Annual report, 1996-1997

Annual report, 1996-1997

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Annual report, 1996-1997
University of South Florida -- Center for Urban Transportation Research
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Tampa, Fla
Center for Urban Transportation Research
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Transportation -- Research -- Florida ( lcsh )


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Center for Urban Transportation Research, College of Engineering, University of South Florida.

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University of South Florida Library
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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida.
b Center for Urban Transportation Research.
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Annual report, 1996-1997 /
c Center for Urban Transportation Research, College of Engineering, University of South Florida.
Tampa, Fla. :
Center for Urban Transportation Research,
University of South Florida.
Center for Urban Transportation Research.
x Research
z Florida.
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t Center for Urban Transportation Research Publications [USF].
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Center for Urban Transportation Research College of Engineering University of South Florida


996 1997 tmual Report Ccnrcr for U rban Tra nspo r cadon Colksc o t g Univers i ty of South Flori d:\


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ClTTR Raatth Plognm CI.ITR's Education Program ClJT R F>cul!y & SuiT A&WCiatoo USF Foculty Aniliarcd U nivc1'Sil)' Facul ty Sdct::tcd Selecte d Public lti()ns and Rep<)rts Oc.mcr tiw \JIxln Tr.a.n.sponJ.OOn COI!C'j;e o l Engii)Ccrins \ iniWI'\h)' ()(,SOmh 1202 H. ltomk r A'..:n1e, CUT I 00 T.\lnf'"' Flori,i:t 33620 (81 3 )974-3120 (8 1 3 )9?of5168 I' m.lil Web htty.//"' Guy L. Btao

CUTR Advisory Board Jack )Vili;o n T he Wiloon Company Chair 11to mas f. Barry, Jr. Secr etary F lorid a Depart m ent o f Tt":.utSp O r tatio n 111 1997 Che. r Better Trnns p<>r tation Wallac e Hawkes Greiner) lnc. Arthur Kenned y F l ori d a Tr.msport:ttion C'..orrunissio 1 l J ames Mudey Secretary, Horid J Department of Comnhu\ity Atlj_ irs Thomas Tighe Provost> Univ ersity of South florida Ben Watts Sccretal)', florida Department ofTr a n$J?Orrotioo tl1ru Jun e /99 7 Virginia B ass Wcthct'cll Secr etar)', F lorida l)eparrrncnt of Environ.mcnra.l Protection Jotwnal ofPtwlic Transportation Editorial Board Robert B Cervero, Ph .D. Un ivcJ'Sity of CaJHOntia, Jkrkclcy Chester E Colby Metro Dade Tra 1' Agency Gordon F i elding, Ph.D. University of Ca lif o n1ia, David J. Fo rkenbrock, Ph.D. U1liversity oflowa Jos e A. Ph.D. Harva1'd Univcrsiry Naomi W. Lede, l'h.D. Texas Southern U nivcrsiry W tlliam W. Millar Americm1 Pu b lic Tr an d staff, comm u nity leaders) and friends have invested in im p roving the fimm.:: of our natio n 's ua.nsporta tio n needs. T h e buil din g is a reality. Your support will give shape to our dre\ms for th e fiJture : &holanllips to eoab lc:: o ur srudc rm; t o de vote d 1 cir rime an d inte r est t o a<.:ademi<: excellence. f'eUowships m help atmlct the highest caliber of rtSe3.tthers in the nation tO address critical transportation needs. N an1-ing {lpporttmities for meeting rooms ) Jaborntories and public a.reoLS that rcOecr a pcrsonaJ commit mcnr to the ro l e you p layed in stre ngthe ning our nation's tran.Sportation infrastructu r e :l.S \VC ente r the 21st cemury. We in"ite you to ta k e part i n thi$ e xciting j ourney to the futu r e For i nfomlation on how )'OU can p lay a meaningfu l ro le, conmcc Jo-A nn A l essandrini, D inx :t o r of Devel o pment for th e USF College of Engi.neeriJlg, ( 8 1 3) 974 9896 4


The." Univc J'Sil) of South Flc)rid;1 j-. lx-coming one of Americ3'" best of higher educ:lt;o , The C\idcncc of our impro\'t'mem is the academic backgrounds: nf our incomintt in the :and prestige of our bculty, in the growth of our <.."lldO" mcm, in the new f;aablt4.$ 3\Jibblc to our srudcms, &cull); and staff, and in the .1ppe-J.N.ncc o( our ampw.c-.s.. Clf i'R's contribmion to our quest for is unqucsrioruble As it appro:achcs 1ts lcn ycM .anni\t.'T,!.;II)' CUTR. through its qualiry rcscan:h and profcssionaJJ,--3cri"c md fX"tah}' ;1nd (ontinuc:s: ro be a "'point of pride" for USF. Berty Cul<)r PYrsidrm, Unhtnlty -J'So1111J J.111ridn C UTR con t inues r11 utili'lc the 11niquc cxpcl'tbc of its i ndh i du.ll and collect ive P.tctllty i n the dc\'Ci l)j)l)lC I \ 1 of new t;,,,d a mcnt l l k llOwlcdgc, processes, or pmc.x:d ures t hat willl)('J lcfit II$ mu hidiKii> lintlr)" .1pproa..:h 10 so l vi1lg prob l ems i s cxcmpklr)'. anti irs c nlpha.,i:> Oi l 1 h..: -csuh s of i llr> r esea rch tv d ecision makers) trans p o r tation a n d rhc I)CnCr.l l p u blic 1 hrong.h tr., conICrc.nccs) and pub licarion .. 'i has b i d 1 he f()l' comimacd Mlcccss. 1 congram J atc CUTR on i\nod1c succcssfid )'CJ I and look fhrward w a eo ntinu c d partnersh i p in wol'lcing coward i mprovi1lg Lhe qu:tlity of life fo "II. JJcnu, USF ()JIIt.!Jt qf ngiuttriug 5


Mission Vision Valttcs Gttiding Pvi11ciples 6 liJ Jtrvt as a rtJfJttrce for t;o/icymakm, fYnnst;clrtation profsssicwals, tlu S)'Ptm and the public by provitfi11g Jtigh quality, oltfectiPe trtmsportar.ioJJ rr.seareh. To eam a nariq11at reputation through &Xcdk.ttee a.,d imwTHJtion. ;, tra.rrsportation n:stnrch. nt maitllfl ill higlu:st level of imtgt'ity. ni' treat t'/Jt:Y)'OIIe rvith dignity fmd t'UfCCt. Ui" opc11 and lumelt conmr. rmieatiom and s!Ja.n: infonmuUm freely. \\i' strive to make CUTR a fulfilliug [Jlac.e to n11Jrk. \\'t: COIItributc trl the f]Ualty of/iji: Dllr cDmmtmitics H1: comn'Jmre to the pubfit: good tlmmgiJ high qm1lity, objective transportation n;searcb, on time within budget. 141: emphasize innovative, m11ltidiuipliuary approaches tO sotvi1'.9 trfi11S/H)rtati011 problems. diems to n.mtrt the lonot.erm sustain ability of the center. Hle encourage i11dividual initiative, bnltmced widJ coopcratifm a .ud t-ttwtwork to bat tiJe nppn,priau r .-cpcrtist to each project. W e nn: rr.spmui.Jtc tt) tiJc tttf11Jestiom and etmecms of othm. We v alue a sMff and provide t qttrd opporttmiti(:J for, profe:ssiomrt deveWpmoJt., and advan amt1Jt for quntijit d individuals. We pmticipate i11 selfimprovtmmt n .nd. pnfc-srional dcvdopmmr. programs to acJJie'c our m.a.titnmn [JOtC1Jtiat. Hi: (.( to the rrr.

We did it! Mer of hard wotut<, our Cl.TfR Athisory Board. and suppoitcrs in borh the public :.1.nd prh"Jte secton. our oew b\1ilding was completed m March 1 997. With a lor and alitdc bit ofswc:at, we moved i1Hnd imntcdi:udy began advanr.tgc: of the new opportunities afforded by incrt:J..fil:d space cx-p.mded fudlitics. Continuing cduC':lti on courses for c r a n spo rc:ni on ;111d are bein g developed and will b e oll<. cd b ) year,s e nd 'l C i econtCrcn..:cs on n of tr.l.n spor t : HiOn I'CI:Ucd a.c being held and mor e tudcnts, lS wcll as mcmhas of the public >nd pointe stpob1titics rontinuc to cxpond. And our rcsc>tO\ing into 1 new building tht has >mued me is the number of people asked if ilffi l<>,ing. Kow thot Cl.TfR is fimlly ct>bli!hed >11d highly successful, and lhc bui l ding is comp l ete, they lh i nk lh-at I need a new saying that SO fl'lc peop l e arc "'builders .. and that, when it's fini shed, they nlO\'C on. \ Vith me, that ccrro i nly i s not the c ase. T r:m$p0 r tarion tcc h no losic..'i a r c clumging ve r y rapidl)'. and th e f\marc is exc itin g. Who kn ow s w hat ill be commonplace in ten years. Will we b e driv i ng clcctrk o r fichcllc d c ars : Will \ VC b e rid i n g a trnin to gcr to schoo l t o visit friends, ro arrcnd USF Bull foorball games? we take college classes from pa l mto p com p urers ar home-or at the beac h ? On a b r oader scale. how we fund transportation in tl1c fururd Through highc1 gas taxes? Through taXes b.\scd O J \ dtc dist'Ol.ltcc or time of d.-y we tra\'CI? How \\ill we provide mobility for rhe cldcl'ly or thosr \\ith disabilities! How will we J>f'O';dc mobility and yet prcsen e the emironmem? I don the: ;a.mwc:r3 to these: quc:stions. and is why my job-and tlu.t of CUTR-ts rt()( nearly tinishc:d. Ow new building is 2 wondcrfid milestone. but it is jUSt 2 tool to hdp us do our jobs better. It .signific:5 inn<)\"3rion. and dedication. As we approach our tcn)'CJ.r annm:rsary, we "ill not measure our success by our new buildingwe will measure s uccess b>' what we do in it. Gar )' L. B rosc h D i rector 7


