Downtown Tampa transportation master plan

Downtown Tampa transportation master plan

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Downtown Tampa transportation master plan
Dames & Moore
Tampa (Fla.)
Florida -- Dept. of Transportation
Hillsborough Area Regional Transit Authority
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[Tampa, Fla
City of Tampa]
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4 v. : col. ill., col. maps ; 28 cm.


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Transportation -- Florida -- Tampa ( lcsh )
Local transit -- Florida -- Tampa ( lcsh )
City planning -- Florida -- Tampa ( lcsh )
Land use -- Florida -- Tampa ( lcsh )
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Some vols. issued online.
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"Coordinated and sponsored by: The City of Tampa, The Florida Department of Transportation, The Hillsborough Area Regional Transit Authority."
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prepared by Dames & Moore ... [et al.]

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Downtown Tampa transportation master plan /
prepared by Dames & Moore ... [et al.]
[Tampa, Fla. :
City of Tampa],
4 v. :
col. ill., col. maps ;
28 cm.
"Coordinated and sponsored by: The City of Tampa, The Florida Department of Transportation, The Hillsborough Area Regional Transit Authority."
Executive summary -- v. 1. Final plan report -- v. 2. Technical memoranda [phases I and II] -- v. 3. Technical memoranda [phases III and IV].
Some vols. issued online.
z Florida
Local transit
City planning
Land use
2 710
Dames & Moore.
Tampa (Fla.)
Dept. of Transportation.
Hillsborough Area Regional Transit Authority.
t Center for Urban Transportation Research Publications [USF].
4 856
3 Executive summary
Final plan report






Executive Summary Volume 1 Volume 2 Volume 3 Final Plan Repor t Technical Memor anda: Phase I Background Data Ana l ysis Phase II Alternat ives Identif i cation T echnical Memoranda: Phase Il l Alternatives Ana l ysis Phase IV-Impl e mentation Recommendations


In I 992, the City of Tampo and the Florida Department of Transportation agreed to jointly lund the prepararion of the first mulri modo/ transportation plan ever prepared for Tampa's Central Business District (CBD}. Because transit was to be a significant component of the Plan, the Hillsborough Area Transit Authority was brought in to the study to pamcipote in coordination and management. Members of the Pro ject Consultant T e

., ':t 2 The P l an is des i gned to serve as o policy gu ide lor dec i sion making by the various public agencies responsib le for i mp l emen t ing transpo r ta t ion i mproveme nts i n the Cent r a l Business D i strict. The P l a n will e n courage consistent co ordina ted implementati on. P lan recommendations have been deve loped for two p l anning periods s hort-ter m ( 1997) and l ong-term (20 1 0). These t arge t years were used t o p ro j ec t emp l oyment and tou r is t activities The years o re n o t by themse l ves s i gnificant; r athe r the l evel o f Do wntown act i vity will dete r mine when im p r oveme nts will be n ee ded T her e are three u nique aspect s t o t his Downtown Tampa Transportat ion Master P l anning process: 1. T h e three primary imp l ement i ng e nti ties (FOOT, the C i ty and HART) hove coop e ratively sponsored and managed the study. 2. T he P la n i s the first mu lti-modal tra nspo r t ation plan p repa red lor the CBD 3 T he sltJdy p r oc ess emphasized cit i zen part ici pati on a nd consensu s bui l d i ng. T he study area was ex panded beyond the t ra d i t i onal CBD bounda r ies i n re cogn i tio n o f the !oct that Downtown has s ignif i cant linkages with Ybo r C ity the D istrict C han n el a n d t he Wes t Bank area. Pri mary and s e condary s t u d y areas were i den ti f ied, the pri mary study area being the geographic area where transpor t ation i mpr ovements w il l b$ f ocused. This pri mary area i s bou nded by: North Boul evard on t he wes t; the Crosstown Exp ressway/Hillsboro ugh River/Seddo n Channel/Spar k man Chann e l on the south; Ybor C ha n nel/McKay Street/ 14th Street / 4th Avenue/ 15th S treet on t he east; and 7th Avenue/Ol e Avenue/Oak Avenue on the no r th. The secondary study area enc ompasses a brooder geog raphic r egion i n cl ud ing Ybo r Cityand Westshore a r eas that have a ma j or trave l interac t ion with Downtown T he development of t he T ro nspo f tot ion Moster P\an wos coord i nated al"ld guided by a Managem ent Comm i n ee consist in g o f represen t atives from F OOT, the City o f T ampa and H ART. A Citizens A dviso ry Comm iHee (CAC) with b rood repr esenta t ion f rom the pri vate sector and a T echn i col Adv i sory Comminee ( T AC) of $toff from mol"ly agencies and d epar t men t s prov i d ed o ngoin g review and comment. T he study wos conduct e d in lour p h ases: Phose I B a c k g ro u nd Data A n a l ysis Phose II Alternatives I dent i f i ca t ion Phase Ill Alterna tives Ana lysi s Phose I V Cos t Estimates/ Phosing/ Implemen tation Recommenda t ions


