Bicycle parking plan for Miami-Dade Transit

Bicycle parking plan for Miami-Dade Transit

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Bicycle parking plan for Miami-Dade Transit
Hagelin, Christopher A
University of South Florida -- Center for Urban Transportation Research
Metropolitan Planning Organization (Miami-Dade County, Fla.)
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Tampa, Fla
Center for Urban Transportation Research, University of South Florida
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Bicycle parking -- Florida -- Miami Metropolitan Area ( lcsh )
Bicycle commuting -- Florida -- Miami Metropolitan Area ( lcsh )
Cycling -- Florida -- Miami Metropolitan Area ( lcsh )
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Includes bibliographical references.
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Cover title.
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Prepared for the Miami-Dade Metropolitan Planning Organization.
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Christopher A. Hagelin.

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Hagelin, Christopher A.
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Bicycle parking plan for Miami-Dade Transit /
Christopher A. Hagelin.
Tampa, Fla. :
Center for Urban Transportation Research, University of South Florida,
iii, 44 leaves :
ill. ;
28 cm.
Cover title.
Prepared for the Miami-Dade Metropolitan Planning Organization.
Includes bibliographical references.
Also available online.
Bicycle parking
z Florida
Miami Metropolitan Area.
Bicycle commuting
Miami Metropolitan Area.
Miami Metropolitan Area.
Miami-Dade Transit.
University of South Florida.
Center for Urban Transportation Research.
Metropolitan Planning Organization (Miami-Dade County, Fla.)
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t Center for Urban Transportation Research Publications [USF].
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Parking Han For Prepared for the Miami-Dade Metropolitan Planning Organization Prepare

ACKNOWLEDGMENTS We would like to thank the follow ing for their active participation in this project: David Henderson Jae Manzella Mario Garcia DISCLAIMER Miami-Dade Metropolitan Planning Organization Miami-Dade Metropolitan Planning Organization Miami-Dade Transit The opinions. findings and conclusions expressed in this publication are those of the authors who are responsible for the facts and accuracy of the data presented herein. The contents do not necessarily reflect the views or policies of the Miami Dade Metropolitan Planning Organization or Miami-Dade Transit. This report does not constitute a standard specification or regulation I


Table of Contents List of Tables Executive Summary I. Project Objective and Process II. Literature and Product Review Ill. Research Findings IV. Plan and Management Review V. Project Recommendations Bicycle Parking Plan for MDT CD-ROM Final Report with Executive Summary Summary Chart of Recommendations Photo Log of MDT Bicycle Facil"ies MPO Presentation Powerpoint Survey Flyer Survey Instrument iii 1 8 11 25 38 40 Back cover II


list of Tables and Figures E.S E .S. Fig 2 1 Fig 2.2 Fig 2.3 3.1 3.2 3.3 3.4 3 5 3 6 3 7 3 8 3.9 3.10 3.11 3 .12 3 13 3 14 3. 1 5 3.16 3.17 3 .18 3.19 3.20 3.21 3 22 3 23 3 24 3.25 3.26 3.27 3.28 3.29 B i cycle Parking Plan Recommendations Summary Chart Bicycle P ark ing Rack Types Inverted U Rack Rolling Rack Traditional ''wheel-b ender" Rack Bicyc l e Counts Current Bicycle Cond itions Ethnicity Age Income Sex Days/Week Combin in g Bicycling and Transit Days/Week Bicycle Taken Aboard Me trorail Days/Wee k using Bikes-on -Bus Program Mode When Not B icycling Reasons for B icycling and Parking at Stations Destination Re asons for Feeling Un safe Bicycling t o S tations Where Bicycling Stations most used Usual Parking Me thod Locker Rental S tolenNandalized Bicy cles Ease of Parking Security of Parking Overall Ra ting of Parking Perceptions of Park ing Needs Halling Covered Parking Halling Free Lock e rs Having Loc kers for Rent Having Parking Visible by Staff Having Short and LongTerm Par k ing Having Repair Shop at Station Visible Preference Survey 6 7 15 15 15 25 26 30 30 30 30 3 1 3 1 31 32 32 32 32 33 33 33 34 3 4 34 34 34 35 35 35 35 36 36 36 36 Ill


