Wild Ivan, the boy Claude Duval

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Wild Ivan, the boy Claude Duval

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Wild Ivan, the boy Claude Duval
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The Deadwood Dick Library
Wheeler, Edward L. (Edward Lytton) 1854 or 5-1885
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Cleveland, Ohio
Arthur Westbrook Co.
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1 online resource (31 p.) 20 cm.: ;


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Dime novels. ( lcsh )
Adventure stories. ( lcsh )
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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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lopyrlght 1878-1884, by Beadle&; Adams. Entered at Post omce, New York, N. Y., as second cl1LSs matter. Mar.15, 189!. No.5 THE ARTHUR WESTBROOK CO. Cleveland, Ohio Vol. I ".d"'ard L. AUTHOR OF e/9jt 1 L>EADWUOD DICK." , RTC WJLD_JVAR.


1843-1884, by Beadle & A dt1ms. Ente r erl a t Po<.:it Offke. Nf'w York. N. Y., as i;econci c lai;;s mnttel' Ma r 15, 189 !No.5 ' I THE ARTHUR WESTBROOK CO. Clevela n d 0 hio Vol. I j!.ilward L. lVJie AUTHO R OF e/e" H DEAiJ\\.()01) DICK, 1' E'!C. W'TT. n TU W


Wild Ivan. the Boy Cla.uae Duval. Wild Ivan, 'l'llE BOY CLAUDE DUVAL. BY EDW L WHEELER. U'l'HOR OF "DEADWOOD DICK," u DOUBLE DAGGERS, n u BUFFALO BEN, n ETC., ETC CHAPTER I. GOD S BAND-THE BOY !!CAD-AGENT. I O VER the Black Hill s country, roug h rugged and tnountalnous, and over the adjacent graziug oas to th., north and not" west, swept with m e rciless fury a wild autumnal storm. Not such a storm as we experienca frequently out East, but a genuine Western "huriioone," to be found in no other por tion of the A m ric:i.n coniinent. A storm nffi0rcc,shrieking resistless wind and pour ing, b eatin g rain; flying stir.ks and stones; thunder roaring aud pounding frightfully within the gates of aud j.uTin;; mother earth witu the shocks not unlike those of an infant earthquake; &nd mo5t of all tl105e fa1rful glares and hi5sing fi:ishes of lightning, S'> p0cu li-ir to the Black Hills country. It was a wihJ, t0rriole nig11t, and one whose inky blackness I nr.11Jtl itiont<1 horror to the crashing hour. I n a uJ.rrow b J t .veeu craggy moun tains, from the deluge of n i n, a score of men wt"re 'lb .')ut. a sputtering, sickly can1n tlre, that hacl Pvirlenrly ben kindlec l O'.lt of ram-soak ed fuel-a sc >re ot:,me11 so rough, silent and grim as to seem carv.id from t:1e dull, dripping rocks around. They wer.i clad in the picturesque costum.0 r. 1d w e r e well supplied with b elt weap0ns, whil" ri fles nf the htest anc most improved patter" stoocl st. aclrnd unde r a ledge close by. In faee tbis odd collecti on ol humaus were hairv, gri7.z1Pd an, repulsive-in form they were braw.iy and m u;:;(:ul ar. Not a man was there b'.lt lvoked a formidable foJ to not a man was there who would hesitate at bloo lsherl to further bis own partbular aims. They were a band of d es p twate. reckless the enu:'mity of whose crimes had exil e d them fro,n the settlements and mining towus of t'ie Cl.l' \Vt>s'.ern bor .. lPr, cl:.ibbe J an l sworn :is brotil'x:.1, wit'l ah1 s to \est:-oy. rob, plun1er an! d e v.1sta0--i v,erital1\ 1 t0rrible, and sworn Brotherho0rl of D cHth Aroun'l the ea'llp fire were l!'ather ecl t.hese Brot. h ers, silent and grim, drawing c loser to the struggling blaze, '-'S a gust of wind sent its sp1a.y of rain i n unc1er L110 ove,.hrnging strange group set in Pxtraoriinary T hrOll'.\'h the g-orge at thei r feet das'iei a noisy m ouuta.tn stream, a nd increasing in size the longer th<1 deluge of rain continued. Half a m il e dow.1 tbe l o n e l y d e lil e, had, darknss not ob:;c! tred the vision, it might hava be .... n ob.;3rved that the \\alls otthe gorge narro-.ved still more. un t il the..-fo;mert the b1nks of t h e 111<;hing torrent. It was bv wacling up this stream, then, that access was obtained to the camp of the Brothers-for at the opposite end of tbe gorge the passage was blo cked b y a considerable waterfall th:it lnn'""'!d d own fran1 the cr1ga above, -It wai to1vard the rushing stream tnat tlle occasionally an..rj_ons Jrlanc"s, for ns .. b,,. rain continued to fail, t h e waters rose rapidly and soon the banks we1e ful l to overflowing. of the B:oth ers utter e d a curse of vexation as the moments wore by and th storm on. "\Vhy tlcn't t'10 i:nlvnrl comf\?n was hi!:i gr,Jw!ing nrfdrr ss"cl to no one i n p al'ticuh.r "ThP.r strPRm's f ull nnw an' e f he ain't past the r raP.itl s, et's BiU Blf time had left tlrn s il ve red h airs of five-aml-f'.ft;iwinte:'S. "Who'd be capt'm?" repeatt'rl Wagner, griml;v. "Wa< l tor nil even ts, l'<.l prqpably be capt'in, s eei n s rm lieutenant now.' Down in ceaseless t orrents poured the chill autum nal r a in ; hoarsely roare: l and crashed the shuddering pea!J o f thunder, and vividly fl a r e. 1 nntl flashe d the vivid whil e th e ron.r of lho illrious torr ent througl1 D efi l e on!..added to th'l C<>nf-lsion and t0rro r o f the wild niht, "I'm afra id et's n ll up wi' tb el colon"'I, boys?'' g-runtetl Wagner. from the fire a ml stepping from under 1 h e l ed;;e tbat h e migllt !!RZO un ct tile blacl(, sky, 1 he fac e of whfo\ chain& of inces5antly played, But a fon ous shower of rain drove him quickly b:ick under shelter Th e r stream's altergetho r ter much ter stem, now, and like 'i;uff our capL'in's bin was h er away." "Don' t blieve he'd attempt tC"r cun tbru, wi' ric! 1 a. storm ter face," rep1iec.1 Blue Bob, li;;ht.!.nga f.-" s b pipe. Th e r cur:rnel's nobod y's fool, a.!l 1 knows what's what. Bet he's safe in Rear Tr feet, excitecl l y. "Lis ten I d'ye hear them?" They did hear them-two faint yells fro m fari "It's tbcr colonel, hv thunder:" >Vcig ne r anep in the water they awaitetl their master's comi.Jg-for a fierca an'.! disciplined was this Colonel ll:!l Blo1xl over the wild la1 : less spirits who comp. iscd the Brotherhood of D e:tth. l!:agerly waite d the outlaws, their eyes peeling fur ward into the gloom, their hands ready to h el p the flood-rid e r ashoi'e. And soon within the glare r eflected by t'iei r torchPS' b laze, appeared upon the seethi.ic; surbce of the stream, first the h Pad of a hat'S e, wit h steam i ng nostrils and distorte d e ,yeballs-tl>Pn th<' head and shoulders of a haggard, wild eye d man, who h e l d a buncll e of something across o n e sbouldc1 with his hand, bi s clu11g to tt-ie mane o f his stee'1 beneath tbe mudc:v water. A. wild c"heer of wPk'>mc mnE( out fro,-u the lu"'s of the Brothers, ancl three of the b:>ldest Rprung ir.to the fi >0rt, out 1t'1d pulled the ex hausted ho1'Se an".I its double burclPn ashorn. Onc3 out of water and unde r shelter of the ledge2 t.he ho1'Se an:!. ride r w e r e to bette r ad vant-ig, The former waq a T'OWerfnl Mexican wlt'i ironCA.St limbs anri r11gg-P d with a certnin amount of indomitahl u point so essential in a thoroii;-hly g-nn Ihm"'. Tia:; latte r \Vas a n11n w i n con10?.i o: ;: ith U ::: horsJ-'l l :trgP, powe:fu11y b:..1iit ,;t stron'! limbs. g1eat breadti1 of ch,,st. 11ni man ''ho un

Wild Ivan, the Boy Claude Duva.I. a The eyes were black and plercin?", the lips let and rewlute, the hair and beard brown and of extreme length. As such wus Colonel Bill Blood beheld. His.. dress was ordinstry bu3kskin with and moccasins, and a bl'oad-brim slouch hat thac nearly hid the g leam of his nil eyes from >iew. In his arms he C'trtiecl a heavy bundle, well w>o'C>pped in blankets, and this he gave over into the bands of Wagner and blue Bob, while he threw himself out o f the snddle. "Ugh I this is a cursed fine deluge I" be growled, shaking himself like a great mastiff, and drawing near the sputtering fire. "Come I stir up this blaze, and fetch me some whisk.y!" "Hain 1t bed enough wtt, yet, eb ?" grinne1 San dusky, as he i;iled on fresh fuel, and dispatched one of fr. 3 13rothei'S into a cavern in the rocks for the de sired beverage. How in a ll nations did ye stem lhe rapids?" "The dP,vil only knows," was the gruff response. "!!;,t for the ho1'Se I sJ;iould be in purgatory ere .iow I suppose I" "Bet ye would. Didn't judge you'd cum thru, on account o the storm.,, "Neither I should, only thero's work ahead. d a.v after tor-morrow, which needs our whole attention. '1 "So? What's tber shape of it!" It's an overland wagon train coming into the bi';s There are the famili e s, and all are well fixed in tt.e world's goods. Three fssed the bottle the seethi:og, boiling stream, md it ;vas borne away. The ttimulant seeme.."Pressing anger. Blood saw her c<'mpress h e r cheny lip s and tha.t she was determrned to be courageous to the last. u Ohl you needn't Put ou any airs, Miss La Rue!" be sneered1 Ws white teeth showing in a disagreeable attempt at a smile "1 have got yon .in my pewer, and your life depends on how you couduct yourself. Look around you, and you will behold the terrible Brotherhood of Death who have held a reign ofter ror in this country for the last six months. Thes e present constitute the Fh'St Division. Four other divisions are scattered: about thi5-nn:'-wcstern coun ... try-two of them within the limits of the Elack Hit's -and all are under my immediate control and pay." Alice La Rue shuddered, but remained silent. "These men," continued Blood, with coo l deliber ation, "are a banded army of b1others, who are bound by an oath of blood to obey me. Thf y wi ll <'agerly do my slightest bidding. because the y w .01l knvw that my labor is alone for the interests of the Drotherboocl. Is this not so, boys!" "Ay I ay ."assented the crowd, in one great shout, 1bat awoke no echoes, but was nearly drowned by I he ro ul the clements. "You see! the co lo nel went on, tJiumphanJ;r. "The y all lovP. me as a brother. Now, niiss La Rue, it is my unpleasant duty to ask you to make known l o us the h111ing-place of the treasure that Red Kit. vour father, sto l e from our stronghoLl near Sill e r Looe. You !m ow that it is ours-you fur tb e rmora know just where it JS, and m1,st te' l us/,, "But I won't!" r e plied Alice, i!ecidedly. "You made my father a prisoner in your rlen, and when re got a chance to escape, be captured some of your illi;otten treasure and brought it with him. You killl my poor sister Eloise because refused to te ll the secret-" "And I'll murder ynu 7 y incltes !" Mssed tlte eolonl"l savagely, bending over the J1e1pless girl, and glaring at her with the ferodty of an enraged beast. "I'll have you cut to piec e s a .nd strung on a rope for public exhibition b e fore you shall c:tleat me ou' of that treasure!" "You n1'y do all of that and rr.crcl" replied R e d Kit's g irl, firmly, "but I sh n H tell you, where to find tlte treasure!" "We'll see!" s aid Blood, grimly, straightening up -"we ll s e e. Blue B o b, you -:enerally are a pretty fai r carver, and car'Y sLarp tools. Ctu off the litt e jinqer f?f that. r 1t11t's left ham1 .'" As this 40.der camP from the chief's lips, nli eyes were centered upon Blue Bob. He was known to be a cruel, heartless insu ument of torture iu the bands of the Drothc rhood, P.nd was never known to shirk a duty. But the <'Id man hesitate d now, and bis h::.nd sought bis belt. slowly a 1'd r c luct:rntly. G-o on, yon old devil I" yelle d Colon e l HW, prasp ing a r e volver from Sandusv.y's belt, and cocking it-" go on or 1 '11 bore a hole tltrough ) our thick s1mll, and tbrow you into yonder stl' c8ml" Ap:i;;arently frightened at his superior' s ba1sh lan gua;::c, Blue Bill cmwleri fcrward and dropped upon his knees by tLe of the fair prisoner. "Oft' with the little finger of her l eft hand!" re peated the colonel, shmfly. "No fiinc!ttllg, you old buzzard but it, say!" Blue Bob bent forward, and then there was a piercing shriek of pain, a grating, eruilching sound after which the old ruffian leaped to !tis fret hclding a loft a severed finger from <\lice La Rue's hRnc:. "Good I Now will yon t e ll us the hiding-place of the treasure?" demanded Colonel Iliil, with a grin o! exultance. "No! NO!" almost screamed the girl, her blue eyes fiasb:ng, darkly. "Yon can cut off eve1'Y finger 1 nave, and then my read. boit 1 'll not ell I" "'\Ve'll see, .von young shecat-we'll see about that. I've handled worse cases than that. You Blue B:ilt, cut off her foot at the ankl ,-tlle left foot!" A murmur ofhorroresc,.ped the outlaws' lips. This waseve.1> beyond their limit of crue.ltv.


I Wild Ivan, Boyc1aude Duvu. But the bloody work was not done! Blue Bob hadkneli; again, knife in band, and was preparing for the terrible deed, when suddenl'l: the whole heavens were illuminated wir h a blaze o hea ven's fire, there was a frigb.tiul clap of thunder, and a fresh of rain. lnvoluatarcy t!1" rufthns started forward with a of ahrm, fo they s iw Colon e l Blood rotter away anJ fall in ah 'Rf> upon the bank of the stream, blood from 3. h'lle in his forehead. And ere th'3y could reach him the flood with resistless frnv :ial s1vep t ilis corpse away. '' God' s Hin. t .'" a wild voice cried arrd turning, the startle I ruflhns b eheli a youthful fl.;:we standing iu the light of their camp-fire. Suchls the vengeance he hatb. mete:! out to your captain, with his fiery band !n A boy iu years was the speaker, from the souud of his voica and the d eve lopment of bis form, auJ yet the ruffi ins almost feared to approach him, d egoite their numbers. ge was clad in a bunt'3r's costume, which had evi dently seen considerable service, and was arme 1 with a r e p e .. t ini:; rrne and b elt weapons, all of hand some pattern and finisll. A slouch sombrorn wa3 set upon the back of his head, while his fac) was covered to the chin \vith a mask. "Devils an' demons!'' cried Wagner, the Iieuten ant. a r e you, an' what do ye waut hereP" A wild l au:\'h c:tme from the youth. I am a 1 murd e r er, S\vindler, thief, rogue and bla0klei\', jU3t whic'.iever suits you b 9st. I have all the p ecu1ieri&ies of a fiend-as B -)y I nm widely known in som ,p-.rts of the West. I beard of this Brotherhood of De:tth. and came to join iti but seein(( as Death has been to!> much for the cbiet of your Brotberlloo l I wouldn't minl filling tile posi tion just v.>cat"d b y Cofanal Bill J3lo)d !" The ruffhns held a short consultat ion .togeth"r. A captain they mu>t have, b 1 t since Colonel Bill's death, non ) were so ea-?er for the position. After several moments' rapid conversation themselve s. Wai:;ner turned to the Boy Fiend, and s .1i: I: "By swea.rin" an oati.l o' a.Ut!giauce, an' quaffi.n1 a. cup o' human bl > VALANCHE ON THE RAMPAGE. SoUTa of t ne shimmering waters or the B e lle Fot1rchd. or Nor th Fork of the Big Cheyenne traJliu g alon5 across a vast savanna. or "leve l phin, t!11ouglt the m 31low s unli6ht o f a beautiful Indian sumncr afternoon1 wa.s an emigrant train composed of six wagons. dra\vo by stout and ugly-looking mule3, an1 d!iven by big, raw-boned bordermen, with tllree these b eing a trio of Germans, fresh from tbe F .\uerlanJ. \vho were in the employ of tl1e J ew families, t;1ree in number, who comprised half o f th' train. OF th'3 Americans there were two families by the name of Stone :tnrl Resville. the third wagon being occuoied by one Tho1t1as Jefferson Jaggers, a very "trange and mysterious person, who :had obtained permission to the train. Rare ind eed was it when he wa.s seen outside of his \'schooner.,, Seclusion and strict reserve seemed to be a part ol his existence. Of the Stone family there were three-old Graftoq Stone, bis wife B etsyi. and their pretty daughter, Edith, a young lady o about eighteen. Of the R esvil les there were four-father and mother and two stalwatt sons by the name of Ha and Lew. Of tue Jews there were ten in number. bur. ns ou story has comparatively to

Wild Ivan, the Boy Claude Duval. "There won't be many reds left after a while, in the event of such slaughters. But whom do you mean by your j'int-a pardner, I suppose?" "Yas-Florence Night-in-agale; never see'd her, did ye? Florence ar' a sp'risin' smart anamile for a goat. Rain't see'd h e r fer an age, tho' Guv her a whalin' f e r knockin' ther false teeth onto' an old ma 'den in Lar'mie the uther day; hain't seen her sin ce.,, I suppose there is no danger from the Indians between here and Deadwood, is there?" "No; si n ce old Slttin' Bull vamoosed, thar's no reds as dare go on the r war-path. Mought git a dig Jrurn out.laws, t.ho'. Plenty o' 'em in th e Hills "Hal i s that so? I had not thought of them. Do you apprehend any dauger?" and the colon e l glanc ed uneasily bateJ'S, growing impatient. "Sbust dree miles unt a half!" r eturned Ava'an c he, m excellent imit ation. T hen yonder dark line is Bell creek ford, eh?"


