Quarterly report through March 31, 1998

Quarterly report through March 31, 1998

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Quarterly report through March 31, 1998
National Urban Transit Institute (U.S.)
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Tampa, Fla
Center for Urban Transportation Research, College of Engineering, University of South Florida
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Transportation -- Research -- Florida ( lcsh )


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"March 1998."
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the National Urban Transit Institute.

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National Urban Transit Institute (U.S.)
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Quarterly report through March 31, 1998 /
c the National Urban Transit Institute.
Tampa, Fla. :
b Center for Urban Transportation Research, College of Engineering, University of South Florida,
"March 1998."
National Urban Transit Institute (U.S.)
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UARTERL Y REPORT THROUGH MARCH 31 1 99 8 THE NATIONAL URBAN TRANSIT INSTITUTE March 1998 U...., T,.,..pot\I!Uon Unlwlnlly 0'1 Souch flond.a 4202 A"'"'-' CUT 100 lhone: lt347.Wt20


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TABLE OF CONTENTS SECTION PAGE RESEARCH PROJECT STATUS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 Overview . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . .. .. .. .. . . 3 NUTI Research Project Status Tabl e . .. . .. .. .. .. .. .. .. . .. .. .. . .. .. . .. . 4 Year3 NUT13-FAMU-1 NUTI3-FAMU-2 NUT13-FAMU-3 NUT13-FSU-4 NUTI3-USF.q Year4 NUTI4-FAMU-4 NUT14-FSU1 NUT14FSU NUTI4-FSU-4 NUT14.1JSF NUTI4.1JSF NUT14-USF-4 NUTI4-USF-5 NUTI4-USF.q NUTI4-USF-7 YearS NUTIS-FAMU-1 NUTIS-FAMU-2 NUTIS-FAMU3 NUTIS-FIU-1 NUTIS-FSU-1 The Church: An Alternative Urban Transportatio n Amenity . . . . 5 Eval uation of Mass Transit on Environmental Equi ty and Just ice . . 6 An Assessment of the Relationship Between the Telecommuting Popu lation and Publ ic Transportation Managers . . . . . . . . 7 Niche Marl

SECTION Year 5 (Con't) NU TIS-FSU-2 NUTIS-USF 1 NUT15-USF-2 NU TIS-USF-3 NUTIS-USF-4 NUTIS-USF-5 NUTIS-USF-0 NUTIS-USF 7 TABLE OF CONTENTS PAGE Train ing Gu ide a nd Educational Training Workshops on Economic Impact Assessment Methods for Public Transit . . . . . . . . 23 NUTI Year Five Program Administration . . . . . . . . . . . 24 Case studies of Creative T ransrt Agenc ies . . . . . . . . . . 25 Forum for Assessing the Implications of ISTEA Reauthorization on Public Transrt . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26 Guidebook for Transit Economic Impact Studies . . . . . . . . 27 Second Nationa l Conference on GIS i n Transrt . . . . . . . . 28 Public Transrt and Welfare-to-Worlc Exploratory Research . . . . 29 Minority Mob i lity Symposium . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30 ANNUAL PLAN ACTIVmES STATUS ....... .. ........... ........................ 31 I ntroduction . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 33 Goal I: Research Program . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 33 Goal II: Research Program Performance . . . . . . . . . . . . 37 Goal Ill: T echnology Transfer ......... ... . . .... . . ......... 46 Goal IV: Education . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 61 Goal V: Human Re sources .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. . .. .. .. .. . .. . .. . .. .. . . 61 FINANCIAL STATUS .................. .................. ........................... 71 Annuallnsti1ute F i nancial Report, Year Three S ummary ......... ......... ....... 73 Annual Insti t ute Financial Report Year Four Summary ................ .... ... 74 Annual Institute Financial Report, Year Five Summary . . . . . . . 75 Estimated Spending by Task, Year Three Projects . . . .. . . .. . . . . 76 Estimated Spending by Task, Year Four Projects . .. .. .. .. . .. .. .. .. .. . .. .. 77 Estimated Spending by Task Year F ive Projects .... ....... ........................ 78 iv




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Overview The NUTI Research Project Status T able on the next page provides an overview summary of project status for the various research projects programed in each year since NUTI's inception. The Research Proj ect Status section has a one-page status re port on each active project Authored by the individual principal investigators these reports cover progress to date on the projects. Multi-year projects: Program Administration The Promotional Materials Clearinghouse and The Journal of Public Transportation are shown once in the Project Status section The year and number of the project are shown in the numbering scheme: the number i mmediately following NUTi refers to the grant funding year and the second number displays th e number of the project for that university ( i. e NUT14-XXXX-1 ). Projects are presented chronologically by year with the oldest projects first alphabetically by univers ity and sequentially by project number. 3


NUll Research Project Status Table Numbe r Final of Report Projects Initiated Stage Complete Comments Year 10 10 All projects comp leted One FAMU 2 1 1 One project outstanding Year FlU 2 2 Two FSU 4 4 All projects completed USF 4 9 4 FAMU 3 3 0 Year FlU 3 1 3 USF 4 9 1 3 FAMU 4 1 Projects on hold awa iti ng completion of Year 2 work Year FlU 3 9 3 All projects completed Four FSU 4 4 USF 7 5 1 Init iation of additional projects awaits rollover funds from years 2 and 3 FAMU 4 0 Projects o n hold awaiting completion of Year 2 work Year FlU 1 3 Five FSU 2 2 USF 5 4 Administration and Joumal activities not included in table 4


Projeet Number: Project Title: USDOT Grant No. DTRS93-G.0019 NUT13-FAMU-1 THE CHURCH: AN ALTERNATIVE URBAN TRANSPORTATION AMENITY Charles A. Wright, Ph.D. P.E Professor College of Engineering Sciences, Technology & Agriculture Engineering Technology Florida A & M University Tel : ( 850) 561-2920 ; Fax: (850) 561-2739 Addis C. Taylor, Ph.D. Chairperson and Associate Professor Departrn6nt of Economics C<>ilege of Ms and Sciences Florida A & M University Tel.: (850) 599-3138; Fax: (850) 561 Prepared draft report to submit to peer review committee. No problems were encountered. Anticipate completion in second quarter 1998. 5


Project Number: USDOT Grant No. DTRS93-G-4019 NUTI3-FAMU-2 Project Title: EVALUATION OF MASS TRANSIT ON ENVIRONMENTAL EQUITY AND JUSTICE Principal Investigators: Ray A. Shackelford, Ph.D Director/Assistant Professor Administrative Services Environmental Sciences Institute Florida A & M To/: (850) 599-3550; Fax: (850) 561-2739 Charles A. Wright, Ph.D P.E. Professor Division of Engineering Technology College of Engineering Sciences and Agricufture Florida A & M University Tel .: (850) 561-2920; Fax : (850) 561-2739 During this quarter the research activities included the following: Completed changes that were recommended by peer review committee. P repa red revised draft report which will be sent to committee for a second review. There were no problems encountered during this quarter. This project is needed to help promote a balance between economic development, transportation systems, and environmental equity and justice issues. We anticipate completion in the second quarter 1998. 6


Project Number: USDOT Grant No. NUTI3-FAMU-3 Project Title: AN ASSESSMENT OF THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN THE TELECOMMUTING POPULATION AND PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION MANAGERS Principal Investigators: Charles A. Wright, Ph.D., P.E Professor College of Engineering Sciences, Tec-hnology & Agriculture Engineering Technology FlOrida A & M University Tel: ( 850) 561; Fax: (850) 561 Addis c. Taylor, Ph.D. Department Chairperson and Associale Profe$S

Project Number: Project Trtle: Principal Investigators: USDO T Grant No. DTRS93-G.0019 NUTI3-FSU-4 NICHE MARKETING : OPPORTUNITIES FOR INCREASING SHORT AND LONG-TERM TRANSIT RIDERSHIP Bill Mustard Director of Research and Service s Florida Institute for Marketing Anemalive Transportation College of Business Florida State University Tel.: (850} 644-2509; Fax: (850} 644-$231 Dr. J. Joseph Cronin, Jr. Professor Marketing Department College of Business Florida State University Tel : (850} 644-7858: Fax: (850} 644-4098 During the first quarter of 1998 all the data analysis was completed and the finat report prepared. That r eport has been sent out for peer review. 8


Project Number: Project Title: Principal I nvestigators : USDOT Grant No. DTRS93G.0019 NUT13USF-6 GEOGRAPHIC I NFORMATION SYSTEMS AS A TOOL FOR EXAMINING ENVIRONMENTAL EQUITY ISSUES IN PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION Eric T. Hill Resean:h Associate Tel.: (813) 9749849; Fax: (813) 974-5168 Beverly G Ward Deputy DifBctor for Operations Tel : (813) 974-3120; Fax : (813) 974-5168 Center for Urban Transpcxtstion Resesn::h College of Engineering Universffy of South Florida During this quarter, the project team completed a preli minary draft of the rep ort. This report will be sent to t he Peer Committee fo r comments These comme nts will be integrated to the final report. A final report will be completed in the next quarter 9


Project Number: Project Title: Principa l Investigators: USDOT Grant No. DTRS93-G-0019 NUT14-F AMU-4 AFRICAN-AMERICAN MOBILITY SYMPOSIUM IV (AAMS IV) Charles A Wright, P.E., Ph. D. Prole=r Division of Eng inee ring Technology Alvin Shlpmon Research Associate Division of Engineering Technology Florida A&M University Tallahassee, FL 32307 Tel: (850) 561-2920; Fax: (850) 561 -2739 FAMU participated in the planning and conduct of AAMS IV. CUTR is producing the proceedings from the conference lor delivery as a technical report. 10


Projeet Number: Project Title: Principal Investigators: USDOT Grant No. DTRS93-G.0019 NUTI4-FSU FIMA T NEW TECHNOLOGY FOR INTERACTIVE TRANSIT USER INFORMATION SYSTEMS Bill Mustard Director. FIMAT Florida State University Tallahassee. FL 32306-3037 Tel: (85()) 644-25()9; Fax: (85Q) 644-6231 DeWayne Carver Asst. Director, FIMA T Florida State University Tallahassee, FL 32306-3037 Tel: (85Q) 644-25()9; Fax: (85Q) 644-$231 Dr. Charles Hofacker Asscciate Professor FSU COB Marl

Project Number: Project Title: Principal Investigators: USDOT Grant No. DTRS93-G.0019 NUT14-FSU3 FIMA T CUSTOMER SERVICE: ENHANCING CONSUMER AWARENESS AND PERCEPTIONS OF PUBLIC TRANSIT SERVICES PROVIDERS Bill Mustard Director of Research and SeNices Florida Institute Aftemallve Transportanon (FIMAT) Florida Slate University Tallahassee. F L 32306-3037 Tel: (850) 644-2509; Fax: (850) Dr. J. Joseph Cronin, Jr. Professor of Marlceling Co/IogB of Business Florida State University Tallahassee. FL 323()6..1042 Tel: (850) 644-7858 ; Fax: (850) 6444098 During the first quarter of 1998 the research domain was identified and sample questions identified. Data collection is scheduled for May 1998. The data analysis will then be undertaken and the final report completed by the end of the second quarter of 1998. 12


Project Number: Project TIUe: Principal Investigator: Associate Investigators: USDOT Grant No. DTRS9l-G-0019 NUTI4-FSU4 ENERGY AND ENVIRONMENTAL PERFORMANCE Of EXISTING AND EMERGING PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION TECHNOLOGIES Or. Thomas A. Lynch Director Center for Economic Forecas#ng and Analysis Florida State University Tallahassee FL 32310 Tel: (850) 644-7357; Fax (850) 385-8266 Dr. Andrew Dzurik Professor Deparlment of Civil Engineering College of Engineering FSUIFAMU Tallahassee. FL 32306-4058 Tel: (850) 487-6124; Fax: (850) 487-6142 Loyd Lyday Associate Director Center for Economic Forecasting and Analysis Florida Stale Unive,.;ty Tallahassee. FL 32306-4016 Tel : (850) 644-7357; Fax: (850) 487-6142 FSU researchers have made considerable progress since the last quarterly report. First. Drs. Lynch and Dzurik met three times and completed their review of the cost effectiveness and efficiency of attemative technologies used in pub lic transit across the country Dr. Dzurik has completed a comprehensive literature review and contact with other researchers evaluating alternative fuels vehicles used in transit appl ications. Dr. Lynch also traveled to Tampa twice and mel with University of South Florida Center for Urban Research alternative fuels experts during this quarter. Researchers are now reviewing the data secured the services of two graduate students and have iniMted developed a model to complete the analysis. Initial development of a spread sheet model des ign is actively under development and will be completed i n the next reporting period. Other progress is ongoing and the project is on time with the current extension 13


Project Number: Project Title: Principal Investigators: US DOT Grant No. DTRS93-G.0019 JOURNAL OF PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION Gary Brosch Director Tel: (813) 974-3120; Fax: (813) 974-5168 Patricia Henderson Communications Manager Tel: (813) 974-9759; Fax: (813) 974-5168 C..nter tor Urban TranspOttalion Research (CUTR) College of Engineering University of SOuth Florida Tamps, FL 33620-5375 Specific activitles in this quarter include : Distributed fourth issue. NUTJ4..USF Updated/maintained information on the CUTR Web site regarding the journal. Continued word of mouth promotion. Accepted and rejected papers for fifth issue. Responded to requests for manuscript and journal information via e-mail, regular mail, phone, etc. Identified re viewers and sent manuscripts out for review. Added names to journal mailing list upon request. Sent letters inviting paper submissions. 14


