Quarterly report through June 30, 1999

Quarterly report through June 30, 1999

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Quarterly report through June 30, 1999
National Urban Transit Institute (U.S.)
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Tampa, Fla
Center for Urban Transportation Research, College of Engineering, University of South Florida
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Transportation -- Research -- Florida ( lcsh )


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"July 1999."
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the National Urban Transit Institute.

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National Urban Transit Institute (U.S.)
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Quarterly report through June 30, 1999 /
c the National Urban Transit Institute.
Tampa, Fla. :
b Center for Urban Transportation Research, College of Engineering, University of South Florida,
"July 1999."
National Urban Transit Institute (U.S.)
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UARTERLY REPORT THROUGH JUNE 30, 1999 THE NATIONAL URBAN TRANSIT INS7TTUTE July 1999 C..,l:tf fOf Urtlatt TraMpoltatl011 RMNrch Co1!9 of Unlv.,.lty of SOvtl'l Flotlc11 4Z021E. A'Ho!Wt CVT 100 Tmpa. R. PhoiMI: SU9 7.&.3t20


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TABLE OF CONTENTS through J une 3o, 199 9 .. SECTION PAGE RESEARCH PROJECT STATUS . . . . . . . . . . . .. . .. . .. . .. .. . 1 Overview ......... .......... .. ... ............. ........ ..................... 3 NUTI Research Project Status Tabl e . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 NUTI P r ogram Admi n is tration . . . . . .. . .. .. .. .. .. . .. .. . .. .. .. .. .. . . 5 Jo urnal of Public Transp o rtation . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . 6 Year3 NUT I 3-FAMU 1 NUT I 3-FAMU 2 NUT 1 3-FAMU-3 NUTI3-USF-6 Year4 NUTI4FSU NUT14-FSU-3 NUT14-FSU-4 NUT14-USF-3 NUTI4-US F-5 NUTI4-US F -6 Years NUTISFAMU2 NUTIS-FAMU-3 NUTIS-FSU-1 NUTIS-FSU-2 NUTIS-USF-2 NUTIS-USF3 NUT IS-USF-4 NUTIS-US F-5 NUTI5-US F-6 NUTIS-USF-7 The Chu rch: An A lt ernative Urban Transportation Amenity . . . . . . 7 Eva luation of Mass T r ansrt on Environmenta l Equ ity and Justice . . . 7 An Assessment of lhe Relationsh i p Between the Telecommuting Population and Publi c Transportatio n Managers . . . . . . . . . . 7 Geograph i c Inform a t ion Systems as a Too l for Examini n g E nvironmental Equity Issues in Public T ran sportatio n . . . . . . . . 8 FIMA T-New Technology for Inter act ive Transit User Inf orma t ion Syst ems . . . . .. . . . .. . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9 Customer Service : E n hancing Consumer Aware n e ss and Perceptions of Public Transit Services Providers .................. 1 0 Energy a n d Environm ental Performance of Existing a n d Emerging Public Tran sportation Tec hnologies .. . .. . . . . . .. . .. . . 11 African America n Mobility Symposium IV (AAMS IV) . . . . . . 12 Opportunities for the C oordi n ation of Genera l Public Transit and School Bus Transportation .. . . . . .. . . .. . .. . .. . . .. 13 Perspectives on the Future of Pub li c Tran sportation . . . . . . . . 1 4 Publi c Trans it and Welfare-to-Wor1<: Explorat ory Reseanch and Assessme nt of a C learinghouse for the Dissemi natio n of Welfa r eTo-Work Inf ormation .. . .. . . .. . .. . .. . .. . . 1 5 Unking Transportation Model i n g Software With Geograph i c Info rmatio n SystemsA Syn thesis of The State ofThe Practice .... .. 16 Continuation of lhe Promotional Materials Clearing house . . . . . . 1 7 Trainin g Guide and Educational Train ing Workshops on Economic Impact Assessment Methods for Publ i c Transit . .................. 18 Case Studies of Creati ve Transrt Agencies . . . . . . . . . . . . 19 Forum for Assessing the Imp li cations of ISTEA Reauthorization on Public Transrt . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 Guidebook for Transit Economic Impact Studi es ................... 21 2"' National Conference on GIS in Transit . . . . . . . . . . . 22 Public Transit and Welfare-to-Work: Exploratory Research . . . . . 23 Minority Mobil ity Symposium . . .. . . .. .. . .. . .. . .. . .. 24 Iii


ANNUAL PLAN ACTI VITIES STATUS .... . ... ......... ... .. ... . . ........ ............ 25 I ntrodu ction . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27 Goal I : Researc h P rogram . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27 Goa l II : Research P r ogram Performance . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28 Goal Il l : Technology Transfer .... . ............ . . . . . .... ........ ...... 34 Goal I V : Edu cation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 48 Goal V : H uma n Resou rces . . . .. .. . .. .. .. .. . . . . 48 F I NANCIAL STATUS . .. . .. . .. . .. .. . .. .. . .. . .. .. . .. .. .. .. .. . . .. .. . 53 Annual In stit ute F i nancial Report Year O n e S ummary ...... .. . ... ... ... .. 55 Ann ua l I n stitute F i nancia l R eport Year Two S ummary . . . . . . . . . . . . 56 Annual In s t itute F inan cia l Report, Year Three Summary . . . . . . . . . . . . 57 Annual In st i tute F inan cial R eport Year Four Summary . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 58 Ann ua l In stitute F i nancia l Report, Year F iv e S ummary ....... ... . .... . ...... 59 E st i mat e d Spending by T ask, Yea r T hree P rojects . . .. .. .. . .. .. .. . .. . .. . . 60 Estimated Spen d ing by Tas k Yea r Four Projects . .... .. . .. ........... 61 E s t i mat e d Spending by Task Yea r Fi v e Projects . . . . . . . . . . . 62 iv


Quarterly Report . .. _._ ,,.:i. 1 \ ; / 30, 1999 > RESEARCH PROJECT STATUS The Nati ona l Urban Tran s it Insti tute-


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' '. QUarterly Repciit_. "' Overview The NUTI Research Proje<:t Status Table on the next page provides an overview summary of project status for the various research proje<:ts programed i n each year since NUTI's inceptio n The Researc h Project Status section has a one-page status report o n each ac tive proje<:t. Authored by the individual principal investigators these r eports cover progr ess to date o n the projects M ulti -year projects: Program Administration, The Promoffonal Materials Clearinghouse and The Journal of Public Transportation are shown once in the Proje<:t Status section. The yea r and number of the project are shown in the numbering scheme: the number immediately following NUT! refers to the grant fun ding year and the second n umber displays the number of the project for that university (i.e., NUT15-XXXX-1). Projects are presented chrono logically by year with the oldest projec t s first, alphabe ti cally by university and sequentially by project number. -The National Urban Transit Ins tit ute-3


NUTI Research Project Status Table Number Final of Report Projects Initialed Stage Complete Comments FAMU 2 ..(> ..(> 2 Year FlU 1 ..(> ..(> 1 One FSU 4 ..(> 4> 4 All projects completed USF 3 3 FAMU 2 ..v ..(> 2 Year FlU 2 ..(> ..(> 2 All projects completed Two FSU 4 9 4 USF 4 9 9 4 FAMU 3 9> 3 0 3 fina l reports outstanding Year FlU 3 of> 3 All projects completed Three FSU 4 ..(> 4 All projects completed USF 4 <4> 1 3 1 fina l report being FAMU 1 ..(> 9> 1 All projects completed Year FlU 3 ..(> 3 All projects completed Four FSU 4 4 ..(> 1 3 reports i n final production stage USF 7 5 9> 2 2 reprogrammed 2 projects i n production. 1 in final report stage FAMU 4 2 9> 0 2 reprogr ammed 2 in production Year FlU 1 ..(> ..(> 1 All projects completed Five FSU 2 2 9> 0 2 i n production USF 6 6 1 0 5 in product io n, 1 in final r eport stage Administration and Journal activities not included in tab le. -T he National Urba n Transit Insti t ute 4


; Quarterly RepOrt Project Number: Project Title: Principal investigator: USDOT Grant DTRS93-G-0019 NUTI PROGRAM ADMINISTRATION Steven E Polzin Ph.D., P E. D eputy Direc tor Tel: (813) 974-9849; Fax: (813) 974-5168 Patricia Baptiste Program Assistant Tel: (813) 974-9760; Fax: (813) 974-5168 Center for Urban Transporla6on Research University of South Florida Tampa. FL 33620-5350 $ ... i'-:;. :through 'June 30, 1999 NUTIS-USF-1 During the past quarter the admi nislrative activities incl uded lhe following regular activities: Completed q u arterly report for prior quarter. Admi nistered subcont racts and project invo icing. Mo nrtored TCRP. APTA, FTA and o ther tran sit related research Submitted additional oompleted technical r eports to designated depositories and the se l ection committee. Worked with subcontractors t o finalize outstanding technical reports. Worked with prin cipal investigators to disse m inate fin dings Progr ess on severa l front s continued last quarter. We h ave carried out a complete financial review of all open NUTI accounts and subcontracts and have determined a strategy for expendi n g balances. Progress has continued this quarter i n moving forward with progra mming and expending the account balances of the r esearch projects ide nt ified i n the past quarterly report Duri n g t h i s quarter the NUTI Directo r hosted the 2 "'National GIS in Transft Conference h eld in Tampa, parti c ipated i n the Annual CUTC meeting and gave a speech on the F uture of Public Transportation at a mobility conference in Atlanta We a ntici pate a need to extend all the NUTI oontracts for an additiona l year to enable us t o oompl ete ex i s t i n g and recently programmed projects. Th e National Urban Transit In s titut e 5


Project Number: Project Title: Principal Investigators: USOOT Grant No. OTRS93-G-0019 JOURNAL OF PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION Gary Brosch Director Tot : (813) 974-3120; Fax: (813) 974-5168 Patricia Henderson Communications Manager Tel: (813) 974-9759; Fax: (813) 974-5168 Center for Uman TranspOttaUon Researeh (CUTR) College of Engineering Univetsity of South Florida Tampa FL 33620.5375 Specific activities in th i s quarter i nclude : Began editing and design of Vo l 2, No 3 ; began work on Vol 2 No 4. NUTI4-USF-2 Contacted GIS confere nce paper a uth ors regard i ng subm i ss i ons for spec i al GIS issue. Iden ti fied reviewers and sent manuscripts out for review. Accepted and rejected papers. Updated/maintained information on the CUTR Web site regard ing the journa l. Continued word of mouth promotion. Responded to requests for manuscript and journal information via e-mail, regular mail, pho n e, etc. Solicited new papers Added names to j ourna l ma i ling list upon request. The Nationa l Urban Transn Institute6


