Technical memorandum number two

Technical memorandum number two

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Technical memorandum number two inventory of Florida station development sites and opportunities
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Inventory of Florida station development sites and opportunities
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Enabling station area development in Florida towards more cost effective rail transit investment
Sheck, Ronald C
Florida -- Dept. of Transportation. -- Office of Public Transportation
University of South Florida -- Center for Urban Transportation Research
Transit Solutions
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Tampa, Fla
University of South Florida, Center for Urban Transportation Research
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138 leaves (some fold.) : ill. ; 28 cm.


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Local transit stations -- Planning -- Florida ( lcsh )
Land use -- Planning -- Florida ( lcsh )
Local transit -- Finance -- Florida ( lcsh )
rail transit ( trt )
technical report ( marcgt )
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Also available online.
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Performed by Transit Solutions for the Florida Dept. of Transportation Office of Public Transportation.
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"Project manager, Ronald C. Sheck."
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"March 2000."

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University of South Florida Library
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University of South Florida
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Technical memorandum number two :
inventory of Florida station development sites and opportunities.
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Inventory of Florida station development sites and opportunities
Enabling station area development in Florida :
towards more cost effective rail transit investment
Tampa, Fla. :
University of South Florida, Center for Urban Transportation Research,
138 leaves (some fold.) :
ill. ;
28 cm.
Performed by Transit Solutions for the Florida Dept. of Transportation Office of Public Transportation.
"Project manager, Ronald C. Sheck."
"March 2000."
Also available online.
Local transit stations
z Florida
x Planning.
Land use
Local transit
rail transit
2 trt
Sheck, Ronald C.
Dept. of Transportation.
Office of Public Transportation.
University of South Florida.
Center for Urban Transportation Research.
Transit Solutions.
t Center for Urban Transportation Research Publications [USF].
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TECHNICAL MEMORANDUM NUMBER TWO INVENTORY OF FLORIDA STATION DEVELOPMENT SITES AND OPPORTUNITIES Enabling StaJion Area Development in Flo rida: Towards More Cost Effective Rail Transit Investmen t for Office of Public Transportation F l orida Department of Transportation 605 Suwanee Street (MS 26) Tallahassee, Florida 32399-0450


TECHNICAL MEMORANDUM NUMBER TWO: INVENTORY OF FLORIDA STA TION DEVELOPMENT SITES AND OPPORTUNITIES Enabling Station Area Developnumt in Florida: Towards More Cost Effec tive Rail Transit Investmen t for Olfoce of Public Tnwponation Florida Depanment of Transportation 60S SuWOIUlM (MS 26) Tallaluwcc, Florida 32399-0450 through Center for Urban Transportation Reeareb College o f Engineering, U niversity of South Flo r ida 4202 B Fowler Avenue, ENB 100 Tampa, PL 33620 (813) 974-3120, Fax (813) 974-5168 by Tnwit Solutions 4612 Evanston A venue North StanJe, WA 9 810 3 (206) 632 Fax (206) 632 Email : transoll@bome.oom March 2000 Project Manager Ronald C. Sb

TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction Hillsborough Area Regional Transit (HART), Ybor Streetcar System Description System Map Station Development Opportunity Summary Station Profiles JacksonviUe Transportation Authority (JTA), Skyway System Description Sys tem Map Station Development Opportunity Summary Station Profiles Metro Dade Transit Agency (MDTA), Metrorail System Description System Map Station Development Opportunity Summary Station Profiles Metro Dade Transit Agency (MDT A), Metromover System Description System Map Station Development Opportunity Summary Station Profiles Tri County Commuter Railroad Authority, Tri Rail System Description System Map Station Development Opportunity Summary Station Profiles Resources 1 4 30 48 92 100 138


INTRODUCTION Perspective. Station area development requires stations With each new rail iransit system constructed in the United States, station area development appears to becoming a more important aspect of rail transit investment. In order to apply in Florida what has emerged as a successful strategy i n other communities, it is essential to know what the potential for its application is in this state A logical place to begin is to review our assets. Although Florida is probably not perceived as a rail transit state, either by its residents or outsiders, rail transit (in its various dimensions) is a component of public transportat io n in southeast Florida, in Jacksonville, and soon will become a part of the transit mix in Tampa In late 1999, rail transit served 44 stations in the metropolitan M iami area another 14 in Broward and Palm Beach counties and 6 stations in Jacksonville. Two additional stations will open in JackSonville in March, 2000. Tampa has begun construction on a streetcar line t hat will have 1 2 stations when service is inaugurated in 2001. By late 2001, there will be nearly 80 rail transit stations in the state. Miami has plans for further expans ion of its Metrorail system. If all of these p lan s were implemented the rail system in Miami Dade County would double in size, and add over 30 new stations Plans are being developed for a rail system in the greater Tampa area of Hillsborough County. This system contains 30 stations. Orlando recently scrapped plans for a light rail system that would have 17 stations in its first phase. The possibility exists that Orlando will revisit light rail on a different corridor, or in an attenuated version. Jacksonville is studying rail transit in three corridors. Pinellas County (St. Petersburg and Clearwater) is studying a major guideway project in the lJ .S. 19 Corridor. A plan by the Tampa/Orlando 2012 Olympics Committee calls for an intercity rail link to connect those two cit ies and also serve intermediate points While it is beyond the scope of this study to investigate the total range of planned rail transit projects, it is essential to inventory existing co n ditions. T his is what this technical memorandum is all about. It establishes the "state of the station" for rail transit in F lorida today. Approach. Constructing an inventory of rail transit station area development in Florida has required several steps. The research team first identi fied those communities with rail transit. Rail transit was defined broadly to include widely recognized light rail, heavy rail and commuter rail techn ology. Since light rail has evolved out of traditional streetcar technology it seemed only appropriate to include planned, and now under construction in Tampa, streetcar development. Another technological variation that is grouped in with rail transit is the automated guideway technology This does not operate on traditional railroad tracks, although it has many of the characteristics of rail transit in that the wheels of the vehicle are guided by the supporting structure upon which they rest. Florida has two examples of this technology in transit service today: Miami and Jacksonville. Heavy rail transit, or rapid transit, is exemplified by Miami' s Metrorail system. Heavy rail operates on a grade separated right-of-way. In Florida, this is an elevated structure. Another traditional rail transit Enabling Station Area Development 1 Tech Memo Number 2


technology, that does not yet exist in Florida, is light rail. Light rail evolved in post World Warll Europe as cities adapted former streetcar systems to new environments by putting portions of lines on private right of way outside of city centers, mixed in with running in the streets downtown. Or sometimes reversing the situation with street running in the suburbs and in subway tunnels, or on e le vated structures, downtown. Orlando's now defunct plan included a key light rail component. Tampa is considering a regional rail system that would incorpora te three lines and use a diesel version of light rail transit. The last example of rail transittechnology to b e used in Florida is commuter rail. Commuter rail operates in a traditional railroad environment, usually sharing tracks with freig h t trains or intercity passenger trains. Tri Rail inaugurated F l orida's first commuter rail service in 1989 between West Palm Beach, Ft. La ude rdale, and Miami. In order to understand existing and future. roles of station area development, it was necessary to conduct a survey of each of the transit systems with rail service. Research carried o ut by the Center for Urban Transportation Research (CUTR) at the University of South Florida was useful in identifying characteristics of station area development. This research had surveyed numerous rail transit systems across the country as part of a project for the Federal Transit Administration (FT A) to identify factors that contribute to the success ofi.nvesuncnt i n rail transit. As part of this research some information was obtained on the systems in Miami and south Florida T o s u pplement this information an extensive set of field visits to rail and guideway transit systems in Florida was made. Documents were collected from each system that identified station locations and general characteristics. Maps and aerial photographs were examined before going into the field to look at each station. Several field visits were made to each station on systems operated by Metro Dade Transit Agency (Mctrorail and Metromover); Tri County Commuter Rail Authority (fri Rail); Jackson ville Transportation Authority (JTA); Orlando-Seminole-Orange County T ransit A u thority (Lynx); Hillsborough Area Regional Transit (HART); and to local government planning offices in several counties and cities where stations exist. Appropriate staff were int e rviewed at these agencies. In the field, n otes were taken on each station site. Photographs (35 rom slides, and dig i tal images) were taken of stations and the area around them. This ipformation was then brought together and ana l yzed to obtain the best possible understanding of what exists at each site; what is p l anned (where plans exist), and what opporllmities are available. Vacant land and older buildings were considered the most like l y potential development sites. What follows is an inventory of existing stations on Florida's rail and guideway transit systems. One new system under construction, the HART TampaYbor City streetca,r, is included. Although data was collected, and is available, for the proposed light rail system i n Orlando, and the diesel light rail system in Tampa, these arc not included. A September 1999 vote by county commissioners has derailed the planned Lynx light rail project. The proposed Tampa Early Action Rail Project for 28 miles o f light rail and 30 stations was not included in the December 1999 recommendations of the Enabling Station Area Development 2 Tech Memo Number 2


Hillsborough County Commilte\l of 99 established by the County Commission to prioritize transportation in vestments, an action that will make moving the project ahead more difficult. Presentation: A section on each of Florida's rail trans it systems follows this introduction. The systems are listed in alphabetical order by transit agency, from HART to Tri Rail. For agency systems (MDTA has two: Metrorail and Metromover) the stations are listed in sequential order from north to south. A brief introductory section and a system map is provided at the beginning of each system. A standardized format has been used to present the information The following items are included in the inventory of each of the stations : A schematic system route d iagram showing the location of each station in the system with the one featured highlighted. An aerial photograph of the station area (these vary in size and scale depending upon availability) A description of the station characteristics. Location on the street network, or an address. Political jurisdiction (city or county). Transportation providers (who provides public transportation). Transi t services (agency, routes, hours and frequency of service). Parking availability. Station area activities, a summary of the key activities that take place in the station area. Generalized land use a subjective characterization of the overall land use in the area within 1/4 mile of the station Station area property values (a breakout ofland and building values around each station).** Development opportunities, a general assessment of what appears to be available for development or redevelopment (not detailed as to number or size of parcels ) Vacant land that appears to be the most obvious development opportunity. Specia l notes that reflect a unique character of condition th at coul d impact development. The inventory should not be taken as a detailed real estate portfolio. It applies to geneml conditions and situations Photographs are included with each of the stations to provide a visual impression of conditions, key elements, or of the general character oftbe area. Vertical aerial photographs were used where available. 01\ly oblique aerial photographs were available for Tri Rail sta(ions Adequate aerial photos were not available for one JacksonviUe station area. This data was collected from a variety of primary and secondary sources tbat bad been extracted from the latest available property appraisal information The area of coverage around stations varies from about two or three blocks for Skyway in Jacksonville; l 000 feet for HART in TamP" and forTri Rail in the south Florida corridor; . Miami Metro rail coverage includes a 112 mile radius around each station; and, Miami Metromover extends from about 200 yards to one half mile. Enabling Station Area Development 3 Tech Memo Number 2


HILLSBOROUGH AREA REGIONAL TRANSIT (HART) TAMPA-YBOR CITY STREETCAR System Description. Hillsborough Area Regional Transit and the City of Tampa are building a 2.5 mile streetcar line connecting the Conven t ion Center and historic Ybor City. Construction began i n September, 1999. Completion of the $23 million projec t is anticipated to be in late 2001. Eight replica streetcars are being fabricated by Gomaco Inc. oflda Grove, Iowa, with delivery of the first car scheduled for March, 2000. These cars are designed to resemble the Birney cars that operated on Tampa's former streetcar system until its abandorunent in 1946. One of the original Birney cars is being restored through the volunteer efforts of the Tampa & Ybor City Street Railway Society. This car will be made available for excursion and special event service. Regular service on the line will be maintained by the flee t of replica cars. The Tarnpa-Ybor City Streetcar will be largely a single-track operat ion with passing sidings. Track will be laid in city streets, or on separate right-o f-way parallel to the street. Twelve stations will be builL The stations will have track-level platforms, shelters with seating, and a speciall2 foot long streetcar floor-level block for hand icapped access. Ramps will lead from the sidewalk t o the ADA (Americans with Disabil i ties Act) accessib le block. A folddown plate at the door of the streetcar will bridge the gap to the block. The single-track nature of the system requires a station platform on one side of the track o nly. The streetcars will have folding doors and steps at both ends, and on both sides. The cars will double ended, allowing for operation in either direction. Electric power for traction motors will be obtained from an overhead catenary system. Each car will be equipped with two trolley poles, and operators will have to switch poles a t the terminal ends of the line before making return trips Streetcar service will be provided 7 days a week, beginnin g in time for morning journey-to-work trips on weekdays. Service will start later on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. Operations will continue until late evening on weekdays, and until midnight on weekends. Service frequency will range from 7 J/2 minutes during peak periods to 15 minutes at lower demand times. The streetcar service is expected to benefit travelers to and from a variety of major destinations that will be in place at the time of the opening of the system. These include, in addition to the Co nvention Center: new hotels on Garrison Channel and in Ybor City; the Ice Palace; Florida Aquarium; two new entertainment complexes; the Tampa Port Authority headquarters; Hillsborough Community College; and several new apartment and/or condominium developments. In late 1999 over $600 million in new development was under construction along the streetcar route. HART and the City of Tampa are pursning active development and redevelopment Stfategies along the streetcar corridor. HART has commissioned a study to identify development opportunities near the 12 stations. A one quarter mile wide corridor along the streetcar alignment has been targeted as the potential development area. Enabling Station Area Deve l opment 4 Tech Memo Number 2


HILLSBOROUGH AREA REGIONAL TRANSIT (HAR'I) TAMPA-YBOR CITY STREETCAR System Map. -. .-...--... ........ .. .,. =::":'\!"' .... . 1475 . ... . ... . .. ':::::,;:-.- . ....... . . ... :. -' .. . :. ... ', .... -:-:. I '5 . ... \ i ......... .. .......... . . ........ -:<> -,,,. ...... ... . ,.,.,.. ; ........,.. ...... . L .. . .;. ;-----' . ,. .... -. LEGEND S1reetcar Aligrment, Phase I S1reetcar Stops. Phase I .... b .... _-.t_ ................. Oift ...u. ......... ..,....., .. ....... ... .....S u.. .. .., to...-a--:11: ..... _,__,_._IIWidt hfr. Enabling S.tation Area Development 5 Naliona I HisiiJrio Registety o;S1rict Tech Memo Number 2


s h H u J 1 !i "'l fl t il Ji n n iJ } 1 i d 1 !1 il f1 ,1 it ... i I H t' i1 it c I L u J e.l u :i 14 l.t )1 Jj H n u II u tJI ii.l! h r u u e d H u I Je !:E i:' "' l> -0 "' !:: ... 0 "' s a ... .. "' Q i! 6 ll li! "' < = (.!) ::> ...l 'I 0 0 g 0 $1 la Jg lg l lg lg l iii ia ... i2 h I l i1 l;;; -1 ;.11 a1 lg i!.ll al -1 a1! i!.1 il. li 1'1 "8 :a a a a a 1;8 1'8 3 o ... !::::I !l::t iii. ii n H 3i '=j ij .eo H u H iJ i H H '" ft -, u h fl n u fl fl t h t -: H \'.. 1 1 1 .. 1 I I i < 1 1 1 .. ;s ;S .. 1 ] !l ] i j 3 l J 1 J . \\. ,!! ,!! g.V< *-!::< v '1: :1 -c .t .. ll 0: .!2 ... u ... e c c .8 > u - c " "' .!I ... i "' "' "" s Q 8 .. "' -Q 5 "' .. .. c .. .!! Q 0 a .. < .. .. C! -u ... ... ll u f., .. .. '1: ll v ., 0 .,. 8 "' u u = < jQ ... < u


HART TAMPAYBOR CITY STREETCAR Ce ntennia l Park CENTENNIAL PARK Centro Ybor o HCC Ybor Square ll" Ststct Adamo Drhe Banana Docks Port Authority Aquatium Garrison Seapon lee Palace Coo\ention Center/Hotel Station Description: Covered low level p l atfonn with high block for ADA access using portable ramp carried on b<>ard streetcar. Location: North side of 8 "' A venue between 19" and 20" Streets. Pol i tical Jurisdiction: City of Tampa Transportatio n Providers: HART b u s serv ic e (one b lock south on 7'' Avenue), and streetcar service; local taxi on call. Connecting Trans i t Services: HART bus route one block south. HART Line 3: 5:30am 10 8:55 pm weekdays. Peak 30 min Off-peak 30 min Mid-day 15 min. No Saturday o.r Sunday servi ce. HART Line 8: 4:35am to 8:33pm weekdays. Peak 30 min. Looking west A \'enue. Streetcar track will occupy the turb Jane. Centennial Pari:: sunion will be at the edge ofcJ1is vacant lot c.urrendy being developed as surlaoc parkiog by the Cil)' ofTampa. Off-peak 30 min. Saturday 7:35am to 8 :32pm, 60 min. Sund ay 6:50am to 6:51pm, 60 min flAf!,TLine 46:6:00 am to 6:33pm weekdays. Peak 25-40 min. Off-peak 75-90 min. Saturday 6:20am to 6:43 pm, 70 to 75 min.Sunday 6 :20am to 6 :43 pm, 70 to 80 min. Parking: City owned s urface parking lot on block immediatelyno.rth of station Other smoller pa.rking lots on south side of A venue. Limited on-street meter ed parking. Station Area Activ itie s: A block south of the CenteMial Park Station is the eastern end ofYbor City' s 7"' Avenue entertainmentstrip with restaurants, night clubs, bars, coffee h ouses and small retail shops. North of Centennial Park is the Ybo.r City State Museum with historic shotgun houses and other exhibits. One block to the east is the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Operations C en ter A block no.rthwest, o n 9" Avenue is the Hii!On Garden Court, Ybor City's only new hotel which opened in August 1999. EMbling Station Area Development 6 Tech Memo Number 2.


HART TAMPA-YBOR CI'rY STkEETCAR Centennial Park Generalized Land Use: Land use adjacent to the station is dominated by public uses: a municipal part; surface parking for the generalpublic;govemmentbuildings;a museum. Other uses include mixed commercial: restaurants, night clubs and bars; small shops; professional offices to the south on 1 A venue and ts, 20"' and 2 1 t( streetS. Residential is limited to a few second floor apartments over stores and offices, although a major new development is undenvay two b1oc.ks north on Palm A venue. Station Area Property Values: J CENTENNIAL PARK Stati<>n Area Plope:rcy Values in$ per squate foo t No Qf pvccls Avcra&e Low High Lood 97 $8.17 $1.03 Sll.S2 Building s $8 $ 16.)6 $3.78 $48.08 Hillsborough Sh<:rifi's ()p.,.ati<>n just eas1 of Centennial Park station. DominuntRlllt\$( ofValut$ 45 pctc:cn.t betwctn $LOO and $5 .00 55 P"'"'' bthveen$10.00 an

HART TAMPAYB O R CITY S TREETCAR Centro Ybor Centennial Park CENTROYBOR HCC Ylx>r Square Adamo Drive Banana Docks P011 Authority Aqu:Mium Garrison Seaport l e e Palace Convention Ccnter/Hottl S t ation D escription: Covered low level platfonn with high blo ck for ADA access usi ng portable ramp carried on board streetcar. Lo<:ation: N o rth side of8"' Avenue, between 16 and 11 Streets, across fr o m Ybor en t ertainmen t ven.ue. P olitical Jurisd icti on: City ofTampa Transportation Providers: HART bus service (o .ne b lock south) and streetcar service; local tax.i on call Connee:ting Transit Senices: HART Line 3: 5 :30am to 8:55 pm wee kdays. Peak 30 min . Off peak 30 min. Mid -day !5 m in No Saturday or Sunday service HART Line 8: 4 : 3 5 am to 8:33 pm weekdays. Peak 30 min Off peak 30 min. Sarurday 7:35 am to 8:32pm 60 min. Sunday 6 :50 am to 6:51 pm, 60 min. Centro Ybor from 7111 to 9111 Avenu e with the streetcar station in the middle oftbc development on gth A venue. UART Line 46: 6:00am to 6:33 pm weekdays Peak 25-40 min. Off peak 7 5 90 min. Satllrday 6:20am to 6:43 pm, 70 to 75 min. Sund a y 6:20am to 6:43 pm, 70 to 80 min. Par k : i ng: City owned parking structure two b locks s.outh, between 5111 and 6 A venues and l56 and 16ta Streets. Smaller p ar k ing lots on south side of 8"' A venue to the east. Lim it ed on-stre e t met ered parking. S t ation Area Atli >it ies: The summer2000 opening of Centro Ybor will place this station in the heartofYbor City entertainment activities. A block south is Th A venu e with its etttertai.nment stri p dominated by restaurants, night clubs, bars. c offee houses and small retail shops The Centro Ybor entertainment venu e will become asignifican. tdestin a tion. S eve r al professional offices, the Labor Temple, and second floor apartments add to the mix of activity Gen e ralized Land U s e: The emerging predominan t l an d use in the immediate vicin ity of Centro Ybor statio n is commercial enterta i nment, as rep r ese n ted bythecurrently(late 1999) Yborprojeet which will c o ntain movie theater.>, restauran t s and bars. This pattern extends along 1 Avenue, one block s o uth. Of secondary imp ortance is the edu c a tional land use related t o Hill sb orough CommunityColiege(HCC) A sca ttering of small shops and offices, a few with second story aparonents a lso exists close to the station. Enabling Station Area Development 8 T ec h Memo Nnmber 2


HART STREE T CAR Centro Ybor Station Area Property Values: C E mo YAOR S N' t\l.11()n Area rty Valut$ ln S No of'pa.ce l s A,erase 88 S6.n Bu ildi ngs 37 $15.40 Ground floor retail or offices an d second story office or residential use is typica l of exisring along 9th A \'CDUC near Centro Y bor station. r sctllii.IC foot Low H i gb $1/. 1S $27.48 $2 .87 $42.60 Dominant Range ofValucs 60 pcrunt between SJ .00 and SS.OO 4S peroent belwt-cn $10 .00 and $30 .00 Labor Temple a block north of lhe Centre. Ybor station is an example of the importance o f social organizations in Historic Ybor City. D e velopment Oppnrtunilies: The largest entertainment complex in Ybor City Centro Ybor; is a $45 miUion entertainment venue under co nstru c tion. The 210,000 square foot retail/entertainment complex wiU include a 20 screen t he ater a virtual reality arcade, restauran t s, bars and shops This developmt;nt patterned after Coconut Grove's famous Coco Walk, will also incorporate the historic Centro Ybor building Vacant Land: Only two small parcels of vacant land exist in proximity to this >tation. 1hese range from aboutS,OOO

HART TAMP A-YBOR CITY STREETCAR HCC Centennial Park Centro 'Ybor nee Ybor Squl\tl} 131\ Strett Adamo Drive BM.ana J))el(s Port Autbority Aqua.rium Gatt'ison Seaport lee Palace Convention Centes/Hotel Station Description: Covered low-level platform with high block for ADA access using portable ramp carried o n board streetcar. Location: Nonb side of 8"' Avenue between Republica de C uba and lSC" Street. Political J u risdiction: City of Tampa Transportation Providers: HART bus service (one block south) and streetcar local taxi on call Connecting Transit Services : HART bus route one block south. HART Line 3: 5:30am to 8:55pm weekdays Peak 30 min. Off peak 30 min. Mid-day 1 5 min. No Saturday or Sunday service. HART Line 8: 4:35am to 8:33pm weekdays. Peak 30 min. Offpeak 30 min. Saturday 7 :35am to 8:32pm, 60 min. SWlday 6:50 am to 6:5 1 pm, 60 min. uacl;s will be laid along the right side Ybor C ity campus ofHillsboro ugb Community College is the dominant activity at t his station The campus extends over se ve ra l blocks but the administration, library, and srudent center are in the blocks to the north of the HCC stations. Parking for HCC students and staff is adjaccntto the station, as well as being scattered throug hout the campus area and adjacent lands Norths outh streets (Republica de Cuba, 15'' and 16 "' A venues)contain a numbe r of small retai l businesses that serve local residents and persons empl oyed in the area. Enabli n g S t atio n Area D e v elopment 10 T ecb Memo Number 2


HART TAMP AYBOR cl'i'Y STREETCAR HCC The former Gonzales medical clinic is being con\'crted into the Don Vicente Ybor Hillsborough Community College Ybor Olmpus is the major activit)' c:cnter at this station. General .l7..ed Land Use: Parking, educational, and commercial uses predominate around the HCC station. Much adjacent land i s used as parking for HCC students and staff The major cluster of college campus buildings are lo<:ated north of s A venu e to Palm A venue. Commercia l uses are located on northsouth cross stree ts. Station Area Property Values: HCCS A P ....,. rea rope">' VI S a uts 1n square-oot No of parcels Average Low High Dominant Range of Values Land S) $$.11 $0.89 $24.91 50 bctwe11n $1.00 and $S.()() Buildings 14 $19.38 $4.29 $36.63 4() pcroem berwee:Q $10.00 and $10. 00 Development Opportunities: Expansion of the HCC campus continues wi th the summer 1999 completion of a classroom building o n 9 A venue and 16"' Street. The former Gonzales medical clinic at 9'' A \(enue and Republic a de Cuba is being converted into the Don Vicente Ybor Inn> a 1 4 room upscale luxury hotel. Renovations arc also continuing on other properties in the blo<:ks to the s outh including 1' A venue and inter. ecting northsouth streets. Vacant Land: The western tul!f of d1e block bounded by 7 and 8" Avenues, Republica de Cuba and IS" StrO

BART TAMPA-YBOR CIT Y S TREETCAR Centennial Park Cu1tt0 Yb<)t HCC YBOR SQUARE Strtct Adamo D r he Docks Port AoU1ority Aquarium Gatrison Seapon loe Palaoc: Conven tion Centec Station Descr i ption: Covered low-level plalfonn with high block for ADA access using portableramp carried on board streetcar. Location: In 13'' Stre et bet ween 7"' Avenue and &"Avenue. Political Jurisdicti on: City ofTampa Transportation Provi ders: HARTbusservice(o n 1 Avenue) and streetcar service; local taxi on call. Connec ting Transit Services: HART Line 3: 5:30am to 8:55pm weekdays. Peak 30 min. Off. peak30min Mid-day 15 m in NoSaturdayorSundayserv i ce. Y b o rSquare HART Line 8 : 4:35 am to 8:33pm weekd a ys Peak 30 min. Off. A co nverted cigar factory is the home peak 30 min Saturday 7:35 am to 8 :32 pm 60 m i n Sunday reslllurants and offices a t Ybor Square. 6: 50am to 6:5 1 pm 60 min HART Line 6:00am to 6:33 pm weekday s. Peak25-40 m in. Off-peak 75-90 mi n Saturday 6:20am to 6:43 pm, 70 t o 75 m in Sun day 6:20am to 6:43pm, 70 to 80 min Parking: City o f Tampa surface park ing Jot on the blo c k b etween s and 9 Avenues and Nuccio Parkway and 13 Street. Additional city owned lot soutb. of7' Avenue, west of 13" Strtct. Very limited on street m et ered parking. Station Area Activ i ties: Ybor Square, a con verted historic building h o uses a variety of s mall retail shops, two restaurants, a bar and c o ffee house ptus office space. S everal business office s are located on adjacent streets. A publ i c park contains a statue of Jose Marti and h onors loca l contributors to the Cuban indepe n dence move ment during the Spanish American War The Hillsbo r ough County Children's Board has i t s headquarters on 8 A venue j ust west of the statio n Enabl i ng Station Area Development 12 Tech M e mo Number 2


HART T Al\'IP A YBOR CITY STREETCAR YborSquare The City oontemplating a pw:l

HART TAMP A-YnOR CITY STREETCAR 13' Street Centennial Pat1< Centro Ybor HCC VborSqua r e 13"' STR:&1' Adamo Ori\ C Banana Docks P Station D escription: Covered low level platform with high b lock for ADA access using portable ramp carried on board streetcar. L

HART T AMPA-YBOR CITY STREETCAR 13' Street Station Area Activities: The 13 Street s tation area is bisected by the CSX railroad line serving Union Station and Port Tampa. North of the trac.ks and immediatelyadjaceo.t to the station site are two blocks currently used for surface parking On 71 h Avenue are tv.o furniture stores Facing 61b Avenue is an architectural finn. South of the CSX tracks lhe station area contains several small businesses and some warehouse/storage activities. Generalized Land Use: Vacant land, padciog, industrial, warehouse, professional offices, retail, and residential are all present in a complex and intricate pattern of uses. Station-Area P .roperty Va.lues: 131 H STREET Stat i on Aiea. Property Values in S per square foot No of parcc-Js Average l.()w Dominant Range l.snd 32 $6.40 $1.10 S2S.45 65 between $1.00 and $5.00 Buildings 18 $12.22 $266 S27.20 50 pctcent between .Sl.OO and $ 1 0 .0 0 De velopment Opportunities: The renovation of a historic building by Curts Gaines Hall Architec ts is a development within the last four years. Currently under"Consll'Uction for a late 1999 opening is Ybor City's first parking sll'Uctw:e, tlte 1,200 space garage on the b t oe k between and 6"' A venues and end 16 Streets. Building redevelopment opportunities also exist in lhe area. Vacant Land: Several vacant parce .Js exist along the CSX railroad and along 5 "' and 4111 A venues. These range from 5 000 square feet to over an acre in size Access Issues: The nonnal easy access ofVbor City's gri d pattern of streets and sidewalks is broken by the presence of the CSX railroad right-of -way. tbe strecccar line will cross the CSX railroad are several vacant paroels with development opportunities. Enabling Station Area Developmeat IS Several \'acant buildings, including the multi-story former Florida Brewing Company brick struclure (background) arerenovation/re-use pOssi b ilit ies. Ted> Memo Number 2


