Specialized transportation research program

Specialized transportation research program

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Specialized transportation research program
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Specialized transportation practice
University of South Florida -- Center for Urban Transportation Research
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Tampa, Fla
Center for Urban Transportation Research
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People with disabilities -- Transportation -- Florida ( lcsh )
Older people -- Transportation -- Florida ( lcsh )
Paratransit services -- Florida ( lcsh )
Transportation and state -- Florida ( lcsh )


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Title at foot of each page: Specialized transportation practice.

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Specialized transportation research program.
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Specialized transportation practice
Tampa, Fla. :
b Center for Urban Transportation Research,
c 1997?
Title at foot of each page: Specialized transportation practice.
People with disabilities
x Transportation
z Florida.
Older people
Paratransit services
Transportation and state
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University of South Florida.
Center for Urban Transportation Research.
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Center for Urba n Transportation Researc h University of South Florida Coll e ge of Engineering 4202 E. Fowler Avenue, CUT 100 Tampa, Florida 33620-5375 813-974-3120 Specialized Transportation Research Program The Center for Urban Transp o rtation Research (CUTR) at the University of Sou th Florida I was created in 1988 by the Flor i d a Legislature and the Florida Board of Regents. Sinc e then, CUTR has become recognized na t ionally as an important resou r c e for policymakers, transportat ion professionals, and the public. In 1991, the Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act (ISTEA) established a Natio nal U rban Transit I nstitute (NU 1 1), based a t CUTR. T h rough NUT! CUTR and a consortium of three other Florida universities have been allocated $1 millio n annually for transit-related research projects. This year, CUTR was des i gnated as the new home for the National Transportation Consortium of States (NTCS). One of C U TR's specialty areas focuses on providing research and technical assistance relating to th e provi s i o n of public transporta tion services for sen i o r c i t izens, persons with d i sab i lities, and those who cannot p urchase t ransportatio n services. With an empha sis on develop ing innovative, practical solutions CUTR provides high quality, object i ve research that translates directly into ben efits for its project s ponsors Senior Transportation Mobility Initiative Ov e r the years, many of CUTR's pr o j e cts have centered on providing research and technical assistance t o the Flor ida Commission for the T r ansportation Disadva ntaged (FCTD) and the Flo r ida Department of Transp ortation (FOOT). A t the same time, CUTR has bee n pro v iding technical assistance to transit agencies, community transportation coordinators, and planners located in communities throughout Flori d a B y v irtue of i ts l ocation; CUTR is able to take maximum advantage of the livin g labora tozy afforded by th e population demographics of our state In recognition of this unique opportunity in 1996 C UTR created the S enior Transporta tion Mo b ility Initiative (STMI}, which serves as a focal point for research rela ting t o the safe mob ility of seniors .. Center for Urban Transportation Research I Spe<:ialized Trans porta tion Practice


Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 With passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA), CUTR' s research interests have sh ifted toward an examination of ADA compliance issues related to the provision of paratransit and fixed-route services. Since 1991, CUTR has provided research and technical assistance relating to the ADA at the natio n al, state, and local levels. A recently completed project, funded by Project ACTION, describes methods for assisting passengers traveling with services animals. This study is the ftrst of its kind in the country. Research Highlights Upda ted S eptembe r 1997 ne remainder of this documen t high l ights CUTR's research capabilities of its pecialized Transportation Practice. The descriptions are divided i nto the following topics: (1) ADA research & technical assistance, (2) policy & planning studies, (3) operations & training assistance, and (4) ITS studies. These research and technical assistance activities were unde rtaken for a variety of sponsoring agencies including the U.S. Department of Transportation, Project ACTION/National East er Seal Society Florida Commission for the Transportation Disadvantaged, Florida Department of Transportation, and numerous loca l m e tropolitan planning organizations (MPOs) and other government entities. Other areas of research interes t at CUTR include p ublic transportation p lanning, operations, evaluation, finance, economics, and l and use p l anning and communi ty design; intellige n t transportation systems (ITS); advanced public transportation systems (APTS); geographic informat ion systems (GIS); transporta tion demand management (TDM); and congestion managemen t Center fur Urban Transportation Research 2 Specialized Transportation Practice


