Denver Doll's mine, or, Little Bill's big loss

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p hne?" Old R euba n a ske;I, gazi nlei fatber, sir, against the attack of a varupire !" was the stinging retort. "I thought you a man, Arizona Alf, but yon are a coward and a coyote I Ir the r e 's any fi,;htiug oo be done, allow me to inform you that I'll take a uaud in it myself!" Arizona Alf d i d not answe r for a moment, for he was too muc h surprised. He bad bad no idea o f R e uben M orse b eing tbe fathe r of D enver D o ll, or of b eing in auy w a y r elate d to ber. And, too, the w ordsutterecl by thequeea of the rt>ad -ageuts stung him to qmck, for he real. iz ed tha t sue woi s deaC: in earnest., and regarded bim as a man of little more account than a typi cal r11ffian o f tue mine s "You probably do n o t unde r stand this mat t e r I" b e finally said. If this man is your father, b e was coucernu d in the killing of Joa quin Mnr_iete in C alifornia so m e years ago, and a s I r e "iste r e d au oatb to kill evP.ry inclividual who was c oncerne d in Joaquin's .death, I am sorry of tais for your R a k e hut I cannot break my ''ow for any p erRo n' s sake." "But, I rath 3 r opine y o u will c l eap fJrwnrd Rnd strike a telling blow witbout incurring one ir: return. A spectator, familiar with the pe<'11lia r st.yle of dueling, w ould have be e n filled w1tb admiratk>,!!: at the novel and skillful moves they made.


.. All's B&id, int3rrogatively. I from berti. Tbere's old Morse lying there like a "All's fair!" was tbe r1:ply. Jog, hut J'IJ not kill him now be tbey1 What bas bec ome of my warrl the camp. cbild1 Can tile Avenger have murdered ber, "Don't fire, Bill!" Doll cried. "There'll be anrl cast h e r into the stream1 Nol something .:.n alarm quick encugb!" tells me she has escaped. I will go back to the 0 jPs t J e t me plug him in the spine, fer c a mp, and if sbe is not there. I shall be lu<'k, Dollbaby !" that she is safe." "Nol I say l" she warned. "See that these And be too bobbled away from the vicinity men are botb properly cared for, because I of the t.ree. mu!<_t R e t out of tbis quickly. Did y o u get tbe When L!!. Fcrce and his gang came baC'k fro.n machine ry'!'' their fruitless search, accordingly, they found "Yas. It's on the r oad." no one. "Q, od. W e 'll be r eady for it, when it comes, "Cuss me ef the gal barn't got more lives than I f a m y I'm off, now." a cat!" the gambler (Xclaimed. "But never Aud b e fore more could be said, she was speedmind! I'll t1np ber yeti" inir away, up the bank of the stream. And the unsuccessful party went back to thf She was not wrnng. Satauello Wbile Bill was clashing s ome water into the faces of tbe two men-for Arizona bad also fainted-Jean La Force came running up, with half a dozPn ot hers. "Wberc s the gal?" be r oa r ed. '"Dunno !" Bill r ep lied, dau11tle ss l y. "She told me to take care o1 these fell e rs, au' then skipped." Which directio n, y o u cuss e d little imp of Satan?" "Down-stream!"' Bill lied, with a placidity that was unparrlonab!P. Darn ye, you're the cause; o' l;le r escape!" the gamble r yelled, on

118 :Oener Doll' lllDe. Have you made up yotn" mind to extort the con-l cret is in this camp-a i:letective at that! I do fession1" not propose to Jet you escape. Sit down to that "Yes." table Fail to obey mA, and I will put an end to If be r e fuses1" you as sure as I am a desperate man I" "I'll kill him by incbes' I'' Tbe old man spoke with a vim that was indis put!lble. 'I have s uffered enough through that man," he went on, "and I mttan to put the matter to the t est, since, through you, I have learned the truth" H a v e you seen your cbild1" I met ber in the mountains, and again last night." "Then you know that she is an outlawf' Great Hell veo n o I" Sam went on and explained the case a s well as h o knsw how "My poor cbild," R 3ube n Mor;ie groaned, when be was done. "I am the inoocant cause. of all this. Bot there m<1.y be !I. brighter lining yet to liven up these cloud>. What would you advise? " Th!l.t you visit Blob at onca, and com e down to About the time I think all's ready, I'll drop in and arrest him." Tiley talkei tor a while longer, and then the resthete made bi s way towe. Do you remember, a number of m )nths ago-nearly two years now an event that hapne n ed1'' "Oh, yesh-I tiu lerstand now. Your girl, she go t.o get marriaJ., uud some von shoots her husb<1.nrll" Ex:actly. Do you r e:nembar what followed!" "Shimminv, yes! Your daughte r she acguse you o lf rloin' bmineso, und cle:i.r oud. Dot va h; I kno,; nodiinks apont dot." "We ll, yon see, thu who was killerl was n chred by annth> r and he had once been be l to h e r. Th.e girl was a J ew i s h maiden, an 1 when e<1'.!;agement to my daugh ter b ac"'D' kn o vn, the Jewish family were furi ous an bJ 1,,gret the disgrace bis c'nll'p ? f c'1 h'lii i-etlected upon th .. Jf>w's rla11g} 1 te r 1''n girl'< father, t-herefore, with his plenty of gol 1 bi r a d a worthless vagabnn 1 to at the altar. You, Nathan Biol),'"" the m 1 n win hirert t he d ee d done! This tool rtnd left a cnnfessinn lat-Pr of whi.t otbe rivi '" migltt have bf>en a life mystery!" Y ni1 lie! you Ile !-id vas all a lie l'' "Mo, it is not! The man who received theseNathan Bln b knew better tha n to disobey, so b e eat dow11 at the table aguin, where be had been eated on Morse's entrance. Vot you vantsl" the J e w roared. I haft no time to fool mit vou. You vas a grazy Inna tic,. und I don't vant :vou h ere. "I dare say not. You'll find out how crazy I am. Get a piece of paper, and write out a con fession." "A-votl" "A CCtnfession. Mind, no tdflingl Writ.e out the confession, stating that Reuben Morse is innocen t o f any conspirac y or attempt to mur der one Walter Walraven, and that the murde: was committed hy you, through an accomplice, for sake or revenge." "Yo u dinks I gif mine;;elf avay like dotl" the Jew bowled. "Vell, I guess you must d ink I vas a fool." So you are, to think I will tolerate any more trifling." "I do yoost vot you say." Then go ahead I'' Seizing a p e n, the Israelite began writing slowly, and at the end of twenty minutes handed the confession to R e u ben Morse. It was penned m a scrawling band, and read as follows, in very crude English as to ortho graphy, but icit enough in meaning: "Fm;:sae:T FLATS, S ep t . "This sh all certify that I, the s ub sc rib er, wish to vindicate one Reuben Morse from all blame about the death of one \Valter Wa l raven, because he didn't do the deed. It was don e by another man, who was hir ed by me I got my reYenge o n tb

Denver Doll's Mine. 27 and the Jew droppe d like a l og, neve r to I crime, for b e skulked about, -;:,. e ai:;there, and rise again. drnnk heavily, so tbat by n oo n be was fairly The detective's unerring shot had done the s tupefied with liquor, and staggered a way 00work for the old rogu e w ard b i s u ual napping place unde r the shade of The t r,. gt>dy crea t e d c on s iderab l e e:x;c1tem ent tbe tree by the cree k, where b e lay down and for an h our or s o hut wh e n Sunlluwer S a m ex-w a s soo n oblivio u s o f e verything. plaiued' and th e b a dge of biE pro f es sion, Little Bill did not r emain quie t J ong, but 'l'lllS Blob's d eath was rega1 d ed a s httle m o r e than a n I s oou out on the street a gain, his mind fully made every-da y and bi s bi g body was up t o h a v e reve n g e 't" planted" by tbe of that of bis own vie I t did n ot take him l ong to l earn t,be whereim, Apo llo Snap. ___ abouts o f bis en., m y a url t .e crept over to the t ree, on l y t o ptrce1v e that the gam b l e r was ly-CHAPTER XV. ing the r e in tbe shade, s leeping off the f'ff ects of LITTLE BILL'S BIG L O S S the liquo r b e bad drank. SINCE tbees cape of D enve r Doll Little Bill bad G omg bac k to the <',amp, the youthful avPnger kept hi mse l f pre tty c los ely in hi ding f o r b e procure d a las so and some cords, after wbich he kne w that, s hould b e expose himse lf, u e would r eturned to tbe tree b e se ized for abetting tbe girl road-agentls e.>cape. S etting to work witb the cautio n of a fox, he To-day, h o w e v er, u e venture d forth upo n the succ eeded in binding the gambler's bands and street, and almost the first man h e en countered feet, without arous in g bi m was Jpan La. F orce, who w u s unmm a lll y !ia vage, H e n ext got tbe n oo s e of th!Ylasso a bout bis ove r d issipation and g a mbling losses tbe pre-neck, unde r th e chin, a n d threw tbe other end vio u s ni ght. up ov e r a limb o f tLe h a n d y tree. Oh o so I've got you you young r a scal, hav e Seizin g b old of it, h e brace d himself against I!" h e c1ie d, clutching t h e urcbm b y the s boul -the tree, and pullin!?' witb all bis mig h t suc d er. "You're the ver y r ooste r I w ant. :P' y e ceeded in r aising L a Force to an upri ght pos-know w h a t I'm g oin' t o do! ture. And b e c b a nged b is bo l d and caught Bill by Tbe strain o f the r ope about bis gullet pretty one o f bi s r atbe r l a r!?'e ears. 1>ffectu3lJy s obered t bRt p erso n, and be gla r e d at "Oucb Let u p now!" the boy yell e d. "Ef hi s t orme ntor f erociously. you d on't I'll be y our las t s i c k ness." "Curse you!" b e gasp e d. At a wink frr.m Force o n e o f bi s c r o nie s "Same to yo u! Bill r e t orted, wi t h a diaholic a m a up a n d se i zed B ill' s bands from hebind. gri n \nt to the bote l and lay down for a while, betrnyed all t h e r uflfon i11sti 1lf'ts of bi nature with tb e int<'n t.ion of returning later: but that "The n y e won't tell w here D e nver D oll can be was made unnece0sa ry. L a Force bad not been found1" b e r eptiated. I J o n g in bis torturing d ilPmma, w ben a wo man N o!" B1ll repli ed w i th he r o i c pluck. "Han g CTame down the bank o f the stream and I y o u I w ouldn't if I knew:" him, by c u t ting hi s bnnds aud t be ] assn. The next instant tbPr e was a sh r ill sc r ea m of She wns n one oth e r tha n Christin e Blo b pain, 1!.lld the hoy ditrted toward tbe hotel, Je"' s daughter, but she w a s a ob wbil e V i F orce stoor11 b.,! d ing the sevP r ed ear. ject. Her face wHs b ag{!n r d and scrat c h ed N o efl'o ut made to appr e b Pnd L!t Forceand hP.r c lothing torn and soiled. Sbe l oo ke d indee d, t e w i n F re; h e t Flats woul d have d a r ed as 1 f s b e bad b a d a week's tra m p throug h t h e tackle him. mou ntains. I 1 And he oeemed sullenly guilty over his brutal 1 Tban]i: thunder you camel" La F o r ce growl l I,.


Denver Doll's Mine. ed "I should 'a' given 6ut soon. So you're back eh1" "Yes." To betray the gaugP' When I see tba CiSh. I've been lost for over twenty-four bours. But I'm ready, when the is_,, They converaed for a wbile--then w ent into the camp. La Force told her of her father's fate, but she seemed very little conc e rned about the matter. A keen judge of human characte r it did nnt take long for La Force to arrive at the conclusion that she was losing her reas on Tbe gang who were ofl' to-day wem men whom tbe gamble r m ot counted on as bi s f aitblul followers, and be therefore hurriedly armer! anrl equipped the m for tlla rairl upon D enve r stronghold, knowing that be could d e pend upon them to llgbt for hi> interests. He paid over to Christie the sum of t 'VO th,,usand dollars, whi c h she accepted in good faitb, little s 1 1spectin:i; that it wa counterfeit. Then, well m mnted, t':le party roating r,fle,. They were a 11 maslrnd exrent one, that one being the d>tuotless Denv e r Dull, wbo stood with a triumphant smile, watcbing the astonisbment of tbe miners. "Gentlemen," she said, "you are my pris oners. Come forward, one by one, and lay yonr weapons at m.v f eet." Sbe spoke pleasantly, y P t sternly. The m e n excbauged glances; tben Doll's for mer superintendent said: "We rpight as welt COJ:Ile to Limerick at first as lost., felbrs. H ere goes my barkers." And h e tbre w down his weapons. The otbQl" miners followed bis example "Yo u are a sensible set," Doll decided, looking tbem over, "and I s ee you are nearly all my olri e mpl o y ees. I am glad uf that, be cause h e n eforth, I am going to boss this mine, and J e nn L 1 Force 's power in Freshet Flats is at an end. D'ye see tbesa m e n ? "Yas," Banke r answered, acting as spokes m a n tor tbe utb e rs. "Well, tbe y are All honest, bard -working min ers rrom tbe upper c ountry, who are goin' to stand by me and balp m e g e t back my rights. We've g o t the mine, and are g oing to k eep it; I all o w y o u won't binder u s Tllen there will he n o oppo s ition from any on e hut La Force, aod wllat fc,v he can collect. And it the y ge t miae away fro m us, they're wel come t o it." What d u yo;i propos e to do with usY" Banker a sker! "Tlla t r es t s with yourselves to decide If y ou swea r allegiance to me, y o u wi,l still continue to work !Jere unrler pay from me. If you r e fus e t o back me, s o m etbmg els.will haV'f> to be d o n e." ''\Ve il, for my put, l'rl rat h e r w ork for you than for J ean L'l F J r ce," B a nkPr declared. "The othe r s c a n do as the y ple ase." Ttie min ars h PJrl a L>w c on s ul r Rtion among the ms e lv es v:bich laste d for se \ 'eral minutesthe n on e o f the m sai1: "I all ow, mis tbllt w e're all the same way o' tbinkin' a BankPr, an' we'll stic k by ye as a ye try t o b olri tbe min e Some o' the b o y <--the n e w 'n os-Jost m :>ne y through you, tbqu<:1;'1." "Everything ball be made dol lar r eturnPd a" I promi se d in my proc l amation; a nd. t oo, y our w aire> in crease d. You can go to work n ow while I g o up into camp and see bo w tbe la mi la vs." Afte r c a r e full y diguising he self, so that sbe <'iosely one of the miners, sbto ascPnd e d the in<'lio e paed tb e who bad THU: MINE OWNS ITS QUEEN AGAIN. previously h ee n bro u ght ov e r to her side, and THAT tbo day -gar.g b a d g one to ent11red tbe town. their work rn t be mine R S urnal. H e r e s h e louged about during; the better part A s soo n as the y r e a c b P d tile <'bamb P r a t o r c h of th e dav, a nd h a l tbe s a ti s f .. ctio n o f s eeing was i gnit0d and the n eac h miner's lamp was La F>rce a n d bi s pals c.tart off f o r b11r d eserted lighted thereby. m ounta in s tl'ongb o lrl. Tbey w e r P all thu busied in procuring their "Now then, is my c b Rnce !" b e s11id; "when !igbts when the y hPard an ominom cli;,k I c li c k! L Fo1ce returns, h e 'll hP urpriserl." as of the of weap :>ns, and gazing around She burrierl hac k to tbe mine, and half an thPm in u1 prie, 1t nee d e d but one glance to hour later harl mars hal e d her fift v armed men satisfy tbem that the y were priso ners. out upon tbe Flats at the of the mine, A soore and a half of armed men surroundedhbere they begau cheering lustily.


