Ellis Hughes Diary: Transcript

Ellis Hughes Diary: Transcript

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Ellis Hughes Diary: Transcript
Hughes, Ellis
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Hughes, Ellis -- Diaries -- 1813-
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The Ellis Hughes papers consist of Hughes' journal, kept during the Second Seminole War, a transcription of his journal entries and miscellaneous material which are housed in one document box and one phase box. The bulk of the documentation falls with the range of the 1830s through the 1840s with the balance of the material covering the 1850s through 1861. The materials principally consist of transcriptions and photocopies of the author's journal during his tour of duty as an Assistant Surgeon in Florida during the years 1838-1840. The contents of the journal provide a wealth of information on Florida during the first half of the 19th century. There are wonderful descriptions of Indian life and culture, the daily activities of military personnel, natural history subjects and American social customs. In addition, the author provides a visual dimension with sketches of the people and places he visited. ( English )
Ellis Hughes was born in Baltimore, Maryland in August 1813, the son of Jeremiah Hughes, publisher of the Niles Register. After receiving his medical degree from the University of Maryland, he was commissioned an Assistant Surgeon in August 1839 and assigned to the forces fighting the Seminoles in Florida. From February to May, 1840, he was stationed at Ft. Lauderdale, then served at Black Creek on the St. Johns River from May to July, when he resigned his commission. Upon termination of his military career, Dr. Hughes returned to Maryland to engage in journalistic work with his father. In 1849, he moved to the District of Columbia, becoming editor of the Georgetown Advocate. He resided in Georgetown until his death on October 5, 1866.
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Military surgeon.
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This is a transcript.

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Leaves 1 through 4 contain a series of religious and philosophical writings, many dated in the year 1848, together with a few sketches. None of this material is relevant to Hughes' Florida service and was probably all written in or about the year 1848. Leaf 5 is a tissue fly-leaf. Leaf 6 is further religious writing, dated in this case Nov. 17, 1847. Between leaves 6 and 7 is the stub of a torn out leaf, which, since it is not present, has been assigned no number. The body of the journal begins on leaf 7.


LQaf 7 Fort Hanson E. Fl. 1 1838. and interQsting bQen of last four months, to my hitherto dull mind. marching over floor C isco (?), gliding 1m along Champlain with snow fringQd mountains on both of its sidas -looking out by night for of highlands rolling thQ 9 pins in the water battQry of Fort Monroa, drinking tha daar haalth of tha fair ladies of Old Point "4V"'"""' a and comfortabla namavas well as sans souci, in Dix's bar with Glann, singing chorus with Sandars in his witty and humorous songs, rolling with a saa sick craw off the mouth of the St. Johns -gossiping with tha Norfolk Jarvis thQ Hollingsworth my valat, or sauntaring through the straets of Charleston & Savanna (sic) in saarch of wera it avan to encountar a Trojan Kennady -still I cannot but be with accumulating favors upon me by a kind and merciful Providanca. I shall mysalf to no -shall look with no partial if upon subjects that concarn my averlasting or spiritual)(walfare. Hera I am now raaping of my campaign in Washington in August last. Wall do I hot broiling sun that lighted my path up and down tha Pa. as hopa and faar or indiffaranca in thair succassive turns pravailed in my bosom. How dalightful would it be to of the moments of tha pastfmonths -thay howevar gona gone -navar to raturn and with tham happy smile of many a new friand -tha warm lip of more than ona daar one -tha sorrowing of brokan the grasp of farawall on It is plaasant too to racall whita waving of tha tha slowly moving hat of our comradas and tha words of parting admonitions Elliot in pancil) and Ah -shall all maet again -LNung yes tha soul has a soul (word crossed out) has a tha bosom of God" for to forgat. I am travalling from my present situation -hara I am -in a log admitting avary puff of compass by night & within a stonas throw


Leaf 7 Sheet 2 of the Indian's hammocks surrounded by pine trees toriDQnted by fleas camp fires & -the horses and the prospect of a wild brigandish \ life of exposure and hardship for the winter. Come on (yef adventures ---... -l:.et-m&-try-eo- come on (ye) scenes of life and joy. sketch our camp. Leaf 7 (verso) (.v ... -, '> (four line religious passage left out) (5 line definition of an aristocrat as one who uses his wealth to relieve poverty, etc. left out) Monday 19th Nov 1838 -left Fort Monroe Wednesday 21st -Arrived 1 A.M. at Charleston Thursday 22nd 10 A.M. arrived at Savannah Friday night 23d at St Marys Saturday 12 entered St Johns,-Saturday night Picolata Sunday 25th early -at ft. Heileman Monday 26th left ft Heileman arrived in Deep Creek at night and on Tuesday to ft Hanson at 1/2 past 4. reported our selves immediately to Lt May commd. at 12 M. Dec. 3 went to Augustine. 27th Nov. Tuesday (cv.\t

Lliaf 7 Shlilit 3 on night of PW\1-. H. (1;1,& (16r at Smyrna. 17 Sllipt at bank of lakli Harnliy 18 Do. of St. Johns near Philipstown. 19th Having passed old camp arrived at Camp Kingsbury oppositli fort Mellon. nights of 19 20 21 22 23d 24 Go to Spring Garden & nliar Woodruffs. 25 Go to lixcept Newton & I dine with Capt Winder &c 26 Leave Volusia -separatli from Fulton & encamp near old Indian 27 6 miles thence 1st Haw Crk ----__!at night httlir plir May s Sat 29 Ft. Pliyton 30) ... 'o\ May toFt HansDn----------Mond. 31 Augustine x (Jan 1) at alone to Pliyton (2nd )Ato Ft Hanson wit\., night Th. 3d. & on 3d. Lopliz & formlir (autdezrified symbol) wagon $30 plir month for horslis & 2 rations per day-later thli guide vicli brother -el hombre poco 1839 Jan 1st. At St. Augustine.-introduclid by Lt Hardee to & at night to ft Pliyton 1839 Thursday night Jan Receive information of ordlir to Volusia. to Byrne and invoice to Maxwlill Jan Jan 6th -LliaVIi ft. Hanson Jan 7th -arrivli at Volusia Jan 8. Tuesday rliceipt of B & T. M. sent to i surg-glinl -arrivlid Thurs 10. Jan despatched for Capt Winder to Surg-Genl. (Balancli of column 1846 and non Fla.)


Leaf 8 Leaf 8 (verso) (First third of leaf has a detailed sketch of "Dragoon stable at ft Hanson Dec 11, 1838") (balance Of leaf devoted to romantic prose and sketches of an Irish harp and some unidentified leaves) First impressions of St Augustine. Monday Dec 3d 1838. With a body sore from sole to crown from the continued ravages of fleas, red bugs ground bugs flies and mosquitoes which the Florida Volunteers had left in the log house where we were unfortunately obliged to quarter ourselves I resolved magnanimously to decamp in order to enjoy if possible a quiet night of truce aat & accordingly was soon mounted & with the promise to return the next day without an escort through the unfrequented forest, passed off -having a single carbinier to make jolly my solitary ride. Ft. Hanson soon was lost sight of -and as we plunged deeper & deeper into the woods no sign of human life save the cart & wagon ruts that led from our camp. Why did the pine trees grow so tall 1 and why had they such beautifully tufted knots to conceal the distance from our view. Why did the palmetto radiate its glittering green foliage upon every spot of groundi ? Why was the morning so pleasant -the sky so blue -the air so fresh? beautiful indeed was the simple herb and glittering with the spangled dew -but on horseback and dashing ahead at will -I rejoiced that the fleas could not catch me -fare well ft Hanson with thy warm cypress yellow spring water -thy gofer (sic) holes & gofer shells -thy flied sugar & fly-ed butter farewell thy fleas and sand bugs mosquitoes & red bugs, my skin itches to think of you -farewell ye Florida forest vermin -I'm now for city life again. The water and mud only reached to the horses flanks a half a dozen times -only impeded his course occasionally in the 9 miles to ft. Peyton and then a fine


Leaf 8 2 route road and turnpike travelling bore us swiftly on through dull pine forest onward to our had passed the (sic) found himself a prisoner to the flag whose grasped the hand of what is thy meaning? at remains scarcely distinguishable of what was an Indian Camp. Nothing now standing but a few stakes. of war said and though he the last sleep now and though his ear no more to the papeeee's wail or cry of his home now desolate with war & blood, still his word is rolling on to its The last on this of the of waters -robbed of their lands and struggling for its remains -first country of N. America -first settled of the Union. skull bone of Oceola is now under no it is true -It adorns the phrenologic of some amateur of gall and his faithful squaws torn from nation -Oh -what would I not give to reputation of Genl. And are you an Is it that are also to call ourselves by the same national name. Yes we and our banner is black with his foul stain. The spot iEmxk looks and sterile -it unpleasant thoughts and himslf hastened away from it as quickly as I did. And then having a we ft Peyton -of Lt & wildcat & rode on our remaining 7 No log house no plantation no farm no cattle no grain -all one wild forest and in one single place only 3 or 4 woodcutters to interrupt its monotony. We Lt 0 of ft and Dr of at a slow trot. The road a long N.E. at last to right and through a long vista with the thick ? our eyes caught the first of The fine white porticoed building to invite our speed and across


Leaf 8 Sheet 3 (verso) (_f(l..rtl"' .. J two bridgoa and thon -we were on of the eiy-oldost city of the U. States. My cicerone (Fisher) pointed out the spot where the Volunteers had last encamped to the left of our route -said that yon tower on the left was the Old Spanish fort that yon flag staff on the right was the present military station of the U.S.


Leaf 9 -that old Spanish fort is used now said he as a jail -and in it are holes which if dug out would expose 2 or 3 feet of human bones. Away with your tales of Spanish depravity and blood of buccaneers and cruelty. On our left was now a wall as high as our heads and having a range of palmetto to guard its parapet as well as to adorn. The fence on our right approached it so closely that methought we were sneaking into town through some lane or by way -a few paces however brought us into a fine large open square in whose centre stood a white monument of eastern apparently lime stone and at whose side was the city market whose space thus conjoined formed a beautiful open rectangle with the blue waters of the lagoon? in our front. We ambled along to the S. narrow very East angle of the square and turning to the right ascended a long x narrow lanQ. The few fine stores on either side -fine in contrast with our comfortless forest accomodations, the groups of people standing or talking here and there and the large roman letters painted on a board stretching across the street "LEVINGSTON'S HOTEL" convinced me that I was in the main street of St Augustine. Into the gateway of the latter I drove -dismounted and sent my horse to his proper destination -and then went up stairs to a porch and boldly entered what appeared to be an open parlor. Two maids -haviftg-ehe-of Ethiopian complexion inunediate dancedAattendance upon me. Is there a public bar to this house Miss? No master! Here's master's room sir and I was shown to a delightful apartment havtng two beds to the right of & adjoining the entrance room and overlooking the "glad waters of the dark blue sea. Shall I send for a barber for you sir? said one of the African belles seeing my budding whiskers -No said I -with a damn you unexpressed. And having gotten my coat sleeve mended at Mr.Andrew's I returne d & dined Qh-& what a a glorious dinner it was -after -my-week's imprisionment on brackish water sour bread and the saltest o f corn beef I hope the landlady was


Leaf 9 (verso) not alarmed at my good exceedingly good health and fine appetite but surmise that certainly you may I didn't starve at Mrs Levingston's fine table. became True I knew not a soul and how then wae-the lad (words crossed his out) so bold as to make this at once home and T'was not the his button -because he had not -my-even x undress coat on -and (word crossed out) the black coat he had on had a hole init -t'was no letter of introduction because he never dreamed of scraping her acquaintance before -twas not that she expected him and he knows not how he came to get thence unless it was the jack ass that he rode that led him thither. I should not have said jack ass -he was a fine charger a picked horse from Jefferson barracks -as the whole squadron was of the best horses picked from the united companies of a of Dragoons formerly disbanded there and now belonged to Co. D. 2nd Dragoons -Well -at Mrs Levingstons table I sat & dined -elegant roast beef fried chicken turtle soup lettuce potatoes rice preserves of cranberry cheese bread butter onions boiled fish &c &c formed my fare. Mrs Levingston at the head of the table. Mrs Ferris & husband opposite to me. Mr Haslam on my left and Lt. Eimberton to perform the honors of the table on my right. Thinks I -to myself I'm in a pretty fix-unintroduced to any one of this private party -and with a hole in the coat under the right arm pit -it was very uncomfortable and with the reflection that it was my own fault I commenced discussing such articles as my plate was adorned with: after dinner hastened to get the coat mended smoked a few cigars and returned to my room to enjoy a few moments ease. Dec 3d 1838 Augustine Continued (here is interposed a paragraph dated Dec 10, as follows) Monday Dec 10 1838 The coolness of the air the openness o f our log hut the sleeplessness of our nights increases by fleas redbugs sandbugs & mosquitoes & flies renders all writing almost impossible. Alas that


9 Sheilt 3

Leaf 9 Sheet 4 (verso) @ in the U.S. Lt Pemberton liked Augustine better than any spot in the Rip Arnold's subsequent wife a U.S. and no wonder -as there lived there a certain Miss 1\ dr. of Purser? a stone formed of The old fort is built cemented together by the hands of Nature and to be found only on the island opposite to St Augustine where there is a quarry for their preparation. In color this stone is a yellowish white and it forms the material of many of the houses about this ancient town. The fort is of a square form in its general shape and does not accord with the principles of fortification as taught to Lt Pemberton. He says the relief is too great in proportion to the length of the curtain -that the angles of the bastions i.e. the bastion angles are too acute less he thinks black Indian guide than 60a &c &c. just returned 1/2 past 3 P.M. from Col Hanson's 2 sugar canes & 2 hots. syrup as a present and a kind invitation to visit him at anytime &c oh how grateful is the syrup to a stomach) The (said Oliverez --m-an old Spaniard of Augustine ) 5 miles from which he has never been since his birth) used in the Spanish times to be as beautiful as a lovely garden another Alhambra! thought I The walls are very thick but to give a description more perfect than words next page will be found a cursory and imperfect plan with county a profile of the work. Its interior is now used as a prisfon and the buildings on its walls occasionally as a barracks.


Laaf 10 @ Leaf 10 (verso) (on the recto of Leaf 10 is a neatly drawn plan and cross section of Fort Marion, heavily annotated) St. Augustine Dec 3d. & 4th. Monday & Teusday (sic) 1838. Continued. \.._._. .,.a) ment of this It is now Monday again & exactly 1 week writing -and when will it be finished. In St. Augustine no watch maker could be found to repair a watch and but for the Indian war which has brought into existence 1/2 a doz dry good establishments no dry goods of any note could probably have been found, No bookstore whatever & not even a Spanish book. Where one has no personal acquaintances books are the almost sole substitutes in this country. Of these neither English or Spanish could I find. As the amusements of the evening the fair &c would with even no trash now in it be likely to drain my already light purseA I begin to make preparations for departure. As fortune would have it just previous to leaving a private soldier announced himself to me as having received permission to come out and orders to return with me at my return. We therefore took leave of St. Augustine & I of Thompson my dear friend and were soon away from the truly "ancient city. Not a vessel save a scow a skiff adorned its harbor. A qr. of an hour & each vestige of the town had -aisap.. receded from our view. & myself. Palmetto & pine again a sandy level soil & turnpike road gradually in the extensive grove or directed with the straightness of a bee line towards ft Peyton. As the Sun reached his western verge -we left ft Peyton and (word crossed out) now dashed on to the worst part of our journey. Through six deep ponds shaded by thick hammocks we had to pass and at the 3d night was already an hour advanced. The darkness rapidly succeeds the light in this clime and the erected ears and snort of my horse indicated something unusual. He was in the midst of the water yet on whipping him he evinced the same restless-ness and could scarcely be made to move forward. A dark indistinct object stationary on the distant horizon -meviag-1n the shade of the grove appeared to my


Leaf 10 Sheet 2 (verso) @ eye to move Gray pointed it out as a man -we watched it -hailed it -it moved rapidly -the woods resounded with one command to halt -he left the road however and disappeared in the gloom of the distant woods. We proceeded on -a large fire in front of us & on our left kept up an interest for the remaining hour whose end brought us to Ft. Hanson whence an express had already started with rumors of musketry cannon and battle having been heard for 2 hours. May 18. 46 ( entry relating to 3 lines, obviously a later interpolation by the author) (6 line essay on friendship and the perils thereof; probably a later addition, as it is in the same ink as the previous entry).


Leaf 11 6 '7 Monday 10 1838. last days have spent in occasionally writing and conversing with the guide George -or with Lts May & Newton on various various (sic) topics -Indian customs -politics -military tactics -Col. Hanson -Augustine & it would not amiss here to insert the letter reeived by Lt May at the late fair premising that last summer a few ladies visited camp at Ft. Peyton where was then and that a man escorting of them was thrown by his horse. The lines were written by 1 of 3 ladies and as 2 positively eenied its authorship of course the 3d Miss Reid was the convict if to write "poetry" be a sin --( a penciled note relative to the infinite divisions of a thing appears to the right. This note is totally irrelevant and is probably a later addition, as is a similar note of equal irrelevance further down the page). Oh I remember well the time I The sweetest evening of our clime/ When to Ft. Peyton's bonny camp/ Away away we all did tramp. Do you remember who was there?/ I think I recollect a pair/ 1. The gentleman I'm sure was thrown/ 2. The lady she rode all alone. Who gallantly rode forth to aid?/ And welcome us to eve's parade?/ 3.Eliza S. with jet black eye/ 4 Graham, 5 L'Engle, We and all did A table stood in sight/ And almost reaching to the floor/ a great horse blanket it o'er The watermelens they were fine/ The mush mellons were most devine/ around a great jack knife was handed/ You see my style is very candid. The lemonade like joys of life/ The sweet and bitter were at strife/ Fo"" Invitingly the sugar stood/ Which some mistook .. salt as good


Leaf ll ShliHit 2 Leaf ll (v&rso) And how we all of olives eat/ The nicest I had ever met/ And when the sun was wending low/ And when the wind began to blow A black'ning cloud we all d&scried/ "Oh Peter, saddle Tom, I'll ride.,"/ The gallant May did loudly call/ All did fear the coming squall Darker & darker grew th& night/ And when the lightning brought us light/ And brightly round our path it played/ Then left us in the depth of shade. But how can such your memory tax/ They are effaced like forms of wax/ P&rhaps you think you're very sly/ You're not1 I'll t)(ell the reason why. 8 When you resist votre petite soeur/ Don't leave the horse tied at the door/ Many a secret it will tell/ You might not like to hear so well 1. Capt. F. Saunders. 2 3 4 Mrs Graham 5 6 7 Rosy Reid (Rosa. 8. Miss Bryant (Note: foregoing list runs vertially with 2, 3, 5 & 6 vacant) (three lines of irrelevant moral comment on filthiness of man) (16 lines dated Monday May 19, 1846 about daily activities; no relation at all to Florida activities). 1838 Dec 10 Monday. Ft Hanson. 2 weeks have been -paeee8-here by tomorrow noon & no news from without our camp save such as Thompson's arrival at Augustine & Col Hansons kind invitation. Wonder what friends are doing at hoiDQdear creatures I presume they are all well & Hope that Keeler will bring me a letter or paper to night. What would I have done the last 2 weeks for literary amusement had there not been a fortification" Hennen 1 s ''Military surgery" or "Paris by an American" with plans of Paris & Rome to keep alive a topographic taste.


Leaf 11 Shaat 3 (verso) Dec 11 1838. Dose of Croton Tiglium. Dec 13 -Left ft Payton having pracaeding day visited Augustine & returned lata at night with May. Jan 3d 1839 Before the incidents of last few weeks are forever out of memory let me mark down some of their most prominent features. (The rest of the page is occupied by an annotated plan entitled "Plan of Late Scout with Major Ashley Capt. Fulton Lts May & Newton & Lt. Shows terrain with routes of travel, dates of arrival at diverse points and lists personnel involved. The plan covers the period Dec 13 to Dec 29, 1838)


Laaf 14 Leaf 12 is a tissue guard sheet and is blank, leaf 13 contains various irrelevant philosophical musings and is dated 1848. On Thursday Dec 13th having recQived from Lt Byrne his stores and taken his post I started from ft Peyton on a new and to ma interesting exped-ition. fhe various fealings that animated our bosoms can never be expressed. Those that a novice like myself has experienced shall ba fully reviewed by me only when the great seal shall be opened that reveals the heart. and dQtermines my eternal fatQ Oh god grant that what sins I may have done ba forgiven as I forgive those against me. At 10 A. M. we moved off. I can barely recall thQ clouded yet not un-pleasant day with Capt command in front & May's in rear 1bat it was more agrQeable for me to bQ in the van where the opening view cama fresh upon the sight and the comments were more original & uninfluenced by previous observations. The Major paced on with his topographer Si Gunnison mounted I wall recollect on his bob tailed and stout Okeechobea many steps in front while I aither meditatQd alone in thQ space between them & Capt Fulton or else lagged with the Capt & drank in with all voracity the draughts of new and cavalier idaas of dragooningt Which he was plQased to communicate. We talked of horses and of horse saddles he comm2ntad & expostulated & advised against the \'f'OV\ namQ Twiggs with which I had honored my cropped nag. Ha demonstrated his peculiarly formed halter made according to his own orders and made me wish by its convenience that I had had a similar one. We spoke of his brother of the revenue service, of his promotion, of his late marriage, and to rivet his favor I gradually insinuated the "distant" relationship of his spousa Julianna to mine humble self. How convenient hem! to be connectad to naw and aham! influential acquaint-ancas! I racalled the pleasant of his dear sistar Miss


LQaf 14 same and in a tell tale countQnancQ and expatiatQd on of our mutual connQxions and pQt boy NQd. I forgot not thQ dashing mustachios of same Ned and his fondnQSS for fun & girls & & littlQ dreamQd how avQrsQ thQ Capt. was to all thQsQ. HQ also of his hunting drQss -his dQQrskin vest and Indian lQggings and plumQS of cranQ so highly prisQd in Richmond by his sistQr, SQnt to hQr by himslf -of how hQ intQndQd to drill his company with thQ lancQ in thQ Polish which thought hQ must bQ so & And thus jogging on at a dragoon thQ simplQ Swift walk or as NQwton styles it thQ walk (thQre bQing thQ walk thQ trot, thQ the trot, thQ gallop, thek gallop, & the chargQ) WQ had nought to do but proceed ahead, and thQ varying vistas of the lofty pinQ trees -straight somQtimes curving royal or Kings road. Stopping with Gunnison & Major an hour for the lagging pack wrapping mysQlf in my old grQy surtout dubbQd Dummit to protQct against at the falling rain and avoiding the Hanson road where 2 dragoons would havQ lQd mQ off -until the 21 milQ at 1/2 past 2 post brought USAUP at an old ruinQd saw mill 14 m. from our start. as it was still somQwhat rainy than thQ Major had first intendedAand pitched the thQir tQnts or at lQast soldiQr for thQm and thQ soldiQrs thQir saddle covers. Shall I describQ our first first night a tQntl FortunatQ for me was it that Gunnison found it .. to also his and I shall bQ indQbtQd to this o f West Point f o r his useful hints to mQ of the art o f consulting camp comfort. Having SQcured in quartQrs for thQ night, early part of it was first passQd in mess o f suppQr & dinnQr comprQSSQd with May & NQWton into one and in miscQllanQous


LQaf 14 ShQet 3 (verso) dissultory (sic) convQrsation with thQ Major. ThQ subjQcts of his con-keQnly the nQed of the old DQWQes (?) of my collQgiatQ course. To make amQnds I explainQd thQ prominent features of Hall's charactQr & of Geddings & alluded to Smith & the DQmonstratorship. The tattoo sounded us to sleQp and although it rainQd I passed a sound night. When cold my bed companion or myself might cling thQ more closQly togQther and with the first dawn of the morrow the 14th Dec. the rQveill:Q sounded us up -to saddlQ-to breakfast -pack -& march. I had now sQlected Shaw as my hospital steward & Parkinson to attend to my tent. Our routQ lay on thQ "Kings road" and thQ beautifully not frequent and of somewhat similar charactQr were not entirely unintQresting. At about 11 A.M. Gunnison & myself sallied forth 1/4 m. to lQft of road to whitQ survQy a fQw somQwhat artificial in appearance and c overlooking an extensive vallQy on the east covQred with the thickQst scrub hammock & forest VQgetation. PinQs CyprQSSQS Cabbage trQes &c. '" At 2 o'clock we stood off to CM6 right of thQ roadVto avoid.the swollQn Tamoka (sic) and through mud & mire -wiry grassy marshQs and plashing ponds wouad our way for 5 m. in a gQnerally W. course following the


15 -until 4 o clock brought us to a spot which with our now The jbjor my mess spot as if I it suitable as any for my I shall endeavor to this My natural quickness of sensibility him & Gunnison out the spot. On morning of 15th we again off before sun gilded east. And in about an hour or so one of tangling passes for crossing of the in Fl. I was in of all Major & for a novice that none could ,, + alertly trail of To this was (no is given, as a blank spot of about 5 lines follows; the to the at a date and did). Our now lay S.S.W. through mud and marsh. At about 11 (word crossed out) crossed head of Tamoka (sic) the at the horses flanks through winding in a narrow trail interrupted by logs. Next it lay for through an human or human habitation or human sign -the trail which it was surprising to me to even by an Indian it was so interminably wet & miry. A beautiful little struck my fancy and I my feet to pluck the fancy striking cherub from its solitude withered grass. This, thought I, -should go to Md. solitary blue flower in the prairie. following 8 lines consist of philosophical musings dated 1846 and 1848)


Leaf 15 Shi!et 2 (vQrso) At about 12 thQ routQ was becoming dryer -we had haltQd to discuss the direction of a trail that crossed our path. & thQ importancQ of George bQgan to manifQst itself morQ fully. ThQ ignorancQ or acquaintance with thQ country of our commandQr & our guide were becoming CQrtain thQrmometers of thQ manly pQtulance of the onQ or the dogged dissatisfaction of thQ other. Another hour brought us to SprucQ Cr. and here was indQQd a specimen of Florida travQlling. How shall I dQscribe thQ assurance of May, the wool gathQring of GeorgQ, thQ flurry of thQ Major, thQ disappointmQnt-choked laughtQr or discussions of all. At 1/2 p. 1 WQ were at the proper ford which we soon crossQd and now still kept on with little to vary the advances. and anothQr bay gall which gave the Capt an opportunity of Qvincing his powQr in thQ "cut" and "Twiggs h:is powers in the "thrust'' of his body through through QVery impedimQnt. My time was spent as that of all the others generally in silencQ, sometimes in humming a tune & oncQ in a loud bull dog bark which attracted the Major's attention as well as my own to the rear. Among other mattQrs, the sighing soul of Fulton more fully expressed thQ half insinuatQd attractions that were veering his thoughts toward QncountQring a fQW dear (sic) bounding across our van & Augustine. At about 4 P.M. demonstration of thQ Major towards encamping which was prevented by George's assurance of soon reaching the Kings highway -WQ found ourselves by Fulton's discovQry once more upon it for sQveral miles but repeated instances of his as & caused onQ to allow much for his QXUbQrance (sic) of still fancy and thQ desire of thQ favorable smilQs ofAsupQrior commanders. The changing VQgetation, the parallel trails, the uninjured (word crossQd out) & short bridgQs across the branchQs of Spruce Crk fhe incrQasing numbQr of cabbage trQes and more luxuriantly thick vegQtation & other


various tok8ns were b8ginning to assure us of the proximity of Smyrna & then th8 gentle roaring of the sea now lessening & lestening (sic) in distance The roar of the sea (4 line pencil note relative to topics; probably later interpolation) The grov8 lik8 app8aranc8 of the woods too -betoken8d to us th8 ancient s8at of Turnbull. I can remember a few only of the opinions expressed by Major of Turnbull. It was at our 2nd Encampment on h8ad of Tomoka on evening of the 14th There with his comparisons of Jackson & Houston -his opinions of democracy and Van Burenism -and his allusions to Fl. history gradually filled up in my mind the yet rude glimses (sic) I had formed of his calibr8. At 5 P.M. I rod8 off to th8 left and plucked many & many a sour orange growing at the foot of th8 wall where once stood the fine residence of Capt Dummitt. I ascended to the latter and from its commanding heght surveyed th8 surrounding beautiful panorama (11 lines in ink and pencil of philosphical musings; all irrelevant to the journal text and obviously inserted at a later date). To crown all the g8ntl8 roar of th8 distant sea -the gay jovial laught8r from the camp -the bland atmosphere -the sweetened orangeade. And in their own fr8emasonry evening sat (sic) in. Excepting myself & Newton all supped at the Art.y post and after their return and the tattoo had sound8d us to rest we slept & slept. Th8 camp fires soon moultiered to ashes. No pine at wood was to be had as readily wh8re else. and the rights of private possession were also to be somewhat resp8cted.


Leaf 16 Sheet 2 (verso) The 16th came and the Sabbath dawned forth with its splendid sun. We breaRfasted sumptuously on the fresh fish kindly furnished us by our friends in the neiboring (sic) post and the fine fresh bread. At 10 Dr. DeLeon called on us and received such rough casfensal (sic) courtesies as Newton & myself could extend. but can I detail the general aspect of the visit on each of us. (2 line pencil philosophical note, probably of later date; irrelevant to text) By his invitation I sauntered forth to the post -examined the quay the skiffs -the wall of coquina that encircled the post evidences of Capt. official white Browns policeAqualities and passing 6 columns entered the former kitchen -now officers quarters of Mr. Capt Brown received me hospitably -he was a (six line religious passage dated 1848; irrelevant to text) Mr Phelps said too little to give a clue to his genius but his physiog. bespoke neither excess of intellect nor deficit of judgement. His heart was however of good stuff I presumed which after all constitutes the main element of the man. Around the room were casks and barrels and and ladders and bunks (a fine one too of Lt Phelps) and a few books and in a recess the whitened skull bones of certain unfortunate men murdered but lately on the coast. They were chiefly I think Texan adventurers &c. meanwhile Capt Fulton and Lt Gunnison had g one to the sea beach to collect shells and conks (sic) the latter as o r namen t s for his topographi cal bu reau the f ormer as love tokens wit h oysters a barrel of sour oranges and a "flower (sic) barrel o f ?" to be sent to his lady love at Augustine. The latter affair was become now quite notorious a n d w e bega n all to sharpen our bills t o make war on the


Leaf 16 Sheet 3 (verso) wobegone (sic) love lorn capt. I must Defore falling into the slumber of the 16th give some relation of the coquina canal, the camp fires, the matches or tinder boxes -parroquets (sic) -cabbage tree mangrove forest killed by frost & ita effect on health -(called rosewood said Capt Brown by Dr Lighinec (?)by the by a very accurate laid Ashlay and a botanistyBrown.


of distant lighthouse? also of prickly of all said the visit to the steamboat nocte -the news superceded to Dr. Byrns my disappointment at receiving no brandy -May's detachment on short scout. Time however passed pleasantly and the morning of the 17th found us route escorted for a mile or two by Capt. Brown. I took occasion to leave a letter haphazardly for rna and passed away probaoly forever from "Halifaxrr R. Capt B. left us after a while and now over a wet occasionally miry soil we wended our way blazing its new track far to the South W, S, -W-& South, This blazing merely consisting in barking the trees by axes generally on its first aspect presented to us and that that faces our rear after passing it. 2 or 3 men are detached for the service relieved every 1/2 hour or so by others. Fatigue distant trees extensive savanna St Johns George shoots at white crane. May had killed a turkey As it was now past 4 we retraced our steps about a mile & encamped. Shaw my stewd (sic) was here reclaimed by May who alledged his paucity of guard force and necessity At night the howling of the wolves and the occasional neigh of kick of a horse were the sole noises to disturb On 18th. the camp -eft-near lake Harney & proceeded until a narrow stream intercepted our route after


Laaf 17 Sheet 2 pioneering & scouting a spot was chosen for crossing it which proved to be the same that had been first touched. What stream is that Mr Gunnison, in petulance said I,. "Oh" said the Majorl\call it the Drs. Creek. Nay Mr Gunnison call it Hughes Creek and in my honor at crossing it, it now bears my name. Preceding (sic) some distance on, we arrived at an old deserted Indian camp. pine sticks covered with palmetto leaves now withered and sear (sic). Here the Major's self possession was placed entirely hors de combat by the voice in my absence not knowing who it was. After George had returned, he directed him to "go on back" on turning back said he -"go on forward George went on head down & sulky in feeling. We marched N. far beyond the just latitude and at about 12 turned again to South. The Major went so far as to say "George I'm not mad at you I don't blame you I know you have never been in this section before. The Inflanneeupkoska (sic) was next crossed and on one of its branches a vine twisted itself around my horses neck as well as my own. It was a narrow time for me. I recollect well that whenever any doubt of the trail existed no one was more assured of the proper one than having been in May and no one generally was more certain ofAerror -ift-my-eseimaee-correct true after the A detection of ourAposition -After going south several hours we arrived at St Johns+ the Major & May went down to it -afterwards myself & Gunnison -I returned soon and afterward the others and now encamped a few miles from Hernandez's old camp Wednesday 19th Dec. 1838. Left St Johns river at Philip's old town. Morning bugling messing camp fires -tenting meals & might require a few paragraphs but I shall go on. We soon passed Hernandez's old camp & then after a troublesome scrub & beautiful cabbage hammock & intricate


Leaf 17 Sheet 3 (verso) swamp arrived passing by many ponds -at lake Munroe. May had been sent in advance & Newton was repairing the roads where excessively bad. The made by us objects here were the Sulphur Spring bath -fire 1\ on shore -ferry boat -discussions about whiskers beard mustachios -light color for Italian painter or invite Ashby to have hiS+ Disappointment about newspapers from ft. Mellon. bearing of ft Mellon -oranges sulphur spring at 1. Orange Juan Ponce de Leon's spring. Major Gardiner Capt L Bell Lt Shirar & Dr Turner -Lt Ross & his wife) dragoons of Newton opening a road camp Kingsbury -Thursday Dec 20-Fulton's seat & table -discussion about uniforms painted blue and daubed with brickdust Twiggs up avenue -dragoons too gov pretty -staff admired -Peculiarities of Gunnison (Miss Lydia daughter) -topographical -May's antipathy to them-these "what do you call & these topographical engineers" what kind of animals are they what of this secret are they used for-"injury of 2 last days march to May's horses" -tickling of Gunnison -hit him at nightproceed via spring grove to ft Mellon on shore distinct from height indistinct from boat -rio falso of S Florida -talks about fight -the Langlins friendship -one -space at ft Mellon. Friday Dec 21st-Gunnison Dr.Turner & May go to Smyrna-sleep in morning -headache -salmon salted for dinner Ashby Fulton Newton & self to Ashby's spring or visit sulphur lake-palmetto leaves-large cypress -remarks on employing men in making a house -to Clandsea (?) snails bushels of -return to camp -turtle or snake eggs -to Fulton's tent & talk -chocolate drink -various topics -losing oneself among tents in a camp. Presidents message got yesterday -cabbage trees form good sugar lands.


Leaf 18 Saturday Dec 22nd Mrs Ross visits "Spring lodge" & May Turner & Gunnison return. M. & G report to Major their dispute. Sunday Dec 23d Gunnison out all day scouting returns late at eve. jealousy of May you do Gunnison injustice. Major finishes spring lodge. sickness of 1 or 2 hands -impropriety of such service. I ride down to Spring lodge or May -scratched & cut &c. Beautiful night -Cassiopea of Gunnison -ungallant salary of Lt Ross -opinions of May about ladies. Monday Dec 24 Leave camp Kingsbury -very cold -5 m. scrub N.W. good road -got in between 2 trails + Major at loss + George & Titus who knows all + rolling country + again on trail + difficulty of trails + their ground harder + beautiful hammock around Woodruffs + 2 or 3 dear (sic) chased & snapped at by George + winding road through Woodruffs hammock + dead white pines + sugar plantation+ standing chimney+ Maj. G & I ride to it+ ruins+ distant lake+ sulph. spring+ arrive W.s residence at camp. Brandy bottle opened -"George Titus & Newton" all gone next morn up at night -Gunnison kindles fire + warm pleasant night + boots to Cornwall -toast to G. Tuesday Dec 25 Leave spring garden (mill $30.000 2 children) 1 or 2 streamlets, for 1 mile mud & plash, next (?) dry to Volusia + Major in rear -the quizzing me about brandy + necessity of washbasin+ landing adjt Call + beautiful fine rowing of soldiers + graves under live oaks tillandria -conversattons about Gates + Twiggs to be shod -friends toasting us at home? "how" of G. sumach & ascarides of the Major. arrive early at Volusia -officers dine at ft Butler. invitation for Fulton from Winder Newton & I cross in evening -Capt Winder Lts Searles Siblee (converse about him Lt Hardee (unidentified mark) with Miss Anita Smith & Mrs Bryant he was of S.C.) Merrill Dr Abadie. Farey of horses Capt Winder's suprr knowledge. Te amsters -rive r + l e nd $1 to Parkinson + spread eagle -&c


Leaf 18 Sheet 2 Leaf 18 (verso) Wednesd. 26th march N. & Fulton leaves us for his ladie (sic) love we then passed a large scrub -then a tangling branch and shortly after encamped on ground of Indian trail Newton ordered to rear quizzing by May & its effects i.e. veton (?) courteous. small lakes & ponds. Thursday 27th Go to St Johns Ocklawaha ? encam 6 m. from 1st start after scouring the peninsula bee tree-Indian sign-Major's opinion of Hennen on does foes Jackson & Route (?) (last four words not clear) May's favorite songs and expressions "Sophy" gwine to shoot a coon Oh John come hand me down -of all the brave birds that ever I see" & after visit to Miss Finley "On the Lake where droops the willow Major's opinion of Hennen. Gunnison wihses me to name the peninsula -tent pitching -strike former trail twice. Indians going towd. Ocklawaha. (irrelevant 3 line religious quotation or passage interpolated) Friday Dec 28th -after long march & crossing an extensive sometimes inundated savanna encamp in 1st Haw Crk (word crossed out) Haw camp Saturday Dec 29 Cross 3 slaws (sic) -great open plain + snake killed -arrive at Fulton' s trail-clear water pond+ water horses-Maj. asks how I like dragooning Twiggs & Pick wk. arrive at ft Peyton -sup with 0 Brien smoke read 13th Dec Chronicle Sunday Dec 30 go alone after Newton to Hanson -meet Sanchez and George -Sanchez ordered back by May (unknown symbol) Newton & Hardee at camp. 1st soldier Hardee ever saw flogged May arrives and flogs Cullen & Colston 23 licks -death if they resist by war-Hardee' s departure Polish woman wet her up to waist if she walk


Leaf 18 Sheet 3 (verso) + May + 2 children -letter brought -H-from H (?) R B by May -Newton's remarks about Gunnison+ conversation about Augustine ladies -Pemberton's fate & remarks about him to fight 2 duels-Carlos Dido Colonel Lufra (?) Monday Dec 31 1839 (sic) Went with May to Augustine -pressed myself on Mrs. Levingston-slept in Gunnison's room-saw Capt Voorhees next day Tuesday Jan 1. Rather retired gloomy day + Lt Hardee was so kind as to introduce me to various ladies -Inge & Hardier (or possibly Stardier) evening in camp at went with Hardee & Inge to Mrs. Bryants (Kates) Miss Robertson's, Misses Clelands + then went with Inge who had dined on me to Florida house to sup. saw miss Finley + at 9 left town (unidentified symbol) Hardee for Peyton -rapid ride sleep talk of Miss Eliza & next morn Capt Fulton Mr Preston & Capt Voorhees having come out I start for Hanson. Wednesday Jan 2 -passes at ft Hanson -checking &c


Leaf 19 Leaf 19 is a tissue guard sheet and is blank. Leaf 20 Leaf 20 bears an engraving of a storm bound ship entitled "The Night Storm," published in Boston by Charles Bowen. Beneath the engraving (i.e. to the left of the page) is written "Flirt & Wave, Fort Lauderdale E. F. night of 24th & 25th January 1840 the dismasted" The rest of the page is covered with various religious and philosophic effusions apparently dating from 1848. The top half of the verso of leaf 20 is occupied by 4 drawings in pencil outlined in ink. The first (top l.h. corner) is of a man reading a book. It is captioned "Feb 7 1839. Bay K. Biscay. In the top r. h. corner is a drawing of the head & shoulders of a woman captioned in pencil "Woman of In the 1. center of the page is a drawing captioned "canoe of Tonga Islands." And in the r.h. center of the page is a drawing of a bearded soldier's head & shoulders with tents, trees, & hills inthe background. This drawing is captioned in pencil, but has been marked through & is illegible. I believe the soldier's headgear is a cavalry helmet of the Seminole War period & if so the drawing may date from the same period as Hughes' Florida service.


Leaf 21 Thursday Jan 3. ball in town at night -May still there -letters &c announcing order to Volusia. Friday Jan 4. Sat. Jan 5 Went to town alone. Capt Fulton's comp. ready to move off at 10. left Hanson 10' & Peyton lOn+ 18 m. in sight of Augustine -met gent. & lady in gig go round N. Wall to Fl. house + sent horse to be shod + got oysters + (unidentified symbol) seeing Gunnison (unidentified symbol) Major Ashby Dr Waightman in evening Dr Byrne + calling on Miss Finley just before dinner attending her to dinner -& from -promising to see her again -called after supper -Col Finley up -Mr Blake -myself & Dr Byrne visit the Misses Dummits -(saw Capt Dummit in afternoon) Song from Miss Finley + Soley waits on her -she after "back out (in front") bids me gude (sic) bye -met May + Byrne Soley, myself & May take venision & oysters & 5 whisk punch -play rolette (sic) and then (word crossed out) M star (ts?) for Hanson arrive at 3 -after rolling over Twiggs -beating him to Peyton & waking 0 Brien + volunteers Acosta in my bed + curse Newton & children so to bed. (Mrs Bryants Jo & Montsom "if you play (unidentified symbol) fire you'll piss abed). Talk about Baxley & May (unidentified symbol) Col Finley -------=1=-8.39 (in pencil) Sunday Jan 6 Leave ft Hanson. Phinney drunk -I am sleepy lag -Phinney severely drunk just behind me -whats the matter with your horse" still more drunk + made to go before May + behind him + made to walk + falls + flogged + ditto ditto + put up again on horse + want to get hold of reins + encamp at clear water pond at 9 P.M. after riding nocte. and seeing distant fires. Why had May been arrested by Jesup. Monday Jan 7 George sent on before-pass Haw creeks+ conversation


Leaf 21 Sheet 2 Leaf 21 (verso) Baxley, Baker &c aboutALt Newton, Dr. Hamilton Mr May & Thompkins myself &c George gun had snapped -pass Fulton's camp -halt 20m. p. eleven. Request march into Volusia -bugle playing flag flying & dogs barking + find 5-l= 4 bottles brandy gone Capts Winder Bell Lt Darling visit camp. Fulton Hardee &c. Escort with May the 3 down to boat. Talk about Augustine -cause of our removal discovered news about Fanning & Harney Twiggs & Picolata h. quarters & 4 cos (?) to Jupiter. hounds &c necessity of not reading "others' newspapers. May's chronicle. want of trousers. W with May about Miss Finley -Othello Desdemona. Tuesday Jan 8. rise late -sweet sweet dream the neck the waist the blushing red cheek the diamond dark eyes the raven hair of C.R. the lips wakened by Newton oh heaven of love. May great brag Tuesday wakened "I am a great flatterer"! Hah dined (symbol) Newton alone (.\o.6. .. \) up by Hardee quizzed about Augustine ladies. Before crossing river must write all my letters .PiO flatter a man Thoughts of home of Balt of Miss Teackle &c Night. 10 minutes past 9. Newton just left my tent. 0 great God my bless his dear soul. his quiet gentlemanly deportment. his unassuming and student like qualities his finished manners -his (word crossed out) easy insinuating ility winning without effort deportment -his invincible gentemaftoh God bless him. Home sweet home. who's there now! oh heaven protect them all. --Visited Capt Fulton's tent to night-his men had alrea (blot) dy voluntarily made his seats 2 and his table -all was comfort camp com-fort -the effect of the good will of his men as well as strict discipline. t:.. May sang "Sophy" -pardiased (?) into "Eliza" (Finley) -spoke of being detected singing "If I may be so bold -told-country garden." Oh John come hand me down my wife." May got me a new horse to day. Supped with him alone. Told him my lie about receiving Chronicle of Mrs Brvant (sketch of hand) never tell a falsehood (hand) even in jest.


Leaf 21 Sheet 3 (verso) (hand) never take a borrowed paper (symbol) its owner's presence Res. Read of Mays library Shakespeares Taming Shrew -Petruchio & Kate Newton came to my tent -we sang together -(symbol) he left -I sang blue eyed Mary he whistled. Wrote today to Dr Bard, Wm Levely shall finish more tomorrow to others as HRB + HAH + TPH + then Lt C + Miss M. N. + I was 11plagued" by all about Miss Anita Smith & Miss Eliza Finley. May wants to go recruiting to Balt. Capt Winder told us 4 Cos to go to Jupiter 'ours' among them found out our Augustine fun was the cause of our being ordered to Volusia. Had I the clear distinct voice that could swell into a full and long note or descend to the lowest ebb of articulation in melody, how sweet it would be to pour forth in song the feelings of the heart. Alas it is not one of my gifts -oh God when this body is -mayst thou Who art the living Spirit of Harmony be my home and in Thee all will be in peace." the deeds of old, said Duthmarms, are like paths to our eyes" oh Fingal". Remember the daughters of the boar hunter of Formoth strina dona -daughter of Rurmar. "Whence is the stream of years! Whither do they roll along! Where have they hid in mist their many colored sides!" oh oh God darkness pavilions thy abode. Thou beyond mortal ken of sweet dear eternal God. (following are lines of religious material dated 1846; extraneous to text)


Leaf 22 Wednesday Jan 9 1839 Arose. Visited with Newton, Lt Brailer (?). Newton's & son. Capt Voorhees, Capt Bell Lt Brown go per steamboat to ft Mellon. Visit Dr Abadie who shows made of eating oranges. Visit Capt Winder who calls ours camp Dummitt in reference to Fulton's blues.(Miss Dummitt) negotiated for dragoon's trousers-last night George ate polecat -Indian customs conversed about their wives 3 even up .to 6. their indolent life-hunting-prefer polecat to venision -description of wild cat -small eyes & person somewhat near 33 or 35 yr. (word crossed out) you should be more eclectic in dress said Abadie -cannot be agreed Darling -like to have forgot Searls aboard of steamboat -"Flagellation" received by Abadie & Winder -returned with Hardee & Newton rowed with Catser race beat them Newton fell Ransom Hardee Newton & self to H's tent +May comes up -we converse about commissaries, disbursing &c ladies of Augustine (wealth a matter I never inquire into)Abadie) Hardee proposes I second the name of camp Finley. May in chair. Aff. unanim. May says no -picnic proposed -invitations to be sent this evening. Hardee dines with us. Saw Cole across river. He told me about tale of Hardee's being actually forced to go to party in Augustine & about Thompsons rage at hearing of his being actually forced in by a chain around his neck -almost equal to Neone (?) olives in salt water & insolence to Winder about a tent. Implicit faith would naturally be placed in officers word thought I. Having been glancing at Ossian I propose wtiting this evening to Augustine & to Dr Byrne. Wm Lev. HAH Terry Susan H & LHar & then to Miss Cornelia B next -Eliz Teack. Surg. Genl. Dr B&rd in all. (follows of pencil t9xt of nature) Cutting gradually said I about saddl9 to WindQr. Youll all yr braad So long about itT.(?) fulton (about six linQs of various extran9ous matarial in pencil and p9n follows)


P. 9 2 habits said had it in his with a tooth b:Jrush (and a small comb) Duties today (drawing of heart) Hi (?) & St John 3 arg. to Assian -Ullins Write my letters all no & do my vocal draw oak leaf &c Taming of Shrew passages Corinte (?) & Waltz (?) of B 10 lines each Lt. Darling Miller (Art) & Dr visited.us a cheval -miller the most a la pointe occidentale West Pointish indolens et silens (illegible words) tolerabilis vir conversation. Newton & dramato Darlings horse had hurt his shoulder -he expected to visit N. in spring. went to Fulton's tent -seals -or grasshopper in springtime -lancet je a guerior -privtens lancet us drs. said I -t'would be well to have some mottos (sic) & a la dragoon said I -too much of shop said Fulton -the very git (sic) & pith said I. I shall have a lion said Dave rampant? said Abadie. couchant? said Miller -pendant? said I


Pagli! 9 Thursday Jan 10 in othlilr book. Hardli!li! duckli!d Friday Jan 11 "J ,_had run q,vlilr Philip Maj. Ashby rli!turns-May coaxli!s acK WLi1tlil 1.rsli! into his tli!nt. Sli!nt for bott. portli!r 50 ct. ( Sli!VIi!ral linlils crosssli!d out follow) Dililt dili!t dili!t (symbol) No more butter. (slilvli!ral morli! crossli!d out linlils) 6 P.M. Nevli!r taklil buttli!r (pointing hand) Eat no more hot articles. Buy no morli! tobacco or cigars No bath tonight too cool. Capt Beall visitli!d us this evli!-he had shot a dli!ar (sic) -its fellow stoppli!d and stared at him-missed him huntli!r of the dear -Porter takliln by Newton, & Hardee concealed it in Capt Fulton's tli!nt. read lilpitome of Maltli!Sii! history in Southern Lit(erary) Review. I am half sick (li!e?) of thlil follilils of H. & Nn. put my blue coat away. Economise li!ach hour. Miss 1 mlilal tomorrow at least (Crossed out lines: up cigars & use piplil. Rli!ad tonight character in Bibllil NT & OT. begin the biblli! & rli!ad Genesis first. Rli!ad notes on Nathan (?).) Hand mli! that luminary to lilnlighten my nicotian (sic) wli!ed Nli!wton. Oh how many folliQs do I daily committ! Oh God guard my thoughts & acts! Oh Lord protect my wandli!ring mind! save me from sin -bring me to Thine-self. (Crossed out word) Except mlilal tomorrow Sat Jan 12 (crossli!d out). TQmporli! mutantur lilt mutamur cum illia a tempora o morli!s -o tempora o moses! Always rli!ad each morn thlil procli!edings of yli!sterd & go to Butler & rli!ad Caulain-court (sic) -read & study 1st Ch. of Bible & of St. John until by (drawing of heart) New horsli! given mli! by May. Sat Jan 12. Titus dancing a la Seminolli! last night. May & Capt Beall on dli!ar (sic) "grli!y hunt with hounds -that are as swift as brli!athli!d stags ay fleli!tli!r than the rolil." Walked (symbol) Nli!wton & Hardli!li! to ft Call & got sli!at. Jack another circus. Dido. Col Lufra Major Capt littllil stiff manes Indian poney Plato (2 small drawings of horsli! hlilads) Major whliln did thlil Vli!SSiill in which you came hithlilr depart." "By God" -Nli!wton & Hardli!li! laughing "orator of camp" nicknamed by N. & H. & hie brli!cholil ( ? ) by H. dining tabllil Wlilll suit thlil purposli! ,._ N. for rostrum "hlilre' s a piplil Miss Annita of thlil Drs let mli! caution you about his


10 Sat Jan 12 continued Crows cawing camp -dammed (sic) crows have found you out too said Darling. and said Fulton look at that scamp (dammed thief should have said) yonder with a cracker off in its mouth-did you ever drunk said_ Newton Aye (2 symbols crossed out) darling -corn dipped in alcohol -to check said I, digging -said Darl. caw caw -are said out: Fulton) Darling firom Va. crows -yes (symbol:said) Fulton talk Mickasukie (sic) in Fl -and jabber the tongue too -to names of fultons and Samson & Goliath said Darling -said Fulton -their sides are worn by saddle (skirts?) by Hughes)-in N.Y. spring (symbol: said) Darl. I shall-have every trapping made to suit my own -easea-wish -skirt to come high over & so far down to his loins &c. saddle with every thing to attach my & a ring to a cup to my side & horn & shot bag &c. recollect St Rinson's (?) at Jeff. Barracks said Fulton -my are Missourians would like to see 10 comps. Cav. in parade -said Abadie were 6 there said Fult 5 said Abadie -twould require (?) to equal 6 of Cavalry said Darl Aye said Miller 93 now in for.m a Co. (symbol: said) Miller -May's Co is reduced very (symbol: much) said Dr Abadie a cavalry dragoon co requires more officers (symbol: said) Darling & 3 are not sufficient -so many horses to to -have nothirg said Miller in comparison Miller preferred sea board -to live on sea breeze and oysters+ I'd prefer game ducks & venison (symbol: said) Darling. Oh I would not be compelled to live 3 years on sea water & oysters (symbol: said) Hardee. they'd soon sicken me of life + so would venison in toto said I -aye said Abadie I'm already disgusted therewith. And Brandy? said Newton to me. Aye Salmon get bottle water time. bless corkscrew &c & place them on Augustine a dull May. Darl. very dull -there 10 days -aye said I -dont like it Dr Byrne gone to bay (symbol: said)


Page 10 sheet 2 Abadie oh I never interfere with Twiggs & headquarters said Abadie of Byrne but still he was always interfering + better take fate as comes & the effect + the very name of deadman's bay is sufficient+ country low and projecting into water So called from shipwrecks there said Abadie & he is travelling with Genl Tailor said Fulton -has much tack(?) said Darling & we'll know when Winder returns said Dar ling or Abadie -Speaking of Capt Beall why wear his beard so long said (next four words crossed out) only on his chin he thinks tie's Christ said Darling. An anecdote said Newton of Atla Middleton son of minister to Russia of S.C. did any of you know him ? well he was at a ball -with round jacket & top boots -said Middleton why Miss do you think my beard extra long -I have it only on chin and am said to resemble Jesus Christ in profile therefore I wear his beard also -No wonder Mr M -said she he was crucified -(symbol) Newton that is excellent and ha ha ha said we all. Maj. Ashby since last 12 mo. is wonderfully different & improved said Fulton and thought Darling his old habit of feeling cads expressed a la/vie by Darling -all present? said Ashby at role call turning round stooping to feel cads -then all's right -carry arms! +poison said I -ah its an old custom said Fulton & Dark + before ever poison was thought of + Capt Warrington said Newton when waiting on wife in Norfolk would stop & do just so Drank with them all of my hospJ brandy + farewell a cheval -agree


Page 11 to midi with Newt & Hard. Then to this wait & Salmon a dram & ordered 1 wk. Bass & trout are the fish caught said Miller -thought or (I. Don't like that sport (hunting (symbol:said) Darlg. Abadie Hardee (& Newton?) did y drink Miller Darling & I did got today -drank glass brandy (symbol:with) Salmon about today Bible -Shakesp. Shrew -W Songst mend trousers write to surg. genl. Impudent to Newton each meal -& Sat. quo-tation -Evening May & Capt Beall returned having got no shot started 8 or 9 but corpl nor George killed any. Hardee & Newton still "oratorizing" it -hear! discussion about 0 Connel's character all abuse him Newton allows him no merit. H. & I differ vox nihil + Potemkin & -scrambling for money at coronation -dear on the escutcheon -pana!Yrically all 3 on family devices &c + my ancestral race since days of flood -has flown (word crossed out)"through Scoundrels blood" said Hardee. To rest -I have performed not all the duties of the day -exeepe-I no more for morrow. 1 bt Brandy to Salmon. Sunday Jan 13. (Monday 14) Can I recall the thousandth part of the\ Allegories of dinner May & myself at night try opii & etheris Hardee Newton & Ransom at our camp. I was quite from the attacks of Newt & Hard and shall hereafter checkmate their proceedings,, On arriving at Dr Abadie's tent we found Maj. Ashby Capts Winder & Fulton Beall Capt Dr Abadie. Lts Darling & Miller May & myself 10. and being invited to Searls L M : tent sat to dinner Abadie at foot opposite Searls at head. Capt. Winder Lt May Capt Beall & Lt Miller opposite to Major Ashby Capt Fulton Dr Hughes & Lt Darling. The topics of conversation turned on very many subjects and on 1 st seating Searls and Darling commenced their oblique solil-


Paga 11 Shaat 2 @ iquias (?} (following word obliterated} in order to arouse us to glae and joy. kind of fish is that Dr. said Maj. Ashby ah Major -the bass tha bass Dr H. from tha St. Johns? -Darl. Aya fine fish hare -Searl Gentlemen" will you take fish or turkey -fish Wind -fish-Darl. whisper ba rather sparing Dr -or it wont go around. Ash. delightful fish -Searls -who'll taka some of the turkey Dr Ab. Ill trouble you Mr. (indecipherable: appears to be "Q ik") -Searl. No trouble -at -all -(cutting it) sir and if you please what part (Winder} why major we must aach. taka care of no. 1 -(Capt F) he's a fool that can't take care of no. 1 (Chay) if I detest anything tis the. way our people have of deserting the ladies & scampering into the supper room Ash -Ah Searles you have'nt (sic) learned the latest fashion of dining. Searl Fashion of dining ha ha ha -wish I had some to sharpen the appetite for you Ashby -the proper plan now is to commence by cold oysters seasoned with lemon juice and this first round always gives an edge to


PagQ 12 Capt Winder (why its an old d custom in Md forgottQn. to thQ palate and a ZQSt to thQ (Ash) I supposQ you know James King -(Capt W) -Wke-JamQs King? what James King + you as well say James Nobbs (Ashby) James King of N. York (W) James King of N. Y ? -Why Capt you had as well say that you knew no distinguishQd man in the country (Winder) damn thQ distinguishQd man in the country -is he a son of Rufus King (Ash) Aye of Ru(us K. (Wind) Oh well I do'nt (sic) know him nQver even heard of him (Ashby) well, he is one of those who give the tone & style to fashionable laws of QntertainmQnt in N.Y. and I have -e{Eeft-dined with him and (Dr Abadie) Some of that turkey Capt Searles if you please -(Searles) which part Dr (Dr) ah immaterial my dear sir (Darl) imma -a -t -e -Q -ri -al -ha ha ha some of the skin I fancy (Searles) ah the skin I shall help him to -(Darling) thQ Dr is of exquisite -taste and who would refuse the skin -never -K.i1 r .. :-...+ is wrlttf. mind its color (Fulton) ha ha (word crossed out) I reckon it depends upon how .. J -its cooked -a brown skin would 'nt go (symbol: with) raveryJ-fashion now is I have dinQd with Mr. Witmer (?) (parQnthQsis & quQstion mark are Hughes') of N.Y. and he is one of those stylish Qntertainers whose Qxamplra is law in all gastronomic feasts in that city and find thra custom is to havQ desert wines & evQry round all placQd on the table at once. (WindQr) and who would consent to the dictatorship of any man in matters of this kind --Bea!!--Miii-(Searles) Mr W of N.Y. -ah hQ is one of thase damned sharking loafQrs after all -(Darl) the very sort of fellows Capt these damnQd sharkirg wealthy loafQrs -it takes a man of wealth to -iea-shark about the country -talk to me about (Ashby) the elite after all (Wind) Ay the elite (Darl.) of that sand hill if you pleasQ (Beall) this is the sandhill crane thQrQ the giblets -gentlemran-(Ashby) if you please I'll (Darl)voulQz vous Monsieur du poisson (BQall) non je vous (?). (Braall) voulQz de la moutarde (Fulton) What did you say Capt -(BQall) voulez vous dQ la moutarde -(Fult) I dont hear you -(Abadie) very well said Capt dont hear or undQrstand QithQr Fult oh no no no I thank you -(I) some claret ah tf"' '"' ""' '( .. j, 'fht c.'f' \c.'""'w .. (Darl) or champagne (Abad) help sQlves gentlemQn-Mr Miller hQlp


Page !'a.sheet 2 this young gent is so modest -(Miller) that he cant refuse they cant refuse cant refuse (singing) ah encore encore never sing (On the right hand side of page a column of words with a few Seminole equivalents; intruding into the colunm are the statements "Searle The corkscrew" and "Dr Abadie The corkscrew" as is indicated on the previous sheet.)