Project Number: Project Title: Principallnves1igators: USOOT Grant No. NU1'\4-USF-3 AFRICAN-AMERICAN MOBIUTY SYMPOSIUM IV (AAMS IV) Eric T. Hill Research ASsociate Tel: (813) 974-9845; Fax: (813) 974-5168 0. Michael Crittenden ReSflarch Associate Tel : (813) 974-1271; Fax: (813) 974-5168 Beverly G. Ward Deputy o;rector Tel: (81 3) 974-9n3; Fax: (813) 974-5168 Center for Urt>an Transportation Resean:h (CUTR) College of Engineering un;versity of South Florida Tampa, FL 331$20-5375 The proceedings from the 1997 symposium are approximately 75 percent complete A final version will be completed in the next quarter 15


Project Number: Project Trtle: Principal Investigators: USDOT Grant No. NPTS TRAVEL DATA ANALYSIS Joel R. Rey Resean:h Associate Tel: (813) 974-9837; Fax: (813) 974-5168 Steven E. Polzin, P.E Ph.D. Deputy Director, Institutes Tel: (813} 974-9849; Fax: (813) 974-5168 Center for UttJan TranspottaUon Research College of Engineering University ot South Flcrida Tampa, FL 33620-5375 NUTI4-USF-4 Work is nearing completion on this project The draft technical report is being edited Internally before submission to a r eview committee. We are exploring use of the NUTI web site to disseminate the find ings. APTA has (aga in) i nd icated interest in publ i shing findings. Findings will also be presented at the APTA Bus Operations and Technology Conference in Phoenix In May 1998. Two students have been actively invol ved in carrying out the analysis. One completed his masters thesis on this topic in December 1997 and has since gone to wor1< for Florida DOT. The other accepted a positio n with a consulting firm We anticipate completing a technical report in the spring of 1998 with dissemination on the NUTI web site as well as through standard technica l report dissemination Findings are being used in other publications as well. 16


Project Number: Project Title: Principal Investigators: USDOT Grant No. DTRS93-G.0019 NUT14-USF-5 OPPORTUNITIES FOR THE COORDINATION OF GENERAL PUBLIC TRANSIT AND SCHOOL BUS TRANSPORTATION Michael Baltes Research Associate Tel: (813) 974-9843; Fax: (813) 974-5168 William Morris Research Associate Tel: (813) 974-6804; Fax: (813) 974-5168 Center for Utban TransporlaYon Research College of Engineering Univer$ity of South Florida Tampa, FL 33620-5375 During the past quarter specific activities inc luded: Continuation of the review and summation of l iterature regarding ooordination between the two modes. Again, due to the nature of the literature and the difficulty i n obtaining some reports/articles, project staff are still reviewing the literature obtained and putting together a draft literature review. The potential case study sites have been narrowed down from 10 to 5 cities. A final decision regarding which cities will be selected should occur during the upcoming quarter once the survey of transit properties is complete and additional personal contact is made with the cities regarding their ability to participate in the case studies. As noted i n the las t quarterly progress report, three (3) case study sites will be utilized. A written survey to be distributed to transit properties throughout the U.S. is currently being finalized. The fina l survey instrume nt will be mailed during the upcoming quarter 1 7


Project Number: Project Title: Principal Investigator: USDOT Grant No. DTRS93-G.0019 NUTI4-USF-6 PERSPECTIVES ON THE FUTURE OF PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION Steven E. Polzin, P E., Ph.D. Deputy Director, Institutes Center for Utben Transportation Resean:h University of South Florida Tampa FL 33620.5375 Tel: (813 } 974-9849 ; Fax : (813} 974-5168 Prelimi n ary work has begun on th i s p r oject, however, the principle researcher wlll not beg i n the programmed interviews stage until later i n 1998. Thi s r epresents a rescheduling due to competing priorities !or the principal investigator In add iti o n, the lack of new NUTI fu ndi n g i s resulti n g in p r oject schedule modifications to support key staff during the period of delay To date efforts have been directed at gathering and reviewing materials regarding the future of public transportatio n New paradigm research i n itiatives by APTA a n d TRB are being monito red to i de n tify question structures for the interview series planned as part of this project The new transportation legislation is also being watched to monitor potential impacts on the future of public transportation 18


Project Number: Project Title: Pri n cipal Investigator: USOOT Grant No. OTRS93 G-0 019 NUT\4 -USF-7 A DA SER VICE CRITERIA : BEST PRACTICES FOR COMPLYING WITH PARA TRA N SIT SYSTE M CAPACITY REQUIREMENTS Rosemary G. Mat hias Program Manager Center for Urban Ttansporla lion ReHarch College of Engineering Ur>ivorsfty of South Florids Ta mpa FL Tel.: (813} 974-9787; Fax: (813} 9 74-5 168 During this quarter each of the trans it agencies were surveyed to detennine how they measure, record and ar>alyze capacity constraints pertein ing to the service they provide uncler the comp l ementa ry para transit portion of th e Americans with D i sabilities Act of 1990 (ADA). Each transit agency received a copy of the s1n.Jctured interview prior to the i n terviews so that they would have needed materials available for discuss ion Telephone interviews were conducted with ADA coordinators and in some cases, paratransit operators Each system answered questions related to trave l time, missed t rips trip denials on-time perionnance passenger no-shows, and the ADA certification process used After comp leting the telephone interviews the responses were summarized in a standard format and retumed to each syste m for v erification and e l aboration, when needed At this time we are waiting for th e final corrections to be retumed from the transit agencies before completing the final report. Timing has continued to be problematic for this project Comple ting the i nterviews took lor>ger than anticipated { try ir>g 10 get th e Interv i ews scheduled at a convenient time) Once the systems rev i ew and retum their comments we wil be able to complete th e project. F i nalization is sched uled i n the second quarter of 1998. 19


Note: All FAMU Year Five Projects are currently on hold awaiting completion of outstanding work. Project Number: Project Title : Principal Investigators: Project Number: Project Trtle: Principal Investigators: Project Number: Project Trtle: Principal Investigator: USDOT Grant DTRS93-G-'!019 MINORITY MOBILITY SYMPOSI UM V Chartes A. Wright Ph. D. PtofeS$or Tel: (850) 561 2920, Fax: (850) 561-2739 Alvin Shlpmon Resealeh Associate Tel: (850) 561-2920, Fax (850) 561-2739 Division of Engineering Technology Florida A&M Unive!Sity Tallahassee, FL 32307 USDOT Grant DTRS93-G-0019 NUTIS-FAMU-1 NUTIS-FAMU 2 Public Transit And Welfare-to-Work: Exploratory Research And Assessment of a Clearinghouse For The Dissemination of Welfare To-Work Information Charles A. Wright, P.E., Ph.D. Professor Department of Engineering Technology Tel: (850) 561-2920, Fax: (850) 561-2739 Addis Taylor, Ph.D. Chainnan and Associate Professor Department of Eoonomics Tel: (850) 599-3138 Fax (850) 561-2290 Florid a A&M Unive!Sity Tallahasse e FL 32307 USDOT Grant DTRS93-G-'!019 Linking Transportation Modeling Software Wrth Geographic Information Systems -A Synthesis of The State of The Practice Brenda Rob i nson, M. Eng ., MPA, P.E., C.G.C. Assistant Professor Division of Engineering Technology Florida A&M University Tallahassee, FL 32307 Tel: (850) Fax: (850) 561-2739 20


Project Number: Project Trtle: Principal Investigators: USDOT Grant DTRS93-G-0019 AT-GRADE BUSWAY PLANNING GUIDE L. David Shen, Ph.D. P.E. Professor and Chairman Tel : (305) 348-3055 ; Fax: (305) 348-2802 Fang Zhao, Ph.D., P.E. As-sociate Director and Assistant Professor Tel : (305) 348-3821 ; Fax: (305) 348-4{)57 Diana Ospina Research Associate Tel: (305) 348-4058 ; Fax: (305) 348-4057 Hesham Elbadrawi Research Associate Tel: (305) 348-4103; Fax: (305) 348-4057 Lehman Center for Transportation Researt:h Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering Florida /ntemational University Miami FL 33174 NUTI5-F I U-1 Uterature review is in progress The busway systems in North America and other systems world wide were studied Also the busway sys tems i n Abidjan (Cote O'lvo i re) Ankara (Turkey) Belo Horizonte (Brazil) Curitiba (Brazil), Istanbul (Turkey) Porto Alegre (Brazil). and Sao Paulo (Braz il) were stud ied. Mo r e information has been requested for Runcom, Redditch. Evry, and Brisbane busway systems Brisbane infonnation was received Safety and accident i nformation has been requested from Ottawa Pittsburgh and Miam i The development of the planning guidelines for the at-grade busway facilities was i nitiated The planning process for the busway system i n North America will be extensively discussed. The design of the busway facilities will be based on the literature review for all the at-grade busway systems. The research results will also be incorporated into classroom teach i ng of IntrOduction to traffic engineering and urban mass transit and transportation plann i ng. 21


Project Number: Project Title: Principal Investigators: USDOT Grant DTRS93-G.0019 NUTI5-FSU-1 CONTINUATION OF THE PROMOTIONAL MATERIALS CLEARINGHOUSE Bill Mustard Director of Research and Services The lnstfture Tel: (850) 644-2509; Fax: (850) 644-6231 Dr. Tomas Hull Director and Assistant Professor Multinational Business, Marketing Tel: (850) 644-7859; Fax: (850) 644-4098 Jeff Horton Services Manager The Marketing lnstftute Tel: (850) 644-2509; Fax: (850) 644-6231 Col!&ge of Business Ftorlcla State UniversitY Tallahassee, FL 32306 EarlY in the quarter we created an Internet page to recognize the 1997 APTA AdWheel winners. Contacts were made to Frank Cihak, Communication Director for the American Public Transit Association, and Jean Laderosa of Chatham County Area Transrt in Savannah, Georgia, in an attempt to get copies of all winning promot ional pieces and campaign literatu re. After weeks of inquiry and cooperation from APTA, a zip disk containing digitized images of winning p ieces was forwarded to the Clearinghouse. The AdWheel page was posted on February 10 with winning materials that had already been forwarded to the Clearinghouse by the sponsoring agency. We are continuing to work with the files forwarded by APT A. In the meantime we have created a link to APT A's Web site where they h ave posted some images of the 1997 AdWheel winners. The Clearinghouse will augment this Information by providing more comprehensive i nformatio n about each winning campaign. Updating the entire Clearinghouse site is an ongoing project. In early February, a routine lette r was sent to transit systems nationwide soliciting updated promotional material. Transit systems responded quickly and favorably and thank you letters were sent to each participa ting system. As a result, new pages and information have been added to the following Clearinghouse features: Annual Reports Marketing Campaigns, Employer Marketing Niche Marketing, and Ride Share. Additional pages are currently under development for Bikes on Bus, Advertising, Ride Guides, and Routes & Schedules. There is a delay in adding these pages due to the Marketing Institute switching servers. The Clearinghouse has also provided materials via mail to the Detroit Department of Transportation to assist the m in their efforts of developing promotional material. Future projects i nclude development of new categories such as Collateral Pieces, Coloring Books, Guaranteed Ride-Home, Newsletters, Tours, & Promotions. 22


Project Number: Project Title: Principal Investigators: Associate Investigator: USDOT Grant DTRS93-G.0019 NUTIS.FSU-2 TRAINING GUIDE AND EDUCATIONAL TRAINING WORKSHOPS ON ECONOMIC IMPACT ASSESSMENT METHODS FOR PUBLIC TRANSIT Dr. Thomas Lynch Director Tel: (850) 644-7357; Fax: (850) 576 Loyd Lyday Associate Director Tel: (850) 644-3410; Fax: (850) 576-2207 Center for Economic Forecasting and Analysis Florida Sta le Univer.;ity Tallahassee. FL 32306 To date project researchers have secured services of graduate student support p urchased and i nsta lled software for transit property economic impact assessment and a review of the Progress on this effort will be more aggressive over the next quarter as literature is reviewed and standard analysis agreed upon between resear chers. The only expenses to date are software purchases 23


Project Number. USDOT Grant DTRS93-G..0019 NUTIS-USF-1 Project Title: NUTI YEAR FNE PROGRAM ADMINISTRATION Principal Investigator: Steven E. PolZin, Ph.D., P.E. Deputy Director, Institutes Tel: (813) 974-9849; Fax: (813) 974-5168 Patricia Baptiste Program Assistant Tel: (813) 974-9760; Fax: (813) 974-5168 Center for Utban Transportation Research Unilnusity of South Florida Tampa, FL 3362{)-5350 During the past quarter the administrative activities included the following: Completed quarterly report for prior quarter. Administered subcontracts and project invoicing Monitored TCRP. APTA, FTA and other transit related research Submitted additional completed technical reports to designated depositories and the selection committee. Provided a Blue Ribbon Lecture Speaker in February. Progress on several fronts cont inued last quarter Additional technology transfer from year one, year two, and year three projects has been taking place. Work on the NUTI Web site continued. We have been working with FAMU faculty and senior administrative staff to complete outstanding reports and develop a plan for timely completion of work underway and any new work. One of two very late reports has been completed. We have been reviewing the financial plan and work program in order to plan adjustments as may be necessary to reprogram prior year unspent funds and accommodate the anticipated delay in releasing FY 98 funds for the Institute. 24


