The double daggers, or, Deadwood Dick's defiance

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The double daggers, or, Deadwood Dick's defiance

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The double daggers, or, Deadwood Dick's defiance
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The Deadwood Dick Library
Wheeler, Edward L. (Edward Lytton) 1854 or 5-1885
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Cleveland, Ohio
Arthur Westbrook Co.
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1 online resource (31 p.) 20 cm.: ;


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Dime novels. ( lcsh )
Adventure stories. ( lcsh )
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University of South Florida
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Copyright 1879-1635, by Beadle & Adams. Entered at Pot omce. New York. N.Y., second c lass marter !ta r 15, 1891> No.2 THE ARTHUR W ESTB ROOK CO. Cleveland, Ohio Vol. Or, BY EDWARD,.. L. WHEELER.


-fly right 1877-1884 by Beadle & Adams. Entered at Post Office, New York N.Y. as second c l ass matte Mar. 15, No.2 q I \ THE ARTHUR WESTBROOK CO Cleveland O h io Vol. ] f THE DOUBLE DAGGERS I ,.-.' "'' ... .,...._ ....... .... .,. ............. ....... .,..,. Or, DEADWOOD DICK'S r DEFIANCE. WHEELER. \ u BY EDWARD L.


The Double Daggers. ----------------------.----------------------------------A Tale of the Regula t ors and Road the B l a c k Hllls The Double Daggers ; O R, De a dwood D ic k's D efi a n ce BY EDW A.RD L. WHEELER, lUTHOR Oi' u DEADWOOD 1'1CK1 NOVELS," "ROSEDUD ROB, NOVE!..S," ''SIERRA SAM NOVELS ETC ETC. CHAPTER I. "SoYETHISG ABOUT DEADWOOD Dr cK.-Mr. E lwarcl Barri s or. as he i s b e tter known," D eadwoorl Di c k," has litera lly more lives than a cat. For some time past we h a ve heard little about him, bur. now lns name i s wb.ispered in connection with the last btage coach robbe ry, neat Ch e yemie. On Tuesday a watchful band of Deal wood R eg ulatot 3 l e d b y JJash in-;:, p o unce:! clown upon him '\n < l a porti o n of his band in Big-L'>d e Ca nyon, and a t errible struggl' !'nsned. All of the ro:td-ag ents slaughterel without quarte r -all except JJa arl w->oJ. Di c k H e on his big black staWvn, was to riJe straight up the mountain si le, whete non e c onU follow N o r did bnlle s seem to cheJI< his pro;;rass S3 muJ h, a?ain, for the no t ori o us youth, who is makin.'5 fv1 tum;; If a name as a d a ring ro \clrid e r. secOlr l tu uon e i n the world."Dea too? f. P ione ''' July t:Jth. The above pat' l<\'raph, create l qui t e a fur.JIe of exc itement in the wood circl es. F o r a m outh past the sens!1tioua l news of the mac k ffills had b ee n rathe r sta'n"'nt. The absence of l mli .ms from the vic in ity h"'d t)e of r o pot"ts of murdP.rcius attacks, anl a amon::; the much-dreaded g"nts of the ru'\d," had been t!:le mean s of lullingD)adwood ad h e r towns into a dtowse of p e :tc J fu l content an I S 3 raS it in t : t e sil o f t he gold e n metropolis, and the numoa r of pt>o pl e who throng its streets. P eo pl e of almo';t every nationality m :w be seen h e re; 1nen, wom3u aad cllilJre .1, th cit war es; expect'tnt m i n t'3 co-uins in to s ee k their fort unes: gtim, flespontie:J.t m i n e n goin'! out d ead -broke;" s,t>eculator3, curio I S tour ists, wiLi1 now and th a n a n arti"St ot author mL"Cerl in; gamble t s, bu.nmers, army om ;m trappers and ac o uts-a I are he

The Double Daggers. a no right to Insert a gratuitous advertisement, you see, because this is not my paper. "We'll see about that, my young see. Now, ji<;t listen to w'at's on this bit o' docky ment, so you'll r e m e mb e r it till ye put it inter type." So saring the rough vi s i to r brought forth another piece o paper fro m his pocket, and after studying it for a few moments, be read, aloud: wood Dic k, the Road Agent. desires to say, through these columns, that he defies Deadwood it self and aU its inh abitants; that he is even now with !n the confines of the 1\Iagic City, and will soon show the so-called Dead wood Regulators that for every Road-Agent killed in the other day, he will guarantee the demise of a Regulator. Let Dashing Dave beware J l et all Dead,rood be.ware! for :;h e Prince of the Road is on his muscle I "The Public's llutiful servant, "(Signe d,) DEADWOOD DICK." T/t(tr/ that's bizness c lean to the spinal men aygittis !"triumphantly declared the mine r "That' ll show folks that Dickey and his b'yees hain't afeard; no more they ain't. Now. you Pi'ner'J' cuss9 r eck illect ef that doan' t cum out ln glarin' styl e in the neYt issue, you1 grave's dug. D 'y e hear?" 'Ye s, yes!" nodded Augustu s more alarmed than he cared to have the miner know he was. "I"Jl get ad' in somehow, only don't troulJ l e us again." "Waal, that d e p e nds. Maybe I will an' maybe I won't. Now, good-day, an' remember w'at ye'1l git If that ar' 'vertis m ent doan't come out!" Augustus bowed, stiffiy and the uncouth visito; took his departure. __ The next is sue of the Pioneer contained the bold warning o! Deadwoo c l Dick. To say it caused a sensation would be putting it mild. There was an un precedented excitement in mining-circl es; the article was the theme of discussion for a hundred tongues or more: capitalists frowned and hugged closer to their gold; miners kept their weapons handy; Dash ing Dave's Regulators kept shady; inside of ten hours after the appearance of the notice in the Pio,,eer, the "solid '' men of the Magic City had made up a purse, and a thousand dollars was the pdce set for the capture of the notorious Dead wood Dick. The so sty led Regulators were unde r the pay of the influ enttal men of Deadwood-a sort of finance body-guard, waging war against road-agents and thieves generally, and striking blows in tlie defense of justice. Dashing Dave was a tall, brawny, handsome bor derman of three and twenty years, who had won a great nama as an Indian-fighter during the troubles preceding the fatal Custer engageme nt, and was fea1ed by a la.r_ge class of the desperate characters who in fested the Black Hills. He had lost his family -a wife and a month-old babe-by the border ruffi ans, since cominginto the Hills, and this had im bittered his whole nature against mankind in the guise of an outlaw. He struck blindly without a care or thought of the lif e he was taking; it was for vengeance and the interests of an all-powerful peo ple. He, with a half-dozen of bis comrades were gath ered in the Dfetropolitan'saloon, on the evening after latest issue of the Pioneer, discussing matters in general "There seems no doubt left but that Dead wood Dick is r eally down among us again," said one of the party, Eig-1!ared John by name, and as hardy a border veteran as e ver pulled trigger. "He grows bolder every full m oon, darn my old pelt if he d o n't." "If I mistake not, his race is nearly run," replied Dashing Dav e his eyes constantly roving around as though in search of some one. "He has carrie d a high hand arountl these pat:ts, too long, already, and you mark my word he'll soon come to grief. If once I can get a bead on him, it will be g0od-by Dead wood Dick." Reckon Justin McKenzie's wife would take it mif?hty hard if Dick wer to git put under the sod. He s her brother, you know, she thinks the world of him." "I don't care. Duty is duty, and no females shall stand in the way. Have you plli a watch on McK e nzie's shanty, as I ordered?" "Yes, but you'll never trap your game in that di rection. Mr. Roa !Agent Dick is shyer 'an a fox and twice as slippery as ary eei ye ever see'd, and when y e ketch him napping, joo' consider the millen nium clos't to hand." "W..U, wait and see. Keep your eyes and ears about youl and maybe you'll scare up something when you east expect it. So saying Dashing Dave sauntered ofl' through the densely tlnonged apartment, followed by many ad miring glances. He was really a dashing-looking fellow, when you came to view him closely, with his commanding form, and genial, Run-bumt face. He was a man of great muscular development; was an unerring rifle and pistol shot. His eyes were brown and his hair of a like color, while his goatee and mustache were jetty black. The expressio n of his countenance was frank, yet stern; pleasant, yet to be very grave. The "Metropolitan has been enlarged since we were here wtth the reader in "Deadwood Dick." All, now, is under one vast roof and in one apart ment; still the place is crowded night and day. Dashing Dave sauntered through the immense room, casting careless, yet sharp glances on either side as he moved on; noddin!! occasiona lly at some acquaintance, or, mayhap, scowling at an enemy; for he had many-possibly more enemies than friends among the rough class who go to make up the population of the Black Hills metropolis. He presently chanced upon a vacant seat at an empty table1 and was not long in making himself the possessor or jt, for a chair in a Deadwood saloon after sunset is a scarce piece of furniture. Not l ong had he b ee n seated, howev e r when he was tapped gently upo n the shoul der, and turnin g h e beheld a young man just behind him. He was superbly built, and attired in tanned buck skiu, but little or nothing of his face could be seen on account of an immense sloucn hat that was drawn down ove1 his eyes. "Well?" demanded Dave, interrogative ly, "what will you have!" "'!'his chan, if you please!" was the decisive re sponse. '"I sat here before you did, and you usurped my place whil e I was away for a cigru." '"Can't help it, my friend_ I found this seat va cant and I r ecko n find 'em's keep 'em, 'round this ranch ; so go along and find the mate!" advised the R epulator." Wh ich I decline to do," replied the stranger, as coolly as if lle w ere au iceberg. "That chair be longs to me, and here' s what says sol" He bcjd a cock e d r evolve r in his right band, which was as white as a woman's. The glitter of' the wea pon and the tone of his voice b espoke b usiness! CHAPTER II. THE T\1"0 FUGITIVES. "'SHI don't make a noise. If their attention tracted we are l ost!"' So spoke a young gir l over whose head had passed barely s eventee n summers. The scene was at the bottom of a deep, dm k can yon, walled in by the mighty tree-c lad mountains. The g irl and a male companio n stood secreted in a clump of undergrowth at a point where one maH e r gulch or canyon on either side, brl}ncbecl off nom the main one, making it a sort of natural turnpikP. 'rbe branches w e re much narrower and than the other, and in the m the night's gloom was more intense girl and her companion, a small, stout r erro of tremendous mu sc ular po wer wer e entirC; J


'l'ne Double Daggers. ------------.,----screened from view among the underbrush, while all cased in richly ornampnted moccasins. A round the time they were enabled to command a straight turban sat upon her brick-clored curls, and th outlook down the main and transverse canyon, into constitutPd her outfit, unless we mclude a ha.ndsom which the new moon slanted a few yeUow rays. Sharpe sporting-rille, and a pair of ]Jistols. Up the main canvon, coming directly toward the Johnson was literally blacker than the o.ce "split" or "divide,'' was a company o! horsemen spades," short and very powerful of build. His fa perhaps a dozen in all, advancing at a s l ow trot; and face, and lu! gro. !f dem debbils cum w'ete I can eit one But when his ire was provoked, he was a very tig good kick at 'em, I'll s,J'ile 'em fur all time.' to fight; hence, Leone was glad to have him on h "Shut up your gabble I" commanded the girl, auside against her enemies. He was attired in a sem tboritatively. "I do believe vou would like to have civilized fashion. and armed with rifle, knife a n them discover us." pistols-the co=on equipment in the Black Hi No sech a thing, Miss Leone; what d'ye s'pose I country, where very few go about unarmed. want dem ornery skunks to git at us. fur? Who'd As the horsemen came to a halt, the repulsi get I" 1mSs cracked skull nor ole BenJohnon, I wonindividual, whom Leone bad called Jasper Lesli der gave vent to a horrible curse. 'hat's so, Benl"witba low laugh. "You'd be I "Here's a pretty go! \\'herebasorugamegone, api to get your share of the punishment. But should like to know?" courage, my good old trusty friend. They may Yes you may well ask that, Jasj)f'r Leslie, by without nosing us out, and if they do we are al l sneered be with the "Bumsides." "If you have 1 hunki-dori, for in the vast confines oC this mountain-the gnl escape, you know the 0 ous region we surely can find a place of safety," comes your head, in less than no time.' "An' ef dey don't, Miss Leone?" "I'll find the ;ttrl if 1 have to raise hell on Parthl "If they don't-well, we must fight until we fall, declamd the old man, with an oath. "She can for I will die by mv own hand, rather than fall again escape me, try though she may." into the rower of :Jasper Leslie." "You must find her soon, then, you old curmu "Dem s my sentimen's, perzac'ly ma'am, an' geon, for I shall not long keep these men m here's w'at'll tight his too-nails off, clean to der roots, pay, to nssist you. It's too expensive." feryersweetsake. Yere comes the ornery coons, U>t 'em go, then! 'l'hey don't do anypurtickl now, peekin' about, a-tryin' to spy us ont." good, as I see. I can find the gal jest as well wi'o The horsemen had been drawing nearer dtu'ing 'em. Ouss that nigger! If I ever get hold of b' their conversation, and hacl now halted at the .:.'vide, I'll rip, his carcass open in short meter I" but a few paces distant from where the fugitives ,.\\ill you, dough?" grinned Johnson, from werecrouching. concealment. "'Spec's it's dis chunk"' coal-blac There were iwel"Te of them, all rough, bearded borhe has refprwunce t <>, ain't it, Miss L 2one?" derers, save whose appearance was a trifle less "Yes, means you. But, hush I we must not I uncouth and gristy. Tbe one was a portly man of them know we are here." perhaps forty vears, with a full, florid face, orna"Yes," accorded be of tbe Burnsidesh"if the ni mented with ''Burnside" whiskers, which were ger hadn't. been with her, she wouldn't ave got t slightly streaked with gray; black eyes, and shaggy far." eyebrows to match; an aquiline nose, and a com "Oat's a comblymen' fur Johnsing," chuckled th plexion of a swarthy bro1vn. His dress was scrupu-sable gentleman, io the bu.hes. Iou sly neat, and the diamond pin upon his immacu-''It's true," whispered Leone, gratefully. "B late shirt front was of the first water. for you, Ben, I never should have eluded them th The other man was older by perhaps ten years;long." was poor in flesh, shriveled and wrinkled. His face "Dem's my sentimen's. eggsactly. was a mitror of his blackJ evil nature: his eyes con"I see no prospect of overtaking them, to-night, stantly gleams or a baleful lig-ht; dissipation growled one of tb.e men. "Here we ar', nigh e' and debauchery had wrecked his life; avarice anti miles from Deadwood, an' ba'n't see'd hide nor ha greed for 10ain mainly kept him alive; he was are-on 'em. I propose we camp down yere, an' f pulsive obJect to gaze upon w1tb his furrowed, saldayllg-ht." low face; his sinister eyes; his huge, wolfish mouth "NOt much!" retorted Leslie, savas:ely. "Gue. and the accompanyin&" gtotesque ivories, and they've got fur enuff start uow, wi'out givin' e all relieved by a matted snock of hair, and a perfect-any more. We'll all take a stiff dt'ink of 'mountai ly white beard. dew to bro.ce up our nerves, and then go on." His attire, b.owever, was even superior to that of A iarge bottle was accordingly produced from on his companion, being cut in the latest style and of of the sad(lle-bags, and passed al'Ound, each m more costly material. Diamonds glittered upon his helping himself to a liberal allowance. tie, upon his shirt front, and upon his fingers. "Now, which canyon shall we take?" aoked Brie "Aha!" muttered the g:rl. Leone, as her eyer rest-ly, who hatl to halt on the spot for th ed upon him; "if ever 1 was tempted to commit tiight. "We don t dare to split up fer fear of roa murdtr it is now. Jasper Leslie, I could kill you, agents; an' here's three routes the gal may be base, designing wretcb that you are, without a bit of took." compassion." "lV"e,ll take the main course,' rlecide1 LesU "Dem's my sentimen's eggsactlyl" declared John "The fools would ba' bePn mnre likely to 'a' too son, e.\DPhatically, his eyes rolling back comically. this. knowin' it was ni,re traveled, nn' thete we Just here let us pause and describe the woman and not so much danger o' lost. Eb! Sydnor?" bet sable companion. "I do not-know anything abont it. All I want i Leone was of medium bight, and possessed of a the girl, and you must get her for me, or yon sha plump, symmetrical form, which, in its delicatel.v never leave the Hills alive. Do you hear?" rounded outlines, was ii ttle less than perfection. -A ''! ain't at all deaf, I reckon, '1 retorted the otb small. atching neck, on which was saucily percheil a "Come! come 1 this won't do; fall into file and o round little head, surmount, ed with an indiscrimi we go I" nate confusion of curls of brick-red color; a fair, According to the order. thtt whole cavalcade pu creamy complexion, here and there tinted with spurs to their steeds, and dashed away up the n;"i blushing roses of health and yout!J; soft, expressive canvou, noisily through the night's dim light. 'Jazelllyes, and a mouth of sweetest expression. rhank Heaven they are gone!" muttered Leon Her dress was of coarse, serviceable woolen stuff, whPn tb"v were out of sight beyond a curve 1n t ,.. Jbably purchased ready-made, as itexposcd a very course. "It was a vmy a arrow escape." of ankles to view, and feet that were pem's my sentimen's eggsactly," respond


The Doub t., b-..dei's Johnson, drawing a long sigh of relief. "I'm werry glad dey leman, who had halted, evidentll bearing their approach ny the echo of their foo steps. Leone utte red a startled as he eyes rested upo n the nne:pected rider. and stepped closer to her sable companion as if feeling reassurance, that be was with h e r Johnson stopped stocKstill and would l1av e raised his r epeater, had hE' not perceived a gleaming pistol in each hand of the stranger cove1>ing him. The horseman was a brawny, powerfully built man and fully armed. His face was covered from otose to shir&-collar with thick black beard, .he mustache of which reached II.Cross each cheek, the ends banging down beyond his ears. His eyes were dark and sinister, and brows shaggy, but wbat was most remarkable or all, was his forehcad, whi c h was l ow and retreating, and jetty black i n t, and leveling a revolver at the negro, pul\