Bicycle Parking Plan for Transit Executive Summary Project Objective and Process The purpose of the Bicycle Par1

Jerooy Transit has m a de a considerable eff ort t o reduce bicycle theft and improve bicycle parking facilities llv'ough the provisio n ol secure lockers atlheir transit staUons. Ten palled to determine the range ol fac:ilities available and cost estimates The products inckJded: American 8icyr;le S=Wy Model 302 and Model 301V lockers Pro Park bicycle locker and Inverted U rack. Rolling Rack and Hoop Rack. Madrax's Heavy Duty Winder Rack creative Ape's CS Series and elockers and Th underbolt rack and Maxim i n Vertical rack and Ring Rack. The Association of Pedestrian and Pr ofessionals recommends the "inverted U" type bi ke racks A range of estimated costs based on product po8S trees and lampposts. There are primatiy lllree dilferent styles of racks found at the stations which incUie "Wheee-be<1dee fence racks, inverted U racks and rolling reeks (See Page 6 for pi:tures of rack types) Many of the "WMee-bender" racks are siglificantty clamaged. I n regard to the 10 Metrobus transit hubs selected for assessment. only one station the SW 152 Street B usway, has a bicycle rack present and none had bicycle lockers available for patrons. Only two bicycles were observed at the transit hubs. Bicycle Survey Results CUTR conducted 72 s urveys of bicyclists, with 15 bicyclists al so part i c ipating in individual int erviews as well. 79% of responde n ts comb i ne bicycling and transit 4 days or more per week, and 73% are commuting to work. Over 40% a l so take their b i cycl es aboard the at l east one day per week. and 18% aiso use the bikes-on bus program Over ha l l of respondents l ive within 2 miles of a transit staUon. The primaoy reasons for combining bicycling and transit are to save money, for exer cise, and close proximity of thei r residences to trans" stations A third of respondents also reported that they do not have aooess to automobile. I n terms of 52% of respondents were whltelnon Hispanic 22% were H ispanic, and 17% were either African.American or African-Caribbean o-half of respondents were over the age of 40 and with 35% earn i ng tess than $20 000 per year and 21% earning $70,000 or 2


more. Overall, 82'A. indicated that m ore bicycle parking is needed, and 81% feel that better more secu r e bicycl e parking is needed. In t enns o f the most desirab l e cha r acteristics of b i cycle parl

o Recommended locker storage capacity is 190 b icycles Since most lockers are designed with 2 separate bicycle compartments, th is means 951ockers a r e needed for the 21 existing Metrorail stations o Placing lockers at Melrobus h ub s is optional, since there does not seem to be any significant demand. However the addition of higtrqlality and secure lockers could potentially generate demand. Some of the hubs included in the research are simply allocated parking spaces at slrip mall-twa commercial centers. The Metrobus h ubs most conducive to having bicycle lockers are Hanis Fi eld Community College South Campus, and Metrobus Downtown ..: Remove all wheel bender racks, and replace with new inverted U racks. o The inverted U racks at Brickell, Coconut Grove, Dadela nd North, Dadeland South, Douglas Road and South Miam i can stay. The two rolling racks at T riRail can stay. o When feasible locate all racks within view of transit security personnel posts and under cover. When raCks canno t be located under existing roof structures, covered shelters can be buiH to p

10% for snipping, ranges from approx i mate l y $6,500 to $15,000. As a re sult combination of both sllort term park in g (bicycle racks) and 1or1g term paJIJ< Quality (CMAQ) funds. and FT A Enhanceme n t Funds. All th ree o f th ese major funding sour ces specifically r efe r ence bicycle parking improvemeniS as acceptable p r ojects Bicycle Paridng Policy, Adminl$1lrative and Promotional Recommendations Wrthin the appropriate documeniS, such as ltle County's Comprehensive Plan and MPO's Long Range Transportation P l a ns, specific language r egardi ng bicycle park i ng at Metrorail and Metrobus stations should be induded Such l anguage shoul d include the i ncorporation o f both short and long term bicycle parki n g at al l curre nt and future Metrorail stations and major M etrobus transit stations. A standard amou nt of short a n d long term bicycl e parking capacity should be established so ltla t ltlei r inclus ion in station design is standardized. When feasible, bicycl e parking shoul d be placed u n der cover and within s i ght of transa security perso n ne l posts. The administration of the parking facilities may remai n on the co n trol of the MPO Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator or moved to ltle transit agency in order to central ize all operations Maintenance o f ltle bicycle parking facilities s houl d remain tile responsibility of ltle transit agency, and transit security personnel should be responsible far ltle SUIVei llance of racks and l ockers Appropriate signage wiU seNe to promote tile integration ol bicycling and transit Signage at Metrorail stations is needed to guide bicyde-commuting patron t o parking a nd i nstructio ns on lhe process t o rent a locker. Metra

