The girl sport, or, Jumbo Joe's disguise

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The girl sport, or, Jumbo Joe's disguise

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The girl sport, or, Jumbo Joe's disguise
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The Deadwood Dick Library
Wheeler, Edward L. (Edward Lytton) 1854 or 5-1885
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Cleveland, Ohio
Arthur Westbrook Co.
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Dime novels. ( lcsh )
Adventure stories. ( lcsh )
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University of South Florida
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Jopyrlght 1882-1888, by Beadle .t Adams. Ente r e d at P os t Olllce. New Y o rk, N Y as second class matter. Mar 15, 1891. No.52 THE ARTHUR WESTBROOK CO. Cleveland, Ohio Vol. IV


)opyrlght 1882-1888, hy Bea.die & Adams. Entered at Post omce, New York, N. Y., as second class matter. Mar. 15. No.52 Iss11ed Weekly. THE ARTHUR WBSTBROOK CO. Price 5 Cent$. Vol. IV Cleveland, Ohio $2.50 a Year. THE NEXT MINUTE JOE FELT THE BQNl).$ CONFINED HIS FEET


I The Girl ::spo?t. The Girl Sport; OB, JUMBO JOE'S DISGUISE. BY EDWARD L. WHEELER, AtJTHOR OF DEADWOOD DICK n NOVELS, ROSEBUD ROB NOVELS, BTC., ETC. A whistle of surprise came from the man, and soon the portal was opened, the youth was seized by the wrist and hauled into the cabin then the doer was closed again and locked. AU was darkness within, but a light was soon produ<.'9d, whereby the traveler and Hezekiah Blum were able to see eacb otller. Blum looked anything but a minister, though be claimed to have been one once upon a time. He was ns thin as a rail, both in face and figure, and bis unusual hight gave liim still more of an odd appearance. His features were pinched CHAPTER I. and shriveled; bis nose bad been broken, and JUMBO JOE. was booked; his eyes were keen and restless as AN evening in the month of May-a beautiful with suspicion. evening, such as render May the faires t of all A fringe of hair encircled the bald spot upon the months. In the starry dome the full moon his bead, ancl standing out in all directions, 'it shone with a mellow radiance Th e air was correspo nded well with the two weeks' stubble balmy and perfume-laden, and a soft breezt1 growth of beard upon bis face. fanned both grass and foliage into a gentle His garb was ragged and dirty, and his whole ?"ustle. appearance that of a man struggling in poverty. Riding across a stretch of Arizonian plain Th e furniture of the room was meager and was a young man, or more a boy, for rude, but there was a degrEe of cleanliness ap not more than ei g hte en summers bad pasStJd parent tilat indicated the agency of a woman's over his bead. baud. He was of admirable figure, cbd in a neat-Blum surveyed bis visitor with a frown. fitting suit of buckskin. W bat's your name?" b e d emanded That bis h ome was litera!l Y in the saddle "Joe Star-otherwise Jumbo J oe, was the seemed clear, for be rode his fiery bbck horse boy'i; r ep l y "I waJ named over arter Barnum' s like a master equestrian. big e lepbant, 'ca'se I'm a big guu myself wben I His features wern c l ea r -cut with a rather kin get ii cbauce to fight." large mouth, whose wag i sb expres;i0n i ndi"You are evidently a wicked boy, and at> long cated his almost constant good-bumo1'. His as you tread the tlloray path, you cannot hope eyes were as keen as those of a hawk; bis nut to succeed!" Blum said rn a solemn way that brown hair fell in a luxuriant wave noon his illy be eama him. shoulders. In bis sombrer.J was a jauatv-phime; "You bet your bo ots I kin hoe my own row, a rifle was slung to his back, w hil e to bis sadd le and not produce corns, neither!" declared the were affixed the several necessari es of camp boy. "Old man J obn,on told me tbar was a life. venerable cove over this way, of about your Such was the boy making a trip across the photograph, w'ot wanted a chap as war 'harptr moonlit prairies than a r a zor, and $0 I thort I'd put in an open "I'll bet a hufl'alo I'm fogged," he muttered, proposal fer tber job, whatever it may be." as be drew rein on a billow aud studied the "Your tongue waggetb wild, young mun :;: landscape ahead. "Can't screw my eyes onto I do not believe you would suit me." no habitation byarabouts, sech as old Johnson "Jest give me a fair shake, and see ef I can't told m e of. Hous es air as skeerceH e llo!" fill tber bill. Ef it's mum you want, why l can A faint glifnmer of light was discerned-evimy vocal trap so cluss that et can't be dently in a prairie valley to the right. pried open with a crowbar. Ef ye want any "Thar! Hez ekiah Blum lives down thar. I'll hot1est job done, why C'm jest the galoot fer tbe stack my chips on that. Wouldn't never 'a' work." guessed it, ef it hadn't be e n fer the glim. So Tbe old man motioned him to a seat by the that's where the old sinner hides w'ot has so table, and dropped into a chair him&'lf. much money b ey? W e ll, I'll go down and in"Waal, I'll tell ye," be r emarked. "Trapper t.erview him," and ere long the young horseman Johnson said ye war au honest fellow, an' could had dismounted before a rambling ol

Tile Girl Sport. and me, I never git skeert. I've bed my share ef skirmishes, I tell you, and I never got left yet. It you want me to tote yer spondulicks over to W olfville, jeot produce the chink, and I'm ver buck." "t am afraid you are not the competent person I seek. I would take it myself, uut there are certilin designing persons, backed by a set of ruffians, who are expecting me to bring tbe money, and will be on the watch,.with the purpoae of waylaying and robbing me. Ye see, I calculate I kin be too sm11.rt fer 'em." At tbis juncture the door of an inner room opened, and a girl enwred. Sile was nearly Joe's own age, and certainly was. tbe beautiful creature the young scout had ever set eyes upon. Possessed of a petite, graceful, well-rounded figure of only medium bight, she appt>ared much younger than she really was. Her features were delicately chiseled, and tinged with the tint of happy health. Her mouth wore a wiuni'lg ex pression, and Jumbo was sure he bad never seen a more bewitching pair of eyes than those she turned so inquiringly upon him. Her hmr was tastefully arranged, and her dress neat if rather plain. To the boy's s urprie, she npproacbed him and looked down into his face with a gaze of interest. "You are tbe young man who is going to render assistance to papa, are you she asked. "Well, that d epends on circumstances, as the fish said to the angleworm," was the reply. Kinder reckon I will give tbe old gent a boost, providiu' we can come to terms." "I am.afraid you cannot do tbe err1md safely," H ezekiah Blum r ep lied, uneasily. "Ten thousand dollars is a big pile of money to in trust to tbe care of a boy." "See h ere, unkle, I'm no h oy! replied the youth, spiritedly. "I'm a bi:i; 'un, I am-a Jnmbo. You're afeard to tote the ducats, an' I ain't. Tell you wilat l'll do-bet ye my head I can do the job up in squar' style. If I fail my head's yourn." __ CHAPTER II. BLOKER .A.ND HIS GA.NG. THE words of Jumbo Joe caused a strange glitter to enter the eyes of Hezekiah Bli..m. Did be know the boy wiebout bemg knownf Joe Stnr bad no recollections of his early childhood. Since he could remember, he had been a rover on the prairies1 and in the mountains, sometimes chaperonea by a gruff old trap per named Jobnson, but most generally shifting for himself. He had oft.en wondered who he was, and bad a faint idea that he was something more than a scouting outcast. "So you'll risk your head on your ability to transfer the gold, eh?" Blum said. "Don't you know that if you failed, I could and should have your head1'' "If you could get it!" Joe replied, coolly. "But ye'r' welcome to; et, ef I can't fetch yer gold inter Woltville in geod shape. l!:f ye want -u draw up contracts." "lt will be the safest fu do so," Blum agreed, producin lf iDk and paper. "JllSt wait 8l:ld I'll fix it up.' Joe did wait, and bent bis admiring gue oo casionally upon the maiden, who frankly returu!'d his glauces, showing that their mterest in other was mutual. The girl, however, kept a watchful eye on HE>zekiah, as though 1mspicious or afraid of him. The old miser soon proved himself to le an expert penman, and it wes not. loug ere he had the agreement dra.wn up, ready for igna ture.. "Listen, and I'll n.-ad you your death-war rant. It "TLis is to certify. tliat I, Joe S1ar{ hve agreed to carry a certain Rum of money y from thP resi dence of Hzekioh Blum. 10 the office of JoEeph Tyler, Wolfville, within five days from <'late. in and for the c o nsd!'ration of rwo (ollars. rec < ivFd in band. .And I furl her 11uarant<.>e the faltHul xecu tion of my mifision thus: If I fail to c'eliver the lllOney to the consignee safely. as ab ove stipulated, itsball se kn wn to ail prnple that I do then l orfeit my b ead to Hezekiah Blum and he Ehall have th e right and power to take it, hHcnr he shall find it, and dispose of it as may suit Lim. Witn es s my !ilignature, ---" "Tbe1e! bow does that strike :i-u u1" the exminister said, ... itb a signili<'ant chuckle. "Don't bit me at all, as fur as the spcmdulicks comes in," answereu Jumbo, calmly. "Ye see I ain't takin' any t" o fer five jobs, hy a l ong sbot, this season. Goin' in whole hog or none. Two dollars! Wouldn't you like to get some greeny green encug h to put bis bead into jP.opardy for tnat magnificent sum! Guess I'll go to nammin' up creeks, furst, nn' sendin' in petitions to Congress fol' an appropriation. Make more lucre that way." "What sum do you expect?" Blum deme.nded, greedily. "Maybe you'll like to have the whole ten thousand, and just carry tbe wrappt>r over1" "Nol I ain't no swine, naTy a time. Jest write hundred after the two, and that will fix it all right. I'll shoulder y(lur pewter, and drap it Joseph Tyler's office within forty eight hours. No two hundred-no workee, allee sameel Speak up, fer I'm in a big hurry, you bet!" I suppose I shall have to give it to you; so sign tbis paper," the misar growled. Joe obeyed. "Now, the money!" be said. One thing you ha:i best understand at once,'' Blum added, as be went to a closet in one corner. "My wife will accompany you O'' this trip, to see that you do not run off." "Your wife?" exclaimed the boy, his gaze involuntnrily turning to the girl over whose face came a flush-of distress, Joe construed it. "Yes1 mv wife!" with a sinister smile on his ugly pb1z: u that's her there-my Sadie. A nice young girl she is, ar.d hound to he mine, as soon as I get my money all put out where it will be producing a handsome revenue." Jumbo Joe was thunderstruck. This fair child the bride of a man old enough to he her grandfather. The thought was repellent-evidently more fully to the girl than to the boy rover.


The Girl Sport. "Yes, she's mine, and will go with you; Jam I much for to-nights quee r adventure. I wonde r not afraid to trust her out o f my sight. She what that gang were after Skinny fer! Looked knows what will follow if she does not return. kinde r like as thPy war g0in' to invite him to a Joe took a quick sidelong glance at Sadie, and lynching bee, if b didn't whack over bis assets. saw tbat she was deadly pale. I've got the ten thousand, anyhow, and I'm "There is some deep secret here," he mused, goin' to carry out my contract to the letter, ef. his brows contracting. / l Jose my hull body, instead o' my head. Aloud he said: Kinder quee r why tlle old cove t oltl me first t,o "We ll, hurry up with the chink, then. If go to Wolrville, au' then to Sbeleton Camp. Meb I'm to tote extra baggage along, I want a good bfJ the latter was a blindi to put them of!' guard. start. J es t tip us the two hundred first, an' Anyhow, l'll take W o fville in fir t and if w e 'll l ook out for tbe supertluous arterwarh be unlockeci. ing toward that t ow n of unenviable repute, Tbe safe, Joe could 3ee, was quite full of WoJfville. som ething, which h e rightly concluded was was a place of severnl bun lred in. money. habitants, situated among the frownmg soli-Blum selected four rolls of bills, and r olled tudes of a dark, wooded mountain landscape, them up in a piece of oilskin. He then producPd where no one would have expected to encounter ten twenty-do lla1 gold-pieces, which be banded a human being. to Jumbo Joe. The town bad got rooted from the fact that "There's your pay-here's mY guarantee," the trails to three mining districts met at the and be patted bis breast with a grimace, for he point where the first tavern bad been built, aud had placed the remarkable document in an in-thence continued eastward. ner pocket. "If yon fail to perform your duty, WolfvillA boasted of small mining interests, I'll make the country so warm for you that you too-very small, but just enough to attract a will he glad to escape from it. Here are the motley gang o' roughs to its vicinity. ten thousand dollars. When you pay it to Hard names were fired at tbe place, and well T y l e r, you are to take a receipt for it." deserved they were. "Kenctl" Joe assented, r eceiving the money, Hardly a settlement of its size in Arizona s and stowing it away in bis haversack. "How wild regions could boast of a worse crowd of soon will you be ready, ma'am?" ruffians. were of hourly occurrence, "In a few minutes!" Sadie replied, as she and old Cross-eyed Kit, one of the first citi tripped away to her rcom; at the same moment zens, often pointed with pride to a knoll bPyond there Cflme a sharp rap at the door, and b efore the town, where were many mounds, remark eitber Joe or Blum could spring to their feet, in?,: the door was burst in with a crash, and a d oze n ''7asl purty hard town, though we allers armed men rushed into the room, with a 'em decent up tbar, when tbey levant yell. over Jordan. 'Twou't be l o n g, neither, afore For the instant the boy rover did not know we'll have to enlarge, ter 'commyrlate ther boys just what to do, more than to wbip his revolv ers as wants t o explore the infernal regions." from his belt, and stand on guarJ, an action Every t own has a few of the better element which Hezekiah Blum also imit11ted of the human mce to r e li e ve the monotony, Tbe intruders were all bordermen of the and such was the case with Wolfv1lle. There pronou n ced type, in whose grizzled face s but were a few persons in the place who were not little mercy was expressed of thA ruffian order, and among ti.lase few was "Blum, you're the man we want to see!" a r ecent arrival of the girl sport order-one or the foremost man announced, in a res olute tone. more of whi c h dass of female Bohemians gen" This matter has been goiu' on too Jong alerally i s to be found in any Western mining-ready, an' we're goiu' to make a stop of it." camp. "What d'y:e m ean?" the miser demanded This one in question had appeared in Wolf-angrily. "Wbat have I done to merit this in-ville, on horseback, one evening about sunset, trus ion?" and walked into the Punch Bowl, the town's Tbe u turning his head ;;lightly, be said to Joe, mogt flourishing saloon. in a tone that was inaudible to tbe r est : Afte r a 11:ood look at the crowd scat Quick I E ocape with the money! Go t.> tered ahout the lare;e room, sbe walked up to Skeleto n Camp!" tbe bar and called for wbiskv, which she put Jac k did not h ea r all, but he caue;ht the d ow n with seeming satisfaction. worcls" escae," and "Skeleton Camp." P ete PriudlP, otherwise Paragon Pete, claimed Qmc k e r than a flash h a turned a backward t,o b e a woman-killer from the sho uld er, and somerset. and weut crashing tbronl!"h a window likewise a connois seu r of womanly beauty, but that op e n ed from the cabin immediately in bis he was not prepared to allow" that be had rear. eve r seen quite so dashing a personage a s the Half a doz e n shots followed his sudde n exit, "gal who took her whisky straight." but failed to reach him. Certainlv few women bad paid Wolfville a. Bleedmg from several glass wounds, he whip-visit who could vie with tbis stranger in per ped around tie cabin, l eaped into the saddle, sonal beauty. She was of medium hight, with gave bis faithful h or,;e thA word, and away a figure p erfect in every propo rtion, which was they dashed up out of the choked valley. set off to advantage in a suit of faultless-fitting "Bravo, my beauty I cried the boy, as they white duck. reached the crest overl ooking the valley. "So In face she was fair, with magnifir.ePt black


