Annual report through December 31, 1997

Annual report through December 31, 1997

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Annual report through December 31, 1997
University of South Florida. Center for Urban Transportation Research
National Urban Transit Institute (U.S.)
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Tampa, Fla
Center for Urban Transportation Research (CUTR)
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Annual report (National Urban Transit Institute (U.S.)
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University of South Florida. Center for Urban Transportation Research.
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Annual report through December 31, 1997
Tampa, Fla
b Center for Urban Transportation Research (CUTR)
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Annual report (National Urban Transit Institute (U.S.)
National Urban Transit Institute (U.S.).
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-'.. National .,0 ... Urban .J.Oo .... Transit .,,. ,,. Institute Febru a ry 6, 1998 It IMCENTERFORURBANTRANSPORT AT t ON R ESEARCH College of Engineering, University of South Florida E Fowle-r A\leased t o submit one bound copy of the attached NUT/ -Annual Report for 1997. This report details progress on the status of research projects and reports progress on NUn goals. lll.ORl.OAINTlAltA 'nONAL UHIVIIIII'TV L O.,ld "'0. PIE CMI Jtld lfnQillllH111'19 u'*"'""tt1 m VH-1 .. R. l.lttt (305J .. (*) S4WI01: F1..0fiXhi.STAtt U I'UVU;I(n' --'*:lor o1 R .. urdl .,... ._.., Aolkllln t!ltvl t fOf lril..altt:olliflg A:mno lt o Coeer of 8ulntu Tall&u.s ... "UOWCl' (90(.] 644-UO , (t04) 144.UU The report is broken into four sections : NUTI Overview, Research Project status, Activities Status, and Fi n ancia l Status. Research Project Status p ages are included only for those projects that are still und erwa y. All NUTI technology transfer activiti es continue to be reported on in the Activities Status sec tio n. The NUT I Overview section provid es a s ummary overview of the accomplishments in 1997. We have outlined a number of the accomplishme nts as well as some areas that will receive addit i ona l attention going forward. We have a busy year pla nne d and look forward to a number of new acti vities in the coming year. If you have any quest i ons about this report, p lease give u s a call Sincerely, Steven E Polzin, Ph.D., P.E. Deputy Director, In stitutes Enclosure cc: Con sort ium members \


NNUAL REPORT THROUGH DECEMBER 31, 1997 ,; THE NATIONAL URBAN TRANSIT INSTITUTE February 1998 c.nt1W tot Urban TranspoftdOI'I ResHRh Coli. of Jl,_.j"'ll SOuth fllorWe. 4202 E. Fowl ... A'HJIIH, CUT 100 ,.,.., Fl. 33620437$ Phont: f1:$-t744UO


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TABLE OF CONTENTS SEC TION PAGE NUTI OVERVIEW . . . .. . .. .. . .. . .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. . . . 1 I n troductio n . .. . . .. .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . . . .. .. .. .. .. .. .. . . .. . .. .. . . .. 3 Time l i n e of NUTI Admi nistrative A ctivities . .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. . . .. . .. . . .. 4 Acoomplishme nt s i n Yea r Fou r . . .... . . ..... . ...... ... .... . . . . . . . . ... 4 Research Relevance a n d Quality .. .. . .. . .. .. .. . . .. .. .. .. .. .. .. . .. .. . . 5 T echnology Tran sfe r . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 Edu cation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 Human Resources . . .. .. .. . .. .. .. . .. .. .. . .. .. . . .. . . .. .. .. .. . . . 7 Additional Highlights of 1997 . .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. . . 7 Areas of Focus i n 1 998 .. . .. .. .. . .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. . .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 8 R e sea r ch Status and Moni t oring .. .. .. .. .. .. . .. . .. .. .. . .. . . .. .. .. . . .. . . . 8 T echnology Transfer . ... ....... . . ...... . . . . . . . .... ..... . . 8 Long-Term NU TI E nh ancements ............. ............. .... .... .......... . ... .. 9 RESEARCH PROJECT STATUS .. .. . .. . .. . . .. . .. . .. .. .. .. . . .. . .. . . . 1 1 Overview . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 3 NUTI Researc h Project Status Tabl e . . .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. . . .. .. . .. . 1 4 Year3 NUTI3FAMU-1 NUT13-FAMU 2 NUTI3 FAMU 3 NUT13-FSU NUTI:J..F SU-4 Year4 NU T I4F AMU-1 NUTI4-FAMU-2 NUT14-FAM U3 NUT14-FAMU-4 NUT14FIU1 NUTI4 FIU 2 The C h urch: An Alternative U r ban Transportation Amenity . . . . . 15 Eva l uation of Mass Transit on E n v i ronmental Equ ity and Justice . . . 1 6 A n Assessme n t of the Relati onship Between th e T e l ecommu t ing Population and P u blic Transportation Managers . . . . . . . . . 17 Stormwate r Ma n agement Manual for Public Transit Maintena nce Fa ci lities .. . .. . .. .. . .. . .. . .. . . .. .. . . .. . . .. . . 18 Niche Marketing : Opportun i t ies for I ncreas i ng Short a n d L ong-term Transit Ridership . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19 Geographic Information Systems as a Tool for Exam i n i ng Environme n tal Equity I ssues in Publ i c Transportation .. . . . . .. . . .. . . .. . 20 Safe ty Concerns In and Around A System and Their I mpact on Ridership . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21 A Pol i cy-Based Transit Risk Management Strategy . . . . . . . 22 Minority Use of Special Needs Transportation Systems . . . . . 23 African-America n Mobility Symposi u m (AAMS IV) . . . . . . . . . 24 AI Grade Busway Study .. . .. .. . .. . .. . . .. . .. . . .. 25 Ana l ysis of Strateg ies and Programs of the U.S. Transit Agen cies to E nhance Tra nsit Security . .. . .. .. . .. . .. . . .. . . .. . . 26 ill


SECTION Year 4 (Con'd) NUT14-FIU-3 NUTI4-FSU-1 NUT14-FSU-3 NUT14-FSU4 NUTI4-USF-2 NUTI4-USF-3 NUTI4-USF-4 NUT14-USF-S NUTI4-USF-6 NUTI4-USF-7 YearS NUTI!;-FAMU-1 NUTI!;-FAMU-2 NUTI!;-FAMU-3 NUTI!;-FIU-1 NUTI!;-FSU-1 NUTI!;-FSU-2 NUTI!;-USF-1 NUTIS-USF-2 NUT I!;-US F-3 NUTI!;-USF-4 NUTIS-USF-5 NUTI!;-USF-6 NUTI>USF-7 PAGE Data Requirements and Data Sources for GIS Applications . . 27 FIMAT-NewTechnology for Interact ive Transit User Information Systems 28 Customer Service : Enhancing Consumer Awareness and Perceptions of Public Transit Services Providers .. . . .. . .. . .. . .. . . . 29 Energy and Environmental Performance of Existing and Emerging Public Transportation Technologies .. . . . . .. . .. .. .. . . . 30 Journal of Public Trimsportation .. . .. . .. .. . . .. .. .. . . . 31 African-American Mobility Symposium IV (AAMS IV) . . . . . . . . 32 NPTS Travel Data Analysis . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 33 Opportunijies for the Coordination of General Public Transit and School Bus Transportation .. . .. . .. . .. . .. .. .. . .. . .. . .. . 34 Perspectives on the Future of Public Transportation . . . . . . . . 35 ADA Service Criteria: Best Practices for Complying with Paratransa System Requirements . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36 Minority Mobility Symposium IV . . . . . . . . . . . 37 Public Transit and Welfare-to-Work: Exploratory Research and Assessment of a Clearinghouse for the Dissemination of WelfareTo-Work lnfonnation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 37 Linking Transportation Modeling Software With Geographic Informa tion Systems A Sy nthesis ofThe State of The Practice . . . . . . . . 37 At Grade Busway P l anning Guide . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . . . . 38 Continuation of the Promotional Materials Clearinghouse . . . . . . 39 Training Guide and Educational Training Workshops on Economic Impact Assessment Methods for Public Transit . . . . . . . . . 40 NUTI Year Five Program Administration ...... . . .... . ....... 41 Case Studies of Creative Transit Agencies . . . . . . . . . . 42' Forum for Assessing the Implica tions of ISTEA Reauthorization on Public . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 43 Guidebook tor Transit Economic Impact Studies . . . . . . . . 44 Second National Conference on GIS in Transa . . . . . . . . . . 45 Public and Welfare-to-Worl<: Exploratory Research . . . . . 46 Minority Mobility Symposium .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . . . .. 47 iv


TABLE OF CONTENTS SECTION PAGE ANNUAL PLAN ACTIVITIES STATUS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 49 Introduction ... ...... ................. . .... ........... ....... 51 Goal I : Research Program .... ..... . ....... . .. ...... .... .. . ..... 51 Goal II: Research Program Performance . . . . . . . . . . . . 54 Goal Ill: Technology Transfer ............. ..................................... 63 Goal IV: Education . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 81 Goal V: Human Resources .. . .. . .. . .. .. . .. . .. . .. .. .. .. . .. .. .. .. 81 FINANCIAL STATUS ................... ...... ............... ....................... 91 Annuallnstib.Jte Financial Report Yea r Three Summary . . . . . . . . . . . . 93 Annuallnstib.Jte Financial Report, Year Four Summary . . . . . . . . . . . . 94 Annual Institute F i nanc ia l Report, Year Five Summary ......... ............... . 95 Estimated Spending by Task, Year Three Projects . . . . . . . . . . . . 96 Estimated Spending by Task, Year Four Projects . . . . . . .. . . .. . . . 97 Estimated Spending by Task, Year Five Projects . . .. . . . . . . . . 98 v


NUTI OVERVIEW The Nationa l Urban Trans i t lnstiMe-


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NUTI OVERVIEW Introduction This report is lhe Foorth Annual Report for the National Urban Transit Institute and reports on accomplishments i n 1997. It reports on the activities carried out by the consort ium of Florida A & M University, Florida International University, and F lorida State University u nder the leadership of the University of South Florida The consortium housed at the Center for Urban Transportation Research (CUTR) at the University of South Rorida was designated as the National Urban lnsmute by the lntennodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act of 1991 and is administer ed by the Research and Specia l Programs Administration (RSPA) wMin USDOT. This report consists of three sections that comprise the regular reports for NUTI: Research Project Status, Activities Status, and Financ ial Status, supplemented by this NUTI Overview section that is intended to provide a summary look at the program activities in the past year. The NUTI research program began on June 27, 1993, with the receipt of the first fund ing contract from RSPA. The Year Two Annual Report was completed i n January 1995 with subsequent reports in subsequent years. The intention of the timing of the annual reports has been to report at points in the flow of research where major activities for the referenced yeafs work program had been comp l eted The time line in Figure 1 shows some key activities in the history of NUTI. The NUTI work program is fully engaged. In general three years of projects have been completed Reports are being prepared for most year four projects and work is underway on year five projects. Technology transfer continues for some of the earner projects as well as current projects and the educational benefits are continuing as exemplified by t he recent placement of two December 1997 USF graduates who worked on NUTI resear ch projects with transtt properties and the admission of a FAMU graduate and NUTI participant to the Mor gan State University graduate transportation program. Progress cont inues on several fronts. The NUTI consortium is gaining experience i n d isse mination of results using an ever wider array of media to i ncrease the benefits of the research projects. Simultaneously we are tightening the focus of the research projects to topics of critica l interest to the transit profession and to policy makers involved in decisions regardin g public transit i nvestments and policies We continue to have n umerous requests for reports and have confidence that much of the knowledge gained is impacting professionals and decis ion makers i n the arena of public transit and is benefitting the faculty and students that worked on the projects Much of our research is policy focused; thus tts im pact is i nfluencing decisions and decision makers' and practitioners understanding of public transportation While these resuHs are more difficult to document than research that results in specific products or ideas we have confidence that the pos itive response to the research and the growing awareness of it are having a positive infl uence on public t ransportation The National Urban Transit I nstitute 3


Figure 1 Time line of NUTI Administrative Activities 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 Accomplishments in Year Four ISTEA approved estab lishing NUTI CUTR works with USDOT to identify program grant requirements for NUTI i mpleme ntation. CUTR prepares a draft grant request and initial wor1< program prior to rece ipt of NUTI funding. June, RSPA grants Year One funding to NUTI. Subcontracts i n place, research i n it iated Spring 1994 Year Two Wor1< Program developed Year One projects starting to be completed. October Year Two Grant Award and Work Program approved November Year One Annual Report submitted covering Year One activities Year Two research under way; Year One projects completed Spring, Year Three project selection started. September, Year Three grant approved Subcontracts in place, Year Three wor1< initiated Year Two Annual Plan completed Year Three projects being completed Year Four grant recei ved and wori< program ini tiated. Year Five Annual Plan Prepared Year Four projects being completed. Year Five grant received and work program ini tiated. Year Five Annual Plan Prepared NUTI has a set of five goals assigned as part of Ute overall RSPA Centers and Institutes Program The Activities Status section of this Annual R eport i s organized around those five goals and prov ides specific reporting of accomplishments by goal and by project. This ovefView section provides a narrative summary of accomplishments in each of these subject areas. -The National Urban Transit Institute4


NUTI OVERVIEW Research Relevance and Quality The first two goals of t he Institute are intended to ensure that the research carried out i s both relevant to the i ndustry and of high quality. Attaining these goals can be partially measured by the activities and processes that are put i nto place to accomplish this end and partially by the demand for materials and informatio n produced and the Impact that the research is having. CUTR' s processes have been designed to help ensure research quality by building in steps in project selectio n a n d product review that are intended to give the research idea.s and findings broad exposure to the industry the expectation that feedback from this exposure will shape products that are both relevant and of high quality. Th e specific processes that have been put in place are descfibed in the Operational Status section of this report We have had a positive response from the i n dustry in both a willingness to participate in project selection and a willingness to participate in peer review of products. For each sucoessive year of the work plan, the review process for both proposals and wo rk products have been increasingly rigorous. Additional steps have been i nitiated to ensure product quality The project selection committee has bee n expanded and requi rements and documentation of peer review activities i ncreased. Sim ilarly, where an i ndividual research project has quality or schedule problems, future work is being withheld and the leve l of oversight by the Institute Director is increased One of the truest measures of the research qualey lies in the assessments of the work by knowledgeable people in the field. This j udgmen t often takes time and may vary across the range of products and over time. In general, we have been very pleased with the i ndustry response to NUT research. Numerous projects have resuHed in products that have been highly rega rded by practitioners. As discussed i n Technology Transfer below, several of the projects have produced reports and publications that have been reviewed and published in various highly regarded publications. We have had a growing volume of requests for NUTI reports, and the USDOT Technology Sharing office has subsequently published several of the technical reports Specific examples of the qualey and relevance of the work in 1997 include : The lessons learned Report was extensively distributed incl uding national presentations, Web d issemination, media coverage by Passenger Transport, and publ icatio n and dissemination byFTA The African-American Mobiley Symposium IV had the biggest agenda, broadest sponsorship, largest representation on the steering committee and largest attendance in the series of symposiums. Atte ndee satisfaction was very high in post conference surveys. The FTA participated directl y in the NUTI project selection. Numerous student and faculty presentations were made at the 77 TRB Meeting in January 1998, as well as at a host of o the r n ational and regional conferences. Technology Transfer Technology transfer is a cfitical aspect of the activities as it e nsu res that the knowledge gained gets into the hands of persons who can apply that knowledge i n their work and reflect that knowledge in their decision making. Accomplishing this is aided by several factors. The relevance of the research is critical to having an audience for the work. The project se lection process, which includes representatives of the transit industry, has helped assure that the wort< is relevant to the industry. In light of the extreme sensitivity to near term relevance and applicablley of research, we increased the i n dustry representation on the project selection team to ensure research relevance. Other considerations in ensuring technology transfer include taking steps to make sure that the p rese ntation of the findings is communicated i n a manner that is efficient and effective. The peer review The National Urban Transit I n stitute5


