The frontier detective, or, Sierra Sam's scheme

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The frontier detective, or, Sierra Sam's scheme

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The frontier detective, or, Sierra Sam's scheme
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The Deadwood Dick Library
Wheeler, Edward L. (Edward Lytton) 1854 or 5-1885
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Cleveland, Ohio
Arthur Westbrook Co.
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Dime novels. ( lcsh )
Adventure stories. ( lcsh )
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University of South Florida
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Copyright 188"2-1887, by Beadle & Adams. Entered at Pos t omce, New Y ork, N. Y., as second class mattel'. Mar. 15, 1891 No. 45 THE ARTHUR WESTBROOK CO. Cleveland, Ohio Vol. IV 81EB1U &Jl0BUBI) A GIRLISH LAUGH, AND SPRINGING TO A 8 TTING P08T1lU IN Tllll JUJDlOCL BS IUW O..t.PITOL& OADS&N BT..t.NDllfG NB..t.B AT


Copyright 1882-1887. hy Beadle & Adams. Ente r ert at Pos t omce. K e w York. N . Y as oooond class matter. Mar. 15, N o . 45 \ ,, THE ARTHUR WESTBROOK CO. Ohio ,Vol. IVl lllElllU. 8AJl llEAlW 4 GIRLISH LAUGH, SPBTh'GJNG TO A 8 Tl'ING POSTURE IN 'I1U: ILUl'.XOCI, ll& liW CAPITOLA O.llUl&N ST.&NDIN

The Frontier Detectiv e ... J_ -------------The Frontier Detective -I comp!Pxion, nml tbe soft indicatej womanly; whil e tbe darmg deetl.5 and nnprece dented hold nes5 of t be outlaw cl11cf were things seemingly masP uline. OR, SIERRA SAM'S Y e t all wlio b a d e v e r Lady Lil SQ HEME, w e r not to v o ueb t o r a certainty a s to what the s e x was-and s .1, as a rule', Lady Lil wa s a c cr edite d u s beio g H sb e ,, or a h e r." BY EDWARD L. WIIEELE:t, AUTHOR OF "DEADWOO!l DIC:I," J:TC., ETC. CnAPT::::::t I. .LADY LIL, THE RO.U.D-AGENT. "OLD g ent, it cannot avail you anything to hesitate. Tue s bg-e i3 c overe d hy enu u g h nfles to riddle it, and if you don't b a nd o, e r yum cash, chattel; an' j ewelry, wl:ty I s h 11l 111os t c er tainly have tile horse < shot, and you will b J even more at our m e rcy. Tbe n y o u w ill haps find that LiJ y Lil, t!JO rnal-a:.;en t, h.ilJs the winning lland !" The words. cama in suft, p'nuasive tcne s, which, for all, w e r e an auoh01itative co m : :na n d. Tue speake r stoo d fiv e fi\'i> in t:1e h a nd some tha t reac h e d above tbo knees and w ere met hy a pair o f ligbt gray trowser;, b elted at the w a;st with a g n l::l-buckle d s&rap contain m g a r evolver and ii knife in additio n to the on9 h el.:l r eady for u sa in the outstretche d band. Tuen followed a v elva t v a st, a spotles white shirt-front containing a hlazing diamond -pin, and a jaunty jacket _trimmed with gilt fringe and bras s buttons. P, mask, from tiJ.e forehead d own to the p oint of I b f' n o s e a:id a white s o m b r ero, turned jauntily up on one side compl ,ted tile not ic<:abla of the individu3 1 wbo stoo d be>i la a st ; in a gbomy mountain cut, an.I "he lcl the afores:iid coach by a co c k e d l e v e l e d upon Dutch Prig in m'.lsk w erd of piercing pow e r and magnet Fro m b e n eath the broad r i m of tne bat, behind, flo w e d a w e a lth of wavy hair, clow n ove r the sbouUe ro, whos e c olor was of a de cidedly g olden tint. So much for tbe per5on who b a d stopp9Ll the stage aud bad uttei .. d the imtiai words of the chqpter we write-the gracef u l dashing aud composed l tnight of the r o !ld, who had announcei liim or h erse l f a,; tbe caso might L s ; und let tber stage g on!" lJutch P et.c crieLl, from his ou tll e box immediately afte r the challen'2;e of Lady L : L "I l vas no morn use'to buck a g'in' r o ud-a;i;ents, mine fncndts cla n vot it vas to ram your h ead mit d e r sidA off von mounting. " Ne s h a ll upo n the m atte r some wllat!" a v o k e cried out from the w indow of t h a d o rn., an. i tne b ead of an eld erly gentleman prutrn<.le d-a lle a i with a full. red face. orqn m entt>< l '.v i t h a sbort gray bear d and llair to matc!J.-the b ead of a r.'.lan wbo bad fare d sumptuollsly throug h life, evicl ently, an. I was n ow get ting w ell along towar d the end of bis earthly pilgrimage. "If y 0 u want t o know it, 111a11 o r w o m an, whicheve r y o u are tbi3 c o a c h c ontains six minent citizen!" h e r a ved, tlouris b iog bis hanrls. the kind wo r-o f er!" l.'ldy Lil declared. coolly. "Poo r pihrirns dnn't p a n out pro fit able-beside s they need ell their ducat" and dus t bug-jnice and grub. E t s you fair who are b loated up with gout and money t}:u.< F o r none tbere were. outside of hrr o w n b"nd, in thosti wil J mnurrtaiu di stricts, whn kn.' w for" certainty wh e t he r tbe bolrl and daring Lady Lil was reall. v a woman, or a man claiming the title to disguise bis identity. The graceful figure, the.white bands a n d


The Frontie r Detective. we like to leech, you bet; so, just flip out your sundry scabs in liv e ly shape." "You'll not ge t rich!" the victim grunted. "I'm old Judge B erkley, from Californy, au' I allus leave my stamps at b orne. Herc's my old Peter Funk watcb; ef ye can find :my more, you're welcom<'." "Go through him, hoysl" Lady Lil said, step ping tow.1rcl t:1c coach "1'11 try thll ral. Tbe1e s mon ey in c r owd, f'.:nnewbere nu' I know it. The Derklrys f California don't trave l empty-1.amled. you I.let r Within tho coach mt tho o'.hPr paFseu;:-;cr-a young l.ady, wrapped in a l ong duster, and lier face va1Jed. Lady Lil gazed at bPJ', a rnoment, with a halt sneer; tbeu, s he thrus t her r e volv.-r forward, until the vailod lady uttered a scream of terror. "Ohl cowardly, eh?" Lu said, sarcastically. "l alwAys imagine d tbe fair and h a u ;!nty Louise Berfiley tu be a of brnvcr:v. But, then, wo are all Jia ble to mistalces l'll take yom j ewelry, if you please!" "Curse your picture !" he roared. I'll n e ver l eave here until I have that money!" "You'll bave a j olly time in lingerin' around this viciuity, then!' Lil 1 e phed, tbn1stinr; tbe mnn e y imo her pocket, nnrl 1btn giving bis hat a kick iuto tbe air. '"T your old plug; now get you into tbe 'hearse in tle liveli est manner you know h ow, or 111 tickie your toes with a iGsilade of lmllet s r And, as goud as h<>r word, sb' I egan firing at b is feet wlucb wue of no i ns:gmfic aut size. Nearly frightened out of h i s wits, tbe Cali fornian ran wildly v nd tu mblo I into tb e eoach llftc r "hich Lady Lil tum, d and llJOtioned fo r Dutc h Pete to dnve en. "Oh I thunder I but I'll pa.v ye f 0 r this oat rage!" tb e judp;e shouted, stick;ng his head out of tbe window, os the coacll r c llcd away; "I'll pay yo P cuss ycr picternl I 'll liv e to s e e yc. u "" i ug.n' for y ou r cri111es, y o u infernal cutthro:it!" Ta l t u old full-moon r Lady Lil yelled back, mcrr: Jy "Better takt' m yff Lald pate, o r L'il g u t tanned, or ketch cold!" "I ham none!" tbe girl evidently greatly frightf>u ed ; "indeed I haven't anytbillg of value except tbe clothing I wear." "Is th a r any galoot iu this byar shebang 1vho "Indeed, you li e!'' Lady Lil deelared, her wants t e r fight-any festive indeniduAl \\ho's tones hardening to sternness not unmaseul i n<'. i tcb rn' ter rub ag'm' tber tail of a comet o r tbe "You bave diamond rings, diamond fore-gear uv Hn 'a.rtbquake-any pilgrim wbo and gold bracelets s e t "'ith diamonds. Haud wants an' wants e t bad? Ef thar !':> hyar them over, o r I'll ha vet d Ptmy men s earch you!" am I, Gouge r & Co., ther Kinz o' the KoloraA mom en t the ''ailed lady hesitated; then silo dos, r<'ady to mutilate and cl1s..ect any ser h took the artic l es from her person, and tbrcw specimen o' t he human race as may want kill-them into the road-agent's face. in'!" Lady Lil laughed mockingly. The words w ere uttere d in a l oud, brawling "I wouldn't mind being stoned with dintone by an individu a l w ho stood in tbe doorway monds every day in a week," she said, as Ehe of the principal i;!!lOOn of Bowi e ville picked u p tbe valuable ornaments, that lay in The mu ii who stood in I he doorway of the the moonlight of the early evening, Galoot's Goal was a giant, standing fully six "But it shouldn't grieve you t o J ose these f fft six in his h tiots and of massive body and baubles, because the great Epeculator. B c rL! cy great musf tain rip out the lining of liis bat, and like wise a the m appeared to be on hand pad of bills. Galoot's G(\11,l was, in the interior, .,_ bng, :n&>:'


4 The Frontier DetectivP, row room-say thirty feet wide by a hundred 11 tablishrnent, and my name is Cap!" the beauty and fifty long. answered, calmly, and as we don't know yotr,' At the extreme further end was a long bar, or don't permit ear-<:hawing rouud h e re. the well furnisbed-sometbing not to be said of best thing you can do is to scoot-puckachee many a mining-town. Next, l oo king toward light o ut!" the front, were a number of tables, uStXI for "'Sill Ye d oa u't tell m e!" the ruffian anlunch; then came a faro-table, severRl smaller sw e r ed witb a l eer. "Ain't Gouger & Co.'s card-tables, each furni>hed with rude chairs; money j est as good as ary other gal oot's, in this then a poof-table and a kcuo lay-out. hyar camp! Say, you youag child in men's Mor e chairs and tables were then arranged togs-ain't mv spondulics just as good a s any nearer to the frot door. otbrn rilgrim's!'' .., A few were playin g poker at the small tables; "No. \Ve want your m oney,' the girl a game of faro was going on at the "bank," r eplie I firmly. "All I waut of yon is to leave. and a girl, voung and pretty, was practicing at C've b eard of Jake Gouger, b efo r e !" the pool table, as the giant made bis advent in "Oh! ye hov, hev ye!" th e giant grinned, the doorway and sung out his challenge. evidently f ee ling complimented. I didn't All eyes were turned toward him iu a scowlknow thet my fame bad reached even ter ing glance, but no one appeared inclined to auBowi 'l I didn't." swer. "Are you going to vamoose!" Capitola de"Kerwhoopl I ain't wanted in this hyerhigh-manded, sternly. cockolorum eh!" he roared. "Well, "No, I ain't!" Gouger declared. "I kim neow, cuss my mules capacity fer oats ef that down hyar ter Bowie ter clean out ther fightin'ain't ther very time I'm with yer, tooth, claw cocks o' yer town, an' [ shall m elt rigbt down au' toe-nail!" in my l.Joots in mortification at yer lack o' "You're a big, overgrown braggart and ruf-courage, e f some one don't kick npa fuss--kuock flan, and you'll oblige me very much, if you'll off my bat, fer in atauce, tread ou my toes, or get out off of that table and leave my establishspit in my ear. Buththe t ain't all I want, my mentl" a voice cried, and gazed down beautv I'm goin' ter ave er kiss!" in surprise, and beheld the girl, who, at t he And the astonished manageress of the time of his entrance, had been engaged in Galoot's Goal could make a mov e to d e fend ber practiciug at the pool table. seif, Gouger bad leaped from the table, and CHAPTER II. SIERRA. SAM A.KRIVES. THE border-ruffian was a s toni s hed. He bad traveled the golden country from Dead wopd t o L ead ville, and from H elena to Del Norte, anrl won his spurs in every towu as a "ruffian among ruffians;" yet he bad n ever until this juncture, boon faced by womankind of the order tbat now confronted him. Not over e i g h tee n or nineteen was the girl, for such she ev i:i ently was, and possessed of a form that wa s a perfection of symmetry and rounded grace, and arrayed in a full suit of spotless white duck-coat, pants, vest, ruffled wbite shirt, in the bosom of which bluzed a diamol).d cross worth a small mint of money: then she wore -a dainty pair of high-topped patent-leather boots, and a snow-wbite sombrero set back jauntily upon a small, finely shaped head, boasting of a wealth of soft dark-brown hair, and a face that was iu an emphatic sense beautiful. Indeen the Go ... I, and was an expert gamester and knew bow to take care of herself.


