University North Transportation Initiative pilot circulator study

University North Transportation Initiative pilot circulator study

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University North Transportation Initiative pilot circulator study
University of South Florida -- Center for Urban Transportation Research
University North Transportation Initiative (Tampa, Fla.)
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Tampa, Fla
University of South Florida, Center for Urban Transportation Research
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Local transit -- Planning -- Florida -- Tampa ( lcsh )
Urban transportation -- Planning -- Florida -- Tampa ( lcsh )
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"Prepared for University North Transportation Initiative."
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"April 1999."
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prepared by Center for Urban Transportation Research, University of South Florida.

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University North Transportation Initiative pilot circulator study.
n Technical memorandum # 3,
p Operations plan
h [electronic resource] /
prepared by Center for Urban Transportation Research, University of South Florida.
Tampa, Fla. :
b University of South Florida, Center for Urban Transportation Research,
1 online resource (25 leaves) :
"Prepared for University North Transportation Initiative."
"April 1999."
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Local transit
z Florida
x Planning.
Urban transportation
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University of South Florida.
Center for Urban Transportation Research.
University North Transportation Initiative (Tampa, Fla.)
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t University North Transportation Initiative pilot circulator study. Technical memorandum # 3, Operations plan.
d Tampa, Fla. : University of South Florida, Center for Urban Transportation Research, [1999]
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Center for Urban Transportation Research Publications [USF].
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UNIVERSITY NORTH TRANSPORTATION INITIATIVE PILOT CffiCULATOR STUDY .Technical Memorandum #3 Operations Plan Prepared for: University North Transportation Initiative Prepared by: Center for Urban Transportation Research University of South Florida Apri11999


Table of Contents P.-\GF. PART ONE OPERATIONS PLAN POR AiJtEirnATIVE TRANS IT ROUTES 3 Passenger Loading Fa cility 3 Final Routing Detennination 4 Route OneAdministration CentertoN 42"d and 461h 4 Bus Stop Placement 4 Bus Stop Inventory Route One 6 Schedules II System Hours, Miles and Frequencies 14 Vehicle Requirements 14 Passenge r Amenities 15 Marketing Plan 15 PART TWO-RECOMMENDATION OF SYSTEM OPERA TOR 16 PARTTHREE-DETAILEDBUDGET 17 Service Evaluation and Monitoring Process 18 APPENDIX A Routes 2 and 3 Operations Plan LIST OF FIGURES Figure III-I Final Routing Route I Figure III-2-Bus Stop and Shelter Locations Route I Figure A-1 Final Routing Routes. 2 and 3 5 10


UNTI PILOT CIRCULATOR STUDY :Ptiasi! in Operations Plan for Pilot Circulator Since Phase I of the Pilot Circulator study, the primary goal of the analysis is to: Achieve a balanced transportalion system for the USF-Tampa campus by desig11ing transit solutions that accommodate future campus developme11t with customer oriented, viable mobility to and from campus. Phase I of the study included a literature review and a survey of campus transportatio n systems in the U.S. Four peer University systems (University of Central Florida, University of South Carolina, University of Colorado, Texas Tech University) were chosen and were interviewed or data was gathered from other sources to analyze the development and implementat ion of these successful campus transportation systems. Based on the conclusions drawn as a result or the Phase I analysis, existing conditions at USF were deemed sufficient to establish the foundation for meeting the goal and objectives established for a circulator transit alternative. Therefore, the Phase I study recommended that the project continue into the next phase of public involvement, market research activities and alternative routing and service characteristics, and funding alternatives. The three objectives to be applied to Phase II incl uded: Reduce demand for parking spaces in the campus core; Establish a sustainable funding plan for transit alternatives to establish a long term viability for service costs; and Establish appropriate market area and customer base for transit services. Phase II of the analyses developed three sketch routings for an off-campus shuttle system, analyzed their strengths and weaknesses, and provided demographic information for each alternative Operating characteristics for each route were outlined in order to estimate annual costs of each route and a campus system. Results from a survey conducted by UNTI for the on campus Bull Runner Shuttle was also used to establish the student market's desire for, and likelihood to, use an off-campus shuttle transit system. Finally, ridership estimates for the alternatives were developed based on established methodologies for estimating transit ridership as well as results of the Bull Runner Shuttle Survey. I


The second part of the Phase ll teclmical memorandum com p l eted an analysis of the impact of transit ridership on overall travel mode splits fot the USF Tampa campus. Modes of trave l included automobile (single or multiple occupant), walking, bicycling, motorcycle, transit, and other shuttle type services. A "mode split" entails the breakdown of percentages for each type of tra v el into and out of the campus on a daily basis. Transportation impacts of an off campus circulator system were determined by the degree to which such a service would impact the overall travel mode split. As a result of Phase II of the study, the UNTl Board elected to continue on to Phase III, based on the results of the analysis indicating that the three routes of an off-campus shuttle service can serve the goal and objectives se't at the beginning of the study by: + Carrying over 65,000 annual passenger trips on the three transit routes (Route I 27,720, Route 2-18,150, and Rou te 3 19,800), this would reduce the single occupant vehicle (SOV) mode split for daily trips generated by the campus by approximately 1.0%, thereby contributing to a more balanced transportation system; Serving the student market in residential clusters surrounding the USF Tampa campus, of which 2,000 live within one-quarter mile of the three alternative routes; Mitigating the impact of vehicle trips growth in the future as new students moving into the area will be accustomed to transit service when they move in; and Operating with a budget that comes from the university s Jlayments to its host community for transportation impacts. Further, the UNTI Board decided to go beyond CUTR's recommendation of implementing only Alternative Route I as a pilot circulator by deciding to proceed with an operations plan for all three alternative routes. Only the Route I operational plan will be presented in detail in this technical memorandum. A summary of routes 2 and 3, along with corresponding mapping, is contained in Appendix A. These two routes are recommended for implementation based on adequate future funding opportunities and demonstratod success of the Route I pilot project. 2