NUTI OVERVIEW activities incorporated into project deve lopment and technology report review, are intended to help accomplish that objective. Finally, each researcher must take Initiatives to ensure that the research is published or presented in places where potential users are likely to be exposed to the information. To date NUTI research results have been disseminated by a number of means. ranging from specialty conferences sponsored by the project (such as the GIS and African-American Mobility symposia) to projects designed to carry out training (the Commute Alternatives Training Project, which offered courses in several cities nationwide) to more traditional approaches stJch as authoring papers for journals and conferences. In addition, a number of the reports have been broadly disseminated by the USDOT Technology Sharing Program. The availability of other reports has been noticed in various publications such as CUTR!ines, TRB Newslines, The Urban Transportation Monitor, and Passenger Transport. NUll-sponsored papers have appeared at a multitude of conferences ranging from broad transportation forums such as APTA, ITE and TRB to more specialized conferences focusing on methodologies or narrower aspects of public transportation. Specific examples of new technology transfer activities in 1997 include the following: The technical report, Lessons Learned in Transit EffiCiencies, Revenue Generation, and Cost Reduction, was printed and distributed by FT A The NUTi web site was introduced Dr. Polzin participated in the Blue Ribbon University Lecture series and Beverly Ward is scheduled for a February 1998 lecture. The technical report tilled Timing of Major Transportation Investments was directiy distributed to approximately 30 individuals in the industJy with an expertise and interest in that subject and the report is available on the NUTI Web site. Dr. Wright presented research results to the State Baptist Ministerial Education Commission. Attitudes of Church Officials in Utilizing their Vehicles as a Community Transportation Amenity" FSU faculty, Dr. Tomas Hull, created an online marketing plan template called 'How to Create an Effective Marketing Plan for Public Transit. Education The National Urban Transit Institute s resources are directed to carrying out research in support of research priorities for the public transit industJy. Unlike, for example, the University Centers program none of the resources are spent directly to enhance educational programs or fund student support. However the program is university-based and does involve students as research assistance on most of the projects. In addition, the faculties are afforded the opportunity to pursue research that often ends up in developing information that is incorporated into classroom instructional materials. Several students have done theses or dissertations on topics that have been investigated by NUTI projects. Other faculty have used research carried out as part of their efforts to enhance their academic credentials through evidencing the ability to bring in research and to produce publications. Several students i nvo lved in NUTI-funded projects have completed their degree requirements and gone on to transportation industry employment. Two 1997 USF graduates who worked on NUT! projects accepted posijions with public transit agencies. CUTR's new facility, completed in early 1997, includes classrooms which facilitate NUTI faculty teaching courses i n Public Transportation and Transportation and Land Use. One 1997 FAMU graduate and NUTI participant entered the graduate program for transportation studies at Morgan State university. The National Urt>an Transit Institute-6


NUTI OVERVIEW Four FAMU students involved in NUTI activities reoeived summer internship placements in Washington D.C. and Tallahassee Florida. Human Resources The fifth goal of the Institute program is to provide opportunijies for enhanced diversity and participation i n the transportation industry by including students, faculty, and staff who reflect the growing diversity of the u.s. wor1< force. One of the greetest strengths of NUTI has been Its ability to involve an extremely diverse group of participants. FAMU, being a historic Black University, and FlU which graduates the largest number of Hispanic engineers of any U.S. school, help assure a broad base of participation. For example, FlU used 21 students on NUTI projects in the past year Of these nine were women and 10 were minorities Five produoed theses and two reoeived awards. In addition, CUTR has had African American researchers carrying out projec1s of special interest to minority groups. As the emization of staff and students participation in the Program Activij ies section of this report shoWs that partic i pation by a variety of minorities has been exceptional. Studies of particular interest to minorities and special populations include: ADA Service Criteria: Best Practices for Complying with Paratransit System Capacity Requirements Public Transit and Welfare-to-Work: Exploratory Research The African-American Mobility Symposi um The Church: An Alternative Urban Transportation Amenity Evaluation of Mass Transit on Environmental Equity and Justice Geographic Information Systems as a Tool for Examining Environmental Equity Issues i n Public Transportation Additional Highlights of 1997 Eight technical reports were completed and have been provided to RSPA and designated depositories. The Journal of Public Transportation completed its first full year of publication with strong positive industry interest The US DOT Technology Sharing Office published several NUT! technical reports for broader national distribution and the FTA published a NUTI report The NUT! sponsored African-American Mobility Symposium had a suocessful Fourth Annual Meeting including participation b y a growing body of national experts. The FTA reinitiated active participation in project selection and review. The NUTI web site debuted NUT! faculty participated in the University Blue Ribbon Lecture Series a t USDOT NUTI was increased collaboration and communications with other University I nstitutes and Centers. The NUTI Director participated in the outreach program for development of the FTA Five-Year Strategic Research Plan. Dr .. Taylor and Wright from FAMU were invited to participate l nt he Secretary's Garret A Morgan White House Roundtable for development of a national plan to reach two million youth Dr. Wright was invited and participated in the Transportation Symposium of the Congressional Black Caucus. The National Urban Transit Institut e 7


NUTI OVERVIEW Areas of Focus in 1998 A number of the new research Initiatives for 1998 provide an opportunity for continued valuable and high visibility research. Among the opportunities are: Follow up worl< on tile Le$$ons Learned study promises strong industry participation and a high level of interest in the findings. The M i nority Mobility Symposium provides an opportunity to build on the success of prior Symposiums Research results from the NPTS study of transit trends are scheduled for presentation in Passenger Transport and for presentation at the APTA Bus Operations Conference The successful GIS in Transrt COnference in 1996 will be followed up with a conference in fall 1998. The NUn web page will be exPanded and updated. The planned Forum for Assessing the Implications of ISTEA Reauthorization on Public Transit will provide a hig h visibility educational outreach opportunity. The exploratory initiatives in the area of welfare to worl< should produce a strategic direction for subsequent NUTI support of this national initiative. In addition there are a number of other t echnology transfer opportunities such as continued publication of the Journal, increasing participation by FT A staff in peer review activities and expanded use of the web for report dissemination. VVhiie we are pleased with the aocomplishment to date we have also identified a number of areas where we will continue to take steps to Improve the contribution of NUn to the body of knowledge in public transportation. Several different areas where we hope to make Improvements are outiined below. Research Status and Monitoring We are continuing to increase our attention to research peer review and technology transfer of findings Communications have been initiated with supervisory personnel in a few cases where chronic delays have impacted the timely completion of research. Some resource reprogramming is anticipated to ensure the resources are directed to staff where we can be assured of constructive results. The prior indirect problem (see prior year reports for details) has resulted in early year grants not being fully expended and able to be closed out. We have redirected grant fund balances to approved worl< program activities and will be fully exPending these grants i n the next year. We have been worl

NUT! OVERVIEW research are completed, we will have a larger number of infonnation items to disseminate Several high profile events and activities are planned for 1998 including: Blue Ribbon Lecture Series Participation The Minority Mobility Symposium The second GIS i n Transit Conference Expanded report dissemination on the web. Continued publication of The Journal of Public Transportation Conduct of the Fonum for Assessing the Implications of ISTEA Reauthorization on Public Transit Greater participation in APTA sponsored conferences and events. Development of training materials addressing the issue of the economic im pacts of public transportation i nvestment Expanded faculty participation. Continued participation in TRB, APTA and other forums. Longer-Tenn NUTI Enhancements In addition to the mentioned above we are continuing to address ways to increase the benefits of NUTI. We continue to see a strong research need and look to continue to increase our presence at the national level in the conduct of public transit research. We are cognizant of the extreme financial pressures that currently exist for the public transportation operators and are redoubling efforts to make sure our research offers real value and focuses on industry priorities. We see a shift toward an interest in resea rch that supports operations, communicates to the publi c the benefits of public transportation and addresses the key strategic areas. In novatio n in organizational structure and service delivery, applications of new technologies to support quality public transit, exploration of the role of public transit in inftuencing land use, welfare to work and moderate cost strategies to incrementally improve public transportation appear to be among the topics with strong and growing research interest. Looking ahead, we acknowledge the need to be highly relevant and productive in order to obtain o ngo ing funding commitments and we look for RSPA and FTA assistance in positioning NUTI to continue to be an asset to USDOT and the pubic transportation i n dustry. We have developed a productiv e team of researchers and will be looking for ways to leverage the knowledge gained to be of even greater benefit to the ind ustry in the future. Sustained funding will position us to continue to attract and reta i n the kind of staff talent that can be of most benefit to the industry The National Urban Transit Institute9


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RESEARCH PROJECT STATUS -The Natio nal Urba n In stitut e 1 1


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Overview The NUTI Research Project Status Table on the next page provides an overview summary of project status for the various research projects programed in each year since NUTI's incept ion The Research Project Status section has a one-page status report on each active project. Authored by the individual principal investigators, these reports cover progress to date on the projects. Multi-year projects: Program Administration The Promotional Materials Clearinghouse and The Joumal of Public Transportation are shown once i n the Project Status section. The year and number of the project are shown in the numbering scheme: the number imme dia tely following NU T I refers to the grant funding year and the second number displays the number of the pro ject for that university (i.e., NUT14-XXXX). Projects are presented chronolo gica lly by year with the oldest projects first, alphabetically by university and sequentially by project numbet The National Urban Transij lnslltute 13


Nun Research Project Status Table Number Final of Report Projects I n itiated Stage Comp lete Comments FAMU 2 <:) 2 Year FlU 1 1 One FSU 4 4 All projects comp let ed USF 3 <:) 3 FAMU 2 at printer 0 Two projects outstanding Year FlU 2 2 Two FSU 4 <:) 4 All projects completed USF 4 <:) 4 FAMU 3 <() 3 0 Year FlU 3 <() 3 All projects complet ed Three FSU 4 4 2 2 USF 4 '* 1 3 FAMU 4 1 Three projects on hold awaiting completion of Year 2 work Year FlU 3 3 Four FSU 4 4 USF 7 5 1 Initiation of additional projects awaits rollover funds from years 2 a nd 3 FAMU 4 0 Projects on hold awaiting completion of Year 2 work Year FlU 1 3 Five FSU 2 2 USF 5 4 Administration and Journal activities not i ncllKled in table The National Urban Transit I n stitute14


Project Number: USDOT Grant No. DTRS93-G.0019 NUT13-FAMU-1 Project Title: THE CHURCH: AN ALTERNA TillE URBAN TRANSPORTATION AMENITY Principal Investigators: Charles A. Wright, Ph.D., P .E. Professor College of Engineering Sciences, Technology & Agriculture Engineering Technology Florida A & M University Tel: (904) 561-2g2o Fax: (904) 561 Addis C. Taylor, Ph.D. Department ChaifJ}erson and Asociale Prole$SOr Deparln>ento!Eoononnc College of Arls and Sciences Florida A & M University Tel.: (904) sgg.J138 Fax : (904) 561-2290 Sent second round of survey Instruments. Assessed attitudinal perceptions ot providing services. Detennlned transit amenities. Ranked, characterized, and determined lransit capabilities Prepared draft report Problems encountered include continued slow return of survey instruments and continued address corrections necessary due to changes in church location. Several presentations have been presented. Preliminary report was produced -The National Urba n Transit Institute15


Project Number: Project TiUe: Principal Investigators: RESEARCH PROJECT STATUS USDOT Grant No. DTRS93-G-0019 NUT13-FAMU-2 EVALUATION OF MASS TRANSIT ON ENVIRONMENTAL EQUITY AND JUSTICE Ray A. Shackelford, Ph.D. Oiroctor/A$$istanf Professof Administmffve Se

Project Number: Project Trtle: Principal Investigators: USDOT Grant No. DTRS93-G..0019 NUT13-FAMU-3 AN ASSESSMENT OF THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN THE TELECOMMUTING POPULA TlON AND PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION MANAGERS Charles A. Wright, Ph.D., P.E. Professor College of Engineering Sciern;es. Technology & Agricuffuro Engineering Technology Florida A & M University Tel: (904) 561-2920 Fax: (904) 561-2248 Addis C. Taylor, Ph.D. Department Chairperson and Associats Professor Department of Eoonomlcs College of Arts and Sciences Florida A & M University Tel.: (904) 599-3138 Fax: (904) 561-2290 During the past quarter the researcll activities Included the following: I n corporating changes that wene necommended by the review commitlee. Sharing preliminary data with managers. We are currently waiting for responses from transit managers. -The National Urban Transit lnstiMe17


Project Number: Project Title : Principal Investigators: RESEARCH PROJECT STATUS USDOT Grant No. DTRS93-G-0019 NUTI3-FSU STORMWATER MANAGEMENT MANUAL FOR PUBLIC TRANSIT MAINTENANCE FACILITIES Andrew A. Dzurik, Ph.D., P.E. Professor of CMI Engineering Department of Civil Engineering FAMUIFSU College of Engineering Tel.: (904) 487 Fax: (904} 487 During this quarter the milestone acco mplis hed was the completion of the fina l report. No problems were encountered this quarter a n d the researcll rema i ned on schedule The final report is at the printer The National Urban Transtt Institute 18


Project Number: Project TiUe: Principal Investigators: RESEARCH PROJECT STATUS US DOT Grant No. DTRS93-G..0019 NUTI3-FSU-4 NICHE MARKETING: OPPORTUNITIES FOR INCREAS ING SHORT AND LONG-TERM TRANSIT RIDERSHIP Bill MU$tard Diteelor of Research and Services Florida Institute for Marketing Alternative Transportation College of Bus;ness Florida stale Univer.;ity Tel : (904) 644-25C9 Fax: (904) 644-6231 Dr. J Joseph Cronin, Jr. Professor Marketing Department College of Business Flo rida State University Tel.: (904) 644-7858 Fax: (904) 644-4098 During the fourth quarter of 1997, the Chicago (Pace) sample was retumed. The data from all four surveys, (St. Louis, Arlington, Illinois. Tallahassee, and Jacksonville have been coded and e ntered and i nitia l runs have been conducted. The fina l report will b e completed by the end of the first quarter of 1998. -The National Urban Transit Institute 19


Project Number. Project Title: Principallnves1igators: RESEARCH PROJECT STATUS USDOT Grant No. DTRS93-G.0019 GEOGRAPHIC INFORMATION SYSTEMS AS A TOOL FOR EXAMINING ENVIRONMENTAL EQUITY ISSUES IN PUBUC TRANSPORTATION Eric T. Hill Researo/1 Associate Tel : (813) 9749849 Beverly G. Ward Fax: (813) 974-5168 Deputy Director fOr OperalkJns Tel : (813) 974-3120 Fax: (813) 974-5188 center tot Urban Tmnsportatlon Research CoHege of Engineering University of South Florida During this q u arter the project team completed case examples using GIS files. Additional informalion on GIS and Environmental Justice was collected and cited in the study. A draft report is being completed for review. The final report will be completed in the next quarter The National Urban Transtt lnstttute 20


Project Number: Project Tittle: Principal Investigator; RESEARCH PROJECT ST USDOT Grant No. DTRS93-G.0019 NUTI4-FA.MU 1 SAFETY CONCERNS IN AND AROUND A. TRANSIT SYSTEM AND THEIR IMPACT ON RIDERSHIP Primus V. Mtenga, Ph.D., P.E. Assistant Professor Civil Engineering Depatfment FAMUIFSU College of Engine<>ting Tallahas-. FL 32310 Tel: (904) 487-6130; Fax: (904) 487-6142 C ontract pending. During the past quarter, FAMU mobilized to carry out this year four research project Year four projects a re s<:lleduled to s1art when year two projects a re completed a n d progress on year t hree projects is well underway. -The National Urban Tra nsit Institute 21


Project Numbe r: Project Title: Principa l Investigator: RESEARCH PROJECT STATUS USDOT Grant No. DTRS93-G.{)019 NUTI4-FAMU-2 A POLICY-BASED TRANSIT RISK MANAGEMENT STRATEGY Soronnadi Nna ji, Ph.D. Ptofesor of Civil Engineering FAMUFS U College of Engln&erfng Tal/ahsss&e. FL 32316 2175 Tel : (904) 487-6127; Fax: (904) 487 6127 Contract pending. During the pas t quarter, FAMU mobilized to carry out this year four research project. Year tour projects are sCheduled to start when year two projects are completed and progress on year three projects is well underway The National Urban Transit Institute 22


Project Number: Project Trtle: Principal Investigator: Co-Principal Investigator: RESEARCH PROJECT USDOT Grant No. N UT 14-FAMU-3 MINORITY USE OF SPECIAL NEEDS TRANSPORTATION SYSTEMS Charles A. Wright, Ph.D., P.E. Professor Divisioo of Engineering Technology Tel: (904) 561C/; Fax: (904) 561 2248 Addis Taylor, Ph.D. Associate Professor and Chairman Department of Economics Tel: (904) 599-3138; Fax: (904) 561C/ Florida A&M University Tallahassee. FL 32307 Conflact pending. During the past quarter FAMU mobilized to carry out this year four research project. Year four projects are scheduled to start when year two pro:iects are completed and progress on year three projects is well underway. The National Urban Transtt Institute 23


