Quarterly report through March 31, 1999

Quarterly report through March 31, 1999

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Quarterly report through March 31, 1999
National Urban Transit Institute (U.S.)
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Tampa, Fla
Center for Urban Transportation Research, College of Engineering, University of South Florida
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Transportation -- Research -- Florida ( lcsh )


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"April 1999."
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the National Urban Transit Institute.

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National Urban Transit Institute (U.S.)
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Quarterly report through March 31, 1999 /
c the National Urban Transit Institute.
Tampa, Fla. :
b Center for Urban Transportation Research, College of Engineering, University of South Florida,
"April 1999."
National Urban Transit Institute (U.S.)
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z Florida.
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UARTERL Y REPORT THROUGH MARCH 31, 1999 THE NATIONAL URBAN TRANSFT INS Ill UTE April1999 fw Urtllln Trantport:Won ftetWCtl COI1f9 of EtlgiMering of $o..tPl FloriA -4202 E. FOIIIWr A\ltnue, CU11 00 T&mpa. FL aH20437'& PttoM: etW7"4t20


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SECTION PAGE RESEARCH PROJECT STATUS ........................................... ........ 1 Overview ....................... ...................... . ... ... . ......... 3 NUT! Research Project Status Table .. .................... ....................... 4 NUTI Program Administration .......... ...................... . ............... 5 Journal of Public Transportation .................. .............................. 7 Year3 NUTI3-FAMU NUT13-FAMU NUTI3-FAMU-3 NUTI3-USF-6 Year4 NUTI4-FSU NUTI4-FSU NUTI4-FSU-4 NUT14-USF NUTI4-USF-S NUH4-USF-6 Years NUTI5-FAMU NUTI5-FAMU-3 NUTI5-FSU NUTI5-FSU NUTI5-USF-2 NUTI5-USF NUTI5-USF-4 NUTI5-USF-5 NUTISUSF-6 NUTISUSF-7 The Church: An Alternative Urban Transportation Amenity ........... 8 Evaluation of Mass Transit on Environmental Equity and Justice ........ 9 An Assessment of the Relationship Between the Telecommuting Population and Public Transportat ion Managers ....... ........... 1 o Geographic I nformation Systems as a Tool for Examining Environmental Equity Issues in Public Transportation . . . . . . 11 FIMAT-New Techno logy for I nteractive Transit User Information Systems . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12 Customer Service: Enhancing Consumer Awareness and Perceptions of Public Transit Services Providers ....... ............ 13 Energy and Environmental Performance of Existing and Emerging Public TransportatiOn TeChnologies .................. .......... 14 African-American Mobility Symposium IV (AAMS IV} ............... 15 Opportunities for the Coordination of General Public Transit and School Bus Transportation ........ ........... .............. 16 Perspectives on the Future of Public Transportation . . ........... 17 Public Transit and Welfare-te>-Work: Exploratory Research and Assessment of a Clearinghouse for the Dissemination of WelfareTo-Work Informati o n . ................... ... . ...... 18 Unking Trans portation Modeling Software Wtth Geographic Information Systems -A Synthesis of The State of The Practice . .... 19 Continuation of the Promotional Materials Clearinghouse ............ 20 Training Guide and Educational Training Workshops on Economic Impact Assessment Methods for Public Transit ........ ............ 21 Case Studies of Creative Transit Agencies ............. .......... 22 Forum for Assessing the Implica tions of ISTEA Reauthorization on Public Transit ................. ........................... 23 Guidebook for Transit Economic Impact Studies .......... ... ... 24 2"' National Conference on GIS in Transit ............... ....... 25 Public Transit and Welfare-to-Work: Exploratory Research .... .... 26 Minority Mobility Symposium ............................ .... 27 Ill


ANNUAL PLAN ACTIVITIES STATUS ............... ........................... ...... 29 Introduction . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30 Goal I : Research Program ....................................... .......... 31 Goal II: Research Program Perfonnance ...... .... ................... 32 Goal Ill: Technology T r ansfer .. .......... ....... .... ...... 38 Goal IV: Educalion ............................... . ........ ... ... .... 51 Goal V: Human Resources ...... ............. . .. .... ..... ... 51 FINANCIAL STATUS ............................ ... .... . ............. ......... 57 Annuallnslitute Financial Report, Year Three summary .... ... ....... 59 Financial Report. Year Fo u r Summary .... ....... ... . ...... 60 Annuallnstitu1e F in ancial Report, Year Five Summary .. ... ............. .......... 61 Estimated Spending by Task, Year Three Projects ...... ... .................. 62 Estimated Spending by Task, Year Four Projects ........ ........ . ......... 63 Estimated Spending by Task, Year Five Projects ...... . ................ 64 i v


RESEARCH PROJECT STATUS The N ational U rban Transit l nstrtute-


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Overview The NUT I Research Project Status Table on the next page provides an overview summary of project status for the various research projects programed in each year since NUTI's inceptio n. The Resea rch Project Status section has a one-page status repon on each active project. Authored by the ind i vidua l principal investigators. these repons cover progress to date on the projects Multi-year projects: Program Administration, 11le Promotional Materials Clearinghouse and Tha JoumaJ ot Public Transportation are shown once in the Project Status section. The year and number of the project are shown in the numbering scheme: the number immediately following NUTI refers to the grant funding year and the second numbe r displays the number of the project for that universijy (I.e .. NUTI&-XXXX-1). Projects are presented chronologically by year wijh the oldest projects first, alphabetically by university and sequentially by project number. -The National Urban Transit Institute 3


NUTI Research Project Status Table Nu mber Final of Report Projects lniliated Stage Complete Comments FAMU 2 < < 2 Year F l U 1 < < 1 One FSU 4 < < 4 All projects completed USF 3 < < 3 FAMU 2 < < 2 Year FlU 2 < < 2 All projecta completed Two FSU 4 < < 4 USF 4 <> < 4 FAMU 3 < 3 0 Year FlU 3 <> < 3 All projects completed Three FSU 4 <> < 4 All projects completed USF 4 <> 1 3 FAMU 1 <> < 1 Proceedings prepared by CUTR Year FlU 3 <> <> 3 All projects completed Four FSU 4 4 <> 0 USF 6 5 < 3 2 reprogrammed FAMU 4 2 <> 0 2 reprogrammed Year FlU 1 < <> 1 All projects completed Five FSU 2 2 < 0 USF 6 5 <> 0 Administration and Joumal activities not included in table. -The National Urban Transij l nslitute4


Project Number: Project Title: Principal Investigator: USDOT Grant DTRS93-G..0019 NUTI PROGRAM ADMINISTRATION Steven E. Polzin, Ph.D., P.E. Director, National Centlkr for Transit RtJs6arch Tel: (813) 974-9849; Fax: (813) 974-5168 Patricia Baptiste Program Assistant Tel: (813) 974-9760; Fax: (813) 974-5168 Center for Urban Transportation Res88/'Ch U n iversity of South AoridtJ Tampa, FL 33620-5350 NUTIS-USF-1 During the past quarter the administrative activities included the following regular activities: Completed quarterly report for prior quarter. Adm inistered sutx:ontracts and project invOicing. Monitored TCRP, APTA, FTA and other transit related research. Submitted additional completed technica l reports to designated depositories and the se lection committee Worked with sutx:ontractors to finalize outstanding technical reports. Worked with principal investigators to disseminate findings Progress on several fronts continued last quarter. We have canied out a complete financial reivew of all open NUTI accounts and sutx:ontracts and determine a strategy for expending balances. Each y ear has some remaining funds due to isuses such as: The change i n indirect rates for subcontracts which freed up additiona l funds for research Under programm ing in some years i n order to have resources for a transit ion peoriod du e to the delays in TEA-21 being approved. Decisions to not move ahead with some programmed projects due to changes in research priorities and s utx:ontractor delays in completing current work. Reprogramming includes commitment to the following: Public Transit In America: Findings From the 1995 Nationwide Personal Transportation Survey-Given the strong interest and rich data source, we hav e been canying out additional research with the NPTS data base beyond what was originally planned. The technical report has been completed and is being widely diss eminated We are continuing to respond to inquires and produce papers for p ub licat ion. Assessment of the Mobility Needs of Post-Retirement Age Baby Boomers and the Opportunity for Transit s.Jrvices to Meet their Needs -This i nit iat ive will also use the NPTS data as a basis for deve lop ing an understand ing of the impacts of aging on travel and the propensity of the travel to be able to be accom modated by public transit. This modest effort will involve a combination of graduate student and faculty research into how the elderty travel is changing overtime and to what has Characteristics The National Urban Institute-5


that are conducive to public transH use. campus Transportation SystemsUniversity campuses have been recognized as very strong potential transit markets and the industry has recently taken an interest in reaming more about how best to leverage this opportunity and serve this market. CUTR has entered into a contractual agreement with the city o f Gainesville to study transit service to the University and intends to expand the scope of t hat research to include additional case studies and review of additional experiences that have been gained across the country. By supplementing this effort with NUT! funds, we can expand the research effort and will produce a technical report that will be of value to a number of communities across the country. A well attended national workshop on campus transit service sponsored by APTA was held in June 1998 and evidenced the strong interest in this topic. Public Transit Access to Private PropertyThis project is also jointly funded by the state of Florida and has generated national interest. This project grew out of transit properties' concems regarding the occasional difficulty of securing more convenient access to commercial and private properties for transit vehicles. Most typically, this problem is characterized by a shopping center or mall refusing to let transit properties stop Immediately In the vicinity of a door. This rese arch initiative will attempt to quantify this problem and address the strategies that transit agencies can use in siting facilities an d negotiat ing with commercial and p

Project N umber: Project Title: Principal Investigators: USDOT Grant No. DTRS93-G.(J019 JOURNAL OF PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION Gary Brosch ()jrecfor Tel: (813) 974-3120; Fsx: (813) 974-5168 Patricia Henderson Communications Manag9r Till: (813) 974; Fax: (813) 974-5168 Center for Urban Transportation Reooarch (CUTR) CoitfJge of Engin6efing University of South Florida Tampa. FL 33620.5375 Specific activities in this quarter includ e: Printed and mailed Vol2, No 2 Began work on Vol 2, No 3. Identified reviewers and sent manuscripts out for review. Accepted and rejected papers NUTIWSF-2 Updatedfmaintained information on the CUTR Web site regarding the journal. Continued word of mouth promotion. Responded to requests for manuscript and journal information via e-mail regular mail, phone, etc. Added names to journal mailing list upon request. -The National Urban Transit Institute-7