PART ONE-OP ERA TION S PLAN In this first section, CUTR has conducted !he heeessaty activities to im plemen t Alternative Rou te I as was presented in Technical Memorandum #2, including: Passenger Loading Facility Final Routing Determination Bus Stop Placement Route Schedules (Timetables) + System Hours and Miles Vehicle Requiremell!S. Passenger Am enities Marketing P l an Pas senge r Loading F aci lity Based on discussions with Parking and Transportation Services (PATS), the primary passenger loarling facility for the off-campus shuttle system is recommended to change from the Marshall Cente r to the Administration Building stop located o n Leroy Collins Drive. This recommendati on is made for several reasons: 1. The site at Leroy Collins provides better connectivity to HARTline and the USF Campus service; 2. The site at Leroy Collins has the appropriate turning radii for vehicles t o circulate through the stop; 3. Suffici ent area exis ts outside the Administration Building to expand/beautify the transit loading area with new and modernized passenger amenitie s; and 4. E ven though the Marshall Center is the focal point of campus activities, the current design and ingress/egress do not allow for safe, efficient bus service. PATS has been experiencing man y difficulties operating at the Marshall Center due to intense vehicle and pedestrian traffi c congestion at the Marshall Center. 3


As a result of this recommended change, the final routing for each of the alternative route's has been changed Only one of the alternative routes, Rou t e I North 42"d and 46th Streets, is recommended for implementation as part 6f ibis operations plan. Currently there is discussion on changing the flow of access around the Marsh all Center, which would reduce vehicle conflicts, and increase pedestrian activity and safety. For these reasons, in the future consideration for the terminus or both the off-campus and campus shuttle service should be given to the area immediately west of the Marshall Center currently parking lot 3A for the Theatre Arts Rehearsal Building Fina l Routing Determi n atio n s Route 1 -Administrati on CentertoN. 42"d and N. 46' b St r eets This route will terminate at the Administration Center on Leroy Collins and travel in a two-way loop as follows: cl ockwisesouth on Leroy Collins, west on Alumni Drive, north on Magnolia, east on Fletcher, north on N. 42"d Street, east on Skipper Road, south on N. 46th Street, west on Fletcher, south on North Palm, east on Holly, south on Maple, west on Alumni Drive to north on Leroy Collins: counteroolockwise foll owing the same roads in the opposite direction. The routing recommended in Teclmical Memorandum #2 called for only service along a one-way loop with 20 minute service. Based on more detailed information concerning the long traffic queues at both 42"d and 46m Streets and Fletcher, as well as the passenger convenience (reduced travel time) created by t\vo-way servi ce, the Route #I headway has been revised to 30 minute service operating on the loop in both directions. Figure lli-1 on page 5 shows the routing for the Hartline and USF on-campus shuttle service, along with the recommended route 1 off-campus route. Bus Stop Placement CUTR has prepared a bus stop inventorY for Alternative Route l, as detailed below A total of 59 non-duplicative bus stops are recommended for the system. As noted in the tab l e many of these stops already exist on campus (Campus Shuttle) and may share with HARTline's existing stops both on and off campus. Those stops designated as timepoints are for scheduling pUiposes. The bus stop inventories with associated mileage are listed below. Figure III2 on page 10 provides a detailed depiction of proposed bus stop placements and shelter locations based on the Bus Stop Inventories below. 4


Road University Shuttle System (Alternative Route 1) with HARTLine Routes Serving Campus Univers ity of South Florida ---Proposed USF OffC8mJ)U$ Shuttto Routes --USF Campus Shuttle Routes ---H AAT Une Routes


Bus Stop Inven tory -Route 1 Administration Center Clockwise to North 42"d and North 46' Streets Stop Numbe r Mileage Stop Location OJ 0.0 Adntinistration Center (TIMEPO INT) 02 0.4 Alumni. Drive and College of Engineering 03 0.5 Alumni. Drive and Adjacent to Lot 24C 04 0.6 Alumni. Drive and Magnolia (TIMEPOINT) 05 0.7 Magnolia and Shriners Drive 06 1.1. Magnolia and Moffitt Cent er 07 1.2 Magnolia and Holly (TIMEPOINT) 08 1.4 Magnolia and Fletcher (TIMEPOINT) 09 1.5 Fletcher and Psychiatry Center 1.8 Fletcher and 42"" (TIMEPOINT ONLY) 10 1.9 Fontana Driveway 11 2.0 42"" and Sweetwater 12 2.1 42"" Street and Across from Ashford Green 13 2.3 42 Street and Winding Moss 14 2.4 42 Street and Reuterstrasse South 15 2.6 Street and Skipper (TIMEPOINT) 16 2.7 Skipper and Breckenridge 17 2.8 Skipper and 100 yards west of 46 Street 1 8 3.0 46"' Street and Wedgewood 19 3.1 46"' Street and Fainvay Oaks South 20 3.3 46 Street and Winding Moss 21 3.4 46"' Street and Sweetwater Lake Drive -3.6 46w and Fletcher (TIMEPOINT ONLY) 6