Project Number: Project Title: Principal Investigator: USDOT Grant DTRS93-G-0019 NUTI5-USF-2 CASE STUDIES OF CREATIVE TRANSIT AGENCIES Joel Volinsk i Deputy Direclor, Transjt Center for UrlJan Ttanspotfalion Research University of South Florida Tampa, FL 33620-5350 Tel: (813) 974-9847; Fax: (813) 974-5168 During the quarter ending March 31, 1998, the following project activities were accomplished: The project manager conducted a site visit to interview the staff of the Regional Transportation Commission In Reno Nevada (home of the Citifare trans ft system). T wo days were spent discussing how the RTC encourages its staff to do things d iffe rently tha n most transit agencies around the country Extensive notes were taken which will be incorporated into draft memos for the final report. Arrangements were made to visit Sun l ine Tra n si t i n Thousand Palms, California in May and LYNX in June. A literature search on creativity in orga n izatio ns was continued. During the next quarter the project manager will meet with the managers of the two systems noted above and make arrangements to visit the last system (Houston Metro) in the early part of July. 25


Project Number. Project Title: Principal Investigators: Activities this quarter : USDOT Grant DTRS93-G.(J019 NUTIS-USF-3 FORUM FOR ASSESS ING THE IMPUCATIONS OF ISTEA REAUTHORIZATION ON PUBLIC TRANSIT Gary L. Brosch Director Tel: (813) 974-3120; Fax: (813) 974-5168 Patricia Henderson Communications and Human Resources Manager Tel: (813) 974-9759; Fax: (813) 974-5168 Center for Uroen Trensportation Research of South Florida Tampa, FL 33620-5375 Monitored legislative activities related to reauthorization of IST EA. Discussed timing of conference as it relates to reauthorization of I S TEA. Drafted initia l outline of forum agenda/objective statement. Based on the anticipation of a completion of reauthorization in late May, we are proceeding to review dates in late July/eaMy August to hold the forum. 26


Project Number: Project Title: Principal Investigators: USDOT Grant DTRS93-G-0019 NUTISUSF-4 GUIDEBOOK FOR TRANSIT ECONOMIC IMPACT STUDIES F. Ron Jones, Ph.D. Deputy Director, Education Tel: (813) 974-9785; Fax: (813) 974-5168 Xuehao Chu, Ph.D. Research Associate Tel: (813) 974-9831; Fax; (813) 974-5168 Center for Urban Transportation Research UnivetSity of South Florida Tampa 33620-5375 Literature review continued at a low level of effort during the second quarter. The majority of the work on the project will be perfonned during the third and fourth quarters. 27


Project Number: Project Title: Principal Investigator: USDOT Grant DTRS93-G-0019 NUT15-USF-5 SECOND NATIONAL CONFERENCE ON GIS IN TRANSIT Ronald C. Sheck lnte1T710dal and Guideway Researoh Program Director Center for Urt>an Transportation Rsssaroh Unive!Sity of South Florida Tampa, FL :rn12a.s375 Tel: (813) 974-9841: Fax: (813) 974-5168 Planning for this conference continues. A collaborative request for additional funds ($25,000) to carry out the conference was submitted to FTA and was given verbal approval in November Delays at FTA have pushed execution of a contract into the second quarter of 1998 for these funds A preliminary planning meeting with several participants i n the First Nat ional Conference on GIS and Transit, held in August 1995 (NUTI Year Two Project) and others identified as active on the cutting edge of transit GIS applications, was held in association with the annual TRB Meeting in January 1998 From this meeting a planning committee has been established that includes 28 members from federal. state and loca l government, transit agencies. the academic community, consuHing firms and software vendors. The planning committee will not meet formally but rather conduct its business by telephone, fax, and e-mail communication A questionnaire has been sent to the committee members to help in the development of the conference agenda Solicitations are being made to various professional and trade organizations to co-sponsor the event in addition to the major sponsors RSPA and FTA November 1-4, 1998 are the selected conference dates. These dates were cihosen to avoid confl ict with other transit industry and GIS technology meetings, and to take advantage of off-season travel rates. CUTR faculty have solicited proposals from Tampa hote ls and selected the new Embassy Suites Hotel on the USF campus as the conference site. Room rates and facility rental charges were substantially lower than at the other hotel proposing for the selected dates. The campus location offers the advantage of proximity to CUTR and other USF laboratory and classroom spaoe I f needed for workshops and small group meetings 28


Project Number: Project Trtle: Principal Investigators: USDOT Grant NUTIS-USF-6 PUBLIC TRANSIT AND WEL FARE-TO-WORK: EXPLORATORY RESEARCH Beverly G. Ward Deputy OiracJor Center for Urban Transporta6on Resestdl University of South Florida Tampa, FL 33620-5375 Tel: (813) 974-9773; Fax: (813) 974-5168 Synthesis continues on the state-of-the-practice in "welfare-to-work" research and the role of public transportation. The l isting of resources includes : bibliographies : firms, centers, age n cies and i ndividuals ; Internet sites: typology for publi c transportation and welfare to work" research Contact has been made w ith a number of Individuals in the state and nationally who are interested i n public transportation and this area of research. Identification of areas for additional research and priorities co ntinues. The focus of much of the ongoing research continues to focus o n "spatial mismatch" or the geograph i c isolation of former welfare recipients from sustainable employment ch i ldcare, and other s u pport services There seems to be a need tor nationa l replication of either the Case Western Center o n Urban Poverty and Social Change or the Emory University study on moving people from welfare to work The Volpe Service Assessment Division studied the Hartford (Connecticut) metropolitan planning agency's efforts to plan transportation services connecting welfare recipients and other low income residents to jobs. The study assessed technical and institutional factors, current practices and expected improvements, and creative ideas on how the planning process might contribute to improved access to jobs. Similar case studies by t h e Volpe Center are being conducted i n St. Loui s and Detroff. Assessment of i nterests of NUTI member faculty continues. The inffial research team strategies include: Development of a statewide GIS analysis of access to publ ic transportation tor persons transitioning from welfare to work; Assessment of availability of childcare v i a public transportation ; Assessment of trave l behavior of persons transitioning from welfare to work D i scussions continue with Dr Wright at FAMU regarding completion of welfare-to-work' research scope for project year 1998. Also, contacts were made by telephone to discuss research findings and needs Coordination continues with welfare to work elements in other NUTI projects including: Propose a "we l fare-to-work session or program track tor the NUTI GIS conference: Identify we l fare-to-work" research findings appropriate tor publication in the Journal of Public Transportation. If warranted, recommend a special"wellare-to-work issue. The visits to Florida J ob and Enterprise Partnership (JEP) Regions continue Base maps have been created, in conjunction wffh other projects of the JEP regions. A draft proposal tor future NUTI work is being developed that i ncorporates some of the research needs discussed earlier. Partic i pation i n n ational forums and conferences continues. CUTR staff will partic i pate in the Florida WAGES Transportation Conference from Apri l 2 "'. 3'', 1998. 29


Project Number: Project Title: Principal Investigators: USDOT Grant No. DTRS93-G.0019 MINORITY MOBILITY SYMPOSIUM Eric T. Hill Research Associate Tel: {813) 974-9845; Fax: {813) 974-5168 D. Michael Crittenden Research Asscciate Tel: {813) 974-1271; Fax : {813) 974-5168 Beverly G. Ward Deputy Director Tel: {813) 974-9773 ; Fax: {813) 974-5168 Center for Urban T ransportation Research University of South Florida Tampa FL 33620.5375 NUTI5-USF Project status is currenUy unresolved pending resolulion of issues regarding how or if the conference should be offered with a broade r focus on Minorities rather that the previous focus on African-Americans 30




this page IS blank


ANNUAL PLAN ACTIVITIES STATUS INTRODUCTION This section reports lhe status of the Institute in atta i ning the goals and objectives establ i shed for the Institute s performance Thus, the organization of this sectio n is structured around the organization of the goals and objectives for the lnslitu te. The i nformatio n presented varies depending on the specific goal and objective. In some i nstances the information is substantial and detailed and in other instances it i s limited and q u al i tative. In some cases the informatio n provided is cross referenced to specific research projects and in other cases presented in an aggregate fashion. Following the summary l ist of goals and objectives each goal, objective and an action item is add r esse d. This section of the report builds on the prior quarters' reports Much of the information remains unchange d ; however, the tables are updated quarterly to i ncorporate new i nformation GoALS AND 0BJEC11VES ;Zgall: Research Program Objective 1.1: Utilize a project proposal solicitation and review process Goal II: Research Prog@m Perfonnance Objective 11.1: I nsure relevance of the research effort Objective 11.2: Monitor the progress of each research effort Ob j ective 11.3: Produce research results appropria t e for th e target audiences Goal !II: Technotoqv Transfe[ Objective 111. 1 : Develop a techno l ogy transfer p l an for each project Objective 111.2: Monitor technology transfer efforts at the project level Objective 111.3: Develop and produce a Journal of Pub li c Transportation Research Goal IV: Objective IV. 1 : Have each project enhance tra n sportation education Goal V : Human Resources Objective V.1: Address the element of human resources in each i ndividual project Objective V.2: Monitor human resources efforts at the project level PERFORMANCE ON GOALS, OBJECTIVES AND ACTION ITEMS Goal! -Research Program: Use an objective process for selecting research activities that are responsive to the vision, mission and theme. 33


ANNUAL PLAN ACTIVITIES STATUS Objective 1.1: Utilize a proje<;t proposal solicitation and review process to insure projects responsive to the Institute goals. The solicitation process for research proje<;ts for NUTI has evolved over the past five years The materials below describe the proposal submission and selection process put in place during the first year of NUTI and used to select projects for the subSequent years. The single most significant modification between years involved changes In the review committee composition for the selection of candidate projects. Action Item 1.1.a: Disseminate a schedule for soliciting, receiving, reviewing, and modifying proposals for i nclusi on in the annual work program. Development of the work program for summerlfall19gs will await !he completion of the reauthorization of federal transportation legislation When issues of funding levels, match requirements etc., are resolved we will promptly prepare a grant request and subsequently a work program for the use of FY98 funds It is anticipated that the process will be similar to other years, however, we may modify the process for one year in order to speed up the process to make up for delays. Additionally, we will revisit the research priorities and resource allocation to respond to any new initiatives and program goals that may be disseminated The solicitation of proposals for the year five work plan was distributed in March 1997. Prior year packages were also distributed i n the spring of the year. These packages laid out the schedule and process for submitting, evaluating, and selecting proposals. Sections of that solicitation package are included below. Work Program Development Assumptions: The format for the Annual Plan will be as specified by RSPA in their 1995 guidance. T he general allocation of funds between the will not be altered unless someone indicates a desire to do less research in the subsequent year or prior research was unsatisfactory The coordination of the process at the consortium schools will be handled by the program coordinators at each school. Resources associated with the subsequent year Annual Plan development and reviews are the responsibility of the proposers/participants. No resources are budgeted specifically for Annual Plan development. The proposal review process is prescribed in a manner that is consistent with established goals and objectives that reference process characteristics designed to ensure high qualify, useful research The schedule calls for the Annual Plan to be approved by RSPA in order that contracts can be in place by late summer each year 34


ANNUAL PLAN ACTIVITIES STATUS The match requirements require each institution to cover t heir match ($1 match to $4 federal) in proportion to federal funds directed to that U nivers ity There is no preconceived notion as to what projects or PI's will be funded in subsequent years. It is anticipated that some projects may merit subsequent year work; however, it is also a ntic ipated that several new projects will be selected. General Work Program Development Process and Schedule : Fi nalize proposal Fonnat: Early Spring, 199_ A draft proposal fonnat is provided to candidate Pis that reflects the guidance provided by RSPA and detailed by CUTR. The format is env isioned to be used for initial proposals by candidate PI's as well as for the actual Annual Plan submitted to RSPA. Project Abstracts will be l i mited to six pages Subsequently, when the work plan is approved more detailed Project Descriptions" may be required byRSPA Draft Project Abs!racts Due: Mid-Spring, 199_ Draft project abstracts from candidate PI's are due to the program coordinators at each school by the specified date. Team leaders at each inst itution have respons ib i lity for soliciting proposa ls from possible faculty PI's. The target is approximately two times more proposals tha n will ultimately be funded. Copies will be mailed to the reviewers for review Proposal Review: Late Spring/S u mmer 199_ Reviewers will be scheduled to meet at USF to select projects for inclusion i n the annual plan. Necessary proposal and budget modifications will be communicated to investigators and finalized project abstracts will be due to CUTR for inclusion i n the Annual Plan. Work Plan Sybmjssion to RSPA: Summer 199_ Action Item 1.1.b: Provide a project proposal format that includes appropriate information to enable an evaluation of how the proposed effort would address attainment of the research program goals The proposal solicitation packages include the following: 1) Instructions for Completing Project Abstracts for the NUT! Annual Plan ; 2) Project Abstract Format, 3) NUT! Annual Work Plan Draft Abstract Budget Worksheet, and 4) Electronic version of project format. Action Item 1.1.c: Establish a proposal review team with an appropriate range of expertise to participate In proposa l review. 35