t, The Frontier Detective. 6 "You'd bPtter release the> young lady, my friend," a ruiner namerl Ben Haverly cried, de cidedly. Ti you come here to run the camp, you'll find you can't do it." "Hey? Can't H J'Vaal, I should vomit u ;1an alligator ef I dou't, tbo' !''Gouger cried. "Jes' wait till I kiss ther gal hyar, 1m' cuss my mule's eye-teeth ef I doan't Ehow ye tber soi t o' a harpoon Gouger & Co. is r And, bending, the ruffian imprinted a smac k upon ChRitola's lips-then another, and another, till-Tbe girl screamed with actual terror. How loug the brute's insults migbt have coLtinuedfor the crowd stood looking on, bard to say, ha<,l not a man, who had entered uuno ticeG\.a few minutes bl>.fore now leaped "forward, and dealt the giant a terrible blow between the eyes. which caused him to release his held upon the girl and go crashing to the fl or, in sensible. "Gentlemen of Bowieville, I am heartily ashamed of you!" this new-corner cried, assisting tbe weak and trembling Capitola to a chair, and then turning sternly to tbe gaping crowd. What are you? Is there no manhood in your party, at all, that you wi.11 stand by and see a defenseles.q girl insulted by a human beast? By my soul, I never knew the equa l of the thing in my life!" A grunt of disapproval went up from tbe crowd. Evidently they did n o t appreciate this bon,e-thrus t. "I reckon yer dcn't know what fer man tbet Gouger is, 'oquire," one man volunk-er e d to say, acting as spokesman for the reo't, "\Ve war in favor o' belpin' Cap out, lint we warn'tpurtic'lar 'bout hein' laid up for er funeral." Valiant heroes, every one of you," the stranger retorted. I'd go and pack my traps for some Eastern farm, ef I were you, wbere you would have to fiffht nothing but gees" allll mosquitoes. Ha! hal' And the man laughed sarcastically as be took a dgar from his pocket and proceeded to light lt. "You mustr(t get r'iled at me, if I'm a little sarcastic, pilgrims," be added, "fer I'm a sarcastic cuss at best-especially when I see a galoot flinch in' frum duty; so, come along up and drink with me, and call it a hand shake, for I allow Sierra Sam's a man cl'ar through!" And there was not a rnan in the crowd who would have admitted a doubt about the matter, despite the fact tbat the dashing stranger had given them a rough rub to start with. He was evidently not yet out of bis tweBties, possessed of a strong graceful figure of ju't a trifle over the medium stature of men, in which rou8cular development and-agility of motion were noticeable features. His face was almost b0yish, so young, round, and fresh it was, in its manly beauty. A graceful mustache ornamented bis unper lip, waxed to a point at the e11d, and a sligbt tuft of hair grew beneath bis low!'r lip. His mouth was firm, yet by habit, pleasant of ex pression, and a midnight pair of Ayes gleamed m under his brows-a powerful, brilliant pair of orbs, that could seemingly rPad a person, through and through. His hair, after the prairie scout fashion, was worn long, down over his shoulders, and was of a dark brown color, All in all, hi/ was by far tbe handsomest man wl:J had ever set fout in Bowie Gulch, and it was evident tbat great bravery and a wild, reckless arnl daring llisposition was coupled with manly beauty, in this instance, although as a rule, such i s n o t a pt to be the case. Auel a"y m o m ent.iry affront tbe miners may have t a ken at the bluff introductory of the strangPr, was immediately forgotten, when he "hit 'em on a teudc r spot," by asking the crowd to "havo something." Drink! On course we will, pardner !" a lit tle shriveled-up and dirty individual cried, whose appearance wns decidedly shabby gen teel. I'll vouch for tbe rest, on my own responsibility. My name is Mu:;g-Jeremiah Mugg, and I am a lawyer. So if ym1 have any legal business to I shall be happy to accommodate yon in a professi onal capacity.!" "I reckon I sba'n't need you," Sierra Sam replied, dryly. "Hey! Jefl', you rascal, where are you, sir?" "Heab, boss!'' came the answer, and the blai:k pate of a darky appearG-d in the doorway of the Galoot's Goal. Heah I is, boss. Am de situ ation saf P, fo' dis beah coon!" "Oh, Come along, without any fear," of the SieITas replied. "I'm goin' to set 'em up, and I know you nPver refuse." "No, sail, No. sab!" the darky agreed, hastily entering tbe saloon, but gi viug a sspic ious g:lance nround him, and at the outstretched giant, to sa.tisfy himself that no trap was being bid for bim. A queer looking compen:ion for tbe handsome man-this darky, and a m ost c0mical-vis11 .ged specimen, of the colored race too, with a bull dog bead a big pair of eyes, the whites of which rolled ludicrously, and a pair of thick lips, that, wbeu parted, exposed to view two rows of pearly teeth. He was equipped in livery, and a plug hat, and would have looked decidedly more at borne as footman of some Eastern city gentleman of leisure, than as companion of a man of Sierra Sam's caliber. "Gentlemen!" the sport said, "111low me to make y ou acquaiuted with my rigbt-haod man, Jeffi>rson Davis Dump, whom you'll find a jolly good fellow, dPspite bis tan. Jeff is a daisy in everything, except bravery; there's no bigger coward Ii ving-got the same disease you fellows are troubled with-bal ha! ha! Drink hearty, gents, Here's to the rouirh Who tried to kiss Cap; I hit him a whack And be went down ker-slap l' "Mr. Dump, allow rne to introduce myself my name is Mugg, and I am a lawyer." iYas, sah! Happy to the gentleman of color assented, "Youh look jes' like a lawyer, sah, fo' suab. Youh mugg is de puffec' im_ pussonation ob de law, sab!" ,.,. Ah! thank you-thank you,'' the dapper i n dividual returned; then as Sierra Sam and the. crowd moved away from the b ar-" do you


F r o n t ier Dete c t ive. ...... .... 'imow t1le gentie:nan with the long hair, llir!know bim well?" J fferson drew up to Llis "Kuow dat fellah? Shot I gues s sol Dat's my b ciss, dat is, fo' suah. on' you bet y ouh life de reg' lar ole sorgbam-sugah of a boss, too " Ahl yes, undoubtedl y. S'pose he i s a mau of importance. "GOlly, I j ess gues s so. You orter jcs3 see dat fellah clean out d e folks be d on't lik e, s:.iah! H e j a s' pulveriz s s cm-'deed he does ; an' b e ain't no moah 'feared of any ruau or anyma l dan I is of a Tbomas cat." "Lots of money, eh!" .. Dead loads o f it, sab-mor' tnan fifty mil lion right about bis duds, for suah !., Whether Mugg believed this or not, is hard to say; bis s m oo tll, unwrinkled fac e was a h ard pao-a t > make anything out of. .? Aud what rn!ly hi' name b e. a side fro m Sierra S.irn; 8am what?" b e asked, gazin g to ward the faro-table, wh ere the strange r s to J d watching the gamP. "D1111no, S!lh-dunno noffiu more!" J eff r e pli eJ, $tlSpic iou s l y "Bil y o ub goorl-cveuiu', sah. T 'Jwu pump on de corner, sab, H you waot to work it!" And tl:r.'n he strutted off, imp:lrtantly, while Mug,i; bit lip, in vexati on. "Tbe d ev ilish knows enough to keep his mastp1-'s seeret, at any rate ," he mutter ed, grow lio gl y H e torned to t h e bartender, ! I say!" h e repeaW in his blatant way, "what was et tbet hit m e atwixt the eyes! Show m e the galoot with fi t ; like a $ l at!ge b amme r, while I _nulverize him iut:> an' soap-g r ease! S ee h vnr, p:trdl" h e added, tlic.. nPxt mo m e n t as hi; re;to: l for tue fii st tbie upon the man of tbe Sie1T1t.$, ""t kiun!;or al pilgri:n w'at did tbo jobp asted me a >OCk lolager lx i tr. 1 the pecj; m thet made rnC' see more tbaL ,!1 milyuu' l o ng tniled co:nf'tsl" "ft liiuJer Ftrikes me that way. too, my friend!" Sain r e pli<>d, with a s mile I reckon I took you in for tbe ext<>nt of your Ooor meas ure e b l" 1D 1rn m y mule' s capacity fe r o..:.c yes I could hev s1Veared by tber li berty -pol e o' W atar loo that I'd bin ki cked by the prnpeller u v a b urro Au' so you're the nasty little insi?;nifi cant mor3el o' humanity wbo dared ter in sult til e r blood 'luckin' FPj30 Ca nn erba l o' the Nor'west, aire ye?" And tlle g i antsc.epped nearnr, hi s face tlam1ug with 1nQ;e, an.i bis hands opeuiug and shutting co n vulsivJ l,I'. Ye:>, l':n the very man!" Sam replied, griml y. "I ca U?;Llt you in tbe act of insulting an unprotected l lnw. Vvitb rnurrnursof wonderment t b e crowd dre w back and gav e the two straugely-contrasted op p o n ents the floor, fo r they saw it was to he a d espera t e stru"gl e for the master y, and the odd s l ooked discourngingly against the man from the Sierras. A tho usand dollars h e r e t n bet that Sierra. S a m gets t Petotally kerl apse l a n' li cked this trick!" the lawyer, Mu7g yelled, fiouri sbing a roll or money in bis hand. "Take yo11 sabl J e ff Dwis Dum quickl y r esponded, taking a huge roll of money f rom his pocket. "Put up yo u h mo n ey, sah-inde young lady's hands, sa b."


The Frontier Detective. ., Mugg gazed at the darky a moment, astt1undAt this.moment the stage-coacb wnirled Clown ed. He bad not intendtd to bet at all, beiug into town and came to a bait close to where well satisfi e d tbPre were few pil grjms iu the tarred Lully lay, and two passengers nligbt Bowie so flu s h of stamps as t':.' rnni to risk so h1gh ed-an e l dPIly gt-ntJ man and a .Y L g<'tll ei b.v tbe gripe o f their pow erful t e a c h bim rna nnO"s!" J Ar" Duvu; J ) u 1 r p 0bse1 ved arms. anfissbus, taO'e throu g h emhrace nohuw." Rob, lik e!"SierrtiSam cr. u c k-"Oill p:tpa! doJ..c:kb<'I"f-fcrg oo aid nnsn g l h r vu'.l ai.. d tugging lenrn tha t a little fisll can swim n earlv a s far us ut t1;e t.ld ge11tlem a u 1;a t ; ite v e wLil o tho a big on e." "' p o in ted ti) p c o r Q .. uger l t awruH Pray, Aud then be r eturned tbe bug with interes t, wbo so 11>11lt. r eale d tl1P urnv? until the bully faidy g roanl'1l with "Sierra S aOI, ruu'arn-:Sier1 a l:5n111 !" Mneg "Le t up f o r G od's sa k e !" lie gaS lJed, Loarsely. bas t e n d to' x, la1rn. iudca t i ug tte "You' r e cavin' rny ribs ll!" wb'J s ill tl,.., saln<.n IJIJ<,r, \be Jl>lOllligLt "Ha! ba 1 that's nu bug G 1 u ger!" the Cali, shinin g full 1n bis b a u cbon e l ace fornian replied; "tbat 's simply a swP etbeart L o ui se Bffkle y i aze d at b i m n n instant; their huK tbe v bave up m the Now h ere's a eyes me t in a o f e v i d ent n co;m t i on; sbe real, l::!oocia r !Jug, rigbt f:om In grew str a n gdy white, 11ud turne d lla>tiiy to Llie juanna, y o u het! judge. And ilhtead of leRSening bis terrib, -'qne eze "Co me papa, let us find the L o tel ; I feel sickabout tbe gi a n t's w a i s t tlw 11Ja::-rt'uark a ble iu-en !,d a t tlli s tli sgu-tmg s i ght. cre a se d it, until t he bull y roare d And Mugg g uided tt,ern into hosf!;Jry, lourll y aurl loo se:Je d h is g ripe, hra udi shing bi s whil e Sierra Sam reentPred tbe GAloot's Go&l, arms wil Jly a nd ga,p111g fo r urea th. bi s eyes glntering strnngely, aJJd h is J ace "ear-That w M t b e m o1ue11t of r eal i;c1ion for the in g i:. strang e glooniy ex!Jr ess i u n that was not appa1en tly e o ul and ;;m iliu g Callfornia n. m,uuliy see n t bere. A t on e side o f the r o o11rsl ood an o pt' n-top p ed Tbe oni y oc cupants of tbf' ro0m w e r e Capitola, c a sk still part ly fill e d w i t b coal tar, wb1cb bad the <'ba 1 poprietress and a n o tb e r man of bee n u se d for roofin;: pnrpose>. 11bont San1's age, and tlmg-Luw, tbe barThe eagle gaze o f Siena Sam bad o b s erve d tent! er. t bi;; whe n he eote rPu tlte f.a1 oou; b e n n w gave it Capitola anrl the first-menti o ned man, who was anothe r bis e y es g l e am111v; "kkcd ly. \ welldres, eil, and of pre p osse ss in g appe arnnc<', Quickly rais in ; tbe fr" m tl.:e floo r, rind witb a brown mustac L e u nd goatee and rather still in c r e a s in g tbe vi>e-likf' nature o f b" pow e rb a11dsm11e dark P yeR, iiair a1 cl fra ture8, were fol bug. b e n w v e d furl'n iuto rll<> cask. wLo rPust ttkfl a cnP!'' Capit"1a crie d, running Allowin g him to remain t 1 1 r e hnt a seronrl, fonvanl and se iz ; n g b 1 1 o f l,js arm. "Now be drnw h i m out, and theu tumbl<'Cl bim roughdon't >Uv y o n Wt11.'t sir, fer I A tbreely to the iront d oo r. ha nr lecl rmc i s alway:; thf and this is A worse -look m g ohjPct cert1 i nlv u evto'r gra ced f n r a hi:n rlre d a s irle. A nrl, sb e added, in nn tbe mouuta1nem;ron erl to,. n of Bo'Vieville. unrler t o e "if you r'np't kl O W llt y t bing a bout. From tb" tP of hi s h e1trl to the arm-pits w 1 s thP gani e I'll fn,01 v o u, f o r I w aut y o u to wiu. on e rnas s of tar aurl tbP nnlv "onder was h 1 nv Yrn11 n::.111+-Mr.-'' the poor con 1 d gPt his hrP.nth. "Sloc u m -Srn1 Fl0 cum the sport re('lied But h e b a 1 heon wi,;" tn nmi;b to kerp bis eyes, m1Jing: d ow n into her fairy like foce; "arn\ by m r,ntb an R''ut r1nri11g tho S<'nse. 1 h e wa v play y1ur hest, a11d let Sarn'l 'teua to Ou t iirl' of the rhot of tbe Gahnt's G o al bf' b"iR own part, of the gamP." lay uoou hi' hack on the ground a nrl kiC'ke r l and "Ob! I Am so g.Jar l of that, Mr. Sl