Page 13 Ashby( I'll try soma of the porter the English are the only drinkers of porter at dinners (Dr H pours out a glass of porter) (Ashby) the English seldom drink wines now -they require something equally stimulant and more heavy (May) I dont think the English ouf!ht to regulate the -laws-.e-dinners in this country -I hate (Darling) it is quite vulf!ar to drink porter at dinner (Ashby) I think so too -Fulton( I never drink any stimulant I tnk you. (Ashby) I have actually seen them soak themselves till they were stupid with its effects (Winder) Some of the venison (just brought in) may please the Major (Ash) Thank you sir I'll taka some of the fat Dr if you please (Dr Ab) It appears to be not too delicate Major & I shall trouble you with more lean possibly Ashby never mind I thank you (Ab) than you may (Cutting it) relish. (Ash.) The english comedian Wilkes ladies? has said that"he could eat venison unless it were the fattest parts but ? here was a venison so fat that even he could'nt eat it". (Beall) Some of the Comet a brand to you Major if you relish the champagne and here a health with all respects to the Commandant of the post (bowing to Winder)(Winder) with all my heart ha ha Gentlemen Col Fanning (All) ha ha (Dr Ab) and a particular one to Capt Fulton-(Dr Ab)(Mr Saar) Gentlemen here's some of the (Danl) An he does'nt know his own-that's right -screw it round till you get the name (Searls) la maille if you (Beall) i.e. a mile of champagne or claret (Ash) gentleman it reminds mli of,Mr Jones hotlil at Charleston the retrliat of the young wealthy planters of the intrr(?) & where I glinerally put up when at (Capt Wind) a negro (mulatto crossed out) he is -I -th-in-k Maj. (Ash) Yes sir a mulatto yet a housli that bears (givlis crosslid out) the first character in Charleston. Well I was there invited to drink with a young gentleman who called for a bottle of 20 yliars Claret-Tom are you surli this is the bottle Yes Mastlir -Now Tom (unscrewing it) you are sura-Ylis Master one of the very bottllis you put the cobweb on yourself night before last-(Darl) pass that corkscrew if you please (Fulton) Why where did you gat my handkerchief Dr-(Darl) herli1S another down blitween the Dr & myslilf (Dr H) and hare are 2 mora in my bosom


14 (May) Capt Beall you brought over my handkerchief -(Searls) Why did not Mr Newton and Hardee come over (Dr H) they did not tell me (May) their apologies gentlemen I had headache the other declined. (Capt Winder) very essentially glad of it -too considering the pres-ent sta-a-te of the table (Searls) help selves gentlemen-(Darling to Abad whisper) Ilve been looking! Nobbs bring in the boil Br Ab. Onions gentlemen-Darl to Aba in whisper (I've been watching-say nothing-The venison Nobbs Darl. Dont do so oh no Dr(Abad) Ah my dear (Darl) I never mix liquors-its too-Nobbs (Darl) the rank seems congregated at the upper end of the table. AshbyI suppose you were acquainted with Genl.Harper of Balt-(Winder) Gen Harper oh y-e-s-knew him like a book (Ashby) well he came to Charleston and was banished from Any mistakes in the Q.M.s accounts? (Beall).Gentlemen here's to the staff. (Darl) All up there together too (Miller) only (Il legible) are of staff -(Darl) at the head of the table you know-May we always have the q master and his stores at hand. (Beall) The cover here mess not all together (May) Ah ha gentlemen if the staff of my mess were only first with its Major too (Dr H) how your meals would miss him. Darl.(to Dr H whispering) this is from the hospital stores you may see (Dr H) ah cant allow it to pass (symbol ?) a sort of a compliment. (Wind) Annapolis you know is the very place for singing


society (word out) (Baall) Do you mean Rob. Goodl. Harp (Ashby) him his widow is rumored to ba to his cousin -(Dr K> Why is too young not mora than 30 (Windar) Rathar mora than (In tha upper part of tha r.h. column appaar some Seminole -English translations)


15 I can tell you (Ashby)Whom did R. Goodl. Harper marry? (Winder) He married Asby, I suppose you know Mrs Caton -Betsy Caton? oh yes -she's the daughter of old Carroll you know (Ashby) daughter? I thought granddaughter (Winder) one you know was married to the marquis of Wellesley (Ashby) brother of the duke of Wellington (Winder) and another to the marquis of Caermarthen (Ashby) Aye the duke of Leeds -Who was this Mr Caton (Winder) Oh -he was an Englishman (Ashby) English! indeed (Windr) an English sh9p keeper grocer in Annapolis. Old Carroll has forbid him all his attentions but happened but hap-to see them strolling after-ward in garden at night As (?) caught did he in the (Winder) oh no. he consented to the nuptials (Darl) and thus made Betty an honest gal! hey -(Beall) ha ha she's then married at last -(Dr H) are (Sketch) Tall fellow that may May's banner his (sketch) flying from his wall tent (a mere company flag a gu1on (sic)? Newton janl839) (Dr. H) You not as fond of the hunt as Capt Mr. Darling. (Darl) no sir I think Capt Beall is the Nimrod of this side of the river Dr H as May is of the other but very unlucky. (Beall) A little green still (May) Not so green either as might be supposed (Beall) how Fowler used to put it to you -the green leaves are not blown away entirely (May) (-Bar!-) pretty near almost too (Darl) oh The miseries we suffer in Florida this cursed land (Ab) enough to excite the tears of a hungry or a lean man (May) quite Capt W -were-you acquainted with Mr Teackle's a tall dinner (Ashby) a fine dinner (Dr H) quite sumptuos indeed (drinking some claret) All here's to the quarter master (Winder) If any member of Congress now (word Mr) Mr Whittlesea for instance were here what a roaring up they would give us. family -(Capt W) (Dr H) Lltn D (?) (Capt W) I knew him oh yes a damned rascal and have you the last report of the E.S. Railroad Comp-they say that (Dr H) oh never mind what they say I suppose you know his miss Eliz. (Capt W) I met with her last spring last May at Mrs Polks boarding house in Washington -Gtn. D Teackle is one


villian(crossed out letters) in Md -as he's --damned a rascal as ever lived in known the last 10 years aye 20 in politics of course and is the same now as ever he was-(Ashby) Well Capt what children had (W) none as I know unless some mulatto there in Annapolis (Dr H) of whom there are an abundance (Ashby)many mulatt. in Annap. (Capt W) Annapolis! 2/3ds of the people are mulattoes children of the best blood in the state too + they trace themselves you know (word crossed out) to! the legislature meets there. A fine set truly thought Dr H. property was in' the hands of Mr White? of N .Y-but the original owners are enriched now Balt. must become a great place &c Then it becomes also an immense fortune (In the top section of the r.h. column appear two sketches. 1st, to the r. of "Tall fellow that May" is a pencil sketch of the stern of a ship with a large American flag flying from a jackstaff. 2nd, in the middle of the passage beginning "May s banner is a sketch of a swallow-tailed penon, probably a cavalry guidon, bearing the inscription "U.S. Dragoons")


Ashby exit. Dr Russel married to Miss Kirby. She's at last! How at a curse-surprised (Dr H) must always surprised in army Toasts (May) Chansons a boire Oh John come hand me down my rifle (May a blackguard song -glances to Ashby) who exits. the west songs Sophia Lochinvar hath come out of The bivouack"(sic) hurra hurra h.h. Cigars & cognac-Beall & May Who gave you that jolly red man B. Cinnamon & ginger M. & cloves. King Caliban Cigars Darl. Pass those cigars Dr May. By lake where droops willow. bravo bravo well jolly companions bravo bravissima All. Who can walk the log. (Winder) Champagne for med c. & even A girl & a fair opportunity $300 per month. -ha ha such a one as Swain (Ab) Mr. May is not to be of the Marine had with 2 squaws spoken thus of in my you know (smiling) Dr King Wind is a big man among big bugs Genl. Tailor says he's no auditor. (Rest of page, both columns, consists of Seminole-English translations of words)


@ Rumors of bQing ordQred off tomorrow. Reading Southern literary reviews (To refuse the dainties of the season -to decline a ci8ar -a glass -a meal or improve the intellect refine the voice, give an air of possession & independence and must be at once enforced by me (Rest of page consists of SeminolQ-English translations of words)


Page 18 Monday Jan 14 Hardee & Newton still at it. Report of Salmon's condition. Not a word said to N. at breakfast -(symbol) he & Hardee coiDQ (symbol: with) sticks to plague me -have H. up -& (symbol) Newt. "Orator" Salmon yr consulting physician" -in statu quo is he Kieler of amaurois'' "Swipes". Begin to believe that Saunders & Dr of old pts treatment & opinions of Newt. were correct. Went over river with Capt Fulton & Lt Hardee to Ransom's tent. Arnold had just sent several protestant tracts to Ransom. At our departure Ransom shewed a bottle calling our Dr Dr here -He knows your failing said Hardee. Sandy. -WkitM-& Tamoka John. The former tall -dark snuff colored trousers with dragoon doublings under his legs coming up over pubis -White frock coat or shirt -ee!ar-with a -pai8-over the shoulder a la highland. flat cap red Tamoka John had mocassins --ye!ew-legs -blue beads ornamenting them. frock tied around body -blue band around waist with tassels in front hanging -the frock coat fringed with red calico -various calico collars -covered all with silver band tin semicircle necklace (word crosse8 out) round his hat's middle -tin armlets or bracelets &c. (Recieved pencils. from Walker) Mr. Newton! (Ash) Mr Newton! (Ashby) Mr Newton Newt Sir! (Ashby) Catch their horse. Ashby. Mr Newton Z2 to the rear I was smoking an In4ian pipe given me this day by Cornwall Tamoka shook hands great man Indians raid (sic) of him The disease called infundilorum (?) -it is a sternutification of the glandulars & the intestinal musculorums slip into the pisesaveer (?). the nerves become very morbiferous and fall into a felstaceum the lights are also soiDQwhat gualiaceous and unless the ears become ptinsrimizzical (?) it is very apr to prove pestiferous and the patient dies It is very prevalent in Florida Conversation (symbol: with) May about quizzing George guide about Tamoka & his family


PagQ 18 sheet 2 Flagellation The Memoirs of Mrs Hinton of London -printed 1790 Reprinted & Enlarged by Mary Wilson 1827 Who kQpt a school many years at Kensington to which is now aided Anecdotes by a lady much addicted to birch discipline the whipping milliners The severe step mother & the complaisant schoolmistress avec des figures analogues (On this page appear 3 drawings: 1 of a suit of clothes (no head); 1 of the front view of an.Indian, obviously intendQd to illustrate the dQscription of Tamoka John, and 1 of the back view of the Indian)


Page 19 Tues Jan 15 -drenced (sic) with rain at night -sinned -Hardee bids me good bye on rising find him & Fulton gone! Newton's got the dumppy vents & a looseness infunibulorum at nights quite windy! May is almost stanched out. Newton "the thought trump & bugle till he spake were dumb" "And now nought left him but the -wette-I'm mum Newton's engaged! How his white teeth are drawn from ear to ear in joy that some excuse can be devised -(a woman have him! engaged to him! and he believed we actually thought so the green horn!)for his most keen cut of Augustine. It seemed as a salve to his old sore. Apologies are salves put on old stinking sores. May read Childe Harold all evening (Antonia Julia Alpfonse Haide & the tutor) afterwd 2 shot at wild turkeys missed by him I remained reading 1st & 2 cantas (sic) Newton returned -(Pencil: hap feather plume) 3 bob major (symbol: with) AJby & May over at ft Butler. Met Lt Brown of 3 4 4 Siblee -Searls & Mackay = May was I could'nt>Ashby distinguish lemon from orange leaf specks Went to Ransom's tent Enter May -Darlirg -expatiating on his Florida campaigns boasting his feats, almost tiring us and ridiculing the management by some officers of their quarter horses which said he scattered like horses. Ransom invited me to N. Jersey cider I declined. How comes on genl. Floydd? (symbol: said) Darling oh they talk of giving him command in Florida. (M) How he was humbugged by McLane Hunter & they used to gather around him topographically -talk -New-Jettsey-eieett-with him and when tents ware picked McLane would go and take notes -the old gen. thought him wonderful G engaged. Col Harney wd say well genl. when shall we move tomorrow. day break they'd go off at day break -at 10 the genl. & McLane would rise push on overtake them & then -aeee-camp again (Searls) well it appears that he's humbugged the public this time. (May) Col -iamhereeft-&-Bttyafte-Pierce was a good fellow it is true but (Darl) well he knew how to humbug as well as any only (leaves) his wines were no humbug -the


Page 19 sheet 2 letters he used to write to the editors -everything in Florida was Col Pierce at last the brevet! (Searls) I was witness however to one which shd have blasted him Can you Rutledge horse my-efty-fiepe-Saunders Thompson Dragoons vs. Arty. Dvdm (?) bring over Sam Slick of Slickville


Page 20 cross the Yazoo said (Lauderdale?) (parenthesis & ques. mark are by Hughes) to him. I cant cross it without the assurance of the Tennesseeans replied Pierce. Then said I so he might hear we are eternally disgraced. There were too only 10 or 12 Indians across then and the men could easily have waded it. We remained for the night! (May) well I think the artilly must think the horsemen are going to be their drudges -they (symbol) cross river march or do anything (symbol: with) the dragoons -(Siblee) the wanted to have a few of my horses the other day (Darl) If you had let them have any you Ransom shd have been broke (Siblee) I did'nt let them have & .(?) (-May-)there was order the other day to have horses covered with blankets at night (May) well I do think it outrageous -suppose the horses backs are sore! moreover a horse once accustomed to it is never well after of it. The dews too -mHs-inevitably and always penetrate a blanket. I wish almost Col Harney & Maj. Fanning had come together the other day. I know (symbol: what) Harney would have done. I hope I may be eternally damned if ever a Lt by brevet gives a command to me -would like to see it tried. (Exit Darling & (Symbol) Capt Mackay & Searls (Wednesday 16) Beautiful sunrise. (Read in pen &c ossian. Cuba sp. Bib Juan) Breakfast H. The Major's going gunning to day. M Howdoyou (sic) know? H He said so M. The Major's going gunning! pooh! what can he kill! Lts. Ransom Siblee Self & May left. (-Hepe-) how they do give the Drs the medical staff Dr H came 4 or 5 days after being (symbol:with) me and says well Lt. I wonder if has been fed ha ha ha. (Lt Siblee) They quizzed Dr Conrad the other day Capt Bryant among others told him the officers were sometimes severe on Drs Conrad asked what kind of a man Col Churchill was -oh said Capt Russel -he's a very (illeg. word; looks like "nzrd") man (symbol) puts the surgeon into stocks -I dont want to go further then said Conrad (Dr H) he was fool enough to believe (Lt Sib) why yes! (M) Ah I


-Page 20 sheet 2 think Thomson's esc (?) is funny enough-what do you think! Hardier was led into a ball room (symbol: with) chain round his neck. with a chain round his neck said Thompson -yes -well by God I swear the officers of the army should not allow it. (word crossed out) and Saunders too (DEH) Ah you dont believe it I hope what you've heard was from Newton (M) yes but I have heard it from (symbol) others (Sib) yes he is said by several to be very green -(M) he may be a very clever fellow you know Thompson Dr (yes) Dr H. I dont believe the tale of him -(M) Ah Waddey Thompson is in Cong Twiggs did'nt have his eyes shut -he knows how to look for number 1 as well as any (skinflint?) (parenth. & ques. mark are Hughes') Ah ha ha-Waddey's got too much influence not to fish for it. The other topics were Miss Finley Bryant Pemberton all dilated on &c and as to Ashton -he was a sergt major & (illegible) said Siblee I have been selected Ah said May I think Twiggs would be well suited by him better than by any other. He has (word crossed out) the duties of 10 capts to perform and where's the drudge would do them -it is an unpopular promotion of his -M. I dont think a parent ought to interfere with daughters love scrapes if Kate promised Capt Bryant never to marry (symbol: without) his consent -e*ae-promising to obey it too before she knew what he intended to exact I dont think she ought to. I know it was the same with me when I entered the army. My first broaching of it was to hand my appointment to my sister & she to my old man -he frowned -but said if I was determined I might go. (Yes said Ransom -eee-(you might be either a gentleman or a blacksmith said) mine to me-M. If I were my father's only hope (a gone case ejaculated Dr H)


Page 21 g Wednesday Jan 16 contd. May scolded Newton about (symbol). I read Go to steamboat. Lts Bradford in non commission dress, Darling go down the river. Return to tent to Don Juan -to dinner (symbol: with) Newton, (N) will you have some potatoes Dr (Dr Thank you sir.Propose crossing to see Capt Davidson. We agree to go after dinner. Major overhears us & goes himself. N. The Major's a selfish man (Dr H) a strange man-(N) One of the most selfish men I ever saw -he is always prowling looking about the camp -as (Dr H) he crossed especially to thwart us I think laughing (New) Yes for the especial object and none other he treated me so this morning. (Dr H) a subaltern is obliged to put up (symbol:with) (symbol) inconveniences. (N) Ill resign unless I'm capt in 4 years. I'm tired of this comp. Wish I was in Capt Bealls' mean to apply for it. 8 p.m. went with N to Major's tent. (word crossed out) Good evening Major. N. Are the horses tied to the picquet &c. Maj. oh theres no danger we could do enough for 100 Ind. & they are not going to attack in open pine wood. (N) I think Frazier is going to be married. (Ash) to whom? (N) to a lady of my acquaintence (Ash) who was she (N) ah she was the same place at (symbol: with) I was (Maj. Ash)Where was that (Dr H) ft Monroe (-N-) -afte-(Ash) Miss Archer? (N) -efi-not Miss Archer -I'm acquainted with Miss Archer she's a sweet beautiful girl -she has 2 sisters married and she alone is left. -fief-ftame-Susan (Ash) very handsome? (N) indeed she is & I expect Frazier is glad of being sent to Carlisle. (Ash) why so -(N) It is his favorite place for many reasons -Fraz. is a native of Lancaster where his brother resides. (Ash) well I'm told he was engaged to some young lady (N) you mean of Augustine (Ash) I dont know, I forget who it was (N) yes it was Miss Robertson (Ash) Miss Margt. (N) Aye and she's very much offended with him has cut him entirely and mortified at his conduct. (Ash) it was believed they were engaged (N) I'm acquainted (symbol:with) his brother -he's a fine


Page 21 sheet 2 handsome man -has made a splendid fortune & possesses a superior legal education and extensive practice were he disposed to engage in it. (Ash) how did you like Carlisle Mr. Newton. (N) I did'nt like the place at all (Ash) Why? (N) oh the town had no beauty no attraction not as good as the N Eng. towns but the post was very fine (Ash) you mean the barracks (N) yes the barracks -the old brick qrs. of Genl. Washington are still standing (Ash) what officers had you there (N) I was there months. (N) Several while I was there. Did you know Capt Ringold. (Ash) oh yes (N) was he not a selfish man (Ash) intensely oh intensely (N) I thought so alway he was with me & another -siftee-after an incident which he was detailing and in which I did'nt think he acted altogether right. He is married Capt Dix Roberts and myself were occupying the qrs. and another officer and Ringgold was determined to have his wife accomodated with Dixs room. Rings. lady love was pretty far advanced in that state in which ladies who like their husbands like to be. Dix objected and on Ringgold's being rumored to have written to Washington he swore he'd be damned if he should have them he was a good judge of horse flesh (Ash) Ah capt Sumner was the man for that (N) yes he was a thorough judge (Ash) a thorough bred judge-(N) Ringold's health is unfit for the N. this Florida should be his place (Ash) yes it is looks broken down -he -is-mercurialized (N) as he had suffered in the face too from the disease! you should have seen the 2 stables of horses of Sumner's -the office of officer of the day was no sinecure there -he was officer of police also. (Ash) I'm glad of his acting lately as Sumner did in relation to the Pa. elections. (N)what! (Ash) refusing when called on by Gov Ritner (?) to move in the civil strife the sec war approved of his course. (N) I'm glad too Elliott lives near there now. (Ash) yes and he always was a damned buggar. (N) he used to live at norfolk


Page 22 and was always considered by me as a fool. He was there (word crossed out) frequently. (Dr H) Have you seen the map of the Sec. Navy Paulding? (Ash) yes. (N) Elliott was telling me once of the mutiny which occurred (sic) in Hampton on board his vessel. it resulted as I know how -he had brought over 14 jackasses which he sent by part of his crew to Hampton -they got drunk there -gave their associates came to navy. and were put in guard for it. I saw Elliott when he brought over his 3 Arabian horses (Ash) were they fine and deserving as reputation wd make them (N) no I think they were nothing beyond ordinary all the Arabians I have seen. Elliott had 3 Mahonese boys as servts. he rode the bay -a Mahonese st followed with the grey -and he looked more like a worthless Drover (symbol:from) Kentucky with his hat &c and thus went to Washington to make his respects to the Dep. (Ash) Mr Newton how long does a tree (?) when transplanting live (N) oh it will live not allowing salt water to touch them & with enough earth to allow (symbol: the) roots to imbibe moisture 6 mo. yes a long time. (Ash) I have seen plants from Prince's garden (symbol:with) earth about their roots. they live a long time (N) they will live for a very long time. (Ash) you are not acquainted with -treeology Mr Newton? (N) not much I have seen no box in this terriy (Ash) aunts Oh I've seen some in Carolina as high as you. (N) Ah in my plan-tation in Sussex County there is one solitary one 18 ft in diameter branches and all. (Ash) Very large. (N) it stands alone but we have them at home in our gardenamany nearly as large. (Ash) we are too fond of cutting trees down in this country (Dr H) I think the national taste is changing. (N)-Afi-in the last few N.A. Reviews I ve seen some fine articles of landscape gardening (Ash) it is so expensive! (N) yes too expensive unless for some family mansion which is not expected to leave the hereditary line. (Dr H) The Americans are too roving a people yet -but a few years will fix us more (N) That is not the true reason -it is from there being no entailed estates in this country. The spirit of our government is against it (Dr H) Ah-(Ash.) I


Page 22 sheet 2 hate to see a pine tree cut down Good night Major! Ash. Did Sumner ever lick his men (N) no -he made the non commissioned offecer (symbol) knock him down. (Ash) Dr H. What think you of the horse dr. over there Dr. H. he is said to be well educated. May speaks highly of him. I know (symbol: perhaps "little") of him. (Ashby was quite a leech for information (symbol: perhaps "said") Newton quite a paragon at displaying his former importance read 4.5.6.&7 cantos don Juan mimic & motion (unknown word) Thursday 17th Jan Dr a of talk be more reserved in "thinking aloud" Last night taking (unknown word) on Newton's nervousness and fear I slept by his invitation in his tent. None other (symbol:was?) sleeping there. He farted serveral times during the night + Rose early -breakfast smoked -he got permission to cross river -we went saw Darl. & Siblee & Ransom. then went to Capt Davidson's tent (symbol:with) Newton. (symbol: then) Mackal (?) came in Capt Davidson descr Lake Churchill to us & his march movements &c then to Cand 9 (?) No Cornwall there -I went back to camp Newton meanwhile crossed back. I came back in a cat fish boat. Saw also Col Fanning.


Page 23 @ Searls gave to our shore a "Mackinaw" boat. Sharp at both ends -large and flat bottom -With Ransom the topics were --efiess-ft King when Capt Munroe comm (sketch of boat)anded. Siblee said "it was day (symbol:to) Silver Spring. I was called out by Newton. How are you Capt Davidson Dr how are you glad to see you come to my tent. &c there the topics were E & W. of St Johns Frazier & Miss Boyle -&-(Newton) I'm acquainted with the fact capt that I .think he will soon be married to a very wealthy lady near Lancaster Pa! I know too and I have never mentioned it to anybody that he was engaged to Miss Boyle. I know where the engagement took place-it was in a room in Mr McLane's house at Old Point & the lady Mrs McLane always had occasion to be a propos absent so as to secure their settlement'.' (Capt) Ah! (Newt) I've never told anybody before but I know it to be a fact. Capt we have discovd a lake & called it lake Ashby. Gunnison will make a very correct and able report of the topogy East of the St Johns. (!!how different from his sneers against Gunnison when (Symbol:with) dragoons alone) (Dar!) Are you acquainted with Dr Steineke Stinkee as we call him? (Dr H) No sir. (Darl) Why not do as I do, go up & say how are you sir -times are altered however (Dr H thought) tempora mutantur et vos amillis! (word crossed out) Mackall-topics Plattsbg m. McNeill's ring her mother's & father's infidelity &c. Houlton Assgnitn (?) at Plattsbg -through N. Carolina e or Davidson. Siblee knows Mackall -Mackall did not exchange rings (symbol:with) Soley tho of same class. (N) The Dr is fond of an Augustine lady Miss Annita Smith. Cross back mad at boats being gone. (Ash) who brought you over Dr. (Dr H) A man of other side (N) I waited h. for you. Topics -crossing river -uniform of corp! & sergT. (of guard) about carpenters tools tents &c for Kingsbury -"Frazier will streak at N. so that Twiggs will y see him (Ash) yes through Augustine. Dr are you acquaint. (symbol:with) Lt Mackall? (Dr H) yes sir "Ransom promised me his platform." (Ash)Oh its &c Dinner -Evening reading Caulincourt -supper Newton got me to


Page 23 sheet 2 light a paper for his pipe -not sleep (symbol:with) him tonight. Major comes over the "little Major" le petit :M..ajor (Ash) Gentlemen gone to bed (N) No sir walk in. We both walked out-topics -Fulton's expd. Graftg Botany Hinds farriary catfish-Fairfax-Dismal Swamp. Ch./Cavaliers -Camp Kingsbury+ canes+ pipes+ Gunnison's map+ Capt Davidson+ Churchill+ ascending St J. + (May) I wish Fulton was back I'm tired of this place he'll be back I think to morrow (word crossed out) do you know either of you aught about grafting (Dr H) I have grafted but little (Ash) the graft always yields a fine fruit (Dr H) yes the same as that which is grafted and not differing as seed do. (Ash) I would like to have a work on grafting'.' (Newto) I have one (Ash) Where here (Newt) no sir at home in my library (Ash) How pleasant to cultivate here in Florida (Dr H) Peaches are so fine here Major. (Ash) Oh splendid I have on Botany (Short conversation on it) Dr lend me yr work on farriery -(Major) will go fishing (symbol) I can eat -efty-trout &c but not the catfish (Dr H) Whence the prejudice Major? (Ash) oh I saw one swallow a whole human excrement. (Dr H) is it peculiar to this fish (Ash) I know not may not be(Newt). They have a soubriquet for the Dr over here Major have you heard it. (Ash) no (Newt) Dr Stinky (Dr H) Only (faded newton.(faded: looks"to word: one) one man made use of it (Newt) Several (Dr H) useless. Drive (symbol: perhaps "like") hell to hackney (symbol:with) Darling -I've become quite a dragoon Capt (faded: prob. "Davidson") attached Dr? oh of course. Mackall have you been making roads No.


Page 24 nothing more easy than to distort a man's name into some con-temptuos term. (Newt) I like a sobriquet which expresses some quality. (Ash) As old hickory for instance -it requires but a little exertion of wit to pa invent -simi-a pun however (Newt) my had a place on the Dismal Swamp. (Dr H) Did you ever see there the Maiden -e-who paddles the canoe. (Newt) No Moore visited it (Ash) Do any of the Fairfax family live in Va (Newt) Oh yess-many of lord Fairfax's .the ancestor sided with Cromwell. Strange he came to Va -where all were Cavaliers (Ash) Fairfax never sat in H of lords (N) no in house of Commons to represent Scot. (Ash) Whence that pipe Dr? (Dr H) given by Cornwall. (Ash) How can you such a dirty thing in (symbol:your) mouth (Dr H) You know not the luxuries of tobacco &c it can also be cleaned (Newt)Dr what say you to speculating in pipes orange & vine canes (Dr H) and bamboo -or briar bamboo -which Siblee (symbol: said) yesterday grows everywhere about here. Capt Davidson say (?) his march (symbol:with) Ashby's request Dr H. attempted to explain. "Some Kink (?)" said the Major Newton said 35 m. shorter Lake Churchill a ugly name said Newton -yes horribly so (symbol: perhaps "agreed") Ashby (Ash) When I go up Saint Johns I think you also shall go by steamboat Mr Newt. (N) I would not even had I the right object to that. Exit Major & (symbol: also) Dr. Newton's sneers on Lt (y Bradford) on me speaking of passing by Bradford and on the moss lipped St. cross tomorrow to see (McKinstry seen yesterd) Capts Norris. Russel. Freeman. Friday 18th Jan 1839 Steamboat arrived last night. Maj. eros. this morn & sent over Md Rep -21st & 25th Dec (in margin: 50 cts) -letters from HA at Annapo. 23d. Dec -from Dr Bryant Aug. Jan 15 & from ned Jacob Balt. Dec 19. -Q-The pine forest have been like the enchanted grove with the black birds


Page 24 sheet 2 chatterin-g.s & crows -it is a swarming hive full of chattering jabbering birds -sweet however because enlivening -life! life! -spirit! God! A.W. (two words crossed out) Walker's letter to me Dr Use. (Dr H) Fine copy of Shakspeare Mr N. (N) fine copy I had one just like it which I gave a highly respectable a splendid lady in Dutchess Co N.Y. (Dr H) Ah! (Mr N) I got a letter F home to day speaking of Capt Davidson and I meet him here again now is'nt it strange (Dr H) a wonderful coincidence. At evening -Col Twiggs Capt Bullock Lt Ashton visited Camp May caracoled his horse and was complimented as a fine rider born for the dragoons finest rider in Florida by Twiggs. Fulton looked and laughed as Twiggs inspected old Twiggs. At night I went over to Twiggs steamboat & I got orders to come aboard that night which accordingly I did.


Page 25 Saturday Feb 2 1839 This day 2 weeks ago I left Volusia or Camp Finley and what scenes what changes what times have since transpired with me. Here I am only 20 or 30 miles from Camp Kingsbury where an express which arrived last evening informs me that May Newton Ashby Fulton & Hardee now are. Only 20 miles apart -but but 2 weeks have borne many an intervening scene over with me We left ft Butler early Sat morning 19th Jan. Col Twiggs gave various anecdotes about the Art. officers genl. Tailor (sic) Lt Powell of Navy &c and as the Ockawaha (sic) and lake Munroe were passed -we-I talked with Mackall (whom Newton thought like a sailor) Steptoe Dr Conrad who joined us at Pilatka &c and arrived at Garey's ferry before night-a quick passage because Col Twiggs was aboard. Conrad had been variously quizzed by the officers especially Bryant &c What kind of a man is Maj. Churchill said Conrad. He has no hesitation said Capt Bryant in putting med.l officers into the stocks. I don't want to join him then said the credulous Conrad with frightened eyes. What animals are those said Conrad -ring tailed monkeys said Carter -I'll try to catch one said Conrad making preparations therefore but prevented by steamboats departure. Is she a creole said Conrad speaking of Miss Oats -Ha ha ha said Lt Scott. Time passed till Saturday 25th Jan when I departed with Capt Davidson -Capt Buton (?) Dr Baldwin lts Mackall & Rodney joined us at Augustine. on board Santee Capt Poinsett taking Naum Keag (?) in tow to mouth of St Johns 27th found us towing down the naumkeg from where she grounded the preceding night to the bar we now proceeded alone -and at last arrived on morning at 10 o clock at St Augustine -we remained there till Thursday morn 30th then stated for Smyrna where we arrived on night -e-laying off till next or Friday morning Feb 1st. Jan 19. morning Sat -left ft Butler evening arrived at black Crk 26 Saturday-departed (symbol:from) black Ck 3 P.M. 27 Sunday -on St Johns 28 Monday arrived at Augustine 30 Wednesday morn. left St Augustine at night off Smyrna spent


Page 25 sheet 2 yesterday Friday 1st Feb & still here today Feb Sat 2 -wrote to May today. Feb 3d -at Monday 4th left Smyrna -passed Canaveral at 4 P.M.


Page 26 Jan. Monday 28 Tuesday 29th 1839 at Augustine will be long remembered went to Post Off. & got letter from H S who had arrived at Annapolis of date -JaH-Dec. & Letter from Surg. Genl. Md Rep & Fred Herald of last arrivals -letter from W H F dated Dec at Plattsburg. Bought box seals at Euthers store-layed off books at Howard's got cash 90.83 of Hemming. At night visited Judge Smith saw Capt Smith his son -conversed with his wife about fort Snelling Upper Mississippi, tableaux vivants, &c with Mrs Judge Smith about Miss Kirby now Mrs Russell and her riding &c with Miss Robertson who played & sang "my favorite" Oh Mary when the wild wind blows" Frazier (she became serious -Misses Dummits entered waited on Miss R. to Mrs Reads -then -eH-looked at the tableaux and waited on Miss Annita Smith and her to P.O & her alone home -then went I to Florida House. Breakfasted there reading my newspapers before retiring to bed. At breakfast talked to Miss Finley -sfie---maee-me-I had visited her with Lt Soley preceeding eve & Dr Byrne. She made me promise to see her again which I did at suppertime -then settled my bill -told Casey I hoped Sec War would'nt accept his resignation & went aboard Santee Voyage -Lt House -shoals -sea gull -ducks -long -ew-sandy beach -sterile growth -brig on shore -wrecked -lay off Smyrna -wreck of steamboat breakers -enter it in morning call on officers Dr De Leon more civil -fishing of Dr Balwin Capt Vinton &c honey for water colors -cactus -&-prickly pear & whitish grey cochineal -sketching of live oak by Lt Phelps -Lt Gunnison riding out. While aboard of vessel read Baldwin's Spurtsheim (?) -Humboldt 1st vol. Voyages round world famly library-Byron's Childe Harold Littel's Foreign Museum-foster's vol on Rhine-&c talk about fishing & its art & pleasures A vexatious voyage & c


Page 26 sheet 2 Been living on fish these few days -Capt Davidson plays us an air occasionally "a little affair" speaking of Ashby-petulant!? my news from "old toune" is that Boyle has a child! J.S.L. has gone Apalachicola. Miss Amelia sick! mis left behind to Mediterranean! McLane Sec State &c &c (pencil addition: (symbol:with) Capt Poinsett.


PagQ 27 topics of last 2 weQks prQceding Sat. FQb 3d. my idleness honQy to mix with water colors. Capt Vinton's from N. York -french -fishing Johnson's opinion a fish & a fool & a linQ -brig on sandy bQach -close approach to Florida coast -breakers or rathQr shoals only as yet at St Johns at St Augustine & at Smyrna -Phelp1s skQtch of a live oak tree -RodnQy1s being plagued & quizzed -Mackall's fear of wearing shoQ leathQr -Baldwin's sweating (symbol:whQn) he Qats applQ -but only on right sidQ of neck & facQ -cactus & cochineal (unidentifiablQ drawing) What takQS Gunnison topographQr with us -my hooking Indian prisionQr at Black CreQk-whoo-whoo-whoo-whoo stQamboat (symbol). HQmming's dQs-cription of the death of soldier at ft -FowlQ -cape OVQr his facQ his papers scatterQd no mutilation -his frightenQd horse (symbol) the moonlight worshipper and the ghost of thQ husband of thQ Indian wife in crayon by Mrs' Capt. Smiths grandmothQr mothQr of either Judge S. or his wifQ. Mangrove swamps off Smyrna + little housQ or pigQon house top of officQrS qrs. at Smyrna. DirQctions RQsolutions &c CeasQ all friviolity Olive branch brought aboard by Capt Davidson orangQs -coquina. YQsterday friday 1st FQb bathQd in Halifax at thQ old bridge with Gunnison. I am now to write to HomQ -W. H. FowlQr Miss Johnson Surg. GQnl. Mr J. Murray


PagQ 28 Sunday FQb 4 LQft Smyrna -QVQnts -WTQCkS at night drQamQd of QarthquakQ at Annapolis. morn passQd CapQ CanavQral 4 P.M. Indian smokQ wrQcks no pilots aboard -travQllQd all night stQm bt bQll -violin drum -uncQrtainty of locality. Indian rivQr JupitQr GilbQrts Hillsboro Dry NQW GrQnvillQ &c ? GroupQr1s hills! wrQcks no mQat today. Dr B. thinks man is punishQd by marrying! G9orgQ RodnQy1s pQculiarities damn thQ lQmonadQ -sick At dinner Gunnison toast my saddlebags I toast his box inst. charts & shirt tail light of NaumkQag rum keg. hQad achQ. go Qarly to bed sleQp soundly till 1/2 p. 9 no moon up then till day brQak


The second volume of the Ellis Hughes diary has numbered pages which we will use to provide reference points in the text. The numbered pages :preceded by a paste-down endpaper and two fly leaves that contain lengthy lists of names of leople that Hughes met in Florida and elsewhere. The Florida names are listed in appendix # This is devoted to definitions of military terminology and is headed with the date Dec 10 1838. I Page 2 Upperhalf of page continues definitions, lower half begins a glossary of Seminole words and phrases which continues at various points in this A complete listing of thli terms froms appendix # Page Upperhalf of page continues military definitions. At mid page appears the pencilled note "Ft Lauderdale Co K 3d Art." Balance pf pag1.1 contains a fw few Seminole phrases and their English equivalents. The lower right hand corner of the page contains the crossed out words "I want a girl."


22 2 Leaf 22 (verso) Plan with Newton & to visit Thursday Jan 10. Baan writing all morn -Capt Fulton's saals induca to journal ising and convart of this into a of sayings & fun. journal to othar book. alona. May & Nawton across river. Want ovar to Butlar -arrivad first-I hallooad in vain for boat first -got corpl. to me back -after supper returning symbol) Lt Ringgold, Mr Gaorga Andrews, & Hardaa Knockad my Hardae duckad Hardae & (symbol) I copy seal davicas of Fulton-to bad aftar talking about Miss Anita-and Friday Jan 11. Watch disordarad & journal to othar book. Sunday morn Fab 31 (sic) laft N. Smyrna -4 P M off C. Cannavaral (sic) all night and Monday night Fab 4 off K Biscayna light house. Drawing labelled "Approach to Key Biscayne Light house Feb 4 1839 night." Drawing entitled "Lagoon of New River N. View" extraneous note dated Aug. 16, 1843.


Leaf 23 Leaf 23 (verso) Leaf 24 Leaf 24 (verso) Leaf 25 Leaf 25 (verso) Drawing of lighthouse at Key Biscayne identified as W.S.W. View. Two sketches of sailors and one of a boat, prob. Key Biscayne area. Sketch of "Mouth of New River" Sketch of "New River" showing shore with row boat, men, etc. A total of 14 lines of diverse philosophical musings of no relevance appear on the page. Fort Lauderdale E.F. Jan 25 1839. How inconcievably mysterious are thy ways of God -thou great father of man, thou son sun of mercy. Thy breath! and the world of worlds vanish. will! and they alll exist in Beauty and Harmony. The most glorious rays of the sun's light speack the beauty of the darkness that canopies the footstool of the unseen Throne -Oh lord God thou are beyond any mortal sense-(words crossed out). (rest of page consists of 31 lines of religious-philosophical effusions dated 1844-1846 and having no relevance) Sketch of tower of Dinan on the Meuse Sketch of Tower of Crevecoer on the Meuse near Ninant Misc. pencil notes & sketches relative to Scotland; irrelevant to text) Further pencil notes on Scotland, various relig. & phil. musings, some dated 1847 & 48. All irrelvant to main text. (full page of what may be justly called religious rambling dated 1846; no relevance to main text)


Leaf 26 Leaf 26 (verso) Leaf 27 Leaf 28 Leaf 28 (verso) Leaf 29 Leaf 29 (verso) Leaf 30 Leaf 30 (verso) Leaf 31 Leaf 31 (verso) 3 drawings of hummingbirds, 2 colored in water color, with pencil notes on the coloration of hummingbirds. Extensive relig. & phil. musings dated 1847. Irrelevant material Tissue guard sheet Engraving entitled "Why Dont He Come" & irrelevant musings Irrelevant musings in pencil (full page). Irrelevant relig. musings dated 1847. Irrelevant musings in pencil (full page). Descr. & drawings of a flower (flag); various passages of irrelevant rel. & phil. material. Irrelevant material dated 1847. Sketch of bush & leaves; irrelevant musings dated 1847. Irrelevant material dated 1847-1848 (incl. unusual essay on dueling). Leaf 32 to Leaf 32 (verso) is a religious dialogue between "Hadad" and "Tamar". Leaf 33 Leaf 33 (verso) Leaf 34 Leaf 34 (verso) Leaf 35 Leaf 35 (verso) Leaf 36 Irrelevant material. Record of events June 30, July 1, 1847 & musings; irrelevant to main text. Irrelevant musings dated 1848. II Well executed pencil portrait of a man dated Sund. Nov. 28, 1847. Small characture sketch of a man in ink. Rest of p. occupied by irrelevant musings.


@ Leaf 36 (verso) Leaf 37 Leaf 38 Leaf 38 (verso) Leaf 39 Irrelevant musings. Tissue guard sheet Engraving entitled "Death of Hassan." 3 drawings and 1 profile of mens' heads. More of the ubiquitous relig. & philos. musings. Irrelevant material (full page). II II ( II II ) Leaf 39 (verso) to Leaf 41 (verso) consists of religious writings, apparently in another Leaf 42 Leaf 42 (verso) Leaf 43 Leaf 43 (verso) Leaf 44 Leaf 44 (verso) Leaf 45 Leaf 46 Leaf 46 (verso) Leaf 47 Leaf 47 (verso) Leaf 48 hand and signed "Pope'; interlarded with notes by Hughes, all of which are irrelevant to the main text. Date 1848 appears on last p. Religious poem (17 lines) & pencil notes (irrelevant to main text). II II (10 lines) & notes (irrelevant). Account of June 12, 1844 visit to Annapolis graveyard (full page); 2 1 line notes in margin dated 1846 & 47. All irrelevant. Irrelevant materials dated 1847 & 1848. Irrelevant musings dated 1847. II materials dated 1847. Tissue guard sheet Engraving entitled "The Castle." Several irrelevant notes in pencil. Irrelevant material II II dated 1847. II II 2 drawings of leaves. 8 botanical drawings & descriptive notes on colors thereof. Name "Esth Handy Sept 2 1841." Several irrelevant musings dated 1847. Leaf 48 (verso) and Leaf 49 (recto) contain sketches of & notes relative to various flowers & leaves. Leaf 49 (recto) bears also an irrelevant passage dated 1848.


Leaf 49 (verso) & Leaf 50 (recto) bear portraits of a woman. Leaf 49 (verso) is dated Leaf 50 (verso) Leaf 51 Apr. 17, 1843 & includes pencil notes on drwing plants; leaf 50 (recto) has several irrelevant notes, one dated 1847 & one (in short hand) dated 1859. The portrait (same on each p.) is apparently of a woman named Theodora & is copied from an engraving. Drawings of flowers & leaves. Drawing of Seminole Indian (large), with 4 smaller botanical drawings. Also a brief (and irrelevant) philos. note on sentiment. Leaf 51 (verso) to Leaf 52 (recto) contains an essay on education (irrelevant). Leaf 52 (verso) Leaf 53 Leaf 53 (verso) Leaf 54 Scattered notes on botanical drawing; sketch of tree; profile of Indian's head labelled Tuskinihaw (with a pencil note "Tustenuggee" beneath the label); pencil sketch (well done) of a large building. Sketch of terrain entitled (in pencil) "Beach Camp NW May 16 1839." Well done sketch of Osceola marked: Oceola Feb 24 Sund 1839 Copied from an original by W.P.D. Capt. 3d Ar (note in badly faded pencil). Below is note (also faded pencil): ostrich plumes black turban yellow & red. Also sketch of sailing ship labelled "Departure of Medium June 2 1839." Also sketch of 2 birds with ship in distance. At bottom is an irrelevant essay on Napoleon, apparently inserted at a later date. Sketches of tropical trees, back view of seated woman, and of a dog. Notes on drawing trees (in pencil) dated 1844; at top is pencil passage in Latin dated 1843. Two page sketches: top is "Coup D'oeile of ft Laud.(?) March 29 1839 fm S.E."; bottom is "Intr of ft Lauderdale April 2 1839." Both well executed in pencil but very 'aded. 2 line irrelevant note at bottom. Leaf 54 (verso) and 55 (recto) devoted to "devices of seals & mottos'.' Apparently date from Florida period, as a note on 55 mentions Abadie & is dated 1839 while one on 54 (verso) mentions Capt. Fulton. P. 55 has in l.r. h. corner a brief intrusive (& irrelevant) 1848 note.


Leaf 55 (verso) Leaf 56 Leaf 56 (verso) Leaf 57 Pencil sketch of head of bird (parrakeet?) with note as to color. Fine sketch entitled "View opposite Ft. Laud. S.E. pt. March 27 1839." Below this is a sketch of a river, and below that an intrusive 7 line passage dated 1847 mentioning a victory in Mexico but irrelevant to Florida text. 3 line irrelevant effusion also on page. Sketch of log structure overlooking a river. Immediately beneath is passage as follows: Ft Lauderdale Sunday March 24 1839 The soul finds no substantial passion for itself in military glory -but only in the glory that comes from God. About mid-page is a drawing entitled "Beach Camp WSW --Jttfte-May 16 1839 ---New River." A contemporary note beneath a tree shown states "Button wood tree." Two drawings of men's heads appear at top of page and a colored (orange) drawing of a flying bird at the bottom. Also on the page are several irrelevant passages obviously added at a later date. May: Oh God almighty damn you Song. Jan 8 1839 a poor old man he marries for riches and land -a rich young man he marries -fer-because his (symbol) stands -0 i'm in love I wont tell with whom for well I do know what the Dr. should do -coaxes Jack 3t. into tent on Jan 11 1839 -curses English -the Albion & wishes Thornton was here to combat the supercilious English with Newton & Ashby -hunted for dear (sic) on Sat Jan 1839 -shot nothing. pertinacity boisterous (faded pencil note) got beyond awa (illegible words) th Seminole day : (Pencil sketch of Sam Jones & sketches of 2 military officers & of a a head labelled "Ed Kean"). Color sketch of an unidentifed object dated July 14, 1839. There are several pencil notes irrelevant to Florida text that are probably of later date. Newton -Sheridan's points. Reserved manliness. Agitation aboard of Essayon's a busy visit Augustine. Opera. Italian songs -grande meme when myself -his ready love.


Leaf 57 (2) Leaf 57 (verso) Leaf 58 Leaf 58 (verso) Back cover (Intrusive note) Gunnison a little mite. how? which? (intrusive 6 line irrelevant philos. note) (Well executed pencil sketch of camp withriver in background) (Intrusive 6 line irrelevant philos. note) (Sketch of thatched hut on sea shore in faded pencil) Co A 3d Art Lt Taylor May 24 1839 ft Lauderdale (intrusive & irrelevant 4 line relig. note in pencil) Irrelevant material dated 1847 Irrelevant material dated 1848. Also color sketch of the mouth of a masonry-lined tunnel & various doodlings. Watercolor of a mountanous harbor with shipping glued to page. 3 watercolors, 1st of a man's head labelled "By Capt Vinton U.S.A."; 2nd of a ship at sea; 3rd of a dog under a tree (back of this picture has date 1838 visible). Also glued to back is a clipping relating to Capt. John R. Vinton. End of Small Journal


29 .Feb 5 1 1/2 h. for RumkQg -Mackall & RodnQy go to sound. WQ had a sort of -aground 2 or 3 t. conchs at bottom transparQncy of watQr dove -fish hog fish caught PrivatQ ____________ ? says channQl is closQ in to light. Go to tow NaumkQg Capt ColQ in wrQckQr GlobQ Boston Capt Andrews arrivQs -Capt PoinsQtt having 1st got channel (symbol) gQts out to tow Naumkg in but takQs Capt who tows all in+ land on SW. sidQ of KQy Biscayne go to light h. I pick shQlls shrubs &c WQ dinQ. -to N.W. sidQ of bay -Capt Vinton goQs to Mr plantation. MackQll & mysQlf & Gunnison go to a point N. of us thQn round it to ft Dallas ascQnding Miami a short distancQ -rQturn to lt. h. bQt 20 or 30 minutQs. Indian smoke on our 1st & 2nd QntQring KQy BiscaynQ. ChQquQrs with Gunnison bQat him 2 gamQs Indian smokQ N.W. on QntQring K.B. bay (approx. 2/3 of pagQ is by 3 charts showing thQ various VQSsQls BiscaynQ Bay; charts includQ kQys, arQa around mouth of Miami RivQr, navigational aids, and locations of Ft Dallas & lighthousQ)


Page 30 Groupers grunts (?) (sketch of conch & diagram of conch with coloring instructions) King fish Conch soup & how to break can get any conchs -it is made by cracking the conchs by a in E l Hughes is referring to th@ diagram taking off by unscrewing cap & taking out animal. The vessels at fishing smacks are chiefly in supplying the markets of Havanna with groupers the only fish they care about They are employed by contract and absorb the whole Between here and (20 m. on rt (?) N) there is abundance of King(s crossed out) fish -the bait is pork skin whit@ canvass bits &c and in rapid sail by dragging line along surface a superfluity is caught. other fish about grunts hog fish &c plenty of Sheepshead transversely caught by Capt Vinton & at N. Smyrna Steamboat N. or NE up to shaol SE of ft Dallas (which is 8 m. from light house or 7 Lewis's plantation is 6 from the light house New River is called 20 m. from light house. Capt Vinton very sick -1st for hours then 10 evacuations from eating 1/2 a pod or berry of palma christi -(pencil) stone crab shewn (sketch) turtle ( large sketch showing in intQrior of a ship's cabin) Discussions about Friendship at supper -whist run aground off widow Lewis's plantation-red coontie -white (symbol or mark of some sort) high ENE wind all night


Page 31 Thursday Feb 7 1839 Wind high cloudy morn. skiff is flat yawl is round. skiff (sketch) yawl (sketch) Mackall & Gunnison go ashore -Capt Poinsett do. for water. Rodney still at the schooner Naumkeag. 9 A.M. Rain falls copiously (Baldw.) Which is the worst season of the ear (sic) off this coast. (Capt D) August Sept. -Capt D plays various airs on the piano. piles of conchs for manuring guava (like lemons) brought back by Mackall papaws. (pencil) position on Feb 7. (Seminole word) not correct &c Gunnison (symbol) Latitude 29.52 Jupiter 26.54 Lauderdale 26.81 Light house key 25.50 Spanish rnackeral caught to day. beautiful surface, another fish 2 eyes on one side of head -another with two large cutting teeth (sketch) broad back &c (in middle of page is a drawing of a plant, probably a coontie. The drawing is in pencil and is beside a pencil note: "12 sterns")


@ Thursday Feb 7 1839 Contd. whist at night. Knick in whist betwaan Vinton & my partnar Baldwin. (tha bulk of tha paga is occupiad by a larga sketch of tha "Whita coontiQ" partly watar colorad, with dascriptive notes) (also on paga is a sketch labalhd "Sago palm in Eutaw H. gard June 1 46") Proceeded down to tha Kay B. sleep there at night secure -wind high & E or E.S.E. corruptio. Walked along the beach-shells stroll about tha isla Friday Feb 8 spant in unlading Capt V's stores. Capt Vinton slapt on shora to night.


Page 33 Sat Feb 9. 1839 Rose -put on cl&an linen shirt -breakfast walked (symbol:with) Mackall to S.E. b&ach -Mackall took bath-CamQ back by light house+ went into Capt V's tent gave me paint box -Amn. Almanac to him+ sh&lls &c return&d to boat Sunday F&b 10 1839 L&ave Key Biscayne. Mosquitoes last night -1/2 past 8 -having left land S at 1/4 of 7 -Aft-bought a Laud&rdal& yawl for $70 and so N. at 1/2 p. 7 -pass by light hous& at 1/2 p. 8 -play whist with Mackall Gunnison & Cart&r. Then peruse Falkland. Monday (smear&d) Annapolis Maryland Virginia N. Carolina S. Carolina G&orgia Alabama Mississippi Alabama Louisiana Arkansaw (sic) Missouri (4 sketches of heads) Remarks on Falkland. (Gre&k alphab&t list&d in v&rtical columns)


Monday Feb 11. We spQnt last night anchored off New River inlQt --aE-8 found us aground on its south bar -awaiting high tide yesterday our company stores were landed on the N. beach -we are about to unload all now in order to get her afloat spQnt yesterd. morn collecting shells along N, beach -plenty of red fish -shoals of sharks -Indian tracks & fires fresh as of yestQrday. Reading WintQrs tale all morning anchorQd off New River in evening -Drank glass wine in conv (symbol:with) Capt Poinsett. Mackell's bon mots -bed of down -we were down -stick well stick no longer (3 symbols) (Mackall wounded) (paren. are Hughes') Lt Mackall Capt Poinsett I private & Jo of steamboat go ashore yester eve -at 10 m. past sundown shot at -Lt Mackall brought aboard 1/4 of 8. Extract from my report to Dr DQcamp. "Lt Mackall received Monday evening Feb 11, 2 buck shot ("balls" crossed (another encircled ? crossed out over -) out with encircled ? over it) one entering at the posterior surface of left humerus 1 1/2 inch above thQ axillary margin --iftwara!y-penetrating of body !ftferier!y-in a dirQction from its orfice inwardly toward the mesial (illeg. looks like "sliphialy") anteriorly, & inferiorly. Its course was probed to iepth of 1 inch when it direction took a (word crossed out) more antQriorly -afta-for distance of 1/2 inch, and (word crossed out) thQn was lost in the fhsh, where it lies -aaep!y-yet imbQdded. The inferior margin of thQ deltoid -the superior of the latissimus dorsi and the teres major muscles have been doubtlessly penetrated and the teres minor & infra spinatus also have likely wounded. No important artery or nerve touched. The second ball entered at the left hypochondrium 3 1/2 inchQs from the vertebral column and over the 9th rib, penQtrated 1 1/2 inch wherQ it lodged -peiftE-ef-and inwardly toward mesial about 3/4 inch from this ball was removed by an incision 1/3 of inch in length through intQguments subcutaneous layer & latiss dorsi to depth of 3/4 inch. His health sincQ continues favorablQ for the happy progrQss of the wounds.


Page 34 Sheet 2 No febrile have yet supervened upon the chilliness and rigors brought on by swimming in the cold water, exposure for 1 hour to the cold night air and his exhaustion subsequent to his exertions to overtake his assailants."


Page 35 (word crossed out} Tuesday evening found us at the 5 points of New River a most beautiful stream with points as regular as a line of soldiers. with so beautiful a stream -so rich in fish of every kind so luxuriant vegetation so numerous the game and so abundant the alimentary coontie and so delightful a clime no wonder the Indian clings to his own country + Dug today my first coontie root. Capt Poinsett anecdote of Indian food roots &c Fla white preferable to the red coontie (symbol: said} Mrs Henderson + Wednesday -Leave 5 points for ft. Lauderdale. got aground & spent morning at mouth of Middle New R. went Ducking with 2 hands Carter & Gunnison -headache slept all evening -beautiful spot between New River & Sea. Thursday Feb 14 -arrived at ft Lauderdale. Commenced picquetting -ducks &c -Mackall slightly feverish this morng Friday Feb 15 Landed at ft Lauderdale -had my tent pitched &c hospital tents put up &c


Steamboat leaves early for Kay BiscaynQ Sat Feb 16 -BraakfastQd (symbol:with) Capt Davidson dined do -Anecdote of Lt May -the perfect green horn he was when he first came to Florida up to last sunnnQr better now but still considerably of a boy. His urging Paddy (larr or last) to give him a name gave htm various presents of clothing shirts asking him for an Indian name -at last they called him -the "tall ("snipQ11 written in margin) shita poke that flies up the creQk" ocklaw wack -chocco thQ slim shite poke &c -The laughter at him -ThQ name LakQ Harney was bQstowQd by Capt Davidson who accompanied Col Harney with Capt Poinsett up the St John 1 s and discovd it 11 A.M. -their delight "What name" said Harney "Lake HarnQy" said Davidson -"too much honor for 1 day" said Harney blushing -Davidson gave it the namQ however in his report & it has borne it ever sincQ. DutiQs for tomorrow --put hospital stores all in position & see to thQm -put surgicals all togQther & see what is lost --eem-makQ & commencQ thermom & wind table -fill up the register -visit hospital having sick roll ist --invoice of bedding issued -order for or gun -&-rifle -fix the diet tables according to Hennen (?) + list of books to Carter + total of medl. stores &c & what is wanting. & what lost. WritQ to P.M. at Old Pt. Write to -Qr-WHF. + 3 bed sacks for offs + paper for Mackall + to night to night reading Troilus & Crassida -game Euker (symbol:with) Carter (Pencil) ock


Paga 37 Sund. Fab 17. Mackal's puns The saxual work-art of probing -Distant guns. Dr Wondar & Dr wonderfully wise brim were M -were brimful of surprise. you ara laarning glory of war -ies-M -its but a hard to smart -(H) too hard for me (M) would not ba so if you had a ball in you Capt Poinsett -Lt Rodney Dr Baldwin come up -Steamboat down river to mark out the Dr B night -fires -do. Capt's (symbol) at raport at RB of chs. w Monday Fab 18 went fishing up shore with Dr Baldwin 19 -fishing with down to ditch -across to point &c mark of sort) Wednesday -20th Want with boat up to othar side with John -e-mulatto boy of steamboat fishing Dr Baldwin -ae-on E -to tent, do. -Maeke!ils-Baldwin -to Mackalls tant soldiars wooding attacked -2 Ford & Dutchman who had fired tha night (Ford (symbol) Balck -Dutch from Ulm Da Jona


Page 38 Thursday 21st Feb. Went with steamboat Dr B. Lt R. & Lt G. to spot of lat8 incidents. bloody palm8ttoes -r8turn -steamboat go8s to K. Biscayne. Acted as officer of day & visited guard at night at 10 12 -3 -5. Rain8d during night. Dr Sloane & Dr form8rly offs. of day. Friday 22nd Feb. Washington's birthday (symbol:with) Davidson. Capping pickets with port hol8s -hurrying west palm8ttos cutting & burning --at-Cart8r & Mackall tilting me in eveng. at cards -at night at supper Davidson convers8d me on following topics -Annapolis, Bride (7) Worthington his rid8 thith8r at night, hospitality, b8ing lost stopped for a few moments went on th8n storm (word crossed out) McMahon Miss Matilda B. Speed young Nick Br8wer, b8st military stations Ashby and his petulance, dirtiest white man h8 had seen, -kie-he is a small affair" myst8riousness, sycophancy to Harney & Twiggs -courti8r cringing -pe8vishn8ss -capriciousness -formerly bearded &c. reading Romeo & Juliet. Sat. F8b 23d. night -offic8r of day -surpris8d s8ntinel no 3 -off his post light at 8. Sunday 24 -R8st


Monday 25th List of my books. Coa -coo chQe (wildcat) would turn round at ft and an turning his & body to a big tall warrior with all air of authority & he inst-antly much family pridQ have they. Apopka (?) (note: ? is HughQs1 ) Sam Jones used to bring fish before the war to ft King. Capt (?) (again, ? is HughQs1 ) Galt had written a par-ody on Dunois the brave substituting Sam Jones a Sandy Hook fisherman to Dunois and the officers at ft King the name to Apopka. book lost on the Cuba's Span. grammar Delphini Ossian Ashby has my + Hinds FarriQry night went up to sQntry box -ready! for TuQsday Feb 26 -Digging well -remarks on soil -1st whitQ sand 2nd black loam -3rd coquina -4th sand dark brown -clearing grounds by purifiQr firQ -Cochrane's pistol Colts & HarnQy Jessup &c The point blank distance of muskQt aall only is 120? yds. says Mackall. triQs (symbol) Small bible WQbster's Dictionary GQrman do. do. German bibliothetque Nick NicklQby Foster's Contnt 35 Grimaldi Bell's Arteries (?) Larrie's Surgl. Mem. Larrdys Hennen's Mil Surg. Bell on VQnereal LarriQ on wounds / Dipryster's (?) Surgery PockQt Conspectus Wood & Bache Cutter on bandages Kosack's Practice Hooper's Dictiony. (symbol:with) buck also, to 140 yds!. IntQrsection of sight & barrel 2nd time is the point blank Owl at night hoots Thursday 28th Feb. The gun carriage wheQl axlQ chQQks &c -the limber ammunition box tQntle


PagQ 40 Friday 1 MARCH 1st. "39 At night white dog seen (symbol:by) officer of day Saturday 2. Rattle snake having swam river is killed & dissected (sic) isinglass or mica coat over Qye. Numerous fangs (drawing of head of rattlesnake showing opQn mouth in some detail; accompanied by descriptiVQ notes) Sat Duties (4 symbols) Capt D. Qngine (5 symbols)


Page 41 Sunday 3 (pencil: -aiseaae-) Lt Ald. "Capt a smoke is seen E. it may be some steamboat Steamboat Santee arrives no passengers papers or letters to me Capt Russell dead! Co A will proaably come hither. Mrs Davidson ill &c Carter's stores arrived in part. Schooner went aground at large 3 or 4 fto long "King fish" like mackeral in appearance Monday March 4. wrote to Surgn. Genl. Capt Poinsett tells me how to muzzle and tame a mule halter round his snooze 1st with 2 ends -1 end to be passed around left fetlock -other around right right fetlock and each brought back to snooze so as to draw heels & nose together. (two drawings to illustrate above description) Tuesday March 5. Seal (2 changed to 4) letters 1 to Home 1 to Mussear 1 to Surg. genl. 1 to Dr De Camp. (sketch of front part of a mule)


Page 42 A -Farewell to Miss Poinsett Among the most pleasing associated with life in Florida and on the frontiers of the Seminoles, will be the memory of her, whose attachmet to her father and love of him her best guardian and protector led her to visit with him that remote (word crossed out) and somewhat hazardous coast. That we have strolled upon the sandy beach even by moonlight and listened to the accents of a femme voice and seen Arpiucka the chief of the Seminoles himself making his devotion were that passing incidents of our pleasure. and when she is gone -the idea that her presence once smiled upon those same will be an incitement strong in urging our farther devotion to the country's cause. Oh her image will be a beacon (words crossed out) to light up the dreariness of our banishment from the enjoyments of civilization and will ever endear the recollection of her presence to us the and have seen her footsteps wild forest that extend around! That her future life may be as full of happiness to herself as her presence has been joy to us is the wish admiration of our adieus. I would -kave-she may live a (word crossed but)ao thousand years but prefer that we may meet again -Adieu we'll meet again. (Pencil sketch of five unidentified heads) (following is crossed out) Now indeed I would have much rather have written a piece of poetry but how can its fire be kindled when all its inspiration is dead abse (five lines follow that appear to be a later interpolation but are here included for their interesting content) Friday-Dinner -hotels D. lovejoy's a la mode Europeinne (sic) Near Park N.Y. I found it out only at leaving. 50 cts per day or night gives yau a bed & you may dine where you please -it is all that it costs you (next word illegible)


But Cuzzins is so politQ clQvQr fine an old fellow. MorQover you arQ thQrQ surQ to meet with evQry 9 out of 10 of thQ army in N.Y. (two lines in pQncil follow and anl markQd out -they refQr to thQ "dQath of the gQnius of poQtry") (ThQ bottom quartQr of thQ lQaf contains 4 crudQ caricaturQs and thQ badly printQd words "NQw York HotQlls")


Saturday 9th DQC TQnQriffQ Catalonia DinnQr, ConvQrsation on Sour Kraut (symbol with) winQS & dysQntery Dr C.D. Sour Kraut & (word omitted) as the Germans call which mQans I suppose pork boiled.(Dr H) Wheron I think a very good dinner (Lt M) Oh god it is hard we are forced to Qat this. Laughlin, go and bririg me a bott ClarQt (symbol with) lts price (L) hQrQ it is sir 75 cts a bott. (Dr H) twicQ what it wd sell at Charleston. (M) They would'nt sell it therQ at all but it can be had always at lOct a bottle by the quantity. (Capt D) Let me try it. (M) I think for this climate t'would be healthier than coffee Dr at Augustine uses it at breakfast vicQ coffee. ClarQt is his only drink & I never so systematic a man in his dissipation & sensuality (Capt D) hQ nQver uses coffQQ, hQ sends for, Claret (Dr H) a French? (D) Yes and fine old Monongahela. Last yr. Jessup introduced what he called Catalonia wine a gill to a man at 11 A M as a ration-it seemed to me to be a mixture of sour whiskQy vinQgar and old good for nothing (symbol). HowQver the h after used to chat away (at ft Harney) like bees-they bQcamQ sick -it bound them up & gave them diarrhea & had to quit it. The real Catalonia is vQry good, Mr Carter should bring down some Teneriffe. (M) Port has same effect in dysentery cures it only for a time. I bQlieve exercisQ bQst for it (Dr H) Oh no & & Capt D -best claret I ever drank was some of old Baron Maureuil (Morool) FrQnch minister -a chateau Morgaux. (M) thQ common clarQt I think is not good at dinner it has too much body for dinner & between meals it has not enough body or spirit -nothing like Madeira -(C; D) I wish I were wealthy enough for so much (?) every day.