.,._,,.. Denver Doll's "Hurrah l hurrah for Denver Doll I Long ;:nay she Jive!" was the cry that.went up, and it bad the effect to startle what citizens remained in the camp. They collected in a huddle near the Satanello, but did n o t offer to approach the_mouth o f the Drift, probably fearing that they would be fired upon. A ccordingly, Doll gave Joe Banker instruct10ns, and he went forward, carrying a flag of truce Several of the business-men advanced a few steps to meet him. "Well, what's to pay now?" one of them askell. "The price of order brought out of chaos," Banke r replied. "Denve r D oll and her men surprised us in tbe mine, and bas recaptured it. She declares her intentio n of holding h e r rights, no matte r what objectio ns any one may have, and we, her former employees, believ e it right that she shall have back the mine, and therefore b1>.ve volunteered to support ber cause. She de sires to know in what l!gbt she is to consider the ene mies or as friends. If the y ac cept of her as a citizen, as before, all well and good. If not, she will defend her mine to the bitter end." "On tbe part of wbat citizens are in camp just now, I am of the opinion that I can bespeak for her a welcome, if she bas ceased her unlaw ful raids. What she can expect from La Force and bi s gang, she must be the judge. If you will wait, I will secure the sentiment of the crowd said Jim Fisk, the groceryman. He came back a few moments later and announced: "The majority is in favor of receiving her back, but there's some balky ones and 1 ; ossibly will b e more Ben Blye, La Force's partner, is_ offering a hundred dollars per man who will stand up for the gambler, and it's likely to have some effect. When La Force returns there will be an attack, and then, if you are r eady, the matter can soon be settled as to who will bold the mine, and who won't." Baoker returned to the mine and informed the l(irl chief of the result of bis parley. "It's all right!' she aid. "You see that the boys are ready to fight at an instant's not. ice." During tbe r emainder of tbe afternoon, several reinforcements came in fr0m the camp. among whom w ere Reuben Morse, Sunflower Sam and Little Bill. The matter of the mystery concerning Wal11er Walraven's murdAr was then cleared up to Doll's entire satisfaction, and she wPlcomed her aged father with a great warmth of affec tion. "Lookee byer, Doll ha by I" Little Bill inter posed. "Don't be too k e ri'ectionate on the old gent, or ye won't bev any left fer my daddy duke. over tbe'briny puddle." Y o u k eep still, or 1'11 cut your other ear off!" Don warnoo, laughingly. By eArly moonlight, the party whom La Force had ]Pd so valiantly from the camp, returned, bearing their dead lead er. "Now look o:it f e r it!" D oll cried. "Some ones a gone cas3, au' I rec kon it's La For<' e." Half an hour later a mes senger was sent out from camp, with the news that no attack would laiiml",de. Blye could not prevail upon bis pals to risk of their lives. --Little more remains to be told. The death of La Force and restoration or Denv<.}r Doll, literally put an end to ruffianism at Freshet Flats and it became a town us long as Doll remained there. Accord ing to her proclamation every man who bad bee n robbed was r epaid to bis entire sa tisfac tion and ttere W B S no stigma attaching to the Red Stars who bad helped D enver Doll regain her property and h e r good name. Arizona Alf, and Cbristie, were found, in the mountains, lying side by ide-dead I The latte r bad ev idently killed the Avenger and then killed h e rself. R eube n Morse d ied, soon after being restored to bi s child; and now, rich in purse and strong in purpose, she arranged to leave her mine under tbe management of Sunflower Sam and Banker, while she set out in pursuit of her too long de serted calliug of detective. THE END. BEADLE AND ADAMS' Dime Hand-Books. BEADLE'S DIME HAND-BooKs FOR YOUNG PEoPLll cover a \Yide r a nge of sbjects. and are especiallJ adaptea to tlieir end. Young People's Series. Ladies' Letter-Writer G e nts Letter-Writer Book of Etiquet te. Book of Verses. Book of Dreams. I Book of Games. Fortune-Teller. Lovers Casket. I Ball-room Companion. Book of Beauty. Hand-Books of Games. Handbook ef Summer Sports. Book of Crequet. I Yachting and Rowing. Chess Instructor. Riding and Driving. Cricket a nd Football. Book of P e destrianis!D, Gui

DeadW00d Dick Library e LATEST AND BEST. IABDSOM lHl-COlOHED COVERS. 32 Pages. Bay One and You Will Buy the Best! Par Sample Caer Sea 8&laer DEADWOOD DICK LIBRARY. l Deadwood Dick, the Prince of the Road 1' The Double Daggers; or, Deadwood Di ck's Defiance I The Buffalo Demon; or, The Border Vultures 4 Buffalo Ben, Prince or the Pistol Ii Wild Ivan, the Boy Claude Duval I D e a t h -Face, the Detective 7 The Phantom Min er; or, Deadwood Dick's Bonanza 8 Old AvalanchR, the Great Annihilator; or, Wild Edna, the Girl Brigand 9 Bob Woolf, the Border Ruffian 10 Omaha 011, the Masked Terror; or, Deadwood Dick in Danl!'er 11 Jim Bludsoe, Jr., the Boy Phenix; or, Through to Death 12 Deadwood Dick's Eagles; or, The Parde of Flood Bar 18 Buckhorn Bill; or, The Red Rifle Team l4 Gold Rifle, the Sharpshooter 15 Deadwood Dick on Deck: or, Calamity Jane 16 Corduroy Charlie, the B o y Bravo 17 Rosebud Rob; or, Nugget N ed, the Knight of the Uulch J.8 Idyl, the Girl Miner; or, Rosebud Rob on Hand 19 Photograph Phil; or, Rosebud Rob's Reappearance 00 Watch-Ere. the Shadow 21 Deadwood Dick's Device; or, The Sign of the Double Cross Canada Chet, the Counterreiter Chief 28 Deadwood Dick iu Leadville; or, A Strange Stroke for Liberty 24 Deadwood Dick as Detective 25 Gilt-ICdged Dick 26 Bonanza Bill, the Man-Tracker; or, The Secret Twelve Z1 Chip, the Girl Sport 28 Jack Hoyle's Lead; or!.. The Road to Fortune 29 Boss Bob, the King of 80 Dead wood Dick's Double; or, The Ghost ot Gorgon' s Gulch 81 Blonde Bill; or, Deadwood Dick's Home Base 8\l Solid Sam, the Boy Road-Ageut 88 Tony Fox, the Ferret: or, Bob's Boss Job 84 A Game or Gold: or. Deadwood Dick s Big Strike 85 D eadwood Dick or Deadwood: or, The Picked PartJ 86 New York Nell, the Boy-Girl Detective 87 Nobby Nick of Nevada; or, The Scamps of theSierraa 38 Wild Frank, the Buckskin Bravo 89 Deadwoo d Dick's Doom; or, Calam:ty Jane's Last Adventure 40 D eadwood Dick's Dream; or, The Rivals of thR Road 41 D eadwood Dick's Ward; or, The Black Hills Jezebel 42 The Arab Detective; or, Snoozer, the Boy Sharp 43 The Ventriloquist Detective. A Romance of Rogues 44 Detective Josh Grim; or, The Young Gladiator's Game 45 The Frontier Detective; or, Sierra Sam's Scheme 46 The Jimtow11 Sport; or, Gypsy JacK in Colorado 47 The Miner Sport; or, Sugar-Coated Sam' s Claim 48 Di c k Drew, the Miner's Son; or, Apollo Bill, the Road-Agent 49 Sierra Sam, the Detective 50 Sierra Sam's Double; or, The Three Female Detect> ives 51 Sierra Sam's Sentence; or, Little Luck at Raugh Ranch 52 The Girl Sport: or, Jumbo Joe's Disguise 53 Denver Tloll'e Devic e ; or, The Detective Queen 54 Denver Doll as 55 D enver Doll's Partner; o r Big Ruckskln the Sport 56 Denver Doll's Mine; or, Little Bill's Big Loss 57 Deadwood Dick Trapped 58 Buck Hawk, Detective; or, The Messenger Boy's Fortune 59 D eadwoo d Dick's Disguise; or, Wild Walt, the Sport 60 Dumb Dick s Pard; or. Eliza Jane, the Gold Miner 61 Deadwood Dick's Misoion 62 Spotter Fritz: or, The Store-Detective's Decoy 63 The Detective Road-Ageot; or, The Miners ot Sassa fras City 64 Col orado Charlie's Detective D8.8h; or, The CaWe Kingii

Denver Doll's mine, or, Little Bill's big loss

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Denver Doll's mine, or, Little Bill's big loss
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The Deadwood Dick Library
Wheeler, Edward L. (Edward Lytton) 1854 or 5-1885
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Cleveland, Ohio
Arthur Westbrook Co.
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;opyrlght 1888-Lbl'\9, by Beadle & Adams. Ente r e d at Post o mce. N e w Y ork. N. Y n s class matter. Mar. 15, 1$9!, No. 56 THE ARTHUR WESTBROOK CO. Cleveland, Ohi o Vo l. V


Denver Doll Mine. Denver Doll's Mine; OR, rejoined. "Those who dance must pay the fiddler. Heard bow we ran it iu to corral?'' "No. I simply heard that Dolly bad been taken in and done for." "\'Veil, you see, last evening Doll came Into LITTLE BILL'S BIG LOSS, the Satanello, where I and Ben Blye were play-ing eucher-tbat is, we were playing off; Ben BY EDWARD L. WHEELER, 11.U'.!'HOR OF '' DEADWOOD DICK" NOVELS," ROSE BUD ROB NOVELS, "DENVER DOLL" NOVELS, ETC., ETC, CHAPTER I. losing all the time and I winning bea vily, in anticipation of picking up a snap. This Denver Doll stood looking on, an' when Blye quit, two hundred out, she was gal enough to allow she could beat tbe man who put ttie spots on the cards. "I allowed she couldn't, and first you know we were at it, hundred dollars f1 side. She was a good player, and had sharp eyes, but I knew ONE WAY TO LOSE A MINE, several points-El Pas> skin game-that she "YAB, they say old Nathan Blob is comin' aidn't, and as a natural consequence, I won town, to-night, bag an' baggage, fetchin' twenty succt>ssive games. That made her mad, along bis swag wi' which to buy up a monopoly and she wanted to borrow swag to gamble on . over tber minin' interests,beer in Freshet No one res ponded, so I agreed to lend her a !<'lats!" thousand for twenty-four hours, and take a The speaker was a black-bearded, roughly-mortgage on the mine. Sbe agreed, and Paque, dressed ma.n, who formed one of a part y of balf the lawyAr, fixed up a light mortgage, which a dozen persons that were seated in Fisk's grothe Drift mine, if Denver Doll don't cery store, one rainy Septembe r eveumg, in the co111e to time at eleven o'clock to-night." young mining-camp of Freshet "And you won the other thousand?" Fisk's grocery was the only store in t!:te eamp, "Of course. The mau or woman does not and consequently was a plac e of r e nd e zvous, live that can beat me at cards!" nightly, for characters that did not frequeut tbe And tbe sport spo ke with emphasis enough to Sl}tanello, the chief saloon and gaming den of denote that he believed what be said. tdwn. D enver Doll s D rift was the only quartz mine The speaker was Jim Fisk, the proprietor of yet opened at Freshet and was already de tbe grocery-a man who had followed up minveloped into oue of the be!;t-p11.ying leads in that ing life since '49, and wuo was noted as" squar' section of Arizona. All the other claims at the from the word go.'' Flats were moderate paying plaC'er or surface Of course occa s ionally some one would insinumines, and promised spee'tlily to play out. Nor ate that Fisk's character was not spotless; but had diligent prospecting discovered another view then, a man never existed in a ro11gh Western of quartz in the bills about the Flats, that guar mining-camp, whom some one had not anteed to pay for the labor of opening. thing to say against, and Jim generally backed The1efore the future prospect!i of the camp up any insults with the free use of a six-shooter, depended mainly upon Denver Doll's Drift, and which he knew pretty well how to handle, as the noted young queen of \'Vesteru detect.ives did his daughter Fanny. was considered as being the destined richest perHis audience, to-111ght, was with one excepson iu that part of the territory. tion, of roughly-attired and bearded But, now, according to the statement of Jean meu, like himself, who were plainly veterans in I La Force, her prospects were poor, unless she tbe mines, and who were not afraid to use the couid raise a thousand dollars before eleven weapons they wore in tbeir belts o'clock, thut night. The exception was a well-shaped young man, This she could have done, only that her young :iressed in citizen's attire, with a display of jewprotege, Little Bill, had gone East, several elry, and the air of one who was born to easy weeks before, for machinery, taking all but a circumstances. couple of thousand dollars of their available His hair was jet-black, and a mustache ol' the funds with him. same color ornamented bis lip. It was already time for his return, but there Of face, be was darkcomplexioned, and of was no knowing exactly what day he would put sinister expression; a cynical smile almost con-in an appearance. stautl.v hovered about bis mootb. Thus was the loss of her available cash liable The words of Jim Fisk had been addressed to to put the girl sport in trouble, as there was this individual, m )re particnlarly. probably not a man atr the Flats, aside from "I suppose ordinary mortals will stand no Jean La Force and Ben Blye, who could raise a show when the monopoly magnate comes!" this thousand dollars to moot a sudrllm emergency, sport said. unless it was Jim Fisk-and that personage and "Reckon you're right, unless you can rope the detective queen were wit exactly on good him in with a skin game, La Force." terlns, for t': e reason that she bad refused tO' To which the young man showed two r:leamsell him a share in the Drift. int\ white rows of teeth in bis sardonic smile. "I'm bettin' th mine is yourn," Fisk re 'The boys tell me the ownership of Denver marked. "I opine if the gal is really broke, Doll's Drift is likely to change hands!" Fisk went that she won't find no'one hyer who can help on inquiringly. "How is it?" her out." "I judge that's about the size of it," La Force "That's what I concluded, when I lent th ..