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In 1991, a National Urba n Tr:ansit Institute: was lishcd at CliTR by !he lntcrmodal Surlilce Tr.wpomtioo Efficiency A Uni\"cniOO !hat includes the Uni,'ttS1ty of Soulh Florida, Florida A&M Uom"Cnity, Horida Uni\.nSty1 and Imcmational Uniwrsity. Each university as conduct4 ing research projc:cts tO address issues critical t o 1he transit induslfy as part of this program Stlc:ctcd projectS ooo1duetcd by CUTR indudc: Jour11nJ of P"blic li-aTJspqJtntiQIKl sit indu"'y and oocicty ha"< hod '"' cntplortncnt and conmctJ.OS opportunilics. ln\pro\ing Pant:rl.nsit Produahity: Autonutic Vch_ide Loaror Appliatiot\kl""""" the potcnual benefit> of AVL techn ology t o dctcmlinc whether pr'O'iders would benefit from u \ing AVL systems. 'finling Con sider.u: ion .. in Planning Major Transit Uwcrtrncnt Projt."C,"ts cx;un b u -d whcrhcr and when invc:-;tm cnl' rimi ng should tx: consid ered :md how it might be co nt>idcrcd i n C UI I'cnr J'I'O<:CSSCS. c ritknl suctr.ucd how GIS can be applied to identify atn'. Srudies rum:ndy under way in !he rounfl )'Car include: lmpacls for tho Coordination ofo.n.r.d Public Tr.m.sit and School Bus Transportation Public Itwoh'Oioe lWer lldL1ioc identified the latest tech nique$ and technok,fW :1...:;so. ciatcd with bus ac peer tr.msit agencies Review of the Transit Operating Systcm-CUTR era mlned MOTA' s Transit Operating Sptcm ( !he ke y co mmunicatiC)n.IO tool bernttn bus operations and m:Untenancc pcrsonnd ) to dctcnnine if it sltould be upgraded or replaced. The investigarion coocluded \\ith a n:conuncndarioo to existing Among the most prominent 6ndings was spc<:ding !he opc:ratO< chcck in proccs> I>! intt.alling w oper.ttor idenri fication swipe-card dC"\1Jce and printer to the o p er.ttors "ith infonnation abour the location of their National Urban Transit Instirutc S. Pok.i, G. Bros'IJ usnor; ,,,. Spttilll AJiminisltatitm Dade County Technical Assistance f. Volimki Spqmor: Dndc Omnry 9


TRI\\1[ Guideway Transit and Intermodalism: F unction and Effectiveness S Polzin SpomQr: Ftdtnrl TrtmJit AdmiuittrntiO I 0 .. 10 bus on dtc lot ) l'Wt numbe r and assig.tment. Evaluation of t he Role.: of theMDTABus O p=tions Field Supenisor-\Vith the a.;:. In addition, CtrrR p repared a firs r of.irs -kind manual tO hel p bus trJ.ffi<.: con tro Uers p r O:.lCtivcly mana ge l\kt r o hu s f r o m their new Communications Cvntrol Cente r Metromil/Metromovet ComJ'l'lwlity l mp:u .:t a system mar allows MD T A 1:0 track the posi tiv e i mpact of rail's p resence Ol) factors such a s prope rty values) remal r ates, occup-.l 11qr r:ues. m ixes and d ensities of land tL')e> etc. Th e i n di cators updarablc on a regular b.1si s and will help MDTA explain the of r : li l t r .msi t in Dad e Coullty i n a way tltat s hould help gain <:om 1nunity suppo r t :md ope 1'S' imcrc....,r. R ev i e w and Assessment of IGosk Infonnation Sysrems-CUTR assisted MOT A in d ev el oping: s peci modal gu ideway p u b lk tr a n sit system s. A majo r goal of this p roje c t i s to a framewor k to ai d tral)si r age 11cies> local p l a 1)1li 11g o r ganizations, the Federal Transit A d m inisrral'ion> srare depa rtments of transpona t i o n and the tr.-ul$p<)r tation community i n the d esign, and im p l eme nta ti o n of such systems. T h e researc h effort is examini ng ways w imcmtoda1 oonnec ti ons re1novc t rans+ fCr barriers, a nd increase rid c .rship fOr tnu"'sit. Several publi cat i O I \ S h ave been p r oduced as pan of lhe p roject Case studies have been prep ared on intermodal urban rail tr.m s i t systems and fuciJhi c s in A da nta, Baltimore, C level and, lvi.i-ami Pittsb urgh, Pordand, 6 c arion s and str.ncgie$ f(w the purchase and placemem of electronic intOnnatiOI \ kiosks T he f i nal report., which received 1 latio nal di..:; tributio n th rou gh dt e Federal Tr.utsir Adrninistr..l tion1 presents an ownricw of kiosk systems doct. + mcms d 1 c i n hard w are, sofuv.1.rc t and te clmol o Se rvi.cel'l:mning Guidcli.nes -CUTR invcsti g:lted t h e o f service gui deline s throughout d1c tr.ln.sit ind u s o y and dcvcl+ oped a l ) updat e d set o fSt:.'tH to provid e MDTA \Vi t h tO evah ate i ts sc. rv i ecs i l ) an objec rive, and equi t.lblc m<1.1mcr. T h ese nc\v sra1 lda rds wer e d evdoj>ed for Mctro bus, Mcrromover, Merror:.lil, as well :t.s t he ne w busw a y and fixed ro u l c pa r a tr ans i t S acramemo, San Diego, and San Francisco I n a d d i tion rhree data books have been p rod uced: ''U.S. Urbani-zed Areas irh Gt1idewa ) Tr.l i \Sit Sysrems," Profiles ofU .S. Gu i de,va)' Tra.osit Syst ems a.nd Opc J-ators." and "Impacts of Guide w:.l y Tran sit: A C ross Sectional Approach." Fou r resear c h b ooks r elating tO the !Unc tion and eff ec tivcness of gu ideway transit arc being p r epared on tltc $ubjecrs of tedmolog:y. p lan ni11g, policy, a.nd d esign. The final projec t produc.:t, a guide b ook tltac addtesse s key f act o r s in the planning a n d impl cmcnt:.ttion of guidcwa) o ans it a.nd imcr facilities) wW be produced in 1997


Tta11sit Progmm CUTR i s eva.luating various methods of quantit)ting accessi bility fOr pa .. ;,scn,s:cr crave! in urban areas. T h e principal ctlOrt is fOcused on d e\'el oping robust .ne:t.Su r es I n cooper ation with T i .n.dalc aJld Associate:::, Inc ., CUTR reviewed and coord i natcd pJans tOr the p roposed transit shuttle services Jfom d1e. Grinnell/Caroline park ing fudlity to d1c Old Town CUTR a$Se$Sed the pcrcep dons of cirize.ns d1at do nor usc the publ i c mmsporta rio n ollhed b)' Space C'...oasr Area Tmnsir in .Brc\".1Id County Focus mstom,:r mtisfaaim nnd on ltotrrd lllYI'f)'S" transportatio-n plmmitJjj and mulmt ,

Gainesville Inte rlocal Agreemen t IV. M"'s Sponmr. c;l'f T rans i t Customer Satisfaction Index F. Clthmti S,...-. FOOT LYNXAPC M. /Jnltes SpotrSI'fr: I.TNX PSTA System-Wide Ride Check /), Hmtbtmg/J SpfmMtr. PdrJOIU BrintktrlxiJl PSTA Gen e r a l P lanrting D Hintboug/J S,...torPSTA LYNX OnB o ard S urvey J R t)' Spo11St;,.: \.tmml fWrida ltQJtOIIfll 1Ynmf_N)rtJJ.tion 12 I n 1997, CUTR cstablished .-long term agrtt ment "ith the City of Gainmilk: to supplanning tasks related t o l'indl11 Coun t y Census the g oo Th1s rtsemh d lOrt: im p le menu."d a n d analrz:cd the results of the o n-boar d s ur vcr ofCcn1rol F l orida Reg i o n a l Tra n s portation Auth ority (LYNX) passe n gers ro ru,(c rtain demo srn i>hics, t r.wel bch a ,ior and the sWshction of the users with the sen-ice. ldenti6eation of these char :actcrisncs of pa.sscngc:rs '' iJJ comributc t o exis t ing and fi1 t ure pkuming eff O rts of t h e system A final rep o r t d erailin g the metl 1odo logy findings of the su rvey c nbrt was p rodu ced nism to aea1c Rcxtbility for CUTR to f"''ide tedmilsis includin g de ,el op ing sche dule s, SU ITC)'S Ln si.x F l orid.t , CUTR ill develop S>tishction index thou wiD cmblc: comparison of customer ing a t\VVph o lSC: piloc proj ect to diOCrcnt aut o mated passcn gor co unting ( APC) techno logies f(,r possible mute S)'Stcm and tabub.ted it for indusion in a heMi\e rq><>n. This infurnution inchadc:d 3cti \ity, actual at each time point, sc h ed ul ed graphical a c p resen tat i o n o f this d:u;t. 'Ot i s e n tai l s route analysis using Census d.ara, bus smp inventory data col I d o rll drive Ca r i& nol 81.11 ltlt'IC)r t ing Knicc altcmatiYcs fur less efficient routC$, ;uld the prcpar.mon of a pbn enabling the system to meet FDO"r rcquiremrors bcr wccn a nd wW allow for tracking of r.r.msir s."ltisf3ction 0\l.!r time im plcmcnrotio n on anum bcr o f L Y N X 's ft .. x ed n)ut e bu s e s arri\ .11 UnlC at each time point, di.fTc.n:ncr be-1:\\"ttn scheduled ;and acrual arm'ai times \\ith not:.ttion ofloca tion, :md r cJSOl l for delay lccr ion, inp u t and retri e val of d;n-a, and ()thcr p l anning tko 1> requested by PSTA. Reasons for R iding Lynx I


CUTR produced fiKmy r r:ms-it rlcvdo p mcnt plans in cludi ng those t Or Lc.cTran, the transit division of the Lee Cotu Hy Dcp arnncm of Public Scr\'iccs; Area Traf1Sit in B r ev :m l County; d t c TriCoumy Commu t e r Rail Autho ritr in Ft L.n"k r dalc; the W i .ntcr T h i s p rogram i s pub lic Lrnnspor l a t i < ) l l ':lgcnc ics wich cc:-chnica l an d gui d eli ne s tOr n ;hide p mcure m cnr :md pr ov i ding public tn ut sponarion agcn c ies with an op p o r tunity t o Thi s study desc ribed tlte r esultS ()fa St.ltewide S\IP/c.i}' of l icensed divcrs desi gn ed t o gauge thei r leve.l o f com prehension of the variou s C UTR identiti(.'({ existing conditions i 1 l Brevard Coun t y re lat ed to che safCty of stu d e nt s ages 5 to 18 Haven U r baui:!d A rea; and the Florida. counties of Manatee> Oka lo()$:J., Hc ma!ldO, Votusi a Bay> and C h:1rlotte. plan focused on d emog r aphic and ei."On o m i c data;. pcr cc p4 tions of d 1 c transit S)'Stelll hel d b y k c)' local officials, l i dc i'S, and non-use r s; tra.n s it r elated goals and objc:c p rocure transir vehicles l owe r p 1 iccs. Gools i nclu d e ... uion anti O 'Jrion of S t eurcment of certain nan s i r \ C h ides, a$$is tin g i n dc vdopmcnt o f vc:-hi<:k aspects ofFi m i d a 's S(h ool b t i S sto p law an d various Sl'hool bus s i g i on s. Resu lts were reported and n::commc:ndacions wc:-rc rears dur ing the commurc:ro and from and whjJc waiting at school bus stops. A final n .:pon was rives; a.n cvnluatio n o f e x i s t ing a n asscssm em uf d crll':lrtd for t r;).rtSit and mobilit y need s w ithin rhc conun unitr; and evaluatio n offiuure a lt e r natives fot the trai\Sit s r:;rcm ; :1nd ':l pr i oritized ljs r of tcCOIHllH:nd:.HiO!lS. s pccifiCJ.tions tOr all of tri'U lSit veh i d e s and prov iding t echn ical assist:tn(c to i11 di v i th !:ll rr:.msi t agcm;.its throughout lht procurement process. made ro driver knowledge of the school bus stop Jaw ;utd various signaliz:uio n s used on sc h ool buses. pmdu<:ed tha t i1d ud e d rec onunc ndarion s of vario u s llle:\llS ro i m prove I n I 99 I C UTR and FDOT ente r e d i nto a joint panici pati on ag n::emcn1 t O p r ov i d e maintenance traini ng resources to public tr.uts it t h roug hout F l orida. No'v i n its sb: th )'C:I r l the i nclu d e s brokcring the dclivc:-ry of class roo m ':lrtd labornto r y m:time lance for u ansit mechanics.; maima jn. ing 3 r e sou rce <:enter; c.:On ducting: a dvisOr}' comm ittee mc:-ctings; producing and distri buting a quarterly Trtrmit "{jtri n hljj, and supe r v i sing and (.,"\' a l ua r ing train ing sessions. Trans it Development Plans D. llindmug!J Spmwm : ILc r.