Rttkl p......,, BICYCLE PARKING PLAN FOR MIAMI DADE S UMMARY C HART Rtnttd 1 Assuming the inverted U raeks a1 Brid :cU. Coconut Orove. Oadela.nd North. Oadebnd Souh. [.)rot,gJas Road, and South Mi1mi and lhe rolling rack at Tri -Ra:il.slay in : Bicycle lock ers ate transit hubs are optionaladdi1ions. as bicycle counts did not &how any signifiicJnt demand Racks 1hould be made avallable at aU transit hubs.. 6


Bicycle Parking Rack Types Rolling Rack 7


Project Objective Develop recommoodations for new and improved bicycle parking facilitks at Metrorail stations, park and-ride lots and other transit hubs. Secure parking is often identified as critical to increasing the number of people who bicycle to IM:l<1< rx school. Transrt ridersh ip can be increased at a low cost by eliminating barriers and providing bike parking at sta tions, park and ride lots and other transit h ubs. Miami-Dade Transit (MOT) has recognized the connection between bicycle parking and transi t seiVice for many years. parking facilrties {bike racks and bike lockers) have been provided at Metrrxaa stations since the system was opened i n 1 986. New raci

New types of bike racks and lockers are more secure, require l ess maintenance and are eas i er to use than the equi pment curre ntly in use. The purchase and installation of racks and lockers are now el igible for fede r al fund i ng through the TEA-21 l egislation. Innovative funding sc he mes have also been tried i n other cities where advertising space i s i ncorporated i nto b i ke parking 10 ge n erate revenue i n excess of ma i nten ance costs Scope of Wort( Task 1: Literature Review A l iterature review will be conducted to examine up to five (5) bicycle parl

ride lot. Incentives will be provided to maximize survey return rate. The suNey will a lso be to lhe 55 current bicycle locker renters. Step 2b: The desired number ol completed field surveys Is 200. If 100 surveys have not been received by lhe end of the second 3-

Peer Communities/Agencies Portland, The Ci1y of Portland, OR i s widely considered to have developed one o f the most compre h ensive bicycl e plan and made considered eff0<1S t o Integr ate bicycl ing and The City's Office of Tra nsportation has deve loped specific Parl

7. Minimum Regylred Bicycle Park ing Spaces: The minimum bic)de parking spaces are dependent on the use category, square footage and the number of car parking spaces In order to smooth the integration of bicycle and transit Portland's T ri-Met transit agency has also eliminated their bic}<:le pennits programs for all MAX trains and buses.' Tri-Met also allows folding bic}<:les onto all their buses. San Francisco, CAIBART BART of the San Franc isco Bay /Vea has made significant efforts to attract bicyclists to their system. F or example, they have established a BART Bicycle Advisory Task Force to review proposed policies, discuss any problems and complaints about bicycles on BART, present recommendations to BARrs Board of Di rectors and act as a l iais on between BART and the bicycling community. The Task Forces has worked on adding and upgrad ing BART's bicycle parl