e Wild Ivan. the Boy Claude Duval asked Lew Resville, a handsome youna fellow of twenty, as be came trotting alongside o1 Prudence Cordelia. "Yas, that's the place1 the gn\de replied, his brows knitting slightly. 'I'd give a skull. ef we may I be teetotaUy atomized inter insect fodder, ef thar don't come Florence j'inta part o' titer great destr11ct1ve Avalanche o' annihilation. Whoop I hurrah l stop the train I ther's haydoogins o' danger ahead, thar!" The train was instantly brought to a standstill; in '6nse excitement prevailed; every man seized his weapon8, and the women screamed in terror. And all because of tbe guide's cries, and the sip pearance of an ugly-looking animal of the goat species, who was swiftly approaching from th" direction of the river, its unmerciful bleats becoming more audible each moment. "Thar! tharl" yelled Old Avalanche, as a band of perhas fifty horsemen c b .shed out from the darl!: line of timber, "did1'1;t I tell ye Florence knows w'at's she's about, PVilry time?Yondercumseithe1 Deadwood Dick and his band. or else the Brother hood of Daath, w'ich aire wuss. Order, hayr l Ba lively; swing ther inter a. circl e ; look ter yer pop-guns; redc ly, fer tber's goin' t e r be a thuuderstarm o demolition, now. Every man, wo man an' brat ter ther frunt!" Brief and quickly given were these orders, and as quickly were they executed, for now life depended upon speedy action. And none too soon were arrangements made, for Inside of five miuutes the enemy had arrived near enough to pour in a d eadly volley upon the few defenders who had thrown thmselves, in readiness to meet the attack, behind the wagons! CHAPTER IIL DEATH AND RESURRECTION. "HORR.Al hooray I" ohouted Old Avalanche who had dismounted fro m Prudence Cordelia's back, and was petting his remarkable goat, fondly; "sock et to 'em, my cherubs-put in yer work, now, ef ever!" The volley from the outl avs had beeu w 1thout ef fect, as none of the emigrants were wounded. But there were full fifty of the terrible Brotherhood-:i. mixture of whites, half-brelldS and full-blooded Indians-and all w ere armed to the teeth. Avalanche saw this at a glauce, and how utterly useless it would be for them to resist; yet they could not submit and be murdered in col:! bbod; they must fight to the aud make every bullet a death-warrant. Fearlessly, in front of the grim savai1:e band, rode a youth clad in bi.ckskin, and maskea, hut of him the veteran guide kne w nothing-only that be was evidently the leadt r of tbe Brotherhood In this par ticular raid. But there was pair of eyes that. when they fell upon the boy leader, iu sharp, scrutinizing glance, lit up 'vith a suddeu lire of recognition, and the owner of those e.ves, Colonel Grafton Stone, could be.relv repress au exclamation. "Fte here!" was the muttered ejaculation-" he here I an 1 I thought and hoped that he was dead!" After the fir;;t volley the outlaws reined in their horses to a walk, as if waiting for the emigrants to lire. But a wora from Avalanche prevented this ac tion; observation had apprised him that the outlaws were all armed with long-range pearifles. nd that they w ere yet safe from being barm ed by the emigrant'' fire. But those within the corral stood in readiness for instant action; every man and woman wR.s aware of the peril which threatened them-all hands, young ai1d old, stood with g-rasped weapons, determined to resist to the very last. "Well, guide, wbaL's to pay?" demn.nded G iles Resvllle, who stood nearest to Old Avalanche his rifle l eveled across a wagou-wbeel. "Aire we goln to git e ut o' this scrape or ain't we?" "You've rr, and her pore young heart bled for the defenders. even though ohe could not raise a hand to defend them or h e rself. "They're all done for I" cried the Boy Fiend, looking over into the corral. so g e t to work and drag these wagons a.part, and secure the plunder!" And sliding from his saddle, he appro.:iched and peered between the curtains of the wagon within which Edith was crouching. "Hello! here's a girl. as Ilivel This way, Wagner here's a prize worth more than all the rest." The lieut<>nant quickl y came in answer to the young chief's call, and gazed in upon tbe terrified mai den. "A gal, true enough!" be exclaimed. his eyes lighting np with admiration. "Cum out bPrP, miss, an' let's get a fair squint at you. By all that's holy, yon're eretty I" "Sbe s bound and helpless," aid the Boy Fiend, sprin!ring into the wagon. .. of these emigrants have hel d her prisoner. What's your name, girH" Edith did not repl."' she coul d not, fvr the horror of her situation held her speechl ess. I:ler brain was "'vimming; sbe was conscious of all !!Oing on about ber, but she could not move her tongue Io speak. "Come! come! n o B e of your sUlksl" growled Q


Wild Ivan. the Boy Claude Duva.L Wild Ivan-for this was the name the young ruffian herl given to the Brotherhood. Speak out and tell me your name, or it'll be the worse for you I" "Let her alone, chief!" cried Wagner from the outside. "Don't ye see she's too skeered to speak? She'll cum to her oats, by an' by." "I'll bet she will, when I get her to the camJ> I" rep,lied the youth, a grim smile wreathing h i s lip s. 'Fetch my horse, lieutenant, and I'll be off with her. You can finish the job and return to head-quarters at your leisure. The girl won't keep long in this atmosphere." "You'd better not go a l one, chief!" "Bahl what have I to fear! Bring me my horse, I S!)y." Tho lieutenant replied by the horse close to the wagon, and seizing EdJth rn his strong young a.-rr1s, Wifd Ivan vaulted lightly into the saddle. "Fetch everything of value, mclud!ng the animals, Wagner!" were his orders; then he plunged the spurs into his animal's flanks, and dashed away. A wild and reckless rider was this strange youth, who had volunt!l,.rif placed himself at the head of the Brotherhood o Death, and the outlaws paused at their worl: of plunder, to watch him speed away over the i )rairie. that markc' thar's enuff layin' ::.round """50. hayr, as hes gone ter say ther eattychasms. S'pose I mought hev bin an ordained white-winged flutterer afore this, on!y I tuk er notion ter dfap just a minute afore t .het young Brotbe rboocl assayed ter plug et ter me. Ahl hum; et ar' orfnl ter see w'at damage a hail-starm o' destruction kin do Every consarned one gone to meet Gabbriel, 'cept tber gal1 an' th et young ruffian has got her." Selecting a burning brand rrom the fire, the old man went carefully alound among the dead, a grim expression distorting bis w1inklecl features, and when be had renched the last body, h 9 turned to the goat who had followed close at his heels: "It's no usr Flort-ince, my deer; they're all gone along th r 1iver-road -tew Jordan, an' we can't do 'em no good, n e t ef WP. war ter shed a bushel o' briney tears ov e r em. Asides, !bar's th e gal, an' ef thar's vartue in ratience an' porkypines, tber Anni hilation firm uv Old Avalanche an Co. ar' goin' ter resky her, or turn up et's varysome toes in tiler at tempt. Cum, Prudence, gal, let's bP off. Can't stop fer burial now; sum day mebbe we'll cum back an' creamate w'at bones the wo1ves leave; and while thus speaking tbe o ld man mounted the sorry-look ing horse, and foll o w e d by his eccentric c01Lpanion, the goat, rod e rapidly a way toward the Black Hills, that Jay mil es away to the south. We will not accompany him, but 'IVilJ return to the camp of Deah1 which he bas just 9uitted. Not ten minutelil after the guides departure there was another stir among the d ead bodi es that dotted the prairie, ancl again a figure r ose to a sitting pos ture ar-1nimal companions. For remons cf hi own the c o lonel bad choen to be cc untecl among the dead, until after the old veteran 's departure 'Ivan bas the girl," l1e said, gazing into tbe gloom in the direction which Old Avalanche had t has suspect(cl m o re than h e let oo all al ong. If I c a n only a wore! with Ivan, a ll will be wPll. l wouder bow tte boy got at the bead of that gang of cut-throats? Can't be that Bill Blood is dead?" The co l onel r ose to his feet, and gaze d at the dimly discernible bodies lying around him, sta.rk and stiff. Betsy bas gone under I" be muttered gazing at his murd e red "ife, a few feet away. retsy was a pretty good pardner, and helped me take care of th e girl; Lut, thenhI suppose she might as well die one time as anot er. I can't stop to mourn over h e r anybow; I must be off and hunt up Ivan and the girl And suiting acti on to the wor.d, h e turned away, and strode off through the gloom. Hardly hac! bis footsteps dJed out, when for a third time that nil!'ht there was a commotion among the dead, ancl the mysterious Tom Jaggers sprung to bls feet, and skulked away, evidently in pursuit of the colonel. After that the scene of the massacre was destined to remain undisturbed, unlil those sneaking vultures of the prairie-buzzards-and the inevitable sna rling wolf, gathered around. preparatory for a grand feast on the lifeless fle sh. In the mean time where we.re the young outlaw. Wild Ivan. and his fair captive. After l eaving the Brothers to their work of plun. der, the youth dashed swiftl y away 0Ye1 the plain, urging his steed to the top of bis "peed. He rode without using the rein, for his arms were clasped closely about poor Edith, who was balf-clead witb terror, for she 1ealizecl that she was being born& away mto captivity. "Ob, Target!" the Boy Fiend cried, applying the s,vurs_ "We must get into the Hills befoN dark.


Wild Ivan, the .ISoy Claude DuvaL Ti. en, Into the w hitened face of the hel p less maiden ,.e darted a glancp of malignant triumph. '"Ah I my beauty, little I expected to take so rich A prize when I attacked that train, to day. I supposed .rou in another part of this hemisphere. Ali I you start; you do not recognize me, it seems I B u t I know you-oh I yes; I never forget a face that I h ave cause to remember like l have yours I" "Can it be you-Ivan?" gaspe d the pallid girl her eyes dilating with horror. "Oh I yeg, it is Ivan, my bir!!, and you tremble at finding yourself in my power. You well know what mercy you may expect I No reply did Edith make-it was not i n her power just then. T be flying outlaw now left the prairie, and dashed fnto the timber tba,t fringed Bell's creek, and i R a mort time his horse was swimming the deep but narrow stream. It was when in the middle of it that he heard a Bhout, and looked back to behold another horseman. masked like himself, riding swiftly down thti bank in that man is Deadwood Dick! What can JJring him so far up north? And what does he want of me-the girl? No by the heavens, he shall not have her I" the young ruffian mutterea. Hallo! halt there, pilgrim!" came a sl;lout over tke water, in the unmistakable voice of the road agent of the Black Hills-the dauntless, daring Dead wood Dick. "Sl ow up, if ye don t want me to salivate you 11' But Wild Ivan sent back a yell of mocking de fiance, as with a mighty leap his stAed cleared the opposite bank of the stream, and bounded away among the cottonwoods. "Ob! so that's your game, is it?" muttered Dead wlod Dick, with a low laugh. "Well, all right. If you think you can show me your heelR, so be it. Reckon that gal will b e m.v prope rty' before 1 am many hours older," and urging Ws own thoroug h bred upon the bank, the/oung Prince of the Road gave him free rein, a n away darted the animal, treading the forest aisles with the ease of au old ex perienced trailer. Onco, the timber was left behind, and the leve l prairie stretcb.e 1 away toward the mountain-capped horiz on, then rhe race had fairly b egun. "On! on I Flash! Do your best now. beauty I" whisp ered Dic k, patting bis own animal ou the neck as be flew ove r the yielding turf extra feed for Y'U, old boy, if you fetch me within lasso's leugth Af yon ruffian." And now it was a race in dead earnest I CH.APTER IV. THE ROAD-AGENT GALLANT, ON-on ov e r the prairie sped Wild Ivan, with his beautiful prize clasped close to his breast, steed irged do1Yn to a dead run under the cruel torture of the Mexican spurs. Nor did he have aught to keep \jm in the saddle save the stirrups i n which his 'ooted feet rested; h e seemed a part of the flying mimal, so fautlessly did h e keep bis seat. and swiftly m pursuit came the young 1."!light of road, Deacrwood Dick, his own spirited black u rged to his mmost speed. It was a wild, strange race through the shadows of night that began t.o steal silently over the earth-an exciting race to both pursueranil pursued. "On! Flash!" fpoke Dick assuringly; "you are l'loing handsome, old boy, and we will soon overhaul this accursed prairie pirate. whoever he may be. But, next to you, Flash, I must own that I would Uke to own the horse be rides, for it is a well -bot10f:g to underatand what was devolvent upon it for away it beunded afresh, !Pith ears l aid back a n d bead o utstretch ed, and eyes wicked ly. And Wild Ivan, as h e g l a nced bac k now and t.ben, v.er ceived that the road-agent was g a inin g percept-1blf, though yet be was over a g unshot behln d. Curses on the fellow!" the youth muttered, using the spurs more savagely; "he seems bound to overtake me. Yes. a n d he is Deadwood Dick, and I owe hlm one for re li eving me of my purse on t h e Cheyenne stage road. I wonder what can bring h iill so far out of his scene of operations? Maybe it's got too hot for him around Deadwood, and he has come u p here to sojourn while it cools off?" Then. the young outlaw cast a malignant i;lancs down into the face of the helpless captive ill bis arms-a glance so impregnant with evil passions and cruelty. that poor Edith shuddered. Ob J but it will do you no good to tremble, my fair cousin!" he leered, mockingly. Nor need your heart flutter with th0 hope of escaper for I will cut your from ear to ear b e fore will yield you up to thu bounding road-agent, or any one", whomsoever. You arc mine! 1nine,andyoushallsee how ca1'e fully I will guard you. Only a year ago you r e fus ed my offer of marriage-scorned the hand that though blood-stained would have fought fire and all the furies i:.l your defense. And your r efusal made me what I am-a boy fiend-drove me reck!P ss ly into the depths or crime and disgrace, but I swore to b e revenged upon you. and how little l thought the hour of vengeance would dawn so soon! ''How little 1 thought of you as being out here in thia wild Northwest; but I reckon matters got too ho in Cleve land for tl!e gay and festive colonel. And is that western gallant, Tornado Tom, still searching afte r you? to the idiot, if he everflnds you-which h o never will "Ohl Ivan!" gasped the frightened girl." you will not harm me-you will sparo me, won't you? I n e ver injured you in any way!" "Didn't you? Well, I and you look at it in twe> diff e rent ways, then. And as t0 harming you, I'll agree not to do anything o f the kind. My r evenge will be complete when we are husba.nd am\ wife." "Ohl no i no. Icannotmarryyou. Idonotlov. you-I would n o t marry you for the world." "You wouldn't, eh? Well we'll see about it. Ithlnk l shall be able to p ersuade you. Young as I am, [ have a faculty of breaking stubborn spiritq, that would be a credit to a man of maturer age!" And the young villain laughed, mockingly. while he uri;te d ou his foaming steed, wW1 voic e and spur. On flew the pursued. m c l on came the pursuer now rapidly, for ''h" the horse of Wild Ivan nad exhausted its endurance and was momen tarily losing, the black charger of Deadwood Dick was apparently as fresh as at tho beginning of the chase. And it was not the intention of the roadagent to spend tho entire strength of his animal. Across the pommel of his saddfo lay a handsome Eva ns rifle in the grasp of bis gauntleted hands, and n" r e than once during tbe race had i ts muzzle cov ered the flying outlaw, but each time it had been l owered, while an expression of VLxation wou l d come Into the piercing black orbs of the pursuer. Try as be migl it. he could not obtain a sight without risking the lif e of Wild l van's captive. "I am going to venture one shot. anyhow, if 1t kills or no I" muttered Deadwood Dic k. at last. { guess old Posey, here, can reach out that far;" a.nd again the rifle came swiftly to shoulder. and the un wavering gaze of the road-agent crept along the sights. TJ,e n ext instant there was a f!a s: 1 and a re port which aroused the prairie echoes, and the b ul ret sped on its v engeful mission It struck the arm of tile flying 01ttl a w at the elbow, :hr:;i pain Wild Ivan released his hold upon Edith, and she went bead-foremos t off onto the ground. W il d Ivan uttered a string of frightful cursP,s as h e fou n d his i:irize slipped from b i s grasp, but a glance baekward discovered that Deadwood Dick was bear in g d own too close upon him t-0 risk dismonntlng tJ


Wild Ivan, the Boy Claude Duval. 9 -etake the girl; therefore, with his pistol-hand :JSl' lessi nothing remained but flight, and cursing furious y the youth-a human fiend indeed- tkmk you I" criPd l!:dith 1natefully. But I ,;;i,;,w no' where to go. I have no home that I know OL. For several years I have been a prisoner in the powe r of a cruel m1cl e and aunt who sold my home and brought m e away wh1l e my father was ab-sent on a tour through Europe." "Indeed I" Dick gavo vent to a prolonged So there has been a plot afoot against Y!'.JD. eh? Who was the young cnss who was carrymg you off?" Editb hesitated. It might not be well for her to make this road-robber her confidant. She was wholly ignorant of the tyf'e of a man he was. He nli':;ht he worse than Wi1d van all s h e knPW. "That. was the chief of the outlaws who attacked our train, and massacred the emigrants," she r eplied; evasively. "So 1 I thought Bill Blood was chief of the Bro ther' '.>Od. But perhaps he has knocked under as all : us shall have to do, some of these days. I fanc; d you knew this young chief, personally, I am unable to tell why." Edith did not reply, only by a shudder. I was a witness of the massacre," continued Dick, "but bein_g a lon e and unaccompanied by my men, I was unable to render any assistance to the train, for it would have been certain death for me to have shown my lone b and where the odds were so overwhelming. But 1 and my boy are on the trail of Brotherhood of Death, and it was to visit destruction upon it. that we came so far nort h. I gennally bold forth around Deadwood "Yes. I hov e r ead of your exploits in that neigh borhood," E1ith repli ed. "You have a very cbarm wife, I understand?" "Yes1 mis;" and Deadwood Dick's dark eyes !ft up hanasome ly-" one of the dearest little women that ever set foot iu this wilderness, is my Leone. rr I could prevr.il upon Y"ll to go to our Castle,' as we call it, nothing could afford me greater pleasure than t-0 pres0nt you to her. I am positive you would Jove darling "l1 P n once you knew her." Perh aps. I a m one to wake friencts easy," said E li th, witb a Indeed. no one could very well help being f1iendly towar-1 Edith. she was so pretty and innocent. Tbr, ieventeen years t"nt barl passed over her bead cevelopAd h e r beautifully. They Laci p erfected her lithe form int. o an ad1mrabl,Y rounded contour-had imparted to hersweetrogmshface the tints of perfect b-Odily fc>.alth. Her eyes were soft and bewitching in their hazel hue lips ripe and red as a cherry, and hair of chestnut brown, and tong and wavy; it is little wonder thf\t Deadwood Dick gazed at her with something akin to admiratlon ehe was so bright and beautiful. "Without complimenting you, I should say that no one but a ruffian could be othPr than a friend to you," he said. "But come) nigh t i s falling around us. and we must b e moving. You say ,YOU have no bomio. Let me then offer you the hospitality of my borne, until you can determine upon your future move1nen ts fbus spoke Deadwood Dick, as b e stood leaning upon his rill e in the gathering darkness; and simle hearted Edith Stone gazed at him wonderingly He was so wholly different from anything she had ever imagined a robbe r to be, that she f elt sne could free Jy trust him. What was this strange fluttering in her heart, when she gazed into those eyes tliat gleamed so handsomely through the holes in the black mask? 1\"hy was it that his presence seemed so pleasant to her, though h e was naught but a stranger, whom she had kno'vn but a few moments? Ah! this was a question she could not answer. "You are very kind sir," she replied, looking thoughtfully at the ground-" so kind that I fear I shall never be able to repay you. Of course bad I another place to i;;o, it would be preferable to me, rather tha.n to go mto an outlaw's stronghold. Bnt alas 1 I see no other way than to accept yo>u kind in vitation. Tn the course of a few days I may come to a d e cision what iG best for me to do." u Very well, Miss:-" "My name is Stone, sir-Edith Stone." "Very well, Miss Stone: any time you maychoos. to leave u s I will furnish you an escort either to Deadwood ror tlozeman, from whence you will find trains departing almost every clay. Now then, I guess we I ,tad better set out for the Castle. These plains are not safe, once night sets in." "I am ready, sir, as soon as you cut these bonds that bind my feet." "Ah! why didn't I think oftbem before?" and with a sweep of his knife Deadwood Dick severed the cords, and then assisted Edith to h e r feet. "Now, miss, if you will occupy my saddle, r "ill walk ahead, and we shall reach the Castle before day light." Edith would have offered some objections to bis going afoot. only that h e afrangtd the saddle and placed her in it. and then stalked swiftly away into the night. Flash followed at his beel s, and thus it was ttiat Edith found herself being borne off under the protection of a road-robber-the last of all men whom she would at any other time h ave accepted as a n escort. :t<'or several hours Dead wo o d Dick led on without pausing, over broken prairie that finally Pnde d among the mountain foothills, where low, scragi::y patches of timbe r predominated. Here he h alted, and waited for Edith to come up. She saw that the steady march bad fat igue