Project Number: Project Title: Principal Investigators: USDOT Grant No. DTRS93-G.0019 NUTI3.fAMU1 THE CHURCH: ANAL TERNATIVE URBAN TRANSPORTATION AMENITY Charles A. Wright, Ph.D., P.E. Professor Ccllege of EnginHring Scisnces, Technology & AgricuNure EnginfifJring Technology Florida A & M Univorsi/y Tel: (850) 561-2920; Fa<: (850) 561-2739 Addis C. Taylor, Ph.D. Chakpert;on and Associate Professor Department of Economics Ccll&ge of Arts and Scisnoos Florfda A & M University Tel.: (850) 599-3138; Fax: (850) 561-2290 CUTR is wor1r.ing with the Project Pi's and the Vice President for Research at FAMU to have these projects completed. Draft final reports have been completed but final review and editing have not been completed. -The National Urban Transij lnsWute. 8


Project Number: Project Title: Principa l Investigators: USDOT Grant No. DTRS93-G..0019 NUTI3FAMU EVALUATION OF MASS TRANSIT ON ENVIRONMENTAL EQUITY AND JUSTICE Ray A. Shackelford, Ph.D. Di rector/Assistant Professor Administrative Services Envilonmental Sciences Florida A & M University Tel: (850) 599-3550; Fax: (850) 561-2739 Charles A. Wright, Ph.D., P.E. Professor Division of Engin..,;ng Technology College of EnginB<>ring Sciences and Agriculture Rorida A & M University Tel.: (650) 561 ; Fa)( ; (850) 561-2739 CUTR Is wor1

Project Number: Project Title: Principal Investigators: USDOT Grant No. NUn3-FAMU-3 AN ASSESSMENT OF THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN THE TELECOMMUnNG POPULAnON AND PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION MANAGERS Charles A Wright, Ph D., P.E. Professor College of Engineering Sciencas, Technology & AgricuNure l:ngineering Technology Florida A & M University T el : (85()) 56!-2920; FaK: (85()) 56!-2739 Addis C. Taylor, Ph.D. Departm&nt Chairperson and Associate Professor Department of F:conomics Coll&ge of Alts and Sci8noss Florida A & M University Tel.: (85()) 599-3138; Fax: (850) 5612290 C UTR is working the Project PI's and the Vice President for Research at F AMU to hav e these projects completed. Draft final reports have been completed but final review and edrting have not bee n completed T he National Urtlan Institute 10


Project Number: Project Title: Principal Investigators: USDOT Grant No. DTRS93-G.0019 GEOGRAPHIC INFORMATION SYSTEMS AS A TOOL FOR EXAMINING ENVIRONMENTAL EQUITY ISSUES IN PUBLIC TRANSPORTA T ION Dennis Hinebaugh Transit Program Director Tel.: (813) 974 9833; Fax: (813) 974-5168 center for Urban Transportation Research College of Engineering University of South Florida The responsibilities for this project have been reassigned due t o the departure of the principa l investigator. This has delayed the completion of the report. In light of the reviewer comments, the report is being restructured t o more cleMy define environmental equity issues related to public transportation, and the role of GIS in conducting facility siting equity analysis A final report will be compleled in the next quarter The responsibilities for this project have been reassigned to Dennis Hinebaugh who will complete the report finalization. The changes were made d ue to the departure of the principal Investigator This has delayed t he completion ofthe report In light of the reviewer comments we are restructuring the report to more c learly define the role of GIS and a methodology for conducting facility siting equity analysis A final report will be completed in the next quarter -The National Urban Transit Institute 11


Project Number: Project Title: Principal Investigators: USDOT Grant No. DTRS93-G.0019 NUTI4-FSU-1 FIMAT -NEW TECHNOLOGY FOR INTERACTIVE TRANSIT USER INFORMATION SYSTEMS Bill Mustard Diroctor, The Markeling lnsJitute Ron'da Slate Un/v#H'$hy Tallahassee. FL 32306-3037 Tel: (850) 644-2509; Fax: (850) 644.(l231 DeWayne carver Asst Director. The Marketing tnstftute Rorfda State Uniw.Jfslly Tallahassee, FL 32306-3037 Tel: (850) 644-2509 ; Fax: (850) 644-6231 Dr. Charles Hofacker Associate Professor FSU COB Marketing Department Rotfda State Unill6rsfty Tellahassee, FL 32306-3037 Tel: (850) 644; Fax: (850) 644-6231 Due to the advent of recent new technologies and information delivery systems, such as the PatmPilot some of the conclusions in the final report are being revisited prior to release of the report for peer review Dr. Hofacker and Mr. Carver are re-evaluating the data to determine if the project can be made more relevant to modem systems in terms of marketing focus and new technology for the delivery of transit information systems This work will delay the release of the final report for at least one quarter. -The Nationa l Urban Transtt lnstttute 12


Project Number. Project lrtle: Principal Investigators: USDOT Grant No. DTRS93-G-0019 NUTI4-FSU3 FIMAT CUSTOMER SERVICE: ENHANCING CONSUMER AWARENESS AND PERCEPTIONS OF PUBLIC TRANSIT SERVICES PROVIDERS Bill Mustard Dir&dor of RBssarch and Services Florida for Marf

Project Number: Project Title: Principal Investigator: Associate Investigators: Activities this quarter included: USDOT Grant No. DTRS93-G-0019 NUT14-FSU4 ENERGY AND ENVIRONMENTAL PERFORMANCE OF EX IS T ING AND EMERGING PUBUC TRANSPORTATION TECHNOLOGIES Dr. Thomas A. Lynch Director Center for Economic Forecasting and Analysis Florida state Univsrsity Tallahassee, FL 32310 Tel : (850} 644-7357; Fax (850} 385-8266 Dr. Andrew Dzurik Professor Department of Civil engineering Co/loge of Cngin&enng FSUIFAMU Ta/lel>assee. FL 32306-4058 Tel: (850} 487-6124; Fax: (850) 487-6142 Loyd Lyday Associate Diredor Center for economic Forecasting and Analysis Florida state University Ta/lel>assoo, FL 32306-4016 Tel: (850) 644-7357; Fox: (850) 487-<1142 FSU Researchers have made considerable progress since the last q uarterly report. This quarter Polzin continues his peer review and critique of existing drafts and provided guidance for completion of the work in progress. Drs. Lynch and Dzurik completed revisions of the text and developed a "simulation model for use by transit property managers. An Alternatives Fuel Simulation Mode l will be provided on disk and on the CEFA Web page. Dr. Lynch attended Moving tile Economy An International Conference on Sustainable Transportation In Toronto, Canada and the International Conference on High Speed RaU i n Benin Gennany. He was able to gather a n umber of research papers and establish an ongoing dialog with other researchers. Other progress is ongoing and the project is on time with the current extension. A number of researchers expressed strong interest In securing copies of the final report from this analysis on its conclusion Very little comparative analysis is currently available in this area. A number of competing technologies are publishing their results, but the final results are often not presented in a comparative frameworl<. On January 18, 1999, researchers completed a redraft ofthe report on alternative fuels analysis. The simulation model descriplion and use has been completed and added to the final report for final review. Additional materials on altematlve fuel impacts from European research has been secured. Final report production and distribution will be completed during the second quarter of 1999 The National Urban Transit Institute 14


Project Number: Project Title: Princ ipal Investigators: USDO T Grant No. DTRS93-G.0019 NUTI4-USF-3 AFRICAN-AMERICAN MOBILITY SYMPOSIUM IV (AAMS IV) Eric T. Hill Research As-sociate Tel: (813) 974; Fax: (813) 974-5168 D. Michael Crittenden Research Associate Tel : (813) 974-1271 ; Fax: (813) 974-5168 Beverly G. Ward O..puly Oire

Project Number: Project Title: Principal Investigators: USOOT Grant No. DTRS93-G-4019 NUTI4-USF.S OPPORTUNITIES FOR THE COOROINA TION OF GENERAL PUBLIC TRANSIT AND SCHOOL BUS TRANSPORTATION Michael BaHes R esearch Associate Tel : (813) 974-9843; Fax : (813) 974-5168 William Morris Roso81Ch Associate Tel: ( 813) 974-6804; Fax : (813) 974-5168 Centfn' for Urban Transportation Reseerch CoHege of Engjne&ring Univorsity of Soulh Florida Tampa, FL Duri n g t h e quarter ending December 31,1999, the fo ll owing project activHies were accomplished : The principal investigator for this project was changed due to schedule conflicts and an u nusual request for CUTR's services by local transH agencies The new P I started the review of l rterature and began the process of i dentify i ng transit agencies to serve as case studies for the report. In the next quarter, the P I will finish the summary of literature on this topic. develop a survey to send to transrt agencies to determi n e the best case stud i es, and arrange to visit those locations This project will receive priority attention during the second quarter of 1999, and Is scheduled to be completed by September 30, 1999 The Nationa l Urban Transit lnstrtute 16


Project Number: Project Title: Principal Investigator: USDOT Grant No. DTRS93-G.(J019 NUTI4-USF-6 PERSPECTIVES ON THE FUTURE OF P UBLI C TRANSPORTATION Steven E. Polzin, P.E. Ph D. Deputy Diroclor, lnstRures Genter for Urban Transportation Research College of Engineering University of South Florida Tampa, FL 33620-5375 TBI: (813) 974 -984 9; Fax: (813) 974-5168 Progress was limi ted in the past quarter to securing additional individuals to be interviewed at the TRB annual meeti ng and modifying the work scope to accommodate a request for the Principal Investigator to address a Mobilijy Conference scheduled fo r this June in Atlanta that will be focusing on the Future of Public Transit. The presentation for that meeting will be prov i ded as a speech on the NCTR web -The National Urban Transit Institute -17