Palm Beach County fl.iPO T ran s portation Pbn U pdate D. HintbnugiJ SfNJultJr: Lljhvid1 Cunsultin g Hn.jJinwJ, lrrc. Transit Planni ng Assi stance D Him:bnugiJ Spnmor: Pimllns MPO Hill sboro ugh County Wide Data Collection and Analysis 1). Him:bn.u.ol1 SfNJJm;r: TiudaltOiive,. and AsMdn w Inc. Lessons Learned in Transit Efficiencies f Spoo-. Fils, obj' 11m projecr identified the methods ttaruir agrocics in North America are using 10 reduce costs ;md gc:nente nc" n.'\cnues "ithour losing Flo ida lcgi$lation r e quires thai I I)OT and each tr.UlSi t system l'cport on tr.msit sys rem pcrfonnancc CUTR h:u conducted C\':l!U;lbons of l-1orida's mn sit S)'StC"O\S for the past SC\'t:n l'"''" These srudics consist of 11 trend :analysis.. in which indic:.nors and measures for the previous years were review e d to determ i ne how individual systcrns and the 5 tm e and a pe. e r in which perfor nte:asurt-S of Florida's trm$it ))'Stems were com 111U:I'IIIOdnl/ Guideway ResearciJ P,ogram of demographics and GIS map J > i t S fc> r the updnt c d 1 998 0 02 Tn msir Development Plan. A sclics of dtJnogr.:t.phic 3Jld tr'3\'el (ISTI'.A) and stare regula tions. nus cnt.illcd documting dam, includ ill S traffic cus1omers. This i.nfonnation is inC' imporum during lhesc rimes of fedcr.ll C\ltbadts and rc:sist.mcc: to new !:UCS. A final rq>ort muuit tmd !Awl HJit lidnF ;,umnfNlnJ rpttms nn.d fntiluits impna tmnlym JtMitm tu'f'fl tfe l d(Jpmcm modfll mtl mmsrt nml liiYible Jmmmlirirs bth;\\' iot nups \\,.l S pro ducc.>d t h at included transit route mcr loys. ''Chide dmification coun t s, '-etude xcidem """''"" >nd tnruportarion survc)'$ .and quc.:srionnaires, as wd l rthldway and cran sit c har.l ctcristics. was produced that was distributed to agencies and Other organizations thro

Specialized Ttanspmtation P1ogram CUTR provides technical assi stance to state and local 1 rnnspomtion entities need. ing information in areas r elate d to the ADA. This project inclu ded dcvdop ment of an ADA Resource The primary focus of this p roject was d1e collection and analysis oi background illfonnatiotl pc.rtailling r o the osc of go lf ca rts b y se1 1 ior citi zens The llt \al For this projcor CUTR hos been collecting info rmacion relating to compliance the prO\'isions of the Amc:rictns D i sabilities Act of 199 0 (ADA) by pub -CUTR ""' responsibl e tbr preparation of .several ele mcnts of the Hillsboro\lgh County Transport'<'ILiOil Disadvantaged Scnricc Plan ( TDSP), required by the Florid Commission for the T r ansportation Disadvantaged. CUTR impltm, mah(i, (JjtiJC Am.frita11S 1vith Disnbilitia A"(ADA) A VUlTS tJppliurtimu for p.1mNnnsh servius wdj'11re reform nud publi c lrtl mporuui()ll (lptrntkms nnd policy nmllym rmiiJiii iJ nud tuJmir.a.t nssi..tttltl(t Packet for distribution to commun ity tn u lsportation coo r dinatOrs :md transit agencies in the state The i nfom1ation includes rccom mcndations for dcvc1oping ongoing public invo lve-r eport desc ribes the condi tions under whkh rhese ' ehides are opcrared. The analysis included a dloi'Ough review of rdcva.ot laws, ordina 11Ccs, alld policie. s li e transit b)'Stems in Florida All fixed rome systems were n::qulrcd to be in compliance with the ADA comple mentar)' paratr.utsit require mcnts b}r Januar y 1997) and complcrcd de scri p tions of current and fi.1 turc land usc) population composition, employrncm, and maj or nip CUTR also p repar e d a forecast of the tllt\III.! transporta tion disadvantaged tion and projected supply of Thi-s re:,:carch tllOrt will develop a simulation ca pa bilit) for use as an eval ua tion roo! for p arnmuls i t scr vice deUvery c h aracterist ics and policies. This involves de"eloping a mul ti-step p roc ess using an urbat\ l atld use and transportation ncr work model as a starring point to dc.rctmin.c demand levels. T ltis demand model thet\ will be coupl ed \Vith a service dclivcty model. The perfOmlMt:C of the sysrcm be evaluated mem p rocess an d in forma tion on \Vays ro tc.solve con tlicts among consumers, advocates) and public ofllcials goveming the use of golf carts and Othe r neighbor hood electric (NEVs) on public righrs-ot: w:.1y. CUTR is investigating how transi t prope rt ies arc docu menting their compl i ance w ich ADA trip capacit)' con stn\im requircmems and de mand for trips) con ducte d a series of pubUc ''' o r kshops. and wroce the o ansporration im provement p l an element of the TDSP. ftO tOACCWI"I HIO. IifCl11!0 Transportation Disadvantaged Para transit Productivity Enhancement Through Service Simulation S Polzin Sp()m.Qr: FDOT Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Technical Services R. Spomor: Multisymms, Use of Golf Catts by Seniors Wlto Are Unable to Drive R L lfntbia.s Spmmw : USF ou Aging Impact of ADA on Florida Public Transit Systems R 1\fathitJJ SponS(Jr: F/t>ridtJ Ugi.

Evaluation of Transportation Safety Needs of Special Populations ]. Lu Spomor : !Wu tlxn!tr.nt Ctmsortim u Polk C01mty ThreeYear Plan Technical Assistance f. Htrrdin Sptmsor: Polk Count) S{}tinl $t'r1 >ia. f l)ivish.m ADA Paratransit .Eligibility and Travel Training ]. Harrli11 Spomor: l illuJia GQun:y Hillsboroug\1 Cmmty .MPO TD Service P lan R. llfarhhr s Spomor: HillJbinougiJ Gomuy MPO Assisting Passengers Traveling with Service Animals It Afnthin.s Sptm$'0r: Projtr.T AGTION/ 't>.tntiomrl E.nttr.r Soci#)' 16 CUTR, ilong w idt the D e p artment of Civil and Envlr onmcnml E n ginccting r th e ream and make based on existing e x pertise and e:-q>ericnce \\1th similar S}rst<:m s ;tgC the f()l' SC:\r<:e re.sourc<.'S. A review of o p tion s fOr c sr. tblishjug. travel trai n i ng p r ogra m at VOTRAN wai compk:cc:d a n d we r t offe r ed pertaining co implc mcnting a proy.m1 during devdop mcm of t h e pkm


CU TR performed an nomie ana lrsis of the rol e d lat toll tadLitics ha, e played and will cont inue co play i n a.ssuri1lg the continued ceonomic pt'ospcrity of the greater O rland o As p art o r an FHWA Congestion Pricing Pilot Progmm g.r.un ;l\Vardcd c o Lee Counry. CUTR is assi s ting d1e County in devdop ment of an area w i d e v aluc p1icing p rogram C01 1sisting trajfu IJ!fems ndwwud tr;weler Jylttms e ndva nctd rradJ BVQidn1trc systems autumn-lie !orll-lion nuwmau.d mrfftr. dam colltttion dun-mtic td/1 mtd tmj)ic mnnngtmNJt sy;ums rrgicmn/iu d mwsportntiou mnsur plmu W(Rt!JCJ 11UJ1JildYiiiiJ )))'f(/Jil.S CUTR. dc r c r mincd the savlngs co the public gcner:.1 tc d by the system, acrua.l and porcmi a l prope r r y values) employment 'l.nd t':IX base gene r ate d by d evel OJ)I'Ilellt it1 s ervice areas, and of on: peak d iscount$ at th r ee are:> toll bridges CliTR 's ro l e includes lndependem reYie\v and assess men t of p ricing S:enarios and prcparnrion o f a con ccpr plan and ku1e configu rhe primary objective of this project was to de velop an ITS Com p rehe n sive Plan for rl>e MCO'o Dade MPO tha t c<:x.>rdinat C $ and integrat es s h o rNerm a n d l o n g r erm ITS conducte d by st:tt e 3nd local 3gencies. n\e MPO's purpo s e for devel-op i ng ill) ITS C omprehensive Plan i s to p rovide genera l p o licy pl3.t1Jlitlg i11 act as Dade Cot u uy's lead ing public agency i n this reg.1.r d, m1d > most imporrandy> crone a means for cduca.tion and 3ccounrnbiHty fbr ITS invest mcm to the general public d1c. i mportance of d1.e exp r e ss way system tO the Ol'land o t c gional rrans p onation system, i.n particu lar the htt crState Maste r Pi3.fl. ration for ins m Uarion of a n d cc o onic toll c ollection syS tem for the three b r idges and perhaps other non tolled rociJirits. In Phase I of this project, CUTR assessed alternative pricin g sccn alios, condu(.led fOcus group i ntt:nicws> and pre pared a conce p t lan e c on figuration plan for c:.1ch blidge. In l.'h:>Se ll, ongo ing technical sc r v k cs regar d ing simu la tion modeling> Web sit e de v cloplllem, ticld per fonna11cc evaluation, an d monitoring s rud ies will be provided over a pe ti o d MetroDade County Intelligent Tra nsportation System Comprehensive Plan M l'ittrzJk Spomor: MetroD:rde MPO Economic Impact of the Orlando-Orange County Expressway System M Pi