8 'The Frontier Detective. "Well, no-providing he wants to put up, equal!" replie d, indifferently Sierra Sam took a second look at tbe. marv, as if to r ead bim, but Montague was busy arraugin?, tbe b a ll;;. A s cratcb game of c ourse l M ontagu e an-swereUt Jake Gouger onc:i more entered. t!le room! CHAPTER IV. A WOMAN'S POWER. IF the Cannibal of the bad looked uadly whe n b e made the uncere m oniuus exit fro ni the Giloot's G oal-bis appea1 =ance was greatly change d, now. S o m e of tll e ht1mane miners of Bowie s ever friendly burg, bad r e-attire d tho giant iu a suit of overalls at le ast three size> t oo small for bimil .and by a judic ious application of k erose n e a had cleans e d bis face ancl neck of the tarry daub tbat had r ecently d ecorated it, althougn a of the nasty stuff still clung mto hio hair. Hatless, was the#{ing o' the Kolo r a dos, and looking at l e a s t t e n p a r cent. l e ss feroc iou s tha n was mual with him, as for the se cond time t1rat night be madt> bi s way into the Galoot' s G o al, and direc t t o .. vard w b e r e Sierra Sam stood at the pool jus t e n ; a ging in conversation 'with t be pretty pr0prietre ss. "I jru> t Y"n will p arJo n me for my forget fulne ss in D.)t you f o r coming to my rescue, so brnvelyl" Cipitola was saying, evidently a little c onfused, at tbe awkward situation M ontague b a d l eft them io. "l am .sure I am greatly in1ebted t o y ou." "Not in.the l east, lady. I m erely p erformed a duty which your townsme n h esitated to tackle Sam r e pli e d. "I am sure I wish you would often giva m e a chance to com e to the a s sistance o.f one so pre t ty." And h e plea-antly. O b I th!t.t, is wi shing m e ill. I bwe plenty of ills t o b tttle vith, so, pray make a good wish, if any:" "I certainly could not wive, and her eyes ga z e d up into bis with a n earnest irl anee tha t thrille d hi.In. "Th:mk y ou," h e said, returning the gaze w ith intere 3t. 11 D o I lo J k or net like a man who ofte n gets l eft? And a faint smile hov ered about bis lips and gleamed fro m bis hands o m e eyes. 11 No, y o u do not," sb e responde d, frankly-. 11 You are a man-marvel-a man among men, whom-" Sbe did not fini s h the seutcuce : h e r gaze dropped, and sh e turne d to the tah l e to arrange tbe balls. But in tllat unfiui s bed sentence the Califorman r ead h e r sec r et, e ven n s Lie r e alized the fac t that she llad attame l a firm e r bold upon b i s admiratio n than a:iy other woman had eve r done G : m ;er waltzeJ. up at this juncture t o within three paces of Si erra Sam, aad stood gazing at him a m oment witb a strange express io n upon his homely visage. "Strauge1," he sai'.1, h oarsely, after a mo m entary p a use, dming whicll h e l ooked the sport ove r fro m bead to foot, will y e allolV m e to o pe n my mouth fer tber spac e of about a m inu te? So was the way in wbic h the ques tio n was put that S ; m could not refrain from laughing. 11 W e ll, I suppo s e tbis is a free country, and ev'e 1ybojy has the privile g e of wagging jaw if the y c h oo s e," be saiu, good-naturedly. 11 Waal, then, ef y o u b e v en't any objections, I want t o e xpres s my c ondemn'des t admiration for y ou, I d o I wanter impress o n y e r tym panum the c ertain fact that G o u ge r & Co., the King o' K o l orado i< a lic k e d man-a teetotally d e molish e d di s cipl e o f a d arne d jac k-ass. Et's a fac', sir. by the r stars an' s t r i p es o' o ld Christo pher Columbjy an' et d o e s m Q proud ter acimowl,,dze t be r c orn, you bet." SiPrra S a m gazer! at the m a n with astonish m ent.. H e conld nJt q111te credit lli s se nse of h earing; b e was bardlv preparen to b e li e ve that this u n tlld r>ruis e r >.e and prodigious strength, wh o bad cleaned out manv a mining-camp1 should t'lke water and admit his d P f eat in so numb le a manner ex09pt he had a forthcoming of vengeanc e to furtber1 nude r the cloak of hypocrisy and pretendea friendship. But there was no treacherous light in the bully's eye; bis whole demeanor was tbat 0f a


The Frontier Detective. man who had recognized his own disability, and was honest in bis professed intention. Aud when Gouger thrust forward bis great, horny palm, the Californian did not take it. You'll excuse m e my friend," be said, "but before shaking bands with you there is one little thing you must necessarily do." "Nominate it, captaiu--yon proposeth au' I disposetb Arything in ther bull catalogue o' impossibilities will I do, root bog or di e, jest fer ther honor o' one friendly shake o' yer royal old sledge-bamm,er fh1ke, you bet." "Very well. I want you to humbly apolo gize to the young latly here for tae in sult you gave her, then I've no objections to shaking bands with you as a gentleman." "Gentleman-me ? Ob, Lord A'mighty !" and the ruffian fairly gasped, "Pardner, you're hittin' me bard. Call me all ther mean things ye kin, but not a gentleman-that's orful. l'm notbin' but a human luute, an' no ono but you could call me a gentleman 'tbout r'ilin' me--no, sir-ee. Thar was a time, years an' years 11rr.o, when thar war a chance for me but arter tbe old gent an' lady pegged out war put up en tber world at public a uction, nu' whisky !)n the devil Lid off. Yas, on course I'll do the squar' thing," and the giant dropped upon bis knees in front of Capitola. "Lady, 1 bumLly ax yer parding an' fergiveuess. l do, h o nest Injun. Don't speak-I can't stand it; but ef you'll l e t me kiss tber tips o' yer pretty fingers, by ther great horned ace o' the Big Missouri, I'll try to be a better man." "May Heaven help you to become one!" Cap \tola said, and she extended her fair shapely right hand-the dextrous hand that many a luckless miner could heartily wish h e bad never seen. Gouger took it tenderly and gazed a.t it a moment, as if it were a great curiosity to him; then be raised it to bis lips, released it, and arose to his feet, and with genuine tears cours ing down his cheeks, turned and stagger ed from the saloon. Rough and rugged miners, who had entered the place in time to see the strange tableau, stood grim and silent in awed who seldom were affected, if ever, to tears, and who were struck to see a man of Jake Gouger's dark reput" m such a weak" stat e. Botb Sierra Sam and Capitola were not a little affected arnf gazed after the giant thougbtfully. "The man is d eeply affected, or else be is a greater hypocrite than J ever met," Capitola said, toying with her watch-rhain. "His exhibition of feeling is genuine, I he the Californian replied. "It ta!i:es a man to fight a man, hut a woman to.conquer the human heart," and bis eyes sought h ers with. an earnest expression, She partly avPrted face, upon which a soft blush dawned. "And it remains for us to follow up the '!earl' we have struck and develop Gouger into a better man," she added. Sierra Sam and Jeff Davis Dump, bis trus.ted companion, soo n after left the saloon and struck out for their ranch, for the night was well ad vanced t oward the wee sma' hours. Up the gukh, a hundred rods from the Galoot's Goal, was a small mountain lakelet, nestled down among the rugged mountains, and fringed with a scatte1 ing 11:rowth of spectral pin es Fed by a strong subterranean spring, the waters of this glassy pond fou!'!d a "ay of escape by a narrow cl::annel which ran down through the mining town, the mttjor part of wbieh was on the furthPr side of Miss Carson's saloon Upon the shore of this little basin wa.5 a log cabin, which some mrn e r had evidently built and deserted, and this f.ierra Sam bad taken po ssessio n of, without leave or li cense, as it boasted of a table, some stools, cooking utensils and n bed of leaves-all a miner's luxuries. "Well, what do you 1 bink of cur first night in Bowiev1lleP the Californian a slbnsiog's gal Suse, dat dis cbile use to spark up. Sbe was de berry purtiest gal in Turkey vi:!e, fo' suab, wid A_yes jes' as uuresistable as d e r perfoonmery ob lie polecat-but, golly, boss, it wasn't uo use at all, sab; she war j ess de fickelest piece ob colored nigger you ebber see, an' de berry Pbenin' afore she was to be mar1 ic d to me, sah, what did dat 8usan Johnsing do but dun an' elope v;-;_ d Parson Jonese's nio-o-er Jake!' you think if I was t:o try and win the pretty proprietress of the Galoot's Goal, l'd get left, eh?" 'Deed I does, boss." "And why so!" "Ca'Re sbe's got annudder beau, sahl" Ab I yes, I see, You refer to the fello w Montague." "Dat's a fac', boss. She's struck after him, au' fishin' after youh spo1"di.:Jics."' "I ran't quite agree wib you, Jefl. 1 am of the opinion that sbe's a brave, pure-hearted girl, and I've quite a notion that h e r name wouldn't look bad written as follows: Mrs. Samuel Slocum!'" Jeff put up his bands.


10 Th"' Frontier DetcctivoQ. "Shor Fo' de Lor' sake, bos,, don't you clo i Sam replie rl; "but I am not ;.nciined to bait!" be said, r olling bi-< ludic1u sl.1. ff I lio ve i 1 of a p1"Son until I bave stronger you domi go get mo:mstruck after dat gal, l. tell I proof of tbe1r guilt than the s rn1ple word of a youh, sa'1, you won't be wufl' c.ats, by j l t wyer, whose chief stoek-in-trade is misreprego!Jy An" you!1 w'at we'se come seutation." to dess yar d1ggiugs for, l1Ms?" .1 Antl tile Cnlifornian shook hin off, and enter-A cloui ,atne on; r t:>ie1Ta Sam's face. ed a grocpry store to rnake '01rie purchases. 'l'bt-00d Jake Gouger, tbe late roarin: was seeningly a matt.,'r ,,f moment to bim. I Ganuibal ., tbP Nor'west. "I gne':S yoll'1e," h e ,;aicl, as they r Pac h ToJged out from top to tde in a bran new suit ed the cahiu. "To-monnw .vou c"' go to work I of clot.bes was the witb a "plug" Liat a-prospeding among the rock around th" cabin I up ni his upo n wbicll was a mourning-band, here, wbile I'll bear in mind your advke." He lo o ked uot the r o uf;h inuividual of the The next day Sierra Sam staked out a c1aim p reviom nigbt, as LH stood meeidy at fre;;bly close to the c:i.bin purcbasP d tool,, anrl set J eff ope uNi cracker rnuuct11ng with great to wo1l!., after whicll he sauntered up into the complac en<'y town. "Hdlo, Gouger," the CalJf .. rnian accosted, Some. ines istible drow him into the frankly. exlending lli' b aud. Hard at work camp, and, while he bad ahout decidti::l to k'.o'Cp in a good came, Ph? Wby the mourning-bandawa y from tbe G :tl)Ot's Goal, he .vas secret! v lost a relaUve?' hoping tbat he. might catch a glimpse of Cai-"Lody, no. Tbet '"r' to t.('ll whar Jim tola. Gou;;er turned O\' e r a new leaf, arter bein' &11 The first familiar face he eame across belonged bro'.rn up an' his spur> d pped as the King o' to Je,.emhb Mu;g. Kolorado." "My clear Slocum, lam rlelighte r l tu see yon!" Sim, h'.tving made his left the Mugg; begao, patting Sam farniltarly on sal.i : m. G ow:-cr, to)l ow1ng him to the_ door, shoulde r with bis diaeogage d baud. "I have taf.PP < l him o a tbe shoulder. been wis!:iing to sea yu a ll the m o rnino; "" teil Young: man," lle said, "you're a brick, an' you you are an erronec>us mi:;talrn-au you've 1111de a different galoot out o' m e. An', erronl'lJUS mistake sir!" nnw, in aJv,.rnre, I want to tell you sornetbin'. WP!l, how oo?" S'\rn demanded. r::ither Kee' Y<'r eyPs pl' e led, fer you're goin' to be hm:tly, not quite appreciating tbe h wyer's form e na'"ocl with trnul1le, I feel et in m.v bones, ward::iess. a.n' ['11 lle l p ye all I can, but ye wante r bok "Plain a> the nose on vour sir-every sarp at every one, an' be ready to shoot, at an one's langhmg at you. Why, the it lea of you instant's not icP." inl.tahitmg the ha .unted cabiu. til'lt nobody can Sierra looked puzzled. be hi1e l t o go n ear-and also, of seL'tiug the I don't u nd e rstand wllat peril you have nigger to work wh-tr never a srnitlge of gold b'.ls reference to," be said. bee n found -why, sir, you are mad!" I "Nor will you, until a trap is on you "Perllap,!'' S 1m repl wl. "When I'm mad, -at l e a st, t!.lat's my opine. All I want yer to do howPver, 1 have a cause for i t. So the cabin is i s look out fer snakes. an' e f ye stnek in. the hauate1, eb?" mu I, end on't, Jim Gou;;e: 'II help ye out, "Sure, sart'io. Jim Bacon murrlerecl ef b e can I" thar six months a::;o an' llis l;ody thrown iato The Californian was silPnt a moment; bis the an' now bis 3p3erit P-omes back nigbts, brow was c loudy, and hi; eyeo gleamed fitrully. an' howls aronn vill li.rinns." ">;ee here!' bti snrlrlenly l'riecl. seizing the "In ie d If Jim's 'flnat' get> unduly bois-Coloradoan by tbe shoulder, his face steim in terom. I s bll h : ivB to speak to !Jim and its t>xpras,;io n. ''I want to know 1f you art> inbim q:iiet d lWa a little. As to the claim, I'il a'(aim;t her," and be 11o' my uew pltl2;. uy rrurn I Stack my flush 1'11 not say just whJ.t, but if you wern to be in favo r n' that gal, will I, evt>ry clay in a I took as bar parr1, it might g hard with you, w e e r, an' eet.ollay ch'.l.w up an' masticate ary bymc-by-hem;J-ingly speaking you know!" gala it as durst aver that she am't tiler purtiest an' wrthies'. pie 'e o'-,.alil