ANNUAL PLAN ACTMTIES STATUS The review committee for draft abstracts consisted of the following persons: CUTR: FSU: FlU: FAMU : Transit Industry: Steven E Polzin, Gary L. Brosch William Mustard David Shen Charles Wright Jay Goodwill, Executive Director, Sarasota County Area Roger Sweeney Executive D i rector, Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority FOOT Representative: Ed Colby, Executive D i rector MOTA, Dade County (Miam i) Marion Hart Director FOOT Public Office USDOT Representatives: Chuck Morison, FTA For Year Five projects the team perfonned very effectively in reviewing the proposals and offered a broad and informed perspective of industry needs as well as ongoing i ndustry research. Each of the committee members was provided a package of p r oposals for rev iew. I n some cases the members also involved staff in reviews of some proposals. The reviewers not only made project selections but also made recommendations on scope, methodology, budget etc. for final abstracts In general there was approximately two to three times as much work proposed as funds available in year five anticipated tha t funding obligations will be made tor r eseanch projects not part of the original These projects will be to use rollover fund balances T he NUT! Director will work informally with member of the review committee and perhaps others to identify projects that are complementary t o the overall program goals and consistent with the resea rch priorities as ind icated by the selection committee. Action Item 1.1.d: Establish proposal evaluation that cover the range of considerations as identified in the theme and goals tor the Institute. The following criteria and instructions are provided to both the proposers and the selection committee. Criteria that PI s should keep in mind when designing their research and writing the abstracts indude the following factors derived from the institute goals and objectives. These criteria should be addressed In the context of the prescribed format for project abstracts. 1. Project Significance I ncluding relevance/relationship lo established research priorities, targeted audiences (state and national), and potential tor service quality, cost, or other impacts, etc. Reseanch Quality. Evidence that the work is not duplicative, is methodologically sound and includes appropriate actions to ensure robustness (i.e., peer review review, etc.). Evidence of i nnovative and creative methodologies and consideration of innovative solutions 3. Soundness of Proposal-Evidence that the proposal staffing plan. and schedule are sound Evidence that the proposal is logical and well written. 36


ANNUAL PLAN ACTIVITIES STATUS 4. Opportunity and Plan for Technology Transfer and Educabonal EnhancementThe extent to which the project supports and involves students and multi disciplinary faculties. The opportunibes for the products to be of value in transportation education, including continuing education of industry personnel, etc. The extent to which the project is conducive to and incorporates techno logy tra nsfer elements. 5. Human Resource Contribution Evidence that the proposal will support a diverse staff and contribute to human resource goals of the Inst itutes program. 6. Invo lvement of peer review acbvities to ensure research quality. 7. Research quality of prior NUT! worll carried out by the PI and research team. Eva lua tio n forms are provided to the reviewers but not required to be used. The actual selection involves a ranking process where reviewers rank desirable projects, then discuss scope and budget changes to arrive at a package of proposals that match the available budget amount In general, the selection committee put the greatest weight on the perceived relevance of the worll to the industry. We anticipate future selections to put emphasis on the success of earlier projects by proposers who have been involved in prior NUTI funded work and on i ndustry relevance i n an era of extremely limned resources. Action Hem 1.1.e: Monrtor and revise the project selection process on an annual basis to reflect experience in the prior yeats proposal selection process Based on the success of years two through five selections, we anticipate that future years' selection processes will be similar. We may change the committee composition to involve additional persons or new perspectives. It is anticipated that some resources will be reserved for the directors discretion in order to be responsive to rapidly changing industry research interests and technology transfer needs. Goal!! Research Program Performance; Cond uct research activities, the products of which are j udged by experts in the field to advance the body of knowledge in urban transportation. Objective 11.1: Insure relevance of the research effort by involving industry, peer researchers, and pol icy makers in review of research project work through an advisory committee or other forum as appropriate. Action Item 11.1.a: Establish a forum for peer input on each research project. Proposal development i nstructio ns included an explicrt mandate to conduct and document peer rev iew activities. Table series 1 indicates peer reviewers for projects. Table 1-5 covers Year Five projects and similar tables in eartier Annual Reports covered activibes for prior year studies. Project abstracts for year five projects also requested information on peer review activities. In some Instances the approach to and participants in peer review are best defined later I n the development of the project 37


ANNUAL PLAN ACTIVITIES STATUS TABLE 1-3, YEAR THREE PEER REVIEW PANELS Project Peer Reviewers NUT13-FAMU 1 The Church : An A pane l has been assembled It includes Mr. Larry Carter Alternative Urban T ransportation D i rector of TaiTran ; Reverend R.B. Holmes, Bethel Amenily Missionary Baptist Church, Ms. Sylvia Smith, Manager of Planning and Scheduling, Broward County Mass Transit; Art W. Kennedy, District Representative. NUT13-FAMU 2 E valuation of Mass A peer panel consist i ng of M. Vivian Jones Director, Office Transit on Environmental Equily of Environmental Justice ; Ms. Cheryl Williams-Whaley and Justice Planner system for Leon Counly ; Ms Sheron Bellamy Transit SeNice Llaslon, Hillsborough Area Regional Trans i t ; and Mr. Marlon Hart, Director, FOOT Public Transit Office NUTI3-FAMU.J An Assessment of Review panel will provide guidance on the survey instrument the Relationship between the before d i stribution to the selected group of transit managers. Telecommuting Population and Pee r Review Committee i nclude Larry Carter, Director of Public Transportation Managers TaiTran ; Sylvan Jolibois Ph. D Assistant Professor of Transportation Engineering FlU; Sylvia Smith, Manager of Plann i ng and Scheduling, Broward County Mass Transit ; Robert Stammer Ph D., P E Assistant Dean, School of Engineering, Vanderbin U niversity. NUT1 3-FSU-1 Stormwater Review provided by the Florida Department of Environmenta l Management Manual for Public Protection Stormwater Division, the Northwest Water Transit Maintenance Facilities Manageme n t District Stormwater Division and Tallahassee Transit. Other FSU staff member also reviewed work. 38


ANNUAL P LAN AC TIVJTI ES STATUS TABLE 1-3, YEAR TH REE PEER REVIEW PANELS Project Peer R e v i ewers NUTI3-FSU-4 N i c h e Marketing: Richard Simonetta Genera l Manager, Metropol i tan Atl anta O pport u nities for Increasing Short Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA), AUanta, GA.; Tim and Long Term Transit Ridersh i p Grzesiakowski Division Manager-Marke t ing and Develo p ment. Pace Suburban Bus Division of RTA, Arl i ngton Heights IL ; Jennifer Barner, Publ i c Informat i on/Events Coordi n ator Regiona l Transit Distr i ct, Denver, CO .; Sta nton Wil kerson, Tran sit Market ing m ana ger, Regio n a l Tran sportation Manager Regiona l Transportation Commissi o n of Clark County, Las Vegas, NV; Danny Alva rez, Dep u ty Directo r MOTA Miami FL ; Debra Alexander, D i rector o f Marke t Metropo l itan Council Transit Operations, Minneapol i s MN ; Chris Domalewski. Senior Director Marl

ANNUAL PLAN ACTMTIES STATUS TABLE 1-4, YEAR FOUR PEER REVIEW PANELS Proje<:t Peer Reviewers NUT14-FAMU-1 Safety Concerns Mr. Jeff Ross, H i ghway Safety Consultant, Highway Safety In and Around A Transit System Systems Inc.; Or. lisa Spainhour. Assistant professor of and Thei r Impact on Ridership Civil Engineering, FAMU FSU College of Engineering Addaional members are being considered. NUT14-FAMU-2 A Policy-Based Dr. Hudson Nwakanma, Assoc. Professor School of Transit Risk Management Strategy Bus in ess F AMU; Dr. Keith Simmo n ds, Professor of Political Science, FAMU; Dr. John Sobanjo, Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering, FAMU -FS U College of Engineering A r epresentative from the induslly will be added to the group. NUT14-FAMU-3 Minority Use of Mr. Lany Carter, Director of TaiTran, Tallahassee, Florida; Special Needs Transportation Ms. Sylvia Smah, Manager of Planning & Scheduling Systems Broward County Mass Transrt, Pompano Beach, Florida; Mr. Art w Kennedy District Representative, Office of U S. Congressman Alcee l. Hastings NUTI4-FAMU-4 African-American Commissioner Arthu r Kennedy, Co-Chairperson, Florida Mobility Symposium (MMS IV) Transportation Commission; Deborah Price, Co-Cha i rperson, COMTO; Wade lawson, Past Co-Chairperson, South Jersey Transportation Authority; Lee Davis, National Transportation Consortium of Minority Colleges ; Dr. Frank Enty, COMTO; The Honorable James Hargrett, Florida Senate; Marton Hart, Florida Department of T r ansportation ; Gayle Holliday. Kansas City Area Transportation Authority; The Honorable Gloria Jeff, Federa l Highway Administration; Dr. Sylvan C Jolibois. Jr ., Florida lntemational University; Joyce Johnson Director, North Carolina A & T State University; Lee Johnson ATE Management & Service Company, Inc ; W. H (Bill) McCloud A TCNancom; Sharon Ransome-Smah, P roject ACTION; Gwendolynmary Simpson, American Public Transit Association; Dr. ChaJ1es Department of Engineering Technology FAMU; CUTR Staff. NUT14-FAMU-5 Pending To be detennined. NUT14-FIU-1 At Grade Busway Mr. Rene Rodriguez, Public Transportation Manager ; David Study Henderson Pedestrian and Bicycle Coordinator, at Florida Department of Transportation, District V I; and Jeffrey M Hunter, Pedestrian and Bicycle Coordinator at Metro-Dade Metropolitan Planning Organization will provide input and overs ight for the project. 40


TABLE 1-4, YEAR FOUR PEER REVIEW PANELS Project Peer Reviewers NUT14 -FIU2 Analyses of Steve n A Clar1<, Manager of Engineering P rojects, N J Strategies and Prog rams of the Transit; Mike W3 1 ker, M anager Corporate Security Toronto U S Transit Agencies to Enhance Transit Security ; and Robert Aleman, Metro-Dade Security Transit Security Director. N UTI4-FilJ..3 Data Requirements T o be determined and Data Sources for Transit G I S Appl ications NUT14 FSU FIMATNew Florida Transit As socia tio n Loca l (Taltran) Representative ; Technology for Interactive Transit Federa l Transit Adm i n is tration Representative : Corporate User informatio n System s Management Informatio n Systems Representa tive : and cable TV Repr esentative N UT14-FSU FIMAT -Continuation G u s Robey, VIrginia Department of Rai l and Public & Elqlansion of the Promotiona l Tran sporta tion; Peter Schauer, Peter Schauer Associates ; M aterials Clea ringhouse Peggy H ethe rington, M e t roPool Inc .; Da vid Sappenfield ATE Ryder, Stephen McCaughey Irv in e Spectrum TMA; Philfip Winters CUTR; Paul Rothenberg TaiTran : Perry Maull, Carr-Smith, In c ; Barbara Zimme rman, M iddle Peninsula Rideshare; Stuart Anderson, Transportatio n Consultant, Oennls Kouba, M'TA. N UTI4-FSU-3 Customer Service : Mr. Paul Rothenbe rg, Director of Marketing, T aiTran Enhancing Consumer Awareness T a l lahassee Florida ; M s. Peggy Heatherington, M ettopoo l a nd Perceptions o f Pu blic Transit Inc., Stamford Connecticut M r Peter Schauer, Peter Services Providers Schauer Associates ; M r Perry Maull, RTS Gainesvi lle; M s Batbara Zimmerman, M iddle P eninsula Rideshare Saluda Vorginia ; Of. Larry Gunipero Chairman, Mart

ANNUAL PLAN ACTIVITIES STATUS TABLE 1-4, YEAR F OUR P EER REVIEW PA N ELS Project Peer Re v ie w ers NUTI4-USF 2 Journa l of Pub lic The journal has establis h ed an Edrtorial Board that includes: Transportation IV D r Robert B. Cefvero, Ph D. Professor, Department of City and Reg i onal Pla n ning, University of Califo rni a ; Mr. Chester "Ed" Co l by Executive Director, Metro-Dade Transit Agency; Mr. Gordon (Pete) Fie l ding Professor, School o f Socia l Sciences Economics Department, Un i versity of cali fornia Irvin e; Dr. David J Forkenbrock. Urban and Regiona l Planning Department, University of I owa; Mr. Jack R Gilstrap former Executive V ice President American P u blic Transi t Association; Dr. Jose A. Gomez-Ibanez, Bok Professor o f Publ i c Policy and Urban P lanni n g, Kennedy School of Government. Harvard Uni versity; Dr. Naomi W lede, Exewtive D i rector center for Transportation Training & Research, Texas Southern University ; Mr. William W. Millar, Executive Director, Port Authority of Al l egheny County; Dr. Sandra Rosenb l oom, The Roy P. Drachman Institute, University of Arizo n a; Mr. Lawrence L. Schulman, fonner Associate Administrator for Technical Assistance & Safety, Federa l Transit Administration; and Dr. George Smerk Director, lnstiMe for Urban Transportation, Indiana University NUTI4-USF-3 African-American Review provided by symposium Steering Committee: Mobility Symposium IV (AA M S I V) Commissioner Arthur Kennedy Wade Lawson Bill McCloud, Marion Hart, G l o ri a Jeff, Dr. Frank Enty, Dr. Charles Wright. Dr. Sylvan Joli bois Cecil W. Bond, Joel Volins ki, Deborah Price, Lee Johnson, Dr. Rosa l y n S i mon, Lee Davis, Dr. Sharon Ransome Smith, Gayle Holiday, Joyce Johnso n, Gwendolynmary Simpson Ed Thomas, Claude Barnes Brian Jackson, Alyce Boyd Stewart, Frankl i n Wli te, Gwen Cooper Gary Brosch, Dr. Ilene Payne, Dr. Tom Wh i tney, Sharon Ban k s, Raymond F l ood Joyce Latson, $heron Bellamy. NUT14-USF-4 NPTS Trave l Data It is ant icipated that a review committee of six persons will be Analysis u t ilized: two persons from CUTR, two persons from the tran srt i n dustry. and two persons with expertise i n analysis of travel behavior a nd/or NPTS data. Proposed external peer members indude Charles Purvis, Susan Liss, Darw i n Stuart, a n d a representative from FT A. 42