The establishment of goals and objectives to guide the Downtown transportation system must emphasize transportotion issues and concerns of the community. In general, community transportation issues include various social, economic, environmental, aestheti c and transportation service conditions affected by changes and/or additions to the transportation system. Mony d i v erse local gool s and obje c t i ves mus t be sat i sf ied in o rder to deve lop on effec t ive, i n tegrated multi-moda l Downtown tro n sporto t ion system. T h ese gool s and objecti ves i nclude such issues os: ma i nta inin g and strengthen ing the Downtown; stimu l ating economic deve l opment ; re d ucing traffic congest i on; ensuring that Downtown focilitie$ o r e occe>sib l e to all segm e nts of the regi on's popu lace; and making t h e Downtown o n attract ive p lace t o l ive, work and ente rtai n. Goals and objectives may differ in i mportance to v a r ious $egment$ of the population ond parti cu larly to individual s r esponsibl e for mak ing decis ions affecting those s eg ments. Overall Study Goals: Deve lop o system that w i ll occommodate projected long.term 1201 0} demand of: 57,000 emp l oyee$ -1 million annual convent i oneers -2.5 million annua l tourists Deve lop a coordinated Multi-Mo dal Sy$tem that w i ll: Support development ond re-deve l opment goals for Downtown Tampa; Address qua l ity of life issues, c reat e o Downtown where peopl e wont to come and stay (convenien t pedes trian friendly, attr active); Be affordable, build on exis t in g inves t ments, be cos t effective; -Be flex i b le [able to r e s pond to cha nging conditi ons over t ime }.


' ' 7he primary objectives of the proposed Roadway Component are ta: Facilitat e intermodal connections with other travel modes. Maintain an acceptable level of service o n Downtown streets; Coo rdinate the Downtown road n etwork with the ramp improvements proposed in the Tampa Interstate Study; and Provide adequate access to the various development areas and maior destinations within DowntoY{n. Recommended Improvements Short Term: 1 3 t h Stree t Connec tor to Nucci o Par kway c o ns t r uc t 4 lone d i v ided connect or. -e x t en d 4 l a ne 13t h St r eet t o i n t ersectio n negotiate w ith CSX lor R / R c roS$ing. Reali gn Mer idian Stree t from Cumb erl and St r e et s o uth t o B enef i c i a l D r ive Cumberl a nd S tr e et improv emen t f rom Mer i dian t o 1 3th Street. ( 2 l ane coll ecto r ; may become one way wes t.) W i den Water S tr ee t (Fra nkli n to Gu nn) and Gun n ( P l ott t o W ater) f rom 2 t o 5 l a n es t o a ccommoda t e arena g e nerate d traffi c Va cat e Ellomoe S tr eet N ebras k a Ave n ue and Jefferso n Stree t t o accommoda t e a r ena cons tru c tio n S i gna l i z e Florida/Pl a n and Gun n/Pian t o accommodate a rena traffic Con s truct i ntersec t i o n imp r ovements a t Gunn/Pi ot t/Br ore i n t o accommoda t e arena traffi c. C l o s e Doy l e C a r lt on D r i v e sout h o f railroad an d extend Zock S t reet t o provid e access to new C ity Park Tampa Muse u m o f A rt and th e Noti on's Bon k Bui lding Down 1own fompo T r o n$p011clion M o s t e t f>lon