HART TAMPA-YBO R CITY STREETCAR AdanwDrive Puk Centro Ybor HCC Ybor Strett A .OMIODRM Banan a Docks Port Aulbor ily Aquarium Ganison Seaport lee Palace Center Station Description: Covmd, low level platform with high block for ADA access using portable ramp carried on board streetcar. Location : East side of Channe lside Drive, south of Le Roy Selmon Expressway and Adamo Drive. Political Jurisdictio n: City ofTarnpa Tr ansportat i on Pr oviders : HART bus service and stJ:'eetcar service; local taxi on call. Conocd:i n g Transjt Senict$: HART Line 3 : 5:30am to 8:55pm weekd ays. Peak 30 min. Off peak 30 min Mid-day IS min. No Sarurday or Sunday service. HARTLine 8: 4:35 am to 8:33 pm weekdays. Peak 30 min Offabanolone

ffART TAMPA-YBOR CITY STREETCAR Adamo Drive Station Area Properly Values: l> MO A A DR.IV $1.ation Art: a Property Values io $per square foot No o f paroet-s Av ... L<>w Hi$b Dominant Range of Values 77 S7.U $0.77 $$2.30 4 5 pcroeot between Sl.OO and S5.00 Buildings 28 S8.04 $3.21 $37 .83 SO ptl\'lCnt between Sl.OO and Sj,OO Development Opportunities: No recent devel opmmt activities have occurred in the vicinity of the Adamo Drive station. A decline in shipping and ship repair and the abandonment of the Detsco bulk-material tcminal have opened the potential for redevelopment of land east of Channels ide .Drive. Vatant Land: Several sm.aJl paroels, ranging in size from 4,00 0 square feet to 1.2 acres. exist along ChannelsideDrive and on 12 Streetto the west Much of the Port Authority property is idle at th e present time on 12111 Street is typicaJ of the oommetciallindusttial u ses in the vicinity of Adamo Station. Several small vacant pa

HART T AMPA-YBOR C ITY STREETCAR Centenni a l Parle Centro Ybor HCC VOOrSquatc l3tt>Avenue Adamo Drive BANANA l>OCI which serves as a backup cruise ship doc king site to Tenninal 2, i s a key activity c enter. Docks at this terminal are also used for general cargo ship space, and as temp o rary slips for vessel s awaiting repair at dry docks to the north. West ofChannelsidc Drive are a mixture of activities associated w i th serving shipping and trucking businesses. North of Twiggs and west of 12 Street the City of Tampa has a major maintenance support facility f o r severa) city agencies. Enabling St-.ltion Area Development 18 Tech Memo Number Z


Vacant buildings and parcels along TWiggs street provide redevelopment opport\mitie:s. Pon ofTampa Tcrm)nal 6 serves cruise ships and as a dockside location for transfer of genera) cargo. Generaliud Lan d Use: Industrial and commercial land use associated with the shipping industry is dominant in the area arotmd Banana Docks station. East ofChannelside Drive are docks and wharves associated with. shipping and ship repair. Automobile and dockside truck parking areas. predominate. West ofChannelside is a combination of wholesale and retail with vacant properties. Station Area Property Values: JlANANA DOCKS Values in $ flet square fOot No ofparoel.$ Average tow lliab Dominant Range of Values Lood 63 SS.20 $().68 SS4.L2 60 perocnt between $1.00 and SS.OO Buitdi.ngs 26 56.25 $0.74 539.38 S O perocnt between Sl.OO and S5.00 Deve lopment Opportunities: The City ofTarnpa is planning to relocate all activities from the Street Maintenance Yard to a new si t e two miles to the northeast. will free up over II acres for redevelopment. The Port Authority is exploring variouo long range plans for its property. An apartment complex is being planned for a three acre site at the northwest comer o f Channelside Drive and Kennedy Drive. Vacant Land: Several vacant parcels exist on Twiggs, Madison and Meridian Streets. The smallest is less than 5,000 square feet; the larg est is under tw o acres. Access Issues: ne preoence ofKennedyandChannelsideDriveprovidemajorarterialaccess to the area. Expressway Authority plans for new ramps from tl1e Le Roy Selmon Expressway south onto Meridian Drive will increaoe regional accessibility, particularly in the area west of ChannelsideDrive. Special Notes : The station name reflects the historical importance of the Caribbean banana trade in Tampa. Enabllng Station Area Developmenl 19 Tech Memo Number 2


HART TAMPA-YBOR CITY STREETCAR Port Authority Ceolenoial Pltrk Q:ntro Ybor HCC YborSquare 13'" Sb':t Adamo Drive Banana Docks PORT Atm!ORJTY Aquariu m Garrison Seaport lee Palace Convention Cent Station Description: Covered, low level platform with high block for ADA access using portable ramp carried on board streetcar. Location: East side of Channelside Drive north of York Street. Political Jurisdiction: City of'fampa. Transportation Providers: HART bus service and streetcar l ocal taxi on call. Connecting TraiUit Services: HARTLin: 4:35am to 8:33pm weekdays. Peak 30 min. Offpeak 30 min Saturday 7:35 am to 8:32pm. 60 min. Sunday 6:50 am to 6:51 pm, 60 min. Autboriity new headquarters build ins facing the dockside area of the watedlont. Parking: Parkiitg is available behind Port Autl\ority building, and on other adjacent Port Authority property. Limited parking ex.ists on side streets west of Channelside Drive S tat ion Area Activit i es: Immediately tO lhe north of the station is the new, four story office headquarters of lhe Tampa Port Authority This building, opened in May 1999, also houses the UniversityofSoud Florida's international business program To theeastofthe slation is lhe U.S. Naval Reserve building. Across Chanoelside Drive are several shipping related businesses and new professional offices, recent conversions of warehouse space to residential, and several new art and anisan Generalized Land Use: Port rela t ed uses predominate east of Channelside. These include office and wharfside activities. West of Cbannel.side are multiple uses including smaU shipping, p rofessional services and emerging loft apartments and other multiple unit residential A considerable amount of vacant land in small parcels also exists west of Channclside Drive. Enablin g Station Area Development 20 T ec b Memo Number 2


HART TAMPA-YBOR CITY STREETCAR PortAuthoriJy Station Area Property Values: PORT AUTUOR!TY St .. ion Area VahJes in$ per sqWU'C foot No of p3tceJs A'o'eta&e Low Hit,b l.ond 41 S4.63 $0.96 $27 .1 3 Buildings 21 S6.2S S3.23 $17.86 Development O pportunities : Development activity in mid-1999 saw the completion o f the Port Audtority }leadquaners building, and worl< underway on the conversion of several buildingsofvaryingsiz.e to residential use. These extend from single houses to multiple apartments in two different warehouse conversions that are being built or nearing the construction phase. Over the past few years several buildings have been converted from industrial or warehouse functions to professiona l offices, an art center/residential complex, residential use, or even a medical clini c Vacant Land: Parcels of vacant land of varying size arc found throughout the area to the west of Channelside Drive These range Dominant Range of Values 15 percent boetwe.eo $l.OO and $$.00 75 p

' HART TAMPA-YBO R C ITY STREETCAR Aquarium Centenni-al Park Centro Ybor HCC YborSquare 13,.Str

HART TAMPA-YBOR CITY STREETCAR AqUilrlum Station Area Property Values: AQUARIUM Station Area Valoos inS per square foot No of parcels Average I. ow Hish Limd 20 $11 .10 $0-68 $44 .75 B1.1.iJdin3li II $ 1 7 .95 $6 .10 $7G.85 Development Opportunities: The Port Authority Parking Garage ls the dominant new large development. Various plans have been announced for small scale business and/or residential developments including building of new slructures and conversio n of older buildings into new uses for the area to the west ofChanne l sideDtive Vacant Land: Several parcels of vacant land exist on the westside ofCbannelside-Drive and beyond to Meridian Street. The-largest is more than one acre in size. Three parcels are less than 5,000 square feet. area also contains several buildings of various sizes that offer redevelopme-nt opportuhities. Access Issues: Access to the area west of Channelside Drive is facilitated by the grid pattern of streets. However, pedestrian access is limited to CbannelsideDrive where sidewalks line both sides of the streeL Sidewalks are absent elsewhere in the area. Enabling Station Area Development 23 Dominant Range of Values 70 perocfit between $!.00 and SS.OO 70 pe:n::ent betv.-ecn SS.OO and $10.00 o n the west oJ Drive, under construction in May 1 999 Streetcar alignment will b e along the east side ofChannelside. on the left in this photograph. This buildi11g at Whiting is undergoing renovation as a Joft apartment complex. Tecb Memo Number 2


HART TAMPA-YBOR CITY STREETCAR Garrison Seaport Centennial Patk Centro Ybor HOC YborSquare Ad3m0 Dri'i<: Pott Authority A<}llarium StAI'ORT lee PaJaoe CMYeJt titm Center Station Descr iption: Covered, low level platform with high block for ADA aeeess using portable ramp carried oo board sttee tcar. Location: SouthsideofChannelsideDrive,justeastofBenefi cial Drive. P olitica l Jur isdiction : City of Tampa. TranspGrtation Prov i ders: HART bus service and streetcar service; local taxi on call. Connecting Transit Services : HART Lin 8 : 4:35 am to 8 :33pm weekdays. Peak 30 min. Offpeak 30 m in. Saturday7:35 am to 8:32pm,60min Sunday6 : 50 am to 6:51 pm, 60 min The QarriS()R Seaport cruise tenninal i s an important s i te between the Florida Aquarium and the new Channelslde a t Garrisoo Seaport CTit cttainmcnt whlch wiJI open in mid-2000. Port Authority Parking Garage across Cbannelside Drive Pro\'i

HART TAMPA-YBOR CITY STREETCAR Garrison Seaport Station Area Property Valuos: GARRISON SEAPORT S lahon AreA Pro v s alues 1n square oot No of parce.Js AVCC3S l..ow HiS)> L>nd IJ $8.57 S0.87 $43 95 6 $15.75 $6.45 $41.15 Development Opportunities: The biggest development currently unde.rway in the Cbannel!>ide Dis.triet i s taking place at Garrison Se aport station. A 16 sc.reen movie theater, an JMAX theater, four anchor restaurants, bars and retail shc>ps will b e part of the new entertainment venue. Planned immediately t o the west is Charlton Seaport Center Suite Hc>tel, with2S6 suites and 32 Cc>ndominiwnunits. To the south on Harbour Island construction is prc>eeeding on a 12-story, 1 2 unit luxwy condominium residence. Post Properties is developing a S200 million mixed usc p rc>ject on the north en d o f Harbour Island th at will inec>tporate apartments, office space, a hotel and a small retail complex. Vaca. nt L and: Parcels of v a cant landexistto the north c>fthe parking garage along Cumberland, J t, 12 and Meridian Streets. These r ange in size from 4 500 square feet to just c>ver one acre. Still other develc>pmentpotential on vacant, or semi-abandoned land exists to the northwest of Meridian. D ominant Range of Values 10 peroent bccwcea S2.00 and $10 .00 70 percent between S:$.00 al.'ld $10.00 Island Walk is typical of tho residential deve -lopment that has taken place on Harbour bland. Access bsues: Access is complicated by single-bridge loading c>nto Harbour Island, and by a lackof sidewalks in the area to the north and west of the parking garage. Work on the $200 million Harbour mlxed use development by Post Properties began in the summer. 1999. Construction began in May 1999 on the $36 million Channelside at Garrison Seaport efl(c:rtainmcnt comp1ox. Specia l Notes: Nearly $300 miUion in new development is underway witl>in c>ne quarter m!le c>fthis swion Enabling Station Area Develc>pment 25 Tech Memo Nombe r 2


HART TAMPA-YBOR CITY STREETCAR Ice Palace Centennial Park Ctntto Ybor HOC Ybor 13 .. Street Adamo Drive Sanana Oo<:ks Port Autborit)' A(\Ual'ium Garrison Seaport ICEJ.'ALACE Qwl\'ent i on Ctnt<:r Station Description: Covered low level platfonn with high block for ADA access using portable nunp carried on board streetcar. Location: North side of lee Palace Drive, just east ofMorgan StreeL Politlcal Jurisd iction : City of Tampa. Tnlnsportatlon Providers : HART bus service and streetcar service; local taxi on call. Con nceting Services: HART Line 8: 4:35am to 8:33 pm weekdays. Peak 30 min. Off peak 30 min. Saturday 7:35am to 8:32pm, 60 min. Sunday 6:50 am to 6:51 pm 60 min. Strc:ett""

HART TAMPA-YBOR CITY STREETCAR Ice Palace Station Area Property Values: ICE PALACE Station Arta Property Values in$ per square !cot No of parcel s ALow High Domionn\ Range of Values Ulnd 6 1 S20.06 $4.1l $64.38 50 percent between: $10.00 and $30.()0 B u ildings 19 SIS. SO $3.5S SI46.SO No dominant pattern Development Opportunities: The Ice Palace is the big d eve lopment story here. I t is the center for over 150 annual sports and enrertainment events aanually. The Soulh Regional Parking Garage is a mulli-leve l and multi -purp ose parle Ice Palace because o f heavy surface vehicular traffic and poo r s idewalk conditions . The South Regional Parlge wm support hotel, spo11S and entertaininent and commuter and will contribute to strtetcar ridership by a travel option during Ybor City events. The Conagra flour mi.U, adjacent railroad tracks and surrounding vacant property ptese:nt a mix of fonner industrial activity M.d new deveJopment opportunittcs. Spccilll Not es: Numerous proposals for major development have been put forth on the properties between the Ice Palace and the Expressway Enabling Station Area Development 27 Tech Memo Number 2


HART TAMPA-YBOR CITY STREETCAR ConvenJion Center Centennial PM Centro Ybor HCC YborSquart 131) S treet AdamoDtive Banana Docks Port Authority Aquarium Garri son Seaport foe Palace C.ONVF.NTION C.El\-'TER Station Descr i ption: Covered, low level platfonn with high b lock for ADA access using portable ramp carried on board streetcar. Loca tion: A t transportation t ennioal being developed on soutb half of b l o c k bounded by Franklin Street, Ice Palace Drive, Florida A venue, and Platt Street. Statio n will be a cross from Tampa \Vaterside Jvtarrion Hotel and from Tampa Convention Center. Pol i tical Jurisdktion: City o f Tampa. Tran sportatio n Providers: service; localtax i on call. Conne<:tlng Tr ansit S e rv ices: HART bus service and streetcar Convention the westward tcnninus of the rampa & Ybor City st reetcar. HARTLine 96; 6:30am to 6 :55pm weekdays. Peak 10 Off-peak 20 min. No evening, Sn!Urday, or Sunday service Pa r k i n!:' The Soulh Regional Parkin g Garage i s located a b lock n o rt heast of the station. The Tampa Convent io n Center parking f acility is two bloc k s northwest. Add.itlonal parking is availa ble at the Wyndham Harbour Island Hotel, soutb across Garrison Channel via the Franklin Stree t bridg e Station Area Activities: The Tampa Convention Center i s the most important existing activity center in close p roximity to thi s station. The Tampa Bay History Center is part oftbe convention center facility. To the south on Harbour Island is the Wyndham Harbour Island H o tel, two office towel'S (One and 1\vo Harbour Plac e) and the Knights Poipt restaurant and shop complex. Further soutb are residential areas on tbe island. To the north on Franklin Street are severa l professional offi c es A branc h post office is located just north of Platt Street on F lorid a A venue. Gene rallud Land Use: Tourism and entertainment activities dominate the land use around tbe Convention Center station. Hotels, convention cen ter, sports andentertailunentcenter, restaurants and bars are aU found nearby. Parking is also an important land use, both in structured g arages and in facilities built as an integral p art of othe r structures. Several former warehouse and industrial buildings are found further to the north. New office buildings have been constructed on Harb our Island over tbe past decade E n a b ling Stati on Are a Devel o p m ent 28 Tech M e mo N umber Z


HART TAMPAYBOR CITY STREETCAR Convention Center Station Area Prop of the LeRoy Selmon Bxptessway. There are several fonner commercial and industrial buildings that offer redevelopment opportunities. Suggested uses have included office space o r loft apartments. Aeeess Iss ues: The station site is at the south end of Franklin Stree t and Florida Avenue, two major arterials that provide vehicular and pedestrian north into the core of downtown Tampa. Access to Harbour Island is provided by the Frankl in Street bridge across Garrison Channel. Notes: Plans are being formulated for a northward extension of the streetcar system from this station, deeper into the heart of downto\m Tampa Enabling Station Area Developmen t 29 Tech Memo Number 2


JACKSONVILLE TRANSPORTATION AUTHORITY (JTA) SKYWAY System Description: In 1989, th e Jacksonville Transportation Authority ope n ed a 0 6 mile automa ted guid e w a y d emon stra tion p ro ject. This automated guideway connected the former Jacksonville U n i o n T enninal railroad station, which had been redev eloped as the Convention Center, with a downtown station This initia l segment was operated with two small automated cars of the VAL technology deve loped in France. The automate d vehicles were equi ppe d with mbbe r tir es and ra n on a channeled guideway wit h e lectrical power an d control data supplied from a contact ra i l un de rneath the center o f the cars. Early plans were to tes t reactio n to the system, and then expan d it. Maintenance problems an d teclurical difficulties led to a decis ion in 1995 t o re trofi t the syste m with ano th er techno logy before pl anned extensions were made The initial three station, 0.6 mile system was shut down in 1997. Construction proceeded on two extensions to produce a longer y shaped, two route system, that would reach 2.5 miles in length, inco rporate 8 stations, an d extend across th e St. John's River to t he South Bank are a wh ic h has been emerging as a cluster of new hot els and office buildings The ex i sting short Une and the extensions are equ i ppe d with a center b ea m monorail system An extension further into the heart of downtown Jacksonville and the firs t two stations south of the ri,veropened in l ate 1 998. Th e fina l 0.5 mile segment on the South Bank will open in March 2000. The Skyway monorail system is s i milar to that operated at Disney World near Orlando. However single, articulated cars, rather than five car trains, are operated. The ears are guided b y a central beam which also provides vehic le support and contains electrica l power and control rails for supplying the cars. The entire system is a cars operate in one direc tion on each of th e parallel guideways A s wi tching system moves the track at the tenninal ends to allow the proper trac k to be used when the car reverses. The entire syste m is built on eleva ted structures large ly above city streets, although some priva te right-of-w a y is used. Each of the 9 vehicles is do uble-end ed air-conditioned, an d can carry as many as 56 persons. No operator is on board; o perati on is computer controlled from a central facility. The 8 stations all have ce nter pla tforms b etween the paralle l gu id ew ays. The pl a tforms are at car floor level. The elevated stations are accessible fro m ground l evel by stair s esca lators and elevators. Sky\vay operates six days a week, with service beginning a t 7:00 a.m. on weekdays and continuing into th e ear l y evening h ours. On w ee kends sen-ice starts and ends late r Saturdays N o Sun da y se rvice is offered Cars operate on minimum three minute headways during peak periods. Th e system functions as two ro utes: one running from the downto wn tenn inal near the community college north t o t he Convent ion Center, the other extends from the same downtown te rmina l to the South B a nk area. Ele ctron ic signs a t the stations inf orm passengers which route the car is taking. Fares are paid at entry turnstiles at the ground le vel at each station. The three end point stations arc intcrmodal facilities which contain parking sites, an d serve as transf er points for bus and/or park-and-ride p a trons Jacksonville doe s not have a policy for station are a d e v e lopment. Howeve r, considerable development is taking place at or ncar S kywa y stations. Enabling Station Area Development 30 Tech Memo Number 2


System Map. JACKSONVILLE TRANSPORTATION AUTHORITY (ITA) SKYWAY -Route A -RouteB -RouteC -Route. D -fcq Shutlle Plaza Riverplace 5 M .....__,-Cl -(J .,. .... an arco duPontQ Open we 1999 The Skyway may operate on five primatY routes To transfer between routes; change vehldes at Central Station. Vehicles will depart the stations approximately every three minutes during or high-usage periods. Departure inte rval s wlll be approximately live minutes at al l other times. Travel Time Terminal to Central 2.5 mlilutes Terminal to FCCJ 5.5 minutes FCCJ to San Marco 8 minutes Enabling Sh>tion Area Development 31 Tecl Mento Nnmber 2


. I h I! 1 1 f f i u ] L ... d ll h H J 11 t.:i 4. 1J h 11 fi .::a l n ., n ll -11 1! 11 j h -gi b n s &l I. n l & jl I il j II I" 1 1 J i ' .. ..1 ... lfl l a ls l -1 1 Q !i ;! ; I !i= n " "" ii l u jl l l i ) f l H ll fl u n !I u "' 8 I " ... ; i I I fl J .. Jl i J l 1 i I f' Jr ... t ,! fl f l Jl n 3 j& li J ti ll" j t' fc il .t li .. i! I d t ll h n ... s h ll i 8 1 I :i I I I I I <'! J 1 u I # {.t { I h .. f a h }: 1i lt It n t 1 ; h f li }i 'h i J H 11 -ll h Ji .>& .i .!!. .. { II 1 4 d 4 1 f !4 t ii 1 .!I 11 fi II n li 1 u < !J 4 1 11 fl ' Jl H n E u u It u II 8 1 1 l 1 1 J ! 1 l M l j :! .i' < i 1 -!. j j l I J J l I If !l .. :j! .. '" lj l ll ,g l" 11 h I & fl IJ ... n .I 0:< J 1 5 ] B a &. :l .; > ii "' ... .., "' "'


JTA SKYWAY (Fl9rida Communjtv College at J a ckson v ille) FCCJ FCCJ lfemmins Cenm.l J e{(efSlGn Terminal San Maceo DupOnt Station Description: The station is a covered, open air, concrete aerial structure w ith a central platform at ear floor leve l in between the two monorail guideway tracks. Access from street level i s by stairs. escalator and elevator. Lo

.lTA SKYWAY (Fwrida Co.mmrmitv Cn{lege at .Tacksonville) FCCJ Genralized Land Use: Transportation functions are very important in this area The intennodaltransit terminal, parking and arterial streets are key elements Educational> religious, and commercia l office uses follow in order of importance. The entire bloc. k face ac ross State S treet is taken up by F CCJ Office buildings range in size from converted former residences north of State Stree t to the east, to five t o eight story bui l dings south of Union. Station Mea Properly Values: FCCJ S t ation Area Pt'l)t)c:rty Values i n S per sq:uare f oot No-ofpart<:ls Avera,se l<>w HiS}! Dominant Range of Values L3nd 1 2 U .19 $3 87 70 percen t between SS.OO and SlO.OO Buildings 6 $20.17 $6.3 0 $37.07 SO percent between $20.00 and S40.00 Development Opportunities : A l imited amount of l and is avai labl e for development in the immediate vicinity of FCCJ station, mostly to the west where several surface patldng lots exist in the blocks between State and Union streets. Several o lder and smaller buildings to the east aloog State Sc.eet and Union offer possibilities for redevelopment to higher uses. Vacant Land: Less than a half dozen parcels of between 5 ,000 aod 10,000 square fe et exist in within a two block radius of tho station More avai la b le land exists at a slightly great e r d istance to the west Atcoss Issues: Pedestrian access across busy State Stxeet to and from dte FCCJ campus i s the most difficu lt access issue facing this station. Bus bays (foregroW>d) and major pad

J T A FCCJ H'&M:MlNG PLAU Centrol 1effm o n Tcnninal San M3.n;o clull>ltl Station Desuiption : The s tation is a covered, open-air, concrete aerial structure with a central platform at car floor level in between the two mono r ail guideway tracks. Access f rom street leve l is by stairs, escalato r and elevator. Lo2 min; Evenings 64 min. Saturdays 5:4>amto 11:25 pm, 30 to 60 min. Sunday, 7:20am t o 10:30 pm, 60 min. Hemminc Plaza west across the Plaza Skyway station with. an FCCJ-bound train. Background construction is on the new federal cowthouse. lTA fZ$ 5: 6:22am to 6 :55pm weekdays. Peak 90 min; Off peak 90 min. Saturdays 6:30am to 6:20pm, 90 min. No Sunday service. J.TA lf!S-2.; ) : 38 am to 9 : 22pm weekdays. Peak 27 min; Off-peak 43 min. Evenings 37 min. Saturday 6:18am 1o 8:42 pm, 30 1o 60 min. Sunday 7:16am t o 7 : 31pm, 60 min .11;4 AR 1: 6:2 1 am to 7 :46pm weekdays. Peak27 min; Off-peak 44 min. Saturdays 7 : 12am to 7:2> pm, 60 min. Sunday, 7:30am to 7:25pm, 60 min. 1TA AR 3 : 6:32am to 8: It pm weekdays. Peak 39 min; Off-peak 70 min. Saturdays 7 : 20am ro 6:22pm, 60 min. No Sunday se.rvice ./LI BH I 5:40am to 10:46 pm weekdays. Peak 30 min; Off-peak 48 min. Evenings 68 min. Saturdays 6 : 50am to !0:30pm, 4 5 to 60 min. Sunday 7 :45am t o 9 : 10pm, 60 min .11;4 BH 2: 6 :18 am to 8:0) pm week days. Peak 3 5 min; Off-peak 57 min. Saturdays 7 :40am to 7:35pm, 60 min. SUnday 8 :30am to 6:32 pro, 60 min . ITA BH l ):12 am to 11:55 pm weekdays. Peak48 min; Off peak 60 min; Evenings 60 min. Saturdays 6 : 30am to 1 0:59 pm, 4 5 to 60 min. Sunday, 7 :25am to 1 0 :25 pm, 60 miJl. EllllbUng Station Area Develop ment 34 Tech Memo N u mber 2


JTA Parking: Limited parking faci.l i ties exist in surface lots and decked structures witlrin a two b l ock radius of this station On-screot paddng exists on Monroe, Lauta and Julia Stteets. Station Area Activities: Government activities: are becoming increasingly important SKYWAY Adams streets i s a legacy of earl i er social an. d cultural importance of downtown Jackso nvill e HemmingPiazq ..' . . . :hos created a nev. urban R:devclopfng Hemming Park and rclocatin g City Hall to th e St. James Building facing the park and adjacent to the Hemming Plau Skyway station. at Hemming Plaza station. Jacksonville city government has moved ftom a location facing the S t John's River into the reno,,.ted Sl James Building on the north side ofHemnling Parle whic h as been refw:bished as a public focal point Sevetal buildings in the surrounding blocks bave been redeveloped for office uses 1n the block to the west of th e station, fonnerly occupi ed by the J. C. Pcn.ny retail store, construction is under way for a new federal courthouse. Many o1der buildings are testimony to more intense-commercial and social activity in the past. Generalized Land Use.: Commercial office space and govc.mment uses dominate in the area around Hemming Plaza station, a lthough vacancy r-arc xelative\y high (abovo 25 peJoc:nt) in many older buildings in the immediale vicinity. Approxima t ely 40 percent of lhe street front commercial space is vacant, although there bas been a gro\c.1h in new retail and food service activity in recent years. Stat ion Area Prop erty Valoes: Hl!MMJNG PLAZA S-wioo Area Property Value3 in$ per !\ou.are I'QOt . No ofparcels Average low H i gb De>minant of Values Land 1 6 $17 07 S9.! 6 $31.85 75 perc.entbetwce:n Sl5. 00 .00 S:IS.OO aoildings 13 $54..34 $11.82 $76.12 60 percent bei:Y.een an d S60.00 D evelopment Opportunities: Considerable-activity is on .. going bl tbe viciiDty of Hemming P1aza station. A new federal court house is under construction ro the west Sevc:ral older buildings have been renova t ed as new office spa ce. Two other b uildings arc being evaluated as potential downtown high density housing The greatest porential here is for xedevelopment of existing -st:nletW'es, o r removal and replacement of marginal buildings with new ones. Vacant Property: No vacant land exists within a two block area Plaza s tation.. Access Issues: The grid pattem of downtown streets, all botdcrcd by sidewalks, makes pedestrian access easy. Special Notes: PlaDs for redevelopment of one or more older high rise buildings in rhis area as residential apartments and condominiums coul d b ring v i tality into the area Enabling S t ation Area Development 35 T ecll Memo Number 2