. The Girl Sport. I eyes, a mouth of tempting ripeness and bair "So ye didn't git far, did ye, afore we over-that was Jong, golden and flossy took ye?" he growled, maliciously. "Cunnin' A jaunty sombrero roofed her. bead, patent-kid, you are, but not quite smart enough to leather slippers incased ber feet, while a superb ahead of Colonel Bill Blaker, cu>sed ef ye aJre. diamond pin aml a cable gold watch-chain were S'pose you weren't expectin' us1" her adornm<>nt,. Oh, yes I was, but I dropped off asleep beHer age migbt have bee n sixteen or it might fore I knowed it\" Joe replied, unconcernedly. bave been tweuty, and it would have puzzled a ''-What do you want?" good judge to have guessed which "That which you were about to transfer into She looked Paragon Pete over withastarethat the hands of my enemies\" Bloker promptly made his heart flutter beneath his white shirtansv.ered. "Old Blum ga you ten thousand bosom; then she glanced around at the bronzed dollars to give to Tyler of Wolfville, habitues of tbe plaC'e, wbo were watching ber. didn't be?' "Purty crowd I" she remarked to Peter. "Ask me no questions and I'll tell you no lies!" "Yas, werry purty," he replied. was Joe's saucy response. "Ever hear of Lead ville Lill" sbe demanded. "Pooh I We know he did, so tbar's no use o' "No, ma'am; never heerd ov the critter." play in' it off "Well, d'ye know that ten tbou" You don't say! Well, that's me. I'm look-sand was only a blind to cover up somethin' in' for a man-a lade-da young man-a very else1" resthetic young man-named Joseph Tyler. Do "Couldn't say if so, or no!" you know of such a human!" "Weal, I kin say thet 1 know it. Let me tell CHAPTER III. BURIED A.LIVE. THE first twenty-four hours of Jumbo's ride toward W olfville passed without incident, and night once more tbe wild, broken country wbicb bis course now lay. There was a moon, but it was only seen now and then, when clouds flitted from over its sur face. Several times during his journey ua bad fancied some one was dogging bim, but his in cessant wi.tch for tbe enemy failed to result in a discovery, and he finally bal teCJ to bring the matter to a test. "Ef some buman mortal ain't either follerin' or layin' in wait for me, then I reckon the Old :Nick is nibhlin' at me to see if he can't C'onvert me and tbe money intc. his C'ause. I've kinder a notion he'll have a Lnm old time a wrestlin' wi' Jumbo Joe, 'Tain't his Majesty w'ot's sbadder in' me, I don't alculate, bo"some.-er. Ef thar's some one behind me, dash my brains out ef I don't tr_ y to cultivate bis acquainter>ce To think, with lnm, Vl(RS to act, and he slipped from the addle, and led his horse into a chaparrel near the ma in trail. Then he left him, tben crept back to tbe viC'inity of the trail, and crouched behind a bowlder to wait. An bour pass e d, hut brought no sign of pur suit that he hac:! half expected woulrl come. But this did not de<'eivo him. Many a night be bad Jain flat 011 tbe prairie, to await tlle ar rival of Indian spouts, and had caught them ::-. t their own game. Another hour pas.<;ed. Unconsciously bis eyes grew heavy, and tbe sighing of the wind through the shrubs lulled him 1.0 sleep, coupled, perhaps, with the fact that his long ride had left him much fatigued. How Jong he bad slept; he knew not, when he was rudely awakened by a kick from a heavy boot. He sprung quickly to a sitting posture, flnrl stared about, only to percPive thal; he was surrounded by tbe same crowd whom be had seen the previous night at old Blum's cabin. The burly leader. whom bis comrarles ad dressed as tbe colonel, was tbe first to speak, as he glared down at the young frontiersman. ye:-Old Blum holds the knowkdge of an immense sec1et gold mine, end holds that knowl edge alone. By some sort of dicker, he_ pro poses to turn this secret over to Ty Jer of Wolfville, end so hires you to tnke a budget of money cver to mid Tyler, in wbich is cleverly concealed t be key or secret of tbe location of the mine. See?" "I savyl" Well, as you have tl' e possession of both rnoney and secret, we shall he much obliged to J"OU if you will fnrk over the aforesaid without after which you c on on your way njoicrng. Refuse, end we will take it frcm you by force, and plant you to your ne<'k in the !?round, and leave you there, same as we did old Blum." Joe knew well enough that it W8$ no use for him to resist-that be had no choice but to obey and take chances on recovering the money and the ecret. "S'pose I'll have to cave, tho' it's ag'in' my grain!'' ho said, opening his haversack, and fumbling about for the package. He then uttered a cry of astonishment. His haversack was snpty. He had been robbed while he slept. "It's gone I" be cried, turning the receytacle inside out. "I've been robbed while was anoozing'. sure as snakes!" Bloker leaped forward with a fierce oath. "What! wbat d'ye say?" he gasped-" been robbed!" "That's the diagram of the matter," Jumbo replied. "1 had tbe swag in this bag when I went to sle,flp, and now you see for yourself it's gonP." -"See here. <'US$ yer infernal piC'turel this won't work!" snarled. "It\; a purty little joke{>' yourn, but it won't work on us. You've hid tbat package, an' if you don't fork it ove1-, ycu'IJ have cause to regret it, mark my word!" "I know nothing about what has bPcome of the money. I had it when I went to sleepnow it' s gonf". Some on e bas stolen it, and that's all there is about it!" the boy retorted, with '' Waal, :ve'll find et ain't all thar is of it, me larkiel" Bloker yelled, nearly beside himself in


6 rage. "Ef you calculate ye can shet my eye J "It will be a cold day wlwn th0 boss gets the up, you're otr yer base. I'll force 1t out o' you I swa;r an' the s eciet," J oe !'<'" ,"I. where ye l eft that money, or i'il skin ye alive. "Guess you'll come tt. t1.11.,!" the man Boys, git tner shmrel an' dig. a bole grunt;,d, lighting his pipe. "Huuger wi!l fetch Several of the men walked away, but quickl. v you.'' returned with a shovel, and began to take turns "Bet"Yff boots on that! Los" 'em ef yo do. at digging a bole in tbe gravelly earth near by. I'm lik e old Barnum's pet elerfaat, Jumbo, "Reeko n you'll com" t ') titne wt1ea you get arter whom I was kin go ten days plante d tber-=!" Col. Bloke r hissed, glaring down without fodtler By that time s ome o' my at t .be boy, who was contemplating the work friends will ante along and give me a resur witb outward calmness, really feeling greatr reek!" Jy discoacert.ed. "Tour's lots of wohes to help A grunt of disguo t was the only answer. eat your bead oft', ef ye remain stubborn. We "Dou't believe it, ebl "Veil, l'll tell ye what set up a similiar treat, over at old Blum's." I'll do, I'll give y u u just five huudre1 l gold dol "Do your wurst, and will fare no better to dig me up out of here at once." th11n you have now I" J oe replied. "I know Murray shook his hea d and puffed away at nothing what bas b ecome of the money, as tru'Ol his pipe, seernilfgly disi nclined to further tal k. as my handle is Jumbo Joa, and if you bury Taepressure of tbeeartb around Joe's form was m e in that hole, I'll guarantee you'll never beginniug to affect him, by the circu bury anotber fellow!" lation of his blood and sapping bis strengt h, as a 'rbe colonel laughed, viciously, and ordered pl'lultice would do,_ and it was evident t? bi1!1 two of bis companions to s earch the boy scout, t _h11;t be could not ltve twenty-four hours m this which was done aud Joe's own two hundred hvmg grave, comrary to the r eports be bad dollars were grdcefully appropriated by the beard of men livingf,,r days in a like p 'sition. colonel Seeing that nothing was to be accomplished by "Much ohleeged to ye, Jackal!" be grinned, as be turned his brigandisb face toward bis vic tim. "Sorry you couldn't have panned out bPt ter, but I reckon 7ou'll bs sensible wbeu we get yo!.l in the hole!' To which Joe made no answer. His brain was too busy in thinking over the unenviable situa tion. The hole was soon clug to a prope r d epth, and be was placed iu it in a standing position. T he dirt was theu p : 1cked iu so closely around him that be could not budg<' an inc h, and wben the job was complete, nothing but bfs head re mained above gruuud-be was buried alive! "There I H ow do you like it?" Bicker d e m ande : l, reaching over and the young patrol's l ong hair a vigorous pull. "Purty snugfitting g1ave ain't it, you devil's imp?" "Very comfortable, you black hearted ruffian?'' was Joe 's reply, witb flushin g "Wait till I get out o ( hero, thoug h, aud if I d on't have your it will ba b9came the r e ain't uo knive3 in tha co rntry. I'll show you what it meaus to be funny." 1 "Big talit for a canary; but, you se>, you nevar '11 e5cape till vou whack up the seeret about the money, We're going on to Wolf n..,w, all but Murrav. who will stay here and watch y ou till you give up the hiding-place of the Tti e lo11gar .vou resis t the hun grie r you'll g et. and I r ecko n the want of vittles witl fetd1 ya after awhile So trn-la la, now, and be gC>rxl to yourfelfl" An thP ma.'n wbo wa5 left.behin d nn guard. was a dirtv, sul l en l oo'.tib eujov the wild P XCit e ment of a life-and-death straggle H e bad laid out not a few ebamies by the t errible power of bis teetb a n:i feet. I'll bet Chub