Bus Stop Inventory (Continued) ClockWise Route 1 -Administration Center to North 42 and North 46"' Streets Stop Number Mileage Stop Location 22 3.8 Palm and Fletcher (TIMEPOINT) 23 3.9 Pal m and Credit Union 24 4.1 Ho lly and Parking Garage/Marshall Center 25 4.3 Holly and Argos Parking Lot 26 4.4 Maple and Parking Lot 27 4.7 Maple and Human Services Building 28 4.8 Maple and Elm Mall 29 4.9 Maple and Business Building 30 5.0 Maple and Alwnni (TIMEPOINT) 31 5.2 Alwnni and Leroy Collins 32 5.5 Administration Center Maple Drive Campus Shuttle Stop 7


Bus Stop Inv entory Route 1 -Administration Center Counter-Clockwise to North 42"d and North 461h Streets Stop Number Mileage Stop Location 01 0 Administration Center (TIMEPOINT) 02 0.2 S E Comer of A lumni and L eroy Collins Blvd 03 0.4 Alumni Drive Campus Shuttle Stop at Sam Gibbons Alumni Center 04 0.5 Maple Drive Campus Shutt l e Stop at Business Administra ti on (TIMEPOINT) 05 0.9 Maple Drive Campus Shuttle Stop at Elm Street 06 1.2 Maple D rive Campus Shuttle Stop at P arking Lo t 5E 07 1.4 Maple Dri v e Campus Shuttle Stop at IO T A Hall (TIMEPOINT) 08 1.5 East Holly D r ive Campus S h uttle Stop across from Crescent Hill Parking Garage 09 1.6 SE Comer of Fletcher Ave and Pal m Drive (TIMEPO IN T) 10 1.8 NE Comer of 46 and Fletcher Ave. (TIMEPOINT) 11 2.0 46"' Street across from Sweetwater Lake Drive 12 2.2 46 Street at Winding Moss 13 2.4 46'" Street at Fairway Oaks South 14 2.5 46w Street and Wedgewood 15 2.6 Skipper and Grenedine (TIMEPOINT) 16 2.7 Skipper and 43'" Street 17 2.8 42"" Street and Skipper 18 2.9 42"" and Hellenic 19 ;u 4 2 and Vanderbe l t (Cambridge Woods Apts) 20 3.3 42"" and Ashford Green 21 3.4 42"" at Greenery Pub 22 3.5 42 before right turn lane at Fontana Hall (TIMEPOINT) 23 3 7 Fletcher Ave. at John Knox Village HART Stop 8


Bus Stop Inventory (Continued) Counter-Clockwise Route 1 -Administration Center to North 42"d and North 461 Streets Stop Number Mileage Stop Location 24 4.0 Magnolia across from Psychia11y Center (Til\IIEPOINT) 25 4.2 Magnolia and Holly 26 4.3 Magnolia at Moffit Cancer Center and Research Institute HART Stop 27 4.4 Magnolia after Moffit Campus Shuttle Stop (TIMEPOINT) 28 4.8 Alunmi Drive and Laura! Street HART Stop 29 5.0 Alunmi 'Drive Campus Shuttle Stop across from Engineering Building 30 5.2 Leroy Collins Farside of Alunmi Drive 3 1 5 3 Leroy Coll in s and Elm Street HART/Campus Shuttle Stop 32 5.4 Administration (TI!\IIEPOINT) 9


University Shuttle System (Alternative Route 1) University of South F lorida I

Schedules (Timetables) Based on the recommended spans, frequencies, and v ehicle requirements recommended in Technical Memorandwn # 2, CUTR has developed an example schedule for Roure I, and should be revised to reflect the best possibil ity of transfers with the campus system and the Hartline service. The route begins at 6:46a.m. and ends a t 9:24p.m. Route I has a frequency of20 minures, and there are 86 daily vehicle trip s The schedule for Route I (clockwise and counter clockwise) are presented on the following pages. II


