MDTA Metromover extensions survey and analysis

MDTA Metromover extensions survey and analysis

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MDTA Metromover extensions survey and analysis final report
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Metro-Dade Transit Agency
University of South Florida -- Center for Urban Transportation Research
Metropolitan Dade County Transit Agency
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Personal rapid transit -- Florida -- Miami-Dade County ( lcsh )
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"October 1994."
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prepared for Metro-Dade Transit Agency ; prepared by Center for Urban Transportation Research.

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MDTA Metromover extensions survey and analysis
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b final report /
prepared for Metro-Dade Transit Agency ; prepared by Center for Urban Transportation Research.
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i At head of title:
Metro-Dade Transit Agency
Tampa, Fla :
Center for Urban Transportation Research,
1 online resource (24 leaves) :
"October 1994."
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Personal rapid transit
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Miami-Dade County.
Miami-Dade County.
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Miami-Dade County.
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University of South Florida.
Center for Urban Transportation Research.
Metropolitan Dade County Transit Agency.
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t MDTA Metromover extensions survey and analysis.
d Tampa, Fla : Center for Urban Transportation Research, [1994]
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METRO-DADE TRANSIT AGENCY MDTA Metromover Extensions Survey and Analysis F INAL REPORT Prepared for Metro-Dade Transit Agency .. M E T ll 0 o A 0 E by Center for Urban Transportation Research College o f Engineering University of South Florida Tampa, CUTR OCTOBER 1994


l.VIETROMOVER EXTENSIONS SURVEY AND ANALYSIS PROJECT OBJECTIVE The Omni and Brickell extensions of the Metro-Dade Transit Agency (MDTA) Metromover opened for revenue service on May 27 1994 Based on the Metromover F i nal Environmental Impact Stat emen t (FEIS) and previous work completed by the Center for U rban Transportation Researc h (CUTR) related to Metrobus r oute truncations associated with the openin g of the Metromover extensions, Metrobus routes are p lann ed for truncation at the Omni and Bric kell Metromover Stations. Route "A" was truncated a t t h e O mni t ermi n al for the May 27 th opening. All of the Omn i and Brickell corr idor routes a r e cand i dates for ultimate route truncation. In a previous report, CUTR rec o mmended that the route truncations occur over a two-year period to minimiz e the im pacts on Meirobus r i ders. Further, it was recomm ended that MDT A monito r Metrobus and Metromover ri d er ship and transfer activity after the opening of the mover ex t e ns ions and the first phase of route truncations t o see if: patrons o f the trun c ated Metrobus routes are transferring to the Metromover or to a n o th er bus destined to the CBD; patrons of non-trunca ted Metrobus ro u tes are transferring to the Metromo v e r Based o n t he travel behavio r of the riders and other efficie n cy considerations, a decision regarding which addi t ional Metrobus routes to t r unca te c an be mad e The purpose of this p r oject was to (I) monitor the bus to mover, bus to b us, and mover to bus tra n sfer activity at both the Omn i a n d Bric kell Metro mover Stations after th e opening of th e Metromover extensions, (2) survey bus and mover riders at the Omni and Brickell Stations t o ana l yze t h e impacts o f the mover openings, in c ludi ng transfers and station destinatio n (3) based on the previous information; continue to update th.e prioritizatio n of Metro bus rou t e truncat ion This effort was i ntended to track the travel behav ior of patr o ns over the fir s t few months of service on the Metromover extensions. A mo r e comprehensive survey is env i sioned for early 1995 when the new Metrom o v er fare policy is in effect and tra ve l patte rn s are more stabilized. I


TRANSFER ACTIVITY AT BRICKELL AND OMNI STATI ONS During the month of August 1994, in fonnation on weekday patrol) movements were collected at the Omni and Brickell Metromover Stations. Visual surveys of th e Bricke ll M etro mo ver Station by Ml)T A personnel showed no transfers between bus and mover. Da t a gathered at the Onmi Metromove r S tat ion included the mode of access to Metrobus and Metromover, the.amount of transferring between buses and the actual number of hoard ings on the Metromover. These activities were monitored from 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m For the t wo days surveyed (p.m. one day, a .m the next day), a total of 1,455 passengers boarded ... the Metromover in both directions (inbound and outbound) at the Omni Station. This represents approximately 71 percent of the total average weekday hoardings as reported by MDTA for the mon t h of June 1994, the most recent counts available. Of the 1,455 Metromover hoard ings, 40 percent walked up from a n adjacent street 18 percent walked from the Omni Mall and the remaini ng 42 percent transferred from Met robus ro u te s directl y serving the station or the stop adjacent on NE 15t h Street. Tab le 1 presents the mode of access t o the Omni Metromover by time of day. As can be seen from this table, a significant percentage of r iders boarding the mover at the Omni Station were transferring from the Metro bus system. During this survey O m ni bus access movemen ts were also observed Both transfers from bus a n d walk access were documented. Metromover-to -bus movements were not do cume nted, although it can be assumed that ma ny of those bus-to-mover transfers wou l d return as mover-to-bus tnmsfers. Table 2 indicates that 1,394 transfers were made between buses at the Onmi t erminal d u ring the three time periods. Assuming a similar number of transfers f rom mover -to-bus as was documented for bus-to mover in Table 1 (612), then approximately 53 percent of the bus riders accessed the bus from ano ther bus, 24 percent transferred from the Metromover, and 23 percent walked. DOWNTOWN MlAMI METROBUSJM:ETROMOVER PASSENGER SURVEY During the month of 1994, CUTR and MDTA staff conducted weekday surveys of Metrobus and Met romover riders travelling through the Brickell and Omni Station areas. Specifica ll y, passengers onbo a rd Brickell bus ro u tes 8, 24, 48, and B, and onboard Omni bus routes 3, 16 93X, C, K M S, and T were randomly surveyed for both inbound and outbound tri ps between the Central Business District (CBD) and the Omni and Br ic kell bus stations. 2