Page 44 March 18 Monday -Weaaeeaay-March 18 Iris arrived Maj Churchill Lt Ridgely Tailor -&--& Tompkins Wednesday March Steamboat Iris Capt Pearson arrives -had fired several guns -schooner below forage &c -she came through the bear's cut. Letters Miss Teackle Wash. Jan 26 Herald to Feb 2 -Md Rep. to Jan 29 H.S.H. Annap Jan 27(8 crossed out & 7 written over it). Tippoo breed of chickens large broad heavy wont fight says Mackall Pullet eggs long and narrow says Capt calf mastodon Pickell stone name $2 Philad Museum Eustia's aversion to tobacco How many Intians in Florida writes Churchill = to the residue left says Mackall double the half of all in Florida (symbol:said) the Dr. At his post marched the sentinel at dead of the night where the wind through the pine trees mournfully sighed and he gazed on the stars and the pale meteors flight and the gloom of the spot where his comrade had died He looked to the camp now all silent & hushed Where each soldier was slumbering buried in sleep and the sentinel thought as he mused that there rushed a quick noise on his ear like a night prowlers leap Still and fixed there he stood his soul wholly bent To detect once again if a sound he had heard on the trees & their shades with his gaze fixed intent But again came no sound nought of life could have stirred Who comes there! spang! cracked a gun & quick whizzed a ball and the sentinel marched no more at his post


Page 44 sheet 2 @ But the earth drank his blood & the Indians loud call Through the woods shrilly pealed his proud yelling boast The sly indian was rich with a scalp red (symbol:with) blood and his knife to the heart he had savagely sent and the soldier was buried at the spot where he stood free and the Indian was to exult where he went


45 Saturday March 16 1839. How in filling out my journal. Ma me that Nin (?) has broached a new on system 14th Feb Thursd now one month I been at ft Can I the scenes the the opinions and the of our secluded life --not from -not from mankind not from nature -from our from with world from information and from tt that which variety of incident to existence. No female society to vary the usual current of sentiments appropriate to our sex. True we have four here -but alas they all are one too is gone -the remainder are and wash for the company. Theres Mrs Gibbs whose nocturnal groans of sickness gave me night before last no rest, There's Mrs the sergeants wife who for my hospital -Mrs Conroy gone away to population at Black and Mrs Mulholland beautiful Irish of her Irish husband. And to I cannot any sentiment -there's Mulholland6 child true a pretty little boy whom I may toy (symbol -with) plague (symbol -with) fondle & tease but that is not to be indulged in either. How has the time passed, Not heavy because I have enough of literature to keep me engaged, Shakespeares comedies have several of them been read-Pericles and his daughter Shylock and his daughter -and Cressida & Troilus have been visited. Paul Clifford this evening was finished off -and occasionally I have translated a little German & jabbered a little French & I have ordered Carter to send me a Spanish Dictionary but what avail these I have done nothing written nothing thought nothing expresses nothing. At night I play brag or ecarte as we have not enough to form a whist party. and what do they teach me or lead to -How do I neglect the discipline of my mind my soul my memory Alas alas vice accompanies my conduct vice in word thought & deed -the petty feelings of


Page 45 sheet 2 selfishness indulgence and negligence -the indolence of idleness. I have received a letter from Dr Bard-a letter from H.S. -a letter from Miss Eliz M T. and what opportunity have I for reply -none It sometimes rains it is generally clear -the pine woods bound us on every side -boats at our lending. -rifle doubled barrelled gun & pistol all at hand but I shoot little or non fishing tackle but no fish -garden seed but no gardening -I must begin anew -I must reflect be industrious and bring up my arrears -I must fast pray & repent. Our conversations have embraced every subject almost -picquetting wines games characters scandal females novels Indians viands &c &c but I am not sated -alas! alas! I have been busy with one thing or other so as never I day never to feel ennui yet this eve-

PAGE 100

Page 46 ning I begin to feel as if I were not passing my time properly. I have however read lately from 1st of Genesis to end of Deuteronomy & begun Joshua but what good has my heart received I have reasoned with Mackall on female excellences & vices on human nature on marriages love wealth divorces and the Capt has given me his opinions but I am unsatisfied. The Captains liver affections Mackall pains rheumatic from his wounds have not harrassed me but I occasionally drink red pepper vineger to sharpen my tongue & tear my palate & stomach. I have sketched none -done nothing -Oh God guide me to the love. I am now cultivating a what Mackall calls mentonee a beard on but 1 am no handsomer. I am growing fat & lazy. Dejone the German pianoist has not made me wiser in French & German. Brag at night-Lost+ Conversation on plagarism Byron & Anson's & Byron's voyages &c Expose myself 1/2 h. in m & 1/2 h in eveg every day to sun & exercise All's well De Jone F (symbol:said) d. the great animal magnetic hate Pickell -dignity stuck on a jackass Carissima mea man WO man Friend! Midnight Watch Col Pierce Who goes there! Mackalls anecdotes on "Cousin Nick" him (5 symbols) My voice George (16 symbols) Monday March 18 Isis arrives Cock Rodney Beauty Cupid Duke deep penetration & high parts yes quick conception speedy Cousin Nick & his father visits Law Dr Claudes negro

PAGE 101

Page 47 I_) In Athletics Iris departs with Churchill & Ridgely Thursday March 21 (2 written over 3)st. Retrospect. (Duties for morrow-retrospect smoke no cigars -drink no brandy no port no tobacco -one article at dinner -2 at breakfast -2 at supper -always # -sir never fail + prepare for bleeding -get lunar caustic for service # translate 12 German pages. Paddle canoe before breakfast & as often after as possible 3 t.p.d. (erased:sail) Read 4 Chapts of Oliver-write to Newton write to Y>tlcti/J/,ilfUttl$Tlr/.t. Alexand. Todd. 2 doors west of Sharpe on Camden St. or Conway St Balt. Sent today letters to P.S.L + EJ + Ed.J + 0 Take care to put end to yr. listless indolent mode of talking and thinking as if lazy &c curse every time. To be impudent always 11sir11 in every case fun or serious. Take canoe & make sketch of ft Lauderdale o (mark or scrawl) Speak to Macauly my dream impudently Read Oliver aloud 11Come here sirAyou little commanding mad rascal paddle all over yonder you rascal you -then toy(symbol:with) a not soft love -Laird yr. wife? Write trip (symbols) Impudence impudence personate p 18 01. Tw. at (3 symbols) I shall to day point out (6 symbols) Be sure to talk (symbol:with) e energy & rip & curse to give energy Imitate Nick Water's air & character Evening of 22nd. I have fulfilled none of the duties of yesterd except to paddle canoe (2 symbols) tomorrow finish what has been prescribed (2 symbols). Fast all day (4 symbols) except coffee & beans or fish. Read duties of yesterday. fix dates + short rifle. Speak of Miss M.N. toM. & cut (2 symbols) respectful (symbol) Have thing. (3 symbols)

PAGE 102

Page 48 Mr I shall here devote several pages to this personage and speak & deal I \____.../ with him accordingly. This is a gentleman who would try to depreciate every-thing in the estimation of Husband (?) everything of Its is nothing his friends are naught his brandy is not good -his medical acquirmts are to be gently supposed his (2 symbols) are young & he would seduce them! Conjat! Let a see thad I esteem parvi minimi his opinions +cute on female subjects & his wounds depreciate &c. Always give a "god damn imprecation" to any stranger introduced! Always observe keenly the sir of strangers instance & meet it always. Exhilirators -nitrous oxide 1st opportunity swim 1st opportunity -always horse to ride Shew fight to every stranger on 1st acquaintence unless he be very modest -if so t very ceremonious & formal Tomks told me some time ago about his courtship Miss Goodrich & its rupture -she now lives at Detroit (?) (? is Hughes') he met her father & first her at Page's in Balt. I think he now loves Miss Dummit Elizth. Duties for morrow -fix my tent + 12 pages of Dutch + 4 Ch of Oliver Twist + see date at hosp. draw ft Lauderdale+ Hospital stores +review duties of yest. never fail to act with the youngsters about me never the juvenile friend because in future life will be of service to me & will teach me the duties of life + let me learn to be as attentive in their compy. as in that of ladies always on the qui vive (symbol:with) them as with ladies: putting on the french air of being pleased Never let a man in. private familiar intercourse 8et the upperhand of you recollect Mackall by your own laziness & indolence and yie14ing or not acting in insignift. trifles. Never laugh again (symbol:with) Jennings -never drink or smoke. Yr. taking a good nature bon homme mild horteux character makes others in speaking (symbol:with) you descend from (symbol:their) ordinary grade to be mild to you & hence you are in a sensitive state to their ordinary tones w speak rough to them that they made speak rough to you at & then you will be always chez toi

PAGE 103

Page 49 Sunday March 24 1839. Letter to M .C.B M Have been engaged all day in composing letter to C.B. MaN (?) Always look with energy -it frenchifies & strengthens eyes even if small eyes as a fat Dutch admire Write a few precepts on dress apparel didactics every day in relation to -morals-duties looks & visage manner rising &c habits bed -pastimes thoughts &c duties of day month year dinner supper breakfast Matching stare (word crossed out) (Always look with a stare Stand erect & shoulder & head drawn back eyes wide & stare always talk (symbol:with) spirit -never laugh -study hard make list of female names) Wednesday March 27. Large fire just W. of us on other side of river. Capt. refuses to let me go. Tompkins Mackall & Jennings go. Capt. & I & Lt Tailor remain. Visit of latter to my tent (vymbol:when) I had come down from block house -finish letter to C.B.M. Indian pass (ontree(?)) brought in by Tompkins Fires made all around us in palmettos & scrubs Thursday night fires all round us cam Friday March 29 1839 -Camp fd. (symbol:with) smoke & fires -Mackall (2 symbols) on Brutus -he spoke sternly-and always grace as if fate or (symbol) God. Tompkins & Tailor fluting -I sketched coup d' oil Duties -get military box (symbol) extract & books & bookcase finish Tempest Tompkins & Tailor fluting -Jennings & Mackall return (symbol) battering (?) -(J) What a laborious reader! +Quain catches brim for our dinner. Caliban certainly was slow -he always dreaded "pinching" he cursed continually his masters -he had no peace -all this arose from not resisting manfully the

PAGE 104

Page 49 sheet 2 the first wink of imposition. 10 m. to 10 -night. the sea is roaring through the woods the wind E.S.E at the S. the swords of fire send up a light like the flaming rolling Vesuvius -it reddens the clouds at our -have just been playing whist with lts Tompkins Taylor & Mackall. Last week when Churchill & Redgely were here I was very dejected gloom ruled in my spirits my genius was oppressed -to day I finished the Tempest & what for the morrow Talk francois to Dejone-finish Medl. report -write Davidson's French phrases au finis de e livre in

PAGE 105

Page 50 Sat M.30 I am a Florida farmer (symbol) soldiers digging. Note my proceedings & conversations more regularly Read & repeat every day substance of 1 page of French Whist with Mackall & Taylor vs. self & Tompkins beat them 2 out of 3. Camphor to Jennings. Crack your whips said Ridgely. Conversations with Capt D. topics Shaumburg of N.O +Ashton said "he has killed the danmad rascal" Aston's (sic) vogue-merits & demerits; Blake I never saw at Bl.Ck. Capt Bullock used to cry out in pit of theatre at Washington -clever man -introduced there by Nav. Sec Branch of N.C. White a drunken sot author of "My life is like the summer rose" Mrs White took (symbol) by the hand -evil reports she reformed himShamburg told Capt D-she was cold (illegible) rumors all false she was a Miss Aaa -Rain heavily last night & this morng but fire still burns over the river pine leaves carpeting to our picquet bower? for tent, beautifully ished + grounds policed & cleared outside -all fresh and clean water in a percolater a box filled with sand -cotton cloth above and below and a peg to drain it into jug by funnel -back of Capt's tent -port nearly gone -Moon Moore cannot be appreciated (symbol -without ?) hearing him play his song on piano+ his lines to lady seduced by him p!e why those tears oh3irl of my heart -beautiful idea of who wrote of the Azores that he would write on the leaf of the moon that his beloved might read his lines -wild eyes Indian like of Mrs White adapted her for Indian Princess in Paris + Isis Item tude (?) & sister are (symbol) handsome coarse skin = and dark panorama of Mexico of descented now in Europe. its lakes & mountains (2 small sketches of insects labelled "Galliniper Ap 2"39. Sunday March 31 Heavy rain at night. At breakfast warm discussion about dist of Pine island Bankhead (symbol:said) 12 or 14m. Col Harney's sergeant active fellow said went at 4 A.M. returned at 1. and 6 miles Mackall went all day & barely reached it but in zigzag (symbol:said) Tompkins. Twiggs lays death of

PAGE 106

Page 50 sheet 2 Ellikhadjo to Col Bankhead's misapprehension & to him of course. Capt Tompkins of army "my uncle the V.P." his nickname. Guard practicing target firing chaque matin. Canoeing sometimQs. +read (symbol) medicine -& + finish letter to Miss MeN. + Draw a cannon-live oak-cypress & many palmetto cabbage &c & W. view of Ft. Read over my copy of the French Conversation with Capt D about his camp. in Florida came hither in Dec 36 absent only last summer -last May at Jupiter march (symbol:perhaps "from") fort Mellon to Jupiter -trees mahogony & mangrove heavier still -cedar too knotty for table + D. W Egon away aboard Wavli (symbol:said) "if God Almighty did make this country if hli'd come back he wouldn't know it. Give me the stuff & I'd make a better (symbol:one(?)) Hagen guided the Americans to Pine island 1st+ 23 boats taked (symbol: said) Ml. butter out must kill ducks said M.-eat molasses (symbol: said) H. Indians have salt coarse salt said T. "how (symbol: said) It a butter pepper must & sugar -Habit said Capt D. bacon spoiling stinking.like old chlieSii

PAGE 107

Page 51 Monday April 1 VQry cool Th 44. Taylor Mackall & Tompks go ducking -I shot 1 /_/ M (symbol) T. 1 -Joke about Thompson-'s telling m. m k. you going to Florida Sir ''Yes sir" -well you 111 find it a far dfnt country (symbol: than) any youve seen. Ah yes sir -(Describes it) (M) I was therQ last campaign sir (Th) Ah youve been there. Played whist Taylor & self vs. M. & T. WQre beat 2. thQn skunked them & then beat L 1. PlayQd chess (symbol:with) Tompkins game apiece. 1 3 finish letters to home &c My Fawling tongue still hangs on me cease it cease it. Tuesday April 2. We expect the steamboat. Mackall & I will practise (symbol:with) the rifle until I acquire a reputation" -canoe repairing discussions about a sail for a canoe -oars -long oars -steambt paddlQs &c for it. Sketched inter of camp Capt Vint & Capt Davd. Read 2nd Saml. Ch 1 to Ch 17. Tompkins & Ml. go ducking -had had duck pie dinner Tailor Duties for eveng. Whist at night -about to be skunked Tailor said 'what is that thQ smells so" we none divinQd -He laughed we perciQved (symbol) Oh. Vd bQat's out of 2 games & then I beat Tailor 3 at chess. Coition of gallimpers Convers. (symbol:with) Capt. on maps of Florida Campaign in Fl. battle of ft Mellon &c. coition of gallimp (drawing of bug) long black said Tailor WedResday April 3d. Capt takes my likeness Mapping Fl all morning -Dinner no I killed em Qcstacy (symbol:said) Tompkins butter -fish fresh bream as Fanning is particular (symbol:said) Davidson to call it -(Fanning great .fisher) potatoes friQd & boiled -very salt bacon fried -no Qggs -chickens missed last few days + molassQs + when it givQs out we (symbol) boil sugar & make syrup stan by insted of butter (symbol:said) Tompkins + brandy+ ricQ boiled but not well -Capt. has a carolina R -1 lb water to 1 lb rice &c Talk about Miss Mulholland I wether(sic) this is thQ Scotch Lassie of Augustine +without husbands jealousy (symbol) watching her boy "ToliDlly". SautQrne wine -We must if stay here this sUliDller said T. send off to Havana -for Sauterne said D

PAGE 108

51 2 D. better than Mackall's claret -it is a light French wine+ of pigs stolen ditto in country fresh pork is very apt to give Lt owel compl. said T -No butter one drink &c wash clothes Duties for Return all borrd. Fix books so as not to distd, + have muster med, + chk medl. acs + Put everything away & in place -1 day this week for no (3 symbols) Ml. about Capts canoe -M wd like to him upset to cary L at e his pet -man to tree for breaking it wrong to punish so injudiciously + at supper anecdote of Aisquith +Dr (symbol:said) I wish you'd be so good to remove that poor drunken fellow or I might drive over him (in go'g) said Aisq. by God sir if your sympathies be so enlisted you had as well descend yrslf & mv him -Aisqth knocked down little Dr Johnson of Charleston who said I'm yr man sir -away sir I'm busy sd Aisqth. (symbol) about ladies &c.

PAGE 109

Page 52 Toney and white canoe Thursday April 4 1839 Apiaka or Sam Jones Last night headache -Capt D. about Sam Jones, Apiaka -he says he will never shake hands with the white man -he is an old wrinkled withered active hoary white headed Indian of small stature and has done more mis-chief given far more trouble than Oceola ever did. Apiaka may this moment be within 6 m. of us. No white man has seen him since the war began. He got the name Sam Jones from Capt Galt at ft Drane or King (?) (Parenthesis & ? are Hughes') where he used to sell fish being fond of money. Galt has written parody on "twas Dunois the brave." twas Sam Jones of Sandy Hook fisherman of N.Y. & Apiaka delighted & was proud of the name. It was said at one time that he was disposed to come in -It was so told to us by Powell or Oceola at ft Mellon. but if so he was acted upon by some other motives to remain away. Oceola told us he him or at least at ft Armstrong when the chiefs signed the treaty they engaged him to come in but he never did. Wildcat. Caacoochee -Is a fine figure middle aged small black eye -impudent strut and air when he visited ft Mellon -used to walk impudently to the river to bathe & look askance behind him eontemptuously at the officers. The Capt thinks the Inds were coming in at the time Powel had been taken by Jesup -they were holding a grand council about 40 miles above ft Mellon -but Wild Cat got out of Augustine a day or two before just in time to reach the council, The Cerokee delegation saw him there and said that at their 2nd visit he asked them "what they wanted there again" but Capt D. believes that the delegation acted a treacherous part that Ross's letter was for.effect, that Bushyhead as one of the delegation was called was sent by Ross to encourage Seminoles to hold out so as to drive GovT. into great expenses & promote the Cherokee cause also -D. says that he is aware people believe other-wise generally but he is himself still of that opinion his confn. of which the Cherokee delegation never would let a white man accompany them to the great Ind. council of Apiaka they said the 3d time they went there that they met the nephew of K Philip -a young chief who asked them where they were going that they said to the

PAGE 110

council "TakQ a poney out for Apiaka said he & he will came in thQy got thQ ponQy mountQd the young chiQf on it -WhQn far advanced into thQ country he l turnQd and said to thQm you had bQtter go back -you'll bQ killQd if you go to thQ council" & himself fled with thQ poney. ThQ Cherokee delegn. returnQd of going. Wild Cat has nothing manly about him -a sneaking child killing house burning coward not likQ 0. was deQply attachQd to his band & they loved him. unlikQ the other chiefs he always saw that every one of his band drew his ration & never left the post of thQ picket until the last was served. By this attention so difft. from thQ other chiQfs he made himself loved & respectQd by his band. In battle he always took time to clean his rifle. He sought nobler game than Wild Cat & was the most instrument! in causing thQ war. When he camQ into ft Mellon -all werQ curious to see him & but few idQntifiQd him -He sat with head down -eyes to -occasionally pickd up a chip and never talking (but once & thQn in a whisper to CoacoocheQ) he appQared crQstfallen agitated & could1nt meet the gaze. gradually howevQr he gainQd confidQnCQ -his gait was quiet & catlikQ -he must originally havQ been a handsome man. he always when accosteding us or recogaizing anyone did it with a smile -a most winning smile and his voice was very soft -hQ would slowly say rna -m -o -s -c -k -a -y m -a -m -o -s c k a y! (I understand). At evg. he invited chiefs to a game of ball they strippQd (symbol) & had at it -he was an Qntirely different man -& his voicQ shrill & louder abovQ all. Col Harney invited him one night to slQQP in his tent. Oceola &c did so waked Qarly in the morn & lQft tent Harney (symbol) woke & found his tent vacated -at breakfast Oceola quiQtly remarked

PAGE 111

Page 53 that he had waked early in the morning and 11hi,s father thQ good old man was asleep & he thought he would not disturb him the good old man let him get sleep enough poor old man. 11 D. thought he saw an Indn. devil in his eye at thQ time & it afforded much Micanopy -had two wives one a black woman sister of a man made chief after her marriage -a tall 6 ft 3 in negro (symbol:with) red turban. always well dressed. micanopy Cloud &c were taken at ft Mellon. Ellickhadjo was sent by Bankhead to persuade Apiaka to come in. Apiaka killed him. Said Toney (our interpreter servt. formerly of Gadsden Chairs &c) lor Massa you has turned dis Indian canoe into a white man. Went down river Mackall this morning. Sea grape (Let others see me read? Medicine (symbol) take Medl book about (symbol:with) me Friday Ap.-5 Capt finishes lii
PAGE 112

Page 53 shQQt 2 @ Sat Apl. 6 -Breakfast on fresh bream -corn cakes fried -molasses -salt scotch herring & coffee -rose late + reading Chronicles finish to day 2nd book -expecting steamboat but none came -beat Tompkins 4 games chess in eveng beat Capt Davidson 3 + Dinaer + molasses rice fried bacon & corn cakes -(symbol: conversation?) Twiggs vs. Gaines never replied to Gaines's direct question about sortie -Finish the war in Florida written by Porter. SuppQr -frivolous character of French -will you take glass wine(symbol:with) me (symbol:said) Tompk -Oh-I shall be too ----o happy to take glass wine (symbol: with) you. Maj. Churchill facetious only once on Twiggs. "these damned artillery are always so slow" (Did Twiggs think so (symbol:with) Gaines?) Churchill said to Dr Baldwin I am an instance of a onan generating at Kgy? (Symbol) was particular (symbol) to pick out a (symbol crossed out) an wife Miss Ch (?)ing would get one thought Ml. his niece of Eastport N.Y. Duties for m. settle (symbol:with) M. Rule to Ml. map paper of Tailor. Dress & fast all day -things away tonight -settle mess -letter to H A Study army duties + maj. Churchill (symbol:said) J;t T. had a son smartQr than the 1 at w. Pt. The major knows every minutQ&of every com. of his Regt.

PAGE 113

Sunday A 7. Rd. book of Nehemiah -penciled EH & J. Christ. Rd part of Midsummer's ([ ) night dream This evening I commence letter to H.A. Devote 1/2 h. every day to personal attention & reflect inn -Duties for morrow or two of German -continue letter to H.A. APRIL (not all caps but written large) Monday 8th. Santee left here on 8th March -the Isis on March 21st -19 days ago this morning. Tompkins Ml & Tailor went down to beach -Tompk & Ml. on Maid of Leangallois on violin by Capt D -Also an old favorite of Miss Neele (?) and in Annapolis -"the maid of Castile" (?). (parenth. & ? are Hughes') Tuesday 9th. Plover kd. very long bony thru legs & long black round bill -round bullet like volute & black head. hunt (?) stock cravat &c Tomp (3 symbols) Dysenteric to day & at night. Calopii xx & 1 Wednesday lOth. Several bets about steamboat's arrival. 7 bottles of wine, dysenteric. At Eveng gun accidentally goes off -fight in (symbol) noon in pass. "Bal-._, cour" one of the tents. Mkl. descent from Burleigh (?) (Paren. & ? are Hughes') in novel of Claverhouse or old mortal the one (symbol: who) killed a prot episco. & fled to this (symbol) (pencil sketch of stream) Win Lost It was 1 Col Twigg's anecdotes (symbol:said) Mkl H.l to Ml. Capt 1 to Jen Capt 2 to Ml Tamp 1 to H .Jem 1 toM T. 1 to J.

PAGE 114

Pag& 54 Sh&&t 2 Thursiay 11th. Ch8ssed to d. (symbol:with) Capt D Lts T & D -& rd at night Hoyl& (symbol) lattQr -took no dinner & fQlt bettQr. Rd. went to beach with Tompkins & Tailor Ml. sick. JQnnings also to bQach -Boat sailing racQ back. DysQntQric Smoking tobacco again. LimQ juic& drink. Coolness bQtween Capt & Tompk. continues. ContinuQd to day bible to Isaah (eic) 1st Ch. Shak. 12th night DreamQd tonight of pQritoneal fistula ab intQBtinis (symbol) by Welch. Friday 12th. Lt Tailor early this morn on scout. Tompk lent me PQlayo. Lark & whippoorwill this morning singing Duties to day Dont rQad so much light litQrature more hard study of Capts library -put mine all away Bib. & Shak. rQad all 8Xtra books around me Pelayo Jennings dQscribed a grQat exploit of privatQ soldr. of R Co hQ actually left line of march 20 paces into forQst & captiored (sic) an Indian stool. It had 4 legs h8 seizQd it (symbol:without) any QVidQnce of apprehension & with perfQct self possession & composure -it should be gazetted. note it Duties Enquire of Miss HQndersons -Return Pelayo -Study dome of HoylQ r&gularly -J8nnings got my Sh g it (symbol) Draw tree

PAGE 115

Page 55 ,../ ...._/ Saturday 13th April. Fine clear morning. Wind N.W. Cool. TMT&Tr duckg. come back. Isis Capt Pearson arrives -News Rodney's chase. Arrival of schooner at Biscayne frm Augustine towed out by Santee with Harney & dragoons -latter not arrived yet. No stDres of sutler & arrived or letters or papers. Letter from Major Churchill to Capt Da states that Lt McLauglin of Wave had seen at Havanna a paper of N.Y. of March 12 (symbol:with) highly warlike news from Maine (?) 50.000 volunteers authorized $10000000 &c but (word crossed out) Savanna had said all was settled. (?) (paren. & ? are Hughes') dined aboard Isis -every pontifical Don is unprignable (sic) t'would cost too much to (symbol) it in (symbol) Sunday 14th 123 lb turtle grass yiel4ed 68 lb meat -guava fruit aboard Isis like pairs (sic) and 3 inch long -(2 crude drawings) greenish shades 1 month exactly since arrival here (symbol) last night. somewhat dysenteric -Game chess with Capt -whist last night T & I vs Taylor & Mkl. numerous mosquito like insects in coitu. Mosquito hawks numerous. 3 & 4th Chs Isaah to day. Ml. refused any Troy bill of quarters -damn Capt Van Ness Capt Pearson Capt D & myself (symbol:conversed) in evening -whist with Ml Tomp & Tay Wine improves 2 to 1 years faster here than in N. No strawberries in Fl -only good peaches are at Micanopy & very fine & old time ones. Larrey Monday 15th. Reading Memoirs of old Peeress by Lady C Bwy author of !'Marriage" & "High life" -Pope's eye near frock. (sketch of a head) Wednesday 7th Ap. 1839 -Capt. Pearson's anecdote of & Scott1s wife having a good hand of trumps "I'm into you now" -you'd better make an entrance first said she oh (symbol) said Lt Ridgely 18th April -Isis Capt Pearson starts AM 6. Sent letter to Dr Decamp Surg Genl & to J.H. Reading 3 Eras+ Friday 19th April must get out of my with (symbol) C.B.M

PAGE 116

Page 56 Sat. Ap. 20 1839. Yesterday I commenced a flippant gossiping letter to HA. in reply to all I have received, Anecdote of Mrs Stevens Gov(illeg.) of Md -saying to Lafayette at his departure Wont yoo kiss IJIQ? "Noble boy" said Davidson to the Capt Lafayette called me. Terrible scandal of Col MeN. from Lt Mackall. Change gradually my deportment. Tompkins proposed trip to Key Biscayne rejected. Lie in eveng in Jenning's tent interruption Recollect Mackalls whore (2 symbols) it. but last (?) (symbol) though I be Kld. learned his first letters. A fellow reading yonder who has not Sunday Ap. 21, 1839. (symbol:conversed) about Jno. Randolph -anecdotes about him & Burgess, Lt. Randolph, Lt Tompkins trip to ft Dallas discomfited. his question,to me & his blush my visit to Mackall's tent, & (symbol:conversed) about variety of topics. Mr Mackall has not heard me call for "Tommy". rM.{J Mr Tompkins Anecdotes about West Point -M-4. Hughes being flogged 5 times -"old Kit Hughes" said Mackall. Surgeon's fingers recollect that & talionis. I never speak double entendres the word is so like "duplicity." Gloomy all day -took blue pill -at breakfast Mackall attempted to quiz me about lead pencil Tompkins appears to conjoin -called Jennings and told him Mackall thought him like a count;y lawyer (symbol:with) a little touch of schoolmaster -country lawyers said I w&re the gr&at men of the nation Jeffn. & Jackson -Jennings appeared to attack me (symbol) by of Hughes being 5. t. flogged -"thooght was wisdom". Recollect Mackall's whore. Mackall (symbol:said) old MeN. stunk-that he married after coition that his dr. was also screwed that Miss MeN. (4 symbols) like a whore into his -that she was not invited to Pratts' &c all done to me+ Read preface to Pelham in Tailor's tent laid down in Jennings" Dinner -silent silent Ml. though was (?) blue -he 'i asked if I were discontented with the place -he longs to go to N. "I wish I could get away" said -(symbol) Dinner Capt (symbol: said) that M. alone appeared .. anxious to be off. Yes -he was "duplicity" said I. W' Tompk (6 symbols) -beat him 2 or 3 games. Walked (symbol:with) Capt to inspection -to shore -about wines Lisbon a white wine & sparkling.

PAGE 117

Hock also. The rQal Hock (iilQg.) or Hock is thQ bQst ChampagnQ. Tokay hungary. SangarQQ is to wine what toddy is to brandy. Spirit is a rum. ThQ bQst is old Jamaica. There is old Jamaica also ?Punch Moscow Punch is a punch is madQ to exactly resQmble Champaign by boiling water ? lQmonade & & allowing it to cool. ThQ Quakers make champaign cidQr. Malaga. Sicily MadQira is apt to tastQ of goat skin (in which sacks tt is brot (symbol) mountains (ShQnry & not Madeira as former is a red winQ). ClarQt Chateau Morgeau Baron After suppQr talked of -Volusia Jan 1837 Cols Fanning Harney Capt Bean Dr Laub Capt Davidson -May just camQ on -pQrfectly green Paddy Carr commanded thQ Indian Camp -Tom Carr also thQn -May begged for an Indian nan QXpQcted to be called -a Wild Tiger or Rolling Cloud or Quick Lightning -he gave 3 of his bQst shirts for them to give him a name at last they gave him it -but would'nt tell it for SQveral days -it thQn came out. Ockolockchopko -it was interpretQd it after some time what is the meaning of Ockolockchopko? the long shanks ( a shitQ pokQ) (word crossed out) that fliQs

PAGE 118

Page 57 up the river. General laugh. May much mortified. Capt Bean (Now resigned) used to quiz Dr Loub. A remarkably ugly man. I have a brother said the Capt to Dr Loub who carries on an iron foundery (sic). I wish you Dr. to allow me to take your likeness -I think it would particularly please him very much as he wal'lt:s would be able to have a copy of it moulded for those iron andirons which he manufactures and they would then subserve the purpose of frightening the children from the fireplace Negris Monday Ap. 22. Tompkins arrests Boyle Corpl for not knowing whi committed the act of (symbol) in river. Mayo having (3 symbols) Boyle is (symbol). I go to Jenning's tent Ml. comes over -I take foot race (symbol:with) Mackall -before this Tailor & Jennings had come to my tent (word crossed out) Divine's verses which Tailor read Divine the Bugler Irtsh by birth and of Gibralter. MJs anecdotes of Lt Chase Randolph "let the stars fall and be damned." "Everybody laughed" said Jennings. Ml. stand for Yankees & vs. South about. Signed Broadrick & Burke's reenlistments. from wash & on +1 stock with cross 2 plain black stock 1 brown robe 1 black velvet stock 6 bosoms l-inen 4 linen collars 1 white cravat 1 pr suspenders Inventory of my property piece red velvet 1 worn .!...lack 1 set mattoml. instruments triangle books &c 2 pr. white trousers 1 white jacket 1 + 8 shirt + 2 colored + 2 colored frocks 3 pr drawers + 1 + 1 2 vestbraces 1 pr white summer cotten gloves

PAGE 119

cotti!n 1 pr black summer silk gloves @ 3 pr stockings+ 4 handki!rchfs 2 whiti! vests 1 (symbol:with) buttons Cloth Clothing 1 trunk 1 Cloak blui! 1 umbri!lla 1 surtout brown 1 box 1 uniform coat 1 pr. boots 1 do trousers 1 pr slippi!r 1 suit black 1 pr shoes 1 buff vest 1 camp chair 1 stripfid vest 2 caps 1 blue cloth + 1 fur 1 mil. ry cap

PAGE 120

Page 58 ''Mood Ap. 22" Capt again repeats his order not to swear. This last "I was at Jupiter" "This time last year I was at ft Frazier (to day year) This time last year I was on march from Jupiter to Tampa -this time last year I was full of duties &c Whist with Mkl. Tompk. & Tailor at night -Jennings (the Dr) (intending to study law) never plays. Very heavy rain. Walked in luna sub nubibus nocte et donee je me conchois. Tuesday 23 + for (symbol) Read to all the conclusion of this journal -finish Hamlet & begin Pelham -read from 18th to Ch. of Proph. Jeremiah Ml. "Capt has much furniture -3 or 4 tables 5 or 6 chairs, writing box 4 or 5 boxes 2 beds & 8 domino box. for Duties see p. 329. For to night we'll merry merry be -forto night (2 symbols) be &c Read.g Hamlet. said I to Ml. tr/.YI/J. M. "How do I look" H "Quite genteel clean shirt on you" Warm & angry game of Chess (symbol:with) Mr. Tompkins. Fasted (symbol) dinner to day oh how long since I have fasted -what a pity what a pity Hamlets words to his mother would have be appropriate to his mother Gertrude "Refrain to night and that shall lend a kind of easiness To the next abstinence -the next more easy For use can almost can change the stamp of nature And either curb the devil or throw him out With wondrous potency" I set Mackall down for a Guildenstern of a quiz. All(blot) (or turtle pond) is the Indian name of St. John's Riv. 3h + 15 m. Just to Byron's Dream by Thompkins, & then talked with Toney. who is very deaf about the beans which he had been watering MJs hearty choked laughter -*iJ instigating animousity. (2 symbols)the Capt. His guns & cologne -his disputes (symbol:with) Capt & dress &c. a walk (symbol). Shakespeare-Retailing ideas (symbol) novels as Josephine & femal characts his affectation of the 1st monde in Md. His pompous ridiculous air -a dresses monkey in his uniform. Talk

PAGE 121

J & withAMkl about surgeons in army & navy-the way Taliaferro hops about (symbol) in way of Cortez. Wednes(blot) Ap. 24. 1839. Arose early -heavy rain (2 symbols) night W.NE. & E N. & i(blot)talked with Mayo about Madawaska -all English in feelin(blot) there. Breakfast. played & beat Tomk 2g. chess hearty breafast. Red(blot) or 3 Ch. Ph. Jerh. & part of Hamlet. Dinner heavy rain at night Chess with Tompkins -rd Hamlet -drank lemonade (symbol:with) Tompkins. Thursday Ap. 25. Rain & wind continue last night. Wind this Morn S.E & E but clear or cloudy (3 symbols). Breakfast-"What pets lt T. makes of his men-like as some old father he wants me to sell (3 symbols)" said Lt Ml. "Billy" (symbol) Tompkins (2 symbols) finished Pr. Jeremiah. Read Acetum Acacia in Dis. &c & got my Bulwer

PAGE 122

59 Pet crow black of Co. A -& rabbit --bacon -sli-ces cut & & mustard & broiled -so ditto with ibugh turkey renders L & edible. Myrtle's perfume -(drawing) its wax -of St (2 symbols) Took eme.tic ippecac -in vomit -suppd & in defilading Friday Ap. 26 -early --hard cracker in & & mackeral -visit from Jennings -went to hospl then visit to -by Acetum & syphilis in in part -(symbol) with Capt (symbol) dinner (on rice devilled bacon & coontie pudding) about Halls manu-factury rapid stock making -all of walnut as combing the mst rqst qults for stocks --and tobacco quid and now at once for In co -never with energy -abandon all drawling affilcted and with slow and & mouth of good humor & of fire & elevation of supr. JlE i.e oris slightly (symbol) Duts always & erect & toes out in walkg. Duts never read any of your own books 1st what you have read the day "Sat. Ap. 27"(7 6) went to with Jennings win sail back. Tompkins saving drowning Irishman. Wheres my hat" said he Sunday Ap 28 (a full of shorthand symbols) I 111 i!arly -Disowned all day nothing gamed (symbol-with) Tompkins-invited Capt D -I'd not and am so Ill act as did (symbol-said) Tompkins_ said I -Dinner Tompkins acci!pting Capt's of pudding -by Mackall

PAGE 123

Page 60 Conversation at supper table and (symbol) about love in yta & manhd and about Mordaunt's character. walk in (symbol:about) 9 to Capt D to chess -"still at yr book" perhaps you'd prefer reading -"not reading sir. 29th. a Unexpectedly very unexpectedly -'a sail" a sail" from our observatory -Mlcl (symbol:goes went?) in a boat to meet it. Tompk. & I went down (symbol:with) Jennings & Tailor & hailed a mail bag Received papers & letters vis-Md Reps. Fr.Heralds. N.Y. Courier Letters & German of dates as follow Feb 19 HAH Feb 19 Hickman. Feb 20 von Lewely. Feb 25 Ez Hugh. March 3 H A H. March 18 H.A.H. B. Patriot Feb 27.28 March 13 A few Ameri '' cans -of same date Feb 9. 23 March 2 5 16 19 23 26 March 23 9 16 Maine & Boundarie (?) settled Cong. adjd. Bnn & Buck Dead + Regents victors News -H.S. (symbol) Balt to Annap. C.R. & Mr Carroll! Dr Perk & M.H. Sat 4th May 1839 T'was long before I could settle my mind for writing -the news was too overpowering. I drank a glass of vr. & water got head ache. This day last yr. Capt D (symbol) ft King Why said Jennings is the french tournure like a marsh -a. a more -ass.

PAGE 124

Page 59 Sheet 2 Sabina & Isis (2 words) (symbol:with?) about pronunciation Peg' asus -Johnson & Bosay -you'll be a melhadrot (?) I bet in less than 12 yrs -Capt to (symbol: said?) 28 or 30 Indians were here last yr was killed by Sam Jones. By G_d (symbol:said) Magruder entering the tent, I am the (?) tall chief none greater than me -the Indian caught at -tftt Tell Jessup so said Mag -Indian (symbol) hands (2 symbols) I will tell him there is a taller chief. Boys shooting for pennys & fips -Indian men wanted to shoot. Bowles

PAGE 125

Page 61 May 7 1839 Tony (5 lines of writing: Seminole -English translations)

PAGE 126

Page 62 April 30th. General inspection -my uniform trousers on "you" greatest fellow he ever knew he says you swam over like a man (word) relieved him from his unpleasant station, May 1st May 2nd. (symbol:conversation?) (symbol:with) Capt D -(unident. word) failings (5 symbols) walk (symbol:with) (symbol) to river. He gets 1 boat or (symbol). visit (6 symbols) ft Davenport 20m NW of Tohopeckalaga (?). Peas on trencher peas on trencher I never eat better meat than peas on trencher (symbol) -a bit of roast beef -dinner said I to mkl. in medio tutissimus ibis. Tompk. (7 symbols) Capt. The private feelings festering the last few days are coming to a head Long conversation to night (symbol:with) Capt D about ft St. Marks & its bones in NE angle -about Walkers intrigue Miss (word) about Harney & Laubs quarrel -treason in camp -reporting to Armistead false + order you to (symbol) tent arrest + (symbol) compromised about -about Judge Gaston & Badger Rip van Winkle yes better to sleep for ever -& be it so -than awake to disunion &c -about (unident. word) feeling at Raleigh diffrnt J:.allws e.,. Beeiety, in -1tu!r. Reae Smith Ilcr nandez & "Bannnlt ItO I &c Marney's ptom1.scuous halls his aetvetttare U "nobody I 6 ltere" tlze 'ery Mjss -nester

PAGE 127

Page 63 C,'\ v::J/ ranks of society, in Aug. Read Smith Hernandez & Dummit no 1 -&c -Harney's promiscuous balls his shawl adventure-"nobody's here" the very reason sir (symbol:said) Miss Hester that you &c she (symbol) went to Augusta & Ferris married her. To day (symbol) about Vinton &c. Cards tonight (symbol:with) Mkl vs. Taylor & Tompkins Jennings quite unwell very sick to day. Expect steam boat today -not come yet -expect her tomorrow. Mkl (symbol) to picolata. in media tutissimus ibis rattle snake killed May 3d. Breakfasted -Jennings better -dined on devilled bacon & coontie pudding. Unexpected at 3 -boat yawl arrived from the lagoon where isis was left aground having on board Col Harney & Capt Vinton. Long (4 symbols) "Why Mr Mackall Capt Poinsett says you are the (18 symbols) "Capt Davidson have you had any more of yr tents burned down" "you used to be the greatest fellow for burning down tents many a capt has got leave of absence by certificate, depend on it, they will do the same at Madawaska". especially in the beginng of the war -Truce truce no more fighting 2 Inds. visited us at lt-. Key Biscayne. Genl. Macomb at ft King to treat with them. Tamoka John & Sandy -guides are at ft Key Bis -or ft (Bankhead formerly) are Hughes') Russell. Harney's anecdotes about May jumping (symbol:with) his horse making his men follow him if fell they were to gather thems up & come on Harney did'nt like city life -he had to dress himself for the ladies set up so late drink & carouse so much he preferred a country life. Did you hear Clay's speech? (a series of shorthand symbols follows) but so crowded -I entered about two inches (symbol) the ladies pushed so against me that I was very chafed -they pushed more against me than you would have done. Toney & Harney's meeting Harney & Vinton departed. (symbol:conversation?) about wine -Cockroach wine singular of Miss McNeil (Mrs Eaton) (paren. are Hughes') Timberlakes acquaintance

PAGE 128

Page 63 Sheet 2 (symbol:with, having "&" written over it) marriage of her. Timb (symbol) a short & timid(?) man -her supposed children by Eaton -but for her Van Buren (4 symbols) Presd thought Tompk. Rand. married her sister -& (symbol:then) published a pamphlet detailing Eaton's veneralizing her. Anecdotes about Thayer is "Even his swearing dr/Jf.MMllttlf. good sometimes." Vinton of Harney.

PAGE 129

Page 64 May St Aldridge Conroy his wife (symbol) black Cr. Mulholland & his pretty wife Saturday May 4th All busy about (symbol), to Jennings (symbol) send on his nation Tompkins (symbol) go to ft Pierce Mkl to Picolata the Capt to ft Heilman Mock to come "here" -2 middle (?) to the North -very warm to day -I drank port -beer -ate box guava & glanced at Cambaceres' work -paid Mkl 8.00 for my commissary expenses. Lomax cursing Harney how all at first hated him -why tournure is like a ohn swamp -a more ass -(symbol:conversation) about J. Randolph. Sunday morning May 5th We expect Col Harney & Isis up to day -Breakf -(symbol:conversation) won 2nd drag. going to Balt. I shall today make out Higdy's & Burnhams certificates of disability. Murray stabbed Rodney arrives in evening -Aldridge (symbol) Murray (symbol) & tied up

PAGE 130

Page 65 Monday May 6. The Capt -Lt Mackall & Rodney depart in schooner for K.B. The emotions & feelings of present (symbol) belong to the (several symbols). Well mkl goodbye (symbol) I wish you a (2 symbols) Capt Davidson (3 symbols) Rodney goodbyeDoc jump aboard -stop (several symbols) Mkl turned and laughed Tomk (3 symbols) Makl conclud his + touched mine in farewell -& they were gone Tompkins appeared now sensible of the new responsibility on him and (long series of symbols) I sympathised (3 symbols) Corpl murray (5 symbols) I gave my testimony didn't see him -quibble about his name court cleared for the purpose of eliciting it. paid Capt $5. for mess furniture ordered on a bd. of survey. bills Duties for morrow -Settle with Lochlin, Mrs Aldridge & Sutler, see how much remains in hand. Write to Dr C. Dr B. TH. EH. & miss MeN. for to night -revise my book (3 symbols) Capt D. to (symbol) time talk with De Jane + Makalls tent all vacant & lonely -talk with Tailor & Tompk about Eng. soldiery Napa. &c Tuesday May 7 Went to beach this morn (symbol:with) Taylor to see where (symbol) a first Tompkins shows us his plan in eveg. & we discuss it (symbol:with) Taylor (symbol) game of chess -Jennings jaw unwell -(symbol:conversation) about anml magnetism -poetry of E.E. Cox Cloudy rainy wind East. Wednesday 8 -Rain prevents Taylor's departure Jennings still abed Thursday 9 -Jennings & Taylor's Company go to beach Toney Rain much to day Friday 10 -Turtle schooner arrives at Taylor's beach camp Taylor sends me up med ens (symbol) Dr Baldwin & (symbol) boards the steamboat going up (symbol) Col. Harney & 2 Inds. commissary & sutlers stores moving to beach today -sudden fall of rain -heavy Capt D enquired fate of St. Aldridge (symbol:

PAGE 131

Page 65 Sheet 2 conversation) (symbol:with) Tompkins about various officers (symbol) last & preceding nights.

PAGE 132

Page 66 May Sat 11th. this day finished old Testament begun on March 1st. thus read it through at ft Lauderdale -beat at chess by Tompkins + preparing to move hospital this eveng. May 1839 Sunday 12th horses gone down+ funny green (symbol:said) Tompk. we go to beach this eveg. Went to beach in evening -myriads of butterflies -ale cigars returned -rain -thunder -incubus at night measure for measure -lp pages Matthew Throwing at crocodile -he opens his (symbol) Monday 13 didnt see sick to day. DeJone lets fall log on Conroy's head -I bid farewell to ft Lauderdale -McCawley Y Laird learning lessons Toney's history -Washington had a son (symbol) George &c Tuesday 14th. Came down to beach

PAGE 133

Page 67 with Tompk & Tailor May Wednesday 15th Went up to picket saw Indians several Flag of truce torn down-old Toney's departure "I have respect (symbol) all men-well good bye gentlemen + tobacco & brandy (2 symbols) Reading Antony & Cleopatra -Devereux & Pompeii sp hice & (symbol) love's labor lost Thursday 16th May 1839 Clear 8 AM Rain Friday 17th -St Jennings goes up & returns (symbol) Indian camp Sat 18th

PAGE 134

Page 68 Sunday 19th. Indians arrived very early -also Santee (?) & Lt Sherman. While they land & -I look at steamboat -When we go to breakfast -we invited the Inds. to breakfast or they I Copy of a letter sent Dr R C Wood. Ft Lauderdale-May 19 1839 Sir. I have the honor this day to receive yours of date Ft. Brooke Ap. 23d. 1839 and to state that I arrived at ft. Heileman Nov 24th 1838.0n reporting for duty, I was ordered to ft Hanson at which I arrived two days subsequent. From that to Jan 18th I was on duty with Maj Ashby's command. On 19th by order of Maj. Twiggs I proceeded to ft Heileman which I left on 26th for ft Lauderdale and am still here on duty # Since arrival in Florida I have uniformly transmitted a 1 monthly report to the Med. director at ft Heileman which I still continue to do, not knowing as yet, that a farther report of my movements & proceedings is required also at ft Brooke. To Dr R C Wood Surg. & Director U S A ft Brooke Tampa bay Fl. Letters & Papers received. Davidsonville Ap.6 -Ed Jacob Vergennes Ap 10 W H Fowler Annapolis Ap 20 H A H Garey's ferry May 11 A W Walker March 29 Annapolis Surg. Genl's office HAH&TLH 1 Med. circular Ap. 1839 Very respectfully yr obt servt Ellis Hughes Asst Surg U S A Act.g Sur genl. Benj. King Ap. 2, Ack by the ult (next undecipherable) Balt March 29 Mussear

PAGE 135

Pag& 69 ft Laud.May 19 1839 Sir I have the honor to acknowledge the r&ception this day of the official Army Register for 1839. To R. Jones Adj. Genl U S A Washington D.C. Very respt. Yr obt servt Ellis Hughes Asst S U S A At about 11 A M-A canoe was seen approaching down the river from the West -in 10 or 20 m. it reached the shore and 5 Indians landed. One was a large muscular 32 yr. man whom Capt Poinsett recognised as having been among the Chfs at ft Mellon ( suppos&d to be a nephew of Sam Jones) One was a wild &yed buckish dressd youth of about 22 or 24 white maple(?) fringes for shoulders and hips -all were well formed. I gave them a bottle of brandy -We sat in tent rear of Lt Tompkins & (symbol). Afterwd two more came one of them was the one who refused to spk to us at the picket. I asked him why he wouldn't speak to us he appeared embarrassed at the question. Twas Sulky of Tailor

PAGE 136

PagQ 70 Monday 20th Ap 5 Indians arrive Watchee & an old Indian & two squaws & child. (two small sketckes of Indian heads follow) WednQsday 22nd. No in today all at corn dance

PAGE 137

Page 71 Thursday 23d. Continue my letter to H.A. Schooner Charles "arrives from Key Biscayne Saturday 25th May -Illness of Daily disturbs me much Today I must perform several duties. The clouds are pouring from the East and wind and rain all day yesterday last night and still this morning No Indians in yet -tfee Sherman is moving up to the brow of the hill I was up late last night and rose late this morng. Daily dies 30 m (symbol) 12 N. Wind & occasional rain continue. Duties = journalize 2nd.let. to HA H. fix papers in cd (?) 2nd. fre. & germ write to Dr King. Todd & Ez H. Ed. Tac. Bard Mr Wewsear (?) suspenders Tailors Yrl..tt $2. for govt letters rd. abscess on leg

PAGE 138

Page 72 gay lively active boys -full of glee and pranks Squaws laugh chat coquetta &c -29 Indians 3 pretty squaws -lack of hair Pleasure of the boys at understanding & catching an English word. "God has granted us a bright day" "Come along-" good by" -"how'd you do" like us May May 30 -about 30 (written over "20") or 35 Indians 7 or 9 canoes in -boys shooting arrows -their nakedness -31 Inds. Visit Tompk in tent before breakfast. Warm words (symbol) Sherman abt. (arrow pointing to "31 Inds" above) Treaty about horse with Indian fails Old Toney telling old times. Gov White puts him in stocks 40 days for not going to Pensacola -"good ele punk" might good man Sandy aboard of steamboat Chitto tuskenuggee & Rd. Balt. American May 2 1839. letter CBM. date Pl. May 7. HAH. May 7 May 15 SFH Arniap. Apl 30 Tell Claude Meeting of Inds. on shore.

PAGE 139

Page 73 June 1. few Indians visit camp in morng. ''Sulky" goes off with little to say -Santee returns from Key Biscayne with Lt Siblee who takes Sherman down. Woodruff & Capt's daughter aboard. "Democratic dress of Dr Baldwin." June 2. Indian made drunk -his wife says -so many eyes now awake and open -"eyes not always open said I. 3. no Indians 4th. 15 canoes in -got 2 hair dear skins -2 bunches beads to squaws

PAGE 140

Page 74 (symbol) opinions. Col Pierce is nothing byt a stinking (symbol), Genl Gates is a stupid old jackass a fool always punning and arguing as obstinately as a mule what does he know about this part of Florida? He wont transfer me I shall resign. Capt Davidson detest he told a positive lie. Col. Harney is unfit too fickle does not know his own mind -Genl Taylor What is (symbol) doing -his section system shews his stupidity Genl Armistead is nothing but beeswax. Capt Fulton's cowardice at Lochahatche a good for nothing ninny and possibly all his family to what I know. What a representation for the army at Key Bis to the Poinsett. Cringes to Contee. Bis detail of affairs with Lt Sherman -what a talkative windy jackass is Woodruff Capt Vinton is a hippocrite (sic) and the most unpopular officer in the army. Maj. Hunt ought to be in the "line" of his duty instead of being 2.m. Col. Cross a damned humbug for economy and gone to St Louis. cost more to pay for printing of his circular (?) than all the good it effected. Crabbs certificate about bacon what does he know spoiled. Old Toney is a stingy aviritious (sic) old fellow. Genl Jesup's stupid encampments and numerous adjutants. Bankhead & Eustis, Taylor's stupid dull mind -Jenning's cowardice in avoiding encountering Indians. To (symbol) did all battle at Lochhatchee (symbol:with) H arney. Tompkns not correcting Harney's detail about May & Craig. Dr Maxwell's saying no matter no matter to Dade's insult. Miss Griswold Kick and his hate of woman kind. 3d. the Same dat reg. (?) for dirty work what a dirty tent! smoking Resolutions about tobacco dubious points Rodney's indiscriminate comp. 2 boys talking to Bill selfishness the gov.g principle everywhere Im always sick & complai n ing Bill's distanc e cause? Fulton & all his family Never sleep by d a y cant live ( s ymbol) exercise The Dr is so modest Talking with Howe about scurvy &c He sleeps by d a y Rodney's d eception o f me. Wonder he doesn't sail more. H ospital requisitions Philosophic indifference Molasses in my tent. Bill clears the table! Col port (Symbo l ) I h a d opened his drawer o f t h e table?

PAGE 141

Page 74 Sheet 2 Lie about Indian sick girl Lemons in his tent parted none (raisins & gingerbread) Eat corn cant eat dinner Always smoking Sailing no on can got me to lent him Bulwer befor 7 & (3 symbols) (Cant let you go to inlet but I'd like to go (symbol:with) you to Indn Ask Toney if going to Augustine camp never invited me to sail or duck His detected feeling at Carter settlement (symbol:with) me. (symbol:with) (symbol) wouldnt let me meet Inds. Attend no more to Indn sick woman Dr. What am I going to do with! 1the chickens Col Harney has no polish to represent the army Ridgely's brandy reed 2 bottles of it. but said I he (word crossed out) has spirit. talk about Dr Waightman tell Locklin you'll ask me &c talk about Lt Hughes his miamis (?) do -to Lt Davis bean soup his taste for changed Spaniards at Caloosahatchee! tush! Countermand order to Taylor's departure! My great modesty or courtesy Daring commissary Ridgely at Augustine Davidson box opened -his furlough also Hospital molasses or (symbol) my tent Lt. (illeg.) death Saying that Juan wants to cheat me. wnats cotton from hospital yet nobody else must have any but (word) Byron at Taylors tent Omissions To ask me to miss settlement never communicate contents of public letters but complained of Davidson in same respect He is caterer! I never? ant Cant your cure Francis Capt Davidson drink.(symbol)my port! Want new pair boots Tired of Gascoyne never ask any but Bill Intend to send Bill over Never ask me to have a chew of tobacco but (symbol) grudging Returned my pistol. His statement in favor of Sherman's order His maxwell tule board of Poinsett

PAGE 142

Page 75 1st to complain about trouble of hospital accounts. Davis's present of lemons. His mules -secret tale about Ashby (his Dade affair) secret tale about Jennings (word) July 4 Rainy How ought a man to act wqen he is bound by honor to be silent of a secret malignant tale whispered to the of another. avoid the secret tale bearer (symbol) -Steamboat Santee passes. Center Dummitt Carter aboard. Declined lending me guns + lied about sick woman wanted me to furnish him cotton from hosptl as he had had molasses & rum &c 12th. Tompkins sailing cloudy -sail from S. passes us. Opening Davidson's boxes. stinkg democrats once preferred drinking from a bowl now his cup. Getting me to write a letter to which he might append a pis. his clearing the table always Jennings dirty shirt & Dr Maxwell 2 standg anecdotes Complaints against Taylor (symbols) Jesup & Pierce both stinking democrats after dining Inconsistency about taking notes. Do no work -worthless company Fish hook bill of Jackson unpaid Jackson working for tYtM.t him Fair face to Lt Sherman Davidson Blush with Capt Woodruff Rope gone His inconsistency in taking notes. Taylor's issue of 1 barrel of gin. From his block blushing laughing grin of Lt Hughes Dr what do you make such a noise about? 5 gal. whiskey receipted for Saved Taylor from of commd. of Co. for charges Jenning's dirty shirt Jennings aversion to going against Indians. His cacoethesloguendi or scribendi to Woodruff about visiting us. Hospital wines. secret drink of Capt Davidson in his tent sugar & mess expenses of Davidson his meaness about the molasses & port in my tent. (symbols) will never marry except for money Ashby's aid. This clime agrees so well (symbol:with) him. yet once sick Col Twiggs's slanderous tongue. If I shoot to rep? to Davis! Camp day to rept to Davis & Murray! What's use of piquet yet (symbol) wants to bring all down. use of keeping guns loaded? Francis recomended for a truce but goes again Talk about Mays -ft Kemble also. 1 bot Porter close Taylor's & Jennings' shirts calico bad taste and fare

PAGE 143

Page 75 Sheet 2 '-t'L want to restore Murray. Duplicity about the cause of Aldridgs acquaintence & his (2 symbols) Mulnolland. Sneaking for Indian girls. leap into gig His rescue of drowning Irishman Details of the greatness of his services in (arrest Fl. Bennet for & Cherokee Country want of confidence in all superior officers Blames Harney going to K.B. His deserter feats at N. Orl. Great importance of ft Lauderdale His hammock (blurred) feats at Caloosahatchee Davis's bad taste in speaking ill of his superiors! Sherman's foolishness in facing tent east wd. and his own subsequent imitation of it. Davidson's folly in sending his baggage with the company's & his folly in making furniture. yet he makes more D "my own private property" his drawer table when lent to me speculation in Indina poney $10 to 100 -anticipations about Cole and subsequent change of mind Quarrels with everyone or slanders everyone except Mackall (written vertically along l.h. margin) Gates was a man whom I would probably like he would suit may he (word) whom he T. could not like.

PAGE 144

Page 76 June 11 Monday. (symbol:conversation) (symbol:with) De Jone of Ulm. There are 9 or 10 military schools in Germany -viz &c. Dr. Reichstadt was poisoned by Agna Tophana (so called from an Italian lady who invented it) supposed to be (symbol) by tieing up a cat and whipping it till it is "mad" then catching its saliva and sealing it up. it kills at any length of time but with a sure death The best lithographic stone comes from Bavaria fine steel pens required. Water & varnish in proportion. 10 water to 1 varnish. or there about best for dick-farbe what we call "body" water colors but t'ft'-f it may be used with our transparent watercolors. 17 18. Lt Woodruff arrives in periogue & departs next day 19. Sam Jones arrives 20 morning Sam Jones again in. Lt (Shubrick) Md Judson & Comegyss 20 to 30 Lt. Jennings & Taylor depart for ft Pierce 30th. Santee pases on to St Augustine with Mr carter & Lt Rodney. Col Harney is now at Key Bisc. the steambt is gone for provisions -we are reduced to pork & bread. Every other thing gone even sugar.

