Passenger assistance and sensitivity training for the Florida Rural Transit Assistance Program

Passenger assistance and sensitivity training for the Florida Rural Transit Assistance Program

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Passenger assistance and sensitivity training for the Florida Rural Transit Assistance Program phase 1 final report
Florida -- Dept. of Transportation. -- Public Transit Office
University of South Florida -- Center for Urban Transportation Research
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University of South Florida, Center for Urban Transportation Research
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Rural transportation -- Employees -- Training of -- Florida ( lcsh )
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"September 1994."
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prepared for Transit Office, Office of Public Transportation, Florida Department of Transportation ; prepared by Center for Urban Transportation Research, College of Engineering, University of South Florida.

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Passenger assistance and sensitivity training for the Florida Rural Transit Assistance Program
h [electronic resource] :
b phase 1 final report /
prepared for Transit Office, Office of Public Transportation, Florida Department of Transportation ; prepared by Center for Urban Transportation Research, College of Engineering, University of South Florida.
[Tampa] :
University of South Florida, Center for Urban Transportation Research,
1 online resource (various pagings) :
"September 1994."
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Rural transportation
x Employees
Training of
z Florida.
1 710
Dept. of Transportation.
Public Transit Office.
University of South Florida.
Center for Urban Transportation Research.
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t Passenger assistance and sensitivity training for the Florida Rural Transit Assistance Program.
d [Tampa] : University of South Florida, Center for Urban Transportation Research, [1994]
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PASSENGER ASSISTANCE AND SENSITIVITY TRAINING FOR THE FLORIDA RURAL TRANSIT ASSISTANCE PROGRAM PHASE I -FINAL REPORT September 1994 Prepared for: Transit Office Office of Public Transportation Florida Department of Transportation Prepared by: Center for Urban Transp ortation Research College of Engineering University of South Florida CLfTR


Transit Office Office of Public Transportation Florida Department of Transportation 605 Suwannee Street (MS 26) Tallahassee Florida 32399-Q450 (904) 488-7774 Project Manager : Robert Magee Center for Urban Transportation Research University of South Florida 4202 E. Fowler Avenue, ENB 118 Tampa, Florida 33620 (813) 974-3120 Director: Project Managers: Project Staff: Reviewers: Gary L. Brosch R. Benjamin Gribbon Thomas L. Miller Vicki Zambito Lisa Argiry Rosemary G. Mathias F. Ron Jones


Acknowledgments CUTR would like to express its appreciation ro the many organizations and people who assisted in this task by providing their input or assistance, including: Flor ida Department of Transportation Coordinated Transportation System Inc. Transportation Management Associates, Inc. Santa Fe Community College Citrus Connection Big Bend Transit, Inc. Caminiti Exceptiona l Center West Coast Brace & Limb


Florida Rural Transit Assistance ProgramPassenger A ssistance & Sensitivity Training IE Executive Summary . Background . . Accomplishments Evaluation ..... Recommendations Appendix A: Program Brochure Appendix B: Mailing Lists Appendix C: Curriculum . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Appendix D: Sample Agenda . . . . . . . . Appendix E: Participant List and Sign in Sheets ..... iv CenJer for Urban Transportation Research . . v 1 3 6 10 A B c . . D . . . . . E Final Repor t


Florida Rural Transit Assistance Program -Passenger Assistance & Sensiti..,ity Training Many transportatio11 providers in rural areas have few resources to devote to training The Rural Transit Assistance Program was established nationally and within Florida to help address th is need, among others The Florida Department of Transportation discovered a particu lar need for passenger assistance and sensitivity training and, in the Spring of 1994, contracted with the Center for Urban Transportation Research (CUTR) to prepare and present three training workshops to Florida s rural transportation providers under the Florida Rural Transit Assistance Program. Highlights from this project are ou t lined below: Two additional CUTR staff were certified as passenger assistance instructors, providing a total of three instructors available at CUTR. CUTR designed and prepared a sensitivity training module, with an instant disabling exercise, and an emergency procedures summary module to supplement Passenger Assistance Techniques. CUTR designed and distributed a color brochure to more than 200 transportation providers, officials, and other interested parties, resulting in registration requests from more than 350 potential participants. During June 1994 CUTR conducted three one-day workshops in Gainesvill e Lakeland, and Tallahassee, training a total of 43 participants as certified Passenger Assistance Technicians. . Evaluations indicate that the workshops were extremely successful; the total average score was 9.3 on a scale of I to 10. The program itself was a tremendous success in terms of the interest generated in replicating the training for all drivers among the organizations that participated A very high interest in instru ctor training was expressed. Based on this training, CUTR recommends establishing and maintaining a network of passenger assistance instructors throughout Florida. These results are further detailed in the pages that follow. v Center for Urban Transportation Resean:h Final Report


Florida Rural Tran.sit Assistance Program -Passenger Assistance & Sensitivity Training The state of Florida includes 67 counties, all of which include rural areas, and many of which are elCclusively rural. Transportation in these rural areas is provided by transit systems in part, and in particular by Section 18 recipients, designated community transportation coordinators (CTCs), other community transportation providers, small contractors, and volunteers. Many of these providers are not exclusively devoted to transp orta tio n and operate on budgets that are elCtremely limited relative to a huge need for transportation services. Most have few resources to devote to training. The need for training and the limitations of resources available to rural transportation providers has been recognized at the federal l evel, resulting in appropriations to each state for a Rural Transit Assistance Program (RTAP). In Flor ida, this program is administered by the Florid a Department of Transportation (FOOT). An FOOT survey of Florida transportation providers indicated a high demand for passenger assistance and sensitivity training. The need for passenger assistance and sensitivity training reflects the fact that passenger transportation is a service industty. The mos t important contact customers have with transportation providers is their drivers. Both in perception and reality, the quality of transportation service is largely determined by the professionalism of drivers. Drivers' sensitivity and ability to provide effective passenger assistance is especially importan t for the many rural passengers who are elderly or ha ve disabilities. This type of assistance requires specific skills. CU'IR proposed to prepar e and deliver three workshops statewide covering passenger assistance, sensitivity, and related emergency procedures. This training was proposed as the first phase of a more extensive training assistance program for Florida's rural transportation providers. Tile second phase would develop and maintain a s tatew ide training network. Recommendations for a second phase are included in this repott. 1 Center for Urban Transportation Research Final &port


liil Scope Florida Rural Transit Assistance Program Passenger Assistcvu;e & Sensitivity Training In the spring of 1994, FDOT entered into an agreement with CUTR to deliver tliree Passenger Assistance and Sensitivity Training Workshops. CUTR received notice to proceed on this project on April 19, 1994, and was able to deliver the proposed training within 71 days. All workshops were presented in June 1994. Over the spring and summer, the following tasks were aeeomplished: Instru ctor certification; Selection and arrangement of workshop sites; Brochure design and distribution; Workshop registration; Course design; Training; Evaluation of training; and Report of results. The accomplishments associated with these tasks are discussed in the following sections. 2 Center for Urban Transportalion Research Final Reporl