Project Number: Project Trtle: Principal Investigators: USDOT Grant No. DTRS93-G.0019 NUTI4-FAMU 4 AFRICAN-AMERICAN MOBILITY SYMPOSIUM IV (AAMS IV) Charles A Wright, P.E., Ph. D. Ptofessor Division of Engineering Technology Alvin Shipmon Research Associate Division of Engineering T echnology Florida A&M Univel3ity Ta./1shassee. FL 32307 Tel: (904) 561-2920; Fax: (904) 561 -2248 FAMU acti v ely partic i pated in AAMS IV. In addition FAMU is participating i n planning for AAMS IV u ncertai n it ies regard i ng the next sympos ium have resutted i n a ho l d on all activities at this time This project consisted of activity due to ho l d placed on symposi u m Th e National Urban Tra nsit lnstiMe24


Project Number: Project Title: Principal I nvestigators: USDOT Grant No. DTRS93-G.0019 AT GRADE BUSWAY STUDY David Shen, Ph. D., P E. Director and Chaifm8n Tel: (305) 348-3055; Fax: (305) 348 Fang Zhao Ph.D. Awstant Professor Tel : (305) Fax: (305) 348-4057 Diana Ospina, M.S Reseatch Associate Tel: (305) Fax: (305) Hesham Elbadrawi Reseatch Associate Tel: (305) Fax : (305) Lehman Center for Transportation Research Department of C ivi l ana Enviroomental Engineering Ccllego of Engineating and Design Flodda International University Miami, FL 33199 NUTI4-FIU D uri ng this quarter the draft final report was completed a nd reviewed by pee r reviewers. This project is slightly behind schedule Working o n an ITE paper Undergraduate studen ts were in volved in traffic data Mr. Francis Lewis, an u nderg r aduat e student, i s currently involve d i n the review traffic data processing and MOTA for ride rsh i p reports. The research res u lts will be incorporated into classroom t eaching of I ntroduction to Traffic Engineering Urban Mass T ransit and Transportation Planning -The National U rban Institute 25


Project Number: USDOT Grant No. DTRS93-G-0019 NUTI4-FIU2 Project Title: ANALYSES OF STRATEGIES AND PROGRAMS OF THE U.S. TRANSIT AGENCIES TO ENHANCE TRANSIT SECURITY Principal Investigators: David Shen, Ph.D., P .E. Director and Chairman Tel: (305) 348-3055; Fax: (305) 348-2802 Fang Zhao, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Tel : (305) 348-3821; Fax : (305) 348-4057 Diana Ospina, M.S. Research Associate Tel : (305) 348-1037; Fax : (305) 348-4057 Lehman c.tnter for Tnmspot1ation Resean;h Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering Ccllege of Engineering and Design Florida lntemational University Miami, FL 33199 During this quarter, some discrepancies on the data provided by transit agencies were identified during the analysis of crime s t atistics. A summary of the results were sent to the corresponding transit agencies for their review and comments. Draft of final report was completed and reviewed by peer reviewers The project is expected to be completed on time. The graduate student worl

Project Number: Project Title: Principal Investigators: USDOT Grant No. DTRS93-G.(J019 NUTI4..fiU DATA REQUIREMENTS AND DATA SOURCES FOR TRANSIT GIS APPLICATIONS Fang Zhao, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Tel: (305) 348-3821; Fax: (305) 348-4057 David Shen, Ph.D., P.E. Director and Chairman Tel: (305) 348-3055; Fa<: (305) 348-2802 Lehman Center for Transportation Research Depattmet>l of Civil and Environmental Engineering College of Engineering and Design Florida International University Miami. FL 33199 During this quarter the draft final report was comp\eled and by peer Our student assistant is acquiring substantial knowledge and experience i n conducting transportation research. The research results will also be incorporated into classroom teaching of GIS applications i n civi l engineering. This project i s slightly behind schedule The National Urban Institute. 27


Project Number: Project Title: Principal Investigators: USDOT Grant No. DTRS93-G-0019 Nlm4-FSU-1 FIMAT NEW TECHNOLOGY FOR INTERACTIVE TRANSIT USER INFORMATION SYSTEMS Bill Mustard Director, FIMAT Florida State Univer.slly Tallaha$SOO, FL 32306-3037 Tel: (904) 644-2509; Fax: (904) 644-6231 DeWayne Carver AssL Director, FIMAT Florida State Univer.slly Tallahassee. FL 32306-3037 Tel: (904) 644-2509; Fax: (904) 644.{1231 Dr. Charles Hofacker Associate Professor FSU COB Marl

Project Number: Project Title: Principal Investigators ; USDOT Grant No. DTRS93-G.0019 NUT14-FSU3 FIMATCUSTOMERSERVICE: ENHANCING CONSUMER AWARENESS AND PERCEPTIONS OF PUBLIC TRANSIT SERVICES PROVIDERS Bill M ustard Director of Research and Services Florida Institute for Marketing A/lema live Tnmsporlalion (FIMA 7) Florida State University TaJ/ahassee, FL Tel: (904) 644-2509; Fax: (904) 644-6231 Dr. J Joseph Cro ni n, Jr. Professor of Marketing College of Business Florida State University Tallahassee, FL 32306-10 42 Tel: (904) 644-7858; Fax: (904) 644-4098 During the fourth quarter of 1997. a draft of the survey instrument was developed and a sampling frame identified The pre-testing of the survey will be conducted during the first quarter of 1998 It is anticipated that the survey will a lso be distributed to respondents during the first quarter of 1998 Data analysis will begin and the final report is anticipated by the end of the second quarter of 1998 -The National Urban Transit Institute 29


Project Number: Project Title: Principal Investigator : Associate Investigators: USDOT Grant No. DTR$93-G-0019 NUT14-FSU4 ENERGY AND ENVIRONMENTAL PERFORMANCE OF EXISTING AND EMERGING PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION TECHNOLOGIES Dr. Thomas A. Lynch Director Center for Economic Forecasting and Analysis Florida State University Tallahassee, FL 32310 Tel: (904} 644-7357; Fa (904) 385-8266 Dr. Andrew Dzurik Professor Department of Civil Engineering College of Engineering FSUIFAMU Tallahassee, FL 32306-4058 Tel: (904} 487..(1124; Fa.: (904} 487-6142 Loyd Lyday Associate Director Center for Economic Forecasting and Analys i s Florida State University Tallahassee, FL 32306-4016 Tel: (904} 6#-7357; Fax: (904} 487..(1142 FSU Researchers have made considerable progress since the last quarterly report. Last quarter Drs Lynch and Dzurik met four times and finished the r esearch design of the study to evaluate the c o st effectiveness and efficiency of attemative technologies used in public transit a c ross the country. Dr Dzurik secu r ed the seNices of an FSUfUF engi neering research graduate student and completed the development of a comprehensive literature review and bibliography. Dr Lynch Initiated contact with other researchers evaluating alternative fuels vehicles used i n transit applications Dr. Lynch also began a review of alternative fuels research and limi ts to use of attematlve technolog i es durlng this quarter Researchers have developed a strategy to complete a literature reference and identify sources likely to have access to curren tly emerg ing data Initial development of a spread sheet model deSign is under development -The National Urban T r ansit Institute 30


Project Number: Project Title: Pri ncipal I nvestigators: USDOT Grant No. DTRS113-G.0019 JOURNAL OF PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION Gary Brosch Director Tel: (813} 974-3120; Fax: (813} 974-5168 Patricia Henderso n Communications Manager Tel: (813} 974-9759; Fax: {813} 974-6168 Cente r for Urt>an Transporlalion Resean:h (CUTR) Col/ego of Engineering University of South Florida Tampa, FL 33620.5375 Specific activrties in this quarter include : des i gned produced and distributed the fou rth issue NUTI4..USF-2 Updated/mai ntained information on the CUT R Web srte regard ing the journal Continued word o f mouth promotion Accepte d and rejected papers Maintained general contact wnh Edrtorial Board Responded to requests for manuscript and journa l i nformation via e mail regular mail phone, etc. Ide ntified reviewers and sent manuscripts out for review Added names to journal mailing list upon request Sent letters inviting paper submissions The Nationa l Urban Transit Institute 31


Project Number: Project Title: Principal Investigators: USOOT Grant No. NUn4-USF-3 AFRICAN-AMERICAN MOBILITY SYMPOSIUM IV (AAMS IV) Eric T. Hill Research Associate Tel: (813) 974-9845; Fax: (813) 974-5168 0. Michael Crittenden Researoh Asscciate Tel: (813) 974-1271; Fax: (813) 974-5168 Beverly G. Ward Deputy Director Tel: (813) 974-9773; Fox: (813) 974-5168 Center tor Urban Transportation Research (CUTR) College of Engineering University of South Florida Tampa, Ft 33621)..5375 The pr<>eeOOings from the 1997 symposium are approxiniately 75 percent complete. A final version will be co m pleted in the next quarter. The National Urban Transft I nsti tute 32


Project Number: Project Title: Princ i pal Investigators: USDOT Grant No DTRS93-G.0019 NPTS TRAVEL DATA ANALYSIS JoeiR.Rey Resoarch Associate Tel: (813} 974-9837; Fax: (813} 974-5168 Steven E. Polzin P .E., Ph.D. Deputy Director, Institutes Tel: (813) 974-9849; Fax: (813) 974-5168 Center for Url>an Transportation Research College of Engineering University of South FlorirJa Tampa, FL 33620-5375 NUTI4-USF-4 Work is well underway i n analyzing the 1995 NPTS data. The data was made availab l e to the broader public on September 15. 199 7 but we had been working with a beta version for several months We are carrying out a systematic review of a variety of factors of i nterest to the transit planning community. Materia ls have been prepared and submitted to APTA for publication We have been told it will be published shortly. An Abstract for a presentation of NPTS results and the APTA Bus Operations and Technology Conference in Phoenix i n May 1998. I n addition, we are continuing to carry out the analysis that will comprise the technical report, a document designed to provide tabu la r and graphical Information from the 1995 NPTS that will be of i nterest to the transit community Project staff attended the NPTS forum i n October 1997 to review preliminary find i ngs with other researchers from across the country. Two students ha ve been actively i nvolved in carrying out the analysis. One completed his masters thesis on this topic in December 1997 and has s ince gone to work for Florida DOT. We anticipate completing a techn ical report in the spring of 1998 with dissemination on the NUT! web site as well as through standard technical report d i ssemination activities. Other publicatio ns may follow. -The National Urban Transit Institute-33


Project Number: Project Title: Principal I nvestigators: RESEARCH PROJECT STATUS USDOT Grant No. DTRS93-G-4019 NUTI4-USF-5 OPPORTUNITIES FOR THE COORDINATION OF GENERAL PUBUC TRANSIT AND SCHOOL BUS TRANSPORTATION Michael Baltes Resean:h Associate Tel: (813} 974-9843; Fax: (813} 974-5168 William Morris Resean:h Associate Tel: (813} 974-6804; Fax: (813} 974-5168 Center for Ulban Transporlation Resean:h Cotleg& of Engineering University of South Florida Tampa, FL 33621).5375 During the past quarter, specific activities i ncluded: Reviewing and summarizing literature regarding coordination between the two modes. Due to the nature of the literature and the difficulty in obtaining some reports/articles, project staff are still reviewing the literature obtained and putting together a draft ltterature review The potential case study sites have been narrowed down to 10 cities A final decision regarding which cities will be selected will occur during the upcoming quarter. As noted in the last quarterly progress report, three (3) case study sites will be utilized A written survey to be distributed to transit properties throughout the U.S. is currently being put together. The final survey i nstrument will be mailed during the upcoming quarter The National Urban Transit Institute 34


Project Number: Project Title: Principal Investigator: USDOT Grant No. NUTI4-USF-6 PERSPECTIVES ON THE FUTURE OF PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION Steven E. PolZin, P.E., Ph.D. Deputy Director, Institutes Center tor Utban Tmnsportation Research College of Engineering University of South Rotida Tampa, FL 33620.5375 Tel: (813) 974-9849; Fax: (813) 974-5168 Preliminary work has begun on this project, however, th e principle researcher will not begi n the programmed i nterviews stage until later i n 1998. This represents a rescheduling due to compe ti ng priorities tor the principal investigator In addition, the lack of new NUTI funding is resulting i n project schedule modifications to support key staff during the period of delay To date efforts have been directed at gathering and r eviewing materials regardi ng the future of public transportation. Recent new l ite ratu re of relevance to this pro jec t inc ludes the book Urban Transportation Crisis in North America and Europe. The principal investigator provided a Blue Ribbon University Lecture at USDOT in December 1998 titled "Advocates or Analysts: Are Transportation Planners Ready for the Future? Or Polzin also participated i n FTA meetings directed at outlining future strategic public transit research needs. This participation included meetings i n Baltimore i n November and Washington D.C. i n Decem ber 1997 and January 1998 The pending reauthorization of a surface transportation bill will set the stage regarding some aspects of transit's future for the near term The negotiations regarding ISTEA are being monitored to provide ins ig ht into perceptions of critical issues. New paradigm researc h initiatives by APTS and TRB are also being monitored to iden tify question structures for the interview series planned as part of this project. -The Nationa l Urban Transij I nstitute -35


Project Number: Project Title: Principal Investigator: USDOT Grant No. D TRS93-G..0019 NUT14-USF-7 ADA SERVICE CRITERIA: BEST PRACTICES FOR COMPLYING WITH PARATRA NSIT SYSTEM CAPACITY REQUIREMENTS Rosemary G. Methias Program Manager Center for Url>an Transpottarion Conege of Engineering University of S<>uth Florida Tampa, FL 33620-5375 Tel : (813) 974-9787; Fax: (813) 974-5168 During this quarter, only a modest amount of progress was made because of unforeseen demands on staff time required for another project. The problem was compounded by holiday schedules, making it difficutt to gather data from the transit agencies. The work accomplished during this quarter includes deve lopment of the discussion guide for i nterviews to be conducted during January and February Further, the capacity constraints issue was broadened to I nclude collect io n of i nformation relating to agencies' ADA certification/recertification procedures currenUy in place or planned for impleme ntation. Thus, the p r oject now has an anticipated completion dale of March 31, 1998 The National Urban Transtt Institute-36


Note: All FAMU Year Five Projects are currently on h old awaiting completion of outstanding work. Project Number: Pro ject Title: Principal I nvestigators : Number: Project Title: Principal Investigators: Number: Project Title: Principal Investigator: US DOT Grant DTRS93-G-0019 MINORITY MOBI L ITY SYMPOSIUM V Charles A W rig ht, P .E Ph. D Professor Tel: (850) 561-2920, Fax : (850} 561 Alvin Sh i pmon Research Associate Tel : (850} 561, Fax (850} 561-2248 Division of Engineering Technology Florida A&M University Tallahassee, FL 32307 USDOT Grant DTRS93-G-4019 NUTIS-FAMU-1 NUTI5-FAMU-2 Public Transit And WeHare-to-Work: Exploratory Research And Assessment of a C leari nghouse For The Dissemination of Welfare To-Work Information Charles A Wright, P.E. Ph.D. Ptofessor Deparlment of Engineering Technology T el : (850} 561-2920, Fax: (850} 561-2248 Addis Taylo r Ph .D. Chairman and Associate Professor Department of Economics Tel: (850) 599-3138, Fax (850) 561 Florida A&M University Tallahassee, FL 32307 U S DOT Grant DTRS93-G-4019 NUTI5FAMU-3 Linking Transportation Modeling Software With Geograp hic Information Systems A Synthesis of The State of The Practice Brenda Robinson M Eng., MPA, P E., C.G.C. Assistant Professor Division of Engineering Technology Florid a A&M University Tallahassee, FL 32307 Tel: (850} Fax: (850} 561-2739 The National Urban Institute 37


Project Number: Project Title: Principal Investigators : RESEARCH PROJECT STATUS USDOT Grant DTRS93-G.0019 AT-GRADE BUSWAY PLANNING GUIDE L David Shen Ph.D., P.E Professor and Chairman (305) Fax: (305) 348-2802 Fang Zhao, Ph.D., P .E. Associate Director and Assistant PTOff!ssor (305) 348-382 1 Fax: (305) 348-4()57 Diana Ospina Research Associate (305) 348-4058 Fax : (305) 348-4057 Hesham Elbadrawl Research Associate (305) 348-4103 Fax: (305) 348-4057 Lehman Center for Ttanspcrtalion Resean:h Depattment of Civil and Envimnmental Engineering Flolida tntemalional University M iami, FL 3317 4 NUTI5-FIU During this quarter, literature review was in itiated and is in progress. Reviewing the information regarding the planning, imp lementation and performance of different busway systems (Ottawa-Carleton Transitway, Pittsburgh Patway, Miami Busway, Runcom Busway, and Curitiba). T h e research results will also be inco rporaled Into classroom teachin g of introduction t o traffic enginee ring, and urban mass transtt and transportation planning. Project is on schedule. The National Urban Transit Institute 38