PAGE 145

ige 77 July (No. is SDleared; appears to be "6"). Stea,boat (3 s}'Dlho1sl. AP. 15 1840 ,ritten July 13. man with wounded hand lands 14-Schooner passes to S. anchored off N. all morn 15-finish report to Surg. Genl. (word crossed out) finish letter to Tell Claude. another vessel passed to the South to day Tompkins went out n -at (symbol) a fishing -caught groupers. I took canoe but soon returned. Adj. Genl. Duties for 18th -reply to all letters -put away papers & books & clothes -seal public letters Copy medl. affairs -Put away everthing -Chew & smoke no more -paint (?) no more -(symbol) no more -Settle hospital with Juan -toiletize hour -Sail & ride beautiful moonlight -talk with Tompkins on various topics -ladies -Indians estimation of -Morris & Thayer of Wt Point Lt Ch. Smith 2nd (symbol) rich fair and accomplished &c Miss Harriett Field Thursday 18th Wr. tiny letter to S.F. 19th. Visited squaw & Indn. camp. 21st visited Indn. camp -2 women + 1 man sick. asked Bill about Miss Field -Miss Harriett Fields 22nd no vessel yet since the 6th July but the Poinsett passes us to day without stopping skiff with Francis, Kirby, Lewellyn, Brown & (word) at nw to K. Biscayne to sutler &c -goes at sun down. 23d. Rain againd from S.E. (hospital water examd) Wt. Pt. peculiar experssions -he or'd a thing well" he carried it to the mth power or mth + 1" her "fessed" or confessed he couldn't do it -he is "wheating" it going to hospital petending sickness -"he was found" (deficient) (paren. are Hughes') 24th. Skiff may return today Returned at night moon light signal fire Poinsett down then

PAGE 146

Page 78 July 24th Contd. -Carter's presents -Raisins cake (my arts 13 bats Cha,mp Cider 100? cigars some limes) Conroy St. Giles Hospl. Liverpool 25th or morn of 25th Santee from Caloosahatchee 26 at night Santee's bell wakes me -Carter lands -Col Harn is still at Caloosahatchee no news -except capture of Spanish smugglers and the arrival of Indians at Caloosahatchee sent various letters sr Duties write to J.H. + + Mr Hus. + Dr Welch + (word smeared) gormandized at dinner on turtle soup -cabbage & (illeg. word) 27th game chess with Tomkins. Sunday -Conversations about Wt. Point + math.s Lt. Temple -Capt Casy (now at Tampa)(paren. are Hughes') superior (word or symbol) Anderson gallant &c 28th Miller Hooker and Gunnison wont Armistead or Gel. Beeswax you get off (symbol:said) H you'd better Lt Johnson & Privist(?) his seconds Heileman Flowers at Augustine Magruder & Powell duello -Magruder & McLaughlin rations Jesup Scott Tailor Gains (symobl) lt Tailor & Jennings Bankhead Eustis so many adjutants Indian orphan her father killed in battle best officers in each regt. Dr Turner his second in Miss Dummit's affair Present contempt for women. His nuptials proposed to (Miss Goodrich) (paren. are Hughes') of Balt? Anecdotes Cram's having arrived at same conclusion as Paplace after 3 years problem only different 5 or 6 minutes. what is the sun's horizontal parallax Mr ? 8 seconds? 8 seconds! I'm astonished Mr my heart is glad to see corn tired of coontee sickish at night I took ippecac (symbol) effect 30th. Rainy morn? (word crossed out) Evening -4 P.M.-skiff from Key Biscayne. Bad new 11 Drgoons sutler & 3 killed 15 + 2 interpreters news read to Chitto hadjo & Sam Jones son Indian scene two warriors

PAGE 147

Page 79 July 31st. Duties here after -live on rice & lemonade no vinegar eggs salt (3 symbols in paren.) or butter no coffee off to see Sam Jones Sam Jones's son & Chitto hadjo set Aug 1. Chitto Tuskenuggee arrives in camp from Key bis swam new river and scared two soldiers -his heart is sad no sleep no eat -a treaty is a treaty -he will let them see if he is not chief -he will at the risk of his life carry it into effect. cui nte (?) & sulph. mag. to day Aug 2. Arose to reveille. men getting rations -fine morn Last night dreamed I saw Jeremiah's corpse. Alas! (symbol:conversation?) case of Poole Judge Adv. setting Ashby down -Maj Ashby! your rank sir as an officer shall not sever you from responsibility for any invidious and ill naturnd remarks Chitto & his man leave camp. at night boat arrives from Key Bis -Col H. will be up on 6th Aug 3. Chitto Hadjo & Sam Jones's son again in camp-with news of Sams Sickness he is on Slotchahatchee turtle crk -didn't meet Chitto yesterday -Sam hopes we don't believe any of his people did the hostility. eyes inflamed I am waiting steamboat with great impatience -ate immense dinner fish bean soup venison brandy toddy Coover about Chitto's predicament -his saddle too which the Col had given him -Sam advised Chitto hadjo to come in openly & boldly aid for otherwise it would bespeak guilt. Aug 4 Sunday -Chitto T & boy go to picket to look for Inds W A.M Steamboat in sight Steambt arrives -letters from Taylor & Jennings do oysters. H.A.H. June 14 + 25 July 9 newspapers parcald from to Etats from no. to Aug 5 Monday -medl. stores (symbol:with) invoice

PAGE 148

Page 80 Aug 6 -Tuesday -This is the day we expect Col Harney -at 10 AM smoke at N -from steamboat turns out Cincinnati from Augustine on 4th. Black flag mast V -orders from Gates & Tampa. Letter (symbol) Re'd. gely to Tompkins. No Indians yet in -though we expect Sam Jones' envoys to day. 7. Recall moments of fiery pleasure (symbol:with?) Henry Baldwin A(illeg.) Clard Marg Schwar Sally Bowie's thigh Mrs Church Mrs. Hildebrand Mary Jane Ridgely Carol. Smiths bub Car. Read's hand Corelia NcN. Carol. Hoffman & her accomplice Litt St. Susan Dr. Harris Laira & Ocella His Susan & 2 or 3 wenches Meadows (symbol:with?) Macku(illeg.) Mrs Skiggs Miss (blurred, looks like Allen) Isabella Johnson White flag hauled down 8th -Cincinatti comes up with Paymaster & Col H. Paymaster Maj. Bennet pays me 90.83 + = 178.60 for March & Feb. John Levely Bill Pennington Romantics (symbol: with) Matilda Green Ellenora Duvall Margt Schwann Emily Green Silly Bowie Caroline Smoth Read Hester Worthn. Ellenor Harwood Cornelia McNeil Ann Elliott Mary Harrison Olivia Barnes Jane Harrison Ann Elliot Caroline Worthington Hester Chase Isabella Wlsh Ann Read Miss Henrys Kit Allmitt Miss Amanda Hack Miss Boone (Sarah) Sarah Tongue \nn Juliet Davis Miss Henderson Miss Fulton Miss Adel Walb Miss Marth Wms Fanny Brewer Miss Morton I ask for Toney's funds for him, which puts Tkns in the dumps very unexpectedly to me. I have observed so much a want of uniformity in his temperament feelings and disposition and so fluctuating a mood of character that I regard it always as the in "idle wind" r/J{ a friend. He must be appeased again. Col H. returns in Cincinnati in night eveng to KB. her iron work injured. 9th Tompk. very silent at breakft. I give up smoking -broke my pipe after smoking my last tobac and resolve to smoke no more -at dinner Tompk ask if I had written

PAGE 149

Page 80 Sheet 2 to Jennings. "no but to Taylor". Did you congratulate him on his favorable change. Col H. returns in eveng to !t Key Biscayne

PAGE 150

Page 81 lOth Aug. Sat. lOth Santee arrives off here in evening. Arpiecka wants Tompk.to meet him at piquet says Chitto Tusk. 11th Sunday 12th Mond 11 tl Sunday -Maj Bennett in camp. Chitto starts for ft Dallas -Sam Jones son Santee arrived in river in the morning. Sam Jones' interview with miss Poinsett shakes hands with his 13th Tuesday -Santee goes up to picket Sam Jones' son pointed finger at miss Poinsett maj. Bennett & Mr Dawson & Carter leave in Cincinnati which passes at 9 P.M. having brought up Col Harney. 14th Wed Paid Mr Carter $65. Write to Surg. Genl. & Dr Maxwell Duties with Lt T. never visit his tent-always si(illeg.) to him to every thing that does not agree with me. Let a line of demarcation be distinct. never seek a conversation with him & make no enquiries of him. Rather avoid his society. Never play chess with him never say anything to flatter or please him. Dipute every disputable opinion with him & maintain my own to the last. Settle early my mess bill -never ask a favor of him of any kind. Always rebut every advice

PAGE 151

Page 82 14th Wednesday Aug continued never make any kind of apologies or excuses or explanations with him. 1st advises to Toney go to Key Biscayne Supper -explanations with Tompkins-supped again board of Poinsett's Santee Miss Poinsett left late (symbol) -went to Tompkins's tent thence to bed 15th Thursday Steambt goes up to picquet -Col Harney has a talk with Sam Jones and (symbol) goes aboard of steambt up to picket. (symbol) talking to Col Harney of his troubles (6 symbols) and his feats vs. company & drunken commissary-Taylor's too issued the gin! my affairs with Tns are in statu quo. Always discuss very fully suspicious inuendoes (symbol) T. 16th Friday Aug. very sleepy thie morng. (symbol) pills quinine Toney says Arpieicka said "He (col H) talks like a man not as if he had all power in himself. Speaking of commissary Ridgely "little business transactions are the true & best test of a man" said Tompkins. Have you any port wine in yr tent. Bob Anderson fine fellow Allen Smith do. (symbol:conversation) about Liddell Terry & of W Pt. & their affray Santee pases to Aug. from K. Biscayne -sent letter to surg. genl & to Maxwell. T asked me to dress the boy therefore I shall not. 17th Saturday -Arose better than yesterday -drank pitcher lemonade coffee bacon & smoked. The latter I must cease till 24th. Somewhat stupid in morning (word crossed out) Indian boy at our breakfast. The effect of too much fluid and of tobacco has been pernicious to my health I shall therefore cease them and attend particularly to the operations of my volition. While writing this I feel tolerably better but not decidedly well. My head is too much engorged. My e yes too full and I am never myself when a' malaise. Therefore temperana & abstimena shall be my words and no ardent wine or excess of drink -To day my diet dn. Duties are no fluids except soup at dinner -and cup tea at supp. & a mouthful! of solid -in evening ride a' mule T a short distance T's demeanor & (symbol:conversation) -said that Hney said that he was moonblind -my reply was he complained about some of his officers I sent him away." Let me hereafter of God attend punctually & promptly to my duties

PAGE 152

Page 82 Sheet 2 and to nothing else. and to the discipline of my mind & body Let me be abstemious and active and my proper spirits will return -let me be sure to engage myself in useful study or in good exercise. I scarcely think T. & I can ever perfectly harmonize as our principles of action are somewhat different. I may be wrong but

PAGE 153

Page 83 I fance there is a -suspiciousness alw&ys in him -&n obliquity of action and a duplicity of motive frequently. Duties Brush my teeth after every meal -pray (word crossed out) riding & (word) lOth Aug Sat. Santee arriving off here is sent round into river 11th Aug Sun -Santee goes up to piquet 12th Aug Mon -Santee lays all day at landg inside 13th Aug Tues. Cincinnati passes up to Augustine (symbol:with) Bennett &c 14th Aug Wed -Santee goes up to picquet (symbol:with) Tompks. & Harney 15th Aug Thur morng. Santee goes down to Key Biscayne 16th Aug Fri -evening Santee passes to St Augustine 17th Aug Sat -(pencil profile sketch of face) Tompk (2 symbols) invite me to sail this morng. how diffnt! (symbol) Taylor. I shall have very little to talk (2 symbols) hereafter. Tompkins dignifies intention of moving his own tent "we will move our tents tomorrow" 18th Sunday-Drowsy again cant shake it off. About to move my tent to day to 2nd picquet. Moved tent. Same Jones in camp bought 2 skins of him. Kanucky the ck -and friend of Micco has a mustache Tompkns tent not yet moved. I wish here to make a few observations on unnecessary expenses my cigars in Feb if/JU from the 15th to 28th cost -1. 82 March ----.37 1/df/J mess to March 17 1839 10.87 April ----00 May (17) 5.75 + 369 9.44 do mess to May 7 1839 4.22 June = 4.93 June 1 9.78 July ---6.19 Aug 12 9.35 Aug --25 to Carter for mess 34.22 23.00 ?was this my Eart or was it all. $23 for tobacco &c since 1st Feb These expenses may at once cut off pay debt to Gasc Fran Kirb Mrs Gibbs Bill mess Jackson Temperance would have saved me the following items 50$ might have been spared for wine tobacco May wine 4.63 July Cider 8.25 suspend 75, wine 150, and useless articles March -claret 75 16$ + box Champagne Therefore this 23+16+x = 40+ might have been economized besides about $5 to theIndians CQ.

PAGE 154

Page 84 19th Monday Aug. Drank some port no more smoking I hope & fast part of this day. 1 cup of coffee 1 slice of bacon 1 plate soup -2 spoons cabbage be my fare to day & nothing more Slept last night in "mosquito grove". To day I hope to begin a perfect reform & keep it up till Sept. 1 neither smoking or drinking. Ride in eveng -If (2 symbols) my mess bill. Paid Lt Tompkins back $3 borrowed of him yesterday by giving him for my 19$ due for mess expenses a note of $20 + 2$ cash = 22$ 19 + 3 = 20 + 2 therefore we are entre nous square. nothing was said of Carter's bill -the commissary expenses were 18 or 19 $ Commiss = 18.16 18.16 Tompk purch = 19.00 19.00 = 19.48 but I only paid 19$. ? 1.81 1.81 (blurred)38.97 (symbol) Thus since Feb. I have paid Mr Carter for mess Mr Tompk --------Capt Davidson somehwere about besides boarding on Santee 24$ + Black Ck 34.22 19.00 80.00 for 6 months + Augustine Hereafter no money comes or goes with me (symbol:with?) one examination. I have left $54 of which 15$ are gold. Sick Indian girl in camp. T. appears to be one of the greatest sycophants of rank I have ever observed in the army. Contee Harney Ashby Eustis &c and others until they kicked him. 20th Tuesday Took no breakfast dinner or supper? I wish to fast as long as possible. At piece of Indian's corn. I can live on cracker-& beer-or water & bacon-or T's corn and abandon mess -tent is yet statu quo. what a model of self consistency. Chat with Sam Jones about his pretty wife Duties Drink nothing but water -till 1st Sept. no acids or ardents except beer -drink no soup no desert no sugared articles & eat nothing but the mildest articles. Smoke but little Gk very Leonidas bMt not for naked Ass. said Lomax of Jesup

PAGE 155

Page 85 21st Eyes very bad -Indian women bring 8 barrels coonty 22 Thursday 22nd Dined with Tks Harney Mrs John Baldwin (of Nassau & U.S. Agent at K West, Mr Walker District.Attorney lii & Sam Jones-Talking previously about women & medicine Friday 23a. Tks moves his tent. Long talk (2 symbols) at dinner & afterwd. says Capt Dummit said he had seen Lk Harney before it was discovered by the military (symbol:said) Col Harney This was never learned until (symbol) Sat 24th Duties from to day. ititi till Sep 1st -Utmost restriction in diet & in smoking. never buy or ask for more tobacco or cigars. Try to regulate my corporeal maladies by abstinence & exercise make last of each month a rept. of cash received + cash expended + cash advanced + cash due by me + debt to myself for advances + cash in hand Drink no coffee no beer unless invalid except bot. left. Tompkins goes to S.E. in skiff -I permit Gass do. S.W. 2 hours. no tobacco + no coffee + no beer + nothing but rice water & salt hy drarg(?) gr ii in eveng. took cal grs xx gamboge grs x & pill Sunday 25th. Took a little beer & 2 cups coffee this morn -must fast the rest of the day if I can. Vision very weak. no smoking to day. Take back "Tockville's Democracy". Indian boy Alatkaliky? tttpt little alligator slept here last eveng. Talk of Tiger about Sandy sent by runner to Col Harney May was thrown (symbol:by) horse firing a pistol near Read's Tarenta? Monday 26th. my eyes continue very sensible to light & to pain -as has been usual for lasst (sic) 6 or 7 summers Read Hosack on ophthalmy -I attribute it chiefly to this state my stomach to excessive purging. exposure to light & constitutional debility of system & vision Talk at Dinner about replacing Lochlin. -I tell him my resolution -and his jerk back again! ate bacon & vinegar at night drank water do so no more

PAGE 156

Page 85 Sheet 2 Tuesday 27th Rain last night. breakfast it, materies Reading Hosack's practice yellow fever fever generally &c paid Hosptl. expenses to 2 u(?) atn 5.50 cordial before dinner -dined on turtle soup & pumpkin smoked 2 pipes. Indian female child stark naked thoughts of purchasing it for experiments.

PAGE 157

Page 86 Tuesday Aug 27 1839. cond. -subscribe to Phil Medl. Examiner Wednesday Aug 28 -Talk with Tiger (symbol) breakfast about hail snow ice Sandy &c Tompkins asks about Lochlin again -Thatchell & Gascoyne -intend to dismiss Toney first steamboat + my feelings this morning not very good smoked a pipe & drank coffee -butter & ate biscuit & rice + I to day owe 59$ besides postage &c which with Sept expenses will amount to about 110 $ -sal. for 6 months = 540 & 540 + 48 in hand 588 & 588 110 = 478$ free at end of Septem settle all my debts at end of Sept. I didn't come to dinner when invited I eat only piece of biscuit -T sends a sort of message for me. Toney's surprise about dinner 5 PM -feel much better for having taken no dinner drank 1 pt porter -better had done (symbol:with) it -shall eat but drink little at supper smoked. Thursday Aug 29. Breakfasted, feel drowsy this morng, smoked (blot) smoked over & over -baconized &c still intempt. Tomorrow fast all day Read no Med Sun clothing & Put away all books in eveng -Leave out Belle Art & Kramer & during day read alst French papers. Runner returned (symbol: from Harney from) Harney with Choffochopko Tiger's talk Friday Aug 30 neither eat -drink -or smoke to day after breakfast & read no medl work T Didn't speak to metill (?) (symbol) bkfst Always distant & ceremonious hereafter Fast until I can outstare ompassable said Shriver we cant get them(?) to Florida born to honors honors thrust upon & my resolutions to day (Indian council day) have all been vain tomorrow I must fast from all Purchase no tobacco during September My expenses during past year have been 763$ -my debts are about $100 -my receipts have been 811$ & I have in hand 48$ -I therefore want 50$ more and would be free Aug. 31 Chitto Tuskenugge & Sam Jones in camp. says Chitto "nothing important yesterday except that he had ord.d his people not to go over

PAGE 158

Page 86 Sheet 2 to Spanish Inds. he will send word also to Passac Micco to believe in the whites

PAGE 159

Page 87 Arpieicka says let Sam only see his (Sanoz's nose) (parentesis is Hughes; name is obscure, but looks like "Sanoz's") he will bring his rifle to prove that he has left his bones on the ground. Sunday Sept 1 1839 Does Col Twiggs speak one voice to Darling & another of him to Woodruff Does Tks speak one voice of Woodruff another voice to him Lts Munn & Woodruff arrive Sept 2nd. Rode with Lt Munn to inlet Sam Jo in camp last 3 or 4 months Tks dissuades them (symbol:from) the interior passage. 3d Munn started early this morng 4th Sick all day with eyes & salts Thursday 5th. Tks (2 symbols) cast net (symbol) bathing Rules never ask a except in company to have anything at table never introduce a (symbol: conversation) (3 symbols) table never sit along side of him + but always o pposite him + Sam Jones in camp Sam Jones in camp -he goes up to see his Suwannee runners who have returned Friday 6th Rule Eat nothing Drink nothing all day -take 1 dose salts & nothing else all day unless 1 Seidlitz Powd.s These rules have been blown to hell -I must take emetic to night & keep bowels loose all the month & no solid food -animal or oily matter. Saturday. 7th Steamboat Salmon Capt Dickinson arrives. Latest letters H A. Aug 2 & 13 your are an honest (word) What did you go to war for? Friday 8th Sayings of Sam Jones = It was all about the emigration. I never consented to it and there is no use to talk any more at all about it" and "You whites have been fighting us and after wh what have you done" raise a flag said Chitto we can see it (symbol:from) the pine trees (symbol) Harney comes. Why do you ask me such a question (about course of New River) you know enough already how did you learn that much.

PAGE 160

Page 88 8th eveng. Capt Mayo Harney Tuck Sloan Davis Dr McCreery Matkins Capt Fredk arrive & steamboat Salmon arrive. Went aboard introduced to Tuck -Billy & George arrive. Toney prepares to go. 9th Salmon came up during last night. Talk with Indians They engage to return a reply on fourth day. lOth = Waiting for Indians. Capt Mayo Sloane Watkins & McCreery go up with Salmon for wood & it/i then ascend river to its source leaving Davis Tompks & self behind & also Harney. In evening Harney is preparing to go up to steambt but she returns & gets aground before reaching 11th. Expect Indians tomorrow. Chess with Davis. Various talks with Tuck Mayo Davis &c Evening Gaston comes down & around up Poole aboard -Shover lands first outside. 12th. 12 m. no Inds. yet. 3 P.M -Chitto Tuskenuggee & Pai-he-lat-tah arrive with 33 chips -great talk break between Harney & Mayo If any man wants to fight me I want to fight him -Damn strange (symbol:said) I if any body wouldn't 13th Scene between Martha Chitto & Mayo. Gaston goes up for wood. Col Harney goes up in her to avoid Mayo Mayo calls on me. Various talks with him. Conversation at night with Poole (2 symbols) Davis 14th Salmon leaves for K. Bisc. Davis goes down to help her over. Sloan only left behind

PAGE 161

Page 89 15th Gaston goes comes from picket ground. eveng goes down and attempts to get over bar. Davis & Tompkins go down afterward (having in mule riding reed. a note) (paren. are Hughes') to assist her over-stormy eveg & night. Fate of Gaston? Toothache at night 16th Montgomery ill. Sloan & I alone at breakfast. T & Davis still below (symbol:with) steamboat Talk with George (Hanson's) (paren. are Hughes') 17 Davis & T.s return. 18 -went down to steamboats on mule returned by water with Sloan. 19 -Chess &c 20 -Steamboat Salmon passed to n. sent watch to Haslam. Chitto and many Inds. in to night. 21 Montgomery hickupping last night ill this morng. Rain still. Change cocks. 22d. Sunday. Montg dd last night p 9. Hens fight buried 3 P.M 23 24 Chess Went with Sloan bear hunting 25 -Told T. I thought him unsociable Beautiful moon after my (symbol) shot my pistol & broke it. Davis silent at night. Runner returns (symbol:from) Key Chopkamarthlay in camp. 26 Signing muster roll Witness for Tompk.s Breeze about it Davis's flag staff going up. Grand hurra War Whoop at night after a dance rockets &c

PAGE 162

Page 90 27th Sept 1839 -Chitto Tuskenuggee Chitto hadjo & Chittos fat brother also "bowlegged Chopka mathlay" and his little boy -Tiger & Margt &c in camp. wrestled with Chitto Tuskenuggee -at night -George -Hopkins & Boyce go to Indian camp -& (word crossed out) at midnight Tompkins & Davis go after them & rescued Hopk. 28th Sept. At breakfast I suggest propriety of going up the river Sloan volunteers & I also but Tompkins &c airs veto it. Hallooing Hopkins dies 6 hours after his rescue & is buried in eving -he stated the deaths of George & Boyce. Express sent to Key Biscayne Sloan on watch to night 29th. Suggested idea of asceng. the river. (symbol) hallooing heard Tompk & Davis (symbol) its ascent improper. Sloan & I volunteer -but Tompks. vetoes ,, ,, it. Quite anxious all day (everything from 29th on to this point is crossed out) 29th Sept. Lt Handy arrives Dead body of Boyce discovered & at same inst 'George recognized across in mangroves alive. He is brought back immediately Boyce buried today George has fever in evening -On watch to night & (word) Davis to sleep 30th Sept. Piquet concentrated Handy on watch at night During day all officers except self get into piquet Famous storm at night-"who's there" to a marine guard Oct lt. Storm Equinox continues -Schooner passes to S. 2d. -Equinox continues Davis on watch. at AM of next morn 3 Inds. seen skulking 3d Eat catfish -get cartridge box of Davis Sloan on watch at night.

PAGE 163

Page 91 4th High east wind still read more of Ivanhoe. 5th -my watch last night. -Davis gives me a ship pistol nocturnal alarm! Tompkins (3 symbols) box for Maj. Gates 6 7 8 9th Read some of Pirate Ivanhoe & Charles Tyrrel. alarm gun on night of 8th -Davis & mulholland on night of 7th -alarm on night of 5th. my watch to night 9th. Ate chicken snack lOth. Clear weather at last Wind still Easterly but lighter. Violent sore throat expect boat from Key Biscayne. Gave Ts. Camphor (symbol) Tks chicken talk Indian dog last night 11th Friday Tks.s suspiciousness. Davis unwell this morning. 11th Davis gives me a hammock arrival of Wm Gaston from Nrth. from Key Biscayne -passed us last night -brought me Maj Bennet's letter of 27th Sept noting his dispatch of check for 444 41/100 to father. also 1 from Benj. King S.G. Maj Harney on board. Introduced to Scan Smith & Slacum. Davis's boat near swamping only introduced this time to Scan Smith! See again few days after Ap. 15 184 (these 2 lines encircled)

PAGE 164

Page 92 Sat 12th Lt. Handy goes to Key Biscayne in the "Harney gun boat. 13th. 14th 15th -Wm Gaston arrives. Received Carters goods & bill Sent letters to Lt Taylor -(to Th Montgom!Y soldier dec.d) (paren. are Hughes') to HAH.= to Corpl. Boyle goes off. Cornwall's incident passing. my words"not in the Tmkns's least mitigated his lecture." Harney, Poole, Shover, Slacum, Scan, Smith, all gone. Carter. (hug-limes -farewell Ap. 15) (paren. are Hughes's) caloosahatchee skiff nights 16th. Tompkins & Davis go down after the cut loose a few ago by Capt Poinsett of Gaston return with it in eveng. 17th -Invited Tmks to drink Cider was invited (symbol) by him to take porter but declined. Champagne openis

PAGE 165

Page 92 18th. BrEEZe about the potatoes & onions. Sir -always hereafter. Sloane Sweet oil bottom of tumbler & smoked over candle good hair black "bear a hand" i.e. (word)! 26.21 11 Expenses due for commissary & mess up to Sept. 14 2 = 13 100 exclusive of bill of Carter &c against us & of ee Davis's talks -Latine sails (sketch) Italian name Miss Wilkins of Franklin St. young rich beautif 19th. ---------------------"Live on yr. enemies 20th Tompkins asks name of ft. Kemble (brother in law of Paulding) (paren. are Hughes's). ft (?) sent out to look for old capsized yawl. Evening supper. (small sketch of 3 masted ship at sea) Sloane 21st Morning Tompkins tries Latine sail. Mule Waggon ride with Sloane & Daves Rodebuck reprimanded on return by T. for escape of other mule. conversation to day ahout the tenure of the rifles. "much obliged to you for your granting Lewellyn permission to mend my rifle" no"obligation" -but a "civility" 22nd. 23d. 24th -whole camp drunk. Tmks Davie & Sloane gone down the river after wood -return & have Rodebuck ducked. 25 -Dull -variable weather -ate sheep head for supper -& snapper

PAGE 166

Page 94 @ 26. We have had high easterly wind for 5 days preventing the expected steamboats Gaston from N. & Poinsett from South. Talk about St. Aldridge & request stoppage of proceedings against him. 27. Tks. paid 41.18 cts for mess bill to Mr Iscoby. t/pa I talked to St. Aldridge. 28 Tmks. goes sailing = I decline going. Davis went also I mounted a mule. Spoke at night to Lt Tmks. about my lecture to St Aldridge 29 Went with Sloane down to inlet -Sloane shot 2 crows 10 plovers or sand birds -caught several fish -Tmks closes door on me. 30 -Sloane sick -seidlitz rejected -ate crows -Davis trying his rifle 31st -Inspection Davis kills ducks the saucy waves" "you know" "While in one arm I bore her" and dashed Nov 1. The Meriam arrives in eveng. from S. with (either flank or plank) Mr Iscoby departs-news of Mayo's "times" with everglades & his offs. The "Natchez packet" N.Y. steambt passes us -Lts. Davis & Tomks visit her Dvs (symbol) 2-7 bells is 11 o'clock & then drink at Davis's tent Neptune boarded by Davis & letters brought off pocomas bastante muy bueno spero un poco Sunday 3d -Talk about salute (2 symbols) Revenue cutter passes from N. Capt Ponce(?) & Mr McGinnis land No familiar trees here -but all evergreen buttonwood mangrove sea vince, sea grape, pine, & palmetto, Spanish bayonet, -cabbage palmetto, &c. 4th -Cloudy morng.

PAGE 167

Page 95 Nov 5th -Shake not yr gory locks at me (Davis) (paren. ere Hughes's) a million of tar (4 symbols) Mworay 6th -Steamer Salmand passes us on to Tampa from Augustine Rankin ord and Boyd -cadets -Davis & I went aboard. (blot)? Boyd comes & remains ashore. 7th spero im poco. Life is short to spend that shortness basely were too long -my brandy stolen from my tent! Sunday lOth Vessel in sight at North -proves to be Key West packet from Charleston -Little dog Tyger has a black stock on. Capt Mayo & the Ponsett comes up at 12 N. I dine and go aboard. Lt Sloane leaves us mess table gossip -visit the Capt Ward Room and mess room officers -&c Chart of Italy from Davis delightful delightful delightful -"arrangee" une affaire arrangee" bas tank poco spero I believe in the chastity of woman integrity of man & perfection of God" "in the i(crossed out) immensity of the heavens the infinity of space and the eternity (symbol) 6 weeks of time" Daguerrotype canoet recaptd. by Tompkins while ducking! Davis's "Harney crew"return (symbol:from) K.B. Monday 11th thee thee thee only thee" Davis's (word) te deum -&c Tuesday 12th Lunch of onion oil &c with the mess duck for dinner Euker with Boyd at night -all 4 with Davis Wednesday 13th -read last night the black ck. wit controversy &c. Conversations about Wt. Pt. Reading Bukewell's Geology sardine & onion swonjo-s & euker with Boyd & 3 hand whist (symbol:with) Davis & Boyd Boyd Thursday 13th. Walked with to grave yd. Davis gives the cat this morn to his men for not getting up at reveille. He calls "the Davis" boat the "Vashti" (symbol) some tail of Chevis about Chassuerus. Expectg. steamboat every day Nov 15 Friday nght. Poinsett passes to Savanna leaves ttl P.M. Murray.

PAGE 168

Page 96 p.ovember 14th, 15th. 16th. 17th. -Euker Communication Whist &c with Davis Murray & Boyd. Swango's at night of onion & sardines. Lemonade. moonlights -talk &c. Prospect of Sloane's returning &c &c Murray to go to key Quiet day -sailors dressed Boyd drilled sailors Sunday a few days ago. which poets wtite & youth (symbol) only feel Davis. 18th Ponsett arrives & brings me letters (symbol:from) Tell -HAH -Jerry Susanna &c father has received check -Poole Rodney Jennings Capt McCrabb dead -also Sean Smith -poor Sean Smith W(?) loved him were it only for the warm hug of friendship which his enthusiasm gave me as he passed us on alt in health spirits -Oh God may his soul rest with thee. R. Mackubin is married! Mr Carter gave$ us this news -Murray starts for Key Bisc. Rained this morning gloomy day gloom gloom + my domestic news is important -Register purchased by father. 19th Drunk in evening -talked in morn (symbol:with) Davis about Miss Read saw Leary flogged 21st -Schooner (word) N. Lt Davis bring late Charleston date as (symbol) ore which announces arrival of Dragoons. Another schooner is boarded by him Lt Bard (Bucknar B of Ky) (paren. are Hughes's) lands -he has Indians aboard -Peyton & Bragg are dead -Lt Stervet sick no later news of Rand. Ridgely -In evening Murray aboard of Gaston (symbol:with) Capt Poinsett comes ashore Boyd departs. I send various letters viz to J J.L H enclosing 1 to H A. to W.H.F. to Dr Baxley-to Lts. Taylor & Newton$ to Surg genl & to D Wood.

PAGE 169

Page 97 November 22nd. Gale commences from NE this morning chess ducks &c Wtl Commence letters to HA & I (?) H Drama of Viet. Hugo in Club book of Murray Don Carlos Herram & Sol de Silva 23d. Tete a tete religieuse (symbol:with) Tompks. Rti Caballos -viva la reina "Caballeros" Davis 24th Sunday -chess (symbol:with) Murray -shoot at mark with him (symbol:with) carbine. Tompkins sick. 25th Monday. Fell down with Murray in (four lines scribbled) 26th Tuesday -Arose (3 words) -coolness (6 words) replied to Davis that I was in good health he (3 words). with Murray give up the use of tobacco in every shape Duties every day till Dec 1st. (wor d ) & let beard grow -1 tale in (word) same in Shakespeare Journalise in Ger(illegible) Self neglect -2 pages in French newspaper Difference between monkeys & peajackets of sailors latter are longer & stop far below the hip b'\lt monkeys stop just above the hip or at the hip -"Thou canst not say I did it" Murray's sore throat is (5 words) 27th Text (3 symbols) By the rivers of Babylon there we sat down -yea we wept when we remembered Zion (word) for the (symbol) Death lies on her like an untimely frost upon the sweetest flower of all the field. Romeo & Jul Went up to the old picket Tks & I landed -Davis & Murray continued up in boats -Retd. race -Davis beat Murray although towing the big cargo boat. D. going to key Bis. tomorrow. (6 words) She's not well married that lives married long dies married young But she's well married that If I may trust the flattering eyes of sleep news at hand. my dreams presage some joyful

PAGE 170

98 @ 28th Nov. 1839 Thursday -Davis invites me to go sailing to take the Harney -I decline -Davis Murray & Christopher J go I am left alone in my glory. Christopher asked me at breakfast how Juan came to go on the expedition yesterday. Duties never ask any questions of Murray Davis or Tomp. Talk very little never smoke (symbol) never or seldom go to the (4 lines scribbled). Appear thou in the likeness of a sigh Speak but one rhyme & I am satisfied (Next line scribbled) Davis starts for Key Biscayne The wind is easy the eveg is cloudy -Oh (five lines scribbled) 29th Nov. 1839. Mr Murray talks of going fishing. Let him go in (word) Indians heard by Brown & Huey -hallowing Itt/ & answer (symbol:from) one point across to another opposite to us. 30 Beat Murray at two or three games of chess. wrote his obituary & (5 words scribbled). -Duties for morrow -write Gr 2 lines by heart & Fr newspaper -Get De (letter). to translate see Besandt make monthly rpt. read latter part of this book -1 canoe (word:looks like "touch") write to (looks like "HK") SFH & SH Dec. 1 Guns heard down river last night but no Davis retd. Make a recapitulation of the past year as soon as the monthly report is finished -or rather a recapitulation of all since I have been in army.

PAGE 171

99 (top three-quarters of page occupied by drawing of what appears to be the capture of Osceola. Also a small drawing of an Indian(?) holding a woman by the hand, and 3 profiles). (In top r.h. corner) Pour quoi ne le fattes vous pas Bean soup & butter on Davis's (symbol) and (symbol) Quote Shakespeare. All talk Toast to Elliot "The frigate Constitution the gem of the sea connnanded by a hero & named by the free" His Spanish quotations Caballos for Cavalleros-When tide high at Key Biscayne. His supposed defeat by Mrs. Mulholland -His great flagstaff His grand expedition & wounding of 2 men -His great trip to Key Bis & wreck -His promotion of Murray -His coincidences of opinion always (syrnbol:with) Tompkins -His drilling the sailors. Not going to interfere with (2 words crossed McLauglin His sailor servt. Noah.

PAGE 172

100 (Several drawings at top of page, notably a charicature labelled "Alexander Murray of the U.S. Navy.") 1839 1st Sunday. Sailed with Murray this morning up the river W. & back again -had a lug sail to the cutter (2 drawings of boats with lug sails) LUG SAIL (3 lines scribbled) My debts I think amount to about $180 exclusive of Fowlers to Mr. Center. If so I will have only $100 free for this day. Hanover Gazette Dec. 2. Monday Reading German & Fr newspapers & writing a monthly report. Murray went fishing in morng & he & Tk. (symbol:went?) gunning in evening. Davis (symbol) yet returned -steamboat daily expected from Augustine. Tu Dec 3. Tuesday. Arose too late do so no more. Tompkins work by Mary Jan Graham (symbol) 2 sister Poplar grove Murray. 1,000,000 tar. Knows Dr Stevenson (&Watton) (paren. are Hughes') of Pittsbg relatio to the two powerful families of Wilkins & Dallas (which with Biddle form the Pa. tri umv) (paren. are Hughes') Descended of Murray regent & connected ancestrally with Douglas & Percy. Fond of Shakespeare's Henrys & Falstaff. and hates to be beat at Let them walk (forth) (paren. are Hughes') together in the woods as an Indian said of a boy and girl whom I pointed out to him (4 lines scribbled) Du 6 pages of lib. Ger. per day & review each always ties 1 fr. newspaper per day. At Dinner conversation about Lt Ch. Ridgely 1st clandestine marriage with a millener in Balt (nmv at Bessy(?) Osbourne's) (paren. are Hughes') and his 2nd late marriage (symbol:with) milliner in ny which caused the former to reveal the whole

PAGE 173

101 @ Wednesday Dec 4. 1839 Clear. N.W. wind. Cold. Disputation at breakfast about relative ranks & salaries of A. & N. officers. Took walk on beach. Sponge strange shapes of & of shells. Singing at night -Billy Barlow -"a has da-t" what you about Thursday Dec 5. Quarrel (symbol:with) Murray about Decatur Nicknames (word: looks like: Gas Walbach). "Thunderbolt" offensive to him* Murray Lazarus Macall "Billy Jennings" Dr &c Lt Davis returns in eveng. was wrecked the night of his departure 28th on eveng of 29th reaches the bear cut & Sloan takes him over on 30th goes up from Miami per Key Bis. to the wreck -sleeps there the 30th on Dec 1st returns to key & gets it repaired on 3d. &c on 4th & on 5th comes up (word). Friday Dec. 6. Murray boards the (blank) packet from Charleston for Key West -brings news of Capt D's arrival & of Searle's wound Weadmans (?) death &c. Tk. & Murray went ducking in evening Sat 7th. Shelling on beach -going to hunt (?) Murray's new s.w. Pass -went up the river in morning. went up the river in morning Dined Col Harney took no dinner lr/11-i'lt/nU went aboard of steamboat -and thence to key (lost my watch,_) (paren. are Hughes') Aboard lvere Dr DeLeon Col Harney Lts Patrick & Cox & Ketchum. Remained at Key Bis. during night -next morning Tuesday 8th visited Capt Burke to whom I took a letter from Tompkins & crossed or supped Miami with Sloane & walked with Dr Baldwin -returned -dined with Sloane & the Dr. -slept with Capt B. breakfasted with Monday (words crossed out) capt B. -dined with of navy -& was off in 9th evening -at night got wet feet & caught severe cold. Chilled & fever i.e. Tues. lOth. Arose late. Tompkins goes to Key Bis. I mess at Davis's tent. Dine & sup there. Game at night with Iscoby Bennets' theatricals.

PAGE 174

102 Wednesday 11th Night Tompk & Baldwin arrive. (3 lines scribbled) Thursday 12 -(3 lines scribbled) Friday 13th Left Davis & Tompkins tete a tete Sat -14th (scribbling) Dr B. Go ducking To day requested Davis to offer his services to Tompkins /ln/ morning with Dr Baldwin Lt Tompkins & Mr Murray (words scribbled) Go again in evening with Dr B & Mr Murray at night talk (symbol:with) Baldwin & our affair all settled. Sunday 15th -Pleasant (4 symbols). Afterwards hold 1/2 h. talk at T's tent. Davis's 2 guns fired off. Tompkins says he intends to salute Davidson! (word) Dr. & Mr Murray depart Monday 16th. Breakfast. Then play 2 games of chess (symbol:with) Tompkins. Cold morning Thermometer at 46. W from N. Tuesday 17th -Getting my guns in order (lately retaken from (Harney &) Tompkins (paren. are Hughes'). Air very cold. Slept badly last night. Expecting Capt Poinsett's here every day. Kirby commences my coat. Duties -Write to Lt. Boyd -to Dr. Wells Always "!!!!." c. Q. T. Finish all letters for the North. "Sir" every one who visits yo own tent (as does Dr. Clasden(?)) (paren. are Hughes' except question) Play no more chess smoke no more cigars.

PAGE 175

103 Wednesday 18th Murray has not yet arrived. Morning cold. Make use of ridicule more frequently in your countenance Davis & Tompkins go up N. after logs for sawing. I take canoe across the creek & go target firing (symbol :with) horse pistol. Iscoby invites me to go ducking -but as he delayed I went canoeing. Thursday 19th. Clear cold moonlight last night -this morning I dress in black. Cold morn thr. stands 48. Tompkins tried the gun which I have bought of (symbol) & afterwd goes fishing 2 sails in sight in evening owl hooting & wild cat or panther during the beautiful moonlight night Davis wharf Friday 20th -5 sail in sight -"something wrong in Denmark" picked up a "sea gull" or "sting nettle-base (drawing) the crows swarm in morning on the beach after them. going up to old piquet (syrnbol:with) Davis, Tompkins not going. directions about letters. 2 sailors & 1 soldier wounded! Flemming & Cole & Goodman in elbow Murray returns letter & bill from Carter Gaston Capt Poinsett passes -Scoby goes to Charleston. Harney Cox Ketchum & De Leon left at Key w. &(word)

PAGE 176

104 21st. Saturday -Fine pleasant morning. The 3 wounded have a calm before the storm. smoking & cigars : evening talk (symbol : with) T. about (3 symbols) I (scribble) arise and go (2 symbols) soothe (symbol). Whist at night-rain (symbol) & rainy air Sunday morn (farrow -a cut boar) (Paren. are Hughes') (female mule jinny) 22nd Sunday Rain :Clear at nine. I have Cole put in another tent (wall) (paren. are Hughes') & Fleming better fixed. 23rd. Monday -Murray & Tmks go ducking (symbol) dinner Davis & Tk sharp shooting at my tent 24th Tuesday Francis again put to sawing. 25th Christmas Eggnog -pork ribs & duck damned good "spliced Bennets & Fairs main brace" 26th-1 bottle! porter-(word; looks like"scene"). Shot my Harney or same thing Davis's Harney -goes admirably -2 inch from center at 80 yds. Hot punch in Murray's tent at evening if I had only 1 single bottle of porter! (Word: looks like"then") whist Tkns my partner! Told stores to charge the bottle to myself. 27th. Friday. recommended punch to Tk. 28th. Sat. bath in evening -(symbol) 29th Sunday cold -Davis on his buffalo throw -treated Bennet and all the police. 30 Davis & Murray went down the river returned (symbol) dinner (words).

PAGE 177

105 30th contd. Laird punished for running away. "a read shaken by the wind." said Davis. "Thane of Cawdor Glamis" &c quoted by Davis Conversation (symbol: notes with) Tompkins about Paul's epistle to the Romans by Barnes lent to him by Capt Vinton. 31st. Davis & Murray bring up their logs for a house paid Bill 5$ and finish my official despatches in rough. Reading Ch. Temple. Tompkins visits me in eveng. & gives me the history of the arrival of the naval force here. It seems thus -1st Sam Jones gave his dream (Chokita standing up Sam laying down between him and Tompkins and that he alone Sam kept him from being hostile &c) Tompkins wrote this to Capt Burke. "I'm be damned gentlemen if that post is not too weak-Capt Mayo suppose you send a force up, then. The naval force or a part thereof had intended before to visit ft Lauderdale (word) to satisfy curiosity. Capt Mayo came up & asked lt. Tompkins. ''I am not the one to decide its performance" said Tompkins. The force was left. Tompkins thinks that Mayo understood him (T) (paren. are Hughes') as wishing him to leave them recollect myself hearing Tompkins tell Mayo that he could not have made a more judicious (T) (paren. Hughes') much disposition of his force on land as heAconsidered the They were left here. When Mayo passed here again (symbol) Mayo him Tompkins if he still considered them necessary here. Tompkins says that he Mayo placed him Tompkins in an position(awkward by asking that question as Lt Davis was standing by Tompkins replied that -if it was necessary to send them here at all no change had occurred in the state of affairs to change the same amount of necessity, I think T. adde that he T. was not the one who ordered or requested them here. Tompkins in fine tells one that he thinks but for their arrival ft Lauderdale would have been attacked by an(9verwhelming force. finished Charlotte Temple at night He also tells of his (looks like:maps) to Hunt the chief one however lost

PAGE 178

105 sheet 2 by that Indian runner. Jan. 1 Tompkins's complaints about hire of steamboats used to be 4 to 7000 $ per month now $3000 (definitely a "3"; perhaps Hughes meant 8?) &c. On Tampa still worse it was there 300 or 350$ a day! expect steamboat (symbol) Augustine soon.

PAGE 179

106 Jan 1 1839. Cloudy Rainy looking day rained last night -9 AM gradually clearing off. Bought 1 bot cider of Scobie -my last expenses. No more smoking drink knicknack or aught else but let abstemiousness & economy be the order of the day. Duties -Never take any advice from Tompkins (symbol) reciprocating it. Never get Bill to do me any service. Seldom ask Noah to do me any service. Talk a great deal less than I have hertofor(blot) When Davidson comes -ride a mule.-canoe & shoot target every day. "Conquer & oppress but never subdue" Davis. never ask Tompkins to write me -never ask favor of him. might save yr money said a sailor to Durdine money 1.s of no consequence to men of circumstances. "Port your helm" i.e. right face. "Fall in astern" -behind Tic///-tics vs. tactics descendant of a naked female a slender & The hunt ass is degenerated intoAan impotent tuck at present clothed and concealed, and without a head. Diseased before its use and useless save for emitting (word crossed out) his internal foulness. oke He (word smeared & illeg.) a roan than a roanoke. ass Davis & Murray (symbol) down again to day after logs. Drank cider -ran race with Murray -cooped the cock -talk of mule riding -Llewellyn fired off my gun -Elkswatawa -inn Ohio River -Battery Rocks (Illinois) (paren. Hughes') Cave In Rock Sam Jones & Physician Eastu's(?) tale of Rattlesnake fight 170 &c bears &c "Hunter said Oboompa art thou proud of being a white man?" "I respect of a king" Davis (Thane of Cawdor still lives a' prosp.s gentleman" March 16 '40) (paren. are Hughes')

PAGE 180

107 Jan 1 1840 -Davis -"Love Beauty & Domestic happiness" new year consecrated per Noah & drink Cosie & 1 bot whiskey punch to Mrs Mulholland Gibbs & (name: looks whiskey like: Scledridge). Cosie is burnt sweetened & then 1/2 water drank hot? Julious Caesar Brutus Cassius &c quoted Duty Jan 2 -quote lean & hungry Cassius (smear) un poco. (symbol) drinking salt beef & biscuit for salvage. Good (smear) aman! Noah forever mule ride again "you must beg for them." Sayings of Earth(quake Oh the Princetown girls are beat by half For theyre and never have a calf The finept whores are the worst of whores They'll steal your jacket and turn you out of doors so early in the morning. Shirt tail out & wind a blowing Shirt do do do so early in the morning -Don't you see the storm arising 4 times do so early in the morning Oh E she rises oh up she rises subjects for letters home conchology Tom Carroll Mary when the wild wind blows Mary Roba(edge of paper) I never was a physician said Sam Jones "That stingy officer the lt. said George "Say (symbol) whence ye owe this strange intelligence or why upon this blasted heath ye stop my way with such prophetic greetings Speak I charge you" Davis

PAGE 181

108 Jan 2. Davis went down on mule. Myself & Murray ride down (again)(paren. are Hughes') meet Davis Murray returns & Davis & myself go on -Mule throws me. We return. I drank cider again &c Eveng. Having fixed hammock & bunk -I continue Elkswatawa Gensen calls & pays his respects to me. "a happy new year" being a Dane -he would speak better" but "I understand you" Sad Tale of "Cooley's place up the New River. His family he found murdered oh it was a ludicrous sight -he came back alone & buried them -those on the other side of the river fled to the light house. Cooley came in a canoe and found them murdered. T'was for money $500 -negro old servant living up the river instigated. there Toney landed. 3d. Warm words between T & D at dinner table. "Honesty''. signing muster rolls 4th. Murray went ducking -Davis & my 2 pistols (symbol:went?) up the beach Cock out of the crop! Jan 5. Sunday. Medicining myself commenced Albert Barnes's notes on Paul's epistle from (2 symbols) Tompkins from Capt Vinton. paederastry -the impure love of boys. (as Mr Corydon & Alexis of Virgi) (paren. Hughes') Jupiter & Ganymede Reading Saml. L. Knapp's Aaron Burr Returned Paul's Romans to Tompkins.

PAGE 182

109 brings up more logs 6th Jan. Davis gone down the riverA-Tompkins vexed at the cock being killed. Noah steals a tumbler whiskey, Tompkins's talk to me about Davis & messing and about cock. Tompkins tries his new boat. Frogs commenced to night 6th & 7th had stopped all in one night when Sloane (symbol) here Davis's whistle guttural "BegareMonsieur Davis you &c Mahon. Emily Miss Laura Magruder's bible given to him. Moses perceiving the law -kneeling in church -Halian(?) with his throat swallowed -juggler Tompks tale of Lt B.C. Thomas 4th art showing a hole cut by knife in vest as proof of his (word) at ft Mellon in raking Indian flank. His tale of Dr Elwee's & Genl Scott the butt of responsibility Lovell at that time surg. genl. MURRAY Demured for demurred Rattle snake bite molasses candy

PAGE 183

110 Elwees was ordered to Fl. shuffled out (word crossed out) & his trying to shuffle mower from N.Y. 7th. M. & D. beginning form of house. Immense numbers of portuguese men of war of which there were none heretofore. Crazy Dr Elliot (symbols) Davis. Blue ruin -burnt whiskey spice & butter Cosie? 8th Tmks & Murray go fishing Col 9th. Steamboat Gaston arrives. Dr Worrell Byrne Capt Davidson aboard Andrews (&clerk Sequi) (paren. are Hughes')

PAGE 184

111 January lOth Tmks. & chickens -he takes my old hen I take all the rest. at night Capt Da 11th Boyd getting fixed into his tent. 12th Sunday Murray tries my colt rifle Gaston comes up in evening Dr. Morrell from Smyrna, Judge Doty & son, Col Andrews & Mr Sequi, Dr Byrne & Capt Poinsett & Lt Davis land. Lt Tompkins leaves in her for B.C. & Augustine 13th Monday. discovered 2 crabs copulating he afterward grasped her -he was hard but in no'biting" humor-He was lieing on his left side lind! in the sand his belly over hers. She was turned up -his "claws" to right -hers to left -she was in the soft state -His sharp acumens was slightly loose and 2 red 1/2 (word) lines projected from him it diverging She had her affair (more --round) (paren. are Hughes') open and a slight perpendicular slit in its middle. They made no attempt to escape being completely entranced. She was lively in 1/4 hour & struggled with her legs -He (symbol) tried to bite me. (he had 2 yellow feelers long) (paren. are Hughes') (At right are 3 sketches of the crabs).

PAGE 185

112 13th cont Capt at Boyds suggestion says he will have a set of camp regulations. Davis & Capt Dav's mule ride. Long (2 symbols) Capt. (3 symbols) the duty of a physician said he is to suggest. Baldwin &c disposition on Davis's part to assail? 14th.-(5 words crossed out; last is "Tompks.") Capt D. tells me his projected (2 symbols) secret 14th. I call on Boyd. Flirt in sight -"settle" with (crossed out) Davis Crow on a cannon -Promised Juan the hospl. std. compensn. At night I detail to Capt D. (symbols) President's message & Sec. War's reports arrive. I Urge the Camp Regulations in Vain 15th. Very foggy in morning. Walk into Navy or Army? Call on "Medical staff"! Davis for a sentimentA* Adj. Boyd. Get D. & M. to visit Cole and Flemming. camp regulations Boyd proposes ride tomorrow. I tell Boyd to urge (crossed out) & the wherefore -might beat all at los(?) -Thursday 16th -As to Tompkins I believe I chiefly disliked for the same many little curses that make "old maids abominable." Mule ride with Boyd -went ahead of him -thought I heard an Indian gun -boundless land vision -return at night loo (symbol:with) Boyd & Murray -Davis (symbol) to bed early Murray soon followed. Boyds dog Romeo -drove C out last night -So many fleas last 2 or 1 week Friday 17th -Talk to Capt D. about LLewellyn's firing near Flemming's tent drank with Davis while eating my lunch in Boyd's tent -then strolled up the beach by mself (sic) & back Dine -Davis goes down on mule -Murray bit by a rattlesnake Boyd & Murray shoot carbine & my rifle

PAGE 186

113 January Boyd & Murray go canoeing -(symbol) I also go & they return having thrown him at supper Mr Davis has not retd. mule comes back (symbol) "half horse half jackass" said I. at night a game of lao in Capt D's tent champ. & whisk punch 1 go to bed 8th Sat Shot my ship pistol 4 t. effectually (word crossed out) Then with Boyd, I shoot at target (symbol:with) Colts rifle 1/..t/ But before the last with Davis I sent little Tom (Mulholland) (paren. are Hughes') up to the Capt dressed up -chapeau naval on head -afte-my sword on him. At dinner I touch on my rifle shooting, on Bankhead at ft Mellon & Capt Davidsons letter on Lt Hooe (?) of Fredericksburg and the great Mogul on the publication of Capt D's letter -I outset them all at the table (symbol:with) Capt D -whom I leave the table with Capt calls me at night finish by asking for some whiskey Sunday 19th Whiskey incident in morng. 2 gal instead of 1 qt. Sat 18 -Hearing a gun at south end of picket Boyd & I fire at north end 5 rounds of my ship pistol, Capt & Davis walking in sight Reading 1st Vol. of Che(middle not clear)eley durE& morng. At dinner topics of talk were South sea expedition Johnson of N.C. sent home in it in it a Lee -all eccentric (symbol:said) Davidson scientific corps sevans (?) Rank & vanity Titles of Capt admiral from mouth to mouth soon get tired courtesy petty annoyance Shubric McLauglin Wilkes & sent home? Hudson & Wilkes Wind Easterly -Cloudy

PAGE 187

114 want Davis to get up an excitement. (scribble, looks like "Mutiny") Jan 20th 1839. Monday Shot my ship pistol. Reading 1st vol of Cheveley -at breakfast Dn & Ds very distant. Get Noah's adventure in manuscript. Buckweat Bacon tobacco cigars &c all gone. Confessions & drink &c in my tent with in Davis -aboutAsubordination -Sall-Sape-Tompk & Capt blush (?) -crows cawing -one point in (symbol) 1 am implicated &c -Dinner -call Capt. D's attention to my firing -(symbol) Dinner -hear Boyd say (symbol?) he doesn't know 1/2 his time (symbol) he is talking about -Return excited talk to Capt D. about general order on firing, and on my unpleasant position Take a canoe (naval) (paren. are Hughes') pull up to the grass island & back Capt visits my tent -my talk about block house heroes about Tompkins &c &c Bennet the juggler Capt gets a sheet of paper Review company in evening & orders read Supper subjects -waiting for me said Capt D -see boat of DK (?) said Davis no & smoke off west? said I &cc some Indian family -Capt Beall of Dragoons do you know him Davis said (word) no -Lloyd Beall dear hunter fond of french said Dsn -1/2 of May's fr. anecdotes abeae-are from him -Mayo? said Dsn no Lt May -When did you see Mayo last -(symbol) years ago said Dsn -blandness Miss Bland -Mrs Skinner -Turf ("Register") (paren. are Hughes') waltz &c Baron Flusser -help Murray and clear out saying excuser moi Continue 1st novel of Cheveley At night a game of whist at Davis's tent -drank hot whisk punch -drank to his "eternal success"

PAGE 188

115 January refused to play loo mules at a round table. Got Bennett juggling -Jackson sings "he will march no more he will march no more" & also "The tired soldier" then Let the trumpet sound" wanted him to sing some merry sailor song -morning" he afterwd sang the "Behold how brightly breaks the Jack's the lad I listened to violin & then went to bed 21st Breakfast topics -Jackson's drowning advent. & singing about firing about camp -Capt expects me to ask Talk (symbol:with?) Davis permission Boyd said. "Capt may I go shooting" he would never do so. Capt. "With your permission I 111 fire my rifle". Talk with Davis Drank to cans(?) Boyd's artill. drill in morning -light infantry in evening Crows one after another pecking up a piece of meat on the water -cawing like black birds -beautiful bird (two rough pencil-sketches of profiles) Just send me some mustard (Bennet) (paren. are Hughes') Dr We havt a bit in the whole &c Dinner -topics Steamboat -in days said Davis artillery -the very (word) Infantry exercise Tompkins followed his own -Scott is the tactics -Jackson (symbol) his own -Success his only (word) of Balt criterion Marryats Good (word) Wh. killed Pack Y. your name Scott? Martin Scott? Capt Martin Scott -yes -then I'll come down said the coon-Aldridge's flourishes with art. rammer his only fault said Boyd -not horizontal Davis got up -then Boyd -then I -then Murray

PAGE 189

21st Jan 1840 Contd after dinner -Took Tom (my Mulholland) (paren. are Hughes') canoe riding -went across -Tom how came you to Florida -(T.) (paren. are Hughes') mother brot me what she bring you for Tom -dont know -she was right good to bring you Tom-yes -didn't your father bring you too no he was enlisted then-Tom do you want to land -no -why-I'm afraid of the Indians -Why Tom the Indians dont care about disturbing such a little fellow as you -ah I'm afraid of the Indians -Tom who made that grass -I dont know -you ought to find out Tom why does it grow -I dont know -Tom do you see those clouds yonder -where up yonder all about oh yes who made them Tom -the good man -what good man -the one that takes dead men and little babies when they die -what is always his name Tom -ah! -Tom who told you so -mother told me -ah Tom you must nt listen to your mother Tom -you must find out foHr yourself -Do you hear Yes sir. Topics at supper Table -gardening Toney vegtables tomatos cattle, wild hogs of Sanybell Capt Van Ness's report on cattle, good beef, Alexandria, fishery, Mt. Vernon, Lt Dn senberry (?) of Tarboro Gist & Miss Hammond &c &c &c &c. s took notes on Dr Baldwin's Observations to Phys. & Surgs & to those who may be so unfortunate as to be affected with chronic catarrh & Pulmonary Consumption. viz as follows. Capt. Dn visited my tent to night his sons are John Henry & Roger subjects 3d. Reg. Capr flower of 2nd Dragoons! Col Harney & Mrs Biddle widow of Capt Biddle of Army killed on island opposite St Louis & sister of Mrs Harney, Mule position in camp. -I intend to stop "suggesting" sent hot punch to each 4 offs -and now of lord may I change! more distant to Luan Duties tomorrow eat little swallow little Avoid my own tent visit Davis's once find out offs of night examine Noah's biography Duties for tomorrow To Myself -for myself In hospital fill Army Register finish newspapers note to Dr Baldwin's (symbol) fix med.l Review fix (word) & dresses &c fill naval register of sick finish Cheveley? & various naval particulars canoe ride Llewellyn journalise & mark duties for morrw get naval bean soup ts. d. pa get Cow bine exercise

PAGE 190

January Tuesday Jan 22nd 1840. Last night I took a cold swongo from Bennett -read the M o Reps -sent punch to offs all of whom retired early --wae-went to bed -fell asleep late -dreamed and forgot my dreams -lay-e-late abed next morng. took a walk -rain & warm -breakfast & now am in tent writing -see next page

PAGE 191

( 1f 8 unnvmbered) 21st continued Noah came to day after his chapters of biography I had taken from Stores. Jan 21 continued Jan 22nd In evening Capt Thompson Mr Henry & Mr Duke come up in periogue bring cigars & boar

PAGE 192

117 (119) Jan 22 1840 Cont.d "a raw and gusty smell" "a gusty smell''

PAGE 193

118 ( 120) @) Jan 22 1840. Conversation (symbol:with) Capt Thompson -Topics Cooley & Fitzpatrick -Cooley was up the coast when his wife was shot in back running -child in front it a few feet & its brain dashed in. His 2 negro men -1 went (symbol) to Tampa how to kill -keep head under water so they (symbol) blow their musk and eat its tail off. best part. Capt Steward's alligator treat to me recalled. Conchs & Crawfish -how to make their soup -conch much like clam soup. Wreckers -Capt Thompson defends them. Mr. Henry's history -Carter -Sherman &c he tells about Cornwallis' s tears. slept in my tent promised a green turtle to me -said that Dr Bal. was (symbol) miss Duke -that Capt Thomp. was married to one of them Mr Mulhalland gives me a pipe of

PAGE 194

119 (121) -Weeneseay-Thurs Jan 23rd. 1840 Passing shower of rain -Capt Thompson & his -seep-brother in @) law Mr Duke & Mr Henry depart. Mr Henry promises to send me a turtle. Sent a letter to Dr. Baldwin. Davis read his to me to Capt Burke. Had a swongo in my tent. -ae-Topics girls Miss Dukes -Mary & army offs. Condin's fatness -Tom Davis going to springs -wants a tent &c Mulhollands catching a grass hopper. &c &c. Boyd asleep all morning wall tents. Dinner -topics -bread (hard) (paren. are Hughes') requires inspecting after dinner paraded the wharf Sawny & Vashti. Took Tommy in canoe after dinner. Davis and self at night have swongo in Bennetts tent -tell him a good deal of my history -serenaded Capt D. (symbol:with) Hail Columbia Hail to the Chief & a Waltze Lounge about -Murray -(symbol) with Shove her up go to bed (symbol) Bennet got drunk and Davis threatened him for his insolence

PAGE 195

120 (122) My day for steamboat's return passes (symbol) it. Murray wins bott. wine Breakfast --wefte-ee-Rainy & Cloudy day N.E. Mossy Jennings &c start for Miami in skiff. paid Llewellyn $1. for rifle being finished give Tom Mulholland a swongo in his clean shirt. Tell him how to talk. Davis & Murray went down on mules I canoed went to Mr Stores who told me about Bennet's (symbol) last night Dinner -conversation about pistols -marshal Ney &c. Davis's motto "aut lli:!.!!.quam tentes aut In evening Davis in my tent Boyd tells off the black girl (symbol) by a (sketch) Capt gave a swongo at night -Vingtun I am unlucky -Jackson sings several songs "Cont ----ent" of Davis -my sweet heart Miss Sally Jones -&c &c. Murray comes to my tent I my double barrel 25th Morning Stormy N.E. & E. all night & morning -gun booms over the water a schooner clipper stationary off there. Flirt? Davis breakfasts (symbol:with) us es & (we _changed to he) go off to her -like to have swamped at starting : Goodman delirious last night. Mrs Mulholland & Mrs Aldridge take a walk up in the wind. Oh God -let me keep cool low & silent -slow on every topic -think before speaking -best construction -dont visit Capt D. often -except for gunning favors. canoe every morning when I do address always look adressee. And oh God protect my excitable temper equalize my feelings! & let me die(?) if --------Another vessel (from N.) (paren. are mizen or main mast gone -flag 1/2 mast distress! deck crowded -supposed to be McLauglin's squadron Flirt Wave &c The weather affects my patients -cant expect steamboat & Tompkins yet.