ADA Research & Technical Assistance ADA Service Criteria: Measuring Paratransit Capacity Constraints -USDOT Research & Special Projects Administration/NUTI All transit agencies operating fixed-route service are required to provide ADA complementary paratransit service t ha t meets certain service criteria. CUTR recen tly began work on a project to identifY how transit systems in Florida and elsewhere are documenting compliance with ADA complementary paratransit service capacity requirements (e.g., travel time, missed trips, trip denials, and on-time performance). This project will be completed during 1997 and will be distributed to a national audience. Assisting Passengers Traveling with Service Animals Project ACTION/National Easter Seal Society Under the ADA, persons with disa bilities who use service animals have the right to access public accommodations, including public transportation and taxi services. CUTR was awarded a gran t by Project ACTION to develop a final re port and training module for transit personnel on how to assist passengers traveling with service animals. The project was completed in January 1997, and is being distrib uted to a national audience. CUTR has presented this information at workshops in Phoenix, Orlando, Denver and Pittsburgh . ADA Technical Assistance Florida Commission for the Transportation Disadvantaged Under a subcontract to Multisystems, Inc., CUTR is providing ongoing ADA technical assistance for community transportation coordinators (CTCs) in Flo rida. In addition to a series of five workshops taught throughout the state, the projec t includes on-site and telephone assistance for ADA-related issues, as well as publication of a quarterly newsletter. ADA Impacts Study Florida Commission for the Transportation Disadvantaged In FY 1994, the Commission asked CUTR to examine the initial impact of ADA complementary paratransit service on the Flo rida Coordinated Transportation System. Program eligibility, certification, sponsorship, ridership, demand, and funding impacts were examined, and the state's fixed-route transit systems were profiled in the report. Center for Vrban Transportation Research 3 Specialized Transportation Practice


VOTRAN ADA Eligibility Certificati on & Travel Training Program Volusia County d/b/a VOTRAN In 1997, CUT R developed a new paratransit eligibility certification process for VOTRAN. The new process is a coordinated approach to certifying paratransit eligibility for ADA comp l ementary paratransit, TD Trust Fund non-sponsored trips and Medicaid. The project inclu d ed development of new application forms and creation of an eligibility review guide. VOTRAN's g o al is to create a trip-by-trip eligibility determination process that will help the system manage the demand for par atransit services and promote use of the fixed-route bus service, w h ere app r opriate. I n addition, CUT R i dentified options for options for developing a t r avel training program. Policy & Planning Studies Use of Golf Carts by Senior Citizens USF Institute on Aging In FY 1997, CUTR conducted a review of policies and practices governing the use of golf carts and neighborhood electric vehicles (NEVs) in communities in Florida, Arizona, and California. Preliminary results indicate these vehicles may be a low cost, pollution envi r onmentally friendly a ltern ative to the automobile, particular l y for those who cannot or do not wish to drive (e.g., seniors, children and persons with disabilities) The popularity of go l f carts and NEV s is continuing to grow, and i t ap p ears significan t safety and operational concerns still need to b e add r essed where these vehicles are operated on city streets an d in mixed traffic. State of Florida 5 & 20 Year Transportation Disadvantaged Plan -Florida Commission for the Transportation Disadvantaged The F lor ida Commission for the Transportation Disadvantaged (FCTD) selected CUTR to prepare its statewide strategic plan. For the first time this plan includes a long-range p lannin g component The 1997 plan reflects FCTD's strategic vision for the prov ision of transportat io n disadvantaged (TD) services well in to the 21st century This plan updates the previous five-year plan, adopted in 199 2, which CUTR also prepared Annual Statewide Data Collection and Analysis Florida Commission for the Transportation Disadvantaged From FY 1990 through FY 1993, CUTR verified the data contained in annual operating reports prepare d by community transportation coordinators and compiled them into Center for U rban Trnnsportation Research 4 Special ized Transportation Practice


statewide operations reports for each year These reports provide an analysis of each CTC s operations, including a review of past trends and a comparison of each system with its peer group using perfonnance measures recomm ended in the sta t e five-year TD plan. CTC Cos t Comparison S t udy Florida Commissio n for t h e Transportation Disadvantaged In FY 1993, CUTR conducted a comprehensive analysis of variou s CTC structures (sole sou r ce p r oviders, partial brokerages, and full brokerages) t o identify whether any CTC structure was more cost effective. The results indicated that local characteristic s related to cost, availability of providers, demograp h ics, and the politica l and physical environments p lay active roles in the ultimate cost of service. As a result the study found that it is virtually impossible to detennine an optimal structure that will work in every location. Nonetheless, cost factors were identified that should be considered when making comparisons among organizational structu res. TD Popula t ion a nd D e mand Fore c a s ting F l orida Commission f o r the Tra n s p o r t a tion Disadvantaged In FY 1993, CUTR developed a methodology for use by local areas to forecast TD population and transportation oemand T he method ology, described in Methodology Guidelines for Forecasting TD T r ansportation Demand at the County Level, IS recommended to local areas by the FCTD. Br e vard Co unty TDP B revard County/ Sp ace Co ast Area Tran sit (SCAT) CUTR prepared Brevard County's Transit Development Plan (TOP) major updates both for 199 4 and 1997. T h e current TDP update a l so serves as the Coordina t e d Transportation Development Service Plan (TDSP), required by the Florida Commission for the Transportation D i sadvantaged. As part of the project, focus groups were conducted with teenagers and residents of South Mai n land to detennine how s ervice could be changed to provide better service to these populations. The focus group techniques used for this project were presented in a workshop at the 1997 Community Transportation Association of Amer i ca (CTAA) Expo in Ft. Laude rdal e Center for Urban Transpoclation Research 5 Specialized Transpoclation Practice