Project Number: Project TIUe: Principal Investigators: USDOT Grant NUTIS-FSU-1 CONTINUATION OF THE PROMOTIONAL MATERIALS CLEARINGHOUSE Bill Mustard DiffJctor of Research and Services The Markefing lns5tute (850) 644-2509, Fax: (850) 644-6231 Dr. Tomas Hull Director and Assistant Professor Multinational Business, Mafketing (850) 644-7859, Fax: (850) 644-4C98 Jeff Horton Services Manager The MarkeUng Institute (850) 644-2509 Fax: (850) 644-6231 College of Business Florida State UniversitY Tallahassee FL 32306 This multi-year project's status is reported as a year five project. The Promotional Materials Clearinghouse was created to se!Ve as a central resource for the rev iew and display of promotional collateral, li t era tur e and mark eting information pertaining to the promotion of public transit services. Initial development of the Clearinghouse as well as subsequent materials was conducted during the Clearinghouse's first year of operation (March 1 1996 through February 28, 1997) This work continued during impleme ntatio n of Year 2 activities Staff and students assigned to the project continued to collect a n d archive mari

Project Number: Project Title: Principal Investigators: Associate Investigator: USOOT Grant NUT15-FSU-2 TRAINING GUIDE AND EDUCATIONAL TRA I NING WORKSHOPS ON ECONOMIC IMPACT ASSESSMENT METHODS FOR PUBLIC TRANSIT Or. Thomas Lynch Director Tel: (850) 644-7357 Fax: (850) 576-2207 Loyd Lyday Associate Director Tel: (850) 644-3410 Fll)(: (850) 576-2207 Center for Economic Forecasting and Analysis Florida State Univflrsity Tallahassee. FL 32306 Work will be initiated i n the first quarter of 1998 The National Urban Tra nsit Institute-40


RESEARCH PROJECT STATUS Project Numbe r: USDOT Grant DTRS93-G..0019 NUTIS USF 1 Project Title : NUTI YEAR FIVE PROGRAM ADMINISTRATION Principal Investigator: Steven E. Polzin, Ph.D., P.E. Deputy Director, Institutes Tel: (813) 974-9849, Fax: (813) 974-5168 Patricia Baptiste Program Assistant Tel: (813) 974-9760; Fax: (813) 974-5168 C<>nter for Utban Transportation Rosearrh University of South Floticla Tampa. FL 3362()..5350 During the past quarter the administrative activities i ncluded the following : Finalized subcontracting for year five projects that are ready to proceed. Completed quarterly report for prior quarter. Admi nistered subcontracts and project invoici n g. Monitored TCRP, APTA, FTA and other related research. Continued collaboration with Morgan State University regarding a joint effort to host a second GIS in Transit Conference (Morgan State will not be participating in the conference but additional FTA support h as been received and additiona l sponsors are being sought) S u bmitted additional completed techni ca l reports to designated depositories and the selectio n commi ttee. Progress on several fronts continued last quarter. Additiona l techn o logy transfer from year one, year two, and yea r three projects has been taking place. Work on the NUT I Web site continued and additional information and reports have been added to the site. Additional refinements and additions are planned We have been worl

Project Number: USDOT Grant DTRS93-G-0019 NUTIS-USF-2 Project TiUe: CASE STUDIES OF CREATIVE TRANSIT AGENCIES Principal Investigator: Joel Volfnski Deputy Director, Transit Center tor Urban TransporlsOon Rssearr;h University of South FlOrida Tampa, FL 33620-5350 Tel: (8!3} 974-9847 Fax: (8!3} 974-5168 During this quarter, the project manager conducted a site visit to interview the staff of the Central New York Regional Transportation Authority. Two days were spent discussing how CENTRA enco urages its staff to do things differenijy than most transit agencies around the country. Extensive notes were taken which will be incorporated into draft memos for the final report. Arrangements were made to visrt Sunline Transrt in Thousand Palms, California, in Late January and the Washoe County Regiona l Transportation Commission in Reno, Nevada, in February. A preliminary lrterature search on creativity in organizations was initiated. During the next quarter, the project manager will meet with the managers of the two systems noted above. and make arrangements to visrt the last two systems in the fourth quarter of the project. -The National Urban Transrt Institute 42


Project Number: Project Title: Principa. l lnvestlgators: Activities this quarter : USDOT Grant DTRS93-G-0019 NUTIS-USF-3 FORUM FOR ASSESSING THE IMPLICATIONS OF ISTEA REAUTHORIZATION ON PUBLIC TRANSIT Gary L Brosch Director (813) 974-3120, Fax: ( 813) 974-5188 Patricia Henderson Communications and Human Resources Manager (813) 974-9759 Fax: (813) 974-5168 Center for Urban T18nsportalion Research University of South Florida Tampa FL 33620-5375 Monito r ed legislative activities related to reauthorization of ISTEA Discussed timing of conference as it relates to reauthorization of ISTEA The National Urban Tran s a lnstaute 43


Project Number: Project rrtte: Principal Investigators: RESEARCH PROJECT STATUS USDOT Grant DTRS93-G.0019 NIJTI5.USF-4 GUIDEBOOK FOR TRANSIT ECONOMIC IMPACT STUDIES F. Ron Jones, Ph.D. Deputy Director, Educaliol> Tel: (813) 974-9785, Fax: (813) 974-5168 Xuehao Chu, Ph.D Research Associate Tel : (813) 974-9831, Fax: (813) 974-5168 Center for UrtJan Transportaliol> Research University of South Florida Tampa, FL Literature search began i n firsl quarter. Literature search will con tinue at low l evel of effort duri n g the second quarter. The maj orijy of lhe work on lhe projec t will be performed during lhe third and fourth quarters The National Urban Transit Institute 44


Project Number: Project Title: Principal Investigator: PROJECT STATUS USDOT Grant DTRS93-G-0019 NUTIS-USF-5 SECOND NATIONAL CONFERENCE ON GIS IN TRANSIT Ronald C. Sheck Jntermodal and Guideway Resea!Ch Program o;rector Center for Uroan Transporlation Research University of South Florida Tampa, FL 33620-5375 Tel: (813) 974-9841, Fax: (813) 974-5168 Planning for this conference has begun A collaborative request for additional funds ($25.000) to carry out the conference was submitted to FT A and was given verbal approval. A contract is expected to be executed in the first quarter of 1998 for these funds. Several participants in the First Nationa l Confe r ence on G I S and held in August 1995 (NUTl Year Two Project), were contacted to provide input on planning the Second Nationa l Conference These individuals, and several others identified as active on the cutting edge of transit GIS applications have been invited to a preliminary conference planning committee meeting to be held in association the annual TRB Meeting in January 1998. The i nvitees include representatives from federal and state MPOs, transit agencies, the academic community consulting finns and software vendors. The planning committee will develop the conference agenda and forma t select dates solicit speakers, panelists and papers during the first few months of 1998. The conference will be held in Tampa, Florida in the fall, 1998. -The National Urban Transit Institute 45


RESEARCH PROJECf STATUS Project Number: USDOT Grant DTRS93-G-0019 Project Trtle: PUBLIC TRANSIT AND WELFARE-TO-WORK: EXPLORATORY RESEARCH Principal Investigators: Beverly G. Ward Deputy Director Center fOr Urban TranspottatkJn Research University of South Florida Tampa FL 3362{).5375 Tel: (813) 974-9773, Fax: (813) 974-5!68 Synthesis begun of the state-of-the-practice in "Welfare-to-worl< research as related to the role ot public transportation. Developed a listing of resources including: bibliographies; firms, centers, agencies and individuals; Internet sites; and typology for "welfare t o work" research as related to public transportation. Identification of areas for additional research and such priorities begun. Assessment of interests of NUTI member faculty and suggest research team strategies. Initial contact made with FAMU regarding completion of "welfare-tG-Work" research scope for project year 1998. Coordination begun of welfare to worl< elements in other NUTI projects including: Propose a "welfare-to-work session or program track for the NUTI GIS conference. Develop a welfare-to-work session or program track in the NUTI AAMS conference. Identify "welfare-to-wol1<" research findings appropriate for publication in the Journal of Public Transportation. If warranted. recommend a special "wellare-to-worl<" issue. Visited several Florida Job and Enterprise Partnership (JEP) Regions, including : Region 12-Lake/Orange!Osceola/Seminole/Sumter Region 16-Hemando/Pasco Region 23-Dade/Monroe Participated i n national forums and conferences, including: "Welfare Reform: Reality or Racism" Session held at Florida National Forum for Black Public Administrators First Annual Meeting, Orlando November 19, 1997; National Transportation Consortium of States Fall Meeting, Charleston, SC, November 3-5, 1997. The National Urban Transit Institute46


Project Number: Project Title: Principal Investigators: Contract is pending. USDOT Grant No. DTRS93-G.()019 MINORITY MOBILITY SYMPOSIUM Eric T. Hill Rcsea!Ch Associate Tel: (813) 974-9845, Fax: (813) 974-5168 D. Michael Crittenden Reseateh Associate Tel: (813) 974-1271; Fax: (813) 974-5168 Beverly G Ward Deputy Director Tel : (813) 974-9773, Fax: (813) 974-5168 Center for UrlJan Researoh University of South Florida Tampa, FL 3362Q.6375 The National Urban Transtt I nstitute -47 NUTIS-USF-7


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ANNUAL PLAN ACTIVITIES STATUS The Nationa l Urban T ransit I n stitute 49


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INTRODUCTION This section reports the status of the Institute in attaining the goals and objectives established tor the Institute's performance Thus, the organization of this section i s structured around the organization of the goals and objectives for the Institute. The information presented varies depending on the specific goa l and objective. In some instances the i nformation is substantial and detailed and in othe r instances it is lim ited and qualitative. In some cases the information provided is cross referenced to specific research projects and in other cases it is presented i n an aggregate fashion Following the summary list of goals and objectives, eac h goal, objective and an action item is addressed. This section of the report builds on the prior quarters' reports. Much of the information remains unchanged: however the tables are updated quarterly to incorporate new Information GOALS AND OBJEcnves Goal I : Research Program Objective 1.1: Utilize a project proposal solicitation and review process Goal II: Rnearch Program Pertormance Objective 11.1: Insure relevance of the research effort Objective 11.2: Monitor the progress of each research effort Objective 11.3: Produce research results appropriate for the target audiences Goal !II: Technology Transfer Objective 111.1: Develop a technology transfe r plan for each project Objective 111.2: Monitor techno logy transfer efforts at the project leve l Objective 111.3: Develop and produce a Journal of Public Transportation Research Goal IV: Education Objective IV.1: Have each project enhance transportation education Goal V: Human Resources Objective V.1: Address the element of human resources in each i n dividual project Objective V.2: Monitor human resources efforts at the project level PERFORMANCE ON GOALS, OBJECTIVES AND AcnON ITEMS Goa l I Research Program: Use an objective process for selecting research activities that are responsive to the visi on, mission, and theme. Objective 1.1: Utilize a project proposal solicitation and review process to insure projects responsive to the Institute goals The solicitation process for research projects for NUTl has evolved over the past five years. The materials below describe the proposal submission and selection process put i n place during the first year of NUTl and used to select projects for the subsequent years. The single most significant modification between years involved changes in the review committee composition for the selection of candidate projects The National Urban Transit Institute 51


ANNUAL PLAN ACTIVITIES STATUS Action Item 1.1.a: Disseminate a schedule for soliciting, receiving, reviewing, and modifying proposals for inclusion in the annual work program The solicitation of proposals for the year five work plan was distributed in March 1997. Prior year packages were also distributed in the spring of the year. These packages laid out the schedule and process for submitting, evaluating, and selecting proposals. Sections of that solicitation package are included below. Current Work Program Development Assumptions: The format for the Annual Plan will be as specified by RSPA i n their 1995 guidance. The general allocation of funds between the Universities will not be aHered unless someone indicates a desire to do less research in the subsequent year or prior research was unsatisfactory. The coordination of the process at the consortium schools will be handled by the program coordinators at each school. Resources associated with the subsequent year Annual Plan development and reviews are the responsibiUty of the proposers/participants. No resources are budgeted specifically for Annual Plan developme nt. The proposal review process is prescribed In a manner that Is consistent with es1ablished goals and objectives that reference process characteristics designed to ensure high quality, useful research. The schedule calls for the Annual Plan to be approved by RSPA i n order that contracts can be in place by late summer each year. The match requirements require each institutio n to cover their match ($1 match to $4 federal) in proportion to federal funds directed to that University There is no preconceived notion as to what projects or PI's will be funded in subsequent years. It is anticipated that some projects may merit subsequent year work: however, it is also anticipated that several new projects will be selected. General Work Program Development Process and Schedule: Finalize proposal format: Earty Spring, 199 A draft proposal fonmat is provided to candidate Pis that reflects the guidance provided by RSPA and detailed by CUTR. The format is envisioned to be used for initial proposals by candidate PI's as well as for the actual Annual Plan submitted to RSPA. Project Abstracts will be to six pages. Subsequently, when the WOf1< plan is approved more detailed "Project Descriptions" may be required by RSPA. Draft Prolect Abs!racts Due: Mid.Spring, 199_ Draft project abstracts from candidate PI's are due to the program coordinators at each school by the specified date Team leaders at each institution have responsibiUty for soliciting proposals from possible tacuny PI's. The target Is approximately two times more proposals than wm ultimately be funded. Copies will be mailed to the reviewers for review. -The National Urban Transit Institute-52


ANNUAL PLAN ACTIVITIES STATUS Prooosal Review: Late Spring/Summer 199 Reviewers will be scheduled to meet at USF to select projects for inclusion i n the annual plan. Necessary proposal end buctget modi11C8tion s will be oommunlcated to investl.gatora a n d nnanzed project abstracts will be due to CUTR for inclusion i n the Annual Plan. Work Plan Submission to RSPA: Summer199_ Action Item I. 1 .b: Provide a project proposal format tha t includes appropriate information to enable an evaluation of how the proposed effort would address attainment of the research program goals. The proposal solicitation packages include the following: 1) Instructions for Completing Project Abstracts for the NUTI Annual Pian ; 2.) Project Abstract Format 3) NUTI Annual Wor1< P lan Draft Abstract Budget and 4) Electronic version of project format. Action Item 1.1.c: Establish a proposal review team with an appropriate range of expertise to participate in proposal review The review committee for draft abstracts consisted of the following persons: CUTR: FSU: FlU: FAMU: Transit I ndustry : FOOT Representative: USDOT RepresentatiVes: Steven E. Polzin, Gary L. Brosch William Mustard David Shen Charles Wright Jay Goodwill Executive Director Sarasota County Area Transit Roger Sweeney Executive Director, Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority Ed Colby, Executive Director. MOTA, Dade County (Miami) Marion Hart ; Director FOOT Public Transit Office Chuck Morison, FTA For Year Five projects the team performed very effectively in reviewing the proposals and offered a broad and informed perspective of industry needs as well as ongoing industry reseanch. Each of the committee members was provided a package of proposals for review In some cases the members also involved staff i n reviews of some proposals. The reviewers not only made project selections but also made re<:Ommendations on soope, methodology budget, etc. for final abstracts. In general, there was approximately two to thnee times as much wor1< proposed as funds available. i n year five it is anticipated that fund ing obligations will be made for reseanch projects not part of th e original solicitation These projects will be to use rollover fund balances The NUTI director will wor1< i nfonmally with member of the review comm ittee and perhaps others to identify projects that are complementary to the overall program goals and consistent the research priorities as indicated by the selection committee Action Item 1 1.d : Establish proposal evaluation cmeria that cover the range of considerations as identified in the theme and goals for the Institute. The following criteria and instructions are provided to both the proposers and the selection committee. cmeria that PI's should keep i n mind When designing their research and writing the abstracts include the -The National Urban Tra n stt Institute53