PAGE 196

121 (123) dismast Davis returns from Wave & Flirt in most gallant style -Reports that Gaston will be down (symbol:with) Tompk on 28th. that he himself is to be sutler that Mayo is gone home -that 150 canoes are arrived -that they go to Key Biscayne first then to Havana for bloodhounds that he will leave ft Lauderdale by the first vessel that 2 Rogers Winder &c were aboard. Told Capt D. that the approach of those two vessels in the storm was a scene for his pencil -He will have it said he and it requires "color". Gave a swongo -present -Davidson Davis & Murray topics Army vs. Navy -Infantry coming here Davis's going away &c Dinner -bore on Boyd who was asleep during my swongo. (on oct 16 died'at Houston Edwd. Stansbury) (paren. are Hughe's) slept all evening -supper -spicy-St Paul's no wife Col Twiggs (gymbol) Taylor & intriguer Capt Dn. & Annapolis &c &c Boyds sensibility thermometer 1 above zero? night -spoke to Leary & Alford about Jim Crow & Sitting on a rail l "John Brown" is what Tryon sings "Major Longbow &c Boyd gave a treat a swongo. I went in at last invitation & helped to eat & drink but took no hand at the loo. Ah Dr said Murray you are the only fellow really enjoying life Sailors wanted to serenade me -raining hard would not let them. went to bed -couldn't sleep -reading Steven's Russia & Poland. during 12 midnight to 3 -Very hard E. rain had to move my bunk

PAGE 197

122 (124) Boyd 1st & gone 26th -Breakfast self (1st changed to n2st") -Capt D. 3d -officers all lie a bed during this rainy morn high east wind. went to Capt Dns & read Sec Navy's Rept. took lunch at Bennetts & continue Stevens travels -very anxious about Goodman's case (arm) (paren. are Hughes') At Dinner my blood was up but kept cool -sent for whiskey &c topics Canoe ride -beat Boyd (symbol) Murray took a cisar Boyd & (symbol) Murray (2 symbols) tent -topics stevens travels &c Read Md Rep. -News as follows Dec 3 John W Martin of Camber to Evilina L 2nd d. of Res. Hargrove dead. Genl Leakin's speech &c Supper table -"Your good old father" say (Capt D) (paren. are Sunday? advice too quick said I Comm. Read said Davis coming back said I Swango to. night .(symbol: said) Murray Capt D. ate nothing Got my fly (Tmks) (paren. are Hughes') over my tent & Gascoyne & Henry to sing Murray serenaded -topics at his duck (symbol) swongo treac -marryatt Phrenology Lavater Physignomony Dr Nelson & Du cachet -militaire at Old Pt. Davis absconded (borrowed) (paren. are Hughes') Capt Dsns pistols next morn on his trip D. had long talk with Capt D. about Carolina &c just before the swongo. Mond 27th Early to breakfast self 1st Boyd -Davis -(Capt & (word)(symbol)). (outer paren. are Hughes'). Davis starts for Key Biscayne. Talk (symbol:with) Murray about sailing. Boyd also -We defer it till evening. Tell Capt D. about my potato quarrel (symbol:with) Tompkins & also about St. Ald. & Co. drunk while Tmks (symbol) absent. Talk To Murray about his looking meat axes at me -his house -Phil Thomas Capt Hobbs Miss Amelia P. &c &c. Mrs Gibbs fell down. Oh God bless her finish 2nd vol of Stevens Storm in a teapot said Capt D. Dinner -with Murray & Llewellyn about Colts rifle Evening Boyds struggle in canoe against high wind night -Go to Boyd's tent Capt & Lt Murray's (symbol:conversation?) about genl Taylor -Harney Macomb Scott Indians Hanson Tompkins Taylor canoe &c.

PAGE 198

123 (125) Indian fire up the beach. Gibbs borrows 6 cigars &c Dreamed of -6-&-72 Inds Col Harney kept 6 as hostages "Come all ye pretty fair maids, a warning take from me, never trust a young man an inch above your knee, When he's in his prenticeship he swear his time is out Never come again for to blow the candle out -Sailor song Tuesday 28th Wind still E. Rainy occasionally. Surf noisy -Arose to brkfast -Kept tolerably quiet -before dinner had hammock tied up -engage blue jacket & buttons of Murray -Kirby visits me talks about "Marlboro Annapolis some his being a gentleman once -others prying into the affairs of other &c coat to be relined Old Pt -&c at Dinner Boyd spoke of Kirby flogging mule I spoke of weather, of sour krout which was onion &c "no epicure" After dinner article on "National Currency" visited Goodman &c -at supper -topics Murray felt stupid Capt said he won a bottle wine on steamboat's not getting here on 28th -I was surprised and found I had lost one to Murray for 25th & 1 to Boyd as well as Capt D on 28th -but offered 1 box champaigne on 7th Feb -or 1 bot wine on 3d. All back out. Went to my tent & now for a letter to Ezl J.H. & H A H. Finished to day reading my subscript. papers. Laird came inte tent quizzed him about Macaurley marriage -schoolmaster lessons &c he gave me a second (word) (1 day before yester) (paren. are Hughes') and I gave him a glass of punch and some advice He hopes the lt will soon be back. Murray told me this morng the nature of Davis & McLaughlin's interview. Have not read any of Stevens Travels today. Dreamed of Ind yell rose

PAGE 199

124 (126) Wednesday 1840 -%aes8ay-Jan 29 1840 Jan. 29th The storm from N.E & E is getting now toward S. still high wind & flying clouds -rain threatening -breakfast nothing material -Bennet sick -all patients improving -ordered Condin to move sick tent -Capt D. has (symbol: visited me lately -or Boyd. or Murray good dare say Reading Stevens -got my bunk (symbol) Mr Stores Murray wants some molasses candy -"sitting on a rail" (symbol:said) Stores. Finished Stevens! -Dinner -talk about Kirby's riding horse for punishment chowder (symbol:said) Boyd saurkrout -D. takes some -"stick to your state (symbol:said) I to Murray smoked & returned to my tent -report of boat coming (symbol) below -talk with Stores Murray comes gives me a letter (symbol) Baldwin -Sloane (symbol) his "love & respect" Davis was at Miami once staid at Key but now aboard of Flirt. Wave gone to Ind Key &c Took a canoe ride (symbol:with) Boyd in naval canoe Boyd went sailing in canoe then & I walked up beach to grave yd, talked (symbol: with) Murray (symbol) returning. returned to tent was joined by Boyd and talked then about "comforts & women" Commissary broken in by maily's(?) knife Needham Kirby Keepir &c Supper x Talk about Congress 19 Senators &c Dr Baldwin's letter &c after supper long talk with Andrew Stores son of Dr Simmons & born in Augustine lived in Albany NY. &c gives me a New York Director & rumors that Gaston is at Indn. Key -Murray gives me the paper of Jan 15 of N.Y which Sherman sent to Capt D. Capt D (symbol) comes to my tent -I in bed long talk about commissary -(horse punishment -Mississippi steamboats -Alston Pinkney Millard Chevis & Dobbs &c. I look over NY. Direct & go to bed. Duties for 30th -fix big box -get surg -read some in Tact if (symbol) eat & drink but little & smoke none --iix-eefte-put books &c away examine rings(?) -collect shells -prayer -& 1/2 news papers &c &c

PAGE 200

125 (127) Thurs Jan. 30th -Weeftesaay-1840 (3 symbols) -Wee-. 30th Wind S or s.w. Sun but mist clouds -fix my tent clean bunk &c no sleep (symbol) flees alst night read NY papers of Jan 15. Wm Stanbury died Nov 7 1839 at Houston Mr Stores details to me his 1 night's "lost" in woods NW of Augustine Day passed pleasantly Took Count Mathieu Dumas Memoirs of the Fr. Revolution -Wee-31 Thursday 31st -Continue above work -Sing last night commenced writing letters home. eggnog in eveng 31st (symbol) last night -fleas fleas Friday -With Murray & Boyd -spoke Hermosa from Charleston to St Mark -learn that steamboat & at Indn. river -Clay & Calhoun beginning to speak lost egg nog in eveng. commence Aleiphron walked on wharf (symbol:with) -Se1e-Stores &c Finished my political letter to Edr. of Register Feb. 1st Saturday Finished Aleiphron & Brougham's Statesmen paid Shea $8 for blue jacket & trousers game of 21 at night in Murray's tent 2nd Sunday -Retd. all borrowed books (3 symbols) Feb. 3d. morng. steamboat arrives (symbol:with) Lt Tompkins Maj Loomis, Capt Eaton, Lt Johnston, & Dr Foot -Murray goes down in her Tompkins lands -Mr Sequi gets me to sign hospl. papers.

PAGE 201

126 (128) 3d. Feb. Mondat cond Mrs Scobie also comes Letters from HA -date Dec 22 & Jan 5 -Md Rep (2 symbols) sale Lt Fowler supposed to be lost (Lt Tompkins tells me his arrival at Charleston) (paren. are Hughes') In evening introduce the "broken boxes" case 4th Tuesday evening -long talk (symbol:with) Tompkins -dark Capt D -Lts B & T come to my tent -I drink 3 botts wine (symbol:with) them & chat variously at night fish swongo, & talk to Kirby & Bennett Murray 5th Wednesday -Breakfast -(symbol) goes sailing read Dutchman's fireside. I thought Murray's boat (symbol) Tompkins he shuts himself up and does not face the compY has nothing to do (symbol:with) it does n't even look at it. 6th Thursday -went (symbol:with) Boyd down to the inlet saw dog 1 boy & 2 Indn. tracks -ate drank & bro(t?) back mast head. "Poor Job"s history. Gascoyne cooks for me 7th Friday -mg -requested Capt D. to dismiss Condon Talk (symbol:with) Capt. Juan vz. St. Aldridge. Holy God(?) fight of Corell & sailor & of Brown & Cunningh Steamboat comes & goes -Capt Eaton & Poinsett come ashore. Davis & Murray depart -Mr Lewis takes naval command -Rockets &c for Charleston Camp excited Mr Scobie goes -like to have been arrested. 8th Sat. Went ducking (symbol:after?) dinner (symbol:with) Mr Lewis -went to sleep in the hammock -had a swongo (symbol:with) him & Boyd at night -long talk (symbol:with) Bennet who tells of Noah & his (symbol) shot at target. (symbol:with) Lewis during evening (symbol:after?) (symbol: with) Boyd Several soldiers riding horse -Scaled my double barrel talk in eveng (symbol:with) Mr Stores.

PAGE 202

127 (129) Sunday 9th Feb. (symbol) last night -Oh God "By Sinel's death I know I am thane of Glamis But how of Cawdor." The Thane of Cawdor lives a prosperous gentleman". and to be king stands not within the prospect of belief no more than to ve Cawdor." Mond lOth (word crossed out) Raised A coil at dinner table Jolly times. Gay feelings -pleasant enjoyments. (7symbols) 1st (6 symbols) (word crossed out) Tompkins leaves the mess table. Tuesd. 11th Feb 1840 (word) P.M. Lewis (of Flirt NaS) departs -leaves Flemming & Cole. I send for Tompkins -alas I ought not to do it may be." St. Aldridge arrested. "My dear the world owes me a living Wednesday Feb 12 1840 Royal Crocket In morning walk (symbol :with) Tmks to grave yard. Ue would have been married but for Cash in hand to Capt D. day 45$ + At dinner allude to "rifle bet" Cunningham vs Maily to get gold silver new cap from Cpt D. but previously had talk (symbol:with) Lt T & told him I intended to visit Va (symbol:with) him

PAGE 203

128 (130) (slightly more than 1/2 the page is occupied by sketches and charicatures of heads; on the inner side of the page about midway is a well-done ink full-face drawing of an Indian's head) Thursday Feb 13 -Continue reading Marryatt in eveng. Quoted Clopicki(?) to Tmks Friday -Feb 14 Valentine said Boyd "Sickening said Boyd of T -been to Augustine & melts his drippings out" a Eveng dumb play (symbol:with) St. (symbol) yesterday & (symbol:with) (symbol) his wife this eveng. or Indians? at night went in canoe (symbol:after) ducks then to Capt's tent -talked of his elder son his journal -his wife -his letter to Mrs Mellon &c -left -went to Tmkns -exposed To him his magnanimity Hanson Twiggs and their reciprocal

PAGE 204

129 (131) conduct & my own political -servile & bank notions -He mentioned J.F. Lee as a smart man -engaged to shoot pistol tomorrow (symbol) with) Capt D Sat. Feb 15 In morning -walked on beach (symbol:with) Capt D. conversed about Indian gestures -shells &c -then came pack got De Jum(?) to make me Hebrew German & English Alphabet-then got Davis'swall tent-then saw Boyd having his tent brought out so we jog. quoted "see the orderly" to Tmks. Boyd said "orderly going (symbol :with) him to shit house. Jennings m Comissary (Stores in his place) (paren. are Hughes') arrested day before yest. (symbol:with) young (carpenter making my box &c) (paren. are Hughes') Condon comes to me. ''Dr if that man says another word to me I'll kill him dead" I take his musket & say What man "Juan" Hush come with me Capt D-is going to punish him with the lash I address a note to him but on speaking to him about it I retract the note. Condon is succeeded by Gascoyne. 0 i -1a-Tmkns comes to my tent I speak to him about going N. Irritability & sensibility -the servant of our country -about having spoken to Bill about Miss Field -"tell Tom Wyatt to get out of my way. About "jealousy" ':"'M.iee-Mackall &c and about necessity of not allowing little things to disturb us. (line of symbols) I hope you will not apply the lash to Condon it is against yr obt servt regulations by doing so you will oblige yr obt servt. Whenever two individuals (or nations) (paren. are Hughes') go to battle the satisfaction of the honor constitutes (word crossed out) Christianity itself. If they happen to compromise as did McKubbin & Wms they do it compromisingly the killed? which is Christianity itself. If they kill one the other it is because one will not yield a certain point which if he had yielded -the other himself would have respected him the more for an even so much as to have been afterward he his first earliest & best friend if the other were taxed with cowardice Men in material danger of death love each other mutually very much always afterward respect also

PAGE 205

130 (132) each other which is the law of Christ himself. Therefor is a test of a good Christian and as both sin in quarelling so Death or Compromise always afterward make them, the one weep i.e. respect and love his corpse or make them both weep i.e. love & respect each other It tends to refine a man -Christianity teaches & inculcates that -It tends to make men live if they compromise & love & esteem & respect each other. Christianity inculcates that also. Therefore by the Duello no Christian law is broken -but it is the "offence" alone slight as it may be by which -t!-sensibility -or the sensibility is wounded that is the wrong point or Sin. True and Death atones for that -so therfore Honor Christianity & Morality are identical q.e.d. In evening in Boyd's tent (symbol:with) Tompkins I talked about Condon's being about St Aldridge's intrigue against Juan, about Young s being tied (not made my box) (paren. are Hughes') about Jennings &c &c &c I must raise Spanish wild horses at supper table. horses -men in ancient times doing the same -nothing but reason as Tom Paine says -age of reason -to prevent a french revolution -volcanoes will burst. Older physician down here said I to Capt Eaton than myself Went over said ground at supper table. afterwd -talk (symbol:with) Capt Davidson about following his and about war (symbol:with) England -Then (symbol: with) Tamp kins about Larrey (?) & Napoleon afterwd took a bath (symbol:with) -'femf'k-Boyd -Told Tompkins too what I had "expected" from him toward Capt D.

PAGE 206

131 (133) duty tomorrow at breakfast bring up the "interest" of "Lt. commanding" and of "Dr. attending" Talked with Juan about Stores Canoe dream last night & death tci female in co Sunday Feb 16 -Cloudy wind E by ENE The Indian watch dial (drawing) each peiat'solar point has 3 hours. 3 h x 8 p ::. 24 h. hence first hour of 3d point is 3 p x 3 L = 9 o clock &c -The moon is to night in Sig -the sun is now in (pisces sympol) Pisces -or February constellation answering to the anatomic "feet" it rd:ses at 6.33 sets at 5.27. Venus is still morning star. Where is Jupiter and Mars? Jupiter was quartile b o sun on the 7th Feb -hence at sun set he is near the zenith. Venus rises little after 4 A.M. Breakfast alone in my tent & (symbol:later?) Tmks visited me Stores visits me is going to quarrel (symbol:with) his father in law Dr Simmons. On the 17th Feb the moon's sign is Sea (symbol) which now reigns over the heart (hogs) (paren. are Hughes') Superstition? High water is at 6.49 A.M. near 7 o'clock. DAILY DUTIES. note the astronomy of each day Hebrew of De Jone weather Feelings) of Self Acts The time of Luther was like the tower of Babel -a catteraction of ideas tongues & sects. The tower itself! Luther & Babel think as you please. Capt. D. gave me a "rascal" slap at Augustine Strong the West Pt graduate went into the ranks. said Boyd (symbol:after?).

PAGE 207

132 (134) "plausible & rascal" said Dn. "much trouble on Sundays i.e. the Sabbath I talked (symbol:after/later?) excitedly to Stores -to Boyd -to Juan to Bennet -to Francis (sick) (paren. are Hughes') now for farther -Hell-J yes (4 squares divided into 1/4s) -le-Bennet & Stores night fishing. 7. Hebrew Cd. Morning stroll to grove (symbol:with) gun & with Boyd. Davidson flushed at dinner table. Powder & cigar MARRE. ST GAOEKIF YOUIDAREOILAMRREADYR (symbol:after?) sunset -caught Tompk -SE (symbol) flagstaff -EXCITED TALK "no respite" in me said I to both Tmk & EXCITEMENT Dvn. Walk in night on beach (symbol:with) Capt D. "Beautiful pair" of pistols. Tompkins is afraid of you -"business" "box" &c understanding flute went to tent Tuesday 18th Tompk. talked about my excitability & Dns red dinner face was doomed said I to to Tompk -and stamp of memory night (word) by Laird & Macauley -supped alone made Tommy drunk -night talk on moon D'Israeli &c (sirobol:with) Davn. moonlight duties for morrow blankets to Capt D

PAGE 208

133 (135) 18th -continued Duties write to (word) or for De Jone Discharge de Jone Stand to your rights said I to Aldridge My boats & mules all idle said Tmks. Your In (symbol) words said I. Llewellyn repaired my rifle & gun. Patients & prisioners doing well. Hebrew continued to day with DeJone If any man knows how to make use of his time tis the Dr. said Tmks oh what a compliment. Stores & Juan settled their dispute to day ? urging still Aldridges release 2 or 3 days said Capt D -drove cigar smoking Laird to his tent at night after tattoo gave Kirby my coat to line (symbol:with black. not a bottle left in my tent! resolve to give up cigars (symbol: with) Capt D. unless he be sick. Hebrew Cd. Duties for morrow -fix & discharge &c-all my guns McDowel make Tmks stroll to graveyard Bennet's blowout Slept soundly get Tmkns Indian (symbol) Cont. Hebrew

PAGE 209

134 (136) Feb 1840 19th Wednesday -sent for Mrs Aldridge to have my bill made out Boyd sick Aldridge & all the prisioners I sick-released!! black handkerchief to Mrs Aldridge. Indn. Singing HIO -hi o -ha -HIO --HIGH o o -ha ha I -a HIO yo ha -o way -WHOO is(?) is(?) y Young getting on (symbol:with) my box. (word) & Macauley (2 drawings, apparently anatomical sketches of something) 2 crabs from Macauley Capt. at night tells me I'm watched & advises me

PAGE 210

135 (137) Capt D sick. 20th Thursday. Boyd well Tmkns going excitedly (symbol) the Capt. A swift man is apt to stumble Breakfast -Tmks & self -& (symbol:after/later?) Boyd. Tmks & his rattan seeking for Capt D. Dinner Recommended to Capt D (who is better than he was before breakfast not being at break) (paren. are Hughes') Celebration of 22nd. as 4th of July celebrated. Told Llewellyn about 22nd Ditto to Sergeant of the guard Smith -Tmks came to see me -told him of commander of a post & of dictator of a ship -IRERAND Irving in evening by Laird "Macauley" "HERO of Ireland (word) Bill -tlak mulatto-ish and blackguard -no crabs were caught to day -Visited Bennets tent & talked about 'gentlemen' at their mammy's breast. Llewellyn finished my -ri-double barrelled gun (with which Boyd frightened Hea(ste?) (paren. are Hughes') and I put it away. Tell Stores to use my ship pistol whenever he pleases Item to Tmks I to Capt D Shall move Navy into Hospital this eveng. "Did" it Talked to St. Guard (22nd Feb) (paren are Hughes') Llewellyn Kirby (tent) (paren. are Hughes') Macauley about (symbol) Laird about stripes, Tom about Mother & rna, Mrs Mulholland about Tom & Florida, Bennet about Colera, Juan about quiet on 22nd & at supper to Tmkns & Boyd about Wst. Pt. Duty -find out (symbol) tent is Tmkns'

PAGE 211

136 (138) Thursday 20th Feb 1840 Cd. Subjects (symbol:with?) Capt D. Mrs Smith of Augustine & her sisters Mrs Belton Mrs Russel & her brothers the two Maj. Kirbys & Kirby's wife Brown her brother the brother of Genl. Brown -Capt. Van Ness Trog Platts vs. British offs. This is the anniversary of Balch's & Ford's deaths -Told sergeant of guard 2 men 2 days -fun! Duty -copy Hebrew & German alp in this bk. Talk (syrnbol:with) Stores about his (symbol) Miss Marg. (symbols) I give Gascoyne port -Stores takes my monk cap. Night past 2 o clock -shirt tail Didn't talk to any soldiers to day in my tent as Capt D. told me I was watched Spoke to Mrs Mulholland about Torn that bad &c WatchworD MAGNANIMITY -my-rif%e-vain (symbol:with) A Woman knows i.e. perceives more about the Snake (symbols) than a man does suggest at dinner Washington's day Some strange fish -eeiere-in the New & Miami Rivs. something like the porpoise.

PAGE 212

137 (139) Feb Friday 21st 1840 Breakfast -Capt & self -both absent. Lt Boyd picking fleas out of his dog Romeo Mulholland's spine (symbol) broke down yet What a hell of a racket these crows keep up. much of them round here the summer -yes. Dinner -Subjects Smoked after dinner at Boyd's tent. "Militia soldier saying to his general "Why general when did you get that horse" Whom did you borrow it from Crows make a hell of a noise over my tent -one of them ate my two crabs yesterday. One now let fall a bone. Stores writing in my tent says that when he catches a bushel of fleas he believes he will pickle them. The Capt very formal to day Learn to fast. militia sentinel sitting -ae-on the gate with musket between his -Bkettlee-legs Told Bennet I intended to one of these days to one of my swongo's Bass drum & bugle practising Reading nothing to day. I shall recommence smoking (symbol:with) Capt D after the 22nd. Supper -subjects -I forget visited Capt D at night subjects Pine(?) & Johns & Wyatt. De Jone to be discharged. night (symbol:conversation) with De Jone Pope Pius vi (?) (paren. are Hughes') wrote to have Moscow & Russia devestated says the German historian

PAGE 213

138 (140) ym-bols in margin) Duties for 22nd Settle Bennets Bill pay him & talk to him about cooking Did so except pistol borrow no more from Stores. ditto Boyd -ditto all except curiosities of Literature. Fire my ship pistol. -Speak to Mr & Hrs Mulholland & Tom. Keep away (symbol) offs. Winter in (symbol) attend Finish copy of Hospital -Reeere-Meds. Write to Ezl a letter on winter in Florida. Hunt last letter to cousin Phoebe (symbol) "Rambles of a Naturalist" to Ezl. & quote Wyoming & Shakespeare Tried to get up an excitement tomorrow. Washingtons birth day 22nd Feb 1840 SAT. Cut up Commissary belts Paid Bennet $4. per month for cooking 15 $. Requested Mrs Aldridge and Mrs Gibbs to purchase to value of $5 & 3 of sutler -and (words crossed out; last 2 are tobacco wiskey Conversed with De Jane about epochs or eras of work of Rodeck viz J.C. (symbol: appears to be drawing of cross) Constantine Gregory Peter Napoleon & of ancient His work is called -Der alte und neue welt. Also about -Wee-Jackson Calhoun Webster y Van Buren &.Harrison &c also about Caesar & Pope Pius vii who ordered devastation of Russia -and of Constantinople Patriarch submitting to Pope of Rome -ey-Alexandra Russiae arbitro. were My wounded men up this morng.

PAGE 214

139 ( 141) 23d. Sunday Took breakfast in my tent. (3 symbols) Flemming's ball comes out. Mulholland arrested Capt. refuses to allow my tent removed (2 symbols) Capt. D. reprimanded me at dinner table Feb 23 Offer my Commission to Capt D. Horse with 2 legs Mulholland asleep Capt D's promise that he shall visit his wife enceinte Tattoo fire about Davis's tent Egg nogg at night (symbol:with) Bennett & Stores (words smeared, looks like: Mule, .and another word)

PAGE 215

140 (142) Learned from Bennett -from Stores -Victoria and Nelson shitting on her crown. His quarrel with Jerdin about feeding hogs of Scoby -might give Boyd my sword Mulholland put to his wife at night Duties for 24th Feb Monday 1840 -KiH-a-erow--Kirby-blaek-silk -blewellyn-rile --Mrs-Sibbs-$3---Jttan--Bennee---fwora1-(symbol) wina-mess 24th Mond I take no breakfast. Capt D refuses to allow me Gascoyne. Didn't Capt D. comes to me aeotte-& go to brkfst. Bennet brings it to me. walk along the beach and Rodebuck gives refuses Gascoyne me some shells Stores arrested. Mulholland riding the 2 legged horse (symbol) any stirrup oil. Stores sent for me & says (symbol) stole it (symbol) capt. I advise Juan to tell Tom to take care he (words smeared; looks like "slips out to guard Tompkins's talk (symbol:with) me about my asking for Gascoyne. (at bott. l.h. corner are 2 very faint words: "first wal")

PAGE 216

141 (143) Monday Feb 24 Contd. De Jone gives me a lesson -his anecdote of (?)azel Prof of Tubingen having his caricature drawn by a student. Taffel is a liberalist (a wise "fool") (paren. are Hughes') Holy 2 let (symbol) swa(symbol) the (symbol) the (symbol) BILL (2 symbols) flogd. (symbol) Hebrew dagesh he thinks signifies a (sketch of a man pointing mild quick sound. a mere surmise however. at a picture of himself; the picture is labelled 11Dat ish Borrowed Boyd's Astronomy -Got ring out mine likeness" Below this is for Stores. Boyd is reading Brougham. 117 minutes he stood thus. rained early this morn but clearing up now Let ther drawer commen to me.") Dinner -pleasant quiet no disturbance. Boyd & I shot Chochrane he won 1 bot wine. Afternoon -De Jone gives me the history of his enlistment Mod. Sherburne, Col Miles Duff Green, Am(smeared)s, Kendall, Col Cranch Col Henderson's families &c in Washn. Col B. Howard in Balt Supper subject -ducks &c Duties for 25th Finish duties of yesterday Beyd--Bl:aek--Examine my medicines -short letter to P.A.S -& Ezl. Ed Fac.

PAGE 217

142 (144) 25th Tuesday Feb. 1840 Took no brkfst. Gave Stores a ring -got Capt D. to allow him (symbol:with) me into Sutler's deptmt Boyd has gone up the beach -hogs & pigs born behind my tent. Boyd boarded an hermaphrodite brig (sketch of ship at sea labeled "shooner behind & brig before thus gaff -top sail") and got Charleston. papers to -3aa-Feb 14 she was bound to St Mark -chief items -British ultimat on NE boundary & Butlers anti abolition speech -Davis & Murray arrived at Charleston on the 13th thus in 6 days (symbol) ft Lauderdale Tmks also boarded her & then on (symbol) return we went to dinner -In eveng. contd study of Hebrew (symbol:with) De Jone. Eveng. Boyd sick (symbol:with) headache. Visited Stores (2 symbols) smoke. Supper+ (symbol:conversation) about Butler's Speech he was (symbol) Gov. of S.C. (several symbols) was Lt of In. in Am. Ar. & said Tmks had arrested his su-perior officer. he saw his printed defiance at Black Ck -(symbol:conversation) about senior Duties unfinished. y Condon Kirby 1-a-erew-&-mttle--See le-mess-aeee.-l-papers-fer-Hospit 1 acct. arrest of (crossed out) by Infrr in Riot Mutiny Insanity &c Conversation with Maily about fly fishing & shooting salmon in Engld. fewer fish (symbol) but better The fish caught by him in New River are Cat -Mullet -Snappers &c -the large scales up at the old picket were of bass, the porpoise looking fishe seen the other day were Kingfish going up the river to spawn -eels grunter The little fish (sardine like) (paren. are Sheep head Hughes') caught by Harney he knows (symbol) the name of Spanish mackeral Visited Tmks at night (several symbols) Butlers speech.

PAGE 218

143 (145) Wednesday 26th Feb 1840. Cincinnati Capt Smith? passes Lt Rankin & Mr Craig land. Woodruff returns Bulwer Papers & Letters. put black cross on for Bernard. In morg. Stores is liberated Gave to Flemming letters for sailors. Capt D loans Nick Biddle's speech at Pottsville at W!!! Lyman's dinner. Hot blast for cold blast in US. are 80JOOO sq. m. of coal : 16 t. as (symbol) as the coal measures all Euro Pa. has lOJOOO sq. m. of it -All GB & Ireland have only 2000. In "Anthracite" of Pa : 6 or 8 t. those of S. Wales. 26 Read all news up to Augustine date of l l 22nd. Jan 1840. Lt Rankin has 20 or 30 recruits aboard -Dinner (symbol:conversation) Genl. Bernard. Important squallings personalities &c at the North. HA. 's dates of Jan 23J 28J Feb 3 Surg. genl's Capt D. shewed me Cap. (symbol) letter. elements of a landscape fan Red shells of Nov & Dec all gone frogs silent for last weeks again croads to night no alligators to night

PAGE 219

144 (145) Thursd Feb 27. Cherry bounce Gmelin's R. Sherry-wine & coffee was Gmelin (oudenriet) (paren. are Hughes') De Jone Rhumat ACutus(?) as he was recoverg -Oh how strong & sweet it was! French & South Germans use it every day (symbol:after) dinner as a digester. also by Proff Schenlein (Anaty Wurtzburg)(paren. are Hughes') but now at Zurich Childrens hydroceph. cupitas I tal ian Dr's R. a toad burnt it to powder & put it mixed with some other stuff & cured it in a few days. Night Reflections. What can I for (symbols) I shal write excepting officials only 1 letter by the next boat & that shall be to HA. (2 lines of symbols) I have nearly finished perusing the journals and how distracted appear. the elements of society in the U.S. !! (6 identical symbols) Rd Myopic & make 1 drawing in album+ Courier des Et Hackman Teach Laird & Macaulay Fix trunks Night -the crickets are chirping frogs croaking but few -fleas are numerous swarming biting -took a bath (symbol:with) Boyd cigar in mouth Feb 29 1840 night fix-my-drawer-exam block h. of Navy Read 1 Ch. B in Danl. & & of last March & April. (symbol:conversation) (symbol:with) De Jone about Tacitus Germany Elector of Brandg. Dk of Prussia John Si-gis-mund. Tilly Wallenstein 30 y. war &c Gustaf Adolph Feb 28 contd. Why does the Capt say to me "You are watched sir." on Feb 19 last.

PAGE 220

145 (147) THURSDAY NIGIIT FRIDAY FEBRUARY 28 wrote to night 1 letter to HA & PAH The EYE is at N Pole. (written parallel to the center hinge of the book, i.e. vertically, in three lines is:) As many hours as the sun has set -say 3 hours -then as he is (Feb) (paren. are Hughes') in (symbol) the first few degrees of (symbol) the opposite constellation virgo (symbol) rises as pisces goes down and each hour another (symbols) &c arise so that at 9 P.M. the middle of (symbol) Scorpio is at the meridian. star Imagine the circle to pass left to right (symbol) to (symbol) (large sketch of zodiac) it takes 2 hours for 1 sign of zodiac to pass the meridian 12 signs ;; 12 hours Saturn rises nearly 1 h. o the (symbol) *their real motion in respect to the fixed stars or "signs" is however exactly the reverse (symbol) Libra I think must fall nearly S (symbol) the 1st star of the northern bear-wain. Duty Never (gibberish) and also (gibberish) never let this batch of offs (symbols) most full (symbols) and a (symbols) Capricorn always rises 1 hour before aquarius Sagitarius do do -Capricorn The Nor.thern Bear is between the North Star on one side and Leo (symbol) and Virgo (symbol) on the other and also cancer (symbol) Jupiter is near meridian as the (drawing of moon) rises by not quite

PAGE 221

146 (148) FRIDAY FEB. 28, begun breakfasted alone in tent. Capt D. (4 symbols) (9 Greek letters). Springs Wiesbaden best for consumptive patients in all Germ. -Seltzer at Seltze (in Hesse Darmstadt) (paren. are Hughes') both -Seidlitz in Prussian Rhine -Geiss in Switzerland 2, 500 above sea in en Zel. Aix la Chapelle Achen -Boll (in Hesse Cassel) (paren. are Hughes') -Jena (at the university town) (paren. are Hughes') -Niedernau Inn(?) from Tubingen in Wirtemburg (French .!:! / ( paren. are Hughes') I (smeared)itzbach in do. Spa Many are scattered in S. Germ -Austria Gratz Saltsburg &c -Castellamare in Italy a distinguished, Rivoli also, Albano (symbol:with) $400 you can live 1 y. in G. like a baron. Proff. Krach Astron. at -Reeehwe%-Rotweil on Neckar now a private man and 35y near lake Constance priest still an astronomer however. Uland & Treyer'the greatest living literati of Germany Krach the greatest astronomer lives near Lake Constance. This morn -Capt visited me (symbol:after) breakf at (symbol) tent I was asleep -dinner (symbol:concersation) was about sea bass of which I wish we had some and Johnston's name for the big scale (fish) (paren. are Hughes') found at old picket Orion & Pleiades & Triangle pointed to me by De Jone & Great Bear Duties unfinished Bath at night (symbol:with) Boyd & Stores Swongo at night (symbol:with) Boyd & Stores Anisette cordial & beef tongue "Chocolate & gin" said Stores are (symbol) St Gibbs makes use of it. Pay Cond. Kirby Llewellyn Dissect -get shells Myopia Exam. med.s & Public Act Jackson on farriery (words crossed out) A. & N Chron. Drawing in album (word crossed out) -haird-&-M8eatt%eyDur & Rev This Journal of last Spas, Astron.y Miss Mary Esther & Miss Jane Walker of Columbia Hospital boxes 30 m. west of Nashville the reigning belles (word crossed out) musical box by Stores or (changed from "of") beauties in Tennessee says Boyd. we talked of Augustine girls & my (symbol:conversation)(symbol:with) Stores was rather in (symbol) The Pleades are a nebulous cluster S. of Cassiopea,

PAGE 222

146 (148) sheet 2 21 in number De Jone thinks but very nebulous (Sketch of stars) My shirt (words crossed out) (words crossed out) (words crossed out) Needham

PAGE 223

147 (149) -(5 Hebrew letters) (8 Greek letters, prob. spelling "Saturday") ---h -----------------------ein is preferred if 2 gutturals are toget er SATURDAY FEB 29 (11 letters, app. spelling "Saturday") 29 ("Saturday" in some strange script) ("feb" in same script) 29 1840 Strdy feb 29 (same 5 Hebrew letters as above) the s komets French game of "French Jarrok" played even in Balt by the respectable Germans. 1st is Bear xxi He is highest counts 21 3rd is xx, 4th is xix, 5th is xvii &c down to 2nd, whic is I then Roi King Dame Queen Lady (symbol:conversation) (symbol:with) ou Valet Jack Servt. (symbols) ho. X no. ix French Jarrok has Orion is like a fan thus 72 cards to the pack. no viii &c to (illustration) no. 1 (symbol) The Pleiades are on right Skey is the lower trump (it means a man playing or N. of Orion & between a violin) (paren. are Hughes') but it counts Orion & Casiopoea the most, you can catch it with every trump Duties even the lowest 2 to 12 can play this (symbol) but mostly 4 play it Co. list & nick names. (5 Hebrew letters) Kometen (?) 1st vowel (drawing of heart) Coed wis tsara 2nd which is sounded (symbol) by ad(symbol) speech-Moses-Satan. schwar 3d. vowel schwar is most always mute ain had as well be used as (letter) for last letter. Schwar always has reference to the vowel (symbol:which) precedes it. without the tsara under (letter) it would be only Saturi the (letter) being here a consonant. Add the tsara to the delta and leave out (letter), it would sound too short-but to spell it aright put it as above. (2 lines of Hebrew) Sillook is never under a (symbol) Patch is under the (symbol) sillook only

PAGE 224

147(149) Sheet 2 joins two words The Jews (except rabbins & rari) (paren. are Hughes') do (symbol) under(symbol) Hebrew or speak it. Mod. Greek is very like old Greek but modern Jew is not by any means so much like old Hebrew. Jews like to see other people speak

PAGE 225

148(150) 29th Feb 40 CONTINUED in theta, the tau is hard but would still do (the next passage consists solely of Hebrew exercises and is not transcribed). gamnt(?) crows De Jone holds gamnt(?) "singing accordingly -------Jackson's bugle & dogs howling Mocking bird also singing Fine day to day -being last of Feb Capt D. (symbol) master took (symbol) Discussion about Cook Gascoyne + Surgn. Genl. received no notification of proceedings -(smear) "It was Col to day (Symbol:said) Boyd. Dinner (symbol:conversation) Sunday to day? quiet sir. -'review" said Capt D Yes -I like it Genl Eustis had it (symbol) day -Plattsb.s beauties nothing extra -ordi-nary said I -Capt Collins of 4th Art -selfish in women & money seeking a rich girl marriej a poor one crossed eyed of Plattsbg. (symbol:said) Tmks Formality is Order of Day Caught a pig in tent to day -quarrel with sow When the Capt. shits -the orderly wipes his arse Jackson blows his bugleJ Keefer taps his drum & the dog Tiger howls -like-a-an Indian cry night -Roddeck says Napoleons aim was to conquer the world (blot) (word) l Religion Himself pope i.e. pontifex maximus Peter's freedom of conscience was an emanation (symbol) his own people

PAGE 226

149 ( 151) German exercise in margin A great man says De Jone must be 200 ys. ahead of his own times. Sand killed Kotsebue at Manheim he tossed up (symbol:with) 2 fellows (symbol?) to see who should kill (symbol). Count Benofsky. (There follow 12 lines of German exercises & discussion of German words) ("high" or"nigh") (symbol: conversation) (symbol :with) De Jone about (3 symbols) Diogenes and his gold cup Alexander Napol. in dark s s dk of d'Enghien LaCase -Pise Latin (symbol:conversation) &c &c Took a bath with Stores & Boyd after a beef tongue (symbol:with) the former Gascoyne is (symbol) norht of Eng. Yorksh -drank with G. to Dr Dungliss & (symbol:with) Bennet to Victoria of Engl.d. Talked about esop & the fox -prudence & the wolf the stork & choking &c Waked Gascoyne for beef tongue Cracked nuts with Stores at night & we sat on the naval block & he told me his tales from soldiers Gibbs Didley & himself &c &c of needham (?) and of Mulholland's treachery. fair He first gave me Gibbs tale of the gallant knight courting the lady she was rich he was poor she had many admirers -"lay down there my sword which has killed its 1000s. again & again he courted her thus (Stores expatiated) (paren. are Hughes') at last at last she thought she'd try his courage. She was old -but she disguised herself as a man & frightenec! him very much until she said "go and kiss that mule's arse" he went and did it. next day he came again to

PAGE 227

150(152) ) court -"lay thou there my good sword". 'mule' said she. He went away & came next as a poor man -his flap down & his cock stiff -she invited him to lie down jumped on him & screwed him '(word) 1 said she "a u cople of hot pairs" (one to each of his arses) (paren. are Hughes') stuck it to him rammed him "another hot pair to his buttock (word: possibly "holes") (this reminds me of Murray's blackgd. letter to a friend who died & whose papers got into his family's hands) (paren. immediately preceeding are Hughes') next day he went again to court her -"Lay down there my good sword". "Mule" said she. "Another hot pair" said he -& they were married! Gibbs and Dutchman -2 children boy 18 girl 15 together Mamma "John wont spoon" shit in bed -got up "pap in their laps -both naked" Wha ts rna tter Sal"-Mamma John's over to me" "No wonder Sal has got a shoemaker & minister. Cobbler wife & daughters & dog in front at fire. Jany "The guardian of the lord took care -pew -pew -bow wow said the dog pew (symbol) sing (symbol) pew Singing "I saw a (working his right & left hands. apart like a cobbler) (paren. are Hughes') minister raise a stiff cock)(singing the prose) (ditto paren.) and right hand going from mouth t6 right knee to left knee & clapping both & '/( singing & clapping swiftly as he told all the tale of min-Dudley isters hipocrisy -action to the word Have you been yet bless ed with the pin of faith my sister said the Methodist preacher oh no my brother -well here is the word of God lie down & receive the blessing. oh how happy I am "the word of God" under my head the pin of faith stuck in my body oh" oh" oh" Cobblers gesture as follows -Right hand first sowing with left slow or swift -next -right hand goes to lip -then sows again next right hand to lip & to right knee & sows again -next to lip to right knee & to left Gibbs

PAGE 228

150(152) Page 2 knee & sows again -this last is rapidly -as the cobbler laughs at the parson

PAGE 229

151(153) Sat night Feb 29 1840 contd. man of wars men visit port -offs & sailors how treated -balls churches -sailors in gallery -offs in pew -minister depicts the horrors of hell describes a shipwreck -the old boatswain bobbing up and down (action to the word) (paren. are Hughes') sprung a leak & cant stop it said the minister -boatswain whistle (whistle) (paren. ditto) "tumble out or "tumble up my boys" "all hands" man the yards aloft -double reef royals cheerily my lads and we' 11 weather Hell in spite of Damnation." Juan calls the (Comp. K) (paren. are Hughes') jolly boat (sketch) a "shit St Patrick box" Irishman at sea sees 6 sail Faith & (symbol) a beautiful landscape. "Above your lip & under your nose tip her up & down she goes." Tales of Robbers Thieves &c Pin -Damn you sir it was you said the schoolmaster to Stores that stuck that in my arse -It was not sir said I -we had a fight -but for &c Wallens son at W. Pt. is a great "speaker" Needham wouldn't tell Capt D who gave him whiskey Capt by Jasus you are a fine fellow -Capt kiss my are Stores & I drank to Catherine Campbell (symbol) of Aug. now of Wilmington NC -his sweetheart. Stores (symbol) to become (2 symbols). I talk to him about Juan. will give him this note book by and by -He himself is making -keeps-a note book we bray together about ft Lauderdale. His sister is married to Danl. Hulbert. He told me how his nephew Daniel son of Hulbert sucked his mothers tlt till she screamed he bit her her milk gave out "smack his arse" said Stores to sister -then Dr Simmons gave her a wax ring (smear) frictions to bring milk back. sucked the cream of her milk -gave it a musical box at 3 or 4 month old (symbol:when ) it had been rocked for 6 hours-it hushed crying directly.

PAGE 230

152(154) feather to an horsetails Sunday March 1st (sketch) army officer Turk to a bashaw (sketch) Arab Rest to day (symbol:until) noon -defer all duties till tomorrow. "Here's the cock that treads the hen long hair of Arabs head That flutters his wings and treads again (drawing of circle labeled "sun" with numbers on a line bisecting) And here's to the hen ("a"crossed out between "e"&"n") that never refuses Here's to them that we love best seeing they're not here to (symbol) their part a We drink their health (symbol:with) all our heart Dinner Ate Spanish mackeral & also at supper. Stores Dff Greens 3 daughters youngest plagued about Catholicism nephew of K Klemkesvitsch Kosciusko inept. Duties for morrow Preserve self as usual cool as possible cool as possible -cool as possible Read all this journal for last spring & since friday last -ink all lead in this book -Drink no more. Lay low keep cool -Talk low. Copy Hebrew alphabet into this book -what H. word is that (symbol) syllnk. March 2nd. torpedo Egg nog with Stores d Stores' store again opn German eel (word crossed out) in Danube -electric (symbol) breaks an arm it is like a snake in shape. by a slap of his tail he he hurts them true as sundy(?) folios Rheinish Conversateione Lexicon. 15 vols -published in Germany by all the united proff.s Germany -there will be 40 vols. 80 German florins i.e. 35$ for 15 vols bound De Jone's father paid at Frankft

PAGE 231

153(155) Monday March 2nd 1840 contd. Steamboat from Key 11 (AM)(paren. Hughes') coming! give De Jone my spectacles & give Capt D. my letters. De Jone starts Tompkins liked to have a fight (symbol:with) Capt Smith of Cincinnati. Is it John Smith? said Bd. Tmks did not answer him -Tmks lost Boyd's letter. Letter from Dr Baldwin -to be married! Sent it to Capt Dn. Borrowed John Wm. Davidson's "Scientif. Dialogues (Carliole he wrote in it as follows "and last not least the farthest starshell rolls -with 6 bright moons to gild his glowing poles." J.W. Davidson Ossian(?) Hall nov 28 1837 Vocbly of names Raps call ion Infer. beast dit old Scratch dit babboon Puppy dog Vile little snake (sketch chart of star formations) Eveg. Boyd attempted to speak a wrecking sloop. commenced teaching Macauley cypher Aldebaran is in the Bull's eye Pleides are in the Bulls neck What does your mother sweeten your coffee (symbol: with) Sometimes a little rum (symbol) a little whiskey. Q who made you -my young girl A Pri(symbol) Q. Who is your father A. P(symbol) At night (symbol:converaation) (symbol:with) Tompkins about going to Texas. He commander in chief Told Stores he should be Hospt. Steward -t his quarrel (symbol:with) his father in 6

PAGE 232

154 ( 15 6 ) night Monda y March 2 1840 about coming to ft Lauderdale &c -(symbols) The the Bull, the heavenly twins and next the crab the lion shines The Virgin & the Scales The scorpion archer & sea goat The man that holds the watering pot and fish with glittg. tails from the far bourne of utmost Hershell wheeling wide his round of 4. score (symbol) to more. Whose disk can scarce be caught by philosopher's eye Lost in the near effulgence of thy blur Tuesday March 3 1840. (same in Greek beneath) (Several lines of astronomical information) Duties write some Hebrew -Teach Macauley. Visit sick. & Davidson. (Bulk of page consists of Astronomical data, astrologic signs, etc.)

PAGE 233

155{157) Tuesd. March 3 contd. (entire page consists of astronomical hiGtory, concluding with a quote from Darwin "We-as arts' elements shall understand")

PAGE 234

156(158) Tuesday March 3 contd. Supper -Capt D. said the red coonte is sometimes called the "China brier". After supper (symbol:conversation) about "Tacitus" History &c Rain G(illeg.)yes Dr Lawson -John Wm D. University of R &c Russian minister Miss Williams Ambassadors' marriages. Poles and all that end in ski -Col Cranch said we only a Kiss my ass ky. Catherine &c Marigny went to Tompkins for Tacitus to. Boyd for Benton's Florid spch Swongo of codfish (symbol:with) Andrew Stores. Velocity x weight :.momentum v x w velocity of falling bodies NE Every power (such as heat, light, attraction, repulsion &c) (paren. Hughes') which proceeds from a centre decreases as the squares of two distances increases. Distance ft &c 9.16 25 36 49 sq. of dis &c. (several more lines relating to velocity of falling bodies) Duties for morrow Review finish Scientif 1st vol. Wednesday March 4. I go to breakfast (symbol) dreadful night of fever -addressed myself to Capt. D. Lt T. blushed deeply! Pity! Continue Scientif Dial. Vol 1. Milton book 1 L. 59th *As when the sun new risen Looks through the horizontal dusty airs shorn of his beams, or from behind the moon In dim eclipse, disastrous twilight sheds on half the nations & with fear of change perplexes monarchs. "He bid his angels turn askance the poles of earth twice 10 degrees & more from the sun's axis.

PAGE 235

159(161) Friday March 6 1840 cont Conversations with (unitelligible symbols or letters) (The "6"s 1836 Landed at Black Ck. Sep 1836 became commissary assisting in the dates Then went may be marked to indicate they are to Volusia -with Aug. Walbach Johnston & Hathaway (blot) he became sick -went to black Ck -then The two last having gone _..,i--\ 1837 by advice of Dr really sup)Worrell went to Augustine in to be "8"s. Jany 1837 ("7" may have been altered to Southgate himself being sick left out of 23 a "9", but is smeared) Presently Walbach had only 3 Walbach went to North. Capt Burke commanded Tmks co. for a while. At Augustine he was employed on court martial for 3 mo. Capt Drane (who "could smell an indn. 9 miles) (paren. Hughes') being its Frazier's pillow was Capt D's place of hiding whiskey. Frazer betrayed him. Capt Drane (symbol) called by death away (A.P Allen was then too) (paren. Hughes') Gust Adolphus Scipio Africanus Floridius Withlacoochius Drane. Tap tap went his key -attention Mr Hathaway -his bow his (word) always shut the door behind him. (very faint) nov Graduated 1831 at Wm & Mary -Prof. Dew -during Cherokee delegation Nov 37 Ft MellonA -then went up with Pickell who thought he had found source of St Johns -danger of being cut off -return to ft Mellon march with Capt D's. capture of beef Jessup 220 men (?) (paren. are Hughes') in 10 days to Jupiter -Abattle of Lochahatchee -return through lagoon of Indn. river ft Pierce to St Augustine 1838 May Black Ck with 22 men to Tampa -then steamboat to Deadmans bay + for harbor G) then on to Mobile (i)& Pontchartrain. Dr Lawson was aboard his fidgets presence of mind up Mississippi & Tennessee to Tuscumchi (?) then march & counter march among Cherokees. 'Never was a completer Indian trick performed than that on Tamoka John & Col Fanning in Nov 1838 -Tamoka's visit to the Inds. "Head of St Johns unknown before Jesups march to ft Lloyd Dragoons of Lloyd must have found it then?

PAGE 236

157(159) For Poetry of the Heavens see of the seasons &c -Prior's (?)offt's Eudosia Mallets excursion. Pope. Milton. Thompson. Blackmer Dryden Darwin (Remainder of page relates to evolution of the calendar, with a few side notes of things such as the speed of sound). Read to day lst book of Milton. Notes to Gummere's astronomy.

PAGE 237

158(160) (first 3 lines conclude discussion of evolution of the calendar, cont. from previous page). night -borrowed Whelpey's compend. swongo onion & bacon & pickle Stores & self Thursday March 5 Swallows make their appearance Capt sick -bruise in side. Tmks & Boyd go sailing+And. Stores & self shoot Reading History Sully Henri iv Riche lieu Louis xiii Mazarin Louis xiv Colbert Do Louis XV (symbol) Friday March 6. Morng. Collect shells -get "The Solitary" or the mysterious man of the mountain Bartley lost $5 (symbol) Kirby on bet about Kirby's face being N. on the wood horse He cried & f1 ung $3 in the river Damned baby to Gast -Bartley said oh for God sake (2 symbols) me Mrs (symbol) Gibbs Bennets cousin's freemason certifs. Rodebk -Slush bullocks Bennets girls Fullman micky hollow eyed Suek Ready Snyder one eyed betty Fair -Piss to windwd. hollow tooth Jinny Bennet -Tinker grey tooth Sally Cunningham -Tusky high cheeked Sally De Jane -He learns n'ts de ladies de fort and pony -watery eyed Sally piano fortes Jennings -Sling shit -your dirty shirt Old Young Old Sneak

PAGE 238

160(162) (4 Hebrew letters) March 6. 1840 Contd. of mystic from Charles (20 Hebrew letters) ton last Saturday -gave $4 for a box of cigars. Reading (6 Hebrew letters) to day. Boarded Vandalia fm Charleston (symbol:with) Boyd Kate Kirby to Dr Russel Miss Kirby to Capt Smith Miss Kirby to Judge Smith Maj. Kirby md. Miss Brown Miss Kirby to Capt Belton Miss ? to Capt Van Ness Miss Hunter to Davidson Davidson Reprimand at table. 1 command &c much on. advice to Neill (?) &c not visiting me. Arrant scoundrel & perfect villian. His hateur sometimes at my addressing him. French newspapers. No wine few cigars. Tent better than a house! Not allowed to go to inlet & its mode (?). Gascoyne's duties

PAGE 239

161(163) Friday March 6 1840 Contd. no dinner spent eveng visitg. Capt D Sat March 7. Boyd killed 3 ducks Eggnog to Capt D & to Boyd. Picked up shells in hot sun. Mr Jonson came agin" at dinner table (symbol: conversation) (symbol) or. Preachers -Brandy -Terry West Point preachers Texas Mcilvaine (formerly there)(paren. Hughes') (word crossed out) thank (symbol) I cant talk French. &c &c. The army he found was not the place for him". &c &c "Daddy gib me sum sop God damn you(r crossed out)-se1:1l-Bought sevl. books (symbol:from) Stores. My. Point is "Sir" Give up teaching Macauley & Laird Commenced "Heaven & Hell" from Sat. of Eml. Swedenburg Boston by Otis Clapp (Pub.) (paren. Hughes') 121 Washn. St. 1837. (Burnt Sienna -Indigo & -Lake) (paren. Hughes') said Boyd (Poonah painting -Orion is Capt D's ell & yd.) (paren. Hughes') Jupiter & Mars? (symbol:conversation) (symbol:with) Gibbs about strange effect of Dr Thomson's composition His no. 3 is hottest -Serpentine or Solomine cures the poison (symbol:conversation) about Oneida Inds. in middle. Gennese in West. Tomercoya N.E. and P S.E. from Oneida. The Drs in N. Eng. Swongo & talk (symbol:with) Bennett. Sligo.N. of Ireland &c the words to say to an Irish girl "cully no thrump poke lith ery feet shannish-a-whistler" Let (symbol) k's y &c grc hand (symbols) shannish cully no shokoldoz(?) jeen (crossed out) Good evg. madam will you take a smoke madam a pleasant evg. (symbols) smoke. &c -Fires in Eng in 1834 -causes thereof -parliament house Br istol &c man cut down by sabre stood (symbol) 3 seconds The dk of Cumberland's carriage had"the bloody hand." Could he get a hermit in a cave dug by himself for 7 years it would be removed. That custom still holds in England. Our reciprocal v ies on the person of the-Devil. Brig off N. at night disappears

PAGE 240

162(164) Sudday March 8 (Top portion of page consists of Hebrew letters labeled "Hebrew lesson") German lesson. Th ... t Heres to the cock that treads the hen 'i'ehel! flutters his wing and treads again Heres to the hen that never refuses -8ae-takes-the-eeek-whenever he chooses and let the cock come "James" Bennett (Sketch of face) Dinner. Stores Llewellyn Brown & Bill gone (symbol) shells. Bennett waits on us. Tompkins gone. Capt says its a fine just elegant day. Boyd & self eat to last. (symbol:after) Dinner I advise to go to Texas -He shoots my gun I then advise (symbol) to get transfered. He said "Gates had referred it to Genl. Macomb. and it failed. "Stupid jackass" said I. But I myself am a more stupid jackass. (blot) would if he knew where wrote to (Hugh?) (paren. Hughes') McCloud (symbol) a Cadet from Ga. now in Texas (symbol) information. Texas (symbol) is merely a speculation. Shells (symbol) Holton Llewellyn & Brown. (symbol:conversation) (symbol:with) Tom Mulholland. Let me swing you &c -yes sir &c. swung him. Q. Can you count. A No sir Q. A. how many fingers have you -A. 5 -Q How many on both hands A. Dont know sir A. say Q. How many fingers have you on both hands A. 10 sir -Q. 5 & 5 is 10. Q. Did you ever swing a woman A no sir. Q. Ever see a woman swing. A no sir Q. Ever see a man swing -A. no sir -Q. Did you see Gibbs swing. A yes sir -Q. was he man -A. yes sir Q. Did you ever see a man swing A. yes sir Q. Which do you like best a man or woman. A. a man sir. Q. Why do you like a man best A. Q. (word crossed out) Which do you like best your mother or father. A. father sir. Q. why so. A. He is my father Q. Dont you like your mother. A. I like my mother & father. Q. Dont you like your mother better than your father. A. I like my father & mother Q Which best. A. I like my father best. Q. Why so.

PAGE 241

1 63(165) March 8. Eveg. I felt sick (symbol) the whiskey of Tmks & saur kraut of Gascoyne. (blot) went to bed mean -lfuile Boyd boarded a Charlest. boat of March 3 no news Monday Narch 9 (Hebrew letters) -saiteFs-&-eeteieFe-Cock wakes me up every morng. 1 h. before day. finn fallony (?) Maily catches 2 sheephead (brownish red stripes across a white body) (paren. Hughes') -a"-broad flounderish fish compared (symbol :with) the 1 bass -which latter has a broad catfishy head & slender body Color dark on back declining to whiteish belly & red fore fins. Whelpley Maps I must make Charts to be made (rest of page consists of lists of subjects and persons upon which Hughes needs to make "maps"or "charts." None of them relate in a ny way to Florida

PAGE 242

164(166) Monday March 9 -Subject contid. Duties charts of (larger part of page consists of lists of subjects, etc. upon which Hughes is to make "charts", continued from previous page; none relate to Florida). As Tmks rewarded Maily for 3 fish to day I ought to have been quicker. I reported the Indian tracks & fire seen by Llewellyn yesterday. Capt. D. questioned him. Tmks surmises & doubts &c at Dinner (symbol:conversation) says Tmks was on Jesups Flo. (word:looks like "brothers")t\VS. newfound (symbol?) -the good things of ft Lauderdale in respect of eating -the inferiority of S. to N. productions in (symbol) respects superiority in others. The red cootie rt. is called says Vinton (says Capt D) (paren. Hughes') the Chinese briar". Eveg. (symbol:conversation) (symbol:with) Capt D. "perch he likes best of all Chesapk fish" (symbol :with) Boyd His drawings mode of finishing Fl.war composition. Ingraham's -Ingraham who was jealous of Burtons attention to his wife author of letter from s.w. Burton hates him. until we die says Andrew Stores said Bennet said Murry Live while we live Live old Capt D. used to (symbol)

PAGE 243

165(167 ) Contd night March 9. (symbol:conversation)(symbol:with) -B-Tmks -afterwd (symbol:with) Tmks & Boyd -& afterwd with Andrew Stores & Bennett whom I found in my tent & we swongoed. trim(?) of Polly Hopkins & Tommy Tomkins Bob With Tmks -topics wereA McLane & his. levity -his sisters engagemt (symbol: with) Mr Kraemer Russian attache -his tact -his indifference -Kolty Chancellor Miss Kilty & the family the Bowies Jenifer McMahon Rev Johnson Mrs Scott Jack Claude farewell of Chris. Hughes with in West Pt. West Pt. Genl. Jesup's meanness his language respecting the privileges of a representative about Win "Scott 1 s ambition" -Harney's intimacy with Jesup. "Dick Peyton" says that young Lane was the soul and mover of all with Creek measures of Jesup. Jesup thought he had more of the elements of Napoleon than any other young offr. he ever knew. Blay(?) sites Arabs northn. neck. Forsythe or Tyler (?) (this paren. is Hughes') once abt to settle in Annapo. Bob McLane will marry a rich girl. Female names which I l ike best and reverse. Lane was study law also. Bob McLanes "Juan & Haidee". Selection of proper offs for proposed objects. Tmks would accept an independent (symbol) i n Fl says g u n boats on Indian n. lagoon. Lane H ughes Maitland & Wheelock killed themselves sword rasor water pistol w ith Tmks & Boyd -on principles of fortification. the "magistral of reference" ( s ketch of a fortification plan) t h e "plain o f reference "the of reference &c. the r ampart -G) tenaille -b. e? @ redoubt of semilune d angle o f semilune or salient angle thereof h. reentering place of arms Vauban. Comantail? &c no e nd to t h e study o f m ilitary fortificati o n s aid I Tmks wants me to visit wt. pt. no military fortification says h e 11 is perfect -de causa pecuniae Robert Templ e's (Capt Burke bein g sick) ( paren Hughes') gallant burning o f Burke's stores left (3 symbol s ) Mica no py ( symbol)Heilman' s defence. B o yd & Capt D. drawing t o d ay. Tmk s expects t o get awa y after 21st. Beautiful moon light night. Was Lt Lane vain ? His hard close application n o cte at Old Pt. ( symbol) (word) Ewing. Co. H. o f lst Art mar ched ( symbol:from) Jupiter to ft

PAGE 244

165 ( 16 7) Lauderdale & embarked at Key Biscayne.