Quarterly Report Project Number: Project Title: Principal Investigators: Project Number: Project Title: Principal Investigators: Project Number: Project TIUe: Principal Investigators: USDOT Grant No. DTR$93.0.0019 NUTI3-FAMU-1 THE CHURCH: AN ALTERNATIVE URBAN TRANSPORTATION AMENITY Charles A. Wright, Ph.D., P.E. Prole$.SIJI' Cotfege of Engineering Scieooes, Technology & Agdoolrure Engineering Technology Florida A & M University Tel : (850) 501 2920; FOJt: (850) 501 Addis C Taylor, Ph. D Chaitperson Slid AS'SOCiate Pt0/9$.$01 Dep8rtmenJ of Economics College of Atts and Scie"""s Florids A & M University T el. : ( 850) 599 ; Fax: (850) 561 ZZ90 USDOT Grant No. DTR$93.0.0019 NUTI3-FAMU-2 EVALUATION OF MASS TRANSIT ON ENVIRONMENTAL EQUITY AND JUSTICE Ray A. Shackelford, Ph.D. Oilecl.OI!Assislant Professor AdministratiW &M'Ces Envitonment81 Sciences ln$iifute Florida A & M T61: (850) 599-3550: Fax: (850) 561-2739 Charles A. Wright, Ph.D., P.E. Professor Division of Englnooring Techf)()logy COIJO!}e of Engineering Sciences snd Agriculture Florida A & M University Tel. : (850) 501-2920; Fax: (850) 56!-2739 USDOT Grant No. DTRS93-G.0019 NUTI3-FAMU-3 AN ASSESSMENT OF THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN THE TELECOMMUTING POPULATION AND PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION MANAGERS Charles A. Ph.D., P.E. Professor College of Ef>9ineering Scie,.,s, Technology & AgttcuiiUIO EngiMering Tecttno/ogy Florida A & M University Tel : (850) 561; Fox: (850) 501-2739 Addis C. Taylor, Ph. D Departmrmt Chairperson a.nd Professor Oi!pattment of Economics Colleg(l of Arts and Sciences F/OIIda A & M Univorsity Tel : (850) 599-3138: Fax: (850) CUTR is wor1

. . Quartei1Y Report . Project Number: Project Title: Principal Investigators: USDOT Grant No. DTR$93-G-0019 NUTI3.USF-6 GEOGRAPHIC INFORMATION SYSTEMS AS A TOOL FOR EXAMINING ENVIRONMENTAL EQUITY ISSUES I N PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION Dennis Hinebaugh Transit Program Dirsctor Tel.: (813) 9749833; Fax: (813) 974-5 168 Center for Urban Transportation Research Coffege of Engineering University o f South Florida Th e resp onsibili ties for this project h ave been reassigned due to the departure of the pri nci pal i nves ti gator. This has delayed the completio n of the report. Additional items of i nfo rmatio n have been gathered and persona l assignments have b een made to ensure that a fina l report will be com p leted in th e n ext quarter. A r ev ised draft report has been completed and rev ie wed. -The Natio n al Urban 8


auarteity Project Number: Project Title: Principa l Investigators: USDOT Grant No. DTRS93-G.()019 NUT14-FSU-1 FIMAT NEW TECHNOLOGY FOR INTERACTIVE TRANSIT USER INFORMATION SYSTEMS Bill Mustard Director. The Marketing lnst;tute Florida State University Tallahassee, FL 32306-3037 Tel : (850) 644-2509; Fax : (850) 644-6231 DeWayne Carver Asst. Director, The Marketing Institute Florida Stale University Tallahas see, FL 32306-3037 Tel: (850) 644-2509; Fax : (850) 644-6231 Dr. Charles Hofacker Asscciate Professor FSU COB Market ing Department Florida State University Tallahassee. FL 32306 Tel : (850) 644-2509; Fax: (850) 644-6231 Th e fi nal report draft has been completed and is being mailed out for peer neview. The report has been modified to i nclude additional i nformatio n on the project's fi nd i ng s related to the understand i ng of marketing by the trans i t agencies surveyed d u ring Task 3 Task 4 has bee n comp l eted, and Task 5 is now underway T h i s I s the fina l task i n this project and req ui res peer review of the final neport prio r to s ubm ission of the completed project As an Interim Product, a shortened versio n of the draft Fina l Report (minus two attachments) has been created as a .pdf fi l e and is posted on the Internet at http://tmi.cob.fsu.ed u/ transportatio n/p rojects.htm The Nationa l Urban Transit Insti tute9


Project Number: Project Tille: Principal Investigators: USDOT Grant No. DTRS93-G-0019 NUT14-FSU3 FIMAT CUSTOMER SERVICE: ENHANCING CONSUMER AWARENESS AND PERCEPTIONS OF PUBLIC TRANSIT SERVICES PROVIDERS Bill Mustard DilfJCtor of Research and Services Florida Institute for Marketing Alternative Transporlstion (FIMA T} FlorirJa State University Tallahassee. FL Tel: (850) 644-2509; Fax: (850) 644-6231 Dr. J. Joseph Cronin, Jr. Professor of Marketing College of Business Florida state University Tallahassee. FL 32306-1042 Tot: (850) 644-7858; Fax: (850) 644-4098 Pro ject Status Report: During the second quarter of 1999 this project data collection and coding comp l eted The project report was also prepa red for distributio n to the Peer Review Committee. This report is be i ng sent to the peer review committee for th eir input. No funds were expended during this quarter. -The Nationa l Urban Transit Institute -10


Project Number: USDOT Grant No. DTRS9J.G.0019 NUTI4-FSU4 Project Title : ENERGY AND ENVIRONMENTAL PERFORMANCE OF EXISTING AND EMERGING PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION TECHNOLOGIES Princ i pal Investigator: Dr. Thomas A. Lynch Director Center for Economic Forecasting and Analysis Florida state University Tallahassee, FL 32310 Tel : (8!;0) 644-7357; Fax (850) 385-8266 Associate Investigators: Dr. Andrew Dzurik Professor Deparlm8nt of Civil Engineering College of Engineenng FSUIFAMU Tallahassee FL 32306-4058 Tel: (850) 487-6124; fax: (850) 487-6142 Loyd Lyday Associate Director Center for Economf c Forecasting and Analysis Florida State University Tallahassee, FL 32306-4016 Tel: (850) 644-7357; Fax: (850) Thi s report has been substantially completed and awaits a fi nal peer review before final editing and production The National Urban Transtt Institute11


Project Number: Project rille: Principal Investigators: USDOT Grant No. DTRS93-G.0019 NUTI4-USF-3 AFRICAN-AMERICAN MOBILITY SYMPOSIUM I V (AAMS IV) Eric T. Hill Resarch Associate Tel: (813) 974-9845; Fax: (813) 974-5168 D. Michael Crittenden Resesrch Associate Tel: (813) 974-1271; Fax: (813) 974-5168 Beverly G. Ward Deputy Director Tel: (813) 974-9773 ; Fax: (813) 974-5168 Center for Uroan Transportation Resean;h (CUTR) College of Engineering of South Florida Tampa. FL 33620.5375 The proceedings from t he 1997 symposium are approximate l y 85 percent complete. A final version will be completed shortly. The National Urban Transit Institute. 1 2


Project Number. Project THie: Principal Investigators: ltrrough Jiin;,, 30, 1999 USDOT Grant No. DTRS93 G-0019 NUT14-USF-5 OPPORTUN ITIES FOR THE COORDINATION OF GENERAL PUBLIC TRANSIT AND SCHOOL BUS TRANSPORTATION Michael Baltes Research Associate Tel: (813) 974-9843; Fax: (813) 974-5168 William Morris Research Associate Tel: (813) 974-6804; Fax: (813) 974-5168 Cent e r for Urban Transportation Resesteh College of Engineering University of South Florida Tampa, FL 33620-5375 Reprog r amming of staff r eso u rces delayed progress on this project t h i s pas t quarter New assig n ments will enable s u bstantia l progress on this report in t h e upcoming quarter. The Natio n al Urba n Institute-13


Project Number: Project Title: Principal Investigator: USDOT Grant No. DTRS93-G.0019 NUT14-USF-6 PERSPECTIVES ON THE FUTURE OF PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION Steven E. Polzin, P.E., Ph.D. Deputy Director, Institutes Center for Urban Transporlation Research College of Engineering University of South Florida Tampa, FL 3362().5375 Tel: (813) 974-9849; Fax: (813) 974 Activity on this project this quarter InCluded preparation and presentation o f a 75-minute speeCh to a mobi l ity conference in Atlanta hosted by the governor and addressing the public transportat ion issues of the next century in AUanta. The innovative and proactive restructuring of regionat transportation and land use planning in Atlanta provided a highly Charged inte res t In transportation and in the future of publ i c transporta t i on. A seventy slide program will be posted on the NCTR Web site for additional dissemination. The int erviewi ng stage of the project will be starting next quarter The National Urban Transit lnstiMe 14


,. QUiuteriY Report Proje<:t Number: Project Title: Principal Investigators: USDOT Grant DTRS93-G.(J019 NUT15-FAMU Public Transit And Welfare-to-Work: Exploratory Research And Assessment of a Clearinghouse For The Dissemination of WelfareTo-Work lnfonnation Charles A. Wright, P.E., Ph.D. Professor Department of Engineering Technology Tel: (850) 561-2920, Fax: (850) 561-2739 Addis Taylor, Ph.D. Chaltman aM Associate Professor Department of Economics Tel: (850) 599-3138, Fax (850) 561-2290 Florida A&M Unhlersity Tallahassee, FL 32307 Activ ities during this quarter inc l uded the fo llowing : The I nterne t information was rev iewed Further, other clearinghouse Web pages' general i nforma tion was accessed fo r availability. The literature search was expanded to include: Northwestern University Library System ; University of California at B

Project Number: Project Title: Principal Investigator: USDOT Grant DTRS93 G-4019 NUTIS..f'AMU-3 Linking Transportation Modeling Software With Geographic Information Systems A Synthesis of The State of The Practice Brenda Robinson, M Eng., MPA, P.E C G.C. Assistant Professor Division of Engineering Technology Florida A&M University Tallahassee FL 32307 Tel: (850) 599 Fox: (850) 561-2739 During the past quarter, the following activ ities Included: The principal researcher and four (4) undergraduate research assistants are working to complete the six (6) tasks required for this project. Although the researc h is currently behind schedule, the group is working i nt e nsely to complete the project by the scheduled completion date. August 30, 1999 To date the group has focuse d on completing tasks 1 through 3 of t he project. In particular the group is conducting a literature search (Task 1 ) and is surveying federal, state and loca l govemment personnel, and Metropolitan Plann ing Organizations (MPO's) concerning transportatio n planning, p la n updates and GIS/ trave l modeling integration (Tasks 2 and 3) The search has included intemet research The researcher has developed a survey form and cover letter for distribution via e-mail and fax to state transportatio n planners city transportation planners and metropolitan planning organizations throughout the United States The survey form and cover letter are provided for rev iew and comment i n this prog ress report. With the assistance of the students, the researcher has distributed this survey document to most of the target group. By the July 23, 1999, survey distribution will be completed. Other tasks of the project are underway and are scheduled for completion by August 30 1999 The National Urban Transit Institute 16


Qtianerty Report Proj ect Number : Project Title: Principal Invest i gators: RESEARCH PROJECT STATUS .. . through June 30,1999 USOOT Grant DTRS93-G-0019 NUTIS-FSU-1 CONTINUA nON OF THE PROMOTIONAL MATERIALS CLEARINGHOUSE Bill Mustard Director of Research and Services The Marl

Project Number: Project Title: Principal Investigators: Associate Investigator: USDOT Grant DTRS93-G-0019 NUTIS-FSU-2 TRAINING GUIDE AND EDUCATIONAL TRAINING WORKSHOPS ON ECONOMIC IMPACT ASSESSMENT METHODS FOR PUBLIC TRANSIT Dr. Thomas Lynch Director Tel: (850) 644-7357; Fax: (850) 576-2207 Loyd Lyday Associate Director Tel: (850) 644-3410; Fax: (850) 576-2207 Center for Economic Forecasb'ng and Analysis Florida state University Tallahassee, FL 32306 During this quarter activities i nclu ded the following: FSU researc he rs continue to make progress sioce t he last quarterly report This quarter Dr. Lynch initiated a lileraiUre review that examines how transit properties have evaluated the economic impact of transit capital and variable expenses Dr. Lynch worked with his FSU Economics Graduate student. Lehr Elison, who assisted wilh completing the ana ly sis Or Lynch also began a review of alternative methodolog ies to examine economic Impacts. Or. Lynch attended Moving the Economy. An International Conference on Sustainable Transportation in Toronto, Canada a nd the lntemational COnference on High Speed Rail in Berl in Genmany. He was able to gathe r a n umber of research papers and establish an ongoing dialog with other researchers Other progress is ongoing a n d the project is on time wilh the current exte n sion. A number of nesearchers expnessed strong interes t in sec u ring copies of the final report from th i s analysis o n ils conclusion. Very little compara t ive analys is Is c urrently available i n this anea. During the fourth quarter Dr. Lynch also received a draft outline of the economic impact paper from the CUTR staff wor1