ANNUAL PLAN ACTIVITIES STATUS following factors derived from the goals and objectives These criteria s h ould be add r essed i n the context of the prescribed format for project abstracts 1 Project Significance Including relevance/relationsh i p to established research priorities, targeted audiences (state and national), and potentia l for service quality cost, or other i mpacts etc. 2. Research Quality Evidence that the work Is not d uplicative, is methodologically sound, and includes appropriate actions to ensure robustness (I.e., peer review, l i terature review, etc.) Evidence of innovative and creative methodologies and consideration of innovative soil/lions. 3. Soundness of Proposal Evidence that the proposal budget, staffi n g plan and schedule are sound. Evidence that the proposal i s logical and well written. 4 . Opportunity and Plan for Tech n ology T ransfer and Educational Enhancement -The extent to which the project supports and involves students and multi disciplinary faculties The opportunnies for the products to be of value in transportation education, i ncluding continu ing educatio n of induslty personnel, etc. The extent to which the project is conducive to and Incorporates tech n ology transfer elements. 5 Human Resource Contlibution Evidence that the proposal will support a diverse staff and contribute to human resource goals of the Institutes program 6. Involvement of peer review activities to ensure research quality 7 Research quality of prior N U TI work carried out by the P I and research team Evaluation tonns are provided to the reviewers but not required to be used. The actual selection i nvolVes a ranking process where reviewers rank desirable projects, then discuss scope and budget changes to a r rive at a package of proposa l s that match the available budget amount. In general, the selection committee put the greatest weight on the perceived relevance of the work to the Industry We anticipate future selections to put emphasis on the success of earlier projects bY proposers who have been i n volved in prior NUTI funded work and on industry relevance in an era of extremely limned resources Action Item 1.1 .e: and revise the project selection process on an annual basis to reflect experience i n the p rior yea(s proposa l selection process Based on the success of years two through five selections we anticipate that future years' sel ection processes will be sim i la r. We may change the comm i ttee composition to involve add i tional persons or. new perspectives. It is anticipated that some resources will be reserved for the directors d i scretio n i n order to be responsive to rapidly changing induslty research interests and technology transfer needs. Goal!!Bestarch Prog[llm Pertormance: Conduct research activities, the products of which a r e judged by experts in the field to advance the body of knowledge i n urban transportation. Objective 11.1: Insure relevance of the research effort by involVing industry, peer researchers and pol i cy makers in review of research project wor1< through an advisory committee or other forum as appropriate. Ac1ion Item 11.1 .a : Establish a forum for peer input on each research project. The National U rban Transit Institute. 54


Proposal development i nstructions inc luded an explicit mandate to conduct and document peer review activities Tab l e series 1 indicates peer reviewers for projects Table 1-5 covers Year Five projects and s i m i lar tables in ear l ier Annua l Reports covered activities for prior yea r studies Project abstracts for year five projects a l so requested information on peer review activities In some instances the approach to and participants in peer review are best defined later in the development of the project. TABLE 1-3 YEAR THREE PEER REVIEW P ANELS Project Peer Reviewers NUT13-FAMU1 The Church: An A panel has been assembled I t includes Mr. Larry Carter, A l ternative Urban Transportation Director of TaiTran ; Reverend R B. Holmes, Bethe l Amenity Missionary Baptist Church, Ms Sylvia Smith, Manager of Planning and Sc h eduling, Broward County Mass Transit; Art W. Kennedy, District Representat i ve NUT I3-FAMU2 Evaluation of Mass A peer panel consisting of M Vivian Jones Director, Office Trans i t on Environmenta l Equity of Environmental Justice; Ms Chery l Williams Wha ley, and Justice Planner, system for Leon County; Ms. Sheron Bellamy Service Uasion, Hinsborough Area Regional Transit; an d Mr. Marion Hart, Director FOOT Public Transit Office NUT13-FAMU-3 An Assessment of Review panel will provide gui d ance on the survey instrument the Re l ationsh i p between the before distribution to the se l ected group of transit managers Te l ecomm u ting Population and Peer Review Committee inc l ude Larry carter, D i rector of P ublic Transportation Managers TaiTran; Sylvan Jolibois, Ph.D., Assistant Professo r of Trans p ortat i on Engineering, FlU; Sylvia Smith Manager of Planning and Scheduling Broward County Mass Transit ; Robert Stammer, Ph.D .. P.E ., Assista n t Dean, School of Engineering, Vanderbi l t Uni versity. NUT 13-FSU-1 stonnwater Review provided by the F l orida Department of Environmental Management Manual for Public Protection Stomnwater the Northwest water Transit Maintenance Facilities Management District stormwater D i v i s ion and Tallahassee T r ansit. Other FSU staff member also r eviewed worl<. -The Nati onal Urba n Transit Institute55


. ANNUAL PLAN ACTIVITIES TABLE 1-3, YEAR T HREE PEER REVIEW PANELS P r oject Peer Reviewers NUTI3-FS U-4 Niche Marketi ng: Richard Simonetta General Manager Metropo litan Atlanta Opport u nities for Increas ing Short Rapid T rans i t Authority (MARTA) At l anta GA.; T im and Long Term Transit R i dership Grzesiakowsk i Division Manager M arketing a n d Paoe S uburban Bus D ivision of RT A Arlington Heights I L ; Jen n ifer Barner Public Information/Events Coord inator, Regi onal Transit District, Denver CO. ; Stanton Wil kerson, Transit Marketing manager. Regiona l Transportation Manager, Regi ona l Transportation Commissi on of Clark County, Las Vegas, NV; Danny Alvarez, Deputy DireCtor, MOTA. Miami, FL; Debra Alexander, Director of Market Develop Met r opolitan Council Transi t Operations, M inneapolis, MN; Chris Domalewski Senior Director Marketing, New Jersey Transit Authority Newark NJ; Debra Cooper D i rector of Marketing and Public Relations, LYNX, Orlando F L ; Mark Huffe r Director of Servioe P l ann ing & Scheduling Bi-State Development Agency, St Lou is MO; David H a l perin Manager Sa l es Branch, Washi n gto n Metropo l itan Area Transi t Authority Washington DC ; Paul Rothenberg D i rector of Marketing TALTRAN. Tallahassee, FL. NUT 1 3-USF-3 African-American Review prov i ded by symposium Steering Comm i ttee: Mobility Symposium Ill (AAMS) Commi ssioner Arthur Kennedy Wa d e Lawson, Honorable James Har g r ett B i ll McCl oud, Marion Hart G l oria Jeff Dr Frank Enty, Dr. Charles Wright, D r Syl van Jo libOis, Cecil W. Bond DebOrah Price, Lee Jo hnson, Dr. Rosalyn S imon, Lee Davis Dr. Robert Bull ard Gayle Holiday Joyce Johnson Gwendotynmary Simpson. NUTI3-USF-6 Geograp h ic Reviewers Include Dr Robert Bullard Michelle DePass, a n d I nformation Systems as a Tool for representatives from the Federa l Transit a n d H i ghway Examining Env i ronmental Equity Administrations Issues i n Publ i c Trans p ortat i on -The National Urban T ransit Ins ti tute 56


ANNUAL PLAN ACTIVITIES STATUS TABLE 1-<1, YEAR F OUR PEER REVIEW PANELS Project Peer Revie w ers NUT14-FAMU-1 Safety Concerns Mr. Jeff Ross, Highway Safety Consultant Highway Safety In and Around A Transit System Systems Inc .; Dr Usa Spainhour, Assistant professor of and Their Impact on Ridership Civil Engineering F AMU-FSU College of Engineering. Ackfrtional members are being considered. NUT14-FAMU-2 A Policy -Based Dr. Hudson Nwal

ACTIVITIES STATUS TABLE 1 -4, YEAR FOUR PEER REVIEW PANELS Project Pee r Reviewers NUTI4-FIU 2 Analyses of Steven A. Clark, Manager of Engineering Projects NJ StrategieS and Programs of the Tra n sit; Mike walker, Manager Corporate Sec u rity, Toronto U.S. Transtt Agenc ies to Enhance Transtt Security ; and Robert Aleman, Met ro-Dade Security T ra n sit Security Director. NUT14F 1 U 3 Data Requirements To be determ i ned. and Data Sources for Transit GIS Applications FIMAT-New Florida Transit Association Local (Tattran) Representative; Techn o logy for InteractiVe Transtt Federal Transtt Administration Representative; Corporate User I n formation Systems Management Information Sys t ems Representative ; and Cable 1V Representative. NUT14-FSU-2 FIMAT -Cont i nuation G u s Robey Virginia Department of Rail and Public & Expansion o f the Promotiona l Transp o rtation; Peter Schauer, Peter Schauer Assoc i ates ; Materials C l earinghouse Peggy Hetheri n gton, MetroPoo l Inc ; David Sappenfield ATE Ryder; Stephen McCaughey, Irvine Spectrum TMA; Phill i p Winters CUTR; Paul Rothenberg, TaiTran; Perry Maull, Carr-smtth Inc. ; Barbara Z i mmerma n Middle Peninsula R ides hare; St u art Ande rso n Transportation Consultant Den nis Kouba, APT A. NUTI4-FSU 3 Customer Service: Mr. Paul Rothenberg, Director of Mar keting, TaiTran Enhancing Consume r Awareness Talla h assee, F l or i da; Ms. Peggy Heatherington Metropool, and Percept i ons of Publ i c Transit Inc ., Stamford, Connecticut; M r Peter Schauer, Peter S e rvices Providers Schauer Associates ; Mr. Perry Maull RTS Gai n esvi ll e; Ms. Barbara Zimrne

TABLE 1-4, YEAR FOUR PEER REVIEW PANELS Project Pee r Review&rS NUTI4-USF-2 Journal of Pub lic The journal has established an Edrtofial B oard that includes : Transportation IV Dr. Robert B. Cervero, Ph D., Professor Department of City a n d Regional Planning, Univers ity of Californ ia ; Mr. Chester "Ed Col by Executive Director. Metro-{)ade Transit Agency ; Mr. Gordon (Pe te) Field in g, Professor, Schoo l o f Social Sciences, Economics Department, Un i versity of Cal iforniaI rvine; D r David J. Forke n brock Urban a nd Regi onal Plan n ing Department, University of Iowa; Mr. Jack R Gilstrap fonner Executive Vice Pres i dent. American Pub l i c Transit Association ; D r. Jose A. Gomez-Ibanez, Bok Professor of Public Pol icy and Urban Planni ng, Kennedy School of Government Harvard University; Dr. Naomi W. Lede Executive D irector Center for Transportation Training & Research, Texas Southern University; Mr. William W. Millar Executive D i rector Port Authority of Al legh eny Cou nty; D r Sandra Rosenbloom Director, The Roy P. Drachman lnstrtute Univers ity of Arizona; Mr. Lawrence L. Sc hu l man, former Associate Administrator for Techn ica l Ass i sta nce & Safety Federal Transit Admin istrati on; and Dr. George Smerk, Directo r, I n s titu te for Urban Transportat i on, Ind iana Univers i ty NU T I 4USF-3 Afr i can-American Review prov ided by sympos i u m Steering Committee : Mobility Sympos iu m IV (AAMS IV) Comm is sioner Arthur Kennedy, wade Lawson, Bill McClou d, Marion Hart, Gloria Jeff, Dr. Frank Enty, Dr. WJight, Dr. Sylvan Jolibols, Cecil W. Bond, Joel Vol inski Deborah Price, Lee Johnson, D r Rosa lyn Simon. Lee Davis. Dr. Shar on Ransome Smlth, Gayle Ho l i day, Joyce John son, Gwendolynmary Simpson Ed Thomas, C la u de Barnes, Brian Jackson Alyce Boyd Stewart, Frank l i n 'Mli te Gwe n Cooper Gary Brosch, Dr. Ilene Payne, Dr. Tom 'Mlitney, S ha r o n Banks, Raymond Flood, Joyce Latson $heron Bellamy NUTI4-USF-4 NPTS Trave l Data It is anticipated that a review committee o f six persons will be Analys i s uti l i zed : two persons from CUTR two persons from the transit industry, and two persons with expertise i n analysis of travel behavior and/or NPTS data. Proposed externa l peer members incl ude Purvis, Susan Liss Da!Win stuart, a nd a representative from FT A .. Th e National Urban Transit I nstitute 59


TABLE 1-4, YEAR FOUR PEER REVIEW PANELS Project Peer Reviewers NUT14-USF 5 Opportunities for the A panel has been assembled consisting of Challie Hood, Coordination of General Public Director of the Student Transportation Management Section Tansit and School Bus of the Florida Department of Education; Mr. Ron Kin ney, Transportation Supervisor of School Transportation California Dept. of Education; Dan Boy l e, Princ i pal, Transportation Management and Design; and M i ke York, Director of P l anning, Greater Cleve l and Regi ona l Transit Authority. NUTI4 USF-6 Perspectives on the I n ternal review coupled with interviews Future of Public NUTI4-USF-7 ADA Service Possible peer reviewers include : R u ssell Thatcher of Criteria : Best Practices for Muttisystems, larry Harman of LJH Consulting (both Complying with Paratransit System Thatcher and Harman are M:JA plan reviewers) Roy lave of Capacity Requirements SYSTAN Dav i d Koffman of Crain & Assoc i ates Sandra Rosenbloom of the University of Arizona Sharon Smith of Project ACTION, and Jo A n n Hutchi n son of the Florida Commiss ion for the Transportation Disadvantaged NUTI4-USF-8 Public Involvement The follow ing individuals have been contacted and have Handbook for Tra n sit Agenc i es agreed to provide peer oversig h t for this effort: Neil Denno, Asst Director, Naoonal Transillnsti tute (Rutgers University); Rob Gregg Director of Planning lYNX (Orlando, Florida); Steve Lee, Director, Nationa l Institute for Dispute Resolution (Washington D.C ); Joe Ossi, Office of Planning, Federal Administration (Washington D C ); 'Wlll i am Potapchuk, Director. Program for Community Problem Solving (Washington D.C.); Joel Deputy D i rector for Center for Urban Transportation Research (University of South Florida). NUTI4-USF-9 Modeling Transit The following in d ividuals have been identified at this time: Capt i ve and Choice Rider Behavior Mr. Ike Ubaka P u blic Office, Florida Department of Tra n sportation: Mr. Bob McCullough, Systems Planning Florida Depar1mentofTran sportation : Mr. \M i son Fernandez Metro-Dade Authority; Mr. Frank Baron, Metro-Dade County Miami Urban i zed MPO; Mr Lawton Port l and Metro Transportation Dr. Murthy Bondada, MidAUantic Trans p ortation Engineers, Tampa; Dr. Eric t. Pas Professor in Civil & Environmental Engineering, Ouke University; Dr. Ryulchi Kitamura Professor i n Civ i l & Environme n ta l Engineering. Kyoto University; Ms. Elaine Murakam i F ederal Highway Admin i strat ion The National Urban Institute 60


TABLE 1-5, YEAR FIVE PEER REVIEW PANELS Project PHr Reviewers NUTIS-FAMU-1 M i nority Mobi lity To be determined SymposiumV NUTISFAMU-2 Public Tran sit And To be determined. Wel fare-lo-Wor k : Explo ratory Research And Assessmenl of a Clearingho use For The Dissemination of Welfare T<>-Work Info rmation NUTJS-FAMU-3 Linking Marlin Brow n Assistant Chief, Tra n sportal ion P l ann i ng of Transportation Modeling Software the Tallahassee-Leon County Planning Department ; V idya IMih Geographic Information Mysore, Florida Department of T ransportation Transft Office ; Systems A Synthesis o f The State Glenn Robinson, a leader in the development of a of The Practice "Integrated Travel Demand Based ISTEA Management Sys tem" for th e Michiga n Department of Transportation: Additional nat ional peers will be soughl NUTI5-FAMU-4 To be determi n ed T o be determined. NUTI5-F IU 1 At-Grade B u sway Mr. Ren e Rodriguez, Publ i c Transportation Manage r; David Planning Guide Henderson Pedestrian a n d Bicycle Coordinator, at Florida Department o f Transportation District VI; and Jeffrey M. Hunter, Pedestrain a nd Bicycle Coord i nator at Metr<>-Dade Metropolitan Planning Organization will provide i nput and oversight for the project NUTIS FSU 1 Continuation of the Frank Cihak, Acting Di r ector, APTA Public Relations and Promotiona l Materials Communications ; Debbie Alexander Chair, APTA Marketing Clearinghouse and Communications S t eering Committee: Thomas J. Costello Chair, Champaig n-Urba na Mass Transft Districl; Jean laderosa Chat ham County Area Transit, Savannah GA; Mark Dorfman, Santa Cruz Metropolitan Transit D istric t, Santa Cruz CA; J udy Lewellen Space Coast Area Transit, Breva rd Co un ty, FL; Phillip Winte rs Center fo r Urban T ransportation Resea r ch, University of South Florida ; Perry Maull, Gainesville Regiona l Tran sit Syslem, Gainesville, FL; Paul Rothenberg Taltran, Tallahassee, FL. NUTI5-FSU-2 Traini n g Guide and Terry McKinley, Chief of Special Projects MetroDad e Trai)Sit Educational Traini ng Workshops Agency, M iami Florida ; Dr. Ron Maurey Volpe Nationa l on Economi c Impact Assessment Transportation Research Center, Cambrid ge, Methods for Publi c Transit Massachusetts ; Representative to be named later from AP T A FTA, or other approp ria te entity. NUTI5-USF1 Program Administrative review will be i nterna l to CUTR. Adm inistration V Th e National Urban Transit Institute 61