8 The Du"GbteDaggers. --------while his hand stole toward his belt. But the watch f ul eyes of thE' stralljfer caught the move, and the hammer of hi s revoiv e r came back to full cock, with an omi nous click. "No matter who I was the stern reply! "I have counted twenty. Ten more, and off goes the summit of your skull, if' you don't puckachee I Dashing D ave r eflected a moment. and then rose from the chair. H e had no doubt but the fellow would salt" him. as he said; so he concluded it best to yie l d, for the prese nt. '"l'here, curse ;you, take the chair!" he said, fle r celv. "But, mmd you, I will have my revenge for this. I don't chaw insults without retrievemanti" "You seem to take 'em In, kind of natural, like!" laughed the victor, taking possession of the chair. u Hunt up perch, }Jardner, or sit down on your thumb, an' let's take a b ee r. That will wash down the burning sensation of your d e f eat!" "No I nothing but your blood will wash it down!" hoarsely growled the as he strode away, l eaving the strauger laughing nuietly to hima e lf. Later in the evening t>,e same ind'v;dnal was still seated at the tabl e, puffing slowly at cig(l. H e seemed wrapt in dee p thought, yet it was that his blac k eyes were ever rovin g over the motley assembly, as if m search for some one. Unobs erved Dashing Dave had work e d his way around to a position directly In the rear of his e nernyj and in a moment when the least expecte it, his hat was snatched from his bead, revealing his face to the gaze of all the n earest bystanders, under the full glare of the gaslight. A cry of astonishment came then. Dashing Dave reeled back, aghast, a terribl e oath pealing from his lip s : "De:J.d ,oood Dick!" he crie d "Dead wood Dic k the road-ag ent I" seconded the c r owd, gathering around breathlessly, knives anCI pistol s drawn in an instant. The face s

The Double Daggers. '1 -.---------------------"Ani tar echoed tho prisoner, his face a ssuming a. puzzled expression. "\1 ho is Anita? Who Me you?" "What! don't yon kno1v me, Harris? Is ;t possi ble that in the few short month" since wo sep:>r'-'te d youht>ve forgc.,tten mt', JusLin 1\IcKu::z'c? Don't you r etuembcr?-1 n;arried ycur Rister, -The prisoner shook his bend. There seemed to be a universal in believing that tbe notorious Llack Rider wns dead. A few days later the Hiil s .Pt er appenred with a big-lined editorial ccn:memorativc of the d eath of Dead'l7ood Dick, describing bis cnpture and death, nnd endingwith 1hc announcement that the said pa;>cr was hopeful that the deceased would not forget to Eend down the amount of that little bill Le owe d them f o r advertising. And on rolled the wild, bustling tenor of life in Deadwood's Magic City, as if nothing bad occurred to mar its peace<.l. CHAPTER IV. .1.. _.J!ADWOOD DICK'S VOW OF VENGEANCE. DAslffi'G DAVE, the Chief o f tbe Regulators, wast man wbo t:>ight be admire d at a di;tance, but come to make his versonal acquaintance and study his character, ana you found Lim f a r from your expec tation. He was to all outward appearances a tl :orougbly upright gentleman, yet he was a s bad at heart as many of his fellow-men who bore a far worse reputation. One day as be was lom1ging in front of the notori ous 1\.ietropolitan, engagPd in the constant tb rong of passersby, a woman, trim of figure and a. trifle haughty of carriage, came down the street fl'Om th':l direction of a row of new cottages that bad reeently been erected and tenanted. She was clad in deep mourning, and so closely vai!ed that nothing of her face was v'sible. DR.Sbing Dave watched h e r narrowly from the U:HC be first ca ugbt sight of her, until she bacl bur. y and vanished down tb,. stref't. "wonder who that trim craft is?" he muttered1 puffing away at bis pipe meditatively. "I r eco llect of ever seeing h e r before. Wond e r if she holds out in one o f them shanties? Coufow1cl it, if shE' comes back thi s way,l'm hanged if I don't make a dive f o r ht::r acquain1 a nee.'' '!'me to his word be continued to lounge about the street. watching narrowly f o r the reappearance of the vail e d woman who bad EO excited h1s curiosity. SevPral hours passed. and be was growing imratient at the delay, wh e n once more h e caught a glimpse of tbe tl im figure coming from the direction in which she bad previously go11e. But unfortunately for his she was accompanied by a young man, well-dressed anti ordinarily good-looldng, whom be perce ived a t a glance to be Justin McKer:zie, the brotherin-law of .t!Je dead road -ag enlr. "l:lal theul p erhaps that is his wife?" the Regula tor mused, a lowing the m to pa's without interrup tion. "She must be in mourning for Deadwood Dick, I reckon. But I wond e r where they Jive? In that new row of shanties, eh ?" McK,.nzie bad changed his place of residence since the rleah of Deadwood Dick, and it was highly probable that be bad t a k e n one o f the referred to cottages, for he was ext em iv e ly engnged in mining. and rea_Ping so rich a harvest that be could alford somethmg a little above the ave111ge. Unconsciously the Regulator followE.>d on behind them, at a safe dlstance until be saw them disap pear within one of the rude structures; then be turned back toward the llletropolitan, an evil gleam in his sinister eye. "I hate that McKenzie!" l1e growled. biting savagely at his nails by way of r elievinghis feelings. He is too stuck up with his ideas, entirely. I'd like to give him a dig, and 1 believe I have fouucl just how to touch him in a tender spot. '1 ] set up a flirtatiOQ


8 The Double Daggers. w\'t.h will be to r ment t, o where nt first h e had been c onsi-:! .erably f r i ghten. tim for he i s very jealous." ed. a thin ghost, that. I wonde r who pui A _[; DasiJing Dave rarel y b roke a p romise o r his up this job to scare f olks?" word, it W".S eyi lent .be wo a ld work mis c hi e f i n the J u s t then a ther e a step close at hand, ann home of the 1\lcKenzies. He bad no reepect to r p e r turrung qwckl y Dashing Dave saw a dark figure com sous, he was natur a ll y evil a t heart, and always illing up through the g loom. It when wtthin at-eatie when he was not meddling with the business about twenty yards and remamed motionl es s, and o f nthe people, he perctived that i t was a man mou.cteJ upon a 'I'hat evening b e procured a handsome bouquet of power fui black b orse. ch>ice i\ow e rs, and sent it t n the cottage by a you!Ig Instantly a feeling of terror attacked the .. Indian lad whom he had taken into his empl oy. OF tor, and he t rembled m hiS moccasms. What did It course there came no answe!; indeed t h e evil m ean?, schemer expected n o n e-not yet Vas thisDeadwood Dick r H e arg ued that i t takes time to work miracles; and It was a thought trul y ho rlif.ring to the f ormer It he wishetl to havo success h e must hurry matexecutioner of the road-agen t. H e was lotll to b e ters. H e was aware that Anita knew nothing of the li eve i n anythin!l' that tended toward. superstition; sllnd er; thc r > fore bow was she to y e t what was t h i s weird motwnless thmg that made On the following morning and e vening two ll10I"d him so o ,uake w ith an uncontrollable choice flora l o ff e rings foun: one contain!'d a d elicatel y parted now and then. to let a short of m oon !Jgh t per f u med note couched i n the followmg. manner: descena and dwell W i t h star tltng distmctness upo n the two motionl ess figures -the speechless terrifi e d "DEAR Mns Mc KENZIE:-Charmed n o t on l y wi t h Regulator. and that thing upon h o rseback that was your beauty of fac e arid form. but wit h your purity, the cause of his affright. goodness, and grace, and well-kn o w i no:; the sbameful .. 'Tis h i s ghost I" h e mutter ed, th e long falsity of your h usban d, I take thi s mode of forming er gazed at t h e strange apparitio n. "It has seen )Ou r valuable acquaintance, trusting yo u will not me and is watching m e Curses 1 wh y did I e v e r com!' 1!eem me bold. h e N a l one? Wha in God's nam3 shalll do? I f you w ill grant me a single inte rview i t will atHis questions were not ford m e the greatest pleasure. and I shall be enabled But, hark! there are footsteps approachinr:-foot, to prove tQ y o u, that in clinging t o Justin McKenzi e steps soft and stealthy, it seems; the n graduall y a for a hu,;bai1J, you are feste ring, a base ungrateful circle of dal'i< shactowy forms are out lin ed. thro u g h wretch. Respectfully yours, til e gloom-dra w closer and cl ose r, until the R egu ... DASIIING DAVE." I ato r i s in tbe i mmedjate presence of a scor e o t The chief of the R egulators bad scarcel y expected mas k e d men. They are 7''al m e n, too, for b e f eele o. reply, yet he was highly elated at his success wh e n thei1 iron clutch upon his shoulder; he is tnrown to b;s Indian m essenge r ':>ro ugbt him back the follow-the ground and b ound hand and foot. lug, wlitten in a neat fe ""\inine hand: The n comes forward that man on the bac k of the To-night, beneath the tre e where my brothe r p o werful black steed. IIN.s bung, at eigbt. ANITA.,. It i s Dead wood Dick-or, is it his spirit? Which u Har this savors of victory," ejaculated t.lltl schemer, triumphan t ly. dart has entered b,-,r heart, and now we will see where the fun comes lu Under the tree where h e r brothe r was h'-'"11' Ugh I what if D eadwood Dic k shoulj protrude his visage from one oF the branches? Bah! I am gettmg cowardly. I'll take down a few hornq of mountain d ew, and hie myself to the trysting-pl&.ce> tLat I may b e in time. He a ccordingl y entered the Metropolitan, and dl'anlc several glasses of liquor at the har, afte r which he lit a cigar, looked to his weapons, and quit ted the salo o n ?'OUte for the appointed be neath the gallows -tre e. The night was intense l y dark, the face of the heavens ove rca s t with scurrying black clouds, throug h wbieh the moon peeped at long in tervals only to disappear again a_nd leave a deeper gloom. A strong current of wmd swept fie r cely down through Dead wood gulch, making w eird music around the ettves and chimneys of the scattered buildings. Not nearl y so many peopl e were out, to night as commonly thl'Onged the busy streets, and Dashmg Dave fot utd the n eighborhood o f the gal lows-ree q11ite d eserted. It was rather a lonely place, especially upon a d ar!< stormy night as this tbreatened to be, for already a f e w drops of rain had fallen. The nearest habitation was a hundred rods distant, excepting the cottage b e fore which loomed the tt-ee and that was untenanted. "Dane:ed if I admi1e thalocation," growled the Regulator, glancing about him uneasily. u I cannofj s ee what made her appoint this place. Four men swung under this tree, and their combined spirits ought to b e sufficient to haunt it. H e llo I" This latte r exclamation emanated from a discov ery lnade, as he passed close to the trunk of the t It was a white sheet wrapped around the tree, evi -iently intended t o fri g hten pwse rs-by. What else could it b e for? .. Hal hal" chuckled th3 R e gulato!', growing bold evet, 'tis the same erect uon frame cl a d in ;et color e d buck-skin, with black glovec upon the and black tmpJJings for the fiery steed. A chill (lf horror attacks tu e R egulator and he glares h e lp lessly at. the phantom l eader. for. despite Ids bette r r e ason, b e i s con v i uce d that he is !n the _presence of the d eJJa t te d spiri t of Deadwo o d Dick. Indeed, how can it b e He was bound and securely; he was power less to do or say aught w d e fense of himse lf. The road-agents are grouped around, lookin g clark and grim, but they speak not. Neither does the ob ject on h o>seback All is qui e t for a lon g p erio": then a b lo o d-curdling burst of laught e r from the out, and his men start, raady to obe y He raises one b lack gauntletefl l1and and points t<> the Regu lator, then lets it fall again to his side. One of the road-agents now profluces a small cov erecl iron pail, whi ch, when ope ned, proves to b old rr b ed of g lowing coals: / B y the aid o f a pmr of tongs, there IS taken from the fire a reel -hot piece of iron, shaped lik e a double dage: e r and pressed heavily upon the forehead ot Das hing Dave. There is a hi ss ing, sputtering sound, a sickening stench of bm'!!ing flesh; a writhing of the prls>Jner, accompanied by piteo u s groans, that onl y excessiYe pain c o uld cause ; then burning brand is remov e d and the man who applie d it, s peaks: Thus be it that the firs t brand t o ward vengeance i s bur nt. David G orgon you are n o w In the pres enceof the living foll o w e r s of D eadwood Dick, whom you execute d upon this spot. Upon yonde r horse is what is l e f t 'Us of our gallant leade and his death we owe to you. As he swun g, s o shall you swing, with our curs es upon you., As h e fin ished speaki.!}g a rope was produced, and one e nd of it noos e d about the Reguiator'2 neck The other end was then t ossed u p ove r an overhang ing limb, and a doz e n pairs of h ands pulled t hl doomed Regulato r up into the air


t.'h;Touble Daggers. W e wi ll not dwell upon the Suffice It to say !bat the death-struggles were tertible to witness, and sowe -of the avengers turn ed aside their beads to shut out the sight. And when it was all over, and &he b-ody bung limp and lifeless, a sheet of paper covered with writing was pinned to the clothing ot the suspended corpse, after which horses were led f orward. for the road-agents to mount, and in a wild, wPird cavalcade they tore madly through Deadwood's magic city, their score ot voices b lel}d ln g togeth e r in a jolly mountain song, that a r oused the s lumtering pouulation to gaze in wonde r and eonsternation at the startling spectacle. And hi(l'h above the chorus of song would occa 8io nally rmg out an awful, wild, b l ood-cwdling peal of laughter, from a black figur e on horseback, l ead ing a few yards In advance of the main band, and gazing at tt the astonished lookers-on co uld utter but the one opinion : 'Tis .Deadwood .Dick, and his jolly dogs!" The body of Dashing Dave was found swinging beneath the fatal gallows-tree1 on the following mornin(l', and pinned to his clothing was a paper 1:ontaiumg the following words: NOTICE: -Though lif e may become extinct from the body, the spirit never dies, and know ye, one and all, that th1s world bas not seen the last of the man who swung beneath this tre", a few nights ago. 'rhe foll owing is DEADWO OD DICit'S VOW OF VENGEANCE: "As sure as there is a God in f\eaven to witness this oath, will D eadwood Dick cause the death of the ten men who laid hold of the rope that jerked him Into eternity. Also, will be end the career of Dashing Dave, anB! 0ashing Dave heads the list, and there are t e n more r.o follow him. By DrcK., That was all, but it was sufficient to set D eadwoo d wild with excitement. Very few were there, super stitious or otherwise, who clid not believe the oath of verogeance was meant to he execut ed and b y thi.q weird thing that claimed to b e the spirit of Jead road-agent. __ CHAPTER V, A FRIEND LOST A FRIEND G A IN E D. UNDER theoeadly fire of B lack Harper's r e volver, poor Johnson dropped to the ground witho u t a yell or a groan, for the bullet had penetrated the brain and killed him almost instantly. As she saw her brave protector fall, Leone uttered a cry of pain and indignation; her hand flew to her girdle, and the 'llext moment she had covered the outlaw with her own gleaming weapon. But he did not seem to think lbat there was danger in the action, for be laughed, mockingly. "Blaze away, my pretty I" he taunte(!, lowerin g &lis own weapou, and replacing the fired cartridge with a loaded oue. "I'll bet that you can't hit me; besides, I'm said to be literally bullet-proof. Go ahead a cool hundred If you imag ine them little pillsinyonrpop -guu will dome any perticklerharm." L eone, however, did not fire. She was dwnfoundlld at the man's reckless coolness; there was a lack of power in her forefinger to pull the trigger. She now trembled for her safety, for bow could she ever hope to contend with a man of nearly twice her size and strength? "Hal hal" be laughed, riding a little nearer, a devilish jubilance in his tone. "So the little bird hesitates, eb? She sees 'taint no use o' gettin' angry at notbin ', I guess. That's the way to do. The tender sex should all us acquiesce to ther infinitely superior judgment of the sterner creation, an' then all will go slick an' cleon. Thunder! b'li eve ye're thP DUrtiest >;>ieee of Eve's R itl tbat 'twar ever mv fortune to behold, and If you don't become Mrs. Bla c k Harper afore another sunset, you can ea.ll rna a liar, a:u' thar's no one's kin do that and liv e.'' N-1 1 kll never b ecome your wife. you WJ,"etc.b.l" o ied Leone, indignantly, h e r eyes ftashi g fire I would rather die a thousand J" "Can't help what you'd rather do, my dP_arv. You tlain't !'lot no chmce in this matter. Just open you r an I'll gh:e yean ijee o' how things stand. l am the Honorable Black Harl'er, and, as ulg ger a bit ago, one o tt.e wust o' cusse.'lt th1s stde o' Topbet. 1 command a gang of as joily chaps as can be found in the Hills, whose only car e is to plund er, rob, slit weazands and d igest aqnid speerits, and am a gentleman noted for unequaled cruelty and meanness. A meanet man than! you'l have hard work to find in all the States." "I believe you, there," retorted L eo n e. "Thank ye. I cons ider yer bel ief a my bloom ing bricktop. Now, then what I want, ill P. lovely lady to adorn my ranch, and I reckon there haln 't a likelier one than you in the hull Black Hills country. So it are naturally devolvent upon ye to ffil the desired p lace." Ji.eone shuddered. What should she do? If turned to flee be would certainly pursue and ove r take her. If would attempt to shoot him, would it have any .,cl'ect? H e bad said he was bullet-proof, Was any man bull et-prooU Alas I with her limited knowledge of men of wild West, Leone could not tell. But a sudden thought struck her. She could shoo. down his horse, and risk a foot -race with him. It would be a brutal act to thus kill a hel pleSI. dumb beast, but it meant liberty-everything to her. Leone was an unerring shot, and a swift runner. and determine d to make the attempt. "i am waiting for you to go!" she said, speak!n., with as much coolness as was possible under the cir cumstances, he1 r e volv e r commg to a level with her gaze. I shall not wait more than about two seconds for you to puckacbee!"-using a commoo borde r expression. But the outlaw only laughed. He seemed to take delight in keeping her in suspense-in watching hill' as the haw k watches its prey. "Blaze away. my swf\et est ducky!" he chuckled. triumphantly. "I'm willing to risk tbe conse quences ;" and while speaki.n_g be dropped a thick liide visor ove r his face. there's onl.v one place ye can reach, an' that's through the eye-lwles. an' I ll bet rny pile ye can t touch mel" L eone pulled the hamme r of her revolver back to fnll-cock, d ecisively. "One 1" she counted, her tone full of assuranee tba.t she meant bu s iness 1 "Two I" after a slight pause. Come I l f you wish to save yourself, this is the last chancel'' But Black Harper made no motion to move, He gazed at .the young girl in coo l lnclifference. There was a sharp report. a bright flash !n thl black night, a shrill scream of pain: then L eone turne d and sped down the gloomy canyon with tht' swiftness of an anow. With a dying groan the powerful steed ot t1te out law pitched forward, head-foremost, its un suspecting rider heavily ngainst a bowld e r, and ren dermg him momentarily insensible. But not long Soon he was upon his feet, with the bl oo d flol'(in 5 from a gash in l1is swarthy cheek, and ing the situation at a glance, he uttere d n friglltfu.i oath, and bounded away in bot pur.;uit. Down the canyon several hundred rods in ad vanee,_ sped Leone exerting all Ite r power to keep ahead or Black Harper, who now came leaping fiercely after her. His oaths did not intimidate her, for she had often heard 3Ucb language before; it was only the fact tMI she was alone and bad no friends tQ appeal to fOI. nrotection. that made her fear.