Florida lbzral 7Tonsl t A.rsistance Program -Passenger A&slstance & Sensitivity 7Taln/ ng El A number of specific !aSks were undertaken in the accomplishment of this project, which are described below. I nst ructor Certification Very early in the project, two CUTR staff members, Thomas L Miller and Lisa Argiry became cenified instructors in Pa ssenger AssistanCe T echniques (PAT) by anending and successfully completing instructor certification in Ft. Worth Texas The project co-manager R. Benjamin Gribbon, already was cenified and bad extensive PAT training eJtperience This certifica tion provided for a ratio of trainer s to participants. of about 1:5, especially helpful for the hands-on practice provided in the workshops. Sites Three general locations were selected across Florida for the. ir central accessibility to rural transportation providers: Tallahassee, Gainesville, and Lakeland. Upon approval from FDOT, specific;: sites were selected that met the requirements necessary for teaching and practicing passenger assismnce and sensitivity (e.g. c lassroom, stairs ramp, curbs, parking lot). The Gai nesville workshop was held at the Santa Fe College; the Lakeland and Tallahassee workshops were held at local hotels with conference facilities. CUTR made arrangements w i th local transportation providers for tbe on-site use o f a lift equipped transit vehicle. Operators providing vehicles were Coordinated Transportation System in Gainesville, Citrus Connection in Lakeland, and Big Bend Transit in Tallaha ssee. All other special equipment used in the training (e. g. wheelchairs, walkers, and other props) was brought on site by CUTR. Marketing CUTR designed and primed a color brochure for the program A copy of the pr o gram brochure appears in Appendix A A total of 400 program brochures were printed. They were initially mailed to 65 rural transportation providers (the target audience), and then to approximately ISO other transportation provid ers officials, and interested parties. Copies of the mailing lists used to distribute brochures appear in Appendix B. 1 C enler for Urban Transpcrtatl<>n Research Fina l Report


Florida Rural Transit Program Passenger Aulstance & Sensit ivity Training Registration Registration was handled by phone, facsimile machine, and mail. Class sizes were limited to 16 per class because of the interactive nature of the practice sessions. A total of 48 persons were registered for workshops (three people did not show up). The brochure and registration process revealed a significant additional demand for this training. CUTR developed a waiting list of an additional 306 individuals Course Desi gn The core of the workshop was the Passeng er Assistance Techniques (PAT) course developed by Transportation Managemeot Associates (TMA). This course was selected during the development of the scope as the most comprehensive and widely used alternative. The PAT course includes infoJmation about specific disabilities, recommended practices specific techniques, and hands-on practice. The curriculum for the PAT course is summarized in Appendix C. Based on training needs identified prior to the project, the PAT portion of the workshop was supplemented with modules prepared by CUTR, including units on passenger sensitivity and emergency procedures. The curricula for these training modules also are summarized in Appendix C. The sensitivity curriculum CUTR used was adapted from multiple materials and sources. The workshops were designed 10 be over one 8-hour day, with a combination of lecture visual aids practice and role-playing with a team teaching approach. A sample agenda is included in Appendix D. Workshops The workshops were conducted on June 20, 22, and 27, 1994 in Gainesville, Lakeland, and Tallahassee respectively. All three CUTR staff members certified as PAT trainer s provided instru ction at the three workshops. Participant s as hoped, included both drivers and managers from rural sys tems. A list of participants is included in Appendix E. Each participant successfully completed the workshop and will receive a certi ficate, embroidered patch, and a wallet card identifying them as a certified Passenger Assistance Technician. Based on the 4 Ctmer for Urbon Transporlalion Research Final R1port


Florida Rural Transit Assistance Program -Passenger Assistance & Sensitivity Training completed evaluation forms discussed in the next sect i o n the workshops were very successful. Travel Reimbursement Because of the often limited resources of rural transportation providers, the registration and ma ter ials were provided for free. CUTR arranged special conference rates for those who stayed overnight. Students travelling more than 50 miles were reimbursed for accommodations, mileage and meals A total of 17 travel vouc h ers were received from students attending PAT classes. All vouchers were pre-audited sent to the state comptroller for paymen t, and paid. Fin al Report This final report represents the last step in Phase I of the Passenger Assistance and Sensitivity Training Project. Based on this project, CUTR recommends a contin u ation of this project, as described under R ecommendat i ons. 5 Center for Urban Transportation Research F;n(l/ Report


lill Florida RW'al Transil Assistance Program Passenger Assistance & Sensitivity Training Workshop evaluation forms were distributed to all students at each workshop. The completed evaluations were collected and the results compiled into tables A copy of each evaluation sheet is provided under separate cover. The original evaluation sheets were mailed to TMA, who issued student course completion certificates, uniform insignia, and wallet identification cards. TMA also serves as an independent monitor of PAT course quality. The course evaluations were compiled under three headings: (1) questions about the conduct and acceptance of the training; (2) questions concerning unmet training needs; (3) comments. The comments have been divided into three sections expressing appreciation, course improvement, and training needs Table 1 summarizes workshop evaluation scores concerning the conduct and acceptance of the training programs. All seven of these questions were rated from 1 to 10 with 1 being low and 10 being high. The overall mean score for all three workshops was a 9.3 Students attending all three workshops perceived them as being exceptionally interesting, well done, and valuable. Table 2 summarizes workshop evaluation questions concerning unmet training n eeds. There was n o discernible pattern to the responses between workshops for item No. 8, "Do you feel the need for additional informa t ion?" The average of "yes" responses to that item was 39 percent and the average of "no responses was 61 percent . Items No. 9 and No. 10 received overwhelming ')es" responses, 98 percent and 95 percent respectively. The students consensus opinion was that this type of workshop would be valuable to their fellow workers and that there was a need for future training sessions. 6 Center for Urban Transportation Research Final Report