Bike rental Changing room and restrooms, and Patio cafe The Bikestation also is authorized to issue all bicycle permits required to use rail and bus services. Bicycles can a l so be stored overnight for a charge of $3 per night. The facilities is oW!Ied and operated by the City of Long Beach and its Redevelopment Agency with assistance from the Bikestation Coalijion. The facility is also home to the Clean Mobility Center that features its car-sharing program, City Wheels. New Jersey Transit New Jersey Transit developed their "Bike Aboard" Program in 1992, which allowed patrons to carry bicycles on trains. In 2000, they began their bikes-onbus program, "Rack n Roll."' In order to accommodate the growing number of bicycling patrons, they have installed over 1600 short and 375 long-tenm bike parking spaces at their 46 rail stations. Bicycle racks are located at 90% of their train stations. New Jersey Tranw also has installed bicycle lockers at several par1< and ride lots. Bicycle locker rental is administered locally by Transportation Management Associations (TMAs) which are organizations that provide assistance to employers and commuters look i ng for alternatives to driving alone to wor1<. There are nine TMAs operating in the region served by New Jersey Transil Their oontains l i nks to all the TMAs for patrons wishing to rent a locker Unlike MART A, New Jersey Transij doeS place some restrictions on bicycles use : Off.peak travel periods : o S1andard frame bicycles may be carried on-board during off-peak hours (weekdays from 9:30a.m. to 4:00p.m. and 7:00p m. to 5:00a.m.). and all day Saturday and Sunday. Peak travel periods: o Standard frame bicycles are only penmitted on outbound trai ns (originating from Newar1<. New York, or Hoboken) scheduled to depart a cyclisrs boarding station between 5:00 a m. and 9:30a m., Monday through Friday o Standard frame bicycles are only permitted on inbound trains (going to Newark, New York, or Hoboken) scheduled to depart a cyclisrs boarding station between 4:00p.m. and 7:00p.m., Monday through Friday. Collapsible bicycles are allowed on at all times. Cyclists are asked to board the train car at a door with an international symbol of accessibility. Bicycles must be kept in the accessible area. Only two bicycles can be accommodated at a time per accessible car. C u rrently 40 peroent of the NJ T RANSI T raa car fleet is accessible ff space is not available, cyclists must waa for the next available train tf a person with a d i sability requests the accessible space, cyclists must detrain and wait for the next available train. Tledowns are recommended and bicycles shoul d be secured through the handles located i n accessible areas i n the manner depicted on the diagram at that location The cyclist m ust hold and steady a bicycle that is not secured by U&downs. The kickstand of the bicycle must remain up at all times. 13


Bicycle Parking Products Biqcle Parking Classes In o r der to attract b i cyclists to "park and ride" transit both short and tong-term parliminal background check. The Bikestaffon conoept is another al ternative for parking that can reduce security risks by eliminating lockers all together. The valet bicyc le park i ng concep t is further explained below. The level of security of bicycle lockers varies cons i derably T h e design of some locker doors lends Itself to being pried open. The type of construction to loo k for is one in which door !hat are set into the locker frame. When the door flange is nested in a continuous groove on three sides of the door, beoomes virtually impossible. It is also recommended to look for locking systems that provide more than one point of contact The best l ocking systems consist of a vertical bar that runs the full length of lhe doo r an d secures a t th e t op and bottom of th e l ocker frame It is also Important to avoid bicycle lockers constructed out of pressed board as they are susceptible t o damage from the sun and rain. Bicycle Racks According to the Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professiona l s, the Inverted U rack is the preferred short-term bicycle parking device (see F i gur e 1). The inverted U rack provides t o two poi nts of contact to keep the bicycle stable while parked Rolling Racks are sim i lar t o inverted U racks, but o n ly provide one point of contact fo r securing the bicyc le (see F igure 2) However they are frequ entty used due to their aesthetic qualities. As with most bicycle racks. rolling racks and inve rted U racks are designed t o be erther moun ted 14


onto exismg concrete, or anchored within concrete. tt Is recomme n ded that the tradit i ona l or fence rack be eels (see Figure 3). It is a lso recommended that bicycle racks be located underneath cover t o avoid damage from Incleme n t weather. Racks ca n e i ther be placed under ex isting roof structures or u ndec' she lters especia l ly buit to cover bicycle parking racks. Figure 2 1: In verted U rack Figure 2.2: Rolling Rack WTB 5EP Figure 2.3: Traditiona l rack 1 5