10 The Double Daggers. On-on-on; the moon now came to her aid. and )lghted the path for her through the rough canyon; the tall half-naked pines on either side upon the lights lo o ked Ike grim ghostly specters as reflected in the white mooiilight. Save the occasional bark of a mountain wolf, nothing was heard but the loud ly echoing footsteps of the pursuer and pursuom. l'!lack Harper, unhorsed, was a man of great bulk, witb. ponderous limb s and giant muscles, and in a foot-race was decidely not in his element. He was a daring, reckless rider, but entirely too bulky to de pend upon his legs far locomotion. Therefore, in stead of gaining upon L eo n e she gained upon him, almost every step taking her further out of his reach, which only added to his chagrin and terrible rage. "Hold up, cuss you I" h e yelled, panting and pufl'ing like a steam-engine, "hold up, I say, or I ll put a dozen bullets into ye." Leone glanced back over h e r shoulder, and meas ured the intervening distance with h e r eagle eve. 'fben she sent back a shrill lau g h of d e fianc e f o r she saw that no bull e t could everreachheruntilshewas nearer to the outlaw and that would probably n eve r b e for he was rapidly lo s in a ground. 6n-on; just ahead the gap where the trans verse canyons were crosse d by tl!e larger maiu one; Up this her enemies had gone scarcely an hour be f ore, in search of her and Johnso n She could n o t g{) in that direction; either she must f o llow up the othe r smaller canyon, or the other part of the main one, which would take h e r back to Deadwood, over the route she and Johnson had come. Of the two she concluded to take the small e r, pre f erring not to show herself in Deadwood, until she was forced to go there in ques t of food. Sh e darted out of the mouth of the one canyon, across the main gulch, and into the oth e r, which was much narrower, deeper and d a rker. She did not pause, but sped swiftly on, her breath coming and going in quick gasps, showing that she was nearly exhausted. Suddenly and without the least warning a figure stepped from behind a tree a few yards ahead o f h er, and blocked bet p:tth, not only in a commanding f orm, but also with a pair of Colt's navy sixes, that gleamed in the m oonlight like polish e d s ilv e r. uttered a cry of consternation and stopped stock-stili. "Who are you?" she demanded, trembling, with fear and apprehens ion. "Just the question I was about to asJ<.; who are you?" r eplied a pleasant vo i ce, which sounded some what feminine, for all the speaker was clad in m'll e attite-a neatly-fitting suit of tanned buckskin, frin ged and ornamented with Indian headwork: le g gins and moccasins Hkew ise. and a hat of the jockey order perched upon the head. The form was plumn and graceful; the facP not really yet a rough and dissipated career had not altogether "Swept away the iines where beauty lingers." A great cloud of raven hail swept to a waist offlnA proportions; th e eyes were black as midnight; the mouth stern and d ec i s iv e L eone's fears subsided somewhat when she glanced over hPr new foe, and li stened to the words utter ed. "I asked t11-st; you should answer first!" she re pli e d stepping a little neare r that she might view the "Right yon are. I am a w oman, like yourself, lady, though mv dress woulcl argue difl' e r e nt. I am called tllroughout the Black Hills, Calamity Jane, ancl have ve1y few friends-for the simple rea son I ilon't want many. But, how is it that you, a girl unu sed to r n u ghing it, are wand ering abo,lt, li ere. alone b y yours lfY "That I S a secret of my own r e plied Leone, not caring to hP too trusting with an utter stranger. "Enough is it for you to know that I have come here to escape e nemi es who have been pursuing me-are, even now, searching for me." "The deuce you say!" Calamity fane thrust bel' revolvers in her belt and came tenrer. "TileD you've come to precise ty the right 1 for protection. my dear. Here's what's always on hwd to protect the wea'r and oppressed. From n ow f n you can count Calamity Jane as your right bowe l In everything." "Thank you," and Leone gratefully seized the hand of her new-made friend, which was as ROft and white as her own. "I will gladly accept of ) our friendship, for I am all alone, my IBISt fri e nd, except God.J... having been kill e d but a few molnents ago." es; I heard a couple of J>iBtol shots up the branch gulch," assented Calam1ty, "and slid over in the direction to see what was tbn rltmpus. But I heard you comin', so I played hidean'-co o p abind a tree, till you showed your hand. ll.ecl

The Double 11 CHAPTER VI. GOLDEN BAR. &o Calamity Jane led the way rapidly up the &11fch,the grade ascending for about a mile, then d&o;cending almost precipitately, when they found themselves In what was more like a deep, nar row trough in the mountain. half a foot of water everywhere covering the bottom. "We'll have to wade here," Calamity explained, in answer (to Leone's blank look of astonishment. "Don't be afraid. A little water won't hurt you; you can dry your feet when you get to the Golden Bar.'' "Where's thatP" "On ahead, about three miles. It's my camp and unknown to any one else save myself and pardner. You will be the third one initiated into the secret. Can you work?" ''Yes, at some things." "Correct. I guess I csn make you do. If you can wash oaud. there's a snug little fortune await-Info "how Black Harper? Are you not afraid that he will follow us?" uNo: IIe\l 'a' been along while we were astand jn'back yonder, if he'd 'a' took this gulch." The y waded through the ''trough," for the dis tance of perhaps a quarter of a mile; then the can yon ascended a trifle, turned its course abruptly, and suddenly ended in the face of a giant mountam of gray rock. A round, black hole was the only mode disclosed of furthering progress, it opening into what appeared to be an inter-mountain cavern. "This is the entrance to Golden Bar," announced Calamity, stepping into the forbidding entrance1 and motioning her companion to follow. Don t be afraid, for there's notqing here to hurt you, while I'm around.11 "Is it a cave?" questioned Leone doubtful about being led unwittingly into the bowels of the moun tains. "Yes---er, rather, an Immense subterranean vault of which only one person, aside from you and I and my parner, has tile least knowledge. Its floors are rich with gold-bearing sands, a bar of which wP have worked for the last month wtth big success. Plenty of water runs through the cavern, by which we wash out our we alth. Come, let's enter." They woot in through the black hole and found themselves in Stygian darkness. Not long, however. Calamity gave four shrill, distinct whistles; then sPized Leone by the arm and hurried on, their feet sinking an inch deep into a fine sandy bottom. Pres ently their hearing was greeted with the savage growling of several dogs, which caused L:rant coffee was steeping on a bed of coals; near the fire was a rude table set with dishes, and looking quite inviling-especially to Leone. A f P w stools. a collection of mining implements, and an array of weapons from the rille down to the knife and cartridge-b elt, hung upon the wan. "There! this is the city of Golden Har," lau,gher, is our present place of labor." Donald finished the roasting of the meat, thei\ with a familiar band arrangea the supper. It consisted of the venison, done to a nicety; cof" fee, and hardtack biscuits, and oome fresh crackers that had been purchased m Deadwood. Not a very dainty meal to be yet it was substantial, and that was what the appetites of the trio most cravPd. "Were you in Deadwood to-day, Jennie?" Yateli after having finishPd a huge slice of meat. "I reckon!" was the laconic rpply. "Though& so. Any news?" "None scarcely worth mentioning. Oh I yes, there is, too. Deadwood Dick's fellers bas strung up Dashing Dave!" ''The deuce you say!" "Yes-tbe Regulators found their btowin' chief s,vjngin' b eneath the same tree they stretched Dick from, this mornin' An' last night the gang made a spurt up through town, an' there at their head ridln' for kill and yellin'like a l oony, was Deadwii Dick himself-black boss, black rider and all!'' Yates laughed, sarcastically. "What nonsense!" he said, quietly. "Are they trying to make out that it' s the spook, or what?for certaiuly it cannot. be aught else, as Deadwooil


t2 'l'he Double ---------llic k was hung till there wasn't a breath of li!e !n him I'll vouch for that." "Reckon it's hi s speerit, then," replied Ca lamity, the fkeligbt playing ove r her featurus and revealing t. .L :1m expressio n upon them. Dic k was a cuss, an' no mistake an' 'twere a pity h e got suspended; out the L ord forbid I should ever m ee t his spook. "Would i t scar e you!" with a laugh .. I r ec kon. I'm not p!Ll'tial to anything of the epiritual order. The fir e burned low as the trio sat before it; the surrounding shadows seemed to form into grotesque tigures; a hushed silence followed in the wake of the ended conversation. Donald Yates sat staring steadfastly into the (lames, his elbows resting upon his knees, and hands supporting his chin. H e seems to be tllinking very intently upon some tml:>ject, evidently a pleasant one, For his eyes occa sionally light up with warmth and animation. L e ona is r ev1ewing her past career up to present date as she watches the queer formations in the coals. Calamity Jane is watching h e r two companions, and stuc lyin!;' them with a careful observance that is characteristiC of h e r. I.n L eo n e she sees a pure .tru e, confiding maiden, little versed in the wickedness o f the world In Yates, a man of the world b eyon d his years; a brave. c oo l, reckl e ss, determined fellow, rarely to be -cau ght napping; always pleasant t{) friends and co ld towar d enemi es. Of all m en, the eccentric girl thought she would choose him; but bah I that old ri es of s luic e-boxes f o r was!Jing out gold, which wos a bmdant in the sands f orme d the bottom of the Bar--<>ne oi thP ri c hest di s coveri es by the way, anywhere in the vicinity of "Como.! come! Your dream!'i must have been p leasant to h"ve kept vo u sleeping so l ong, said 'Y'a t es, pl1ci n<; t h e breakfast u po n the t a ble "I did not dret>m at nll replied L eon", combing ber profusion of bick-red cul"i> -r was tired n sleep so long," remarked C a lam< lty. "Did you see to my horse, and th dogs. Don?" "Yes, long ago. Wbyf are you off again to-dayP You w on't g e t much gold min e d at this rate." "Bother the gold. I have got ten times as much laid by, as I shall ever use. Besides, what am I working f o r ?-who am I hoarding up gold f or? I have no one to leave it to when I go up the winding stairs." "You have relatives in Nevada." "Gurse them I they' ll n eve r get any o' my tin-bet your pile on t hat. When the y ki cked me out of doors, it was forever. n They sat down and partook of the repast In s l grim and stern. He was perhaps more familiar with h e r history than any one else in all the Black Hill s. She had confidentially told him the whole bitter, t e rlJibl e story of her lif e, whe n one day she met him in the mountains; be had pitied h er, a'nd as a result s h e had. initiated him into the secret of the Golden B a r, and made him h e r partner. Afte r the meal was dispatched, the strange wo man took down her ritl e and prepared to quit the cav ern. A whistl e fro m h e r lips brought to li e r s ide from a furt.ber part of the cavern, a large, iron framed, savage-eyed horse of the M exican breed, ac compani e d by a brace of f eroc ious-looking do gs. "You w ill not be afraid to remain here with D o n will you ? she a sked of L eo ne, as she sadclled the bOI-se "I1 not," f alte r e d h e r guest, hardly know ing if she was speaking the truth o r not. "How long will y o u b e gone?'' "Only a f e w hours, probabl y. You can amuse yourself at washin g sand. you get i s yours." Th e n she m ounted a nd galloped away through the cavern, f o ll o wed by the baying do gs, and disappear in g throug h the black bol e by wbicn L eo n e had first come into the cave rn. After watching h e r vani s h. L eo n e turned toward where Donald had been stanjing.. But, strangely, he was not there He too'bad disappeared) CHAPTER VII. THE BUCKET "-DOUBLE D AGGERS I AGAI N we return to D ea-l wood, th e cnief cemer of immigration to the Hills ple cers. Tis a n h ou r bordering ni g h upon midnig-ht. The streets are thronged with p eop le-an intermi ng-ling of micrs, who have e ith e1 come in after s upplie s, o r to have a big drunk-o f u c i tizens," as rcu::rlt an d uncou th lo ok ing as the min e r s themselves-of 1 t en derfcots," or n e w arl'ivals o f swearin g ruffi ans an d desperadoes-of a g: eat, in disc riminate m ass, com pri sing p eo pl e no d oubt h o n e t and upright, and agJTibl e t o l:>ear. A. tuml)ledo,Yn stage i n 011 befOI"" which an orchestra o f a ha njo and ftc l t ll p m akes s h 0 .... ':i s.ttew.llts to u roouce mu s i c (hP att1::tct i o r