Long Term: Exton d Cumberland (Brorein Street to Mer i d i an Street]. Ext e n d Adamo D r ive west and south t o Meridian at Tw i ggs. Exten d Washington Stree t for eas t/west connecti on. Int e r s t ate imp ro vements and ramps per T ampa I nterstate Study (TIS), inclu d ing the Crosstown Connector. Orange Street rom p connection to P i erce Street, one way s ou t h bound ( amendment to TIS r ecommendation ) Policy Rec:ommendations: Coo r d i nated s i gnage t o di r ec t v isitor s/tour i sts a n d oth er mot o r i s t s to p rimary destina t i o ns In s t all s t ate-of-the-crt T ralfic Management System i nclud ing new hardware and software to prov i de flexi b l e contro l of t r aff ic, a llowing managemen t of event driven traf f i c through the sele ction of va r i able rout es and parking l ocations and traf f i c signaliz a t i on OowttiOwn tompc Tc c ospo11otion Mo$1er Pion


LEGEND: Roadway Improvements Oowt'll()w n T o mpo lr(ltl$f)Of!Orion Pln


The objectives of the Transit Component of the Downtown Transportation Master Plan are to: Create a transit system within the Downtown that is coordinated with other transportation components -parking, roadway and pedestrian -and serves the full range of Downtown demand. Identify shuttle routes which serve three purposes: -Move employees from parking structures to places of employment and back (peak hour demand). -Move tourists from the Convention Center, The Florida Aquarium, Harbour Island, the Arena and the Performing Arts Center into Downtown, to Ybar City and between attractions (special schedule). Provide for intra-downtown movements for visitors and employees (oHpeak during day). Develop a shuttle system that will support development and redevelopment goals for the Franklin Street Mall Retail Development and for Ybor/Garrison Channel Tourist attractions. Develop MultiPurpose Transit Terminals which will be a focus of intermodal connections for parking/pedestrians/transit and retail and personal services such as day care. Coordinate Commuter Rail, Light Rail and High Speed Rail with other transit elements and the parking system. Downlo\vn Tompo P ion


Recommended Improvements Short Term: People mover stop o t Convention Center /Hoteljdouble p l atform with ramp connect ion to crosswalk between Con vent ion Center and H otel). Improved access f ro m Ft. Brooke Parking Garage/Peopl e Mover Station to Esplanad e (access v i a s t ai r s o r escal ator). Franklin Street S h uttle Shuttle bus a long franklin St. from Nor th Franklin Arts Dist rict !Nort h Ashley Garage} to a n d around C ity Hall block; small bus; 5 m inute heodwoys. Westbonk Shutt le-Shu tt le bus from Univers i ty of Tampa t o downtown via Kennedy and Jackson; small bus; 5 minute heodwoys. Conve nt ion Cente r /Hotef; Aquoriu m .. Ybor City bus f r om Convent ion Center a l ong Wote r S t t o Gunn, to P l ott Street, t o 1 3th Street, to Nuccio Parkway v i a connector to 7th Ave.; smoll buses; 1 0 m inutes headways, S out hern lntermodo l T ermina l g round l eve l bus te r m inal for Marion Street T I'Onsit way. ( I ncludes pedes t rian connection F rom Whiti ng Street T ermina l to Ft. B r ooke Garage and People Mover at 3rd level.} Comm ute r Roil Stop a t Union S tation and/or Pol k S tr eet a t Franklin Street Mai n t ain exist i ng Downtown/ Da v i s Island Shutt l e Long Term: Expand Peop l e mover Capacity-odd two addi t ional cars. Scott St. Join t Use Ter m i nal and Parking Garage !Northern T erminal} w i t h terminal for high speed roil in i n t erstate. Extens i on of Marion St. T ronsitwoy t o Northern T erminal. Expand east/west s h uttle Kennedy Blvd. to 13th Street} t o conn ect Downt o wn and the Ybo r Channel Distric t Policy Recommendations: Reserve corridor along 1 3th Street and Water Street For future trans i t use !pos sib l e roil/t rolley}. P ro vide b u s stops, shelters boys a long shutt l e ro u t es Maintain maxi mum contin uity of routes and schedu l es and i mprove schedu l e f r equency on routes to increase mod e split to and f rom Downtown. Educate empl oyees and tourists / v i sitors regardi ng trans i t servic e