Hillsborough County Transportation Disadvantaged Service Plan Hillsborough County MPO In FY 1997, CtrrR, under a subcontract to Dames & Moore, worked with the Hillsborough County Metropolitan Planning Organization to complete the county's TDSP, which is required by the Florida Commission for t h e Transportation Disadvantaged. CUTR completed sections on the county population demographics, service analysis, public workshops, and three-year implementation plan. Hillsborough County Five-Year TD Plan Update Hillsborough County MPO CUTR recently completed a project assisting the MPO in three areas relating to the county's FiveYear Transportation Disadvantaged Plan Update: (I) an assessment of the applicability of the consumer choice option for Medicaid trips, (2) an analysis of options for providing backup transport ation services for the community transportation coordinator, and (3) a review of the fare and pricing structure for TD transportation services. The final report was adopted by the MPO in J uly 1995. Charlotte County-Punta Gorda TOP -Charlotte County-Punta Gorda MPO I n 1996, CUTR completed the Charlotte County-Punta Gorda TDP and Coordinated Transportatio n Disadvantaged Plan. The project included an analysis of demographics, development of goals and objectives, a telep,hone survey, projections for current and future demand, and development of the five-year action plan. Hernando County TOP -Spring Hill/Hernando County MPO During 1996, Tindale-Oliver & Associates (TOA) subcontracted with CUTR to provide assistance with development of the Spring Hill/Hernando County TDP. The TDP was prepared by the MPO; CUTR and Tindale-O liv er provided peer reviews and technical assistance to the MPO. As part of the project, CUT R conducted focus groups with TD passengers, registered voters aged 55 and younger, and registered voters older than 55. CUTR and Tindale-Oliver assisted in the analysis and interpretation of data, and suggested appropriate goals and implementation strategies for transportation in the Spring Hill urbanized area. Center for Urblln Transportation Research 6 Specialized Transporta t ion Practice


Polk County TD Three-Year Plan Technical Assistance -Polk County Transportation System For this project, CUTR pro vided technical assistance to the Polk County T ransportation System (PCTS) in developing a three-year operations plan for improving TD services in Polk County, Flori da The plan included a se ries of meetings with planning and operations staff, a paratransit service analysis, and an assessment of option s for changing service to enhance system productivity. Operations &. Training Assistance Management Information System/E-mail Florida Commission for the Transportation Disadvantaged For this project, CUTR is setting up e-mail accounts for all of the CTCs, designated official planning agencies, FCTD staff, and Commissioners to facilitate communications on a statewide basis. CUTR also created a web site for th e Commission. This project will continue th rough 1997. Doing More for Less: Effective l y Using Volunteers Florida Commission for the Transportation Disadvantaged In FY 1996, CUTR reviewed the use of volunteers by community transportation coordinators and planning agencies in Florida. The project included a survey of more than 50 CTCs and plann ing agencies. The study resulted in development of a how-to manual for agencies considering the use of volunteers in their TD transportation programs. The study includes detailed accounts of"best practices" from CTCs in F lorida, as well as detailed descriptions of several other exemplary programs located elsewhere in the country. The results of the project were presented a t the FCTD's annual conference. Utilization of School Buses by Community Transportation Coordinators in Florida Florida Commission for the Transportation Disadvantaged Also in FY 1996, CUTR assessed the use of school buses in Florida for the provision of TD transportation services. As part of the study, CUTR identified both barriers to and incentives for using schoo l buses and developed recommendations for possible actions for the FCTD and Department of E ducation to conside r in this area. The report was publishe d in 1996 and presented at the FCTD's annual conference Centet for Urban Thansportation Research 7 Specialized T"'nsportlltion Practice