'l'he Double 18 Ill the evening, as the pgsters on every side anIIOunce, in the perron of Silver Sal;" "The Bossest #If all Boss Gals." We have no power to give her a correct descrip tlon; nor would we sully these pa, even with the attemp. Let us simply call her a fat coarse yow1g woman, dissipat e d and ribald, and let the matter drop. Her VIcious songs are with wildest enthusiasm by the brutal audience, and no sooner do they cease than a d 9 z e n glasses of beer are pass ed to the stage over the footlights, out of which the oongstress selects one to drink, and kicks the others far out among the crowd, an act, by th e way, that is receiTed with loud shouts of approbation. Seated at a table in one of the quietest corners of the saloon, and watching the scene with an expres sion of disgust dP.picted upon his handsome features, was a young man of about twenty years. who seemed out of place among this audience. He sat alone by his table minding his own business; yet this did not prevent him becoming the center of many curious glances, and somebroad hints ques tioning his right there, were tbrov.-n out, loud enough to reach his hearing. But this did not seem to dis concert him in the least. He was quite cool and re gardless of danger, if danger was to be inferre d from the glances leveled at him, and did not give the crowd' s rude remarks the slightest attention, appar ently. In many respects be was a remarkable young man. Remarkably handsome in face and featwe was he; his hair was of a chestnut hue, and worn long down over his shoulders; his eyes were brown, vet with power to gleam dangerouSly at times; his mouth stern and overshadowed by a/outbful mus tache. In form, be was straight an well-cast. his limbs like bars of Iron in their hardness; his shoul ders broad .and powerful; his bearing nprigtt, and a trifle haughty. Most singula r of all, however, was his costume, which would have attracted special notice in any crowd. The breeches were of buffalo-skin, wi*' the iur left outward; the moccasins small and neatly embroidered in fantastic shapes; a velvet vest, and a buffalo-sk--,u coat, like the breeches, completed the outfit, unless it be the beaver cap upon his bead. Around the "Yaist was belted a h orn-handled knife -an eighteen "incher, by the way-and a pair of gold-mounted revolvers, which looked as if they hac! seen a good deal of service, though they were as yet nearly as good as new A J asso slung to the back, and an Evans repeating rille leaning against the ta ble, bespoke the fact that the young stranger was no miner, but fresh from the hunting-grounds of the far North-w e st. "That's Buffalo Beo-heerd of him, 'ain't ye?" one of tbe c r owd, a burly Montanian, asked, scowl ing at the object of his remark. "He's some on the shoot, they say, an' ar' llOY'U from nigh t' the British tine." ,_.. What the devil do h 6 .vant hyar?" responded the Individual addressed. "We do.,t want no British ers in this consarn, not if ole 1\Iinnesota Mike ar' dreamin' correct. ; suy, young feller, w'at d'ye surspect yer e doin' .vunrl byar, "It appears to me tha.t. I'm mindin' my own bui ness," replied Buffalo ilen, quietly, and it would !;e advisable for ;vou and your crowd to follow suit. .V: don't wish to pJCk a qumrel with you1_but you've got to mind your own butiiness-that's au!" And the G<:me of tbe young man was decidedly J?OSitlve. Is that aU r" sneered the 1\linnesotzan, mocking IY. as he strode nearer. "Young feller, do you know wLat I can do? 'Vb y I can just chaw yer ear off in one secont bv the watch. roast me if I can't." "I haven't the least doubt about it,'' r 'ltoned B en, .... uolly, eying his giant insulter, indiff e r ently. ,I've m e t wild beasts in my time that could chaw down a man without winyg. It must be that you belong to t bat ferocious order r 'rhp mugh utterea a "'"'Se, and a s n arl like an en ,,uJl. And a general laugh went up from the nearest by.. standers who bad overheard the conversazion. "You had better move on," added Buffalo Ben drawing one of his polished revolvers, cocked and ready for instant use. "I don't feel in a talkative mood to-ni,-ht; but if you'll come around some oth er time, we 'II converse If there is n eed f o r any furo the r words, on my part, this evening, I ll let this speak for me I" and be indic ated what he meant by a nod at the grim six-shoote r. The l\Iinnesotian glared at his cool adversary in rage and astonishment, He had little expected to see such an exhibition of "nerve," from one who appeared to be simply a youth. He was one of the Deadwood Regulators, as was his companion the Montanian, and bad been a domineering, bullying fellow from boyhood up. But very rarely bad he enco untered any one who dared to brave him as the young frontiersman had done. "You'd better leave him be Mikel" argued the Montaniaz:!J endeavoring to lJUll the offend e d 8i ant, away. "\.X)meJ let's go an' 1mbibel" "All right," accepted the 1\Iinn esotian with alae. rity. "I nev e r refuse D ee r-Ji'oot; but arter'ds won't I Jay out that young whelp? 1 reckon!" And he shook his tlst at Buffalo Ben, threatening, Jy as he walked toward the bar. 1 Now's your chance to peel out, younker,,. advised one of the crowd earnes-tly afore Minne sota Mike gets back, for he's the quintessence o lightning, when be gits eight fingers o' corn-juice down him." "Is that so?" cooll;v asked the borderer, twisting up a and ligbtin!l: it with the utmost non chalance. "1 don't care 1f be is, or what be is. J reckon I'm too tired to run for such a looking brut.e ashe ifiknowmyself." "Waal, just wait till Mike gits at ye, an' I opine ye'll sing a different tune," \Yas the unheeded wurn mg. Minnesota Mike did not come back very soon. He evidently found too;pmch attraction around the bar, where the proprietor of t -he "Slop-Bucket" deAlt ou' perhaps the -w'orst decoctions to be found within the limits of the Magic City. Buffalo Bfn:sat quietly at his tabl e watching all. that was going on about him. Especially did his shut bard together, as be continued to gaze at h e r. First she was on the stage, singing her songs; then she was mingling with the ruffian audiencs and with whoever offered to stand treat. Several tlmes she passed near to where Buffalo B en sat, and the young man half rose to his feet his lips parted, as if abOut to speak; but she pushed on wztbout noticing him, and he resumeu his seat, his face !<'ro,ing dark with anger "The ill-fates take her!" he muttered, fiercely, "Will I never get an opportunity to speak to ths wretch? My GOd! it makes my blood run col d when I see what a low, shameless thing she is\.!,Lild realize that Belle is in her power! l.'urse her! li I ever get a chance I ll make life seem dear to her." But if Silver Sal knew of his presence among the audience she fought shy of him, for her attention was mostly given to another part of the crowd. After waiting and watchmg for upward of an hour long er, Buffalo Ben left his seat, and slinging his rifle on his back, sauntered toward the door, in tending to seek the street for a little fresh air, the atmosphere in the "Slop-Bucket" being rank and hen vy with tobacco-smoke, the odor of very bad whisky, and the vitiated breath of that bad crowd. But his action was immediatel y noticed by Minne sota Mike, who was approaching at this juncture, and b e instantly blockaded the way with lils burly form-DeerFoot, hi s pard, cloae behind Both wer& in liquor the Montan ian, espec ially, oeing In of a fighting mood than be had pte

The Double )a.ggers small ter pick wi' yon afore you git out o h e r e. Awhile ago you called me a d irty, knock kneed, cross-eyed didn,t ye?an' mv pard, hyar, a wammel-chopped lantern-jawed hoss-thier, dido 't ye 1" "Not that I remembe r of," replied B e n, allowin" his hand to rest upon the butt o f a pistol in his b elt. I rarely call a person undese rved names." "Ye don't, hey? Ye didn't call us boss-thieves nowi did ye, you contemptibl e little cuss?" call e d you nothing of the kind, so get out of mr, TJath or I'll do something worse than call names I was the stern answer; for the young man's blood was rising, and when ang17 he bro oke d no triflin g. C0 ne! move aside, or I l make two corpses here wit hin the next two 1ninutes." Will ye, though?" roared the giant and the next hstant he and the Jliontanian sprung forward, each c u tcb in g a long g leaming knife in h and. But before they could strike a blow, o r even be for e Buff a l o B e n could draw his weapon, there were two s harp r eports, and just as a half-score o f masked m en sprung in through the open casements, the two ruffians tumble d to the floor without a groan. Then high above the din and confusion, rung the err, blean out the den I JJouble-dagqers and vengeance for Dead,vood Dick!" Y e lls of horror, rage and consternation arose from < h e lips of the. surprised audience; curse s mingled wit h pistol-s hots; the clashing and ringing of stee l; and dying groans, were the ruling sounds of that awful moment. Bang! bang! bang! w ent the death-speaking r e volv e r s of the avenging road-agents; each report f ollowed by a vi' i d flash of flame and a yell of pain. 1 bang 1 spoke the weapons of the 1 nf tlans in return; and on waged t h e dead l y conflict un. :ALit it soo n appeared that the attacked part{ were getting the worst of it. Ab<>ady a score' o theV, m .. a were stretched out, while every road-agent still .-etaine d his feet, though some were hard bit. "D'>use the glim I out with the light," yelled the alarmed proprietor of the "Slop-Bucket." And in a twinkling, the who l e establishment was in inky llakoess. Of course firing now ooased, for friends could not be told from enemies. Blindly the crowd ming l e d together every p erso n o this place for so 'll e foul purpose? Sh e 11;rew pale and trembling as she askedl1erself these questions; then, nerved h erself and began a bac;ty search. SQddeol y, behind a large bowld e r that bad some ttm-e b ecome ci:ed from the c e iling and now lay pon the sandy floor, came upo n the young nin er, out of her sight, and langning Iuietly to h imself. "This is not kind of you!" she crie d, a trifle indignant, "getting me a larmed and excited, !Je cause I thought I was l eft alone. Why did you nide away?1 "Just to see what you would say or do, "he replied, laughing hea r t ily at h e r sulks, as he left his retreat. ""Don't get marl, now; 't was only in fun." \Veil don' t do i t again, will you?" "No; 'r promise you. Now, come and I'll initiate you into the mysteries of go ld-mi n in g, so that you' ll be able to earn your three dollars a day, and n o t half try." And h e was as goo d as his word. He taught h e r how to separate the fine golden particles from the coarser sands by the aid of the s luic e boxes. And era long she was abl e to do as good execution in h e r work as h e. The sand was not hard to get, b eing l oosely packed over the bottom, and i t took o nl y a few fanfuls to prove that i t abounded with gold o a superio r quality. L eone took to mining 'vi t h a zeal and earnestness that showed she was not afraid to work; and Donald Yates obse r ved h er, with admiration beaming from his eyes. "Just a beautv, is she!" he mused, leaning o n his spade, occasi on:illy to gazb on the handsome face and form, busi l y engaged at the "cradl e "I'd give the world to possess such a priz6-to keep me company thro u g h lif e. But I d o ubt if she could be won by such a chap as I She has a pretty exalted op ini o n of herself, and mayhap, anothe r lover There was where the mine r made a mistake. There was nothing proud or vain about L eo n e ; she was quiet, unobtrusive and She consjde reJ every r es pectable person as goo d as h e rself, and en vi ed nobody their goodlooks or worldly riches Sb.e rath e r admied Yates ; she thought she saw i n him a man who would make a kind, loving husband: b e trne and k ind, and a faithful partner through life. But, the n, she had never seriousl y given marriage the least con side ration. Hitherto, her time had most l y been devoted to her st11dies, until circumstances cau sed h e r flight fro m the lan d of her childhood. "Where did you come from, before you came to the Black Hills?" sh6' asked, working away indust ri o usly. "Fro m Cheyenne, direct to Deadwood. I was born in the East, but since I was fourteen years of age, h a v e been roughing it in the West. "We r e y o u eve r in Texas?-dear old Tex; the land I love above all others?" "No. I never got quite so far South. I have bunted in the w il ds of Montana, andevenintoWash ington Territory, wh e r e the foot of white man s el dom treads played cards by the season i n Salt Lake C i ty, with Mormon sharps; and billiards and roulette in San Francisco ; have killed Indians h e r e in Dako ta, and trapped beaver and otter about the head-wa ters of the Y e llowstone." "Indeed! Yours seems to have bee n an eventful experience. Were you captured bv Indians ? ''Yes, on several occasions. But the Fates always willed it that I should escape trom their clutches." they worked and conversed, and ere Jong light ceased to come in through the natural window. and the miner ann ounced that it was night. u\Ve'll ehtsuppe r, now," he said, and then count up our pile. Yesterday I reali zed more pure gold than ever bef01e, but shall fall sb01t, to-day, because I s pent too much time in watching you. "Which was your own fault. I did not t e ll you to at me a ll the time. flashed back L eo n e I know, my d e a 1 lar l y, but I couldn't h elp ft. You at e s o charm ingand beautiful-" "Ug-h! don't!" The girl shrugo;edber sho uld e rs, and made a wry face I do not lik e to b e flatte r e d. And doo't call me your dear lady, a g nin, if yo1.1 please, because I'm n othing of the k ind .'' "Ain't you? W e ll you must excns:.-m.v famili<


T h e Double Dagg ers. arl.ty," and the miner turned abntptly and stalked away toward the camp-fire, which he had kindled some time before. Leone ran after him, and caught him by the arm. "You will not be angry with me?" she questioned. "Certainly not," be replied1 looking down at her, half-gl oomily; "but you wowdn't give rna a chance to-to-" "To be familiar on short acquaintanceis that it?" she demanded, roguishly, "Well-yes; perhaps that's it," he confessed, hesitatingly. "Oh well, we'll come to be very good friends, in time, I dare say; only don't presume to call me your dear," she rejoined with evident earnestness; then she added: "wait and see what hnppeus. Maybe some one else will come along whom you will like better than myself. Don't you think that a wise suggestion?,' "No. I am positive in regard to my present pre dllections. Red-beaded girls of your style don't grow on every bush in the Black Hills." "Don't they? Well-you needn't be poking fun at my hair, I'm sure. If you keep far encugh away from it, it won't burn you. Come 1 enough of tllis nonsense. Let us have some supper and then, as you saidj' count our gold-the fruits of half a day's Iabor. s'pose I've made my fortune already." "No doubt of it," replied Yates, dryly, as he stirred up the fire. He was not in the best humAr, on account of this evid ent repulse by his fair com \)anion. He had scarcely anticipated such a rebuff; but it learned him a lesson to be less presuming in ihefuture. The Ruppe r was soon ;prepared, out of vetlison, coffee and crackers, and dispatched in silence. Yates was not in a talkative mo2.ersist, as there is no one witJ.lO..


16 The Doubie Dagge r.::.. !niles of the cavern in all probability," he said, throwing himself upon the bl&nket once more. "Be seatfld I will not be so audacious again." And he kept his word. No t hing more was said on the subjed-in fact. little or nothing was said dur ing the remainder of the evening. When ten o'clock came, aud Calamity Jane had not returned, he said: "You can retire no IV 1f you wish, as Calamity will probaby not b e in to-night. I will smoke another >ipe. take a turn about the premises, and then taktl a. nap myself." Leone accordingly sought the couch on which 3he had lain the previous night, t:.nd soon she was fast asleep, the labor of mining having tatigaeu her 1 It must have been long past mi ;1nigLJt, wher she was startle d from her slumber by an intuition ot danger, or something, she knew not what, until she gave a terrifi e d glan ce, and thPn uttered one piercing shrie k of horror as she beheld a hnman face--the face of a man, with black! scarred forehead, gleam ing eyes and a long grizz y mustache, reaching b e hind his huge ears-be nding close to hers. She recognized the face in a single instant as that of the out!aw and rufl!an. Black Harper! CHAPTER IX. DIU.OWOOD nlClt AGAIN-PLAYL'-ht and morning of that same ni'i'abt of the road-agen-Vs raid upo n the" Slop-Bucket,' in Deadwood, the whol e band made a grand dash up the main street and disappQared in the dar,;.n ess, l eaving behind them their echoin.:;shouts of laughtel>. And bo ldly in the lead, grim and t Prrible rode that thing people said was the ghost of Deadwood Dick, occasionally sending up one of those unearthl y shrieks of laughter that had been characteristic of t .he Prince of the Road. Early in the following morning, the news of what had happene d at the Slop-Bucket" was spread broadcast through the Magic City, anclin all the dig in the immediate surroundings. Great was the exCitement that prevailed, and during the day, the noto rious den was thronged with crowds who came to view the dead, and the ter rible death-mark of D eadwood Dick. It was a. g)oomy day in the annals of Deadwood's history--dark in the aspect of the lowerin g leaden sky, and in the hearts of an alarmed populace. Notices offering a large reward fqr the captare of the outlaw gang, dead or alive, were posted up in conspicuous place s all over the town; and the Regu lator band whos e number had been diminished by the loss of a. leader and ten m e n, was r eo rganized and enlarged to a well armed company ot fifty. For a commander was chosen a big brawny Mis SOUI'Ia.n, witb. indomitable courage and immense Ill'llllcl e. His name was Uriah and he had By h i s direction ten of the band were senl into the surrounding mountains and gorges, well-armed and provisioned, and ordered to keep a sharp lookout for the road agents. And when evening once more settl e d over the me trOJ?Oiis, the people thereo f felt a better sense of se curity than the y had, earlier in the day. But this feeling was dissipated, when the Cheyenne stage arrived anld theil story. The stage h a d bee n stopped not ten !niles below Deadwood in a l o n ely spot, by the so-called Phan tom RoadAgen t and his full band, numbe1ing in all about thirty mask ed men, and the passengers had been robbed of th"l)r watches, m o n ey, j e w elry and ;ire-arms, B!\'grega.tmg in worth about a thousand Bes1d es, Bond & Moxey, the Dead wood brokers, had five thousand dollars in paper money locked v. in the treasure-box and this was burst open by llie daring gaBg, and the money appropriated. AM>ogether it was the most daring robbery on :he ro4tl foxmonths. B y tho stage-drive r the Phan tom Road-Agent ha.d sent a letter direcw 3 to Uriah Denby, chief of the Regulators. Great< was aroused when this was delivered t<> the Lew captain, who sat smoking in the Metr o politan bar. His m e n and a crowd of citizens crowded around, eager to learn what the Prince of the Road had to say. Cornel what's it say?" demande d the anxious thron..,. "Read out lou d." "Humph I" said Denby, looking a trifl e t;tim, "this is what it says: "Ma. URIAH DENBY. E sQ. :-By unanimous vote. you have b ee n chosen leade r of the so-styled Dead wood Regulators. You may be an honest man and a good fellow, but you have, i n your old age, mistaken your vocation. I do not wi s h to s!rlke you, no;those under you. Deadwood Dick's vow :>f veugeance has been fulfilled, in the death of the ten R eguhttors at the Slop-Bucket. But, if you move against my men, it extends to you. T!lerefor<>. I warn you in time Myself r.ou cannot harm. My spirit bas a long lease of li berty. It Is with you every day, and knows all you intentions. Again I advise you to remain passive, and not turn my you. Adi e u. These lines traced by the spirit hand of .. DEADWOOD DICK ... "Well, by thunder!" was the g e n e r a l comment, when, afte r a long silence, the assemblege f ound their tongues. "Thats the essence of cheekiness1 if e ver tfiar was any What d'ye think, Denby?' I don't h.-no w what to think, boys l" replied the new chief, candidly. "But r.on have your opinion. D'ye think there's anl' spint about this b us m essP" Y es, I should sav there was considerable tpiril manifested in this 'Slop-Bucket' affail". As to the immortality of t h is accursed scamp, I am unable to r ender any decision I n eve r beli e ved in a ghost b e fore; but you all a ffirm that this same Deadwood Dick was not long ago hung, till h e was dead." "Ay, ay! till he war deader'u a dried h<'Tring!" declare d a d o zen Then, either this is his ghost, or some of his m e n rigged up in his toggery to personate him. It' s one or tlie other, mark my w ord. But, that's Dick s writln plain eno u gh!" d e clarPd one of the mine rs, who had oft-times seen the young penman sh ip, an' ef sorue one war playin' off on us, they couldn't write like that, I'll b e t a coonskin." "Not unless they imitated from copy," replied D en by, tho ughtfully. "I see no other way at pres ent, tban to ac<'.ept of it as Deadwood Dick's ghost." And thus i t was settle d in the minds of the peopl" of D e adwood city. A f e w strong-minded ontls "Bah-e d !" and poketl fun at the preposterous idea, as the y termed it; but most of tlie citizens and "floaters" w ere n ervous and alarmed at such a state of affairs. "Will you move against the agents?" asked the senio r partner of the Id!l. Gra y mine. "Cer. ainly I" d e cided Denby, without a moment's con s id e ration. I am n o t scared bad at this so called warning and shall go on just the same w;, though I ha.l n o t r ece iv e d it. By the' wa.v, you passengers who were robbed, how did tb1s Phantom Rider appear whe n you saw him?" "Silent and g rim as a balky near-wheeler!" volun teered J ehu, coming up at this juncture. "He just sot onter his boss as if glue d tbar, an' never spoke a word. When he'd any d 'rections to g iv e, b e just wa.vedlhis paw, and the m e n they got /-bet your pile on that, "An w'e n they'd got thr'u, b e heav e d that letter ter one of the gang, who fetched it to me, an' told meter d'liv e r e t to Uriahe r D enby, w'ich I did." I see no way to move just yet," said th e n e w Regulator chief, in answer to a question of a promi nent speculator. "The way the matter stands, I don't kuow th