Shulfte Routes rvut1-F\.Jrpose Terminals Transit Corridor ReseNOI!on ffi Long Term Shulfte Route Expansion 8 Feople Mover Staffons ++ High Speed,CommuterJLjght Roil e RJten1ial Roil Stops i)owr.!own Tc,.,.,po T s c:)spcr;ctio n Mcsl c t ?!en


. The objectives of the Parking Component of the Downtown Transportation Moster Pion ore to: Support continued development of a centralized porlcing system that meets projected demand by quadrant and can be supported by a shuttle system. Provide parking structures in locations which will lntercopt automobiles at or near gateways, reducing vehicular movement within the CBD. Develop multipurpose structures that contoin ground Floor retail and personal service uses such as cloy care. Provide transit connections in appraprlate locations. Recommended Improvements Short Term: Convention Hotel/ Arena Park ing Garage 1 ,200 to 1,800 new spoces Added t o exist ing >urface p arki n g an the South Regio n al lot this new garage will create a tota l of 1,550 t o 2,150 spo ces an-site. Whi t ing Street lnte r modal Transit Terminal/Park ing Garage (aka Southern lnte rmodal Terminal), 1,000 n ew spaces creating a t o ta l of 1,500 spaces Should an alternative t o the Whit i ng Street Garage expans ion be needed, improvements could be made to the Ft. Brooke Garage. I ,000 new space> on level> above ex isting structure will c reate a t otal of 2,500 spoces Long Term: Sco1t Street J o i n t Use T r ansi t T erm i nai/Park ing Garage { No rt h ern T erminal ) 1 ,500new space>, 2 ,000 to ta l spoces. North ern Parki ng Garage 600. 1,200 new spaces ( North Tampa, 700 to 1,300 total spaces o r Cess/Ty ler location 1 ,000 to 1 ,600 t otal >paces).


Policy Recommendations: High Occupancy Vehicle [HOV] preferen t ia l treatment [most convenient locat i ons; lower cos t ) i n parking garages closest to wor k destina t ions Off.Site Par king the current City O r dinance req u ires t hat parking be p rov i ded onsite, i. e wit h i n t h e structur e This ord i na nc e s houl d be amended to discourage on-sit e par king and encourage the p l acement of po f king in centra li zed publicly owned parking faci lit i es Developers would be r equired to poy a fee-in-l ieu t o cove r th e cos t of provid i ng off site parki ng. Support uses such as ground f loor retai l persono l servic::es, day care and bus l oad i ng oreos should be considered for inclusion i n oil new structu r es.


LEGEND: Exis1ing Public R:lr!