ANNUAL PLAN ACTIVITIES STATUS TABLE 1-4, YEA.R FOUR PEER REVIEW PANELS Project Peer Reviewers NUT14-USF-5 Opportunities for the A panel has been assembled consisting of Hood, Coordination of General Public Director of the Stu dent Transportation Management Section Tansit and School Bus of the Florida Department of Education; Mr. Ron Kinney, Transportat io n Supervisor of School Transportation, Cslifomia Dept. of Educa tion; Dan Boyle, Principal, Transportation Management and Design; and Mike York Director of P lanni ng, Greater Cleveland Regional Trans it Authority. NUTI4-USF.O Perspectives on the Internal review coupled with int erviews Future of Public Transportation NUT14-USF-7 ADA Service Possible peer reviewers in clude: Russell Thatcher of Criteria: Best P ract ices for Mullisystems Lany Harman of LJH ConsuHing (both Complying wilh Paratransit System Thatcher and Harman are ADA plan reviewers) Roy Lave of Cspacity Requirements SYSTAN, David Koffman of Crain & Associates, Sandra Rosenbloom of the Univers ity of Arizona, Sharon Smith of Project ACTION and Jo Ann Hutchinson of the Florida Commission for the Transportation Disadvantaged. 43


ANNUAL PLAN ACTMTIES STATUS TABLE 15, YEAR FIV E PEER R EVIEW PAN E LS P r oject Peer Reviewers NUTIS-FAMU-1 Minority Mobility T o be determi n ed. SymposiumV NUTI5 FAMU-2 Pub li c Transi t And To be determi n ed. Welfare-te>-Work: Exploratory Research And Assessment of a Cleari n ghouse Fo r The Dissem i nation o f Welfare-T<>-Work I nformat ion NUT15-FAMU 3 Link i ng Marli n B r own, Assista nt C h ief, Transportation P l anning of Transporta t ion Modeling Software the Tal l a h assee-Leon County P lann ing Department ; VKfy a VIMh Geographic I nformation Mysore Florida Department ofTransportation Transit Office; Systems A Synthes i s of The Sta t e G l enn Robi n son, a l eader i n the development of a of The Practice "Integrated Trave l Demand Based ISTEA Management Sys t em" f or the Michigan Department of Transportation; Additio nal national peers will be sought. NUTIS-FAMU-4 To be determined To be determi n ed. NUTI5 FtU-1 At-Grade Busway M r Rene Rodriguez Public T r ansportat ion Manager; Dav i d P l anning Guide Henderson, Pedestrian and Bicyc l e Coo r dinator at F lorida Department of Transportation, District VI; and Jeffrey M. Hun ter, Pedestrain and B i cyc l e Coordinato r at Metro-Dade M etropolita n P l anni n g Organization will provide input and overs ight fo r t h e project NUTIS.FSU1 Con tinuat ion of the Frank Cihak, Acting D i rector, APTA P ublic Relat ions a n d Promotional Materials Commun i cations; Debbie Alexand er, C hair APTA Market i ng C l earing house a n d Communications Steering Committee; Thomas J. Coste ll o, Cha i r, Champaign-Urbana Mass Transit District; Jean l ade r osa Chatham County Area Transit, Savannah, GA; Mark Dorfman, Santa Cruz M etropo l itan Tra n sit District Santa Cruz, CA; Judy Lewe l len, Space Coast Area Tra n sit, Brevard County, FL; Phillip Winters, Center for Urban Transportation Research, University of South Florida ; Perry M aull, Gainesvi lle Reg i o na l Trans i t System, Gainesvill e FL; Paul Rothe n berg Taltran, Tallahassee FL. NUTtS.FSU-2 Train ing Guide and Terry McKinley, Chief of Special Projects M etroDade Transit Educationa l Training Workshops Agency, Miami Florida; Dr. Ron Maur ey, Volpe Nationa l o n Economic Impact Assessment Transportation Research Center, Cambridge, M e thods for Public Transit M assachusetts: Representative to be named later from APTA, FT A or other appropriate e n tity 44


ANNUAL PLAN ACTIVITIES STATUS TABLE 1-5, YEAR FIVE PEER REVIEW P ANELS P r oject Peer Revie w ers NUTIS-USF-1 Program Ad m inistrative rev i ew will be i nterna l to CUTR. Admi n istration v NUTI5-US F -2 Case Stud ies o f The pa n el will be comprised of transit managers and NUTI Creative Transit Agencies researchers. To be determi n ed. NUTI5-USF-3 Forum for Assess ing Editorial Board: Dr Robert B. Cervero, Ph.D., Profess or, the Implicatio n s of ISTEA Department of C i ty and Regio nal Planning, University of Reauthorization on Public Transit Gallfomia; Mr. C h este r "Ed Colby Executive D i rector, MetroDade Trans i t Agency; Mr. Gordon (Pete) F i e l ding, Professor, School of Social Sciences Econom i cs Department, University of Ca l ifornia-Irvine; Dr. David J. Fo!Kenbrock Urban a n d Regional P l anning De p artment, University of Iowa ; Mr. J ack R. G i lstrap f ormer Executive Vice President, American Public Trans i t Assoc i ation; D r Jose A GomezIbanez Bok Professor of Public Pol i cy and Urban P l anning, Kennedy Schoo l of Government Harvard University; Dr. N aomi w. Lede Executive D i rector, Ce n te r for Transporta t ion Train i n g & Research T exas Southern University; Mr. William W. Millar Executive Director, Port Authority of Allegheny Cou nty; Dr Sandra Rosenbloom, Di r ecto r The Roy P. Drachman University of Arizo n a; M r Lawrence L. Schulman former Associate Admi nistrator for Techni ca l Ass i stance & Safety, Federa l T ransit Adminis t ration; and D r George Srne rk D ir ecto r Inst it u t e for Urban Transportation, Indiana Uni versity. NUTISUS F -4 NPTS Guidebook fo r To be determined. Trans i t Economic Impact Studi es NUTI5-USF-5 Second Nationa l A 28 membe r program committee will serve the review Conference on GIS in Transi t function for conference pl anning. N UTIS-USF-6 Public Transtt and Ongoing comm u n i cations with industry experts. WelfareTo-Work: Explora t ory Research NUTIS-USF-7 Minority Mobility T o be determi n ed. Symposium 45


ANNUAL PLAN ACTIVITIES STATUS Objective 11. 2 : Monitor the progress of each research effort. Action Item 11.2. a: Monttor progress by complying with the contract reporting requirements and taking corrective actions where progress is not consistent wtth the work plan. NUTI has completed the required progress reporting activities The mechanism for collecting Information and the format for reporting progress has evolved during the past several quarters in response to feedback and experience i n preparing the progress reports. Changes have incl uded modifying the reporting format to include both estimated and "actua r spending to reflect the facts that there are significant lags between when expenses occur and when they are officially posted to the account. We have also modified the Operational Report to focus on goal and objective attainment Objective 11. 3 : Produce outstanding research results that effectively communicate the findings in a manner appropriate for the various audiences that might benefit from such information. Action Item 11.3. a: Develop gu i delines for Institute documents that facilitate quality products (style guidelines) NUTI has developed guidelines for technical documents produced by the National Urban Transit I nstitute. The instructions were included i n the First Annual Report. T hey provide d i rection to ensur e compliance with RSPA guidance a n d will provide some degree of oommonaltty of report formats More detailed specifica tion was avoided to enable each PI to utilize the software and style characteristics that they are most familiar with. The tech n ical reports also share the standardized NUTI cover NUTI has not specified format for other types of products as these are best designed to meet the individual needs of the target audience Action Item 11. 3.b: Establish and i mplement a procedure for product review to i nsure qua l ity products. Projects involve product review activities as designed and determined by the individual principal investigators. Table series 2 shows planned review activtties for the respective years. Goal IllTechnology Transfer: Make research results available to potentia l users in a form that can be directly i mplemented utilized or otherwise applied Objective 111.1: Include in each research project proposal and work plan an element that addresses how technology transfer will occur for the project 46


TABL.E 2-3, YEAR THREE REVIEW ACTIVITIES Project Review Activities NUTIJ.FAMU 1 The Church : An AlternatiVe Reviewed draft report for additions voids I n Urban Transportation Amenity re5eardl and othe< revisions. The committee addressed the survey Instrument and methodology and recommended changes NUT13-FAMU-2 Evaluation of M ass Transit on The number of peer review panel m embers Env i ronmen ta l Equity and Justice was Increased. Reviewed data co ll ection instruments and nevised draft report. Provide comments on report. NVTI 3-FAMU-3 An Assessment of the Assigned additional peer review panelist Relationship between the T eleoommuting Population and Public Transportation Managers Review draft report. NUTI3-FSU-1 Stormwater M anagement Manual for Public Transit Mai ntenance Facilities Review final report NUTI3-FSU-4 Niche Mark eting : Opportunities Review final report. for Increasing Short and LongTerm Transit Ridership N UTI3-USF1 Projed Adminislralion Conduct Year riVe Wo/1<. Program selection process. NUTI3-USF-2 Journal of Public Tra nsportation Papers are sent to reviewers as received NUT13USF-3 African -American Mobility Steering comm ittee meetings guided overall Symposium Ill program, Individual papers were reviewed. NUTI3-USF-5 Lessons Leamed in Final draft report was re viewed by review Savings Efficiencies and Revenue Generation panel NUTI3-USF-6 Geographic Information Systems I nterna l review of proceedings Reviewers as a T oollor Exam ining Environ menial Equity include Patricia Henderson, Gary Brosch, and Issues in Public Transportation Dr Ron Sheck. 47


ANNUAL P LAN ACTIVITIES STATUS T ABLE 2 -4, YEAR FOUR REVIEW ACTIVITIES P r oject Review Activities NUTI4-FAMU-4 African-American Mobility Activities reviewed as part o f overall steer ing Symposium (AAMS IV) oommittee review function. NUT14-F AMU-5 Pending Proposal pending NUTI4-FIU-1 At Grade Busway Study Draft report was rev i ewed by review panel. NUT14-FIU-2 Analysis of Strateg i es and Draft report was reviewed by review panel. Programs of the U.S. Transit Agencies to Enhance Transit Security NUT14-FIU-3 Data Requi rements and Data Draft report was reviewed by review panel. Sources for Transit G I S App li cat i ons NUTI4-FSU-1 FIMAT-New Techno l ogy for To be determined. Interactive Transit User Information Systems NUTI4-FSU-2 FIMAT-Conti n uation & l:)cpansion A planned review o f a so l icitation letter and a of the Promotiona l Materials C l earinghouse rev i ew of a survey measuring publ ic transifs use of the I NTERNET as a marketi n g tool has begun. Review Marketi n g Plan Template deve loped by Dr Tomas Hull pendi n g final review by Clearinghouse's in-house staff. NUTI4-FSU-3 Customer Service: Enhancing Review draft report Consumer Awareness and Perceptio n s of P u blic Transit Services Providers NUTI4 FSU-4 Energy and Environmental To be determined. Perfonnance of i:)cisting and Emerging Pub l ic Transportation TechnOlogies NUT14USF 1 Project Administratio n IV Internal review is provided. NUTI4-USF-2 Journal of Public Transportat i on I V Individual articles a r e reviewed by th ree reviewers selected based on th e ir expertise i n the subject area Reviewed papers as submitted with recommendations on publishing. NUT14-USF-3 African-American Mobility Guidance by S teering Committee Internal Symposium IV (AAMS IV) rev i ew of proceedings. Reviewers include Patric i a Henderson and Gary Brosch. 48


ANNUAL PLAN ACTIVITIES STATUS TABLE 24, YEAR FOUR REVIEW ACTIVITIES Project Review Activities NUTI4-USF4 NPTS Trave l Data Analysis Rev iew will be provided by FHWA two persons with transit industJy experience a n d two persons wrth NPTS analysis experience. NUTI4-USF-5 O p portunit ies fo r the Coordination Draft technica l report to be reviewed. of General Public Tansit and School Bus Transporta tio n NUTI4 USF-5 Oppo rt unrties for the Coordi natio n Review of draft deliverables will be provided by of General Pub lic Transrt and Schoo l Bus selected review t eam. Transportation NUTI4-USF-6 Perspectives on the Future of Interview questions will be reviewed by a Publi c Transportation review team composed of three as yet, undeterm ined transportatio n i n dustry experts NUT14-USF-7 ADA Serv ice Criteria: Best Review of draft deliverables will be provided by Practices for Comply ing with Paratransit System se lected r eview team. Capacity Requirements 4 9


ANNUAL PLAN AC T IVITIES STATUS TABLE 2-6 YEAR FIVE PLANNED REVIEW ACTIVITIES Project Planned Review ActlvHies NUTI5-FAMU-1 M inority Mobility Symposium V S t eering committee w i ll guide Symposium devel opment. NUTIS-FAMU 2 Public Transit And Welfare-toOversight will be provided by CUTR faculty Work: Explorato ry Research And Assessment of and consultation w i t h FT A a Clearinghouse For The Dissemi n ation of WelfareTo-Work Information NUTI5-FAMU 3 Linking Transportation Modeling Software With Geographic information SystemsPlanned review of draft documents. A Synthesis o f The State of The Practice NUTIS-FIU-1 At-Grade Busway Planning Guide Pla nn ed rev iew of draft docume n ts NUTI5-FSU-1 Continuation of the Promotio n al Pla n ned review of draft documents. Materia l s Clearinghouse NUTIS-F S U-2 Training Guide and Educational Planned review of draft documents Training Workshops on Economic Impact Assessment Methods for Public Transi t NUTIS-USF-1 Program Ad mini stratio n V Interna l r eview of deliverables. NUTIS-US F-2 Case Studies of Creative Transit P l anned review of draft d ocum e nts. Agencies NUTIS-USF 3 Forum for Assessi n g the Implications of ISTEA Reauthoriza t ion on Public Partici p a nts will review forum agenda. Trans it NUTI5-USF-4 NPTS Guidebook for Transit Review and comment on study design Economic Impact Studies deliverables and proposed technology transfer activities. Review draft documents NUTI5-USF-6 Second Nationa l Conference on Steering Committee will guide program GIS i n Transit developme nt. NUT15-USF-6 Public Transit and WelfareToOversight will be provided by CUTR fa<:ulty Work: Explora t o ry Research and consultation with FT A. NUTI5-USF-7 M inority M obility Symposium Overall guidance by Steering Committee. I nternal review of proceedings. Reviewers include Patri cia Henderson and Gary Brosch. 50