PAGE 245

166(168) March 9 con. (symbol:conversation) (symbol:with) "Bennet the Tinker" & his "tinker song" subjects -his adventures Calcutta Hindoo negroes -1000 m. up to 7 tanks -tigers & dead horse bubboons crying like children being whipped -Sir Best gov genl -battle (symbol:with) Malay pirates Cape Sable -open as far as you can see 3 story picket -and shells shells! shells! innumerable -ornamental shell work London monumt. Dr. Curtis the Baker seen by log book to go to Hell at Strom-ly (Stromboli)(paren. Hughes') &c in Mariot same day that he died a t London. Bennet does (symbol) believe it. Dissection tale of an ostler 40 m. (symbol) Eng university substituting (symbol) for a corpse and (word crossed out) being felt warm 11Bill he's just dead" "we'll (symbol) a better price -again &c at last groan -"Yes you 11 go both to Hell." School -teaching -marks in sand in tray in Eng. country schools Fire from Pudding Lane to Pie Alley -All gentility without ability Is pudding (symbol) pi. King Philip's hunting ground expedition in April last. Lt Macglaulin1s threatening to whip him! his brutality tyranny to 2 sailors or 3 for leaving 2 oars on landing (symbol) rowing from Dallas &C Key all day to the landg. a brute a tyrant -Capt Vinton has too much of the cow -instead of charging hammock as we expected he then c ame away (3 symbols) just ready and had surrounded it. We had to come away just as going in to a certain battle. 15 or 10 minutes after steamboat got away -their 20 fires lighted up. "If we only had known where these impudent rascals were" said Cap t V. His making (symbol) go either t o church or on scout on Sunday. Lt Ridgely's allowing him to drink brandy in his Hunting ground march -giving him some &c afterwd. allowing C to go ashore at Indian Key -got drunk on 40 glasses raw brandy -ate onions mustard and pickle &c &c was sober. Went aboard. Assailed b y a Scotch man. Ridgeley' s gallant i nterference 110ld

PAGE 246

1 66(168) Pag e 2 Decency coming out" a boil on face was it pox in youth? Ox's craw around a sore leg. Cutting down a youth pendant in suicide. B (symbol:was) born at Maides stone in Kent -me6-stun) (paren. Hughes') -Smuggling (symbol) Guernsey to Rumse y marsh one o f the gang imprisioned -his liberation -through the iron gateway by bar with 9 Alex. Gt. knots. Shews me the knot. & the True lover's knots.AHow they make the shells in Engd. & their sweetness. Shells alone sell at guinea 1 per bushel. Proposes to make a shell church a pin cushion -needle case -sceptre &c of shells. Has sent for some Juggling materials

PAGE 247

Page 2 (word) -This are now before us is like Queen Isabella's shift she wore it a month and it rotted over same way (symbol:with) my own-------------Let me hear as the deaf man said Let me see as the blind man said Old Rodman the Custon House off Same fellow -(4 symbols) can I enter this harbor hey hey (words crossed out) (symbol) you (word) Buggar the old fellow he (symbol) hear (word) (symbol) showed his papers oh said he -why didn't you tell me -Scap(?) -used to shit in paper & throw out (symbol)

PAGE 248

Tuesday March 10. Contd. Duties -speak to Needham Condon Naily 1 bot. whiskey stolen. night (symbol:conversation) (symbol:with) Bennet. Davis, cow? Stores -I walked (symbol) coat (over) (paren. Hughes') nakedlegged on wharf Needham -faith -I'll burn your bloody house over your head -faith Capt you're a fine fellow -a damned fine fellow kiss my ass Capt -"True to his love" The American army said Bennet is better fed better clothed & better paid -paid fed & clothed than any army on Earth but if I had 10,000 doubloons (symbol) Bennet I (symbols) "Capt your person I despise but your commission I respect" Mur a person who will shit inside the picket is no man at all. A Stores "I am monarch of all I survey my right there is none to dispute From the center all round to the sea, I'm lord of the fowl & the brute. Oh solitude where are thy charms (20m of 1) (paren. Hughes') that sages have seen in thy face better dwell in the midst of alarms than reign in this horrible place". Horrible place oh bah! "I'm out of humanity's reach o f God (10 symbols) "Lord of love look down (symbol:from) above -on us poor creatures -and bless this precious food that's now set before us -grabs at pie says viper Rat you sone of a bitch he makes a hell of a sweep at the pi the puddg (symbol) that off the (symbol) -sa tied fly to daddys speak Lord said to Stores(?) pew pew pew 3 t -raising his voice God damn the fly The Lord (symbol)Moses take off Lond ('!) thy shoe drank out of a man's shoe A Niggers used to go to the (symbol) church get out side & pull wigs. no peace no rest (symbol) the wicked. Bennet on steps meding umbr ella -Thundering young lady said Oh youn g knees and pray man I ought to get on/. Bugga r the thunder & buggar yr umbrella -he c leared out

PAGE 249

170 Tuesday night lOth March Contd. Avoid the (symbol) of the "God knows" profanity of H. Clay. How does yr corporty. sagatiate?. most indefatigably." A. Stores Minister -"Who made youU Little Girl "My father" Catechism. Pleased & Blessed was I to hear the people cry getting down in this kind of style (sketch of sitting man resting head on hand; crude outline only) thinking (two words) -Pump opposite it. oh Andrew I wish you'd be so good (5 symbols) maker (5 symbols) Wednesday March 11 1840 (same written below in scribble) (same written below in Hebrew) Boyd is goin on an expedition say to night. -BeSee!!t-(?) Recollect Col Finley's advent vs. the Laird gives me brass compass. for dis(tract)(paren. Hughes') Germ -Eng train sir-Cng(?) preparing for an expedition(symbol:with) Boyd. Capt. objects to my projected trip (symbol:with) Boyd, Boyd india ink painting of New R Retd. Whelpley to day Borrow no more of Capt D. Laird gives me flowers Is that hog latin -(symbols) Duties 1st (2 symbols) contd (line of Hebrew) (more Hebrew) Look at CHRONOLOGY & read its history to your child Write all relog. (symbol) in Hebrew Distant always to Tmks in that I do (3 symbols) Duties of morrow -("4"or "1") page German -distant (symbol) offs -read somechild(?) write Heb. & Germ Mahan &c Write all vowels & examp. in He Get Jackson to make me some latch &c Thursday 12th brkfs. t in tent Boyd's return -(symbol:conversation) (symbol:with) Boyd about his expedition. "no more for all the Inds in Fla. (symbol:conversation)(symbol:with) Tompkins about Bennet & my stolen whiskey -about large Span. mackeral -about Curiosities of Lit -about Mulholland -&c -Juan has no cigars left -Laird gives me shells & (symbol) a compass morning ocl Boyd retd. in eveg. sick headached saw nothing Tompkins getting ready to go (word) his rage against truth. Duties of

PAGE 250

170 Page 2 morrow. Finish H.&H. up mess hall Stop all swongos & drnkg Accept no favors ever. Mahan's plane of majrof(?) No more whisky. Shellwork & blackhandk no foolishness hereaft Teach no more to drumr & fifer #See Ready# Get medl. accounts fixed. Read 1 art on Medicine

PAGE 251

171 Thursday March 12 continued -beautiful day in evening moonlight c (line of Hebrew) night -frogs commence singing -pigs & hens look {several symbols) 6 months & 1 -days since navy's 1st arrival here! Go & Reflect Very large mackerel ft or 3 ft long (line of Hebrew, symbols, & script) (line of script) (line of Hebrew) (4 line discussion of German sound "E") Duty "always" Read (7 symbols) Ring around the (sketch of moon) Duties Be no more (symbol) (symbol:with) Lt (symbol) than I have been & genl. "Sir" (symbol) Friday March 13 1840 Tompkins talk of young sailors (line of script & (same in Hebrew & script beneath) symbols) Capt D. does (symbol) even look in my tent in pas g. The bass here is a species of Rock fish (symbol:said) Tompk. The bonita is a fine fish of Chesapeake. Eveg. -Tmks talk (symbol:with) (symbol) about going away & Capt D -and the 1 lesson he had learned from me of leaving unsaid the things that need not -be said. Got Curios.ts Literature (symbol:from) him He reads his article on Indn. R. expeditn. boats to be 25 ft. long 5 ft in beam -centre board so as to be adapted to shallow or deep. Sails to be spread (symbol:with) brails -places under the stern sheets for books bottles &c -tents(?) & places for muskets on inner sides of bulwks (sketch of boat seen from above, 2 of sails) brails fastened to halyards? stern sheets are the aft seat. Besides helmsman this boat (symbol) carry (blurred, prob. "10") men readily or 20 if necessary?

PAGE 252

172 Friday March 13 1840 Contd. Conversation (symbol:with) Bennet. Stores and self having an eggnogg swongo. How to court a young lady two ways. 1st pull off your glove of left hand complaining of having hurt your finger & shew her the black lead pencil picture on .the last joint of thumb & exam -if she smile wink or blush put right hand or fingers over the picture & shew it to her. (2 sketches illustrating above). 2ndly join the 1st 3rd & 4th points of right hand fingers to the thumb & shew erect the point of 2nd or middle finger & then make it enter the slit backwd & forwd Thus (sketch illustrating the above) Subjects-(syrnbol:conversation)(symbol:with) Bennett English drink beer & (symbol) ardent spirits Their hops are best & are dried (symbol:with) brim stone -There are 3 ki.nds of hops viz Apple hops = strongest potato hops 2nd best -used for porter grape hops = worst & long & small & many on a bunch. English beer sells at 3d.p.qt Amber or i.e. Strong -Ae-Brown Ale (which also burns like brandy at 4d.p.qt. Half & half i.e. Amber & Porter Ale at d.6. Sign at Tumbridge 14 m. from Maidestone (sketch) Duties -Bowline knot (2 symbols) knots Bennet Lov.s Knot Mrs Mul-tomorrow holland handkf. -sette-sfies-(symbol) knots 300$ Bennet (4 symbols) Clear drawer out. Mahan. No German (Hebrew ni.dl. :writing & Rpt.)(paren. Hughes') Visit Stores. Irish gabbo day to rifle it on late Historic Rdg. Newbern said (symbol:Tompkins?) is the Athens of S. Caroli knots in service are 7 viz k sprisslegit limber trap -bowline (sketch) reef crown other knots lovers jack

PAGE 253

173 Friday night march 13. Contd. (symbol:conversation)(symbol:with) Bennet about Gypsies their skin is coppery. they are cleanly. wander have copper skins long hair do not steal they marry by crossing two sharp sticks & man & wife saying (symbol) and joining thumbs & hooking little fingers at same time of same hand and the man putting his right leg & the woman her left across the stick that crosses their arms. Each has his jack ass and on it (symbol) a parrot a where hedgehogs hares & pheasants cat a crow and a spaniel dog. Their home Heppon forest Kent Turpin's old home Its a long lande that's got no turning-Tobacco is my vegtable bread it is my mammy's breast -it sucks the riches from the land it grows on, I suck its Gypsies color kidnapped children by 3 or 4 mo. walnut hulling them (crossed lines) Gypsy marriage -they have clean shirts are honest Penny wise & lb foolish. "my life is but a span for my grandfr. was a most wonderful man Give a horse to a beggar -he'll ride him to death-but give a sword to one and he will cut off mosquito tails. It's a long lane that has no turning French Canadian Louis d'or Loo d'or lait La it Diddy kai,dabolo, kotch her a nix "I can rock a romany I can fake the bosh I can strum my molly shur underneath the Kosh" Gypsy & (symbol) I can thrash my gal I can play on my fiddle I can (5 symbols) Cincinnati Logger head the mode of thatching (symbol:with) straw & wjthes in Engd. (2 sketches) wythes & between each contortion a bunch of straw compressed -all (symbol) fastened down by V V hooks & eyes & all again roof & all covered by the beautiful green plant the singreen (medicinal)(paren. Hughes') which (sketch of leaf) grows thus and clusters as grapes & covers all the house (3 symbols)

PAGE 254

174 him get up change clothes & comes back unobserved. Swift comes down as a soldier! Lloydd doesn't know

PAGE 255

174 March 14 Sat Late at Bkfst.. Firing (or perhaps fining) clothes &c. Whiskey toddy (symbol:with) Bennet. Couldn't tickle Laird. I have been too familiar. mpt Familiarity breeds cant Distance & Love -i.e. H (symbol) breeds tickle. Due to Carter excluding his debts to me $50. Corn meal will ferment as well as hops (says Mrs Gibbs)(paren. Hughes') A keel vessel sits deeper, cuts water, firmer, heavier and stands more at sea than does a boat (symbol:with) a centre board. (8 symbols) (line of Hebrew) "Plane of reference" (magistry of reference)(paren. Hughes') Mahans Milry Enging. is an imaginary plane 20 ft above the line of vision. Duties for morrow Sunday 15th 11 oclock at night. Having an egg nogg (symbol:with) Bennett & Stores & a (symbol:conversation)(symbol:with) Bennet topics. His "desertion" & 1 mo. in guard house-Lts Frazier striking Fair on Ockla w aha (symbol:with) sword (symbol) tripping breaking his sword passionate. &c -but that Frazier is a fine clever fellow -kis-toasts monk Pocket & St. King -Old point s Tuilleries Maj. Irvings, Carroll Hall Dr H end. Cock walk on beach Bennets h i s tory o f h i s desertion was very interesting his going to join his comrades Swann & Swift G) getting drink -sitting behind a hedge on way between Hampton & Lloydd's -about Monk's Pockets & St W e lls passi n g them Q.i\ as citiz on horse two last as sol diers in a gig -his oyster shell cup & jing -& his impudence about Swann's stopping his mouth -every adventure mingled ( symbol:with) his impud ence -reach house & send Swi.ft in, in citizens clothes who w a s being drunk & pretending to b e from sea exposes t h e m t o Lloydd who was fam ous f o r deserter catch i n g -Lloydd's catechism Swift's delay -s Bennet g o e s after him -Monk's arrival -his whistle and St. arrival ( symbol:with) Pocket -Bennet slips up stairs t o drunken S wift -makes

PAGE 256

175 him. Bennet talks to Swift about his voyage from Europe. Lloydd's perplexity. Lloydd quizzes B. What vessel did you come over in? A. by B. In the sch. Nonsuch Capt Nobody having two upper decks & no bottom (good many more frightful terms) (paren. Hughes') and give me a line and I'll sail her into your port with this club and a bloody nose for your impudence." Bennet speaks to St. for "that bottle gin" gets it -Monk orders some supper for the boys -B &c pocket the bacon slices & cigars eat the 2 doz eggs for (symbol) (being no glutton) by Swift -82-(paren. Hughes') doz for Swann & 2 (called for but 2 doz for) (paren. Hughes') Swift. Takes the bottle brandy into his pocket. Leaves Mr Lloyd-knocks over his table 6 cut flint tumblers decanters & tea pots sugar (pocketed) (paren. Hughes') .dishes &c breaks the glass door with his head and some of the glass (symbol:with) his fist -gets out all on return laughing. (symbol) way Monk drove him first to a precipice & persuaded him to give up. reaches old pt. guard house drunk. St Smith has bucket of water put in their room -they sleep wake at night find & suck the water -in morning orderd. up -dress fine -each examined. Bennett last. All had got passes but B. he jumped wall back of ordnance 50 ft high proved by his handkerchf & heel prints made to jump down (straight on heels hands on trouser seams) (paren. Hughes') but jarred much. Maj. Irvg. didn't believe it first. Recommitted':for trial but policing in mean while. Come from old country to new to cleal of all the dirty nasty stinking shit pots &c What a fall! St King's surmises to the prisioner -Oh you (the ringleader Swift) (paren. Hughes') will be either shot or hung-You (Swann)(paren. Hughes') will get 50 or 100-& Bennet (symbol) be discharged". So after about in policing Capt Van Ness accosts him-Well Bennet &c you are the smartest fellow ever I saw. going to desert hey -No sir I was going to &c "You are a damned liar sir." Well every gentleman has a right to his own opin: & a poor soldr to his. You are a poor soldr. are you "None is poor but whom God hates." You are the smartest fellow ever a saw swell-would you like to qrts. Yes Capt-(touching his hat) (paren. Hughes') (symbol:with) the (symbol) pleasure. Finally got even to making his frog -promoted

PAGE 257

175 Page 2 Van Ness fixes Mrs geraniums and cooks for white servt. Eliza & his intimacy (symbol:with) her-Mrs V.N. recommend Mrs get him-and of the ladies flower pots (ah flower flowers? pots? obscene)

PAGE 258

176 Mrs. Engee's spirit and influence over her good easy husband described. Her favor got. Dr Archer wants his horse harnessed & Capt V.N. calls B. to see you understand horses. Bennet gets instead of 1 hour to do it & now driving loose cracking whip biggest of all! talks to the young Archers in theirAmorning dresses fixing flowers &c their sympathy also poor poor Bennet & their indignation -Miss Jane Miss Berchell-Miss Susan -Bennet look at them lasciviously and dreams of being either shot or hung Miss Berchell and her sisters get him off from SO lashes, from the trial & from guard -he did 700 ft tin work to catch water to supply the garrison !! When Dr Anderson retd. from Florida Bennet had a great mind seeing him look so scrawny poor unshaved yellow. 6 months lax to say master to get yourself glass grog-but soon finds him a gentleman & white washes his room Y gets $5 for it. You've got 30$ for my desertion but any impudence I'll pay you for it by this club & with good change. Bennets toasts Here's to the Bull & the Bull's cod If twas not for the Bull & the Bull's cod We'd have no beef -by God (sketches of 2 faces) Sunday is about to begin 11 at night -6 mo. since I was a naval Surgeon! What will next 6 mo. produce -Oh (line of symbols, followed by line of Hebrew, lowed by line of script) Changed in Heb. Ch. (several words of script) a "Samaritan" as Tmks (symol)s at t tab! Dinner+ (symbol:conversation) Sautherne a flat wine. Hibb & Doubles (?)(paren. Hughes') Brown stout hog eating up chicken's corn. Brown gives me more shells. Caused in the e v eng. Surfeited & thereby sinned -& by (2 symbols)

PAGE 259

177 Duties unfin Recp stern & official (symbol:with) Tompkins. Forget not his glaring encroachments & that also St.(or lt.) George was above & he told me not yield -ot an inch to his deep policy. Keep (symbol) distant. So not make myself intimate or very confidential (symbol:with)Tompkins. Stores invited me to his -eeek-shanty -JACKSONS BIRTH Beautiful moon light night -Bennets song last night Treat Tompkins hereafter (3 lines of script) Treat Tompkins hereafter in the principle of perfect equality and rather indifference. (4 lines of symbols) (two sketches of men, one in a crown) (4'lines astrological symbols) (2 lines script beginning "Oh Lord God .. ") Duties for morrow see how Church comes on rope for knots & 1 of them (symbol) Bent. Read Whelpley every mo. while c (symbol:with?) Capt D. Read 10 pages of this journal evry day Stores Fl. papers Reread Whelpley Ap. 1 to 7. c Borrow again Sutler Write ev night Moral Kempe an duties Grampus whales in abundance now going South Spanish pubal mackeral also abundant Tie a string to my button & fasten it to a ladie's thumb 2 yd long walking (symbol:with) her Crow sup-per (symbol:with) Stores. (symbol:conversation) (symbol:with) Tompk about grampus naturalists -professionals &c Sir Lt. T Read to night Paul. & chronologie. Copy Whelpley's Israelitish Chronol. to night mark into (2 symbols) and A the refs Paste Parris tomorrow

PAGE 260

178 Monday March 16, 1840. I am this morning warm sleepy sated stupid full -grit tongue last night & sleeping last night & gorged (4 symbols) Tompkins has been complaining last few days of ennui. Taught Macauley lesson in U.S. geog. this morning. Save me 3 crabs. Dinner -(symbol: conversation) Rep Arnold's drinking fingerglass water "Well waiter what a damned weak lemonade" it was published in N.Y. "Why cuzzens yr. a lemnde is weke. Reflections. Whatever may be the stt of my hrt twd lt. T. (Oh (symbol) Grant the 1 m love (symbol)yes lv lv lv (symbol)) (paren. except around "symbol" Hughes') I must act sternly distantly & "sir"ly to him until he is gone -gone + so that the pain following his departure may induce in me a proper (symbol) feeling. Visit him (symbol) talk but littl to hm Mrs Mulholland finished my black handkf. Death is but a change -Paul spoke knowingly (being a Christian "Oh Death whr is thy sting Oh God whr is they victory" He is personifies them-concious that "Death" but an introduc(t.crossed out)er to the pavilion of the King of Kings, a poursuivant the ft stool of his turn -grave's trump his but a triumph over earthy vanities pride and folly but it state has a triumph even for man i.e. for Christian man "Why comes there" bawled Gibbs (drinking L night) out to Lt Tmks. Tomorrow suffer the pains of abstinence manfully -To deny ones self is the soul & vitality of +ity -Oh + enable me by thy Grace to deny myself -bear patiently the gnawing of the craving appetite. Be stern to those not in my (symbol) association Thursday March 17 St Patricks day -Steambt (symbol) expected. Singular appearance of river -white all down middle -blue each (2 symbols) (sketch of a section of river). Finished ruling(?) medl. repts. Saw Tmkns standing on beach -he (symbol) came up & spoke to me but evidently thought I did not speak to him. Suspicion breeds on suspicion it is contagious

PAGE 261

178 Page 2 from lt. to soldiers -to capt. to all -(symbol) were well rna be he (symbol) gone (9 Hebrew letters. Mr Bensen A. H. Glast Co Va tav. 3 m. (symbol) Hart.Fld. Before dinner -sociable talk (symbol:with) Tmks in Boyd's tent. Tasewell Davd dton's blankets Norfolk Navy Tyler -&c&c He's a G.d damned vagabond" I'm in the state of ultimate a s to the (symbol) indifferenceA oh God teach me to hate it.

PAGE 262

179 Taugh Laird & Macauley a lesson in Geography. le. S. Beautiful moon light night. (symbol:conversation) with Tompkins. Casey & Basinger were 2 of Thayer's intended stars. Mahan seduced or lived with the wife of Inf. Capt. ? now dead. Casey was Asst. at Chemistry -Who was it passed ahead of Shem & Tmks (2 symbols) Sentiments Oh vain man cease thy idle words. & thy idle thoughts they light expressions thy vain exclamations & pray for pardon & seek forgiveness -for every word & thought is wieged in the balance and every thought comes from the state of thy heart. Cease all idle ejaculations -better be deaf & dumb than sinful & profane -better have no tongue than an evil member -better silent than create sin in others. The overcoming of every slightest inclination to vain words has its eternal reward. Reading Sardanapalus of Byron Duties for morrow Finish Paris Medical lists Chronology of Whelp & bib Tmks indian wds. (symbol:conversation) (symbol:with) Bennet Laird & Storrs -pistol out (Bill present) (paren. Hughes') (symbol) Topics (symbol:with) Bennet His escape from Constable g Treadmill -fires in Engd. Parliamt house Queen Car. funeral, 'farming' the poor out "live better on the smell of grease than such brown bread Skilly is 1 table spoon of rye ground to 1 qt water fly water is 10 lb beef to 100 gallons of water boiled buggar." Wednesday March 18 (3 symbols) (line of symbols) "You are a blooming (5 Hebrew letters)

PAGE 263

180 Wednesday March 18. (symbol:conversation) (symbol:with) Tompkins about his not reporting his arrival at Black Ck to Col Crane. Bankhead & Eustis were there & he knew not who commanded the post. Crane sent Shacklefd for him. C. Why did you not immediately report yourself sir." Tompk"I thought I could dispense with this courtesy sir" Crane "No sir it is not a matter of courtesy sir it is a "duty of etiquette & propriety sir". Tompk. Excuse me then sir. Dick Lee (said Capt D) (paren. Hughes') of 3d. Regt. Art. went on speculation from St Louis to Santafe mercantile but lost by it. Bonneville looks like a fat french priest. Bennet (symbol) the (symbol) shells "squint" Finished Sardanapalus of Byron Live oak (symbol: conversation) & Boyd's examin thereon. Duty to call personally in uniform on the Adjt. Genl but seniors announce their arrival by letter. Tmks (symbol:said) maybe I'll hear of his arrest. Is Baluwin to be married? "I always gave to him a proper degree of prudence with his warm feelings. (line of symbols followed by script). This day is Shelah's day in Ireland-St Patricks She saint Women's day (box with 3 symbols) 3 marks omitted in stenography (under this is a "3" followed by 4 symbols) Reflec. Oh youth cease all friviolity of word of the tongue -and of thought of the mouth -Word gives origin & to thought & word is the effusion of the general feeling of the heart -guard it to the closest sanctity of holiness & of pure honor and (word) morality and let no a breth be idle-Lt God's will be done-Ceas hereafter (symbol) all evil and frquntly abstain. (symbol:conversation)(symbol: with) Capt D abt Capt Neth Marions (word crossed out) Swango onions with Boyd -Tried on his Swango -gave &c Laird of Boyds whiskey moon light night -Laird fishing (symbol:from) wharf-Boyd said he & Tmks had both been talking Religion & both wer e Deists (written over & obscuring another word)! Reflect. Always "Sir" Lt T. & keep him herafter invariably at the greatest

PAGE 264

180 Page 2 distance. Never explain to Capt D. any thing between us 3. because did (symbol) a (symbol) is my (symbol). The Capt. sayed you are watched for what said I Duties for morrow finish medicals Stevens Travls. cross creek in canoe Paris? athletics on rope

PAGE 265

181 Thursday March 19.(Hebrew letters) "Sammy clammy. Damn me damn my tinky said Capt Fulton -darn my shavings Blast my shavings said Mr Weedon Jonathan. (line of script) Said Tmks -"(symbol) n Myers .1r has no more sense than to send his stmbt just (symbol) an E wind may .,.. .:.:" expected." -t Says Bennet = tap "!" pull bell -i.e. Knock &. ring &. always tap in honor &. respect to the house tap tap tap -tap-tap -(4 musical notes drawn) In history I observe that the most intg. scenes are generally those that are quickest come quickest gone -as for instance the intervals as follows B.C. to B.C. A.D. to AD 549 to _539.Cy 1791 to 1815 24 (sketch of male torso) Saul &. Dav. 1758 to 1764 --6 Ann.230 to 210 20 1603 to 1610 = 7 Caes 80 to 30 50 1400 to 1410 10 Alex 333 to 324 9 1645 to 1658 13 Aris &. Them 400 to -449-50 1520 to 1530 Ch;u. 10 Soc & 1700 to 1709 Pee. 9 Epam &c 400 to 360 40 1200 to 1227 27 1370 to 1405 :;:: 35 Fine Spanish mackerel for dinner very large caught by hook in Salt breaker. Whi(confused) try to chase the "needle fish" a small sharp billed red pointed fish. Peculiarity in the mechanism of the joint of the 'fin of the catfish (line of symbols) Rdg. Artill Drill -School of gunner Duties Capt D's painting of 3 Graces by the price o f the morn g glory Hymen 1st Cupid 2nd of Venus's Companions Mk a (symbols) as light as the feather from the linnets wing gossamer (word crossed out) down bosom o f the dove -smeet h -on green a s the verdure the Dru ids moss covd. houses deep as a hermits soul. (Fairly detailed drawing of what appears to be a demon)

PAGE 266

182 Friday March 20 (symbol:conversation) (symbol:with) Gibbs & Murray -copy this mg Dudley's ornamental (symbol). (3 unintell. words or symbols) at Kinderhook. Subjects last (symbol)(symbol:with) Gibbs-his travels to seduced parson's wife "his uncle mansion house Albany by Cortland ea(?) his 2 pistols & always furnishing least appetite spoken by the boarders -singular death of his sister (symbol) the "Sleeping lethargy" = Animal May & Vinton "his skin better than clothing" i.e. a proud (2 symbols) Albany (3 symbols) by another Gibbs had to run -at old Pt. his intimacy & pranks (symbol:with) the Miss Henderson's white ward cakes Vanness & Miss Scott -mail carrying driving & Capt Engee -ditto Newton shop Van Ness damn you "cook grog house or a whore ho. for a sold" Rats -got drunk from sweetened brandy! Christians &c -his own hipocrisy Murry + (symbol) (symbol:with) Eng Fra Rus -Capt D (3 symbols) Inds & n (symbol) Coack walk at old pt-Carroll mansion (Hend)(paren. Hughes') & the Tuilleries head gr. (word). Reflections-never talk on relig. matters to soldiers or abt offs. Keep reserved &c study (6 symbols) on (line of Hebrew letters) (line of script:"Thy kingdom come thy will be done") Dr Baldwins sickness Gibbs sat up (symbol:with) (symbol) the Dr (5 symbols) in Fl. is he abt to mry Miss Duke?? (2 symbols) let me cease all friva -&c Capt. & Tompks are in palace Bd in his tent all quiet this morng. hot sun but slight haze (2 symbols) 20th still Expecting steambt. Reflections. Oh son of man why woulds thou leave aught in this world live+ and (3 symbols). 1 of Self denial Self denial was His Virtues. Therefore child of the Earth love not the "good" things of the earth but of (2 symbols) love God Duties Always give (symbol:conversation)(symbol:with) medl. offs. somewhat a medical turn or Natl. history Duties Form own map of Heavens by repeated Study & observation even!ng at from 8 till 10! & give a new system of names to them for example (2 sketches of star formations) common names new names *AlruKabah Cassiopioea (sketch of star formation)

PAGE 267

182 Page 2 @ Rules for names divide the Zodiac into 12 viz -Arial Taural Geminal Canceral Leonal Virginal Libral Scorpion Sagittal Capric Aquarial & Piscal or Finny. All between n. star & each of those belongs to one of those signs -and each sign is the first signal of its name.

PAGE 268

183 Friday March 20 ARAB numeral 991 AD Stars contd. Their names will be taken from History & Date. The 12 signs will be the (several Hebrew letters) And. Pet. Phil. Nat. Johan James meet Sir Mark Ju ? x N. Stare is the "Voice" of Music 1025 Guido Aretina Dates will be confined to 12 signs of Zodiac. Each sign = 30 degrees = 200 years 300xl2=3500 Hence long &c of 1 single star is wanting to start a clue -but I'll take one at random 7 Heads Roman or Ital Eng or Amer. French Germ Span -Gk-Russ Swed Nor Den. 70 Deg. of lat. (group of confused numbers) DegxLong= The two pointers Zodiacal (symbol) Dates as (symbol) Mahmet Constant 32dg25 Mahom 006 622 Charlemagne 800 to 814 Rolla 912 Jenghis. 1200 Charl V. 1500 Napo 1800 NAME a CYPHER to Star or STAR to NAME Reflexion the best way to recollect the star will be to pick out a constellation & name 10 stars in it ALARIC 1st Arthur 2nd Justinian 3d Cosroes 4th Belisarius 5th Totila 6th The Lombard 7th St Athenaeus Star star is 10 yr. but every lOth corrects the 10. (4 drawings of star formations labeled with Hughesian names, the names of each individual star being also given in the Hughesian system) (further star diagram & Hughesian names) Constantine is the cypher.

PAGE 269

184 actest March 20 Reflections If thou any thing thinkest anything, art absorbed in anything, study anything, wish any thing -affect for any thing on earth without referring it to thy Geftsefeftee-God and his approval -then that act thought absorbtion study, wish or affection in thy Idol & false God -thy con-science is forgotten thou art in ignorance sin & falsehood. ----If thou referrest it to God his spirit will guide thee right or wrong. Love of national Glory is a False idol (except insofar as (4 symbols) is inthe nation Never judge for if thou judge tis thyself & (5 symbols) Thyself is thy idol (2 lists of kings & other famous persons with date) To love to rd history is good in its place but why admire any hero (9 symbols) Study His glorious feats & learn to love & imitate (symbol) and every act of imitation is better than 1000 Artcles or St Helenas is at to too tea Sat. March 21. Duties Canoe ride 2 or 3 chap. in Whelp. Mod. ditto in New Test in Swedenbg & 1 in Mahan No dinner no chronologizing German paper Reflect (symbol) reading Examd. patients all doing well. Always examine the rt. of Germ. words. Study every day. (2 symbols) Dinner -Grunter a cat fish grunts also. Snapper Sucker of Tennessee River Hog fish.-so called from its "grunting" sound like hog -open the mount very red inside Bass here -like Rock of Chespk somewhat -this one very large Only at Tompk is & the way to tell hog fish from trout or "spot" at Norfolk is the Croker at"Eastern Shore. Newton's saying "Support arms" vice carry (symbol:said) Davidson 6 grains. Coffee unburnt or green put into % egg of albumen -produces a (symbol) green varnish honey water albumen gum &c from a good menstrum "Genl. McLauglin (symbol :with) his big black dogs" "there he is -his fire -he is coming down from the everglades" -Flemg. & Soldier see fire smoke due west dark Blue smoke over the grass isles -rptd t to Capt. D. Lt Thorn(?) (5 symbols) (Checker-board table, app. rel. to hist. of England)

PAGE 270

185 To prove that Evidence (Human)(paren. Hughes') is always deceptive ex d. (2 drawings; one of head & shoulders of an army officer, one of a man's head) (large table or diagram of 11 concentric circle-segments or circles with 25 radial lines from center; I beleive that this relates to Hughes' system of naming stars) (between the sketches of heads mentioned above is a series of points labeled a, ei c, and d) d. is in a line drawn from a up through c -but it is in a line throu c from a if reverse-d-than book so then it is a line through a down through c. so down according to the point whence the spectator looks -and every word in language may have a reverse meaning to its supposed meaning. west is East & East is west (circle 3 points CA, C D & line connecting them) Nothing is better than beef Beef is better than nothing -one or the other here is a lie 22nd Sunday -Bennet (3 symbols) a -the youl formed the intestines the white -ye!!ew-must have been the seat of the nervous system (Drawing of a bird with 2 bodies joined at breast and 1 head) (in margin:) Duty get Bennets juggled monster Laird Where was Moses (symbol:when) he blew the candle out in the bull rushes A. In the dark (symbol) Cow the roundest. Bennet A. (symbol:when) she(turns round to)(paren. Hughes') licks her arse Stupid thing in a rmy to kee p up f t Pierce even to establish it Tmks finishe d 3 graces vs Capt D's alligator hauld on shore by hook -has 3 hooks in mouth excaped again

PAGE 271

186 22nd March Sunday How shall we send you said Jesup by the old cows bell (meaning Essayons)(paren. Hughes') said Wild Cat. White people can do any thing hey -said Chitu to Tompkins "Is it going to rain? How do I know said T. (Chitto)(paren. Hughes') Why I thought maybe it would--eaft-the white people can do any thing Cunningham & Kirby 2 letters to Capt D & 1 to Boyd. Hereafter devote 1 page 1st each mo. for duties & no more. (symbol:conversation) (symbol:with) Gibbs (having got 2 gal whiskey of Tmks)(paren. Hughes') Thomson in (word) is for dropsy R. Sturgeon pine buds boiled like chocolate drink wine glassful every morng. R Cretappt & Cinnamon in mush table sp. every dinner & R. devils guts root every other morning & R. every other morning to restore the weakness produced by above cider (fresh)(paren. Hughes') & egg a tumbler before breakfast. #colors -onion & sweet oil make a fine color said Gibbs a yellowish brown # (3 symbols) byas op &c regular & militia -Supper (symbol) (symbol;conversation) (symbol:with) Tompkins -he has written to his old classmate Walker of Augusta Ga -a studt. of law lately at New Haven Cont. to enquire address of McCloud & also all his particulars of Texas of which he knows so much. Tmks thinks of going thither Best phys.s of Matthews Gloster &c are Drs Impatient all for steamboat. Balt Clipper original was a Hampton pilot boat of Col Tennant of Balt. raking vessel -Tolly farbor of E.S. Va & Viana E.S. Md. Boat builders -his fathers strong repugnance to his going to sea Tommy's large cooing whistle made by Hartigan Soldiers either alligatoring or writing copies -at night drank with Bennett Stores & Murray Sing Talk Duties for eveng. Last eggnog or swongo. Egg paint Whelpley 1. Reserved & silent (symbol:with) men Titler 1. Mahan 1. Bible Ro. Pray 1. In Boyd's tent Wheaton 1 Dumas Almanac Bed. for morrow. Sahksp. canoe (symbol:conversation) an (symbol:with) Tmks German nwsp p. Hebrew 1 Whelp. Titler. Mod. 1 Stores Fix box & trunk (symbol) Settle up (2 symbols) (symbol:with) Tmks

PAGE 272

186 page 2 Drawer & Shells talk with Goodwin Reserve (symbol) company art history Eccles & Frank Stevens Travels Meian Anct. 23d. Drunk abed all day Murray & Cunningham in guardh. about cardplaying Indian fire due west in same place. Goodman tells me his former history & about Maj. Dade black (shot or shit) & & Gen Gains & black swamp battle &c 0 night. a line from Julian through Aratupes strikes on 1 first dgree or nearly of (symbol) Scorpis

PAGE 273

187 a line through Virgo's eastn. tail strikes a bright star which is rather south of the line -that star is the middle of Libra -thus (sketch of star formations) A R R E S T! (rest of top half of ppge conists of historical events such as Church councils with their dates; i.e. "1545 Council of Trent 1560 Scot. reform") 24th March Tuesday. Arose -fine morng. Steamboat is coming. Write to Baldwin Capt D. avoids me at battery before steamboat arrives. Assidez vous says Boyd. (symbol) all (symbol) 25th March Wednesday I never acknowledge the right of a superior officer to arrest me by an inferior, unless it comes by writing. Settled Mess Bill paid 44.32 Dined In evening after supper arrested. Got my new tent the old one condemned long since. 26th March Thursday Confined all day to my tent Steamboat 27th March Friday A Returns from Key

PAGE 274

188 (2 words illeg.) A R R E S T T he March 25 Wednesday -(3 symbols) give(?). said (symbol). Long talk with De Jone -about augustine, ladies Wallen, Vinton, Van During. The first time I ever spoke to a soldier in Florida was with De Jane introduced into Society (the "S" is written over "s") by Capt. D. Yes Capt you had sense -"education" De Jane is always respected in despotic serf ful Russia. Ladies Said "How do you sleep there in ft Lauderdale" any balls? (symbol) in sand -live on pork & beans (2 symbols) beans & pork (2 symbols) bull frogs noise WOMEN RULE THIS NATION -America German Raddick Smoke at West March 26 Thurs Smoke at the S. West very large March 27 -Fri. "Many a high horse said Bennet will eat chopped hay." Smoke west March 28 Sat. Duties finish all monthly reports. make abstract of journal get Scabies bill debts & credits By what right does Capt Davidson order Juan to sign the morning reports. 2nd t. requested St B. to hasten my charges (symbol:conversation) (symbol:with) Boyd

PAGE 275

189 ARREST ARREST March 29 Sunday. Capt Dn, confines me to my tent -& demqnds the rifle turned over to me by Col. Harney. I Take receipt for it from his sergt of guard -Large smoke at west Ft Lauderdale 29 the warmth of Sir. I wish to take being in the warmest pos1 on Is so out from -e-wiRethe bre e suffer To Capt Wm Corrnnand g illeg.) afternoon of my tent -iR-efie-eeefReeR-have it my health will Yr. obt servt. Ellis Hughes Asst Surg. USA Reflections. Fort Lauderdale has changed its (army)(paren. Hughes') Commander five different times since I have been there and sometimes it was left with-out commander save the 1st sergeant Aldridge who always acted manfully. At one time its commander refused to order the Indian dance and red & white men's noise to cease when Lt Jenning's lay very sick. I had to order it where is through the interpreter & Lt Jennings thanked me Lt Jennings dirty shirt?) (paren. Hughes') went away and afterward -e-e-vieeim-ee-efie-yeew-evef-leaving the army -re-entered it -and returning to Florida died a victim o f yellow fever at St Augustine.

PAGE 276

190 ARREST only Said the Irishwoman "wh wh a a what -you say de little pig gr.iints" Aye faster the old sow grunts and the pig grunts at the (2 symbols) Centinel come no farther or -I'll make you (symbol) (2 symbols) Fort Lauderdale March 29 1840 Sir. You know from experience that my tent being in the warmest position in the camp is oppresively hot in the afternoon. I ask for the liberty of taking occasionally the fresh air. No breeze reaches me. Very respectfully Yr. obt servt. To Capt Wm B Davidson Ellis Hughes Commanding Asst Surg. USA High smoke all the evening "Un stupide" fr. insult as no gentn. duelling Germ & France Eveng. Capt refuses me 6 bottles of porter Trompschisky -Lt Col of (29th) Polish army cow hided his lt. in Philadelphia Ft Lauderdale March 29 1840 Sir. I demand in writing from you the cause charges & specifications 1 of my arrest -also yr. order in writing specifying the limits to which I am confined

PAGE 277

191 ARREST ARREST wbel!:e is George (2 symbols) Neidham(?) Higdy at ft Brooke, Dudley racked Rodebuck Huey in the rank at flag staff & before also. got a sailor flag Condon tells me that his orders were not to let me go anywhere except to the sink. He kept gd over me to day midday. Klemkewitch nephew of Koseiscko star of Napoleon and of Emp. Russia (illeg.) Austria Pruss. Hanov (symbol) a Polish brig. gen at ostrolenk Krohof & at Warshau during its storming DeJone's respects to Duff Groan his two daughters &c March 30. Sir. I protest against the signature of the Hospital Steward is an infringement by you (word crossed out) to any morning report. against the medical staff & an act of usurpation Very respectfully Yr obt servt Ellis Hughes March 30 1840 Sir. I again demand your order to me in writing announcing my arrest & the limits to which I am restricted V.R.ly y.os. To Capt Wm B Davidson Ellis H Commanding at ft Lauderdale AS U S A

PAGE 278

192 30th March contd. Monday ARREST fire in early part of last night the Indian -smeke-was still visible night I slept but little -have this morning dull headache -If a commanding offr. has a right to walk into any subordinate officer's St (symbol) tent (symbol:without) rapping then he was right but otherwise, he should have been more punctilious Recollect Capt Davidson's tale of Major Jones's obscene remarks March 31st 1840 the Sir. You have added the last to efty wrongs of which I shall complain. morning visit I was this morning forcibly arrested in my usual to the hospital from which heretcfore I have never been excluded. You have caused my office convalescent sick of -Ney-Army & Navy toward the to be usurped by an incompetent individual. I shall make your conduct the subject of future investigation & in the mean while remain forcibly arrested and confined to my tent without having received from you any proper order to that effect. Very respectfully Yr. obt servt Ellis Hughes Davidson's departure hence in the Asst S. USA spring since Cap.J(ast the hour -e -selected by me for them morning visit was o clock which has been uniformly punctually kept up up to the present time

PAGE 279

193 @ 1-1 Cl) .j..J 1-1 0 P.. Cl) s 0 rJJ ARREST ARREST Thusd on the evening of 25th March Capt D, arrested me ;r in smoke ---my tent. on the 26th I requested verbally per St Boyd a copy of the order from the Capt in writing. stated I had no regulations --------he himself had none. He knew not what he arrested me for Friday On the 27th my morning report was returned & I addressed per St Boyd the following letter to him smoke 1 Sir I demand in writing from you the cause charges & specifications of my arrest also your order in writing specifying the limits to which I am confined. The steamboat passed up in afternoon Saturday. On the 28th requested Lt B. to (crossed out) urge a reply make from the Capt (illeg.) and detect the fact that he has ordered my (word) by order erased and steward substituted I had sent them in. Lt Boyd said he pitied my situation w Sunday. rJJ On the 29th. Capt D. places a sentry before my tent and although I had before proffered Colt him loaned by Harney Cll ..c () requires (cowardly)(paren. Hughes') I surrender-(exacting 2nd P.. 0 .j..J 0 "M rJJ rJJ "M E Cl) P.. "'0 Cl) .j..J rJJ Cl) :::l 0' Cl) 1-1 Cl) s "M .j..J a receipt in vain from him)(paren. Hughes') I address then to him the letters on 3d. page before this Monday. On 30th. Visited the hospital as usual but signed no reports for him. 5 sentinels over me at night. Tuesday. On 31st. Arrested in my morning visit to the hospital. I remain preceeding content. & "bide my time" but address to him the letter on the -feewiRg-page per St. Boyd -from whom I required -the uniform sword of the medical staff of the US. Army. X I find myself Reflections The prisioner at ft Lauderdale! Thus after being subjected for of 7 days to the petty annoyances of a petty tyrant the bureaus of I find Washington -wfie-(word) of the Conciet of his own grade -a disgrace to the

PAGE 280

193 page 2 Commission line of the Army X The I respect in him but the man I & most exposed despise. in the warmest & of the camp.

PAGE 281

194 ARREST 31st contd, morning reflections still before breakfast Drums & trumpets & Indian smoke & I am the sole object of teh Capt's attention. Not one allowed to address me! I never ask leave to extend my limits by rather would I suffocate in my oven This chivalrous captain has often set in & complained of its being the hottest scite in camp. in this instance (word crossed out) It becomesmy dutyAto expose highhanded measures of yet villainous petty tyranny 31st Evening. Capt Davidson examined to day 2 witnesses for the purpose of finding out charges to make. Secluded all day -have to write !Q Mr Boyd to see how to get my provisions. His reply on fine note paper The Capt has been hunting up evidence. "I" am secluded and none allowed to speak to me. Recollect Davidson's written order required by Mackall even when he had given it personally to him. In addressing a stranger (instance Lt Boyd) (paren. Hughes') always Say -"Sir-good morning. April 1st. My cook allowed to bring me no provisions. I send word by the hospital cook of the fact to Capt D. The Capt. communication in writing I send it 5 Copy of a letter addressed per Gascoyne to Capt D. Sir. My cook has brought me no provisions this morning. I request that he may be allowed to come & receive from my a requisition for such farther articles as I may require. V.R. yr obt servt Ellis Hughes AS USA

PAGE 282

195 Fort Lauderdqle Ap, 1 184Q Sir. I this morning addressed to you a line informing you of my present 25 26 position & requesting that my cook might be allowed to receive any farther 27 28 requisitions in order that he should deliver the same to the commissary 29 30 officer. I now send to you a requisition in order that you can make of 31 1. it such disposition as you may think proper. I surely require my usual & 2 requisite (word) subsistence V.R. yos Ellis Hughes A.S.USA. Requisition for Dr. Ellis Hughes Asst. Surg. U.S.A. for provisions at ft Lauderdale April 1st 1840 (Table showing rations & amounts of each required) If begging favors be a duty surely I have done wrong -but my rights I must claim unto death

PAGE 283

196 I have had ever to speak to a centinel to get a servant within my call. over & over --been made thus to violate what is an oath Ft Lauderdale April 1st 1840 7 I have the honor to acknowledge reception of your communication of this morning and to present to you per my private servt. (the Hospital Cook, a requisition for my provisions. I protest against your proceedings. V.R. Ellis Hughes y.o.s. Asst. Surg. U.S.A. P.S. If the form be incorrect. -ee--ee-se-geee-your Army Regulations will correct me. & .respectfully request their loan. Ft Lauderdale April 1st 1840 have the honor to Sir. an enlargement of my limits -whieh-ere-Ellis Hughes Asst Surg. USA. Justice thank God will come to tehm both. I have now the privilege of speaking only to 1 solitary soul i.e. the Hospital Cook Gascoyne. Condon glares fire. Dudley outstared. Flemming remarkd on 28th. they wanted to break me down To p. 211

PAGE 284

196 Capt Points. Salutation hat business When he arrested me I knew not who was offr of day -he never had the arrest published or written to me or comp. his orders to his guard varied every day my tent a position more becoming -----have occurred since While Capt Davidson was writing his communication of this morning. his body was nourished by articles cooked upon mess furniture for a part even of which he never paid one cent. Chivalrous attention -------He got me to act as offr. of day without himself being unwell long before Mkl was well or before himself was unwell -------He commanded me to send in written reports -he never was up to receive them -------He strutted constantly before my tent. He insulted me by requiring my illegal rifle while I was under arrest and unacknowledged. -------He refused me permission to accompany a scout commanded by St Boyd and undertaken by St Boyd's instigation with 25 or 30 men. -------He compared the state of K. Co to Mrs Squeers's school room in nick nickleby -------He stabbed one of his men through the hand. He Kept them manufacturing clothes presses tables chairs & things for his private use. He slandered my uncle -he sneered at my fathers name -and troubles on Sunday

PAGE 285

197 in February On May 5. stabbed Murray March 10 1840 He change the position of my tent behind which the hogs were constantly digging -----He again neglected that duty in March. I required a situation consistant with my rank -----He employed his time after my arrest in examining the soldiers to catch my expressions vented after his order had been given. -----He slandered Maj. Ashby-Capt Vinton-praised Col Bankhead. Went into a rage with me for mentioning that the the young clerk being present shanty was filled with a crowd of soldiers smoking -a-cigars over a keg of gunpowder. -----He told Juan he knew not what he arrested me for, but that I had changed he knew not why the tenor of my feelings & deportment toward him. -----He said to me that I was "watched'.' I continued to act however in my usual deportment I assure him. -----He ordered me in the most unofficerlike manner not to speak of medical subjects connected with my hospital at the dinner table. I obeyed. Feb 23 In evening I offered (symbol) my commission. His conduct appeared finally as fickel as the wind springing sometimes at my approach; at other times searching me out in my tent. He borrowed papers and professed to have returned all He received a present for me of a valuable publication with my original feelings inscribed therein. On his return he spoke to me of even his wife's saying to him "oh I know now you wish you were back in Florida with your friend Dr. Hughes. -----I -eveR-read but 2 or 3 weeks ago to htm some of the passages of this journal I very frequently avoided the mess table. So did he. He refused me 6 porter When he first separated from Lt Tompkins I expressed to him these words "Tompkins is a good fellow Capt" -----When he was at the old picket I alone rendered the mess table pleasant to him -he had encroached on Micka!! and

PAGE 286

198 Mickall and Tompkins were hostile to him. Feb 16 He ridiculed Lt May from who I had just separated as being what the Indians called "the poke that flies up the river" He said of Ashby "he was and a fast & e to go out one night i ne noise the names of none of the men He took my likenes March 27. He refused to let me go on scout with Lt Tompkins to a large fire. Mackall ist 27 came to florid in back in Nov 38-in chess\t we babble in French tog m or never invited here all 37 -absent I taught him noble boy as Lafayette said to Davidson's son at Annap. Ap 20 1839 He used to read me his private journal and to no other officer there Ap 21st he again slandered lt May. Paddy Carr would not tell his name for several days -tis like my arrest the first announcemnt of which from H I M came to day 22nd ordered no swearing in camp. always detailing his excessive duties at Jupiter. His eternal theme. -----Talked to me about prophets & my fathers name (Ap 25)39) (paren. Hughes') -----M. & T shooting their eyes at him at table & refusing his offered dishes. Ap 28 he told Mkl he'd be a Methodist -----28 He could always tell where he was this time last year whether at Jupiter or ft Kin May 4. He slandered Col Harney about a shell addent May 2 Harney May 3 -his burning down tents "many a dr. said -Maeka-to him has got -Drs certificate in the beginning of the war they w ill do the same at Madawacka" But for Mrs Timberlake Van Buren never Presdt. he could speak of Eaton venerealizing her sister Mrs Randolph 10. as he passed his first enquiry was about St Aldridge who was under trial

PAGE 287

198 page 2 by a court composed of Tompkins Tailor & Jennings. When I reported Condon's told him (symbol) was concientious drunkeness he advised me to strike him (break the regulations)(paren. Hughes') I reqested him to dismiss him. He would not. Tried him again He had to do it.

PAGE 288

200 regularly He kept our orderly & our adjutant The orderly accompanying him to the to the precincts of his most necessary necissity the common sink. He advised to strike knock down Condon. I refused, Said I would never strike an American soldier He urged me to hasten off the wounded sailors while one is but just getting out of his door -insulting me as if I myself did not how early to attend to that duty. His hostility in part arose from the fact of my having heard the obscene words used against him by St Murry then in Corporal. Did he not find the whole camp -----Why did he not seek an investigation onto the affair why did he not rather soothe my feelings at the table theft-aid to exasperate them. -----If he could tell Juan he knew not exactly what the cause of arrest was Why did he not come to me first and advise me (crossed out) He held -----no offence had I committed against govt. it was his personal affront or feelings that dictated his cause ------e. He who proffers the is supposed to be best acquainted with the circumstances of the case. Had I aggrieved him? how see Ct. mart. art 33 As soon as he found that I exchanged no communications (symbol:with) Lt T Then he arrested me. It was after supper T & I settled our mess before supper -----Capt Davidson is (in fine himself)(paren. Hughes') the "plausible vilain & consummate scoundrel what smooth friendship he treated me up to the moment of arrest. Behind my tent or near thereby was = a convenient place for being pissed upon. He was mad with me for not reporting Cole & Flemming to him I expect. He never required it His obscenities respecting Maj. Jones His friendship for majr. Jones-his malice vs. Vinton -his jealousy & his amateur taste -his intentions respectg. his sons. Having intentionally exasperated me to the point where words have no meaning he brings his charges and they too are false He goes to Juan the Hospl Steward a man whom he often told me would drink to ferret out something to form a body of evidence against me. He first made me see a common soldier in Augustine in

PAGE 289

200 Page 2 society. He possesses not the confidence of his own campy. The 2lt. even told me he'd get transfd. -his first st he twice arrested -another st. he stabbed -eeeaHse-ke-saie-where he was a corpl. for saying he respected his commission but despised the man + he accused the hospl steward of drinking + he did not punish (word crossed out) a private for stealing his own secret liquors + he had a box broken open (symbol:with) impunity by his 1st lt -(symbol) was found filled with empty bottles

PAGE 290

201 His saying he had no white sugar for the mess when he had it abundantly in private in a time of actual need He can convert the Mythologic graces into (word) His great connections in Va & Md Hunter Dabney Herbert &c I guarded his reputation from the systematic scandal of his preceding officer The first wine I ever used from the hospital was by his request His private box of bottles -of sugar -of private supplies that Tompkins complained of -his cheating his offs of mess furniture + universally obnoxious to his offs + his excessive formality + his orderly or private servt + his co. clothes press + his chairs & tables + his bedsteads + his blankets from hospital +his solr. de Jane + his pimp George the bootlick sycophant + his Col BAnkhead letter to Frdksbg as accused by Tmks + lake Harney name + his excess Duties at Jupiter + his going to springs + his slander of Dr Claude + his of Jeremiah + his Sunday troubles + his plausible or specious & consummate villain + He prevents my visits to the hospital at the precise period at which Goodman's ball afforded the fairest chance of removal. Therein he has done me much injury. He ventured a slight reprimand to me once because Gascoyne the Hospl. cook was not on parade whereas he was at the time aware that he had neither communicated to me or to the cook the fact that theere was to be an inspection. Capt D. is an officer -let him tell me if perjury is simply a ruse de guerre or are the regulations his conscientious commands Equity military did not rights due to a soldr. Prevented me from obtaining evidence -arrestee-Aldridge (sybmol) he was first drunk & robbed Carter -Arrested him twice (symbol:after) at Lt T's instigation. Slandered Maj. Ashby-Col Harney-Capt Vinton &c He introduced me first to soldier De Jane. He reprimanded me for Gascoynes not being on parade He refused all attention to my requests to have my tent moved He has refused to me what daily allows to even the soldiers refreshments of Mr Scobie His being enraged when I asked him for as I had heard a letter of his (highly laudatory of the services of his own commander, Major Bankhead (word) got into a fredksburg paper-He asked me about a letter that I had -pHb-written.

PAGE 291

202 The injurious effects of his arrest were manifested by Goodman & Cole. Every bottle of wine at the old p:i.quet was drank up by Tmks Tmkts quizzing me about it. I checked the Capt & told him t'would do the (two words) good you have the nostalgia sir no sir the dyspepert. "He took offence at my requesting to tend the wounded" He even went so far as to examine the sick against me as well as Juan thus destroying the confidence in meof those whose confidence was all important.

PAGE 292

203 Poplar Grove Mathews Co Va. sailors Lt. T. requested Lt. Munn of Navy to have one of his -meR-punished with stripes directly he landed on account of his hilarity. He could easily quizz my medical attainments and soon be lost. He never offered the loan of his rifle. of his books -of his boats of his horse -of his mules. Thought Juan ought to be discharged. His anger with Capt D. about sugar in my tent Where did you get this I thought Capt. you said you had no sugar sir (symbol; after) he had got the Capt to come into my tent. I proposed to send for Capt D (Ap 14)(paren. Hughes') they objected to game whist he was enraged with Capt D. for having put a Dr. on line duty Ap. 21. 39. He was enraged with Capt D. for refusing him to trip to Dallas He might (word) Jennings for his "oh Jennings where is your dirty shirt (Ap 22 Jennings the Dr. intends to study law & never plays Ap. 23. How Taliaferro hopped about on Wa(illeg.) before Contes He ought to know that I am not now a plebe. Ap.27. saved a drowning Irishman 28 Catp D backed out from a game of chess with him That stinking democrat Col Pierce May 6. His animosity against Capt D' relented (symbol) he came to feel his own 7 -he (symbol:converses?) with me about animal magnetism 12. "funny green" we carne down to beach and get together under same bower. 31st He had hot words with (blot) Sherman about an order he gave -(your 1st Siblee said "You cant imagine how demo-cratic is the Dr Baldwins dread a stinking democrat said he of Col Pierce June 4th)(paren. Hughes') Aug 8 Read my note of this day-He finds that Jennings & Taylor had written to me. He -I resolved never to visit his tent. read my journal -and our mutual explanations 16. "Little business transactions are the true & best test of a man" so thought I when I handed him Cheveley to read and the last words of the 2nd vol 16th he asked me if I had any port wine in my tent. his original sneers for having picket nothing was needed but a blockhouse. his madness with me for asking Caster for his bile against me He objected to Lt Sloane's taken seat at mess table & became enraged with for for & giving him my attention

PAGE 293

204 Lt. T. "nothing but the necessity of subsistence keeps me in the army. he quarrelled with me about his servant Bill and after whipping Lachlin made Gascoyne cook, finally dismissed him and made Bennett cook -and cursed him & persuaded me to ask Gascoyne when the navy arrived if he would cook agai.n. For you I will but not him, He persuaded me to lecture St Aldridge about his supposed drunkeness which I did not see, The St. denied the fact struck and ducked and worked his soldiers at sawing in the hot sun from sunri.se to sunset -at blacksmithing making himself furniture and other furniture which he sent off, -----no soldier can say he ever did me a service by his permission without my paying him for it suspected me I think of indulging Francis the carpenter. He was always suspicious -and even of motive -constantly accusing his soldiers to me of: their vices. -----His servt. sometimes asked me a question which induced me finally to repel all his attentions except at mess table in August Lt Davis had his own servt at mess table black man He refused me my original choice for tent placed his own there & made me move mine to the hoggery. There it still stood (symbor) Capt D. arrived -----He bragged to me of having struck & bloodied the nose of Lt Sherman & challenged him, and detailed the same to lt Davis in my presence & reputation -----He became enraged with me for upholding the honor of the staff & for indicating the injury he was doing to the Army generally by his spleen -----He -fflaae-persuaded me to visit the guard and frequently (symbol:when) he was not sick. He said he never knew a person so much complain of sickness reflected as I did -whereas had he known the facts he would find that every officer was sick and on his bed taking the surgeon's prescriptions (symbol:with) the exception of myself.

PAGE 294

204 Page 2 fearful -----He was -mae-that the company would accuse of being in blockhouse. He was constantly going to resign. -----28th Nov. He was enraged at my taking Juan (symbol) his permission (illeg.) given yesterday. lent Tmks several fr. papers. -----Dec 11. his Sergt. was reporting to a naval (?)(paren. Hughes') officer 23d. He ridiculed my tent and its ensemble 29. mad because I gave Bennett egg nogg. Jan 6. He scolded me about my killing my cock -----He would never leave the propiety fo my shooting game to my own discretion and because I rarely asked him ridiculed me -----Ditto with his boats

PAGE 295

205 He was always saying to me -I must understand you sir before we proceed farther -He was I thought always overbearing & without any forbearance. but -----not a steamboat Capt. passed with whom he had some breeze (symbol:with) Capt Poinsett of Santee & -Wm Gaston (symbol:with) Capt Frederick of (symbol:with) Capt Smith (symbol:with) Capt Smith's engineer about Caloosahatchee & seeing Sam Jones there (symbol:with) Capt Pearson of Isis -no he knew better Scarcely a soldier with exception of Jennings & Pt SColton but he quarrelled with And with every officer until he saw the necessity he was placed i-of making himself civil He struck Huey in the ranks on occasion of raising the flag staff. -----He carried on a system not of open observation but of secret espionage and inquisition -by employing 1 soldier to inform on another & making constant enquiries -----He told me he conversed with St Howe in skiff about my medl. attainments -what was good for scurvy -a root in N.W. territ examined -----"I have them myself sir" in settling 1 -Ge-Gesen-Hospl & Cornrnisary Act. he spoke it very angrily. It wounded me. That is the sole reason I replied that I have signed them without doing so myself. I did wrong according to regulations in that instance I yielded to his caprice. I acted wrong present George & Boyle I had to sign duplicates of clothing drawn in my name (crossed out) times twice over. Because he had another a triplicate for co. use which differed from the former & that I commenced examining what it was I was putting my name he became furious. I signed the triplicate in obedience to orders and subjecting myself again to the caprice of ft Lauder blockhouse dale's hero. I even to this day know not the difference. But my name there still substantiates his statement I acted wrong in doing then Present Boyle & George -----He returned me the pistol he got by an unfair toss up. At the toss up

PAGE 296

205 page 2 I said nothing. I forced him to retake it afterwd & gave him a folio he gave me. He -----Look at the Co rolls for the arrests which followed his command. twice came to open rupture nearly (symbol:with) lt D. I did my best to smooth affairs over. Though he ridiculed his undertaking a block house and maddened at his assuming to nail down an old tent of his to his tent pole.