Project Number: Project Title: Principal Investigators: USDOT Grant DTRS93-G-0019 NUTI5-FAMU Public Transit And Welfare-to-Work: Exploratory Research And Assessment of a Clearinghouse For The Dissemination of Welfare To-Work ln1onnation Charles A. Wright, P.E. Ph.D. Professor Department of Engineering TechnolOgy Tel: (850) 561-2920, Fax: (850) 561-2739 Addis Taylor, Ph.D. Chairman and A$'$ociale Profes$or Dflpartment of Economics Tel: (850) 599-3138. Fsx (850) 5612290 Rorfds A&M University Talahsssee, FL 32307 Ac1ivities during this quarter included the following: The Internet infonnation was reviewed. Further other clearinghouse Web pages' general infonnallon was accessed for availabilijy, The literature search was expanded to include : Northwestern Universay library System : University of California at Berkely; Online searches of NTIS. A list of welfare-t<>-work documents were produced. The Stakeholders Workshop is being scheduled for the TRB meeting in Washington, D.C in January 1999 was postponed until later in the year to take advantage of literature reviews and searches Developed stakeholders list No problems were encountered -The National Urban Transit Institute -18


Project Number: USDOT Grant DTRS93-G-0019 NUTlS..f'AMU-3 Project Title: Unking Tra n sportation Modeling Software With Geographic I n formation Sys1ems A Synthesi s of The State of The Practice Principal Investigator: Brenda Robinson, M. Eng., MPA, P.E. C G.C Assistant Professor Division of Engineering Technology Florida A&M University Tallahassee FL 32307 Tel: (850) 599-8022. Fax: (850) 561 -2739 During the past quarter, the following activit ies included: A literatu r e search was conducted focusing on transportation p l ann i ng and placing emphasis on computer software, l inkages with GIS and land use planning The draft instrument to be u tilized in the survey was developed It is presently being reviewed by the peer committee. Deve l oped list of MPO's t o be s u rveyed. The National Urban Transit I nstitute-19


PROJECT STATUS Project Number: USDOT Grant N UT IS-FSU-1 Project Title: CONTINUATION OF THE PROMOTIONAL MATERIALS CLEARINGHOUSE Principal Investigators: Bill Mustard OirtJc!or of Research and Services The Marketing lnstHute Tel: (850) 644; Fax: (850) 644-6231 Dr. Tomas Hull Director end Ass;stant Profes$0r Muftinstional Business, Marl

Project Number: Project Title: Principal Investig a tors: Associate Investigator : USDOT Grant DTRS93-G.0019 NUTIS-FSU 2 TRAIN ING GUIDE AND EDUCATIONAL T RAIN ING WORKSHOPS ON ECONOM I C IMPACT ASSESSMENT METHODS FOR PUBLIC TRANSIT Dr. Thomas Lynch Diredor Tel: (850) 644 7357 ; Fax : (850) 5762207 Loyd Lyday Associate ();rector Tel: ( 850) 644-3410; Fax: (850) 576-2207 C&nler for Economic Forecasting and Analysis Rorida Stale UnivelSily TaNahassee, FL 32306 During this quarter activities included the following: FSU researchers conti nue to make progress since lhe last quarterty report. Th is quarter Dr. Lynch a litera1ure review that examines how transit properties have evaluated the econom i c impact o f transit capital and variable expenses Dr. Lynch wo rked with his FSU Economics Grad ua te stude nt Leh r Elison, who aSSisted with completing the analysis Dr. Lynch also began a review of a lte rnative methodologies to examine economic i mpacts Dr. L ynch attended Moving the Economy -An lntemalional Conference on Sustainable Transportation in Toronto, Canada and the tntematlonal Conference on High Speed Rail i n Bertin Germany. He was able to gather a number of research papers and establish an ongo in g d i alog with othe r researchers. Other progress is ongoing and the project is on time wHh the current extens i on. A number of researchers expressed strong i nterest in securing copies of the final report from this analysis on Hs conc l usion. Very lrttle comparative analysis is currently available in this area. During the fourt h q uarter Dr. Lynch also received a draft outli n e of the economic impact paper from t h e CUTR staff working jointly CEFA on this pro ject for review. Dr. Lynch has contacted the Flo rida Legislative Economics staff and secured their cooperation to help run simulations of measuring economic impact usi n g the REM I economic analysiS software We believe this will help us include the REM I tool as a tool for economic analysis in our final report. Lynch alsO is developing IMPLAN based assessm ent techniques to blend Into the Centers forth coming evaluation of transit technologies -The National Urban Transit 21


Project Number: Project Title: Principal Investigato r: RESEARCH PROJECT USDOT Grant DTRS93-G.0019 NUTIS..USF-2 CASE STUDIES OF CREATIVE TRANSIT AGENCIES Joel Volinski Deputy Director, Trsnsil Center for Urban Transporlatio n Research Unillersily of South Floffl!a Tampa, FL Tel: (813) 974 9847; Fax: (813) 974-5168 Durtng this quarter the following project activities were acccmplished: Contact was made with the fourth agency (LYNX) to conduct a s ite visit which will be made in the next quarter In addition, the fifth and final sHe will be contacted in the next quarter with completion of the report expected in September 1999 The National Urban TransH lnstHute22


RESEARCH PROJECT Project Number: U SDOT Grant DTRS93-G.0019 NUTIS-USF-3 Project Titl": ASSSSING TH I MPLICATIONS OF ISTA REAUTHORIZATION ON PUBUC TRANSIT Principal Investigators: Gary L Brosch Oirsctor Tel: (813) 974-3120; Fax : (813) 974-5168 Patricia Henderson Communications and Human ResourC6s Manager Tel: (813) 974-9759 ; Fax: (813) 974-5168 Center for Urban Transportation Research UnwersHy of South Florida Tampa. FL 33620-5375 Specific activnies In this quarter include : Followed up on APTA cosponsorship and t iming of conference with APTA Executive D irector Bill M illar at TRB conference; followup meeting to be held in May/June as planned. Continued identification of down link snes A new project manager will be assigned next quarter. -The National Urban Transit Inst itute23


Project Number: USDOT Grant DTRS93-G-0019 NUTIS..USF-4 Project Title: GUIDEBOOK FOR TRANSIT ECONOMIC IMPACT STUDIES Principal Investigators: F. Ron Jones, Ph.D. Deputy Direclor. Education T61: (813) 974-9785; Fax: (813) 974-5168 Xuehao Chu, Ph.D. RBSIJ8fch Associate Tel: (813) 974-9831; Fax: (813) 974-5168 C

Project Number: Project Title: Principal I nvestigator: USDOT Grant DTRS93-G..0019 NUT15-USF..S SECOND NATIONAL CONFERENCE ON GIS IN TRANSIT Steven E. Polz in lntermodaland Guideway Research Program Director Center for Urban TransportaUon Research University of South Florida Tampa, FL 33620.5375 Tel: (813) 974-9841 ; Fax: (813) 974-.5168 Progress is continuing as the conference data approaches. Registra tion i s moving along wit h speakers and registrations in hand at 125 persons. The full technical program has been well received with strong speaker follow through. Regular coordination calls are occurring with Volpe, our partner on this project. we took forward to hosting the conference n ext month and producing proceedings The National Urban TransH lnstltute25


Project Number: Project Title: Principal Investig ators : PROJECT STATUS USDOT Grant DTRS93-G..0019 NUT15-USF-6 PUBUC TRANSIT AND WELFARE-TO-WORK: EXPLORATORY RESEARCH Beverly G. Ward Deputy Director Certter for Urban Trsnspottatlon Research University of South Florida Tampa, FL Tel: (813) 974; Fax: (813) 974-5168 Basoo on the thematic outline prepare

Project Number. Project Title: Principal Investigators: Accomplishments: USDOT Grant No. DTRS93-G.0019 MINORITY MOBIUTY SYMPOSIUM To Be Determined center for Urban Transportation Research Univ er

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ANNUAL PLAN ACIIVIIIES STATUS -The National Urtlan Transit Institute-29


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I NTRODUCTION This section reports the s t atus of the Institute in attaining the goals and objectives established for the Institute's performance. Thus, the organization of this section is structured aro u nd the organ i zation of the goals and objectives for the lnsmute. The information presented varies depending on the specific goal and objective. I n some instances the infonnation is subStantial and detailed and in other instances it is and In some cases the i nformation provided is cross referenced to specific research projects and in other cases rt is presented in an aggregate fashion Following the summary list of goals and objectives, each goal, objective and an action item is addressed This section of the report bu il ds on the prior quarters reports. Much of the informat i o n remains unchanged ; h oweve r the tables are u pdated quarterly to Incorporate new information GOALS AND OBJECTIVES Ggall: Research Program Objective 1 1 : Utilize a project proposal solicitation and review p rocess Goal II: Research Program Performance Object ive 11. 1 : Insu r e relevance of the research effort Object ive 11. 2: MonHor the progress of each research effort Objective 11.3: Produce research results appropriate for the target audiences Goal Ill: Technology Transfer Objective 111.1: Develop a technology transfer plan for each project Objective 111.2: Monitor technology transfer efforts at the project level Objective 111.3: Develop and produce a Journal of Public Transportation Research Goal IV: Educalion Objective IV. 1 : Have each project enhance transportation educalion Goal V; Human Resources Objective V.1: Address the element of human resources in each i ndividual project Objective V.2: Monrtor human resources efforts at the project level PERFORMANCE ON GOALS, 0BJECTTVES AND ACTION ITEMS Goal I Research Progmm: Use an objective process for selecting research activities that are r esponsive to the v i sion, mission and theme. Objective 1.1: Utilize a project proposal solicitation and review process to Insure projects responsive to the I nstitute goals we have used a very successful project selection process that is detailed in prior quarterly and annual reports. We are currently modifying that process In the context of the NCTR strategic: plan development. -The National Urban Transit Institute-31