Fuel Intake Monitoring System AI. Piurzyk Spom.or: USF Teclnw!l!!Jy Dcploym.:m Cmter E l ectronic Toll and Traffic Management R etainer Services M. PittrZ)'k Sp011Nr. Horida T:tmpike Disrn'et-Oifiee o{Tt1fl Opemrhms I-95/Florida Turnpike Truck Monitoring Pilot Program M P ietrzyk Spmmw: Flori-da nmtpike District Interactive T r ansportation Information Systems J\1, Pin,:.y! SJI(JilSrw: MerroDadt- MPO Evaluation of Motorist W arning Systems for Fog-Related IncidentS in the Tampa Bay Area M Pietrzyk Spons()r: FDO'f Dt'1rri a V JJ 18 Ill parmershi p w ith Lock h eed -Martin Specia.lty Com p onents and USF's T echnology Dep l oymenr Centtr, CUTR will assist in developing an inductive CUTR has bc:cn I'Ccaincd on a tJSk. order txtsis to conduct indepen d em reviews and assessment s of vario u s tet::hnologics and /01' pa 1ri culat devices related to d t c opera I n an effort [0 reduce heavy t r uck tr.affic and congestion on lmcrstarc -95 w i thin a 6vecounty area in SO\JthcOlst F lorida, rolls for hea1y t rucks \vc:rc reduce d for a one year p ilot p eriod. CUTR pro,;de d a supple Under contract wid' d le Metro-Dad e Mctro poli= Planning CUTR is developing a pe. r t( ) mlance speclfiCJ.ri()n (for a procu n :mcm and installa CUTR c(mducrcd an i m C$ tigarion to d etermine d 1 e c xtem of unique and recut ring patterns of fog a n d tbg: r elat ed incidcms within Hil l s borough and counl'ie s HjSIOriC3. l el i malic a nd fogrdatc d crash report d-ara wer e gathered and summarized Visibi lity detec tion and motorist \vatTting systems from 12 other stat..:s w ere document ed on these suirable area w i d e cmuucnncasurcs co detect a.nd w arn moto lists of lOg colld i rions, including driver education and aw".lfc ness, w ere recommended. coupling S)'Stem pCOtot)rpe to automatically contro l and m o nitor f\Jd consumption at ptunp islands fo1 Shell Eur ope. CUTR's primary rok, with the aid of tion of SunPa. is t o tedulical reports pro duced by I..(X:.khec:d !v.lolrtin. an automatic p o p-up pro gr.tmmable delineator, and the Tr:tA1c 2000 p iezoek< eric Reports O J ) all three w ere p roduced and distributed. and the Turnpike, and a v i d eo bas<.xl calibration of FDOrs 1 4 newl y-ili.SOllled tdc-mc[c. rcd uatlk monitor ing sites with i n this corrido r was conducrcd. and p l anned im p r o\'cmcnts i n the greate r ]v{iruni a rea. an d rea.! time travel LntOnnati on will tx p rovi ded. Motor Vehicle Crashes Fog Related Crashes, and Crash Severity Florida 1987 1995 Fog Fog Tol a l Fog % Foo Re1:aled Retaled All Retaled Relaled Crashe$ Crashes Yea r Crash e s CraSI'Ie$ Crasltes I n J u r ies Falalllies 1 !1117 2 4().429 7 1 0 1;o 40 1!1118 259.54 3 1 ,033 0 .40 1 ,0$9 42 1!1119 252,43$ I 151 0 46 1.28:! 43 1990 216.245 851 OJ9 1.025 31 1991 195,312 462 0.24 573 3 1 1 9 9 2 68:! OJ5 785 29 1993 1 99 ,03S 403 023 549 33 1994 206.183 485 0.24 586 31 111115 228.511S 486 021 550 20 lola I 1 ,990,955 6 .323 0 .32 7 ,169 3 0 0


Tltis srudy \\ill documen t the: of lr.'U15J"'CX'Ction pbn dC'\ dopmcm on nunorit) and irnpm erisfxd communities 1n the Miami Urb.tniu:d Area rhar rradj As a supp l e ment to CUTR,s prc:viousJy prcporcd Fuels hnplancnruion Pb.n for the Pindl;u Transit Authority. an JSmontb 6dd pcrf"ornu.nce en.luation CUTR w ts resp o nsible for assembling f lcilitati n g a pc.:cr rcvkw panel comprised of national experts in tr.lYel modeling co rC\icw ohc lrJ\CI de-In 1 994, CU'l'R resented in the dccisiorunak ing process ln.Orutional mechanisms \\iU be dC\-clopcd to :lnticipate and assuage potential dcrrimc:rns tOr PSTA 's demons trati<>n electric bus is being con in conjuru..-tion \\ith the: t.:SF Elccorictl Engineering l)qurtman's Ocan Energy nd Vehicle Rc:5e:m::h Center. Data col m cnrs of Lhc LakelandPo l k Alu:mativcs t<.,r Mobility Enlunccmcnt the Mnjor lmcunem Stud)' A twoday peer micw pand was gas (C KG) ,Iiqucficd nantral gas ( I .. NG), m<:d1:m o l e t h a n ol, : md clccrrit::iry. l l l e Ce n ter p r ov i des r cc hniC\1 assistan..:c, answers questions rcg.trdins AF'Vs, hosts work-for a Clun Ciojcs Coatioon for the Sunroast an:-.a of We>t Central The pw'J'CJISC of the Co.a1irion i s to ethnk and minoritr neighborhoods mulling frorn the consm1ction of addition>! mnspomtion f.lcilitics. A fin.J report ";n be prepared and distribut ed lcc.tion and nnal)'$is an:: being douc: t'O determine opet'.uing p:rformancc of the: bus the txutrry, and lhc comfon conditioning system co 1 wc n cd ott CUTR, result ing in a o f recom J ncn d alions rcl:ued t o demand modeling element of this important nujor investment sntd}' s h o ps, mailll':'ins 3 libra.ry o r AFV-rclrat cd inf o n n arion, : uld publ i s h es a q u < lrt crly ncwsl cucr, C lean Fuels F/(n'ida. tQ o:p.and 3nd ;lC:kr.trc the usc of i!\'c fi1d \ ehi dcs in urban areas. Tasks ind\1dcd ccruiring mcm bc:rs ll"'m among gon :rnmcm fi.u:l supplier s, conversio n co m loot! businesses, oper.uor<, and elected repre scnt;ath' cs; org;anl2il\g planning me(tings; m::ruiting worlt group members; dc--c:loping coatirion docu mcms such progrW1 p)an; in\'CStig;ni ng fund in g oppo r nmir i cs; a n d pl'cpating Sn"' U EffectS of Transpo r tatio n Plan Developm e n t o n Communities R Spo11sur. Mttro/Jodt MPO S o lar Recharged Electric Bus P e rformance Evaluation M. Sp

Financial Shortfalls of Florida MPO Long Range Transportation Plans E. Afiu-..ejewslti f>'lf,,.ilfa MPOAC Driver Population Factors in Freeway Capacity F.. Mur-J}tW'i Sp.N-. FOOT Hurriedi s,..,,.r: FOOT Managing IncidentS and Accidents on Surface Streets K Willinms Spom4'r: FHWA Access Management Advisory and Training Sc1viccs 1996-1997 K. Wi/Jitwu SfNJIIWr: FOOT 2 0 CUTR pcrfom> dri\'Cts on frtcway coparity. The projt made us< ofFDOrs permanent count trJflic together In L of th i s p r o ject CUTR p. Ph>SC I also includ TI1i s projc<.:t suppon.s prelimin:tt'Y wortc w begin <.h .:vdop mcm of a (OJnprc hc:nsi\'c management n:mu;tl, It invohcs asscm bling relevant liter.tturt, cmblh;hing an access man agcmCfll library, and prepar CUTR rc:.rojnc:d br FOOT to p rovide expert advice on access manage menl standards an d polic ies on :t ta(k order b asis. Services include technical assismncc on .\pplicarion of trl.nsport<.uion needs plans and the projtcuation. Phase 2 of the pro;ca ls cumining traffic c-.uncras ing o m nnnotatcd bibtiogra p h ) of rctCt'Cnccs. Other t.1sks i11<:ludc developmen t of a prcJiminou y table of contentS, fomlats and a work phm for manual dcvdopnlC:nt. In addition, CUTR "'" PfO'ide suft' access manOl.gcmcnt stan d:trds. .1dvil.-e on access cJSC.S ooins to administrative hearing, and review of J>ennit den i a l s for complex co=. CUTR hos 3.1so J>rc:p.1rcd a short course :and h.:chnicaJ guidebook on medians, u wc.U as a SCUC"\\idC J)t'()('('dUf'( for m;anaging rcquesu for :uions &om median opening srJnd.-.nls. A "'Public Involvement Handbook tOr t\

CUTR den: loped a nar r atiw ovcnricw of d1c issue.-;; and policies contained in chc. 25 Mt>O L<.mg Jbnge 'Trans.porrotion Plans. l11csc. Th i s : m 1d}' examin ed six dis tinct combinations of sio n i n spcclion t<.-c:hnology and p olicy op1i011S. Cost cHixtivcncss analysis e r c d the cost o f the ins pcc ti<>lll St!!tt: over sight> vchidc T hrough i ts partne r ship with the FCUPC, C UTR has WOI'kcd lO strengthen cconomk oppomuticic:.s in disad\:.uu:agcd mino rity l lt: ighl>orhO<)ds through technica l assisranc<.:: and om Th l n te nnOd31 S\ 1rl!lce Tra ll Sport opcr..nor rime \:OSts, and I' costs. EftC\:tivcncss was n 1castucd in 1er m s of the r cduc-1ion il ) oxides of n i rrogen and volatile organic compoun ds. ltesults included a recom -r ead\ on t r ansporro tio n and develop ment p lanning: issues. Clfl K speMheadcd dtc dc"clopmcm of a neigh borhood phtn fOr du: Union Ac.;de1ny ncig.l1borhood i11 Tarpon Spring;;. Earl)' <'Stab the l asr S i X 11li S land mark legislation w W soon be chang..::d and reauthorized Thi s proj't =

North Dade Greenways Plan S Hmdriad< MPO Strategic Planning for Nor t h Carolina TOM Program P. ll'inrers Spft..-: Ntwtlt Otr.Jiu DOT Transportation D emand Management Cleari nghouse D / (mig SJMnll'r: FOOT An Assessment of the Charlotte (NC) Metropolitan Area Ridcsharing Program Wimcrs Spomor: Cil,'Y of Cbar/()ttt Uni\'ersity North Transportation Initiative S. Htlldri,ks S pomiJYI: P001' City ofTnmp(J, 111'1/shorrm.ob C11muy1 USF 22 n,, purpooc of dlis project is ro conduct a S)1'Stemaric proem ilK the dc\-dopmrnr or :L srnw;ay network pJan fOr North Dade C'..ount) resulting in a pr oposal for the l01:ation, design use, and maintclla nce of the sys -1 Cill, including phasi ng rcc onlmendations an d bu d get esrim;tres. \ in con junction "ith Florida lnrcmuionaJ Unil"'C'.rsity, CL IR Ius pi"O'id< n:com mcncbtions for the dt\-clop mcnt of public panicipa rion process. In 19<)6, the North Carolina Deparo nem of Transpo r radon sponsored a onc doy brainstonning sa sion o n the: currc:nt and future role of aans ponuion demand manage FOOT >nd d 1 e Florida E nctg)1 Otlice contr:K te:d with CUTR i n 1991 ro embl i s h IDM C l earinghouse, a se n i cc that fo>ten cll< dC\-clopmlnli n i ng operational pro codurc:s and marketing To >ddrcos air qwlity, il'O''th mmag<:ment, tnllic congoc.ion, and safet)' issues .n the r.1pidly d<'-eloping mcnt in North C>rolin>. CUTR fucilitatc:d the meeting and used the no1ninal group rcc hniquc r o ccomplish the objccri, c The ""OOOhop p>rticipantS Kknti6<-d n-oon: than 40 b.r dlC:crive t J\'Ul.S)X)rtation. d en1:md managcmcm p ropu a rcxm d the Now in irs fifth rea r acti"i1ies indude maintenance o f a resource center ofTDM eflOrl) n:Luivc 10 Olhc:r T()M programs in the country. The pUtp(JS<: of the aSSGSsmcm is r o d c\'clop str.ncgic s to oflC.r an innova tivc, c ustomc r QriCnt.ed >lppro: 1 c h co meeting the ue1 in Tampa knCtion plans tO address the mjoc bonier< identi6c:d bj the group. nt.1terial s; p 1 oduaion of a nt."\\'::lleLter1 thelMA Q!,arr,:rl )i and prrnis.ion oftochnkal and cducarion;l.! M$i:,tan tO a varit:ty of agencies. chalkngQ ohcod. TID> pro jcct i s a coi1Jbor.tti, e effort rcprcscnmtivc,s from the C it) of C harlotte, the tnmsir and t he business co mmunity. and busines.s rqwesenrarh es. Slrotegics considered ror incrc>'Sing '0\l'e-01 mobility includ e improved trJ.nsir scr vi<.:c to the USF crmpus and ocher area destinations) tdooonunuting. -stagger ed work and class hour s ridesh aring, a nd safer cnvi r onmcnts lOr b iking and walking.