El Florida Rural '/l'anslt Program Passenger Astlsto nce & Sensitivity '/l'alnlng Tabl e 1 ,, ..r':.;,,, ,.,_ _, ...... . ....... .. ;; .c.,. Y J .:-; 't< An)stance Tl'llnlng hop: ..... : .. ... } .,.. . ... '"S .. . fE. I tl' S ' . I .. :" .'. ... :-: . (.. .. va ya on. ,, .. . ., .... . .. ,.., . . .. . ITEM QU ES TION GAINESV ILLE LAKELAND TAL LAHASS EE AVG. 1 Were the objectives of the 8 9 9 2 9 6 9 2 class clearly stated ? 2. Were the objectives met? 9 0 9 5 9 8 9 4 3 was the class content 8 8 9 5 9 6 9 3 educational? 4 was the matetial presented 8 9 8 9 9 8 9 2 in an interesting manner? 5. Will the class be beneficial 9.0 9.8 9 7 9 5 i n y our work? 6 Were the speakers 9 0 9 5 9 8 9.4 knowledgeable on their SJ,Jbjecl$? 7 Did you Nke the method of 8 9 9 2 9.1 9.1 program presen t ation? OVERALL MEAN SCORES 8.9 9A 9.6 9.3 Table z . : < AAistaoce .. ... . .. : . . .: .-.. .. < :,.,. NeeCIS' : .;:"' ;; . :. . .. .. #"""""-. GAINESVILLE LAKELAND TALLAHASSEE AVG. ITEM QUESTION ( Ye s) (Yes) (Yes) (Yes) 8 Do you fee l the need for 40% 50% 29% 39% additional informaUon? 9 Would this type of program 93 % 100% 10()% 98% be of use to fellow worlc:ers? 10 Have interests emerged 92% 92% 100"A. 95% which po i nt to the need for future training sessions? 7 Centtr for !Jr ban '/l'amporlatlon ksearch Final Report


Florida Rural Transit Assistance Program -Passenger Assistance & Sensitivity Training Table 3 summarizes written comments by students made either as direct responses to item No. 11, marginal notes or comments. 'Out of 43 evaluations, 33 comments were made. Student comments are listed under three categories: comments expressing appreciation, suggestions for course improvement, and comments expressing additional txaining needs. Table 3 ;_, : > : < :.'' ... ,',-. ; .>SUMMAR'ft)F. EVAlUAtrON COMt-'tENfW : : < .. ', .. ' ' \ J io A < o o o A. COMMENTS EXPRESSING APPRECIATION: 4 Very good workshop. 2 The sensitiVity and hands on pa rts of t he wor ksh op were great. 2 Thank you. 2 The speakers were great. 1 Great class for new drivers. 1 The class prov i ded valuable information on back protection. B, COMMENTS FOR COURSE IMPROVEMENT: 2 Present the slides i n sequence with those shown In the studenfs blue book. 2 Revise th e slides to show up-to-da t e equ ip ment, e.g., depict fewer ramps a n d more lifts, and show vans with rai sed roofs. 1 Emergency procedures part coul d have been better organized. 1 I nstructors need to control side conversat i ons and comments that are of litt le in teres t to t h e class in general. 1 The class should not be presented so serious l y needs to be presented with more humor. 1 Some simplistic examples were c it ed which seemed juvenile I n nature. 1 The class shou ld use pol i tica ll y correct term i no l ogy e.g., do not use terms such as "regula r or normar to refer to non-{lisabled I n di vidua l s c. COMMENTS EXPRESSING TRAIN I NG NEEDS: 4 Want train-the-trainer cou rses. 3 Want all their employees trained i n Passenger Assista nce Techn iques. 1 Want more informat i on on controlling mentally retarded passengers on their buses. 1 Want more information on specific disabi l iti es 1 Want larger c l asses so t ha t more persons may be trai n ed. 1 Want more detailed info rm ation on the requirements o f the America n s with Disabilities Act. 1 Want more Information on whee l chai r hand l in g Note: comments have been parap h rase d for s i mp li city and 8 Center for Urban Transportation Researc h Final Reporl


Florida Rural Transit Assi s tance Program Passenger Assistance & Sensit i vlfy Training The comments expressing appreciation indicate that the students were glad to have received the training, felt it provided a good retum for the time and effort they i n vested participating in the workshops. Comme.nts for course i mprovement were few and dealt mostly with presentation. Three items referred to the sequence of items presented, and three made mention of tenninology (correct terminology, the n eed for more humor, and the terminology used in an example). The other three comments criticized the slides for showing ramps and early design vans. One comment suggested that the instructors limi t class conversations. Comments expressing additional training needs focused on PAT train-the-trainer courses andfor the desire to have all employees trained in PAT. Other comments requested more training on wheelchair handling, the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act, controll ing mentally retarded passengers on buses, and specific disabilities 9 Center for Urban Transportation Research F inal Report


Florida Rural Transit A-ssistance Program Pasungcr Assistance & Sensitivity Trolnlng ei -' . .... . . .... . . Based on direct feedbac k from panicipants, the evaluations, and the experien ce of the project team, CUTR presents the following reconunendati o n s: The marketing efforts and the courses tllemselves revealed an overwhelmin g interest in addi tional passenger assistance training and a need for more passenger assistance instructors. A statewide networ k of certified instruCtors should be established and maintained. Such a network could late r be e x panded to include other types of training. Emergency and accident procedures cannot be adequately covered as a module attached to passenger assistance and sensitivity training and s h ould be taugh t as a separate course. The Passeng er Assistance Techniques course is very comprehensive and effective but should be updated. The slides should be more recent a .nd preferably refle ct Florida and the ADA. The course should not be sidetracked to teach ADA requirements per se ; however it should acknowledge requirements impacting p assenger assistance. An invescment in creating an updated Florida version of the course would b e worthwhile. Because of the high leve l of interest generated by this program, the Florida RT AP program should act to take advantag e of and maintain this interest through additional course offe rings, information, and exposure. The class discussions on passenger assistance techniques were frequently sidetracked to oth er related issues revealing a stron g need for technical assistance for rural transportation providers especially on issues related t o the workshop curriculum. The Florida RTAP program may benefit from a technical assistance componen t directly connected to the passenger assistan ce, sensitivity, and emergency procedures training program. Phase n The Florida RT AP program should proceed wit h a second phase of passenger assistance and sensi t iv ity training incorporating the above recommendations. C UTR will prepare .and s ubmit to FOOT a proposal detailing suggestions for Phase II of the RTAP Passenger Assistance/Trainin g Program. tO Center for Urban T'ronsporrarlon ResNI'ch Final Reporr