Goal II Rese;jrcb Proa@m Perfonnance: Conduct research the products of which are judged by experts In the field to advance the body of knowledge in urban transportation. Objective 11.1: Insure relevance of the research effort by involving industry, peer researchers, and policy makers in review of research project work through an advisory committee or other forums as appropriate Action Item 11.1.a: Establish a forum for peer input on each research project Proposal development instructions included an explicit mandate to conduct and document peer review activHies. Table series 1 indicates pee r reviewers for projects Table 14 covers peers for year four projects Table 1-5 covers Year Five projects and similar tables in earlier Annual Reports covered activ ities for prior year studies. Project abstracts for year five projects also requested infonnation on peer review activities. In some instances the approach to and participants in peer review are best defined later in the development of the project. The NUTI Director is becoming more active in soliciting peer reviewers from outside agencies and providing Ideas for Principal Invest igators. TABLE 1-4, YEAR FOUR PEER REVIEW PANELS Project Peer Reviewers NUTI4-FAMU-4 African-American Commissioner Arthur Kennedy, Co-Chairperson. Florida Mob i lity Symposium (AAMS IV) Transportation Commission: Deborah Price . CoChairperson, COMTO: Wade Lawson Past CoChairperson, South Jersey Transportation Authority; Lee Davis, National Transportation Consortium of Minority Colleges; Or. Frank Enty, COMTO; The Honorable James Hargrett. Florida Senate: Marion Hart, Florida Department of Transportation : Gayle Holliday, Kansas Area Tran sportation Authority; The Honorable Gloria Jeff, Federal Highway Administration; Dr. Sylvan c. Jolibois, Jr. Florida International University; Joyce Johnson, Director, North Carolina A & T State University; Lee Johnson, ATE Management & Service Company, Inc.; W H. (Bill) McCloud, ATCNancom; Sharon Ransome-Smlth Project ACTION; Gwendolyn mary Simpson, American Public Transit Association: Dr. Charles Wright, Department of Engineering Technology, FAMU; CUTR Staff. NUTI4-FIU-1 At Grade Busway Study Mr. Rene Rodriguez Public Trans portation Manager: David Henderson, Pedestrian and Bicycle Coordinator, at F lorida Department of T ransportation, District VI; and Jeffrey M. Hunter, Pedestrian and Bicycle Coordinator at Metro-Dade Metropolrtan Planning Organization will provide input and oversight for the project. NUTI4-FIU-2 Analyses of Strategies and Steven A. Clark, Manager of Engineering Projects, NJ Programs of the U S. Transit Agencies Transit ; M i ke Walker, Manager Corporate Security, to Enhance security Toronto Transit Security ; and Robert Aleman Metro-Dade Security Director The National Urban Transit I nstitute -32


TABLE 1-4 YEAR FO U R PEER REVIEW PANELS Proj ect Peer Reviewers NUTI4-FIU-3 Data Requi rements and V elma Ceballos, System Analyst, l n formalion Technology Data Sources for Transit GIS Division, M i ami-Dade County, F L; Una C. KulikOWSki, Applications Associate Planner Planning Informatio n Technology Di vision, Browartl County, FL; Spear Bruce Assistant Director. Bureau of Transport a tion Statist ics, US Dept. of T r ansportation, Washington, D .C. NUTI4-FSU-1 FIMA TNew Technology Florida Tra nsit Assoc iatio n Local (Taltran) Represent ative ; for Interactive Transit User Information Federal Transft Administration Representat ive ; Corporate Systems M anagement Information Systems Representative ; and Cable TV Representative NUTI4FSU-2 FIMAT-Continuation & Gus Robey, Virginia Department of Rail and Public EXpansion o f the Promot i onal M aterials Transportation ; Pe t er Schauer Peter Schauer Associates ; Clearinghouse Peggy Hetherington Me troPool Inc ; David Sappenfield ATE Ryder; Stephen McCaughey, Irvine Spectrum TMA. ; Phillip Winters CUTR; Paul Rothenberg Tai Tra n ; Perry Ma ull, Carr-Smith Inc .; Barbara Z immerman M iddle Peninsu l a Rldeshare ; Stuart Anderson. Transportation Consu"ant, Dennis Kouba, APT A. NU TI4-FSU-3 Customer Service: M r Paul Rothenberg, Director of Marketing TaiTran, Enhancing Co n su mer Awareness anct Tallahassee, F lo rida; Ms. Peggy Heatherington, M etropoo l Pe rceptions of Pu blic TranSit Services Inc., Stamfortl, Con necticut ; Mr Peter Schauer Peter Prov iders Schauer Associates; Mr. Perry Maull RTS Gain es v ille; Ms. Baroara Zimmerman, Middle Peninsula Rideshare, Saluda, Virginia ; Dr. Larry Gunlpero, Cha i rman. Mark eting Department FSU; Ms. Tara Bartee, Administrator Transit Plann ing, FOOT; Mr. Tim Grzesiakowski, Department Manager. M arketing, PACE, Ariingto n; Mr. Mark Hunter Director of Service Planning Bi-State Development Agency Sl Louis M issouri NUT I 4FSU-4 Ene!!IY and Mr. Terry M cKinl ey Ctlief of Special Projects MetroOade Environmenta l Performance of Existing TranSit Agency Miam i Florida ; Ms. Victoria Nerenberg and Emerg in g Public Transportatio n Ma nager, Office of Techno l ogy Advances Bay Area Rapi d TeChnologies Tran sit Systems, San Fran cisco, Californ i a ; Or. Steven E Polzin, Senior Researcher and NUTI Coortlinaror Center for Urban Transportation Research (CUTR), of South Florida Tampa, F lorida. N UTI4USF-1 Project Administration IV Administrative review will be internal to CUTR. The N ationa l Urban I nstitute-33


TABLE 1-4, YEAR FOUR PEER REVIEW PANELS Project Peer Reviewers NUTI4-USF-2 Journa l of Public The journa l h as esta blished an Board that Transportat i on IV includes: D r Robert B Cervero, Ph.D Professo r Department of C ity and Regional Planning University of California ; Mr. Chester 'Ed" Col by, Execut i ve Director, Metro-Dade Transit Agency ; M r Gordon (Pe t e) Fieldin g Professor, Schoo l of Social Scie n ces, Econom i cs Department of California-Irvine ; Dr. David J For1

. TABLE 1-4, YEAR FOUR PEER REV I EW PANELS Project Peer R eviewers NUTI4-USF-6 Perspectives on the Internal review coupled with interviews. A synthesis of t.he Future of Public Transportation findings and observations will b e prepared by the princip l e and reviewed by peers NUTI4-USF-7 ADA Service Cri t eria : Possib l e peer revi e wers include: Russell Thatcher of Best Practices for Comply ing w it h Multi systems Larry Harman o f LJH Co n sulting (both Paratransit System Capacity Thatcher and Harman are ADA plan reviewers). Roy Lave Requirements of SYSTAN David Koffman of Cra i n & Associates Sa n dra Rosenbloom of the University of Arizona. Sharon Smith of Project ACTION and JoAnn H ut chinson of the Florida Commission for the Transportation Disadvantaged TABL E 1.S, YEAR FIVE PEER REV IEW PANELS Project Peer Reviewers NUTIS.FA M U-1 Minori1y Steering committee Symposium v NUTIS.FAMU-2 Public And Beverly Ward. Deputy Directo r CUTR and Ste ven E Wel fare-to-Worl<: Explora t ory Research Polzin, Director. lnstrtutes, CU T R And Assessment of a Clearinghouse For The Dissemina t ion of WelfareTo-Worl< I nformation NUTIS-FAMU-3 L i nking Transportation Martin Brown Assistant Chief, Transportation Planning of Modeling Software W ith Geographic the Tallahassee-Leon C o un t y Planning Department: Informatio n Systems A Synthesis of Vidya Mysore Florida Department of Transportation The State of The Practice Transrt Office: Glenn Robinson, a leader in the development of a "Integrated Travel Demand B a sed ISTEA Management System for the Mich igan Department of Transportation: Addrtional nationa l peers will be sought. NUTIS.FA M U-4 To be determined To be d e termined. NUTIS.FIU-1 At-Grade Busway Planning Mr. Rene Rodriguez. Public Transportation Manager: Guide David Henderson Pedestrian and Bicycle Coordinator at F l orida Department of Transportation District VI; and Jeffrey M Hun ter, Pedestrian and Bicyc l e Coord i nato r at Metro-Dade Metropolitan Planning Organization w ill provide input and oversight for the project. -The National Urban Transit lnstrtute 35


TAB LE 1 -5, YEAR F I VE PEER REVIE W PANELS Project Peer Rev iewers NUTIS-FSU-1 Continuation of the Frank Cihak, Acting Director, APTA Public Relations and Promotional Materials Clearinghouse Communications; Debbie Ale x ander, Cha i r APTA Marketing a n d Communications steering Committee; Thomas J Costello Chai r Champaign-UrDana Mass District; Jean l aderosa, Chatham County Area Transit, Savannah GA; Mark Dorfman, Santa Cruz Metropolna n District Santa Cruz CA; Judy Lewellen Space coast Area Transn Brevard County FL; Phillip Winters. Center for Urban Transportation Research Universny of South Florida ; Perry Maull Gainesville Regional Transn System Gainesville FL ; Paul Rothenberg, Taltran, Tallahassee. FL. NUTIS-FSU 2 Training Guide and Terry McKinley Chief of Special Projects MetroDade Educational Training Workshops on Transn Agency Miami Florida; Dr. Ron Maurey, Volpe Economic I mpact Assessment Methods Nat i onal Transportation Research Center, Cambridge, for Public M assachusetts; Representative to be named later f rom APTA, FTA, or other a ppropriate entrty NUTIS-USF-1 Program Administration V Administrative review will be internal to CUTR. NUTIS-USF 2 Case Stu d ies of Creative The panel will be comprised of transit managers and NUTI AgenCies researc h ers. To be determined NUTIS-USF 3 Forum for Assessing the Editorial Board: Dr. Robert B CeNero, Ph.D., Professo r I mplicat i ons of ISTEA Reauthorization Department o f and Regi o na l Planning, Universny of on Public Transn Californ i a ; Mr. Cheste r 'Ed" Colby Execut i ve Director, Metro-Dade Transit Agency; M r Gordon (Pete) Fielding, Pro f esso r School of Social Sciences, Econom i cs Department University of CalifomiaINine; Dr. David J Fo rk enbroc k Uroan and Regional Planning Department, Univ e rsity of I owa; Mr. Jack R. Gilstrap former Executive Vice President, American Public Transit Association; Dr. J ose A. GomezIbanez Bok Professor o f Public Policy and Urban Planning Kennedy School of Government HaNard University ; Dr. Naomi W Lede, Executive D irector, Center for Transportation Traini n g & Research, Texas Southern Universny; M r William W M illar, Executi v e Director Port Authority o f Allegheny County; Dr. Sand r a Rosenbloom Director, The Roy P. Drachman Inst it ute, University of Arizona; Mr. Lawrence L. Schulman. former Associate Administrator fo r Technical Assistance & Safety Federal Transi t Administrat i on; and Dr. George Smerk, Director, Institute for Urban Tran s portation, I ndi ana The National Urban T ra nsn Inst i tute 36