T he objective of this FDOT Rescal\';h I dea p r ojec t i s to d etennine whether trip reduc tion pl'Ogt' ... viii h:we sirnibr or significantly This p r og ram pi'Ov ides i ntens ive tr;lio.iug i n TD. M ro smr e and local deci s i on rna.kcrs, employers, crs, and others t o To assist F lorid a's commute r pro gnun, CUTR is developing an evaluation mamm.L lnc.htd(,.-d arc a l i terature r e,iew, i mer CUTR has rl1c Uniw;rs ity North Commuter Center to pro m ore the usc of transp<) r ta tion alccrn3ti\'C:S 3 S ':l mc:nns to enhance mob ility, improve air qu;.l)it), 3nd This p roject offers rraining to itl dividuals i n rltc public and private SC(.."tors who a r c responsible-tOr impkm.ent i ng TDM a nd/or tdeco m muting pr o j ects. This will be chieved th rough r h e Input s x 0 0 0 diftCrcm i m pacts in difi C rcm areas. To answer d1is ques t i on, C UTR will u se a discrctechokc stat ed ptcfcr ence survey random l y d1e imp lementation o f TDM across d1e srote. CUTR researched existing T DM tnining programs throughout the U.S., deve l view s with n::pr esentat i\'CS from othe r stares, re,i ews of available policy and imple mentation Optjons, n.nd dc6-njtions of qucuuiracivc and reduc e o affic congestion. i.(x:ated at the largest retail shop ping mall i n Tam p a adjacent to the Uni\'e .rsity of Sou th t h e C..ent e r provides personalize d assis l';\llCC: fO identifY c ommute devdopmcm :and prcscnta cion of two cou .rscs: ., t h ree day co urse th: n lb<:uses on the d evelopment, des ign> operation, and evalua.cion of TDM prog rams f o r t h e p u blic and private .sect o rs; T h is p rojec t a p p lies research to dew .lop neuml n e t W"<)rk tech nolo g y r o st.r<:amJjnc the develo p mcnt of Congestio n sdoc t cd commu t ers in th r ee diflCrc m metro politan a reas i n Florid a o p ed a 1 1 i mensive curricu lum an d training ma.teLi-al.s, and offered rhe course at l ocations <\cross the state qualit:tt i v e measur es of in CAP pro gra ms. alternatives that meet C \ tS t omcrs' spific tra t lsporm tion needs. Options i.nch.tdc public tr.u1Sit se r v ice, van pooling, carpoo l j ng, bky dng a nd walking. and a oneday tha t f(x:use.o:; on t h e d evdopmem and implcmcnmrion of a telecom mu ting plan . Winters Spou111r: FDOT Development of a CAP Evaluation Manual P. Winters SpoJSOr: FDOT University North C<>mmuter Cen te r S. Ht1Jdrieks Si"mor: F DOT Design and Application of TDM Techniques Sponsors: Nntio nrd Highwa y Jmtiwtt, Neural Network Technology Application for Employer Trip Reduction P. WitJttr.t Spomor: FDOT 23


Florida Intrastate Highway System Decision Support System U. Smsink Spom(lr. FOOT Transportation Documentation R. Stasiak Spon.s()r: f:J)or Transportation Economics Consultant R. Sta.riak Sp(msor: FDOT Hillsborough County Impact Fee Study F. 1<. ]011tS Spomor: Hil/sbqrolj}IJ Qumty Study of Expressway Authorities F. R. ]ollts Sptmsor: Fklridn Ugi!ltrltll't Economic Impact of Bridge Realignment f'. R }tiTUS Sptmsor: f!DR &winceri1VJ, lue. 24 T h i s p rojc.."Ct encompasses the fi..rrller d evelopment of a computer Dedsion Su p port System (DSS) to priOI'i6zc projecrs and to draw maps. CUTR is usi1lg Geogr.1phic In formation Systems (GIS) tcchno l()b>y to den::rm iuc and code geographic loca tion.s and enhance th is S)'S tem to allow operation on lower-powered computer S)'St:CITIS \Vhilc: adding the CaJXlbility of manag ing encapsulated plotting data as it makes odter calculations CUTR a l so the systcm1 prc.parc revised CUTR will update and doc umcnt d1c process by which the ..... fr:.mspOrt:.'ltion Coots)' rc.pon is uJxlatcd and p\ tblishe d ntis report CUTR i s performing a va.ri ety of taSk \VOrk orders r dated to the economic factors involved in the plan ning and programming of tratlsportariOll improve-T h is two phase sn1dy con sists of examining the values used f()r c(m S trucliOn CQ$1$ and othc .l' vari a bles in CUTR pc rfOm1ed a re "icw of the current flmttions of t he state's expn .%sway and aud1oricics. The res\llting report discuSS This stud)' calculat ed the economic impacrs rhat wou l d be experienced b)1 businesses in if traffic were diverted in such a way as to bypass the GIS/Data Progtam versions of all DSS docu mem:ujon> a11d prov i de training in each of the i s a com p ilation of un it cost in formacion associated w id 1 the consrn ction, oper:.nion, and maintenance of highway and Pblic Lrtnsporl-ation mcnrs. Recen t work orders include development of a ddjtional documc mation for the t pdate of the ""l'ransporration Costs .. report and the perfOrmance Hillsborough County's cur rent transpon:nion fee tOnnula aJ)d evaluating

T his '1n:dysi s quantifie s the cconomk benefits d1ar both use r s and nonusel'S of cra1) s it receive tfom i 1 westme:nts i n Horidas urban transit lilfo rma t ion and/or assis cance was p rovided o n an a::;-rcqucsred basi s t hrough out the year co lcies and organizations including the tOU owiJ1g: on .Bc lsiJd Commission for the Tt-:lnsportatio n O is-td,.,nmged Florida Depart m ent o f Environm ental P r otcc.tion Servic e C orp of Florida Aqu arium !-lorida Ccot<: t for Communi t y Desi gn 3Jld Rese3J'(h f-lolid:1 Dcp.utmc m of Transporration Safe[)' Office Aorida E n gi neering St ed t ra, d e r bellefiL S and e<:O nomic impacts of Flori da High SP<--.:d Rail, carried ( )ut fJanning Committe<: Floridian s tOr Ikner Tt.'l.llsportation Hillsboroug h A r ea R eg i onal Tl'.tnSit HiUsboroug h C'.ounry Hillsboroug h County Community Trat lic Safety Office Hillsborough County Metrop oli tan Plan ning Organi1.arion H iUsboroug h County P lanni ng Dc 1xwonem Hillsboi'0\.1gh R ivet Grtcnways T Force l nstinne ofTra nsponation Engineers., l-lorida Chapt('r Man':lte<: County Area. Transit MetroDade Co u nty Mctrepolitatl D;'kdc Transi t Authority N'ationaJ H ighw.l)' T ran spo rr a t io n Safe t y N ati o na l Tra n spo r tation Consortium o f Srntes Kationwidc lllSur and sal:uics and over all econom i c activities resu ltillS from the construc tion, o p ern tion s, and r cinv cso ncm of s uqllus revenues. Economic Impacts of U rban Transit Systems F. It;.,., Agcmits: FDOT, Horidrt. 1i'tmJit AJioeiari

USF's Graduate I nterdi sciplinary Transportation Program 26 Contributing to the educ.acion of future rransporr : u ion professionals has primary goal of s ince its \\' student on resc:m;h proJ(."'Cts and studc.m o r gamzaoons and acnvmes, servmg :l.S 1hes1S advscrs. assi sting snt dcnts with job teaching"Jtion .utd rclatc..-d 'ourscs. cootdinar ing USPs Graduate I nterd isciplinar y T r a n sportation Pro gram, s b right est sru dellt S for succe-ssful carcxrs i n rranspormtion fot the benefit of the citizens of Florida and natio n I n 1996, positions as r<."Scarch were awarded tO 33 gradua1e and undt:rgl."aduate srud enrs from :1 of disciplines. n1eir skills in resc..":trch> \vr> st3tistical ru1alysis, gco graph i c i.ntOnnarion management i nformation S)'Stcms, daraba.o;c 1 nanagcmem, :1nd grophks arc an lmponanr com.ribucioJl ro CUTR's resean;h pn,-,g.ram. ln student.$ .-.rc.: provid..-d wirh e 1)COun1gemenr and -lSSiStance in co a\ tho r ing papc.:r s with CUTR fucuhy, attend i ng and making prescnt:arions at l ocal, sra[c, and national COI)fc.:rl'llCl.'S and tnccl' i ngs, and maintainin g involvement in pmfessio11 a l o r ganizat i ons a 1 d S(>ci et ies. The muuporrariOI ) problems char urban areas are f."lci ng require interdisci plinar y app r(Xlches. n-..e Un.i"ersicy of South Flotid<1 has responded w dUs need by dc."Signing a unique tr-ansportation prog r am t ha t brings gmduarc srudcms in : Economics Ci"il Engineering 1\blic Administration l11e Graduate Incerdisciplinf c(>rc courses thar emph:1sizc urb:m rr:.1.nspormtion \ssucs. A co nmw n body is dcvc14 oped among the disciplines and each stu dent acquires e.xpcrdsc i n all t hree d iscipline s Studen t s i n the program .-.1St) h ave Opportunities t<) parti cip:ne on resear ch p r o j ec t team:; with senior tmnsportation &culty at CUTR, g.'l.ining ha.nds4on experience w ith lO<:al, and national transportat i on i ssues. Job opponun.irics for gr-aduates of d\i s program arc numc .rous and varied. Srudcms widl imcr disciplina .ry skills th:n em be :1p p lie d to tod ay's t r :mspo r rat ion problems are c:tgcrly sought b) consulting firrns, r esea rch rranspormdon agencies, and all levels of govc.rnmcm. The program i s 110\V bei ng oA"'ered as a certificate p rogram, i n add i tion to be ing av;ill:)bl e to students w o ddng; tOw3r d deg r ees Students w irh previ ous <:Out'S(::wor k in < ivil engin eerin g, econom ics, or urban p la1m ing may be ab l e w cre dit fOr those courses and sho r renthe time r equired ro receive rhe cerrificare. T h e cert ificate p rogram "JS developed fOr eu : ly-':l.nd m.idcarce r trans po.rt :ltjon professio n als i n r esponse ro:. need expr essed by rhe professi on for increase d training in intc.rdisdpJinary appr oaches r o transpo r tati on issues. The possi bility of oflCring the program statewide tluough USPs disrance teaming delh er y S)'Stem is bei ng c xp l ond. This would allow pa rticipants to rake the rl'quire.d courses in their own conununity thro ugh interactive techno logy.