ANNUAL PLAN ACTIVITIES STATUS Action Item 111.1.a: Incl u de in the proposal formal, evaluation Cliteria, and the work plan i nformation on how technology transfer activities will be handled In order to explicitly respond to this action item, the project abstracts for NUTI projects address planned techno logy transfer. In some cases t h i s can be done in advance as the expectations of t he research and the products are well known. In other cases it is not clear at the outset what the findings will be and how t hey can best be d i sseminated. In any case, the full extent of disse m ination will not be known unti l well after the conduct of the research This is true in cases where the findings may be the basis for professional publication in multiple forums or where information may be subsequently utilized in teaching or future research efforts Technology transfer is on i n t he quarterly reports. Action Item 111.1. b: Carry out one or more of the following technology transfer activities as appropriate for the specific research project Write publish and present papers at conferences, seminars and workshops ; Sponsor faculty conferen ces workshops and seminars for outside university faculties; Conduct faculty e xchanges and i ntellectual i nterchange; Provide workshops and semi nars for faculty and students; Conduct conferences, workshops and seminars for local, state and federal officials, industry and transportatio n practitioners; Utilize computer networks software exchanges. electronic media communications and lectures to disseminate i nformation; Utilize visitor programs at Institute facilities; Distribute technical reports, provide technical ass i stance, conduct technical outreach programs: Provide bibliographies for fellow researchers and practitioners; Provide audiovisual packages and other atypical medium materials where appropria t e; Utilize established networks for electron i c and paper product distribution ; Utilize newsletters. annual reports, bulleti ns, and monographs for dissemination of information; Utilize local and national news media for i nformation dissemination; Utilize personnel exchanges with industry and with local, State, and Federal agencies where applicable; Utilize the internet for dissem i natio n of results. Document evidence of application, implementa tion, or use of research results by transportation practi tio ners or other users. Tables series 3 currently planned or already completed or underway technology transfer activities. Items are added to the list as plans are finalized and materials considered for publication Objective 111.2: achievement of the technology transfer goal at the project level. Action lt&m lll.2.a: Itemize the attainment of technology transfer goals on a project level basis and contrast actions with work program intentions. Tables 3 through 3.5 track plans and actions. Tables lor earlier years' technology transfer tracking are in prior year reports. 51


ANNUAL PLAN ACTMTIE S STATUS Objective 111.3: Develop a n d produce The Journal of Public Transportation Action Item tll.3 a : Imp lemen t the Journal p lan inc l uding a target audience, board marketing s trat egy, schedules etc. The operationa l status tab l e reports on curre n t progress of t h e Journal. TABLE 3-3, YEAR THREE TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER ACTIVmE S P r o ject Techno logy Transfer Activities N UTI3-FA MU1 T h e Chur ch: An TRB presentatio n i n Jan uary 1 998 Alt ernative Urban Transportation Amen ity NUT13-FA M U-2 Evaluation of Mass To be det e rm i n ed. Tran sit on E nviro n mental Equity and J ustice NUTI3-FA MU-3 An Asses s m e n t of To be determ i ned. the Relationship Betwee n the Telecomm utin g P opulation and Pub lic Transportation M anagers NUTI 3-FIU-1 Appl ication of A paper has been presented at the 1997 Annual Meeting of Geograph i c I n formation System t h e Transportation Research Board, January 13-16 1997, for Public Tran sit M anagemen t Washin g ton, D.C. It will also be publ ished in the Transportation Researc h Record A second paper was presented at the GIS-T '97 conference hel d in Greensboro North Car o l i n a, Marc h 24-26, 1997. A paper was also published i n the conference proceed i ngs of the American Socie ty for C i vil Eng i neers Fifth Computing i n Civil Eng i neeri n g Cong r ess NUTI 3-FIU-2 Workshop on Proceedings have been produced and distributed. Emergi n g Fare Collection Tech nologies in M ass Transit NUTI3-FI U 3 Implementation A techn ical pape r was presented at the American Society Issues of Aut omatic Vehic l e of Civi l Eng i n eeri n g South F l orida Section Annua l Location Systems in Urban and Meet ing, held i n west Palm Beach Florida, i n September Rural Areas: Impl i cations of 1996 The paper was a lso p ub lished in the proceedi ngs Diffe r e n t Physica l and Sodal o f the meeting Charact e ristics 52


ANNUAL PLAN ACTIVITIES S TATUS TABLE 3-3, YEAR THREE TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER A CTIVITIES Project Technology Transfer Activities N UTI3 FSU 1 Stormwater Copies of the final report will be submitted to: ASCE Jou rna l Management M anual for P u blic of Environme n tal Engineering, Transporta tion Researc h Transit Maintenance Fac i l i t i es Board, Florida E n v i ronm ent, the new CUTR Jou rna l of Public Transportatio n a n d other journa l s to be determi n ed Part of the informat i o n obtained from thi s research was p r esen t ed at t h e APWA Florida Chapte r Annua l Meeti n g i n May 1 996 and the Transportat ion Research Board Annua l meet ing in January 1997 Cop i es of the manua l will a lso be sent to the Florida properties NUTI 3-FSU-2 The Impact of Presented at the American Society of Planni n g Colleges Tra n s i t Suppl y on the L abor Force Annual Meeting, N o vembe r 1997 Partic i pation Rate of Young Black Males and othe r at-Risk Groups NUTI3-FSU-3 FIMAT-Staff p l an to attend national tra n s i t-re l ated conferences, Promotional M ateria l s includ ing APTA Nationa l and th e ACT Nationa l Con fere n ce, Clearinghouse each of whic h provide the o pportu n ity to broaden the l evel of partic i pation by transit marketi n g professionals. APTA sent o u t a l ette r to all properties informing them of the C l eari n ghouse. Arti cle was drafted for su b miss ion to Passenger Transport as well a s the Association for Comm ut er Transp o rtation' s TDM Review. NUT13-FSU-4 Niche M arket ing: To be de t ermined Opportunities for I n c r easing Short and Lo n g Term Trans it Ridership N UT13-USF 1 Project NUTI program publ icey will be sought throug h enhanced Adm i nistration technology transfer activities. N U Tt3-USF 2 Journal of Public D i str ib uted can for Papers a t meetings, in mail a n d in Transportation news l etters; added i n formation to th e CUTR h ome page/website regarding the journal (http : //www.cutr.eng .usf. edu). Fou r Journals have been p roduced t o date. SubSCriptions total more t han 1000. NUTI3-USF-3 African-America n 1he sympos ium i s a t ech n o l ogy transfer activity. Newsletter M o b ility Sympo s ium Ill articles highlighted k e y issues. In addition, CUTR deve l oped an African-American Mobi l ity Symposiu m home that included th e p r oceedi ngs and other information f rom t h e sy m posi u m 53


ANNUAL PLAN ACTMTIES STATUS TABL E 3-3, YEAR THREE TECHNOLOGY TRAN SFER ACTIVITIES Project Technology Transfer Activities NUT1 3-US F-4 Timing A paper addressing this topic has been accepted for Cons i derations in Plann i ng Major publication in TRB and made available at the 1996 TRB Transit Investment Projects annual meetings as TRB Preprints 960669. A paper has been drafted for subm i ss ion to the Journal of TransportalkJn for pub l ication. A copy of the paper was requested by and sent to Mr. Eric Trombley at MTA New York City Transit. An article has been accepted for p u blication Transportation Rerearch. Approx i mately 30 copies o f the report have been sent to sel ected individua ls. The report is available on the CUTRfNUTI Web NTIS has reproduced and distributed this report. NUTI3 USF-5 Lessons Learned in A tech n ical report has been comp l eted. Th e majority of the Transit Savings, Efficiencies, and distribution of the resu l ts will be carr i ed out via the Internet Revenue Generat ion SUbsequent article(s) and/or paper(s) are antic i pated along w i th prese n tation at con f erence(s) with national scope. Presentations of the research findings were shared with the i ndustry a t the APT A Annual Conference in October 1996 as well as the F l orida Transit Association Annual Conference In November 1996. A summary description of the report was Included in the CUTRLines newsletter The American Pub lic Transit Association incl uded a presentation of t h e findings o f the report at the Bus Techno l ogy, Operatio n s, & Manag ement Conference, held in Miami in May 1997 FTA is distributing the final report and it i s available on the CUTRINUTI Web site. NUT13-USF.O Geographic Inclu d e presentat ion of find i ngs at various Information Systems as a Tool for forums/conferences and summary artic les i n industry Examining Environmental Equ ity journals. Issues i n Public Transportatio n 54


ANNUAL P LAN ACTIVITIES S T ATU S TABLE 3-4, YEAR FOUR TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER ACTIVITIES Project Tec h nology Transfer Activit ies NUTI4-FAMU-1 Africa nAmeri can T h e symposium i tse lf, the FEEDS li nk, v i deo the World Mobility Symposium (AAMS I V) Wide Website, pres s releases articles presenta t ions a nd proceedings a ll will serve as means o f techno l ogy transfer. NUTI4 -FA MU-5 Pending To be determined. NUTI4-FIU 1 At Grade Busway The results of the project will be reported at t h e 78th Study Transportation Resear c h Board Annual Meet ing an d the Annual Meeting of the lnstiMe of Transportation E n gineers. P r esentations will also be made at othe r national or local conferences. Technical papers will be p u blished in profess i o n al j ourna ls. N U T I4-FtU-2 Analyses of T h e fin dings o f thi s research w i ll be P

ANNUAL PLAN A C TIVITIES S TATU S TAB L E 34, YEAR F OU R TECHN OLOG Y TRAN S FER ACTIVmES P rojec t Techno logy Transfer Activitie s NUTI4-FSU-3 Customer Servic e : The completed report will be made avai l able lo public transit Enhancing Consumer Awareness mangers thr ough F I MAT. I n the results of the and Penceptio n s of Publ ic Transrt pro ject sha ll b e prepared for submission to s uch academic Service s Prov iders journa l s as the Journal of Public Transportati o n. A p r ese n tation shall also be prepared for suc h conferences as t h e APTA An nua l Transit Management Conference, the Annual ACT Conference o r the ann ua l SEAC T meeti ngs NUT 1 4-FS U-4 Energy a n d Project researchers anticipate development of two Environmental Perfonnance of p u blications a n d t he foundatio n for development of a Existing and Emergi ng P u blic possible boo k The results o f th i s research was presented at Transportation Technolog ies the Tra n sportat ion Researc h Board Conference In January 1998 a n d will also be submitted for presentation at a number of o t her professio nal fonums (including the N ortheast Sustainable Energy Association, Sustainable Transporta t ion Confere nce). Dr. Lynch was flown to Boca Raton, Florid a and filmed for a forth-<:Oming docu mentary scheduled to be s h own on N ationa l P u bl i c Telev i sion on Decem ber 1 2 or 13, 1997 with s pe c ial attention on th e enviro n menta l transportation; ene rgy. and econom i c benefits of using electric cars i n p l ace of conventionally powered internal combustion e ngine automobi les for urba n transport NUTI4-USF-1 Project As ove r all p r oj ect admi n istrator CU T R p rov ides additional Admi nistrat ion IV dissemination and promotion of NUTI materialS thro ugh the dissem i n ation of CUTR materia ls. NUT14-USF2 Journal of Public The Journal of Public Transportation is primarily a t echnology Transportation IV t ransfer activrty. N UT14-USF-3 African-American The symposium is a technology transfer activrty. Newsletter Mobilrty Symposium IV (AAMS IV) arti cles w i ll h igh l ig h t key issu es. CUTR has dev e l oped an A frican-Amer i can Mobilrty Symposium h ome page/webs ite. The proceed ings a nd othe r infomnati o n from the sympos ium will be added to the Web page, including porti ons o f the symposium that was video produced for televised viewing by The Tamp a Education Ch a nne l and CSpan. l nfomnation prov id ed during t h e 1997 symposium and fro m previous symposiums will se rve as th e basis for a national clealing hous e on transporta tio n topics that relate t o A frican Americans and other minorities 56