TABLE YEAR FIVE PEER REVIEW PANELS Project Peer Reviewers NUTIS-USF-4 NPTS Guidebook for To be determined. Transn Economic I mpact Studies NUTIS-USF-5 Second National The 28 member program committee serves the review Conference o n GIS in Transit function for confe re nce planni n g. NUTIS-USF-6 Public Transit and Ongoing commun icat ions with lndustl)' experts. WelfareTo-Work : Exp lo ralol)' Research NUTIS-USF7 Minority Mobility The program committee will serve this function. Symposium Objective 11.2: Monitor the progress of eac h research effort. Action Item 11.2.a: Monitor progress by complying with the contract reporting requirements and taking corrective actions where progress is not consistent with the worl< plan. NUTi has completed the required progress repo rt ing The mechanism for collecting information and the forma t for reporting progress has evolved during t he past several quarters in response to feedback and experience in preparing the progress reports. Changes have included modifying the reporting format to include both est i mated and "act ual" spending to reflect t h e facts that there are significant lags between when expenses occur and when they are officially posted to the account. We have also modified the Operational Report to focus on goal and objective aHainmenl Objective 11.3: Produce outstanding research results that effectiv ely communicate the findings i n a manner appropriate for the vaJious audiences that mighl benefit from such Information. Action Item 11.3.a: Develop guidelines for Inst itute documents that facilitate qualny products (style guidelines) NUT! has developed guidelines for technical documents produced by the National Urban Transn Institute. The instructions were included in the First Annual Report They provide direction to ensure compliance with RSPA guidance and will provide some degree of commonalny of report formats. More detailed specification was avoided to enable each P I to utilize the software and style characteristics that they are most familiar wnh. The techn ical reports also share the standardized NUT cover. NUTI has not specified format for other types of products as these are best designed to meet the individual needs of the target audience. Action Item 11.3.b: Establish and implement a procedure for product review to in sure quarny products. The National Urban Instit ute37


Projects involve product review activities as designed and delennined by the individual principal i nvestigators. Table series 2 shows planned review activities for t he respective years. !lgal Ill Iecbng!ogy Transfer: Make researcll resutls available to poten1ial users in a fonn that can be directly Implemented, utilized or otherwise applied. Objeetive 111.1: Include in each research project proposal and work plan an element that addresses how technology transfer will occur for the project. TABLE 2-4, YEAR FOUR REVIEW ACTIVITIES Project Review Activities NUTI4-FAMU-4 African-American ActivHies reviewed as part of overall steering committee MobiiHy Symposium (AAMS IV) review function. NUTI4FAMU-5 Pending Proposal pending NUTI4-FIU-1 AI Grade Busway Study Draft report was reviewed by review panel. NUTI4-FIU-2 Analysis of Strategies and Draft report was reviewed by review panel. Programs of the U S. TransH Agencies to Enhance Transit Security NUT14-FIU-3 Data Requirements and Draft report was reviewed by review panel. Data Sources for TransH GIS Applications NUT14-FSU-1 FIMAT-New Technology To be determined. for Interactive TransH User Information Systems NUT14-FSU-2 FIMAT-Continuation & A planned review of a solicitation letter and a review of a Expansion of the Promotional Materials survey measuring public transit's use of the INTERNET as Clearinghouse a marketing tool has begun. Review Market ing Plan Template developed bY Dr. Tomas HuH pending final review by Clearinghouse's in-house staff. NUTI4-FSU-3 Customer Service : Review draft report Enhancing Consumer Awareness and Perceptions of Public TransH services Providers NUTI4-FSU-4 Energy and Internal and external review including Dr. Polzin at CUTR Environmental Performance of Existing and Emerging Public Transportation Technologies NUTI4-USF-1 Project Administration IV Internal review is provided -The National Urban Transit Institute 38


TABLE 24, YEAR FOUR REVIEW ACTI V ITIE S Project Rev iew Activities NUTI4-USF-2 Journal of Public Individual artlc les are reviewed by three reviewers Transportation IV sel ected based on their expertise in the subject area Reviewed papers as submitted recommendations on p u blishing. NUT I 4-USF-3 African-American G u ida nce by Steering Committee Int ernal r eview of Sympos ium IV (AAMS IV) proceedings Reviewers includ e Patricia Hen derson a n d Gary Brosch NUT14-USF4 NPTS Travel Dat a Review was provided by t h e peer committee. Analysis NUTI4-USF-5 for t h e Draft technical r eport to be reviewed. Review of draft Coord i nation of Genera l Public T ransit deli verables will be provided by selected review team. and School Bus Transporta tion NUTI4-USF-6 Perspectives on the I nterview questions will be reviewed by a re view team Future of Public Transportation composed of three as yet, undetermined transportation industry experts NUTI4-USF-7 ADA Service Review of draft deliverables will be provid ed by selected Best Practices f o r Complying with review team Paratransit System Capaci t y Requ i rements TABLE 2-S, YEAR FIVE REVIEW ACTIVIT IES Project Review Activitie s NUTI5-FAMU-1 M inorit y Mobility Steering committee will guide S y mposium deve l o p ment. Symposium V N UTI5-FA M U.2 Public Transit And Ove rsigh t wi ll be provided by CUTR faculty and Welfare-to-Work: Expl oratory Research consu l tation with FTA. Assist with stakekholders meeti ng. and Assessment of a Clearinghouse For lbe D i ssemination of Welfare-To-Work I nformation NUT I S -FAMU -3 L i nking Transportation P l anned review of draft documen ts. Ass i st w ith the Modeling Software W ith Geographic developmen t of MPO's list. Assist with survey m e thods. Information SystemsA Synthesis of The State of T he Pract ice -The National Urban Transit Inst it ute -39


TABLE 2-6, YEAR FIVE REVIEW ACTIVITIES Project Review Activities NUTIS-FIU-1 At-Grade Busway Planning Review draft documents. Guide NUTIS-FSU-1 Continuation of the Planned review of draft documents. Promotional Materials Clearinghouse NUTIS-FSU-2 Traini ng Guide and Planned review of draft documents. Educational Tra ining Worltshops on Economic Impact Assessment Methods for Public NUTIS-USF-1 Program Adm inistration V internal review of deliverables NUTIS-USF-2 Case Studies of Creative Planned review of draft documents. Transit Agencies NUTIS-USF-3 Forum for Assessing the Participants will re v iew forum agenda. Implications of ISTEA Reauthorization on Public NUTIS-USF--4 NPTS Guidebook for Review and comment on study design, deliverables, and Economic Impact Studies proposed technology transfer activities Review draft documents. NUTIS-USF-5 Second National Steering committee is guiding program development. Conference on GIS in Transit NUTIS-USF-6 Public Transit and Oversight will be provided by CUTR faculty and Welfare-To-Work: Exploratory Research consuttation with FT A. NUTIS-USF-7 Minority Overall guidance by Steering Committee. Internal review SympoSium of proceedings. Reviewers include Patricia Henderson and Gary Brosch Action Item 111.1.a: I nclude in the proposal fonnat, evaluation criteria, and the worlt plan, infonnation on how technology transfer activities will be handled In order to explicitly respond to this action the project abstracts for NUTI projects address planned technology transfer. In some cases this can be done in advance as the expectations of the research and the products are well known. In other is not clea r at the outset what the findings will be and how The National Urban 40


they can best be disseminated. In any case, the full extent of dissemination will not be known until well after the conduct of the research This is particularly true in cases where the findings may be the basis for professional publication in multiple forums or where information may be subsequently utilized in teaching or future research efforts Technology transfer is reported on in the quarterly reports. Action Item 111.1. b: Carry out one or more of the following technology transfer activities as appropriate for the specific research project : Write publish and present papers at conferences, seminars and workshops; Sponsor faculty conferences, workshops and seminars for outside un i versity faculties; Conduct faculty exchanges and intellectual interchange: Provide wor1<.shops and seminars for faculty and students; Conduct con f erences wor1<.shops and seminars for local, state and federa l officials, industry and transportation utilize computer networ1<.s, software exchanges, electronic media communications and lectures to disseminate information; utilize programs at facilities ; Distribute technical reports, provide technica l assistance, conduct technical outreach programs; Provide bibliographies for fellow researchers and practitioners; Provide audiovisual packages and other atypical medium materials where appropriate; Utilize established networ1<.s for electronic and paper product distribution; Utilize newsletters, annual reports, bulletins, and monographs for dissemination of information; Utilize local and national news media for I nformation dissemination; Utilize personnel exchanges with industry and with local, State, and Federal agencies where appl i cable; Utilize the internet for dissemination of results. Document evidence of application, implement ation, o r use of research results by transportation practmoners or other users. Tables series 3 ttemizes currently planned or already completed or underway technology transfer activtties Items are added to the list as plans are finalized and materials considered for publication. Objective 111.2: Monitor achievement of the technology transfer goal at the project leve l Action Item 111. 2. a: Itemize the attainment of technology transfer goals on a project level basis and contrast actions with work program intentions. Tables 3-3through 3-5 track plans and actions. Tables for earlier years' technology transfer tracking are in prior year reports. Objective 111.3: Develop and produce the Journal of Public Transportation. -The Nationa l Urban Transit Institute41


Action Hem 111.3. a : Implement the Joumal plan Including a target audience editorial board, mart

TABLE 3-3, YEAR THREE TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER ACTIVITIES P rojee1 Technology Transfer Ae1ivities NUTI3-FSU-1 Stonnwaler M anagement Copies of the final report will be submitted to: ASCE Manual for Public Transit Maintenance Journal of Environmental Engineering, Transportat ion F a citnies Research Board, Florida Environment, the new ClJTR Joumal of Public Transportation and ot .her joumals to be dete

