Analysis of automatic vehicle identification technology and its potential application on Florida's turnpike

Analysis of automatic vehicle identification technology and its potential application on Florida's turnpike

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Analysis of automatic vehicle identification technology and its potential application on Florida's turnpike [summary report]
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Summary report : analysis of automatic vehicle identification (AVI) technology and its potential application on Florida's Turnpike
University of South Florida -- Center for Urban Transportation Research
Florida -- Dept. of Transportation
University of South Florida -- Center for Urban Transportation Research
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[Tampa, Fla.]
The Center
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Toll roads -- Florida ( lcsh )
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Cover title.
General Note:
Summary of two technical memoranda prepared for the Florida Department of Transportation.
General Note:
Summary of two technical memoranda prepared for the Florida Department of Transportation, Office of Florida's Turnpike.
General Note:
"... Summary Report--Analysis of Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) Technology and its Potential Application on Florida's Turnpike ..."--P. [1].
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Center for Urban Transportation Research, University of South Florida College of Engineering.

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University of South Florida.
Center for Urban Transportation Research.
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Analysis of automatic vehicle identification technology and its potential application on Florida's turnpike :
[summary report] /
Center for Urban Transportation Research, University of South Florida College of Engineering.
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Summary report : analysis of automatic vehicle identification (AVI) technology and its potential application on Florida's Turnpike
[Tampa, Fla.] :
The Center,
19 p. :
ill., maps ;
28 cm.
Cover title.
Summary of two technical memoranda prepared for the Florida Department of Transportation.
Summary of two technical memoranda prepared for the Florida Department of Transportation, Office of Florida's Turnpike.
"... Summary Report--Analysis of Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) Technology and its Potential Application on Florida's Turnpike ..."--P. [1].
Also available online.
Toll roads
z Florida.
Motor vehicles
x Automatic location systems.
Florida Turnpike (Fla.)
1 710
Dept. of Transportation.
University of South Florida.
Center for Urban Transportation Research.
t Center for Urban Transportation Research Publications [USF].
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FLORIDA DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION Dea r Reader: The enclosed Sulll1rulry Repo rt -Ana l ysis of Automatic Vehi cle Identification (AVI) Technology and its Porent i a i Applicatio n on Florida s Thrnpike," -was prepare d for the F l orida Department of Transp ortation. Office o f Florida's by the CenteJ for Urban Transportati on ReseaJ _'Ch ( CUTR) at the Uoivecs.iL)' of South Florida. Thi.s report summ-arizes 1:\vO ce<::hnicaJ memoranda prepared a s pan of the proj ect. I invite you to rev iew this s umm a')' r eport, w hich iden t ifies the major relate d to the implementation of an AVI syStem and makes conclusions and recommendations concerning AVJ and its potenti a l implementation on Florida's Thrnpike. Respec t fully, )ames L. Ely Dire<:tor F l o rida s Turn pike


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TABLE OF CONTENTS I n trodu ction ... ... ... ... ....... .. .... ...... ... .... ... . ... .... ... . ... ...... ... ..... ............ ........ .... . .... .. ...... ....... .. 4 HistOf)' of Aut omatic Vehicle ldentification ....... . . ......... .... ........................ .. ..... ... ........... .. 1 A VI Technol ogy .............. .... .. ..... ..... .... .. ............ .... .... ... .... .. .... .... ... .... ... .... ....... ............. .. 5 A VI Applicati o ns ... ............ ............... .. .......... .. .... ... .. ... ..... .... . ..... ..... .. .... ..................... .... ..... 6 Flol'ida's Tul'npike .... ....... .............. .... ..... .. ..... .... .. .... .. .... ........ ..... .... ......... .......... . ....... ....... 7 A Vllo:lplemenration Issues ........ ......... .................................................................. ............ .. 8 Flor ida Turnpike PatrOn Sutv ey s ...... .. .. ............. .... .. .......... .. .... .... ............ ..... .......... .... .... 1 2 Costs Associated With A V I Implementation ...... .... .. .......... .. .... ......... ...... ... .... ........... .... ... 14 Benefits of A Vl .. ................................. .. .. .. .. ................ .. .......... .. .. ............................ ... ... ...... 15 Cos t Effectivene ss Analysis .... .......... ..... ... ...... ......... ... ...... ...... ........ ............... .... ....... ........ 16 Conclusions and Reconunendarions ..................... . .................................................. .. ... . 18