Denyer Doll' lllhae, a money for so short a time," La Force chuckled. The mme is -worth a hundred thousand, if a cent. Pretty good investment, eh?'' "Yas; but I wouldn't like to he In skin, if you take the mine away from her!' an old grav-haired miner said, who was known as Uncle Job, from the fact that be was note1 for bis patient "Why not?' La Force demanded. "Beca'se ye don't half know that aire I tell ye. She'3 a big-hearted 'un, an' squar as a corner, but she ain;t one 'twill be run over." "Pshaw! Would yoti for a moment imagine that I could be intimidated by a womun1'' scornfully. "Wull, wait an' see. Ef report don't lie, you wouldn't be the furst galoot she s ma

Denver Doll's lllhle. opine you've come to the right camp to get lynched!" Jim Fisk declared, seeing that La Force was rather weakening. The rope was never made that will lynch me," Alf r e torted, coolly. "Besides that, there is not square inches enough of man in the to handle me. If you think there is, and have fot the stuff to back it, just trot out your man. arn ready at all times to conquer conceit by the most approved methods." Here was a bold challenge, and every man in the room knew it, but none of them seemed dis posed to take it up. L:i Fore<> bad by d eg r ees got around to the other side of the stove, and was apparently in disposed so far as tackling the Arizonian was concerned. "Your challenge is that of a bully, and not worthy of notice," Fisk said Let me tell you, however, that if yon propose to r emain i n tbis camp, you will have to exhibit l ess brag gadocio, o r you'll get planted." "If you so. wby d on' t you trot out one of your plantr! You're not tbe man to travel without m onov and don'trou forge t it. I know who you are, Blobsy-'"-sCI II'"


Denver Mine, you pnn out, or I'll put a buzzer in your noddle I lightning pulled off bis jacket and that'll be worse'n tbo' a mule bad kicked you I" wrappetbook into Red singed down lo tbe ery scalp. Star's bat, and tben scrambling back mto tbe I Howls of pain escnped birn, t.ut as then was coach. a prospt>ct tbat the-shanty would catch fire, he "You can go, toot" Red Star said to the was dragged out of doors. wbue several sym negro. "W bo are you, dandy, and wbat are pathizers prcceeded to dress his "ound. you going to contribute'I" Arizona Alf, after n;viewing t b e low the muzzl e off from you!" The wbat'I" Apollo demanded. "Yer muzzle-you're frontispitce--your mug. None o' your now, but give me your pocketbook, before I drop you." Looking more frlgbtened tban before, the swell obeyed, and then hastened to sfek the pro tection of the coach. "Reckon tba t will do, nowt" .Reshct Flats tbat Red Star l!ends bis kindest regards I' The next instant he was io the saddle and flying down tbe gulch. Bradley the n mecbauicalty mounted tbe "hearse," and followed on to,.ard Freshet Flats, highly elated tbat tbe first stage-roLbery on that trail bad been attended by no blood shed. At Jim Fisk's grocery, in Freshet Flats, the excitement was intense and, yet, tbe silence profound, os tbP. two athletes stood confronting each other. The following instant, however, the silence was broken by a s u d d e n and r esounding whack, which struck the gambler on the forehead, causing him to stagger back. 1 t was a shoulder blow wbich the Avenger of Joaquin bad struck, and would have lifted any ordinary man off bis fePt, "Curse you, I was off my guarii, then!" the gampler coming to time with an Pffort. "T' at's not my fault,'' .Alf replied, good naturetily. "If you don't wunt t o get a sun dow;;er, you'd better be on your guard, then." Frr a few minutes they inoked at tbe clerk a lilevilish of .,., uld pass ove r his face. At elPven <-'C'lcf'k Denver Doll was to have re deemed h<>r rum tgage. It wa" uow lif t Pr tv. elve, and 1t was distinctly stated in tbP bgreement that only two hours' grace sbunld be f?iven, under any cirrumstances. The crowd in tbe !Satr.nello .,..e1e to a man ac quainted wit h the facts, ond hence their mani fest interest A quarter of one cam<'. But fifteen minutes difl Denver Doll IKW have, to redeem ber mine. If o n e o'C'loc k struek, and she bad n u t appeartid, it was at La Fnrce's option wbethtr to let lie r 1ed eem the Drift property or not. "A th< uand d< Ila rs to a <'ent that Denver Doll's Mine is be cried, from behind the tar. as five n inutes to one came, and the detec tive queen bad not sbown benelf. "All that wants to take the bet, srep up!" Ev1dPntlv no one in the room was fiush with their stamps. Four winues t o one! Peter Paque, th e only lawyer in the cam)\ mounted one rnd of the bar, holding a l eg al l ooking documPot in bis band. H e was a pin('!JPd, sbdvPled-up littlA ma11, with tbe sharp and general appE'ar auce o f a scamp, a11d 'twas said of him that he was not at all ECrupulous as to bow he made money. "Ge nts, at one o'clock, I foreclose the mort held by Jean La Force, againat the Denver


Denver Doll's Mine. Doll Mine. full exte!!t of e;ra.ce will have expired, with the striking of y<>nder clock, and I do t o you all that the mortgage is lalVfull y f o r et:loserl En.1u gll said!" T .v,> nio 1 1 t e ; la.l'kin,,-of one o'clock! The hat.I stoppeu. Every man stt>ool facing the bar 1'1itb strane;e e r exprd.:Hi ons of tne1r gaze r1vete i upon the f a c e of the clock, toward whi(}h tli e fin ge r of J ea n L-i Fu ce p o inted, like a m enace Dead silence r eig n d, oaly the low tick of the time-p iec e G 10 sil e nce, One minute t o one! WbJ.t an et'rnity t o soTI&-wbat a l oss to others mie;llt the strikiue; of the clock signify? Tic k! ti c k! tick! tick! It scarcely seemed tha.t a muscle of the hu man b e ings in the r o om, stirred, so absorbed we1e they-even the '!Xpi:essions o f the motley -array of faces was chnnged into a sort of anxiou s p a llor, Ting! It was over! The hour one struck, a!ld according to con tract, Denver Doll's .Drift belonged to Jean La Force. H ark! Every ear turns toward the face expresses eage r ness and some disa.prointment, with eagerness-all but o ne. That fac e expresses m li cio us exultanca. It the face of J ean La. Force. Bot wh y t be eagerness ? A furious c l atter of a horse's hoof s is heard ap-proac h i n g. The horse dashes up to tbe door. S ome o u a leitp> off. The door iq burst open. D enve r D oll theqnoon of detectives, and hand s omest girl sp:>rt in the West, enters with a rush I redeem m ortgage!" she cries, a glance at th e c l o:ik. "Young woman. vo n are just one minute too late," the vol es or P e t e r Paq11e r e plies The m ortgage is a l read v foreclosed. The Drift be longs to Mr. J ean L'.\ Force aud all t J e courts of la.w in Christe n dom cann v t take it away fro m him." D o y o u refuse to accept back the \Doney borrowe d an:l r eturn ma tha paper!" the girl dema nded turning bar flashing eyes upon L!I. Force. "Most a>snredly," he answered, with a mock ing smile. "Tbeu, may the curse of D enver D oll rest u pon you and mine, until it is restore co >to ly, and dioa rmed her. -k;ba but i t was n o u e "l\fa11 th o n<::h sh e appear in h e r jaunty snit of a ttire stre w a s st1!1 a weak a s comp tre:i wi1. h tbe hardene d min ers who S Aiza d hol l o f ber. I n the her son 1br ero fell to the fl oor, and ber baiintiful bair was tos;; e d into wild con fu s ion which, ir anvthing, mad<> ber more beautiful than pver, with her cheeks flush e d and eyes dancing with indignation. "Re l ease m e !" s!:ie c ried. "What is meau. o f this assault?" 'Jest b e qui?.&, if you plPasPJ" La Force said, with a wi cked cbm:k l e. You raised the m ouey on < l got b e r e too to redePm the niiue Sup posin' you j es t explain t us law-abidin' citizens h ow aad wbere you raised the swag!" "I will explain nothing!" sbe retorted. "I defy the whole of you! You are a pack of ruf fians; and if that mine not given hack to me, this town shall kbow what a wro nged woman ca.ado!" I guess no one ain't keart of you!" La Force growled. "Ef you don't tRll where you maile a raise or thi> swag, wby w e 'll bold y e till we find out. Mebb o tMre has been a stage robbery, or somethin' of the kind, since mone y ain't picked up so orful easy !" A close observPr might bave n oticed that Doll wfoced p erceptibly; but none of the crowd pro bably noted the fact. It iPd eed s h a who bad tappe d the stage, tha t night, aurl so b o ldly r e lieve r the passeuirers of t beir cash under the name of Red But, bow did F o r ce divine the secre t ? And why did be orde r ber arrest? It would n o t b e long ere the stage w o uld arrive; the n her id e ntification as Red Star wa s almost a c ertainty. 'l'b e thought fairly maddeued he1, and making anotho r sudden and desperate struggl e for liberty, s he s n ceeedetl i n breai str eam, and only a v ery expert leappr co uld roach tbe other sUe; yet beyond the stream, and above its angry roar tbey heard D o ll's defiant yell. Had she I A aped the stre am? lf s o, it was sometbing that. no man in the party could do, and the detecti ve qu ee n was S:lfe, so far us t he immediato present was con cerned L'\ F01ce knew t h i s, ari d growlin gly ordered tho 1ne n bac k to the saloo n, satis fied that it was u sel e ss to att. mpt further pursu i t. But, had be k nown it, he wa s d e cP.ived as re gard s D enver Doll b e in g on tho furtber side of tba stream, for s be was not. On reaching its edge, and re'itliz ing that she C'Ontd not get across, sh e ran on down tbe sbo r e, and after proce e.-ling for a little way, cut back in a cir cuitous way into the camp. "Tiley think I l eape d the cree k, but they'll find out better ere sh e mutterei, grimly. "I wonder will thPy vi sit my shant.v1" H e r abode was o u the outskirts of the camp, and thither she made h e r way, takmg care not.: ,.


Denver Doll's Mine. t o approac h too c l o se, until s h e wns s ntisfied that La I<'orce and his follower s h a d r eturned to the Satanell o She tll e n approac h e d t h e shanty, w hen to h e r 'Surprise she p erce ivf' outlawed so far a s t h is town i s con cerne d Wba t do y o u pro pose to do, i n r egard to the mine?' F ight for i t to the hitte r end!" DoU c r ied r esolute l y "If t h e Drift can't do me any g ood t hrou g h one minute's l oss of t ime, it shall n ever .to any o n e els e any good, and y11n can bet high OD it." "Bravol I h eartily admire yoqr grit. It y o u evH n e ed a frie nd l of La g angP s h e ask ed, iu a w h ispe r "I d o n t kn o w So u n d s more li ke s ome halfrlrn nk e n b ull whacke r from out o f t o wn. Jus t then t be r e came a furi o u s kick at the d oor tha t made it spr i n g inwar d Air e ye goin' t e r o p en I" tbe h oarse v oice r oare d. Doll d r e w a r evo l ve r and coc k ed i t "Better ask who lie i s a n d then you can judg e b etter 'wbat to do," A rizona Alf su g gested. "He may n o t b e the party you expect. " who a r e y o u and wbat do y o u w a nt?" she demanded, sternly. "Ef ye don't o pe n up yer r a nch I'll c u ssed soon 3bow ye!" was tbe savage r e sp o n se "I'm Suuflo w e r Sam rig h t down fru m C innamon G ul ch, a n ef y e d o n' t open l'll s how y e how t o smil e I'm wet ter tbe s k i u, an' want shel ter t ill I kin g e t a bite --tbe n I'm gooe N o t off her g u a rd by any mf>11ns. D euver Doll u n b a r r e d the d oo r and c a r efully o p ene d i t h o ld iug her r e vo l ve r ieady for imta.nt u>e Tbe sight of the applicant fo r a dmission eatis fie d b e r tha t b e was a ,stra n g er. A u d a typi cal w es t ern stra n ger, to boot Ir giants prevail ed io aucient timeH, this bei n g see m ed to pro v e d that tbe r a c e was not yet e:x tin c t H e was v e r y n earl y se vPn f ee t in 'bight, aml l a rgPly prol'ort ioned otherwise His face w a s mass he aud r athe r gro tequ e i n pearance, witb a h u ge m outb, and large no>e b a plain in c li n a tion toward tbe pu g, A gtatee nf abo u t fifty bri s t l e d httir s o f fiery n ,rl o rnE me o t e d b i s c hin, while his eyes were little, pe ering a n d cun ning. His attire, h ow e v er, was that cf t h e u s ual slouchy bullwb aC'ker, c onsistwg o f gre11sy c or duroy trowsers thrus t i n to a p air o f stog y top boots a nd Pqu all. v grPas y and ragge d r r d0s b irt, ope n at tbe thr oat, sud a much" cru plug bat upon hi s cranium that bad 1 used as a t a rget fo r much judging by tbfl numbe r of h q l es in it. A b elt around b i s wait c ontained three ho r s epist .ols, ea<'h un e of a d i ff el'ent pattern. T h e moment D o ll opened t h e door b e grinned and bowed obse q u i o u s ly. "Ahal