TABLE 3-3, YEAR T HREE TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER ACTI V I TIES Project Technology Transfer Activities NUT13-USF-4 Timing Considerations in A paper addressing this topi c was accepted for publication Planning Major Transn Investment in TRB and made available at the 1996 TRB annual Projects meeti n gs as TRB Preprints 960669 An articl e has been published in Transportation Research. An additiona l paper has been sent to the Journal of Transportatien fOr review A copy of the paper was requested by and sent to Mr. Eric Trombley at MTA New York City Transit. Approx i mately 30 copies of the report have been sent to sel ected individuals. The report is available on the CUTRIN U T I Web srte. NTIS has reproduced and distributed this report The report has been used as a course reading at Northwestern University and as a reference in a federally inrtiated research effort looking at uncertainty in transportation planning NUTI3-USFS Lessons Learned In A technical report has been completed. T he m ajor ity of Transn savings, Efficiencies, and the distribution of the resuijs will be carried out via the Revenue Generation Internet. Subsequent article(s) and/or paper(s) are anticipated along wrth presenta t ion at conference(s} with national scope Presentations of the resea rch findings were shared with the industry at the APTA Annual Con f erence in October 1996 as well as the F l orida Transit Association Annual Confere n ce in November 1996. A summary description of t he report was included in the CUTRUnes newsletter. APTA included a presentation of the findings of the report at the Bus Technology, Operations, & Management Conference, Miami, May 1997. FTA distributed the final report and n is available on the CUTRINUTI Web sne NUT I 3-USF-6 Geographic Information To be determined. Systems as a Tool for Examining Environmental Equity Issues in Public Transportation TABLE 3-4, Y EAR FOUR TECHNO LOGY TRANSFER ACTIVITIES Project Technology Transfer Activities N UTI4-FA M U 1 African-American The symposium rtself, the FEEDS link, video the WMd Mobl l rty Symposium (AAMS IV) Wide Websne, press releases, articleS, prese n tations and proceedings a ll w ill serve as means of technology transfer The National Urban Transn lnstnute


TABLE 3-4 YEAR FOU R TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER AC T IVITIES P roject Technology Transfer Activities NUTI4-F I U-1 At Grade Busway Study The resuns of the project was reported at the 78th Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting and the A n nual Meeting of t he of T r ansportation E n gineers. Presentations will a l so be made at other national or local conferences Technical papers w ill be publis h ed In professional journals NUT14-FIU-2 Ana l yses of Strategies and The findi ngs of this research will be published in Programs of the U .S. Transn Age n cies professional journals and presented at the Institut e of to Enhance Transit Security Tran s portation Engineers (tTE) and Transportation Rese a rch Board (TRB) a n nual meetings. A paper entnted Security and Strategies to Deter Transit Clime in Transit Properties/Vehicles and Surrounding Areas was submitted f o r presenta t ion and publicat i on for the 1998 TRB. N UTI4-F IU-3 Data Requ i remen t s and The results of the project will be reported at the 1 998 Data Sources f o r Transit GIS Transportation Research Board annual meeting a n d APTA Applications annual meeling. Prese nt ations will also be made at other nalional o r local conferences. Techn i cal papers will be publ ished in prof e ssional j o u rn als NUTI4-FSU FI MATNew Techno lo g y Survey/Interview participanls will be given copies of the for Int eractive Trans i t User I n format i on reports. Eval uate information dellvery systems S ystems usi n g TaSk Three criteria by t ransit i ndust ry representatives. T h e final report will document and catalogue current information delivery systems Rel ease o f eva l uati o n criteria as an interim product. NUTI4-FSU-2 FIMATCo nt inuation & Act i v i ties include ongoing solicitation for information and Expansion of the Promot i onal Materia l s data from national sources of a quarter1y news l etter; Clearinghouse access t o and d i stri b ution of informalion and resources through the F IMA T wor1d wide web server; A session was presented on Marl<.eting on the Internet at APT A's 1997 Bus Operation, Technology and Management Con f erence in May. Presenta ti ons were presented at the APTA Bus Operations /Tech no l ogy and Management Conference May 4-7 1997, Miami; South e a stern Chapter of the Association for Commuter Transportation Annual M eeting, M arch 1997; t h e 1997 American Public Transn Association A n nua l Meeting in Chicago The Nationa l Urban Institute 45


TABLE 34, YEAR FO U R TECHNO L OGY TRANSFER ACTIVITIES Project Technology Transfer Activities NUT14-FSU-3 Customer Service: The completed report wi ll be made available to public Enhancing Consumer Awareness and transit mangers through FIMAT. In addition the results of Perceptions of Public Transtt Services the project shall be prepared for submission to such Providers academic journals as the Journal of Public Transpottat;on. A presentation sha ll also be prepared for such conferences as the APTA Annual Transit Management Conference, the Annual ACT Conference, o r the ann ual SEACT meetings. NUTI4-FSU-4 Energy and Project researchers ant icipate development of two Environmental Pertonmance of ExiSting pub li cations and the foundation fo r development of a and Emerging Public Transportatlon poss i ble book. The results of this research was p r esented Technologies at the Transportation Research Board conference in January 1998 and at Moving the Economy-An International Conference on Sustainable Transportation in Toronto, Canada on July 9-12 1998, (severa l researchers from Europe ASia, Australia, North & South America attended). Dr. Lynch was ftown to Boca Raton, Florida and filmed for a documentary whi c h was aired on National Public Television in December 1997. Results of t he analysis and personal i nterviews were h i ghlights of the film. Author attended the International Confere n ce on High Speed Rail in Bertin Genmany and confenred with European economists and eng i n eers. NUTI4-USF-1 Project Administration I V As overall project administrator, CUTR provides additional dissemi n ation and promotion o f NUTI material s through the dissemination of CUTR materials NUT14-USF2 Journa l of Public The Joumal of Public Transportation is primarily a Tra n sportation IV technology t r ansfer activity. -The National Urban TranSit I nstitute 4 6


TABLE 3-4, Y EAR FOUR TECHNOLOGY TRANS FER ACTIVITIES Project Technology Transfer Activities NUT I 4-USF-3 A f rican-American Mobility The sympos i um is a technology transfer activity S ymposium IV (AAMS IV) Newsletter articles will highlight key issues CUTR has developed an African-American Mobility Symposium h ome page/Webs i te. The proceedings and other infonnati on from the symposium will be added to the Web page, includ i ng portions of the symposium that was video produced for te levi sed viewing by The Tampa Education Channel and CSpan. lnfonna tion provided during the 1997 sympos i um and from previous symposi ums w ill serve as the basis for a national clearing house on transportation topics that rel ate to African-America n s and other minorities. NUTI4-USF-4 NPTS Travel Data A presentation of findings was given at the APTA Bus Analysis Operations Conference in Phoenix on May 18, 1998. An article on the was the lead story In the fall CUTR!ines. Additional Journal papers a r e being prepared. The report has been added to the NUTI web site and with a press rel ease and emai l notification of Two artic les and a story on the report were included in The Urban Transportation monttor A story on the report was included in a January 1999, Passenger Transport The report is linked to the FHWA NPTS webstte APTA is using the report as a data source for speec h es. NTIS has printed the report. NUTI4-USF-5 Opportu n ities for the The fina l report will be distributed to the state departmen t s Coordin ation of General Public Transit of education, agencies MPOs, schoo l district an d Sch ool Bus T ransportation student transportation personnel, local school boards and state departments of transportation It would also be appropriate to present the resul t s at me annual meetings o f TRB and APTA In addllion the resuijs will be made available through NTIS. A paper will be submitted to one of the various scholarly transportationr e l ated journals: Transportation Quarterly, Transportation Research Record, or the Journal of Public Transportation In add ili on various other publications will be targeted s uch as Transportation Research Board Newsline, The Uroan Transportation Monitor, CUTRlines newsletter, School Transportation News, School Bus Fleet and others. Finally, an e xecutive summary detailing findings from the final report will be pub l ished on the Interne t as part of CUTR's W orld Wide W e b page (http:!Jwww.eng usf.edu/CUTR/cutrhome. html) The Nationa l Urtan Transillnstllute47


TABLE 3-4, YEAR FOUR TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER ACTIVITIES Project Technology Transfer Activities NUTI4-USF -6 Perspectives on the The project will produce summary papers o r presentations Future of Public Transportation that would be an interest for APTA, TRB, APA ITE or other transportation forums A presentation will be given at the Atlant Mobility conference in June 1999. NUTI4-USF-7 ADA Service Criteria: Preliminary presentations was made at committee Best Pract i ces for Comp l ying with meetings at the TRB Annual Meet i n g in 1997 (Committe e System Capacity on Committee on Accessible T ranspo rta tio n & Requ irements Mobi lity). An article was included in Communique, the TRB Committee on Paratranslt newsletter. The final report also will be made available in hard copy and through CUTR's World Wide Web site. An article will be written In CUTR!ines (CUTR's quarterly newsletter). TABLE U, YEAR FIVE PLANNED TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER ACTIVITIES Project Technology Transfer Activities NUTIS-FAMU 1 Minori t y Mobility The symposium FEEDS link v i deos, the World Symposiumv Wide Web p ress releases. articles. presentations and proceedings all will serve as means of technology transfer. In addition copies of the proceedings remain available. NUTIS-FAMU-2 Public And To be determined. May include special conference Welfare-to-Work: Exploratory Research sessions or Journal articles. And Assessment of a Clearinghouse Fo r The Dissemination of WelfareTo-Work Information N UTIS-FAMU-3 Linking Transportat ion Audio-visual materials will be developed. Presentations Mode ling Software Wnh Geographic will be made at appropriate forums such as transportat i on In formation Systems A Synthesis of re lated conferences. A technica l paper will be written for The State of The Practice pubiiShing in a journal. NUTIS-FAMU-4 To be determined To be determined. The National Urban lnstnute -48


TABLE 3-6, YEAR FIVE PLANNED TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER ACTIVITIES Project Technology Transfer Activities NUTIS-FIU-1 AtGrade Busway Planning The report is available for download from the inlemet at Gukle http://www1.en g.fiu edu/LC TR/activity /re port s .htmi A paper will be sent to the Institute of Transpo rtation Eng ineers (iTE) and another will be sent to the American Society of Civil Eng i neers (ASCE) Two papers were presented at the ASCE South Fl orid a seclion 1998 Annual Meet ing last October They were also publi. shed i n the Conference Proceedings Tile research results w ill also be incorporated Into classroom teaching of introduction to traffic engineering as well as mass trans i t planning courses. T hi s r e port is also available on the NUTI web site. NUTIS-FSU-1 Continuation of the The Clearinghouse's Web sije will serve as a primary Promotional Mate rials Clearinghouse distribution d evloe Ongoing correspondence will continue with APTA and the Assoaatlon for Commuter Transportalion (ACT) as a means of re layi ng new infonnation, development of a list serve to Which t ransit profess io nals can subsCiibe and heighten commun i cation wijh their peers Staff and facutty assigned to this project have been I nvited to speak at numerous conferences and workshops throughout the year to discuss the Implications of using the Wort d Wide Web as a marlleting tool. Also APTA has agreed to place an article about the Clearinghouse I nt o its publicatlon Passengar Transport, an a rticle has been d e v eloped for placemen t. Jeff Horton attended APT A s 1998 Management and Technology Conference In PhoeniX. AZ. to give a brief overv iew of the C l ea ring house to the Marllet i ng and Commun i cations Stee ri ng Committee Resutts of this present ation Include Mr. Horton s Invi tation to serv e on t h e Public Affairs Sui>-Commitle e and worll l ng with APTA to detennl ne the feasibility of uSing the C learinghouse as a way of distributin g Try T ransil week 1999 materials The Nati ona l Urban T ransk Institute-49