CTC Evaluation Workbook Florida Commission for the Transportation Disadvantaged In FY 1994, CUTR developed a process for evaluating the community transportation coordinators and operators that provide transportation disadvantaged services in Florida. The project included a 150-page workbook, which contains worksheets and text designed to assist in the decision-making process for determining the optimal organizational structure, as well as a mechanism for measuring a variety of coordination, competition, cost, quality, and availability of service factors Th e mod e l serves as an evaluation tool for both the CTCs and their operators (if the system is a partial or full brokerage). The workbook was presented to coordinators and planning staff at a series of workshops throughout the state. Trip Priorities and Eligibility Procedures Florida Commission for the Transportation Disadvantaged In FY 1993, CUTR surveyed CTCs in Florida regarding ihe use of trip priorities and eligj.bility pr oced ures. The results were used to develop a decision-making procedure for local coo rdinators to use when developing and implementing trip priority procedures. Wheels of Independence Video Florida Commission for the Transportation Disadvantaged During the summer of 1994, CUTR produced an 11-minute video for the Commission-Wheels of Independence which provides an overview of the 1D program in Florida. The video, which wa s filmed by H endrick Creative of Tampa, has been showcased at various state and national events. Florida Vehicle Procurement Program Florida Department of Transportation Since 1 996 CUTR has managed the Florid a Department of Transportation's Vehicle Procurement Program (FVPP). During FY 1997, CUTR coordinated the procurement and inspection of 172 paratransit vehicles for 34 agencies. CUTR also hand l ed all logistics associated with the bid for the next set of vehicles, which were ordered in 1997. CUTR also has served as coordinator of the Flotida Maintenance Training Program since 1990. Cenler for Urban Transportation Research 8 Specialized Transportation Practice


Rural Transit Assistance Program (RTAP) Training -Florida Department of Transportation For two years, the FDOT contracted w ith CUTR to provide assistance in the area of passenger assistance techniques and sensitivity training. CUTR established a statewide trainers' network to certifY trainers to teach rider sensitivity and assistance methods to drivers and other transit/paratransit personnel. Trip Priorities and Eligibility Workshop -Brevard County/Space Coast Area Transit (SCAT) In April 1995, CUTR conducted a Trip Prio rities and E ligibility Workshop for the Brevard County Local Coordinating Board. The purpose of the six-hour workshop was to assist the board with its decision regarding whether and how to implement new trip priorities and eligibility .requirements for the transportation disadvantaged program. The nominal group process was used, and both the board and the audience were able to participate fully in the workshop. The process used for this workshop was presented at the Transportation Research Board Rural Public Transportation and intercity Bus Conference in Des Moines. Hernando County CTC Review -Spring .Hill/Hernando County MPO Under a subcontract to Tindal e-O Liver & Associates, CUTR reviewed the community transportation coordinator's (CTC's) operation in Hernando County, Florida. The review included an analysis of provider contracts, trip demand, service delivery, and billing procedures. Other local public transportation regulations were evaluated for potential adoption in Hernando County. The study was completed during FY 1994. Special Evaluation of the Hillsborough County CTC Hillsborough County MPO CUTR was asked to prepare a special evaluation of the Hillsborough County community transportation coordinator (CTC) to determine how well the transportation disadvantaged system had implemented several recommended changes in response to service delivery problems and financial issues. The report, publ ishe d in November 1995, included recommendations for future service improvements. Center for Urban Transportation Research 9 Specialized Transportation Practice


. MOTA Paratransit Brokerage Implementation -Metro-Dade Transit Agency When Metro-Dade Trans it Agency (MDT A) contracted with COMSIS Mobility Services in 1993 to introduce a new paratransi t brokerage CUTR was asked to assist with imp l ementa tion of the new program. In particular, CUTR assisted with MDT A's planned phase-in of new service and reviewed the ve hicl e safety and maintenance program. MOTA Paratransit Video Training Library -Metro-Dade Transit Agency For this pro ject CUTR developed a video training l ibrary designed to provide individuai instruc tion for managers and service represe nta tives who staff MDT A's paratransit customer service and trip reservations department. The library inc l udes video s on such topics as blood borne pathogens, stress management, telephone skills, and managing difficult cust om ers. TD System Evaluation & Enhancement Study -Naples (Collier County) MPO In 1994, the Naples (Collier County) MPO asked CUTR to conduct a stud y to determine how well the communi ty transportation coordinator was meeting the nee ds of the transportation disadvantaged population in Collier County, F lorida, and to develop alternatives to improve and enhance the system. The project inc luded an evaluation o f the system using the E valuation Workbook for Community Transportation Coordinators and Providers in Florida ; written by CUTR; a public involvement process that included interviews with key officials, a public workshop, and a passenger survey; and an operations analysis of the current system. The final report was publ ished in Apri l 1995. ITS Studies Rural Intelligent Transportation System Technical Assistance Florida Commission for the Transportation Disadvantaged The FCTD has been awarded a project from the Federal Transit Administration to conduct a demonstration project to investigate the applicability of ITS technologies to improve coordi nation of paratransit services among counties in rural Florida. CUTR will provide technica l assistance to the Commission throughout the project. Center for Urban Transportation Research 10 Specialized TranSportation Practice