JO Wild Ivan, the Boy Claude Duval. ered heavenward, and seizing a rope that dangled down from far abow, l?.e gave it a violent j erk, tben turned tc Edith. "You will dismount here," he said;. assisting her ro alight. "Rub Flash down well, ueripo "-to dark, dwarfish fellow, who had suddenly emerged from the glooill1 "and see that he has proper care." The man nodaed, and led the horse up the pass As h" diS3 PP 'ared, Edith was greatly surprised to see a large op0n tnb or car descend at her feet, into which Deadwo<>d Dick hanC:ed her to a seat. huge from the plateau, two buudred feet above. This is some of Cambre's ingenuity. bre's my lieutenant, you know. n Edith didn't know, but acceptHl the explanation with good faith. The car now b egan to rise slowly, ; d continue d to ascend for severnl moments finall y stoppina: in mid-air. Overhead c huge arm reached out, an::! '.o this the car was si,.spended. The arm now. how ever, b egan to around, the bucket descended and was safelv set down in the center of a large leve l plateau, ou which a r eflector from a lamp set in a niche in the mountain-sid e threw a flood of l ight. Edith saw a score or more of men grouped in dots here and there-dark, masked men, and she trem bled when she thought of the strange position sho was placed in. "Here we are!" Deadwood Dick exclaimed pleas antly, as he h elpe d her from the car," at Cast le--, four hundred feet above the plains, hig-h and dry. Come this way, Miss Stone; I see Leone, now, coming to meet me!" And Edith followed, little dreaming that her e.d vent was to be tl;le cause of much bitterness-of sor row, jealousy, and pain. CHAPTER V. THE CHEROKEE GIRL AVENGER. Jim Crow shOt a man1 An' shot him all t e r pieces, An' all thar was left o' him War a cupple little greasers. So bop along1 skip a1ong, Do just so-' AND here the singer suddenly ceased and peered around him, as if expecting the approach of an enemy. But be evidently found the surroundings to .his satisfaction, for he resumed his occupation, w istling merrily. It was rather an odd scene to which we introduce the reader. Through the heart. of a tree-environed dell at tho bottom of a d eep mountain gorge, noisily rushed m:i infant stream of wate r on i t s way to the great prail"ies to the north. A mOOtical maniahJo!tiah W:lS an excellent nunter and trapper. u Ug I" Yes. ma'am; uqh !" r e plied J o siah. rising and dofllng his bat. "\\That will your 7 //sbip have" A startling burst c>f laughter pei.Jed from the i;rl'e lips and for a moment her face was lit up by a s;;;Ji c ; but the next instant its expression was as dark and stern as b efore. "Wha< d'ye larf at?" demanded Josiah indignant ly. "What d 'ye cum here for-what d 'ye want-who on 'arth be you?" "1 a.m Su e!" was the reply. "1'ue, eh? Any r e lation t e r Eu;:ene Sue? S'pose not. Ha:. a gal once nameu Sue-she also sued me fer t.1';.:r britches o promise, an' I cum purty nigh hevln' ter sew boots in a penitentiary, ter boot, Composed a f e w lines onto her, too, thusly: ' Oh I fickle gal I loved s c well Thou'rt h cmelier lhttu a lib erty bell; Y C heart ar' altogether petb, Ter sum poo r man you'll b e the death. Bu t 'twon't bP me-it won't be me; I aiu'tsich a fool as I uster be!' 0 The m lin P s us0d hPr entirely up, an' she died o' Cerro Gordo sperm-oil meningitis-did, fer a fac'." "Like all the ral e-faces. ynur tongue wags on pivot," was the half-brePd girl's grim comment. "Oh I ;ve don't like that style o' ephus!un, heyf Wal, here's anuther. Tune, I Wantyerbean b gel': 011 I h0v got a brother, Whoq<> name ar' Avalanche, Kin fight like c rns"e;v e d Injun, An' screech like a Comancne. He's scrumpshions on bis Kin draw th" oriuy tears,


Wild lva.n, the Boy Claude Duva.a. 11 "Ugh I wo?Se and worse I" cried the girl. "White unter a big fooU Better go herd cattle." "Ken't see it, my" Darling chit o' walnut shade, Whose beauty God in s:lory made.' .. Ken't see it. A man wi' my poetical perpensitles Jdndo better than herdln' swine an' horne d critters; asides, I've diskivered a riverlet here, an' ther fame >' ther thing will emulate me ter a seat in ther Sen ate. But, by the;,r way Miss Susan-haln't related ter Susan B. A I s pos e ? What ar' yer business with me? My namear' Josiah William Hog?, atyer enice-Hol!l? in all cases being spelt wi two or more 'g's '1tt .... "Ugh I" Tl hunter' words seem d to arouse the J:irl into her old state of anjl'er "Suu is a Cherokee girl. Her father was a whi e ,r"der-her mother a Chel'o!ree queen. Sue comes hither on the trail of an enemy--0!.I[ whv has ruined her fe and then :tled, lo.er with a fatherless babe. Sue drowned tl:.e puny brat becaus e it was h Th e n 11be fled from the re...ervati ; n, o vis. "ngeance on the head of her pe"e-face betraye You, white bunter, must tell me wh ere h e is I" "Ohl Lordy 7raciousl" gaspe Josiah. in genuine I don't know1 gal-dn't k:Dow no nore about y c r SJ?ouse nor did the boy 't stood on tiler burnin' deck I "Wagh I the white hunter lie&! Is trying to t'.ool Sue, bec use she is a Cherokee But he sball or she Wth 0hool him, and take his scalp I" And up came the revolv e r on a level with the poet's bead much to Josiah's consternatio "Now, lookee beer, gal, the.r's no use o' yer gittin' tip on :r-er eare, fer I swo , ter l?l'acious I don't know .nothin about yer fellP me bis name, an' I'll think ef I ever stumbled across him; that's fair, 'Jl.OW ain't iU" "Yes1 fair," replied tbel;frl, slowly. "You are a man with a long tongue, yet Sue will trust you. Ivan Stone is bis name. It is to bunt him down to death that the Cherokee girl' left her people and came here where the mountains grow wild, and the 1Jale-faces are plenty." "Ivan Stone, bey? Walb.gal, I neverheerd o'sech a feller; that's true as t e gospel. But as Moar l!ed-.. 'No man frum the 'arth tew skv above Kin 'scape ther tickle o vengeful love;' an' now, ef ;vou'll jump Inter harnesg wf' me, we'll hunt up this Stony chap, tergether. I'm sum on ther trail, I tell ye an' ef y e 'll just show me wbar ter find this 'coon, hi show him to you, blamed if I won't. What say you? Shall we enter inter partnership?" "Hark!" suddenly whispered Sue, clutching the poet by the should er; "listen I some one is coming up the gorge. Quick, come into the bushes I" And witliout waiting for Josiah to rise, she dragged him across the dell into a clump of underbrush. "Jeewhitka.-" gasped the astonished hunter, but her hand was clasped forcibly across his mouth. 'Sh I not a bit of noise, or Sue will scalp you I" was her warning. Then they crouched silently in their covert, S.:!d waited, the eyes of Cherokee Sue gleaming 8avage ly. The echo of a horse's feet rung through the gorge, growing plainer each moment1 and soon a horseman came Into view, riding at a swift gallop He was none other than the young chief of the Brotherhood of Death the Boy Fiend, -wna Ivan l A startling hiss escaped the half-breed girl's lips, as her piercing gaze fell upon him, and she trembled, violently. "'Tis h she whisJ>ered, savagely, "he, the young devil who wrecked my life I" "Tllunderation I is that the weasel? Hold on-just let me put an electric liver-pill Inter his constitu &ion-" "Nol no!" Sue checked the impetuous poets movement. "The time bas not come, l e t him go. We will follow, w e will track the wolf to his lair; and there corner him. Then, you you shall see the Ch e rok e e girl's vengeance. 'You're a gosh-dratt.ed fool I" declared Josiah bluntly. "Not much would I let him slid e of! that; way. As Danyel Webster sed"Send yer bullets fair an' true, Sock 'em in, cl'ar all way tbru:" which ar' j est w'at I she d do. Let the cuss e scape,i an lik e 's not y e 'll n e v e r git y e.r purty eyes !jluea on-te r him ag'in. Let me squmch.ellate him .. "No I Sue bas said it. She will f!>llow hke a. 11hadow. The whi t e hunter can go with her, 1f he will hold his tongue." Wild I van gallop e d swiftly up the gorge un.aware that one of his bitterest foes was crouching s_o close upon his trail. He bad not returned to his stronghold afte r losi".lg Edith Stone upon .the rle but bad camped in among the foothills until day once more dawned, coosing to thread the mounta ins by daylight rather than by darkness. And too he half feared to return and announce to the Brot'berhood the loss of bis captive. Without interuption he was allowed to 1mrsue his way, and when he had vanished from view. a round a bend in the gorge, Sue turned. to quie t ly. "Come I" she said her eyes shin11_1g Ill a. peculiar way. "It ts time foi us to Will you follow where the Cherokee girl leads. "Te r th er death gal as tber f elle r sed when hei tied biss eJf t e r ther rear UV a lightning train, because be hadn'.t no money ter pay his fair. As Burns sed: 'Man proposeth and woman disposeth ;' so ef y'u're disposed ter foller that young gentleman I propose ter do likewise. Off brakes, ring ther bell. an' off we .... o; I'm red4fy'." "I will go ahead, Cheroke e Su. said; "you fol low at my he e ls, without J. word. "Karect. As Jim Shakespeare remarked; "'On I on ter ther battle, Check w1' fire ther e's advance_ Let ther bullets P and rattle, An ye'll see the cusses dance." Without reply the half-breed girl stole from the underbrush, and stealthily made her way up the gorge, her soft footsteps arousing no movements like those of a cat. Evident it was t a glance that she had been reared In Indian cunning, and care had been taken in her education to make her at home upon the trail as well as off. Her tread as fum and swift, and her Clll'> riage proudlr, erect. And despite bis oddity Josiah Hogg was no "slouch upon the trail, either. He handled his huge feet as lightly as did hi dusk)' companion, and his eyes penetrated every re c e ss m the walls of the gorge-his ears were on the alert for hostile soundR. Thus the two followed swiftly but silently up the. gorge through which Wild Ivan had ridden on his wa,v; to the stronghold. Many horses been up this way last night," sa.ic! Cherokee Sue, as they passed over a streM!h of sand, in which was a coilftision of Imprints of horses feet. "Up yondc to the creek;" and sh pointed.aheil.dt.o m to the---too. "H ' c --... ,...,..,,,,_ as he saw that his Cal coverer of the stream CUJaaOZ!O v-,---, 'Pears ter me you kn were &1l EJ!Oi.. .. 1 . critter!" ow a tarnal mghtferaem' ifi/; 'Know rapids up there,, "' foam-that tells. We'll hav wtas "Thunderationl th t' a o Wade. ier ilt weHeet." a 8 .too bad, I allezs .


II Wild Ivan, the Boy Claude Duval. They soon came to the place where it was customary for the outlaws to take to the strPam, and the half-breed girl led the way into the water without hesitation, Josiah finally following suit with many ejaculations and poetioal quotations. The water was only alout kuee-deep, but very swift and muddy, so that it was with considerable difficulty that a footing was maintained. Several times Josiah went dowu, sousing himself all ovf\r, but Sue kept up boldly. But further t bey went the swift"r and deeper grew the stream, the roaring water now reaching to their waists. Finally the girl stopped, her attitude one of listening-here.res wild and gleaming. "\\'bat's up!" J osiah, shivering in his cold bath. "Lookin' ter see 'f ye can't find deeper water?'' "Ugh I no I we mllSt turn back," was the l ow, eautio u s r espouse. There are ltorsemen coming d&Wn the str eam!" CHAPTER VI. THE ROAD-AGENT HUNTERS. O u T upon the boundless prairie, not many miles from where had occurred the massacre of the train, in a little grove o f cotton woods that hid the course of a deep, chasm from view, was a camp-. lire buruin>: brightly, around which w ere grouped two-sco r e ot men, attired in the picturesque costume of the anrl armed wi t h repeating-rifles and handsome l .v-mounted belt-weapons. A rew were grizzl.v old with lon g beards and wl"inkle:J fnc A s, but for the most part the camp ers were young m e n w h o s e ages ranged a ll the way lrom seventeen to ftv -and-twenty y e ars. H e in C(Jmm-in l was a talll handsome fellow, with tair compl e xion, hair am must ache, steel-gray eyes and welt-cat fea t ures, his form was strik iu!{ly develop e d in muscle and "iuew. Captain Norris Se tan bad b e w educated by an offi cer of the r egular arm.v, and was a perfect scout and rauge r, often venturim: intodan2; r where olde1 beads would have hesitated to go, but ever coming out crowned with success. It \'i-'aS bis quiet boast never t'.> have lost a battle aud he had participated in many, both among 1rn1ians and their worse brethren, the white savages who infesteJ the re gion. In Captftin Setan's command he counted two of the flr.>t scouts on the borde;-Jolly Jack and Scott b oth or w i 1om were yet in t!le thirtiPS, and exp3 ri ?nced trailers, who Ji.au won t heir name in the Lava Beds war. Jolly Jack was a great strapping f e ll ow. Iron framed and muscular, with a round, beardless face, of jovi a l expre ssion. h r own eyes and hair, and a gen eral disposi t ion of geni ality. Sherwood was a g rim, tactiturn f e llow, who never ma.de mnny words over no affair; an excellent scout and plaioman, a'ld a t h orough g-ood f..ello"" once you knew him He was dark of complexion, with an immense sweeping mustache of jettv hue, black Ayes and hair, and a moody, grim e::pression of countenance, that becoming in him. He now s1t upon a long log in front of the fire, omokinovat. "I '"w rlenty of Injun signs along the ro_.tP l iaid notll lng erbout 't-" "And I saw the same," added Sherwood., quiet.ty "I'll vouch that there's plenty o' Sioux In thiS vicln remain here many days "Then we must wve sentinels posted!" cried S etan, quietly. W e surelf wish to lose no men by C h e ,,;avages, t .e n we shal need them all to com T?ete with Sir Deadwood Di c k. K e llogg, you may choose men besid es yourself, and guard the C(l.mp. l wa Me that1ou are r elieved at midnight." A c cordingly, four o t.he band were station ed off in t h e forest, where the light of the camp-fire could not reach them. Captain Norris paced to and fro L1 front of the fire] nervously impatient at something, though he spo

Wild Ivan, the lllloy Claude Duval. 18 weegy-t'ler cantankerous, roarln' hurricane o extermination? Didn't, ye nevyr beer tell o' this great acheevement? Wal. sir, I hev ther honer ter be thet sal'IleAvalanche-thet same extirpator-thet same unheahhy disease; an' this ere's my boss, Prudence Cordeliar. an' thet 'ar's my goat, Florence Nlghtin-a-gale-both o' 'em j 'ints o' ther great fa. muss meteorical wheel o' Annihilation, thet swoops around like ther secont hand on a three-dollar lot tery watch I" "Huri-a! here's a cudosityl" cried Jolly Jack, and a general laugh ran through the r anks of the road agent hunters. "Old Avalanche, eh? It seems to me I've heerd of you b efore pilgrim," replie d Setan; ''but I canno t say just where. Who and what is this Brotherhood cf Death, of which you speak?" "Grea t Zebulom Zackariaherl hain't ye heerd about th m, nnther? Must be ye're strangers in this Jattytude." ""So we are, comparatively. Where we have camped h e r e ends our know l edge o f this northern country. W e come from Deadwood City." "Phew! ye d on't say so? Wal, I ll b e tlggeredl What on 'artb fetched ve up bayr?" "We are road-agent hunters, old man, in search of one notorious rascal and out-law who c llls himself Deadwood Dick. We've chased him up h e r e and are now wsitin g for one of our spies to r eport his whereabonts. , "Moses in the bullrushes! An' ye've got an ijee ye're goin' ter. capture this Deadwood ))ick, bev ve?" "Yes. Once we find his stronghold, we'll spend a lifetime but what we'll t ake him." "Wal, stranger,cf ye cotcb that pestiferous galoot, why, may I be eternal!r blistered wi' ther b eat frum purgatory-that's all!' "\Vh ?" how's you'll never lay yerpaws onter him never!" and the Annihilator emphasized his decla ration by giving Prudence Cordelia a dig in the side, which caused the worthy beust to suau<>nly rear up behind, much to the disgust of the goat, who stood in close proximity to the iron-shod heels. At this J"uncture the sharp report of a rifle and a savage ye I came echoing through the forest aisles. "By Heaven I the r e d-skins bave attacked the guards!" cried Setan. ''Great ham-bone that dislocated thA jaw of old cried Avalanche, s imultaneously, and the next moment be galloped into the timber in one di rection, while the eccentric goat. shot off in another. "Skeered out, by Cbristmns I" declared Jack. "Far fron1 it," griml y replied Sherwood. "You might be proud if you stood in that old target's shoes. He's a 'hai1starm,' as he says!'' "To arms l ho.vs, to arms 1" cried Captain Norris, and bis order was in stantly obeyed. "Kick out the tire, aLd dodge into the gloom." No so o ne r sald than done; then the road-agent bunters w aited breathlessly for the issue. The wood was wrapped ill profound silence. Not a step was beard, not the rustle of a lea f A dM.d blank seemed to have fa.lien, that was sugge tive of imminent peril. Each of the rangers stood with rifle in band, w:iiting for the enemy's onset. But no further attack was made, and this deepened the mystery. The night was clP nsel y black within the grove; n hundred lurking savages might b e con cealed within the shadClws. Nor was the )past smmd hearcl. betaying the whereabouts or Old Av a lanc)1e. Evidently be hat! cleared out. as Joll.v Jack had intimated. "Mebhe it was or.ly one of tlw guards firing off his gun a.t somA euspi::!ious object.," suggested Norri.;;, growing-nneasy ' 1\Iebhe 11 t /,, ;vas Scnt.t rP sponsP.. And you'll soo n see Of Inj11 ns !', And i t p1(\ved tl1<:it t-is nords werP rrf'ph"'tic. f0r a l'ew momC>nts tiller' a fttsu ..... reoort \!a.me from his rifle, and a shrill screech o f pain resounded on the still night. "That tells the tale!" the scout said, quietlv, and so it did, for by the blaze that issued from tlie rifle barrel more than one of the rangers b ehel d a tufted head and savage face, in the gloom among the trees. The truth was quite evident-thesavagea werecreepo Inv. stealt h ily upon them! 'Keep your eyes peeled, and use your r evolvers at short range, boys!" ordered Sherwood, quietly; for Captain l:letan was suddenly missing from their midst. Have ,i;ou seen the 1" "Here I am, Setan repli from the ground where be Jay. "Go on, Scott; leave you in command." "In God's name, what is the matter, captai n 1" the grim scout demanded, sp1 'ncting to Norris's side, But there came bacx: no The barbed sh ft of an arrow protruded from the young commander's breast, and-lic u as a-aa Sh_erwood sav< this c;lance, and a to3l escap ed hi s compressed lips. The poor boy i s dead I" he said to J rifle while his dusky orbr neered into the gloom. searcbiugly. And thus matters stood at the end of an hour. Neit'he r the !:"ad-agent hunters nor tl1eir savage un seen foes changed their position; the dm:l;uess was growing even denser; the silence that wrapped the grove was grim and meanin11:. Every ranger stood readyforlnstantaction: Sher wood stood bythe side of his fallen captain, like an avenging shadow. "Great ham-bone that dislocated Venus' s lower jaw! cautiously exclaimed a v01ce, and turning, the scout discerned the form of Old Avalanche standing hard by. "W'at on 'arth's tuk ther capting down?" "He is deacl1 replied SherwOod, hoarsely-" killed by an arrow!' "Zebulom Zackariaher! Is t hat sot Poor feller! didn't captur' Deadwoo d Di ck, after all Any o the res t gone under!" UNO." Lucky/ thar's about twenty million o Purpt0 Eye's red niggurs layin' around loose In these ye>-e woods. I killed six by way o' amoosement back ha.yr." Why don't they pitch I n an' find what kind v' material we're made of?" queried J olly Jack. "Dunno I 'Pears ter me they're waitin' fer a sit, nal w'at a.in t a-co min'." n A signal?" "Yas. I sbecln't wonder e f I devastated the sun of a gun as war ter give the s ignal an' they're "ll'ait in' f e r him ter be ressereckted." "Are we surrounded, then?" "Bnllrus h es in Moses. yes-on every side. Even this great Norweegan snow-slide o'

