Buffalo Bill's sure-shots, or, Buck Dawson's big draw

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Buffalo Bill's sure-shots, or, Buck Dawson's big draw

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Buffalo Bill's sure-shots, or, Buck Dawson's big draw
Series Title:
Buffalo Bill stories
Buffalo Bill
Place of Publication:
New York
Street & Smith
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Physical Description:
1 online resource (31 p.) 28 cm.: ;


Subjects / Keywords:
Dime novels. ( rbgenr )
Western stories. ( lcsh )
Buffalo Bill -- Fiction -- 1846-1917 ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )


Original Version:
Volume 1, Number 80

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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The University of South Florida Libraries believes that the Item is in the Public Domain under the laws of the United States, but a determination was not made as to its copyright status under the copyright laws of other countries. The Item may not be in the Public Domain under the laws of other countries.
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020910006 ( ALEPH )
454445500 ( OCLC )
B14-00080 ( USFLDC DOI )
b14.80 ( USFLDC Handle )

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A ,V\fEERLY' PUBLICAT-ION DEVOTED TO BORDER HI 5TORY. issued Weekly. Ry Subscnptiou $2. 5 0 per vear. Entered as Second Class Matter a t New York Pos t Office by S TREET & SMI TH, 238 fVilliam St .. N r No. 80. Pricef Five Cents. 0 DAW$OtifS "' ''HARM O N E HAIR OF THAT BRAVE BOY'S HEAD AND l'l' WILL BE 'l'Hlll LAST ACT OF YOUR COWARDLY LIVES!" CRIED BUFFALO BILL.


ffiO[b[b, A WEEKLY PU6Ll"CATION DEVOTED TO BO.RDER HI S,TORY hnu Weelly. By Suhscriptum 1,z.50 per year. Enteretf as Seam Matter at the N. JI'. P1ut Ojfiu, by STREET & SMITH, Willia,,. S t ., N. Y. Entered accrdinr to .Act of Conp-ess in the year rqoa, in the Office of the L1'61-arilln of Conrress, Waslzinpon, D. C. No. 80. NEW YORK, N ovember 22, 1902. F i v e Cen ts. BUFFALO tBILL'S SPRE;SHOTS; O R, Buck D a wso n's B i g Draw. By the author of "BUFF ALO BILL" -CHAPTER I. ONLY A BOY "Now, pards, we've got him! Throw !" Half a dozen lassoes thrown with vigor and skill fell about the head and shoulders of a rider passing along a Vil estern trail, and in an instant he was dragged heavjly from his saddle to the ground, while his horse, at tempting to bound away, was also caught in the coil and brought to a sudden halt. Half springing to his feet, the one who was lassoed I gave suddenly three loud, ringing, distinct whistles that could be heard almost a mile away. Were they a signal for help? Or were they intended as a warning of danger? With a bound the men who had cast their lassoes sprung from their hiding-places behind the rocks upon either side of the trail, and in an instant had their prey bound fast. Why, pards, it's only a boy!" cried the leader. "So it is," from the otliers, fialf a dozen in number, gazing at their captive. "Yes, I am a boy, for I am but eighteen, but I am man enough to face your coward gang if I only had my arms free,'" was the plucky response. The men showed their at his nerve and appearance. He was tall, slender, yet wiry in build, while his broad shoulders denoted great strength. Bronzed was his face by exposure, yet every feature was weil molded and characteristic. He was a hand. some youth. His hair was long and waving, and he looked just what he was-a bold adventurer into a wi l d Wes t with a wilder class of men frequenting it, and from which the Indians had not yet been beaten back, and where lawlessness reigned almost supreme. Dressed in a blue woolen shirt, beJ,Jeath his collar a knotted scarf, a pair of corduroy pants stuck in the


THE BUl"f' A L O BILL tops of high boots, and wearing upon his head a slouch hat, his f!-ppearance was both bold and picturesque. He was with revolvers and bowie; a rifle hung at his saddle horn, and he carried a roll of blank ets, bag of provisions, another of cooking utensils, Sitddle bags well stocked, and a lariat, while he was mounted upon a clean-litnbed, hardy plains pony. His captors, seven in number, were typical' border Their were back down the slope, and they had been lying in wfl,it 011 the trait for some pqrpose, when they saw the youth coming up the towu are a one, kid." "No thanks fer the compliment. I've your seven m,en afraid to blink an eye .or a hand, and you've got me at bay, and are sure of me as I am of some of you, so Jet us strike for a bargain."