Al\1 (6:00om -9:59am ) MODEOl' Pt:r ACCESS Tol.ll l % Hour Bus to Mover 140 5 4.83% gs Walk from Str-tct l i S 45 .17-ll 29 Walk lroDl Omnl 0 0 .00% 0 TOTAL 255 64 -'----TABUl I OMNI MBTROMOVER MODE-OF-ACCESS (By Time ofDay) MIDDAY l'M ().0:00201 1:59pao) (3:00pm 6:59p m ) Ptr Pee Total % Jlour Total % Hour 268 38.1011> S4 204 5 1 285 40.49% 57 181 36.57% 45 151 21.41ll 30 Ill 22.41" zs 704 141 496 1Z4 TOTAL (6:00am -6:59p m ) Ptr Tolal '10 Hour 612 42.06% 47 581 39.93 % 45 2 6Z IS. OJ!> zo 14SS 112


MODE OF ACCE SS Bus to B lis Walk from Street .. TOTAL AM TABLE 2 OMNI METROBUS MODE-OF-ACCESS (By Time of D ay) MIDDAY PM (6 :00am 9 :59am ) (!O:OOam 2: 59p m) (3:00p m 6:59pm ) Per Per Per Total Hour Total Hour Total Hour 505 126 457 91 432 108 163 41 181 36 261 65 668 16 7 638 127 693 173 -----------TOTAL (6:00am 6:59pm ) Per Total Hour 1394 116 6 05 50 1.999 166 ---


lnboWld Metromover passengers were randomly sw:veyed on the Omni and Brickell platform before boarding the move .r. One purpose of this survey was to determine why Metrobus passengers are not riding the Metromover system for their trip htto or out of the CBD. Also, Metromover riders were questioned about their reasons for using the Metromover system Finally, both Metrobus and Metromover passengers were asked to indicate on a map t heir origin or destination in the Miami CBD. Survey Analysis Tables 3 through 6 present the results of the surveys for both Metrobus and Metromover passengers at the Omni and Brickell stations. The actual survey documents are included in Appel)dix A. Survey results were not weighted. Subsequent anal)lses are based on a samp l e of the ridership for an average Weekday, since the data are not factored t o represent the total ridership for th e surveyed routes and system for that day. It is lmportant to note that these data represent on l y those riders that were actually surveyed, and may not represent the entire population of r i ders. Omni Metrol:ius As shown i n Tab l e 3, 652 passengers were surveyed on inboWld and ou t bound CBD-oriented Ornni Metrobus routes during the three time periods. Mode of Access Approximate ly 54 percent of the sw:veyed respondents walked 0-3 blocks to access Metrobus service which travels through the Omni terminal. Other passengers accessed Metro bus by transferring from another bus (23.0 %), walking more than three blocks (9.8 %), or transferring from Metrorail (9.4 %). Responses were consistent among the three time periods of the survey Reasons for not using Metromover Respondents were asked to check all reasons why they did not use the Metromover for this trip. Over 47 percent of the respondents answered that Metwbus is closer to their origin or destination. Twenty-eight percent of the respondents stated that the mover tskes longer, while 26 percent stated "other" as their response. Responses were consistent among the three time per i ods. 5


Table 3 Omni Metrobus Survey Result s '::"' < "' "" "'I ":.""' "'I ': I :llil: g)! :ill!: :.."' "' I :: "' > ml ,. 1 1 :ill ;;;_! "!' ... "" "' ,., "' .. o n 1 ;:. . "' i C