Wild Ivan. ftle Bo:v Claude D1ttaL and a cloud of arrows and volley of bullets came in upon the 1-lged whites, while from all sides pour ed a dense swarm of the vengeful red-skins, their howls making a perfect Pandemonium_ "Stand firm, boys 1" rung out tt-e clear voice of Scott Sherwood; "make every bul!. proud admiration. With t;he two girls standing In his presence, he rould IJ&e how much prettier-at l east, m his was Leone than Edith, how much more womanly and bright. "I ain happy to meet Y.OU, Miss Stone," Leone isaid, adv anciug and extending her hand; but there -was a ring in her voice that impressed E c lith un favorably. "I trust we shall be friends for I have 11one of my se:: for companionship-but, then, whom icould I ask for more than my ROad-Agent Richard, here?" "None other, I should say, returned Edith, can didly. "Yoo seem to think a great deal of each e>ther." "Which we do," assented Dick. "Leone and I eould not get along without each other. But, come -let us go to the Castle, where no doubt we willtlnd food awaiting us, for I am as hungry as a starved wolf." And of'l'ering an arm to each of the girls the Prince 1>f the Road escorted them through the cavernous entrance into an immense grotto that pierced the mountain with great chambers and cel!S like a ver It.abl e honeycomb. The floor and walls were smooth end lev el, and the ceilin_gs, far above, were densely hung with grotesque stala:ctitic figures and pendent Tines, whose ftowers exhaled a faint, delicious per fume. In the first chambe r a l ong row of rndely-manufactured tables were stretched across the floor, from which two negro waiters were clearing the remnants e>f the evening meal. ." Thl9 is. the general dining-room for the boys." as they went along. Besides, each r _has!' apartment for sleeping ... ; hundred or m o r e natural ':..:.,, .. -.J have arranged into dun-' .,.. i,.,, _.( ._ --:00.::.,ionofprisoners. Look "eons I "1'' 0t_ense 110 that we shall b ,,. Stone with a. gay eompelllid tot;a...... c .. tr.ugu. "Please take that advice to yourself my cha.rm ing cavalier," spoke Leone, just a trifie bitterly; bu$ Dick noticed it instantly, and shot her an amusecl glance, though he made no reply. After pasSing through several airy chamber!f. which were unoccupied, they struck into a narrow passage, turning off or which they ent,ered Dead wood Dick's own suit-four rooms In all and con nected by natural arch ways. The first room was made to answer the purpose of dining-room and par lor and was tastefully arranged with neat furniture and carpet, while a bright tire burned to one side. the smoke escaping through a hole ov e rhead. While Leone was in the adjoining apartment paring the ev1>ning repast, Dead wood Dick seateJtng !" Deadwood Dick was out ot his chair IQ a twinkling. "What 1n the deuce was she crying about?" "Couldn't say, mars'r," was the reply, but tbt man gave e. glance toward Edith that our hero com prehe ncled instantlt, "Oh I" he said, I guess I kno\v. You will please excuse me, Miss Ston e, while I go and fetch baCk thl tr\lant .11 Certainly," replied Edith, and then he hurried away. Edith saw with h e r keen perception how matters lay. L eone was jealous of the attention her husband had innocently paid to ber, a stranger, as a dutt courtesy to a guest. Of this there could be no doubt. And yet Edith could not see what cause her h oste59 had to be jea.i ous. She had no more than expressed her honest gratitude to Deadwood Dick for saving her from a horrible fate, to which she would have undoubtedly been consigned had Wild Ivan sucroed ed in carrying her to hi s And if it all that had fiI"tlroad-agents. "I d on' t see where she can have gone." In the main room a number of the band were gathered about the tables, engaged at a game ot cards. "Has my wife passed this way toward the pla teau, Cambre?" was the question Dick put to the J !!eutenant, in some al8l1E.


Wild Ivan, Uie Boy Claude Du't'al. t a "No, e&\)taiD. Has not been in this direction since you went m with her and th'l other gal," replied Cambre, respectfuny. The young chief turned back, a frown visible upon his brow, for he had removed his mask on reaching tbe plateau. I've half a notion to l e t her get over her sulks, and return when sbe pleases, dilShed if I ain't!" be muttered; but then Lender remembrances fl.ashed across his mind, and with a pain of anxiety tugging at his heart be kept on. One after another of the grotto honeycombs he 11Xplored by the aid of a b lazing to ch, and at last, In the remotest one o f the wl10le Jot, be found the object of biR serucb-Leonel She was lying prQstrate upon the cold, damp, -rocky floor. enveloyed in a cloak of furs, and sob bing bitterly her little ftgwe violently agitated with heremot.ion. Harris knelt by her side and vlace d bis hand gen tly upon the throbbing head-the little bead witli its of brick-hued hair be loved so well "Leonel" he said, te11derly, h what is the matter? Why have you come here in this damp, lonesome place, crying? Come I let me help you up1 and then you must tell me the cause of your grief. There was no answer-only the prostrate girl sob bed the harde r. And sittin g there by her side, Dead wood Dick cursed himself for not having allowed Ivan Stone to carry off hls prize. But he reproache d himself the next moment, when he thought of the sweet, gentle, confiding maiden be had just left. Still she was nothing to him-not a millionth part as much a his j ealous little darling here, who lay sob bing b efore bim. "Come, darling," he continued, raising her head and shoulders into bis arms, and kissing a wa:r the tears tbat trickled down the whitened cheeks, look up, won t you? Don't cry so. What have I done? Are you jealous because I chatted \vith that stranOhl Leonel you shouldn't be, for you know I love you better than my life-that I worship the very ground you-" "Stop!" she cried, so suddenl:r that he was star tled. Sbe bad struggled from his arms to her feet, now; her tears bad ceased to fall; she stood there, With white, passionful face and shining eyes, and b e wondere d that he bad n eve r known how royallr, beauti ful she was before. "Stop, Edward Harris! she repeated, sternly; "let this matter drop here You retum to your supper." Then she turned and swept away. Dick did not attempt to follow her this time, but took another route back to the chamber where he bad left Edith. He saw that it would be useless to reaso n with her. H e felt tha t she woulcl return to a sensible view of her foolish freak and be 8orry; and with thes e thoughts be returne d to the suppertable. i:dith was waiting, having eaten nothing. while be was absent; so they ate in company. Very little was '>Sid however. Edith was somewhat constrained in her speech, remembering what had occurred; Dick was grim and out of humor, and resolved that Leone should have no further cause for jealousy if he could help it. After he had partaken of the repast, he left Edith and went olf into the m en's quarters. At least, Leone should not have cause to say again that he lingered at the side of their fair guest. Edith a.mused herself for a wbile in looking over some books, of which D eadwood Dick bad quite a collection. Leone came In presently, and helped Sam to remove the tea service. Her face was v ery pale, an.d her eyes red and swollen Eclith Pttw it in a moment, and gl!ding quietly to L eone's side she threw her arms impetuously around her nec k. "You are angry-jealous of me, ain't you. dear Leone?" she said, kissing thew lute lips of the young IVife. "Jealous, and without cause, too. Oh I dop t be, please. You have nothing to fear from me, and I am sure your husband loves you dearly," Leone put her off almost fiercely. "Don't!" she said, der.reeatingly, and there was a menace in her tone. I want nothing to do with you. Leave me-go!" And she stamped her foot Imperio usly. Fright ened at the deadly gleam in her eye, Edith turned away and began 1ooking over the books again. A fear now assailed her that the jealous wtre in her frenzy might do her harm-might murder her while she slept, And the more she thought upon the subject the stronger grew her fears, until she was all trembling and agitation. What sho uld she do? Something, surely. before It should be too late And but one plan offere d itself. She would go to Deadwood Dick and make known her fears, and be would protect her-he, whom she thought so grand, and handsome, above all men. With this view m keeping, she left the chamber in which they had dined, and spec through the dark passages and apartments of the grotto. But not taking the main route it was nearly an hour ere she saw a light to one side, and found herself in the ren dezvous chamber, w here the whole of the band, un. less it be \'0ith exception of outposted guards, were gathere d. Edith stopped in the center of the room, terrified at the many masked faces turned toward her. But Carlos Cambre, Deadwood Dick's gentlemanly lieutenant, came quickly forward to her relief. 'Excuse me, miss; but you are looking for 110me one Pbf' "Yes, sir. I was looking for Mr.-n Dick?" "Yes, sir. Where can I find him? I thought he here "He went out, just a moment ago. Pass through that opening yonder, and you will find him on the plateau." "Thank you!" and Edith hurried away, glad to escape the gaze of so many curious eyes that le arn ed through the masks. She soon emerged onto the wide level platenu. To her great sm:prise. she perce ived that day had al ready dawned, and the morning sun was lazi ly rising out of the hazy prairie bodzon, far to the east. From the plateau a pe1 was afforded a fine view of the landscape-the mountains tha.t rolled away until they merged into the prairie, which rose and fell in little bills and h o llows like the restl ess waves on the ocean-the great deep canyon far, far below, and cascades and m ountam-torrents that powed their waters into it. All this, as revealed un der the mellow morning sunlight, seemed inexpres. s ibly lovely to Edith, who was a great admile r or beautiful scenery. Deadwood Dick stood at the edge of the plateau. gazing moodily down into the canyon below, and did not hear Edith's approach until she iaid her little white b and upon his arm. "Mr. Deadwood Dick!" H e started at sound of her voice, and gazed down at her almost angrily. "What! you h e rP, 111.is s Stone? I thought you were enjoying a comfortable sleep. "I was afraid to go to bed, your wPl'e r epulsed me so rudely. She hates me, and I fear will do me Injury." Pooh I Leone would not harm a mouse. She's a. little jea lous, that's all. It is t h e first I bad learned that she was of a jealous nature. The r e now, &"O back and you will find sli!eping accommodations m the room next to the dinmg-room. Have no fear that Leone will trouble you. for she will soon get over her spunk." Bnt theSQ words did not agree wit.h the Prince's real opinion. Something told him that Leone bad taken matters more deeply to heart than be bad calculated-that she was not so easily conquered of her jealouay.


Wild Ivan, the :Soy Claude Duval. And bad he, as Edith turned back toward the grotto, see n a eligbt fi11"11re dart into the gloomy en trance out o f sight, 'Yith pallid cheeks and desperafe gleaming eyes, he might have been more assured m his b elief. CHAPTER VIII. FIGHTING LIKE DEVILS. YEs, some one was coming down the stream, as the two trailers coul d p l ai1ily hear the splash of horses' fe e t in the water, and, too, but a short dis tance off. "We must turn back! repeated Cherokee Sue, grimly, and throwing herself at full length, she al low ed the rapid stream to bear her away. Having no other mode of escape at hand, J osiah f o ll owed her example, although he was loth to get more drenche d than h e was, And they were not a moment too soon, for W'l.gner and twelve of the Brotherhood appeared in sight. "I'm mighty sure I heard voices I" the li eutenant was saying, while he p eered around, inquiringly. "Can't be that some meddlesomehunter followed Ivan. can itf" "Might be, easy enough," replie r Blue B ob, with an oath. "Don't see any one, tho'." ''What d'ye think 'bout ther boy's story o l osin' the gurl!" demanded one of the outlaws, as the band followed down the bend of the creek. "Reckon h 9'S honest ennff. thar," was Wagner's r esponse. "He knows 'twon''-t do well fer him l e r play sbenannigan on us, fer he's \Vatched." Present l y the> Brothors left the stream, and gal loped swiftly away down its banks, through tho m orni n g sunlight. As soon as they we r e at a safe distance, two drip p ing figures also crawl ed ashore, an:l proceeded t o wrin g the muddy water from their garments. "Go! darn the skunks," muttered Josiah, grimly. "I a ll ow thar's more action than poetical grace 111 this 'tire thing, as' ther s e d when he r i d the steer ter town. I say, you Cherry Key, w'at's yer natteral views onter ther matter?" "Ugh I" replied Sue, grimly-" water nothln'-do ranger good. Drove back once. Try again:-mebbe succeed this time-" "What I ye ain'tgoin' ter stem thet creek ergin, air e ye?" U g h I yes. Sue will go alone, if white hunter am afraid ." "Git out. Who sed I was afraid?" "Good! col"ie! We keep on tryin' till we get tbrou<>hl UaLI" And0the half.'lireed g i r l again began to wade care fully up the swift course of tne Little Madrass, J oaia h close at her heels, as if his life d e p ended upon keeping her in view. "Great ham-bon e thet dislocated ther whale's :J:i.w w'at masticated old Jonarl hayr cum ther yelpin' r ed whelps-havr cum ther ornery famished Arabs o ther p 3rarlel" yelled 1,;Jd Avalanche as the red siring poured in swarms from out the black night. "Lay fer 'em, boyeesl" But the little band o f road-agent hunters neede

Wild Iva n the Hoy Claude D uvaL hearty voice, and turning, the rangers beheld four figures comingup. "Red Kit La Rue, by thunder!" Sherwood ex claimed, spr ing in 2 forward and grasping the hand of a man of rian t proportions. h Y es, RNl Kit e nough, boyee But wha t in the name t' John P..ogers, ever brought yvu up here, Sherwoo'.:l'-"h I had not formed a very favorabl e "Curse the hour that ever induced me to bring the Idea of nl1 ... Should think you would have adverMrl here!" he muttere d a trifle fiercely. "It looks tised him." lik e the total wrecking of my happiness. I cannot "So I djcJ. 1 advertised him In the East, but have have h e r here, where she will constantly be a thorn to ,fo so ;:mt here. I will pay that man in Leone's path. What am I to do, then?" who will his arrest, however, five hundred I was n knotty problem, but one thing wa posi e :nuch more for the recovery of my gh-1 must be some" You willf Very well, I will remember your cas;;;, j F'or full an hour Dick patrolled the plateau, then sir. he returned to the grotto, grim and moody. He In the me&11 time Red Kit and tntJ ..angera were """ I met Le<:ne in one of the talking with Caro


Wild Ivan, the Boy Cla.ude Du'VaL l os Cambre, but passed on without d eigning to notice h er. She was looking pal e and haggard. In h is o w n Juxuriously-furnislied chamber ne was u n dis turbed; yet several t.imes, while in a drowsy state, he was conscious of some one bending over him consciou that a pair of warm lips were pressed to his in a passionate caress; but when a few minnt.es later he would rouse up and look around, the owner o f those lips would be gone. But it g<>.ve him unbounde d that she still loved-his reel-haired, heroic littl e Leone-that she haJ Iiot allowed her mad j Ja l ousy to uproot the l ove in her heart; anJ when he finaUylefthis couch, it was with a hope that the barrier between them ha'.! been broken-that the cloud of doubt no longe r obscured the hcirizon of their life. lri the room be found Edith engageJ In reading from his oook s She lookeJ up with a winning smile as he entered, while a crimson flusll went rioting over her pretty face. "I am looking at picture-books to pass away tim e she s!li I room on the rude settee h e side her. "Tt is lo;iesom > here without any one to talk to. Won't you sit down?" "No, I think not, Miss Stone. My wife is jealous, you know, which ought to be explanation enough.,, "Oh I yes, I ha'.l forgotten. But surely there can be no harm in your to n1e?" "Not as we l ook at i t, Miss Stone; b u t she might see voll\lnes of meaning in one single word. Jeal ous eyes are not for correct interpretation, you kno\v," "I don't know," replied Edith, with a littl e laugh, "for I was nev e r j e a lous, unless-" Sh e looked q 1ickly d own at her book and began to finger the 1e.>ve3 nervously, while Deadwood Dick vass:eJ on, see ing her painful confusion :Ie S'l.W h ow it was, wit h bi s quick intuition. She would have said, had she completed the broken s e ntP.nc'": Unl ess it is of your wife-Leone!" And this was the truth of the matter. Edith w tS secretly in lov e with the dashing, gal Princ e of the Road. Dick co n!J not b e li e v e it had gone quite so far as this: yet, what was he to understand by her blush.es, her he,itat ion, and last of all, this uncompleooa ,,? It look e d as if he had unwittinglv entangled him self in a web of intl'icate weaving, from which there was no visible means or egres3. Three days passed, and it was the morning of Edith's fourth at til e Castle. In the last two days sbe had only caught an occa sion a l glimpse of Deadwood Dick as he flitted in and out of the grotto. Leone came at meal-time ancl orrlered the arrange ment of tile repast. and thP.n departed scarcely deignin5 her fair guest a glance. But on this fourth morning she came in, a set look in her eyes; her lips a firm resolve. Yonr mme is Edith Stone1_is it not?" "Yes, ma.'\\m," Edith replied, wondering what was to come next. "Well then, Edith Stone. know that your coming here has oeell"the means of for