The Frontie r Det!'ctive. "Bully for ycu I'm with you, fer every ducat I'm worth I" Gouger cried with so much emphasis that Sam cou l d no longer doubt the f ell w s since1i ty. Then, the two men shook bands and Sam went back to his cabin "Been courtin', sah?" Jeff queried, with a grin, as the Califorrnan came up to where he was pecking away in the sand and rock of the lake shore. "Ohl no," tht> Californian replied. "I didn't even see ohe girl, Jeff. I I'll try my hand at fishing, instead of wooing." "'Stonishin' w'at an influence dis yar cbile has got obe r de bos,' Jeff soliloquized, after Sam had enter!'<'!. "He wouldn't no more think of goin' ag'in' rle 'pinyun ob Jpff Davis Durnp, m Jlad placer stakes, from which they eked out a fair living, whilP tbc remaining element mosL!y worked in the quartz drifts for so much per day. These quartz-mines, five in number, were owned by two persons-four of them by a miserly old barhelor -named Silas Stork, and the fifth, the "Little Sunshine," by Max Mon tague. 'fhe man Silas Stork was au o l d "vet," so to speak, who had gambled aud speculated in stocks almost from infanC'y up tohis present age of seventy, and bad acC'umulated an immense fortune. all of whi ch aside from bis mines, was safely invested in Government bouds and other good securities. Morose, surl.v aud misC'rly o l d delegate that he was, he bad_ not a friend who was a friend, in all Bowie. and tbe few who claimed acquaintance with him were sharps,'' who knew him only in the hope uf fattening" from his finances. He never risked a rent unless he saw a chance of doubling on his investment: i:oad-agents and t heir like considei:ed him no good, as no monev could ever be fonn.:1 about bis person or bis shanty, where h1> lived in the most miserly and frugal mauner, with not so much as even a dog or cat to keep bim company. O n tbe morningaft er bis arrival io Bowie ville. Judge BP,rlrley. of California, left the hote l and inquiring the direction, sought out Silas Stork's bumble s h :rnty, which stood ::>. hundred yart;ls down the gulch, from tbe Galoot's Goal. Knocking nn the door. Judge Berkley awaited a n ',nswer to the s u mmons, but non e came. impatient, be rapped again-thi s time A u d got a repl y 1 "Who's tbere, and what' s wanted!" a sharp. rasping voice demanded, from the inside. "It i s me--Judge Be r k l ey, of ::>acramento, California," the j udge replied. "Open up, and let me i n." T he two men we r e soon afte r seated face to face, within the ruddy furnished shanty, with a tabl e between tbem upon which was a l ongnecked lJlack bottJe and two Silas Stork was tall, thin. piocbed-faced and sallow, and bis bair wa3 white as driveu snow. Age hd b"nt bis form, and so shattered his nerves tbat be trf'mbled constantly. His e}"es, however, dark and pit>rc i ng, had lost none of the brightness of their youth. "Well, old-time friencl, I see that the ravages of time bave made au iurc ad upon your constitution, and you are getting "'ell along to ward the end of life's race," Berkley m i d. "I supose you are prepared for tile inevitable, Silas?" "Ay, I can say I am,'' the old mistr answererl. "I bave long expected tbe eod, and tried to look forward to it with pious to the will of <>Ur Supreme Ruler. Bt>aring in rnind tbe fact_ that I cannot reasonably exreet to live muP-h longer. as my h ealth has been failing for some months past, I wrote yc J u to pay me a vi sit, accompanied b_v your daugbtPr ; and I am glad to soo y o u heie." "Yes, I came, Lot knowing bow t-0 refuse the rpqu est, when we used to be rneh firm friends." "Aud you brought your daughter, Benja"I did, although I was at Joss to know why you s hould desire her to pay you a visit." Silas Stork C'buckled. "Well, it was partly a freak of mine-v u know I was alwa.vs addicted to eC'centri<1ity, some" hat. And, then, 1 bad anuther motive; I want to get marrioo : J urlge Berkley did not l ook surprisecl. I suspeeted of the kind,'' he said, qui Pt l y. "I wondPl' you have remained so many years in a state of single blessedness. I presume you have a rna .trimonial eye set upon my d1rngbter, Louise?" "Exactly!'' the misel' admittrd, blandly, evidently glad avily!" "It is t"ue-everything was apparently swept away!" tbe judge confessed "Well, be that as it may,'' Stork C'Ontir.u ed, "I knew tbat a little help from me wouldn" corno so I decided that I would invitt. you b e rP. and if, after seeing me, your daughter !'ould make up her mind to mar" y mP, I w:-iuld. after the marriage, make out my will bequeathing to hff my irnl d mines and all my m n neys, _bonds and securi ties, thereby making he1 one of thti richest women ou the Western s l oue." J udge Berkley l ooke d complacent.


The Frontier Detective. "Silas," he said, graEping the miser's hanrl across the table, I can never express my true feelings in a caS<> like this. Why, sir, I am at once astonished and delighted." "And I meant you should be. And now, bow about your danghterf What will she say to such a thing? Woman-like, will she not, as a matter of course, refuse?'' all her cunning, will marry him. She's a good girl, is J,1,uise, and I certainly have no reason tu find fault with her, except for her foolish infotuation for a young rascal who got drummed out of Stockton for swindling. Let me see l believe tbey called him Guy Arrundel-dear Guy, Louise calls him. Bab! the fool!" "I hardly know bow to decide," the CHAPTER VI. answered. Loui se, whose first name, you will SAM AND CAPITOLA. remember, is Lilian, is a remarkably strange SIERRA SAM went back to his cabin ant'I and scrupulous girl Sbe will not, if sbe knows busied himseif in cooking dinner for himself it, do anything she thinks is wrong, and I am and Jeff, toe aforesaid repas t consisting of corn fearful she would consider an alliance with you cakes and some of the large trout he bad under the circumstances, as marr.ving for caught. Being a good cook, he prepared a money, which I have heard her say often she dinner to which be and the negro did full jus-never would do." tici:. "I admire her for that," the miser declared; .After dinner he fixed up a liammock beneath "it shows that she is honorable. It can bear-the shade of a large tree near the cabin, and ranged, however, so that she nood not know armeu with a novel, -prepared to spend a quiet anything about the fortune awaiting her." afternoon. "Oh, certainly I I think I can fix it all right. But he was not destine.d to have undist.nrbed I fancy she already you, just from quiet a great while as be lay basking in the my description of your noble traits of, shade of the great t-ree. she is such an impulsive young thing. I SQpHe had got as far as where the "heavy pose the sooner the matter is satisfactorily fixed, villain" of the story was about carrying off the friend Sila!;, the l>ettl:r it will suit you." heroine, when he heard a decidedly "Exactly!" the old man assented, his pinched laugh, and springing to a sitting posture m the face glowing with pleasure. "I will have the hammock, he saw Capitola Carson standing formula of my will ail arranged, awaiting tho near at band. time when my bride comes to me!" lt.'s jus t too bad!" she said, leaning upon her Judge Berkley soon after took leave of the hand30me rifle, and very pretty and miser, and iu orde r to somewhat allay the ex-picturesque in her malo -attire, \\ith the snow citement he was laboring under, walked about white sombrero set jauntily upcn her regal town to get a view of what few sights" head. I was going to slyly give you a good Bowie's yo athful city had to ofl'er and perhaps a tumble from your imOn the street he Max Montague, who prov1 sed hammock, but I n e v e r can k ee p from gave him so searching a glance that tbe judge laughing when I'm doing anything villainous!" was impe lled to turn around aud gaze back Sam thought, just tbeu that she looked very after tlie owner of the Little Sunshine mine. little capable of villainy--th9 beauteous girl, "Haug it!" be mused, "it seems to me I've whose eyes were fascinating enough to drive a seen that fellow before. I wonder where I'' man into n seventh degree o r ecstasy. Not five minutes later be passed Sierra Sam, "I am pleased to see you," be simply said. who was just coming into town. He had seen "Judge my surprise, however, in seeing the the judge first, and a strange expression passed Galoot's Goal bereft of its greatest attraction." over his face, leaving it perfectly calm when the "Ohl l found the' tender-foot' not so uumer-judge !ooke:l at him as he passed by. ous this afternoon as to demanu my attention Sam gave n o sign that he r ecognized the to biz and so I took leave of absence, and judge, and on up the street; but not so started out for a ramble, you see. But the suu with the was so bot that I changed my mind, and He gave a violent start when he saw the thought I'd run down and see if your sable com sport, and once more halted and turned aroand, panion had struck any pay-dirt." his eyes folio Sierra Sam in a strange, Then, she had not come to see him! Sam, startled glan::e, and his feature> wearing a graysom e bow, felt rather of this. ish pallor. Well, I guess we 11 uot get rich off of our "Can it be possibl e-bah I no, I surely am claim "ho remarked, "but tben-" mistaken," be hissed, between his teetb. "The "That isn't your object ia workinfl it!" she eyes are tbe same-that's all. This man is finished, with a strange little But, as somewhat larger, and of altogether a different long as it disguises your real obJeot in coming type. If, inrlool, he were the one I first to'.lk here to Bowie, it don't matter whether the him to be, Cam positive he would have recog claim pans out well or not." nized me, f.>r I ba ve not cbanged in four years. The Californian looked surprised. Bah I All is well, anrl everything is "What do you know regarding my errand, charmin)\ly. Once we get of Stork's here?" he asked. leaning forwaru, a:ad stud;ting millions, 1'll soon put out for the E!ist, as it will her face, eagerly. not be exactly safe for me ever to go back to "Nothing whatever. I was only surmising Sacramento, with tbe suspicion on me that that th darky's mining here was a blind. To existed when I took my midnight departure. change the sulrject-do you intend to remain here Luck nevgr forsakes me, or I should never have long1" been called hera to rairn in the poor olrl fool's "Until I make my arrangements;' Sam a. shekels. Marry him1 Of course, Louise, with plied.


The Frontier Detective. 18 She glided closer, then her face suddenly changed from a gay to an anxious I want you to tell ml' one thing l' she said, her eyes gazing steadily into h;s. "I want you to tell me, and tell me truthfully-is it a man or a woman whom you seek here in Bowieville 1 "It originally was a man!" be and an in-es istible impulse c aused him to draw her c lo se beside him, and imprint a kiss upon her cherry lips, "but, I'll not vouch J.hat I may not also seek a woman, ere I get through with my experience in this place, and ask her to be mywifel" "Stop!" she cried, gaspingly, a&_ be was about to leap from the hammock; "don't for your own sake, for my SHke and for God's sake, don't I A barrier stands between us, which, no matter what our affection mivht be for one another, cannot be broken except in death. You are a man.:::.more, a noble man; in Heaven's name let nothing of this kind again occur!" Tben she turned and hurried away, the bowlders between the and the trystingplace soon hiding her from view. Sam watched her 11ntil she was no longer in sight; then he hastily r esumed the reading of hIS book as be bea1d approaching footsteps. CHAPTER VII THE CHALLENGE. LATER that afternoon, Sierra Sam left J e ff to look after the cabin, and once more sauntered up into the mining-eamp .in search of the post office, 11s he had a letter to mail. Now, Bowieville's postal business was not so large as W require any great amount of room for its transaction, and so, accordingly, the lit tle case of pigeon-holes occupied one end of the little hardware store, run by one Jerse y Bill, who in himself, was a pretty tough customet in a scrimmage, 1twas said. A stage liad jus1 come in, and the mail was being distrtlm t.ed as tl1e Californian entered the post-office; so h e had to wait, with others, until the little wick e t doo r wa s opeo e d for delivery. There was a scor e of men in tbe room, mostly rough-dressed und dirty, and E':arm Sam kne w that he was the center for many curious glances. Among those in the room was no l e ss a personage than Judge Berkley, all unconscious tbat Sierra Sam stood next but one to him. "No, sir-eel" the judge was saying, emphatically; "I can't pay no sucb price for a weapon, to-day, for I've not the means." "Dog cheap, that ar' tool!" Jersey Bill de clared, handling the handsomely plated agent of death with pride. 11 I tell ye ye can't git no !ich a tool, in ary town along the range, fer twenty-five dollars." -"Maybe not," the ju ge .dmitted, "but you see, the fact is, I'm puny nigl! broke jest now, fer a cussed o' stopped our stage last night, and relieved me of nearly all the money I brought with me--fifty odd thou-sand dollars." This was a big lie, of course, but the judge believed in telling a good story, at all hazards, aa far as size was concerned. "Sho'I Are YO'U the Jersey Bill !Ulked, I beered the agepts' skinned out some galoot, but didn't know who it was." '' Y as, it was me--just my infernal luck. But, then, l shall 11:et helpt soon, as my daughter is about to wed the ricnest man in Bowieville. Give you hn d ollars for the weapon on the st.rengtb of tbatl" ''Guess n ot!" Jt:rsey Bill responded, restoring the weapon to its ilace in the show"ase. "Et may all be as you say, but I wouldn't give much fer any woman's chance o' marryin' old Stork." Tbe judge chuckled. "Se e ef iny gal, Loui se don't fetch bim up into matrimony!" he said, turniug a"ay, in time to see SioTa Sam just moving tcward the pos tal window. "Now, then, to learn who that chap isl" he muttered, and he accordingly tell into line direct ly behind the sport, liis band m his pocket, az if he sought a weapon there. ''Any letters or papers here for Sam Slocumr' tbe Californian asked, of the postmistress, Mrs. Jersey Bill. The woman shook h e r bead, and Sam was about to pass on-then sLe called him back. 'Here's two letters for Sierra Sam-do they belong to you?'' [ reckon they do," Sam replied, and receiving them, h e left the window, giving the next man a cb>1nce, who was Judgo Berkley, and. who received a letter, tbe postmark on which was Sacramento, Cal. With an expression of anxiety upon his face, the judge stepi:.-ed to the front of tbe store, and tore open his letter, fir s t taking note that Sierra Sam hat! ulrea'.ly taken his uepartnre. TM letter was penned in a rapid band and read as follow s : II FRIEND B :-.. SACRAMENTO, 6-8lS-. I h!lsten to let y o u know that there is no hope for anything m o r e t o be done in this country, The couutryisalive \\ith watchers, nnd you want to look sharp a.bout you, even where you are. for I fa.ucy it is known or a L l east susvected wher e you l it ou1 for, when you l ef t Sacramento. I succ e eded in sbipping tb e tools tow ell. you kn o w wher e-and have also started n package of t e ns to you. "Yours, LIEUT. Co01t. The judges teeth w<>nt together, as he folcied the missive, and stowed it away in an inner pocket. "Cook is right," he mused, leaving the ston. Some of the sharks may rlr o p down here, 0y any stage. Therefore it behooves me to bring matters to a focus as rapidly as possible, so that I can be ready to skip at a moment's no tice, if necessary. After all I am safe yet, for h e long-haired fellow is not the man I took im to be. He asked for mail for Sam Slocum -which is not the name of my enemy." ---..;--Sierra Sam wa1.1t immediately from the post office to the Galoot's Goal, and took a seat where be was somewhat isolated from the few miners who were lounging about the place. Capitola was engaged in running a :;ame of faro at the table, where several "tender-foots" were betting qui .te freely on sometbing they knew little or nothing about. She siwpl:J looked up and nodded as the