4 INTRODUCTION A mommi c vehicle idemific at i o n (AVO i s ahe term appl it:d t o toll collec t i o n L e<:hniq u e s rh at )udy kk:n tify as t h e y p ; 1:;.s $pe <:ifk points. w i t hout r<:.-qu ir ing :Kt ion by lhe dtiver o r pore n 1 i al : lpplica Jion o n Florida's Turnpike. The p r o j ec t indud<."<.i three distincr but re hued p h ases : P h.-se I <'Ol'ISiSt<."<-1 o f a revi<:>w of stare o f the of AV1 t<.'"<.'hnology, including a survey o r v endo r s ;md operat ors o f AVl sys1cn1S to deter m i n e tt:X h n o l o g i es. syste m opemril). g and exa m p l es of appli<--ati o n s n ationwide The infonnati o n gat h e r e d in Ph:1S<.' I va s h::lse Ill i nvolved a n <--v alwuion o f t h e specific appl i c at i o n of AV( technology to f l orid::l'S Turnpike. The ind1.1de d a d et:tiled <:onsid<$nttion of iss ues re l:ttcd to the o f AVl I n :)dditio n the r es1.hs o f survey s COI 'IdU C it:d ;t n d revi e ' t."' l in Ph::t$e II w e r e u sed t o assess the m a r k et potentipcdfi<.: Costs 1 1:Ui< 'l industr y and incl u d e d specifi c in the rai l road shipping, and tn1cking industrit's. Thc.. se appJiGtl i Ofl S \Vere inte n d e d t O in the O f C : }rft O as it .;v:lS t ransporte d th e Unite d .; o r tO o the r More re<-'en t ly, inte r-est in AVI toll IIection a ppJ icar i o n s has b ecome \ vides p re.

AVI TECHNOLOGY Automatic vehicle identification in the toll collection industry refers to techniq L ies chat uniquely identify vehic les as dle}' p ass specific points a long a facil i ty, lvithouc requ.iril'kS any a ction by the driver OJ a n observe r Conunon l O all AVI systems are three basic fun<:t ional elements: a vehicle -mounted transponder/tag, an adj a cenc reading device, and a masre r computer sysrem for the processing and s t orage of data. The AVI process is rel atively s i mple: informa tion d1at idencjfies a vehicle i s encoded onto the AS t he vehicle ptical syscem dlat employs a vehicle ta g s i mply a bar code deca l sticker. A l aser scans continuous l y over the area \vhere the tag is expected to be and d1e reflected s ignal i s processed to exc r a c c the code which uniquely identifies d1e vehicle blductive loop te<:hno!ogy uses a loop ant.enna hnbcdded bnC".Ath t h e surface o f the roadway, which communicates with a tag mounted on the of the ve hi cle The antenna sends out an i nterr o gntion signal and the "'8 resp0ds b y retuming a signal t hat is modul ated accord ing to the data sto red in the tag. ldontiflcation Toag ' . ' Reade r Radio frequency {:RF)/rnicrowave technology e rnp t oys micl'owave fJeq u encies t o uniqu ely identify vehicle s as t hey pass d 1rough a toll faci lity. The transpOnder contains a small intel'nal receiving amenna, an interna l transmi t ter, and soli d-stare e l ectronic ch-cuitr>' Surface acoustical wave (SAW) cechnology is similar to the RF in that it operates with a microwave f requency Hov.'ever, under t hi.s system, a low power radio frequency signa l from the AVl J'ea d el' is captured by t h e t ransponder ante nna, whic h a lithlom cr y stal, s etting up