Bicycle Lockers American Bicycle Secwity Company: Model 302 &;cycle Parking Locker Nama: Company: Addi8SS: Phone : Websit e : Mode1302 American Bi<:ycle Security Company POBox7359 Ventu ra, CA 93006 800..245-3723 Comments: 2 doors, 2 blke capacity, mol ded one piece fiberglass composite Medeco Master keyed stai nless steel T-handle with 3 keys per lock each keyed differently. Number p l ates o n all dOC<$. Stain less steel vents. Safety View security windows in door. Price: $ 1 ,150 (based on pur chase of 30 or more units) Price per bicycle stored= $575 per bicycle Shi pping: Approx i mately $135 per uni t American &;cycle Security Model 301V Bicycle Parking Locker Name : Company : Address : Phone: Website: 301V American Bicycle Security Company PO Box7359 Ventura, CA 93006 800..24S-3723 www.ameribike .com Comments: 1 door, 1 bicycle capacity molded one piece fiberg lass composite. Medeco Maste r keyed stainless steel T handle with 3 keys per lock each keyed differendy. Number plates on all doors. Stainless stee l vents Safety-View security windows In door. Vertical p l acement of bicycle in locker means less space is required and the wedge shape allows lockers to be placed in ci r cles, half-cycles on walls and around the comers of walls. Price: $809 (based on purchase of 40 or more units) Price per bicycle: $809 Shipping: Approximately $110 per unit 16


Both Amefican Bicycle Security Company bicycle locl

Cycle-Safe has also r esponded to growing security concern s and now offers security viewing Sl

Creative Pipe bicyde IOCI

Cycle-Safe: Inverted U Rack Dero: RoiNng Rack Name : Company: Address: Phone: Website : Inverted U Cycle-Safe 478 Arrowhead SE Grand Rapids, Ml49546 888-951).6531 Comments: Inverted U rack, can be mounted or anchored, tubular design, heavy plastic coating to protect bicycle from scratches and the rack from the elements Price: $95 per unit Bicycle capacity: 2 b icycles per unit Price per bicycle : $47.50 Shipping: Approximately 10% of purchase cost Name: Company: Address: Phone: Website : Rolling Rack Dero 1429 Washington Ave South Min neapolis, MN 888-337-6729 www.dero .com Comments: Five humps, galvanized tubing, mounted or anchored Price: $430 per unit minus discounts for volume Bicycle Capacity: 1 1 bicycles per unit Price per bicycle: $39 Shipping: Approximately 10% of purchase cost 20


Deroo Hoop Rack Maclrax: Heavy Duty Winder Bicycle Rack Name: Company: Address: Phone: Website : Hoop Rack Dero 1429 Washington Ave. South Minneapolis, MN 888-337-6729 Comments: Inverted U rack, galvanized tubing, mounted or anchored Price: $58 for anchored, $75 for mounted, 25% discount for orders over 200 units Bicycle Capacity: 2 bicycles per Price per bicycle: $29 (anchored) $37.50 (mounted) Shipping: Approximately 10% of purchase cost Name: Company: Address: Phone: Website: Heavy Duty Winder Madrax 2210 Pinehurst Dr. Middleton, W1 53562 80Q.448.7931 www.madrax.c om Comments: 13 Hump galvanized or plastic coated finish Price: $589 per (15% discount for prompt payment and volume Bicycle 15 bicycle per unit Price per bicycle: $39 Shipping: Approximately 10% of purchase cost 21


TB 13-E-G .. ...... I Bik.Up: Maximin Vertical Bicycle Rack Bike-Up: Ring Rack Bicycle Rack Na me : .Address : Phone: Website : Thundef1>olt Creative P ipe POBox2458 Rancho M irage, CA 92270 800-644-8467 Comments: 13 hump galvanized tubing anchored or mounted Price : $o&80 per unit for volume of 25 units Bicycle Capacity: 15 bicycle capacity per unit Price per bicycle : $32 Shipping: Approxima tely $725 for 25 units N ame : Company : Ph one : Website: Maximin Vertica l Bike-Up 800-661-3506 .bi ke u p .com Comments : Vertical mounting for limi ted space antas. Can be sold i ndividually or In a racl< of ten P rice: $100 per 1 or$1000 for ten (10-15% d isco u nts for volume) Bicycle Capacity: 1 or 10 bicycles per unit P rice per bicycle: $100 Shipping : Approximately 10-15 % N ame : Company: Phone: Website: RlngRacl< Bik.Up 800-661-3506 Comments: Unique design supports top of bi ke to prevent falling allows for frame and wheel t o be locked t ogether to rack Pricol: $270 per 6 or$350 for9 ( 1 0-15% discounts for volume) Bicycle capacity : 6 or 9 bicycle capacity Price per bicycle : $45 or 6 Rings, $40 for 9 Ring Shipping: Approximately 10-15% 22