The Girl Sport. dently not disposed to give up the cb1tse, and pursuer and pursued were soon out of sight. Half an hour later the borse came trotting back with a. triumphant fire in bis wicked eye. "Bravo, old boy I" Joe shouted. "Youre the dumpling, you are I You cleaned out tbe enemy in splendid style. And now if you can give us a 11tt perhaps l can getoutof this scrape au hunky." The intelligent animal seemed to comprehend what was wanted, for arter stnelling around a few minutes he took Joe's tough jacket-collar in hIS mouth and Jitted and pulled m1til the dirt was loosened from around Joe's s hnu 1uers1 going at the work in a careful way, as if ufra1d lest he should bar-n bis master, "Good hoy I" Jumbo encourage.;!, "Just get my arms free aud I'll soon fit the rest of tbe job. Theo, if I don't make Bill Bloker hump for this, my uame ain't Jnmbo Joe l" The horse worked patiently, and finally Joe was able to get his arms up out of the dirt. Just at this juncture, a men came striding up. And that man was Hezekiah Blum-the man who held the mortgage upon Joe's bead! CHAPTER IV. LIL. THE propounded by Leadville Lil, in ibe Punch Bowl Saloon at \V olfville, as re oorded in u pre vious chapter, seenied to create a rnarked sensation, for all eyes were turned upon her curiously "Tyler, clid you say1 Paragon Pete murmured, rubbing tbe end of bis tinted nose reftecti vely. "Why, yes, we have sucb a party here in Wolfville, tbo' I believe be rotates some wbat between here encl Skeleton Ct1mp, where he bas mining interests." "Tbe very galoot!" Leadville Lil .declared, smiting tbe bar with h e r ttsi by way of emphasis. "The very reseal I want to encounter. Rev ye got a graveyard started 'round this byar town yet, p!irdner1" "you bet!" Peter announced, with just pride; "we jest beve tbat, an' it's one o' ther popular reso rt.s of tber city-fe r stiffs." "AU: I s'pose ye have a 'l'air pistol range bandy," Lil pur511ed, in a way, that et ouce estabhsb e d her iu popular favor witb tbe crowd. Reckon Lbe avenue in front o' this byer es ta.blisbrneut fills tbe bill purty well Anything el se ye'd like t o know, Miss Inq1J,isitive The fla s hed a fierce glauce at bim that made !Tim quail. "Ef ye don't want to answer, please to dry op!" she said, coldly. "'There is one other question I'd like to ask. Is tbar any biped among this ?:Ong what knows anything about playin' cards1" "Cavortin' sk ippers w'ot kim from tber curcl, ;y;esl a coarse, blatant voice a1' mouncerl. Hyar's your Fourth o' Julia roast, ef ye waut ter kerl:lippie:ate tber pasteboards. 'Sense me. sissy, but I'm Ch eese -knif e Cbarle.v, the had rooster from Skeleton cock-a-doodl e doo! Don't I look decidedly chick now!" Leadville Lil surveyec) the pilgrii..1, who bad ttepped forward, with a sarcastic smile. Ho was the most used-up men in appearance it bad been ber fortune to encounter far some time. He was short, fat, bow-legged and dirty, his suit of overalls being torn or patched m numerous places and splashed liberally with mud. In visage be looked most strangely like a haboon both in feature and the way in which his b<>ard was cultivated. He wore a battered plug bat upon bis bead, and in his bPlt a pair of revolvers and a huge cheese-knife-from wbich be probably bad ac quired bis t1tlP. "Yes, you're quite a benty" Ebe said. in an swer to bis declaration. "i suppose by yout handle you must be a carver." "Holy yes! l'm a dissecter, I am1 every inch o' me. But, d'yl' went ter agitate ther past.eboards wi' me, my hloomiug liutY" "Can't play, 'cause l'm broke-cleed bu'sted I" Lil r e plied. "I'm a herd case, too, end you'd better not play with me, lest I you. Tell ye wbet 1'11 do, tbo'. fer sake of raising a stake, and makin' business lively. I ain't got a red, but I'll put up my mouth for a kiss eg'in' a hundre d dollars. If y o u win, you bave the kiss. If I win, I pocket your hundred. What sux1" rbe crowd which bad cc>llected Enickered at the celority with which Cbe<'se-knife Charley made a dive into bis pockt-t in St"Arcb of lurre; but be only brought fort. b one loM solitary CanaJa cent toward tbe um of the stakes. "I've been rnbbetl-l've been robbed!" gasped, feigning to back, astounded, l>ut tbe leugb of the cro"d gnve him avrey so badly that be was forced to grin a sickly sort of grin. himself. f o r it was a well kno" n fnct in W ulfvilla that t be tall bull w backer's exchtquer was never overflo"' ing. "Well, l'm sorry you're broke," Leadville Lil said, t.s she lean ed up agamt the bar, end puffed away e t a cigarette. "Wes in hopes I could make a raise ou t of you, or have a smack at your luscious lips-one or tbe other. Any other gent loud enough of kissing to risk a hun dred?" I'll take you a trial on tbat, young lady I" a rather f eminine voice exC'leimed, and a foppishly dre&sed individual, with sallow complexion and "' mustache end pair of side-whiskers to mateh, pushed forward: Lea

8 T h e Gir l Sport. not relish Lil's tongue so much as he dirl the I 8keleton Camp, the nearest settlement to sight of her lips; bnt he put up the Wolfville, was a somewhat larger and more cash promptly, selecting tbe necessary gold prosperous town t.lian the latter plaC'.e, owmg to pieces from a handful of glittermg coin which the fact that gokl and silver wete there found i n be drew from bis pocket. larger quantities. They then sat down at a nnrl n pack of Its inllabit.ants as a rule were also of a more cards was produced, cut, shufflert and rlealt quiet disposition, t.bough the town was b.v no "Let me see I" Lil said, as shetbre.v down a sixI means without its delegation of rough and law spotof diamond' ; you're name is Tyler, isn'tit!' less characters. The othm gave a violent start of surprise. There were two men m tbe camp who con How do you know I" he demauded. Where n early everything, from the fact that did you get your information, prayf" thPy owned nearl y everything, including min" I surmised!'' Leadville Lil replied, ing interests and tenants' shanties, and each was withont lookiug up from her cards. estimated to be worth about equal amounts; If T .vler was naturally pal e, he was still more wliile, ou the other hand, there were vague ruso, n<>w, aod it was evident that the worrts of mors that there were exiting papers agaiust the girl bal uvnerved him, judging by both propsties that, sbuuld they he fouud, the rack less wtLy in which he played. would ruin either the one or the other of the two He w.oitc bed h e r covertly, when she was not men of wealth. looking .at h11n, as if tr.vmg to make her out. Tbese parties were Abram Levi, a Jew, and Toe entled i n Leadville Lil's favor, by an Ex-governor of the Territory, wbnso real the planking of a quflen of hearts, and Parugon name WP. will witbbolj, and give him the name Pete stepped forward and haudej ber the ten or G0vernor Gray. gold plece3. As a u w, and I've got my kiss served e r nm Gray's sistPr havrng some twnty years for om e good-I loking man. Ha I la. I ba !" before become estranged from her family and "Not so fll;;t, my gnv maiden!" Tyle r cried wedded the J ew-more for bis money than for leapin:; tn his feet. and grawiug her by the any love she bad for him, although at that time arm. "l'va paid fo1 the kiss, and l'ni cu. sed if be was rather prepossessing iu appearance. and I don't it." not tbe miser be was now. "The n cursed you are, for it will b e a cold After hP.a.-ing him thr ee ebildren, she bad tired day wh e n you touch m e! tbe girl cried fierc ely, of bis niggarJly treatm

'.l'he Girl Sp :rt. 9 order, who was busy in the work of spying for I the young rover spoke Cbub made a dash for bis father and playing tbe hypocrite in various Blum, with a mien that boded the miser no ways. good; but Blum. skinny and agile, bouuced So great was bis confidenre in his nephew, around a bowlder, and springmg nimbly upon Governor Gray would quicker have beliPved it escaped the open jaws of tbe excitently a much sur prised to see Joe as Jorn.ho was to see b1m, and pausPd with an exdamation. "Hello! what does tbis mean? In the name of heavens, hoy. where is the money I in your care? Speak!" "I allow it's gone up Salt River oo an ex ploring expedition," Joe replied, <'andidly. "Leastwise, it's slipped out o' my grip." A bowl of fury escaped Blum, wbich satisfie

10 The Girl Sport. to light the rlesired document, much to Joe's aisappointment, although he se<'ured a number of business-looking papers, which he decided to preserve for after consideration. "Tbe mortgage is gone, and I might as wPll take a skip, too!" he said, his brows cout. 1nc' ing. "If an. v galoot's got that contract. w'"' r wants to forecloSti it, tbey'll find out that Jumbo Joe kin fight as long as the strength lingers ir1 his body. I reckon Mr. Joseph Tyler has the paper, whoever be m!l.y chance to be!" He then mounted and rode away. CHAPTER VI. FATHER AND SON, ISAAC, OR IKEY LEVI, made bis way to the shanty of his father, whom he found seated in the dingily-furnished front-room. He was a man of bet'' een fifty and sixty years of age, with stubbly bl11.<'k hair aneare d in Wolfville. an1 aftE'r some pranks, called J oe Tyler outsid e, and, I suppose, h td a skewrup of some sort with him, for when b 3 ret:irned to the saloon his nose waa scratched !Ill'.! one eye draped in moLirning. Wh8.t became of the gid is conjecture. as Tyler refused anv Pxplanation. This girl, too. may l:Je rue of your own So l ook out for her, ell she possibly turn up in f:kelton Camp. "Yours truly. u DETECTIV Ikey did not change expressions while reading the communication. W ell!" he interrogated. Well," the Jew echoed," you see that my suspicions ish purdy near righd., don'd yout If you ain'dt smart. dere viii pe some new rt>la tives turn up to share der governor's fortune vid vou, Isaac." I will prevent that by securing a lawyer at once," Ikey said, with a S$rdonic grin. I CHAPTER VII. THE GOVERNOR'S WILL. AFTER be had sent his nephe w for the lawy.'r to draw bis will, Governor Gray began to fail so rapidly, and Isaac was so ta1dy, that the sick man was forced to summon bis negro eervant, Jocko, who was by all odds the blackest specimen of the negro race that bad ever dropped down in Skeleton Camp. "Jock," the governor said, huskily, "I fear that I cannot live mn<'h longer.. Go out and call some respectahle and honest-looking man in from off the street." The darky skurried awayhhis eyes bulging out, to the exposure of t ei r whites, lndi crously. "De Lor' 1ione gone save us!" he murmured, as h e proceederl on his errand. D e governor's gwine to peg out an' leave all dis property to k a goo'i look at Joe, who bore the scrutiny unflinchingly. "Your selection i s well made, Jock," be said, finally. "You mfly retire and leave me alone with the yo1mg man." 'l'he darky obeyed; then the governor turned to Joe. "Young mlY must be said in a few worda. So listen, and I will t e ll you what I am going to do." Joe bowPd. "I am George Gray, and have wealth. So I wish to make a disposition of my property where it will do most irood. How would you like to take charge of it1"


The Girl Sport. ll I'd :rather not," Joe replied, candidly. "I Mind now-I'll do as I have promiEed, if prefer to earn all I have, by working for 1t." you attempt to arise.' And so you sball, whatever you get from Ikey was now thoroughly terrified, and lay me," the governor said, with a f11-int smile. perfectly still. At this juucture the door opened and Jkey "Know better than to pull a toothpick oo entered, accOm!Jllniest do nothing t-0 help "I wal:!t to sit down, it you have no partlcuyou." Jar objections," Jumbo replied. At this juncture Joe beard a voice in the up-"I did not ask you that!" Ikey growled. I per ball calling him. so be turned to Lil. wanted to knvw what brings you here in my "I am wanted. Will you guard yonder rashou3er cal till I retnru ?" "In your hous e?' and Joe gave a whistle. "With pleasure," the girl as,ented, drawing "Yes-it while Green, the lawyPr, sat at a tahl& ly certain who is Mr. Gray's heir yet. Think I uear by, engaged in finishing the writing of a. stand as goo

The Girl Sport. ___, --------------I n adciition to these specifications went on the I They left the house and of one acco r d tui:n eil _Joe must discover, seize and destroy toward the prmc1pa\ botel, saloon and a certarn 11legal mortgage agamst the Gray house coml.Jmed, wb1ch bad. adopted the s1gmft estate, wbicb was drawn in favor of Abrnrn can title of L evi and Samuel Aaron,_ uut whic h had been "THE GATES A JAR." stolen, by a party or parties unkn own, and was unrsion and directed me to give you at o nce, so tbat you might go on your mis sion. I will attend to all the preparations for th governor's funeral, and see to all his affairs in your abse1tce." Joe p ocketed the money and went down to the p11rlor, where 1.te found that L ead vill e Lil was still holding Ikoy a prisoner in tbe pool of wat,er; by the magic power of her poli>bed re volve r and sbe s<.Jemed relieved when Joe appeii.r ed. "Obi he's just b ee n going on at a terrible rate I" she said "He's a bad pill, that fellolV Is. W oat are you going to do with him!" "Le t bim up, and slope. I've got through 1 llere. Are you not a stranger h e re, also?" 1.. "Yes. I beard Governor Gray lived here, ud walked right in, without knocking, I want to see tbe goveraol' on business. Can you direct rne t0 wllere I can find him'!" "Hardlv, as bis body is now being preparainess. Is there anything I can do for you?" "Har dly, if Mr. Gray is .... f his revolvers, as he heard the wild clatter of horses' hoofs outside, together with a series of yells. A moment later the doors of the Gates Ajar were burst open, and a motley crowd of moun tain roughs poured into the saloon. At tbPil' bead was seen tbe burly form of Colonel Bill Bloker, while at bis side was the superannuated personage, flpze.kiab Bl u m. Jumbo saw tbe precious pair the moment they appeared in tbe doorway, and m'lde hast;e to step behind a screen for temporary con cealment. "Tney're after me!" he thought. "Old Blum has gone iu si'looks with Blok er, t,o recover the lost key to the secret mine. I reck0n tbP,y propo!\0 to make it warm for me, and about the best thing I can do is to vamose They were full thirty of the gang, and none of them lookE'd too good to commit a murder, if they could make a dollar hy it. Joe looked around him, but could see no means of escape, except by toe front door into the street. Tbe saloon wa,1 only one story i n blgk!t and consequently, there were no stAirs; nor were tberu any doors or windc,ws in tbe rear, where the screen was located There's no way to escape If thev make aa attempt to take me, I must fight, that's sure.