JTA SKYWAY FCCI Hemming Cl!NTJIAL lcftenon Tennina l Mnco Riverplaoc duPont Station Description: The station i s a covered, concreteaerial strUcture wilh a central platfonn at car floor leve l in between lhe two monorail guideway tracb. Access from street l eve l is by stairs, escalator and elevator. Location: Elevated station constructed over Bay Street, between Julia and Pearl Streets Political Jurisdiction: City of J ackson v ill e, Duval County Transportation Providers: JTA operates bus transit and monorail; local taxi on call. Connedlng Transit Ser\ice: lTA NS 4 : 5 :48am to 8:36pm weekdays Peak 20 min; Off-peak 32 Central Skyway Central Station i s in the bean oftbc d 1 y sunounded by high rise office buildlngs and parking det;ks. This is a destination stadon for riders using patking facilities at tbc outer ends of the Skyway. min Saturday 6:55am to 7:55pm, 30 to 60 min. Sunday, 7:12am to 7 : 18 pro. 60 min. JIA N$5: 6:18am to 8:56pm w ee kday s Peak 20 nUn; OIT-peak32min. Saturday 7 : 15am to 8 :15pm, 30 to 60 min, SUnd a y, 7:32am to 7 :38pm, 60 min. m NS 8 5:57am t o 8: 17pm weekdays. Peak 27 min; Off-peak 37 min. Saturday 6:45am 10 7 :50pm, 60 min. Sunday, 7:27am 10 7:32pm, 60 min .llil N S 9: 6:02am to 7:59pm w eekdays. Peak 37 min; Offpeak 65 min Saturdays 6:30am to 7 :2 6 45 t o 60 min Sunday, 7:20am 10 7 :30pm, 60 min. ITA AR 1: 6 : 2 1 aro 10 7:46 pro weekdays Peak 27 min; Off-peak 44 min. S aturdays 7:12am to 7 :25pm, 60 min. Sunday 7:30am t o 7:25pm, 60 min. JTA AR 16:32am to 8:11 pm w eekdays Peak 39 min; Off. peak 70 min. Saturdays 7:20am 10 6:2 2 pm, 60 min. N o Sunday service. 1TA 883:5:12 am to 11:55 pm weekdays Peak 4 8 min; OIT-peak60 min; E v enings 60 min Sanardays 6:30am to 1 0 : 59 prn, 45 10 60 min. SUnday 7:25 am to 10:25 pm, 60 min. Parking: Extensive parking is availabl e in the blocks surrow>ding t his station However much of the parking is allocaled to long tenn use by tenants and clients of major oft1ce buildings and hotels. Nearly 2 ,600 parking spaces exist within two b l ock s. Onstreet parking is very limited E n abling Stati on Area Development 36 Tec.h Memo Number 2


JTA SKYWAY Central Station Area Acth1ties : Central Station is appropriately named. It lies at the very heart of downtown Jacksonville Major office buildings and botels are located in the immediate vicinity. Office buildin gs include Nations Bank Tower, the Humana Building, tbc First Union Building, the Modis Building, and tbc CSX Building. The Omni Hotel, tbe largest hotel north oftbe St. Jobn's River is located sdjacont to tbe Skyway mtioo. Two blocks southeast oftbe swtion is Jac:ksotwille Landing. the city's entertainment, shopping and TC$faurant complex facing: the ri\et. The Greyhound bus station is also l ocated within a b l ock of Central station. The Times Union Center for the Performing Arts is a1so located neal:' Central Skyway station. Older buildings may provide some redevelopment opportunities in tbe downtown IacksonviUe area neac Skyway Central Station. and rise office buildings and uses, interspersed with open green are predomioant in tt\e arC3 around Central Station Centralized Land Use: This is the most intensively developed land in downtown Jaeksonville. Higb rise office buildings. including several oorporate national or regiona1 beadquarlers, predominate. Parking is an important related component of many of these employment nodes. HotelJ restaurant and entertainment are other key land uses near Skyway Central station. The Main Street and Acosta bridges funnel automobile and bus l

JTA SKYWAY FCC1 JkmmitiS Centn.l JEFFERSON Tenninal Ssn Marco duPont Station Description: Th e station is a covered, opcn air con crete aerial structure with a central platfonn at car floor level in between the nvo monorail guideway tracks. Access from street level i s b y stairs, escalator and elevator. L ocation: Bctween Bay Street and F orsyth Stree t south of Jefferson Street Political Jurisdiction: City o f Jacksonville, Duval County. Transportation Providers: local taxi on can. ITA operates b\1S transit and mon ora il; Connecting Transit Sen i ee: .ITA !YS 1 : 4:50am to 11:5 6 pm weekdays. Peak 2 5 min; Off-peak 50 min. Ev e nings 90 min. Saturday 5:50am to 10:45 pm, 30 to 60 min. Sunday 6 :20am to 10:17 pm, 60 min. .T41fersau View from Jefferson station looking wes t along the Skyway gu ideway towards the Prime O sborne Conve ntion. Ce,n(er, an.d Te.rminal Slatioo. Forsyth Street parallel s the guideway t o the right. ,nil 4: 6:10 aro to 8:38pm weekdays. Peak 28 min; Off-peak II 0 min. EvcninJ!S 60 min. Saturday 6:20am to 8:30 pm, 30 to 60 min. Sunday 6:55 am to 7:45pm, 60 min .ITA 5 :27am to 10:23 pm weekdays. Peak 38 min; O ff p eak 50 min. Evenings 50 min. Satuiday 6 :32am to 8 : 3 5 pm, 60 min. Sunday 7:15am to 7:22pm. 60 min. JTA WS 9. 5:38 am to 9 : 22 pm weekdays. Peak 27 min; O ff -pe ak 43 min. Evenings 37 min. Saturday 6: I& am to 8:42 pm, 30 to60 min Sunday 7:16 am to 7 :31pm, 60 min Parlting: Several !Ju&e surfuce parking lots exist to both the south of Ba y Street, and along F orsyth and Houston strcc:t< to lbe north of the station. St2tion Area AtHvitles: This area ba s unde r gone considetab l e redevelopment Older buildings have been tom doWJ\ and rep laced with either open parkiag a r eas cle ared spa ce > or n ew construction. Several new office buildings have been co n structed. These in clud e those of smaller corporations as weU as the rcgionaJ headquarters of the F ederal Reserve Bank. Gene.rallud Land Use: The pttdominant land uses around Jefferson Station are government and private offices., and parking. A cons iderable amoun t o f land is vacant> being held both by l ocal govtmment and b> private owners for future development. Enabling Station Area Development 38 T""h Memo Number Z


.ITA 88J'l'lC"tt is one o( the new office buildings oon&tructed o n redevelopment property faeing Forsyth Avenue near the Skyway Jefferson S!ation. Station Area Property Values : SKYWAY JBPFERSON Stati4Y.I Area Pto.petty Val Iii $per $quare foot No of parcels A,\en,ae Low lligb land $lUO $7.85 8 $48 30 $21.20 S64.$0 .Telfwtm to the road network has attJacted <>ffice iovesuntnt to the area Domi nant R3ng8 of V alues 75 percent betwteo $JO.OO and $20 .00 SO pcn:cnt $40.00 lind $55.00 De,elopment Opportunities: The area around Jefferson station offers C011$iderable opportunity for development. BoUt public and private ownerShip of seventllarge parcels are in place to enhance further development of this area immediately to the north of JacksMYilles downtown core. The area benefits also from proximity co key and loc:al road networks, as well as being served by the: Skyway mo n orai l system Vacant Land: Sevcnll parcels r:mging in size frorn 10,000 square feet, to over two acres, are a vailable within a three block radius of this -station. Access Issues: Some sidewalk improvements wiJJ be necessary to bring pedestrian access to some nearby development si tes u p to an acceptable level. Special Notes: 1bis station is located, along with Te:rminal station. on a branch of the Skyway that

,ITA ::!KYWAY FCCJ Henuniog Centrn1 Jeffcr1on 'J'ERl'.ONAL San M3r'OC) Rlverplace duPoot Station Deserlptlon: The station h a coveted, opcn ait, concr ete aerial structure with a central platfonn at car floor l eve l in between tho two monorail guideway tracks. Access from street level is by stail:s, escalator, and elevator. Location: Between Bay Street and F orsyth Street, at S tua rt Street. Political .Jurisdiction : City of Ja c ksonville, Duval County. Tra.nsportlltion Provide rs-.: JT A operates bus transit and monorail; l ocal taxi on call Connecting Transit Seni ce: No c o nnecting bus routes pass this station. Terminal Tenninal Statioa is typical of Skyway facilities, ao aerial concrete-scrucrure. with access from the ground b y stairs, escalator and elevator. Parking: Sevctal surface parking lots exist near Termina l Skyway station. Some parking is also available in the Prime Osborne Convention Center. Limi ted onstree t parking is availabl e also. Station Area Activitits: Tcnninal Station i s named for its location, ad jacen t t o the fanner Union Tenninal which served as Jacksonville's majo r railroad station until 1984 when Amtrak relocated its passenger operations to a new facility several miles to the north Jacksonville Union Terminal was acquired by the City and converted int o the Prime Osbomc Convention Center which serves as the major convention and exlu'bit center for the m e tropolitan area. Commuter and event park ing arc other major activities in th.e ilation area Three blocks to the west is the adminlstrative offices for J acksonville Transportation Authority's transit operations and its bus fleet main t enance center. GeneraliUd Land Parking lots, vacant land, and the conventio n/event center are the dominant lan d uses in the vicinity of the Skywa y Terminal station. Majo r rail Jines pass to the south. and 1 freeway is two blocks to the West. En abling Station Area Development 40 Tech 1\<(emo Number 2


JTA Statioo A r ea Propercy Values: o A tauon Area TBRM!N l.S Pr opef\Y 1t1 v $ per s oot No o f paroels A \ 'crage land $13.85 Buildings 4 S38.88 . .; across Day the Conven t i on Cente r and a dj acen t to several large par k ing lots used by commuters t o downtown jobs. Low $1.65 Sl2.15 SKYWAY Hlsh S2M9 SS6.10 Oppo rtunitie.s : Considerable po t ential for deve Joprne:nt and redevelopment exists in the ar e a to the north and west ofTerminal station. Both the City o f Jacksonville an d priv ate land owners hold parcels tbat incl ude severa l acres of land that is vacant, o r in parking l o t use. Older buildings in blocks to the north off e r Itcycling posibilities. Vaea.nt La:nd: Severa l paroels exi s t t o the no rth, west and southeast of the Skyway station These range in size from one quarter to just over two acres. Access Issues: Pedestrian access is good on Bay and Forsyth streots, paralle l to the Skyway, but laclting oo cross streets ex teuding t o the north and south, excep t in front of the Prime Osborn e Convention Center. Terminal Dominant Rante of Values ()Q:S percent $10.()(} and $20.00 No dominant pallem beeu redeveloped 1by the Osbornt. Convention Center. Patk leads soulh t o a major residential area on the west bank of the St. John's River Street, and buildings beyond, redeve l o pment pot ential for th e f uturt. Special Note$:: Preliminary discussions t ak en pla ce on the return of Amtrak intercity rai l passenger servi ce to a t enninal1hat would be adjacent t o the Conventi on Cente r. Sta t io n Area Denlopment 41 T ech 1\'lemo N umber 2


JTA SKYWAY FCCJ Hemming Centtal Jelfersoo Tenninal SANMARCO Riverplace duPont S t ation Descri ption: The statio n is a covered, concrete aerial structure with a cena:al platfonn_ at car floor level in between the two monorail guideway tracks. Access from street level is by stairs, es calator, and elevator. Location: At the intersection of Mary Street and San Marco Boulevard. PoJitical Juri!id.iction: City of Jacksonville, Duval County Tnlnsportati o n Providers: local taxi on call. ITA operates bus transit and monorail; Connoc:t i ng Service: ITA ss i 5:46am to 7:55 pm weekdays Peak 60 mJn; Off -peak 60 mJn. Saturday 6:17am to 6:40pm, 60 mJn. Sunday 6:48am t o 6:40 pm, 60 min. San ltlarcq TheSkyway Guideway swings onto the median of the A,($ta Bridge. aeross the St. Joh.ns .River to the north of San Marco s tation. Old Prudencial Building is in the backgoound left JTA SS 5 : 5:38 am to 7:43pm weekdays. Peak 60 min; Off-peak 60 min. Saturday 6:30am to 6:39pm, 60 mJn. Sunday 6: 57 am t o 6 : 34 pm, 60 min. JTA BH3: 5:26am t o 8:53pm weekdays. Peak48 min; Off-peak 58 min. Evenings 60 min. Saturday 6 :20am to 8:50 pm, 60 min. Sunday7:14 am to 8:20pm 60min. Parking : Limited gene.OO public parking: is availabl e i n surface lots. or decked structwes th3t primarily sexve office tower en1ployees and business clients. On-street parking is v ery sca.r<:e . Station Area Activities: Major employment in this area i s dominated by the Baptist Medical Ceni"r, located two blocks co the south and the growing mJd and h igh rise office campus of Prudential Hcolth. Cate, and Marshall Ta ylor Doctors Building. Other important activities aro related to n:cttation and eulture: St Johns River Park and lvlarina; the F ountain ofFriendshipi and the Musewn o f Scie:nee and H is t ory. Generalized Land Use: Commercial oftic c space, medical facUlties, and rccreationaVculturalland uses dominate in the immediate vicinity o f San Marco station. This transitions into a zone of former warehouses and older, deteriorated Enabling Station Area Development 42 Tech Memo Number 2


JTA SKYWAY $(!1!Mqrco housing a few blocks south. 1-95 fonns a barrier between the newer, rend 7 St4.S6 Sl.$6 $32.S6 N<> doml1'13.!'1.t pattern Buildines s 569.92 $26.86 $%. 14 61) pe:rte:nt between S85.00 and $100 00 Deve-lopment Opportunities: On l y small parcels of land t o the south of San Marco station are availab l e for development. The generally young age of the existing mid and high rise office and medical buildings precludes aoy redevelopment usc in the short term. Some surface parking lot conversion to higher uses may be possible. Va

.fiA SKXWAY FCCJ Hem :ning Central Jefimon iennll)al San lUVE.RPLACE d\IPont Station Description: The station is a covered, Open-air, concrete aerial structure with a oentral platfonn at car floor le ve l in between dte rwo monorail guideway tracks. Aocess from street level is by stairs, escalator, and elevator. Location: Mary Stroet, just east of Flagler A venue. Jurisdiction: City of Jaeksonvi1le, Duval County. TTansportation Providers: lTA operates bus tr.msit and monorail; local taxi on caU. Transit Service : .ffif"SS /:12am to !0:47pm weekdays. Peak 40 min; Off-peak 6Q min. Evenings 60 min. Saturday 6 : 05 am to 9:08pm 6Q min. Sunday, 7:50 am to 8:47pm, 60 min SUn Bank and A v Mcd .,:e-,w,, oflhema j or nsRh'cr Riverplace station i s under construction in front of the Av Med buildiog in this October 1999 view. .lTA SS 6:08am to 8:50pm weekdays. Peak 57 min: Off-peak 6Q min. Evenings 60 min. Satu r day 6:50am 10 7:46 pm, 60 min. No Sunday $CJVice. JTA SS Z 5:06am to 8:47pm weekdays Peak 22 min ; Off-peak 36 min. Evenings 49 min. Saturday 6 :11 am to 7:35pm, 45 min. Snnday7: 1 4 am to7:20 pm, 60 nUn. JTA SS 7X: 5:42am to 9 :06pm weekdays. Peak 42 min; Off-peak 63 min. Evenings 65 min. Saturday 7 :30am to 7 :4 5 pm, 6Q min. Snnday 7:45 am to 6:55pm 60 min. Parking: Extensive surface parking is available ill d te area. This includes lots open to the public, as well as lots restricted to employees and clients of major businesses. Some decked parking exists in structures that are pan of office buildings. On stree( parking is also available on some streets. Station Area Acthities: Southca"St Bank, Sun Bank, Gulf L ife, and A v Med are major office building employers adjacent tO Riverp l ace statio n Major b otels are also neatby: Hilton Ho t el and Towers; Hampton Inn, and Extended Day Suites. Like Sao Maroo station, Riverplaoe also is linked to recreational and cultural facilities along the St. Johns River. 1be Soulhbank R.iverwallc extends the length of the waterfront from east of the Acosta Bridge for a distance of about a mile. Several resta urants and the Jack.'\onville Historical Center are located along the Riverwalk A block south Enabling Station Area Development 44 Tech Memo Number 2


JTA of Riverplace station is Treaty Oak Park The pace of oonstruccion is not limited to the S)cyway (R.iverpl acc station seen be:c) as work oontinues on a new motel in the background. SK\'WAY Mid and high rise office development looms over Treaty Oak Park a1ong Prudential Drive to the south stat ion. Generalized Land lJse; The area swrounding Riverplace station is vezy much in transition. Oldc1: buildings, inc1uding warehouses, light industrial uses, and residential units, have been rep laced with new construction over the past decade. Office buildings, bote!, restaUlODt a o d pub lic spaces, and parkiog uses dominate. The fonner warehouse aod resideotial area further to the SQUth, beyond i s underg o ing gentrification. Station Area Property Value:'l : RIVBRPLACE Station Arc;a Pro ert;y V$1lucs inS per sqvar<: foot No of parotls A..,.ge Low msh t..nd 1J S12S2 S7.6S Soll.lO BuUdlngs l4 S39.l& S8.7S 571.70 Development Opport unities: Scvcral patcels of vacant land exis t to the east, southeast, and northeast oflliverp lace Skyway station. Som e of these arc in temponuy surt'acc parking uses. The genC

JTA SKYWAY f 'CCJ Hem.min$ Pla4!a Terminal San M3tl Rherplaee dPYont Station De!crlptiou: The slation is a oovered, open air, conctete aerial strucrure with a central platform at car floor l evel in between the two monorail guideway tracks Access from street level is by stairs. escalator. and elevator. Location: South ofPrudential Drive between Kings Avenue and Onyx Street. Political Jurisdiction: City of Jacksonville, Duval County Transportation Pro\iders: local taxi on call Connecting Transit Service: ITA operates bus transi t and monorail; ITA SS I 5:12am to 10:47 pm weekdays. Peak 40 min; Off-peak 60 min. Evenings 60 min. Saturday 6:05 am to 9:08 pm, 60 min. Sunday, 7:50am ro 8:47pm, 60 min MMch, 2000. A major pazk-n-ride facility will be constructed across { .. 95 (in background) and li:nkcd to the monorail station b y paths and bridges . TTA S 6 : 08am to 8:50pm weekdays. Peak 5 7 min: Off -p eak 60 min. Evenings 60 min. Saturday 6:50am to 7:46 pm. 60 min. No Sunday service . ITA SS 7; 5:06am to 8:47pm weekdays Peak 22 min; Off-peak 36 min. Evenings 49 min-Saturday 6:11am to 7:35pm, 45 min. Sunday 7:14am to 7:20pm, 60min ,TTA SS 7X 5:42am to 9:06pm weekdays. Peak42 min; Off peak 63 min. Evenings 65 min. Saturday 7:30am to 7:45 pm, 60 min. Sunday 7:45am to 6 : 55pm, 60 min. Sevend sumoc p:uking lots are ncatby. A roajor new parldng stiUcture will be builtjuat south ofl-95. This will provide commuter space and be connected t o the duPont Skyway station by ramps and walkways. Station Area Acti,ities: Major activities near the duPont sta t ion include the Radisson ruvenvalk Hotel. several restaurants, and tbrc:e blocks to the east on Prudential Drive. the administrative offices of Jacksonville Public Schools. The construction of a major Palk and Ride lot for use by commuters is anticipated to increase the use of the Skyway as an wban circulator an.d access entry to south bank and downtown jobs Enabling Station Area Deelopmeot 46 Memo N umber 2


JTA SKYWAY DuPont Generali2ed Land Use: A mixture of commercial hotel, restaurant and entertainment facilities is found to the north of the station along the south bank of ihe St Johns River. Former industrial and warehouse properties to the east are being converted to new uses. primari ly as offi ce space for both priva t e sector and government activities. South ofl-95 the mixed residential and warehouse uses are undergoing gentrification. Parking .. soeialed "?lh downtown commuting is an important transportation related land use. Station Area Property Vatu .. : DUPONT Station Are3. Valut!l 'n S per l>qtart: (oo t N o ofparools AvefllSe l..<)w nigh Dominant Range of V Lllnd tto.79 Sl.43 StS-30 1 0 {)trtent SIO.OO and Sl 5.00 Buildlnss l9 Stl.33 st.os SJ?.So l\'Q domioan t ptutem Denlopment Opportunities: Development and redevelopment opportunities both exist in the vicinity of duPont station. Several parcels of vacant laud are found to the northwest and northeast. Older buildings along Prudential Drive, and on streets to the south across I-95 pro vide redevelopment possibilities. Gentrification of the older mixed use area south of I-95 brings oth er possibilities as well the attractive v i stas and recreational orienta tion of the Rivorwalk have the potential of attracting tourism and recreati on investtucnts. The Skyway extension to duPont passes directly in &ont of the Radi$$0n IUverwalk Hotel. Several new office developmeols hao;e occurred tn the east on PrudenJial Dri"\'e, . The .Riverwalk on the south lwnk ofth e St. Johns provides an setting which conti nues to draw new investment in tourism and recreational businesses. Vacant Land: Several parc<:ls exist to the northwest and northeast between Ptudential Drive and the R.iveJWalk on the south bank oflhe St. Johns. These range from 6,500 to over 20,000 square feet in size. Access Issues: lmptovements of p edeslrian access to newly developing areas northw e st aod northeast of lhe station are needed. Good coMections with the park ... n-ride lot south of 1-95 are essential. Special Notes: When it opens in March, 2000, duPont station will mark lhe southern end of the planned build out of th e Skyway system. Enabllng Station Area De'Velopment 47 Tech Memo Number 2


METRO DADE TRANSIT AGENCY (MDTA) METRO RAIL Systent Description. MDTA opened Metrorail, a 21 mile rapid transit system in the City ofiV!iami and other portions of Miami Dade County, in 1984. A heavy ra il system, Metrora i l is b uilt on an eleva ted structure above or along s i de of roadways using precast concTCte be ams mounted on heavy steel and concrete piers. The ini tial line was planned to serve key traffic congest i o n corridors south of downtown Miami along U.S. I (South Dixie Highway), and to aid in the economic deve l opment of t he area to the northwest of the cicy. Twcncy stations were in cluded in the first phase of the system. A new station was opened in 1990 to connect with Tri Rail commuter trains which terminate northwes t of the city. This transfer stat io n permitted rail transit travel in a 75 mile corridor extending from West Palm Beach through Palm Beach and Broward counties to downtown Miami. MDTA i s constructing a short extension of Metrorail from Okeechobee s ta tion west to a new statio n to be lo cated west of the Palmetto Expressway. Long range plans include construction of an east.wes t corridor linking the Florida Internat i onal University campus. Miami International Airport, downtown Miami and the cruise ship term i na l on Biscayne Bay Other planned extensions would continue north along N. W. 21"' Avenue to the Broward County l ine, and wesrward from the south l ine to the Kendall area. Trains, composed of married pairs of rapid transit cars consist of two four or six cars. Trains operate in an automatic train operation (ATO) mode, but w i th a driver on board. The fleet is composed o f 136 cars. Cars are air conditioned and have an operator's cab at the outer ends of each married pair. A mixture of transverse and longitudinal seating and standee space allows for 130 passengers per car. The entire system is double tracked. All stations arc elevated structures and have car floor level platforms. Passengers enter through fare gates at street level. Sta i rs, escalators and elevators provi d e access to trackside platforms. Some stations have two outer platforms; others a single center platfonn. Telephones, system information, and security are ava ilable at all stations Parking facilities exist at most stations. Metrorail trains operate seven days a week, from 5:30 a.m. until midnight. Peak hour headways are 5 minutes off peak hours are 10 minutes on weekdays and 20 minutes in evenings and on weekends. Trains are maintained at a service facility and repair shop located west o f Okeechobee station. T ransfer s to Metrobus are availab l e at rail stations. Connections also exi st to llfe tromover and Tri Rail commuter trains. Station area development has been a goal of MDT A from the ear l iest planning ofMetrorail. A series of sta tion concept plans was developed in 1982 for each of the 20 stations. The city of Miami passed a t ransit development ordinance. Since the mid l9 90s MDTA has undertaken a much more aggressive station area development progJ3111. The best examples o f successful development are at Civic Center Government Cen ter Dadcland North and Dade l and South. MDTA i s currently pw:suing new development p lans for several other stations Station area development is inco rporated as an integral part o f the planning for the east west corrido r, should funding be secured for this system expansion. Enabling Station Area Development 48 Tech Memo Number 2


METRO DADE TRANSIT AGENCY (MDTA) METRORAIL System Map. Map MOTA Enabling Station Area De velo pmen t Tech Memo Number 2


Station Location OkoochobQ:Iue 10 ISle ltl)flh on ... w SO" -Sttoel. Earlingtoa Bcigbtl N W 4t"Site(t,tdof"N.W Mnl A.tJIO" Alblpattall N .\\'. 12 A-oe.soutbotN". W Santa Clara }<,W, 12 $Wei. Chit Center U O I .. Culloer OvertowDIAreaa N. W bci'Mlen 6 W t ,., ... Go-terument Cent e r .. atA 2 .. SO'O. Brii'otif ofS. w 21" Douglas Road ..... Uol.-erslty $;:$, ttp'IO ....,'0 .nres 011 die cut. Ki!htulod I'CIC:lil. ictk bl lllmlllou nnPtf ft'O 5 ,000 tc> Md, -., ml. t.ed KiU bollt,i4c Jrlt wilb 00 $tC'Cl plll'.rh$. IO't' pvoe l CUI Ont..e $WitJn S:=ll5iri pul:itf }.:1( (0$1 o( s#alfoo. AtmoA tlll'eel pllltls Sa:m:a. t,-eo CilyotMiasi. b\;11 No I.M8= c.utofsw:locl Xo t>nilo'No Wd. Scoa1l W rbOC lo>l :at 0o pulr::ba:;loof :widentPI uu. O.l y -=eftd SI'Mlllocri to fe'ddeotW UI':Uo Mi1al ,_, sp:llt$ OI:Mel: l:4b No l!vJei!CiYo SUlk parki.Qs. f(uJ t-o multi $cvtn.IJ1111ocl$0f4,000$l.I4(C !Qct-el JIUI:If6 J;:Sr..((M oeps ft!bil buildillp. S.c>'CBI sudut: ad O'l'dt:i LtafrccSOI'ISII"f:(( A .5 un "''Hl of'S'4titu. Sevc:QJ paroeb llf'IW'ICCU, coodomlol-. ....... cfleishSlNO.-k Art lliUe'QD, DIUW.II1 cd N o fwt.i.i;lb):: "te:aOI b.,!. 5"'.1.. MQtk Eltl:lily ... H(IOI:I &Citlbet.l..ood fdali, ftlU. Ur'8" PM: w aidf Joe u: sacio11. sumoe No II"Wt& '\QDI koi. Wt Milo D* riso si:;lf fwib' P'dc.inl-11:1t dll't't'lopucL Strip lll1d mail; Pl:8oU.KJ:; lenuwi(lft. Sold locs $o.'Ocb. Miwi Do& dutu"X loc5 1111d on a:t Couuy p:ll'kioJ )ol Suip mlll, Vllk-el\llityCCI!IpJ$. limileuby Joc:s io atO& Building Vatu .. Opportuoil)' Uses ptr$!(WI'O &lot. SIJDU l iifn iMimly, 10ulti fwily 7s pt!UU $:21),00 IDd $30.00. smou s.o.lle tl. 4S Coulcrdal rWlSetml 011 \Walll land -15 p:fiCml szo.oo II:Ed. SJOJ)(l SOJall ...;,c ...... bousilc. 1 an.ilolbk u #lllioa 7 0 ud $30.00. \'Y tildN Sllllil Mail,. f.Od tDIIIIi bily t:ow3tg. p;!tOell $15 00 .od $30.00 liP lou$C& Ltraltohna U SS J1C10CU SU.OO 4lld $30 00. Jtode t opnem Jll*fllill bllildq:l. 3J a:r\1$11\'llildllt at SO J!CrC'CII' bttwoeo Sl s.oo w s.; bclkllq;s poralb:l: A\'Of9lCo:l $9.3S ptt' tq:11t0 fcot 50 pm;cot s 1 5/:tJ 8116 $ )0.00 3 OM ofpu:kbc lbr t.OI'Iif.&ol'&olt!C$10tpliUIOCU J106$1'bk. 40 SIIUII dltf. fbr new pcrol s 10.00 .tSlO.OO .... b); eo, A"'.0 qfuCJ R 6 .l.J P" "l.,_ &xtt. 2.5 pt!Oelll S20.00 tiCd $.!0.00 PlfkiJII Iots ot'JXo 11$(>. 60 Of&:. bllilaQp a:ld hilb p:IOeb: two:ua $20.00 ud $$0.00 Ollsu!l l\llue SU.97 per 5qOJI'f: fbot. 30 .. 't$ A""*lJJ: '$1uc.U1..52 ('ICr S$ p.1I'OIIGt betv.'OCO 4Dd o(putin& b-joi m ""'I!JfP lw $22.36 PI" fc_ 60 IU;iliCDI f.!4 tJid ptru:ae becwceo $20 .00 11M $30.00. Silo: II:JI:$ All' pint doYdOJI*U 55 JIC'f1 $4S.OO. ltb:k'\'Oiopllefll a:.! ww. kSf otsirq,l ll:d Al'<:f9''111ae$24.s3p;r$q..,_b)l $0 pm;cot ktwon $20 .00 3lld. SXI.OO. pXfitlilll;csolti)Mie:niAI ill!d m:idtatia! ioiO hiP dmlily 4S LCr:aii:IN pe:rlll llt4 S30.00 otol6e r OOfl'larial 'P)W pffl:Cf $)0.04) Md $40.00,