The Double Daggers. 17 So matters rested, and the crowd dispers!'d, all conversing on the all-absorbing w_pic of the day-the deeds and doings of Deadwood D1ck. The" Metropolitan" gaming-parlor, tlaough with out separation from the-bar and dancing parts of the big apartment, was Yilt distinct from them, only a class seeking gaming amusement being 'allow e d be yond the boundary. The rougher set generally hovered near the bar and dancers, so that the assem at the gaming-tables was Jess savage and desperate. Women as well as men played for stakes In Dead wood. One woman to be found here, night and day, and a. very paying card to the managPment, was the "Vailed Queen." as everybody called her, from u.e fact that her face was ever vailed. She played a good square game, and was regarded as the nchest card-player in Deadwood. ,_The receiving clerk of Wells, Fargo& Co., declared that within the six months of her stay in the Black Hills, they bad transmitte d for her to different banks throughout the W est, moneys t" the amount of nearlv a million; besides, Bond & Moxey held a large sum in keeping for her. Her name, people said, was Ida Burton, but she was more generally known as the "Vailed Queen." ln form she was remarkably neat and trim, aud her dress was always of the richest material, she rarely ever appearing in the same suit more than twice or three t1mes. Jewels of wond erful magnitude and value were worh upon h e r -gloved hands, her face was B.iways hidden behind that thick !;,reen vail; her !lair was great in profusion, reaching far below the waist in a shimmering cloud. On this evening of which we have been writing, the Vailed Queen sat at her table, which was not surrounded as usual with a throng of lookers-on. Only one man was playing with her. Nevertheless the game was an exc1ting one, for the hitherto successful queen was losing heavily. Almost every known game of cards bad been played; still the man went on winning, as coolly as if he was not playing to win. lle was a little bewhiskered gamester from the mines of Idaho, named Lotus, and was reputed ln that section never to have lost a game. "The bank's broke!" said the queen, at last, throwint; down the cards. "I'll not play another game wlth you, foryou've won five thousand dollars, already, and that's quite enough." Without a Wflrd the gambler raked in his stakes, and "pulled out," leaving the card to herself, for the gaming part of the buildmg was nearly deserted, owing to the recent arrival of the stage with its crowd of robbed passengers. As she sat there her ,:;aze wand.,red carelessly over the crowd; then suddenly she started vi?lently, and uttered an inaudible exclamation, as she beheld two men approaching her. The'l were the two men whom we 6rst saw in pur suit o Leone-Jasper Leslie and Curtis Sydnor. They had come into Deadwood but an hour since, from an unsuccessful hunt in the mountains, and were not in the best of humor, as may be urmised. "ft's devilish queer what has become of the cmsed girll" Leslie growled, looking horribly haggard and l'aunt, from his long jaunt. "I'll break every bone m her body if I once get her again." "That will not help the matter at all!" replied Sydnor, sneeringly. You promised me the girl for my wife within three months if I would not fore close the mortgage on that ranch of yours, and the time's been up for two months. To-morrow 1 shall take the first stage for Cheyenne, on my way back to TeJSt sometime. "Very well. sir. I shall always be happy to a<> commodate you," plied the woman, raking in her winnings, as the defeated men sauntered away. But after they were nearly lost among the crowd, she turned and shook her clinched right hand after them, her teeth grating together fiercely. "Oh! I know you. Jasper Leslie!" she muttered under her breath-" knew you, and loathe and bate you. And now that Fate has cast you across my path, I shall not let you escape until I have made you feel the full measure of my power-of my ven geancel" CHAPTER X. IN THE MOUNTAlNS-TBE "HAl hal" laughed Black Harper, triumphantly, bending his repnfsive face still closer, and pressing his coarse lips to Leone's cheek. "Hal hal my pretty dear; so I've found you at last, eb? Didn 1 think I was going to let such a pigeon as yon escape my trap, did you? Chaw off my ear, but you're pretty a;.;' <;weet enough to eat/" And the ruffian held her bead between his great hands and forcibly kissed her upon the lips, to her horror and disgust .She struggled desperatelY to get free. but it was no


18 The Double Daggers. use He had bound h er, hand and fodl. while she slept, and she was h e lpless. But be had neglected to ll'ag her, and she uttered shriek after shriek foi' ass1stance. "Donald-Mr. Yates!" she screamed, shrilly''help! help! help!" "0111 you needn't screech for h elp, 'cause no one '11 hear you, unless et ar' that cuss over thar by the camp-fi r e an' he's bound and gagged. So shut up if you don't wa'>t me to crack you beside o' the head. I ain't in a mooa for none o' yer yowlin'. like that, an' I'll kerry ye to the .11'.oone was so terrified that she could no longer :cream; therefore she suffered herself to be dragged oward the fir e without o ffering vocal resistance. Here the outlatv her upon one of the camp stools, young Yates occupying a similar position, with a wood e n gag fastened in his mouth. T here! now you're both as cosey as a bug in a rug, ain't you?" and the ruffian gave vent to a ma lignant chuckle. I'm su:e ye carrt complain, when you don't git no worse usage than this. I had a mind to knife you bath. at firSt but then I conclu ded I could make good use o' both o' you--the gal for my wife, and the feller for a sort servant. Wait till I import my jolly bticks ter this" place, an' ye'll see liv ely times, bet yer gaiters! I intend to make a monstrous fortune out o' this claim. Just hold on till I git hold o' Calamity Jane; then .not a livin' mortal will squeal o' this place." "You are a disgusting braggart!, said Leon e, con tPmptuo usly "and a coward, too, or you wouldn't bind a belple"s girL You have taken my weapons; what harm I do if you were to let me have the use or my limbs?" "Thar's no tz llin' what ye'd do. I hain't a-goin' t r run no risks. It's a cussed sight easier fer me to watch ye, ti e d up nor it would he to have you free." At this juncture therH was a faint cry audible to .;;.ile hearing of all, seeming to come from the direc ;)ion of the canyon entrance to the caTern. "Wh. l t the deuce w:;.s that?" growled Black HarPE-, laying hold of a revolver butt, and peering off i .u;o the g l oom. "Better go and see, vou coward!" taunted L eone, sneeringly. .. You are''fraid of the squeal of a rat, l do b elieve." "Not much, I a in,t; but that warn't no rat music, I know well enough. Listen to that\ will you?" Just then there was a sound of naif-suppressed laughter from off in the darkness; then the indis tinc t murmnr of voice:;. ''So m e one i s cmning to our res cne, thank God!" exclaimed L eo ne "Have courage, Mr. Yates; help J SCOming!" "No, I'm em-sed if it is!" roared Black Harper drawing and cockin;: his revolvet-s, with a string of b o rribl e oaths. '' l 'fl make sausage-meat out of 'em, see f I d on't now," and he leaped off into the gloom, in search of tbe u Now is our time, l\lr Yates I" exclaimed Leone, in a shrill whisper. We must contrive to get free, while h e is alrJe nt. Can you get your hands or feet loose?" shook his head in the negative. "Wait, t hen; I'll t r y and get that gag out. Hitch .dong o n yer stool to ovard me." By their united efforts they soon succeeded in hringing themselves close together; then the miner lllent his head down to Leone's side, and with the lingers of one hand she picked the knot out of the cord that bound the gaf! It was a tedious underit at last, and the gag "There so much is done," she whispered, joy tully "Quick. now try and see if you cannot loosen the cords that bind my hand." "YPs; bend a littl e lower, please-there, that's the kiud," and the young man attacked the hard drawn knots with a will. "I wonder who it was that ' the noises. off there. Fnend8:" "No! Nobody made them, except myself. I am a ventriloquist, and sent that ruffian off on a fool'lf erran d, in order to give us a chance to make our es cape. God grant that he may not return before we get our ha.nds and feet free!' "To whi ruffian. "Well-here's more food than I want; l e t him share it with me then!" "No, I won't. Let him go without-and shet yer inf.,rnal clack." So Donald was doomed to go without his break fast. But then he was not very hungry, and did not miss it much. That day passed by, Black Harper sleeping by spells iu front of thP camp-fire, but never so lost in slumber as to not know what was going on about him. He was wonderfully keen of hearing, and any attempt on the part of Leone and Donald t:> move nearer to each other was sure to arouse him, and their plans were frustrated. When night once more slanted her grim, gloomy shadows into the cavern, he rose and prepared an other meal. this time feeding Donald and Leone, each in turn; then he permitte d them to lie down on sepa,. rate blankets, while he took up his vigil, with only the of the g lowin g fire for company. Thus three days more were passed at Golden Bar; and on the morning of the fourth the outlaw said: 'I have bin waitin' beer in hopes o' capWrin Calamity Jane, an' gittin' the ten thousand dol!at'S I beard she kerried ab()ut her hamess. But it 'pears she ain't comin'; so 1 reckon we'll quit this place, f e r present, an' go to my den in the Hills." Arrangements were accordingly made. Leone a.nd Yates were bound together, in such a manuel' that they could in no way loose each other's honda.


The D ouble Daggers. Their feet were than cut tree, aLd they were pre pared for a long tmmp. At Black Harper's direction they quitted Golden Bar, and emerged into the canyon beyond, be bring ing up the reru-with a revolver ready fo1 use should they make an attempt to run. After a loog, tiresome tramp they reached the forks where the main canyon crossed the transverse one. No ha: t was made, but the journey continued steadily up the other gnlcb, the ruffian captor allowIng his no time to rest. The place was passed where Johnson1 the colored man, was shot down, but nothing of nis r emains was to be seen. Either some one had r emoved him, or the wolves bad feasted upon his c01-se. The dead horse still Jay where it had fallen; but this wag aJJ. On tramped the two prisoners and their captor through the lon ely g orge. It was mid-afternoon ere the outlaw permitted his prisoners to halt and rest, by a fresh. cl ear spring of w ater that bubbled from a rocky crevice. Leone was nearly f'xhausted, and her companion was also som ewhat fatigued, although he wag better able to stand the journe y tbaJJ she. "For God's sake, where are yon taking us?" he speaking for the first time in s e v eral hours. "How long are we to keep up this tramp through desolate canyons?" "Till I git ready to Jet ye stop," replied Harper, grimly. "Reckon ef we keep on steddy, we'll get to mv ranch about midnight." ''How far are we from Deadwood?" asked Leone. We are about five mile, as the crow flies." "What? You cannot mean it. We were ei'l'ht miles distant when at the canyon forks, and we ve come nearer ten than nine miles since leaving there." "WaaJ, mebbe we have; but ye see this powerful deceivin'. It winds, cwves an crooks about like a garter snake, an' finally comes to an end in the face of a rocky peak, the t'other side o' which is Deadwood City. D 'ye see?" Only about ten minutes was allowed for rest; then the march was again resumed. "I cannot hold out more tllan till dark, I believe," Leone murmured, as they were urged on by the m e rciless ruffian in the rear, "I am already nearly worn out." "God knows you have my sympathy, dear, re plied Donald, f e elingl,Y ''When you feel too tired to go further we will-' He did not finish the sentence, for just then a band of hor-semen suddenly gaJloped around a curve in 'be canyon at full tilt, making rather an imposing spe ctacle. All save one were mounted upon snow white horses, and they were alike with one excep tion, all clad in the pictwesque garb of the moun taineer. The on e exception was in the advance of all the r est mounte d upon a fiery black steed. He was clad from top to toe in black habiliments; the saddle and accompanying trappings were black, as also were the glov e s upon his shapely bands and the baJf-mask upon his face. The others were masked, too, and all were armed wiflh poli shed r P volvers and knives, and as looke d upon by a casual obs erve r, might have been p ronounced a dangerous gang of m en. The lllack Harpe r saw them be uttered a savage oath, and turning qui c kly, b e sped back down the canyon as fas t as he could run, leaving his cap tive s at tb<> spring. Some of the horsem<>n gave in stant chase, but the main portion came to a halt in front of Donald and L e one, the Blac k Rider. at their bead. "Don't be afraid, Miss Leone," Yate s wlllif;])ered, "We can consid e r these fellows our I udge, for it is D e ad"'ood Die!;", the pban 11om, and s jolly road-agents!'' CHAPTER XI. TO THE STRONGHOLD. THE road-agents did not speak for several mo m ents, but finally on e who appeared to be a sort ot a li eutenant, broke the silence: "Well, strange rs, wbat does this look like! Rath er suggestive that you've b e en tooK in, ain't itl" ''Yes, I should say s o. We have been the captives of the wretch who just dug out, fe>r nigh on four days. Your coming has at least relieved the mo notony, for all we may be changing from bad hands into worse." "You need not fear us. Do you know wba ana what we a.ref" "You are Deadwood Dick's band of road-agents, are you notf" "Exactly-the same as this gentleman, or spi. >it, upon the black h01-se is the Pliantom Chief of band. Though he may appear mortal to yon, th'lt does not make him so. He was hung in Deadwo011, not long a g o. but his spirit came back to us, after w'i bad burie d his body in six feet of ground." Donald smile d. He was not so blind. he told him self, as to b e lieve tbat that figure on the blacll charge r was othe r than flesh and blood. The lowe1 part of the f ace was n11.turaJ, and this alone con. vinc e d him that the "spirit" of Deadwood D'ck wa' a, "Of cowse it's none of my business," he said, bowing; "but I am not so much or a blockhead a, to s wallow such trash. Whether the biack hOJTema is D eadwood Dick or no, I will not say; but I'll bet I can drop The lieutenant dismounted and cut the prisoner' bonds, a low laugh breaking from his lips Can't fool you, can I? Well, all the ditrerenc1 is, if you had believed what ot.bers believe, you have b een set free and given an escort nearly back to Deadwood As it is, we shaJl take you along tq our retreat, where you will have a chance to join our band and swear the oath of allegiance or re main in durance until we see fit to set you at liberty. You see thiii ghost business is se"Ving us admirably, and we dare not let you go Jest you should release om valuabl e cat from its bag of confinement. Then yon man is the original Prince of the Road?" asked Donald. "I am tile same I" replied Deadwood Dick, riding closer, and raising b is mask. and disclosing the ever handsome face of Edward Harris. At this instant Leone uttered a cry of mingled astonishment and joy, as she sprung toward the young road-agent. "Gerald I Gerald! my dear brother!" she ex claime d, her face pale and shining. "Is it pos sible?" Your brother, miss?" echoed the Prince of the Road, incredulously. l'm not your brotlier. I am Deadwood Dick." "No! no! you are my brother Gerald, whom I have not seen in three year-s, Do you think you can deceive me?" I am not trying to deceive you, my dear young lady. You are the one that is deceJved, if rou have taken me for your brother. I have but cme sisterAnita, who Jives in Deadwood. Do I resemble the brother to whom you referJ" "Obi yes!" cried Leone, excitedly, "and I still b& lieve you are he. You have his face, his eyes, his bair, and his form. Obi do not dec e ive me: I have come all the way from T exas to find him "A.h!" Mid Deadwood Dick, thoughtfully, "I see, or I think I do. My dear girl, I am not your brother, but I can tell you of him. B e calm, now, for I am going to t ell you that he is d e ad. Some time since a young man \,88 arrested and hung in D ead\Y ood, by the for mel be bein g the exact c ounter part of myself. He to d the l y n c h ers that hi s n ame was Gerald Hawk; but they we,.e Q o siti, p r l n t be was Deadwood Die!\:, sod so they strutle-lmn uv ; anti


The Double Daggers. the world stnt believes they hung me, till I was to ascend here, in the face of the contending obstadead. cles, with an idf'a of finding me and my band. To "1 heard of the fate of the unfortunate young an inexperienced eye, this path would he deemed too man, and with my men, went and cut down the rough and obstructed for a horse's ascent." llody, broll!l'ht it into the ns, and gave it a "Your rPtreat is on the mountain-top, then?" decent bu11al. Since then people have declared me "Yes-and here we are," was the reply, as they a ghost and I have helped to keep up the deceprode abru;?tly up out of the thicket onto a large, tion. Over the grave of your brother I swore a vow lev e l {llateau. On all the surrounding edges rose of vengeance-not so much on the account of his tall thrckets of beach and young lindens, which com untimely end, but because it was a good excuse to pletely hid the view of the break the silence that sheds, for the horses. was sacred to her. By George I this is a capital stronghold I" cried At last, however, she spoke: Yates, his Sharp glance taking in the scene im" I must not forget your kindness," she said, mediately. "Here, a f e w men, well-armed, could grate fully, "and T tbank you for it. Could you bold an army at bay, as easily as chawing b'ar fibow me to my bro the r's grave?" m eat." "Yes. Come with to my stronghold, and on "Exactly, assented Deadwood Dick. "It is an Che morrow I will do as you wish," replied Deadadmirabl e nest, and that's the I cbose it. A wood Dick. "Do not be afraid to come with me and little unhandy to the road to he sure; but our my men. Road-agents though we are, w e all have spies keep us contantly mformed of the 'fat lays, big hearts and dne respect for ladies. In the wife in time for us to be in waiting. HOI\' about it; do of my lieutenant, bore, you will find an amiable ymoen1Tthirnkoa y_o1 1!-ldewr3:Ud like to become one of us-a compani;,n during your stay, and I assurefou every ry d, attention shall be yours, while I am aroun indeed I" replied Donald, flushing. "I would At this juncture the road-agents who had been In rathe r o e excused.' pursuit ol Black Harper gallope d back, and rejoined "Very well; jus t as you like; only you will haYe to the band. remain in confinement." "Well? How about the ruffian?" asked Deadwood "Better that than to lowe r my good name, of DicJs_ seeing that they brought back uo prisoner. which I am right proud. What do you think of the ".tte's stretched out, down in the canyon, yonplace L eone?" der," replied one of the m en. "He war runnin' at "I like it," replied the girl, allowing the young the top o' his speed, when all of a sudden he stubbed chief to help her dismount; and had she added: "r his toe, an' down he went, like a thousan' o' bric k. like Deadwood Dick also," she would bave only told When we got to him, we found that he had broke his the plain, unvarnished truth; for immediately npon ueck, short off." their meeting she had conceived a sudde n liking for "A good riddance, said the Prince, quietly. the b ndsome young road-agent for which she could "He's got a gang of cut-throats here in the hills, not account. He seemed so grand and noble above Deadwoodites are too wide awake, and might tal