Wild Iva.n, the BoJ' Clauae Duva.L 19 IM'efore there was no hope of being llbera.ted by any one who might be oppoSed to his imprisonment, Edith, tor instance. And it was with a h eavy heart, and a bitter feeling toward Leone, that Deadwood Dick threw himself upon his couch, and anxiously waited for something to occur that would relieve the monotony of his un pleasant situation. I t was Indeed the feITet-eyed Thomas Jefferson who had saved Edith's life by warding oft the descending blow of Leone, as in her jealous fury 11he would have committed a murder. She started back wfth a cry of alarm as she perc eived that it was a stranger who had Interfered. "Who are you?" she gasped, growing faint and Clizzy. "What do you want?" "I want a good deal, young woman!" Jaggers re t>lied coolly. "As to who I am, I'm called 'Thomas Jetferso n Jaggers, the Sleuth-hound of Cin cinna.til" "You are a detective, then?" Leone almost l!Creamed "Exactly, ma'am; hut you needn t yellloud enough to inform them roadagents out on the plateau. I am an officer of the U. S. Secret Service, if you wish to know so had, sent here to obtain a reward offered the capture of Deadwood Dick." A smile passed over Leone's features, for she Cloubted not that even then the f.rince of the road was incarcerated in his lon ely eel "You are bold to come here," she salct, trying to escape the grasp which he had placed upon her arm. "Release me, sir, or I will scream for assist ancel" "Not yet, my dear; and if you scream it will be your last vocal demonstration. Rem ember! for I mean all I say. Why were you attempting to knife "this young ladJ just now?" "Because I hate her!" replied L eone, in a fierce tone. "She is an adventuress, who bas come here and-and stole away the love of my husband. I'll kill her!" "Not just at present. The girl is under my charge, and so are you. Now I want you to in form me where I can J ay my bands on this gay and festive roadagent husband of yours-Mr. Deadwood Dick? "1'11 do nothing of the kind I Find him if you can; I'll not tell you." "Perhaps you can, miss," Jaggers said, turning to Edith. "I don't know," replied she, falteringly. Had she known of Dick's immediate whereabouts, she would have hesitated at giving the information. "Queer that neither of you have any Idea what has become of the rascal," Jaggers growled with a sneer. "But I'll trap himinever fear. And once I have safely bagged him, 'II call upon Scott Sherwood and his band to help me take the remain der of the gang. Until then you are both my pris ()n ers w "Oh, nol" Leone replied mockingly. "Your fine game won't work, for you can't get us away-..lithout coing out onto the plateau." "Hang the plateau. Maybe you have not explored the grotto sufficiently well to know that there is an ether mode of egress. Come along, now, and if you give even one squeak, it will b e your death-warrant. Young lady you are the Edith Stone whom Wild Ivan attempted to carry off from the massacred "train, are you not?" Oh,. ves. sir. And I am so glad you have come," l"epliea Edith. "Will you take me back to Cleve laiid sir?" "Still better, Miss Stone, I will take yuu to your father who with a scout named Tolli or Tornado Tom, is in these mountains, nere, in search of you. Bnt, come. let's get out of this ne fore these roadagent devils discover us. Come, young woma.n ." .A.nd still retaining a grasp upon Leo11e's arm, Wle secret"Servlce man pushed along out of the room in to a dark passage which Edith. who followed close behind had never penetrated before. Jaggers led on through a series of tortuous, nar row passages, high of ceiling, but exceeding rough under foot. Finally he stopped before a niche in the wall; pushed Edith in first, and then following with his prisoner. After several hundred yards, winding travel, they suddenly emerged onto the wooded mountain-s ide, down which led a path, evidently worn by bears in their descent for water. Down this the detective hurried his prizes,.as it anxious to quit the neighborhood in a hurry. After he had disapperared, a man rolled out of a clump of bushes close to the grotto-entrance, and stood gazing around him. And that man was nono other than the redoubtable Old Avalanche! CHAPTER X The Boy Fiend and Alice-Evalanche Explores We will return to that date when we saw Wi!cl Ivan p assing up the water.course of the Littl8 Madrass nn his way to the stronghold of th8 Brothe rhood. and will follow him thither. After plunging his horse into the rapid stream a& the junction where the shores were formed of mountain walls.he stemmed thewatersfor perba_ps a mile, a long a lonely gorge, the stream graduallir growing deeper and swilter, until a rapidswae reached in a part where the channel was wide,steep and filled with huge rocks. against which the macl waves ma.de a dim of weird music, and dashed themselves into foaming caps. The rapids were about a halfmile In length, and after passin!\' safely through them, the young out law soon arrived upon the shore on which was situ. ated the camp of the Brotherhood Several of the band were lounging lazily around a camp-fire as Wild Ivan rode up, wwle a dozen or more were in the saddle, readr for departure. "Where away, lieutenant?' the Boy Fiend asked, as he perceived that Wagner and B lue Bob were among the rest. "What's afoot, now ?" "A band o roadagent hunters ar' reported among ther foothills, captain an' I thought it best to look after them," replied Wal?ner. "But where' ther gal ye took from the train I Wild Ivan flushed angrily at being thus question ed, but told his story in a light that created belief in the minds of his listeners. Without any comment. Wagner set out from the camp on his mission, fol lowed by his chosen Brothers. Later, they forced Josiah Hogg and Oherokee Sue i."o': as they had gone, and entered a cave among the crags, where some half a dozen of the band were playing cards, while others, still, were stretched upon the floor on their blankets, fast asleep. "Hey1 Bostwick, where are you?" he cried, au thoritat1vely; and m answer to his call, a man with Jong g.ray beard, and sharp, piercing eyes, appeared. "ffere you old rascal, redress this wound upon my right clbow, for it has been cared for only once since yester eve Be careful, and cause me no pain, or I ll break your thick skull." "Yes, chief," the man replied, with apparent hum bleness, and cutting away a portion of the young outlaw's sleeve, he dre'jSed the shattered arm, with a skill few could equal Once the troublesome limb was bandaged and sup ported in a sling\ the Boy Fiend was himself again, and rising\ he g ared around him, (observing each man sharpy. But none of the Brothers paid him the least atten tlon. "They have luckily not set much In store con cernlng Edith," be muttered. "So much the bet ter, for I anticipated a d evi lish row. But all seems quiet.. Andi--. now, let me take a look at this gld wtiom BW Qlood brought here from Deadwoo3-,.


Wild Ivan, the Boy. Claude Duvai. Red Kit's they call her. Wliere Is Bostwick. -the girlf "In tba.r, captain, the surgeon replied pointing to an inner cave that opened off from the first one. Without waiting for ceremony, the outlawed youth ;trode into the chamber, and glanced around him. Upon a couch of sk.ins in corner Alice La. Rue wa< half-reclining, but she sprung to her feet the moment she beheld her enemy, for she knew that Wild Iva n was her enemy even when he had been in ltfated.to cbieftancy the night of Hill Blood s d eath. A gloriously fair, beautiful girl was she, with a >ft. creamy complexion and Jong, waving hair like olden sunshine, and eyes partaking wondrously of / 1e blue d epths of heaven, while in her face sweet3SS of temper and th!' sunny nature of innocent irlhood were expressed, and yet those calm, blue ;es had power to transform to a deadly gutter, ;hen her auge r was arouse d. She sprung to h e r feet now, her fair face flushed, Wa1 secret. of Red Kit's treasure?" said Wild Ivan, mockingly, as be advanced. "By mv soul, you a1 pretty I" "And you are u gly and r epulsive I" flashed Alice, scornfully. "Why do you come hece to torture m e, you young villain?" "Torture you? Is my presence then such a source of excruciating a.gon .v? O "ce you didn't think sol" At this 1 he girl turned white. "Yon nee d not throw out your hints, you wretch I" she replie d tremblinll' as she spoke. "I know you full well, even though you wear that mask." "On I you know m e do you?" the Boy Fiend 1eCorted..1, a. little surprised. "Well, so much the b etter. xou can better judge what mercy to expect." "I expect no mercy from you cruel brute that you are. I am only a. helpless girl and powerless to defend myself, but there is One in Heaven-an All wise Ruler, who will avenge the wrongs inflicted upon the weak and innocent!" "Possible? Well, maybe you're l eve l, there, my beauty; but as long as I'm doomed for the fryin pan of Satan, anyhow, what use is the r e of my letting up! now? A few more toug h crimes adde d to my tab ets, won t make the sulphur smoke any dense r nor the Ila.mes tickle any tl:.e harder I" Alice shuddered. .. You are a demon, I believe 1" she cried, marvel hlr. at the baseness of one so young in years. 'Yes-a fiend, they call me," was the laughing response. "Ma.vbe I deserve the title of the Boy Fiend, for I've been steeped in crime since [ rau away from the Cade t school. That was b efore I came to the Black: Hills, and met and fell hope less ly in Jove with you." "Ugh! the thoughts of loved by such as you are disgusting I" cried Alice, putting up her bands, deprecatingly. Yes, perhaps. But I love thee still, my lily of the !ores t and n ow that the oppor-" H e did not finish the but stepped for ward a pace, his evil eyes gleaming triumphantlv. "Backl monster-touch me notl" crie d Red Kit's laughter, commandin g ly, and her band dropped t.mon g the folds of her dress. "Keep off, or it will oe the worse for you." "Oh I yon cannot frighten me by pretense of dn.wing a pistol, my heroic maidl" sneered Wild I' an, sarcastically. Such ruses won't work." And the next instant h e had leaped qnlckly f o rward and caught her aronnd the waist with his un injured left arm, while with hl3 whol e force he e n deavored to bear h e r back against the couch o f But n erved to desperation. the girl struggled brave ly; they weaved back and forward, each work ing for the mastery. Thus the struggl e con t inued for perhaps five minutes; then suddenly there wBS a sharp ringing report of a. pistol, and tlie Boy Fiend wlaxeil his "hold and fell prostrate upon the floor the next int

. Wild Ivan, the Boy Claude DuvaL "Qnare kind of a place. Lucks as ef tbM might speerits abide in tbar-sueerits clothed in flesh. At tennyrate, lonl<-legged Jaggers cum out o' tbar, an' that looks as irhe war reskyin' them gals. Old Ava lanche ye devastatin' old disease o' tber perariesye destructive Injun eppydemick. shall ye run yer smellin' born inte r tbet crypt? Shall ye whistle like a bullstifferous boreal breeze o' extarrnination inter thet bwrer o' bog-gobblins an' decayed speerits?" Evidently such was his final conclusion, for be Jl1unged stealthily forward into the dense gloom that all the he -rines o' mod-ern Grease! this ar' wuss than livin' in ther sunshlne o' an Egyptian's countenance I" growled the scout, as he felt his way along, occasionally falling prostrate over some unseen rock-" blacker 'n a Georgia niggero in a total eclipse o' the sun. 'Not quite so bad as I encountered up in Idaho, onc't no I not quite. Et war actooally so consarned thick wi' blackness that my old mare Prudence got stuck, an' tbar we sot as irnmover'ble as a balky mule. until ther sun riz an' penetrated ter us, an' tl;::twtd erway ther night. Au' ther black reflections o' ('1.t night didn't wash off our countenances fer a week-I fact, by gracious I" 1 And the old man chuckled softly to himsel f n s if he hugely enjoyed the thoughts of such a situaU o:i For some time he worked his way along, canri ::. Jy, but at last he came to a standstill. F o ot st p p were approachinghfrom withlu the mountain, arnJ coming nearer eac mome nt. 1 Th\3 passage was very narrow at this point-two. persons could not pass without t ouching e::tch other. The Annihilator perceived this, and with a grim chuckle drew his knife, and awaited the enemy's coming. One or the other must die. Nearer can1e the man; be was growling some un intelligible words to himself, of whose import Ava l::tncbe was ignoratlt. At last they were but a pace apart; then the veteran guide leaped forward and bore the astonished road-agent to the ground. There was a short struggle, then a hollow groan, ancl springing nimbly to his feet, the Annihilator continued his journey. H e, now, ho\ 1ever, more caution, and his footfalls were soft and stealthy as a cat's. Leavi ug the narrow passag" soon after his en counter with the road-agent, he sped along through a lar;: e chamber, where the echo of bis tread was alarmingly loud. But he kept on, passing from one chamber into another; seemingly there was no limit to this nmer-mountain honeycomb. 'l'he dat was inte nse, but bis eyes became so used to it that he could faintly distmguish objects a few feet before hi face. Suddenly he made a &.s he entered a narrow corridor. Far ahead shone like a star a jet of light. It was at the endofthepassage1evidently, and redoubling his stealth, the old man nurried on until at last he was within a few rods of it. Then he was able to determine whence it came. CHAPTER Xl. OITT OF BONDAGE-MERMAIDS. "Great barn-bone thet wrecked ther constitution -0v old Jonerl" came involuntarily from the Annihi AUtor's lips. Just in front of him was a natural dungeon In the rocks, whose <:>ntrance was grated by a door of stout .iron bars. The llght em .. 1:a1ted from a torch within this cell, which, thrust into a crPvice of the wall, showered its bright light dO\vn upon a figure stretched upon a couch of sldns-none other than the Imprisoned Princeof the 'Road-Deadwood Dick. And Old Avalanche recognized him at once, though sevcNl months had elapsed si.ice he had last seen him, while making a descent upon a DeadZsckarlaherl et's ther d8llted L __ young road-agent chief, sure's bald heads ar' pe coolier ter old men I tbe old adventurer muttered, leaning upon his rifl e, and gazing meditatively to ward the cell. "Deadwood Dic'k, sure's thar's teel in' in er mule's hind feet. Wonder what in ther world the young cuss Is a-doin' in thar. all penned up like a caged squirrel 1 He's got a brace let onter one o' his lower wristle!!l, tew. Luks powerfully as if he war a prisoner. wonder ef et would do this devastatin' disease any ter interview his lordli ness. S'pect 'twouldn t be any harm, onless he raised a boreal breeze I" It was several moments before he could decide whether it was best to apprise the young cbiet of his presence or not. Certain it was that Dick was imprison ed. and if not by his own band, whose then ?-if tl!is was not his stronghold, wbnse was it? The den of tbe Brotherhood of Death? Nol the olc! man was sure tb::tt their haunts were located a f ew miles fur tber east by north, as the crow flies; this then must te Deadwood Dick's own stronghold, or else be was a captive in the power of some other mountain gang C'f outlaws-for the northern wilderness was thlckiy iuf.'eted with roving b::tnds. The old guide thought over matters in his.grim, ""; t fashion; then tepping f.orward, be paused be (..re the iro n grate, tak10g care to let his hands rest r bis pisto1 belt. "He llo I young chap. Great ham-bone that clo!\' [!.e me locked up here like a common thief I'.' replied Dick, bitterly, bis handsome face darkening. "Phew I" Old Avalanche whistled, In surprise. "A ptisoner, bey? I allus sed thar warn't much 'onor amung thieves, an' as tbar aire an illus tration ter a case, luk at ther time w'en I an' Jim Sykes war pannln' golj out over at Spearfish ;ast swnmer. Jun war a fust-class pilgrim all his fingers. He would let 'em becurn magnetic-thet aire, w'cn they layed onter a thing they stuck thar, ef ye warn't clUllS by ter help blm disentangle 'em.


Wild Ivan. t.he Boy C laude Duval. An' orie d!ly he e:ot 'Pm froze fast ter my rifle, a white shirt, tm' flft ... Jen ounces o' pure arirerous, an' hevin' ter suddenly depart fer Deadwood, h" naterally war compelled ter take 'em along. Hain't seen him since.n Dea o! just such odd characters as this notorious Annihilator. "That was bad, old (l"&nt. But are you not risking a f(Ood deal in commg here? If any of my baud should discover you, you'd get bounced away Jn double quiclc time." "Yas, no dobt; but this 'ere devastat!n' eppf demi c ain't on tiler sick list yet. S'pose likely you d not be averss to leavin' thet cell, eh? 'Pears ter me ye'd sagaciate l:ietter out inter open air, whar a ho real breez c'u'd git at ye an' purify l,er gizzatd." "It would be it's a fact, replied Dick, brightening a little. "But it is useless to think of getting out, when thete are two locks between me and liberty." Old A.valanche did not reply. He was busily engaged in scrutinizing the pa.dlock which, with a stout-linked chain, fastened the gate. After a mo mentary surver., h e produced a piece o?. wire from a buckskon poucu at his bac k, auj bent it In the shape of a key or the skeleton pattern. failed to work on the first trial, aud h e wa3 r e b endi ng it. when the sounds of footsteps came echoing tJ-ough the cavern. "Quick! get out of sight!" 1)Jck shrilly, and obeying the injunction Avalanche glided bac k into the blackness or the cor1idor through which he had come. And not a bit too soon, for in another moment Carlos Cambre appeared, b e arin'5 a steaming repagt of buffalo-hump upon a server, and a bowl of fragrant coff ee which the nostrils of tha hidinK Annihilator Unlocking the door, the lieutenant entered the cell and deposited the tray upo n the table, and then turned to Deadwood Dick, who had resumed his re clining position upon the couch. "There, ccipta.in, is your meal. We do not mean to starve you, even though we hold you in durance," Oambre said pleasantly. "You might as well withhold the grub and done with it!" was the cold r e ply. "I am a prisoner, and bread and water will do. "I will speak to my !adv, and mayhap she can accommodate you I sneered the other, as he backed out of the cell. We are not at a.II particular what ye eat." Then h e would have locke1 the door, had not be received a stt1'rni11g" be3i< le the left ear that stretched him prostrate andinseusible upon the ha.rd, rocky flo01 "Moses got bull-dozed l "exc lai'lled Avalanche, rubbing his dolefully. "Thet feller's head war harder 'n ary nigrrnro 's c'u 'd ever b e by gracious I Nig-h erbout dislocated a knuckle fer me; fat 1 An' now, Dicky, boy, ef ye wanter an' itckumpny ther great exta.rmination breeze, why this aire yer chance." "Yes. Cambre has the key to mv in his hand there, wi t h a dozen ethers. as ever rode a hol'l! e, but they were gradually ktlled off until the hat one was gone. I added to my force, at each loss, such men I would serve me true; but it's au old Western saylnl?;, credited to .Jack Barronnett. that there's no settin' hen's nest wi'out a bad e,g.( in it,' and it has come true In my case. But I forgot! There is one whom we must not leave l>ehlnd a& one who claims my protection." "YPr red headed wife, hey?" "No I she has a claim upon me no longer, Ava lanche. It was by her orders tb&.t I WliS imprisoned in this dungeon, and it was the last act of her love for me. Hereafter our lives must be changed-our paths must diverge. In going with JIOU from grotto, I leave all behind for ber use. Would to God I could bury the past within these walls. too. Bu\ that cannot be. Come! we will go for lll:iss Stone, and then leave the cavern by the way you came." "Great ham-bone that corrupted .Toner! Therga.l ain't hayr, boy, ef et's her ye mean;" and then, in as few words as possible, the Annihilator related what is already known to the reader-how be had seen with Edith and another female, with red hau-, descend the mountain side. It w a s startling intelligence for the road-a.gent chief, for, although he had firmly resolv e d to for ever separate himself' from Leone, he did not wish an:r harm to befall her. And this .Jaggers-who is h e?"' he demanded, anxiously. "Zebulom Z I I hain 't ther infernal est id ear, boyee, onless h e's a detective, which he looks like. I kinder smelt a rat when he war wi' our train." After a little more conversation, l>eadwood Dick decided to go in search of a rifle, only lacking this by having appropriated Cambre's b elt weapous. He was not !?;One lon g soon returning with his own com_plete outfit, which he had fortunately discovered in his own chamber. The r., with Old Avalanche, he set out on his de parture from the g rotto. On the way, the Annihilator, in his quaint style, related a ll of importance concerning the massacre or the emigrant-train, and the battle of the road agent hunters with the Indians, cl welling particularly upon the astonishing prowess of old Prudence Cordelia and Florence Night-in-a-gale. Finally, they emerged from toe grotto onto the monntam-side, much to D e adwood Dick's surprise, for he had never known of the existence of such an outlet. After a short consultation. In which it was decided to hunt up .Jagg ers and his two companions. Old Avalanche struck into the bear-path trail, that rarr obliquely down the mountain-side, and trotted brisk ly along, Deadwood Dick followin g at a safe distance behind, for he did not wish to encounter Leone. It was a discovery or a startling nature that Alice La Rue made, and for the moment she could not credit the perfectness of her vision but it did not take h e r long to assure herself that they were rea.Uy human heads and faces, there upon the misty surfa.ce of the rapids, and live heads and faces, too. For as her canoe glided closer, a voice-unmistak ably that of a man-sung out. lustily: "Hello! whar ye goin'. gal? Seen anythfn' o a couple o miser'ble jackases as were ful e ennff teP st.em this yere sream? Hold up! don't git skeert. We,re human, w'at's above water. This critter aside me aire Susan B. Anthony, a Cherokv gal, an' I'm Josiah William Ross Wallace Ho1?;11:-the r great poet o' ther Powder riv e r range; Hogg in all cases spe lt wi' two g's!" A.lice screamed, and endeavored to l?;ufde her cauoe to one side. in o;"1er to avoid coming in contact with the two frightful bodileRs objects, but they antici pated her, and also changed their i!OUre to intercept her. "Ye needen't be erfr1tid," reitPrateil .rosia.h, biow in!\' and spluttering a porpoise, whil e Sue's eyes gleamed like coals of tlre. "We ain't no Plerfants, nor mPrm'irls. nor nnthin' o' tber ldnd. W e' re jest two ordlno. r y mortals, as ar' tryin' ter penetrat.e Wild Ivaa's camp. Sue, havr, hes got a horn!t ter bDID In ther young eEU As Moar sed:


Wild Ivan, the Soy Claude Duval. .!3 S'ue's got er grudll.'e ag'in' him Ter tber wall she'll firmly pin him, An' wi' skulpin'-knife she'll skin him. Tber dirty beast he is I' And the bunter itave a huge laugh, In which Sue Joined, much to Alice's horro r Tor they appeared so atrange and grotesque that she could not well be lieve them human. With almost superhuman stren,?.'th she forced the canoe to one side, hoping against hope that she could get pa.st them. Keep off! keep off!" she Rcreamed, and raising her paddle she swung it aloft and brought it down .tlercely upon the four hands that would have grasped hold the edge of the canoe. There was a howl of pain, and the n ext moment ahe was safely out of reach of the two water-figures, and speeding swiftly along through the misty, spray ing rapids. The roe .ks now became fewer, and the water less swift, and finally the canoe glided alonll: so serenely that she took her seat, and managed its course at ease. "Thank God I am out of that peril-ont of Wild Ivan's cruel clntches!" shega.sped, as sbewas borne a.long, and she couldn't see no signs of pursuers. "If I can only Fet out onto the prairie where I I shall know which way to For perhaps an hour she floated around, having only occasionally to use the paddle to keep the canoe steady. Presently the gorge began to grow a trifle wider, and in a few moments more h e r boat glided along l}etween two level tree-fringed shores, upon one of which she was honifled to discover several figures, which were dusky and unctistinguishabl e on accoum of the falling mght, flitting about and arranging camp, while others were building a rousing fire. was at the water's edge, makfug his She cou: d not hope to pass without discovery. CHAPI'ER Xll. IN THE GLADE-CHOOS ING FOR LIFE AND DEATH, OLD Avalanche and Deadwood Dick descended the mouutain-side rapidly. The old scout found that Jaggers had not kept to the old bear-path, but had t11ve'\;.ed and gone more directly down the declivi leaving a trail, however, that was easily Dick f o llowed at a short distance in the rear, as much on the alert, perhaps, as the Annihilator him self. "Thet Jag!!ers Is a cuss!" Avalanche r emarked, as they went along. "He ar a pestifer

Wild I van, the Boy C laude DuvaL "I happen to represent that amiable young gentleman,' was the laughing reply, something of Dlck'3 ,,Id reckless self returning at the moment. "Apparently, the intelligence afl'ects you disagree ably f-"K&, young man on the contrary, it affects my .our.ec;uite agreeably; forif you are Deadwood Di ck, then I, as a detective of the U. S. Secret Service. ana by that power vested in me, do arrest you for high way robbery and high-handed murder!" Saying which, the Secret Service man aii the eye of Dead wood Dick-a tire that seamed poisonous. "Great ham-bone thet dislocated the r larnyx of Old Jo!l e r !" came fro'Il the Annihilator. "Jest punc tuate whar ye be, Tommls Jefferson, ef ye valley thet aire cranium ther L}rd bequeathed ye. Jest step onter a period or a exclamation p'int, an' let tllet suffice, ef ye don't expressl y desire t e r rub yer constitution ag'in' a snag; fer I m tellin' ye tbet Dick's a cuss-a regylar, dubbelaxion compressed brick, infused wi' ther essence o' distilled devil an' white lightnin': Why, sir, tbar's the time over in Deadwood, whea old Nio: Warley spit in his face, 'ca 'se Dicky hayr refuseil. ter ab3orb moisture, an' jes' 's true 's ther boyee stands thar, si.s. all he did war ter wink th et left eye o' his'n. an' w cirley war knocked stiff wi' a stroke o' paralysister, and kedn't move till Dick winked his right eye, whe n he war all right ag'in, / 1ict ,, Only one p erson laughed, and that was Dick. He st.ood facing with that provokino: dauntless ness characteristic of him, one hanrl laid upon a re volver butt, the other hangin!i by his side. He was calm and cool, even when death. Jaggers stood undecided-Edith and Leone bad sprung to thei r feet, the former pa.le a n anxious, the latter watching even as the eagle watches its prey before making a downward swoop. Avalancho occnpiel a side position in the scene, and his hand also gripped a revolver, for h e was resolved th:tt no harm should come to young Ha1-ris, to whom he had taken a sudden likin g. "Well, what are yon going to do about it?" de manded Dick, after a full minute's silence. "The lituation is bAcomingm >notonoas. If you have an Idea you would like to tallied Dick, coolly. "Th>it man who will tamelv yi e M to another be he villain or saint, is a cowardly dog, in n1v opinlon." "Great ham-bone tbet Joner's obituary! an' mine. tool" decla.red Aval-.n c '1e; Ha f e ller's ke11't h old hi s own side o' ther whifflet r e e ain't cas t fer these perarias. I'd advise y e ter adopt old Horse Gr.Je!ey's advice-only be sure an' turn 7er heels terwarcl ther settin' sun.,, 0 I am not ad vice at present, ohl man!" Jag gers replied stiffly ''Come l sir road-agent, will you e:il'e up without useleS:ll resistance?" h Wb.en the crows come home, yPS !'' responde:rl Dick, wit!}. a chuckle. see hree, d et;Pctive this case 1s qnitP plain. You, as a representative of :Justice, are desirous of adding my name to your list of conquests and I as a free and road, agent-though, b eneeforth I lay no claim to that profession-am equally desirous that you shall not; which leaves o nl y one way to settle the case." "Exactly. And that way is-" Death! It must be either your life or mine. It the lot fall to me, I'm willing to pass in my checks. Life no longer holds any fascination for me, since the treachery arid baseness of yonder woman, my 'vife. If you are elected to death, you must chaw h e r down like a man. Do you accept?" "Yes Name the plan." "It is this. Here are u full deck of cards. Ava lanche will shuffle them; then we will each draw until one of us gets the ace of spades. The other man must then place a .revolve r muzzle in his mouth, whereupon the luc k y \vinner will pull the trigge r." Jaggers bowed. H e was desperate-something seemed to tell hin;i. he was going to win; it was lifo or death, anyhow. Old Avalanche shuffled the cards, and placed them upon an old stump. "Thar ye aire, gentlemen. Pull awar., an' ther Lord go with ther unlucky one as don t git ther spades.,, Jaggers reached forth and the top card, with a l a ugll. It was the Queen of Diamonds. Deadwood Dick tooK tbe next, and thus the draw ing continued. The-pack began to diminifili in size very rapidly; still that fatal ace of spades remained undra.wn. "GrBat ham-bone thet wrecked ther constitoochin o' Jonerl" gasped the Annihilator, watching with most intense interest. "Pull thet spade. Dicky, e f ye vally ther stars an' stripes. Don't l e t thet Jeffer sonioan git it, or ye1re a gone r, sure's thar's insects in thes e r e air "It matters little to me who gets it, old man," r e plied Dick, co,re lessl y. "As I said before, lif e no longe r holds that fascination for me that it once did. We've all got to contribute to the gre1teternal debt, some time-a few honn:, days or years make but lit tle diffe rence to one whose life anothe r has rendered unhappy." "Thet's ther moral an' the r e ligions truth, boy," replied the Annihilator. I've kaown incidents alre9.dy whar henpecked husbands woul d go an' swaller bed-bu g p'ize n or arsenic, o r sum sich. j est ter relieve 'em o' their domestic,.ted deetlkilties. Sad aire the fate o' th3 r man who hitches h.imse:.f inte r harness wi1 ll. female woman-sadder,n a two y-ear old bumble -bee w'at's bin takin' a Turkish bath Ill sour buttermilk, or a South Car'liny 'tater-bug thet's underwent a course o' bnlldozin' by Kansas grasshoppers-ylJs, si1rel} !" Edith and Leone were intensely interested and most anxious spectators. Leone p erceived now, for the first, that her jeal ons.v and unwomanly act had renr l e red Deadwood Dick p erfectl:v reckless-that be was ang1y, and 1e h e r as little better than a traitor; and ther came the sweeping knowlerlge of her wild passionat .. lo ve for him, and the fear that she had gone too fa -too far for her to hope for redemption. But what could she do? Jaggers had bound h e r an.I feet, and she was unabl e to move. In despe ration she turned to Edith, who stood close bv. "Girl!" Leone whispered. an awful horror welling" up into J1er eyes, "you lov e that man-m.v husband: I know it., s0 make no deni al. For the love of God, then. snatch away the cards. and newent a murder. Qn;ck, or vou will be too late I" E clith he1rd and heeded, even ;.:iough she was growia.e: faint anrl dizzy. She sprun'<" forward to do the act of mercy-the last act. for him she loved so well, but, irrim and im movaole, the Annihilator stood in her path put her back. "No ye don' t, goal:" he said,, in his rough but kind


Wild Ivan. the Boy Claude Du"VM ...,-. N o foul gougln'. Don't be onee.sy, tho', f e r ther lad thet's sure ter tlop ther ace, ycm bet!" Three cards lay upon the stump, and it wM Dick's draw. Coolly, self-possessed, fearlessly he picked up one It was the three-snot clubs. Jaggp,rs drew tb!t next, and there was a deYilish jubilance in his face as be held up-the= of spade;; I All s.-iw it; Dead wood Dick bowed his acknowledii; ment of defeat, not changing a particle in color; Avalanche groaned-he bad so misse d his cal culations; Edith and Leone both screamed, the latter bursting into violent sobs. "You have won I" Deadwood Dick said1 calmly, drawing and oocking one of his revolvers, and my life shall pa. v the forfeit. Leone, my wife, may you lead a happier life with some on e else, and find a t11Ler mate. Miss Stone-Avalanche, fare thee wtl11 and remembe r the poor fool clothed in the guise or Deadwood Dick!" Then, the r e whe n the setting sun was shooting its last lingering rays of light into the thicket glade, the yoo'bg Prince of the Road thrus t the revolver muz zle into bis mouth, and motione d f o r Jaggers of the U.S. Secret Service to pull the fatal trigger! CHAPTER XIII. SAVAGE ALLIES-FATHER AND SON-REU1''10N. A..BoUT the same hour that has witness e d the events last d e scribed. Wild Ivan, the B o y Fie nd, was galloping through the l e vel tract of country at the base of the mountain foothills, mmmtcd upo n his thorough bred black, bis dusky face dark and grim, his s e t in firm compression, bis e y e s gleaming e villy. What was be doing h e r e s o far from the stron!l' hold of the Brotherhood. Surely some mischief 1S afoot. And ere Joni:: its nature became manifest, for when the night-shade s w ere gathering aronnd him thickly, and the young rnoon for the first tlnust its crescent up ov e r the western horizon be drew rein in an Indian encampment, in the h eart of a little m n tt e of cottonwood timbe r on the prairie. A bright fir e burned in the center of the camp, w!Jlch was surrounde d by so m e six or eight. skm lodgPs, and gathered around Lb<> fire w e r e at l east a hundred s a age s, whom two appeared to ex ert the power of chieftarncy. 'All were cl a d iu halt civilized garb. and w e ll arme d a nti it was evid ent they were a party of loafin g vagabonds d etached from some other tribe of rerl-rn e n. But the two chie fs se emed to reco g nize Wild Ivan, and one, who spoke wond erful English for a red skin, w e lcomed the Boy F i e nd heartily. "Panther berry glad to s e e ;i:ou," be said, making room u-pon a log by th e fire. 'Bee n k eeping bra ve s in waitmg for thre e dars-eber since got whipped by road-1tg Pnt bunters.' Yes. I Pxpe cted to find you here, replied t .he young outlaw, running bis eye ovPr th<> assembl e d braves. "And I have come to talk with ye about these same road-agent bunters. We must ciearthe m out!'' "ugh! Boy chief spe1tk trufe berry much. 'White dogs ld!J many ob Panther's braves. He take um scalps. roast 'em!" "Good tor you, Rivers I" the young Fiend replied, entbus:a,tically, "and I have still another plan. You arP of course aware o f the existence of the socal!Pd Brotherhood of Death?" "Yes. Panther heard much about de pale-face devils.,, "Well. I have been electPr1 chief of said Brotherhood, in the place of Bill Blnoil. deceased. But I don' t like their styl ',and a.-they have an immense them au out, And t.ben, in a l ow t.onP, the Boy Fi nd unfolderl bis p lot to the chief. who listened, eag-er l y, occa..oionally g i vi n g ven t to bis approval by a grunt or a n od. H a l f an hour later, Ivan mounted llls horse 111 rode back over the route he bad come. Occasional ly as be galloped along, he would chuckle to him self, and bis eyes wo ul d gleam btigbter. But b y and by bis thoughts were rudely interrupted. In passing through a sparse patch of timber, bis horse was suddenly seized by the reins, and j erked back upon its haunches, nearly unseating the rider. Quickly be drew a revolver, but i t was kno..:ked from bis band an instant later, while a man stood by bis side, one of the same deadly instrumPnts in his band, leveled, and at full cock. "Hold on, young man I" cried the stranger, r esolve expressed in his tone. "None of your pretty capers. Just be quiet and reasonable and all will go well I" Tbe Boy Fiend started violently at sound of the man' s voice, and bent forward, endeavoring to peer into the face which the darkness bid from view. "Ob! you nPedn 'tlook eo sharp; it's me-you r fa tMr d e cl ared the unmistakahl<> voice of Colon e l Grafton Stone. "I've been on the hunt for you ever since you massacred our train, and killed your own motherl" "Hal did the old lady turn up her toes then? \Yell I'm sorry, but it couldn't be h e lped you know I" was the young wretch's indiff e r ent observation. "The Brotherhood of Death n e v e r do things by halv e s. Pity they hadn't wip e d y o u out at the same time, you old villain!" "You are kipd in your wishes," sneered the elder 8tone "They w.ould ba'le undoubtedly killed me, bad I not played possum, as Avalanche did. But, seen the girl1" "Yes-"ha l I remember, now; you took her from the train, before I fainted. "\\hat b ecame of h er?" "Oh! you rffer to my amiable cousin, eh? Well, I know !lOtbing of her. I J!'Ot chase d, and bad to drop ner. .ci. young devil named Deadwood Dick ap propriated hPr, '1 "The d e vil I I would not hav_; bst her for a fortune. Indeed, a fortune is d e peu.:ient upon her re covery." How d 'ye mean? I fail to c1mprehend," the younll' outlaw said, eage rly. Listen, then and l will tell you. When my brothe r went to Ewope, be was only well-to-do in the world, and l eft behind him his daughter, at the time place d in a private boarding-schoo l where she was receiving th e finishing touch e s of her education. Iu Europe Jllilt was most fortunate in s peculation, and in two years bad secure d a fortune of a million doll ars. Then I b ecame envious, anrl laid a pl a n to rob him of a part of t .bis wealth. Of our family there were three brothers, Jllilt, \\ illiam ancl m vs elf, and Milt prove d to be the least scoundre l o f the three. Bill came WC'st, y c$rs a"o a n d a s BilJ Blood a ruf fian, achiev<>d 1t r eputatio n secon d t o n o n e M y i t is not whol ly spot1P.os." "Fo r on e y ou "r,eak the trut h," r erliecl the Boy Fiend1 wit h a l1eartlf"PS l a ugh. '("1u are a devil on earth nncl rm tette r!" "\\1<'11, however t]1at mig h t be" ce n t inn e d the col on el." as I s a id before. I pl a nnf'll t i oo njn f.ome of 111'.lt's wealth which, as I looked a t it, wa s righLfully n1jne. ''He hti l etr me in chnrg<' of hi s on bis departnre for Emr>p<>, and b y foqjing h is n ame 1 convPrte d the m all int o cash, Rto l e his bron!:;ht h e r to our home in Cin cinna ti. a nd th enco to Cleveland whPi P you fir s t m e t h e r. !lli!t returne d and got winrl of 1ny viJiAiny, and set office r s ou IT'Y track; s o I hod to clear out 11nd come West. You remember the young-R cout, Torl) ado Tom who met the girl in CincinnaLi and fell in love with her? He is A]ong-, also.,, cnrne him Had be not tnrned h0r head. I might have stood a better chance I" gr.:.wled the youth, savM:ely. "Well, never mind, my son. W.,b yowr co-.ope r a tion we can yet get the girl and I w ill b l ee d t.ht