\._ PAT Training ) A Training Program for Managers and Operators of Systems Transporting Elderly or Disabled Passengers Content In these seminars, participants will learn the p r oper techniques for prov i d ing passenger assistance, as we ll as emergency procedures and passenger sensitivity. The Passenger Assistance Techniques (PAT) course was developed by Transportation Management Associates (TMA) of Fort Worth, Texas. and a ll instructors are certified byTMA. Audience Passenger Assistance Trai n ing is offered to the managers and vehicle operators of rur al transpor tat i o n providers and is specifi c a ll y designed for vehicle operators and atte ndants. Managers are invited to become familar w it h the latest traini n g offered by the f lo rida Rural Transi t Assistance P rogram (RTAP). Presenters l' h e PAT series i s presented by the Center for Urban Transportatio n Research (CUTR) at the University of South f l orida, Tampa. Dr. Thomas M iller, Mr. Ben jam i n Gribbon, and Ms. Lisa Argiry will provide up to dat e t r a i n i n g for rural operators that transport passengers who are elderly or who have a d isability. Cost -The PAT tr a ining series i s sponsored by the F l orida Department of Transportat ion (FOOT) as part of the Florida Rural Transit ASsistance P rogram. Registration is FREE. and registrant s will b e reimbursed for per diem and lodging expenses (one day maximum) at the designate d hotels, as needed. Some restrictions apply, however; please request further information. l Instructors ) Thomas L. Miller, Ph.D. 1homas Miller is a certified PAT instructor and is an instructor for RTAP training Dr. Miller is Deputy Director for Training at the Center for Urban Transportation Research (CUTR), where he has conducted a variety of trans portat ion safety and training programs and studies, including F l orida's Commerical Driver's License Program and the f lorida Maintenance Training Program. R. Benjamin Gribbon R. Benjamin Grib b on is a Research Associate at CUTR and has extensive driver tra ining and transit safety experience, including Passenger Assistance Techniques t raining, defensive driv ing, sensitiv ity training, emergency and accident procedures, and vehicle mainte nance problem recognition ln addition, he has helped c onduct tra ining needs assess ments and developed statew i de R TAP driver t r ain i ng p rograms in several states. He i s an expert i n the transit requirements of t h e American with D isabilities Act and recently p rovi ded training t o Florida's comm unity transportat i o n coor din ators on the use of an evaluation mode l for the F lori da Commission for the Transportatio n Disadvantaged Lisa S. Argiry lisa Argiry is a graduate assi stant at CUTR, where she is currently p ursuing a Ph.D. in Educalion. She has five years of teaching experience, four of wh ich incl ude teac hing a t a center fo r c hildren with disabilities She has experience i n mass transit training and is editor of FD01's Transit Training newsletter. Training Course in PASSENGER ASSISTANCE TECHNIQUES June 20, 22, 27. 1994 Presentei:J by: CUTR Sponsored by : Center for Urban Transportation Research Florida Rural Transit Assistance Program $




Mr. Andrew DeGandis COMSIS 4161 Carmichael Ave, Ste 111 Jacksonville FL 32207 Ms. Barbara Timmerman Council on Aging of Martin County P. 0. Box 3029 Stuart FL 34995 Ms. Bet1ie Slay T ri-County Community Counci l 301 N Oklahoma St. Bonifay, FL 32425 Mr. Bobby Grice Florida Department of Transportation District 3 US 90 East Chipley, FL 32428-9990 Ms. Brenda Clay Liberty Co. Brd. of Comm issioners P 0. Box 730 Bristol, FL 32321 Ms. Ann Spencer Santa Rosa County COA 609 Alabama St Mitton, FL 32570 Ms. Beth Coullette Bay County Council on Agin g 1 1 16 Frankford Ave Panama City, FL 32401 Mr. B i ll K l ark Mid F lorida Community Service, Inc. P.O. Box 696 Brooksville, FL 34601 Mr Boyd Thompson ARC T ransit 1 209 Westover Drive Palatka, FL 32177 Ms Cheryl Fitzgerald Gulf Co. ARC P. 0 Box 296 Port St. Joe FL 32456


Ms. Cindy Ratley Baker Co. Council on Aging 10 1 E. MacClenny Ave. MacClenny, FL 32063 Mr. Danny Alvarez/Susan LaPlant Metro-Dade Trans. Adm. 3300 NW 32nd Ave Miami, FL 33142 Ms. Dee Sheridan Good Wheels, Inc. 7941 Merchantile Street North Ft. Myers FL 33917 Mr. Don Lusk Space Coast Area Transit 2725 St. Johns Street Building B. Room 225 Melbourne, F L 32940 Mr. Doyle Archer A & A Transport, I nc 55 N. Lake Ave. Lake BuUer, FL 32054 Ms. Connie Hufstetler Nassau Co. Council on Aging 1367 S. 18th Streef Fernandina Beach, FL 32034 Mr. David Grotefend Suwannee River Economic Council P O Box 70 Live Oak, FL 32060 Ms. Diane Morthland Marion Co. Senior Services 1644 Northeast 22nd. Ave. Ocala, FL 34470 Mr. Doug Correia Pasco Co. Star Transporta tion Division 5418 Sunset Road New Port Richey FL 34652 Mr. Ed Griffen COMSIS 2371 US 27 South Sebring, FL 38870


Mr Frank Ferry Clay Co. CouncU on Aging 604 Walnut Street Green Cove Springs FL 32043 Mr Glenn Nelson Sumter Co. Dlv of Public Serv i ces 209 N F l orida S t reet Room 217 Bushnell, FL 3351 3 Mr James Harris Aagler County Council on Agi ng 1000 Belle Terre Boulevard Palm Coast, Fl 32137 Mr. James VanPelt Senior Fri endship Services 1888 Alderman Street Sarasota, Fl 34236 Mr. John Croom Croom's1 Inc.. P.O. Box 6 Apalachicola, FL 32320 Mr Fred Loveland Director Manatee County COmmunity Service Department 1112 Manatee Ave, W Bradenton, FL 34206 M s Grace McNeil St. Lucie County H u man Resources Services 435 N 7th St Ft. Pierce, F L 32950 Mr James Swisher Sw.rannee Valley Transit Authority 1907 Voyles Street Live Oak, FL 32060 Mr. Jeff Rush Suwannee River Economic Council P 0 Box 70 Live Oak, FL 32060 Mr. John Lawson Training and Education Center for the Handicapped P O Box 8271 Naples, FL 33941