Mode of Egre s s More than 5 8 perce n t of the resp onde nts for the thre e t ime period s stated they w alked 0-3 blocks as t heir mode of egress. The n ext greatest response was for trans ferr ing to bus (18 8%), fo ll owed by walking niore than 3 blocks (13 0%). The responses to this q ues t io n appear consistent a mong the three time periods. Origin/Destination TAZ in Miami CBD Approxima tel y one-thi rd of the surveyed passengers answered the question asking for their ori.gin or destination in the CBD. Of those respo nd ing 9.7 percent were travelling to or from Traffic A nalysis Zone (TAZ) number 637, while 6 9 per ce n t were travelling t o or f ro m each of TAZs 630, 6 38, and 641. Figure 1 details the TAZs by n u mber i n t he Miami C B D This is the figure that respondents were asked t o us e to l ocate the ir origin or destination. Figure 2 presents the resu lts of the su r vey ques t ion for Omni Meirobus users As can be seen from tllis fi gure, th e greatest percentage o f p asse n gers were travelling to or from the Government Center area, and th e Miami-Dade Community College (MDCC) ca m pus. The r e sponses were fairly co n sist ent for the three t ime periods, though mor e respo nden ts were going to or com ing from the IV!DCC campus in the a m. perio d fuic kcll Me t rob u s As shown iii T a ble 4, 161 passengers were surveyed o n inbo und and outbou nd CBD oriented Brickell Met robu s r o ut es d u ring the three time peri ods . Mode of Access App r oximat e l y 29 percent of those su rv eyed walked 0-3 blocks to access M etrobus serv ice whic l l travels thro u g h the Brickell bus sto p to o r from the CBD O t her passengers accessed Metrobus by tninsferring from another bus (24.4%), wa l king more than th ree blocks (2 0 .6%), being dropped off (14.4%), or tra nsferring fr om Metrorail (9.4%). Respo nd ents resp onded "w alk" as the ir mode of access more often during the p.m_, time period than during oth er t imes. 7


Miami CBD Traffic Analysis Zones 611 617 818 819 639 638 640 646 648 851 650 649 664 675 878 ff/7 674 669 -::J M etrorall [ ] M etromover T AZ Bounda1y I Stations ""'"' N +


. o - 8to 10 610 8 fd41o e II2L O 4 ill 0 1 0 2 t-1gure L umm Metrobus Ori gin / Destination by T AZ .


Table 4 Brickell Metrobus Survey Results 10


Reasons for not using Metromover Almost 5.2 percent of the respondents for this question a nsw ered that the reason they rode Metrobus for this trip il)stead of Metromover was because the bus is closer to their origin or destination Almost 34 percent of the respondents stated that the mover takes longer while 16 perce n t stated that they did not like to transfer. Respo nses were fairly cons i stent.am6ng the three time periods, although in the p m period the primary reaso n for not using the Metromover system was that the mover takes l onger. Mode of Egress Thirty-two percent of the respondents for the three time periods sta te d that they walked 0-3 b lo cks as their mode of egress. The next greatest respOnse was for transferring to bus (30.1%), followed by walking more than three blocks (17.9%). The responses to tllis question appeared fairly consistent among the three time periods, although there was m ore transferring to bus a nd less wa l king in t h e p.m. t ime period. Origin/Destination TAZ in Miami CBD Only I 0 percent of the surveyed passengers answered the q ue stion aski n g for their origin/destination in the CBD. Of those responding, 20 percent were tra velling to o r fro m TAZ number 643, while 13.3 percent were travelling to or from e ac h ofTAZs 619, 6 47, and 656 Figure 3 prese n ts the results of this survey questio n for Brickell Metro bus use rs. As i llustrated in th e figure, the greatest percentage of passengers were tra velling to or from a T AZ east of the Government Center area. Omni Metromover Table 5 bOles that 491 passengers were surveyed on the inbou nd trip of the Omni Meti'Omover at the Omni Station d u ring tl\e three time periods Mode of Access A pp roximately 34 perce n t of the respondents transferred from Metro b us as their access to the Metromover system. Other passengers accessed the OIWli Metromover by walking 0-3 blocks {29.4%), walking .from the OIWli Mall (15.5%), or walking m ore than 3 b l ocks (8.2%). Responses were u niform among the three time periods of the survey, though very few people 11


M41rornctvor S l allons USto10 m12totG oCtO 6 0 1 0 4 r-1gure tsncKell IVIetronus Or!gin/Destination by T AZ