This progt'l.m, of the US DOT T r.mspomtion Centers program., pto\'ic.b l dc:clopmau experiences thro and counc wort for full-tinle, degrcc:-scdting srudcms Y/ho intend to punuc: employment in the!!p()mrion industry. As a nX':mber of the Southeastern Tran.sportltJOcl Center ( STC ) con sonium, ClJTR prmidcs financial rc!IOUrcc:s 10 support srudc:nr indud i ng trnvel monies tO SUJ)I>Ort stu de nt partici p ation in p 1'0fcssional forums Sixteen s111dcm rcscJrch assis fimded t hrou g h d tis pr ogram in 199 6, a n d trJV\:Icd 1C> narional con ft:.I'Cil(C.." of t h e l n stintc E ngineer.>, t h e T-:anS J>OI'rncion Research no.1.r d a n d STC. IUm:alphy (;i,;J Engi1\eet'ing Q\il Engineering Shannon Dan iela Thoma.) Tu Bultincss J Jllcrn:nional Relatio n s C i vil E n g ineer i n g M arti n Catala Sl':\1..')' Lui s Vcsa P ublic Adrninisrr.n io C i vil E n g incc.: ing Gcosr.>phy Chr.tib i Dphy Sai Mollcna Jason Winokcr Yvcu c r:ull e r CiviJ E.11gincc 1 'ing Gcogrnph ) E l ce uical E n gineeri n g 1\lhrk Mistrctt:t \<\!a rdell Wilson David Gillcct R eg i ona l ['fanning Managcm<:I U a 1 t d Civil Engineering Vik."h Pl iscni l nfurm.uion Jesus C.omt1. Ci\il F.nginccring \'mlno Zholo Engineering Brem Stollk Ci\il cngjn<"ring Kdly llvnmen AppiKd Anthropolom lntcmarional Srudics University Transportation Centers Program 1996-1997 Srudent Research Assistants l$.1d rqu .,frwJ ltfl , 1 r(trlw. V{mol\er, Tarnnibnli Hnm mt u Gom(:i \ V.:&' Fnmt f't!ll .j'rl'f m lrft rigilt-:,ju, J.wk.:son, T;.n, Zhn u 1.\IIIingsl q 27


Gary L. Bro5Ch Dictor MS. E co n o m ics. Flori\l,l U mvcrsity; BS, Eco n o nti..:.s, ofSoudt Flori da. Sp<.-c.laliric.s: t..omt)tni c an.llysi s, lina ndng, utb. "ut mobility. rnmsporttl ti on innova. t ions. Antho n y Arcoas MIS Specialise BS, M"""!1is, fl:nginccring. PhD. M"""dnJSiry, Egypt. Spialrics; d aralxtSC" S<..':lrchcs, electro n ic Co.H:Mogingt m.tin fr u nc operati ons, traini1tg.


jennifer A. Hardin RI.'>Gln:h Ass<>ciat<. MA, Appicd Urban Uniwreci:thies: t r:mSjxn1at icm s pcci :tli;r.c:d mmspormtion, urban and t.X."'nomics, public poli<.:y :tn;llysis. Laura C. Lachance Racardt .\ssod;uc. t.conomiu, Cnhc:city of SoUlh Florida; 8.-\, Ec."""""'/lntcmational Aorid.a State Uru,"C'f')ar, Spcrilltics: 6scll 1mp.1ct :m3lysis, altc:nu.ti\'C rion disad\'amagtd pl;mninH.. john Lu, PE Pr<,fessc',r. l'h 1), Enginccnng, Univl'rsi)' of'li:\,1' .1r Atl stin; MSCE, Tonghi Uruversir.. tr.lfllc: engi neering, JXl'emcnt ,urf.acc and \t"hkk rr.msponarion moddmg \lmuLnion, comput in..munent.nioo tr.illk opc=r.t rions and S3fcty. Steve n E . Maas RcS<..< U'Ch Associate.'. 1\1.A Applied Amh ropoiOb'Y, Unive r s ity of South Ho1ida; 1\A, Hii;wrr, Uni,crsity of Spcx:i.tltics: spc cializcd lr.UlS:pOttlUon l>IJ.mung .mU pcrt('lm1;.1nct: C\ atuation, popul.uion and tOrct.'aSring.. llCClb .tnd fimcling .m;tlyosi" biqx:lc md p:dc:suian .. Morgnret A Marshal l A..o;soci:m:. MA, U h.ln :md Regional 1 ) 1 :\ I )Jlillg; BA,. Politk:.l l University of Florida. Specialties: accc."M corri do r prc'SCrvarion, growth lomd dc,clo p lllCilt rcgulationl publi" in\ol\'CI11CIIt, tr.lnsporta tKlll pl.mning. Rosanary G. Mathias S p T rans:port'.lrion l>rog.t;)m l)lrcctor . MHA, Hc;\lrh Cafe Man.lgcmcm, Unive r s ity; .MPA, Public G('ogra phy .md Journal ism. lndi; u m University. Spccia lti<.'S: tr.ulSp o rt.1tiu11, t l .llliil c)p i (lllS n1an :agement, public polic)' puhl1c invol w ment .ADA. Edw:ud Mierajewki, PE [)(:puty Engineering. PhD, CF\il Engil)ccring, L:nh-c-J'Sity ofSoulh .MSCE., Massachuscns l nstinnc ofT<-ehnol og)'; BSCE, 'Tr.1nspormtion> P o lytc.."(hnic lnstirutc.'. Spcd: 111-ic s : ion anal)'SiS, Cll\'iron llll'nral imp:tcr :-malr s i s. hit;hw:')' J)l ,lluling, rralS .x..-cation economi-cs. 29


W illiam P. Morris RescM<:-h Associo\tc. BA, Soci.U S<.,.;t,:ll(;C) of Florida. Specialties: m:u-ket phtnnjJlg, ml.llSponaci on dcvdopmcm plans, c us tomcr ser ,. iccjct. ISt<)mcr sit/MPO planni ng p roc<.-ss, fur c poliq\ ADA plannin g and implementation, pt blic involvement. Ram M PcndyaJa A'>sLsmm Professor. P hD, Civil/ Environmental Enginc.."'.:ring, Universi t y of C" l i tO-rni a Davi s; B.Tech., Civil Engh\ccring, Indian Instinm: ofT<:<:hnology, .Madras. tr:l.\'e1 dem:md lbrec:'l.sring, lr.w<:l modeling, ITS, intc.nnoda1 plan ning, land \ ISC & air qu:iliry, tdecomrnur i ng:. V ictoria A. Perk Reseach Associate. MA, Economics, Un i versitr of South Florida; BA, Economics, Eckerd College. Specialties : tmllSp o r t : n ion eCOilOmics, rransic sys tCIH pcrtOnnrul<:C olJt:tlysis, su rvey dc:s l gn ana lysis1 analysis. Mkh:td C. P i e trzyk, P r r S l'rogr.un Directo r MS. C i vil Enginccring1 The PcnHsytvout.ia Srotc Unjver s iry; BS, Ci\'il Englne<:r ing1 V irgin ia Polyt ech nic lns lirul'e congc.stion management syst:CillS1 ligcm t:J'ciatc T nutsport::tt:ion HSC. University ofSouch Florid-a. Specialties: O 'rlation. 30 Dani el E Rudge Rcseat'(:h M UlU\ Vi.rgiHia mputt:r model ing: .simulation) geographic information srsrcms. Patricia T u r ner Research MPA, Public H udgctillg alld F i nance. U n iven>il)' of Soud l F l orida; BS, Business Admini.smuion1 University of Ma r y land Specialties: transport.ttiou safety research1 TOM, spec i a l ized trans.pottation pla.nning1 s-tuvcy design and Joel Volin ski l )eputy Direcror Transic. MS) U1ban Planni.ngl Co lumbia University; BA1 Urban Geogr.tphy, Sta re OtliVel'$ity of N e w YorkA1bany. Specialties: pub lic transportation public &verl y G Ward Dep uty f)irecwr. IvtPA, Urba n Plam'Ung) University of A1abama at Birmingh-am; BA, Psychology1 Vassa.r CoUege. S p ecialties : transporta rio n d e mand man-:1gemenr. t r :ulsportation plan n j ng, specialized transportation ettmog:ra phy and tr.lvd


Staff Kristine \Villian1s, AICP Senior &sear ch Associate. M UP, Urba n Planni ng; BA, Anthxopology, Sroc c U n ivers it y Spe.cialties: :' fllm\ag;ement corrido r m:m:.lgem cm growth ma lagerne.nt, l a n d d evelopment regulation, public involvcmcm. Philip L \\'inter s TDM J>rogr.1m D irecto r BS, Civil EngiJl ccring Virginia Polytechnic lnstitme :md Srntc U njver sity Spccialti<:s : transportation demand suburban mobility, progra.m C\'a(uation, tclccom mtn:ing. Admi11mmtivc E liza b eth Mannin g, Sen io r Sc<.L'Ctary Susan Conover Senior Secrer ary Tammy Gritlin, Clerk Pam 'augh, Cler k T i m R amctta Computer Spe c ialist S lo:1n $ch3ng, Cler k Fiscal Gwen HoW s O tlke Mista.m Dtmna Reno, S r Fiscal Assistant Daniel Johnson Stu dent Assistant Engiuccri11g Team Janet Ed itOr Sandy Gea hr, J ) rog:ram A.;sistn.nt TmllSit Team V i cki Tr.. in i n g $peci'lli s t Sonya Leonard, Pro g r a m A'iSistam Shane Flet cher, P r og ram A ss lst.ln t Patr i c i:\ P rogra m Assi s ram JuiCe Gree n > P rogmm Loi s Dowridge, Secreta.r} Cind y Woot e n /.US/Facilities Manager. BA, Accounting, of Sou dl. Flori da. Specialties : finance f Tampa. Specialties: hun icanc t.."\'a c uario n bicycle / pedc:;tria n pl' a.od safCty) traffic opcmrions and i mpact tr.lm:;p o rtati < m pbnning. Frmr. kft ,., rigiJr: S u!Wl C'A'IIlt)\'Cr, P: 1 m J.aP:m&h, g Tammy G ri ffin Tim Jb.tnetta, Sloa n Sch. \ n s From ltft tit rig/;:: ('.ahr, ) ; anct 1\cckc:r Fnms left :q riglfl: l.X>ml:t Reno, OJ.nid J ohnson Frqm lift til ri!Jitt: Vicij Z:J.mbitQ, Jn!.:c: G rc..n, l.)owridgo:, LconMd, l ),uridJ U aptis u:, S hanc31