Mr. John Star1ing Florida Department of Transportation District 1 801 N Broadway Bartow Fl 33830-1249 Ms. Joyce O'Brien COMSIS 4161 Carmichael Ave ., Suite 111 Jacksonvi l le Fl 32207 Mr Kent Rice Florida Department of Transportation District 4 3400 w Commercial Blvd Ft. lauderdale, Fl 33309 Ms Marcia Staszko Central Florida Regional Planning Council P 0 Drawer 2089 Bartow, Fl 33830 Ms. Marion Mark Coord i nated Transportation System 2711 N W 6th Street, Suite C Gai nesville, Fl 32609 Ms. Joyce Devitt lake.Sumter Comm. Mental Health Center P 0 Box 49-1000 leesburg, Fl 34749 M r Ken Fischer VOTRAN 950 Big Tree Road South Daytona Fl 32119 Mr. Les Solberg Comsis 5514 N Davis Hwy, ste 117 Fl 32503 Ms. Marilyn Russell Calhoun Co. Senior Citizens Assoc. 137 Cayson Street Blountstown Fl 32424 Ms. Mary B. Robinson P 0 Box 486 Pensacola FL 32593-0486


Ms. Michelle Wafts P i nellas County MPO 14 S Fort HarTison Ave Clearwater, FL 34616 Ms. Nell Rozar Wakulla CO. Senior Citizens P 0 Box 537 Crawfordvil le FL 32327 Mr. Randy Whitfield Palm Beach Co. MPO P. 0. Box 21229 West Plam Beech, FL 334 16-1229 Mr Rene Rodriquez Florida Department of T ransportatlon District 6 602 South Miami Ave. Miami, FL 33128-1794 Mr. Richard Stiles Pinellas Co. MPO 14 S. Fort Harrison Ave. Clearwater FL 34616 Mr Mike CarToll Pasco co. Star Tra(lsp. Div. 5418 Sunset Road New Port Richey, FL 34652 Mr. Peter Gajdjis Director Manatee Co Comm. Service Dept 110S 26th Ave. East Bradenton, FL 34208 Mr Ray 8our11e Broward Co. Mass Transit Div. 3201 Copans Road Pompano Beech, FL 33069 Mr Richard Cook Citrus Co. Human Services P. 0 Box 310 Lecanto, FL 34460 Mr Richard Taylor Sl Johns Co. Council on Aging 11 Old Mission Ave. Sl Augustine, FL 32084


Mr. Richard Wingarten Chal1otte Co. Transit Department 512 E Grace Street Ponta Gord a FL 33950 Mr. Robert Babis Florida Department of Tran sportation District 7 11202 N McKlnley Drive Tampa, F L 33612 Mr Roger E c kert Director Polk County Brd of Co. Comm. P 0 Box 1969 Bartow, F l 33830 M & Ruth lovejoy Of

Ms. Thea Johnson Pasco County Star Transportation Division 5418 Sunset Rd New Port Richey, Fl 34652 Mr Tom Fritz Indian Rlver Co. Council on Aging P 0. Box 2102 Vero Beach, Fl 32960 Ms Van"a Anderson St. John' s CouncU o n Aging 11 Old M i ssion Avenue St. Augustine, FL 32084 Mr Tom Femandez Florida Department of Transportation Oislrict 5 5151 Adason St. Orlando FL 32004 Mr. Tom Moscoso Florida Oapartment of Transportation Oislrict Three P 0 Box 607 Chipley FL 32428-9990


Eartha Nurs i ng Home 5277 Monorief Road Jacksonville, FL 32209 R lller Region Human Services 421 w Chutdl Suite 702 Jacksonville FL 32202-4156 Ms. Susan L. Allbee Executive Project Director Sem inol e County Better Living for Sen i ors I nc. 636 Florida Central Parkway Longwood, FL 32750 Mr. Ceci l W Bai n Jr. Transportation Director Way of Monroe County 1315\M\itehead Street Key FL 33040 Ms. Shirley Balogh Executive Director Polk County Association for Handicapped Citizens 1038 Sunshine Drive Lakeland, FL 33801 Pine Castle Inc 4911 Spring Pari< Road Jacksonville FL 32207-7496 Sandra Adams, Ph.D Executive Director Ch i ld Development Center Inc. 1133 Gun Club Road Sarasota, FL 34232 Mr. David Askew Executive Directo r Lake County Association for Retarded Citizens 9642 S. Highway 441 FL 32788 Roger D Baker Ed. D Executive D i rector Association for Retarded C i tizens Marlon, Inc 2800 S. E. Maricamp Road Ocala, FL 32671-5551 Mr. Jim Belcher Director Materials Management Fair Havens Center 201 Curtiss Parkway Miami Spri ngs, F L 33166-5291


Mr. Warren Bennett Director Country Acr es Brevard County Parenta l Ho mes Deleon Ave. Titu sv ille FL 32780 Ms. France J B ishop Woodhouse! Cerebra l Palsy AduH Home Inc 140 5 N. W 1 Olh Street Dania, FL 33004 Ms Barbara Blaze r Fiscal Affairs Hope Center, Inc. 666 Southwest 4th Street M i am i, FL 33130 Dr Joan Bomstein Viae Pre sident Easter Sea l Soc iety of Dade County, Inc. 1475 Northwe s t 14th Ave Miami FL 33125 Ms. M ary Pa t Cain CEO Haven Center I n c 11300 Southwest 80 T erraoe Miami, Fl 33173 Mr. James P. Berko Executiv e Director Sem i nol e Comm unity Ment a l Heanh Center Inc. 417 Whooping Loop Altamonte Springs, FL 32701 Mr. Michael Blaylock Director of Mass Transtt Jacl