Table 5 Omni Metr omover Survey Results . . . ... . .. . . 1 3


walked over from the Omni Mall as their mode of access during the a.m. period . This can be attributed .to the fact that only a few sto res are open during this period and the mall does not fully open un til I 0:0 0 a .m. Mode of Egress Al most 54 percent o f t h e r es pondents for the tlvee time pe riods stated that t h ey walked 0-3 b l ocks as their m od e of egress fTom the Met r o m ove r The next m ost commo n response was fo r transf err ing to M e trorail (18.8%}, followed by transferring to Metrobus (10 0%), walking more than 3 bloc ks (7.8%}, and transferring to the Me1r0mover (7.6%). The responses to this question did not vary significantly among the three time periods. Reasons for using the M etro m o v e r Res pondents wer e ask e d to giv e all reaso ns fo r choo s i ng M e tromover, so m ultipl e responses were accep t a b l e. Thi rt y-five percent o f the responde n ts answered tbat the reason why they u se d the Metrom over sy Ste m for this trip was that it saves time Thirty-three percent of the respondents indicated "other, while 29.2 percent stated that the mover is closer to their destination, and 24.1 percent rode the system because it was free. Finally, 18 9 percent of the respondents rode the Metromo ver bec a u se it is more pleasant t o r i de Responses were co nsi stent among the three tim e perio d s .... Destination TAZ in Miami CBD Over 50 perce n t of the surveyed pas se ng e rs an swered thequestion as kin g for their destination i n the CBD. Of those responding, 14 6 percent were travelling to TAZ number 637, while 14 2 percent v;ere travelling t o T AZ number 630. Figure 4 presents the results of thi s particular survey q uestio n fo r Omni Metromo ver users As ean be seen f ro m t h is figure, the lar gest percentag e of pass engers we r e travelling to the Government Cent e r area, and the MetroDade Community College ( MDCC) campus The responses w ere cons istent for the three time periods. Bri c ke ll Metromover Ninety passengers were surveyed on the inbound trip of the Metromover originating at the Brickell Station during the three tim e pe riods, as shown in Table 6 14


1210 1 $ 1:1 6to 9 IZJ 310 6 1!1 Oto 3 Lf--urnm 1v1euomover Origin/Destination by T AZ


Tab l e 6 Brickell Metromover Survey Results 16


Mocie: of Access An equal percentage (39%) of those surveyed were either dropped off or walked 0 3 blocks as their mode of access to the Brickell Mettomover Station. Other passengers accessed the Brickell Metromover by transferring from Metrobus (6. 7% ), or transferring from Metrorail (5 6%). Responses were consistent among the three t ime periods of the survey, though a higher percentage of respondents were dropped off as their mode of access during the a m. peak period Mode of Egress Approximately 83 percent of the respondents for the three time per i ods stated t hey walked 0 3 blocks as their mode of eg r ess from the Metromove r The next greatest response was for walking more than 3 blocks (8.9%), and transferring to the Metrorail (3.3%). The responses t o this question appeared consistent among the three time periods . Reasons for using the Metromover Over 55 per ce nt of the respond e nts answered that the reason why they used the Metromover system for this trip was that it br ing s them c loser to the ir destination. Forty-five percent of the respondents stated that it saves time while 25. 8 percent stated that they rode it because it is free. Fina lly 22 5 percent of the respondents r ode the Metromover because it is m ore pleasant to ride. Responses were consistent among the three time periods Destination TAZ in Miami CBD Mo r e than 90 percent of the surveyed passengers answered the question that asked for their dest ination in the CBD. Of those responding, 22.4 percent travelled to TAZ numbers 674, and another 22.4 percent were travelling to TAZ n u mber 675, while 7 .I percent were travelling to T AZ number 60s: Figure 5 presents the resu lts of this siirvey q ttestion for Omni Metromover users. As can be seen from this figure, the greatest percen tage of passengers were travelling only a few stations to TAZs along the so u thern end of the Brickell Metromover loop. The r esponses were fa irly consistent for the three time periods. 17


! t Figure 5 Brickell Metromover Origin / D e stination by T AZ CJ MeltOmover II Sll\UOn o 8 1Btot2 II to 9 .1Joto4


Analysis of Metromover Riders Transferring from Metrobus One issue suggested for monitoring along with the truncation of bus service into the Omni and B ri ckell Stations was whether patrons of n on-tru ncated ro u tes were transferring to the Metromover system, and for what reasons. Tab le 7 p res ents the results o f a crosstabuiation of survey respondents who ind icated th eir mode of access to the Omni Metromover. Station as Metro bus in t erms of their reawns for using the mov er and their destination T AZ in the Miami CBD. Note that only 3 of the 90 survey respondents at the Brickell Mctromover Station indica ted Metrobus as the ir mode of access, and so this analysis foc u ses solely on Omni passengers . As indicated in Table 7 th ere were 165 surveyed respondents riding the Omni Metromover system who tra nsferr ed from Metrobus. O f these 16$1 over 32 percent indicated they were riding the mover because it saves t rav el t im e Additionally 29.1 percen t stated they rode t he mover because it brings the m c lo ser to the i r fi n a l destination, and 21.2 perce n t indicated it was more p leasant to ride. Figure 6 graphically presents the destination T AZ for the survey respondents. According to the data from the crosstabulation, 14.9 percent of the respondents were destined to TAZ 637 adjacent to the Government Center Station. Additionally 1 0.8 percent were destined to TAZ 630 (:MDCC), 10.8 percent to TAZ 628 (Arena/State Plaza), and 9.5 percenfto TAZ 634 (College/ Bayside). While these resp ondents seemed'slightly more lik ely to be destined to a TAZ at a mover statio n, the most significan t finding is the increase in respondents destined to U1e T AZs along the Brickell loop of the Metro m over. These patrons obviously are saving time by staying on the Metroinover system versus transferring to a so u thbound Brickell bus in the CBD. 19