' . Quarterly Report Project Number: Project Title: Principal Investigator: USDOT Grant DTRS93-G.(J019 NUT15.1JSF CASE STUDIES OF CREATIVE TRANSIT AGENCIES Joel Volinski Deputy Director; Transit Center lor Urban Transportation Research University of South Florida Tampa, FL Tel : (813) 974-9847; Fax: (813) 974 During this quarter. th e following project activities were accomplished: Contac t was made with the fourth agency (LYNX) to conduct a s i te visit wh i ch w i ll be made in the next quarter In addition the fifth and fi n a l site will be contacted in the next q uarter with comp le tion o f th e report expec ted i n September 1999 The National Urban Transit Institute 19


Project Number: USDOT Grant NUTIS-USF-3 Project Title: FORUM FOR ASSESSING THE 1 M PLICA TIONS OF ISTEA REAUTHORIZATION ON PUBLIC TRANSIT Principal Investigators: Gary L. Brosch Director Tel : (813) 97+3120; Fax : (813) 97+5168 Patricia Henderson Communications and Human Resources Manager Tel: (813) 97+9759; Fax: (813) 974-5168 Center for Urban Transportation Resesrch University of South Florida Tampa FL 33620.5375 Specific activities i n this quarter i ncl ude : NCTR Director Joel Volinski was assigned as the new project manager His selection to Leadershi p APTA m a kes him ideal to serve as liaison with APTA on this project. The project mana ger met and reached agreement with Bill Millar of APTA to proceed with the project. The conference will be scheduled jointly with APTA to take place i n winter 1999 Pot en tial downlink sites conti nued to be identified The National Urban Transit Institute-20


Quarterly Report . t . ", ;;;-.., 1'999. .. Project Number: USDOT Grant DTRS93-G-0019 NUT15-USF-4 Project Title: GUIDEBOOK FOR TRANSIT ECONOMIC IMPACT STUDIES Principal Investigators: F Ron Jones, Ph.D. Deputy Director, Education Tel: (813 } 974; Fax: (813} 974 Xuehao Chu, Ph.D. Research Associate Tel: (813} 974-9831; Fax: (813} 974-5168 Center for Urban Transportation Research University of South Florida Tampa, FL 3362().5375 Acco m plishme nts this quarter included the following : 1 Five i ssu es that have challenged economic impact assessments have been selected for focus: What expend itu res should be attributed to transit? How s h ould sources of funds be considered? How should fund leakage b e considered? How should fi nancing methods be considered? How s hou ld transit's transportation benefits be considered? These issues of confusion are believed to be common i n practice and are sig n ificant in affec t i ng the results of transit economic i mpac t studies. 2. The principals i nvolved in transit economic i mpact studies have been discussed i n what will be the first section of the report. 3. Case studies have been selected to show both worst and best practices related to each issue. Some of these case stud ies have been described in detail, while others are to be developed. Coordination with FSU has been difficult because of differences i n the timing of progress The guidebook has bee n designed to d ocument both CUTR and FSU work on the same topic. CUTR is responsible f o r Part I covering the principals of impact studies and Part II, covering the issues of confusion and worsVbest practices. FSU is responsible for Part Ill, cover i ng tools for impact s t ud ie s CUTR plans to produce a guidebook covering Parts I and II. -The National Urban Transit Institute21


Project Number: Project Title: Principal I nvestigator: USDOT Grant DTRS93-G-0019 NUTIS-USF-5 2 NATIONAL CONFERENCE ON GIS IN TRANSIT Steven E Polzin lnfetmOdal and Guideway Research Program Director Center for Urban Transportation Research University of South Florida Tampa, FL 33621J.S375 Tel: (813) 974-9841 ; Fax: (813) 974-5168 The confe r e n ce was he ld i n May and very well received wit h a strong turnout and a very hi gh l y regarded technical program The progress i n GIS applications was very apparent since the last conference and applicatio n in critical areas such as access to employment. accessibi l ity measurement service planning custome r i nformation paratransit scheduling and othe r areas was of great i nterest to the audience. Work is proceed ing on the proceed i ngs. We anticipate an electronic version of the proceedings in order to accommodate the tre mendous graphic content inhere nt in GIS and not easily communica ted in black and wh ite prin ted proceedings We are also moving ahead with a spec ia l i ssue of the Journa l of Public Transportat io n that will feature papers from the conference. A post conference survey was held that provided very positive feedback. There was a strong i ntere st in another conference in approximately two years a n d i n I ntroduc ing some distance leaning applications to increase dissemination and demonstrate th e evolving capabilities of e l ectronic communication of transportation information The National Urba n Transit Institute 22


Project Number: Project Title: Principal Investigators: RESEARCH PROJECT STATUS P a thtough :June 30,1999 USOOT Grant DTRS93G.0019 NUTI5.USF-6 PUBLIC TRANSIT AND WELFARETOWORK: EXPLORATORY RESEARCH Beverly G. Ward Deputy Direclor Center for Urban Transportation Resean:h University of South Florida Tampa FL 33620.5375 Tel: (813) 974-9773; Fax: (813) 974-5168 Based on the thematic ouijine prep ared last quarler, development of a "whtte paper'" is underway. The white paper will address the public transportatio n issues that have been discovered during t he course of t his r esearch, provide shortand lo n g-term policy recommendations and s uggest areas fo r future researc h Other NUTI/National Center for Transportation Researc h {NCTR) member faculty have ind icated continued interest in this area of research This in terest will be addressed, somewhat, in th e white paper. A meeting with FAMU regarding completion of 'welfare-to-wo rk" research scope for project year 1998 was held during this quarter. Some recomme nda tio ns were made to Dr. Charles Wright regarding use of church vehicles for transportation, part icula rly i n rura l areas Coordination continued with welfare to worK elements in other NUT! projects i nc luding : Assistance with a "welfareto-wo rk session or program tracK for the NUTI GIS conference; Ident ify 'welfare-to-wo r K research find ings appropriate for publ i cation in the Journal of Public Transportation; Coordinate with other CUTR research, as appropriate. Upon completion of the white paper a n d after more i nformation i s received regarding NCTR, a final proposal for future NCTR work will be submitted address i ng some of the research issues id e ntified i n the white paper. Participation in national forums and conferences continued. A presentation on welfare-to-work and transtt was given at the A merica n Anthropological Association/National Association for the Practice of Anthropology Annual Meeting in Philade l phia December 1998. -The National Urban Transit Institute23


Project Number: Project Title: Principal Investigators: Accomplishments : USDOT Grant No. DTRS93G.0019 MINORITY MOBILITY SYMPOSIUM To Be Determined Center for Utbsn Transportation Researth University of South Florida Tampa, FL 33620-5375 Gained approval from CUTR Advisory Board to move forward w ith project. Continued to work on cosponsorships. Work to Be Accomplished In Third Quarter Assign project manager and determine staffing. Determine date location, etc., for conference (anticipated late Fall 1999). Conti n ue to get cosponsors The National Urban Transit Institute 24 NUTIS..USF-7


. --: Quarterly Report ANNUAL PLAN ACTIVITIES STATUS -The National Urban Tra n sit I nstitute25


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Quarterly Report INTRODUCTION This section r eports t h e status of th e lnstiMe i n atta i ning the goals and objectives established for the Institute's performance Thus, th e organization of t his section i s structured around the orga ni zatio n of the goals and objectives for the In stitute. T h e infonmatio n presented varies dependi n g on the specifi c goal and objective I n some insta nces the infonmation is substantial and detailed and i n other instances it is l imit ed a n d quali t ative. In some cases t he i nforma tio n provided is cross referenced to spec ifi c research projec t s and in other cases it is prese nted i n an aggr egate fash i on. Fo ll owing the summary l ist o f goal s and object iv es, each goa l objective and an act io n item i s addressed. This section of the r eport bu ilds on t he prio r quarters' repo rts Much of t he i nforma tio n remai ns u nchanged ; howeve r, the tables are upda ted quarter l y to incorporate new infonma tion. GOALS AND OBJECTIV ES Goa l 1: Research Program O b jective 1 .1: U til ize a p rojec t pro p osal solic it at i on and review process Goa! II: Research Program Perfonmance Ob jective 11. 1: Insure relevance of the research effort Objective 11.2: Monitor the progress of each research effort Objective 11.3: Produce research resu lt s appropriate for the target a ud i ences Goat Itt : Technology Transfer Objective 111.1 : D evelop a tech no l ogy transfer plan for eac h pro j ect Objective 111.2: Monitor techno logy transfer efforts at the project l evel Objective 111.3: Deve lop and produce a Journal of Public Transportatio n Research Goal IV: Education Objective IV.1: Have eac h project e n h ance t r ansportatio n education GO!II V : Human Resources Objective V 1: Address t he e le ment of hu man resources in ea c h i n dividual pro ject Objective V .2: Montto r h uman resources efforts at the p roject le vel PERFORMANCE ON GOALS, OBJECTIVES AND AcnON ITEMS Goal!-Researcb Program: Use an objective process for selec ti ng research activities that are responsive to th e vis i on, m is sio n and theme Objective 1 .1: Utilize a project proposal sol icttatio n and review p rocess to insure projects responsive to the I ns titute goal s We h ave used a very successful project selection process that is detailed in prior quarterly and annual reports. W e are currently modifying that process i n the corrtext of the NCTR strategic plan development. -The National Urban Transit Institute27


Goal II Rtsearch Program Perfonnance: Conduct research activities the prod ucts of whic h a r e j udged by experts i n the fie l d to advance the body of knowledge i n urban transportatio n Objective 11.1: Insure relevance of the research effort by i n volving i nd ustry peer researchers, and policy makers i n review of research project wor1< through an advisory committee or other forums as appropriate. Action Item 11.1.a: Es t ablish a foru m for peer i nput on each researc h project. Proposa l development i nstructio n s i n cluded an explicij mandate t o cond uct and document peer review act i v i ties. Tabl e ser ies 1 i ndicates peer rev iewers for projects. Tabl e 1-4 covers peers fo r year fou r projects T able 1-5 covers Year F ive projects a n d s i m i lar tables i n Annual Reports covered acti vities for prior year studies. Project abstracts for year five projects a lso requested i nforma ti on on peer rev iew activities. I n some instances the approach to and part i c i pants in pee r rev iew are best defined la t e r i n the development of the project. The NUTI Director is becom in g more active i n soliciting peer reviewers from outside agencies a n d provid in g ideas for Principal Invest i gators TABLE 1-4, YEAR FOUR PEER REVIEW PANELS Project Peer Reviewers NUTI4-FAMU-4 African American Commissioner Arthu r Kennedy Co-Chairperson Florida Mobi l ity Symposiu m (AAMS IV) Transportat io n Commissio n ; Deborah Price, CoChairperson, COMTO ; Wade Laws on, Past CoChairperson, South Jersey Transportat ion Authority ; Lee Davis National Transportation Consortium of M i nority Colleges; Dr. Frank Enty, COMTO; The Honorable James Hargrett, F l orida Senate ; Ma ri on Hart, F l orida Oepartment of Transporta tion; Gayle Holliday, Kansas C i ty Area Transportation Authority; The Honorable Glori a Jeff, Fed eral Highway Administration ; Dr. Sylvan C. Jolibois, Jr., F lor ida Internationa l U ni versity; J oyce Johnson, Director, North Carolina A & T State Univer sity; Lee Johnson, ATE Management & Service Company Inc.; W. H. (Bill) McClo ud ATCNancom; Sharon Ransome-Smijh Project ACTION; Gwendolynmary Simpson American Publ i c Transrt Associatio n ; D r Charles Wrig h t Oepartment of Engineering Technology FAM U; CUTR Staff. NUT14-FIU 1 At Grade Busway Study Mr. Rene Rod riguez. P ubl ic T r ansportation Manager; David Henderso n. Pedestrian and B icycle Coordinator, at F l orida Department o f Transportation, Dist rict VI; and Jeffrey M Hunter, Pedestrian and Bicycle Coordinator at Metro-Dade Metropolijan Planning Organizatio n will provide input and oversight for the project. -The National Urban Transit Institute28