8 Denver Dons Mine. "Thon ari one so young and fair-somethin' t o g e t up an irritation when it g09I Jly m e life I reck'ed a mao lived here"' d o wn my muzzl e !" he eaid, profound r e e r e n c., "Guess n ot, unle ss perchance you can use "Fair lady, behotd in m e, cactus burr . Sunflow e r Sa m' l o n a spree ; "Humph! I've used 'em already: but tb11y I'm bound to h a v e a jambo ree, dou't lacerate o n e's gulle e nufl' es they go down In honor o' the Wild F e j eel like bu g-juke d o es. B othe r9" And the n t.he gi ant turned his bac k and ex--And b e cast a glance a t Arizona Alf. bibited a hug e c l oth imitation of a sunflo w er, "No Why d o you ask! which was to his shirt. "Ob, didn't know. Looks like as ef he wae Denver D o ll burst into a merry hugh, wbilti from fightm'-stock." Arizona Alf. came to the door to s e e what was H e tll e n r e l apsed into siienc e and proceeded tbe matter. to d e v our th e meat and bread D o ll set before "Why S ammy, your stockings and him, occ a s i onally t oss in g a pi e c e to the watchk<0ee-breecbesr' llo ll aske d. You are n o t com-ful buno, who would aptly ca tcb it in bis mouth. plete as an oosthete." Whe n h e finish e d eating Sunflower S a m took "True. I h a ve been n eg l ectful, fair Queen o' bis from his belt, exa miner! the m car&the Mu>es, i u not a :lomin; m y shin< w1 rh e m fully, the n produced a psalm-book, and began tog; but the u I am s o mu c h more res t betic than to sio g a hy m n in a lood v o ice. l.irot be r Q3car it i s h ardly w orth mentio n N eithe r D o ll nor Arizona Alf cared to arouse ing C a n I c o m e in! b i s ange r by interrupting !Jim, hut b eth felt "W a a t do you w ant! p ositive that his blatant voi c e would attract at"If y o u have no b ea r m eat or v e ui tentinn 1 0 t he shanty. sou, I c an, o n a p i n c h, p u t up wi' a l eetle whi ; k And t h e y we r e n o t wro ng. mad e wi' sonflflw e r tE>A, miss.'' Tho huge, self-sty led res tb e t e bad not finished ".Bet t e r in v i t e hi m in r athe r tbau m a ke him hi s liymn w h e n t h e s ound of a numbe r of rush an e n emy," Arizo n a s,i J, i3 a bw t o n e "If I in g feet was b eard a p p r o a ching. mistake not, the m a n is w orth y o f g oo d h a nd"To arms! t he e n e m y is c oming I D enver Doll ling." cried, out the li ght and se izin g h e r rA" W e ll, come in v o've r s R ead y wh e n they burst in the doo r ''An' my d o r g1" or windows t o e;ive e m a ll the y can bold!" ''Of c ourse." A ll read y I Adzona announc ed, calmly. Tbe re;thete gave a whistl e wi t h hi s en ormo u s "Hfer t oo l'' S u uflo w < H assented. "Ef they m Juth, foll o w io..?; wb tch a mul e of the scraw ni es t bu's t til e doo r 1'11 sic k my dorg on 'em, a.n' h e'll chg r a<'te i a nd s i ze nrnde its a p p eara n c e around ki c k e m s o hig h the y won't know the e n i o f the s b aotv. wh e n they git back.11 "Tnat's lllJ d o rg!'' S unfi lWE>r Sam a b e d, surve.ving t he a n im a l w i t h prid e "au' m e an' ca A PTER V him a llm 1 sail s to6ether thrO U 6 h this briuv v a le DENVER DOLL'S BLOW-OUT. o f t ee rs." A MOMEN T l ater t h e m o b h alte d before the "Yo u d o n t e x p ec t t o b ring tha t b e a s t in-shanty, and as a lu u d kiC'k came against the doo rs1" D e nv e r D u e x c l a irn e .t doo r the v o ice of J ean L a Forc e was b eard to "Be t I ide. pruieo ce mi s u se > m e an' tbu" s goiu' t o be "Como! Aire yegoio te op<'n up? the voice trouh l e w b N 1 we g its rn>id.11 o f t h e gamble r again C'rie d. "Ye n eedn't think W e ll, co m e alon ; in; but, rniud-tbere may w e r l ou' t know ye' r e the re, f e r B e liv ely, be a fight h e r ea b o u ts to-ni g ht, aud we shall ex-o r d o wn goes the d oo r I p ect v o u to st .. n with u s. "If y ou b r e a k iu_ h e r e J ea n La Forc e, y ou'll "Be t I w ill! G 1 eat blizz af'ls an' bli t ersl Y e fi>ld this t h e liv P li es t ne$t m f b ornf't s y o u ever just. orte r see m e fig h t w b e u my dande r gits riz." n r o use d !" D enve r D o ll warud. "We're armed An:i with these word s the g i ant ente r d d the to the tf'etb, .. nd "'"'11 m a k d you w a d e through shanty, the burro follo wing him, and lying your nw u b l oosire t o captu re ns. eou-,, au' d on't ye ferge t it. Y o u sh all s ee wbat "Yo u kn n w him, tbPn ?" O;car the S e c oni c a n d o in the way o rnakin' "Rath er, b e know s me." tile fur fly." "Ab! the n it wa s you wbo spoiled bit "Grub v o u can have hut narv hu g." D o ll b e

Drent SC<'tions, encl with tbe debris went heavl'nward n n less a hu man spectacle than Sunflo'-' er Sam, sPnted astride bis supPranuuated mu)P, Jurisprudence! The mule and i ts rider, ho .. ever, w e r e only lifted hy t b e eruption e matter of ten fe e t o bov e terra-flrma, eu,.I dropped nmong the startlf'd i;pectators, wbile the various part of th0 shanty landed at somP distanc"' from its former site. Neither the nor his" dor11:" were mu<'h tbe worse for tbe 1 r.ploion;PvidP11tlv, f r the animal lonrlly on trildnl?; tbP ground, and SunflowPr t1J1npft a lndirrou,ly grinning countennn<'" toward the astound by powd10r, sir-simply powder. Duni.o whar it was nor how she went off. My name is Sunfl..,.,.er Som, tbe pocket editiou.<..f, the restbete. Can't >ay wbere Denver Doll b; s'pose likely she went up in the same blaze o glory that I did, an' bain't come down yet. Any other quw you I'll t.a ve no sbenannigan. Jnst you tell me "here the gal is, or 1'11 bore a bcla tbr'u' your skull!" "I tell ye I ba1u't no idea whar she is, onless s h e's up to the moon, blast yer unresthetic profile I" Sam fired back, "an' "'bat's more, I don't want no more o' yer Sll!l!l, or I'll step over and nnch yer bead fer ye. That aire gal se 'd she was goio' ter hide in the cellar, an' I t< Id her I was a-comin' out to >ave gittin' roastld; but, jest afore 1 was qnitP ready, I got a lift that helP,ed me along. Eb, JurisprudeI>ce, o ld boy1" 1 he animal brayed l oud ly, as if fully cogni zant of what it mastu Vame time quidly u1>cbing out one of its bind hoofs, gave a miner a dig in the stomach that doubled him up like a jack-knife. A bowl o f l aughter went up from the specta tors, as the unfortunate man bobbled away tow ward the heart of the camp, ho\\ ling like a bon. "Tell ye w'st, tbllr1s a power o' rr.usic 'bout us resthetic twins when "e git s-gomgl' Sun fl ower E'am announced. G'la n g, Jurisprudem:e We'll try some new l od ging-house, ard s ee ef we'll grt bounced And the animal struck< ff into a li\'ely canter toward the h< art o f tee camp. Jean La Force and b is pals, and such of the citizens as bad collec ted et the pot., soon followed, tb't D erver Doll must have cC'rtuinly perished by the exvlosion, or in its J ums. Jn the mean time the stage bad arrived end di,gorgPd its t1fo <>f pnssengers, and the sus picious of L a Force were verified by the report of old Nathan Blob. Apo llo Soap, and the negro, who bore the piou s cogn<' n : en o f Mose. The excitement wss the1efo1e int ense until L n Force r Pturned to L ononoce ths t DeI?ver D o ll bad heen blown t o a1co1s, which greatly addPrl t> the Jpw's auge r. "Py he dot vim mens mit r1mts on, she sdeals mine moni b, und uff sh e pe plowed oop, so isb my mouisb I" On the followine: ruornin11: Jenn La Force. armed with bis legal document., and acn o rnpa nied J;y a deputy 'berifl' And a of bi s own, r e pAir e

10 Denver Doll Mine. who bad been employed there were henceforth discharged. 'Most all of tbAse employees were honest work rngmen, wl.J. om D enver D o ll and Little Bill had specially selected to serve them, and the blow foll upon them with unwelcome force; but the r e was no present help for it, as the gamble r set bi > own clique to work, with orders that half shoul I work the mine by dlly and h alf by ni gti" in ord, r that there should be no chance fur any one els to gain p osse ssion. Thi, olrl Jew, Nathan Blob, sough t out Jean La Force, and made him an offer for/the mine but the wily gambler said" nay," and Blob & C o.I were consequently disapp)inted-for it a :>pearerl that the swell really was a partner of the Jew. Bl o b accordingly employ e d several m e n to prospect along tbe foot-bills for another good place to sink a drift. During the day Al'iz ona Alf was again in the camp, and ran a c r os s S : rnfluw e r Sam who started back with a cry, as though he had m e t a 'Dry up, you fool!" t h e Avenger of Joaquin Mariette brea thetl sternly. "No t a w ord to any o ne that I was i n tbat shanty last m ghtl" ''Upo n my restl.Jeti c s oul u o l" the giant nod d e d. "But how, in the n a me o' the seedy sun:flowers o' Sorroc c o did ye esca pt. "By an und ergrounJ tunnel, or passage, whieh the girl bad sec r etly b uilt. But not a word of this either." up in eligible places about the camp, whic h read "'follows: "0FFic OF DENVER DoLL'a .A.GENTS, "PROCLA11IATION. .. To All Whom It Uo :" T his is to ce ti y that I t h e undersigned, am not dead, but, o n th e contrary, as liv d as a living person c o uld w ell be, surr ounded by a com)Jany of brave, se l f -sa crifi c ing f e llows wh o ar; willing to aven11;e a woman s the wr ngs that you, th e pt>opl e of Fres n e t Flats, h a v e infl icte d npon rue "I g,.mbled witb Jean La F o r ce and l ost. I bor rowed mon e y of him an d gambl e d &.&"ain-he taking a morti?age on my mia e, payab l e m twenty-four bout'S witll two hours' grace. I arl'ived witb the mone y one minute after tbe time was up, but he re fused to give up tbe mortgag e This was the first outrage I w a s next arrested. charge d with obtaining the m o n e y bv robb ery, but I esca p e d and fle d to my shanty, wh ere I was sur1 ound e d b.Y an u g ly l(ang of ruffi ans, beaded by t 1 e gambl e r ruffian La. Fore e Th e shanty was tir ed, and I mus t h a v e perish e d, but for a s e cret I chr .nc e d t o kn o w Phe nix lik e I aro s e from my asb e s to hav e r e venge. ".A.bout tbt stage I did t11e joh through de s p e r a t e n eed of mon e y o r e d e em the m ortgage. I pro mi s.>d t h e pass e n ge r s they s h ould r e c e ive back cent for cen t wh a t I bor ow ed and so r h e y shall at any h our the r e shall b e an e l ect i o n o f the p e op l e, w h o wil l give m e back m y mine and payin"' L:i. F o rc e wba t I ow e him. ? I a p p oint t b e 20th instan t f o r the el e ction, when t !le m j u r vo te shall sa.v if I sil a ll r et urn or not. I will b e in camn on t bat ;lay I .. ( S i g n ed), D ENVER DOLL, Cfti e f qf tfte Red Stars." CHAPTER VI. D e pend o n m e And t h e gal-whe r e i s s'!!e!" S a f e in a pl ac e whe r e an army c ould not take h e r e x cept a t h e r will. K ee p this also a secre t. To-m orrow you will kno w m o r e How did you e s cape?" A D ECIDEDLY ORIGINAL ELECTION. "Holy d a i.;i e s o D a-oa s c us! tbr'u' t h e aeria l DENVER DOLL alive after tha t fearful explo-:fluid o' h eave n, t o b e s ure!" the giant grinne d. si o n! "Sublime a nd b eaut iful w a s tbe picture-like a What w o u l d b e the n ext wonder! hen-hawk w bizzin a loft o n a n autumnal bree z e A s f o r the young w oman road a geut's propo-Ye s e e I war j e s t goin' t6 leave t b e place wbE:n s i t i o n the op i n i o n see m e d about evenly divided. the e x p l os i o n gl'u u s a lift-me an' JnrispruT ne h o n est e l ement o f t b P cam;:> r eadil y saw the d e u cean' no g a z elle nc r t o y b alloon ever w ent fairne ss v f tbe p ropo sal fo1 the girl h a d be e n a scoo t i n inter t b e atmosp h e r ic rethe ri a morn favorite amon g t h e n c l a s s a u -! t b e y r egarded gracefull y tha n d id I a n the d o r!('. An' w hen L a F o rcA's act a s de s p i ca bl e t o say tbe l east. w e ki m down, right s id e up w i' c a r e no O s car The r efore s e ve r a l of tbe m o s t influ ential evye r c r Pate d a bi gge r smsatiun than u s re;miners s e t abou t makin g a quiet canvass, in ortheti c t w in s." d e r that tbe y mi gh t determine wbat the result Ariz Jua A H scnce l y s mil e d, but lo o k e d the o f a n el ec ti o n w d b e re st.he t e over k e enlv. O u t h e o t h e r b?J.n d L a F o r c e bar! a l a r g e m.yu" S e e h e r 2 b e s a id g iml y you have got her of p a ls, wlJo we r e lite r ally b ound to stand a l a r g e a m o u n t o f li p for a w h ose appearb y h i m i n Any emergency, aud tbis fa c t gave anc e i s s o r ou;!:h. What racket a1e y o u up to, a s -urunC"e t h a t tbPr e w o u l d be a v e r y c l o s e, if anyhow1" not a b l nody conte s t b e fore t b e m a tter was de-The g i a n t grinne d ci decl. "I d o n' t unrlerstand you," b e said "I am Olrl Natha tt B l o b wAs o n the si rle o f the "resimply a n re t h e t e No de c eption wh a t e v er-no turn" p a rty, f o r b e fo re < A w in s u c b an a c t a pos d ecep ti o n wbate v P r sibili t y o f getti n g b a c k bi s m o n ey "Yo u a r e s o m et hing in dis gui se, t h e Ave n 1 Sinc3 J ea n L a F o rcA w a s proprietor of the g e r averre d Bu t mind wbat I told you-D e nver D o ll Mine, i t was ge n e r a ll y und erstood k ee p mnm a bo u t tbll fir e-" thl\t t he s po t wh e r eo n D enver D o m ..;hanty had Aud with tbis cautio n h e turned away. stood a l s o b e l o nged to hi m ___ A n d so <:onstruing, Nath a n Blob foresaw that Tha t