Table 7 Ornni Metromover Bus Access Cross Tabulation Survey Results Omni Metromover Crosstabulation : "Transferred f r om bus to Mover and "Resson why Meu:om over All day transfer s from bill! 165 F rea. r. I t saves time 54 32.7% It is free 32 1 9.4% More pjeasant t o r i de 35 21.2% BrinllS me closer t o my f mal destination 48 29 .1 % Other 41 24. 8% # of Respondei)IS Answering Question !65 Frequency SUmmation 210 127.3% Omni Mctromover Crosstabu l ation: "Transferred from bus 10 Mover and TAZ Destination All day t ransfers from bus 165 TAZ F % s reQ. 613 1 1.4% 617 1 1.4% 619 2 2 7% 626 I 1.4% 628 8 1 0.8% 629 2 2 .7% 630 9 12 2% 631 2 2 7% 634 7 9 .5% 636 { 1.4% 637 11 1 4.9% 638 4 5.4% 641 1 1.4% 6 4 2 3 4 .1% 646 I 1.4% 647 I 1.4% 652 I 1.4% 655 4 5.4% 664 4 5.4% 665 l 1.4% 667 I 1.4% 674 5 6 8% 675 2 2.7% 677 1 1 .4% FreQuencv Summation 7 4 100.0% Missing Values 91 20


.. Sl&UOM Percent wtlhin TAZ i t21o 1 5 1t 10 12 610 9 3 1 o IS E:l "' 3 Destination by T AZ (Fo r M et r obus Access o n ly)


SUMMARY OF SURVEY RESULTS In general, riders on the Me t robus routes feeding the Omni and Brickell station areas did not use the Metromover system because the Metro bus was closer to their origin o r took them closer to their final destination in the Miami CBD. The seeond and related reason \vas that they perceived . . the Metromover t o take longer for their trip time. A nu mber. of riders also indicated that they did not want to transfer A short walk was the most typical mode of accessfegress. Finally, most passengers on the bus routes were destined to or originating from the Government Center area. TI1e respondents to the Omni and B ric kell Station Metromover survey used the Metromover system because it saves them time and bri11gs them c loser to their de stination Many respondents stated the y ro de the mover because of its more pleasant r ide. Similar to the bus system the majority of re spondents reported a short walk as their mode of access. F inally, while the Omni Metromover respondents were genera ll y destined to the Government Cente r area of the Miami CBD the Brickell riders were gener a lly only travelling 1-3 stops on the Metromover before a l i ghting SUMMARY . . . . . As part of the "MDTA Metromover Extensions Transfer Analysis" report co mplet ed by CUTR, a process was developed for prioritizing the Ornni a n d Brickell corridor bus routes for tr uncatio n in coordination with the opening of th e Metromover extensions. Factors cons i dered in this prio r it ization process included total daily ridership by route, percentage o f patrons w ho are over 65 years of age or ':"ho have physical d isabil ities transfers, and difference in travel time be tween t h e mover and b u s. Based on the information p resented in this report, no changes are recommended to t he current priOI'itization process or priorities as established in the previous technical report. Data have shown the im portance of trav e l t ime and the nega t ive attitudes towards transferrin g two major fact ors of the prioritization process. However, based on the number of patrons accessing the Metromover f rom Metrobus it is obvious th a t Omni Metrobus users are m uch more likely to adjust to route truncation at the Omni Station due to th e proximi ty of the mover pla t form, as opposed to the long distance walk from the bus stops to the mover platfom\ at the Brickell Statio n. This s hould be taken into consideration when pri o ri tizin g between O m ni and Brickell Metrobus ro utes for truncation. 2 2


Suryey results suggest that passengers ai:e making rationa l decisions based upon their origin of destination within the Miami CBD and their perception of travel times in choosing whether to u se Metrcibus or Metromover. The mor e pleasant ride offered by Me tro mover is a less important factor. On the other hand, operational delays relaied to start-up dur ing the first few weeks of Metromover operation have not had a negative impaet on many riders perceptions. Convenience and travel time savings are the major factors in choice of m ode. Anecdotal evidence suggests that not all Metrobus riders are aware of the Metromover extensions as an a l ternate way of getting around dow n town. 'Thi s lack of full awareness, current free-fare policy on Metromover, and the likelihood that travel patterns hav e not yet sta bil ized suggest th at a more complete survey ofMetromover riders should be undertaken as planned in tbe spring of 1 995. 23 .