Ms. Kathy Campbell Executive Di r ector Center for Inde pe n dent L ivi ng 720 N. Dennning D r Winter Park, FL 32789 Ms. Becky Canesse Executive Director Manatee County Club Inc. 920 1 4 t h Street West Bradenton, FL 34205 Mr. John L. carter D irecto r TALTRAN 555 Appleyard Drive Tallahassee, FL 32304 Ms. Ann Clayton Director Polk Training Center for Handicapped Citizens, Inc 690 North 3rd Street Lake Alfred, FL 33850 Mr. Chester E. Colby D irector Metre>-Dade Transi t Agency 111 N.W. F irst Street, Suite 910 Miami, FL 33128 Ms. Denise Candea Vice President Traninig and Employment Easter Seal Soc i ety of Southwest Florida, I nc. 350 Braden Avenue Sarasota FL 34243 Mr. Marcel 0. Carpenter Executive D i rec tor Catholic Social Services 9995 North Military Trail Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410 Mr. Stan carter Opportunity Deve l opment, Inc. 972 Seabreeze Ave. Jacksonville, FL 32250 Mr Robert L Coates Center Director Winter Haven Hospital, Inc Community Menta l Health Center 200 Ave. F. Northeast Winter Haven, FL 33881 Mr. Chester Cole Executiv e Director Citrus County Association Retarded Citizens 131 5 N Van Nortw'tck Road LeCanto, FL 34461


Dr. Ruth Cooper Executive Director Lee Mental Health Center Inc. 2789 Ortiz Ave. Ft. Myers, F L 33905 7806 G. Norwood Cullers President P ines of Sarasota Sarasota Welfare Home, Inc : 1501 North Ora nge Ave. Sarasota, FL 33850 Carolyn Curran Directo r Ca t holic Social Services, Inc. 803 E Pal metto Street L a k e l and, FL 33801 Mr. W. Blake Dav i s Administrator Presbyterian special Services, Inc Box 36 Gle n wood, FL 32722 Mr. Fred E i singer Seagull I ndustries fo r the D i sabled, Inc. 3879 W Industria l Way Riv i era Beach, F L 33404 Ms. Jackie Crank President Calvary Ho u s i ng I n c. 1 099 Clay Stree t Wi n te r Park, FL 32789 Mr. Irv i ng Cure CoT r a n Build i ng s-1440 P.B.IA West Pa l m Beach FL 33406 M r Ro n Dahly Executive Di r ector Ha n dicapped Group Livi ng, Inc 7 1 1 Wi l son Ave. La k eland FL 33801 Mr. William Edm u ndson Execu t ive D i rector Boys C lub of Manatee County, I n c. 1 415 N i nth S t reet West Bradenton, F L 34205 Mr. F. Scot Fenne l Executive D i rector Glades Area ARC, I nc. 601 West Canal North Belle Glade, FL 33430


Ms. Ada Fermin Program Director Allapatah Community Center I n c. 2257 Northwest North River Drive Miami, FL 33145 Mr. James I. Fetzer Trans i t D i rec tor lee County Transit 10715 East A i rport Road Ft. Myers Fl 33907 Ms. Sandra F urches Columbia County ARC P. 0. Box 1738 lake City, Fl 32056 Mr. Stephen Gill E l izabeth H. Faul k Foundation, Inc Center for Group Cou n seli n g 22455 Boca R i o Road Boca Raton Fl 33433 Mr Steve Githens T ransit D i recto r lakel and Areas Mass Transi t District C it rus Con n ec t ion 12 12 George Jenki n s Blvd lakeland, Fl 33801 M r. Bill Ferris Executive D irector Habil.itation Center for the Hand i capped Inc 2233 Boca Rio Road Bo c a Ra l on, Fl 33433 Ms. Jea n Frideman Area de Council o n Aging o f Boward Co u nty, I nc. 5345 N W. 35th Ave. F t. lauderda le, Fl 3330 9 Mr. Roy Gaither Execu t ive Direc t or Peace River Ce n ter for Personal Deve l opment. I nc. 174 5 Highway 1 7, South Bartqw Fl 33830 Ms. Sonia Gi n s b erg ARC Broward Inc. 10250 N W 53rd Street Sun r ise, Fl 33361 Mr. Jay Goodwill Trans it Director Sarasota County Area Transit 5303 Pin kne y Avenue Sarasota, Fl 34233-242 1


Mr. F Allen Gotzens Transportatlon Coordinator Mount Sinai Med ical Center of Greater Miami 4300 Alton Road M ia m i Beach, FL 33140 Mr. Jorge Guerra Contract Manager Maynower Contracted Servioa, Inc. 4500 S. W 72nd Ave. M ia mi, FL 33155 Ms. Sue Hardy Executive Director TriCounty Senior Serv ices AJKJA Immokalee Service Programs, I nc. 55 Garden Road LaBelle FL 33935-2400 Ms. Jane Haring Executive Directo r Citrus County Human Services P. 0. Box 310 LeCa nto, FL 32661 Ms. Maarcella Henry Operatlons Administrator Sunrise Community Inc. 22300 Southwest 162nd Ave. Miami, FL 33170 M r Frank Gril Executive Director Okeechobee Reh a bilitation Facility Inc 403 N W 2nd Ave. Okeechobee, F L 34 792 Mr. Chat1es S Hamin Asst. Directo r C ity Of Key West Department of Transportat i on 627 Palm Ave. Key West. FL 33040 Mr. Jack Hargrove Assoc Exec. Director Ufstream Behaviora l Center, Inc. P. 0. Box 491000 Leesburg, FL 34749-100 0 Mr. Dewayne Harvey Adm i nistratortExecutive Director J H Floyd Suns hine Manor, Inc. 1755 18th Street Sarasota, FL 34234 Ms. Susan Horn, R.N. Director of I npatient Serv. Guida nce Clinic of the Middle Keys. Inc. 3000 4 1 sl Street Ocean M ara t hon, FL 33050