Tile Girl Sport. He crouched behind the screen, ready for see a thousand dollars in my paw, I allow I can any emergency. place yer man." Blaker and bis gang, as soon as in the salocn, JOE', behind the screen, crouched lower, bis filed tfp to the bar, and the colonel ordered eyes gleaming with a fierce light. whisky, for each, which was imbibed with mani"The dratted p'izen-slinge! knows where I fest gusto. I am, eb1" he muttered. "Well, now, if tbe:r, "Ye kin charge that ter Cunnel Bill Bloker, take me I'll give 'em a tussle first. Ha! wtat-' the King o' Vigilantes, bar-k'erl" the leader A section of floor, or more properly a trap said as he set down his glass. 1 door, just beside him, was carefuliy lifted to "'r guess not!" replied Montnna Mike, the I one side by some one below, and an opening disbnrkePper, showing bull-bog "six" suddenly under the credit treater's nose. Just you The next instant the bead end shoulders of a fork over seven dollars, pilgrim, or I 'll blow vailed woman were thrust through, and a -voice your skull right oil'! Biznessl'' said: "Haven't got a cent, pard, but beer's my "Come quickly if you hope to escape with friend, Blum-he'll settle fer it. Jest crack out your life." seven, Hezy, arter whi<:h we'll look fer the Joe, under the circumstances, was nothing boy!" loth to obey, and after she bad withdrawn, be Blum saw the peril menacing bis comrade, discovered a steep stairway. Onto this he drop and knew it would b e fatal to disoooy, so be p e d and <',arefully drew tht> door over the bole paid for the rather costlytreat, and gave it to afte r him. Montana Mike, with a growl at the outrageous They were now in a shallow sort of b o le un-price. clerneath the saloon, wnere a cellar bad evident" Now, then!" cried Colonel Bill. "I l.)" been projected but abandoned, as there were ye're kewrious ter know who this august I.Jody no walls, nor anything k.ipt in it. is, bar-k'er, bey1 vVaal, we're a pack of Regn"We must be expeditious if we would es lators who makes et our purpose to pertect the r capP," bis rescuer said in a pleasant voice. "If weak from injury-'specially weak whisky ;-ter those ruffians were to pounce upon you, I fancy enforce tber laws an' avenge tber wronged. they'd soon u se you up." Hyar's Blum, who h e s lost t>. big heap o' swag "Bet they'd have earne d their gruh hefOl'e thr'u' a young cuss called Jumbo Joe, an' Blum's they got me fer supper,'' Joe replied. "Where got a mortgage on the aforesaid Joe's h ead, are you going to take me!" w'ot he wants ter foreclose, an' we're goin' ter "To a place of safety, if you take advantage help him. Rev ye seen him?" of the opportunity to at once leave town. You "Couldn't say. Not acquainted with the are advertised for, and it W()n't be healthy for party!" Montana replied, as stiffly as a Fifth you around here any longer." Avenue Hotel clerk might have done. "NeverthP less, I'll be nigh when the y least "vVaal, read this-tben; mehbe ye'l1 remem-think, and I'll rnake my patrol one of terror to her ef ye've seen him!" the colonel cried, wbere-those who ha1'e evil designs against me." upon he tacked up a band-printed poster upon In a few minutes they werl' on the street, the wall. when they were suddenly confronted by a man Whether it was the colonel's composition, or who l eveled a revolver at them. not, is bard to tell, but the lettering and spelling It was Joseph Tyler, of Wolfville. would have done credit to a BiJ!ings. The poster read as follows: "NOTISS "Tzw Hoo1o1 IT MAY Ko,czaN:-A reward of one thousan' dollars aire offer'd for ther capter, alive, of ther yunnl!' robber, Jumbo Joe. He is younf defense, Do not be afraid of me," ' for I am perfectly harmless, as far as your safety is con oerned."


J4 The Girl Sport. "It is always well to be on guard," Lil replied. "I was informed t h a t some one desired to interview me at this spot, j ust as l left the saloon, in Skeleton Camp, though I did not &ee my informant. Are you the person?'' "I am, indeed, young lady. Let me intro d u ce myself to you. I am Michael Gonzall:'s, the detective." Lil would have given a visib l e start, but for great power of self-control. "I never heard of you," she said. ""\\'hat do you want with me1'' That remains t o be told I aru ferreting out a case, and seeing you in t h e town, it struck me you might be a gold mine. W hat are your antecedents, Jady1'' "I haven't any," Lil replied, with a s ort of bitter laugh. "If I had I ain't apt to 'em into biographical form, for tbe benefit of tJtbers,'' "But, w e r e I able to lift y o u to a position of affiuen ce and wealtb, m y d ear-" Lil did not answ e r t nat question-instead, she aske d another. "Who set you on-Joe Tyler1" she demanded, sharply. n was G o nzal es's turn to start now. "I do n o t kn o1v s u c h a rtu.n,'' b e s a id, sh e allowe d by his tone h e wa s right. "On the c ontrary, I'm working up a c ase of my own I am lo okmg for a p e rson, and s o well s a tisfi e d am I tha t you are the p e r so u, that I mu s t lake you into custody until something d e finite i o settled on I" Lil uttered a cry of surprise. The wllty fane of Ikey Levi was turned toward he1. "Well! well! who'd 'a' thoughtr' Lil exclaii;ied. "I didn' t know you had recovered from your mud-bath yet. "But I have and you and that young will l earn that you're bound to get paid o ff for that outrage. 1 '11 make this country too warm for yout "Bah I G e t up and get, you young sneak I I'll see ye bac k to Skeleton Camp, for fear the wolveir might feast upon your precious body1 Right abou t face I sraeli Forward, mal' chl" Ike y fa cell ohout and strode away, Lil c l o s e at his h ee l o hff r evolve1 ready for immediate use. Joe and his strange guide bad seen the Wolf villaill at the same in stant, and the woman s bivered, as if sbe had a great dread of the encounter "Well, what do you want1' demanded Jumbo. "Tnat d e pends,'' Tyle r r e plied. stro kin,!; hill mustac he "Fol' one thing I want the girl you have th ere-then I can di spose of y o u after ward. I think yon arti a person of som e value to m e Sadie, c o m11 h e r e!" J oe gave v ent to a whistle Hero was a sul' prise H e h a d not s uspected his vaile d rescuer ol b e m g the betrothed of old H e zekiail Blum. He s teppe d forward, as if c ertain tha t she wouli surre nd e r, but when she shoved one of her revolv ers sudd enly under bis nos e h e re c o ilerl. "Don't y o u mind him, Sadie!" Joe cried. Yon stick by J nmbo, and I'll see you through. Y o u c a n t have this lady, pard, nriless she wants "Stop? stop! d on't shoot I" be exclaimed, in to go t o you." alarm. "Ob, uo, no, nol" S a die exclaimed, throwing "I've a good notion to bomb ard you!" Lil d e -hac k her vail and showing a frightene d f a ce. clare d, e mph a ti ca ll y "Toe idea of y our sup"That man is my bitterest ene my, sir, and s o ld po,r o n my own book. I ain't to takA in no vice light out while you have a chance. If you see president o r treasurer in the con cera, but am Van Camp, tell him I want him. goin' to clean the board myself If yon reckon The girl st.ared a moment-the n i;eemed to you know anything about L e adville Lil, don't "take tbe m eaning that she should write Joe, let it givl' yon the nightmare, Cor I'll guarantee addres sed as Van Camp. it will never do you any good." Tyler pricked up bis ears, but evid ently did "Ohl we'll s e e about that. You've got tho not nnd,erstand the meaning of the wo1ds w hip row, to-night, but we shall meet again. Nodrlin g in answe r tn Joe, who se Y"" never Au r6't)Oi'r I" left the woman-bunter, S adie flitted a wa y down "L&t up! Not so fast'! B ef::ire you go, allow thfl street, and was s oon out o f 11igbt. me to say a word!" Lil cried, shovin;i; her pistol J o e l1tug;bed qui etly to n ote how enraged forwartl again, threateningly. "Be fore you dandy Mr. Tyler was, as h e beard the girl's foot go, I want one square peep at th-:i face behind d .ving away in the distance that mask! You a:-e n o t only a villain, but n fool!" be Gonznl '8 uttered a curse. Mid "If you are scheming to get pos,;es s ion of '' Never!" be hissed, grating his teeth tothat !Zirl. y o u'd hettor n e v e r bave gether. trie d it. I'm now a to y our true c hRr" But I will, tbong b!" Lil with a nter. ant'! 1hu ll make it a point 'that you do perate firmness. "Doff tbe disguise. Refu se harm h e'"" .anr:I Pll sboot. One! two!-" Will you thong\Jr' T y l P r snoored. "We' ll "Enough!" the masked man cried, and raising soe ahnut tht. There's a noticp nnwering to bis h mds, he t o re ofl' bi diSlluii. vour d e s cription, inside tbe Gate s Ajar, what


'l"he Gir 1 Sport. wants a man bad, end I may as well moke a thousand dollars out 6f you as any one else!" "Is that w!" Joe returned, undauntedly. "Well,"\iow, if you think it's healthy, just you peep out a note for that gang to come at me!" At that instant the door of the saloon opened, and Bloker and bis crowd poured out into the street, bellowing and cursin g like maumen. CHAPTER X. 'l'IIE SACRED CAMP. JoE was indeed in t>CTil, but hedid not quail. vVithout hesitating, he fired run at Tyler, then bounded ,:;way, while Tyler stag gered back, and fJi; to the earth with a yell. The crowd, beaded by rushed for ward with howls of anticipated victory, but strong of limb and agile as a panther, it was not long ere the young patrol had left his -pursuers far behind him, tlleir baffled cries St>unding in tile distance. "Yell on, my nobl e Romans!" he gritted, as he hurried on into the mountains. "But you' ll find that you've aroused a tiger this time." For an hour after bis flight from the camp he chm bed into the d ept hs of the mountain s to put at least a safe distance be tween him aud his enemies before stopping. The mountains were wild and rugged in the extreme, but the thought of danger, except from his enemies in the rear, did not occur to him. It was long after midnight ere he came to a halt upon the top of the range, an d saw before him a sheer descent of many hundred feet, into an ominous lookiug gulf walled iu on every side by mountains. At the bottom he could see several gleaming lights, of camp-fires. "Wonder what sort of a place it is, down there?" be muttered. "If I wasn t 'most used up, I'd go down and see. But I guess I shall have to postpone that till morning." Selecting a cosey spot, under tht: shade of a cedar tree, he stretched his weary form out, and gave up to l\1orpheus, a willing vic tim, and with no thought of danger, slept soundly. When he awoke suddenly the scene was changed, and he was greatly astonished at his surroundings. On all sides of a level comprising ten acres, rose very smooth walls of rock, upon the faces of sone of 1 which were carved rude images of Indians, animals and wigwams. As for himself he was tied securely to a firmly planted and a plenty of com bustibl e material was piled around him l In a circle abc,:it his place of cpnfinement, a score of ring-nosed half-breeds and Indians were squatted upon their haunches, pound lllg upon bowl 9haped drums and tin at the same time uttermg a dismal sort of chant. A short distance from Jumbo was another within the circle, and sec!lred to this was another white man, of about Joe' s own age. About the base of tbiA st'"llnge, natural pocket large fiss nres rn the rock, within which, tlrn boy calc:ulati:d, were the habita tions of the motley crowd tilat 8Urrounded him 1nvoluntari1y he turned and addressed the young stranger, who to be a fresh ili'rival, the same as was J11e. "Hello, pa rd! do you know what is all th, m;:nning of this?" he a s ked. I rather reckon they mean to fry us up for bres of reds that used to belong in this territory, and wbu do their Sunday-goto-meetin' biz n ess by sac;rificin' a every once in a while to please the Great Spirit. If sech is ther case, our shanks is bound to ketch it. What's your cog ?" "My name i s Hany Holly. I am from the East, but have been spendiug the summer i.u the mountains, bunting for bear."' "Reckon you've found more than you ll be able to bear, this trip! Joe laughed "I'm Jumbo Joe,' a cc..usin to Barnum's elerfant. Wonder when the circus commences?" As he flnished speaking. their ntlention was attracted to one of the holes in the rocky wall, from which issued four fantastically arrayed half breeds, carrying b e tween them a large arm-chair, in which was seated an old crone of a woman, atte nuated in form and wrinkled and vicious of viss&'e as a per son well could be, while her hau had the peculiarity of being jet-black. That there was Indian blood in her was evident, and ulthough trembling from the decrepitude of advanced age, her eye yet emitted a baleful fire. The four attendants bore her forward to the circle, and there set her down and ki.elt on each side of her, while those who formed the circle beat their instruments furiously. The crone fixed her snakish gaze upon ,Toe her hands working nuvously. Why did the pale-face come to the holy ground of Parquita?" r.he began. "Why did he come whence none ever go forth?"' "What in thunder did you feJcl:> me be,. for?" Joe replied, b!u11tly. "l come of my own will." .,.,. "You were founa aii\eep within the bor of our ($J)o!a.t. S.m rll umcl, ai;id you mus\