MDTA Metrorall OKEECfrOBEE Hialc:ab Jri-Rail Northside Dr. 'Mnrtin L uther Kin& nrowntville Earii11Ston Allapatub Sa.'lta Clara Chic Center CUlmer Centet Brickell Coconut 01'0\'t Doll_gl$$ Rolld Univershy South Miami Dadeland D.Weland South Station Description: Elevated high side platfonn station with escalator and ele vator fully ADA accessible. Location: On West21"' Str eet, between West4"' Avenue(Red Road) and Okeccbobce Road. Political Jurisdiction: Town ofHialeab. Transportation Providers: MDTA provides Metrobus and Metror ail service On call local taxi service is available. Transit Sen'iccs: Metrqbus: 5:19am to 9:47pm weekdays. Peak 20 min; Off Peak 30 min. EveflinSs 55 to 60 min. Saturday 5:32am to 9:09 pm, 60to 75 min Sunday 5:32am to9:1 0 pm, 60 to 75 min. Station. Mt.trobus 72; 5:25 am to 10 : 25 pm weekdays. Peak 30 mill; Okeechobee Off-peak 60 min. Evenings 30 to 60 min. Saturday 6:53 am to 7:53, 60 min. Sunday 9:49am to 5:49pm, 60 min. Metrohu.s 87: 5:54 am to 7 : 04 pm weekdays Peak 30 min; Off-peak 30 min. No evenings. Saturday or SUnday se.rvice. Parking: A four level parking garage is loca ted to the north of the station, and on th e soulh side there is surlace parking. On street parking is available on some adjacent side strc<:ts. Station Area Acthities: To the northwest, byond the parking garage, there are single family homes To the south of the surface parking Jot, are a dozen or more industrial warehouses interspctsed with single family residences, duplexes and small apartment clusters. Acroos the Miami River: is a n area. of single family homes. To the west of the station about a half mile is the 1\>IDTA Metrorail maintenance facility. A few srnaUJ:Otail stores and food outlets are located on 2l"Streetand on 4u' Avenue. Enabling Station Area Development 50 Tech Memo Nnmber 2


MDTA Metro r ail Okeechobee Land Use: Residential and in.du$trlal are the dominant land uses with some commercial use along 21n Street. 'fhe immediate area t o the south is dominated by industrial. whol esale and warehouse activities South of Okeechobee Road and the canalized Miami River i s a predominantly residential area Statton Area Property Values: OKE.ECHOHE Cvnces:s Ctcck Stfltion Area Property V a lues in S so Wlrt t()ot No o fpereels A"erase Low High Load 948 ss.ts so.s s $26 45 Buildings sn S21 .64 S2.3S $58. tO Dominant Range S O percent betWeen SS.OO and $10.00 SS pe:rcent betweel) S20. 00 a."'ld $30 00 Surface parkjng lot on south side of Okeechobee station with warehouse and induS1ri al a:3. of downtown Miami in the distance. Dt'ft-lopment Opportunltits: Limited opportunities exis t for ne''' development adjacent to the station A somewha t greater potential exists for redevelopment of commercial warehouses into other uses, but this is also limited. The parking lot for the Metron1il.station is apprC>ximately 10 acres. This site is being made available by Miami-Dade County. Vacant Land: A few small parcels, ranging in size from square feet to 1.3 acres exist along 21" Stree t and on some side streets tC> the nonh and south of the station. Access Issues: Access for pedestrians into adjacent areas is made difficult by a tack of sidev.-alks on all ex.ccpt the major arterials: 21": Street and Okeechobee Road. Enabling Station Area Development 51 Tech Memo Number 2


MDTA Metrorail OhechOOee lllALJ;A.ff iri-lbll N<.1rtb$iOe (>: .Martin Lulher K it18 Brownsville &Hnstoo Height$ Allapanah Civic C>.lmt< ove,t<>wn/ /.rt

MDTA Metrora.n Hialeah Station .Area Activities: The Hialeah Racetrack is a major recreational drawing card and is loc a t ed just t o the north of H ialeah Me1ro01il Slatioo, and across the Florida East Coast (FEC) railroad tracks. During horse racing seaso n the track draws large crowds of v isitors Other activities in thearea are predominant l y neig h borhood oriented retail activities. South of the station sing1e family, duplex and a few small apartments comprise a predominantly J:eSidcntial area. Generalized Land Use: Recreational use t o the north (Hial eah Downs). R esidential use to the south of East 21 ': A venue A scattering of smaU commerc ial activities exist al ong East 2 1 A ven u e. Station Area Property Values: Ji!ALEMI St;UiOn Area Val ues in S oec SQuare foot. No of parcel s Avcrnge Low Hig.b t.nd 134t $1.42 S2J. l 6 1195 $25.14 $2.20 s.suo Development are som.c opportunities for new development close to the station Beyond the inunediare station area there are only a few scattered small parcels. Approximately S acres of land CUITencty used as surface parking may be made available for j o int development by MiamiDsde County Vacant Land: Two parcels exi st in t he immediate station vicinity S outh of the st atio n there is an open parcel o f land between East 1 A venue to East 2nd A venue. This parcel is ad jacent to apartmen t s and a strip mall This land is approxllnately one and a half with a rectangular dimension of roughly 100 600 feet There is another pa:el bordering upon the first about one-quarter to one-half of an acre AcC!ess Issues: There is a pedestrian walkway over the FEC railroad connecting th e Metrorail Station and Hiale ah Il

MDTA Metrorail Okeechobee H ialeah TlUIW.L Nonbside Or. Martin Kine 0rO"'-':'I$Yille Ua.rlin&tl)ll freight; AllopoU.h Saota Clara C ivic Center Cutmer 0vmo\Oo711 Aren:a Brick! Jurisdiction: Town ofHia ltah and Miami Dade County. Transportation Pro>iders: MDTA Metrobus and Metrorail service commuter trains. On call local taxi service Conneclin & Transit Services: Metmhur 42 5:19 am to 8:10 pm weekdays. Peak 55 min; Off-peak 60 min. Evenings 60 min. Saturday 6:38 am ro 6 :39pm, 40 ro 60 min. Sunday 7:02am to 7:27 pm, 30 to 60 min. Tri-Rail Me1a1bus L : 4:47am to 12:31 am weekdays. Peak 20 min; Off-peak 24 min. Evenings 30 to 60 min. Saturday 4:44am to 10: 18 pm, 20 to 70 min Sunday 6:07am to 10:33 pm, 3S to SO min. l']j w Rpjl commuter traizu run north to Broward and Palm Beach and $outh to Miami International Airport. Parkiog: Limited parldng spates for short term US

MDTA Metrorail Ttl-Rail Generalized Land Use : fhe land use surrounding the station is predominantly industrial, c ommercia l wholesale, and warehousing. A few blocks of singl e family a n d duplex rcsiden tial exist to the east and north. Typicsl of sid e streets to the northwest of MetroraiVI'ri Rail station is this scene < I r" Avenue with a mixture o f small ootnn'\Clcial -acthities and a Post Office. Sflltion Area Property V alues: TRI RAIL Station Area Property Values in$ per square foot No o fpmx:ls Average Low ...... llSB $5.84 SU'2 8ui l d ings: lOSS $22SS $2 4$ High $25.4S $01.1S Dcvetopment Opportunitie1;: Arc very limited by the lac k of avai lab l e land. TbeSs during the day. S pecial Notes: This is primarily an intennodal transfer station be tween Tri Rail commute.r trains and Mctrorail I t provides access vja transfer to down tow n Miami for travelers to and from Bro 'M l rd and Pabn Beach counties. Enabling Station Area D evelopment 55 Industrial uses predominate along the CSX tracks used by TriRail. The TriRail commuter train station platf

MDTA Metrorall O).ecclboe J.lilllcah Tri Rai l NORTHSIDE Dr. Martin Luther King 9roWI)SYille Eatlin&ton Hei.gllts AUapa.uab su...,.ta Cln:a CMcCcntet CUI""' Overt*wnf Centr Brickell Vit<:aya Cooonut Gro\'t 'Road University Soulb Miami Dadcland North Dadelan.d Sou1b Station Description: Elevated, side platform, floor-level station with stairs., escalator and elevator; fully AD A accessible This is an elevated. covered. station. Station plaza oontains bus bays, telephones and security. Location: 79" Streetbetwcen N.W. 31 and N.W. 32'' Avenues Political Jurisdiction: MiamiDade County. Transportation Providers : MOTA Metrobus and Metrorail service. On call local taxi service. Transi.t Services: Metznhus 12: 5:10am to 12:17 am weekdays. Peak 2S to 30min ; Off-peak 30 min. Evenings 30 to 60 min. Sarurday 6:11 am to 11:55 pm, 55 to 60 min. Sunday 6:11 am to 11:50 pm, 30 to 70 min. Northside A southbound Mettorai1 RailiMetronUJ station; next stop Northside. Outside platforms at floor level are typical of Metrorail elevated s(ation.s. 21 5:.23 am to 12:11 am weekdays. Poa.l< 30 min; Off peak 30 min. Evenings 30 to 90 min Saturday6:13 am to 11:45 pm, 55 to 75 min. Snnday 6:14am to 11:43 pm, 60 t o 75 min. !Jklr.p.bJ, 15 to 60 min Sunday 5 :54am to 2:20am, 18 to 60min. Parking: There is a large Park and lot south of the station. Station Area Activities: AIJ extensive indoor and outdoor flea ro.SJ:'ket stretches for severa l hWldred feet along N W. 79 Street to the east of the station. A new gas station has recently been completed to the northwest. Behind the flea E n abll.llg Station Area Development 56 Tech Memo Number 2


MDTA MetroraiJ Northside marlcct and gas station are single .. family residential homes. A large mobile hom.e park to the southeast is bordered b) industrial buildings. To the southwest are conunor cial buildings along 79", with single -family residences behind. Generalized Land Use: Land use is q uite varied around the station, but is primarily residential and eommetcial. Residential densities vary greatly from single family h om es on small and medium sized lots down tQ tightly packed units in an extensive mobile home park. Commercial uses prcdo.minat c slong the north side of the West Stree t arterial. Iodustrial8.Jld warehouse uses appeat on th e sQutbem pcriphecy of the station area Station Area Property Valut$: Area PropcttY Values in SI>Cr of parcels Average L""d 79S $:2. 3 1 Buildings ssa S20.&l uue f o o t Low H;,h $0.10 S2l.9 S $2 .00 SSJ.SO A flea mad

MDTA Metrorail 0Xeet1'lobee Hialeah Tri-R.ail Northside OR MAAn'l LUTH&R KING Browns:vilte El:lrlinSlOn Hei&hts Santa CJara Civic Ccnt<:r Cll lmc< 0\'Crt0 '41!/ Arel'l3. Go\-emment Ce!'lttr B rickell Coconut Grove ))(lug l as Road Univtn;i1y South Miami Dadcl.aDd North Oadeland Soutll Station Desc::ri ption: Elevated, side platfolll1, floor-level station ith s tairs, escalator and elevatorj fully ADA accessible This is an eleva ted covered, double-platform station. Station plaza contains bus baY$, telephones security. Location: On N.W 271Jo Avenue to the north ofN.W. 6rd Street Political Jurisdiction: 1\tiamiDad.e County. Transportation Providers: MDTA Metxobus and Metrorail service. On call taxi service CoJme<:tlng Transit 2:7: 5:20am to 1 :55 am weekdays. l,eak 1 5 min; Offpeak 1 5 min. Evenings 1 5 to 60 min Salurday 5 :44 arn to 1 :32 am, 1 5 to 60min. Sunday 5:07am to 1:14am, 30 to 60 min. 62 5:42am to 1:28 am weekdays. Peak 10 to 15 min; Stree t level entrance plaza at D r. Martin LUtner Kin g, Jr. M cttorsiJ station opcos ont o 6r Street. Off-peak 1 5 min Bvenings25 to 60 min. Saturday 5:34am to 1:34am, 20 to 30 min. Sunday 5:24am to 1 :34am, 25 (() 30 min. MAX: 6:00am to 7:05pm weokdays. Peak 15 t o 20 min; No Off-peak, Evenings, Salurday, or Sunday service Parking: A three level parking garage is located east of the station. On st:rcet par king is available on most side sb;ocl$. Enabling Station Area De velopmen t 58 Tecb M emo Number 2


MDTA M etrorail Dr. Marti11 Luther Kine Station Area Aetivitics: Northwest of the station is lhe Miami/Metro-Dade Model Citi e s Fire/Rescue station. An c1ementary school is located to the immediate wc&t; a day eare center t o the eas-t. Single family homes surround these other uses both east and west of the station.. Th ere is a day school cast of the station with many h omes behind it. A church and a cluster of oommeroial retail busineoses is found northeast of lhe station along 21"' Avenue, An abandoned public housing complex lies to the northeast of the station. County has reached an agreement with a not fot-profit developer to buil d a c1ass B office building in. the surface parking area at the s tation sit e Genera llzed Land Use: Dominant land uses are residential, educational and other pub l ic uses and community (c hurch, school and fire station). Residential uses arc pti.J:nari l y si n g l e family with a mixture of du p l ex and small three and Coot unit apartments. ll1d>r. Martin Luthe r King, lr. s ration area is predominandy residential, with only limited oppotrunities for n e w development. t possi b ilities arc: more likely. Station Area Property Values: ). K S l p IL l:at on Area l"tODCrtV Val S ues an s oer souare foot No ofparoc:l.s Average Low t.nquarter of an acre parcel is vacant ad j acent t o the church Ac.c:esslssues: Pedestrian a ccess is genera ll y go od. naffic lights pro t ect the crossing ofN.W. 2 -t" Avenue and sidewalks lead into neighborlloods from major arterials under the elevated rail line, and al o ng 62'" Street Enabl ing Station Area Development 59 Tech Memo Numbe r 2


MDTA Okeechobee TriRaiJ Northside Dr. Martin Luther Ki n g B RO WNSVILlE l!arUnston Htight$ Cu l mer Ovcrtownl Arena Government Centm Brid:en V i "J.y.a Coconut Gt()V Ooc s and securi t y and Opens onto bu$ h

MOTA Metrorall Brown$Ville area houses local res idents in a variety of diff erent t)'pes and sizes of dwelling units. Th e B rownsville station is characterized as being primarily rcsidc.ntial. Generalized Land U se: Residential and commercial uses predominate in the area 1tt0und Brownsville sta tion. Res identia l character includes public housing units and a variety of single family homes ranging in size from very small to medium, duplex, and small apartments. Commercial retail is confmcd to the ma j or streets: N.W. zf", so and 54 (Hial eah Drive) streets. .redeveloprnc:nt opportuo it.le$ ma.y exist wbc.rc housing has bocomc: derelict and abandoned. Station Area Property Values: BROWNSVILI..E Station 1 \re1 V3.lues inS No of parcels Avmge l..on4 1697 $1.90 Suildinss 1295 $ 16.80 e:r !IQUate foot Low :High S0.46 $2.85 $3.00 $6),00 cs.tablishments refl ect the IOWi.ncome character of the Brownsville neighborhood Dominant Range o f Values 85 pereen t bcrwceo S 1.00 aod $3.00 45 between $20.00 and S30.00 Dnelopment Demog raph ic dara indicate this is a very low area. and market opportUnities for dcvclopm.en.t are limited. However,l:bere is considerable vacan t land, some in parcels of significan t size. A small strip mall is under development o n vacant property to the northwes t of the station. The redevelopment potential is also moderate, reflecting the neighborhood conditions which restrict the marke t. 'Ib.ere are approxima1ely 7 acres of swfa c e parking made available f or joint developmeot b y Jvliami-Da de County. A proposal to deve lop low income housing on this site bas been received by the county. Vacant Land: there is one acre of vacant land on the n orthwest side of the station. Several sizable parcels of vacant land exis t on adj a cent streets to th e ea st and n ortheast. Acctss I ssues: BrowD.Sville station opens to the west with ped estrian a ccess across th e park and ride l ot towards adjac ent residential areas. Access into the neighborhood is good, a lth ough t here is a lack of sidewalks on some streets Enabling S tation Area Development 61 Tech Memo Number Z


1\\ ""d"l-le'"' P: kbg 811Ia8 nonhwesl edge of the Earlingron JJ:eigbt$ Meuorail stacion as an intercept pOfot for commuters using the Airport Expressway. Off-peak 30min Evenings 45 to 60 min. Saturday 5:45am to 11:29 pm, 30to 60min. Sunday 5:44am to 10:13 pm, 60 to75 min. Metrobus 95-t 7:03 am, 5:40pm weekdays. Peak only No Off -peak, Evenings, Saturday o r Sunday service. P arking: 1bere is a six-leve l parking garage for park and ride transit users, and additional surface parking, to th e north of the station. On street pa rking i s available on several side stree t s to the north. E n abling Stat ion Area Development 62 Tech Memo Number 2


MOTA Metrorall Station Acti\ities: Mi am i Jackson Senior High School is south oftbe station, but isolated from it by the hamer of the Ailp<>rt Expressway ( State Hi ghway 112) Only throe small commerc ial establishments ar e found on N W 11 St:re.t within the station area. Beyond the educational function of the J tigh school the dontin.ant activity is resideotiaf. Generalized Land Residential and pub lic U$e are the dominant land uses around the EarJinston Heights station. A major school and park space a.e found to the soulb of the Aitport Expressway. Residences are predominantly single family homes with a sc attering of dupJex units. Station Area P roperty Values : EARLINGTON HEIOliTS Arto i'romtY Values In$ oer sauare foot No of parcels Avenge Low Hlgh lond 1 676 SZ.33 $6.55 Buil4ings 1394 StS lS $0 90 $80 .10 D evelopment Opportunities : These are limited to a few parcels scattered throughout the residential neighborhoods. However, a s population pressures grow there may be the potential for redevelopment of somo single-family p.ropertie:J on the major arterials and near the station as multi -family residential. Property east of Jackson Senior High that is cun:cntly used for sporting activities may also become developable Vacant L and: There is very l imited avai lab le land at this station, only a scattering of lots, ranging from 5 ,000 to 10,000 square feet in size, in the resi dential area Access Issues : The Airport Expressway fonns a significant barrier for good acces s ftom the south to the Earlingto n Heights station. For students from Jackson H igh School to usc Metrotail requires a several block walk. This is true for many residents south of the Expressway as well. A pedestrian overpass is of interes t to persons living or attending school in the area. North of the station thegrid ne-twork of Earlington Heights The o'er.UI of the neighbod'lood around this Metrorail station is residential, ranging from s ingl e famil y units to small apartments. Domil'lant of V alucs 6Spc:oUbetwecn Sl.OO and $3. 00 70 percent betwn SlS .OO and $30 .00 Miami Jackson Senio r High School is an important acdvity centtt ln the Eadingto.n Heights area. I t is separated from the Metrorail station by the Airpot1 Ex.pressway. city streets pwvides good access, although additional sidewalks are n eeded on some streets Enabling Stat ion Area Development 63 Tech Memo Numbe r 2


MDTA Metrorajl Oktecbobee Hialeah Tri-Rail Northsid e Dr. Martin Luther K ing Brov."Mville EuBngton Heights ALLAPATTAB Sootil CIJ:ra Civic Ceflter Culm Overtown/Arcna Government Ceoter ,Dric:.k.ell Yizcaya Coconut Grove DoUS)as Road Unlvet$1t y So1,1thMiami Oadtland North DadtJand South Station D .. cription: Elevated, floor-level, center-platform station with s tairs, escalato r and elevator, fully ADA accessible. Station plaza contains telephones and securiry. and opens onto bus bays, auto drop-off and parking Location: On N.W. 12" Aveoue, to the south ofN.W. 36" Sttcet. Jurisdiction: Miami-Dade County. Traltsportatiou Providers: Meuobus and M ettorail service On call taxi servi c e Transit Servtees: Metrobus senes routes 12, 21,36 and J /dJ:IJ:p/mr '12 5:27am to I : 00 am weekdsys. Peak 30 to 35 min; Off peak 30 min Evenings 30 to 120 min. Saturday 6 :30am to 11:37 pm, 30 to 70 min. Sunday 6:30am to 11:32 pro, 30 to 70 min .. Metrobus 21: 5:40amto 11:53pmweekdays Peak 30min; Off-peak 30 min. Evenings 40 tQ 9Q min. Sa!ulday 6:06 am to II :27 pm, 60 tQ 80 min. Sunday6 : 06 am to 11: 25 am, 60 t o 80 min. A.Uapattah autos directl y into the station plaza area, and an pedestrian environment as shown here a t A Hapattah, is representative ofMetrorail stations. Metmhus 36: 5:17am to 9 :42pm weekdays. Peak 10 to 20 ntin; Off-peak 20 to 30 min. Evenings 30 to S O min. Saturday 6 :12am t o 8:30pm, 30to 60 min. Sundsy 6:28am lo 8:31pm, 30 to 45 min. Metrobus.l 4:56am to 12:39 am weekdsy!>. Peak IS tQ 20 min; Off peak 30 min. Evenings 20 to 60 min. Saturday 5:51 am t o 1 :18am, 30 to 80 min. Sunday 5:22am to 10: 50 pm, 30 to 80 min. Parking: This is a Ieiss and ride station with very limited parking avai lable in a small lot adjacent to the east side of the $tation. Some on-stree t parking is available on adjacc.nt streets. Enabling Station Area Development 64 Tech Memo Number Z


MDTA Metror:ail Allanilttah .. Station Area Activities : Urnan Living is the predominant activity in this Largely residential area. Several neighborhood oriented shops exist on N.W. 12'h or on N W 36"' Street. Moore Park, a public recreation areaJ lies a few blocks east on 36u-. Street. Northwest of the station is a discount a ut o parts store and a used car lot. W est and southwest of the station, housing is the .main activity Miami .Dadc County has reached an agreement with a dev eloper who will build low income housing in the surface parking ar ea Generalized Land Use: 1be land use is conuncrcial and residential CoJllllleici al activities appear to be concentrated along N.W. 12 Avenue and along N.W. 3 6" Street Residcnlial is predominantly sing le family homes with a few duplexes and an occasio nal sma ll apattme.nt complex. Station Area Property Values: ALLAPA TI'AH Station Area Pr i!Crt:V Values inS tlef souue toot Noofparoel1: Lood 2()13 Buildl.ngs 187 8 A si2ablc porccl of o.mlnat\1 Raosc ofVal\U:s 95 batwetn St.OO $5.00 75 pertent boet\1.-etn $ 1 $ 00 al:ld $30 00 distance in this vie w mixed rt:$idential area s tation. a(rosstbe Allapottah Development Opportunities: A vacant parcel occupies most of the block to the east of the station. A few other scattered parcels can be found in the station area. Redevelopment potentia) is greater as srationlocations become closer to the heart of Miami wbete urban inflil is underway as a result of growing population pressure. V aeanl Land: Thete lll:e nearly three ac.res available in a Large open pa=l spanning the bloelc east of the station aroa. Boarded-up build.irlgs on the land are a further indication of redevelopment potential. 1bis is th e only piece of vacant land in the Allapattah station area. Atcess The station aooess is on the east side. Pedestrian access is. good througbout the area. facilita ted by tbc grid pattem of streets Like most neighborhoods o n the north end of the Metrorail system, sidewalks arc adequate on major arterials and some side streets. Othe r side streets need sidewalks to improve accessibility Enabling Station A rea Development 65 Teeh Memo Number 2


1\'IDTA Metrorail Oktec:hobec Hlakah Tri-Rai l Northsi<:le Dr. Mart in l,.utbe r King 6rown$Vi1k f-arlington H.cigbt:s A lt.1pattab SANTA CLARA Civic Ctl'ltcr Culmer Ovetl()v.-n/Arena Oave:mrr.e:nt Center Brickell Vizcaya COCOCIUI Grove Douglas Road Un.i\!CISity South MU!mi Dddand Nortlt Dadeland South Station Description: Elevated. floor-level. side-platfonn station with stairs, escalator and elevator. fully ADA accessible. Station plaza contains telephones and security, and opens onto bus bays, auto drop-off and parking. Location : OnN.W.12'11 Avenue, northof23'4S. Political Jurisdiction: Miami-Dade County. Transportation l'roviders: MOTA Melrobus and Melrorail service. On call taxi service. Coonec::tiog transit Services: Metrob. 12 5:32am to 11:54 pm weekdays. Peak 30 min; Off peak30min. Evenings 50to60 miD. Sarurday 6:30am to 11:31 pm, 30 10 60 min. Sunday 6:30am to 11:26 pm30 to 60 min. Metrabut 2/ 5:45am to 11: 50 pm weekdays. Peak 30 min; Off-Santa Clara and wa:rthouse accivily are dominant land uses in tbe area around Santa Clara Mctrorail station. peak30min. Evenmss40 to90 min. SaJurday 6 :04am to 11:25pm 60 to 80 min. Sunday 6:04am to 11:23 pm, 60 to 8 0min. Metro/ms 22 5:08am to 7:08pm weekdays. Peak 20 to 60 min; Off-p eak 60 min Sarurday 5:36am to 6:15pm, 30 to 60 min. No evening, or Sunday service. Metmhu n 5:50am 10 11:25 pm weekdays. Peak 20 to 30 min; Off-peak 30 min. Eveoiogs 30 to 60 min. Sarurday 6:18 t o 10:30 pm, 30 to 60 miD. Sunday 6:18am to 9:25pm, 60 min. MNrobus M; 5:47am to 11:00 pm weekdays. Peak 30 min; Oll-peak 30 min. Evenings 30 to 60 min. Saturday 5:46 am to 10:57 pm 40 10 60 min. Sunday 5:45 am to 7:04pm 40 to 60 min. Parking: There is only a small surface parking lot availabl e on the east side of this station. Very limited on-street parking exists in thisarea. Enabling Station Area Development 66 Tech Memo Number Z


MDTA Met r orail Station Area Activitie s : Southwest of the station is the City of Miami Fire and Rescue Station. West of the station are warehouses and parking for the warehouses Southeast of the statio n is the facility for glUbage/trash c.ompacto_r/co.llcction cen t er for the city. Whole$al ing and warehousing act i\'ities are important and can be seen in the vob.une of truck traffic o n local strtets. are aiSQ some commercial and industrial buildings east of this station. Northeast of th e s t ation is the Bobby Madoro Sta dium f or baseball Generalized Land Use: Industrial and warehouse activities dominate in th.c area around Sao t a Clara station. San t a Clata is a destination station for persons employed in the many small plants and tran s Santa Clara shipment fa-cilities in th e area Municipal service uses are importan t The surface parking lot west o.f Santa The solid waste processing center is located just to the southeast of the slation also serves nearby work sites wbich station. Res idential activity is very l imi ted. include transpOrtation, warebousiog and n:latcd office aetl\ities. S tation Area Property Va l ue s : A tauoo Arc3. 'rODertv a lues m S NT CL,RAS. p v s e:r !lGus:re oot No of,reels: A v enge Low High Land 856 $3.91 Sl.20 $8.50 &II ding$ 692 $4.85 $16MO D evel opment O p por tu nities: There is very l imited vacant land available. Redevelopment opportunities do exist to recycle some redundant building uses to take advantage of growing market rontal rates for indll$lrial and wa.ehouse property. There are 3 5 acres of land for surface parlcing that Miami-Dade County bas made available for joint development To date, two proposals to b uild low income housing h a ve been received. V acan t Land: lbc only significant parcel of vacant lal)d is behin d th e Fire and Rescue Station on property owned by the City of Miami. Access Issues : There is good roadway a c cess to the Fire and Rescue Station and t o the warehou ses and small factories m this area. From the perspective of transit users, however, sidewalks are laokit\g in. many areas and truck tr affic c onfl i cts are a s afety issue for pedes.trians. S pecla t Notes : This is one o f d1e few stations tha t serves primarily an industrial area w i th a very small res ident population E n abling Station Area Denlopmeot 67 Dcminant Range of Values 8S pectcmt between S:MO and $5.00 55 pqcent between $ 1 5.00 and $30.00 or<'"" Clara station thcfl>is a m nsilion from il)dul'Jrial and warehousing to facilities and related high-density housing. Teclt Memo Number 2