14 The Frontier Detective, tered, and then turned her attention to the "and I want i t done right away. How mnch game. do you want to do the errand for m e?" Lighting a cigar, Sam proceeded to te:ir open "Well, sir, my name is Mugg and I'm a law-and perus.i his letters. yer, and not an errand-boy," the p ettifogger T h e first one W'lS written in a graceful femi-replied, with great dignity. "Still, seemg it's nine. hand, and was simply . It You'30 j es foolin'," be gasped. "If you shall b e a duel with knives, on bo1sebck and blinrl-Jails anybody, hoo;s, by golly yon n nbber get a folded. Plac e-nn the street near Gal oot 's Goal. pass into de new J erusalnm, certinsr suah." Time-moonlight to-nighr. ., "Yours-in Y'" r mind, ".Well_, I aiu'L. positiv:e I anyhow," the "SAM Swami:. Califorma.n r e plied, a different expre.:r .!"<>re whlch I want denvered I meet in comoa.t t n e owner of the Ll:ttJe to a called Max Moutru? ue," Sam said, l'lba....


The Frontier Detective. 11 A. Chinese Jew is a luxury that not many a I "You have a child ht> longing to that woman miniug to"'n can boast-that is to say, a China-1 which you refuse to give up to her custody until mau with tbe charactPristic shrewdnl!ss and she pays you a thousand dollars?" flam said, inbminess turn of a typical Jew-yet Bowieville 1 terrogatively. boasted ot one of tbese luxuries. John nodded, bu did not speak. Hong-Kong Joho kept a little den not far "Well, I wem to buy that cbild's liberty," tbe from the post-office, where be monPy l'n Cnlitonnan annouueed. "So St>nd f< r tbe child, valuables and bought and sold second:::bai:OD none had ever discovered any disbonet tricks Confuciu' wbip)X'd a cocked rev1 lver from un about him. n e e<>unter leveled it at Sam, and poiuted to John had made his" pil0" in tile "waRhee ,. the do<-r. busin{'88 during DLad" oocfs prime, and WliS "Melican git-one! two! 1bree!-or China. consiuei'ed as well "beeifd" as any man in mon allP !'Smee, I elly quick!" Bowie except old f::Hlas Stork. ""e n, bla-t my picture if you ain't dfcidedly Having a large bill h e wanted to get cba.ngecl pat I" Sam l'ried, hacking out f0r fear the bea Sam made his way to the Cele,tial's ]Jlace aml tben really did rrean shoot. "I guess 1 won't entered a,t a door w!Jicb opened into a small stop to argne with you thios eve, some otter eve store, where business was_rransacted. will rlo a s well A partition snme six or seven feet. higb Once out>idP, be felt decidedly chagrined and separated_ tbe Rtore from a second apartment, I s i n : p l c. but as the partition did not reach to the ceiling "Tue infPrnal pig-tail am't caugLt napping, a. word spoken loudly jn the rear room was also tbat s sure," he muttered. "Here is auotber -.. udible in the store. rnyswry for a fellow to puzzle bis head o,er. I At tbe time of Sam's entrance there was. 110 guess l'll have to get Gouger cntl gla.rl, should 1 went up tbe gulch in the direction of thf' lake. i n oYen owr ring my adversary," Sam After she was gone from view he tnrned to sqirl, d.-yJv, "as 'tis remarked that misery like!! Hong-Kong_John, whose almond. eyes and flat I" . visage were now to be seeu behmd the coun-The crowd laughed at this, and Gouger grill' ned hugely.


II The Frontier Detective. "Wouldn't I laff, tho'?" be chuckled, exe cuting a grotesque caper. "Wby, l' a Jaugbin', I would, ter see some otbe r galoot git licked. I'll even squau:ler a superfluous V, right hyer, if ary galoot will pitch inter ye, an' let yo mop up tbis_hyer tbun-erfare wi' his anatomy." But, liberal though the offer, there were none or the Bowievillians who cared to measure strength with the cool and handsome sou of tbe Sierra Nevadas, who bad so easily vanquished the famous King o' Ko!orado, Max Montague was soon forthcoming. He rode up, mounted upon a tliiry, v1ciou>-looking gray horse, and was attired something after the style of a jockey of au Eastern race-course. Tbere was a sullen, ugly frown upon bis face, and hi> eyes emitted an expression of rancorous resolve. "Well, sir, where's your he demanded glaring at Sierra Sam, savar;ely. /,Not being the owner of a gold mine, I don't happen to be possessed of such au acquisition," Sam retorted, "and I preferred uot to waste money in hiring one. until I saw for certain that ,rou came to time. Perhaps I can now hire orlurchase one!" nd be lookad inquiringly around at the spectators. "Great fumi,11ated Feejee Cannibals!" cried Jake Gouger. 'I've j est the oeauty fer ye-the larnedest four-futted ammile thet ever chawed grass. Jest wait t ll ye see my Greesed Lightnin', tho', an' then tork!'' Drawing a tin whistle from his pocket, the giant blew a shrill blast upon it and a few mo ments later a powerful black horse came gallop ing down the street, and paused beside its burly owner. "That's Greased Lightuin', that is!" Gouger explained, turning to Sam. "Gre a s ed, this is Sam Sierra right down from Sierraville. I want you two galoots ter sbnke bauds and know each other l" The sagacious animal raised up one fore-foot as a dog might have done, and the Califorian shook it, after which he patted the horse uoon the neck and nose ; Tbat anymile knows his biz," G0uger al lowed, proudly. "Gre:ised, this b_yar feller licked thunder out of me, and he's going to lick the feller on t'other horse, an' you're to put in yer best to help him." To the surpriS. Et's a fore sworn and positive fact that ye've slung your ag'in' the wrong man this time. au' aire goin' to git ther orfullest humi!iatin' lickin' ye ever hearn te!l on. 'Vhy, man alive, 1 Gouger, tbe famous roarm' Cannerbal o' the Nor'-west, jest sailed down hynr last evenin'. b'11in' for a fight, tbiukin' o' othin' else hut cleanin' out the burg in two jerks of a lamb's tail. when what did this h:yar 'artbquake do but knock me flatter then a pigtail's face. Oh! Lordy I never war so humiliated an' broke up in my life!" The crowd cheered at this, for they were be ginuing to like this man-rough, about whom there wa8 enough manhood at least to good-na-turedly acknowledge his defeat... The Slocum will not find so easy a chap to handle this time,'' Montague observed, with a mocking laugh. Durn my boots ef I don't bet you'll get licked I" G ouger prott:sted. An' ef you don't, byar's wh

The Frontier Detecti'9'e. "Hold on-let up!" Jeremiah Mugg cried, tions, most of the masculine element however, darting through the crowd. Here is an im-making for the various saloons, for liquor. portant letter for Sierra an' the ooe as &mt it said as how it must oe dellvered at For the next several days, there was no par-once." tkular occurrences in Bowie'a little rniningBeing blindfolded, Sierra Sam could not read camp-Worthy of mention. Sam spent most of the letteri so after Mugg had retreated, he his time at the cabin, engaged in writing, for handed it ro the giant. be it known, the dashing and invincible Cali Read it to me, Jake," he said, "but be carefornian bad quite a little taste for literature, ful not to let the other" bear vou." which be was wont to express into Sunday "Thar ain't much on it,". Gouger said, after sketches, whenever be bad notllin .C( else more tearing off the wrapper. "Here's ail: 'Mr. important to occupy his time. Slocum: For my sake do not harm Mr. MonSome suspicious ones, however, bad wbispered tague if you can help it. C. U.' Thet's all." about that the Californian's presenCP. in the "Humph I" Sam said, a strange expression town was not for any good to the citi2.t

The Frontier Detective. llmfously. "If you go out there, your capture 61 Imminent: the odds are too great even for you t.o contend with. If captured, your fate will eoon be deat,b, for it don't take a great while !.<> try a case, in the mines." "So I am aware. But, if they will give met !I. chance to prove what I am h ere for, I guess I can satisfy 'em I'm not Lil, or any other roal-agent. "I am afraid they will not even give you tbot chance I" Cap sai1. "They're as bot auC'ut the matt<.r a nest of hornets." Your opinion i s, theu, tbat l'c l better s lide out the back way, and make a break for it, ebl'' "Jus t whttt I'd adv"se you to d'.>, as a friend, Mr. Slocum." "As to your advice, 1t is probably for th" best. Only one tbmg could ever make mo sneak out of tbis place like a cowar d, instead of goinp: out and meeting these men wbo want to see me." "And what is tbat, mny I ask?" "Shall I tell yon? I will for I may never bavci another chance. I love you, Capitola have worshipw you fu-om the hov.r I fir s t saw you, and before oth\ll life c-xp?ri<>nces dawn, mayhap to divide our paths, I want to nGk you to be mioe. Do not say nay! No matter what seeming baTTiers arise to prevent you, I can on (;Ome them all-all, if you will forever l ea ve tbplace with me, and hec Jmemyown faithful true and loving wife!" 1 I am very, very glad to learn that there is onarth, hut I am su ohligat'lcl to him that I mns t at leaaI; -treat h im ciVJlly for a time. day I shall square u with him, f ,hen the. barrier is broken-hetwe<>n us. Good-by, Mr. Slocum! I mnst le'l.Ve you, with a prayer that vou may safely get out of tbfl trouble so darkl.v overhanging yonr head, and I wish it were in my power to hel p you." She released her band then, and was As soon as she had disappeared, Sierra Sam lighting a cigar strode outof the saloon, pa.using just outside the door. .Tb e scene presented to h's gaze was not exactly what could b e called The entire male pooulation of t.l1e towo, trom the youngest tzJ oldest were congregated in front of the post-Office but a few paces away fro.n where Sierra Sam bod halted, and the1-e wots a general nmrmu1 as the s::n of the Sierras mad'3 bis appearance. For a mornt>nt, then, all waq si ;enc-e until Sar, ringlng vo'.c c I unrlerstand you have as.<;e1ubled for the nurposiof me a prisuncr. Is it sol" "Yn.s, we opine tbat's ahout the >iz3 of it," the miner Haverly returued, actmg as man for the crowd. "Wdl, sir, what am J to understand 1s the n[ this r r oposed arrest?" "Cau'l0 enu!f. "qufre "the miner growled, ex cbaug io;{ rboers. "\Ve'vo come to the.-con clusion tbat "e d nn't va11t any roacl-ag<>nts "' bangin around this byar bur;i:. Yc.u'v e played L::uly Lil game mi ghty fine, w e allow, but yp've g utter let up no,v. You're jest goin' ter git tried in the romantic mnon!.gbt byer, ternight, an' a fore youder scol!oec face o cM Luna git3 out o' sight, ye're bound to be cross in Jordan's hufil r-cvallow, en mute f e r ther happy laud o' Canaan "Tho n I am to have my trial before you get m e, I take it," Sierra Sam retorted, with a suec r. "You must always remcml:>er have to eatch a trout b efore you can eat it, whi h applies t o myself. Yon had better try me beforo you ger. m<>, sn that if I happen to g ive you the slip, thP. next time we you needn't stop to try me. "We don't intend you'll give us ther slip!" Haverly c ri e d. "We've g