At the outset of the study, both the Management Committee and Citi:z:en's Advisory Committee identified "quality of life" issues as being an important consideration in developing the Transportation Master Plan. The Pedestrian Component of the Plan was expanded to include streetscape recommendations in recognition of this emphasis. Unlike citi es that must deal with problem caued by hig h pedestri a n vo l umes, Tampa needs to f i nd ways t o i ncrease pedestr ian acti vity, lunnelling conventionee r s and vis i t ors to the Aquarium up into the downtown and particularly t o the Fra nklin Street Mall. Realizing this n ee d t o provide a reason fo r t ourists, v isi t ors and emp l oyees to go t o and stay i n the Dow n t own, the Fran k lin S treet Ret ail Corrid or Ta s k Fo rce, appoi nted by Mayor Sandra F reedman, has deve loped a revitalizati on wotegy far the Fr anklin Street Mall T hi t ra tegy rec ommends o program to manage the com m on elements o f the public space i n o way that c reates a clean, safe and festive otmosphere .. .t o oHroc t people make t hem fee l com fo rta ble and suppo r t a p leasant s hopp i ng experience" The exi sting Tampa Streetscape O r d inance was a l ocus of the workhop T his O r dinance, adopted i n 1989, was put i n place t o achieve u n i form ity and high sta ndard of qual ity for s idewalk design a n d l andscaping The Ordinance cla ssi f ies all streets within the CBD as Pedestr i a n Connectors, local and B oulevard Stree t s, or Govern ment District Streets Each of t hese class i f ications has a specific set of requ ire ments lor d esig n, p lant i ngs, materi a l s and the l i ke. A t th e conclus i o n of the workshop two r efined o b j ectives lor the Pedetrion/Streetcope Component o f the Downtown T ompo T ronsporto t ion Moster Plan were identi f ied: T o p rovide o $Ofe ond e ff i cien t $y$tem for pedestr ian circulation; To create a downtow n where peopl e will come and s tay (to create a sense of p lacet. Oownlown T ompc T rcnspor1o1ion Mesler Plc n


Recommended Improvements Short Term: Upgrade South F ranklin Street from Conven t ion Center to the Esplanade t o S t reetscape Standards. Esp lanade Treatment improve access and v i sibility f rom South Frank lin S tree t Ft. Brooke Peaplemover Stationimprove access a nd v i sibility to ond from the Esplanade RiverwolkPhose I. Pedestrian connections between new city por k and CBD Core. S treet Beauti f icatio n improve d l andscape trea tment from the Nuccio Parkway Connector t o the Convent i on Center along 13th Street, Plan Street and Brore in S tre et Imp lement recommendat i ons for el i m i nating pedestrian conflict areas. Upgrade F l o r ida Avenue Plan Street, Morgan Street and Waters Street to accommodate arena generated pedestr ian activity. Long Term: Upgrade all pedestr i an connectors to streetscape standards (hig h volume pedes t r i an corridors should be given p r i ority}. R i v erwo l k completion. Downtown Tompo T ccnspor l olion M.aste1 P ion


PLAN COMPONENTS PEDESTRIAN / STREETSCAPE LEGEND: Pedeslricn Connectors BoUevad Street Heavy \biLrne Pedeslr1cn Cornectors RiveMdk (Oooo!Cj 13th Street Beoulificalion Oow, lol!'lpO T tonspOtiOIIOfl P lo, I 5


Downlown Tornpo on PIon


Fhe obiectives of the Conge$tion Management Component are to: encourage alternatives to the single occupant vehicle; encourage more efficient use of the existing transportation system through carpooling, vanpooling, bicycle and transit use, and parking controls. Over the pos t severa l years, traffic d emand has greatly exceeded the grow1h in new roadway capacity. This hos r esuhed in congested roadways throughou t the C i ty.ln add ition, the r e has been great concern over tho ambient air qua lity of our city and wh i l e our area p robably will be r ec l assified as on c Hainmen! area during 1993 and 1994, there still is tremendous pressu r e to put p rog r ams and tra nspor tation contro l measu res into p l ace that will con tri bute to atta inmen t status and mai n taining t ha t s tatus. The 1990 amendmen t s to the Clean Air Act placed specia l emphasis on reducing veh i cle m ile s traveled. T he s t ate of Florida must submi t a S t ate I mp l ementa t i on P lan whi ch specifically addresses each region' s approach to air quali t y conformity and maintenance a n d o urlin e the st r a t egies tha t w i ll be used to sat i sfy t he needs of each area. The realizat ion tha t roadway fund in g cannot keep pace w i th demand and t hat air qua l ity has a direct rel ationsh i p to h eavy traffic congest ion has gen e rated i n t e r est i n tra n sportation system mana gement (TSMJ and transpo r tation demand management (TOM) activit ies as an important element o f transporta t ion a nd land use p l anning. Both measures h elp to re d uce vehicle emissions a nd improve air quality. Additional f ocus was p l aced on congestion mitigat ion and transporta t ion demand management s trat egies in the l ntermoda l Sur f ace T r ansportat i a n Eff i ciency Act ( ISTEA) o f 1 991 As a port of the Act, congestion management system p lans were mandated for areas w i t h a populat ion in excess of 200,000. These p 1 ans ore to provi de fo r effec t i ve management o f new and e xist i n g transporta t ion facili t ies thro ug h the use of travel demand reduction and operationa l monogemen t strateg i es. locot experience in dicates daycare centers within garages con be successful. This concept appears worth fur t her study f rom a qual i ty-of l i fe perspect i ve os well as possible enhancement t o the t ransporta t ion system D o w n 1 ow<1 Toll'lpl o n