Quarterly TABLE 1-4, YEAR FOUR PEER REVIEW PANELS Project Peer Reviewers NUTI4-FIU-2 Analyses of Strategies and Steven A. Clark, Manager of Engineering Projects NJ Programs of the U .S. Transit Agencies Transit: MiKe WalKer, Manager, Corporate Security. to Enhance Transit Security Toronto Transit Security; and Robert Aleman, Metro-Dade Security D i rector NUT I 4-FIU-3 Data Requirements and Velma Ceballos, System Analyst. Information Technology Data Sou rces for Tra n sit GIS Divis ion, Miami Dade County. FL; Lina C KuliKowsKi, Applications Associate Planner, Planning I nfo rmation Technology Division, Broward County FL; Spear Bruce, Assistan t Director, Bureau of Transportation Statistics US Dept. of Transportation Washington D .C. NUTI4-FSU1 FIMAT-New Technology F l orida Transit Assoc iation Local (Tal tran) Representative; for Interact i ve Transit User Information F ederal Trans i t Administration Representative: Co rp orate Systems Management In f ormation Systems Representative ; and Cable TV Representative. NUT14-FSU2 F I MAT-Continuation & Gus Robey, Virginia Department of Rail and Public Expan s ion of the Promotional Materia l s Transportation ; Peter Schauer, Peter Schauer Associates : C l earinghouse Peggy Hetherington, MetroPool, Inc.; David Sappenfield, ATE Ryder; Stephen McCaughey, Irv i ne Spectrum TMA; Phillip Winters, CUTR; Paul Rothenberg, TaiTran; Perry Maull, Carr-smith, Inc ; Barbara Zimmerman, Middle Peninsula R i deshare ; Stuart Anderso n, Transportation Consultant Dennis Kouba, APTA NUTI4-FSU-3 C u s t omer Service: Mr. Paul Rothenberg D ir ector of Marketing, T aiTran Enhanc ing Consumer Awar eness and Tallahassee Florida; Ms. Peggy Heather ington. Perceptions of Public T r ansit Serv i ces Metropoo l Inc. Stamford, Connectic ut ; Mr. Peter Schauer, Providers Peter Schauer Associates; Mr. Perry Maull RTS Gainesville; Ms. Barbara Zimmerman Middle Peninsula Rideshare, Saluda, Virginia; Dr. Larry Gun i pero, Cha irman, Marketing Department. FSU; Ms. Tara Bartee, Administrator Transit Planning, FOOT; Mr Tim GrzesiaKowski, Department Manager, Marketing, PACE, Arlington; Mr Mark Hunter Director of Service Planning Bi-state Development Agency, St. Loui s Missouri. NUTI4 FSU-4 Energy and Mr. Terry McKinley, Chie f of Special Projects, MetroDade Environmenta l Performance of Existing Transit Agency, Miami, Florida; Ms. Victoria Nerenber g, and Emerging Public Transportation Manager, Office of Technol ogy Advances, Bay Area Rapid Techno logies Transit Systems, Sa n Francisco, Californ ia; Dr. Steven E Polz i n Senior Researcher and NUTI Coordinator, Center for Urban Transportation Research (CUTR), University of South Florida Tampa, Florida. NUTI4-USF-1 Project Admi nistrat ion IV Admi nistrative rev i ew will be i nterna l t o CUTR. The National Urban Transit Institute-29


TABLE 1-4, YEAR FOUR PEER REVIEW PANELS Pro j ect Peer Reviewers NUTI4 USF2 Jour n a l of Public The journal has established an Editoria l Board t h at T r ansportation IV i ncludes : Dr. Robert B. Cervero, Ph.D., Professor. Department of City and Regional Planning, University of California; Mr Chester "Ed" Colby Exec u t i ve Director, Metro-Dade Transit Agency; Mr. Gordon (Pete) F ie l ding Professor, School of Social Sciences Economics Department Univers ity of Calffo mialrv ine; Dr David J Forkenbrock, Urban and Regional P l anning University of Iowa ; M r Jack R. G i l strap, former Executive Vice President, American Public Transit Associa tion; Dr Jose A. Gomez lbanez, Bok Professor of Publ ic P olicy and Urba n Planni n g Kennedy School of Government, Harvard Univ ers i ty; Dr. Naomi W Lede, Execut ive Director Center for Transportation Trai ning & Researc h Texas Southern Uni vers ity ; Mr William W Millar, Executive D irecto r Port Authority of Al le g heny Cou nty; Dr. Sandra Rosenbl oom, Director The Roy P. Drachman Ins titute, University of Arizona; M r Lawr ence L. Schulman, former Associate Admi nistra tor for Technical Assistance & Safety, Federal Tr ansit Administration; and Dr. George Smerk Director, Ins titut e for Urban Transportation Indiana University NUT14-USF-3 African-America n Mobil i ty Review provided by symposium Steering Comm ittee: Sympos ium I V (AAMS I V) Commissioner Arthur Kennedy, Wade Lawson Bill McCloud Mario n Hart, Gloria Jeff, Dr. Fran k Enty D r Charles Wright, Dr Sylvan Jolibo i s Cecil W. Bond. Joel Vol inski, Deborah Price, Lee Johnson. Dr. Rosalyn Simon, Lee Davis, Dr Sharon Ransome Smith Gayle Holiday, Joyce Jo h nson, Gwendolynmary S impson, Ed Thomas Cla u de Barnes, Brian Jackson, Alyce Boyd Stewart, Franklin White Gwen Cooper, Gary Brosch Dr. Ile n e Payne, D r Tom Whitney Sharon Banks, Raymond Flood, Joyce Latson Sheron Be llamy. NUTI4-US F -4 NPTS Travel Data A rev iew committee will be ut ilized. External peer Analysis members inc lude Charles Purvis. MTC; Susan Liss. FHWA; Darwi n Stuart, CTA; Elaine Murikami, FHWA; Michael York, GCRTA: Willi a m Barker V IA ; and Fred Williams, FTA NUTI4 USF-5 Opportun i ties for the A panel has been assemb l ed consisting of Chart i e Hood, Co o rdinat ion of Ge n era l Public Tansit Director of the Student Transportat ion Management and Schoo l Bus T ransporta tio n Sect i on of the F lorid a Department of Educat io n: Mr. Ron Kinney, S upervi sor of Sch ool T ransportation California Dept. of E du cation; Dan Boyle, Princ i pal, Transportation Manage ment and Design; and Mike York, Op era ti ons D irect o r Grea t e r C lev eland Regional Tra n sit Author i ty The National Urt>an Transit Ins titute 30


TABLE 1-4, YEAR FOUR PEER REVIEW PANELS Project Peer Reviewers NUTI4-USF-6 Perspectives on the Internal review coupled with Interviews. A synthesis of the F u ture of Public Transportation findings and observations will be prepared by the principle and reviewed by peers. NUTI4-USF-7 ADA Service Criteria: Possible peer reviewers include: Russell Thatcher of Best Prac tices for Complying with MuHisystems, Larry Harman of LJH Consulting (both Paratransit System Capacity Thatcher and Harman are ADA plan reviewers), Roy Lave Requireme nts of SYSTAN, David Koffman of Crain & Associates, Sandra Rosenbloom of the University of Arizona. Sharon Smith of Project ACTION, and JoAnn Hutchinson of the F lorida Commission for the Transportation Disadvantaged. TABLE 1, YEAR FIVE PEER REVIEW PANELS Project Peer Reviewers NUTI5-FAMU Minority Mobility Steering committee. SymposiumV NUTIS-FAMU-2 Public Transit And Beverly Ward, Deputy Director, CUTR and Steven E. Welfare-to-Work: Explo ratory Research Polzin, Director, Institutes, CUTR And Assessment of a Clearinghouse For The Dissemination ofWelfare-To-Worl< Informatio n NUTISFAMU-3 Linking Transportation Marlin Brown, Assistant Chief Transportation Planning of Modeling Software Wrth Geographic the Tallahassee-Leon County Planning Department; Informatio n Systems A Synthesis of Vldya Mysore, Flor i da Department of Transportation The State of The Practice Transit Office; Glenn Robinson. a leader in the development of a "Integra ted Trave l Demand Based ISTEA Management System" for the Michigan Department of Transportation; Additional national peers will be sought. NUTIS-FAMU-4 To be determined To be determined. NUTIS-FIU-1 At-Grade Busway Planning Mr. Rene Rodriguez, Public Transportation Manager. Guide David Henderson, Pedestrian and Bicycle Coordinator. at Florida Department of Transportation, Distr ict VI; and Jeffrey M. H unter, Pedestrian and Bicyc l e Coordinator at Metro-Dade Metropoman Planning Organization will provide Input and oversight for the project. The National Urban Transit Institute 31


TAB L E 1-S, YEA R FIVE PEER REVIEW PANELS P r o j ect Peer R eviewers NUTIS-FSU-1 Contin uati o n of t h e F r a n k C ihak, Acting Di rector APTA P ublic Relations and Promo t iona l Materia l s Cleari n ghouse Co m municat i ons; Debbie A l exander, Chair. APTA Mar1

. Rep()rt TABLE 1-5, YEAR FIVE PEER REVIEW P AN ELS Project Peer Reviewers NUTIS-USF-4 NPTS Guidebook for To be determined. Tr a nsit E conomic Impact Studies NUTIS-USF-5 2"' National Conference The 28 member program committee served the rev i ew on GIS in Transit function for conference planning. NUTIS-USF-6 Public Transtt and Ongoing communicat ions with industry experts. Welfare-To-Wor1<: Exploratory Research NUTIS-USF -7 Minority Mobility The program committee will serve thi s funct ion Symposium Objective 11.2: Monitor the progress of eac h research effort. Action Item 11.2.a: Monftor progress by complying with the contract reporting require ments and taking corrective a ctio ns where progress is not consistent with the work plan. NUTI has completed the required progress reporting activmes. The mechanism for collecting information and the format for reporting progress has evolved during the past several quarters i n response to feedback and experience in p r eparing the progress reports. Changes have included modifying the r eporting format to inclu de both estimated and "actua l spending to reflect the facts that there are significant lags between When expenses occur and when they are officially posted to the account. We have also modified the Operational Report to focus o n goal and objec tive attainment. Objective 11.3: Produce outstanding research res ults that effectively communicate the findings i n a manner appropriate tor the various audiences that might benefit from such i nformation. Action Item 11. 3.a: Develo p guidelines for Institute documents that facilitate quality products (style guidelines). NUTI has developed guidelines for techn ica l documents produced by the National Urban Tra nsit lnsti!Ute. The instruc t ions were i ncluded I n the First Annua l Report. They provide d irection to ensure compliance with RSPA guidance and will provide some degree of commonality of re port formats More detailed specification was avoided to enable each PI to utilize the software and styl e characteristics that they are most famili ar with The technical r eports a lso share the standardized NUTI cover. NUTI has not specified format for other types of products as these are best designed to me et the individual needs of the target audience. Action Item 11.3.b: Establish and implement a procedure for p roduct rev iew to insu re quality products. -The National Urban Transtt Institute 33