Omni Corridor Metrobus Use r Survey ear Metro bus rider: The Metro Dade Transit Agency would like inform3tion abou t your use of the Metrobus S)'Stem co help us improve your .Ple.1.Se help us by completing the s u r v ey :md returning it to the .SUT\eyor on the Metrobus Thank Yo u How did you get to the Metrobus for Yl!! trlp1 Walked 0 3 blocks "---Walked more than 3 blocks l_ Dropped off -from '-"f ransfd,Ted fi:om Mettomove:r Other ___________ ______ '-TT3Jl.$fened from Metrobus (ro u te #____j Why you not use the Me tromove r to travel to downtOY'Po Miami? an that apply) -It takes longer Other ___ ______ ___ ___ _ '--Don1t )ike to transfe r 3_ Mc:trobus gets me doser to my final destiuatlotl How will you get to your final destination after you get off the MetJ.'obus7 -Walk 0 3 blocks __ Walk lnore 'than 3 b l ocks l Be picked4uP Transfer to Metrobus (ro u t e # ___ ) '--T ransfcr t o Metrornover _ stok) OOlTespondiente a d i cho destisto en e l Mapa ubi<:ado a l reverso de. esta encuesta .6. escriba deba j o de este p!rrafo el nombre de las calles de Ia intersecci6n roils oercma. (Map on reverse side/Mapa aJ. dor s o)


Omni Corridor Motrobus U ser Survey ear Metrobu J rider: Th e Metro-Dad e Transit Agency would like your use. of the Metro bus system to help us improve your P lease. hdp us by completing the survey and returning it to the. sur..-e.yor on the Metrobus. 'I"ballk You 1 How clld you i,et to the MettobU$ for lbi.t trip? 'Walked 0 3 blocks ,_ Walked mor e than 3 b locks Droppe d off Tran1ferred from Metrobm (route#___) --Tr.uufc:rrcd from Met:rorsil __ T raruferred fTom Metroinol'eT __ Otherr __________ ____ __________________ ___ Why you not use the Metromover to the O mn i Station to trans fer to M etrObu1? ( check ,1!: all that 'llpply) '-It talceJ longer --Othe. c __ -'----------------1-Don't want to transfer --l_ Merrobus i.s closer tO wbc:re: you How will you get to your final dc.stinadon aftu you get off the Metrobw1 -Walk 0 3 blocks --Transfer to Mctrobu.t (route# ___ ..) t_ Walk m o re than 3 blocks ne pleked p s_ t o Metrom over '-O ther-------------.,.,---"':::"-------------.ci6n Omni : u erido Usario dc:l Meb:obus: )a de trinlito de Metro -Dade requ)cre inrormJ.cl6n 11cerca del uso que u'ted haec dd sist ema de Metrobu& ara mcjo r ar e1 servicio del mismo. AyUdeno.s a esta encucsta y dcv6elvala. ala pe rsona enca.rgada en e l bus. 1Graciasl Para .c.u; vfaje, lleg6 a esta panda del Metro bus? -Cam inO 0 3 cuadras Cam1n6 mas de 3 cuadras -Le llevaron '--AboTd6 Ia ruta II del Mctrobus -$ Abord6 e l Metl'Ori\.U .____ Abordo ci Metromover ___ otro----------------------------------l lndlque el motlvo par cl cual ustcd no bord6 el Metromo,er paralwxr tnn&ferencia oon el Mettobus eo la Estaci6n 8riekell: (marque t/ las que apliquen) j Porq u e lc toma mas ti cmpo ,_ Porque cl M ctrobus l c Ucva mils cero1 a su d estino finl\' 1 Porq ue no l c gusta haccr tr:msfenocla Otro-----------------------! (J'It 1C0mo llegora a su destino final.J bajarse de este bus1 Caminori 0 3

Brickell Corridor Metrobus Uoor Survey Metrobus rider: The MetroDade Transit Agency woul d like infonnation about your use of the Metrobus syst em to help us impr ove your !l"Vioe. P lease help us by completing the survey and returning i t to the surveyor on dte Metrobus. 11J.ank You! How did you get t o the Metrobus for thitt llip? I '-Walked 0 3 b locks I 'Walked more than 3 blocks l Dropped off '-T r ansferred from M c troraU '-Transferred from Metroinove r '-Other----------------'-Transferred from Metrobus (route#_.,) [ \"'hy did you not use t he Metromover t o travel to downtow,; Miami? all that apply) t '-lt takes longer t,_____..:. Don.t like to transfer -Other------------' --Metrobus gets me closer to my final destin -ation How will you get to your fu::W. destinatio n after you g e t off the Metro bus? '-Walk 0-3 blocks i '-Wa\k more than 3 b locks , ---Tral\Sfer to Metrobus (route#, ___ _) T ran.sfer to Metromover __ Q Iwupedr)') lf a l ocation in downtown Miami. is your flnal destination hip, please: mark an X on the specific block ou the Map on the other s i de of this SlH"\ey 21: write in the a.c.arcst addrcs.o 1 or stred intP.rsection io. the .space provided below MEmODADE ffiANSIT AGENCY Eucuesta al Usuario del Metrobus de l a EstaciOn Brickell ;uer1do Usario del Metrobus: Ia agencia de tr&osito d:e Metro Dade requiere i nformaci O n acerca del uso que u sted ha ce del sistema de Metrobus ara mejorar el servicio del mismo. AyUdenos a c o mplctar c:sta cncuesta y devUelva]a a I a pers ona enca r gada el\ el bus. jGtacias : Pan E>-'lte viaje, leOma llegO a esta p arada del Metrobus? 1_ CaminO 0 3 cuadras .i 1 COlmin6 mas de 3 CUt'ldras }_ Le Uevar on --Abord6 Ia ruu # ___ del M etrobu$ s Abo rd O cl Metrorait 6 Abord6 Metromover 7 ___ 0tro-------------------------------------l htdiquc cl motivo por el cuat usted n o abordO cl Mctrotnove r al dirigirsc al centro (downtov.-n) de 1\.iiami: (marque J! las que apliquen) } t_ Porque e toma mas tiempo j l_ Po rquc no le gusta hacP.\' trans!erencia 1 Por que e l Metrobu.s le lleva miis cen: a a su dc:stino final ___ Otto----------------------------------l J lC6mo Uegari a su dcstino final al ba jarse d e e$tc bu.s? 1 Caminanl 0 3 cu adras --Caminara m