6 AVI APPUCATIONS During t his study. n u m e rou s exist in g toll rood clp plications of AV[ wer e ide n tifie d and r e vie'\v ed, indudjng $A\"i/ te<:hnoiogy on t h e Cor o n ado O ridge in S : m Di<::gt\ Rf H.:<;hnology on the No1 1h Tolhvay and the Ne'v Otleans Crescent City Connecl ion optical t echno l ogy scvcw l florida < lJld o ther technol ogies :t<.:ross t h e U nited States Dallas North Bay Harbor AJso r enn....;yl v ania Turnpilublic H ighway in Denver the Orlando/Omngc County Expressway, :.o d r tumero u s oth e r.$. Turnpike Rieken backer Causeway Puerto Rico


, FL ORIDA'S TIJRNPIKE Flo rida's eXiSt 'ing t u rnpike system i.n.cludes the r nainlioe, the Homest e a d Ex tens ion of flo rida s Turnpike (HEP'lj, and the Bee Line West expressway. The Turnpike' s 266-mile mainline Juns from Jmersrace 75 in Sumter County to d1e G o l den Glades exit in Dade County. Thi s secti o n of the Tur npike serves l o ng distance trips as >7.'en as commuter and bus in ess trips in t he densely-populated are-.s in the sou r heastetn l'egion of the s ta te and in the O r lando a rea. The HlifT i s a 47-mil e expr<'SSway ext e n d ing wes t from the mainline nea r the Dade/ B..oward County line south wa. rd to U S Highway I at Homestead. The HEFT se1ves the mpid ly developing Dade County aJ'ea west and SO \Jth wesc of Mia. mi. P.irutlly. t h e Bee L in e West, a n ea s e-west con nectoJ' in Orange County, extends from Ol'lando I nterna t ional Airport wesr\vard to Interstate 4 near Walt Di s ney W orld with a n inte.tUl.ediate interchange at Orlando-South o n the m.'inline of the 1\)ropike. Florida's T urn pike is im plementing a major progrrun of cap ita l lmprovemems to Wliii'!IIM tlotnmtllcl OtE.F T J --lltW.SI \ -' f) lf) tW--::::!!1 a ss ure a high q u ality of service for its patrons well into lhe nexL cent ury. This program includes wJdening of the m a inli ne, construct ion of new interchanges, im provement of exis tin g int erchanges) and conversion from a ticket system to a c o1n system o n the urban sections of tile n mpike I t is within tllis context rhar t he Florida D epa rt ment of Tr ansporta tion has 1:0 investigate t he poteorta l of A VI on F1ol'id a's Tump ike 7


8 AVI IMPJ.EMENTATION I S SUES CU TR :t wide r a nge of imple m e nt>vcver based o n i nformat i O t ) provided by vendo r s, v i sits to vari ouf; AVl f ttei lit ics, and d e t ailt..'<.i dis c u ss ions with recognized ind u stry experts, re l.n ivc compari..son s v ere m.:uJe. Seven major jssucs \vcre identifk.'d r eviewe d e offe .ed i ll orde r t o m a ):itni?. e parti c i pmiol\ sifiCe both :\VI usets atld non u se r s benefit f ro m the s y ste m finally. m;tny c o n t e n d t ha t AVI u sers should pay the tlorma 1 toiJ rat e since the nmvenience offered by the syst e m \viU p r o vid e enough i ncentiv e to partkipmc The o f a pre-p:-lym eot system vs. a post-pa y ment syste m was a l s o evalu a ted. It was det ermined {I pOSl-p::tyl\ l C n t syste m shonld not re<.-ei ve fun h e r con s i d e ratio n since th-e hurden o f coll ecting d e linqu ent a ccounts \V<>ul d be a n additio na l r e$pons ibility for the T\trnpikt: 11u.:.n;fo re, prcp:tyment sy$t<;nl i s high l y TCCOtlunend e d.