NoJtlt!!!M 1.Ciod41 AM 1a 6:48AM 8:<18 AM B:MAM 1b 7:34AM 1c 1b -,:,.].1-, ..... -:. ':'" :o> \,. ... __ ,,.,.,;_ .... .,. ..... '''/.": !.' _. w:::;_,'.' r( ', ..... .... '')';' < : ;.; ... ' ... ... 7 ; (''f ... .!t: j),:.,J ... : .:.>..... >:-: ... . . .,, .. .. -:..'-. 'J ... ... ... ... \ ,;t,.\. f ., . .. \ <,:,.-; .. . . .. --' # ,. .. ,I -: u, ., --; ....... _.,., "" ..J .' ,-t.; .. :.: '. : I \ I , ; -: ..... ( : ; ':',, 1>, ""' .. :.-' .;, qr;l I'J,;(1 '.'' .. .. ( ... .... .l!! .,,,t .. ... .. ... ... '. ., .... . : ;--4. -.. .. 1a lc 1b Ia 1c lb Ia 1C 1b 10 lc lb Ia 1c lb Ia lc lb Ia 1C lb Ia 1 c lb Ia 1c lb Ia 1c 1b Ia lc 1b 1a lc lb 1a lc lb 1 a 7'20AM 7>40AM 8:00AM 8:20AM 8:40AM 9:00AM 9:20AM 9:40AM !O:OOAM 10:20AM I 0:40AM 11:00AM 11:20AM 11;.40AM 12:00PM t2:20PM 12:40PM 1:00PM 1:20PM b40PM 2:00PM 2:20PM 2:40PM 3:00PM 3 :20PM 3 :40PM 4:00PM 4:20PM 4:40PM 5:ooPM 5:20PM 5:40PM 6:00PM 6:20PM 6:40PM 7:!10 PM 7:20PM 7:40PM 8:00PM 8:20PM 8:40 PM 7:22AM 7 :42AM 8.'02AM 8:22AM 8:42AM 9:02AM 9:22AM 9:42AM I 0 :02AM 1 0 : 22 AM 10:42 AM I 1 :02AM 11:22AM 11:42AM 12:02 PM 12:22 PM 12:42 PM 1 :02PM 1:22PM 1:42PM 2:02PM 2:22PM 2:42PM 3.'02 PM 3:22P M 3:42PM 4 :02PM 4 :22PM 4:42PM 5 :02PM 5 :22PM 5 :42PM 6 :02PM 6 :22PM 6 :42PM 7 :02PM 7:22 PM 7:42 PM 8:02 PM 8:22PM 8:42PM 7:23AM 7'A3 AM AM 8:23AM 8>43AM 9 :03AM 9:23AM 9 :43AM I 0 :03AM 10:23AM 10:43AM ll:!l3AM 11:23AM II:A3AM 12: 03 PM !2:23PM I 2:43PM 1 :03 PM 1 : 23 PM I:A3 PM 2:03 PM 2:23PM 2".43 PM 3 :03PM 3:23P M 3 :43PM 4:03PM 4:23PM 4:43PM 5:03PM 5:23PM 5:43PM 8 :03PM 8:23PM 6:43PM 7:!l3PM 7>43PM 8:03PM 8:23PM 8>43PM 7:2AAM 7:44AM 8:04AM 8:24 AJ.I 8:44AM 9:04AM 9:24AM 9:44AM I 0:04AM I 0:24AM 10:44AM 11:04AM 11:24AM I 1 :44AM 12:04PM 12:24PM 2:44PM 1:1M PM 1:24PM 1:44PM 2:04PM 2".24 PM 2:44PM 3:04PM 3:24PM 3:44PM 4:04PM 4:24PM 4 :44PM 5:04PM 5:24PM 5 :44PM 6:04PM 6:24PM 6:44PM 7:04PM 7:24PM 7>44 PM 8:o4PM 8:24PM 6>44 PM 7:26AM 7:46AM 8:06AM 6 :28AM 8:46AM 9:06AM 9:26AM 9:46AM I 0:06AM I 0:26AM 10:46AM 11:06AM 11:26AM 11:46AM 12:il8PM 12:26PM 12>46 PM l:!l6PM 1:28 PM 1;46PM 2:06PM 2:26PM 2:46PM 3:06PM 3:26PM 3:48PM 4:06PM 4:26PM 4:46PM 5 :06PM 5:26PM 5:46PM 6:06PM 6:26PM 6:48PM 7:06PM 7:26PM 7:48PM 8:!l6PM 8:26PM 8 :48PM 12 7:26AM 7:48AM 8:08AM 8:26AM 8 :48AM 9:01! AM 9:28AM 9 :46AM 10:01!A M 10:26AM !0:46AM 11:08AM 11:26AM 11:46AM 12:01! PM 12: 26 PM 12: 48 PM 1 :08PM 1:28PM 1>48 PM 2:01! PM 2".26 PM 2".48 PM 3 :08PM 3:28PM 3:48PM 4:08PM 4 :28PM 4:46PM 5:08PM 5:26PM 5:48PM 6:08PM 6 : 28PM 6:48PM 7 :08PM 7:26PM 7 :46PM 8:01! PM .8:26PM 8'.48PM 46thSU FlolcherAve. 6 :51AM 7:31 AM 7:51 AM 8:11AM 8:31AM 8 :51AM 9:11AM 9:31AM 9:51AM 10:11 AM 10:31AM 10:51 AM 11:11 AM 11:31 AM 11:51 AM 12:11 PM 12: 31 PM 12:51 PM 1:11PM 1 : 31PM 1 :51PM 2:11PM 2".31 PM 2 :51PM 3 : 11PM 3 : 31PM 3 :51PM 4 : 11PM 4:31PM 4:51PM 5 :11PM 6:31PM 5 :51PM 8 :11PM 6 :31PM 6 :51PM 7 : 11PM 7 :31PM 7 :51PM 8:11PM 8 :31PM 8:51PM Fletcbar Aval Pam Dr. 7:00AM 7 :40AM 8:00AM 8:20AM 8 :40AM 9:00AM 9:20AM 9 :40AM !O:OOAM 10:20AM 10:40AM I 1:00AM 11:20AM 11:40AM 12:00PM 12:20PM 12:40PM 1:00PM 1:20PM 1:40 PM 2:00PM 2:20PM 2:40PM 3:00PM 3:20PM 3 :40PM 4:00PM 4:20PM 4:40PM 5:00PM 5:20PM 5:40PM 6:00PM 6:20PM 6 :40PM 7 :00PM 7 :20PM 7:40PM 8:00PM 8:20PM 8 :40PM 9:00PM Alumni OrJ Maple Dr 7 :03AM 7>43AM 8:03AM 8:23AM 8 :43AM 9 :03AM 9:23AM 9 :43AM I 0:03AM !0:23AM 10:43AM 11:03AM 11:23AM 11:43AM 12:03PM 12:23PM 12:43 PM 1 :03PM 1:23PM I ;.OS PM 2:03PM 2:23PM 2:43PM 3 :00PM 3:23PM 3:43PM 4 :03PM 4:23PM 4:43PM 5:03PM 5:23PM 5:43PM 6:03PM 6:23PM 6 :43PM 7:03P.M 7:23PM 7:43PM 8:00PM 8:23PM 8:43PM 9:03PM Administration Coni 7:011AM 7'.48AM 8:011AM 8:26AM 8>46AM 9 :06AM 9:26AM 9:46AM !0:08AM !0:26AM !0:46AM I 1 :08AM 11:26AM 11:46AM 12:08 PM 12: 26 PM 12: 48 PM 1:!16 f'M 1 :26PM 1>46 PM 2:08PM 2:26PM 2".46PM 3 (08PM 3:26 PM 3:46PM 4 :08PM 4:26PM 4:48PM 5 :08PM 5 :26PM 5:46PM 6 :06PM 6:28PM 6>46 PM 7 :08PM 7:26PM 7:46PM S:OIIPM 8 :26PM 8:48PM g:OSPM