'!>.' .... Recommendations: Develop Comprehensive Slgnage Plan f o r Downtown to assist visi tors a nd tour i s t s i n the bes t way to r e a ch t h e i r des,\nolion. Implement an updated, stateof..theart Traffic Management System. N ew hardwa re a nd softwa r e will pr ov ide more flex i b le control of traffi c, allowing m anagemen t of e vent driven tr a ffic th rough the selection of v a r iabl e r out es a nd p a rking locations. Encourage Downtawn Day Care. Day core s hould be prov ided i n o r near parking s-tructures i n th e CBD. An i deal location would be in the propose d Sou thern lnter modal Tra nsit Ter m inal o n Whiting S treet. Develop Downtawn Commuter Center. A o nes top locatio n should b e pr ov ided lor: .Sicyde Faci l ities (lockers; > howe ; repai rs); Educatio n of empl oyees visitors and tou rists regarding transit service; a nd H OV information a nd assi s t ance. Provide Preferential Treatment for HOVs. H OV shoul d be given p r eferred locations a nd r a tes i n Down t own par k ing struc t u r es Permit and encourage the provision of oHsite parking lor new development in the Downtown. Curren t parking requirements m ust be amended to e n courag e the locatio n of os much parking as l eo> ible i n centra l ized, car efully located, public parking structu res This would reduce the n umber o f vehicles on downtow n streets and make it po>si b l e t o devel o p a sy>tem o f i n tra-d ow ntow n shuttles (See Parking C om pon e n t l o r expanded di>eu>sion } Encourage retail and service uses on the ground floor of all parking structures. G r ou nd f loor retail i s a convenience to p a rke rs, oken eliminating a s top on th e way home fro m w o rk. Down1own Tomp<1 i1onspo1IOiion Mos1er P i o n


In developing the Downtown Transportation Moster Plan the primary objective was to develop o coordinated multi-modal system that will support development and redevelopment gools for Downtown; accommodate projected long-term (2010} demand for employees, tourists and visitors; addre'--> quality of life issues suc h as aesthetics and convenience; and be flexible to respond to changing conditions ove r time. Th is Transp o r ta t ion Moster P l an i s Downtown's f icst multi -modal transportation p lan ning study. Each component o f the plan was developed indiv i dually with specific objectives t o be me t b u t a l ways w i t h the pr i mary goal of compat ibili ty and coordination with t he othe r components. T he roadway netwo r k was e xamine d not o nly t o dete r m i n e capacity and c i rcu l ation b u t a l so to i nterface with pcoposed parking structures and transit opportuniti es. Park i ng struct ures were strategically locate d t o i n tercept vehicles com i ng int o the Downtown, thereb y r educing vehicular tra ffic on Down town Suee ts. Other pol icies encourage multi use pa rking str ucture s inclu d ing trans i t, retail and service uses and day care facilities Poli cies encourag i ng off-site parking ore a l so a i med at reducing vehicu lar traffi c within the Core. The re commended tr ans i t componen t i ncorp o rates the propose d region-serving lig h t rail, comm uter rail a n d high speed ra i l systems Intra-d own t own shuttle route s connect p laces of emp l oymen t, en te rtainment an d other activity centers with parking structures, the Ha rbo u r I s land Peo ple Move r and reg i onal transit opportunitie s The Franklin Street will provide needed access and v i s ibi lity t o the Fran k lin Street Moll. Other shu l e routes con n ect the Downtow n with Ybor City and Dav i s Island. T w o major multi-purpose transit ter m i n al s a nc hor the nor t he r n ond sou thern ends of the Marion Street Tra n s itway. The Souther n T ermi nal will be the foc u s of the int erm o dal connectio n s p ropose d in the Moster Plan and is descr ibed i n more detai l in the T ron sit Component. The pedestr ian/landscape re comm endat ions focus on crea tin g a pedestr i an friendly Downtown with o sense of p lace T h i s compo nen t i d enti f ies connec t ors that carry pedestr i ans between activity cente r s and r ecomme nds u pgrading these t o e ncourage pedestrian use The upgrade of south F ranklin Street t o a ccom modate conventioneers and tou r i s t s is given h i gh priority. I mp roving access