fl.lethods of payment that s hould b e provided 1.mde r a pre-payment system include cash, check, credit card, and electro n ic f u nds sfer. The credit etrd system w ould be idett) if the agreement were such t hat a u tomatic r e plenishmen t of an account woul d be perrni..o:sibJe. Accountability -The opel'ational and accounting functions of a toll fa ciHty wel'e reviewed, i'ncluding t h e processing of patron account infol'ntatio n tra c king of toll reven ue, g e n e r a ... tion of management and operational re ports, and safegu a rding of tolJ system assets The use of AVf t o improved accoun ting and operations as i t relates to t il e documentation o f those AVl t hat w ould orh.envise 1ake place under convention a l coil collectio n a rrangements. Legal Issues Leg a l iss ue s wen.: identified a.od re v'ie,ved a s part o f d \ e anal ys i s of t h e lmp lememation o f an AVI system Two ma jor iss ues '9.rere ide. n ti fied and t h e legality o f o ffering AVI under a discount toH -and Lhe l eg aHry o f enforciog vi o lati ons l hro\ agh t h e use o f photographic enf o rce ment. The use o f discount e d tolls may violate th e current bond indentu r e w it h respect to rnax hnizjng th e c o llec tion of teve n u es. If the Turnpike desires to give furd1e r considera tion to any d iscount toll strucnue, compliance w ith t h e T urnpike iodeottu-e will need to be established. Curl'eo t F l orida St a tutes indicat e tha t toll vi o lations must be enforced on-s ite (tfte r the violation b.o"ts been wit nessed For reason, l b e mai n deterrence tec.hniqtle been the use of gates on toll J anes. However to rea liz e the maximum benefit of AVI, gates s hould be e.llminated, necessitating the use o f active e nfo .rcernenc rne::a.sUJ:es. P hotographic enforcement i s a v iab l e al t ernative ; however, le gislatio n would need to b e introduced that ,..,ould perm i t ti cketing the owner of a vehicle by mail when a photograph i s taken of the vio lation and of the violator's lic ense plale. Ownership/Finance Options .. There are three m aj or ownership a r ron g ementS could be used in the impJcrne n ta tion of m AVI sysrem O.rl Florid a s Thrnpike. These indude the agency ownlog a n d operating th e syste m, a vendor owning and operating the system, a n d v a rious l ease agreemencs The advantages and disadvantages of each o f rhese options were ide ntified a n d re viewed as part of Technical Memorand um >'2 If d1e TUrnpike d ecides to implement an AVI system, Turnp.ike o fficials will need to fuJ'th e r revie'O'. the identi fied advantages and disadvantages in o rde r to make a n own ei'$h i p policy d e cis ion. Traffic Operations T raffic operations lViU change signi fica ntly with the inlp lelllenr ati o n of ao AVJ system Florida s Tum pike procedures w ith respect c o uaffic co.o rr o l (pavement markings, adequat e signing1 dtann.eliza tion) and tta ffi c mle s (speed lim its and passing a reas) w ill need to be r eevaluated and re vised as r\ec essary co saf ely and effici e ntly accommod(tte t h e use of AVI and to ensu re t h e safety of Turnpik e patro n s a n d toll collectors It. is [l