Brickell Corridor Metrobu.t Uaer Survey >cu Metrobua ridt!': The Metro-Dade Transit Agency would like inf ormation about your use o f the M etrob u.s 'Yittm to help us improve your Pleu4t help \lJ: by completiog the survey and rerurning it to the .surveyor on che Metrobw. Thank You( How dld you get to the Meaob us for lhla trip1 ,_ Walked 0 3 blocb .___ Walked more thsn 3 blocks '-Dropped off T nos! erred &om Metroru1 Tnnd'crrecl from Metromover ,_othcrr ________________________________ ___ .._ rnnsf'erred from Mc:trobu s (l"'uCe #__J 1 Why did you not use the Metrom over to the Brickell Station to t ram f cr t o Metrobusl al l that apply } . It tak .. longer --Otherr _________ ___ ______ ___ t_ wmt to transfer 1_ Merrobw is doser to where you How will you get to your final deotim.don after you get off the Metrobw l ,_ Walk 0 3 blocks .___ Walk more than 3 block 'Be plckedup --TnnsfertoMetrobu.s (route#. ___ ..) -Transfer to Metromova ,_Othuc ___________ I t a Joco.tlon i.n d owntov.-n Miami was your origin b efore this trip p lea_,e ma 1 k an X on d1e specific o r igin bloc k on the Map on the other side of tiUsturvey .o.x; write in the nc;arest addrc11 or stl'P.f".t intenectfg n in the apace provided below, METRO DADE TRANSIT AGENCY Eo.cuetll al Uwario del Mct:robus de b. Estaci6n Bric:kell 2uerido Ua:n1o del Mettobus: )a agenda de O'insft.o de Metro Dade requiere InformaciOn aoerc a del uso que usted hace del dsrema de Metrobus ara mejon.r el terviclo del mi $ tno. AyUdcn os a completer e.$ta encue.sta y dev\1clval ala perso na cncargada n el but. Para t.ll.tll vlaje 1.c6mo ll eg 6 a esta pal't\da. del M elTobu:s? -Ca lninb 0 3 cu adras '-Camino ma. de 3 cuadras s Abord6 c.l -AbordO e1 Mttromove r -I.e llovaron Otro----------------------Abord6la ruta # dc:l Mctrobw ..,..__ i -i lnd.lque d motivo por et cual usted no a.bord6 el Metromover para haoeT trt.nsferencia con el Metrobus en Ia Estac:ibn Brich:ll: (marque t/ 1u que apUqucn) '--Porque le coma mas tier.npo L-J lo rque no l e gusta hacer trtmsfcrenclo. 1_ Porque d Metro bus l c lleva mis oerca a su dest ino 0-t\Ol -Otro l. ;C6mo llegari a su destino fino! al bajme do este bus1 '-Caminui 0 3 cuadras ,__ Camirutri. mas de 3 ouadras -LA: veodrin a recoger .. ._ Abo