Bikestation Concept '' I ... ) '-' ' unre t t r TH l ..... / ... ', . Bikestations are attended centers that offer secure, valet bicycle parking and other amennies to encourage the use of bicycles as a transportation mode. Currently three facilities are in operation in Long Beach, Palo Alto, and Berkeley; and several oommunitles across the country are in various stages of planning and implementation. The Bikestatlon concept is only viable for stations with signifocant bicycle ridership. Based on the three Bil

Puget Sound Bikestation Development Plan Bikestation Denver (opening 2003) Feasibility Studies for Bikestations in Cambridge, MA; Fort Collins, CO; and Pittsburgh, PA 4., Street CAL TRAIN Bike-Transrt Facility (opening 2003) FI\Jitvale BART Bikestation (opening 2003) Power Pedals Program (electlic bicycle-sharing program at existing bikestations) Figure 4: Bikestation Long Beach Figure 5: Attendant valet parking bicycle 24


Bicycle Counts Three bicycle oovnlS were conducted for this project i n order to estimate the number ol bicyclislS that use the bicycle park ing faci lities at Metrorai l stations and park and ride lots. The oovnlS were conducted on three separat e days over the course of fou r weeks The counlS were highl y consistent, overal l and i n terms of each station (see Table 3.1). The average number of bicycl e parked at Metrorail and selected Metrobus stations is 124. Currently, there are 53 locker renteMlsville 1 1 2 1 Civic Center 0 0 0 0 Coconut Grove 14 13 13 13 Culmer 0 0 0 0 Dadeland North 11 10 11 11 Dadeland South 13 12 11 12 las Road 7 4 5 6 Or. Martin Luther KinQ Jr 1 2 2 2 Earlington 4 4 5 4 Government Center 2 3 2 2 Hialeah 10 11 11 11 Northside 3 3 4 3 Okeechobee 10 10 11 10 Overtown/Arena 3 3 4 3 Santa Clara 2 1 1 2 South Miami 11 12 12 1 2 TO-Rail 4 5 4 4 UniversitY 9 6 8 8 VIZCaya 5 2 3 3 Golden Glades 0 0 1 1 Hammocks Town Center 0 0 0 0 SW 152 Busway 0 0 0 0 MDCC South campus 0 0 0 0 Coral Reef Park and Ride 0 0 0 0 CuUer Ridge Busway 0 0 0 0 Hams Field 0 0 0 0 Melrobus Downtown 0 0 1 1 72 St. and 88 Ave. 0 0 0 0 Sunset Strip 0 0 0 0 TOTALS 127 121 125 124 25


Current conditions According to Miami-Dade MPO records, there were 53 bicycle locker renters at the onset of the project Currently, there are 2461ockers located at the 21 Metrorai stations However. 1351ockers (55%) are reported by the MPO to be damaged, ot ...nich 92 (37%) are deemed t o be not rentable Furthermore, 14 lockers had already been removed prior to lhe project. The majority of these lockers were installed in 1966. with some additional lockers added in the mMj. 1990s Many of the k>ck.ets are located out of t h e sigh1 of vansit seev(ity making them attractive to thieves and homel ess i ndividuals who occupy some of them. In regard to the 21 Melrorail stations, 6 stations do not have any bicycle racks or the 15 stations that have racks 8 do not have sufficient rack space to meet lhe bicycle parl

Photo Log The complete photo log is available on a CD Rom induded with this report. In the sections, selected photo have bee n included to i l ustrate specific issues. Many of the locl

Security guards at the Noflhside Station stated that was

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