THE BUFF ALO BILL STORIES "\Vhat does yer mean?" was left standing alone in the open trail, his horse near "I'll give up the money I told you I had if you'll let him. me go with my outfit." Almost at his feet lay the dead desperado, while now "You've got more than you said." half a dozen revolvers were covering him, and those "I have only got what I told you I had." who held them were under cover of the rocks. "You have got ter let us search yer ?" "Men, I'll keep my eye and gun on the kid, while "I will not." you looks around to find out who fired thet shot," said "Then we don't strike no bargain." the captain, seemingly more anxious to guard his pris"Y ou had better, for you will be the first one I drop oner than to reconnoiter for the one whose aim had if I am forced to pull trigger, and I warn you that I been so unerring. am like a cat, hard to kill, while I know where to send The men looked about them anxiouSiy. a bullet for life, and can take several of you along beThey were not desirous of looking for the unseen fore I go under. So you'd better come to terms." and unknown foe any more than was their leader. These, his fearless words, and bold front fairly dis"I say, cap'n, it's ther one he gave thet signal to," mayed the desperadoes; they did not know just what to suggested one. do. The boy's leveled weapons did not quiver. Firm "Yes, I kinder thought he wasn't alone," the captain as a rook were his hands, and his eyes were upon each rejoined. "Ther shot came from over there in thet one of his foes. thicket, so you men flank around both ways and see 1f The desperado captain saw that there was but one you can get a shot at him." thing to do. Once he had come to terms with the The men slowly prepared to obey. They crept youth, those revolvers down, he wouid act as he along among the rocks upon their hands and knees. pleased. So h e said: This seemed to amuse the youth, for he laughed, as he "All right, boy pard; I'll strike a trade with yer, for said: yer jist beats all I ever seen in a youngster, and I "Better crawl like the snakes you are lest your heads likes yer style. I wouldn't 1'ill such as yer fer a good be seen above the rocks and bushes, and you get an deal, and I'll show how I likes yer by saying thet yer other shot." kine jine our band if yer wishes ter do so." The heads went down at once, the leader crouching "Join a band of cutthroats to save my life? You lowest. But no shot.came,. and he called out: don't know me! I'd rather die honest than live a "Make haste, men; I'll keep this kid under cover -thief and a murderer." and bore him, too, if he makes a move." These bold words greatly angered the men, but the "Better tie him afore we go," suggested one. captain said: "That's so. Jist rope him!" ordered the captain. "Keep quiet, pards, fer every one has a right to his The men all crawled to where the youth stood, the opinions. I said I'd make terms with the kid, and I leader keeping his revolver resting upon a rock and will, fer I agrees to take the cash he has anq let him go leveled at their captive, who now knew well that a with his life and the rest of his outfit. move on his part to resist or to escape would be fatal. "You, Sam, jist step forward and let him pay you The lariats were still about his body With these over the cash." h d heh' h" f the men tied the boy's an s me! him, 1s eet were The man adqressed as Sam did not seem to relish secured, and one lasso was left with the noose about the duty of being collector, but he stepped forward his neek, the other end in the hands of the leader. while the youth called out: Then the five crept among the bushes, while their "You mean square, captain, for its honor among captain, crouching low among the rocks, still kept his thieves, you know." revolver aimed and the iariat in hand to drag him do\.vn "Yes, all is square," and, as the youth lowered his should he attempt to move off. revolvers, each desperado whipped out a weapon and covered him, while Sam called out: "Say, who fired thet shot, young feller?" asked the "I has yer now, young feller." leader. They were Sam's last words, for a sharp report rang "I did not see who fired it, but it was a dead shot, out in the distance, and the desperado dropped dead. wasn't it?" Some unseen friend had chipped in! "Too dead for poor Sam, and for you, too "What have I got to do with it?" CHAPTER III. A LIFE FOR A LIFE. The outlaw band, with the one exception of the man who had dropped undff the unseen shot's deadly aim, sprang to the cover of the rocks, while the youth "You knows who did it. You has a pard, and he is hanging around; but, my men will git him 60on. ''I'll make you a bet that they don't." There was such cool assurance in this wager that the outlaw looked anxiously about him, as if expecting he would be the next target for the unseen dead shot. "I bet a dying man, young fellow."


' 4 l'Hf, BU ff BILL STORlf:S. "I don't understand." "You is j ist the same as dead." "I'm all right." "Don't yer believe it. for you'll soon have yer toes turned up ." ff\: ou intend to kill me?" "Yes, I does. Out here tber game 1s a life fer a life." "I have taken no life." "Yer pard did, an' es we can't git ther man a clilver at h i s cnir11t4e, and pulled The result the reader knows, and the youth laughed lightly as he saw the other oi1tlaws spring to co-ver.


q"fff: BUf P' ALO BILL STORIESo 5 But his friend remained in sight and bound, it to him, while he could see that he was under cover of Eeveral revolvers. "I will snake my way around and see if I can get nearer by way of the trail we were on," he muttered, and at once began to retrace his steps to his horse, watching as he went to see if he could get in another shot But the outlaws were al s o on the watch for him, and sudclenly he b e held a man before him in the pines. Instantly his rifle flashed again and the man dropped. But yells were he a rd here and there, shots were fired, bi,11lets came dangerously near to him, and he boimded tQ his horse threw hims e lf i11to his saddle, and was off like a flash, a defiant shout upon his lips, as he knew that neither his hors e nor himself had been touched. Determined to get back t1pon the trail he had been following and approach the spot where his comrade was in trouble from that direction, as he felt that they would not be on the watch for hi111 from that direc tion, he rode swiftly along through the pines to get at the bottom of the range he was on and then follow it up until he came to the trail leading up the slope. To do this he had nearly mile to ride, and was just nearing the plain, by the best way he could pick out, down the slope, when a break in the pines gave him a view that brought him to a sudden standstill. Along the base of the range rocle a well-defined trail, and behind a larger rock crouched three Indians One of them wore a chief's war-bom1et and had a rifle while the other two were braves and were armed with bows and arrows. They were there evidently for some purpo se, and their backs were toward the yoqth, while they were a couple of hundred yards distant. The pine straw had deadened the sound of hoofs, and the youth's presence was not known or their dan ger from the rem suspected. Having moved back until the pines hid himself and horse, should the Indians look around, the boy began to search for the cause of the ambush he ::;aw. He looked out upon the plain, and at once located th

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