j Brickell Station Metromover User Survey }ear Metromovcr rider: lhe Meo-o-Dade Transit Agency would like infonnation about your use of the Metromover systttn to help w improve your :.rv1.c:e. Pleuc help u.s by completing the survey Md ren.rmlng it to th e rurveyor on the Bticlc:eU StatiQn platform Thank Yout How dld )'0'1 get to Metrom 9ver for lhla lrip! ,_ Walk 0-3bloci:s i Walk more than 3 blocks : '-Dropped off ._ Trmsfer rom Metrobu s (route #---J '-Tram fer from Metror&ll ,_omerr _________________________ __ Transfer From M ctrom over r.. When y o u get off Mctromover, how wUI you ge t to your fmal destination? ' Walk 0 3 blocks "--Walk mo_:__ Be: piclced-up s T ransf cr lO Metromove.r 'Transfer to Metronil ___ '-Tnmfer to Metrobus (route #-----J --Why are you using Metromover for tblslrlp? (ckc:c:k t/ lllhat pply) l_ Jt save' time { : lt t11 ftt.e Brings me closer to my destination -Oth>o''------------------------J More plt!asant' to r i de .... .. If a locatio n in downtown Miami is your fint\1 destinatio u of 1hi trip after you get ofT th e MetromoveJ', please mnrk an X o n the specific block of th1s final destinatio n on the Map on the other side of this suney QI 'Nlite in the nearcu or trcet inteuection in the space b-elow. METRO-DADE TIIANSIT A GENC Y EDcuesta tl Uru ario del Mctromover de la Estaci6u Brickell Usado del Metromover: I a agc.ncia de trinsito de requlerc inio rmaci6n acerca del u&o que usted hace del sistema de Aetromover put mejorar el set"Vicio d elmismo. AyUdenos a comp1c:tar esta e n cuesta y devUelval;) a Ia persona el\ctrgoda en I a Estadbn Bricke ll. -;;raciasl .. Para ,W,Q viajc ,o6mo lleg6 a est;); parada del M e tromovcr? Can'lln6 0 3 cuadras L-CaminO mis de 3 cuadns -Abord61a rut> #_dd Mctrobus _, 'Abord6 el Mctrota!l '--Abord6 el ---Le llenron a Ia panda dd Metromo'\er ___ <.C6mo lt egar l a su destino final al baja.rsc del MeLTomovcr ? -Caminar& 0 3 cuadras ..._ Clll1llnara m'-s de 3 cuadras )_ Le venddm a recoger -Abordara d M c -trobua (l'uC> # __ _) '--A bo rdari el Met'l' 'Abo rdanl el Mc:.tromo'ver Otro--------.,-;--::-:-------

-----, Omni Stati o n Metromover User Survey Metromover rider: The Metro Dade Transit Agency would like infonnation abOut your use o f the Metromover system to help us impro v e your PleMe help us by comp l eting the survey and retuming ie to the .suneyor o n the Omn i St-ation pbtform. Thank You I How did you get to Metromo v c r for thi s trip? Walk 03 b locks '--Walk m ore than 3 b locks Walk from Omni Mall '-Transfer from Mctr o m ove r 6 Dropped off '--Other--------------Tl'an.:fer from Metrobus (route # __ --J } \Vhen you get off MetrotnO\er, how will you get to your final desti nation? Walk 0 -3 blocks '--Walk more than 3 b locks l_ Be picked-up -Transfer to Metro bus (route # __ -J s __ Transfer to Metromo ver --Tnmsfer to Metrorail ___ I Vvhy sre you using Metromovcr f o r this tJ:ip? (check t/ all that apply) I t 5avcs time I t is free J_ More pleasan t to ride "Brings m e close r to my des tination s __ lf a location in downtown Miami is your .Anal destination of 1bi:1 t rip af te r you get off the M etromover please mark an X on the: specific b lock of t his 1lnal destination o n the Map on tile other side of this su r vey ru: write in the adcl"t't$:1 or jgkuectism, i n the s p ace belo w METRO -DADE TRANSIT AGENCY Eocuesta al Us-uario del Metroroover de Ia Estaci6n OmW auerido Usario del Mc:tTomover: la agcnc i a de; trinslto de Metro Dade requ iere info rmaciOn acerca de l uso que uste d h a ce del sistema de para mcjo r ar el s ervicio de l mismo. AyUdenos a complctsr esta encuesta y devUelvala ala e.ncargada e.n l a Estaci6.n Omn i. 3raciasl Para cste viaje tc6mo llegO a t::.U par ada del Metromov er? CaminO 0 3 cuadras z_ CaminO m.Ss de 3 cuad.ras -Camin6 desde cl Omni Mall .. 4 A b ol'd61a ruta # _del Metrobus 4 Abord6 el Metromover s Lc llcvar o n ;). la parada del Metromo ... er r._. Otro ------------------1 c.C6mo Uegad. a su destino final al bajal'se del Metromo\ er? '-Cirninai-.1. 0 3 cuadras 2 Caroinari mas de 3 C\tadra.s -Le vendrin a rccogcr 4 Abotdara e l Metr o b us (ruta # __ _, s_ Abordari el Metrorail '-Abordar& el Metromover htdique d motivo por el cual usced esta utilizando el Metromover para este viajc. (marque V' las que apliquen ) l_ Porque le ahorra tiempo 1 Porque es gratis J Porque cs m:\s c-.6modo P orque Je lleva mis cerca a sudestino final s Otro> ___________________ Si el destine final de estc v:iaje luego d e bajarse del bus, se e ncuentra e.n d owntown M i ami, m-arqu e con una X )a c uadra (blade.) correspondicnte a dich o d est i no en <:1 Mapa ubicado al revc r so de esta cncucsta .6. escriba deba j o de e ste p&n-afo el nomb\'e de las calles de la j_otersecci6!' mils ocrcana. (Map on Teverse side/Mapa al dol'so}


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