PAGE 297

206 he breathed vengeance against Mulholland at his departure. only. Wanted him to come into his tent He offendes every sutler -save Scobie. I wished him begged him after to have none. but he allowed Scobie to land so much spirits. I advised him over & over when he assailed my motives not twice to be so suspicious. Once about Mayo (word crossed out) about chickens He called me for understanding -Y several other half understandings my relations & opinions of took place between us. as about Sloane, -ef-& of every one whom (word crossed out) he hated and of almost every name that I commended. About Vinton he was very different at last from first he first cursed him as a stingy hippocrite, (symbol:then) praised him as a sincere man who had written letters to him enquiring about ft Lauderdale. He was always descanting on his long endurances in (word crossed out) 3d Reg. being in Florida & his having the worst duties, most dangerous offices, and hardest times. lOth March-he refused to allow me to accompany St Boyd's expedition -his own relations with Tompkins not allowing him to be without a moderator. \ihat (written over another word) a subterfuge of excuse he gave for it -T'was like his refusal to Tompkins & Mackall. he would not allow a man to be punished by me (symbol;without) his permission so I adopted the principle of never striking a soldier. great 2 If (written over "he") -was-extremey-suspicions-, constant fear of being wronged or being imposed upon, suspiciousness of every soldier, ie an occasional personal attack on them, jealousy, excessive vanity and a species of (word) -peeey-pride ever united in one individual sufficiently to approach to insanity it was in Lt. Tompkins. Litigious & very disputatious rancourous in hostility & not warm in friendship. honorable in his dealings according to amplified his intentions, and of a capricious whimsical fidgetty temper that ee the the petticoat rather than adorned the military badge. Batchelors are honorable -eHe-and so is he, And old maids are abominable. 1 Without implicating the character of a person not present defend himself, I hope I shall be able to satisfy the court that his proof is not

PAGE 298

206 Page 2 essential for my justification -though I would prefer his being here. He told me I was easily imposed upon. While I took exception to the fact I replied I would rather be imposed upon than to impose myself He would allow me no influence or authority over his men (in the latter he was right) (paren. are Hughes') except such as ceurtesy could exact (2 symbols).

PAGE 299

207 @) Tomk (syrubol) through actual fear of giving him offence I had to make use of his private servt. Bill & dismiss Gascoyne & afterwd again by Capt Dns compulsion He took the part of Soldr. Jennings against me about hospl. (symbol) he conversed with soldiers about my medl. qualities Constantly feared the men would deceive me about gett Sick boring me about their practicing deception as Cunningham &c Knowing I kept a Journal he reprehended Capt Davidson for doing the same to Jenning in my presence thus blaming me my reply was &c He tried to persuade Boyd to get a transfer. Does lt Boyd (symbol) recollect telling white me his intention & my reply to him stick by yr Capt. His sugar affair at old piquet His His Tale Dr (s)(paren. Hughes') and Harriet Field & father's death his simple (symbol) (symbol) married his brother at Savage religieux to &c He told me he could command my services sailors! to Indians I obeyed him once or twice rather myself than him-He used to be always smelling his fingers. He b egged the Captain as a favor to give him an order to go to Augustine he told me he would wish it to be called a leave of absence -He blamed the Capts block house -his formg the Co in in the picket his keeping the men's guns loaded &c If I had not drank some of his brandy on March 25 I believe he wd have (word crossed out) been hurt or "gone into a violent r age.

PAGE 300

208 WRONGS in American Army -To make the soldiers perform private work To expect servants pay (symbol:when) soldiers act as servts. To make men serve in a sphere diffnt from what they enlist for If "regulations" were followed its materials (symbol) far better. To allow a capt to refuse the challenge of a subordinate. Slight indeed is the honor of the U.S. (symbol) if Florida has not been (symbol) with ther grt bog to wh. s. mn (vertical line) resign It is rotten (symbol:with) its (4 symbols) Down with (2 symbols) Gave (word) a (2 symbols) Capt ducked Brown Ap 7 striped Jensen Ap. 7 stabbed Murry Give my whole intercourse (symbol:with) Capt D. & Tompkins struck Lachlin Dudley Jerdin Needham And -HHey-in rank Sep 26 Condon 2 or 3 t. in ranks mention why I recommended his furlogh. Examine soon (symbol:after) arrivl. at picquet. Capt D. himself & ask him about mess squabble Examine him particularly about supper & moment of other Mulholland Glarrel ? arrest & lt Tmks. Did you act from any instigation of Lt. T. Did you imbibe any other opinions whatever of me from Lt. T. When did he first become informed of Gibbs's being in my tent? Why did he (symbol) then arrest me box did he not complain about my request to dismiss Condon did he not write an insulting letter to me about offs mess did he (symbol) say that he was watching me if Lt Tmks mentioned about his suspicions of serveral of the co. being drunk what no. if Lt T. ever spoke any thing else to my prejudice in my absence -are you sure sir did he not refuse me permission to purchase the ordinary refreshments of Why he did not arrest me before -i-if he recieved several notes from me (word) them -the of each one. Shaking stick -what (symbol) Lndoing position of my tent & over -trip with Lt B. -did I not explain the why & wherfore of my tent detail of our reprimand conversation

PAGE 301

209 (entire page devoted to text & diagrams relating to the making of maps; does not KHemxxax relate to Florida, but rather seems to be general information on map making.)

PAGE 302

210 April 1st. 3d. In -finish & fix both trunks -finish newspapers -writing medicine &c 4th make out receipts for hospl. tents -semi annual retns of the chloride of lime &c 5th talk at night to sentinels Tomorrow pack up, copy orders, & prepare for departure -invoice my gr. mr. property. Duties on arrival of steambt. Read no newsps. read all letters -inventory of meds to successor settle with each sld settle with Scobie return blankets write for to Capt Dvn (symbol:with) note mess furnitur-e Bennets note average of com. Je Make a rpt of the state of hospl. during my arrest. average force + hospl. dcket by commissary + own commiss act. + Bennet + Mrs Gibbs Adrg Mulholland+ witnesses of Jensen= St. Murry's witnesses. Flemmings certif & reserve a copy Duties for Monday Ap. 13. dress-+ debts + credits + gold pin +-pay-Duties for Ap. 14 -Paste Paris index + Read 1 book N. Test. + get my pants remove Goodman's ball Ap. 15 look at Goodman Read Bell on Fractd. femur & Cutler contd. & Medl. His tory medl Hospl 18-Flemming's Certif.t + + Aus ca vi (?) + Sh. play 1 + MieeH+ Cutler cont.d + Tohrah at night + Hewspap-iH-ev.gthem &c -Duties black my name on my boxee -hinge Duties from Ap. 26. 1840 -(rest of page is labeled "Angles" and contains pencil drawings of various angles, such as 70 degree, 45 degree, etc.)

PAGE 303

211 25 evg 26 27 28 29 30 31 1 2 April 1st from p. 196. April 1st night. a man of innocence his tent & by violence at ft Lauderdale. The cause? the cause? I admit one thing & that is that in despite of myself they have poisoned my mind with their own bitterness. Lt Tompkins certainly is not "my uncle the V. Pred." as he said often this My arrest is exceeded. over this evg (blot) 2nd. Breakfast on duck sent me by Bennet & (word) by Gibbs. Bennett & Gascoyne April have been my best friends of late though many of the soldiers salute me as if I were triumphant -De Jane had said some time back you are like Marius. Soldiers drilling (illeg.) at art.ly Headache all morning. Tent is very hot. I pay the debt but Capt D you also sir shall settle yr account. and as to you Lt Boyd oh let it be hushed Sentinel presents his musket against young Tommy. Thlono big fly bites my shin than God & I kick him off with my left foot When a man knows he is suspected (I blame lt Tompkins as the original of all suspicion against me) (paren. Hughes') it causes him to feel extremely uneasy. Suspicion floats from its source (Lt Tmks) (paren. Hughes ) to all points around the object (myself) (paren. Hughes') until it fancies it has its object within its (Lt Tompkins's) (paren. Hughes') grasp. Now then I am arrested & as I firmly believe by (crossed out) the tool of his influence Capt Davidson. 4 P.M. Sentinel looks in & laughs. Garrel. Sentinel or guard on me is an insult own to me as well as to himself -He fears for hisAperson or I cannot conceive its object. A man isnot responsible for what he says when he is treated illegally -i.e. when illegality no law exists no man can be responsible except to the man he meets (the first man he encounters) (paren. Hughes'). I was treated illegally without law my one rank & the claims of my rank disregarded. my petitions for a removal of my tent not listened to despised & answered when requested in the most (the over-written word mentioned below may insulting expression of rage -rage (looks like "is base" with something written be "from") light over it) the heart to the countenance not no truly not theArage of the tongue The other day I thought to kill myself would be cowardice or fear of to meet what I hope will come.

PAGE 304

212 April 3d Dreamed last night that Capt D. sent me some French papers I wish he'd send my reserved which he has I purchase a new shirt. Get bot beer of Mrs. Gibbs. Talk with he (9 symbols) Florida. Indian fires thick about us now says he (symbol or dash) all have come down (symbol) n. hoped the Capt & I would reconcile matters with Capt D. never. Lt Boyd's gone to Tompkins's room. Fine clear day. A mans objecting to my name reminds me of the one who would not cross the brandywine because he was a bigoted temperance thoroughgoing whole hog -eveR-cold water even if it were muddy Gave to Bartley. Capt. Wm B Davidson's orderly the said Capt's Book of Regulations. Dined. Indian smoke again at W. I have nothing else to do except to sit down & smoke. This time last yr. I was reading Knickerbocker now I act the old Dutch governor. Sent following letter to Capt Ds Capt Wm B. Davidson Sir --weHe-I would thank you for the return of the remaining portion of those French papers which I loaned to you a few week ago. Very Respectfully yr. obt servt. Replied he had none Ellis Hughes Asst S. USA. Few moments after sent Keefer with (symbol) Had a stagnation of blood this ev.g Could see but could not move. Poor John Culbreath (17th Feb ult) (p. Hughes') poor John light frog is singing. 1 h. (symbol:after) owl is hooting hoo! hoo! hoo! ho! hoo! (under "hoo!"s are 3 long upright lines, a dot, and a 4th upright) Let this Sir Very respect (3 symbols) E H ASUSA To Capt Wm B Davidson ft Lauderdale.

PAGE 305

213 3d. Sir profile it bears proof that Ellis Hughes asst Surg USA Yr-obt sert Ellis Hughes. Spanish This Achenback who is now guarding me was one of Don Carlos's damned assasin villains -fie-a fit tool for a military tyrant. Yet (crossed out) even he is -aew-at bay. fiegs-aewee-e-

PAGE 306

214 April 4 1840 Saturday Finishing over the Med.l Records Read md Reps &c last night. Indian smoke still at West. heres a damned big Dutchman guarding me. What in the devil did the Capt send such a great big Tennessee whopper as Boyd to tell me I was arrested for -the damned coward I'd flog (symbol) both pistol. Locklin comes from Capt to tell me where the sink is !! Here's my old hospital cook who got drunk and was bucked now guarding me with a musket and bayonet Damn (written over something else) my soul to hell if I don't believe the Capt thinks me dangerous. What in thP hell's got into him Caw -goes the crow. I am either the broken down cobbler bastard son of who died drunk or else I'll have my revenge. Alligator hauled up -devil of a riot -hurra -! &c Reflections. I must for the last 12 mo.s have examined too closely the faults of others not too closely but that too slowly, so fell into a snare. Had I withdrawn at once from Capt D. on his arrival or never visited Lt. T. I would not now be a prisioner guarded on this damned coast. Tremendous Moscow fire at E. 4 m or 8 distant. Clear night new moon mosquitos are singing to night. Some soldiers are cursing in camp. Capt sent me word when the (symbol) house is or no. 10. 5th. "As de old fellow said he told his nigger to spit bacco juice in my eye and that's next door to killing him any how." Flemming April 5 Sunday arose late -(4 symbols) last nt. Whats the price of squirrels per barrel -I sell according to the length of the tail. The Sgt. has (symbol) Lt Boyd's tent to day. The weather is extremely warm air stagnant sun in my tent hot. Strange dream about my head & Ezls. HAH. & Sam C & Mrs G. nightmare. De Jone presents me a drawing and how he prepared the pencil by soaking it a night in water & drying next day in sun. The two boats of soldiers (symbol) Scobie come back -eagle or hawk says cole killed too! (illeg.) Cato-a Florida goose+ Suffered a great deal this eveg. from heat & incubus. naval house finishing.

PAGE 307

215 5th Ap contd. Sir. -aewEllis Hughes asst Surg USA No Ind.n smokes to day (paren. Hughes') Y.O.S. Ellis Hughes I send this Ft Lauderdale Ap 5 1840 Sir. I recieved a few moments ago a message per the sergt. of the guard purporting to be from yourself. I take the liberty sir of informing you that the camp hogs are Sent at night highly offensive & troublesome in the neighborhood of my tent -its position having become inconsistent with the claims of my rank as a Medical Officer. My health requires exercise & I request the privilege of purchasing of the post sutler such -pereieas-e-eieer-er-pereer-refreshments as I desire. yr obt servt (pencil sketch of head) Ellis Hughes USA Jackson George Sgt He.took the testimony of Meiey who tells me also that he took that of Jackson Sgt. George who said I had said I had sent a letter to the n. publishing them both as cowards!! so says maily

PAGE 308

216 Ap. 5 cont.d Shall I send the following reply to Capt D. Sir Shall I reply to him at all Shall I make any explanation yes -hey -(His was written on a coarse grain note paper (symbol) stamp Light as the feather of a linnet's wing. he shall (word) the a (word) note Tomorrow as it is late and the sutler is closed A new scheme strikes my head I'll weather the Capt. Ap 6. Sir. I received last night your note and beg leave to correct your inferences Sir? respecting its spirit of disrespect. You are aware that I have uniformly shielded 10 your name in your absence and that a cause of grievance existed in you warranting my arrest still excites my surprise. I respectfully request that cause and also that the guard be removed from my tent. yr. obt servt Ellis Hughes USA

PAGE 309

217 6, first went to new shit house -wrote preceeding letter to Capt D -& came back & killed a thlono "take implements". 5.7 7.7 10.8 64 4.2 Commence quart.ly & monthly returns of sick for March 31. Art. drilling this morng. in front of my tent Capt D visits (symbol) Put on a pleasant countenance (till I act &)(paren. Hughes') with my successor-& at the last (2 symbols) Mulholland & Juan drinking in hospital Condon quarrelling says "by the Holy Ghost! in hospital (symbol) Juan gives him a drink. Great uproar in Hopt.l n Maily tells me all are on spree to day -Mulholland very druk 1\ Llewellyn & Brown drunk Hartigan also Needham. Letter (2 sylmbols) Cond (6 symbols) Jaun say. 1 (3 symbols) Condon's true name is Rich.d Leving. This day Juan gives (symbol) some of his whiskey punch. 2 or 3 sold.s crying. I am looking out now for steamboat went on 27th be back say 10 days on 7th or 15 days on 12th e You have Turnd your (symbol) to L said Cond.n & they (symbol)(illeg.) you-The Capt. shakes hsi stick at me -and directs me to go to my tent. or he will have me put in irons. Recollect this. I was taking the air in the shade of a tree 10 paces from my tent door & directing that moment Gascoyne to do me some service Sir I respectfully request the privilege of taking fresh air as the sun pours upon my tent without any shelter. In the evening it is too hot to allow me to acts from remain in it in health. I believe sir that your mind has -feeeivee-some unknown in-and I again request the cause of your arrest -.8TSt Ellis Hughes asst Surg USA He & lt Boyd are living in house. Capt loses his self possession lt (crossed out name) Smith reports his reply Quite favorable forsooth! at the same time I sent this the campt was in a state of riot -the guard refused to guard m e -St Smith remonstrated against it. Gensen aimed his gun at

PAGE 310

218 April 6 Contd. Order of Release Am Released partially (in pencil) o'clock 3 in eveg. was given yesterday-this eve.g it was rescinded. The order was 10 paces in front of tent & a behind me to sink. Corpl Smith (spoke to Capt Dav.n Gensen would have killed the Capt. if he had approached If a soldier spoke to me the soldier was to be confined in irons more his company -He is afraid. De Jone Taught his children The Capt. trusts no or Trnks Latin at Old was never paid. The Capt. was drunk when he gave this order. "By God dont put me down there Ill not stay there" Gensen "If you come near me I'll kill you" 24 to 30 drunk!!! The whole except about 20 Mr Scobie says he feels as if he were walking t on nettles Needham said Cap whisper whisper" Besand (?) said Capt just go to hell" -you (symbol) darn son of a -get out you damned Cap the Capt trembled -hence I am "Dilapsus in fundurn rnaris" now you post outr' centrig o a sentry for the Dr said Corp l Smith the German. & "What the use is that He had 6 men! to guard me repeated for 3 nights -& one of them but 3 ft. in front of my tent. If he stay too long at the sink to report it. Thi s eve.g Corp.l Smith told him the Co. was about to have a revolution Gens en sai d to Capt D "You are a cow ardly buggar "Durn habeas fortrnarn rnultos arnicas rurnerabis" "sed in rebus adversis rnoltos habebis in micas. (syrnbol:conversation) (syrnbol:with) D e Jone -St Murry & De Jane (symbol) Boyle acke nb ack? & St SrnithAall blamed Cap t D for shtg i n picket-h e r e he sends us out 9 or 1 0 to scout & be killed while like a coward who is not worth the dust he treads on h e sticks in the piquet. Capt walks down tent. The Capt sends to inqu ire who is i n my tent -I repl y D e Jane he has to go -we b i d good ev.g Sentinel still remains o n at night! h e resists my walking! St Smith (symbol ) corrects that. He has been he says a soldier 1 8 years and has seen lts & capts & cols arrested by nev e r was one s o miserabl y treated as h a s been the Dr. Gensen aim e d his gun at Capt D. to day Sco bie boarded a schooner got a black do g(t pigeons o ff)which Boyd calls S a m Jones \

PAGE 311

219 Ap 7. Jennings on guard of me this morng. Needham found drunk in commissary -good many others drunk. night marish this morng. Distressing feelings of -prevented from going to sea beach by McDowell something appears on like a about 5 m. up n. beach (symbol crossed out) white flag -disappr. again -E. Doull saw 4 ? IIndian fire. "making bricks" said Flemming. I have twice interrupted this morn.g Capt D.s orders as written to me & -as-to his sentries must differ -prevented going to bathing by McDowell Naval house is finishing. Brown Hughes:) drunk to day!! Gensen flogged-Brown ducked! Gensen aimed his gun at Capt D yesterday -Scobie sitting talking to Juan that vile thief of my spirits. Ap 8th April 8 Wednesday made out invoices of med.l property I could not have been thrown with 2 more disgusting men than Capt Wm B. D. & Lt Tompk. Who striped Gensen? Evg. storm. Thunder rain from S.W. Twilight whippoorwill In speaking of Tompkins speak of him rather in (word) of his cowardice and ridicule of his qualities than in anger -I have no personal injury to myself from him as yet but I may seek one from him -in order to give him an opportunity fa playing the gentleman. 9th Ap. 9.th (2 symbols). De Jane washing his clothes. Duties to day clear every thing out of my tent & off my table. make out inventories of qr. mr. property & quantities in invoices for receipt. Capt Wm B D -(line in German script) a Retributive Justice= redress wrongs = resentm.t Chickens always crowing about my tent. Reading life of And.w Jackson. Old hog laying behind my tent.

PAGE 312

220 \ t Ap. 9 cond-Evg. Rain-the wind blows-oh God (line of symbols). nothing prevents my killing Capt D. mea manu but the consciousness of this being an enlightened republic. "I wouldn't care if it had went through your head so it had let me alone." Goodmn is (Hospital talk) (paren. Hughes') do. heart (under"head") do. Flemming Ap.l 10. Friday 1840. Read.g Shakespeares Rich. iii lOth Sir extend to me the Sir Will you have the kindness toAloan of Johnsons lives of the British poets" ii vols. Very resp.ly yr obt servt Ap 10 1840 Ellis Hughes Evg Getting my mess furniture collected from old mess & (symbol) Bennet -wrote to Boyd -and afterwd sent him a list of articles. "Spirits when they -aee'lfe-please can either assume, or both; so soft and uncompounded, is their essence pure; not tied or manacled with joint or limb nor founded on the brittle strength of bones like cumbrous flesh but in what shape they choose Dilated or condensed; bright or obscure Can execute their aery purposes and works of love or enmity Milton. Red. note from boyd repelling idea of his being caterer through management i e being "palmed off on him" Capt D. is skilled in the art of "palming off". be back by & by good by Mr Scobie good bye Where you going "going out in the woods to settle" Flemming. De Jone guarding me -I walked down & said Hey didle diddle the cats in fiddle & cow jumped over the moon the little dog laughed -to see the sport &c said he (word) I have a book (symbol:with) some quotations (symbol) Cicero -tempora mutauta r et mutatanur cuer illut -I replied Coelum non ar(blurred) mutattet (?)

PAGE 313

221 @ AE 10. Cont.d With the Indian the sun is the dial of the day -the star or moon of the night. they have no hours no miles. Beautiful moonlight night (blot; does not appear to be over text) Satisfactory conversation (syrnbol:with) Lt. Boyd --eeaFeee-St Ald boarded a schooner this evg which saw Gaston enter St Johns last Tuesd. rnorng. Col Twiggs has taken 3 Ind.s & carne back (symbol: with) Genl Clinch. Our conversation was about his misconstruction of my term "management" in the note I wrote to him. WhiEEoorwill sing.g Extracts from Boyd's newspapers Horses (symbol:without) tongues girls (symbol:with) spiders in (symbol) eyes Frogs (syrnbol:with) horns on (symbol) hds oh Germinate (?) ob Trinati to coin a word Seal of the G.n Colony two females between liverty middle Colonia Georgia Aug silk worms non sibi sed aliis 11th Saturday AE. 11 1840. De Jane informs me the the Capt examined all guard yestd to find out who allowed Bennet into my tent. He doesn't want me to get me my cooking utensils hey. This morning he passes my tent the sentinel Walsh faces & shoulders arms to him. He passed with Keefer & after he had pa!:l!:led -I make my bow. "Take implements "Replace implements. During my arrest Capt D. has offered me every kind of insult he has thrown every obstacle in the way of my obtaining provisions -refused to allow me to purchase of the sutler + refused to allow Bennet to give me my cooking utensils + refused me my old cook -refused any one's visiting me+ placed a constant sentry over me+ shaken his stick at me while in arrest & threatened to put me in irons for being in the cool shade &c &c "The first man down to the table & the last one up" "thats a good sign" is (word) Murry" Flemming -yes said Murry mosquitos? I believe I catch about a ton every time I walk on my stockgs Flemg. Evg could get no cider had to drink lemon syrup picket removed to day behind my tent &c (word) Gascoyne tells me of Juan's asking "Is that some of .!!!Y bacon you are cooking.

PAGE 314

222 Sunday Ap. 12 Quite an April shower! (3 symbols) B Reading Dumas' memoirs (symbbl:with) map Germ & Ital This morning going to sink Boyd had head ache saluted me I returned it accordingly -did as (2 Capt 3 -Basee-Flemming tells me in evg. schooners coming (symbol) S. find my breast pin plain gold lost -= Monday Ap. 13 Juan sent after Register & Prescrip. refused it East bread & cheese -quiet day -reading Titter on Frank history &c De Jone guarding me thns in evg. I tell Condon I'll "release" the Capt one of these days. Read Cor this morning. Tues Ap 14 Rd Paul Corinth ii begin Galatians & finished it -fixing affairs bought of Scobie Going to fast -but -dine off of fresh pork & fish given by Kirby I read various approximate extracts from latter part of Richd ii Shak -Richd ii 1377 to (11 ys old)(paren. Hughes') 1399 = 22 ys reign= 33 ys life. Reflections. Just about 2 years ago I escorted Miss Mary McCulloh to the University of Md. Commencement -2 years ago say to day -Wm Lecly RC Mackubin & Ab. Claude graduated (word crossed out) also R. C Culbreth. What changes have since occurred with me. Oh lord god have (line of symbols) Since that t. I have touched for the last time the hands of Miss M McCulloh -miss C Rd Mis C. NcN. Seen for the last time Mrs Gowan (Mrs Handy?) (paren. Hughes') misses Collins Archer miss Scott Henderson &c of Old Pt -miss Harrison of Balt -(symbol) farewell fare-well Mrs Levine Mrs Harris God bless you all I'm done with you -and done with you I hope forever on this side the grave -farewell Jinny & Sucky Molly and Betty Sally & Anny Polly and Kit (I hope I may never see any of you again.(Ap.23) (paren. Hughes') Night -walk on wharf -talk (symbol:with) St Ald. who promises his "evidence" in a day or two. Read Sauter & Mayor's suspension apparatus in Cutler

PAGE 315

222 Page 2 Wednesd. Ap. 15 (3 symbols) "I believe I'll. do as Betty Dummet did she got a couple of shirts & a couple of shams (?) and kept them 5 months & they were always clean" Scobie. Redading Tytler on Anc.t Greece. Bartely guarding me-walked to shit house new picket going up naval barrack finished saw no Boyd on return nought of old Daddy Dick & black dog caesar & Capt & Ned + saw that man Ddn standing cane in hand near naval house -saluted Laird. 10 A.M. Tremendous white smoke at West & W.S.W. very near! f\"-"' (!!fl t h of camp showing "barrk", "guard" (apparently row of tents), "sick tent," "hd. qt.r," "Scobie," and "block h.")

PAGE 316

223 Wed Ap, 15 Continued Sr Aldridge drilling -orders -In retreat march halt Replace Impl. On Parade -all face left -efte-ftlef'ell-March -all march to join in front of piece Front face odd numbers are front Right dress Front Break (accompanied by a plan showing the evolution as executed). (Sketch of what appears to be a shoreline with smoke billowing above trees; perhaps intended to accompany remark about "Tremendous smoke" on previous page. Sketch is keyed to following description) k -cerulean blue grad merging in white smoke. a white convolutions of rolling smoke b -very dark gradually merging into the blue at c c do do -at f d -white smoke like a cloud losing itself off at south the smoke appears to roll up toward N.W. Ft Lauderdale Ap 15 184 Sir I will be obliged to you for the loan of your copy of Stevens travels for a few days Respectfully yr obt serv.t Ellis Hughes USA. Ret.d would not receive it being out of form Fine clear day -read Paul to Ephesians & some of Tytler (blot) weeks to day since an arrival from N. Murry presents me 2 fish for dinner. Reading Tytler 22nd Ch. on the 12 Philosophic sects of Greece (Rest of page conists of notes on 8 of the "Philosophic sects" of ancient Greece)

PAGE 317

224 Ap. 15 1840 Contd Wednesday (Top of page has 9-12 of the "Philosophic sects." Most of the remainder of the page consists of names and dates from history) Walked to piss -the N E. block house is cut down -the new piquet is nearly finished Flemming takes me the Flirt is at Tea table key. The Indn fire of prairie is all out. Ind. fire n.w. or wnw. What do those fellows mean" said Murry to Flemg.

PAGE 318

225 Ap. 15 Contd Tytler's 34th chap (top third of page consists of further history notes) Reflections -With what little profit have I passed the last two years of my varigated life -Oh Saint Patrick -God have mercy on me a sinner. Oh Lord God forgive (2 symbols) Condon tells me the Capt enquired of (symbol) how many solds \llere in my tent -& that Bennet is inimical to me. Catching rats in camp this evg. "Come here (word) dont you talk about catching rats any more" Flemming "Send you to Liverpool to catch rats out of ? Come on Sam let's go down to the point to Betsy Davis" i.e. the wharf. Why kill an insect because its is ugly. Oh (3 symbols) (Soldier chasing dog Flemmg said "Laird I'll break your back Thinking it was Laird. "Orderly come with me to the shit house." night. Glance over Macbeth & Tohrah contd Th Ap 16"40 (3 symbols) (rest of page occupied by further history notes) Tytler Ch. 32

PAGE 319

226 Th Ap 16 1840. hazy day Italian weather ''Good morng no steamboat yet damn long time" said I to Boyd. going to piss Flirt coming! looks something like a man of war with her sails & rigging & so on than that sloop did -Plento of thlonos about also sevl flocks ducks What I thought was a picket is become a block house. no stmbt yet -False cry of steamboat coming -alligator immovable in the water (symbol) thrown at but at last when man entered water he went off startles -convulsions of a shark or alligator for fish + ducks side across yonder crossing to n. of river's marge Grand Sunset -blue satin clouds fringed with gold the sun behind them the clouds rolled in splendid celestial drapery or -smeke-fume as if the archangel Gabriel was touching his sole on terra firma of Earth -Oh (5 symbols) Alarm from sentinel no (symbol) (N.) (paren. Hughes') a sail! Friday Ap 17 1840 Oh you razor built (symbol:said) Felmg to sharp bones sitting on him-Sent to Lt Boyd Mr Scobie's Hospl Acct. Boyd visits my tent (symbol: conversation) He told capt D. that it would be ungrateful for him Lt B. to say any thing on which Capt D. might base charges VS Dr H. he never goes to Capt D's room. He brot him up on inspection business last Sunday when Capt D "requested" him to inspect Offr Commissar or Ord or Qr Mr. is relieved from all garrison duties. Capt D had Sunday before inspected Boyd refused by roughly asking for his sword to attend to garrison duty. Capt D. said he "was unwell! I know you act according to regulations but I hope you don't intend to avail yourself of them" "not to inspect &c". Boyd disavows influencing Capt D. vs me but knows not what Lt. T. may have done. Yesterday camp was excited about coming. Boyd said to Capt D. whod was complaining of Co's "They ought to be excited I was excited myself" Boyd said of him -he is weak in the upper story and makes little allowance for (symbol) Knows but little of human nature. Boyd said the tears were in his eyes (symbol) he had to arrest me. Dinner Bean soup & salt herring Evg Scobie boards a New Yk packet for cotton (symbol:from) Apalachicola -gets new cigars -white shirts glittering on dark blue sea & sky

PAGE 320

226 Page 2 riding on the waves + I walked on the wharf -plague Macaulay he promises me a pint of cider tomorrow at 1. Scobie expects

PAGE 321

227 Friday Ap. 17 1840 Contd. Scobie expects stmbt tomorrow I've been reading Larrey & making list of medl proper names to day. Scobie presents me two ducks -Gascoyne wishes to know if I'll have it fried (on pan) (paren. Hughes') or stewed (i.e. with a little water so as to boil it down to a fry)(paren. Hughes'). I answered "both" as the Indn. said. St Aldridge.presents me a bunch of cigars-I tell him his evidence can effect nothing against me in favor of the Capt How beautiful is the fire light on the sea vine leaves Gascoyne cooking my duck -Jackson & some others singing sentimental songs. "I did have Gibbs in my tent" St Ald. walked away as if struck. (Eutropius (Juliani) & Aurelian phys.s) (paren. Hughes' ) (history notes; letters VVHHOROL used as a pnemonic device in listing Germanic & Hunnic invaders of Roman Empire) 1840 Saturday April 18 Wakened early before tatoo by Mulholland. visit his wife -I bleed her the drum beats reveille -8 AM a child is born -as yet (symbol:without) a name oh God guard its genius. Oh lord make him a stirrer up of the blood and hearts of men. i.e. if he it be a -bey-male -but damn me if I know whether its a boy or girl -These women Lady Agnes (Gibbs) (paren. Hughes') & Mrs St Aldridge are too cute for me It's all over in the twinkle of an eyelid God bless them and take the child. (I saw Mrs Aldridge tis true smuggling off (symbol) under her apron -so goes the feminine g(blot) -I must let Capt D learn yet that I am a leech that will cry more more -Oh Dr I never was bled -I dont want to be bled -Twill save you much pain. You have only to suffer with patience Mrs. Gibbs comes to me to know if Mrs. Mulholland may have some spirit. I tell her no -and explain my youth. Mrs. M. was going to name him Davis! After her maiden name!!!

PAGE 322

228 1840 Sat Ap. 18 Contd That property most hallowed of my existence reputation! is at stake by order of Wm B Davidson a Capt US.A Holy Virgin! Holy dance! Sunday April 19 1840 (repeated in German script) (beneath is prob. same thing in Hebrew) (Rest of page consists of history notes, apparently from Tytler)

PAGE 323

229 Sunday Ap. 19 (further history notes) Visited the eagle to day Plain codfish for dinner. Finished Acts. April 20 1840 Monday (5 Hebrew letters) noisiest damn fowl -speaking of Thlonos & flies are very numerous another tent gone up due chicken cock East of me Read Romans today. "from Guayaquil to Cape Horn is always fair wind -and so you can from G. California to Colombia R. come right Flemming Evg. went to (3 symbols) Capt D. (6 symbols) Copernicus get the Invalid sailor Cole to get me a bot molasses -(rest of page is notes on history & European drama) Obliged to

PAGE 324

230 Contd Ap. 20 1840 Monday. "Thats like the world going up side downward legs up-ward" Flemg) Juan "What must do then" Flem. "Get a new one" Juan Cant do that "Why make out a requisition." To day finish Tytler & return Boyd's Classic. Die (remainder of page is list of names of poets, painters, scientists, etc.)

PAGE 325

231 Ap. 21st Tuesday. Heart heavy last night -& this morn -walked in front of barracks. Finished Romans last night -Thus since been at ft Lauderdale (3 symbols) Jn. Evan & Rev. Ret.d all borrowed books Wed Ap 22nd Very sick (symbol) head ache & diarrhea. I lay abed all day (symbol: with) ennui & slept a good deal guard removed this morng. Thurs. Ap 23d Arose early (symbol:with) diarrhea -fine day -the wild fig before my tent is in full dark leaf not a decayed leaf left on it -the button wood or sea vine still has a great no. of leaves left on it. Steamboat coming 8 AM. Letter from Saunders ft wool March 31st HAH. March 9 + 25 + Ap 2 + 5 for letters (symbol) Adj. Genl. & Surg Genl & Medl Director see private copy book. Miss C. Read married! To Capt Wm B Davidson on U.S. Army Cornrnandg ft Lauderdale there being Ft Lauderdale April 23i 1840 Sir. -JaH-31st day of March annually a semi annual return of medl property -fs-aHEl-a!se-* required from each medl officer entrusted with the same. I 0 therefore to complete (symbol) returns due for that date. I also explain my motives in doing so in order that you may entertain no misconception thereof. I have no doubt that it will save some confusion both to and delay that may otherwise occur -fH-the office I myself hold as well as in those to which I am bound to report. As there is a considerable amount of manuscript necessary -(crossed out) an early attention to this will enable me to be ready steam by the return of the vessel from K. Bisc. respectfully yr. obt servt. Ellis Hughes Asst. Surg. USA and also a regular quarterly report to the Surgeon Genl. and also a monthly report to the medl. directoy at Garey's ferry o such access to the hospital and for so long a time as may enable me To-Capt Wm B Davidson U.S.Army.

PAGE 326

232 Ap. 23d. 1840 Contd Sent back with message that it could not be received. Capt Capt Davidson Fort Lauderdale EF. Com.g Ft Lauderdale April 23 1840 Sir. You will confer a favor on("to"written over) me by explaining the cause why my request of this afternoon cannot be received by you. Respect-fully yr obt serv.t Ellis Hughes Asst S. USA superscribed To Capt Wm B. Davidson U.S.A. ft Lauderdale E.F. (Sent back with verbal message by his orderly that it was not properly addressed.) (paren. Hughes') P.S. Capt Davidson will oblige the subscriber by writing to him what -fie-ifteieetes-is the "proper address" .in order that his object may be attained. E.H. verbal message that he must be addressed as "Commanding officer" I then sent the original so directed. I do think it is the damnedest pettiest nonsense that was ever made to humbug a military post. After sun down sent following to Capt Wm B. Davidson USA Commanding ft Lauderdale Sir. As I am obliged to frame my respective official despatches to night in anticipation o f the steamboat I am obliged to request to know of you whether my h a s request made to you at noon had your favorable consideration Respectfully yr obt se. Ellis Hughes ASUSA T o Capt Wm B. Davidson Comm.g ft Laud.

PAGE 327

233 Ap. 23 1840 cQntd Received Capt reply -Scobie appears to be afraid to visit me yet. Gorrell comes with a complaint pain in side + Gascoyne is -siek-drunk this morng 3-meft-W6Hftse-Jerdin substituted Friday Ap. 24 Sir. I request permission to visit the wounded. Res. E.H. ASUS 3 men wounded. Capt D. calls out Dr Hughes you are released from your arrest sir you will attend to yr duties afterward in the hospital -Afterward enquired the cases of each. I addressed him afterwd for a reinforcement. Sat. Ap. 25 Ft. Lauderdale April 25 1840 Sir. I have the honor to state -that I feel justly indignant at an order of ar-you have not made known to me rest issued by you against me for some cause of which -that this sense of indignation has been aggravated by your subsequent insulting course toward w8iea-bifteo-me-. It is consequently impossible for me to feel toward you any other of you than that which my oath exacts -the respect of a salute. I respectfully request the order of # if in the first place the assignation of the cause arrest. I cannot I request redressed here at ft you will take such immediate measures by the returning steamboat as will relieve me from farther intercourse with you as an officer. -f-am-This is written sir with no intention of creating the slightest unpleasant feeling in your own bosom. Very respectfully yr. obt. servt Ellis Hughes asst Surg. USA # as I am not concious of having invited from you such order To Capt Wm B Davidson USA Commandant

PAGE 328

234 Ap 25 cont,d "Capt D. requested me not to go near -ki:S-Efti.a-r-Ee-r-" the offs quarters" and promises me a series of charges. Cob's case has deteriorated very much during the day Sir. I earnestly request permission to purchase of the sutler any refreshmts I have been whatever that I require. unwell for necessarily the last several days from the changes of diet I have been restricted from the nature of your order of arrest. Very Respectfully yr. ob!_ serv.t Ellis Hughes As. Surg. USA To Capt Wm B. Davidson Commanding ft Lauderdale. Frightened Mr Scobie half to death. "Any medicine said he to cure a fright" Having sent British Poets to Capt D. (which was mutilated by me)(paren. Hughes') he returned it mutilated in tearing out its first page. "Corp.l Smith would be able to manage whole army" Ald Schmith (Corp):l84:)(paren. Hughes') Kirby to be hung as he &c Schmidt said. knocked down Maily for reporting DeJone talking to me. get drink water at low tide DeJone Boyd Davidson bathe went to day Capt. D. said "I expect never to return Why in eating salt salmon -vinegar reminds me of the arm pits of sluts? Vinegar was teh last thing in Christs mouth on = sponge Evg. Looked at the sea beach! said I -hello stranger!

PAGE 329

235 Sund 26 -Slept at snatches last night -St Holton is so much like a child in his plaints. & fussing with me about the (2 symbols) of his arm that I am with him & Davidson heartily disgusted. sent following note to Capt D. ft Laud. Ap. 26 1840 Sir. The Hospital requires one man to be detailed for my assistance as Steward, and one as a nurse. It is at present without either and those dressings which I wish to renew this morning cannot be conveniently made without some assistance I regret the necessity of having to trouble you sir but the good earlier the detail is made the more the welfare of the patients is consulted. With all respect Ellis Hughes Ast S. USA To Capt Wm B. D. Commanding ft Lauderdale 2 hours afterwd sent the following -f.L. ap. 26 1840 Sir. The St. of K Co has reported to me that Lochlin is detailed to me to perform the duties of steward. I am also in need of a regular nurse for the sick to which they are entitled by the Regulations. I therefore request the detail of a nurse With all due resp Ellis Hughes Asst Surg. USA To C.WBD Comg ft. Laud.l I am done with Juan. & shall recommend his discharge. Sent (symbol) my Steambt passes to N. De Jane's departure Scabies ditto. sent pay accounts for Jan.y & Feb.y per Mr Scobie. Jerdin drunk. Sent note to Capt. He wouldn't receive it Capt Poinsett visited Capt Davidson for a few hours I believe Capt D. tried to suck him as much as possible Lt B. did not recognize my salute at dusk. Man 27.th. making out hosptl returns. Letter from Capt D. & my reply see Heath lemon syrup costs to much Med. Journal (private)(paren. Hughes') -sent to for 6 bottles porter see my morning report. Dont feel well The Capt has not changed my coo k whom he appointed without consulting me. Mr Heath says Capt says I can have the porter -thus I am made dependent on sutler. my tent is moved right to (blot) & among the men again the very thing I had protested against. Capt D said I had the coolest place in camp

PAGE 330

28th -Tuesday April 28 1840 Slept last night (symbol) Laird. Almost Finish hospital returns to day. Laird told me of Lt Boyd's accusing me of being drunk when attending Shylock to the sick -of his $15 p.m. as private servt.! some -eftkee-settled in Tennessee. Boyd used to talke of resigning. Cunningham tells me he heard said Juan said to Capt D's query "Can you prescribe for the sick" that he said "Yes sire I can prescribe". So he can & so can Capt. D. I am busy quite to day -got 6 hots porter yesterday by writing to mr Heath saying in it "yr lemon syrup is too high" Heath says the Capt deliberated some time. The wind is high from the East. -lay about time on boats canvass at beach Finished Stevens' first vol of Egypt as far as Sinai. ist vol. It is a cheering work to me in my present delightful relations (symbol:with) the hypocrite who commands here. Very little to cause me to treat him as an insane commander i.e. insane despot. Steamboat I hope will be here by the time I am ready for her. Duties tomorrow -fix trunks & clothing + hospital accounts + copy thermometer & register 29th. Sent to mr Heath for 3 hots cider -he sent it back -I then sent same note to Capt D. for his countersign verbally by Jerdin. Got it. Nothing during day finished Jno's gospel. Rdg. Vergil 30th. I order Juan to report himself to Capt D. for Duty Rdg. (blot)cufarlane's Bandsth (?) Capt D. requested me to make remarks on morng rpt. I send it with notice about Juan. ( following 5 lines are translations of French phrases) Gibbs being asked for beer offers champagne. Long talk with Bennet (bottle of port (symbol:with) him) (outer paren. Hughes') Turpin's Shake hands Little fingers first then thumbs back to back then thumb as pivot & palm to palm -gentility (symbol:without) ability is pudding (symbol:without) pie. Offers me buckwht & eggs.

PAGE 331

237 May 1st. Sent rpt to Capt D about Juan. I read -the banditti -marco Sciarra (of the abruzzi 1588)(paren. Hughes') Francatripa +Benincasa+ Scarolla + the Vardarelli + Don Ciro the priest robber + Giusippie Matrilli. Commence a letter to S.F. May 2. again reported that I was (symbol:without) a hosp.l steward. Finished the bible begun last year. Removed Goodman's ball from near the artery. Lee-tured Macaulay on his sum which was wrong-he didn't bring down the 1 in division. May 3. -Very sick last night vomiting fresh pork. Got after some trouble a bottle of Champagne. drank it -quiet day -plagued Macaulay -Kirby sent me a fresh fish -May4 Sent to Capt D for a bottle of cider -singular message that no use to send to him I could get as much as I wanted. Had Laird a few moments in my tent. Evg. Tremendous fire in W.S.W. & W -all camp in a smoke -the west shore obscured wind high -sun obscured -6 P.M -fire still burning dark cloud East over sea from the smoke -look N. & 2 fires there one very dist. May 5. Dampish dewy morning. This day last yr. Capt D stabbed Murry 6th -Boarded Capt Latham's sloop & by him got cigars Smoke very large smoke in west -evg. increased & then quenched by heavy rain from S.W. & from N.E. at night slept & (symbol) (symbol:with) Laird. 6th Some trouble in getting 2 gals brandy this morng for hospl. Drank 1 bot. Champagne. No Indn smoke to day -wrote piquante note to Capt D. (The sutler charged me $1. for brandy on Ap. 24 got by Juan who says it was 1 pt.) (paren. Hughes') What is Capt D's honor? A glow-worm surpasses his brightness Capt D. gives Sutler an order not to let the liquor go out of his his shanty (symbol:without) -ffly-permission. Damned jackass Demand an explanation for this

PAGE 332

238 7th 1843 (in pencil) Flemming visits me & shews me a private letter. Gave Laird a ring. Egg nag Gave Bennett a ring. Egg nag again at night the sgt guard Gibbs visits me (symbol:with) a bottle of Champ. Indian fire by night at N. as moon went down. Macaulay's home Manetta St NY. No 11 Mrse Gore. 8th -(symbol:conversation) (symbol:with) Laird & Macaulay Gave Macaulay ring & pin he refused to remain (symbol:with) me at night. Have great mind to kick Juan out of hospital. Bled Bennet at night. 9th -Nothing important. Capt D. drawing under flag staff got beer of Mrs Gibbs -quiet day -fixing med.l journals -returned Miss Martine au &c Dities for lOth -+ fix stewards accounts + debts payable + Davidson correspondence + read 5 or 6 chapters of revelation + do. of Genesis + seclusion in woods + clean teeth + silence & meditation. Get Sutler bill refilled Load pistol (symbol written over"pistol") (fix also my wine accounts & cook accounts ) (paren. Hughes') lOth May 1840 -Dog barking at (symbols) across River. Jerdin's morning sermon. 11th May + Francis wounded. Nothing unusual to day 12th May. Steambt arrives (symbol:with) Dr Worrell. I am ord.d to report to Med.l Dirctor says he. Paymaster is aboard Paid for Jan F M & Ap. by Col. Andrews -Paid mr Scobie, Carter per Capt Poinsett. Dr Worrell tells me there is a gen.l rumor "of my general dissapation" -Signed Juan's papers up to April 30 -Requested Capt D. to witness my payment to him of He refused + Interview with him. I am satisfied -St Aldridge wounds Kirby by blows.

PAGE 333

239 12th May Contd St. Aldridge (says Howe) ranks Capt D. I refuse to drink (symbol:with) Capt D. Leave of absence is granted to Gibbs & Cornell. I went abouard of Wm Gaston & sent some money to Carter per Capt. Poinsett viz $50 viz. December (Talk at night (symbol:with) Howe.) (paren. Hughes') 1840 May 13th -I turn over all med.l property The Wave or Flirt Lt. Rogers passes I give Cole's & certificate to Capt. D. Lt. Sloane lands Juan wants us to drink together. Affair of Juan's champaigne. Lt I call upon Capt D. by the urgent request of Dr Worrell and Boyd and by Sloane's previous recommendation -&c signe a paper specifying the cause of my "mode of acting (symbol:without) reflection & deliberation." i.e. in cutting down my tent in conduct on board of Poinsett. and I dictate and signe for him the fol-lowing papers (at Lt Boyd's & Dr Worrells instigation but my own dictation. "I admit freely and openly that I have acted at ft Lauderdale on several oc-casions in a mode which reflection and deliberation on my part might have other-wise dictated. That Capt Wm B Davidson has been offended by me I have always regretted -that I have acted towards him frequentlywith a sense of irritation I have also much regretted. I hope that this will satisfy perfectly in respect to all my late relations & course at this post Dr Worrell sick at night. Emetic relieves Breakfast Conversation (symbol:with) Lt. Boyd & (symbol:with) Dr Worrell & Dine -&-sHpwith late mess Lent Dr Worrell Hasack's P. Physic May 14. I for last time visit hosp.l Dr Worrell gets in late from his Cramp -I breakfast with offs Laird urging me -I -ei:ft-write a new certif.t for Cole. paid Capt D. $3 for letter postage. paid mr Scobie for Champ.-mad have left 485 X 8 = 3880 + 75 = 46.30 + 140 = 47.70 cigars

PAGE 334

140 -BEFENGE-ARRE:STed & avoid the of the Asst Surg in arrest, An officer under arres will make known his resulting from the is recommended the Court Martial ordered my arrest in writing. of the not for 13. May 15 = Rainy wind SE. Visited Capt. in blue frock & dark blue trousers. Saw Dr Worrells new arm splint Goodbye to Mulhol + Mrs Gibbs + Evg. Bennet's (word crossed out) "more to eat more meat myself & pork" with Boyd. May 16 = Rainy \\lind SE. Vstd Capt in black -invited me to dinne' r -told him I knew (symbol:not) the hour -"as a guest said he'.' Getting my box fixed + Capt invites me again this morng in his room to dinner as a guest I told him I knew not the hour the usual one said he. Bennet gave me pork breakfast. Laird & Macaulay beat dinner drum. Met Capt D. after dinner + told me I was (symbol:not) at dinner + Laird "Said I gave Jerden (?) a ring. Pleasant talk with Capt D. at night + borrowed 3 of his books +heavy rain & wind from S.E. He was (symbol:not) at supper -nor I May 17th -I was (symbol:not) at offs. brkfst -keep (symbol) to my tent + Rain & wind continue my tent blown down at night. 18 -not invited to dine (symbol:with) Capt. Davidson! Depart immediately after dinner. Leave the church night of 18-19 pass ft. Pierce & leave Maj. Childs 19 -skave-and dress in black. arrive at Smyrna in evg. Lay at Smyrna all night 20. Leave Smyrna Arrive at 2 PM. at Augustine. Visit Mr Davis DeJones miss Rob-ertson -see Lt Ridgely Dr Noyes & Dug Dummitt. Mr center aboard of the boat. Juan drunk

PAGE 335

241 21st early start from Augustine arrive at black Ck In evening I see Dr Welles & am introduced to Mrs At night I sleep aboard of Gaston. Talk with Capt Poinsett. 22nd all day hunting servt. I advise Flemming to call on Qr. Mr. Capt. Carey & Dr McDougall. visit hospl. in morning -Cole & Flemg do Flemming drunk in st in eveg and riding horse (symbol) In evening many medical citizens arrive hired from Savannah -Drs Lawrence Cuyler &c At night I secure my bed early. get new trunk very little cash left. May 23. Sent Semi-annual returns of hosp.l stores &c & Dr Worrell's receipt & my invoices to Surgn genl. dating on the returns ft Lauderdale Ap 27 1840 (for March 3lst)(paren. Hughes') & the enclosing letter of direction on May 13 of my issue to Dr Worrell. Put on duty by Dr Wells :at black Ck. Sailors did not sleep last night at hospl. Flemming tells me Mr Hall of Balt packet is his mome Visit hospl. morng & evg. Sent letters also to Dr Foot "unpleasant suspense from his absence & innocent of all the charges he has accumulated together for the purpose of overwhelming me Duties for morrow. Go to hospl write to Surg. genl my arrival on duty & the case of Flemming &c Take hospl. book to hospital #

PAGE 336

242 Sunday May 24. Dr Cuyler addresses me. Lt Hayden (symbol) ditto Mrs was Maxey -i5-very kind to me yesterday evening, Mr Dick always so, I see Miss Annie Dorsey Read was married on May 1st to Lt Reeves In ev.g I lie down on bed. Conversation (symbol:with) Lt Hayden who made some remark about these "citizen doctors" going to Pilatka. News of play actors killed respecting sailors Monday 25 May. Preparing to write to Surg.n in consequence of not yet hearing from Dr Foot I defer it. Introduced to Mrs Hawkins who was formerly of Balt. Tuesday 26th May. Prescribe for Dr Well's sick Conversation with Dr Wells this eveng on subject of Dr Foot's reply to him. Duty -Write to Dr Foot & also to Miss H.A.H. Wed 27th May-Shew Dr Cuyler.my letter-Cut by mr Hayden about N.Y. Director Talk about Momoepathy. An. Nagtian + Savanna album &c Thurs 28th May -Presented to Mr Dick my pay acct. for May 90.83 29th Lounging idle time 30th up creek in canoe (symbol:with) Porter & Henshaw -got magnolias 31st Out gunning on the fork June 1. Evening started for Pilatka 2. morning at Pilatka. Dr Hitchcock. "You were (symbol:with) a dog said maj Ashby. Henshaw-Mr Porters treat. Big Maj; Houston. Capt Smith of Cin-cinnati

PAGE 337

243 his passenger Wilson -Capt Bryant -Rip Arnold Rollstown and Mrs Kate Arnold. Mrs. Hitchcock and her reading & riding -"ace of clubs" good shot -she & her husband boat all Lord Rolls and his 40 or 50 whores according to Bryant. Cases of Lt O'neill & Lt Hardia (2 symbols) damnation countersign" if (symbol:not) "Bryant" said Hardia. Returned at P.M to Bk. Ck. Mrs Hitchcock's aversion to Bryants & Henshaw. Wed June 8d. Introduced to Capt Bliss-Maj. Hunt addresses me-Dr Bailey still here complaining in clip. of mrriage of Lt. & Read) R. for mange in dogs -wash them with soap & water & R. Arsenic grs x 3 tp week -Capt Andrew from a Missouri sportsman 8th. Dr R. for -R. Opii Ex belladonna. (3 Sacch. Saturni (2 Ung. (word! boiling the cera & gradually adding the & friction &c Received order to report for duty to Dr Inc. R. for --opi an Capt Andrew -R. ol Ricini ol. Terebinth M.

PAGE 338

244 Wen I did the wrongs on the following page. & lonely Because he being isolated I felt it my duty to sustain him at old block house He had sought a transference over & over in vain. 7. Because I was as forebearing as my nature would allow more so that I hope agaiR to be. 8. Because what he said did not affect my original opionon of either his whether supposed to be qualitiesAblack or white. at the time 9. I did it to harmonize the order of the company as I (symbol) St AldridgeAthe best qualified for the office he held 10 He told me he had many enemies June 9 Read order go to no 11. Dr McPhail & Graham Maj Wilcox arrives. -MayEvg visit (symbol:with) Dr Wells the Hosp.l S0 10 Depart for no 11-(llth)(paren.Hughes') Remain at no 11-(12th)(parn. Hughes') return with mr wessels (13th)(paren. Hughes') at black Ck nothing new -May-10 Depart 14th ditto D Mr Wessels & Lt Mumford depart June 16 Headquarters Army of South Fort King Sp. order no 26 15 June 1840 Asst Surg. Hughes will repair without delay to fort no 11 and report for duty to the command.g off.r By orde r of B.G. Armis Signed WW Bliss Asst Adj. Genl Lt D arling Officer 2nd Dr a goons come F H

PAGE 339

245 Where I was wrong toward Tompkins 1. -In guing again into the block house where he cursed his capt. 2. In listening to his subsequent malevolence against him 3. In messing with him instead of with Tailor & Jennings 4. In imbibing his feelings against Lt Sherman supr (symbol) In being the least -jeeeHs-of his attentions to a naval offic.r a 6. In remaining so long at mess table with him 7. In not writing for a removal from the post whither I had been assigned 8. In being angry with him about Capt Mayo. 9. In speaking to St Aldridge as it was not my duty. 10. In not having a separate mess myself. 11. In Sent Dr Worrell Hosack's practice to Dr Wells June 16 1840 5 Dunglissons (?) viz 1 Duppy trend (?) Liston's operative surg. on midwifery

PAGE 340

246 247 248 (blank page ) (blank page) Points Blames Davidson as fool for picketing a liar for his mess account Toss up for pistols unfair. His disposition for encroachment. His obliquity against Davidson at old mess table & refusing t6 invite him to table Enraged with Tailor for going to beach so early & (syrnbol:without) his first selecting point Indian dance & Jennings Dr &c dirty shirt my letter from each Bill & Gas-coyne My suggestion of sep.t mess "Never do (symbol:said) he His treatment of Woodruff was such that Lt. Jennings remarked "if he were Woodruff he'd cut him at once. Enraged (syrnbol:with) Jennings for not making Sherman mess (syrnbol:with) him Enraged at Sherman's order -His (syrnbol:conversation) about him Treats him well however in his presence His enquiry about necessity of a lt killing a Capt. Had not the courtesy to ask me to take his boats or sailes occasionally-nor did he ever ask any one to do so -so I cant complain there.

PAGE 341

249 Got to flog a sailor, mad (symbol:with) me for advising not my reasons at advising him. Davis remarked first thing on his dispute about RANK (RANK over same). Enraged with me for my attentions to Lt Sloane & inviting him to the table (symbol: with) Davis Enraged with me for saying there were no Napoleons now a days. Told me he expected to dispute with Davidson about Commissary dptmt. His hunting for him one day. I advised not to be in such a hurry. His going to Texas. Tries to worm out of me my sentiments on abolition politics &c Sneers at Christoph. Hughes & his son Ch. John. to Davis (symbol:when) he was absent said I.

PAGE 342

250 Hebrew has only 500 words -is very easy. steamboat intervalls &c Feb 16. St. leaves us 17 comes up again March 3 Santee arrives -6th goes 18. Isis arrives with offs 21. departs April 13. Isis arrives Ridgely again. 18. Isis departs. May 3. Harney & Vinton arri. & go 5. Rodney arrives (Rodney written over something else & obliterating it) 6. Periogue depts (symbol:with) Capt D 10. 2 Indians & Harney Davidson &c go to N. 19 Arrival st (Inds come in) (paren. Hughes') 25 Sherman moves up to hill 31 Sandy passes (R.H. side of page & bottom half occupied by Hebrew exercises)

PAGE 343

251 S(symb.)S S goes S. (symb )KB B. arrives B. arrives Abstract 1839 Feb 11 Lt Mackall wounded 15 I landed at ft Lauderd. 17. Balch fires 20. 2 soldiers killed 21st -steamboat goes up there. March 1st 23. Act as officer of day till March 1st. White dog seen 18. Isis arrives with Tmks Ridg. Tail Jen. blank 5th to 18th March 21st departs with Churchill & Ridgely 27 large Indian fire Tmks gets I.n pass night fires all around us. 29 -Large fires at South by night 30 still burning over river April 4 Long conversation about Indians 5 -my likeness finished 10 Balcour of Burleigh read Ap. 11. 12 Taylor on scout? 13 Isis arrives but no stores 21 beat Tmks at chess & on 24th 27 went to beach (symbol:with) Jennings sailing 29 -a sail comes up. periogue May 3 Jennings sick Col Harney arrives & Vinton dpt same evg 4 & intends to resign 5. Rodney arrives in periogue. Murry stabbed ________ 6 ___ C_apt D departs (symbol:with) Mackall Rodney for KB. Aldridge & Murry depart 2 7 went (symbol:with) Taylor to beach 9 Jennings & Taylor go to beach. Trnks & I left alonge. 10 Turtle schooner arrives at Taylor's camp & Dr B's med. to me he had just boarded Col Harney & his 2 Inds. 14. Removed to beach.

PAGE 344

251 Page 2 @ 15 I went up to picket -flag truce torn down. 17 Lt Jennings goes up & returns. S.(symb.)N 19 Indians first arrival steamboat arrives. 20 five Inds arrive Watchee &c = 22nd all at a corn dance 25 Sherman moves up to brow of hill. S.(symb.)N 3 31. Harney passes (symbol:with) Inds & Sandy. about serv.t Bill & Gascoyne S (symb) S June 1st. Sulky goes off (symbol:without) word today Santee arrives from K.B. with Lt Siblee who takes Sherman down to K.B. 2nd. Ind wife whips Dennis. 4 3d. no Indians 4th 15 canoes in. Read June 4 to 11 11th. Aquatophana of DeJone. 16 Propose to separate from mess. B (symb.)K 17.18 Lt Woodruff arrives & departs 19 Sam Jones arrives

PAGE 345

252 @ B passes Capt Houseman passes SP.P S(symbol)N Abstract cont.d June 19 Sam Jones arrives 20. Lt Shubrick passes rides (symbol:with) 20 to 30 Tailor & Jennings depart Judson & Comegyss 30 Santee passes to Aug. (symbol:with) Cater Radney &c we are reduced now to pork and bread July 6 a vessel arrived but I omitted noting facts steambt Santee I think July 13. man with wounded hand lands B 19. Visited Indian camp. 22nd passes us (symbol:without) stopping Tmks aversion to Navy skiff sent down for sutler's articles to K.B. 24-skiff rtnd at night. Poinsett is at KB. Carter (symbol) us presents. (symbol)N. 26 Santee arrives at night. Col Harney is at Caloosahatch soon goes N.? 27th pleasant (symbol:conversation) with Tmks. B. 30th skiff from K Bis. with Caloosahatch massacre Aug 1st Chitto's arrival along beach. see p.258 2 He and his man leave camp. S(symb.)N S(symb.)N 13th Cincinnati goes 3 Chitto hajo & Sam Jones son in camp 4.5. Present arrives by steamboat (symbol) Lt Taylor 6 Steamboat with black flag 8. Santee (symbol:with) Paymaster Major Bennett who goes off in Cin-cinati on 12th. 10 Santee arrives off and is sent round into river. Htn goes to picket 12th. Santee returns Maj. Bennet visits camp .. Santee comes round into up to picket -August river with Miss Poinsett Sam J. sees her & mutual Explanations with Tmks. 14 Steamboat goes up to picket Col Harney talks with Sam J then goes up to picket. Tmks expatiated to Col Harney his troubles with & Jennings company

PAGE 346

252 Page 2 S to S @ S(symb.) S goes S.(symb.)S. south 15 eveng. my mutualities in statu quo (symbol:with) Tompks. Steamboat goes down to KB 16 Read my journal here Santee passes to Augustine 17th -I feel very unwell -rode a mule in ev.g read that day. Tmks did not invite me to sail this morning. -going to move his tent 18th moved my tent outside of picket 19th drank some port. 20th ate nothing all day, but chatted with Sam Jones about his pretty wife. 21st. my eyes became inflamed. 22nd. Walker Baldwin Harney & Sam Jones all dine (symbol) 23.d Tmks moved his tent. 24. Tmks went S.E. in skiff leaving me IN CHARGE (written over "in charge")

PAGE 347

253 Aug 26 Read my medical remarks on myself 28. Talk with Tiger. Tmks again wants Lochlin to (symbol) 29 Runner returns from Harney 30 Some men are born to honors some hive hs &c 31 Chitto Tusk & Sam Jones in camp B Sep 1 Lt Munn & Woodruff arrived 2nd. I rode with Lt Munn to inlet. 3d. Munn started at early morn. 4th Sick all day 5th. Read my rules of conduct (symbol) S. (symb.) S 7th -Steamboat Salmon Capt Dickinson arrives. Lochlin? 8th -Capt Mayo Tuck Davis Watkins McCocery Capt Frd &c &c Gascoyne? arrive. Billy & George arrive. Toney prepares to go Bennet? Salmon comes up at night Indians to reply on 4th day. Salmon has Martha & Navy Gaston has Harney 10. Capt. Mayo ascended the river S (symb.) S. 11th Chess with Davis -in ev.g Gaston arrives from August with Lt Poole and Shores (possibly "Shoves") 12th Harney said "if any man wants to fight me I want to fight him". The break took place afterwd aboard of the steamboat. 13th Conversation with Poole & Davis Salmon takes Harney & Mayo down to key S. goes S. 14th Salmon departs. Davis goes down to help her off Sloane of Navy left alone in camp. & then goes North S. goes N. 15th. Gaston comes from picket & goes down Tmks & Davis go down to assist her off. 16 Breakfast alone with Lt Sloane 17. Davis & Tmks return. 18. Went down by mule (symbol:with) Sloane saw steamboats off & returned by water. 19 Chess. 20 steamboat Salmon passes to N.