Projects involve product review activities as designed and determined by the individual principal investigators. Table series 2 shows planned review activities for the respective years. Goa l ill Technology Transfer: Make research results available to potential users i n a form that can be directly i mplemented utilized or otheiWise applied. Objective 111.1: I nclude in each research project proposal and work plan an element that addresses how technology transfer will occur for the project. TABLE 2-4, YEAR FOUR REVIEW ACTIVITIES Project Review Activities NUT I 4-FAMU-4 African-American Activities reviewed as part of overall steering comm ittee Mobility Symposium (AAMS fV) review function. NUT14-FAMU-5 Pending Proposal pending NUT14-FIU-1 AI Grade Busway Study Draft report was reviewed by revi ew pan&l. NUTI4-FIU-2 Analysis of Strategies and Draft report was reviewed by review panel. Programs of the U .S. Trans it Agencies to Enhance Trans i t Security NUTI4-FIU-3 Data Requirements and Draft report was reviewed by review panel. Data Sources for Transit GIS App l i ca t ions NUTI4-FSU1 FIMAT-New Technology Posting of final project report on the internet for Interac tive Transit User Information Systems NUTI4-FSU-2 FIMAT-ContinuatiOn & A planned review of a solicitation letter and a review of a Expansion of the PromotiOnal Materials survey measuring public transit's use of the INTERNET as Clearinghouse a marl

Quarterly .. Report TABLE 2-4, YEAR FOUR REVIEW ACTIVITIES Project Review Activities NUTI4 USF-2 Journal of Public Individual articles are reviewed by three reviewers Transportalion IV selected based on thei r expertise i n the subject area. Rev iewed papers as submitted with recommendat i ons on publishing. NUTI4USF-J A frica n-American Mobility Gu ida nce by Steering Committee. Int ernal review of Symposium I V (AAMS I V) proceedings. Reviewers include Patricia H e nderson and Gary Brosch. NUTI4-USF-4 NPTS Travel Data Review was provided by the peer committee Ana lysi s NUTI4-USF-5 Opportun ities fo r the Draft techn i cal report to be reviewed. Review of draft Coord i n ation o f General Public Transit del iverables will be provided by selected review t eam. and Schoo l Bus T ran sportation NUTI4-USF 6 Perspectives on the Interv i ew questions will be reviewed by a review team F ulure of Publ ic Transportation composed of three, as u ndete rm ined transportation industry experts. NU T I4-USF-7 ADA Service Criteria: Review of draft deliverables will be provided by selected Best Practices for Comp l y ing with review team. Paralransit System Capac ity Requirements TABLE 2-6, YEAR FIVE REVIEW ACTIVITIES Project Review Activities NUTI 5-FAMU 1 M in ority Mobility Steering committee w ill gu ide Sympos iu m deve l opment. Sympos iumV NUTIS-FAMU-2 Publ ic T ransit And Oversight will be provided by CUTR faculty and Welfare-to-Work : Exp l oratory Research consultation w ith FTA. Ass i st with stakeholders meeting. and Assessment of a Clearinghouse For The D i sseminat ion of WelfareTo-Work Information NUT15-FAMU-J Lin kin g Transportation P l anned review of draft docu ments. Assist with the Modeling Software Wlth Geographic develo pment of MPO's list. Assist w ith survey methods Information Systems A Synthes i s of The S t a t e of The P r actice The Nationa l Urba n Trans i t Institute-35


TABLE 2-5 YEAR FIVE REVIEW ACTIVITIES Project Review Activities NUT I 5FIU AtGrade Busway Planning Review draft documents. Guide NUT 1 5-FSU Con ti nuation of the P l anned review of draft documents. APTA has created a Promotional Materia l s Clearinghouse sub-comm i ttee of the Marl

In order to explicitly respond to this action item, the project abstracts for NUTI projects address planned technology transfer. In some cases this can be done i n advance as the expectations of the research and the products are well known In other cases ij is not clear at the outset what the findings will be and how they can best be disseminated. In any case the full extent of dissemi nation will not be k now n until well after the conduct of the research. This is particularly true in cases where the findings may be the bas i s for professional publication In multiple forums or where infonnation may be s ubse quently util ized in teaching or future research efforts. Technology transfe r is reported on in the quarterly reports. Action Item 111.1. b: Carry out one or more of the following technology transfer activities as appropriate for the specific research project: Write, publish and pre sent papers at conferences, seminars and workshops; Sponsor faculty conferences, workshops and seminars for outside univers ity faculties; Conduct faculty ex changes and i ntellectual interchange; Provide worl

tracking are in prior year reports Objective 111.3: Develop and produce the Journal of Public Transportation. Action Item 111.3. a: Implement the Journal plan inclu ding a target audience, editorial boand, mar1

t-1 ;. Qu artertY Report . TAB LE 3-3, YEAR THREE TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER AC TMT1ES Project Technology Transfer Activities NUT13-FIU-3 Implementation Issues of A technica l paper was presented at the American Society Automatic Vehicle Location Systems in of Civil Engineering South Florida Section Annual Meeting, Urban and Rural Areas : Implicatio ns of held i n West Palm Beach, Florida, in September 1996 D i fferent Physical and Social The paper was also published in the proceedings of the C h aracteris tics meeting. NUT13-FSU-1 Stormwater Management Copies of the final report will be submitted to: ASCE Manual for Pub li c Transit Ma i ntenance Journal of Environmental Engineering, Tran sportat i on Facil ities Research Board, Florida E nvironment the new CUTR Jo urna l of Public Transporta tion and other j ournals to be determined. Part of the Information obtained from this research was presented at the APWA Florida Chapter Annual Meeting i n May 1996 and the Transportation Research Board Annua l meeting in January 1997. Copies of the manual wi ll also be sent to the F l orida Transit properties. NUT13-FSU-2 The Impact of Transit Presented at the American Society of Planning Colleges Supply on the Labor Force Participation Annual Meeting November 1997 Rate of Young Black Males and other at-Risk Groups NUTI3-FSU-3 FIMATPromotional Staff attend national trans i t-re lated conferences inc lud ing Materials Clearinghouse APTA National and the ACT Nati onal Conferences, each of which provides the opportunity to broaden the level of participation by transit marketing professionals. APTA sent out a lette r to all transtt p roperties informing them o f the Clearinghouse. Article was drafted for submission to Passenger TranspoJt as well as the Association for Commuter Transportation's TOM Review. NUTI3-FSU-4 Niche MarKeting: The final report has been produced and disseminated. Opportunities for Increasing Short and The report will be added to the NUTI web s ite Long -Tenm Tr ansi t R i dership NUTI3-USF-1 Pro j ect Administration NUTI program publicity will be sought through enhanced technology transfer activities. NUTI3-USF-2 Journal of Public Distributed call for Papers at meetings i n mail, and i n Transportation newsletters; added i nformation to the CUTR home page/website regarding the j ournal (http://www .cut r.eng.usf .edu). Seven Journals have been produced to date Subsc ri ptions total more than 1100. -The National Urban Transi t Institute-39


ANNUAL PLAN ACTIVITIES STATUS throuilll June 30, 111111. 1 TABLE 3-3, YEAR THREE TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER ACTIVITIES Project Technology Transfe r Activities NUT13USF-3 African-Ameri can Mobi lily The symposium Is a technology transfer act ivity. Symposium Ill Newslette r articles h i ghlighted key issue s In addition, CUTR developed an African -American Mobility Symposium home page/website tha i included the proceedings and othe r information from the symposium. NUT13-USF-4 Timing Considera t ions i n A paper address ing this topic was accepted for publication Planning Major Tra nsit I nvestment I n TRB and made available at the 1996 TRB annual Projects meetings as TRB Preprints 960669 An article has been p u b l ished i n Transportation Research. An additiona l paper has been sent to the Journal of Transporlatlon for raview. A copy of the paper was requested by and sent to Mr Eric Trombley at MT A New York City Transit. Approximately 30 copies of th e report have been sent to selected individuals. The re port is available on the CUTR/NUTI Web site NTIS has reproduced and distributed this report. The report has been used as a course reading at Northwestern Universily and as a reference In a federally initiated researc h effort looking at uncertainty in t ra nsportation planning. NUT13-USF5 Lessons Learned i n A technical report has been com pleted The ma)orily of Transit Savings. Efficien cies, a nd the d i stribution of the results will be carried out via the Revenue Generat ion Internet. Subsequent artiole(s) and/o r paper(s) are a nticipated along with presentation at conterence (s) with national scope Presentations of the rese arch findings were shared with the Industry at the APTA Annual Conference in October 1996 as wel l as the Floric!a Associatio n Annual Conference in November 1996 A s u mmary description of the report was included In the CUTRLines n ewsletter APTA included a p resentation of the find ings of the r e port at the Bus Technology, Operations, & Management Conference Miami. M a y 1997. FTA distributed t he final report and It is a v aila b le on the CUTRINUT I Web slte. NUT 1 3-USF-9 Geographic Information To be determined Systems as a Tool for Examining Environmental Equily Issues In Public Transportation The National Urban Transit Institute-40


TABLE 3-4, YEAR FOU R TECHN O L OGY TRAN SFER ACTI V I T IES P roj e c t Technology Transfer A ctiv i ties NUT14-FAMU-1 African-America n The symp osi u m itself, the FEED S li n k video, the Wor l d Mobility Symposiu m (AAMS IV) VY\de Webs it e press r eleases articles presentat i ons and proceed ings all w i ll serve as mean s of tec hnol ogy transfer. NUTI 4 -FIU-1 At Grade Busway Study The resu lt s of the projec t was reported at the 78t h Transportation Research Board Annual M eeting and the Annual Meet ing of the I n stitute of Transportatio n E n gineers Prese n ta t ions will also be made at other nat i o nal o r l oca l conferences. Tech n i c a l p ap er s wi ll be publis h ed in p r ofessio nal jou r nals. NUT14-FIU2 Ana l yses of Strategies and The findings of thi s research w ill be pub li s hed i n P rogr ams of t h e U.S. Agencies p r ofessiona l j ouma l s and pres ented at the I nstitute of to Enh ance Transit Security Transportation E n gineers (ITE) and Tra n sporta t ion Research Board (TRB) a n nua l meeti ngs. A pape r ent itled Security and Strategies to Deter Transit Crime in Transit Properties/Vehicles and Surrounding Areas was submitted for p resentation a n d p ubli catio n f o r the 1 998 TRB. NUT I 4-FIU-3 Data Requirements a n d The results of t h e project will be reported at the 1 998 Data Sources fo r Trans it GIS T r ansportat i o n Researc h Board annua l meeting and APTA Applications ann ual meeting. Presentations will a lso be made at other nationa l or loca l confe r ences. Techn i cal papers w i ll be pub lished i n profess ional j o urnal s NUT I4-FSU-1 FIMAT-NewTechno l o9y Survey/Interv i ew partici p ants will be given copies of the fo r I nt eractive Transit User I nformatio n r eports. Eva l uate t ra n s i t informat i on delivery sys t e m s S ystems using Task Three criteria by transit indu s t ry r epresentatives T h e fi n a l r e port will doc u ment a n d cat a l og u e cu rrent i n format i on de l ivery systems. Rel ease of evaluation criteria as an interim product. -The Natio n al Urban T r ansit Institute 4 1