ANNUAL PLAN ACTIVITIES TABLE YEAR FIVE PEER REVIEW PANELS Project Peer Reviewers NUTI5-USF-2 Case Studies of The panel will be comprised of transn managers and NUn Creative Transit Agencies researchers To be determined. NUTI5-USF 3 Foru m for Assess ing Board: Dr. Robert B Cervero Ph.D Pro fessor the I mplica t ions of ISTEA Department of City and Regional P l anning, University of Reau t horization on P u blic T ransit Cal i forn i a ; Mr Chester"Ed Colby, Executive Director MetroDade Agency; Mr. Gordon (Pete) F ielding Professor School of Social Sciences Economics Department Univers ity of California-Irvine; Dr. David J Forl

ANNUAL PLAN ACTIVITIES STATUS Objective 11.2: Monitor the progress of each research effort. Action Item 11. 2.a: Monitor progress by complying with the contract reporting requirements and taking corrective actions where progress is not consistent with the work p l an NUTI has completed the required progress reporting activi ti es. The mechanism for information and th e format for reporting progress has evolved during the past several quarters in response to feedback and e xperience in preparing the progress reports Changes have included modify i ng the reporting format to i nclude bOth estimated and actuar spending to reflect the facts that there are significant lags between when expenses occur and when they are officially posted to the account. We have also modified the Operational Report to focus on goal a n d objective attainment. Additional changes are being considered to increase th e extent of oversight provided to individual P ri ncipa l Investigators Objective 11.3: Produce outstanding research results that e ffectively communicate the findings in a manner appropriate for the various audiences that might be n efit from such information. Action Item 11. 3.a: Develop guidelines for Institute documents that facilitate quality products (style guide l i n es). NUTI has developed guidelines for te<:hni cal documents produced by the National Urban Transit I nstitute. The instructions were included i n the F irst Annual Report. They provide direction to ensure compliance with RSPA guidance and will provide some degree of commonality of report formats More detailed specification was avoided to enable each P I to utilize the software and style characteristics that they a r e most familiar with. The technical reports also share the standardized NUTI cover. NUT! has not specified fo rmat for other types of products as these are best designed to meet the in d ividual needs of the target aud i ence. Action Item 11.3.b: Establish and imp l eme n t a procedure for product rev iew to insure quality products Projects i nvolve product review activities as designed and determined by the individual p rincipal i nvestigators Table series 2 shows planned review activities for the respective years. Goal Ill -T!(;hnology Transfer; Make resea rch results available to potential users in a fonm th a t can be directly implemented, utilized or otherwise applied Objective 111.1: Include i n each research project proposal and work plan a n eleme n t that addresses how technology tra n sfer will occur for the project -The National Urban Transit Institute63


TABLE YEAR TH REE REV IEW ACTMTIES Project Review Activities NU T I3-FAMU-1 The Chur ch: An Rev iewed draft report fo r add it i ons, voids in resea rch and A l ternative Urba n Transportation other revisions The committee addressed t h e survey Amenity i n strument and methodo l ogy and recommended changes N UT13-FAMU 2 Eva l u ation of The n umber o f peer review pane l members was i ncreased. Mass T r ansit on Environmenta l Reviewed data collectio n i n struments and rev i sed d r aft Equity and Justice r eport. NUi\3-F AMU 3 An Assessment Assigned additional peer review panelist. Review draft of t h e Relat i o n s hi p between t h e report. Tel ecommut i ng Popul ation and P ub lic TransportatiOn Managers NUTI3-FSU 1 Stormwater Review final report. Management Manual for Pub l i c Transit Maintenance Fac il ities NUTI3 FSU-4 Nich e Marke ti ng : Review fi nal report. Opportuniti e s for I ncreas i ng Short and Long -Tenm T r ansh R i dership NUT13-USF-1 Project Conduct Year Five Work P r ogram sel ection p r ocess Admi n istration NUT13USF 2 Journal of Publ i c Papers are sent to reviewers as received. Transportation NUTI3 -USF3 African American Steering committee meetings guided overall program Mobil i ty Symposiu m Ill Ind i vidual papers were reviewed NUTI3-USF-5 L essons L earned in Fi n a l draft report was reviewed by review panel. Transit Savings EfficiencieS and Revenue Generation -The National Urban Transit Insti tute64


ANNUALPLANACTnnnrnSSTATUS TABLE 2-3, YEAR THREE REVIEW ACTIVITIES Project Review Aetlvllle$ NUTI3-USF-6 Geographic I nternal review of p r oceedings. Reviewers include Patricia Information Systems as a Tool for Henderson Gary Brosch and Dr. Ron Sheek Examining Environmental Equity Issues in Publ i c Transportation The National Urban Transit Institute. 65


TABLE 2-4, YEAR FOUR REVIEW ACTIVmES Project Review Activi ties NUTI4-FAMU-1 Safety Concerns Contract pending In and Around A Transit System and Their Impact on Ridership NUTI4-FAMU-2 A Policy-Based Conttact pending Tansit Risk Management Strategy NUTI 4-FAMU-3 Minority Use of Conltact pending Special Needs Transportation Systems NUT14-FAMU-4 African-American Activities reviewed as part of overall steering committee Mobility Symposium (AAMS IV) review function NUTI4-FAMU-5 Pending Proposal pending NUTI4-FIU-1 At Grade Busway Draft report was reviewed by review paneL Study NUTt4-FIU-2 Analysis of Strategies Draft report was reviewed by review paneL and Programs of the u.s. Transit Agencies to Enhance Transit Security NUTI4-FIU-3 Data Requirements Draft report was reviewed by review panel. and Data Sources for Transit GIS Applications NUTt4-FSU-1 FIMAT-New To be determined Technology for Interactive Transit User Informa tion Systems NUTt4-FSU-2 FtMAT -continuation A planned review of a solicitation letter and a review of a & Expansion of the Promotional survey measuring public transifs use of the INTERNET as a Materials Clearinghouse malketing tool has begun. Review Marketing Plan Template developed by Dr. Tomas Hull pending final review by Clearinghouse's in-house staff. NUTI4-FSU-3 Customer Service: Review draft report Enhancing Consumer Awareness and Perceptions of Public Transit Services Providers NUTt4-FSU-4 Energy and To be determined. Environmental Performance of Existing and Emerging Public Transportation TeChnologies -The National Urban Transit Institute-66


ANNUAL PLAN ACTIVITffiS STATUS TABLE 2-4, YEAR FOUR REVIEW ACTMTIES Project Review Activities NUTI4-USF-1 Project Int ernal re view is provided Administration IV NUT14-USF-2 Journa l of Public Individua l articles are reviewed by three reviewers selected Transportat i on IV based on their expertise in the subject area Revie wed papers as submitted with recommendat io ns on p ub l ish in g. NUTI4USF-3 African-Amer i can Gui dance by Steering Comm i ttee. Internal review of Mobility Symposium IV (AAMS IV) p roceedings Rev i ewers incl ude Pa t ricia Henderson and Gary Brosch NUTI4-USF-4 NPTS Travel Data Review will be provided by FHWA, two persons with transit Analysis industry experience and two persons with NPTS analysis e xperience NUTI4-USF-5 Opportunities for the Draft technical report to be reviewed. Coordination of General Public Tans it and School Bus Tra nsportation NUT14-USF-5 Opportunities for the Review of draft deliverables wi ll be provided by se le cted Coordination of Genera l Public review team. Transit a n d Schoo l Bus Transportat io n NUT14-U SF-6 Perspectives on the I nterview questio ns will be reviewed by a review team Future of Publi c Transportatio n composed of three as yet, undetermine d transportation industry experts. NUT14-USF-7 ADA Service Review of draft deliverables will be provided by selec ted Criteria: Best Practi c es for review team. Complying with Paratransit System Capacity Requirements NUT I 4 USF 8 Publ i c Involvemen t To be determined. Handbook for Tra nsi t Age ncies NUT14USF-9 Model ing Transit To be determined. Capti v e and Choice Rider Behavior The National Urban Trans it I n stitute -67


TABLE 2-5, YEAR FIVE PLANNED REVIEW ACTIVmES Project P lanned Review Activities NUTIS FAMU-1 Minority Mobil ity Steering committee w i ll guide Symposium development Symposium V NUTIS-FAMU-2 Public Transit And Oversight will be provided by CUTR faculty and consultation Welfare-to-Work : Exploratory with FTA Research And Assessment of a Cle aringhouse For The Dissemination of Welfare-To-Work I nforrnation NUTIS-FAMU-3 Unking Planned review of draft documents Transportation Modeling Software With Geographic Information Systems A Synthesis of The State of The Practice NUTIS-FIU-1 At-Grade Busway Planned review of draft documents Planning Guide NUTI S-FSU1 Continuation of the Planned review of draft documents. Promotional Materials Clearingho use NUTIS-FSU-2 Training Gu ide and Planned review of draft docu ments Educationa l Training Workshops on Economic Impact Assessment Methods for Publ i c Transit NUTIS-USF 1 Program Internal review of deliverables. Admi nistration V NUTIS-USF-2 Case Studies of Planned review of draft docu ments. Creative Transit Agencies NU T I5-USF-3 Forum for Assessing Participan t s will review forum agenda the Implications of I STEA Reauthorization on Public NUTIS-USF-4 NPTS Guidebook for Review and comment on study design deliverables, and Transit Economic Impact Studies proposed technology transfer activities. Review draft documents NUTI S-US F-5 Second National Steering C ommi ttee w i ll guide program developme nt. Conference on GIS in Transrt -The National Urban Transit Institute -68


ACTIVITIES STATUS TABLE 2-5, YEAR FIVE PLANNED REVIEW ACTIVITIES Projeet Planned Review Activities NUTI5-USF-6 Public Transit and Overs i g h t will be provided by CUTR faculty a n d consultation Welfare -T o-Work: Explora lOI)I with FTA. Research NUT15-USF-7 Minority Mobility Overall gu i dance by Steering Committee I nternal review of Symposium proceedi n gs. Reviewers include Patr i cia Henderson and Gary Brosch. Action Item 111.1.a: Include in the proposal format, evaluation cliteria and the work plan, i nfonnation on how technology transfer activities will be handled. In order to explicitly respond to this action item, the project abst racts for NUTI projects address planned technology transfer. In some cases this can be done in advance as the expectat i ons of the r esea rch and the products are well known. In other cases it i s not clear at the outset what the findings will be and how they can best be disseminated. In any case, the fuR extent of dissemination will not be known until well after the conduct of the researc h. This is partic ul arly true i n cases where the findings may be the basis for profess io nal publicabo n in multiple foru ms or where inf o rmation may be subsequenUy ut i lized i n teachi n g or future rese a rch efforts Techno l ogy transfe r i s reported on in the quarterly reports. Action Item 111.1. b: Carry out one or more of the fol lowing techno lo gy t ransfer activities as appropriate for the spec ific research project: Write, publ i s h and p resen t papers at conferences seminars and workshops ; Sponsor faculty conferences work sho ps and seminars for o uts ide univer s ity faculties ; Conduct facul ty excha nges a n d i nt elle ct ual in tercha nge ; Provide workshops and seminars for faculty and students; Cond uct confe rences, workshops and sem i nars for local state and federa l officials, i ndustry and transportation practitioners; Ublize computer networks software exchanges, electron i c media comm uni cations and lectures to dissem i nate i nformation; Utilize visito r programs at Institute faci l it i es; Distribute technical r eports, provide technica l assistance, conduct tec hni cal outreach programs; Prov i de bibliographies for fellow researchers and practitioners ; Provide a u diovisua l packages and othe r atypical medium materials wihere appropriate; Utiliz e establis hed networks for electronic and paper product distribution; U ti l ize newsletters annual reports, bulletins, and monographs for dissemination of information; Utilize local and n ational news media for informabon dissem inabon ; Utilize personnel exchanges with i ndustry and with l ocal, State, and Fede r a l agencies where applicable; Utilize the inte rnet for dissemination of r esults. -The Nabonal Urban Transit Instit ute69


Document evidence of application, implementation, or use of research results by transportation practitioners or other users. Tables series 3 itemizes currently planned or already completed or underway technology trans fer activities. Items are added to the list as plans are finalized and materials considered lor publication. Objective 111.2: Mo n itor achievement of the technology transfer goal at the project level. Action Item 111.2.a: Itemize the attainment of technology transfer goals on a project level basis and contrast actions with work program intentions. Tables 3-3 through 3 5 track plans and actions. Tables lor earlier years' technology transfer tracking are In prior year reports. ObJective 111.3: Develop and produce The Journal of Public Transportation. Action Item 111.3.a: Implement the Journal plan inc luding a target audience, editorial board, marketing strategy, schedules. etc. Prior reports i ncluded the package of materials sent to the editorial board candidates describing the plan for the Joumal. It covers the intended market, format processes etc. The operational status table reports on current progress of the Journal The Natio na l Urban Transtt Institute 70


ANNUAL PLAN TABLE 3-3, YEAR THREE TECHN O LOGY TRAN SFER A CTIVITIES Project Technology Transfer Activities NUT13FAMU The Church: An Alternat ive Urban Transportat ion TRB p resentatio n i n January 1998 Amenity NUTI3..fAMU-2 Eva l uation of Mass To be determined T ransit on E n v i ronmental Equity and Justice NUT13FAMU An Assessment of To be determ i ned t h e Rel atio n sh i p Between the Tel ecomm ut i n g Population and Public Tra n sportatio n Managers NUTI3FIU Application of A paper has been pre s ented at the 1997 Annua l Meet i ng of Geogra phic I nformation System the Transportat i on Research Board, Janu ary 13-16, 1997, for P u blic Trans i t M anagement Wash ington D .C. I t will also be publishe d i n the Transportation Research Record A second paper was presented at the GIS. T '97 conference held in Greensboro Nort h Caro l i n a, M arc h 24, 1997 A pape r was also pu b lished i n the conference proceed i ngs of the American Society for Civil Engineers Fifth Computing in C i vil E n gineering Congress. NUT I 3FIU Workshop on Proceedings h ave been p r oduced and d i stributed. Emerging Fare Collec t ion Technologies in Mas s Transit NUTt3-FIU-3 I mpleme n tation A tec h nica l pape r was prese nt ed at the American Society I ssues of Au t omatic Vehicle of Civi l Engineering South Florida Section Ann ual Meeting Location Systems in Urban and held in West Pa l m Beach Florida in September 1996. R ural Areas: Implicat ions of Th e paper was also pub li shed in the proceedings of the Different Physical and Social meeting C h aracterist ics NUTI3FSU Stormwa ter Copjes of the final report will be submitted t o : ASCE Journal Managemen t Manua l for Public of Environmenta l Eng i neering. Transportation Research Transft Maintenance Faci l ities Board Florida the new CUTR Journa l of Public Transportation a n d other j ourna l s to be determ i ned. Part of the i nformation obtained from this r esearch was presented a t the AFYWA Florida Chapter Annua l Mee ti ng in M a y 1996 and t h e Transportation Re s earch Board Annua l meeting i n January 1997 Copies of th e manual will a lso be sent to the F l orida Transit propert ies The National Urba n Transit Institute 71