1 0 mac hin e.$. : l tnkr(>proc esso rb ase d l a r lt'! controll e r that i s progl' a m mahle, < 1 plaza computer syste m and a h os t compute r sys t e m w it h f letwork capabilities. The T urnpike i s (urrently acquiring a computer system whi(:h '\vill b e < lbl e t o AV1. Dedicated vs. Mixe d Usc l..ancs A dedicated AVI la n e is one i n whic h a l a nnt: wilhin the con v e01ion :ll config urmiOI) t h a t would allo w :\VI users t o pass t hrough at speeds of 10 t o 1 5 m ile s per hour or ma}' be a hmc separated f rom the ( onvcntional p laz:1 c o nfig u rtn i o n that woul d accommodate speeds up 1 0 55 r n i tes per hou r (commonly known as a n express r \Vl lane) Altetnatively, a m i x e d -use lane i s o n e t hat < K c e p ts AVJ user s as w e ll a s conventiona l patron s who pay a collector o r use an a u t o m atic coin mach i ne PJaz.: l volume t hresholds for AVI -.v e r e est ablished b :lsed on. the capacity hy l : 1 n e ty)X!, the spee dca p acity re l ationship, and rea ::;onab l e levels of AVl p a l t i c i pat i O J ) The issue of \vhethe r t o emplo>: dedicated or lanes for AVl implementation is dcpe nd<.:nt upon three differen t Capacity by lane t ype avemge were for each type.:, induding manu::1\, autom :uic, mixed AVI, dedicated AVJ, and express AVI. lal'IC capacit ies rleed t o be establi s h e d t o assess the of various AVI <.onngu mtions AVERAGE CAPACIT Y TOL L PLAZA LANE T Y PES CAPACIT Y CVEH.ICl.E SIMOUAJ Tbe rC.!lationsWp o f SptX"tl t O capacit)' the <.:onsidemti o o < 1 f ela t i o n s h i p s and various level s of panicipati<>n i n AVl i n r<.garding the pot enti;JI for tOll p laza Jane f o r peak dir e c t iona l volumes o f 3,000 1 0 6 00 0 v ehkk:s per hour. The pos i tive r elationship b etween speed and cap;Ki ty \vas spectfi<:ally establ i s h e d 10 assi st in devising the optimal lane eonfigura U o n


AVERAGE SPEED TOLL PLAZA LANE TYPES l .e cls of AVI participation -le-'el of patticlpatlon In an AVI program refers to tb.e portion of roll facility users that are assumed to participate h>the AVI system. This nssumpti o n is tan important f acto!' i1) sel ecling the opHmal lane configurati on P laza volu me thresho lds are prov i ded below Pla7.a Volunte Tittesholds AVIlmplcmcntation }1(:ak H o ur Peak Direction Initial Consideration for Mixed AVI 3,000 vehicles per hour Initial Consideration for Dedicated AVI S,OOO vehicles per hoor Ini t i a l Consider.uion fo. Expre$$ AVI 7,000 vehicles per hour 11


12 FLORIDA 11JRNPIKE PATRON SURVEYS Sur.rcy IX:!i<.:arch js v:i hml>l e woJ for :tssessing and the petcep{ i o n s, auitudes, and character islirs of sck.'f t h e orn l int e r the mail-b:-\Ck s ul'vey a l so es t ablishe d other p a tron cham ctecistics :md pcr<:eptions Vehicle Type All s .. vey Locations Passenger Cer Are you a Florida Resident? A U Survey Locations No 6. 0 .. How many days/week do you t ravel on this facility? All SUrvey Locations


toward the concept o f AVI. General percep t i o n 'he preferred operational characteistJcs associated w it h an AVI system. Two focus groups were assembled, one r epresenting commerci a l us e rs and one reptesemin,g priva l e c o nunuters, to develop a mote-detailed profHe of d\e characteri stics and perceptions of commercial and com m uter patrons. Both groups reacted posit i vely to the concept of A.VJ. CommerctaJ representatives indica te d the most impottant advantages t o be the ability to track vehicles and iJnproved procedures The <.:Omm\lter representati ves also react e d positively b\lt were mucll more sensi tive t o the costs associated with participa ting in an AVJ system. Vehicle Occupancy All Survey Locations What is your t rip purpose? An Survey Locations Concluc;ions 111e user profile and perceived leve l of partic ipation detived from the survey rese-.u:ch indicate great rna. rket potentkt l for an AVl system at IJ\e selecced survey l ocations. However, the focus group results do indicate that many AVI characteristics are preferred ove r others. Therefore, the specific chara<:cel'lstics need co be analyzed dosely in otder to maximize the actual level of participation 13