ANNUAL PLAN ACTMTIES STATUS TABLE 3-4 YEA R FOU R TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER ACTIVITIES Project Technology Transfer Activities NUTI4 USF-4 NPTS Travel Data The two reports coming out of t h i s project will be distributed Analysis w i dely with the expectations that other forums will want to reproduce all or parts of the i n formation for natio nal distr i bution. A l s o it is a nt i cipated that articles papers, and/or presentations based on the resu lts of this project will be comple t ed for various forums such as the American Publi c Association and the Transportation Research Board, among others. In addition, it is exp ected that a t least some of the more interesting and i mportant fin dings will also be dissem i nated via the Int ernet t o promote mor e widespread of th i s research. The as-yet to-bedetermined Interne t p resence can possibly range from a si m ple hortink acoessib l e via CUTR's current we b site to full electronic access to the project reports at a w ebsite of nat ional significance and acoessibility (i.e., USDOT/FTA TRB APT A, etc ). N UTI4-USF-5 Opportunities for the The final report wiU be distributed to the state departments of Coordination of Gen eral Publ i c education, transit agenc i es, MPOs, schoo l district studen t Tans i t and Sch ool Bus t ransportation personnel l ocal schoo l boards and state Transportation departments of transportation. It would also be appropriate to present the results at the annua l meetings of TRB and APTA In addition, the resu lts wil l be made avai l able through NTIS. A p aper will be submitted to one of the various scholarly transportation-re la ted journals: Transportation Quarterly, Transportation Research RecoJ, or t he Journal of Public Transportation. I n additio n various othe r publications will be t a r geted suc h as Transportation Research Board Newsfine, The Urban Transportation Monitor CUTR/ines newsletter School Transportation News, School Bus Fleet, and others Finally, an executive summary deta i ling fi nd i ngs from the flnal report w ill be pub l ished on the Internet as part of CUTR's World Wide Web page (http:IJwww e n g.usf.eduiCUTR/culrhome.html) NUTI4-USF-6 Perspect ives o n the To produce s u mmary papers or presentations that wou ld be Future of Publ i c Transportation an interest for APTA TRB, APA, ITE or other tra n sportation forums 5 7


ANNUAL PLAN ACTIVITIES S TATUS TABLE 3 4 YEAR FOUR TECHNO LOGY TRAN SFER ACTIVITl ES Project Technology Tra nsfer Activities NUT14-USF-7 ADA Service P r elim i n ary p r esentations was made at committee meetings Criteria: Best Practices for at the TRB Annual Mee ti ng in 1997 (Committee on Complying with System Paratransit Committee on Accessible T ransportatio n & Capacey Requirements Addi t ional prese n tations a r e pla n ned for state conferences held by the F l orida Commission for the Transportation Disadvantaged and Florida Transit Associa ti on. Final results will be offered for presentat ion at a TRB An n ua l Meeting An article was included in the TRB Committee on newsletter. T h e fina l report also will be made available in hard copy and through CUTR s World \Mde Web site. A proposal will be subm i tted i n response to the TRB A nn ua l Meeting Call for Papers. NUT14-USF-8 Pubtic Invo l vement The public i n volvement handbook will be put on the Bureau Handbook for Agencies of Transportat ion Statis t ics website, 700 copies will be pri n t e d and ma i l ed to selected transit agenc ies and oth ers upon request Notices o f the availability of the handbook wi ll be incl uded i n CUTR i i n es and other relevant newsletters and pub l ications. The princ i pal i nvestigators will pub l i sh key find i ngs i n a national publication a n d make a m i nimum of one prese n tation at a nationa l confere n ce. NUT14-USF-9 Model i ng The final report will be widely distribu ted to transit agencies, Captive a nd Cho ice Rider Behavior univers ity li b r aries federal and state departme nts of t ransportat ion, and planning orga n izatio n s around the coun t ry; a paper for p r esentation will be submitted t o T ransportation Research Board and loca l meetings such as the Florida Section I TE Meet i ng and submitted for publication In a journal suCh as the Journal of Public Transportation 58


ANNUAL P LAN AC T IVITIE S STATU S TABLE 3-S, YEAR FIVE PLANNE D TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER ACTIVITIES Projeet Planned Technology Transfer Activit ies NUTI5FAMU 1 M i norily Mobi lity The sym posi um ilse lf, FEEDS l ink v i deos the Wo r l d Wide Symposiu m V Web s ite. press re leases, artides, presentations and proceed i n gs all w i ll serve as mea n s of tech n o l ogy t ra n sfer In addi tion copies of t he proceedings rema i n avai l able. NUT 1 5 -FAMU 2 Publi c Tran sit And T o be detennined. May Include special conference sessions Welfaret o-Work: Exploratory or Journal articles Resea r ch And Assessment of a Clear i n ghouse For The Dissem i nat i on of We l fareT a-Work lnfonnation NUT I S FAMU-3 L i nkin g Audio-visual materia l s w i ll be developed Presentations will T ransportatio n Modeling Software be made at app r opriate forums s u ch as transporta t io n Wrth Geographic I nforma t ion re lated conferences. A tec h nical paper will be writte n for Systems A Synt h es i s of The State p ublishing in a j ournal. of The Practice NUT IS-FAMU-4 To be detennined To be detenn ined. NUT IS-FIU-1 At-Grade Busway A presentation w i ll be made at the 1999 T ransporta ti on P l anni n g Gu i de Research Board Annual Meeting, the Annua l Meeting of the Institut e of Transportation Engineers, and othe r n at i onal a n d local conferences Technica l papers w i ll be pub l is hed i n professiona l journals. The report wi ll be published by the Lehman Center for Transportation Research on its Web site. The possi bilily o f distributing more copies of the r eport t hrough the Federal Tra n sit Administration a n d Natio n al Tra n sportation l nfonnation Services will be exp l ored. N UT ISFSU-1 Co n ti nuation of the The C learinghouse s Web site will serve as a primary Promotiona l Materia l s d i stribution dev i ce Ongoi n g correspondence will continue Clearing h ouse with APTA and the Associ ation for Commut er T ransportation (ACD as a means of relaying new Information, develop m ent of a list serve t o wh i ch transit professionals can s u bscribe and heighten commu n i cat i o n w i t h their peers. Staff and faculty assigned to thi s proj ect have been invited to speak at n umerou s conferen ces and workshops thro u ghout the year to discuss the i m p l i cat i o n s of usi n g the World Wide Web as a marketing t ool. Also, AIPTA has agreed t o p l ace an artic l e a b out t he C l earinghouse i nt o its publication Passenger Transport 59


ANNUAL PLAN ACTMTIES STATUS TABLE 3..S, YEAR FIVE PLANNED TECH N O L OG Y TRANSFER A C TIVITI ES Project P l a nned Technology Transfer Activities NUTI5-FSU-2 Training Guide and The research results will be submitted for presentation i n Educat i onal Training Worl

ANNUAL PLAN ACTIVITIES STATUS TABLE 3-5, YEAR FIVE PLANNED TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER ACTIVmES Project Planned Technology Transfer Activities NUTIS.USF-6 Public Transit and There are several technology transfer components In this WelfareTo-Won<: Exploratory project, i ncl ud ing: the resource l isting contacts ; a "welfareResearch to-work' sess i on or program track for the NUTI GIS conference; a "welfare-to-wol1<" session or program track in the NUTI AAMS conference; pub l ication of artide(s) in the Journal of Public Transportation; and the technical report. NUT15-USF Minority Mobility The symposium itself the FEEDS lin k video, the Symposium Wide Web site, press releases articles, presentations and proceedings all will serve as means of technology transfer Goal IV. Education: Design and offer a multidiscip l inary program of course work and experiential learning that enhances the urban transportatio n theme of the Institute Objective IV.1 : Have each project enhance transportation education Action Item IY.1.a: Assign one or more graduate ass i stants to each Instit ute project Report on the impacts of additional educational activities i n terms of the number of students participating in and being supported by I nstitut e activities Tables 4-3 and 4-4 summarize project staffing including student participation in NUTI years three and four research projects. Action Item IV.2.a: Monitor and report on the activities designed to enhance the transportation education program. Goat v Human Resources: Attract students, faculty and staff who reflect the growing diversity of the U.S. work force and involve them substantively in the work of the Institute. Objective V.1: Require each project plan to have an element that addresses the Human Resources Goal. The composition of the consooium as well as the staffing and student body of the member schools reflects a diversity of ethnicity, gender, and discipline Project staffing reflects the commitment to diversity. In light of the diversity i nherent in the consortium and the commrtment to providing projects for each school, we ha ve not considered diversity as some measurement criteria in the selection of individual projects. Objective V.2: Monrtor the accomplishment of the Human Resource goal at the project level. 61


ANNUAL P LAN A CTIVITIES STATUS Action Item V .Z.a: Monitor the number and diversity of students and facu l ty working on each I n stitute project. T ab ies 4-3 and 4-4 summarizes project staffing for years three and tour i n terms of ethnicity and gender for both fac u lty and student staffi n g of t he projects TABLE 4-3, YEAR THREE PROJECT STAFFING Pro j ect Sta ffi ng, R e searchers Staffi ng Students NUT I3FAMU-1 The Church : An C h arles A B laCk, male Sharon Saulle r Black Alternative Urba n Transportation Addis Taylo r Black ma le female Amenity Alvin Shipman, B lacl<, mal e Narqulnta R i chardson Black Linda Raines, Black fema l e female !shan Frazie r B l ack. female Vory Cope l and B laCk, male Narquinta Richardson BlaCk, Ayana Roberts B l ack female female Sharon Saul ter B l ack femal e (form erly a st u dent) NUTl3-FAMU-2 Eva l uation of Charles C Kldd, Black ma l e Sharo n Saulter B l ack, Mass Transit on Environmental Ray A. Shackelford, Black female Equ ity and J ustice ma l e L esley Miller B laCk, male Char les A. B laCk, male Cha n ga Kidd, Black, male Kim D avis Black female Dawn Ha r ris, Black fema l e Oarion Jackson, BlaCk, ma l e Candice Henderson, BlaCk, female Alan Harris, BlaCk, male Sea n Black male Gwe n donlyn Simmonds Black female NUT I 3-FAMU-3 An Assessment Charles A. B laCk, male Narqu i nta Richardson B lack of the Relationsh i p between the Addis Tay lor, Blac k male female (no longer a student) Telecomm utin g Population and Alvin Shiprnon, BlaCk, male Public Tra n sporlation Managers Narqu i nta R i chardson Black femal e N UTI3-FIU-1 Application of Fang Zhao, Asian female Ming Zhao Asian, female Geographic I nformation System L. David Shen, Asian, male Hes h am Elbadrawi wMe, for Public T ransit Manageme nt Jian H uang, Asian, male ma l e Young-Kyun Lee, Asia n male Molses Simon, wh i te male Lipi n g Wang, Asian, male Francis Lewis B l ack ma l e Muhammud Alit lzhar, white male Raymond Allah Black, male 62


ANNUAL PLAN ACTIVITIES STATUS TABLE 4-3, YEAR THREE PROJECT STAFFI N G Project Staffing, R esearc h ers Staffi n g, S1ud ents NUT13-FIU-2 Workshop on L. David Shen, Asian, male Adjo Amek udz i Black Emerging Fare Collection N. 0. Attoh-Okine female Technologies in Mass Transit Mark Ham ilton, B l ack, male NUT13-FIU-3 Implementat i on Fang Zhao, Asian, female Adriana Gomez, Hispanic, Issues of Automati c Vehicl e L. David Shen, As i an male female Location Systems In Urban and Young-Kyun Lee, Asia n male Muhammud Atif lzhar wh ite, Rural Areas: Implicatio n s of male Differe n t Physical and Social Fabiola Dubu i sson Black, Characteristics femal e Ca n dace Scott white, femal e NUT13-FSU Stormwater D r Andrew A Dzurik whit e Becky Bryant Soileau, white Management Ma n ual for Pub lic male femal e Transit Maintenance Facilities NUT13-FSU The Impact of Gregory L T hompson, white Matt Click white male Trans i t Supply on the Labor male John Malitf white, male Force Participation Ra t e of M e l v i n M it chell blac k ma l e You n g Black Males and other at -Kevi n Tilbury, wh ite, male Ris k Groups John Sewell, male NUTI3-FSU-3 FIMATWilliam M ustard, white, male KimbeMy Ray black, female Promot i ona l Materia l s R i chard Brand, white, male Farah M irza, female Clearinghouse Damien Green, white male Mary Lefferson white female Joe Maloney, white male NUT13-FSU-4 Niche Marketing: William Mustard. white, male Michael Brady, white male Opportunities for Increasing J J osep h C r onin, Jr., white Short and LongTerm Transit male Ridership NUT13-USF-1 Project Steve E. Polzin white ma l e Sa i Mallena, India n female Administration Gary Brosch, white, male NUTI3 USF-2 Journal of P u blic Gary L. Brosch, white male Transportation Patric i a A Henderson white fema l e 63


ANNUAL PLAN ACTMTIES STATUS TABLE 4-3, YEAR THREE PROJECT STAFFING Project Staffing, Researchers Staffing, Students NUT13USF-3 African-American Eric T. Hill, Black. male Efrain Areizaga Hispanic, Mobility Symposium Ill Beverly G. Ward, B lack, female male Tonya Hepburn, B l ack, female NU TI3USF-4 Ti m ing Steve E. Polzin, whtte, male Hari Madu r Ind i an, fema l e Considerations in P l anning Major Xuehao Chu, Asian, male Transtt Investment Projects NUT13-USF-5 Lessons Learned J oel Volinski, wMe, male Jesus Gomez, Hispanic in Savings, Efficiencies, Miche l e LaBruoe, white fema l e male and Revenue Generation Joel R Rey Hispanic male David Gillett, wMe, male Michael Bal tes, whi te, male NUT13USF-O Geographic Fredalyn M. Frasier, Black Efrain Areizaga, Hispanic, lnfonnation Systems as a Tool female male for Examining Environmenta l Eric T Hin, B la ck, male Tonya Hepbum, B l ack, Equity Issues in Public G. Ward Black female female Joe Hagge, wMe, T ransporta tion male 64