The Girl Sport. b e sacrified to him. The same with the breeds angrily, at the same time pointing to other pale-face. The will of Parquita orParquita. datns it." "Fools I dog soldiers I do you not see Jumbo Joe look ed at young Holly with a what you brought down, by not obeying me? wry expression The Great Spirit was angry at Parquita, be" How d'ye like the idea of goin' up in a cause she would have sacrificed the pttlecloud of smoke, pard t" he called out. faces. I am your queen now, and you shall "By George! what are we goin' to do?" obe.v Holly demanC!ed, dubiously. There was a grunt of approval at this, "Simply nothing-nothing more, I reek sh-0wing that the motley crowd were in on!" Joe replied. He then turned to the favor ot the change, and a noisy beating of crone. the gongs followed. "See here, old woman, what do vou want "Bravo, Ignace!" was the exclamation to burn us for? We didn't come here to disheard on every band. cover none of your secrets, and all we want Ignace bowed quietly, and motioned for is our liberty!" the crowd to di s perse, and take old Parquita Parquita shook her head. with tilern, which they did, when tile young OvP.l"hea d the thunder of a rapidly-apQueen turned to Jumbo. proaching torm g rowled ominously, as the "Stranger!" slle said, in a haughty tone, lightning zig-zagged across the storm-driven ''I !Jave saved your life, as you perceive, or sky. rather the Ruling One did. The secrets of Joe felt a little relief, for he saw that a this gulch are mine to guard, however,-aa heavy rain was about to fall. If he could they were Parquita's, whom I had civilized only manage to prevent them from lighting to such a degree that she never attempted tile fires for a time, immediate danger migl::t any of her savage acts except during my oc be averted; but Parquita evidently undercasiona l spells of absence from the gulch. stood this, by a glance at the sky. The sec rets of gulch must be preserved, "The pale-faces must be sacrificed to the and before you can have your freedom, you Great Spirit, for he is angry at the delay." must join the band, and swear eternal secrecy she said. "Pencho, Marquez, procure the and allegiance to my rule." light s and fire the brush." "Well, I don't know about that," Joe Two of the chair-bearers hurried toward said. "I might join ye for a time, ef yon'll the caves and returned quickly with flaming lo an me your men or give me the privilege torches; but before they could apply them to of organizing a band of my own here. The the fagots an emergency arose. I Regulators are raisin' a war against me, and From anotiler of the caves, a woman's I'll be teetotally shot if I don't ret aliate willowy figure glided forward, clad in snowy "What is your purpose?" white the face being covered by a whitevail. "Not to make open fight against them, unAlmost with magic quickness she reached iess cornered, but to take them prisoners, and the circle. keep them chainerl up, until they unanimous" Stop!" she cried, in ringing tones. ly agree to l eave me a lone." "Stop! In the narue of the Great Spirit, his "I'm afraid you'll have a tough job to mini ster in g angel forbids this great sacrimaster them!" I gnace replied; "still if it is ficel Proceed at your peril. your desire to attempt it, all you have to do There was hesitation among the minions is to make oath of allegiance, and you sha ll of Parquita, and all eyes were turned upon have the freedom of this retreat to bring your her. prisoners to, an

The Girl Sport. 111 began a thorough organiz ation of the plugged. She helped Jumll o Joe to escape Regulator band, each member being sworn from the saloon." in, and numbered, full a dozen of tl:e lot "Here? Then she is a sly minx. If I get being chosen as secret spies who were to hold of her again I'll put her under a course take no interest in the work of the main band, of training that will break her ." but keep up a vigilant watch, in the 1ole of "You won't get her if I can prevent it, citizens-for the1>e were a large number of unless 1 see that key to the secret mine. The the men about camp, who would have nothgirl has a big property now s ince a certain ing to do in the matter. man has died, and 1 can utilize her ." The Regulators now numbered over three "Then she is the daughter of Levi, the scor-e, and orders were to take Jumbc Joe, Jew, and Margaret Gray, is she?" Blum de dead or alive: so that matters look e d dark manded, scratching his bead thoughtfully. for the young frontiersman, who was thus "And would be an heir to the defunct govvirtually declar e d to be an outlaw. ernor's wealth, or at l east a part of it,'' But that he was destined to retaliate was Tyler started, angered to know that made evident to the people of the Camp, one Blum understood the circumstances of the morning, by a huge placard which was posted case. up in the door of the Gates Ajar! "It does not matter to you what r e lation One by one a crowd of grim-faced men sbe has to that subject," be said. "You crept from their abodes, and gathered in fork over to me the key 1o the secret mine, front of the notice to stare at it with growls and I'll give you the girl and all you can of anger. make out of her." Joe bad framed it thus: The. mii:e will never do either of us any .. NOfICEI good until that p a per can be found," Blum returned. "I never examined it but once, "Youwhose e ktocaptureorharmJumboJoeare ft I d t f th d I d" hereby given fair warning tha.t he will never be a er receive I rom e ymg n mn, takPn, for he is surrounded by men who will stand and so could not locat e the place, I by him, and h will fight to the last. If his attemptreniember that it is in the mountams, du11 ed capmre is stopped rigbt here, it will save blood-west, and onlv ten miles from here.'' shed. If not, wlien you see your men disapp e ar "Who do "you imagine bas it, if that fel. one by one, you will know that Jumbo Joe defies you, and is Wiping yom ruffian out of l ow Jumbo Joe hasn't?" existence, as fast as op:;><>rtuaities pres ent. Two of 'The deuce only knows who to suspect. your number ar e gone fr1>m your midst already 1" Well, I cannot yield the girl without l Tilat was all, het illu s trated what slort of get an interest in the mine." an enemy S'A.eJe 0 Camp had in the Boy "But you haven t got the girl." Patrol. "I can get her." The place>':! occasioned great excitement, "I doubt it. I doubt also if you have and was lo>1t share of the day, to any longer got any influence over her, Mr. r be inspect f If by i he curious crowd. Joseph Tyler. ln tb t 111ean time Joseph Tyler had sent Tyler laughed disdainfully, at the idea. for Hnokli-.b Blum, for the first time since "I know better!" be said. "The girl bas l that wortl1,v's arrival in camp, and the suma secret, and being the possessor of it is mons vvdS promrtly answered. where l get in my grip. You see, a year w&s lying upon his bed in his shanty ago she was secretly married to a young habitat'.on, groaning wi > h pain from the man, the nephew of a w"ealtby ranchero. wound in his side inflicted by Jumbo Joe's She bad nothing but the title of a prairie pistol. waif-he was the heir prospective of great He looked uo with a scowl as Blum riches; so it was thought best to conceal the made his eotrance and took a seat near the marriage. I wus a justice of the peace at bed. the time, and performed the ceremony. "Well?" he interrogated. !.'You've made When a babe was born, the girl brought it a nice kettle of fisll, haven't you?" to me, and begged me to take care of it. "It wasn't my fault!" the old rascal Ere many weeks she return e d to claim it, growled "I was afeard to bring the paper saying the fact of her having put it away myself, cause Bloker was laying for me. I had caused her husband to leave her. I re sent it by the felkw Joe, and 1>. e lost it-so fused to give up tbe child, and told her I he says." never should, if she did not obey my will "Bahl it' o "111 a trumped-up job. I ga\'e and wishes, implicitly. So far she has sub you the, 11,o 1 want the key to the mine mitted, quite gracefully or etse tl e i:,i I Lr,ck again!" Blum listened, intently. "Gog(), '1',,., then. She's shut up in my "You've not spoken of her conneelien ranch." with the Gray case," be said, rather impa" You I iv! 1 r,aw her here the night I was tiently,


18 Tlae Girl Sport. "Nor do I intend to, to your advantage I" T,r.Jer retorted. "This much, however, I will tell you, just to t'1ntslize you, well knowing you can learn no more without I will it so." "Go lihead-we will see!" "Well, you know Margaret Levi left her husband. inany years ago, taking her two little chiliren witb her. She and one of the children were killed in an Indian massacre. The other child lived. I was told the history of her life, and off and O!l have kept up a watch on her whererbouts. "There are two waifs in the field. one of whom is the old Jew's daughter, and consequently an heir to Govern.)r Gray's surplus cash. Which is which, it is not practicable for me to say. until I sr.e where the most money comes from." Blum evidently was not highly satisfied with the revelation. "Where can thill will be seen, and how does it read?" "Gnien, the lawyer, has it. Don't know concerning Hs contents. more than that they say everything pretty much is left to that in fernal young rascal, Jumbo Joe." "I'll have his llead. if it costs everything I own, but what he sball produce the paper containing the secreL of tile mine." At this instant a defiant peal of laughter was heard in the hall outsitle. Blum uttered a fearful malediction, and leaped to the door. It's that devil Jumbo Joe, by all that's evil!" he cried. "He's been listening to our conversation!" He rushed out into the hall, but it was to no pqrpose. Joe was nut there nor were there any evidences of his having been there. Down the stairs went the ex-preacher, two steps at a time, and gave tile alarm, whereupon a hasty search of the neighborhood was made, but with no result whatever. If Jumbo had been in the camp, be had not been there without knowing how to es cape When the scattered Regulators returned, tlt.e roll was calred, and two more of their -.umber were missing, and as they did not return, it only remained to conjecture that tltey had been ambushed or captured by the Boy Patrol or his men. A couple of days passed, without any in cident worthy of narration. On the morning of the third day, Abram .Levi, the Jew, rGceived a note through the post-office, which he hastened home with. Its contents evidently surprised him much, judging by his expression, "Py shimminyl" The communication re:i.d 11.!t follow": "Ma. LETI:-A.s there are other partiesbetlldes yourself scheming for a bite Into the it may profit you to meet a certain person, who ca.n put a ftea in your ear, half a mile west of town on the disused trail. Come on receipt of this." There was no signature. and the chiro graphy was that of a man. Over and over the. Jew read the missive, his eyes gleaming curiously. "lsh dot a drick, I vonder?" he uused. "I dinks not. Who vould blay dricks mit me? I viii go." Leaving his shanty in bis son's charge, be emerged upon the street, and made his way to the appointed place of meeting. When he had gone what he calculated was about batl: a mile, be paused and looked about him. Even as he did so there was a whirring sound, and a lasso settled around him, and he was jerked to the ground. The next. instant, six: masked men and Jumbo Joe leaped out of a thicket and seized the frightened Jew. He was then made to stand upon his feet, only to be stripped of bis own clothing and ornar.sente

The Girl Sport. Half an hour later Joe boldly entered Lcvi's lj.banty, and with a careless glance at Ikey, who lay in a hammock, seated himself at a and began looking over some ac-count-books. "Mighty glad you're back, the younger Jew said, .. I've got a bet upon a game of cards down-street, and I'll slip around and see what success I've had." "Don'd pet your mon e y foolishly, Ikey-," the studious listener replied, without raisrng his eyes. Monish ish ferry hard to get." "Not for an inveterate old rascal like you! In getting money you are utterly tool" the l son replied. s eizing his hat, and making a dive into the stree t Yes, and I'll be tlir ee, if not a full hand, I in this dodge!" Joe muttere d laughingly. CHAPTER XII. LEVI' S ROLE. IT had been Joe 's idea to g ain vantage ground, by r e moving th e J e w for a tem porary period. H e had calculat e d that a careful e x ploration of th e J ew's worldly ef fects mi ght bring to light som ething worth knowing in re gard to the two heirs ot the Gray esta te exclu s iv e of what knowl e d g e he had g ain e d by eav esdropping a t the door of Tyle r s room. Acco rdin g l y afte r I key's d eparture, he mur b eg an his inves ti g ation of the premise s, by p.i vin g hi s d es k a thoroug h ransacking. Every p a per, or rathe r obj ect of mte rest, was e xa min e d, a nd among the former, in a little s ecre t compartme nt, w a s the mortgage spo k e n of in Gov ernor Gray' s will. It w as fad e d a nd worn from much hand ling, and nad been made some yea r s befor e Joe g a v a close examin a tion, to s ee if it was the on e h e wanted, a nd, satisti e d that it 1 was, h e tore it into shreds, and put the pieces in bis pocket. So much accomplished. anyhow, ' he murmured. I hardly expected to be in such luck as that. Now Mr. Levi has no claim upon the Gray e state anyhow." A thoroug h s earch of t.he remainder of the building failed to discover anything else ex cept mon e y This .Toe did not touch; and, seeing no practica ble u s e of r emaining longer at. the shanty, he removed his disguise, washe d his face, and \et down his long hair, whereupon, h e looke d lik e him self again. He the n l eft the shanty by the rear, and made his exit from the town, without dis cov e ry. In a little wood e d dell, he paus ed as he heard -voices n e ar. H e g lid e d into a thicke t at th e opposite side of the d e ll from that wheur.e came the 'l:mnd, as two p e rsons appeare d in sight. He could scarcely suppress a cry. One was the pretty Girl S port, Leadville Lilthe other was the equally pretty maiden, Sadie! On entering the g1a9e they faced each other, and the expressions upon their faces were anything but friendly; they were evidently enemies. What little differences between us may as well be settled before we leave each other's presence What do you propose to do?" It was Sadie who spoke "Just what I have been doing for some time Lil replied. "There can be no doubt but what I am the one Sadie declared "I don't know about that. Don't be so sure. While it may appear to you that you are some lost heir whom Tyler has in his keeping for the sake of making money. it appears to me that I am the real heir, and I intend to cling to the case until I win or lo s e fairly." "You probably do not know anything about th e case." "I pro bably do. G e n e ral Gray has di e d, l eaving a fortune As Tyler is deeply in tere st e d in th e ca s e it s t a nds that I or you are al s o interest e d. If s o we aTe. on e of us a d a u ghter of the J e w Abraham Levi, whos e wife G o v ernor Gray's s i ster became and th e n de se rt e d the J e w, taking h e r two little girls with lier The mother a nd on e child were kill ed-the othe r still liv es an heir to the Gray estate .' "And, accordin gly, I am th e h e ir!" Sadie declar e d, d e<:idedly, a g littC'r of r esoluti on in her eyes. "There is no earthly u se of your try ing to palm yourself off wh e u Tyle r knows you are not the g enuine h ei-r:-'' "Tyler k eeps his own c ounse l and you do not know any more what he kn o w s th a n I know. If I m not a bmw fid e r c g l a r born heire ss, I don't want a c ent!" Lil averre d with a pompousne s s that c a us e d Joe in his concealment, to give vent to a qui e t little laugh of admiration. Your ob stinacy in clinging to a n impos sibility is what makes us en e mie s.' Sadie said "I would fight you for 11 life tim e be fore I would yield my rights Forego your claims in my favor and I will give you a po sition a s my maid, 11t a good salary Leadville Lil gave a gasp of surprise at the impudence of her rival. and involuntarily rais e d h e r rifle, and.cocked it, but she lower ed it in a moment, with a grim laugh. "No. I'll not shoot you, for I understand it's counted a crime to s hoot a fool!'' Lil re marked "Whe n I foreg-o any claim of mine in your favor, it will b e a celd, frosty mornmg!" _ Then you sl:mU decide who is the right-