Ms. Beverly Hougland E x ecutive Di r ector Osceola County Cou nci l on Aging, Inc. 1099 Shady Lane Kissimmee FL 33513 Ms Lee Judson D i r of Outpatient Serv i ce Vi ll a Mari a N u rsing Center 1050 Northeast 125th Street North Miami Fl 33161 Pierrette Kelly Executive Director A nn a Maria Is l and Community Center P 0 Box 253 Anna Maria, F L 34216 Mr. William L Knight Executive Director Suncoast Center for I n dependent Liv i n g I n c 330 South Pineapple Ave. Sui t e 1 1 0 Sarasota, F L 34236 Mr. Robert Larime Bradford Cou nty ARC alk/a Sunsh ine P 0. Box 507 Starke FL 32091-0507 Ms P e ggy Jarrett Connell Exec ut i ve Director Ch i l dren's Haven and Ad u lt Cente r, Inc. 4405 DeSoto Road Sarasota FL 34235 Ms. Judy S Kahan Execut ive D i rec tor Kin nere t Inc. 515 S De l aney Ave. Orlando, FL 3280 1 Ms. Stacey Kerr Jew i s h Assoc i ation for Res i de nt ia l Car e 9901 Donna K l ein Blvd Boca Raton, FL 33428 Ms Bonn i e Kra uss Program Mana ge r Jew ish Federation of Greater Ft. Lauderdale Da ni e l D. Cantor Senior Center 5000-10 Knob Hill Road Sunris e FL 33351 Mr. Joe Lawre n ce Admi n i strato r Concept House Inc 162 Northeast 49th Street Miami FL 33137


Mr. J. Michael Lee Tri-County ARC Drawer L L ive Oak, Fl 32060 Mr. Don L usk Space Coast Area Tra nsit 401 South Varr Ave. Cocoa, FL 32923 Ms. Alida Marion Admin. Assistant MACtown Inc. 127 Northeast 62nd Street Miami, FL 33137 Ms. Ann Martin Executive Director Hop e of Hardee, I nc. 132 South 10th Ave. Wauchula, FL 33873 Mr. Luciano Martinez Executive Director H i spanic Human Resources, Inc. 142 7 South Congress Ave. West Palm Beach, FL 33406 Ms. Laura Levy Execut ive Director The CHARLEE Prog ram of Brovnm l Inc. 333 s. W. 28th Street Ft. Lauderda le FL 33315 Mr. Steven H. Man ne Exe cut ive Di rector CHARLEE of Dade County, Inc. 591 5 P once de Leon Boulevard Su ite 26 Cora l Gables, FL 33146 Mr J. Ole Marl

Lou Mezle Field Director National Church Residences of Eastern Florida Inc. 3015 Spinks Road Seb r ing, FL 33870 Mr. Robert H. More Executive Directo r Manatee G l ens Corporation, Inc. P. 0. Box 9478 Bradenton FL 34206 Mr. Joh n Murren Direc tor Duval ARC 1 050 Dav i s Street Jacksonville, FL 32209 Ms. Tere Oj it o Foundat io n for Learning 148 Un i versity D r ive P l antation, FL 33324 Ms Maryelle n Ort-Maarvin Executive D i recto r Alzheime r' s Respitee Program 808 West Ce n tral Bouleva r d Orlando, FL 32805 Mr. Don Moore Executive D i rector Monroe Association tor Retarded Cit iz ens, Inc P. 0. Box 428 Key West FL 33041-0428 Mr Thomas P. Mu ll en Executive Di r ector Passageway Residence of Dade County, Inc. 900 Northwest 7th Ave Miami FL 33136 Ms Masi L Neff Pres id ent Ha n di-Van, Inc. 55 NW 1 19th Str eet No rth Miami F L 33168 Mr. Russell J. Olvera Trans it Director Regio n al T rans i t Sys t em 100 S. E 19th Ave. Gainesv i lle FL 32601 Mr. R i chard Owe n Outreach Broward Inc. 2244 East Sunrise Blvd Ft. Laud e rdale F L 33304


Mr. Jimmie Parsons Executive Director Association for Retarded Citizens Hnedry/Giades, Inc. P. 0. Box 1868 Clewiston, FL 33440 Ms. Marla C. Penedo Social Services Super. Southwest Social Services Program 25 Tamiami Blvd. Miami, F L 33144 Mr. Ramon Perez Do!lbecker Vice President Litt le Havana Activities and Nutrition Center of Dade County, Inc. 700 Southwest 8th Street Miami, F L 33130 Ms. Kate Porta Life Concepts P. 0. Box 1300 Apopka, FL 32704 Ms. Mary Pruchnicki Manager Miami Beach Marian Towers 1 17505 North Bay Road Miami Beach, FL 33160 Mr. Julian Pearson Administrator National Parki nson Foundation, Inc. 1501 Northwest 9th Ave. Bob Hope Road Miami, FL 33136 Mr. Carl Penxa Executive Director Southwest Florida Center for the Handicapped, Inc. 4002 Tamlami Trail Ven i ce. FL 34293 Ms. L i nda s Platt Exec utive D i rector Hospice of Marion County Inc. P 0. Box 4860 Ocala FL 34478-4860 Mr. Jose Prado Senior Ride Transportation D i rector Community Council for Jewish Elderly 4200 Biscayne Boulevard Miami FL 33137 Ms. Phyllis Redding Manager Pine Woods Villa 8420 Southwest 188 Terrace Miam i, FL 33157


Mr. Russell Rasco Executive Director Marion Citrus Menta l HeaHh Centers Inc 717 S. w. Martin L uth er Kin, Jr., Ave. Ocala Fl 3267 4 Ms. Wendy M. Resnik Executive Director United Crebral Palsy of Sarasota/Manatee I nc. 1227 South Tamiami Tra il Sarastoa, FL 34239 Mr. Jose Rodriquez The Village South, Inc. 3180 Biscayne Boulevard Miam i FL 33137 Ms. Nancy Saunders 45th Street Mental Health Center, I nc. 1041 45th Street West Palm Beach, FL 33407 Mr. Daniel P. Short D irector Pro ject Health, Inc. P 0 Box 307 Sumterville, FL 34267 Mr. William Resnick N. E.Aizheimer s Day Care Ce nter 227 N. W. 2nd Street Deerfie l d Beach, FL 33441 Mr. David T Roberts Goodwill industries of North Florida P. 0. Box 60219 Jacksonville. FL 32236 Mr. Gerald N Ross Execut ive D ire cto r Charlotte Community Mental Health Services, Inc. 1700 Educatio n Ave. Pu nta Gorda FL 33950 Alex Segal Admin. of Sup port Services Spectrum Programs, Inc. 1 8441 N.W. 2nd Ave. Suite 218 Miammi, FL 33169-4517 Ms. Maurica 0. Sisk Manager Federat ion Gardens 10905 sou t hwest 112th Ave. Miami, FL 33176