ANNUAL PLAN ACTIVITIES STATUS TABLE 4-4, YEAR FOUR P R OJ E CT STA FF I N G Project Staffi n g Researchers Staffing, S tu de nts NUT14-FAMU-1 Safety Concerns Pending. In and Around A Transi t System and T h eir Impact on R i dership NUT14-FAMU-2 A Po l icy-Based Pending Tan sit Risk Management Strategy NUT14-FAMU-3 Mino r ity Use of Pending. Special Needs Transportation Systems NUTI4 FAMU-4 AfricanCharles A. Wright Black, male American Mob i lity Sympos ium Alvin Shipmon, B l ac k male (AAMS I V) Paul a McKn ig h l, B l ack femal e NUT14-FAMU-5 Pending Pending. NUT 1 4-F I Ut At Grade Busway L David Shen, Asian ma l e Francis Lewi s, Black male Study Fang Zhao As i an, fema le Diana Ospina wh ite, female Hesham Elbadrawi, white, male NUTI 4 -FIU-2 A n alyses of L. David Shen, Asian, male Muhammud Atif lzhar, white, Strategies and Programs of the Fang Zhao, Asian fema l e male U S Transit Age n cies to Dia n a Osp ina, white femal e Enhance Transit Security NUTI4-FIU-3 Data Requirements Fang Zhao, Asian, fema l e Qing Xia, As ian, fema l e and Data Sources for Transit G I S L Dav i d Shen, Asia n male Applications NUTI4-FSU-1 FIMAT -New William Mustard, white male Travis Trueblood, Native Technology for Interactive DeWayne Carver white male American, male User lnfonnation C h arles Hofacker male Mary Lefferson white, femal e Systems Yolanda Thomas Black, femal e 65


ANNUAL PLAN ACTIVITIES STATUS TABLE 4-4, YEAR FOUR PROJECT STAFFING Project Staffing, Researchers Staffing, Students NUT14-FSU-2 FIMAT-William Mustard wMe, male Brad Mabry, wMe, male Cdntinuation & Expansion of the J. Joseph Cronin, Jr., white, Kathleen Payne, whrte, Promotional Materials male female Clearinghouse Jeff Horton, white male Joseph Maloney, white male Sherry Hey!, white, female David Summey, white, male NUTI4-FSU-3 Customer Service: William Mustard, white male Leslie Smith, white, female Enhancing Consumer J. Joseph Cronin Jr . white, Awareness and Perceptions of male Public Tran sit Services Providers NUTJ4-FSU-4 Energy and Thomas A. Lynch, white, male Environmental Performance of Andrew Dzurik, white male Existing and Emerging Publ ic Loyd Lyday white male Transportation Technologies NUTI4-USF-1 Project Steven E. Polzin, whrte, male, Sai Mallena, Indian, female Administration IV Patricia Baptiste, Black, female Ravi Peddu, Indian male NUT14-USF-2 Journal of Public Gary Brosch, white, male, Jeff Zokovitch, white, male Transportation IV Patricia Henderson, white, female NUTI4-USF-3 African -American Eric Hill, Black male To nya Hepburn, Black, Mobil ity Symposium IV (AAMS D. Michae l C r ittenden Black female IV) ma l e Yvette Fuller, Black, female Beverly G. Ward, Black female NUT14-USF-4 NPTS Travel Data Steven E. Polzin, white, male, Thomas Tu, Asian male Analysis Joel R. Rey, Hispanic, male, Ben Walker, IMlite male NUTI4-USF-5 Opportunities for Michael Baltes, white, male the Coordination of General Wllr.am Morris, white, male Public Tansit and School Bus Transportation NUT14-USF-6 Perspectives on Ste ven E. Polzin, white male the Future of Public Transportation 66


ANNUAL PLAN ACTIVITIES STATU S TABLE 4-4 YEAR FOUR PROJECT STAFFING NUTI 4-USF-7 ADA Service Rosemary G M a thi as. whit e Criteria : Bes t Practices for female Comp lyin g Parat ransit S y stem Capacity Requiremen ts NU1l4-US F-8 Public Kristine M 'MIIiams white, Involvement Handbook for female Agencies NU1l4-US F.S Modeling Ram M Pendyala Indian male Captive and Choice Rider Xuehao Chu Asian male Behavior 67


ANNUAL PLAN ACTIVITIES STATUS TABLE 4-5, YEAR F IVE PROJECT STAFFING Project Staffing, Researchers Staffing, Students NUTIS-FAMU-1 Minority Mobility Charles A. Wright, Black male SymposiumV Alvin Shipmon, B lack, male N UTIS-FAMU-2 Publ i c T r ansit A. Wrig h t B l ack, male And Welfare-to-Work: Add i s Taylor, Black, male Exploratory Research And Assessment of a Clearinghouse For The Dissemination of Welfare To-Work Information N UTIS-FAMU-3 Linking Brenda Robinson, Black, female T ransportat ion Modeling Software With Geograp hi c Information Systems A Synthesis of The State of The Practice NUTIS-FAMU-4 To be det ermined To be determined NUTIS -FIU-1 At-Grade Busway l. David Shen, Asian, male Planning Gu ide Fang Zhao, Asian, fema le Diana Ospina, white, female Hesham E l badrawi white male NUTIS-FSU-1 Conti nuatio n of the Will ia m Mustard, white male Kathleen Payne, white Promotiona l Materials Tomas HuH, white male female Clearinghouse Jeff Horto n. white. male Mary Leffers on, white, female Brad Mabry. white male Tommy Stith, Black male Travis Trueblood American India n male Sherry Heyt, white, female NUTIS-FSU-2 Training Guide and Thomas A. Lynch white male Educational Trai ning Workshops Loyd Lyday. white male on Economic Impact Assessment Methods for Public Transit NUTIS-USF-1 Program Steven E. Potzin white, male Ravi Peddu, Indian, male Administration V Patricia Baptiste, Black, female NUTIS-USF-2 Case Studies of Joel Volinski, white, male Creative Transit Agencies 68


ANNUAL PLAN ACTIVITIES STATUS TABLE 4 -5 YEAR FIVE PROJECT STAFFING P r o j ect Staffing, Researchers Staffi ng, Stude n ta NUTIS-USF-3 Forum for Gary L Brosch, white, male Assessing the I mpl i catio n s of Patricia Henderson, wh ite. female ISTEA Reauthorization on Public Transit NUTIS-USF-4 NPTS Gui debook F. Ron Jones, white, ma l e for Economic I mpact Xue hao C hu, Asia n ma l e Stud ies NUTIS-USF-5 Secon d National Ronal d c Sheck, white, male Conference on GIS in Transit Public Transit and Beverty G. Ward, Black, femal e Stacy Burgess Welfare-To-Wortk: Expl ora t ory Research NUTISUSF-7 Minority Mobil ity Eric T Hill Black male Symposium D Michael Crittenden, Black male Beverty G Ward, Black female 6 9


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Quarterly lnslitute Financial Report. Year Three Summary (2117195LO) Noles: ANNUAL BUDGET PLAN (FY 1995 FUNDING) University Research Institutes Program National Urban Transit lnstiMe at the UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH FLORIDA Budget Period: Year 3,December 31, 1995 through March 31, 1998 Current Budget column reflects budget changes by subcontractors and USF. Subcontractors invoices: FlU through 6196, FSU through 3/96, FAMU lhrough 9/96 03/31/98 Quarterly Report Financia l Slatus-2 73


Quarterly Institute Financia l Report Year Four Summary ANNUAL BUDGET PLAN (FY 1996 FUNDING) University Research Institutes Program National Urban Transit Institute at the UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH FLORIDA Budget Period: Year 4, September 30, 1996 through March 31, 1998 and Total D irect (2117230LO) Notes: Current Budget column reflects budget changes by subcontractors and USF. Subcontractors invoices: FSU through 06/30197; FlU th rough 03131/97 03/31198 Quarterly Report 74


Quarterly Institute Financial Report, Year Five Summary (2117280LO) Notes: ANNUAL BUDGET PLAN (FY 1997 FUNDING) University Research lnstitutos Program National Urban Transit Ins titute at the UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH FLORIDA Budget Period: Year 5, September1, 1997 through March 31, 1998 Current Budget column reflects budget changes by subcontractors and USF. Suboontractors Invoices: 3131198 Quarterly Report 75


.. I ..: .., e i .. .. 0 I 1 I I li u nn H ; !JIB' 2 i! H l f l I l 1J! I I J j J J i 1 IHH 2 '' a a a*' ,.,.... 1 I j i i i i i 1 i l l i J I l i J . . lfSOfllt s .. ;f;; ; I J:r.jii I 4 ti!i I !li. t5aa !! 1 ;j I I l a a nft IH I q ll, . ... : dJ, i I I I IH um I iii I t = l ,, H tt ,p I I 'J } .. Hl i i I 1 p H i I I ; J '4 i ;; .: I! 1 ,. l a '"!f o: :a ; I Ill q H p I I jfll i Ill i"= s ,. ... IHU'H .. ... 1111 t .;; .. ; t p 15 !II{ il I l :I:f t=:i: ll! s I I H!H H 'lUI I I I tptl'ltflfUlH 1 i'll';:' I I r l I I 1 I I I f l r l I r ' l i I l ... J ;S: .. :::r :; ;; I H i ii q '. ; ' s ! r I IJl l ii u l li \U r P ; If.!iJU !.! I I III 1 l11 .if l f I ; $ I I 77


I I l l l i l l ! I a;; ;;::: ;;st; f I !! I l "' l .. h I I .c l .::'i u s:: H H 0 11 if:! ;l:; =; f. I I 0 IS I i <; ;; A I I I 78


-''National .,0'-Urban ..1.00.'Trans i t .,,. .,,. Institute Coltege of Engineering. University of South Florida 4202 E. Fowler Avenue CUT 100 Tam pa FL 33&2o,.sns ( 813)974-3120 S unCom 574-3120 F IX(813 } 974-6168 GI)'L Brtn c h CUTR Director Sttvt'n E Polrln, NUTl 0/rec-tor April 2 4 1998 Ms. E l aine Joo s t Ms. Robin Kli n e and Ms. Amy S teams U S Dep t. of Tra nsporta ti on R esearch & Spec ial Programs Administr at ion 400 7 th Street, S.W, DUR-1, Room 8417 Washington, DC 20590 -0001 Dear Ms. Joost, Ms. Kline and Ms. Stearns: On behalf of the Florida Consort i um, I am pleased t o submit one bound copy of the attached NUT/ Quarterly Report through March 1998. Thi s report details progress o n the status of resea rch p r ojects and reports progress on NUTI goal s JCUTR Consortium Member$ : RORIOA .U.M U*VOtSifY DWceor .,.. ,...., ... Clh'.eii .......... Pott Ofllc los .. T41ltltlu_, .. l l. ttC.J .,>J.IOI, u 11041 M1.Vn Ft.ORIOA I N TIJIINA Tl0NA.'-UtwlRSITY 'hO, '' Chlt lnd !llvltOIImt.nlt l fngln"ltng Unlv11'1lly P1rlt C tmp ut. V H 110 Miami, F L 3 31ft 13051 UI )OU, lu 130&. >48

-''-National .,0'-Urban .1.00.'Transit .,,.. .,,.. Institute DATE: FROM: TO: SUBJECT: > '!' ,. ,, .. MEMORAND UM :, April 998 Pa eta Bapt iste Assistant -r. Charles A Wright, FAMU Dr. David Shen FlU Mr. William Mustard, FSU Quarterly Report attheCENTERFOR URBANTRANSPORTATION RESEARCH College of EnginHring, University of South Florida 4202 E. Fowler Avenue, CUT 100, Tampa, FL 33620-5375 (813) 974.-3120 SunCom 574 Fax(813)974 GaryL. Brosch CUTR Director Steven E Polzin, NUTI Olrector jCVTR Consortium Members: FLORIOA.A&AI UNtVfRSrTY etuut u A. Wtlgl!l, PI'IO, PE Director and Prof u or Olv. or Eng n..eMg T.cMolcgy Poe-t SO 164 T .. Fl. 32)07 lt04) S994S06, Fu 1904) 1$1.2139 FLORIDA INTEAAA TlONAL UNIVER.SITY L David Shtn, Pt!O, PE Civil ..,d !n'f'lrontMI'ltal l!llilll'lnring UwlivffS ity p,rk c,q,us, VW Millmi, Fl. 31199 (.305) .34!-)0$.$ ,u (30$) 34 STA.TEU ... IVEASITY WIAi am Mustu'd O i t ttt>ot 01 Runrch and S.Mu lnslltlllt fQr Afl,m.aUv Coue ; or eusln.u FL 3Zl06-l037 Enclosed are one bound and one unbound copies of the NUT/ Quarterly Report through March 31, 1998. Please distribute report to the appropriate Principal I nvestigators. C90-ll 644 2509, Fn tto.t) &44o423t Read the r eport in its entirety and thoroughly examine the financial tables to verify accuracy. If you have any q uestions please do not hesitate to call. /Attachment cc: Steven E. Polzin, NUTI Director NUTtS!tna'9tttpt,:

-''-N a t iona l .,0\. U r ban .J.OO.\. Tra n sit .,,. .,,. Institute April 27. 1998 Mr. Chuck Morison FTA Lia i son (TRI-30 )/Senlo r P rogram Manager Human Resources Federa l T ra n si t Administration U S Depa rt men t of Transportation 400 Seventh St., S W Washington, DC 20590-0001 M r Harry Hersey FHWA Liaison (HHI-10) Nat ional H i ghway Institute 901 N Stuart Stree t, Su"e 300 Arlington. VA 22203 Dear M r M orison and M r H erse y : ottl1oCEHTEIIFORURBAHTRANSPORTATIONRESEARCH College of El1Q.Trt.flring. Un.IVtnfty of Soutft F1ori


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