M DTA Metrorail Station Arta Activ i ties: Civic Center station is in the heart of the Miami medical district with the University of Miami Hospital Clinics> Veterans Administtation Hospital, Jackson Memorial Hospital and Cedars Medical Centet aU a short walk from the station. Numerous small clinics, laboratories, and specialized care facilities are also found in the area. Permanent residences a re primarily apartme11ts. T he Justice Building. located to the southwest of t he station is a major c orroctional facility Generalized Land Use: P u blic uses dominate thjs arta, in the fo_rm ofhospilals, clini c s, medical laboratories, research facilities and some govenunent buildillgs are also present. Residential u ses arc confmed to apartment to\vCJ:S, mu:sing homes and other longtenn care facilities for the infirm or elderly. Station Area Property Values: 1\IJ t lliOO Area r C C CENTER S t::rtv' alues 1t1 v s r $4ua;e foot No ofparcels A\tr.tgc Low Hish Laod 6 1 2 ss.n SI IS Sl2.00 Buildings 338 SlS.l4 S0.7S SI08.6S Civic Ce11ter c;, ,ie swion i s <>n the tdge of downtown Miami and its government and medical f u nctions reflcc.t both the importance of a centraJ location and Che need for regional access. D()n'lfnaot Ringe of Values SS perccnt betwoen $5.00 and $10. 00 50 percent between S!S .OO and $30 .00 Development Opportunities: This is one of the most completely builtout station areas on the Metrorai l system. Some redevelopment of older buildings may be possible. Vacant L aud: Noneavai l able. Atcess Issues: There is good p edestrian access at thi s stat io.n. There arc crosswalla; to help people get from. one side of the street t o the other. The street grid network is somewhat complex and confusing as many of the medical buildings have expanded across former stJ:eets resulting i n some closures. Howe v er, sidewalk access is good throughout the area into neighborhood d ominated by the hcslth cue industry. Enabling Sta tion Area Development 69 Tech Memo Number 2


MDTA Metrorail Okeechobee Hialeah Tri-Rail Northsilk D r Martin Luther King B rown.s\ille EatUnst CULMEI< Overtowrv' Arena GO\'C"mlTICll t Center Brickel l Viu:aya Coconut Gt'ove Douglzs Road Unh ersil)' South Miam i O...l nd Nortn South. Statio n Deseription : Ble.vated, floor.Jevel, center-platfonn station w i th s ta irs, escala t or and elevaror, fully ADA aocessible S t ation plaza contains te lephones and security, and opens onto bus bays. auto drop off aad paddag. Location: OnN. W 7" Avenue aadN.W. 11 Slr<:et. Poli tical Jurisdiction: Miami Dade County. Providers : service. On call taxi servi ee. Connecting Transit Services: MOTA Merrobus and Metrorail Me.lmhus 77: 5:15am t o 1:14am weekdays PeakS to 15 min; O(fpe west, t o Biscayne Day on the will be developed along N.W. 116 Stteet. Business redeve lOpment is being spuned through grants and loans for businesses along N.W. s Avenue. A ne w Winn Dixie Marl

MDTA Metrorail Generalized L and Use: Moderate t o high density residential uses exemplify most of this. area This )san 'in city'' neighborhood. Older single family homes, many on small lots, and newer and some fairly lar ge apartment complexC$ dot th. e area. Other neighborhood uses incl ud e an e l emen t ary school, and a scattering of small conunerc i al enterprises. Station Area Values : CULMER Stati o n Area PtOJ'lcrtY Vai"U.e.Sitl $ per SQuare fO()l No of paroels Average Low H i gh Land 811 $4 37 $0.68 Sl3.6o Buildit18$ 582 S9.3S 50.75 $69.50 Culmer . .,. .... ... H.eavy tn::e growth on o l der residenti a l streets obscures the compa .nature and dense housiog exiSls around the CUlmer Metrorail station Dominant Range ofVa1ue.s 65 percent $). ()() :md $ 1 0 00 S O pe.Ktrlt betv.>eCfl 5 1 5.00 nnd $30.00 Development Opportunities: Only a few small pa r cels remain undeveloped in this area Redeve l opment of single family residential property with higher density apartments may become accelera ted t o meet a growing housing demand close to do\'\rntown Miami. The more than 3 acre!:i of surface padcing at this Metro oil will be made availab l e for joint developmen t by Miami-Dade CoWlty. V aeanl Land: A few vacant pareels are scattered throughout the residential area to th e south and north of the station. One-sizab le parcel, in excess of t\\'O acres, is part of the Miami-Dade Schools. Ac:cesslssues: Sidewalk connections exist from the station along arterial and collector Only a fev. areas lack adequat e sidewalks. Special Note: 'The Cubner station area is a low income, transitional area with successive-groups of Caribbean and other minorities JX'tSSing through. It is also adjacent to some of the most historic neighbo_rhoods in the city along the Miami River which is undergoing redeve lopment. Enabling Station Area Development 71 T ech Memo Number 2


MDTA M:et rorail OJ.:eechobee Tri Rail Northside Dr. Martin Lulher Browosville Earlington H eis,ht$ Allapatta. h $at1ta Clara Center Oul msr 0V););tT()WNIARENA Oovemment Cenle: Bricke ll Cooonut Grove D ouglas Road U n iversity South M i ami Dadeland Nortb Dv.dela.nd South Station Description: Elevated, floor4leve l sideplatform station with stains, es c alator and elevator, fully ADA accessi b le. Statio.n plaza contains. telephones and security and opens onto bus bays. auto drop otrand parlcing. Location: On N.W. l Avenue, between 19" Street and 11" Street. Politlu l Jurisdiction: M i ami -Dade County. Transportation Provide r s: J>IDTA Mctrob u s and Metrorail service On call taxi serv i ce. C(lnne<:Ung Tran.slt Services: Metrobu r 2 5:35 am to 11:14 pm weekdays. Peak 1 5 min,; O ff peak 1 5 min. Evening> 20 to 60 min. Saturday 6:04am to ll:l3 pm, 20 t o 45 min, 120. Sunday 5:57am to 9 : 03pm, 30 to 60 min. Mt!tahus 7 : 5:33am to 10:03 pm weekdays. Peak 20 t o 30 min; Off-peak 20 min. Evenings 30 min. S a lurday 6 :33am t o 9 :03pm. 20 to 60 min. Sunday 6:33am to 8:13pm, 30 to 4 0 min. Overtown/Arena Miami Arens. home of the M iami Heat professional basketball t eam is the focal pol o t of eveot ativJty in the Overtov.n area. Parking: Considerable parking is available near the stat i on Th i s parking is primarily for the Miami Arena Patking is controlled in order to encourage transit use to Axcna event$. Metromovc:r service is also available to the Arena fxom a station fwthet south Station Area Ac-tivities: Tho Miami Arena home of the lvfia.mi Heat professio n al basketball team, is the dominan t activity center near th e sta t ion. 'I11e Arena is also used for other events. This neighborhood bas become a center of high-rise aportmcnt living. Three, twenty-story aportment buildings have been constructed northeas t of the Metrotail Seven l uxury apartment units occupy areas to lhe west Several offi c e bu il dings dot the southwest secto r Two large seven s1ory parking garages are also in that sec t or Enabting Station Area Development 72 Tech Memo Number 2


MDTA Metrorail Overtown/Arena Gen eralized Land Usc: H i gh density residential, commercial, office and sports uses dominate Che area around lhe Overtownf.Arena station. This is a n area that has un dergone significant urban infill over the past two decades. Older hous in g industria l ) and wareh ouse uses have given way to new high rise apartment comp l exes. and i ncreased the population of the area. Station Area Prop erty Values: OVERTOWN S tation Area rooe tv s lues m oer p v $ u are oat Nc) o(parctl s A\'ti'88C Low H i gh Dominant Range of Values Lond 786 S t \.2.4 ro. 6$ $80 00 3S petoc n t between $5 00 and $20.00 811ih.linss S70 S17.20 $2.90 SliO.SO 40 pcroent bcrv.'Cen $10. 00 and $20 00 Devolopment Opportuoilies: The lv!iami Areua structure may offer redevelopment potential. A new boskelhall :uena is under-construction about a third of a nrile to the east. facing Bis cayne Boulevard aod Biscayne Ba>. When major sporting events move to che new .site, tbe existing arena may b e avaiJahle for new options. Several older industrial and warehouse structutes also prese nt redevelopme nt p0$sjbllities A naiTQw, two acre site for su.rf.ace parking may be made available for j oint development by Miami-Dade County. Vacant Land: A few parcels. gene rally Jess than 6.000 -square feet exist on the ex.t{cmt western and eastern periphery of th i s area. M i ami Arena is on edge of Miami's central bus.inm district. In addition to being sc.rvod by MettorWI. the re i s a separate Metromover s1ation just south of the parking lot to the wt$1 of the Arena. oonsttucted in the area to t h e n orth and east o f Miami Arena. This l s close-in urban cote living. A.ecess Issues: Pedestrian access is of mixed quaJity. S idewalk connections to the luxury apartments t o the west need improvement Aooess is excellent from the-station to the Arcoa, and to office and apartment buildings on the east side of the station. Enabling Station Area Development 73 Tech Memo Number 2


Metrora:il Okeechobee Hialeah Jrl-Rai l 'Nort.J,si4e Dr. Mllltin Luther K i ng Brownsville Eilr1in$10 n Heigba Allapattah St!Ua Clara Civic Cen ter Cui""' GOYt:RNM .&NT Cl!Nl'\ Bricke ll Vi2C3.ya Cooornn Douglos Road Univcrlty Oad$ l and North Dadd'-"<1 South Station Descrip tion: ElevatedJ flootwle..,'el, side-platform stat ioo wilb stairs, escalator and elevator, fully ADA access i ble Mctrorail trains operate on the upper level of a station Metromover trains operate on the middle level. The ground level station plaza co ntains telephones and scx:urity, and opens onto a pedeslrian wa l kway. Location: OnN. W 1st Avenue, betweenN.W. lr. Street and N.W. 2M Street. Political J urisdiction: Miami-Dade County Transp o rtation P roviders : M.etrobus, Metrorai l and Metromovcr serv i c e On cal l taxi service. Counect i qg Tran sit Se,rvices: Metrohu s II 5 : 18am to 1 2 :40 am weekdays Peak? to 1 0 min; O ff peak 10 min Evenings 15 to 60 min. Saturday 5: 48am to 12:55 am, 10 10 60 min. Sunday 5 : 53am to 12:10 am, 15 to 60 min. Merrobus 77: 5:28am to 1:10am weekday s Peak 1 0 to 15 min; Off-Metromovc r Govcmment C are one level above. Metrom o v er function' as an urt>an circula t o r coMccting w ith the metropolitan system at this station and at 'Sriekell. peak 1 0 1 0 15 min. Evenings 15 to 60 min. Saturday 5 : 58am 1 0 1:1 0am, 20 t o 60 min Sunday 5 :58am to 1 :10am, 30 t o 60 min. 7:10am 10 9:03am 3 : 57pm to 6:55pm weekdays. P eak 1 5 to 20 min; No Off-peak, Bvetlings, Satu

l "''DT A Metrorail Govemment Center Station Area Activities: This station is in the heart of the city and the focal point of urban activities. Government Center is an office tower that houses Mi.anti-Oade County legislative and administrative fWtctions. Nearby are various centrally located cultura l and social activities including the Libnuy and CUltural Museum. Other house federal and state offices and various judicial functions. Street level activities are dominated b y retail establishments, restaurants and coffee h-ouses. Ono high r i se apartmenc complex has been built northeast of Government Center Generalized Land Government offices and public facilities conunerc:ial office buildings, reran activities and parking dom inate the land use around thi:i combined Mctrorllil/MctroiDOver faciUty. H igh rise buildings are the dominant architectural expression in the 'Mia.mi central business district. Station Area Property Values: CENTER Statioo Ate& Prooerrv V s lues inS l'lCr s"u1re toot No ofPQ.rcel s Avtr.l&e lAw H i$il Dominanl Raoge of Values t..nd 764 $15.Z4 $0 ,9' Sl80.00 40 petO( bC(Ween SS.OO and $20 .00 .(ruildings 411 S26.2J $2.90 Sll0.50 2S percent betWeen $2().00 and $30.00 Dnelopmcnr Opportunitie-s: The greatest opportunities in this area are for redevelopme .nt Public agencies own a large share of the land, and some parcels clUiently in SUiface parkiog offer possibilities for more intense and valuable uses. Private sector efforts have revitalized seveml older buildings into new office and commerci al space. Vacant Land: Except for parking lots there is :no vacant land in th.c vicinity of Government Center station. Acce5S Issues: many major buildings within walking distance of this station. Pedeslrian acocss is good in this a rea. Metromo\ er functions as an UJban core transi t distributor operating on its own elevated structure in downtown Miami. Enabling Station Area Development Tecb Memo Number 2 75


MDTA Metro rail Okeechobee Hia'-eeh Tri-Rail Nonbs-ide Or. Mar1ln Lutber King BroWJ').$\'ille Eulington Heights Atlap atuh SanUCiata C i vic Ce:nttr Culme r Ovectown/ Arena. Government Cemcr BRICI Acthities: Banks, and particularly international banking oftices, are the dominant activity a long Brickell A venue to che east of the station. These are gradually replacing older residences. Prestige condominium and apartments began to appear in this area 20 years ago. Four new five-star hotels arc being built within o n e-half mile, Enabling Station Area Development 76 Tecb Memo Number 2


MDTA Metrorail Brickell as well as hundt'eds of new condominium writs. To dJc west of the station there arc still several blocks of older homes, some sub--divided into apartments. Built on la1'ge lots there is residual space that txisfl as vacant yards aroW1d fonner homes which have-be

MDTA Met r o rail Okeechobee Hia leall iti-Rsl! Or. Martin Kins Brt.IV.'nSvilft Heiebls AJlllpiiU.a.. b Civ i c Center Culmer Overtownl /l.tej11 Government Cent<:r Bric&ell VlZCAVA Coconut <)rovl) Do'oi.Sias Rc)a.d Unlvenily Sff and parking. Location: On the west side of South Dixie High'"'ay, south of intersoction ofS.\V. 23rd Stree t and S.W. 1 2 Avenue Politica l Jurisdiction: M i ami Dade County Transport ation Providers: MDTA Metrobus and Mctrorai.J service. On call taxi seJVic:e. Connecting Trall$it Men:abuUl.; 5:46am to 1 1 :38 pm weekdays. Peak 30 min; Off peak 30 min. Evenings 50to70 min. S a t unlay6: 1 5 am 10 11:36pm, 40 t o 60min Sunday 6 : 15am to 11:26 pro, 40 to 60 min. Briclccll. is o n the north Highway. Vi:tcRya: Me!rqbus 17: 5:04am to 12: II am weekdays. Peak 30 min; Off-peak 30 min. Evenings 35 10 60 min. Satutday 6:00 am to I I : 30 pm. 30 10 80 min. Sllllday 6:00am to 11:40 pm, 60 to 70 min. Metrobus 24: 5:15am to 1 2 :19 am weekdays. Peak 15 min; Off-peak 15 min. Eveni.nss 30 to 60 min. Saturday 5 : 46 am to 12:21 am, 30 to 60 min. Sunday 5:47am to I 0:2 0pm, 30 to 70 min. Parking : There is limite d s u rface park in g on the 11ortb side of the stat-ion for Metrorail p atrons On street parking is available on side streets. Enabling Station Area Development 78 Tech 1\lcmo Number 2


MDTA Metrorail Vizcaya StaUon Area Activities: To th e west of the station are many apartments and homes. Residential uses con tinue cast at1.d south as well. T o the east of the $tation is Vjzcaya PaJ.aoe and Gat dens. ho me of the Dade County Art Museum. Adjacent is the Miami Museum ofScience and Space Transit Planetarium. A few blocks south, o n the edge ofBiscayne Bay) is Mercy HospitaL Alice Wainwright Park is also on th.e Bay, just so uth of Brickell Avenue. Miami Dade County bas reached an agreement to have a childrens museum built at the train station. Generaliud Land Use: Single-family residences are the dominant land use around the Vizcaya s1ation. Public uses are secondary and include a park and a hospital. Transportation uses are also important Several key anerial roads from Coxal Gables, South Miami and Key Biscayne coalesce here. Pedestrian overpass across South. D i x ie Higbway at Viz<:aya Metrorail station offers improved acoessibility to a hospital and residential areas to the south Station Area Property VaJue$: VIU:A YA Station Values in $ Der uu.:a:w foot Noo(J*td$ A\tmse Low Lmd 1054 S l 0.4S Sl.OO Buildiogs 1 011 $24 97 SS-8$ High $28.00 $124 .SO Technology Vizcaya is an important wlturallrocrcational destin.ati_on on Mctrorail. Dominant Range of Val1.1es S.S percent bet\\ -ten $5.00 and S20. 00 80 pcrccot betwcoo S20 .00 SJO.OO Development Opportunities: This is an established residential area with minimal anticipated change in the foreseeable future. Limited possibilities exist fm replacement of housing stock with higher density un ils ; a more likely scenario is larger single family homes. Vacant Land: No vacant land is available in the vicinity ofVizcaya station. Access lsSDes: A pedestrian overpass over Dixie Highway connects the MetroraH station with Vizcaya Palace and and with the Space Museum. Dire c t access to h.omes to the west and north is made more difficult by heavy traffic and gaps in the sidewalk network on some residential streets Special Notes: Dixie Highway is a f ormidab l e barrie r for pedestrian ac.,..s at aU Metrorail stations from this point south The succ es sful appHcation of a pedestri an overpass at Vizcaya needs to be considered fur the o tber stations Enabling Station Area Deve l opment 79 Tech Memo Nnmber 2


M DTA Metro rail Okeechobee H ialah TriRail N ontrside Dr. Martin Ltlthet Klttt Browns ville EArlingt

MDTA Met r orall Cocqnlll Grove Generalized Land Use: Two distinc t patterns of land use exist. To the west of Dixie Highway aod the Metrorail tracks the area is predominantly single famil'y residences with a commercia l strip along S.,V 27111 Avenue. The east side of Dixie Highway is lined with travel oriented businesses and neighborhood and regional commercial stores and res t aurants. To the south a more intense res i dential development has evolved with apartments and condominiums mixed in with single family homes Station Area Pt(lperty Values: COCONliT GROVE St.1tion Axea Vslut:s in S p e:-squa re foot No ofparcel11 Averosc-Low Hieh land 1909 $10. 68 $4. 15 Sl5. 00 Bu i l dings 1798 $21Sl $2 60 SS3. 1 S l>e\elopme.nt Opportunities: Further redevelopment of the roadway edges along DLxie Highway and S W 21 Avenue seems likely. Older retail outlets and a r e being replaced by more modem facilities. Redevelopm ent opportunities will continue into the near future. New d evelopment is limited by the lack of availab l e land. Vacant Land: Vacant parcel s aro However, coxnmc:rcial vacancy is eviden t in "for r ent" signs on severa l stores in the connner cial strip north of th.e station Miami-Dade County has five acres of surface parking that it has made availabl e for joint developmen t Four proposals for nUxcd use development with hotels retail, office, and residential an: being considered. Access Issues: Access around this station is facilitated by a reasonabl y good side\valk netwodc. A few gaps do exist in some key :>egments l:iOuth of Dixie Highway, Crossing Dixie Highway in heavy traffic can be a difficult llt8k. Enabling Station Area Development 81 Dominent Ranae of Va\lls $.S percent between $5 00 and $2().00 SS percent bttw a Sl() .OO $30.00 l'lc>!od r

MDT A Metr or ail Okcccl>.obe e Ul.atuh Tri-lbij N o nhsiGt Or. luther King Es:rl ington He.i&hl$ All.lpatuh Ssnta Civic Center Culmer Center J;):ri(: ke II CQ.;onul Grove DOUGLAS ROAD SoutbMiami Nonh Dade l and South Stalion D escr iplio n : Elevaled, floor-l evel, conrcr-platfonn slation with stairs, escalator and elevator; fully ADA accessible Station plaza contains t e lephones and security, and opens on 1 o bus bays, auto drop -off and parking. Location: On the westside of Dixi e Highway, j\Jst west of Douglas Roa d. Political Jurisdiction: Miami-Dade County Tran sportation Pro llders: MOT A Metrobus and Metror ail setVice. On c all taxi service Connecting Transit Services: Metmhus 22 6:03 arn to 10 : 48 pm weekdays. Peak 60 min; Offpeak 60 min Evenings 45 to 60 min Saturday 6:51am to 9:17 pill, 60 min Sunday 5:43am to 9:4 9pm, 60 min. Douglas Road A southboUDd MeU'Orail train leaves DougJas Road station as viewed fro m the ad j acent park and ride lot. /Jetrob& 37: 5:01am 10 11:19 pm weekdays Peak 30 min; Off peak 30 min. Evenings 30 ro 60 min. Saturday 6:05 am to 11: 2 7 pm, 50 to 75 min Sunday 6 :08am lo 11:01 pm, 60min. Mtrl>hzcs 40 S:SO arn t o 1 0:55 pm weekdays. Peak 15 to 20 min; Off-peak 30 min Evenings 30to 60 min Saturday 6:37am to 8:58pm 30 min. Sunday 6:18am to 8 :58 pro, 50 to 60 min. Merrahus 42 5:32am. to 7 :50pm weekdays Peak 60 miD; Off .. peak 60 min. Evenings 50 to 6 0 min. Saturday 6:10am lo 6:52pm, 45 to 6 0 min. Sunday 6 : 19am lo 7:35pm, 60 to 85 mi. o MB:trl>hus 48 5:26 arn lo 8:10pm weekdays. Peak 60 min; Off -peak 60 min. Evenings S O min. No Saturday or Sunday service. Mecrahm 65X 6:50 am to 9:1 0 am, 2 : 0 0 pm t o 5 : 43 pm weekdays. Peak 60 to 80 min; No Off -peale, evenings, Saturday or Sunday service. M&ohus 72. : 6 : 08 am t o 8:.41 pm weekdays Peak 60; Qff .. peak 60 roin Evenings 55 to 90 min No Saturday or Sunday scrvioe Ena b ling Stat ion Area Developllleut 82 Tech Memo Nu111ber Z


MDTA Metrorall Douglas Road Mwo/msl: 4 : 20am t o 12: 52 am weekdays. Peak 1 0 to 30 min; Off peak 30 min Evenings 30 to 60 min. S-day 5:50 am to 7:33 pm, 30 t o 50 mil Sunday 6 : 03am 10 5:50pm 50 to 60 min P a r king: is a .. fide facility west of the station. Station A rea Activities: The northwest oomer has a gas station used car dea l ership, west of the s tation is a park and ride area. southwest i s a light i ndustrial area. Northeast of the station is a p hannacy w i th a l arge community center behind it. East of !he station is considerable urban intill development, including a six-stozy apartmellt building. The so u theast corn-et is a connnero i a l and residential conununity. Generalized L and Usc: Corrunerciat uses dominate in the imm-ediate vicinity of tbe station. This indudes a large variety o f retail sh ops that serve !he area of northern Coconut Grove and the easrem portion of Coral Gabl es These uses extend north along Douglas Road and west t owards Coral Gables along Bird Road. Automobile dealerships, repair, and ser. ice are an important part of thi s To the :southeast commercial uses bQCOme replaced by residential la r gely a mixtute o f s ingle family and dupl ex housing. Statio n Area Property Val ues: DOUGLAS ROAD Area Prope rty Values in$ tbot No o fparce l s A'tl'tge Low High lJ and will make the remaining si:x acres available fo r joint devel opment. Ae$$ Issue$; Sidewalk acocss to adjacent commercial areas is good on Dixie Highw a y and Douglas Road Redevelopment bas occurrtd over the past two decades as evi d enced b y t h i s apartm en t oompl ex at the southeast c omer of Douglas Road and S outh Dixi e Highway. An attractive "'"et fu.,t cnJUmces ,,(c:Cssibility t h e l inear patk that paralle l s the Metro.rail al ignmen t al ong the northwest side ofSoutb Dixi e Highway. En a bling Stati on Area Developm e nt 83 Tech Memo Number 2


MDTA Metro rail Okc:ec:J-.obee Hialeab Tri-Rail No!th$lde Or. Martin Lu1ber King Brov.nsville Et.rling.ton Heightt All#pa.t'".ail. SontaCW. ChitCc:a;c:r o.Jm:r o...-.IMys. Peak 30 to60 min; Off-peak 60 min. Evenings 60 min. Sarurday S:S9 am to S:IS pm, SS 10 60min. Sunday 6:06am to 8:15 pm,SS to60min Mflrtibus 56: 5:46am to 8:26pm weekdays. Peak 3 0 to 4 0 min; Off -peak 30 min t o 60 min. Evenings 3S to 60 min. No Saturday or Sunday service Parking: Vccy limited parldog at this Metrolllil station, confined to a small lot parallel w ith the station facing en Poooe de Leon BouiC\'i!d. Parldng !a available across Dixie Highway at a small OOillll>a a gym, Enabling Station Area Development 84 Tech Mem o Number 2


MDTA M etrorail Univenity fast food outlcu, aod mJSie aud s1a<0 SIOfCS. Southeast of lhe s11doo is an II Slory aportmeo1 building \lnivu1ity Cente r is a mall co ntaining about a dozett stores. Tbc overall orien tation of activities a.t Uaivusity station is r o tbe campus G ene raliud Land Use: Institutional, commerciaL. and residential uses predominat e around University station. To lhe nonb aod west is lhe campus of the Uoiversily of Miami. Commercial developme nt extends along the south side o!Oix i e Hi&Jlway, bu t is only about one block d eep. Beyond the commercial strip to the south is a mixt ure or sinalo family rd 602 $13..18 ss.oo $31.1S 1S percent be...,_-tm $\0.00 $20.00 O..lldh>p m S l4.9S S'l.SS SSt.60 SS bc:twecn S 30.00 SAO.OO D

MDTA MetroraU Ok:cttMbte H i a leab Tri Rllil Northside Dr Mani.n Luther King. Srownsvllle Earlington Heights A llap3tl:.lll Civic C$1\tJ.'T Culmer OvcnowniArena Go, cmment Center )3'ri(:1:11 Viz.caya Coco nut Grove Douglas Road l.lnhtr,s.lty SOUTUMWII Nonh Ollde!and South Stati o n D escrip ti on: E l evated, center-platfonn station with srairs, escalator and fully ADA accessible. Stati o n plaza contains telephones and security, and opens onto bus bays, a uto drop off, aod parking. Location: On the north s ide of South Dixie Highway, west of S.W. 57" Avenue a nd north of Sunset D rive (S.W 72" Street). Politic:al Juri.$di. c tion: City of South Miami. Tra nsportation P rovi de rs: MDTA Metrobus and Metr:orail service On call taxi service. Conne:c:ting Transit Services: /&tl:DbJuJ.Z.:. 4:44 am to 11:0Z pm we

MDTA Metrorail Station Area Ac:tiviti es: Retail shopping, restaurants and coffee houses arc dominant activities in the inunediate vicinity of the station, which a1so contains a very large park and ride garage and functio.ns as a collection point for commuters in the Sout h Miami area. Along Sunset Drive are numerous restaurants and .shops. This pauern changes to the west of Dixie Highway where Sunset becomes$. w. 72'JJ Street Here City ofMiaJni goveouneitt and community activities buildings replaced the eonnnctcial pattc(ll found to the east. Siogte family homes prevail to the northwest and although some apartments are found near theconunerciaJ zone. Gener:tliud Land Use: COJD.ll\efci al retail and residential uses predominate in the area around South Miami station. This is the core area of the municjpality of So111h Miami. Upscal e retail shops along Sunset Drive and recently opened SwlSet P l aza. a majo r urban shopping maU, are key. Residential uses are found beyond commcroial area s both to the north and south, and further to the west along S. \V. 72Ad Street Station Area Property Values: SOUTI-I Ml,\!l..ll Sllllion /!.rea Prooertv V ii l ues in 3 er soum foot No of parcels Aver"l,';e Low H igh Lund 1082 S lO.l O S0.85 $65 00 Buiklin8$ 958 S24.S3 S2. 75 SS2.4S Squt/J Miami Sunset opened in early mixed use urban devc!opmeot o n S unset Drive features rental apsrtr:ncnts on upper l evels. mid size anchor stor.cs. upscale shops and a 16 screen movie theater. Dominant Rante 40 peroent bttwten ss.oo ond $20.00 SOpc:reent between $20.00 end $30.00 De,elopment Opportunities: Sunset Plaza, a major urban mall development. opened i.n the spring 1 999, on Sunse t Drive three blocks east o f Dixie Highway. Sunset Plaza inc ludes mid-size anchor stores, specialty shops, restaurants, a 12 screen movie theater and several snack shops. The mall has stimulated a revitalization of So\lth Miamis commerc i al d is trict a n d a number of buildings alo n g Sunset Drive have been renovated. Opportunities exist for redevcl opme nt of b oth commercial space and lower density res identi a l into higher uses. The County has reached an asreement allowing joint development of aparb:nen. t lofts over retail development at the station parlting s ite. Vacant Land: The re is very limited vacant land in this area for new development. Ac::cess Issues: The major access issue is the Dixie Highway crossing for pedestrians This is particularly critical in view of the opening of Sunset P laza mall. Walking from the Metrorail station to the mall rcquiles a circuitous rou te that co uld be shortened and made safer with a pedestrian overpass leadin g direc t ly from the station to the mall palking garage. Sidewalk improvements are also n e eded in residential areas. Ellllbling Station Area Development 87 Pedesttian connccti.ons-between Merrorail s;tation and SuoS(!t Plaza require a walk. and crossing busy South Dixit H is:hway. Tecb Memo Number 2