'he Double Dagg-ers, 2 1 Theylt all entered and gazed about them. The canin wns divided into two apartments, the larger one, in which they stood, being carpeted with wolf skin robes, with the furry side up. The walls w ere also hung in the same style, and the effect was, with a ruddy fire blazing on a. hearth in a distant corner, truly cheering. Several sumptuous couches of soft fU'S w e re made up in different places, and half a dozen camp-stool s distributed about. This oomprised the interior adornment, but it all looked eo comfortable and snug that Leone uttered a cry, of ecstasy T < 's P.erfectlv splendid But where is the lieu ten wtff'l yot:. ::poke of?" ovartment is in the other building. B e seat ed 3Jld make yourself at home, and I will call her. lP 'th s.rljoining room yonder,,ou will find convenfor maki11g your toilet, i yon wish." And bowins t.2e Prince of the Road retired through a side door mto the other cabin, w hicb was given over to Lieutenant Audley, his wife, and the band. A. moment later a man entered with a couple cf torches whlcb he thrust into crevices in the wall "'nd then retired. It \lfas already dark on the mountain-top, and the sky was overcast with gray, leaden clouds, threatening a h eavy blow of wind aud rain. L eo n e on entering the adjoining room found a rough table, a wash-ba si n, comb, brush, towe l and mirror; and with the use of these she was able to put herself in a more presentable cond i tion. She found Donald lounging on the skins before the b l azing fir e, when she r eturned, engaged with his piRe, of whiCh Black Harper bad not robbed him. 'You can go in and wash and fix yourself up if yeu wish," said Leon e seating herself upon one of the camp-stools. "Perhaps you can eradicate that grum look f1om your face." I don't think so," was the c old reply. "At least l shall not t r y very hard." "As you like. It is not for me to urge you." The n Lhcre was a long silence, whlch was finally broken by the entrance of a YOliJ1b woman, bearing a tray of fragrant, steaming coffee and roasted 7cnlson. I t was the lieutenant' s wife. She was of medium statur e and rat h e r stoutly built, yet she was ev idently not out of her teens. In face she was pretty, h e r features bt:ing regular and full, her coJr.plexion fair, and her hair and eyes of a soft, lovely brown. She sat down th e tray and advanced toward Leone with extended hands, a smile of welcome upon her lips, a.n expression of adrnitatiou in her eye. "So you are the new a.rrival Captain Dick is so rap'ttlrous over, eh ?" she spoke, with a pl easant little laugh. "Well, w e ll I'm sure I admire his taste. You are just a littl e beauty, dear; and I am sure we shall be famous friends Ahl you have a. fri e nd, eb?" '"Yes, this is Mr. Y ates, repli ed Leon e. "You I sul?p ose are ll1ts. Audley." 'tam. llly hushand"-and just then it appeared there v !lS a. ge of bitterness in h er tone'is a li eutenant in Captain Dick's band. Perhaps you saw him." "&o I d id, but he wa. masked, and I could not see much o f his face I tllink yow chief i s very handsome.'' "S be is, and as noble as he is hantl so me. I've often wished it bad fall e n to my lot to have won him instead of Fred Audley." D ead wood Di c k sauntered In later in the even i n g and the trio conversed together merrilyDonata Yates, however, reiusing to join in. He bad the the Leo ne laughingly remarked, which accounted for bts silence. All were thus engaged when one of ohe men stuck hi s head in at rbc door, and announced that a man wished t o see tl:e ehi ef. 'Show him in!" ordered the Prince, and then en tered one \':hom n one h ad expected to see, iu the pe1:son of the giri dare-devil-Oalamity Jane I CHAPTER XII \\RO IS THE T :tAITOR '! IT was indeed Ca lamity, and all recognized her in a moment. How i n the name of a ll tha t i s did you find your way her e?" excl .timed Dick, springing to his feet and extending his black-g l oveu band. 'I would have soon!)r expected old Satan, than you. The youn g wom a n laughed i n h e r quiet fashion, as she shook hands all around. "I am 'bout as n1uch surprised as the rest o ye, I reckon," was her r ep ly. ''I shoulcln,r. 'a' cun1, only I didn't fjnd no one at my caboose ; so I set out on the trail nod mn across some o' your g:ang and on be in' n ss w e d that you w e r en't no spint. I made up my mind to come up an' pay you a visit. Aud \vho should I see h ere but my old pard,Don, and my new pard, L eone." "Yes. I and my boys met them down the canyon a piece, i n company with Black Harper; but tbe tough turned tail and dng out whe n b e saw us, and left his l?risoners in our charge. So you come up with Audley and the boys, did you?" "With the boys, but not with Audley. He has gone on to Deadwood. "To Deadwood?" echc.ed the young chief. "Yes It was my information, though, that s en t him there. Dick, there i s among the members of your baud no J ess a viper than a trait01!" What? A traitor among my men 1 I mpossibl e I "Nay I not i mpossible. There is some one of your band in communication with the Deadwood R egu la tors; of this I am positive, for not t e n hours ago 1 beard old Uriah Denby give his men a perfect de scription of this place, in the Metropolitan. More n that, the y 're piannin how to come an' take you. It seems that they have been advised of your strong d e f e nse, and don't know just bow to go to work. 1 to ld Audley about it. and so be went on to D eadwood to learn what be could." "'l'bat was right. Audl e y is a good trustworthy lient enantt and i" sound in his judgment, every time." sni a D eadwoo d Dick, r eflectively. "But I cannot believe that there is one among my band who would turn traito r Every man i s bound by a fear ful oath to r es p ect the laws of our brotherhood, and de a th is the result of deserting." \V e il that may be, repli e d Calamity, seating herself and ligh ting a ci garette, "but when you co nsider the inducements offered, y o u can't much won der if men do play the traitor. Sin ce Uriah Denby's bin put in Dashing Dave's s ho es, the price on your b ead, Dick, has been swelled to the enormous figure of five t bousaud dollars. Posters announcin' this fact stare you in the face all the way from Dead wood up to the canyon forks. "Yes, no doubt. But the man that earns that reward, l e t me t e ll you, will wade throug h blood I said the road prince quietly, though his eyes glit dangerously. "I hove Audley will teturn with advice soon, for in the morniug 1 wish to give the m e n an overhauling. If there is a traitot among th e m leave it to m e to find him cut. Th e n the conversation twn e d onto other topic s and Calamity said: "And what is it about this ghost business. Dickr All Deadwood believes that you were hung by :::'ash ing Dave and gang, and 1 was of that belief, Wl til Audley told m e different." It wasn't m e or else I sbouldn t be here," laugh eel the chief, !l'ay\y;-this time, for a wonder, it wae not that horrtbie laug h, so peculiar to him. "The f e llow whom they lynched waskas be assorted WJtb his dying breath. G eral d Haw of Austin, Texas This yo\lng lady, Miss Leon e, claims to be his sister. A short time ago she was I was her brother, so g reat was the r esemblance between the unfortu nate youngman and myself." said the name was Hawk, said the Daredevil, thoughtfully. Then she relapsed into silen011, studying the glowing coal s on the hearth and the face of Leone, alternately.


112 The Douhte Daggers. But she falled to say whether or not the name was familiar to her, or what recollections it brought back to her. The morning dawned before any one was aware of it, so engrossed were they in conve rsation. Leone found Bessie, the lieutenant's wife, an excellent companion, and they became firm friends from the first. Bessie was intelligent and af!'able, but it was apparent that in marrying Lieutenant Audley she had made a sad m i 8take, for she did not lo ve him. As soon as they were aware that day had dawned, Deadwood Dick rose and replaced his mask, which he had removed while in the presence of Leone "Will you r emain with us l ong, Cs.lamity?" the chief asked, as be was about \o quit the cabin. "'Til tonight, I reckon," replied the Dare-devil, "for I don't want to expose you, by slid in' off in daylight. Who knows but Denby may have spies in the canyon, who'd string me up at sight for bein' amon g you?'' "You are right. Make yourself at home as long as you choose to stay, for you are welcome." Ih then quitted the cabin. Bessie foll o wed, and Leoae, Calamity and Donald were left alone. "Well1 Don, how do you lik e it?" quizz e d Calam ity, starmg hard at t h e young miner, who lay upp n the furs b e fore the heatth, and smoked incessantly at his pipe as grim and sullen-looking as a cross bear. "What's crossed your nervous system?" "Nothlng particular. l'd much rather be back at Gelden Bar than here, though. Can't you prevail on your desperado friena to let me off?" "No, 1 reekon not. Very few have any influence onter Di ck. H& calculates he's the boss of hls own bizness, and won t take any ad vice from no one ." B essie soon came in wit h a tempting breakf:tst o f stewed rabbit and coffee and was accompanied by Dick, who helped the trio do ju; tice to the meal. .. r think I've got my eye on the traitor, if there i s one h e said, leaning back, after having s a tisfi e d his appetite. "There is a young Spauish-American in my band, Carlos Cambre by name, who has on several occasions manifested a disposition to disobey my commands. Of all the thirty men in my band, he is the only o n e I could even suspect." "Yet he may b e the truest to your cause of all," said L eone "Trifles should not prejudi ce you." "I know they shou ldn't, butiwouldnotknow who else to mistru;t. All h a ve served me faithfully,_and I should feel ashame d to doubt auy of tbe:n. How ever, duty is duty, and 1 shall inspect them all." D eadwood Dick's m e n were w e ll disciplin e d, and when they were drawn up in line before him an hour later, they looked every inch the bold, fearless men they were. All \Vera unmasked now, and a strange variety of faces was pref' e nted to view. All were young men so far as years went, none b eing ov e r thirty; but the faces of many might have told a different story to a stranger. Calamity Jane aud Don ald were present, having left Leone, with at the cabin. The road-agents all seemed to be much surprised to be called thus to orde r unde r the piercing, stern gaze of their young leader, and were perhaps more aatonished when h e addressed them. I" h e said, in the cool, measured tones that ofttimes rather repe lled than attracted, after he had run his keen, ob servin g eye over the band, we have a little matter before u s that needs conSidera tion; a matter that involves t .be peace and security of us all. "Among you the re is t'l c ?itor to our cause-a faithless wretch, who, for a few dollars of offered re ward, has betrayed us to our e n emies." A murmur of surprise ran fr-om one end of the line to the other. Deadwood Dick continued: "I hate to suspect any of you, my boys, for :you have all sworn by me and served my Interest faith fully. But I ask you, is it not right that we should investio:ate the case, and discover, if possible, the &mitor, that we may punish hlmf" Certainly t of course I 1V&re the cries in hearty unison. Deadwood Dick's face flushed with pride. He loved his men with his whole heart, and it pleased him to see them so eager to puntsh treachery. "Good; well said my hearties. And now whom shall I suspect? Of you all, only one man would I care to di sl JOnor by suspicion, and eve n he may be innocent-God knows I hope he i s. That man IS-" "Carlos Cambre!" spoke Calamity Jane; for she saw that Dick bated to make t h e accusation. In au instant, all eyes were turned upon the young Spaniard, for if he was traitor they wished to see the effect of the accusation. But only astonishment and indigns.ti;:m were de picted upon the clear face of the suspected man at the charge. He was a fine-looking f e llow of about five and tweny, and there was nothing in his to excite doubt as to his loyalty and honesty. upon him bad rested the chief's suspicion. I not served you as faithfully as the rest? To be sure, J have only been a brother two months, but as God is my judge, I have never been guilty of treachery.'' "You have several times appeared loth to my commands, sir." "Probably ; but that was owing to my wild. ungov ernable sp,irit, which at times struggles hard for the mastery.' "Exactly; and that same spirit has made you & traitor to ou r cause!" ''No, captain; by High Heaven, I swear that l am not the guilty one I" "I wo uld lik e to beli eve you innocent, Carlos," and Deadwood Dick s stern glance softened a trifle; ''but the laws of our order demand that I should find thi; traitor, even though I have to kill you all to plisb the work. Therefore, believmg in God that l am just, I d enounce you as a traitor! Fellow road agents, what is the penalty?" Thflre was a short silence, during which many kindly and pitying g lances were turned upon Carlos Cambre. Then, in one voice came the answer, gr i m and terrible in its full r ealization: "DEATH!" As the kne ll of his doom fell upon his bearing, young Spaniard bowed his head upon his breast, and tears trickl ed down over hls cheeks. Hardly a road agent was there but was deeply moved; but the Ol' der of their c hief aroused them: "lJ6a h that i s the measure usually meted out to traitors I" he said, glancing down the line "Carlos Cambre, you a r e then sentenced to death B oys bind him to the sapling on yonder edge of the plateau; bring me five loaded and five unloaded rifles, and we will h 'tve the terribl" work over!" Reluctantly the road-agents seized their brother outlaw, but he begged for on e moment's r espitE>. Th e poor f ellow, wn e n released, walked over to where D eadwood Dick stood, and thre w his arms about thP. young chief's neck and embraced him. "Good-by, captain." he said, huskily, "good-by! I am content to die for you, whom I h a v e l o v e d as a brother. You are judging me wrongl y, for you bad no true r man among your band. Good-by, and may your Christian God b l ess you, Then he conquered his agitation, went back and surrendered himself into the hands of hls brother outlaws. "Is it possib l e your heart is of stone?" said a l ow, sweet voic e and turning about, Deadwood D ick found Leone, accornpained by Bessi e the lie uten ant's wife standing a f e w steps away. H e "as greatly affected by Cambre's exhibition of alfection, and the words of the Texan girl was the" I' -aw t hat broke the cnnel's back." uNo J" he cried, his voice ont clearly: "Deadwood Dick still bas a heart, for all i t ha. been repeatedly nampled upon M en. Cr.-i,s f'ambre is no traitor, and I command you to relv.

The Double Daggers. 23 A great shout of rejoicing then went up, for none was there among the assembled band who could force themselves to believe in the guilt of the ac cused. The chief went straie:ht to Cambre and grasped his hands. u Forgive me, mate I" he said, buski l yt "for my unjus t suspici on. I apologize, and will try to do m o re for you, in timeJ for I am Eatisfied you are W"rthy. Rave I your rorgivenness, old boy?" 0enamly," replied the true--hearted Spaniard. I sbolllean? Wa.-.::.ieutenant Au.tley tke trattor 1 CHAPl'ER XIII. DICK o.r:l 'lfiS :Ml'SCT.E-cALLERS. "CoME! let's hurry up! said the Road Prince, unea.s.ily, as h e spurred his horse into a g ollop, "for I'm sure there's fun ahPAd. '' "What do you mean!" asked Bess i e, who had a ls o saen her husband in company wit h the chief Regu lator. "What did you see to alarm you?" No/Mug to ala1m me; but enough to make me imow it' s unhealthy in this immediate vicinity for a certain chap who sails undei the title of Deadwood Dic k Did you s ee Fred Audley back there?" ''Yes, r saw him. Do y o u think he recognized you In rour dlsgnise?" Certainly. That was Uriah Denby tbe new Regulator l eader, with him...,; and Andley pointed me out and told who I was. J::J.e is the ttaitor 1 Hard l ines came into view about Bessie's mouth but she did not seem shocked. "I was fearful that such was the case," she said, pain and mortification supplanting any tender feel she may Lad for the man. But 1 had no eVIdence agamst him. He would have killed you l ong ago, had h e felt sme that the men would accept him as a. chief." D e adwobd Dick frowned, but said no more until they bad halted in front of one o f a row of recently tinshed shanti es or "cottages," as they were call ed, though sad-looking cottages w ee they. Here he dismounted, and rapned upon a door, at the same time biddin g the otb'ers di smount, wruch they did. Presently the d oo r open e d and a young, pretty faced wcman stoocl up o n the threshold. A t:lauce and we r ecog nize rer by h e r features as the stster of young Harri s or Dendwo d Dick. "Goo d -m orr: i ng I" 881d the disguised road-agent, bowing l ow. "Do I b e t old Anita, the sister o f our goo d chief, Dick!'' "Yes, I am his si ster Why do you !U'k?'' ques tioucd Anita, regarding the whole parly wondering ly. "Because I have been commissioned to bring h ere for you to care for a nd protect, these two young women and this gentleman. Your brothe r feels sure you will not refuse to take them in." "But, sir, my broth e r ls-11 "Alive and well PY "Wait ti11 you come back," she repli ed, evading a. direct answe r. "I "ill tell you then." "Thank,, clea r yomg lady, I "ill consi rle r that as good as a promise, and t ur betrothal thus." And she c oul r l pre vc 1t him, he bad slipped a maginGc nt clmter diamond rini! of exceedi ng upon the f u r efinger of her left baud caught to hi s breast and imprintel a kiss u pon her r os y ii'Ps; and then vauJ.eJ iuto tlle sadc!le of his waiting hOrse. In a momeut m orP h e was off. Leone watched h im, with a ra'f lJalt pleased lOOk in bcr d reamy eJ"4' '\'1;1 "-'"PI' bid