Denver .Doll's Mine, 11 La Force closed one eye reflectively. It I ity. Well. now, let me pertically butto'li. had not yet occurred to him, until this, that be holt1 yer, an' remind you to ,Jing out a five or a might lay claim to the lot. saw-buck, here "n' there, to buy up votes for my Well, wbat of it?" he demanded. ard, an' so win. If ye don't, yer rocks is gone-"Vot you dakes vor id? I vas a poor ma11, so up the flume, sbure's there's power in a mule's helb me, und I vas anxious to P.V vou leedle hoof." place cbeeb to build me a bouscl on." "But, vy d o dot1 I pays out monisb-dot ish. What do you want of a house?" guue. I get pack odder monish, und sdill I vas For mine self, for mine frient, Snap, uud uud of pocket." mine p eautiful daughter, Cnristine, vot arrive "Well, go it to suit yourself, but ef ye exsoon." pect to Jive long in Freshet Flats, you better-"Ob! gotagal,eb1 Well, you can bavetbe vote fer Denver Doll." site for two thousand. Dirt cheap. Fork over, And with this bit of ndvice Little Bill I.urned aod it's yours!" importantly away, leaving Nathan Blob in "Ohl no! dot ish too t'in, Mistler La Force. rather an uncertain state of mind as to whether Der must be some babers made oud, you knows, he would ev r get his money buck or not. to make d e r t'i:qg safe, so nopo-"Ish dot s0 Vel, I vas gla for Denver Doll!" the Arizonian cried, s'pose you soflle m.onish to lend?" in st<'ntorian tones Where's the man"Nary a C'eut, Bbh.iy-nary a red! It don't here Ile comes; ten d<'ilars, old gent, when yow pay. B0si des, I want t o '!tve UP. so wlw n I'm cat your vote for right and bouesty." eleeted Prc, i dent. I CRn p :iy otf the N atione J It vas N athan Rlob. out o' my own p oc ket..._and t akP a mort"Tbat m a u vote s for m e!" La Force roared gage oa the United Sta tP<. tsut. I t e ll y ou bow from acro>s the street. you want t Pr work it fpr lJ ., lf-nahy. There's "You lie H e 's goin' tn votP for tbe gal w l10> goin' to he a big vote for L a Fcirce, an' we shall will give 1'im bis money back!" Arizona y elled have to in our level begt to ge t a major-back.


Denver Doll's Mine. "Bah! Come over here and I'll pummel your nose off." a Hal ha! Bett;er let one lesson be enough, old boy." "You're a coward and a sneak!" L:i F orce i;bout.irl, tbrowing down his pistols and l eaping to tb.q grouad. "You dassen't fig b.t." Not a worJ res pond ed the Aveugar of Jo:iquin, but tbrowing bi s to the ground be aho leaped frorn bis box, and advanced towud the gnmbler, in whose f'\ce and e yes the rancor in bis breait was vivirllv expres3ed. Bully fer Arizrmal" s c re echeJ Little Bill, flopping ilis arm' o irle and crowm5 like a roo>ter. "He'3 the stuff, is pilgrim, 1m' l'll bet a dolhir to a half til e t he p 1lisbes off the cuckl)O like a chunk o' stovepoliih. S:iil in, Ariz m'l., au' t>f [ se e arr gdo'lt attempt aoy sbindy tricks I'll plug him iu his equ'l.t or, you betr' N ditber of tho anta.11;onists paid any attention to the yoan'l;ster, but a I v1v1 ce l delib3rately, each w a t c bin'l; the other like a b'lwk. lt was manifestly tba intentioo of the gambler to cliricll with the h 1 t th1t i!l lividu'll comprehended the purpoB anj just as L-i Force made a l aopard-like sprin.;-, Alf's iron-like fi>t cau{ht hlm in unde r the chin, anr l landed him neatly on bis b'\ck. A p'>rtio-i of the crowd cheerei, and L :ttle Bill r.rowed ao-ain. "Yip! yip!hooray! Tb'l.t's tbe kind of a r'10>ter W ? keep in 011r ffoekl Taat's bow D enve r Doll's strike. o ld burro bit, that a dollar to a cent hi3 nibs hasn't got a soun'1 rn 1hr i'l bis bread trap!" Witb an e ff ort L!I F o r ce arose, and staggered to bis box:. "Tha t's eoougbl" spitting out blood by the rno11thf11l. Sure it will answer f o r the present!" Arizoo-i d31n3nded. [ si l enough!" was the t!lrt answer. "0 l I dnu't disturt> bim"' yelle:I. L1tld Bill. Don't ye see h e's no hog? He knows when he's stuck!" The Avenger l quietly, and went back to bii busine o!l tile box. Au ho11r pas>eJ, ani it was near to midnow, tbera were many rougb and grizz\ei stran?;ers in the str eet, tbe majority of wbJm like miners. Arizrma diicova r a J tbis, and mentioned it to Bill. The b'ly lririked nnxion>. L'>C>k< like a c lean beat!" h e n;uttered. "See bow L-1 F..irc3 is O lJC'\SIOD<\llV sbuttiu' off a tri umobrnt grin. Jeminy, I wisli-" H e failej t o mention what, however. A stan i hai been erect ed down the and was occupie \ by the three officer s Suntlower S 101, B en Blye, a ad Hawkins, the referee. order was Death to whosoever should at. tempt it. By a quarte r of twelve, the heterogeneous gang was formed iu line, the rear end extending some distance up tbe street; and in this line was every man, woman anrl hoy of over ten years except tbme on duty, and every one witb a slip of paper, containiog tile name of bis or her choice--" Denver D oll," or "Jean LA. Force." At sbarp twelve the refe ree fired off a pistol, which was the signal to march, and the line be ga. n to slowly move forward. But, though it moved slowly, there was a Jl"rfect pandemoni!lru of sounrls, principal amo1Jg wb cb w ere the asseverations of various boozy as for whom: tbe} were to cast thtlir votes, interlarded with cbaractenstic oaths. Above the din could be beard the screeching voic e of Little Bill. "Jog aloug tbar, ye skunks, and cRstyer for Denver D o il, the best and gal tbat buckle d on a garter, by gum! Cheer, pards, an' rememb e r you're solid fer a jJb when D o ll gits control a g'in, fer we're'goin' ter b"ild a cruslier, an' raise thunder i n general." to which anno u ncement seemingly little or no attention was paid. One by one the crowd east their votes, and there was even greater excitement beyoud the polls than before them-the excitement born of desire t o know what tbe 1esult W1.>Uld be. Probably some of the gang would bave attiempted to make a break for the rear of the l i n e but for the vigil

Denver Doll's Mine. 18 unexpected to Arizona and. Little Bill, but it trill with almost withering force upon the miners who bad in a measure regained their hopes of being restored to work in the Drift. LiLtle Bill was around among them, however, like a sunbeam of encouragement, and bis invariable expres sion was" Cheer up, fellers; the end is not yet. I've a few dollars in tbe Drift, an' outside too, an' ye knows I an' Doll allers war squar' with ye. Ye kin eat my ears off et tbar ain't a change, afore long!" Many of tbe men thanke d the lad heartily, for they had a strong attachment for bi_m, some w ere morose and gloomy, and seemed m clined to rebel. Tbe La Forc e gang w ere natmally in their element, and glorying h ; 1 the fact t.bat they bad won the el ection, they likewise appeared to con sider tbat _they bad won the town, and pro ceeded to boss it, literally, according to their own liking. Jean La Force was pronounced mayor, with power to act in all cases-which very naturally made him more officious and insolent than ever. Tbe La Force gang worked day and night in the Drift, and the deeper and larger grew t he excavation, the more gold was discov e r er!, and the more men were required to mine it, so that before the end of two we e ks, all of D enver Doll's former employees working for the _gambler prince, as he now might well have been called. 1 In some respects, La Force was a keen diplomat, and he foresaw strength by j oining the disappointed element to his own party, at good wages-for, 1easoned he, there was no telling wben or in what shape, he might hear from the road-agent queen. He bad caus e d a large reward to be offered for her capture, and notices to this effect were p osted at every approach to the town. Arizona Alf still loungerl about the camp, having stuck up a shanty for bi s own conven ience: and be devoted the most of his time in sauntering about tbe streets, varying th& mo notony with an occasional game of cards, by wbicb be seldom lost anything. Little Bill dodged about, here and tbere, keeping an eye out, but saying little. He knew tl:1at be was watched secretly, by La Force's orders, and that the gambler only wanted some reasonable excuse to lock him up, and thus put J;iim out of the way of doing any mischief. Nathan Blob had purchased the site of Denver Doll s ill fated abode, and erected tberP.on a large, and, for a mining-camp, comfortable dwelling. His daughter, Christie, bad arrived, end strange to say, did n0t betray any signs of being a Jewess, beyond the fact that she pos sessed a brunette complexion, and liquid black eyes. She was very handsome, both in face and figure, end dressed richly, as well she might, considering her parent's reputed wealth. She and the snob, Apollo Snap, were seen out for a gallop, every pleasant morning, and it. be came quite apparent tba t the Englishman-for such he was-was courting her, and that, too, with the paternal Blob's hearty approval. Miss Christine, however, was tbe least bit of a coquette, and she bad been but a few days in tbe camp, ere she saw the handsome face and figure of Anzona Alf, and through another ac quaintance managed to get an introduction to him. After that, it might have been noticed that the intimacy grew. The Avenge r managed to get out for bis morning wnlk, about the time Miss Christine and l;ler e scort tor.k their gallop, and it was al most a certainty for them to meet, and exchange greetings. Tbis seemed to highly displea s e the man, and, on e morning, b e made it his business to encounter tbe sport upon the stre et. Awl I say-se e beab !" pausing and glaring at bis imaginary rival; "you are the fellall that pre sumes to make advances to Mi,;s Blot>!" Reck o n I'm tbe mutton l" Alf laugh e d, fold ing bis arms, and eying the "blood" sarcasti cally. Why?'' "Well, my deah fellow, I demand an apology from you, and a prc>mise that you will beab afte r ceas.J your att entions in that direction." "An a-wbat-ogy!" th e sport a s k e d. "An apology, sir-an apology!" "Hal bn! ha! Wb11t gall! What d'y e mean, you pup! I apologize to a rnob of your com pl e xion! Why, you better go se t yunrself up for a clothing store man'kin." "Sir-r-rl If y o u d o not apologize, I shall publicly chastise you whb tbisl" Snap producing a small harmless riding-whip, from under bi s coat. At sight of it Avenger laughed heartily, as did s everal bystanders who had com e up. "Why, that wouldn't kill a flea!" Alf ob served. "But it wi11 leave the sting of an insult!" was the r e ply. "Obi it will! Well, strike out. I'll dare you to!" Tbe suitor of the handsome Jewess was evi dently dead in earnest, for be raised the whip and struck the Arizonfon a cut upon tbe neck that left its red mark; but, bad be counted the cost beforehand, be probably would have held his anger in c h eck. A few feet away was a road-side "swale" filled witb greenish water, and tenanted by fr9gs. Scarcely had tbe blow fallen, when the stalwart Arizonian, seizing the swell. raised him above bis bead, as though be had heeu an infant, and burled him forward, bead-foremost, into the nasty ditch. A cheer went up from the spectators, which in creased into a bowl of derision, as Snap scram bled out of his berth, a most disgusted and pitiable object. He paused for an instant nnd sh o ok bis fist at his foe, and then trotted &. way toward the Blob residence, like some whipped school-boy, follow ed by hisses and cat-calls from th" uystanders, which was all tbat was seen of Apollo Snap that day, and the ridiculous incident became the town's talk.