and visi bil ity berween south Franklin Street, the Esplan ade and the Ft. Broo k e People Mover Station i s o port or this recommen d e d imp rovement With the con struction of T he Flo r ida Aq uarium, t he propo sed Arena the G a rrison Seapor t Cent e r a n d oth e r deve l opment s in t h e C h a nn e l D i str i ct, 1 3 t h S t r e e t will becom e a ma jor accessway for pedestrian s and aut omobi les; a special landscape plan has been developed f o r 13th Street and is recommend e d lor imp l ementation Congest i o n Management recommendat ions cut oaoss the various Plan components encO

FOI.KSWEET ST.AAaJ 'JR)>NSff; W:W S'vtffe Ro:..19$ E!3 St\ut1le t>q:a)Sxln tvU*\lfPClSG iermirds EJ Tmsi t Ccmdo r llese.,'OI:CO Rdi Siops @ Feocle Mover Stolior. ++ Hgh Speed.Commute r ,ligllt Rdl Pftised P..llli c 1\:JWnil S""'lu'es MJli-1'\Jrpooe f tll<'f11J S'rucltre f) F\o;X>sed'.el\:zl0f11J Slruc!ues locct:Cc"$ to N:xth ro'T\00 l f PEDESlRIAAI: rK>/QNAY: c:::J -men Ccor.ed< Ej! lmpcovemenls Ri\"e.'V..Ok 13th Srrest Becutificof10n


' i ' I ' The purp ose of t h i s study i s t o deve lop o Downt o wn Transpor t ation Mos ter P i on, o multi modal p l an which will prov i d e for the mo v emen t of peopl e into d ownt own and thei r circul a tion w i t hin d own t own by vehicle. moss trans it or as pedestrians. In addition to the fact tha t the study i s muh i modal in Scope, i t i s olso u ni que i n that all three agencies who ore respo n sible lor impleme nta t i on o r e part i cipa t i n g in the deve l o p ment o f the P i o n The Hi ll sbo rough Area R egional T ron sit Authority (HART) h os con tract e d fo r the study while the City o f Tompo and t he Florida Depo rtment of Transpo r ta tio n (FDO T ) ore jointly fu nd i n g the effor t The P i on will serve as d ocument to guide the doy-to-d oy d ecisions of the va rious public agen cie s responsib l e for i m p l ementi n g tr ansportat i on i mprovements i n the Cent ral Business D istri ct. B ec a use i t is mu hi-

City of Tampa S ign ag e P l a n T raffic C i r c u l a t i o n & S ignal i z ation lan d D evel o p m e nt R egul at i o n s Park ing TMA Mass T r ansit B i G y de/Pedestrian Metropolitan Planning Organization T r onsp o r t a t i o n I mp rovement P r og ra m l o n g R a nge T ransp orto t ion Pla n Tampa Bay Commute r Rail Authority Commute r R o il Oownlown fompo T oc-n s p o1lc iion N i OSier P i o n


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