The Double Daggers. den from view j then, with her heart pulsating al most wildly in the joy of a new-born Jove, she turned and entered the cottage, where the others had pre ceded her a few minutes before Straight up through the h omely main street of the homelier m e tropoliS cantered Deadwood Dick, until be came to the Metropolitan saloon, when he guided his horse in to the side of the street, leaped out of the saddle, and ascended the steps that led into the Baloon. As he was about to enter Lieutenant Audle.f. and Uriah D e nby, the RegulatOr came out. 'Hello!" Audley, with an oath, his 6ushed face showing that be had b"e n drinkin!l rather freely, "here's the very cuss we want now! .. Waal, ef I'm the r indywidual ye refe r ter" draw led the dis g uised road-agent, resting his hands u pon his hips, his arms akimbo1 and his eyes squint ed in a laughable mannner-'ef I'm the roarin' l'inoss e rhoss ye iu. Jycate, w'at might bs your busi-n ess?" We'll very soon show you!" avow e d Audl ey. "You can't shut my eye up wi' your blarn e y. You' r e our game, and you're D earfwo o d IJ i e d no e fforts wou l d be spared to captu1e this mo s t notori ous criminal {\f the nine teenth century In Mrs. Anita McK e nzie and B essie found on e of thP. swe ewst littl e women t h ey had e v e r encountere d. H e r life thus far with Justin McKenzie b


':Fil.e Double Daggers. ....... ---whom you have in your charge, Miss Leone Hawk, by name. We presume she is at liberty. "No!" said Dorald, coolly, "she is not. I do n o t believe she cares ge, "but y our triumph will be short-live d. I'll have that girl if I have to murder every cursed dog in Deadwood. Do you bear, you young wretch!" '' Ayl ayl" responde d Yates," I am not deaf. If _you propose paying us another visit, we will be prE! pared for you." Then he closed anrl lo cked the door, and the dis comfited villains turned their steps back toward the MetropoUtan. L eone had b een considerably alarmed when she beard the voices c f her ene mies, but she became once more her lively self when she found that the y had "1'hey mean mischief," said Anita, dubiously. "They w ill perhaps enli s t a !fang of toughs in their service, and g ive us trouble.' ''In that cas e I bad bette r take l\:Iiss Hawk and escape into the Hills," said Donald. "Oh! no I no I I d i d not speak oecause I f ear f o r my safety. No; vou must stay right here. aud we will d efend ourselves to the best of our ability." 11 Yes, tlla t we will!" cried B e ssie emphatically, "I am armed, and am a good shot; so you can couot to e in for at l east a dozen." A f e w moments later there were two raps upon the door. and by peering throug h a crack in th e window shutters, Anita was abl e to distinguish two persons standing on the steps. Donald w ent to the door. One o f the twain was Lieutenant Audley-the other was Ida Burton, the Vaile d Quee n. ''We ll?'' d e manded the min e r; "what's wanted?" "I want my wife!" cri e d Aucll e y with a frightful oath; H so bounce her o u t )ler e I "And I," said the Vailed Queen, bowing, "have come for my dauq1ttr, L.oue! Tell her her mother lsherel" CHAPTER XIV. THE NEW-FOUI\'D MOTHER-cARRIED OFF. DoNALD closed the door, and reported to the parties concerned, who w ere anxiously waiting. My mo1he1' !" c ried L e one, in grec'l.t astonishment when she leamed what was the vailed woman's "And how about your dusband, Mrs. Au4ley. Do you wish to reo rum?" woma"' scornfully. "I I shall not br-i. ;l m inf" "No. Send him away ..1 you can." The miner went back and opened the door, a cocked revolver in his hand. "You may enter, madam," h e said, addressing the Card Queen, "and you, sir," to the halt-intOXI cated lieutenant, "can get out of the reach of my revolver in ten seconds, or take the consequences. Come! get a-goin'. One I two-" With a curse the balled retreated down the Rteps and thence down the street. "You are a capital hand to rid yourself of nnisan cesl" laughed the Vail e d Queen, merriiy, llS sbe fol l o wed the miner inside. "I saw you drive awar, Jasper Lesli e and his companion a short time ago. Tlwy entered the littl e front parlor, where Leone, Bessie and Anita were "My child-my own darling child I" cried the vailed w oman. uncovering ..,er face and advancing mth outstretched arms. Leone gave her one quick, searching glance, and the n sprung into her embrace with a glad, cry. It needed but one look at the face s or the two to be assured that they were mothe r and daughter; for, except that her hair was dark and lie r general appearance o lder, the Card Qu een was a very counterpart of Leon e. "111y mother! my mother!" cried the girl, joy fully-"I bt.lieve you are she." "The n you believe truly, my child, for I am your mother, whom you have not seen for years. A t las t, nfte r many tlials and much terribl e s uffering, I r e j o ice, fer I h ave found one of my own blood to love and cherish." And tt:e two wept tears of grateful joy upon each other's should e rs. After the first f ond greeting was over, conversa tlon took a turn upon another subject. Leone spoke of J a sper Le51ie and Sydnor's threat to possess h er, at no matte r what c o st. uTbe villa ins shall nevPr l ay a b and upon you, dear!" tl1e Card Que en sa i d reassuringly. "I have the power to arrest them both, and once they know who 1 am, they will not offer to molest you fmther." It was now quite dark outside, and a heavy rain "as falling. But few pedestrians were abroad, and it looked proba b l e that there was n othinl;( to be feare d from Leslie and his companion in cnme un til anothe r day. But this was a mistake. After suppe r had been pnrtake n o.f and all were s eate d comfortnbl y in the little front parlor, loud s l JOuts w e r e heard from out jn the wild w e t night. and peeri!l g out of tlw windo w Donald behe ld a scor e of rough-looking fellows com ing up th e street. Tbey we r e beaded by the two villa in ", Sydn o r and Leslie, and many were armed wi t h l 0ng po les and torch e s. '' TbPy're comin g t" excla imPd t h e m i n e r, set1 ing his teeth together with an ominotJR cli c k "We n1ust r e pu lse th en1 or sw-rende r w l ic:h?, N e n fig ht, of c o ur s e!" cri e d Lc 0 n e 's ne,v.foun{ mother fierce ly. .. r have two p erf

!'heDouble Daggers. I made out nr DPadwood ln telegraph time!" laughed the Prince of the Road, grimly. I got chased by a swarm of vengeful hornets, but I soon escaped 't>m wi'out b ei ng stung.' u Regu l ators, were they?" "Reckon they were. I tumbled over o l d Uriah Denby, and marked him so I'd know him the next time we met; kicke d Fred A u d ley out of tune, and U.en away in double-quick time. "What did you kick Fred Audley for?" questioned a number of the band, who had gathered about. I judge he needs something worse than kicking, the accurse d traitor!" and the young chief's brow grew as black as a thunder-cloud. "To him you owe your betrayal: for he is the t raitor. Carlos Cambre, you are henceforth to till his poition as li eutenant I" Hurrah!" yelled the road-agents in unison. Three cheers for our new lieutenant. l ife to Carlos Cambre, and death to Audley the tra1tor!" "Ayl ay! my lads; that's the ticket to vote!" cried Deadwood D ick, pleased to see Cambre so heartily accepted. "Audley is the last one I shoul d have suspected out of your band "said Calamity, after she and the young chief had been left standmg alone, the roada(;ents having retired to their cabin. Do you tll.iuk h 1 s w ife is implicate<.l ?" 'Nary! Bessie isatruelittlewoman. No ; Aud l e y is tbe nigger in the bush; 11nd he may as well speak for his coffin, for his days are numbe red!" Just then a pigeon, around in the air overhead, attracted Dead wo o d Dick's attention. "Look I it's a messenger from my reporter at the Metropolitan. What news can it bring, I wonder?" He was soon answered. After describing many graceful curves and circles, the beautiful bird slowly descende d and alighted upon the chief's shoulder. It was of snowy white color, and under its left wing was tied a small pi ece of fo lded white paper. Detaching this Deadwood Dick glanced over it. "Phew!" he muttered, setting his teeth together firmly. Then be handed the message to Calamity, whil e he strode rapidly oft' toward the larger cabin. There were but few words of it: "Come; you're needed. Gang o toughs goin' to 'tack McKenzie's; Denby also started after :vou with fifty men. LGok out. PETE." In a very few moments Deadwood Dick atJd his men had left their mountai n retreat, and were dash ing through the int1icacies of the mountain on tbejr way to Deadwood. On came the gang of men toward the cottage their hoarse y e lls and shouts of laughter calculated t o inspire the hearer with dread and t error. They were mainly compose d of the c lass of b u l.llmers and that hover about all mini?g towns, and pick u p a hvmg by the strength of their muscle, or light ness o f their fingers. I don't like tbe looks of them!" said Anita, dubiously. "They are of the worst class of men i n :De!ldwood, and have no r<"spec t for lif e or p erson. u I think we ave nothin g to f e ar!" replied Donald. calmly. "A few telling'Shots will send them off a-kitin', bet your pile on tb!l.t." .. I"s easy to tell that you have a brave heart!" praised the Queen. "You ae not afraid to fight, and that just suits me to aT. Now, let me tell you, the bes t way to drive off this gana is to drop the two vil lains in "the l ead. You cover d'urtis Sydnor, the port ly scoundrel, and I'll do for that old white-hrtired wretch whom a cruel father once forced me to marry.n What I You surely will not murder your own husband? exclaimed Anita, in borror. "Yes-were be a thousand times rn:vhusband," was the woman's fierce rejoinder. "iie is an acwrsed vip<>.r o n the face of the earth. a n d surel y God wtll not hold me to answel' tor ridding the world of such a wre ; ch as he. Ha!" 'l' hi3 latte r exclamation was caused by the sudden disappearance of both L e slie and Sydnor. Whither they had gone so sudrlenly was hard to tell; but certain i t was that they w e r e no longer in The i r gang of ruffians, how ever, came howl ing and at last bai t e d in front of the "Wbat has become of them?" asked Leone, refer to the two missing men-her h a ted enemies. 'They've probabl y hidden themselves, somewhere out of bull e t -range where they can watch their tools take us," sai d Donald, g riml.v. "Hark! let's hear what that big tough has to say." One of the grisly crowd, a very giant In size, b y the way, was yelling and gesticulatiug, evidently tr:y;ing t o attract the attention of those inside. 'Hello! what do you want?" cried Donal d. through an open slat in the shutter. "Cum out hayer, durn yer old socks-cum out an' see," r eplied the giant. "Ye r a drat-hauged cow" yard, ye be, or re wouldn't be afeared tew show up. A.r1 ye cummin out, or shall we cum i nf" "Maybe r,e'd bette r come in!" was the dec ision of the mine r, 'that is, if you've any d esire to stop 11 small cannonade of-round lead. Tf you haven't, you'd bet t e r get ]Jack to your respective ranche s, take my word for it." "Haw! haw! d'ye beer tbet, my pigeons? The pilgrim actually h e s got the c heek to advise us w'at ter do. I say, you cuss in thar1" "Well-" ''You can't know who t a.r1t I r e ckon, or ye wouldn't b e quite so fresh. I am a doubl e d istilled torpeder o' an' when ye touch me oft' sum thin's got to bu'st. My geographical title ar' Jeremiah MacGinness, tho' I ain' t uo l risbei'l" "Jeremiah McGinn ess! L ordy, what a handle. laughe d Donald, turninl? to the ladi e s. Then,_ to the giant outside: Well, Mr. Jeremiah JUcGf.n. ness what will yon have?" .. Great cats o' Barbary I I recko n you ought to know. war hire d to cum hyar and git a gal as you've got caged up in thar, an' h e r we will. Now, pilgrim, bizness is bizness w1t h us, an we'll give ye p ercisely fiv e wiggl e s e l efant's Saratogy trunk ter perdooc" that gal in. At the terminus uv that peeryod ef the critter h ain't hove in sight, we'll d eliberately perceed to make patent-ba"I e d kindling wood out o' thet shanty!" ''Correct!" retorted Donald; "and now, in turn, 1'11 give you and your crowd four minutes by the watch to get out of pistol-range All that are wise will not ne glect to skin out. "Nary a budge will we!" shouted back McGinness. Tben for a moment silence ensued. "Sball w e fir e upon them?" asked Bessie, peering out of a knot hole "I could just salt that big chap nice l y from h ere.'' "No. We will not open on them till they make some show of violence, then blaze away, and make In alarm. "Some o n e Is pounding at the back door." "You keep watch in front, and "fl J g o see who It is," replied Donal<.!, aud off he wen t, revolver fa h a nd. Tbe bac k door upene d into an entry o r back porch, and the person knocking was evidently fn this. "Hell o!" said the miner, f:ta:rnly. ont the r e. and what do you want?" "Hist!" came back the reply, in a shrill whisper; through the keyhole. "Don't attract attention here, but let me in. "The deuce I will. What'U I do that for? Who' s out there, and what do you want?" "'Sb I you'll have the m toughs aromd here if you don' t shut up. Let me in. I come from Deadwood Dick to help you. lie and more of the bovs will be aloug soon. Comellet me in. if you're goiu' to." Yates ha.cla.o:IOOI.I\ead on him and never did thingi1


In a rush. Therefore be did not Immediately open the door, but searched around and found a knot bole through which to obtain a glimpse of the gent outside. At last be was successful, and though the gloom was dense, he was able to distinguish a man, brawny and heavy set, attired in mountaineer cos tume,&nd masked. In all probability be was a genuine road-agent. "S'posin, you tell u8 your name l" proposed Don ald, as he opened the door. Certainly," assented the manhentering hurriedly, 04 It is Kirk Graves; but listen! t e toughs have attacked the 3hanty. Lead the way front, and we'll give them a blizzard. I hope the captain will hurry along with the rPst o the gang; he'll soon scatter this yelling crowd l" Without another word Donald did as directed, for he heard the ruffians attacking the front door with poles and clubs. He had taken the precaution to bar it, strongly, however,_ and it stood the fierce as sault without tlmchiog. The ladies were somewhat a larmed to see a stranger in their midst but Don ald speedily dispelled any doubt they may have had. 'Tis a member or Deadwood Dick's band be explained, come to help us keep off the deviis till Dick can put in an appearance in person." "And here goes for a shot!" cned Graves, fir ing through a knot-.ho l e into the. crowd. "Bully. I dropped one gallus tough fu-st shot. Who'P I that makes 'em scratch their ideas up l Here's for an other l" and again the road-agent's pistol cracked with deadly effect. Bessie the Card Queen, and Yates had also opened fire through the slats of the blinds, and the ruffians were dropping off rapidly. They too resorted to tire arms. tmd their bullets came crashing throu!l'h the thin boards that formed the walls of the buildmg. Suddenly. who was occupied in watching the others tire, saw Graves reel away from his loop bole, and stagger across the room, blood oozing from a wound in his forehead. "Take me where I can get water," he said, r eaching out blindly. "Don't tell the rei!t I'm wounded." Quickly Leone seized him by the arm and led bim out through the ldtchen into the back porch, where there was a driven well. Pumping some fresh water, she was about to turn to bathe tlie road-agent's fore head, when she was suddenly seized in a stout pair of arms, a shawl thrown over her bead to prevent any screams from her lips; then she fult herself be ing bome rapidly away. She stntggled, but could not break from the iron grasp that held her; she screamed for assistance, but the cloak effectually muffled her cries. She was powerless;-and in the baJMls of her enemies, who were taking her-where? Ah I that she knew! _But it was imrossible to form any Idea; she knew nothing only that she was being carried on-<>n-on l CHAPJ'ER XV. DEADWOOD DICK TAKES A HAND. THE absence of Leone not noticed, nor that of the pretended road-agent, until later, so busy were the others engaged in loaaing and firing. One by one the attacking ruffians fell-orne dead. othet'S more or less Injured. At last their numbe-r became so diminished that they turned and made a daab toward Dead wood. But in this they were baftled As if waiting the moment, madly down through the pouring street of the rain soaked town, dashed a cavalcade of horsemen, headed by a grim black rider, as black e the wild wet night itself; madly on they rode. and then carne a collision with the re treating ruffians; groans and furious curses, the bang! bang I of revolvers, the clash of steel, and high above the roar of the pelting storm, rings out a wi l d shriek of laughter, followed by a mighty shoat \ 'em o'er a score of powerful throats: "Hurrah! three cheers for Deadwood Dic k Ven geance and double-daggers I" The battl e between the ruffians and is of but short duration, and-,;()() n Deadwood DICk and his men dash up to the cottage, to learn the damage done there. But only the young chief dismounts and is admitted; the rest sweep on and off into the dense shadows. Deadwood Dick was admitted into the cottage without delay. "You are welcome!" cried Donal d, grasping the Prince's band. "You come,_bowevEw, just wlan we were successful in driving on the enemy." Yes, so I perceived. But I could not here any sooner." "You WPre soon enough to finish what we left, I imagine, by the sounds of conflict Your man, Graves, said you were coming. By the way, Bessie. where IS the fellow 1" "I don't know. I've been more attention to my shooting than anythirur else. "It's deu ced dark, seems to me. Get a light, Mrs McKenzie. Maybe the man's been shot down ana we knew nothing about it. Anita, who bad been clinging to Deadwood Dick. nearly in raptures to once more see him alive and well, groped around, and soon produced a lamp, which she succeeded in lighting. "What did you say about my man Graves?" de manded Dick. "I ve no one in my crowd of that name." "\\'bat! You must be mistaken. A man, masked like your men, came and c lamored for admltanco j_ust before the fight began saying he came from you, and that you and your fellows would be along, soon. We let him in, and he fought against the roughs." ''I 'II wager a thousand the chap was an impostor, and you have been fooled!" cried Dick, his tone be trayml!' aJarm. Where is Leune j! Quick, An itathe lig!Jtl" "Leone! Leone!" cried the Card Queen. Tho lamp was seized, and its rays tlashed around the room. "Yes, by Heaven! she is gone!" Dick exclaimed. "You're all a pack of idiots! You've let her ene mies snatch b P r right from under your noses!" A cry of borrm went up from all. "And that 12retended road-agent is the abduct<'r of my child f cried Mrs. or, as we have known her, the Card Queen. "1'<0 doubt the man was Curtis Sydnor." "But Sydnor bad side-whiskers, where this fellow had none," said DonaJd. The sbeat'S would rid him of his beard," Dick vouchsafed. pacing up and down the floor, ex citedly. "It was no doubt one of the young lady' s enemies But. there's no use of crying over spilt She's gone, and that's the long and short of "And we must find her!" decided Donald, grimly. "We must begin the search now, and not give it over until we have her again in our possession Which is easier saia than done l" replied the Prince of the Road. "The gal's in the power of her enemies, and they're going to freeze to her like a crab to a bather's toe. Only cunning matched against cunning is going to have any good result." Her captors will not be apt to remain long in Deadwood with her" said Mrs. Hawk, thoughtfully. "They will ,most likely take the morning stage for Ch eyenne en 1'0ute for Texas." "In that case, I think I can safely promise you the restoration of your child," said Deadwood Dil!k, rE assuringly. The out-stage will ca!Ty a large con signment of gold, and by stop]Jing it. I can doubtless h i t two birds with oue stone. So I will now bid you adieu. You probably will have no mor'l trouble, as the your.g lady was the cause of what we have had. Without doubt your plan, madam, is tr.eone Leone's enemies will adopt; so I will to it that the stage is stopped wd if we tlndyour sht: shall b6 Bafely returued to you. Good-.,vemng !"