DenTei' Doll" Mine. Nothing bad been beard from Denver Doll since the proclamation. This sil e nce was not reassuring to the p eo ple or Fresbet Flat;. Tba ruffian el ement went itrmed to the teeth, and even Jean La Force appeared nervous a0tl watchful, and to have less confi dence in himselr than usual. When or how the blow was to come was a mys tery that worke-d the community into a ta ta of feverish expectancy. Every man bec a me watch ful and anxiom, Little Bill, tho ugh watched narro wly, s h owed n o si g ns o f baving any knowledg e o f t he wh e reabouts of Danve r D o ll, n o r of h e r forthco min g m o v es. Pro bably there w ere only t w o pers on s in the camp wbo kne w that Arizon a Alf was acquaint e d with t h e wh e r eabouts of tbe road-agen t queen, aud ta"se were Bill and the i mtbetic giant., S un fl o w e r S a m, wh o bai l started a littl e tbre;o-card monte t a bl e o n a v a c ant l ot, a n d was li v in g o ff his pro fit s whic h were n o t s m a ll. He w a s something o f an unre a dable m ys t ery, this s a m e giant, a n < I was s o r e g a r d e d b y e v e r y oue-tbo g e n e r a l opinio n b e in g that b e w a s not wha t be appear ed. d ark evening the s tage c a m e whirling d o wn i n t o tbe t o wn during a vio l ent t h un de r s t orm, an, w e a r e .. mpl y prepar ed for that. Th e r a ls but one way to break u s up-drivd J ean La Forc e and his rufll a n g-ani;: from t be t own, and giYe m e back my mine, and the war is ended u DENVE R DOLL u But Jean L<\ Force considered bis star still consid erably in tl:ie ascendant. The l etter created a s e n sa tion, of c ourse and on bei n g que stion e d the robber! pa3sengers all corrooorated wbat tbe girl baol st'ltecl. The ir uames awl andrese s b a d be e n taken, and writL en in a hook by a m a sked m111, wbo wrs eviden t y tba lie11teuant of D enve r D 11. Of the band tbat bad urrounrl e d the s t11g A there were fully fifty, all maskeJ, dresse J in 'picturesque red corduroy, with slouch bat.a and lAggings, while each man was armed with a Wmc bester rifle, and revolvers. Some influenti a l speculators were on the coach, and on arriving at tbe Flats, they club bed together and made up a purse of five bun .. dred dollars, wbich tbey offered for h e r cap -ture. Tt1is, with L a Force's offtir, made a thousand\ d ollars on Denver D o ll's bead. H e r letter was posted up i n a con s picuonu place in the Satanello, and l eft for public in T ile following morning, Little Bill met Arizona Alt "Didn't I tell y o u she was a boss?" be said, triumphantly. ft will be a blizzardous day wh e n D o ll -baby gits lef t R eg'lar o le pawnsbop she s runni n'. Like t o s ee h er. D'ye think sbe' ll e v e r g e t t b e D rift backf" Arizona s boo k bis b ead doubtfully. "Don't kno w," b e m swe r e d. ''La l>'orce isi gettlug his fl!et planted firm e r ancl firme r every day. It w ill t a ke big odds to root bim out, o r I l ose m y g u ess. The g irl is plucky, though Tha t nigbt t he Satane llo was m o r e tban un u s u ally full, and t he s a me might h a v e been said of s o m e of i t s habit ues. Gambling in every fo r m was at its bight, and the s cene at once e x u itiu g and hil ario us. Duri;ig the e v ening a striking l oo kin g person. age entered t be saloon, who gradually attrac t e d attentio n. Of m e diu m w ell-rounde d stature,, aud grace ful carriage, b e pos sesse d a clean. shaven but dusky countenance excepting a he avy m u stac h e and b is h air, l o n g and straig ht, bung w e ll do w n bis shoulder s Over his eye s h w o r e a p air o f i mpe n etra bl e gree n g oggl es . His attire was a r ic h and c ostly suit, s u c h as i s u sually worn by a M exican nabob, the trir-. ming s alone b e in g of imme u e v a lu e A s tif! s ombrero wa s w orn upon bis b ead, and a sash of satrn about bi;; w a i s t. Upon the fingers of each h and w e r e four magnifi ceut diamond rmgs. Tbis striking m a n paused first at La Force's table, and l o oked on a few moments, and the n S'1unt e r e d on. "Did you ever see that fellow-do you know him ? La F orce asked, addressing a bystander, wh o from bis r ough a ppearance and long white beard, l o ok e d hke a '49er. Oh, y e s," the man ansNered. "That i11 S enor C ohra,ttre f a mous Spanish-Mexican pokerplaye r. Ric h as Crais us, and never m e t his equal at p o k e r "Humph! I wouldn't mind takiug the conceit out o f bim if that s the case. I'm some on poke r, mys elf. Jus t mention to him that the champion would like to make it interesting for him! At wP,ic h t h e old man chuckled 5oftly as be sirnntered off to convey the challe nge. Sen o r Cohra SOQO came b al'k, "Yon sent for me, s e r.or?" b e interrogated. "I did! La-Force r espo nd ed sbarplv. "I understand you are grea t on p o k er. I am the m a n wh o kn o w no equal in these parts. Would y o u lik e t o tackl e m e !'' Cobra W "' .-ent to a fnnny laugh. "I mighi -" h a s

'"Denver Doll' Mine. "I never sit down, senor, for less than a tliou:land Cobra smiled. "Ob I well. All the same; a thousand it shall be. Be seated and put up!" ''Exactly," was the George, lock tbe doors." One ot the meu obeyed. "Now, tbeu, '' Cnbra continued, "bind to gether the wrists ol each pri,one.r." CHAPTER VITI. This order was also obeyed, :ya Force being SENOR COBRA'S CLEVER RUSE, AND SNAP'S first served. Re was fairly livid .. itb rage, but SECOND MISFORTUNE. under that venomous glance of the man of cards, THE invitatic u tendered the man from Mexico dared not give an alarm. was promptly accepted, and be took fro m a roll As soon as the bmding proces.> was completed of American money a thousand-dollar note, and the man Georg e st.ood guard over La Force, laid it upon the table. while Cobra proceeded to "go through" the He "meant business," evidently, and Jean La pockets of the prisoners and their money-draw-Force knew he bad uot picked up a flat. ers. Senor Coura bad a notoriety. It was The result of this searck was put in a leathern said of him that so luc ky was he in Mexico, and sack: then Cobra approached La Force ugain. so many of the Mexi c an uabobs had be cl eaued I "Wbat wealth I have secured beer rijl;btfully out, tlJat it bad become necessary for him to belongs to me, for it came from the Denver disappear over the borders, and tuat until reDoll mine," he s11id._ "You'll probably be willcently his operations had been confined to that iug to acknowledge tuat you are euchered, La Monaco of America, Del Norte. Force. 1Jo you kuow me I ' Noted for abundant riches, and equally for Aud off came the goggles and fierce false charity, be was a personage to inspire awe in mustache, and the face of Denver Doll was reany rough assemblage, inasmuch as be was vealed, looking prettier than ever, it appeared, known to have killed more than his allotted one with tbe dusk;f dye upon it. man. "The devil I' La F orce gasped, for he was too -From a drawer at his end of the table, Jean surprised to say more. La Force counted out a tbou,;nud d ollars in gold "You will find me equal to one, if you don't coin, and stacked it alon gs ide Cobra's wager. give me back tlJe mine!" was the stern reply. Then the game began, the table su1 rounded by "I mean bus iness, and this is but the begm many mterested spe<;tators, among whom was ning." Little Bill Bethel, bis sharp, weasel-like c ounte-At a signal her band made their exit through nance aglow with excitement. a rear door, and giving La Force a stinging slap At it aa-'in, are y e bucldy 1 he said, ad-in the face she followed. dressing La Force. "Jest like yer gall to tuck Before the gamblers ccnld make their cries yer brains out ag'in1an 'artb?uake. Bet a her-for help heard the road-agents were far away. ring ye don't know the sort o stuff ye'r' pla.)<.jn' with. Besides, ye n e v e r hev luck wben I'm around. I'm a reg'lar Joner. Take keer, don't feal fer the pop. I've got one, too, an' a selfcocker in the bargain." "Well, you shut up, or I'll fix you!" was the savage retort of La Force. The game was played, and won by Senor Cobra, who raked in the stakes with a faint smile. "Another thousand, senor1" be asked, quietly. "Not by a devilish sight," La Force growled. "The stake is too heavy. If you'll play for five dollars I gaml' I'll try you." "Since I was so lucky as to win, 1 suppose I am in duty bound to accommodate," Cobra re sponded, pleasantly. "Proceed." They then played for a coup! of hours, Cobra losing steadily. The interest had abated, in consequence of the smallness of tbe otakes, anrl the room was clear ed of all but half a dozen professional gamblers who rented tables, and a score of rough-bearded pilgrims of the pick and shovel, who bad made their app011rance iu the camp that evening. It was after midnight when Senor Cobra threw up his band. "I am tired of cards," be said. "Let's try a diJferent game. Jean La Force, you are my prisoner!" La Force glared about him, only to perceive that the other gall}blers and the barteuder were covered t:.y the weapons of the rough-looking miners. "Trapped!" be gasped. Mr. Apollo Snap, after his unceremonious bath in the pollywog puddle, sougbt the Blob residence and ruanaged to get to bis roorn without being seen, where in due tiwe, and with the aid of soap, water and anulber outfit, he suc ceeded in making himself look as good as new. He tben straightforward hied himself to the presence of the pat.ernal Blob, and io him unfolded a pitiful tale of bis mishaps, in clmling the revelation of Miss Christie's open flirtation with the stalwart Arizonian. "I vii see apoud dot," Blob blustered, angrily. "Christie! Christie!" Christie, in response to the call, came in from an adjoining room. "Cbristie, vot isb dot vot Mr. Snap vas dells me apoud you makin' flirdations mit anodder feJlo.,,, girH" the old man demanded; acljustiug bis spectacles. "Dot veller he drows Mr. Snap in von ditch, und spiles bis clothings I" "Ohl you mean Mr. Arizona! / Why, he's my new mash, papa!" the pretty Jewess L'()(l fessed, her 1.>yes twinkling. Did be really baptize Mr. How comical!" ComicaU Your masb1 Py tam I I mash you uf I bear some more such nonsense like dot. i:>on'd you know you vos der betrothed wife of mr. friend, Mr. Snap" 'Well, I should smile not! Who told your' "I 1rnd Mr. Snap ourselves. You isb to marry him, und keep der monish in der family. I marry that jumping-jack! Why, pa1>4, I wouldn't give the snap of my finger for 1ueh a


18 Denver Doll's Mine. !!pltz pood l e M he is l Ir I can't have Arizona, I I "I presume you would rather have it!" won't have no one-that's all. T here now!" and z9na averred, so sarcastically that both Snap t be imperious beauty flounced out of the ro0ru and Blob looked somewhat surprised. in high dudgeon, lamming the door behind her. On examining bis weapon, Arizona saw to b is Snap looked dubious satisfaction that its edge was as keen as could be Blob looked ditto. wi she d. "My case is quashed I" the former said hope-The next instant the two confronted each :tessly. other. "Not py a long shot!" Blob decided. "I As be expected, the Avenger found that his dells you vot you do. You shallenge do veller antagonist understood tbe swordsman's art; tc fight mit a duel, und you use a sword I gif nevertheless. be was but a child before the Ariyou. All you hafl' to do is to prick him mit der zonian, who drove him back, step by step, end of it, und he vas a goner. It vas coated forcing him to take the defensive, and giving mit d e arlly poison." him no chance to get in a blow. "Aw, excellent! I understand the foils as It was an exciting moment, and every one every English gentleman does. It is, you know, eagerly and breathlessly. a put of our education; so, I will challenge But it was a cor>test that was destined to be the beastly American at once. But, supposing brought to a sudden close, and a disastrous one I can't get a chanM to prick him1 He might for Snap, for, by an expert movemant, Arizona give me a death-wound." tore the sword from his opponent's grasp, and "Noll3ense! Thes e Vestern only sent it flying across the street! vas know how to fight mit a pistol. You lick With a h ow l of actual terror, Apollo turned him so easy as rolliu' of!' a l og, uf you is quick and ran like a deer! m1t a sword." For mere sport Arizona followed, and chased R eass ured, Apollo went to his room, and the Englishman half-way to the Blob residence, penned an insulting challenge, which b e sent to greeted by cheers from the crowd. Arizona Alf. It was to mee t the challenger in Poor Snap managed to reach the door, and a due l with sworJs in front of the Satanello the there, from sheer fright, f ell in a faint, while following morning. Arizona sauntered leisurely back toward the In a short time the answer came back, and hotel. was an acceptance. Tbe following morning was one of sensations. T he news of the bold raid upon the Satanello was in every mouth, and was an absorbing topic tor every one; but this was in a measure forgotten when at sunrise the news got ahroad that a due l was to take place in front of the Satsnello. A crowd immediately collected, and expectation ran high, for the names of the contestants nad not leaked out. Shortly sunrise, Apollo Snap made bis appearance, carryinga pair of swords, whic h h e placed in the ring that had heen formed He was fiashilv dressed and was accompanied by big Nathan Blob, wbo evidently proposed to act 'lS master of ceremonies, for he ordered the crowd to clear away to the sides of the street. Shortlv aft.erw ard Arizona Alf came sauntering le isurely up, the picture of healthy indif f erence as he pufl'e1 away at a cigar. "Weil, are you ready for the funeral1" he a sked, rolling up the sleoves of bis jacket. If s o, let's proceed, for I've not had my breakfast ;yet." A ripple of laughtAr came from the crowd. The handsome sport evidently did not have much anticipation of a trip to the next worldat Jeast, not until after meal hon rs. I a m ready!" Snap responded. I could get but two swords, and one is rusty and hardly fit for use We will toss up for the choic-,e. Here is a copner; which will you take, heads up, or tails u 11'' "Heads?" Ariz,n'I. cried. "Toss 'im up!" Tbe coin spun upward and dropped to the ground-tails up. "I will give the advantFtge to you, by taking t he rmty blade," Snap announced, eeiziug it, rather eagerly. CHAPTER IX. AN UNEXPECTED APPEARANCE. THAT afternoon as the sun was d ec lining, wan. dering through a desolate Rocky Mountain gulch, some mil e.s from Freshet Flats, was an old man, who seemed to be tottering on the edge of the grave_ He must have been full sPventy years of age for his hair and sweeping beard were as as snow, and, as he hobbled along with the aid of a stafl', be trembled in every j oint. He had evidently journeyOO. long anJ fa r for his garments were mere tatters, and his shoes worn in holes. Hat he had none. Every now and then he wou l d pause wearily, to gaza at the sun and bis desolate surround ings; then he would trndgA faithfully on again. Fmally, however, he stopped with a start. A swt'bt, m u sica l voice came to ears from j ust a bead. Ha could distinguish no words, but the voice, in itself, seemed to impress him strangely. With rene wed courage be bobbled o n and presently came to where a beautiful young was seated upon a bowlder, enga ged in weavmg a wreath of wild flowers. She was clad in mal e attire, and, needless to say, this girl was Deuvei; Doll. She did not know of h u m a n approach evident ly, until she heard a glad cry, and saw t h e old man standing near her. Then she, too, gave a start, and her face sudde._.y became stern in expression My cbild my child !" the old man c r ied, totterine; forward, witb outstretched "Stf1pl I am not your child," she protested, a pained expression upon ber face. "You h1we no a claim upon, me, inhuman fa ther!" "Don't! don't!" be gasped. "Will you not