MDTA Metrorail Okeechobee Hi11lcah T rlRail N()J't}tsjde Dr Martin L u l ller King 8rO\\oli$ViUC Earii:n$1().., Height$ Civic Center CUlmer 0\'ertown/Arena Oovcmmem Centet Brie ken Coconol Gro\'t Douglas Road 01'liversity South Miami DADELAND NORTH .Da6e13.ttd South Station Des<:ription: Elevated floor level s i de-p l atfonn stat i on with stairs. C$ca1ator, and elevator; fully ADA access:ibl e Station plaza contains telephones and security, and opens onto bus bays, auto drop-off, and parking Location: On the north sideof South Dixi e Highway, just south of Snapper Creek and the Snapper Creek Expressway. Potltica l Jurisdiction: Miami-Dade County. Transportation PrO\Iider-s:: 1\>IDTA Metrobus and Mettocail service and Kendall Area T"""'it (KAT). On call taxi service. Conne.:ting Transit Services: Mettadcland North station. Commute:r parlcing garage i s to right. Walkway i n foreground leads co Dadeland Nortll mall. Metrahus 87 S:Sl am to 8:0 7 pm weekdays Peak 30 to 40 min; Qff;.peak 40 to 60 min. E venings 30 to 60 min.. Saturday 9 :11am to 6:45pm, 60 min. Sunday 9:11am to 6:45pm, 60 min. M(!(rJ>iw,s 8/J5:42am to 11:2S pm weekdays Peak IS to 30 min; Off-peak 30 min. Evenings IS to SO min. Saturd ay 5:40am to 11:25 pm, 2 0 to 50 min. Sunday 5:50am to 11:20 pm, 30 to 40 min ISJXSnl.W' 6:10am to 7 : 35pm weekdays. Peak 7 tQ 20 min ; Off-peak 60 min Evenings 2 0 min. No Saturday or SUnday service. UXKiWan 6:03am to 9:53 am, 3:53pm to 8:00pm w e ekdays PeakS to iS min; Evenings 10 to 15 min. No Off. peak, Sarurday, o r Sunda y ser\ice. to 9:28am, 3 :43pm to 7:03pm weekdays. P eak I S min; Bvoninss 15 min No Off-peak, Sarutday, or Sunday ser. ice. Enabling Station Area Development 88 Tecll Memo Number 2


MDTA Metrorail Datfeland Nottll Parking: An eight-story parldge Dealership Other apartlllOnt complexes exist south of the station across South D ixie Highway and North Kendall Drive. Addi t ional retail residen tial units will be built to complet e joint devel opment of the station site. Generalize d l.and Use: C omme rcial and high dens i ty residential uses predomina te around D ade l and North Metrorail station. Aparttnents south of Dixie Highway make up most of the residential use Station Area Property Values: OADELAND NORTH S t atio n Area Property V alues inS per SQ\late foot Noofpareels Av

MDTA Metrorail Okeechobee Hialeah Tri-Rall l)r. Luther K i n g Brov.n.sville ;rr)il'lgton Heights Allapartab Santa. Cl:ra CivkCenter Culmer Ovc:nown!Arcnu. Oo\'emmc!l.t Center Brickcll Vizcaya Coconul Oro,e Douglas Road University Soutb Miami }i(orth DADELAND SOUTH Station Description: Ele vate d, floor level, side-platfonn station with stairs) escalator and fully ADA accessible. Station plaza contains telephones and security, and opens onto bus bays on the ground l evel. Thi s is a major transfer po in t fo r buse.'i using the South Dade-Busway. The busway provides service twelve miles south to CUtler Ridge. Location: On the north s ide of D i xie Highway. j ust south of Snapper Creek and the Snopper Creek Expr essway Pol ttlcal Jurisdiction: Miami-Dade County. Tr:adSportation ProvidC!r$: MDTA Melrobus and Metro

MDTA Metrorail Dadeland South Parking: There is extensive surface-level parking north, vest of the station. This parking is primarily for custo mers ofDadeland Mall Station Area Activttiel: A mixture of office, retail and hotel space exists in a major complex that is part of the Dadcland South station. This 1 5 complex includes the One Da!tan Cen tor office building and a Marriott Hotel. One 0-atran Center tenants include-Prudential Securities Dean Witter and the Equitabl e Company. Commeteial activities include a book store bank, fast food outlets and specialty shops. The station mezzanine and lobby area are important transfer points for bus and rail riders. To the north is Dadcland MaU which. includes four anchor stores and another 65 smaller shops and eating establishments. Apartments a re located to the south across South Dixie Highway. Dadeland South stat i on functions as one of MOTA s largest intermodal cen ters. An additional hotel will be built to complete the j oint development opportunities at this station site. Generalized Land Usc: Major u ses are commercial retail and office, hotel, parking, and high density residential. Station Area Values: :OAOCLA.N)) SOUTH Creek. Stat il.>minan t Rllngt <>fValuas Land n S9.2S Slt.40 55 pmenl between S5.00 9flc1 S\0.00 Ouildinss 339 S32.89 1'<.10 S76.90 4 S pcrccnl between $30 .00 and $40, ()() Development Opport\1rlit:ies: Limited new development <>pp<>rtuniries exist here because of the nature of Jand around the station. Some additions are expected in aasociatod with Dadeland Mall. Additional medium to high density residential development is anticipated south of South Dixie Highway and Kendall Drive. Vacant Land: Limited to out -parcels on man property few parce l s in the cesidential area to the southeast. Acuss Issues: The petsistent access problem across South D ixie Highway also exists here. Improved pedestrian acc ess is needed to make a more attrac-tive linkage between the Metrorail station and Dadeland MaJl where a 100 yard walk is required ac.ross major arterials and through surface patking locs. Dadeland South i s ao important tnnsfc.r point for buse$ from C ut ler Ridge and which use (he South Dade Busway to access MetJorait. Enabling Station Area Developmen t 91 "" Potential exists for redevelopment to hiber uses alons Sou1h Dixie Histtway adjace nt to Dadeland So11th Mccror:ail station. Tech Memo Number 2


METRO DADE TRANSIT AGENCY (MDT A) METROMOVER System Description. Metromover is an automated guideway transit system built on elevated structures, that functions as a transit circulator in downtown Miami and adjacent areas to t he north and south. Electrically powered, rubber tired cars run on a steel surface laid on concrete beams above city streets and other wban p roperties. The first segment of what has grown to a 4.4 mile system opened in 1986 as a loop in the central business distr i ct of Miami. Two subsequent extensions opened in 1994. These extens i ons brought Metromover service south of the Miami River to the city s fast growing Brick ell fmancial district, and north along Biscayne Boulevard t o serve a growing area of office, retail, cultural and sports facility development. Unlike Mctrorail which has an on-board operator on each train, Metromover is fully automated. Tra i ns are controlled from a computerized operations center where commands are relayed to on-board systems which control speed, braking. door opening and closing, air conditioning, and public address announcements. Connections arc made with Mctrorail trains at t wo stations: Government Center and Brickell. Metromover trains are composed of one or two cars. Each of the 1 6 cars in the fleet is air-conditioned, has seating for 14 passengers, and standee room for crush loads of75. Power and control information is picked up from contact wires placed on a small beam in the middle of the track. Cars can operate in either direction, and have two sets of sliding doors on each s ide. Stations are aU equipped with car floor level platforms located in the center of the double guideway system. Each station has both visual and audio information about approaching tra ins. All stations are accessed from the ground floor through turnstiles for payment of fares. Stairs and eleva t ors provide access to the platfo rm leve l Metromover operates three separate routes All routes use the o r iginal downtown loop. A clockwi se route serves only those stations on the downtown l oop. Brickell Loop trains serve the area south of the Miami River, enter the downtown loop and traverse it on th e outer guidewy in a counter clockwise direction Omni Loop trains also serve the outer guideway in the counter clockwise path before heading north to stations a long Biscayne Boulevard. During peak hours each loop operates every five minutes. Off peak headways drop to I 0 minutes. Connections arc made with Meto:ordil at Government Center and Brickell stations and Vl'ith Metrobus at most stations. Station area development has been less of a conscious effort by MDTA on tlte Men:omover system than Metrorail. Development and redevelopment efforts have been largely the respons ib ility of the City of Miami and private d ev elopers since 1995 .tviDTA has taken a much more active role in coordinating efforts with other agencies and private investors. This has extended to prov i ding direct access from stations to adjacent building s and to assisting with the redev elopment of buildings where the agency has ownership resulting from required right -of-way acquisition. A great deal of developmen t potential exists on the two Metromover extensions. Public investment is bu i lding new cultural and sports facilities near stations on the Onmi Loop Enabling Station Area Development 92 Tecb Memo Number 2


System Map. METRO DADE TRANSIT AGENCY (MDTA) METROMOVER OIIINI LOOP BRICKELL LOOP Dally 6 a.m. -12 midnight Enabling Station Area Delelopment 93 Tech Memo Number 2

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METRO DADE TRANSIT AGENCY (MDTA) METROMOVER Station DneJopmeat Opportao ity S ulllCDI.r')' Stp:teac IAI B()(ll'd. Omni, Bicentennial Parle. EJeventh Parle Freedom Brickell Loop SlAtjw; Mloml F ift h Srreel. Elghlh Srrttr, Ttnth Slrut, Brkktll. Fi'nancial Dis.trict. Bolld!ag Vallie Oppomuti ty u ... ""'...,... w.e uut'"'.,.,.. ...._ ,. OIIII'C ........ ., _..,.._ bc:Qol. -a.., p-. _,_,??-.uua .... ,. ..,. s. .................. Of-pub& ......_...;.,,. v&k.e S2130 tct lbol;, U SlO.OOMd SlO.OO. C-OCA:Ul Oltlce upJ.:tlc KGil, ei lit

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MDTA Metromover CoJI<:ge North Arcna/State P lazfl Oovc:mment Center Third Street Knis,ltt Cetet lla)'Cront Fim Street CoUegei.Bayside Description of Stations: Elevated stations with center p latforms a t floor le\'el, Street level lobby with access through fare gates. Stairs and ele\fators lead t o upper level p latforms. Sration platform areas are covered. L oca tion s of Stations: Inner Loop $la tions., begin n ing at C'.olle ge North and following a counter--clockwise direction, are located on elevated structures above the folJowing do\-.. ntown Miami streets: N E. s Street; N. W 1" Avenue; S. E. 3" Street; Biscayne Boulevard; N. E. I Street; and, N E. 2M Ave nue. Political Jurisdiction: Miami-Dade County Transporta ti on Proliders: MOTA Metromover Metrorail (at Government Center only), Metrobus and on call taxi Transit So.rvices: All Meb:obus routes serving downtown M iami link at one or more Metromover stations on the Inner Loop. Inner Loop M ettoino,er trains opcr.ate on an elevated structUre as a downtown distrib u to r system throughout the central business distriec of M iami. Metmhus II 5:20am to 12:42 am weekdays. Peak? to lOmin; Off-peak lOmin Evenings 15to60min. Saturday S:52 am to 12:57 am, 10 to 60 min. Sunday 5:55am to 12:12 am, 15 to 60 min. Mecrobus 16: 5:44am t o 10:2 9 pm weekdays. Peak 20 min; Off-Peak 20 min. Evening 30 to 70 min Saturday S:58 am to 10:39 pm, 30 min. SUnday 6:06am t o 1:1 S pm, 30 t o 40 min. Me(robus 48 S:35 am to 8:07pm weekdays. Peak 60 min; Off-Peak 4S to 60 min. No evenings, S aturday, or SUnday service. Metrobus ZZ: 5:22am to 12:55 am weekdays. Peak 10 to IS min; Off-peak 10 to 15 min. Evenings 15 t o 60 min. Saturday 5:S2 am to 1:04am 20 to 60 min. Suuday 5:S2 am t o 1:04am, 30 to 60 min M e lrQbur 95 6 :48am t o 9:07am weekdays. Peak 5 to 1 5 min; No Off-Peak, e venjngs. Sarurday or Sunday service Mctmbus C S:lO am to 12:30 am weekdays. Peak20 min; Off-Peak20 min. Evenings 20to60 min. Saturday S :10 am to 12:30 am, 20 to 60 min. Sunday S:43 am to 10:24 pm, 30 to SO min Meln2busS 5 : 03am to 1 : 3 1am weekdays. Peak 12 min; Off-Peak 1 2 min. Evenings 12to 60min Sa turday 5:03am to 1:31am, 12 t o 60 min. SUnday 5:02am to 1 :31am, 15 to 60 min. Flagler MAX 6 :21 am t o 9:24am, 4:5S pm to 7:01 pm weekdays. Peak 15 t o 20 min; N o Off-Peak, evenings, Saturday, o r Sunday service. Bietzyne J\1ifX: 6:02am to 9:32am, 3: 17pm to 6 : 32pm weekdays. Peak 15 min; N o Off -Peak, evenings, Saturday, or Sunday se rv ice. En.abting Station Are2 Development 94 Tech Memo Number Z

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MDTA Metromover Inner Loop Parking: Surface parlrinss v;sitors thJoughoul the region to off S(Ctet ncar the community college campus High $6S.SO $146. 50 Dominant Range of Values 90 per cent between $20 00 artd $40. 00 SO perCent betv.-een $20 00 31'ld $40.()0 Building densities are Vtrf high in central business district. Metromo\'er is built over city streets whe shops and rest aurants are the dominant gJ()Und level uses Development Opportunities: Numerous redevelopment possibilities exist here fhere is a large inventory of older multi-story buildings awaitiog new usos. Some land cUJicotly used for surface parlring may be held for future development by owners hoping for rising land prices So1ne vacant land exists on the northern and so uthern edges of the CBD (central business district}. Vacan t Land: A few parcels are available on the periphery of the CBD. These range mal l lots of about 5,000 square feet to parcels in excess of three ac res. Ownership includes both priva t e and public scctots Accesslssues: 'Ibc urban grid of streets aod small block-s., aU bordered by sidewalks (albeit narrow ones in some locations) provide good access. Metromover offers ao advantage in being able to move people quickly above the road and foot traffic at street and sidewalk level. Enabling S t a tion Area Development 95 T ech Memo Number 2

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MDT A Metro.mover Sebool Board Omnl Pa, k E leventh Street P31k freeOOm 'tow-er Description of Stations: Elevated stations with center platforms at floor level. Street level lobby w ith acress througb fOre gates. Stairs and elcvator.s lead to upper level covered platfonns. Locations of Stations : Omni Loop stations beginning at .freedom Tower n .ortb of where this loop branchc& off of the Inner Loop, arc located over N. B. 2"<1 Avenue; some private or publi c lands; Bicen t ennial Park; and N. E. 5" Street. Political Jurisdiction: County. Transportation Providers: :fl.IDTA Metromover, Metrobos, and on call ta.x.i $Crviee. Connecting Transit Servius: Omni Transfer Station. Metrabus 1 5:20am to 1:16am weekdays. Peak 15 to 20 min; Off Peak20 min. Evenings 20 to 30 min. Saturday 5:21am to 1:17am, 15 to 60 min Sunday 5:42am to 11: 1 6 pm, 20 to 70 min. Afetmhus 16 5:42am to 10:27 pm weekdays. Peak20 min; 20 min. Evenings 30 to 70 min. Saturday 5 : 56am to 10:37 pm, 30 min. Sunday 6 :04am to 7 : 13pm, 30 to40 min. Omni.Wop The Onmi Loo.p serves a varie()' of office towers, a shopping center, public spaces and a key interchange point with 1\tDTA buses go!J)g 10 Miami Beaeb. Melrt1bu l2 5:32am to It :05 pm weekdays Peak 20 min; Off-Peak 20 to 30 min. Evenings 30 to 60 min. Saturday 5:56am to 9:1() pm, 40 to 60 min Sunday 5 : 56am to 9:10pm, 60 min. Metrahus 16: 5:03 am to 9:30pm weekdays. Peak 10 to 20 min; OffPeak 1 5 to 30 min. Evenings 30 to 60 min Saturday 5:58am to 8:17pm, 30 to 60 min. Sunday6:42 am to 8:19pm, 30 to 70min. &fetrohu 48: 6:14 am to 8:31 pm weekdays. Peak 60 min; Off Peak and Evenings 60 min. No Saturday o r Sunday sen i ce. MeUohur 62 5:35am to 1:05am weekdays. Peak 10to20min; Off Peak IS min. Evenings 30 to60min Saturday 5:36 am to 1 : 1 2am, 20 to 45 min. Sunday 5:36am to 1 : 12am, 20 to45 min. Metrohus C 5:07am to 12:27 am weekdays. Peak 20 min; OffPeak 20 min. Eveniogs 20 t o 60 min. Saturday 5:07am to 12:27 am, 20 to 60 min. Sunday 5 :40am to 10:21 pm, 30 to 50 min. Metrbbur K 5:57am to 11: 16pmweekdays. Peak 20min; Qff .Peak 20 min Evenings 15 to 60min Satutrahus M: 6:04am to !0:46pm weekdays. Peak 30 min; Off-Peak30min. Evenings 40 to 60 min. Saturday 6:01 am to 10:49 pm, 60 min. Sunday 5:59am to 6:48pm, 60 min. olletrohur S 5:07am to 1 : 35am weekdays. Peak 12 min; Off-Peak 12 min Evenings 12 to 6() min Saturday 5:07am to 1 :35am, 1 2 to 60min. Sunday 5 :06am to 1:35am, IS to 60 min. Metrobu,< T-5:07am to 10: II pm weekdays. Peak 15 to 20 min; Off Peak 30 min Evenings 15 to 60 min Saturday 6:09 am t o 10:08 pm, 30 to 60 min. Sunday 6:06am t o 10: 03 pro, 30 to 60min. P/pgler Mar 6:30am t o 9:34am 3:45pm t o 7: 10pm weekdays. Peak 15 No Off-Peak, evenings, Saturday o r SWlday senice. BiSCOJIII< Max 6:07am to 9:38am, 3 :09pm to 6:40 pro weekdays. Peak 1 5 min; No Off Peak, evenings, Saturday, or Sunday service .' Enabling Station Area Development 96 Tech Memo Nnmber Z

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MDTA Metromover OmniLoop Parking: Several surface lots exist along the Omni Loop. A mu lti level decked structure is locat ed at Omoi mall. Station Area Aetivitie s : Several major hotels ate located just n.orth of the Onlni mall shopping center. The Miami District Schools Admi nistration building is located on the line at its northern ternlinal. Omni station is also d1e location of a major transfer facility between Metrobus routes and Metromover Bicentennial Park is a significant public space just south of the Mac Arthur Causeway. A new sports arena will open in late 1.999 for the Miami Heat profe s .... basketball team. Several Jarge apartmentbuildings e xist to the west of the line's northern tcrm.inu.s. Older hoxre:s have bee n subdivided into lower rent housing along the Onu\i Loop. Generallztd Land U5e: Urban office buildings dominate at1hc south The Miami Herald is a major employer on the Omni. Loop. The intcnnodal transfer station to Mco-obus is i n the foreground. end of this loop. The mid se c tion includes deteri orated warehouses and industrial buildings, and Glcarcd open space now in public ownership. Park space along the waterfront, grades into oChe r office, commercial and hotel properties to the north. Vestiges of former sub-divided into apartments. can also be seen. The City of Miami is undenalciog major redevelopment efforts with new public facilities along the Biscayne Bay portion of this Metromover line. Station Area Property Values: OMNI LOOP Station Arl:a Prooertv V a i.n S ocr \ I ILfC foot No or parc e i s A\ Low Hi,sh Do:nioont Range <>f V Lsnd 634 Sll.4 l $0.80 S4S. 20 SOpercoot between SS.OO and $10.00 Bui l4ing.s 290 $24 68 $). 75 $116 50 l\to doml.n.ant value Development Opportunities: The City of Miami bas targeted this area along Biscayne Boulevard as a major redevelopment site for cultural and sporting events. Plans exist to build a pexforming arts center nex.t to the new American Airlines Arena which i s C.Ull'ently unde r coostruction Several parcels of land are being made available for office or high density housing by the c i ty's redevelopment agency. 'Vacant JAnd: A signifi can t amount o f vacant lan d is available along the Omni Loop. In addition, .several older buildings await eith er revitalization, or removal to allow the land to be developed for uses. Access Issues: For pedestrians, access to swrounding areas is good at the two no r thern stations where sidewalks have been repaired, or ne w ones added. The middle section lacks sidewalks on sevend east -west segments which lead from stations into adjoining neighborhoods. Special Notes: The Biscayne Bay ide of the Omni Loop is bein g redeveloped as important public space with a mixture of cultural, recreational, and sports centere. In addition to the new American Airlines Arena, plans exist for a new perfonning arts <:enter, and additional p ark facilities in this area. EoabUng Station Area Development 97 The Omni Loop pesses through an acea io tranSition. Vacant land. and o1du bui ldings seeking new ar e mixed with new development in the shadO\\' of Miami's central business district Tech J\1emo Nwnber 2

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MDTA Metromover Miami River fifth Stree1 EiJ b l b Street Street Bric.k.cl1 Financial Distric t D escription of Stations: Elevated stations with center p latforms at floor le,e}. Street Jcvel lobby with access through fare gates. Staits and elevators l ead t o upper level p l atforms. Station platfoxm areas are ooverc:d. Locations or Stations: Stations are located on e l evated sttuc L ures tha t have largely been built over privale right-of-way A high bridge over the Miami Rive r is the site of one station. Others are lo:;attd where the in(ersect$ several east-west streets : Fifth Street; Eigh th Street; and Tenth Street. The Brickell stalion is ad j acent to the Brickell Metrorail sration. Political Jurisdictio n : M i ami Dade County. Transportation Prol'iders: MO T A Metromover, Metrorail (a t Brickell only), Metrobus and on call tax i senrice. Con necting Trans i t Services: Several Metrobus J ines in tersect with the Brickell Loop at different points. A connection exists \\' i\fettorail at Brickell where the two stations are adjacen t to one another .\{.:trahus 6 9:01am to 5:10 pm weekdays. Peak 60 min; Offpeak 60 min. No evenings, Saturday, or Sunday ser\'ice. Brickell Loop M etrqhut 8 5:20am to 12 : 1 4 am weekdays. Peak tO min; Qft":.pcak 15 mio. Evenings 1 5 to 60 min. Sa t urday 5 :44am to 11:14 pm, 1 5 to 60min. Sunday 5:51am to ll:l4pm,20to60min. Mdrohus 8 5:59am to 8 :37pm weekdays. Peak 15 to 20 min; Off-peak 30 min. Evening, 35 min Saturday 6 :05am t o 8:46pm, 4 0 min. Sunday 6:07 am to 8:41 pm, 40 to 60 min P arking: A (C\'\' smaU surface parking l ots ate f ound near the stations south of the Miami River On street parking is limited to side streets off of Brickell A venue. Sta tion Area Activities : East of the Metromovet alig.wnent along Bricke ll A venue, arc new hotels, travel agencies, some restaurants and high-end retail esta b l isluncnts These ore mixed in with international banking and fmancial instirutions and their office complexes. Professional fums associated with banking and investment are also found here. 1 o the w est of Brickell Avenue i s a mixture of govenunent offi c es1 induding tho U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service. small businesses. a few single family homes and small apartments. Older l arge homes have been either subdivided internal l y into apartments. o r parts of yards have been madcetcd for redevelopment into new uses. L and Use: This area is in transitio n A b J ock or two east of the Metrom.over rou t e along :Brickell A venue new construction of hot els and the office buildings of major banking and financial interests bas taken p l ace for over a decade. In the irmnediate vicinity of the guideway alignment there are remnants of ear l ier res idential patterns, atJd some \acant land. Enabling Station Area Development 98 T e c h Memo Number Z

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MDTA Metromovcr Brickell Loop Station Area Property Values: B'RJCK.ELLLOOP Area Pronmv Values in $N-r foot No of Average Low Domi Mrtl 691 S11.46 60 pt:l'nt btfYo'Oen $20.00 30d 530.00 Build 5!7 $21.90 $4.20 S 35 pU<:ent betweeo $:10.00 and $30 00 Development Opportunities: Where land i s avaj1able, or buildings are ''acant or awaiting new USe$, both deve l opment and xedevelopmcnt opportunities are good. Proximity to the centra l business district, and to attractive residential areas nearby on BrickeJI Key, or south towards Coconut Grove, or west to Coral Gables, rnakes tJili; a desirable area for investment Vacant Land: Numerous small parcels, up to l/4 a cre u> size dot the area near the Metromovcr alignment Ac-eess Isstlcs: The grid pattern of streets provides a good overaU network for movement. However, many side streets west of Brickell Avenue laclc adequate sidewalk$. Special NottS: Recent discovery of a sacred site important to Native Ameri can s on a one acre parcel near the Miami River has become a controversial issue pitting developers against !mlitional cultura l values. The mixed use de v elopmeot that is occwring in the area bas city officials and IC$idents excited about the eme rging "Brickell Village ., This is one of the few areas in South Florida where people can walk. or take sbort transitlrips from where they live to '''here they may work, shop, or dine. EnabHng Station Area Development 99 through an area continujng to proceed as older n:sidential U$CS are being replaced by new office buildiogs and hotels. Teclt Memo Number Z

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TRI COUNTY COMMUTER RAIL AUTHORITY TRIRAIL System D esc rip tion: In the late 1 980s, faced wi t h a major rebuilding ofl-95, the Florida Department of Transporta tion in collaboration with Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties decided to create a commute r rail alternative in this 72 mile corridor for use during the seven year reconstruction period. A new agency, the Tri County Comm u ter Rail Authority, was establis hed to carry out this task. An existing mainline railroad segment was purchased from CSX, with the railroad retaining freight trackage rights, use by Amtrak, and dispatching functions. Tri Rail was the operat i onal name for new commuter train service to be operated over th is route. The first train s ran in 1989. Five existing rail road stations used by Amtrak also became stops on Tri Rail. Stops were added at nearly a dvith CSX fre ight trains and Amtrak interc ity passenger trains Tri Rail trains are composed of up to six hi-level commuter cars, and hauled by a d iese l locomotive. Ope r ating practice i s generally for the locomotiv e to pull southbound trains, and push northbound ones Passenger cars at the opposite end of t he train are equipped wit h a control cab for running in push mode All cars are of a bi-level design d e veloped in Canada and first used i n Toronto. Identical cars operate toda y in Los Angeles, San Diego, Vancouver, and by the end of 1999 in Seattle. Cars are air con d itioned with carpeting and comfortable, upholstered se ating Stations are track l evel platforms, loca ted on one side of what was originall y a single track railroad Tri Rail has moved ahead with a plan to double track the entire system to improve on-time performance and enable capac ity expansion. Double tracking requires a second station platform, and several stations have been expanded to mee t t his need. Tri Rail commuter trains operate seven days a week, from ear l y morning to late evening hours Twenty eight week day trains are currently operated. Eighteen trains run on Saturday; ten on Sunday. Tri Rail connects with Metrorail service at 79 .. Street in Miami to allow trave l ers from points to the north to access downtown Miami. Shuttle bus serv i ce i s provided at some Tri Rail stations, ei ther by the commuter rail ageney or with local transi t. Extension of the line has resulted in building of tw o new s tati ons One other h a s been added, and others have been r ebui l t in association with the double tracking projects. Station area d evelopment has on ly recently become a major concern ofTri Rail. The commuter rail authority has solicited plans for five stations and is proceeding with their first significant developme n t pro ject a t Cypress Creek. Several stations have ad jacent vacant land. Plans are to add two edditional stations in the Boca Raton area in the near future Both offer significant deve l opment opportunitie s. Enabling Station Area DevClopment 100 Tech Memo Number 2

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System Map. TRI COUNTY COMMUTER RAIL AUTHORITY TRIRAIL Qww.. .... ...... ...... ........ u ....,_ .. ... __, \f...1180 .. _, ACEnabling Station Area Development 101 Tech Memo Num ber Z