A utomatic Vehicle Location and Paratransi t Productivity USDOT Research & Sp ecial Projects ,Administration/NUT! CUTR recent l y completed work on a project in Miami to determ i ne how AVL technology and GIS applications may be used to improve the p roductivity of paratransit services. CUTR worke d w ith a p r ivate carr i e r in Dad e County, which operates as part of Metro-Dade Transit Agency's Specialized Transportation Service program. The study was completed in 1996. The results were p r esented at the Annual Meeting of the Transportation R e search Board and at the ITS America Annual Confer ence. Center for Urbllll Tran s portation Research JJ Spec i alized Transportation Prnctice


Specialized Transportation Practice Staff Profiles Updated September 1997 Researc hers at the Center for Urban Transportation Researc h come from a variety of disciplines and professions. Many have worked as planners or operations personnel at planning, transit or paratransit agencies. When needed, projects are staffed by a team of researchers to provide for a multi-disciplinary approach The Sp ecialized Transportation Practice team, which is pro file d b elow, is supported by a staff of more than 65 CUTR faculty researchers, graduate students, and support staff. Rosemary G. Mathias, Program Director ( mathlas@cutr. eng. usf. edu) Rosemary Mathias has an M.B.A. in Health Care Management from Boston University, and an M.P.A. in Public Affairs and an A.B. in Journalism & Geography from Indiana University. She is a member of the USF Institute on Aging and is active with several committees of the Transportation Research Board (TRB). She is chair of the TRB Nation8.1 Conference on Accessible Transportation & Mobility, and edits Communique, the TRB Committee on Paratrausit newsletter. She also is a member of the Steering Committee for the International Conference on Mobility and Transport for Elderly and Disabled People. Mathias is the founding president of the Women's Transportation SeminarTampa Bay Chapter. Before joining CUTR., Mathias directed a large paratransit brokerage in Philadelphia. She also has worked as the manager of contract operations for paratransit and fixed-route services at the Regional Public Transportation Authority in Phoenix, and is a past president of the Arizona Transit Assoc ia tion. Before moving to Phoenix, she was the Director of Market Research at a community hospital near Boston. Mathias began her career as a technical editor and senior researcher at the Institute for Urban Transportation in Bloomington, Indiana. Demetrus (Mike) Crittenden, Research Associate (crittend@cutr.eng.usf.edu) Mike Crittenden has a B.S. in Sociology from Alabama State University and is Logistics/Transportation Managemen t certified from the U.S. Air Force Technical Training School, Sheppard AFB, Texas. B efore joining CUTR in 1996, he managed several fixed-route and specialized transportation agencies. Most recent ly, he was Center for Vrban Transportation Research 12 Specialized Transportation Practice


general manager of the Jackson (Miss.) Public Transportatio n Company, where he managed JATRAN for McDonald Tran sit Associates. As an associate with ATE/Ryder, he served as general manager of Albany (Ga ) Transit System, and assistant executiv e director of the Lowcountry Regional Tran s portation Authority in Beaufort, S.C. He i s experienced i n all aspects of managing public tran sit. He has vast experience in establishing new program s, developing policies and procedures, managing fmancial and budgetary aspects, and completing capital projects. He i s a member of the American Public Transit Association (APTA) Legislative Committee. Jennifer A. Hardin, Re search Associate (hardin@cutr.eng. usf.edu) Jennifer Hardin has an M.A. in Applied Anthropology from the University of South Florida and a B.S. in Cultural Anthropology from the College of Charleston. She conducts research relating to ADA issues, the Florida Commission for the Transportation Disadvantaged, and was responsible for day-to-day research activities related to several autOmatic vehicle location projects. Hardin is co-principal investigator for the current Brevard County TOP and FCTD Management Information System projects. She also has conducted her own Community Needs Assessment for Sun City, Florida, funded by the USF Institute on Aging, and continues to conduct qualitative research including focus groups and structured interviews. Hardin is an adjunct professor at Eckerd College, where she teaches Introductory Anthropology. Prior to joining CUTR, Hardin se.rved as a research assistant for the Human Services Infonnation System database project, funded by the National Science Foundation. Laura C L achance, Research Associate (lach ance@cutr. eng. usf. edu) Laura Lachance has an M.A. in Economi cs from USF and a B.A. in Economics & International Affairs from Flori da Stat e University. She has provided researc h assistance on several projects for the Florid a Commis sion for the Transpo rtation Disadvantaged She also managed a project that evalu ated the factors affecting the location decision -making process of facilities serving the transportation disadvantaged. Lachance is the principal investigator for the Brevard County TDP and assisted with completion of the Charlotte County TDP. In addition, she has experience in needs and funding analysis, alternative financing, an d survey analysis Beverly G. Ward, Deputy Director ( ward@cutr. eng. usf. edu) . .., ..... Beverly Ward is a Ph.D. candidate in Applied Anthropo logy at the University of South Florida. She h as an M.P.A. in Urban Planning and Design and Organi za tional Management from the U niversity of Alabama at Birmingham, and a B.A. in for Urban Transp011alion Research 13 Specialized Transportation p,.Ciice