TABLE 3-5, YEAR FIVE PLANNED TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER ACTIVITIES Project Technology Transfer Activities NUTIS.FSU-2 Training Guide and Authors intend to offer the conclusions of this research on Educational Training Workshops on the Internet for pub lic use, and the conclusions will be Economic Impact Assessment Methods available for course development in t ransportation for Public graduate program classes taught by the authors or other interested facuky. Participated in Moving the Economy-An Interna tional Conference on Sustainable Transportation in Toronto, Canada on July 9-12, 1998 (several researchers from Europa, Asia, Australia, North & South America attended). Author attended the International Conference on High Speed Rail in Bertin Germany and conferred European economists and engineers who complete economic impact assessment across the wotfd. NUTIS-USF-1 Program Administration V Thi s project Is responsible for the management of the NUTI research projects. As an overall project administrator, CUTR provides dissemination and promotion of NUTI materials through the dissemination of CUTR materials. NUTIS.USF-2 Case Studies or creative The final report will be made available to all transit Agencies agencies in the nation, and made available through the CUTR Web site Presentations will be made at state and national conferences. Summaries of the report will be provided for inclusion In various transit industry publications (e.g., Passenger Transport, The Journal of Public Transportation, Metro, Mass Transit, Bus Ride, etc.). NUTIS.USF-3 Forum for Assessing the This teleconference is primarily a technology transfer Implications of ISTEA Reauthorization actMty. on Public NUTIS-USF-4 Guidebook for Transit Wide availability of the guidebook will be accessib le Economic Impact Studies through the internet and through the Federal Transit Administration, presentations at national conferences. publication of articles in journals on transportation or social services, and promotional actlvnles by members of the review committee. -The National Urban lnstnute -50


TABLE 3-S, YEAR FIVE PLANNED TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER ACTIVITIES Project Technology Transfer Activities NUTISUSF-5 Sea>nd National Conference Proceedings will be published and distributed Conference on GIS in Transit to all attendees and made available to other Interested par1ies Aud i o tape recordings of the Conference will be considered Presentations of conference results and conclusions will also be made at appropriate APTA and TRB meetings. NUTIS-USF-6 Public Transit and There are several technology transfer components in this Welfare-To-Work: Exploratory Research project, including : the resource listing contacts; a "welfare-to-wor1< session or program track for the NUT I GIS conferen ce; a 'welfare-to-wor1< session or program track in the NUT I AAMS conference; publication of artlcle(s} In the Joumat of Public Transportation; and the technical report. NUTIS-USF-7 Mino rity Mobilit y The symposium Itself, the FEEDS lin k video, the Wortd Symposium Wide Web press releases, articles presentations and proceed i ngs an will seNe as means of technology transfer Goal IV -Education: Design and offer a multidisciplinary program of course wor1< and experiential learning that enhances the urtJan transportation theme of the Institute. Objective IV.1: Have each project enhance transportation e du cation Action Item IV.1.a : Assign one or more graduate assistants to each project Report on the i mpacts of educationa l activities In tenns of the number of students part ici pat i ng in and being supported by Institute activities. Tables 4-4 summartze project staffing including student participation in NUT! years three and four research projects Action Item IV.2.a: M onitor and report on the activitie s designed to enhance the t ransportatio n education program Goat v -HY!Din Resources : Altract students faculty and staff who reflect the growing diversity of the u s wor1< force and I nvolve them substantively in the WOI1< of the Insti t ute Objective V.1: Require each project plan to h ave an element that addresses the Human Resources Goal. The of the consortium as well as the staffing and student body of the member schools The Nationa l UrtJan Transh lnsthute 51


reflects a diversity of etl\nicity, gender, and discipline. Project staffing reflects the commitment to diversity. In light of the diversHy .inherent in the consortium and the comm"ment to providing projects for each school, we have not considered diversity as some measurement criteria in the selection of individual projects Objective V.2: Monitor the accomplishment of the Human Resource goal at the project level. Action Item V.2.a: Monitorthe number and diversity of students and faculty working on eac h Institute project. Table 4-4 summarizes project staffing for year four in terms of e lhn icity and gender for bolh faculty and student staffing of the projects TABLE 4-4, YEAR FOUR PROJECT STAFFING Project NUTI4-FAMU4 AfricanAmerican Mobility Symposium (AAMS IV) NUTI4-FIU At Grede Busway Study NUTI4-FIU-2 Analyses of Strategies and Programs of the U.S. Transit Agencies to Enhance Transit Security NUTI4-FIU-3 Data Requirements and Data Sources for Transit GIS Applicat i ons NUTI4-FSU-1 FIMAT New Technology for Interactive Transit User Information Systems NUTI4-FSU-2 FIMA T Continuation & Expansion of the Promotional Materials Clearinghouse Staffing, Researchers Staffing, Students Charles A. Wright, Black, male Alvin Shipman, Black, male Paula McKnight, Black, female L. David Shen, Asian, male F r ancis Lewis, Black male Fang Zhao, Asian female Diana Ospina. white. female Hesham Elbedrawi, white, male L. David Shen Asian, male Muhammud Atif lzl\ar, white, Fang Zhao, Asian, female male D i ana Ospina, white. female Fang Zhao, Asian. female Qing Xia. Asian, female L. David Shen Asian, male William Mustan:l, wh"e, male Travis Trueblood Native DeWayne Carver, wi>He, male American, male Charles Hofacker, male Mary Lefferson, whHe, female Yolanda Thomas, Black, female Dave Zeiger!, white, male William Mustard whtte, male Brad Mabry white male J Joseph Cronin Jr .. white, Kathleen Payne white, female male Joseph Maloney, white, male Jeff Horton, white, male Sherry Hey1, white, female David Summey, white, male The National Urban TransitlnstHute52


TABLE 4-4, YEAR FOUR PROJECT STAFFING Project NUTI4F SU-3 Customer Service : Enhancing Consumer Awareness and Percept i ons of Public T ransit Services Providers NUTI4-FSI.J.4 Energy and Envi ronmental Performan ce of Existing and Emerging Public Transporta tion Technologies NUTI4-USF-1 Project Administration IV Nun4-USF Journal of Public Transportation IV NUTI4-USF Aflican-Amerlcan Mobility Symposium IV (AAMS IV) NUTI4-USF-4 NPTS Travel Data Analysis Nun4-USF-5 Opportunit i es for the Coordination of General Public Transit and School Bus Transportation NUTI4-USF-6 Perspectives on the Future of Public Transportation NUTI4-USF 7 ADA Service Criteria : Best Practices for Complying with Paratransit System Capacity Requ irements Staffing, Resean:hers Staffing, Students William Mustard while mal e Lesl i e Smith white, female J Jooeph <:ron i n Jr .. whU e male Thomas A. Lynch, whne. male Lehr Elison whi t e, male Andrew Dzurik, white, male Loyd Lyday, white, male steven E Polzin, whit e male, Sai Mallena. Ind ian, female Patricia Baptiste BlaCk. female Ravi Peddu Indian mal e Gary Brosch white mal e Jeff Zok ovitch, white, male Patricia Henderso n white female Eric Hill, Black mal e Tonya Hepburn BlaCk femal e D Michael Crittenden, Blac k, Yvette Fu ller, Black, female male Beverly G. Ward Black female Steven E Polzin, whi te, male Thomas Tu, Asi an mal e Joe l R. Rey Hispan i c male Ben Wal ke r White, male M icha el Baltes, white male William Manis white mate Steven E. Polzi n white, male Ravi Peddu, I ndian, mal e Rosemary G M athias wMe, female Laura Lachance, white female The National Urban Trunslt Institute-53


TABLE 4-5, YEAR FIVE PROJECT STAFFING Project Staffing, Researchers Staffing, Students NUTIS-FAMU-1 Minority A. Wright, Blacl<, male Mobility Symposium v Alvin Shipmon, Blacl<, male NUTIS-FAMU-2 Public Transit Charles A. Wright, Blacl<, male Junlce Wright, B lack male And Welfane-to-Work: Addis Taylor, Black, male Exploratory Research And Assessment of a Clearinghouse For The Dissemination of WelfareTo-Work Information NUT15-FAMU Unking Brenda Robinson, Black, female Transportation Modeling Software Wrlh Geographic Information Systems A Synthesis of The State of The Practice NUTIS-FAMU-4 To be To be determined. determined NUTI5-FIU At-Grade Busway L. David Shen, Asian, male satr:a V. Pinapa.ka, Indian, male Planning Guide Fang Zhao, Asian, female Raymond D. Attah, Nigerian, Diana Ospina, whHe, female male Hesham Elbadrawi wMe, male NUTIS-FSI.J-1 COntinuation of William Mustard, white, male Kathleen Payne white female the Promotional Materials Tomas white male Mary Lefferson, white, female ClearinghOuse Jeff Horton, white, male Brad Mabry white, male Tommy Stith, Black, male Travis Trueblood, American Indian, male Sherry Heyl, white, female David Zlegert, w hite, male Monica Roberts Hispanic, female NUTIS-FSU-2 Training Guide Thomas A. Lynch, white, male Lehr Elison, white, male and Educational Training Loyd Lyday, white, male WorkshOps on Economic Impact Assessment Methods for Public Transit The National Urban Transit Institute 54