Denver Doll' Mine. 1'1 welcome me, after I have patiently searched for "Dua Ma. A1uzoNA:you so Jong1" "Your aff e ctionate not e just received, and read "Welcome you back1'' she cried You tbe with fe e lin g s of g".a f e ful pl e a surE!that,_ too ,, I find mys elf m aire tro u b le, whi c h I will xplam m?.rderer of my-. wben w meet. In answ e r to y our de cl a ration of St'!P I s t o p I As Heaven i s my Judge, I am aff e ction f o r me, I bavti only to say that my admira not gm Uy !" I tion for y o u t bat I hav e e v e r c h e r i s h e d for "Not guilty-you tell me tbis 1 Did you not, any <;>tbe r man I vositively desp i e the man S nap; when I was a happy girl, in a happy holl!e, but, 1f you will meet m e us soo n as y o u g e t this. at oppose my marriag e to Walter Walraven, th e big c o t o nwood tre e o n t be bank t h e cree k, because hi fathe r and y o u bad been e n emies1 I I can tell y c u muc h m ore an d s o m e tu,mg import Did y o u n o t threaten me--1t too. Y o u rs, bridal altar, have my husband shot down d ead by some unknown a ssas sin Arizona put the letter in bis poeket, his eyes "Nol no! God b ear m e witne s s, n o !" sparkling with satisfactio n. "Stop! do n o t p erjure yourself further. I "Sue is my ideal of w o m a nh oo ri,'' be mused. was satisfied o f your guilt-am now-and swore Why s h ouldn't I k ee p u p tlJis m timac y anHr11anging are. branc h es and gave o gl a d <'ry a s h e a p prc,aeb ed. "You have the r emainde r of your life to ex"I am so glad you camel" h e m i d in 1petuone:rate yourself in. When you prove yourself ously. "Do you see thn t?" aud s h e 11ointed guiltless I will r e c eive y o u Vl'itb open arms to a neatly-wrappe d Lu m .. J e Jing upon the Until then, go your way." ground. It evidently r equire d a great amount o f will Yes. What is itl" power to speak a s r esolutely a s s h e did, but "The best o f m y world ly eff ects doo e up, there was no expre s o ion upon h e r face to show ready for a journey r' that anything would cause h e r to r e l ent. "A journe y The old man bowed bis h ead in silent grie f f o r "Yes I am going to leav e homll." a few minutes; then be l oo k e d up, and said: "What for!" You are cruel, but p erhaps just to yourse lf. "Ne c essity compel s m e I overheard a plot Will y o u tell me if I am on the right way to b etween my fathe r and Snap, to l oc k n1e u in Freshet Flatsr' a r oom, and k ee p m e on bread and watp r u 1 ti! "You are Why are you going there?" I c onsente d to marry tbe latter." "lt matters not. I h a v e business the r e "'fbe deuce!" Good-by, my child I and with a sob h e hobbled "Ye s, and I ju& t pack e d up a f e w thi 11 d on. here I am. I "ill n o t marry Snap. 1 JI fl to Denver Doll aros e, and gaze d after him until the furtbt>r end o f t he earth fir s t. At L r r h e was out o f sight, as if tempted to call him ceiving your kind letter, I f elt tha t vert.ap ) uu back; then h e r o ath came vividly to mind-the could protec t me, uutil-uutil-" scene where she knelt at the altar b eside her "Our m arriageP' you,thful h usband, and sbe shrunk back. "Yes love," and she t h r e w her arms around "Nol I mus t not he w eak. I neve r dreamed his neck and hugged him. of seeing him again, and s omehow hi s faithful W e ll, I should L P a brute if I w o ulrin1tl" search for me impre sses me more than I can exArizona e x c l aime d. "Le t m e t bink a m o mPnt. press. Why goes h e to Freshet Flats ? Doe s be They will be likely to discornr y our fligot." expect to prove his innocence there? H e is my "Yes." father, and there are many pitfalls in Fre sh e t "We ll, I have a plan. Y o u have b eard of Flats. I can but f ee l a daughte r s interes t in D enver D o111" his welfare, and will k ee p a watch tbat be i s not "Obi y es." harmed. P erhaps h e m a y be innocent after all I "Well, he is a wRrm friend of mine, and I Who can sayP kno w w here her stro ngh o ld i s I will tak e you And tears a ctually flll ad the flashing e y es. the r e and you will have a pl easant h o me a nd CHAPTERX. A FLIGHT AND AN ADVENT, THAT day p ass ed without any furthe r incident, worthy of speci a l m ention, aarl night once more fell ove r the rude little mining-ca m p of Freshet Flats. Early in t h e evening, as he sat in the office of the shanty bot.el, a boy entere d and h anded Arizona a letter, and hastily departed. An ea11:e r flu s h mounted the Avenger's chee ks, a nrl he tore open the e nvel o pe, after giving a hasty glance at the chirography upon it. The J e tter was in a woman's graceful lland, and ran as follows: companion until I get r eady t o l ea v e to1s pi nce Remain qui etly h e r e unti l I r eturn. D u uot be alarmed 1r I should b e detain e d a n b our." "All right. But burr.r, p l e a se." He kissed her the n a n d strode away He w a s not more t h rn ou t of bearing wh e n a man stepped fro m b elii n d the tree and confro n te d Christie. "'Shi d o n t be alarmeri I h e said "I heard you wa s going to D e u\'er and want e d t;o tell you som e t.binJl. Afte r y o u g e t the r e if you can come bA<.' k o u : l i:;uid e mP. t he r e J'll give you t w o thousan1

18 Denver DoWa llllne. tor revenge. Then, the cash is r,ours. Keep your own counsel, and remember! 1 Tbe next instant he was gone, leaving the Jewess in a state of wonderment. I will keep my own counsel!" she mused. "Arizona may n o t turn out what he then I can take advantage of Jean La Force's offer. This Denver Doll may be a flam8 of Arizona's-be spoke of her as a very warm friend of his. rn that case-well!" S'.1e did not finish, but a compression of the lips showed that the venom of j e alousy hitbetic giant, Sunflower Sam, entered. "Ho wdy do, Nathan!" he saluted, familiarly, closing the door, and helping himself to a chair. "Nice weather we're havin'." "lsb dot so1" the olrt J ew grunted, with a stony st.ire. I vas not a ware off dot fact ondil you d e lls me." "Eh-=y0' wasn't1 Darn me, what kind of a man aire -vou1" "A sir." Sam hnrst into a terrifill guffaw, and fairly shook with laughter until tbe windows rattled. "Why, t hunderation, Nat, bow long ye bin affected wi' that disease!" "All mln e li fe sir. Who you vas und vat you "Phew I don't know me1" "No, si r ." Don't rer.kernise the resthetic cut o' my mug!'' "Pv t!lm, I never see you!" ''Git eouj;. Why, I know you. As f e r me, am known as Sunflower Sam, the secoud Wilde Oscar. Had another name once. I'm an re

"It ya1 too bad," he muttered, at last. "I nefl'er haft' no more ch11nce to make money off from poor Snap. Obi veil, such vas lifa. I must leaf him here nnd Jet him pe found. I v!l fix dis paper on bim, und fix der crime on dot Arizona sharp I" From bis pocket he took the paper he bad In dited at the office, and pinned it upon tbe breast of the dead man. The message was: Rev e nge Is sweet I "ARIZONA ALF, Joaqvln' A11611gw." "Dot Til fix him so be flirb mit Christie no more I" the old wretch muttered, as he skurrled away. -From off a rocky gulch there branched a d ee p, dark ravine, barely wide e nough to admit of the passage of two horses a b r e a s t. The walls arose perpendi cularly to a g r ea t hight, and from this fissure poured n noi s y b rook. Pro b a bly n o t o n e bunte r o r prospector in a sc ore w ould have tho u g h t of wad ing up t he stream into this forbid ding ravine; yet bad the y don e s o they would, e v entuall y, h a v e d e bou c hed into a little mountain-loc k ed v oc k et, t h e botto m of w hi c h c overe d about a n a c r e s area. H ere w e r e a o f s k iu l od g es o f commo dious s ize and aboriginal d eco r a ti o u. It bad e v id ently, s J me t im e in t!Je past, b ee n an Indian encamp m ent, but was now the r e n d e zvous o f D e n ve r D o ll and her road-agent!\, and u retr e a t better adapted t o their hfe co uld hardly have b ee n fo und. There we r e both grass and wate r for their h orses and game in the oute r gulc h was plenti ful. 'l h e mouth of the ravine where it o pened into the pocket, wa.; k ept constantly guarded by two of the band, so that a-surprise was out of the question. 19 qualntances are welcome to my hoapltaltty, I'm sure." "Any of my friends, you mean," Arizona laughed. Some of my acquaintances might not be worthy of a welcome bere. I will leave Miss in your care now, and drop around again to-morrow night, perhajJS. A word in private, if you please, fair captain," and i'le led the way to th<.> l o g veranda, where D e n v a r Doll followed him. Christie's eye$ were afire in an in;;tant, and her cheeks with j eelo uy, sh e stole to the door, pulled aSide the curtain slightly, and watched them, as tbey stood conv ersing in snbdaerl tones. What they said she coul1t S < e m quite so l o n ely to have lairl upon the veranrla. another w oman in c a mp. Mr. Arizona., here The paper wes still pinned upo: liir breast, is one of my best friends, and any of bis acand as bis eyes fell upon it, Arizona A L undel"


iO ?>enver Doll's ltlne. st.ood why be was arrested, and bis face flushed with indignation. D'ye Hee that?" Jean La Force cried, ap p,roaching him, and leering evilly into his face. 'Ye see that, don't ye? Yer cussed neck's goin' to pay fer tbet job, or I hain't got no say about th3 er.'' "I un:lerstand the paper intimates that I committed that murder!" Arizona cried, "but I swear I did not do the job, nor do I knolV who dirl. Some enemy bas evidently taken this method of getting revenged upon me. "Perhaps I did it!" the gambler sneered, sav r.gelv. "I should'l't wonder!" was the fearl es s re .tort. "Yon are none too goo.:l to commit any crim e. "Well, you'll find out. W eren't in camp, last night, I suppose Nevertheless, you got back time enough to commit tbis crime. I know where you went, also. Did you find the fair Denve r Doll welll"'s lips compressed, and a steely glitter entered his eves, hut be did not aodwer. Gents!" La Force w ent on, "there is no need of having any trial i.i this case, as it is as plain as the n ose on your face that this feller is uilty of the murder, aside from the damning note o' braggadoc io he left upon the corpse. I believe ye all know, full well, that Arizona an' Snap were d eclared en e mil' s l I have instituted careful inquiries, an' c:tn't find as Snap had an enemy in the world, aside from this chap. What ev id e n ce d'ye want more conclusive, that he murde r ed the b!l.rmless young Englisher? Tilen, thar's anotlte r p'int: last night, he eloped wi' 11:al, an' tuk h e r to the stronghold of D e nv e r D.)ll. I overheard the plot, myself. Likely interfereJ, au' thus got stuck!" A murmur o f approval ran through the crowd. It w11g evident that they fully b elieved in the guilt of Jo9.quin's Avenger. Arizona Alt spok9 not; mdeed, be did not see any u>e of speaking. His face was a trifle pale, and his features were s e t bard, and stern. Ho was aware that a terrible trap had sprung on him, anr:I there was very little hope for bis es caf.e from it. You sea, feller-citizens I" L a Force went on, I d ,mt S'l.Y all this out o' personal spite, for I really fe e l sorry for the poor cuss; but I am your mayor, an' et's my bizness to speak for you, the peo'ple, It's a clear case, au' 1 opine we can't do no better tha.n put the border co.le inter effect. His neck ain't better'n hundreds o' others as has received the noose, an' I motion we put the matter through, in becomin' shape!" "Nol no! sdopl I brodest apoud dot! Don't you vas bang him, Qndil be dells me where I finds my daughter!" exclaimed Nathan Blob. ArizJna. smiled mockingly-, for the first time. "You want her back, eb1" he questionei!. "Dunde r, yeshl Off I lose mine I go crazy mit der luua.tic asylum. I-1-1-" And the poude rom, Jew paused, for want of power of utterance. "We ll, let me tell yoor" Ariz