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r l t I;) = gl ;:> ;:> '1 0 .. 0 !!' I:"' i :: 0 0 g 0 5 f 1' .. I:"' I !! ;: II" t B I a i!t :; 1 !!: g :11 i 'ii .5-:.: I;) l i 0 s [ 0 [ .. .. r :!' 0 a-: II "' :l .. ... ... !:-"' a ... t ... n ;) ... t:: :1 n n 5 ll fi fl tg (ll n n i! f!! i It 'r F r -Jl II ll ; i i t; .!I h J H i' p fj ;; l .. 'l ... jf f i I J a J J tf f [f j f J l[ f li' i r i I fr I .!} t. J l I ,.. r. fi h f j. Ji l E j i I 1 i Jl J .. J f ;; .. l l [ I ii f l u If u ll u n II I' !f. t o j [ f if ff i [! Q rt t J u a r:' n d I !i ] n H r 1 'I i u 't 'I it t > I r.j l j! tf r tl [: I l j r '1!-lt if J Jl r h i 'J i( [ l t t-1 r l h i i "i' Ill J J J J f. l I ; f t l t Ia j r I I l ( } :t f l . IJ H t$ p H I ( ( [ l[ li u n n H i J j. I n I [ t n a J h P... i4 ; i h n } .I lit (it h li l h h '!: I all' } l J). :. ll' h Jt 9. ill H fl' f!!' i' I< i a l fl H l I I If f It I' a H ll! i l i r J i !! I 1 J h < l I' l!: ... H u ll' ig: Jl J fe: J. J i i : H s 1 ,. I [ I t I I I ir F i[ r( u i[ [ i u r H u n if Jl ll ii j L = I H h h '" tl h H rl 1, l n >:J h h iii l -i' ( ... i .. JJ rJ fJ h JJ tl r; g !I H 1i f } ... i J J "i il l H 11 it Ia H 0 -.. 1 I. i F if ll 1 I .. u H [ l 1 ii,l; I I 1) f! I H H i J ... h rr JF f J .. f Ji r J. [ l'i 1 t r [ .. f u u II II 11 u u u u r r u u li F "' ili ,. c tl ... i ft f I! It ft H I It g .. ... H (f : t i f i f it I" L ic "!;! I{ { -2 -,!l ,;g iS a: l< ie gt o. f lll gi 81 s l1 l 1 l 1 ll !1 a l li. h l l t'! 1.1 .. ;.1 11 d i} i l rt il il t t:i tlB ". !!I Ji ., S J ., l' ;j lS ;j ll -ll $ $ g :g -!'; w -n I f u ij l&! J.f if u u n H n u u 1" io ti f i 'I& ifi -I!' H IE 1 .. ... If l f lt .... u I a t jl l i u ,J: Jj i l u H t' t l( lj It rl r 'l h t tl H t i h H u l t i!f. h H h lt h !>a ll J n u l tli. h t iS' i p l ft I J( I i J g d 4 I 1!: i' i l

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TRI-COUN T Y COMMUTER RAIL A U T H ORITY Mangonla Park MA"\n Doerficld Be.s:cb Pompano Beach C>'Press Creek Ft. Lauderdale f't Airpo.rt Sheridan R.Qa.d Holly"''()()(! Golde.'\ Ollll!"s 79'-' Hial eah M3l'ke t Miami Airpon t o the nonhwcst of t he Man goni a Psrk station area S t ation platform is to the left of the CSXfl'ri RaiJ track, parking lot and Jal AU fronto n tn upper l eft qua d rant. Station Mangonia Park station is a sing l e track:. ground-level single platform oovenxl station Location: The location of the station i s at 1415 4S!'I Street, Mangonia Park. Politica l Jurisdiction: Town of Mangonia Park, Pahn Beach CoWlty. Transportat ion P r oviders! Tri RatJ trains., PaJm Tra n transit buses; and Jocal taxi cab service. Conne<:ting Tran.sit Serv i ces: Palm Tran rcures I, 5 oud..J.L;. 6:35am to 7 : 25pm weekdays. Peak 30 min; Off-Peak 60 min. Evenings 20 to 30 min. Saturday 7 :SS arn to 6:05pm, 60 Sunday 9:55am t o 4 : 05pm 60 min. northeomm,oststat;on on t h e S)'Stcm. Rav ing opened i n 1997 i t is o n e of tbe newest Parking : There is surface parking south of the station with kiss and ride facil i ties and parking spaces for 70 vehicles. Additional paddng i s available in the 1 a i Alai ftonton l ot. Station Area Activities: The station is northeas t of the West Palm Beach Ja i Alai fronton. Warehouse developmen t s exis t to the north of the station acnJSS the CSX main track. This transitions to s ingle family residential arcas further to the north, and to th e south along 45 Street. Poinci>na Sh<>pping Plil2a is within a quarter mi l e of th e l'ti-Rail station Generalized Land U se : The land u se south of the station is conunercial recreation while north of the station is industrial. The Jai Alai fronton is of the station; north. of the statio n there ate several li ght industrial businesses. i.e. Ser:rus Construction, and an area o f single-f a mtly homes Enabling Sta t ion A rea Development 102 T ech Memo N umber 2

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TRI-COUNTY COMMUTER RAIL AUTHORITY Man gonia Park Station Area Property Value$: MAN GONIA PARK Station Area PrODertY Values in$ per square foot N<> of parcels Average Low High Dominaot Rl.nge of Values Land 28 $2.59 $0 .34 $3.$ 2 6$ percent l>crween $2.$0 3.11d $3 .50 Build ings 66 $29.02 38.34 $8) .61 15 lx:twQen S20. 00 and $40.00 Deltlopment Opportunit1es: Considerable vacant Jand in varying s ize parcels e](ists within one quarter mile of the statio n. Vacant Land: There are 24 acres available in a single parcel to tbe s outheast of the station. Several smaller (less than one acre) parcels of va cant hmd exist north of the station. along 53' d Street, interspersed in a neighborhood of fight industria l and residential uses. Access Issues: Pedestrian access to areas north of the station are difficult. Feuced right of way and lack of streets or sidowalklo force a lengthy detour. A possibJe futuro option might be a pedestrian overpass. Mangonia Park station is set back from lhe road and although there are sidewalk> leading ha lfway to it, people still have to walk quitea distance before reaching Poinciana Plwt. Spce"ial Notes: Significant development potential exists in a single large paroel. Enabling Station Area Development 103 The Ala i frcm, tonand sration face a common parkiog lot A sing l e larg e parcel is avsi l able for d evelopment east of the station parking lot. Tecb Memo Number 2

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TRI-COUNTY COMMUTER RAIL AUTHORITY West Palm Beach Mangonia Park BEACfl Lake Wonb noynton Delray Boca Raton OeerfK!d Beach Pompano Sca.cb C>prtss Q-t.:k Ft. lauddak ft. Uuderd.1\e Airpon Sheridan Road Holtyv.'OOd Glades Opa-lock:a 7Cf' Stroet/M'etr' Hi:toleah Market Tarmrind Street. Palm Beach is Miami Airoort approximately one mile to the east. Station Description: The We!Jt Palm Beac b station ls a remodeled, historic l>"ain station, with two platforms, one covered, served by a single main tr"dck and a station sidi n g tta.c:.k. Location: 20 1 S outh Tamarind Av enue, just soudl of theint ersectio n of Okeechobee B lvd and Tamarind A venue Polit ieal Jurisdiction: City of West l'alm Beach, Palm Beach County. TranspGrtatlon Providers: Tri Rail and Amtrak traiDsJ Greyhound inteJ"City buses, and Palm Tran-sit buses. On call taxi service. Transit Services: Palm 1hm Route 2 5:50am t o 8 : 05pm weekdays. Peak 30 min; Off-Peak 30 min. Evenings 25 to 30 min. Saturday 7:1 0 am to 7:30pm, 55 t o 60 min SWlday 9:10am to4:45 p m, 60min. \Vest Palm Besch station is a nue .intcrmodal facility s'"'' ing 1\i Ra il Amlnk and GteyhoUJ>d. Palm Trsn will build a new transit cermjnal to 1he northwest of the intennodal cenninal. Palm Tron Route 1/: 6:12am to 7 : 00pm weekdays. Peak 30 min; Peak 60 min. Evenings 25 to 30 nUn. Saturday 7:35am to 6:20pm, 60 min Snnday 9:35am to 4:20pm, 60 min. Palm D an Route o: 6 : 35am to 6:55pm weekdays. Peak 30 to 60 min; Off-Peak 60 min. Evenings 30 min. Saturday 8:05am to 6:55pm, 60 min Sunday 9:05am to 4:55pm, 60 min. &1m 7hm 6:10am to6:30 pm weekdays. Peak 30 min; Off Peak 60 min. Evenings 30 min. Saturday 7 :05 am to 6 : 45pm, 60 min. Sunday 9:05am to 4 : 05pm, 60 min. Palm Trgn Route 46 6:23 amto7:18 pm weekdays. Peak 30 to 60 min_ ; Off Peak 60min Evenings 30min Saturday 7 :23am t o 7 : 05pm 60 min. Sunday9:23 am to 4:10pm, 60 min. P.alm Tmn RouttLil: 6:35 am to 7:17pm weekdays. Peak 30 min; Off-Peak 30 min. Bvening1130 min. No Saturday or Sunday service. Palm Tran Route S,J.;. 6:09am to 5:37pm weekdays. Peak 20 to 50 min; Qff .. Pcak 20 No evenings., Saturday> or Sunday service. EnabUng Station Area Development 104 Tech Memo Number Z

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TID-COUNTY COMMUTER RAIL AUTHOIDTY West Palm Beach Pabn Tea 1/iiute 55: 7:23am t o 5:38pm weekdays. Peak 20 min; Off-P eak 20 min. Evenings (Thu!Way and Friday) 5 : 41pm to 8:38pm, 20 min. No Saturday or Sunday service. I/wfiYtll DoW!IIaWu Shutile (Combo. oj'RTE 54 and 6:09am to 8:38pm weekdays. Peak 20 min; Off-Peak 20 min. EveniJJSs (Thursday. and Friday) 5 :41pm to 8:38pm, 20 min. No Saturday or Swtday service Parking: Less than 50 spaces arc available for public use in two sma11 surface parking areas to the north and south of the station. Station Area Activitie5: A Sheraton Hotc1 and dtree office towers arc to the west/southwest the Paychex Building, Reflections Office Center/Republic Security Bank, a n d Paxson Communications. Generalized Land Use: The surrounding land is mixed-use; for offices and hotels west of the tracks, commercial to the south, and government to the east. Government Center, jud ici al buildings, and a performing arts center are located w ithin a few blocks of the station t o the east Downtown West Palm Beach is approximately 3/ 4 rnile to th. e east Station Area Ptoperty WEST PALM BEACH StationAru inS Det fOot Avmge L o w Higb Domi1mlt Rltnge .. 37 S6.S4 S0.3Z $12.()Q SS percent $41. 00 and $8.00 B'Uil
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TRJ-COUNTY COMMU TER RAIL AUTHORITY Lake Worth Mantonia Park We;u Palm Beach LAKE WORTH Doynlon Bc::.1:h &a;ch ll()Ca IWon Dcerfi<:ld Scaeh Pompano Be3.eb Cypress Greek Ft. lauder d a l e _r:t. Lauderdal e Airport Sheridan Road Hollywoo d Golden Glades Opa-loclca 79"' Strcet/Metrorail l-li3.leah Markel Miami AinKirl View cast of the Lake Wonb Tri Rail station. Bth ind 1 is Lake Wonb Higb School. The area underneath the highway structtm: i s a parking lot for commuters and tbe high school. Station Deserlption: The Lake Worth s tation is a singl e track, ground .. leve l single -platform covered station. Location: 1703 Lake Worth Road, c .lose to Holiday Drive. Political Jurisdiction: Town of Lake W o rth Palm Beach County. Transportation Proliders: Tr.i Rail trains, Palm Tran buses, and on call taxi service . Connecting Transit Services: Palm Tran Route 60 6:20am to 7:10pm weekdays. Peak 60 min; Off-Peak 60 minNo Evening service. Sarurday 7:30 am to 6:20pm, 60 min. No Sunday service. Rail s tation is t o the left. lJU$iness uses continue Palm Tran Route 62.: 6 : 00am to 7:30p-m weekdays. Peak 30 t o 60 to t h e west. min; Off -Peak 60 min. Evenings 30 min. Satun!ay 7:10am to4:30 pm, 60 min-Sunday 10: 00 am lO 4:30pm, 60 min. Parking : A sur.face park and ride "'ea is adjacent to the station, under the struerure ofl-95. On street parking is available in the nearby residential area. Station Area Activities: Lake Worth H igh School is ad jacent to the station on the east side. High school students and Tri Rail patrons share a common parking Jot space under 1 .. 95; howel'et, parking is divided between the two groups. A mobile home park is west of the station. The Medicana nursing home is a l so northeast of the station. Downtov.'ll Lake Worth is located abou t a mile and a half to the cast. Generalized Land Us.e: Public school use and residential dominate to the east. residential to the west and commercial to the northncst. Transportation is also a dominant use with the 1-95 highway and the csxnn Rail/ Amtrak rail route. Enabling Station Area DeYelopment 106 Tech Memo Number 2

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TlU-COUNTY COMMUTER RAIL AUTHORITY An is shaded by large ttces cast of the Lake W orth Tri Rail stati o n Station Area Property Values: LAKE WORTH S tatlon Area v 1 $ )CrtY u ues tn D! r sauare oot No of par cel$ A\'CC$.e Low High L and 26 $VIS St.OO ss.oo D:uiW:iogs 69 $20.74 S8.22 $30.91 De" e l opment Opportunities : New developmen t opp ortunities a r e limited. but some redevelopment potentia l exists fo r both small ret ail and higher density housing in the are a west of the station. Vac a n t Land: Only a handful ofvexy small resi dential parce ls are available-. These are scatter ed on side streets n ear the station and are le.J V 31ue::; 60 peteertt bcrwoen S2.00 and S4.00 85 percent beN.ouo $ 15.00 and $25.00 dorNnated by a mixture of mobile homes and sing l e family residenoos. Tech Memo Number 2

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TRI-COUNTY COMMUTER RAIL AUTHORITY 1':!.1k Wt$ t L ake \V<)e'lb BOTh"l'ON EACR Delray Beaeh 0 Boca Raton 0 Deerfield Beach Pompano Beach 0 ey,... Crel< Ft. Laudeniuic 0 Ft. l.a1.1dcrdale A irport 0 Sheridan Road H ollywood Golden Glades Opa-Joeka 0 79r. HiaJee.h Market Miami Ailllort of !he Station Description: The Boyn t on Beach station is a single track. ground -lev el, $ingle-platform covered station. Location: 2800 H:jgh Ridge Road, the closest major in.terseclion is High Ridge Road and Hypoluxo Road . Political Jurisdiction: Town of Boynton Beach, Palm Beach County. TranSJ)Ortation Pn)\'iders: TriRail trains and shuttle buses, l ,abn Tran buses. On call taxi serv i ce Connecting Transit Services: Ealm Ttan Route 70: 5:30am t o 7: 15pm weekdays Peak30 min ; Off-Peak 60 min. Evening 30 min Salulday 7:50am to 6:05pm, 60 min. Sunday 9:50am t o 5:05pm, 60 min Palm Tran Route ZJ 6:SO am to 6:54 pm weekdays. Peak 60 min; Bqyntqn Beach Boynton Beach Tri -Rail station i s typica l agency's fi-rst generation new Sbtions A large surface patking lot is adjacent. Off Peak 60 min No evening mvioe. Saturday 7: 28am to 5:42pm, 60 min. Sunday 10:28 am to 4 :42pm, 60 min. Tri-Rail Shuttle 7 9 5:53am to 8:25 am, 3:30pm t o 5:53pm weekdays. Peak 2 0 to 80 min; No Off -P eak, evenings, Saturday. or Sunday service. Par king: The
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TRl-CO UNTY COMMUTER RAIL AUTHORITY Station Area Property Values: BOYNTON BEACH Stati.oo An:a Prtml!rtv V3.tues inS ne: r.auue foo t No or parcels Average l..ow High l>nd 24 $3.70 SO.OI $4.00 Bulldltlg$ 111 $30.12 $3 .88 $50 8 1 Development Opportunlties: ThOTe att 900 to 1,400 square feet or officelcomme.cial space available in the Puradyn filler technologies building. The re is also 5,000 square feel of land ava ila b l e weot of the parking lot. The southeast and northwest comet also has propercy for sale at d1e comer or Gateway Blvd. and High Ridge Rood. Vacant Land: A wooded J o t. just over an acre in size, west of the station offers a possible deve l opment opportunity. Other, similar sized parcels exist on s i de streets both to the north and south of Boynton Beach station. Access Issues: Limited pedestrian cowtections exist from the station beyond the immediate parking lot area. A s h uttl e bus do es serve nearby office complexes. Office and Jigh t maoufacruring employment are the economic generators m the Boynton Beach S(ation area. EnabllDg Station Area Development 1 09 BoyntiJn Beach Dominal'lt Range ofVeiUC$ 4S pe:-ocnt between $3.00 $4.00 90 percent beN.-een $20.00 tOO S40 .00 and business in th-e past, although txueks have replaced rail for shippiog, many businesses cljng to older sites This attractive s i dewalk gives the imprcss.ion of easy aocess from tbe station to an adjaceflt in dustria) c l uster Unfonuna t el y i t ends just past the trees. Tech Memo N umber 2

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TRI-COUNTY COMMUTER RAIL AUTHORITY Delray Beach Mang()n t a West Palm Deacll 80)'nt0l\ 8t$Ch DLRA Y BEA.Cll DOC3 lt1tn Deediel<.l Ot:!Ch Pompano Beach Fl Ft Laude rdale A i rport Sl>.eridan Ro3.(1 Hollywo od O:l;uks Opa-locb 7 9t1 Strcet/Metror.1i l Hia l eah Mi-ami Aill)Ort Thi s view of Delray 8Ch looks t o the northwe$C with ligh t indu stry and l'alm Beach County govcl'l)meot SC:fVice center and parking l o t to the west of the Tri Rail stati on. Statio n Description: The Delray Beach slation is a single track, groundl ev el. single-plarfonn cov ere d station. Location: 345 South Congress A venue. The closest majo-r int ersectio n is Congress Road and Atlantic A venue. l' Jurisdiction: Town of Delr a y Beach, Palm Beach County. Tra ns porta tion Provider s: Tri-RaH and Amtra k trains-. P alm 'fran buse s On c all tax i service Connttting Transit Services: Pqlm fun Route 2 5 :55am to 8:25pm weekdays. Peak 3 0 m.i.n; Off Peak 30 min. Evenings 30 min. Saturday 7:45 am to 6:55 pm, 60 min. Sunday 9:45am ro 5:4Q p m, 60 min. falm Tmn Route 70: 5:46am t o 6:29pm w eekday s Peak 30 min ; Off-Peak 60 min. No evellins service. Saturday 8:19 am to 5:36 pm, 60 min. Sunday 10:19 am to 4:36pm, 60 min The DeJray Beach station is ntar an area of light in d u stry and land avai l able for further Palm zmn Rml/e 81, 7 :23am to 7:25pm weekdays. Peak 60 min; Off-Peak 60 min. Evenings 60 min Saturday 7:23 am to 6:35pm, 60min. Sunday 10:23 am to 4:35pm, 60 min. Parking: There is an abunda n c e of surface parking availabl e here. Sta tion A r < a Actiities: The whole area is zoned mixed industrial and eommcrt:ial Seetallig h t induslrial plants an d offices provide employment. Tb.e SouUteast Palm Beach County Administrativ e Complex is located to the northwest of th e station. Generalized Land Use : This stati on is located on t he eastern part of a mixed light industry and go,enuncnt facility. a:rea. EnabUng Station Area Development 110 Tech Memo Number Z

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TRI-COUNTY COMMUTER RAIL AUTHORITY Station Area Property Values: 'y DELRA BEACH StAtion Axea Property Va lues l n S per so,uare foot No AVCTlii)C Low Nigh Land 28 $2.31 $0.0\ $4..50 Buildinss: 77 826 7 9 $ 1 2.94 $38 .82 Delray Beach Dominllnt ot V alud 5 5 pcra:nt bet\lii'Un $2.00 \1nd $4.00 70 peroeot between $20.00 ;.nd Sl() .()() Southeast Palm Complex i s a major acti..,ity adjacent t o the D elra y Beach station De\elopment Opportunities: Considerable land is available for developmen t and redevelop ment. Some commercia l offi ce space is availabl e for lea$e. Land exists w ithin a quarte r mi l e for other business opportunities, and for medium density residential uses Vacant Land: A large site of approxima tely five aCJes lies to the southwest of the Tri Rail station. Other parcels. ranging upwards from 10,000 squar e feet also exist nca1:by on major arterials and side streets. Aceess Issues: Ther e is g ood roadway a ccess ro the areas around d t e station. Pedestrian aoccss is made more difficul t by a lack of sidewalks beyond the immediate vicinity of the p ark aad r id e lot and the county Ce. nter Enabling Statio n Area Development Ill '"'"8c va.cant parcel, a pproximately fi'le acres in size is located southwest of che Tri-RaH station, with frontage on a ma j or arte rial road. Tech Memo Number 2

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TBI-COI!NTY COMMUT E R RAJJ. AI!THORITY Rqca Baton Mang<>nia Beaeb Lake wonb Boynton Be3eh O<:ll'$y BOCA RA 'l'ON Deerfie ld Buell Pompano Beach Cypress Creel: flt tauderda 1 e Ft. l.l1\J.detdale Airpo n S heridan Road Hollyv.-ood Golden O$ Opa-l oc k a 19" S! H ialeah Matlctt Miami Airoort This vie"A' of the Boca R3ton statioa Jooks south down the Tri-Rail/I-95 eorr i dor. Yamato RoOO crosses from cast to \Ytsajust beyond the commu ter r ail station An office buildi n g i s t o the right of the park and ride lot. Station Description: The Boca Raton station is a single track> ground-level, single-pla tf o r m covered sta tion. Location: 601 NW 53r.t Street, the closest major intersection is N\ 53" Street and Yamato Road. Political JurlsdlcUon: Ci t y of Boca Raton, Palm Beach County. Tra.n s pol'tation Prov i ders: Tri-Rail trams and Pabn Tr a n buses On call local taxi s ervice Connectiog Transit Services: Palm 'lfon Rc!lle 2: 6:10 am to 7:45pm weekdays. Peak 3 0 min; Off Peak 30 min. Evenings 30 min. Saturday 7 : 4$ am to 6 : 55pm, 60 min. Sunday 9 : 4$ am to 4:55pm, 60min. Palm Tran Route 94 6:33am to 6:47pm wee k days Peak 30 t o 60 min; Off-Peak 6 0 min. Satwday 7:33am t o 5 : 33pm, 30 to 60 min. No Sunday service. A landscaped parldng lot with goo d .;
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TRI-COUNTY COMMUTER RAIL AUTHORITY Boca Raton Station Ana Properly Valu es: BOCA RATON Sta tion Area Pr 1crt_y Va lues inS tlet SQUat foo c Low High 0C)min3nl Rans.e o f Values LAnd 1 6 S l .S2 SO.Ol 3$ p(fQCot between $2 .00 rnd SS.OO 7 $3).84 St$:2) $52 .2 6 60 peteent -ceo S I S.OO and SlS .
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TRICOUNTY COMMUTER RAIL AUTH ORITY Deerfield Beach Cvbn&onia raTk We$t P'alm Be#Ci1 LWWonh l:Wynton Delny Boca Ri:lloo DEERFIELD BEACH Pompano Cypress Creek f t Lauderdale Fl. L1uderda1e Al.tpc>rt Sheridttn Roud HoJtyv.>d Gol den G l ades to with DoCfilcldBeOcll Tri Opo-l<>
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TRI-COUNTY COMMUTER RAIL AUTHORITY Station Area Property Values : Dfi6.ltF1EL O BSAC S .H tation Aru Pr_opcrt) V ulu. inS per foot No /t.\'CCII$C Low i!jgb l,.11nd 27 S4.6S S l tS S J S.ol Buildings 1 6 S36m $ 1 6 1 3 $93 32 De elopment Opp<>rtunities: Both new development and redevelopment potential opportun i ties exist near the Deerfie l d Beach station. Vacant Land: There is a parcel o f neul y three acres available to the southwest of the station Severul SIIlliU pan:els, le,. than 6,000 square fee t each, are located on side streets widrin a quarter mile of the station Ac:c:m Jssues: Access is good in thi s area with. sidewalks to the hote l and the Broward County government complex, both on the sou th side of the street There is poor pedestrian acce$s t o the north hoNe\er. Special Notes: Deerfie l d Beach is located w ithi n the second doub l e lnlclcing project. Enabling Station Area Development 115 DeeJ;{ield Beach Dominnnt Ranee of Values SO percea t between S4.0 0 and $6 00 60 percMt between 525.00 an.d $45.00 Dou.ble tracking wolic is undaway on this scgmro t o f tht Tri:Rail route through Deerfield An office complex is loc at ed nonheast station across Hillsborough Boulevard. Tech 1\lemo Number 2

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TRI-COONTY COMI\'IUTER RAIL AUTHORITY Pompano Beacll M sngonl a l>arl: West Palm Beach Lan Wort h 80)'fl lrri
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TRI-COUNTY COMMUTER RAIL AUTHORITY Pompano Beach Gener alized Land Use: The entire area near the s tation is comprised of office comp l exes and industrial warehouses. Other commercial a-ctivities exist along N.W. 81 b A venue. Resi dent i al areas are boyond. Station Area Property Values: POMPANO BEACH Station An:a Values io S Jler scuare f oot No oipa reels Average Low H ig h R.B.nge of Values Land 18 S4. 39 $0.10 $ 1 3 50 1 0 peroent ber.>.teen SJ.SO nod $6.00 Boilditi&S II $32.42 $10.53 $66 64 S O perotn t be t w een 520.00 and $4-j .()() Development Opportunities: There is land available for developmen t near the Pompano Beach s t ation. Redevelopmen t pos sibilities also exis t n earby and include the possibility of warehouse conv ersi o ns for either office or r e sid ential \l$C$. Vacant Land: A tluee acre paroel exists t o the west of the CSX/TriRail tracks. Several smaller parcels exist on side streets, and a 10 acre tract exists about one q u arter mi l e t o the south Access Issues: There is good pedestrian access to the immediate buildings> but some buildings are far away and wlll need sidewalks to connect them in th e future, and s idewalks wiU need to be extended to the new office complexes being dev eloped west of the stat i on. Special N otes: Pompano Beach is where the fmt and second double-tracking seg ments join. Enabling Stati o n Area Development 117 Tech Memo Number 2

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TRI-CW!NTY CQMMIJTER RAil. AI!THQRITY Creek Mansonia P'aN::' West Palm Beach U,k;e Worth Boynton Beach Dclra>' Beaeh 'R3tc>n l>eerlield Beach CYPRESS C REEK Ft. Uuc.ttrdal e F t. 'Lauderdale Ab-pD,snvcleuih and expanded as part of the double-tracking projeet. The r.ew s t ation has separate platforms for both cracks, a.cccssib le by e l evators and an overhead walkway weokdays. Peak 25 to 75 min; Off-Peak NJA Bvcnings 75 min. No Saturday o r Sunday service Brmvard CaunQ' Ztansjc Rtwte 14 5:50am to I 1:08pm weekdays. Peak 30 min; Off-Peak 30 min. Evenings 30 to 60 min. Saturday 5:50am to 8:50 pro, 3 0 to 60 min. Sunday 9:20am to 6:50pm, 60 min. Bmward Counzy Transit Route 60: 5 : 25 am to 8:25pm weekdays. Peak 30 min; Off-Peak 30 min. Evenings 30 min Saturday 6:40am to 7:40pm, 45 min. Sunday 10 : 25 am to 6:55pm, 45 min. Parking: There is a large surfaoc parking Jot aeross Andrews Avenue from the TriRail station. Only llaodicapped parking is available adjacent to tbe station. Station An:a Activ-ities: The Cypress Creek Business District includes Hewlett Packard, Motorola, :BeU South, Xerox and the BroW11Id Trade Center. The Trade Center South includes AT&T and New York Life Insurance companies. West of the station is a Sheraton Sllites. First Union. and some new construction. Cypress Creek Station M a ll is north of the station area. Enabling Station Area Development 118 Tech Memo Number 2

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TRI-COIINTY CQMMIITER RAil. r\I!THORITY l)mress Creek Generalized Land Use: All l and in the area is commerc ia l and office space employment concentration of all Tri-Rail s tations. Cypress Creek has the highest Station Area Property Values: CYPRESS CREEK Stati o n Areal Values i.n S cet square foot No of parcels Avlage Low High Dominan t R.ilnse land 2 1 $3.54 $<).22 SSL3 4 45 percent between $5 00 and $12.0 0 Buildings 1 7 SS5.82 $3.37 $88.07 70 ptrtcntbetwoe:n S40 00 and $80.00 Development Opportunities: In spite of the concentration of office buildings and other business activities at:ound Cypress Creek station, there i s sti ll open area available for new deve lopment Some of this land is owned by priva t e investors Otber parcels are owned by government agencies. Vacant Land : A 12 acre parcel. immedi.ately west of the station is being tar geted for joint development efforts by Tri Rail. So licitation of proposals is underway. A d=n other parcels of from one to four acres are available widJin a half mile of the scation. Access Issues: Tri-R.ail patrons are forced to use a park and ride lot that can only be accessed by crossing heavily traveled Andrews Avenue. The thttc office buildings immediately adjacent to the station are v ery accessib l e Others further away a r e linked by only marginal sidewa lk access, and the difficulty of c rossing major thoroughfan:$. Spetlal Notes: T ri -Rail has targeted Cypress Creek for its fust planned station area development project Enabling Station Area Devel opment 119 Tech Memo Number 2