Wild Ivan, the Boy Claude Duval.' purse of Milton Stone to its uwosl limit, while ;rou can take revenge upon her for jilting you.' "Good I old man; It shall be as you say. But you must first acoompany me to my stronghold, where I have other work to do." After some further conversation, the vile father was mounted upon the back of the horse behind his viler son, and the twain rode away toward the mount alD stronghold of the BrotherhoOd of Death. We left Alice La Rue drifting down the Little Madras&, In sight of the camp upon the shore, and In a etate of alarm at her situation. Her recent escape from peril had left her quite unmanned, and now llhe was again thrown Into a state of excitement. Were those upon the shore enemfesP This was a question of great moment to her. Friends she wowd gladly greet, but enemies she had no desire to eneounter. For a moment she checked the progress of her eanoe with the paddle, at loss how to act. If she atCempted to pass the camp she would be discovered. She could not retrace her wil.y up the stream on ac count of its swiftness; the opposite bank was high and beetling, so that she could not scale It. At last, In desperation, she drove the frail craft forward over the waters with a strong stroke. reeolved to make the venture of r,asslng. But the man at the waters edge saw her, and gave a shout that brought his companions to his ilde. "Hello, thart"shouted a man's voice; .. slow up, gal. Whar ye goln'r" The thought suddenly flashed across the fugitive's brain that they were a part of the terrible Brother llood\ and with tlrm, compressed lips she used her Jl&!.id e the faster. On over the water the canoe shot, yielding grace fully to the fair rower's strokes. "By Jerusalem I" cried Jolly Jack1 who with Sher wood, Red Kit and the other roaa-agent hunters, etood upon the bank and gazed In wond e r at the ftylng oarswoman. "Et's a durned likely-lookln' wlrlte gal, sart'ln sure. What on 'artb kin she be doln' up In this outlandish region P" No one answered; all were too Intent In gazing at the beautiful maiden In the boat. But suddenly, as Alice half-turned her white, scared face toward them, Red Kit gave vent to a yell that made the mountains "It's A.lice I' he cried, dancing around excitedly.. It's my surer 'n preaohln'. Stop her, someone!' And the next Instant the hunter leaped out Into the stream, and swam desperately In pursuit of the eanoe, yelling at the top of his lungs. Cheering him on, a number of the rangers set out on a run along the shore, adding their shouts to the howls of the swimmer, and thereby Increasing the terror of poor Allee, who, Ignorant that she was pur sued by friends Instead of enemies, exerted herself to the utmost to keep her frail craft under swifter motion than her pursuers. "Keep 'er a-goln' Kltsle I" roared Jolly Jack, from the shore. "Ye'r 'bOund terwln ther race! Great (lolumblal whar's the gal?" Alice was suddenly and mysteriously gone from ber seat in the canoe "She's laid flat, lnjun fashion I" called back Red Kit. "But I'll soon fet her know she can't fool wl' her daddy." Rapidly he swam on, and unaided by paddle, the eanoe merely :rode along with the waves. Soon he was near enough to grasp a hold of the shell, and the next moment be gazed over Into lt with an expectant grin. But a yell of astonishment simultaneously pealed from his lips, as he made the startling discovery that the canoe was empty and-Alice waa gone/ where was she gonet 'rllis question none Of th8 ranprs oonld Mfto tiecauile none of them had seen her leap swiftly from the boat Into the stream, over which the shroud ot night had fallen; none saw herhand sbe was enabled to reach the s ore, which at CllJll point she found accessible. Once upon terra ftrma she breathed freer, ant pausing she wrung tlie water from her garment& Across the stream which had here attained con siderable width, she could distinctly hear the yells of those she Imagined to be her enemies. "Thank Heaven I have escaped again,,. she mUI'> mured, shivering from the etTects of her cold batlt. I only hope I can reach the prairies before !l&Y dawn; there danger Is not 110 thiok as in theiie mountains." After assuring herself that no one had wltneseed her escape1 she stole sllent.ly away down the shore, which graoually grew wilder and was covered wltli thickets and scraggy timber. The darkness was Intense and It was only by a sense of feeling that she could drag herself along. but she kept on, resolutely, resolved to move until her strength gave out. And It was not long until this climax was reached and, utterly fatigued and exhausted, she was foroed to pause and rest. Dropping upon the leaves at the foot of a great cotton wOOd, she soon felt the drowsi ness of coming slumber stealing over her, and un able to shake otT the spell, It was not many moments ere she was sound asleep. How long she had slept she knew not, but she awakened with a start, to ftnd herself In strange sur roundings. She had been reclining upon a bundle of blankets, near a ruddy tire, that sent out greac warmth, and over the fire a haunch of savory veni son was roasting, emitting a peculiar flavor thall greeted her sensitive nostrils most agreeably. Tbe cooking process was under the charge of a sturdy bewhiskered man, seeing which sbe glanced around to discover a group of a dozen others, In an other portion of the camp engaged In earnest conversation. One of these men came hastily forward when le was seen that she had aroused from her slumber, and she had the satisfaction of seeing that they were none of the Brotherhood. And the nearer the man came the more familiar grew his looks, until at last she sprung to her feet with a glad, joyous cry. Father I lather I" .. Guess so, gal r and Red Kit clasped the fair girl In a loving em brace. Didn't never expect ter see ye ag'fn, my rosebud." "But, how came I here?" Alice demanded In won derment. "The last I remember was of dropping down upon a pile of leaves under a great tree, where I must have fallen asleeJ? "So you did, ga11 an I snook up an' fetched ye Inter camp," repllea Red Kit\ dancfug and capering about like an animated schoo1-boy. Then followed explanations In general betweea parent and chfld, both of whom were overjoyed U their reunion. Grim Scott Sherwood and Jolly Jack soon came m> and were Introduced, and from the first It mlghc have been noticed that Alice's wondrous beauty and winning ways had made an impression upon the for mer, for his eyes lighted up when she chatted to him, and something of his habitual grimness wore away, CHA.Pl'ER XIV. JIOT DIOK-TBll: PARTING. .. HoLD on, for the love of God do not kDl iny h1Jllo band1 sir I" cried Leone Harris, as Tom Jaggers tell" rorward to perform hl6 part of the death dnel. 'Have mercy-spare him !or my sake I" "No, madam I' replied lhe deteotlve, llUl!lll of triumph overspreadlnfr his featanis, I desist, even for your sake. There la a rewe.rd qf lour thousand dollanl ottered tor tbe Mad or ll8ell-


Wiid lvaa, tho Boy Claude Duval. wood Dlok. aDd who bas a better right to earn It, &banU" He sprung fol.'Ward, and made a pass at the pistol, whose muzzle was within the teeth of the young road-agent, but slmultaneciusly there was the sharp report of a pistol, and the Secret Service man went to tbe ground In a heap. Be gave only one gasD-then hfa featurlls grew tlet ID axpresslon, his eyes glassy, and limbs l'lglQ, and he was dead. But who was the aasassint Thia question was evidently answered as Old Avallncbe restored a still smoking revolver to his belt. "Your' cried Harris, grimly. .. Great ham-bone tbet Joner oba""8d tber meat hm, yesr replied the Annihilator, screwing his Wiage Into a comical grin. .. Et went ag_'ln my n&eur ter see ve drapped out o' time, ao I contluded t.ea:: electrify tbet detective cuss. No oftense, lbope ... .. Certainly none on my aooount. But ft waabllldly fafr_p!a;t, takln' the feller ol? In that style." "Ken t see It so, boyee. All fair In love or war,' they say:. Anyhow tbet's w'at Slal Ollsby told my brother Josiah, w'en be kicked him down-stairs because be bad stayed too late &-eourtin' Matilda Jane, an Josiah sed he waz pretty well convinced afore he reached tber fust landln' tbet It war." "Is he really deadr" asked Edith, coming timidly forward, and gazing sorrowfully at the iitll?enlng form of the SeCret service man. "Yes, Miss Eda-4e'der'n a baked clam alre tbet representative o' tber U. S.S. S. I put a punctuation p'lnt right In over his left an' be fiopped bis trump keerd lmmegetly. Ohl 1.'m a roost.er, gal a great devastatln' disease tbet sweepe like a sillall sized earthquake over these boreal lattytoods an Jongytoads. Sorry ter displace tber regylatlons o' Tommlses callender, but I hed t.er give Dicky bayr a life Insurance parsee9e. An' et them pretty eyes o' yourn don t lie, I speculat.e you ain't at all sorry tber boyee's still among tber saints on earth. Ha,r. llttle galr-an ther same ter you, Mrs. Deadwood Dick." Edith blushed, and her heart beat faster, for she was conscious that the eyes of the young Prince of &be Road was upon her. Why was It. that whenever abe was In bis presence her whole being was thrilled with such a strange ecstatic feeling-a grand over sensation of joy-a sensation of happiness almost sublime? Poor girl I HopeleBSly she bad allowed herself to drift on, not for a moment reckoning the cost-her mad love for this youthful outlaw burning brighter each moment, and gaining strength when It should bave been crushed out of existence. Ay, she blushed at the words of the old scout, but It was the blush of lov&-and her eyes llt up won drously, as she replied: "I am very glad, Indeed, that be bas escaped so terrible a fate, even at the cost of another Ute I" And tbB'glanoo that she darted at Deadwood Dick thrilled him, strong as was bis command over bis emotion. U men are the sterner sex," It Is sometimes rather bard to frown down the fascination of a pretty woman; and 80 Dick found It. Before him were two women-girls, rather, of opposite temper aments; Leone. he loved with a tender, never-tiring devotion; Edith, be saw, loved him with girlish Im petuoslty, and while be was secretly pleased, be was l'esolved that no word, look or action should be gives ber as encouragement. "I am thankful to escape death, my friends be aafd eandldly. "I would not be human, If otherwise. It seems that my life of late bas been one continuous leries of escapes, and surely I ought to be thankful to my God for all extended mercies, and I am. !lenoofortb may no spot be put upon the name of J:dward Harris, for from this day be Is no longer a l'Oadagent-no longer an outlaw. If bis fellow-men eUI let him alone. Avalanche, please bear me wit..._to this declaration. "B ell8,Y wtll Jet me aloDe, I pledge my wordand God knows I never yet willingly broke lt-tbat I will leave them alon&-them, the But If they strike me on account of the past, l will strike them back-to the death.I" "Bully Ike fer you, boyeel Great ham.bone thet demoralized Jonerl course I'll bear ye wltneea, an' any one't sez ye ain't the durndest young galoot aa ever rid a jack-mule, 's a dasted ornery llar1 al!' haJ'l'.'S ther great Norweegan snow-flake as kin nacg lt-tber ortul, cavortln', rampc geoua Avalanched annihilation thet cum down ter lnoculatetherdlseaae o' extarmlnatlon bayr'bouts, on the back of 0 Bo17 Borey Alice." Deadwood Dick bowed, and restored bis revolver to Its bolster, wblle be drew a keen knife In _place. Stepping forward, be qulcklJ' cut Leone's boll48, and assisted her to rise. "Thank you, "she said, simply. Something warned malie no display of emotion. .. You are ve17 Then, when tears were swemng Into her eyes, and she wowd have turned away. Deadwood Dick spoke to her-In the cold, measured tones she bad feaied expected, yet hoped would not com&-from hfua whom she now reatlzed she loved-wor1Mt>ed. "Leone," he said, detaining her by that one word,. "I would speak to you before you go. Right here our 1>4the In life must diverge; you to one way, and l another. You need not ask me why. Leone. for you know full welL Your jealousy led you Into the commission of an act that no true, foVlng wife would have done. I did not mind the lmprlsonmen -It was only the sting occasioned by the though$ that 71ou bad put me there. Had It been for 1-QUI' good, l would wWingly have remained there a life. time." Here t .be voice grew hoarse, and a moisture gatlto ered In bis eyes, while Leone burst Into tears. "Ob I Ned, I am sorry-so sorry. Forgive me ant take me back-obi tor the love of God, do not deo sert mel" "In our separation I am not deserting you, Leo one!" Deadwood Dick went on calmly, though was perceptible bow much be was agitated, It wae you who deserted me. I, too, am sorry, for my owa sake and for yours. We were very happy toiiether, until-until-until-" "This girl came and stole your love away from me I" burst forth Leone, hotly. "Oh I that the tblDg was dead/" It was Edith's turn !now to cry, for she well knew that she was the cause of this unhappln ess. "MIBS Stone did not steal my Jove away, Leone, Dick went on. "That woman never was born whG could win my love from you. You were blindly Ina sanely jealous, and owe this parting to yourseJ/. I will shoulder part of tbe'blame, and so let us part. At the grotto[ou can find a home, and you linow where my go! Is concealed. Take It and my bless. inlj, for it is all I have to give you." Ob l my God I do not leave me, husband," sobbed Leone, piteously, falling her knees and bowlnir her bead upon her bands. I am sorry, and acknowlO edge my fault. But I loTe you as much as I ever did. and It will kill me If you leave me." "I fear no serious results, or I should not leave you. You are yet young, and life OJ1.6ns up a future for you; for In leaving you, I give you your maiden liberty. Marry whenever It pleases you\,an4 have no fear that I shall ever enforce my claim. Then, after Imprinting a kiBB upon the forehead ot the weeping girl wife, be turned to Avalanche: "Old man, I am grateful to you, and would like tG continue our acquaintance. But as It Is your duty tO see to the safety of MIBS Stone, I will leave you till you dispose of her." "Karect, Dicky, hut I want t.er see ye ag'ln, In a few days, fer I've a speculation I want ye ter :line me In, whar thar's beeps o' fun an money. Meet me ten days from now at Bell Cl"<'ek ford, at p.a. Then we'IJ CUBS and dlscuBB matters at lengt.11. "Well then, 11& be it. Jtew, good-ii)'.'


Saying which the young man gave bis hand to the Annihilator, who wrung It heartily, and then to Edith, who was weeping softly to herself. "Good-by, Miss Stone," Dick said, scarcely returning the warm pressure of her band. "I am sorry your visit to tlie West has resulted so lnausplclouslyi and hope that you will soon forget these painfu matters." Edith did not reply. She was too full for utterance. and as Dick PaSsed on to Leone, her sobs broke eut afresh, and she wept as though her heart would llreak. Dick took Leone's band In his, and again klsaed her Gp<>n the forehead tenderly. "Do not cry, little woman," he said, even though there were tears In bis own voice. "Bear up, and God will bless you, as I always shall. Your wants shall ever be provided for, and I will some time write to you. There, now, cheer up, and for the sake of our little future Deadwood Dick:, be brave!" Then came a last passionate kiss and yearning eml>race; then as the shadows thickened In the valley and crept up the mountain-side, Deadwood Dick was @l?n&-gone, and left behind him two sobbing women, who loved him with a wild Jove that was In Itself a worship. Iii was some moments after bis departure, that broke the spell in bis rude1 uncouth way: "Oomel comer gals! Great ham-oone thet bulldozed old Jonerl thar's no use a-bellerin' over one gone 'coon Thar's plenty o' more trout In ther Stream o' matrimoney, an' two slch llkely-lookln' females as ye alre, orter know how t.er snatch 'em l>Bldheaded. Moses In ther bullrushes I I've seen "811l' hearts bu'sted Inter Infinity, an' then patcbed tereether jes' 's good as new. Thar war old Sally Usher fer instance. She war trotted Inter ther Cupid's harness twenty-three times, an' each husband got divorced afore they bad their hunnymoon out, on account o' tber excessive length o' her tongue. But ther gal kept a stilf upper lip, an' last I heerd cv h e r, she was 'rastlln' wi' Judge Binkerton, up In Yankton, fer her twenty-fourth I" Neither Edith nor Leone made answer to this little llJ>OOCli. Both too wrapped up In their own eorrow to pay heed to his words. The obs of the agonized women were so pitiful, that Old Avalanche was forced to turn away, a bloisture In ihe eyes that perhaps had not been dimmed with tears before In many a long year. "Don't cry, little woman," he said, approaching and laying one great, horny palm upon Leone's llead-"don't take It so much ter heart: Ther boyee loves you, I'm dasted sart'in, an I an' him alre goin' ter be tergether a gude deal In ther fu Cure, an' ef thet devastatln' eppydemic ken't per suade him thet ye're a repentant luvvln' angel, why IJlY old Florence Night-in-a-gale kent butt-that's all!" "Ohl sir! 111ill you then send him back to mn?" the poor thing demanded, looking up lmr.lorlnglyrl while tears coursed down her fair cheeks. You wl try?" Yes, gal-great ham-bone thet kertiummlxed yes. If I don't use my Influence on ther boy, may I he eternally bulldozed. Thus sweareth an declareth Old Avalanche Hogg on this ther twentieth daf of October, 1877, Addy Dominix." Oh l thank you, thank you!" Leone cried gladly. "If you will, I will bless you. Ob I Eddie, why did you ever leave mef" And her sobs burst out afresh. "Thar! tbarl no more cryin', gal. Cheer up, an' git back ter yer grotto. I'll give your spouse a good epankin' an send him back ter ye." Then taking Edith by the arm, he silently mo tioned her to follow him, and they quitted the thicket glade and hurried on down the mountain-side. leaving Leone to her own grief, alone, alone Without a word, for bis mind was too busily oceupled tor speech, the Annihilator led on through Mlli blackness of the night-on unW ragged, rockY foothills were reached, when they paused tCll' rest. AB they did so, the old scout listened intently, and 'fi7sn;,:tange came over his face, while he sprung "What Is it?" asked Edith, alarm driving away her grief. "Dunno, gal. Keep stlll-herer' was the reply, and the next Instant lie had glided away Into the wll derness of bushes, like a dark shadow. In a few moments be came back, grim and myste rious, bis tread as soft as a cat's. What Is It?" Edith repeated. "Injuns r was the startling announcement. '"-. Juns au around us/" CHAPl'ER XV. 'l'Hll: BROTHERHOOD NO MORE-" JNJUNB." WILD IVAN and his father rode rapidly away tow&N the stronghold of the Brotherhood. of this Tornado Tom In a casual way," the Boy Fiend. "Why did you mention He, In company with my brother, Milton Stone. bas come to this country In search of the girl, Edith; I beard of them as being In Deadwood, and tbat waa a week ago." "They were not on your trail, then?" "No, but were scenting after me with the perse verance of a pair of bloodhounds. I expect notbln" else than that I shall stumble over them when I least Well, after we again get the gal, we can laugh at them," replied the youth as be urged on bis double burdened steed. After a long tide through the gorge, and then tbrcugb the rapids, the camp of the outlaws was reached. 'l'be Brothers outside the cave greeted the return of their chief with a scowling nod, but those gathered around the tables, Inside, scarcely noticed him, so apparently engaged were tbeV..ln their games. Old Blue Bob, however, saluted with a grim smile. He, of the whole lot, admired Ivan. Wild Ivan led the way Into the Inner cavern, and here he and the colonel were supplied with food, after which the young chief left his parent to the en joyment of his pipe, while be rejoined tbe Brothers at the card-tables In the outer cave. Well, mates, what's the word f" be asked pleas antly, accepting a hand which Wagner bad dealt him. with a bow. "How has things went, and what Is th& prospects?" "Durned poor, captain," the lieutenant replied, half-savagely. "We never bed Rech dull times when Bill Blood war boss. He allus bed sumthin' a-stew thar war booty ter be bad for tber work for "Well, you mustn't get discouraged, old fellow. I know things lie rather stagnant just n ow hut I have laid a trail for you to follow, and there's heaps or money at the end of It I" "Eh? Say you sof" and the outlaw's swarthy face lit up with enthusiasm. "Out wl' It, captain, fer we're all ears fer good news." "I thought, you would he!" said Ivan, a cynical smile curling his lips. "But, before I tell the good news, summon the rest of the boys, as what I have to say concerns them also." Blue Bob was dispatched after the remaining out laws, and soon they were In the cave and given seats at the table. "Now, then, capt'ln, give us yer lnfermatlon," re minded Wagner. "Exactly," replleltfbe Boy Fiend: "but bold! we cannot go thirsty over such luck. Blue Bob, in the chest In yonder cave you will find three quart-bot tles of old Bourbon whisky, which I dare say be longed to your former chief. Haul them out here, along with glasses for the crowd, and we will wet OW' whistles." Accordingly Blue Bob brought forth tile Bqaor0 J