Ms. Rita Sofi Comprehensive Paralransit Se!VIce, Inc. 1995 NE 142nd Street North Miami, FL 33160 Mr. Mark Soto Genera Manager COMSIS Men1dian Executive Center 815 Ave. Suite 130 Miami, FL 33126 Ms. Donna Stiteler E x ecutive Director Seniors First In c 99 East Marks Street Orlando, FL 32803 Mr. Joel Telles Soref Jewish Communily Center 6501 West Sunrise Blvd. Pl antation, FL 33313 Alfreda Toor Program Director R i dge Area A ssociation for Retarded Citizens Inc. 120 East College Drive Avon Park, Fl 33825 Ms. Virginia L Solberg Executive D ir ector North Miami Foundation for Senior Citizens' Services 620 Northeast 127th Street North Miami Fl 33161 Ms. Tere Spring Admlnlstretor SL Elizabeth Gardens, Inc 801 N .E. 33 Street Pompano Beach, F l 33064 Ms. Betty Stocl

Ms. Siomey Truji ll o The University of Miam i M ailman Center for ch i ld Development P 0 Box 0168 2 0 Miami, Fl 33101 Kathy Wall Ph. D Southside Comp

Mr. John E 'MOler$ Executive Director Manatee Association for Retarded C i tizens 816 Leffingwell Ave. E llenton, FL 34222 Mr. N ick Serla nni Public Trans it Office Florida Department of Transpo rta tion 605 Suwannee Street, M S. 67 Tallaha ssee FL 323994150 Ms. Marlyn Womble Executive D i rector Florida Center for the Blind, I n o 7651 s .w. Hig hway 200, S u ite 2502 Ocala, FL 34476-3869 Ms. Bet h Den nyscn CTAA 1440 New York Ave N .W Wash i ngton, DC 20005




I. Major F unctiona l Loss Characteristics A. Muscle Control B. Speech C. Balance D. Limbs E. Breathing F Pain G. Skin Sensation H. Vision I. Hearing J Hearing and Vision K. Mental Function L. Mobility 11. Personal Assistive Devices A. Discussion B Demonstrations Ill. Passenger Assistance Techniques A. Wheelchair Management B. Vehicle Boarding Assistance C. Transfers and Securement D Assisting Visually Impaired E. Safety/Cautions IV. Practicum A. Folding and Unfolding Whee l cha i r B. Scrunching C. Tilting the Wheelchair D. Curb/Step E. Alternate Method for Curb/Step F Multiple Steps G Ramp H. Lift Operation I. Unassisted Tra nsfers J. Assisted Lateral Transfe r K. Assistance in Standing and L. Two-Handed Assist v. Assisti ng Visually Impaired Passengers A. Demonstration .. B. Practice Exercise


Method: V arious temporary disabling e x ercises Purpose : To simul ate lh e affects of various disabili t i es Set-up: Participants are randoml y assigned a d i sabling condition Participants are given disabling equipment to wear Participants are given a l i s t o t t asks to perform Equi pment : Assorted braces sp lints s l ings and bandages Assorted Ass istiv e devices : canes wal ker s wh eelc h a ir s A s sort ed d i sabling equipment: m8T$hmal lows. g l oves taped sunglasses, com kernels cotton bafts Assorted props for tasl

Vehicle Prevention Emergency Equipment Forms General Environment and Emergencies Heavy Rain Stopping Flooded Roadway Fog and Smoke Fire Animals Crashes Procedures Take Control Notification/Assistanoe Protect Passengers Collect Information Evacuation Passengers Take Control Follow Through




RTAP PAT Training A g enda 8:00 Sign-In 8: 1 S Welcome and Overview 8:30 PASSENGER ASSISTANCE TECHNIQUES Characteristics of Major Functional Losses Break 9:30 Personal Assistive Devices Wheelchair Managem ent 11: 00 12:00 1:00 Break Vehicle Boarding Assistance Transfers and Securement Assisting the Visually Im paired Lunch PASSENGER ASSISTANCE PRACTICUM Wheelchair Mangement Transfer Techniques Break Assisting V1SUally Impaired Passengers 3 :00 SENSITMTY EXERCISE Discussion 3 :35 EMERGENCY PROCEDURES 4:15 Wrap-Up




Gainesville Wotl

PASSENGER ASSISTANCE TECHNl\lU.t.:> 1 1<1\mmu COURSE REGISTRATION PAT. CERTIFICATE I \\ () \ CERTiflCA TE I sl\f\ CERTIFICATE I ';;t"\'\<1, INSTRUcrOR S'"S')"SS"). %\'\\st_.C INSTRUCTOR NAM.E: \..:_\";,o, DATE: CATION: --=LA=-' 1)?::...__ __ ., NAME R NO. OROANIZATION (PI1:2>e Print) . CITY AND STATE I. f-/-o "",wd ty1. ?aile G.J .. J r "nv .s 2. .. ... f\ l\1 . ,.... -9&Jil {,,.<-> A I . \ d.)"? (" o }.. L ( '..t, (", /'S. .,_......o/} 4.' / c.....t ,: (1 """ ""''-<...;:. ))Ft# /) 1 -;R,, .Jr 1. r"" s.:MC.:' & ..rr ffi cw 'Tl'A.JJ', ,;.. s: !I?.J A I'll, FA.v..r;:;-J W''C 9 P1 A J<.. Hr'l/s (;, I. <;LJf.'C li'< tl j(JS p 10. lv.u. S ...,l, I J. '-c.oo 0-"..c"'J.J/JF'cr, I MAJ, . 1s.C/eve 1/I#J). C r C ollf.Ve.c.Jt'c 4/ ,, 16. I 7. 18. 19.




r 1\.::;:::S.t.NUt..t\ 1 ANt..,;.t. J V ,r:..:) 1 K.l\lf''f!N\..r COURSE REGISTRATION PAT INSTRUCTOR NAME: -I'.:J.t.rh L!b2.lQO'ID...--CERTIFICATE I __ INSTRUCTOR ____ CERTIFICATE I d.$') I{ INSTRUCTOR NAME: _..:..L=-.:..1 CERTIFICATE I DATE: _ __::.Gt-/z_7.t.;/f:...;'f:..__ __ ., NAME ( Please Print) . 1. L1 llh;JJbee ..J REO. NO. ORGANIZA T!ON CITY AND STATE lr- ...>: ..: t:. . l,_ 'tt }.., P 'iu__.. . '&f.//(1_, _OcJp(' Tr' C.IJI"/_g. Co-


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