Psychology from Vassar College At CUTR, Ward works in a variety of areas including transportation demand management transporta tion planning, and specialized transportation services. She also is involved w i th ethnographic studies and travel behavior analysis. P rior to joining CU1R, Ward was assistant director of the Alabama T ransit Association. Her work experie nce with the state transit association inc l uded management of the state's Rural T ransit Assistance Program (RTAP) and development of transit group insurance programs. Ward also served as the transportation director of Coo r dinated Accessible Transportation Services, a large paratransit system in Alabama. Vicki Zambito, Training Specialist (zambito@cutr. eng. usf. edu) Vicki Zambito has worked with the Florida Maintenance Training Program (FMTP) for more than five years. She is responsible for coo r dination of the FMTP training brokerage, which provides hands-on training t o mechanics and Florida's fiXed-route and paratransit pro p erties She also supports other training programs at CUTR and the Florida Vehicle Procurement Program. Before coming to CUTR, Zambito was a customer service manager for Cellular One Center for Urban Transportation Research 14 Specialized Transportation Practice


ROSEMARY G. MATHIAS Program Director Areas o f Expertise Americans wit h D is abi lit ies Act (ADA) Operat i ons Anal ysis & Evaluation Strat egic P l anning & Marketing Publ i c Involvement Rep re sentative Experience Training Contract Administration Service Coo r dina ti o n Healt h Ca re Po licy & Management Responsible tor overall management or CUTR' s r esea rch program Responsible for management o f ADA technical assistance program Project manager tor natio nal-lev e l proje ct on Ass i sting P assengers with Service An imals. P roject manag e r for deve l opment o f F l orida 5 & 20 year transporta t i on disadvantaged p l an. Project manag e r for para t r a n s i t productivity study for automat ic vehicle location systems Project manager for t ransit development p l a n s and coordinated t r a n sportation s t ud ies. Managed Metro-Dade T ra nsit Agency projecVimp l ementatlon of new paratranslt brokerage. Managed development of m o del to e valuate Flo r ida comm unity transportation coordinators. Researched techniques fo r devel oping tr i p pr iority procedures for paratransit p r oviders. Teach wo r ks h ops on paratransit and t ransit r e l a ted topics. D ir ected daily operation of a peratransit broke rage in P hiladelp hi a with $15m b u dget an d a staff of 60 Who processed t rip r eservations, resolved service issues, provided public information Administered contracts for fixed -rout e and paratransit servi c es in Phoenix. Wrote custom transit plan for prov i d ing comprehe nsive cou n ty-wide servioes fo r senior citizens and p ers ons with d i sab iliti es in Maricopa County (Phoeni x area). Deve l oped/imp l emented demonstratio n project to provide regiona l paratransit services (Tempe/Scottsda le Dia la-Ride) P rov ided on-site p l anning/operations guidance for urban/ rural public transit operato rs. Coo r dinated t echnical studies and prepared trans it s e rvice evaluations Wrote p l anning m anual fo r Indiana Department of Transportatio n Edit ed book on strateg i c planning f o r hea lt h care corporations. Member, USF Ins tit ute on Aging Membe r USF Co ll aborative for Chi ldren, Fami li es & Commun it i es Steering Commiee Pre v ious Positions Operations Director, Shared-Ride Program Phil adelphia Manager of Contract Opera tion s /Cu s t om Transit, Regional Public Transportation A ut ho rity Phoe nix D ir ector of Market Research, M elros e Wa k efield Heallhca r e Corp Melrose, Massachuses Sen ior Staff Researc h er, Institute for Urban Tra n sportation, Bloom i ngton Ind iana Education Doctora l program, App li ed Ant hropology, Uni vers ity of Sout h Florida M.B A Health Care Management, Bos t on U n iversity M.P A Publ i c Affai rs, Indian a Univers ity B.A., Geography & J ournalism Indiana University 10116.!97