TABLE 3-4, YEAR FOUR TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER ACTIVmES P r oject Technology Tra n sfe r Activiti es NUT14-FSU2 FIMA T -Cont inuation & Activities i n clude o n go ing solicitation fo r informa ti on and Expans i on of the Promotional Materials data from national sou r ces of a quarterly newsl etter; C l earinghouse aocess to a n d distribut i o n of i nformation and reso u rces through the FIMA T world w i de web server; A sess i on was presen ted o n Tr ansit M ar k e t i n g on the In ternet at APT A s 1997 Bus Operation Technology and Management Conference i n May. Presenta ti ons were p r ese n ted at the APTA Bus Operatio n s !Technology a n d Manageme n t Conference, May 4-7, 1997, M iami ; So uth eastern Chapter of the Assoc i a tio n fo r Commuter T r ansportatio n Annual Meellng March, 1997; t h e 1997 American Public Trans it Association Annual Meeting i n Chicago. NUTI4-FSU -3 C u s t omer Service : The completed re p ort w i ll be made availab l e to pub l i c En h anc ing Consumer Awareness and transit man gers thro ugh FIMAT I n addi t ion. the resu lts of Percep t ions of Public Transit Services the pro j ect sha ll be prepared for s ubmission t o such Prov i ders academic journals as the Journal of Public Transportation A presentallon s h all a l so be prepa red for such conferences as the APT A Annual Transit Managemen t Confer e n ce the Annu a l ACT Confer ence o r t he annual SEACT meellngs. NUT I4-FSU-4 Energy and Proj ect r esearchers antic ipate development of two Environmenta l Perfor m ance of Existing publications and the foun datio n for deve l opment of a and E merg ing Public Tra nsportat i on possib l e book. The resul ts of thi s research was presented Techno logies at t h e Transportation Researc h Board Conference i n Januart 1998 and at Moving the Economy-An I nternationa l Co nfer e n ce o n Sus t a inabl e Transportation in Toronto, Canada on July 9 -12, 1998, (severa l researchers from Europe, Asia Australia North & S o uth Ameri ca attended) Dr Lynch was flown to Boca Raton Flo rida and fi lmed for a documentart wh i ch was aired o n National Publ ic T e l evis ion i n Decembe r 1997. Resul ts of t h e analys i s and personal interviews were highlights of the film Author atte nded the I nternat i ona l Confere nce on High Speed Rail in Berli n Germany and conferred w i t h Eur opean economists a n d engi neers NUT I4-USF-1 Proj ect Admi nistration I V As overa ll project admin isl r ator CUTR prov i des additional dissemination and promot i on o f NUT I materials through the dissemination of CUTR materials. The National U rban Transit lnsti1ute 42


' Quarterly .Rep(;rt . TABLE 3-4, YEAR FOUR TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER ACTIV ITIES Proj ect Technology Transfer Activities NUTI4-USF-2 Journal of Publ i c The Journal of Public Transportation is pr i marily a Transportation IV tec hnology transfer aclivi ly NUT14-USF-3 African-American Mobility The symposium is a techno l ogy transfe r activity. Symposium IV (AAMS IV) N UT I 4-USF-4 NPTS Travel Data Analysis Newsletter art icles will h i ghlight key issues. CUTR has deve loped an African-Amer ican Mobility Symposium h ome page/websrte. The proceedings and other i nformation from the symposium will be added to t h e Web page, including portions of the symposium t h at was video p r oduced for t elev ised viewing b y The Tampa Education Channel and CSpan Information prov ided during the 1997 sympos i um and from p r evio u s symposiums wi ll serve as the basis fo r a nation a l cleari n g house o n transportatio n top i cs that relate to African-Americans and other m inorities. A p resentatio n o f findings was given at the APTA Bus Operat i ons Conferen ce in Phoenix on May 18, 1998. An article on the results was the lead story i n the fa ll CUTRii nes. Additional Journal papers are being prepared. T h e report has been added t o lhe NUTI web site and with a press re l ease and email not ifi cation o f avai lab il ity Three articles and a story on the report we r e included in The Urban Transportation monitor, Ju l y 1999. A story on the report was included in a January 1999 Passenger Transport The report is linked to the FHWA NPTS APTA i s using the report as a data source for speeches. NTIS has printed lhe report Additional research i s be i n g carried out to follow up on the findings from this project -The National Uriban Transit Institute 43


TABLE 34, YEAR FOUR TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER ACTMTIES Project Technology Transfer Activities NUTI4-USF-5 Opportunities fo r the The final report will be distributed to the state departments Coord i natio n of General Public Transit of education, transit agencies. MPOs, school district and Schoo l Bus Transportation student transportation personnel local school boards and state departments of transportation. It would also be appropriate to present t he results at the a nnual meeti ng s of TRB and APT A. In addition the results will be made available through N TIS. A paper will be submitted to one of the various scholarly transportation-related journals: Transportation Quarterly Transportation Research Record or the Journal of Public Transportation. In addition various o ther publ ications will be targeted such as Transportation Research Board Newsline The Urban Transportation Monftor CUTRIInes newsletter School Transportation News, School Bus Fleet and others. Fin a lly, an executive summary detailing find ings from the final report will be published on the Internet as part of CUTR's World Wide Web page (http:I/Www.eng.usf.edu/CUTR/cutrhome.html). NU TI4-USF-6 Perspectives on the A speech was given at the MARTNGeorgia Tech Future of P ub lic Transportation conference on the Future of Public Transportation i n Atlanta. The project will produce summary papers or presentations that would be an interest for APTA, TRB, APA. ITE or other transportation forums Ra i l Transit: Panacea or Plaoebo given at the Future of Public Transit in Georgia in the 21 Century conference on Jun e 8, 1999 (http:I/Www .cutr.eng.us f.edulatlanta .ppt. NUT14-USF-7 ADA Service Criteria: Preliminary presentations was made at committee Best Pract ices for Complying with meeti ngs at the TRB Annual Meeting In 1997 (Committee Paratransit System Capacity on Paratransit, Committee on Accessible Transportation & Req ui rements Mobility). An article was included in Communique the TRB Committee on Paratransit newsletter. The fina l report also will be made availab le i n hard copy and through CUTR s Wond Wide Web site. An article will be written in CUTRJines (CUTR s quarterty newsletter). -The National Urban Transit I nstitute44


Quarterly Report : .. TABLE 3, YEAR FIVE PLANNED TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER ACT I VITIES Project Tec hno logy Transfer Activities NUT I SFAMU1 Minority Mobil ity T h e symposi u m itself, FEEDS link, videos, the Wor l d Wide SymposiumV Web s i te, press releases art icl es presentatio n s and proc eedings all will serve as means of technology transfer. I n addition copies of the proceed ings rema i n avai lable. NUT I5-FAM U P u b l ic Transij And To be determined May include spec ial co nference Welfare-t<>-Work: Ex p lorat ory Research sess ions o r Joumal art i cles And Assessment of a Clearinghouse For The Dissemination of Wel fareT o -Wor1< Inf ormation NUTIS-FAMU-3 Link ing Transportation Audio-visua l materials w ill be developed Presentat io ns Modelin g Software Wijh Geographic will be made at appropria t e forums such as t ransportation Inf orma tion Systems A Synthesis of re lated conferences. A techn i ca l pape r will be written f or The S t a t e of The Practice publishing i n a j ournal. NUTI5-FAMU-4 To be determined To be determi ned. NUT15-F IU 1 A t -Grade Busway Planning The report is available for download from the i n t ernet at Guide http://Www1 eng.fi u .edu /LCTR!activitylreports.htm l A paper will be sent to the In stitute of T r ansportatio n Engineers (ITE) and another will be sent to the American Soc i ety of Civi l Engi n eers (ASCE). Two papers were presen ted at the ASCE South Florida Section 1998 Annual Meetin g l ast Octobe r T he y were a l so publish ed in the Conferen ce Proceedings. The r esearch results wi ll also be incorporated i nt o classroom tea ching of i ntroduction to traffic e ngi neering, as well as mass tra n sit planning courses. This report is a l so available on the NUT! web site The Nat i o nal Urban Tr ansij Institute45


TABLE 3-5, YEAR FIVE PLANNED TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER ACTIVITIES Project NUTIS-FSU-1 Continuation of the Promotional Materials Clearinghouse NUTlS-FSU-2 Training Guide and Educatio na l Training Workshops on Economic Impact Assessment Methods for Public Tran s it Technology Transfer Activities The Clearinghouse's Web site will serve as a primary distribution device Ongoing correspondence will continue with APTA and the Association for Commuter Transportat io n (ACn as a mea n s of relay in g new information, development of a list serve to which transit professionals can subscribe and heighten communication with thei r peers. Staff and faculty assigned to this project have been i nvited to speak at numerous conferences and wor1

Quarterly Report TABLE 3 -5, YEAR F IV E PLAN NED TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER ACnVITIES Project Technology Transfer Activities NUT I5-USF-1 Program Admin is trat i on v Th is project is respons i b l e for the management of the NUT! research projects. As a n overa ll proje c t administrator, CUTR prov i des additional d issemina tion and promotion of NUT materia l s t hrough the dissemina tion o f CUTR materials. NUT!5-USF-2 Case St u dies of Creative The final report will be made ava il ab l e to a ll t ra nsit Tr ans it Agencies agencies in the n ation, and made available t h rough the CUTR Web site Presenta tions will be made at state a n d nat iona l trans it conferences Summaries of the rep ort will be provided for i nclus ion i n various transit ind ustry publications (e. g .. Passenger T ransport. The Jo urna l of Public Transportation, Metro Mass Transit Bus Ride e tc .). NUTI5-USF-3 Forum for Assessing the This teleconfe renc e is primarily a techno l ogy transfer Imp l icati ons of IS TEA Reauthorizatio n activity. o n Publ ic Tra n s it NUT15-USF-4 Gui debook for Trans it Wide availability of the guidebook wi ll be provided thro ugh Economi c I mpact Studies the i nternet and through the Fede r a l Transrt Adminis t ration presentations at national conferences publication of articles in j ourna ls on transportatio n or socia l services and promotiona l activrties by members of t he review committee. NUTI5-USF-5 2"' Natio nal Conference Conference Proceedings will be published and d is tributed on G I S i n Transrt to all a tt endees and made availab l e to other interested parties. Pub l ic Transit and There are several techno l ogy transfer components in this Welfare T o-Work : E xploratory Research project, includi ng: the resour ce listing contacts: a welfareto-wor1<" sess io n o r program track for the NUT! GIS conference; a "welfare-to-wor1<" session o r program track in the NUT! AAMS conference; publication of art i c l e(s) i n the Journal of Public Transportation; and the technical report NUT 1 5-USF-7 Minority Mobility The symposium itself, the FEEDS l i nk v i deo the Worl d Symposi um Wide Web site, press releases, articles, presenta tions and proceedings all will serve as means of tech n ology transfer The National Urban Transit Instit ute 47