Denver Doll' Mine. u "Yoovas crazy!'' he declared. "1You don d I 'lmow vbot y o u says." ''Queer, if I don't!" Arizona returned. "One thing is patent-it will h e a < 'Old d a y tbH t I be tray Denver D o ll. Tbe girl is d oing ,ig ht. Sbe have her own; and I d on't blame h e r fo r 1aising thunde r till s h e get s it. As for myself, J [ am innoc ent of the murder, and I'll die game before I'll make anothe r t be too l by which I purcba<;e my liberty. The speech seem e d to h a v e so m e little impre!'Siou upon the J ew, for b e was silent for sev eral minutes. "De n you vas like mine scbild he finally askPd. ''Yes." "Und she likes y ou!" l ftatter myself she d oes." "Ve l, she .11.lva y s vas a h eadstrong g irl. I don'd know v o t vii pe come mit. h er. No w, sup posin' I vas to gif you your Jil.Jerty-vo ul d y o u gif IJ'e pack my s child and n a ff e r bodde r us uo more 1'' N o I would n ot. M o r e, I would n o t a c c ept m:y, liberty at your bands. Den y o u vil die lil rn v o n dog, und I vii run der ris ks of recoverin' rr.y Cbrhtie." "So be 1tl" w a s t be calm r es ponse. In a rage tbe J e w turne d to leave the r oo m, when, to bis h orror, b e fo un d himself c mnfronted by no less a personage tha n D enver D o ll who held a pair of sixs ho oters l e v e led full upon him. Hait, Mister I srael!" s b e commanded. If you stir, except wh e n direc t e d, or utter a peep, l'll put a bullet rign t throug h your big c orpo r osity 1" I be g don'd sho o t I I d o yus t vat you d e lls me-only d o r>'d s h oot!" "Ve r y w e ll. U n biud that 'flan!" "Py himminy! vot you mean? He escape den I "Exactly Unbind him!" But, my d ea1 vimmens, o ff he escape I lo se s o mooch as a t'ousand doll a rs!" "Do y o u hear me! Unbind bim, I s 1.y!" the road-agent queen, so sb11.rply tbat Blo b jumped to d o h e r birl d in g In a f e w s eco nd s Arizona Alf was free o f his b o nil and stood "rect. "Now, the n Bl obsy, dish over wbat cas h you have about your p e r so n and we will leav e you!" Doll orde r e d No h esitation, or-pop, and over you go I" In d espair, the Jew b anded ove r his we ll-fill e d pocketboo k, whi c h Doll a cce pted in a very matter-of-fact way. "Now, the key t o this room, please, s h e said. "Vot1 Y o u ain't goin' to l oc k m e o opl" J u < t that. Shell out I The ugly c b Bmbers or the revol'<"ers glared so m e n acingly at the Jew that be o beye d. In a m o m ent m o r e he was l oc ked i n his own prison room, whi l e Doll and Arizo u a we r e e n route ont of Freshet Fla ts, by the passage, tbe s ecre t of which was known only to thAm, The passage c ame out in a clump of bu s h e s at the edge of the creek, and bad probably at l!IOIDe previous period been a sub5erranean watercourse. Once outside of it, the two adventurers bad no diffi culty in !!lrulking out of s.ight of the town without discove ry, wh ere, in a little bid der. b ear's cave in the mountllin-sidr, the handsome hors e of the queen of tbe r oad was B& creted. "You have saved my life! Ari'zona re marked, "How l'.an I ev e r repay you1" "No pay is n<'ecled. I count you as a man who would be willin g to do m e a favor, were I in need. The r efore I do n o t care e v e n to be tba nk e d. Will you r eturn to the r etreat!" "No ; n o t if I can find a disguise in your half way d e n b ere? "Yonde r, b e n eath that bowlder, are a num ber b elongiu g to my m e n. I will wait here until dark. I uave a new raeket ou foot." Arizona w a B but a few in disguising himse lf, afte r whi c h be set out for the miningcamp equipped as a prospector. Jus t about sunset that night, no Jess a person ... age than N ttthap Blob migbt have been seen t earing madly along to<7ard tbe Satane llo, with his hat off, and puffing anrl panting like a por poi se A crow d barl colle cted by the time b e reached the g a mbling-house and stared at him in astoni shment. "What in thunde r is the matte r ? La Force d emanded, savagely. "Has the cuss e s c aped1" "Ye s y es Gif m e my t'o u and dollar-git m" mme t'ousand doll!ir I can't afford to lose dot I the Jew splutte red. ' l've a lllind t o gi'<"e y o u a bull e t ; through your c u sse d be ad!" tbo gamb l e r vo ciferated. Ho w di d be escape Out with it!" "Vy, dot v in 1rne u s D e .nYe r D o 'll, she got ill mit d!'r h o u s e nnd ay,

Denver Doll's Mine. evening eu15aged in smoking and chatting with bis rigbt-baad man, Ben Blye, when tbere came a rap 1t the door. Opening it, be beheld to bis astonishment. the night gang, who bad gone in a couple of boars before, huddled together like a flock of sheep, an1l hearing every appearance of having experi,,ncec:! a severe fright. "Wb'1.t the mischief is th.a matterl Wb_y are you all out hAref' tbe g-e.rnble r demanded Mgily, it occuriog to him tb!lt.tbey might lta ve organized a strike. T n e miners exchanged glances; then one old graJ hearrle l veteran, named Uncle Eph Paiue, ad vttuced and said: 'You'll excuse us, boss, but we all allo'v we don't keer to work in tbe mines any louger e>pat, right in tbe mine, au' e t pointed a skeleton finger at u s, rattled its b:>ues, aud iuvited U3 to skip. _We skipped." L'.1. Force Jau g!Jed "Why, you <'U,sJd idi o t s you're crazy I The r e's no se c h thing a ghosts!" "Tbere i s." Uacle Epti d eclare d. "Ef ye dou't b e li e v e it, gCI a n' fer We'll all dare ye to go! Eb, The b oys" a choru3 of ass ent. If the r e was on e thing L:i Force prided him self on more tha n aside fro m C3rd-play ing, it was fo1 brnvery. No matter tho u g h be g o t wbippc 1 in a 0 h e argued that it did uot i ,s,e n liis cou!'age in the and many of bi s encounters went to show that this toe "ase. To be dare d by hi s o \vn employees to enter a dark, forbiddin.i; underground chamber, wbere they claune,\ to have a g bo ;;t, was some thing h a Ind not expectetl, and for tbe moment h e did n )t ku1Jw bardly what t o say or rlo. To n:Jt ac<'ept the challenge w o ul d certainly sh ow him up in a coward l y lig h t. to his dis w ou ld als i have tb3 effect to l es s en tbe chanccls of getting the m e n t o go bac k tu wo1k Psbaw 1 I"d jus t like the fun of such a thing, to sho w yo u what a pao!r of idiot-; you a r e," h e ex:claimeJ. with a laugh. "Lend me one of YJUr li g h t s, and I'l l go aud see what lump of rnck has so frightened you." Uncle Eph chuckl e d as Ile b a nd can c yerselves docked f e r time, wbil e 1'111 go n e." on "bol1 t r at, b P e nte1erl th!' mouth of the drift, and strorte down the track, apoar ently as fearless as a lion. In lively anticipation of tbe result, the miners gathered tthout tile !llouth of the mine and wait"d patieo. tly. l::Iis footsteps were soon inaudible, and the light died out, leaving blank darkn0:11S behind him. Two-three-five minutes elapsed-then a sound, like tbe smothered report or a pistol, r eaclled the beariug of tbe watchers. TblS was followed by Shirt. Ho didn't speak until he reached the office, wl1ere he sunl down on the steps from sheer ex haustion. Waa l, did ye see the r ghost!" queried Uncle Ep!1, with a .waiiciou;; grin. :::lee it!-jf course I saw it, you fool. Why, cus s my bo:its. I hadn't hardly got into tbe ac cur sed bole lle for.i I Se'd it a-cornin' for m e I drew my revolv ers rm' l e t drive, but tbe more I fired the it came fer m e until I was oblig e d to turn an' run. Boys, wuat the deuce i; it!" "That's what 1 w11nte r know before we go on ag'in," one of the n ... 1DC'rS nusw e red. u ''t pleasant to have a spook fer a gang lHJss." "Cursa it, tqar's n o secb thin g ns ghosts, b nys It's some! one fixed up-a plot of Denver D 0ll"s 111ayti0, to g e t pos ession of t he mine." "Y uu couut yerself a good pisto l shot, don:'t ye, b oss! "Of course!" "We ll, bow c'ye accoupt fer a human swalIEfrin' six bu!J c t>?" Lked grim. "Cursed if I know,'' b e returned. ye go borne, nut come back in tqe 111orning, and go to work. N o t a w orcl of tbis to the otber gang. I'll g iv e 'em night tonr to-morro w nigbt." This wa s more tha n a g r e eabl e, fo r tbe men were eager to learn how the othe r gang would succeed with bi s ghos tship. So. for t h., remainder of that night, ihe vicm ity of the mine wns d eserted. If J ea n Lned up, h e was g reatly disa p p u intPd, f o r the following morning the towo. was alive witb r be r eport that VPr D oll's Drift wa haunte d by a genuine g h ost, tbat bad scar er! of!' evPu the boss himse lf. Great prevailtd. and the street was alive with cnrious p e ople who discussed thP prohahilities and i mprobabiHti es of super nat .ural visitations. Tue dy gan g llatly r efu'hundred dollars t-0 tlta five men w!io will g into thr> minP nod s'>lve the mattPr !" !Je cri er\. "111 y opinion i s tbat a trick is b eing lyPtl nn H var's one as ain't sk1Jqrt. p.,., rP.arly, pan nut y e r otbersl" 8 111fhw e r Sara. :Never see'd the gbost yet a.s coul.1 skeer me!"


Denver Doll's Mine. 28 And the giant restbete appeared to IDliall ju8t what he said Four more men soon volunteered after the resthete gave til e impE>tus. "Fork over your lucre, uow,"Sam said," and we're off. Cash before delive1y, iu tuis case-." Reulizing the necessity of gettmg liis men to work, La Force did uot object, but promptly banded out the cash, and the five adventurers started into the wiue. The <.lesceut down the drift was made in quick .order, and they fouud.tllemS<;lvas m tbecbam ber of the mine where the gangs b nd been at work. Although they had brought lanterns along, they bad not liglited them, preferring to see if his ghost.ship would make himself mani fest through the Stygian itloom. They stoo:l for some minutes, with their re volvers ready for u se, but n othing of the spook ish order appeared to their vision. Then, at a word from Suufiower Sam, they shot the slid es uf>On their lantem,, and ti.le chamber was illuminatPd in every part. "Nary a ghost bere!" the restbete decl a r ed "Still, we will make a cluss search, an' see that tharain't no A thorough searcb developed the fact that tber&-was no place where a human ghost could bide, nor was there any sign of any supernatural being t.o be found The explorers therefore left the mine, and delivered tl:eir repurt. Consequently, the day gang went to work, and were not frightened out, as the night gang had been. A guard was also stationed at the mouth of the mine to prevent the p o ssibility of any hu man agency gaining access and playing the freak of the previous night. CHAPTER XIII. A REMARKABLE INTERRUPTION . THAT day, as Arizoua was lounging in bis miner's disguise upon the v eranda of the shanty hotel be saw an old, age-frosted pilgrim bob along down the with tbe aid of a staff. It was the same man whom Denver D o ll had met m the gulch,. who had called her bis daughter. Tbe Arizonian's keen eyes glittered, as the old man came nearPr, >.ud his teeth went together with so distinct a click, that be turned to see if tho sounrl bad been noticed by a red wbiskered pilgrim wbo sat on the veranda, but way off. Tbe pilgrim, however, evidently was absorbed in r eadinga newspaper. "At last!" Arizona Alf muttered, in under bis breath. "If I a111 not greatly in error, bere is my lat victim but one, in avenging poor Joaquin! An! bow 1 have wiped them out, tbougb, the dogs !" The old man s lowly drew near tbe hotel, his every movement denoting feebleness and fe. The steps l e&ding to the veranda of the hotel seem ed to have an inviting aspect to bim, for he paused, looked at them, and tben bobbled t.o ward them. Arizona was by bis side, in au instant, and caught him gently by tbe arm. Exc use me, pard," be said, but you look wora o u t. Let me help you to a seat." Aud he assisted old Reuben Morse to bis own cbair uou the veranda, oud going mto the bar, brought him out a glass of brandy. "Tbaukeel thaukee!" theold man murmured. "Mebbe that will help me to a little more strength, tho' I seldom use it." Afte r h e bad prutaken of the stimulant, he did, in truth, s eem to Le somewhat revived, and when the Avenger came back and seated himself near by, he Eaid: "Well, I must tbankee again, stranger. I'm getting to be au old man, an' I ortn't be joggiu' arout.lci the country the way I am. S'pose this is F1 eshet Fla ts, e b'I'" "Yes, this is Freshet Flats. Goiug further" "No. I think I'll tarry h e re, a few days. I kinrl o tllink I'll meet au old friend, here, perhaps. "lndeed1 That will be good. What is the namer "Mei Ob I I'm Reuben Morse, formerly of Denver, but now, from nowhere in particu lar." "Abn 1 Lut I mean your friend's name1 I might be nble to help t o find him." "Tbat's so Much obleeged, Lut ye see I don't know exactly ..-bat be might be called byarabou ts. He giuerally bas a new name fer every place be ge>es. Last time I heard o' him, be called bis self Sunflower Sam." "Ah, thPn be is here. He bas a shanty nud a claim down the gulch, bnt I b e lieve be's otl' fe>r a hunt to-day, a nd won't be home till dark. If you like, since you're so old, I'll show you where he livPs, to-uight." "You are very kind, sir. It is seldom I meet an acquaintance so friendly. 1 will accept of your offer, and in the mean time I think 1'11 hire a room in the hotel, and rest until it i s time to go." "Certainly. I will secure one for you. Come with me." Aud Lbe Avenger led the way into the hotel and bad t he best bedroom placed at the old wanderer's C'Onvenieuce. "I can afford to do tbis," be saia. "My re ward will comp to-ni ght., I know!" N1gbt came on, and about sunset, o ld Reuben M orse upon th e veranda, wbere Arizona once more sat smoking a cigar. "!;Y e ll, my good friend, the o ld mau said," 1 ffel mucb r este d, and i:.m ready to go in search of my o ld frie11d." "Dont be in a hurry," the Avenger responded "Tal;e a ear. Sunflower Sam, I darP say, won't be baC'k uutil moou-up, and w e' ll start in good seusun to catch him at borne. I suppose yon are a n old veteran in mining. WbHt do you think of our Lilliputian EIJorado, bere1" "Ob, it looks like a liv ely town, wi' promise o' growth l" was the answer. But I t e ll ye, boy, California u s ed to be the mineral flt11te, and it i s yet, for tbat matter." Ab I then ye>u've r o u ghed it there?" "Ab, yes, fol' a number of years. Know the mining life pretty well, o'er thar." -"I suppose they used to have some pretty rough times over there?''


Denver Doll's Mine. as how they did. S'pose ye mi.gbt o'. h earJ o' tha t fontpad. Joaquin Mur1 e te. He war a t o ul!h cusro m.,r, au' made himself a ter ror. But I !ell ye we roped him iu at last, an' put an end t o hi s S:ircu s." "I have h eard of b is t ragic fate." the Avenger sairl, avertmg bi s face t J conceal its r e v engeful [ prbsume therti's few liviug who h a d a h a ud in a vpi n 5 him, aud briuging him to bis d eatbl" W e ll, I rec kon n o t. I guess I'm about the -only one-tho u g h I diun't take no direct part. I ve IJearo t e ll that tbar's some c bap what is a-killin' o ff a ll wh v kn e w an rthing about the job, no e r wbt"t ber tl! o y bad any h and in it or 11ot . H e mu s t b e a cusw, Ile r emarked, "and s e e if r.,turne d fr.,w t be l;unt. Are you i''JadyP' Y e s. I'm r eady, th:inkee l w a s tbe reply Tb"y d esl'e nd ed into the street, and Arizona Jeri the way a c ro>s t ,1e ]<'lats, toward tba R a pid C re e k wb i c h, u o c 1 s wo1l e n by the r ec e o t r a in s in the m o u'ltains, roar<'d l oudly. In du e tun e t bey r eaeb e d the big tree, where the A v0n ge r IJa rl 111e t Christ i e Bob, H o r e the y pause.ct, and A ri z o n a fa1:ed his victim. The t r e e was f

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