TABLE 3-3 YEAR THRE E T E C HN O LOGY TRAN SFE R ACllVITIES Project Technology Transf e r Activities NUT13-FSU-2 The Impact of P res e nted at the American Society of Plann i ng Colleges Supply o n t h e Labor Force Ann ual Meeting November, 1997 Participation Rate o f Young Blac k Ma les a n d other at-Risk Groups NUT13-FSU-3 FIMAT-Staff plan to attend national conferences Promotional Materia l s inCluding A P TA Nationa l and the ACT N atio na l Confe rence Clearingh o use each o f w hich provide the to b r oaden the level of participation by tran s it marketing professiona ls. APT A sent out a letter t o at\ transit properties informing them of t h e C l earinghouse Artic l e was drafted for submiss io n to Passenger Transport as well as the Assoc iation for Commuter Transportation's TDM Review NUT13-FSU-4 Niche Marketing: To be de l erm i ned. Opportunities for Increas ing Short and Lon g -Term Ridershi p N UT13-USF-1 Project NVTI program p u blic ity w ill be sough t through enhanced Administration techn ol ogy tra n sfer act i vities. NUTI3.USF-2 Journa l of Public Distributed Call for Papers at meetings, i n mai l a nd in Tran s porta tion newsl e tters ; added i nformation to the C UTR home page/websit e regarding the journal (http://www.cutr.eng.usf edu) The first iss u e of t h e Journal was s h owcased a n d d i strib ut ed a t the Octobe r 1 996 APTA mee t i n g and th e Octobe r 1996 Transportation Educat ion Conference and will be d istributed at TRB in January 1997. Second issue was publ i shed i n February 1 9 97, the th ird issue in Jul y 1997 Subscriptions total more than 1000 N UT I3-USF -3 African-American The sympo s ium i s a techno l ogy transfer activity. Newsletter M obi lity Symposium Ill articles highl i ghted key i ssues. In additi on, CUTR developed an African-American Symposi u m h o me pa g elwebsrte that i nc l u ded th e proceedi ngs and other i nformatio n from t h e sym p osiu m NUTI3-USF-4 T i ming A paper a ddressing thi s topic has b een accepted tor Con s i d e rati ons i n P l anning Major publication i n TRB and made a vailable at th e 1 996 TRB Transrt I nvestme n t Projects annua l mee t ings as TRB Pre prlnts 96066 9. A paper has been drafted for submission to the Joumal of Transportation for p ublication. A c opy o f th e paper was requested by a nd sent to M r Eric Trombley a t MTA New Yor k Tra n sit. An article has been accepted f o r p ublication Tran s portation R e search. Approxima t ely 30 copies of the report have been sent t o selected individual s The report is ava i lable on the CUT RINUTI Web s ite The National Urb a n Tra nsi t Inst i t ute-72


ANNUAL PLAN ACTIVITIES STATUS TABLE 3 3, YEAR THREE TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER ACTIVITIES Project Technology Transfer Activities NUT13-USF-5 Lessons Learned in A technical report has been completed. The majority of lhe Transit Savings, Efficiencies, and disbibution of the results will be carried out via the Internet. Revenue Generation Subsequent artiele(s) andlor paper(s) are anticipated a long with presentation at conference(s) with national scope Presentations of the research findings were shared with lhe industry at the APTA Annual Conference in October 1996 as well as the Florida Transit Association Annual Conference i n November 1996. A summary description of the report was included in lhe CUTRLines newsletter The American Publ ic Association included a presentation of the findings of the report at the BusT echnology, Operations, & Management Conference held in Miami in May 1997. FTA is distributing the final report and is available on the CUTRINUTI Web site Geographic Include presentation of findings at various Information Systems as a Tool for forums/conferences and summary a rticles in i ndustry Examining Environmenta l Equity journals. Issues i n Public Transportation The National Urban Transit Institute 73


ANNUAL PLAN ACTIVITIES TABLE 3-4, YEAR FOUR TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER ACTIVIT IES Project Technology Transfe. r Activities NUTI4-F AMU-1 Safety Concerns F i ndings will be presented at appropriate conferences at both In and Around A Tran sit System state and na t ional levels and Their Impact on Ridership NUT14-FAMU-2 A Policy-Based To be determined. Tansit Risk Management Str ategy NUT14-FAMU-3 Minority Use of The of this researCh will be pub l ished In professional Specia l Needs Transportation joumal s and presented at professional meet i ngs. Systems NUTI4-FAMU-4 African American The symposium itseij, the FEEDS fink v ideo, the Wide Mobility Symposium (AAMS IV) Webs it e press releases artic l es, presentat i ons and proceed i ngs all will serve as means of teChnology tran sfer NUT14-FAMU-5 Pending To be determined NUTI4-F I U-1 At Grade Busway The results of t he project will be at the 78th Study Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting and t h e Annual Meeting of the Ins t itute of T r ansportatio n Engi n eers. Presentations will alsO be made at other national or local conferences. Technica l papers will be published in profess i onal journals NUTI4-FIU-2 A n alyses of The find i ngs of th i s research will be published in professional Strateg ies and Programs of the journals and presented at the Institute of Transportation U.S. Transit Agencies t o Enha nce Engi neers (ITE) and Tran s portation ResearCh Board (TRB) Trans i t Security annual meetings A paper entitled Security and Strategies to Deter Transit Crime in Transit Properties/Vehicles and Surrounding Areas was submitted for presentation and publ ication for the 1998 TRB NUTI4-FIU Data Requ i rements The results of the project will be reported at the 1998 and Data Sour ces for Transit GIS Transportatio n Research Board a n nual meeting and APTA Applications ann ua l meeting. Presentations will a lso be made at other national o r loca l confe r ences. Techn i cal papers w i ll be published in professional joumals. NUTI4 FSU-1 FIMAT-New Survey/Interview participants will be given copies of the T eehnology for Interactive Transit reports Eva l uate transit i nformation delivery systems usi ng User In f ormation Systems Task Three crneria by trans i t industry representatives The fina l report w ill document and catalogue current information delivery systems The Nationa l Urban Trans i t Institute74


ANNUAL PLAN ACTIVITIE S STATUS TABLE 3-4, YEAR FOUR TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER ACTIVmES Pro ject Tec h nology Tranllfe r Activities NUTI 4 -FSU-2 FIMAT -Continuation Activities include ongoi n g sol i citation for i nformation and data & Expansion of the Promotional from national sources of a quarterly news l etter, access to and Materia l s Clea rin ghouse d i str i bution of information and resources t hrough t h e FIMAT wor1d wide web server; A sess ion was presented on Transit Marl(eting on the Internet at APT A's 1997 Bus Opera tion, Technology and Management Conference in May. Presentations were presented at the AP T A Bus Operations trechno l ogy and Management Conference May 4-7 1997, Miami; Southeastern Chapter of the Assoc i ation for Commuter Tra n sportation Annual Meeting March 1997; the 1 997 American Public Transn Assoc iati on Annual Meeting in Ch i cago. NUTI4-FSU 3 Customer Service: The completed report will be made ava i lab l e to pub l i c tra n sit Enhancing Consumer Awareness mangers through FIMA T. In add i tio n the res ults of the project and Percept i ons of Publi c Transit shall be prepared for submission to such aca d em i c j ourna l s Services P r oviders as the Journal of Public Transportation A presentatio n sha ll also be prepared for such conferences as the APTA Annual Transit Management Conference t he Annual ACT Conference, or the annual SEACT meet i ngs. NUTI4 FSU-4 Energy and Project researc h ers anticipate deve l opment of two Environmental Performance of pu blications a n d the foundation for development of a poss i b l e Exist ing and Emerging Pub lic book. The resu l ts o f this research was presented at the Transportation Techno l ogies Transportation Research Board Conference i n January 1998 and will also be submitted for presentatio n at a number of o ther professional forums (inc ludin g t he Northeast Sustainable E n ergy Associat i on Susta i nable Transportation Conference) Dr. Lynch was flown to Boca Raton. F l ori d a and fi lmed for a forth-romlng docume n tary scheduled t o be shown on National Public Te l evision on December 12 or 13, 1997, w i t h spec i a l attention on t h e environmental transportat i on; energy and economic benefits of us ing electric cars in place of conventionally powered internal combustio n eng ine automobiles for urban transport NUTI4-USF-1 Project As overa ll project admin i strator CUTR provides additiona l Adm i nistrat i on IV dissemination and pr omotion of NUTI materials through the dissemination of CUTR materia l s NUTI4U SF-2 Journa l of Public The Journal of Public Transportation is primarily a technology Transportation IV transfer activity -The Nationa l Urban Trans i t I n s t itute 7 5


TABLE 3-4, YEAR FOUR TECHNOLOGY TRA NSFER ACTIVIT IES Projec t Tec hnology Transfe r Activities NUT14-USF 3 African-American The symposium is a technology transfer activity Newsletter Mobility Symposium IV (AAMS IV) articles will high l ight key issues CUTR has developed an A f rican -Ame rican Mobility Symposium home page/Webstte The proceedings and other information from the sympos i um will be added to the Web page inc l uding portio n s of the symposium tha t was video prod u ced for telev i sed view i ng by The Tampa Education C h anne l and CSpan. Information provided during the 1997 symposium and from previous symposiums will serve as the basis for a national clearing house on transportation topics that relate to AfricanAmericans and other minorities NUTI4-USF-4 NPTS Trave l Data The two reports coming out of th i s project will be d i stribu t ed Anal ysis w i dely wtth the expectations that othe r forums will wan t to reproduce all or parts of the i n formatio n for national distribution. Also, it is anticipated that artic l es, papers and/or presentations based on the resu lts of this projeCt will be comple t ed for various forums such as the American Pub li c Transft Association and the Transportation Research Board among others In addition tt i s expected that at l east some of the more i n teresting and important findings will also be d i sseminated v i a the Internet to promote more w idespread availabi l ity of this research. The as-yet-to-be-determ i ned Internet presence can possibly range from a simp l e hoHin k accessible via CUTR's current website to full e l ectro nic access to the p r oject reports at a website of nat i o nal significance and accessibi l ity ( i .e USDOTIFTA TRB APTA, e t c .) NUT1 4-USF-5 Opport u nities for the The fina l report wiB be distributed to the state departments of Coordi n ation of General Publ i c educat ion, transit agenc i es MPOs, school district stude n t Tansit and School Bus transportation personnel, local school boards, and state Transportalion departments of transportatio n It would also be appropriate to present the results at the an n ua l meetings of TRB and APT A. In addition, the results w i ll be made avai labl e t h rough N TIS A paper will be subm i tted to one of the various scholarly transportat i on-related jo u rnals: Transportation Quarterly Transportation Research Record or the Journal of Public Transportation. In addition vario u s othe r pub l ications w i ll be targeted such as Transportation Research Board Newsline The Urban Transportalion Monitor, CUTRiines newsletter School Transportation News, School Bus Fleet and others Finally, an executive summary detailing fi ndings fro m t h e fi na l report will be pubfished on the Internet as part of CUT R's W or I d W i d e Web page (http://www.eng.usf edu/CUTR/cutrhome.html). -The National U r ban Transit l nstrtute-76


TABLE 3-4, YEAR FOU R TE C H N O L OGY TRAN SFER A CT IVITI E S Projec t Technology Transfer Activities NUTI4 USF-6 Perspectives on the To produce summary papers o r presentati o ns th a t woul d be Future of P u blic Tran s portation a n i nt e rest for APTA TRB, APA, ITE o r other t ransportation forums NUTI4-USF-7 ADA Service Prel i minary p r esentations was made at committee meeti ngs Criteria: Bes t Practices for at the TRB An n ual Meetin g in 1997 (Committee on Comp l ying with Paratransit System Paratra n s it, Committee on Accessi b le Transportation & capacity Req ui rements Mobi lity) Addrt ional presentat i ons are p lann ed for state conferences h eld by the F l orida Commissio n for the Transportation D i sadva n taged and Florida Tran s i t Association. Fina l res u lts will be offered for presentation at a TRB Annual Meet i ng An arti cle was in c l uded i n Communique, the TRB Committee on Paratransrt newsletter. The fina l report also will be made availa ble in hard copy a n d throu gh CU T R's Wide Web srte A proposal will be submitted i n response to the T RB. Annual M eeti n g Call for Papers NUTI4USF-8 Public I nvolvement T h e p u b lic i n volvement handbook will be put on the Bureau Han dbook for Transit Agencies of Tra n sportation S tatistics w eb site, 700 copies will be p ri nt ed and mai led to sel ecled transit a gencies a n d oth e rs upo n request. Notices o f the availabil ity o f the handbook will be i n c l uded in CUTR i ines and other relevant newsletters a n d publica t ions The principal i nvestigators will publish key finding s in a national publ ication and make a m i n imum of one presen t ation at a national confer ence. N UTI 4 -USF-9 Model i ng Trans i t The final r eport w ill be widel y dis tributed t o transit a g encies Captive a nd C h oice Ride r Behav ior un ivers ity libraries f edera l and state departments of transportation, a n d metropolitan planni n g organizat i ons around the coun try; a pape r for p r esentation will be submitted to Trans po rtation Researc h Board and local m ee tings such as the Florida Section ITE Meeting and s u bmitted for publicat ion in a joomal such as the Journal of Public Transportation The N ational Urban Transit Insti t ute 77


TABLE 3-S, YEAR FIVE PLANNED TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER ACTIVITIES Project Planned Technology Transfer Ac:tivitles NUTIS.FAMU-1 M inority Mobil ity The symposium itsel f, FEEDS fink. videos, tile World Wide SymposiumV Web site, press releases. articles. presentat ions a nd proceedings all will serve as means of technology transfer In addition copies of the proceedings remain available. NUT15 -FA MU-2 Public Transit And To be determined. Welfare-to-Work: Exploratory Research And Assessment of a Clearinghouse For The Dissemination of Welfare-To-Work Information NUTIS-FAMU-3 Linking Audio-visual materials will be developed. Presentations will Transportation Modeling Software be made at appropriate forums such as transportation With Geographic Information relat ed conferences A te c hn ical paper will be writte n for Systems A Synthesis o f The State publishing i n a ;oumal. of The Practice NUT15-FAMU-4 To be determined To be determined. NUTI5-FIU-1 At-Grade Busway A presentation will be made at the 1999 Transportation Planning Guide Research Board Annual Meeting, the Annual Mee t ing of the Institute ofTransportation Engineers, and other nationa l and local conferences. Techn ical papers will be published i n professional journa ls The report will be pub l ished by the Lehman Center tor Transportation Research on Its Web site. The possibility of distributing more copies of the report through the Federal Transtt Administration and Nationa l Transportati o n Information Services will be explored NUTIS.FSU-1 Continuation of the The Clearinghouse's Web site will serve as a pri mary Promotio na l Materials distribution device. Ongo i ng correspondence will continue Clearinghouse wtth APTA and the Association fo r Commuter Transportation (ACT) as a means of relaying new i nformatio n, development of a list serve to wtlictl transit professionals can subscribe and heighten communication with their peers. Staff a nd faculty assigned to this project have been to speak at numerous conferences and workshops throughout the year to discuss the implications of using the World Wide Web as a marketing tool. Also, APT A has agreed to place an article about the C learing house into Its publication Passenger Transport The Nationa l Urban Transtt Institute78


TABLE 3-5, YEAR FIVE PLANNED TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER ACTIVITIES Project Planned Technology Transfer Activities NUTI5-FSU-2 Train i ng Guide and The research results will be submitted for presentation i n Educationa l Training Workshops professional forums, academic community and transtt on Economic Impact Assessmen t professions lor their consi deration and use as appropriate Methods lor Public Transit Authors intend to offer the conclusions of this research on the Internet lor public use and the conclusions will be available for course development i n transportation graduate program classes taught by the authors or other interested faculty. The sum total of these activities will resun in considerable technology transfer of the conclusions of this research. NUTI5-USF-1 Program This project is responsible lor the management of the NUTI Administration v research projects. Technology T ransfer is irrelevant. As an overall project administrator, CUTR prov ides add iti onal dissemination and promotion of NUTI materials through the d i ssemination of CUTR materials. D i ssemination via the World Wide Web wm be explored thi s year NUTI5-USF-2 Case Studies of The final report wil l be made available to all transit agencies Creative Transit Agencies in the nation, and made available through the CUTR Web Presentations will be made at state and national transit conferences. Summaries of the report will be provided for inclusion i n various transit industry publications (e.g Passenger Transport, The Journal of Public Transportation Metro, Mass Transit, Bus Ride, etc.). A video conference telev i sed through CUTR's facilities i n which the representatives act as a panel to discuss and provide insights on the various creative techn i ques used at their trans it systems is also being considered NUTI5-USF-3 Forum for Assessing This teleconference is primarily a technology transfer the Implications of ISTEA Reauthorization on Public Transtt NUTI5-USF-4 NPTS Guidebook lor Wide of the guidebook will be accessible through Transij Economic Impact Studies the i nternet and lhrough the Federal Transit Administration, presentations at nationa l conferences publication of art icles in journals on transportation or social seNioes and promotional activities by members of the review committee. -The National Urban Transit Institute 79


TABLE 3-5, YEAR FIVE PLANNED TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER ACTIVITIES Project Planned Technology Transfer Activities NUT15USF Second National Conference Proceedings will be pubti$hed and distributed to Conference on GIS in Transit al l attendees and made available to other interested parties. Audio tape recon!ings of the Conference will be considered. Presentations of conference results and conclusions will also be made at approprtale APTA, AASHTO and TRB meetings. NUTIS..USF-6 Public and There are several technology transfer components i n this WelfareTo-Work: Exploratory Research NUTI5-USF 7 Minority Mobility Symposium project, including: the resQurce listing contacts; a "welfareto-work" session or program track for the NUTI GIS conference ; a "welfare-to-work" session or program track in the NUll AAMS conference; publication of article(s) in the Journal of Public Transportation; and the technical report. The symposium itself, the FEEDS link, video, the World Wide Web site, press releases, articles, presentations and proceedings all will serve as means of technology transfer. In addition copies of the 1994 and 1995 proceedings remain available The National Urban Transit 80