Robert A.lngcc.nb rug: (Gcogr.tphy), Phi), L'ni\\:f'Sity of Wh,on'\JnM.tdison. Spc(i.t.ltics: in t h nn.uivn tr.msporntio n. Melvin W. Anderson (Ci"il Enginci:rinl:)), PhD> C.'lrncsi c Mellon Unh'c.rsity. cui ''ens, w.un S\'Stent."' . William C. Carpcotcr rE. PhD, C...:u'Oli1\J 'trucrural opnmiza non, &x1 ure mccha..bcs. John L. D-Olly ( l'llblic i\dminismmon ) l'hD, Indian Unh>e"ity. Spc:c.:i.dtit:S: ad.ninbU'J.Uon. publi< pc:r foOnnc:l poli<)', the>rame ( Cn'il Engincaing), PE. PhD. !'urdu< Spc:ciaJries: modding o( g(."O-tcxhnJQJ and 5)"Stems. Rudolph E. Henning (cl ectricl Euginccnng), SeD, C .. olumbia Uni\cr sity. Spccialcic.": microw.Lv"-' .antlmiiJimc tcr-wnn : mic rud ect ronk d e sign. disrriburcd mono lithk ICS/ i l \t c rc.::onnt.o.ctions Abraham Kan del (Com puter & Eng int-cring) PhD, or New Mexico. Specialties: artifiria l intcW p.cncc, robotics, c).-pcrt Rcnu Khator ( Public Administr.lliocl ) PhO, Purdue Unl\'crsit) cmimnmcntJI po!nics, compar.ttnc ptlhlic: .xlmintstr.uion. S.K. Kh:uor ( Industrial Enginee ring), PI;, PhD, l'urdue Umvcn&t)' Spcdaltics: comput e r applilJt i OII.!>. M:uk Lindberg (Gt."<>gfaphy), Phl), of Kansas. Spcci:1 l tics : f:!,"-'()gr.lphic i tfOmtarion mted.dti'-s: Cl\\'ironmcmal pub lic ,,d niJlistration. J : une.'\ Mool'e (An: hirtCfil l 't)> P hD, U ltivcrsit)' of Spcda lt ks: Wl111lUinit)1 pl.\lll ling. da) rligl n ing, architcc tui"'JI [cchnolob'Y Jam es .Mortimer ( lnstirutc on rhD, UnhcrSi t y or MichijWt. Spcci>llics: epidemiology, di>c racarch. R. Jerry Mmph)' ( Ciil l:ngjncr maJKt i n autvma lcd 11ammer ( l,ubbc Admmstr.llkln } PhD. LTnh-ersity of Okl.iliomoa. Spc :cialrics: pubfu: publk titUIKC, quantitathc aids. R.'lf"Jd ( Computcr Scit.1lCC & t.llf=,111'-'Cring), PhD, Unhcnitr ur Pittsburgh SJ>c.:i3ltic: J 'Iications, p o lky ana lysis. R.atensky (Ar chirccnJrc:). ]\ t A. Pritl<'CtOJl llnivcr.ity. Specialrics: tk:sisn. Pinon N. Rig..s ( l'ublic Admllli>lra hydr.m l i c and \\,liCI' quality R..-wi S: u 1 k a r (Ekctri.c.-al Eng i ne ering), f>E> PhD The Jlcnns rlvania State Universi1y. Sp..:d.llli cs; ( O mnnmica lion/c.."omputer r'let working s ign;tl processing., o;pecc h prO Cc.\)!ing. .K. Stcf.rnakos ( Elocrrical Engint'Cring), l'hD, Washington Un.i,-cn.ity. Spc:cialries: OOic:c ph)'\io.. growth ch.U".1Cieri7...lli<>tl. Lee A. We:wpl)10g)' ) fthl). Unhcn;ity. Sped-alcics: applied 01ogy.


UCF University of Central Florida E. Radwan, PhD, Purdue University Spcci.lhies: tr.11: tic operation, highway cratrte sirnul.ttion. Roger Wayson, PhD. Sp.:ci.lhies: mmponorion/crniron mc:n1;llmh:ractions.. air pollution and l"ttOSC impuu Florida A&M University George R.. Auzenne MA, Boscon C'.ollcgc. Specialties: i n dus trial n.:lations, organ i zational btha"ic>r labor contrKring. rmuni Fadiora. MS, Horida A&M/l'kxida Smc Unn'Crsity. Sp.:ci.llrics: computer modeling & appliatiom in tr.msponation. Owics C. IGdd PE, l'hl), University of Michigan Speci:altic:s: environmental equity cnviornmcn ta l h..:ahh sciences., geographic irifonnQtion rcchnol ogy mnsfcr. Primus Mrcnga, Ph D, Univc.rsity of\L<, PhD, Univer sity ofC.1Iifmnia o t Berkeley. Sp'-'<1:'111 i cs: l:r.lJ \Sport atio l pc,licy pl: nmin g and c..:onomk dcvdop fntltt. Young Kyun Lee, PhD, The Ohio University. Spc:cialrics guideway tnnsit, IVHS, netwml:: analysis, \isualiz3.tioo neural 11CN'Ur'k .applicnion. lhvid Shm, Ckmson Unh-cnil). m:ass uan$i1 planning. guKkway tnn.sit ttmolog)1 lnllSir ll!tn d<.'Sign, airport pJanning and design. Yihu:a Xiong, PhD, Universitv of\VJ.Shington Specialties: planning & lnodcling land usc forec3st ing. Fang Zhao, P!lD, S pc c i a Jtics: COIIl[lUICNud c d desg,Jt, GIS. Florida State University joseph Cronin PhD, Ohio Srnte Spccialtics: Mrat..:-gic mmspo r tation plamting, quality mcasurc mcnr. Al t drcw l>.t.urik1 PhD, Cor ndJ Univcrsit)1 pk u utiJli;. p olicy syM c nl S anal)'sis B. Frank, PhD, NN' York University S 1)Cciahics: infr.lSI:ructurc pb.nning, 6scal dimcn!!.ions of pl3nning. Roo Goldsmith, PhD, Unn-c:rsity of t\boonu. Spa:iolries: consumer mark.eting rcst"Ch :md $tr.llcgy. n,octW Lynch, l'hD, Aorida St:alc Unh-crsity. Sr>!Xialtlc:$: tr.lfl>J"""tion economics, high >pe<:<1 ground & public trnnsporration economics. Uoyd Lyday JD, UniverSity of florida S j .)Cciahies: urban conuHunity p<>liC)' :&l ) alysi s, kg:11 rcsc:u'<:. 1 pra..:ticcs:. William A Mustard, BS. Sutc University. SJX:Cialti cs : pl-;, :.Ur tr.msit/rDM strategic plannh1g, management information S)'5tcnts, grants man agcmcnt. W. VitJ;il Ping. PhD, Uru't Austin. Spcci.l.lries: tr.mspon:ation, nutcriUs cnginr ing. Melvin Stith, Syr.lctL'>e Spccillrics: mari::et ing, manilgcmcnt, soda) psycho logy. Gt ego ry L. Thompson, Ph D. Uni \'cn.ily of Califc'm1 i a at ( vi11C. Spcda iLics: policv an:Li rsis. 1 1sc transPo r tation costi n g and planning, dt:m:t.nd cost rtl()(iding.


"1996 Update of Florid High Speed R.-ail hucrcitv R.-ill and Urban R..1il l'ransir l r.uts p o rta rion l tc scarch Boa rd Rail C.l\ ,us) C hic.l,S(I (ll S h eck) A Comparison of Attitudes of Enforecmcnt Officials and the General Publi c,., Asscxiation for Commmer Transportation AnnuaJ Ocmcr ( F Clebnd) A ccess Man:ageattent at the I...oc::otJ ;and Regional Wei," Second NJ.t:ioru.l Oil Access Management) Vail, CO (K. Williams) Accc"slb l c Rail Services 1 5 r h Natim'lnl (:Cm l i:re lcc on lra nsport.ttion & Mobilit-y, Orlando (ll Sheck) Aircnuth-c Fuel$," Coumy Air Qubty Summit, Palmctto I'L (). Rndlcy) 'An Overview of Light Rail Transit," Mctropolit.m Planning Tampa ( R Shec k) Annly s i.s of' the Effectivene ss of Motor Vehicle Inspection Prm, Orlando ( R. Mathias ) Asscs.srneruof lmennodal Transfer l'cnal tics Using Srated-l'rcfcratcc O.m," 76th Annua!Transportnion l3oMd Meeting, DC (S. l'oljn) "'A.1lsis.tins Passcn gc r s Traveling with Service Animals," CTM Expo '97, Ft (R. Matl>ias) 34 "'Automated Passenger Counter Pilot 1"est Project, AJYfA Anm 1al Hm Opcmtions, TedmoiOf;)'t and ]\'h \Jtagcmcnt ContCr cncc) M k uu i (J, Rcr & M 1\:lltes ) "Automated Passenger Counter Pilot Tc:st Project," 6 d 1 Conference 0 1) the Application ofTrJmpOr1ation l'bnning Dearborn, M I (J Rc) & Baltes ) ._Auto matic Vehicle Loc:arion and P:.tmtransit Produeth'iry: M i:tmi Case Srudy, t'l 76th Annu;1] Research Hoard Mc ctittg, \Vashington, DC ( R. Math ias) u ch3.1'ting an ITS Comprchen si \e Plan for Dade County," 1996 F l orida Section J TE Annual rv1ccung. At:Jantic ll=:h, Florida ( M Pictr?yk) "" Access !\tarugcmcot Th< State of the An," 1996 Ohio Tr.mspom.tion Engint.-ering Conkrcm;c., Columbus, OH (K William<) "Coordinating L.lJld Usc :md Tr:Uls por-ration Through A ccess f..'lan.agcment," S i x t h C..ol\fCn : ncc on the App l k :n:ion ofTrans p on:uiott )ll;1nning Methods, Dearborn Mf (K. \Villinms} and OppOrtwtitics o f Reducing Vehicular Tr:affic in the Central Business District," 1TE 1997 lmcmarional Confcn:.nce, and Sustainable Communities, 1"otn'lp3 (M. Mmh.U & F I t Jonco) "Current Practices in the US< of Multim.oda J Serv ice v:l.luation Sr :mdards at Public Agencies, 1 997 llus Operarions, Tcchnv iOl\Y & .Management Confi!rcncc. t\'liami, tmd 6th TRH C'..ottfc.f'Cncc on rhc Ap1)l ic:uion ofTr.msportation I 'hutnirtg Dearborn, Ml ( V l'erk & D Hincbough ) "Designing Transit Fadliti es with the Customer in : Mind, Los Angeles County Metropolitan A ttth o rity, Ctt..:;tomer First Cont C rcnce? I .oo Angel e s (R. Sheck ) "Developing ;an rr s Comprehensive l'lao for Dade County," Third Annu al \ \'orld Congrc-..s o n l mdligcnt O r land o ( M Picrnrk) "De-vclopi1tg [ 'nrcmtodaJ Transportation Linkages: The BicyclefTransil Conno.: .tion," 66th Almual Meeting o( dM: h\Stirutc of Transpomtion Enginn. (S. Hrndricks ) "Deo.""elopmcnt of E:cpcctcd Value Conflict Tables for florida Based lnterscaion.s., 76th A 1 u tu: ll Tran sportal iOn flcscardt Ro:.ud Meeting:, \Vashingwn, D C ( M PictrS013 (). Hardin ) Evalu:ating the Role of the Bus Operations Field APTA Annual Bus Operations, Techno l ogy, aJ)d Management Conference, Miami (1. Volins!O) "Experi e ncin g 'l'echnol ogical ltutov.ttion: Autom:.Lic Vehicle Location (AVl.) Tcc:hnology iu Paratr.msit,"' 1 -.rogr:un of the 95tJ1 Annual Mc:crins or tbc Antcrican ,-\nthropological Asscxition, Sln Fnn..isco () Har.ejcws ki) "Florid" Fi\'t Year Statewid e Transit Development Con cc prs: A P olicy Dri\-cn Planning Approadt," 6th TRB Confc.rcnc:c on c he Apf>lication o f Transporr2rion Planning Mcrllods. Dc3tbom, Ml ( S Polzin ) G.IS in Tr.truir: Some Prnctictl Applications, Tr.msit Assoc ia tion '5 22nd Ann\lal Confe.rencc and Expos ition (). Rcy)