North Routc.Route 1Counter Clockwise Bus Administration Al0011ti OrJ Maple O r.l North Pal m/ Fletcher Ave./ 4Sth St./ 4 2 nd Stl F l etcher AveJ Magnolia/ Administration Bus Center 7:10AM 7:13AM 7:15AM 7:17AM 7:19AM 7:21AM 7:24AM 7:33AM 7:36AM 7:38 lb 6:59AM 7:01AM 7:04AM 7:13AM 7:16AM 7:18AM lc 7:39AM 7:41AM 7:44AM 7:53AM 7 :56AM 7:58AM lb 7:50AM 7:53AM 7:55AM 7:57AM 7:59AM 8:01AM 8:04AM 8:13AM 8:16AM 8:18AM 1s 8:10AM 8:13AM 8:15AM 8:17AM 8:19AM 8 : 21AM 8:24AM 8:33AM 8:36AM 8:38AM 1c 8:30AM 8:33AM 8:35AM 8:37AM 8:39AM 8:41AM 8 :44AM 8:53AM 8:56AM 8:58AM 1b 8:50AM 8 :53AM 8 :55AM 8:57AM 8 :59AM 9:01AM 9 :04AM 9:13AM 9:16AM 9:18AM Is 9:10AM 9:13AM 9:15AM 9:17AM 9:19AM 9:2 1AM 9:24AM 9:33AM 9:36AM 9:38AM 1c 9:30AM 9:33AM 9:35AM 9:37AM 9:39AM 9:41AM 9:44AM 9:53AM 9:56AM 9:58AM 1b 9:50AM 9:53AM 9:55AM 9:57AM 9:59AM 10:01 AM 10:04 AM 10:13AM 10:16AM 10:18AM fa 10:10AM I 0:13AM I 0:15AM 10:17 AM 10:19AM 10:21 AM I 0:24AM 1 0:33AM I 0:36AM I 0:38AM 1c 10:30AM I0:33AM I 0:35AM 10:37 AM 10 :39AM 10:41 AM 10:44AM 10:53AM I 0:56AM 10:58AM lb 1 0:50 AM 10:53 AM I 0:55AM 10:57 AM I 0:59AM 11:01 AM 11:04 AM 11:13 AM 11:16AM 11:18AM I s 1 1 :10AM 11:13AM I 1 :15AM 11:17 AM I 1:19AM 11:21 AM 11:24 AM I 1:33AM I 1 : 36AM 11:38AM 1c 11:30AM 1f:33AM 11:35AM 11:37 AM 1 1:39AM 11:41 AM 1 1:44 AM 11:53AM 11: 56AM 11:58AM lb 11:50AM 11:53AM I 1:55AM 11:57 AM I 1:59AM 12:01 PM 12:04 PM 12:13 PM 12:16 PM 12:18 PM Ia 12:10 PM 1 2:13 PM 12:15 PM 1 2:17 PM 12:19 PM 12:21 PM 12 : 24 PM 12:33 PM 12:36 PM 1 2:38 PM 1c 12:30 PM 1 2:33 PM 12:35 PM 12:37 PM !2:39PM 12:41 PM 12:44 PM 12:53 PM 12:56 PM 12:58 PM 1b 12:50 PM 1 2:53 PM 12:55 PM 1 2 :5 7 PM !2:59PM 1:01PM 1:04PM 1 :13PM 1:16PM 1:18PM Ia 1 :10PM 1:13PM 1:15PM 1:17PM 1:19PM 1 : 21PM 1:24PM 1:33PM 1:36PM 1:38PM 1C 1:30PM 1:33PM 1:35PM 1 :37PM 1:39PM 1:41PM 1:414 PM 1:53PM 1:56PM 1:58PM 1b 1 :50PM 1:53PM 1:55PM 1:57PM 1:59PM 2:01PM 2:04PM 2:13PM 2:16PM 2:18PM I a 2:10PM 2:13PM 2:15PM 2:17PM 2:19 P M 2:21PM 2:24PM 2:33PM 2:36PM 2:38PM 1c 2:30PM 2 : 33PM 2:35PM 2:37PM 2:39PM 2:41PM 2 :44PM 2:53PM 2 : 56PM 2:58PM 1 b 2 :50PM 2:53PM 2 : 55PM 2:57PM 2:59PM 3 : 01PM 3:04PM 3 :13PM 3:16PM 3:18PM 1 a 3:10 3:13PM 3:15PM 3:17PM 3:19PM 3:21PM 3:24PM 3:33PM 3:36PM 3:38PM lc 3:30PM 3:33PM 3:35PM 3:37PM 3:39PM 3:41PM 3:44PM 3:53PM 3 :5 6 P M 3:58PM 1b 3:50PM 3:53PM 3:55PM 3:57PM 3:59PM 4 :01PM 4:04PM 4:13PM 4:16PM 4:18PM f a 4:10PM 4:13PM 4:15PM 4:17PM 4:19PM 4:21PM 4:24PM 4:33PM 4:36PM 4:38PM 1c 4:30PM 4:33PM 4:35PM 4:37P M 4:39PM 4:41PM 4:44P M 4 : 53PM 4:56PM 4:58PM lb 4:50PM 4:53PM 4 : 55PM 4:57PM 4:59PM 5:01PM 5:il4 PM 5:13PM 5 :16PM 5 : 18PM I a 5 :10PM 5 :13PM 5:15PM 5:17PM 5:19PM 5:2 1PM 5:24PM 5:33PM 5:36PM 5 :38PM lc 5:30PM 5:33PM 5:35PM 5:37PM 5:39PM 5 : 41PM 5 :44PM 5:53PM 5:56PM 5:58PM lb 5:50PM 5 :53PM 5:55PM 5:57PM 5:59PM 6:0 1PM 6:04PM 6:13PM 6:16PM 6:18PM Ia 6:10PM 6:13PM 6:15PM 6:17PM 6:19PM 6 : 21PM 6:24PM 6:33PM 6 : 36PM 6 : 38PM .. . 1c 6:30PM 6:33PM 6:35PM 6:37PM 6 :39PM 6:41PM 6:44PM 6:53PM 6:56PM 6:58PM lb 6:50PM 6:53PM 6 :55P M 6:57PM 6 :59PM 7:0 1PM 7:04PM 7:13PM 7 :16PM 7:18PM Ia 7:10PM 7:13PM 7:15PM 7 : 17PM 7:19PM 7:2 1PM 7:24PM 7:33PM 7 :36PM 7:38PM 1 c 7 :30PM 7:33PM 7:35PM 7:37PM 7:39PM 7:41PM 7:44PM 7:53PM 7 :56PM 7:58 PM 1 b 7 :50PM 7:53PM PM 7:57PM 7:59PM 8:01PM 8:04PM 6:13PM 8:16PM 8:18PM 1a 8:10PM 8:13PM 8:15PM 8:17PM 8 :19PM 8 : 2 1PM 8:24PM 8:33PM 8:36PM 8 :38P M 1C 8 : 3 1 PIA 1b 8:50PM 8:53PM 8 : 55PM 8:57PM 8:59PM 9:01PM 9:04PM 9:il9 PM I a 9:10PM 9 : 13PM 9:15PM 9 :17PM 9:19PM 9:2 1PM : 24PM 9:29PM 13