PAGE 348

253 Page 2 24 Bear hunt with Lt. Sloane. 25. Told Tmks I thought him unsociable 26. Breeze with TMKS about signing muster roll Davis's flag staff went up. The sailors cheered. a glass went all around. 27. Wrestled with Chitto T. 28. I make a suggestion. Sloane on watch to night 29. George & Boyle found morng. Evg. Lt Handy arrives 30. Picketing & rain.

PAGE 349

254 Abstract contd Oct 1 Storm schooner passes to South Oct 2. Equinox 3d. 3 Inds supposed to be seen 4 Read Ivanhoe 5th Davis gives me a ship pistol Oct 8th. Alarm -block house scene at night lOth. 1st chicken Mutual explanations about my telling Bill to tell Bennett that the chickens &c belonged to me. 11th. Davis in bed unwell sore throat & rheumatism Steamboat Gaston S. (symb. )N passes with Scan Smith Slacum. Davis's boat near swamping. 12th. Lt Handy goes to K. Biscayne in gun bt Harney S(symb.)S 15th. Wm Gaston arrives (symbol) Reg Cornwall scolded. Scene bet-ween Harney & .myself. Hug of Scan Smith 16. Tmks & Davis go after Caloosahatchee skiff cut loose 18. Onions & potatoes affair 20 bt goes out after old capsized yawl. 21. Waggon ride with Sloane & Davis. (symbol:conversation) about Colts rifls 24. I left in charge on return Rodebuck is ducked 26 I again interfere for St. Aldridge. 27th I lectured him. 28. Tompks (symbol) sailing & Davis. I declined going 29. I went with Sloane down to inlet. he killed a plover &c 30 Sloane sick BS Nov. 1. The Medium arrives from S. The "Natchez" passing from N.Y.o is BS boarded 2 The Neptune boarded by the children of the Woods. Davis & Sloane 3. Tompks mad (symbol:with) me about touching my cap to him. (symbol:said) (blot) passed up nocte (to Tampa) (paren. Hughes') S.N. 6. AugustineADavis & self (symbol) aboard. Lt Boyd S(symb.)S BB. Rankin Ord aboard 7. Bott. brandy stolen (symbol;from) my tent steamboat 10. Key west packet passess (symbol;from) Charleston. (Capt Mayo & Poin-sett comes up and goes off)(paren. Hughes') Lt Sloane goes off.

PAGE 350

254 Page 2 (symb-;} ss S (symb. )N S(symb.)B.B. The crew of the Harney returned. & Murray lands but returns 12th Euker with Boyd at night. 13th e handed whist (symbol:with) Davis Boyd & self 15th The Poinsett passes to Savanna. Lt Murray lands. s 16.17. Whist (symbol:with) Davis murray & Boyd. 18 Poinsettiarrives with intelligence of off's death at St Aug-us tine. 19 (symbol:conversation) about miss Read Leary flogged. 20. Salmon takes Boyd off. 21. Two schooners from N. boarded. Lt Buckner Bard lands and goes and afterwd Gaston Capt P. goes n 23d. Religicuse (symbol:conversation) (symbol:with) Tmks. 24 Tompkins sick. Murray & I shoot carbine 25 -Fall down (symbol:with) Murray in my hammock. He beats me at chess. 26 Davis complain.g of dysentery. Murray's sore throat well. 27. Went up to old picket Tmks & I landed. but Davis & murray (symbol) higher,, 18 Tmks mad (symbol:with) me for -ae-taking Juan with me yesterday. Davis starts for KB. 29. Inds supposed to be hallooing. 30 \17rote murray's obit. Dec 2. Murray (symbol) fishing in morng + he & Davis in eveng + 3 Murray gives me his own history. and Lt Ridgely s of Navy.

PAGE 351

255 BB S (symb. )N Dec 4. Disputes about relative ranks & sals of officers 5. My Decatur affair (symbol:with) Murray. wreck of the 28th Davis returns from his 6. Murray boards the Charleston packet news of Capt D's arrival at Charleston 7. I went aboard steambt lost my watch. 8. Visited Capt Burke. Sloane. McCreary. Baldwin &c. 9. off got ducked in swinnning ashore. 10. arose late Tmks goes to K.B. 11. night Tmks & Baldwin arrive 12. Exception? Any whatever? None. 13. Got Tmks to Davis's tent & Murray out & left & turn together. 14. Baldwin finishes our affair. I go duck.g (symb.:with) him. 15. Tmpks consents to salute Davidson "that man". The Dr. & murray go down 16. Two games of chess (symb.:with) Tompks. 17. Getting my guns in order. (word) taken from Harney 18. Davis & Tompk go N. after logs. 19. Tmpkns tries the gun I have bought of him. 20. Go to old picket with Davis 3 men wounded. Gaston comes up again. S(syrnb.)S Murray in her. 23d. Davis & Tompkins sharp shooting at my tent 24th. Francis again put to sawing. 25th. Bennets & Fair's main brace eggnog. Tmks mad for my giving Bennet some 26th. Tried Colts rifle. Hot punch (symb.:with) Murray in evg. 28th took bath 29th -Davis on buffalo throne. I treated all police at my tent. 30th Davis & Nurray go down the river Laird (symb. :with) them. (symb: conversation) (symb.:with) Tompks about Barnes notes.

PAGE 352

255 Page 2 SfmS S.N 31st Davis & Murray's logs for a house -sPPive-brought up. Tmks gives me his history of the arrival of naval force here. Jan 1st -find it necessary to readapt myself to him. Read the J. Conse-cration of the New Yr. by Davis 2nd. Davis goes down on mule & I -I am thrown 3d. Warm words about Honesty between Tmks & Davis. Muster Rolls & Purser 4th Davis's solitary ride up the beach. 5th. Read A. Barnes's works & Knapp's Burr. 6th. Tompkins vexed at my killing a cock. Davis's anecdotes gutterals & ladies. 7th. Murray & Davis forming a house. 8th Tompk. & Murray go fishing 9th. Capt Davidson arrives. Dr Worrell Byrne & Boyd 10. Finally settle (symb.:with) Tompkins about chickens after hot words. 11th. Boyd getting into his tent. 12th Murray tries my colt. 12th. Judge Doty & son Col And.s mr Segui, Dr Byrne, Capt Poin.tt & lt Davis land Lt. Tmpks departs in her.

PAGE 353

256 (crossed out) Jan 13. 1840 14. Two crabs copulating. Davis & capts mule ride. The duty of a Phys to suggest Capt tells me his projected secret expedition I call on Boyd in respect to Davis. Juan wants to be compensated message arrives. 15. Davis says I can go into Navy as qk as into Army. loo I beat all 16. A mule ride to end of inlet 17. Talk (symb.:with) Capt D. about Llewellyn's firing near ming's tent. Murray bit by a snake. Shooting at target (symb.: with) Boyd. Tommy sent up to Capt. D. Urge Boyd to have Capt adopt garrison regula 19. Incid.t with Capt D. 1 qt he (symb.) to give instead of 2 gallons Reading Chercley (?) 20. Shot my ship pistol. Many incidents in J. on 20th. "Eternal su(blot) to Davis 21 Canoe ride with Tommy. Capt D visited my tent and read the J. for (symb.:conversation) 22 Periogue with Capt Thompson Mr Duke &c 23. Swango in Bennett's tent with Davis. 24. Murray starts for Miami in skiff. I give Murray a double barra k 25 Write duties towd Capt D. 2 vessels off Flirt & Wave. Davis returns in gallant style read J. Boyd's treat at night. 26 All offs. abed in morning "Your good old father said Da.n nd J. 27. Davis starts forK. Bisc. Boyd's canoe struggle against wind Ind. fire up beach 28. Engage b l u e jacket & buttons o f Murr ay. h e tells me of D avis & Flirt 29 Murr a y returns with letter fro m Dr B. & Sloane's (symb.) 30. Stores's history. e g g no g in e v g 31 fleas! fleas!

PAGE 354

S. (blot)go S. SS go N B. goes Feb 1. Paid Shea read Aleiphron. 3 Lt Tompkins rtd. Maj. Loomis Capt Eaton Lt Johnston & Dr Foote. Scobie Murray goes down to Key. Mr Segui also comes & goes 5th. read Dutchman's fireside 6th. with Boyd to inlet. Get Gascoyne to cook 7th requested Capt D to dismiss Condon 2 fights in camp. Steamboat at night n Davis & Murray depart. Lewis takes command. Maj. Eaton lands and sups at a full table. I told him there ought to have been an older physician here 8th. l-lent ducking (symb. :with) Lewis & to sleep in hammock. lOth. Tmks leaves the mess table I I send for Tmks. 11th. Lewis departs leaving Flemming & Cole. St Ald.g arrested. 12th. With Tompkins to grave yd. I told him I intended to visit Va (symb.:with) him. 13. Quoted Clopicki to Tmks & soothed his feelings. Jeng.s arrested 14. Visited wife of St Aldridge. Intimate talk with Capt D. read J. Boyd said of T he was sickening 15. Sailed (symb.:with) Tmks Boyd Laird Macauley. Condon threatened to kill Juan is finally as I had requested arrested -Sttseeyfl.e-v intimate (symb.:conversation) (symb.:with) Tmks se J. I interposed to prevent Condon's being lashed. bath (symb.:with) Boyd read J 16-Studying Astronomy. "plausible & consummate rascal" (symb.:said) Capt D. at night Bennet & Storrs fishing 17. Stroll gunning (symb.:with) Boyd down inlet. At table Davidson (symb.) flushed. Excited talk with Capt D. on the beach. listed to flute & (sybm.) to tent 18th. Talk with Tmks. told him I was doomed.

PAGE 355

BBB S.f.N. S. (symb.)S. Feb 18th. 19. Wrote De Jone's discharge, How many now in prision Studying Hebre\v Bennet gave a blow out. Stand to yr rights Aldridge still arrested Boyd sick abed. took a slight R. Capt D tells me I am watched" Jennings Kirby Aldridge Condon Mulholland also 20. Tmks chasing the Capt (symb.) about Commissary. "Did you see Capt D. said he to me Dont be in a hurry said I. he had his stick in hand. Sent sailors into Hospital Talk (symb.:with) Storrs abt miss mgt Robinson 21. Tomorrow is Washington's day. Capt very formal. Mulholland still arrested. 22. Historic (symb.:conversation)(symb.:with) De Jone 23. Breakfasted hereafter generally in my tent. At dinner Capt. rep-rimanded me for speaking of hospital Lent Boyd my sword. Of-fered Capt my commission 24 Capt refuses to allow me Gascoyne and again refuses to allow my tent to be moved. my advice to Juan about stor(blot) Storrs arrested Mulholland still riding horse. 25. Boyd boarded a brig. News that Davis & Murray have passed Charlest evg. Boyd sick. Conversation at table about inferior arresting a superior officer. I said the Dr Judges or at once Anarchy. -(symb.:conversation)(symb.:with) Maily on fishing. 26 Cincinnati Capt Smith pases. Lt Rankin & Mr Craig pass. Shewed me Vinton's letter 27. Conversation with De Jone 28 breakfast alone in my tent. Gascoyne or Bennet cooked for me. 28 Boyds sweet heart Quarrel with Capt D. about cook Gascoyne 29. formality -quiet Sunday. Study Hebrew. Bath (symb. :with) Storrs & Boyd Storrs tells me his (sketch of heart)s name. Write for Regulations to Adjt. G. March 1st Here's to the cock that treads the hen Wrote few duties see J. 2nd. Borrowed of Dn Boyd boards schooner in vain. -asse-

PAGE 356

page 2 B.B. BB.B. Commence teaching Maccauley & Laird Tompkins talks of going to Texas. I thought it his very country. 3. Conversation with Dsn about Rain Gauge. fleas! fleas! 4 I went to breafkast this morng -caught Capts eye first & because I addressed him first Lt Tmks reddened up -I soothed him immediately. read history all day. 5 Storrs and self shoot rifle. Boyd & Tmks shoot rifle. He has 6. never returned my frequent visits to him. Got cigars Thrown (symb.) on sold.s Tmks details his early Florida 7. Tompkins attacking me at dinner table by oblique fire. Talk (symb.:with) Bennet Soldiers go after shells for me. 8 Lt Boyd boards a Charleston boat no news. 9. Maily's 3 fish Capt refuses to allow me to reward him Varied conversation (symb.:with) Tompkins. Bennet continues his history 10. Indian R boat plan. 11 Capt refuses to allow me to accompany Boyds expedition of the night. His relations requiring a moderator 13. Capt D. passes my tent without his usual courtesy Tmks this day reads his intended publication to me. never returns my visits to Talk (symbol)(symb.;with) Storrs & Bennet I being unwell take brandy & water

PAGE 357

25V, @ (top notes on history of medicine to about 1150 AD) June 20 Lt Shubrick passes 20 to 30. Santee passes to n. with Carter Rodney Tailor & Jennings June 30. July 6. 22 25 Santee passes (symb.) KB to Aug Santee arrives (symb.) n. goes down & stays Congtinn?-goes to K. West I think. Ap. 15 1840 yes and goes round to Caloosahatchee. St.r Poinsett Capt Mayo passes to S (symb.:without) stopping. night Santee goes n. at night of 25th 26th Santee arrives at night 26 July 30 Aug 5 6 8. 12 15 16 Sep 20. Skiff sent (symb.) Key b. with massacre at Caloosahatchee Santee arrives present (symb.) Taylor (symb.) n. S. Cincinnati (symb.) N (symb.:with) black flag Santee (symb.) S. with Paymaster Bennet -Seftee-Cincinnati goes n. -wfeh-Bennett &c Dawson go off in her Santee leaves Lauderdale for Key Bisc. Santee goes n. to Aug (syrnb.) Key Bisc. goes n.

PAGE 358

259 Duties Read Hippoc in Gk Galen do. make Cht of Medl. disoverers II II S(symb.)NtoS StoN(symb )S March 14th -Late at brkfst to avoid controversies. Bennett's history cont.d up late at night. Sunday March 15. Read my duties p. 177 16. Tompkins constantly complaining now of ennui. I visi'ted him therefore but though he walked about he never deigned to return my visits. 17. "Twere well if Tompkins were gone instead of being suspicious of me." 18. Tmks said to me may be the first I shall hear of him will be his.arrest for refusing to come back toft Lauderdale by order. He this day told me that Dr B. was to be married 19. Capt D's painting of the 3 graces. gives to me to copy 20 quiet Gibb's history Reading Whelpley &c 21st. Smoke at west. (symb.:conversation) on fish at dinner 22nd. Tompkins thought it the damnedest stupid thing to keep up ft Pierce 23.d Indian fire due west. Murray & Cunningham arrested. Goodman 24th 25th. begins his history Davidson avoided me without cause at battery Steamboat comes. Write to Baldwin Lt Burton & Capt McNeill land. My exe-crations against Poinsett (symb.:with) me Before dinner Tmks enragedAabout papers I settle my mess bill after dinner no particular-notice obliquities said Boyd of Tmks at suppe r hour'after or so I am told by a 2nd lt. that Capt D. orders me in arrest 26 -Verbally urged Boyd to urge his writing it 27. Demanded his order in w riting. St.t passes 28. Urg e d a reply from Capt Dan rifle required 29 Sentry place d before my tent A & 5 at night 30. H ave still cont.d visi t ing hospl.

PAGE 359

259 sheet 2 Arrested. Ap. -1st Have considerable difficulty obtain provisions an enlargement of my limits 2 breakfast on Bennets rick I request

PAGE 360

260 Page 261 (Top Qf page is devoted to language exercisesm mostly Greek) S.N Ap. 3. 4. 5. R.d Regulations Read newspapers fix tent medicals &c Evg Capt wishes me to keep close says Murry sent him note on p. 215. 6." My limits extedd. after he had shaken stick at me. Riot in 7. 8 -9th camp. Dejone forbid my tent Riot cont.d Brown ducked. Thunder & rain in evg. do -preparing boxes &c for depart. lOth-Borrowed Johnson's Poets. Collect mess in evg. Conversation in evg. with Lt Boyd 11th Read Charleston papers of Boyd 12th Do. Dumas 13th Returned do & borrow Tytler of S;t 14th St Aldridge's evidence promised. No stmbt yet 15th. Indn smoke. Capt D. refuses Stevens travels 16 Patience nothing of interest. 17 2 duck (symb.:from) Scobie cigars (symb::from) Aldridge-18 Mrs Mulholland has a boy 19 Mrs Mulholland quite well. 20 Finish Tytler 21 Finished all except 2 books of Ub. heart heavy 22-Sick (symb.:with) diarrhea guard removed 23 Steamboat comes (Some notes on German language in lower l.h. corner of page) (Page 261 is devoted to lists of Hebrew & German alphabets; important in that it gives a key to the German script used by Hughes elsewhere in the journal)

PAGE 361

262 List of Books to form my Moveable & Permanent Library Instruments for Sport Law Wharton's Internation. Blacksonte. Kents comment. Hoffmans Law Study Treaties. Tom Paine? Napol. Code Americ Constins Cele-Col brated Trials (Boyles) Medicine Military A & N Chronicle Scotts inf tactics all &c &c Army regulations Literary & Miscellan Scotts Bulwer James d'Israeli Marryatt Curiosts of Literature Dramatic -French Moliere Corneille Racine Victor Hugo Schiller Goethe Family Library Anc.t Classics (illeg.)lated Brit. Classics Poets Burke's Mackintosh's his Eng Cobbett Randol phs History Roddick Voltaire Sismondi Gillies A.G. Xenophon's Tacitus Liby Sallust Caesar Rollin Adams Roman Ant. Kennet's do. South America? Prideaux Cicero Demosthenes Gibbon Russel Robertson Ch V. Wash Irving's all Sarazin French Marsh Memoirs Naval Marryatt Cooper Bowditch Brents Coast

PAGE 362

263 Biography Washington Jefferson Madison Pat.k Henry Davie's Burr Alex. Hamilton by his son Roger Clarke Andrew Jackson Monthalor Las Casas &c Dumas Canlen Vicens Cambaceres.Segui Lafayette History Sully's mem. Pepy's own times Geography Le sage's Atlas Morse Malte Brun L.d Brougham's Religions Blair Saurin Th. a Kempis Chaloner Hall Mays's Myth-olog Koran Shaster Hindoo & Chinese Swendenborg Mathemat. dutton (?) Simpson's Cornick

PAGE 363

264 Library &c cont.d Wilson's ornithology Cuvier's Good's book of Nature-Goldsmiths Animated ? Comstock & Buckland a Geology apartes ornithology. Dictionaries water Paint box & brushes Ryall -ditto = Featherstonaugh L. Bon-oil do. do. Globes Daguerrotype Theodolyte -Telescope Canoe Mathematical horse & housings Ditto Americana yawl skiff Ital. Painters Cyclopedia Rees's Family Library like Sloanes mnemonikas 2. Coles & Old 1.

PAGE 364

265-266 267 (leaf torn out & missing) (7 sketches of various subjects in ink) Write a book on "Influence Sympathy Magnetism Divinity Christianity" (3 sketches of crosses with various words) 3 ( -) 1 1 3 Hughes Ellis Hughes aut munguam tentes aut perfice -Davis Oct 15 Dunglisson's journal of (crossed out) 15 Dec 1 Dec 18 R.d Feb 27th 1840 Cupid on Jackass semper paratus

PAGE 365

268 Plantation To(symbol) a countenance stamped with suspicion -An overseer appearance of person The Astley The Cooper or Etiwan R.s "some exquisite newton wine" The Navy -by its cooperation at ft. Lauderdale it has given us for immediately a flag to fight and visited a theatre where a soldier had been shot & rescued him from -kis-an earlier death and while present has given security and safety to a spot con-sidered in danger. -B-The absence of the corps will be regretted. Ap. 11. notes to Boyds Charleston papers Topics &c. Balt. American's criticism of Coopers new novel the "Pathfinder" The S.C. College & the College of Charleston (sybm.:from) Courier "Price of your goose? "4 & 3d." "I'll give you 4 shi." Very well you may ha et for 4; for you see I clapped 3d. on because I knowd you want summat off. Aw always find that the way o' woman is to hev 3d off the gyeese and a penny off the giblets and so aw axes accordingly. Hollo Sam, what you doin dar? Fishin. Wall fwat dat you got in you' mouf. Not'hm but som wo'ms for bait a witty writer says. "as all mankind live in masquerade whoever presumes to come among them barefaced must expect to be abused by the whole assembly. Here lies the body of (symb.) children dear 2 buried in the Isle o f Wight. The other here mississippi female "cabin boy" looking for her husband on river mississippi The English female sailor whos e own brother approved of her becoming a sailor 6 or 8 ys thus she lived her blushes when detected French gallantry. "The salique law being abolished the prince (Orleans)(paren. Hughes') would only be an obstacle to the house of Coburg giving a spouse to another of the Ccnstitutional Queens of the 4ple Alliance

PAGE 366

268 page 2 rurralis cation rambling excursive article Espy that mast imbriferous professor the cheerless overseer Shaking with ague & jaundiced (symb.) bile ?mortar or tapia work? Stephen & Times are now both even. Stephen beat time now time beats Stephan Epst.pn on Little Stephen a (2 symbols) tonguless horse lady with spiders in her eye Somes frog salle a manger dulce et utile horticultural taste & ornament Tm Camoelia Japonica

PAGE 367

269 Write a chapter on poisons Carriages "a berlin" a -pe-cab cabriolet chaise charist Carriage laplander -travelling carriage dor-me use more wonders than thy philosophy has dreamed of all kinds ancient & modern national savage artificial &c animal & vegetable for war -for secret death -&c on dreaded witches &c. Tricking &c -on fevers or disease -on medical character Greek philosophers &c -on Rush -dilating on his versatility & inconsistency & dilating to Physick -Mott &c Hosack -on Contagion -on secret remedies -quacks patents -revealed secrets vulgar remedies &c chronology,country,age,branch And its false connec-Write a history biography &c of Med.cn -in every phase tions with other sciences -on true Happiness + Moderation in all functions and as astrology War (Chern-prompt attention to all duties as true natural Religion istry)(paren. Hughes') &c -on Human Speculations about man Greek philosophers-chemists &c Vanity Astronomy &c on Classifying diseases or Nosology -its utility & yet -its vanity -the history of its literature -on deaths of eminent men -the dse which killed each. -on Cholera morbus Plague & Eastern diseases. -on medicine among each foreign people -Chinese Hindoos tartars savages &c -on progress of Christianity intermingling all kinds of traditions lives of saints festivals winter super-stitions &c Try full effect of every medicine on myself -on tobacco & its use & abuse &c national -on favorite articles of diet & their preparation on French cookery -hygeine -dinner pills -gout x cornars x smoking x wine x chenaps -x

PAGE 368

269 page 2 servants a postillion foot boy outrider valet de chambr equerry a groom ostler cook barber hair dresser tailor boot black -on distilled fermented and brewed liquors & their various differences -on the venereal act passion & nature -on &c -Ridiculing medicine -their discrepancies inconsist-encies ignorance. &c Works of death -zoological remain Cuvier -Ganges animals -plagues -(word) snow -animalcular -(word) -age on age -on comparative effects of various purgatives and of various of each class servant -personal attache + orderly + groom secretary amanuensis

PAGE 369

270 Ap. 11. 1840 notes to Dumas memoirs: (notes relating to French history of the Revolutionary & Napoleonic periods) Ap. 13 TYTLER (notes on European history; 3 lines)

PAGE 370

271 Carter's mess bill with Tks settled up to Aug 19. due thence to Sept 14 excluding bill ")..(., 'l.l ll 13.\0o Oct 27 Tks paid 41.18 to Mr Iscoby Jan 11. to newton ------------------25.00 31. bd. at August & Bk Ck ------25.00 Feb 16 .. to Capt Poinsett ---------20.00 May 7\to Carter to May 7 --------15.09 to Commissary to May 7 ----to Comm. Taylor for June ---300 To Carter to Aug 13 --------19.13 19+1 To Commiss. to Aug 19. 2000 To cooks to Sept 31 = 32.00 159.22 In spring To Mackall comm. 25.00 184.22 From Aug 14 to Sept 14 due to Comm. & all, except Carters bill -------13.11 To To Capt Poi rr m 7 -T & caAer to /,. 12 To Car er to I --------1 1800 15.09 June 1st Aug 12 9.35 ----? -90.13 ( -.-t.. J \ \ 43.00?

PAGE 371

272 to Davidson 500 25.00? Comm. Taylor J ....... 300 ''-Bill -'' ... 100 ,,-Ga.et)yne Bennett / & Lewellyn 32.00

PAGE 372

272 $(blot)ooo Baltimore 1838 The bank of B. pay to on order two dollars twenty cents E Hughes endorsed by Mrs Harris Bank Dr Bank Cr. 1838 Ap. 4. J. Hughes check 100$ Check to Dr Harris 20$ EXPENSES On Jan 11th I had 55$ on hand on Aug 31 ager receiving 29383 makng in all 348.83 and expending what I wanted I had left 48$ which made 300.93 is spent. This I can account for nearly as follows. -Jea-f-At ft Butler -paid Jan 20 -AHg--NewtonAmy mess, hosp.l Stewd $5, & sutler about 5$ = 30. 15 At Bk Ck. of mr Cole & boardg of Mr Hay 5-bd at Augustine 5 ---25 Santee 20$ -Mr Carters bills 110$ monumt surg genl 5 -------135 Commissary to Davidson say 20$ Taylor 3, Tompkins 20 Lochlin 16,Bill 1,. 60 Mrs Aldridge $10, American 10, home 20$, hospl. 5.50 Indians 4.50 50 1839 Expeded from Jan to Aug inclusive Total 300 I received from Aug 1 to Jan 11. 1839 $ and as I then had 55$ I had expended 462.17 cts. as nearly as follows I can recollect Borrowed of St A & Ez.k 70, uniform in N.Y 50 ---------------------------12 0 Passage to Plattsbg 35 -board there 10, to Troy & wine 25 --------------70 Board at Troy 14. to Old Pt 35, Board there 13.75 Incidentals----------65 Books a t Charleston 5. Savanna & Nor f 20. dress case 12 desk 7 -fae----45 Lottery ticket 10, Med.l Review 10, boots 7 Incident 3 30 Debt s i n Balt Mrs Harris 35, B a rnum 10 G ill & Annapolis 15 60 Trunk i n Bal t 16 $ m e ndg pist 200, Books Hollingsworth 8, watch 33 -----60 Bd at Bk Ck -& at Augustine 10. ---------------------------------10 Incidentals un acctd -------------------$ 46 0 -.J--49--4 63

PAGE 373

272 Page 2 Total expenses for 1st year = 763$ debts = about 100 (written over "76$") then in all expenses are 863$ for first year excluding clothing

PAGE 374

273 Account with mr Carter mr Carter Dr to Ovid's art of Love March 17 = 1087 Cash for his bill May 7 1839 = 46.77 of which were for mess from Feb 16 Do Aug 13 = 65.00 to May 7 = 4.22 paid 111.77 June 1 9.78 paid on Aug 13 Aug 12 985 paid Aug of which Feb 16 to march 17 = 10.87 -transfered April 9 settled by me -May-17 -, .:..:.- .;:1 were for 15.09 mess to May 7 -----------422 -transfd May 7 settled l-1ay 17 to June 1 9.78 transfd June 1 settled Aug 13 _;; ___ 19.13 to Aug 12 9.35 -transfd Aug 13 settled Aug 13 34.22 thus in two transactions I have settled 4 mess bills. 1st. 2 mo + 20 days or in all 80 days = 15$ 2nd 95 days 19$ of the above since Feb 1st 24$ were for tobacco &c making $50 per annum for narcotin T 0 b Cigars matches Tobacco pipes &c for 1839 a as far as known by Carters bills but c c 0 sometimes I paid cash for them to steamboat hands & to Mayer -my purchases at Plattsbg Burlington Troy steamboats, New York Balt, Old Pt. Norf Charleston Savanna Black Ck Aug-ustine Volusia & Key Biscayne have no doubt made the amount at least $50 during the past year Mess. & Board to Davidson 5.00 mess to Carter as above $4.22 to Mackall &c 23? Feb. -1.82 March -April 00 May -9.25 232 June -5.12 July -6.19 Aug -.50 Sep Oct Nov Dec Board at Troy at Plattsbug at Old Pt Twenty three dollars twenty five cents in a number of of months (word) which three were so that I could get none when I wanted them!

PAGE 375

273 page 2 Aug 19 to Tompkins Bill -to Taylor for June 19.00 1.00 3.36 Commissary) mess at Mackall's depart, I think, was 23$ Sept 20 sent to Bennett order to check for 444.41 at Black Ck & Anson at Santee

PAGE 376

274 horse feed per day corn oats hay 14 lb hay + 8 qts corn qts 8 + 12 or 14 lb 14 lb hay + 12 qt oats qts 4 + 6 + 14lb 14 lb hay + 6 qts oats + 4 qt corn W.T. Newton 2.nd Drag Pay per month 30 days. if month of 31 days add 4 per self Pay -----------33.33 399.96 & 1 for servt. rats = 5 servants do. 8 5 X 20 = 1$ & 89 + 1 = 90.83 126.00 do clothing 2.50 4 rat.p.d. 30 (symb.)= 24.oo 120 rations at 20 365.00 do servt 1 pr. day 30 x 209 = 6;oo forage for 2 horses 8$ = 16.00 192.00 89.83 1082.90 from to Pay for myself April 1 -Aug 31 Five 33.83 for pvt servt April 1 Aug 31 not sold.r Forage for 2 horses April 1 to Aug 31 at 8$ Five Five -Clothing for pvt servt April 1 to Aug 31 -5 -not soldr Subsistence for myself Ap 1 Aug 31 -days 153 4 612 20 for pvt svt not soldr Ap 1 Aug 31 153 x 20 (some calculations (figs in column) partly obsc. by following lines below) 8 16 250 Sep 8 wrote (word) check for 452.15-7.74 Mrs Aldridge = 166.65 40.00 = 80.00 12.50 122.40 30.60 452.15 excess = 444.41 for my father to Major Bennett It starts for Augustine on the

PAGE 377

275 276 (blank page) Expenses from Aug 1838 to Aug 31 1839 In hand Jan 11 1839 = 55$ 19 Aug 22 to Oct 31st 207.07 From Aug 1838 to Aug 1839 90.83 Dec Jan March 3 272 49 Total receipts 811.03 89.83 Nov -89.83 Total expenses 757.03 87.77 Feb. -87.77 19 Total remaing. 54.00 transportation to Platts & to Old .Pt. 55.30 + 7410 129.40 cash for postage of Taylor -2.00 cash for hospital of Taylor 987 + 1262 -22.50 Total Cash received 81100 + 452.15 1263.15 from Aug 1838 to Aug 1839 1838 = 517.07 + 90 83 Jan+ Feb March 178 60 = 786.50 + 24.50 Taylor 811.03 Incidentals of 1838 26.35 I08290 09.25 1838 Sep. Paid to Ezl. & H.A. borrowed money = 10$ passage to Plattsbg. 35$ uniform in N.Y. 50$, board at Plattsbg. 10$, passage to Troy & wine 25$ board at Troy $14, passage to old pt 35$, board at oldpt. 1375, books at Charleston 5$, savanna & norfolk 20$ dress case 12$ desk 8$ lottery ticket 10$ med.l Review 10$ boots 7$ -Total incidentals paid in all 329.$ Dr Debts in Balt to Mrs Harris Gill &c 35 -in Annap. to ETS(?) & JW.W. &c = 60 = 95$ Cigars bought = 11$ Paid for board in Anson & Qrt. at Feb 15 Black Ck & 20$ to Santee say in all 35$ Purchases of Mr Cole 12$. 20 days at 75 = 18 hand = 28 Mess expenses-paid to Mr. Carter March 17 = 10.87, May 7 = 422, June= 9.78 Aug 12 = 9.35. in all to from Feb 14 to Aug 12 = 34.22 Books of Hollings-5 33$ tailoring &c worth -watch in Augustine board then &c = about = $60 May 6. Mess furniture of Capt Davidson $5. Feb 15 1839. Paid Capt Poin-sett for 24 days board at 75 = 1800 paid hands $2 = in all 20$.

PAGE 378

276 Pge 2 ought to be 60 leaving unaccounted June 26-Paid to Tailor com-missary bill 336 Cash to Indians for art-icles of mess Mrs Aldreidge for wash-ing to Aug. 9 do -in April about 3.00 to Lochlin 12$ + 355 + 45 16.00 Aug 9 corn for mess 25 Aug 13. Cash to American Balt 10.00 (word) to father 20.00 To mr Carter on Aug. 13 -55. May 46T = Lauderdalers $ Summary of above. Incidentals = 329 Carter's mess ex. = 34.22 Debts in B & A 95.00 Cigars 11.00 Board 35.00 Mr Cole 12.00 Augustine expens. 60.00 Lauderdale do. 139.19 Finals = 20.50 expenses from Aug 1838 735.91 13 to Aug 1839 Aug 17 Sam Jones for to Indians for skins mess to Newton 21.09 to Incidentals unaccountd surg. genl. monument 5. remaining -54.00 811.00 Final Aug 19. Bill 100 Tompkins 19(blot) Murray (blot) Indians 50 ct

PAGE 379

277 1839 Aug 19. -cash received this mth. 178.60 expended 124.60 leaving Aug 19 Cash in hand 54$ 54 00 Debts to Md Rep. $5, F.r Her.d $5, Med.l Intell $5, Courier des Etats $10 428+ X + y to Gascoyne 3m. 12$ to Jackson Kirby Francis Gibbs & + i + w Ald. $5 to Bill ?2 to Mr Cater's latest bill un-presented = X & to mess = 4 to macauley ? to hospital 22.50 bts +x+y+z+w 30 313031 31 ry Debts due to me Ap.M.J.J.Aug.Sal 5 rna = 454. Augustine postage = v & v+x+y+z+w= a 1839. Aug23d paid hospital purchases 5.50 leaves 48.50 d. now due by me in hand of which 17$ belong to hospital 59$ + X + y + Z + W Aug 28. Sent Toney 50 cts leaves 48$ in hand debts now due by me = 59$ + a Sep 8-Received 25 cts of Gascoyne 7.74 of St. Ald-ridge being the excess of her pay = 8$ Wrote check for 444.41 cts. for father to Maj. Bennett-(452.15 cts being my (word) .1!.. Sept 16 Cash in hand 35. Aug 28 had 48.00 To Watche for pipe 50 -e-cts 20.50 To home Sept 13th = $20. 48.00-2050 = 27.50 (symb in hand. but 27.50 + 7.75 of Aldridge+ 25 of Gascoyne = -36-35 50 in hand on Sep 16th on hapd Sep 16 Sep 8 Write to Maj Bennett for check -44-444.41 + 7.75? for father to end of Aug

PAGE 380

277 pg 2 Sept 20. Sent letter to Bennet. The steamer Salmon also took my letter to J.H. enclosing $ to father-Sep 16 I had 3S.SO @th lent Tuck S$ McC S$ @ by S$ for McC of Daves per Tompkins left 30 SO. paid Martha SO cts left 30$ -paid Gascoyne lS$ left lS$ in hand. Debts now due Gascoyne 1$, Kirby 1$, Jacson & Francis + maccauly $1 + hospit?l 17$ mess Carter Haslam Mrs Gibbs Courier des Etats Unis. med.l Journal Oct 9 Cash in hand $1S, lent Tuck $S &

PAGE 381

278 @) Public Money Received Washington to Plattsbg Capt Irwin -55.30 1838 Oct Aug 22 to Oct 31 Maj Kirby Troy 207.01 30 Cap Gr Nov 16 transport. Troy to ft Monroe 74.10 nov Maj. Lytle Oct 31 to Nov 30 Aug. 89 83 1 Total for 1838 517.07 0 St Aug. Mr Hemming 90 83 g Maj. Bennet for Feb & March 178.60 1 Lt Taylor hosp. 2250. postg 2$ June 3. June 26. 1260 April -89.83 May -90.83 June -89.83 July 90.83 Aug.t -90 83 452.15 Deduct Aldridge's 7.74 Collected acct leaves 444.41 786.50 24.50 811.00 Oct 12 received per Gaston Maj. Bennet' of 27th Sep informing me of his sending ch 444.41 to father Receive "'' father's receipt for Sep 30 Oct 31 Nov 30 Dec 31 89.83 90.83 89.83 90.83 811. 48 763 178.6 so 8 24 5 293 8 Remarks 324.4 24.5 348.9 in hand J n 11 = 55$ fore ex e ded up to -=-=---"--''-l'-=--=-.:::.. 11th 62.07 these for expen es See 27 Aug 19 ca h in hand --t:fie'f'ei'e'f'e e*peHeee--::laH-ll.--Aug 31 ca h in hand therefore expended -::la -ll-from letter Au 31 300 k for To al expend Au 1 1838 t 18 9 = 783$ -----------t:e al-e*f'eHe -Att --361.34 deduct (blot) gun & ospital therean $54. ::i:Hee-48$ s::i:Hee--Jan 11th 3 ---from Aug 31 e-f'f'el!l-

PAGE 382

279 Dec 1. 1839 The due by me are to 30 16 "' = = 17 = 20 --53 10 Md. Rep. 5 (word) Her. 5 Med.l Intell. 10$ for ensuing yr (Courier des Etats 10$ for past yr from March 1st To Bennet for cooking from Oct 1st. te-6eftdeft-for waiting from Sep 15. months up to Jan 1 To mess to Sept 15th-exclusive ofCarters To mess from Sept 15th to Dec 1st -To Hospital -900 To McCauley & Laird To Kirby for tailoring 600 To Lauglin for 2 trousers 552 To Carter To Haslam 8(blot)p 90.?..-.. To Iscoby 90? -To Mrs Aldridge for washing from to Jan.lO --to Q. Master U.S.A. for prop. lost ----To Mr Center for Lt Fowle ---------30. 15 00= (crossed out)= 17 77 17.00= 0 00 =6 00= 5 52= 53.34 10.00 =8 50= 60 To Soley 25 cts. + to Tompkins for gun &c 50 + 10 60 00= Crd. To Clem.t Tuck $5 & Bulwer's Novels To Carter Ovid's art of love. Debts To Tomkins's Bill --paid $5 To Young for bunk 2 00 To Llewellyn -1.00 Kirby -6.00 Juan for hospital 2 75 Paid Juan individ -Scobie for hosp.l -See Hospital act. at Dec 31. 1839 4.50 To (word) double harrell gun of ord.nc To Davis's Noah-1 old coat paid. ------------------------------+---4-------Jan 9. 1839. Paid Lt T. for all mess up to Jan 1 = 77.77 for personal act gun &c. = 56 00 Debts Total-133.77 paid. To Kirby for tailoring &c. -6.00 10. Mrs Aldridge up to this date -8.50 great coat of Lochlin 860 -2 overals 27.6%-5.52F 14 12 To Mr Iscoby up to Jan 9 & his hospital bill 50.50 To Condon $15 up to Jan 1st+ 275 to Juan for Left due Med.l Intell. $10 Courier $10 Haslam 9$, Carter, Center for Fowler 230.64 Or :lnance & .. M

PAGE 383

280 and Expenditures in cash on personal act. 91.83 of Mr Hemming for Jan.y (line crossed out) Dr. Aug 8. June 3 Aug 8 Aug 13 Sep 1. -&--t:e-Gep-t:-P. Paid to sutler 50? to Indians tailor 1.00 10? to mess.30.83 to 91.83 Paid to Mrs Aldridge washing doz since Feb 1. 6.75 Paid Lochlin for 2 jackets at 83=166 & 3 -over-alls at 63 1.89 3.55 Lochlin to cooking boot cleaning &c from Feb 14 to May 14 -12.45 Cash of lt Tailor Com.g for hosp.l for May, and on June 25 received of Lt Tailor for June -Cash in June of Lt Taylor for letter postage -I Cash of Maj. Bennet for Feb. & MarchCash in hand Aug 9 1839, (9) Cash to Ind'ns for corn -.25 Cash to Carter 65.00 to American 10$ to father 20$ 95.00 Aug 28. paid to hospital 530 -lent Toney 50cts Cash received and expended from Aug 1 1838 to Aug 31 1838 as seen by page 276 -& 277 -----773.00 Settlement Aug 31st. remains in hand -Cr. 90 83 22.50 2.00 178,60 811.00 773.00 48.00 & debts due -ffiey-amount to about 100 00 --------Sep 27-check from Maj. Bennet to father 444.41 16 Sept By cash of St. Aldridge 7.75 of Gascoyne 25 ---------18 Sept Lent Tuck 5$. Gascoyne 15$. 20.00 13th 20th Sent to J.H. $20 ------20.00 444.41 8.00 Martha to cash 50. Watchee's pipe 50 1.00 56.00 41.00 41 -------------------------------------------------------------;----------;----------Oct 12 Cash in hand (including 5$ to Handy returned on 15 per Smith) (paren. Hu ghes')------15 Articles received per Carters bill. 1 basket Champagne ----1 box Champgne cider -----2 Jars Pkls ------50 best cigars -------3 pipes ------18.00 6.00 2.00 1. 50 12 27.68 1/5. 16th -cash to Jackson 1, Kirby 1, Francis 1, Gascoyn e 1 Lewellyn 16th $ 1 ------D ebts due to Mr Scovy 2 bats claret -----cigars -----paper/letter -3.00 2.00 15.00 10$in han

PAGE 384

281 @) 1840 444.41 20 20 50 20 554 --59--Dec 30th 1839. Paid Tompkins's bill $5 for a services, Jan 9. By cash for 4 months of Col Andrews 10 To debts paid off from same 11 -Debts forwarded to 2 publications -Do. to Mr Haslam -12 To Courier des Etats leaves 250 + --------Mess additional 7.27 Scobie 150+300+Young 200 13.77 leaves leaves to In hand on Jan 20 1839 --------In hand Jan 26 1839 -15x5=75.+2.50+271 28 of this pay to Anderson for shoes to Capt. Thompson for cigars = Feb 1st 8$. for expenses as above up to Jan 12 mess additional -Scobie 450 -Young 200 -Capt Thompson for cigars Anderson for shoes 2 handkerchiefs of Shea on 270.84 7. 2 7 6.50 7.00 1. 50 1. 25 294.14 8.00 302.14 Jan 27 1st 1840 Debts due are to Md Rep. Fdk. Herald=l Hospital --------paid Shea Macaulay & Laird blue suit Carter ------Center ---------Dr Cr 11 5.00 361.34 230.64 20. 10. 10 270.64 90.70 makes 93.20 -+-.!2+--14 77 -8-3-.4+---Hi-.93---88-99-----78-.43----80.21 1. 5 D 7 0 -? her r--oin I ---r----I 69.60 0 I 1$ is lost!

PAGE 385

282 In hand Feb 7. = 69.60 Gave Scobie to put in hand of post master ----20.00 leaves in hand dye ti carter same date 51.34 debts due Scoby cash in hand Feb. 20. exchanged gold for notes (symb:with) Stores $40+9 lO+silver .65= in total 50.65 Feb 22 paid Bennet for cooking for me from Sept. 15 up to Feb.22 4 mo. x $4= 15.00 leaves in hand on Feb 22,1840 -35.65 Due to Scobie Feb 27= $34 Feb 28 forward to Gorier des Etats Unis for yr from 10.00 Nov 1st. last it went March 2nd leaves in hand ---25.65 Feb 28 sent SOcts for postage to P.M. for Adj. Genl. March 2 gave Stores ----15 leaves 25.50 March 6. to Cap of Vandalia 4 00 for cigars leaves 21.50 March 4-to Stores for -sfiels-Tustenuggee's ear rings 2 00 Leaves Feb 28 postage 19.50 so 17 Have only March 24 Steamboat 19.00 arrives. 25th. paid Lt Tompk.s for mess expenses -44.32+ 2 -----44.32 (symb.) 34.34 due to him 2 cents. ev.g arrested Cash in hand Ap. 6 Specie 17.70+paper 17 = 34.70 Ap. 7. paid Reedy $2 for tail.g 2.00 29. Paid lt Boyd for mess act 1. 7 5 which leaves 34.70-3.95=30.75 30 Lent Bennet $15 leaves 15.75 May 6 -Paid all hospital bill to Mr. Heath -9.97 15.75-9.97+3= remaining May 8= 5.75 left cash all to 3 cents spent (symb.: with) Mr Heath. May 12. Received Jan & Feb salary of Col Andrews= 179.66cts paid Juan H.S. for cash borr.d = 100 for Navy = 27.87 34cts gone leaves 51.1iQ 51.45+5.75=57.20 May 11 Received Cash of Col. Andrew for March Ap. 180.66 57.20+180.66=237.86 Paid Mr Scobie Mr Carter 117.55 50.00 167.55 237.86-167.5Sleaves in h.d=70.31 (actually 70.SS)(paren. Hughes') May 12th to Mr Scobie for items to Capt. D. for postage 19.+100.-84.32=34.68 34 .'IOQ is the true amt. 26-promissory note to Juan 100$ 26th. (several symbols) Debts in camp Gascoyne as cook from Cond.n from Jan 15 to paid Tompkins cts.2 27th Lent Stores 5.$ -------5.00 Mr Scobie 30.$----30.00 28th Mr Scobie's = --5.00 27th 84 32 25 -----Ap. Ready's Tailoring Mrs Aldridge-washGibbs-beer ---Mulholland hemg ----Feb. 25 Feb 2.00 10.00

PAGE 386

28 3 @ Articles in Mess Furniture Aug 13 1839 5 Knives 5 table spoons 4 mess tub 3 forks 5 teaspoons 2 frying pans 1 teapot 5 tin mugs 2 mess pans 1 coffeepot 3 pewter mugs 1 camp kettle 1 kettle 2 pitchers 2 tin plates 1 small pan 2 glass tumblers 2 wash basins 8 common plates some Mrs Aldridges 1 tin dish 1 brass candlestick 2 tin do. 2 water jugs (1 & 2 gal)(paren. Hughes') 3 saucers 1 teacup 2 (crossed out) bowls Loans by me out March 10, 18iQ_-To carter ovids art of Lover = to Capt D. ltalia & French papers -To Boyd -sword & india ink -To Storrs Fl. papers. April 25th 1840. 2 gals port wine. 3.75 march 24 Jerdin's cooking. lm. & 3 weks Jerdin =3 75 May 15 Cond -lm paid Cond =3.00 Gascoyne lm Gasc =3 00 3m. 3ks Mrs Gbbs =5.00 3 shirts 62=187=200 to Gasco=300+200=500 Gas 14.75 to Mr Scobie Champ. & cigars 300 Cond 13 to Mrs Aldridge ---10.00 375 Jerd May 15 Paid Cooks from Jan lst=15.80 (& 405 Mrs G. private washing)(p.Hughes') 1580 & 70.55 leaves in hand May 15 15 paid to Lt Boyd Cash -------17 I n h and 485x 5 =24.25+250=26.75 485x5 = spent in s m a l l items spent ------17th total in h and ----------------------------------165+ 2910 30.75 2.53 28.32 1.47 26.75 2.50 24.25

PAGE 387

284 286 PAGE) PAGE) 287 288 289 290 291 292 293 (BLANK PAGE) (3 watercolors; one of human leg; one of woman's head; one of man's head) (BLANK PAGE) Notes to Stevens Richest men in Russia -Demidoff Shetemetieff & Count Worenzowi 1840. 23 Steamboat Gaston to S. April 24 3 men wounded 25 -wrote touching note to Capt D 26 -Steambt returns (symb.:from) S. DeJone & Scoby depart. Recommend Jerdin's dismissal. I obtain new hsopl steward & a nurse. (BLANK PAGE) (BLANK PAGE) (BLANK PAGE) inoculate (9 lines in German script) (1 line German Script) (10 lines of Eurpean history notes) My ridiculous points in anticipation should I revisit Md. 1st. For her friends to know of my reporting that we were rptd. to be engages. Miss C R & sdlf.

PAGE 388

294 295-300 (entire page of German script & exercises in German; 2 faces sketches in bottom r.h. side of page). (3 leaves torn out & missing; only .stubs visible).

PAGE 389

301 LETTERS My letters to Their Date Reply From Date Received My reply or orig Sent Via Reply to -Wm Tell Claude April 30 July 17 1839 July 25 Santee & cart. S. F. H. Julv22 -July25 Santee HAH. July 22 July25 Santee Wm Henry Fowler W. H .F. July 25 July25 Lt. W m _H. :.Saunders :)1. c Junel2 July 6 Dr Benj King S.n -Quarterly report July25 Santee Dr HW Baxley 29 July25 Santee Lt Tailor & Jengs at ft Pierce July25 Santee Dr Welch written sent Cincin July 28 Augl2.13 Dawson Dr Claude w July Cincin 26 Augl2.13 Dawson Lt Taylor w July 30 Augl2.13 Mr Nus scar w July Cincin 30 Augl2.13 Dawson H.A.H. June 13+ 4+July 9 Aug 5 Aug 1 to 12 Cincin Santee Augl2.13 Dawson Lt Ta ylor July 30'39 30th July Aug 5 Cincin Santee Aug 12 w Aug 12 Dawson -Lt Jenni ngs July3lst"39 31st J1:1ly __ : Aug 5 .. i Santee -medl. Supplies no letters Aug 5 Sa tee -Surg. Genl & Aug 16 Santee Dr Ma xwell Aug 12 Aug 13 Aug 16 Santee Lt Ne wton -t.t:-t.a a-t.e-16-Santee To JH s HA. H ughes Aug 2nd & 12.1839 Sept 7th Sat per Annap. Salmon s eamboat J. Hu ghes Aug 10 1839 Annapolis Dr. J B Wells Surg Ge Aug 12 ashingto DC. Dr (b lot)well Aug 25 Ft Heileman Florida. Jos.p h Smith July 27 !no. 25 Cher y St N. ork. Sep 2 0 --seat:-lette rs to HA. J H. Maj. Bennet. Capt McCra b watch per Fullman to Hasla per Salmo d

PAGE 390

302 @ Letters Received !Mil From frheir Date Received l>tl IJtL{d.t. Maj: Bennet Sep 27. Oct 13. Wm. Gast -H.A.H. Oct Oct 18th & Nov 4 J(blot)L. Oct 17 J. Hughes Balt Oct 15 & 6 Dr Wood i i Nov 3.d Tell Claude Cct 9 /Ytil n (blot) Ke Bis. Nov 21st sent letters to J.L.H. +, H + Lt + Lt N wton +Dr Wood +Dr Lawson i Sarg.t Smi h N. York+ Lt per Lt Bod-aboard of Gaston Capt Poinsett Received (Dec 7)(paren. lughes' ) 1 letter fr;,m Lt Boyd 4th, 1 from Ezk. date No_'\i 6 Dec tAr/JY,. 20th Received Carte Ab. Claude + Surgeon Woo Tompkins's tr/Jif-iir lr/Jtltir/.lttfl Dec 31 Lette s due -to --r/.liA l'lddtif 's bill &c -sent l=tters to HAL + JH +Dr C + Tampa Mcnthly + L Boyd -all per Qr. Mr. t!An"iti"Pr/Jt hil Thoma -1 + Ed. Jacob + to 1 Wm H Fowler + Tell Cla de Baldwi (3 names cr. out) Map Bennet + Ez.l _Hughes Letters Claude, Jan 9 -Jan 12 Feb 3 -Feb 7 + A M. due Dr c Rece Sent Fowle Sent r Genl. + D Wells + crossed o'-tt) + (cross ed out) rom Mr. Nu sear, Dr. Welch, Mr s Levely, Wm Levely, Ab. au de Lt. Ta lor, Lt. ewton, Lt Boyd + Dr Bosley 9.75 ved letter rom Med. -H.A.H. of Dec 1 + Dec 13 -etters to H A. + JLH. + SFH. al so to Lt Sau nders + Wm H. + surgeons (word) & en.l also to Miss M. J Murray. etter to Dr Baldwin ( an 27) (pa ren. Hughes') To Sloane Letters fror Medl. Pu veyor Dr Dr Byrne -HAH Jan 5 & Dec 24, & np (crossed out) cousin Phoebe I Send letters to Surg & Med.l Purveyor official to Dr J. B Wells, Dr Byrne J.H & HAH & 'ti/Y./ per Hr Scobie. tea publica U tion Feb Wed. 26t -arrives Letter from Surg. Genl of Jan 7 from (Sym) H.A.H. Jan 23, 31st, & Felb 3. & from Dr Baldwin per Davis

PAGE 391

303 Letters sent by me To name -Date of Writing Date of Despatch date of per what vessel her start March 2nd sent letters to Surg. Genl to Dr Foote to HAH to Adjt Genl & to Genl Jones and to Courier des Etats Unis. Letters due now to from Baldwin feb 19 came up on March 24 Steamboat comes-received HA's date. Feb feb. 15 & J.H. March 1, Wm H.F. new yk feb 15, Jeriy feb 19, Davis Charleston feb 14, Qur. Mast.r St Aug feb Surg Genl feb 25. (symbol) Send 5 enclosures (symbol) Lawson JLH Davis Foote Jones ack.g Annual Reg 27 Sent Mr Scobie $30 Paid to

PAGE 392

304 @ (BLANK PAGE) 305 (BLANK PAGE) 306 (BLANK PAGE) 307 (BLANK PAGE) 308 (Most of page occupied by chronological chart or graph of European history) I would like very much to take a glass of brandy on stomach + inhale deutox. nitrogen on lungs + galvanize one hand through to the other + electrify other hand through to first + magnetize (symbol) all together

PAGE 393

309 Dr Hughes of Hospital Aug 15 R Cal grs xx. 16 Salts (symbol) Aug. 17th. 1 bottle port 21st eyes inf. acct Plum. gr iv 23 Tinci Sep 4th Salts (symbol) G)seidlitz pulv vi acetplaumbi 9 port Sep. 7 -7th -glass brandy & sug Feb. 15th -1 bottle port March 13 1 glass brandy & sugar Aug 5. Wine Carter 300. Feb 20. 4 gal port wine to hospital -400 1839 Aug 15 R. Cal grs xx 16 Salts (symbol) 17 R. 1 bottle port (sketch of river bank in grown ink & green water color) (pencil sketch of helmeted head; crested, Roman-style helmet; well done) 21 R. Acet plumbi gas w aqua (symbol) Sep March 13 14 Hospital 23.d R. Sulph Zinci 4 R Salts (symbol) 5 R Seidlitz pulv ir 7 R acet plumbi 9-Bottle port (pencil sketch of trees under writing) 12th Cont 15-Acet Plumbi 16-R. Warm water injections brandy toddy do. Aug 5 Port wine of Carter to Hosp.l -300 to remedy supposed deficit Feb 20 1 gal port wine to hosp.l 4.00

PAGE 394

310 @ ---------------Morton on Consump. Dunglisson's Dictionary Hygeine Books required. on lesser Surger by Borgery n.y.Ch.S Francis 1834 translated by Wm C Roberts & James Kissam Andral's pathological Anat E Dechaix N.Y. 325 Broadway has every kind of artists colors canvass &c says Vinton Dolbys Shakesp.n Die. London 1832 Treasury of Know!. & Library of Ref. new 3 vols 5th Edit N.Y. published by Conner & Cooke 1834 Bancrofts Settmt U.S. Hamilton's life by his son Jefferson's correspond Spark's Washington C.S Francis Broadway edition of Waverly at 25cts vol Burr's life by Davis Mahan's Civil Engineering best extant say the British Critics Mahan's Field Fortificantions N.Y. Wiley & Song 161 Broadway

PAGE 395

311 ( W. T Williams Bookstore Savanna 312 (Seminole words; sketch showing "Line of dip, Line of bearing") 313 (Seminole word list) 314 -319 (Seminole word lists) 320 Feb 24 1840 Monday Tmks gives me the following viz. (rest of page is Seminole word list) 321-322 (Missing leaf) 323 Adopt a series of marks for reading Sh. (rest of page is list of gestures, expressions, ect. to be used to show emotions, ect. while reading) 324 (most of page consists of notes and observations on "3 Eras of a Womans life by Lady Elizabeth Eton Smith in vols N.Y. Harper & Brothers 1836") Dennis Macaulay Marietta St. N.Y near Bleecker at Mrs Gore his mother 327 (325) (List of characters & phrases from labeled "Characters in Pelayo April 12 1839") 328(326) Books Kent's Comment's to & Answ.s by Asa Kinne Kinne's Blackstone -convent.t abstracts 329-330 (Missing leaf)

PAGE 396

331 (French words & phrases with Englis equivalents) (Same as above) 333 (Same as above) 334 -335 (Same as above) 336 Notes March 30 1839 to Capt Davidson's "Theexplanatory & pronouncing French word book or 1st step to the French language being an easy spelling book & vocabulary of 3000 words to which is annexed the french phrase book by M. !'Abbe Bassett ed Ed.n Boston Richard Lord & Holbrook 1831 (Remainder of page is list of French words & English equivalents). 337 Fauxblas a fine novel says Mackall. (Remainder of page French words & English equivalents) 338 (More French words & English equivalents)

PAGE 397

3 39 Maxims for life. Always give the sir to every body man or boy -never fail -even ,"'-ith most intimate -& ., in every state or feeling. '\., Always &c self in society -never laugh a t others jokes (sym--.... ,. bol:without) real cause family or friends or Rand Ridg A_l-w'ays promp. t it:t thought pro.mpt disciplined ready ( -..... -. ----... to rep 1 y u n 1 e s s '..' ...... .. ./ \ tj .. \, ....... :... .... .., ... .. ..... quick but slow Never read anothers newspap. e -f/ it is handed to you to peruse I /,. \ In writing to an friend even, always direct .... \,, yr letter Sir never -f always sir t' o every letter to a male even to / I yr. brother t'wi; .. l.accu:(t:om you to the use thereof. to by swea. } ipg do it in presence of / I on;{ace of earth & in measured -----J Whenever post or strangers always. spend first few days in oathing visiting talking shooting & fishing & riding -excursionalizing

PAGE 398

341 ./" // with polite .. ... -... _. __ -en e r..i'r : -a..tL_d a 1 ways __ ...... dis e y r mind .-"' ...................... fieryenergetic --..... p romp t a-t t en t ion & -, & promptitude of / ...... & spirit pf' conversation.

PAGE 399

342 346 345 (various literary notes; mainly transcription of passages from "Caulincorts" and "Memoirs of a Peeress") R. Mel opt (symbol) Pulv. gum acacia (symbol) (symbol) Oc. Juniper qt x Lavender qt x Balsam Copaibae Tinct opii qt xx Sp. Lav. Camp. (symbol) 3 or 4 t.p.d. Henderson 1 of the best mixtures extant Hollingsworth creta ppt (symbol) ossia sepia (symbol) 1 tablesp Pulv. Tooth powder myrrh (symbol) orris vt pulv. (symbol) rose pink (symbol) otto rose q.s. best in Philadelphia Hollingsworth how to open conchs for soup. mullets wont bite are caught with net. (para. continued from p.345; excerpt from "Memoirs of a Pee-Fess") For Rheumatism at ft Howard Wisconsin Territ. for qr ending Dec 31st 1836. -the greatest & most speedy benefit has been obtained from the colchicum autumnale adm.d in 5 gr. doses of the red or (symbol) of the vinous tinct :3tpd until it operates as a cathartic or emetic as it (symbol) does. (Remainder of page is Seminole -English word list)

PAGE 400

347 Washed Feb 22 8 pieces at 4 cts. 32 Is is Adelphine Cornelia Feb 10 left Key Biscayne 14 arrive at ft Laud erdale 17 Santee arrives -21 returns to K.B. 16 -leaves ft LaudMarch 3 Santee arrives (Tomp?)(p. Hughes') 5th? departs for August.n March 18 Isis Churbh & Ridg.ly arrive 21st departs April 13 Capt Pearson in Isis arrives come up periog with mail leavg Tailor & Jennings 18th Departs 29 "A sail" (rest of page is Seminole-English word list)

PAGE 401

348 Ejaculations rick Jago my star! gracious saint Nicholas St George Pat-ma foi ah baste! ah parbleu par (blot) mon dieu mille tonnerres! parbleu oh sanctity by the distaff of Her-\.. Th...J,Ht" cules tqf beard of Samuel -holt prophet donner & blitzen Germ. / ., coMuierage? exequatur mashallah c'est dryle (Balance of page is a multitude of sketches of heads & faces). 349-52 (Missing leaves) 353 (various literary notes) 354 (various notes, apparently from French literature) 355 (Bulk of page occupied by various literary notes & quotations) Duties -Cut under eye lids always stare & erect & sir female names human nature! how (symbol) it Resembles. ocean into tempest wrought To waft a feather or to drown a flag History of each soldier (word) tongue Wear black court plaster on vs spots Very select in acquaitance & Stern every-body else Write & keep up acquaintance (symbol:with) HRB 356 (notes on French words, literary passages, etc.; a disjointed gaggle of phrases and words with no apparent rationale)

PAGE 402

349 (BLANK PAGE (BLANK PAGE) Back cover (inside) (Printed calendars for 1839 and 1840-41 glued to back inside cover; apparently clipped from an almanac) on hand Sep 30 Receig(illeg.) brandy----------------------------------Rum Wine brandy 4 wine 5 5 5 ---------------brandy 5 brandy -rum porter 4 gals wine (scattered about the page are fragments of words and phrases in pencil & ink; the phrases are in large part illegible, but what can be made out indicates that they are literary or similar pas-sages and notes of no importance).


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