"ImpedimentS tO .Deployment of Sensor \Varning Systems in the United SL11e.1," 1996 ITS World Congress, Orlando (M. Burri s) "lmpro"ing Sustainability Through Access Management," IT 1997 lJUe ruational ConfCr tnce Transpo rtation and Sustainable Comn l m titi es, Tampa (K. Williams) "Interdisciplinary Transportation Ed u cation," l T E SuStainable Com nunitics ConfCcncc, ( F lt )<>n Wa.shington, DC (It Sheck) P ublic Invo l vement an d dlc Politics of Access .. Manage meot Sec o nd National on Access, CO ( K \ViJJiruns) Realizing E l ectric Bu.s Deployment for T1a.nsit Service.," 7th Annua l Meeri11g of the ITS o f America, Washi.ngtOI\> DC ( M Picl'l'Z)r k ) Recognizing Uncertainty in the Transportation Planning Process : A Strategic P l a nnlng Approach 76dl Annu Workshop, Flo ida l otcrnat i onal University, M i:uni (S. Pol z in) R evie.,v and Assessment of lnfonn ation .J(josk System," A JY[A, Annual Bus Op<;r acions1 Tecltt)olosy> :.u\d Management Confhence, Miami ( E Hill) Right of Way Preservation and Growth Manag ement," 1 997 Texas Tr.ln$pOrt:.lti o n P lanni ng 0)uferen ce, Corpus C l uisri, TX ( K. Williams ) So t ving Transportation Problems with Artificial Neural Networ k s," Thir d Annua l \Vort:d Congress on lnteUige a Tr.utsportation Srstcms. Otlando ( M Piwzyk ) "Spatial Variation in R ail Transit Access Mode," ArulUal Meeting of d1c As.')()tiar i o n o f American Geographers, Ft Worth TX (R. Sheck) "Temporal Changes in Ge nder Travel on Commuter Rail Syste m Secon d Nationa l C'.<>J lfc ren cc:: on Womc::ns Travel Issues, Baltimo r e (J. Rey & M Baltes) "The IUcgal Passing of Stopped School Buses, 76r h Annual Transportation R=areed Groun d T t a n s porrotion Association> Las Vegas ( S Polzin) "Tra.n.spo.rtatiOl.l Demand Managemen t and Lan d Usc : The Flolida Expelience," 1996 Association f()r Com1 nuter Tra lsport. u ioll lnrc.rnationa1 Con.tCrcncc> Den v er ( D Rud ge ) "Use of School B u ses by .Fiorid'l'S Conuuuni.Ly Transportation Coordina torS," Florid-1 Colllm ission for d1c: Transportation Disa.dvru1tagcd Four th Annual Sarasota ( R Mathios) "Using Focus Groups to Improve Yow Service, CTM Exp o '97 >Ft. I.auderd;;tle (J H ardin. L. L'\cha.Jlee & R. Mathias) ''\\That is ITS and How D()(S It hnpact Highw a y lnfrasttu<.'tUr:e Design," Annual ASCE ( F l orida 'Vest Coast Tr.wpotta tion S A danric lka e h F l orida ( M. P ictrZ}'k ) u \Vhy Evalu.1.t c?", Tl\tA Summit New Orleans (F. Cleland & D Rudge) ''\Vomen in Trans it: Findings from a Srudy on MrkanAmcrkan.s, Other A l"inori ties & Women in d\e Trnmit Ind ustry, Second l\ation:.U ContCrcncc 0 1 1 Travd I ssues. Baltimore (Jl. Ward & E H ill ) "\Yorking Transportation and Comnmn.ity Dewl opment t Gcncsscc T ra.nsp o rt:n:i o n Coun cil and New Yort Srarc. IXp.aroncnt ofTr ansporrotion, G<:nessee, NY (K. W illiam$) 35


"Tm'...-d a Common Pvklng Policy: A Cruss JurisWcaional M:urix C'.omparison or Munic:ip.ll OIT Sn:t Pmuns Regul:uions in Metmpolir:m Dade Counl)t, Florida,"' Tmmporrnrion l{umrtlt Rrcrtf I 564 (1. rx, d opins l ntennodal Tratspol'tation Linkages: TI1c Uicrdc/frnnsit Connec tio11," ITE Auuunl (',t mtprnrfium of Tcdm icnf Papt:,.l {S. l lcndric ks} "Pr csaibing the Fllllii'C Not Lhc Futur e : A I'C We Mmi ng Beyond the Need fO Travd Demand Modding?1'. Urbm1 Mtmitor, Dcccmbc:r 6, 19<)6 ( S l'olzin ) "A Srudy ofSuccwful lnnnndal Tr.1nsit .. 1995 CAm/'ndwm <>{utlmiflll Pnpm, ITE, ( R. Sheck \\ith 0 Shcn and F. Zhao ) "Europcn Crossings /ntrmty l'n.m''!J" RAil Tr.mspomtion 1\c>carch llo.trd, fall 199(, (R. Sheck) Tr::ul.)i t and Qualhy of Life GoaJs: The R:.liJ\'olution .. of the JTE JV97 Jmrnrnsionnl Couftrr.ncc, Tmnspo r ttnion :'lnd CommuniLks, Ta.rnpa FL (R.. S h eck ) "NCt-1 H. I Sy1Uht.sis of H ighwny Practice 233: Land Oc\'d('ltllllCI 'lt" Regulations l 'romotc Access Mru1agcmcnt'' ( K. Willi:uns) "'1995 Performance E,';l)uat ion of Florid.a's Tr"".ansit ran I. Route Tris 1984 1995" "1995 Pcrfunnmn!it S\'stcms, Pm II, Fucd Route Peer 1995.., .. 199 5 Pc-rfonmmC'c E.\ .tluation of J.lorid.a 's Tr:m10it System, Pan Jll, T cnd Analysis 1984 1995" ''1994 l''crfcmnancc of 's Tran s it S)'SI C i nS: Pcr fonnancc Jmcslig. niofl,.. "1996 R.idcsharc! Ev;tl uation Sur.'C\' of Arc-a. Businesses: Opp()rtunitiCs for l'l'usrJIHS & TOM Model Adjustrncnt RA:c."QQmncnd.uions" .. A R.c\i(."\\' of' chc Current functions of lndcp.:ru.knt Tr.tnsporurion AuThorities in Rorid.a th.u {)\, n or OpttuC' or Rtidgcs or Toll Facilitition Car l'rognm Into d'lC Transit Syslcm"' "Assisting p.......,gm Tr.n'ding Widl Sci' icc i\ni!mls: Fin:al Report" .. Automatic \ 'chkk Loca1i0n and Paratr.u\SII ProductiVity" .. De, dopment of Expected Va.luc Conflict for Floida Hascd Traffic Cr3shcs" D oing M o r e "ith Less: Em:cti,cl y U s i ng Voh u uccrs in rhc f lorid a T D Prog r am'1 "Drin; r Popul.nion 1:.1CtOrS i n C'lpacit) ''" "'Economic .utd Mobility lmpaccs of the Ortando-Ormg< Count) Expn'>S\'"Y Authorit)', Ftn:al Report" "E,-.fuation of Warning fur Fog Rcl:ncd Incidents in dlc T :unpa Bar Aru"' f-,,uuation or the Role of the .MOTA Metrobus Opcr.niOI"'S "Flnancial Shortf.>lls of F l orida MPO Lont; R.1ngc I hnsporcarion Plans" 'Florida St'.u:c w i d c Trans p o rt at i o n Disad vanttgc d Plan: Pop11brio11 a n d F ore ems 1996 20 1 5" "'Florida ,o\d\'.tucc Public Tt3ns ponarion Systems (APTS) Concepts" .. Gwdcwar Tr.tmic. :and lntemu:Mialislll: Function .111\d EfTccti\'C'ncss Case Srudie>: Soudl Florida, San frJ.nci5Co, San Diego, S:>enmc:nro, Pinsburgh, Adm12., '"Hurricane Encu.Jtion Tr.aflic and OpcraDooal "Illegal Passing of Stopped School Ruses in Florida" I mpacts of GuidC\\';ly Tr.tnsir: A Cross Sectional Approach .. ''lmelligcm Trans p onation Plan fOr D a d e Coun t y" "Le e Cvunty Tr.\1\.Sit J)l.!vciOJ>IllCnl Pb1 \ 1998 200 2" '"Lessons Learned in Tr:ll\sir Etlidcndc::s. R.evt:nu( Generation, :.tnd Cos1 Reduction" "Managing Corridor Dc, dopmcm: A Munici!"'l Handbook" Mmsins Our Wr 11roush Congestion : Florida' s Commute Handbook"' "Pc:rformana: .Measures Rcpon for the Ridcsharc! Agencies of Nor11lC:tllt Ohio"' "Profiles of U.S. Url> Arc:IS With Guidewa>' Transit Srstc n'IS,. "Pro fik s of U.S Guidcwny n:msit Systt:ms Ope atms" "Rev iew Assessment of lnfOI'mation Kiosk S)'Stt;lllS"' School Bus Utilization b)' Commun ity TrnnsportatiOC:l Coorduu.c.ors in Florid!\,. "T =p Hillsborough Lakeland Polk .>\lrcmam'C:S fur Mobilil) F"'hancemcnr Major Jn\'t:Stnlent Srudr"' An lm'CStment in Florida's Fututc" "'T r.ll:\Sit Accc:ssibility and I..Olbor Force Particip:.aim' Rate of At Risk G roups: Dade County. Final Rcpo1'1'' ''Transit Custome SMisfuctlon l ndcx for florid a Trans it l )ropcrcics, Review of Tr ansit System$, Customer S:uisfuction Projects" "Travel Timc,Satery, Energy, :md A ir Qualit y Jmpacrs of Florid High Speed Rail" ""Winte.r H:a\en Urba.nJzcd t\n;.t Transit 0..-elopmcnr Pbn 1996-2001"


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