Syste m Hours, Miles and Frequency Based on the analysis of running times, bus stop plac ement, frequencies, and the sehedules written for each route, the final detennina tion of system miles, and hours has been determined for Route I as detailed below. When compared to the estimates in Technical Memorandum #2, Route I experien ced an increase in miles because of the change of tetmination from the Marshall Center to the Administration Center and the recommended increase to two-directional service. One-Dally Total Total Total Total way Vehicle Daily Annual Bus Daily Annual Route# Miles Trips Miles Miles F r equency Houra Hours I 5.5 86 413 20 minutes 42.5 9,350 One way trip times for the pilot circulator routes are based on field surveys, ridership estimates and the projected boarding that would occur along the routes Recovery time is built into the overall running time of the routes in an attempt to maintain the sehedules Vehicle Requiremen ts The existing campus shutt l e operates four buses on three routes. Ronte I of the proposed off campus shuttle will require a total of 3 buses to operate the service, for a net total of seven buses. The standard spare ratio in the transit industry is 20%, which would be an additional 1.2 buses. Therefore the recommended total number of buses for the campus and off campus shuttle is 8 buses, with net 4 new buses over the four currently operated by PATS. [EilSting Campus Service Vehicle Requirements Peak Frequency Off..Peak f[!QU!!D!1\I Route A 2 0:10 0:15 Route B 1 0:10 0:10 Route C 1 0:10 0:10 Total Vehicle Requirement 4 Proposed Off Campus Service Route 1 North Route 3 0:20 0:20 14


Passenger Amenities With the change of termination points from the Marshall Center to the Administration Center, there is an opportunity to improve the passenger amenities currently available. The current shelter at the Administration Center is an old HARTline ''T-Top" shelter that leaves a lot to be desired in tenns of protection from the elements. However, HART's newer shelter design is green in color (similar to USF green) and is more attractive and functional. Based on observed pedestrian movements, Ro ut e 1 should have a shelter in both the clockwise and counter clockwise direction along Maple adjacent to and across from the Business Administration building, as well as at the bus stops located adjacent to and across from the Human Services buildings along Maple One other location for shelter placement would be along East Holly adjacent to and across from the parking garage. Other locations for on-campus shelters would be located along Magnolia adjacent to and across from the Moffit Cancer Center and Research InstiMe and along Alumni Drive adjacent to and across from the Engineering Building. It is recommended that once the shuttle service has been in place for 6-12 months and ridership surveys have been completed, that further shelter locations off-campus be identifi ed based on actual passenger hoardings by stop. For budgetary purposes 6 additional shelters to be located along 42"d, Skipper, and 46th Street are recommended. A total of 10 on-campus and 6 off campus shelters are rec:Ommended for Rou te I. Marketing Plan The Marketing Plan for the off-campus shuttle services should consist of a combination of activities designed to provide vis i bility and awareness of the new system. Such a plan should consist of: a printed brochure with wide distribution that explains the system and its schedules + print media advertising directed to off-campus students + a servic e launch with associated activities + personal relation ships with apartment complex managers, and + continuous community outreach It is recommended that USF seek the support of the University North Transportation Initiative (UNTI), the local transportation management initiative, in helping to promote th e new transit service. Community outreach assistance by UNTI may serve to extend USF's marketing resources. IS