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TRI-COUNTY COMMUTER RAIL AUmORITY Ft. Lauderdale Pa11t West Palm Bcaeh Lake Worth Boytm:m Ueaeb De l ray J:lea;cb Boca Raton Deerfiel d Beach Pompano Beach CypreSt Croek Fr. LAtiDRDALE Ft Lauderda l e AirpOrt She rida n Roo.d Hollywood (ioldoen Otsdd ?Cj)-Strcet/ H i a l c..h Market Miam i Airoott This of the Ft. L auderdale ra i l station looks acrossl-95. Major roadway fly-overs have been constructed ro improve ae<:ess to the station, a park and ride lot, and Broward Boulevatd from 1. Station Description: The Fort Laude_rdale station is a h istmi c railroad station built by the Seaboard Air Lin e railroad over 70 years ago. It's platform tracks arc used by both long distance tra\'elers and commuters. Lo<:ation: 200 Southwest 2 1 Terrace south of Broward Boulevard and 'vest ofl95. Political Juti.sdic:ti.on: City of Fort Lauderda l e, Broward County. Transportation Pro"iders: Amtrak in t ercity traius Tri -Rail oonunuter trains and shuttle buses, l3roward County Transi t buses South F l orida Educational campus Shuttle (SFEC) and on call taxi servi ce. Connecting T r attSlt Services: Txi-RaiiShuttle 51 5:34 om to 8:49pm weekdays. Peak 10 to 60 min; Off-Peak 25 to 70 min. Evenings 20 to 60 min. No Saturday or Sunday Serv ice. BrowordO?,m(V Trgnyj t Route, 9: 6:20am to 9:50pm wee kdays. Peak 40 min; Off Peak 40 min. Evenings SO to 75 min.. Saturday 6:20am t o 8:50pm, 60 min. Sunday 9:15am t o 7:25pm, 80 min. Browmt/.CQzmzy 'D:ausil Route 22: 5 :45am to 9:50pm weekdays. Peak 30 min; Off P e ak 30 min. Evenings 20 to 35 min. No Saturday or Sunday service Brow.atd CmwlY 'D:ousit Route 81 6 : 15am to 9:05pm weekdays. Peak 30 min ; Off-Peak 30 min. Evenings 30 min. Saturday 5 :45am to 9:05pm, 30 min Sunday 9:15 am t o 5 : 40pm, 60 min . SP.uth PIDT:ida EdCJZtkmiU Cqmpu.s Sbutde: serves Nova University, F lorida Atlantic U niversity and Broward Conununity College on class days. Parking: A surface lot a djacent t o the sta tion is for Amtrak patrons Park and ride commuters muse use a lo t to the north on Broward Boulevard, a 50 yard walk from the commuter rail tellllinal. Stalion ,..,..,. A
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TRICOUNTY COMI\'IUTER RAIL AUTUOIUTY Ft Lauderdale Broward Boulevard. To the imme d iate west of the station is a re s idenrialoe igbbothood. 1 95 fonns a b arrier to the east. GeneraliT.ed Land Use: Industrial and warehouse uses prevail a long the CSX railroad rightof.way. Cormnercial businesses are found on B r oward Boulevard To the we11t and south the neighborhood becornes more res i dential. Station Area Property FT. LAUDERDALE Sbl;tion ATt3. Property Values inS pet J(luare fOot No of paroel$ Averase low High Domina. "'t Range of VaJucs Laod a $0.76 $2.00 SO p ettetlt between Sl.OO and SI .SO Oulldln&i lOS $24.()9 $2.65-$180.91 S5 pcrccntbetwun S l 5 .00 2.nd $35.00 Development Opportunities: Thi s is a built-ou t atell. Only limited redevelopment opportunities exist. Vaoant Land : No vacant land is available. station to ll\e of2L yard and industrial tracks, j ust to the routh F t La\.'derdaJc. AJntrakfT'ri-Rail station Aecess Issues: There is poor pedestrian access from the patking lots into adjacent streets and ueighborhoods. Automobile access to the comm uter pad and ride l o t has been. faciJitated construction o f a limited access fly-over connection to 1895. Enabling Station Area Development 121 Tech Memo Nomber 2

PAGE 130

TRI-COUNTY COMMUTER RAIL AUTHORITY Ft Lauderdale Airport Ma.ntoni:l Park West Palm Beach Lake Worth Boy.,tc.n Seaeh Delray Beach BoeaR:uoo Deerfield Cypre.s:. Creek Fl taul)erd ale FT. LAUJ>ERDAL AIRPORT Sheridan Road Hollywood Ot>Men Obdoe$ Opa tocka 79-t. HillleM M uket MWr. i Airport N onh vjew of che Fe. Lauderdale Airport TriRail stat i on. A mix of industrial u!ts vacant land, and the-Broward County Tt.msit maintenance facility exist in the \'icioity oftbe station Station Description: The Fort Lauderdale Airpon -stat:ioJl is a ground level, double track, do u bl e platfonn station with can opied she lter s I.ocation: TI1e station addres s is 2075 Tigertail Road, between Griffm Road and Stirling Road. Political Jurisdidion: Browa rd County. Transportation ProViders: trains and shuttl e buses, Broward County Transit buses, on call raxi service. Connedlng Transit Serv ices: 5 :38am to 8:07 pro weekday$. Peak 30 to 45 min; O ff-Peak 40 to SO min Evenings 45 to 50 min. Saturday 7:42 am to 8:25pm, 25 to 110 min. SUnday 7:42am to 8:49 prn, 25 to 120 min BmwgrdC.mmzy Ttamit6: 5:20amto8:35 pm weekdays. Peak 30min; Off -Peak 30 min. Evenings 20 to 30 min Saturday 5:20 axn to 8:35pm, 30 min Sunday 10:15 am to 6:10pm, 45 to 60min. Ft: Airpor.t station i.s on a double. track segment of line and has platforl'U$ on bo!h tracks. Shuttle service links tbc station to Ft. L.'l.uderdalelli.ollywo<>d lntem.arional Airport :Parking: A small surface l.ot provides about 30 spaces. Limi ted on street pa rking i s available close by. Station Area De\'elopment such as the Bass Pro Shop Plaza, a rnajor outlet mall, is close to this station, but not ttachable by walking. A metal fabrication plant is across the tracks to the northeast. Other industry is to the southeast Broward County Transit bas its bus maintenance facility inunediarely northwest of the station. The Emerald Lake Mobile H ome Park, the only residen t i al property in the vicinity, is l ocated west of the station. Ft Lauderdale Internationa l Airport is to the east. The statio n and airpo rt t enninal arc linked by Tri-Rail shuttle buses Generalized Land Use: Lauderdale Airpon station. Industrial and commercial wholesale and retail, uses dominate the area around Ft. Vacan t wooded areas and retention ponds add t o the 1and use mix. Enabling Station Area Development 122 Tecb 1\femo Number 2

PAGE 131

TRI-COUNIT COMMUTER RAIL AUTHORITY Station Area Property Values: FT. LAUDERDALE AIRPORT Area Pm e No ofJ*Col s [..:3nd ll SJOO 8\lil ding:s 7 one of the industries locat ed to the nonheast of the s.tation. V ;dues inS foot Low High S2.00 $ S .SO $23 .76 SllO .ll De\elopment Opportunities: Some redevelopment potential exists in this already bu i lt up area. For example ) there is 2 ,400 square feet in a vacant bui lding/warehouse southeast of the stat i on, available for lease. Vaca..nt Land: Several wooded parcels, ea c h less than one acre, may ho ld some development potentia1." Access Issues: 1bere is on l y access to the industries to the southeast, and to the west of the sta tion for the mobile home park There is no pedestrian access to a major retail attraction within walkiog distance of the station. Enabling Station Area D evelopment 123 Ft. Lauderdllle A irport Dominant Range ofValues 10 percent $:2.. 00 and $4.00 10 percent between $25.00 and S4S .OO Sro\\'SI'd County Transi t (BCT) nasa"'" garage and maintenance shop to th. c northwest of the Tri -R.aiJ s t ation A retail outlet maJJ i s l ocated across the CSX 17aelco an
PAGE 132

TRICOUNTY COMMUTER RAIL AUTHORITY Sheridan Street Mango!'lia Park Wt$t Pa lm &:.cb Luke Worth Boyn1on Beach Delray &ach Boca R:uon Deetftdd Beach aelu;b Cypress Crock Ft. L3udefdsle Ft. laudct"da l e A i rpon SIIR1DAN ROAD Hollywoo d Gol d ctl Glades Opa -l ocka sta tion quadr.!'"t intersection. oflS and in HollywoQd. A 'fCP' Street/Meuorai\ Hialeah Market Miami Airoort Jarge patk and ride lot is east of the statioo. AcrQss the tracks are industrial and w ith residential further west Station D .. crlpUon: Th e Sherldan S1reet station is a single track, single-pllllfonn covered sta t ion. Location: 2900 Sheridan Street, west ofl-95. Political J urisdiction: City of Hollywood, Broward County. Transportation Providers : TriR a i l trains and feeder buses. Broward Count;y Tran sit (BCT) buses, and on call taxi service. Con.ntctiog Tran-5it Servic es: 'l:ri R!!il Shuffle 74; 5:41am to ?:45 am, 4:08p m to 7:27pm weekdays . Peak 20 to40 min; No offP'ttlentand traffic in th e area. primarily tO the northeast, west and southwest. Th ere is a mobile home park to the south-east and another northwest of the station. FUrther west on Sheridan Road is an area of single family homes. To the nonbwestofthe statlon is a county park Genenol.ized Land Use: Commercial uses predominat e to the east aroWid the Sheridan Street interchange with 1 95. To the south and west the area grades into a mixture o f small offices and housing, predominantly single family, but with Enabling Station Area Devolopment 124 Tec h Memo Number 2

PAGE 133

TRl-COUNTY COMMUTER RAIL AUTHORITY Sheridan Street occasional duplexes and small apartments. Two mobile home parks are located nearby. A major public park is located north of Sheridan Street to the west of the Tri-RaU statio n. Station Area Property Va lues: SHBRlDAN STREET Station Area Valtk:S inS JlCI s q uare foot No of parcels Ave rage. t..d 21 S J.37 1 6 $34 00 The Rinker cement operation, west of the Sheridan Road station is typical of industrial u ses ln the area. !.ow $1.49 $$.13 High S9.4S $143.06 Development Oppnrtunlties: Reuse of existin& property for higher return is the most likely deve lopmentopporrunity in the Sheridan Road sta tion area Residential zoning west of tbe railroad tracks will limit further <:ommcrcial development in the near tenn. Vacant Land: A. limited amountofvacantland usually isolated parcels of Jess th. an S,OOO square feet, is found near the Sheridan Road station. Acce$$ISSues: There is no direct pedestrian access to any of the motels, industries or mobile home partes. Sheridan Street is three in each direction. Crossing it requires a detour to traffic signals two or more blocks away. R,anse 60 S2 .00 nod S4 50 75 percent between $10.00 and$15.00 A1ong Sheridan Road, a Roliday Inn and Denny's typifY development of a highway intercbangc. The TriwRaU park and ride l o t entrance is to the right of the restaurant. Road and west provides for Special Notes: l'his is a new (1996) station site. It was pla.n.ned as a campln.g and other recreational opportuoities. replacemen t for the Hollywood station, but commu.nicy leaders suooessfulty argued for the existence of botlt stations. Sheridan Road contains a longer covered platform area and moreamenities, than the origlnal standard Tri .. Rail sta t i o n designs. Enabling Station Area Development 125 Tecb Memo N u mber Z

PAGE 134

TRI-COUNTY COMMUTER RAI L AUTHORITY Hollyw ood Mango('li:l Pnk West Palm Beach Lak e Worth Delray Beach Boca Raton Deerfield Pompano Beach Ft. Lfluderdale Ft. LauderdaleA irp()rt Sheridan Road HOLl-YWOOD Gol den Glades Opa l o cka 79" StreeliMetroni l Hialuh "'" o n locate d just west ofl95 at f:l Boulevard. To tb.c immediat e west oftbe Miami Airoon station is a city park t))at is l h e transition to a residential n eigh b orhood of single family homes. Station Description: "lbc Ho ll ywood sta t ion is a res t ored f ormer Seaboard Airline Railroad fac ility wilh two platforms, one partiaUy covered, and used by both Amtrnk and Tr i Rail. Location: 3001 Hollywood Boulevard, jus t t o the west of the intersection ofH:ollywood Boulevard and I-95 PoUtieal Jur isdiction : City o f Hollywood Browatd County Transportation Providers : Amtrak intercity trains Tri Rail commut e r trains, BC! buses and on call tax i scrv:icc. Co nneding Transit S e Broward County Tram a 7 5 : 0 5 am to 11 :25 pm weekdays. Peak 30 min ; Off-Peak 30 min Evenin&s 30 min. Saturday 5:55am to 9 :25 pm, 30 to 60 min. Sunday 9:45am to 6 : 45pm, 45 min Both and Amtrak train s use Hollywood station whiclJ was originally b uilt by the Seaboard Airlin e Rai l road. Patkillg: There is vecy limited parking at Ibis station. Of the 35 spaces, a dozen are reserved for Amtrnk patrons using th e six in tercit y trains a day. Stadon Area Acth111es: There are sing l e family residential homes on both sides ofHollywood Boulevard t o th e west. Retail stores and faot food o utlets are mixed with houses to the east on Hollywoo
PAGE 135

TIUCOUNTY COMMUTER RAIL AUTHORITY Stadon Area Property HOLL Y\VOOD Stillion Area fl'Opcrty Values in$ pe foot No of parcel$ Al'CI'\1&C land 8 S3.20 Buildings 66 S2S.35 Holly,,voc>CI Boulevttrd passes s tation and link$ the center of th e city, about a half mile to the eas t and residcntlaJ neighborhoo d s t o the west of the railroad. Low SI.S4 S3.58 High S 6.25 S63.22 Deve l opment Opportunities: Some potential for redevelopment exists along Hollywood Boulevard The olde-:. established pattern s of Hollywood have left very little vacant l and V acant Land: Very little vacan t land is available. Only an occasional small l ot, usua!Jy less than 6,00 0 square feet, in the residential area,. ca n be found. Acctss Issues: The City of Hollywood has provided, and maintain!:!, s idewalks on both sides of Hollywood Boulevard, and on adjacent residential streets. Crossing the boulevard can be done safe l y at a signaled interseetion only a bloc k from the station Spe cial Notes: The historic railroad s ta tio n is a potential restoration/rehabilitation site. Enabling Station Area Development 127 Hollywood Domioanl Rsmgc ofVaWes SO pCl'cenl Sl.OO and S5. 00 6$ percent berwten $20.00 3lld $30 .0 0 Rambling. single-story homes with broad lawns set on winding streets typify the residential neighborhood adjoining tbe Hollywood sration. Stan Goldman Memorial Park provides a quiet respite from freeway traffic and othtr urban noise, just west of the Hollywood $1ation. T ec h Memo N umber 2

PAGE 136

TRI-COUNTY COMMUTER RAIL AUTHORITY Golden Glades Mangonia Park West Palm Beach Lake Wonh Boynroo Bc:3Ch Odl'!y Beach Boca Raton Dee:rfteld l)t:teh Pompano Beach Cypru s Ctcclc: Ft. Lauderdale Ft. Lauderdale Airport SberidMI Road llolly'OO
PAGE 137

TRl-COUNTY COMMUTER RAIL AUTHORlTY Gobkn Station Area Af.tivl tles: There is industry west of the station, and there is theGolden Lakes apartments and office buildings southeast of the station. The parking lot, associated with the rai1 station and in the middle of this c omplex roadway interchange, is used by rail and bus travelers, and by car and van pools as a staging site or pick up and drop-off point. Generalized Land Use: Industrial and warehouse uses are found to the northwest State Road 9 and norlh of the CSX railroad track. An apartment complex i on the southern pipbery of the station area The balance of the station area is in transportation uses: roads., parkiog lots, railroad l ines; o r in vacan t land including some wetland preserve. Station Area Property Values: bE S GOLOENGLA s tltiOo Area Propcny in S per squate f o ot Nootpul; A ...... low High ()Qmin;mt Ra-nge o( Values u.a S3. 99 S4.ts n percoot bew.><:en Sl.?S and. $4.25 Build ings 23 $ 19.11 sg.11 $50.25 8() percent betwem $15.00 $n
PAGE 138

PAGE 139

TRI-COUNTY COMMUTER RAIL AUTHORITY un i que Arabic Orc:hitc>ctUre c)fC>p>:l.ocG rcflcetcd i.n sc\'cra1 pubHe buildings. i nc luding this social serv ice agency clu$1er on Ali B3ba Avenue, a hundred yards east ofthe station. Station Area Property Values: OPA LOCKA St.iition Are$ Pr oo tty Values inS per ;quare foo; Noofpmds Avcrnge Low lAnd 207 $1.86 Sl.OO Buildings 158 S25.38 $4.48 Hi$h $6.14 SSO.Ol Development Opportunities: OpaLocka offers redevelopment opporturubes Several commercial buildings have undergone rehabilitation and new uses over the past decade. housing may be needed in the near future. Vacant Land: Several parocts of vacant land are-available on Ali Baba A venue, and on intersecting streets to the norlh Most of lhese are extremely small lots, less tban 5 ,000 square feet. Access Issues: Sidewalks are adequa t e along Ali Baba Ave-n:ue, but there is a need for them on several residential streets. The neares t intersections with traffic signals are tluee blocks to the cast, creating a Opa-Locka Singl e family homes give a residential character to the conununity's main across from the T ri-Rai 1 station. O
PAGE 140

TRI-COUNTY COMMUTER RAIL AUTHORITY 79"' Street/Metrorai/ Mangonia Park Wtst Palm Beacb L akcW W Soyntoo Dl:lray Beael llea Ratoo Dee:field Pompeno OCOtch Cypress Creek Fl LauderdaJc Ft Lauderdale Airport Shetld"' Rood l:lollyw ood Golden Glades Opa..focka 79,.11 STR.E'Tit\otE'l'R ORAn. Hialeah Market Miami Airnort Looking sooth at the ttatio n linking Tri Rail and Metrorail '"''liieb is tightly packed into ao industrial, commercial, and warehouse district along 79"" Street in the northern suburbs of Miami Station Description: The 79!h Street/Metrorail station is a single IIack, grOWJd-level $1ation area for Tri-Rail and is an elevated, double track, s ide-platform station area for Metrorail. Location: 2567 East llib Aven u e, just north ofN. W 79111 Street Jurisdietion: Town of Hialeah, MiamiDade County. Transpol'tatlon Providers: Tri-Rail trains, MDTA Metrorail and Mctrobus scnicc ) and on call taxi service. Connecting Transit Services: Motrabu.t..12;, S: 19 am to 8 :10 pm weekdays. Peak 55 min; Off-peak 60 min. Evenings 60 min. Saturday 6:38am to 6:39 pm, 40 to 60 min. Suuday 7:02am to 7:27pm, 30 t o 60 miu. Men:obus L 4:47am to 12:3 1 am weekdays. Peak 20 min; 24 min. Evenings 30 to 60 min. Saturday4:44 am to 10:18 am, 20 to 7 0 min. Sunday 6:07am to 10 :33 pm, 35 to S O min. Parking: A VI!(}' lbnited number of short-term parking spaces are available for Tri Rail patrons. 'Ibis is primarily a transfer station with a uto drop off StaUon Area Activities: West of the station is very heavily popu!.lted with many comrne.rcial and industrial buildings. East of the station there are many warehouses and smaJI businC3Ses close to the station. Small homes are located behind the businesses. Nearby Bast 25111 Street has numerous small comrnereial establishments. Hialeah Hospita l is 114 mile to the west Generall:zed Land Use: The land usc surrounding the sration js Enabling Station Area Development 132 Tri-Rail commuter pla.tfonn at the Metrora i l station. Metro r ait trains use the upper levcJ elevated station jn the backgro und. Heavy tTaffic and mixed small retail businesses line 7911 S trcd aJongsidc Metrorail's guideway. Te
PAGE 141

TRI-COUNTY C O MMUTER RAI L AUTHORITY 79"' Street/Metrora/1 predominantly conunercial retail and wholesale, and warehousing. A fow blocks of single family and duplex reside n tia l exist t o the eas t and north Statio n Arc-a P r operty Values: MJAMJ AJRPORT Station Area P V3luu in$ ,e;r s ou.ue foot No o f parcel s AVeroge Low JiiS)l Dominant Range of Values 1=<1 43 $7. 1S S0 .71 5 1 2 .00 70 pertttlt berwecn S6.00 and $S .SO Buildinss ll S42.6S $0.44 S30S.Ol 50 per'ent 520.00 llnd $45.00 Development O pportunities: Potential is very limited because o f the l a c k o f available land. There is no evidence o f pending d e velopment Some redevelopment of o l der bui ldings poss i ble. Vacant Land: Only a few small parC
    ffic on 79 and lbe Jack of signal ed crossing c lose t o the station creates problems for pedestrians Specia l N o tes: This is primarily an int ermodal trans fer station between 'fri-Rail commuter trains and Meuorail. Tra v e l ers to and from B roward and Palm Beach c ounties can ac c ess downtown :Miami by transferring at this station. Enabling St ati o n Area D evelopment 133 Amtrak's Miami station;. of Street but not conncctod djrectJy t o eithe r TriRail o r Metrorail. Tech Memo Number 2

    PAGE 142

    TRJ-COUNTY COMMUTER RAIL AUTHORITY Hialeah Market M:lng.onill West Palm Beach Lake Worth 9<>yntoo BeaeJa 9<>c.a RatQfl J')eetfle ld Pompano Beach Cre<:k Fl LaudcrdaJe Ft. Lauderd a le Aitpart Sheridan Ro3d Hollywood GoMen O l:ade$ Cpa-locka 19" StrtetiMett()tail JllAl.IMU l'olA.I.U<.ET M i;smi Airport 199$ this was the soutbem tennina l of'Tri-Rail commuter trains. The station is an i s land in a sea of i ndustrial and commercja1 activity. Station Description: The Hialeah Ma rket station is a sinsJe track, ground-level, singlc-platfonn covered station. Adjacent to the Tri -Rail station is the fonner Seaboard Air Line Hialeah station which bas not been used as a passenger station sin ce the J 940s. Loe.a tlon: 120 0 Southeast 11th Avc nue. to the north of the Airport Expressway. Political .Jurisdiction : Town ofHialea1 l, Miami -D ade County Transportation Providers: Tri-Rail train s .1nd shutde bus tviDTA Metrobus and on call taxi serviC. Connt.cting Transit Services: Me:trohus l 4:47 am to 1 2:2 4 am weekdays. Peak 15 to 25 min ; OffPeak 25 to 30 min. Evenings 30 to 60 min. Saturday 6:06am to 1 : 1 0 am, 20 t o 65 min Sunday 5:14am to 10 :4 2 pm, 60 to 80 min. Hialcsh Marl;ct T1i-Rlil station platfo.r:m and sh.cltot' fa.eility located in of the historie Seaboard Air Ljne Hialeah depot. Metrolntt 16: 5:06am to 9:29pm weekdays. Pe ak 10 to 25 min; Off-Peak 10 to 30 min. Evenings 1 0 to 40 min Saturday 6:21 am to 8:25 pm, 20 to 40 min. SUnday 6:20am to 8:27pm, 25 to 50 min MetrQhus 42 5:31 am to 7 : 57pm weekdays. Peak 55 to 65 min; Off-Peak 50 to 60 m in. Evenings 50 to 65 min. Saturday 6:42am to 6:2 6 pm,4 5 to 60 min SUnday 6:51am to 7: 16pm, 60 t o 90min. Tri=Roll Shuule 36/Koger Route 6:13am to 8:35 m:n, 4:25pm to 6:48pm weekdays. Peak 60 to 70 nlin; No off-peak, evening, Saturday o r Sunday service. Parking: ThOio is surfa c e l evel parking l o t with space for 80 vehicles Stati .()n Area Acth ities: \Varehousing and industrial prOCSsing and of fices are dominant activities near lhe Hialeah Market statio n. Food packaging and waste management recycling are two of the nearby industria activities. Rail freight ser\'ice i s important to industries in this area To the south is the Miami J ai Alaj fronton. Enabling Station Area Development 134 Tech 1\femo Number 2

    PAGE 143

    TRI-COUNTY COMJ.\.1UTER RAIL AUTHORITY Market Generalized Land Use: With the exception of the Miami Jai Alai fronton, land use around the Hialeah Market station is predom.ioantly industria ] and commercia l 1)ansportatio n uses are also important as evidenced by the several important mads in the area, tbc railroad line w ith man y industrial and the proximity of Miami International Allport. Station Area Property Valnes: a bon A tea roocrtv a ues m oet $1JU3te oot lllAU3.i H MAIU<.BT S1 p y I S Noofparoets A\ Low High land 61 $2.63 $0 .10 $4.00 Bu i ldings 48 S l 5.87 52 9 2 S29.S2 Development Oppo.ttunities: There is limited opportunity for new development. Recycling of warehouse buHdings is a p ossible option. Vacant Land: Only a few vezy small pattels, generally l ess than4,000 squa re f ee t can be found, primarily a Jong th e CSX railroad Jine, and o n some east-west streets. Atcess Issues : Sidewalks ate lacking beyond the: immediate station area. The Airport Expressway i s a formidable barrier for pedestrian m o,'emencs to the south. Special Notes: Until early 19981bis station was the southern tenninal ofTri Rail commuter service and was desigaatod as Miami Airport. With eompJetioo of the extension soutb to a new station cloSr to M i ami Internationa l Airport, the former station was renamed Hialeah lvtarket. Today rather than -serve as the major trans f e r point for rail travelers to the airport, it functions as an access point to jo bs in the immediate area EnabUng Station Area Development 135 DomlTW\t Range of Values $0 betWUI\ $1. 90 an4 $3.50 70 percent between SLO.OO and $20 .00 short sta t ion, getting there on foot i s difficult Tech Memo Number 2

    PAGE 144

    TRI-COUNTY COMMUTER RAIL AUTHORITY Miami Aiport Mangonia Park West him Beach Wonh l30)'1110n l}eaeb Delray Beach Deerfidd B<:ac.b Pompaao Be:leh Cyprtss Creek ft. J.auderdaft Ft. l..3U while Rinker Ma t erials and Dobbs loternational Services are industries to the northwest. East of the s ta tion is garage parking for Hertz c ar rcntaJ; west is surface patking for patrons. Generalized Land Use: Commer<:lal, industrial and transportation functions dominat e the pattern of land use around the new Miami Airport station. 136 Tech Memo Number 2

    PAGE 145

    TRI-COUNTY COMMUTER RAIL AUTHORITY Station Area Properly Valus: MlAMJ AIRPORT Station Area Pro-rn. Val.w In$ No Avernge l;md 43 s us llui!dlngs 23 S42.6S Airport station. A shuttle bus l inks the station and the airlille tennina l s at Miami lntcmational Airport. tr (O()l Low High $0 .71 $ 1 2 .00 S0.44 SlOS. Ol Miami Airport Oomlnant Jbnge ?Operccnt $6.00 SO perewt be tween S20.00 and SH.OO Industrial is a part of the ai.Jport neigh b orhood; Rinker maintalns a cemen t operation alongside csx traCks j u st north or the: Tri-Rail station. Opportunities: New de. velopment is very evident in the vicinity of the Miami Airport station. The hotel, rental car garage and the Tri-RaiJ faciJity have opened since 1997. The entire area is part of a planned major transportation ee.orer. Vacant Land: A three--quarters of an acre site is avail.abJe west of the stat i on. Other property wiU be rodevclopc:d as part of the Mlarui lntermodal Center (MIC). A:ess Issues: There is limited pedestrian access outside of the immediate station area. However, long range plans for lhe MIC wilt provide for improved circulation using a variety of modes. Special Notes: 'fbe Miami Airport station is the fust transportation taeility built in the planned major intennodal center for the airport area. Tri-Rail, Arn.trak. intercity bu s service an east .. wcst Metrorail line, Metrobus routes. a peopl e mover connection to the various airline terminals. rental ear facilities, and related conunerciaJ and residential activitie$ are all part of a master plan for a phased, multi billion dollar development here. Enabling Station Area Development 137 maiottain.! its a iirp0!1 auto this multi-story garage next t() the Tri Rail Station. Tech Memo Number 2

    PAGE 146

    RESOURCES The following agencies and organizations were used as sources of infolUlatiOn in compiling the material used in this inven tory: American Public Transi t Association Amtrak BRW,lnc. Center for Ur ban Transportation Research, University of South Florida Central F lorida Regiona l Transportation AuU1ority Florida Department of Community Affairs State of Florida F lorida Department ofTransportation Ft. Lauderdale Plannin g and Economic Development Department Glatting, Jackson, Kercher, Anglin, and Reinhart Greyhound Lines, Inc. Hillsborough Area Regional Transit Hillsborough County City-County Planning Commissio n Jacksonville Planning and Development Department Jacksonville Transportation Authority Mclro Dade Planning Department Metro Dade Transit Agency Orange County Conventio n Center Orange County P lanning Department Metropolitan Orlando Parsons Transportation Group, Inc. Pinellas Sunco ast Transit Authorit y South Miami Planning and Zoning Department Tampa Downtown Partners ltip Tampa Department of Public Works, Transportation Division Tampa Port Authority Tri County Commuter Rail Authority U.S. Environmental Protection Agency West Palm Beach Department of Planning Zoning and Building E o abli o g Station Area De v elopment 138 Teeb M emo Num ber 2


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