The Prontier Detective. 19 Haverly turned tc the crowd. "Boyees, yz h ea r what the cuss: oe;;,-ilc>W. then, shall we come to bis terms'I'' "No. came a shout. It sounded the long iine of the crowd. "Q{)odl He must come to ours or we'll know wh:v. At him, boys. Take him alive, by -a.11 means!" There was 11 resolute yell, and the populace made a fieree rush toward tho veranda of the store, where the Califorman was standmg. Men went erasbing to the ground bleeding and terribly injured, anrl still the con1ic t waged, until at least a full score had fallen. Then thi;re was a Juli "Well," Sam demanded, grimly," have you got enough, gentlemenr' A consultation was held amotig the miners in an undertone, after which one of their number Eaid: I reckon, Cap, thet we won't trouble ye, no more till we git this batch o pards fixed up. Then if you're still bangiu' around town we'll kill ye at sigllt." "Very well. As I do not intend leaving the town till I get ready, you will prouably be able to find me at rr.y cabin whene,-er y o u seek gore again." Then tbe man walked straight toward the crowd, and tbe crowd parted to allow Lim t o pass up the gulch, without cfferiug him molesta tion. Sam had half-expected tl:iey would renew the attack as soon as his back was turned, but was !happily disappointYl, and reached the cabin without furtbflr incident, by no means in the best of humor. 'The terrible work bad not just been the tbing to make him fee l in n p lea'> .ant mood. When be arrived at the door c f the <'abin a sight met his gaze that caused him to pause in astonishment. Seated npon the doors ill was Jefferson 1J11vis Dump, armed with a miserable apology nf a banjo, whicb he had picked up somewber11 about the town and which b e n iw playing in. a vigorous and masterly style, for the edification of a second party. And this second party was what brought to Sierra Sam the surpriso which caused him to halt a few paces off. No big burly miner, nor ev e n a colored belle was it that J eff was amusing, but a little fouryear-old child, and a at that-a sweetfeatured, sunny-haired little thing wit;b blue eyes and evidently in tl:le best of health. "Hello, Jeff! Where did you pick up tbis little midget?" he sai u stepping forward,. "What's your name, little one?" The child looked alarmed, and turned and ran O>er to Jeff. "Golly, boss, I t ell youb it 'tain' t no u :;e o' your tryin'; a little kid'll allus make friends wi' de cnllud race. Dis var chile came wanderin' along h e r e lo>t, I s'pec's, au' I jest coaxed her to stay with me." "Perfectly right, J e ff. Aud now, little stranger, won't you tell me ;vour name!" Sam asked, h olding out bis hands. Cherrie Carson, please, sir-, ., the little fairy answered. CHAPTER X. MARRIED AT MIDNIGHT. RAD a meteor dt>scended and burst a t the fee& of Sierra Sam, be could not have been more astonisbrd. "Cherrie Carson!" he ejaculated-" Cherrie Carson, did you say!" "Yes, sir, please; the chil d answered, p lainly alarmed at the valifornian's eager, excited n1ann er. "Yas, boss you heah what she says, fo' !'Ua b, an' dar's no way fo' youh but l ook au unpleas ant fac' squat" in de pys1oguominny. I tole youh j Ps' de s'picious sentiments ob dis yar cbile, but youh donP goua wouldn't hear a word to it, au' now see fo' yoursPlf "D to the edge of the lake; "ef dis yar of romanticness, yar cllila don't 'no' anyt'ing about it. S'pect 'twere at sicb honrsdat Romeo


20 The Frontier Detective. an' Julyer u"lld to paddle deir own canOE'. "Dem yar fa.e's j es' cut de boss like a J'8.30r, Bress youh, I'd jes' like t.o know ef deru couple an' rather dan admit de corn he wouldn't say is out spoo oin', or ufl' dar is odder bizoess in de nuffin'," J eff consoled himself. he ll be process of incubation. S'pects Marse Sam as grum a3 a greedy 'skeeter on a fresh nigger would like to take i.n dis yar circus, but be for de next ten days." hain't c.e side-show ob a chance, fu' I won' t Sierra Sam did not appear in the most pleas wake him op, nohow. I'se jes' gwine t.o see ant mood on bis r eturn from the lake, and ate a. w'at's t.o be seen, myself, an' den I'll be a peg fow mouthfuls of breakfltst in silence, aft.r wiser dan de boss." which he rose and put on bis hat and coat. Tbe bo'lt was rowed on and outward into the "I am going into town for awhile to-day,'' he lake until it reached a point near the center, said, and left the cabin. when the rowing ceased and the boat came to a l Scraightway be entered th0 mining-<'amp, as standstill. if tbe re bad no trouble tbe night before. As soon as the boat had come to a literal halt In front of the Galoot's Goal he met the giant the three persons :rose to a standing position, Jake Gouger, who was engaged in reading a the man and woman clasping hands, and tho notice which had 0vidently been r ecently tacked other man facing them with an opened book in up on the outer wall of the saloon. his hand. Tbere being no one in the vicinity aside from "Jerusalem Johnsing!" tbe darky gasped, Gouger, Sierra Sam paused and read the notice matters beginning to dawn upon him iu their over the former's shoulders. true li g ht. "Dar's goin' to be a splice right There it was, inAJlain blac k and white, where dar on de lake, fo' suahl Two mortals aire every one could read it, the communication ot gwine to be kerfoo lisbed in de bonds ob pad-this female footpad who termed herself Lady lock. I wonder who day be, I do, fo' true. Hi! Lil, the who had stopped art:! golly. Maybe de gal is Miss Capitola a-gittin' r obbed more than a score of stages on ti. hitched to some other fellow I S'pects d e bos s Bowie trail. would tear de wool all out ob his head if he Dorn my mule's appetite fer oats ef that know'd dat." ain't the r best thing l've read sence I read Whether the prospective bride was Capitola about A, B C, in ther Primmer!" the Fejee of Carson or. not, tbe darkycould not tell, for h e the North-wes t cried, slapping his thigh, ex was at a considerable distance from the strange c itedly. "That clears you as cl'ar as clear kin bridal scene, and besides, the woman was be, Sam I" wrappe d in a cloak, and wor e a vail ove r her I am not so sure of that. These Bowievilface. lians may n o t see fit to view matters In that The man who was evidently going to take her ligbt," Sam repli ed. "I could hardly blame as bis wife, howev 0r, was more r ecogn izabl e them if they were to lay 'most any plan for my from tho fact that he wore one arm in a sling. destru c tion, after the clean-out I gave 'em, last That h e was n one other than Max Montague, night." Jeff was certaip, and it also struck him "Et war just gee-loriousl" Gouger declared, forcibly that the individual with tbe book was wit h ep:1phasis. "I couldn't 'a' doue better my .. Jeremiah Mugg. self. Great toothsome Fejees but you did lay The marriage was eviriently taking place, for 'em out, though, an' I'll w'ar tew breeches ef the three persons still retamed their standing tbar ain't the skeartest passel o' men in this t.own positio n at prisent, o' any burg in the range. D on't ye Jeff watched.eagerly, but 81.W nothing of fur-worry yerself. They r ealize that they've n o u s e ther particular moment except at tbe couclusion o foolin' wi' ther bisness-end uv an 'artbqoake, of the apparent ceremony tbe man with the an' they're of a decided dispe r s ition ter l e t ye helpl es s arm bent over and kissed the woman; perlitely alone, you bet." then, a moment later, all bands took their seats, BuG Sam was not quite convinced on this and the boat was pulled rapidly back to.vard score. He could not readily believe that these the shore. men of Bowie would pass the wholesale defeat As soon as it ground0d upon the beach the b y without making another attack upon him; trio disembarked and disappeared in tbe cover h e knew that it woulrl be hardly human for of the of treas and nothing left for them to resis t a ternptat1oh to avenge those of Jeff Davis uump but to" gib it up so," and re-their fellow-citizens who had fallen by his turn to the cabin. hand. Whe n 8'1.m arose.the next morning he was of He entered the Galoot's Goal for I\ cigar, but course treated to a 7ivid narration of the oc-not seei ng anything of Capitola, h e soon took currence of the previous night, which he listened his departure, and wandered aimlessly about the to in not a little surprise, without remarking a camp. word in answer, much to Jeff's disgust, for be "She is perhaps with h e r newly and romantio had spread it on as thick possible, expecting ally made husband," he muttered; "if so be the to rather electrify his hearer. nig's view of the lake proceedlng is correc t. Fool "You needA't -work to-day," Sam simply l have then been, to put any faith or trust in said, as the darky concluded, "but devote your her! She i s fal s e like nearly all the rest of the attention to caring for the child. If a Chinaw orld, if it is true that she has married Max man comes here and asks for the child, see that Montague. But I will not accept merely ci:r you do not give her up without my pP.rmission." cumstantial proof. I must he convinced." Then he wandered down to the lake t.o bathe During his rambles, he cams face to face with bis hands and face, leaving Jeff to prepare the Berkley, for the first time since her aP morning meah rival in Bowill.


The Frontier Detective. 81 They came together near the mouth of one of old Silas Stork's drift" in the mountain-s ide, and each involuntarily vaused, their eyes moot ing in a strange gaze. There was a silence of a moment; tfien Miss :Berkley spoke. Slle bad evidently waited for him to spesk first but be was not inclined to. "Well, Mr. Gilbert Vune, we have met, since you would not answer my now," she said, iu a business-like manner, that s howed she was not afraid to speak, whenever she had occasion so to do. "I am exceedingly glad to see you." "I am sorry I cannot say so, in regard to you!" Sam replied, with a tinge of sarcBsm in biq tone. "Besic.l. es, I do not happen to be Gilbert Vane." "Ohl .you d on't, eh1 Well, times and names change, sometimes, once in a few y ears I am sure you will not deny that you once laid claim to the name of Gilbert Vane!" "Very likely, but the name was fictitiou s." "To serve a d etec tive' s purpose, yes. Well, what may your name be, now'I" "It may be Schuyler Froman-but it is not,'' Sam returned, dryly. Miss Berkley grew as white as death;-she staggered, as if faint-she shuddered. "Don't.I" she 11asped, putting up her bandg. I am a ware that you know t he terrible secret, though I never knew it, =ti! you bad left Stockton." "Well'I" Sam apparently had no intention of helping along the conversation. "Well," she pursued," I must thank you for not bet.rayiag rue. I have suffered years of torture, in fear you w ould." His eyes gleamed coldly. "You will suffer more, in eternity," he said, grimly. "I found out your crime the I qwtt.ed your society forever; but not wishing to create a sensation, just t hen, I pulled out without giving you up to the law. Since then, I have boon too lJusy There was not much assurance for the future in his speech. "You have been busy," she said, in an angry tone. "You have not el uded me, in coiling your net, however. I am able to tell you just why you are here in Bowie, even if thA dull citiZf-ns 9annot." "lndeed1" he said, elevating his eyebrows, inquiringly. "Yes, I can. You came here just in advanc.i of. u s and very naturally, you came in search of Captain Croix, the not.ed California counterfeiter." "Well, the n, I didn't go far wrong, ehr' he said, coolly. Croix is here I" CHAPTER XL STOPPED IN THE GULCH. Fon Louis e B erkley to deny the assertion of the Californian was folly, as she well knew, and so she accepted it with the best grace pos sible. "I am as well aware of the fact as yourself,'' she adrrilo-red, "and wonder that you have not already attacked him, as is your intention, -or later." I shal l shorten up his rope sooner tban will be agree ablP to him, no doubt," Sam 1eplied. Does he know me'I'' "No-that is, be is not sure, by any mean.r He believes tbat Jack Keene, whom ti!': co= terfeiters poisoned and tbre....-!nto well, is d ead, and though your appearr. ... ce is a source of much annoyance, I guess he firmly con vinced that you are.not bis enemy." It is well, and even better so, perhaps, until I get ready," the Californian remarked. "Have you anything further to sayP "Yes. I wanb to ask you to forgh'e and forget tbat which drove yon from me, apd let me try once more, and anew, to win baclr your love1" She spoke earnestly, eagerly, thrillingly. "I never had 8 particle of love for you-noth ing but commonplace friendsbip-bnd enn t,hat expired when I learned that you had beec mu ried once before." He tU!"leG irn'.! retra..,"'ed steps into tbe VP !age, not pausing tc, ;;e,, w'iiat ci!'c<0t bi "'Or gasped, as she watched him depart. Blood> hound though you are, I will uot submit t<> your superiority without a struggle." Sbo> went back to the hotel, her face wearing a wicKed expression and her eyes gleaming fit fully. She found J ndge Berkley seated :n the u--,:: a apartment of their ill-furnished suit of l'OOml\ engaged in punishing a bottle of wine, while IV perusl'd an Eastern paper. "We ll, what have you seen to-day, girl?" he d e manded, gruffly, without raising his spec:tacled eyes to look at her. "I bave seen a ghost of the past1" the young womdn replied. He started and gazed at her sh&rply A ghost of the past I" he gasped, do t,o u mean. Louise?" I mean just what I say. I bave seen and talked with Gilbert Vane, the onl.Y man, you who knows that I had to do with tbe death of Schuyler Froman, whom I met and married while at school in Stockton!" "Bad, girl-v!iry bafil I J tbougbt you told me h e was dead, and that that secret was burie d forever, between us!" I too k your word for 1t that he was dead, for you t,old me he was!" "I-I tell you that Gilbert Vane was deadt You are crazy, girl!" "Not in the least," Louise replied. "You told me that Jack KeeJ;Je, the derective, bad been done away with-e"ld know ynu that the Gilbert Vane I know, 01,J the judge. How long have you 1mown thisr' be d& manl tbe girl responded, with a sltudder, "I never told yc,u the difference."