PART IIRECOMMENDATION FOR A SYSTEM OPERATOR In Technical Memorandwn #2 CUTR used three methods to estimate system costs : the peer group mean for 1-9 motorbus systems, an analysis of Parking and Transportation Services (PATS) costs for the existing campus shuttle, and HARTline's 1997 operating cost per hour. Based on the analysis, PATS had the lowest operating cost and HARTline the highest. However, there are other considerations besides cost that must be considered. The Univer sity, through PATS, has made both a statement and an investment in transportation service as a solution to the constraints that will inevitably be imposed on the transportation and parking system at the University in the future. There are efficiencies to be gained by PATS operating the off-campus serv1ce. First, the administrative structure is in place to expand operations without greatly expanding administrative staff The same is true for vehicle maintenance, since USF currently has a fleet maintenance function that can easily expand to maintain the number ofbuses anticipated in the off-campus service. Finally, there are passenger efficiencies to be gained by U S F providing the service, as there may be opportunities to "interline" campus and off-campus routes. "Interlining" is an industry term that indicates the operational capability of ope.rating vehicles on more than one service in a manner that is invisible to customers. In the case of the on-campus and off campus service being interlined, passengers may be able to complete a trip between both systems without having to make a transfer from one vehicle to another. As a result, CUTR strongly recommends USF Parking and Transportatio n Services as the operator of the off-campus service. Regardless of whether USF provides the service or contracts with HARTline, discussions between the parties wil l be necessary. lfUSF operates the service, there are many components that would need to be coordinated with HARTline, including joint-use ofbus stops, opportunities for joint developmen t reporting requirements, and pick-ups and drop-offs of general public verses USF passengers only. 1 6


PART illOPERATING AND CAP ITAL COSTS Based on information supplied by Parking and Transportation Services deta iling costs of existing campus shuttle service, annualized costs of the new off'carnpus shuttle service i n the categories detailed bel ow. Total operating costs are anticipated to be $335, 022 in the frrst year with capital costs anticipated at $500,000. Total system start up expenditures would be $835,022, with a total five-year program cost of $2,934,022. PATS Ope rating Budget Opetator Sal & Fringe Admi n Sal & Fringe F u e l & L ubricants Vehicl e MtUntenance Utlflties Miscellaneous M$rketlng Capital Budget NewSheKers 16@$25, 000 New Vehicles 4@$50,000 Trans1er Point Enhancements $137 676.3 5 $141,606 .64 $146,060.84 $19.980 .60 $20, 5 80.02 $21,197.42 $ 16,23 7.56 $16 724,68 $17,226.42 $75.089 .94 $77,342.64 $79,862.92 $4,189.96 $4,315.68 $4,445.13 $6,848.15 $7,053 .59 $7 265.20 $75, 000.00 $50,000.00 $50 000.00 $200 000.00 $103,000.00 $106 ,090 .00 $200,000.00 $100,000.00 17 $150,442.66 $164,955.94 $159 604.62 $21.8$3.34 $22 488 .34 $23 ,1&2. 99 $17,743.22 $18 275.51 $18 623 78 $82. 052 .8 1 $84,514 .39 $87,049.82 $4,578.49 $4,715.84 $4,857 .32 $7 ,4 83.15 $7.707 .65 $7 938.88 $50,000.00 $50, 0 00.00 $50 000.00 $218 000 .00


Service Evaluation and Monitoring Process In its agreement with the city of Tampa, USF must develop a service evaluation and perfoxmance monitoring pnx:ess to demonstrate that ridership on transit services increases the capacity of the surrounding road network. In essence, this means that trips to the University campus taken on transit vehicles should reduce the number of vehicles entering the campus. CUTR recommends that USF devise a perfoxmance monitoring system that consists of: Passengers per day Passengers per service mile Passengers per serVice hour On-time perfoxmance Cost per passenger trip Cost per revenue mile Cost per revenue hour By tracking these indicators on a monthly basis, USF can determine th e approximate number of vehicles removed from the surrounding road network based on current auto occupancy rates. By knowing the approximate number of vehicles removed, the impact of transit on the overall travel mode split can be compared with the estimates contain ed in Technical Memorandum Number 2. In addition, tracking these perfoxmance measures can also assist USF in monitoring the effectiveness of the service for the customers who use it. As an on-going process for monitoring service, USF should conduct an on !>oard survey within six to nine months follow ing commencement of service to determine customer travel patterns, trip characteristics, and satisfaction with various aspects of service. The results ofthls o.n board survey should be used to refine services, to meet customer demands and intensify marketing efforts to gain new rid ers An on board survey should be conducted at least once armually there after. 18


Appendix A Routes 2 and 3 Operations Plan 19


Final Routing Determinations Route 2 -Administration Center to North zzd Street and Bruce B. Downs In Technical Memorandum #2, this route was to be a bi-directional loop wherein alternating trips would cover th e loop in alte rn ating directions. However, CUTR operations staff detennined that safety concerns existed for stops along Bruce B. Downs that would have hindered the operator from picking up customers at the apartment complexes along the corridor and then merge to the far left lane to turn on Bearss A venue. As a result, there will still be two vehicles serving the route but every trip will serve the same loop, as follows: south on Leroy Collins west on Alumni Drive, north on Magnolia, west' on Holly to 131" Avenue, north on N 22d Street east on Bearss Avenue, south on Bruce B. Downs to Holly Drive south on Magnolia east on alumni Drive, and north on Leroy Collins (see Figure A-1) : Route 3-N. 501 b Street This route will terminate at the Administration Center and travel south on Leroy Collins, east on Alumni Drive, north on Bull Run, easton Elm north on Sycamore,. easton Holly, south on N 50th Street and would then complete a loop on N. 122"d Street, N. 51" Street, and N. 1271 h Street back to 50th Street (see Figure A -1). 20