and the glasses were ftlled all around, with the ex of Wild Ivan's. "A little pure cold water for me, Bob," he sald1 pushing the bottle aside. "My brain gets confusea when I swallow that liquid poison." Bis glass was accordingly filled with water; then rising, he proposed a toast in a neat little speech, which was heartily drank, all around, when a re sounding cheer was rendered for the young chief. To which he bowed his thanks. .. Now, boys," be said, "I'll out with what I have to say, in a few words. As you all know, the two girl captives we should have had. have escaped, but one of these-she whom we got from the train-we may have hopes of retaking. You have all beard of Deadwood Dick, have you not?" A general murmur of assent came ID answer to the question. "Well, the girl Is in the power of this same Deadwood Dlck, who, with bis band of road-agents, are biding in this same mountain range. And, mates, It must be our object to capture and put to death these road-agents, with the exception of Deadwood Dick, whom I can deliver up to justice, and receive a large reward for." "Bow large, captain?" "'l'he whole amount of rewards offered for him by the government and private citizens figure up to the tune of ten thousand dollars/" A yell of astouishment came from the assembled ruffians. This Is oot all we shall gain, my boys I" the young villain went on, watching the faces around blm that wei:e flushed from the effects of the strong liquor. "They have In their possession money to the amount of over a million dollars, results of their gen eral outlawry and mining, which shall be ours, and go Into our treasury I" Again a cheer went up from the Brotherhood. and at a motion of Ivan's band, the glasses were all refilled and drank off with a great gust-0. "This will swell our big chest yonder in ther cor ner, 'til it bu'sts1 captain I" cried Wagner1 Jl?intlng Co an Iron-bound oox which the Boy Fiend naa never noticed before. "Then that Is the treasury, eh, lieutenant?" "You b-betl" was the thick reply, for the man was rapidly succumbing to the Influence of the aged whisky, "an' yere's w'at k-kerries the key; but, It's a-all right, ye kno', 'o-'case the b'boys ain't 'feared ter trust me." "Of course," assented the young villain, conde scendingly; "you're honest as the day Is long. But, come I fill up again; only one bottle Is empty; let's have a bllar1ous time on our success that Is to come; fill up! fill upl I say, aud drive the cursed care away I" And then, while the outlaws were freely iruzzllog dOwn the strong liquor, Wild Ivan struck otf Into a rid. rollicking song of the mountaineer. But little the Brothers of Death heard of bis mel ()dy. One by one they dropped off into what appeared to be a drunken sleep, until, with Wagner' s tumble from his seat, the last had yielded to the resistr less power of the liquor. Then the Boy Fiend broke out into a wild flt of laughter. .. What I you have not murdered them f" cried Colonel Stone, advancing from the inner cavern. "They are not d ead .. '"No not quite, old man but they don't lack much of It. i guarantee theyh never see sunrise. But, come I let's secure this treasure, and then depart, for this atmosphere Is poisonous!" Feeling in a pocket of the senseless Wagner's gar ments, the young Fiend produced a key, which fitted the great Iron-bound chest, and in a moment he bad the hasp off, and the lid raised, so that he could gaze In. But a bowl of rage escaped him discover ed that the box was empty, Bad he bilen cleverly dupedt With cut"85 on bis lips he at length prepared to leave the Jl!!M>e. "We wW get out of this," he said, "&1111" leave every tiling just as It fools and alL Comet" Be led the way out Into the open air, and selected two superb animals out ot a dozen that were grazing along the shore. These were duly mounted, and fath aod llOll set out down the stream, pralrfe. ward. "Now for glrll" said the Boy Fiend, as they pushed on. "I would like to find her, just now. Wouldn't I tame her though?" "You would klll her, in your savai=e terocltyre was the oolooel's reply. "Injunsl all around .;p.;epeated Old In bis grim way. "Great ham-bone thet erated old Jonerl I didn't s'pose tbet we'd encounter ter we licked 'em like blue blues. "Oh I shall we dot" cried F.ditb, greatly al. armed. She bad never seen an Indian, with the eit ception ot a few vagabond reds whom she bad me$ on the wav. "What shall we dot" "Dot :Moees in the bullrusbesf Why, we'll git onter our muscle, an' go fer 'em like a great Co vastatin' eppydemic o' cholerlcmorbus. nibilate an' exterminate 'em like all creation. Et I put a coufi>le o my in their cnmio um, they ll imagine a s 'arthquake Im struck 'em." "Then you baveno fear?" asked Edith. "Fear? Noaher and tber shark. nol ye nevl9 eee'd Old Avalanche ateard o' any thing short O'__a reflexion uv his own mug, which ar' frightful, 111 allow. Once o n a tlmet a woman o the female lll!S see'd me comin' to'rd ner, up in Yankton, an' she war struck wi' a flt o' whisky appopplexy-thet aire, she war purty drunk, an' tuk me fer King Bacchous, or some other slcb name, an' durn my ears, ef she didn't faint clean away. "So fur, in fact, thet she didn't cum to an' tbep bed ter pos'pone ther job o' revivin' her til\ the dBf of ressureckshun. That aln t a sarcumstance, tho. A feller in Denver, once\ got so skeered at my ugly phiz, tbet be war cur.ea ontirelf uv ther St. Vitus dance at which he had bin waltzin for twenty years." At this juncture the loquacious old veteran sud denly stopped and peered behind him, at the same time draw10g bis knife. Edith trembled in fear, for she felt that the mo ment was at band for a deadly conflict. But whll$ was her surprise, the next Instant, to see the Anni hilator suddenly bound high into the air, and turn ing a complete back-somerset, land down in a mass of bushes, which grew a few pacei! ill front c1 her. What did this eccentric move mean? She coulll not solve the problem, except that the scout hall seen an Indian concealed there, and bad taken thl9 method to surprise him. A violent strug11:le was going on, and the hard breathing of the contestants was sufficient evidence that they were closely matched in strength. But at length there was a deep groan, and the Ano nihilator emerged from the bushes, a grotesque griD elongating bis comical face. "Great ham-bone thet kerfiummlxed old Jonert" he gasped, swinging a reeking scalp In the air. "Whoop I hurray fer Noaher an' his shark. One less pensioner on tber U. S. Government; one more stroke o' vengeance fer these lost ears o' minet" "Oh I mercy I what Is thatf" demanded 88 her eyes fell upon the bloody trof.hY of the battle. "Thet's a red -skin's skulp, ga -a kinder wig wi' which natur' adorned him. I ; ventured ter lift it., But ee here, gal, we must be git tin' out o' this, or thar'll be squinchalations o' business pretty SOOD. Can ye shute a pistle f" "I can tr;r, sir. Oh I let's hurry I" ...:_aon't gtt in a perspiration," warned Avala.Dcbl\


a o Wild Iva.n, the Cla.ude Duval. a merry twinkle in his eye, "or et might result dis astrously. Hayr's a pistle; take it, a.u' w'enever ye :see a red h ellion, let him haver ri g h t thru his Abece darian, kerslap. Don't hev enny skumpassion on "ther varlets, fer they're not flt f e r a 51.-unk "tar wipe his feet on. Cum on, now I" H e handed E :lith a cocked revolver, and then led the way on t !1rnu5h toe wilderness of bushes-on through tli.e bhck. 1ess of the night that had wrapped the earth in a dtln.a sbrourl. Keerrul. e:al, k 3erful; don't step as ef y6 was an cryin' ter cre.>t e a favorable impression, Fus' ye knuw .v G,.eat hm-bone t':!et foundered olrJ Joner! 7 !te t's .fe r gam2', i..:; et, ye durned l{reasy niggerol" and the n followed terribl e struggle and 'thrasbin g ar. 1und t11rou1h the bu::;hes. "Grab me by tller shins, will ye, ye r e d pot scul lion I I'll show ye, will. Lucl< out fer yer shins, aa.l, feL' thar's I 1jun s un fut; Thar, durn yer t ye'r' beyond sayin' kittyc bisms. Han-. ga.l," any the arm, and tbey p.ished on. Edith's revolver and with tt wild death-yell a painted s1varp fe' I at her feet, his ife-blood spreading ov::i1 the l e !lves. Bully fer ye, gal! D is e : nboili e d bis spePrit fust pop! Sorry be squawk d, th"', f e r i t ll fetch swatb ers o' tber cantan!.c:erous :Rabyloni3.ns down on us Tru e enough, the red skin's don.th-cry was an1lwered by yells from n core of throats, and the -;ounds of rushing feet w P r JJieard approaching. uHer, gall" Cl'bLI Avol.Jnche, l eaping to Edith's -side and Forcibly slingin; her behind bis back. "Thar .now, slap y e r embracers around my gullet, an' freeze ter me like forty hornets after a Georg'y nigI'm goin' ter bl'""ak out o' this deeficulty, an' bu'st t.hi:Jr harness, now, yoil bet!" And the uext moment, with a revolver in each 1:!and. and Edith on his back, he was bounding swiftiv down the mountain-siJel CHAPTER X:VL THir. ON le'\'1ed the vetenn a cout. e:ritn and resolute, f>ou:id to go through if it l a y within his power-on with 1nif{ll+-y ad l e anrl right and left .he revolv ers crac k I d "a.1.ly etrct. SuJJenly the tl j' ine: An:ii:!iL1cor burst into a little -gla wh e r e two wr>re co0king their evening .meal over a 1.:J. n :)-fi.1-.J :."!.9pa:ently unaware of the clos e pmximity of thJ 1e d-sk in s. "Hello! Gl"ea\ tha t debilitateclJonerl" -crie { l Avalaw.:'.1 e nst 0nis.1 l att' 1 eunexpecteJspectaclac?\'. o a B"unce, I sa.v;11 n.nd then on ho 1nrl rl scout, li't:) 'l ru )b e r b11l, across the glade towarcl the s i l e "F ttbe r! '.it'te rl"' su H e nly screamed Edith, a glin'1 > nf tin tw1 bytbe camp-fire. "My chilil-E lith !" c-in 3 in joyfttl tvnes of rec)gniU o n Heaven bepraised; the old scout has r -.s c u :irl mv c11ild !" An I the two m e i their weapons and came swiftly in p 1 l! suit. w;in"'. close in their r ear, swarmP I a h o n l e of yelling Itldians, thirsty for the blood of ven, anc. Fortunat e!> the d-agent hunters fought like demons possess eel But the y had fearful to fl;bt a:i;ainst. The savages numbere d full thre e-score, or more, and were constantly urged on by shouts of three men in their midst;--white men, too, judging from their voic es, and Old .A!', yonder," wtt h a motion to"'ard Wlld Ivan. "We have both s!nned-aud-"


Wild Ivan. the Bo;y Claude .duval!. 31 The death-rattle in bis throat checked further u t terance. and in a momenL h e was dead. Milton Stone uttered silent praye r over his body, then t-urned .i.way, weepiu g. The dead were a ll cleareil away. and decently bu ried, for Sherwood was nut the n1au lo ieave even a dog withou t a grave. And, then our little band gathe r ed about tlie can1p-fire a nd /,counted no ses. Only one of the ran;:ers had t .. eu killed and four wou:i ded. whicb. altcgethe r1 w:::.s a luc:h.7 t ermina tion of a battl against odds. Edith and A Ece \':ere S3fe. and the whole party soon were in excellent s\1iri!s. Lu t lmexectcdly, something occurred, whic 1 caused anotber commotio : i. There wcs a yell, a rush of feet,and two fig ures came it.to Ll1e camp-a wan and an In dian girl. LOol roo!" s lu i ekcd the Cherokee i;i iJ, and in an instant she was r:t Wild Iv:l111s 1::;L.:C', a glemniug knife in her hand, a. wild fire burLiing i 1 1 her terrible eyea. T h e young Fiend r ecogn i zed her, "ncl a groen esc aped llis lip s, but it was his L:st, for t.:10 n'3xt moment the knife sunk into l ii s U:nc:, beart, and Sue swung his reeking scalp o n hi.;h, uLterh1ge tri11mph a.n t war-cry. Do not l oo k fo r me. for the water w ill not itive u p its Y ou will say I am fo11lish, but I could not give bim up, I loved him so. I would rarber die, for I could not li ve without Lim and be happy. Ava Janelle knows-it's about Deadwood D i ck. May Go d forgive me, as I 1.-now you will. P oor pana. \ .EDITH" T h is was a ll but i t was enough to send a shock o f sadness through the camp. One day later, a sad and sorrowing man. Milto n Stone starWd for Deadwoo d eastward hound, while poor Tom E l kton. in whose heart had found tlrm root a pure d e votion for Edith plunged deeper into tbe wilderness, seeking for fresh adventme to drown out bjs sorrow. Old Avalan c h e and bis goat also t ook their depar ture, amid the good wishes of all the rangers, who had learned to regard him as a sterling friend. .A.nd about a we e k afte r tbe camp broke up, and the unsuccess ful road-agent hunters set out for Deadwood. Short l y after their arrival, Sherwood married Red Kits daughter, Alice. Their love-making was rather short, but both f ound a choice in each otner, and it is for us to hope that they may ever be supremely happy. "Great ham-bone tbetfoundcrer l c:d Jcner!" cried Avalanche spri11,;ing furwarJ. "JcsbLl Hogg, my brother, trues hens lay hei: f ruit!" Atsuuset, ten days after Old Arnlancbe bade adieu Eqqsactly. olJ hos"," re,ur:ieJ tbe poet, wi t h a to Deadw ood Di c k, he might have been seen riding grim smil e. "But you're tlicr lost coon 1 expected l e i surely tbrongb fb e timber 8kirting Bell creek ter s'umble onter. S e lrn.,vr. nr:d he p o inted to ford, on tbe back of bis f a i tbtul mar<>, rnd followe d Florence Ni.>:htin-a-gal" wl: o 'tood m e e kly at his by his eccentric goat, Florence. -At the edge of side; "d'ye own thi tarnal critter? I found 'im I little .opening in the timber he ouddenly drew rein, back h ee r a ways, an' h e s eemed tcr recognize me, and gazed upon a striking tableau before him on acconot o' the m d I due'sstrange "No, L eone, I cannot take you back1 so do not ask conduct, and in hi s droll "'"Y Josiah i:;ave them. m e. I mar. seem cruel and heartl ess. out-" winding up with Ws avowed intention of marrying "You will take me back some day-I am sure of the e:irl. it," she said. ri$ ing, the light of faith wd Jove "Ye'd better bitch yerse!f t e r an Injun squaw!" g-Jeaming in her eyes. "And I will wait for yon. commented Avalancbe, in disgust. "Yc're about Kiss m e Eddi.el" e r flt associate fer 'em, wi' yer poetical perpensities, Quickly be catches her i n his arms, and covers ber you aire !" face with burning ki the agonized away, quitting the scenes of this narrative, which lrat.her, and the paper was read a.loud t) the anxious had brought to three l:iearts such 8Jlfl clustered e rountl. pain.


---BEADLE'S FRONTIER SERIES. 15o. Per Copy.: 1. The Shnwnees Foe. 50. Harry Hordskull. 2 The Young l'tlonntalneer. 51. llln

Dick Library LATEST AND BEST.f HANDSOME TRI-COLORED COVERS. 32 Pages. Boy One and You Will Buy the Rest! lror Sample Cover See 8U1ea tu. DEADWOOD DICK LIBRARY. l Deadwood Dick, the Prince of the Road I The Double Daggers; or, Deadwood Dick's Defiance I The Buffalo Demon; or, The Border Vultures 4 Buffalo Ben, Prince or the Pistol II Wild Ivan, the BQY Claude Duval 8 Death-Face, the Detective 7 The Phantom Miner; or, Deadwood Dick's Bonanza 8 Old Avalanche, the Great Annihilator; or, Wild Edna, the Girl Brigand 9 Bob Woolf, the Border Ruffian 10 Omaha Oil, the Masked Terror; or, Deadwood Dick in Danger 11 Jim Bludsoe, Jr., the Boy Phenix; or, Through to Death \ 12 Deadwood Dick's Ea1:les: or, The Pards of Flood Bar 13 Buckhorn Bill; or, The Red Rifle Team 14 Gold Rifle, t h e Sharpshooter 15 Deadwood Dick on Deck; o r Calamity Jane 16 Corduroy Charlie, the Boy Bravo 17 Rosebud Rob; or, Nugget Ned, the Knight of the Gulch J.8 ldy l, the Girl Miner; or, Rosebud Rob on Hand 19 :..holograph Phil; or, Hosebud Rob's Reappearance 20 Watch-Ey e the Shadow 21 Deadwood Dick's Device; or, The Sign of the Double Cross 22 Canada Chet, the Counterfeiter Chief 23 Deadwood Dick in Leadville; or, A Strange Stroke for Libert y 24 Deadwood Dick as Detective 25 Gilt-Edged Dick 26 Bonanz a Bill, the Man-Tracker; or, The Secret Twelve 27 Chip, tho Gir l Sport 28 Jack Hoyle's Lead; or, The Road to Fortune 29 Boss Bob, the King of Bootblacks 80 Deadwood Dick's Double; or, The Ghost of Gorgon's Gulch 31 Blonde Bill; or, D eadwood Dick's Home Base 82 Solid Sam, the Boy Road-Agent 83 Tony Fox, the Ferret: or, Boss Bob's Bose Job 34 A Game or Gold; or, Deadwood Dick s Big Strike 35 Deadwood Dick or Deadwood; or, The Picked PartJ 36 New York Nell, the Boy-Girl Detective 37 Nobby Nick of Nevada; or, The Scamps of the Sierras 88 Wild Frank, the Buckskin Bravo 39 Deadwood Dick's Doom; or, Calamity Jane's Last Adventure 40 Deadwood Dick's Dream or, The Rivals or the Road 41 D eadwood Dick's Ward; or, The Black Hills Jezebel 42 The Arab Detective; or, Snoozer, the Boy Sharp 43 The Ventriloquist Detective. A Romance or Rogues 44 Detective Josh Grim; o r The Young G adlator's Game 45 The Frontier Detective; or, Sierra Sam's 46 The Jim town Sport; or, Gypsy Jacir in Colorado 47 The Miner Sport; or, Sugar-Coated Sam' s Claim 48 Diek Drew, the Miner's Son; or, Apollo Bill, the Road-Agent 49 Sierra Sam, the Detective 50 Sierra Sam's Double: or, The Three Female Detect, ives 51 Sierra Sam's Sentence; or, Little Luck at Rough Ranch 52 The Girl Sport; or Jumbo Joe's Disguise 53 Denver floll's Defce; or, The Detective Queen 54 Denver Doll as Detective 55 Denver Doll's J'artner; o r Big Buckskin the Sport 56 I >enver Doll's Mine; or, Little Bill's Big Loss 57 D eadwood mck Trapped 58 Buc k Hawk, Detective; or, The Messenge r Boy's Fortune 59 Deadwood Dick's Disguise; or, Wild Walt, the Sport 60 Dumb Dir, i<'s Pard; or, Eliza Jane, the Gold Mine r 61 Deadwor,J Dick's Mission 62 Spotter i!'ritz; or, The Store-Detective's Decoy 63 The Dl"'


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