Goal IV Education: Design and offer a multidisciplinary program of course work and expe ri ential learning that enha n ces the urban transportation theme of the Institute Objective IV.1: Have each project enhance transportation education Action Item IV.1.a: Assign one or more gradua t e assistants to each Insti t ute project. Report on the impacts of additional educatio nal acti v i ties in terms of the numbe r of stude nts participati n g in and bei ng supported by I nstitute activities. Tables 4-4 summarize project staffing including student partic i pa t io n i n NUTI years th ree and fou r research projects. Action Item IV. 2.a: Monito r and report on the activities designed to enhance the transportation education program. Goal Y Human Resources: Attract students, facu l ty a n d staff who refteet the growi n g divers ity of the U.S work force a n d i nvolve them s u bstantively in the work of the Institute Objective V.1 : Requ ire eac h project plan t o have an element that addresses the Human Resounces Goal T h e compos it io n of th e consorti u m as well as the staffing and student body of the member schools r eflects a divers i ty of ethnicity, gender and discipline. Project staffing reflects the commitment to d i versity. I n light of the d i versity i nherent in the consorti u m and the commitment to providing projects for each school we have not considered diversity as some measu r ement criteria i n the selectio n of i ndividual projects Objective V.2: Monitor the accomp lishment of the Huma n Resource goa l at the project l evel. Action Item V.2.a : Monitor the number and diversity of stude nts and faculty working on eac h Institute pro ject Table 4-4 summarizes project staffing f o r year four in tenms of ethnicity and gender for both faculty and student staffing of the projects The Natio n a l Urban Transtt Institute-48


TAB L E 44, YEAR FOUR PROJECT STAFF IN G P r oj e c t NUT I 4-FAMU-4 Afr i can American Mob i l ity Symposiu m ( AAMS IV) NUT 1 4-F I U-1 A t Grad e B usway Study NUT I 4-F IU-2 Ana l yses of Strategies and Programs of the U S Tran s it Age n cies to E n ha n ce Tra n sit S ec urity N U TI 4 FIU-J Da t a Requirement s and Dat a Sources fo r Tra n sit GIS Appl i cations N U T14-FSU1 F IMA TN ew Tec h n o l ogy for Inte r active Transit Use r Inf orma tion Systems NUTI4-FSU-2 F I MATContinuation & Expansio n of the Pro mo ti o na l Materials Clearing house NUT 1 4-FSU-3 Custom e r Serv i ce: Enhancing Consumer Awareness a nd Percept i ons of P u blic Transi t Services Prov id ers NUTI4 -FSU -4 Energy and Envi r o n me nt a l Performance of E xist i ng and E m ergi n g P u blic Tra n s p ortatio n Tech n o logies Staffing, Researcher11 Staffing Stu d e nts C harte s A. B l ack ma l e Alv i n S h ip m an, B l ack, male Paul a McKni g ht Black female L. Davi d She n Asian, male Francis Lewis, B l ack m ale Fang Z h ao, As ian, femal e Diana Ospina w hite, femal e Hesham E lbad rawi white ma l e L Davi d Shen, Asian, male Muhammud Atif lzhar, wh i te, Fang Zh ao, As ian, femal e male D i ana Osp ina, white. fem a l e Fang Zh ao Asian, femal e O ing X i a A sian female L David Shen, Asian, male Will iam Mustard, w h it e male T r avis Tr u eblood, Native Oewayne Carver, w hite, ma l e Amer i can ma l e Chartes Hofacker, male Mary Lefferson whi t e fema l e Yolanda Thomas, B lack female Dave Zei gert wMe, m ale William Mustard white, ma l e Brad Mabry White, male J J oseph Cronin, Jr. white Kath leen Payne, w hite, fema l e mal e Joseph Ma l oney, white male Jeff Horto n w hite, male S h erry Heyl white fema l e Dav i d S ummey, white, mal e William Mustard, white male Les l ie Smith w h ite fem a l e J Josep h Cronin, J r w hite. ma l e Thomas A. Lynch white male Lehr Elison, wh i te, male A n drew Dzuri k whit e ma l e Loyd Lyday, white male -The N ational Urban Transit Institute49


TABLE 4-4, YEAR FOUR P R OJEC T STAFF ING Project NUTI4-USF-1 Project Admi ni stration IV NUT14-USF-2 Jouma l of P u blic Tran sporta ti o n IV NUT I 4-USF-3 African American Mobility Sympos ium IV (AAMS IV) NUTI 4-USF-4 NPTS Trave l Data Ana lysi s NUT1 4-USF-5 Opportunities for the Coordination of Genera l Publi c Transit a n d Schoo l Bus T r ansportation NUTI 4-USF-6 Perspectives on the Future of Pub l ic Transportatio n NUT I 4-USF-7 ADA Service Criteria: Best Practices for Comply i ng with Paratransit System Capacity Requirements Staffin g Rese archers Staffing, Students Steven E Polzin, whi te, male Sai Mallena, I n dian fema l e Patricia Baptiste, Black, fema l e Ravi Peddu Ind i an male Gary Brosch, white, male Jeff Zokovitch whi t e, male Patricia Henderson white female Eric Hill, Black, mal e Tonya Hepburn Black, fema l e D. M i chae l Crittenden, Black Yvette Fu ller, Black, fema l e male Beverly G. ward, B l ack, fema l e Steven E. PolZi n whi te male Thomas Tu, Asian, male Joel R. Rey, H i spanic male Ben Wal ker, White, male Michael Battes, white male William Morris white mal e Steven E Polzi n white male Ravi P eddu Indian, male Rosemary G. Mathias, white, female Laura Lachance, white fema l e The National Urban Tran s i t Inst i t ute 50


TABLE 4-5, YEAR FIVE P ROJEC T STAFFING Projec t NUTI5FAMU 1 Mi nority Mobility Sympos iumv NUTIS-FAMU-2 Pub l i c T ra n sit And Wel fare-to-Work : Exploratory Research And Assessment o f a Clearinghouse Fo r The Dissem i n at ion o f Welfare-Te>-Worl< In f ormation NUTIS-FAMU-3 Link ing Tr ansporta t io n Model i n g Softwa r e With Geograph i c Informatio n Syst ems A Synt h esis of The S t ate of The Pract ice NUTIS-FAMU-4 To be determ ined NUTISF I U-1 At-G rade Busway P l anning Guide NUTIS-FSU-1 Continuat i o n of the Promot i ona l Materials C l earinghouse NUT I 5 FSU-2 Tra i ni n g Guide and Educat i onal Train ing Worl

TABLE 4-5, YEAR F IV E PROJECT STAFFING Project NUT I5-USF-1 P r ogram Administrat ion V NUTISUSF-2 Case Studies of Creative Transit A g encies NUTIS-USF-3 Forum lor Assessing the Implications of ISTEA Reauthorization on Public Tra nsit NUTIS-USF-4 NPTS Guidebook for Transit Economic I mpact St u dies NUTIS-USF-5 Second Nationa l Conference on GIS in Transit NUTI5-USF.Q Public Transit and Welfare-To-Work : Exploratory Research NUTIS-USF-7 Minori1y Mobility Sympos ium Staffing, Researchers Staffing, Students Steven E. Po l zin, white, ma l e Ravi Peddu, Indian. male Patricia Baptiste Black. female Joel Vol i nsk i white, male Scott Place w hit e male Gary L. Brosch, white male Patricia Henderson, white. female Joel Vol inski, white, ma l e F. Ron Jones, white, male Xuehao Chu Asian male Ronald C. She ck, white ma l e Rav i Peddu, Asian, Ma le Beverty G. Ward, Black, female Stacy Burgess. Black, Female Eric T Hill, Black, male D. Michael CriHen dell Black male Beverty G. Ward, B l ack, female -The National Urt>a.n Transit lnstiMe52


. Quarterly Report FINANCIAL STATUS The National Urban Transit Institute 53


this page IS blank


Quarterly lnstilute Financial Report. Year One Summary ANNUAL BUDGET PLAN (FY 1992 FUNDING) University Research Institutes Program National Urban Transit Institute at the University of South Florida Budget Period : Year 1, July 1993 through June 30 1999 Vouellered !, Vouellered j Tliis 1 To Date i / Commenls l __ __ __ ____ ______ !Administrative Staff Salaries I 50,279 50,279 i 2,851 33,606 i __ __ __ 1 Salaries 38,000 38,000 491 I 13, 217 !'staff Benefits 127,262 130,309 3,210 127,377 I 1 Tot al Salaries and Benefits 713,10 1 713 ,054 15.485 804,555 I Permane nt Equipment 25,502 26,803 1 0 22 768 I __ ______ Foreign Travel 7,20 0 5,345 1 0 1 ,591 I compu te r Costs 1 5,496 2 ,011 1 0 I 5,819 Total Direct Costs 873,778 858 224 20,625 913,563 1 Indirect Costs 376,222 378,676 238 294,219 i TOTAL COSTS 1,250,000 I 1,236 900 I 20,864 1,207,781 I Federal Share 1,000,000 986 900 15,891 i 964,365 1 Share 25o.ooo 25o.ooo I 4 973 I 243 417 l (2117096LO) Notes: "Current Budget" colum n refleru budget Cllanges by subcontractors and USF. Invoices includ e expenses from subcontractors as follows: Florida State through 12/31/98, Florida A&M t hrough 12131/98, Florida I nternational through 12131/98. 06130/99 Quarterly Report 55


Annual Institute Financial Report, Yea r Two Summary -.. ---'I ._ j eudget I . .--.-. -. . ANNUAL BUDGET PLAN (FY 1994 FUNDING) University Research Institutes Program National Urban Transit Institute at the UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH FLORIDA Budget Period: Year 2, October 1994 through June 30, 1999 ----bnglnal cuiTerli jyO\JCiiele

Quarte!ly Institute Financial Report, Year Three Summary ANNUAL BUDGET PLAN (FY 1995 FUNDING) University Research Institutes Program National Urban Transit Institute at the UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH FLORIDA Budget Period: Year 3,December 31,1995 through June 30, 1999 I Original Curre!" Vouchered Vouchered 1 .. --L-. _ Comm:: t I nstitute Director Salary I 25 372 1 25,372 i 0 I 0 I 1 1 .. 'Administrative Staff Salaries 38 465 38,465 297 28 ,551 1 ! G r aduate Student Salaries 1 02 376 102, 376 640 95 ,111 i i ; ; undergraduates' Salaries I 26 000 26, 000 (0 29 368 i staff Benefits 1 16 ,677 116, 677 4,603 1 99 672 I! I Total Salaries and Benefits 693,834 693 834 22,320 618 826 1 !Expen dable Equi pment a n d Suppl ies 22,529 22,529 1 253 1 4 836 1 !'Perman en t Eauiomen 1 38 ,6 62 38, 662 106 16,931 i oomestic Travel I 44,139 1 44,139 (0 36 ,146 Fore ign Travel 3,750 3 750 10 394 1 I I ComputerCosts 19,777 19 777 188 4 157 j l I I ! Other Costs 50,965 50 965 5,874 37,884 1 l,!l-, __ __ __ I I i.l TOTAL COSTS 1 250 000 1 ,250 000 39,266 905 982 __ __ Sha r e 250 000 250 000 IOJ 187 888 1 I (2117195LO) Not es: Current B u dget colUmn reflects b u d get changes by subcontractors and USF. Su bcontractors invoi ces: FlU through 12/98 FSU through 12/98 FAMU through 12/98 06130/99 Report 57