.., . . University Shuttle System (Alternative Routes 2 & 3) with HARTLine Routes Serving Campus University of South Florida LEGEND --On Campus Routeo --Off-Campus Propo ... d 10 ;;; z


Bus Stop Inventory Route 2 -North 22"d Street and Bruce B. Stop Number Mileage Stop Location 01 0.0 Administration Center (TIMEPOINT) 02 0.4 Alumni Drive and College of Engineering 03 0.5 Alumni Drive and A djacent to Lot 24C 04 0.6 Alumni Drive and Magnolia (TIMEPOINT) 05 0.7 Magnolia and Shriners Drive 06 1.1 and Moffitt Center 07 1.2 Magnolia and Holly 08 1 .4 Holly and USF Medical Clinics (TIMEPOINT) 09 1.6 131 A venue and VA Hospital 10 1.8 131 Avenue and 27 Street 11 1.9 131 Avenue and 25"' Street 12 2.0 131" Avenue and 2220 131" Avenue (TIMEPOINT) 13 2.2 22 Street and 132 Avenue 14 2.3 Street and Fletch e r A venue 15 2.9 22'N Street and 143'" Avenue 16 3.0 22 Street and HART bus stop (TIMEPOINT) 1 7 3.3 Bearss A venue and Seaford 18 3.5 Bearss A venue and Americana 19 3.9 Bruce B. Downs and Sun Pointe Lake 20 4.1 Bruce B. Downs and Palm Island Club 21 4 2 Bruce B. Downs and Morrisons 22 4.4 Bruce B. Downs and Fletcher (TIMEPOINT) 23 4.8 Holly Drive and Medical Clinics 24 5.0 Magnolia and Holly 25 5.1 Magnolia and Across from Moffitt Center (TIMEPOINT) 26 5.5 Magnolia and Across :from Shriners Drive 27 5.6 Alumni Dnve and Magnolia (TIMEPOINT) 28 5.7 Alumni Drive and Across :from Lo t 24C 29 5.8 Alumni Drive and Across from College of Engineering 30 6.2 Administration Center 22


B u s Sto p Inven t ory R oute 3 -Admin istra t ion t o N. som Street Sto p Nu mbe r Mi l eage Sto p Location 01 0 0 Administration Center (TIMEPOINT) 02 0.2 Leroy Collins and Alwnni Drive 03 0.5 A l wnni Drive and Across from Busines s Administratio n 04 0.7 Alwnni Drive and Bull Run 05 0.8 Bull Run and Elm (TIMEPOINT) 06 1.2 Sycam o re and Remote Parking I 07 1 .4 Sycamore and Remote Parking II (TIMEPOINT) 08 1.5 Sycamore and Holly 09 1.6 Holly and 50 Street 10 1.8 50" and Across from Catholic Student Center 11 2 1 50 andElm 12 2.2 50 Street and 122 Avenue 1 3 2.3 Street and 122 Avenue 1 4 2.5 51" Street and 127w Avenue(TIMEPOINT) 15 2.7 127 Avenue and 50 Street 16 2.8 sow Street and Bordeaux Vill age 17 3.0 50"' Street and Excellence Apts. 18 3. 2 Holly and Sycamore 19 3 3 Sycamore and Re m ote Parking II 20 3.5 Sycamore and Remot e Parking I 21 3 9 Elm and Bull Run (TIMEPOINT) 22 4 0 Alumni Drive and Bull Run 23 4.2 Alumni Drive and Across from Busi n ess Administrati on 24 4.5 Alwnni Drive and Leroy Collins 25 4.7 Administrati o n Center 23


System Hours, Mi l es and Frequency OneDaily Total Total Total Total way Vehicle Dally Annua l Bus Dally Arinual Route# Miles Trips Miles Miles Frequency H o urs Hours 2 6.2 48 298 65 ,472 15 minutes 2 4 5,280 3 4.7 36 169 37, 224 20 minutes 12 2,640 TOTAL lo.9 84 477 102,696 36 7,920 Vehicle Requirements The existing campus shuttle operates four buses on three routes. Based on the proposed routing for Off Campus Route 3 and the similarity in route coverage with the Campus Route A, there is currently a proposal t o reduce the number of bu ses by I for a total of three buses. The proposed off-campus shuttle, the topic of this report, will require a total of 5 buses to operate the system, for a net total of buses. The standard spare ratio in the transit industry is 20%, which would be an add i tional 1.6 buses. There fore, the recommended total number of buses for the campus and off campus shuttle is I 0 bu ses, with net 6 new buses over the four currently operated by PATS EXIsting Campus Service Vehicle Requirements Peak Frequency Off.Peak Frequency Route A 2 0:10 0:15 Route B 1 0:10 0 : 10 RouteC 1 0:10 0:10 Tot a l Veh i c l e Requirement 4 Proposed Off Campus Service Route 1 North Route 3 0 :20 0 :2 0 Route 2 -West Route 2 0:15 0:15 Route 3 East Rou t e 1 0:20 0:20 Total Vehicle Requirement 6 Proposed Campus Service Route A 1 0:10 0:15 Route B 1 0 :10 0:10 Route C 1 0:10 0 :10 Total Vehicle Requirement 3 24


Passenger Amenities Route 2 should have I shelter placed along Skipper Road near the apartment complexes and 2 shelters a lo ng Bruce B Downs, again near apartm ent complexes on that corridor. Finally, Route 3 should have a shelter on the west side of 50th Street near 127th Avenue and one on the east side of SOih Street near Excellence apartments. 25


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