1 4 COSTS ASSOCIATED WITH AVJ. IMPLE!\1ENTA TIO N A rev iew o f o p e rating and ro:tinrc nanc e < :os t s associ;Hed w i t h the consm.1<:1ion :md o f varlo1. s t oll t a nc types i s s1. nun : u i z<..'<.l Cos t <. onsidemti O J l:> inclu<.k : C((l ipment cos by t ype. h:irlic re lati o n s Costs Associated wit h AVI Implementation Cos o f Equipment by Lane Type Manual $ 39,800 At.ttomati<.: $ 90,750 AVt s 33.9 75 Mixe d (AV I a n d m a n u al) s 56,050 Mixed (AVI and a u toma tic) $105 550 Computer HMdwa r c (<) r )figuralio n $ 111,425 Hosl C' .. o n figurat ion $324,730 Co mputer So{r '\ Pla za So ftware $ 150 000 H o s t So t h va r c $500,000 Oper:1ting a n d cost per $ 81, 000 T ranspo n ders 534. 00 each Decal., (ba r code ) $ !.5 0 e ach


BENEFITS OF A\'1 Numerous benefits of AVI were-identified and discussed in Tec hnica l Memorandum :fi 2. These benefi ts a r e summarize d b elow. IncreaCJe itt Patron Sadsfactioo. By offering patrons a n a ddit ional payment alternativ e that i s more convenient and reduces traveJ time, the Tump.ike can expect user satisfaction to improve. Additional Payment. Alternative An AVl system prov ides c oli p acrons w ith an addit i on:ll payment whi c h is more flex i ble a n d more conveni e nt for t h e paymen t of tolls. Jouel Savings -The

1 6 COST EFFECTIVENESS ANALYSIS An ana ly:. i s was con.d ucced t o d e t ermine the o f the of AV1 :It l ht: p J : t za l cvt:l. Tamiami phl%a in D a d e County vas selcc tcd fo r t h e an::ll ysis. 'nle ana lys i s <'<)mpa r es two w it h l he "no-buil d' alternmi ve It t he o f impleme nting impnwcmcms w ith the road u se r b ene fi t s t h at wo\lld be r>eal i7.ed. The a nalysi s b e gins in 1991 a n d continues throltgh the y e::tr 2 0 15. T h e t.;vo improve ment <\lte m : u i ves con s i d e red indude: e Curren t Ff>OT plan (proposed cons tru c ti<>n) e CorlStruc t i o n phln including AVI (three scen a rios a r e con s ider e d cad t rcpre$e n t ing a d ifferem l evel of in t h e AVl -t O%, 30%, 50%) Beca use each impt ove ment ''hetn ati v e is desig n e d t o mainwin t h e FOO T qut: u ( : kngl h cri terion o f 300 fc:::c:::t, when <.:omp:m!tl L O the no-b uild ahe rmuive the est i mat e d r oad u ser benefits \ V i ll b e vittua ll y the same in each 'J11e tntc b<;:ncfit f r o m th e fact that :\V I vehicles m ;;1 processing t here fore in fewer toll l a nes 10 kmdl c g ro'{\.d1. T h e numhe l' o f l:mes re q u ire d u nder j s indic: :ned b elo,v. Total Nutnber of Toll PL"lZ."l lanes Under Each Improvement Alter.nathe (Including three AVI scenario alternatives) Cunenl 10% AVI 30% AVI 50 %AVJ Yea r fOOT P l a n P:-trticip;ui o n 1990 12 -----1 99 4 20 16 14 1 0 2005 22 1 8 J6 12 2015 26 22 18 I j ln o rde r to dr.nv fmm a cos t e f fec ti ve ness costs: b ene fi t s b e expressed i n curre m ye a r dolla r s To expr<..oss f uture c.o..-;ts bcne(h s iJ) year d oltatS. it iS lO \ tn d t;n;l:tnd t h e of v alu e. fll ,S'1\'1111, t he V ( \ h1e of :t $tu n due in the f uture i s the amount whkh. if i t o n to<.l;iy. w ould g rmv w it h interest (<> eqll< l l t h m EJ.. S i nce S tOO wuuld grow t o $121.6 7 h t 5 yetrtS m a 4 prJrcem inlens rate, $100 i s defined t o be tbe pre:;.,-em ( itll u e Q { $121 .67 due 5 years iu rbe jwun.