20 Th9 Girl Sport. ful heir m the way men settle differenceswith the pistol," the fiery beauty declared, growing more and more "Phew! you don't say so," Lil ejaculated. "Do you really know which end of a pistol to shoot with?" "You shall see," Sadie gritted . "You stand between me and two objects, and I'll either remove yo or yon shall me." "What other grievance are you scraping up to gnaw your lip on?" Lil demanded, coolly. "Reckon I know, however. I'm a cactus in the way o' your makin' a mash on that Jumbo Joi;! Ain' t that so?" "You'll never get him!" Sadie returned, as good as acknowledging what her rival had accused. I've already got him to such an extent that you can't draw him from me with rope and tackles!" flashed back Lil, defiar.tly, which was literally' the straw that broke the camel's back,' for Sadie leaped upon her enemy, and in an instant the infuriated girls were struggling desperately for the mas ter.v. Joe watched for a moment, undecided what to do. lt wa3 rather a delicate affair for him to interfere in 1He saw, however, after a few struggles, that the girl Sadie was no match for Leadville Lil. and t.liat it was a conflict destined to end disastrously for the the fiery-tempered waif. Not desiring that either of them should come to harm, Joe finally stepped from the thicket and parted them. "Here! let up on this!'' he cried. "We will have no more quarreling at present, lf I know myself. Sadie, you go your way, and Lillian, you go yours, and if I catch you fighting again, I shall shoot one and marry the other." Leadville Lil laughed; it now was all very funny to her, while Sadie looked decidedly sullen. "Go!" Joe commanded, "and let this wran!:(lin cease Understand, please, that I am the h eir to Governor Gray's wealth, pro viding[ cI],n:10t find the lo st children. If you Levi's children, as stJems quiti' p .lls ibl e l m the man to see you in stated ia your property and rights, so go now a:d let there be no more ill-will between you either about the property or about me. If I choose either, it will not be for mor.ey, you can bet on that. So go!" Seeing that he meant what pe said. Leadville Lil turned her footsllill;lS toward Skele ton Camp, while Sadie plunged deeper into the. mountains. Several days passed, but at the mining camp had by no meanJ abated. One di"t nnearance after another ha.d oc-curred i n rapi

The Gir l Sport. r ai 1> table, engaged in playing with a I nothing but a few clumps of bushes anl bullwhacker, for ten ounces of dust-the some huge rocks. fruits of many days' hard labor for him, no Witlfout difficulty Ikey gained a positiot tloubt within half a dozen yards of the house, and Quite a crowd was collected about the tacrnuched down behind a bowlder to recon ble, watching the dextrous way in which noiter. Lil manipulated the pasteboards for her pre-The Bhanty was two stories in bight, and cision and good luck were somt>thing of a seeing one of the up stairs windows open, revelation to the habitues of the Gates Ajar. Ikey concluded that Green used the chambe1 Levi crowded forward, and when Lil had for a sleeping apartment. The l ower part conc l uded the game by winni ng it, he threw of the house was closed, and that prove d bis arms about her neck and kissed her. that the lawyer hP.d either retired for the "Mine shildt I m i ne little Shennie vot ish night, or was not about the shanty. loot to me all desc years! I ish proud to re-Which conclusion to adopt was a mattel.' claim you!" of several minutes' dcliueration to the youn( Lil was so startl ed at this demons!ration Jew, after which he became pretty well sat that she leaped abruptly to her feet, and, as isfied that the shanty was deserted. a consequence, Levi rolled as suddenly to the B e lieving this, he crawled forward and floor where Lil, on seeing who it was, put tried the dour and lower window, all of her foot upon him aud' held him down. whicll were fastened, except one. "Now, lookee here, old Je'l'\'sllarp!" she Tllis opened into a back lean-to or woodcried, her eyes flashinf, "I want ye ter exshed. Into this shed be clam, and plain yer conduct just now, afore I step grc,ped about for the door opening into the iight through ye." main cabin. My shildt! my Shennie, let me oop !" the He soon found it, but it was l ocked on the old rascal whined, growing restlly alarmed as inside The fastenings were very frail, bow he beheld the girl's fierce eyes glaring down ever, as be ascertained by leaning against the at him door heavily, and after a sudden lurch Yes, I'll let you 'oop,' in a horn!" Lil against it, the door gave way with a crash, cried. "What do you mean by calling me and swung inw1trd. your child, you old reprobate? I've a mind So much noise did the opening make that to take your scalp and convert it into a the prowler crouched away in a corner, lest pooketbook!" he should have arousf'd Green, should he You are my sni!dt-you are my Shenperchance b e in the shanty. niel" L ev i protested. "I ish your fadder, Five minutes slipped away without a und I isb haff a buy Isaac vot ish your brud-sound; then, emboldened, lke y made bis der." way in1 o the main apartme;Qt, and groped "Yes, I've met that healthy rooster," Lil about until be found the table and the candle observed, with a faint smile. "Guess he on it, wl.ich he lighted. don't like relation,, d my stamp. Now, you Gre e n s rude de s k stuod open at one side of old coyote, I just want you to understand the room. and making for it Ikey began this: 1f you come around wlth any more of hauling forth the papers and examining them yonr fatherly prot"stations, blamed if I don't rapidly take my knife and scalp you so clean that. Presently he found the will, and gave an you 11 be bald-lleaded for life. D'ye hear? I exultant chuckle. ain't takin on no relations just at present, "I have it at last," he mutte red. "I'll and won't be fathered by no g!lrlic-scented tak e it home and burn it, and th e n much is old scarecrow like you. So jest you get min e ." rio-ht up and dust!'' ''Will you, though? Take that, you thief!" Halffrightened out of bis wits, Levi matle And Lawyer Gre e n sprung into the room, baste to obey, amid boots of derision from and fired upon the young burglar. the bystanders. Without a groan Ikey fell to the floor, and CHAPTER XIII. mEY's EXPERIMENT. ABOUT the same hour that the elder Levi hlld dropped into the saloon anrl dropped out again, Ikey, like a thief of the night. was :urking in the vicinity of the shanty of Law yer Green. The buildinir stood at the western edge of the little mining-camp, and there were no 'It.her dwellings in its i=ediate vicinit:v exj'ired almost inskntly. lt had been a final deed for him. Seizing bis body, the lawyer carried it from t he house to a con s iderable distance, where he laid it upon a Tock; then wrote and pinned upon it a paper bearing the following words: "NOTJcE .-T'is is tbfl chap wbf\t tried to rob an other chap, and found the other ?hap at home I" The night of I key's tragi c death, J oe rodo


2 2 The G irl Spor t through a deep, narrow d efile into the same strange gulch wllere he made treaty with and her band of warriors. Here it was he made his headquarters, having rallied around him a score of roving mounta i n ee rs. whom he knew to be stanch and faithful friends. The force of Ignace he aJways left i n the vall e y, as a guard agai nst the escape of his "prisoners of war," as be called them, whom he kept chained up in the caves, but otner wise treated well. Igna::e. althougP.. he had not been able to get a glimpse of her face, he had found to be a very plea5ant person, both in manne rs, dealing; and conve rsation. That some mystery surrounded h e r life, he was '\\ell satisfied, but cou l d not t e ll what :.t was. She had been most friendly to him, and seemed to be a firm admirer of him. until a day or so before, when he took notice of the fact that she was more reserved in her de/ m ea nor. That morning. before he rode forth from the gul ch. she had sent for him, and he met her just at the entrance to the cave. "Mr. Star," she said, "it seems to me that our interests migl1t be mad e more iden tical by a un:on of hands and h earts There are rich es in this gulch, which you have not access to now, where, if you were mutually interes ted with m e you could have full cha rge." To say that .Joe was surprised, would be put.ting it mildly. He had n eve r even such a thing. "You must excuse me, but you take me by surprise. I have no thought of marrying any one yet aw hil e l understand somewhat diff erently!" she replied." and think yon 8 bould think twice befor e wedding an h e ire ss." Joe sta rted agai n What dill she know about the matter? The n fhshed ac io ss his mind-perhaps site is one of the' rival h eiresses! "Well. p e rh aps [might change my mind, you know," he S a lone .Judge bis surprise when h e rod e into the gulch, oa r 0turn at night, to see non e of his own followers about the c a mp-fires. but in th eir stea i the half-br eeds an::! Indians be to [gnace. A.s he rod e forward, Ignace advanced from her cave to the cam?fires, and met blm. "You are l ate, to-night, my noble chief!" she said, i n a tone in which he detected sar casm. "Think so?" he replied. "Where are my men?" "All in the caves, bound, hand and foot, by my orders," Ignace rep!ied, with a quiet laugh of triumph. "You are also my p ris oner sir" Jo'e i,omewbat prepared for this, as he had suspected that somethi:lg had gone wrong, from the moment he entered the gulch and saw that his men were not on lland. "What do you mean?" he demanded, lay ing ho l d of a revolver. "You surely do not i magine that I will surrender because of a woman's j e alousy?'' 1 For reply she waved her hand toward her men, who, armed with rifles, had leveled the w ea pons. Jumbo saw them, and realized that he had been neatly taken in. Why have you done this?" he demanded, turning his gaze her rather fiercely. ;.Because I love you, and you shall never leave this gulch alive until you yie l d to my proposal. 1\'Carry me, and your liberty is again assured. Refuse, and you shall find that Ignace will 11eap upon you such excru ciating torture that you will feel positive you are damned. Now is your time to choose whicl1 fate you will prefer I" CHAPTl!}R XIV. JOE IN JEOPARDY. TrrE news of how Leadvill e Lil bad worsted Levi, the Jew. soon sp r ead over the little citv" of Skeleton Flats; so that it was generally b e li eve d that Lil was L e vi's lost daughter, and al s o the heir of the_ Gray estate-all of which, however, she most emphatica lly denied. The discovery of Ikey's remains c reated anotlrnr sensat ion, and ia fact the people w e re on the tip toe of expectation for any thing else that might happen. Levi felt terribly over the t rngic fate of his son. and. although b e had littl e or no douht that >"Ik e y h a d m e t hi s death at the bands of Green. the lawye r. lie was crafty enough to lay the charge at the door of Jumho Joe. la the mean time. after witnessing the dis turbance in the saloon. Hezekirtb Blum had dropped in upon Joe Tyler al

. The Girl Sport. 18 ful as be sat up in bed, his arm still in a slir>g. "You possess the important secret, and I the men to back our efforts. Through muney, I have the most of the m"n in the camp at my command. Let us join issues and capture the real heiress, after quieting the bogus one, and the .Tew out of the way. We cau then arrange between us for one of us to marry her, get control of the property, and then make a division of tbe swag, which will consist of the two proper ties-Gray's and Levi's. How like you the prospectus?" "I don't know but what you are right," Tyler said, after some deliberation. "We had best remove. all other obstacles than the :real heiress. and then, after we have secured her, we will decide by cards who is to have al_! and who is to withdraw altogether." "Agreed! Let us move at once, or we \1lay be thwarted by that infernal imp, Jum lbo Joe, who is constantly patrolling the camp in disguise and picking off my men." "We cannot act until I can get out of doors, which promises to he a couple of days ;yet,' Tyler decid e d. "You can remove the ,Jew, however, as soon as you please. A : good plan woul::l be to accuse him of mur :aering liis own son, and lynch him without ado. Then see to it that Lawyer Green's is burned to the ground as the Gray will must be concealed the r13in. The road to success will then be paved, and as soon as I get out we will close up the matter in a summary fashion." "Well; I suppose I shall have to wait your motion," Blnm growled. "And while do ing so, I will.go with the work you have suggested. Firs: of all, we will give Levi a boost, so tl:tat he won t bark." Jumbo Joe's answer to Ignace wae cbaracterigtic of the man. "Were death to stare me in the face in a hundred horrible sbape8, I would welcome it, rather than ally myself to a woman who takes the burden of match-making upon lier own shoulders. Do your worst, Ma'm sellc Sadie-I fear you not.I An exclamation of anger escaped through the mask of Ignace. "Why do you ca II me by strange names?" 13bc demanded. -"I do not!" Joe replied, coolly. "You 111re Sadie, and it is no of use to deny it. 'You could not know of my preferc.nce for 'Leadville Lil, if you were not. "Then you do dare to assert that you care for that creature?" the woman gritted, trem blingly. "Waal, neow, I should stutter!" Joe said, with orovoking cooln@ss. "Be it so, then!" Ignace hissed. "A way you shall go to the torture from which I once you!" She motioned to her followers, and they closed in around Joe with a rush, overpower ed and bound him, hand and foot, and then bound him to the same stake where he had once before been tied, and the half-breeds began to heap the bi ush and fagots once more around him, while Ignace stood by, looking on with apparent satisfaction. '' You' ll come to vour oats, the same as any burro does!" she observed, not .gratified at the defiant expression upon his face. "To morrow at sunrise, if you do not come to time you'll siriqe!" '' I'm agreeable. I al ways imngined tl:iat I'd make excellent smoked herring!'' Emiled Joe. "Perhaps after being tormented with fire awhile, you wouldn't mind being turned over to the Regulators?" Ignace auggested, mockingly, as she turned away. Her half-brEeds soon followed her, first extinguishing the fires and leaving the gulch bottom in darkness. The heavell'S became overcast with clouds of inky blackness: thunder muttered its 'l'\larninp: of an impending storm in deep, detonating tones, ar:d occasionally a zigzag of lightning flashed across the dun sky. By the light of one prolonged flash, Joe discovered that a large number of those .whom he had held as prisoners, were loose in the gulch, and were creeping toward the place where he was confined. This gave him a feeling of great uneasi ness, but the next flash brought him a dis covery that caused him still greater surprise. A person was cron<;hing dir ec tly before him, and that person was Leadvill e Lil. CHAPTER XV RESCUED. THEm eyes met, and the next minute Joe felt the bonds that co nfin e d bis feet severed. Lil then C'.lt tne r e mainir!p: fastenings, and pull ed him hurried l y away from th e v!cinity of th e stake. "Come!" she said, exc it e dly. "It. is now or never with us. If we succEe d in reaching the exit to this den l i efo r e they do we're all right. If not, we'll have to do some tall skirmishing-, mark m y word!" A yell from behind them in the darkness, announced the fact that their escape had been discov e red. We can't reach the exit, now, ahead of them!" Joe averred. "We must creep around the base of the valley, and dodge 'em as b es t we ci.n, until we can see some show for escape." Hand in hand thev skulked stealthily