GO.,! IV Education: Design and offer a multidisciplinary program of course w011< and experiential leaming that enhances the urban transportation theme of the Institute. Objective !V.1: Have eac h project enhance transportation education. Action Item IV .1.a: Assign one or more graduate assistants to each Institute project. Report on the impacts of additional educational activities in terms of the number of students participating i n and being supported by Institute activities. Tables 4-3 and 4-4 summarize project staffing Including student participation i n NUT years three and four research projects. Action Item !V.2.a: Monftor and report on the activities designed to enhance the transportation education program. Goal V. Human Resources: A!tract students, faculty and staff who reflect the growing d iversity of the U.S. w011< force and i nvolve them substantively in the work of the Institute. Objective V.1: Require each project plan to have an element that addresses the Human Resources Goal The composition of the consortium as well as the staffing and student body of the member schools reflects a diversfty of ethnicity gender, and discipline. Project staffing reflects the commitment to diversity. In light of the diversfty inherent in the consortium and the commitment to providing projects for each school, we have not considered diversfty as some measurement criteria in the selection of individual projects. Objective V.2: the accomplishment of the Human Resource goal at the project level. Action Item V.2.a: the number and diversity of students and faculty worl

ANNUAL PLAN ACTIVITIES STATUS TABLE 4-3, YEAR THREE PROJECT STAFFING Projec t Staffing, Researchers NUTl3-FAMU-1 The Church: An Charles A. Wright, Black, male Alternative Urban Transportation Addis Taylor, B lack, male Amenity NU113-FAMU-2 Evalu ation of Mass Transit on Environmental Equity and Justice NUT13-FAMU-3 An Assessment of the Relationship between the Telecommuting Population and Public Transportation Managers NUTI3-FIU 1 Application of Geographic I nformatio n System for Public Transit Management NU113-FIU-2 Workshop on Emerging Fare Collection TechnolOgies in Mass Tra nsit Alvin S h ipma n Black. male Unda Raines, Black, female !shan Frazier, Black, female Narquinta Richardson Black, female Sharon SauHer, Black, female (formerly a student) Charles C. Kidd, Black male Ray A. Shackelford, Black, male Charles A Wright, Black, male Kim Davis, Black, female Charles A. Wright, Black, male Addis Taylor, Black male Alvin Shipmon, Black male Narquinta Rlchardson Black female Fang Zhao, Asian, female L. David Shen, Asian, male Jian Huang, Asian, male Young-Kyun lee, Asian, male liping wang, Asian male L. David Shen, Asian, male N 0. Attoh-Okine, The National Urban Transit Institute-82 Staffing, Students Sharon Saulter Black, female Narquinta Richardson, Black female Vory Copeland, Black, male Ayana Roberts, Black female Sharon Saulter, Black. female Lesley Miller Black, male Changa Kidd, B lack male Dawn Harris Blac k female Darion Jackson B lack, male Candice Henderson Black, female Alan Harris, Black, male Sean Wright, Black, male Gwendonlyn Simmonds Black, female Narquinta Richardson, Black female (no longer a student) Ming Zhao, Asian, female Hesham Elbadrawi, white, male Moises Simon white male Francis lewis, Black, male Muhammud Atif lzhar, white, male R aymond Attah, Black, male Adjo Amekudzi Black, female Mark Hamilton, Black, male


TABLE 4-3 YEAR THREE PROJECT STAFFING Project Staffing, Researchers NUT13-FIU3 Impleme n tation Fang Zhao Asian, female Issues of Automatic Vehicle l. David Shen, Asian, ma l e location Systems in Urban and Young-Kyun lee, Asia n ma l e Rural Areas: Implications of Different Physical and Soc i al Characteristics NUT13-FSU-1 Stonnwater Dr. Andrew A. Dzurik Management Manual for Public male Transit Maintenanoe Facilities NUT13-FSU-2 The Impact of Gregory l. Thompson, white, Transit S u pply on the Labor male Force Participation Rate of Young B l ack Ma les and other atRisk Groups NUT13-FSU-3 FIMA TWilliam Mustard, white, ma l e Promotional Ma t erials R i chard Brand, white male Clearinghouse NUT13-FSU-4 Niche Marketing: William Mustard, white, male Opportunities tor Increasing J. Joseph Cronin, Jr., white, Short and long-Term Transit ma l e Ridership NUT I3-USF1 Project Steve E. Polzin, white, ma l e Administration Gary Brosch wMe, ma l e NUT13-USF-2 Journal of Publ i c Gary L Brosch, white, male Transportation Patric i a A. Henderson, white, femal e NUT13-USF-3 African -American Eric T Hill, Black male Mobility Symposium Ill Beverly G. Ward, Blac k femal e NUT 1 3-USF-4 Timing Steve E Polzin, white, ma l e Consideratio n s in Planning Major Xuehao Chu, Asian, male Transit Investment Projects -The Natio n al Urban Transit I nstitute-63 Staffing, Stud&nts Adriana Gomez, H i spanic, female Muhammud Ati f lzhar wMe, male Fabiola Dubuisson, Black, female Candaoe Scott, white female Becky Bryant So il eau, white female Matt Click, wh ite, ma.le Jo h n M a l iff white, ma l e Melvin M i tchell, black, male Kevi n Tilbury, white male John Sewell, male Kimberly Ray, black, female Farah M irza, female Damlen Green wMe, ma l e Mary lefferson, w hite, female Joe Malon ey. white, male Michae l Brady, white, male Sai Ma ll ena, Indian, female Etra i n A r eizaga Hispanic male T onya Hepburn, Blac k femal e Hari Madur Indi an, female


TABLE 4-3, YEAR T HREE PROJ ECT STAFF IN G P roject NUT13-USF Lessons L earned In Transtt Sav ings, Efficiencies a n d Revenue Gene r ation NUTI3-USF.O Geograph i c I nformation Systems as a Tool for Examining Environmental Equity Iss ues in Pub l ic Transportation Staffin g Rese archefs Joe l Vo linski wMe. male Michele LaBruce wMe, femal e Joel R. Rey, Hispanic ma l e M ichael Baltes, while. male Freda l y n M Frasier B l a ck, female Eric T Hill BlaCk. ma l e Beverly G Ward Black, femal e -The National Urban Transit I nstitute -84 Staffin g Studen ts Jesus Gomez H i spanic, male Dav i d Gillett, whtte male Efra i n Are i z a ga, H i spanic, mal e T onya H e pburn, Black, female Joe Hagge w htte, male


TAB L E 44, YEAR FOUR PROJECT STAFFING P r oject Sta ffi ng, Researc h ers NUT14-FAMU-1 Safety Concerns I n Pending. and Around A Transij System and The i r Impact on R i dership NUT14-FAMU 2 A Policy-Base d Pe n ding. Tanstt R i sk Management Strategy NUTI4-FAMU 3 Minority Use of Pending. Special Needs Transportation Systems NUT I 4-FAMU-4 African-Amer i can Charles A Wright, B l ack male Mobilijy Sympos ium (AAMS IV) Alvin Shi pmo n Black, male Paula McKnight B l ack female NUTI

TABLE 4-4, YEAR FOUR PROJECT STAFFING P r oject Staffing Researchers NUT14-FSU2 FIMAT.Con tinuation & William Mustard white mal e Expansio n of the P r omotional J Joseph Cronin, Jr., white Materials Clearingho use ma l e Jeff Horton, wh ite, male NUT 1 4 FSU-3 Customer Service: William Mustard white male Enhanc ing Consume r Awareness J Joseph Cronin Jr., wMe, and Perceptions of Public Transit male Services Providers NUT 1 4-FSU-4 Energy and Thomas A. Lynch white male Environmenta l Performance of Andrew Dzurik, white ma l e Existi n g and Emerging Publ i c Loyd Lyday, while ma l e Transportation Technologies NUT14-USF-1 Project Administration S teven E. Polzin, wh i te male IV Patricia Baptiste. Black fema l e NUT14 -USF-2 Jou rn al of P u blic Gary Brosch, white male Transportation I V Patricia Henderson, white female NUT14-USF-3 African-Ame ri can Eric Hill B l ack. male Mobility Symposiu m IV (AAMS IV) D Michael Crittenden Black. male Bever ly G ward Black, femal e NUTI4-USF-4 NP T S Travel Dat a Steven E. Pol zin w hite, male Analys i s Joe l R. Rey, H i spanic, mal e NUT14USF-5 Opportunities for t he Michae l BaHes, white, mal e Coordinat i on of General Public William Morris while ma l e Tansil and Sch oo l Bus T r ansportatio n NUT14-USF-6 Perspectives on the Steven E. Polz in. white male Future of Public T ransportation The National Urban Transillnstilule 86 Staffing, Students Brad Mabry. white ma l e Kathleen Pay ne, white female Joseph Maloney white male Sheny Heyl whi t e female David S ummey. white male Lesl ie Smith w h ite female Sai Mallena In dian female Tonya Hepburn Black female Yvene Fuller, Black, female Thomas Tu As ian, male Ben Wa l ker, Wh ite ma l e


ANNUAL PLAN ACTIVITIES STATUS TABLE 4-4, YEAR FOUR PROJECT STAFFING Project Staffing, Researchers NUTI4..USF-7 ADA Service Criteria: Rosemary G. Mathias, white Best Practices for Complying with female Paratransit System Capacity Requirements NUTI4-USF-8 Public Invol vement Kristine M Williams, white, Handbook for Transit Agencies female NUTI4-USF-9 Modeling Transit Ram M. Pendyala, Indian male, Captive and Choice Rider Behavior Xuehao Chu, Asian, inale -The National Urban Trans it Institute87 Staffin11, Studenta


TABLE .wi, YEAR FIVE PROJECT STAFFING Project Staffing, Researchers NUTIS-FAMU-1 Minority Mobility CharleS A. Wright. B l ack male Symposiumv Alvin Shipmen. Black. male NUTIS-FAMU-2 Public Tran s it CharleS A. Wright, Black, male And Welfare-to-Worl<: Addis Taylor, Black, male Exploratory Research And Assessment of a Clearinghouse For The DisseminatiOn of WelfareTo-Work Information NUTIS-FAMU-3 Linking Brenda Robinson, Black, female Transportation Modeling Software With Geographic Information Systems A Synthesis of The State of The Practice NUTIS-FAMU-4 To be determined To be determined NUTtS-FtU-1 At-Grade Buswa;L David Shen, Asian male Planning Guide Fang Zhao, Asian, female Diana Ospina, female Hesham Elbadrawi, whfte, male NUTIS-FSU-1 Continuation of the William Mustard, white, male Promotional Materials Tomas Hull, wMe, male Clearinghouse Jeff Horton, white, male NUTt5-FSU-2 Training Guide and Thomas A. Lynch white, male Educationa l Training Workshops Loyd Lyday, wMe, male on Economic Impact Assessment Methods lor Public Trans it NUTIS-USF-1 Program Steven E. Polzin, wMe, male Administration V Patricia Baptiste, Black, female NUTIS-USF-2 case Studies of Joel Vollnskl, male Creative Transit Agencies The National Urban Transit Inst i tute-88 Staffing, Students Kathleen Payne, white, female Mary Lefferson, white, female Brad Mabry, white, male Tommy Stith, Black, male Travis Trueblood, American Indian, male Shenry Heyl, white, female


TABLE 4-5, YEAR FIVE PROJECT STAFFING Project NUTIS.USF-3 Forum for Assessing the I mplications o f ISTEA Reauthoriza t ion on Public Transit NUTIS-USF-4 NPTS Guidebook tor Transtt Economic Impact Studies NUTIS-USF-5 Seco n d National Conference on GIS In Transit N UTIS-USF-6 Public Transit and Welfare-To-Work: Exploratory Research NU115-USF-7 M inority Mobility Symposium Staffing, Researchers Gary L. Brosch wMe, male Patricia Henderson White fema le F. Ro n Jones, white, male Xuehao Chu, Asian, male Ronald C. Sheck, white, male Beverly G. Ward, Black, female E ri c T Hill B lack, male D M ichael Crittenden Black, male Beverly G Ward, Black, female -The N ationa l Urban T ransit Institute89 Staffing, Students


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FINANCIAL STATUS The National Urban Transit Institute 91 1 817


Quarteny Institute F inancial Report, Year Three SummaJy ANNUAL BUDGET PLAN (FY 1995 FUNDING ) University Resean:h Institutes Program National Urban Transit Institute at the UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH FLORIDA Budget Period: Year 3,December 31, 1995 through December 31, 1997 ;::.;.' ..... '!>. 0 inal ,-:-qurrent VouChered lrr J' ng : :.. Budget Categolies Amount( $ ) :; Budget ThiS To l nstijute D i rector Salarv Facu l tv Salaries >'ldmlnlstrative Staff Sal aries !othe r Sta ff Salaries !Graduate Student salaries Undemraduates' Salaries !staff Benefits Total Salaries and Benefits Permanent Eaui I Exoendab l e Eauioment and Suoo lies Domestic Travel Foreion Trave l Comouter Costs Other Costs Total D i N<:t Costs Indirect Cotta TOTA L COST S Federa l Share ll" atchtnn Share (2117195LO) N otes: in Budget Amoum ( $ ) Quarter 25,372 25,372 0 329 111 329111 99 38,465 38 465 80 55.833 55833 10. 102 376 1 102.376 (0 26, 000 26000 10 I 118877 1 18,877 66 893,834 693 834 244 22,529 22,529 0 38,862 38662 0 44139 44139 (0 3,750 3 750 10. 19,777 19777 o l 50, 965 1 50 965 s1ol 873 656 873656 815 376,344 1 376 344 1,216 1 250 000 1 250000 2 031 1 000,000 1,000 000 2,0311 250000 250 000 r"J Current Budget column renects budget changes by subcontractors and USF Subcontractors invoices : FlU through 6196, FSU through 3196, FAMU through 9196 12/31197 Quarterly Report F inancial Status 2 Date 0 316,498 28232 6359 93871 29,368 89009 563.338 3,583 16825 38146 394 3,969 18.427 642 681 157 762 800443 612 555 187 888 : .; Comments:


Quarterly Institute Financial Report Year Four Summary ANNUAL BUDGET PLAN (FY 1996 FUNDING) University Research Institutes Program National Urban Transit Institute at the UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH FLORIDA Budget Period: Year4, September 30, 1996 through December 31, 1997 (2117230LO) Notes: Current Budget column reflects budget changes by subcontractors and USF. Subcontractors invoices: FSU through 06130197; FlU through 03/31/97 12131/97 Quarterly Report

PAGE 100

QU811erty Institute Fmandal Repon, Year FiVe SummatY ANNUAL BUDGET PLAN (FY 1997 FUND I NG ) University RH .. r<:h lnstltutn Progl'3m National Urtlan Tl'3nalt Institute at the UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH FLORIDA Budget Period : Year 5, September1 1997 through December 31, 1997 ; r C.!!!!. Tntol I[Q Total -(2117280LO) N o tes: land ; BUdget ' ill ; ($) 27 ,800 1* ,., ..,.A? 47.616 ., ... !,833 9.000 90L6I_2 Anntl .onnn 18.024 1&, 024 """'" 0 0 0 0 4,200 .&?nn = 121 a Current Bu dget ool umn reflects budg et changes by subcon tract ors and USF. Subcontractors invoices: 12131197 Quarterly Report / To "bate Comments; -,, n 0 0 0 0 .... MO. r n c 0 1 AA? no 0 0 0 -=;:: n : n

PAGE 101

i I II i l I l ,H-l"-H----::-:::-::-:::-;;-;;;-;:1--;:---I II l i m -I I f l ll Jnl!J11 >1<1.1. I l l lJ I 1 t i I l t I i l

PAGE 102

I I l I I I i I .. l '5,. 5 I if l !If II I I 1 I I I I I l I r l 0 .. 0 ii p f p .. I I II I rl f j lt I I lu I I I ........................... ,.............. ............... I I I l I I I I I if ' q I l I I I I l I I l j I lu ll ... I I I I I I r I I l I ' ( i l l r I I i f f ( I f I I s

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I I 3 :!' I li ... I I .. .. -I I .: .. I J li r h I J} I l thh


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