MIKE CRITTENDEN Research Associate Areas of Expertise Transportation and logistics Management Admin is trative and Human Resour ces Management Repr esentative Experience Maintenance Management Budget Planning and Implementation Managed operation of fixed route and spec ialized services for several pub li c transportation systems. Directed staff with a $3.2 m i llio n annual budg e t for a pub li c transporta t ion system. Planned, devel oped and maintained capital and operating budgets. Devel oped qua lit y priorities in the sel ection of hiring and tra ining of operation and maintenance personnel. Administered driver selection and t"'ini n g programs, safety programs. contract negotiations with social service and other agencies f o r the provi sions of specialized a nd paratranslt services Created and impl emented comprehensive mai nte nance schedu l es and inventory contro l. Established objectives, policies a n d procedures for various t r ansportation systems. Advise d mayor, city council, and c i v i c leaders on transportation iss ues Served as lia ison between city and fede r al/state transportatio n offic ials. Designed and implemented advertising and public rel a tion s activities. Chaired T r ansportatio n Committee for a 14-eounty area joint planning commission. Scheduled and Implemented bus routes. Reviewed contracts and regul ations f o r compliance. Coordina t ed vanpoo l services. Served o n a .local eme r gency planning commission dealing with transporta t ion re lated activities during disaster related evacuations Sponsored and provided a n int ernship for a European transit manager via th e Mississi pp i Consortium o f National Development. Taught several m ini-urses on transit management, adm ini stration and ma int e nance American Publi c T r ansit Association regional directo r for t hree years. Pr evi ous Pos i tions Genera l Manager, Jackson Public Transportation Co., McDon a l d Tra nsit Associates, Jackso n Mississippi Genera l Manager Albany Transit System, ATE Management and Service Co., Inc., Albany, Georgia Ass i stant Execut i ve Director Lowcountry Regional Transportation Authority AT E Management and Sie Co. Inc., Beaufort, South Carolina Transportat ion Coordinator, Lee County Transportation, Auburn, A labama Transportation Administ r ative Assistant, Southeast Alabama Transit Syste m Educat i o n B.S. Socio l ogy/Personnel Management Alabama State University Logistlcsrrra nsp ortation Management Certified USAF Technical Training School Sheppard AFB, Texas


JENNIFER A. HARDIN Research Associate Areas of Exp ertise Parat r a n sit Planning Strategic P l anning Public In vo lvement Representative Experience Survey Research Methods Focus G r o up Research A uto matic Vehic l e Locati o n (AVL) Conducted. an examinat ion of AVLtec hnotogy app li cations in paratransit. Examine ways to inc r ease use of volunteers i n t he Flori da Coondin a ted Transportation System. OrganiZed, conducted, and analyzed foc u s groups with residents to exam in e perceived tran sportation prob l ems and needs, as well as assess community s u pport for pub li c transit. Work w ith lo cal agencies to int egra t e transit & pa ratransit services. Assisted in state -l evel spec ial ized transportat ion research projects through survey writing, literature reviews, In-depth Interviewing, other qualitative and quantitativ e research techniques. Assisted in data collection, analysis, and development of statewide Transportation Disadvantaged Plan. Conducted and a n a lyzed public offic ia l Interviews during developmen t o f statewide TO strategic plan. Applied the use of Geographi c Information Systems (GIS) to a n a lysi s of trip ge nerators and attractors, as well as evaluation of existing publi c trans it routes. Conducted community-based needs assessment f or a d ditional public transportation in a retirement community in F lorida. Assisted in the development of specialized tra n sportatio n passenger surveys. Organized, catalogued. and abstracte d specia lized tr a n sportation li brary materials in t h e CUTR Resource a nd I nformatio n Cent er (CRIC) Database. Assisted in data collection pertaining t o coondination efforts through o ut the United States Updated and maintained Human Services Information System (HSIS) da tabase Assisted in a N ational Science Foundation (NSF) social network a n alysis research project. P rev ious Positions Graduate Research Assistant USF Anthropology Department Lab Manager, Self -Paced Interactive Curriculum Enhancement (S.P.I.C.E ), USF Student Supervisor, Coll ege of Charleston Bookstore Assistant to Textbook Manager College of C ha rlesto n Bookstore Education. M.A., Applied Urban Anth r opology, University of South Florida B.S., Cultural Anthropo logy, College of Charleston 0<111$197