The Girl Sport. away, and as they did so, Joe explained to camp, returning made up as a darky, start. his fair rescuer concerning his arrest and the Jingly genuine. cause of it. He left his horse grazing in a handy place, "Then you really belreve this woman, Ig-and rambled about town fo r-s ome time, pass. nace, is Sadie, my rival, do you?" Lil asked, lng Lil twice without her knowing him. eagerly His presence !'.ttracted very little attention. "I am satisfiPd that she is no one else," He was by no means the ttrst niO' who had Joe responded. "She wouldn t have known graced the classic precincts of Skeleton of you had she not been Sadie." Camp. "Strnnge. Although 1 have long known The released Regulators had all returned her to he a wild waif, l nev e r suspected that l to camp, and were man airi ng to spin some her home \\'as in this mountain den ." extravagant yarns about Jumbo Joe's strong. "Well, it seems to be. She must have hold. conclud er! that l wa s utterly lost to her. and They admitted, however, that they had not resolved to do me all the injury po ss ible by be e n treated badly while captives in the Boy turning; the imprisoned Regulators loose upon Patrol's b a nds Joe in his disguise mingled me. It will b e a cold day when they get in freely among them. and guffawed heartily, their work upon me!" whe n he saw anything to laugh about. When They ba d now crept around the base of the one ruffian, who bad .. crooked his elbow" gulch t.o the vicinity of the caves, where often, spilled a glass of ale down ov e r bis everythiug was quiet. shirt bosom. Joe roared rn l o udly that the A hubbub in the lower end of th e vall ey ruffian turned upon him fie rc e ly. told that the Regulators, and possibly Ignace "See b eer ye lilasted ni gger," he roared, and h er gang were there. "w'at ye b e llerin' at? Speak up afore I "I wonder if 1 cannot contrive to set my knock ye inter tbe middle of next week!" men fre e!" "Fo' de Lor'. chile, I'se couldn't help it-Altbough the neighborhood of the caves 'deed I couldn't, fo' suah !" worted Jumbo. was quiet, Joe was. well satisfied that they "You'se jes' d0ne gone sp'iled dat piccanhad rrot been l e ft unguarded, and he WbS ninny shirL, youh has. 'deedy!" rig 'it. 1'11 have yer black scalp, ef ye open yer R eco nnoissanc 6 proved that every cave 'tater-trap ag'in !" warned the miner. "l'm had a stalwart ln<.'ian in front of it. Bige B'..ldhen, an' I can lick my weight in "I'll soon fix hem," Jumbo d ec lareJ. porkypin es!" "You stay h e r e Li\, while I clear the way. "An' l'm Josephus Claud e A.ugusti:s Cala If you hear a d og yelp, come to my rescue." ba sh!" Joe retarned importantly . "l want He was gone about ten minutes, and th e n you to 'stinctly unders tan as I'se a colored returned, excitedly. gen'man ob nobl e birth, sah, a11' if you lays I fixed the reds, but my fellows are not ooe m e l'se gwine to ris e up on in the caves," h e whispered. my d1g111t.l'. an youh, sah. dat Sam set I see into it," Lil said. "Ignace has color d ren be equal to de sent the Regulators in pursuit of you. and w etrash . I se .bad, I is,. . will improve the oppe1rtunity to follow out Big. Badhen ev1de d1.d not r.ehsh this, ot the gulch and escape foi with a roar somethmg like tha, an en. raged e lephant, he rushed upon his dusky "I believe you're nght," Joe said. "Let's euemy, but-work clown to wa rd the secret gap" Badhen lay upon the floor, with a knife in They dii so, and foun : l that Lil's suspihis 1,losom, and Joe was seen, disappearing cion s h a d been confirmed-all hands had in-through a window doubled up like a cannon deed quitte d the valley. ball. It remains for us to follow." Jumbo announced. I am going back to the camp. I will go in disguise. and you in your present attire We will, however, keep close to gether." Tney left the gulch, and cautious!y wended their way down a dark and na1To>v chasm. Shortly after daybreak they entered Skeieton Camp from different directions, but with an understanding what each other's move ments were t o be for the next few hours. Jumbo was di sg uised as a herder from the pl::Jins, and looked one to i:,erfection, but soon changed his mind and rode out of CHAPTER XVI. TROUBLE AGAIN. IT was destined to b e a ni g ht of nights in th e history of Skeleton Camp. The treatment Badhen had r ece iv ed from his colored tormentor soon created n suspi cion that he was really what he was-.Turnbo Joe, in disguise-and an order to scour the camp was give n; but th e Bov Patrol had exchai.;ged his disguise for that of an ordinary bewhiskered miner, and was saunter


The Girl Sport. 25 tng about the town, quietly smiling at t!Je extraordinary efforts b eing made to capture him. In the course of hi s ramblings b e thought of the man, Tyl er, and re s olv e d to pay him a visit, and was soon at. the sch e me 1 "s bed side. Tyle r was a s l e ep at the time but the prick of a pin brought him to his sen s es, and he was e l e ctrifi e d to find him self st a r ing into the tube s of Joe' s handsome revol vers "Hal hello! what-" '' Perzactly !" th e young Patrol d e clared. "I came in a calling and not h aving any vis itin g k ee rd s I thou ght th e r harkers would do jnst a s w e ll. How y o u f e lin' tonig ht, Gilbert Gayl e r? Been wounde d lately, I p e rceive! Tyle r a s w e shall still continue to call liim, turne d g ha stly white. whil e his hands picke d nervou s l y at the quilts '' Who are you? who a r e yon?" be ira s ped "What do you want? Wbo are you?" I am not one who prop oses to l1a rm you for the pa s t unle ss you ac t muli sh-the n undoubte dly, l s h all have t o apply the screw s was th e s i g nificant r es p o n se "1 just dro pped in Gilb ert. on a m atte r of importance. You h o ld a littl e information I shou l d like to pc sse s s a nd whil e I a m h e re, I mi g ht as w ell take it alo ng with m e." Tyler g rinnr.d maliciou s ly "Thc rP.' s not e n o ugh mon e y in your pockets to buy up wh a t knowl e dge you woul d like to po ssess "Bah!" was Joe's an s wer. "I do not care to parl e y. Before I l e av e thi s room, yo u r e g oing to t e ll m e whi c h i s th e true d a u g ht e r of Margar e t L e vi, or I'll l ea v e your cor p se h e r e fo r th e The sente nc e r e main e d unfini slie d Ate r ribl e bl ow upon th e s id e of hi s h ea d dro pp e d the Bo y Patio ] to th e floor in se n s ible, wh e r e his h a nds we r e h as tily bound b y hi s as saila nt, H e z e ki a h Blum, who h a d so ftly s tol e n into t h e ro o m in tim e to s ave Tyle r from a c e rtain d o om. At last I h a v e him!" th e ex-mini s t e r cri e d, e xultin g l y ; "amt now I'll for ec l ose m y mort gag e Jus t th e n how e v e r th e door was broke n ope n and Co lon e l Bill Blok e r, with a num ber of the R ep:ula tor s ente r e d. "He ll o wb atbevwe h e r e? JumboJoe a prison e r, by a ll th a t' s wond e rful! the colo n e l cri e d Y es I y es h e's min e mio e 1 Blum voci f erate d. "Don't v ou t ouch him, for he is min e I h a v e a mortg age on him, and I'm g o in g to foreclo s e it." J es t l e t up y e r chin!" the colon e l ordeced "vv e've c um ilin o' more importance 11n the dockets j est now This hyar hull camp is gone to ther cats, as sure as ther' is ile rn li'ar-meat I" "What d ye mean?" Tyler demanded. in alarm "l mean,., answered th e colonel, with great importance "that we are on the eve o a great battl e in which we're goin' to $'it tetot ally chaweu up an s wall e red ef sutbm' ain't done This hyar town is surrounded by a livin s warm o' Injuns an' wLites, an' th e y mean bizn e ss!" He then w ent on to e xplain bow every ap proach to the town had been found to be swarming with arm e d reds kin s half breeds and while men 'l'h&t the y con t emp l ated at t a ckin g tbc town no c n e could doubt. A rne etiug Blok e r bad call e d to warn Blum and Tyler; but now th a t be foi.;nd Jumbo J o e in custody, it a lt e r e d matters som ewhat. The Boy Patrol mig ht. or ndght not, prove a valuabl e acqui s ition for th e de fen se of the camp. A con s ultation was h e ld a nd Colonel Blok er d e cid e d that Joe should b e tak e n be for e the a s s e mlll e d p e ople, t o whi c h Blum obj ecte d mo s t e mphatic a lly, but his objec tions were overrul e d and J o e w a s !.Jome away. Out in the rou g h main stree t of SkPleton Camp a l a rg e crowd w as c oll ec t e d which e mbrac e d nearly all the mal e ele m ent of the camp Whe n Blok e r and his gan g w e r e F ee n ap proac hing leadin g Jumbo J oe be twe e n th e m the r e w as a g r eat shout fr o m the citizensa l s o a n o th e r distinct y e ll th a t seen e d to e m a nat e fro m th e m ounta in s D a n ge r ov erhung th e town of Sk e l e ton a nd if it could b e a v erted, ther e w as n e ed th a t th e necessary s t e p s b e t a k e n a t o nce. Joe now h a lf r es t o r e d to bi s se n ses, won d e r e d what it all me ant. CHAPTER XVII. A VOTE THE B oy Patrol was m a rch e d into the mid s t nf the c rowd w ho g r eete d b i s arrival with bowl s of ra/l'.e. U o l o n e l Bill Blo ke r, howeve r. i t h more se n se th a n th e m a j o rit y, th ought H not im p oss ibl e that Jnmbo might se rv e Sk e leton Fla t s a g u o d turn, w e r e hi s ljfe a nd lih erty r es t o r e d him So" h e n h e beard th e furious g r eet in g o f th e crowd h e wav e d hi s h a nd to e nj o in s il e nc e and cri ed: "Loo k ea hy a r pil g rims t hi s won't do at a ll. You're g i ttin dres s ed, s o t e r sp eak, afore y e get y e r s hirt on. Y e look upon this coon as a robb e r a nd d es p e rado, but thar's none u' ye what s bin robbed nor hurt. We created a rumpus wi' the r chap wh e n he cum hyar, an' be allowed he d mak e it warm fer ust''


The Girl Sport. He p a u se d The r e w as grunt of apattac h enoug h importance to the incident to p r ova l from se v e ral. pay any furthe r a ttention to it. "Ter p ercce d, w ent on the co l o n el "I' v e Another p e r s on howe ver h a d stolrn to kim t e r th e r c onc lu s i o n the t thar ar' wus s w ard the sa l o o n in a roundabout way, and f elle rs n o r ,Turnb o J oe an' ther case stan1s thi s was n o n e other than L e adville Lil. like this fell e r c i t iz e ns We're emphaticall y L e t us, however, k ee p with the crowd fo1 in a O k m e cap tive, bete r th e m a n who t ri es s h e n an. "V ote, ge n t l e c a u se I r efnqed a m1trimonm l a lli w ee w i t h m e n vot e :" h e r I eSC'lp J d, anJ i t o nl y r emains They d i d vote. for m e to say t!iaL [ am now your p r i sone r Slips o f pflpe r wer e pre p are d a nd e v ery and at your m e rcy" m an in the camp w as rl'qu ested to vote. S;Jenn e follow e d, during w hi c h a r ece ntl y W h en last v ote had bee n cas t as all a rri ve d strange r i n Skel eto n Ca m p pus h e d suppose d old L ev i cam e struttin g up w i t h a fo rward and stJ::>:l fac e to faet\ wi t h the Boy I s lip of p ape r in hi s h anu: but jus t as h e P atrol. w as a b o u t to d rop it in to Bl o k er's h a t. t h a t Their eye..; m t i n wh a t t o the spectators, I worth;r s h o v e d his r e v o lv e r s u d d enly unde r h ave SC{)me1l a v acan t star e but th a t th e .Jew s n ose tbllY lud :net so:n e t i me b efo r e see m "No ye do n't! he g rit ted; ''yo u v e voted cert a in, th e 8tra ng e r without a w o r d twi ce-three lim es is out!" turned a n d l e ft th e e r owc and adjourn ed to a n e i g h )lo rin g beer h a ll. CHAPTER XVIII. S e v e r a l pe r so n s follo w e d at a nod from OFF T O RE90NNOITER. Tyl er, but C olone l Bloke r d i d not see m to LEVI went sprawlirlg to the g r o und a.