28 The Frontier Detective. "And you tell me you have seeu this sleuth houud Keene, and talked with him?" "Not ten minutes ago. He is here in Bowie under his real name-Sam Slocum, but iSb.itter known as Sierra Sam. He knows of our being here-he came bere expecting we would step into his trap, and sure enough, we did, and are caged! Sooner1 or later, .arrest stares us i' the faee-you for t>eing the chief of the boldest band of counterfeiters that ever infeoted Cali fornia. Undeniably we are caged!" Judi;e Berkley arose and paced the fl.0 01', his face the-scene of many contending emotions. "Not necessaril.Y caged yet!" be hissed be tween bis clinched teeth, with a curse. "We mustiiurry up matters, and make our escape from this infernal town, ere hA spring' the trap upo;:i us. Did he threaten any immediate hostility!" "No; be seemed to have no fear of our es caping him, as well be m a y have none for if it is true th!l.t he is the road-! L!!.cly L 1l, the n be of course has every a venua of e scape s ecurely guarded. s o tbat we caunot g e t away from his veno-eance." "'Perhap> you are righ'.. T h e fellow is sharper tban lightning, and it will go hard wlth us H we all o w him to surrender us. to tbe tende r mercies of the law. So nething mu; t b e You n ever spoke s o trutbfull y in yc>ur li fc !" Loui> e Berkley d eclared witil "In Slocum we both have nn unrelenting fo e whom it will t!l.x: our t overcome, if indee J w e are tha t H e is a man of men, and m e n fear him. He is a m n n of courage, skill and s1gacity, an 1 knows of no defeat." 'Yet we must d efeat him!" After leaving L()uise B erkley, S:erra Ram en-tered the upper gulch b eyond the town in qnes t of gam3 for he bad note:! the fact that the cabin larder was iu need of a fresh supply of meat. After nmhliu!!; the m ountain fa,t nesses for a C()ule of h0tirs, and secul'ing noth ing but a couple of rabbits, he oucam ore sougbt the main gulch, and turne d his footsteps toward Bowie vill e But he had not advance:! via the main gulch more th'ln f!,_ miie, when there suddenly rose on all sides of him a score 01 m ore of men, c oming a s thongh ris en from tile earth. "Well, gents, wbat'> tbe a s k e!l, leaning compo,edly up1n hi< own rifl e and looking first from ooe to tn3 other co-:>11 f. One would naturally suppose tbat so:net!:iing u about to haopsn." "Well,, if ye ain't a cool 'un!" oe of tLe out laws exc laime:l. "Of co11rse there's somethin"' goin\!; to hapoenl Why don't ye skeer up, an> get flustrated?'' Sam smiled vaguely. "Prohablv for the reason .io .. '.lappeu to be one of th3 Sl)rt." he said, good humm:e:llv. "May I inquire whv Cam honored bY.;,a from vour august body?'' Sart'll'l! We're the road-ao-ents of Lady Lil, we aire, an' we iest dropped inter yP-r wav ax ve ef ye couldn't donate a p-mny toward educating the heathen of Injy I" tlfil spokesman answered, with a chuckl e at his own attompi; to be facetio11s. "Your cause is admirable!" Sam retorted, "and by making an inventory of my presen t moneyed possessions, I dare to presume that you will realize about fifty cents. "Well, durn it, if I had 'a' know'd ye war so b roke I'd not 'a' bothered with you," the roadagent said, in disg11st "Are ye sure that's tbe extent o' your pile?" positiv e "Tn, n hand it over and liglit out fer Bowie. " If you are at all anxious for it, better come nnd get it!" Sam.suggested. 'I'm one of the lazi est men in seven and never raise a finger unl ess 'it is for 'make.'" Tbe road-agents exchange d glance. They were evidently not in favor of this proposal. "I guess we don't enough about the sum to g e t in reach o' vour fis ts, my friend," the spok esman s:ii,l. "By tbe way, hern comes her ladyship, the' boss.' Sbtl can 'llettle to suit her self." Sam looke1 up tbe gulch, and saw the notori ous Lady Lil riding toward ti.Jem. She was m ounted upon a coal-bhck horse, but otherwise just tbe rame a s whe n she and h e r band had attn.e ke d t!Jc stage til e night of the Berkleys' anival in Iln wia. Sierra S:im surveyed her critically as sh3 rode up, but coul:i n o t rnrnember tbat he bad..-ever met with a character before nltboug h he C'lnld not d 3 ci:.le for a certainty, as her face was mus ked and she wore a mustache. Tbi3, h e was s:itis:led, was false as there no s0mblanf'e of heard upon h e r chin, whic h was decirl,>clly femmine in a p p earance S .10 gallope d gracefully up to within a few fe e t of her circle ot agents, and drawing r a in, se d this man, sir?" "Anrl why not?" aske d the road-agent who bad previously addresse J Sam. 'We don't make distinctions, dQ we1 One man's rhi?:;.O is g ood as another's; and, by hookey, this pil grim's pile only aggregates a balf.-dolinr, he tells U"' n "<.You are fool s !" L'ldy Lil criecl, in a sharp voi c e. "Do ye know wuo you've baited hPre?" "I rnckon we hangs out around these parts -vou bet!" The men looked astonished, and of oue 11.ccord moved back a pace. At which Sierra Sam laughed, "Don't be frightened, he c..1led out "I'm not exce;-' when I'm touch;;i off. You should use discre !!, ma'am," rnth a glance at Lady Lil, "and alarm y

The Frontier Deteetive. 18 Lady Lil replied," and live to tell it. You deserve more compliments than yrm are.ever likely to for tbe act. and did you have a thousand m your pocket, I'd scorn to touch it. You can take your departure, sir, and I shall endeavor hereafter to convin ce tbe people of Bowie that Sierra Sa1111s unt Lady Lil, tbe road-agent." "I'm much obliged, I'm sure," Sam replied, placing bis rifle a.cross his s bould e r s and strijmg down the gulch toward the mining town. He never was more puzzled in his hfe, aud twice gazed hack to gi,t a parting v iew of tbe female r oad-o..,.ent "Strange that she or he-whichever it may be-should give me such an Pxceplioua\i!e dL chnrge from custody," he muttered, as be along. "1 her!I to l:luwie t o capture oh.l Croix, the counterfe iter, alias J utlge Berkle y nt the instance of the detective bureau: hut, hang me if 1 expected to get mixed \lf> in 50 much mystery. It i s n t one fog to 1 ne, but it'a several, ull of which I am inclined tu believe wili develop into a stranger denouernent tbi::n th11.t of any other adventnre I eve1 gut into There's the mystery about Capitola Carson and tbe fellowMuntague; tbcre'a a mystery concerning the child; then tnere's one about mid night marriuge on tbe lake, and still another about this female r o hbcr. Mugg mus t serve m e as a pbonograpb, or l'll play mu_o;gins with him. I think I couldn't have stumbled across a better man to answAr my demands." With these thoughts in his mind, ho went a c k to Bowie vilfo, trnd spent the res L of the pay in louugmg about the different resol'is. Jus t at eveniug he was standing outside the po st-office, where were ulso a d zcn or more l oungers, whe n some one gave a cry, a111l a mo ment later a of borse111Pn dashed <}.}wn tbro ugb the main str tlet vf ti.Je co nip Cro::u t!lc direction of the lake, aLd were gone fro view up tbe gulch almost b.ifore any one co u 1 l com prehend what bad happened so furiously di swung her sombre ro above h e r head, aud cried, hi g b above the clatte1 of the horoes' Jeet: "Hurrah! Long live Lady Lil, the road agentl" The miners heard i t, and rlrew and fired after the bold outlaws, but without Pfl'ect. Lady Lil bad kept her worJ to the California detective; "he ha l shown tr> the Bowie villian s tbat Sit'IT8 Sam an<.! Lady Lil were two distinct and different p ersons! But who was L:idy L1H CHAPTER XII. A CLAIMANT FOR CHERRlE. IF hot-beaded and rP ck l Ps to a fonl1;, the bards of Bowie were n"t afr d l. 'to ack1oowledge the corn" when it pin<'herl r .he111, no sooner had the news of the ontla.v dash spread through the camp, tban the c itiz>ns tbe l'eot turned out en masse and sought-Sierra Ram. Then there was a spell Qf apo1ozizing to the Californian such as he had never before known. 3lld he was treel.v forgiven for his slaughter even by men whose arms he had br6ken, heads cracked and faces flattened. As soon as be coulrt conveniently, Sam l eft the enthusiastic crowd and sought his own cabin on tbe lake-shore He found that J eff had supper ready, and so the trio sat down and ate heartily, little Cherrie ,;eeming quite at borne, but berng of a retlcent natnrP, she said but little, and the most of th1 lap outside the cabin, while he smoked bis pipP, Jeff building a bonfire to fur nisb li)?;bt and k eep ofl' loneliness, tlll the moon carno up-tor darkness-bad many terrors to tbe sable son of t he South. "So your name i s Cherrie Carson, is it?'' Sam r emarked. 'That's a pretty name. You'vE beeu up in the mountains, haven't you?" H Yes, s.r,,, wns the an s wer. "Who did yon live with therP?" "The Cbinese woman, sir. She wbipped me. hard, antl I ran away." Lndee d I Do you know where your \)apa is?" "No, sir. I want to find papa." "Do you know where your mamma is, little one?" i ; In heaven, sir." "Ahl were you er questioning, for be beard a rproacbiug footsteps, and a 111on1Pnt Jat,er C>lpi1ola Ca sou darted in upon the sce u e and snat..: h c l tile 'JP in Ler arms, covering its f a co w .tl.J kis3lS. '' Oj I my c'a1Jin;! my sweetdearlittlech1ld l" s h e c rJt". l, 1 &pturuu> l y. 'Ohl Mr. Slo um, how can I evC'r )uu enough for finding my prec1 0'1s Ci.Ju-rie 1 am sure I was n eve r so gratC'Cul ia wy lii'P!'' D,nis Dump, h ere, is PDtitlPd to what tbauks you Lave to disi1ense with, as he found 1 be eLiJ, l ''"andering and took it it"'' SAm replied, less rnr"iaLy t L<.u w i:s his wont in ad dressing L < r. "Mr. Dump, I thank you since r ely. If I can ever urcom n h d .te vou with a favor, do n o t forget to Uup1tola said. "Mi. S looi e criPd, rn

14 The Frontier Detective. Jars, in your sbop, a few nights ago. There's It was midnight when be $Uddenly awoke your money, sir," and tho Californian drev a and felt a band ge u t l / shaking him, nui second time, nor have 1 evtir been spraking, for in truth the y kne w not what to married. sav. Tben what was that scene on the lake. lat Insi, le of ten minutes they reached Montague s night at moonlit mU:luight1 Tell me that!" he sl.Janty aud entered the only room ti.Je plR.ce af. said. forded. "I cannot, sir; I do not know what you m ean, It was lit by a couple of candles a u d rudely as the One above will bear me witness!" furuislied. She faC'ed him, unflinchingly. H e r cheeks Montu!!'.ue sat at a table in his shl!'tand panta-were now burning, and her e yes had in the m loons. He had evidently I.Jut recently got out of a look S a m bad nevo r seen tbe r e before-a l ook I.Jed. of C'lmmmgled truth, injured bonor and indig-Just opposite him sat a road-agent, ready for nati'ln. busin ess Sierra stood with fold e d arms, studving Tbe y took their seats, and tho watchers their the"pict.ure as on e in a dream, for he realized positions. that yed ca_i:.efully but fast, neither seem-Tben be stepped clo sor to her. ing to havE> a desire to cheat. "You kn ow my great passion for you, and At sharp two o'clock tbe game was won, and you will forgive me. G o ; take with you the announced by the four watc hers' voices, in cbi!ri. You have told me it was not yours-you cborns: bavE> told m e that y o u have never been married, "The money is Lady Lil's who bas won it anrl [ will you. I will accept, without fairly, according to the best of our judgment!" question, the mystery of your young life, until YQ.U to come forwarr l and explain it to CHAPTER XIII. me and e;ive m e my reward!" THE MARRIA.GE. Tben eye m e t eye in an expre!l!us, ing to him, to warrant his gettiu11: drowsy. and am c1l!ed. Hen,.efortb, .-o testi-Wben morning dawned, he went up to the mony can alter my oninion of yonder I)00rless town, to learn if there was any news, and there girl's purity and goorlo ess." was. Sierra Sam di'! not He seemed to The Galoot's Goal bad not open!'d doors, ana feel imbued witb a premoniti'>n of some impend-its rair mistress, Capitn la, was nowhere to be ing danger, and was un1:asy and restless. fo11nd. What had become of her no one seemed


The Detective. 2& t" knl'>w, as she bad not been seen since the I other at a table, Sierra Sam lit a cigar, and llaloon had closed for the night. gazed at the pettifog7u sternly. Sam received the intelligence with no outward "Mugg," he said, do you know my objecj; in show of emotion, but a feeling of regret weighed bringml!: you here?" down his heart. "No, Sam'!, l ean't say that I do," the lawyer Tbe news of Capitola's strange disappearance replied. seemed to effect the miners and other citizens '' Well, I'll tell you. I came here for the sole with a feeling of gloom, for as hrss' of the purpose of conv<>rting you mto a human auto Goal she bad wob a strong place in their respect maton, who sl:iall do my bidding. ln the first and admiration, and to know that she was gone place, I happen to lm_ow you, but you dou't was to greatly regret her. knr.w me. 1 am Vamp1er. of New Orleans; you And this was not the only Lit of news that are Scriggins tbe scuttlerJ" pervaded the precincts of Bowie's little burg, Mugg turned pale, bnt did not speak. that morning. "You are wanted in N. 0. !" Sam went on, Another rumor was all.oat, and that was to scuttling some dozen trade ships, at the inthe effect that Miss Louise the Cali-stance of a band of coast wreckers, and in my fornia lady, was at sunset, that day. tu marry breast pocket 1 ha rn a little docnnient for your the old mau of millions, Silas Stork. This arrest, wherever found. created a decid<>d sensation. A ratbs peculiar smile came over the lawyer's Judge Berkley was abroad, earlier than,usual, face. in elaborate attire. After extending a cordia l "Yes, I know more than I am given credit invitation to everybody to be present at the for knowing!" he nnswi>red., and I knew you ceremony, the jndge u>a