This same concept is used t o cal culate d1e prese n t va lu e of costs and bene fits of each i mproveme .o.r a.J cern:niv so the a lt ernatives can be compa red. 1'his a nal ysis a lso uses -a four percent intere s t rate (excludes i nll atio n fa c tor). Once costs and benefits have been defined in cunent year dolla rs, the .indica tors of economic <:an be ca l cu J ated. The va lue of all benefits and COStS for each o f the improvement altemacives is pJOVlded bel o w The economic feas ibil ity indicators, benefit-cost ra ti o and net presel\[ v alue, c a n then be calcu lated for each alt e r native according to the fo llowing defini tions Benefit-Cost Ratio the present value of b enefits r ealized (r orn 1994 to 2015 d ivided by lhe pn:sent va lue of cost s over th i s same time period A proj ect a l ternati ve i s economl call)' j us tified when the benefit-<:ast ratio is greater than one since benefits exceed costs. Net Present Value (NPV) t h e pr.ese.o.r val ue of benefi ts r e:uize d from 1994 to 201 5 mintr s the present v ah.1e o f th e c osts over th i s same time period. I f t he NPV calcu lated for a glveJ ) a lte(t)ative is g reater than 2.ero, the a l ternati v e i s economica lly j u stified because beoefi.ts exceed cost s. Economic Feasibility Indicators (1) (2) (3) (4) BeJ)efits Costs Benefit/Cost Net P resent (present va l ue) (present va lue) Ratio Value (1)/(2 ) (1) (2) CUrrent F DOT Plan $51,000,0 0 0 $30,800 ,000 165 $20,200 ,00 0 10% AVI Pa.1icipation $51 0 0 0,000 $25,100,0 0 0 2 0 3 $25,900,000 30% AVI Particip ati o n $51,0 00,000 $22 ,2 00,000 2.29 $28,800,000 50% AVI Part i cipation $51 00 0,000 $16,600 000 3 0 7 $34 400,000 Based on the economic feasi bility indicatoJS, each o f the -al ternat i ves i s economically ju s t ified because b enefi ts a r e greater than cost s, resu.ltJng in benefit-cosc ratios greater than o n e and net present val ues grear:er th an zero It is apparem the g reate r the AVI parl icipa tion rate, the grC.tter the pote n tial savings in fane construction and ope1 -ating/ mainl entl.nce oosts even with a minima l l'ate of p a rticipation such as 1 0 percent1 the AV1 a lterna t i ve is superior to the non-AVI a ltern ativ e I n me a bsence of AVI, more fanes a r e requ ired to mainta in the same leve1 of service 17


18 CONCLUSIONS AND RECOMMENDATIONS Based on the pre."<.Hn g a n alysis, several conclu sions and tecommend:uions \Vel'e made a s a r est. llt or 1he and Jinpe<.:iftc. obj<.."dSting AV1 led l i m its and JY

1 1. The n ext phase of A VI implemen ta tion should b e the d e velopment of a Request for Proposal for a c ocept desig n wo- 0 6 \0 llJ) l'. 19


FLORIDA' S TURNPIKE F:o?\ "' $:r<('t Fo r more info r m ation c ontact: Florida Department of Transportation Office of Florida's Turnpike (904) 488 4671 Utn y K O Dell. D i rector of Planning CUTR Center for Urban Transportation Research Univ<.:rsity of South flo r ida. Tampa RCH and A ssociates B aton Roug<.:, 'Ibis publicali o t r was prQfiHC('-mployer.


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