STATUS TABLE U, YEAR FIVE PROJECT STAFFING Projec:t NVTIS.USF-1 Progra m Adm in isiJation V N UTIS.USF-2 Case Studies of Creative T ransit Agencies NUT IS.U SF-3 Forum for Assessing the Implication s of ISTEA Reauthorizalion on Public Transit N UTIS-U SF-4 NPTS GuidebOok for Transit Economic Impact Stud ies NUT IS-U SF-5 Second N ationa l Con ference on GIS in Transit NUTIS.USF-6 Public Tran sit and WelfareTo-Wor1<: EXpl oratory Research NUTIS.USF-7 Mlnorily M obility Symposium Staffing, Researc hers Staffing, Students Steve n E PoLzin wMe, male Ravi Peddu, India n male Patrtcia Baptiste Blacll, female Joel Volinsl

this page IS blank


FINANCIAL STATUS -The National Urban Tr a nsit Inst itute -57


this page IS blank


Financial Report, Year Three Summa!)' ANN UAL BUDGET PLAN (FY 1995 FUNDING} Uninrsity Researc h lnatitutes Program Na tional Urban T ranalt ln.tltute at the UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH FLORIDA Budget Period: Year 3,0ecember 31, 1995 through December 31,1998 (2117195LO) Notes: Current Budget co lumn reflects budget changes by subcontractors ana USF. Subcontractors I n v o ices: FlU through 12198, FSU through 12198, FAMU through 12198 59 Coml!lents:


Quarterly Institute Financial Report Year Four Summary ANNUAL BUDGET PLAN (FY 1996 FUNDING) University Research Institutes Progra m National Urban Tra.nslt Institute at the UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH FLORIDA Budget Period: Year 4, September 30, 1996 through December 31, 1998 . . ..... .. Benefits Travel (2117230LO) Notes: Staff Salaries Current Budget column reflects budget changes by subcontractors and USF. Subcontractors invoices: FSU through 12/31198 ; FlU through 12131/98;FAMU through 12/31198 60


Institute Financial Report, Year Five Summary (2117280LO) Notes: ANNUAL BUDGET PLAN (FY 1997 FUNDING) University Research Institutes Program National Urban Transit Institute at the UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH FLORIDA Budget Period: Year 5 September1, 1997 through December 31, 1998 Current Budget column reflects budget changes by subcontractors and USF. Subcontractors invoices : 61


I I .f-a--+=="" I t II II I l I l I l l M I I :; I i _,:, I I I l II .. ]!; !!I!' 1!-II ill I :> i I t h I I I 1 : 1 .. I -! I i I I I i I ... I I I 6 I I I l I 62


I I I I I I I a u .. I J : S ,,. !0 I I = !r u I I ::O'D l ! je J 1ii z w I J ,, ll I I J I I I I tJ j I l .li r J f & I J I I I J t I I I I ill I l I I J l l ill I II l ll I I I I I I I J f I l l 63 I I i I I i ' I l I I f ; i , r I I l l I I I I f I I i I I


I I I I I L I I I I l i t Jo! 1 I !f l I e. It !w I I I I !aU = li!!!!li!!!J!ililil ; .... I I .: "" I l I l I l I I II ;; I -It -s: II I II i ,, i '6 H l ... c!l I 64


National .,0+\. Urban Transit .,,. .,,. Institute at tho CENTER FOR URBAN TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH College of Engineering, University of South Florida 4202 E FO'Wier Avenue, CUT 100 Tampa, FL 3362 0 (813) 5114-3120 SunCom 574 F u (813) 974-.5168 GatyL. Brosch, CUTR Director Steven E Polzin, NUTI Director April 27' 1999 Ms. Elaine Joost, Ms. Robin Kl i ne, and Ms. Amy Steams U.S. Dept. of Transportation Research & Special Programs Administration 400 7th Street S.W, DUR 1, Room 8417 Washi n gton, DC 20590-0001 Dear Ms. Joost. Ms. Kline and Ms. Steams: On behalf of the Florida Consortium, I am pleased to one bound copy of the attached NUT/ Quarterly Report for the first quarter of 1999. This report details progress on the statu s of research projects and reports progress on NUTI goals. The r eport is broken into four sections : NUTI Overview, Research Project Status, Activities Status, and Financial Status. Research Project Status pages are included only for those projects that are still underway. All NUT I techno l ogy transfer activnies continue to be reported o n In the Activijie$ Status section. The progress report on administration also outlines a number of accomplishments and actions which have been completed over the past few months. Consortium Members : J'l. O RIOAAJ M U NIVERSITY cn...,.-.s A. Yltlglll, Pno, n D lrtctor aM PtoftftOt DIY. Of Tldll'lo&ogy Post Offl" &o&C FL. 12301 (t041 ltt U06, F..: (1041 Mt2739 R.ORIDA IN'TERNA llONAl.VNM:RSITV L O.VId Shtl\. PhD, P Civil al'ld En'lfton"""'t.l ngl n"ring UnlvtrJ,Iry Parlt C""pue.. VHUO Mllm l, Fl. 3J19t {lOS) 343-305$, F.a (30$) W FLORIOASTATI!UNIV!RSITY WIIU:un Mu1.1std CitKtor of ftt.tatd'l ..,d Sf,..,.lo.s Rof'l4.ltlstfM COII.ge of Ft. 3230&.3037 (904) M4 2509, Fn (904) !W442ll Two Technical reports and an iss u e of the Journal have been produced and d issemi nated this quarter. Two copie$ of the Journal are enclosed. We have completed a comprehensive review of all funding for the past five years and are reprogramming funds in order to expend balances. Progress i s continui n g o n a number of fronts, incl ud i ng p l ans for the upcoming 2 .. National GIS in Transit Conference scheduled for Tampa in May. The Public Transit in America report continues to receive tremendo u s I nterest and additional analysis of the NPTS data is resun i ng in a series of publications. I will be giving a speech in Atlanta i n June at a conference on the Future of Public Transportation This activity is supported by our research project on the Future of Public Transportation In a more informal experiment are p r oviding a series of brownbag lunches for the staff of ou r local property, HARTline These initiatives have been well received and are an effective way to get research findings into the hands of practnioners in a timely manner. We are moving toward a NCTR as a replacement for the NUTI Website, but all NUTI materials will be avaitable on that site If you have any questions about this report, please give us a call. Sincerely, Steven E Polzi n Ph.D., P.E. Director. National Urban I nstitute SEP:pb Enclosures cc: Consortium members


.J+\. National .,0'Urban .J00L Transit .... ,. .... ,. Institute DATE : FROM: TO: SUBJECT: MEMORANDUM Apri.!)!Ll,9?9 Baptiste Or Charles A Wri ght FAMU Or. Davi d Shen FlU Mr. William Mustard, FSU Quarterly Report at the CENTER FOR URBAN TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH Collego of Engineering, University of South Florida 4202 E. Fowler Avenue. CUT 100, Tampa, FL 33620-.5375 (813) 974-3120 SunCom 674-3 120 Fax (813)974-6 1 68 GaryL. Brosch, CUTR Olrec1or S teven E.. Potzln, NUTI Olrector LR Consortium Members: FLORIDA A&.Y UNrVERSSTY CMrfes A. Wright, P't\0, PE DlrtOI' 1nd Pnrltnor Div o( Enginurino T t chMI'Ie>gy Po.t B o..: 1$4 T&lllhanu. FL. 32307 (904) Fll (904) 561 F L Ofi:IOA.lHTERHA TlONAt. Uh'lVERS ITY \, Oa-.44 $iven, PliO, PE C ivil al\4 (rwltOf'lm.nttl Engitlurlng Univer.lty Paltt V H 1CO Mlml. F L 331ft t30SI l48 30S5, Fax llOH l48'll02 F LOA.IOA$l'A'fEUMVEft:$CTV Wllll lllod S ef'IICC>S F I Of1d tnstltul Marttlll'lg Altemtlvt TntupotUiio n Colleog of T&llahn$-H, F L 31* 31 Enclosed are one bound and one unbound copies of the NUT/ Quarterly Report through March 31, 1999 P l ease distribute report to the appropria te Principal Invest igat ors (!.10<4} U4 1SOt, FJ. t'O>Il 644-621 1 Read the report in its e ntirety and thoroughly exam ine the financ ia l tables to verify accuracy. I f you have any questions, please do not hesitate to calL Enc losur e cc: Steven E. Polzin, NUll Director


.J.'-N ationa l .,0'Urba n .J.Oo ... Tra n sit .,r .,r Institute Apri l 30, 1999 Mr Chuck Mo rison FTA Liaison (TR I -30)/Sen i or Program Manage r Human Res o u rc es Federal T ransit Admin i strat i on U S Department of Transportation 400 Seventh St. S.W. Wash i ngton DC 20590.0001 Mr. Harry Her sey FHWA Liaison (HHI 10) Nat i on al Highway I nstitu t e 901 N Stuart Stree t Sui te 300 Arling t on, VA 222 0 3 Dear Mr. Morison and Mr. Hersey: attheCENTER FOR URBAN TRANSPORTA TION RESEARCH College of Engineering University of South Florida 4202 E Fowler Avenue, CUT 100, T ampa, FL 33620-5375 (813 ) 9 7 4-3120 SunCom 574-3120 Fax (813) 974-!1 68 GaryL. Brosch CUTR D i rec tor Steven E Polz in, NUTI Director C o nsot1Ju mMembers: Fl.ORIOAA&M UNIVERSITY Cluorfn A. Wri9"11\. P h O, Pf a/loCI Ptofonor Div. of Er19l neering Techi'IOIOf7f Otnc o Box F"l 3 2307 ('0<1) Ut-3Sot., F.u (1104) $614739 J' LO Rl O.\IHTERNA nONAl. U NIVERSI TY \.. c.vtd SI'H'n, Ph.D, P CIYII n d Environme n t ; ng1n"rin g U ntvenlty Pa111 C.mpn. V H UO Mls ml, FL 331tt (30 St 34 8 -lOU, ha {305) 344fLOfUOA STATEUNIVRSITV William MU$lard Dir ector of Resnrch nd S.rvlna F l o"d l nat iM f o r Al ttrnlth TtUisporta lfo n Co.'l!ege of Ovt innt Fl 3 :!30$4037 1 004 1 flu {$04) 844-6 2 31 In accord ance w i th the report i ng requirements o f the Research a nd Spec ia l Programs Adm i n i stration at the U S. Departmen t o f Transporta t ion, enc l osed is a bound c opy of the National Urban Transit Institute Quarterly Report through March 31, 1 9 99 If there are any questions, please do not hesi t ate to contact the NUTI Director or Consortium M e mber Leade r s l"atrrcia P r o g ra m Assistan t Enc l osure cc: NUTI Directo r Consortium Leaders RSPA


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