28 .. The Double Daggers Ne

The Double Dagger-. inquiry gained him no news, for no 'one knew anythfng about the passengers, or their number. Swiftly down through the black mountain canyons tore the noisy Cheyenne stage, with its plunging, snorting horses, six in number, and the swearing Jehu, who managed the lines with one hand, and the Incessantly cracking whip with the other. It is an hour before day-dawn, and in the black, wooded mountains is the very darkest part of night. The Jehu is a veteran on the lJeadwood trail, and l!lO other than Bill McGucken, who probably bas ha.uled more humans into the Black Hills metropolis than any other'' howler," on the road. And Bill knows his business, too, as has formerly been On-nn tears the jolting, overloaded coach; on on plunge the fierce, spirited horses; then, In a darkest part of a dark, deep gulch, nicGucken reins in his ''prancers,'' and yells down into the stage: "All you't's got any tin may's well begittin' it out. fer we've arriv' at Deadwood Dick's toll-gate Yander's his gang now, comin' through the pass!" True enough, Deadwood Dick and his men came riding l eisurely into view, revolvers drawn in band. McGucken had been lon g enough "stagin' it" to know wbt. t.beir coming meant. CHAPTER XVI. CON CLUSION. STRAIGHT on came the road-agents, fearlessly and boldly, until they bad surrounded the stage. was down upon his knees on (his box, his bands clasped in mute supplication, for the poor fool reully: believed be was in the presence of the spirit "f Deadwood Dick. The passengers in the coach did not offer to fire upon the enemy, for they well knew that such a proceeding would Insure their own death. "Get up, you crazy l oon I" cried Deadwood Dick, riding to the front of the coach and giving McGucken a crack alongside the ear with the butt of the stage whip. What in the Old Nick is the matter with youf'' William a1ose, forthwith, fully satisfied that there was more that was earthly than spiritual of the one who :<
S: of the coach. She is not drunk. but has been drugged by these tWo scheming demons." Sydnor and Leslie, for it was the two enemies of Leone, were seized and secmel'l bound; then Leon l was brought from the inside o the coach and lait. \ on the grass, beside the stage-track. She was In a deathly stupor, that might easily have been mis taken for an Intoxicated sleep. Deadwood J)ick dismounted and knelt by her side. He saw that she would soon wear off the effects of the opiate if left in the open air. It was still raining briskly, so be covered her body with his blanket, and let the rain fall upon her upturned face. While be was thus engaged, there were three pistol -show in rapid succession, and the audible sound of as many bodies fn.lling upon the ground. Springing to liis he perceived at a glance that the villains Sydnor ana Lesli e bad been shot; also, one of the lay outstretched upon the greensward, with blood oozing from the left temple. and a smoking revolver clutched in the stiffening fingers, to show the origin of the bloody tragedy. Furthermore, be recognized in that passenger no J ess a person tban our heroine's mother, the Vailed Queen, whom he had seen at the cottage, and also many previous times at the "Met." "Great heaven I this is a horlible thibg. gentle men. Have any of you passengers any knowledge of this trio?" asked Dick. bending over the dead woman-for she was dead, the last bullet from her revolver having crashed through her braiJ1. The false whiskers she wore had partly fallen off, and her long hair was disarranged ''Reckon not!" replied the miner, who had spoken before. "'fhey all got inter the stage at Deadwood, and 1hat's all we know "Well, so be it. All three are dead. and thank God I have not their blood upon my bands. I sbal. bury them, here, and that IS all I can do. Mates, have you done with the treasure-box?" "Ayl ayl We've cleaned it out." "Very good. You passengers may now enter and the stage can proceed. But mind you, Bill Mc Gucken, not a word of this to the Cheyenne or Dead wood authoritieel" A general scramble was !made for the coach, by the overjoyed passengers, and in a moment it was rolling noisily away through the gulch. When it was out of sight and bearing, Deadwood Dick turned to his men. "Mates,'' he said, "it is our duty to bury these dep.d oner:, ere we depa. Dig two graves yonder, and I will 8earcb this woman, for she may possess papers that will prove to this young lady, here, who is berGaugbter." The road-agents made haste to obey, while their youthful leader rifled the puckets of the dead Card Queen. He found some valuable rings, a couple of bank books and a small roll of manuscript, that was evidently freshly wlitten. That was all. The graves w eye soon finished, and after the bodies were wrapped iu blankets, they were lowered Into their coffinless tomb; then they were covered up forever from the sight of man. By this time. day was breaking in the east, and the rain bad ceased to fall, with all promises for :, clear warm clay. "We must be moving," said the Prince, glancing at Leone wh<' bad not yet returned to consciousness. "Day is almost upon us, ruld it is not desirable to be visible too much, being as the Regulators are abroad. Then shall WI> r eturn to the stronghold?" asked Lieutenant Cambr e. "No, Denby ar.d his men are likely up in that region, and I don t wish to meet them, if it can be avoided." .J "Well said, captain, for surely enough b)ood h{IS I been. spilt by us, to insure us a warm the devil's Where, then, shall \vtl ,gr:-.7 \--


The Double D1 'gers. To the place Calamity Jane c alls Go lden Bar. She d:recteick, giv ing It and the jeweh-y to er. As soon as 'she could control her emotions, sh9 read the papers, but said nothing concerning their contents. The day passed very quickly away, and before any one was scarcely aware of the fact, the shades of night came creeping into the cave rn. While Calamity Jane was roasting a huge pi eca o! venison for the evening meal and the road-agents were in anothe r portion of the Golden Bar, C!U'ing for the horses, Deadwood Dick called Leone one side. He was not wearing his mask and looke d r eally handsome, despite the somberness of his ali tire. "Leone-Miss Hawk," he said, taking her hand i n his, "I am ready now to receive your answer. I see r,ou still wear my ring on the finger where I placed 1t, and this makes me hope that you have conctnded to become my bride." The young woman was silent for a moment, appar" ently considering. At last she looked up, her eyes meeting his searchinl!'ly "Dick-for I want to call you that-I do not know what answer to make. The death of my mother has left me without a relative that T know of-alone in the world. I will be frank with you, and say tbat I love you, but when it comes to mnrrying you, there Is the question: Shall I or shall I not?" "If y o u love me, darling-and I surely do !ov a you-why let any question of the kind arie? We can be supremely happy together, aud is that not enough? I own a gold claim at Crook City which this year will realize me ten thousand dollars. This is m'{ own." would care for poverty so long as I love you," she. r e plied, nestling in the clasp of h i s strong arms. and alfowine: his lips to meet hers in a passion ate, loving kiss. But, you are an outlaw--a man fc!'ever doomed to be hunted from place,_.., \)l&m /.1-:J


The Dou b l e Daggers. -., I l;hQ minions of justice. We should never know a lll\Jffients peace together." "Pshaw I you take a wrong-sided view of the matter the young Prince, kissing her again. '/Have no fear but what we shall he h appy and live In comfort and luxmy. I shall not always cling to the road; already the day is dawning when the Black Hills gold excitement shali sink into thatsemiJcnow Deadwood Dick no more and Edward Han-is \'I ill quit the West for his old Eastern home where and can start in life anew." "Not till then, dearest." "Then I would rather not marry you." don,t love mel" "Oh I yes, I do: but;..-" "But rather than marry a road-agent you would @acriflce your love?" "'No1 Dick; I will marry you, no matter how much 1 may oe in the wrong. I hope we shall neither of us ever regret it." "I am sure we will not, darling. Thi s very night I \vill go to Dead wood for a preacher, to join us in the bonds of wedlo ck. I ;hall also bring along my sister and Audlets wife to be with' you. Is thiS agreeable, sweetest 1' "It is, Dick and I am so happy," murmured the blushing girl. "It seems that there iS no other pow er so divinely exquisite as love." After lingering a while longer, and exchanging vows of eternal love and constancy, the happy pair returned to where Calamity already had the roast supper in waiting. It

BEADLE'S FRONTIER SERIES 15c. Per Copy. 1. Tlte Shawnee's Foe. 50. Harry Hardskull. 2. The Young Jtlountaineer. 51, 1\SllaimdmJalnnt.of the Oconto. l 3. 'VIld Jint. \ 52. 4. Hawk-Eye, the Hunter. 53 Tiger-Eye. I 5. The Boy Guide. 54. The Red Star of the I 6. War Tiger of the Modoes Scntlnolcs. / 7. The Red Modoes. --.... 55 Trapper Joe. 8. Iron Hand. 56. The Indian Queen' 9. Shadow Bill, the Scout. ( Revenge. 10. 'Vapawknncta, or the 57. Engle-Eyed Zeke. Rangers of the Oneida. .58. Scar-Cheek, the Wild :11. Da-..oy Crockett's Boy Half-Breed. Hunter. 59. Red 1\Icn of the Woods. 1!. The Forest Avenger. f t 60. Tuscaloosa Sant. 13. Old Jack's Frontier 61. The Bully of the Woods. Cabin. 62. The Trapper's Bride. 14. On the Deep. 63. Red Rattlesnake, The .15. Sharp Snout. Pawnee. 16. The 1\Jonntaln Demon. 64, The Scout of Tippecanoe 17. Wild Tont of Wyoming. 65. Old lOt, The Scout. :18. The Brave Boy Hunter 66, The Doy Seouta. of Kentucky, 67. Hiding Tont, :19. The Fearless Ranger. 68, Roving Dlek, Hunter. 20. The Haunted Trapper. 69. Hickory Jack. 21. 1\Jadman of the Colorado. 70. lllad llllke. 22. The Panther Demon. 71. Snake-Eye. 23. Slashaway, the Fearle... 72. Big-Hearted Joe. 24. Pine Tree Jack. 73. The Blazing Arrow. 25. Indian Jim, 74. The Hunter Scouta. 26. Navajo Nick. 75. The Scout of Long IalanoL 27. The Tuacarora' Vow. 76, Turkey-Foot. 28. Deadwood Dlek, Jr. 77, The Death Rangera. 29. A New York Boy Among ;"78. Bullet Head. the Indians. 79. The Indian Spirit. 30 D k 80. The Twin Trapers. eadwood Die Big 81 Lightfoot the Scout. Deal, 31. Hank, the Guide, 82, Grim Dlek. 32. Deadwood Dick's Dozen. 83. The Wooden-Legged SY 84. The Silent Trapper. 33. Squatty Dick. 85. Ugly Ike. 34. The Hunter's Secret. 86. Fire Cloud. 35. The Woman Trapper. 87. Hank Jasper. 36. The Chief of the llllaml. 88. The Scout of the Sciota. 37. Gunpowder Jim. 89. Black Samson. / 38. Iliad Anthony's Captain. 90. Dilly Bowlegs. 39. The Ranger Boy's Career. 91. The Bloody Footprlnf. 40. Old Nlek of the Swamp, 92. liJarkltlman tbe Hunter. 41. The Shadow Scout. 93. The Demon Cruiser. 42. Lantern-Jawed Bob. 94. Hunters and Redsklns. 43. The lllasked Hunter. 95. Panther Jack. 44. Brimstone Jake. 96. Old Zeke. 45. The Irish Hunter. 97. The Panther Palcfaee. 46. Dove Bunker. 98. The Scout of the St. La-wrence. 47. The Shawnee Witch. 99. Bloody Brook. 48. Big Brave. 100, Long Bob of Kentucky. 49. Spider-Legs. BEADLE'S FRONTIER SERIES are alwa1s in print and for sale by all Newsdealers; or will be sent to any adcb:ess: Single copies, 15c. ARTHUR WESTBROOK CO. CLEVELAND, OHIO =========================-


DeadwOOd Dick library LATES'l" A N D BEST. HANDSOME TRI-COLORED COVERS. 32 Pages. Buy O ne and You Will Buy t h e Rest! J.i'or S a mple Cover See 8 tller tde. DEAD W OOD DICK LIBRARY. I Deadwood Dick, the Prloce of the Road l' The Double Daggers; or, Deadwood Dick's Defiance a The Buffalo Demon: or, The Border Vultures 4 Buffalo Ben, Prince of the Pistol II Wild Ivan, the Boy Claude Duval tl Death-Face, the Detective 7 The Phantom Min er; or, Deadwood Dick's Bonanza 8 Old Ava lanche, the Great Annihilator; o r Wild Edna, the Girl Brigand 9 Bob Woolf, the Border Ruffian 10 Omaha Oil, the Masked Terror; or, Deadwood Dick in Danee r 11 Jim Biudsoe, Jr., the Boy Phenix; or, Through &<> Death 1 2 Deadwood Dick's Eagles; or, The Pards o f Flood Bar 13 Buckhorn Bill; or, The Red Rille Team 14 Gold Rifle, the Sharphooter 15 Deadwood Dick on Deck; or, Calamity Jane 16 Corduroy Charlie, the Boy Bravo 17 Rosebud R ob; or, Nugget Ned, the Knight of the Uul c h 1.8 Idyl, the Girl Miner; or, Rosebud Rob on Hand 19 Pho t ograph Phil; or, Uosebud Rob's Reappearance ro Watch-Ere. the Shadow 2 1 Deadwood Dick's Device; o r The Sign of the Double Cross 22 Canada Chet, the Counterfeiter Chief 23 De a dwood Dick in Leadville; or, A Strange Stroke for Liberty M Deadwood Dick as Detective 25 Gilt-Edged Dick 26 Bonanza Bill, thellfanTracker; or, The Secret Twelve 27 Cl)ip, the Gir l Sport 28 Jack Hoyle's Lead; ort.. The Road ro Fortune 29 Boss Bob, the King of ..:;ootblacks 80 Deadwood Dick's Double; or, The Ghost of Gorgo n's Gulch 81 Blonde Bill; or, Deadwood Dick's Home Base 82 Solid Sam, the Boy Road-Age n t 33 Tony Fox, the Ferret: or, Boss Bob' s Boss J ob 34 A Game of Gold; or, Deadwood Dick's Big Strike 35 Deadwood Dick or Deadwood; or, The Picked Part, 36 New York Nell, the Boy-Girl Detective 37 N obby Nick of Nevada; or, The Scamps of the Sierr as 88 Wild Frank, the Buckskin Bravo 89 Deadwood Dick's Doom; or, Ca lamity Jane's Last Adventure 40 Deadwood Dick's Dream; or, The Rivals of the R oad 41 DeadwoQd Dick's Ward; or, The Black HllisJezebei 42 The Arab Detective; or, Snoozer, the Boy Sharp 43 The Ventriloquist Detective A Romance of Rogues 44 Detective Josh Grim; or, The Young Gladiator's Game 45 The Frontier Detective; or, Sierra Sam's Scheme 46 The Jim town Sport; or, Gypsy JacK in Colorado The 1\finer Sport; or, Sugar-Coated Sam' s Claim 48 Dick Drew, the Miner's Son; or, Apollo Bill, the Uoad Agen t 49 Sierra Sam, the Detective 50 Sierra Sam's Double; or, The Three Female Detect> ives 51 Sierra Sam's Sentence; or, Little Luck at Rough Ranch 52 The Girl Sport: or, Jumbo Joe's Disguise 53 Denver Doll's Device; or, The Detective Queen 54 Denver Doll as Detective 55 Denver Doll's Partner; or, Big Ruckskln the Spor t 116 Denve r Doll's 1\fine; or, Little Bill's Big Loss 1:>7 Deadwood Dick Trapped 53 Buck Hawk, Detective ; or, The llfessenger Boy' s Fortune 59 Deadwood Dick's Disguise; or, Wild Wal t, tbe Spu r t 60 Dumb Dick's Pard; or, Eliza Jane, the Go l d Miner 61 Deadwood Dick's 1\fission 62 Spotter Fritz: or, The Store-Detective's D eco y 63 The D e tective Road-Agent; or, T h e Miners o f Sassa fras City 64 Colorado Charlie's Detective Dash; o r, The Cattle Kings


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