The Frontier Detective. is the funniest kiwl of a will you ever s:i.w. It is an out and outer, you bet." "And my daughter Louise is heiress to all foe old man's wealth, ehl" "Well, I sbould s mil e tbatyour daughte r jest about gits thar," Mngg allowed, bowin6 himsaH away with groatesL$uavity. "I am instructed, si r to read tbe will immediately after the con c l usion of the ceremony." The judge went b ad< t o the h o t e l in gre!l.t glee. "It's all -right! bo announced to Louise. "Tbe old ma'.l hB clone all and now you tu ge t your.c;eH nxcd p t;) look your purtiest, so there won't get 11'1 bitcll in the matter." "But h ow about Si erm Have we nothing t .. anpru b e nd from him!"' "I t hink not. At a:iy rate, we shall have to run the risk." Ancl L ouise B erkley made arnmge:nents t 1 marry -old Silas Stork, that evening;, for I.Jig money. Iu t he mean time Sierra Sam was not idle. S e lectiu g a haH-do7..en of the ruost p 1sed miners of the tnwn, he took them ta .one sid e and explained t1 tbe,m bis 1)rofessi o nd calling and a s k e d tileir ass istance in captu rin'.!; a crimin a l who was to be pres 3nt at the w edd in g ceremony, und aho thut t-1ey sbo c1ld hold tbe p1is')n er.> in cu to:ly unti l h: Sam, could send to Sac rn,meuto fo r the prop2 r authori ties L on!?; b efore sunset that ni:;ht the villagers began to collect in the v1ein i t y of the mis >r's shanty, on the qv:i vive to wi t n ess the remark a b le union of youth and o ld a ; rn Owmg to fact tha t Stork's cabin was small, the ceremony to be performe d u pon the veranda in front, so tbat outside spectators could get a e;oo:l view. It was a motl e y assemblage, too. A good many bad come into tbe town from tbe n eighboring" wits::ies," and as good clothes and fashion were t hi ngs unknown in Bowie, ex cept among a very few, tlrn audience was by no means e l egantl.v ac;:out.ered, r ed sbirts, slo uch hats, m11-dsphsbed paot3 anrl st0gy h:>ots pre dominating. to aay uritliing about polisl.icd bowir-s and six-sbo )ter;; at e,ery wai s t. Gouger, tl:le F ej 1 e of the Nor'west was not Jac king. HP. carne uon the scen shortly be fore the hrid'll party made taeir appearance, and sought out 8ierra S.un, whJ <.><:cu pied a rather r eti r e I p 1siti on. ''Great tnothsome Sammy, they dn tell m e thar's goin t0r he a pu'ilic spliciq' byar!" be exclaime d, g le a fully. An' i!1 bonm o' t:.ier casion ,ent an' hq,c l n.v ha'r annointod wi' ther il e o' b ergam0 nt, price-th1PC bit s, an' bad 'my breath invoiced wi' L')ve Amnng-th<> Roses, pri ce five hits; an' row thin'f tho with a h ook opene ctin bi s Th"re was a pause until tbe audience became in a m Pa sure s ilent; then in a clear, l oud r ear \ tbe rnRrriag o Ren i ce and pr(). noauced 8ilas Stork anrt L0u13e Berkley man anrl " pocket a l e:;a l-looking document! C:J:AP f::Jll XlV. AN UNEXPECT;;;D CLil\Iil.X LADIE S an' gentlemen! ho cried, turn mg to t h e spe<:tators, "I lm v o bee n ort.lered by Mr. Stork to red.d t 1 yo. u bi3 l :st wtl l an::l testament, which I clr t W u p fr him. So with :your kind att .. n tiou l will proceed I" Tl.Jen, clE':.tring bfa tllrn:it, be rencl the forepart of foe singular will of t!.i'l oid "TO WHOlI IT MAY CONCERN: "BE IT lL'ifOW l TO ALL l\1E:'1-1'hat bdngo f s u d mmd, b:it knowing t Ua..t 1ny encl d r..iwe. h ni !l. I, :O:.i l.i.s Storie do h ere b.v m-:ike an l p:.ib1isb cyy will and restament. Il e in!\" po sos s I .._f 1 : 0 c n :l:ly l;iu or r ehtions. I do ci.!oo' e a.,d m:ike the s le heir of all my "orldly goo j s the-" Mugg didn't finish just tl.J3n-tber e wi:.s a sha1p rifl e report, aud Sila s s ;o !k a scream, threw up hi3 arms and :.opplad buck to the floor. Aud. almost immediately following the shot, Z elrn Zeilley, tl.Jo munlerer, stagge roLI forward, crying: "Tuo j ob's did, jun, turning t1 bis aide !, he cried, sharply: 11 \Hn1 b oys-tOey're tlUSWOl'Uble for tbis mur ler !" And in Hnother instant the two Ilerkleys were in C'llStoJy. Seemg the spe ll of amazement tha.t pos:;11SSed t : e crowcl. Sam thea advauee I to tbe front steps, nod a position tberenn. ' L -.die s and gentlemen!" b e cried," in the n'lme tbe law of tbe U11ited States, I, Sam Sloum bavc arreste::l tbis man and woman for a se ri es of d P insGi2:atio n of this foul rnnrcl(lr, s1 unexpect ei!ly peroetrt d. I am an oGlma l rletective and orrlers for their 11rre3t,. And now, before t his C'rowrl P t reading of 8ila Storks will be finished. Mr. Mugg, proceed!"


The Frontier Detective. "Yes, read on I" Judge Berkley P-ried, defiant i y, "and you 'll find ml daughter Louise is tbe lieir. I plott.ed Storks death, myself, so sbe couid co m e into immediate possession. and she ia innocent of complicity. But, her riches will buy her father's freedom. Hal ha! ha!" Mugg u nfold e d the will once more and began, the c rowd listening attentively: B e ing possessed o f no earthly kin or I d o choose and make the beir o faJ!m y wvrd!ygoods. the moneys and everything in cluded, the only d aughter o f my friend Judge Berkley whose first name i s Lillian-" "Stop! stop!" Judge Berkley cried-" tbat should be L ouise!" Silence I" Mugg cried. "In wit ness whereof, I do hereby set my hand ancl eeal, this the -th day of -, 18-. Signed, SILAS STORK. "JoHN HEMMIN G l w 1 ,, .,. MAT'I'REw LEW.Gs, f nesfes. '"Tis falsel'"tbe-judge C'ried, beside !Jimself with rage. "It. sbould be L ou ise mstead of Lillian!" And, if tbe Stork property belongs to Lillian Berli ley, I might as well claim my own, now as a t any future ti111e, for I am Lillian Berkley, the only daugbtt>r of Judge Berkley," Capitola cried, stepping forward from the crowd. "Tbe wo111an be bas given the name of LouiSI' 8'Jrkley, is an impostor, ancl bis secon d wife's daughter by h e r husband." A cheer went up from the crowd JutJg e B e r k ley utte red a fearful oath, and whitened and trembled. The girl noticed it, and ber lip cude station a guard. So the prisoners we r e bound and l eft undltr lock and key It had be01J a twenty-four hours of exciti:> ment to Sierra1Sam, and be was tired w he>r darkness >et in, but resolved to 'ee Capito la, if possible, before be turned in for tbe ulght. On makmg inqmry, howev e r, be lrarned t hat the mon Pyand bonds of the miser, which bad been found buried beneath the shanty floor, bad been g il e n to the f!i.rl. and after re.eel' ing it, sl..e bad turned over tbe mines to the .superintendeuC'y of no less a man tban Jake Gougf't". anrl m ounting h e r bor!'e, bad tnken .her departure from the town, promi sing to c ome back frequently t n collect the. profits ac<'ruin{? from the mines. Of the child, Cherrie, tbe vil laeers knew not. bing. S o Sam went back to his cabin in a rather gloomy state of mmrl "I'm fParful th11 t I've my heart on a vain object!" h e muttered. "She bas gone away, i eav in g no C'lew to lier whereaboutR, and I shall be much surprised if I ever bear from her again!" But he did bear from h er! CHAPTER XV. SIERltA SAM1S DISENCHANTMENT. LA.TE that night, or ratlie1-, early in the morn ing, Max Montague heard a rap 11t shanty door, and: a rap too that had a very business like sound. Rising and pulling on biR pantaloons. be sr swered the summons only to find Capitola standing just witbout th e door. "WelH" be demanded, gruffly," wbatdo yo u want?" I want y ou! the girl replied with e m ph asis, "so come righ t straigbt along, o r I'll wing you, and then forc e you to gu!" S!w meant what sbe said t oo, it was evident. "You tnlk rooli s bly Rave you g o t five tho usand dollars?" be dPmanded. I have. Come!" "You're miithtv pert!" be growled, "since ye f e ll heir to i:,;to rk' s layo ut, jnst tb1uugh chance. I don't helieve you've got tM m011ey, tho ugh I" "Believe what you please. l bave got the halauce of tbP money w1tll which to rurr base my poor brotber"s come on, at o nce, and et him free-yon who t ook biro from me, an r l have kent Lim, God only knows wh ere, for ove r n. yePr " PRb a w If yon were to harm me the sec et of yonr brother's pris o n would b e los t forever!" ''By t hat threat have you held me at your will, ever ;inceyon captured 111:,brotber, as we were en mute to Bow ie. But it will not work any l o ngPr. l'v" got the ransoM you demand eLI, n nrl will nn loni?:er bo pnt oil'. "Wt>IJ, cive u s your m'mey. a nd yc u shall yonr b:other," Montague growled perceivin11= ttMt b e c-oulr\ no l o n ge r deal with her except at her o" n terms. "Not a <'ent nnttl I SDe FrP

The Frontier Detective. pa.seed by Slocum's cabin. and continued along tbe shortl of tht lake After passing beyond it, t hey followeil the gulch for h a lf an hour-the n branched off into a narrow ravine, in whic h they presently stopped, and tbe place was in front o f a p erpendicular wall of roek. Taking a s!lfall key from his pocket, Montague thrust it into a crevice, whe n l o t a rocky door swung open. "Co>ue out I" the mine-owner shouted intn the aperture and a m o !Ilent later a tall young man, with full beard, but r ather tbin in flesh, mude his appearance, anrl h e and Capitol a became locked toether iu otber's embrace. "Theres your money, sir," the girl cried, as s h e tossed a sack of coin upon the ground, wh e n :t.lie rapturous greeting with her brother was '! T> it and see to it that you are never seei:. again Jn Bowieville, or it will be the worse for you. You can never play brigand around parts again with the same success." M.a.yb., two hours later, when it was the dark est bour before tbe dawn, owing to tbe late moon beiug obscured, Lady Lil, the road-agent, rode silently down into Bowie s slumbering city, followed by h e r full band, a g ood score in num ber. Dark anJ grim the cavalcade l oo k ed, as the y silently rode up to tbe jail and dismounted. To op3 n the d oo r we. a matter of but a few minutes' work, and Lady Lill step ped within the thres hold "Judge B erkley, if you are here, come. for your liberty is at hand," she announced. Tb.a guilty cou ple eag)rly obeyed, but shudd ered wbo n tb.ey saw the band of masked men. Judge Berkle y bad roughed it long enough in the West to know tbat a hand of masked men seldom visited a jail for any good purpo se. "Don't fear," L!ulyLil said, with a J h, no t icing his start. "Ttiis isn't a neckhe party. W a come to give yon a c hau"e for es cape. Tb.e. B erkie.vs were then placed upon two extra horses; the and toe cavalcade left Bowie's little town as quietly as i t had enteied, no one at the time oejng the wistir fo r their visit. him through mr father's flty, :;id Il e wa s covfcted o murderiag a man 1 ,,. llf>V\:r and senteuced to b11 b anged. At my _,lic .. :: ion, he did not give up the secret of r .. tbtr's guilt, even though death stared bim in the The murderer was one of the coun erfeiters. . did not know this, then. My brother's wife and I rescued Fred and w e ail fle d into the wilds, taking the name of Carson. Fred's wife soon died, and he and I and little Cherrie, his child, were ,.. drifted abo ut here and the r e, and c out or Bowle. On the way Fred was capture-BOOKS FOR YOUNG PEOPU cover a wide range of subjects, and are e.daptea to their end. Ladies' Letter-Writer. Gents' Letter-Writer Book of Etiquet te. Book o f Verses. Book of Dreams. I Book of Games. Fortnue-Telier. Lovers' Casket. I Be.Ii-room Companio n. Brok of Beauty. Hand-Books of Games. Three days l>tter the same cavalcade halted up<>n an eastern prairie, and at the bead of it W<'re f the judge and Lo11ise and Lillian and Fre1.nce"' "MR. Sr.oculi, DEAR Sm:-You will perhaps be surprise 1 to r ece iv e this from me, but I could not go away, without yo11 a f e w thing. M y caree r in Bowi e is ovf't'. A few years ngo. as you know my father Pnt e r e d tlle cf)uutertu i ing bu s iness. My brothH niscovered it, and b0c. use b" wouM not "oin baud false evidence was brougbt up agains t Song Books. BEADLE'S D1.11E SoNG Booxs, Nos. 1 to 84, c o nta!JJ the only popular eollection ct copyrip.;ht songs. ,Jokt!I Books, Pocket Joke Book. Jim Crow J oke Book, P addy Wnack J oke B ook. For sa l e by all newsdealers, or sent, post-paid, on receipt of price-ten cents. BEADLE AND ADAMS, Pt:BLISHERS, 98 Willlaru Stretit. New York.


Deadw00d Dick Library LATEST AND BEST. HANDSOME TRI-COLORED COVERS. 32 Pages. Bay One and You Will Buy the Bestl Per Sample Cover See 8&11e1' 81de. DEADWOOD DICK LIBRARY. 1 Deadwood Dick, the Prince of the Road :


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