LAURA C. LACHANCE Research Associate Areas of Expertise Economic Impact Analysis Fiscal i mpact Analysis Transportation Disadvantaged P lanning Transportation Economics Survey Analys i s Representative Experience Needs and Funding Analysis Allernative Financing Paratransit Operations Analysis Benefit-Cost Analysis Analyzed the econom i c contribution of transportation to the State of Flori da Managed the major updates to the transit development plans for Brevar d and Bay Counties. Assisted in the transit development plan tor Charlotte County. Managed project that exam ine d future transportation needs for Florida and funding required to meet these needs. Managed projec t that evaluated the factors affecting the locatio n decision-maki n g process of facilities serving t he tra nsportation d isadvantaged. Analyzed survey tra nsportation prefere nce data. Assisted in the evaluation of fiscal impacts associated wit h possi b l e jurisdictional transfers of roads and bridges. Devel oped the fee m ethodology for a special assessment district. Analyzed and developed a transportation utility fee for a F lorida municipa l ity Compiled actuaria l data for the examination of transportation disadvantaged insurance issues Examine d the effects of the Americans with Disabilities Act upon paratransit service Analyzed opera ting data of F l orida's paratra n sit providers Eval uated the relationsh i p between demograph ic and parking characteristics, and transit usage. Previous Positions Adjunct Professor, F lorid a Southern College Gra duate Research Assistant, Center for Urban Transportation Research Graduate Research Assistant USF D epartment of Economi cs Education MA. Economics, Univers ity of South Florida B.A., Economics and International Affairs, F lorida State University (1411&97


BEVERLY G. WARD Deputy Director Areas of Expertise Geographic Information Systems Mass Transit Insurance Specialized Transportation Services Repre sentative Experience T ransportation Dem and Forecast ing Transportation Deman d Management T r ansportatio n Planning and Policy Analysis Organized over 50 tra n sportation t r a ining conferences. Managed a coordinated, accessible t ransportation system. Developed transporta t ion group insura nce program. Coordinated a s tate rail passenger test market project. Served as grants coordinator for va r ious state agencies' projects. Conducted tra nsp o rtat ion demand management seminars. Served as g u est lecture r and speaker at various co nf erences and seminars Served as Devel oper Demonstrato r /Expert w it h Public Private Transporta t ion N etwork (PPTN). Co-author o f the Commute Alternatives Systems Handbook and Commuter Assistance Program Director's Manual. Instructor, statewide Commute Alternatives Workshop Series. Managed numerous t ransportation demand ma nageme nt i mplementation and training projects Co-principa l Investigator of the African American Mobility Issues S ymposia Previous Positions Assistant Director A labama Tra nsit Association Grant C oordinat o r Alabama Department of Economic and C o mmunity Affa irs/Al abama Transit Association Group In surance Program T r a nspo rtation D irector, Jefferson County Office of Senior Citizen Activities State Board Member A l abama Department o f Human Resources Directo r of Special Projects, Office o f Family and Child Serv ices Production Assistant, Poughkeepsie Cablevision Education Ph. D. candidate, Applied A nthropo l ogy, Un iver sity of Sout h Florida M.P.A University o f Alabama a t Birmingha m B. A., Psychology and Film/Drama, Vassar College ()<1115.'97


VICTORIA ZAMBITO Training Specialist Areas o f Expertise Malntenance Tra i ning CoordinaUon Administrativ e Organization Representative Experienc e Conference Coordination Planning and Program Coordination Coo rdinate the F lorid a M ai ntenance Trai ning Program (FMTP) sponsored by t he F lorida Department of Transport ation. Survey transit properties for training needs and schedule mechanics for training Coordinate and assist with compiling data and assembling reports for projects. Communicate with public transportation supervisors, managers and mechanics Assist with fhe planning and organization of meetings. Plan prepare and d i stnbute newsletlers, brochures, and trai n ing flyers Prepar e o v erheads and slides for teaching programs, research presentations and training progress reports via Harvard Graphics and Lotus 1-2-3. Judge Florida State Bus M echanics Roadeos and Individua l transit roadeos. Comp ile scores for statewide and nat ional maintenance trai ning bus roadeos. Represent CUTR at t he F l orida T rans i t Association conferences. Participated in t h e D r ive Smart Tampa Bay Co a lition and B icycl e Safety Roadeos. Ass isted in teaching research skills for t h e CUTR's Resource and Information Cent er (CRIC). Complet ed Maintenance Management for Small VehiclesFlorida Maint enance Training Program Completed Basic/Advanced ElectricFlorida Mai ntenance Train i ng Program Previous Positions office Manager, Bay Cellular, Tampa, F l orida Customer Service Coordinator, Cellu l ar One, Tampa, Florida Customer Service Supe rv isor, Francois L. Schwarz, Inc. Palm Harbor, F lorida


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