Institute Financial Report, Year Four Summary ANNUAL BUDGET PLAN (FY 1996 FUNDING) University Research Institutes Program National Urban Transit Institute at the UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH FLORIDA Budget Period: Year 4, September 30, 1996 through June 30, 1999 . --. ....... --.... .. .. -.... -........... _____ .. :r: . . ;['_ ,,,;.,;: Oli!lhal. 1 ::;,\.iUrretll r. I .. i ,,Budget categone's .. :; c(i:t :" ; Budge! ' l .. . ... \ .. . . ' "' .: '", 1 in Amount($ ) Quarter . Date Con\mer:rts : . .. L ,. j 2 ; ,61o i Faculty Sal aries I 3 1 3,870 3 1 3,870 2,426 310 .350 11 A d ministrat i ve Staff Salaries 72,390 72.390 0 62.523 OtherStaffSalaries 44,410 44.410 1 0 5.72o Graduate S t udent Salaries 98,460 98,460 (0 41, 1 06 Unde r graduates' Salaries 32,300 I 32,300 (0 66,903 124 ,300 687 1 98 ,203 S t aff Be n e fits 124,300 Total Salaries and Benefits 713,400 7 13,400 3,113 584,805 1 I Permanent Equipment 14 670 14 670 600 5,9{)8 Expendable Equ i pment and Supplies 63,580 63 580 (0 15,952 Domest i c Trave l 47,670 47 670 62 43,148 1 Fore i g n Trave l 0 o o l o Comp ute r Costs I 2,500 2 .soo I ( o 6 o 7 o I Tota l Direct Costs 873 120 873 120 3,864 678,35 5 I Indirect Costs 220,100 220 100 I 566 169,654 TOTAL COSTS 1,093.220 1 093 220 4 430 848 009 / Match ina Share 218 644 218 644 ro 215 882 \ I ( 2117 230LO) Notes : Cu rr ent Budge t column reflects budget changes by subcont ra c t o r s and USF. S u b c ont r acto r s invoices: FSU through 12131 /98; F l U th rough 12/3 1 /98;FAMU through 12/31198 06/30 / 99 Quarterly Report


Quarterly I nstitute F i nancia l Report, Year Five Summary ANNUAL B UDG E T PLAN (FY 1997 FUNDING) University Research Institute s Program National Urban Transit Institute at the UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH FLORIDA Budget Period: Year 5, September 1, 1997 through June 30, 1 999 Budget Categories ' ... !'I nstitute D irect or Sa f arv ,, : Facul ty sal aries Admi nistrative Staff Sal aries Othe r S taff Sal a ries G ra duate Stud e nt Sal aries U nde r graduates Sa l a ries Staff Ben efits Total Salaries and Benefits Petmanent Equipment Eq u i pm ent an d Su p p l ies D omest i c T ravel F oreign T rave l Compu t er Costs !10ther Costs 'I I. Total Direct Costs j1tndirect Costs I I TOTAL COSTS i F edeca t Shar e ! Matchina Share (2117280LO) Note s : jAmount ( S ) Budget ,, , 11n"Budget Amount($). . 27,800 27.800 1 85,780 185,78 0 22,687 22, 687 I 47,616 47,6 1 6 32, 833 1 32, 833 9,000 9,ooo l 90,6 72 90,672 416,388 416,388 4,000 4,000 1 8,024 1 8 ,0 24 30,093 30,093 0 0 0 0 4 ,200 4,200 472 705 472 705 ' 1 33 545 I 133 545 6o6 25o I 606,250 485 ,000 485 000 1 21.250 121 2 50 Curren t Budget co l umn reflects bud get chan ges by subcontractors and USF 06/30/99 Quarterly Report 59 This To ... Quarter . o l o i 8,834 1 57,515 1,758 15, 598 2,098 16,342 i 3,900 28,078 0 32 2, 1 04 53,556 18,694 289,121 2,789 8 375 849 3,932 1 1 6 223 0 0 (0 659 1 501 6.344 22, 834 3 04,65 4 1 4 955 82.84 1 27, 789 387.495 22, 825 1 362 624 1 4 964 24,87 1 l J I !I I ! .I I I I II I I I


I I I.H---'-f"-==-=-=-=': ==-:-::1 ,.I-T:--rl1' -;;-:;=:-;;l I I I .. I I : I s>;" i I l : ... .... "!!' 1!-,_.., il1 :>.., I H oE .... u I I l -0 ., I I '6 c w 0 I .1-tt-i--lt.....-:;:-:=;-:;;-1 I l I I I l t I II I I I I I I I I I I 60 I t l I I I I


I I I l I I I i l I I I l I I 1 I I J I I I l I I ill I I ll jfl f v '[ I .. I I .. l J I I -' i; t I t I I I I !ff I .... i !r !If f ., I e .. I i I .. I 2 I Ill I !.:: I I I I I II I I I II l l f 1 I f l I I i I I I f I J l f I I I .. It I I ' I J I .., I!' I f '6 i .. -' I I J 61


I q ... I -I I -l! I i I :f:; 'I I I i I I! I I I I II -ll -.. .. g I ., c "' 0 62


.J.\. National ..,0.'-Urban .J.Oo ... Transit ,,. ,,. Institute atthe CENTER FOR URBAN TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH College of Engineering, Univers ity of South F l orida 4202 E. Fowlor Avenue CUT 100, Tampa, FL (813) 974-3120 SunCom 574-3120 Fax(813) 974-5168 GatyL Brosch, CUTR DirK tor Steven E.. Polzin, NUTI Dlrecror August4, 1999 Ms. Amy S tearn s and Ms. Rob i n Kline U.S. Dept. of Transportation R e search & Special Programs Administration 4007thStreet S W, DUR-1 Room8417 Washington, DC 20590-0001 Dear Ms. Joost. Ms. Kline and Ms. Steams : On behalf of t he Flo r i da Consort ium, I am p l eased to submit one bound copy of the attached NUT/ Quarterly Report through June 30, 1999. This rep ort details progress on the status of resea rch projects and reports progress on NUTI goals This quarte r l y report was delayed to accommodate delayed financia l dat a due to a compute r software switchover The report f ollows the s t andard formal we have used in the past. L consortivm Member$: F t.ORIOA A&.M U NIV RSIN' Chartn A. Wright, PhD. PI! O!rtctot ""d PtofH.SOt" O !v. o Teetonotoef Post Ot!'ice B ox 164 T a!l;,ohnstf' ,L 32307 l9C4) Fu (90.S) 541'U9 l.loiTEANA TIONAl U NIVERSITY \., Dav i d Sh.otn, Pl\0, PE CMI 111d ftlglroeell.,o Untvenlty Pal$t C..mpus. VH1$0 Milml, FL 3l1fl ClOSI 34 8 U Fu {305) 343: FLOR!OA $TATE UNIVERSITY WliiiMn .WusUtd o f Rt.su'"'h end Se...,l t11t.tiM ror MarkeiSIIQ Allem1tive Tt-,nsportallon couege 011 Bu.slne.s.s TaiiU.nsc.. F L 32304 30)1 (904) C.Wl$09, F u Ul.62lt W e have completed a comprehensive rev iew of all f und i ng for the past five years and have reprogrammed funds in order to expend bal ances The quarter's highligh t was the very successful 2"" National GIS in Transit Conference sponsored by NUT I and held in Tam pa. Progress is proceeding on severa l fronts includi n g a specia l Issue o f the Journal o f Publi c Transportation devoted to GIS i n Transit and plans to pri nt the conference Proceedings Attendance was 17 5 wi t h a good showing by vendors academ i cs, t ransit agencies and consultants The Public Trans i t in America report continues to r eceive tremendous int erest and add it ional anal ysis of the NPTS data is resulting i n a ser ies o f publicat io ns. P r ogress on a numbe r o f other studies i s cont inuing and staffing r eassignments having been made to complete some delayed items The response to the Jovrnal con ti nues to be posit i ve with a g r owing backlog of papers and in cre ased in t e rest espec i ally i n t ernat i o nally. CUTR i s moving to establish a stronger identity for NC T R so all NUTI funded research will be d i stributed u nder t h e NCTR ident ity and placed on t he NCTR web site. If you have any ques t ions about this report, p l ease give us a call. -J Sincerely, S teve n E. Po l z i n Ph. D P.E. Di r ector Nat i onal Urban Transit Inst i tute Enclosures cc: Consortium members AECEIVED AUG 1 9 1999 CUTA


Nationa l .,0'Urba n .J.OOL Tra n sit .,,. .,.,. Institute DATE: FROM: TO: SUBJECT: MEMORANDUM OF.-U'arles A Wright, FAMU Dr. David Shen, FlU Mr. William Mustard FSU Quartert y Report atthoCEHTERFORURBANTRANSPOR T ATIONRESEARCH College of EnglnHrlng, Untv nhy ol South Floricta 4 102 E. Fowler CUT 100, T ampa, FL 33&20..S37 5 ( 1 1 3)974-3120 S unComS74-3120 Fax(l13)t14-5168 GtYL. &welt, CUTR Director Steven E. Polzin. Nun o;rector JOJTR FI.OMOA .UM UNIVlltSit't .. Wtttftt. IJ'r.aot ............. ot.. ol fft911flll ...... Oflk ... l .. T.-..,SM4, n, )U0'1 flOC) IH.Jsot. '' lto4) a&tt n.OAIOA INTI"NA TlOHAL. UNIVIR$TY L. Otvld Shtl\. l'fiO. '' CMI net f,nv lronm t MII Ul'lltnlty ''til VH.-110 Ml.&lnl, Fl, )) I ft ( 30S) 3.4alOU. '" ()05) ,....2e02 FL.OfaDA ITA. T1 UHIVlA$1lY DlreC'Ier lttnt.K" artd AortW. k t!IMt fet Mwt..._. Tlll!t..,..,..fl I .... .... n, $uo..aN1 Enc losed are one bound and on e unbound copies of the NUT / Quarlerty Reporl through June 30 1999 Please distribute report to the appropriate Principal Investigators (tiM ) "'"2Sit, &A (tOol) tl-ltl1 Read the report in its entirety and thoroughl y examine the financial tables to verify accuracy If you have any questions please do not to call. Enc losure cc: Steven E. Polzin. NUT! Direct or


.J.IIL National .,O.IIL Urban .JOCU. Transit .,,. .,,. Institute August 19, 1999 Mr. Chuck Morison FTA liaison (TRI-30)/Senior Program Manager Human Resou r ces Fed eral Transit Admin istra tion U.S Department of Transportat i on 400 Seventh St. S W Washington, DC 20590-0001 Mr. H arry Hersey FHWA liaison (HHI-1 0) Nationa l Highway Institute 901 N Stuart Street. Suite 3 0 0 Arl in gton, VA 22203 Dear Mr. Morison and Mr. Hersey: at the CENTER FOR URBAN TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH College of EnglntHaring, University of South Florida 4202 E. Fowler Avenue, CUT 100, Tampa, FL 33620--5375 (813)974-3120 SunCom 574-3120 Fax(813) 974-5 1 68 GatyL. B r osch; CUTR Director Steven E. Polzin, NUT/ Director Consortium Members: FLORIDA A&M UNIVUSITY CM!tu A. Wr1gflt. pto0, P! D i rector Mid PIOf nor Dlv. of Engtn .. ring T d'lnology Offie eo .. 1u Ta11ahass.H, FL 32301 t904) JH-3-H6 Fu (904) 5CI FLOttiOAINTERHA nQNA.L UNIVERSITY L. Da'olid Sl\ tl\o Pf!O, PE ctY II and EtlvltOI'IotMI'III I Englnflring U n l.,..nlty Patlt VHtGO Miami., F L 3l1U (30$1 348 30$$, Fn t)OSJ 3U-2802 Fl.ORJOA STAT UNIVERSITY Wi lliam Olroctor of Aesurdl and F1ortd1 fot Mddn g A tttme tlve Tnntpomtlon Colltge of tklsl nua Tnh"" FL (to4) 144 250$, Fu (904) 644-42lt In accordance with the r eporting requ i rements of t he Research and Special Programs Admin istra tion at the U S. Department of Transportation enclosed is a bound copy of the National Urban Transit Institute Quarterly Report through June 30, 1999. If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the NUT I Director or Consort i um Member Leaders fs.!dCia_BaptiSle Encl osure cc: NUTI Director Consortium Leaders RSPA


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