The Girl Sport. 27 corpse. _It was destined that he should I cocked, and laid a pair of revolvers upon the never poll two votes at election again, table. and Bloker stood regarding his work. "Is there anything I can do for you, gen "Dot ish der vay der monish goes-pop tlemen ?" be demanded, gazipg at them. "If does der veasell" be grunted, satirically. so, please to state your errand." "Gents, ef ye will lend me yer ear, I'll The roughs scowled among themselves; count ther votes I That'll tell who is ter take then one of them advanced a few paces. charge of this camp-that'll tell ye whether "I reckon, boss, we knows what we's senJi. we're goin' to die wi' our boots on or not. for!" be declared, with a leer. "Ye can't. Ef Jumbo Joe don't get elected, ye can deskeer us by pilin' UJAWeapons on that table." pend upon it that some of us will chaw ":Probably you will see if yon give me plumbago before morning comes ag'in." any of your insolence. What do you want?" The votes were then counted, and 1t was "'.You're a s'picious keracter, an' et's our found that Jumbo Joe was elected by two business ter keep an eye on ye!" was the majority. ,.cheering response. It had been a narrow call, and showPd The stranger picked up bis weapons and! that he was not destined to command the leaped to his feet. spirits in the camp. "Did you ever hear of Lieutenant Black. "Bully! tber majority is fer Jumbo Joe, of the -th Infantry?" he cried, sternly. and our skin is boyces !" Colonel Bill "Well, then, know that I am be, and I've yelled. "Cut the prisoner free!" got the reputation of being a bad man. So The Boy Patrol was promptly given his you go, or I'll have every mother's son of liberty, and a repeating rifle you shot!" ."Gents!" he said. stepping forward, I The miners had heard of the lieutenant, have been elected. it a.ppears, for assuming whose successful raids on the mountain the responsibility of defending ibis camp. desperado haunts bad given him a wide noIt may be well to add that I shall fill the toriety. office to the b est of my ability, trusting They knew he never joked. that thos e who have hitherto been my eneThe "Tarant'ler/ leader of the roughs mies will respond when I call for help. who harl dogged the officer. !!ave a s ignal to Before I can tell anything what to do, I his villainous and all left the sa must make a pers onal reconnoissance, to se!! loon. for myself what the strength of the enemy Black resumed his seat, and afte r jotting is." . front of him and he beheld a c ocke d revol ver leveled in the per s on s hand. It Wal'' Leadville Lil who c onfronte d him and t.hen, was a d esperate p:leam in her e) es. "So I've caught you have l ? she de manded. "What message did that pigeon bear away?" "No::ie of your busine ss!" the officF'>: re torted. '\Ybo are yon. pray?" "Leadville Lil, every inch of me, and square to my .pard, .Jumbo Joe. The one that tries to harm him, bas no use for this world, and


i'he Girl 8"port, ------

The Girl Sport. and hurried away up a mountain defile, pass ing numbers of the enemy as be went. In the course of a few minutes they came to a !Ort of dell, where a was burning, and a woman was standing before it. It was Ignace, attired as when Jumbo Joe bad first seen her. Tyler was m a rched forward, and halted b e fore the young commandress, who surveyed him keenly. "Well, what you want?'' she demanded, shortly. "I have no time to parley wlth you." "On the contrary, you have, if you will give m e ].>rivacy, as I have something of much importance to tell you, Sadie," he an swered. She started at that. "You know me then?" ''Of course." She wav e d her band, and the half-breeds retired from view; then with a motion to Tyler to b e seated upon a log, she said: "Go ahead, and say what you have to say. If it is of any importance, I will listen; if not, I will not." "It is of much importance. You contem plate an attack, do you not?" ''Yes." "Do you hope to win?" "Should not be surprised if I do. I shall make a determined attempt, anyhow." "You would probably win but for one thing." What is that?" "You will not have the men of Skeleton Flats alone to battle with. I suspect that there is a large military force in the vicinity." Ignace paled. '"But this matter can be settled," Tyler pursued, seeing that he had made an impres sion. Let me l:lxplain how. It is in the power of myself and Blum to win over a large majority of the miners, who have chosen Jumbo Joe as their leader If you agree, We will assist you to take the town, with the proviso that we share equally with you in everything. When you attack the camp, our men will also attack it, and once we get rooted there, all the military compa nies can be defied.'.' Your plan is good. But there must be other conditions I claim to be the lost child of Margaret Levi, and therefore heir to all my father's and uncle's property." ''No one will object to your occupying that position, sharing equaliy with Ilium and I; but I may as well cool your ardor, however, by informing you that you are not \he genuine heir." The girl uttered a smothered curse. Who is, then?" s he hissed. "Leadville Lil. But, fear not. She shal never occupy the position, if you to terms." '' There is another condition." "What?" "M child!" Of that, I have but one thing to truth fully tell you. It is dead-died, soon after you l eft it in my care." Ignace, as we shall continue to call her, grew as white as death at this, as Tyler could see, on her removin&" her vail. She turned a pair of eyes upon him, in which a power of hatred "You have trifled with me long enough, Jo5eph Tyler, and all to deep and in jury, too. You shall pay the penalty of your treachery and wickedness-:-noio And she drew a dagge r from her bosom, and rush ed upon him "Diel die! curse yout" she screamed "You will nev e r scheme again. Ha! ha! I \Vill win, and have it to say that I was re venged on you. too!" "But, you have me yet to rleal with t" a voice cried, and Leadville Lil leaped from a neighboring chaparral. "In the name of the law, I command you to surrender, mur deressl" "To you?" Ignace .;ried, with a diabolical laugh "Never. I'll serve you as I served this plotting wretch!" and she rushed at Lil, the fury of a maddened tigress expressed in her blazing face and eyes. "Stop!" Lil cried, drawing and cocking her revolver. and the vengeful woman staggered-fell, and then Jumbo Jot darted in upon the scene "You have killed bn!" Lil gasped. "I bad to, or she'd have murdered you!" .Toe replied. "It's our turn to move now, for the salvation of Skeleton Camp. I musi lift these bodies, and bear them away." He did so, carrying the m to a cleft in the mountain wall. "Put on Sadie's robe and vail," Joe ordered "You must impersonate Ignace.'' She obeyed. When she was arrayed, he banded her a package, and spoke in a low and rapidtone, giving her special directions what to do. She then proceeded to bind bil:n, after which she gave the cry of an eagle Shortly afterward a burly half.breed, whose name was Jagley, and who bad served Ignace as lieutenant, came striding forward. Lil pointed to Joe, with a nod. See! we shall yet have the sacrifice!" sh. said. "Order every man to the come back and escort me there!" The half-bre e d looked surprisOO. Give up c.ttack?' he queried.


The Girl Sport. Until after the sacrifice," she replied. He gave a malici o us g l ance at Joe then, and retired. In half an hour he returned, and the trio set out !'or the mountain gulch On their arrival there, Leadville Lil and Joe were surprised to find the other portion of the band already there, more than a hun d red of them all told. LU ordered Joe at once tied to the stake, and the matter-of-fact way in which she w ent at it. caused Joe to wonder if, after all, he b ad not made a mistake. Brush was piled around him, and every preparation for the sacrifice made, tmi rough seeming to be delighted at the prospect. When all :was ready, Lil went into one of the caves, and returned with a large demi john of whisky, and a number of cups. Marshaling the men into line. she pro ceeded to ply the gang with cupfuls of the fiery stuff. which they imbibed with gusto, seeming to forget the proposed sacrifice. As the nader has probably surmised, the liquor was most drugged, and long ere the demijohn was empty. there was more than )l:e heavy eye among the crowd. At last the vessel was empty. Lil then motioned the stupid beings to kneel, and passed to and fro in front cf them, waving her hands over their heads, .i.nd chanting a weird sort of dirge. Whether or not th"ly knew the meaning of this. is hard to tell, hut after a while, they began to topple over, one by one, and lie still. She then released Joe, who caught her in his arms and embraced her. "It's worked like pie!" he ejaculated. "Won't we surprise 'em, though, when we go back to camp! Comet let's bind 'em afore they awaken." This they proceeded to do. The next twenty-five mule-loads of captured red-skms and halfbreeds ar rived in Skeleton Camp, in charge of the two young friends, and were hand'cd over to Lieutenant Black. whose men had already arrived, and secured Blum and his cronies. Little need be added Joe's last accom plishment was the meanJ of insuring him a future hearty welcome in Skeleton \Camp, and he was m:animously elected mayor. The Levi and Gray estate were satisfac torily settled upon Lil, and the Boy Patrol and the Girl Sport were duly married. In a pocket of the robe oc Sadie was found papers which evidently had been de tached from 8ome documents, and Joe con cluued that it was a part of the clew to the Se...,1 d Mine, which as yet has never be en unearthed, and may never be. THE END. BEADLE AND ADAllllEr STANDARD DIME Speakers. Each Yolume contains 100 large pages, printed from clear, open type, comprisin!( the best collec tion of Dialogues. Dramas anlect Speaker. 8. Stump Speaker. 21. Funny Speaker. 9. Juvenile Speaker. 2'Z. Jolly Speaker. 10. Si; Speaker J 23. Dialect Speaker. 11. Dune .Debater. 24. Recitations and Read 12. Exhibition Speaker. ings. 13. Schr>nl i::.,,..aker. 25. Burlesque Speaker 14. These rni....,.. .,...., replete witll choice pieces for the School-room, the Exhibition. for Homes. etc. 75 to 100 Declamations and Recitations in each book. D ialogues. The Dime Dialogues. each volume 100 pages, em brace thirty-five books, viz.: Dialogues No. One. Dialogu es No. Eighteen. Dialogues No. Two. Dialogues Nineteen Dialogues No. Three. Dialogues No. Twenty. Dia.logues No. Four. Dialogues No. Twenty-one. Dialogues No. Five. Dialogu es No. Twenty-two. Dial0gu es No. Six. Dialogues No. Dialogues No. Seven. Dial og ues No. Twenty-four. Dialogues No. Eight. Dialogues No Twenty-five. Dialogues No. Nine. Dialogues No. Twenty-six. Dialogues No. Ten. DialoguesNo. Twenty-seven. Dialogues No. Eleven. D!alogues No. Twenty-eight, Dialogues No. Tw e lve. Dialogues No. Twenty-nine. Dialogues No. Thirt.een. Dialo g ues No. Thirty. Dialogues No. Fourteen. Dialogues No. Thirty-one Dialogues No. Fifteen. Dialogues No. Thirty-two. Dialogues No. Sixteen. Dialogu e s No Thirty-three. Dialogues No.Seventeen Dialo g ues No. Thirty-four. J Dialogues No. Thirty-five, 15 to 25 Dialogues and Drama8 in each boo.!!:. Hand-Books o f G a mes. Handbook &f Summer Sports. Book: of Crotqnet. I Yachting and Rowing. Chess Instructor. 'Riding and Driving. Cricket and Football. Book of Pedestrlanlsm. Gulde to Swimming. Handbook of Winter Sport.s-Skatlng, etc, Lives of Great Americ'&n s I .-{leorge Washington. VIII .-Israel Putnam. II.--John Paul Jones. X.-Tecumseh. TII.-MadAnthonyWayne XI.-Abraham Lincoln, IV.-Etban Allen. m .-Pontlac. V.-Marquis de Lafayette XIII.-Ulysses S. Grant, The above publications are ror sale by all nt!W!lo dealers or will be sent, post-paid, on receipt tlf price, ten cents each, by BEADLfil AND AJ)A.1118, U8 W 1LLUJ1 STUB'.r, N Y.


Deadw00d Dick e Library e L ATEST AND BEST. r HANDSOME TRI-COLORED COVERS. 32 Pages. Buy O ne a nd Y ou Will Buy -ike Rest! F o r Sample Cover See 8 t h e 1 t DEAD WOOD DICK LIBRARY. I J Deadwood Dick, the Prince of the Road The Double Daggers; or, Dt"arlwood Dick's Defiance II rhe Buffalo D emon; or. The Border Vultures 1 4 Buffal o Ben, Prince of the Pi s tol 11 Wild Ivan, the Boy Claude Duval 8 D eath-Face, the D e tect i ve 7 The Phantom Min er; or, D eadwood Dick's Bonanza 6 O l d Avalanch', the Great Annihilator; or, Wild Edna, the Gi r l Brigand 9 Bob Wo o lf the Border Ruffian 10 Omaha 011, the Masked Terror; or, Deadwood Dick in Dan1?er 11 Jim B l udsoe, Jr., the Boy Phenix; or, Through to D eath J 2 Deadwood Dick's Eagles; or, The Pards of Flood Bar 1 8 Buckhorn Bill; or, The Red Rifle Team 1 4 Gold Rifle, the Sharpshoote r 1 5 Deadwood D ick on Dec k ; o r Calamity J ane 1 6 Corduroy C harlie, the B o y Bravo 1 7 Rosebud R ob; or, Nugge t N e d, the Knight of the i 8 Idyl the Girl Min er; or, Rosebud Rob on Hand Photograph Phil: or, Rosebud Rob' s R eappearance 20 Watch-Ere. the Shadow 21 Deadwoo d Dick' s Devic e ; or, The Sign of the Doubl e C r oss 112 Canada Chet, the Counterfeiter Chief 23 Dea dwood Dick in Leadville; or, A Strange Stroke for Liberty fZ4 Deadwood Di c k as Detecti.,., Gi l t-1dged Dick ii6 Bonanza Bill the Man-Tracker; or, The Secret T welve 'P Cllip, the Gir l Sport Jack Hoyle's Lflad; or.k The Road to Fortune Boss Bob the King of .1:


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