and Jul\e 30) and will be used to track CleAn Cities accomp l i shments, provide clties wilh i dea s on how other Clean Ci ties are succccd jng, and monit o r alt ernative fuel \'dtic le use. Inronnalion obtain e d from will also be. use d i n tbe annua l Citi e s Annual R epon an d various Stories will be featured in the-Cleun. newsle.uer, The Drive. A samp l e Suce-ess Stories ((Inn i s provided on lhe following pages. Whjl e Storie. t is requeSted (ll'lly twice per year chics-may s ubmit thc:ir success upda tes as they occur to the i r regional DOS office or 1 0 the C l ean Cltie.s Hotl i ne nt I si)()..CCITJES. The Road to Clean Citi e s 4 7


U.S. Department of Energy Clean Cities Success Stories In onlc t o bcUef the pafomunu olll:c Cldlltt Ci1Jn aid 1 0 aulu otllc1 Cff'llfl Cll'iu by PJOYidi111 of &uu thiJ b 10 be ,,.'k:t by lilt Cieo',J C.oca!dim.:or. Pleut this rq ;u.j rttu ra it v.ieb:in 30 d'.)y5 f.rom tiK llslf4 bdow a>cct'*l 3 1 111M 30J 10: U.S Dtpanmcu nf !..):), ltt!Cfll iOIII ldl Hatdy 1000 A<>w.e, SW. DC lOSSS.nS. invc.stment ;md t;Qntpkl iOn Of rcfueliDg SINCiun::! incrtMtd tiC.): 2) lndi rcc. progtam socccsSC$ {i.e . le gis ltuive .c: lion.s th.ll mll}' aid the AFV m.Wtel, bud.teling. coa l itiOtl building. publte perception, pa.nicipatioo i n ocher CJe1111 Airtype prognm$, 4 ) roor city has encountuocl and bow 1he wue overeome: 6 ) O t h c,. Comrnenu: Date : 48


j I ; 1; -... .a al al u D ! J8 s - h "' "' .J i z I I J ,!! l I I J J I 49


TIES QUICK REFERENCE :>f Energy Headguarters ties Program .......... .... 202-586-1624 ties Toll-Free Hotline ..... 800-CCITIES ? f Energy Regional Support Offices . . . . . . ... .......... 404 -3477143 ....................... 617 565 9734 ......................... 708252 4 ........... .............. 214 767 7182 ................ 303-231-5750 ext. 141 ......................... 816-426-4770 ....................... 212 264..0012 ....................... .. 215-656 4 ........................ 510 637-1945 ......................... 206 553-2155 >pondix A for oomptete directory Information) of Energy Elf.,iency and Ae<1ewable Energy Office of Transportation Technologies


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